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Return Of The Great Intervener

Posted on June 15, 2018 by

Goodness, are the Unionists THAT nervous already?

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    114 to “Return Of The Great Intervener”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      Oh No, not more of the Broon stuff..

      The broon coo’s broken oot it’s eatin aw the hiy!!

    2. He was “yesterday’s man” even when it was yesterday

    3. remo says:

      FFS. Is Broon not dead yet?

    4. Smallaxe says:


      Aye, he died from ‘political’ suicide.

    5. Welsh Sion says:

      Broon has some sauce. Aye, H(ouses of) P(arliament) sauce.

      (Retires to a darkened room …)

    6. Arbroath1320 says:

      Greg Drysdale says:
      15 June, 2018 at 8:09 pm
      He was “yesterday’s man” even when it was yesterday

      Sorry Greg … he has NEVER ever been THAT modern! 😀

    7. Marc Rich says:

      What….what the actual f… is going on here? What does this mean? Genuine question, I seriously don’t understand. Please help.

    8. Bobp says:

      Broon the bastirt.

    9. Marc Rich says:

      I genuinely do not understand what is going on here, can someone please help me understand?

    10. Az says:

      My my. This suddenly all struck me as quite sad and tragic. It feels as if the British state has almost accepted its imminent demise, like some tired old travelling performing act, exuberantly playing their parts out on dusty old stages with no-one watching and no-one listening, save for a few aging local oddballs, still feeling some sense of necessity to put on a good show of sorts, although these days the performances are verging on bizarre. They know it’s coming, soon no-one will hire them, and they’ll be forgotten in literally a few moments. Never thought of again, other than as a relic of bygone days of old, names perhaps spied upon a poster, when such acts graced the stages of smoky venues.

    11. Harry Shanks says:

      Marc, The Great Liar aka Gordon Brown has made yet another “intervention” to tell us how shite North Britain (Scotland) is and how under Independence and the SNP we wouldn’t be able to pay our electricity bill or buy food for the cat.

      Which presumably means he’s already surrendered the government of an Indy Scot to the SNP. Mind you, looking at Richard Leonard etc, nae wunner

    12. Having read that Big Gordie is on the loose I am a wee bit more sympathetic towards Ruth’s opinion on how we should deal with people who cut off their electronic tags.

    13. Artyhetty says:

      Ha ha, hadn’t seen that before. Must ev bin drinking nukey brown as well.

      Mr. Brown, priveleged, pompus, pretendy lefty.

      Scotland really, really does not need one iota of his weasly, measly, lying words again. Leave Scotland alone Mr Brown and F off!

    14. fillofficer says:

      how now brown frow
      he’s an auld hasbeen
      no-one’s listening
      but where has saint theresa of downing st gone since wednesday
      not a word from her bunker
      i smell* resignation on monday

    15. Big Al aka tartartanthing says:

      Viz isn’t as funny as it used to be.

    16. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      You would think after all that cynical “be leaders not leavers” mendacity exposed in these last two days (if you hadn’t already twigged it long ago) the only thing we can accept now from “we’ve got DevoMax”, “no we haven’t”, “yes we have…” El Gordo the Inane Weathervane is one


      Nothing else.

    17. Bobp says:

      When this windbag passes on, 8/9 years after his demise nobody will even remember his name. Things could have been so different had he spoken out and helped us achieve our independence.He would have lived on in the history books forever.

    18. Robert Peffers says:

      @Harry Shanks says: 15 June, 2018 at 8:57 pm:

      ” … under Independence and the SNP we wouldn’t be able to pay our electricity bill or buy food for the cat.”

      Well, Harry, I suppose that would be marginally better than being under an independent, (from Europe), United Kingdom of England for in that set-up the food would probably be the cat.

    19. MajorBloodnok says:

      Brown Bottle and Cider Woman in “The Doomsday Machine”. I’m surprised Marvel hasn’t already snapped up the rights.

    20. Thepnr says:

      Does anybody still think that he’s actually asked for his opinion? I suspect that his ego has not allowed him yet to realise that his days are well past, an old has been.

      He’s nothing more than an embarrassment and I’m glad that he’s on the British Nationalist side and not ours.

    21. Macart says:

      OFFS! The rumours are true.

      How’s that ‘guarantee’ coming along Gordon?

    22. Tinto Chiel says:

      Some might say, “Oh, God! The stench of the crypt!” but I’m with Az on this one.

      It’s just like The Entertainer, with El Gordo in his greatest performance as Archie Rice, failed and faded vaudeville “comic”, desperate for just one last gig.

      May he bring the house down on himself and the whole sorry crew of the BLiS______d/Perpetual Abstentionist Party.

      I would use the expression “fud” but I reserve that for Mundell.

    23. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sorry for O/T folks.

      get your orders in for popcorn & Irn Bru!

      It all kicks off again on Monday

      Lord’s debate European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments on Monday

      HoC hold an emergency debate on Sewel Convention and European Documents relating to EU Trade Agreements: EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement on Monday

      HoC the usual, or WILL it be the usual, PMQ’s and European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on Wednesday

      Will Feartie be able to fend off both her rebelling Bresiteers and very upset Remainers on Wednesday?

    24. Confused says:

      – for Marc Rich, if serious ! …

      The Brown Bottle was a spoof super-hero character from Viz comic.

      His interventions were characterised by their baffling pointlessness and vaguely threatening uselessness.

      Gordon Brown is an ex-Labour PM who is wheeled out by unionists every time the Scots get a bit rowdy – they believe he is respected in Scotland, as he has “gravitas” and that we listen to him and DO NOT think he is a useless, irrelevant old fanny who sold his country out and down the river, like so many others of his ilk.

      The past couple of days have seen some pretty hairy stuff going on down at Westminster since Ian Blackford the SNP chief walked into the Strangers Bar wearing a suicide vest shouting ALBA AKBAR … or something like that – it’s what it seems like, anyway.

      Viz is still on the go, but the cool kids don’t read it anymore, preferring to get their “trolling” from the internet. The last edition had a very good “Millie Tant” but the jokes are generally regarded as NOT FUNNY ANYMORE as what it presents as satire tends to happen for REAL, in the world.

      I take it you are not a football fan?

    25. smac1314 says:

      You’d think after this week he’d be hiding in a cave, scared to show his face as it should be red with embarrassment, but self-awareness never was his strong suit.

    26. mogabee says:

      Brown bear, brown bear what do you see,

      I see an old guy pretending to be me!

      That old dinosaur.The only one happy to see him will be Greg Moodie as he prepares to sharpen his pencil for the next cartoon!! 😀 😀 😀

    27. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ah, the genius anarchy that is Broon Bottle.

      Indeed, anything in Viz, bloody brilliant.

      When the Broonosaurus rears it’s head, you know the Unionists are getting nervous, and they think they can rely on the Broonosaurus to scare the wee Jock herbivores back into their caves.

      Nah, this time the wee Jock herbivores have secret weapons; Pterodactylus Wingosaur, and secret agent Bercowisaurus.

    28. Steffano says:

      G Brown is no more than a cultured thug. For similarity look at the you tube videos of David Irving arch holocost denier. Brown is the living embodiment of Scotland denier. I’m sure most people will see the similarities and make their own minds up if they can see through the mist of ideology.

    29. Andy-B says:

      Gordon Brown wheeled out once more like Hannibal Lector on the barra, to preach how we’ll all succumb to a austerity laden Scottish armageddon, if we vote to leave this unfair union.

      Gordon Brown’s credibility if he ever had any is long gone. It’s desperate stuff.

    30. Ken500 says:

      Black Bag.

      The financial embezzling wizard. Defrauded the books like no other to damage the economy. Should be in prison. Wasted taxpayers money illegally. On illegal war, financial fraud and tax evasion. Causing Doomsday, death, despair and austerity. Now worried about his extravagant, privilege pension taxpayers are having to pay, to add insult to injury. Took £Billions illegally out of Scotland. Never has there been a bigger crook in history. Reappearing to add insult to injury. Dragged out like a dinosaur only they are extinct. Imagine putting Thatcher on the wall. Appalling. Another crook.

    31. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Glad Gordon is back always a funny bloke.

      Anyway Gordon lets talk about the vow…….Gordon……. the vow?

      No reply standing by.

    32. Cath says:

      It’s the “until doomsday” line that makes me laugh in this. How can anyone expect to be taken even remotely seriously with that kind rhetoric?

    33. Dr Jim says:

      How much are the Tories going to pay Broon this time for standing in a Labour scout hut surrounded by BBC cameras and imbeciles
      have the imbeciles no respect for themselves

    34. Archbishop of Dork says:

      It’s a case of Deja Vow.

      That joke’s not likely original.

    35. Dr Jim says:

      Maybe the BBC could hire Murray Foote to interview Gordon Brown or maybe the BBC could just interview Murray Foote
      C’mon Murray tell us the truth about *The Vow* and who paid for it and who was in on it, you’re on our side now it’s OK to spill the beanz

    36. galamcennalath says:

      Where did the English police come from?

      Sorry, but I’m totally confused here.

      Brown is anti Scottish. Is there anything else that can be said about him?

    37. Luigi says:

      Yet another disgusting intervention. Pass the sick bag.

      Desperate times for the british nationalists. The royal sprog didn’t work. Neither did the wedding. Ignoring the SNP didn’t work. So low and behold Gordzilla is dusted off and wheeled out. I don’t suppose that members of the public will be allowed anywhere near Bottler Brown. That old fossil is as popular as a fart in a lift. He would be torn apart. Boak.

    38. Rock says:

      I can say with 100% confidence that Nicola will not dare hold an illegal independence referendum before Brexit has been completed.

      Before there is a flood of posters claiming that Scotland can hold an independence referendum whenever it wants to, the fact is that it has never yet done so without Westminster’s approval.

      You can only prove me wrong if and when it does.

      Rev. Stuart Campbell (9th June – “Times of change”):

      “because the UK government will be able to block a second referendum indefinitely.”

    39. Archbishop of Dork says:

      To give him his due the international statesman Gordon Brown is on a par with Bismark.

      They’re both wrecks that were sunk years ago.

    40. Thepnr says:

      So Brown got to say his piece on Scottish TV today and also tonight Clara Ponsati was given a public talk in Edinburgh organised by Edinburgh SNP and Yes Edinburgh.

      The talk which is much more relevant to what is going on today with regards democracy and the EU etc. was not covered of course by our so called media, you see the organisers were SNP and Yes so it was of no relevance.

      As far as I’m concerned Brown is no longer of any relevance and what Clara Ponsati had to say was of much more importance. Fortunately it was covered by Independence Live so we all can have the opportunity to watch it.

      The link covers the Q&A session, save some time and watch if you can as it’s an hour long but just watch the first ten minutes now as it is very informative. I interrupted my watching of it to came and post this link but I’m off back to watch the remainder of it now. It is good and the first time I’ve really got to hear her. Wonder why?

      Great job again Independence Live as always. Very much appreciate those of you that jump on trains or buses and get to the events to film them so that this can be watched, not just live but for all time.

    41. Ian McCubbin says:

      Trouble is he causes trouble.
      Great piece of art and literature though.

    42. frogesque says:

      Our usual useless idiot is once more bleating that:

      “independence referendum whenever it wants to, the fact is that it has never yet done so without Westminster’s approval.”

      Fact is there HAS only been ONE IRef. It was held with joint agreement between WM and Holyrood. The next one may or may not be held under the same conditions.

      It will however BE held within the lifetime of the current Scottish Administration.

    43. Ken500 says:

      Gray set Leonard up. Re beak question. Some people never learn. They spend a week setting up that appalling question. Teachers Insulting teachers and their profession. 3rd rate rejects insulting politicians. Insulting the teaching profession. Looks like another one for the poison chalice. Another one to hit the dust.

    44. Remember UK establishment lapdog Brown told (2014) the weak and vulnerable of Scotland that Independence would affect their chances of organ transplants and blood donations from England /Wales,

      when i say told i meant he lied,this was the truth,

      “NHS Blood and Transplant, which co-ordinates organ donation across the UK, has already confirmed in writing that independence would not lead to any change in these arrangements.”

      this is how sick in the mind Gordon Brown is,

      if it wasn`t for MSM/BBC saving and polishing this utter turd he would have been flushed away out our lives years ago.

    45. Footsoldier says:

      I am somewhat puzzled too. It will certainly not convert the many soft No’s I know to Yes.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      Now let’s welcome on stage !Jim Sillars! lickin a cone

      We’ll get them all wheeled out, Sir Ian Wood will tell us the oil ran out yesterday morning coz they sold the last of it to make American cheese

      We’ll get some foreign guy who fell out with the EU 20 years ago to tell us they’re all Commies going to bleed us dry from the wealth we huvnae got

      The dog food guy will be haunting the BBC interview rooms instructing us on our lack of financial pedigree (get it pedigree)….. Aye alright I’ll stop

    47. Craig P says:

      Has anyone explained Viz to Marc Rich yet?

      Honest to Christ Rev, mebbe the joke’s no obvious but ah wet masel

    48. Cactus says:

      Aye didn’t pick Scotland.

      Scotland chose me.

    49. Andy smith says:

      Can anyone bring me up to date on the Browns’ charity fund-raising, never heard of any benefactors from what must’ve been a tidy sum raised.
      Where did the money go ?

    50. Archbishop of Dork says:

      All Western countries, whatever the party in power, will be having to practice some kind of austerity for decades. Thanks to Gordon Brown and his casino capitalist pals and their 2008 economic crash.

      There’s a world of difference between the fiscal prudence combined with caring social policies type of mild austerity which independent Scotland will pursue and the vicious anti-precariat tax haven brand of austerity pursued by the Tories.

      Gordon Brown wants to keep consigning his native Scotland to vicious Tory austerity and insults all Scots by his use of the image of austerity to do that.

    51. Capella says:

      Apparently, Gordon Brown thinks that “Independent Scotland would face austerity until doomsday”.

      I’m willing to take the chance.

    52. Cactus says:

      Scotland chose you too, fine Wingers!

      Feel the FUN!


    53. Clootie says:

      Does anyone listen to Gordon Brown?
      I know our unionist media think he is the secret weapon to be deployed when needed…but I think most people now know he is an idiot.

      He still hopes for a reward from his beloved union. Perhaps a Knighthood at least.

      A pathetic man who puts down his own nation in the most disgusting manner. A North British doormat for his masters.

      I have 100percent confidence in our ability to deliver a far fairer society than the war mongering greed culture of the current UK.

    54. Mad Unionist says:

      Clottie is dumpling… as most Naionalists who want to have Scotland dominated by the EU champagne pretend socialists.

    55. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Despite what is said on here we can have as many referendums as we like. Whether we get a Section 30 is another question and whether people would come out to vote on a referendum without it is very debatable.
      Actually turning down a section 30 request would be good for us.

      I see from Murrell’s tweets our membership increase was over 7000 10 hours ago. As we have just signed up 7 new members in our branch (5 of them after that time) I must imagine we will get to somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 new recruits.

    56. Sinky says:

      Never understood why Gordon Brown is held in high regard. As Chancellor he sold off bulk of UK’s gold reserves at lowest possible price. Under his watch the gap between rich and poorest widened.

      He played to the right wing bigots by advocating British jobs for British workers just imagine the outcry in the press if any SNP leader had said Scottish jobs for Scottish workers and we are supposed to be narrow nationalists according to the Labour left.

      He was a total fraud. Gordon Brown wrote about his boyhood heroes at aged 10 in a book called Wow 366.

      He cited Stanley Matthews as a boyhood hero. This seems highly unlikely as Matthews was then 47 years old, moved to Stoke City in English second division and hadn’t played for England for 4 years.

      I realise a British Nationalist like Brown at 10 years old couldn’t choose Dave Mackay or Dennis Law or, being a Raith Rovers fan, Jim Baxter who just moved to Rangers the year before.

      At one time it was claimed that Gordon Brown Saved the World when he was largely responsible for the UK recession

      He decided to FULLY tax pension funds in 1997. We now see the results with pensions taxed both as they are invested and then again when they are paid out! Only Gordon Brown could have thought of that and we now see the results!

      He decided IN 2007 to DOUBLE the income tax rate for low earners from 10% to 20%. We now have a complicated and costly system of benefits introduced by the great control freak to try to compensate for his lack of foresight.

      He FAILED to introduce any form of regulation over the ‘wheelers and dealers’ in the City of London, a select few who become very rich on multi-million pound salaries and bonuses. These were gained by taking investment risks with other people’s savings and pension funds and helped bring down some previously solid businesses. What kind of financial ‘prudence’ is that from Gordon Brown?

      He FORCED the unwelcome takeover of HBOS by making the financial rescue package (using our money) for Lloyds TSB and HBOS a condition of the deal. We have now lost the independent Bank of Scotland and with job losses thanks to Gordon Brown.

      He INCREASED many indirect stealth taxes such as on insurance premiums and airport travel. Are we not supposed to notice them, Mr Brown, unlike the small and temporary VAT reduction which you are trumpeting from the rooftops?

      He has CREATED the biggest government debt ever, including multi-billion pound upgrades to Trident nuclear weapons.

      Some socialist credentials not to mention his financial dealings. Brown claimed £215,000 of taxpayers cash in addition to his salary and expenses for being a sitting MP, despite not attending parliament for almost 90 per cent of the time.

      The Guido Fawkes blog reported this about Gordon Brown’s “charities”.

    57. Marc Rich says:

      Thanks for the explanation confused. No, dinnae follow the fitba I’m afraid.

      Broon, the great clunking fist of idiocy. This got deleted on the HS, but my own feelings towards him are so sour that I suggest he find a nice damp ditch in which to lay down in for the winter, slowly fading awa, so we can be free of his lies.

    58. Phronesis says:

      Something is coming back from the dead…

      ‘One of the main arguments made in support of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is that the UK will be able to negotiate better trade deals with other countries – and even with Europe – if it is on its own. According to Brexiteers like British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, because EU member states are too divided and consumed by their own crises to defend the integrity of the European project, “There is only one way to get the change we want – vote to leave the EU.”

      But with less than a year remaining until “Brexit day” – when the UK’s EU membership officially ends – it is clear that the British government’s hopes of dividing and conquering the EU economy have been dashed. EU member states have remained impressively united throughout the Brexit negotiations. And while Brexit itself is nothing to celebrate, the process has at least shown that Europe is strongest when it is challenged.
      In fact, for many Europeans, the EU seems to have returned from the dead’

      Wow-Scotland benefits a great deal from EU funding and of course Scotland the country voted to keep those financial benefits along with many other advantages of being within the EU. The empty WM coffers won’t be providing the equivalent sums. Doomsday is fast approaching for one failed political institution because the arc of history is bending towards an economically and socially just Scotland.

      ‘The Scottish EU Funding Portal is a partnership project between Scotland Europa, Scottish Government, East of Scotland European Consortium, and West of Scotland European Forum. It has been developed in response to demand from Scottish stakeholders to establish a single source of information on EU funding programmes for which Scotland is eligible’

    59. Capella says:

      I’m much more concerned about our people on Universal Credit. They do not have enough to live on. What can we do about this?

      This is criminal neglect of our civic duty. We already pay taxes to ensure that everyone who needs help can access support. We need to have all of the benefit system devolved.

      Westminster government is utterly useless.

    60. Cactus says:

      Living after midnight.

      Rockin’ thru da dawn…

      SO soon.

      Twoo minutes to midnight!

    61. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sinky says:
      15 June, 2018 at 11:47 pm

      At one time it was claimed that Gordon Brown Saved the World when he was largely responsible for the UK recession

      It wasn’t actually “claimed” Sinky it was actual FACT!

    62. Clootie says:

      @mad unionist 11:45

      I’ve never heard of Clottie dumpling…but most unionists seem to struggle with spelling…perhaps that is the answer.

      When does your shift end?

    63. Thepnr says:


      I’m disgusted that a government of the UK can do that to human beings including children.

      “What can we do about this?”

      I think we all know the answer to that question. Independence.

    64. Arajag says:

      It’s from Viz .

      If only you would apply the same tenacity regardless of subject and source you * might.* be taken moe seriously

    65. Thepnr says:

      By the way the Q&A with Clara Ponsati was suberb and you wont regret watching it. Some things there that all of us can learn from. Good questions with only one on a downer on the third. Think he was a British Nationalist lol.

      Well done Independence Live you are recording Scottish history as it is being made. Academics will be studying your stuff in years to come. That’s a promise 🙂

    66. Ken500 says:

      Scottish (SNP) Gov is already doing things around Universal Credit. Now have more welfare powers – to stop sanctioning and starving people. They are working through it. Jean Freeman is on to it. There should be improvement soon. It is an absolute scandal. Already carers have received an increase in funding. Approx £500 a year. Not much but it is a start.

      The only thing that will completely solve it is more powers. Not forth coming from Westminster. So it is another Independence push soon. The Scottish Gov is trying already to mitigate the welfare cuts in other ways, because of the refusal of the Westminster Treasury to give direct details held on computer. They have refused time and time again and refused to hold over powers promised. Reneged again. Bedroom tax etc mitigate. They found ways around that.

      Westminster ConDems cut welfare £3Billion a year over 6 years. £18Billion. An absolute scandal. They even brought in Universal Credit payment as a way of cutting funding for people on the breadline or in need of help. Sometimes they are sanctioning people for years. All that is trying/likely to be stopped. Court judgement are going in people’s favour.

      A recent judgement means disable people can attempt to claim back thousands. Made yesterday? The flood gate are opening from the Tory unionist austerity. Starving and killing people. Making people ill. Costs more. Hungry, tired, worried vulnerable people get sick Puts up the cost of other social services, NHS, police ‘crime’ etc. Absolutely ridiculous.

    67. Thepnr says:


      “If only you would apply the same tenacity regardless of subject and source you * might.* be taken moe seriously”

      Hahaha who are you? Gordon Brown or a relative? That’s the funniest thing thing I’ve ever read on Wings lololol.

    68. Ken500 says:

      People having to get help from family and friends etc and donations from food banks. People are helping.

    69. TJenny says:

      O/T – WOS twitter – Glasgow School of Art on fire again – seems massive. Wonder who did the refurb from last time? Hope no casualties.

    70. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Glasgow School of Art up in flames again, and looks very serious indeed…


    71. Meg merrilees says:


      Re “Afters” next Saturday.

      Sorry, but McQ’s has a function taking place on Saturday night, ticket only.

      There are a few places nearer to the Rotunda anyway – the ‘1314 Inn’ is the nearest, about 100yds along on the right from the meeting . Pirnhall Inn is about another 10 minutes away and is a Brewer’s Fayre pub and restaurant, next to the Premier Inn.
      Alternatively, if you head back downhill from the Bannockburn Field, you’ll come to a couple of pubs at St. Ninians roundabout, The Falcon and the Borestone Bar.

    72. Meg merrilees says:

      So sad to hear that Glasgow School of Art is burning again. Hope all safe.

    73. Cactus says:

      Hey TJenny ~

      On fire again, dang…

      Last n first The Victoria…

      Hope they can save it.

      Beautiful building.

      You going to Stirling?

    74. Was there not another major fire in Glasgow just yesterday (Thursday)in a high rise flat.

    75. TJenny says:

      Cactus – so glad you’re safe as I know you have a penchant for soireeing aroung Glasgow centre of an evening. Dunno about Stirling – it’s the travelling – I hate travelling.. but maybe.

    76. Cactus says:

      Thanks for the update Meg x.

      Prob just go with da feel on the day.

      7 days remaining to go.

      Chris is UP.

    77. Cactus says:

      TJenny mwah, I could come n pick you up if you like, mon over to Glasgow for the Friday night… aye got wheels.

      I’ve not even read this threadtoon yet.

      Frae toon tae toon…

    78. TJenny says:

      Cactus – thanks for kind offer but I don’t do overnighters – after an outing I like to get back home, change into my jammies and park myself with a cuppa. So much for rock and roll, eh. 🙂

    79. Cactus says:

      Nae bother TJenny, see you for the next Edinburgh 2018 do.

      You touch my fingertips and my heart is a glow xx.

    80. TJenny says:

      … O :-), and yeah, hope to see you in Edinburgh in October.

    81. Cactus says:

      Ah’ll be there for you TJenny 🙂

      There for Scotland.

      October 18.

    82. Big Del says:

      Broon the yoon goon, ah reminds of that scene from Texas chain saw masicre.

      The part whi the deed man and the claw hammer and they keep picking his arm up to drop the hammer….

    83. Robert Peffers says:

      @Archbishop of Dork says: 15 June, 2018 at 11:20 pm:

      ” … There’s a world of difference between the fiscal prudence combined with caring social policies type of mild austerity which independent Scotland will pursue and the vicious anti-precariat tax haven brand of austerity pursued by the Tories.”

      Now it may be that I’m just an optimist but I figure that Scotland will almost certainly immediately be in surplus and I have good reason to believe that will be so.

      In the first place the only figures we have at present are the most certainly cooked books figures of the Westminster Establishment and I’m absolutely certain these figures are utterly bent. There are, however, several things that are in no doubt whatsoever.

      Scotland has throughout my entire adult lifetime been a net exporter and her exports have never been properly recorded in the Westminster Establishment’s books.

      Immediately post WWII the very first cross-border electricity grid link was switched on and it carried Electric power generated by the old, coal-fired, Portobello Power Station over the border into England and Scotland has been a net exporter of power ever since and the fuel to generate it was mined in the Lothians and Fife among other coal-fields in Scotland.

      Consider this, Westminster has a system that defies the, Tory much loved, free market economy rule that the owners of a scarce commodity should get the best price for that commodity but Westminster has a scheme called the Grid Connection Charges. This is a sliding scale that increases the charges upon the generating companies increasing for each kilowatt of power they add to the but the scam doesn’t stop there. Westminster subsidies those power generators in and around London. A total rip-off of Scottish resources.

      Then there is the entire oil & gas revenues and every penny of those revenues goes directly to the Treasury and none of it is returned to Scotland. Westminster has classified these revenues as being from the United Kingdom’s Extraregio territory. The term, “Extraregio”, is defined as being from no identifiable source but 98% of the revenues are from oil & gas extracted from Scottish Territorial Waters.

      Now there is the Westminster propaganda that Scotland is credited with earning a population ratio based 8.4% proportion of those revenues, However, as none of he cash is actually given to Scotland that estimated 8.4% is just a figure used by the Treasury to derive other bent statistics to fiddle the books. Factually the only funding Scotland has had until this latest tax gathering scam has been only the Block Grant that is calculated by Westminster by use of the (much misunderstood), Barnett Formula. Get this quite clear – The Barnett formula IS NOT NEEDS BASED. The Block Grant is quite easy to understand, It simply is the funds devolved from the Westminster Ministries that used to provide the services devolved to N.I. Wales and Scotland that are now devolved the these countries. You must realise that they cannot devolve a function to a devolved administration without also devolving the money to run that function.

      Then there is the Westminster brainwashing that claims Scots get a bigger per capita sum spent of them that the English get and it is total bullshit. In fact the biggest per capita spend is on N.I. The smallest per capita spend is on Wales and between the two is Scotland. The reason, in case you have not already figured it out, is simple. N.I. has more devolved functions to run than Scotland and Scotland has more than Wales.

      What, though of the per capita spend on the English? Well we don’t get to know that because England doesn’t get a block grant and is NOT funded as England. England is funded as The United Kingdom directly by the Westminster Ministries – but hang on a moment- doesn’t that mean all the rest of us are paying towards running the Westminster Ministries while these ministries are, besides the things like defence and diplomacy and so on, thus running England and that is not being accounted in the per capita calculations. Not to mention the so called, “National Treasures”, like The Greenwich Observatory, The National Stadium, The national museums, art galleries, ballet, theatre opera and God alone knows what else and I’d bet it includes the Globe Theatre and the Shakespeare birthplace and “Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all and all”.

      I could go on all night/Oops! Morning but you get the idea? The books have been cooked since 1707 and here’s a link to just one such bit of evidence right here on Wings that the Rev Stu published long ago :-

      Now It’s way past my bed time and if I hadn’t fallen asleep in the big chair after last nights suppertime I’d be sleeping right now.

      I’ve only scratched the money that will be coming Scotland’s way that Westminster/a.k.a. England has enjoyed at Scotland’s expense since 1707. There are many, many more. As I quote above Scotland has always been a net exporter and England a net importer for as long as I can remember but here’s another factor to consider.

      The Excise duty on many, many thing from Scotland goes directly to Westminster such as Scotch Whisky, beer, ale and the whisky can only be produced in Scotland Not to mention that 70% of The United Kingdom’s gin exports are produced in Scotland. Most of this Scottish Produce is exported and it leaves the United Kingdom by English ports, English air ports and the Chunnel.

      Under Westminster calculations everything from Scotland, and we are net exporters, that leaves via England is counted as English Exports and Diageo, the largest by far producer and exporter of Scotch Whisky and Gin produced in Scotland are London based and export via England. How’s that for fiddling the figures.

      On independence day all of the above scams stop dead in their tracks as will all the VAT that Scottish business’ collect for the Westminster/English Treasury. So alcohol duty, tobacco duty, betting tax and much of the United Kingdom wide business’s like ASDA, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and many many more with head offices out with Scotland will have to set up registered head offices here in Scotland and pay their tax to a Scottish treasury. Not only will the tax come Scotland’s way but so too will the extra jobs and add to those jobs the Scottish customs and excise, tax and other government function now benefitting London.

      I predict that an Independent Scotland will have no need for austerity – but England sure as hell will for our gain will be at their expense for a change.

      Anyone wanting to disagree or call me a liar can do so later today as I’m probably going to sleep in.

    84. Dr Jim says:

      Unionists seem delighted at the fire, what are these people all about, complete nut jobs

    85. Kangaroo says:

      @Robert Peffers 3:13am

      Absolutely agree, Scotland is well endowed with resources and is a very rich nation. I don’t think the scaremongering of the britNats is anything to worry about. On the Tax system though because there are a fair few multinationals then we need to change the tax system so they cannot transfer price their profits out of Scotland by accounting tricks. By, for example, introducing a Turnover Tax rather than a profits tax. After all 9% of £100 turnover is the same as 30% of £30 profit.
      Also introduce a “Fringe Benefits Tax” which taxes all benefits of any type paid to anybody associated with the business. We have a “you beaut” version in Australia which really screwed up all the multinationals and I am sure it would make a great template for Scotland.

      Watch them do a Cameron and squeal like stuck piglets.

      PS I have lots of other ideas.

    86. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Another cracking post from “Auld Boab” there at 3.13am – that guy is a National Treasure; hits the nail smack on the head.

      Just a thought about disrupting Westminster. Should the SNP members not be insisting the Scottish Grand Committee is reconvened, to discuss matters re Brexit which conflict on Scotland.

      After all, if we have EVEL, surely the Scottish members can have their own say where legislation pertains to Scotland. Then, the Tories who sit for Scottish constituencies (I shudder to call them Scottish Tories) and wee Ian Murray and his gang would either have to participate, and be out-voted by the SNP, ot get their English mates to veto the SGC – either way a win-win.

      Of course, if the SNP-dominated SGC’s decisions were subsequently voted down by the whole House, it would be yet another win-win for the SNP, as further proof that Westminster was anti-Scotland.

    87. Ghillie says:

      Oh Glasgow.

      What a sad and hard night you have had.

      Thank God it seems no one was hurt in this fire.

      But I know the Glasgow School of Art, a beautiful and iconic building, means a lot to you.

      Love, and thinking of you, from Edinburgh xxx

    88. Dorothy Devine says:

      So sad to hear that the School of Art is yet again ablaze – hardly the celebration of Charles Rennie Macintosh 150th that anyone could have expected.

      It seems no-one is hurt but the fire fighters must still be at risk

      The Glasgow Firemen have ben kept far too busy in the area of Sauchiehall Street this year.

      I had thought that the re-build would have been very , very aware of the potential for a repeat and would have installed a highly sophisticated early warning system and sprinkler system so that fire could never again take hold so quickly.

      So sad.

    89. starlaw says:

      Brown was paid £10,000 for his appearance at Loanhead Miners Club last time round, so the story goes. His benevolence is unknown.

    90. Ken500 says:

      Breaking the Law would be counter productive. Just end up a tit for tat spat. When Scottish rep can always be out voted ten to one In Westminster. In any case. The Scottish voters have the vote it is up to them to use it. Vote out every unionist representation or lose it. Some politicians getting away with themselves. Not a good look of irrationality. Better to keep the heid.

      Comparing 21Century to 19C Ireland etc is just ridiculous. Beyond belief. Apart from the fact Ireland ended up illegal Partitioned and Parnell discredited for personal reasons. Did not go well. Or to plan. A whole difference Century. In a state of turmoil which continues to this day. Over 200 later. Universal Suffrage 1928, . People in Scotland have the vote it is up to them to use it. Any disruptions could be counter productive and useless in any case. Scotland has always gone though the Law and the ballot box it is up to the electorate to use it.

      Don’t interrupt unionists politicians making grave mistakes. Retribution will be won. They just will get voted out. It is only a matter of time and natural justice. Do it through the Courts and the Ballot Box. Or lose much needed support. It could be counter productive.

      Peopke can’t accuse others of seriously breaking the Law and criminal actions. Breaking electoral Law etc,Without censor as the Unionists did. IndyRef. Then advocating taking the same actions. Is not a creditable argument. Just adds to the chaos and confusion. Instead of taking the moral high ground. Going through the Ballot box as Scotland has always done. Or lose support.

      People can see what is going on and will act accordingly. If that is their wish. Breaking the Law is counter productive, so is any suggestion of UDI without a mandate. Just ridiculous.

      Re the outcome in Catalonia/Spain. Not a viable example. Chaos and strife. No voted for with enough support. Minority action. Better through the Ballot Box. If people do not want to end up in jail. Including politicians, Did not end well and still ongoing damaging the economy. Counter productive with irrational comparisons. Completely different situation and history.

      Leave it to the people and the vote. That is Democracy. Or not at all. If something is worth doing it is worth doing well. Withnot dispute. Fair and square through the Ballot Box. It is up to the electorate. The power is in their hands. They have the vote, Just keep on voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. There is already a mandate. Just choose the right time when it can be won, simple. Do not throw away the upper hand with mindless contribution. Patience is a virtue. Think things through. Calm and collective. With dignity. No baying to the mod. Universal Suffrage 1928.

      It is plain to see what is going on in Westminster. Give the people and the electorare some credit and the opportunity. Ie chance to vote. To redeem the situation. All they need is the opportunity.

    91. Fred says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Broon keeps up with the Smith’s & buys a lair in Dunfermline Abbey as near as possible to the Bruce!

    92. Nana says:

      For any new readers

      Top Secret letter revealed that Scotland would be in 7th place in world’s wealth league whilst the UK was at 17th place. Why was that vital information kept secret by Westminster?

    93. Nana says:

      Barrheadboy talks to Jason Michaels and Peter Bell on all the events of the past week.

    94. Smallaxe says:

      Good morning, Nana.

      Thank you for your links, raining here today.
      Kettle’s on!

    95. Nana says:

      Good morning Smallaxe, it’s overcast here at the moment. Hoping it brightens up later.

    96. Macart says:


      Just got up to the news in Glasgow. Dear lord! Haven’t read much as yet. No casualties I hope?

    97. Nana says:


      No casualties as far as I’m aware.

    98. Xaracen says:

      Re the House of Commons Library letter (ref.98/8/56 EP/rjt),
      if they refuse to release it, surely Alex Salmond has a copy? Can’t we ask him to publish it?

    99. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sinky @11.47: thanks for the reminders of “Prudence” and his rank incompetence. The Guido Fawkes stuff was pretty disgusting, too but I’m hardly surprised.

      Great links as per, Nana.

    100. Robert Peffers says:

      @Kangaroo says: 16 June, 2018 at 4:41 am:

      “Absolutely agree, Scotland is well endowed with resources and is a very rich nation.”

      Well that’s not quite the fact, Kangaroo. Scotland is well endowed with resources but isn’t a very rich nation as all Scottish resources is not only controlled by Westminster but is taken directly by, “Her Majesty’s Treasury”.

      The point I am making is that as it is in her position as, “Her Majesty, The Queen of England”, that makes it Her Majesty’s Treasury, that gives the Treasury that title. Let me expand that facet of the matter. The legal facts are that the Queen/King of the three country Kingdom of England is a legally sovereign monarch and thus legally owns the entire Kingdom of England and everything in it and that includes every one of her/his Majesty’s subjects.

      The Kingdom of England has been a constitutional monarchy since 1688 and that pre-dates the Treaty of Union and the English Monarchy is legally sovereign but Scotland is not legally part of the Kingdom of England but only became an equally sovereign partner in the United Kingdom after the Treaty of Union of 1706/7.

      The Treaty of Union states that the legal systems of each kingdom must remain independent in perpetuity so the monarch of England is not sovereign under Scots law. So we are back, once more, to the question of legal sovereignty. So the United Kingdom government’s claim of complete sovereignty over the Kingdom of Scotland is a direct breach of the Treaty of Union and the Treaty of Union is the legal proof of that point.

      So where is there any legal evidence that the Treaty of Union gives the United Kingdom government sovereignty over Scotland? We are right back to the assumed impression of Westminster that it has legal sovereignty over the Kingdom of Scotland. I’ve prattled on about this fact since I was a secondary school pupil in 1946/7.

      Now we have had, during Indyref1, the Westminster government commissioning a paper by what they claimed were two leading experts in constitutional law and these, paid for by the UK taxpayers including we Scots, claimed that the United Kingdom Government was a continuation of the former Kingdom of England parliament that changed its name to the United Kingdom.

      This is utter legal claptrap and the Treaty of Union does no such thing. The current Secretary of State for against Scotland, David Mundell made that same bogus claim on National TV and I quote here what he claimed:-

      “The Treaty of Union extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as the United Kingdom.”

      Here he is confirming that he did so on national TV. As the Secretary of State for against Scotland he is stating the official Westminster Government perception of the Treaty of Union:-

      The idea is complete bollox. The facts are plain and remember that the Treaty of Union is a live and active international treaty for if it were not so the union would already be over.

      Here are the plain facts.

      On the last day of April 1707 the parliament of the three country Kingdom of England put itself into permeant recession and that is recorded in the, (still existing), Hansard records of the old Westminster Parliament of the Kingdom of England. There has been no one elected to the Parliament of England since that last sitting.

      Also on that day the old parliament of the Kingdom of Scotland did not sit as the Scottish Parliamentarians were running for their lives as the legally sovereign people of Scotland were rioting in the streets and would have lynched them it they had caught them. So the old Scottish parliament was never actually put into recession of any kind. The parliament was declared over by town criers around the streets of Edinburgh old town.

      Officially the old Scottish parliament was thus, “prorogued”, which is defined as, “discontinue a session of (a parliament or other legislative assembly) without dissolving it.”

      When Winnie Ewing opened the new parliament of Scotland that wise lady, (a lawyer by profession), reconvened the old Scottish parliament. I firmly believe Winnie Ewing knew exactly what she was doing. See for yourself:-

      Now go to this link and read article of union number 19.(XIX):-

      There is no legal basis for the Westminster concept that Westminster is the continuing old parliament of the Kingdom of England with the Kingdom of Scotland absorbed into the Kingdom of England. Yet that is the reality today – Westminster has split the bipartite United Kingdom up as it were a quadratic set-up of three subservient dominions of England with Westminster the unelected as such de facto parliament of the country of England and that is plainly in direct breach of the still extant Treaty of Union.

      Which means that the parliament of Scotland can indeed claim the United Kingdom is over. However, I believe, (perhaps wrongly), that this is where the First Minister is attempting to lead us but really is attempting to force the Theresa May cabinet to take the Scottish Government to the Westminster Supreme Court which may not actually be a legally competent court and thus give the SG the right to take the matter to the international courts.

    101. remo says:

      I am assuming Gordo thinks there will be no austerity in Englandshire until Doomsday. He should just butt out.

    102. Derick fae Yell says:

      Retweeted The Rt Hon Miss Edwards (@shedgal83):

      Gordon Broon.
      Gordon Broon.
      Riding through the glen.
      Gordon Broon.
      Gordon Broon.
      Spouting pish again.
      Loved by the yoons!
      Shite talkin’ balloon!
      Gordon Brooooon!
      Gordon Brooooon!
      Gordon Broooooooooooooooon! #GordonBroon

    103. Meg merrilees says:

      Robert Peffers @11.09

      Hi Robert,

      Love your articles and their information.

      Noticed this explanation on the History of Parliament website. I wonder when this was printed and whether at some point in time the actual “History of Parliament” has been changed so it is more convenient for the Tories:

      The Scottish parliament gathered for the last time on 25 Mar. 1707 and was formally closed by the Queen’s lord high commissioner, the duke of Queensberry. At Westminster the current session ended on 24 April when Parliament was prorogued until 30 Apr. On that day, a small number of peers gathered in the Upper House (to which the handful of MPs attending in the Commons was also summoned), to hear a proclamation read declaring that the new Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain had now replaced the separate English and Scottish parliaments. A further proclamation of 5 June declared that it would assemble at Westminster on 23 Oct.

      I know which one I believe and it’s not the History of Parliament as printed.

      I did wonder when Fluffy made his Declaration the other day from the WM Parliament – if we are no longer equal partners in this Union has his declaration just dissolved the Union?

      The fact that apparently we are now ‘part’ of the United Kingdom is irrelevant and states the bleedin’ obvious, we have always been part of the United Kingdom for as long as the UK has existed. As usual he confuses UK and GB

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      In the voice of David Coleman

      ….and Gordon Brown has gone early! He has thrown caution to the wind and gone full doomsday several laps before the end of the race. Remarkable!

    105. jfngw says:

      PFI Brown, the man that claims he can see until doomsday but was unable to see a banking crash which was only a few months away under his watch. I think I’ll pass on his Nostradamus predictions.

      The man that is wedded to the Union but was hated as PM because of his North Britishness by the South British. A forelock tugger of the highest order.

    106. Cubby says:

      Gordon Brown should be made to read the vow 50 times every day for the rest of his life.

    107. Kangaroo says:

      Robert Peffers @11:09am

      Thanks for your reply Robert, it oft needs repeating because most people either “Don’t get it” or “Have been so brainwashed they can’t believe it”. So let me repeat it, Scotland is a very rich country whose wealth has been drained by its bigger neighbour to the detriment of the citizens of Scotland.
      Hope that is more to your liking.

      I agree with the legal substance of what you are saying and anticipate that the outcome of the Supreme Court case on 24July will be a constitutional game changer.

      Tick tock won’t be much longer…

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