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SNP In Arsonophobia Shame

Posted on February 02, 2021 by

Readers, we swear to you we are not making this up. What you’re about to read are genuine extracts from the SNP’s official new (probably illegal) Equalities Mechanism explanatory note, detailing what does and doesn’t count as a disability when it comes to jumping the queue for a regional list nomination.

And straight away it’s a real punch in the gut for firestarters, muggers, rapists, flashers and, in most cases, hay-fever sufferers. THIS BIGOTRY WILL NOT STAND.

It is also our sad duty to inform you that in 2021, the SNP feels the need to explain to its potential candidates that tattoos and piercings do not count as disabilities.

And you’re also right out of luck if you’re just a specky four-eyes.

But for some reason hearing aids seem to count, so good news for Morrissey.

(We hereby give our readers in Highlands & Islands region notice to expect universally beloved local party member and central Glasgow resident/councillor Rhiannon Spear to attempt to leapfrog all other Highland candidates on the basis of dyslexia.)

You can read the whole document here. Enjoy.

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    228 to “SNP In Arsonophobia Shame”

    1. MWS says:

      ?????? Oh that article has made my night. Thank you. Sings # I’m a fire starter, twisted fire starter wooooo #

    2. gonorplia says:

      Helpful of them to include a definition of HIV for all the people who have just woken from their 40-year long comas.

    3. MWS says:

      I have bad sinusitis made worse by pollen. Would that get me onto the List?

    4. Normski says:

      Thing is though, ironically, hay fever (and other alergic reactions) can be severly disabling and require medical intervention and sometimes hospitalisation in really bad cases.

      But at least they have accepted that the desire to rape and/or murder etc aren’t disabilites.

      We should be grateful for something at least.

    5. Steve The Pirate says:

      My knees get a bit sore when it’s cold. I’m also intending to run for the highlands and islands seat. I can count on your vote, yes?

    6. Neil in Glasgow says:

      It’s like something out of viz

    7. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      That’s a really hardworking team obviously fully switched on.

      The lunatics have taken over the asylum they actually have.

      This has to be the work of her gracious majesty security services. You have to hand it to them job very well done.

      This cannot be the effort of a serious political party.

      I sadly believe we are watching the end of the SNP a party that I contributed plenty of money and time to I even stood as a candidate. I am genuinely saddened at what has occurred here.

    8. Ian McLean says:

      My right hip gives me gip.
      Am I in?

    9. @nairnkev says:

      This may be the the first post of yours I think I hate. It was going well right up to the bit where I realised where I lived.

    10. Mac says:

      What about a third nipple?

      Yours MacScaramanga

    11. kapelmeister says:

      Dyslexia won’t stop you Rhiannon. But we will. Vote ISP2.

    12. Cath says:

      My allergic rhinitis makes my asthma – a potentially deadly condition – worse, so I’m in. Gutted for the arsonists thigh.

    13. Margaret Lindsay says:

      Normski 10.23
      My hayfever, if I come into contact with certain pollens, can bring on an anaphylactic reaction, so you’re right.
      Other than that, what a fucking joke the SNP have become.

    14. Terry says:

      I can’t stop laughing.

    15. Dickie Tea says:

      Does being a fat bastard count?

    16. Garavelli Princip says:

      I guess a woman with a willy (non-prosthetic) would be out too?

      This is transphobic and a f****ing disgrace.

    17. Tannadice Boy says:

      I have dissociative identity disorder. I dress up as an Arab on Cup final day. Am I in?

    18. Dickie Tea says:

      Will Spears be able to Slef Idinteffy her dyslexia?

    19. Phew, my allergic rhinitis is chronic, not seasonal, so I should be OK. ?

    20. mike cassidy says:


      That’s men dressing as women fecked then

    21. Bob Mack says:

      Dear SNP

      My name is Nero and I play the fiddle . Im a Maori warrior and I threaten folk before playing rugby. Can I be a candidate?

    22. kapelmeister says:

      Nae arsonists? Lord Watson joined the right party then.

    23. Graf Midgehunter says:

      I suffer from a severe inability to coordinate the use of my left and right hands when playing the guitar to make music and becoming a famous rock star isn’t possible any more because of it.

      A nice job as an MSP would however help to overcome the disability. 🙂

    24. Thir jist arson aboot.

      Hilarious. Does being a fucking idiot count as a disability these days? If not, the current SNP are going to be in power for a long time. This is actually tragic, joking aside. When a party is this far divorced from reality, because the leader of it never got over mooning over Che Guevara in 1986…call it a draw and walk away. Permanently.

    25. P says:

      Oh how we laughed at the zany candidates in England!
      Lord Buckethead stood against Teresa May and we giggled a bit – Darth Brexit continues to amuse on Twitter. Sooty and Sweep have their own account too.
      And Scotland has the New SNP – we’ve stopped laughing.

    26. Mountain shadow says:

      One good thing that appears to have come out of this saga is that Rev and James Kelly are now singing from the same hymn sheet.

    27. Beaker says:

      They have fucked right up with regards to tattoos.

      You get medical tattoos – I know, a relative of mine had cancer surgery and got tattoos. Not going into detail but I am sure you can work it out. You also get tattooed for some types of radiotherapy – ok a couple of dots but still essential part for the treatment. Tattoos are also available to hide disfigurement and scar tissue such as burns.

      I wear glasses and have a lovely matching set of hearing aids (40% hearing loss). I’m not disabled as my hearing is not bad enough – yet.

      If that is what they define for equality for their own candidates, what do they have in mind for the rest of us?

      They can fuck off. They do not have a clue about genuine disability.

    28. Mike says:

      You don’t have to be a whacko to join the SNP but it sure as heck helps especially if you have intentions of climbing the ladder!

    29. Dan says:

      I’m guessing this is just a preemptive attempt to block Muriel Gray getting in on some Scottish political action.

      TBH these days the SNP has no need for Muriel as the Party already appears full of roasters and is quite adept at identifying as a self-immolating skipfire.

    30. kapelmeister says:

      Graf Midgehunter @11:02

      That particular disability didn’t prevent Andrew Ridgely becoming a rock star.

    31. The Dissident says:

      What does it say about back-stabbing narcissistic publicity junkies?

    32. Daisy Walker says:

      They have decided to destroy the party and make it completely unelectable.

      But they’ve discovered that the loyalists are SO loyal, that there is simply no amount of provocation that will make them go.

      Right just now they are having a wee meeting, going ‘fuck, how much more stupid, illegal, disreputable, utterly riddiculously bonkers can we make them, before they just go.’

      Meanwhile, wheesht for indy, over on wgd, will have Petra and Dr Jim, going ‘its all a conspiracy, Nicla has a plan, look at the polls, look at the polls, that wings is a wee bam. Quick Paul say something bitchy about Boris.’

      And somewhere from deepest Fife, Auld Peffers will be sagely advising, ‘I’ve lived through all this before, you mustn’t criticise the party, you must change it from within, divided we fall’.

      Johanne Lamont said ‘Scots weren’t genetically capable of dealing with democracy’. If she’s been hanging out with this level of stupid I now understand why she thinks like that.

    33. Terry says:

      From gov.U.K.

      “Ethnic minorities

      We use ‘ethnic minorities’ to refer to all ethnic groups except the White British group. Ethnic minorities include White minorities, such as Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller groups”

      Does that mean that their policy is excluding minority groups such as gypsy and Irish travellers under BAME? Tut tut snp. Isn’t that a tad paddyphobic?

    34. Mchaggis69 says:

      I mentioned the ‘loony left’ the other day.
      Genuinely thought the madcap ideas and extreme political correctness department had long since died out, but here we are in 2021 SNP. I understand its called ‘woke’ these days.

      Theres a whole fucking world tour of material for Ricky Gervais in there.

      What a fucking joke.

    35. willie says:

      The SNP is finished. Members are deserting in droves. The electorate will do so too. This stuff is just absolute insanity and the fabled Loony Left don’t have a look in.

      But these morons fail to realise that the party will very soon be bust. Bust not because the party has spent the £600k donated to it to fight another election, but bust because it has lost nearly half of its members and because the remaining ones are only hanging in paying the minimal amount of membership fees possible.

      Ah a fire of the silent, the somnolent MSP’s sitting quietly hoping to get another five year sinecure. Well they’re toast.

      And as for the bankruptcy of the party, which will surely follow a ruinously expensive election that the party can no longer afford, at least the remaining members, as part of an Unincorporated Association may well be liable jointly and severally for the bankrupt party’s debts.

      Stump up for Nicola. Or am I missing something?

    36. Daisy Walker says:

      If, and I’m playing devils advocate here, but if its just a ‘tendency’ to set fires, steal and commit sexual offences…. can you still be considered ‘qualified disabled’ if its compulsive.

      Asking for a friend.

    37. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Does being a fat bastard count?”

      I genuinely think it would, if you were fat enough. Just a wee bit tubby won’t cut it, though.

    38. David Neill says:

      I suffer from the substantially debilitating condition of dressing extremely far to the left resulting in me having to stand side on to urinals while passing water.
      Does this count as a disability? Or could I claim to be an exhibitionist and qualify that way?

    39. Glenislay says:

      Do any of her former teachers want to step forward and be a hero for the sake of the people of the Highlands and Islands?

      True, you’ll probably spend the rest of your life getting death threats from the twitler youth, but you’d put a roadblock in the way of the serial amateur pettifogger.

    40. Bob Mack says:

      How about flogging drugs that maybe destroyed people? That doesn’tseem to have been an obstacle in one famous case.

    41. DanDLion says:

      Is this the fallout from the “everyone gets a winners medal” ethos? I’ve a hairy arse. I’ve always let it stand between me and enjoying a good old naked ramble, but perhaps it’s just the disability ticket I need to get a cushy number under The Sturgeonator’s well feathered wing?

      What an embarrassing shit show this lot are.

    42. Contrary says:

      Do they understand they are in a political party?

      And that political parties, generally, usually, try and appeal to the general public to try and get voted in? Even better, try and be representative for the majority and try and get voted in? And that, if your personality, policies, and drivel, only appeal to 20 people in a constituency, you won’t get voted in?

      Oh. People will vote for them, because there are no ‘alternative’ pro-independence to vote for. Well, the SNP isn’t pro-independence in my book, bunch of bloody Tories and Sturgeon is Thatcher reborn, but without the balls. (Metaphorically speaking)

      If Nicola Sturgeon so easily sells us out, what on earth makes the TRAs think she won’t sell them out? Stupid children playing games, and playing games with our lives and our future.

    43. Elmac says:

      I posted this on the previous thread in response to Willie who has repeated his post at 11.15pm above.

      Willie @ 10.24pm

      Dead right Willie, and its the only sure way our nation can be rid of Sturgeon and her entourage. If anyone reading this is still paying members subs, making donations, or assisting with fund raising then please wake up. They will take your money, your time and your shoe leather and treat you as clowns to be milked, just as they have done for the last 6 years.

      We CAN do something to stop this. We can cut off the cash which is the lifeblood of this corrupt clique.

      Interesting point on the liability of members in the event of insolvency. I had a quick look on line but could not find anything specific relating to members of political parties. However I did find the following under the heading:

      Unincorporated Associations – Liability of Members, Officers and Trustees:

      As a general rule a member’s liability is limited to the amount of the subscription because when he joins a club he does not intend to incur any liability beyond his subscriptions payable under the rules. However, if a member or officer is found liable for a debt his liability is usually unlimited.

      Hope you can prove me wrong on this as I would have preferred that the remaining membership might have had sleepless nights over the issue. However, joint and several liability would certainly attach to any SNP members or officials who incurred debt on behalf of the party at a time when they should reasonably have known that the party was insolvent. The last financial statements produced by the SNP suggest they were technically insolvent if you took into account the ring fenced money they purloined.

    44. Dan says:

      Most Scots will now qualify on a mobility impairment ticket, having been locked in oor fookin hooses for a year…

    45. There's a Stormski Coming says:

      I’ve given the kids next door, these explanatory notes to study for homework. (ages 9 & 12)

      I really don’t know where to start with what is happening in SNP right now… I feel as though I must have been beamed into an alternate universe….Is this all a dream?

    46. cynicalHighlander says:

      At last something worth supporting

    47. Neil Forbes says:

      ‘A tendency to steal’ – that’s fantastic. Thieves are extremely wary o ither thieves, and they who have stolen the party guard their prize wi jealousy.

    48. Teetering says:

      I get stress brought on by political corruption. Looking forward to being elected.

    49. James Horace says:

      For the avoidance of any doubt: Rhiannon Spear has hairy armpits.

    50. Bob Mack says:

      Hello Guv,

      I have an impsirment to carrying out my normal day to dsy activities. They call themselves the police.

      No joke since Covid!!!

    51. Steve The Pirate says:

      I’m actually fine, I just identify as disabled.

    52. James Horace says:

      Would excessively hairy armpits count as a form of disability?

    53. Wullie B says:

      Ian Blackford asked to attend a zoom meeting by branch, he replied yes but don’t ask about cherry, Branch said forget it, they ain’t happy, I feel like someone might get deselected by Next Wastemidden GE

    54. And Spouse says:

      Hey Steve the Pirate. What a gent! Not using the peg as an excuse

    55. A Person says:

      Somebody has mentioned the Mossadegh quote about British intelligence “sullying everything they touch”, and the involvement of the Crown planting these maniacs in the SNP is highly worthy of discussion, but let’s not kid ourselves, there are plenty of thick-as-pigshit weirdos who are happy to make a cosy living complaining about how hard done by they are. In this way, identity liberalism also “sullies everything it touches”, from the SNP and the Labour Party to the great universities and even things like the National Trust. A toxic, corrosive disease, and as somebody who knows the history of countries like Spain and Chile what the backlash might be when it finally arrives. It can be argued that its already caused Trump and Brexit.

    56. Daisy Walker says:

      I’m allergic to cats… and horses.

      Seriously annoyed this is not on the list.

      Hurt in my feelings.

      Why are they discriminating against me in this manner.

    57. tartanfever says:

      I currently suffer terrible night fevers and anxiety because 6 months ago I threw a roll of cling film that I couldn’t find the end of to the back of the cupboard.

      Every time I go to get the tin foil out it’s there, mocking me – ‘you can’t unroll me ya useless bam’

      It’s horrible.

      I think I would be a great asset to the SNP, am I in with a shout ?

    58. Daisy Walker says:

      James Horace says:
      2 February, 2021 at 11:31 pm

      Would excessively hairy armpits count as a form of disability?

      If it got to the bit where you were tripping up over it and it became a mobility issue, I can’t see why not… at least worthy of a disability badge for some free parking.

    59. willie says:

      And whilst the lunatics are having fun burning the house down why not have a go at suing them as individuals or as their party.

      The SNP unlike the taxpayer funded Scottish Government don’t have the luxury of ignoring counsel advice and saying play it Sam and then lose.

      In fact given that recent Counsel advice to the SNP is that they were exposed legally, they nevertheless ignored the advice and went ahead.

      Cruising to destruction best to get out now before the legal challenges start to land.

    60. Career Politician says:

      No right thinking person could vote for the now captured SNP.

    61. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      I used to set mares when a boy so that’s me oot

    62. ClanDonald says:

      Stop being unfair, Rhiannon is clearly unable to function normally on a day to day level and needs all the help she can get. She fully deserves to get the seat that’s reserved for a disabled person.

    63. stonefree says:

      @ willie at 11:15 pm
      “And as for the bankruptcy of the party, which will surely follow a ruinously expensive election that the party can no longer afford, at least the remaining members, as part of an Unincorporated Association may well be liable jointly and severally for the bankrupt party’s debts.”

      I believe that is the case, top of the list to stump up NEC and the Treasurer and then the office bearers including Branch level Office bearers, Conveners etc

      You should remember that the candidates generally never tend to pay a groat into the coffer in an election they stand in

    64. Tommy says:

      11″ Penis?
      Wood that work?
      (Misspelled intentionally)
      I think?
      Fikkin hell, just discovered I’m a dyslexic with a huge wullie!

    65. Elmac says:

      cynicalHighlander @11.25

      Is Now Scotland intended to function as a political party and stand candidates at the HR and future elections? If so the timing has got to be nuts. All that will be achieved is to dilute the pro independence vote. What we need to do is combine forces, not split our vote.

      I may have this totally wrong – please correct me.

    66. Morgatron says:

      Would they consider me you think. After 20 pints I’m prone to defecate my pants, im sure its a recognised genetic impairment as it also happened to my dad and the doctor said that it can run in your jeans.

    67. kapelmeister says:

      At one time the SNP concerned itself with what abilities potential candidates had.

    68. Morgatron says:

      I’m dyslexic, but I’m all right one.

    69. Peter S says:

      “Inmates taking over the asylum” doesn’t do it justice; like many others, I’m speechless!

    70. And spouse says:

      Got to say, best laughs for such a long time.

    71. Bob Mack says:

      Are these prompt sheets for candidates or notes for selection examiners?

    72. blackhack says:

      Tommy @ 11.37

      “”Fikkin hell, just discovered I’m a dyslexic
      with a huge wullie!””

      You’re in mate, but you’ll need to check which toilets to use.

    73. Remember these carefree days when the SNP was a cause and not a career?

    74. Elmac says:

      Just to add to the list of debilitating phobias. I have a severe aversion to corrupt, mendacious, criminal politicians and suffer extreme nausea whenever they are near. In modern day Scotland this is having severe repercussions for my health and ability to function properly. I assume this will qualify me as an SNP list candidate.

    75. Morgatron says:

      I remember laughing at all the other partys for their great shit, now the SNP have to trumped the lot of them.

    76. Daisy Walker says:

      Thinking seriously for a wee minute here.

      Its a scorched earth SNP now. In the next few weeks some will stay, lots will go and hopefully stand as independents.

      But its a huge dent in voter credibility.

      All that ‘careful now, don’t scare the horses, we must show the voters how good we are in Government’ (part of which was sensible and necessary) is now being thrown on the bonfire.

      The very best thing the Britnats can do now, is ensure the May Holyrood election goes ahead, before we can regroup and recover.

      Meanwhile there is yet another Yes Group. And I am so very sorry to be negative. We don’t need yet another Yes group – we need credible people to stand on a manifesto for Plebiscite Indy so we can vote for it.

      And lastly, for now, this absolute shit show has totally outstaged Brexshit. Totally. While all the wheesht for Indy lot were slapping themselves on the back about high poll ratings for Indy, and Boris the ‘recruiting sergeant’ coming to Scotland. Not such a fucking clown now, is he. He’s always been the distraction while others work the machine.

      Some very cool, calculating heads from all walks of the Yes movement, need to get a plan in action, the wheels and the bus back on the road and no messing, and talking shops won’t cut it.

      The ballot box. That’s what they’re frightened of. Thats where all their energy is spent, in keeping us away from it, and ensuring Indy is not something we can vote for.

      Right just now Brand SNP is toxic and laughable. And it was self inflicted. Reputable people must step away and stand in your own area.

    77. willie says:

      Thank you Elmac and Stonefree for your opinions on the legal liability of members and office bearers in the event of an SNP bankruptcy.

      Technically I believe the SNP could be currently bankrupt based on the last accounts if the hypothecated donations for another referendum campaign had to be realised.

      But with the huge loss of members and income since then and with a horrendously expensive high tech election on the horizon the position worsens and I do think your opinion for that members should be cautious about personal liability well founded.

      This is all going to end in tears – but maybe, that is what was intended. Get out and start a new. That’s the message. Let the Loon Balls burn the house down.

    78. Sharny Dubs says:

      Dyslikzia lures, KO!

    79. robbo says:

      Dysxelic me to

      Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

    80. ElGordo says:

      “Does being a fat bastard count?”

      Looking back, it’s possible the original fat bastard, the bearded one, with the skirt, who wanted the baby to “Get in ma belly!” was just misunderstood and actually ahead of his time in attempting to realise his repressed female reproduction desires. Nutty?

    81. And spouse says:

      Daisy @11.47
      I agree with you. Is anybody surprised all this sh.t is coming out now when our polls are so good. Just wait til April. Scotland will be a laughing stock

    82. kapelmeister says:

      Peter Murrell’s developed a phobia about being asked questions. Is that a disability? Mind you, he wouldn’t want to be an MSP. To much of a drop in wages.

    83. Daisy Walker says:

      willie says:
      2 February, 2021 at 11:34 pm

      And whilst the lunatics are having fun burning the house down why not have a go at suing them as individuals or as their party

      You can’t do that, you’ll hurt their feelings.

    84. Colin Dawson says:

      Colour blindness is a disability;

      “In the UK society doesn’t generally think of colour blindness as a disability, but in most cases colour blindness should be considered to be a disability and therefore employers, schools and businesses must treat colour blindness in the same way they would any other disability. Unfortunately the Guidance Notes to the Equality Act 2010 are misleading but the Government Equalities Office recognises colour blindness can be a disability, despite this ambiguity. The Department for Work and Pensions agrees that the Guidance Notes require amendment. For more information please contact us.”


    85. Glenislay says:

      On a side note…with the way the cultists are lapping up these changes as a way for them to get a seat at the holyrood trough(never thought i would have to say this), It reminds me of certain people we all know from our school days who made it their ambition in life to get on disability allowance for imaginary disabilities that changed on a near weekly basis depending on what Dr Google suggested their psychosomatic symptoms might be related to….just because they didn’t want to work.

      That is the dire state we find our politics in.

    86. Pablo Dem says:

      Just had a wee giggle at that and gave myself a back spasm. It’s stoonin’ like feck. Surely I now qualify?

    87. Colin Dawson says:

      Depression can be a disability. Perhaps Joan McAlpine should self certify that she’s depressed at the current state of the SNP?

    88. A2 says:

      What about a tattoo that HAS been removed?

    89. tamson says:

      It does bring into sharp focus the question of what actually counts as a disability – in an employment context to a degree, it is dependent upon the nature of the work being sought. This is why self-ID of a disability is problematic: for example, dyslexia is not a significant impediment to becoming an MSP, but being wheelchair-bound is.

      Also as someone noted earlier, hay fever can in extreme cases be crippling, but for most people it is a seasonal nuisance. Again, self-ID cannot accurately measure this honestly.

    90. ian murray says:

      The SNP clearly have too much time on their hands
      Maybe they should have spent more of their time planning and implementing real plans to free Scotland then this nonsense could almost be excused
      I hope they all have a doctors line or is it self identifying again

    91. Shug says:

      What colour of crayon was it written with

    92. Desimond says:

      First Self-Id and now Self diagnosis

      Maybe just as well Scots Govt dont have full Welfare controls…. PIP claims would be through the roof!

    93. ElGordo says:

      Is demonstrating all of the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder regarded as being a disability or a definite must have?

    94. Breastplate says:

      Rhiannon Spear dyslexic? Is that why she sold her soul to Santa?

    95. Alan Moanagain says:

      I assume this post was done mainly in jest, but these conditions are not unique to the SNP though are they? Took all of 5 seconds on Google to find.

    96. Jontoscots20 says:

      This is priceless my interpretation in CAPS. If you have a progressive condition and as a result of that condition you have an impairment which has (or had) an effect on your ability to carry out normal day- to-day activities, (I BELiEVE in INDEPENDENCE IS THAT PROGRESSIVE OR DO I HAVE TO BElIEVE THAT DRAG QUEENS ARE THE PREDECESSORS OF HOMO SAPIENS/ but the effect is not (or was not) a substantial adverse effect you are taken to have an impairment which has a substantial adverse effect if the condition is likely to result in you having such an impairment.
      The official guidance on determining whether someone is POLITICALLY disabled They use disabilities as a

    97. Willie says:

      What about Bam Pots, or BAMS for short

      At least they couldn’t be sued for burning the house down. Insanity in bar of trial.The exact opposite of insanity to get you to the top of the list.

      Argh, I’m dizzy with it all. Nicola’s Mad House.

    98. Bob Mack says:


      “What about a tattoo that has been removed”.

      They erased that one.

    99. David Hannah says:

      What a complete and total insult to people living with disabilities across Scotland. I’ll certainly not be lending my second vote to crooks. Tossers.

    100. Balaaargh says:

      Don’t fire starters join the Labour party?

    101. ElGordo says:

      Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can:

      – Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance
      – Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration
      – Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
      – Exaggerate achievements and talents
      – Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
      – Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people
      – Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior
      – Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations
      – Take advantage of others to get what they want
      – Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
      – Be envious of others and believe others envy them
      – Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious
      – Insist on having the best of everything, for instance, the best car or office

      At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can:

      – Become impatient or angry when they don’t receive special treatment
      – Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
      – React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior
      – Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
      – Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
      – Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
      – Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation

    102. Desimond says:

      Is Amnesia a disability?

      Plenty seem to have forgotten the core reason the SNP exists

      PS: Is Amnesia a disability?

    103. Daisy Walker says:

      took a gander over on twitter at Wishy Feets, Mharie ‘KitKat’ Black, and sadly Philipa Whitfords accounts.

      The first 2 as you would expect. Cosy feet making much of the letter today from Rape Crisis Scotland – Pete is so think, I can actually forgive him, for not seeing just how unprofessional that letter is.

      Mharie is concentrating on all things rainbow woke.

      Philipa is being professional – and I do mean that – and concentrating in an expert way on Covid related stuff.

      I don’t know what the tipping point is going to be folks, or how much more blatantly stupid and crazy the SNP management have to become.

      One way or another we are poorly served in Scotlands most urgent time of need.

    104. Bob Mack says:


      I cant remember.

    105. SilverDarling says:

      Not long before one of them actually uses malingering as a diagnosis!

      “Malingering (Fishbain et al. 1999; Fishbain et al. 2002): It is the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological symptoms motivated by external incentives (secondary gain), such as avoiding military duty or work or criminal prosecution and obtaining financial compensation or drugs.”

    106. Bob Mack says:

      @El Gordo,

      A pamphlet for candidates?

    107. Willie says:

      Three patients all with tin cans tied to string. First two when asked what they had answered that they had their dog Fido and it was on a lead. Based on that the psychiatrist says to them better you stay in a little longer.

      Third patient, when asked about what he had retorted that it was tin cans on a piece of string. Receiving that response psychiatrist says that patient free to go.

      Outside however third patient says …’ ah we fooled em , eh Fido! ‘

      Just like the SNP !

    108. Unwokey Bloke says:

      Well I watched the old Prudential advert as a child on TV and it had a profound effect on me now I want to self ID as a tree, I may be slightly bark-ing mad but as a tree I demand to be put top of the list and made minister for green recovery at which branch do I sign up.

    109. Kenny says:

      While we’re on the funnies, thought I’d dip into Leasky’s tweet from yesterday;

      The thing about disinformation actors or hyper-partisans or haters is that they only exist because we let them. There are always gonna be men of the calibre of Stuart Campbell. It’s how we all respond to them that matters. For me, it was a block. In 2012.

      ..and discovered he amassed a staggering 16 RTs for that one – including his own RT. Yep. Creepy dude’s so desperately unpopular he has to retweet his own. Sad.

      Speaking of desperately unpopular, there are less than 95 likes for that tweet, of which you could hear a great gnashing of teeth:

      Jools Bell; SNP Councillor for Kirriemuir and Dean.
      Lloyd Melville; SNP National Communications Officer @SNPStudents
      Marie Burns; SNP councillor for Irvine East.
      Kenny McLean; SNP councillor for Partick East/Kelvindale.
      Emily Mackintosh; SNP Communications Officer.
      Paul McLennan; SNP Candidate for East Lothian Holyrood 2021.
      Stewart McDonald; SNP kiddy-on MP
      Rhiannon Spear; SNP bridesmaid.
      Dexter Turriff-Davies; SNP Westminster Comms Officer.
      Oh, and Neil Mackay; ‘I’m a turnalist journalist – one minute I am, the next I ain’t!’.

      They all belong to each other – wonder if any of them buy their round at the pub?

    110. Andrew Morton says:

      Hooray for the Blackshirts!

      Now, thanks to my eczema and hay fever I can top the South of Scotland list.

    111. AwakeNotWoke says:

      Devilish case of athletes foot that I often have to scratch with a football sock of particular grain. Could I be Cabinet Secretary for Defence please?

    112. ElGordo says:

      Unfortunately, in the very near future, weeks, we will have reached the point where malingering will be a recognised condition, whereas a male SNP candidate for Holyrood having to piss in the female toilets is normal.

      And at this point, this post, will probably be a hate crime.

      Hopefully not retrospective, unlike others.

    113. Miles Job says:

      It’s hard to believe that these documents are actually real – its an unbelieveable, Ianucciesque parody of a left-leaning party.

    114. David Earl says:

      Is substance abuse of chocolate fingered confectionery inside a political establishment a disability? Asking for a friend who pees next to me

    115. Saffron Robe says:

      The SNP seem to be engaged in a bonfire of the vanities – the vanities in their case being common-sense and reason.

    116. Hugh Jarse says:

      With this being a H &I issue, does ones ability to be able to ‘don the wellies’ during ‘lambing season’ get you off the list, or on?

    117. Shirley says:

      I’d like joggers nipple to be included. It’s severely debilitating. This condition prevents me wearing a support garment which leads to yet another condition – intertrigo. So between the chaffing, drooping, sweating and rash I feel I should be top of SNP’s disability list. Also I can’t run and I need a breast reduction. And probably new clothes and support garments. Is there a grant available? And I forgot surgical tape (to cover my nippes) And a wet nurse because I can’t breast feed. Thanks, David.

    118. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Would excessively hairy armpits count as a form of disability?

      No, but hairdressers would love them for practising on.. 🙂

    119. Bob Mack says:


      Athletes foot eh? Is it just the one foot? You may qualify.

    120. Sister Rosetta says:

      Although in their defence they are quoting directly from the definition of disability in the Equality Act and the list of impairments covered and not covered.

    121. ElGordo says:

      @ Bob Mack says: 3 February, 2021 at 12:17 am

      “@El Gordo, A pamphlet for candidates?”

      Nope, this is more the CXO, Director, Owner/Founder, “Leader” checklist.

      Totally focused and driven.

    122. Bob Mack says:

      @Sister Rosetta,

      So lunacy goes beyond even the SNP then? Spoilsport!!

    123. Davy Smith says:

      I’m just a bit of a rocket sometimes. Does that count..?

    124. Gina Burton says:

      This reminds me of that scene in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where all the useless members of society were cast adrift in their own ship and spent their time in endless, futile meetings talking about everything but deciding nothing.

    125. David R says:

      What the hell have we done in the Highlands to deserve this. We’ve enough clowns of our own and don’t need any more sent up.

    126. Beaker says:

      Some of the SNP people seem to be the sort that will chase a fire engine down the street and when they catch it ask for a 99 and a double nougat.

    127. Skip_NC says:

      I have cerebral palsy and dormant epilepsy. So I have a physical impairment, but it does not cause a substantial and long-term effect on my ability to carry out day-to-day activities. For sure, I have to modify how I do some things, but it has always been thus. Like many people who must live with a disability, I just get on with it. (I am not looking for a medal, by the way.)

      The way this has been described is grossly offensive. Those who can view things from a disabled person’s perspective and make a difference are, I believe, not going to want to be on this list. I know I wouldn’t want to be catapulted to the top of a list that has bugger all to do with merit.

    128. Bob Mack says:

      God why did you make women so beautiful ?

      Heavenly Voice ” “So you would love her son”

      God why then did you make her so dumb?”

      Heavenly Voice “So she would love you son”

      Politically incorrect in so many ways, but I care not.

    129. Gordon Keane says:

      This mush about firestarters being a Disability group, is to be condemned outright!
      To say that I am appalled, is being mild.
      Now, some may make a wee bit of fun out of this, but actually, there is no fun in this, not for SNP,not for Scotland, and certainly not for Fire Departments either, who have to deal with actual real fires started by cray folks, and of course, not for those who get burned out of their homes, or see their cars go up in flames, because some dude thought it was a bit of fun.
      No, this has gone way too far now. (True it’s been far gone awhile, but this is criminal stuff, being passed off as a Disability!?!)
      If the First Minister doesn’t stop all this now, she too will have to be condemned!

    130. Jab64 says:

      I think I qualify:
      I am a dyslexic insomniac agnostic. This has a really serious effect on my health as I lie awake all night wondering if there is really a dog.

    131. ElGordo says:

      Think the fire starter clause was just a wee nod to the Pacific Quay fire the previous day, send them the message, capisci?

    132. Wee Chid says:

      Glenislay says:
      2 February, 2021 at 11:54 pm
      “On a side note…with the way the cultists are lapping up these changes as a way for them to get a seat at the holyrood trough(never thought i would have to say this), It reminds me of certain people we all know from our school days who made it their ambition in life to get on disability allowance for imaginary disabilities that changed on a near weekly basis depending on what Dr Google suggested their psychosomatic symptoms might be related to….just because they didn’t want to work.”

      Maybe they should all have to go through the indignity of a PIP examination like genuine disabled people have to do these days.

    133. steve davison says:

      Nicola S I current suffer from DISLIKINYA and the SNP can I please go on the list .PS I dont mind if it,s the list that A Salmond and J Cherry are on as in the ling run it will be a winning one
      The more on these fake,s are catapulted into candidates the easier it is for people to vote against.How many from The H and I are going to get behind autocorrect Spear

    134. holymacmoses says:

      The whole set up sounds like questions given as a ‘brain storm’ or ‘group exercise’ for a set of 11 year olds.

    135. Orri says:

      Fun aside this should be taken in the context of a party eager to stigmatise mental illness which is what they mean by “a tendency to light” fires. They’re making fun of pyromaniacs. Which is in line with the misuse of the postfix phobia in such words as homophobia, islamophobia and, transphobia.

      The fact that they’ve yet to find an acceptable definition of that last that doesn’t expose it as a stigmatisation of people with other genuine mental health problems is telling.

    136. CyberMidgie says:

      A2 says:
      2 February, 2021 at 11:57 pm
      What about a tattoo that HAS been removed?

      Only if it costs you a pound of flesh.

    137. susanXX says:

      Not all disabilities make a person suitable to be a politician. An example might be borderline personality disorder.

      Emotional instability
      Disturbed patterns of thinking or perception
      Impulsive behaviour

      Do we really want these characteristics in our politicians? I would not trust their ability to think and act rationally in stressful situations: politics can be stressful.

    138. ben madigan says:

      @ Daisy Walker who says:

      “I don’t know what the tipping point is going to be ”
      Ask people what their red line is.
      Ask the MPs, the MSPs and the people you know that support FM Sturgeon
      Ask something like “What would it take for you to say that the Woke movement/SNP/Sturgeon+ Murrell has gone too far?”

      It will make people think things could go too far – which might not even have crossed their minds.
      It will also make them reflect on how far is too far for them personally.
      And whatever the thing is, that red line or tipping point could well be different for different people.

      No need to expect an answer.

      Just let the question sit there in their minds as they work out for themselves which principles they are prepared to commit to and where they draw their own red line
      “Thus far and no further”.

    139. Kevin Cargill says:

      Aw c’mon now Stu!! Chris’ job is hard enough without you giving him palpitations! Saturday’s commission will be a brammer!

    140. Wullie B says:

      Colin Dawson says:
      2 February, 2021 at 11:53 pm

      Colour blindness is a disability;

      “In the UK society doesn’t generally think of colour blindness as a disability, but in most cases colour blindness should be considered to be a disability and therefore employers, schools and businesses must treat colour blindness in the same way they would any other disability. Unfortunately the Guidance Notes to the Equality Act 2010 are misleading but the Government Equalities Office recognises colour blindness can be a disability, despite this ambiguity. The Department for Work and Pensions agrees that the Guidance Notes require amendment. For more information please contact us.”

      Colour Blindness stops you from joining the navy, you cant get a job that involves watchkeeping on any boat, be it a fishing boat or a super tanker, and pretty sure it can screw you over if you want to be a sparkie as well

    141. Mark Young says:

      I have a lump on my left testicle & I can hardly walk after a day of teabagging the ladies, does that count as being a disability Stu ??

    142. David Caledonia says:

      I feel very hurt and unwanted, not having a disability seems to put me at a disadvantage to becoming an MP in scotland.
      I do have a problem with boils and plooks and a nasty wee rash in an unmentionable place, well unmentionable in polite society so to speak.
      Surely to goodness I must have something wrong with me that enables me to stand for election for the SNP.
      Eureka, I just thought of it, I can say I only have two brain cells, will that count, well just in case that’s not enough I will also tell them that one of them is on the blink, that should do it

    143. NeilyBoy says:

      Who will be the first candidate to self identify as suffering from Chronic Flatulance through Lactose Intolerance?
      It’s a race to the bottom!

    144. StuartM says:

      Since I’m not convinced anyone reads past threads I’m reposting this from the previous thread:

      The best way for members to reclaim ownership of the SNP is to withhold money. On the evidence of the 2019 accounts the Party is stoney broke and has no reserves with which to fight the election. They might have accumulated some funds in 2020 but I doubt it. That bunch spend money like a drunken sailor and there’s absolutely no financial discipline, which is why the IndyRef funds and any one-off windfall donations (eg legacies in members wills) have been frittered away on salaries for them and the mates they put on the Party payroll.

      It looks like the SNP had to make an appeal to members for donations to pay for the 2019 snap HoC election. If they’re going to mount a campaign for HR 2021 they’ll have to do so again. This is an opportunity that’s too good to miss. Here’s what I propose:
      1) retain your membership so as to be able to vote but reduce it to the absolute minimum
      2) email your local MSP, MP and Councillors and tell them you are not going to donate to any appeal for funds or work for their election campaign until Sturgeon and Murrell are gone. Tell them exactly why you are taking this stance. I suggest you include some or all of the points Denise Findlay has a made above. Tell them you expect them to take a stand on these matters or you will actively campaign against them at every future election.
      3) copy the email in 2) to all the other SNP MSPs, MPs, etc and to every member of the NEC and your local branch & Constituency Association officers.

      If enough members do this the flood of emails will convince the fence-sitters that they’re facing a members revolt and their jobs are on the line. This might stiffen their spines enough that they’re prepared to take action. We can only hope.

    145. Scozzie says:

      What about being an ugly bastard surely that counts as a severe disfigurement????

    146. StuartM says:

      Another point to add to Denise Findlay’s excellent analysis of what’s gone wrong with the SNP. This whole business of vetting committees preventing candidates from standing in the SNP’s preselection contests is undemocratic, it’s something out of the Soviet Communist Party playbook. Yes political parties need to vet candidates to ensure there isn’t some embarrassing secret that will be revealed during the election and lose them the seat. But the appropriate response is to let the candidate know that findings of any serious offences will be publicised to the members to ensure they can make an informed decision. Anyone who’s seriously dodgy will probably withdraw. Otherwise, let the members decide who they want to represent them, not faceless apparatchiks operating in secrecy.

    147. Ruglonian says:

      Here’s a link to the Now Scotland article for anyone without full access to the National.

      For further information check the #NowScotland on twitter.


    148. JBS says:

      3 February 2021 at 12:17 am

      I appreciate your joke, but I will make the following observation:

      Transcans are dogs.
      Transcans are not cans.

      Transcanphobics need to educate themselves.

    149. Ruglonian says:

      One day I’ll get the link thing right!
      (the fear of the hammers seems to be leading me to mess it up consistently for the last 7 years or so, so be patient)

    150. Stuart says:

      I’m a colour blind fighter pilot with an ingrown toenail ,lesbian trapped in a heterosexual man’s body. What’s my prize?

    151. Robert Louis says:

      And so the rise of the stupid people within the SNP continues apace.

      I have never before read such unadaulterated nonsense, masquerading as an official document. written by clowns.

      For example, they include this nonsense;

      “Addiction to alcohol, nicotine or any other substance does not amount to an impairmentexcept where the addiction was originally the result of the administration of medically prescribed drugs or other medical treatment.”

      So, if you are off your noggin due to alcohol or other non prescribed drugs, you are out of luck (just as well they told us!), BUT if you are off your noggin through addicition to, say prescribed powerful painkillers, then you go to the top of the list.

      The SNP has truly become the Monty Python parody, that was the ‘judean people’s front’ ‘people’s front of judea’

      Of course, as we all now know, all of this garbage, is to ensure that those in the SNP who actually created it, will be included and go to the top of the regional list. Literally writing rules to ensure they themselvelves and their ‘trans’ cultist thugs, are top of the list.

      Definitely second vote ISP Now.

      To cite some immortal words..’help me rhona..’.

    152. AwakeNotWoke says:

      I often quite deliberately shit my pants. Where would that position me? What about same behaviour, but with an unruly moustache which occasionally impedes my field of vision when I look downward? Can we run through a checklist for all moustache types, then move onto other facial hair classification? What about, same deal, but wearing a hat & identifying as a lesbian dolphin?

    153. ScottieDog says:

      What about excessive flatulence?

    154. ALISON BALHARRY says:

      That guidance is lifted directly from the UK Act,see below, apologies if someone has already posted it.
      Basically under that anyone can pass, ‘anxiety’ and ‘stress’ count, that’s everyone, some of the time , surely. And a ‘personality disorder’ counts too, just as well for the SNP.

    155. Alison Ross says:

      Oh how we used to laugh at James Kelly and the succession of Labour misfits that graced the Scottish parliament! Hate the SNP for making all of us who joined after 2014 look just as stupid!

    156. ALISON BALHARRY says:

      Interesting to note that if you want cash for having a ”disablity”, I doubt very much many of the 2010 Act definitions would be adequate to get PIP.

      And from the Act below, so ”mild” anything shouldn’t count, take dyslexia it’s a very broad spectrum. Can only imagine what people with ‘major’ disabling disabilites make of it all. It’s like we’ve regressed. And who in the SNP will be judge and jury on the definitions of ‘major’ and ‘minor’, bloody unecessary minefield to wander into. Idiots.

      ”What ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ mean
      ‘substantial’ is more than minor or trivial, eg it takes much longer than it usually would to complete a daily task like getting dressed”

    157. Muscleguy says:

      A third nipple is THE most common developmental defect in humans. Many mave moles instead of actual nipples but they’re all on the mammary line. If that counts then almost anyone is in.

    158. ScottieDog says:

      Worth a listen to this podcast talking with Sarah Phillimore..

    159. Stoops says:

      I’ve been on the furlough since March last year and have turned into an incredibly lazy bastard, to the extent that I often can’t motivate myself to get up and turn the record over.

      Surely this counts as a disability? It wouldn’t matter if it did though because I can’t be arsed standing for a seat.

      I dictated this message to my wife; fuck typing stuff yourself!

    160. Anagach says:

      So Gypsy/Traveller doesn’t count as minority ethnic.

      Douglas Ross will be pleased.

    161. David Wardrope says:

      @ Dave Beveridge 11.43pm

      ”Remember these carefree days when the SNP was a cause and not a career?”

      Absolutely this!

    162. X_Sticks says:

      O/T but relevant to the Salmond inquiry. Iain Lawson on Crown Office Agent David Harvie. Piece of work this one.

    163. Grouser says:

      If Rhiannon Spears gets herself on to the Highlands and Islands list will she be resigning her seat on Glasgow City Council thus prompting a byelection? (I thought the NEC frowned on people doing that.)
      Or will she, if people are so misguided as to vote SNP on that list, just continue in the way she has in the Branch that worked to get her elected as a councillor? i.e. ignore everyone who worked for her and voted for her and go on her merry, woke, way? She has surfaced recently but hey, there is an election coming up.

    164. Tom says:

      X_Sticks at 8.50am says:

      “Iain Lawson on Crown Office Agent David Harvie. Piece of work this one.”

      It really is, so to underline its importance, here is the link again ..

    165. kapelmeister says:

      Would the SNP recognise a golf handicap as a disability?

    166. sam says:

      You really need to do your research better.These exclusions are straight from the Equality Act 2010 as drafted by the UK government.

      Exclusions from the definition
      A12. Certain conditions are not to be regarded as impairments for the
      purposes of the Act3. These are:
      • addiction to, or dependency on, alcohol, nicotine, or any other
      substance (other than in consequence of the substance being
      medically prescribed);
      • the condition known as seasonal allergic rhinitis (e.g. hayfever),
      except where it aggravates the effect of another condition;
      • tendency to set fires;
      • tendency to steal;
      • tendency to physical or sexual abuse of other persons;
      • exhibitionism;
      • voyeurism

      Not a great source of scoffing or fun for most reasonable people, imho

    167. Bob Mack says:


      We are not reasonable people. It proves there are more lunatics in politics than we expected. That is all.

    168. Bill Thomson says:

      @ Sam
      That’s no reason to adopt them.

    169. Bob W says:

      @ ScottieDog

      You bastard! I’m going to have to wash my jammies now. No, not pish, coffee. Half the bloody cup covered me. I’m going to stop drinking coffee when reading this blog now.

    170. Bill Thomson says:

      Breaking SNP, the new Netflix series based on an idea from the pen of Dominic Cummings.
      Content and timing just has to be scripted.
      I have a lot to do today and got up thinking I would give Wings a miss for 8 hours or so.
      After all after the last few weeks what more could there be?
      But I had a wee peek, just in case there had been a resignation or a bus crash.
      Wtf are the script writers smoking. Are they just taking the piss now?
      Mission accomplished the SNP is a blighted tattie.

    171. stonefree says:

      @ willie at 11:48 pm

      If it was a company, technically it’s fraudulently trading (It doesn’t appear to have the backing or asserts)
      But the liability is as I said
      It would be better IF a set of up to date accounts were to be produced

    172. Wee Chid says:

      3 February, 2021 at 7:47 am
      “Interesting to note that if you want cash for having a ”disablity”, I doubt very much many of the 2010 Act definitions would be adequate to get PIP.”

      Exactly – and you can’t just self diagnose your disability. Maybe the non medical staff who were doing PIP assessments should be drafted into the vetting process – then they can have the pleasure of telling candidates to f**k off – like they do with people who have genuine problems.

    173. Ananurhing says:

      I suffer from a debilitating condition known as DDD (Democratic Deficit Disorder)

      All my life I’ve felt like a Social Democrat trapped in the wrong country. Since 1997 I’ve been self identifying as a Social Democrat, but no one will take me seriously. I look at all my nearest neighbours who are all natal Social Democrats, but they don’t accept me as one of them. Apparently I have too many discrepancies and appendages to be one.

      Worst of all, I’m not allowed to use the toilets and changing rooms at the EU or the UN. This hurts my feelz, and has resulted in me being obese from comfort binge eating avocado toast.

    174. holymacmoses says:

      Well the fact that it comes from a Conservative Government paper explains exactly why it looks and reads like the ‘writing-up’ and results of a group exercise from a set of 10 year olds. At least it wasn’t Scots people who created it – thank fuck for small mercies.

    175. Boaby says:

      Definitely a scorched earth policy by nicola, leave nothing standing. No indy in my lifetime.

    176. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Muscleguy –

      ‘The Mammary Line’ sounds like a Ludlum novel.

      Having a third nipple shouldn’t be that big a deal anyway, unless it’s on the end of one’s nose.

    177. Stuart MacKay says:

      Oh dear, Sarah Phillimore has already raised £12K out of £20K on the first day of her crowdfunder for the defamation case against Paisley and Blackman,

      Looks like February is going to be ruinously expensive for the SNP and they’ll need to add “financially-challenged” the list of allowed disabilities.

      With this level of anger I think 51% of the SNP vote for May has already walked out of the door.

    178. Graham says:

      Rhiannon Spear:

      I went to Oban once for a fish tea with my granny & saw a rainbow.

      Which made me feel like I was inexplicably connected somehow, with the swathes of oppressed transgender & black communities all across the highlands like Ceòlas, Mudale & Lower Diabaig.

      Vote for me.

    179. Astonished says:

      As someone much smarter than me said on a previous post :-
      Smurrells delenda est

    180. Boaby says:

      Does jockholm syndrome count as a disability?.

    181. Effijy says:

      Do you think Serial killers who employ human methods
      would be alright if the Lord Advocate agrees to hide their case notes?

      John Cleese from Monty Python’s Flying Circus once
      got involved with the English Lib Dem’s.

      Do you think he is work both with the SNP’s NEC and new
      material for a revamped TV show?

      Tell me a First Minister reads these guidelines and signs them off?

      The sum of SNP membership looks like being equal to the number in the committee.

      A Camel being the end result in a Committee agreeing on what a race horse should look like.
      God knows this garbage has given many the hump!

    182. Fishy Wullie says:

      This podcast is definitely worth listening to

      Sarah is an articulate, determined & very angry woman, here’s her crowdfunder

      I think Paisley & Blackman better start their own crowdfunder this could start to get expensive for them 🙂

    183. Effijy says:

      Being in an Ethnic Minority Group I have had to live all my
      life with my people who have no voice no control over our resources.

      Our official representatives are grossly outnumbered by those who stand against us.
      My people have no genuine democracy.

      Our newspapers refuse us access to the truth and smother us with propaganda.
      Our territories are stolen by a neighbouring country.
      Their policies and governance has killed many thousands and suppresses our culture.

      Many refuse to understand what it is like to be a Sovereign Scot in his homeland.

      Now can I get shoed in somewhere just like Rhiannon?

    184. Thistlethorn says:

      Totally agree with Alison Balharry. Personally I could be regarded as someone as a disability, however I make the right choices to overcome this, therefore it does not disable ,e from living a normal life. There will be many already in Holyrood who have disabilites such as heart conditions, epilepsy, anxiety, depression etc but choose not to let this define them. Those who get to the top of the list may have a disability which is mild in symptoms compared to the many already in parliament who do not wish to disclose their illness.

      This system is open to exploitation as any candidates will have the right to medical confidentiality and their disability cannot be disclosed by the party. The party will not be able to access their medical records either so any disability is self declared with no evidence to support the claims. So a candidate can go forward and claim to be disabled. When asked what their disability is they reply that is medically confidential and it will not be disclosed.

      I really hope those members in the Highlands see through the likes of Spear and Roddick. Spear is a blatant opportunist who will do anything to further her career. Roddick is just untrustworthy and immature with so many skeletons accumulated in her cupboard at such a young age.

    185. GlenIslay says:


      I’m trying to think of a seat or list that she hasn’t tried her luck with. She’s got a serial losing streak as bad as Turdo’s, though at least he can say that he legitimately got his place on the Tory list.

      Spear wouldn’t even be a councilor if it wasn’t for the lib-dems forcing the STV system on councils, allowing wastrels to sneak in to multi-member constituencies on the backs of others

    186. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dickie Tea 10.54 pm: “Does being a fat bastard count?”

      Don’t worry, Alexei Sayle’s in:

      If you didn’t laugh, you’d weep…..

    187. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I followed the link, posted above, to Iain Lawson’s blog page. I am very-worried.

      The SNP’s support is already leeching away. I can envisage a position whereby, as the Holyrood election campaign gets under way, and the Unionist media starts bringing into the broader public domain, all those issues currently only being discussed here, and on sites such as Craig Murray’s, Iain Lawson’s, Grouse Beater and those other sites not run by Sturgeon loyalists, when the SNP support will plummet.

      Given the paucity of the opposition, the SNP could hang-on as a minority government – with “Marmalade” in charge, but, would struggle to get any legislation through.

      Then, the full horrors of the Salmond stitch-up are exposed and the part played in it by Evans, the Crown Office and so on.

      So, because good governance in Scotland has been allowed to die – Westminster steps in, shuts down Holyrood and imposes direct London Rule.

      It then, could well be 2054 before we got our Independence referendum – by which time Scotland really would be a basket case.

      We need action NOW to avoid this.

    188. Boaby says:

      Well done london, mission accomplished,
      You’ve made the Snp totally unelectable in may. Sturgeon why dont you just eff off.

    189. Andy Ellis says:

      @Stuart MacKay

      Hopefully if Blackman and Paisley suffer the financial and reputational damage they deserve to because of their behaviour it will give them and others who behave like them some pause for thought.

      I hope Philmore ruins them both. The added advantage in Blackman’s case is that bankrupts can’t sit in parliament can they?

    190. Astonished says:

      I think when sturgeon goes we need new candidates to replace the woke whom we heave out the door.

      Kirsten Oswald has got to be first out the door. NEC do something – the membership are leaving in droves.

    191. Bob Mack says:

      The solution is simple and honourable. Sturgeon must walk away now. That would save the situation especially with the inauguration effect of a new respected leader.

      If Sturgeon refuses then we categorically confirm its all about her and never about Independence.

      Thst is where we are. Does she have the sense of honour required. Victory is within our grasp and it is no small thing. Go now Nicola and at least preserve your place in Scottish history

    192. Livionian says:

      Bring on the backlash from the woke mob for giving away their masterplan

    193. Frank Gillougley says:

      Would being born in Paisley now qualify?

    194. Neil Wilkinson says:

      The Trans crew suffer from Realwomenphobia. Im reminded of the Biblical story ……Before you can remove the speck from your friends eye, you need to take the plank from your own

    195. If not having a disability puts you at a disadvantage,

      would not having a disability not be constued as a disability,

      but then i suppose if not having a disability was construed as a disability you would therefore have a disability and …

    196. Nicola's Merkin says:

      I suffer from Winky Wanky disease, a congenital deformity. My foreskin is connected to by eyelid so that every time I wank I wink and every time I wink I wank. Surely that qualifies me to stand.

      The one upside is if I lie as much as Nicola I come like a train.

    197. Stuart MacKay says:

      @Andy Ellis,

      I don’t think you can get the Woke to shut-up. It’s entirely against their modus operandi and it’s their most successful tactic. It’s also forms the basis for the leadership to shutdown the opposition to the GRA etc. since they’d be used to wipe the floor in any rational debate.

      One way out would be to weaponise the Hate Crime bill against the likes of Sarah Phillimore. Changing the defamation laws might take longer but allowing a counter-suit would be a quick defence and give others pause.

      I don’t see a clean or easy out of this.

    198. Wee Chid says:

      Fishy Wullie says:
      3 February, 2021 at 10:16 am

      !I think Paisley & Blackman better start their own crowdfunder this could start to get expensive for them ”

      Aye, and the SNP will be struggling for funds to help them out – unless they have their own source of black money??

    199. Sensibledave says:

      Boaby 10.28

      …. as it is often stated here that I am part of the 77th …. on behalf of them, I thank you for your kind words. TBH though we haven’t had to do much over the last year or so.

    200. Captain Yossarian says:

      @paul, 2nd Feb, 10.50pm

      We have a martinet in charge of the council too, Paul. Another vainglorious pint-sized wee woman. The Dorics call them gypes.

    201. McDuff says:

      Since Sturgeon came to power we have the targeting of Salmond,Murray,Hirst,Cherry and others all strong supporters of independence.
      Then the trans takeover of the party and the crazy policies that are promoted never mind the sinister removal of democracy from members of the party.
      When you add to this an almost determination to thwart the pursuit of independence, you have a cell or anorganised group who have an agenda.
      That agenda I believe is nothing as simple as holding on to power but the destruction of the SNP and with it the independence movement.
      What the SG has being doing is suicidal.

    202. David R says:

      Trying to decide what’s worse. The fact that the legal team felt they needed to clarify to ensure the SNPs potential candidates would understand or that it was in response to questions from potential candidates.

    203. Watty Eyeballs says:

      Jeez! What about long covid, does that count?

    204. Margaret E says:

      Is it true that Martin Hannan of
      The National has left the SNP?

    205. George Clark says:

      It says much about the audience it is intended for.

    206. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Margaret E

      Martin Hannan has indeed resigned from the SNP. He made the announcement on his Facebook account last night – finishing with: “And I am not going quietly.”

      Expect some fireworks in his National column.

    207. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Fishy Wullie says:
      3 February, 2021 at 10:16 am

      This podcast is definitely worth listening to

      Sarah is an articulate, determined & very angry woman, here’s her crowdfunder

      I think Paisley & Blackman better start their own crowdfunder this could start to get expensive for them ?

      Had a listen, superb. All of them, but Sarah comes across extremely well. High praise, support and acknowledgement for JC from them also – they cannot believe she has been sacked.

      Very glad Sarah’s crowdfunder is going so well.

      One last thing – I posted yesterday the legal criminal definition of Terrorism. It absolutely falls into this bracket and its probably time those on the front line of this, suffering threats of violence started using this definition.

      There is a reason Politica Speech is protected by separate laws – because its the first thing terrorists try to shut down.

      That they are deplatforming gender critics at the drop of a hat, that woman who speek up are being de-platformed from conferences and sacked from their employment. These are very much things that are designed and intended to ‘frighten the public’ for their own political ends.

    208. Breeks says:

      Astonished says:
      3 February, 2021 at 10:36 am
      I think when sturgeon goes we need new candidates to replace the woke whom we heave out the door.

      Kirsten Oswald has got to be first out the door. NEC do something – the membership are leaving in droves.

      Kirsty Blackman seems a nasty piece of work too, and not over endowed in the brains department. Deputy Leader at Westminster? How the fk did she score that gig?? Jeezo. How bad are the rest of them? Never mind. Kirsten Oswald. Say no more. Amateurish is being overly kind.

      There’s quite a crop really, and you begin to wonder if there’d be anything left once the rot was cut away. The SNP has been grievously damaged already, and there are few signs of corrective self-awareness to be seen, never mind active recovery.

      The more I hear the membership is leaving in droves, the more I feel the dismal lack of somewhere for them to go. Yes, there is the ISP, which I consider a vital and constructive development, but their focus on List seats at Holyrood doesn’t put any oil on my Constitutional gears, which are crying out for some semblance of Constitutional defence being prepared for submission to the UN and Council of Europe. I’m hearing shots from small arms, not the boom, boom, boom, of Constitutional Howitzers and Naval Artillery.

      Martin Keatings might create huge Constitutional problems for the UK, but I find myself asking the question, what has been prepared and made ready to fully exploit the victory he wins? I fear we might witness our own 1917 Battle of Camrai, when British tanks and tactical innovation broke the deadlock of trench warfare, but the success was squandered because there were inadequate plans laid to exploit the breakthrough.

      I understand, and have tremendous sympathy for the ISP not running before it can walk, but I repeat, Scotland’s Constitutional Emergency is already upon us, our unconstitutional Brexit subjugation is an event in the rear view mirror. ‘Improving’ our odds at Holyrood seems an overly pedestrian strategy to a radical old warhorse like me.

      Do I want Joanna Cherry brutally savaging the SNP lunatics, then leading a revitalised Indy drive from the ISP? Not ruling it out, but play to our strengths can’t we? Joanna Cherry has twice out gunned the UK Establishment on Constitutional matters, and gave Boris Johnson a bloody nose single handedly.

      For the life of me, I cannot understand why Joanna toys with politicians in Westminster when she really needs to be demolishing the fallacies and unsound conventions of UK Parliamentary Sovereignty. Not in the lunatic Asylum of Westminster, but at the UN’s International Court, working to overturn Scotland’s unconstitutional Brexit subjugation and see it weaponised as the means to declare the 1707 Treaty of Union breached and at an end. Until that’s actually happening, it feels like we have Lionel Messi playing Sunday League. WTF???

      Whether from a position of leadership or not, Joanna Cherry needs to be the spear point we use to start jabbing into the threadbare fabric of an unbalanced and vulnerable UK. That’s where she belongs, and she should be thoroughly insulated from bampots and cretins like Kirsty Blackman, and given all the support we can muster to help her marshalling Scotland’s Constitutional Defences and preparing them for imminent action.

      As for the SNP? Somebody take it out back and put the poor critter out of it’s misery. Sturgeon? Who gives a fk about her? Isn’t she in jail yet, or still clinging on?

      Tell you what else I’d like to hear in amongst that cacophony of barking howitzers, a few hefty big rounds from the “Boss”, the mighty Alex Salmond…

    209. Alison Brown says:

      What a boost for the List Parties!! Whose going to do SNP2 now?

    210. GlenIslay says:


      A separate new Pro-indy party in constituency seats would be the way to go. Play the system with two different pro-indy parties focused on their respective set of seats. As long as they’re not affiliated with each other, its no different from Labour and the Tories doing the same. The britnats can go pound sand with their protests at such a system.

      But that’s a topic for the next Holyrood election. Too much time has been squandered of Trusting the SNP for the coming one.

    211. David R says:

      See a lot of people on social media saying stick with SNP it’s the only option. Up to the referendum the membership was around 25K, peaked at around 6-7 MPs. If the Lib Dems hadn’t sold out to the Conservative party would they have ever managed to form a majority government.

      It was after the referendum when independence was widely discussed and Yes activists and supporters starting talking to friends, family and colleagues that things started to shift. The SNP rode the wave and did very well out of it in increased membership and well paid jobs in Westminster.

      A new, pro indy, no identity politics party that captured that energy from the Yes campaign could quickly overtake the SNP. Waiting for the SNP to do anything seems to be no different than waiting for Labour to solve poverty and ditch the HoL.

    212. Ian McCubbin says:

      I am upset as a complex Ptsd sufferer, they did nt tell me if I am eligible to rnd in Mid Scotland.
      Don’t worry folks I am joking have no intention of.
      This SNP just gets worse, navel gazing hardly covers it.

    213. Chris says:

      I wonder why they didn’t just reference the equality act?
      Was it so people think they actually did some work in coming up with their list rather than just copying it from the act or have they amended/added/removed bits?

      I suspect those things are in the act because some people had tried to claim them as disabilities.

      Ah well, not voting SNP 1 or 2. Will vote for who I think would be the best constituency MSP and party most likely to oppose the GRA an hate speech proposals on the list.

    214. David R says:


      3 February, 2021 @ 12:41pm

      There are some of the pro SNP accounts saying that the definitions are directly from the equality act and that it proves the article and Wings shouldn’t be listened to. I believe it is supposed to be a “gotcha” I’m down with the youngsters don’t you know.

    215. Chris says:

      David R

      I’ll keep on reading Wings, one of the very few places that reports what is being foisted on us by a corrupted SNP.
      I really do wonder what is wrong with the MPs and MSPs, what does Nicola have on them?

    216. Bigiain says:

      The passages quoted are lifted straight from the guidance published by Westminster for the operational use of the 2010 Equalities act to be used in determining whether an impairment can be classed as a disability under the act. This is UK wide legislation. Taken out of context they look ridiculous but read in context within the document, they are meant to assist non specialists to determine what can and can’t be classed as a disability. It has very little to do with protected characteristics as you seem to imply. It you are going to pick things out to make a point, make sure you know what you are talking about.

    217. David R says:


      They don’t want the pack to be set onto them. If/when NS leaves and as long as she doesn’t appoint her successor they’ll all start saying how they were the victims in the hope of remaining in post.

    218. Chris says:

      David R

      So they are afraid of the woke mob yet expect people to believe they will be effective leaders when NS leaves.
      They are, hopefully, in for a surprise.

    219. Breeks says:

      GlenIslay says:
      3 February, 2021 at 12:27 pm

      …. Too much time has been squandered of Trusting the SNP for the coming one.

      I feel the same way about Holyrood though… It’s had the option to fight for Scotland or capitulate to Westminster for years, yet it still can’t resolve it’s identity crisis and make up it’s mind why it exists.

      If Holyrood won’t defend Scotland’s sovereignty and constitution, even when dominated by a bloody SNP “Government”, then the whole institution of a subservient and compliant Holyrood becomes part of the problem rather the solution.

    220. stonefree says:

      @ StuartM at 3:53 am

      Your point of cutting off funding is correct,
      If the SNP is to be changed. If it can be changed
      It needs a rude awakening,
      If the SNP were as I believe spending circa £300 to £500 a week on each canvassers, and bungs for their chums
      I just wonder what did the people do for the money? Or is that not something to ask?
      Members and former members should I believe demand their money back and do so via the court if it comes down to it.
      It’s not that costly and the costs are recoverable
      If the SNP are a ponzi type scam, which it has at the moment it appears to be.
      Simply producing the documents ie location of money , and spending costs would clear it all up or not as the case may be
      A few people have made requests under the Data Protection Act, the reply I saw was inaccurate and took 7 or 8 months to appear (the timescale is 30 Days)
      Not sure how that one is going
      I have one reservation on some of this , if action is taken ( I believe it should be ) the SNP has Lawyers employed within the administration of the Party, it’s not their work or profession,it’s the fact that they could have an adverse effect on the Law Society.
      A question of how the members of the Law Society are employed, if indeed there are any members
      That is possibly a bit extreme but it’s not out of the question

      PS i desperately want a copy of the early Yes.Scotland wanting money pages

    221. Hugh Jarse says:

      David Harvie slips out of the shadows, and fits nicely into the jigsaw of corruption and conspiracy that is Public Office Scotland.

      He should be given every opportunity to tell his tale, only fair eh?
      Public interest there is.

    222. Jack says:

      Peados charter.

    223. Saffron Robe says:

      Does phobophobia count as a disability?

    224. Graham says:

      “… as having a substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out day to day activities…”

      THAT’s what’s wrong with our country. We’ve been electing people who are perfectly capable of carrying out day to day activities. What were we thinking?

    225. Kevin Cargill says:

      Stu, just found this which contains all of the wording from SNP NEC Equalities Mechanism. They didn’t spend hours debating it. They cut and paste it all from the English Equality Act. In which it should be noted it describes Jodi whose husband left her a year ago as disabled because she finds it hard getting out of bed in the morning and needs her daughter to encourage her. It says she doesn’t need proof although a diagnosis of depression might help.

      I’m sure our paraplegic friends and other physically and seriously mentally disabled people will be heartened to know that someone who is still feeling down a year after their partner left is in the same category as them. I’ve no doubt that people can feel terrible with depression, whether diagnosed or not but I’m equally sure when organisations seek more representation from the disabled community they don’t mean Jodi!!

    226. Graham says:

      “disabled because she finds it hard getting out of bed in the morning and needs her daughter to encourage her.”

      See? That’s exactly the kind of person we need to run our country, not some able bodied self motivated early riser.

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