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A time of fear

Posted on February 22, 2023 by

The Indian Council of Scotland and the Muslim Council of the United Kingdom have this morning issued an extraordinary joint statement regarding their serious concerns about the SNP leadership contest. We reproduce it below at their request.

The Indian community in Scotland would live in fear if Humza Yousaf becomes First Minister.

Neil Lal, Chairman and President of The Indian Council, stated:

“We as a community do not feel safe with Humza Yousaf as the First Minister in Scotland. The Indian community – which is a community of all faiths that includes Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, and Judaism – would not feel safe with Humza Yousaf as First Minister.

Our community is law-abiding, hard-working, and proud of our country. Humza Yousaf attacked a nursery publicly and has now walked away without apology. Surely his integrity must be called into question? He has stoked up racial tensions in the Indian Hindu community, and this is not acceptable.”

The Indian community of all faiths live in fear, dreading Mr Yousaf becoming First Minister. Many of the Indian community are now thinking of moving out of Scotland should it happen.

Humza Yousaf has been incompetent in every role that he served in from Justice to Transport and now Health. If he was the First Minister it would be an economic disaster for Scotland, as he also has been economical with the truth in the past. How can we have such a person as First Minister?

Mr Wasif Ahmad, Chairman of The Muslim Council of the UK, stated:

“Humza Yousaf is not the right person for the role. We trust Ash Regan or Kate Forbes as First Minister and urge people to vote for one of them, who would heal the damage and be better for Scotland. Humza Yousaf is not competent. We stand with the Indian community and agree with their concerns.”

We call for Humza Yousaf to be asked the same questions as Kate Forbes:

1. Are trans women women?

2. Are children outside marriage allowed?

3. Is sex before marriage allowed?

Anything less is giving Humza Yousaf more favourable treatment in the SNP leadership contest and treating the women candidates of different beliefs at a disadvantage.”

Neil Lal further stated:

“Scotland is at a major crossroads and if Humza Yousaf becomes the First Minister it will ruin Scotland economically as there will be a flight to safety with businesses, wealth and the intellectual capital moving south of the border and elsewhere. Scotland will suffer a brain drain. This is already happening and now will accelerate.

We have approached Humza many times to sit to discuss and address our concerns in  the past, but neither he nor Nicola Sturgeon have been approachable. Other political leaders of many parties, including Keir Starmer, Anas Sarwar, Alex Salmond, Arlene Foster and Willie Rennie, have all listened to the concerns of the community in working for the betterment of the country, showing the difference in respect and maturity that these politicians have.

We challenge Humza Yousaf that if he believes in democracy and if he believes the First Minister should represent everyone, he should show some humanity, humility, and maturity and apologise for his previous actions.”


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0 to “A time of fear”

  1. Lollysmum says:

    Ooft. Thata gotta sting

  2. Cynicus says:

    Yousaf live on R4

  3. Astonished says:

    Murder polis !

    He surely cannot survive this.

    Very well done to the Indian Council and the Muslim Council. It needed to be said.

    I think Humza Yusuf is one of the most duplicitous and divisive politicians Scotland has ever had.

    And Sturgeon promoted him way beyond his ability. Ever wondered why ?

  4. craig murray says:

    This is good fun, but I am sorry to say I seriously doubt the credentials of the “Muslim Council of the UK”.
    The real body is the Muslim Council of Britain, which I have long worked with and is very important. Wasif Ahmad is not its Chair.
    I fear the “Muslim Council of the UK” is a flimsy organisation – in fact I can only find it existing in reference to attacks on the SNP.

    Similarly I think the Indian Council of Scotland is a very flimsy thing of Mr Neil Lal. It gave an award to Rangers and campaigned for Penny Mordaunt to be PM.

    Our enemies astrotuf. We shouldn’t join in.

  5. Dave Llewellyn says:

    Lets see him play the racist card on that .

  6. Cynicus says:

    An appropriate counterblast to the easy ride Yousaf had on BBC Radio 4 today program just before 8 am

  7. ian foulds says:

    Well done to both Communities who are only wishing to see fair play.

  8. Dorothy Devine says:

    Thank you one and all. It is good to have sane , sensible and direct conversation.

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It gave an award to Rangers and campaigned for Penny Mordaunt to be PM.”

    Any reason it’s not allowed to do those things? All sort of organisations do that sort of stuff. Any tussles between competing Muslim groups are none of my affair. Whose side would you pick between, say, Stonewall and the LGB Alliance over gay rights?

  10. Cynicus says:

    KF being knifed by Swinney on GMS

  11. George says:

    Who is in charge of counting the votes in this leadership election and what safeguards are in place to ensure that the count is honest?

  12. Cynicus says:

    Disappointing to see Craig Murray make AD HOMINEM attacks on Yousaf’s detractors.
    Tell us what do you think about the content of the messages, Craig!

  13. Mac says:

    Oh this is very funny.

    Confession. I am starting to definitely warm-up to Kate Forbes.

    I think this baptism of fire she is enduring might actually work in her favour. Both Regan and Forbes were lacking in that you hardly knew them, and the old adage about there being no such thing as bad publicity is I think working here for Forbes. I am not sure she planned it that way but I think it is working out that way. She seems to be holding in the polls…

    I also don’t think her religious views are going to hurt her at the ballot box. If anything it is a breath of fresh air compared to the putrid smell of the Sturgeon regime’s assorted weirdos and perverts.

    One thing about Kate Forbes that will help her is she is IMO very photogenic. She naturally cuts a lot of different looks and I think she will visually appeal to a broad range of voters (men and women of all ages) on this basis alone.

    And then the other thing that I think will work in her favour is her speaking voice / accent. I really like it and you can tell she is a Gaelic speaker. Her spoken English has that charming Gaelic lilt to it. Again it is more subliminal but again I think it will help her.

    Plus I also like her politics, yes she arguably bottled it on the GRRB amendments but she is not bottling it now talking about who she is and what she believes in so… hmmmm I am bit in two minds now, Ash or Kate. I suspect I’d probably vote Forbes as it stands now.

    Ash Regan needs to get herself some airtime.

  14. Big Jock says:

    Swinney was on GMS again saying he did not share Forbes views. The last time I checked the Catholic church of which he is a member had exactly the same views. Does he just cherry pick the parts of his faith he wants? Or more likely he is his too scared to admit the doctrines of the Catholic faith. They are the same as Kate’s.

    There is double speak worthy of 1984 going on. Swinney is a liar, Humza is a liar. Ultimately they are both cowards and shit stirrers.

  15. John Main says:

    It sure gladdens my heart to see the people of Scotland being left alone in peace, openness and freedom from interference, to choose the leader of what we might loosely call the Scottish Government.

    Haha, I crack me up.

    WTF happened to this sorry place of Scotland while my attention was directed elsewhere?

    Close HR. Pension the entire sad lot of troughers off. Any good they have ever done (and that is debatable, to say the least), has never been justified by the costs.

    And never will be.

    Shut it down.

  16. Ruby says:

    craig murray says:
    22 February, 2023 at 8:10 am

    This is good fun, but I am sorry to say I seriously doubt the credentials of the “Muslim Council of the UK”.
    The real body is the Muslim Council of Britain, which I have long worked with and is very important. Wasif Ahmad is not its Chair.
    I fear the “Muslim Council of the UK” is a flimsy organisation – in fact I can only find it existing in reference to attacks on the SNP.

    Similarly I think the Indian Council of Scotland is a very flimsy thing of Mr Neil Lal. It gave an award to Rangers and campaigned for Penny Mordaunt to be PM.

    Our enemies astrotuf. We shouldn’t join in.

    Good Morning Craig!

    When you say our enemies are you referring to supporters of Humza Yousaf & GRRB?

  17. Desimond says:

    I dont think thats anything thats gonna cause any harm whatseover.
    Like a letters submission to the oapers.
    I mean come on..It cites Arlene Foster and Willie Rennie as well as the classic “Rich folk will leave” patter!


  18. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    I see you are out of the closet at last.

  19. Karen says:

    Wow. When Yousef was turned down at the nursery he played the (usual) race card. This was racist in itself as he assumed the owners would be “white”. But nurseries can have other criteria like favouring locals – why is he living in Broughtyferry when he is MSP for Glasgow? He then made things worse on the radio by playing the “wrong religion” card – what an absolute arse of a man.

  20. Luigi says:

    Wow, just wow.

    It seems Humza Yousaf is not well thought of by these organisations. Surely SNP members now see the danger of making this guy FM? More and more people are now seeing through someone who professes to be a practising muslim, and yet has supported what may be recognised as (flawed) legislation against the fundamental beliefs. It’s ok to abstain during such a vote, based on your beliefs. Such is democracy. Even hiding away is understandable, if you want to save your job (not so honourable, but understandable). However, to actively support such legislation as a way of progressing one’s career is utterly despicable.

    I think people are also noticing the hard time Kate Forbes is getting (just for her Christian views, for goodness sake), in contrast to the devout Humza Yousaf (apparently willing to do anything for personal gain) who is being treated with kid gloves. The fact that the Muslim council trusts the christian Kate Forbes rather than Humza Yousaf speaks volumes.

  21. SteepBrae says:

    Ruby 8.29am:

    Look up ‘astroturfing’.

    No harm in zooming out sometimes and looking at the bigger picture.

  22. Mac says:

    Well I don’t know who effectively funds these ‘councils’ and why. So can’t really say if it is an example of astroturfing or not.

    But what I would say is that I’d bet good money that Humza Yousaf’s opinions on gay marriage, the GRRB, sex out of marriage, children out of marriage and so on will be wildly out of line with the majority of voters in both the Scottish and UK Hindu and Muslim communities.

    I’d also bet that Humza Yousaf also holds the same conservative beliefs privately (as they do) but just says he doesn’t to advance his career.

    No way does he sit there with his Dad and male family members talking this pish… no chance IMHO. He is another fraud, a fake and like his boss he will sell us out in a heartbeat.

    The fact the BBC favour him is the reverse endorsement that tells us he is the one to definitely not have as leader.

  23. Johnny says:

    Yes, I am afraid Craig is engaging in the sort of thing normally unfairly done to him, i.e. “I don’t have to listen because I think Craig is [X]”.

  24. Eileen Carson says:

    Ouch!! That’s bound to hurt! Of the 3 candidates Humza was the only one I’d a fully formed (and unfavourable) opinion of. His history condemns him.

    Of the other 2 I have a query over Kate’s support of Freeports but nothing else worries me so far.

    I’m waiting for Ash to start her campaign but what I’ve seen so far plus my gut tells me she’s the more credible.

  25. Graham says:

    Careful with these kinds of organizations, typically run by the most reactionary and extremist types. Regardless of which religion, culturally Indians are rather strictly conservative with gay and women’s rights fledgling at best. It seems obvious to me that the problem these “groups” have with Yousaf is he’s not being a good enough Indian boy. He’s an embarrassment to them.

    E.g. he ought to be covering up his woman and girls, beating his boys with a stick if they don’t pray enough, castigating sex before marriage, murder his girls if they offend his honour, calling for gays to be hung…. You get the idea, good old traditional values. Obviously Humza has been trying to play on both sides of this fence.

    Besides, a few individuals purporting to speak for ‘the Indian community’ as if they were elected to do so ought to be called out – a wholly racist thing to assume to speak for someone on account of their genetic heritage alone.

  26. Ruby says:

    1. Are trans women women?

    2. Are children outside marriage allowed?

    3. Is sex before marriage allowed?

    These are very tricky questions for someone who wants to win the Muslim vote or the vote of any faith group.

    I’m pretty sure the answer that would be expected to all three questions would be NO.

    Lets hear what Humza the Muslim has to say.

  27. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:22 February, 2023 at 8:44 am

    John Main,
    I see you are out of the closet at last.

    My my, BP.

    Such wit, such wisdom, such eloquence. Such a devastating put down.

    No recovery from that one!

    Haha, I crack me up.

    Seriously though BP. If you ever have anything better than playground insults to post, go for it.

  28. Scott Walker says:

    I bet their statement does not get a second of air time or a single line of text in any of the mainstream media.

  29. Liz says:

    Bloody hell.
    Well done both of them.
    The feeding frenzy yesterday on Kate Forbes was the most dispicable attack I’ve seen on a politician since the attack on Alex Salmond.

    The testerical overreaction by the TRAs, showed Scotland to be the exact opposite of progressive and inclusive.

  30. Ruby says:

    SteepBrae says:
    22 February, 2023 at 8:55 am

    Ruby 8.29am:

    Look up ‘astroturfing’.

    No harm in zooming out sometimes and looking at the bigger picture.

    I’ll wait for ‘gregor’ to come along and do it for me.

    It was the term our enemies that I was interested in.

  31. 100%Yes says:

    First of all I’m going to come to Humza defence, his precursor also failed in every department so being a failure in the NUSNP is just a way of life.
    I also would agree he’d be the worst FM Scotland has ever had and would lead to the NUSNP losing the next election. I watched him on Tv and he was asked a question and his reply was move on and his appearance was unkept doesn’t bold well when your wanting the top job.

    Ash Regan might not even need to open her mouth, the other to are such a disaster.

  32. John Main says:

    @Graham says:22 February, 2023 at 8:59 am

    he’s not being a good enough Indian boy


    Given that Yousaf is of Pakistani descent, that might explain it.

    Always good to get the facts right!

    Aren’t India and Pakistan pointing nukes at each other? That must make for awkwardness at times.

  33. Tommo says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    22 February, 2023 at 8:13 am
    “…. Whose side would you pick between, say, Stonewall and the LGB Alliance over gay rights?”

    Am I allowed to say NEITHER ? Marginalised group/s ?- one can scarcely get a word in edgeways. I am heartily sick and tired of the whole business which seems to have captured debate to the exclusion of matters which are vastly more important to vastly more people, to the extent that my normal tolerant and laissez-faire attitude is in danger of crumbling.

  34. Gav says:

    Shots fired.

    With the hatchet job being carried out on Kate Forbes the past few days I would be feeling very confident of a Regan victory right now if Murrell wasn’t still in charge of the vote. Which is a shame because I really want Regan to get the job, she’s the best candidate by a country mile and that’s before I consider that she is putting indy front and centre.

  35. Mac says:

    This is how you go after Humza. You subject him to the same in depth grilling on these matter that Kate Forbes was subjected to.

    You drag him into the deep waters on each subject and get him to articulate his views in excruciating clarity.

    This puts Humza between the rock and the hard place as they say…

    Forbes is saying things that will appeal to her ‘base’.

    Humza is saying things that will appall his ‘base’.

    So make him say it, over and over again.

    Plus unlike Forbes, Yousaf is much less likeable, some might say arrogant and uncaring.

  36. GlesgaJim says:

    The fact that it is even a possibility that he could become leader of the SNP and FM of Scotland boggles the mind. The SNP, and Scottish politics in general, are a complete bin fire.

  37. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    ?The marionettes of Thames House and Foggy Bottom have been busy in the last 24 hours.
    Stewart McDonald invites us to imagine an independent “Scotland 2050”. McDonald attended the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars for a “Defeating Disinformation Workshop” (3rd – 9th Feb. 2020). The WWICfS is a de facto annex of the State Department.
    Alyn Smith says nothing other than a referendum conducted under a S30 order will be legitimate, knowing full well that a S30 will NEVER be granted.
    Smith’s personal staff includes a Senior Case Worker who spent 27 years working for GCHQ Cheltenham finishing as a Senior Executive Officer. It would of course be unreasonable to infer that the individual in question was necessary a plant, Craig Murray after all worked in the belly of the beast and is wholly committed to the cause.

  38. Luigi says:

    It’s unintentional I’m sure, but Ash Reagan’s late arrival to the contest may be a great strategy. Imagine if she arrives like some great common sense, no nonsense potential leader, striding confidently over all the current nonsense to save us. Go for it Ash! It’s yours for the taking.

  39. gregor says:

    What Does it Mean to Love Our Enemies?

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:43-48 NIV

    “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you. If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great…”:

  40. desimond says:

    I’m no fan of Humza but I fear that The pinch of Salt test has been passed for this one.

  41. Big Jock says:

    100% – Ash has a PR background. I think she knows exactly what she is doing. Keeping quiet and allowing the feeding frenzy to take care of itself. Then burst onto the scene for maximum impact. A very well spoken and articulate MSP. Fingers crossed she might just do this.

    She is also not willing to drop the de-facto referendum idea. That may attract the genuine indy supporting members.

  42. Ian McCubbin says:

    Just gets murkier, yet the more organisations which come out against Yousaf the better.
    He is definitely not good for Scotland in any shape or form.

  43. Breeks says:

    I can’t find the comments now, but the Indian Council has fallen out with Humza before back in 2021.

    It’s not these blog articles I mean in particular, but there was wider commentary about this at the time, and a lot of BTL comments from people affiliated to the Indian Council which were noticeably right wing / Tory in their perspective.

    Rather than being a Tory organisation, (I make no such accusation), I suspect there could be an element of the Indian Council attempts to stay on the right side of whoever is the Government of the day… which makes sense if you think about it.

    I don’t imply criticism of the Indian Council, just that there’s a background to be aware of.

    Looking at this from a wider perspective….

    Wouldn’t it be terrific, – strike that. Wouldn’t it be normal for the three candidates in a Leadership Election for the SNP and First Minister of Scotland to be presenting their credentials on the central issue of Scottish Independence? Apparently not.

    “NONE” of this is normal Scotland. The issue and “debate” we’re being presented with, the tone and nature of the narrative, the agenda for conversation: ALL of it is being orchestrated from external influences. The agenda isn’t to further constructive debate, but to further disrupt constructive debate.

    The “West” collectively balks at the merest hint that the Ruskians or Chinese are interfering with Western Elections, or that Social Media is selling data and manipulating the online debate. It may or may not be true.

    What is surely self evident, is that the “West” most certainly IS interfering with Scottish democracy and imposing invasive narratives and agendas clearly intended to steer Scotland’s political awareness away from Scottish Independence.

    To my mind, the most urgent and taxing debate about Holyrood ISN’T who leads it, but whether the Campaign for Scottish Independence could or should bypass a Vichy Holyrood imprisoned by the colonial Scotland Act altogether, and assemble Scotland’s political representation under a Claim of Right banner, as the political component of a Convention of the Estates, which SALVO has been calling for.

    What are the chances of hearing those arguments discussed on BritNat TV, or even in the Sturgeon Fanzine known as the National?

    Stay in your box Scotland; you can fight like ferrets in a sack inside the controlled environment of your cute wee Devolution sandbox, but just remember you’re not allowed to step outside your designated sand-box and speak of taboo things which the 1998 Scotland Act doesn’t cover.

    … Or Brexit. You can’t discuss that. Actually there was no Brexit. Brexit didn’t happen. You imagined it.

    …Or immigration. That’s taboo too.

    .. Or Yookraine. You WILL consume the propaganda you’ve been given. Repeat after me America GOOD. Ruskia BAD. NATO has always been at war with Eastasia.

    … Or Independence. You can only mention Independence if you use the Anglo-Saxon spelling; D, E, V, O, L, U, T, I, O, N.

    And you MUST celebrate your freedom of speech or else you’ll be cancelled and / or put in jail.

  44. ScottieDog says:

    If Regan looks like a runaway contender, you can bet the establishment will wheel in a new entrant.

  45. Ruby says:

    Mac says:
    22 February, 2023 at 9:26 am

    Forbes is saying things that will appeal to her ‘base’.

    Humza is saying things that will appall his ‘base’.

    Interesting isn’t it. Kate Forbes wins the Muslim vote and probably the vote of every other person of faith.

    Most people of faith no matter what their religion agree on all the main issues.

    These people can probably spot a genuine person of faith from a hypocrite.

  46. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    It wasn’t an insult, it is an observation of your so called pro independence giving way to your Unionist fundamentals.

  47. David Hannah says:

    Kate Forbes has been a breath of fresh air. She’s been brilliant so far. I don’t agree with her views, but I’d defend them to the hilt.

    Someone with a go pro camera needs to track Humza down and ask him the very same questions, I’ve got no faith the establishment press.

  48. Dave Hansell says:

    If the context is going to be this kind of “fun” – where everyone is urged to choose the ‘right side’ in who legitimately or illegitimately represents who in any collective sense – we are going nowhere fast.

    So while we are where we are on this perhaps some further advice and guidance can be supplied.

    On the matter of who represents Muslims on these islands….

    Muslim Council of Britain or Muslim Council of UK?

    ….the authoritative decision has already been handed out,

    However, it be useful to complete the set.

    We are still awaiting an answer as to who legitimately – and by extension does not legitimately – represent gay rights between

    Stonewall or LGB Alliance?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’d certainly like to know who I and everybody else should consider to be the legitimate and illegitimate voice of the Jewish community in the Labour Party?:

    Jewish Labour Movement or Jewish Voice for Labour?

    Or who legitimately and illegitimately speaks for children?:

    Mermaids or Mumsnet?

    Which is the legitimate and illegitimate political voice of the people of these islands?:

    Tory or Labour?

    Who legitimately and illegitimately represents the interests of football fans in Scotland?:

    Rangers or Celtic?

    Alternatively I would suggest a far better use of time and effort might be spent attempting to find a sodding competent adult in the playground that doesn’t insist on such simplistic criteria -futile as might seem on present evidence.

  49. Daisy Walker says:

    America needs to have a serious look at those it picks to go on its ‘future leaders’ jollies… Humza, (his cousin), Kezia, Gilruth… None of them fit to run a bath let alone a party or a country.

    The above letter is magnificent. On so many levels. And is a truely damning indictment on Humza. That escapade with the Nursery must seem like such a bad move now.

    One thing I’d just like to clarify, in passing, with regards sex before marriage… does it have to be your own marriage, or is it ok if they’re already married to others? Asking for a friend.

  50. Muscleguy says:

    He’s a diversity hire. See also Somerville.

    Sturgeon is all about presentation and surface. Salmond was substanc.

  51. gregor says:

    Thank God for the normals (normal humans/ethnic minorities)


  52. Colin Alexander says:

    The SNP is an anti-Christian and anti-freedom of speech organisation.

    A US Christian preacher was awarded c. £100,000 because of religious discrimination due to pressure from the SNP / Green run Glasgow City Council.

  53. Alf Baird says:

    “Scotland will suffer a brain drain.” (Neil Lal)

    This has been ongoing since the union, Neil, Scotland suffering perhaps the largest outmigration in Europe for a country of our size; population displacement on such a scale is never an accident. Our colonialism means Scotland has aye been run by a ‘mediocre meritocracy’ which only exists to enable our economic plunder, line its pockets and obliterate our culture/language, leaving the nation and people under-developed. Why does anyone think Scots want independence, if not liberation from oppression?

  54. Ottomanboi says:

    Lal of the Indian Council of Scotland is pro union. He’s a buddy of Arlene Foster.
    The Muslim Council of the United Kingdom…..?
    Muslim Council of Scotland, the nation’s representative body, does not appear to have a view on the matter, yet.
    Think this is fake news generated by you know what.

  55. Republicofscotland says:

    Interestingly Washington paid for a trip for Yousaf to attend some sort of event, Yousaf is one of the named European Young Leaders.

    One of the bodies many partners is, The United States European Command (EUCOM) is the Unified Combatant Command charged with controlling Europe.

  56. SteepBrae says:

    Ruby 9.10am

    Yes, you’re on the right lines with ‘enemies’.

    Who might be astroturfing here, do you think? Who stands to gain from all these seeds of division that are being sown all over the place?

    Zoom out!

  57. ross says:

    What…what are these “previous actions”, though? that would have people fleeing in terror?

    At least pinpoint what they are before coming up with such a vacuous statement.

    I’m no fan of Yousaf but this is utter garbage and a smear until evidence is given.

  58. willie says:

    Isn’t it of grave concern that both the Indian Council and the Muslim Council for the UK have grave concerns and actually fear Yousaf being selected as First Minister.

    By his past actions Yousaf has shown himself to be utterly dishonourable, of the utmost duplicity, and well capable of stoking religious, sectarian and or racist bias.

    As a minister of government this guy art and part participated in a scheme where individuals posed as people they were not trying to create an allegation of racism because a popular nursery did not have a space for his child.

    And in true Banana Republic style he arranged for the might of the state to thankfully unsuccessfully crawl all over the nursery to put them through the wringer. And an abandoned legal case to this is a man who cries poor me, poor deprived and discriminated Asian.

    But our man is also not adverse to denying his own religion or should we say his so called adherence to his religion. Hiding away from the vote on gay marriage one can see how its a case of denying your religious principles for political gain. Ditto his simple dismissal of being convicted of driving without insurance whilst heading off to an overnight function with his then not wife.

    And now his latest attack on Kate Forbes and her Christian faith. Nothing like the devout Muslim fakir playing the religion hate card. And make no mistake an attack on someone else’s religion is a hate crime.

    No wonder both the UK Muslim Council and the Indian Council have grave concerns. They know a vicious nasty charlatan when they see one.

    One thing for sure is that if this guy is selected as First Minister the rotten sectarian, racist, religious genie is out the bottle. And Christians, and others, well they better get their hard hats on for they are Yousaf’s enemy.

    And the destruction of the SNP absolutely assured!

  59. ABruce says:

    Breeks : 09:39

    An excellent post Breeks.

  60. auld highlander says:

    Never in my seventy odd years have I ever heard a politician torn to shreds over their religious beliefs.

    Those tossers on the news are totally out of order tearing into Kate Forbes the way they did.

    It’s obvious that their masters in the south have spoken and they don’t want her getting the job so the word goes out to shred whoever they don’t want.

    Transparency and openness eh! Honesty and integrity seems a scarce commodity these days and when somebody openly states their beliefs they are treated as if they are some kind off odd ball devil worshiper. What next? Nail them into a barrel and roll them down Cluny hill like the witches of yesteryear.

  61. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Rumours that Jenny Gilruth is about to throw her chapeau into the ring. Foggy Bottom / Langley may be concerned that their boy’s (Yousaf’s) campaign ain’t going too swimmingly.
    Gilruth is their backup. School teacher Gilruth was in Washington on a State Department, International Visitors Leadership Programme visit 35 working days after being sworn in as a rookie MSP. Again, anyone who doesn’t believe Gilruth is a plant is invited to meet a Nigerian Prince of my acquaintance.

  62. Antoine Roquentin says:

    The decision of who will become the next leader of the SNP is purely a matter for the party membership, more’s the tragedy in my view, but there you have it. Many of them simply won’t vote, but the zealots definitely will, is about all anyone can say.

  63. SteepBrae says:

    Breeks 9.39am
    “The agenda isn’t to further constructive debate, but to further disrupt constructive debate”.

    Spot on.

    It’s independence that matters, and repairing the damage of the last eight years so that folk see what a functioning nation can achieve.

  64. Gregory Beekman says:

    Are these the same businesses that would flee to England if we voted for independence?

    Cheerio, then. Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on yer way south.

  65. Oneliner says:

    I am neither gay nor a member of a prescriptive belief system. I would defend the right of each to exist and practise.

    I would not defend the right of either to assume supremacy over the other. Non-alignment is going out of fashion.

    NB to spellchecker
    Noun: advice / verb: advise
    Noun: practice / verb: practise

  66. Mac says:

    Craig Murray’s article highlighting the lengths Humza went to to dodge the vote on gay marriage was very interesting in its own right, he makes a very convincing case as usual.

    But it also tells you how to give Yousaf some major problems.

    Start nailing him down on all these ‘hot’ topics that you know will cause him great discomfort in the Muslim community (and other faiths as well).

    Time to find out who he really is… Rainbow Humza or Muslim Humza, which face is the real Humza?

    Look at the lengths he went to, to dodge this one vote. This is clearly a big problem for him.

    So this is a massive weak spot to go after Humza. Despite what he says this is something he went to extraordinary lengths to avoid voting for.

    So make him affirm his support for all these ‘difficult’ areas… over and over. He will really struggle. As he did over the gay marriage vote.

  67. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:22 February, 2023 at 9:47 am

    John Main,
    It wasn’t an insult, it is an observation of your so called pro independence giving way to your Unionist fundamentals.

    OK, so it wasn’t an insult.

    I call for the closure and shut down of HR, and the pensioning off and return to Jobseekers Allowance of its troughing, incompetent, incumbents.

    You say that makes me a fundamentalist Yoon.

    Others say that HR is no more than a pointless talking shop, set up to distract Scots and waste their energies that would be better used actually pursuing self-determination, AKA Independence.

    Historians say that HR was set up to kill Indy stone dead. It’s neither a secret, nor even an open secret. It was a stated aim of the Labour government of the time.

    Realists observe that HR, Sturgeon, and now this farcical “debate” between competing religions, home-grown and imported, will kill Indy stone dead. For a second time.

    But, that old reflexive urge to kill the messenger endures. That, at least, is safe in your hands.

  68. craig murray says:


    Who do I mean by “the enemy”?

    I mean the Tories. These are astroturf groups precisely analagous to “Vote No Borders”. In fact the Indian Council is out of the same stable.

    We all took the piss, rightly, out of Vote No Borders, a grassroots group invented. Astroturf.

    You can’t without hypocrisy oppose the Vote No Borders scam but support this scam.

    I don’t remember in the case of “Vote No Borders” anybody saying to attack the fake organisation was ad hominem and I should listen to the arguments.

  69. Johnny says:

    Breastplate @ 9:47pm:

    I don’t know a thing about John Main’s motivations, I have to say, but I do not believe that it’s necessarily unionist to ruminate on whether devolution is helping or hindering independence. It could be argued that anyone happy to let the devolved parliament with no discernible movement towards independence indefinitely might as well be advocating unionism.

  70. Johnny says:

    Above should have read “sit there indefinitely with no discernible movement towards independence…”

  71. Scotsrenewables says:

    Jenny Gilruth?

    She’s the one married to Kezia Dugdale.

    According to Wiki:
    “Since becoming Transport Minister, she has been involved in managing issues related to ScotRail train services and a dispute with ASLEF, as well as responsibilities relating to the provision of Scottish ferries”

    – so not a glowing record to stand on.

  72. Mac says:

    So instead of going after Humza for being two faced the media went after Kate Forbes for not being two faced.

    They are running defence for Humza here.

    So that another tick in the Kate Forbes box and another clear alarm bell that Humza is getting help from all the wrong places (just like Sturgeon did).

  73. Crisiscult says:

    Just to comment on the nature/status of these groups e.g. astroturf, it should be borne in mind that this is an issue for any “community”. For example, when Alex Salmond was asked to apologise for offending Ukrainians in Scotland, the Ukrainian “organisation” was not representing Ukrainians in Scotland but a group of Ukrainians. Was it “astroturf”? No. But these groups are not democratically elected.

    My point: groups representing some members of a community will be amplified based on the agenda of the media. You can guarantee if some other Muslim group comes out in support of Humza, it’ll be well publicised.

  74. Stuart MacKay says:

    This is not going to end well. The “liberalisation of Scottish mores”, shall we say, is having the opposite reaction in more conservative parts of society. That has nothing to do with left vs right but it will be portrayed as such. Cue the comparison of Regan or Forbes to Trump in 3…, 2… So the forces of modernity will arraign themselves against the forces of intolerance and Yousaf will get elected.

    I guess, this is just part of the current cycle that is shredding everything in western society. There might be a ways to go before the bottom is reached. Yousaf might just be another step on that road before some form of turn-around can be effected.

  75. Effijy says:

    I never like this threat that if you don’t change to what suits our group we will leave.

    Go on then.

    Go to more expensive homes with higher council taxes and road/bridge tolls and lesser NHS Support and pay for your prescriptions and meet England’s National Front.

    Have you heard the attack on Hamza from Britnat Broadcasting Co?

    Laura Maxwell cast off any pretence of conducting an interview in favour of a personal attack without the right to offer a comprehensive reply.


  76. Bob Mack says:

    No matter what any Council states anbout Yousaf, there is one factor which dominates all others.

    He is inept. He is the end of not just the SNP eventually, but also independence for many years to come.

    Those facts alone should exclude him in the eyes of all who want Indy.

  77. Mac says:

    I don’t think it matters if the Council of Muslims or Indians are unionists or astroturfers.

    I think weirdly Craig Murray, Wings and these two Councils (whatever they are) have all identified the same thing, Humza’s weakness. He cant square the circle with Rainbow Humza and Muslim Humza (and so he hid).

    Humza can’t wear both masks at the same time if he is put on the spot. So he invents comical excuses to avoid it.

    The fact the unionist media went after Forbes on the exact thing they should have went after Yousaf on is very telling indeed.

  78. Andrew scott says:

    Jenny gilruth transport minister
    Em A9 dualling?
    Road from Dumfries to Stranrear?
    Road between inverness and Aberdeen?

  79. I once thought (years ago) Humza was going to be a great asset for SNP and Scotland,

    he seemed so assured looked good on telly showed how multicultural a free Scotland could be,

    then he went on Question Time and there was no intelligence there no quick thinking just old tropes and dogma,

    have found this with quite a few SNP politicians , there seems no intelligent life behind the eyes.

    Kate and Ashton at least seem to be smart, intuitive, confident and assertive.

  80. David Hannah says:

    Stuart. Scotland is different. With 70 per cent roughly against Gender Self ID, and the prisoner scandals it isn’t taking hold. The polling shows the public are aware that the political class have their fingers in their ears.

    The UK Government blocking the passage of the bill has brought it into the mainstream. That reflects a change internationally, also coming from the United States. They are pushing back.

    The Sandyford gender identity clinic also closing to new patients.

    Edinburgh is home to JK Rowling and the Women Won’t Wheesht campaigns.

    Wings Over Scotland, this blog has been monumental to the public conversation. The biggest read political blog in Scotland, hundreds of thousands of readers.

    It’s clear that gender ideology is being rejected here.

  81. Luigi says:

    IMO the British establishment is protecting Humza Yousaf (for now) because he is clearly the weakest candidate. Either Kate Forbes or Ash Reagan could cause them severe problems, for different reasons. Yousaf, by contrast, would be a pushover. An easy job. Build him up then knock him down. That’s the strategy currently being deployed. If they get their way, it won’t be pretty.

  82. gregor says:

    Wikipedia: John Swinney:

    “Leadership of the Scottish National Party (2000–2004): Leadership bid:

    Swinney won an overwhelming majority of votes by party delegates securing 67.1% of votes. He was appointed leader at the party’s conference on 16 September 2000…”:

    BBC (22/03/2023): Criticism of Kate Forbes not about faith, John Swinney says:

    “Criticism of Kate Forbes over her views on issues such as gay marriage has nothing to do with faith, Scotland’s deputy first minister has said…

    John Swinney said he profoundly disagreed with Ms Forbes despite also having “deep religious faith”.

    He questioned whether it would be appropriate for someone with her views to be SNP leader…”:

  83. craig murray says:


    Yes, there are genuine rival community groups, sometimes very small.

    Then there is astroturf, fake community groups set up by a larger political organisation.

    The Indian Council of Scotland is certainly fake, astroturf, Tory.

    The Muslim Council of the UK I am less certain about – it could be Tasmina’s people – but it is tiny and pretending to be the Muslim Council of Britain.

  84. Alan Austin says:

    Some of the comments hint that Unionists are trying to discredit Yousef. As a Unionist he is my number one choice to win the SNP Leader position as he will guarantee the SNP spiral into the wilderness with the indyref2 disappearing. Sturgeon knows Nat peak has happened as she bailed out before it drops even more.

  85. David Hannah says:

    The difference between Scotland and the United States,

    Scotland has left wing, so called Liberal voices saying wake up to this pharmaceutical and safeguarding scandal.

    The United States has the Republican Party, The Tories are also manufacturing this humiliation of Labour, such as Angela Ranyor.

    Sturgeon has resigned the media have correctly or incorrectly stated that the trans prisoner scandal has brought down Nicola.

    Listen, its progressive to stand up for women’s sex based rights. There were hundreds of women in the steets of Glasgow making their voice heard.

    None of this would have happened years ago. It’s happening in Scotland. Scotland is awake to this.

  86. David Hannah says:

    This is the woke politicians last stand, and they are going to lose.

  87. dgp says:

    Viv O’ Bliv@10.25.
    Jenny Gilruth? well ok but if Humza is their man, wouldn’t introducing another covertly ‘preferred’ player split the vote? And even further reduce the vote for their preferred candidate? As for your Nigerian prince- I can introduce you to a Nigerian Lawyer-yes I really can.
    Much as I love all the cloak a dagger spook style politics for its entertainment value, is it likely that a holiday in Virginia, going to classes about geopolitics and conversations with low level politicians, or lectures from Brown University academics about American politics is going to erase the entire critical faculty of their ‘targets’ and turn them into compliant political zombies.
    Yes I know the picture is rather complex and the US undoubtedly wishes to influence, and possibly corrupt or control, a ‘US favourable’ battalion of political players in places of interest, but surely not all these targets are so readily corruptible or naive.

  88. Ottomanboi says:

    Organizations representing ethnic and religious groups spring up like mushrooms and as quickly wither away. Effectively, any concerned individual or body might create one and, thanks to get some leverage.
    An organization called The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain seemingly got much media attention some decades ago. It had a handful of «members» and now no longer exists.
    Islam does not have a single voice, neither do the south Asian «Indians».
    Attempting to turn the leadership selection process into one about religion, race, ethnicity is classic diversion. The Brits did the same in all their colonies.
    Remember the British deep state has a fondness for partition.

  89. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘ Craig Murray re, ‘These are astroturf groups precisely analagous to “Vote No Borders”. In fact the Indian Council is out of the same stable.

    We all took the piss, rightly, out of Vote No Borders, a grassroots group invented. Astroturf.

    You can’t without hypocrisy oppose the Vote No Borders scam but support this scam.

    I don’t remember in the case of “Vote No Borders” anybody saying to attack the fake organisation was ad hominem and I should listen to the arguments.’

    Hello Craig, Not looking to argue, but while VNB’s was very clearly set up with dodgy money and Brit Nat backing, and grew up overnight for that very reason, other groups might be genuine, just not as big as the ‘officially recognised’ group with the similar sounding name.

    The residents of Muthill in Perthshire didn’t think their community council was strong enough about pressurising the Council to evict a local Peadophile, so they set up the Community Group of Muthill Residents, who then fell out with each other and another group was set up, calling themselves the Muthill Community Residents Group. All very monty pythonesk, but it was not the same thing as Astroturfing.

    On a separate note, by interesting (just to see the lazy incompetent chancer squirm) if someone was to ask follow up questions of Humza re the man on death row in Pakistan. Wonder what follow up actions he took? I’m guessing none at all, but hey.

  90. akenaton says:

    All this pontificating about what people really think!
    One thing is becoming crystal clear and reinforced by a couple of hours watching ITV yesterday,
    Every programme, every social piece, slanted towards LGBT+++ our media is being taken over and the adults side lined. Children are openly indoctrinated the media no longer make any pretence of unbiased output.
    This state of affairs led the SNP into the dead end it now occupies, totalitarian, woke government, to stupefy and blindfold the adults and drive a wedge between parents and children, making them more amenable to indoctrination in schools and other public services.
    We need a leader who recognises this truth not only in Scotland, but in every other Western country. Someone with the guts to take on the whole LGBT+++ circus and its very evident agenda
    Mrs Forbes is the only one brave enough to do the job, as it took extreme bravery to state without equivocation her views on how society should progress.
    Being “kind” doesn’t cut it in this new world where traditional views are routinely rubbished on every page of our compromised media.
    If Forbes is not elected we can look forward to another twenty years of “Stugeonism” by another name, as the same arses will be sitting on the same seats in Holyrood and the same ideas will fester in the same minds.
    Forbes’s election will force the most hardline to resign and the “useful idiots” can be weeded out or rehabilitated.
    Nothing will change with Regan or Yousaf they will make small temporary amendments to the GRR which can be “re=examined when the present furore abates and Independence will be a long way off, as the ideologues will still be in place and plotting vengeance

  91. Doug says:

    Throw it all into the mix.

  92. Craig P says:

    I don’t know anything about the Muslim Council of the UK, but isn’t the man who runs the Indian Council a Conservative activist?

  93. Ebok says:

    When will the candidates will move on from defending their personal beliefs are and what THEY want, to what Scotland NEEDS.

    When are they going to shift the focus onto the real issues: the scourge of unionism, the pros of Independence, the route to Indy 2, clearing up after the chaos of 8 Sturgeon years, and returning to the psyche of SNP of old.

    Is there an oasis in this dessert, an edict the establishment will fear, or, …or, …oh, hold on, here comes Regan…

  94. Alibi says:

    Neil Lal & Wasif Ahmad might bear some investigating. Lal certainly seems to be some sort of anti-indy person, and so his views should maybe be judged in that context. I tend to agree that Yousaf is bad news, but nevertheless I would treat with considerable suspicion anything said by Lal. Especially as he mentions Arlene Foster – alarm bells ringing there right away.

  95. Ruby says:

    SteepBrae says:
    22 February, 2023 at 10:19 am

    Ruby 9.10am

    Yes, you’re on the right lines with ‘enemies’.

    Who might be astroturfing here, do you think? Who stands to gain from all these seeds of division that are being sown all over the place?

    Zoom out!

    It was Craig who mentioned ‘our enemies’ and astroturfing.

    I don’t think anyone is astroturfing here obviously you do so why don’t you tell us.

    Who is astroturfing here?

    Would Unionists groups not be more in favour of Humza Useless becoming First Minister?

  96. desimond says:

    I’m suddenly getting very worried about this Gilruth patter.

    Just imagine it…The Media would LOVE it…Kezia back on every front page…salute the lovely couple….imagine all the boxes that get ticked…cue the potential fights with Green Party dissolved…watch the naysayers told to “get a grip” and duly ignored.

    A Useful Idiot Candidate indeed may be very popular for many and not just a few.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  97. Jane Doe says:

    As a Scot with a Presbyterian background married to an English Catholic who gets his faith from his 2 Irish Grand Parents, religion in Scotland is something I take a great interest in. My extensive reading of Scottish history shows that Calvinism as expressed by the modern Free Presbyterism Church has formed an important thread in 500 years of Scottish history and Culture. From John Knox, via the Covenanters (an ancestor of mine was John the Monklands Martyr) to the split in the Presbyterian Church. I find it unbelievable that the modern SNP and nationalist movement has effectively cancelled this important part of both the past and the present Scottish culture. BTW Guido Fawkes points out today the hypocrisy of Hamza Yusuf re. the LGBTQ+ movement.

  98. KT Lorimer says:

    akenaton – you have that wrong Kate Forbes hid it was Ash Renton who voted against and resigned.

  99. Scotsrenewables says:

    Panic over. Gilruth has come out for Yousaf.

  100. Alf Baird says:

    David Hannah @ 11:24 am

    “The difference between Scotland and the United States”

    Surely the main difference is that the Scots and Scotland remain subject to colonial rule, whereas the United States does not?

    Postcolonial theory (which is based on actual evidence) also tells us that the independence and liberation of ‘a people’ is not a matter of political ideology, of left or right, or socialism versus capitalism, and it is most certainly never a matter of ‘gender identity ideology’.

  101. Big Jock says:

    The current population in Scotland is estimated to be 5.405 million people, which means that there are over 702,650 gay, lesbian or bisexual people in Scotland. 10%.

    The total number of faith followers are-

    church of Scotland 20%
    Roman Catholic 12%
    Other Christian 11%
    Another Religion 4%

    Total – 47% of Scots affiliate to a religion.

    Is this a case of the tail wagging the dog. Why are 10% of the population given such prominence , and allowed to shut down any debate.

  102. Burgh says:

    Isn’t this article giving these groups more legitimacy than they deserve?

    The Muslim council of UK appears to be nothing but an AstroTurf group confusingly named similarly to the Muslim council of Britain.

    The Indian Council of Scotland doesn’t seem to represent anyone…

  103. fruitella the hun says:

    People’s religious beliefs surely affect their politics. Like Ash I too had one Catholic parent and though an atheist, I still identify strongly with the Catholic morality and culture I was schooled in. Perhaps subconsciously I attribute the same set of values to her. But this is politics and the practical issues and numbers matter too.

    How big is the overlap between Yes voters and Green voters? Ash is betting it is small enough for her to take the Jobs side in the old “Jobs vs. Environment” clash over North Sea oil – or, more specifically, Money vs. Environment. That’s the side that has brought us all to the biggest crisis humanity has faced.

    Most of the environmentalists I knew in 2014 – many were English – voted No. Some were not willing to be ejected from the EU. Professional environmentalists in particular credit the EU for us having any green policies at all. Others had or wanted career paths that would likely include English posts. And of course, those from England did not want the rift.

    I suspect that now, post-Brexit, a greater proportion of greenies would consider independence but it would probably be wrong to think they might put independence above primary environmental policies. Leaving fossil fuel under the sea is the primary environmental policy. That means it is also the primary security policy. The biosphere we evolved in is being destroyed by the things we do with plentiful energy – the damage is not just caused by CO2-driven climate change. We need systems for providing food, shelter and care that are much less dependent on cheap energy, however generated. There are known alternatives to letting the money men trash everything under a (disingenuous) “jobs” banner.

    Commonweal, who also figure in Ash’s background, have their roots in Marxism. As economists, and therefore resistant to “biological determinism”, they are unconvinced by visions of an ecologically constrained future. Why? – because it really doesn’t need large-scale industrial production, centralised management by well intentioned, competent and incorruptible officials, all overlooked by a similarly saintly collection of “local people” in an assembly – or Soviet as they used to call them out East.

    Sturgeon maybe brought the Greens in because shifting the SNP off “Scotland’s Oil” was too hard but she needed the appearance of being serious about tackling the biggest challenge of our time. Getting rid of them means the SNP will have to resolve that jobs-vs-environmient conundrum themselves to rope in the green vote. I hope Ash has a plan for that.

  104. Bortwhiskels says:

    Whether these groups are potentially AstroTurf or Tory campaigners or genuine religious community groups, they LOOK like religious community groups. And although yesterday saw some shit stirring hacks generate a headline by trying to humiliate someone over their religious beliefs, it LOOKS like news.

    There are people who will always embarrass and undermine anything SNP/indy, and the leadership contest is a great opportunity for them. Frankly I don’t mind too much when they’re doing it to Yousaf.

    I’m wondering, though, what will be thrown at Regen. I feel like if it’s her stance on the constitution – eg a frothy mouthed Tory demanding that Scotland can’t ever vote on independence again – or the GRR – possibly a Maggie Chapman dribbling out some lukewarm word soup, or a convicted rapist who wants to move to a women’s prison- the attack would surely backfire spectacularly.

  105. Ian says:

    The decision as to who should become the leader of the SNP is so critical that the usual political fluff needs to be sidelined, with the focus instead being on the hard questions that candidates would probably rather avoid. Humza claims that he wants to be judged on his track record, which is as it should be. He has plenty to be judged on and most highlight his failures, professional and personal. Trying to bluff by mentioning his track record may be his biggest failure.

    Forbes has been in her position since 2020 so serious questions can be asked about her track record too. A few are obvious – the GERS alternative report, the massive renewables contract and the planned freeports are obvious issues that could do with some exposure.

    Regan’s political track record is far less high profile, making it harder to use it as a judge on her abilities, however her stand against the GRR bill highlighted her personal integrity and does stand in stark contrast to the other two. Also her stated intent to be inclusive and utilise experience as necessary is a breath of fresh air. We’ve had enough of the ‘celebrity/presidential’ nonsense.

    I just wonder what criteria the SNP members are using to make their voting decision. Proven professional (in)abilities and personal integrity should be at the heart of it. Lets hope that it is.

  106. McDuff says:

    Yousaf is the last person I want for FM but there is something odd about this. I can’t remember the Muslim and Indian community collectively being so vocal regarding the SNP .

  107. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    The following sympathetic quote is from an online article: ‘JOHN KNOX AND EDUCATION’ —

    “John Knox the 16th century Scottish reformer made a lasting impact on the Scottish nation in the fields of society, politics, church and education.[…] Knox’s national educational system provided for schools to be ?nanced by the accumulated wealth of the [pre-reformation] church and monasteries, which were being overthrown in Scotland, but the nobles refused to approve this ?nancial scheme because they wanted to divide the spoils among themselves. […] It is interesting to note that gender issues do not feature in his educational design. […] Poverty was not to be a determinant in access and success in education: ‘The children of the poor must be supported and sustained on the charge of the church, till trial is taken whether the spirit of docilitie is found in them or not.’ (?Book of Discipline? 1560). In this scheme, universality emerged as a fundamental principle allowing for the education of the ‘lad o’ pairts’ [ie gifted child from a poor family who has the ability (ie docilitie) to bene?t from it]. Universities were to be upgraded.”

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    This is in NO WAY any form of defence for Yousaf, he’s toxic to his core.

    If this rabid news rag is backing the ICS you have to wonder about them.

  109. Graham says:

    John Main you got me; I have never paid much attention at all to Yousef’s ethnicity, I mean it’s not like he ever draws attention to it himself right?

    I assumed from “Indian Council” he was also Indian. The fact he’s Pakistani removes even more credibility from The Indian Council’s objections for reasons you’ve mentioned.

    My point stands however, except in Pakistan they assemble mobs to Lynch suspected blasphemers in the street outside the police station, so…… yeah hardly any less concern there about who and what he’s beholden to.

  110. Ebok says:

    Big Jock says:
    22 February, 2023 at 12:14 pm

    ‘The current population in Scotland is estimated to be 5.405 million people, which means that there are over 702,650 gay, lesbian or bisexual people in Scotland. 10%.’

    The Scottish census should have been produced 2 years ago, but Air Miles is still working on it. I made a comment recently on the stats produced by The Office for National Statistics, which I believe covers England and Wales, their figures show 94% heterosexual, 3% LGB, 3% didn’t say.

    I haven’t seen these faith stats, but many of the church buildings I see around towns, incredibly beautiful buildings, have been sold and converted into flats, offices, pubs, and such like.

    On that basis, seems to me your figures are likely based on believers, with a wide gulf between believing in a particular faith and actually being a member/practitioner.

  111. Roue Badly says:

    “flight to safety with businesses, wealth and the intellectual capital moving south of the border and elsewhere. ”

    The only response to the above blackmail should be that of comedian Mark Thomas to bankers threatening to leave the UK because of Brexit:
    “We will drive them to the airport.”

    If your only reason for being in a country is how much money you can extract from the population then you should have no place in that community.

  112. Graham says:

    If we don’t have a leader who can turn to a person of colour and say regardless of your religious origin of your views, the intolerance they espouse has no place in the policy our inclusive and tolerant country, then we don’t have a leader.

    Gay people have the right to same sex marriage, sex is a healthy and normal part of adult life, marriage is optional, apostasy is not a crime; everyone has the freedom to and freedom from religion.

    If Humza doesn’t have the integrity to state these things that go against ‘his community values’ – or to be fair state the opposite – then he is unfit for leadership.

    I hope some day someone calls out the fact that there’s no Asian community in Scotland, they don’t live in one place speak the same language believe in the same god eat the same food etc. the only thing that they have in common is they are not white. That’s not a community, that’s a status, and in my view it’s abhorrent to group people on that basis. Stop classifying brown skinned people by saying they “belong” to a separate “community” that can be spoken for by anyone of a similar tone. My friends are part of MY community and they speak for themselves as individuals.

    (All together) YES, WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!

  113. McDuff says:

    The last person I want as FM is Yousaf but this seems a bit odd.
    I can’t remember the Muslim and Indian community collectively being so vocal about the SNP or independence in general.mmm

  114. moixx says:

    Re astroturfing.

    Is the introduction here (and elsewhere) of queer theory/gender ideology itself an example of astroturfing? Wasn’t it all laid out in the Dentons report?

  115. John C says:

    That is an extraordinary statement. For the council to say they’d ‘live in fear’ if Yousaf becomes FM suggests not only are they rightfully worried about how he’ll push the GRR through, but they’ve clearly looked at his record, found it lacking and probably realised he’d just be a puppet for the Sturgeonites.

    It’d be a great idea if those SNP supporters who live in a bubble on and offline, get out and about have discussions with people and then they’ll find out just how disliked Yousaf is (though none of the candidates seem to be inspiring anyone) and how hated the GRR is. There’s serious damage being done to the cause of independence and astonishingly, it’s the party of indy doing that.

  116. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    You’ve been arguing for years now that Scotland has to have everything perfectly in place before independence, although not in those exact words. You’ve been demanding, relentlessly, proof of the sunny uplands of independence before we consider independence.
    You might as well ask for the lottery numbers while you’re at it.

    You demand to know the future of an independent Scotland whereas the future of the U.K. conveniently remains unquestioned.
    You pour scorn on those who would re-enter into any sort of Union with Europe, shouting it is not proper independence, although currently being nowhere near independence is good enough for you.

    You can’t have it both ways John, should Scotland make its own decisions without caveats or shouldn’t it?

  117. Big Jock says:

    Ebok says – “I haven’t seen these faith stats, but many of the church buildings I see around towns, incredibly beautiful buildings, have been sold and converted into flats, offices, pubs, and such like.

    On that basis, seems to me your figures are likely based on believers, with a wide gulf between believing in a particular faith and actually being a member/practitioner.”

    Totally agree with that Ebok. But nonetheless even if you don’t practice like myself. Many people still affiliate with the Christian faith. A lot more than are LGBT. There is an intolerant wing in the SNP and the LGBT community. Aggressive secularism , aggressive sexuality. It’s not liberal, it’s the exact opposite.

    I don’t ascribe to Forbes views , but my father probably does. Does it make him a bad person? Or someone who should be shunned from society. He is a devout Catholic , but also a lifelong nationalist. The two are not incompatible.

  118. Alastair R says:

    “Ballot Box Scotland has today issued an extraordinary statement pointing out the “Indian Council of Scotland” is one random guy with a Facebook Page and the “Muslim Council of the United Kingdom” is not the Muslim Council of Britain, and this leadership contest has rotted brains”.

  119. Livionian says:

    To be fair the Muslim council of Scotland clearly want Sarwar in, considering his father’s involvement in Pakistani politics and the family having significant Muslim community business interests, it would make sense for him to be the preferred future first minister to further their interests.

  120. gregor says:

    Huggy Bear (22/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “Nicola Sturgeon signing an oath which includes upholding the Protestant faith in Scotland.”:

  121. gregor says:


    “A promise, especially that you will tell the truth in a law court.”

    “To have formally promised to tell the truth.”

    “The judge reminded the witness that she was under oath.”

  122. Jontoscot21 says:

    I am sure the sceptical enlightened folk on here will have read Michelle Hoeullbeq’s prescient satire ‘Submission’. I’d love to see the sensitivity police edit that! Anyway it tells the story of an Islamic government taking over France. As Islam is essentially a political movement they can make all sorts if compromises to win power. The mullahs sren’t that fazed about western morality because they offer perverted western men access to limitless sex and oervetsion after the Burqas come off. In my view the MCB are the pragmatic islamists of the book and the MCUK are the religious purist but also paradoxically more pluralist, hence their alliance with Hindus and Sikhs. Whether or bot they are astroturf ie created by others to fake grassroots representation, that’s exactly what the British state funded and odious MCB does.

  123. Wally Jumblatt says:

    For independence to be won, we need a broad church ……
    right-wing, left-wing and middle need to be aligned for the single purpose.
    Craig doesn’t serve the cause if he talks astroturf (whatever that means) at anyone not the same pink political shade as he is.

    50% plus 1 won’t win anything. We need 2/3rds of the voters then we don’t need anyone’s permission. We should be trying to build up momentum for that kind of landslide -only then can you appeal to the wider world -and even then they don’t care that much.

  124. Dickie Tea says:

    Why is this nonsense article still up. Give Wings a bad name.

    Not your usual standard of investigative journalism Stu.

    FaKe Council run by one man with connections to the Tories and Ulster Unionists

  125. Morgatron says:


  126. stuart mctavish says:


    Astroturfing eh ? sounds bit like nuSNP with nu-indy and contemporary medicine with contemporary flu.

    Interesting the islamic lot arent as frightened at the risk of Kahn and Sarwar being heretics as they appear to be about Yusaf though – could be backhanded compliment aimed at the corrupting influence of his drinking buddies, could be result of conflating his launch site with the devastating power of other unholy willies from that parish. Either way thought this might be apt

  127. Keviano says:

    Agree with Dickie Tea, this story is desperate stuff for Wings.
    Campaigning against leadership candidates you clearly despise is fair enough but be credible about it.

    Frankly I would never support a potential leader who denies to any minority, the same civil rights enjoyed by the majority.
    It’s pretty clear that one of the candidates would do exactly that on the basis of their profound religious faith – something the vast majority do not share.

  128. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Tony Blair:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    William Hague:

  129. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2023): Agenda: Digital Identity:

    World Economic Forum 2016): Agenda: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond:

    “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another…”:

    BBC (22/02/2023): Tony Blair and William Hague call for digital ID cards for all:

    “Sir Tony Blair and Lord Hague have called for everyone in the UK to get digital ID cards as part of a “technological revolution”…”:

  130. gregor says:

    Cosmic Rough Riders (2009): Revolution: Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine:

    “…What we don’t need is a revolution that will blow our minds away…”:

  131. Willie says:

    To change the subject matter a little there is news just coming in that a policeman in Omagh, Northern Ireland has been shot a number of times.

    No details at present are being made public but it is a grim reminder of how the UK Unionists refusing to form a power sharing government, demanding no border in the Irish Sea, but comfortable with an NI / ROI border could be playing with the matches to get the province alight again.

    The hard negotiated Good Friday Agreement, internationally agreed, is but a tawdry piece of paper to the Westminster Tories who would set it aside in a heartbeat. Let us hope this shooting was not a forerunner of things to come.

    The Brits in the Tory Party would dearly love to have a re-run of the military conflict that was euphemistically called the troubles. Wiser heads must prevail. The legacy of Brit colonialism cannot be allowed to once again surface.

  132. gregor says:

    Clown Joe Biden (22/02/2023):

    Returning from his historic trip – falling up stairs (again):


  133. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Angela McLean: Professor and Co-Director, Oxford Martin School, Institute for Emerging Infections University of Oxford:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Patrick Vallance: President of Research and Development, GlaxoSmithKline:

    BBC (21/02/2023): First woman appointed UK’s chief scientific adviser:

    “Prof Dame Angela McLean is to replace Sir Patrick Vallance as the government chief scientific adviser (GCSA)…

    Dame Angela is currently Ministry of Defence chief scientific adviser and an expert on the spread of infectious diseases, at Oxford University…”:

  134. Neil LaL says:

    The Indian Council of Scotland and the United Kingdom stand firm against Humza Yousaf in the role as First Minister. He cannot be trusted and is totally incompetent. He has stoked up racial tensions in the Indian community which is totally unacceptable.

    The Indian community live in fear and this reminds me of the 1930s in Germany. This is a difficult time for the Indian community in Scotland and we thank everyone for there support.

    God bless everyone!

    Neil LaL
    Chairman and President
    The Indian Council of Scotland and the United Kingdom

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