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Unchained malady

Posted on January 26, 2019 by

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    228 to “Unchained malady”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      The ‘house Jock’, brilliant.

    2. jockmcx says:

      deserves a cartoon oscar

    3. Effijy says:

      There is no such thing as a Scottish Tory!
      We do have too many Westminster Tories
      and the come with Red, Yellow and Blue rosettes.

    4. Effijy says:

      The Greedy the Bad and the Ugly!

    5. Morgatron says:

      Good to have you back Chris and with a belter too.

    6. Socrates MacSporran says:


      Finally got round to reading that terrible bit of Cole-Hamilton poetry on the Rev’s twitter feed.

      Maybe w should start calling him “Topaz”, after William Topaz McGonagall – his efforts are even worse than those of the Dundee leg end.

    7. Cyber-Corroboree says:


    8. orri says:

      Difference is that there’s every possibility McGonagall was in on the joke.

    9. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Uncle Tam, the Brit Nat Bam.

      Very good Chris.

      Us Field Scots are just waiting for the opportunity to escape, and don’t have long to wait now.

    10. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      Yesterday, The European Medicines Agency staff lowered the 28 EU flags and symbolically said goodbye to their London offices.

      Today the fact that it happened at all hasn’t been reported in UK either on TV or in Newspapers.

      Propaganda by omission, It appears that “No Deal Brexit must happen and the UK Union must be maintained” is the order being followed by the UK Media.

    11. JLT says:

      Brilliant Chris. Correct on so many levels.

    12. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      My link at 08:58hrs should be this one:

    13. Bob Mack says:

      Yes Chris, even a collaborating “house boy”has limits on what is acceptable.

      Tarantino should have based Django in Scotland,which for centuries has been it’s natural home. Maybe one day we will become unchained ourselves.

    14. X_Sticks says:

      Excellent toon as always Chris, obviously that wee bit slacking you’ve been doing hasn’t blunted your rapier.

      Did anyone else notice that last night the only Burns celebration on the BBC was from Belfast? And just to rub it in the venue was the Titanic? Do you think they’re trying to send us a message?

      Really? Belfast? They couldn’t find a venue in Scotland for a Burns celebration?

      Ach, but we’re all one country in the BBC’s eyes, eh?

    15. Famous15 says:

      What’s the bet that some Red,yellow or blue Tory will call out Chris for racism without the slightest hint of self awareness?


    16. Bobp says:


    17. Capella says:

      This one’s over my head having not seen whatever film it references. But I did see Malcolm X speech so get the point.

      Re Burns Night from Belfast – how ridiculously cringy of the BBC. They could have broadcast the SiU Burns Supper from Glasgow and saved the cost of travel.

    18. Bobp says:

      We hiv tae dae whit the maister tells us .

    19. Clootie says:


      Great work as always….but still painful due to its accuracy representing the situation in Scotland.

    20. Bobp says:

      Capella. A film about slavery in America. House slaves v field slaves. Field slaves wanted freedom, house slaves getting a wee bit more comfort wanted to stay with their maister. The one on the right is the proudscotbut/ house slave.

    21. INDEPENDENT says:

      Great Chris
      We’re all Jock (Uncle Tam)sons Bairns aye right.

      Yesterday’s headlines vilifying alleged indiscretions with various members of the opposite sex! Shock horror.

      Same Papers / TV channels acclaiming, glorifying a man who allegedly bedded almost as many women as he wrote songs, whilst siring seven children.
      As our best loved national hero.
      Wonder what Rabbie would have made of these so called hypocritical scribblers.
      A man’s a man for awe that!!!

    22. Muscleguy says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker

      Even if Article 50 was revoked in such a verifiable manner that it would not be invoked again the EMA and the other standards offices will not be coming back. They will stand as Brexit casualties whatever happens.

      The EMA and other standards offices were here because they started as UK standards regulators and our EU partners recognised the expertise and no corruption culture and wanted to keep it.

      In fact the UK used to have more standards regulators than any other EU state. Which rankled a bit. So when Article 50 was invoked an almighty bun fight erupted in the EU over who was going to get them. They bring prestige, they bring potential influence, they bring highly educated and professional staff and hence prospects for your own people in finding good jobs there.

      IF we had voted Yes in 2014 we might have been able to credibly bid for one. Scotland’s heritage in Medical Science and its present day punching above our weight mode would have made a credible case for the EMA.

      It breaks my heart to not only see it happen but see the media and commentators ignore it as uninteresting. I expect it’s the sort of thing Gove had in mind when he opined that ‘we’ve had enough of experts’.

      Best of fortune to the EMA and all its staff, Bon Chance.

    23. Shug says:

      What we need, to get the extra push, is for some English MPs to say loudly.

      After Brexit Westminster will focus on termination Scotland completely, a new constitution by STatutory instrument, unitary state, no future right to break up UK, all territorial waters to be the responsibility of Westminster completely, NHS to be controlled by a UK medical body

      The list goes on and I am sure you get the drift

      A nice Etonian accent would be very good to

    24. starlaw says:

      The Scottish cringe. . . Proud Scots but’s

    25. Malcolm X – The House Negro and the Field Negro

      short version,

      longer version,

    26. defo says:

      Fine work CC. Glad you could spare us the time. 🙂

      Re The Cringe Starlaw (Boghall?)
      I wonder how many generations it will take to see it off, post Indy?

    27. galamcennalath says:

      Superb. Chris Cairns, master of cartoon imagery.

      Picture worth a thousand words? Nah, this one is an epic novel on the scale of Gone with the Wind!

      Yes, some Tories in Scotland are just wannabe English loyal to Greater England.

      There is a different variety, like a certain Perthshire MP, who is English, lives in England and has absolutely nothing Scottish about him.

    28. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      INDEPENDENT @ 10:07:

      Wonder what Rabbie would have made of these so-called hypocritical scribblers.

      Wonder no more. He had no time whatever for self-righteous hypocrites. He called them the “unco guid”.

      Given the miserable parcel of rogues we have to endure today, despite all the hard lessons of history past and present, we can only regret the absence of The Bard and the rapier wit with which he would undoubtedly have assailed the sorry lot of them.

    29. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “Even if Article 50 was revoked in such a verifiable manner that it would not be invoked again the EMA and the other standards offices will not be coming back. They will stand as Brexit casualties whatever happens.”

      Yes I am 100% in agreement with you @Muscleguy says at 10:11 am

      What pisses me off though is they could have relocated to Scotland rather than Continental Europe.

      Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Inverness or Glasgow would have taken the EMA (or any other agencies like the European Banking Authority).

      London’s loss could have been Scotland’s gain.

      Unfortunately due to the NO Vote in 2014 they are off to Amsterdam and Paris.

    30. Grendel says:

      OFF TOPIC:
      Airdrie for Independence are delighted to announce that our next guest speaker will be Dublin based Scottish journalist Jason Michael McCann, writer for iScot magazine, host of the Random Public Journal blog and known to the social media political world as @Jeggit.

      Jason will be touring a number of Scottish Independence groups in the lead up to the Brexit deadline, and we are delighted that he will be stopping off in Airdrie to address us, where he will be calling on the Yes movement to create the environment where Scot’s demand their independence, and to encourage the SNP to seize the day and call Indyref2.

      The event will take place on Wednesday 30th January at 7pm prompt in the One Wellwynd Centre, Airdrie, ML6 0BN. Admission is free and unticketed. Arrive early to guarantee seating.

    31. ronnie anderson says:

      az bleck an ah didnae even know it

      Great Chris just Great .

    32. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Interesting editorial in the Guardian this morning, on the possible dangers of the Queen intervening over Brexit. Of course, The Guardian being inside the London bubble, Scotland and the Scots were not mentioned.

      I just wonder if, maybe, Nicola and the Scottish Government have, as their penultimate “backstop” – a full-scale Independence vote being the ultimate “backstop” – Nicola going to the Palace.

      There she would say: “Ma’am, you are Queen of Scots. The sovereign people of Scotland have voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU, but, Your Majesty’s UK government is determined to drag them out.

      “It is therefore your duty, as Queen of Scots, to refuse assent to withdrawal from the EU, since this is against the wishes of the sovereign people of Scotland.”

      Then, the shite would really hit the fan.

    33. ronnie anderson says:

      Grendel if your gonna advertise the Jigget event in Airdrie then sell it properly

      There will be FREE TEA n COFFEE ( percolated ) N BISCUITS

    34. Mosstrooper says:

      On radio 4 this morning heard the presenter say to a Government minister from the Irish Republic that the problem of the Irish “back stop ” could be avoided if Ireland joined the UK in leaving the EU. ….Eh?

    35. ronnie anderson says:

      Socrates MacSporran When Nicola next meets the queen she should hiv a P45 ready to present to her ( nae pension or longevity bonus ) yer OOT Lizzy .

    36. Brian Powell says:

      The attempts by Unionists in Scotland to say that SG (SNP) doesn’t speak for Scotland is a hollow thing.

      The SNP Scottish Government are the only ones who speak for Scotland. The others, as is often recognised here, ‘speak’ only for their London Westminster Parties.

      Given that Labour through the Smith Commission and subsequent Scotland Bill made it clear no power, other than one part of income tax, would come to the SG.

      Effectively they cannot complain, as their counterparts in England can, about any policies created by Westminster. They voted No in 2014, leaving power with Westminster, they voted against powers coming to Scotland, those that would counter or even void Westminster policies.

      Explicitly and implicitly they supported whatever Westminster decides having effect in Scotland.

      Labour cannot speak for Scotland.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      More appropriate for the previous thread. Artticle in The National “Nicola Sturgeon doubles down on independence timetable plan” – they deleted comments and closed the article to comments, just as I was checking it out again. Better safe than sorry!

    38. Gullaneno4 says:

      A wee tick and a star to holiday boy for the title of his ‘toon as well.
      He’s starting to get too clever for me now.

    39. highseastim says:

      Brilliant cartoon.

      On the subject of the queen intervening in the credit fiasco, is that the same woman who gave the final nod to the bombing of innocent civilians in the Middle East!!

    40. highseastim says:

      Brexit not credit!! Doh.

    41. Republicofscotland says:

      Ha ha, very good Chris, Uncle Tom’s are very much alive and kicking in the Scottish Tory branch office.

      Meanwhile in a matter not a hundred miles away from your excellent cartoon. Anas Sarwar is receiving right wing threats again.

      Mr Sarwar revealed tha he began receiving a barrage of abuse, after a Labour colleague told him that Scotland wasn’t ready to be led by a brown Muslim Paki.

    42. manandboy says:

      Great cartoon, Chris. You are obviously well rested and refreshed.

      Below is some light reading for later – there is a bigger picture.

      The construction of Brexit has been forced along, leaving behind big gaps in its democratic foundations, not least the question of the EU Referendum as a ‘safe’ verdict, given, among other things, the amount of ‘dark money’ involved and the unwillingness of this Tory Govt to investigate it.

      Democracy in the UK is terminally ill, in fact it may already be just a corpse. The British brainwashed electorate may take a long long time to discover that their vote is already, virtually meaningless.

    43. Dr Jim says:

      If everybody in Scotland was black we’d likely have better human rights protection because of race relations but because we’re mostly white Scots apparently don’t even qualify as a race but because it’s just white people treating other white people badly it’s OK

      I thought equality was for black white yellow brown or whatever colour you might be but it appears Scots are not even worthy of a description as anything at all

      300 years of asking permission isn’t exactly confidence inducing and we’ll never have enough salve to clear up the marks on our brains or cream to rub on our necks stiff from looking downwards and that’s bred hatred in us and contempt from them

      I’d like that to change….. a lot

    44. geeo says:

      Guy on the right looks like Ian Duncan Smith a bit…!!

      Great toon, see what happens when you have extra time on your hands…(ahem)!

    45. Robert Peffers says:

      It is not actually humorous being a great tragedy but the BBC Text news, “Procurators Fiscal to investigate patient’s death after being infected by pigeon droppings. In the first place the patient did not die from infected pigeon droppings but from whatever it was the patient was hospitalised for in the first place. Apparently the report on the patient’s death stated that the death was from other causes and the infection was a contributory factor.

      I had the strange mental vision of a court case with a Cushie Doo wearing handcuffs sitting perched upon the dock rails.

      Are the yoons really so desperate they are attempting to blame the Hospital Board and, by association, the SG for pigeons shitting on rooftop?

      All such actions, and their reporting by the SMSM, will only succeed in further hurting the already badly affected and grieving family of the dead person.

    46. yesindyref2 says:

      When my wife’s life was saved by an emergency massive operation in Dec 2017, after recovery she was put in the HDU and immediately put on a drip anti-biotic because of the risk of infection. She didn’t get infected. Any operation carries risks, and the hospital had notices all over the place and (very high) percentages of compliance about cleaning and anti-bacterial dispensers everywhere. I used them all the time, as did we all. One time I used the soap by mistake. Ho hum, a bit sticky!

    47. yesindyref2 says:

      For all I know by the way she was given the anti-biotic in recovery, we weren’t allowed in there, she wasn’t conscious, and I never thought to ask!

    48. Ghillie says:

      ‘Gone With the Wind’ meets ‘Songs of the South’.


      Beam me up Cameron B Brodie.

      We need your know-how now!

      Great cartoon as always Chris =)

      But this is actually a really serious problem. Not at all a joke.

      It is a trap many many folk are caught in. How do we free them?

      I am a great believer that once you know the truth that the truth will set you free.

      But if folk have traditionally shut their ears to what they do not recognise then HOW do we get through?

      I think we talk.

      And talk and talk.

      Where ever we are. Gently. Kindly. AND LISTEN!!! LISTEN!!

      Everyone wants their voice to be heard. EVERYONE!!


      Then reflect back what you have heard. Literally,repeat what that person said.

      Then ask them what they would like to see happen.

      THEN. They might see their way forward.

      Or. You might get a chance to suggest a way forward =)

    49. Clootie says:

      It will always remain a fact that a Tory Government will come after a Labour Government. It is therefore a fact that no matter how much Labour claim they can do as a party it can be undone overnight. This is the reality of Westminster and the politics of England (the biggest voting block in the UK)

    50. INDEPENDENT says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      26 January, 2019 at 10:32 am
      INDEPENDENT @ 10:07:

      Aye Robert. It would indeed be great to have a man with his words and forensic insight amongst us, for our upcoming push for the ultimate prize of our nations freedom.

      The “ProudScotButs” of the unco guid i.e. The Uncle Toms of our country, really need to be parodied and ridiculed mercilessly for what they are trying to do, in their non stop attacks and attempts to brainwash the Scottish people.

    51. O/T

      Yes indyref2
      re Antibiotics and infection rates:

      Following a transplant you are in exclusive intensive care for a few days then High Intensity nursing during which time you are allowed NO visitors and everyone wears masks, aprons and wash their hands before and after attending to you.
      Then I was transferred to a closed ward where not only was there barrier nursing but there was a thick plastic cover across the entrance to the ward and very strict limits on visitors, who had to clean their hands and wear aprons etc before they could visit. Also, you are not allowed to walk around barefoot out of bed. Anti-biotics used were the ‘big guns’ and were intravenous – and of course everything is in sterile wrappings immediately before use.

      The main problem being that your immune system is almost completely collapsed to ensure that you don’t reject the ‘foreign’ organ.

      This gradually builds back up but when you first return home you feel very apprehensive and re-integrating into simple things like getting on a packed train are quite nerve-racking because you do not know how resistant you are to bugs.

      I was lucky – my sisters completely cleaned everywhere prior to my return but with three cats in the house they were more nervous than me. I was just glad to be back with my pets but I realise now that could have been a bit risky.

      Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem if it comes to pass but I read recently that a rich source of good bacteria has recently been detected in soil in Ireland which already seems to kill off MRSA.

    52. Lenny Hartley says:

      Re Southern General, having spent six weeks in residence , it was called the Southern General when i went in, and the qe2 when i came out bud thankfully betty didnt come and visit me, but I know the staff canteens were closed for the day and the Nurses et al had to eat sandwiches during their long shifts, however i digress, when I was there. I checked out most facilities apart from the Morgue and was pretty close to that being the last place i Checked out.m. I used two different operating threatres, (about 13 hours total) the critical care facility, two different high dependency units, two different ensuite single patient rooms, the ct scan facilities, the x-ray dept several times, the ultra scan facilities , and i think maybe the mri scan facility. So i have used the facilities there more than most and apart from a delay in getting some porters on a Sunday to take me for a scan everything was of the highest order, even the food was good. It is an amazing facility we should all be proud of and if I hear anybody in my vicinity decrying the hospital and its staff, they will in short order be thankful of the facilities there.

    53. Calum McKay says:

      The cartoon was appropriate up to brexit vote.

      But, post brexit vote the tories in Scotland, particularly Mundell and Davidson have been actively and openly collaborating with others to undermine and ruin Scotland’s economy and social welfare of our citizens. I hasten to add, enthusiasticly supported by labour in Scotland and the Scottish media including bbc.

      There is a clear choice for Scotland, stand back and watch others ruin our country or manage our own affairs.

      To me the biggest factual happening to emerge from brexit is the power Ireland wields and support they have from their 26 EU partners. the uk is dancing to Ireland’s tune! This could be Scotland…………

    54. More worrying

      I heard a discussion today about whether the EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – will cease to cover us in Europe on March 30th unless the government gets it’s act together and negotiates reciprocal cover for EU nationals here and UK nationals abroad before Brexit.

      Failure to do this will mean a huge increase in travel insurance costs and may render it impossible for some people to travel or receive cover ( perhaps more important for EU residents here, e.g. elderly foreign residents) Only emergency cover will be provided.

      Why don’t the papers tell the general public this and the real facts?

    55. Grendel says:

      Apologies RONNIE!

      Ahem, for anyone wanting to attend the Jeggit talk in Airdrie on Wednesday there will be FREE tea, coffee AND orange juice.

      Bring biscuits…

    56. Wee Alex says:

      Just as Labour follow Tory, Tory follows Labour.

      It wasn’t Labour that stopped the Poll Tax, nor was it the Unions. It was the ordinary man and woman in the street. Who claimed the credit?

      Corbyn wants Brexit but he doesn’t want to deliver it, he is perfectly happy for no deal.

      Why, because there will be an election soon after and the Tories will be split by then. Even Corbyn can’t lose!

      Corbyn can do one of 3 things, he can campaign to get back in, he can renegotiate no deal with Norway Plus or he sticks with no deal.

      It doesn’t matter to him, he can blame the Tories and hope he gets 2 terms. The most likely scenario is the Tories regroup and they take over.

      Tories follow Labour, follow Tory.

    57. Macart says:

      Great toon Chris. 🙂

      On another note. Came across this on twitter.

      This is one of the reasons why self determination. If anything says that a system of politics has failed? It’s poverty and it’s the fact that those who have never experienced poverty have little empathy and less understanding.


      That there are those whose duty and responsibility is the care of populations, who actively legislate against major demographics of those in their own populations to keep things that way.

      So yes. If something is broken beyond repair? It’s mibbies time to change up.

    58. Scottish Steve says:

      If independence comes, I wonder how many house Jocks will move south to reside in their true spiritual home. No pesky Scottish government or uppity Scots in their way. Just direct rule from Westminster among all those fine, superior Sassenachs.

      There is definitely an element of masochism to unionism. They hear someone with an English accent and go weak at the knees because they believe they are the Scots’ natural better and should rule them.

      These kind of Scots have always been with us, even when Scotland was a sovereign state with its own king. They were with us when the Union of the Crowns happened, they facilitated the Union of the Parliaments and I suspect there will still be some who will remain post-indy, yearning for the good old days when Massa England told them what to do.

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      Don’t watch Reporting Scotland (dreary dumbed down rubbish) but the bird poo carry on has all the hall marks of deliberate sensationalism and political smear. I am sure the BBC are well aware of who they give the oxygen of publicity to. They are not stupid. It is deliberate politically motivated misinformation.

      The BBC are no more trustworthy than the Sun or the Record…that is, not at all.

    60. robertknight says:

      Just British Tories of the North British variety.

      There’d be a fair few out last night – all tartaned-up and off to celebrate their Scottishness, delivering their best efforts at “Jockanese” with a Home Counties accent. A few guineas raised for SiU and other Yoon-related causes no doubt.

      Pass the sick-bag someone, I feel nauseous at the thought of them…

    61. Tom Busza says:

      @ Socrates MacSporran 10.39 am

      …– Nicola going to the Palace.

      There she would say: “Ma’am, you are Queen of Scots. The sovereign people of Scotland have voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU, but, Your Majesty’s UK government is determined to drag them out.

      Why spend the money on air/rail/taxi fares to London town?

      Just go along to Balmoral and pin a notice of eviction to the gate. Yes, I know it’s a private residence, but a CPO without compensation would do the trick.

      Just an alternative suggestion.

    62. Essexexile says:

      Superb cartoon
      Leonardo DiCaprio as Theresa May
      Christoph Waltz as Guy Verhofstadt

    63. geeo says:

      @HandandShrimp 1.32pm

      I posted this on previous thread due to this one being not long started, but since you brought up the untrustworthy media and the Record in particular….


      This was In response to a labour supporting facebook page whining about tory media feeding us a brexit nobody voted for….

      Hi, I would just like to point out a few glaring contradictions in your post.

      Labour in Scotland and its media propoganda wing, The Daily Record, work actively AGAINST Scottish independence, despite tories slashing £3 BILLION from our Devolved Parliament budget since coming to power in 2010, despite a naked, non disguised power grab of returning powers in devolved areas from the EU, pushing legislation through WM by using the ‘rapists charter’.

      WM requires express permission (legislative consent) from Holyrood to pass legislation at WM affected by Scots Law, yet passed the Withdrawal Bill without Legislative Consent, instead passing an amendment stating that if Holyrood said Yes (LC) that means Yes, if Holyrood said NO, that meant YES, hence the name, rapists charter.

      Was there outrage from Labour in Scotland over this?

      Was there feck.

      The Daily Record, who laughingly call themselves ‘the people’s champion’ surely, were equally outraged huh ?

      Were they feck.

      Labour, their pet unions and the ‘scottish’ media, hate Scotland so much, they actively, complicitly, work AGAINST the best interests of Scotland and her people.

      Labour are an utter sham of a party, they are worse than the Tory Scum.

      At least you know what a tory gov will do to you if you are stupid enough to vote for them, yet it is STILL a more honest vote than voting labour.

      Only the SNP and The Scottish Greens have Scotland’s best interests at heart, a fact reflected by elections in Scotland.

      Pro indy majorities in the last 2 Holyrood elections, and 2 landslide WM election wins by the SNP in Scottish seats. (95% of seats and 60% for the latter).

      Unionists trying to spin an 11 seat absolute majority of SNP seats (double that for margin of victory over the tories in 2nd btw) by comparing the 2017 result to THE biggest multi party democracy victory in history is frankly, pathetic.

      The electoral reality is, Scotland has rejected unionist politics at both Holyrood and WM, we no longer get the UK Government we vote for and have not had a WM Gov we actually voted for since the 2005 General Election, nearly 14 YEARS ago.

      Yet, despite this glaring democratic deficit, labour in Scotland and the ‘scottish’ media, STILL refuse to support Independence for Scotland, and the absolute CERTAINTY of electing a government we not only voted for, but one which we can hold accountable.

      Can you imagine if England voted say, labour by huge majority, but the Tories were declared the government instead and the English voters were told to shut up and get on with it ?

      Well, that is the Scottish experience of WM elections over the last near 9 years, and all Tory election wins in the near 60 years previous to that.

      All actively backed by so called ‘scottish’ unionist parties and ALL the media bar ONE paper.

      And people wonder why we want independence, it’s not really a mystery, is it ?

      Independence is inevitable, despite the propogandists like The Daily Record and the WM apologists like british labour in Scotland.

      ‘Look out the windae, here comes Indy’ !!

    64. Daisy Walker says:

      Great cartoon Chris – nice you made it back.

      @ Socrates MacSporran… I will never have a bad word said about McGonnagall, there’s monae a poe faced ‘serious’ poet, would make me run a mile… McGonnagall however, always puts a smile on my face.

      Re – anti-biotic resistance drugs. Some germs (not all) can be killed with alcohol rubs, and some need soap and water, as they are resistant to alcohol.

      Even those in the medical profession tend to forget this!!!

      Importantly – the bug that causes the sickness and diahorea (this is a word resistant to spell check and impossible to remember how to spell) – is resistant to Alcohol. So if you are visiting the hospital to see a vulnerable loved one, honestly don’t use the alcohol rub dispenser (touched be everyone) unless you want to catch and spread this germ, rather than zap it. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. The procedure at the hospitals is very much a case of good intentions having the opposite effect, but being seen to ‘do something’.

      If you would rather still use it, use your sleeve to push down the dispensor, not your bare hand.

      Big Pharma are actively NOT interested in producing new varieties of Antibiotics. Indeed if antibiotics had not been invented, and came along now, they would keep them under lock and key – only for those and such as those. No money in quick, efficient cures, compared to long term meds which reduce conditions.

      Good article in today’s National from Angus Roberston re Burns night in Germany – Scotland is Very popular there just now.

      This time out, I rather think the whole world is going to be rooting for Scotland (in many respects Europe was always going to be the hardest one to convince).

      Hope its soon.

      One last thing re the European Medical Centre relocating from London to Netherlands.

      900 jobs going (most of which were high end)

      44,000 business visits to London due to its presence. So, knock on effect to the hospitality sector too.

      Fast track of new Meds in the UK, due to its presence in London… now gone.

      And if we’re out, for all new meds, the Pharma companies will aim, first for the American Market 600 Million? (not sure of this figure), then for the EU market 500 Million, (the 2 most affluent markets, with the strongest H and S stds to comply with), thereafter the rest of the world.

      The UK with its 60 million will be small potatoes, and way down the list for potentially life saving new meds coming here.

      And lastly (some things to consider – I think I’m correct in saying)- we have pharma manufacturers in the UK – if we are out, they will either need to relocate (head office and/or entire production) to EU so that the licensing and checking procedures are deemed trustworthy and EU compliant, AND quite possibly (if we keep production in UK) each and every one of the drugs they sell, will have to be re-licensed for EU consumption.

      And that is a long, and costly procedure. More jobs to go I suspect, one way or another.

      Peace and love to all.

    65. yesindyref2 says:


      Wouldn’t it be great if Indy Ref 2 was announced on the 31st January?

      It’s a thursday, ballots are mostly held on a thursday. It’s FMQs so it could be done shortly before or after in the proper place – Holyrood. It’s also this:

      The 100th anniversary of the Battle of George Square, or Bloody Friday.

      Hope I didn’t spoil Sturgeon’s surprise 🙂

    66. Lenny Hartley says:

      Since 2015 when my dug adopted me , most days I take it a long walk to the other side of the bay and back, most days except the warmest im wearing my Blue beenie hat with YES prominently on the front. I think twice in all that time my hat has been commented on by strangers. Three times in the last few days strangers have come up to me and said nice hat, im going to be voting yes in Indyref2 . One of them today was an English checkout guy at rhe Co-op , he has seen me wear that hat hundreds of times and never muttered a word, he said you might think its strange an Englishman voting for Independence, I said it does not matter where we come from its where we are going together that matters, i think something is stirring 🙂

    67. wull2 says:

      I can remember being told about 30years ago by a chap we used to call the bug man.

      It does not mean the more concentrated the bleach is,it will kill more bugs, if you hit them with a high concentration, they try to protect themselves, you are better using the recommended concentration, this has been tested to be the optimum strength.

      A high concentration of YES also works.

    68. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lenny Hartley –

      Nice one!


    69. Cubby says:

      Brill Cairnstoon. Well worth waiting two weeks for.

    70. geeo says:

      @yesindyref2 3.39pm

      That date would certainly liven up FMQ’s…!!

    71. yesindyref2 says:

      The only problem is it was between workers and police, in theory. Not sure how that sits.

    72. Legerwood says:

      Daisy Walker @ 3.17pm
      “”Big Pharma are actively NOT interested in producing new varieties of Antibiotics. Indeed if antibiotics had not been invented, and came along now, they would keep them under lock and key…””

      Antibiotics were not invented. They occur naturally eg penicillin. Discovered would be a better word. Their anti-bacterial properties were discovered eg Fleming.

      Around 70% of the world’s antibiotics come from a species of bacteria called Streptomyces, a bacteria found in soil, although most are used in veterinary medicine you have the likes of Streptomycin in humans.

      There is in fact a lot of R&D going on to find new antibiotics which tend to be synthesised de novo rather than found in bacteria or moulds as in the past.

      Agree with you about soap and water being best. Soaps have charged ions which interact with the charged ions in the cell wall of bacteria and blow them apart.

      Having said that I would use the dispensers if nothing else is available. Better than nothing.

      And one final thing: don’t take flowers into hospitals when you go visiting.

    73. geeo says:


      I was thinking more about how FMQ’s would be fun if Nicola announced Indyref2 just before it that day.

    74. Petra says:

      Another brilliant cartoon, Chris. Thanks for that.


      @ Jockanese Wind Talker says at 9:01 am ….. ”My link at 08:58hrs should be this one.”

      How sad is that? Standing there with the 27 EU flags folded in their hands. A visual reality of the harsh reality of a bunch of bl**dy idiots running this country and they wonder why we want out? Strange that I’ve not heard any mention of this / seen any of the footage on the BBC. Lying by omission as usual?


      @ Socrates MacSporran says at 10:39 am …. ”Nicola going to the Palace. There she would say: “Ma’am, you are Queen of Scots. The sovereign people of Scotland have voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU, but, Your Majesty’s UK government is determined to drag them out. It is therefore your duty, as Queen of Scots, to refuse assent to withdrawal from the EU, since this is against the wishes of the sovereign people of Scotland.” Then, the shite would really hit the fan.”

      Ha ha ha. Good one SMS. Maybe we should initiate a petition signed by sovereign Scots, to that effect, and hand it into Buckie. In fact we should think of having the next AUOB walk to London, waving our Saltires, to do so. We’d no doubt be pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes along the way, hit over the head with Union Flags and so on, which would make for great ”Better Together”, ”Scots visiting the Queen” viewing if the BBC / STV would get round to broadcasting it.

    75. yesindyref2 says:

      @Legerwood “flowers
      True dat though everybody does. They could be passed through a simple UV lamp scanner to remove most of the bacteria – and insects!

    76. Tinto Chiel says:

      Some great comments on this thread but I particularly enjoyed geeo’s @2.25.

      No-one expects any good from a Tory, but the egalitarian principles and drive to improve the lot of working people of the founder of the Labour party, Keir Hardie, is a million miles away from the ermine-chasing chancers who go into coalition with the Blue Tories everywhere in Scotland to snuil the independence party.

      At least the Tories aren’t hypocrites in that regard.

    77. Fireproofjim says:

      Regardless of the politics involved, Chris is artistically the most clever, accurate and expert cartoonist I have ever seen.
      The detail on Django is wonderful. You should enlarge it. The little touches of grey and the curls in the beard. The texture of clothes and hat. Just amazing.
      Thanks Chris.

    78. yesindyref2 says:

      I don’t really know much about the Glasgow Square 2019 apart from what I read on Wings. I’m really looking forward to the programs about it on STV and BBC Scotland this week, old footage, reports, interviews with descendants, plus reporting on the Herald, Scotsman and so on. I’m sure they’ll all be covering it in great …

      … oh.

    79. bjsalba says:

      @ Mosstrooper at 11:05 am

      On radio 4 this morning heard the presenter say to a Government minister from the Irish Republic that the problem of the Irish “back stop ” could be avoided if Ireland joined the UK in leaving the EU

      Not for the first time – it has come from perople on the street, MPs, peers and UK Government ministers – and that doesn’t count the idiot who said that the Irish should “know their place”.

    80. Masslass says:

      Regarding Bacteria and hand washing.

      I recently read a study done here in the USA what is the best for cleaning hands.

      Seems it doesn’t matter whether you use Hot or cold water, FRICTION is the key. Rubbing hands and fingers vigorously back and forth is what gets rid of most germs.

      No difference using Hot or Cold Water. Soap helps though.

    81. Petra says:

      I doubt that there’s anyone living in Scotland who hasn’t had experience of attending a Scottish hospital or knows of someone who has. A number of my family members unfortunately found themselves in hospital last year for one reason or another. My mother-in-law has been in and out of hospital for months now with the seamless transition from hospital to home (with support of nurses) and vice versa. Every last one of them can’t speak highly enough of the hospitals, staff, treatment and so on. I’m not saying that there is no one out there who thinks differently but I’d reckon that they are in a tiny minority, as the results of a recent survey highlighted.

      Meanwhile the MSM, such as the BBC, are still SNHS bashing, in an attempt to undermine the SNP. They are doing so with no regard whatsoever of the fear that they are creating, such as even although my mother-in-law hasn’t had any complaints (infections, etc), far from it, she’s now really frightened of having a major operation carried out next week … and talking of cancelling it. How many others have they now put off attending hospital at all, to the individual’s detriment … even death?

      Well done BBC. You’re doing a great job for your Master.

      And as they run down our NHS, I haven’t heard a dicky bird from them of the latest daylight robbery carried out by Westminster. Another £55 million robbed from our NHS.

    82. wull2 says:

      Alcohol works a lot of the time by water trying to get out of the bug, trying to equalise with the alcohol outside the bug, this tares apart the cell structure, thus starting to kill the bug.
      A Mico person on here will be able to tell me if that is correct or not.

      I hope it is YES

    83. galamcennalath says:

      ” European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has told British prime minister Theresa May in a private phone call that shifting her red lines in favour of a permanent customs union is the price she will need to pay for the EU revising the Irish backstop.

      Mr Juncker told Mrs May that, without a major shift in the prime minister’s position, the current terms of the UK’s withdrawal agreement with the EU were non-negotiable.”

      That sounds reasonable and sensible. The Backstop is required because they don’t trust the UK to negotiate a sufficiently soft trade agreement in the next stage to ensure an open Irish border. If the commitment was made, blindingly I assume, to aim of a soft arrangement then the Backstop becomes irrelevant.

      The swivel eyed right will have a fit, but so what, they speak for a minority.

    84. ronnie anderson says:

      Masslass we’re auld school in sterilisation of hawns Vinegar ( not of the Malt variety ) that goes oan the chips lol.

    85. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 17:29,

      Not in the least surprising. I believe the SG had that one well sussed some time ago. =grin=

      May could face down the ERG and DUP zealots by getting Corbyn onside, but would she risk splitting her party on the off-chance the old codger would finally come off the fence and back her?

      Oh, decisions, decisions…(!)

    86. galamcennalath says:

      The Times …

      “Martial law plan to avert chaos after no-deal Brexit

      Whitehall officials have been gaming a state of emergency and even the introduction of martial law in the event of disorder after a no-deal Brexit, it has emerged.

      Mandarins are considering how to use the sweeping powers available under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to stop any civil disobedience resulting from the nation leaving the EU on March 29.

      Curfews, bans on travel, confiscation of property and, most drastic, the deployment of the armed forces to quell rioting are among the measures available to ministers under the legislation.

      They can also amend any act of parliament, except the Human Rights Act, for a maximum of 21 days. “

      …. the rest is behind paywall. They may not do any of this, it’s just planning, but if they felt the needed to, they would!

      And Scotland would be high on the list of targets … May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush .

    87. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “Britain has begun stockpiling food, fuel, spare parts and ammunition at military bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands in case of a no-deal Brexit, Sky News has learnt.
      Extra supplies are also being built up at bases in the UK to reduce the risk of the armed forces running short and being unable to operate if it suddenly becomes much harder to import and export day-to-day goods after 29 March.”

      “Military chiefs have spent at least £23m on what is being described as “forward-purchased” goods”

    88. Petra says:

      @ galamcennalath says at 6:18 pm … “Martial law plan to avert chaos after no-deal Brexit.”

      Looks as though we’ll have to cram in a few AUOB walks before the end of March, lol.

    89. Brian Powell says:

      I predicted martial law was what they wanted some time ago!

      Also Ruthie as Colonel directing something in Scotland.

    90. Legerwood says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      26 January, 2019 at 4:26 pm
      @Legerwood “flowers”
      “”True dat though everybody does. They could be passed through a simple UV lamp scanner to remove most of the bacteria – and insects!””

      Nice try, but no coconut.

      The flowers sit in water in the ward/single patient room and slowly turns green as the stems decay. Disposing of the flowers and the scummy water produces aerosols which are dispersed in the air with the potential for infection.

      Petra @ 5.12pm

      I often wonder if the opposition politicians who constantly attack the NHS in Scotland realise how many people use it, or knows someone who has, and know it has worked for so many of them.

      There are 4.2-4.5 million OPD appointments annually of which 1.3-1.5 million are first time appointments. That is an awful lot of people/voters using the system and know it is working.
      Every month there are around 25,000-30,000 planned ops
      Every week there are some 25,000 attendances at A&E of whom around a quarter end up being admitted.
      And on and on. Yes NHS Scotland is under pressure and Brexit is not helping but it is still a great service.

      The point you raised about infection and the screaming publicity making people afraid to go into hospital. Ms Freeman, Health Secretary, made the point several times during the week that the infection rate at QEUH was below the national average for Scotland which is itself much lower than it was in 2007 when the SNP took over.

      Then people across Scotland were afraid to go into hospital because of the very real possibility of catching an infection particularly MRSA. Ms Freeman pointing out the good record of the hospital while not downplaying the seriousness of the 2 cases of the crytococcus cases, was exactly the right thing to do. Of course the usual suspects were outraged by her pointing out the hospital’s record with regard to controlling infection.

    91. geeo says:

      Re:troop deployment/martial law suggestions.

      Armed forces personnel will be bit stretched.

      The British Armed Forces are a professional force with a strength of 149,710 UK Regulars and Gurkhas, 36,480 Volunteer Reserves and 7,960 “Other Personnel” as of 1 April 2018. This gives a total strength of 194,140 “UK Service Personnel”.
      Current estimates of Uk population is 66million.

      So that one armed forces personnel to every 340 people.

      Reckon we could take them…!(lol)

    92. ronnie anderson says:

      Some of us Independenistas will be on A Little list just now . Robert Peffers would have been on the Rosyth list for sure .

      Alex Salmond would be top priority when he was at Westminster & more so now as a xFM & friend of the current FM Nicola .

      All the bestest Alex Salmond .

    93. mumsyhugs says:

      I see Alex is getting to keep broadcasting his show on RT 🙂

    94. Maybe it needs events like Brexit and AS being ‘out of commission’ ( possibly even NS) to make the people of Scotland realise that if WE want it WE actually have to fight for it ourselves.

      It’s not just AS or NS who want an independence referendum, it’s US, you and me, the Scots and pretty soon we are going to have stand up and be counted, martial law or no. I’m not suggesting any violence, don’t misunderstand me.

      Just think back to Catalonia, Ukraine, and many other similar situations when people have taken to the streets in their hundreds of thousands demanding reform.

      This notion that subliminal use of the UJ can affect people’s thinking on the subject.
      Maybe we need to make our Saltires a lot more visible – not just at the subliminal level.
      So in addition to our bridges, maybe we need to get another march out before February.
      Show T May and everyone else that it’s not just Nicola or AS but us that want Independence.

      What’s more important- marching or feeling ‘it’s a wee bit cauld the day’ ?

    95. Ian Foulds says:

      Socrates MacSporran at 10.39

      Like it.

      Would our constitutional experts know if it has mileage?

    96. ScottishPsyche says:

      @Ronnie Anderson

      I’m sure when the Rev’s computer was confiscated all of us were put on a list.

      The authoritarian direction of this UK government is taking us down a very dark road. It won’t be long before we have to declare ‘whether or not we have ever voted SNP or believe in Independence’ before we get to vote.

    97. Meg merrilees says:

      PS should have said – get a march out before the END of February.

    98. Cactus says:

      Evenin’ Gullaneno4 ~

      “A wee tick and a star to holiday boy for the title of his ‘toon as well.
      He’s starting to get too clever for me now.”

      As far as aye remembers and understands, it’s oor Rev who provides the titles to the tremendous toons… Chris is the maker, Rev is the shaker. 🙂
      ***** ***** ***

      In other IMPORTANT news…

      Westminster & their Tory politicians keep getting in the way:

      It’s Something.

    99. Legerwood says:

      Wull2 @ 5.22pm

      Not quite how alcohol works as an anti-bacterial agent.

      The alcohol has a double action. It denatures proteins in the membrane, that is they lose their structure and thus cannot function, and lipids in the membrane dissolve in the alcohol.

      Optimal concentrations are between 50%-80%.

      Problem with using alcohol solutions as bacteriocide widely in public spaces is the possibility of fire – vapour igniting etc.

    100. Cactus says:

      Tune IN from 9pm if you are interested in music and Scotland:

      For direct access CLICK below:

      Could aye request a song by the bros of righteousness please?:

      Just over 1 hour remaining to go…

      Cheers Kev an Del and y’all.

    101. Petra says:

      @ Legerwood at 6:39pm … ”SNHS.”

      A great reminder of the ”facts” of the matter, Legerwood. Thanks for that.


      That’s a great article by Fidelma Cook, Ronnie (7:30pm). Well worth a read.

      ..”The Irish, now willingly part of, and prosperous, in a united Europe can, at long last, look calmly on the fist-shaking little Englanders in the Palace of Westminster as their bluffs are called out. Not so the Scots. Each session their representatives are laughed at, talked over, dismissed as irritants in England’s, yes England’s, desires. Humiliated even.”..

      ….”All these thoughts and more have been churning in my mind as I sit in my French field and watch countries I’ve lived in, and in two cases, loved, be affected yet again by English might and arrogance.

      I know you may call me a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Imagine.”


      Spot on Fidelma, At least half of Scotland’s population is dreaming of Independence now. Makes a change from having nightmares about Westminster.

    102. jezza says:

      In case you are a sports buff, engurlabd got absolutely fucked at rounders playing against the W Indies’.

      News like this gives you that little spring in your step just before you head out to the dancing.

      GIRFUY engurland !!!

    103. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I was at a rugby match this afternoon. I know there are one or two independence-supporting members of the two clubs involved, but the vast majority – many from the farming community, are Tory voters.

      The Salmond case was being discussed and, even among the ranks of the Tory voters, the overwhelming perception is that it is a huge, Westminster-orchestrated stitch-up.

      One member today, who has a very good female friend who worked or the SNP and had daily contact with Wee Eck reported her as saying: “If someone had reported him for bullying, I would have believed it, but, sexual misconduct – no chance, no way, and I worked with him or years.”

    104. geeo says:

      And here goes another little anti english bigot…is this part of the new training at HQ ?

      Bad idea, Jezza.

    105. K1 says:

      ‘I’m sure when the Rev’s computer was confiscated all of us were put on a list.’

      I’ve often wondered if this was what that was really about, they certainly will have all our email addresses, easy from then on in to match who’s who on here.

      *drone watching* 🙂

    106. ronnie anderson says:

      K1 just tae make sure they hiv up to date information Ah hiv grown ah santa claus beard lol.

    107. David says:

      Not cool, Jezza, not cool.

    108. K1 says:

      The BBC, the arrogant patronising condescending absurd and affronted Radio 4 John Humphrys speaking with Helen McEntee, Irish Minister of State for European Affairs about the ‘backstop’.

      Really worth a listen to for the sheer delight of him being telt, by the quiet dignified responses to his utter tosh…he ended the interview by asking “Why doesn’t Dublin, why doesn’t the Republic of Ireland, leave the European Union and throw in their lot with this country?”

      Starts at 1:10:10 (from Rev’s twitter feed)

    109. Liz g says:

      K1 @ 8.35
      Not just on a list but probably profiled our internet activity too.
      Hey Ho…. Won’t do them a bit of good….

    110. ronnie anderson says:

      Petra makes a welcome change from some of the other churnalists from the Herald stable .

    111. K1 says:

      They’ve got most of us of film too Liz, I recall being on the Peace boat in the late 80’s (Victor and Barry were the entertainment on that boat that day) and the polis boat following us up the Clyde toward Faslane, we were aw waving and posing so they had a good photae, not paranoid at all 😉

      I’m thinking of us aw at the BBC protests too…we were aw waving at thon helicopter…they so know who we are, nae doots 😉

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If anyone is *definitely* planning to attend the social in Sammy Dow’s, Glasgow, on March 2nd, can you please go to off-topic and make yourself known? We need to get a rough idea of numbers.

      No rush – sound out yer pals etc, then let us know. We suspect it could be a big one.


    113. K1 says:

      Aye Ronnie, I’ve grown a bad temper…they’ll spot me wi heat seekin’ missiles nae probs 🙂

    114. ronnie anderson says:

      Paywalled but ah think you’ll get the jist , deliberate mistakes to steal more money from Scotland

    115. jezza says:


      GIRFUY, that mob from south of the border.

      Howz that chaps? Better?

      A hate English rounders.

    116. galamcennalath says:

      In a sane and just world John Humphries would get his jotters for being so rude and insensitive to Irish minister Helen McEntee. No regard for what England has put Ireland through over the centuries.

      British / English Nationalists have been utterly dismayed at the power Ireland has been wielding with the EU at their backs.

      Karma and payback really aren’t kind.

      If only Scotland had the might of the EU on our side too.

    117. Ben Starav says:

      Loss of the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority are small but signifiant examples of the inevitable social, cultural and economic self harms that are Brexit.

      On holiday last summer I met the man responsible for relocating 1000 ‘EMA’ families from London to the Netherlands. He was exhausted with the scale of the task and taking a few days respite. When I asked him what he made of us leaving the EU he said, no one could understand it as the UK had easily the best deal out of the 28 member states.

      The impression he gave was one of dignified regret that the world of medicine will be diminished by this folly.

      We must now free ourselves from the wasters of Westminster and their allies, with speed. As Kevin McKenna puts it in the Herald today, independence is now a necessity.

    118. geeo says:

      Much better Jezza, and kudos for the correction.

      See, we are nice when we need to be.

    119. K1 says:

      For those who don’t have the license or a means to listen through iplayer, here’s the short clip of Humphrys revealing his utterly insensitive ignorance for all to hear, to the Irish minister:

      (Rev retweeted this on his feed)

    120. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Feel a bit embarrassed even having to ask this, but could someone explain what the term ‘gaslighting’ means?

    121. Liz g says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 10.28am
      ‘re Gaslighting
      It comes from the movie of the same name!!
      It just means to turn the heat up on you and then dial it back again to keep you unsure.
      It’s the method people with narcissistic personality disorder use on their victims.
      On here it’s when trolls switch from being reasonable and friendly,then become outrageous and nasty..
      Although it is a method that the state disrupters would use some do it just because they can!!

    122. TJenny says:

      IB – gasighting from Wiki, re a tv/film:

      The original title stems from the dimming of the gas lights in the house that happened when the husband was using the gas lights in the sealed-off attic above while searching for the jewels belonging to a woman whom he had murdered. The wife correctly notices the dimming lights and discusses it with her husband, but he insists that she merely imagined a change in the level of illumination.[citation needed]

      The term “gaslighting” has been used colloquially since the 1960s[8] to describe efforts to manipulate someone’s perception of reality. The term has been used to describe such behaviour in psychoanalytic literature since the 1970s.[9] In a 1980 book on child sexual abuse, Florence Rush summarized George Cukor’s Gaslight (1944) based on the play and wrote, “even today the word [gaslighting] is used to describe an attempt to destroy another’s perception of reality.”[10]

      Seems a bit auld fashioned for today’s yoof, who probably have never heard of gas mantles/gas lights. Don’t know why they don’t call it dimmer switching or even dimmering.

    123. Legerwood says:

      More firms preparing to leave the UK if it is a no deal Brexit. From Guardian on-line tonight

    124. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Liz G & T Jenny –

      Thanks aplenty for that info.

      Blimey! Sounds a bit heavy right enough, although I do have a vague memory of the film…creepy stuff, aye?

      On a completely different topic, can I ask if either of you are intending to come to the gathering in Glasgow?

      If so, please nip across to O/T and let us know, anytime, no sweat…

      😉 🙂 🙂

    125. call me dave says:

      My mother went of Charles Boyer after she saw this:

      Gaslight Trailer

    126. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhoodhttp:

    127. call me dave says:


      I hear on Big Auntie radio that customs checks will block the ports & airports on the first day.

      They will have to be less restrictive or negotiated away before Brexit says a man from the tourist industry.

    128. Cactus says:

      Gaslight (Circa 1944):

      But see when ye can self-gaslight… that’s a whole new art.

    129. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @call me dave & ronnie anderson –

      Aye, the very one.

      I’ve definitely seen it, but must be, oooh, forty years or more ago.

      Quite incredible to see yon Angela Lansbury in the trailer. FFS, she must be ages with Phil The Greek…


    130. Macart says:

      Worth reading.

      Y’know, on that John Humphreys gaffe? There are no words really.

    131. Meg merrilees says:

      Hearing a suggestion that Juncker has proposed – they can remove the backstop if T May agrees to a customs union.

      Frying pan and fire.

    132. Cactus says:

      When catching up wae Wings, aye scroll 1st to Recent Comments. (RHS)

      It kinda gives you an idea of what to expect 😉

      U might like to try it sometime.

      “Always the Last to Know”

    133. Cactus says:

      Mornin’ Winger Miguel ~ (A Portuguese Laddie)

      “Thank you for all the love. Scots are the best cunts in the world, and I mean this as the highest compliment I can come up with!”

      Quality comment of the week 🙂

      ***** ***** ***

      Aussi, good to meet with you the other evening, Robert, cheers.

      We own midnight and the mornin’.

    134. Petra says:

      I’m just watching a great programme about Hamish Henderson on Caesar!. What a guy!

      He was blacklisted by the BBC. Surprise, surprise. A family member explained that at one point he met someone high up in the BBC in Edinburgh and was told, “We”ll get you for something one of these days, Hamish.”

      Sound familiar?

    135. Petra says:

      No not Caesar, lol. Rather A. L. B. A.

    136. Cactus says:

      Wee Ginger Dug on Independence Live Radio just there:

      Phantom Power
      Altered State
      Reflections on #IndyRef

      (also available LIVE frae yer Facebook)

    137. HandandShrimp says:

      Talking of the BBC, I see they are moaning the face off anyone who will listen that Alex’s tv show will continue.

      That show has got on the establishment nipples from day one.

    138. Cubby says:


      Very forgiving of you to be nice to him even though he doesn’t deserve it. Gentlemen apologise when they have been out of order.

    139. Cactus says:

      FAO: Colm Merrick ~

      Many thanks for the 2019 Calendar (with refuse collection dates) that was posted through me letterbox t’other day.

      Ah didnae have a new physical calendar to hand, SO that was excellent timing. Ah’ve NOW started to mark off the days on my new 2019 Calendar with a cross ‘X’ until we reach and learn of the announcement and date of #ScotRef19.

      You have my personal vote, once again, this time.

      Happy New Year to ye all 2.

    140. Cubby says:

      Socrates MacSporran @10.39am and Petra @ 4.26pm

      My thoughts are that if a section 30 is not forthcoming Sturgeon tells the Queen to advise May to agree or she will have to carry out a referendum asking Scots if they want to continue with the current Queen of Scots or find another one who will actually defend Scottish interests.

      Oh no I may end up in the Tower of London for posting this. Thank goodness hung drawn and quartered has gone out of fashion.

    141. Cactus says:

      Aye Cubby, they may try to send many of us tae the ‘Dark Towers’:

      Remember this frae yer televisions.

      Long live the KFC!

    142. Cubby says:


      ” I like books more than people ”

      Starting to post like Cactus now. LOL

      Time for bed said Tracey the dark tower is getting too dark.

    143. Cactus says:

      Hehe here’s a wee night-cap for ye 😉

      Independence never sleeps.


    144. ben madigan says:

      @Ian Brotherhood and others who were discussing “Gaslighting” – you might like to have a look at this post, explaining how it works out for Scotland and NI

    145. sandy says:

      Cubby @1.07 am.

      Better watch out. Powers that be have been known to have you shot twice in the head, shoved into a car & abandoned on a Scottish moor.

    146. Cactus says:

      Mornin’ all @ Independence Live Radio (24/7) ~

      Just to say thanks for tonight’s continuing Scottish themed music and the Altered State audio-video earlier, a new karma of cool has become.

      It makes such a difference to hearing the brain-drain adverts from the other DAB radio channels, trying to sell you their product jingles for things like PPI to “Constipation Relief has her singing with glee” to the self-cringe-worthy talk shows on shortbreid.

      Shake your brain!

      It is 2019.

    147. Capella says:


      In respect of the legal process currently underway in the Scottish Court, we are unable to comment, or take any action that might affect due process. This matter does not concern anything related to the Alex Salmond Show or RT, and The Alex Salmond Show will continue on-air, as usual, at this time.

      It is important to note, irrespective of the findings of this matter in court, that we firmly believe in the principles of a fair trial, including both the right to justice for victims and the presumption of innocence, and that we utterly condemn sexual misconduct in any form.

    148. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cubby says: 27 January, 2019 at 1:07 am:

      ” … Oh no I may end up in the Tower of London for posting this. Thank goodness hung drawn and quartered has gone out of fashion.”

      A’h divna want tae fash ye, Cubby bit – If yon Establishment gadgies kin pit the McCrone Report awa doon in a deep dungeon alow the Westminster hoose o ill repute sae naebody kent aboot it. Dae ye really jalousie they couldna hing, draw an quarter sweaties withoot ony ane kennin?

      Owersettin intil the Inglis, “I do not wish to worry you, Cubby but – If the despicable Westminster Establishment people can put the McCrone report down deep in a cellar under the House of Commons so nobody knew about it. Do you really believe they couldn’t hang draw and quarter Scots without anyone knowing about it?

    149. Simon Curran says:

      I confess I know little of Hamish Henderson but was intrigued by the last line of the Wiki article which spoke of tension between his romantic nationalism and socialist internationalism. It seems to me those twin desires of love for one’s own country and a genuine desire to share in a wider international community mark the present day campaign for Scotland’s independence. I’d hope that Hamish would be proud, it’s the polar opposite to some of those who wish for Brexit.

    150. manandboy says:

      The English just don’t ‘get it’ about Brexit.
      The penny hasn’t dropped. But then, they don’t actually ‘get it’ on Colonialism, or the Union, or being European.

      Tweet by Duncan Morrow :
      “The most worrying aspect of this is that John Humphrys appears not to get that literally everyone outside UK understands Brexit is complete self-harming lunacy. NOBODY wants to join the Uk in its enterprise, including half the UK. The BBC needs to let its reporters get out a bit. “

    151. manandboy says:

      “The price of apathy towards public affairs
      is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato (428-348 BC)

      I guess brainwashing came later.

      Which raises the question for Scotland – are No voters brainwashed or apathetic. Or something else.

    152. manandboy says:

      The essence of the relationship between England and Scotland is that of systematic, long-term and cruel psychological and economic abuse.

      Scotland is a salmon to England’s great white shark.

    153. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Hughie McIlvanney, at his best was a brilliant writer. However, the fact is, the one-time giant of sports writing, who died this week, had been, for the last decade or so prior to his final column in 2016, a shadow of what he once was – he had become verbose, boring and out of touch.

      Still, a successor to that latter-day McIlvanney has arisen. Just read that absolute mince Kevin McKenna – actually a dwarf in talent terms when compared to McIlvanney – has come up with in the Observer this morning.

      He reckons Alex Salmond’s arrest has put Indyref2 back about 18 months; Aye Richt.

      The good thing about this whole stinking business is – it has knocked the feet from under all those Proud Scots, But, who assure us they would vote for Independence – but for the fact: “Ah dinnae like yon Alicsammon.”

      With Eck sidelined, and hopefully not, but perhaps fatally wounded politically – their reason for not supporting Independence is gone.

      If we cannot take advantage of the current bourach around Brexit and win Independence – we never will.

      If we do not take the chance and strike while the tide is in our favour – we do not deserve that Independence.

    154. Breeks says:

      Can anybody refer me to anything said anywhere, which gives rise to the possibility the EU 27 will reciprocate a request to extend Article 50 by actually extending it?

      I think it is charitable delusion to expect any extension to be agreed, and if by some miracle it was extended, it would only, could only, be a short stay of execution up until the EU elections in May.

      It seems to me people are decorating a possible(if you say so) extension to Article 50 with all the baubles and tinsel of a revocation of Article 50.

      We are still chasing fairies either way.

      I cannot see any better option than for Scotland to prepare the way down Constitutional Avenue for Scotland to revoke its Article 50 unilaterally.

      If we have a better option, please, tell me what it is.

      There is no time for IndyRef before catastrophe collides, and this conjecture over a Section 30 Agreement seems tantamount to fiddling while Rome burns.

    155. Nana says:

      UK firms plan mass exodus if May allows no-deal Brexit

      Nail on head statement from VP of EIB and former Finland PM, @alexstubb apropos what the rest of the world is thinking: ‘Brexit is a stupid proposition, it’s completely senseless, the emperor doesn’t have any clothes, people just need to wake up’

      Article from last year

    156. Essexexile says:

      Cubby @1.07am
      Careful what you wish for there.
      You might end up with Danny Dyer as King of Scotland!

    157. manandboy says:

      Homer Simpson has it right: ‘It’s so simple to be wise, just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it’… #Remain

    158. wull2 says:

      Bang goes some of my beliefs.

      I used to think, big companies like to plan 5 years in advance.
      It is almost 5 weeks and plan B yet.

      Just you plan to vote YES next time.

    159. Nana says:

      Full Scottish programme starts at 12:00 on Sunday 27th January 2019

      Corri Wilson’s guests on this week’s Full Scottish are Mhairi Black, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South and cultural historian, Professor Murray Pittock, Pro-Vice Principal of Glasgow University.

    160. Fairliered says:

      When the BBC used the expression “controversial state funded broadcaster” last night I assumed they were talking about themselves. I was shocked when I realised that they were referring to RT.

    161. Cubby says:


      Essexexile or Dr Doom – hope I spelled it ok for you.

      If the Scots vote for Danny Dyer then that’s ok by me. It’s called democracy for Scotland -something Britnats want to prevent from happening in Scotland.

    162. Cubby says:


      “Controversial state funded broadcaster” I think I may well use that when referring to the BBC in future. In fact I may add on “controlled by London”.

    163. Famous15 says:

      O/T A wavering Unionist friend was desperate to discuss the video of the 10 Downing Street Burns Supper. You know,the one with all the power symbols of British Imperialism and “I heart UK” in the background.

      They could not come right out with the question they had but after five minutes wheedling they appeared to be asking ME whether the Union was really dead!.

      They were ashamed of Theresa May,her Government,the British Government,Brexiteers and all their own certainties.

      Being familiar with grief counselling I recognised the stage. My response was gentle reassurance that turning to YES was life enabling. They felt betrayed and angry at recognising the deceased had cheated on her all her life. RIP UK.

    164. gus1940 says:

      Does anybody know why it could take up to a year or more before any trial resulting from Stitchupgate could take place – that is if any trial will ever take place which is obviously the preferred result for The Guys In The Black Hats – leaving the character stain in place.

    165. Cubby says:

      Robert Peffers @7.45am

      Bloody hell now I am worried.


      Don’t want to end up like Wallace.

    166. Cubby says:


      Cheers. Kept it for this morning. Metallica whilst watching the tennis. What’s not to like.

    167. Cubby says:


      Still better than hung drawn and quartered.


    168. Breeks says:

      Famous15 says:
      27 January, 2019 at 9:49 am

      …Being familiar with grief counselling I recognised the stage. My response was gentle reassurance that turning to YES was life enabling. They felt betrayed and angry at recognising the deceased had cheated on her all her life. RIP UK.

      I have always harboured anxieties the end of the Union would be a fraught and traumatic affair, tense but not violent. The time hadn’t come. We weren’t ready.

      However, increasingly, I feel the end of the Union will come about with no greater fuss than closing the lid on a piano. The time has come, and we are ready… nearly.

    169. Lenny Hartley says:

      Petra, There was a brilliant biopic of Hamish Henderson on BBC Caesar! a few years ago. I would imagine it would be the same one. the book on his life is also always worth a read, an amazing man who it should not be forgotten almost single handed save our folk music heritage.
      I just love the photo of him as a British Army Officer in Italy standing in his Willis Jeep with the Communist Clenched fist salute with Bandera Rosa chalked on the bonnet. We also need to thank Hamish for bringing to our attention the writing and thoughts of Antonio Gramsci , Gramsci’s theory of cultural hedgemony is very revelant today, Wkipedia says “is the idea that the ruling class can manipulate the value system and mores of a society, so that their view becomes thto mean the ways in which a governing power wins consent to its rule from those it subjugates”.
      Which reminds me of a litte tale, seven years ago at new year I was in Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia, taking in the bells at a nightclub, i was knackered and leaving my friends headed back to the nearby hotel , i noticed a little sort of pop up bar so popped in to check it out. Ordered up a drink and one of the other customers who accent suggested he was from south east England wished me a happy new year, we got talking and somehow Gramsci came into the conversation and three hours later im still there chatting about Gramsci, the other guy must have had a lot of knowledge 🙂 Got back to hotel at dawn with my worried mates wondering where I had got too. Whats the chances of that happening!
      Anyway Gramsci has been mentioned on these pages several times before, well worth a read to see what we are up against.

    170. Ken500 says:

      How much damages will the Daily Record have to pay?

      IndyRef in October?

    171. robertknight says:


      Every monarch the Scots have lived under since James VI, (The original Scotsman abroad and on the make), has sold Scotland and its people down the river at every and any opportunity.

      Scotland – a source of revenue, a source of cannon fodder and a conventient retreat whenever some hunting/shooting/fishing was in order.

      The present holder of the title appears only to remind us of our place when a Session of Parliament opens, to distribute gongs at Holyrood, and to go off-grid at Balmoral for a few weeks in the summer. That’s it! Her children are seen even less frequently – usually at 6 Nations home matches, but seldom at other times.

      Would any of them be missed? I doubt it very much.

    172. Cubby says:


      I think you’ve just moved to the top of the list for a trip to the Tower.


    173. sassenach says:

      OT I see our Patrick is threatening to vote down the SNP finance bill this week (again!).
      What will be the consequence of this (if none of the other parties back it) and the bill fails? Vote of no confidence, Holyrood elections……….??

    174. Craig Murray says:

      sassenach @ 10.45pm What will the consequence be? The Greens getting wiped out at the next Holyrood election if they pull a stunt like that!

    175. Brian Powell says:

      It was the now defunct Sunday Herald that spent a long time promoting splitting the vote so the Greens would get votes. Sadly many who thought it would be safe, did.

    176. Iain mhor says:

      God will have to be the very fellow to save her, it won’t be me.
      I was fairly ambivalent in my youth, but I find their current institute an affront. I have no particular problem with a Scottish monarch in an Indy Scotland. Where would we get one? Some proxy byblow of the current Dynasty? No ta. No loyalty here you see.
      Having travelled a bit, the profiles of civic monarchies in Europe were more to my taste than the English Monarchy and its Pageantry and insidious tendrils throughout Government & Parliament.
      Should Scotland become a republic I wouldn’t cry. Similarly, for those who wish a ‘continuity’ and value ancient tradition for Scotland, then sure, have a Monarch. At least have one whose loyalties lie with Auld Scotia, not some second hand knockoff after a sinecure and a bit of bored handwaving on its occasional sojourn away from the family in England.

      Perhaps for a bit of light relief, some experts on the herrydettery of European monarchy could suggest a candidate. Was there not a wee fellow from France a few decades ago who made a claim?

    177. robertknight says:

      Cubby says @ 10:45 am

      “I think you’ve just moved to the top of the list for a trip to the Tower”

      Thanks! But Blackpool is much nicer later in the year. July good for you?

    178. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Once again this morning, the good old BBC has been in full Rule Britannia mode.

      Nicola Sturgeon only getting the second-top of the bill spot, with Marr, who surely has a copy of: ‘Scots Law for Journalists,’ trying to go into area he should know he cannot, and being slapped down by the FM.

      (And, didn’t that Irish politician handle him well.)

      Before that, an interesting wee statement from Yvette Cooper, about trying to protect: “the manufacturing industry of the Midlands and the North,” don’t mention the Sweaties – they don’t count.

      Then we have Brewer in full SNP Bad mode; and giving that erse McKenna the oxygen of publicity. I shouldn’t watch BBC political programmes – it only upsets me.

    179. Pedro says:

      Iain Mhor 11.22

      I think it was Alex Salmond who offered a possible compromise to this. He suggested retaining the monarchy in name only but with an elected regent to represent the monarch of the kingdom of Scotland. Might satisfy monarchists and republicans. Then again, it might satisfy neither….

    180. Cubby says:

      Ian Mhor@11.22am

      ” I was fairly ambivalent in my youth” – not me I was always against heredity monarchy etc. Scots should be able to vote for their head of state – call it king/queen/ president whatever- don’t really care what the title is called as long as Scots can vote in and vote out the person holding the position.

      Oh no back on the list for the Tower of London. Next thing I know Philip wil be coming at me in his Range Rover.

    181. X_Sticks says:


      The Alex Salmond Show, “That show has got on the establishment nipples from day one.

      It’s the only mainstream broadcast channel that the british establishment doesn’t have any control over. That’s what frightens them.

      Alex’s show could very well become a rally point in another referendum – the only mainstream broadcast platform the independence side would have.

      Just makes the current shenanigans timing very suspect IMHO.

    182. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Since sovereignty in Scotland rests with the people – the title of our titular Head of State ought, I think, to be the ancient one of Guardian of Scotland.

    183. Undeadshuan says:

      I only watch drama and natural history on bbc, not the dramatised news or politics shows, which are following a script.

      As @Socrates MacSporran says bbc political shows and news are bad fer yer health

    184. Pete Barton says:

      @ Socrates – I like that.

      Guardian of Scotland.

      Who would fill the boots, I wonder?

      Kenyon would have been my choice.

    185. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 26 January, 2019 at 6:18 pm:

      ” … The Times …
      “Martial law plan to avert chaos after no-deal Brexit
      Whitehall officials have been gaming a state of emergency and even the introduction of martial law in the event of disorder after a no-deal Brexit, it has emerged.”

      Strange that, galamcennalath, seeing as the Westminster line is that no one wants the UK to remain and no one wants an EU referendum just as no one wants an indyref2.

      Do you think they may be telling us lies? Maybe the elite have figured out that with all these driverless cars, AI working the stock exchange and automation in manufacturing they no longer require plebs. Other, that is, than governesses, nannies, butlers, cooks, maids and scrubbers.
      Mandarins are considering how to use the sweeping powers available under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to stop any civil disobedience resulting from the nation leaving the EU on March 29.
      Curfews, bans on travel, confiscation of property and, most drastic, the deployment of the armed forces to quell rioting are among the measures available to ministers under the legislation.
      They can also amend any act of parliament, except the Human Rights Act, for a maximum of 21 days. “
      …. the rest is behind paywall. They may not do any of this, it’s just planning, but if they felt the needed to, they would!
      And Scotland would be high on the list of targets … May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush .

    186. Cubby says:

      Socrates MacSporran@12.02pm

      Good shout. Guardian Of

    187. Brian Powell says:

      The most important point to keep in mind when watching TV commentators or reading newspaper pundits is that not one of them has a ship full of goods, food or medicines at their disposal, or a docket full of treaties, agreements or trade contracts.

      It’s very, very important to remember this, they are totally irrelevant to your survival.

    188. Cubby says:


      Gfaetheblock recently suggested I was wearing one re recent events – didn’t produce any facts as to how he came to this conclusion. More media commentators also saying conspiracy theories/ tinfoilhattery is all misplaced. Britnats like this method of putting down ideas they don’t like.

      A reminder that the Britnat politicians and media also said it was conspiracy nonsense re Clair Ridge.

    189. sassenach says:

      Craig Murray @10-58

      Yes, I also think the Greens would be wiped out at the next election if they did vote down the SNP budget, but I was more interested in what would be the immediate consequence, for the SG, if they couldn’t get the vote through.

      Would it bring down the Scottish Gov, and the inevitable voting out of the Greens? Is Patrick that daft, or just a ‘publicity-seeking’ game of chicken?

    190. laukat says:

      I think the brexit no deal end game is now upon us. if you have look at this link

      Suggests to me that May’s deal minus backstop gets passed by the UK parliament which forces the EU to tell the UK where to go. The end result is what the Brexiteers always wanted which is a no deal that they can present as the EU’s fault.

    191. Ken500 says:

      The Greens claim the Councils are underfunded without considering what they get from other sources and what they borrow and spend. On groteque monstrosities of no value. £200million (£7Million a year for 30 years). For empty shops and offices and under occupied hotels. Conferences centres that are used once a month £300Million. £1.2Billion in debt. Total unionist. mismanagement. Essential services not funded. Too high class room sizes. 100 teachers short. No proper, total abstinence, ‘one chance’ rehab. They wanted to put the homeless in jail.

      Refused a gift £80Million to pedestrianise the City. It would have only cost £20Million more to renovate the City Centre. Instead of £200Million spent on a concrete jungle when people want pedestrianised, open spaces.

      Sitting in £Billion HQ for 60 councillors. Instead moving to cheaper premises. Totally inappropriate.

      The cost of the Trams. £Millions overbudget. Total mismanagement.

      OAP’s from other Cities not allowed to use their off peak (bus) travel passes on the Trams. They paid for it. Without proper rural travel. Edinburgh the wealthiest City in Scotland with subsidised public transport services.

    192. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Socrates MacSporran @ 09:01,

      It’s very strange, all these leftoid revolutionary Bella types seem to share this desperate need not to have a revolution any time soon. Any excuse to fend off that fateful day where we all get to decide our destiny. It’s unnatural. I can’t figure it out.

      Maybe they reckon if they can only delay things long enough, Nicola will have retired from old age and their pals in NorthBritLab, out of accumulated frustration, will have finally come round to their way of thinking…?

    193. Hamish100 says:

      Bbc now into don’t hold a independence referendum based on Irish ex minister. We should wait. Looks like their backroom working groups are more worried than they would like to make out. Weeks to go

    194. Ken500 says:

      Some of the other useless incompetents might vote the budget through. Do something useful for a change. Some Libdems gave support the last time for funding for the Ferries. Tavish Scott?

    195. Golfnut says:

      Good to see some people on here beginning to get their heads round just how much power, the thing the establishment fear most, real power, that the people of Scotland have along with the tools to exercise that power when they choose to do so.

    196. Ken500 says:

      Bella used to help Alex Salmond get the budget through. Changed days?

    197. jfngw says:

      When the indyref takes place I wonder if Ofcom will suddenly find RT in breach of the UK broadcasting regs, then they will take the AS show off air. The establishment is resourceful in its control of the media.

    198. call me dave says:


      As a buyer everyday of The National and The Sunday National I was looking forward to collect the final cut-out 4th January voucher to send in the full set for the 1st in a series of monthly metal badges.

      Alas there is no sign of a 4th voucher in today’s Sunday National or the supplements. Shurley shome mishtake! 🙁 🙁

      Anyone else in the same boat? C’mon Sunday National what’s up?


      In other news… The Greens are playing a dangerous game rumours.

    199. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Looking in from the outside.
      What Johnny Foreigner thinks, in little chunks.

      Inequality in the UK, the real problem.

      German Economy Prepares for No-Deal Brexit:

    200. Hamish100 says:

      Bottom of page commenting on the First Ministers interview with Marr this morning.

      “Why you can trust BBC News”

      Yes, I thought the same.

    201. wull2 says:

      Did anyone else have problems with the car guys broadcast on FB this morning.

      For once I hope it is not YES

    202. Daisy Walker says:

      Thanks for all the links Nana…. very interesting – Operation Temperar.

      My view of history is that those in power do stupid, greedy things that make revolution inevitable… and then Military Law is imposed. Brexit turns this sequence of events on its head!

      The 1%, appear to be manipulating things way upstream… deliberately create a chaotic, economic disaster, and engineer some form of uprising, in order to justify implementing Martial Rule. Deeply worrying the army leaders are totally up for dealing with things like ‘strikes’.

      Wicked, wicked, wicked.

      Right just now the very safest thing that could happen for the good people of all of the UK, is for Scotland to go for IndyRef2 (while we still can). We would have the eyes of the world watching, and what they will not succeed in doing to Scotland, might well hinder their evil plans for England and Wales.

      Right just now, the legal situation for our serving Police Officers – all of them, not just the bosses! should the army be brought in, needs to be made extremely clear.

      Polis are a disiplined service, who (in Scotland) have sworn an oath to faithfully uphold the duties of Constable – the only time a Police Officer can refuse an order is if that order is unlawful! But they can’t do that if they don’t know what the law is!

      Where the law falls in the above scenario, is far from clear at the present moment.

      The Treaty/Acts of Union – what are the terms there for this scenario.

      Policing in Scotland is fully devolved, but how does that play out – with recent Acts of Terrorism legislation (which like Road Traffic Legislation covers all UK).

      Who is in charge as a matter of course, who is in overall charge? – Police or Army – in an incident of public disorder.
      When and how do the 2 organisations separate out different responsibilities.
      Who adjudicates in times of differing opinions.
      When and in what circumstances can the army be legally deployed? And who is authorised to declare this?

      Right just now, for any thoughts of public gatherings for YES, planning should be in place for the likelihood of agent provocators. Gandhi new a thing or two about spiking that behaviour. And of course camera phones and internet access to the ready.

      Right just now, would be the time to understand which soldiers are likely to be deployed to Scotland, and how much of that information is available on Facebook.

      Back in the days of the Black and Tans, they could misbehave in complete anonymity – and their deeds did not get back to their families in mainland UK. We live in different times now.

      Now would be a very good time, for UN Election Inspectors and observers to be invited for ‘training’ purposes to Scotland. I’m sure we could provide them with accommodation.

      Our former No voters, are getting very, very scared, I would suggest, due to Brexit. A good time to be solid, reassuring, and reliable for them.

      We need to get out soon. We are running out of time.

    203. Col says:

      Who would have predicted a few years ago that the English parliament was planning a coup in Scotland to shut us up and secure our resources for a few more years? Will it actually work though? They can’t declare martial law indefinitely and especially not just in Scotland while it is lifted across the rest of the UK.
      I think we have a solid case as things are at the moment to approach the UN and push for decolonisation of our country.

    204. Breeks says:

      laukat says:
      27 January, 2019 at 12:33 pm

      Suggests to me that May’s deal minus backstop gets passed by the UK parliament which forces the EU to tell the UK where to go. The end result is what the Brexiteers always wanted which is a no deal that they can present as the EU’s fault.

      Commented on this before.
      The U.K. would very much like to play dumb and stupid, shrug it’s shoulders and let the EU wrestle with the Irish Border, which will be a consequence of a no deal hard Brexit, but that isn’t how it will unfold.

      If the action of the U.K. government makes the Good Friday Agreement unworkable as a Peace Treaty, then I believe the action will be considered as a deliberate and flagrant breach of an International Peace Treaty, and on top of the new world order of Brexit, the U.K. will find itself under trade embargos and sanctions that will bring the place to a grinding halt, stop all investment, seize all international assets, and kill off investment in the U.K.

      Be free to negotiate its own trade deals? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Who with? Somali Pirates? Nigerian Princes who are about to inherit a fortune? I suppose it will depend on how desperate they are for U.K. jam and biscuits.

      The U.K. will fall somewhere between Failed Nation status and Rogue Nation status. It could be suspended or kicked out of NATO, and lose it’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The “special” relationship with the USA will be “interesting”.

      And that’s just over the Irish Backstop… If the Brexiteers seriously think there won’t be any consequences after defaulting on the £38 billion divorce bill….

      Theresa May might talk the talk to keep the Tory nutjobs sweet, but she better be bluffing or she’ll soon have the stiff upper lip Brits fighting over food and petrol like Mad Max.

      We gotta get out of this place… Brexit is like a rogue holosuite program on Next Generation Star Trek. Computer, Off! Stop! FFS Computer. End Program… Where the fk is Data? Jesus! Computer! Stop! These bullets are real!

    205. Dr Jim says:

      If it were possible to make the UK have more sunshine and we had a *UK wide* vote on it, Scotland votes by a mile to have that but England chose to vote against the sunshine would the Unionists in Scotland insist we still live in the dark
      because the majority of *the country* had voted and that had to be respected

      Or, if we had a vote to allow a *British* football league thereby giving entry to such footy clubs as Rangers and Celtic but England again voted against it even though Scotland overwhemingly voted for it would the Scottish Unionists demand that vote be respected, majority of *the country* and all that

      Is there anything that Scottish Unionists would not put up with no matter what England decided to do or how bad or how much they disagreed even to the point of their own representatives shouting at Engish representatives on National Television like Ruth Davidson and all but two or three members of her own Tory party calling all the Brexiters in her own government in England liars then as soon as England won reversing her position making her a liar and a laughing stock but appearing not to care as long as England retained power overall

      Is there anything that Scottish Unionists have any moral or fundamental standpoint on that isn’t based on England superiority, anything at all that doesn’t make them inferior boot licking forelock tugging lackeys with no backbone, is all they have based on the mythical idea that when the British empire was the most murderous regime on the planet putting even the Nazis into a distant second place and stealing half the worlds natural recources that the *British* meaning the English will once again rise to the lowest dizzy lows they did before so let’s cross our fingers and God save the Queen till they do it again

      If that is the case why are England on a daily basis practically pleading with the countries they once pillaged and burned and murdered to give them a break and those countries like the Republic of Ireland who have great cause NOT to give England the matter out their eye grinding their feet deep into the ground and saying get knotted *Brits*

      The world is saying in a big loud voice to England right now *We do remember and we won’t make the same mistake again*

      Why aren’t Scottish Unionists remembering, weren’t they paying attention, can’t they count

      The world is changing and England doesn’t know how and doesn’t want to anyway

    206. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Call me dave (1.45) –

      Thanks for the heads-up about the token in The National. I’d forgotten all about it and you’re right – no sign of it at all.


    207. Iain mhor says:

      Hmmm I always thought the “Guardians” of Scotland were temporary appointees during interregnums when the throne was up for grabs but the knifing in the back hadn’t quite finished. High Stewards (Hence Stewart, Stuart) is another option.
      I had thought Scottish Kings were elected anyway of sorts, or perhaps appointed is more correct. In the absence of a popular democracy, was it not the job of the various Earls to come to a decision? So an elected/appointed Monarch from a handful of contenders and pretenders is in tradition
      Mind you I was taught no Scottish history at all at school, so it’s whatever I gleaned en-passant and the odd book, so I know risibly little .
      I also seem to recall an amusing sketch or standup routine about appointing a Scottish monarchy by lottery every few years – that sounds good fun. Better odds than the National Lottery or the Euro-Millions!

    208. Referendum1707 says:

      Daisy Walker 2.45

      “We need to get out soon. We are running out of time.”

      Not that you’d know it judging by the apparent complacency of the Yes movement.

    209. Golfnut says:

      @Daisy Walker.

      Good questions Daisy.

      Which is why the Yes movement should hit the streets with a petition demanding that the Scottish Parliament initiates Judicial review on which charges can be brought against those interfering in the Constitutional process in Scotland through lies, threats, violence, misinformation and anything else we can think off, and that would include the Crown signing the withdrawal bill against the express will of the People of Scotland.

      It would of course not happen this side of dissolving the union, but would be perhaps a reminder to the establishment, politicians, media and civil service that there would be consequences for their actions.

    210. Sarah says:

      @Golfnut – I have emailed the Holyrood minister who is responsible for Scottish election procedure [i.e. Nicola] to ask her to legislate to allow only Scottish parties to stand in Scottish elections. Nowhere else allows foreign parties to stand in their elections.

      No response yet…

    211. Hamish100 says:

      daisy and 1707 – we go when we are ready, not when the English media tells us.

      Lets see what Westminster dogs breakfast arrives on our plate first.

    212. Petra says:

      @ Lenny Hartley says at 10:25 am …. ”Petra, There was a brilliant biopic of Hamish Henderson on BBC A.L.B.A a few years ago. I would imagine it would be the same one. the book on his life is also always worth a read, an amazing man who it should not be forgotten almost single handed save our folk music heritage. I just love the photo of him as a British Army Officer in Italy standing in his Willis Jeep with the Communist Clenched fist salute with Bandera Rosa chalked on the bonnet. We also need to thank Hamish for bringing to our attention the writing and thoughts of Antonio Gramsci, Gramsci’s theory of cultural hedgemony is very revelant today, Wikipedia says “is the idea that the ruling class can manipulate the value system and mores of a society, so that their view becomes to mean the ways in which a governing power wins consent to its rule from those it subjugates”.

      Which reminds me of a little tale, seven years ago at new year I was in Phnom Penh capital of Cambodia, taking in the bells at a nightclub, i was knackered and leaving my friends headed back to the nearby hotel , i noticed a little sort of pop up bar so popped in to check it out. Ordered up a drink and one of the other customers who accent suggested he was from south east England wished me a happy new year, we got talking and somehow Gramsci came into the conversation and three hours later im still there chatting about Gramsci, the other guy must have had a lot of knowledge ? Got back to hotel at dawn with my worried mates wondering where I had got too. Whats the chances of that happening! Anyway Gramsci has been mentioned on these pages several times before, well worth a read to see what we are up against.”


      Yeah it was a really interesting programme Lenny. What a guy!

      …”During the Second World War, he served in North Africa and Italy with the 51st Highland Division, and personally accepted the surrender of Italy from Marshall Graziani.”

      Too bad the BBC blacklisted him. Keep the Scots in the dark and all that.

      I’ve never read his biography, or any of his works embarrassed to say, but will do so now.

      And of course Hamish Henderson’s translation of Gramsci’s Prison Letters, which as far as I can make out, over and above his left wing views, had him expelled from Italy.

      And a wee reminder of the guy who dearly wanted Scotland to be Independent.

      ‘Luke Kelly: Freedom Come All Ye. Yes Scotland.’


      And I wonder how many of us on here have ‘bumped into’ someone of interest in the wee sma oors, especially when abroad, LOL. Seems to be the Scottish way.

      I knew a guy, from Johnstone, who worked in Africa and had been driving across hundreds of miles of terrain without passing a soul. Eventually he saw dust being kicked up in the distance and when he stopped to talk to the driver found out that he came from Bridge of Weir. Small world, eh, especially if you are a Scot.

    213. Hamish100 says:

      ……………….nor when the so called Scottish media says either.

    214. Tom Busza says:

      Ah. The late great Luke Kelly.

      Don’t forget his rendition of Parcel of Rogues also found on yatube

    215. Meg merrilees says:

      Have heard Juncker saying the EU could consider getting rid of the backstop so long as T May agrees to keep the UK in the customs union.

    216. sassenach says:

      Iain mhor @4-14

      “I also seem to recall an amusing sketch or standup routine about appointing a Scottish monarchy by lottery every few years – that sounds good fun.”

      Kevin Bridges, I seem to recall!

    217. twathater says:

      Don’t know if anyone else watched broadcasting Scotland with Mhairi Black and Murray Pittock and the question about indy2 arose , I’m sure Mhairi said that Scotland doesn’t have the constitutional legality to hold a referendum without a sect 30 order being GRANTED , and Murray responded that Nicola would not hold an advisory referendum because that would lead to all sorts of legal ramifications which would be foolish or some such words
      I then watched Lesley Riddoch and Joanna Cherry speaking about the Nordic countries ,and Joanna reiterated the constitutional folly of holding an advisory referendum , and the measures she was attempting to formulate to overcome this blockage

      Can anyone else who watched these broadcasts confirm or refute my interpretation of what was said regarding the independence situation and the possible trajectory being put forward or am I reading the runes wrong

    218. Lenny Hartley says:

      Twahater Mhairi said the same on the podcast with wee ginger dug.
      She also said we have given our Soverignty to Westminster by voting no in 214, sorry Mhairi you are talking pish , somebody needs to give the SNP leadership a kick up the arse, not good enough.

    219. Petra says:

      When 55% of Sovereign Scots voted to remain in the Union, then Yes we did hand our Sovereignty over to them, sad to say.

    220. Liz g says:

      Lenny Heartly @ 6.44
      But we did Lenny, …we handed Our Sovereignty to Westminster .
      We said that Westminster is where the Sovereignty of the People of Scotland should be managed from .
      Ok we didn’t “give “ it to them in the sense that they owned it.
      But we did give them the right (our permission) to manage it.
      And The Scots need to understand that this is what a No is consenting to.
      This view was never part of Indy Ref 1,,, but I’d assert that we (the Yes campaign) must focus on getting it across…
      If they say they understand it and are fully consenting to Westminster rule… then fine.
      Convince us we’re wrong
      Show and Tell what yer reasoning is. !!

    221. geeo says:

      The ONLY thing we as Scots did in 2014 was to decide NOT to become independent at that point in time.

      We certainly did not give up our Sovereignty. I know for a fact i did no such thing.

      Anyone saying otherwise is misguided and risks playing into the British Nationalists hands.

      Thats like saying that in 1707, Scots became a PART OF the United Kingdom and Scotland was extinguished like Snackbeard says.

      Utter nonsense.

      If the people are no longer Sovereign, we have no leverage for indyref2 and if treeza says feck off, then we are stuffed.

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