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Sharpen your pencils, readers

Posted on January 27, 2019 by

Because it looks like you’re going to need them.

If the Scottish Government can’t pass a budget it’ll fall, and with no majority for any alternative administration that’ll leave no option but to hold a general election.

Meanwhile, at Westminster, the UK government is running out of time to get a Brexit deal through Parliament, and facing all kinds of procedural shenanigans which may very well lead to a UK general election.

Should that happen, the UK will likely ask the EU for an extension to Article 50, which would take us past the European elections in May, which would mean that the UK would have to take part in those elections  too (because you can’t have a country that’s still an EU member state having no representation in the European Parliament).

Scottish or UK general elections could lead to a new independence referendum, a new Brexit referendum, or both, sending Scots to the polling stations up to FIVE times (and the rest of the UK up to four) in a matter of months, with all the attendant campaigning, colossal expense, economic uncertainty and governmental standstill that such insanity would bring about.

Good luck, everyone.

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    1. Bob Mack says:

      I think England an her MPS should consider this fact. Their food supplies will be in great peril should they leave the EU with no deal. For a Tory MP to threaten to boycott trade with Scotland would simply mean an additional loss of food and drink going to England.

      I wonder if the English population would take kindly to that fact, especially when hungry ?.

      In his dreams.

    2. geeo says:

      I see Jim is still talking his cringe riddled sh*te.

      Boy does Jim have a shock coming.

    3. Thepnr says:



      Astonishing isn’t it? Well maybe not, it’s Tory lunacy we’re witnessing here so all pretty normal really.

    4. Golfnut says:

      @ Jim McIntosh.
      No feet stamping here Jim.
      We lend our Sovereignty to our MP’s to use on our behalf at Westminster, the significance of that comes into play when we decide, by whatever method to dissolve the union.

    5. Thepnr says:

      Here’s the reality they choose to ignore rather than the fantasy.

    6. Essexexile says:

      Cubby @1.51pm
      OK, as you’ve gone into your default persecution complex (with clear touches of borderline racism on this occasion – classy), I’ll post what the Rev tweeted earlier. But I’ll warn you, it doesn’t make you look too good.
      He tweeted:
      For me, intelligence always trumps ideology. I have no more tolerance for idiots on my political side than I do on the other.
      Talking of idiocy, anybody who thinks today’s announcement of a major new gas field discovery in the North Sea will be a good thing for the prospects of indy is pretty thick.

    7. Jim McIntosh says:


      I suppose since 2014 events have made me slowly morph from a ‘glass half full’ towards a ‘glass half empty’ person. I truly hope you’re right. Cheers.

    8. Jim McIntosh says:

      “Freedom Come All Ye” playing on IndyRadio right now.

    9. call me dave says:

      @Jim McIntosh @cactus etal.

      Thanks for link to 🙂

    10. Proud Cybernat says:

      @Proud Cybernat – Not sure how we “assert” our right if the bully keeps saying “this is not the time”?

      Then they’re making the UK a prison for Scots and more and more Scots will see that – and resent it. However much you may think this is what may or will happen, realpolitik tells us that the UKGov cannot keep such a position indefinitely. Sooner or later they will have to yield to the democratic wishes of Scots. Delaying the inevitable will only harm the BritNat case.

    11. Dr Jim says:

      The UK Guv can drive people into suicide by impoverishing them, they can decide not to protect the people by cutting 20,000 police from Englands streets, they can cut all sensible ties with our European neighbours creating food and medicine shortages, they can deploy the army onto the streets to prevent the looting and civil disorder they expect to happen post Brexit,they can go back on every word they’ve ever said proving themselves liars to the whole United Kingdom

      But in Scotland the BBC report that Nicola Sturgeon can’t have a democratic referendum for the people because Alex Salmond’s been accused of something

      Someone dare to tell me that the BBC doesn’t take instruction from Westminster and that they aren’t institutionally biased against Scotland

    12. K1 says:

      Hoi you lot…there’s a new thread up 😉

    13. Golfnut says:

      @Dr Jim.
      I guess they have ditched the idea that we need a Section 30, or maybe that’s tomorrow night.

    14. James F. McIntosh says:

      Have not posted on here for a few months so just to say I have now given my full name so as not to get mixed up with Jim McIntosh.

    15. Cubby says:

      Essexexile@4.48pm – spell it ok for you Dr Doom

      You are talking a lot of MINCE. Just making up crap. Britnats lie and they always lie.

      That’s you Doom a lying Britnat talking a lot of mince.

    16. Thepnr says:

      Voting begins in 15mins in the Brexit debate, the three believed to be of most importance and where voting is likely to be very close are these 3:

      3rd in voting order.

      G: Dominic Grieve’s ‘MPs takeover’ amendment which also bids to prevent a no-deal Brexit and allows MPs to effectively take control of Commons business from the government for six days.

      4th in voting order.

      B: Yvette Cooper ‘extend Article 50’ a move to give parliament control over the Brexit process if Theresa May fails to secure a deal by February 26.

      7th and last in the voting order.

      N: The Brady ‘Irish backstop’ amendment to replace the controversial Northern Ireland backstop with ‘alternative arrangements to avoid a hard border’.

    17. Cubby says:

      Excellent speeches by Ian Blackford and Liz Saville Roberts.

      When May/Corbyn and so many MPs (the Tories in particular) walked out as Blackford rose to speak it just neatly demonstrated the contempt they have for Scotland.

    18. Cubby says:

      Also an excellent speech from Joanna Cherry.

      ” the answer to the mess we are in for Scotland is a second independence referendum ……………

      the answer is a bit of a no brainer”

    19. Meg merrilees says:

      Blackford’s amendment defeated .
      39 for: 327 against

      Does that suggest that Labour and Lib dems abstained?

      If so, Shame on them. Throwing Scotland under a bus .

    20. Nana says:


      Should point out that the Lib Dem’s have also abstained. Tories against – including @ScotTories.

    21. Maria F says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      29 January, 2019 at 7:31 pm

      “Blackford’s amendment defeated .
      39 for: 327 against”

      Well then, lets all see who those who are selling Scotland are: name and shame please.

      Lets all see written in capital letters the names of the Scottish MP disgusting cowards that went completely against the interests of the constituents they represent by voting against or abstaining in this amendment and with that denying the extension of A50 and potentially forcing the toxic option of “no deal” on Scotland.

      No mercy and no more allowing the disgusting hypocrites to hide. Time for the tractors to shine. Time for them to face the wrath of the public once they find out just how they are always putting their personal and England’s interests before those of the Scotland’s constituents they were elected to represent. Time for them to face the wrath of the people once they find out that it is because of those English establishment puppets that Scotland is facing being thrown over the no deal cliff.

      Lets see the list of cowards then and then distribute the list big and wide: who are Scotland’s tractors?

      Name and shame please, in big, bold capital letters so nobody can miss them.

    22. Thepnr says:

      @Maria F

      Of the 39 that supported the SNP amendment, 33 were SNP, 4 Plaid Cymru, 1 Green and 1 Labour.

      The Labour MP that supported it was Paul Farrelly from Newcastle Under Lyme.

      So your list is every single Scottish MP bar the 33 SNP MP’s.

    23. Maria F says:

      Thepnr says:
      29 January, 2019 at 8:24 pm
      @Maria F

      “So your list is every single Scottish MP bar the 33 SNP MP’s”

      Well, doesn’t that make the Scottish Lib Dem MPs and labour MP Mr Ian Murray the most monumental hypocrites ever? So much for their whining and demanding a people’s vote. How on earth are they going to achieve that without an extension of A50?

      I can only see 2 alternatives here and none of them cast them under a good light:

      1. Or they really are thick as two planks of wood and are in denial of the small number of weeks left until Brexit day

      2. Or they have been attempting to deceive us all along: they never had any serious intention of that People’s vote to go ahead. Worse even, their defence of remaining in the EU is completely bogus when they rather abstain than voting to securing the only 2 ways to ensure the UK does not crash out of the EU: an extension of A50 and the elimination of “no deal”.

      Tell me who you have supper with and I will tell you who you are:

      Mr Ian Murray, we see right through you.

    24. Cactus says:

      Evenin’ groovy-cools, aye, ah’ve had Indy Live Radio playing all day and continue NOW in continuance. Whilst listening to the music, don’t you just Love the beautiful background satellite map of Scotland and her islands behind the Indy Live antenna.

      Enjoyed the earlier show / interview and watching the Glasgow studio, LIVE from Independence Live’s webcam. Ah’ve got some spare Yes flags if ye need any additional decor, wink.

      Hey Indy Live Radio… if you are broadcasting 24/7, ahm a gonna be a listening 24/7, cheers for the Skynyrd request 😉

      Ah like auto-background music, it makes SO much difference frae hearing awe that crap (adverts) on the mainstream wireless radio stations.

      Hmm, maybe it’s a three stage process…

      1) STOP watching television / cancel tv licence (Tick)
      2) STOP listening to the MSM radio stations (Tick)
      3) START listening to Indy Live Radio (the clue is in the name)

      Then upon independence – where iScotland has the immediate CONTROL of broadcasting returned – START to watch Scottish television again.

      After all, we invented it… heck we probably invented the radio too!

      iScotland is possible of anything and everything.

    25. robbo says:

      Thepnr says:
      29 January, 2019 at 8:24 pm
      @Maria F

      Of the 39 that supported the SNP amendment, 33 were SNP, 4 Plaid Cymru, 1 Green and 1 Labour.

      The Labour MP that supported it was Paul Farrelly from Newcastle Under Lyme.

      So your list is every single Scottish MP bar the 33 SNP MP’s.

      So what happened with the other 2 SNP MP’s then?

    26. Thepnr says:


      “So what happened with the other 2 SNP MP’s then?”

      Two of them had to act as “Tellers” since it was an SNP amendment and so could not vote according to parliament rules.


      Tellers are appointed to verify the count when there is a division in the Commons or the Lords and to report the result back to the House.

      Four tellers are required for a division to take place: two representing those voting for the motion and two representing those voting against. Two tellers – one from each side – are present in each division lobby to ensure a fair count. The result is then reported back to the occupant of the Chair, or the Woolsack, in the Chamber.

      Tellers, who are often party whips, are not counted in the totals of those voting for or against a motion. They are, however, taken into account when a quorum is required for a division.

    27. robbo says:

      Right thanks Thepnr

    28. Cactus says:

      This is an excellent article/btl to read through once again.

      Interesting how opinions are based on perceptions.

      It’s the outcomes that are the all important.

      Think fowards, preparations NOW.

      “Let’s go fly a dro kite” hehe.

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