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Ain’t got nothing but love, babe

Posted on February 21, 2021 by

We’d been wondering why our traffic was so crazy high that we’d already smashed last month’s four-year record to bits with a full week of February still to go.

And then we found out.

It’s because simply everyone still reads us every day.

And while it’s always amusing to have someone who crawled through stinking fish guts on live television to cheat their own dead best friend’s charity out of £50,000 play the “decency” card on you, while SNP figures fawn around her cooing in sympathy:

…nothing beats the feeling that all your exes just can’t stop thinking about you.

It’s been quite a seven days for Scottish politics, readers. It felt like more. But for some reason we can’t seem to shake the feeling that the week to come could be even more explosive, so go and get yourselves an early night.

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160 to “Ain’t got nothing but love, babe”

  1. Alice Timmons says:

    I think you might have hurt her feelings…..

  2. Donny says:

    The Feelz is strong with that one!

  3. Brotyboy says:

    Just been through her thread. Total blockfest.

  4. Their living in alternative reality…or is it me?

    Tweeting wings has led to some amount of abuse, my favourite “Tory bot”

    Keep up the good work Stu x

  5. Dorothy Devine says:

    One should always maintain a dignified silence in case one is taken for a drooling halfwitted imbecile.

  6. Al Hunter says:

    Kwalitee man !

  7. kapelmeister says:

    Must be tiring to be clever, driven and public minded every minute.

  8. Bella says:

    I love the fact that Blair and his mates think that list is some kind of gotcha. Maybe for those in the SNP who like Pete “hollier than thou’ when I’m not joining in a pile on on a blind woman” Wishy, But for the rest of us it’s brilliant to see you trending again. At some point soon both sides attacking you are going to wake up to the dawning realisation that the Independence campaign is so much bigger than the SNP.

  9. Bob Mack says:

    You gave her” half”a wit.? Your getting soft Stu.

  10. robertknight says:

    Just been reminded, AGAIN, (if it were needed), of the bottom feeders who gravitate towards politics in this country as their “profession” of choice…

    Is Russia still doling out Passports to any and all who want one? I’ve a sudden urge to drink neat vodka and wear a fur hat…

  11. kapelmeister says:

    Sending love & solidarity from Mwaa Mwaa Mwaree Todd.

  12. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Better to be thought an imbecile and keep quiet, instead of tweeting and confirming it

  13. Meg says:

    wonder who explained what a ‘drooling halfwit imbecile’ was to her

  14. Marc Beola says:

    In the midst of all the turmoil facing the SNP; of which I’m not a member, nor ever have been; I’d have thought the ancient wisdom offered by Robbie Burns might offer some insight, too late tho’ it might be…

    To A Louse (seems apt)
    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An’ foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
    An’ ev’n devotion!

    Ah well!

  15. A2 says:

    Try and suggest reading any article on here about anything at all to even your staunchest indi supporting pals tho.

    Anything has to be extracted and um “de-branded” before anyone will even consider reading it like they’ll be infected like Lady MacBeath.

  16. kapelmeister says:

    Who’s Richard Leonard?

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    The wokeratti pushing a new indy blog.

  18. The Dissident says:

    Amplifying? That’s quite a big word.

  19. Fairliered says:

    If SLAB had seen that graph, they would have appointed Rowley permanently. But they didn’t because he’s not unionist enough.

  20. A2 says:

    ot But I see The ISP fundraiser is now sitting at 9% with only 5 days to go and only 263 supporters despite being promoted here. There’s probably been more comments below the line on this blog supporting them than actually put their hands in their pockets. Stu’s “joke” fundraiser has raised more.

  21. twathater says:

    Oh poor Kez she didnae mean that she would gie aw ra money to her pals fund , every time she was asked by the press the amount she would give she avoided answering, and let’s not forget she had property to buy and a POOR msp’s salary wouldn’t cover that

    Andrew said “clever driven and public minded every minute”, funny that she has kept that well hidden from everyone else

  22. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    All the holier-than-thou clowns seem to forget that we grew up alongside them and their kind, and know EXACTLY who they are and what they are like, because, in many ways, WE ARE THEM. Christ, it would be laughable were it not so tragic and disgusting.

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    David Paisley questioning Joanna Cherry, over legal action, and the Rev over his definition of it.

    Paisley post the letters online.

  24. Hatuey says:

    “if you’re still amplifying this guy”, as she amplifies this guy…

    Anyway, I think I’ve found a way for whistleblowers and other witnesses to give evidence to the Inquiry that should put concerns about jigsaw identification to rest;

    Now all we need is a whistleblower 😉

  25. kapelmeister says:

    RepofScot @9:42

    That new SNP blog, you can’t post comments on it…yet it’s called The Blether. Priceless!

  26. Bobby says:

    “If they’re not talking about you, you’re not doing something!”

  27. SOG says:

    So what has our Kez done in the last year-and-a-half? Has she sunk from sight without leaving any ripples?

    Someone might be interested.

  28. Confused says:

    to be fair to her, I have never seen her drooling

  29. Robert graham says:

    Well gee Wizz I really really really hope any brave or in their own words dysfunctional SNP reps MPs or MSPs are covering their tracks and their visits to the Wings over Scotland website , it would be unfortunate if a copy of the visitor logs mysteriously fell into the wrong Hands .

    This is of course providing its not set aside for use at a later date (i.e.) normal operating procedure for some in the SNP as we have seen previously.

    Aye Two can play that game folks can’t they

    You can almost hear the panic of personal history being hastily removed Ha Ha why oh why are they getting themselves in knots trying to enforce their stupid attempts to enforce compliance

  30. The Dissident says:


    That blog looks like it was a group project for the weans in the Parliament creche.

    There is no privacy notice on it, so looks like we have another one of these non-interactive member resources on our hands.

  31. Was Kezzy `elected` or was she `selected` for regional list,

    are you `elected` if nobody voted for you.

    Elected meaning,

    choose (someone) to hold public office or some other position by voting.

  32. Robert graham says:

    I don’t have twitter so I can’t enhance the posting showing the letter from Johanna Cherry to some actor or in other words I can’t read it , the Actor bod seems pretty confident in putting it up .
    Anyone able to post a readable copy ?

  33. Dan says:

    @ Robert graham

    You don’t need to have an account to view the pics in the tweet.
    Just click on the pics and they should enhance / zoom in enough to read the text.
    Depending on what device you are using you could also zoom in to make them more readable.

  34. holymacmoses says:

    Wewll she’s currently very busy – her aim?

    “Throughout my career I have taken on tough and challenging tasks, and my next task is to rebuild faith in our politics.

    “Disruptive events and the rise of populism has led to increasingly polarised and emotional politics where rational, evidence-based thinking has lost its standing.

    “Faith in public service, politics and the political process has to be restored and that progress must be sustainable.

    Wonder what the odds are at Ladbrokes?

  35. ElGordo says:

    @Confused says: 21 February, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    ” to be fair to her, I have never seen her drooling ”

    There you go:

  36. David Earl says:

    It makes me sick. All of the wee gang of buddies with their holier than thou attitude sitting atop their Ivory towers. They’re hypocrites. They’re liars. They’re thieves. They’re corrupt. They wine and dine on the public purse like gravy slurping pigs and turn their nose up at us, the plebs. All patting each other on the back and finger pointing at “vile”, nasty Wings. 80’s / 90’s “pop stars” sending their love. Hey Ricky Ross? Yer a DICK!

  37. Confused says:

    ah fuckit – ElGordo wins the thread tonite!

    may as well have an early bed

  38. Effijy says:

    Brought back memories of Dippy Dug.

    Who remembers her claim that pretend Scottish Labour
    were going to add to their 41 seats with a least another 2.
    People were telling her on the door step?
    You might recall their total number of seats was 1.

    Loved the one of Dippy on TV telling viewers to Google it
    if you disbelieved her statement.
    Google let her down as the fact was she was lying.

    How about when she said she apply an airport tax that SNP were discussing
    and she said by not applying something that hadn’t been applied it would
    generate extra money for a Labour government.

    That wax a real belted of a howler.
    It match her Labour colleague Gray’s question about where an oil fund would come from.

    I recall too that she said she would never take a list seat if she didn’t win the constituency?
    You guessed what she did next.

    No harm to the lassie but Milk Monitor was probably the peak of her career.

    I can’t believe any students at University turn up to hear her thoughts on politics?
    Do they?

    The Tweets show SNP officials embracing their Unionist Masters in support to
    suppress the colony of Scotland.

  39. Cuilean says:

    Why is your site is so busy?

    Oh, I don’t know, Stu.

    Possibly because you write the truth?

    And you have courage. You don’t hide behind anything.

    And you give us hope.

    Hope that the status quo cannot prevail.

    Courage calls to courage.

    That’s what eats up aw thae bleatin’ basterts

  40. David Earl says:

    Remember the old saying: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? It seems to have been reversed. Someone says some words and the entire Scottish political establishment and their MSM parasites demand said person be burned at the stake. Meanwhile a female MP gets prolonged and viscious attacks and threats of rape, not a squeak! Someone online suggests “jump a train to Bath and knock his cunt in”, not a squeak!

  41. Caledonia says:

    Im always on the side of Johanna Cherry especially in the battle with the snp at the moment.
    But firing out legal letters for what was said is killing free speech.
    And £2000 for a letter is way over the top sure it was an Actor but what if it was joe public.

  42. Bob Mack says:

    Ms Sturgeon.

    May I suggest promoting Ms Blackman to Holyrood. She is insightful,sensitive ,compassionate and demonstrates impeccable leadership qualities not seen for many years by my humble self. She would be a great addition to help you.

    Snigger. That’s Blackman well and truly fecked. Breaks the first Commandment. Bed calls. Brilliant El Gordo. Hat tip.

  43. Duncan Clark says:

    Surely, commenting on anything via the pages of The S*n renders your point little more than noise.

  44. frogesque says:

    Kesia Dugdale and her partner Jenny Gilruth are just two of the reasons I let my SNP membership lapse.

    And before anyone goes Woke on me it’s got nothing to do with their sexuality or even lack of it. It’s about conflict of interest.

  45. Bob Mack says:


    Free speech is not one way traffic. Paisleys tweet was designed to damage Joanna not question her.

    There is a difference

  46. Robert graham says:

    Thanks dan
    iPad tried all the tricks won’t zoom so can’t read it , if you have read it , is he telling the truth has Legal proceedings been started or have they been threatened ? .

  47. PhilM says:

    Decency…interesting choice.
    I would put fairness, honesty, justice, and not corrupt before decency.
    The unfair, the dishonest, the unjust and the completely corrupt can all affect decency, so what is decency really worth?
    I would much prefer corrupt people tell me to go and f#ck myself rather than indulge in years of gaslighting.
    Also, I think Andrew Wilson should widen his social circle a bit…in all countries those that rise to the top are not paragons of virtue, yet everyone he knows seem to be a public-sector St. Francis of Assisi. Maybe that’s why he thinks we don’t need independence…we live in the best of all possible worlds right now!

  48. Robert graham says:

    Further to Dans comment I managed to read it on my phone , and after reading it yeah although it stopped short of a official notice of impending legal action , it’s a cease and desist notice with a monetary fine attached , not just a removal notice and apology it’s a penalty , so in this case the Actor is in my opinion correct .

  49. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I think that Mr Paisley was trying to invoke the Inverse Streisand Effect, resulting in a negative outcome.

    JC – when you need a crowdfunder for ANYTHING, I think we Wingers have your back.

  50. Graham says:

    Look at that chart & accept that Johann “Stairheid Rammy” Lamont, renowned for reciting incoherent, unintelligible monologues of gibberish, who often used words that she didn’t know the meaning of, still performed better than the six deadbeats who followed.

    There are several pure threads of mathematics that study properties and structure of abstract objects, in group theory for example but it is the profound magnitude of the non-viable abyss behind Dugdale’s eyeballs that continues to confound even the most imaginative proponents of theoretical mathematics.

    That she is able to hypocritically whine at all on Twitter, is commonly referred to by academics as “The Dugdale Paradox”.

  51. Lenny Hartley says:

    Robert Graham that was not the issue, the Herald article stated that Cherry had sued him for defamation, so the headline was completely misleading at best and outright lies atvworst.

  52. Robert graham says:

    Back to the offending Tweet , I have read the letter that the Actor received and in the interests of clarity if anyone has the Tweet that caused the threatening letter to be sent , if it’s the link to a hate site right at the bottom that might have implied Johanna Cherry approved of and wrongly included her as being a supporter of that particular site,
    If that’s the case in my opinion it’s a bit over the top , sledgehammer and nut comes to mind.
    I realise Johnna is under tremendous personal pressure but I think it’s a overreaction and maybe it was a knee jerk reaction to recent events .

  53. ScotsRenewables says:

    Why are the ISP not managing to raise any money?

  54. Robert graham says:

    Eh Lennie
    Ok how do you define a demand for £2000.00 legal costs ( eh one letter ) and a demand for a contribution to a charity of the pursuers choice .
    A gift ? .
    Ok it’s strictly not a Official Legal Proceedings but it looks like it’s giving to be the same likely outcome.
    I really don’t know why I am wasting time with this yes I do support Johanna Cherry and she is under pressure but in this instance I believe she shouldn’t give herself any more grief , just my own opinion others might disagree but that’s life we can’t all agree on everything .

  55. Jontoscots20 says:

    So Dugbiscuit has a high profile think tank job at the John Smith centre based in Glasgow University. John Smith was a respected and even revered politician. I know someone high profile, qualified and female who applied for the job and when she heard Mad Dug was in for it thought. Where is her expertise? But no. It’s entirely in keeping with the whole tenor of unthinking identitarianism which passes for thinking these days to appoint someone like her to such a role.

  56. Hugh Jarse says:

    Deep throating for Lord Fou, was it fully witted ?

    I recall vast quantities of drool.

  57. StuartM says:

    That Conservative opinion piece had a link to this Connor Matchett piece in The Scotsman

    Nicola Sturgeon backed by majority of SNP support over Joanna Cherry sacking, says poll

    “Joanna Cherry’s stance opposing reform to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) is at odds with the majority of Scots who vote for the SNP and almost half of women, a new poll has found.”

    “Women are also more likely to back the plans than men despite concerns over the impact the proposals could have on single-sex spaces.A total of 44 per cent of women support the reform versus 16 per cent who don’t. A further 27 per cent said they had no opinion and 12 per cent said they didn’t know.”

    Sounds a bit dodgy to me, I thought women were up in arms over the idea of men invading women’s toilets and changing rooms.

  58. boris says:

    08 Nov: First complainer, Ms B made allegations (by telephone) against Mr Salmond to Barbara Allison, the Government’s Director of Communications who informed Ms Evans, the next morning.

    Ms Evans was required by the procedures in force at that time to inform the First Minister. Assuming she did Nicola Sturgeon would be aware of two allegations against Alex Salmond on 8 November 2017 some 4 months before she claims.

  59. crazycat says:

    @ Stuart M at 1.38

    That poll was dealt with here:

  60. StuartM says:

    @ Boris

    “Assuming she did Nicola Sturgeon would be aware of two allegations against Alex Salmond on 8 November 2017 some 4 months before she claims.”

    That’s assuming that Sturgeon hadn’t orchestrated the false allegations in the first place.

    Isn’t it amazing that 3 women each independently decided to come forward with allegations against AS almost immediately after Mark McDonald was forced to resign as a Minister and it was rumoured that he might resign his seat causing a by-election? Oh and AS was giving a public speech in Dundee criticising the SNP’s lack of progress on independence? (as a BTL commenter wrote on Wings) But of course, they were all motivated by #MeToo. Silly me.

  61. StuartM says:

    @ crazy cat

    Yes I remember Stu’s post on that poll. From reading the Hatchett job Matchett’s article he states that the poll was commissioned by The Scotsman and the numbers are slightly different.

    I find it odd that two supposedly anti-SNP papers should seek to downplay the public opposition to GRA. You’d think they’d want to fan the flames rather than dowse them.

  62. StuartM says:

    More on the compensation paid to the Rangers Administrators, this time by Police Scotland:

    Sunday Post
    Revealed: “Chief telling MSPs police only had to pay me £75,000 damages does not reflect reality”

    “David Whitehouse, we can reveal, received £310,000 from the national force in compensation and legal costs and has queried Chief Constable Iain Livingstone’s suggestion to MSPs that only £75,000 was for damages.

    That is the amount the chief constable can sign off without asking the Scottish Police Authority for authority but Whitehouse, who was investigated and prosecuted for no reason as part of an inquiry into the take­over and collapse of Rangers, said Livingstone’s statements to a Holyrood committee did “not reflect the reality of what happened”.

    Whitehouse received £310,000 in costs and damages while a colleague, also maliciously prosecuted, is thought to have been paid a ­ similar amount by the force.”

    So now the head of Police Scotland has been caught lying to Parliament. FFS does the corruption never end?

    As per usual the opposition MSPs focus solely on the sums paid out (as they did on the damages paid by COPFS) and miss the point entirely. Which is that the most concerning issue is the misuse of their powers by COPFS and the Police against innocent citizens. We are only hearing about this farrago of justice because Whitehouse and his co-accused could afford to spend millions fighting COPFS in court. Had they not had the means to do so they might be enjoying HM’s hospitality in Barlinnie right now. The question we need to ask is: how many ordinary citizens have been maliciously prosecuted and/or roughed up by the police in Scotland?

    There needs to be a Royal Commission into the administration of justice in Scotland covering the Police, COPFS and the Judiciary. A RC because an ordinary Inquiry can be halted by the Government at any time whereas a RC cannot. Given the potential conflicts of interest it needs to be headed by a non-Scottish and preferably non-UK judge. Perhaps there’s a former Irish judge getting bored with retirement.

  63. Frazerio says:

    It cannot be said often enough, that it is beyond the bounds of credulity that Sturgeon didn’t know about the Salmond allegations in Nov 2017. She knows the lie she didnt know til April is exposed beyond redemption, her days are numbered.

    The ewason Sturgeon hijacked the NEC decision on defining transphobia is for the sole purpose of ‘getting Cherry’. Just like she tried to ‘get Salmond’. And that went well didnt it. Trying to get an innocent man jailed. Sturgeon has lost it and is desperate. She is now a real danger.

    I used to feel the Rev went a wee bit ott with his forthright use of language. It makes it easier for his critics to snipe back. But, you know what, the snipers are going to snipe no matter what and Kezia really really deserves it. It would be beneath even Sturgeon or that Scarecrow clown thing in Downing Street to swan off to Im a Celeb. It was unbelievable at the time. Being reminded of it again now I’m asking myself ‘did that really happen, was she really that thick’?

    Regarding the attempts to ban Wings, ban Wings users, ban Wings followers, retweeters and whatever, this is a gift to our cause. This is the church trying to ban Life of Brian. Its Apartheid South Africa banning dissent. To ban criticism is both the admission of defeat that you are on the right side of the argument and quite frankly the adoption of fascism. If you’re position can’t stand up to scrutiny, your position isn’t worth a toss. If you have to burn books or call in the stormtroopers, your done.

    The SNP are taking Scotland into very treacherous waters. For their members and elected officials it is decision time.

  64. Frazerio says:

    Reason and your. Off to bed with me.

  65. Lothianlad says:

    Brilliant stuart .. keep exposing these sp called indy supporters who stand in solidarity with an utter half wit with no morals!

  66. Robert Wadleigh says:

    They are addicted to you Reverend, just like a cat that cant get enough of its scratching post. Seriously, these folk hatin on you are getting their adrenal outrage fix from tuning into Wings.

  67. David Holden says:

    I see Angus MacNeil getting pelters for pointing out your numbers are soaring and linking to this blog. That will him on the ducking stool later. Some of the replies to his tweets are hilarious. People telling him no one ever reads this blog and they know that because they never read it. They must get their information then from Slippery Pete’s updates on all the vile things Stu says.

  68. David says:

    “The group’s 1983 debut single “Relax” was banned by the BBC in 1984 while at number six in the charts and subsequently topped the UK Singles Chart for five consecutive weeks, going on to enjoy prolonged chart success throughout that year and ultimately becoming the seventh-best-selling UK single of all time.”

    History lesson , banning something can have the opposite impact that you desire.

    Frankie goes to Holyrood , tribute , just do not talk about their follow up Two Tribes goes to War .

    Well done on the Stats Rev.

  69. TNS2019 says:

    StuartM says:
    22 February, 2021 at 3:11 am

    More on the compensation paid to the Rangers Administrators, this time by Police Scotland.

    Scottish establishment pursues malicious prosecution of people known to be innocent.

    Where have we heard that before? It is becoming a theme. Almost an anthem.

  70. Breeks says:

    Frazerio says:
    22 February, 2021 at 3:13 am
    It cannot be said often enough, that it is beyond the bounds of credulity that Sturgeon didn’t know about the Salmond allegations in Nov 2017. She knows the lie she didnt know til April is exposed beyond redemption, her days are numbered…

    Can you imagine being in a workplace spanning several years with your ‘pals’ and several of those ‘pals’ had been sexually assaulted by the same individual, but yet you didn’t know about it? Amongst women, at minimum, even supposing they were ashamed and embarrassed to have suffered an assault, there would still be the feminine camaraderie and benevolent warnings to ‘watch yourself’ when in the company of anyone with ‘wandering hands’. At the risk of sounding like a misogynist, it’s typically what ‘women’ do. It’s an empathy.

    I seem to recall a narrative about female staffers working in Westminster who discreetly amongst themselves flagged up the more lecherous MP’s with whom you wouldn’t want to be alone with, or who were known to get a bit too ‘lovey’ and ‘grabby’ with a drink in them. It was collective knowledge.

    It was in the context of that narrative that Alex Salmond throughout his years in Westminster was highly regarded as one of the non-lecherous male MP’s who could be trusted to act properly around women and behave himself in private and in company.

    To claim to know ‘nothing’ about a ‘serial’ pest, (never mind a sexual predator and would-be rapist in need of criminal prosecution), simply does not seem credible. Ok, not impossible I should concede, but certainly pushing the bounds of credibility.

    I know that, by itself, falls a long way short of being proof of Sturgeon’s dishonesty, or even evidence of it, but nevertheless, it’s deeply troubling inconsistency from that which you’d expect, and it’s that ‘human’ inconsistency which warrants suspicion and rings the alarm bells for dishonesty.

  71. Alf Baird says:

    Holyrood bubble groupthink.

    In their narrow ideologically biased ‘world’ the dominant political group don’t like being challenged, resulting in un-challenged poor-quality decision making.

    Keep questioning them Stuart.

    “Make me always a man who questions” (Frantz Fanon).

  72. StanStan says:

    The Oxford English Dictionary definition

    legal action n. the action or fact of using the legal system to settle a dispute, disagreement, etc.; a legal process; a lawsuit.

  73. TNS2019 says:

    Please delete my comment above

  74. TNS2019 says:

    StuartM says:
    22 February, 2021 at 3:11 am

    More on the compensation paid to the Rangers Administrators, this time by Police Scotland.

    Scottish establishment pursues malicious prosecution of people known to be innocent.

    Where have we heard that before? It is becoming a theme. Almost an anthem.

  75. Vestas says:

    Wondering how long the link to The National is going to be on WoS front page….

    Lots of weasel words from the sycophantic Paton but RevStu is clearly being compared to Stephen Laxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson). Bloody sure I wouldn’t be happy with that were I him.

    Frankly I don’t understand who would buy a rag which pays scum like Hassan & Small but I’m intolerant of lying self-serving scum like them. YMMV….

  76. Dead Kennedys and Video Nasties: a new one ruminating on ludicrous censorship attempts in decades gone by, and in Scottish politics right here, right now. Gave you a mention and a punt in this one, Stu.

  77. kapelmeister says:

    Vestas @8:44

    What tripe, that Paton piece in The Notional. Authoritarianism in the form of Sturgeon and her confederacy of dunces is staring us all in the face. However, that increasingly ridiculous journal tries to brand those standing up to Sturgeon as political extremists.

  78. X_Sticks says:

    I see the National has picked up on the ring-fenced indyref money cover-up.

    This cannot be allowed to fly. There’s at best, misappropriation of our funds and at worst actual fraud taken place here and they are (again) going to try and cover it up.

    We should not let this go.

  79. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘The head of Scotland’s civil service is expected to be heavily criticised in the Salmond inquiry report. Informed sources are predicting she will have to go, along with Peter Murrell and Liz Lloyd.’ – SUNDAY TIMES

    Not to worry – she’ll get a gig in 2 or 3 quangos; a directorship or two. ‘Education Scotland’ – that’s where Scotgov send many of their spoofs nowadays. Or, maybe to a ‘partnering law firm.’

    I learned earlier that Iain Livingstone’s ‘Salmond Team’ of 20 or so Police Officers is still up and running. She would make a fabulous Commanding Officer. Stop them wasting so much of their fecking time.

  80. Daisy Walker says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    21 February, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    Why are the ISP not managing to raise any money?’

    Because having come out talking a good game about the need for May’s election to be about Plebiscite Indy –

    they have not put it in their manifesto (and I appreciate its too soon for Manifesto’s to be published, but you know, at present they are a one issue party, with that plus ‘only standing on the list vote’ being their strongest, most electable features.) They have no issue with broadcasting ‘we’re only standing on the list vote’… but have rowed back on Plebiscite Indy Election significantly when folk have asked to see the details.

    They have put a wee side headline, indicating that it would be a nice thing to have/do… ‘lets’ was the word that sprung out… oh yes, lets.

    On being challenged about it, they refer to a Petition they are doing about it. Which is a lovely tactic used to make it look like they’re doing something, while at the same time achieving the square root of he haw.

    And most worryingly – noises from the party – have come out, saying things like, ‘but we’re only standing on the list, so it could never win, we need to build up the party first’….

    So, basically the same schtick as the SNP but without the 80 odd years experience. Meet the new carrots, same as the old carrots but on a new stick.


  81. Mac says:

    The pile-on is something I have witnessed across different sites. It is clearly organized and designed to bully people into silence and compliance with the woke dogma.

    Combined with ad hominem attacks it is the favoured (sole even) tactic of the wokerati moron-horde.

    Most of these folk seem to be quite young and I suspect we are seeing the early fruits of the social media generation ‘grown up’ (physically if not mentally).

    This pack mentality of gang bullying were it old school would rightly be reviled. The cybernat moniker was made up pish but these folks aren’t.

    Somehow these dolts are so lacking in self awareness they don’t see what they are, horrible nasty bullies.

    Nauseatingly they swing from bully to greeting faced victim at the drop of a mask.

    The crybully Gestalt switch, nasty snarling faced bully, to crybaby greeting faced perma-victim. Nasty pile on bully one minute, poor me, poor me I am such a victim the next.

    We are obviously dealing with people with mental health issues here.

    As someone once said you can’t reason someone out of a position that they did not reason themselves into in the first place.

    You’d be better off discussing things with your pet dog. They are completely lost, extremists, fundamentalists. Lost to reason.

  82. Kapelmeister, stop slagging that fine new piece of propaga…eh…SNP site! I liked the fact the boring feminist bird came upon the realisation that some brave woman in the past had had to fight for her to dress in a loose teeshirt and baggy sweatpants, and she would be eternally grateful, though there is always so much more work to be done. Always.

  83. Ottomanboi says:
    In my limited experience left and right piss in the same pot. Antisemitism? Hitler or Stalin?
    Concentration camps? Hitler or Stalin? Ugly architecture? Hitler or Stalin?
    LGBTQ+ might bare in mind the homosexual contribution, the Brown Shirts, Hitler Youth to the founding of the Nazi party. The homoerotic iconography in Nazi art speaks volumes.

  84. Graham says:

    It would appear that someone at The Sun has for once, put their journalistic boots back on and done some proper digging into the conflicting accounts that Sturgeon has given and clearly shows that testimony provided to the court is not supported by official government records.

    Although a cynic might claim he just lifted much of the evidence from Gordon Dangerfield’s blog.

    Twitter thread here …

    And a link to the newspaper article here …

    Still, nothing wrong with republishing facts to a broader audience.

  85. Patsy Millar says:

    Declaring that I love you for posting the youtube link to Benny Hill. For anyone else wanting to preserve their sanity on Twitter may I recommend Rex the TV terrier and Paul Bronks

  86. 100%Yes says:

    When does facts become conspiracy theorists?

  87. Ottomanboi says:
    More soi disant conspiracy theory about the facts of “Covid-19” ie the actual science, maybe.

  88. Just read Stephanie Paton’s dogshit about ‘conspiracy theories’ in the ongoing tragedy that is The National. Sounds to me like these woke gimps are trying to go for an angle of smearing this site as a Qanon-type site peddling dangerous conspiracies, trying to link it to the violent right in America (for no fucking sane or sensible reason, cos this site has fuck all to do with American politics), and then will try to get it shut down as such. Would not surprise me. The anger and attacks against this site are ramping up from the authoritarian scum. Incredible. Fucking horrible, pathetic, hateful wee cunts. Always the leftist scum trying to censor folk. And no, I am NOT right wing.

  89. @Mac,

    Dad of `millennial generation”` asks his bairn,

    “What`s the magic word/s to get what you want”

    the bairn says,

    “Tell Nicla i`m offended”

    Dad of “millennial generation” says,

    “Well done bairn you will go far”.

    tru story.

  90. Lynn says:

    As said before I am a soft “no” voter but honestly I think it stretches over most of politics ! I am totally sickened that my family have to contribute to expensive salaries for self serving individuals. I have absolutely no trust or respect for most of them . I used to have to come into contact with old school Glasgow councillors. No matter what party they stood for I genuinely thought they did their bit for the people they represented. Around twenty years ago I noticed a big shift . Started with labour and the entire lot became fat on power and money in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire .
    I contacted my own MP . No reply after several weeks but I can follow her activities on social media and know how she spends her time .

    The disconnect between voter and elected member is astounding and especially in the middle of a pandemic
    I completely resent their pay at my expense now .
    However despite singing from a different hymn sheet to the rest of you . I totally admire your passion for a better way . To retain that is something special . Don’t know how you have managed it .
    On a side note I am sad to see how systematically Joanne Cherry has been picked out and attempts to intimidate coming from many angles . If I spoke out like a certain actor to a fellow human being in that manner I would expect some form of accountability . From where I am standing I think it’s either a diversion or threatened behaviour within the party , However it looks organised !
    As a woman I am patiently waiting on NS to speak out against members of the SNP party sending her threats of Rape . It’s is grossly hypocritical to talk of “hate” and then endorse the behaviour in a veil of silence . I am deeply sorry she has encountered such behaviour and I think she will feel dismantled and disappointed at a level most won’t be able to associate with .
    She is not removing rights but ensuring safeguards for our children . Six million currently trafficked in the world is more than enough already . Let’s put the children’s safeguards first and foremost . I don’t understand why that is not a priority nor even part of the equation . Sadly it exits in large cities in Scotland . That breaks my heart that adults needs are taking into account over children’s . Not ever child has an attentive parent unfortunately.
    Anyway that’s my thoughts and views .

  91. mike cassidy says:

    Kezia Dugdale saying she will be on TimesRadio very shortly to talk about online abuse etc

    I wonder if Wings will get a mention

    I can’t bring myself to tune in

  92. Robert Hughes says:

    O/T though indicative of cluelessness of SNPG decision-making .

    Been living in Barcelona for the last 10 years and have decided to return to Scotland as my partner and I have seen our incomes severely impacted by Covid-related restrictions , my partner had just booked her flight and arranged the mandatory test – without which you can’t board a plane – when the new regulations came in , now we have to find upwards of 2k each , money we simply don’t have , in order to return to our homeland .

    The fund the clowns in SNPG have set-up is totally useless for us as only people already in receipt of State benefits qualify !! FFS who on State benefits is likely to be in our position ? Utterly ridiculous .

    All this cost arrogantly imposed without the least consideration of the impact on people like ourselves , every penny of the little savings we have will be spent on getting my partner home , I still have no real idea what I’m going to do , as I will struggle to afford to live here and don’t have the money to return to Scotland , I suppose I’ll have to call on the assistance of friends here until I can find a way to get home .

    All this even with a negative test result !! It truly defies belief and is yet another indication of the total disconnect between the SNPG and the reality of people’s lives .

    Many I should identify as a Trans-Refugee and they’ll send a helicopter to rescue me .

    Beyond disgust at the hopelessness and cynicism of NS and the idiocy surrounding Covid generally

    Comment – please read this page for comment rules. HTML tags like and are permitted. Use paragraph breaks in long comments.

  93. Robert Hughes says:

    oops ! excuse the inclusion of the WoS info at the bottom of my post . copy n paste fail !

  94. Sylvia says:

    Ottomanboi @9:09

    I wish more people would acknowledge the Herald/National and Evening Times are all AMERICAN owned. The parent company was Gannett (McLean, Virginia, USA) until late 2019, then Gannett merged with New Media Investment Group. I know they publish in other countries but unsure of how many.

  95. Stuart MacKay says:

    Iain Lawson’s blog has an excellent post from Jim Sillars,

    It’s well worth a read to see the situation the SNP finds itself in. There’s not much by way of remedies but it does not take a lot of imagination to see how things could be fixed. Sillars also, much to his credit, also asks the question of whether it should be fixed.

    Excellent stuff which makes clear that there are still clear thinkers among all the hysteria and histrionics.

  96. Boaby says:

    StuartM 1.38am.” a new poll has found”. I wonder down the back of which settee they found it.

  97. Andy Ellis says:

    @Daisy Walker 9.05am

    I’ve no axe to grind WRT the ISP, as I’m not a member and not likely to be. A few years of being in the SNP has probably cured me of any desire to be a signed up member of any party. However, I’m not sure what you really expect from the ISP given the time scale available before May 2021?

    Starting a new party “from the ground up” is no easy feat, particularly when it lacks any big hitters or multi-million pound donors surely? The ISP had a fairly rocky start in my view: it looked a bit “amateur hour” when it launched, took a hit with the involvement of the nut job Trump supporter amongst its founding group, and has failed to reach escape velocity or register in opinion polls since.

    The only way that is likely to change is if some political big hitters split from the SNP and join the ISP. I’m not sure that’s particularly likely, but I’d wager if it did happen a significant chunk of current SNP support would follow them. Noises off from Salmond, Cherry, MacAskill et al don’t suggest it’s a likely scenario but who knows. A week is a long time in politics, but it’s not impossible.

    The problems for the ISP and the broader Yes movement, is that a list only party trying to hold the SNPs feet to the fire on being more radical on independence and ditching the woo-woo TRA zealotry was only going to work if they could deny the SNP a majority at Holyrood and hold the balance of power. An outright SNP majority means that even if the ISP gains a handful of yoon seats, it won’t be able to pressurize the SNP. If the SNP fails to win an outright majority, it will depend what the electoral maths is for other minor parties. If the Greens pick up more seats, they will doubtless be the SNPs enablers given their “commonality of stupidity” on unreasoned gender woo politics.

    Whether the ISP end up being a permanent force or a transitory political phenomenon remains to be seen. It’s increasingly evident that the broader Yes movement has failed pretty abjectly to control the SNP, or to bring about a situation where we can expect either plebiscitary elections or an early independence referendum. The only practicable way either of those could happen is praying for some political and constitutional earthquake to happen to make it so: I wouldn’t bank the farm on that happening if I were you!

    That being the case, those of us who are disillusioned with the SNP have five years to prepare for Holyrood 2026 elections, and standing up an alternative. that may not be the ISP, but it’s probably going to take more “events” for the scales to fall from the eyes of many who still support the SNP before they realise they’ve been had.

  98. Bob Mack says:


    We may differ politically but we share one thing at least.

    Common sense.

    We spend all outcome talking about everybody being united ,then allow sub groups within groups to further divide us.

    I want Independence.but I want it to form a better country for everyone. I want Unionist and Independence minded folk to be able to work together based on shared values.

    I don’t want it where the likes of Trans groups will further define themselves into separate entities because some wear trousers whilst others wear frocks. That seems to me ridiculous thunderbolt so much effort jnto when we have people queuing at George Sq for something to eat from a charity on a freezing night.

    Independence is only a word. How can you claim to be independent when you are forced by law to be silent or to accept your womenfolk no longer have the rights of safety they took thousands of years to achieve, because some but dressed in a skirt doesn’t like it.

    It’s madness. It’s not freedom.

  99. Bob Mack says:

    Predictatext going mental.

  100. Boaby says:

    Robert Hughes 9.34am. And you want to come back to this brexit shithole ????.

  101. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stuart MacKay 9.51

    Sillars’ piece is definitely on point. Also worth a look at @ProfJMitchell piece on Sceptical Scot, “SNP tensions: causes and effects” where his conclusion is:

    “What we are witnessing is the kind of internal bloodletting normally associated with the aftermath of a major defeat. Much is a function of frustration and an inability to manage internal debate. The SNP needs a period in opposition to sort itself out. It has no credible roadmap to anywhere other than victory at the next Holyrood elections. It hopes that a big win will restore Nicola Sturgeon’s authority. If that happens, it is likely to be short lived.”

  102. Pete says:

    Robert Hughes
    Can’t you just fly in to an English airport and travel up to Scotland by train or bus?

  103. Pete says:

    Why do you reckon Brexit s so bad?
    Robert is obviously not doing so well in EU Spain!!

  104. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis,

    Right on all counts. The SNP horse is never going to drink from the pool of independence until the Woke Caliphate is established. No amount of feet to the fire holding is going to change that.

    They simply don’t have capability to change direction now – the talent and energy to make that change simply isn’t there. Even if Salmond was restored you will need at least another round of elections to clean out all the false flaggers in the parliament. Right now it would be so much simpler to start with a clean sheet. It would take a similar amount to time but quite a bit less effort.

  105. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis,

    “What we are witnessing is the kind of internal bloodletting normally associated with the aftermath of a major defeat”

    On the contrary the bloodletting is being done in advance of a much anticipated victory. Take a look at the wider picture, especially in the aftermath of Trump’s defeat. The progressives are on the march and free speech, in the name of unity and inclusion, is on the way out. What we see in the SNP is simply our little version of that.

  106. Lost says:

    Why is the Wing’s site getting so many hits? Its simple. Wing’s is no longer on Twitter, neither am I. Left because of abuse I and others we’re getting. Good people getting harangued because of a difference of opinion.

    The time I used to spend on Twitter is now elsewhere, getting information i need. I’m checking this site for updates several times a day. Wings is getting the hits. Well done Twitter, well done.

    Wings has shown time after time since 2014 he’s giving us the info we need and fact-checked. Yes he can be a bit of a dick at times (you know you can, you’re human), but I’d rather have uncomfortable truths than comfortable lies.

  107. Mac says:

    The wokerati have such a psycho reaction to anyone who has an opinion they dislike. They literally try to destroy the persons life, make them lose their jobs or business, have them ostracized by their friends and family, smearing them relentlessly with false accusations (sound familiar) and ideally drive them to despair if they can.

    Normal people do not react like this to opinions they disagree with.

    And the psycho behaviour goes all the way to the top in the current incarnation of the SNP which is why these idiots are allowed to run rampant.

    “Oh I have suspicion that my former mentor and ‘best friend in politics’ is thinking of re-entering politics”.

    “I know let’s stitch him on false rape allegations and have him most likely die in prison”

    Yeah Nicky seems a totally proportionate and normal reaction… you mad psychopathic headcase.

  108. Andy Ellis says:

    Oooft…. magisterial stuff from Kevin McKenna telling it like it is:

    “This is salon politics, driven by those who believe themselves to be above getting their hands dirty and fighting authentic and historic, societal injustice. It’s a double-espresso-and-oat-milk kind of politics: one that demands its acolytes wear nothing but a curled lip. And in the SNP you get a fiery cross to enforce it.

    This fake progressiveness also provides a flag of convenience for mediocre SNP politicians – mainly in its dismal Westminster group – to mask their very obvious deficits in the thinking department. Having achieved little of any note during their five-year jollies in a jurisdiction they’re supposed to be committed to dismantling they cling to aspects of the gender debate as a means of conveying the idea that they actually stand for something.”

  109. Liz says:

    Re the ISP and lack of donations.
    Several reasons:

    They are a new party, not many know who they are,
    Asking for £88k, even though it’s for the whole party, is a lot of money.
    Many have had their fingers burned by the SNP, and are more reluctant to donate.

    Now that they have finished their selection, my suggestion would be each individual sets up a seperate crowdfund for about ,£3000

  110. Robert Hughes says:

    Boaby n Pete

    I don’t want to clutter the thread with my personal dilemma but …
    Boaby – Scotland is my country and we were always coming back , it’s just that the C19 situation has hastened that decision .

    Pete – yes , that may be a possibility , it will depend on what is required even to board a plane . I believe in addition to proof of a negative test result you have to show evidence you have arranges the further two tests demanded , just not sure if you have to also have reserved your place in the quarantine hotel . a snip at £170.00 per day

  111. Hatuey says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    21 February, 2021 at 11:58 pm
    Why are the ISP not managing to raise any money?


    Because we are all quite rightly waiting.

  112. Effijy says:

    There are loopholes for people returning to Scotland from
    foreign parts but should we be discussing them?

    The truth is you may be carrying Covid and don’t know?
    You could land and spread it in the Airport, on transport home
    and on friends and family who meet you?

    We can’t applaud the likes of New Zealand and Australia for locking
    their borders and then a year after waiting for it here we get it and
    brake it.

    My Cousin heading to his apartment in Tenerife had to pay £150 for Civid tests
    here, which they made you swab and seal yourself.
    Months later got their return it cost €35 for the same test that someone did for you
    over there.

    No one checked his paperwork when he arrived?
    Welcome back to incompetent rip off Britain.

  113. Big Jock says:

    I think as may have stated.

    There is no quick fix. Sturgeon took 5 years to destroy the party. It’s going to take at least 3 years to bring it back. The first thing is most important. She must be gone before the election. I can see her standing down or getting struck out by Holyrood. She is a weasel, so I see her going when it gets to tough.

    We can only win the election with a strong leader. Someone who inspires the movement. If we win the election , then we drop the Section 30 and move straight to plan B. A referendum made and delivered in Scotland. I reckon it might be 2022 at the very best. However given the state of the SNP it might be 2024.

    The alternative is another 5 years of Sturgeon’s cult party. The alternative is the end of the road for at least a decade.

  114. Craig P says:

    Had a look at The Kirsty Blackman one about feminism was interesting – I was with her about granny throwing off the corsets, but she lost me in arguing ‘I do not believe there should be restrictions on how to ‘woman’.’

    I don’t see how allowing men to compete at womens’ sports, for example, furthers womens’ rights.

    Then I realised where I was going wrong – her argument makes sense if you believe that transwomen literally are women.

    I am all for compassion (which I know a lot of people on here are all out of), but it cannot end well if it is at the expense of reality.

    Anyway, there’s only a couple of articles on the blog, so it might get better.

  115. SilverDarling says:

    @Craig P

    Yes, it all seems very tame until you realise she believes men can be women.

    There should be no restrictions on ‘how to woman’ if you are an actual woman. ‘How to man’ should be what is under discussion because if men were tolerated by their fellow men for their gender presentation instead of being ‘binned’ to the women category, none of this would be a problem.

  116. SilverDarling says:

    Also she in some ways negates her own arguments because if there are multiple ways to be a woman including ‘wearing trousers’ and having short hair(!) why insist that if you want to dress that way that you are a man.

    It seems we were light years ahead of these progressive young people in believing how you dress and what job you want is not down to your biological sex.

  117. Faith in central top down politics is gone. deid. Its become a bandwagon for self loving celebrities. I got a leaflet from my local SNP MSP and he has 11 pictures of himself smiling like a geek. He makes claim of his achievements and they are the work done by councillors. He loved a few years back opening a Foodbank and getting his pic took. I want to SHUT ALL FOODBANKS and see people fed and with jobs.
    Power needs stripped back to the communities with careerism kicked into touch. Citizen assemblies for each council area are needed. The structure is corrupted and poisoned. NS blurs party and state into one and it was prob that blur and excessive cult of the personality that led her to the stitch up going on. Plus her fear of Alex possibly coming back into politics and using his RT show as a platform which she clearly wanted him not to do.
    Youve kicked up a thunderstorm Rev Stu by honest writing and the politically correct mob canny cope.
    In fact what we see is the party who legislate on Hate Speech are going full tilt with hate Speech against you because you talk sense and dont worship their cult leader. The SNP are now a cult. NS is NOT Scotland. Criticising her is a crime to them. Its become a one party state aided and abetted by the supine media which has left the gap for YOU to fill and you have. Judgement day comes for NS and those with principle and a sense of justice will applaud the day she steps down. I voted for her for many years but she is not even a shadow of her predecessor. Treachery and betrayal come to mind. But over the next weeks she will make the election an Indy 2 fest to keep her job IF SHE CAN. A false manipulative user and actor and I say that as someone who still believes in Independence. If Scotland is to win her Freedom from the corrupt mod in Westminster we need rid of the corrupt mob in Edinbra first.

  118. Frank Gillougley says:

    From Kevin McKenna’s article –

    ”The court that Nicola Sturgeon has gathered around herself has now come to resemble the jungle kingdom of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, but less civilised.”

    My juvenile mind boggles at this lovely metaphor.

    As Willard (Salmond) said, ‘I was going to the worst place in the world and I didn’t even know it yet.’ – Just fucking brilliant.

    I honestly believe that satire is the only remedy for these flunkeys, reasoning is dead.

  119. Captain Yossarian says:

    According to Alan Cochrane in today’s Daily Telegraph it’s as good as over for Sturgeon.

    I keep hearing of more disgraceful acts of malfeasance involving Sturgeon and Swinney which, when they come-out, will repulse all right thinking Scots.

    We have a Junta in place. By the end of this week, they’ll all be gone.

  120. Stuart MacKay says:


    If it were only about identity then why all the hate for feminists? It’s a zero-sum game for the trans activists. Their gains can only come at losses for women. Indeed the entire debate is framed in those terms.

  121. Skip_NC says:

    Andy Ellis, thanks for the link. I am left wondering what, other than writing style, is the difference between that piece and numerous articles penned by Stuart Campbell. Perhaps anyone who tweets a link to the Herald should be expelled from the SNP and sent for re-education.

    Or maybe a simple disclaimer will avoid such a fate.

    “ Our columns are a platform for writers to express their opinions. They do not necessarily represent the views of Wings over Scotland.”

    No, I don’t see that working either.

  122. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Big Jock 10.57

    Sturgeon will not go until she is ready.I guess she has something lined up with the UN, promoting trans mental woo woo. Just need to look at her photos and actions, carrying and promoting the trans brigade and lack of (ie NO) support in Indy marches. It’s been brewing for a while on the simmer. Now it’s all out boiling and she’s throwing all the decent’s into her cauldron.

    There will be no quick fix. I hope I’m wrong but I think she will get ‘back in’, make her way out, leaving the booby prize in charge.

    We’ll be left to pick up the pieces and have the sorry and very difficult charge of upending GRA and HCB. That’s providing we can do it since it’s all stitched up against rational biology, thinking, freedom of speech etc.

    What a mess.

    IMHO many MSP’s and MP’s need to go, I think we know who they are. 3 years would be ‘good’, however I fear it’s going to take much longer and a lot of true Indy types shouting from the rooftops TRUTH AND SANITY.

    It only takes 1 bad apple. Sad.

  123. Syme says:

    Dugdale only got the Labour gig because she was a lesbian, not because she had a profile, or was a potentially useful leader.

    She was Labour’s “counter lesbian” to the Tory’s wheeling out Ruth Davidson as a means to rebrand themselves. Davidson got the leadership with very little experience and it was also sexuality which was her main selling point, although she did prove to be fairly effective in office.

    Right enough, she only really had to sit on her hands and pick up votes while Dugdale ran Labour into the ground.

    Despite the experience of Dugdale, it is incredible to see Labour considering as leader another mediocre woman who is shaky on the union (Monica Lennon).

  124. Robert Hughes says:

    Coincidentally Frank , I’ve been thinking of Kurtz recently in relation to NS but to paraphrase ….

    ” The banality the banality ”

    At least Kurtz , delusional as he was , had once been an exemplary soldier who believed he was on the right side .

    NS has displayed nothing but the desperate desire to further her personal ambitions , at the expense of anyone/thing she perceived as an obstacle to those aims

  125. ITB71B says:

    Effijy says:
    22 February, 2021 at 10:55 am
    “There are loopholes for people returning to Scotland from
    foreign parts but should we be discussing ……

    No one checked his paperwork when he arrived?
    Welcome back to incompetent rip off Britain.”

    This has not been my experience for work. I’m a seafarer and the ONLY place that has checked all my paperwork etc were correct was the U.K. border on arrival to Heathrow. France barely even looked at my passport, Norway, it’s as if it isn’t happening and Angola and South Africa really don’t care, it’s as if it’s not happening. We looked like fools when we booked an airport to quarantine people with no international flights landing at it, and if you fly into Scotland from Ireland you are exempt any quarantine, leaving a massive loophole

  126. ITB71B says:

    Pete says:
    22 February, 2021 at 10:10 am
    Robert Hughes
    Can’t you just fly in to an English airport and travel up to Scotland by train or bus?

    Or an Irish airport?

  127. Wee Chid says:

    Craig P says:
    22 February, 2021 at 11:01 am
    “Had a look at The Kirsty Blackman one about feminism was interesting –”

    I’m sure that Blackman and Co come out against female genital mutilation in other cultures, and rightly so. They don’t seem too bothered however about the genital mutilation that some trans identified people – both male and female – are encouraged to go through in order to to be “happier” with their bodies. First world genital mutilation that means big bucks for the health and pharmaceutical industries. – And it still doesn;t change thier biological sex.

  128. Robert Hughes says:

    One last remark on the subject .

    Effigy – You need a negative test result even to board a plane , assuming you have managed that , you will be wearing a mask for the duration of the flight , progressing through Customs , everywhere in fact . Are you suggesting masks are not able to prevent infection ? If so , what is the fucking point of them ?

  129. ClanDonald says:

    Regarding the ISP fundraiser, just a personal point of view but I agree with Liz above- I’d be much more likely to give money to an actual named candidate standing in my own area, rather than an anonymous party that could be spending the money campaigning hundreds of miles away. So it’s definitely worth thinking about setting up more small ones for the list regions naming the candidates.

  130. Dan says:

    @ Frank Gillougley at 11:17 am

    Pfft! Yon McKenna’s soooo behind the curve… 😉

  131. Alf Baird says:

    Andy Ellis

    “That being the case, those of us who are disillusioned with the SNP have five years to prepare for Holyrood 2026 elections”

    I wish you would stop parroting this nonsense about the independence movement waiting another 5 years for jam the morra. You sound just like the SNP elite you say you are disillusioned by.

    If Scots vote for independence now we will have it now, thank you very much.

  132. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf Baird – your jam today is endemic corruption of government, civil-service and law. Do you want that?

  133. Strathy says:

    Andy Ellis at 10.34am.

    Kevin McKenna’s article is a belter.

    It is one of the best analyses of the SNP, outside Wings.

    ‘It’s a failure to understand that when your main challenge is simply to source food for the next day and to heat your home the compulsion to define transphobia is little more than a caprice, a fig-leaf designed to deflect from your serial and unmitigated failures over 14 years in achieving anything of sustainable benefit to disadvantaged communities.’

  134. Jacqueline McMillan says:×900

    Don’t know what the stick is for. There’s no hills no sheep??

  135. Johnny says:

    Some things about the list parties.

    As Andy Ellis has pointed out above, they are struggling to achieve escape velocity.

    Awareness is low, I’m sure, and things like polling mitigate against this improving any time soon.

    I’m interested in voting for one of the list-only pro-Indy parties and I take part in polls but there’s no way to tell the pollster that you’d consider voting for one except by saying “other”.

    For folk who haven’t heard of the list parties, but are polled, they will then not learn of the option through that means. Polls may be self-selecting in most cases and all that but a lot of folk will not be aware there are other options if you would like to vote other than SNP or Green (or unionist party obviously).

    The pollsters would say it’s because “we can’t ask for all the list parties and many of them poll so low it’s pointless” but that does create a vicious cycle if you’re trying to raise awareness and it means that those polled are *not* presented with all options so there’s limited chance to see a party name and go “who are they?” and look into it.

    The big parties – including the SNP – are of course delighted with this, while screaming about occasions where they are left out of U.K. figures as reported or put in the wrong order or whatever.

    As an aside, is there any way (for any of the new pro-Indy list parties) to see who they have selected, please?

  136. Mist001 says:

    The enquiry’s being conducted over Zoom, right?

    What’s the betting there are ‘connection’ problems during Salmonds evidence, so that he won’t get a chance to settle and get into a rythmn.

  137. SilverDarling says:

    @Stuart MacKay

    With the albeit slow progress in women’s movements and equality, this seems the inevitable backlash by misogynists. If women are going to compete in the workplace and skill-based endeavours and demand entry to male-dominated spaces then why should men not compete or invade women-only spaces?

    Biological reality then rears its ugly had. So you want equality but only on your terms say the misogynists? Well, biology means nothing despite biology being the means to holding back women forever.

    And so it begins.If want your diversity quotas fulfilled and not have to pay maternity leave have a self-identified MTF. If you want the winning team in the women’s leagues have a MTF team member. And then come the predators who seek to exploit whatever they can.

    How they dress is just the outward manifestation of the inward hatred these men have for women. They make themselves an ugly parody of women and they are enabled in that by women who should know better.

  138. avocado devil says:

    trevor phillips:

    “That is why the Scooby gang — the whistleblowers, investigators and naysayers — are vital in a society that all too often averts its eyes from cruelty and injustice.”

    Some decades ago driving to work i nearly crashed when i saw a billboard with a picture of an african-american basketball player next to a picture of a monkey and was ‘ever so cross’ that someone had done that. Turns out it was trevor phillips … trying to demonstrate that we should all be activists, woe betide anyone who did not immediately complain (ie he was ‘fighting racism by being racist’, or more accurately trying to justify his well paid job).

    Yet he seems to have mellowed a bit in his old age and these day i find myself agreeing.

    Move forwards a few decades and we have ‘fighting hate crime by doing it yourself’.

    Heartfelt thanks to the Rev Scooby for this entertaining and vital blog 🙂 is wonderful too.

  139. Andy Ellis says:

    @Alf Baird

    Feel free to explain how it’s happening before 2026 Alf. We’re all ears! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride of course. I’ve already stated how I think it *could* happen more quickly, but none of those scenarios seem likely, and all of them depend on some deus ex machina somehow rendering the current SNP for for purpose. What are the odds of that actually happening?

    There are a limited number of circumstances in which the Scots people can exercise their self-determination. Making May 2021 elections plebiscitary looks more and more unlikely, and I’m assuming you’re not one of those who believes Wishart’s couthy assurance that the britnats will just *give* us #indyref2 in a sudden fit of reasonableness, or because we’ve won yet another mandate.

    So tell us Alf….how’s it going to happen before 2026? If you don’t have a plan, you’re just another faith-based no mark like Wishart and his ilk assuring us that his snake oil is better than everyone else’s.

  140. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Decent piece by Peter Bell

  141. Andy Ellis says:

    @Skip NC 11.26

    Indeed. Sometimes it takes folk outside the mainstream to step back and see the wood from the trees.

    Reading McKenna’s piece, and others like Macwhirter, Mandy Rhodes in Holyrood magazine, even some who are unavowedly unionist like those in the Spectator, can give context.

    It isn’t hard to see that in the end, all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It wasn’t inevitable that the SNPs dominance would turn out this way, but it’s hardly a surprise. We could wish that it had had better leadership, more robust institutions, more effective oversight and openness, and greater input from ordinary members, but that wouldn’t make it so.

    The fault lies, as McKenna said with the “old guard” ordinary membership who allowed the party to develop in the way it has. The new joiners post 2015 didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into, though it didn’t take some if us long to figure out how deeply compromised the party was.

    In the end, some institutions aren’t worth saving, even if you can bring about change. The only real recourse is to replace them or out compete them.

  142. robbo says:

    Kirsty Blackman doesn’t need to be told how “to women” Yes that’s fine Kirsty but you literally are “A Women”. You have a womb, you have women child bearing hips, you have a vagina. You’ve had two kids I believe ? During pregnancy and for a good while after you produce milk for the wee one just born. All these things along with a few others make you biologically “a women.”

    Men can do none of these things above.

    Men have a penis, testicles and sperm and like to put things into holes. Because that’s what men do, and are pre-programmed to to do.

  143. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    How they dress is just the outward manifestation of the inward hatred these men have for women. They make themselves an ugly parody of women and they are enabled in that by women who should know better.

    Silver Darling 11.56

    Scary and Sad.

    Well said

  144. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    “This page was last archived 23 hours ago”

  145. Cenchos says:

    So women are verbs now?

    Well, there will be no jokes made out of that, will there?

  146. JBS says:

    22 February 2021 at 12:11 pm

    I’m not sure that the present SNP leadership and its acolytes think that being a woman is a reality. I reckon they think it’s a performance.

  147. Cenchos says:

    Indeed it looks like whoever is behind SNP policy seems to have a background in the performing arts.

    Probably a 101 grounding in the carnivalesque and magic realism as well.

  148. Stuart MacKay says:

    SilverDarling @11;56am

    Excellent points – the “ugly parody of women” is something that cannot be stated often enough.

    It might be worth noting that a lot of the woke culture comes from the tech elites on the west coast of the USA. A society dominated by men and where men predominate. The transwomen on display are just expressions of male fantasies in an environment largely devoid of women. That also explains a lot of misogyny. They can’t ever be real women and they know it so they want to pervert femininity to something that is closer to what they are.

  149. David Ferguson says:

    Vestas says:
    22 February, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Lots of weasel words from the sycophantic Paton but RevStu is clearly being compared to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson). Bloody sure I wouldn’t be happy with that were I him…

    But the thing is Vestas, I suspect that you and many like-minded people were delighted to see Stephen Yaxley-Lennon being rubbished, denounced, hounded, silenced, and ultimately driven out of the country.

    And now lots of other people, not all that different from you, will be rejoicing at the prospect of seeing RevStu being rubbished, hounded, denounced, and silenced. (He can’t be driven out of the country in the sense that he’s already not there.)

    I’m not even going to bore you with that trite old adage… “First they came for…” But I honestly beleive that the rampart where we start defending freedom of speech is the first one, not the one where me and my pals happen to be standing.

  150. Cenchos says:

    This whole thing is a set-up for a pre-election Tory anti-woke campaign.

  151. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Just had an email from Joanna Cherry.

    She said she would respond to all and she is doing that.

    We NEED to take a stronger stance ffs.

    Wishy isn’t going to cut it and the SNP are NOT fighting fire with fire

  152. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian

    I’m all for a clean oot o thon mankit unionist slump. That process starts only when the people vote for independence. May would be a good time to start. Do you really want to delay the inevitable any further?

    Andy Ellis

    I would prefer to vote for what Solidarity has publicly stated before taking any more gradualist advice from you:

    “…if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!

    I’m happy to vote for and take independence in May. You can vote against that as you wish, and seem intent on doing.

  153. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Scottish people, poor people are on their fecking knees and nicla is more interested in woo woo economics

    How much money have you spent nicla on woo woo as a proportion you have spent on poverty, drugs addicts, eh, eh, eh,????

    Not mentioning the stitch up

    and the rangers rubbish


  154. SilverDarling says:

    @Stuart MacKay

    For many, that is how they ‘see’ women.

    I agree, the fantasy woman is mythologised and promoted in the dark retreats of the internet and the minds of the inadequate incels. Real women can never live up to their imagination and will always reject them.

  155. Alf Baird says:

    Jacqueline McMillan

    Not forgetting £300m wasted on 2 x ferries which are nowhere on the horizon, and which could have been bought from Asia for just £30m.

    Scotland can and must do better. But it means putting in place the right decision makers and folk tasked with making Scotland better.

  156. Jacqueline McMillan says:


    Have my doubts

    No doubt about it big fecking nose doesn’t give a shit about women and he’s doing nicla’s bidding. Coward humsa and most of the rest. Lucy and Susan yes but on a hiding to nothing. Humsa was contemptuous

    Bin fire, or bucket whatever


  157. highseastim says:

    The reason traffic is so high is that the sight is now polluted with many unionists, and many hidden unionist onlookers, which is plain to see if you go through hys’s on the Web, they don’t try to hide it.

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