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Augean Stable Doors

Posted on February 09, 2023 by

Well, it’s hardly before time.

But isn’t that the Scottish Greens co-leader in that picture, in the bunnet, between his colleague Ross Greer and Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, all enthusiastically clapping Douglas just a few weeks ago?

Isn’t this former co-leader Maggie Chapman, enjoying a celebration with Douglas as recently as late December after passing the Gender Recognition Reform bill?

(Along with many other Scottish Greens office-holders, like transgender activist and former SNP women’s officer Emma Cuthbertson, another man who has also held the role of Rainbow Greens co-convener.)

Isn’t this Chapman at a meeting with him?

What jolly pals they are.

Isn’t this Harvie having a jolly friendly time with him while out door-knocking?

Most of these pictures were taken long, long after the violent tweets that Douglas has now been suspended for. They were taken long after his ugly history of abuse was widely known about. It’s been two and a half weeks since Wings first exposed him in detail, but some of the material was known about months and months ago. Yet the Greens did nothing until now.

Indeed, just four days ago they were still actively defending him.

(This was the “bra” picture they were complaining about the Tories using, btw.)

The Rainbow Greens has been one of the most nauseating sewers in Scottish politics for years. But having finally been reluctantly and grudgingly forced into action, on past form the party will – assuming they actually DO formally kick him out – just replace Douglas with someone even sleazier. We’re already shuddering at the thought.

Maybe, just maybe, tonight’s news will give a little pause for thought to the SNP MSPs who turned and stood to applaud Douglas like a Roman emperor after they voted for the GRR – a bill that Alex Cole-Hamilton said they’d all passed specifically for him.

But to be honest, readers, the SNP – and most of the rest of the Scottish Parliament – is now so rotten and stinking to the core that we wouldn’t count on it.

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0 to “Augean Stable Doors”

  1. Stephen

    Well done Wings Just well done!

  2. alan scott

    Why does the drive for independence attract filth like this? Or does filth like this lead the drive for independence?

  3. Dave Llewellyn

    Kay Cary shouts “Hold my beer .”

  4. Merganser

    Cole-Hamilton has to resign. But won’t. So should all of them who applauded Douglas. But they won’t.

    Holyrood is sick, and has no right to continue behaving as it has, betraying Scottish women in particular and Scottish people in general.

    How much more of this can we take?

  5. Mountain shadow

    Great journalistic work Rev.

  6. gregor

    Scumpulse (2019): Rotten (Rotten):

    “Time forfeit i’ve not forgotten
    The passing leaves the taste more rotten
    All chewed up and left to digest
    Inside a predator
    Ran like dogs this hare’s a brass ring
    Never caught another’s plaything…

    Hung from here
    For all to see
    No more sound
    The end of a predator…”:

  7. Elizabeth Robertson

    Well done, Wings. This pathetic specimen of a man has long had it coming.

  8. Bob Mack

    Stu Campbell aka Hercules.

    This would never happen without you Stu.

    Let’s hope more follow. We can all help by oting them out.

    Independence is becalmed in any event and we can rebuild a better movement that belongs to us rather than be subjugate to the whims of a political elite who think they are more powerful than the people they are supposed to serve.

  9. PacMan

    From article:

    Maybe, just maybe, tonight’s news will give a little pause for thought to the SNP MSPs who turned and stood to applaud Douglas like a Roman emperor after they voted for the GRR – a bill that Alex Cole-Hamilton said they’d all passed specifically for him.

    To me, these gestures are about photo-opportunities and to get captured in print of having the ‘iconic Martin Luther King image’ of fighting against oppression.

    It has got worse with social media and it absolutely embarrassing. I know it is cruel and callous to call individuals like this clapping seals but this who adulation of Beth Douglas shows how immature, shallow and frankly dangerous it is.

    The MSP’s who did this are lacking in morals and self-awareness and won’t think twice of doing something similar when everything dies down and the next superstar activist appears on the scene.

    The only way to deal with these individuals is to get them out at the next election.

  10. Ian McCubbin

    Time for a clear out of Holyrood not fit for purpose. Well done for exposing this appalling situation.

  11. Kcor

    Mercilessly expose the whole lot from Sturgeon and Murrell downwards and clear the swamp, Rev. Stuart Campbell.

  12. Lorna Campbell

    99.99% of them are fetishists/autogynephiles. They can suit themselves as long as they live out their fetishes behind closed doors and in consenting company and harm no one. Dysphoric men are still likely to have a paraphilia.

    You are gradually teasing out the reality behind ‘the trans community’ narrative about ‘puir wee sowels’ born in the wrong body. Most of them are hard-line porn addicts with multiple fetishes, often narcissists, who actually get off on forcing unwilling and/or unsuspecting women into their fantasies.

    The psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has done us all a great service by underlining the fact that what drives these men is autogynephilia, not a gendered soul, and the “I knew I was ‘trans’ from almost the day I was born” nonsense has sacrificed large numbers of innocent children and young people on the altar of fetishism. That politicians, who are meant to have a duty of care towards their constituents still refuse to acknowledge this for what it is, makes me so angry. These people are not fit for office. The ‘true trans’ mantra is just so much virtue-signalling.

    That ‘transwoman’ you know who lives just down the road and has never hurt a soul is still a fetishist, woman facing and larping in female spaces to which he has no entitlement. Next time you hear the shriek: where am I supposed to go, just reply, into your own, third spaces. Maybe think a little about why not one ‘trans’ identified male has sought to create third spaces or campaigned on that issue, why Stonewall has dedicated none of its huge resources on it either.

    It is because they WANT access to female spaces, and that has always been the aim. Getting your rocks off and larping would be so much less fun in an all-‘trans’ space. It has nothing to do with being scared of big hairy blokes who might pick on them. To women, they are the big, hairy blokes, so why can’t they understand how we feel? Because they don’t care as long as their lady feelz are given a free rein.

    I refuse to believe that all these politicians are just gullible suckers for a sob story. As you say, Rev, they have known for a very long time what these ‘transwomen’ really are and they have tried, quite deliberately, to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. It is not just Holyrood either because Westminster is equally culpable. The 2004 GRA should never have seen the light of day, and self-ID sneakily introduced on Stonewall’s say-so is already with us, against the law. GRCs should not allow anyone to change sex and become something they never can be, albeit easily-obtained administrative documents could be introduced instead, but they should confer no legal female status or access to female spaces. There is a court case there in the deliberate misinterpreting of the 2010 Equality Act because it make it explicit that ‘sex’ applies only to males and females, while ‘gender reassignment’ refers to ‘trans’. If ‘trans’ have two legal categories, that is uniquely inequitable in human rights/civil rights history.

    There are also legal cases waiting to be taken up on the breaking of the Equal Pay Act when corporations (the BBC was one, but there were others) were paying ‘transwomen’ men’s salaries while the real women in those organisations were being paid considerably less. The 1975 Discrimination Act must also have been breached. I have never heard of any ‘transwoman’ who offered to take a woman’s salary except that larper at Edinburgh Rape Crisis who lied his way into the job courtesy of the handmaidens. Again, since the late 1950s and early 1960s, men were illegally occupying female spaces (loos, and possibly more) without as much as a by-your-leave, and it was all done under the radar, just as they are doing today, with the politicians’ tacit approval.

    The GRRB legislation is unworkable, grossly discriminatory of women, underhand and sleekit, and a larper’s/fetishist’s charter, when it is not a charter for really vicious sex offenders. If women want this to stop, they are going to have to ensure that it stops and that means making enough noise that the politicians listen because they and their predecessors are the ones who have enabled this whole charade we are seeing now. If autogynephilic men had not been given tacit approval to breach women’s spaces from the 1950s/60s onwards, the latest mob would not have been able to get through either. Leave that door open again, and this will never go away. Third spaces. Nothing less.

  13. mike cassidy

    Poor Scottish Greens

    Getting hit with both barrels

    North Sea firm hails “significant oil and gas discovery

  14. Craig

    Better later than never, how about it should never have been allowed to have happened in the 1st place, what is it with these political parties that attract these people that do more damage than good?

    We all know that independence is dead for the foreseeable future, it’s going to take at least 2 decades to undo the damage Nicola & her acolytes have wrought upon the women and children of Scotland with her inane Self ID obsession and what have you.

    I’ll be honest, I’m done with politics, I will vote for the ALBA party at elections but that’s it, campaigning for independence in my view is a waste of time right now, it’s going to take the ALBA Party at least 10 years to get a proper foothold in amongst the established parties, what a shitfest of a Nation we live in right now.

  15. Kcor

    alan scott says:
    9 February, 2023 at 10:20 pm

    “Why does the drive for independence attract filth like this? Or does filth like this lead the drive for independence?”

    The filth has been brought in by tractor Sturgeon to prevent independence at all costs to protect her and Murrell’s power and privilege in Scotland colony.

    Unionists are always very quick to associate all filth with independence.

    To all genuine independence supporters: don’t be duped by the colonialists and their agents.

    Sturgeon would not have dared to peddle her filth in an independent Scotland and would have been in prison for all she has done.

  16. Arthur Martin

    Many thanks Mr Campbell sir. It’s greatly uplifting witnessing the beginning of the end of the SNP/Greens ScotsGov at your very capable hands. I’m off to increase my direct debit, that is money well spent.

  17. PhilM

    Please be especially kind and stop deadnaming Hercules. She/Her now identifies as Athena and Athena refuses to clean out stables. Athena likes My Little Pony, dressing up in pink, sleepovers, Doja Cat and when not sitting in attendance at the Delphic Oracle, Athena advertises special services on adults-only tablets (immortals can do this kind of stuff).
    Unfortunately Zeus was unavailable for comment…

  18. Lydia

    Congratulations Wings.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

  19. Gregory Beekman



    Come on, Greens, get with it.

  20. Bob Johnston

    Absolutely outstanding citizenship and work. Well done.

  21. Michelle

    Suspend? I don’t know why. He’s emblematic of everything the rainbow greens are.

    They all knew what he was. The problem for them is that you exposed him and now EVERYBODY knows.

    And everybody’s knows that they knew,

  22. Ian

    I remember a time, long ago, when the Greens were a party obsessed with the environment and climate change. The SNP were a party whose whole reason to exist was independence.

    How terribly quaint it all seems now. Do you think the likes of Beth Douglas would be remotely interested in either party if that is what they still were?

  23. Craig

    Oh, just seen this…

    #Funny how they are starting to realise that maybe, just maybe putting a transwoman into a woman’s prison isn’t such a good idea after all.

  24. Mario

    Well done, wouldn’t have happened without Wings.

  25. gregor

    Lady Lyon (09/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Took 17 days after this article before the Greens suspended this thug and almost a week after the 2nd one.

    Any news from Lib Dems especially ACH, SNP such as those who attended the thugs rally and Karen Adam also who seems cosy with this thug? Surely they will tomorrow

    Maggie Chapman will surely be appalled and will Ross Greer hold his little hands up.”:

  26. Holymacmoses

    But they all stood and applauded her in Holyrood.
    You’ve done an amazing job Mr Wings but I wouldn’t count on it being over yet.
    The ‘abduction’ case is puzzling me and I’m naturally suspicious of motive. I think it’s one to wait and see on

  27. Holymacmoses

    You’ve done a great job Wings. I wonder how they’re going to explain standing and applauding ‘Beth’?

  28. Jeanne

    Well done ,sir. This is almost certainly down to you.

  29. SusanAHF

    Suspending Douglas sounds like a pathetic attempt to claim surprise at his antics. They’ve known all along what he was like. It’s only Stu shining a light on him that has got this response otherwise they would have let him carry on, pretending ignorance whilst really agreeing with the sentiments

  30. Cynicus

    Alex Cole-Hamilton is a hate-criminal.

    In the clip he misgenders Beth and the other transwomen he addresses as “you guys”:

    Send for the polis.

  31. Geri

    That’s not a bra. It’s a bralette. Tsk!
    You’d think these *new* women would know their lingerie. 😀

    I wonder how that convo went?

    ‘Okay Pickle, baby doll, light of my life… you’ll need to take one for the team.

    I fkn knew Wings returning would spell bad news!

    See Murrell for yer severance pay. He’s cooking the books as we speak..

    Now hand over the tapes..ALL of them mind! :D’

  32. John C

    I used to be part of the Greens around a decade ago. Their disciplinary procedures then were incredibly difficult unless you spoke or acted out of turn with the rest of the party (one of the reasons I left was a lack of taking on opposing views or being able to handle difficult arguments) and even then if you were close to leadership at a local or national level it was near impossible to do anything.

    So this means that the Greens have taken weeks to act upon Stu’s articles because the party acts incredibly slowly & will give him just a slap on the wrist after a suspension, or they’ve done some internal investigations off the back of internal complaints and have had to act before it spills into an even larger public scandal than it is right now. I suspect considering they’ve been backing him up til a few days ago that something horrific is about to break and they’re doing damage limitation.

    I also assume the fact he’s not started legal action against Stu (as far as we know) when this type of activist does so at the drop of a hat, means he really doesn’t want to see the inside of a courtroom. If it is something horrific then perhaps the Greens fear this is going to end up in court so we shall see.

  33. James Che

    Indeed most people forget that Westminster was first to introduced the foundation GRA for this in 2004 preparing the road to self ID.

    And as you quite rightly mention stonewall nor the trans group have ever called for their own save spaces,
    They wanted women and Children’s spaces in particular. But expect men’s pay, mens pensions,

    The other perversion with all this is the demand to lower the age of consent of minors,
    When you start trying to capture children, it says a lot.

  34. John C

    I wonder how they’re going to explain standing and applauding ‘Beth’?

    They can’t. They can’t say they weren’t informed as anyone even casually following Scottish politics knew ‘Beth’ was a wrong one and prone to violent threats. The likes of Cole-Hamilton and the frankly insane Maggie Chapman (I’ve had two conversations with her. Each time it felt like speaking to someone who isn’t all there) know Douglas was a ticking time bomb but he was also very high up in the Greens, and clearly connected.

    I suspect those suggesting Douglas has dirt on politicians are at least, partly true (the fact he’s accused of pimping could lead one to that conclusion)and if so that could also explain the suspension. Whatever the reason this could certainly hurt the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP badly. Labour’s attempts to run away might spare them if it’s anything as bad as say, Aimee Challenor.

  35. Corrado Mella

    If nothing else, any MP / MSP / Councillor / journalist / political activist that has even interacted with such a deranged, disturbed, narcissistic sociopath should resign for manifest incompetence.
    How can you miss all the red flags?

    I don’t believe that amongst *ALL* of them *NONE* had one small shadow of a doubt.
    What I’m inclined to think is that “Beth” and his gang have so much kompromat on so many of the inadequate parvenues squatting at Holyrood that they’re untouchables.

    The Quatargate scandal at the heart of the European Parliament has taught us an important lesson.
    Ex working class MEPs were bought with oil money, corrupted by the allure of power and easy riches.

    Us working class folks can’t take it when we’re thrown into a cesspit where money sloshes around like cheap wine at a fair.
    We get drunk on excess and believe we made it.

    Sociopaths and psychopaths have a field day with naive parvenues like these: get them drunk or stoned, take the right couple of pictures, done.

    They can manipulate the levers of power with remote controlled puppets that they only need to watch silently from the balcony to get the laws that they need.


  36. John C

    The other perversion with all this is the demand to lower the age of consent of minors,
    When you start trying to capture children, it says a lot.

    One of the things which peaked me was the realisation that a group of adults, mainly male, and some female, all supported puberty blockers in pre-pubescent children to keep them looking like pre-pubescent children when they’re of an otherwise adult age. Once that penny dropped the entire thing started to collapse for me.

  37. Geri

    As mentioned in the documentary Adult Human Female
    Stonewall should have quit when it’s aims had been reached.

    It didn’t. It took up this nonsense to save thier jobs & has been trashed in the process because it’s undoing all of its own work for LGB…now LGB are just a bunch of *sexual racists* (wtf) & transphobes for not fancying the T+++

    You couldn’t make this shit up! Lol!

    We’ll, you could. Monty python nailed it all those decades ago.

  38. Vonbon

    When will this be made into a movie? Mini series at least. The ‘viewer discretion’ advisory notice alone will be epic!

  39. Alan

    Avid follower since 2012 & i think only 2nd time commenting. I tell my friends about Stus journalism and I’ve been saying that the SNP is going to self destruct over this type of story since he started publishing them. Not Stus fault, he’s just publishing the stories as everyone else seems scared to do so. No one seemed to believe me but now its appearing in the mainstream, they are realising what’s gone / going on. Unless something drastic happens, I can only see the SNP getting hammered in the next election, or causing a record low turnout. The SNP claim every vote as an endorsement of their manifestos in full which is nonsense and makes it hard to vote for them. But vote for Scottish Greens, Labour or Tory? Aye, right! That leaves Alba but, sh*t sticks so I don’t think Salmond will ever get the same level of support again (the real goal for some i’m sure). It’s @*#*@$€ depressing as it means we’re probably stuck with UK Gov for a long time, despite them seeming to deliberately try and hand SNP votes on a gold platter ????

  40. gregor


    “The exemption is based on a series of nonsenses.”

    “I readily accept there have been some awful scandals and real nonsenses, but they are the sort of headline grabbing stuff.”

    “At a stroke we stopped one of the most farcical post-war parliamentary nonsenses.”

    “The present system of film censorship is full of anomalies and nonsenses.”

    “There are really some nonsenses in this respect.”

  41. Geri

    The sex ed in schools verging on porn & the pronoun keepers of secrets needs stopped asap. Or parents withdrawn thier children from those lessons & let it die through lack of attendance.

    It amazes me the amount of ppl & teachers completely ok with this indoctrination & intrusion.

    Other ppls children do not belong to the government or the school to to force feed adult fetishes onto.

    They’re not psychologists
    Medical practitioners
    Sex therapists
    Pronoun police
    Or snitches either.

    They’re there to teach life skills. Not how to bind their chest. Jeez, childhood passes in the blink of an eye.

    *Mam – I failed Math, English & biology today but I have a gold star reciting the A to Z of imaginary genders – yay! BTW, I’m two spirited now! – can you tell Da? Ta!* 😀

  42. gregor

    BBC (10/02/2023): Is Isla Bryson a woman? Nicola Sturgeon’s gender conundrum:

    “Is Isla Bryson a woman?..

    …underlines the foolishness of legislation…”:

  43. gregor


    “Enthusiastic and determined.”

    “The home team’s spirited playing ensured them a comfortable victory.”

  44. gregor

    Scotland (2016): A Spirit of its Own: Spirit Lights:

    “Scotland has a spirit of its own. It’s not something you can put into words, but its presence is undeniable.

    It imbues everything from our majestic landscapes and great cities, to our proud heritage and the warmth of our people…”:

  45. Vandemonian

    alan scott says:
    9 February, 2023 at 10:20 pm
    Why does the drive for independence attract filth like this? Or does filth like this lead the drive for independence.

    What is this “Drive for independence” of which you speak, Alan?

  46. Kenny

    Well done, Stuart Campbell.

    Top-class, essential journalism; and it’s little wonder the sick-in-the-head among the Rainbow Greens, the SNP and the rest of the fantasy-crew have been trying to silence you for such a long time – you come out of retirement for a couple of months and have unleash Hell upon the bottom-feeders.

    Scotland’s winning again!

  47. twathater

    As others have said and I echo, well done Stuart Campbell for your unswerving dedication to EXPOSE the festering fetid corpse rotting within the Scottish Parliament, I cannot say OUR Scottish Parliament because the scum who inhabit that building in NO WAY represent the majority of sane, empathetic, compassionate Scots

    Those politicians from ALL the parties who voted this aberration of a bill through knew exactly what they were doing and who they were doing it to (Scottish REAL Women and Girls) the voting public in huge numbers emailed these self serving deviants and expressed their opposition to this bill, those that deigned to respond continued with the FALSE NARRATIVE that Sturgeon and her morons pushed , that it was only a MINOR rule change that wouldn’t affect women’s and girls rights or safety .

    THEY LIED DELIBERATELY TO THE VOTERS and as such they should ALL be voted out at the next election

    Please keep up the pressure Stuart Scotland needs rid of these SCUM

  48. David Hannah

    Well done for standing up for women and girls in Scotland. You have detective like skills.

    They tried to redact you out of history they’ve failed. Bring them down.

  49. Marlelc

    I am glad you are back Stuart Campbell.

  50. Patricia Spencer

    I hope you continue doing what you do better than any Scottish mainstream news service never mind any independence supporting coverage. Thank you for your forensic attention to detail, your tenacity and your commitment to protecting women and girls rights.

  51. Robert Louis

    Did NOBODY at all in the SNP stop and think for even the tiniest second, that getting into bed with the greens might not be a good idea?

    Did not one nodding donkey SNP MSP stop for even one second to ask just WHO this beth bloke actually is??

    If the SNP, Labour, libdems and greens (because they are ALL culpable) keep going like this, the nest First Minister of Scotland will be (and I hate to say it) a certain wee England-serving Tory crawler called Douglas Ross. For heavens sake folks, wake up. Seriously, politicians of all hues, but especially in the SNP, please wake the f*** up, already.

  52. John Main

    Scottish Conservative MSP Pam Gosal told the Scottish Express: “Beth Douglas has often posted many threats- including violent ones- to those who are opposed to her …

    Uh oh Pam, you blew it.

    Anybody who genuflects to the reality-denying lunacy that a “he” is a “she” is no real friend of the sane people.

    There is gender woo woo and being opposed to it for its assault on the rights of women and girls.

    Then there is threats and violence and being opposed to these because, well, its threats and violence, innit.

    Pam is against the latter, but seemingly OK with the former.

    Not good enough.

    Rev Stu has done great work but we need to look very carefully at what is being said and done by those reluctantly forced to justify their thoughts and deeds in the public eye. These people will do the bare minimum necessary to tide things over, while waiting for the focus of public interest to shift elsewhere.

    Don’t relax the pressure.

  53. Cath

    Do you think’Beth’ has a little black book? A lot of MSPs seem particularly in thrall to him.

  54. Karen

    Wearing a bra(let) and CARRYING AN AXE AND ISSUING THREATS!

  55. Livionian

    Great journalism pays off. Well in wings

  56. Dorothy Devine

    Rev Stu , thanks for trailing through this muck and saving the rest of us in the process.

    OT The Arran Outdoor Centre is under threat of closure as a money saver by North Ayrshire Council – another example of not recognising the educational /social value of such a base , another council which knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    Perhaps they could sack a few councillors and the odd ( I use the word advisedly )MSP to save funding for more worthwhile activities.

  57. gregor

    BBC (10/02/2023): Hogwarts Legacy game comes out amid online debate:

    “Hogwarts Legacy, a major video game adaptation of the wizarding world created by JK Rowling, has arrived, following a fierce online debate.

    An open world adventure title like this has been at the top of some Harry Potter fans’ wish lists for some time…

    Despite the controversy, it is predicted by some to be the biggest-selling premium release of 2023…

    You can zoom around on a broomstick, learn to cast spells, explore the castle, fight giant spiders and collect a variety of hats and scarves to wear as you go…”:

  58. Ruby

    Result! Bloody well done Stuart Campbell.

    I’m hoping the young women who claimed to be abused by Beth gets the support she needs to go to the police.

    I would not recommend the Rape Crisis Centre or a Women’s Refuge.

    I’m thinking she needs a good lawyer, a 24/7 body guard & lots of support.

    Should there be a Crowd Funder set up to help her I will definitely donate.

    On saying that I’m wondering if she has already gone to the police hence the Greens finally taking some action.

    It’s important to take action against abusers.

  59. Ruby

    This is a pretty good interview.

    Hallelujah! that man knows what a women is which is great however there was no question about an independence referendum.

    He gets points for know what a women is but I’ll wait to make my decision about Rishi until I hear him answer the IndyRef question.

  60. Cuilean

    Freudian slip by Alex Cole-Hamilton in that clip,

    ‘It was for Beth and you GUYS that we were doing it'(my emphasis).

    “Trans Rights are Some Men’s Right to Destroy Women’s Rights”.

    If the ‘able boddied’ could identify as ‘disabled’ could they compete against ‘disabled’ in paralympics? No, because that would be cheating.

    So why is it not cheating when men compete against women in sports?

    We’ve all been brainwashed!

    Thank you Stu for standing up against this madness and exposing these cowards for what they are, unbeleivable bullies and the vast array of carpet baggers at Holyrood, who are there only for themselves.

  61. willie galbraith

    This article alone makes the direct debit worth it…….
    However it troubles me that Wings seems to be the only blog actually addressing these issues……
    I’m a dyed in the wool advocate for independence but know what ????? If an independent scotland was run by aabsolute arseholes like Murdo fraser, cole Hamilton, any of the greens, most of the current SNPleadership I might just vote to stay in the union.
    At least you know you will get fucked over and won’t have to deal with the stress of false hope.

  62. Wilson McBride

    Robert Louis. 7.23am

    “…the next First Minister of Scotland will be (and I hate to say it) a certain wee England-serving Tory crawler called Douglas Ross.”

    You have to ask yourself Robert,,, would he have been any worse of a First Minister than the utterly perverted and incompetent Sturgeon?

    After all, Holyrood is only an administrative centre for passing on a fixed budget sent up from our colonial masters.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar,,, Douglas Ross would not be pushing this Gender nonsense through the Scottish parliament and into every level of Scottish society, from schools to hospitals.

    Just saying.

    And no I am not a “Yoon”.

    I’m a fully paid up original member of the Alba Party.

    It just shows you how far off course Sturgeon has drifted.

    And keep digging Rev,,, the once impenetrable wall surrounding Sturgeon is about to collapse around her.

  63. Wee Chid

    Geri says:
    10 February, 2023 at 1:54 am
    “The sex ed in schools verging on porn & the pronoun keepers of secrets needs stopped asap. Or parents withdrawn thier children from those lessons & let it die through lack of attendance.”

    That was what I thought but the ideology is being taught throughout the curiculum – there is no escape other than to withdraw kids from school altogether. Now wouldn’t that reduce the burden on govt – no funding of state schools.

  64. Ruby

    Posts are very slow to upload.

    I’m guessing the more post there are the slower it gets.

    Usually I just scroll past posts I’m not interested in but if I thought folk spamming the thread with dictionaries definitions and a non stop series of links was causing me to wait 1/2 hour for my post to upload I would.

    Bandwidth stealers are in my sights this morning.

  65. Ruby

    What’s the big deal about photographing a man in a ‘bra’ in no time at all they’ll be out there with their ‘taps aff’ getting photographer topless.

    Man in bra got ‘busted’

  66. Muscleguy

    If you ever doubt your impact Stu this issue should remind you. Your dogged pursuit of this has borne fruit. Too late of course but better late than never.

    Batten down the hatches for new assaults and insults as they attempt to strike back.

  67. Alf Baird

    Wilson McBride @ 9:23 am

    “Holyrood is only an administrative centre for passing on a fixed budget sent up from our colonial masters.”

    Yes, that is all a ‘devolved’ Holyrood was ever intended to be, a colonial spending department with crown ‘Ministers’ merely acting as figureheads but aye run by an army of Whitehall appointed senior civil servants and numerous other assorted unionist elites heading up the the hundreds of colonial quangos.

    It never was a ‘Scottish Government’, even when Alex Salmond changed its name from ‘Executive’. A real Scottish Government would require an oath of allegiance to the Scottish people/nation, not to another entity. Fowk cannae ser twa maisters.

  68. Wilson McBride


    Posts taking 15 minutes to appear has been happening for months.

    And regards the contributor called “Gregor”,,,he could be the misunderstood notorious legend of Wings Over Scotland, “Cameron B Brodie”.

  69. Ruby

    Karen says:
    10 February, 2023 at 9:27 am

    I think we have passed peak trans

    That’s great Karen!

    Scotland turns on gender ideology
    Our polling reveals Scottish voters are the most trans-sceptical

    Remember this

    How the Scots Invented the Modern World

    Who formed the first literate society? Who invented our modern ideas of democracy and free market capitalism? The Scots. As historian and author Arthur Herman reveals, in the 18th and 19th centuries Scotland made crucial contributions to science, philosophy, literature, education, medicine, commerce, and politics – contributions that have formed and nurtured the modern West ever since. This book is not just about Scotland: it is an exciting account of the origins of the modern world. No one who takes this incredible historical trek will ever view the Scots – or the modern West – in the same way again.

    Now it’s time for us to sort out the modern world. We have a responsibility to the modern world.

    ‘trans-sceptical’ = nae daft!

    Our polling reveals Scottish voters are the nae daft!

  70. Breastplate

    Alan@ 1:25am,
    I agree with you regarding Stu’s journalism, it’s top notch and it isn’t his fault that other parties are fawning over depraved individuals and helping push through legislation that is harmful to society in general and women and children specifically.

    However, I disagree with you on Alex Salmond and the Alba party.
    Yes, as it turns out Alex Salmond is not a saint, The Establishment threw everything they could at him and came up with nothing other than he is a fallible human being, let’s treat him as such.

    How anyone can look at the sleaze in Westminster and Holyrood and then single Alex out as somebody worthy of chastisement is certainly, at the very least, questionable.

    Alex Salmond, in my opinion, is one of us and genuinely wants the best for Scotland. He has shown this in words and deeds.

    I would take Alex Salmond as First Minister any day of the week over any politician you care to name in Westminster or Holyrood.

    I understand that there are people out there who think he is not electable, the vast majority who say this seem to use the excuse that although they would vote for Alex others wouldn’t, this mindset is incredibly convenient for Unionists, they are the major beneficiaries of such thinking.

    If Alex had stayed on as FM, I believe we would have been, once more, an independent Scotland.

  71. James Carroll

    “It was for Beth”…. what an idiot.

  72. Ruby

    Wilson McBride says:

    Douglas Ross would not be pushing this Gender nonsense through the Scottish parliament and into every level of Scottish society, from schools to hospitals.

    The gender nonsense is already here and the GRRB isn’t law.

    Don’t let the Tories fool you into thinking their GRA 2004 is any better.

    Folk have already been conned by Sturgeon & Co don’t let yourself be conned by the Tories.

    The GRA 2004 states men have to live for a minimum of two as a woman in order to qualify to legally change sex.

    This gives men the legal right to ‘self-id’ as women for however long they want.

    Douglas Ross supports ‘self-id’ and so do the Alba Party.

  73. sarah

    @ Alan at 1.25 a.m.: “we’re probably stuck with UK government for a long time…”

    If we leave seeking independence to the politicians, you are right. But there is the liberation movement route i.e. non-party, and run by the sovereign people of Scotland. See and for the legal background.

    In case you haven’t signed the liberation movement’s Edinburgh Proclamation here’s the link

  74. Liz

    Thanks Rev, finally people are listening.
    Although as others said, the Greens/SNP trans nutters, will be hoping its temporary.
    We must never let them forget.

    That unherd article was interesting.
    Still lots giving these men the benefits of the doubt but they are men and unless I get threatened with a fine or something worse, I’m calling them by their birth pronouns.

    Sturgeon was deliberately confusing people in Holyrood yesterday, blaming the 2004 EQA, its 2010, for men being put in womens prisons, then changing the date but still blaming WM.

    This was lapped up by the cult, see we knew it was their fault.

    Also Executive vsv Government.
    Everything Alex did was preparing us to be an indy country.
    New infrasture, improving transport links, buying Prestwick airport, calling Holyrood Scot Gov.
    Under Sturgeon, we’re back to the toon cooncil

  75. Lenny Hartley

    Dorothy, i 2nd you on that, the Arran Outdoor Centre is a great resource, i often see kids (Many from deprived backgrounds) from the mainland getting their first ever shot at kayaking, hill climbing, cycling on trails etc and their smiles could light up a dark sky.
    Arran kids use it as well and by all accounts its a very well run centre.
    As usual North Ayrshire being short sighted.
    There is a demo in Lamlash tomorrow which hopefully i will be able to attend.

  76. Liz

    @ruby, agree the 2004 GRA needs repealed.
    But currently WM does not approve of self ID as apart from the 2 years in pretend gender, they have counselling.
    They only get a GRC after a panel of specialists agree.

    The GRR removes all, even if flimsy, safeguards

  77. gregor

    @Wilson McBride

    …Shame on you/belittling those who stand for you/Scotland.

    Glory to Scotland/Wings (& Cameron B Brodie)…

  78. sarah

    Talking of closing vital services, the ONLY care home in Ullapool is closing – the very recent private owner finds they can’t afford to run it. This home is important for people from a much bigger area than Lochbroom – already there isn’t enough space and people have to go to the east coast.

    The local population is top heavy with pensioners, like myself, as youngsters can’t afford the housing.

    These are all issues that an independent Scotland, or even a more capable Holyrood, could solve. Instead of wasting time and money on sexual matters why doesn’t the FM focus on spending those resources on our vital needs?

  79. Natalie Delon

    A fish rots from the head down.
    There is only one individual responsible for the Holyrood sewer and that is Sturgeon.
    From the refusal to countenance the Alex Salmond “Super Majority”, to the self indulgent nonsense of the GRR fiasco, to the unbelievable stupidity of the proposed de facto UK General Election plan, to her squandered years of the UK government shambles and debacles, all of them and much more are down to Sturgeon. She created this NuSnp, it is her Frankenstein’s monster.
    She’s either the biggest ("Tractor" - Ed) in any country’s history ever, I’m trying to think of a similar comparable character from history and failing, or a narcissist with deep personal issues and demons rattling around in her head.
    The Snp and independence are finished unless she is purged, right now.

  80. gregor

    Agent P (10/02/2023) Twitter: re. “the SNP has no shame”:

    “Remember when Nicola Sturgeon claimed the SNP was the “most transparent government ever”?

    Well guess what?

    We have another cover-up.”:

  81. gregor


    “An uncomfortable feeling of guilt or of being ashamed because of your own or someone else’s bad behavior.”

    “He pointed out that society needed to restore a sense of shame about certain things.”

  82. gregor

    UnHerd (10/02/2023): Scotland turns on gender ideology:

    “…For each issue, the most “trans-sceptical” constituencies in Britain are found in Scotland. In aggregate, Scottish people are also more trans-sceptical than English people, meaning that a higher proportion of them disagree and disagree strongly with the statements we put in front of them.

    This result confounds political cliches about the new gender ideology being synonymous with “progressive” politics…”:

  83. Dramfineday

    Ha,ha,ha…I bet the Twitler youth and their associates rue the day they poked the wasps nest that was the slumbering Stuart Campbell. Well done Stuart, it has been a long road to open people’s eyes. Thank you for that and your support of our women folk.

    Ps Did Harvie ever give back his “award” from the PIE man?

  84. Luigi

    If the Labour Party had a current Scottish and/or UK leader with any leadership skills and an ounce of charisma between them, the SNP would be in serious trouble right now.

  85. gregor

    Mark Irvine (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Nicola Sturgeon, Self-ID and Gender Ideology

    Nicola Sturgeon pretends (link below) that the Scottish Government has not been promoting gender ideology for years through their influence and control over civic institutions such as the civil service, Scottish education and the NHS”:

  86. Alan A

    Thank you Stu for the fantastic reporting on this matter – very much in public interest yet the Scottish Political and media scene is such an inward looking monoculture -that they all totally dropped the ball on this one. The vanity, insincerity, self-entitlement and cowardice of these MSPs is truly staggering. What did we do to deserve this shit show?

    Sadly this whole episode will make many think – are we really any better off with Devolution? The rot has set in to Holyrood more deeply, quickly and systemically than we imagined. I think the cost-benefit argument for devolution is hard to make right now… that is unless it IS a TRUE stepping stone to independence, and even then that future will need far greater leadership than we’ve had.

  87. craig murray

    It is particularly strange the Greens found nothing objectionable in Beth Douglas posing with an axe, give their line of cutting down trees!

  88. Merganser

    James Carroll @ 10.27.

    ‘It was for Beth..’.

    Never forget that Cole-Hamilton was ‘supporting’ one of the Alex Salmond accusers at the same time as he was on the committee enquiring into the judicial review fiasco. Conflict of interest at its highest.

    The lack of judgement that he has shown is indicative of his complete unsuitability to be any sort of politician, never mind a so-called leader of a party.

    Can people be blamed for thinking that ‘Beth’ has some sort of hold over him to make him act as he did in his cheerleading of passing the discredited legislation at Holyrood?.

    When ‘Beth’ realises he hasn’t won after all, there may be some uncomfortable revelations forthcoming to explain matters.

    No doubt Cole-Hamilton will be his usual supportive self to ‘Beth’ and co. Especially if they have a tin opener, and are in possession of a large can marked ‘worms’.

  89. Wilson McBride

    Ruby 10.40

    I get the point you are making, that the 2004 GRA is the root cause of the Trans issue.

    The point I was making was that Douglas Ross and his Party were against this latest amendment to it that Sturgeon and Co were trying to push through, that three months would be long enough to transition into a woman,,,and without anyone giving you permission, you just self ID.

    And I don’t think Douglas Ross or his Party would have gone into schools and hospitals to almost force teachers to get onboard with Trans issues the way Sturgeon and Harvie have pushed it.

    Same goes for every level of society in Scotland,,, That had nothing to do with the 2004 GRA, that is all to do with Sturgeon and Harvie living out their perverted dreams.

    IMO, They created the “Rainbow Society” we all live in now in Scotland.

    But keep up the good fight Ruby.

  90. gregor

    ScotNews (10/02/2023): Twitter:

    “When Nicola Sturgeon steps down, perhaps sooner rather than later, who will defend her catalogue of broken indyref promises?

    Paid staffers running #IStandWithNicola sockpuppet accounts?


  91. Ruby

    Liz says:
    10 February, 2023 at 11:04 am

    @ruby, agree the 2004 GRA needs repealed.
    But currently WM does not approve of self ID as apart from the 2 years in pretend gender, they have counselling.
    They only get a GRC after a panel of specialists agree.

    The GRR removes all, even if flimsy, safeguards

    The 2 year pretend is ‘self id. It’s not just 2years it’s a minimum of 2 years.

    You can ‘self-id’ as a woman and live as a woman for however long you want by law in the UK

    No need for any counselling, medical diagnosis or anything else just put on a dress and some lippy and hey presto you are a woman and you can enter all women’s spaces.

    Nobody will stop them or ask for a GRC. If they do the ‘man in a dress’ can just say he is living as a woman as required by the GRA 2004.

    No need for GRC to be a ‘woman’ in the UK

    What are the panel of specialists agreeing on?
    ‘This man has been born in the wrong body and transwomen are women?

    I know what you are saying Liz but I’m not buying that the Tories do not approve of ‘self-id’

    GRA 2004 is only slightly less bonkers than Sturgeon’s totally bonkers failed GRRB.

  92. ronald

    Aye this is for U Beth GFRUU .

  93. Den

    I really hope He (Beth)does have the photos of some of his political friends enjoying the pleasure of his company (get the popcorn in).

  94. Aiden O'Riley

    Is anyone else completely gone off the idea of independence or is it just me?

  95. Wilson McBride

    Gregor 11.05am

    It was tongue in cheek when I tried to say you were the legend who is “Cameron B Brodie”.

    You couldnae lace Cameron’s boots when it comes to multiple posts.

    Oor Cameron could take up to 75% of the posts on a 300 comments thread.

    Beat that Gregor!!!

    You’re an amateur compared to the great “CAMERON B BRODIE”.

  96. Ruby

    Michael Foran – Remember him from

    He responds on Twitter to the above article:

    Michael Foran
    This is just flat out untrue. A GRC does give you extra rights. It gives you any rights that the Equality Act confers on the basis of sex but not on the basis of gender reassignment. A GRC stating you are a woman gives you all rights in the Equality Act reserved for women.

    It will allow you to sue as a woman rather than a man if you’re excluded from a women only space. It will give you a right of access to female only associations and schools. It will give you a right to be treated as a woman for affirmative action policies and equal pay cases.

    Michael Foran
    The GRR bill proposes to give you a right to self declare into the legal status of woman/man and obtain all legal rights that that status provides. Sturgeon is either completely ignorant of this or she’s being extremely misleading.

  97. Dan

    @ Craig Murray

    Re. Trees

    Can I ask for your diplomatic view on trees which create issues.
    There is legislation in place such as the Right To Light Act, and other legal stuff such as owner of trees being liable and responsible for the tree’s management and maintenance.

    A local authority adopts some trees and slaps a preservation order on the trees which are located in a conservation and listed building area which was built the best part of 2 hundred years before the trees were planted (100 years ago).
    They say the trees offer amenity value, but this is a rural area surrounded by woodlands and walks!
    The problematic trees over the decades have now become hugely imposing blocking out light from houses that only have small windows, dropping large limbs on occasion (limbs being tonnes in weight that would flatten a car), as well as shedding ever increasing amounts of leaves and blossoms year on year which constantly block the house gutters & downpipes, the road drains, filling people’s gardens with huge amounts of leaves which require tidying (think multiple tonne size bags filled and disposed of). If a tree was ever to fall it would flatten a house.

    The breaking down deleterious over the years is now building up under the slates of many of the traditional Scottish roofs, to the point moss is getting a hold and restricting roof ventilation of listed conservation area buildings. These roof are designed to have ventilation or damp will start to wreck the sarking boards and roof timbers.
    The local authority or owner of the trees clearly aren’t interested or able to manage the trees and associated problems they create.
    The High Hedge Act is another bit of legislation that may be relevant, plus I’ve read that the owners are responsible for the leaves shed from their trees but neither the owner or local authority do anything about the issues.
    Realistically the deemed “amenity value” decided by folk that don’t have to live with the trees is clearly in conflict with those that do and have to deal with all the ensuing issues they create.
    The system in place to attempt to deal with these sort of matters feels a long way from local democratic control and community empowerment, as the power to address the matter is held by folk that don’t really seem to understand the wider issues other than their own narrow remit.

  98. gregor

    @Wilson McBride

    …What competition.

    @You’re free (you’ll see)…

  99. Lorne

    Can I change the subject for a moment and ask if anyone can spare a donation for immediate food, cooking stoves and medical supplies direct on the ground in Syria (not to usual suspect charity execs) to help survivors of the Earthquake?
    Here is a suggestion.

  100. gregor


    “Knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.”

    “We now turn to a third important aspect of vision, namely, visual awareness.”

    “Patients in “minimally conscious states” are awake but have only partial preservation of awareness and responsiveness.”

    “These areas otherwise contribute to the production of emotion, cognition, and somatosensory awareness.”

    “One child, for example, may have a core deficit in phonological awareness but strong listening comprehension and oral vocabulary.”

  101. Mia

    Thank you, Rev. This is proper journalism, not the crap and disinformation that passes for such in the MSM. Thank you for all your hard work and the risks you are taking to keep us informed.

    Since this gender nonsense started to take over the political landscape of Scotland, I always suspected it was a concocted ruse from the powers that be to thwart any attempt by any party to successfully campaign to end the union via a GE plebiscite.

    This is because that direct route to end the union will remove from the British state control over the timeline, but also because it would automatically blow out of the water any presumption that Westminster is “THE” main parliament of Scotland, or that byproducts of the Treaty of Union, such as Westminster parliament or UK gov have any power in stopping Scotland ending the union.

    Needless to say that the Supreme Court, of dubious legitimacy under the Treaty of Union, will fall on the category of a byproduct of the union, and therefore with no real power over Scotland’s exercise in self-determination.

    These union byproducts only have their perceived power over Scotland because we continue to assume they do and those who are meant to represent us, continue to act as if they do. A plebiscitary GE would eliminate that perception in one stroke.

    In my view, this gender nonsense is a tool deployed by the British state and its allies to effect damage limitation by means of forcing a reduction of anti-union MPs through stealth change in public opinion. The fabrication of fear is what is changing that public opinion.

    I am also of the opinion ALL political constructs operating in Scotland, bar the actual pro-independence parties (Alba and ISP for instance) have colluded on this, and are operating coordinately under instructions from the same entity.

    SNP, libdems and Greens’ job in this collusion seems to have been making themselves deliberately unelectable; Tories’ job is to portray themselves as the champions of women’s rights when they never gave a shit about them before; labour and libdems’ job appears to have been simply to help giving the forcing of this legislation a veneer of “democratic”. I am convinced their intention was then to retreat to the shadows to let the tories and the MSM do the rest and with the hope that by the unionist MSM pinging the blame for this squarely on the SNP and Greens, voters would forget libdems and labour helped to pass this aberration through.

    It now becomes clear why all those funds went from the SGov to the MSM and why nothing was published in the main press when all this shit was being peddled through.

    As you published years ago already, with this gender nonsense the SNP were doing two things: simultaneously alienating women voters and giving ammunition to the unionist press to pounce and destroy the reputation of the party. All while the tories conveniently emerged at the last minute as siding with women.

    I suspect the “right time” for the MSM to act with maximum effect would have been just a few months prior to a GE. So either a GE is in the horizon, or something precipitated the intervention of the MSM.

    I suspect your research and premature exposure of these freaks might have been that something. Personally, I think you might have derailed their plan by precipitating the whole thing, bringing it out of sync with their desired timeline for maximum effect.

    Sturgeon and the SNP are politically finished by this in the long term. I do not thing there is escaping from that, and frankly, good riddance. But finishing them right now when there is still no GE or Holyrood election in the horizon is far less damaging for the indy campaign that finishing them closer to the GE.That is why I think the British state plants in the SNP are now furiosly peddling that the next GE cannot be a plebiscite.

    Because you have torpedoed their timeline, either they bring a GE forward risking their situation in England, or they risk a flood from SNP and Greens to Alba creating an even bigger headache for themselves (the leadership of the SNP is fully compliant. Alba’s leadership is not only non-compliant, it might have also an axe to grind)

    They also risk a number of labour and libdem voters not casting their vote in disgust for their party voting for this, potentially decreasing the “union” vote.

    I also suspect a controlled demolition of the SNP/Greens by the MSM would not have splashed debris over libdems and labour. Your intervention exposing them all and exposing their siding with this Beth character might have also blown up the “controlled” part of the demolition, so my hat off to you. You are a hero.

    Please keep going, Rev. If there is something even more enjoyable than watching the political fraud Sturgeon contorting in difficult interviews and watching her, her verison of the SNP and the horrid Greens falling over their own political swords because of their own stupidity, it has to be watching them doing so while, simultaneoulsy, libdems and labour burn, figuratively speaking, in the political bonfire caused by their own vanity.

    We all know about the “subsidies” from the SGov to the MSM. I now wonder if the nonsense from Kezia Dugdale forcing you to a court case, the woo-woos and their SNP useful idiots continuously attacking your twitter account, the imprisoning of Craig and somehow getting this strange unconditional compliance from the Dug site was their attempt to bring the bloggers under control.

    Their deselection of this Beth character is, in my view, just an exercise in damage limitation to bite time and to stop the flood.

    I guess they are hoping that removing this individual from the front line may placate the furious public who is also demanding the resignation of the branch managers of libdem and labour.

    Let’t not play their game. Let’s play ours. I think it is fair to demand the resignation with immediate effect of each and every one of those “leaders” who thought it was acceptable to whip their MSPs to vote on this aberrant legislation putting women and children in danger.

    Standing shoulder by shoulder with abusive male prostitutes and perverts, passing a law for their benefit but the detriment of anybody else and passing a law that would make it easier to rapists and paedophiles to gain access to their victims, even if it is just for geopolitics, demonstrates the judgement of all of those MPs is either seriously impaired or totally compromised. They are derelicting their duty to act in the interests of the people of Scotland they were chosen to represent and therefore their control of our legislative body has become a now a serious hazard and a serious danger to the wellbeing of the people of Scotland.

    I expect each and every single one of those who voted for that aberrant legislation, which is a deliberate attempt to put women and children at harm, resign from their seats and pursue another job for which they qualified and fit to perform.

    Keep going Rev. It is obvious this BEth character is only the tip of the iceberg and now the scapegoat for all those SNP, Greens, Libdems and labour cowards who thought the public would find acceptable their sick political games who use women and children as collateral.

    Let’s teach all these contemptible cowards passing as MSPs a lesson in politics. Let’s chuck them all out from our seats.

    How can we start deselecting them?

  102. Ian


    Yes Holyrood and the SNP in particular is full of opportunistic chancers. By and large, those in WM are even worse (genuine question – apart from lining their pockets, what exactly is the point of an SNP politician being there?).

    As a result, independence seems further away than at any time since 2014. But it needs to be relentlessly highlighted that by remaining in the UK, Scotland will suffer the UK’s inevitable fate too, namely the relentless economic decline that has been a UK work in progress for decades. Even the Financial Times is highlighting just how bad things already are in the UK and how much worse it will become. The path of even further economic decline for the UK is already in motion and made clear. (Sep 2022)

    Without a decent economy the future options for Scotland will be extremely limited. England as the ‘UK’ is so class ridden that the option of it joining the modern world is virtually non-existent. Sir Kier as a Labout Leader! It hasn’t stood on it’s own two feet for hundreds of years, being subsidised by it’s colonial subjects. In Scotland, the union has no positive case, particularly in terms of the economy. If they had, they’d have made it. Others can see this. On the other hand Scotland does have a very strong case to leave the union and the heart of it is the economy and at the heart of that is energy. Oil from the 70’s and now renewables. How many nations get a second lottery win? Fool me once …….

    Issues like the dangerous gender self-id need to be tackled and blame highlighted, but we should never lose sight of the massive consequences of remaining in the UK as it forces UK wide economic decline primarily due to it’s historic baggage. Scotland’s potential future is too good to let the self serving chancers win.

  103. Ruby

    Do you remember Robin Moira White (she/her) from

    Robin said he doesn’t have a GRC. That he was hoping to be the first to gain a GRC under ‘self-id’ but Theresa May’s plans for self-id fell through.

    My question is why didn’t he apply for a GRC through the GRA 2004?

    He said some other strange things, something which caused Maya Forstater to burst out laughing. I can’t find it in the transcript maybe it has been edited out or maybe I’m not very good at searching.
    It’ll be in the video. Let me know if you find it.

  104. Diabloandco

    Lenny , sadly Argyll closed down another excellent resource so I wish everyone the best of luck in making North Ayrshire change its mind.
    My wee granddaughter will be on her first demo with you!

  105. PacMan

    To this Trans issue, I am of the Be kind brigade but also looking for compromise and consensus of both sides of the argument.

    I mention this because with what I want to say in this comment, I’m not trying to be offensive in any way.

    The thing that has got me with this subject is the idea of ‘living as a woman’. I can understand the need for Transsexuals to do this for a period who are going through life changing operations but how can a man who is not going to have this medical procedure live as a woman for the rest of his life?

    From my understanding of Transgenders, they are on hormone treatment for the rest of their lives that inhibits male sexual function but what about men who suffer from impotence?

    Living as a woman surely can’t be simply that they are not living as a man? What defines a woman and what specific characteristics define what a woman is?

    It’s simply mind boggling but if men want to live that way then fine but it can’t be at a cost of woman losing their rights and dignity.

    While on the subject, it is obvious that if Transwomen want to realise their dream and live as woman in all respects, wouldn’t they need extensive cosmetic surgery to look more feminine?

    If Self-Id did come into place, would that mean a step in the future could be to get this cosmetic surgery is made free on the NHS to ensure Transwoman’s rights and dignity is fully realised?

  106. AnnemarieD

    Like many others on here, I want to express my huge gratitude to Stu. The tide will turn and if it wasn’t for Wings none of this would have been given any serious attention.

    To all those puppet SNP politicians- we tried so hard to get you to listen, so when it comes crashing down on top of you, you can GTF

  107. Wee Chid

    PacMan says:
    10 February, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    There is no such thing as “living as a woman”.

    I am a woman but I don’t live in the same way as other women eg women of a different class or culture.

    What they mean is living within the tyoical stereotype of womanhood – usually as perceived by men.

    What would people class as “living as a man”?

  108. Bob Mack

    @Pac man,

    If you feel like a woman and want to live your life as such, then do so. No amount of make up ,dresses, or cosmetics or surgery can make you one though.

    What we see with the likes of Beth is the ease with which they reach to aggression anger and threats of violence as an answer to their problems. It is typically male. It does not change because they put on a dress.

    Women generally use other methods to cope with frustrations and problems. Maybe that is why even in times of pain, severe injury and near death men call for their mother. I have seen it and heard it. A few will say say dad, but it is much rarer.

    I suppose it comes from the love you always looked to in times of need from the one who gave you life. A very strong natural bond.

  109. Mac

    Pretty amazing in a way that people have been warning for a long time now that this GRRB would be an abusers charter that would endanger women and girls by giving predators a legal backdoor into women’s only spaces… thus enabling abusers and rapists.

    And then when it gets passed you literally have Alex Cole-Hamilton proclaiming and gushing that the bill is for someone who is described as a ‘serial abuser’ by people who know him personally.

    Alex Cole Hamilton might as well be saying “and it was for you Beth and other abusers, that we were doing it”. Well he is saying it I suppose.

    Scottish parliament needs a massive clean out. It is honking with corruption of all descriptions.

    When I compare Cole Hamilton’s consistently vile performance at the Inquiry, with him sitting on his high horse casting down smears upon an innocent man day after day, to the gushing and clapping seal Cole Hamilton licking the arsehole of a real life serial abuser and introducing legislation to enable abusers like him, it turns my stomach.

    What a two faced hypocritical little abuser enabling turd of a ‘man’. And I use that word loosely. Why is he also not getting a media grilling like Sturgeon is…

    ACH worked to introduce legislation that was criticised for being an abusers charter and he stood up in parliament after it was passed and said it was all done for someone who is a ‘serial abuser’. I mean WTF. That is really dodgy.

  110. Geri

    Did anyone ever have one of those annoying mates growing up who always had to hight pitch squeal ‘I want to be 1st!’ To absolutely everything?

    That’s who Sturgeon reminds me of.

    I think the deluded nutter genuinely believes she was hailing in the next enlightenment.

  111. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    It is very demoralising to admit that most Scots do not know the the Scottish devolved government IS NOT SCOTTISH.

    As you point out it is Westminster legislated and filled to the brim with people that are Crown ministers and Crown appointee civil servants, that do Not swear an oath of allegiance to Scottish people,
    As you say “we” here in Scotland have two British governments giving us orders

    But then is is also sad that the Scots do not realise that the Scots people (do not know) about Colonial Stock Scotland Act,
    They have never done the research,
    Or under Agricultural and fisheries Board that Small Crofts were taken from Scots by Westminster under a Colonial Scotland Act.
    They have never done their research.

    The same methodology that is lacking to the above articles with lack of research applies to the correct origins of the “Treaty of the union” that never was.

    Many Scots do not know that the “monarch”of Scots is only by consent of the Scots, it is not automatically a given right in Scotland.
    And just as many Scots do not know that the territory of Scotland did not in the past and today does not belong to monarch or any parliament.

    At present Research is taking my time on to the following subjects of the,

    National trusts Scotland Act 1921. And subsequent laws that were rolled out to acquire Scottish land,
    I am aware of Andy Wrights contributions, but he mainly dealt wit common land and ground.

    Not the land and crofts that Westminster took with enforced land transactions taken from Scottish fishermen while they were at sea, and had know way of knowing or of responding in time,

    And the Forestry Commission Scotland Act land grabs.

    Under Colonial attitudes and Colonial legislation laws passed for Scotland in Westminster Scots for many years have constantly lost their livelihoods, becoming homeless and unemployed,
    There has been ample reasons why there has been a exodus of young families in the past from Scotland, leaving generation after generation with a ageing population.

    These government agencies, then, later sell off parts of the land they acquired to new a replacement population,
    This has been done with the rail roads, through Councils land grabs, and big retail shopping corporations.
    And with the boundary lines of the sea around Scotland,
    The financial crashes in Britain that have effected mortgages in Scotland will provide further opportunities fo land acquirement from outside the Scottish population.

    Under a treaty that never actually happened,

  112. Ebok

    sarah says:
    10 February, 2023 at 10:46 am

    ‘But there is the liberation movement route i.e. non-party, and run by the sovereign people of Scotland…In case you haven’t signed the liberation movement’s Edinburgh Proclamation here’s the link’

    Like me, and most Wingers(!?) Sarah, you will have received the latest updates from SALVO showing that after less than a year, there are now 5000+ members and a dozen and a half ‘hubs’ across Scotland ready to launch in the coming weeks.

    Even SNP MPs might be beginning to see the light in view of SALVO’s report from WM: –

    ‘On Wednesday February 1st, MP (and Salvo member) Neale Hanvey quietly made history – again!
    This time, in the ‘Scotland Self-Determination Bill’, which was signed by the two Alba MPs, one independent MP (Margaret Ferrier), and three SNP MPs, (Joanna Cherry, Douglas Chapman and Angus McNeil), and was supported by a further ten SNP MPs’

  113. Anne Johnston

    You make my day Rev…1st thing every day.

  114. Ruby

    I wish I had made the following bold in my earlier post never mind I’ll do it now:

    The GRR bill proposes to give you a right to self declare into the legal status of woman/man and obtain all legal rights that that status provides. Sturgeon is either completely ignorant of this or she’s being extremely misleading.

    Everything Michael Foran says about rights will apply equally to a GRC issued in England will it not?

    I can’t see how a GRC can be issued other than by ‘self-id’. What I mean by that is the doctor making the diagnosis will have to rely on the patients ‘self diagnosis’ as it’s not as if the doctor can do an x-ray or a blood test.

    How could you prove Isla Bryson wasn’t born in the wrong body and isn’t a woman?

    According to Robin Moira the medical world is moving away from ‘gender dysphoria’ ‘gender incongruence’
    is now sufficient to change sex.

    I don’t know what ‘gender incongruence’ is or whether that will show on a x-ray or blood test probably not.

    If you believe folk can change sex which everyone who supports the GRA 2004 obviously does then you might as well support ‘self-id’ at least it saves doctors wasting precious time having to prove someone was born in the wrong body.

  115. James Che

    Our historical records will set Scotland free from the domination of a colonial takeover.
    It will not come about by the snp and other political parties within a Colonial devolved government sent to Scotland through Westminster legislation.

    Two British governments in Scotland , and no Scottish parliament since 1707.

  116. Republicofscotland

    When the opportunity presents itself we MUST vote out the degenerate ridden SNP/Greens to protect our REAL women and children.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  117. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    The treaty of union terms and agreement by the commissioners and later ratified by Englands Westminster parliament agreed that the Scottish parliament was extinguished by agreeing to the terms.

    A extinguished Scottish parliament can not be in the treaty of union,

    A extinguished Scottish parliament cannot not be subsumed into the new British parliament by default.

    A extinguished Scottish parliament can not provide future members to Westminsters new Great Britain parliament.

    The parliament of Scotland was extinguished in England, and Scotland old 1707 parliament agreed to those terms.

    However Scotlands old 1707 parliament also agreed to the terms it would have no place in the new British parliament.

    It did not state that in Scotland it would be extinguished forever and cease as a Scottish parliament, it simply Sine Die’d its parliament in Scotland.

    While Englands Westminster parliament prorogued the English parliament session and then continued its new session by the same parliament reopening simply under a new name.

    The treaty of union between two parliaments that never happened.

  118. James Che


    We have the right to choose a new government at the moment what we lack is courage, their is no one stopping the people.

    Only the people,

    The Claim of Right says it is so, it is also wrote into the proxy devolved government Scotland Act,
    What it does not stipulate, and never has done is that it can only be done with Westminsters permission, as the claim of right does not legally mention Westminster.

    Again a lack of research on where and with whom our sovereignty lies,
    If you have to ask permission to be a free man or woman?
    “Then you are nought but a slave”

    And allowing yourself to be captured.

  119. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    It perhaps is advisable to take a photo shot or Copy of the Westminster UK parliament site,

    That states,

    “The parliament of Scotland extinguished itself by ( agreeing) to the treaty of the union”

    Ie, it was not subsumed as unionists lead us to believe,
    And, it did not progress to enter the treaty of union. While extinguished.

    The rest of Westminsters parliamentary union theory, is a hobbled together concoction story,

    You can not have a extinguished Scottish parliament that was ratified as extinguished in Englands Westminster parliament then as it is said today on the UK parliament site 2023 as a Scottish parliament in the treaty of union.

  120. PacMan

    Thanks Bob Mack & Wee Chid for reply back to my comment re: living as a woman.

    This idea of ‘living as a woman’ puts me in mind of these fundamentalist religious people who want to live their life as closely to their religious practices/scriptures inside a secular society that is mostly diametrically opposed to their believes.

    Apart from tensions caused by the collisions of individual beliefs against the reality of societal expectations, how can somebody truly live the life/identity these religious people they perceive themselves to want when they have to live and interact in a society that doesn’t share these ideals?

    It is the same as a Transgender woman who is physically a man and tries to lead a life as a subjective idea of womanhood.

    I know I’m probably reading too much into this but when you look at it from this perspective, this debate doesn’t seem so black and white, does it?

  121. Lorne

    More collar feeling and bullying of a woman who states facts.

    I hope more people watch and support Standing for Women and KJK…
    Support your local demos!
    Stop Scotland, UK & the World turning into Gilead on Steroids

  122. Geri

    Truss announced England isn’t adopting self-ID.

    Applicants must live for 2 yrs in thier chosen sex.
    *Obtain a medical diagnosis.
    & the only thing they changed was lowering the fees & moving the forms online.

    *Medical diagnosis involved confirmation the patient was actively transitioning & were currently undergoing the chop & on medication.
    Bad Actors seen this as a loophole – I’ll maybees get the chop one day, never..

    Sturgeons law was a complete departure. None of the above was applicable. Just self declare stupidity.

    As far as I’m aware, Englands beef in Westminster is this loophole & hammering home sex matters.

    Sex based rights, same sex attraction, same sex spaces, same sex employment laws all remain protected & the upcoming conversion therapy bill.

    That’s my understanding of it. They deliberately mislead the public with a mashup of language on gender woo, sex & throw in some genuine dysphoria for good measure & add in a dash of misgendering & hate crime bill & here we are..

    It’s like trying to learn a brand new language where it changes daily & politicians are reduced to babbling idiot’s.

  123. Alf Baird

    James Che @ 1:58 pm

    “It is very demoralising to admit that most Scots do not know..”

    The natives history has been re-written for them by their oppressor, hence most are unaware of the reason for their wretchedness and ignorant of the true meaning of independence.

    Whilst it remains that “the only task at the moment is that of freeing the people” (Albert Memmi), nationalist leaders still need to undertake “a reasoned study of colonial society” (Frantz Fanon).

  124. Highland Lass

    Great to have you back Stu – I was scared, despite alex’s efforts, the momentum was slipping beneath the mud. Damn good to see you.

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