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So tired of being lied to

Posted on April 20, 2021 by

The First Minister released a short film this week.

While it has the character of a hostage video, with terrorists just off-camera pointing a gun at the unfortunate victim and forcing them to read out a pre-prepared text, sadly we doubt that was the case. We think this is really what she believes and intends.

And that’s all kinds of disturbing.

Let’s walk through it.

That’s just to let you know it’s going to be grim. Buckle in.

Now, that’s not really true. Only the G of LGBT was ever criminal in Scotland, until 1980 (which alert students of arithmetic will note is now a not-inconsiderable 40 years ago). There was no law against being lesbian, bisexual – well, only the gay part of it – or transsexual.

(The word “transgender” didn’t even exist in 1980, and nobody had ever heard of the term “LGB”, let alone “LGBT” or “LGBTQ” or “LGBTQ+“, all of which are used at various points in the video because nobody can ever agree on what the most politically correct version is, with often-hilarious consequences such as the entirely genuine example below from the nightmarish hellworld that is modern Canada.)

But let’s carry on.

Woah there. This is a lie. Progress is in fact NOT “needed” in that area, because there is no sense in which transgender people are currently “unequal” in Scotland. Not a single law discriminates against them. There is not one solitary right which is possessed by everyone else in Scotland which transgender people lack.

Try asking any transactivist to name one – and we have, a thousand times – and you’ll get a lot of deflection, a lot of evasion and a lot of abuse, but no actual answers.

So we’re starting off with a completely spurious premise, a lie on top of a lie. There is simply no problem here which requires solving.

Now, this isn’t strictly a lie, but it IS extremely statistically misleading. Of course trans people suffer poorer health outcomes, because by definition being trans is a mental disorder, which means 100% of trans people already have a medical issue. It’s like saying people who are on fire have a higher average temperature relative to the wider population – it’s true because it’s baked right in to the statement.

(The traditional approach to people being too hot because they’re on fire is to try to cure the root problem by putting the fire out, not to cool them down by wafting them with a fan while they burn and telling them that they’re brave and stunning and not on fire.)

Added to that, anyone with a mental disorder tends to have poorer health in other ways too, for a variety of startlingly obvious reasons. But the First Minister isn’t of course proposing an increase to the mental health budget – which is currently dismally inadequate, particularly in terms of young people, where the problem of gender disorders is overwhelmingly located.

Instead she intends to solve the problem by simply forcing everyone else to adapt their reality to that of the mentally ill.

Whoops! That line clearly suggests that trans people and women are two separate groups, ie that transwomen can’t be women. The First Minister is a transphobe!

“Trauma” here translates to ”professional medical opinion”. The Scottish Government’s main proposal for “gender reform” is to completely remove the input of doctors from the process of changing legal sex – in other words, to indulge the delusions of the mentally ill in law without even attempting to diagnose that mental illness, let alone treat it. But we’ll come back to that bit in a minute.

This is perhaps the most blatant lie in the entire video, because it’s a literal impossibility. The Equality Act gives women the right, in certain circumstances, to male-free spaces. But if you allow people to self-identify as whatever sex they feel like, the words “male” and “female” cease to have any meaning and those rights can no longer be enforced even if they still technically exist in law.

You simply cannot have self-ID and maintain the rights of women under the Equality Act. They are wholly contradictory and the conflict between them intrinsically cannot be resolved. It’s one or the other, because with self-ID the entire concept of a “woman” as a category of human being materially distinct from a man is, in every practical and legal sense, abolished.

Readers may in passing wish to contrast the SNP’s prioritisation of this issue with its vague pledge to maybe possibly do something about independence at some point in the next few years, if it can be bothered and if the COVID crisis is over. Because apparently you can pass transgender legislation while a pandemic and/or its after-effects are going on, but not independence legislation.

But this is the really disturbing bit. Because what transactivists mean by “conversion therapy” is more commonly known as “watchful waiting”. The vast majority of young people who identify as trans will, if simply left alone, fairly swiftly desist and – in many cases – grow up as healthy, happy gay and lesbian people.

Only if there’s aggressive “affirmation” and chemical intervention – in the form of so-called “puberty blockers” which almost always lead to cross-sex hormones – will they be pushed onto a pathway of lifelong physical and mental damage, sterility, sexual dysfunction and medical dependency.

And quite coincidentally, vast profits for pharmaceutical companies.

Which we’re sure aren’t connected to anything.

In effect, then, unquestioning affirmation of trans conditions actually IS conversion therapy – it’s just that it’s anti-gay conversion therapy. This is in fact the reason why countries like Iran, where homosexuality is still a crime, actively pursue “transing” gay people as a solution.

Talking about outlawing “conversion therapy” against trans people is in reality just a cynical reversal of language, because what it means is the effective enforcement of conversion therapy against gays and lesbians. That’s what the Scottish Government now advocates and intends to legislate for.


But anyway.

Really doggedly stupid people sometimes still try to insist that this issue is somehow just a distraction on the path to independence, or something which can be addressed afterwards. But they couldn’t be more wrong. The forcing through of this ideology, against the wishes of the large majority of voters, is the fundamental core at the heart of the Scotland that Nicola Sturgeon – and therefore the SNP – want to create.

And because it doesn’t require independence, it’s something they plan to achieve long before they allow any future referendum to take place.

It’s a Scotland where, to put it bluntly, reality will be a hate crime – and one which will be actively and vigorously pursued and punished by the police. It’ll also be a fait accompli enshrined in law before it can be made an issue in any such referendum – voters will be given a rock-and-a-hard-place choice between this hyper-intolerant, authoritarian new Scotland or the UK status quo.

For many people that’ll be a far harder decision than the one offered in 2014, and with polls poised on a knife-edge it could well be the difference between winning and losing. Which is why – among many other reasons – this site will continue to do everything it can to fight it before it’s too late.

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    237 to “So tired of being lied to”

    1. Papko says:

      “While it has the character of a hostage video, with terrorists just off-camera pointing a gun at the unfortunate victim and forcing them to read out a pre-prepared text, sadly we doubt that was the case. We think this is really what she believes and intends.”

      My biggest concern is what will happen to Scottish politics after independence is kicked into the long grass for another 5 years.

    2. Lenny Hartley says:

      Wow, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    3. osakisushi says:

      I know you were kidding with the “hostage reading a script” comment but that’s exactly what I thought.

      Either that or it was knocked together to annoy WoS & Co and try provoke a reaction. Such as get Mr Salmond to discuss her fitness for the job publicly.

      I notice #IstandwithNicola was trending on Twitter. Does she really stand up to pee?

    4. MrRocknRoll says:

      Alba party needs to get some seats in Holyrood and stop this crazy bunch from destroying our country.

    5. John Martini says:

      The ethnics are fighting back. These people are forcing a practically religious orthodoxy on the msjority.

    6. John Jones says:

      Yet another attempt to stop us voting SNP.
      Getting more and more like she is doing her utmost to sabotage any chance of us getting Indy.
      How can anyone believe what they are doing can, in any way, be trying to get an SNP majority.
      It’s OK Nicla, I stopped voting SNP months ago,won’t be voting for them ever again until there is a giant clean out of all the troughers.
      Sorry if this will affect Alba, but hopefully we’ll still get them in.

    7. Jim Forsyth says:

      Still Sturgeon?

      Still SNP?

    8. PhilM says:

      @John Martini
      What exactly do you mean by that last comment? It reads quite cryptically and I’m not sure what you mean by ‘religious orthodoxy’ in this case.

    9. Monica Worley says:

      There’s also the TIE thing, educating our young people to believe this crap.

    10. somerled says:

      If this is what the SNP do in public, how much worse are the plans they discuss in private?

      Kill old people ?

      Lower age of consent?

      Jail all opponents?

      Porn in schools ?

      Control all media?

      Its already happening

      Whether its in a devolved government or an independent one, the SNP are dangerous to women, children and men who don’t agree with them.

      Its a Cult with a mad leader but some people will continue to vote for them because they are brainwashed and can’t see it or refuse to admit it to themselves.

      Vote SNP1 if you dare but don’t complain later.

    11. Stephen says:

      Sturgeon is not backing down but is pushing this Trans agenda.
      When Sturgeon says that she uses these two pronouns most people will just laugh.
      She wants to outlaw free speech and criminalise any reasoned debate which calls into question her ethics.
      She is forcing all this on our children through the education system.

      There is no way on earth that a majority of Scots will vote for independence if it means being governed by Sturgeon’s SNP.

    12. Alastair Naughton says:

      Thank **** for the voice of SANITY of Wings Over Scotland! Keep up your INVALUABLE work, Stuart!!!

    13. Are there any transpeople out there that can comment on what is happening,

      maybe Stu would be willing to let a transgender write a post (incognito if required) explaining their own side of this story,

      so much commentary about the trans issue but very little from actual trans people.

    14. SilverDarling says:

      She needs an intervention. This is all becoming quite disturbing.

    15. Captain Yossarian says:

      ‘There is simply no problem here which requires solving.’ The SNP fandango continues.

    16. Geoff Anderson says:

      I’m going to be sick!

      The Government is going to force language and behaviours on 99.5% of the population to please 0.5%

      Will we be forced to chant our pronouns before entering a room?
      Must I inform all of my religious beliefs.
      When I write an email should I list my skin colour, disabilities, religion, sexual preference, wealth, weight, height etc etc
      It appears that people need to know!

      Must I check daily that Brian is still Brian. His pronouns may have slipped overnight.
      Will gender tags replace name tags.
      Has the World gone fuckin’ mad?

    17. Alastair Naughton says:

      Is she actually a mole of the British State? Does she actually want to utterly disgust people SO MUCH with the politics churned out by the Scottish Government that the electorate will be able to stomach it no more and actually vote for the reintroduction of direct rule? Remember David Davis was the voice of reason in the Salmond trial!!! But I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a reason for the reintroduction of London rule. Others might see it differently however!

    18. I wonder, is Nicola a trans woman? Is Peter, a trans man? Who knows. The majority of the electorate haven’t got a clue and if you question these laws – you’re transphobic.

    19. Wendy says:

      Sturgeon must be getting paid by Big Pharma to spout this garbage. She’s so wrong in every way. The T in LGB(T) is so wrong, these people do not belong with the rest of us who know which sex we are, and know who we want to have sex with.

    20. Molly's Mum says:

      I believe in 1921 the Government at the time considered legislating against lesbianism but decided against it, thinking that it might encourage women to try it out (and they might enjoy it – shock horror). They also thought that only a very small percentage of women were in lesbian relationships and so legislation banning it was likely to increase it rather than control it.

      It was also thought at the time (by men of course) that women tended to be generally more affectionate to each other, holding hands, kissing each other etc, stuff that butch men wouldn’t do with their manly acquaintences , and so spotting lesbian behaviour vis a vis the usual woman-ey stuff women did in same sex company might be difficult to prove and they might end up embarrassing themselves if they arrested them and took them to court. Hence being a lesbian has never been against the law in the UK like male homosexuality was.

      Of course if Mammy Nicola gets her way, lesbians, gay men and heterosexuals will soon be outlawed and only those of the “Stunning and Brave” persuasion will be permitted to have a sex life. Obviously not stunning and brave enough to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria but hey, who needs it when you have a baseball bat to signify you are still in touch with your manly side ?

    21. Labour 4 Indy says:

      Thank God I don’t need to Vote SNP.

    22. John Martini says:


      They are implementing the new world religion of humanity as espoused by auguste comte.

      Look at the american humanists attack on richard dawkins. This is the politicisation of science.

    23. Sharny Dubs says:

      They must have a think tank trying to come out with something even more unpalatable.

      Then it’s “f*#k they swallowed that, now we can get really freaky”

    24. Shocked says:

      Throwing red meat to the trans lobby she’s been courting for years. The only reason Nicola Sturgeon has suddenly become so pro trans (or whatever else they want to be called) is because they have a massive online standing army who can be utilised to sell the New SNP message and promote the liar in chief Sturgeon on social media. The most progressive politician in the world must be promoted so she can move onto bigger and better things at the UN and elsewhere.

      Nicola has officially tired of us boring old nationalists and found new more exciting friends to play with. Most of us can see it and indeed would like nothing more than to see her rotting in jail but unfortunately there are some of her victims who are so far gone I doubt they will ever see the light. “SNP1” they howl at the moon, “I’m holding my nose at the polling station so Queen Nicola will be held to account”, “I’m giving her one last chance”… it’s like a broken record.

      So when we get our SNP/Green majority and Eck is left on the sidelines who will these people blame? I’ll be blaming them.

    25. Margaret Lindsay says:

      I’m really, really sick of her. She’s obsessed with so called inequality for one group, trans, while they fecked over disabled people. Where is the new, fairer PIP Nicola? Also this bullshit I keep hearing about trans people somehow being treated unfairly ‘re NHS treatments.
      Come to my fucking door Nicola. My son passed from suicide six months after being referred for talking therapy ( pstd). He still hadn’t had an appointment. 19 years later almost, and nothing has improved.
      13 years after an injury at work try going to a “pain clinic lecture” as part of your treatment, when you’ll be told this is the last stop, no more investigations, nothing. Then bloody tell me how poorly done by the poor trans people are.
      Sorry for the rant Stu.

    26. Shiregirl says:

      This is scary. I can’t bring myself to vote for a party that although I have voted for and contributed to for many years, wants to ban custard but hand out puberty blockers to children. As a health professional and voter, I say no effin’ way.

      First vote spoiled.
      Second vote Alba.

    27. Captain Yossarian says:

      There are 1 in 4 Scots kids growing-up in poverty. In Govanhill, that figure will be even higher.

      The last I heard there were 17No trans people in the country. I’m sure that figure will be considerably higher by now.

    28. Breeks says:

      Why is she standing in front of a Saltire while pumping out this shite?

    29. Mist001 says:

      What’s the common phrase that I’m reading a lot recently on this board?

      Oh yes, ‘Hold my nose and vote SNP1’.

      If anyone does, then they ARE complicit in this and they condone it.

      I’ve said many times, the only way the SNP will change is when they’re out of power, so don’t fucking vote for them. Don’t vote for any of the parties on the constituency paper.

      Alba2 on the list vote though.

    30. James Che. says:

      If anyone cares to check, you will see that this gender issue is being promoted in Canada, Australia and around the globe,
      What we need to know is who is doing lobbying behind the scenes to bring these same agendas into Scotland, and at the same time if any money passes hands, or which think tanks are at the back of our governments pushing this forward and who is head of those think tanks and what connections they have to other countries think tanks,
      There will be a link that’s for sure,

    31. Kcor says:

      Ruby/Mia/AYRSHIRE ROB/Al-Stuart/Breeks Sturgeonist brigade says (Then your children will be next):
      19 April, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      “It’s very difficult to know exactly what you are voting for.”

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says,

      “This is perhaps the most blatant lie in the entire video, because it’s a literal impossibility. The Equality Act gives women the right, in certain circumstances, to male-free spaces. You simply cannot have self-ID and maintain the rights of women under the Equality Act.”

      “Readers may in passing wish to contrast the SNP’s prioritisation of this issue with its vague pledge to maybe possibly do something about independence at some point in the next few years, if it can be bothered and if the COVID crisis is over.”

      That is exactly what you are voting for and you know exactly what you are voting for.

    32. Stu says:

      Do they make straightjackets in her/she favourite red?. Asking for a nation.

    33. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Shiregirl @ 6.19 pm

      If you’re in my shire (only one I know)then Chic Brodie might be an alternative to replace -spoiling.

      I was spoil too but looking at Chic as he’s well in for independence and EFTA route so maybe ok for us?

    34. Caroline Macintyre says:

      A look at the TIE Campaign that already has a grip on our schools needs exposing.

    35. Liz says:

      She’s part of the new world order. She doesn’t give a fuck about Scotland or the people.

      She must know what she is spouting is lies, the evidence is everywhere.

      We know she employs psychologists as part of her Covid team, she is using the term conversion therapy against those who are calling for the opposite.

      She is a dangerous woman who will destroy our country.

    36. John Main says:

      To be fair to NS, I am guessing that the highly paid focus groups see this as a “hot ticket” item for the 16 YO voters.

      Mature adults don’t change their habits much. With an overwhelming SNP majority among the voters the last time around, the new voters are the one who have to be won over. I am guessing that the focus groups advise that Scottish Independence is not currently of much interest to the new voters.

      Did anybody ever stand up and say giving the vote to children was a daft thing to do? Maybe there should have been some push back. Too late now.

      In four years time, genderwoowoo will be so yesterday and some new idea will have to be found to reel in the new voters of that time.

    37. Cenchos says:

      It is slightly disturbing when Boris Johnson starts using words like ‘legislative bomb’ even in relation to football.

    38. Gman1424 says:

      These days Nicola reminds me more and more of Thatcher. Like Thatcher, Nicola is never wrong, never admits failure or mistakes and absolutely is “never for turning” and it’s funny, because I’ve grown to hate Sturgeon, almost as much as I did with Thatcher and when one thinks about it, that’s some achievement indeed.

    39. Aunty Flo says:

      I think we can do better, i.e. be more inclusive than, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario!


      (Lesbian, Gay, Gender fluid, Gender neutral, Gerontophile, Bi-sexual, BDSM, Bestiality, Transgender, Transsexual, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Paedophile, Pederast, Queer, Intersex, Involuntary celibate, Incest, Men going their own way, Non-binary, Necrophilia, Asexual, Auto-sexual, Adult baby diaper lover, Celibate, Cross-dresser, Dyke, Dogging, Drag queen, Wife-swapping, Straight (oops, nearly forgot that one!), + anything else).

    40. Captain Yossarian says:

      Stu says: “Do they make straightjackets in her/she favourite red?. Asking for a nation”. The best, most incisive comment of the month of April in WoS in my opinion. Well done Stu.

    41. Kcor says:

      John Jones says,

      “Sorry if this will affect Alba, but hopefully we’ll still get them in.”

      It is a lie being spread by the Sturgeonist brigade that you have to vote SNP to maximise ALBA’s chances.

      Who you vote for in the constituency does not affect ALBA’s chances:

      Paul Cockshott says,

      “There is a misaprehension that failure to vote SNP 1 will affect the number of Alba seats. It will not. The number of Alba seats depends only on the percentage of votes Alba gets on the list. Failure to vote SNP 1 just alters the number of SNP Tory or Labour constituency seats. If Sturgeon loses to Sarwar then that does not affect Albas number of seats, provided Alba gets some 6% or more on the list. If the divisor for the SNP falls by 1 that for Labour rises by 1 in compensation. The voting system is cleverly designed to give proportionality i n a way that is independent of which parties win in the constituencies.”

      ‘crazycat’ has also posted something similar.

    42. somerled says:

      Does anyone know why the Alba party dont stand in the Constituency & take on the SNP direct?

      What has happened to Kenny Macaskill who seems unusually quiet?

      Why hasnt Joanna Cherry & Joan McAlpine moved to Alba yet?

    43. Lorna Campbell says:

      “… Really doggedly stupid people sometimes still try to insist that this issue is somehow just a distraction on the path to independence, or something which can be addressed afterwards. But they couldn’t be more wrong. The forcing through of this ideology, against the wishes of the large majority of voters, is the fundamental core at the heart of the Scotland that Nicola Sturgeon – and therefore the SNP – want to create… ”

      Thank you, sir, for highlighting this. You, with others, are the real heroes of Scotland: the ones willing to take the fight to the enemy. I have long ago given up trying to get through to some people that this can’t wait until independence.

      It will be a complete turning on its head everything that our society and the Western world has known for the past 75-100 years, at least: democracy; the rule of law; and tolerance. We are descending into fascism/totalitarianism. They call it ‘equality’. The irony.

      This, I believe is the next phase in predatory capitalism, and it is intended by some that our children should be the ones experimented upon in order to do two things simultaneously: 1. to provide a source of profit for Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Law (and others) for a long time to come; 2. to provide the means by which some men will live out their pornography in public, by coercion, and, to that end, they are being helped by people of influence and power.

      There simply is no other way this stuff has become so powerful and so widespread in such a short time. I know it sounds mad, but we are living through an age of such profound madness that even reality is being denied. Two things are certain: someone is making a killing profit; and someone in power and with influence is driving this stuff.

      The foot soldiers, the trans warriors, will get the crumbs, but, I suppose when you get your rocks off pretending that you are a downtrodden women being coerced or an adult baby sh*****g into a nappy, then your options in the real world are necessarily limited.

      I have listened to many genuine trans women speak, and not one supported this stuff – not one. Some of them are also of the opinion that the most hidden sexual fetishes (by both gay and heterosexual males, mainly) are being encouraged out of the woodwork by this stuff.

      Now, so long as someone’s private fetishes do not impinge on or hurt others, that’s fine, but women, children, lesbian women and even gay men and heterosexual men are all under threat from this, as choice of sexual partner is being deliberately limited to those of whom the trans lobby approves. Our basic human rights are at stake.

      No one with two brain cells to rub together could even imagine that women’s rights or children’s rights are safe, so Nicola Sturgeon knows perfectly well what she is doing and saying because she is not stupid.

      She tells women in that video that they are dispensable, that the rights of what appears on the surface to be a handful of body dysphoric people is actually the enforced sexual rights of a tsunami of sexual perversions and fetishes, with probably hundreds of thousands wanting access to women’s spaces and rights.

      What has she been promised to push this stuff through? I refuse to believe that it is for other than personal gain. No woman worth the name could possibly do this to her own sex unless she is a sadist or a sociopath, or both. Or, as is usually the case with the worst of the political opportunists, she is likely to gain some financial reward or lucrative sinecure on leaving politics.

    44. Kcor says:

      Liz says,

      “She is a dangerous woman who will destroy our country.”

      She has already corrupted and criminalised all the organs of the state.

      Vote Labour 1 / ALBA 2 in the Glasgow Southside constituency and get her out.

      Ignore the Ruby/Mia/AYRSHIRE ROB/Al-Stuart/Breeks/Famous15 Sturgeonist brigade.

    45. Republicofscotland says:

      If I were a woman I definitely be voting for the ALBA party, it looks like under Sturgeon the SNP/Government are hellbent on railroading self-Id, which will undoubtebly lead to encroachment on women and girls private spaces, ie toilets, gyms, changing rooms etc by big fat lecherous bearded blokes in dresses professing to be a woman to gain access to these spaces for dubious reasons.

      This doesn’t take into account of huge amount of young folk who will have had their lives destroyed and require physical and mental health treatment because Sturgeon will make it extremely easy for them to acquire all sorts of hormones and puberty blockers.

      Even after Sturgeon has gone (sooner than later I hope) the cost to the taxpayers to support the folk who have taken the hormones and the puberty blockers due to easier access to them, then they’ve realised it was a huge mistake will be humongous.

      But in the short term, my heart go out to women folk who’ll now suffer. Lets remove the SNP’s back up party the Greens and maybe we can slow down or even stop any more of this Sturgeon madness.

      Vote ALBA.

    46. Lenny Hartley says:

      John jones, its Sturgeon you need to take to task, dont shoot the messenger!

    47. Liz says:

      @breeks the flag is part of her propaganda agenda.

      A massive saltire like she’s at the forefront of a revolution.

      Note the absense of flags during her Covid sermon from the mount

    48. somerled says:

      Lorna Campbell -Your post is one of the best i have read on this subject, any relation to Stu?

      People should search videos on Bitchute or Brand New Tube on this subject. Its too much of a coincidence that its happening around the world at same time, with mostly left wing governments and supported by big tech censorship, with BBC & other MSM help. Plus encouraged in schools and universities. I’m of the opinion only US government agencies have that worldwide power with help from others. The one thing every organisation, government, university, business and individuals have in common is MONEY. They need money to survive, they want money for political and personal gain. Money corrupts. Money is Power. Who controls the money controls the agenda?

    49. holymacmoses says:

      This has been done in order to goad people into writing ‘inappropriately’ .

      Sturgeon is between a rock and a hard place .

      She needs to defeat Mr Salmond and she is finding that increasingly difficult . She hopes that this strategy will achieve one of two things.

      (a) make Mr Salmond’s supporters appear to be antii-transgender and aggressive – and of course she may try to get this place closed down with such accusations.

      (b) Lose enough seats so that she doesn’t have to have a head-on clash with Mr Salmond on a regular basis at Holyrood.

      Both are, of course, delaying tactics for a referendum

      One should remember Murrell’s strategy of ‘fronts to fight on’

      She’s lost the women as targets against bullying and discrimination and has taken the transgender lobby as her ’cause’ to show how ‘caring’ she is.

      It’s my belief that Nicola Sturgeon cares about no-one but herself and the transgender folk had best be ready to be dropped like a hot potato , just like the women-folk, as soon as it suits her purpose.

    50. Cenchos says:

      Aunty Flo 6.44pm

      I find your post displays unspeakable levels of pro-acronym bias.

      As a self-identifying acronym allergy sufferer, I find your post exclusionary.

      I need my calamine lotion now.

    51. MorvenM says:

      Well, I’ve sent in my postal vote. One spoiled ballot paper and a vote for Alba on the list. Although I understand the rationale behind SNP 1 and Alba 2, I just cannot bring myself to vote for this disingenuous shite and will never vote SNP again as long as this charlatan is in charge.

      Margaret Lindsay at 6.18 pm – I don’t think you need to apologise to anybody. Your anger is fully justified.

    52. A wiman says:

      She talks about trauma….

      What about the trauma suffered by women and girls due to sexual assault, incest and rape? These women and girls will soon have to encounter the ‘female penis’ in gym changing rooms, shelters and rape crisis centres shelters.

      Women will be compelled to see naked males that they don’t consent to seeing. This is abuse. State sanctioned abuse.

      This trauma of sexual assualt and abuse was documented by MANY women in the last GRA consultation, the results of which, ScotGov have not released.

      They do not care about women and girls.

      That much is stark, clear, horryfying.

    53. Gordon says:

      Absolutely no chance of Voting for the SNP, I don’t care which number they are.

    54. Tannadice Boy says:

      Good post another withering analysis of the mind-set of the SNP leadership. She her etc. I don’t get it and don’t want to. The bit I hope is wrong is that the Police will “actively, vigorously pursue and punish”. Really?. Not the message I am getting from my brother or sister. They are in Police service now. It’s the leadership of Police Scotland not the rank and file officers that are supporting this nonsense. What was it Kevin McKenna said, I paraphrase.. Sturgeons private army. There is hope but you have to look for it. No organisation can survive without the buy in from the front line.

    55. Allium says:

      She’s awful. I still think shes a true believer though. Yes, the genderwoo people are her strongest base in the SNP now, and also influential among her advisers and in her circle of friends, but that isn’t why she goes so hard on this. She really, really means it all. She’s a moron over it. The fact that it enables her to avoid the economy or independence is just a bonus. She really believes in Yogyakarta and dreams of this stuff night and day. Its her true passion.

      I wish someone would ask her what her gender identity is, and how shes knows, just for the lols.

    56. holymacmoses says:

      I wish someone would ask her what her gender identity is, and how shes knows, just for the lols.

      she tells you at the beginning

    57. Frank Gillougley says:

      Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

    58. Allium says:

      No, she doesn’t. She gives the pronoun guff, thats all.

    59. Daisy Walker says:

      You pointed out this issue, what 4,5 years ago, and you warned then, that it had the potential to be weaponised at a crucial election time, rendering the party unelectable.

      You must get a bit fed up being correct so often;)

      I think its the SNP internal policy of a ‘self destruct botton’ should they run out of excuses for not pursuing Indy.

      But she’s quids in isn’t she – spouting this crap, will get her (if not already) the backing of big pharma, and ruining the credibility and electability of the SNP, gets her the gold star from the British Establishment.

      Here’s something folks can do, if you know any cops, with any level of experience, ask them, how many instances of Transphobia motivated hate crime – violence or breach of the peace have they dealt with in their entire careers?

      And then ask them how many domestic abuse cases they’ve dealt with – 99% of which the victim is female.

      Bet they cannot give you an answer to this, its so common, at least 1 per set of shifts – each cop that is, not just shared out amongst the rest of the team.

      Or racially motivated hate crime – not too much of that, I’m glad to say, but they will have dealt with a few cases.

      I know of a cop, retired last year, did 25 years, all of it on the beat, not once, did they get called out to an incident motivated by Transphobia.

      But here’s the thing. Police Scotland will, or should be, recording this on any crime of say assault, murder, sexual assault, or breach of the peace – as A Hate Crime Aggravator.

      They will have the statistics to back up this terrible crime wave – against poor trangender persons.

      And I’ll give anyone who asks them a packet of chocolate biscuits that the answer – statistically speaking – is BUGGER ALL.

    60. robertknight says:

      Hi there, I’m Nicola Sturgeon and my chosen subjects are bullshit and more bullshit.

      Vote for me!

    61. Daisy Walker says:

      Breeks says:
      20 April, 2021 at 6:27 pm

      Why is she standing in front of a Saltire while pumping out this shite?

      Because Alba have adopted the Saltire as part of their logo – she’s attempting to tarnish them with her policies, and because it was cheap, and the SNP’s a bit stuck for cash at the moment…. for some reason….

    62. Mia says:

      This woman is a political fraud. She is deliberately attempting to drive voters away from the SNP, I don’t think you can interpret that farce of a “speech” (which is really reading a script that somebody else wrote and put in front of her) in any other way. Having the Saltire behind when this fraud never bother with it before, is adding insult to the injury. This speech is designed to provoke anger, so I wonder if she has been instructed to do the dirty work for the British state of kiboshing the pro indy supermajority by losing seats to neutralise the winning of seats by ALBA. In fact I am convinced this is what she is doing.

      I could not appreciate it so much in the video, but the pictures Stu included in the article tell a story of their own. She doesn’t look like a happy person that is delivering her own speech. She looks like the useful idiot of the day who has been put behind a lectern to look respectable while she reads a script she does not believe a word of without even bothering in pretending she is not reading a script, perhaps because what she is reading out is so alien to her that she fears she may forget chunks of the script.

      Her eyes look cold, empty. Her lips tight. Her body tense. Her hands in a forced posture. Her face sends just one message: total exhaustion. This woman has no juice left in the tank.

      In some of those pictures she looks like she is about to fall sleep standing while reading that script. In others looks like she is about to burst into tears. I think she is begging to be ejected from the seat. I don’t think we should let her get away with it. I think she should be forced to face her demons in Holyrood and to suffer the consequences of her nasty actions for the past 5 years.

      She is finished. She knows she is finished. Those pictures say it loud and clear. Her reading of the script says it loud and clear. Her face says it loud and clear. Her body language says it loud and clear.

      After failing spectacularly to stop Mr Salmond coming back to politics despite throwing buckets of our cash to the enterprise, after failing to totally disenfranchise yes voters despite working at it for 6 years, after failing to remove independence from our priorities despite attacking yes supporters for wanting to go faster, she has only one thing left to do: to kibosh her own party to stop the supermajority and to eject herself from the seat to avoid the humiliation of facing her nemesis in Parliament. It is all downhill from here. Don’t let her take the easy way out.

    63. Heaver says:

      If we don’t vote SNP 1, we don’t get any ALBA. That’s what she’s trying to do here. Don’t fall for it.

      SNP 1, ALBA 2.

      She’s in a shit ton of trouble. Also, no law is irreversible.

      Also, this weird video of hers can be interpreted as part of her CV for future employment elsewhere. She’s preparing for what is imminent.

    64. Andy Ellis says:

      I can’t be the only one who finds it passing strange that not one journalist has ever collared Sturgeon and forensically quizzed her on her gender woo obsession. She’s given a free pass.

      Why is that do you think?

      Is there not one journalist in Scotland who is prepared to ask her these questions? Is it lack of courage…?
      Ferocious media management by her handlers at the SNP ?

    65. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lorna Campbell (6.49), and others –

      The logical terminus is that these emboldened perverts will demand to be able to fuck whoever they take a fancy to, and if the object of their desire declines they’ll be guilty of ‘offending’ the aggressor.

      It’s diabolical, in all senses of the word.

    66. Cringe says:

      Is a bloke trans if he wears killer heels? Asking for Eric Geddes and Angus Robertson.

    67. Mist001 says:

      If any reporter asks Mrs. Murrell a question that she doesn’t like, then that reporter is not invited to ask any more questions in the future.

    68. Prasad says:

      ‘Monica Worley says:
      20 April, 2021 at 5:47 pm
      There’s also the TIE thing, educating our young people to believe this crap.’

      Yes!! TIE who came up with sex dice game for kids, FFS.
      And the SNP want to make TIE compulsory sex education without parental knowledge or consent.
      This is now a religion. Not like a religion, an actual religion and Sturgeon is a high priest.

    69. Peekay says:

      I for one am looking forward to self-id’ing as a woman. Means, even though I’m a hairy-arsed 44yo Weegie male, I can attempt to get into all sorts of women-only places. If I’m stopped then it’s off to court I go with a gender discrimination case. Could be a nice little earner!

    70. Mungo Armstrong says:

      I don’t get the Big Parma idea. Surely there’s not much profit to be had with these drugs? The potential number of people that would be prescribed them would be minuscule would it not? Seems an awful lot of bother for not a lot of sales?

    71. John D says:

      ‘Brothers , Sisters, we don’t need that fascist grove thing ‘ Always liked that line . Was just on Radio 6. Pardon the interruption.

    72. Wee Willie says:

      An excellent article Rev,yet there are many who contribute to this site who will still vote for this poisonous woman,and her party. After article after article spelling it out for them they will still give Sturgeon another term of office.

    73. @Andy Ellis,

      `Is there not one journalist in Scotland ..`


      Stu has settled for now amongst the Angles and Saxons in Anglelandshire.

    74. Daisy Walker says:

      Have a wee look at this folks, and see if you can see the One HUGE Issue, an ISSUE so HUGE that the First Minister of Scotland has to do a whole PPB about it and threaten to change laws to tackle it, the One HUGE ISSUE that isn’t even MENTIONED, that’s how much it doesn’t exist.

      It’s scarcer than ovaries in a transgender ‘woman’…

      Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2019-20
      Published: 29 Sep 2020 09:40

      Part of:
      Law and order

      A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

      Scotland’s Chief Statistician has released Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2019-20 statistics.

      The main findings include:

      between 2018-19 and 2019-20, crimes recorded by the police in Scotland remained almost unchanged, increasing by less than 1% from 246,480 to 246,516. The recording of crime remains at one of the lowest levels seen since 1974

      the 2019-20 figures include 1,681 new crimes recorded under the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018, following its enactment on 1 April 2019.

      A further 107 new crimes were recorded towards the end of 2019-20 under the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulation 2020

      non-sexual crimes of violence increased by 16%, from 8,008 to 9,316. This increase is due to the recording of 1,681 new crimes under the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018, following its enactment on 1 April 2019. All other non-sexual crimes of violence collectively decreased by 5%

      sexual crimes decreased by 1% from 13,547 to 13,364. This is the first year since 2008-09 where sexual crimes haven’t increased, though these crimes remain at the second highest level seen since 1971, the first year for which comparable groups are available

      crimes of dishonesty decreased by 3%, from 114,506 to 111,409. The recording of these crimes is at the lowest level seen since 1971

      fire-raising, vandalism etc. decreased by 1% from 47,997 to 47,731. The recording of these crimes is at the lowest level seen since 1976

      other crimes increased by 3% from 62,422 to 64,589. Most of these crimes relate to drug possession, crimes against public justice or handling offensive weapons

      In addition to the National Statistics on police recorded crimes and offences, this bulletin also presents Official Statistics on crimes and offences cleared up by the police in 2019-20. Between 2018-19 and 2019-20 the clear up rate increased by 0.6 percentage points (based on unrounded figures), from 51.0% to 51.5%.

      Other crimes (90.0%), Non-sexual crimes of violence (71.7%) and sexual crime (56.3%) had higher clear up rates than crimes of dishonesty (37.1%) and fire-raising, vandalism etc. (26.6%).

    75. Labour 4 Indy says:

      Is she actually trying to persuade me to vote for her?

    76. Ruby says:

      I don’t know what Sturgeon means by transgender.

      I do know a very little about ‘gender dysphoria’ because I’ve read a couple of articles & listen to a couple of you tube videos. It sounds horrible and people with ‘gender dysphoria’ have my sympathy. I expect I’m in the majority and perhaps even know more than most.

      If I were a person suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ and I was told I could just self-id I would feel I was being fobbed off. It would be like going to the doctor saying you had pains in your chest and being told you should just self-diagnose.

      I can’t see self diagnosing helping people with ‘gender dysphoria’ however it will be fantastic for rapists, peeping toms, flashers, prisoners, athletes, politicians, abusive husbands & anyone who basically just wants to take the piss.

      These are the transgenders most people have a problem with.

    77. Daisy Walker says:

      @ ‘ Mungo Armstrong says:
      20 April, 2021 at 7:40 pm

      I don’t get the Big Parma idea. Surely there’s not much profit to be had with these drugs? The potential number of people that would be prescribed them would be minuscule would it not? Seems an awful lot of bother for not a lot of sales?’

      You ask a really valid question, but here’s the thing, one of the really big pharma drugs sales – HRT, stopped almost overnight – when it was definitively tied into breast cancer. That was approximately 2002?

      Big sales loss.

      It costs about 25,000 for a man to get the surgery to ‘become’ a female. (I’m doing this from memory – so I’m pretty sure that figure is in dollars).

      Thereafter they need HRT for the rest of their lives, 10 years worth costs in the region of 800,000 (again, think its dollars).

      For the children being provided puberty blockers (and I’m not sure if this was for an initial treatment or 7/8 years worth, I suspect the former) they were looking to charge in the region of £44,000. And this time it was £’s not dollars.

      It really is big bucks.

    78. Eugene Henderson says:

      Ask your local MSP if they would vote in favour of Sturgeon’s crackpot policies.

    79. Gone right handed says:

      Hey guys I’m awaiting moderation. Is that some kind of honour?

    80. Elizabeth Hagan says:

      The phrase “The Lunatics are Running the Asylum” or at least the SNP springs to mind. It beggars belief. We could be more like Royalty and just refer to our-self as “one” ect ect since we are all of the human race. Please people vote for anyone rather than the SNP.

    81. Alf Baird says:

      Apparently, towards regime endgame all tyrannical dictators start waffling a right pile of crap as the pressure and expectancy of ultimate failure envelopes them; sycophants say nothing as the ire of the leader is at its most venomous during this period, plus they ken the end is near anyway and a new leadership inevitable.

      Haud yer nebs fowks – SNP1/ALBA2

      #Supermajority = negotiate independence

    82. Jim Forsyth says:

      It’s quite an easy decision to make, I wouldn’t touch the SNP even if the paid me.

    83. JSC says:

      I was driving down Byres Road in Glasgow yesterday, and whilst in motion I saw a trans person walking down the pavement about 30 feet ahead of me, also facing down the street.

      From that distance how did I know they were trans then, I hear you ask?

      Well, because they were wearing a dayglo yellow jacket from a building site, with the giant words written on the back “TRANS” and below it “GENDER”. They also had a giant rainbow-striped bag.

      After reading this article by Stu, this hit home. It’s 100% a mental illness, mixed in with narcissism, good old look-at-me attention seeking, and perhaps having no-one brave enough to ever give them a shake and tell them to get a grip. The fact they could walk down the pavement (pretty much the whole street where I saw them again later) also shows that they can do this unmolested in Scotland (or elsewhere in the Western/developed world).

      So, to return to Stu’s point….what don’t trans people have in terms or right or opportunities that other people have? Do they accept that some of the odd looks & questions they get from a minority might just be a result of their own ATTENTION SEEKING?

    84. Robert Louis says:

      If somebody tells you their pronouns, they should be ignored. It is the clearest sign that somebody is, quite frankly, nuts.

      I simply cannot fathom why the SNP is so very vigorously pursuing this utter nonsense. Anyway, I’ll vote SNP on the constituency and ALBA on the list (second vote). If I don’t vote SNP on the first vote, it could hinder ALB’a chances on the second vote.

      I do think, however, this will be my last vote for the SNP in any election. To me they are finished. Alba is the pro indy future. And YES, it really is Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

    85. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Peter A. Bell has resigned from the SNP.

    86. somerled says:

      Andy Ellis – you may have a point about journalists not asking her about this.

      One thing we know or suspect about Sturgeon is that she has a super injunction preventing media from discussing something personal about her. Maybe the two are connected?

      Call it a conspiracy theory if you want but many people believe Michelle Obama is a transwoman and there are videos which seem to show a penis bulge in her clothes. There are similar claims about Jacinda Ardern. I don’t know if these are true but why not? I do believe Barack is gay and seen testimony from a former boyfriend.

      Could this be Sturgeons big secret ? Has anyone ever investigated her childhood, past relationships, etc ?

    87. Captain Yossarian says:

      “Economics Professor at Edinburgh Napier University Piotr Jaworski cast a shadow over the SNP’s plan to achieve independence, as he claimed it will almost definitely lead the country to bankruptcy”.

      …or maybe she should spend some time listening to Professor Jaworski and I don’t think he’s the only one saying this at the moment.

    88. Ian says:

      It’s hard to believe that SNP members aren’t leaving in droves. Maybe they are, in which case where does/will the SNP get their financing from. Follow the money seems very appropriate with this stuff being centre stage two weeks before an election.

    89. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Robert Louis at 8:11 pm.

      You typed,
      “If somebody tells you their pronouns, they should be ignored. It is the clearest sign that somebody is, quite frankly, nuts.”

      When I was still in the SNP, I voted on the rankings for candidates for the regional list. I didn’t vote at all for two of them. One claims on Twitter that he enters female toilets, dressed as a woman, and the other has “pronouns: she/her” on her Twitter bio.

      I’ve never, ever, referred to “her” as any other pronoun so don’t see the need for a reminder.

    90. Anne says:

      I can make no sense of it. Except that this is entirely self-referential in the sense that it’s aimed at keeping on board party apparatchiks who might try to oust her otherwise. The entire group of elected representatives are in the grip of this madness.

      No videos about poverty, domestic violence, racisim, big business etc. far less independence. No proposals for any meaningful changes that could benefit the people of Scotland have beem proposed. As for closing the attainment gap as if it will close all by itself or by chucking money into schools alone – don’t make me laugh. I now hate this party.

      I can’t vote SNP. That’s behind me. Alba on the list and no-one for the constituency, even though I know that this might lead to SNP taking the list seats. I just can’t do it.

    91. Andrea says:

      “I am still voting SNP1” (Cit.)

    92. Lindy says:

      Maybe there is another explanation for her behaviour, apart from the fact she is bat shit crazy, her strategy may be to put more voters off, and reduce SNP constituency votes, so that they take more list seats.
      This will not only mean ALBA gain less seats, it will ensure her hand picked woky candidates like Emma Roddick, Stefan Hoggan Radu and Graham Campbell get seats.

    93. Stephen says:

      @somerled 8.13
      What a lot of tosh

    94. Stuart says:

      Alf Baird, you along with alot of others here don’t do irony or in fact history!

      To vote for a party any party is to COLLABORATE with that party, no matter your mental gymnastics in saying otherwise.

      When she’s re-elected as FM you do realise don’t you that she will claim she has a mandate for all this and much more to come shite don’t you…. don’t you?

      I note not one of your “collaborators for evil” lowered yourselves to answer my questions (all of which were reasonable and in my view have been hinted at by he host of this site, at least some of them) And still its all the fault of the evil Britain, she’s a mole etc. Seriously give your heads a wobble!

      I acknowledge you live in a “post truth” fantasy but the Internet doesn’t forget “collaboraters” and that is what you are….prepared to put your gamble on Independance before the safety of woman and children. Be proud lol

    95. Rev

      I notice two typos – both are the wrong quote mark:

      1) closing quote mark in let alone “LGBT” or “LGBTQ” or “LGBTQ+“
      2) opening quote mark in ”professional medical opinion”

      On conversion therapy – I assumed she meant a priest trying to convert gay to straight, is that not what it is? If not, what’s trans conversion therapy and is that religious-based too?

    96. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Wildly off topic but picked this up from Twitter.

      Glaswegians should be pricking up their virtual ears.

      A quote from the link below –

      “The news that Glasgow Life has decided that Maryhill’s 116 year old, B-listed, purpose-built, Carnegie-funded library should cease to be a library is as infuriating as it was inevitable.”

      If it was funded by Andrew Carnegie, it should be listed as an asset of the Glasgow Common Good Fund. As such, the council can’t just dispose of it willy-nilly.

      It has to be decided at the Sheriff Court.

      Andy Wightman is the expert on “Common Good”. If he’s reading, it could be worth looking into.

    97. John Jones says:

      Lenny Hartley says
      we’re needing to be shot the lot of them. she’s not alone in forcing all this rubbisn.
      My gran always said if you fly with the craws you get shot wi the craws.
      So as far as I’m concerned there are no good guys, all tarred with the same brush.

    98. Pogrom69 says:

      I’m beginning the wonder which will be the more difficult battle: wresting back Scotland from the grips of the British Empire or taking back control from the lunatic on-another-planet SNP leadership. Perhaps they’re both one and the same.

    99. Andy Ellis says:

      @somerled 8.13 pm

      Irrespective of any alleged super injunctions or “Ugandan affairs” though, wouldn’t it be a huge scoop for some reporter to skewer her about the kind of things in Stu’s OP? I mean she’s obviously never going to be interviewed by Stu or respond to him, but imagine someone like Mandy Rhodes, or Kevin McKenna or even Iain MacWhirter doing an in depth grilling focusing specifically on the gender woo issues, the obsession with self-ID, GRA and her instant and knee jerk defence of the Twitler Youth in comparison with her painting a target on the back of Joanna Cherry and others.

      Seems to me the FM is a moral coward as well as her other manifest faults.

    100. Ruby says:

      Would someone calling themselves Nicola every have he/him pronouns?

      Do you think you would ever hear the following:

      ‘Hi my name is Axel my brothers in the MC call me “Razorhead” my pronouns are she/her.

    101. T Hardy says:

      We did not lose the last referendum because we did not secure the tranny vote. We lost it because we did not have a strong enough case for indy. Instead of this shit, SNP should be relentlessly battering away at the economy. If she had spent this much time working on currency and the economy, we would be nearly there. Instead of the big push to get across the line, she is more intent in getting bat shit crazy policies and woke princesses into jobs. WTAF! We are throwing away our chances of independence on the non-evidenced based shite and prioritising the careers of Emma ‘the paedo protector’ Roddick and Rhiannon ‘the narcissistic ‘ Spear. Thank fuck I have left them and gone to Alba.

    102. Beaker says:

      Lying seems to be commonplace. Content editor for @ScotNational appears to have been faking Twitter accounts to support a fact checking video. Oops.

    103. Perhaps Sturgeon sees this as an easy way to leave a legacy?

      She’s failed on education and indy, but she can quickly pass a few laws and then blow her own trumpet that she’s made Scotland the safest place in the world for LGBTQ+

    104. crazycat says:

      @ Gregory Beekman at 8.28

      Trans conversion therapy is “transing the gay away”.
      It is well-documented that there are some parents who would rather have a trans child (medicated for life) than a gay one.

      Once a gay child has “become” the opposite sex, his/her continued attraction to partners of his/her actual sex magically turns out to be straight.

    105. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      I just wish it would all come out. Nicla’s a perve and so is magpie murrell. They say power corrupts. Some are just corrupt in the first place. Aye. Bunga bunga. INTERDICT 😉

    106. Thanks crazycat

      What a cruel thing to do to your own child 🙁

    107. Lindy says:


      So what is your solution?

      What stands a better chance of turning this whole thing around?
      We have two alternatives.
      One we don’t vote SNP in the Constituency, and we get more woke SNP MSPs to prop up Sturgeon, who even without our votes will be next FM. She is then left to spend the next 5 years unfettered.
      Or do we vote strategically and get ALBA some list seats, so they can deny her what she wants?

    108. Heaver says:

      Not long in from leafletting for ALBA. Three thoughts:

      1. Posties are my new heroes.
      2. Most letterboxes should be illegal.
      3. Armour the top of your right thumb before heading out.

      But it’s so good to be actually doing something instead of just vibrating on the spot in frustration at Sturgeon’s uselessness.

      Hold her tootsies to the fire, vote:

      SNP 1, ALBA 2

    109. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Peter Bell resigns from the SNP. Well, well. About bloody time.

      Crabbit sod

    110. Papko says:

      Many commenting on here tonight are mentioning how “scary” it is with the SNP High Command so far removed form the grassroots.

      At least now we can understand how scary Sturgeon et all were to 2 million “NO” voters in 2014.

    111. merganser says:

      I always had difficulty with the suggestion that Sturgeon was acting under orders from Westminster. Until now.

      I am beginning to think that she has become something of a ‘Tony Benn’ figure. Someone who could be called upon to come out with something outrageous when the Tories needed a target. A bit more than a useful idiot.

      What better than this total rubbish so Boris can say ‘Sorry, they are not fit for independence if this is what they are doing in Scotland’. Alex Salmond’s re-appearance on the scene must have caused someone to push the button again – following the previous activation to try and nobble him.

      It would also account for the ‘Big Brother’ video.

      If any more madness is displayed between now and election day my suspicions may well be confirmed.

    112. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Content editor for @ScotNational appears to have been faking Twitter accounts to support a fact checking video. Oops.”

      What’s this?

    113. Meg merrilees says:

      I was struck with her speech when she reaches photo 8 of the red dress:

      ‘We will work with trans people, women,…’ but she didn’t mention ‘MEN’.

      I’m pretty sure there are quite a lot of MEN – who are MEN – in Scotland(not’women who think they are men’). In fact I would think about 50% of the population could be male BUT she is not planning to work with you, guys.
      How does that make you feel?

      Discrimination against men at work here as well as Stu’s point that she is being transphobic by discriminating between trans people and women.

      What a ridiculous mess. Who would have thought it would come to this!

    114. shiregirl says:

      AYRSHIRE ROB says:
      If you’re in my shire (only one I know)then Chic Brodie might be an alternative to replace -spoiling

      Aberdeenshire here, Rob. Can’t vote SNP. Can’t vote Labour. Obvs can’t vote Tory or Green (lolz) so funny picture on the paper it is. Sigh.

    115. Wee Chid says:

      Heaver says:
      20 April, 2021 at 8:41 pm

      You need a posting peg – saves you getting any unexpected dog bites to your fingers.

    116. Daisy Walker says:

      Personal pronouns are very boring. Demonstrative Pronouns – now they are the future…

      Daisy Walker (pronouns – ‘this n that’, but never ‘these and those’)

    117. stonefree says:

      The comment she made on the video, Part of it is shown in the two picture before the cartoon.
      Worry me the most as to me she seems to be saying that is going to change,
      It may just be me,that sees that , but she uses such rhetoric that again to me imply that she is going to push back women’s rights, and carry on with the ideal of trans-rights over all.
      Again that is only my impression.
      She obviously doesn’t like Men and Women, Hells bells
      I think a spell in Carstairs is required for her
      This is one woman or whatever she/he/it wants to call the persona that is,
      The behavior is seriously unstable
      Treatment is required
      I’m actually very serious about this

    118. Daisy Walker says:

      T Hardy says:
      20 April, 2021 at 8:34 pm

      We did not lose the last referendum because we did not secure the tranny vote. We lost it because we did not have a strong enough case for indy.’

      My personal guess about why we lost, is that it was too big a change, and they were prepared to give Britain, one last chance.

      Which means in this Covid/Brexit world we now have, that Indy is the path of least resistance – potentially, in terms of getting Scotland back on its feet.

      Something worth considering when speaking to people.

    119. shiregirl says:

      Shiregirl Pronouns: Dinnae be daft.

    120. AllyG says:

      A year or two ago I wouldn’t hear a word said against Nicola Sturgeon. Now I feel like a scam victim.

    121. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aberdeenshire = NE Scotland Region where Alex Salmond is ALBAs No. 1 on the list @shiregirl says at 9:58 pm

    122. Jock Wishart says:

      Sorry I know you put a lot of work into this but I got as far as her chosen pronouns. Is she aff her heid.

    123. Meg merrilees says:

      Had a strange experience 10 minutes ago – tried to post on this thread but got a message saying

      Error you have to ‘log in.’
      When I tried to log in it said that my e mail wasn’t registered with the website and I didn’t exist basically so I couldn’t access the site to comment. Using Firefox.

      I emailed the Rev using Safari.

      Now it seems OK after 15 minutes or so.

      Anyone else experience anything similar?

    124. James Barr Gardner says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is beginning to look like Johann Lamont is that transin’ ?

    125. holymacmoses says:

      AllyG says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:12 pm
      A year or two ago I wouldn’t hear a word said against Nicola Sturgeon. Now I feel like a scam victim.

      Yes, I understand that feeling completely

    126. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Me too @Meg merrilees says at 10:13 pm

      Said you needed to be logged into WordPress.

      Assume it was an oversight by Rev Stu and explains the gap in comments BTL between 8:48pm and 9:55pm.

    127. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Jockanese Wind Talker at 10:12 pm.

      You typed,
      “Aberdeenshire = NE Scotland Region where Alex Salmond is ALBAs No. 1 on the list”

      And #2 is the lady who starts off the singing in this video.

    128. winifred mccartney says:

      How can women’s rights be protected if any man can say he is a woman and go into women.s spaces. Two and two are not making 4. Is the whole world to change and everything we ever knew about biology just because some men want to be women. Will everyone in Scotland who says there are only two genders to be imprisoned for speaking the truth – are we back to the world is square or is this the greatest act of misogyny ever perpetrated on women

    129. Saffron Robe says:

      Very well articulated Stuart.

      “It’s a Scotland where, to put it bluntly, reality will be a hate crime”…and speaking the truth will be a punishable offence.

    130. AWhiteLife says:

      I said last week she does not want re elected, there’s not much further she can go off the richter scale of freakery unless she strides out tomorrow swinging her tadger like shergar arsehern & Michael Obama. Anyone still prepared to give this cvnt their vote needs disposed of for the sake of humanity.

    131. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Nice one @Brian Doonthetoon says at 10:23 pm

      Aye, ALBA have 4 really strong candidates in the NE and if the farmers and fisherfolk are as pissed off as they should be with the Tories over Brexit, and folk see beyond the media blackout will have a good chance of returning more than just Alex.

      It will require nose holding to vote SNP on the constituency to maximise ALBAs chances though!

    132. Cadogan Enright says:

      I thought I had seen every trick in splitting a National Independence movement by a colonial power.

      Ireland had them all, access to land, the language you spoke, education for setters but banned for natives, religion being associated with Nationality, Irish National leaders being murdered, imprisoned or just traduced in the UK-owned press. And a hundred others which I started to list here but it got up to to 35 ways to split a national movement and I realized I should press the ‘delete’ button and get to the point.

      Suggesting that Scotland cannot be independent because it is the only country in the world that cannot be trusted to face down the ‘WOKE’ tidal wave sweeping every Country in the world really takes the biscuit.


      “By any conceivable measure Salmond is the most successful Scottish politician of all time.”

      SO, what about voting the way Alex Salmond says then? It was Alex they tried to imprison – surely we can trust Alex on what to do in this election? I think it is fair to say we know Alex does not exactly love Nichola and the gang.

      or is this false or faint praise?

      Or is all this just about splitting the anti-Unionist vote?<\B

    133. sarah says:

      @ BDTT at 10.23: that clip of Caledonia sung in Dundee 2014 has brought tears to our eyes. My OH saying “wouldn’t it be wonderful to get that togetherness back” and wondering if it is possible.

      Well of course it is possible – if we have a proper sense of purposeful direction then most Sturgeonistas will come to their senses. It is fear of losing indy that is making them so intransigent – they aren’t nasty, just scared, I think.

    134. crazycat says:

      @ Gregory Beekman at 8.40

      In the US, there seem to be a fair few ultra-religious parents with that attitude who are absolutely convinced their child would go to hell if “allowed” to be gay. So in their own terms, they are saving them.

      That of course makes it all the more ludicrous that the trans lobby here regularly accuses gender critical groups of being funded by the “American alt-right/fundamentalist Christians”!

    135. Terry says:

      I smell a rat. That other video she did for the young folk was to appeal to the greens in their strange pact that they have. But this one makes no sense. The timing and the OTT virtue signalling. Unless she trying to get the green constituency vote. She’s maybe calculated that this video would get some of them to vote snp thus saving constituency seats. Though she must know by now it would lose her some too? but then shes counting on the fact that who else would people vote for on the constituency? Maybe they think overall it would be a plus as they take their core vote for granted.

      In all likelihood she is looking to the future and putting out her big pharma friendly/woke stall to get a fancy job. Well toodle ooh nicola – you wont be missed, You have been an utter disaster.

      Of course it could be deliberate to lose seats thereby impacting on the chances of Alba getting in. Let’s face it 1 Alex salmond has the power of 100 nicola sturgeons when it comes to the fight for independence. We all know that – including nic and her chums who are fighting their best to keep him out.

      What I wouldn’t give to see him take her on in holyrood. Ho ho!!!

    136. Angus F Macleod says:

      She has the time to do this video for 0.5% of the population but no time to do anything about the highest drug deaths in Europe or 20 000 calls to a youngster’s mental health line going unanswered.

    137. McDuff says:


    138. Clavie Cheil says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:34 pm

      Nice one @Brian Doonthetoon says at 10:23 pm

      Aye, ALBA have 4 really strong candidates in the NE and if the farmers and fisherfolk are as pissed off as they should be with the Tories over Brexit, and folk see beyond the media blackout will have a good chance of returning more than just Alex.

      It will require nose holding to vote SNP on the constituency to maximise ALBAs chances though!


      I would have no problem voting for Fergus Mutch in Aberdeenshire West. I think he was a defense witness at Salmond’s trial, you can correct me if I am wrong about that.Sturgeon will have no love for Mutch. I would have no problem voting for Gillian Martin in Aberdeenshire East as Sturgeon isn’t in her fan club either. Indeed I believe Gillian Martin once said some things she shouldn’t have said about the Transgender in-fil-("Tractor" - Ed)s in the SNP. It got her sacked by Queen Nicla from her front bench job.

    139. kapelmeister says:

      The interior of Jo Swinson’s election bus looked quite luxurious. Paid for by puberty blockers. And didn’t Jo look smug there. She didn’t look quite so pleased about 10 days later.

    140. Beaker says:

      @Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      20 April, 2021 at 8:48 pm
      ““Content editor for @ScotNational appears to have been faking Twitter accounts to support a fact checking video. Oops.”
      What’s this?”

      I’m having laptop issues so checking on my phone, which is crap for the Internet.

      Try this:
      @ScotFax posted at 7:37pm today

    141. Lenny Hartley says:

      Cadogan Enright Hink you should stick to Paddy politics you seem to understand them better.
      For the hard of understanding the polls are effectively 50/50 on the Indy question, you start jailing people for saying you believe in science in your own home is bot going to enamour undecideds to vote for Indy.
      Again idiots shooting the messenger.

    142. Cadogan Enright says:

      From Pop Goes Scot

      ~Alba is ….actively urging that people should vote for all SNP candidates on the constituency ballot, including Nicola Sturgeon. If anyone is saying anything different, they’re just random supporters who do not speak for anyone but themselves. And, yes, I know that Stuart Campbell is one of them and that he’s influential, but he’s self-evidently a law unto him and takes instructions from no-one.

      and more in the same vein . .

      It’s worth repeating the point that Alba are actively encouraging people to vote for Nicola Sturgeon and other SNP candidates, and are even putting that advice on their leaflets. To the best of my knowledge, no other pro-independence party is doing that. If you asked the Greens whether you should vote for Nicola Sturgeon or Anas Sarwar in Southside, you’d probably get a neutral answer – you’d be told that they have problems with both the SNP and Labour.

      and so on until the punchline . .

      Another constructive suggestion for Stuart Campbell which he will doubtless ignore – instead of wasting the remainder of the campaign talking about nothing else but the trans issue, why not do a short sequel to the Wee Blue Book giving reasons for an Alba vote? You could do it as a PDF file, people could print off multiple copies and hand it out to their neighbours, family and friends. (But make independence the pamphlet’s focus – you’re not going to win many votes by banging on about women with beards.)

    143. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Greer the twat on the nine slagging Alex and Alba again.

      We need to destroy them lot the Greens.

    144. McDuff says:

      I don’t understand why the MSM are not exposing this madness as it goes beyond party politics and allegiances it being a direct assault on the liberties and freedoms of the Scottish people.

    145. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi sarah says at 10:39 pm.

      You typed,
      “@ BDTT at 10.23: that clip of Caledonia sung in Dundee 2014 has brought tears to our eyes. My OH saying “wouldn’t it be wonderful to get that togetherness back” and wondering if it is possible.”

      Also in that video is Graham Brown (beard and glasses with guitar), of the Graham Brown Band, who appeared at the ‘Hope Over Fear’ rallies but were ‘downlisted’ by AUOB.

      This is their anthem (filmed in Camperdown Park).

    146. Jason Smoothpiece says:


      My friend I believe you are right I honestly think Nicola needs help.

      Why go near this madness which is only supported by a very small group of ill folk.

      The party must be loosing members and voters at an awful rate.

      This is a re run of New Labour how did that end?

    147. Wee Chid says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:13 pm

      I had the same Meg. I thought it was because I had the wrong email and was on Firefox. It told me I needed to be logged in and when I tried it asked for my WordPress login. When I tried that it said it was the wrong password.

      I put my laptop off and on again and re-entered the email in my post and it worked OK.

      Wonder if our email logins to Word Press have been compromised?

    148. Wee Chid says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:13 pm
      Have replied saying that I had the same but the comment has gone into moderation????

    149. Wee Chid says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:13 pm

      Sorry Meg – forgot that all hotmail comments are being moderated. I had the same message. Did you try to log in where prompted? I did but it said I had used the wrong email or password. Concerned that WordPress password has been compromised.

    150. Anton Decadent says:

      You wonder what the Greens have on her as they’re clearly in charge as far as this is concerned.

      I heard William Burroughs in my head whilst reading this, from Words Of Advice For Young People, “Do not offer sympathy to the mentally ill. Tell them firmly, “I am not paid to listen to this drivel. You are a terminal fool.”

    151. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Briandoonthetoon 11:02pm
      Yeah Camperdown Park bought by the Dundee City Corporation in 1946. An underdeveloped asset ever since. Take the beautiful building in the middle. I visited this building under the Open Building programme. I was agog at the underdevelopment. Needs a fresh perspective.

    152. stonefree says:

      @ Meg merrilees at 10:13 pm

      Not here but Iain Lawson’s site,won’t take any log in details and rejects any post to inform him

    153. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      BTW: Graham Brown has come out for Alba.

    154. Pixywine says:

      Is “Two spirit” a wanker with a split personality?

    155. Ruby says:

      This whole thing is getting to be like something from a science fiction novel.

      Is it possible the ‘woman in the red suit’ may not be human

      Which cheese would you use to persuade a bear to come down from a tree?

      FF to end to find answer.

    156. Pixywine says:

      Ayrshire Rob The Greens are a threat to humanity.

    157. stonefree says:

      @ Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:21 pm

      Me too @Meg merrilees says at 10:13 pm

      “Said you needed to be logged into WordPress.”

      It seems to be in a section of the WordPress Reader ,called Gavatar, you will see the reader on the top left of the page

    158. Famous15 says:

      My pronouns are “Who,her”

      Your pronouns are “Whey,hey”

      He she its pronouns are “ shits”


    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tannadice Boy at 11:18 pm.

      You typed,
      “Yeah Camperdown Park bought by the Dundee City Corporation in 1946. An underdeveloped asset ever since. Take the beautiful building in the middle. I visited this building under the Open Building programme. I was agog at the underdevelopment. Needs a fresh perspective.”

      The park and house were bought with cash from the James K. Caird Foundation so they’re a “Common Good” asset and should be listed in Dundee’s register of Common Good Assets. Which means any income from them (like renting out to Horne to have a funfair) should go into the Common Good Fund.

      My ex worked in the restaurant in the house in the 80s. She has a pile of pics of the interior at that time.

      Any occupation of any part of the park by an ‘Eden Project’ should result in a boost to ‘Common Good’ cash.

    160. Ruby says:

      Cadogan Enright says:
      20 April, 2021 at 11:19 pm
      Absolutely priceless video of Douglas Ross making an arse of himself


      Is he human or another malfunctioning android?

    161. kapelmeister says:

      Cadogan Enright @11:19

      Douglas Ross is effectively saying in that C4 interview that he sees Scotland as a prisoner of the UK state. That he would prefer Scots to vote Tory in numbers and endorse the captivity, but if we don’t it makes no difference…Scotland is locked up.

    162. Pixywine says:

      UN Agenda 2030.

    163. Rikali says:

      Meg Merrilees

      Error you have to ‘log in.’
      When I tried to log in it said that my e mail wasn’t registered with the website and I didn’t exist basically so I couldn’t access the site to comment. Using Firefox.

      I emailed the Rev using Safari.

      Now it seems OK after 15 minutes or so.

      Anyone else experience anything similar?


      Yes, i had the same!

    164. Nally Anders says:

      If Sturgeon was genuinely interested in supporting the (genuine) Trans community and she had a spare £3 Mill quid in a biscuit tin under the bed, why didn’t she donate it to Scotland’s underfunded Gender Identity Clinics instead of the MSM?
      That would have paid for a great many’operations’.

    165. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Brianthedoon 11:35pm
      We are on the same page except the underdeveloped state crosses party lines. Labour or SNP the park has been underdeveloped for decades. The proposed changes disadvantages the people. Consultation? Only for the SNP.

    166. Fred says:

      By the time she’s finished, this country won’t be worth saving. We’re quickly becoming slaves to a system designed to kill any kind expression of what it means to be a human being.
      I don’t care about me, but the thought that our kids are soon to inherit this legacy as adults in the next few years fills me with utter despair and deep sorrow – that we could have let this happen on our watch and been powerless to stop it.

    167. Hugh Jarse says:

      Fabulous self defeating trolling from the deranged one.

      Advertise your anti-hetero wokery to the general public.

      I’ll bet the wheeshting is becoming more muted by the minute.

      What a sorry state we’re in.

      I’m almost convinced that the idiocy is intended, lest they get a resounding indy mandate, and actually have to listen to “the people of Scotland “.

    168. GlenIslay says:

      TRAs are an evolution from the online MRA incel culture. This has been obvious for years. They repackaged a far right, homophobic ideology as something “inclusive” and “left wing” so they could flip the table on the “libs” they despise so much

    169. Dan Hardy says:

      It’s got to make you wonder, how many potential voters are of the Trans ‘persuasion’ that the SNP and Greens specifically need to ride rough-shod over existing equality laws to pander to them?
      I’m also fairly certain, Mr Murrell is likely to be wearing some rather fetching under-garments under them breeks he wears in public, while he acts as a beard for the Mrs.

    170. Linny says:

      Once you have seen what is happening it cannot be unseen.

    171. Stuart says:

      Lindy, from a while back, apologies for my lateness in replying had one or two issues as it appears others did with commenting.

      Thank you for your intelligent question addressing the questions I asked I.E “whats your solution Stuart” ? The best I can do is without advising anyone how to vote, is examine your conscience and the odds of a few Alba MSP’s REALLY making any difference to this mad womans plans for Scotland Independant or not. I appreciate what you’ve been through with this harridan and her coherts and also AS’s pragmatic approach to returning to politics ( he is a politician after all) But this is the question for your conscience, in my view but your moral conscience not anything to do with politics.

      Ultimately I came to this blog to see what the MSM in the whole of the UK don’t want us to see, in this case Scotlands frankly corrupt judicial system and unbelievably corrupt Governance under the SNP. I’d heard mutterings about things like Health, Education, Policing, drug deaths and continued poverty but just assumed this was normal “party politics” everywhere.

      However what I found after watching the testimony from AS and then the outright lies and deciet in NS’ verdict I genuinely hoped that this would be the final nail in her coffin… Needless to say it wasn’t, then there was the VONC where along with the HCB the Slab covered thesreselves in …odure as did the Greens and Libdums, oh and I forgot the Hamilton so called enquiry, which alot of commentators on here were prematurely anticipating the outcome on the basis (I shit you not, that the QC involved was Irish lol), that too had no discernable effect upon her “popularity”

      Then came the Alba party and I genuinely thought it would make a difference right up to the moment they announced SNP1 and Alba 2, then came the week on week day after day outlining by a brave man the disgusting, depraved , sick fettishes and potential harms to woman and children and still loads of people on here after months of saying no to “wheest for indy” are now saying well ..?..I think you get it.

      As I’ve opined many times if your prepared to gamble your woman and childrens present,future and potentially increased actual harm(even in the short term as incredibly one commentator put it) over a thing that you have no guarantee of getting fill yer boots. In a years time when these potentials will have turned into realities, maybe comfort yourselves with it,s not happened to you or your family yet, just some other poor innocent (as any collaborator would) or that your handful of Alba MSP’s have a strong word with Frau Sturgeon and she has routinely ignored them as she always does. Or go for the old trusted method about “Britnats” the English etc etc being to blame, that seems to work as an excuse for all occasions.

      Finally to answer your question …. my solution is clear vote Alba 2 and nobody one and stop playing politics with your woman and childrens safety. Best Regards

    172. Al-Stuart says:

      Awww Crap.

      Andy Ellis, after watching that deranged lying thieving crook She/her/it the Septic Sturgeon, I am REALLY struggling with…

      SNP X (Constituency)
      Alba X (List)

      In all conscience, even though Alex Salmond recommends it, I think the SNP vote is a spoiled ballot from me. We are a marginal seat here, and the LOCAL SNP MSP has made himself wildly unpopular because he is a creepy twat. So the SNP could well lose in this Constituency.

      It’s an Alex Salmond List zone as well. Would that compromise Wee Ecks chances if enough of us are so pissed at the SNP and spoiled our ballot to the point this constituency went from SNP to Tory (just a few hundred vote swing)?

      Frankly I would already be telling the SNP to fuck off on 6th May, but that is EXACTLY what the Unionis to55er Andy/kcor/rock/Fungus/Mitchell/Juan tells me…. Kock/Andy/Fungus says to spoil my ballot paper. So there is something fishy in doing that.

      But every ounce of soul and decency says I should SPOIL the Constituency ballot paper and tell the SNP to fuck right off.

      Does anyone who is NOT a 77th shift worker or any of the creepy Troll army wasters BTL have some common sense in this please?

      Even some forensic analysis of guidance from Stuart Campbell would be very very helpful.

      Surely a few of we Winger Alba supporters must be struggling with voting FOR the SNP and yes I do understand the psephological and d’Hond’t reasoning why the SNP Constituency vote is so important in helping the Alba Party secure List MSPs on 6th May.

      But surely there is some decent analysis on a granular level to help those of us who support the Alba Party but just cannot bring themselves to vote for the scheming, lying, over promorpted fake FM Septic Sturgeon and her McWoke Patty Hurst guards?

      What an unholy Bourach this is.

      Seriously, well played Boris and the British Establishment. You have given us a McGordian Knot of monumental complexity to solve.

    173. STEVEN ELLIOTT says:

      W T actual F ?
      GET a fking grip ‘she and her’ – this is a national election and ‘she and her’ is completely out of touch with how to run a campaign… Take me to your leader Earthlings…

      She is a easily manipulated by whatever transbuddy/budette has ‘she and her’s ear – this sort of tosh drives away voters.

      T’were that ‘she and her’ were so passionate about indy as ‘she and her’is passionate about gender reassignment.

    174. Hatuey says:

      Never underestimate the power of money going into private offshore bank accounts.

      And that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

    175. Stuart says:

      I can’t find the comment, but swear I saw it re “Alex’s masterstroke in going for EFTA” Maybe the commentators removed it out of embarrassment i seriously hope so!

      Guess which British hate figures suggested that while trying to get Brexit through, and guess what the EU said? I suppose the beneficent EU in all their majestic benevolence will treat Scotland different as with everything else, because….they too hate the British for leaving their perfect union

      If you get the answer to the question right you have the right to pontificate about things you don’t understand, if wrong however you really need to get yourself educated!

    176. Lynne says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      20 April, 2021 at 8:48 pm
      “Content editor for @ScotNational appears to have been faking Twitter accounts to support a fact checking video. Oops.”

      What’s this?

      Might be this:

    177. Louise Hogg says:

      The mental illness article you linked to, suggested that possible reasons for M-F trans having more older brothers, and F-M trans having more younger sisters, could be gestational hormone related. Always possible, I suppose.

      But since children are typically brought up in FAMILIES, the far simpler explanation of ‘a desire to please parents’ seems more obvious to me?

      The parents with many sons, want a daughter to ‘complete’ their family. So, youngest son pressured to ‘be a girl’.

      While the parents with several daughters but no sons, want a ‘son and heir’, and pressure the eldest and largest into that role, of ‘being a man’.

      The study DID point out two patterns:

      1. M-F having fathers who violently rejected them.

      I’ve noticed this this with M-F trans who I’ve met or heard about from their relatives. Obvious logic is a desire to reject ALL masculinity, in rejecting the ‘toxic masculinity’ they’ve experienced. And to side with their female mother, who they’ve likely seen as a fellow victim of their father’s violence.

      Furthermore, their mother, victim to a violent male partner, probably ALSO throws out the masculinity with the toxic bathwater, and wants their inconvenient son to grow up to be their daughter and best female friend.

      2. F-M trans having BOTH parents who rejected them.

      Poor souls! At a minimum they’re maybe trying to be something they’re not, in the hope that changing sex might make them acceptable?

      I’ve only encountered one ‘maybe’ F-M trans, who is likely just a lesbian. But certainly the more ‘butch’ lesbians I’ve encountered described to me parents who’d been ludicrously proscriptive about supposedly ‘masculine’ childhood behaviours, which I would regard as firmly within the ‘normal’ range of girls’ play.

      So if much F-M trans is actually taboo lesbianism, then the same pattern would occur.

      (The non-butch lesbians I’ve met describe mothers emotionally unavailable, for various reasons, or the repulsive effect of being sexually abused by men. Logically they could be looking for their mother’s affection, or simply sexual fulfillment without men.)

      On many forums I’d be shouted down for even noticing these things. I trust you all recognize that I am not blaming or judging any LGB, or T, for the consequences of their family experience, or for any aspect of how they are.

    178. Onlooker says:

      Being cynical, why is she so obsessed with people who will contribute absolutely nothing whatsoever to this country’s future, because they,like she, will never have kids? What the fuck?

    179. Rikali says:

      Surely the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario are having a joke at “wokeness” with their LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP at the “Inclusiveness Training”.

      I mean, if they are serious, they are outing themselves as a major cause of the “gender” confusion among contemporary young adolescents.

      Talking of adolescents, I’ve often thought that Nicola Sturgeon presents as a somewhat petulant and humourless adolescent.

    180. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Just on the BBC news

      Patricia Gibson SNP has been accused of sexual harassment.

      Nothing to see here says, SNP?

    181. David Caledonia says:

      Two lunatics where looking over the asylum wall when a gardener came by with a barrow full of steaming manure.
      Oi mister, shouted one of the lunatics, what you going to do with that.
      I’m going to put it on my rhubarb the gardener replied.
      Really said the other lunatic, we usually have custard on ours.

    182. bjsalba says:

      @ Mungo Armstrong 20 April, 2021 at 7:40 pm
      “I don’t get the Big Parma idea. Surely there’s not much profit to be had with these drugs?”

      Sure there is. They have a a customer paying through the nose and there is no cure to stop the profit flow.

      Get it? A lifetime customer for expensive treatment for a condition that has no cure!

      The opioid profit flow has been cut off, so they need a replacement to keep their profits up.

    183. Captain Yossarian says:

      The investigation into whether Leslie Evans and her team of civil-servants behaved ethically or not should be well underway by now.

      Alistair Bonnington’s article from The Scotsman earlier in the week that coaching of witnesses may well be a crime suggests to me that it is not going well.

    184. Shocked says:

      @Breeks 6.27pm

      Because of people like you who are still going to vote for her because she’s waved a flag at you, pat youself on the back sturgeonite.

    185. Wee Chid says:

      Onlooker says:
      21 April, 2021 at 3:46 am

      Having kids is not the only way to contribute to the future of the country.

      Some people can’t or won’t have them. Breeding for the future is not the only way to be productive.

    186. Shug says:

      Where is this all coming from I just do not see the votes in it.
      Why does nicola see this as a vote winner

    187. Career Politician says:

      Words that I associate with the SNP:

      “dishonest”; “disingenuous”; “deceitful”; “gaslighting”; “divisive”; “grievance”; “unaccountable”; “arrogant”; “incompetent”; “corrupt”;

      ‘Hold your nose and vote for them anyway?! For Indy and that… At least they’re not Boris Johnson, etc.’

      No chance.

    188. TNS2019 says:

      Curious that this is such a big issue. Distraction politics?

      Demographics of transgender identities

      Accurate estimates of the United States TGNB population have been challenging to acquire for multiple reasons, including the broad range of terms used to describe transgender identities, and most notably, lack of data collection in population-based surveys. Federally-administered questionnaires which track the demographics and health of US residents have not historically collected data on gender identity, though some state-level questionnaires have begun to do so (1,2). Utilizing data from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System in 19 states, Flores et al. estimated that 0.56% of US adults (560 per 100,000) identify as transgender. In a systematic review of population-based surveys from 2006–2016 that included gender identity questions, Meerwijk et al. estimated that 0.39% of respondents (390 per 100,000) identified as transgender when this was a categorical option for gender identity. Several smaller studies utilizing limited sources have estimated the U.S, TGNB population as ranging from 38 to 1,647 per 100,000 (3-5).

    189. Harry mcaye says:

      I just can’t hold my nose and vote SNP. I will vote Alba and I realise it may be a useless vote if I don’t vote SNP with my first vote but I just can’t do it. I believe if you spoil your ballot and give reasons why, it gets read out to the candidates. Can anyone clarify? I have plenty I want to say and I’m actually looking forward to getting it off my chest.

    190. Dorothy Devine says:

      Harry, you could just e-mail them in Holyrood and tell them what you want to get off your chest – they are supposed to work for you and they are supposed to listen.

      In fact a wee flurry of disenchantment might give some a wee pause for thought.

    191. Effigy says:

      Candidates can look at spoiled ballot papers at the end
      of the count but may only bother if the result is close enough
      to make some dubious marking count so I’d say no they won’t see it.

      SNP Candidates must have their heads in the clouds if they don’t know
      these absurd Trans issues are endangering real women and loosing
      a massive number of votes.

      They know and pretend they back the leadership as there is no other gravy train at the station.

      I’m voting them in a step toward independence pushed on by Alba
      although I very much dislike what I’m stepping into.

      They get voted out just as soon as we are independent.

    192. Jaf says:

      We should all be allowed to discriminate against really really really annoying and unpleasant people.

    193. Astonished says:

      Harry McAye – All ‘unreadable’ ballot papers are seen by election agents at the count. And possibly by the candidates.

      This allows agents to argue regarding the intention of the voter i.e. if you wrote “they are all bastards except for John Doe” this would, arguably, be counted as a vote for John Doe.

      Might I suggest that you e-mail the SNP candidate. Explain that you will vote for him this time because of Alba but that is it ( except obviously if the SNP candidate is sturgeon, humza ‘privately educated millionaire’ uselesss, shirley-anne hypocrite, swinney or angus robertson macbeth). This will be more effective than spoiling your paper and will reduce significantly the risk of getting one of the SNP self-identifying list nutters elected.

      Remember labour, libs and the greens all support genderwoowoo too.

      A supermajority will put enormous pressure on the SNP to swing behind Alba and begin negotiations regarding independence.

      And after independence, the hate crime nonsense, genderwoowoo etc. would have to be argued for by candidates and in party manifestos rather than riding on the coattails of the yes movement.

      P.S. Been a while since I’ve seen a poll. And sturgeon doubling down on her core vote. Do you think Alba are doing much, much better than 6% ?

    194. Nally Anders says:

      Harry @8.23
      Spoiled votes get counted but not sure if comments get read to the Candidate. I’m thinking probably not.
      However mine said “women don’t have penises” be great if that message was conveyed.

    195. PaulaJ says:

      Hilarious – Now, even the former Marxists at Spiked think Scotland (or its police force) is a bad joke:

    196. stonefree says:

      @ AYRSHIRE ROB says:
      21 April, 2021 at 6:29 am

      “Patricia Gibson SNP has been accused of sexual harassment.”

      Now where are those ones relating to her sleazy husband

      and Who are the ones who have covered his pile of shit for years
      Look no further than NAC SNP Councillors one and all
      one could start with Former Councillor Ruth Maguire now MSP
      (Member of Sturgeon’s Perverted collective)

    197. Patsy Millar says:

      What the hell does ‘My chosen pronouns are he and her’ mean? I keep seeing this on people’s twitter profiles!

    198. Luigi says:

      That’s Mr & Mrs Luigi’s postal votes now away:

      (1 SNP, 2 ALBA) x2

      Whether it turns out 1 or 2 were wasted remains to be seen. All I know is that it felt good! No regrets at all. 🙂

    199. jockmcx says:

      Ours is not to reason why,ours is but to do or die!

    200. jockmcx says:

      Not run away and hide,gum flappers

    201. jockmcx says:

      You never could trust a politician and you never will be
      able to.

      Shock news!

    202. jockmcx says:

      get over it

    203. Put a fricken Mrs or Mr or Miss in front of your name if you need to anounce your gender to the world that really doesn`t that give a f@ck,


      it`s been working for centuries,

      this pronoun stuff is just `so New Labour middle class trendy` pish,

      `O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
      To see oursels as ithers see us!
      It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
      An’ foolish notion:

    204. Ottomanboi says:

      Scotland: Out, Proud and Sterile.
      Vote for me and make it so!
      Dream on…..

    205. Luigi says:

      We are hearing quite a few silly statements from defensive unionists, desperate to hold the line. The most annoying being:

      “But you had your referendum!”

      Well, may I remind everyone that we actually had two European referendums (1975 and 2016). How would the Brexiteers feel if, pre-2016, they were told:

      “But you had your referendum!”.

      Just asking.

    206. tartanfever says:

      ‘Spoiled votes get counted but not sure if comments get read to the Candidate. I’m thinking probably not.’

      – Unlikely to have spoiled ballots read by candidates. What they will be aware of however, is the number of spoiled ballots.

      SNP candidates know fine well their contentious policy agenda will alter the vote. Don’t expect public acknowledgement, but privately they know the risk.

      All you can do as a voter, is to vote according to your own principals. If you want to make your opinion known – email your candidate.

    207. Lynn says:

      I think it’s absurd to suggest you can immediately vote out SNP once you have achieved independence and what time scales are you talking about ? You have not been successful to date in convincing the SNP voter over to a more reasoned position and then you have the challenge of changing legislation which will by then have been common practice and well established. I think you are talking a couple of elections at the earliest as you have also to convince the wider public to vote for independence in the first place . That is a lot to accomplish and will take decades !
      If independence is more important that safeguarding children then I honestly will walk away from politics forever .
      I genuinely thought the vast majority still upheld childhood as a time when adults ensured their exposure was appropriate and adult decisions taken in the upper end of that timeframe .
      I have already learnt the painful lesson that has wakened me from sleep too many nights . I completed a safeguarding course for an organisation I volunteered with . It was well taught ! I followed it when it unfortunately became required ! What I did not anticipate was they would close ranks , what was supposed to be confidential went round my community and friends . I would innocently say hello and be shunned . This was an organisation I deeply believed in . Concerns were previously raised . In the end I had to sit back and watch my anxiety sore !
      Reading some of this has brought it to the surface. The organisation involved has spent considerable time and energy ensuring his needs are still met ! It transpired I was not wrong !
      When you place one priority over another you become an enabler of the situation others have to face .
      To be very fair to Nicola she has been very , very honest about her priority and timescales . It will come to pass . If you vote her in , you are agreeing to enable the process .
      Cath , I hear your pleas and being correct actually is painful too as you were powerless to change it and protect them .
      I have long accepted I am now suitably broken and have to protect my own mental health . I admire Stuart but I am not build for endurance but hope he is . I paid the price with my emotions however when required I tried really hard .

      I guess you are deciding now what is the greater priority. . Suggestions of a quick reversal of decisions is very unlikely! Even the process is time consuming!

      I sincerely wish you all the very best and hope for a better political future for us all. If you are looking for a discriminated group disabled people are and have been for decades . No access to daily facilities often within their homes , limited incomes and no job prospects, exhausted carers and poor external service ! But it comes with a price tag so will remain a low priority for most governments .

    208. STEVEN ELLIOTT says:

      I couldn’t fkn believe Salmond was stupid enough to resign on Sep 15 2014 and I realised Nicola was weak and had zero foresight on the run up to the 2015 election – FORCED to add an indyref2 material change clause following a the EU-leave-remain vote.

      She has to go… indy is the of her priorities

    209. robbo says:

      Patsy Millar says:
      21 April, 2021 at 9:23 am
      What the hell does ‘My chosen pronouns are he and her’ mean? I keep seeing this on people’s twitter profiles!



      I’ve no idea either and I’m not sure if under Humza’s HCB it will be classed as transphobic either?

      What the hell is wrong with Mrs Patsy Millar or Ms Patsy Miller or Miss Patsy Miller (for minors)?

      Crazy world we’re entering now, very confusing .

    210. jockmcx says:

      maximum points to whoever unites the independece movement,
      when they look stupid enough to be deliberately divided when
      they are in the majority.

    211. Anna says:

      Its very worrying. NS is meddling in an area she is not qualified in. Young people can be vulnerable, lacking in self confidence and ultra sensitive of their personal image.

      I recall a teenager saying, when at school “ if they keep bumming on about it, everyone will think they are”.!!
      Teenagers need time to sort things out for themselves not ‘ pigeon holed’ at a vulnerable young age then persuaded the answers lie in taking addictive pharmaceutical drugs which could seriously affect their long term mental health.

      A doctor I once listened to admitted “ its the way doctors are trained these days that needs looking at”.

      From that I took it to mean. The pharmaceutical industry needs to be reigned in. They have too much say on training of health professionals and the drugs they are promoting.

    212. chas says:

      As my dearly departed granny used to say ‘never trust a woman who disnae have any lips’.
      I stated in a previous blog that neither me or my wife has voted for 15/20 years. We are supporters of Independence, if only to get away from the Tory’s and the clowns in Westminster, however we have to be convinced that Scotland can afford Independence. The SNP NEVER did this to our satisfaction.
      We will be voting ALBA 2. 1st vote is still undecided but it will 100% not be for the SNP or Greens. Scotland/the UK/The World is in a mess all because of self serving politicians. It is not going to change anytime soon and voting is now about selecting the lesser of the many evils.

    213. Daisy Walker says:

      Just had a listen to Glinner over on the Ghana Twitter account – he conducted an interview with the people who have created LGB Alliance.

      Well worth a listen.

      One thing caught my attention – Stonewall went full tonto on the GRA thing in 2015.

      Possibly the support of one of the leaders in the UK emboldened them. Or vice versa. No doubt all the Scot Gov ‘grants’ being punted their way, in addition to all the lobbying contracts they’ve obtained to ‘train’ Police Scotland and other agencies, at the very least, boosted their coffers enough to feel bolder.

    214. Lochside says:

      I said before on here many times that I lost faith in Salmond after his terrible performance against the loathsome Darling on the subject of the currency during the REF campaign. Salmond the financial expert floundering on TV over a core issue that should have been nailed once and for all. That cost us the REF.

      He confirmed my suspicion of being compromised when he quit on the cusp of the 45% vote. A defeat yes, but to capitulate at that point was beyond understanding. The momentum was there to be built to push us over the line and the 2015 G.E. proved that the people of Scotland wanted it. The almost complete whitewash of seats for the SNP and the majority of the popular vote for SNP and Greens.

      But he compounded his failure by handing the crown over to Sturgeon, the Brit nat sleeper. Did he do this knowingly or was his judgement truly that flawed?

      I believe that when he tried to come back, the Brit Deep State pulled out all the shit they could muster on him and as we know, his erstwhile successor and all the Queen’s men and women could not bring him down. So with nothing left to throw at him, he has tried to make up for his sorry mistake and strike back at the Empire with Alba.

      Well fair play to him for fighting back and I have expressed sympathy for the terrible ordeal that he has been through. But his refusal to fight the Constituency seats against Sturgeon’s gang is failed, weak, and too late. He is toxic for too many voters and there are already too many SNP band wagon jumpers lining up to grab a piece of whatever they can salvage from the wreckage of the shambles that Sturgeon and her cabal have created.

      I cannot vote for the SNP locally as the candidate is another woke clone nor can I vote for the ALba candidate on the list as she is a another self absorbed i.e. another political careerist, who I knew well from ‘YES’ days and from my short and disallusioned time in the SNP. Therefore, for the first time in my adult life I will not be voting at all. I can never vote for a Unionist party ever. I am bereft and beyond sad that all the effort that the ‘YES’ movement has put into gaining ground politically and the respect it had accrued has been completely compromised, divided and traduced by clever manipulation by dark parasitic forces that have infiltrated and paralysed the body politic of Scottish Nationalism.

      I know that the source and control of this parasitic disease is the British state. I hope that something better will come from the ALBA project. But we require young and visionary leaders to emerge whose one aim is our liberation only from all the old sick Westminster Anglo Saxon chains strangling our nation and our children’s future. When that new movement emerges I will engage again.

    215. Tom Robertson says:

      “LGBTQ? What happened to the +? OMG NICOLA STURGEON IS A PLUSPHOBE!”
      This line made me regurgitate a mouthful of morning tea down my PJ’s.
      I may sue . .

    216. Alex Sneddon says:

      Is this an attempt to lose votes?

      Leaving that aside, Im fed up being left out of this and demand equality now for my MGBGT

    217. PhilM says:

      I have zero interest in reading long screeds where the poster invites us to partake in their political journey whilst showing they have a very poor grasp of politics.
      Incidentally, you don’t need to be or feel charitable to the politician themselves but aiming at a charitable understanding of political behaviour is the first step towards a mature conception of politics…or you can just continue being one of those people who throw their toys out of the pram at the first sign of political disenchantment and then bore people with your running commentary about it.
      Sounds a bit pompous re-reading the above before pressing submit…but…ah fuckit…

    218. stonefree says:

      @ Lochside at 10:25 am

      I would say something over standing in the constituency elections, there was no time, simply the time was not available.The Brexit Party got it’s crap together quickly, But they weren’t hindered by Sturgeon orchestrating delays to lessen the chance of putting a viable direct attack on the SNP
      If you look at when the party was formed January, there were delays in putting it into action.
      I believe that is where it was flawed

      There is also the Financial aspect,although the Alba party may well be better healed than the SNP

    219. Mark English says:


      Well, may I remind everyone that we actually had two European referendums (1975 and 2016). How would the Brexiteers feel if, pre-2016, they were told: “ You’ve had your referendum”

      Maths not your strongpoint eh.?

    220. Luigi says:

      Mark English,

      You seem to have a bit of a problem understanding basic stuff lol

    221. Dan says:

      @ Lochside at 10.25am

      I have over the years bookmarked and shared quite a few of your previous posts for their quality content.
      This latest post is rather downbeat though.
      I can completely understand your scunneredment with where we are at the moment.
      You state that you recognise the source of influence as to why we continue to be in this position.
      But also say “I hope that something better will come from the ALBA project..”.

      All I can offer is that the Alba project will need support if it is to gain a foothold.
      Their manifesto is now launched and with its content it will have potential to exert pressure on the British state if it garners support.
      Tactically we sometimes require to vote for the least shit option to at least try to hold our position, rather than ceding ground to those who oppose us.
      I hope you reconsider at least one of your voting intentions.

    222. Luigi says:

      Let me make thgis as simple as possible, Mark:

      Pre 2016 (ie. just before the EU ref) there had already been already one EU referendum (1975). Got it now?

      Duuuuuh!. 🙂

    223. wee monkey says:

      Daisy Walker says:
      20 April, 2021 at 10:11 pm
      T Hardy says:
      20 April, 2021 at 8:34 pm

      “We did not lose the last referendum because we did not secure the tranny vote. We lost it because we did not have a strong enough case for indy.’


      “Which means in this Covid/Brexit world we now have, that Indy is the path of least resistance – potentially, in terms of getting Scotland back on its feet. Something worth considering when speaking to people.”

      Do you really believe people are zipped up the back of their heads? Sturgeon obviously does.
      People are genuinely becoming frightened of both the SNP and Indy.

    224. Dan says:

      A tune for Lochside 😉
      Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

    225. Joe M says:

      If you want to know what someone really believes then look at the people/things they empathise with as ALL empathy is simply bias confirmation. Sturgeon’s obsession with this subject, and it’s priority over all other matters, indicate that she has no care for any of us and her empathy is with fetishists, perverts and paedophiles. If this person is voted back into power then Scotland may become the new destination for paedophiles, flying into our airports and being driven to their airbnb rentals where children are provided for their sick pleasures. Can you really vote for someone who wants to remove protections currently in place that could enable criminals to build child-prostitution empires.

      Sturgeon has routinely ignored all the people who have marched for independence, yet she will attend any non-Scottish cultural event at the drop of a hat. Sturgeon’s empathy is not with Scots, it is with anything that is not Scottish. When we were marching she was in London taking selfies with Allister Campbell, we are not on her radar. There is not going to be another indy-referendum under Sturgeon as she simply doesn’t care about Scotland, her sights are elsewhere, and for her own selfish reasons. She is, I hope, wooing the wrong people, for I can’t see her Scots-Asian audience swallowing and supporting this ladyboy nonsense and I really hope they reject her in May.

    226. Lochside says:

      Thanks Dan. BTW That tune by Paolo was a powerful and under rated masterpiece for the time. All the Best.

    227. PacMan says:

      I had read that American politicians thought they could win Latino and Hispanic votes in the past by just going to rallies and saying a few Spanish words.

      I think it was a big of a exaggeration to point out how much they had taken these groups for granted over the years but it sprung to mind when I had seen this video especially how fake and insincere Nicola Sturgeon sounded when she declared her pronoun preference at the beginning of the broadcast.

    228. Don says:

      @holymacmoses 20 April, 2021 at 7:06 pm

      “It’s my belief that Nicola Sturgeon cares about no-one but herself and the transgender folk had best be ready to be dropped like a hot potato , just like the women-folk, as soon as it suits her purpose.”

      And you are surprised ? It’s what Populist Politicians do , latch onto any old issue of the day to virtue signal and when it gets you into a position of power then drop it. Remember back in the days when she said the Council Tax was “Grossly Unfair” and it she got voted into power it would be cancelled ? Well here is what has happened to that and now we see that she doesn’t really want Independence either and that its just another useful big Carrot on a stick to Her to get votes to keep Her in that overpaid Job.

    229. Dan says:

      @ Lochside

      I recalled your previous mention of the tune and the “machine men” section within the lyrics. I furnished the link to the tune and also to the David Hayman recital of those words prior to the 2014 indyref.

      A thought occurs… I know not what Electoral Region you live in, but the Regional List vote is actually for a Party rather than their 1st ranked candidate with whom it appears you have issue.
      But consider the 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th ranked Alba candidates and the Party manifesto, and the potential it may offer to build for a better future.
      If enough folk cast their votes for Alba then possibly more than the 1st ranked would win a seat.

    230. Ian McLaren says:

      Crikey – didn’t the Glasgow Law Faculty manage to teach the Lady in Red what ‘criminalise’ means!

    231. John Brown says:

      The “trans women are women” is a communist test to see how far the population are along the line of believing the lies “freedom is slavery, war is peace and 2+2 = 5”.

      They began with PC, then the banning of certain words and now it has reached the stage of outright lies and the cancellation anti-culture. Finally we will see the end of free speech and the locking up those whose views they do not like using hate speech legislation.

      The SNP are communists and are looking to initiate a Mao style cultural revolution in Scotland.

    232. MacCumhail says:

      @John Brown

      “The SNP are communists”

      Get a grip.

    233. MacCumhail says:

      I genuinely think MI5 or 6 or whatever must be just sitting with the popcorn thinking what the f*** the same as the rest of us.

      This is just too bonkers for even them to have engineered.

    234. David A. says:

      Even by the 60s the homosexual law in Scotland was only ever normally enforced with repeated public sex offenders and paedophiles preying on young boys. I have known policemen who worked in that time and they never gave two shits about it other than when it was in public (when 99% of the time they’d be told to move on, despite such public acts being arrestable for other reasons even with heterosexual coupling at that time) or when it was school boys being groomed.

      It became a big problem when these laws were later overturned across the UK and people demanded blanket pardons as the prosecutions could be in reality for stopping paedophiles preying on boys rather than people who were in adult homosexual couplings in the privacy of their own homes.

      “Woah there. This is a lie. Progress is in fact NOT “needed” in that area, because there is no sense in which transgender people are currently “unequal” in Scotland. Not a single law discriminates against them. There is not one solitary right which is possessed by everyone else in Scotland which transgender people lack.”

      You can replace that with “women” and you get the same reality. Yet the feminists constantly play victim. The leader of the country is a woman. The leader of one of the main opposition is a woman. There’s no laws stopping them from doing the same, yet there’s constant demands not for equality but MORE than equality, just like Animal Farm. Special laws that only server them and their interests. This is proven by their endless outrage over the transexual lobby coup taking their coveted legal victim status position as the trans groups placed themselves ahead and are on the road to get new legal rights and protections.

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