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The baggage of the past

Posted on August 15, 2015 by

Reporting on the election of Kezia Dugdale as Scottish Labour’s sixth leader in eight years, the BBC quotes her as saying “We are changing. I am part of a new generation. Someone without the baggage of the past”.


Keen followers of First Minister’s Questions will doubtless be excited to witness the weekly jousts, as the dynamic new regime of Kezia Dugdale sweeps out the tired old broom of Labour’s previous FMQs inquisitor, er, Kezia Dugdale.

Curiously, while the BBC was present and broadcasting live at the announcement of the new leader and deputy, neither’s acceptance speech was broadcast on TV, radio or online, which may well have surprised viewers and listeners who’ve become used to 50-minute prime-time Gordon Brown “intervention” specials.

In Dugdale’s case, our best guess is that the BBC didn’t want to have to fact-check it.

In case of stuff like this.

Or this.

Or this.

Or this.

We hope Scottish Labour’s exciting new generation of change will be characterised by a rather more diligent approach to the truth. We’d be thrilled if outright lies were among the baggage being dumped. But we’re not holding our breath or anything.

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    177 to “The baggage of the past”

    1. Donald MacKenzie says:

      I wonder how long she’ll last?

      A gift to the cause of Scottish independence. Gaun yersel’ hen!

    2. jimnarlene says:

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    3. Firestarter says:

      Ho ho ho. “Scottish” Labour ….the gift that just keeps on giving.
      Any way of finding out how many votes were actually cast? 😉
      And how many each candidate got?

    4. Les Wilson says:

      ” But we’re not holding our breath or anything.”
      Neither should, we, it will take the first FMQ to emerge.

      Kezia will be out to make a name for herself, it just might not be the one she wanted!.

    5. Itchybiscuit says:

      I am delighted that Deputy Dug is now full-blown ‘Sheriff Dug’.

      I want to thank all of the Scottish Labour (branch office) supporters who made her victory possible – all 5000-odd of them.

      This is truly democracy in action.

      Now where did I leave my popcorn and fizzy drink?

    6. Swiss perspective says:

      This beggars belief.
      The problem I see is that if Scotland’s political opposition is really as bad as this, are we really worthy of independence?

    7. Luigi says:

      Never mind, Ken:

      Third time lucky eh? 🙂

    8. Angry Weegie says:

      Craig Murray quotes a Labour source saying 7111 votes.

    9. Macart says:

      ‘Someone without the baggage of the past’?


      Have I woken up in some mad alternate universe where Kezia doesn’t finish every sentence with SNP bad?

      Still, nice to know what you’re dealing with at the end of the day.

    10. Vronsky says:

      Thank you God, the extinction of the Red Tories is now assured.

      But, um, – I didn’t mean that stuff about being willing to barbecue my grandchildren if you could fix it for us that Kez would be next captain of the Titanic. One says some silly things in prayers. You must know that was a joke?

      You do? Great. Thanks.

    11. Paula Rose says:

      According to Craig Murray she got a staggering 5,217 votes!

    12. Indy Nurse says:

      5217 votes for Kezia out of whole of “Scottish” Labour according to Craig Murray’s source

    13. bookie from hell says:

      douglas fraser@bbc – michelle mone

      1 hour/50 mins

    14. Joemcg says:

      WTF is up with kezia’s kenny Everett style hands.

    15. heedtracker says:

      Is there a book running on her first blurt out of a massive SLabour whopper?

      Rancid Graun

      “Aberdeen-born Dugdale, 33, was elected as MSP for the Lothian region in 2011. Within two years she won the “one to watch” category at the annual Scottish Politician of the Year awards, partly as a result of her work with the Debtbusters campaign to crack down on payday lending.”

      Rancid hypocrites at the Graun don’t say what Dugdale’s previous experience was but you can really shoot up the greasy red and blue Tory UKOK pole these days.

      Ruth Davidson was an MSP for a few months, then got made up to blue Tory Scotland leader. Brains not luck.

      We’re so lucky here in their Scotland region to have such gifted political talents and not stuffed shirts, doing as they’re told, by London HQ.

    16. Lesley-Anne says:


      Does this mean that there will be no more Dugdale put down shows?

      I used to enjoy these comedy shows so very much. They were the highlight of every Thursday. 😛

      I guess this means that it will all be *ahem* serious stuff from her from now on, now that she is her own boss. Oh wait a minute though is she actually her own boss or is … erm … Jeremy Corbyn her new boss. 😀

      On second thoughts scrub that, it looks like Thursdays will be as they were before after all the Dugdale put down show is still alive and lives in Holyrood! WOO HOO! 😀

    17. Marie Clark says:

      I find myself totally underwhelmed by all of this.

    18. William Beedie says:

      Sacked sometime next may, SNP whitewash in North Britain again

    19. G H Graham says:

      Think of Labour’s north British accounting unit, as a single McDonald’s franchise operator in say, Kirkwall, who has ambitions to change the global, fast food provider’s menu.

      Against the backdrop of millions of dollars in research & development, focus groups, taste tests & investor opinion, all of which is fed back to HQ in Oakbrook, Illinois, the plucky Orkney operator thinks customers, from all over the world, would prefer to have bite sized haggis pellets instead of chicken McNuggets on the menu.

      The gestation of this idea came from one of his old mates, who runs a seasonal crail boat out of Scrabster. While drinking with him at a pub on the mainland, his mate remembered something about a holiday he took a few years ago; a small, struggling, side street restaurant serving haggis & anchovy soup in Benidorm.

      Our franchisee suddenly imagined hundreds of Orcadians, willing to form huge lines outside his own restaurant even in the pissing rain, for the reward of haggis pellets, medium fries, barbecue sauce & a coke with no ice.

      You might think this entire exercise completely bonkers. But when you really think about it, our Orcadian’s wistful dreams are no more fantastical than Labour’s north British accounting unit winning back any of its loyal support any time soon. And certainly not with “Dizzy” Dugdale at the helm.

    20. shiregirl says:

      I give her six months at the very most.

      What an absolute gift to SNP and Independence. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

      Thanks Dug 🙂

    21. 5217 votes… lol. Just lol.

    22. Fran says:

      @ swiss perspective, 2.53pm

      I found that to be a bit of a stumbling block during Ref1. Punters would say that aye the SNP are doing a good job but who else is there? Even if I pointed out the WM horde would need to return to sit in HR, it wasn’t a big incentive. To me, the biggest winner for BT was the fact that they were useless and couldn’t run a bath.

      Maybe with the 56 in WM now, all being of original different party persuasions but SNP at moment can convince a number of voters that aye, Scotland does have the depth of talent to run its own affairs.

      The unionist parties do have talent, its just that they want to be US to prove a point that we, as country, aren’t competent. Even when I write this, it seems a bit Moulder and Scully.

    23. Kenny says:

      I used to cringe whenever Johann Lamont appeared on television.

      If you are bored, you can while away a few minutes by googling “Johann Lamont car crash interview” and watching the random horror shows.

      But it is strange how “good by Labour standards” she now appears when you compare her to the likes of Murray and Dugdale.

      The question is: who will be the next leader after the rout in the Holyrood elections next year? Dugdale comes across even worse on the telly than Murphy did and I cannot imagine her winning more than a handful of seats for the Red Pawns.

    24. Jimbo says:

      I reckon she’s only got until Friday, 6th May, 2016 as Slab’s branch manager.

      After the votes have been counted and declared in the wee small hours there won’t be a Slab party considered worthy of having a branch manager or a branch manager considered worthy of being a leader.

    25. I make that a resounding endorsement of the opposition leader by 0.09% of Scotland.

    26. Tackety Beets says:

      KD 5K2 odd votes = 70%

      Does that reflect only about 7.5K SLab TOTAL Voted ?

      Hardly emphatic

    27. galamcennalath says:

      “We’d be thrilled if outright lies were among the baggage being dumped”

      Steady on! Some things are within the bounds of possibility. Others however, are an integral part of the dying beast.

    28. Robert Roddick says:

      ”Without the baggage of the past”?
      Didn’t she work for FFoulkes sake for five years?

    29. heedtracker says:

      I used to cringe whenever Johann Lamont appeared on television

      No different via Dugdale. Front page rancid Graun Dugdale interview vid today and that deer in headlights shocked expresion pops up.

      “Waffle waffle blah, blah, Happy, bleh” Interviewer asks “could you work with Corbyn and his Trident scrapping?” Dugdale panic,
      “delighted to work, fresh start today, hard work starts here, delighted to work with all Leaders, fresh starts, education, do you want a house? vote all new SLab, fresh start, delighted, change, equality, we’re changing, change, country, new, fresh, do you want a house?”

    30. Andy-B says:

      I very much doubt Dugdale will revive London Labour’s branch office in Scotland, they have reached the point of irrelevance in most folks eyes.

      They just can’t be trusted anymore.

    31. galamcennalath says:

      Swiss perspective says:
      “The problem I see is that if Scotland’s political opposition is really as bad as this, are we really worthy of independence?”

      If that were Scotland’s political opposition, you might have a point. However, that’s not what SLab is. They are a bunch of individuals chosen firstly for their unshakable loyalty to London rule, and secondly to not be the sharpest pencils in the box, least they actually do some original thinking for themselves.

      They are Scotland’s burden we have to suffer as part of clinging on to this Union. As a local sub-organisation, they have incompetence built in. That way they remain unthinkingly loyal to the Union, never ever questioning it.

      As for ‘opposition’, I think what Scotland needs is a ‘loyal opposition’ – loyal to the people of Scotand and their best interests. How and when will that appear? Soon, in our multiparty independent country.

    32. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Last fling of the die (?} for BritLab’s subsidiary in North Britain with some “able”, throat-cutting assistance from Mr Corbyn on his imperial progress through the barbarian, Debatable Lands of Jockland issuing fiats.

      Suspect a final rumping for the Unionists’s remnant forces in Scotland come the next Holyrood elections with their contingent at Holyrood all but vanquished (Ms Dugdale at the head of the queue banging elbows with Ms Davidson as they grab their P45s on their way out to oblivion).

      Mr Rennie sneaking out some back door, snivelling “It wisnae me. It wis Carmichael and yon yin from the Orkneys and Shetlands wot made me do it”.

      Murray and Mun(d)ell the last line of British defense in Alba along with their British Civil Service hard men and women.

      Is there a script writer out there able to incorporate this “fantastical” scenario into an update of “Outlander” (?) – am watching it in Tokyo. Because, as sure as fcuk, this final unraveling of the Union and the British fag-end of empire is the epitome of farce.

    33. Kennedy says:

      No change then. No future either. Bye bye Labour.

    34. donald anderson says:

      Ni brains. Just any old rubbish that comes into her head and goes unnoticed by a servile media, same as the Murph.

    35. Jim Mitchell says:

      Oor Kez as Scottish branch office boss, what great news for the SNP!

    36. biecs says:

      I love the way Dugdale talks as if she believes she really is a party leader with the ability to make decisions instead of just the North Branch manager waiting to find out who the new MD is going to be and what policies she will be expected to implement.

    37. Kevee Helmet says:

      Ok you might have 56 out of 59 MPs, majority in Holyrood, 62% in the opinion polls, Alex Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon, Mhairi Black et al

      but we’ve got THE DUGSTER


    38. woosie says:

      That’s the Scottish Government sown up for the SNP then. I bet NS can’t believe her luck! She must feel like a world champion boxer facing a succession of challengers dragged out of hospital beds!

      The SNP should close its press office, and simply repeat everything any unionist representative ever utters about Scotland. Effortless.

      Rather depressing there won’t be a new face constantly being proved a shouty liar in Holyrood though.

    39. Proud Cybernat says:

      Didn’t Dugdale, during IndyRef#1 Campaign, state that Scotland was way, waaaaay down the world league in terms of GDP while totally ignoring the fact that it is per capita GDP that is important. Lie? Spin. I say another ‘crafted l;ie’. Not technically untrue but totally economical with the truth. Dunderheid. It’s their damned lies I simply cannot tolerate. And it is their lies that has finished them.

      SLAB Leader #7 coming soon after SE2016. (Will they have anyone left?)

    40. cearc says:

      So, who’ll be next year’s new leader?

    41. heedtracker says:

      This beggars belief.
      The problem I see is that if Scotland’s political opposition is really as bad as this, are we really worthy of independence?

      What an odd outlook on the future of our country. The opposition sucks, lets give up!

      Only in their Scotland region…

    42. Bill Hume says:

      I rejoiced when they chose Murphy.

      I pissed myself laughing when I heard they’d choosen Kezia.

    43. Lesley-Anne says:

      Proud Cybernat says:

      SLAB Leader #7 coming soon after SE2016. (Will they have anyone left?)

      Erm Ken Macintosh perhaps PC? 😀

      Let’s face it he may be about the only one left to stand after May 2016. 😀

    44. galamcennalath says:

      OT this made me choke on my beer!

      From the Mirror …

      “A crowd-funding campaign to help Lousia Sewell foot the bill raised more than £9,000 in just one day …. The decision to charge her with theft was described as ‘grotesque’ by a church leader who raised money to help the 32-year-old …. Reverend Stuart Campbell, who lives more than 90 miles away in Bath”

      That would the Church of the Latter Day Scottish Saintly CyberNats?

      Wings Over Scotland seems to have got lost in translation somewhere along the line.

    45. galamcennalath says:

      Proud Cybernat says:

      “SLAB Leader #7 coming soon after SE2016. (Will they have anyone left?)”

      Perhaps they will just do the honest thing and dissolve the charade which is ‘Scottish’ Labour and run what little will be left of the show directly (openly) from London.

    46. cearc says:


      St. Stu next?

    47. cearc says:

      Meanwhile folks. Don’t forget oor Boorach who needs an upgraded van to live in whilst having his cancer treatment.

    48. Kevie Helmet says:

      galamcennalath says:
      15 August, 2015 at 4:36 pm

      Swiss perspective says:
      “The problem I see is that if Scotland’s political opposition is really as bad as this, are we really worthy of independence?”


      Is it not a good thing that the SNP has little or no opposition this is not about right wing, left wing, Trident this is about our fundamental right to be a sovereign nation, in time the internal politics will take care of itself.

      we must keep supporting the SNP because right now they are our best bet for independence whether you agree with all their policies or not

      Kezia Dugdale is a gift who I wish I could have empathy for but she must be destroyed along with her corrupt insignificant little branch office because she’s in the way

    49. Mealer says:

      Bonnie Prince Bob has an excellent clip of Ms Dugdale on YouTube.I think it’s titled “When You’re Smiling”.Well worth a look.

    50. Vambomarbeleye says:

      I am sitting up here in wester Ross. The sun is shining through the living room window. I am listening to the tango channel on calm radio via the Internet. ( no bbc pish) through the big speakers and now the dug has got leader. Life just can’t get any better. Yes it can. Off to pour a nippy sweetly. Just to compliment the calm inner glow that Kezia has given me. Slanted!

    51. heedtracker says:

      She got a lovely big boost just there from BBC tea time national news just there. You’d think that lot of sneaks and creeps were trying to sell all new exciting and different Slab.

    52. Gary45% says:

      So Dipity Dug is now the Top Dug.
      Watching her is like watching a dug with worms dragging its *rse across the carpet, only she is less entertaining!
      Stock up with popcorn for FMQs. Woohoo

    53. Croompenstein says:

      @gala –

      The decision to charge her with theft was described as ‘grotesque’ by a church leader who raised money to help the 32-year-old …. Reverend Stuart Campbell, who lives more than 90 miles away in Bath

      LOL, they are trying to picture Stu like this…

    54. orri says:

      Actually, I find comfort in the idea that we’ve reached as stage where the opposition in Scotland is as useless. It implies that the competent ones are all in the SNP. That would suggest that the wisdom is that Scotland would best be served by independence or failing that as much autonomy as possible. There would be nothing surprising if within a very short period post independence the SNP were to fracture into at least two if not more parts each led by those same competent and capable politicians.

      On the other hand, I’ve toyed with the concept of a fictional account of a single party state where the kicker is that in actuality everyone is a member and compelled to vote for their local representative. The irony being that in this scenario the allegedly multi party system in the UK is actually less democratic than the one where, at least, officially there’s only a single party.

    55. Croompenstein says:

      @Vambomarbeleye –

      now the dug has got leader. Life just can’t get any better

      Oh it will Vam if wee shouty ‘Whit ye dain in Linn Park’ Matheson gets to be the new Deputy….Bring…It…On… 🙂

    56. Lesley-Anne says:

      Mealer says:

      Bonnie Prince Bob has an excellent clip of Ms Dugdale on YouTube.I think it’s titled “When You’re Smiling”.Well worth a look.

      you mean this one Mealer? 😀

    57. Kevin Evans says:

      Ahhhh remember when Jim was clinging on for dear life to the job after the GE. Squeezing the last penny’s he could get from being leader.

      Now kezzy is in charge. Her mentors am sure have prepared her well for the job in hand. It’s gonna be funny her trying to be Jim Murphy without his notes to help her.

      Kez got a wee tip for ya that will help – just tell the truth and don’t try and spin shite just to say SNP bad. I wanna hear policy’s .

    58. Paula Rose says:

      Can Kezia do all that footie keepie-uppie stuff, running about in a PE kit and balancing on Irn-Bru crates that we expect from the branch office leader?

    59. Stoker says:


      Dippy Dug & Alex Rowley (Crash Broons friend and former adviser)
      Or should that be Dippy Dug & JK Rowley? 🙂

      Sorry, folks, just couldn’t resist the great news, ciao for now!


    60. Daisy Walker says:


      I don’t tweet but I saw this and wanted to reply

      Dun Garbhan ?@Dungarbhan 6h6 hours ago
      Anyone in the Labour Party who thinks Rowley was standing for position of Depute Leader doesn’t know Alex Rowley

      No-one was thinking this, everyone was thinking, ‘Rowley? Who?’

      And then I saw this…

      ‘Swiss perspective says:
      15 August, 2015 at 2:53 pm
      This beggars belief.
      The problem I see is that if Scotland’s political opposition is really as bad as this, are we really worthy of independence?’

      Ye Whit? So, the people of Scotland vote for an effective, professional, principled bunch
      and reject out of hand a shower of unprincipled, sold out, clapped out, third raters (on a good day and with the wind in their sails).
      But really, what does that say about us as a country – making sensible decisions like that, eh. That’s no way to run anything is it? Employing a bunch of people who are good at delivering what they say they will…. Oh, wait….

      But why stop at politicians we don’t elect – why not judge our ‘worthiness’ by some other section of the public we don’t vote for, how about criminals who’ve got the jail…

      There’s wee Jimmy McNed, getting the jail for the 5th time for breaking into a house to steal, and getting caught, yet again…. with criminals like this – is Scotland Worthy of Independence?

      You judge a person by the choices they make and the indecisions they regret.

      Not the ones they actively reject.

      Awaw’n, eat chess wi holes in it. It’ll match your brain waves.

    61. heedtracker says:

      Who is this Alex Fowley of Liars Inc?

      Didn’t take long to update his wiki thingee. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    62. Wills says:

      lets be honest…… Who is daft enough to take the job on……. she’s ….
      1/ dishonest
      2/ deluded
      Exactly what ascot lab deserves.

    63. Croompenstein says:

      Aw FFS I didn’t notice they had the picked the new Deputy of Rock Ridge.. Oh well wee shouty will be oot on his erse in 2017

    64. Craig P says:

      SLAB somehow managed to choose the worst option *again* for leader. Could have Bern worse though – Richard Baker might have got deputy.

    65. BrianW says:

      I said to my partner ‘I see Kezia Dugdale won the Scottish labour leadership’

      I was a bit surprised at the reply.. ‘I dinna even know who that is’


    66. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Read the mirror article on the Rev. Thought my day couldn’t get better. I was wrong. Priceless

    67. Karmanaut says:

      Slightly O/T
      Scottish Labour’s latest accounts are online.

      Weirdly, the income from membership is up on last year. However, this includes undisclosed income from “affiliated and party organisation is Scotland”. Weirdly, the income from such affiliates is listed elsewhere as £0.

      Dunno what’s going on there, but something smells wrong.

    68. Big Jock says:

      I give her 16 months.

    69. Stoker says:

      Oh, yes, one more thing before i get back to my weekend.

      The Rev quotes the BBC as quoting Dippy Dug thus:
      “I am part of a new generation.”

      Aye hen, whits that, Generation-X?
      And just like Generation-X Slabber are going to be torn apart even further by internal disagreements.
      You’ll be left dancin wae yersel!


    70. heedtracker says:

      There’s not that much out there really on Deputy Rowley, google kindly corrected me too.

      New and exciting Deputy Rowley certainly knows how to set the heather alight though.

      What was that about the opposition making Scotland less worthy of self governance again?

    71. desimond says:

      BBC duly tout the Scottish Labour 21000 members nonsense

    72. heedtracker says:

      More new and exciting Deputy Rowley setting alight more heather, or KMN.

      I got to 0.34 before wanting to pour petrol over myself. Where do they get these guys?

    73. Effijy says:

      Dipity has Dug a hole for herself!
      There is no talent in Labour what so ever!
      Hence this hopeless attempt at a politician claims
      be in charge of the whole of North Britain.

      When Labour get yet another hammering from the Scottish electorate, they will do the same line that came out for Dim Jim,
      “Just fairly new to this job and we expected too much of him to win more than one seat in the country”

      Year 2 Embarrassment reaches a climax and McTernan proposes
      that they use the Rev Dim Jim to marry Dipity to Ruth Davidson
      and combine the Red & Blue Tory Vote.

      Shouty Gordon, the City Council reject, offers to step up to the
      gravy train, sorry mark, subject to a lucrative position in Glasgow Parks, once Labour shuts up North British shop for good.

    74. Croompenstein says:

      Jeezo here was me thinking it was just the MSM that attacked the SNP but I stand corrected. Article in the Ayrshire Post totally attacking the SNP about the selection of the candidate to replace Corri as a councillor.

      It seems that the local party’s choices were over ridden by nasty Nats in Edinburgh and the chosen Gauleiter is from (gasp) Prestwick (miles away FFS)

      Any SNP selection folk give us the facts about councillor selection. It just p’s me off reading this pish in a local paper.

    75. Mealer says:

      I had a wee look at Alex Rowleys wiki.He won his seat in the Cowdenbeath byelection of 2014 with a thumping majority.How things have changed in such a short time.

    76. Croompenstein says:

      The deputy wants to split from London do you think the sheriff will change her mind..

      Scottish Labour should split from the UK party in a bid to “set the agenda in Scotland”, according to a Fife MSP

      However, his preferred leadership contender, Kezia Dugdale, said she did not think a full split would be “right”

    77. Robert Kerr says:

      I gave up on the clip when this person said he was standing for deputy leader of the Labour Party!

      My friend Joe sometimes refers to Holyrood as ” the wee pretendy parliament ”

      With Dugdale and this Rowley person as the best they could get it makes me think that the other SLAB policy is to make it a “wee pretendy parliament” or “big toon council”.

      Bereft of all ambition for Scotland and the Scottish People! Sad!

    78. Grouse Beater says:

      You wonder if Labour’s branch office think of Dugdale’s election in terms of giving the electorate the finger. Her elevation way above her ability is, after all, an insult. I suspect they see it as stubbornness. But they will not see it as suicide.

      Problems with labour? Try switching it off, and then on again.

    79. michael diamond says:

      Sup from your poisoned chalice dugdale ha ha

    80. Des says:

      I kid you not Friends
      Times of India
      “Scottish Labour elect young star as new leader”

    81. Capella says:

      OT re Windows 10 in previous thread, this advice might be useful if you are thinking of installing:

    82. Lesley-Anne says:

      Des says

      I kid you not Friends
      Times of India
      “Scottish Labour elect young star as new leader”

      That would be THIS I presume Des. 😀

    83. Bob Mack says:

      She IS the baggage of the past.

    84. Marcia says:


      They missed out ‘Mon’.

    85. James Barr Gardner says:

      How things change?

      Dugdale mentored by Murphy.
      Rowley mentored by Broon.
      Bliarites one and all!

      7111 voted in SLAB leadership, note this is after they brought in the 3£ liebore joing fee, estimate a year ago their membership level was indeed below 5000 take away from that researchers, aids, pas, councillors, msps, mps, lords, sirs and meps, not forgetting their immediate families plus close friends leaves possibly less than 1000 ordinary liebour members in Scotland 1 year ago!

      When Lamont was saying Scotland was too wee, and not geniticaly programmed to govern what she meant was the Scottish liebore party, afterall it takes one to know one!

      Next May one of the last nails will be hammered into the red torie coffin after that a clear out of the troughing liebore councillors!

      In the meantime looking forward to Hope over Fear Rally and any more that come up, hopefully a wee visit to Pacific Quay, these barstewards need telt over and and over again We are not going back in the box!

    86. Democracy Reborn says:

      What was true back in December is just as true today…

      Paul Sinclair, Johann’s spin doctor, The Times 14/12/14 : Scottish Labour suffers from an “intellectual deficit”, being filled with “time servers”.

    87. Mabel says:

      Totally agree with Daisy Walker above, I couldn’t have phrased it better. I share her outrage that our independence should be argued as depending upon the quality of the politicians we reject. The very fact we’re rejecting the ones who don’t measure up means we feel we deserve better, so therefore we do deserve better, better than Labour, better than Westminster.

      The SNP, and especially Nicola Sturgeon, has helped raised the bar, not only in terms of political competence and ability, but moral standards of conduct. And that moral high ground is something well worth all the fight to earn it, and even more worth the harder fight needed to maintain it. SNP aren’t perfect any more than we are, but they’re already head and shoulders above the other parties and they keep trying to improve. There really couldn’t be a better ground upon which to try to forge our independent nation.

    88. BornOptimist says:

      Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt ( a lot of it ). She might actually do a decent job of providing an opposition to the SNP if she thinks for herself (is that possible?) rather than parrot lines penned by others as often seemed to be the case in the past.

      Whatever, we’ll soon find out.

    89. Al Dossary says:

      Electoral commission lists their membership fees for the whole of 2014 as £116,527. So if we make the math easy that makes £10k per month in membership fees.

      Given that the cost per month varies from £1 for unemployed, students,part time employed etc up to £3.86 for someone in full time employment their membership figures are mind-bogglingly low.

      Even if all their members were paying the minimum £1 per month that makes no more than 10k members for the Northern Branch..

    90. HandandShrimp says:

      I have never heard Alex Rowley speak before but he appears to have attended the Ronald Villiers school of acting and voice projection.

      To be fair I think he is to the left of the party and possibly not who they were expecting to win. Wasn’t Baker Kezia’s running mate in this thing?

    91. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Effijy at 8.06

      “a lucrative position in Glasgow Parks”

      You are not implying some financial element was involved in misadventure the polis stumbled on in that car in a Glasgow park, are you (for which an ordinary member of the public would have probably been taken to court)?

    92. Rob James says:

      Perhaps only 7111 voted in the UK Labour (Northern Branch Office) leadership election, but how many abstained?

    93. Davy says:

      Thank you Des & Lesley-Anne, for those comments from the India Times, I almost destroyed our new works IT equipment with coffee and snot when reading them.

      So Scotland will wake up tomorrow with the official opposition being “deputy dug and bo-bo”, the official labour propaganda machine (BBC) will be in full flow trying desprately to present the two amigo’s as the force to take the SNP down.

      I can not wait for First Minsters question time, I can see a new “Lamonts” New Forth road bridge debacle sprinting towards us.

      I’m bringing snacks.

    94. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Vronsky (3.00) –

      No idea how often you’ve been posting lately – the threads are becoming too big to keep across – but great to see to ‘popping-up’ as it were.

      Your input is missed, by me at any rate.

      Hoots mon! 🙂

    95. Lesley-Anne says:

      Scottish Labour should split from the UK party in a bid to “set the agenda in Scotland”, according to a Fife MSP.

      These are, apparently, the *ahem* wise words of the new Drputy Dug to the Dug at the top of the Branch Office. 😀

      I wonder if he passed these words passed on to the Top Dug when she was Deputy Dug to pass on to her *cough* boss for permission to release to the masses of eager followers! 😉

    96. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Croompenstein at 8.12

      SNP council candidates for any ward are chosen on a OMOV system of the SNP members in that ward.

    97. Dr Jim says:

      Re; The Windows 10 thing

      If you’ve got a Lenovo computer running 8.1 don’t download it
      there is a special upgrade coming for Lenovo

      Be careful it blocks some of your systems and causes no end of bother

      I did it in the mistaken idea I was getting something good and I had to end up getting rid of it and re-booting the entire system ( well pissed off )

      BTW Great news about our new Labour Dynamic Duo

      Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fe Fe Fe Fud

      Eh De De De That’s all folks

    98. CameronB Brodie says:

      Continuity is the issues. 🙂

    99. Lesley-Anne says:

      Davy says:

      I’m bringing snacks.

      Just remember Davy no RED Snapper now! 😀

    100. Krackerman says:

      If you own a Lenovo then good luck to you. They install hidden rootkit like software on their machines that can survive a full reinstall of an OS. You can’t get rid of it – if you even know it’s there and it self updates. It also contains a vulnerability that allows remote control of the device…

      All entirely nothing to do with the Chinese security services of course…

    101. call me dave says:

      @Dr Jim
      Thanks I have a lenovo with windows 8.1.

      Sturgeon to move on issues which labour and MSM are targeting, that’s what I want to see. Get the wrinkles ironed out and get the message out.

      Rowley opining autonomous Scottish labour but Kezia wants Status Quo somethings got to give.

      Matheson walked the Glasgow Council plank but no lifeboat there as expected. Is he wearing a Mae West… who will offer to hook him out?

      As the Sunday Herald says mission impossible. 🙂

    102. heedtracker says:

      “On the one hand, of course, it’s filling halls in ways undreamed of three months ago. An overspill hall was needed in Edinburgh. Friday night’s Glasgow gig for the brand new poster-boy of the left, a mere 32 years already in the ring, had to be bumped up to a whole new 950-seat venue, and already it is, as they say in these parts, hoaching, with music and warmth.”

      Rancid old The Graun’s hysterical report tonight on JC in Glasgow, even a dude who was going to vote SNP but not now, its Labour all the way.

      Fair enough it is rule Britannia Guardian but there’s nothing at all actually about Scotland in the whole report. Presumably JC actually acknowledged he was in Scotland at the gig but other than their usual “SNP steal our Labour things, that was it. What a strange creepy old ukok media world of theirs this is.

    103. thedogphilosopher says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if, with their new rising star at the helm, Slab try to somehow position (fabricate) themselves as being not only ‘more or less autonomous from London’, but also as being more Scottish and leftwing than the SNP.

      It will be their last big gambit as they hobble towards extinction.

    104. Robert Peffers says:

      It seems there is no truth in the news report that Cameron is strengthening the fences around the French entrance to the Chunnel to stop immigrants breaking into Britain – it’s to stop Britons breaking into France.

      The report about Cameron’s sore ear is also in doubt – it wasn’t hurt by contaminated sea-water while surfing but by the constant high pitched drone of certain voices attempting to get nominated for the House Of Lords.

      What is true, though, is that a total of £360,000 was claimed as expenses by Lords who never voted on anything in the last session of Parliament. I assume a good part of that was claimed by Lord Janner, fit enough to attend the Lords and claim his £300 per day’s attendance money but not be fit enough to attend a law court summons.

    105. Dr Jim says:

      @Call me Dave

      No worries Dave, I love my Lenovo, it’s very fast and very powerful but it doesn’t like Windows 10 at the moment that’s why I got rid, but I did have a message from Windows about the special upgrade for us Lenovers coming soon to a computer near you

    106. Jeff Duncan says:

      Back in 1997 Microsoft bailed out Apple when they were close to sinking into oblivion.

      Any chance SNP might do same for Labour?

      Nah – perhaps not.

    107. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      If Kez is part of the “new political generation” does that mean it is now ok to have a second independence referendum?

      All the old generation of Labour, Lib-Dem, and Tory politicians appear to have gone for some reason…

    108. ags_1888 says:

      So deputy Dug has become Top Dug?…fuckin brulliant.. As I came up the stairs ma Mrs said “yer stair fetish is getn oot of hand” ahahahaha she’s a jealous woman ????

    109. Dr Jim says:

      Almost forgot Re; Corbyns Scotland excursion

      According to that lovable EX MP Ian “the truth” Davidson or as his friends call him “The Arse”

      Grandad Corbyn didn’t say much about Scotland because ( wait for it ) he was focusing on other things

      Well, I suppose that’s exactly what he came to Scotland to do
      Nice man though he might appear his answers on our country are no different to Larry Curly and Mo
      He doesn’t care either as long as he gets our cash and our votes, Ooh Ooh and Trident is bad and one day it’ll defo have to go, he says

      He was very firm on that ( the one day thing )
      He also has zero understanding of EU Regulations which is handy when you’re asked a question on that subject
      So he has the Dugs Bunny Dugdale approach (Google it) or I’ll get back to you on that

      Aint politics fun

    110. CameronB Brodie says:

      Your a terrible man, ags_1888. 😉

    111. Democracy Reborn says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Re your blog piece on Corbyn : he voted *against* (30/6/15) giving the Scottish Parliament power over National Insurance.

      And like Galloway, he supports unionism for the Jocks but is a longstanding supporter of Irish unification.

    112. bugsbunny says:


      I don’t know if you know this or not, but for the past year or so, the Ayrshire Post has been owned by the Daily Record.


    113. Thepnr says:


      Otherwise known in Scotland as Neeps is a vegetable enjoyed all over the world.

      That is other than Scotland where the Rutabaga is often elected.

    114. Daisy Walker says:

      Can anyone do German translations? – was looking to learn the German version of Jerusalem – the Hyme by Perry and Blake – I really feel it needs to be sung in German to get proper resonance with the tune, and have an international outlook. Obviously this is just a personal, artistic outlook.

      The attached link has a translation at the Royal Wedding, and I have to say Philip’s, giving it laldie, Cameron’s caught short not knowing the words, but hey, overall the verbal translation doesn’t quite fit the tune at the moment.

      Any one able to help? This is the kind of project even the Royal Family can appreciate.

      PS dear ‘From a Swiss Perspective’

      I really shouldn’t have added the comment about the cheese with holes in it. And I would love to apologise, except you’ve probably already hung me for the comments about cuckoo clocks I deliberately decided not to make.

      Worthy Indie – holy cheesy

      Best wishes to all.

    115. ags_1888 says:

      Deputy Dug becomes top Dug..can see her da getn the belt oot a lot in labour under her reign,”kez doll how are we gonae defeat these democratic SNP cunts?”it’s awerite da we’ll start a war tae bring the whole of the UK together!!!!!….. Just watch the enemy within!????????????????

    116. call me dave says:

      Poetic licence here!

      SILENCE fell, a hush descended, streets emptied and a nation paused, huddled around their televisions and radiograms.

      Then, suddenly, as nerves stretched tight, news came through at 11.21am. The votes are counted. It’s Kez. Kezia Dugdale will lead Scottish Labour.


    117. gus1940 says:

      Now the fun will start and the knives will be flashing as the fight starts for nominations for the 2016 Holyrood Election.

      It will split into 3 factions and within each faction they will be fighting each other for a place either to stay on or to re-board the political gravy train.

      Faction 1:- The sitting MSPs who are being branded as deadwood who must make way for the real ‘stars’.

      Faction 2:- The Holyrood ex-stars who lost their constituency seats in 2011 many through the decision that candidates couldn’t stand for a constituency and also be on the List.

      Faction 3:- Those of the 40 defeated Westminster bunch who have failed to get lucrative positions and who now
      shamelessly see themselves as future Holyrood stars.

      Incidentally, I am curious as to what mischief our former hero Murphy is up to.

      Such silence and apparent inactivity since he walked the plank is uncharacteristic – he can’t just be sitting at home watching Daytime TV.

    118. Ken500 says:

      Candidates appointed no one wants. Total self seeking opportunists, who never delivered a leaflet at the Referendum. Members not getting to vote. People who have beavered away for years, not getting to stand. It is sickening. Political parties taking their members and the electorate for mugs. They are all a bunch of hypocrites.

    119. Thepnr says:

      Bedlam is not a place you’d like to visit. We have WOS instead.

    120. Well, Miss Dugdale, in retrospect shouldn’t you have listened to your faither. Come May next, “Well, yes, I wish I had”.

    121. ags_1888 says:

      All old folks homes have pissed themselves laughing and are in desperate need of nappies,it is believed to be the fault of kezia Dugdale AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA come on now Jackie big beek burd would have said the same thing lmao

    122. Grouse Beater says:

      Democracy Reborn: Corbyn like Galloway supports unionism for the Jocks but is a longstanding supporter of Irish unification.

      Thanks, DR. I don’t mention his stunt ‘Bring back Clause 4’ because he seems unable to follow up his rhetoric with concrete plans. There’s a lot about him that’s sound bite and nothing more. He certainly doesn’t detest the SNP, but he sure as hell wants us as the fag end of the Union.

    123. john king says:

      Handandshrimp says
      “I have never heard Alex Rowley speak before but he appears to have attended the Ronald Villiers school of acting and voice projection.”

      I watched him on a news report this morning standing with Dugdale on the grass outside Holyrood and even when he’s not talking he looked as wooden as Ronald.

    124. biecs says:

      FFS is there any news bulletin Dugdale hasn’t been headline news on?

      They are still at it this morning, interview on Radio5.

      She did say that she and Corbyn are in the same party though. So that’s it official – she is Branch Office Manager.

    125. Socrates MacSporran says:

      The Scottish show business correspondent of a national newspaper told me: Chewing the Fat’s Ronald Villiers is based on an actual would-be actor from Glasgow, who couldn’t even match Kirk Broadfoot as a bad penalty box diver.

      This guy kept getting knocked back when up for parts, but, he kept going and eventually, he got the call from the Taggart production team. They had a role for him.

      He duly turned up, was told to lie on the floor and they drew the outline of his body around him, so, when Maryhill nick’s finest were told: “There’s bin a murrderr”, they turned-up to view the painted outline of our hero.

      That’s Alex Rowley’s lot – on the morning of 6 May, 2016, it’ll be his outline we will be viewing, the corpse of SLAB will have already left the building.

    126. No no no...Yes says:

      Kez and Alex are the dream ticket for the SNP. Whilst negative campaigning is not their thing, an exception should be made for Holyrood elections next year. A billboard with the pic of Kez and Alex on Calton Hill with a caption, “Do you want these people in charge of Scotland?”

      In all seriousness, that is a terrifying prospect.

      Anyone know if the latest Brown intervention is being beamed live today?

    127. Socrates MacSporran says:

      John King @ 6.57am

      I think, in that CTF clip, poor old Ronald was anything but “wooden”.

    128. willie far kilwinning says:

      Labour’s new branch manager on Scotland’s talk in at 11am this morning.

    129. Macart says:

      You really couldn’t make it up. Mr Corbyn, a bit of a left leaning fella with some popular sound bites, who couldn’t find Scotland without the aid of a map. Whose understanding of Scottish politics can be summed up in two of those soundbites ‘no to FFA’ and ‘what referendum’? Oh and should he win his own leadership campaign, will face an extended period of right/left trench warfare which will ensure that Scotland stays permanently at the bottom of his to do list as he fights to unite his party and make it even remotely electable to middle England in time for the 2025 GE.

      Then you have Kezia ‘SNP BAD’ Dugdale our rightward leaning branch manager and most definitely an acolyte of the Blair, Brown, Murphy school of politics. That being, if in doubt, tell really, really big lies. Oh, and if someone asks you a difficult question on any given subject, make a sweeping and misleading SNP BAD statement, then ask people to google the answers to the question which will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how misleading and dishonest your original statement was. ‘No baggage’ OFFS! 😀

      Yeah, a match made in heaven. 😮

    130. biecs says:

      Just heard a montage on R4 of Labour leaders from Attlee.

      They all sounded passionate about their beliefs

      and then we got ‘we will govern as New Labour’ followed by Broon and then the Tablet of Stone.

      If I was a labour supporter I would have been in mourning for my party.

    131. cearc says:

      Kezzie must be quite excited now she is the boss for all of Scottish Labour, including all their ‘big guns’ at westminster.

      What a responsibility!

    132. Effijy says:

      I’ve just discovered that Mr Rowley was originally a gardener with the council.

      This has struck fear into me as these B****** will have even more
      manure to spread than last year.

      If he takes all the weeds out of SLAB he could hold the next party
      conference in a phone booth.

    133. mike cassidy says:

      I will have no mocking of the Rowleymeister.

      He’s my Holyrood mp, and I received a nice letter from him yesterday saying he and his staff will be carrying out local street surgeries next week.

      All I need do to have him knock on my door “to discuss any issues” when he is in my street is to display his poster in my window.

      Any suggestions!

    134. louis.b.argyll says:

      Ah..Sunday morning telly..
      .. BBC anchor, after short headline video report, opens an interview with the line..
      ..”thanks for coming in..”


      He gets his salary for “coming in”..

      It’s like a pair of cloned “journalists” faking a “conversation” because in reality they are both reading from a script.

      Our mainstream journalists appear to be a bit thick.


      The journalistic standards on show in the UK are now so shallow, JC could even fake a political miracle…appearing to walk on water..?…it’s just that nobody has noticed the water is so shallow and very muddy indeed.

      Any one with half a brain can walk all over these puppet stooges and their political masters..and I’m talking about the politicians and the media.

    135. louis.b.argyll says:

      Now that we should no longer..
      Hug a hoodie..
      …should we all
      Hug a Dug Instead.

    136. desimond says:


      Silly glasgow Rumours abound of Slim Jim sitting at a desk every day in Sir Wullie “Labours head donor” Haugheys City Group HQ…reasons to all City staff as yet unknown…couldnt possibly be to do with Sir Wullie chairing the £500m Glasgow City Fund of course

    137. call me dave says:

      “I am going to go out and seek new people to stand for the Scottish Labour Party,” said Dugdale.

      “There are people across the country who believe in Labour values, who believe in public service. They share our values of building a fairer and more equal Scotland.

      “I am asking them to look at the party and join the party. If they want to stand next year, they can do that. Because I recognise that the biggest problem we face as a Labour movement is that there are not enough people in it.”

      On the radio:

      Big chief and leader of all MSPs and their only MP in Scotland who are you supporting for the real leader of the labour party?

      “You know Gary I’m not going to influence other people who are voting, it’s up to them” er…”SNP Bad by the way”!

      Maybe waiting for a lead from Gordon this afternoon about which way to jump. He says Corbyn bad medicine so pick out the bones from that one.

    138. louis.b.argyll says:

      Mike Classify…(lol will leave that in)
      “All I need do to have him knock on my door “to discuss any issues” when he is in my street is to display his poster in my window.

      Is that real?

      If so post them in your local jobcentre, housing office and foodbank..and let him cut to the chase.

    139. Mealer says:

      She’s looking for people to stand for Labour.Presumably because the current crop is dross.Who knows,perhaps she’ll stumble across someone who could lead a political party without making it a laughing stock.

    140. Macart says:

      @ call me dave

      “There are people across the country who believe in Labour values, who believe in public service. They share our values of building a fairer and more equal Scotland.”

      Labour values? Oh Jeez! 😀

      Here’s me thinking that pretty much every member of a responsible, caring electorate look to build a fairer more equal society. Last I checked, Labour’s track record on building such a society fell a fair way short of the mark.

    141. Lollysmum says:

      Looks as though Ruthie has been having her off moments as her Chief of Staff quits

    142. Helena Brown says:

      Call me Dave @ 10.07am, I wonder what the people in Holyrood now are thinking about that statement, that she is looking for new people? I would be thinking my jaicket was on a shoogly peg I would.
      As for Labour Values, looks to me that if you do not like them we will change them sort of thing. I agree with Macart, well I normally do, that Labour haven’t got any and those they had they ditch at a moments notice.
      Mair power tae yer elbow Kezia, ye were useless as Deputy and will be equally useless as ahem, Leader.

    143. scotsbob says:

      Sixth leader in eight years. Is anyone taking bets how long this one will last?

      My own bet would be Labour embarrassment at Holyrood elections, resignation within a month.

    144. Effijy says:

      It would be nice if the people of Scotland could add 1100
      signatures to this petition to tell Gordon Brown what we think of him!

      15,000 people who feel this strongly must have a point, afterall look what 7,500 votes did for Dipity


    145. louis.b.argyll says:

      New people, has the word “new” in it. So that must be good for Labour.

      They are cornered and can only shriek what they know.

      ‘scottish’labours minority view will get the representation it deserves.

      To evolve into a party of power will take a generation.

      If it becomes extinct it will only have its lust for power to blame.

    146. mike cassidy says:

      The potential visit from the Rowleymeister is for real.

      At last one person has the poster in the window already.

      Maybe I’ll put the poster up with a little note saying

      “I’m out – just like you’ll be next summer”!

    147. mr thms says:


      This is Fiona Hyslop’s reply/statement to Liz Smith’s question on state aid for T in the Park (you will need to scroll down to the relevant part)

    148. mike cassidy says:

      Deputy Dug takes to the mean streets.

    149. robertknight says:

      “Meet the new boss,
      same as the old boss”

    150. HandandShrimp says:


      I went back to have a look at that petition and choked on James Russel’s comment again.

      I know it is evil cybernattery abuse but it is also inspired genius evil cybernattery abuse.

    151. Famous15 says:


      What would be really clever would be a petition framed in non nasty language but striking at the heart of Brown’s hypocricy. This nasty petition is so easily dismissed as juvenile and reflects badly on us Yessers.

    152. heedtracker says:

      Quick read around and it looks JC is the new hammer of the disloyal Scots after his barn storming tour of their Scotland region, with NO more devo, NO new powers, NO 2nd referendum.

      Well that’s us told then.

      At least he’s honest, old JC. England is Britain, Scotland is British, vote Dugdale and that all new charisma bypass.

      It’s certainly an interesting battle to watch them try and claw back SLab vote in Scotland like this, pretend SNP and Holyrood doesn’t exist, BBC etc monster anything SNP, rage at anything Scottish because it’s so shite when Scotland’s involved, look at shite Scotish NHS, the awful Scottish cops, you’re tragic kids can’t read or count… And they’ll all come bleating home to JC and Dugdale, safe and secure UKOK SLabour Better-togetherness.

      Or will we? How’s that world famous smearing condescension worked out in all the other countries they decided they owned and were also BetterTogether:D

    153. Macart says:

      Andy Burnham: ‘In the mid 1980’s Labour infighting allowed Thatcher to bulldoze communities’.

      Yeah, he really said that.

    154. Bob Mack says:

      Surely it is obvious that what the people want ,especially in Scotland, bears no resemblance to what Labour politicians want ,both North and South of the border.

    155. HandandShrimp says:


      The petition at the time was relevant because Gordon had appeared to have hijacked another petition on the Vow. It was funny at the time but it is not relevant to anything that Brown has to say on the Labour leadership election.

    156. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. Ha, ha. The Rev. is getting slagged off for being a neo-fascist bevy merchant. Perhaps I shouldn’t have chastised him for flaunting all the fancy bears he was buying. Sorry, beers.

      Perhaps his accuser is a liberal Puritan? 🙂

    157. heedtracker says:

      “Meet the new boss,
      same as the old boss”

      UKOK far right like Sunday Times going with all new and exciting Dugdale really is Independent! So vote all new independent SLab, Scotland, SLabour are all the independence you need, because Dugdale is the new boss of independent SLab and JC certainly is not. Got it.

      It’s a bit disorientating watching both Sunday Times and Observer going crazy over Dugdale and Rowley today. They can’t be great news for both red and blue Tory unionista Scotland.

    158. heedtracker says:

      What would be really clever would be a petition framed in non nasty language but striking at the heart of Brown’s hypocricy. This nasty petition is so easily dismissed as juvenile and reflects badly on us Yessers.

      It’s fine. Petitions don’t kill and maim millions of innocent defenceless people, destroy ancient countries in the Middle East, create a hell on earth for millions of refugees, stash nuke weapons 20 minutes from Glasgow and on and on it goes.

      Where’s Chilcot by the way teamGBists out there? Ooh but don’t swear in a petition, it makes us look juvenile.

    159. Ealasaid says:

      Meanwhile don’t forget oor Boorach who needs an upgraded van to live in whilst having his cancer treatment. Another two or three hundred pounds could make all the difference.

    160. galamcennalath says:

      All change at SLab. nae chance!

      They’ve had years now to get themselves into tune with the wishes of the Scottish people and instead they’ve done Landon’s bidding for their pieces of silver.

      The problem is, they profess to have Scotland’s interests at heart and worse, they pretend they can have reserved policies different from HQ,

      If Corbyn wins at HQ the problem gets worse. They may actually be in a position to offer popular policies which match HQ. An example might be opposing Trident renewal. However, they can offer what they like because Labour will not win at WM for 5-10-more years!

      So, one way or another, the SLab charade will continue for now.

      By any standards they deserve nothing less than oblivion.

    161. starlaw says:

      Gordon Brown has voted with his feet, and left the country he lead to financial destruction, to go and live in the USA who is he to give lectures to anybody.

    162. Effijy says:

      Gordon Brown: Failed Exchequer, Failed Prime Minister.

      The man who sold our Gold reserves before they trebled in value.
      The man who took £10 Billion from our private pensions.
      The man who brought Final Salary Pension Schemes to an end.
      The man who backed the illegal war in Iraq.
      The Man who left his Mic on to reveal his attack on Gillian Duffy.
      The man who agreed to 6,000 miles of Scottish waters becoming English.

      HE Guaranteed the Vow Delivered- Home Rule- Near Federal state as you can get. We Got English EVEL. ?

      He Knew he was lying to Pensions, people waiting for transplants and those who require blood transfusions when he said they would disappear with Scottish Independence.

      This Clown couldn’t even keep his local Tesco Opened. LOL.

      Today in a locked room, that will keep the public from engaging with him, he will again assure that Labour are Listening.
      Their new economic plan will build more houses, deliver more Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police Officers and all with the £12 Billion additional austerity cuts that they voted to uphold with their Blue Tory Friends.

      I’d listen to the Janitor of today’s venue before giving this gargantuan fool yet another go advising the nation.

      PS He send £10,000 per week on expenses on behalf of a Charity,
      named after him.
      It’s mainly used for Luxury Travel, 5 Star Hotels, Limousines and Fine Dinning.

      Well charities need to do this????

    163. ahundredthidiot says:


      Popcorn at the ready for todays false flag – and I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen after all the build up:

      BANG – the sound of a bullet leaving a weapon
      CRACK – the sound of a bullet hitting something hard, like the ground
      THUMP – the sound of a bullet hitting something soft, like a human

      BANG BANG BANG – with no crack and no thump, is the sound of blank ammunition.

      Try to remember this the next time they try to con you on the telly!

    164. Famous15 says:


      There,you have done it. Savaged the big beast for killing and maiming etc and no criticisable expletives.

      Fantastic deconstruction of Brown the funder of illegal wars.

    165. cearc says:

      Mike Cassidy,

      I suggest that you get as many people as possible to put them up. It’ll keep him busy for a while.

    166. cearc says:

      Lollysmum 10.40,

      Oh dear, not all happy in toryland.

      I loved this spectacular ‘Pot and Kettle’ quote,

      A LibDem source added: “It seems even the Tories are now refusing to buy Tory spin on their election prospects. After decades of calling for one last push they should start listening to the public and scrap their right-wing illiberal agenda.”

      That really made me laugh!

    167. heedtracker says:

      Famous15, swearing doesn’t harm people. Are we reigned over by UKOK maniacs or morons?

      What if it was I don’t know, say Iraqi warships in the Clyde and Forth estuaries launching US cruise missiles into Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres, completely destroying them, or Iraqi attack choppers and drones firing missiles and machine gunning at anyone that moved in Glasgow or Edinburgh, or vast armies of Iraqi troops destroying everything in their way in Scotland? And then they clear out and leave civil war behind with all the horror that forces people just like you or me to escape but you can see Scots drowning in the sea by their thousands and the establishment of your Iraqi victors call you a “swarm” and they’ve done enough for you anyway, as the now retired victorious war mongers just like Bomber Bliar get rich. And all of it a giant war crime based on a blatant historic UKOK lie.

      UKOK war is great for business and a good war is just what the country needs, far enough away, no chance of any serious retaliation, but if there is a hell, quite a lot of our imperial masters are heading there, no matter how hard their press and BBC try to brainwash us otherwise.

    168. @desimond … Sir Wullie is now Baron Haughey of the Broon Envelope, praised be his ermine. Gave £2 million to Labour just after Blair got in, landed a multi-billion contract with asda a year later, purely by coincidence.

      I don’t really blame a businessman for working the politicians to get a competitive advantage, but I do blame the troughing corrupt cronyists of west of Scotland Labour for the chronic malaise of large parts of Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and the mafia mentality of GCC and the local quangos

    169. Lesley-Anne says:

      You forgot to mention one thing in your extremely accurate list there Effijy … Broon the Loon also STOLE £100 MILLION from the National Lottery, a PRIVATE company, to help him build the London Olympics stadium with a promise to pay it back AFTER the Olympics were finished.

      Now excuse my ignorance here, but if anyone living in the REAL world stole from a private company they would be in prison by now … wouldn’t they? 😉

      The Olympics finished in 2012 and we are STILL waiting for the STOLEN £100 Million to be returned to the National Lottery fund. I am of the opinion that Broon the Loon had NO intention of repaying the £100 MILLION and that Cameron DEFINITIVELY has NO intention of paying it back!

    170. gus1940 says:


      Excellent hatchet job article on Mone in yesterday’s Daily Heil.

    171. Jonbgood says:

      Rev – What’s that coming out the top of the blanked-out area of Skeletor’s face? Must be either another thumb or probably more likely, the end of his nose.

    172. The Isolator says:

      So if wee Wendy had a brain the size of a turnip..where does that leave oor Kez?
      If we are to believe the hype and taking into account the size of her incredible hands then I’m thinking it’s around the approximate dimension’s of a sky satellite dish.

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