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So happy together

Posted on July 04, 2016 by


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    1. 04 07 16 10:56

      So happy together | speymouth

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    1. manandboy says:

      Not worth commenting on.

    2. Kevin Evans says:

      If you’d told me that was a clip from a new version of “the fast show” I wouldn’t have challenged you Rev.

    3. Tartan Tory says:

      Almost makes you want to introduce a license to vote……

    4. Dick Wedge says:

      Dunna worry Vince – I’ve lived back in Scotland since 2002 and not once have I ever heard anyone say ‘Really looking forward to my trip to Hull!’ so no need for a fence fella – the fact the place is a sh!thole is sufficient deterrent.

    5. Effijy says:

      No wonder Vince’s business is struggling!

      Would you let someone like that fit your tyres?

      He does however represent the mentality of many people in England who gulp in the daily dose of propaganda from Westminster politicians and UK OK Media.

      Vince, your wheel nuts are loose, your Tread is bare, and
      your economy is punctured!

      Please start on that Borders post just as soon as you like!

    6. heraldnomore says:

      Haven’t heard that ‘Scotland doesn’t want to be a part of England’ line since Emily Maitlis interviewed Angust Robertson.

      He must have heard it on the BBC; ergo it must be true.

    7. Ken500 says:

      White rabbit time. Like rabbits in the headlight. Going down the tunnel. This just runs and runs. Inbred breeders eating themselves. A feeders paradise.

      Faradge resigns as leader of UKIP.

      Maybe he is going to be anointed unelected PM by unelected Murdoch. Laundered cash. Crooks spoiling the broth of the witches brew. Telling Fairy Tales and nonsense. Cruelly de Ville. Black spots out.

      How many more scalps will fall. Cutting up their noses to spite their face. Twa faced losers. Vacant coupons. More and more incredible.

    8. Capella says:

      I heard the interviewer egging him on to talk about Scotland. Poor tool of the evil empire.

      The narrative now is:
      UK us a huge market for Scotland
      EU is a tiny market for Scotland
      Which would you rather have? This enormous pot of gold called the UK or this little heap of rubble called the EU.?

      Don’t try to talk about democratic deficits.

    9. theMadMurph says:

      Does his company do fencing? Perhaps he’s not as daft as he seems! It could be a big job for him!!

    10. DerekM says:

      And now kids that is what happens if you listen to the British press take notes and no laughing at the back.

    11. Alan Gerrish says:

      Not often you make a typo, Stu. Should it not have been Vince from Hell?

      Actually, I feel a wee bit sorry for Vince. He’s only saying what he believes, and what he believes is what the gutter media have been telling him all his life: “Scotland is part of England, everything bad is the fault of foreigners, and plebs know your place , your government will decide. Rule Britannia!

    12. Dan Huil says:

      I’m so relieved my name is Huil and not Hull.

    13. Jon Drummond says:

      Classic example of having an opinion on everything yet an understanding of nothing.

      More rubber between his ears than on the rim.

      Little england personified. See ya.

    14. Almannysbunnet says:

      Vince is the type of voter Farage took full advantage of. Next time you can’t be bothered voting, remember Vince. There are Scottish versions of Vince and their votes are worth exactly the same as yours. Scary really.
      The sad thing is that a Tory led England out of the EU will do no more for him than a Tory led England in the EU.

      I see Farage has signed off. So Boris, Cameron and Farage the three eedjits that got us into this mess have all buggered off. Wonder how Vince feels about that?

    15. Andrew McLean says:

      I saw this on the Revs Twitter-in feed thing, I immediately felt so sorry for him, no doubt he is in for a slagging, after all he is just cannon fodder, his world view honed on a diet of miss-information, lies and the “All Hail the Daily Mail”, “immigrants that’s who’s to blame”, well it gives the Jews a day off I suppose!

      To be fair to him, I have members of my own family and friends, who have been bitten by the same scabby rabid dog, look on in pity, not anger.

    16. Robert Roddick says:

      This poor bugger thinks that Scotland is a part of England. I wonder just how many actually believe this. This has been a problem for 309 years. I wonder what passes for history in the English school system.

    17. Papadox says:

      “If Scotland doesn’t want to be a PART of England we should just let them go and build a fence right along the border.”
      That sums up the majority of English opinions of Scotland. We are a wee piece of England which should just do as it’s told. A the Union? You can feel the love, can’t. You.

    18. call me dave says:

      He’ll be a figure of fun and ridicule but that’s what we have to overcome.

      My cousin (born in Scotland) living in Sheffield since a boy thinks similar, can’t understand the Scottish thing. 🙁

      As Cliff says ‘We don’t talk anymore’

      Don’t be too hard on him he’s not got all the info he’s not going to con-vince us in North Britain….!

    19. Irma says:

      The drivel that is Call Kaye spent the morning extolling the virtues of Brexit, asking those who think we should all get behind it to call in (only them apparently), and she started the programme with comments from Suzanne Evans of UKIP. I don’t know what she said because I swore a lot and turned it off, but listening to some of it later it seemed that most of Scotland voted Leave and can’t wait to get the fences up. Perhaps Kaye had a secret agenda in picking her callers but I may be wrong…
      If this guy is anything to go by, being told to make the best of it and go with the vote of the majority in England is tantamount to throwing ourselves over a cliff for nothing more than the reasoning of morons. This guy in the clip has very little going on between his ears and a woman I saw on C4 news on Friday voted Leave because ‘with all the migration going on, we’d have to build 250,000 houses every day just to keep up with all the foreigners, and then they’re taking all our jobs’.
      Can someone in the SG take responsibility for monitoring the tripe coming from Pacific Quay, and try to fight for some balance in this neverending river of lies, damned lies and twisted statistics?

    20. galamcennalath says:

      Scotland part of England. Confusion like that is probably more common than we think.

      To millions of UK citizens there is no distinction between UK & England.

      When we talk about leaving the UK, they think we are leaving their wonderful England. It offends their pride.

      Never forget Kay Burley’s behaviour on Sky News when referring to Yes activists … “At least two people campaigning against England here”.

      She isn’t the sharpest, we know, but this shows an underlying mindset … ‘It’s always all about England’.

      Someone in her position should know better. She didn’t.

    21. Alison Rollo says:

      Quite happy!! Let England do all the work for an independent England and by default we are free!! YES!!

    22. bobajock says:

      Its mixing England, Scotland part of England and Britain.


    23. unchillfiltered says:

      I had been depressed by prospect of Westminster simply refusing a second indyref – their agreement before the first one setting a precedent. Ruth’s latest comments are heartening but I still believe they’ll ultimately refuse. A ballot in which the No side refuse to recognise and participate in would in theory require a majority of the entire electorate which is a very high bar…

    24. Craig MachAonghais says:

      Down in London Town right now and reflecting on a very pleasant evening spent with some English friends who don’t have an anti- Scottish bone in their bodies…nice, intelligent, cultured folk all of them, you know the type who love Tate modern. The talk was about Brexit (how ghastly!) and of course Scotland’s independence came up in conversation too…most were sad about the prospect, one or two indifferent but the comment of the evening for me came from a very charming lady who was frankly very puzzled. As she put it, “I just don’t understand why Scotland wants to “leave” England – after all we’re ALL English”. Jaw-droppingly astonishing comment but kind of sums up a fairly prevelant attitude down here. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry really…

    25. Socrates MacSporran says:

      There, in that clip, you have it – the English viewpoint: “Scotland is part of England”.

      This is what 300-plus years have brought them to; we do not have a United Kingdom, there never was a Union of two nations or countries.

      England owns Scotland and we are an ungrateful bunch of subsidy junkie Sweaties for trying to say otherwise.

      Time we left them to their own devices.

      I used to work in the tyre trade. I may be wrong, but, as far as I can recall, the only British or even English manufacturer of new tyres still operating is Avon. All the rest, even the perennially English Dunlop, are foreign-owned.

      Sure, we make Michelins in Dundee, but, the parent company is French; Uniroyal is German, as is Continental, Good Year, who own Dunlop, Firestone and BF Goodrich are American companies. We have various Japanese companies – Bridgestone, Kyoto, Toyo etc trading here. Pirelli, who make the Formula One tyres, are Italian.

      Friend Vince is in the hands of foreigners when he sells his tyres I am afraid.

      But, never mind, he got a winning ticket in the lottery of life – he was born an Englishman. Rule Brittania.

      Aye Right, as we say here in the West of Scotland.

    26. Christine Kabashi says:

      I actually thought it was Vic Reeves in a character!

    27. Macca73 says:

      Just one thing that struck me right away …Why the Union flag if you just want to be England….

    28. galamcennalath says:

      Craig MachAonghais says:

      “As she put it, “I just don’t understand why Scotland wants to “leave” England – after all we’re ALL English”. Jaw-droppingly astonishing comment”

      For decades I have adopted a standard comeback when someone says something like that. I reply … “You French are all the same”.

      To which you almost always get reply correcting you, “I’m not French”.

      Which opens the opportunity to say, “and, I’m not English”.

      Point generally made.

    29. Petra says:

      Cameron gone, Osborne finished, Boris gone, Farage gone and Gove with nae chance.

      Maybe an opening there for Vince?

    30. marydoll says:


      I see the National is back to SNP bad. Conspiracy theory eh?

    31. Nigel says:

      I really wish Vince from Hull the very, very best for the future – honestly, sincerely, emphatically.

      Because if we win Indyref2, and the omens are good, he and his colleagues, friends, employees, countrymen and women are going to need it.

    32. Nigel says:

      galamcennalath says:
      4 July, 2016 at 10:44 am

      Scotland part of England. Confusion like that is probably more common than we think…

      Yes, and it seems to have been the case in the EU too – until Nicola Sturgeon did her brilliant charm offensive in Brussels last week…so many ordinary Europeans probably did not give it a second’s thought until Brexit and our emphatic remain vote. The realisation that we are a country and not a county is sinking in fast.

      Roll on Indyref2.

    33. Glamaig says:

      Irma says:
      4 July, 2016 at 10:43 am

      Can someone in the SG take responsibility for monitoring the tripe coming from Pacific Quay, and try to fight for some balance in this neverending river of lies

      Totally agree. I’m sick of it. This needs to be countered and fast if Indyref2 is going to succeed. It’s ridiculous that I’m looking at Irish, German, French, Manx etc output trying to get an objective picture.

      It’s going to take a whole full-time team, constantly listening, measuring, and documenting. Ponsonby and Robertson are only individuals and have lives too!

      All news bulletins, and current affairs programs on BBC Scotland and STV need to come under the microscope. We need an army of trained volunteers under direction, working with the same guidelines, producing a mass of traceable and verifiable data.

      I doubt if ScotGov can formally do this, but what’s the answer?
      Can the SNP do it?

    34. Legerwood says:

      O/t but not by much

      Farage has resigned. He wants his life back!

      But don’t worry he’ll reverse it tomorrow.

    35. Mac says:

      Could have sworn i heard “duelling banjos” in the background…yeeehaaaa!!!

      Product of years of poor education!

    36. Almannysbunnet says:

      I see BBC Scotland are doing a special on what the brexit vote means for Scotland. The application form for being in the audience is attached. From what I can see the only thing they don’t require is a copy of your fingerprints and a sample of you DNA.

    37. Macart says:

      Westminster will be Westminster – QED

      This is the end result of THEIR triangulation, spadding, smearing, misinforming and outright manipulation. It was the only place it ever could possibly end.

      The Westminster establishment system of politics was always the true narrative of division. I’m sure dividing society in order to manipulate voter demographics more easily sounded like a simply super plan. I mean, low information, poorly educated masses addicted to soundbite news? Control the source of the information and control the method of getting your message out there? Brilliant idea! What could possibly go wrong? Who could it hurt? Did they care if people were hurt?

      Just so long as they get the result they wanted right?


      Well they’ve got a result and its a society saturated with fear, mistrust, intolerance and in worst cases hatred of the other.

      It is time to end this political union. We should have no part of this. No part of what is occurring throughout these islands because of Westminster and ‘politics as it is practiced’.

    38. Ken500 says:

      Faradge resigned as leader of UKIP. Skeleton’s in the cupboard. Blsckmail. What will come out? Finances. Illegal Offshore Trust fund etc?

      Osborne cuts corporation the worst thing he could do. He already does nit collect enough taxes. This will leave another shortfall which will go to wealth tax evaders and his associates.

      It is like the IndyRef1 in Scotland. The winners lose. Big time.

      Angela Eagle will fail and have to resign,

      Even the Greens who lie and collude with Unionists. The status quo and renege on their own policies, wasting public money are at it.

      The Unionist/Green Party are disgusting. Puppets. Total liars.

    39. Irma says:

      A strange coincidence that Farage has resigned, just after we hear that Arron Banks wants to fund Andrea Leadsom’s leadership bid. Farage can’t get into influencing policy from where he is, but Lord Farage of EnglandByTheSea? Watch this space…

    40. Hugh Kirk says:

      Trouble is Vince, your thinking is all fucked up. Sorry mate.

    41. Capella says:

      Mouseland – where all the little mice live – just like you and me and Vince. 4 mins.

    42. Ken500 says:

      The Westminster/Unionists and they Parties are mad. Completely and utterly insane. They are mad. They are certifiable. They are driving the economy and the public insane. Giving people worry and mental, health problems.

      Wealthy Andrea Leadsom whose brother in law gave £800,000 to the Leave campaign doesn’t like rich people?

    43. Onwards says:

      This guy isn’t the brightest tool, but that’s a common attitude in England. The UK and England are effectively seen as one and the same, and Scotland doesn’t have the ability to govern itself.

      I was at a wedding in London during the 2014 referendum and the conversation in the group got onto Scotland. So much for a UK of equal nations. The overall feeling was of total indifference as to what Scotland did, or a perception that we would be running back with our tails between our legs after a month.

    44. Robert Louis says:


      The union jack is used interchangeably for England and ‘Britain’ by the English. In their eyes, England = Britain. Scotland Wales, N.Ireland are just the colonies they own.

      And They are right.

    45. Blind Tam says:

      Hull after all is the next uk city of Culture……!!!

    46. scotspine says:

      They can keep their blood soaked Union Flag to represent England if the want, It doesn’t even have the correct colour of the Saltire in it.

    47. Petra says:

      Not so happy together at all. Hubby has got it all wrong. Scotland has filed for divorce.

    48. Robert Louis says:

      Number 10 : Hey Nigel how about doing a bit of these negotiations with the EU??

      Nige: Excellent idea. I’d love to.

      Number 10: Just one wee problem – you can’t be the leader of UKIP if you do – toxic brand and all that, sorry old chap.

      Nige: No problem.

      Nige: ‘I hereby resign as leader of UKIP’

    49. Jimbo says:

      It’s a shame for guys like Vince. There are a great many gullible people like him who believe what the dishonest UK media and politicians tell them – and we have our share of them in Scotland too.

      Sadly the UK’s lying media and politicians have no intention of disabusing the likes of Vince any time soon. It suits their agenda to constantly play one against the other.

    50. shiregirl says:

      Poor Vince from Hull has been used. Shame on the journalist who egged him on, for she knew what his responses would probably be.

      He is typical of a type of English voter who has been lured in by the Brexit promise of being how it once was – jobs for all and British pride restored. Ending immigration and British industry restored. I will point out that not all the English are like this – many are very sympathetic.

      …” I though Scotland was part of England, but it’s quite obvious they don’t want to be”

      Scary thing is, there are a good few that think Scotland IS part of England. I’m tempted to offer to help him build the bloody fence myself, but feel a considered response in explaining why many Scots feels this way is the best answer to comments like this.

      And they wonder why we want independence?

    51. DerekM says:

      Watching them pull out the zoomers from brexit should be quite an eye opener for the leave campaign,even i note that there are some serious arguments to a brexit for England and there are some clever guys on that side but all you get is the zoomers.

      The old britnat BUM just love the zoomers opinions to drown out intelligent debate.

    52. marydoll at 11.00

      I’ve just read my National. You must have another one.

    53. Peter Brunskill says:

      Some English people are stupid. Same applies to Scottish people. I’m English, SNP member since 1974 and pro independence but not so I can get my country back.
      I see Independence as a way a mature nation runs its own affairs. I feel the same disenfranchisement now I’m living back in the North of England as I did in Scotland – decisions being taken miles away by people I didn’t vote for.
      Sadly however the England that Vince from Hull wants will not happen through Brexit. Time the power was taken away from the London establishment and put back to the localities where it can be used properly. First step is national independence for Scotland.

    54. According the North British Unionist careerist parties we are part of England and a sub species. I hope his tyres go baldy and he electrifies his garden fence.

    55. Del says:

      Maybe Farage is abandoning UKIP because he sees a chance to join a even-righter-wing Conservative party, and pal up with his new best buddy, Andrea Leadsom ? After all, she’s been leading him on this last 24 hours or so …

    56. Andrew Coulson says:

      Boris Johnson — the BoJo of Destiny — is a contemptible man, but he is not unintelligent or unperceptive. He was right to see that there is an element of Death-of-Di hysteria in what commentators and people are saying and thinking at the moment.
      But this will pass surprisingly quickly. By the end of the summer, the economy will be jogging on much as it was two weeks ago. What will have changed utterly is the, partly but not wholly soap-opera drama, of politics and public life.
      I don’t think there is likely to be a ‘politics of hope’ in rUK for years to come (and if the likes of Andrea Leadsom manage to create a politics of hope, it will be working towards a world that I don’t much care for).
      All of this makes me all the more eager for the optimism and hope that I believe there would be in an independent Scotland. But some part, small or large, of the current increase in ‘Yes’ opinion _may_ be part of the Death-of-Di phenomenon, and when — so far as immediate economic effects are concerned — ‘it’s all blown over’, we may not be looking at easy victory in indyref2 — particularly if the English establishment continues to see Scotland-in-th-UK as an essential part of their identity. Just as poor old Vince had always thought that Scotland was a corner of England.
      So it’s not going to be easy. I’m not an SNP voter, but I think that Nicola Sturgeon’s calm firmness is totally admirable. ‘If’ personified. If anyone can do it, she will.

    57. Mark Fletcher says:

      Poor old Vince! Robert Peffers need to have a word with him. So many Vinces – a nation of Vinces.

      Are they in for a shock when Scotland regains independence! It will be an education for Vince.

    58. Is the fence he suggests should be built to keep decent English people escaping to Scotland, from the far right wing nutters who seem to be infecting politics in England?

    59. carjamtic says:

      Reaching for a well thumbed copy of….Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance – M Pirsig.


    60. Calum McKay says:

      Poor Vince is more to be pitied than scorned, his opinion is a product of the media including sky that bombards him and others day in day out with lies.

      I wish Vince and his countrymen and women well when Scotland and England part amicably and we can mange out own affairs!

    61. Dr Jim says:

      We’re heading for the “Sunlit uplands” according to posh Tory woman who wants to be prime Minister

      Then she left the press conference got into her chauffeur driven limo and headed to the Savoy for lunch

      Busy day, Phew!

    62. Ken500 says:

      Westminster Parliament can’t stop another Ref in Scotland. If a political Party in Scotland puts it in a manifesto and a majority of the electorate vote for it. Different Legal systems. Scottish separate legal system guaranteed under the 1707 Union agreement. Under Scottish Law the People are sovereign. The power rest with the people equally. The four estates – the crown, the nobles, the church, the people. equal. That is guaranteed under Scottish/UK/EU/International Law. The principle of self determination. To try and deny that right is illegal. Westminster can’t deny that right. That is why Cameron could not refuse. Thenhe reneged on promises. Devolution 2000 was gained under EU Law.

      Davidson is trying to con people. Giving the impression she supports another Indy Ref. She is a member of a political Party who opposes, another Ref and Independence for Scotland. Cameron will be gone and he reneged on promises given. Davidson is just trying to pacify and retain Tory voters in Scotland.

      The next IndyRef will be different. From where will be the opposition and funding come? There will be less opposition in Scotland and less funding for BT.

    63. Petra says:


      ‘SNP MEP Alyn Smith on EU standing ovation: ‘It was the speech of my life, and I gave it for Scotland’

      ”I was dreading going back to Brussels this week, but I have never had so many hugs, tears and best wishes from colleagues. I was fighting back tears myself as I reported to our political group how the campaign went.

      Sometimes people forget politicians are actually human beings, we’re passionate about what we do and emotional creatures like everyone else. A lot of us are still working through a sort of grief at something we all lost on June 23. Something that was taken away.

      Where I feared an immediate closing of ranks against us, actually on a human level the opposite was true. Other MEPs recognise the hard work a lot of us have put in on this campaign, the friendships and contacts built up over the years, the integrity and credibility of Scotland’s MEPs. They don’t want to lose us. Five out of the six of us anyway.

      It came to a head in a speech I made in the plenary on Tuesday, in an emergency debate to try and take a view on what to do next. In the European Parliament speaking time is allocated in advance to the groups, and actually at the start of the debate I wasn’t going to intervene. But as I saw the gloating, snarling, jeering, Ukip and Tory faces, egged on by Front National and worse, I thought, I’m not going to let that shower speak for my country.

      It was visceral. I ran down to our group co-President Philippe Lamberts, and asked for some of his time to close the debate, which he gave willingly. Our Secretariat sorted it out with Parliament’s President Schulz and I was added to the agenda, mid debate. I then gave the speech of my life (so far). I had no time to plan it, but in hindsight I’d been planning it without realising it, for the last miserable six months of a miserable EU referendum campaign and it came from the heart.

      I wanted to let our European friends know that Scotland did vote to Remain. That we’re different. That UKIP doesn’t speak for us. That Northern Ireland, London and lots of people across England and Wales (48% to be exact) want something different. I want my country to be different from the country it might be about to become. Internationalist, co-operative, ecological, fair, European. I wanted to let them know Scotland delivered, we didn’t let them or ourselves down, come on folks, help us out.

      The reaction was also from the heart, a moment of catharsis all round. The Chamber was pin drop silent, then erupted. A standing ovation is unheard of in the European Parliament, but everyone responded. The Left, the Right, the North, the South, the East (especially) the West.

      The officials, the interpreters, the guards. I will long remember the faces as the ovation went on and we all realised, yes, Scotland has something to say. And has been heard. I changed the discussion. No more was Brexit going to be just about Little Britain, Dave, Boris and Nigel, Scotland is now firmly part of the picture. Lots of people in Brussels didn’t quite get the ‘why’ of independence back in 2014, they do now. And mark me well, while we’re not talking about independence because that is a different discussion for another time, They now know where we’re coming from and there’s a lot of goodwill for us.

      The reaction outside the Parliament too has been awe inspiring. The inbox has all but melted with the good wishes and media bids. I’ve done TV in Germany, France, Romania, CNN, Bloomberg, Estonia, Italy, everywhere, all with the same message. Scotland is different and we want to work with you. I also spoke for a lot of folk South of the border, lets not forget them.

      The visit the following day of Nicola Sturgeon completed the game change. She was pitch perfect. Calm, focussed, clear and determined. Scotland is not going to be a passive bystander in this. She met a range of top people, and the doors are open. As Jean Claude Juncker put it: “Scotland has earned the right to be heard.”

      So the future is not written, but the other bit of significant news was on Thursday evening, when President Schulz confirmed that UK MEPs will remain in post for as long as the UK remains a member. There had been fears that we would be out sooner rather than later, but we will now continue in post.

      So I continue to have a role, albeit with a very different workload. A nationwide mandate and an international responsibility. I have just spent the last six months, and indeed 14 years before that, working with and for the grassroots of the SNP, galvanising our EU campaign. And it delivered. We proved we’re different.

      We have, together, opened the door to some glittering opportunities across Europe, we just need to seize them. I’ll continue to do my bit (Sunday Herald).

    64. Tinto Chiel says:

      To be fair to silly Vince, there are plenty of Scots who “think” along similar lines, which is why we are still in this infernal Union.

      I see the Rev’s Twitter feed is awash with Little Englanders saying, “Good riddance!” to Scotland.

      We’ll just take our oil, luxury food and drink exports, access to the EU, und so weiter, and you can have all the National Debt and those nice Trident submarines.

      Just sign here and it’s all yours…

    65. Capella says:

      Desperate rearguard action to try to prevent Article 50 being triggered – indefinitely. Legal action to ensure Parliament votes for it first.

      Some funny comments:
      So some lawyer with a foreign sounding name with a foreign sounding legal firm wants to undermine the democratic wishes of the British people – says it all doesn’t it?

    66. scotspine says:

      Sadly, Vince reminds me of the big thick kid every “gang” had when I was young.

      Egg him on to do something daft and then laugh when he did it. “Vince” would laugh as well, not realising he was the one being laughed at.

      The press perpetuate this habit with willing thickos. They are praying on vulnerable folk (modern speak for big daft thickos) and it’s disgraceful.

    67. Skybolt says:

      Problem viewing – Does anyone know why I get the message “This browser does not support video playback” – on both FF and IE?

    68. Artyhetty says:

      It’s what we have come to expect from our neighbours, who think that they own Scotland.

      When my friends down in NE england, one who is Irish, said ‘why do you want to seperate, yous are connected by land!’. At that point I had to tell them that France is connected by land to Germany etc. Doh!

      Schools taught absolutely nothing about history, not Scottish, not Irish, not Welsh. It was all about the tudors, the kings and queens of englandshire.

      Do people in england see the N. Irish as ‘english’ I wonder. The lack of awareness regards the UK (and of course the EU as was apparent on the 23rd June) and how it became so, and what it means now, is staggering. Bizarre really, considering the emphasis on the other. Perhaps Scotland is only acceptable if assimilated into england.

      I sensed a kind of jealousy from friends, and family south of the border. They find it very difficult to accept that Scotland is different and think that it is arrogance, and ‘wanting it all’. It is a shame, because they seem to accept third best from their UKOK government, lacking ambition for things to be fairer and more life affirming. Hmm.


    69. sandycraig says:

      Posted this on wrong thread

      What a dick Vince from Hull is.

      I was 5 years old when I visited my cousins in England and I knew then we were different countries.

      Does he really have his own business?

    70. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Capella

      “UK us a huge market for Scotland
      EU is a tiny market for Scotland”

      And they don’t even see the major flaw in that bankrupt argument, to wit: Indy Scotland will remain in the EU. iUK WANTS to continue trading with the EU, ergo iUK wants to continue trading with Scotland (as part of the EU).


    71. Cadogan Enright says:

      sadly, Vince does not get to make the decisions in Britain and Ireland. Once he is rid of Wales and Scotland – whats he going to do with the North East of Ireland?

      the London bubble and the EBC with their landed friends and Pacific Quay minion in Scotland will grimly try to hang on whatever Vince thinks.

      the want to bestride the ‘British’ (English) isles and thence the world

    72. TheItalianJob says:

      @Tinto Cheil at 11.43

      Agree with you that there are “plenty of Scots who think like him”.

      And that was the reason for our Indy2014 defeat. How we convert these people over to our side is a major issue especially with the ramp up of MSM propaganda we are currently witnessing e.g. England is a bigger trading partner to Scotland than the EU.

      We need to work at the general populace on how we are far better Independent and in the EU than out of it and part of the U.K.

      That is our greatest challenge coming up for everyone of us here in WOS.

    73. Artyhetty says:


      I know you don’t mean any harm, but actually ‘vulnerable’ person is a term used for people with learning disabilities, dementia, autism, and/or physical disability.

      Vince is not really vulnerable, just not well attuned to things, not aware and not willing to learn. There is a difference.

      Vulnerable people can be overly attuned, overly aware and very willing to learn, when they can.

    74. Vambomarbeleye says:

      When I am in Germany and I get a German thinking that we are all English. I ask them if they are Austrian. The light bulb then comes on.

    75. Ken500 says:

      UKIP is bankrupt.

      Arron Banks unelected, Leave millionaire, has removed his funding. It is going to Andrea Leadsom – Tory, whose as brother in law gave £800,000 to the Leave campaign. She claims ‘not to like rich people or tax evaders’? The wealthy multimillionaire tax evaders who are secretly buying power and lying about it. In order to tax evade and cheat the system. Andrea Leadsom, a Thatcher clone. Thatcher funded by tax evader bankers caused the North/South divide, over 3million unemployed (higher %) and interest rates at 15%

    76. heedtracker says:

      There’s educated, thoughtful and articulate English men like Vince up there and then there’s the BetterTogether Slovenia branch, going completely nuts at Scottish democracy.

      Adam Tomkins MSP ?@ProfTomkins 17h17 hours ago
      For the avoidance of doubt, this case is not seeking to reverse the result of the referendum. It’s to ensure its consequences are lawful.

      Its mad mad mad UKOK world.

    77. velofello says:

      I wonder are the tyres in his stock behind him all made in England?

      We’ve just had a UK referendum on whether or not to remain in the EU. Scotland voted for the status quo, to remain in the EU. England and Wales voted to leave. Surely then it is incumbent upon England to respect the the outcome of the referendum and end the union with Scotland and so enable Scotland its democratic wish to remain in the EU? Why do we need a second referendum on Scottish independence?

      Northern Ireland and Gibraltar need to have their vote to remain in the EU also respected by the UK before the ending of the Scotland/England union.

    78. r esquierdo says:

      He never gave his opinion about the Muslamics

    79. David says:

      In a former life, ‘Vince from Hull’ was a cartoon character…

    80. heedtracker says:

      Vince’s fellow countryman Prof T does have it all sorted out for his Scotland region. But Vince wont like it sadly.

      Future Lord Tomkins, from Devon, just doesn’t want Scotland to run Scotland Vince, we need England to make the big decisions for us, like tearing up our EU citizenship. Its Prof T’s UKOK democracy pooling and sharing, Slovenia style:D

      He said: “Scotland did not vote to remain in the EU, Scotland voted for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.
      “There’s no mandate here for any interpretation that the people of Scotland decided that Scotland must be a member state in its own right.
      “So I think words matter and we need to be clear.”

      Sorry Vince. You’re stuck with the sweaties for a wee while yet.

    81. Dr Jim says:

      John Beattie talking about the MAIN political parties at the moment

      Not the Scottish ones, The MAIN ones

    82. Macbeda says:

      Wow this Vince is giving us Berwick back and those bits of Newcastle and above north of the tyne.

      Go for it Vince, build your wall.

      It means we get the oilfields stolen back without a fight too.

      Unexpected Consequences AGAIN.

    83. Robert Graham says:

      I wouldn’t be to hard on Vince the interviewer mentioned Scotland not Vince he gave what is probably a widespread opinion of the Scotch by English people thats if they ever think of us at all .
      I worked for an English based company for 25 years and we were the outpost along with Ireland and Wales guys like Vince dont mean any harm it just like the rest of England we dont figure in their thinking , that was clear during 2014 in the last weeks leading up to the vote most of them were shocked we were going to leave them the common comment was how did we get to this situation , their media thats why , thats why its so important to counter the BBC it should be Number one on the agenda they will have to ask for comment from the SNP as they are the governing party every single opportunity must be used to call out the BBC we know they are biased but the rest of the Country trusts them there lies the problem or opportunity .

    84. Capella says:

      Ha ha – our first prospective economic refugees from the chaos of Brexit – David Cameron and Samantha!

    85. peekay says:

      If UKIP survive I can see them morphing into a pro-English Indy party. It’s right up their street and the political loss in Scotland will be negligible.

    86. Nigel says:

      Vambomarbeleye says:
      4 July, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      When I am in Germany and I get a German thinking that we are all English. I ask them if they are Austrian. The light bulb then comes on.

      Exactly! The constant drip-drip-drip UK propaganda surrounding this issue of Scotland being portrayed as a region rather than a country means it has become a given for most people. I bet that last week, after the Brexit vote, many Europeans had quite a surprise when they learned that Scotland is a country and a nation and not part of England.

      When abroad, I am always having to explain this to people too.

    87. Valerie says:

      Poor Vince, just cannon fodder to fan the flames of chaos that politicians created.

      But then, Hammond and May both saying they won’t give reassurance to resident EU nationals, which is disgusting.

      The ruling class have created this ignorance and division.

    88. heedtracker says:

      I wonder are the tyres in his stock behind him all made in England?

      Also that the tyre was a Scottish invention too, an inventor from Stonehaven, a small Scottish fishing town now covered in union jacks. Guess who think they own Stoney? UKOK toryboys.

      Vimce wont like this either.

    89. mike cassidy says:


      This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

    90. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @mike cassidy –


    91. Capella says:

      Scot Goes Pop has had a laugh at Adam “It’s the Law” Tomkins.

    92. Grouse Beater says:

      For years I argued England’s elite don’t give a jot about Scotland other than what they can get out of it, or own, and the person in the street either thinks us not English enough, or doesn’t hold a view.

      Thus, for so many Scots deciding the way to prosper is to acquire a pseudo English accent, join a golf club, and be completely blind to Westminster’s corrupt politics.

      Well, it’s all there now for us to see.

      What Brexit has done is to guarantee we stay in the clutches of the USA. And that’s NOT a good outcome. Indeed, it’s very dangerous.

    93. Chic McGregor says:

      And the MacSimmons will pay for it.

    94. Alan says:


      Almost certainly no. 😀

      “The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (BTMA) supports and promotes the interests of its members; tyre manufacturers supplying the UK market from factories in Europe.”

      Michelin – France, Spain, Germany
      Dunlop/Goodyear – USA, Slovenia, Poland
      Pirelli – Italy, Brazil, Mexico
      Bridgestone – Japan
      Continental – It’s in the name! Germany
      Vast amounts of budget/economy tyres – China

      Granted, there are a couple of tyre factories in Carlisle and Ballymena. However, they are owned by foreign companies. And where do all those “part-worn” tyres come from? Germany, where the legal minimum tread depth is 3mm. Ours is 1.6mm.

    95. scotspine says:


      Sorry, I take the telling off and I am now wearing a sheepish grin.

      I guess Vince is just dumb-ass ignorant then.

    96. Cuilean says:

      Farage ‘wants his life back’.

      But Farage is still a MEP and getting paid for that (£78,000 plus expenses)! until (a) we Brexit or (b)the next European Parliament Election in 2019.

      He’s not resigning as a MEP! He’s on his own wee gravy train until 2019, at least!

      But what if we have still not Brexited by 2019?

      Will UK get to elect MEPS in 2019 if still not out?

      The way UK dragging its feet on Brexit, that is entirely possible!

    97. Craig P says:

      All these Vinces in the UK media. In Scotland we try to keep our bigots down (or marching on the street on the 12th July – it’s acceptable to be a bigot so long as you are a British Protestant bigot) but in England they are loud and proud. Why this difference? Why is it OK to be a bigot in England but not in Scotland?

    98. Ruth Davidson, the Ruddy Rotund One,Jackson Carlaw, WATP Professor Adam Tomkins, The Queen’s Eleven Murdo Fraser, Dolly the political sheep Oliver Mundell, and his dad, and the twenty or so unelected Tory troughers sitting incredibly as MSPs, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling , Liar Carmichael, Iain Davidson, The Alexander Brothers, Kezia, Henry, …you get the drift, all firmly believe that Scotland is a part of England. Why would this poor man’s ill educated mutterings come as a surprise to anyone?
      In the Counting Houses of Edinburgh, and the Oil and Gas Offices of Aberdeen, most of the well off Establishment Defenders in the North believe that Scotland is part of, nay, a colony of, England.
      Every black and white war movie depicts ‘England'(including the colonies of Scotland Wales, and Northern Ireland) fighting the Dreaded Hun.
      Hull, like most of ‘North Britain’ (q.v., The Clunking Fist Brown) had its industries, fishing, and social infrastructure destroyed by Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron Clegg, and now, god help us all, Amanda Leadsom, the City Minister, the self styled Thatcher Second Coming, looks set to lead England into several decades of Ultra Right Wing neo liberal madness. The 51st State.
      This poor man is only mouthing that which he is fed by the media, including the BBC, which now makes no pretence Up Here.
      Our only option now is a structured UKexit, a second Referendum, and independence.
      I’d love to buy Vince a pint, and talk him through some of this.
      Independent Scotland will not be building walls. Far from it. Hopefully Vince will look over the border, and realise their is another way.
      I hope he gets to read these comments. You are our neighbour, we are you ally, honest, Vince.

    99. Bob Mack says:

      The more Vincents there are in England the better. There is more than one way to skin a cat.
      Maybe little England is their dream after all.

    100. Clapper57 says:

      Watching news reports on BREXIT where reporters are speaking to ‘ordinary’ people in England it is amazing how many of these ‘ordinary’ people vote Tory.

      If the truth really was , as many state, that England subsidises Scotland then how wise is their Tory party ?

      An analogy of this would be a successful large company continually bailing out a small subsidiary company . Is that good business practice ? There is no sentiment in business . If you do not pull your weight or a liability then you are gone.

      So it would be justified in arguing that the Tories are NOT managing this UK as some of it’s English ‘ordinary’ voters deem part of this UK is a liability. Does one then conclude , based on the ‘ordinary’ English voters perception, that the Tories as a government are not fit for purpose ?

      So from this analogy are we to surmise that the Tories are retaining Scotland for sentimental reasons ? Are the Tories a caring government who see it as their duty to aid and bail out Scotland , the perceived weak link in this United Kingdom to the detriment of a larger nation and it’s people , namely England ?

      Do these English ‘ordinary’ voters never challenge the party they support , the Tories, as to what does Scotland bring to the UK table. Do the English ‘ordinary’ voters even care or are they so wrapped up in their own nationalism that they are incapable of making any reasoned conclusion as to why their government are so desperate to keep a country who they, the ‘ordinary’ English voter, see as an albatross around their English Britannia necks.

      Perhaps if the Tory government and other union parties were MORE forthcoming in what Scotland actually contributes to this dysfunctional family of nations then this subsidy argument, used as a weapon by English uninformed nationalists, could be finally exposed as the lie it really is.

      However we know why the unionist political parties are so reticent in praising and extolling Scotland’s contribution and virtues to this disunited kingdom , it is because if they perpetrate the very same ‘lie’ as their ill informed English ‘voters’ then it keeps the fearful ‘No’ voters in Scotland doubting their own country’s true worth as a viable independent nation.

      It is the unionist political parties who are to blame for this division within the UK and the false perceptions as to Scotland’s valuable role and contributions within the UK.

      As to this new Project Fear argument , or should I say Project Threat in respect to trade between UK and Scotland being worth more to Scotland than trade with EU. Are Scots to assume leaving UK would stop all trade between them ? However England leaving EU means access to SM and on English terms only.

      So the English reasoning is now the following :

      UK leave EU and UK wants an amicable divorce .

      Scotland leaves UK and England wants a messy divorce.

      Wanting their Cake and eat it ….again !…..they should be careful …..they may choke through their selfish greediness and perpetual sense of English entitlement. Hopefully England wants will not equate to England gets.

    101. Dal Riata says:

      “Scotland doesn’t want to be part England”

      ROFL! That was about the only thing you said that many any sense, Vince from ‘ull!

      That mindset is not done in isolation. There is a prevalent belief in many people in England that Scotland is ‘a part of’ England.

      Why should they be any the wiser, they’ve had the false-information propaganda drilled into them since childhood that the whole UK, Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland mix of titles is, in their reality, Greater England. Those other names are, to them, mere parts of Greater England.

      Those times you hear even the likes of newsreaders, or those you believe should know better, saying ‘England’ rather than the UK or, most commonly, ‘England’ rather than Great Britain/Britain are just doing it subconsciously rather to antagonise – it’s in their minds that it really is ‘England’, all of it.

      An England über alles: England above all else, if you will.

    102. heedtracker says:

      Vince is actually quite worrying, economy wise.

      Back in the 80’s, we used to drive down to Hull uni from Aberdeen and even that long ago, it was a shock to see just how far advanced England’s motorway infrastructure network was, compared to their scotland region.

      Scottish motorway network was completely non existent but coming off the A1 motorway onto an 8 lane motorway straight in to Hull and all towns like it in north of England, is where our oil went.

      Yet its still grim up North.

    103. call me dave says:

      The news where I am in Fife.

      Two new SNP members make themselves known to me in the cafe this morning. 🙂 Put some sugar on my porridge!

      The barrage balloon resigns, with his job now done, and he’s ditched just like Boris by the real power brokers.

      Then read a long letter on a short piece of paper (see Wilberries) in ‘The National’ by a Welsh born Scottish resident leaver who feels no longer welcome in Scotland. 🙁

      As for the rest of the news… it’s just more of the same old, MSM trying to get us back in the box.

      May as well go the whole hog! Torrance, less circumlocution than usual.

      I can do with a wee word from Sturgeon to cheer me up.

    104. Here is part of what one unionist Brexiter who is against Scottish independence.

      Wrote in one of my local papers, he urged leave campaigners to adopt the British jobs for British workers part of Gordon Brown’s speech and to flag it up to everyone of the Johnny foreigners including the Canadian at the bank of England.

    105. Dr Ew says:

      “But I could have told you, Vincent
      this world was never meant for one as
      beautiful as you… “

    106. Capella says:

      The Mouseland clip is form a CBC film “Prairie Giant – Tommy Douglas Story”. He was a Canadian social democrat politician, reformer and Baptist preacher. He introduced their Health Care system. Born in Falkirk, Scotland. (Wikipedia)

      The film is 3 hrs long – one for the nights drawing in. But the first few minutes of intro music and background is worth a listen.

    107. Chic McGregor says:

      There’ll always be an England
      And England will be free.
      But now that mental age might have to
      face re-al-it-ee.

    108. Iron Man says:

      @macca 10.56

      ‘Why the Union flag if you just want to be England….’

      That would be because the English see that flag as the Enlgish flag the same way they see God Save the Queen as the English National anthem.

    109. sinky says:

      Difficult to convert staunch UKOK types like Daily Express which was railing today against “devious” Nicola Sturgeon who had the audacity to try to win financial services business from London to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

      So called Scottish Daily Express prefers London to have all the jobs

    110. Ross Lowe says:

      I no longer feel anger towards such comments but they are indicative of the times we live. Vince sounds like third generation misinformed The statement that “I thought Scotland was a part of England” not the UK is a result of Westminster/BBC political propaganda that has no backfired in the Brexit vote.
      The imperialist machination of England still exists but at the fault of Westminster not the people of England.

    111. Dr Jim says:

      England has won it’s freedom from stifling EU beaurocracy says posh Tory woman, we have won our Independence

      Shut up Scotland you orrible little oinks there’s still more money to be sucked out of you lot before we cut you off

      Thank You, Thank You your worships, all crumbs gratefully accepted, we kiss the hemline of your majestic frock Majesty, cringe grovel sniffle

      One is happy to be of service “Andrew Martin” Bicentennial man

      I wonder how long it will take us

    112. shug says:

      Is there a list of the projects the EU is currently funding in Scotland

      The sooner NO voters get to see what funding will stop and the unemployment that will follow the better.

      As a starting point all EU subsidies to farms will stop – how many farms might then close

    113. Calgacus says:

      Is Vince related toTrumplinks. They both seem to think their neighburs should build a fence for their benefit.Arrogance personified.

    114. sandycraig says:

      Jack 12.42

      ” the ruddy rotund one ”


    115. Calgacus says:

      Trump,bloody autocorrect

    116. Almannysbunnet says:

      See that block grant that the little Englanders can’t wait to get their hands on when Scotland gets her independence. I can’t wait to see their wee purple faces when they find out that it’s another mirage like the £350 million on the side of thon bus.

    117. Col says:

      BBC in Scotland all of a sudden on the side of Scottish fishermen. Now why would that be? They’ve already done their bit promoting the idea that Scottish fishermen speak as one voice. Funny that they oppose the Scottish government on the eu issue isn’t it.

    118. Macart says:

      The ATL examples of how misinformation works on the grand scale.

      The tyre fitting gentleman doesn’t even question the narrative or the media who sell the narrative. It doesn’t occur that the Westminster parliament is dominated by literally hundreds of English MPs and that in effect England has always plotted its own course and its sovereignty never in question. No legislation could ever pass through commons unless it was with consent of England’s own representatives. You get the government you vote for and you get the representation you vote for.

      The numbers simply don’t lie. Politicians looking to scapegoat their stewardship of government however…. they do.

      Its not our fault, its immigrants, or the poor. Its not our fault, its all those celts (also immigrants). Its not our fault, its those unelected technocrats in that mysterious place across the water in Johnny Furriner land. So if you’ll only vote this way and give me five more years…

      Right up until they run out of scapegoats to demonize and a population has no other place to look except the mirror.

    119. Effijy says:

      Could I voice an idea for the likes of Vince and many others that meet on holiday?

      1, SNP Launches a membership, at £1.OO, for those in England who want to be completely free of all matters Scottish.

      2, We launch a petition on 38 Degrees or Change seeking 100,000 signatures for an English breakaway form Scotland.

      Fair chance of 100,000 signatures from both sides, but doesn’t score points for Scotland when the English Electorate want to separate from us.

    120. Caledonius says:

      *Slow hand clap*

      I suppose he also thought that ‘Scots’ were just another form of Northern English people with funny accents like Gordies or Scousers. No wonder so many of them refer to the whole UK as just England. What a Muppet.

    121. sandycraig says:

      Jack 12.42

      “the ruddy rotund one”

      HEHEHE! canny do smiley thing.

    122. Macnakamura says:

      Pre June 23 I was asked by an English acquaintance how the vote/ count was to be done.

      I explained and he summarised for me, ” so all the other votes are added to the vote in England”

      I said ” no, all the votes are added together but if you insist then the England vote is added to all the rest”

    123. Andy Anderson says:

      That is the trouble with referendums, poorly informed half wits are allowed to vote. He thinks we are part of England the buffoon. I agree we need to get away from little England ASAP.

    124. Bob Mack says:

      This is the classic example of how those with some education and some guile can lead certain sections of the population around by the nose. This guy is a classic example of Mr Ordinary.

      Poorly educated,bigoted, and unable to see past the headlines on the Sun newspaper. Make you despair really.

    125. Breeks says:

      Spot on Call me Dave. The power men have got their Brexit, and Tweedle Farage and Tweedle Johnston both there to take the heat as scapegoats if/when it all kicks off. Thanks fellas, splendid work. We’ll take it from here. Be in touch very soon.

      I don’t actually mind old Vince. Thick as the planks which him and his cousin Vince would use to build his fence with, but doesn’t seem nasty, just easily led. Maybe I’m wrong and its the 10ft check point Charlie type with armed guards, razor wire and spotlights to keep the English in, but I don’t get that impression.

      I’m marginally more curious about why Sky should pick on Vince to be a spokesman. Why propel a simple fella into the limelight just to show the world how simple he is? What’s your point Sky? He the only one dumb enough to give you a story? No wait, don’t tell me now, you didn’t actually have a puncture did you? Is that actually your tyre Vince is fixing? It is, isn’t it? Don’t fib now, I’ll know..

    126. HandandShrimp says:

      I am sure that Vince is a source of total cringe for most decent English people.

      However, we are two countries travelling in opposite directions. That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends (Vince excepted) as we take our respective journeys but we are most definitely looking for different things in this world.

    127. Dr Jim says:

      Thu caant even speeak t queens Inglish oop thure can thu
      Ahve bean t Torraymoaleenos at leeast nah yum can ger a deeasent piynt u Watneys red Barul or Jon Smiths but thay caant speeak nout in eny langwage can thu

      No weem ol better aff gerring aaht u that Yooroap

      I wouldn’t normally do this because half my family speak like this (and write very similar to it) and they tell me I’ve got a funny accent and don’t speak proper English because I’m Scotch

    128. Proud Cybernat says:

      ‘Thick as Vince’ has a certain mince to it.

    129. Vronsky says:

      What is the point of this post, Rev? It’s easy to find idiots on any side.

    130. dandy dons 1903 says:

      If this guy is the common englishman then god help them. No wonder they are heading down the toilet at a rapid pace of knots. Vince seems like a totally ignorant brain donor with a bit of xenophobia thrown in.

      Got to get away from these dimwits asap……..

    131. Dr Jim says:

      Philip Hammond says EU citizenship leave to remain will be up for negotiation, well on my passport it says I’m a citizen of the EU, so plus being part of our 62% of Scotland who voted remain does this mean I might have to apply to England to stay in my own country

      SNP MSP Christian Allard is a Frenchman will he have to go

      Better get a shifty on First Minister show them how it’s done
      start getting thon irritated way you get with the bad eyes on them

    132. The Flamester says:

      This is ingrained in their society – The Beatles sang about “The English army had just won the war” in A Day in the Life and my favourite band Pink Floyd sing about building ships on the Clyde then “Oh Maggie, Maggie what have you done to England” in A Post War Dream.

      English people who know me, know Scotland is a different country 🙂

    133. wiredofhermiston says:

      He’s just saying what he thinks. Unfortunately anyone who thinks ‘Scotland is a part of England’ has had a very poor education and is easy meat for the Brexit liars none of us north of the border voted for.

    134. Will Vince le Mince take Dr Jim’s advice and even do a Farage and jack it?

      Will our beloved Rock follow suit?

      This is grand stuff! Simply grand!

      Ciao ciao, troops, as we Jocks bid you and your hodden, pseudo-arguments ADIEU.

      Hugs all round to to the BREXITEERS.

      Mummsy Thatcher cuddles @Kiss Kiss nitwits.

      We love you, honest, for being such dimwits xxxxx

    135. Jacksg says:

      Unfortunately I bumpded into a Scottish version of Vince on the morning of the 24th.

      Dalkeith high street 7.45am I was going to work, he was stone cold sober waving his arms in the air while attempting to sing rule Britannia. And god save the queen..

      If they are so enamered witn the royals and merry old England. why don’t they move there and geez piece FGS.

    136. call me dave says:

      The eagle squawks again, but seems further away somehow!

      Can Jeremy feel the heat.

      As someone says “He’s standing in the fire FGS”! 🙂

      Spectator: Fraser nelson (of the blue map)

    137. heedtracker says:

      Vronsky says:
      4 July, 2016 at 2:36 pm
      What is the point of this post, Rev? It’s easy to find idiots on any side.

      I know this one! Wos is a blog that focuses on politics and the media, any and all media, and much to do with Scotland.

      SO, the point of this post is probably wondering why SKY is broadcasting this across teamGB?

      I dont know why really. Probably because a neo fascist running dog lackey of Rupert’s thought his master would like it, shows what decades of sheer toryboy Britnat shite belching out of Murdoch and his fellow super rich fascist’s organs have help create. BBC take a bow too.

      But I could be wrong.

    138. carjamtic says:

      I see this post as a ‘man nod’,that is you see your neighbour,but do not want to engage in conversation,so issue said ‘man nod’ in the passing.

      There are many reasons for this one being that you may think he maybe ‘ a throttler of the purple headed yoghurt slinger’ a ‘ruiner of gratton catalogues’.

      I make no judgements on this particular gentleman,that would be unfair,the example quoted is in reference to the many trolls that invade this space,I have no wish to witness the sound of their one hand clapping,so do not even merit a ‘man nod’.

      Vincent,please accept a ‘man nod’…..Sky News/BBC…supporters/purveyors of Onanism you can GTF.

    139. Bob Mack says:


      The post is not about finding idiots. The post in fact exemplifies how susceptible everybody is to the media in all its forms.

      Like the guy in the video I also was always too busy to question what I heard on radio or TV, or read in the papers,because my concentration was on other things like work and family. Probably like Vincent ,I accepted what I read or saw.

      I have a more than reasonable educational background, but was still unable to question the huge bulk of news coming my way.

      After discovering Wings ,that changed remarkably. The Rev has taught me to analyse and critics everything from a different viewpoint rather than just accept.

      Look at Vincent. Still susceptible ,still unquestioning. The perfect illustration of what we may have been, or indeed could become again ,if we let our guard down.

      A cautionary tale, and a sharp reminder.

    140. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Agree with you that there are “plenty of Scots who think like him”

      And that was the reason for our Indy2014 defeat. How we convert these people over to our side is a major issue especially with the ramp up of MSM propaganda we are currently witnessing e.g. England is a bigger trading partner to Scotland than the EU.”

      Which brings us back every time to how we defeat our Nemesis, the utterly corrupt BBC, TheItalianJob. We have to have a plan for dealing with it, because Indyref2 is their last chance saloon and they know it. All stops will be pulled out and a colossal shit-storm brewed up.

      As for Vince, and all the folk in Cornwall, Wales and the NE of England who voted overwhelmingly for Leave, I would ask, “Where’s all the money you used get in EU regional aid going to come from after Brexit?”

      They won’t get a bawbee from Londinium.

    141. jcd says:

      Effijy 1.45

      “Could I voice an idea for the likes of Vince and many others that meet on holiday?

      1, SNP Launches a membership, at £1.OO, for those in England who want to be completely free of all matters Scottish.

      2, We launch a petition on 38 Degrees or Change seeking 100,000 signatures for an English breakaway form Scotland.

      Fair chance of 100,000 signatures from both sides, but doesn’t score points for Scotland when the English Electorate want to separate from us.”

      Thick, arrogant pigs like this Vince character could be easily manipulated into strengthening their belief that unburdened by whinging subsidy junkies in Scotland then England would have a super soaraway success economy and would once more be able to waive the rules as it saw fit. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to gain independence if the Westminster elite was forced to capitulate to rising and ever more aggressive demands from English plebs like Vince that they want rid of the massive financial burden that is Scotland?

      Played correctly and astutely we could have the little Vince’s of Little England do our work for us, or at least a lot of it. Most soft No’s in Scotland, faced with increasing hostility from a large section of the English population would be forced to concede that independence is the only possible option for Scotland.

      I voted Remain not because I support the EU (it’s put us in the embarrassing position of looking like idiots who believe that the EU is a pragmatic organization which works for the benefit of its populations when it clearly doesn’t) but to help further drive the wedge between Scotland and England. Not because I dislike the English in any general way, but because with some “help” from them it would be so much easier.

      Without it, we’re stuck fighting the unionist mind control machine with one hand tied behind our backs. When Sturgeon & Co are finally faced with the ultimate realisation that the chances of achieving Scottish independence are at best touch and go while the BBC/STV and to a lesser extent the dead tree press are allowed free rein to pollute the debate, something may change but the impression I get about the SG’s attitude to this is that they just don’t want to go there, understandably I suppose but if they don’t do something effective to counter mass unionist propaganda then without help from the likes of Vince we could be stuck with this for a long time.

    142. FergusMac says:

      Spoke to the lad who farms the land next to our house. He is solidly Tory and Unionist – voted for Mundell and for Hector Monroe before him. He told me that he was very upset at the prospect of losing the farm subsidies from the CAP. I commiserated, and said that the only hope was for an independent Scotland in the EU. He said he was afraid that I was right!

      Faced with choice of the UK out of the EU, with zero chance of Westminster making up the subsidy, he would have to vote for Scottish independence.

      I never thought I would see the day. Great stuff.

    143. Clapper57 says:

      The Animals ‘ We gotta get out of this place ‘ seems apt !

      “We gotta get out of this place
      If it’s the last thing we ever do
      We gotta get out of this place
      ’cause girl, there’s a better life for me and you”

    144. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Is anyone keeping tabs on Tony Blair?

      I mean, physically. Do we know if he’s still in the country?

      We’re in the final countdown now – if he feels that Chilcot has let him off the hook then that may explain why he hasn’t legged-it.

    145. ronnie anderson says:

      Technolegy moves on Vince.

    146. Stoker says:

      Ah ha! Vince from Hull? Very very dull!
      Apart from his obvious cranial starvation he also states that his business is struggling because of the EU. No, Vince, if you learn just one thing in life please learn this, your business is struggling because it’s owned and run by a moronic ignorant twat.

      The BBC weather forecast yesterday informed us that there would be a good start to the week with one or two scattered showers but affecting very few of us. LIARS . It’s been absolutely chucking it down non-stop where i am for over 2-hours!

    147. heedtracker says:


      If this on tonight at 7, so is Andy Murray v Nick Kyrgios.

      Tough choice, 4 UKOK Britnat zoomers v one SNP. Usual Pacific Quay gerrymandering but it can only mean its the all powerful BBC vote NO Scotland 2.0.

      So you have my Slovene girlfriend, Baillie, Harris and Campbell v Hyslop. God help Hyslop.

    148. Onwards says:

      Robert Louis says:
      4 July, 2016 at 11:19 am

      The union jack is used interchangeably for England and ‘Britain’ by the English. In their eyes, England = Britain. Scotland Wales, N.Ireland are just the colonies they own.

      And They are right.

      Yes, politically speaking, Scotland is just a region where our votes count for little.

      If we had an accurate union jack, where the colours were in proportion to the populations, then we would see a giant England flag in the foreground, and a little 8.2% sliver of a saltire in the background, and a 2.8% sliver of the ?Saint Patrick’s flag.

      Anyone know how to make such a flag in photoshop ??

    149. revjimbob says:

      He’s changed since the time he sang ‘Edelweiss’.

    150. heedtracker says:

      Last week, C4 news were in Holland explaining how much the Dutch hate the EU too, just like you do, dont you, yes, you do Vince, the Dutch too, they hate the EU etc

      Anyway, here’s my Slovene girlfriend btl rancid The Graun just the now, calmed down a bit for a change.

      Where’s the evidence that Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for Brexit?
      4 Jul 2016 14:36
      0 Recommend In response to uuuuuuu

      Corbyn showed in very many of his statements starting from his Labour leader campaign that he very poorly understands the very basics of the EU and what good the EU is for the UK. His statements also showed that he does not really follow the events in the EU.

      Moreover, Labour supported this idiotic Brexit referendum which was in itself a doomed project, based on the UK trying to use the referendum as a tool to blackmail other EU members.

      Well, other EU members have said very many times over several years that this is not going to work. The Brits have been warned very many times BEFORE Cameron called for the referendum not to walk down this path (including warnings that the UK will sink into racist hysteria), but they arrogantly refused to listen – including Corbyn.

      This week, the Dutch parliament REJECTED the demand of Geert Wilders to hold a Nexit referendum – here:

      Only 14 of the total of 150 [Dutch] MP’s supported the motion for a Nexit referendum, the 12 members of Wilders anti-EU Party of Freedom PVV and two MP’s who had separated themselves from the PVV.

      You better google Geert Wilders, since he is one of the very few allies of the Brexit UK in the other 27 EU members. What a nice person.

      Now compare the above to this (June 2015 – a year ago):

      The European Union Referendum Bill easily passed during a vote in the Commons last night by 544 to 53, with support from Labour MPs giving the motion a majority of 491.

      Seems to me that other EU members have much more intelligent MPs than the UK, even if quite many people vote for dangerous demagogues like Geert Wilders. Thankfully we have representative democracy to shield people from harming themselves (does not apply to the UK).

      It was not all Cameron’s fault after all, was it?

      The whole Brexit affair is a total blunder for the UK, with the whole world watching

    151. call me dave says:

      Political panel to discuss Scottish future after Brexit vote
      But not the one you might expect.

      Chris said “It was the best show ever… viewers loved it!

    152. call me dave says:


      Brillianr! That one your thinking of is over the ‘Hill’ 🙂

    153. Robert Louis says:

      Can I suggest that all those who currently need facts and benefits of the EU to Scotland should refer to the fully referenced ‘Wee BLEU book, by the SNP MEP Aly Smith.

      All the info is there.

      LINK :

      OR :

    154. heedtracker says:

      Political panel to discuss Scottish future after Brexit vote
      But not the one you might expect.

      SNP should now be telling the BBC and us, if you cant have a balanced 2 v 2 debate, excluding Britnat Campbell as its never going to change, then no SNP attends.

      No BBC balance, let them get on with it.

      Hyslop’s going to get slaughter by Harris alone, who has no concern for stuff like worrying about his electorate thinks of him.

    155. schrodingers cat says:

      re bbc pravda eu debate
      fiona should just say no

    156. heedtracker says:

      Will Harris call Salmond Hitler tonight?

      The Labour MP for Glasgow South said: “Having spoken to Johann, I have decided to step down from leading the party’s social media review.

      “The video I posted has been a well worn joke used to parody a range of public figures.

      Johann who?

    157. Stoker says:

      Ken500 wrote:
      “The wealthy multimillionaire tax evaders who are secretly buying power and lying about it. In order to tax evade and cheat the system.”

      What, like these?


      Zac Goldsmith

      Richard Benyon

      Margaret Hodge

      I could go on doing this all week long there are that many of them benefitting out of the system at our expense. Dump the lot of these freeloading b@$t@£d$ by voting for Scottish independence.

    158. Dan Huil says:

      Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda. The SNP must boycott the bbc.

    159. Clootie says:

      Angela Eagle is absolutely, definitely, certainly, maybe going to think about making a press announcement about her future press announcement regarding a possible challenge for the right to be the one that could yake on Jeremy at some point in the future…or mibee naw.

      …and the puppet master Blair continues to pull the strings of HIS MPs.

      It would never do to have party members picking the leader.

    160. Grouse Beater says:

      Vronsky: “What is the point of this post, Rev? It’s easy to find idiots on any side.

      He’s condemning and insulting a country and its people he doesn’t live in or mix with, but feels should be annexed.

      And he’s on the infamous List:

    161. call me dave says:

      It never rains but it pours.
      Susan O’Brien QC has resigned as chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, Deputy First Minister John Swinney said in a statement.

      Talking of rain!

      Wimbers paid £sqilliioooons to put a roof over their heads on centre court and then don’t have the sense to use it. 🙁

      The sun always shines in London unlike Scotland.

      Humpf! Not watching BBC tv as such but I am using naughty live streaming channels on PC with (not) Sue Barker etal commentators.

    162. heedtracker says:

      Don’t tell Vince

      If our children and grandchildren in the world still want to have a voice, then it must be a common European voice. Even the strong UK or Germany are alone not find a stronger voice.

      Tricks with the Tories, self-destruction in the Labour Party, triumphalism at the UKIP populists. Who can be in London contact for the rest of Europe?

      That’s their thing. We should not interfere. You must especially watch out that it now does not come to the disintegration of the United Kingdom. The EU will certainly Scotland, if this part will emerge from the UK and enter the EU.”

      Google translate left out “The EU will certainly….Scotland” important bit, unfortunately.

    163. mike cassidy says:

      On the day of the referendum result, I drew attention to the fact that the EU Scotland had voted for no longer existed.

      And that that would have to be taken into account by any indyref2.

      And so it goes.

    164. frogesque says:

      BBO UKOk land most important news, top slot:

      Chris Evans leaving Top Gear.

      Oh wailey wailey, viewing figures drop to 1.9M, shit program, shit presenter. More wailey Dailey. 11 minutes, Klenex shares though the roof.

      Ye gods, is this really what we have come to?

      Oh BTW, that other chancer, Farage has run away too. Vince will be distraught.

    165. Nana says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Don’t know where Blair is right now, wherever he’s costing the taxpayer a lot for his protection. What a waste!

      Tonight on ch5 8pm how Blair made his millions

      Wilileaks leaked a little chilcot

      Follow middleeast eye for further news on the liar

    166. call me dave says:

      Mr McGinty’s goat a vision for Scotland to flourish.
      Hope he’s right.

    167. David says:

      Its been 4/5 days since the last post with a quantity of info.

      Has this become a part time blog? Not being bitchy, just dont want to come here as a source of info when there is not much.


    168. Big Jock says:

      I hear he is applying for Farage’s job. Can’t be any worse than Cockburn!

      School for the gifted and geo-politically creative.

    169. Big jock says:

      I detest Chris Evans by the way. He is just someone who has created a Mr Hyde persona. He just lives the life of a 10 year old school boy with his imaginary friends.

    170. marydoll says:

      dan huiI

      I agree the SNP should boycott the BBC. No balance – Fiona Hyslop should not go on tonight to be insulted by the rest of the panel. The only ccnsolation is that we’ll all be sleeping when Tomkins starts to speak over evrryone.

    171. ScottieDog says:

      I don’t want to narrow the discussion on Indy down to oil prices but this might be worth a listen to right now..

      Good piece by G Kerevan in The National about currency. Sensible.

    172. Vestas says:

      So the SNP should boycott the BBC? Troll-erama or what?

      The BBC is biased but you think the SNP aren’t aware of this fact after 2014?

      How is it going to help independence to be “empty-seated” on QT or whatever?

      The people we need to convert WATCH the BBC for their news/politics.

      As said elsewhere, indyref2 may not have started but PF3 has, with associated trolls.

    173. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Stopping for a break at fort willy on my way north. Suns splitting the trees.

    174. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks for the info, call me dave @3.34.

      Why does the SNP consent to appear on an EU debate with a loaded panel (and chairperson)? With three utterly unprincipled Yoon zoomers too.

      Is 4-1 good odds?


    175. James Barr Gardner says:

      Over 50 years ago whilst visiting relatives (rained out of Devon) in London I was astonished by my older cousin (14yrs) telling me that she thought Scotland was a town in the north of England. When she was 10 saw a pipe band in the City of Westminster and wanted to know which one was her Scottish Uncle, because there were not many folk in a wee tiny Scotland!

      She went on to University and a top job in the City, so it was down to zero education about Scotland and the Scots. Probably zero for Wales and the Irelands too come to that!

      However that was years ago, so why are they still educating (schools & MSM) the English in this fashion even today?

      A 300 year plus Agenda of nil requirement of any knowledge connected to the lower colonial orders, no change in this outlook, will only get worse.

    176. Juteman says:

      We are part of England. We are the annoying wee bit that wants to sing our own song.
      The next referendum will show exactly who we are.

    177. K. A. Mylchreest says:

      ¨From ´Ull an´ ´Alifax an´ ´Ell, Good Lord deliver me!¨

      He´s hoping to build a border barrier from all the used tyres he needs rid of 😉

    178. msean says:

      I’m sure that there was an explanation re tv panels and their make up during the Scottish referendum,that stated that they reflected the 2010 general election results in Scotland. Obviously,the 2011 Scottish elections for Holyrood didn’t produce their required standard so couldn’t be used 🙂 .
      Surely tonights panel should be reflecting the result of the most recent general election in Scotland. Maybe if that doesn’t suit they could try reflecting the 2016 Holyrood results instead or are we down to cooncil results noo. Can’t find any references re this so might be wrong or googling wrong question

    179. msean says:

      @David 4.43pm

      Think site was being upgraded over last few days or something.

    180. msean says:

      sorry, 4.23

    181. Glamaig says:

      heedtracker says:
      4 July, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      I think I can improve on Google translate!

      “Tory tricks, Labour tearing itself apart, triumphalism from the UKIP populists. Who can the rest of Europe talk to in London?
      That is their problem, we shouldnt get involved. They should above all look out that it doesnt end in the destruction of the UK. The EU will certainly accept Scotland if it leaves the UK and wants to join the EU.”

      Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor (Merkel’s deputy) and leader of the SPD.

    182. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Since I had never heard of Andrea Leadsom MP, I decided to Google her.

      Jings, crivvens, help ma Boab – compared to her, yon Margaret Thatcher was a nice wee wummin.

      And, yon Theresa May isnae much better.

      If we have to have a Tory wummin in-charge, can we have that awfy nice Anna Soubry?

    183. yesindyref2 says:

      The National looks fine to me, any specific article you’re talking about, for your SNP Bad comment?

    184. Thepnr says:

      I don’t think we should deny programs on the telly of pro Independence voices.

      Yes, we know they are biased but where are the Vinces in Scotland going to hear the alternative sides views?

      I’m not certain of this but will make little difference to meas I choose not to watch live at least. Might watch later if the mood takes and that means I don’t have to subsidise the government via the BBC to pump their bias propaganda into my living room.

      More of you should try it, dumping the license that is. It’s surprising how quickly you fail to miss not just live TV but all TV. The only way to hurt the BBC is to deny them your cash.

      Don’t pay for SKY either, why make your real enemies even richer? Murdoch, the most powerful man NOT elected to government and it’s the viewers of SKY and readers of his newspapers that bestow that power to him.

      Please don’t be one of them.

    185. mealer says:

      Let’s all just remember that it’s England that’s leaving us.Theyre determined to waltz off out of the EU and they expect Scotland to tag along with them because,well,that’s just what we do.

      So….which of the Tory leadership candidates will Scotland follow into an uncertain future,possibly involving Donald Trump?

    186. Apollo says:

      When you switch on the TV, switch on the radio or sit down to read the newspaper or magazine, the UK is always referred to as ‘the country’ or ‘the nation’.

      I’ve heard the argument about the legitimacy of Scotland being a nation in it’s own right at this present time until the cows come home but the meaning is in the name. The union is a political amalgamation of nations and IIRC, Margo McDonald made a point of that at the first swearing in of the Scottish Parliament when it was opened and she wasn’t challenged, therefore it could well be constitutionally although not legally correct.

      It’s all very well slagging off the likes of Vince from Hull’s of the UK, regardless of the home nation they belong to, but can you blame them when they are exposed to such cultural conditioning nearly ever moment of their lives?

    187. Brian Powell says:

      A likely approach on the Panel show tonight will be to say the SNP didn’t do enough for staying In. Try to put the SNP on the back foot. Nicola would cut that approach to pieces, but some others aren’t so quick.

    188. Legerwood says:

      An antidote to ‘Scotland – Greece without the sun’

    189. yesindyref2 says:

      With May being supported by Hammond for the Primacy, when’s Clarkson going to be put forward for President? And what does Chris Evans’ resignation have to do with any of it? Is this an attempted coup by the BBC, bored with just propoganda? Is Dimbleby the head of comunications? Is Laura Kuenssberg just a stooge, or the brains behind the coup? Have they all been seen in a London taxi with Vince?

    190. Apollo says:

      I hear there is talk of a conspiracy of the reasons why Johnson and Farage steps down. Without further evidence, Occam’s razor is invoked and the simple fact is that they are a couple of chancers jumping on the bandwagon of the ignorant only to get found out. Think of the film ‘The Man who Would be King’ without the heroics at the end.

    191. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I think a small collection of comments like this would be useful to hand to Scot-But work colleagues and neighbours – it might get them to finally wake up and realise that they are not the equals of those down south that they fondly imagine themselves to be, but are actually regarded as despised colonial peons.

    192. Paul says:

      A prime example of a low informed UK citizen con tricked into voting against their best interest then opened up to ridicule by the very people who keep him uninformed.

      Likely Vince will continue to pay for that privilege and if the ridicule gets out of hand he can always take comfort from the girls on page 3…

      What a sham the UK establishment and media is, let’s leave them to it and do our own thing!

    193. schrodingers cat says:

      didnt say the snp should boycott bbc scotland

      just that fiona should withdraw tonight in protest about bias

      it will highlight the agenda of bbc scotland to make occasional protests

    194. GandyMacKenzie says:

      What a thoroughly well-informed individual.

    195. Marco McGinty says:

      Isn’t that guy (the one with the stripy tie) that just spoke on the BBC debate, a spokesman for UKIP?

    196. cirsium says:

      @Nana, 4.16, @Ian Brotherhood

      Bill Black doesn’t miss Tony Blair or London in the following critique

      Good to see your links again Nana.

    197. Brus MacGallah says:

      Alan @ 12.36pm

      Ballymena tyre factory to close

    198. Grouse Beater says:

      “‘Scotland – Greece without the sun’”

      It’s the opposite: Greeks far more worried about Greece without the rain.

      Temperatures climbing about 35 degrees in the shade and no rain for weeks!

    199. Polscot says:

      All these resignations from our beloved national treasures. Just today there is Nigel Fartage and now also Chris Evans, OMG, when will this litany of devastating resignations end. I can’t take much more.

    200. A. Graham says:

      Oh heck! I saw Vince mentioned on Twitter but I didn’t hink he was REAL.

      Oh dear.

    201. crazycat says:

      @ K A Mylchreest at 4.52

      I like your reference to the Dalesman’s Litany – great song.

    202. Sandy says:

      English ignorance.
      Just watch TV quiz programmes & answers to Scottish questions.
      Northern Isles are made up of Orkney &, err, Skye.

    203. Chitterinlicht says:

      Met some nice folk from Hull.

      Their assessment of the place?

      ‘Bit shit’

      The English need a revolution. They just need to pick the right one.

      Some friendly advice would be to look at their own country and how it’ is run instead of looking for scapegoats elsewhere.

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