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The Fury Of The Furries

Posted on February 01, 2023 by

On January 22nd the violent, abusive transgender activist Jack Douglas, who now uses the name Beth and the Twitter username “pickle_bee” (slang for “somebody who likes dick”), threatened that feminist campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen’s imminent “Standing For Women” event in Glasgow was going to be disrupted by the “furry” community, who happen to be hosting a gathering at the Crowne Plaza that same weekend.

The intimidatory protest was also publicised by SNP MSP Christina McKelvie, who led the standing ovation the Scottish Parliament gave Beth and his creepy friends the day it passed the Gender Recognition Reform bill.

“Why? What possible grudge could furries have against women?”, a friend giggled, as I related this news to her. But to answer that we have to know who these people are.

The old world of furries, although odd and hypersexualised in drawn imagery, didn’t much bother the outside world. It provided frequently mid-20s-and-30s, smart, nerdy, creative, bullied males with a community, a sense of belonging and space to create an idealised, cartoonified version of themselves.

Some wore cheaper ear, tail, and paw sets while some spent large sums of money commissioning costumes and art. A “Made Fur You” auction four years ago holds the record of $13,500 for a furry suit.

However, the nature of the community changed with the rise of Queer Theory and the co-morbidity of paraphilias. The more transgender identity politics entered the world of the furry nerd, the more the appealing mantra of “I am what I say I am” and being able to dictate other people’s perceptions of reality took hold.

Research by social psychologist Dr Courtney Plante suggests that “furries are seven times more likely than the general population to identify as transgender”. The QT concept that all boundary-breaking is a goal in and of itself is appealing for those who are outside society’s contours and frequently excluded from their peers growing up.

Boundaries such as consent, age-appropriateness and reality are at that point imperilled. Add in the inherent misogyny of transgenderism permeating the subculture and some have realised the potential of Queer Theory’s obsession with boundary-breaking as a means of punishing females and overriding their ability to say “No”.

One trans rights activist – Eilidh Martin, who Wings readers may recall – personifies the crossover of TRA, pornified furry, fetishist, misogyny and micro-politician with too much influence. Martin was co-convener of the Scottish Rainbow Greens, who helped to push through pro-sex industry policies, the destruction of women’s sex based rights and the bullying of Andy Wightman out of the party.

Under his previous handle “QueenYiff420” he fantasised about anally penetrating infants – or as he put it, “little sluts” and “whores” – in soiled nappies.

His former handle gives an insight into how the furry fandom has changed with the entry of pornified men like Martin. “YIFF” stands for both “Young Incredibly Fuckable Furry”, and, “any kind of sexual behaviour between any type and number of parties (imaginary anthro creatures, humans, animals, even inanimate objects like plushies)”.

(“Plushies” are cuddly toys such as those won at fairgrounds.)

It’s Martin’s friend, advocate of violence against women, and current co-convener of the Rainbow Greens, Jack “Beth” Douglas, who has called down the rage of the furry community on women wanting sex-based rights in Glasgow this weekend.

The anger originates in these men and boys because the porn narrative they’ve both consumed and written – that all women and girls are sluts who want it, and want it rough – has not aligned with experience. In the case of gay males, it’s women concerned with safeguarding and the impact of porn on our society and institutions they get to silence with the slur “TERF”.

Pornography consumption is the link between isolated angry men that don a fur suit for sexual pleasure, isolated angry men that form internet communities to discuss how they’re trans and “really women”, and isolated angry men who form internet sub-cultures to promote incel ideology.

The fandom has gone through dramatic changes and is malleable, having no leader and being made up of people who create their own content rather than buying into a particular story or fiction. The changing wider culture of porn saturation means that the majority of furries are now porn-addled boys and men who have retreated into their own fantasy.

Speaking to each other on online chatrooms they post questions such as “I found furry porn a while ago, and I jokingly called myself a furry. Now I’m actually interested in the fandom, I was wondering how many other people joined it like this?”

They get many responses like this in agreement:

“Vore”, incidentally, is a fetish involving eating someone alive or being eaten alive. It’s another area enthusiastically enjoyed by Beth Douglas, and has a large element of “furry” crossover. (Pikachu and Gardevoir are Pokemon characters.)

Survey research found that male furries viewed 96.3% furry themed pornography and watched pornography an average of 43.5 times a month. These same men then reported that their involvement with furrydom was non-sexual. Readers can make their own judgements.

Nevertheless, despite all the porn sites and porn use, Samuel Conway – chair of Anthrocon and thus deeply personally and financially invested in improving the image and reach of furries – has argued that “Furry fandom is not now – nor has it ever been – born of a sexual fetish […] there are no more or fewer persons of alternative sexuality in our fandom than anywhere else”.

Yet it might be reasonably argued that masturbating to hours of drawn cartoons of anthropomorphic animals having sex with each other – the female given giant breasts and the male provided with a human-like but extra-large penis – is an alternative sexuality and a fetish in and of itself.

The “Best Fetish Sites” website has its own furry page and area, ranking the best furry porn sites. The author of the fetish site rankings has reviewed Pornhub Furry – yes, Pornhub had its own furry area – thus:

“Furry porn on Pornhub is for all the kinky fuckers. A lot Furry porn is somewhat similar to hentai but this time furry porn takes it to a whole new level of weird. At first i didn’t want to admit that this kind of porn turned me on but then i decided to finally face facts. Furry porn is fucking great and i have never cum so hard to any other kind of porn site.”

Nerd culture site Cracked interviewed furry-porn artists because:

“There is a lot of this on the Internet. A lot. And that immediately raises the question: Who in the hell draws this stuff? It’s a genre of artwork that depicts humanoid animals performing sex acts that would in many cases be physically impossible in our universe. The audience is a group of people who in real life often assume an animal persona, often in costume, and sometimes for sexual purposes.”

Most furry porn is done on commission, with those commissioning having very specific wants. “Their characters are stand-ins for themselves. “It allows them to experience their kinks and fetishes vicariously,” explained one artist. Another described how “that’s your workday, hours of drawing and revising wolf boners so the veins really pop”.

Due to the fact that these young men grew up on the internet, furry porn has gone from a niche to an industry. Of the artists interviewed, the majority are female and entered the work as a stable means to support themselves with their art degree, having no other connection to furry fandom than financial.

Their client base, so far, has been entirely male. One explained that “Sometimes people [men] get too graphic and personal, usually in comments or in livestream chats” and that it scared her out of the job for a while.

Women feel the wrath of fetishists – be they trans or furries, or both at the same time – because we often stand between men and their sexual access to children, and teenage children hooked to the internet who don’t recognise that underneath that cutesy costume and idealised animal self they’re talking to and arranging to meet might be someone very dangerous.

It’s a safeguarding nightmare. The darker underbelly of both ‘furry’ and trans is in stark plain sight, and predators have been attracted like moths to a flame.

Firstly, it’s frowned upon to ask about one’s real life and identity, as furries socialise in their created “fursonas”. Secondly, children are (innocently) programmed from a young age to react to a mascot at a sporting event or a character at Disneyland with unquestioning trust and excitement. They run towards the adults in suits, often hugging them or jumping on them and letting their guard down in exactly the way they’re taught NOT to do to an unknown male.

The fur suit also acts as a disguise, the man’s identity completely obscured. What could possibly go wrong when this is combined with a porn addiction and a sexual fetish in which men get turned on by dressing like this and have spent hours on the dark corners of the internet wanking away or socialising in closed secret groups?

We know paraphilias are frequently co-morbid. We know men would rather stand together than purge their community of more dangerous elements. And in 2017 it was discovered that with one group of furries it had gone horribly, but entirely predictably, wrong.

In 2018, it happened again.

And so on. Convicted paedophiles have warned of how:

“Some adults participate in furry activities to gain access to children and “groom” them for sexual activity. Predators use furry art, drawings, and videos that look like cartoons to introduce children to pornography […] that is when it becomes easier for pup play and leashes and other ways to cross their boundaries […] they think it is fun, and we help them understand it is our little secret”.

Paedophiles will of course gravitate to anywhere that gives them easy access to children. It certainly appears that since being force-teamed by the trans rights activists there’s been an influx of women-hating abusers to furry fandom.

Aimee (born Ashton) Challenor counts furry alongside his “age-play”, nappy and trans fetishes. Challenor appointed his child-rapist father as a Green Party election agent, then – as an activist for the Liberal Democrats – married Nathaniel Knight, a paedophile who uses Twitter to discuss how he wants to kidnap and rape children.

The notorious Chris Chan, who is a trans-identified male and a furry, was charged with raping his elderly dementia-stricken mum.

Readers can make up their own minds about whether the sort of furries endorsed by Beth Douglas are likely to be the harmless kind or the other kind. Scottish politicians should perhaps be more careful who they welcome into their pack.

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0 to “The Fury Of The Furries”

  1. Carol Neill says:

    I’m going to have to walk away , have a large dose of caffeine , a fag , then read this again

  2. Jock McTavish says:

    These sick fucks need sectioned.

  3. Tormod says:

    Ghastly stuff.

  4. robertkknight says:

    It’s not a hop, skip and jump to imagine the Incel culture and associated misogynistic head cases getting into this.

  5. Steve Murphy says:

    Hi Rev
    If this was a footy forum I would have to type ‘yoon in peace’ here!
    Followed you from 2014, mostly disagreed with you till the last few years. I was kayaking with an alba member round arisaig in the summer and with a guy who was keen on Alba. We had a surprising amount in common about income inequality, standards of service and land reform etc. I don’t envy the job you have at the moment getting to grips with this sewer, but thanks for doing it, hopefully woman and children will be glad you did one day.
    Dear god what’s happening to Scotland!

  6. mike cassidy says:

    Make sure a copy of this goes to Police Scotland

    So that they’re forewarned that these people are anything but harmless dressers-up

  7. George Ferguson says:

    Thanks Stu. For years on this blog I have supported a non violent approach. Recently moved to neutral but still non violent. How are ordinary guys like myself with grandchildren meant to deal with this?. Our politicians obviously have no fear. I think the comment about boundaries is the key. And I can’t believe the SNP have shape shifted into supporting this nonsense. In the name of decency abandon the GRRB and restore public morality boundaries. Ultimately that’s their job. Maintain public order.

  8. Giesabrek says:

    My god, that makes for brutal, disturbing reading and how difficult it must have been to research and write this.

    And now I wonder if the pursuit of a trans lifestyle by some with their meat and 2 veg intact is for the same reason as some (most?) furries – a man that looks a woman is less intimidating and more approachable to a child than a man that looks like a man

  9. laisydaisy says:

    I started an OU degree in October last year. I am in the middle of finalising an online presentation (slides and script) based on language and identity in a community group of my choosing. I’ve chosen the GRR bill/self-id as part of the feminist group I belong to. It’s fascinating, applying lingustic concepts to the reality of what’s happening in Scotland. How many new words/ concepts has my group had to ghet their head around? It’s Humpty Dumpty speak. It’s Orwellian doublethink.

    I’m exhausted, because things have been chagning daily for weeks (longer, actually) so fuck knows what my summing up will be.

    I can’t even read your latest post I’m so time-short (I scrolled through it) but there’s so much there I want to do justice to (actually in all your posts).

    I’m going to have to reference you as my de facto go-to.

    Just realised it’s Dr Em who wrote this (I thought it was Stu) – you’re in my list of sources too. But it’s so complicated trying to whittle it all down to 700 words.

    Thank you both for everything you do.

  10. MrRocknRoll says:

    Seriously though, how twisted and fecked up are these predatory creatures? And that Beth on Meth axe wielding mutant that Hole-Hamilton loves, what’s her/his problem? Damn, there’s some bad sick bastards out there right now. I’m gonna open a bottle and try lower my blood pressure.

  11. Big Jock says:

    Maybe World War 3 wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I think the world needs cleansed! Everyday just gets worse.

  12. Morag says:

    I do like being equated with Hel. One of my favourite characters from the Eddas. Definite thumbs-up from me.

  13. Adam says:


    I don’t know who’s going to need more therapy after the last few weeks: you for having to write this stuff, us for reading it or the subject matter, which tbh seem beyond help.

  14. Stuart MacKay says:

    With AI image generation, all these women art students are soon going to be out of a job and the brakes will be off on what images are generated. The furry world is heading off “the last shred of decency” cliff and someone, probably unsuspecting, is going to find out the hard way just how disconnected from reality these people are.

  15. Jill says:

    I’ve read this and it’s more than caffeine and a fag I need.. this is so fucking wrong. I saw that SNPs Mckelvie retweeted the call for these degenerates to march on Glasgow. She absolutely needs to go along with the rest of them.

  16. Mac says:

    I am with you Carol although I think I’d need a huge hooter and few drinks and an LSD intravenous drip to make any sense of these incredible weirdos. I find all of this totally baffling. This is going to take a few reads to take in… what in the actual fuck.

  17. Athanasius says:

    Remind me why we’re supposed to be “compassionate” towards this kind?

  18. Thank you for telling me far more about this Sewer-rats subset of “Trans”, than I ever wanted to know!
    Thanks to their grizzling about a bunch of middle-aged women daring to hold a Speaker’s Corner in Glasgow, there should be plenty of media around, to make their Mummys proud.

  19. John H. says:

    How much do our politicians know about this? They’re not stupid (most of them). Some of them must have at least an idea about what’s going on ? Why are they condoning these very odd people and their strange, in some cases criminal, activities ? A lot of questions need to be asked, and answered. The rot has to be stopped.

  20. Ottomanboi says:

    All you need to know about furries from horses mouth.
    And, it is all about sex seemingly.
    Ah Berlin, the new Slough?
    «Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!
    It isn’t fit for humans now,
    There isn’t grass to graze a cow.
    Swarm over, Death!»
    (John Betjeman in gay ie frivolous mood)

  21. Ted says:

    My next round birthday is 80. I just don’t feel I belong anymore. How on earth did this happen? I come to this site precisely to read the Rev’s exemplary exposes of this horror but I struggled to get through this one. My God what has happened to the Scotland of Hume and Smith? As an Englishman, living in England, I can tell you that my Scottish friends are as horrified as I am. When I am in Edinburgh I always make sure I see Sandy Stoddart’s magnificent neo classical sculptures which gives me hope that the Scottish Enlightenment is still alive but if your countrymen and women continue to vote for this appalling woman and her rotten party it will not survive.

  22. Mike says:

    I mean, whatever happened to a bit of kink involving stockings and suspenders?

    Seriously, I just can’t believe this stuff, despite being a millennial myself.

    Social media and internet porn will eventually be shown to be amongst the greatest evils of our modern world.

  23. smitty says:

    Ah, now what a coincidence! I was getting a few stories about Christina Mckelvie today. The first one is that her nickname amongst some parly and party staff is ‘patches’ because of her large sweaty armpit patches which she even has on a cold day.

    She is deeply unpopular with the staff because of how she treats them. A completely rude and obnoxious character full of self importance, but little ability. She is lazy as fuck and when she is not profusely sweating, she spends her day eating whilst on her Ipad looking at dresses that wont fit her and looking on social media to see what everyone is saying about her. Answer: fuck all. A good while back someone did have a glimpse of what she was looking at and she was on an online sex shop! Apparantly Keith was going to get a good pegging that weekend! ?

    Over the last few months, she has been telling staff and some MSPs to send the nine rebels in Coventry and not talk to them. She wants to make life as difficult for them to ‘teach them a lesson’. They are probably relieved as they would not have to listen to her boring shite. Anyway, the staffers apart from a couple of twats just ignore her.

    Lastly, the story saying that Sturgeon is going to announce she is leaving is utter bollocks. There is no organised rebellion in Holyrood, although the party has had one of its worst weeks ever. There is no doubt Robertson on maneuvers and Gray has been asking about what support Humza has. Those three are definitely going to go for the big job when it comes up. I hope thete is more on offer than that!

  24. Merganser says:

    Big Jock @ 7.36.

    Yes. Genesis 6:4 springs to mind. If there is a God, and this state of affairs spreads, a cleansing is necessary and will no doubt follow in one way or another.

    I thought Sturgeon was unparalleled for the harm she has done to normal decent life in Scotland, but Cole-Hamilton and Harvie can be ranked alongside her as the lowest of the lowest scum for what they have done.

    If anyone thought that Holyrood was anything other than a cess pit of depravity, this article will put you right. Dante could have no better subject for his vision of hell.

  25. Bob Mack says:

    Thanks Dr Em. I feel sick, but also very angry.

    These are the creatures our Government are trying to not just placate, but also involve in policy decisions ?

    Ive lived too long. At some point the people of Scotland will say enough is enough.

    Deviants ,led by deviants and governed by deviants.

  26. Big Jock says:

    I was always suspicious of Bungle when I was a kid. Turns out I was right!

  27. Stoker says:

    mike cassidy says on 1 February 2023 at 7:25 pm:
    “Make sure a copy of this goes to Police Scotland. So that they’re forewarned that these people are anything but harmless dressers-up”

    Couldn’t agree more. Dr Em, have you contacted Police Scotland regarding this crap or is WOS the only place you’ve been to with it? Come to think about it, has anyone fighting this crap brought it to the attention of Police Scotland?

  28. Carol Neill says:

    John H
    I hate to say but most of them are under their furry little hoods
    @mac by caffeine I meant wine 🙂
    Still having to hold my tongue

  29. Lorna Campbell says:

    You see parents at Pride Marches encouraging their tots to stroke and play with these guys. Someone in the know said that their tails are actually stuck up their bumholes, but not sure if that is true. Jesus. This is what they want to let into women’s spaces, services, etc. This stuff is definitely reminiscent of Tiberius and Caligula, who both consumed acres of illustrated pornography.

    I wrote to my MSP begging him not to support the GRRB, and I got the usual brush-off about its being only an administrative measure. These men are dangerous. If you get in the way of their obsessive and addictive pleasures, they could react very violently. If you mention autogynephilia or fetish, they can become enraged. An alcoholic will deny his/her alcoholism, a gambler his/her gambling, a drug addict his/her addiction. It is the same with these men, and what we know about all addictions is that the boundaries keep getting pushed harder and harder till the slide into oblivion is almost inevitable.

    The other thing we know is that all addictions come at a huge cost to those around the addicted. I fully expect women and children to be harmed or killed now – sanctioned by the mainstream political parties. That is how much we matter against these porn-sick men.

  30. Purge the Sturge says:

    Christ on a spring. Well, Sunday’s going to be interesting.

  31. ClanDonald says:

    If you’re going to Glasgow at the weekend, make sure your tetanus is up to date and don’t forget your sanitiser, because according to this tweet furries left one hotel “stinking of literal sh*t, left used diapers in hallways & on other paying guests cars, wore diapers around hotel in front of guests & staff. Reports of sexual assault, drugs & nudity in the hallway…”

  32. George Ferguson says:

    Apologies to Dr Em. I thought it was an article by Stu.
    @Smitty you have posted a few revelations without actually given out any facts. I can tell you the week before Christmas 2021. The number of Flu cases versus Covid. A billion pound decision that led to Nicola’s re-election. We are waiting on the Public Inquiry.

  33. What Rot says:

    I will never, ever understand how the internet was allowed to get this out of control.
    It is the end of civilisation; an absolute sewer.

  34. Maureen says:

    I’ll admit the first couple of times I read the word furries with no pictures on twitter, i thought they were talking about womens vaginas that were covered in hair.
    I see now that I wasn’t far wrong as furries are just a bunch of fannies!
    Are they for real.

  35. Ruby says:

    A lot of talk about furries being zoophiles.

    That is not too difficult to believe.

    Why would you want to have sex with someone dressed up as a dog?

  36. Derek says:

    There’s a different subset of folk-in-animal-suits, which is to be found at (I think – never seen them) Flaming Lips gigs. More your fancy-dress shop fare than custom creations, I suspect.

    They did gigs with the audience in zorbs, too, to comply with social distancing rules at the time.

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    It’s disgraceful that Holyrood politicians have applauded some of these vile people, and even now after the it’s been pointed out that the unamended GRRB could be dangerous for women and children, the likes of the first minister has said that she’ll fight for it tooth and nail for to remain unamended in Scotland.

    A recap of who voted for the unamended GRRB, one wonders if they are furry friendly.

  38. Dan says:

    Big Jock says: at 8:24 pm

    I was always suspicious of Bungle when I was a kid. Turns out I was right!

    As I’d prefer not to get splattered in the impending furry shitfest I guess it’s time to find a new gravatar image…

  39. McDuff says:

    Some of this stuff and comments regarding children must be illegal. I cant believe that some politicians support these people.

  40. Joan Hutcheson says:

    I plan to attend the ‘Standing For Women’ event on 5 February. I hope that many Wings readers will be able to attend. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled and phone camera at the ready, to alert the attending police if necessary. One thing for sure: these people will not intimidate me. Just to finish – I was in the female toilets at a Glasgow Waterstones’ shop a couple of weeks ago. One cubicle had trans activist stickers, the seat put up male-fashion and urine sprayed across the floor. Talk about animals ‘marking’ (what is not their) territory.

  41. David Hannah says:

    Glasgow will tell these furry freaks where to go.

  42. Shug says:

    Why on earth is Nicola, the SNP and the lib Dems up to their ears in this stuff

    What is the connection

  43. Mac says:

    Was thinking the same McDuff.

    If any boring run of the mill heterosexual male posted any of these deeply disturbing paedophile type comments regarding sex and rape with children the police would be battering their door down within hours but these oddballs are given free reign to flaunt it.

    It is almost like the cops have been told to stand down when it comes to them while forming a taskforce to come up with hair pinging as indecent assault.

  44. Republicofscotland says:

    The king at winning VONC’s at Holyrood speaks.

    “THE Deputy First Minister has said it would be “premature” to say if he supports the idea of a General Election being used as a “de facto” independence referendum”

    And the pervert laden SNP NEC voices its opinion on the matter.

    “The party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) has proposed two options. The first would see the next General Election treated as a “de facto” independence referendum, while the second would see that same election instead used to try and win a mandate for a repeat of the 2014 vote.”

    Jesus, another f*ckin mandate.

    Even if these rapist/paedo enabling c*nts eventually make their minds up its a whopping two-years away, when we have a perfectly viable route out of this shit union as soon as this year.

    Get the SNP/Greens out of office at every turn.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  45. SOG says:

    Thank you, Dr EM, for wading through this shite so that we can see it from a safe distance. I was aware of odd people with influence in the party: just how odd comes as a real shock. I’m so glad I left.

  46. Geoff Anderson says:

    Oh dear god!

    Sturgeon what door to hell have you opened.

  47. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon has already inflamed tensions by calling gender critical women i.e. The majority of Scotland racist homophobic transphobes.

    The justice ministers wife has shared the furry event on her Facebook.

    Every pervert in the UK will be in Glasgow to threaten women staying at the Crown Plaza. The SNP and Greens have effectively invited them. The Greens have been cut off from their UK party because they believe in material reality.

    I feel sorry for the cleaners of the Crown Plaza. Keep your kids away from these nappy wearing perverts in George Square who want to abuse women. Well done to Wings for raising awareness.

  48. Effijy says:

    This evil sickness needs to be stopped and punished severely to
    Make clear it will never be acceptable to involve children or have
    language like that on social media or posters.

    Revolting miscreants being funded and applauded by imbeciles playing politics.

  49. Ian Maclaren says:

    That’ll be Christina McKelvie, SNP Minister for Equalities and Older People – you couldn’t make it up!

  50. SusanAHF says:

    Dr EM, what you’ve written is just horrific, I feel quite sick after reading it. I do also feel worried for the safety of the people going to the women’s protest on the 5th. These furries sound unhinged and have been wound up by deviants such as mcKelvie and Douglas. I just hope the police are unbiased and up to their jobs

  51. Lorne says:

    The Stand Up For Woman Rally has been planned for ages so how can POLICE SCOTLAND allow two other demos deliberately set up to disrupt or worse, injure the participants for the womens’ event?
    If this was sectarian, two events would never be allowed in the same place at the same time never mind three or four deliberately to outnumber and intimidate and I believe they plan more than insults.

    This is fascism is it not?
    Give bullies carte blanche and this is the result.

  52. Wilson McBride says:

    I know the Crown Plaza very well.

    Two minutes from the HYDRO, and Directly across the river Clyde from BBC Scotland and STV studios.

    So the TV investigative journalists could be all over this.

    Or will Sturgeon call in another favour,,,and tell them to back off?

  53. Hazelwoods says:

    I’m sickened by this. I’ve emailed the link to this to Crowne Plaza pointing out I will not be back at their hotel if they allow the furries to congregate there.

    I keep thinking this can’t get much worse, then it does.

  54. Ron Clark says:

    Furries- Going back to their Pagan roots.

  55. John C says:

    Back in the 2000s me and my then girlfriend were fans of manga in my case, and anime in hers and would hang around various online forums just as furries were becoming a thing. We went to a comicon in the mid 2000s where I saw my first furry in the flesh, and at the time, it was something to laugh at in the growing world of cosplay, which I later found out was a scene that furries latched onto to give them a respectable status which for furries, was something undeserved.

    Fast forward a year or so and we see online that furries are well, a bit dodgy as reports are coming in from cons of furries doing the type of stuff outlined in Dr Em’s article,with one furry caught changing his nappy in the toilets of an event. Eventually cons in the US and UK started making it clear the furry fandom wasn’t to be encouraged to come so they started their own conventions as the comicon scene did not welcome them at all, though most comicons haven’t banned them outright. There’s still some who turn up and they’re incredibly creepy & you try hard to avoid them.

    Fast forward again a few years to the early 2010s and a friend mentions to me down the pub if I know anything about furries. I say I do and she tells me someone at her work has asked her to make him a fursuit as they knew she made clothes as a hobby. I asked if she was going to do it and she said no as the request was fine, nothing too freaky for a furry but the person making it was becoming very pressing in asking if he could come to her flat to get measured up and whether he could do it when her boyfriend wasn’t around. I said she should keep this bloke at arms length.

    There’s other stories I could tell but Em’s covered where most of them go so not only would I keep a very far distance from furries but the idea that they as a force stand against fascism is ludicrous when most of them are unstable at best. If Beth Douglas thinks his big army of furries is going to make his cause seem sane and sensible he’s even further gone than we all think he is.

  56. Etticus says:

    Been a follower of wings for years.

    This story is the most disturbing thing you’ve ever covered Rev Stu. I believe there are people at the top of the new SNP, greens and other parties that are either in a paedophile ring or who are involved in depraved sexual behaviour involving perverts like that creep pickle bee.

    LGBT Youth Scotland sheltered a paedo ring and has now reported itself to the police and as we all know senior New SNP have sat on the board of that organisation. We also have the John Heins of this world, PIE and the various paedo fronts linked to them.

    I’m sorry to say this has happened because there are far too many people out there who were willing to forgive any crime as long as the Indy carrot kept being dangled. These credulous fools have got us where we are now, where the emperor is naked but we must all pretend that a man can become a woman and that depraved sexual perversions are just people “finding their truth”. It’s disgusting.

    Worst of it is some of these new SNP foxes in the he house still have the brass neck to come on here and protect the New SNP and the criminally corrupt sturgeon leadership cabal. We all know who these people are.

    Until the entire new SNP is torn down, the leadership jailed and the ("Tractor" - Ed)s of Scotland who have put party before country ostracised nothing will change.

    I never thought I’d see the day I’d say thank Christ we weren’t independent because can you imagine where we’d be if the depraved perverts and credulous fools at Holyrood had managed to pass the GRR bill (or rapists and paedos charter as I call it) without any chance of it being stopped. Scotland would become a paedophiles and perverts holiday destination. Our children would become sexual playthings as sturgeon and co would drop the age of consent to 8. Just disgusting,

    Keep digging Stu, I have more doubt there is far more to come including serous criminal behaviour and as for the new SNP fanboys and girls desperately trying to deflect and protect the party, every single one of you is a disgrace.

  57. Kenny says:

    Etticus; exactly how I feel – being relieved we’re not independent under the perverted and extremely bizarre Sturgeon regime. Christ knows what the depraved individuals of SNP and Greens are up to, what other covert measures they’re planning to introduce to further their personal perversions?
    Every single member of those parties now have to make a stance, for the sake of decent-minded citizens, or be prepared to be associated with the perpetrators.

    I can only stress, thank god we have a genuine – and trusted – news source exposing these deviants, we may have halted this filthy Pandora’s box of insanity just in time?

  58. jockmcx says:

    Only beginning to understand the hatred that these politicians
    must have for the general public.

  59. twathater says:

    Where is all the OUTRAGE from the parliamentarians at McKelvie’s promotion of this gross absurdity, ESPECIALLY if the dangerous pervert jack douglas is also encouraging and threatening confrontation to a womens gathering

    I ask those same politicians who voted this abomination through ARE YOU PLEASED WITH YOURSELVES can you see how this supposed most marginalized and put upon minority of puir wee sowels has turned into a despotic group of perverted deviants who have NO COMPUNCTION about destroying civilised barriers

    To those same politicians YOU OWN THIS , YOU ACCOMMODATED AND PANDERED TO THIS SICKNESS, If anyone is hurt or injured by these unstable creatures it is on you YOU ARE THE ENABLERS

  60. Cat-Sith says:

    Mostly a well researched and presented piece. I’m sad that people in the real world (not online) are having to learn about this stuff.

    Yiff – The origin is from the “happy” noises of dogs, foxes and the like, think “yipp”. Expand on that as much as your mind is willing to let you for how that ties into the rest of this.

    “We know men would rather stand together than purge their community of more dangerous elements.”
    Looking past the unneeded sexism of that line I presume this is in reference to the Furry Community purging its own dangerous elements.

    In terms of wider online communities (gaming for example) Furries have been one of the most ridiculed and laughed at groups for over two decades. There is very little acceptance of them bringing their shite outside of their own forums and chat rooms and into the wider internet.

  61. jockmcx says:

    Theres still some nice things
    from a real scottish woman.

  62. SusanAHF says:

    Well said twathater. It’s like Scotland has gone mad, politicians supporting fetishism groups and incitement to confrontation. Sick times

  63. rogueslr says:

    It’s a pity that Celtic aren’t playing at home this weekend as I’ve heard all Furries are Rangers fans. It’s something to do with liking the underdog, or was that liking to be the under dog?

    In the same way that garlic wards off vampires, a bottle of runny hunny, in one of those squeezable packs, wards off Furries. Who doesn’t carry one when out and about wanting a hot drink? Imagine the mess hunny would make to all that fake fur.

  64. Geoff Anderson says:

    I was so disgusted last light when I started to read the details in this article yesterday that I missed much of he detai.
    Reluctantly I sat down to read it properly again this morning. The only conclusion any sane person can arrive at is that Sturgeon has opened Scottish society to every nasty sub culture that exists.
    Those who think “this far and no further” are deluded. Whatever her original intent was she has wedged open the door for some very dark malevolent people.
    It is so bad that people cannot accept the scale of it.

    The People that Sturgeon, Cole-Hamilton, Harvie, Sarwar praise are laughing at them for their stupidity.
    Anyone can look at their profiles and see just how bad they are and I am certain that their hidden communications are much worse.

    We need every article that shines a light on this shared over and over.

    This “Be Kind” campaign is a magnet to every deviant out there. They Scottish MSPs should be charged by the Police for assisting these groomers.

  65. Breeks says:


    Goan yersell Alf!

    I’d love to know the expectations whether or not the Government can be made to see sense.

    Pardon the pun, but I get a dreadful sinking feeling that Stuart Ballantyne’s progressive interest in Scotland might be a decaying option, and the more time that is wasted, the less likely we are to get the obviously best and optimum result.

  66. Ottomanboi says:

    «This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to OVERTHROW it»

    (Abraham Lincoln)

    Effectively Scotland has no Constitution leaving only one option to halt rogue government.

  67. Lorna Campbell says:

    Ruby says: A lot of talk about furries being zoophiles.

    Not sure if they were furries, Ruby, but have read several reports in English newspapers of dogs being raped and injured by ‘trans’ identified men. Zoophilia (bestiality) is, of course, another fetish. Many people do not understand that rape, sexual assault, paedophilia, zoophilia, flashing, unwanted touching, illicit filming, obsession with used tampons, listening to females peeing, wearing baby’s nappies and sucking on dummies, wearing little girls’ clothes (never little boys’) etc., are all on the fetish spectrum, which is the only spectrum so many of these ‘trans’ identified men are actually on. This is what our elected politicians want to unleash on women and girls and children throughout the UK, starting with Scotland. I really think, with all due respect to our male allies and all those on here, that a comprehensive study, world-wide of some male sexual practices and their origins is long overdue, as is a proper study of the brainwashing and brain altering elements of porn when it is taken to extremes. What is it that triggers this because it has happened over and over again throughout human history, and, unfortunately, it usually presages a collapse in that particular society.

  68. Patsy Millar says:

    Stop the world, I want to get off.

  69. Gordon Currie says:


    I seem to remember that Stuart Ballantyne spoke to the SG about building ferries around 2008 and said he’d consult with them on a no-holds barred basis.

    He promptly advised the removal of Calmac and CMAL as being not fit for purpose. Man, was he right….

  70. JGedd says:

    What is wrong with crackbrained MSPs like McKelvie and Cole-Hamilton, supporting this stuff. They really hate the voting public don’t they?

    By the way, has Police Scotland done anything about the individual carrying that placard yet? His photograph is easily found on the internet behind the smiling Kirsten Oswald and Kaukab Stewart.

    A placard threatening violence to women is ok but a ribbon on a fence warrants prosecution? It’s a mad wee country Scotland and we all thought it could be something better. Instead, the SNP has become the worst government we ever had.

  71. Red says:

    Can we just go back to 1993 when people were normal and had normal hobbies, such as playing Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder on the Amiga?

    The internet was a mistake.

  72. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dan , you can’t get more masculine than Brian’s suggestion!
    Go ‘fur’ it.

    For the rest of this sordid stuff it pleases me that I left the
    Scottish National Perverts some years ago.

    Time for all interested parties involved in child protection to start making themselves heard – very loudly.

    And for ‘ordinary’ folk to raise their voices in the protection of women and children.

  73. Lekraw says:

    How the actual f**k have we got to the point where people can openly discuss fantasising about sex with/among children on social media without repurcussions? I don’t understand.

  74. Eileen Carson says:

    If I was anything to do with Child Protection services either with Police Scotland or Social Work I’d have Geo Sq saturated with CCTV and plain clothes. Not a wise move to take your fetish out in public for all to see.

  75. Ruby says:

    Christina McKelvie, the equalities minister, denounced the Let Women Speak event as ‘transphobic’ and warned it would include ‘hate speech’

    Isn’t this hate speech from the so called ‘equalities minister’?

    I wonder how many of the SNP politicians will join Pickle Bee & the ‘Furries’ in their attempt to silence women?

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @8.40am.

    Breeks listened to the excellent Professor Alf Baird on another clip he revealed that CalMacs continued changing of the ferries structurally was to bring Fergusons down.

    Was the building of the ferries really just a cover for some sort of slush fund where certain folk benefitted financially from it?

  77. Mac says:

    Well this is quite the fucking rock that Dr EM has turned over here.

    Anyone asked Alex ForBeth-Cole-Hamilton about it yet?

    I am trying to recall who it was who said that the popular content of pornography at any time is a barometer of that society’s mental health.

    I also read recently that the UK is leading the way in people who are suffering from a porn addiction. Like a drug addiction, you get used to it, and gradually need to ‘up the dose’ (of perversion) to chase the original high.

    Here is a line I never imagined I would read on here… “that’s your workday, hours of drawing and revising wolf boners so the veins really pop”.

    Reading this again today it really does look like there is some sort of paedophile network operating within this Furry community.

    It is an ideal front for them. And they always need a front for their activities, always, it is essential for them.

    This dressing up as a benign or cute furry animal or whatever also disarms their intended victims as Dr EM notes above.

    The cartoon porn is clearly a grooming tool to introduce the victim to graphic sexual content but in a child like cartoon way. It is a gateway to abusing them, a step on the grooming way.

    One of the cutest things I saw was in a shopping mall one day many years ago in mainland Europe. There was someone dressed up in a furry costume of some description doing a promotion and this really young little girl (3 maybe) ran up to the furry character and, with the wide-eyed innocent sincerity only a kid that age has, said in a loud voice ‘Dobry Den’ (i.e ‘Good Day’) to them in a very cute but formal way. There must have been 20 people passing around who witnessed it and this this little girl melted every one of our hearts. Total trust and total innocence embodied…

    So of course these sick fucks are attracted to this scene, it makes a lot of sense for them, as it is perfect cover plus the ideal way to access and groom their victims.

    It reminds me of the perverts who would try to get the job as the guy who dresses up as Santa to get access to touching up kids.

  78. Ottomanboi says:

    A psychological characteristic of sexual deviance is a marked lack of empathy with the object of interest.
    Lack of empathy might also be detected when government strays from its function into the murky regions of social engineering, where no sociopathic type ought to be allowed to venture.

  79. Luigi says:

    Now you know why they want rid of jury trials in rape cases. All they need is one sympathetic (bent) judge on their side (or in their “ring” so to speak) and they will get away with murder (literally).

  80. Cenchos says:

    People already infected by social contagion will use any encouragement from authority figures (who may themselves have succumbed) in order to give themselves moral permission to pursue ever more extreme behaviour.

    Those in control of highly visible permission-giving green lights, such as politicians, lawmakers, and journalists, need to be held to far, far greater account.

  81. Ottomanboi says:

    People conned again..
    Wonder how BP’s doin’….LOL!
    Pharmaceuticals doing wonderfully well too.
    Donchajust lurv free market capitalism.

  82. PacMan says:

    Ruby says: 2 February, 2023 at 10:03 am

    Christina McKelvie, the equalities minister, denounced the Let Women Speak event as ‘transphobic’ and warned it would include ‘hate speech’

    Isn’t this hate speech from the so called ‘equalities minister’?

    I wonder how many of the SNP politicians will join Pickle Bee & the ‘Furries’ in their attempt to silence women?

    As I said in a previous post, it is the SNP who is starting and is stoking up the so called ‘culture wars’ that they are trying to accuse the Tories of doing.

    It is inevitable that the outcome of all of this is that the Trans community is going to be more stigmatised and victimised. The blame will be put towards the SNP and the Green for promoting such reckless legislation and using such provocative language.

  83. revjimbob says:

    I gave up fags 15 years ago, Carol, but I feel like one after reading that.

  84. Ottomanboi says:

    What is the trans «community»? As artificial a construct as the heterosexual, black, jewish, asian and so forth «communities», an officialese box to tick, nothing else.
    We are unique individuals, we form «communities» by choice, not according to some contrived third party taxonomic program.
    Classification is the mark of totalitarianism.

  85. akenaton says:

    I think 99% of the commentators here feel sick at what Mr Campbell has so forensically revealed about these creatures, but the question remains, why are they tolerated by the political class?
    Have they really become so mired in the effluent that they cannot determine right from wrong, reality from fantasy? Is this mindset confined to politics or are the general public becoming infected?

    In the US, Donald Trump has come out unequivocally against the gender madness and says that if re-elected he will immediately outlaw an attempts to persuade children that they are in the wrong body or to attack young people with puberty blocking drugs or surgery. Doctors who attempt this “therapy” will be liable to be sued for any damage, physical or mental.
    This by a man who is regularly vilified by our press and commentators. Have ANY of our politicians got the guts to stand up for children’s or women’s rights in this straightforward manner….I very much doubt it.
    This issue is clear and if these people can be exposed for what they are, the way is clear to bring society back from the edge of the social abyss, towards which we have been heading for the last thirty years.

  86. Liz says:

    Christina Mckelvie should be sacked for that comment.
    Posie Parker has received death threats at these events so she had to hire security.

    No TRA event has had any threats.
    We have elected politicians virtually encouraging VAW.
    It’s unbelievable.

    Truth is I’m getting scared.
    We have WM SNP wanting to make deals with G Broon, over changing the UK constitution, massive alarm bells there, maybe in exchange for passing the GRR.

    We have a nutter MSP from Paisley pushing for 16,17 year olds to be elected to Holyrood to brighten the place up.

    The day has arrived when I want Holyrood closed down
    We’re in deep shit

  87. Breeks says:

    I missed this… cant imagine why.

    Pete getting his priorities in order.

    But here’s Neale Hanvey getting Scotland’s Constitutional priorities in order, and shaming all but three members of the SNP. It’s ten minutes long, but please listen to it.

    It seems Pete Wishart is just a little bit country, whereas Neale Hanvey is whole lotta Rock ‘n Roll. Go figure…

  88. Jim McIntosh says:

    For god’s sake watch yourself Stu. You know people are out to get you.

    Remember Pete Townshend, I don’t know if he was telling the truth, but his defence on child porn charges was he was doing research for his autobiography. According to The Guardian, the police reply when cautioning him and placing him on the sex register for 5 years was….

    “But police said it was not a defence “to access these images for research or out of curiousity”. Townshend had also claimed that he did a lot of work for charities struggling to stem the tide of online child pornography.”

  89. Liz says:

    I never went along with the hate Trump mantra.
    As soon as all media outlets and lefties are telling me to hate someone I’ve never met and no little about, alarm bells ring.

    So Trump slept with prostitutes and probably did several crazy things, mainly I think to increase his bank balance but he did take US troops out of Syria and has always been against the trans mantra.

    That’s why anyone who opposes the TRAs is classed as being an extreme right wing Christian fundamentalist Trump supporter, yawn.

    It’s up to the US who they vote for, no one since Kennedy, and he did sleep around, has been any good, except maybe Carter and the media hated him as well.

  90. PhilM says:

    Interesting to read the Herald article on Sturgeon by Rebecca McQuillan.
    An object lesson on how journalism works:
    In order for a MSM journalist to find fault with Sturgeotti and question whether her tenure is coming to a close, you have to overpraise her past: better leader than Salmond, sober self-discipline, more explicit social justice goals, punishing work ethic…how grateful the Scottish public were to have Sturgeon instead [of BoJo] during the pandemic..key to her longevity her ability to read and respond to the popular mood…20 years ago she marched to save local hospitals from closure…rarely in her long career on the wrong side of public opinion…ha f***ing ha…Jeezo!
    As the MSM have given Sturgeotti a pass for decades, her past cannot now be mentioned and used against her, years of neglecting to subject her control-freakery to any scrutiny, failing to interrogate her pre-political years, failing to connect evidence and to report on recent events that we ALL know about, therefore this journalist has to pretend there’s a Sturgeon-shaped hole in the annals of the corruption of Scottish public life. Truly pathetic and crass beyond measure. Seems like memory loss is infecting anyone who might be held accountable for what they say or do…
    So let’s all applaud the white knights of our media battalions, using their trusty swords and shields to speak truth to power, let’s all buqt a paper…after all…that kind of shiny armour can’t be cheap.
    Scottish political journalism..riding the crest of the populist wave on the way up and on the way down…why exactly?…well…we don’t want to get our clothes wet or look down into the murky depths. We just want those advertising spondoolies…
    Feeling strangely angry after that…so I’m away to calm down listening to some soothing early 60s jazz.
    Yes, JAZZ!!!

  91. Lil says:

    I’ll be at the women’s really on Sunday. These perverts should think twice about coming anywhere near me. That includes Beth the Beast.

  92. ScotsRenewables says:

    Breeks says:
    2 February, 2023 at 11:55 am
    I missed this… cant imagine why.

    Breeks, most of us are blocked by Mr Slippers, perhaps you could screenshot any relevant tweets in your posts?

  93. akenaton says:

    Couldn’t agree more Liz, Where are the MSPs up on the podium shouting “Scotland First!” They are hiding behind their adopted sexual identities.
    There is a tremendous job ahead to repair the damage done by Murrell &Co and to find representatives who really believe the narrative. How the hell did we get from the warm loving family orientated people whom I remember, to the vicious child harmers and women abusers of the present time.
    People are easily led, even those who value normality. I see around me folks from families which I thought I knew as well as my own, afraid to stand up and speak out about speech and actions which I know horrify them.

  94. Ottomanboi says:

    «The English have resolved the requests of Scotland ‘the English way’» says the Pope.
    The English way as in the Falklands resolution, Holiness?
    Argentinian style knowing wink, wink,

  95. robbo says:

    LMAO Aye hen and 95% of the other roasters too don’t forget!

    She said: “This individual claims to be a woman – what I said was that I don’t have information about whether those claims have validity or not.

    Aye me tae I’m not a woman because I have a penis ya clown.

  96. Bob Mack says:

    Sturgeon refuses to call rapist man or woman,
    Just rapist.

    If he was accepted as being trans or held a GRC before these charges then the law could not prosecute him for rape. Only sexual assault by one woman on another.

    That he had all his ” bits ” would be irrelevant.


  97. SusanAHF says:

    Why do men pretending to be women go in for the head tilt and raised eyebrows in their photos? Do they really think it makes them look feminine? Do they really think women look like that? I must be doing womaning wrong

  98. Ruby says:

    robbo says:
    2 February, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    LMAO Aye hen and 95% of the other roasters too don’t forget!

    The First Minister was pressed on whether she thinks Bryson – who was convicted of raping two women while she was a man called Adam Graham – is a woman.

    What a totally crazy question!

    There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere.

    Anyone remember these ‘what is the difference’ jokes from childhood.

    The one I remember is

    What’s the difference between an elephant and a loaf of bread?
    I don’t know.
    Remind me not to send you for the messages.

    The First Minister & her crew have told us quite categorically that ‘transwomen are women’ if Isla Bryson says he’s a woman then he is a woman and if the FM thinks otherwise then she is a transphobe, a bigot, a misogynist, a fake feminist, a terf & probably a racist.

  99. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the Judas when asked at FMQ’s still can’t say whether Adam Graham aka Isla Bryson is a woman or not, even though he raped two women and still has all his dangly bits.

    Get her and her party out of office.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  100. Mac says:

    Wow that David Challenor guy father of Ashton… all I can say is he deserves putting down.

    And who rapes their own dementia suffering mum…

    Normal people just can’t appreciate how far gone these people are to be capable of doing stuff like this. It is staggering they can do what they do.

    Like the ex-head of LGBT Youth Scotland who tried his best to rape his friends 18 month old baby.

    The phrase used above that sticks in my head is “breaking boundaries”.

    This is what they want to do, break boundaries, this is what I think actually turns them on. They are so sick in the head it is hard for any sane person to comprehend.

    Scotland and Gomorrah indeed.

  101. McDuff says:

    The only language these filthy politicians will understand is unemployment. It’s time to vote them out.

  102. lothianlad says:

    Utterly sickening!!

    Wouldn’t be surprised if these politicians have been outed/compromised by these groups and are owned by them. Or are they secretly supporters??

    The compliant media and establishment need exposed.
    GOOD work REV!

  103. stuart mctavish says:


    What was her reply?

    My understanding is that the judge ordered the court to refer to the accused as a woman so that if FM (or any other MSP) contradicted the court order, despite not being there to receive it, she/they can expect 8 months imprisonment in a jail of their choosing (given that the S35 order, clearly, has no standing in a Scottish court)

    Meanwhile any rumours that, when told :

    “These are simple questions, and if you can’t answer them (,) all we can conclude is that the government has lost the last shred of respect it has for the Scottish Parliament.”

    .., the AG responded to the Herald politician of the year (or the other one) with something along lines of:

    ‘No shit shurl, substitute the word people for parliament or government and your rant still makes much sense. Lets see how many MPs turn up for the lied suddenly adjournment debate lest the Crown be obliged to put Westminster in same category..

    are unlikely to be true (sadly 🙂 )

  104. Christopher Pike says:

    Nicola Sturgeon got absolutely leathered by Douglas Ross during today’s FMQs. When Douglas Ross can beat you in a debate, then you know your time is over.

  105. sarah says:

    @ Breeks at 11.55: “Neale Hanvey’s Bill”

    Good news. It got 16 votes in favour so now goes to the 2nd reading: 2 x Alba, Margaret Ferrier, and 13 SNP!!!

    SNP J Cherry, D Chapman, A B MacNeil, P Grant, M Docherty, S Bonnar, T Sheppard, A Qaisir, D Doogan, Stuart McDonald, P Gibson, B O’Hara, R Thomson.

  106. Andrew scott says:

    Interesting that at lunchtime shortbread news the supine beeb went on sarwars questions on
    Local authorities lack of funds
    No mention of mrs murrells skewering on the issue of the moment when she “did not have enough information”to answer a simple question
    Can a two times rapist be a woman????
    Scotland is dooomed

  107. JGedd says:

    I managed to watch part of the Disclosure Scotland programme that someone also mentioned up-thread.

    It was a dark and disturbing story of legal folk. There had been rumours deliberately spread and nurtured by one lawyer, Henderson, an admired defence lawyer who was a bon viveur and raconteur, that there was ‘a magic circle’ in the legal fraternity including on the bench, who were homosexual. This was in the 80s and 90s when being gay was no longer a prosecutable offence but could still be detrimental to your career. The implication was, that these lawyers and judges could be open to blackmail.

    For years there were suspicions about this secret ‘magic circle’
    which made for a very nervous legal fraternity in Edinburgh. However, it was the contention of the programme that Henderson had used it as a distraction from his own nefarious activities as it was later revealed, once he was dead, that he had been a paedophile who operated within a circle of other deviants, even tragically, his own daughter, who he pimped out to his fellow paedophiles at ‘parties’.

    The daughter’s story was particularly harrowing. Her childhood was despoiled by a wicked and depraved father and his equally depraved circle. Eventually she had been able to tell the police about his criminal activities after he was dead though one of his friends was eventually found guilty of what he had done to her and four other children. (This was among the professional middle class. Wonder how many of these cases go unreported or remain hidden while the media focusses on working class monsters?)

    However, there was also the dark and murky tale of discoveries made by Lothian and Borders police regarding a paedophile ring who had preyed on and procured youths usually from troubled backgrounds, again centred again on Edinburgh. The police thought that they had an ironclad case with testimony from the victims and were shocked when the cases began to unravel when the charges came to court, ending up with only a few charges of a lesser nature found against only a handful of accused.

    The programmed did not divulge who the guilty men were, nor did they investigate why in the Henderson case only his name emerged as well as that of fellow lawyer, John Watt ( now in prison.) Yet, Henderson’s daughter had testified to being passed around at parties. Still the ‘magic circle’ of paedophiles remains in the shadows. Apparently, not everything can be revealed even yet.

    A sad postscript to this sordid tale is that not only is Henderson’s daughter left with memories of her pitiful childhood which cannot be exorcised, but of the nine young men who were procured by those evil paedophiles, five of them died soon after the events of the trial, their lives cut short by suicide or drugs but ultimately, because they had been used and abused by ruthless criminals, most of whom did not receive the justice they deserved. We are still left in the dark about who these individuals were. They could still be part of Edinburgh society.

    I can’t get these stories out of my head, not least because so much is still unexplained and raises more questions than it answers about the dark heart of our capital city and the powerful within it. So, when people wonder about recent events and the bizarre happenings in Holyrood, so intimately entwined with the small, enclosed world of Edinburgh power groups, circles within circles, I wonder, too.

  108. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    2 February, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Sturgeon the Judas when asked at FMQ’s still can’t say whether Adam Graham aka Isla Bryson is a woman or not, even though he raped two women and still has all his dangly bits.

    Get her and her party out of office.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    I found it a bit surreal to be honest.

    Sturgeon waffling on about risk assessments determining whether a rapist is a danger to females and goes to a male or female prison… all sounds bizarre, yet terribly reasonable.

    But she is forcing through legislation which allows self ID to be the authoritative definition of whether a man is a man or a woman… NOT a risk assessment by a level headed professional, but the arbitrary construct of the dubious individual himself who may be mentally ill, deranged, or criminally evasive.

    Ill, deranged or criminal, but still the one individual Sturgeon is putting in sovereign command of deciding what his sex is.

    There were protocols advanced to address the issues of criminals abusing the Self ID proposals, but the MSP’s voting through this madness voted to exclude these safeguards!

    If the prisoner’s sex and thus prison, can be determined during the risk assessment stage run by the Prison Service, which we must assume from Sturgeon’s somewhat evasive answers, is the case, that isn’t Self-ID, it is surely “Prison Service ID” isn’t it?

    She says a rapist is a rapist, so can only be a man held in a male prison, then why is there a need Self ID in the first place? Isn’t it IMPLICIT and wholly irreconcilable that Transwomen are NOT women simply because they identify themselves as women?

    If the Prison Service is not to be bound by Self-ID legislation, then who else is exempt from the Law besides the Prison Service? Are the Police to be given similar powers of discrimination? How about the NHS and Carers? Do individual Prison Officers need to get a certificate which allows them to subjugate an overrule a prisoners self identification?

    You CANNOT have it both ways. This is Kafkaesque nonsense.

  109. Ruby says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    2 February, 2023 at 3:43 pm


    What was her reply?

    She says
    “No but yeah, but no but yeah but no but yeah but she might be a woman but she might be lying about being a woman. We have no way of knowing if she is lying or what is even meant by the term woman. She self-id as a woman so she must be a woman ‘transwomen are women. ”

    How’s that Stuart did that help?

  110. stuart mctavish says:

    JGedd @4:54

    According to wiki the judge in the Clydebank Shaggers case was sitting in High Court in Glasgow so chances are he’s got a good alibi.

    If so, his unbiased interpretation that the gallant effort to save Scots women from their men in skirts with a timely S35 order can have no standing in a Scottish court regardless MUST be taken as gospel unless specifically overturned – ie meaning also that, further to the high court decision on the indyref question, there can now be no contractual mechanism in the Scotland Act by which the UK government is able to stop the Scottish one holding a constitutional referendum without S30 agreement (should it so desire).

    That said, an interesting occam’s razor like twist might be that, even setting aside whether the sex was consensual (or understandable difficulties in apportioning degrees of guilt and infamy in event it began as such), if Isla Bryson is indeed at it (as some playing a blinder have suggested) then presumably her lawyer will have every incentive* to continue the fallacy and target substantial compensation from all the high profile ‘defamation’ she’s been subject to – whereas if she turns out to be a ‘genuinely fragile’ trans woman then ALL supporters of the controversial bill will surely be ethically and emotionally bound to fight the defamation cases on her behalf!

    *ie if he doesn’t want struck off

  111. Patrick D says:

    Child trappers in our midst.
    The degradation of Pride, which has opened its doors to any type of depravity, reaches what i hope is the bottom of the barrel.
    This type of fetishism, along with drag story hour, will set back gay and lesbian progress by 30 years.

  112. Charlton Heston says:

    Porn is getting be blamed for a lot of things lately but I think the cart is being put before the horse. It reminds me of the argument that violent video games cause violence. Peer reviewed studies are continually coming out showing that isn’t the case.

    I suspect sick porn doesn’t make furries. Furries make sick porn. Even the anecdotal evidence in this article indicates people with a predilection for this stuff are deliberately seeking it out. It’s not a slippery slope.

  113. Corrado Mella says:

    This kind of stuff has been going on for decades and you all just now cotton up to it?

    A bit like a now closed and demolished pub close to where I live; everyone knew it was a swingers’ place, I think on Fridays. Car keys in the bowl and away you go kind of place.

    Yet, nobody was wondering who in the neighborhood or from town was going to that pub. Everyone looked the other way when driving or walking past.

    Hypocrites, all of them.
    And all of you for having tolerated this furry, nappy, AGP and other fetishist crap until now.

    Time to go back to the pillory in high street for this deviants.

  114. David+Mooney says:

    I feel sick. I thought I knew stuff but THIS. Jeeze!!! these feckers should be in jail.

  115. Lindsay says:

    Horrific but unsurprising – if you google “Kero The Wolf” you will discover more about “furries” but be warned the content is horrific.

  116. Baker Charlie says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know furries were ALWAYS a sex thing. I have old comics my late husband picked up (given to him, he collected them as a novelty/joke) at Bay Area cons in the ’80’s and ’90’s that were the part of the beginnings of the ‘Furry Fandom’. Foxes with big tits with nipples, no overt genitalia but definitely implied along with very sexual plot lines.Furries were never innocent.

  117. Gepard says:

    Have to dispute one fact here, on the meaning of “yiff.” It originated at least as early as sometime in the ’90s and it was an onomatopoeia (supposedly) for the sound mating foxes make, and was – at least in its original form – a term for any sexual/erotic/pornographic content or roleplaying. As far as I am aware,that meaning has not changed. The term definitely predates the queering of the furry fandom, at any rate.

    As for the rest, unfortunately, it’s far closer to reality than I would like. The furry fandom just was not like this 20+ years ago when I first got interested in the art and culture. Sometime over the past 15 years it’s basically fused with Pride, so it’s rainbow flags, political slogans, and angry gay/transsexuals everywhere. I wanted to die at the final con I attended when the MC loudly selected in the closing ceremonies that “if you’re here, you’re queer!” A proclamation met with cheers from the audience. (I am a heterosexual man who happens to enjoy furry pinup art; I do not and will not be inducted into a revolutionary political label because of who else happens to like furry porn.)

    I was rather shocked the first time I attended a convention in the 2010s because I saw gay men leading what were presumably their sexual partners around on leashes, while wearing leather pup masks, in the lobby of the hotels where the conventions took place. The cons supposedly have policies in place to keep content safe for kids, by carding for access to the adult art and the like, but in my opinion it only does so much when flagrant displays of sexual transgression are flaunted so openly. Children just should not be allowed at these things in my opinion, at least not without some central fandom authority really cracking down.

    The fandom does have a long history of infighting over the above issues, though. In the old days, concerned members sometimes attempted to raise red flags and/or police bad behavior, to pitiful results. Look up the “Burned Furs” movement for an example, if you’re curious.

    To be fair to the artists and attendees: I’ve never personally seen anything to suggest that fursuiting is primarily or even partially about sexual gratification; for the most part, the suiters I’ve run into seem more interested in embodying a character than in getting their rocks off. And quite a few of them seem painfully shy, with the suits acting as protective shields, a way to manage severe social anxiety. Unfortunately this means that, the longer than fandom has gone on, the further its members seem to have drifted from reality in the aggregate. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, artists had screennames or artist names, and people made up fursonas, but much of the info they presented about themselves online and in person was basically real life. Nowadays, everyone is an uWu sparkledog named Vorath with a non-binary pansexual identity and it has zero to do with who this person likely is offline. It’s become an impenetrable shield against knowing anyone for real.

    I’m ultimately of the opinion that furry is, first and foremost, an identity movement/hobby, and as such it folds sexuality into itself, along with every other imaginable emotional state. So, to the question that seems to get furries and non-furries alike so worked up, if furry is a sex thing or not, my answer is: “yes.”

  118. Thanks4wings says:

    Brought to you by Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda of the Government of Spain:

    “In addition to championing human/animal love the 2030 Agenda ministry also oversees family affairs, minors protection, disability and prevention of youth crime, adoptions and foster care, and the promotion of cultural communication and youth association“

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