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A failure of balance

Posted on June 24, 2019 by

After five days I’ve had no response to this:

As Ofcom require any complaints about the BBC to be directed to the Corporation first, I’ve sent the BBC the letter below today (by physical mail, as the online complaint form is comically inadequate), which I expect to be a waste of time and energy. If I don’t receive a satisfactory response – and I’m sure that I won’t – I’ll take it up with Ofcom.

24 June 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

The BBC is required by law, under the terms of its Charter, to be fair, balanced and impartial:

Particularly in the field of news and current affairs:

I am the editor of a political website. In March of this year I was party to a case (denoted EDI-A409-17) in the Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Kezia Dugdale, a current Member of the Scottish Parliament and formerly leader of the Scottish Labour Party, in which I noted that she had defamed me in her column in the Daily Record newspaper by suggesting that I was a homophobe.

The case ended with a victory for Ms Dugdale, when Sheriff Nigel Ross concluded that she HAD defamed me, that her assertion of homophobia against me was completely false and without merit, but that she was protected by the defence of “fair comment” – by which the column was judged to have been wholly inaccurate but written on the basis of an honestly-held belief.

After the sheriff’s findings were published in April 2019, the BBC repeatedly invited Ms Dugdale onto television and radio shows to discuss the case (and other subjects) at considerable length. On at least three occasions to my knowledge in the weeks following the judgment she was invited to give extended interviews, during which she was allowed to give her view of the case with no challenge from any of the interviewers and with no attempt being made to put the other side.

– on 5 May she appeared for approximately 30 minutes on the weekend edition of the BBC Scotland radio programme “Good Morning Scotland”, interviewed by Douglas Fraser.

– on 12 May she appeared for approximately 10 minutes on the BBC Scotland television programme “Sunday Politics Scotland”, interviewed by Gordon Brewer.

– on 19 June she appeared for approximately 30 minutes on the BBC Scotland radio programme “Mornings”, interviewed by Kaye Adams. Several minutes of this time were spent on discussing the case and matters relating to it.

In each case the tone of the interview was extremely sympathetic and supportive. Ms Adams, for example, repeatedly enquired with concern as to the effect of the case on Ms Dugdale’s personal wellbeing. At one point prior to such an enquiry, the following exchange took place:

KAYE ADAMS: “That court case, where you were accused of defaming Stuart Campbell’s character, and let me just say again, it has now been concluded in your favour, so you won that case – “

KEZIA DUGDALE: “Yes, on all counts in law.”

KAYE ADAMS: “Absolutely, so let me make that very plain.”

As implied by the “again”, this was a repeat of a statement made earlier in the interview by Ms Adams, and it is a highly misleading account of events. Any reasonable person would interpret those words as meaning that Ms Dugdale had been found NOT to have defamed me. But in fact the exact opposite was true. The following extracts are taken from Sheriff Ross’s judgement, available at

Mr Campbell does not hold homophobic beliefs or feelings. He has demonstrated by his conduct over many years that he supports equality for homosexual people.“

[Ms Dugdale’s] article contains an innuendo that the pursuer is homophobic. The article is accordingly defamatory of the pursuer.“

The defender’s article contained statements which were incorrect and defamatory of the pursuer. It was not subject to qualified privilege.“

[The] article contained defamatory statements about the pursuer’s character. That is because, although he was not mentioned by name, the pursuer was clearly identifiable as the author. Although the article did not directly call the pursuer homophobic, it contained a clear innuendo that he held homophobic beliefs.“

In sporting terms Ms Dugdale, whether intentionally or not, played the player, not just the ball. During her evidence she appeared eventually to accept that was so. The article did bear a defamatory meaning.“

At no point in any of the three interviews was any of this put to Ms Dugdale. She was not invited to retract or apologise for the defamatory comments, despite being about to undertake a new job whose stated goal is to “restore trust and faith in politics” – with which aims unapologetically defaming members of the public might appear to be at odds. Nobody asked her whether she had reflected on the comments in the light of the sheriff’s findings that they were untrue and defamatory.

But perhaps more pertinently, at no time have I been invited onto any BBC show to present my side of the case or make such points for myself. I have offered to make myself available for interview – a BBC radio studio is located conveniently close to my home – but no opportunity has been given despite direct requests being made by me to both Kaye Adams and her colleague John Beattie, presenter of a show on which the case has been discussed at length on several occasions, all of them without my input.

(In the latter case an invitation was initially extended in response to my offer to Mr Beattie, but it was then withdrawn and further communications from me were ignored despite an intimation that an interview would take place at a later date.)

During the course of the various interviews, numerous factual inaccuracies have been either left unchallenged by the interviewers or indeed been proactively asserted by them, such as Ms Adams’ unprovoked claim that the case left Ms Dugdale potentially facing “financial ruin”. In fact Ms Dugdale’s legal costs were at all times being met in their entirety by either the Labour Party or the Daily Record, and even had she lost she would have faced no personal financial consequences. Ms Dugdale did not correct this erroneous misrepresentation of the reality.

(Ms Dugdale was also allowed to discuss the case at length despite its still being, at the time of writing, subject to possible appeal. That fact was not reported to listeners or viewers and the issue was presented as being closed.)

This matter represents an empirical and objective failure of the BBC’s duty of balance and impartiality. Ms Dugdale has been treated as the victim, despite actually being the defender in the case and despite my claim to have been defamed by her being unequivocally upheld by the sheriff. She has been given very large amounts of airtime to present her side without any form of challenge or attempt at impartiality, whereas I have been given none at all, despite requests.

It is particularly concerning given the significant political aspects of the case, in the light of Ms Dugdale’s current status as a serving Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Labour Party (although I believe she has submitted her notice and intends to give up the job next month).

This series of events cannot possibly be in keeping with the BBC’s responsibilities of fairness and balance, and I respectfully seek your views on the subject.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Campbell.

The only one of the programmes that’s still available on iPlayer is the Kaye Adams one. The interview starts from 1h 16m 30s and ends at 1h 45m 30s, if you want to know what kid gloves and soft soap actually sound like.


[EDIT 25 June – the Sunday Politics interview can be found here, in which Dugdale bemoans the fact that politics has “become so polarised, the language that people use is so robust and personalised, that we’ve lost the ability to rationalise, to look at evidence, to change our minds when circumstances change”, yet Gordon Brewer inexplicably fails to ask her whether she might have used some robust, polarising and personalised language herself that had recently been found to be somewhat lacking in evidential basis, and perhaps to publicly reflect on it and withdraw/apologise for it in the light of the changed circumstances.]

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301 to “A failure of balance”

  1. 1971Thistle says:

    “Please continue to hold; your opinion is important to us”

  2. call me dave says:

    Quite right!

    We shall wait on developments…about Christmas. 🙂

  3. winifred mccartney says:

    Why on earth are any of us surprised. The BRITISH BROADCASTING corporation does not know the meaning of the word impartial and is incapable of reporting fairly on any aspect of the indy argument. Mostly because of the personal views of many of the presenters, their inability to be impartial or even fair, and the fact that it is the STATE broadcaster and will only ever represent the views of the state, ie we need Scotland’s resources, oil, fishing, land, water etc in order to keep us in the manner to which we have been accustomed by stealing other peoples resources across the whole world not just in Scotland. Its just that we are one of the last to realise it and try to do something about it.

    Just ask USA, Canada, Ireland, Malta, and the dozens of other countries who have become independent of the UK wether they would like to come back under UK control!

  4. Would it help if we also sent them additional copies of this letter reworded so it reads from the listener’s point of view?

  5. Giving Goose says:

    Do you wear Union Jack under crackers?
    Then what do you expect?

  6. RyMc says:

    Wow. Stu, you must be FUMING!

  7. Bradford Millar says:

    what do you expect Rev … it’s the BBC we are talking about Biased Broadcasting Corporation

  8. Arbroath1320 says:

    As we all are far too aware the BBC will shove out an utterly useless disingenuous reply thinking, nae EXPECTING, that to be the end of the matter. What is it with all those Britnat organisations?

    They think that THEY are god in all complaints procedures and therefore what THEY say goes. Get them telt Stu.

    For too long the BBC, and others, have treated complaints by people from Scotland like trash … NO MORE I say! The time has come to give the BBC one hell of a kick up its unionist earse!

  9. Andy McAngry says:

    BBC enemy of Scotland, needs repeated often!!!!!!!!!
    Get the appeal going Rev!!!!

  10. geeo says:

    Couple weeks ago the SNP threatened an official complaint to Ofcom about proportionally lower amount of SNP representation on BBC political discussion programmes.

    BBC response seems to be to completely remove the SNP from these programmes altogether.

    I do not actually recall a single SNP guest since the threatened action.

    Maybe they are all too busy huh ? Aye richt !

  11. Doug says:

    BBC Britnat liars.

  12. Artyhetty says:

    Kezia Dugdale must be earning a pretty penny from the BBC, to have complete free rein to say what she likes about the case. BBC seem happy to facilitate the demonisation of Stuart and WoS.

    BBC can’t abide the fact they are called out and that too many people to their liking, have seen them for what they are, biased in favour of the British Nationalist state and their messengers.

    Disgraceful and scary, in any democracy.

    Good luck with getting a fair and appropriate response from them.

  13. Al-Stuart says:

    Sometimes an idiot who has just scated over VERY thin legal ice and survived will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    SmugDug seems Hell bent on self-destruction by stupiduty.

    If the ex-Labour Leader manages to take down the cankerous open septic sore that is BBC Scotland then all well and good.

    The BBC theft of licence fee money under the false premise of IMPARTIAL AND BALANCED television/radio reporting is well overdue a Court Writ.

    It would be reassuring if the judiciary recognised some of this contemptuous behaviour by the BBC and Kezia Dugdale

    Though there is a moral victory here for Stuart Campbell

    To any reasonable minded person, the injustice propgated by the self serving ex-reality tv star is legion and like that supturating boil that is the Union, it needs lancing with a medical instrument to get rid of the sepsis that the BBC and Union infects Scotland with.

  14. Clootie says:

    Well done Stu.

    Keep it visible and use every avenue to keep it in the public domain. They lie, cheat and deceive and this case highlights their bias in favour of a unionist and against a supporter of Independence.

    The BBC is the state propaganda tool.

  15. Corrado Mella says:

    Wait for the day we deposit a large turd in front of the BBC door at Pacific Quay, and it’ll get 24/7 airtime.

    I take big, unending solace from stats that say the BritNazi Broadkasting Korporatzion is shedding Scottish viewers like it were leaves in October.

    Death by irrelevance.

  16. robertknight says:

    BBC… BritNat Brainwashing Channel

    ‘Nuff said.

  17. geeo says:

    To further highlight a favourite BBC tactic, dodgy graphics (from within the time period the SNP are complaining about BBC bias in previous link)

    The BBC are in the same boat as unionist party accounting units in Scotland.

    Post indy, they lose their franchise in Scotland.

    Unionist accounting units are closed, as they become politicians of a foreign country.

    The BBC loses all rights to Scottish license fees.

    As a result, their budgets from WM will be slashed accordingly and BBC Scotlands activities shall be downgraded to world news on BBC England.

    No more forced overcharging for Content via license fee.

    If i never watch another BBC programme, post indy, i will not care.

    I can watch WM oversee the destruction of the Kingdom of England on other news media platforms.

  18. Shug says:

    Good on you stu
    I heard the call kaye show and even by her low standards it was a shocker

  19. You are on a hiding to nothing, Stu.
    A mere perusal of the wiki profiles of the main broadcasters at BBC Brit Nat Stockade seems to indicate that they are all from the same ‘Right Stuff’ background, their success in broadcast and print journalism appears to suggests an uncannily similar educational, religious and career path.
    They are the keepers of the Scottish Branch of the Brit Establishment, and control what is presented to us mugs, with a particular Unionist ‘Christian’ slant.
    To quote Douglas Alexander, the bag carrier for Bono, ‘don’t take my word for it’, the facts are there on the ether.
    Dugdale is in with the bricks.
    She’s joining Baroness Smith’s(Widow of John, Mother of Sarah, Political Editor of BBC Scotland) Think Tank.

    WE have to beat this tight wee Oligarchy to win Independence, and that’s why they casn’t stand Online News, like you, WGD, PW, Bateman and Bell.
    I doubt that you’ll even get a reply.

  20. twathater says:

    I have read MANY bbc apologists request fairness and compassion for the people who work for this corrupt partisan organisation as they are only doing their job , do those jobs include the denigration of their country and countrymen , do those jobs consist of the protection of serial liars who are out to demonise anyone who challenges the establishment , I could go on and on but we on here know what the bbc and it’s minions are there for
    As far as I’m concerned upon independence the bbc and her minions should be BANISHED from Scotland , and the facilities , equipment and licence fees be sequestered and given to people who will run a proper Scottish Broadcasting Corporation , certain previous bbc employees need not apply

    I am tempted to make reference to certain Nuremberg trials where the defense was I was only following orders
    As the saying goes ( For evil to triumph all it takes is for good people to do nothing ) or words to that effect

  21. Robert Peffers says:

    Are they still broadcasting to Scotland?
    I thought I’d read somewhere, on-line I think, they were going bust.

    Weren’t they so impoverished that they were going to force old-people to pay to receive the BBC’s propaganda broadcasts and old folks were just not going to pay to have propaganda beamed into their homes.

    If they, (the BBC), are so poverty stricken as to make old folks choose between eat, heat and propaganda then perhaps it is a kindness to let the BBC die for lack of listeners and viewers.

    Anyway the likes of Kaye, (wi wan e’e), needn’t worry if the BBC goes bust. There are plenty of jobs going in Scotland like picking fruit and vegetables and the like that the BBC helped to create with their propaganda.

  22. galamcennalath says:

    There is absolutely zero chance that they will change their ways. It will only get worse.

    Official complaints followed by escalation to Ofcom won’t achieve anything directly.

    However, that all plays a part in highlighting the reality of the bias to those blinkered Scots who haven’t accepted it yet. And there must be plenty of those still around because they are the targets of the BBC’s crude propaganda techniques.

    Bias by omission and one sided reporting appears to be the preferred approach. Telling as many people as possible that there is unreported news, and revealing the other side of stories, is the way to counter this.

    Once people see through the subterfuge they aren’t likely to un-see it!

  23. Vestas says:

    I’d suggest you don’t really have any option other than to appeal the court decision as there’s nothing to lose (other than money) really.

    The unionist media will continue to imply that you are homophobic with the current judgement and the only way for that to cease is for you to appeal.

    Like I said I’ll put in double the license fee already donated if you lodge an appeal. I have no doubt many of the other “one percenters” will do the same.

  24. schrodingers cat says:

    I’ll be interested to see if the judge awards costs to dugdale after this. judges dont like people mis interpreting their findings

    ot, full results now out

    New Scottish Independence poll, Panelbase 18-20 June (changes vs 14-17 May);

    No – 48% (-1)
    Yes – 46% (+1)
    DK – 6% (nc)

    New Scottish Westminster poll, Panelbase 18-20 June (changes vs 14-17 May);
    SNP – 38% (nc)
    Con – 18% (nc)
    Lab – 17% (-2)
    LD – 13% (+3)
    Brex – 9% (nc)
    Grn – 2% (-1)
    UKIP – 1% (nc)
    ChUK – 0% (-2)

  25. Mike Lothian says:

    Kezia mentioned the court case at Edinburgh pride, she didn’t get a big a cheer as she expected

  26. Mike Lothian says:

    Thought she still insists she took on a homophobe and won

  27. Effijy says:

    I called to complain as the case centred around Stuart Campbell
    Being labelled a Homophobe to which the Judge Ruled he was not.

    Why wasn’t this key factor ever discussed on a protracted interview?

    We all know without any shadow of a Doubt the BBC are about as impartial
    As North Korean State Television.

    Dugdale is just a stupid wee lassie who could never successfully managed
    A role above office manager.

    UKaye OK is another millionaire house boy with Radio,TV and magazine article
    Money flowing in and sod Scotland being abused, increasing families being dragged
    Into poverty.

    Previously I proposed support for any discussion the Rev made on appeal but now I want to fund taking these abusers to court. Ideally that court would be in The Hague.

  28. Astonished says:

    Well done Stu.

    Might I suggest you begin a fundraiser to gauge support before you take action. As an appeal will be expensive.

    Secondly – What is the postal address for BBC complaints ?( I would suggest you keep this displayed prominently on the sidebars)

  29. call me dave says:

    Saw a similar headline in the ‘Sun’

    BBC TV licence shame: Hundreds of MPs claim free TV while hard up over-75s face paying.

    Lionel Blair saying he’s not paying 🙂
    (but maybe not on archive view)

  30. velofello says:

    I do hope you are advised to appeal. It will provide Sheriff Ross, or a colleague, to right the error of his judgement.

    I expect more from Scotland’s law officers than “Whether intentionally or not,Dugdale played the player not the ball”. That is a description of a dynamic situation – that Dugdale has impulsively blurted out her views. No she sat down, considered her views, and wrote them down , and then submitted for published.

  31. galamcennalath says:

    schrodingers cat says:

    No – 48% (-1)
    Yes – 46% (+1)

    … and, if the poll is right, it will shift to Yes when Johnson become PM. Och, it will positive for Yes anyway sooner or later. And stick that way.

    What will the BBC and the rest of the MSM do then? Initially denial, but then when it becomes widely accepted that the will of Scots is Indy, they have to face up to that.

    The bias and propaganda will continue, I guess, but that will only make them look increasingly foolish and out of touch.

  32. Proud Cybernat says:

    If Kezia is effectively claiming she won the case in its entirety – or at least maintaining such an impression – doesn’t that mean that she is still effectively claiming you’re a homophobe?

  33. Welsh Sion says:

    Astonished @ 2.31 pm

    For what it’s worth:


    03700 100 222*
    03700 100 212* (textphone)
    *24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers


    BBC Complaints
    PO Box 1922
    DL3 0UR


  34. Abulhaa says:

    We couldn’t ask for better Boris. Keep it coming…..but stay away from those bars.

  35. Colin Stuart says:

    Gasp shock horror; BBC Scotland is pro-Labour and anti-independence. Whatever next… Absolutely no prizes for guessing.

  36. Abulhaq says:

    Regarding no independence voters, are they ever asked the simple question ‘why’ by pollsters?

  37. William Habib Steele says:

    Have you thought of suing the BBC?

  38. Dr Jim says:

    Maybe the people of Scotland, and England come to that might ask themselves why they are funding an organisation(the BBC) to broadcast to millions of people around the rest of the world who receive these broadcasts for no charge whatsoever while at the same time claiming to be a non commercial organisation but selling shows like Top Gear to foreign broadcasters and many others that the *British* taxpayer already financed, and leave us not forget the advertising revenue from product placement on as many programmes as they can shoehorn commercial products into

    Does anybody believe the Kellogs Cornflakes and other products on the tables of Eastenders and other shows are just a coincidence and the BBC receives no revenue for that

    The owning of a television in the UK subjects the owners to a tax to own it the same as owning a car, but car ownership tax was excused by claiming the road maintainance tax was to pay for that maintainance until it was found that only one sixth of the money was actually used for the purpose intended,now they just call it road fund licence (two things in one, licence and fund)

    Basically these taxes are wealth taxes because owning something means you’re wealthy according to those who are wealthier than you who don’t consider you’re desire to be entertained or indeed informed as they are (such as that is) because that’s not what the wealthy consider your purpose to be in life, you must serve and you must pay to serve so that your betters may increase their holdings in the very things they own by telling you you must desire those things

    See how that sword slices you in every direction

    Kezia Dugdale is just another nipple sucker of the great British liquid milky bar, there are thousands more who will replace her

    Here in North Korea Oops! I mean Scotland it’s the British that are the problem, finish the British and we finish their progeny, including the BBC

  39. Bobp says:

    Proud cybernat. By sly insinuation she is.

  40. McDuff says:

    The BBC doesn’t give a hoot and never have done.
    They can behave any way they want and who is going to stop them. They know that when we get independence they will out on their bum so they simply .don’t care.

    One of the perks of independence will be showing this bunch of worms the door.

  41. Gary45% says:

    Stu, You are up against the “Establishment”, sorry I never heard the interview, as I have completely stopped listening to Radio Shortbreid. (Life’s too short)
    Every single week day presenter is below par in their ability to be professional on any given stance. Up until switching off said channel, I used to play “incompetent bingo” each morning just to laugh at the so-called pros!! spouting daily pish.
    BBC Shortbread as useful as an Amstrad, (remember how sh8te those were?

  42. Gary45% says:

    Oh Aye, Stop paying the licence, that’s the only way to hurt them.

  43. Gary says:

    Im Fecking raging at this and their contempt for Scotland in general! I know this is what they want us to feel but I absolutly loath kaye adams and the other puppets employed by the british brain washing corporation to facilitate the bile the brit nats spew!
    They are clearly employed to these positions because they themselves cant hide their brit nat views.
    Stu… GO for it!! we are with you 100% time to go for the jugular against them!
    They are clearly in the desperation stages. keep up the fight expose their lies!!

  44. Cubby says:


    Nope strike that out. It implies the BBC give a shit about the 50% of the population of Scotland who evidently want independence and all those other Scots who want a fair and objective BBC that they can trust not to act like a propaganda channel. The BBC is there to take the British Nationalist side on every occasion. Anyone who denies this is obviously poorly informed or a Britnat.

    The BBC are always referring to other broadcasters across the globe as propaganda channels but the fact is the BBC is the longest running and most successful state propaganda channel the word has ever known. What do state propaganda broadcasters do? – they protect the state – the state pays their wages after all.

    Kaye Adams and her colleagues have no shame in demonstrating their bias to an audience as they have their well paid jobs and they don’t want to risk losing them. Open the box or take the money. Britnats say close the dam box and give me the money.

    A forensic analysis, to his usual high standard, of the Bias of the BBC in this particular case by the defamed site owner.

  45. Capella says:

    You’ll probably get a letter telling you to use their online complaints procedure.

    Pencil in about a year long campaign at the end of which they will post an apology on their hard to find complaints web page which nobody will see.

  46. HandandShrimp says:

    Kaye Adams is not a journalist merely a chat show host. A Labour cypher of the old BBC school fairness is never going to get a look in. Indeed, even to suggest there should be fairness would be considered offensive and unreasonable.

  47. Cubby says:

    The BBC removing the free license fee for over 75s. We cannot afford it they say. Of course they couldn’t possibly cut back on their large salaries and super expenses. Just look at how many political reporters the BBC have working in BBC Scotland. They regularly need Toodl ooh the no AND Andrew Kerr to introduce FMQs. A bloated organisation taking money away from over 75’s. Some of whom only days earlier they were lauding as DDay veterans who we owed a great debt too. Not of course if it means cutting back on the gravy train.

    Of course they are that hard up they can afford to pay the salaries of journalists to work for Britnat papers to keep the Britnat propaganda going.

    Despicable me 4 should star Donalda McKinnon and Kaye and Glen and all the rest can be her minions. It is truly a despicable organisation.

  48. SOG says:

    Assuming they try to dodge around the issue with weasel words, that itself will be another nail in their coffin. It’s become predictable.

    Crowdfund? I’ll chip in a little.

  49. asklair says:

    Another reason why I donate to WOS, BBC must be challenged due to their inappropriate behaviour, got to say I do get my monies worth, thank you.

  50. David McCann says:

    Appeal this right now!
    Go for it, we are all behind you

  51. Jethro says:

    Given that the sheriff ruled that Dugdale’s comments were defamatory and incorrect, are the BBC not conspiring with her to compound the defamation? I understand that the sheriff ruled in her favour on the basis that she was entitled to her opinion even if it was factually wrong, but surely that defence can no longer hold up if she sticks to the same position having been explicitly told by the sheriff that it is, in law, defamatory? She can no longer rely on the defence that she was too stupid to come to that conclusion by herself.

    As any reasonable person listening to the BBC broadcasts would come to the conclusion that the court had in fact ruled that you were a homophobe, even if you decide not to appeal, or even appeal and lose, surely there is a much more powerful new case to be made not only against Dugdale but also against the BBC and their presenters. Also, do any lawyers out there know whether it is a criminal offence to wilfuly misrepresent the judgment of a court? I’m thinking for example that if I were a public figure and stated that Sheriff X had found me to be a totally innocent man by clearing me of breach of the peace while omitting to mention that at the same time he had also convicted me of theft and assault, that Sheriff X might well want a little word with me.

  52. Essexexile says:

    Presumably, if her unintended defence in the trial were that she’s too stupid to have understood what she was saying it follows that she’s also too thick to understand the ruling.
    Was the AS interview recorded before the Sheriff’s ruling? I was expecting the subject to have been covered tbh, but obviously not if it was recorded before the result.
    Perhaps Alex could have you both on together for a chat about it!?

  53. call me dave says:

    Hark the Herald archived:

    Boris appoints Ross Thomson (as Scottish Jester)
    later SoS for Scotland?

  54. Ed Freeman says:

    Stu, I’ve changed my mind about your appeal against the Sheriff’s judgement: given what you just told us, you really have to appeal.

  55. Ed Freeman says:

    … Sorry, continued. It seems to me that in making it seem as if she was cleared on all charges, she was unavoidably claiming that you are indeed a homphobe, etc., and is therefore repeating the original defamatory statement – but this time, she does not have the excuse that she believed it to be true at the time.

  56. Sharny Dubs says:

    BBC? what can you say about an organisation that tolerated Savile’s existence never mind facilitated him.
    Handed my licence back day after Indy14, all the “reminders” and “register as unlicensed” letters go in the bin unopened.
    Appeal? What’s the point? surely they want us to waste our time and resources salving our feelings of outrage, better to get on with the job in hand.

    But Stu, it’s up to you dude.

  57. Doug Porteous says:

    In the near future Scotland will become independent, however the BBC will still be reporting that the UK still exists and that Scottish independence is in-fact a falsehood being put about by the likes of Stu and other bloggers. The likes of Dugdale will be trotted out to back this up, when the fiftieth anniversary comes around she Dugdale and the likes of Mundell will still be denying that Scotland is free.

  58. carjamtic says:

    Scotland and The Failed Institutions

    In recent times, scholars have traced the rudiments of modern psychology, anthropology, the earth sciences, the theories of civil society and liberal education back to eighteenth century Scotland and a period known as The Scottish Enlightenment.

    Just like now an intellectual break from the past was/is needed, describing the crisis 18 year old David Hume wrote “I found a certain Boldness of Temper, growing in me, which was not inclined to submit to any authority” a rebellion that led him “to seek out some new medium, by which Truth might be established” (see also: David Hume and The Declaration of Independence).

    Along with Adam Smith, James Watt, James Hutton and learned others (although often disagreeing with each other) they strove for a society that was not ruled by fear or superstition imposed by authority; a society that was burgeoning, progressive, affluent and tolerant.

    When we examine the Institutions of today is it any wonder Scotland views the Union project as a failed venture and never as a settled accomplishment. Systematically over recent times the Banks, the BBC, the MSM and DWP/Westminster have all failed us (in light of recent judgements/developments the Legal System appears to be teetering) and the University Erasmus programme is on the edge.

    However as Scotland seeks to leave this failed project, we find ourselves under attack, threatened by unionist fanatics, a lot of whom are ingrained in these very institutions.

    And as the Helter Skelter that is Brexit comes to its final chapter and the choice of which White Rabbit will lead us down the hole is increasingly irrelevant (to any rational person) however these unionist fanatics are not rational and proudly proclaim everything is going to be Hunky Dory particularly the NHS.

    The ideals that Hume and the other learned members of the Scottish Enlightenment lived by and the institutions that sprang from them, will be remade in an Independent Scotland and remade stronger, more robust, truer to the people whom they serve, Institutions where Truth can be re-established.

    Now is the Time

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    Don’t expect a fair crack of the whip from London’s propaganda radio show in Scotland, especially one hosted by the uber Britnat Adams.

    Mind you the media in Scotland as a whole (The National aside) is effectively a Britnat organ, in place to push a British point of view.

  60. galamcennalath says:

    Doug Porteous says:

    the likes of Mundell

    Conjures up images of the future.

    iScotland part of the EU and protected by it like all the other small member nations. To the south lies a isolationist and failing country. Dissidents from Scotland, whose allegiance is to that strange land, beam propaganda broadcasts into Scotland. It’s mostly havering, like the old BBC current affairs and new, but Scots listen to when they want a laugh. Mundell finds a role for himself as a 21stC Lord Haw Haw.

  61. Lenny Hartley says:

    O/T Nicola’s speech to law society marking 20 years of dvolution.
    Thought it was a cracking speech until I got to the last paragraph , WTF?
    If we do that, we can live up to Eddie Morgan’s “deepest dearest wish”. And we can ensure that the next 20 years of devolution, are even more successful than those which have passed. Unquote

  62. The Man in the Jar says:

    I know that post-Indi we should concentrate on reconciliation and not recrimination and that’s a good thing, however, when it comes to BBC PQ I would make an exception. Time after time after time it’s the same old bare-faced state propaganda. We should just take off and neuk the site from orbit. (That’s a joke BTW)

  63. CmonIndy says:

    And that is one of many reasons why I dont and never will (unless Independent) pay a TV license. And have recruited others to do the same.

  64. call me dave says:

    LOL: It’s woman’s football FGS! 1-1

  65. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Kezia mentioned the court case at Edinburgh pride, she didn’t get a big a cheer as she expected”

    Interesting. What did she say? Is there any video?

  66. Through the wonders of I player, the hot topic for several hours it seems, on Kaye Adam’s phone in was, wait for it, scones.
    It was like listening in to the next table in a wee coffee shop in Clarence Drive, as ex Jordanhill pupils twittered away about nonsensical drivel in that painful Kelvinside accent to kill the boredom and middle-classdom of a wet Monday afternoon.
    Rome burns and they bake cakes.
    BBC Scotland is a middle class Unionist Institution, there to pander to the Establishment ladies.
    My feckin’ money is paying for all of this.
    On the first day of independence, shut them down.

  67. robertknight says:

    If nothing else, making up alternative names is mildly amusing…

    BBC… BritNat Brainwashing Channel

    BBC… Blatantly Biased Coverage

    GMS… Got More SNP-BAD

    Newsdrive… Newsdrivel

    Call Kaye… Call Yookaye

    Reporting Scotland… Misreporting Scotland

    Childish I know, but less effort than standing across the river from the Factory of Lies, (Pacific Quay), dropping one’s kecks and presenting them with the whitest arse this side of Berlin – which if I had the time…

  68. call me dave says:

    @Jack collatin

    Try Shortbread Shereen (OBE now)on a Saturday morning! 🙁

    A dollar short and a day or two late wie the news.

    Or Shortbread Sunday mornings usually news from everywhere except where you are! 🙂

  69. galamcennalath says:

    The Man in the Jar says:

    post-Indi we should concentrate on reconciliation and not recrimination …. when it comes to BBC PQ I would make an exception.

    Indeed. For iScotland to be type country most of us want, there are some aspects of the ‘old regime’ which must totally disappear IMO.

    Future Scottish broadcasting will almost certainly include imported drama and entertainment including UK networked shows which are currently popular. These are shown all over the world, so no doubt here. However, the UK way of doing news, politics and current affairs has to be completely washed away with metaphorical bleach!

    The individual people associated with the current disgraceful anti-democracy system must leave the media, they must have no future.

    Our media must reflect our society and culture, provide news, information, a balance of opinions, open debate, and must hold those in power to account. It must investigate any failure and corruption. It should offer the people a voice against the system when necessary.

    In simple terms, our post Indy media must be the opposite of the pro establishment, right wing biased, propaganda machine the UK has allowed to get out of control.

  70. Proud Cybernat says:


    Found this image of the Dug at Pride Edinburgh on Twitter:

    Apparently she was talking about getting the ScotParl to pass LGBT rights. Wasn’t a video, just caption to the photo in above link.

  71. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Well challenged, Stu. If we all followed the advice of the nay-sayers, nothing would ever change. Even if the BBC does its usual best to ignore anything that contradicts its impeccable shining self-image, your witness is a powerful contribution to the steady accumulation of evidence that the public can see and judge for themselves. And increasingly are so doing, even if the BBC prefers to look the other way. It may all appear to be ineffectual, but one day one such protest will bring down this Wall of Jericho.

    Like Ed Freeman upthread @ 15:59, I find my attitude hardening due to Kez’s continuing self-promotion in the ever-supportive partisan Unionist media, which to me is indicative of malice aforethought rather than a mere exercise of free speech, and indeed a deliberate part of an informal campaign to demean and diminish the independence movement.

    Now (as a donor) I would support an energetic appeal rather than being satisfied merely with an equipartition of costs.

  72. Cubby says:

    One of the arguments against appealing made in some posts was that it was best to let it settle down and concentrate on Indy as it was a clear decision by the Court that Deputy Dugdale had defamed the site owner.

    However, it would appear that she and the Britnat media are not going to leave it alone and are still defaming Mr Campbell. Accordingly, as a previous donor I will stick with my advice up thread to appeal and will contribute again to an appeal against the dug.

  73. Welsh Sion says:

    Lenny Hartley @ 4.56 pm.

    More on that Nicola Sturgeon speech to the Scottish Law Society.

    (In translation – Welsh Sion + Google Translate)

    The relationship between Britain and Scotland has “broken down” because Brexit

    24 June 2019 at 16:38

    Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the country’s relationship with the rest of Britain has “broken down” because of Brexit.

    According to the SNP leader she has not yet heard from the Conservative leadership candidates – Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – how they would leave the European Union.

    Nicola Sturgeon says that this has left her country in a position of “worst democratic deficit” for decades.

    Speaking at the Scottish Law Society conference to mark twenty years of devolution, she stated how the actions of the British Government have been devastating to constitutional conventions since the Brexit referendum.

    “The Tories are trying to make the divide worse rather than bringing people together,” following the referendum, Nicola Sturgeon said.

    “The British Government has tried to interpret the result in the most difficult way possible and red lines were drawn that need not have been drawn.”

    Nicola Sturgeon stressed that the best direction is to have independence for Scotland, by making a “truly equal partnership” on the island.

  74. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    The Man in the Jar @ 17:00,

    Apropos your wee joke, although the feeling is mutual, we will need to keep the equipment! =grin= However, it will be deliciously cathartic to show all those Unionist Labourite middle-management placemen the door. And of course put their ignominious back-door exit on the news!

    The only piece of equipment we need to remove as a high priority is that “permission” phone line to London.

  75. Cubby says:

    Proud Cybernat@5.43pm

    If the dug was that concerned about getting laws implemented to improve LGBT rights you would think she would remain an MSP. WHAT A TOTAL CHANCHER.

  76. Alabaman says:

    The B.B.C.,especially the branch office in Scotland is anything but unbiased,has been, always will be so.
    I/we wish you luck with your complaint Stew, I think you’ll find it like walking into a soundproofed room, where your voice only carries one or two feet, (“sorry Mr Campbell, can’t hear you !).
    Can’t abide that Kaye Adams radio show, God how she talks and talks AND talks, so much so, that the public hardly gets a chance to put forward their views, eh, and then there is B.B.C. Scotland’s selection process !!.

  77. Cubby says:

    The three Tory amigos Thomson, Clark and Ross all from the NE Scotland say that Bojo will swat the SNP away like a midge.

    Now you don’t get many midges up the east coast so it’s no surprise they don’t know what they are talking about. Midges like the SNP are bloody hard to get rid off and I forecast that Bojo will be the one doing the midge dance whilst running for cover in Westminster.

  78. schrodingers cat says:

    galamcennalath says:
    24 June, 2019 at 2:36 pm
    schrodingers cat says:

    No – 48% (-1)
    Yes – 46% (+1)
    DK – 6% (nc)

    … and, if the poll is right, it will shift to Yes when Johnson become PM. Och, it will positive for Yes anyway sooner or later. And stick that way.

    Agreed gala

    6% isnt a lot of undecideds though, and i have also seen the poll with yes on 53% if bojo gets elected, although, i havent posted this poll since the full figures havent been published yet. I want to see the undecideds first.

    that the polls will swing to yes because of brexit, we still havent seen an over 50% yet. then and only then, the fat lady will begin to sing

  79. schrodingers cat says:

    the 38% snp for a ge is very disappointing, because very few green candidates will stand, the 2% green will probably swing to snp. but 40% still is poor.

    on a brighter note. with the bxp in the running, a lot more seats will fall to the snp.

  80. Sunshine says:

    Proud cybernat @17.43
    The sign interpreter is using the age old sign for “if she doesnt stop talking pish, I’m going to repeatedly slap this against my forehead”

  81. Iain mhor says:

    @Welsh Sion 5:51pm

    I’d read the speech earlier today, but the quotes in the penultimate paragraphs of your transcript had me backing up.
    I thought “hang on, I never read that”

    Am I missing something? I don’t think those passages appear here:

  82. North chiel says:

    Seem to recall some months back reading an article about Kaye Adams visiting GCHQ ? Was it to make a documentary or similar ? She certainly seems to get around the YOOKAYE

  83. Astonished says:

    Thanks Welsh Sion @2.48pm.

    I see Plaid Cymru are on the up – well done to all.

  84. SlimJimmy says:

    I sincerely hope every one of them get their comeuppance…..soon!

  85. Lochside says:

    Good Luck Rev. It’s blood boiling to see your reputation being traduced and sullied by the despicable Dugdale and her allies like the Snide joke presenter Adams.

    Today, a cursory listen about Bozo Johnson’s bust up and does it matter?….well in a functioning democracy it would. But honesty and probity in public life would mean something only in a real country.

    What this whole nauseating pantomime represents is the reality of existing in a colonial tin pot ‘state’: a corrupt media of supine slaves masquerading as journalists. One-sided, vomiting out State propaganda on an industrial scale. Scotrail done good?…no way…must try harder! get some malcontent on, a mouthpiece ‘spokesperson’ to actually say they ‘are not interested whose fault it is’ but just want the trains on time’. Well bring back Mussolini mate and see how that works out.

    For years on here many of us argued that the BBC were a bigger enemy than even the branch offices because they polluted people’s consciousness day and night. The rallies fizzled out. The suggested letters and coordinated complaints also fell on deaf ears. ‘Towards Indyref2’, a great complementary site to this one and linked to GA Ponsonby of ‘london Calling’ video fame failed even though it weekly exposed BBC lies in video form due to klack of support financially.

    Organised non payment works. The Poll Tax failed because of it. We need the same for the Television levy….no television without representation…stop paying the BBC to lie to us!

  86. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 18:16,

    TBH, I can’t see any effective difference coming from (say) 50 SNP MPs to 57 to an across-the-board 59. it’s diminishing returns, really, all to sit in a rotten place where we are permanently mocked, ignored and over-ruled. We will contest another UKGE if we have to, and make the most of it, but it’s ultimately as much of a distraction now as it was back in 2017.

    We won’t see any substantive move in the popular mood until we have a full-on campaign where independence is full-front without any of the party-political electoral distractions that the media just love.

    I don’t even expect that the “Boris Effect” will in the end amount to very much. And it could still be *unt instead.

  87. CameronB Brodie says:

    If you want to understand the yoon worldview, simply look at Dugdale’s recent appointment as public face of an ‘academic’ think-tank, charged with the task of developing public engagement with democracy. This is an ex-politician, with a Masters in Social Studies(?), who is apparently too thick to understand what “homophone” means. This highlights the uncomfortable truth that British nationalism requires the rejection of moral reason, in order to maintain its political justification.

    British nationalism contorts moral logic past breaking-point, and has evolved in to an authoritarian form of totalitarianism. The full-English will only intensify this inequitable state of affairs.

  88. CameronB Brodie says:

    homophone – homophobic (glasses) 😉

  89. Dr Jim says:

    I’m puzzled, the polls say over 55s are 62% No voters and yet every Independence march most of us gotta be over 55, I’m flaming 70 and tons of us are my age and more

    Who’s doing these *polls* the ministry of British Unionstry?

  90. Lenny Hartley says:

    Dr Jim, i did that poll last week and im ober sixty

  91. geeo says:

    Dr Jim.


    “Want a poll saying 55% No” ?

    “No probs, happy to oblige, usual 1000 respondents to make it look legit, lets just check the database and phone up “Billy, Larkhall, and his 549 mates”..

  92. Ken500 says:

    Scottish Law. Criminal. The victim becomes the implied guilty one. The guilty one becomes the ‘victim’.

    It is all twisted. Around somehow.

    Cost a blooming fortune.

    The BBC is rubbish. Garbage.

  93. Ken500 says:

    BBC £3.7Billion. What a waste.

  94. Douglas says:

    Corrado Mella says:
    24 June, 2019 at 1:53 pm
    Wait for the day we deposit a large turd in front of the BBC door at Pacific Quay, and it’ll get 24/7 airtime.

    Perhaps an inflatable turd (along the lines of the inflatable baby Trump blimp) hanging over Pacific Quay would help sharpen minds!

  95. Dr Jim says:

    I’m really pleased to say I now don’t know any Unionists at all now and not one in my Scottish family or friends

    Well except for some soulless miserable pensioner neighbours who I treat with the hostile environment policy and one miserable nurse in my medical practice who insists she should be paid as much as the doctors (because she does all the work)

  96. Ken500 says:

    Thanks Rev Stu as least her other lies will not be more prevalent. Or her big fat salary + expenses coming out of public purse. Another one gone, another one down, another one hits the dust. Good riddance. The rest of the liars are watching. It’s helping to keep their gobs shut.

    Johnstone over the score again. Out of control. Getting called out by Ian Blackford SNP etc. Johnstone now keeping stung. Lost the Tory support. What a loser. The Tories are toast.

  97. ronnie anderson says:

    Rev many many moons ago I made a suggestion on Wings to get a crowdfunder going & challenge the Bbc in a Scottish Court for Breach of their charter as a Public Broadcaster .


  98. Dr Jim says:


    I had to go to Larkhall not so long ago Brrr! must be hell for decent people to live there

  99. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Can I just point out that a BBC bias demo is being organised at Plantation Quay for July (14th, I think).

    Check out Facebook and Twitter for updates.

    Ronnie Anderson probably knows more.

  100. Portjim says:

    I just listened to the Kay Adams interview. Ouch!
    I noticed Kezia saying she won on “all points in law”, which is presumably a weasel way of saying “on a technicality “. The interview definitely gave the impression – very strongly – that the Sheriff had upheld the allegation of homophobia.

    I was also interested to note that, when she was complaining about Labour dumping the case, she stressed that she was young, female and gay. It sounded to me that she felt that she was due special consideration because of these characteristics. Later, when discussing her being outed, she complained that no one should be defined by their sexuality. I agree, but to me it stinks of wanting to have it both ways. I think the technical term is “hypocrisy “.

  101. Ken500 says:

    Kaye. Loose woman STV. A disaster. Pathetic. Making big bucks down south keeps her sweet to the Union. Ignorance and arrogance. Overpaid prima donnas. They do not give a damn for other folks. Just keep the sillar rolling it. No principles at all. MSM chancers, They want it all. No caring or sharing.

  102. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    I see Ronnie posted while I was composing. It’s getting to be habit…

  103. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    or even “a habit”.


  104. CameronB Brodie says:

    There is a vanishingly small probability that KD does not understand what homophobia is. As such, the judgement is unsound IMHO, but moral and legal reason must bend to the requirements of British nationalism. Subsequently, what hope is there for Scotland’s culture and civil society in Brexitania, let alone an appeal against the judgement?

    Civil Society, Everyday Life and the Possibilities for Development Studies


    Civil society is one of the most contentious terms in political thought. There is considerable, and highly significant, difference between academic debate about the meaning of ‘civil society’ and the way the term is mobilized in international development discourse. In particular, narratives of civil society in international development are often dominated by reference to organizational descriptions and measurability.

    But I would like to suggest here that the term should be reclaimed as a way of giving meaning to the stories of the everyday lives of the people who create, shape and embody civil society. Used in this way, the idea of civil society can be understood as intersecting emotions, discourses and practices and can add to the body of scholarly work that nurtures and values everyday life as a lens through which to view wider social processes. Paying attention to the everyday life of civil society may have implications for that way the civil society is engaged with academically, and also has the potential to refresh how civil society is thought about in development practice.

  105. Welsh Sion says:

    ian mhor @ 6.28 pm

    As a professional translator (who normally, for paid work eschews Google Translate), I can only go by the text before me.

    I acknowledge the SNP version on the website and acknowledge that this likely to be more representative of your FM’s speech. If asked to translate Nicola Sturgeon’s speech into my mother tongue, I’d probably end up with something approaching your rendering.

    Please take this up with Golwg if you think it unrepresentative. I’m only the conduit (though biased as an SNP Member) of what they report so as you in Scotland can get feedback from some of the Welsh language Press you would otherwise not get.

    I think part of what they have summarised from the FM’s speech is this:

    “Wouldn’t Scotland be better with the ability to take our own decisions? Isn’t that the best way of building a genuine partnership of equals in these islands?”


  106. Muscleguy says:

    A nasty, uncurable, antibiotic resistant pox on the BBC and all in sail in her.

  107. schrodingers cat says:

    if bojo becomes pm and in an indyref2, how would you vote


    2014 INDYREF1
    85% 11% 4%

    19% 72% 10%

    51% 33% 12%

    2016 EUREF

    57% 35% 8%

    31% 62% 6%

    68% 21% 10%

    2017 GE
    6% 89% 5%
    47% 41% 12%
    43% 40% 17%
    88% 8% 4%

  108. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi schrodingers cat.

    That’s an interesting set of figures. I’ve had blethers with pro-indy peeps at work in the past week and we all think that everything will come to a head late September or by mid-October. Then “GAME ON”!

  109. schrodingers cat says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    24 June, 2019 at 6:42 pm
    schrodingers cat @ 18:16,

    TBH, I can’t see any effective difference coming from (say) 50 SNP MPs to 57 to an across-the-board 59.

    true, but 57-59 gives us bragging rights to a unionist free scotland

    We won’t see any substantive move in the popular mood until we have a full-on campaign where independence is full-front without any of the party-political electoral distractions that the media just love.

    probably, but we are still seeking the justification for indyref2 and the last unionist argument that no one supports indyref2 is fast evapourating.

    i think the present unionist line is that only 20% of scotland wants indyref2???

    i think this is extrapolated from a badly worded question about when people want indyref2 in a poll from last year.

    i seem to recall stu had an article pointing this flaw out, (something like When do you want indyref2, within 2 years or in 2 years??)

    I don’t even expect that the “Boris Effect” will in the end amount to very much.
    possibly, questions framed an the “if such and such happens etc” are notoriously fickle and unreliable.

    i think a poll asking detailed and un misleading questions after bojo is elected would be useful

  110. Dan says:

    We know our current controversial state broadcaster aka The BBC are what they are.
    Is it not akin to a moth endlessly panning its napper against a light by engaging with their complaints process and protesting outside their headquarters when it’ll get little if any mainstream media coverage.
    I get that Stu chasing this up might well be for cumulative evidence in a potential appeal case.
    It may also be useful to think outside the box though, rather than sticking to the official constrained one track protest approach.
    Broadcasting is supposedly reserved to Westminster. So fucking what. BBC news and political output apparently has a diminishing viewership.
    A few laptops and projectors like Led by Donkeys use positioned at various highly visible locations would reach many commuters and also create talking points.
    We could organise Flash Broadcasting Networks with a little cooperation from techy types to assist initial equipment setup and file creation tasks, then willing volunteers to do the on the ground work.
    Or will the dour small c conservative Scottish cringe kick in and stifle that idea stone deed with folk muttering to themselves “we cannae dae that”, or fight amongst ourselves for a decade arguing about which make and model of projector we should buy…

  111. schrodingers cat says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    24 June, 2019 at 8:00 pm
    Hi schrodingers cat.

    That’s an interesting set of figures.

    yes they are, it helps to look deeper than the headline figures

  112. Effijy says:

    BBC Bias petition still crawling up in number to 93,175 with a target of 100,000.

  113. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’ve got to say, as an SNP member, I find this a strange thing for our leader to say.


    “If we do that, we can live up to Eddie Morgan’s “deepest dearest wish”. And we can ensure that the next 20 years of devolution, are even more successful than those which have passed.”

    What happened to our mandate for a referendum in the time of this parliament, ie by May 2021?

    I think I may bring this up at the next Dundee West branch meeting on 1st July…

  114. ronnie anderson says:

    I dont think Nicola Sturgeon will be able to sell another 20 years of devolution to the Yes Movement , that statement will come back to haunt Nicola & the SNP .

  115. ronnie anderson says:

    Dan its oor nappers an wee kin bang them if we want

  116. Petra says:

    It’s no wonder that around 800,000 people are cancelling their television licences every year and it’s not just down to Netflix etc. Millions of people across the UK are totally scunnered, disgusted, with the Establishment’s propaganda foghorn. Meanwhile Kezia Dugdale is skating on thin ice, again, in being complicit with the BBC in, twisting the truth, spreading even more lies. Over and above your letter to the BBC Stu, I hope that your legal team are keeping Sheriff Ross up to date with Dugdale’s latest crop of “fair comments.”

  117. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’m just wondering if the comment about, “that the next 20 years of devolution, are even more successful than those which have passed” may be all about wrong-footing the opposition to Scots independence?

    Time will tell…

  118. Dan says:

    ronnie anderson at 8:30 pm

    I didn’t say you couldn’t, I was merely suggesting there could be other tactics worth considering.
    While you are here, what are your thoughts on the idea of emulating the Led by Donkeys projector approach? Is it just a shite idea?
    FYI I lack the technical IT nounce with the equipment, but would put in the time with the actual projecting work, therefore, I can’t do it alone.

  119. call me dave says:

    Heard a whisper on shortbread this morning about an announcement on electric cars. Had to google it tonight. BBC …zilch!

    Haven’t archived it but the jist is this.

    Funding of more than £20 million has been announced by the Scottish Government to boost the number of electric vehicles in Scotland.

    A number of local authorities across the country will receive investment to help them to install charge points, as well as receiving new electric vehicles.

    The funding will be made available through the Switched on Towns and Cities Challenge Fund and the Local Authority Installation Programme.

    Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said electric vehicles can bring “profound benefits” and outlined the Scottish Government’s climate targets.

    “Supporting the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles is integral to Scotland’s sustainable economic growth,” he said.

    “Electric vehicles are a key component of our Climate Change Plan and our goal of making Scotland’s air quality the best in Europe.

    “That is why we have set our ambitious target to phase out the need to purchase new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2032.

    “Electric vehicles can bring profound benefits and by announcing over £20 million to support new electric vehicle infrastructure, further reinforcing what is already one of the most comprehensive charging networks in Europe, demonstrates the strength of our continued commitment to this agenda.”

    The five authorities that will receive the funding for 2018-2019 are Dundee City Council, Edinburgh City Council, Falkirk Council, Glasgow City Council and Stirling Council.

  120. Gary says:

    They will obviously fob you off, but I fear that Ofcom will too.

    The long knives are out, ANYTHING to do with Scottish Independence has now to be crushed. Look at Cllr McEleny and his employment with MoD. Dissent is now, unashamedly, to be crushed.

    Hope you get somewhere with this…

  121. stewartb says:

    ” And we can ensure that the next 20 years of devolution, are even more successful than those which have passed.”

    What on earth possessed the FM and her speech writer/s to include this in her address? Defeatism, crisis of confidence, radical change of SNP strategy; radical shift in SNP’s core objective?

    Is the combination of factors NOW not favourable for independence: is there not already a democratic mandate for a IndyRef2 in the term of this Holyrood parliament?

    How can another 20 years of devolution even be contemplated at this time by the leader of the SNP, our FM? This seems like a staggeringly inappropriate thing to include in the speech. I simply cannot understand why this statement was made. I trust someone in the FM’s circle will explain why: to let us all into the deeper plan, if there is one, lying behind this looking forward to 20 more years of devolution … and soon.

  122. Cubby says:

    It’s worth repeating.

    Jeremy Hunt in a speech compared the EU to the Soviet Union and said the Soviet Union would not let people go. Now he is the one in the UK union saying we will not let Scots people go.

    The UK is like the Soviet Union not the EU.

  123. Dr Jim says:

    The FM being trolled by racists tonight,the thing is they’re the same people who troll her every night

    They’re so stupid they don’t even change their names to attempt to hide the fact that no matter what the polls say Unionism is in shorter supply than it used to be

    They cannae get the Trolls tae troll

  124. Jock McDonnell says:

    I take heart from these words, spoken to an audience of lawyers, some of whom will be unionists & quick to dispute or highlight any flaws in the FM’s position:
    ‘One of the key milestones in progress towards a Scottish Parliament was the signing of the Claim of Right for Scotland in 1989.
    The signatories affirmed “the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs”.
    In doing so the signatories articulated the key distinction between the UK and Scottish conceptions of sovereignty. In the Westminster system, power has traditionally been exercised by the Crown in Parliament; here, it rests with the people of Scotland.’

  125. geeo says:


    If you actually think the FM thinks there will be another 20 more years of devolution, i have some original and extremely real rocking horse shit for sale.

  126. Iain mhor says:

    @ Welsh Sion 7:37pm

    Thanks, I certainly wasn’t casting aspersions on your translation skills, just wondered if perhaps the publication was privy to another inyerrsting, or extended part of the speech which was omitted from the SNP site.

    If anything, we’re well enough schooled in Scotland to have spidey senses tingling, when attributions are made in any press. I think those examples are far enough away, not to have been lost in translation.
    It’s only these, specific attributed quotes in the piece, I can’t find a even vague equivalence for:
    “The Tories are trying to make the divide worse rather than bringing people together,” following the referendum”…
    “The British Government has tried to interpret the result in the most difficult way possible and red lines were drawn that need not have been drawn”

    Either Nicola deviated from the published script, some considerable licence was taken, or they were mixing up seperate speeches. I’m not ruling out some judicious editing by the SNP on their site for that matter, which would be very naughty!
    Anyway, just an observation – thanks as ever for bringing us the word from beyond Offa’s Dyke.

  127. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation adhering to the terms of its Royal Charter (which prevents it being impartial on all matters Scottish Independence)

    6. The Public Purposes

    The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

    (4) To reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the United Kingdom’s nations and ……..HELP CONTRIBUTE TO THE SOCIAL COHESION AND WELLBEING OF THE UNITED KINGDOM….

  128. Phil says:

    Surely after such a masterly text prepared for the lawyers (and all us readers) the last sentence was an oversight or mistake. I hope it is acknowledged as such.

  129. Welsh Sion says:

    Extending a paw of friendship to iain mhor. (No longbow here, sir …)

    I do what I can when I translate for Scotland on these blogs. The service will continue to be free.

    It is for others to draw what conclusions they wish.


  130. Iain mhor says:

    @stewartb 9:14pm

    It was rather odd, but it has to be said, it is at considerable variance with the tone of the rest of the speech; which severally and quite distinctly, was making the case for Independence over Devolution.
    If I was being kind, I’d suggest a missing ‘in the absence of Independence’ … We can ensure etc.

    But I’m not now entirely sure the transcript on the SNP site is actually verbatim and hasn’t been edited. As I noted in @Welsh Sion’s post above (thanks Sion) there were attributions from a Welsh publication which don’t seem to appear in the published speech either (even allowing for translation variances)
    Who knows? Very odd – as ever, it pays to be vigilant and spot anomalies.

  131. stewartb says:

    geeo @ 9:36 pm

    You wrote: “If you actually think the FM thinks there will be another 20 more years of devolution, i have some original and extremely real rocking horse shit for sale.”

    OK. But then why choose to say it? This CANNOT have been a casual error. Tactically, what am I and others missing? Please explain why this was said/needed to be said?


    Quote from the FM: “And we can ensure that the next 20 years of devolution, are even more successful than those which have passed.”

  132. Effijy says:

    O/T. Watching a show called the Unwanted which was all about
    Access to classified government documents regarding the Windrush

    Wow! The Westminster Government was and is Institutionally Racist from
    Top to bottom and a mountain of government paperwork is there to prove it
    Far beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    Churchill wanted the Tory party he led to fight an upcoming election on the keep England White

    11 Labour MPs demanded the Tories stopped the Blacks from coming to England.

    Although the vast majority were in work or genuinely looking for work the Government
    Papers declared they were here looking for benefits. No documentation to endorse this slure
    Was ever produced.

    Let us not forget Amber Rudd and her Tory Party threw out Windrush families in recent
    Times although they lived and worked in England for the last 50 years.

    This is yet another division that separates the Scots from the English.
    We are not a racist nation, we welcome and value workers who come here
    To support our NHS and many other industries.

    We must detach ourselves from our Nasty Fascist neighbour who treat Scots no better
    Than their other colonised commonwealth countries.

    Watch this show if you possibly cannon I player !

  133. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 20:00,

    In fair recognition I should admit that in a possible upcoming UKGE the actual numbers of SNP MPs may well matter rather more than in other circumstances, depending on the likelihood of rough parity between the two main English parties and the strength of the LibDems, etc. So the issue isn’t to be dismissed by any means. It might just make all the difference in the world, if fate smiles upon us for once.

    But all the same, having to depend on an accident of fate and the confluence of forces entirely outwith our control is not a good place to be. And it is essentially a distraction all the same, with all the virtually-exclusive media emphasis on The Cartel and suchlike.

    Still a good win, if achieved, does wonders for the morale and is a slap in the face for those who claim to own us.

  134. boris says:

    Edinburgh University Students Association President (Divinity Student) candidate, Oliver Mundell was forced to apologise after reducing a disabled student to a nervous wreck in an attack on less able opponents when he was running for President of the Student’s Union,

  135. Cubby says:

    Jock McDonnell@9.36pm

    Spot on.

  136. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 19:43,

    Interesting figures to mull over, even if the question is a tad hypothetical.

    So many Labourites still willing to stick with PM BoJo?

    Presumably the “didn’t vote” (2014/2016) includes people who were too young last time, as well as those who just didn’t bother? Or does that poll exclude the young’uns?

  137. Col.Blimp IV says:


    I once heard Margo McDonald say that she was unaware of any country that held annual “Devolution Day” celebrations.

    Let’s hope we don’t become the first.

  138. ronnie anderson says:

    Dan re the Projection idea thats something Bdtt & myself discussed years ago + floating banners ie weather balloons helium filled that can be in the boot of a car & floated above motorways ect .

  139. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    stewartb @ 22:02,

    It certainly causes a certain amount of “whit?” among the faithful, to be sure. Not least among those who tend to suspect her of being “Queen of Caution”. =grin=

    But her intentions are evidently in the right place, since she clearly states:

    It determines that Scotland must have the ability, if we so choose, to chart a different course and choose a different future – a future as an independent nation, playing our full part in the EU and the wider world.

    She then immediately continues by saying:

    However in doing so, we need to learn from the experience of Brexit. We need to build consensus where we can, rather than provoking confrontation.

    That’s why I have suggested talks with all parties about what future powers we can seek. If substantial proposals arise from that, my hope is that the parliament can present them to the UK Government in a unified way.

    Partly this is an attempt, I think, to win over more of those who currently still don’t see her as the moderate that she clearly is.

    But crucially it is also a carefully-contrived trap. She is in effect challenging those opponents who claim to seriously believe in devolution to “put their money where their mouth is”. She is inviting cooperation from the Mitigation Brigade who moan about how bad the SG is about everything and ask them to stand up for what they really believe in. Not least as it comes increasingly under attack.

    In the fairly sure knowledge that Willie Rennie and Richard Wotsisname will come up with little more than more grumbles. Whereas Col. Flip-flop will actively connive in a full-on attempt by her London masters to destroy even the little devolution we do have.

    And all this in full public view. A little prospective divide-and-conquer of her own, methinks.

  140. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Robert J. Sutherland

    There are plenty who would tolerate a triumvirate of, Vlad the Impaler, King Herod the Great and Pol Pot … rather than have the solidarity of the British working class undermined by the narrow nationalists of the SNP.

  141. Clootie says:


    Just attended a “Save Loch Lomond” meeting. Although invited no representative of SNP or Scottish Government attended.
    Scottish Enterprise selling of public land for peanuts. The National Park Trust board members hidden and above comment.

    “Flamingo Land” about to walk all over our beautiful land. Our citizens rights about to be trampled.

    To quote another speaker who’s observation I share ” tonight I am ashamed of the SNP”

    Labour,Green/Tory MSPs and councillors supporting the local community.

    Quangos who report to the Scottish Government now in partnership with an English developer.

    Roseanna Cunningham doing nothing! Ignoring concerns! Ignoring significant, shameful conflicts of interest.

    Why has this been allowed too happen. Why did Scottish Enterprise sell off 2Million pound of land for 200k.

  142. bobajock says:

    I cant really comment on this, Wings has me blocked.

    But its the BBC, so I assume their usual ‘B’ for Bias is in full flow.

  143. Footsoldier says:

    Let me see, we are hoping to improve our chances of independence by hoping that the members of another party vote for one of their members who may not be liked in Scotland?

    When oh when are the SNP going to sell the message and benefits of independence to the population at large?

  144. kapelmeister says:

    Gordon Broon now writing for the…..wait for it…Daily Mail!

    Saying Boris Johnson is big threat to the precious union etc etc blah blah blah.

    Gordie says Tories, Labour and Lib Dems must unite to defend precious union etc etc.

    Ah well, since the Record won’t want to take Vow2, Gordon’s keeping in with the Daily Heil in case he needs them for it.

  145. Mary miles says:

    Hi from Tassie:

    How about a petition run by the National calling for people to support Stuart and to look into Stuart’s treatment by the BBC and the unfairness of all costs being awarded to Dugdale, I mean obviously the situation is political and they are trying to bring down Stuart and Wings. Perhaps an article on the front page of the National pointing out the position would focus attention. People power should be used in this case and whether people personally agree with Stuart or not, now is the moment to show it is time this was stopped. When everything is said, the costs should obviously be shared between the complainant and the defendant at the very least. There is more involved in this whole process and that is the attempted undermining of Scottish Independence.

    Best Wishes to all who support Independence for Scotland!

  146. Pete Barton says:

    Thank you Mary.

    We need input like yours.

  147. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    kapelmeister @ 23:52:

    Gordie says Tories, Labour and Lib Dems must unite to defend precious union etc etc.

    One wonders why he’s still bothering, the vainglorious self-important has-been. Rally to defend his maxi-federalist-most-federal-possible-of-all-possible-federal-worlds-super-federal-UK which strangely we somehow managed not to have?

    If he had any decency as a human being, that man should write a long apologia in The Daily Heil outlining in excruciating detail the numerous ways in which his precious UKOK has signally failed to honour any and all of his empty promises, castigate in no uncertain terms all those who betrayed our trust so cynically, and humbly beseech the forgiveness of the people of Scotland for all that egotistical strutting in his contrived little Tory-Labour media bubbles and thereby signally contributing to our betrayal.

    Then and only then might I start to take his concern more seriously.

  148. kapelmeister says:

    Robert J. Sutherland @12:22

    Nicely put Robert. There’ll be no apologia though. Contrition requires a conscience, which Brown lacks. Which is why this former Labour leader is taking the Rothermere shilling.

  149. schrodingers cat says:

    having to depend on an accident of fate and the confluence of forces entirely outwith our control is not a good place to be.

    no, it isnt, and if that were all we depended upon it would be very disheartening. thankfully, it isnt. it would be a nice to have, nothing more. and yes, 57 rather than 50 would be a real boost to moral and would help the momentum.

    i think it isnt just nicola and the sg who have been sidelined, we all have. regardless of how much we campaign, rally etc, we are still left waiting for our enemies to finally make the wrong move. i think it is this waiting and the deliberate drawing out of the process which is the cause of much of the discontent and frustration within the yes movement, idle hands etc,

    but things are about to come to a head. i have never seen the unionists in such disarray. they are rattled, weaker than ever and they know it.

  150. schrodingers cat says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    25 June, 2019 at 12:22 am
    kapelmeister @ 23:52:

    Gordie says Tories, Labour and Lib Dems must unite to defend precious union etc etc.

    he knows that 2017, the unionists tactical voting was what reversed the snps 2015 landslide. in the present climate, if a ge is called, that wont happen again. eg, will the remainer unionists in the borders vote a no deal tory to keep out the snp now? or split the vote and vote libdem?

  151. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 00:44,

    Convincing point about the likely lack of continuing Britnat tactical voting next time, not forgetting the possible further divisive influence of a Faragist presence. (At least if the next time comes fairly soon. Which I sense might not be that soon if *unt becomes PM. Not entirely impossible as BoJo gets more media scrutiny, with business interests now increasingly at stake.)

    Some seem to ascribe almost mystical power to the UK state, but to me anyway, while it can certainly never be complacently dismissed, it has become a disorientated hollowed-out shell, and all it will take to fall apart is the right move at the right time. That’s how empires crumble. I’m reminded of the downfall of the GDR, which for all its extensive security apparatus and media control, expired in almost an instant when (no longer externally propped-up) it finally ran out of any degree of popular acceptance.

    We are not quite there yet, alas, but when it flips, it will likely flip fast all the same. In the meantime there is some hope to be got from expectation of the quiet satisfaction that will come when Hubris meets its well-deserved Nemesis.

  152. North chiel says:

    Stewartb @2202 &RJS at 2301 , is the FM’s last paragraph to be taken in a more “ European context” where the E.U. “Union “ is obviously her preferred union and the context of devolution within the same is actually “ Independence in Europe” ? Could it even be perhaps she sees the U.K. staying in the E.U. If that did come to pass ( although seems unlikely ? at present , but not impossible) then given the now EU’s knowledge of Scotland’s continued “ subjugation” within the so called “ UK” union , ( thanks to our FM’s travels& meetings all over Europe) then I would envisage huge pressure from the E.U. would be exerted on Westminster as regards Scottish self determination and national recognition of our country in the E.U. context, notwithstanding the “ tail between legs” U.K. government remaining in the E.U. ? It could well still boil down to “ Brexit or the union” for the Westminster establishment.

  153. Breeks says:

    Clootie says:
    24 June, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    Scottish Enterprise is rotten, but the SNP don’t want to know.

  154. Petra says:

    Flamingo Land. Scotland’s answer to Blackpool. High time that Scotland adopted the Swiss approach of holding referendums.

  155. Ghillie says:

    Are Kezia’s apparent claims now contempt of court?

    If you do decide to appeal then your needing to write such a letter to the BBC will not do Miss Dugdale’s case any good.

    I’m pretty certain you’ll get a jackass response from the BBC.

    How long till you forward your very clear and concise letter to Ofcom?

    (apologies to jackasses)

  156. Sinky says:

    Another Tory anti Indy front called Scottish Business UK has paid to become an Friend of The Scotsman and thus get biased articles published today from one Struan Stevenson who claims Sturgeon obsessed with Independence. Sensational stuff.
    Does anyone know who has funded SBUK?

  157. Dorothy Devine says:

    Stu , should they seek to redress the balance by inviting you on to the programme – unlikely in my humble opinion – be very wary of ‘technical hitches’ which manage to break up sound and sense .

    They have worked that flanker before on many occasions , notably with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

    They have also been known to juxtaposition film so that we have the appearance of a gorilla instead of a photo of the F.M – oh how sorry are we said the BBBC!

    And in the football world they managed to make Ally McCoist look as though he was laughing at some tragedy which befell Celtic – that may be when he banned the BBBC from Rangers but I can’t quite remember.

    so BEWARE the duplicitous BBBC.

  158. Ken500 says:

    The journalist get bonuses for clicks. So do not click on. Just ignore the deviant, devious Press to get rid of their lies and falsehoods, Do not give any comments for clicks. Just encouraging them. They are a waste of time, money and paper in any case. Punters paying for lies that destroys lives and the world. Total supporting criminality and poor column inches. Bad report.

  159. Cactus says:

    Attabout 9am, PM contender “ASBO Johnson” will be on LBC

  160. Dorothy Devine says:

    Having looked at Stu’s twitter it seems that soggy Glasgow was better off than Edinburgh and Stirling areas- hope everyone is OK.

  161. Frank Gillougley says:

    Ghillie 6.26

    Like many others, I think that Kezia’s unbridled ego and contempt will be her downfall when set against the judicial system. I just don’t think her continuing trumpeting of falsehoods and misrepresentation of judicial facts will go down at all well with those in the ‘realpolitik’ of positions of power, irrespective that they are the establishment. This is their territory and there is no way I can see them having it traduced and debased in public like this, when ‘and if’ it comes to an appeal.

    This can only bode well. All the very best, Stu.

  162. Abulhaq says:

    ‘Flamingoland’, like some theme park, holiday development from the 1980s. In 80s speak ‘naff’.
    Could Scotland not manage an equivalent of the ‘science based’ Eden Project, something that is in tune with the times, the environment and has proved an asset to Cornwall? Or just leave the area alone.
    Scotland has large cities blighted by hideous property developments, Lessons to learn.

  163. Ken500 says:

    Dugdale has gone from any relevant post of influence. She could not shut her gob from telling all the lies. Another one gone, another one gone. Another one hits the dust, The power of Wings. A win, win. The other liars are watching and waiting. To keep their gobs shut or be sued by example. The power of Wings. A win, win getting rid of them.

    Wings does not have to embrace MSM. The website has the maverick power of great analysis and the truth to call out the lies. The power to call the liars out. That is it’s power and why so many people participate and engage.

  164. Bobp says:

    Sinky 7.10am I’d love a list of Scottish business UK companies. Then I’d know who to boycott.

  165. Ken500 says:

    Poopy pants trying to use personal grievance Westminster unionist inspired to diss the SNP. Does not increase support for Independence. Self destructive.

  166. Ken500 says:

    Boycott often do not work. It can work both ways. Free trade and consumer choice keep prices down.

  167. Ken500 says:

    EU/UN supports state right to self determination and self government. If people vote and support it. Upheld in the Treaty arrangements. That is why Scotland got (too limited) Devolution. Betrayed by warmonger Blair/unionists. Britain would have been displaced from the EU/UN. Lost economic, monartary advantage and status.

    In these unreasonable circumstances Nicola is well ahead of the game. Keeping in with the EU administration. Playing a blinder. World class league.

  168. Welsh Sion says:

    Sinky @ 7.10 am.

    Have a browse …

    Some old friends from SiU and the Tory Party for you to ogle.

    Then take a note of this:

    Another Union Dividend says:
    23 October, 2017 at 5:53 pm
    Another recent Tory funded pro-Union front is
    Scottish Business UK which according to Financial times has been funded to the tune of £30k by former Tory candidate Robert Kilgour?
    The advisory board comprises of:
    Robert Kilgour, Founder and Chairman of Scottish Business UK
    Struan Stevenson, CEO of Scottish Business UK (former Tory MEP)
    Jack Perry, independent non-executive board member and adviser to a number of public and private companies
    Hugh Andrew, publisher and Scotland’s largest independent cartographer
    Ian Condie, former senior partner in Condie & Co, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
    Their web site has no mention of strong Tory Party connections.


    And then there’s:



    Enjoy your reading! 🙂

  169. gus1940 says:


    Last night I watched a documentary consisting of interviews with WW1 veterans which were recorded in the early 60s when the Great War series was being made but which were not incorporated in the series and which have not been broadcast before.

    By pure coincidence not a single Scottish veteran interview was included nor were any Welsh or Irish.

    I wonder why – surely we are not being subjected to propaganda to the effect of ‘How England Won The War’.

  170. Clydebuilt says:

    Will be interresting to see where this goes. Maybe the big prize is yet to come.

  171. Cubby says:

    UK austerity. No money for Waspi pensions, no money for disability benefits, cuts to public services.

    Harry and Meghan get £2.5m to do up their home. £2.5m of taxpayers money. The Queen is a billionaire.

    Are these your values?

  172. galamcennalath says:

    Scottish Business UK, another pro union group raising it’s head.

    Appears to be associated with this company …

    My suspicions about these organisations is they will do very little themselves, just act as channels for money. They are of course free to campaign for whatever they like, however it’s the financial aspect which concerns me. IndyRef2 will be awash with pro UK money.

  173. Ken500 says:

    S. Stevenson is yesterday’s person. Who remembers him? No many. On repeat boring record. The days of scotsman influence gone. An empty echo chamber of debt. In a state of collapse.

  174. donnywho says:

    RD Kilgour Went to Loretto and Stirling, Started Four Seasons
    healthcare and when he sold it became a tax exile for many years. So much for the staunch support of the union!

    Loves the country so much he won’t actually contribute his fair share.

  175. Ken500 says:

    Save Loch Lomond. Where is it going? Save the world, The greens could not even save themselves. They renege on all green policies. Loch Lomond needs development. Supported by millions of people. Scotland is half empty. Plenty of spaces and a right to roam. Scotland needs Development and tourists. It brings in £Billions (some for essential services). It is a balance.

    Greens actions and protest has lead to money wasted on groteque monstrosities instead of open places. Leading to empty office, shops and under occupied hotels. Wasted public monies in other places. Along with corrupt unionists. Tram mismanagement, Muses. Keeping empty Council building and empty investment spaces. Wasteful. Green policies reneged.

  176. Capella says:

    UK has risen to no. 33 in the World Press Freedom rankings. Well done Tory Britain. Norway is at no 1 of course, followed by Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark. How do these small northern countries do it, asks nobody in the UK.

  177. David P says:

    Two observations.

    Struan S is indeed yesterday’s man. And so is Gordon B!

    Have the flamingoland backers considered the dangers of the Scottish midge? If an otherwise attractive location has not been built on, quite often it will be due to historic folk knowledge. I’m thinking flood plains, etc. The development could go belly up within two years if the midges get their teeth into it…

  178. Ken500 says:

    The USSR did let people go from the 1990’s on. 150Million people to self determination. Possibly the most in history in such a short space of time.

    Hunt shows just how useless he is of foreign policy. World policy. A dunce. Can’t count r read a balance sheet. Typical unionists lies but Westminster unionists can’t let 5million go. In a population of 62million. Refuse democracy in any way. What a loser. Tories are toast within two years. Into oblivion. What a shambles and a mess. Yet the Tories blame the Russians who saved the West in the 11WW. 26Million died. The Tory/unionists have no idea of complete world history. The can’t read, count or read a balance sheet. Completele imbeciles. Arrogant and ignorant parasites. They cause so much trouble in the world.

  179. HandandShrimp says:

    Think Mundell might as well pack his bags. All the evidence suggests that Boris could run naked through London whilst eating a baby and the Tory blue rinse brigade would still vote for him.

    The thought of Ross Thomson as Scottish secretary is not one I contemplate easily though. A self important ultra maroon of the first water. Quite simply if we the Scottish people tolerate such an outcome then we are beyond help.

  180. Ken500 says:

    Aye midges might have some affect. At certain times and temperatures. They might have to incorporate a smoker. Salmond smoking facilities for worldwide trade.

    Loch Lomond is so spectacular but with so few facilities for people to enjoy it. Glasgow is so lucky to have easy access of the West coast of Scotland. There are many spectacular scenic other places and open spaces all over Scotland. Especially right along the top. Amazing contours and scenery. Liners approach to view it.

  181. Ken500 says:

    IndyRef 2020. If it can be won. Does not seem to be 20 more years of Devolution. Although there has been only 19 years so far because of Unionist reneged broken promises.

  182. Robert Peffers says:

    @Effijy says: 24 June, 2019 at 2:29 pm:

    ” … We all know without any shadow of a Doubt the BBC are about as impartial
    As North Korean State Television.”

    Ah! Effijy- It is a matter of true historic fact that the Westminster government almost immediately granted the private company of, “Wireless set”, manufacturers called the BBC who had set up two transmitters 2MO in the English midlands and 2LO in London a Royal Charter and an annual grant of taxpayer’s money.

    The UK remains the only government, (paid for by the UK taxpayer), licenced propaganda company in the World. It was the first, it is the largest and has always been paid for by UK taxpayers.

    That makes the BBC the very first government controlled, “Wireless Propaganda”, company in the World. The Worlds largest propaganda company and it has always been so.

    That means all others, including Radio Moscow, (Now RT) Voice of America, and North Korea all learned from the BBC.

    So there you go, your statement that the BBC are about as impartial as the North Korea should read, “North Korea are not as biased as the BBC.

    The BBC began as the World’s first and largest government funded propaganda unit on 18 October 1922 and it has remained the World’s largest ever since – and who pays the BBC World Service to broadcast propaganda to the World? It is the United Kingdom’s taxpayers including the Over 75s who are soon to have to pay the TV licence.

    The truth, though, is that as the licence money is added to treasury general taxation and the BBC grant is paid from general taxation then everyone who pays tax, (that is everyone as the main taxation is now indirect taxation and not just income tax), pays not only to have propaganda beamed into their homes but also pays to have UK propaganda gifted to the World at UK taxpayer’s expense.

  183. galamcennalath says:

    Keith Brown ….

    “Our concern is that viewers will lose trust in the BBC if this deception continues.”

    … I hope that was meant as sarcasm!

  184. Robert Roddick says:

    I feel abused over this situation. I cannot imagine how you feel Stuart.

  185. naina tal says:

    Robert Peffers at 10:34
    I first cottoned on to the nature of the UK National Propaganda Broadcaster in the 1970s. When repairing old valve wireless sets. As you know, most of them had short wave. I used to enjoy listening to Radio Moscow’s version of the news. Biased? Of course! But it made me realise how biased the UK equivalent is.

    I reckoned if you listened to both, the truth would be somewhere in the middle. The sins of omission on both sides was particularly obvious.If something didn’t fit in with the narrative, they just left it out. Of course you got the story from the other side.

    Yet BBC managed to convince millions that they don’t do Propaganda. That was for Lord Haw Has, or Radio Moscow/RT. Thus they have the best propaganda of the lot. “We don’t do Propaganda (fake news). It’s everyone else that’s doing it.”

  186. naina tal says:

    Lord Haw Haw of course unless the bloody spell checker corrects it again!

  187. Effijy says:

    I feel honoured to have been further educated by
    Robert Peffers above.

    My sincere thanks Robert.

  188. TheBuchanLoony says:

    I see the National Grid are liasing with Norway to bring hydro electricity across by cable to enable the ‘UK'(England) to reach its carbon emission climate targets…this cable is going to come into Blyth in Northumberland, ninety miles longer than to the nearest National grid connection in Peterhead…Blyth is below Hadrian’s wall so I suppose they are just making sure for the future!

  189. kapelmeister says:

    Jeremy Hunt says he wants to increase defence spending by a quarter.

    He’s the son of an admiral. One grandfather was a brigadier and the other one was a major.

  190. call me dave says:

    Guardian article archived:

    The Brexit zealots are on course to break up the union

  191. Hamish100 says:

    Re. BBC and STV bias.

    I am always interested how silent the NUJ and others are on this subject. Are they complicit or suppressed.

    You would imagine they would be rushing to defend their ” independent” members are!

  192. kapelmeister says:

    galamcennalath @10:48on

    Looks like no more Question Time appearances for Billy Mitchell.

  193. galamcennalath says:

    The Tories have just sent out this press release saying that the winner of the leadership contest will be announced on Tuesday 23 July.

    Four weeks from today. It’s not as if anything important is needing attention. No pressing issues related to EU membership, no, nothing that can’t wait.

    A bunch of old sub-fascists and actual fascists taking their time over who to hand the poisoned chalice to, takes priority.

  194. Effijy says:

    If any contributors haven’t yet voted on the Rev’s appeal against
    the Dugdale debacle, it would be nice to see a few more participate.

    Not far short of 2,000 agreeing that we must fight this injustice and provide funds if necessary.

    It would be nice for the Rev to announce that thousand’s-Plural,
    of his contributors wish to see Scottish Justice Done.

  195. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Picked this up from the WOS Twitter page.

    Jeremy Hunts cuts off overseas support for Nicola Sturgeon to protect the Union
    (Archived from The Herald.)

    It would be interesting if the Scottish Government asked for support from another EU country, for example France, in the event of a foreign visit.

  196. Effijy says:

    Hamish100 says:
    25 June, 2019 at 11:40 am
    Re. BBC and STV bias.

    I am always interested how silent the NUJ and others are on this subject. Are they complicit or suppressed.

    You would imagine they would be rushing to defend their ” independent” members are!

    Hamish you forget that the BBC are dishing out some of our cash that they receive to the newspapers, as this way they will back up the Beeb’s propaganda all the way.

    The UK Media are the news outlets of the rich, for the rich and by the rich.

    Money talks while the UK Media just don’t!

  197. Robert Peffers says:

    @naina tal says: 25 June, 2019 at 10:53 am:

    … I first cottoned on to the nature of the UK National Propaganda Broadcaster in the 1970s. When repairing old valve wireless sets.”

    Yeah! Well I’ve been repairing old valve Wireless sets since they were new valve wireless sets and been involved in Ham and short wave radio since before my teens.

    ” … As you know, most of them had short wave. I used to enjoy listening to Radio Moscow’s version of the news. Biased? Of course! But it made me realise how biased the UK equivalent is.”

    Indeed, but you had to also tune in VOA, (Voice of America), to get a real balance of what was going on. Another bit was to tune into what the BBC was telling the UK and then get what the BBC was telling other countries. Things were never what they seemed.

    ” … Yet BBC managed to convince millions that they don’t do Propaganda. That was for Lord Haw Has, or Radio Moscow/RT. Thus they have the best propaganda of the lot.”

    You are not wrong but here’s a wee trick to try on UK people including the private company, “BBC Licencing”, and even indy supporters.

    You ask them the simple question, “Who pays for BBC Programmes”? The most likely answer you will get is, “TV Licence payers”. Now you have got them. The answer is that everyone who pays tax, and that is everyone, pays not only for BBC Programmes, both Radio & TV, but also for all the BBC Overseas programmes and the BBC are, far and away, the major Worldwide broadcasters on the planet.

    Here’s how it works. The term Licence is both a noun and a verb and here are the definitions:-

    To Licence something is to grant permission to do something and if you actually read the, “Licence”, (the bit of paper), it is the government granting you permission to receive live video broadcasts. It would thus be illegal for the BBC to directly get the licence fees but from day one of licencing the Government appointed the BBC to collect the fees but the BBC cannot just hold onto the fees. They must turn the money over to The Treasury and it is thus general taxation.

    It is from General Taxation that the Government pays the BBC an agreed annual grant. So that means everyone who contributes to general taxation, (like VAT, Road Fuel Duty and so on), pays towards the BBC annual grant.

    Yet the general public are brainwashed to believe that it is only licence fee payers that pay for the BBC. That’s brainwashing for you. Even the Indy supporters believe that by not paying the licence fee their tax isn’t supporting the BBC.

  198. Robert Peffers says:

    @TheBuchanLoony says: 25 June, 2019 at 11:27 am:

    ” … Blyth is below Hadrian’s wall so I suppose they are just making sure for the future!”

    Just for the record, TheBuchanLoony, Hadrian’s wall has never been the Scottish/English border as it was built long before there was an England and before Scotland was called Scotland. It was built when the parts north of the wall were inhabited by the Picts and that was a generic name the Romans used for the many tribes, including the Scotti, who inhabited the area above Hadrian’s wall.

    Most Englanders will tell you that Hadrian’s wall is the border and it is a good idea to agree with them as Hadrian’s wall is 100% quite some way inside England. If they want to give Scotland a chunk of England, why disagree with them?

  199. jfngw says:

    Grief we seem to be celebrating ‘Devolution Day’ on the BBC, a uniquely British event. After the next referendum and if we vote no again I think I will declare it ‘Vassalage Day’. A day to celebrate fear and lack of ambition for a country.

    Does Jeremy Hunt’s playing to the crowd indicate we can just remove the costs of overseas facilities from GERS, surely they would not charge us for something we are banned from using. In fact maybe it’s time to produce a ‘True GERS’ and remove all the stuff Scotland doesn’t actually want but gets charged for.

  200. geeo says:

    Indeed, Robert P.

    From wiki:

    In fact Hadrian’s Wall lies entirely within England and has never formed the Anglo-Scottish border. While it is less than 0.6 mi (1.0 km) south of the border with Scotland in the west at Bowness-on-Solway, in the east at Wallsend it is as much as 68 miles (109 km) away.

    Tony Blair would be proud of such a redrawing of a border line…!!!

  201. galamcennalath says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Jeremy Hunts cuts off overseas support for Nicola Sturgeon

    So, he’s denying the democratically elected FM of Scotland the services which Scots pay for through our taxes?

    These English exceptionalists forget that we pay for, own, and are entitled to a share of everything at a UK level.

    Another thing to take note of is that our FMs are elected by all the MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, while UK PMs are elected by the members of their political parties.

  202. kapelmeister says:

    So the Tories are cutting off all support for our First Minister’s foreign visits on the excuse that she’s been promoting independence.

    Just another sign that they are planning to take all power and pride away from the people of Scotland.

    The main implication of this move by Jeremy Hunt is that they are signalling that they now regard active promotion of independence by Scots as illegitimate activity, to be frowned on by the UK state. No doubt ways to make the SNP and Scottish Greens proscribed organisations have already been discussed in the corridors of power in London.

  203. kapelmeister says:

    Hunt’s decision highlights that Scotland belongs with our European friends in a world of co-operation, fairness and responsibilities and rights.

    Scotland doesn’t belong in the incipient dystopia that is the UK.

  204. Robert Peffers says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon says:25 June, 2019 at 1:45 pm:

    ” … It would be interesting if the Scottish Government asked for support from another EU country, for example France, in the event of a foreign visit.”

    Now I do not know how much of this is known to Wingers, (and I’m going on memory here), but it has always been Westminster policy to treat all British/UK/English Embassies and consulates as if they belonged only to England.

    For example it has long been the practice that Kingdom of England, (three countries), trade organisations, and such like, got the use of these overseas diplomatic properties for free to hold what were/are English companies attempting to drum up business in foreign countries.

    However Scottish trade bodies, like, for example Scotch Whisky or any other uniquely Scottish produce or products, had to pay for the privalidge of to use, “United Kingdom”, embassies and consulates. As if these embassies and consulates were English only.

    Now if that practice is different now I don’t know when or if the policy was changed. There has been several rows about it over the years and I cannot recall the policy ever being changed. Perhaps other wingers may know if that change has indeed happened and can let us all know?

  205. Joe says:

    Off topic so please accept my apologies but I thought id share this.

    I just had a close member of my family in tears just now because someone she knows has died of complications to a simple surgical procedure in their home country. Its happening more and more often now. Loss of confidence in fundamental services.


    Because all the competent staff are leaving/have left for Europe and other destinations.

    There are 2 sides to the immigration coin. Poorer countries are being left without services and talent because 1st world countries are literally sucking up all the people who can do a job. All the people able to pay tax. All the people who can contribute.

    This isnt even a question of illegal immigration. Its perfectly legal. But its doing damage to people on the ground.

    Just thought id add this perspective to what is, on the whole, a very mainstream progressive-left reader base.

  206. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    North chiel @ 02:28,

    Re-reading what she said, I wouldn’t go quite as far as you there, since she seems to be talking about specific Scottish powers, but it does almost seem as if she’s inviting supporters of devo and Remain to come together and devise a proposal for a Scotland still within the UK to also remain in the EU. (Presumably as a bridge, somewhat along the lines of what Breeks once proposed, IIRC.)

    It won’t fly, of course, because those LibLab BritNats have no sincere wish to enhance the powers of Scotland within their precious Union, nor any idea of how to achieve it even if they did. I think she realises that quite well, and is just trying to flush them out, expose their “mitigation” hypocrisy.

    But it must be ringing warning bells in some places, because today on the lunchtime news on the English Home Service, who should pop up but El Gordo, re-emerged from his crypt, to warn of “Scottish and English extremism”? Well, thanks to Brexit we know fine well about English Establishment extremism, but how can you possibly say that about “Miss Reasonable”?

    It stems from this whole Labourite exceptionalist thing. Broon just can’t admit that his federalist fantasies will never happen because the English Establishment see no need for it – on the contrary, out of their own desperation they are becoming ever more centralist. So they ain’t listening. And his usefulness to them is long past anyway.

    Meanwhile, the dreaded SNP and the wider independence movement have displaced his useless Northern Branch, and failing any realistic proposals of their own, the only response Broon, Kez et al can muster is to shamelessly try to smear and denigrate their more-talented opposition.

    This is what lies behind Broon’s cheap dismissal of Nicola and Co as “extremists” and I dare say also Kez’s outbursts against Stu. It’s a sure sign that their ammo is about to run out.

    And for all their burbling in the ever-ready media, in their heart-of-hearts they know it.

  207. wullie says:

    Wonder when Mr Hunt will ban any SNP minister from leaving the UK. since they are cutting off all support for our First Minister’s foreign visits. Think Spain.

  208. Brian Powell says:

    I’m wondering when SNP members will be classed as dissidents and the Party put on the terrorist organisation list.

    Remember the head of the army said he would defend the British state.

  209. call me dave says:

    Aye Mr Peffers there was a row about this during referendum 1

    Hunt might not let any SNP politician back into Scotland if abroad. Now there’s a thing! 🙂

  210. Scott says:

    Jeremy Hunt cuts off overseas support for Nicola Sturgeon to protect the Union.

    Thank you Mr +unt another up for us.

    Did I not read somewhere when AS was FM and going abroad that the SG had to pay for the use of Embassies ??

  211. Dr Jim says:

    Desperate bletherings from the British state now descending into ridiculous posturing and authoritive posing

    As if they’re not enough of a world laughing stock at the moment they’ve become their own cartoon

    Maybe some of them seriously believe that puffing their chests out and shouting *We’re British* will still work but the days of the Raj are long gone and the world is bigger better and more powerful than mother England and the old fashioned Victorian threats of we’ve got a bigger gun than you have ceased to work becuae it’s commerce that now rules

    The world is about to put England in it’s place and England isn’t going to like it because they’re not used to it

    But it’ll happen, and the rest of us will smile

  212. Effijy says:

    If the Tories are cutting off our Elected First Ministers support for foreign trips
    they seem to have decided the only thing that could be discussed is Scottish
    Independence from our Colonial Fascist masters.

    There are a world full of other discussions our FM will be discussing
    And I have every faith she can negotiate, listen and deliver on the European
    Fronts unlike Westminster.

    Of course we must reciprocate so that no one from Holyrood or the Scottish Police Service
    Will be available for the visits of any English Westminster MP.

    After all their only focus is to suppress Scotland and steal its assets.

  213. Jack Murphy says:

    Top of BBC Reporting Scotland tonight?


    Jeremy Hunt cuts off overseas support for Nicola Sturgeon to protect the Union.

  214. Breeks says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    25 June, 2019 at 2:32 pm
    @Brian Doonthetoon says:25 June, 2019 at 1:45 pm:

    ” … It would be interesting if the Scottish Government asked for support from another EU country, for example France, in the event of a foreign visit.”

    I like that idea. European Nations showing common courtesy to Scotland’s First Minister because the obnoxious runts in Westminster are too petty and small minded to provide a car.

    I like this Hunt more and more. He might yet prove to be as good for Scottish Independence as Johnson.

    I make no secret of the fact I dislike, and am hugely disappointed by the way the SNP is addressing itself to Brexit and Indy, but irrespective of the politics, Scotland more and more feels like a different country, and whether IndyRef2 is won, lost or drawn, or Independence comes via some other route, you can be absolutely sure there is no going back to the way things were.

    A process has begun, and the only end to that process is Independence. If Westminster thinks there is purchase in withdrawing diplomatic support for Scottish dignitaries, it should serve as a measure of how lowbrow and small minded Westminster can be. They have simply illustrated what vital a necessity it is for Scotland to have an Independent failsafe in its diplomatic protocols.

    The USA has the “Beast” to transport the US President. Maybe Scotland should have its “wee beastie”… an eco car, or maybe a European Car converted to Scottish Hydrogen or renewable electricity. Something really cool, so the whole of Europe can recognise at a glance when Scotland is in town paying them a wee visit.

    I’m coming over all Labi Siffre…

    The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become
    The farther you take my rights cars away, the faster I will run
    You can deny me, you can decide to turn your face away
    No matter ’cause there’s
    Something inside so strong…

  215. frogesque says:

    Labour are currently the Official Opposition and as such their job is supposedly to undermine and oppose the Government.

    Has their overseas support been cut off as well or is this just a petty and spiteful anti SNP stunt by dear Jeremy?

    How long before the SNP becomes a proscribed organisation?

  216. North chiel says:

    Perhaps the cutting of support to our FM as regards to overseas trips will fund ( along with the many other no doubt Tory cuts) , his reported 25 percent rise in defence spending . Read into that what you like), however, traditionally when the Westminster establishment are in dire trouble “domestically “ then the usual ploy to “ unite the country” is to get involved in another war ( any MP’s of course not supporting this will be labelled treasonous and/or pacifists by the state controlled media outlets). Of course the timing of 2020 would be “ ideal” to try to head off any Independence vote and no doubt collusion with the Westminster establishment’s financial and political friends across the pond would ensure instant back up for any US manoeuvres in this context with the “ special relationship” to the fore .
    Usually as regards these matters ( including of course arms sales) the Tory hierarchy and Britnat establishment are three or four steps ahead . Perhaps bojo/Hunt & Trump will get together to “ head of Nicola at the pass” . Hope she’s not going to Drumochter or Killiecrankie for her summer holidays.

  217. Ken500 says:

    Hunt will not be there very long. 2 years at the most. Johnstone will not last two months. The Tory Westminster support is now so low and fading fast. It just needs a few to keel over. They are toast. Average member male and over seventy. Fading membership. Fading support into oblivion they go. They could not make a worth ness. A total muck up. Stupid Hunt. A dunce. Hunt can’t count or read a balance sheet.

    A Foreign Secretary that knows nothing of history or international relations. Yet is claimed to understand Chinese. He does not know whether his wife is Chinese or Japanese. An migrant. He does not even speak to her? Yet claim to understand the language. Double Dutch more like it. Always blames the Russian. They have to divert and blame someone else. To divert from their muck up. They know nothing of history but will be history soon. Out in their ear.

  218. jfngw says:

    As the Scottish Office is now the UK Government in Scotland (really it is the English Government in Scotland as they make up 82% of the representatives). We should just rename all these institutions with the reality, the English Broadcasting Corp in Scotland, English WMD in Scotland. I think this renaming works for pretty much all the UK institutions.

    People like Jeremy Hunt loves Scotland, it’s just the inhabitants he can’t really stand. I suspect his first choice for the photo shoot was a bottle of Buckfast but was advised that a can of IrnBru would win over our hearts.

  219. Dr Jim says:

    If tax payer funded benefits were to be withdrawn from the Royal family I wonder how many Loyalist Royalists would offer a direct debit from their own bank accounts to support them

    My guess would be not so much

  220. Dr Jim says:

    Withdrawing Consular support from Scotland’s elected representatives is definitely the way to go to *Unite* the *Country*

    Another well thought out genius British plan there

    Piss off well more than half of Scotland, brilliant!

    They might as well just threaten to blow their own heads off now

  221. Ken500 says:

    Sure Scotland will manage to fund a few foreign trips. That will muck the Westminster unionist Hunt’s up. They do not like it up ‘em. Scotland has freeing everywhere in the world. A lot of Scots aboard because of Westminster unionist poor economic governance within Scotland. The Clearances. The Oil & Gas fraud. The illegal and secret taking o& resources. Led to people from Scotland migrating all over the world. 40 million diaspora.

    US, Australia, NZ, Canada. Important positions all over the world. Including in Governance. Mr McAllister in Germany. The auld French Alliance. The Russian Empire and war connections. Oil & Gas recruits the world over. Chinese take the drink and salmon fish. Admire all things Scottish. Burns and studying. Chinese Premier visited Scotland first.

    The Chinese – ‘Scotland the land of discovery and invention’. Scottish invention shaped the world. Amazing for a small country. The Enlightenment onwards.

  222. Pete Barton says:

    I cannot believe they would do this.

    What is their mindset?

  223. Proud Cybernat says:


    Rev Stu’s nosey neighbours. . .

  224. Pete Barton says:

    No oxygen of publicity.

    Not a mention on BBC web, either UK or Scotland section.

    It isn’t really happening, sweaties.

    Eat yer cereal.

  225. galamcennalath says:

    Here’s a radical suggestion. Instead of lending our Sovereignty to WM, we quickly and temporarily transfer it to a friendly and like minded EU country. We stay Scots, we stay EU citizens.

    Then we move to independence inside the EU from that position. Just ‘bypass’ Brexit altogether.

    Perhaps I’m being tongue in cheek, but it’s no less ridiculous than shite the Tories are coming out with concerning Scotland. Who do they think they are?

  226. kapelmeister says:

    Has Jack McConnell anything to say about this autocratic Tory action against the office of First Minister?

    Or will be prefer to keep quiet and keep collecting his former FM pension money as well as his 300 quid a day Lords allowance?

  227. jfngw says:

    Strange BBC Scotland seem to have no interest in the removal of support to the FM. But they are interested in a major Tory donor running down the Scottish education system. They even manage to get some employees to agree that they were really thick, not sure what their employment prospects would be if they disagreed with the owner.

  228. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT re. Dugdale and “I wanted to fight poverty, not talk about the constitution”. The woman is a complete numpty. How on earth are you going to fight poverty in Brexitania, if the British constitution is unable to defend the inalienable human rights of Scotland’s people (see the full-English Brexit). And she is getting paid big bucks to develop public participation in Scotland’s democracy! IMHO, that indicates Glasgow University is irrational commitment to an ideology that is out of step with reality, i.e. British nationalism.

    Effectiveness of poverty reduction in the EU: A descriptive analysis


    The European Union coordinates and encourages Member State actions to combat poverty, and to reform their social protection systems on the basis of policy exchanges and mutual learning (‘best practices’). Some EU countries are more effective in poverty reduction than others. What can explain these variations in effectiveness?

    This paper analyses the effectiveness of welfare state policies and especially social transfers in EU-countries in alleviating poverty. To indicate whether European economic integration may have had any impact on poverty reduction, we also include several non-EU15 countries as a benchmark into our analysis. We analyze on a cross-country basis the relationship between poverty rates and social effort, as measured by social expenditure ratios. We also correct these expenditure ratios for the impact of the tax system and for private social arrangements, using OECD methodology.

    Next, we compare poverty rates at the levels of market and disposable incomes, that is before and after transfers, in order to analyze the effect of tax and transfer policies in reducing poverty, i.e. to determine the target efficiency of social transfers. We perform several tests with the most recent data (LIS, OECD SOCX, and Eurostat: ECHP/EU-SILC). Our results are less clear cut than earlier findings. We still find a quite strong negative relationship between the level of social expenditure and poverty among OECD countries. However, for EU-countries this relationship is weaker and there are substantial differences within the EU15.

    After correcting for the impact of taxes and for private social arrangements, the linkage between social effort and poverty levels becomes even weaker. Also, we do not find a strong relationship between levels of social spending and antipoverty effects of social transfers and taxes. At the program level, family programs and child support alleviate poverty to a large extent.

  229. Ken500 says:

    Thatcher tried to get the Oil pipe line to Newcastle instead of Peterhead. She did not succeed before they got rid of her. It ended up outside Edinburgh. Still plenty of renewables wind and wave coming into Scotland increasing g all the time for cheaper green energy. The Westminster unionists already import oil, fuel and energy from Norway. £Billion.

    Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy. Exports it. Increasingly producing cheaper renewables. The best place in the world for renewables. Geographically. Now being harvested. A change over from other fuel production. US Fracked Gas comes into Grangemouth because of UK control over the energy market. Badly managed by Westminster UK Gov in Scotland. Scotland would have even more to produce and export if Independent. More control worth £Billions.

  230. Liz g says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that Tory MPs were going to Europe to ask other governments not to agree to the extension to article 50!
    Which would have damaged the whole populations of these islands.
    Are they too banned from consular support ?
    Or is it as usual just the Scots?

  231. Robert Peffers says:


    Now I’ve got a few minutes free I have here a YouTube clip that explains the reason why the French like, “Robert Bruce’s Soldiers March”.

    Watch the clip and read the text.,(in both French and English).

    It tells of the 6000, Scottish volunteers who marched to the aid of Joan of Arc at the siege of Orleans.

    Apparently the march was played at the gates of Orleans 700 years ago. This version of the music is one of the better versions:-

  232. galamcennalath says:

    Johnson and Hunt are playing to the actual Tory membership. It’s their votes they need to attract, no one else’s.

    From what they claim and offer, one thing is crystal clear – they believe rank and file Tory party members have heads which button up the back!

    This is a good appraisal of what the two are telling their members. We shouldn’t be surprised that basically it’s all highly unlikely bullshit.

    Just how gullible do you have to be to become a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party?

  233. kapelmeister says:

    He’s no better than BoJo. The chilly Snowman Hunt nicked Scotland’s Irn Bru then let go of her hand.

  234. Ken500 says:

    The Foreign Office often did not support Scottish efforts abroad. Scotland was expected to pay twice for it. A double deal. Not two for the price of one. One for the price of two. Duty Westminster Treasury charged twice. Double dealing. What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine.

    The UK Treasury rip off Foreign Office. Totally overfunded on luxury, unnecessary HQ and foreign embassies. A colossal waste of monies. Totally over funded where Scotland could gain big time. Cutting it down to size. With less pomp and ceremony. Just looking after citizens and doing business. Scotland tartan and culture. Recognised all over the world bringing in the visitor. Unique landscape. Burns and Highlander. Unique history. Hogmanay, music etc

  235. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Peffers says:

    why the French like, “Robert Bruce’s Soldiers March”é

    Is it possible France, as it became, would never have existed without Scottish intervention in the 100years war? That is a hypothesis you won’t find in English history!

    Yes, I agree that the French subtly different version of our tune is very stirring, perhaps better.

  236. twathater says:

    Clootie @ 11.23pm It is extremely concerning that the SNP SG are not calling in this Loch Lomond planning deal , there are at least 32,000 objections to this development a record AFAIK , this Scottish enterprise is just another QUANGO made up of academics and middle class unionist supporters , how can it be legal to sell this land valued at £2 million for £200,000 to this developer , something is rank rotten , aligned with the sale of the wind development to China and the EDF Hunterston ( Chernoble ) debacle and the sale of Prestwick airport Scotland is being SOLD from under our feet

    Who makes these decisions and why aren’t Scots being consulted or listened too , I want Scotland’s independence so that OUR citizens can benefit from OUR abundant resources not so that some foreign owned tax avoiding company can get even richer , I want OUR GOVERNMENT to work for the benefit of our people and to listen to the people when they object not to just carry on regardless , the lessons of the GRA must be listened and learned from

    I made representation of my objections to various msp’s and their response was that SE was a separate entity , how can it be a separate entity when it is SG tax payer funded

  237. Robert Kerr says:


    I had seen that ceremony on youtube but didn’t have the text since I use SkyQ for youtube.

    The two soldiers were killed in Burkina Faso.

    There is a link to an official French military websitesite

    Read it as best you can in French especially….

    “De Robert the Bruce à Jeanne d’Arc, son histoire peu connue retrace les grands moments de l’alliance franco-écossaise, la plus vieille et la plus riche de l’histoire occidentale.”

  238. CameronB Brodie says:

    Getting back to well-placed numpties who fail to recognise the full-English Brexit drives a coach and horses through the British constitution, and will almost inevitable lead to the premature end of vulnerable lives. Constitutions provide a legal framework that is meant to protect the public from political extremes. Not for those living in Scotland though, we are subjects of another nation’s legal doctrine. A nation that appears to have forgotten the significance of natural law. ;(

    Poverty and Constitutional Rights

    International human rights law assumes that democracy is the best context for human rights to be fully enjoyed and exercised.1 Accordingly, permissible restrictions to human rights should pass the test of being “necessary in a democratic society.”‘2 Accordingly, everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.3 Thus, governments are under the duty to “ensure” the free and full exercise of the protected human rights to every person subject to their jurisdiction.

    That [O]bligation implies the duty of States Parties to organize the governmental apparatus and, in. general, all the structures through which public power is exercised, so that they are capable of juridically ensuring the free and full enjoyment of human rights. As a consequence of this obligation, the States must prevent, investigate and punish any violation of the rights recognized by the Convention and, moreover, if possible attempt to restore the right violated and provide compensation as warranted for damages resulting from the violation.4

    When men, women and children are in a situation in which they cannot exercise nor enjoy their human rights because they are lacking resources, they have no access to human development, they are socially excluded, and they are deprived from citizenship. In such a case, the relationship between poverty and human rights appears as unavoidable. Poverty is, then, one of the main challenges to democracy and human rights.

    In the next few pages, I will introduce the more important expressions of the relationship between poverty and human rights. I will then stress the salient features of a rights perspective when dealing with poverty and some notes will follow on the way in which Latin American Constitutions handle human rights. The way in which the Inter-American System dealt with the periodical reporting under the Protocol of San Salvador will illustrate the rights approach.

  239. Cactus says:

    That’s the sun returned to here in Glasgow

    Things are hotting up outside

    Gettin’ warmer

  240. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Kezia Dugdale
    Best clue yourself up. 😉

    Emotions in constitutional design

    This paper offers a partial descriptive theory of the making and operation of the institutions of liberal constitutionalism. It puts the emphasis on the role of emotions, though it does not claim that emotions alone generate social and legal institutions. This essay intends only to show the one-sidedness of a rationalism that projects law as reason. In this approach law is presented as the result of conscious deliberation, perhaps horse trading of different plans and interests but, even so, as a purposive and rational venture. For rationalism, emotions are separate from reason; the passions’ interference in reasoning, even if irresistible, is only a troubling external nuisance….

  241. geeo says:

    Completely off topic, but does the interrogator in this advert has a passing resemblance to a certain popular blog owner or is it just me ?

  242. CameronB Brodie says:

    Oops, the correct link for the above.

  243. Cactus says:

    Hey, in case any Winger missed the article addy:

    [EDIT 25 June – the Sunday Politics interview can be found “here”, in which Dugdale bemoans the fact that politics has “become so polarised, the language that people use is so robust and personalised, that we’ve lost the ability to rationalise, to look at evidence, to change our minds when circumstances change”, yet Gordon Brewer inexplicably fails to ask her whether she might have used some robust, polarising and personalised language herself that had recently been found to be somewhat lacking in evidential basis, and perhaps to publicly reflect on it and withdraw/apologise for it in the light of the changed circumstances.]

    ps Good call Breeks, here’s to ye and one and all…


  244. Hamish100 says:

    Re Hunt and his continued attack on Scotland.

    It takes a very special form of malevolent behaviour to prevent the Scottish Government receiving basic so called British Foreign office support abroad.

    Proves that unless you agree with the Tories in England they are vindictive to the core.

    Equal Nations in Partnership?

    Liars and the enemy of all Scotland.

  245. Breeks says:

    Between Gove’s admissions about drugs, and Boris the Vegetable making wooden buses, I think we have all we need to lobby for mandatory random drug testing of politicians.

    I have to confess, I want to see one of these buses. Not because I’m curious to see what it looks like, but I want to ascertain if he’s lying through his teeth, and has never made a model bus from a wine crate in his puff.

  246. galamcennalath says:

    Breeks says:

    Boris the Vegetable making wooden buses … ascertain if he’s lying through his teeth

    At some point soon, software will become readily available which analyses voice, language, expression, gestures etc and gives an indication of how truthful the speaker is being.

    Just imagine what that will do for politics! It will never be the same again.

    That said, some people can hide their lying … some others, though …. it’s very easy to tell!

  247. Petra says:

    Does anyone know what Foreign Office support entails? Is it just a car and chauffeur or does it include security? If it includes the latter, don’t forget what happened to Diana when Queenie / Charles deprived her of security support and funds for travelling abroad.

    And while I’m on the subject of the Queen is she going to continue to sit back and watch Scotland and our FM being treated like dirt? If so, she should no longer be considered to be Queen of Scots.

  248. iainmore says:

    When are we going to get to call Quislings well Quislings because that is what they are????

  249. Doug says:

    #The wheels on [Boris’s] bus go round and round…# Then fall off. Wah wah!

  250. Stephen says:

    Anyone remember the video posted on
    WOS featuring Gordon Brown ?.The sondtrack was Frankie Teardrop by Suicide.If so anyone got the link?

  251. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi galamcennalath at 5:27 pm.

    You typed,
    “Have a look at the video on this report. Very emotional.

    I put a pile of links on a main page and in ‘off-topic’ around three weeks ago, re this ceremony. At the time, it was the latest version of “Soldats” uploaded to YouTube, having been uploaded on the 17th May.

    One of the links gave the background.

    “The Hubert commando is one of the seven commandos of the French Navy, considered as the most prestigious of them and as the most selective and complete unit of special forces of the whole French Army.
    Made up of combat swimmers, the Hubert commando specializes in underwater action and in maritime counter-terrorism actions.
    Two of them were killed in the night of 9 to 10 May while releasing hostages in Burkina Faso.”

  252. Bobp says:

    Iainmore7.21pm or we could call them ‘vidkuns’ after that Norwegian patriot. Cough cough. Vidkun Quisling.

  253. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Meant to type…
    orri and I had a fair old blether about “Soldats” on that page, towards the end of its active life. I think there were at least two newer pages active at the time. You can see what was typed, starting at this link, then scrolling down to the end:-

  254. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    And seeing as “Soldats” is a subject currently, I’m gonna paste what I posted in ‘off-topic’ and generated a wee discussion.
    “Brian Doonthetoon says:
    25 May, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    I’m gonna paste a comment I posted on my Facebook page last week. It was in a post I did about “Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce” (March of the soldiers of Robert Bruce).

    I’ll follow with a couple of links.


    “I know, as a DJ, I’ve been playing “Flower of Scotland” at the end of family functions (weddings, 21sts, 50ths, silver weddings, golden weddings and so on) since the 70s but I think “Scots Wha Hae” sung to the original tune, should be an independent Scotland’s national anthem.
    After all, it’s known all over Europe.
    Why disregard that recognition of our status as a NATION?”

    See how many hits you get when you search for “Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce” on Youtube.“Marche+des+soldats+de+Robert+Bruce”

  255. Cactus says:

    A failure of balance indeed and did ye aussi know a failure of their external Plantation Quay neon signage…?

    Aye passed by their overstayed presence on mah Clyde recently

    The BBC lights are OUT 🙂

  256. jfngw says:

    Gordon Brown, one of the Scottish MSM favourites, they seem to have some attachment to losers, they love him plus serial loser Ruth Davidson, and their old champion Kezia Dugdale. Brown hates ‘extreme nationalism (he seems oblivious to the UK there) but seems to love ‘extreme vassalage’.

    He would in the end take Boris Johnson as Scotland’s leader rather than see any chance of Scotland prospering. But we have to fail, to prove him correct, his ego demands failure or else we would see he was wrong about basically everything.

    Of course we could be in for a set up, Jeremy Hunt wins and they declare that the case for independence is destroyed, it’s a bit like being on the Lusitania rather than the Titanic, we’re going to sink but not quite as quickly. Be prepared for any outcome to preserve the ‘precious’ union.

  257. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Kezia Dugdale

    re. British constitutional law and the practice of British constitutionalism. English legal doctrine is impervious to international law, unless it benefits Westminster. As such, residents of Scotland can whistle if they expect to be treated with human dignity by Westminster. Also, the British constitution is ‘optional documentation’, apparently.

    Democratic Erosion and Militant Democracy

    In 1937, the German political scientist Karl Loewenstein published a two-part article that coined the term militant democracy.[1] Concerned with the inadequate democratic response to the rising threat of fascism, he called for a set of legislative and legal techniques that would allow democracy to defend itself against threats that emerge from within. “Constitutional scruples” he noted, “can no longer restrain from restrictions on democratic fundamentals, for the sake of ultimately preserving these very fundamentals.” Loewenstein went on to catalogue techniques used by inter-war democracies to shield themselves from the rising threats of communism and fascism.

    These included banning subversive parties and movements; using emergency statutes to cripple threats once they materialized; proscribing private para-military groups, including party militias; preventing the abuse of parliamentary institutions by political extremists; bans on incitement and hate speech, including demonstrations whose only purpose was provocation; and protecting the civil service and armed forces from infiltration. Many of these institutions informed constitutional design in postwar Europe. The region then abounded with carefully crafted emergency clauses, dignity clauses, unamendable provisions, and party bans.

    One of the arguments in our new book, entitled “How to Save a Constitutional Democracy,” published this week, is that our comparative constitutional imagination has not moved on enough since Loewenstein’s time. Today’s threat to liberal constitutional democracy, at least in its American and European heartland, are not a takeover by an explicitly fascist or overtly anti-democratic party, a military coup, or a communist-style revolution. Instead, the risk is that of slow erosion, with a number of small steps being taken, often through perfectly legal means, to undermine the quality of democracy. This has significant implications for how we should fill our constitutional toolkit….

  258. Petra says:

    Anyone else on here wondering if you’ve gone totally doolally?

    We’re living in a country that’s ready to implode, with millions living below the breadline, whilst Boris Johnston informs us that he makes buses (while trying to suppress hysterical laughter), Rooth the Mooth comes out of her cave to answer questions on the Chase programme, the taxpayers forked out £67 million for the Royal Family this year, including over £2.5 million for Harry to get his house done up, and Irn Bru Hunt, Nicola Sturgeon’s boss, is attempting to dupe everyone into thinking that he’s a decent guy. You know not like Boris at all who’s planning to privatise the NHS. And that of course is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to what’s actually going on in this bl**dy disfunctional country. Oh how I’m yearning to be free of it all.

  259. Cactus says:

    Mibbies the “BBC” have blown ah fuse, ah ha ha ha, ha ha he he


  260. msean says:

    Re the Foriegn Office support being withdrawn,do Scots not pay taxes and vote? The problem,of course,is that Scotland didn’t vote correctly in Tory eyes.

    Seems to me that they appear to be mixing up party and Government.

    Didn’t realise Mr Hunt was a Yesser,but everyone is welcome,eh? 🙂

  261. msean says:


  262. call me dave says:

    Jeremy Vine eh! What’s he like…FGS!

    Jeremy hunt eh!

    Jeremy Corbyn er?

    I see a pattern emerging here… Scotland. 🙁

  263. Johnj says:

    I do believe that Kaye is a supporter of independence, but I think this might be a case of the sisterhood taking pity on one of their own.

  264. Dr Jim says:

    Gordon Brown former failed prime minister now ordinary citizen is calling me and more than half of Scotland vile names again from the safety of a Scout hut surrounded by TV cameras in the same snidey way his Tory bosses do, if he shouted these insults in a public street the cops would remove him but the British media put him on the telly even though he directly insults more than half the population of Scotland

    The man’s a gutless coward just like his Tory bosses and the media is complicit in televising this filth

  265. Cactus says:

    Evenin’ call me dave, how do ye do bro?

    Aye, talkin’ about the Jeremy’s

    Prophecy Update:

    – Then they INSULT you
    – The we keep LAUGHING at them, again
    – Then WE win

    A Wings twitter retweet:

  266. Welsh Sion says:

    Stephen @ 7.27 pm.

    Would this be what you’re looking for? 🙂

  267. boris says:

    In sporting terms Ms Dugdale, whether intentionally or not, played the player, not just the ball. During her evidence she appeared eventually to accept that was so.

    Comment: A soccer player tackling an opponent “studs up” would be red carded immediately.

    The article did bear a defamatory meaning.

  268. call me dave says:

    Hi Cactus… The Raylan Givens for Scotland. 🙂

    Be Good my boy! Enjoy.

  269. Bobp says:

    Didn’t Jeremy Clarkson call him a one eyed Scottish idiot in Feb 2009. Mind you it’s about the only time I’ve agreed with that p***k Clarkson.

  270. Bobp says:

    Dr Jim 8.24pm. Sorry dr Jim meant to address my g brown post to your comment.

  271. Confused says:

    – this vid on your channel is copyright blocked

  272. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Kezia Dugdale
    Seriously, get yourself an education appropriate to your new post. Then you might appreciate that the practice of British constitutionalism, is an articulation of cultural patriarchy which views Scotland as a possessions of Westminster.

    Constitutional and social equality: legacies and limits of law, politics and culture


    In western countries, court decisions and legislative acts have generally mirrored the societal trends towards equal legal rights for women. However, in examining difference theory and the equal rights guaranteed to women through the legal system in the US, this article questions whether societies will soon accept absolute legal equality. In particular, it considers how biologically phrased explanations of the social status of women have affected legal rules and the implementation of those rules.

    Following a discussion on the history of legal inequality, the attainment of equality and extra legal rights is explored. The paper then considers the desirability and possibility of absolute or formal legal equality for women in the US. It is concluded that as long as there is continued recognition within the courts that the physical differences between men and women can provide a basis for different legal treatment, then formal equality cannot be obtained. Moreover, as long as strict legal equality does not exist, there will always be the opportunity to treat women differently solely because of their sex.

  273. Ken500 says:

    @ Proud Cybernat 4.15 pm

    Rev Stu/ Alex Salmond. With Boris and female companion in the background. Ace.

    Johnstone doesn’t know how many children he has fathered. The Tories can’t count or read a balance sheet. Some have difficulty getting a haircut. Magic Barnet. Long, short, long again. Claimed within a few days. Might be a disguise wig. The dope on a rope. Give them enough rope etc.

  274. call me dave says:


    Was blocked right enough but now playing again on my computer.
    80 views no comments seen.

    I reckon Jeremy and his ‘guests’ just put another 0.1% on YES.

  275. Stephen says:

    @welsh sion
    at 8.30pm
    That’s the one thanks

  276. Confused says:

    a good find on macalbas blog

    – an economic data visualisation website from mit

    obviously a product of their media lab, good work anyhow

    various countries

    -no separate scotland, alas

    possibly a useful resource for us

    some boring numbers shit for those of us who like it quantitative, rather than “muh feelings”

    apparently the world GDP is 80trillion USD and 45% of that is in OIL

    30% of the oil comes through the straits of hormuz

    iran, which has just shown it has missiles useful enough to shoot down US spy drones – has the coast lined with antiship missiles amd oil facilities in the gulf states and saudi are vulnerable to any competent ballistic missiles

    that’s a lot of real wealth to run the gauntlet of a narrow shooting gallery

    the situation is even worse when you add in the derivatives market – these are complex financial bets whose notional worth absolutely dwarfs any real world worth

    – the world derivative exposure is supposedly 1.2 quadrillion … look it up, thats a new number they had to use

    if shooting starts, oil could spike to 1000 USD a barrel and a lot of derivatives explode (i.e. toxic nuclear chickens come home to roost) – but this would blow up the world markets anyway, and life as you know it, ends unless you are offgrid, with wind and solar and your own vegetable patch and enough weapons to defend yourself

    the north sea … is not anywhere near this – even if full on catastrophe hits the rest of the world, we are free and easy, engulfed in unbelievable windfall

    I want to be carried aloft in a chair made of gold lifted high by city bankers
    – I shall employ warwick davis to whip these naked cretins with a diamond encrusted cat o nine tails

  277. Welsh Sion says:

    You all knew how cr*p Labour were in Government (both in Holyrood and Westminster).

    Now, we Welshies have the proof, from the horse’s mouth about our own Government.

    “Welsh” Labour’s Ratner moment, anyone?

  278. Lochside says:

    Ken500 says:
    25 June, 2019 at 10:04 am
    ‘Save Loch Lomond. Where is it going? Save the world, The greens could not even save themselves. They renege on all green policies. Loch Lomond needs development. Supported by millions of people. Scotland is half empty. Plenty of spaces and a right to roam. Scotland needs Development and tourists. It brings in £Billions (some for essential services). It is a balance.’

    Stick to ranting aboot Furryboots city Ken….Loch Lomond does not need development such as Flamingoland or Blackpool by the Loch courtesy of Scottish Enterprise and the National Park quangos.

    As previously noted shady dealings whereby OUR land is sold off for a pittance by Scot Ent. who then become partners in the bid with Flamingoland ( directors who have put £120,000 into the tory party’s funds BTW). This is undemocratic and possibly in breach of Scot. Ent own code of Practice.

    More importantly, it is being done covertly by people who refuse to engage with the local community. Interestingly, two tories, including Maurice Corry msp were there last night in the hall, to pretend to be onside with a packed hall of locals. Corry, tried equivocation with ‘we should have a constructive alternative’ (but did not elaborate)…aye right!

    Lomond Shores adjacent to the proposed monstrosity is it was stated last night’uneconomic’, but guess who has bought a large part of it? ..Mr Sports Direct himself, Mike Ashley, who owns Jenners as of last year. The whole shebang is owned by a fellow Helensburgh worthy like Corry, a developer called Waterfield of the Waterfield group who bought it for £5 million in 2017. This developer has had generous public money grants from Scottish Ent. to create a wedding centre; a spa and a restaurant. The deal was facilitated by an English Bank called Cambridge and Country, whose Director of Business Development in Scotland and THE NORTH, is one Carl Ashley. Qui Bono?

    The Plan, such as is known is nothing, but an act of commercial vandalism on Scotland’s maritime jewel, the Bonnie Banks. Huge disruption awaits Balloch and the surrounding area; destruction of native habitat including rare species of animals and fauna; segregation of large areas of the park and destruction of native woodland; and as was revealed last night, fewer than a hundred jobs, with no guarantees that they will not be zero hours, part-time, low wage, temporary, nor to be given to locals as priority.

    There are no plans to upgrade the existing infrastructure, the already inadequate A82, or provide services for inflated numbers of extra tourists.

    Finally: Scot. Ent is a Scot Gov Non-Departmental Gov body. Its Board is appointed by the Scottish Goverment. Last night the SNP were local leaders, no National leaders, MSPs or MPS.
    a complete dereliction of duty by the party. The panel was left to Ross Greer ( very good); Jackie Baillie (able and articulate on the night and not partisan, regrettably); a local activist ( very knowledgeable and articulate); Jim Bollan ( local Community party councillor); and two tories ( partisan and getting the boot in to the SNP).

    Unfortunately, the SNP deserve it. Craven and putting themselves in a lower position than tories FFS!. It was said last night by Ross Greer that the recent defeat of Andy Wightman’s Bill for Community powers which prevented communities objection to this type of travesty but allowed Developers, put the SNP and Tories in ‘their hands’ i.e the exploiters. At that point, I felt like grueing, ashamed at the public humiliation of the party I have supported my entire life.

    57,000 people have signed the petition so far. Wake up SNP and stop this scam now!

  279. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Confused at 8:57 pm.

    You typed,
    – this vid on your channel is copyright blocked

    I watched it ok. Maybe the minimal is the way forward…

  280. Welsh Sion says:

    Advance publicity.

    AUOB Cymru March for Independence
    27 July 2019


    Scottish and other pro-indy friends and supporters welcome.

  281. robbo says:

    Anyone seen this site?

    Interesting data.Needs a numbers analyst to have dig around this see what we can use.

    Found it on this blog

  282. Petra says:

    Totally agree with you on this, Lochside (9:41pm).

  283. CameronB Brodie says:

    Now they’re what I call proper graphs. Perhaps a certain pet-food retailer would be able to interpret a justification for Scotland’s democratic deficit and constitutional subordination to England. Perhaps he could perhaps present that justification for legal subordination, in the form of a graph. I like graphs. 😉

  284. CameronB Brodie says:

    @Kezia Dugdale
    It is alarming though wholly expected that you don’t recognise the linkage between constitutional legal practice and social equity. After all, you are a British nationalist who supports Scotland’s legal subordination. That means you support the abuse of constitutional power that will strip Scots of their EU legal status. That isn’t particularly democratic of you, is it?

    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: Philosophy of History


    Hegel’s philosophy of history emphasizes the development of freedom and the consciousness of freedom over the course of world history. For Hegel, this development is marked by conflict and struggle, rather than smooth uninterrupted progress, and is manifested for the most part in political developments construed broadly, including world-historical events such as the French Revolution, in the significant actions of world-historical “heroes” such as Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte, and in the achievements of peoples and nations.

    According to Hegel, the end or goal of history is the actualization of freedom in the life of the modern nation-state. He claimed that history was a rational process of development and that it could be understood and made intelligible for anyone willing to look at it rationally, which means looking at it holistically and as an endeavor of the World Spirit with a discernible purpose.

    Moreover, he attempted to show that history exhibited real progress toward the ultimate goal of freedom and that the modern period, the time in which he lived up until his death in 1831, brought this development to fruition and, in a way, a culmination. This theory of history has been both highly influential and controversial – it is essential to any overall study of the philosophy of history….

  285. Cactus says:

    A failure of balance

    SO here’s a new ukTory analogy:

    WARNING: People were harmed in the making of this video

  286. twathater says:

    Call me Dave @ 9.23 pm thanks for the heads up re Stu’s video I managed to watch it and sorry that I did , what a shower of ignorant twats , Vine acting all concerned , the ahem butler oh yes oil and a monster in a lake , Malone oh yes there are more people against Scottish independence now than there was at the indy referendum , Ma heids ready to explode


    Lochside I agree wholeheartedly as my post upthread would make clear , I contacted by email 35 SNP Msp’s and received 2 replies , 1 stated that I was outwith their constituency the other stated that it was down to SE and was outwith their remit , I never received ANY response at all from the 5 Green MSP’S that I emailed including Whiteman or Greer

    IMO the SNP SG in co-ordination with the Greens should call this application in and consider the damage this carbuncle will cause to this beautiful world renowned scenery

  287. Breeks says:

    Far from losing his marbles, I’m beginning to wonder if Boris has suffered a moment of uncharacteristic lucidity, and realised that winning the Tory Leadership election will mean he actually has to deliver the panacea of everyman’s Brexit, when he’s knows full well that Brexit is, and always has been, a steaming pile of manure.

    I’m quite sure his psychopathy will prevent him feeling any guilt about trashing the UK reputation and economy, but the Narcissist in him must be uncomfortable about the personal culpability.

  288. Breeks says:

    Lochside says:
    25 June, 2019 at 9:41 pm
    Ken500 says:
    25 June, 2019 at 10:04 am

    …..Unfortunately, the SNP deserve it. Craven and putting themselves in a lower position than tories FFS!. It was said last night by Ross Greer that the recent defeat of Andy Wightman’s Bill for Community powers which prevented communities objection to this type of travesty but allowed Developers, put the SNP and Tories in ‘their hands’ i.e the exploiters. At that point, I felt like grueing, ashamed at the public humiliation of the party I have supported my entire life.

    twathater says:
    26 June, 2019 at 1:56 am

    ……Lochside I agree wholeheartedly as my post upthread would make clear , I contacted by email 35 SNP Msp’s and received 2 replies , 1 stated that I was outwith their constituency the other stated that it was down to SE and was outwith their remit , I
    57,000 people have signed the petition so far. Wake up SNP and stop this scam now!

    My crystal ball tells me the SNP will do absolutely nothing except maybe declare the conduct of Scottish Enterprise “exemplary”, then an angry Geeo will come along and say you’re making it all up.

    Why do you think I am so impatient for Indy? The longer this drags on, the greater the chance of,… how can I put it,… a fall from Grace occurring for a certain party, which if it goes down will take the chances of Indy down with it.

    Use the fkn mandate SNP. Stop fannying about and get on with it.

  289. Dan says:

    All those Flamingos might eat protected newts and bats…

    Give it a bit of time and next to Flamingo Land we could soon have Bayou Park, where y’all can come and experience the Louisiana delights of cooking up gumbo after you spent the day catching some of the American Signal Crawfish that have invaded our waters.

  290. RM says:

    Far too much politics, go all out for independence then Scotland can have our own political agenda more relevant to this modern age, do it in a completely different way.

  291. B Davidson says:

    aaahhhhhhh the Betamax Broadcasting Company …. yesterdays technology, tomorrow

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