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A letter to a Unionist 136

Posted on January 12, 2013 by

Hello. Someone directed me to your blog today, which I’d have posted this on if I could have been bothered with registering for a “LiveJournal”, “TypePad”, “AIM” or “OpenID” account, whatever the heck those are. But I can’t – at my age I’d rather have a root canal than waste my time signing up to yet another obsolete social-media network for the dubious privilege of commenting on someone’s website – so I’ll write it here instead. You’re welcome to any extra traffic the link will bring you. Consider it a gift.

I don’t consider your post to be “scaremongering”. I consider it a heartbreakingly sad example of something we used to refer to as the “Scottish cringe”, and which is also sometimes known by the term “Stockholm Syndrome”. For someone so evidently young, the terrified conservatism, fear of responsibility and absence of ambition displayed in your post is far more tragic than it is when those much older and more comfortably set in their ways than you recoil in terror from the idea of change.

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Missing you already 188

Posted on October 10, 2012 by

Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories have all recently called for the good people of England to speak up for the Union, and express how much they value the contribution of Scots to the UK. Helpfully (and very rarely), the BBC has allowed comments on a Scottish story today to give them the opportunity. We must admit, we didn’t manage to get through everything, but these are some of the ones that DIDN’T get modded off.

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Dumbing doon 48

Posted on June 27, 2012 by

Now, let’s get something straight right from the start: the headline on this feature ISN’T referring to the people pictured below. We’re sure they’re fine, lovely, good and honest Scottish folk you’d be happy having live next door to you, who just happen to disagree with us on a particular political issue. Nothing wrong with that.

But the “Better Together” campaign’s launch video appears to have gone out of its way to make them appear to be simple-witted idiots, in order to try to disguise the utter hollowness of its argument.

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Weekend: Cybernats are made, not born 49

Posted on April 28, 2012 by

The political is the personal. Nobody comes out of the womb with a view on the merits of the free market versus state interventionism – opinions are formed by someone’s experiences and environment. So where do “cybernats” come from? Speaking as one myself, and quite a recently-minted one at that, let me see if I can explain it.

I wasn’t indoctrinated into the Nationalist cause as a child – my parents are pro-Union (but I’m working on that). My upbringing was British, and I was proud of it. So what went wrong with the United Kingdom that now in adult life I disavow the very notion of Britishness and strive to bring that same UK to an end?

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A new low 1

Posted on April 01, 2012 by

Normally we enjoy a little chuckle at Kevin McKenna’s weekly column in the Guardian, as befits one of the stalwarts of our Zany Comedy Relief link section. On taking an early peek at this week’s effort, it looked to be one of those rare occasions when Kevin takes a break from slagging off the SNP and talks about something else, but instead we were horrified to witness one of the most despicable things we’ve seen in the mainstream “quality” press for quite some time.

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A Unionist Scottish patriot writes 4

Posted on January 12, 2012 by

From “LiamHunter64”, manager of the “Keep Scotland British” Facebook page (a hotbed of the sort of positive Unionism* Tom Harris MP regularly contrasts with the nasty antics of the dastardly Cybernats) and allegedly based in Sangin, Afghanistan.

12 January 2012
If it [independence] happens I’ll be moving to England and laughing at failure!

Slightly later on 12 January 2012
Typical SNP, Because I’m anti-Independence I’m also Anti-Scottish? I was born and raised here, my heart is in Scotland and will never leave.”

So let’s just get this clear: Liam’s heart will never leave Scotland, but his body will be in England laughing at the failure of the country he loves? That sure is some powerful Scottish patriotism right there. We hope he gets some advice from a medical professional before he packs those suitcases, mind.

(We’re not altogether certain why Scottish independence would provoke someone to leave Afghanistan for England, but we’ll let that one pass.)

The power of Unionist doublethink is strong. While the SNP talk of “the social union” and friendship with England and the rest of the world, those most prone to bellowing their “Scottish patriotism” and pride in Scotland seem to be those who do not acknowledge that their “country” is or should be a country at all.

We suspect dear Liam doesn’t even understand the contradiction in his comments, bless him. (We did ask him, but as yet have received no reply.) We’re not so sure that Tavish Scott, Jim Murphy, and all the rest whose loudly-asserted “patriotism” doesn’t stretch as far as having their country elect its own government or control its own economy, can fall back on the same excuse as their supporters.

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The Bannockburn myth 12

Posted on January 08, 2012 by

Sometimes this blog wonders if it’s missed a meeting that everyone else in the Scottish/UK media and blogosphere was at. It’s hard to explain in any other way the sudden outpouring of absolutely demented, nonsensical keech that’s inexplicably spewed from all corners recently about the SNP planning to hold the independence referendum in June 2014, on the 700th anniversary of the Battle Of Bannockburn.

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