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The racecard

Posted on February 19, 2023 by

So we finally have two official runners.

And to be honest, we’ve never had an easier decision to make since that time when we caught fire while standing next to the sea.

If you’re in a hurry, these next pics should be all you need to know.

Need any more than that? Okay.

Humza Yousaf’s priority is keeping the SNP chained to the toxic Scottish Greens.

Ash Regan, meanwhile, has promised to dump the disastrous GRR (which as a bonus would almost certainly end the SNP’s wretched coalition with Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater’s creepy party of paedo-fetishists and rapists).

She’s adopted the independence policy proposed by Wings two days ago, and wants to discuss it with the entire Yes movement, including ALL the other pro-indy parties:

Beyond what’s in the papers today, we have to admit we don’t know a lot about Ash Regan. But because she resigned her ministerial post to vote against the Gender Recognition Bill, we know that she’s (a) sane and (b) brave. Not only is that a pretty good start, she’s also the ONLY candidate likely to stand who ticks both of those boxes.

Humza Yousaf, on the other hand, we DO know a bit about. In his pitch he makes a big deal about having held some of the most important jobs in Cabinet. Unfortunately, his record in all of them is, well, less than impressive.

As Transport Minister, he managed to get convicted of a serious driving offence.

As Justice Secretary, he pushed through a Hate Crime Bill that was so dreadful and illiberal it managed to unite just about every civic organisation in Scotland in opposition to it, from the Catholic Church to the Orange Order and the Christian Institute to the National Secular Society, and – remarkably for a Justice Secretary – the Law Society Of Scotland AND the Faculty Of Advocates AND the Scottish Police Federation.

(It was SO astonishingly bad and authoritarian that even the First Minister’s most loyal culture poodle Val McDermid came out against it.)

And even after Yousaf was forced to back down on a couple of the worst aspects, the law he forced through is still both appallingly draconian AND such a poorly-drafted mess that Police Scotland won’t be able to implement it for at least three years after it was passed by Parliament, because it’s so difficult to explain it coherently to the officers who’ll have to try to implement it.

And as for his stewardship of the Health brief, the least said the better.

But more disturbing than all of that, he doesn’t seem to like white people much.

This site has made its views on discriminatory policies clear many times – in short, we’re against all forms of discrimination – and we have no problem with Humza Yousaf disagreeing with that. But the sheer contemptuous venom with which he repeatedly spat out the word “white” in that 2020 Holyrood speech (while still Justice Minister) really changed the way we saw him.

Scotland is a 96% white country (and indeed was 98% white only a few years ago). It is neither surprising nor an outrage requiring urgent remedy that most of its senior positions are held by white people, any more than it would be surprising or outrageous if most administrators in Pakistan or India or Bangladesh had brown skin, or if most judges and lawyers in Cameroon or Nigeria or Ghana were black.

But what Scotland needs is not more brown people or more black people or people of ANY particular colour, orientation or creed. It needs more competent people, and Humza Yousaf has comprehensively proven time and again that he isn’t one of those.

Ash Regan, on the other hand, appears to be pretty well regarded by those who’ve had any dealings with her in a professional capacity when she was a minister.

As a former Common Weal staffer with a working-class background, her social-justice credentials are impeccable. She also isn’t a career politician, having worked in the real world for many years before becoming an MSP in 2016.

(Both those things mark her out from the middle-class, privately-educated Yousaf, who’s never had any sort of job outside of politics.)

And despite being relatively little-known, and lacking the massive PR campaign being mounted on behalf of Kate Forbes by Scotland’s media, she’s the standout favourite among Wings readers, by a startling margin.

So regardless of who else might throw their hat into the ring before nominations close next week, we’re calling it right now: Wings Over Scotland officially endorses Ash Regan to be the next leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland.

Of course, that support will be a mixed blessing for her, since only SNP members have the vote and there are fewer of those in our readership than there used to be. But both the party and the independence movement are teetering on the edge of an abyss, and in our view she is the only hope of pulling them back. More of the same just won’t do.

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0 to “The racecard”

  1. Derek says:


  2. 100%Yes says:

    Ash Regan I hope wins.

  3. Margaret says:

    While she would be my pick if I had a vote, all I can see is her being undermined constantly by the careerists that make up the majority of the politicians in the SNP, should she get the role. I imagine the treatment of Jeremy corbyn by his own party will look proportionate compared to that a gender critical woman will recieve in the SNP.

  4. Geoff Anderson says:

    That is EASY!

  5. Bob Mack says:

    As an ex SNP member I fully endorse her. She is saying all the right things required just now.

    Let us hope and pray if you wish that the current members are able to see through the many smokescreens put in their way.

  6. Breeks says:

    Interesting…. If Sturgeon’s Right flipper woman Mhairi Hunter is nominating Humza, does that mean Humza is “the” Isaac of the Corn Children?

    Am I detecting the work of men in grey kilts? Hmmmm….

  7. Fred says:

    I would be happy with either Kate or Ash

  8. Ottomanboi says:

    Hamza Yousaf looks like an NS borg who’ll plough the same exhausted ground.
    Independence is the only policy that matters now.
    The London House of Hubris does not.

  9. John Main says:

    A careful reading of Regan’s “manifesto” above shows that she won’t be going down the Indy2 Referendum route, and she will instead be making every future election, HR and WM, plebiscitary.

    She will attempt to work in coalition and co-operation with all pro-Indy parties towards this aim.

    Sounds good to me. I can’t see any other route, and she is right to give up on the Referendum idea, as WM will never allow it.

    If she can make good on the competency promise, then she will be half way there.

    In summary, Regan talks the talk. Can she walk the walk? I think she maybes deserves the chance to try.

  10. Andrew scott says:

    If ash or kate wins will the greens throw a strump and walk away
    Or will wee paddy and the Canadian big bird keep their ministerial cars

  11. Kenneth Coutts says:

    The one person who stands out, is Ash Regan.
    More exposure of the Constitution jiggery pokery.
    The online zoom conferences,
    The NEC democratic deficit fraud.

  12. David Holden says:

    Like you I know very little about Ash Regan but looking at those that are backing her speaks volumes. The little shop of horrors that are nominating Humza and his announcement he will keep the creepy Greens onside tells you all you need to know. I no longer have any say in the matter as left the SNP after the good guys campaign and the two finger salute from Murrel to those that we got elected. Go Ash.

  13. Ruby says:

    Ash Regan is too good for the SNP.

  14. Jan Cowan says:

    Totally agree with you. I hope Ash Regan becomes our FM.

    A new road required for Scotland.

  15. highlander says:

    Will we get to know how many members they have? BBC say 100k+

  16. Kenneth Couts says:

    I am not a political geek.
    However, I did notice there was something going on.
    I put my thoughts and feelings to my local SNP branch at the time.
    However, I don’t think they were up to speed politically
    If they were , I think they treated me as a troublemaker.
    Consequently, I triangulated my thoughts to two highland
    SNP yes groups, who sent me a list of names who to keep off.
    I put my vote, watched and waited lo and behold those infiltrators were magically put into the NEC.
    Gone downhill from there on in.

  17. Livionian says:

    Surely the SNP aren’t daft enough to let Yousaf get the job. Would be such a turnoff for voters and has a pretty piss poor record tbh. Definitely not the person we need to attract people to Indy.

    Ash Regan seems like the only sensible option. But do we know how aggressively she will fight for Indy? Had a lot to prove, and would for sure find it difficult unite the party

  18. 100%Yes says:

    This is the real progress that we all have been seeking since Mr Salmond stood down, “The former minister, who has announced plans to stand for the top job, said she would be willing to invite Alex Salmond’s Alba party to join an independence convention with the SNP if she became leader.”.

    With her comments i feel so much hope, my worry is of course the SNP members, leadership and the MSM.

  19. Heaver says:

    Forgive my ignorance but, if the Greens collapse the coalition, does that automatically trigger a Holyrood GE?

  20. Ruby says:

    When I first heard about the de facto/plebiscitary referendum I thought it was shit. I still haven’t changed my mind.

    I don’t think anything was done to try to make Westminster change their mind about a section 30.

    It seems to have just been accepted that Westminster wont change their mind and that’s that.

  21. Tormod says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the analysis.

  22. SophiaPangloss says:

    If Reagan wins, the first thing she will need to do is install a wider door in the SNP, or else the mass of SNP members leaving the party will meet the mass of ex-SNP members re-joining the party and things could get very messy very quickly… alternatively she could always open a window for the loonies to leave through.

  23. Mac says:

    The irony is all those ‘whites’ who Humza spat out in contempt probably merit their positions and worked hard their whole lives to attain them.

    Whereas everyone knows Yousaf only ever got any of those jobs above because he was ‘not white’. It certainly was not based on his evident talent or a track record of success, quite the opposite, promoted way beyond his abilities, over and over…

    His paranoid garbage about the nursery (was it) is another example of what a total race hustler twat he is. Personally I think he is an arsehole of a man and a fulminating anti white racist. Not a fan.

    Complete no brainer this one.

    Ash Regan actually looks like being a competent candidate and a decent human being. So that is two huge advantages right there.

  24. Big Jock says:

    She would get my vote. Forbes would be the compromise with Ash as deputy. That would have Harvie scuttling back to his fetish club!

  25. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Yousaf railing against discrimination and inequality across groups in society is a fucking affront. Less than 4% of Scottish pupils are privately educated yet 45% of senior Judges are privately educated. Yousaf is from the elitist, 4%. A disproportionate number of kids of South Asian heritage are privately educated. That’s parental choice, it’s a free world (OK not literally free).
    Also, Yousaf was identified by the US State Department as a “future opinion leader” in his second year as a humble aide for his MSP uncle. If Yousaf doesn’t strike you as a State Department plant, I’ve a Nigerian Prince I’d like to introduce.

  26. Liz says:

    If I hadn’t left it would be Ash all the way.
    Unfortunately so many good people have left, what are her chances.

    Loved how she said she said, “my cabinet would be comprised of the very best people and in the right roles”.
    Take that Sturgeon, bang would go the Nicophants.

    The proverbial daggers will be out, trying to stop her in her tracks.

  27. Robert McAllan says:

    Ash Regan has demonstrated personal credibility and integrity during the recent Sturgeon fuelled GRR(Bill) in its passage through Holyrood. Her background as can be seen from her CV is that which many in this country could empathise with, she has quite clearly formed her political views from her life’s experiences and those of people encountered on that journey.

    Counter that with the hapless YOUSAF and it is simple to see NO CONTEST as he continues to promote the status quo.

    Forbes as has already been said previously exposed herself in the most cowardly fashion by ignoring the concerns of women frightened of the repercussions pertaining denial of their right to safe spaces when she chose not to participate in the Holyrood voting process.

    This leadership election can expose the SNP membership as a force for good, the question is will good prevail?

  28. Big Jock says:

    Outside the small clique. Hamza is seen as incompetent and unpopular to most SNP members. Even with chief shut stirrer Hunter backing him. I suspect he has no chance. Unless of course the result has already been fixed?

  29. Scotsrenewables says:

    I am no longer an SNP member, but I encourage everyone to get behind Ms Regan as she offers the best hope of pulling the SNP from the ashes and getting us back on track.

    Hope she has a good campaign team and gets some decent exposure on the media, though I imagine the Marmalade Mob will be briefing against her at every opportunity.

    Good to see Wings on the campaign trail again.

  30. Red says:

    Humza’s “rivers of whites” speech was an eye opener.

    Not only for the blatantly racist content, but because nobody in the Scottish Parliament disagreed.

    For a man with no skills or achievements outside or inside politics, Humza has a surprisingly unpleasant sense of entitlement. The SNP deserves him.

  31. Big Jock says:

    Vivian. Humza probably still wants to keep King Charles. A monarchy that bars catholics from being King or Queen. Has he anything to say on that?

  32. Robert Hughes says:

    On paper and by her words n deeds , Ms Regan does appear to be the ONLY credible candidate for the job .

    But ….. what are the chances of her getting it when ….

    A ) the Sturrell gruesome twosome are still able to wield so much power and influence over the question ?

    B ) the wider membership still seems in denial about the incalculable damage the whole * Gender * Ideology aberration is inflicting on the Party

    C ) the * powers that be * ( in MSM & * elsewhere * ) will almost certainly be intent on ensuring she fails in her bid

    If she can overcome these – formidable – obstacles and go on to win it would demonstrate an admirable resilience and that the Party is not the completely burnt-out wreck many – myself included – believe it to be .

    If not , and some hopeless balloon like Yousaf – though , really , none of other likely candidates are any better , wins , any hope of redemption will be gone .

    Not holding my breath . Wish her well nonetheless

  33. PacMan says:

    Livionian says: 19 February, 2023 at 11:32 am

    Surely the SNP aren’t daft enough to let Yousaf get the job. Would be such a turnoff for voters and has a pretty piss poor record tbh.

    It’ll give the SNP their five minutes of fame having the outside world viewing the first person of colour being elected head of the Scottish government.

    It sounds like the thing that would salvage some of Sturgeon’s legacy that she craved that went up with smoke due to GRR.

    It sounds like the sort of thing she will do even as you said Yousaf is completely hopeless as a politician.

  34. laukat says:

    Its damming of the current SNP that the approach Ash has announced on Independence seem to be extreme for a party that was founded to achieve one aim. Its also very damming that I think this and her openness on GRR will mean she doesn’t get enough votes

    In my opinion Humza is too much of a liability and too unstable for the Murrell’s to risk their ‘legacy’ on.

    I have a fear that Humza is being put forward as the stooge Sturgeonite candidate to counter the pro-Indy candidate (Regan). In a few days a ‘dream’ ticket will be pitched – Brown & McAllan or another young female MSP. Still think thats the outcome the Murrell’s want.

    Forbes is the one to watch. If she declares on her own after the Brown then chances are she wants to break with the Murrell’s.

  35. Antoine Roquentin says:

    I was mightily impressed when Regan walked-away from the GRR nonsense, but I’m curious as to which uni and to which part of Scotland we can associate her with. Such details wouldn’t have bothered me so much at one time, but everything to do with the SNP has to be checked and double-checked these days. That she appears to be “sane” and “brave” is a welcome start.

  36. Alisdair says:

    If I could I would vote for Ash, sadly Murrell and Sturgeon have this stitched up and serial bind fire Yousaf will be the man. ‘Alas, poor country! Almost afraid to know itself. It cannot
    Be called our mother, but our grave…’

  37. Ruby says:

    Yousaf might just be the person needed to bring an end to the SNP and waken up all the cult members.

    Yousaf might be a good thing for Alba.

    Would he be any worse than Sturgeon?

    Can I ask those who are backing Ash Regan if they will vote for her come the next election.

    Will you be voting SNP?

  38. Wilson McBride says:

    As we say in Glasgow,,,

    That Humza Youssef is a creepy lookin bastard.

    He’s Nicola Sturgeon with a beard.

    He really would lead a devolved Scottish parliament into the 2030s.

    All hope of Scottish Independence would be lost in an instance.

  39. Ruby says:

    Scotsrenewables says:
    19 February, 2023 at 11:47 am

    I am no longer an SNP member, but I encourage everyone to get behind Ms Regan as she offers the best hope of pulling the SNP from the ashes and getting us back on track.

    Why would you want to pull the SNP back from the ashes?

  40. Geoff Anderson says:

    The current membership numbers have been sustained by weans who don’t pay and have no experience as activists.
    I WELCOME 16/17 year olds being active in Politics. That does not mean that they dictate how Scotland is shaped.
    I hope we see a convention of young and old. Left and Right. Those who have different views on the EU, EFTA, NATO, The Environment.

    The People are Sovereign and it is time that Politicians remembered that.

    A future Holyrood with “real” Greens, Scottish Socialists, Labour, SNP, ALBA, ISP, Tories and even LibDems if any are left.

    AND a lot more involvement/Representation from US via a People’sForum or Referendums on major topics.

    No more ideology driven Cultists telling the Majoity of Scots that they know better.

  41. Wilson McBride says:

    Let’s hope a few newspapers run with your choice Rev.

  42. mark says:

    The de facto referendum/plebisciatary election is pie in the sky. It will not work – you will either fall short of 50% or the result will not be accepted by anyone as allowing for independence as it was not actually a referendum. She is selling you all a pup to become FM. The reality is she has no more clue on how to achieve independence as the hated Sturgeon. All she is doing is telling you what you want to hear.

  43. ScottieDog says:

    Don’t know much about Ash, except obviously having the courage of her convictions regarding GRR and being part of commonweal.
    Her decision to send her kids to private school will likely be seized upon, especially if she is being touted as a ‘left leaning’ candidate.

    I would love her to become leader but reckon it’s already a stitch-up, in which case the SNP is finito.

  44. Blackhack says:

    I think that Ash might win, but if I was her I’d be looking for a tailor for a made to measure stab vest.

  45. Al-Stuart says:

    I bet £100 that Humza Yousaf WILL be Scotland’s next First Minister.

    Yousaf has been groomed to be a two-legged walking DISASTER.

    Wings knows it. 98% of BTLs here knows it, and even the dugs in the street know it.


    The ONLY useful idiot capable of making a MASSIVE balls-up and orchestrate the death-rattle of the SNP back to where it used to be with 5 SNP MPs and 25 SNP MSPs (April 2007) is Humza Hapless Yousaf.

    The NuSNP and their Twitler Youth will vote for Wokerati HumzaClarty.


    The SNP are 1,000 times worse than arrogant Labour we’re in 2007 taking the electorate for granted, and who else more arrogant than the serial failure and criminal, Humza Yousaf to end the SNP for a generation. I still remember Yousaf with his dirty shoes on his desk slouching back in Parliament as if the knob-end owned the place.

    The SNP MSPs that applauded the alleged rapist Pickle-Bee in the Pubic Gallery at that political cesspit will all vote for white-hating, woman-loathing convicted criminal Yousaf.

    Seriously, after 8 years of madness, with Sturgeon’s Nonce Pervs trying to jail INNOCENT Alex Salmond, can anyone here honestly see these gravy-train hypocrites allowing anyone else but their chosen one… the prancing Woke Wankerr Prince Humza being crow-barred into the FM job?

    I have seen the SNP rig elections first hand and one way or another, Humza Yousaf will get the job of First Minister.

    Worry not my friends, for when Humza is given his chalice of poison he will have just a few more days than Liz Truss as he squats in Bute House.

    The proper electorate – All of Scotland’s adults will turf the SNP deviants out on their ‘erse.

    No other political party is fit to govern. Either a weird NON-SNP government will be formed, or the U.K. Government will do the same to Holyrood as it has done to Stormont in Northern Ireland… close the wretched cesspool and stop the waste of money.

    It must be so.

  46. Merganser says:

    For those thinking that a ringing endorsement by Wings means the kiss of death for Ash Regan – don’t worry. She never stood a chance anyway. She’s far too sensible and able and obviously the choice of the people, so the corrupted SNP membership would never have chosen her over one of Nicola’s favourites. Actually, ‘choice’ is not a good word. The succession is already decided, and SNP members just await being told who to vote for.

    Still, it’s a smart move by Ash to throw her hat in the ring now.
    When the whole rotten edifice of the present SNP comes tumbling down she’ll be at the forefront of the rebuilding,

  47. Ottomanboi says:

    In the light of the sterile years of GenderProp this is a worrying social trend.

    Period Live births Deaths Natural increase
    Jan 2022 4,194 5,604 -1,410
    Jan 2023 4,159 7,314 -3,155
    Difference Decrease -35(-0.83%) Negative increase +1,710(+30.51%) Decrease -1,745

    The economic consequences of «national geriatricization» will not be soothed by importing people, in particular those seeing Scotland as a retirement village.

  48. Ruby says:

    Why no talk about Humza Youssef’s religion?

    Would that be racist/a hate crime?

  49. Alf Baird says:

    Humza does not appear to have any great liking for Scots given his propensity to introduce legislation which has aye been more likely to oppress our people than assist us. Like most of the privileged bourgeoisie he does not understand that independence is decolonization. I hope and believe that Ash understands what independence means and why it is both urgent and necessary.

  50. panda paws says:

    Apparently the vote (if there is one) will be single transferable vote – I’d have Ash no 1, Kate a reluctant 2 and if Robertson and Yousaf were on the ballot no rating.

    To be on the ballot you need 100 nominations from at least 20 branches. I don’t know how high a bar that is but if only one candidate makes it, they are automatically elected.

    Now, if I were in the SNP I’d want the nominations published to ensure that it’s the voters that count and not who counts the voters…

  51. Johnny says:

    F*ck off, Mark.

  52. Mac says:

    I wonder if Humza ever gives speeches in Pakistan when on a visit, condemning their horrific human rights abuses, the treatment of women, the treatment of non Muslims, the treatment of non ethnic Pakistanis.

    Does he then list out all the top positions in Pakistan and spit out ‘brown’ with contempt after each one.

    If not why does his sanctimonious shite only apply to Scotland.

    That clip above is shocking. It is astonishing we allow a two faced hypocritical silver spoon wanker like this to besmirch an entire nation with his race baiting bullshit. (If he tried that shite in Pakistan he’d be very lucky to get out alive. They’d tear him apart.)

    No surprise to read that comment from Vivian O’Blivion about being “identified by the US State Department as a “future opinion leader” in his second year as a humble aide for his MSP uncle.”

    That is a massive red flag for me. Another betrayer being lined up to replace the last one… bet on it. He would be horrific as FM.

    Definitely a huge boon to ALBA though… but at what a price to the SNP. That would be the end for them I would think. The electorate is not going to back Yousaf for obvious reasons. Electoral suicide making him leader.

  53. Ron Clark says:

    I think I can safely say that the majority of contributors on this site are Alba members, and like me, an original member.

    And we all realise the damage Sturgeon has done to the independence movement.

    But what we have to accept is that we will need to take an interest in who becomes the next leader and deputy leader of the SNP.

    Because, like it or lump it, they hold all they cards.

    They are the Party who will be deciding if they are going to make the UK general election a Plebiscite election, or will they wait until the Holyrood election comes around and make that the Plebiscite election.

    Or will the new leader collapse the new government and call a Plebiscite election at Holyrood?

    The SNP are the decision makers here. The only thing we can do is try to persuade their members to vote for a certain individual to take over as the new leader.

    Even Alex Salmond acknowledges that the SNP need to have the right person in place to take the Indy cause in the right direction.

    It’s not our fault the SNP are so short on credible talent, that was a deliberate ploy by Sturgeon to surround herself with incompetents.

    So all we can do is hope that they go for maybe Regan/Forbes, rather than say, Yousaf/Robertson.

    In my opinion a Regan/Forbes government would give us some hope that they are going to recognise other true Indy parties, where we can all work together towards Scottish Independence.

  54. panda paws says:

    @Antoine Roquentin

    Ash was born in Glasgow and went to primary here but family moved to England. Graduated Keele, diploma London School of PR, MSc from Open Univ. Moved back to Scotland pre referendum, part of Women for Independence, worked for CommonWeal.

    Info freely available on the old interweb!

  55. Goatsdontsave says:

    I don’t know enough about Ash to give her my vote yet. At the the minute I am leaning towards Kate

  56. Ottomanboi says:

    With that 6 May event looming, a Saturday, so the self styled Defender of Faith has effectively snubbed Orthodox Jews, the gears of the patriotic machine will be well oiled for action.
    Let us pray the machine finds a deep ditch, solid wall and transmission breakup at the border

  57. James Utterson says:

    Totally agree she is the best option, but she needs to be prepared for a veritable onslaught of smears from the MSM and those currently in the top cliche of the SNP. They know she is a creditable threat to the status quo which both rely upon for their respective existences.

  58. David Hannah says:

    Humza Yousless.

    He wants to steralise autistic kids and carve them up for pharmaceutical profit, letting male rapists into female spaces.

  59. panda paws says:

    Nel Grey has ruled himself out and is backing Yousaf!

    Surely no-one with any sense would back Humza…

  60. pipinghot says:

    Perhaps the best move for Forbes would be to endorse Ash for first minister in exchange for deputy. That would put the cat among the pigeons.

  61. David Hannah says:

    The flat earth science denying Green Party that no one votes for.

    Humza wants to kill business with Lorna Slaters bottle recycling scheme.

    He doesn’t seem to like white people either.

    The world’s biggest victim. When it comes to standing up for the rights of women and girls you can always rely on humza to sue a nursery.

  62. David Hannah says:

    Let’s not out King Herod, Humza Yousless in charge of the baby farm. He’d probably try and sue it.

  63. Pete Pishar says:

    Not sure why Yousaf’s (or any other candidate’s) religion is relevant?

  64. Geoff Anderson says:

    Amazing that in 2014 we had the Wee Blue Book that helped close the gap to 50%, Plus all those FM, MPs, Senior Councillors, Councillors, NEC members, CA members, Branch Officials, Activists in the SNP ( who are now in ALBA, ISP, or no Party) are the enemy?

    Sturgeon managed to create an amazing illusion. Several Thousand people who each spent decades fighting for Independence suddenly became the “Bad Guys” and the freaks just out of school and in the Creepy Greens became the foundation for Scottish Society.

    I will never understand how she pulled that off? That core of the YES movement alienated for a tribe of Green Haired single topic Cultists?

    Green Hair anda rainbow lanyard, and 3 months SNP membership… affiliate on the NEC
    30 years as a senior official but you believe a Woman is an Adult Human Female….driven from the Party.

    Good luck Ash. Independence depends on you.

  65. robertkknight says:

    Frankly I couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to new “Leader” of the SN-who?

    Troughing, devolutionist charlatans out for nobody but themselves and their piss-poor excuse of an independence party.

  66. Geoff Anderson says:

    Panda paws @12:44

    You answered your own question!
    “ Surely no-one with any sense would back Humza”

  67. carjamtic says:

    There are thoughts

    As a nation, to get the best outcomes, we should gather the best people and encourage them to exchange ideas.

    As things stand within the SNP there are only two candidates that will prevent the entire collapse of the party.

    Kate Forbes
    Ash Regan

    Now that they discovered a sudden “need for speed” to elect their new leader, I would advise caution as this can often lead to a negative outcome, because of hurried, incorrect decision making process.

    As all academic institutions, know, by nature of their discipline mathematicians invariably do their best intuitive work in their twenties or early thirties.

    Whereas historians and social scientists often need years of studious preparation before they become capable of genuine creative work.

    (and therein lies the paradox between the two candidates, leaving other considerations aside,
    the calculators are in the nature of things “quickly beyond their prime” and in middle age devote themselves to other things, needlessly causing havoc)

    There is know way of knowing which camp that Forbes fits into and by deduction she comes with more risk,Regan on the other hand has ably demonstrated where she stands,intellectually/politically.

    Normal rationale dictates that Regan should be the SNP’s new leader and possibly Forbes as her deputy, they have no mean task ahead of them and they will need all the support they can muster,I wish them well.

    The recent statement by Regan confirms,that she is ready to embrace the challenges ahead, ready to unify the wider YES movement and to include other Indy party’s in talks augurs well, it also indicates that she has not yet reached her political peak and as she approaches/enters her intellectual prime and as a bonus, an Independent Scotland will be the main benefactor.

  68. laukat says:

    Keith Brown has declared he is not standing. Either he’s clearing a path for Angus Robertson or the Murrell’s really are uniting behind Humza.

  69. Andy White says:

    Everything Ash is offering is precisely what is needed to mend the savaged, broken-hearted Independence movement, and restore hope at last.

    Any other candidate will preserve the corruption of the Murell cabal, and ensure a Unionist Holyrood in 2026.

  70. Daisy Walker says:

    Glad you included Humzas lack of vehicle insurance while driving, while being the minister for transport…. say’s it all really.

    Of course that could be put down to a mishap, but the Dundee Nursery complaint leaves a very bad taste. Dundee voters have a very long memory, as George Galloway knows. Not a good nest to shit in politically speaking.

    Sad state of affairs when your looking to see who the MSM and the likes of Hunter are backing in order to identify the next Unionist placepersons.

    Like Ash’s manifesto so far.

  71. Lorna Campbell says:

    Scotsrenewables says: “… I am no longer an SNP member, but I encourage everyone to get behind Ms Regan as she offers the best hope of pulling the SNP from the ashes and getting us back on track… ”

    Ruby says: “… Why would you want to pull the SNP back from the ashes?… ”

    My sentiments, too, Ruby. I would be very happy to see them immolated for what they have done to the independence movement and to Scotland’s female population. However, realism and pragmatism must rule now because the SNP is still in power – for now. Any candidate that will dump GRR, ditch the Greens, reach out to all the other parts of the independence movement and make every election a plebiscitary one would get my vote – if I had one, that is, which I don’t.

    If Ash Regan stands, I think she will be subjected to an onslaught of media propaganda and SNP front-stabbing on a par with the Ides of March. She will need to be very strong to withstand it – which I think she is – and not be too tempted to get rid of all of her internal detractors. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The insanely GRR supporting ones, she should ditch immediately and keep them on the back benches until the next Scottish election, when the electorate will do the job for her. The less enthusiastic ones, even if they voted for it, have probably some sense, so she will need their input, but will also have to make it plain that the GRRB will require to be rewritten entirely or dropped, along with the Hate Crime legislation, which will require to be recalled and rewritten to tone it down and to include a female category, or, again, dropped as unworkable.

    Youssaf is havering: he knows perfectly well that the GRRB cannot pass into legislation, so that bilge alone should disqualify him. Angus Robertson voted for it, but I always got the feeling that he was not in favour, although a Sturgeon ally. He does have history that might disqualify him, but he could be seen as a unifying leader. Kate Forbes dodged the GRRB, and not to her credit, so that might be held against her, along with her religious stance. The Sunday National was full of letters from men stating that the GGRB should be retained. Hell mend them for their stupidity. Many, many women voters will do a body swerve if they retain this nonsense. Independence is, quite literally, impossible without the women’s vote.

  72. David Hannah says:

    We need someone in charge of Scotland that will let us have our Independence.

    Second to that, someone that knows what a woman is.

    Men, the physically stronger sex, should stand up for the rights of women and girls and protect them from other bogie men. It’s hard wired in our DNA since the hunter and gatherer days.

    Humza is a clown, an SNP clown. Easy contest.

  73. Confounder says:

    Ash Regan looking very interesting.

    Yusuf: jeez, if you crave symmetry when it comes to foot-shooting, fair enough.

  74. Ian says:

    Given the clear evidence since 2014 of the SNP having failed to even attempt to follow through on critical issues (it’s a long list, but failing to address brexit or create a publicly funded not for profit energy company are two that spring to mind), with the top of the list of course being the big one – SNP’s supposed primary objective of trying to gain independence, hopefully there will be some serious soul searching among SNP members. If the majority of SNP members do actually want Scotland to become independent, the only conclusion I can draw based on the current position Scotland is in, is that this leaves the matter of trust/integrity as the key aspect of all of the leadership candidates. Also since inaction can be as bad, dodging issues by for example voting abstention, also shows a serious lack of trustworthiness or integrity.

    Viewing all candidates, based on their proven track record and in terms of their trustworthiness or integrity, makes it easier to determine which candidates are worth considering if independence is the objective. The only guide anyone has as to how someone will act in the future is how they have acted in the past. Any lies, blatant exaggerations or abdication of their responsibilities should disqualify them immediately.

    I just hope that this way of viewing candidates, based on their proven track record, plays a key part in the coming vote rather than have the media spin and celebrity nonsense smother out all objectiveness. It’s a battle of style over substance and the consequences of style having won since 2014 are all too clear now and is why Scotland continues to be dragged down by the delusions of the ‘UK’. I suppose it boils down to whether the SNP members truly do want independence or whether they want Scotland to continue to pretend to have any real say in how it is governed. Fool me once, or again?

  75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I don’t think anything was done to try to make Westminster change their mind about a section 30.

    It seems to have just been accepted that Westminster wont change their mind and that’s that.”

    They won’t. Why on Earth would they? They have nothing to gain by granting it, and nothing to lose by refusing. Explain what would make them.

  76. Peter C says:

    Yes, it really does have to be Ash Regan. Some good left-wing credentials to her name, one-time association with Common Weal is excellent in my book; at that I would think she would at least be open to dialogue with groups outwith the SNP and the neo-liberal lobbyists that have become buddies of the SNP. What a change that would make to Scotland — she might turn it into somewhere worth living again.

    Other than the EuroMillions I’m not a betting man. However I have made an exception in this case and bet on her at PaddyPower. So, other than my future ‘wealth’, lets hope she wins anyway.

  77. Bob Mack says:

    In reply to several posts.

    Yes I am an Alba member now.

    I also realise we must all work to one common aim. Ash Regan has promised to work with all branches of the Indy side to achieve Indy. SNP members or not we should all be backing that aim.

    The Indy movement has been disjointed too long as it is. We must avoid becoming as insular as the SNP has become.

  78. Ian McCubbin says:

    Ash Regan I hope comes through. Would have liked Brendan MacNeil but guess he is not standing.
    If any of the others win Independence is down the road till Alba and or ISP take over me thinks.

  79. Dorothy Devine says:

    I would vote for Ms Reagan and Mrs Forbes but I am a departed member of the SNP.

    Neither racism nor inverted racism is ever a good look.

  80. DMcV says:

    She’d ‘start on A9 immediately’? There goes support from the SGs as well as SNP credibility on climate change.

  81. highlander says:

    It’s going to be humza.

  82. Geri says:

    Ash has to win this but it’ll be rigged against her.

    She has been against the GRR bill from the start (remember the leaked Snapchat? Sturgeon was out of touch) & has a lot of respect from in inside & outside the party.

    The Hitler youth wing won’t allow it. Neither will Murrell & the NEC. With such a short time scale it looks like they’ve already hand picked the FM & this farce is just for show.

    If that ends up being the case then just let the SNP kill itself. It’s like trying to sell a dead donkey. Like brexit, it doesn’t want saved from its own act of self harm.

    I hope Ash wins & starts the clear out. It’s a huge task…but I think it’s too huge. The rot runs too deep. They’d just make her job impossible.

    I hope the very, very few good ones that left back Ash or start walking if it’s fixed.

    YES needs a new home & will never go anywhere. We’ll just wait for the next bus that isn’t fkn insane!

  83. BigG says:

    My first vote was GE2010. I voted Lib Dems on the back of Nick Clegg’s rise to prominence. I got Tories.

    Disillusioned back the complete back stabbing delivered by Nick Clegg, I never voted again until the referendum. I voted yes. It was no.

    Then came Brexit. I voted remain. It was leave.

    Since gender woo came on the scene I’ve been voting against the SNP. They keep winning.

    Then we had BoJo the clown as PM. BoJo the fucking clown ran this country. Absolute fucking insanity. While duplicitous insanity unfolded in the US, no less.

    So, on the basis of my entire political experience, I can tell you without shadow of a doubt that Humza Yousaf will be the next FM.

  84. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Breeks,

    I owe you an apology as I didn’t “get” your humour at first (a few years ago now).

    Now I would like to buy you a quality dram of your choice 🙂

    Breeks your quote BTL about Sturgeons right flipper pal had me smiling for once at Scottish politics! Thanks chief.

  85. mike cassidy says:

    Are there enough adults left in the SNP to vote for her?

  86. panda paws says:

    From Holyrood Mandy (Rhodes) twitter

    “If I knew @_KateForbes was planning to return from maternity leave from April 1st [Easter recess] I suspect her party did too. Apropos nothing, @theSNP leadership contest closes 27th March.”


  87. Mikel says:

    Will it be decided by e-voting? Then my money is on Hunza…

  88. David Hannah says:

    *My last post was a poor choice of words, that gender ideology puts safauardings of children at risk by putting Humza in charge.

    I am so fed up with identity politics had years of it.

    It’s neither the creed nor nationality that counts, but the man or woman himself.

    Ash Regan 50 + 1 I hope everyone gets behind her to win.

  89. James Che says:


    Re your protective speech of the treaty of the union yesterday, it is duly noted.

    But all bluster and a attempt at speil to cover reality, it was well thought out but simply nonsense.

    The Scottish parliament was ratified as being Extinguished in 1707 by the agreement on both sides, Scotland and England’s parliaments, and this is what the UK parliament states in black & white on its site, 2023, which I have copied out.
    The treaty of union did not subsume the Scottish parliament at all, it just extinguished it out of the treaty of union,
    And you are aware of that twist in the treaty,

    Secondly, a extinguished 1707 Scottish parliament is unable to be enter in a international treaty of union if the terms of that union agreement extinguish that very Scottish parliament in 1707.

    Thirdly, if and its a big IF, as you suggest that the Scottish parliament was subsumed into the treaty of the union after agreeing it was ratified extinguished, that still leaves you facing a factual problem,
    [A subsumed Scottish parliament] in the treaty of union is unable to provide members from a Scottish parliament since 1707.

    Either political verbal road you choose results in Scotland having no legal members representation of a ceased Scottish 1707 parliament in Westminsters newly named British parliament.

    England’s Westminster ensured that they alone continued in the faux treaty of the union.
    And as a reminder Hansard states in its records that the last sitting Westminster English parliament Session was prorogued, and the Queen moved the members of the old English parliament into the newly named British parliament.
    This was reconvened with the old English members of parliament still sitting without a election in Westminsters new British parliament.

    This resulted that the Old English parliament is still in existence, with the same members moving into the new named British parliament in the same premises.
    The English parliament still exists. It was not subsumed into the treaty of union as it claims Scotland was,
    And throughout Hansard records in many many Bills, legislation and statues you can find historical facts references that England Westminster treats Scotland not as a member of the treaty of the union, but as a Colonial take over and gained asset of England,
    ” The Colonial stock Act Scotland” that went through Westminster after the treaty of union is one of

    ” The Colonial Agriculture and Fisheries board Bill Scotland Act ” that took small Scottish Crofts from Scots, is another excellent example

    Scotland was extinguished from being active as a Scottish running parliament in the treaty of the union, and prevented from providing Scottish parliamentary members into Westminsters new named British parliament, even with your stance that the Scottish parliament was subsumed in 1707.

    Scotland has not had any legal member representatives from a Scottish parliament in Westminster since 1707 when it was extinguished out of the union,
    Or from you’re political point of view, from a parliament of scotland that was subsumed in 1707,
    Nether one of those positions provides a legal position for members of a Scottish parliament to enter Westminster with represenatives. Because the Scottish parliament does not exist in reality as a active legal personality since 1707.
    The legal term for the 1707 Scottish parliament within the treaty of union, not being in used since 1707 is

    No longer in use, obsolete,

  90. Wee Chid says:

    Don’t think it makes a blind bit of difference who gets it. Starting to believe we are being completely conned and that, whoever gets it, we’ll be offered more carrots ad infinitum. I always believed the two party system in the UK was a con, an illusion to give us the impression that we actually had a choice. Scotland now seems to be part of that con – we just have more parties to keep up the illusion.

  91. Astonished says:

    Humza is the yoon candidate.

    No one has done more for the UK than the present nuSNP cabal.

    If he wins it will be more of the same.

    P.S. Humza lives in the Dundee area but he (mis)represents Glasgow Pollock. Hopefully not for much longer.

  92. sarah says:

    Nice to see the Rev back out on bear patrol noticing the Spring flowers. A man satisfied with his week’s work, I reckon.

    Enjoy it, Rev. You’ve earned it.

  93. Wee Chid says:

    I hadn’t seen that diatribe by Yousaff. Sounds like he really hates the majority of Scots. If he gets the leadership then the majority of Scots should show him what they feel about him. What a disgusting racist he is – and with a huge chip on his shoulder.

  94. Karen says:

    Ash sounds great. Kate won’t stand, unless she has a granny next door, which is possible, as any woman who has just given birth could tell you.

  95. James says:

    Ash Regan 100%.

    But how will it happen if Murrell is still part of the process?

  96. President Xiden says:

    Yousaf has f***** up every department he has been in so why not give him the top job to complete the set.

  97. Geoff Anderson says:

    Well one clear message is going to be delivered to the wider Scottish Public when the vote takes place.

    They will all have seen Ash Regan’s proposal to work with all Parties and the wider Civic Scotland to deliver Independence. So if the SNP members vote for another “Party First” control freak then the message is crystal clear.

  98. Aquarius says:

    That video of Huza is truly appalling. Imagine if a “wight” person (as he pronounced it) said “brown”, “black” or “jew” after saying few names of people!

    I reserve judgment meantime on Ash Regan. The SNP worked up to the GRA for years instead of working towards Independence and Ash was there for many of those years. I was wondering if the best thing would be for the SNP to dissolve. That would really start the Independence Movement with a clean sheet.

    My pro-indy and self opinionated friend who has been fully supportive of NS for years informed me this morning that she was appalled by the GRC stuff. She was only vauguely aware of Salvo and thought that Alex would have been good had he not been on RT. She feels that he has blotted his copybook. I have sent her a link to the Salvo website. She thinks that Scotland will never get its Independence back, so if she is anything to go by, the ordinary voter needs a bit of persuasion yet.

    As far as private schools are concerned, when I was a child I had no say in where my parents sent me. There is nothing wrong with a good education, except that we were not taught any Scottish History to speak of. I learned more about King Canute and Cromwell for example. Even the teaching about Cromwell was defective as the teachers forgot to mention about the Scots he sold into slavery.

    I am not a member of Alba, but of ISP, although the above statments are my own opinion and observations.

  99. Wee Chid says:

    Ruby says:
    19 February, 2023 at 11:59 am

    “Will you be voting SNP?”


  100. Chris Downie says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “They won’t. Why on Earth would they? They have nothing to gain by granting it, and nothing to lose by refusing. Explain what would make them.”

    While I don’t disagree with you on this Stuart, there were a lot of people saying in recent years that English Nationalism would potentially be the final nail in the Union’s coffin. So far, that hasn’t translated. I’d say that arguably UKIP were the establishment’s controlled opposition (I believe Farage is on record as saying their MO was to destroy the BNP and ethnic British Nationalism) but the question is, did they – and the offshoot Brexit Party – simply buy time for the Union before another surge of English Nationalism emerges, or was this a damp squib to begin with, especially with immigration remaining a central issue south of the border.

  101. James Che says:

    List of Acts.
    HC Deb
    4th December 1995
    Vol 268 cc65-7w

    Mr Charles Kennedy: To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list those Acts of the Scottish parliament before 1707 which are still in force.

    Lord Douglas Hamilton: A list of the Acts of the parliament of Scotland before which have not been statutorily repealed are as follows, While there is a presumption that any Scots Acts which have not been repealed remains in force, That presumption can be rebutted through the application of the doctrine of desuetude, That doctrine requires proof to the satisfaction of the Scottish Courts that it has not been repealed and there has been no continued practice.

    “Desuetude” legally would also apply to wether the 1707 Scottish parliament had been in continued use since 1707,

    If it was subsumed in 1707 it is not in use.
    If it was extinguished in 1707, it is not in use,

  102. Den says:

    If the current police investigation throws up anything untoward (illegal ), then it could be the catalyst for an essential deeper dive into the murky dealings of the SNP. I would think that the FMEL ferry deal and the associated missing funds are most likely to lead to criminal convictions for some of the current SNP executive and their cohorts running Scottish ferries,(some £130m unaccounted for last count) once someone with the right motivation and an inclination for financial crimes has a look at the books it won’t matter who the leader of the SNP is they are well and truly fucked. You could have Jesus (or Mohamed) or any other spiritual leader running the SNP and it will matter not one jot, as they will be unelectable to either WM or HR if tax payer money is proven to have has been trousered. squeaky bum time.

  103. SusanAHF says:

    The SNP need Ash Regan to win. If she doesn’t and a puppet is elected, the SNP is lost. I’ve made my views clear previously about Humza Yousaf I have nothing to add

  104. James Che says:

    Does anyone question what “Civic Scotland” actually means legally.

    I remember Mr Ellis pushing that mantra.

    Is there a definition or difference?

  105. Ottomanboi says:

    Plainly a caucus race in which the smart money is still in the sporan.
    The successor might be either a boring safe pair of hands or a boring pair of safe hands, a variant of the two or something else.
    The hippopotamus’ nearest relative is the whale.
    WOW, that IS something else.
    Do politicos know that kinda stuff?
    Reckon that’ll be the decider.

    «totally am listening…what it is is, you guys aren’t saying the right stuff»

  106. Geoff Anderson says:

    Astonished @2:34pm

    Humza has a number of places he lays his head.

  107. Willie says:

    It’s more than a rigged change of leader that’s needed. That would just be moving the deck chairs.

    On its current form with the phalanx of useless, the SNP in its current form is headed for the bottom of the ocean.

    They’ll all be out come an election in a bonfire of the wasters. And frankly good riddance to them. Independence is bigger than a bunch of bloated useless wasters who thought they had a gravy train for life.

    Collapse the party, the good ones into a new campaign machine, and we move on.

    Time to get a new band on the road.

  108. Garavelli Princip says:

    I would certainly vote for Ash if I were still a member (as would my wife). But we both left the Nikkla Cult after (in my case) Salmond stitch-up and (in my wife’s case) the anti-women gender crap.

    So unfortunately, like so many genuine independence seekers, we no longer have the vote in this party, that has been deliberately seeking to lose people like us.

    I’d like to think there are enough decent independenistas left in the Cult, but ah hae ma doots.

    Lost and ruined by entryissts, careerists, false friends and the Brit agents and spooks

    I fear it is a lost cause – I am 70 and will never see my country free.

    I am inconsolably sad.

  109. President Xiden says:

    To be fair, Humza’s penchant for authoritarianism as evidenced by his hated hate bill makes him the ideal candidate to lead the implementation of the 20 minute neighbourhood project which will turn Scotland into East Germany and give every community its own digital Berlin Wall.

  110. George Ferguson says:

    I don’t have a vote in the SNP leadership contest but I do have a vote for Scottish Independence. Forbes or Regan for me. That could lead to a scuppered judicial review of GRRB and an early Holyrood Election. I am entirely comfortable with an Election whereby Harvie, Greer, Chapman, Alex Cole and Sturgeon can stand on doorsteps and justify GRRB. Unfortunately Scottish Labour will undeservedly benefit. But I think women in particular need their revenge moment. We are going nowhere anyway, so tumb the bucket upside doon. We are starting again.

  111. Christine says:

    Big Jock says:
    19 February, 2023 at 11:52 am
    Vivian. Humza probably still wants to keep King Charles. A monarchy that bars catholics from being King or Queen. Has he anything to say on that?


  112. Merganser says:

    Willie @ 3.10.

    The SNP is dead. Sturgeon killed it. But the vultures of the other parties (Labour, Tory, Greens, Lib. Dems) will gather to pick the bones for the votes.

    The important thing now is to make sure the votes don’t go their way, but go to genuine independence parties.

    What a legacy Sturgeon has left. And the nerve to say independence is closer than ever.

  113. Ruby says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    19 February, 2023 at 1:11 pm

    “I don’t think anything was done to try to make Westminster change their mind about a section 30.

    It seems to have just been accepted that Westminster wont change their mind and that’s that.”

    They won’t. Why on Earth would they? They have nothing to gain by granting it, and nothing to lose by refusing. Explain what would make them.

    Are you seriously interested in what I come up with or are you just hoping to have a good laugh at my answer?

    It’s untrue that they have nothing to gain by granting an IndyRef.
    They could put an end to all these divisions and talk about IndyRef they complain about.

    They could gain respect.
    They could be seen as being fair & possibly gain votes in England. Pretty sure there are lots of voters in England who don’t like the idea of subsidising Scotland and their politicians fighting with every fibre of their being to keep Scottish scroungers in their Union.

    The rise of the English Democrats could make them.

    It seems very defeatist just to say we can’t win so we’ll do nothing.

    If the people of Cornwall had thought that they would be paying 20% more for their pasties.

    It’s always worth doing something.

    OK Sturgeon has resigned now but I believe her failure to deliver an indyref would have been grounds for calling for her resignation ages ago way back when she uttered the words de facto referendum.

  114. WingsSurFrance says:

    @Garavelli Princip

    I hear you brother, I’m in the same boat.

  115. robertkknight says:


    “The SNP need Ash Regan to win. If she doesn’t and a puppet is elected, the SNP is lost”


    Lies…”We will not allow Scotland to be dragged… blah blah blah”

    Obfuscation… “Trans women are women but in the prison context… blah blah blah”

    Sharp practice…”funds are interwoven…blah blah blah”

    Procrastination… “What we in the independence movement must not do is allow a sense of frustration – understandable though it may be – to take us down dead ends… blah blah blah”

    Conspiracy… “I don’t recall… I can’t remember…I can’t tell you… blah blah blah”

    If the SNP only becomes “lost” in the event that a puppet leader is elected, I’m curious as to where you think the SNP stands today.

  116. Anton Decadent says:

    Anyone who has issues with the Greens being a blatant front operation should have a look at the Herald journalists who are smearing Kate Forbes as a member of the Wee Frees. Anti white bigotry is not restricted to Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar, some people may look white but certainly do not identify as such.

  117. Andy Ellis says:

    Does anyone question what “Civic Scotland” actually means legally.

    I remember Mr Ellis pushing that mantra.

    Is there a definition or difference?

    Why would it have to mean anything legally? Who would establish such a legal definition, and to what purpose?

    Anyone involved in the independence movement worth their salt or with two brain cells to rub together should be able to define civic nationalism and differentiate it from other types of forms of nationalism.

    Of course it has long been evident that many of the usual suspect in here are not civic nationalists in any conventionally accepted sense.

    Happy to help!

  118. etticus says:

    No dog in this fight as the SNP is beyond saving as I see it and the Murrell cabal will make sure that either Yousaf or Angus Robertson get the job, though I’m very surprised dear Angus hasn’t publicly declared yet…

    But one thing is you big up Ash Regan’s working class credentials and mention that Yousaf went to a private school but don’t mention that Regan sent her kids to a private school while calling for the abolition of private schools, that’s called her having a touch of the hypocrisy of the champagne socialist and it will not be missed if she tries to out flank Labour on the left. She also seems very well to do and likes the finer things in life… which again suggests champagne socialism. In anycase as I said above I doubt if she will get the gig as so many of the parliamentary party will oppose her and the gender lunatics that make up most of the SNP membership these days won’t vote for her.

    And of course many SNP stalwarts like Fergus Ewing went to private schools, in his case it was Loretto I believe.

  119. Wee Chid says:

    Garavelli Princip says:
    19 February, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    Agreed. I’ll never see it either and don’t intend to waste my time fighting for something I’ll never see. Don’t give a stuff about what happens after I’m gone because it won’t affect me.
    I’ll never forgive Sturgeon and her cabal – I don’t expect her to lose any sleep over my feelings but I wish her bad karma and hope she suffers for what she has done to Scotland and the Scots.

  120. David says:

    Yousaf makes Michael Mathieson look like a superb Cabinet Minister .

  121. Tom Halliday says:

    I fear that Humza Usless will be appointed by the NEC and the members will be given the opportunity to take part in the sham election process.

  122. Republicofscotland says:

    The Scottish actor Brian Cox has backed Angus Robertson for the next SNP leader, need I say any more.

  123. James Che says:

    Scottish “Claim of Right”,

    HL Deb.
    9th June 1995.
    Vol 590 cc 971-96
    Lords Sitting.

    ,-(1) For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of Article ix of the Bill of Rights1689 and that part of Article xxvof the Claim of Right Act 1689″ which secures freedom of speech and debate to menbers of parliament shall apply to the proceedings of the Assembly; and those Article shall be continued accordingly
    (2) For the purpose of subsection (1) above
    (a) proceedings of the Assembly shall not be questioned on grounds of non-conformity with the Assembly standing orders except when such non- conformity raises a devolution issue within the meaning of Schedule 7 tothis Act, and (b) speeches made in the Assembly shall be treated as having the same status in Law in relation to proceedings of the Assembly as speeches made in parliament have a relation to proceedings in parliament.

    So The House of lords have interpreted the “Scottish Claim of Right” as belonging to politicians only.

    Not the people.
    It is interesting to note that they concluded in this Act that the “English bill of rights” is identified as belonging to politicians in England alone,

    Both of these original bill were passed in their individual Countries in the 1600s and benefitted the peoples freedoms, not just the politicians.

    The Westminster government choose a new meaning, to suit Westminster for The Scottish Claim of right.

  124. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my comment on Cox and Robertson, Robin McAlpine (Robertson aside) appears to be in a fairly optimist/forgiving mood.

    “Let me state this as clearly as I possibly can; I am now fully behind a collective attempt to build a unified movement again. Other than Angus Robertson there are none of the likely (or even more unlikely) candidates for leader whom I will not approach with an open mind and all the good will I can summon.”

  125. Republicofscotland says:

    Lets read what GMK and the YES grassroots movement has to say on a new leader and direction of the SNP.

  126. James Che says:

    Graavelli princp.

    Perhaps it would be wiser to turn our attention to the original contract that is supposed to be fool prove,
    For there is quick opposition of the unions participants screeching for us not to look at it. They say its old , it has no relevance today,

    Well thats a peculiar statement in my eyes. If ever there was one.

    We are allowed to talk about everything under the sun just about, EXCEPT the “treaty of the union” contract.

    Mmmm see a wobbley being thrown anywhere yet? A fear emerging?

  127. Livionian says:


    The English Democrats all time best general election percentage is 0.25%. Hardly a formidable enough force to scare the establishment into agreeing a section 30 eh?

  128. barelybare says:

    Nearly five days in, and the list of won’t runs is a lot longer than the list of will runs. Currently it’s just rebel Regan vs useless Yousaf. Air Miles Angus hasn’t been seen or heard of. Is his wife busy with her best wee black book in Scotland?

    Meanwhile many project their image of ideal leader onto the blank sheet that is Kate Forbes. She would still be unknown if Derek Mackay hadn’t been outed for relentless pestering of a schoolboy. If she announces, she will probably win, even if only as the favourite second choice in single transferable voting. And then what? Would she be able to defeat the Sturgeon Murrell cabal that surely hopes to retain the real leadership?

    Does a late entry (less than five days to announce now) suggest reluctance, or is she waiting for a crescendo of voices appealing for her?

  129. Robert Louis says:

    James Che,

    You do of course realise that whilst stating some well kent historical facts, the somewhat tenuous conclusions you repeatedly draw are all utter mince. Really not sure what you try to achieve with it all.

    Are you for Scottish independence or against it?

  130. A2 says:

    Can someone explain the problem with heavy Metal music how you actually define it and where you draw the line?

  131. JGedd says:

    Ash Regan is too good for the SNP. (Ruby @ 11.23am) Yes!

    As for Humza, a waste of an expensive education. The putrid Hate Crime Bill should be hung round his neck like an albatross. His speech, I imagine, was meant to cement the support of non-white voters but the trouble is, with the GRRB, I think that he will have alienated the Muslim vote and hasn’t he already alienated the Sikh and Hindu vote?

    That speech looks like bubble rhetoric again with no thought to the demographics of the electorate. The bubble-headed sheep in parliament will dutifully nod along with that for brownie points but how does that go down with a largely white electorate? You don’t have to be a racist to find that kind of rhetoric unpleasant.

    It’s a bit like the virtue signalling over Scottish connections to slavery with the self-satisfied middle class signing up to the idea that everywhere in Scotland benefited financially from slavery; try proving that to the impoverished working class of Scotland. It’s the middle class hypocrites again trying to spread the blame to everyone Scottish in the past for the evils of slavery, irrespective of class, and taking the ill-deserved moral high ground in the present by doing so.

    Yousaf chose the wrong target in his address, as Stuart Campbell points out, as all those positions in the Scottish establishment are probably occupied by people privately educated and middle class which is more to the point. But in the SNP world, let’s ignore a class issue and make it a race issue instead. However, his instincts there are not reliable either judging by his promotion of a bill that would authorize males in female spaces.(How well does he think that goes down in the Muslim community?)

    He really doesn’t do thinking very well does he? He is the perfect choice for the SNP. Mhairi Hunter’s endorsement says it all really.

  132. Breeks says:

    Roddy MacLeod made an excellent point on today’s Scottish Prism.

    Why didn’t Sturgeon simply declare her intention to resign after the SNP’s “Emergency” Conference, have the Conference proceed as billed, but if the Conference then decided on a Plebiscite Election, then use her resignation as the means to collapse Holyrood?

    By cancellation of the conference, (an “emergency” conference don’t forget), to have the Leadership decided first, we have all got to suffer even more unnecessary delays and more of this interminable can kicking.

  133. SusanAHF says:

    Robertknight, I personally think they ARE too far gone for saving, but if anyone has a chance it is Ash Regan.

  134. Patsy Millar says:

    By the sounds of it, I’d like to see Ash Regan elected but I have not faith that the election process will be evenly remotely fair and I think she’ll probably not have a chance. There would be a lot of virtue signalling to get Humza Yousaf elected, proving how non-racist the SNP is. (Before anyone comments on that last sentence, I’m being ironic re the last part).

  135. Merganser says:

    Breeks @ 5.09.

    Sturgeon had no intention of resigning at that point in time. It was forced on her by – ‘events, dear boy, events’.

  136. gregor says:

    The Almighty (2017): Just Add Life: Do You Understand:

    “…I can’t stop myself from thinking
    Trying to get the picture in the right frame of mind
    Infected with reasons and touched by lies
    All I see is nothing when I look behind
    Go out and get burned
    Last chance to forget what we learned
    They?ll never show the other hand

    Do you do you understand?
    Do you do you understand?..”:

  137. Ruby says:

    Livionian says:
    19 February, 2023 at 4:35 pm


    The English Democrats all time best general election percentage is 0.25%. Hardly a formidable enough force to scare the establishment into agreeing a section 30 eh?

    Ach aye it’s all hopeless!

    We might as well just resign ourselves to living in this British colony.

  138. wee monkey says:

    From what I have researched, AR is the ONE nationalist who could, COULD, appeal to those “soft” unionists who are patently sick of the pig sty’s of both Holyrood AND Westminster and are crying out for someone who will

    not themselves.

    So she’s got one hell of a mountain to climb.

  139. Daisy Walker says:

    There are some things we can take as a given…

    This leadership contest is designed to kick the can down the road

    It will be counted by Mr Sturgeon and that means the outcome will be unclear if its been run fairly

    The Unionists from both sides of the border, will be looking for their own candidate to win, and keep the ‘wedge issue’ (and vote loser) policy of GRR on the front burner and Indy in the fridge.

    They will be happy for it to go to a round 2 or round 3 for a decision, all of which takes time and attention away from the Indy cause and campaign. For that reason some of those who are not standing at the moment… may yet come to the fore (and my bet is on John Swinney).

    The Brit nats can afford to lose, provided they have enough second in commands to ‘do a Corbyn’ on the leader.

    All of which will render the SNP unelectable for years, while burning the candle down on this year further.

    They have a couple of problems, in that many long term, loyal SNPers, are openly saying, it’s this year or never, and are now ‘champing at the bit’ in a calm, and mild manner (as is their want) but never the less, champing.

    And there is Alba. I do not think there will be a membership surge to Alba in any great numbers… but I do think they will start to get the votes.

    Remember, for the vast majority of us, we voted SNP for decades and never joined. Party membership is very much a new thing. Tactical voting however, is very old and established.

    Labour never had any real contenders to occupy the left of centre popular vote. They only really lost when it all became about Indy (and Alex had established the SNP as a competent government). NuSNP don’t have that luxury.

  140. Astonished says:

    “Humza has a number of places he lays his head.” – Geoff Anderson.

    I am very intrigued now. I am reaching multiple worst possible conclusions.

    Let’s hope they are all correct. And we get to find out about them.

  141. Derek says:

    “A2 says:
    19 February, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    Can someone explain the problem with heavy Metal music how you actually define it and where you draw the line?”

    Where you draw the line? Aerosmith.

  142. James Che says:

    I probably do not see it through unionist eyes, that is annoying to some people that do,

    However all the quotes are From Hansard records in Westminster parliament of the UK, so if you want to state they are speaking clap trap, be my guest,

    There are many people that believe in the union being retained for Scotland here in Scotland, and there is no way out for Scotland other than regime change of a political party in Scotland by politician voting for each other,
    But holding that believe is nothing to do with the factual Bills and legislation passed over Hundreds of years that are on record in Hansard.

    You’re debate is not with me, it rests, with the UK parliament records.
    However your fear may correctly be shown to myself for pointing these records out if you have faith in retaining the union of Britain,

    I, however see a Westminster Uk parliament that is preventing the Scots and Scotland having the right to Self Determination,
    That their ( UK ) parliaments view, is Scotland and its people were either Subsumed into a treaty of union, or extinguished by the treaty of union as they stated,

    In either case that leaves no 1707 Scottish parliament or Scottish parliament members in Westminster as a active participant in the treaty of union since 1707,

    Fight a blind fight of believe and fear if you want,
    But that does not alter the historical records..from the very source you offer to protect, the union with UK parliament.

    You have been offered from Westminster records two Acts for Scotland of Colonial bills,
    But you choose to ignore them.
    There is nothing in the treaty of union articles that states Scotland after the agreed treaty will become a Colony,
    So which version of Scotland in a treaty of parliamentary union are you reading?

  143. mark says:


    Stunning argument. I suppose the truth hurts.

  144. mark says:

    @wee monkey

    AR advocating endless plebiscitary elections will not win over any floating voters. It is an appeal to the already decided base, nothing more.

  145. Alastair says:

    My humble prediction of what’s happening.
    Create two candidates representing the extremes, Humza and Ash, push their extreme views hard as decisive to the party and country for Robertson, who will play his hand late to let the game play out, take the safer middle ground as the vanilla, continuity, experienced option.
    Its all been war gamed and carefully planned with the newspapers and tv playing along.

  146. craig murray says:

    Angus Robertson won the Edinburgh Central nomination despite the fact virtually nobody voted for him. There is as much hope of a genuine and fraud free election where Peter Murrell counts the votes, as there was under Stalin.

  147. gregor says:

    Civic nationalism:

    “Civic nationalism simply wants democratic control over a country’s own affairs, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds.”

    “It is a regionalist and separatist movement that self-identifies with the promotion of civic nationalism.“

    “On the other hand, civic nationalism defines membership as an individual’s duty to observe given laws and in turn receive legal privileges.“

    “Civic nationalism is a kind of non-xenophobic nationalism that is claimed to be compatible with liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, and individual rights.“

    “Civic nationalism lies within the traditions of rationalism and liberalism, but as a form of nationalism it is contrasted with ethnic nationalism.“

    “Ethnic nationalism is therefore seen as exclusive, while civic nationalism tends to be inclusive.“

    “In scholarly literature, ethnic nationalism is usually contrasted with civic nationalism.“

    “The original left-wing nationalists endorsed civic nationalism which defined the nation as a daily plebiscite and as formed by the subjective will to live together.“

  148. sadscot says:

    @Barelybare 4.42
    It’s been claimed that Forbes will run.
    Madness on her part when so many are preparing to slaughter her and some already are, on the grounds of her religion..

  149. himagain says:

    The main reason I left the SNP was Sturgeon. It genuinely concerned me what type of country an independent Scotland would be if she was its First Minister, given her record of using Hate Crime Legislation to silence critics, her use of the Criminal Law system to frame opponents, and her self confessed hatred of half the population (in her interview for “Vogue” she stated that she wouldn’t mind if she never shook a man’s hand again – but in fairness the next week she was smirking and grovelling to Joe Biden). I’ve met Ash a couple of times – no big deal, no deep discussions, but I hope she’s going to haul us out of the dead end that Sturgeon got us into. And if you think that what Nic did was accidental, then think again. She gutted the independence movement, locked it into Westminster’s agenda. Then walked away. A unionist plant couldn’t have done it better. There’s a thought, eh? As for Humza? Nope. Just nope. A shifty mediocrity.

  150. Daisy Walker says:

    @, ‘
    craig murray says:
    19 February, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    Angus Robertson won the Edinburgh Central nomination despite the fact virtually nobody voted for him. There is as much hope of a genuine and fraud free election where Peter Murrell counts the votes, as there was under Stalin.’

    Steady on Craig, being a bit hard on Stalin aren’t you. Last time I looked he never did Scotland any harm.

  151. MrsBloggs says:

    I think the SNP have a real chance to sweep up a swathe of new voters if they elect Ash Regan, as well as bringing many of the old guard back.
    So many women have been left politically homeless by gender recognition. It is the key issue on which I, and many others will vote. I cannot in good conscience vote for Labour or SNP for as long as they are so wilfully running rough-shod over women’s rights. That leaves the Tories, and while their wider political policies also massively detrimentally impact women and the wider population, I know I’m not the only one who might have to hold their nose and vote for them.
    I didn’t vote for independence, and haven’t often voted SNP, but at this moment, if Ash Regan was elected it would be a very, very easy choice.
    The question is whether SNP are astute enough to realise just how many women like me hold these views, but feel we cannot voice them at this time. If they lose the numpty Green vote, they would surely easily make it up with votes from women who actually know what a woman is….

  152. Republicofscotland says:

    This is interesting, is Blackford trying to save his own skin here.

    “Ian Blackford, the SNP’s former Westminster leader, paid tribute to Peter Murrell’s stewardship of the party, but declined three times to state explicitly that he believed he should remain in post.”

  153. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Anyone who thinks that Peter Murrell & Sue Ruddick are actually going to count votes is in possession of weapons grade naïveté.

  154. Garrion says:

    Eeyore here. Three outcomes, all good for the status quo and all likely:

    1. Clearly bent selection and election process. They select Humza or Angus or whatever Murrellesque sock puppet. SNP appear beyond corrupt. Lose votes and seats. No more problems
    2. Everyone rallies around the new shiny hope, she gets elected leader, there is either an attempt at or a pantomime of reform. SNP gain popular traction, but are still essentially a vehicle for the prevention of independence. No more problems.
    3. There is a dramatic battle between the old guard and the new ‘radical’, the brit press make mincemeat of her, the middle ground (and status quo) candidate suddenly appears.

    No more problems

  155. Garrion says:

    Eeyore here.

    Three outcomes, all good for the status quo and all likely:

    1. Clearly bent selection and election process. They select Humza or Angus or whatever Murrellesque sock puppet. SNP appear beyond corrupt. Lose votes and seats.

    No more problems

    2. Everyone rallies around the new shiny hope, she gets elected leader, there is either areal and hopeless attempt at or a pantomime of reform. SNP gain popular traction, but are still essentially a vehicle for the prevention of independence.

    No more problems.

    3. There is a dramatic media reported battle between the old guard and the new ‘radical’, the Brit press make mincemeat of her, the middle ground (and status quo) candidate suddenly appears.

    No more problems

  156. barelybare says:

    Re the concerns over Forbes being ‘slaughtered’ over religion I wouldn’t be too worried on her behalf. Normally, Christians are quite good at defending their right to have personal beliefs while not imposing them on others. In fact I’d be surprised if Forbes didn’t turn any criticism massively to her advantage. Maybe that’s why the media keeps bringing it up, priming the pump so to speak.

  157. Alf Baird says:

    gregor @ 7:51 pm

    “Civic nationalism”

    The relatively recent concept of ‘civic nationalism is defined as an association of peoples from different ethnic groups who identify themselves as ‘belonging to a nation’ (Nash 2001). Where the concept appears to fall down in Scotland’s case is because a significant number of people from other countries and ethnic groups (e.g. from rest-UK in particular) are clearly rejecting (and blocking) the offer of Scottish citizenship by voting ‘No’ to independence; hence those residents do not necessarily hold a sense of belonging to the Scottish nation. Moreover, in voting ‘No’, ‘other’ ethnic groups are depriving the indigenous ethnic Scots their ‘inalienable right to self-determination’, which some may regard as a xenophobic act.

    In any case the concept of civic nationalism appears premature for a non-self governing country which remains unable to offer its national citizenship to anyone, even to its own indigenous ethnic people (incl diaspora) who would enjoy an automatic right to citizenship if it existed.

    Post indyref research also found, in terms of ‘No’ voters from other ethnic groups and national identities, that “many of those who contributed to the decision on Scotland’s constitutional future in 2014 would not understand themselves as subjectively Scottish at all” (Bond 2015). Clearly a national identity (e.g. Scottish) cannot be assumed nor forced on those who do not hold it or desire it.

    It would seem important here to remember that “an independence movement depends of the solidarity of the oppressed ethnic group” (Albert Memmi). Ethnicity is actually a critical factor in the context of ‘a peoples’ independence, whereas the ‘concept’ of ‘civic nationalism’ is probably about as helpful as the GRR ‘stuff’.

  158. Geoff Anderson says:

    How come Blackford didn’t get the focus Forbes is getting? They are in the same Church!

  159. gregor says:

    @Alf Baird re. concept of ‘civic nationalism’

    An excellent contribution and concise summary identifying the key factors.

    It’s vital that Scotland better understands the reality of our situation.

    Keep better informing Scotland and driving us forward, Alf…

  160. Effijy says:

    The BBC framing the news in favour of Forbes.
    It’s report on Hamza followed by SNP MSP Discussing why he backs him.
    Caught in the middle is Regan where we have a picture of Cherry the commentator says
    backs her and then on to their Favourite Forbes with extended plaudits from Ivan McKee.

    I’ll have Regan thanks!

  161. Big Jock says:

    Well Alf, as we already know. Ethnic Scots voted yes by 52%. It was RUK migrants who essentially overturned that vote.

    I think the key as you say. Is persuading ethnic Scots to recognise their culture and protect it with independence. Civic nationalism is a very worthy pursuit. But in Scotland’s case. The country we are trying to break free from, is actively stopping what Scots vote. Both politically and by migrants from England who have the vote.

    That said. In a normal country 10% of migrants, should not be able to prevent a nations ambitions. The issue is that not enough ethnic Scots believe in their nation.

    That is something that has to change.

  162. Janice says:

    Diet of carrots will continue, supplemented with alphabetty spaghetti and marmalade if certain mr and mrs get elected. At least it would be short lived once the truth comes out.
    Clear out of the old troughers and then Ash Reagan will have a good chance next time round.

  163. shug says:

    A Regan Forbes alliance would be very attractive.

    Has anyone seen Murray’s e mails. They seem to have been very effective and they have not even been published!!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s news

  164. David Hannah says:

    So far Kate Forbes hasn’t put her name forward.

    If Humza Yousaf is the best candidate the Murrells can put forward then they are well and truely screwed.

    Yousaf is despised by Rangers fans as well. He won’t be winning over any of the soft No voters in Larkhall.

  165. Big Jock says:

    David. Rangers fans hate everyone. That’s what they do. They even sing about it.

  166. robertkknight says:

    So all the speculation comes down to this…

    Is it going to be a male or female voice promising us Yessers more “jam tomorrow” in exchange for voting SNP?

    I simply cannot wait to find an out…he lied.

  167. George Ferguson says:

    There has been industrial scale suppression of the facts during Sturgeons tenure. I don’t envy any future FM. Really serious decisions to be made in the short term. So that makes me think, a Holyrood Election is for the best. Let’s see where the Greens and SNP policies are with the voters.

  168. Derek Mackay's Interior decorator says:


    Dunno but…

    ‘Honey, I’m open to anything
    I don’t know where to draw the line
    Yeah, I’m making bets that you gonna get
    John Wayne before he dies’

  169. Big Jock says:

    It might come to that George.

  170. Ron Clark says:

    Roberts knight. 11.13am

    You seem to be recommending that we completely ignore the SNP.

    I would say wait to see if the likes of Ash Regan wins the leadership race.

    If she wins and recognises all other independence Parties then that has to be a good thing, even Alex Salmond is recommending that.

    If the likes of Yousaf wins, then the games a bogie, all bets are off, and the SNP are toast.

    So I would say, hang on and see how this leadership race pans out. We’ve waited eight years, waiting another couple of months won’t make much difference.

  171. AnneDon says:

    Before people get into the habit of slaughtering ordinary members of the SNP, they should remember that the whole Sturgeon project has been about denying them a voice. We simply have no idea what their views are, because they have had no party platforms to air them. We do know that the “good guys” were mostly elected when the party members had the chance to vote for people outwith the leadership cabal.

    This is all going to come down to the NEC barring people from standing in the first place. And making sure that the votes are properly counted. And it does not appear that the police and legal bodies are as willing to indulge the leadership in their gross abuse of power as they have been in recent years.

  172. PhilM says:

    Passing on a message…
    Hello. We thought we should clarify our position (because people will ask!) and put an end to any speculation.
    My name is Locutus and I am the interim secretary of the Borg Cube’s SNP branch. We are going to vote for Humza Yousaf. He is a genuinely kind person and he’s a true humanitarian. He has vast professional competence and diverse life experience which he brings to his roles.
    As the Borg Queen has commanded the election period to be short, bringing order to chaos, it should be obvious that resistance to the Yousaf is futile. Our sole demand is that Regan of 9 re-join the Collective or face permanent deassimilation.
    End of communication.

  173. PhilM says:

    It has been further decided by the Borg Queen that when the Yousaf has been ‘elected’, and in line with his future importance, he shall be given his new Borg title:
    Half of Nothing.
    End of communication.

  174. twathater says:

    @ Aquarius 2.44pm who said
    I reserve judgment meantime on Ash Regan. The SNP worked up to the GRA for years instead of working towards Independence and Ash was there for many of those years.

    And this is exactly what I was talking about in my comment the other day , EVERY ONE of these troughers including Ash Regan sat on their fat lazy arses and done NOTHING to oppose the deviant or her minions and yet people on here are salivating at the prospect that Ash Regan is going to become Scotland’s heroine or Scotland’s version of Joan Of Arc by overturning all the EVIL that sturgeon and her despicables have wrought on Scotland and Scots

    It is no wonder that we are not independent and TBQH I wonder if we deserve to be so by being so gullible and stupid, we support politicians who demand and insist that we allow newcomers who have arrived from anywhere to determine the direction of travel of our country and whether we should be an independent country or whether we should allow our neighbours to continue to steal our finances and resources,

    We support politicians who demand and insist that we consult with everyone from around the world whether our females safety and security should be at the mercy of perverts and deviants with mental health issues and predatory inclinations , and instead of our females being outraged and resolute at this abomination being thrust upon them they are willing to propose and discuss a compromise

    WE deify these same politicians who treat the masses with ignorance and contempt and celebrate their lies and corruption by reelecting them so that they can continue to lie and steal, instead of rebelling against them and forcing them to face justice

  175. SusanAHF says:

    I agree totally twathater

  176. Breeks says:

    Ron Clark says:
    20 February, 2023 at 1:18 am.

    So I would say, hang on and see how this leadership race pans out. We’ve waited eight years, waiting another couple of months won’t make much difference…

    That’s true about the timescale. But what worries me more is the pivotal role we seem to be giving Holyrood in the Independence campaign, (again),and the risk we are taking to lock ourselves into the same 1998 Scotland Act quagmire, where we have to overturn all the unconstitutional precedents established by Nicola Sturgeon; subservience to Westminster, servile obedience to diktats from the Supreme Court, and abandonment of the Claim of Right.

    Ash Regan is talking constructively about liaison with the wider Independence group, which is to be very much welcomed. The SNP needs a Leader.

    However, what I’m not hearing is the clear distinction of assembling a rehabilitated YES Movement under the “Red” Sovereignty of Scotland’s Claim of Right, or simply rehabilitating an SNP which now talks to the YES Movement, but isn’t prepared to defy or dispute the principle of Westminster’s “White” Parliamentary Sovereignty.

    Westminster, and the entire Unionist community now firmly believe that the UK Supreme Court and House of Commons can lay down the Law and use the Scotland Act to force Scotland into submission. In other words, Scotland is ruled and subjugated by Westminster’s white sovereignty. Sturgeon in her feckless stupidity has greatly emboldened that belief, and she even appointed a Lord Advocate who believes it.

    The paltry, false and miserable codified constitution of our Vichy Assembly is now apparently the “ruling” doctrine our Nation? Over my dead body. And for as long as there 100 more left alive…

    Now, to be of any further relevance, it is now incumbent upon Holyrood to overturn these precedents, (let’s call them what they are: landmark Unionist victories), and start defending the Claim of Right principle that it’s the Community of the Realm, the people, who are sovereign in Scotland, and that Scotland’s MP’s and MSP’s serve and answer to the sovereign people of Scotland, NOT themselves, and NOT the invasive colonial doctrine of UK Parliamentary Sovereignty.

    To be explicit, the Holyrood Government CANNOT concede the Supreme Court has the power to deny Scotland’s sovereign people the right to hold a democratic referendum.

    “IF” the 1998 Scotland Act can lawfully subjugate the Scottish people under Domestic UK Law, then Holyrood MUST defend the right which Scotland has to step outside UK law and these invasive “alien” parameters, and be determined to hold a Referendum made legitimate by the Claim of Right Principle; the Scottish Constitution, not the inferior UK constitution. Throughout the Realm of Scotland, Red sovereignty trumps White.

    This is of vitally important significance. Arguably, it is even more important that uniting the divided YES movement. Armed with this distinction, the Treaty of Union can be destroyed by one person.

    Scotland MUST now become fanatically dogmatic and uncompromising about defending the sovereign Claim of Right. It simply must. That is the where the critical distinction lies between Westminster ultimately telling Scotland what to do, and Scotland ultimately telling Westminster what to do. Either we stand, or we kneel.

    In this dangerous regard, Nicola Sturgeon knelt, and failed Scotland completely and utterly, whether through incompetence or betrayal, but I have yet to see that catastrophic precedent dawning on Scotland’s MSP’s and apologists for Sturgeon’s dismal performance.

    I very much fear the SNP is still determined to fight a losing battle because it STILL hasn’t done it’s Constitutional homework. It will end up kneeling in defeat again, because it hasn’t got the courage, cunning, or acumen to stand firm and defend the Claim of Right.

    Sturgeon made a catastrophic error, yet we seem doomed to carry on where she left off.

  177. Geoff Anderson says:

    Sandyford Clinic has damaged children to promote ideology instead of focusing on medical care.

  178. Geoff Anderson says:

    Reviewing the morning papers ( without paying of course). It is quite an impact to note that Ash Regan is hardly mentioned, never mind awarded recognition as a credible contender.

    As someone said yesterday we should pay attention to who is being pushed by the Unionist media. Names which have withdrawn or not yet announced. Even the bookies are still giving odds on candidates that have stated they won’t stand.

    The Indy convention must be the way forward. However the first order of business is that the convention is recognised and supported as an recognised independent entity. We neglected the small print of the YES campaign that all material and copyright remained the property of Peter Murrell on behalf of the SNP.
    Party Politics will not deliver Independence. Genuine commitment to an umbrella organisation will.

  179. sydthesnake says:

    If the SNP think Mr Yousaf is the answer, then their asking the wrong question, as I mentioned on a previous post about the lack of depth of candidate for FM in the shallow pool. If he’s appointed, he’ll make Queen Nic look competent. He’ll never unite the Party, Ash has to win or the SNP WILL be the has-been’s of Scottish Politics its as simple as that.

  180. robertkknight says:

    Ron Clark…

    “You seem to be recommending that we completely ignore the SNP.

    I would say wait to see if the likes of Ash Regan wins the leadership race.”

    Free bus travel for under 22’s and Baby Boxes. Everything else Sturgeon’s rancid SNP touched since 2014 has turned to shit.

    The Dear Leader salted the ground and in my opinion it matters not who takes control – the ranks of SNP elected representatives are now stuffed with troughing devolutionists peddling snake oil to the weak and feeble minded Wee Ginger Fund types. Or, promising the earth to the social anarchists and biology denying zealots in return for God only knows what – the mind boggles. Everything Indy related falls to “jam tomorrow “.

    For years the Rev has brought to light all that’s wrong with Sturgeon’s rancid SNP, which has proved itself through its actions, or lack thereof, to be nothing more than a cul-de-sac in the journey to Independence. The sooner the Yes movement wakes up to that fact the better – the SNP is too far gone for the likes of Ash Regan to save.

  181. Willie says:

    So if he takes over Dumbza Useless is resolved to press on with the gender legislation.

    Tells you all about the busted flush that is the SNP. The bonfire of the useless is without coming. Those that have commitment to independence need to get out and collaborate in a new party, new movement. And that is happening.

    We do not need the SNP. It is a blocker to independence. In its present form it is a dead man walking. And good riddance to it.

    Like Sturgeon, Dumbza, Shirley Anne Somerville et al are yesterday’s men.

  182. John Main says:

    @Alf Baird 9:35

    You have summarised your theory very clearly.

    So what is to be done?

    The value of any theory lies in how well it maps to the real world.

  183. Mark Boyle says:

    Breeks says:
    20 February, 2023 at 5:44 am

    Scotland MUST now become fanatically dogmatic and uncompromising about defending the sovereign Claim of Right. It simply must.

    Yes, because being fanatically dogmatic and uncompromising has been such a bloody rip-roaring success recently for Sturgeon and her tagalongs, hasn’t it? :/

    Show me some latter day Covenanter obsessed with Sound Doctrine in any field, and I’ll show you one of life’s born losers, doomed to machine gunning themselves in the foot before stuffing it into their mouths.

  184. Ottomanboi says:

    All the successful nationalist movements of the past hundred years have been driven by ethnic, cultural and linguistic dynamics.
    I am an ethnic nationalist regarding my Syriac identity and my belief in a independent state for my people in the ethnic homeland in ancient«Mesopotamia».I am not an Arab.
    Take that on board for a task.
    Civic nationalism is a pseudo leftist, milk and water cop out which serves as a field for the big guys, the enemy, to play subverting mind games.
    Scotland has just had years of it under the «fearful» non nation, non nationalist denatured ScotGov. apparatus.
    Enough guys. This project is no place for wimps, pseuds and political careerists.

  185. John Main says:

    @twathater 3:26

    Difficult to argue with anything you write.

    It can be summarised by saying that a democracy really does get the leaders it deserves.

    For me, the lightbulb moment came in 2018 when Sturgeon announced she was First Mammy, and we Scots lapped it up.

    Grown ups don’t continue doing what their Maw tells them!

  186. Wee Chid says:

    Sturgeon’s secret plan is revealed. wait until WM puts a Hindu in charge and stick a Muslim in as leader of Scotland. Covenanters with a twist. Armageddon starts here.

  187. Wee Chid says:

    twathater says:
    20 February, 2023 at 3:26 am

    “We support politicians who demand and insist that we consult with everyone from around the world whether our females safety and security should be at the mercy of perverts and deviants with mental health issues and predatory inclinations , and instead of our females being outraged and resolute at this abomination being thrust upon them they are willing to propose and discuss a compromise”

    Not this female. No compromise here. Not having it – don’t care how “unkind” that makes me or how hurt some poor wee gendered soul is. As far as I’m concerned the adults are over privileged fetishists – and as for the kids – just wee spoilt wee brats who have never been denied anything they wanted through stamping their feet and shouting “Me,me me, look at me”. They are not coming into my space. They can FO.

  188. akenaton says:

    Sorry, I seem to have posted this in the wrong thread. I would add that people have different views, personal and political, which often intrude into any campaign for “the greater good”. We would be better to determine what will be in the interests of future generations than concentrate on issues which suit us personally

    It’s a poisoned chalice, I have a lot of respect for those who want to get rid of the whole gang, but in truth this is impossible.

    Regan and Forbes seem the only sensible choices, but Regan in particular strikes me as a bit of an opportunist who read the runes before Sturgeon’s demise. Forbes strikes me as the one to deliver the sort of country in which I would want to spend the rest of my days. Her much condemned views on Gay marriage, Abortion, The Family and other issues important to a population of mainly elderly people and a growing number of immigrants with conservative social views will be, I think, well received.

    It all may be too soon as the Murrell shop front disintegrates. There may be a reaction against Independence. Politics can sometimes resemble a stampeding herd of Wildebeest, driven by panic and lacking the understanding of why they are doing so.

    Interesting times indeed

  189. rogueslr says:

    As the Rev has already suggested, any result will probably be announced in percentage terms. However, the candidates will have to canvas support from the membership won’t they? Will that include mailshots? If so, who will supply the list of members? Is this the moment when we finally get to find out just how many SNP card holders remain?

  190. ScottieDog says:


    Largely agree with this. I add that we can’t underestimate the damage that has been done by the murrell administration. That in itself must go, in it’s entirety. As for the Supreme Court hearing and outcome, I’m not sure it’s all that damaging – well it is, only if the leadership accepts it. Also, I’m not sure how much public traction it even got.

    It can however be taken care of as part of a manifesto which brings the COR into the wider public sphere, such that if the people of Scotland choose, then the SC has no standing. So for example, a manifesto pledge could say that a vote for independence could be followed by a confirmatory referendum ins Scotland, by Scotland, with international observers. I’m not saying that’s what we should do, but we need to make it clear that we can do it. Such a stance is much more likely to get WM round the table.

    Before all that though, the new FM (ash regan I hope), needs to drain the swamp. She also needs to reboot the conference pledges – national energy company, SNIB (not a phoney bank for the rich), land reform, sort the ferry fiasco, and salvage something from scotwind – and basically form a competent govt. That’s a huge task in itself. It actually makes the long drag into the next HR elections look rather short, and thus offloading indy work onto a constitutional convention is the right thing to do. Then as the yoons like to say, she can get on with running the country.

  191. desimond says:

    @Breeks 19 February, 2023 at 5:09 pm
    Roddy MacLeod made an excellent point on today’s Scottish Prism.
    Why didn’t Sturgeon simply declare her intention to resign after the SNP’s “Emergency” Conference

    The Rev mentioned this days ago too..

  192. David Hannah says:

    Robertson won’t be running for First Minister. I wonder if its to do with the missing 600K?

    Humza Yousaf is toast.

    I think Ash Regan will win. Only for Murrell to tamper with the results.

    Release the emails.

  193. Gordon Kennedy says:

    Roddy Dunlop says ‘Ash Reagan will be an excellent FM, she helped the country get through covid’
    Yes, sure she did, alongside Sturgeon and her cabal including Yousaf especially who conspired with the UK Govt to promote an untested, unlicensed product that was lethal to some, not too mention the thousands of vaccine injured ignored by both authority and the press
    These people, including all politicians from every political party, should be facing a judge & jury
    I dont expect you to print this comment Rev, so surprise me

  194. tobydog says:

    Geoff Anderson at 6.55am.

    One of the few rational voices BTL on this post.

  195. Alf Baird says:

    John Main says:
    20 February, 2023 at 8:59 am
    @Alf Baird 9:35

    “The value of any theory lies in how well it maps to the real world.”

    Our population and ‘environmental conditioning’ clearly reflects a colonial world in which the population has been and continues to be fundamentally influenced by a range of ‘colonial procedures’ and effects, in particular:

    – population displacement, with large numbers of Scots moved out of Scotland and other ‘peoples’ (including a managerial and professional class) coming in over a prolonged period, and;

    – cultural assimilation and the cultural and psychological ‘Britishing’ of the Scots which has altered their identity and allegiance and subordinates and marginalises native identity, culture and languages (‘cultural obliteration’).

    Both factors serve to diminish the number of people in Scotland holding to a Scottish national identity, which is the intention.

    “So what is to be done?”

    We have to recognise that achieving 50%+1 in a referendum may not be possible and this is primarily because of the influences of colonialism, and that Scotland’s ‘condition’ is not a natural evolution. The adverse effects of colonialism must therefore be compensated for in any self-determination ‘decolonization’ process. Examples may include:

    – accepting a majority of seats as sufficient to end the union in the same way it began;

    -introducing ‘secondary criteria’ to any national voting franchise such as a qualification period of primary place of residence and economic interest for non-indigenous residents, as in New Caledonia etc

    Arguments about what may be deemed to be ‘democratic’ (i.e. 50%+1) in a ‘normal’ voting/national environment are clearly inappropriate and likely to be insufficient for a colonially influenced environment in which a vastly diminished ‘culturally dislocated’ and oppressed people are fighting specifically for independence / decolonization.

  196. sadscot says:


    “Normally, Christians are quite good at defending their right to have personal beliefs while not imposing them on others.”
    My position is that she shouldn’t be facing this all out attack from the Greens and even from within her own Party, vicious attacks. It’s awful to see this. Forbes is the only one named whose religion is also mentioned immediately after her name. Even journalists are at it. We should all be worried bout that.

  197. laukat says:

    Robertson has declared he’s not standing and his letter is very much trying to shame Forbes into not standing. The Sturgeonites seem desperate for Forbes not to get it which makes me think she might have more to her than we first considered.

    With the Sturgeonites getting behind a single candidate it would be preferably if Forbes stands that her and Regan come to an arrangement so that only 1 goes forward.

  198. gregor says:

    @Ottomanboi re. “Civic nationalism is a pseudo leftist, milk and water cop out which serves as a field for the big guys, the enemy, to play subverting mind games.”

    I sympathise with your sentiment and think its great that you treasure your distinct cultural Syriac heritage, including that of your Scottish home.

    The social dynamics of the modern world (namely NWO agenda for globalism/conflicts/displacement and movement of people, etc) is placing additional severe pressures on our sovereign nations. Our own corrupt government appears hell bent on dissolving the male and female species, and brainwashing innocent children with a dangerous and deranged woke ideology – while our essential public services crumble.

    Mass social dis-cohesion/trans-humanism is what overarching NWO seeks (a last stand re. Great Reset initiative/an unprecedented/frantic power-seizure: dressed as democracy, equality and social justice). These issues are a real direct/existential threat to sovereign Scotland, its people – identity and culture.

    What’s worth preserving should we continue down this suicidal mass destructive path. I recognise and value our world nations and peoples’ due to their distinct identities, quirks and cultures.

    Meanwhile, exclusive unelected NWO demon-freak (fuckwit) is revelling in its engineered tyranny and global carnage.

    Keep the faith@Reality wins…

  199. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Roddy Dunlop says ‘Ash Reagan will be an excellent FM, she helped the country get through covid’’

    That’s not what he fucking said.

  200. Bob Mack says:

    Humza Yousaf has one benefit to the SnP. Perhaps the Muslim Council may go back on board, as I believe they withdrew support just prior to Sturgeon going.
    They would be essential in Glasgow South areas where several high profile SNP members benefit from their vote.

    Of course Yousaf has failed at every position he has acquired, but needs must I suppose for the SNP.

  201. gregor says:

    @Seize this golden opportunity, Scotland/humanity (it’s yours)…

  202. desimond says:

    @Bob Mack
    The Muslims may come back onside but didnt Humza get a rubuke from Indian Council of Scotland leaders.

    I cant see Humza getting far in this race. He will no doubt get a Ministerial role but the big chair will always allude him.

  203. Dan Watt says:

    So, how will the transcult scupper Ash Regan’s leadership bid, because you know they will all be clamouring to make that happen.

    Who actually gets to vote for her? Is current SNP membership now just about the most staunch supporters of the outgoing regime, the devoted, those in denial of the reality in which we live?

  204. SusanAHF says:

    Why is the Muslim vote so important?

  205. Ottomanboi says:

    Being Christian is an irritant for those inhabiting the «liberal» world. Being Muslim, however, is the all-encompassing belief system where incidentally there is no secular dimension, that may openly speak its name.
    The Muslim world is a challenging environment for dissenters but an honest one. The «liberal» wouldn’t be able to handle it, too much hurt, too unsafe, too real.
    Christians, convenient scapegoat in both worlds, but for different reasons, need kevlar.
    Out and proud; parade your bizarre sex interests, but that weird sky fairy stuff……zero tol.
    All media driven diversionary tactics anyway.
    Divide and confuse!

  206. Wee Chid says:

    akenaton says:
    20 February, 2023 at 9:32 am
    ” We would be better to determine what will be in the interests of future generations than concentrate on issues which suit us personally”

    Stuff that – let them make their own mistakes. Not worrying about what happens after I’m gone – why the hell should I , I won’t know anything about it.

  207. Chic McGregor says:

    IMO, Kate Forbes is the best candidate so far. She has the political experience and has proven she can think on her feet and make the key telling points in a debate.

    Her Wee Free membership should prove no barrier. After all it didn’t stop Ian Blackford becoming Westminster leader, did it?

    Ash Regan has presented and pontificated well but lacks political experience and her ability to respond under intense debate is an unknown quantity to me. Perhaps if there is televised hustings she may perform well and present me with a problem, who knows?

    Hamza is better than most seem to be giving him credit for but no, not for him.

  208. Chic McGregor says:

    Oops, Humza.

  209. ronald says:

    Humza the gradualist will build a case for Independence / well with a statement like that he’s built a wall with Independenista’s on the other side of said wall / total waste of space .

  210. gregor says:

    WHO’s attack on national sovereignty and human rights/human autonomy (2023):

    “Negotiations between Biden Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spawned what is called a “zero draft” of a pandemic treaty. The draft was published on Feb. 1 and now needs ratification from all 194 WHO member states.

    The zero draft gives the WHO the power to declare and manage a global pandemic emergency. Once a health emergency is declared every signatory, including the United States, must submit to the authority of the WHO. This includes caving to them on treatments, lockdowns and vaccine mandates along with government surveillance”:

    WHO zero draft document:

  211. twathater says:

    @ Wee Chid 9.30am who wrote
    Not this female. No compromise here. Not having it – don’t care how “unkind” that makes me or how hurt some poor wee gendered soul is. As far as I’m concerned the adults are over privileged fetishists – and as for the kids – just wee spoilt wee brats who have never been denied anything they wanted through stamping their feet and shouting “Me,me me, look at me”. They are not coming into my space. They can FO.

    TBQH wee chid AFAIC they can FO even further IMO,

    I think you picked me up wrong, certain females who were very vociferous and resolute in their opposition to this abomination seem to have forgotten the bile, hatred,threats of rape and physical violence, denigration, slurs, contempt, renaming of the female sex, renaming of female reproductive organs and many more VILE things that these deviants and perverts so eagerly and energetically subjected our REAL females to and have reverted to the BE KIND mentality that emboldened and encouraged these lunatics to wage all out war on the female SEX without fear of repercussions

  212. Re: Scottish Green Party. As I recall, the SGP decision to enter into association (not a coalition) with the SNP was one that was put to a vote of SGP membership. It passed, though I don’t know by how much. My point is: CAN the agreement be ‘collapsed’ without a similar democratic vote of all SGP members? (Whatever its ministerial incumbents or external pundits may say.)

  213. mosstrooper says:

    If Ash Reagan gets the SNP leadership I will rejoin. Until then I will maintain my distance and retain my money.

  214. Johnny+Conspiranoid says:

    Since this is a site with a lotof interest in the SNP I wonder if the readers would be interested in a review of a new book about the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon and the influence of the american state.

  215. Cactus says:

    As Yousaf represents himself as the lesser Sturgeon ‘continuity candidate’, whereas Ash Regan has declared herself to be the genuine ‘independence candidate’, now might be a good time for current SNP members to re-evaluate their thoughts for their intended leader (notwithstanding any potential electoral fraud).

    For the good of Yes, I wonder if Phantom Power would be interested in bringing a promo video together for Ash, similar to the format of the “Journey to Yes” ones, with an alternative title along the lines of “SNP for Ash / We’re for Ash / I’m for Ash”. All you would need are SNP members to talk with in support of Ash Regan, with excerpts from the Queensferry launch used as the sampled video for backdrop.

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