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Pretending to be stupid

Posted on November 25, 2018 by

All political discourse is plagued with genuine imbeciles, of course. But what’s far more depressing is when educated and normally perceptive people merely act like imbeciles for money, such as the case of Alex Massie in the Sunday Times today.

Because for the last two years, commentators who ought to know better have insisted in presenting Scotland’s choice as between Brexit or Brexit plus independence, and solemnly concluding that the uncertainties and risks of the latter being piled on top of those of the former prove that independence is no solution.

And we don’t care to have our intelligence insulted in that way.

Because as we’ve said consistently for the last two and a half years, by any honest analysis Brexit completely reverses the economic argument for independence. It is beyond any reasonable dispute that independence inside the EU is by far the safer choice, the more moderate choice, than being dragged out of the EU against our will by England and Wales.

Scotland’s choice is Brexit OR independence. And think how LITTLE uncertainty would currently be afflicting the Scottish economy right now were it an independent EU state.

(Even the most frothingly idiotic Unionists couldn’t credibly argue that any negotiations to secure that status wouldn’t have been concluded by now had we voted Yes in 2014. Scotland already meets every membership criterion and both sides in the negotiation would want the same thing, a process diametrically unlike what’s happening between the UK and EU. It would have been a matter of admin, not argument.)

Indeed, an independent Scotland would be an oasis of certainty for UK companies. Firms and individual workers alike would be flooding over the border in their thousands every day to enjoy a safe haven of EU citizenship and trade in a country that still spoke the same language and watched the same TV and used the same money and ate the same food.

England might be Scotland’s biggest trade market, but very little would happen to that market. After all, we’re being told even now that there’s absolutely no chance of a hard border between EU Ireland and UK Northern Ireland, so plainly there’d be no need for one at Carlisle and Berwick either.

(There have been desperate and distasteful attempts by the UK’s Unionist media to pretend that the history of violence in Northern Ireland makes it a different case, but in Trident an independent Scotland would have a far bigger bargaining chip concentrating the UK’s mind than the threat of a resurgence of the Troubles, which we know Tories in particular are only superficially concerned about.)

But what’s even clearer is that if there were to be significant trade barriers between the rUK and Scotland, anyone with enough braincells to fill a matchbox can see which side of those barriers it’s going to be preferable to be on – the EU side.

Scotland would benefit from the EU’s vastly superior negotiating position in exactly the same way Ireland is doing now. Whatever its many faults the EU has solidly had our Celtic neighbour’s back throughout the last two and a half years, and Scotland could expect exactly the same level of protection – indeed, even more so, as Scotland would own the fishing waters that the EU so prizes.

(Nobody much cares for the Common Fisheries Policy, but fishing represents a tiny percentage of the Scottish economy and fishermen are going to be sold out again by the Tories anyway. At least an independent Scotland would have a voice at the table when attempting to reform the CFP, whereas under the Brexit deal the EU will get to carve it up pretty much however it likes without the UK even getting a say.)

None of this is rocket science. It’s hardly beyond the comprehension of someone like Alex Massie. Yet he and his glib echo chamber of groupthinking pals in the punditariat insist on dishonestly feigning ignorance of the blindingly obvious reality.

We were quite misanthropic before this site ever began, if we’re honest, readers. But seven years of watching clever people pretending to be thicker than 50 short planks would turn the most reasonable person in the world into a psychopath.

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    796 to “Pretending to be stupid”

    1. North chiel says:

      “ Cubby @0103” , could be Putin is planning a game of golf at Turnberry or Menie links . However, if he didn’t pay the green fees , “ The Donald” would probably send over the US 7th fleet ?

    2. Cubby says:

      JK Rowling told Scotland to stay under the stairs. So are we in a box under some stairs with Harry Potter.

      J K please let us go. I promise never to fall asleep at the cinema when watching your movies ever again.

      Now Mr Peffers wil definitely say this post is utter claptrap.

    3. Meg merrilees says:

      BBC actually acknowledging the ECJ case today – headline news on the main Scottish website.

      It’s all going to move fast from now onwards.

    4. sandy says:

      Gona get nasty here.
      Once asked HYFUD what the Scots word FUD meant. Got no reply.
      To enlighten him, a FUD is a fanny, a vagina & we know what is usually excreted from that.

    5. Meg merrilees says:


    6. Not sleeping well tonight…. am now reading on the Independent website that the WM gov admits UK could attempt to unilaterally revoke article 50 if MP’s want to…now legal papers published by the UK gov suggest it is political will rather than any legal barrier that is preventing a bid.
      The papers released today form part of the WM argument in the case before the ECJ today.

      also the Article 50 author says T May is misleading the public on reversing the result .

    7. Liz g says:

      Sandy @ 2.11
      Well there wiz nay actual need tae get that nasty..
      Simon is an utter arse.. but it is up to each Winger to get what they see as something productive from him… Otherwise they wouldn’t bother.
      But ye border on insulting ma peeps

      As to knowing what a Vagina is all aboot…
      Let me tell ye this…

      Ball’s are exposed and easily damaged,they,infact are very delicate and need a lot of protection.
      Who would choose that?
      A Vagina on the other hand … Can take a hell of a pounding and still come back for more…

      So don’t ever underestimate a Vagina,or try to call it anything less than a desirable thing to have….
      You must find more intelligent insults… or ye will be thought of as less than Simon… do you really want to be that guy?
      Whit kind of Winger are ye !

      Mighty Me!!

    8. yesindyref2 says:

      @Meg merrilees
      I’m working, had to come back halfway through because I forgot the kettle 🙁

      An important day today, though don’t know when the judgement will be – expedited I’d think. Not sure if there’s not more than meets the eye to this all the same 🙂

    9. Sharny Dubs says:

      Liz g @3:02

      Well said!!

    10. Sharny Dubs says:

      Actually I was once told that a Fud is a rabbits tail.

      Not sure how true that is.

    11. Petra says:

      How we hope to convert people with the standard of posts making their way through Stu’s ‘filter’, such as around two in the morning, is beyond me. Thank God it won’t be too long now. Weeks (8?) rather than many months.


      Thanks for the list Meg (2:04am)


      WGD: The Scottish Tories have failed at the single job they had.’


      ‘Why St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and many other territories.’

    12. Petra says:

      ‘People Make Yes in bold new Scottish independence campaign.’


      David Pratt: ‘How famine is again becoming a weapon of war.’


      ‘MoD paying 200 Scottish workers less than the living wage.’

    13. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sharny Dubs , I think you misheard , the word is ‘skut’or ‘scut’ – not too sure of the spelling.

      yesterday I went to Perth and reminded myself , despite some interesting weather , just how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country of ours.

      I took a hastily grabbed bag of goodies of Morrison’s origin for lunch – included in that some fancy meringues .

      I nearly choked when I opened them as the cases they were nestled in were festooned with the union ‘fleg’. Why?? Why Morrisons?? I want to know if they are Scottish, Welsh , English or Northern Irish not this mish mash ‘british’.

    14. Undeadshuan says:

      As the dust starts to settle “norway plus” is being consideted by a majority of May’s cabinet.

      Who knows where this is going to end

    15. Sharny Dubs says:

      Dorothy Divine, yes sounds like I misheard, thanks for the clarification.

      This “Fleg” thing is becoming a pain. I never shop at Morrison’s myself, prefer to patronise the local bods wherever possible.

      Thanks for reminding me, will be returning to join in the struggle soon, must remember me winter woolies.

    16. wull2 says:

      From the BBC.

      Judges at the European Court of Justice are to examine whether the UK can call off the process of leaving the EU without permission from member states.

      I am not worried about the UK, I am only interested in Scotland.

      While I am on
      In future, Vote SNP or YES, nothing else.
      This message from a person who is NOT a SNP member..

    17. Shinty says:

      The supermarkets are not our friends – they will always be pro-union. Remember how they behaved during 2014 indyref.

      If you must shop at any of the big 3, then slap a big Yes badge on your lapel and stick a ‘save our brand’ onto your bag.

      ‘every little helps’

    18. Macart says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      They’re trying to project a team Britain face to the world. (shrugs) Re-write history, overturn or ignore constitutional hurdles, culture, personal identification kinda thing. And by that, I don’t mean Morrison’s, nor indeed many another popular chains per se, but the state. They’re making sure that marketing and branding of produce/products promotes Britain and Britishness (whatever that is). It only works if people by into a ‘one nation’ identity and the myth of forced union or unity really. Have they looked out of a window recently?

      We don’t have either, so yes. Yes, I’d like to know if I’m eating Welsh lamb, English jam, Scottish salmon. I want to know whose communities I’m benefitting by buying their product and to who I should thank and look out for in future when buying same. I don’t really buy into the team Britain thing anymore and not so long as that hoose on the thames sets its definitions and not the peoples of these islands. So basically given the state of disunity in UK society and along with Ms May’s laughable begging letter, yer marketing gurus really should take their ‘team Britain’ idea and go for a looooooong rethink.

      The sight of their branding and its negative associations these days, tends to turn me away from any product carrying it.

    19. Nana says:

      People in the central belt were maybe surprised to see intense helicopter activity by the British Army last week as they exercised in densely populated areas in both daylight and darkness. These are preparations for civil unrest when the no deal Brexit takes effect.


    20. Nana says:

      Posting again for anyone who missed it
      An Afternoon with Roger Mullin

      On way to #CJEU for tomorrows case on revocation of #Art50 notice. Before I left I asked @theresa_may to share my pride that Scottish parliamentarians & the Scottish courts will ensure parliament has a clear alternative to her flawed #Brexit deal

      An astounding answer to @AlanBrownSNP’s question about protection of Scottish waters

    21. Nana says:

      Brexit deal may make trade between UK and US more difficult, President Trump

      Under pressure, the Govt has finally published the text of its (failed) application for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. What is significant is that the Govt formally recognises MPs can simply direct it to revoke the Article 50 notice.

      Welsh ports sign Brexit ‘gagging orders’

    22. Nana says:

      Brexit: options

      Ignored by US UK media, leaked documents suggest UK govt is orchestrating a major operation in UK allies using supposedly independent think tanks, journalists & ‘experts’ to covertly influence opinion (and even ministerial appointments) to favour UK policy

      Meanwhile in the USA

    23. mike cassidy says:

      Lizg 3.02

      Fine monologue, ma’am!


      A question.

      If Brexit is reversed, does that mean no indyref2?

    24. Macart says:


      I see the real spin war is now in full flow. ‘May’s Brexit deal’… FFS! As if there’s any Brexit that won’t result in economic, societal and political carnage.

      Scapegoating and blame shifting. It’s what Tories do best.

      The blame for everything that follows is on their hands primarily, but it rests with the practice and system of politics belonging to all of the pro Westminster parties. This is their UK. Mibbies they should take a bow?

    25. Dorothy Devine says:

      Morning Macart! It was a kind of smash and grab lunch but in my defence the meringues looked innocent enough from the top – I should have messed them op and turned them upside down to view what I consider and offensive / aggressive fleg.

      Nana , saving your wonderful links till later as I have to go out but thank you!

      Sharny Dubs , you made me a holy ‘divine’ – which I am not!
      I usually support as local as I can get !

    26. frogesque says:

      St. Andrew’s Day, Friday 30th. November.

      Gardens, roundabouts, bridges, busy places, supermarkets, hilltops, anywhere!

      Let’s see those Saltires and YES flags flying on Friday and the weekend all over our beautiful land. Fill Facebook and social media with pics and videos!

      This is your chance to work off some of that frustration and inertia. Just do it, go on, you know you want to!

    27. wull2 says:

      Please EU, tell me what to do.

      I just want to know if I can move my piece, without the other player telling me I cant move that piece.

    28. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cubby says: 27 November, 2018 at 12:01 am:

      ” … Yes Cubby I did post I would not engage with that particular person on the grounds that it had all been said already. I generally just scroll past that person’s posts but on that particular occasion I had gone away to my games console for some light relief and relaxation. On returning to Wings there was only one comment I had not read and that was why I read it,

      Not that it made much difference because I had already posted the same retorts to the person’s repeated claims. The point is that no one is compelled to either read or retort to any other commenter on Wings. So anyone can scroll past anyone else and it causes no clutter on the forum.

      However, the constant exhortations to ignore other commenters is totally superfluous clutter and, like this comment by me, is a total waste of time and bandwidth.

      We cannot convert unionists if we do not engage in debate with them but we most certainly can be selective and when they post the same rubbish over and over again be selective with our engagement with them.

      Hell I even make the odd retort to Rock but usually when Rock’s claptrap comes to my attention via another commenter’s engagement with Rock as I usually skip Rock’s comments.

      Life is short, especially when you get to my age and realise time is swiftly running out for you. It is a strange phenomenon that as we get older time seems to not just pass but accelerate in direct ratio with our advancing age.

    29. Clootie says:

      The GERs report is a major issue. Unless the source of this data ( guess work) is challenged and settled then the attacks on the viability of Scottish Independence will simply ramp up.
      How many times have we heard the data highlighted by Unionists. I use the term data loosely as it is propaganda designed to undermine the reality of the Scottish economy. It also assumes a mini UK model for an Independent country.

      Do not underestimate the impact of the headline figure on a public less politically aware than those posting here.

      You can be certain that the BBC and unionist press will be using it.

    30. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dorothy Devine.

      In the Dundee area, a “scut” is a young pigeon, just recently fledged.

    31. Nana says:

      Morning Macart

      Exactly that Sam. UKgov and their media will say it’s all the fault of the big bad EU, those uppity Jocks and the Welsh, the Irish, the immigrants, the homeless, the disabled etc etc
      Whatever you do, do not look at the us politicians, nope not us Guv!

      However, I doubt there’s enough whitewash to cover up this mess. the whole world is watching and my goodness what a show.

      Morning Dorothy 🙂

    32. Robert Peffers says:

      @Liz g says: 27 November, 2018 at 12:50 am:

      ” … Can the Themes actually accommodate Trident… I’ve never seen it considered.But the Themes is is a big ass river…. Anybody know for sure???”

      Liz g, Submarines can be berthed anywhere that a similar sized surface ship can be berthed but that is not why the Trident fleet is based at the Clyde Base.

      The strategic reason is that the vessel on active patrol can sail in and out of the Clyde Base while submerged and thus are assumed to be harder to detect.

      So while they could sail up the Thames to the UK Parliament and tie up there they would have to do so on the surface and be tracked by everyone considered to be an enemy of the UK/USA.

      The government took the repair and refuelling away from Rosyth Dockyard and transferred it to Devonport. So obviously Devonport, or indeed Portsmouth, can accommodate Trident boats. They cannot, though, sial then in and out while submerged.

    33. starlaw says:

      No Nuclear Vessels of any type are allowed in the River Thames because of the risk they present to London.

    34. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A couple of quotes from the link below, illustrating the dangers inherent in importing some foodstuffs from the USA.

      “William Whitt suffered violent diarrhea for days. But once he began vomiting blood, he knew it was time to rush to the hospital. His body swelled up so much that his wife thought he looked like the Michelin Man, and on the inside, his intestines were inflamed and bleeding.

      For four days last spring, doctors struggled to control the infection that was ravaging Whitt, a father of three in western Idaho. The pain was excruciating, even though he was given opioid painkillers intravenously every 10 minutes for days.”


      “The culprit turned out to be E. coli, a powerful pathogen that had contaminated romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona, and distributed nationwide. At least 210 people in 36 states were sickened. Five died and 27 suffered kidney failure. The same strain of E. coli that sickened them was detected in a Yuma canal used to irrigate some crops.

      For more than a decade, it’s been clear that there’s a gaping hole in American food safety: Growers aren’t required to test their irrigation water for pathogens such as E. coli. As a result, contaminated water can end up on fruits and vegetables.”

    35. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      mike cassidy @ 8:32,

      I think it does, Mike, because it would remove the “out of the EU against our will” justification in the mandate. (Even though the issue has revealed more starkly than any other heretofore just how roundly ignored and neglected we are by England.)

      It would leave the SG with the alternative “60% support” justification, which as yet isn’t even close, and given the oppressive MSM opposition likely won’t ever happen without an actual indy campaign. (Which will suit some, I suppose.) The infernal chicken-and-egg dilemma.

      (Unless something unexpectedly spectactular happens to change minds, of course.)

      All of which illustrates the fine line which Nicola has been treading. Trying to demonstrate to all the non-partisan doubters her (and the SNP’s) willingness to act in the country’s interest instead of the party’s narrow self-interest. And as much out of sincerity and fulfulling her duty to the whole of Scotland (and even the UK) as out of clever calculation.

      It’s an extremely slow burn, but seems to be having some effect, especially among women who were “no” voters last time.

      But the chances of Engexit being cancelled? Not zero, but infinitesimally low. Whoever their leader, the Tories are simply not going to willingly give up their eagerly-anticipated “Henry VIII” superpowers now, if they can help it.

    36. Golfnut says:

      @ Robert Peffers.

      Yesindyref2 could probably give us chapter and verse on the current protocols for exiting the Clyde basin, but I think it is a requirement for Subs to be escorted out to sea. Also I think, modern Satelite and search technology makes even submarines much more visible. In other words, and I may be wrong, the arguments for using Faslane are fast becoming obsolete.

    37. Sinky says:

      @ Clootie says:27 November, 2018 at 9:07 am
      The GERs report is a major issue.

      We need to challenge Brit Nats every time they refer to Scotland’s deficit.

      Richard Murphy debunked GERS in this article.

      And as George Kerevan wrote in The National just after the latest UK Budget, with oil and gas extraction costs half of 2014 levels and oil companies making vast profits it is only the UK government that has declining revenues whereas if oil taxation was at £10 a barrel, which was the case in 2010 when prices were about the same, a Scottish government would earn £6 BILLION this year and slash the Gers deficit by almost 50%.

      We are also charged £3.6 billion a year for interest on the £2 trillion UK National Debt run up by Westminster.This accounts for 25% of the GERS deficit so once you add £1billion saving from UK defence costs Gers deficit becomes a complete red herring and that is the message we need to get across from now on.

      Also from Business for Scotland

    38. Nana says:

      Adam Fleming is tweeting re this morning’s Article 50 case

      Joanna Cherry has also tweeted

    39. jfngw says:

      So we know Labour’s ambition for Scotland, it’s not growing the country and trying to remove poverty by improving Scotland. It is to spend the devolved money in effectively making sure we are kept poor and under Westminster control. Holyrood merely exists to mitigate all the cuts by Westminster in their eyes, ignore growth just spend all the cash on reserved matters. In this they are being ably assisted by the MSM, who see this as another attack vehicle to keep Scotland under Westminster control.

      At least the Tories are honest, they don’t hide the fact that they see Scotland as subservient to Westminster, in fact they are proud of it and make no bones about wanting Holyrood removed. Labour are dishonest in the fact they pretend to support Holyrood, but only as an assembly not, a real seat of power.

    40. call me dave says:

      Radio shortbread told there’s no room at the inn for her at the debate only the two out people allowed to be on the big telly.

      She could piss off and have a wee debate with Fluffy in the land North of the wall where the hand of man has never set foot…I paraphrase!

      Lord Kerr says bad deal he wrote A50.

      Good luck in court today about that one. 🙂

    41. Sharny Dubs says:

      Dorothy Devine, sorry for the divine intervention,

      Dyslexia Lures KO! 🙂

    42. Breeks says:

      mike cassidy says:
      27 November, 2018 at 8:32 am

      A question.

      If Brexit is reversed, does that mean no indyref2?

      Very poignant question Mike.

      Will revocation of Article 50 be seized upon by Westminster’s headless chickens and the act of Brexit delayed indefinitely as the alternative counter option to the otherwise binary option of May’s deal or No deal? It might just turn out that way.

      Where does that leave us? Success we’ve not been Brexited, thank heavens for small mercies, but if that’s how we avoid Brexit, then haven’t we rather shot ourselves in the foot and squandered the God given definitive Constitutional showdown which placed the Union in such ultimate jeopardy? That takes us straight from victory to morning after hangover with no fun time in between.

      Own goal of the millennium if that’s true. Far from delivering the coup de grace to the Union, the SNP might be the toast of Westminster for forestalling the eternal winterland of Brexit. How thoroughly depressing that would be. The toast, yet still the supine victim, of our sworn enemies.

      I am hoping however that the Action itself, the case being brought before the ECJ is done so under Scots Law, and that the ECJ, even by hearing the case, is delivering a de facto recognition of Scots Law, which is enshrined and protected by same Treaty of Union which identifies the Kingdom’s of Scotland and England as Constitutional equals, and thereby, Scotland voting to Remain in 2016 might yet be acknowledged as a uniquely Scottish sovereign edict which Westminster cannot Constitutionally overrule. That’s the road I adamantly believe we should have taken back in 2016.

      Perhaps, as I am prone to doing, I am getting ahead of myself, and the ECJ will simply deliver a binary yes or no answer to the revocation of Article 50, and what happens next is largely dependent upon which interpretation of the ECJ judgement gains the most traction. I sense there might be a flurry of further submissions to follow.

      It’s very difficult to say anything definitive. Frankly I feel like a passenger in a car being driven by the enigmatic SNP which time and again passes junction after junction which I think we ought to be taking. All enquiries about where we are going get rebuffed. I am not at all comfortable being kept in the dark as I wrestle with inner demons telling me we are on the wrong road. There’s a time and a place for being enigmatic, and this isn’t it. Right now, it is bloody exasperating and I grow deeply suspicious that all it masks is a profound uncertainty that must not be spoken.

      I quoted yesterday or the day before about the EU’s Brexit strategy. -It’s reflex reaction to the body shot of Brexit was to treat it’s Constitution as inviolable, whereby whatever the consequences of Brexit, events would abide by EU conventions or get nowhere. The EU had no electoral mandate to act as their champion, but moved as one body to defend their constitutional integrity. They haven’t budged an inch in two years, and patiently endured the all histrionics and deluded absurdity which Westminster threw at them. And ultimately, when Westminster has exhausted itself, the EU blows the dust off it, and pushes the same document for signing which might have been signed two years ago because not a single word of it has been altered. The forlorn UK now rushes to sign….

      If only, if only, if only, Scotland had done likewise with our own Constitutional integrity when it came under such direct and indisputable sovereign assault in 2016… “Sorry Theresa Honeybun, love to oblige you with your Brexit shenanigans, but the Scottish people have spoken and we are Constitutionally bound to respect their sovereign will. Scotland stays in Europe”.

      We would now be seeing Westminster appealing to the ECJ attempting to unseat our Sovereign legitimacy. No further mandates required.

      Can we now turn the fkn car round???

    43. Cubby says:


      It is not a red herring it is deliberate propaganda.

    44. Gerry says:

      On the trident docking issue, I believe the issue is more to do with the “cradle” aparatus at the dock, and nothing whatsoever to do with being totally submerged. The docks down South would have to be fitted out specifically to accomodate the subs.

      The whole point of the weapon is that it if it were in a potential position of being tracked in anger, the last place it would be headed for would be a dock.

    45. Collie says:

      I was speaking to Nicola Sturgeon last night at a public meeting in Pollokshields/Govanhill and she truly is the most competent, polite, approachable and accommodating politician you will ever come across.

      A true Stateswoman.

      And the person who will lead us to Scottish Independence.

    46. Cubby says:


      That’s why the GERS propaganda was created. So the Britnats could spread its lies all over the Britnat controlled media. Anyone who knows anything would realise that there is no way Scotland could have a deficit of £15-13 billion. The propaganda works because of the plain old fashioned ignorance of a lot of people combined with a silly belief that the Britnat media tells them the truth.

      The key to breaking this propaganda is not going on about economics and statistics but to show example of where Britnats lie. Once they accept Britnats lie then it is not so difficult for them to think that GERS is just another lie.

      We also do not need independence supporters on Wings (for clarity I am not saying that is you) accidentally giving credence to Wings in their posts.

      GERS Is Britnat propaganda.

    47. Baldeagle58 says:

      Nana says:

      27 November, 2018 at 8:29 am

      Pete Wishart MP raises a point of order in the House of Commons on the 26 November 2018

      Hi Nana, great LINKS as usual from you.

      Re that YouTube link…..
      It’s a shame that the video clip finishes at the end of the Point of Order raised by Pete Wishart.
      Does anyone have a link to this that includes the Speaker’s reply? Would really like to hear what he had to say.

    48. Nana says:

      Morning Baldeagle

      Sorry forgot to post this directly after the video, thanks for asking and my bad forgetting!

    49. Gerry says:

      Put /watch?v=q9GxBqMjd9Q after the URL

    50. Cubby says:


      I tend to agree. I have always thought it is more about keeping it far away from Westminster. A bit like when Dounray was built. So much for the family of nations crap. Scots are expendable.

    51. CameronB Brodie says:

      Rational individuals acting stupidly, or ideological beings denying reality in order to maintain their own personal ‘rational’ order of things? After all, yoons are simply terified of a world without the most successfull yoonyawn in the history of world yawning. That’s cultists for you, I suppose.

      [Negative hallucination, denial of reality and scotomization].


      In this paper, the authors intended to outline the history of three psychiatric and psycho-analytical concepts (negative hallucination, disavowal and scotomisation) and to analyse the psychic processes that they stand for. Historical study: Bernheim coined the expression negative hallucination in 1884. Freud used it from 1895 until 1917 when he discarded it. Freud put forward the concept of disavowal in 1914. In its wider meaning it is equivalent to negative hallucination. In its more specific meaning it designates the simultaneous acknowledgement and non-acknowledgement of a traumatic perception. Scotomisation, introduced by Pichon and Laforgue, is identical to negative hallucination. Freud and Laforgue had a long and polemical discussion about it.

      Psychological, metapsychological and psychopathological study: Only the concepts of negative hallucination and disavowal, in their more specific meaning, ought to be considered here. In their first phases, both processes are identical. The first phase is a “preliminary position”, a conception of things, related to wishes and the pleasure principle. The second phase is marked by a stimulus which is unconsciously perceived as “unbearable”. During the third phase, perception is suspended by various processes. It is with the fourth phase that the mechanisms differ. In the negative hallucination, the ego keeps the perception unconscious whereas in disavowal (in its specific meaning) it is split, one part acknowledges the perception, the other disavows it. The authors stress the importance of the negative hallucination and disavowal for psychopathology and psychoanalysis.

      Rereading Freud: Psychoanalysis through Philosophy

      The Complex Phenomena of Denial

    52. Cubby says:


      A great post. I like this Collie a lot more than the Mr Angry version.

    53. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 10:08,

      I feel your pain, and to a large extent share it. But the big difference is that as well as adhering to sound principles, the EU also has the solid backing of their people on this issue (and even more so apparently now that they have witnessed the utter folly of Brexit), whereas public opinion on independence in Scotland is currently divided right down the middle. If something like 90% of Scots were righteously in high dudgeon over these repeated abuses of our precious sovereignty, we would be in a far more advantageous situation now.

      It’s the curse of the Jockholm Syndrome. The only known cure is a large self-confidence booster. That’s what’s needed now more than anything, and in very large doses.

      (Not easy to achieve though when surrounded by a veritable horde of devious frenemies and parasites working hard to preserve our dependence on them. I’m sure the real-life analogues are obvious.)

    54. Have you noticed – despite everything that is flying around just now, it’s so refreshing NOT having to cope with inflammaTORY statements from the unusually silent (t)Ruthless one.

      Can you imagine the number of different things she would have said by now….

      The party must get behind the PM, Fishing has to be protected and is a red line for Scotland: We cannot accept a deal that will sell out Scotland’s fishing and farming; We must support the PM’s deal’s deal; No surrender (oops! wrong leader); We must not allow any deal that threatens our precious Onion; We will not allow a 2nd indy ref ; the SNP must get on with the day job ….

      Can’t say I’m missing any of her usual guff. Has Mundell resigned yet?

      Sounds like there is a can of worms being opened at the ECJ this morning.Wonder how it will be reported on the national news… sorry – wonder IF it will be reported on the National news.

    55. Cubby says:

      North Chiel@12.52am

      Your post nicely describes why the UK economy always favours London and discriminates against the remainder of the UK. It will never change. Politicians since Wilson in the 60’s have prattled on about regional policy etc etc and Osbourne’s northern powerhouse ( now forgotten) never went beyond Manchester. Northern England and Northern Wales will always suffer. Scotland has the opportunity of independence.

    56. Nana says:

      One more for today


      For yesterday’s debate and the point of order by Pete Wishart, you can check the archive here

    57. Terence callachan says:

      England is now in disarray people in England are fighting with each other in the street arguing about Brexit .There is a real concern now that there really will be a food shortage because they rely so much on imports from EU.
      Scotland will continue to send huge amounts of food produce to England which will help them in this difficult time we can also guarantee that we will continue to send electricity water and gas to England which we know they would be unable to source quickly from elsewhere in these difficult and extreme Brexit times .
      Scotlands exports will continue to be delivered via English ports and airports and until scotlamd is independent we will be unable to prevent England from counting those exports as English exports which they do on the basis that it would be too difficult to determine which exports originated in Scotland and those that originated in England.Presumably exports from Wales and Northern Ireland that have to go through English ports and airports meet the same fate being counted as English exports.
      Interestingly we have an Englishman in the Scottish parliament Richard Leonard calling for a 10% pay rise for teachers and Nicola sturgeon saying that she would love to give teachers a 10% pay rise but as we all know it’s not possible for the Scottish government to give them a 10% pay rise in one single year from the ever decreasing budget that Scotland gets from England.This is a perfect example of why allowing another country to control your economy and your finances is such folly, it takes away your ability to allocate funds the way you want to, Scotland has to pay for trident nuclear missiles and the Hinckley point nuclear power station which will provide power to England and Wales and Scotland has to pay for HS2 the high speed rail line from London to the English Midlands when it could be using this money to give teachers a 10% pay rise and also give council worker civil servants and other workers a good pay rise because they have been restricted to pay rises of 1% or zero for a decade,some for twenty years by Westminster all of this in the name of austerity and of course we now see the hypocrisy of labour in Scotland saying they want big pay rises to make up for all the years of Tory austerity which labour MP,s supported in Westminster.
      Scotland really did feel like an equal partner during the Second World War not equal in size but equal in commitment and importance the sacrifices were shared however increasingly since then Scotland has been sidelined for the greater good and benefit of England.The Labour Party talks a good game but have never been in power long enough to make the changes they promised would help Scotland and how many promises did they make, so many in fact that it became a bit of a standing joke that promises and commitments made during election time would not be kept, we almost accepted this as a certainty.Margaret Thatcher hammered in the final nail in the coffin of that togetherness and shared commitment to the future wellbeing of the England Scotland partnership it will never be the same it is impossible to resurrect it.
      Nostalgia is lovely but it doesn’t put food on the plate ,increasing Scotland has realised that it has to take action to protect itself it has to look out for its own people because England has taken taken taken from Scotland but given nothing in return.
      The relationship became so strained that it is now fraught with distrust of England by Scotland and ambivilant disdain by England towards Scotland.
      Scotland will shortly have a referendum on independence ,the greatest gain from it will be freedom of choice,Scotland will vote for independence and will no longer have to do what England tells it to do.
      Scotland will be able to make all of the decisions itself.
      We will decide which political party governs us
      We will decide if we are in EU or out
      We will decide who can come and live in Scotland
      We will decide how much help we give to businesses that want to come to Scotland
      We will decide if we want nuclear power or not
      We will decide if we want to nationalise railways
      We will decide if we want to spend more money on NHS and Education and Housing etc without the constraints of much of our money being kept by England to spend on things that England want that are often actually in England and not in Scotland like Hinckley point ,the Olympics in London the World Cup in England HS2 ,Westminster, the House of Lords, MI5 ,etc etc etc
      I like Scottish independence it will be so good being our own country not being bossed about by people like Margaret thatcher and Theresa May.
      Looking forward to it.

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Collie says:

      I was speaking to Nicola Sturgeon … and she truly is the most competent, polite, approachable and accommodating politician you will ever come across.

      I too have had the privilege of speaking to Nicola and the level of political competence and common humanity are truly awesome.

      Scotland is very lucky to have her as First Minister right now. IMO she will deliver the independence we all seek if she possibly can.

    59. gus1940 says:

      At present we do not export water to England.

      However, as I have proposed before, we should construct a Scottish National Water Grid which will not only cater for local shortages but with exporting stations at Gretna and N. of Berwick will allow us to export water to England because they are going to need it.

      We can charge extortionate rates as they have little in the way of alternate sources other than Wales.

      On the subject of Wales both Birmingham and Liverpool and surrounding areas depend on water from Wales and I bet they don’t pay a penny to Wales for it.

    60. Baldeagle:

      Try this link for the Speaker’s reply to Pete Wishart’s point of order.

      Basically he said that it was not is job to police the use of Parliamentary videos, records etc. however he summed it up by saying that MP’s should behave in a manner to which they would wish to be treated.

    61. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry peeps, but I just can’t keep this to myself. Re, national confidence, I suspect Scotland’s historically more ‘collectavist’ culture compared to England’s ‘indavidualist’ culture, has had more than a little influence on undermining our self-conception of ourselves as capable beings. Then there’s the BBC’s input, constantly reminding Scots that we’re shite ‘sub-optimal’.

      Why Should We All Be Cultural Psychologists? Lessons From the Study of Social Cognition


      I call the attention of psychologists to the pivotal role of cultural psychology in extending and enriching research programs. I argue that it is not enough to simply acknowledge the importance of culture and urge psychologists to practice cultural psychology in their research. I deconstruct five assumptions about cultural psychology that seriously undermine its contribution to the building of a true psychological science, including that cultural psychology (a) is only about finding group differences, (b) does not appertain to group similarities, (c) concerns only group-level analysis, (d) is irrelevant to basic psychological processes, and (e) is used only to confirm the generalizability of theories. I discuss how cultural psychology can provide unique insights into psychological processes and further equip researchers with additional tools to understand human behavior. Drawing lessons from the 20 years of cultural research that my colleagues and I have done on the development of social cognition, including autobiographical memory, future thinking, self, and emotion knowledge, I demonstrate that incorporating cultural psychology into research programs is not only necessary but also feasible.

      Keywords culture, cultural psychology, cultural psychologist, social cognition, assumptions, biases

      Understanding Cultural Identification Through Intersubjective Cultural Representation

      Solving the Puzzle of National Differences in Self-Esteem
      Why do Westerners have more self-esteem than East Asians?

    62. Gus 1940

      How about we have a scale of charging… let’s think.. the further you are away from the source, the more you have to pay to be connected to the water grid.

      If we base it on the charges they used for power generated at Longannet to be connected to the electricity grid ( after all water and electricity are everyday utilities, so fair’s fair) we could bring in a cool £40 million pretty quickly just to supply London and the S East.

    63. Baldeagle58 says:

      Nana says:

      27 November, 2018 at 10:48 am

      Morning Baldeagle

      Sorry forgot to post this directly after the video, thanks for asking and my bad forgetting!

      Thanks Nana. 🙂

    64. Nana says:

      For jaw dropping clanging buffoonery, here’s Boris


    65. jfngw says:

      Rumours are there has been a quick response to the SNP press officer job from someone called ‘dl [at] mi5 [dot] gov [dot] uk’. Claims he will get the honest truth out there.

    66. galamcennalath says:

      Even Hugo Rifkind is having his fundamental believes shaken!

      “The core, non-economic argument made against Scottish independence by the likes of me — that Scotland and England were similar nations, full of similar people who wanted similar things — often feels coldly ludicrous now. Should another independence referendum come, and I think it will, I’m not sure what I’ll say. Or what anybody will.”

    67. ECJ Court case finished 7 minutes ago – a decision will be made and a decision announced … at a later date.

      For the WM government, Lord Keen asks what if the ECJ is then asked to rule on elements of the draft Withdrawal Agreement as it goes through Parliament? Like opening Pandora’s box, he says. And beyond the ECJ’s jurisdictional boundaries, he claims.

      We respectfully plead the court should not open this box”

    68. FT misreporting that the ECJ has ruled against pro-brexit challenge by stating that the EU would need a unanimous decision from all members before allowing Article 50 to be revoked.

      As far as I can see, that was only one part of their argument against revocation and they will issue their ruling at a future date.

      If this is so then naughty Financial Times!!!

      Lord Kerr still maintains that is should be possible to unilaterally revoke and he wrote Article 50.

    69. Breeks says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      27 November, 2018 at 10:59 am
      Breeks @ 10:08,

      I feel your pain, and to a large extent share it…

      I hear what you’re saying Robert, but what the EU got right which I fear we got wrong was the dispassionate objectivity towards their Constitution which was beyond the influence of shifting opinion. Even supposing opinions within Europe were critical of the EU’s position, the EU would be bound by Constitution first, and public opinion… never.

      They have a rule book, and abide by what it says. Simple really.

      Here in Scotland we are making a right Horlicks with our Constitutional absolutes, understanding and awareness of it seems rare, even amongst people who truly aught to know better, and we seem to be winning no purchase with it whatsoever.

      We have a rule book too, our Scottish Constitution, but we’ve never really read it much these past 300 years.

      I would accept that EU’s stoic resolve to stand by its Constitution was an easy ticket for them politically, and by comparison, had Scotland opted for a similar strategy the political consequences would have been a lot more heated to put it mildly. Yet in both cases, once the storm passed, the established Constitutional absolutes would have prevailed, even in the teeth of acrimonious resistance, because that’s what law does. Indeed, that’s why law exists.

      I fervently believe a huge amount, 99% of our ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding Scottish Politics, especially Constitutional politics would evaporate overnight if our people and their elected political officials were all on the same hymn sheet and properly understood the Constitutional framework of our Country, and the hierarchy of sovereign authority.

      The Union ONLY survives because it’s Constitutional legitimacy is shrouded in mist… except it isn’t mist at all, it’s a deliberate and orchestrated smokescreen.

      I feel like banging my head against a wall when people cite democracy as a precondition of Sovereignty. It is understandable, but WRONG. China isn’t a democracy, but it has recognised sovereignty. Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are Absolute Monarchies, but their sovereign jusidiction is not questioned. Even our own “democracy” is arguably less than 100 years old, yet the UK managed to be “sovereign” without it for centuries.

      Now yes, Sovereignty in non democratic countries could be disputed by a organised popular democratic revolt, or military coup, or annexation by another sovereignty, but sovereignty in those circumstances is bound by its legitimacy, not always democracy. Indeed, “protecting democracy” is often the cover story for Western colonialism and regime change.

      Scotland’s Sovereignty IS legitimate, but we the people are fractured, divided and conflicted about standing up for it. I respectfully suggest that is our greatest collective failing in pursuit of our Nation’s Independence. We are the original Brexiteers. We might all want Independence (or Union), but we have 5 million frequently conflicting opinions about what it actually means.

      Scotland’s Sovereignty is legitimate, but you could also make a credible case that Scotland’s democracy is anything but healthy, riven with Dark Monied influence, Electoral sophistry and saturated with monopolised propaganda.

      We have let confusion and uncertainty guide our strategy, and what a muddle we are bogged down in. With Brexit, EU faced the same confusion and uncertainty, but avoided the muddle by sticking to its rule book.

      Whether you’re comfortable about it or not, the parallels are stark. Scotland needs to take a leaf out of Michel Barnier’s book, strip the problem down to its Constitutional essentials and be crystal clear and unconflicted about our rights.

    70. call me dave says:

      Has the A50 court challenge been given a new set of clothes by radio shortbread (no mention of WM UK legal eagles involved) just the EU court and a green MSP (with some others not named)

      Maybe just the news where we are? 🙂

      Lord Kerr this morning said that A50 can be reversed.

    71. Terence callachan says:

      To nana 8.28 today…your post about ARMY helicopter activity over the central belt in case of civil unrest.
      I actually had a low flying helicopter fly over my house one direction then it came back a couple of minutes later and went in another direction it was after midnight Saturday and too misty to see the identification of it but I did send an email to the aviation authority and to Dundee airport authority because it was very low, both replied to me saying that had no knowledge of flying in my area at that time so there you go it was probably H.M.Forces practicing manoeuvres ,what an utter disgrace they are,they think they can do whatever they want wherever they want whenever they want I will be happy to see us rid of this Britishness this British government including its downright intimidation practices by H.M.Forces.

    72. Dr Jim says:

      Interesting thing about water in England, because of its lack of purity and it being very hard water it requires a great deal of purification and the chemical purification additives aren’t made in England but in the EU where of course many countries there suffer from poor water quality, so in fact Brexit being highly damaging to the whole of the UK could well be a bonus for Scotlands water producers because Englands drinking water really doesn’t exist in general terms, well certainly in the south of England where the water is pretty terrible, but of course thats exactly where everybody drinks the bottled stuff anyway and if it doesn’t come in from the EU quickly enough those folk will be drinking all Scottish and I’ll bet all the Scottish water bottling producers have already thought of that eh

      Start the van boys we’re delivering

    73. Cubby says:

      The Brass neck of Tory MP’s is truly astonishing.

      Yesterday a Tory MP claimed that he has been ploughing a lone furrow in the HofCommons in promoting a single market and custom union Brexit. He claims it has been quite lonely until recently. The SNP have of course been promoting this since the Brexit referendum and produced a paper on it. The Tory claims ownership of this option. BRASS NECK!!!!!!

      Tory MP Tugendhat, chair of Foreign Affairs Committee today in HoC claims the Russian pariah state is brutal as it strips pensioners of its assets. Yes all these brutal states that don’t honour their pension obligations. WASPI. BRASS NECK!!!!!!!!!

    74. Daisy Walker says:

      O/T From Kirsty Hughes twitter

      NIESR report to launch later, main findings by 2030:
      UK GDP wd fall by 3.9% – or £100bn annually.
      Average cost per person a year of £1,090
      UK- EU trade wd fall by 46%.
      FDI wd fall by 21%
      Fall in tax revenue = £18-23bn less to spend on public services

      So to put this in context.. the 2007 Bankers crash – cut GPD by 2% and the ensuing cuts have brought many of our public services to their knees.

      A 3.9% cut on top of that will totally destroy them. SNHS, Police, Fire and Rescue, Social Work, Schools, colleges, Universities, going, going, gone.

      10% of 18 – 23 £ Billion – i.e. Scotland’s cut would be £1800, 000 000 – £2300, 000 00

      To put that in some kind of perspective, currently Police Scotland have to find – what was it now – about £15, 000 000 savings / cuts, and its already on its uppers.

      By all means lets be positive about what an Indy Scot can do, but if we don’t get our public – all of them – to realise what is at stake re Brexit, we fail them big time.

      And if, if, immigration is the sticking point for them, kindly point out to them, that the very first place Terrible May went, to beg for a trade deal, was India, where she was politely told in no uncertain terms, freedom of movement for their people was a must. With no Health and safety or workers rights to protect any of us, and mega cheap labour. A Tory/brexiteers wet dream.

      Tory policy now looks like they anticipate ‘losing’ the HoC vote first time – but if by under 100 votes, they will consider it a victory and go for a win on the second vote – all of which burns the clock down. Which is entirely what they are trying to do.

      Any deal which leaves the UK under ECJ jurisdiction is no use to the Brexiteers -as it means they do not escape the Tax Haven legislation. This legislation kicks in 1/1/19 and is implemented in stages in the next 2 years. If they are in, even within a transition period, then they have to pay.

      No deal is the target, unless they can arrange a backroom deal on the tax havens.

      Kind regards to all.

    75. Breeks says:

      Silly question, but the wigs I see in the ECJ, I take it they are UK lawyers and the ECJ doesn’t wear wigs as a rule?

      Must give the ECJ a bit of a giggle.

    76. Petra says:

      The ECJ case must be sticking in the BBC’s craw. Now reporting that the case was taken forward by British politicians.

    77. Lenny Hartley says:

      Nana 08:28 re choppers my person in the know advises.

      3 Apaches (normally based at Wattisham) and 3 Wildcats been exercising on Otterburn Range in Northumbria and the Welsh low level areas, with a couple of French Gazelles. They’ve been using Leuchars as a FOL, hence a few sightings over Edinburgh way in transit. Exercise has had weekend and night flying components…..due to end this week.

    78. McDuff says:

      Daisey Walker.
      Sobering statistics Daisey.
      This kind of information desperately needs to be got out to the wider public to make them realise that the choice is independence or the toilet.

    79. Thepnr says:


      Two and a half minute video of today’s case, inside the courtroom starts about 1:30 in and some lawyers with wigs others without. No judges wear wigs so I guess you’re right and it’s all UK wigs.

      European Court of Justice hearing in the case C-621/18 Whightman and others (Law governing the institutions):

    80. call me dave says:

      Jings! Big Auntie darn Sarf says 6 ‘British’ politicians in ECJ today regarding Brexit ……That’s all they wrote. 🙁

      Maybe toodle-oo-the-noo will be more forthcoming on shortbread.

      Oh wait!
      Those politicians are Scottish says shortbread verdict at a later date.

      Having tuned into the news darn Sarf today I am astonished at the number of health reports about failed treatment for cancer and mental health figures and more. Not good for the citizens but why no politician on to answer Q’s. Only in Scotland every day!

    81. galamcennalath says:

      Daisy Walker says:

      by 2030:
      UK GDP wd fall by 3.9%

      Thing is, we don’t have a clue what the final trade deal will be. That figuremust be based on a future regime which continues the customs union if the backstop into a deal? Just guessing.

      However, who knows what will eventually be arrived at as a deal! If could be as basic as Canada, then things would be worse.

      There is not enough emphasis that May’s WA and trade framework are just temporary. This is a Blind Brexit which is being proposed. No one knows where it will lead.

    82. Proud Cybernat says:


      Some saying yesterday that WH Smiths weren’t stocking The National. Well I went into Central Station here in Glasgow this morning and they stock it there, as they have always done. Seems then to be managers of local WH Smiths outlets making unilateral decision not to stock.

    83. Proud Cybernat says:

      “This is a Blind Brexit which is being proposed. No one knows where it will lead.”

    84. Daisy Walker says:

      @ galamcennalath says:
      27 November, 2018 at 1:41 pm
      Daisy Walker says:

      by 2030:
      UK GDP wd fall by 3.9%

      Thing is, we don’t have a clue what the final trade deal will be.’

      Agreed, we don’t know what the final trade deal will be, however, NONE of the impact assessment published from Westminster (eventually) from the Scottish Gov, or from the EU show a positive outcome.

      WM’s Impact report figures are a CUT to GPD

      Soft Brexit -2%
      Hard Brexit -8% (increasing in some areas more than others).

      Call me old fashioned but I rather think the Governments of the day are supposed to try and increase the GDP/economy, not shrink it.

      The previous information is yet another report confirming Cuts, not growth. And that shear weight of volume is worth broadcasting to people.

      We might not know the exact shape and weight, colour and smell, but we know its shit, all the way shit.

      Is it Blind Brexit – yes it is, and why not, keeping people in the dark and feeding them bullshit, is tried and tested Britnat policy.

      Incidentally an 8% cut to GPD equates to an estimated 2.7 million job losses (WM figures again). Back to Thatcher days, only this time, without the public service jobs, without a welfare state to speak of, without a Health Service, and quite probably without a currency that’s worth a damn.

      It’s Brexshit and Bad, or it’s Indy, and it really is now or never.

    85. Dr Jim says:

      Scotlands FM making a speech from Bute house right now, are we seeing it? NO

    86. Dr Jim says:

      Sky news shows around half a minute of Scotlands FM then cuts away and says time to look at the leaders debates

      Because as we all know Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a leader and isn’t important to England as Scotland the country isn’t important either

      In 2014 Nicola Sturgeon was *Britains most dangerous woman* remember that, since then the plan has been keep that woman off Englands TV screens and don’t mention the word Scotland

    87. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Agreed, we don’t know what the final trade deal will be…”

      And that is the argument the BritNatz will use against us in IR2.

      “…however, NONE of the impact assessment published from Westminster (eventually) from the Scottish Gov, or from the EU show a positive outcome.”

      And that is our response.

    88. Dr Jim says:

      I do know all about an English Baroness that nobody ever heard of who died in her 90s though

    89. Brian Powell says:

      Meg merrilees

      That would put the FT in contempt of court.

    90. Proud Cybernat says:

      “In 2014 Nicola Sturgeon was *Britains most dangerous woman* remember that, since then the plan has been keep that woman off Englands TV screens and don’t mention the word Scotland”

      All in a bid to increase frustration among Indy supporters in the *hope* that one of them will do something stupid out of sheer frustration.

      Well, WE won’t. (I wouldn’t discount the black ops outfit false-flagging though).

      Hold, hold, hold…

      We’re closer than we think.

    91. Thepnr says:

      We were informed yeterday that the date for the “meaningful vote” will be 11th Dec and will come after five days of debate.

      If the deal fails to get through then the government must come back to parliament within 21 days and give a statement on what it intends to do. That 21 days takes them up to 1st January though parliament goes into recess on the 20th December.

      It looks like the government will only have 9 days then to give this statement unless they delay recess or have a recall of parliament sometime before 1st January.

      I’d plump for the statement being given before the 20th Dec and after the last EU Council meeting of the year on 13/14th Dec. I’ve no idea if another vote on the deal would be taken then, but presuming it is I guess we will all know May’s fate and whether there is still a possibility of a general election or 2nd EU referendum before Christmas.

    92. Meindevon says:

      You beat me to it Dr Jim. I saw that brief clip of the FM and have been trying to find the speech somewhere. Thought bbc radio Scotland must surely have it! But no. Silly me.

      It could be something really important and no one will know.

      Can anyone find it online?

    93. Robert Louis says:

      Anybody got the FM’s speech? Anybody? Not even on the SNP website, FFS. Total media blackout, aside from little snippets at irregular intervals.

      Scotland really doesn’t matter to these b****ds in England. We really should declare UDI and I hardly think they will even notice.

      Meanwhile we have wall to wall coverage of some old dear (who nobody has ever heard of) who has died.

      Propaganda BBC style.

    94. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Bute house live on RT:-

    95. HandandShrimp says:

      I think there is a reasonable chance that the ECJ will rule that the UK can submit an A50 withdrawal subject to approval by the 27 and a return to the status quo with no change to previous terms of membership.

    96. Dr Jim says:

      James Mathews of Sky news thinks it’s all very funny

    97. Meindevon says:

      Thanks PC and BD. Caught the questions and answers.

      No great announcement yet it seems.

    98. Thepnr says:

      If the thought of this by Robert Peston doesn’t frighten enough timid No voters in Scotland that are not Tory voters into supporting Independence then nothing ever will.

      We’ve all been focussing on the crisis that would ensue if – as expected – the PM loses the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal ?on 11 December?. But just for a moment think about the implications if she wins, because they too would be momentous.

      To state the obvious, we’d be out of the EU on terms that are semi-blind – we wouldn’t know our long-term destination. But we would be out. And she, the PM, would rein supreme. She would have crushed her opponents, who would have lost all hope of political advancement or favour. And having delivered Brexit against the odds, she could be pretty confident in staying PM for as long as she wanted, perhaps well beyond the next election – and the election itself would be off the cards till 2022.

    99. geeo says:

      Nicola was brilliant.

      This calm, confident, informative and engaging performance by an assured political leader on top of her remit, is exactly why it is not live on the mainstream media propoganda channels.

    100. call me dave says:

      @Thanks PC and BD.


      Excellent work. Thank goodness for RT. 🙂

    101. galamcennalath says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      Yup. The only tunnel with clear light at the end of it. Indy.

    102. geeo says:

      @proud cybernat re: the national.

      Asda in Stenhousemuir paper stand has a large sign saying NATIONAL available HERE.

      Not noticed it before.

    103. Thepnr says:


      I think there is a reasonable chance that the ECJ will rule that the UK can submit an A50 withdrawal subject to approval by the 27 and a return to the status quo with no change to previous terms of membership.

      Definitely, that is something that would appear reasonable to all parties I would think. There’s also a reasonable chance that the ECJ will rule that the UK parliament can withdraw unilaterally from the Article 50 process since there’s nothing in Article 50 that says they couldn’t(yet).

    104. Luigi says:

      Robert Louis says:

      27 November, 2018 at 2:37 pm

      Scotland really doesn’t matter to these b****ds in England. We really should declare UDI and I hardly think they will even notice.

      Meanwhile we have wall to wall coverage of some old dear (who nobody has ever heard of) who has died.

      Propaganda BBC style.

      Oh Scotland matters to the BBC alright – it’s just that they don’t know how to cover it in a way that avoids making Scotland look good (or better still the SNP bad).

      This is not Scotland and its elected government being “accidentally” overlooked. BBC “pretending” to be stupid again! No, this is deliberate – propaganda by omission.

    105. Jack Murphy says:

      Thanks Brian Doonthetoon, who said at 2:45 pm:
      ” Bute house live on RT:-

      First Minister begins followed by Mike Russell MSP the Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations at 9:30 minutes in.

      Qs & As follow.

    106. HandandShrimp says:


      Agreed. If they were to rule that A50 must stand that would put a tin lid on a second vote and as the current deal looks like it is on a shoogly peg that would put no deal to the fore. No deal leaves the future wide open for Scotland. An opportunity we must grasp or go down with HMS Britannia.

    107. Breeks says:

      I’ve got a question for Nicola… If an open Border serves as a backstop of Northern Ireland, then why isn’t Scotland presenting our Constitutional Sovereignty as Scotland’s own backstop that has to be respected in every permutation or circumstance?

    108. Robert Louis says:

      So managed to get all the speech and questions via (are you listening, liars at the propagandist state controlled BBC) RUSSIA TODAY.

      Whilst I often complain that we need to call indyref sooner, I must say, Nicola Sturgeon really is a class act. Their is simply not one politician in the UK who can command a Q&A so well, with clear confident positions on brexit and its outcome.

      If it wasn’t for the fact that we need her up here in Scotland to re-assert Scotland’s independence, free from undemocratic English colonial rule, I’d suggest she would likely be the very best candidate to be Prime Minister. Seriously, her handling of questions after her speech was a true masterclass for any would-be political leader. Totally in command of her brief, and relaxed, as well.

      Compare and contrast that with the nonsense May Vs Corbyn debate they will have in England, with two ‘leader’s’ who really haven’t much of a clue and provide robotic repetitive non answers.

    109. Baldeagle58 says:

      desimond says:

      27 November, 2018 at 2:55 pm

      @Robert Louis
      Isnt it on :

      Well, maybe it WAS on, but I followed the link to the BBC website and there is no video running, just a black screen.
      So even if, as Geeo says ‘Nicola was brilliant’, it looks like the British State Broadcaster isn’t going to show it any longer.

    110. manandboy says:

      Westminster, and the rest of the British Establishment, think of Scotland in a manner akin to what Norway thinks of Anglesey.
      That’ll test a few.

    111. Dr Jim says:

      Ireland’s got a good Friday agreement, I know Glasgow folk who’ll give Westminster a good Friday night agreement

    112. Petra says:

      Thanks for the links Nana especially Joanna Cherry rubbing Big T’s nose in it …. ”Before I left I asked @theresa_may to share my pride that Scottish parliamentarians & the Scottish courts will ensure parliament has a clear alternative to her flawed #Brexit deal.”


      @ call me dave says at 1:39 pm …. ”Jings! Big Auntie darn Sarf says 6 ‘British’ politicians in ECJ today regarding Brexit ……That’s all they wrote. ? Maybe toodle-oo-the-noo will be more forthcoming on shortbread. Oh wait! Those politicians are Scottish says shortbread verdict at a later date.”

      Wasn’t that a turnup for the books, Call me dave? Reporting Scotland giving the ECJ a mention? However we can see that they still want to keep their English viewers in the dark with BBC stating that the politicians are British. Wouldn’t want to burst the ”Scots are too stupid” myth south of the border, now would they?

    113. schrodingers cat says:

      Still think no deal is most likely, nicola avoided speculation but if treeza is defeated the she will be challenged by her own party

      i can see no outcome in this other than a new no deal supporting tory pm.

      at which point, calling a ge will remove any opportunity for a vote in the hoc to reject no deal

      indeed, if an ammendment is table to give the hoc an opportunity to vote and reject no deal, the challenge will come immediatly to treeza, effectively suspending the debate until the challenge is over.

      the far right is mobilising around no deal while the moderate tories are looking to reject treezas deal,

      the trap is set

    114. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Isn’t it peculiar(not) that the British state broadcaster has a ‘technical’ problem with black screens for Nicola’s speech but I can watch flawlessly on Russia’s state broadcaster!

    115. schrodingers cat says:

      Robert Louis

      totally agree with your views re nicola.

      thing is, the ssnp position has always been based on a rational, logical and common sense approach. as such it is easy to answer questions

      the unionists arguments are based on ignorance, wishful thinking and soundbites, that is why their answers are incoherent, mumbling and a refusal to answer actual questions in an effort to make their snpbad soundbite.

      nicola comes across well because her position is one of honesty which cant be faked

    116. Thepnr says:

      @Robert Louis

      I totally agree that Nicola Sturgeon stands head and shoulders above all other UK political party leaders. She’s the only leader that ever gives a straight answer no matter how difficult the question might be.

      She’s the only leader that actually appears to know and understand the substance of the questions and the answers in response themselves are always clearly given. There is no ambiguity with her answer to a question.

      We could not have a better leader in charge at this crucial time with Scotlnad this close to getting her Independence back. Who could replace her?

      She won’t win Independence by herself though and that’s where we come in, she needs our support and all the help we can give when the time comes. In fact that time is already here and we should be doing the best we can now that will help Scotland end this unequal Union.

      No one need get on her back, put her on our shoulders instead and let others see just how competent and what a great leader of an Independent Scotland she would be.

      No other politician in Scotland or the UK even comes close.

    117. call me dave says:

      Too many points scored in that FM interview against the WM Brexit fiasco so it will be left to big Auntie darn Sarf and Shortbread North of the wall to fudge and put their spin on what was said.

      Toodle-oo-the-noo and others will move the viewers and listeners along with “nothing to see here”…kinda thing.

      Good old Auntie…she knows best. FGS! 🙂

    118. Cubby says:

      Brexit no thanks – Independence yes please.

    119. Petra says:

      @ Daisy Walker says at 1:14 pm …. ”From Kirsty Hughes twitter – NIESR report to launch later, main findings by 2030/”….

      Thanks for passing on that data, Daisy. Then again maybe thanks isn’t the appropriate word!

      Don’t worry Daisy. All of this is going to get out there one way or another, not least of all via Stu’s wee ‘coloured’ book.

      We’ve also got a number of associations, such as SIC and SIF, preparing to get up to date data rolled out across Scotland. SIF is doing a great job such as through financially supporting the BfS Ambassador project and Lesley Riddoch / Phantom Powers ‘small country’ videos.

      SIC have just taken on Tangent Graphic the designers behind the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Both groups are of course reliant on crowdfunding.

      And not forgetting the thousands of people who are doing amazing work, on behalf of the Independence cause, day in and day out.

      Not long to go now folks. ”All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self-evident.”


      ‘People Make Yes in bold new Scottish independence campaign.’


      ‘Designer behind new campaign will help YOU deliver independence.’

    120. Petra says:

      Get involved folks. Complete the SIC Survey:


      Donate if you can:

    121. galamcennalath says:

      The msm questions to Nicola after the presentation. Sounded like they came from a bunch of thickos who haven’t been paying attention!

      The main thing I took from Nicola is that she is discounting May’s ‘deal’ passing and so is waiting for clarity between three options ….

      – the HoC gets behind single market and customs union
      – the HoC gets behind an EURef2 with a Remain option
      – anything else

      First two IndyRef2 is on hold.

      Third and IndyRef2 is on, in some form or another which might include ‘accommodating’ a GE.

    122. orri says:

      “The Bank of England has released a list of scientists who have been nominated to feature on the new £50 note.
      …and Margaret Thatcher, who was a scientist before becoming prime minister. ”

      Of all the tipping points towards independence the last straw may very well be so we can have out own currency without her mug on it.

    123. Petra says:

      @ Dr Jim says at 2:17 pm …. ”I do know all about an English Baroness that nobody ever heard of who died in her 90s though.”

      That’s the one who was stuck to a seat in the Lords until last year when she was aged 95, snoring her head off in between lifting £300 a day plus expenses. Oh and she liked her grub, a wee dram and a fag. All subsidized by the Scottish benefit scroungers.


      ‘RUDE PEER: Baroness Trumpington gives Lord King the V-sign.’

    124. Referendum1707 says:

      Dorothy Devine 6.37

      “I nearly choked when I opened them as the cases they were nestled in were festooned with the union ‘fleg’. Why?? Why Morrisons??”

      Morrisons is owned and run by britnat fanatics, no self respecting Scottish person should if at all possible ever spend any money in them or even set foot in them.

    125. Cubby says:

      Scotland Tonight on STV Monday

      Three Britnats and Lesley Riddoch on the show. Usual Britnat idea of balance on political discussions.

      Andrew Bowie Scot Tory MP can say he supports the Brexit deal but the number of blatant lies he stated was just staggering. Britnats lie and they lie all the time. Bowie given a lot of time to spout his lies. Reminds me of Hutcheon/Leask.

      Britnat at the very end of discussion says well getting out the EU is a shambles but breaking up the UK will be even harder. Riddoch given no opportunity to reply.

      Scotland Tonight just another Britnat propaganda show.

    126. Petra says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s speech thanks to Russian Television. Note NOT the BBC.

      ‘Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gives speech.’

      Is the first part missing?

    127. galamcennalath says:

      Telegraph quoting Nicola as saying bad deal would leave Scotland poorer.

      Jeez, these far right types. They will just not admit that every, any, and all Brexits will have a negative effect.

      There is no Brexit which could possibly improve things. Ok, some mega rich may have the opportunity to get even richer. However, the idea that any Brexit will not be worse than EU membership is something they still can’t bring themselves to admit openly.

      Brexit is for the rich and was sold to the gullible poor using xenophobia and English nationalism.

    128. wull says:

      Totally agree with those above commending Nicola S’s statement and interview today on RT as a class act. Plain common sense, indeed, and standing head and shoulders above all the other politicians on this Brexit issue. Coherent, confident and honest. Well done NS – and I say that as one who has not always agreed with her on certain issues or on some points of strategy. It was a top-class performance.

      She was so good there, it shows exactly why she has no chance of getting any proper exposure on the BBC, or on any other MSM outlets. They will do everything they can to keep such a clearly competent person off the airwaves for ever and a day, if they possibly can. The reason is simple. Despite all the evidence to the contrary (as provided by the kinds of poluticians – sorry, politicians – who are incessantly allowed to pollute our airwaves) there are still plenty of sane, sensible and intelligent people around. If they got to listen to NS, she would soon have the admiration and support of all of them. Even those not naturally inclined to support Scottish independence – and not only in Scotland, but throughout the UK.

      In a madhouse, those who are genuinely sane and sensible are indeed the most dangerous of all. Dangerous, that is, to those who control the levers of power within that house, whose only wish is to keep the inmates as mad as they possibly can. So that they can keep depriving them of their innate common sense, and continue to keep swindling them out of everything that is rightfully theirs. Including access to the truth.

      When will the day come when Toodle-oo-the-noo finally, and at long last, toodles-off-for-aye? And all his ilk … No retribution required or desired: just let them ride off into the sunset and disappear down their own tube.

      Why should anyone in Scotland have to go to RT to hear our own FM speak> Especially when she speaks so truthfully, and so well? Why is that not min news on every outlet?

      The assault on truth is an insult to humanity, and a harbinger of the Fascist-style boot that is about to come down very hard, oppressing all and sundry who seem to oppose it. Suppressing anyone at all who dares to speak sense.

      What needs to be done to get what Nicola Sturgeon said there (all 50 minutes of it) out to everyone everywhere? Without further delay – and not just throughout Scotland, but also throughout the whole of the UK. Those down south also need to hear it – not just us. She wasn’t lying when she said she cared about them too. She does. And – though they will be astonished to discover it, since she is a politician – she quite simply does NOT lie. Top class …

    129. William Wallace says:

      OT: Apparently Grouse Beater has been expelled from the SNP.

    130. Dorothy Devine says:

      Petra , thank you for that , excellent speech . But who are the morons below the line on youtube? Their lack of intellect well and truly shows, I just wish I hadn’t seen them!

      BrianDoonTheToon, hello to you! The baby pigeon being a ‘squab’ rings a bell with me – being an east coaster I would have thought I might have heard them describes as ‘scuts’ but I haven’t.

      Referendum1707 , this self respecting Scot does try to avoid ALL the major supermarkets but sometimes needs must when the clock drives.

    131. galamcennalath says:

      Tories and accusations of grievance from WoS Twitter.

      People enter politics for two reasons.

      1) To right wrongs and make things better. People have grievances, and you see your job as being to eradicate those. Call that grievance politics if you want.

      2) Self promotion or representing the interests of a narrow group. You don’t give a rat’s arse for the grievances which plague people’s lives.

    132. yesindyref2 says:

      Re Morrisons, don’t go writing them off just because of the UJ. They used to use and now own an abattoir in Turriff (and Lancashire and Lincolnshire).

      It’s been one of the reasons Morrisons do the best supermarket meat – it’s done in Scotland. A Scottish success.

    133. call me dave says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      Aye guilty as charged too, last week in Kirkcaldy John Smith business Centre.

      One job to buy a lettuce which I had forgotten to get earlier ….Big Union Jack on the plastic bag… bit the bullet and smuggled it oot quick… dinnae taste right later. 🙁 🙁

      But needs must when the devil drives. 🙂

      Radio shortbread misreporting the FM speech by concentrating on FM ‘delaying’ the Indy Ref2 until a later date…I thought it was about the bad Brexit deal.

      What was that film…’Lost in translation’.

    134. The USA is not happy with Theresa and her Brexit deal,

      “But, right now, as the deal stands she may not, they may not, be able to trade with the U.S.,” Trump noted.

    135. yesindyref2 says:

      The FM did say she didn’t want to drag the press in for a press conference on Christmas Eve to announce Indy Ref 2 with the uncertain timetable of Tory deal failure. Which, of course, implies that that is an option.

    136. galamcennalath says:

      yesindyref2 says:

      conference on Christmas Eve to announce Indy Ref 2

      Noticed that.

      But, wow! That would be the best Christmas present EVER! 🙂

    137. Legerwood says:

      Absolutely furious.

      News at 6 – Arlene Foster speaks on camera.

      Next, Sarah Smith reports on Ms Sturgeon and Brexit without mentioning FM had made a major speech today!!! WTF – on steroids.

    138. yesindyref2 says:

      It certainly would &#128521 &#128522 &#128579 &#128514 &#129315 &#128525 &#128527

    139. yesindyref2 says:

      It certainly would 😉 😊 🙃 😂 🤣 😍 😏

    140. frogesque says:

      @ William Wallace:5.22

      Not sure if Grousy had been expelled. I think he did say a couple of weeks or so back that his membership was due for re-newal and he was considering it.

      Bad news if he had been expelled but hopefully he will feel able to speak more freely to the wider YES movement outside the SNP.

    141. galamcennalath says:

      Legerwood says:

      without mentioning FM had made a major speech today

      The SNP need to adopt a carrot and stick approach.

      Let it be known that if a correspondent asks a question, but then the event isn’t reported properly, then next time they will be ignored, or made yo wait till last.

      There will be plenty of correspondents so focus on whose outlet doesn’t show bias by omission and presents balanced reports.

    142. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, quote from Grousebeater: “The SNP are like any other organisation, keen to ensure their reputation is free of dirt. But I’d rather they didn’t soil mine in the rush to be first to reach the hand dryer.

      First of all, I’m totally on grousebeater’s side, solidarity and all that, could be any of us, blah blah, he’s one of us, ciffer like me.


      The SNP are right to do this, clear the decks for what is coming. From the Party point of view it won’t go down well with a lot, but perhaps what we’re seeing is the SNP NOT putting party first.

    143. Thepnr says:

      @call me dave

      Radio shortbread misreporting the FM speech by concentrating on FM ‘delaying’ the Indy Ref2 until a later date…I thought it was about the bad Brexit deal.

      That’s exactly what they have done for the last two years. It doesn’t matter what the speech may have been about al that matters is implying that Nicola Sturgeon is hesitating and “delaying” Indyref2 when of course she is doing nothing of the sort.

      The thing is that even many Independence supporters knowing no better will believe that propaganda and they too will start to believe that Nicola Sturgeon is “delaying” Indyref2 and they will doubt her commitment.

      Unless you really do keep up to date and watch the likes of these speeches then it is not difficult to see how people will be taken in by their mendacious reporting.

      You must always be on your guard for this as it really is relentless, never believe a word and if possible try to find the original source. Do not be duped EVER, they will use Yes supporter against Yes supporter as best they can.

      That after all is the whole purpose of propaganda, the spreading of lies in an attempt to reduce support for the leaders of your attack. Disharmony for them is music to their ears.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, there’ll be some naive people thinking she’s delaying it for 622 years.

    145. Dr Jim says:

      All the Scottish *journalists* when ye gonnae call it, when ye gonnae call it, instead of asking the question, how is Scotland to deal with it so we can report that

      But no it’s always when when when followed by Theresa May *says* and Sturgeon *claims* notice the difference there, *says* indicates authority *claims* indicates a moaner

      The opposition will always say Nicola Sturgeon has been engineering this the whole time and that her pact with the devil is written in blood and tucked away in her kitchen drawer and they know it’s in there along with incantations she makes to the prince of darkness that insiders have told them about

      What the FM has done today has given the media a chance to put the question to Theresa May so she can refuse the section 30 order, let’s see if she’s stupid enough to fall for it because the media are going to keep annoying her with that question now to get the response they want instead of asking the same Brexit question now

      In any case it’s 100% certain that now is the time so whit ye gonnae dae Treeza c’mon square go nae hauners

    146. yesindyref2 says:

      Sturgeon comes across as very honest actually, and replies to the actual question, rather than coming out with Mayflies. No, there is no delay, it’s all coming to the boiling point.

      Why is that kettle whsitling at me, isn’t that kind of sexist?

    147. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dr Jim
      I suspect 100% of journalists are desperate for Indy Ref 2 🙂

    148. Dr Jim says:

      It definitely is on, all the haters are filling up the interweb already along with the well known tried and mistrusted haters we’ve all come to know and despise

      A smorgasbord of bitter on twitter

    149. Macart says:

      Just watched the FM’s speech and the Q&A session.

      Clever lady. 🙂

      Over to you Treeza. Have your wee whistlestop tour (the one where she gets to ignore you). Have your telly chinwag with fellow Bexiteer oooohhhhhh Jeremy Corbyn and have your vote in commons.

      When the dust settles though…

      Tick tock.

    150. Effijy says:

      Congratulations to Westminster’s BBC Suppressing Scotland.

      Their propaganda would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

      They wedged in Comedy from the actors who dress in period costumes to show what life was like in Charlotte Square. FFS

      A major announcement by Scotland’s duly elected First Minister
      and they try to swamp it with 2 Bob actors getting as much air time as Nicola?

      There was a lovely extensive piece on an old lady who was given a Doctorate for her war time services as an Electrician.

      I’m so happy for her but she get more air time that the First Minister?

      Last work of course to Westminster’s slave Masters the Tory Back Door MSPs.
      Even though Nicola has continually fought for a Scottish Voice in Brexit Negotiations, who has always fought to uphold Scotland’s Vote to Remain in Europe, who is advocating working together for a better deal, Jackass Carlaw is not challenged when saying all her actions are to create trouble and start Indy Ref 2.

      Rev, some time ago you entered Propaganda Quay to listen to the EBC promise that they are not biased, well they are F***ing Conniving Bastards who disrespect Scotland at every opportunity, who lie and manipulate, cover up and distort the truth in keeping Scotland as a 2nd Class Colony who knows its place.

      Next on to how bad the Scottish NHS is with no mention how its the best performing Service in the UK, or how Westminster has cut £2 Billion from our budget or how they scared off European applicants who could have filled in vacant NHS jobs.

      No Propaganda doesn’t allow for factors beyond SNP Baaaaad.

      ITV are no better as its UK Rich Tory Media Tycoon maintain their hands in Scotland’s pockets.

      We have got to rid our nation of this scum and give our children control of their own destiny.

    151. Collie says:

      As I said earlier,,,I was speaking to Nicola last night in Glasgow and a more dedicated politician you will not meet.

    152. Hamish100 says:

      Agree totally.

      Surely some “journalist” in the BBC is embaressed by Reporting Scotland’s coverage of the FM speech. Actors dressed up putting their ears to glasses to hear what is going on at Bute House!!

      Really BBC it is tragic that you should demean yourselves with this sort of coverage.

    153. Hamish100 says:

      Any truth May is going to visit Scotland on a trawler on the North Sea with a Force 10 storm outside? No? Pity I would watch that.

    154. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I learned lang syne, when on the tools as a full-time football writer, the “star” Scottish football writers (Lap Top Loyal and the Celtic Minded) always have a wee pre-press conference meeting, at which they decide the questions they will ask, and who will ask them.

      They go in with a pre-determined agenda, that is what I am sure happened with today’s FM press conference. The first lot of questions, from Tooraloothenoo, Colin Mackay and so forth, were all about Indyref2 – that’s where they think they can harm the FM.

      With that picture of Burns behind her, Nicola was truly addressing sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation.

    155. call me dave says:

      STV news ..What are they like eh?

      A litany of SG and SNP bad in three of the first four stories.

      It’s a tough watch the news in Scotland if your an ordinary unsuspecting viewer with no real grasp of what’s going down in politics. 🙂 How scary was that tonight. FGS! 🙂

      Theresa to visit Glasgow this week where there’s a corner of a foreign field that is forever England.

      Where could that Glasgow location be?

      Having a look at some of the old Bilko tv series on you-tube to chill out. Very funny and in its day pretty slick stuff.

      I knew an older guy nicknamed ‘Bilko’ when I was an apprentice who used to leave me to do the underground cable jointing while he vanished in the landrover with the mate and came back at lunchtime with the van full of copper / leadsheathed cable.

      Turned out he was ripping miles of the cables and stuff up from the old airfield at Donibristle (near Dalgety now a days)

      There was a handy scrappy just on the way up into Kelty. Jings!

      I was still going to Sunday school taking the kids bible class tae.

      🙁 blush.

      Enough politics news for today I’m sickened and angry and I’ve only one vote for Scotland.

    156. galamcennalath says:

      call me dave says:

      I’m sickened and angry and I’ve only one vote for Scotland.

      Ah, but you have the power to influence others to vote the way you do!

      When IndyRef2 is announced I intend to work my arse off. My mission is to influence and convert, subtly and courteously.

    157. jfngw says:

      It would seem apt that the face on the £50 note is Thatcher, after all I believe it is the favoured note denomination of the criminal fraternity. Possibly they could put Jimmy Saville on the reverse side, I always thought of them as a team.

    158. Thepnr says:

      The propaganda from the BBC or STV or the papers is no longer covert when it comes to Independence. It is blatant and that is because they are beyond caring what we think.

      We have been highlighting it long enough but it hasn’t really taken hold yet with the No voter, so they have upped the ante and are going full gung-ho in the belief that more is better.

      That’s maybe a mistake as it only takes one lie to resonate with an individual and then they will be looking for the next lie. Once they know they are being lied to then the propaganda is no longer effective and that is why support for Independence has held steady at 45% or above. We do not trust them and with reason.

      The lies are supposed to weaken your support, they will attack the leaders and the cause itself.

      SNP Baaadd! Nicola Surgeon a ditherer or Alex Salmond a sex monster.

      There’s nae oil, Scotland is too poor and has a £15 billion deficit and you just cannot do it for yourself. Every word is a lie designed to make you lose faith in the leadership and in Independence itself.

      They are losing though, don’t fall for the lies and don’t fall out with each other as that is the main purpose of the LIE.

    159. Terence callachan says:

      To gus1940…
      You are incorrect.
      Scotland does send water to England.
      OK it’s bottled water but that bottled water is sent in huge amounts and often distributed in time of drought

    160. Cubby says:


      BBC Reporting Scotland tonight

      I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I have seen many a propaganda show from the BBC but even I was surprised at how bad it is getting. A stupid actor with a glass held up to a wall listening in to the FMs speech next door and mocking the speech. These people are truly scumbags. Hardly an actual word of the speech broadcast but plenty of time for all sorts of crap. We are not badly served by the media in Scotland we are not served at all. Tar and feathers and run out of Scotland but I doubt toodle oh the noh could run very far.

      What happened to this new non biased BBC? They have got bloody worse since they took the piss out of the well intentioned but naive Mr Hooks and his pal.

      I will accept no apologists for the media in Scotland posting on Wings in future. Expect both barrels.

    161. jfngw says:

      I see Douglas Fraser is now using his BBC twitter account to insult licence fee payers who disagree with him. Quite funny really, someone asking why he was reporting on a non Scottish company, this from man in an organisation that has made no real effort to explain the impact of Brexit on Scotland, outside fishing.

      He writes ‘because I can’t imagine having a mind so small, and horizons so limited, that only companies based in Scotland were of any interest’. I think I could add, can you imagine a mind and horizon so limited in its unionism that it has no interest in the Brexit ramifications for Scotland.

      Are BBC journalists now instructed to use their BBC twitter accounts to attack independence supporters, it would seem so.

    162. Terence callachan says:

      To Brian doonthetoon …
      Thanks for the evening telegraph article.
      It still looks the same..the tele / tully
      I’ve not bought one of those D.C.Thomson rags for a couple of decades so I miss a lot of the local news.
      Thanks for the badges too.

      Doon the town or Down the toon…nah…doonthetoon is best

    163. Golfnut says:

      Just about now, might be a good time for the Yes movement to be out gathering signatures demanding a Judicial revue on whether Politicians and media are liable under law to prosecution for lies, misrepresentation and misreporting during the constitutional process. 100,000 signatures gets a debate in Holyrood does it not. Can you imagine that debate with the Britnats in the chamber, how would the media report it. Knocking doors, explaining why your asking them to sign, you would only need a few examples.

      The media mafia are bullies, they need to be faced down, publicly.

    164. Rock says:

      Nicola soon to call an independence referendum in 2640 AD.

      Please alert me if an earlier date is announced.

    165. Golfnut says:

      Sorry posted again before I had finished.

      The electorate have right to the truth, they have the right to make constitutional decisions based on accurate information and I’m pretty certain its going feature big time in our new Constitution when we bin this union.

    166. Robert Louis says:

      Just realised, there is only one place in Glasgow safe for the lying witch Theresa to go in Glasgow tomorrow, and that is Ibrox.

    167. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Terence callachan.

      ‘Doon the toon’ is whar eh bide, hence the moniker.

      See you at the next Wings get-together in the environs of Dundee?

      (Thinks… must start thinking about that. We haven’t had a Dundee get-together for a whilie…)


    168. Liz g says:

      I listened to the First Minister’s speech twice..
      The first time to hear what she had to say to us,and it certainly was exactly what we needed to bring us up to speed with the Westminster Brexit shit show.

      But the second time I tried to listen with the ears of an English Brexit voter…
      What I heard was,we are going to try and help the remainers keep England in the Eu because that’s whats best for Scotland.
      Once we have done our best to do that,then Scotland will be leaving the the United Kingdom.
      Leaving England in the EU, just where Scotland thinks they should be…. LOL
      Try it… It’s hilarious.
      Now I know that she wasn’t really trying to push their buttons,but mibbi there’s a small,dark part of her,who is just daring them to respond to what Scotland is doing to Brexit…..same for Joanna Cherry the other day in Westminster asking about “Scottish Law” saving the day.
      They’ll no like Scotland using it’s power’s to mess with their Brexit!!
      And they canny say a thing…. or will they??

    169. Ghillie says:

      Petra @ 4.24 pm =)

      Thank you for the link to the Scottish Independence Campaign questionnaire.

      Enjoyed filling it out. Hope it adds something to the thoughts on how we best plan our new campaign for Independence.

      Getting exciting 🙂

    170. Ghillie says:

      Liz G @ 10.03 pm 🙂

      Oh that is hilarious!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    171. Petra says:

      Desperation is really setting in now. BBC top of the bill news tonight was a very lengthy piece on an invasion of migrants …

      “A significant increase in migrant boats landing on the Kent coast. In the main Iranian migrants (Oooo really scary – mongering) wanting to get into the UK before Brexit happens.” Eh?


      Next up Iranian migrant found to be carrying bombs in his dingy along with a map of Westminster.

    172. Sarah says:

      @Robert Louis at 9.54. Have you forgotten Pacific Quay? She could be safely delivered and depart by a nuclear sub surely?

    173. Thepnr says:


      Pretty sure I mentioned that the BBC were ramping up the anti immigrant propaganda a week ago on here. So nothing surprises me now.

    174. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I see “Stane Brain” is still posting his 2640 pish.

      You have to admit, the boy is trying – extremely trying.

    175. galamcennalath says:

      Liz g says:

      … keep England in the Eu because that’s whats best for Scotland. Once we have done our best to do that,then Scotland will be leaving the the United Kingdom.

      No wonder they consider Nicola the most dangerous woman in the UK!

      Here’s another more imminent scenario.

      Think of the fallout on 11th Dec if May’s WA Bill fails because the vote is swung by SNP (or Scottish) MPs rejecting it!

      rUK passes it, but then when SNP (or Scottish) votes against are added, it fails.

      I will piss myself laughing. After ignoring SNP/Scotland for two years, those callous and arrogant actions comes back to haunt May big time.

    176. Shug says:

      Well bbc are now on war footing
      Programme ahead x months on a waiting list – Scottish government must do more
      News tonight smith talking about drug death and Scottish government must do more
      Jackson car law Scottish government only cares about indyref2
      Waiting list on again within 5 min Scottish gov failing waiting times. No mention of the waiting lists after the eu docs and nurses leave

      Propaganda attacks in a line

      Can’t wait to hear what call Kaye will say

    177. Thepnr says:

      May’s government are refusing to provide the full legal Brexit advice even though there was a unanimous vote in parliament for it to be published since the Tories abstained fearing a loss.

    178. Rock says:

      galamcennalath says:
      27 November, 2018 at 10:29 pm

      “No wonder they consider Nicola the most dangerous woman in the UK!”

      There have ZERO fear of Establishment lawyer Nicola.

      It was the ultimate in stupidity and gutlessness for Nicola to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with “Tory scum” Saint Theresa and the “ghastly” Boris Johnson as they declared war on Russia after a false flag operation.

      She had no reason to open her mouth – she should have dismissed it as a reserved matter. That would have shut up the unionists. Instead she is now hostage to what she said.

      But they really fear Alex Salmond, whom they are trying to destroy through the dishonest unionist civil servant who has the 100% backing of Nicola.

      Mark my words – Nicola is not going to call an independence referendum any time soon.

    179. Liz g says:

      Galamcennalath @ 10.29
      Ah …. our parting gift tae England .. making them satay in the EU, because they are too wee too poor and too stupit tae be outside it on their own…LOL lovin it..

    180. mr thms says:

      “French writer, Marion Van Renterghem, talks to Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon about nationalism, Brexit and whether her country can ‘take back control’ from Westminster”

    181. call me dave says:

      The National not given a press pass for the PM press conference tomorrow. 2nd time in a few days they say. Shurley schome mistake.

      Reason given venue too small!

      What are the rules for paper, rock, scissors again?

      Aye ‘your call’ radio shortbread. It was about obese ‘Scottish’ children but I saw statistics yesterday that it is, as usual, UK wide and hoped Kaye might tell us that Welsh & English figures were worse. No pun intended there!

      Put on my car CD after 5 minutes ‘Ride of the Valkyiers’ nothing like Wagner to cheer you up and calm down.

      No OAP’s were hurt in the car journey including myself. 🙂

    182. ronnie anderson says: Lol .

    183. Thepnr says:

      The best person to deliver the message? Aye, we really trust her so we do.

      LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May will take her Brexit sales pitch to Scotland on Wednesday, where she will likely face an uphill struggle to convince sceptical voters of the benefits of her deal for businesses and the fishing industry.

    184. Sinky says:

      BBC only broadcast NINE SECONDS of Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference outlining the Scottish government’s analysis of Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Let that sink in tomorrow when T May will get wall to wall coverage.

    185. Thepnr says:


      Disgusting reporting by the BBC of the seriousness of the situation. Totally beneath contempt.

      I despise that organisation, don’t watch and don’t pay either.

    186. yesindyref2 says:

      The Prime Minster has booked her venue to talk at the people of Scotland and to sell her Brexit Plan that will ‘strengthen the Onion’.

      David Mundell, the overlord of Scotland, has said that The Barras, where she will ball her wares on the pavement, is an ideal venue for his boss to do her job, and that her stall can be found between the fruit stall and the vegetable stall, in honour of the People of Scotland.

    187. Cubby says:


      “Mark my words” – your words are not even worth a Rockshit.

      You are the most idiotic boring Britnat poster ever. You just say the same crap day after day. A clock has more imagination, is more interesting than you will ever be. A clock has a greater purpose than you – it is useful. You are a waste of space. Why don’t you just pissof and do something worthwhile with your life.

    188. Jock McDonnell says:

      Not too many freebies to Brussels left for wee Glenn – unless .. ah well maybe the penny will drop.

    189. Robert Peffers says:

      Let’s look at this absolute failure of the British/English propaganda broadcasters as what it is – absolute fear and desperation. It only serves to demonstrate how terrified they have now become.

      Do they really imagine that if they don’t mention an important statement by the leader of the Scottish parliament and the third biggest party at Westminster the rest of the World and the legally sovereign people of Scotland will fail to get the information?

      What is more do they imagine that their omission will go unrecognised as the union in abject terror of what is the inevitable result of their failure to report such things?

      The Scottish public have become among the most politically engaged and aware electorate on Earth. They will recognise Westminster’s terror for what it is and, what is more, will react to it accordingly.

      I’d go as far as saying that their omission to broadcast and publish Nicola’s statement will have a far bigger effect than if they had propagated it. Many Scottish voters don’t just switch off their tv/radio receivers when politics is broadcast – they switch off their brains. Yet if the statement isn’t propagated those same people who switch off their brains will notice it because it wasn’t propagated.

      It is a bit like a wee ornament, or a picture hung on the living room wall. They have been there for so long that no one in the family notices them any more – yet if one goes missing everyone notices something is missing even if some can’t quite put their finger of what is different. Then, of course they ask themselves the obvious question – why did the SMSM ignore the FM’s statement and then they conclude it must be because they were frightened of the effect it would have on the electorate.

      One thing for sure – the fact they refused to broadcast/publish it indicates THEY were paying attention.

    190. Maybe T May is going to set up next to the vegetable stall tomorrow to try and promote the benefits of her ‘ Precious Onion’

      Just watched Sinky’s link to the BBC Scotland’s news reporting of the First Minister of Scotland’s reaction to the PM of the Uk’s proposed deal at WM.
      I’m speechless that something about to have such a negative impact on Scotland should be traduced to such mockery. I am truly shocked that this is supposed to be professional political reporting.

      WM is refusing to reveal the legal advice given re the proposed deal.
      but apparently T May will tell Scottish Fishermen tmrw that this is a good deal – do they button up the back?

      Never trust any Tory.

    191. Hamish100 says:

      Question to May.
      How will you stop foreign boats from England taking all of Scotlands fish?

    192. This is Mike harding’s reply to T May’s letter to the people of Britain to Unite behind her deal… It’s absolutely brilliant.

      Dear Mrs May

      I am in France having a break having come here on the train all the way from Settle. I just read your letter to me and the rest of Britain wanting us all to unite behind the damp squib you call a deal. Unite? I laughed so much the mouthful of frogs legs I was eating ended up dancing all over the bald head of the bloke on the opposite table.

      Your party’s little civil war has divided this country irreparably. The last time this happened Cromwell discontinued the custom of kings wearing their heads on their shoulders.

      I had a mother who was of Irish descent, an English father who lies in a Dutch graveyard in the village where his Lancaster bomber fell in flames. I had a Polish stepfather who drove a tank for us in WW2 and I have two half Polish sisters and a half Polish brother who is married to a girl from Donegal.

      My two uncles of Irish descent fought for Britain in N Africa and in Burma.

      So far you have called us Citizens Of Nowhere and Queue Jumpers. You have now taken away our children and grandchildren’s freedom to travel, settle, live and work in mainland Europe.

      You have made this country a vicious and much diminished place. You as Home Sec sent a van round telling foreigners to go home. You said “ illegal” but that was bollocks as the legally here people of the Windrush generation soon discovered.

      Your party has sold off our railways, water, electricity, gas, telecoms, Royal Mail etc until all we have left is the NHS and that is lined up for the US to have as soon as Hannon and Hunt can arrange it.

      You have lied to the people of this country. You voted Remain yet changed your tune when the chance to grab the job of PM came. You should have sacked those lying bastards Gove and Bojo but daren’t because you haven’t the actual power.

      You have no answer to the British border on the island of Ireland nor do you know how the Gib border with Spain will work once we are out.

      Mrs May you have helped to divide this country to such an extent that families and friends are now no longer talking to each other, you have managed to negotiate a deal far worse than the one we had and all to keep together a party of millionaires, Eton Bullingdon boys, spivs and WI harridans. Your party conserves nothing. It has sold everything off in the name of the free market.

      You could have kept our industries going with investment and development – Germany managed it. But no – The Free Market won so Sunderland, Barnsley, Hamilton etc could all go to the devil.

      So Mrs May my answer to your plea for unity is firstly that it is ridiculous.

      48% of us will never forgive you for Brexit and secondly, of the 52% that voted for it many will not forgive you for not giving them what your lying comrades like Rees Mogg and Fox promised them.

      There are no unicorns, there is no £350 million extra for the NHS. The economy will tank and there will be less taxes to help out the poor. We have 350,000 homeless (not rough sleepers – homeless) in one of the richest countries on Earth and you are about to increase that number with your damn fool Brexit.

      The bald man has wiped the frogs legs of his head, I’ve bought him a glass of wine to say sorry; I’m typing this with one finger on my phone in France and I’m tired now and want to stop before my finger gets too tired to join the other one in a sailors salute to you and your squalid Brexit, your shabby xenophobia and Little Englander mentality.

      Two fingers to you and your unity from this proud citizen of nowhere. I and roughly half the country will never forgive you or your party.

    193. schrodingers cat says:

      re the thatcher £50 notes

      i mind being in wales when i was 19, just after the £ coin was first introduce, the welsh in the pub called it a maggie, when i asked why, the said

      “cos it’s brassy and masquerades as a sovereign” 🙂

    194. ben madigan says:

      Sorta O/T but very relevant to Scotland of the past and Scotland today, particularly the opposition the writer encounters when expressing Independent views

    195. sandy says:

      Liz, I’m almost ready to let loose on Rock.

    196. James Barr Gardner says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      28 November, 2018 at 12:42 am

      I salute you as you have put into words my thoughts, thank you for your words.

      I have 3 grandsons (3 diamonds) for which I will fight for their right to have a fair and prosperous future in free and Independent Scotland as Scots and as Europeans !

      Dissolve the Union NOW !

    197. yesindyref2 says:

      OT – defence
      Things hotting up in the Arctic, but good to know the RAF are on the job.

    198. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland MSP and Privy Councillor and leader of the National Party of Scotland

      Those are the honours and credentials Nicola Sturgeon holds yet the screaming British Nationalist cowards are so terrified of her debating and political skills they’re practically maiming their fingers battering their keyboards to death in attempts to silence her from giving Theresa May a public thrashing in any upcoming televised debate because they’d much rather Jeremy Corbyn, who actually agrees with May goes on TV and mumbles his 1960s nonsense and the established Westminster cabal remains intact

      The fear is strong in the British over this

    199. Gary says:

      Whilst I agree that the Tories would have cared FAR more about Trident than NI I can’t agree that NI is a non-issue.

      It has ONLY been an issue because due to Ireland raising concerns with the EU about it and ensuring it became central to the Brexit deal.

      Having been in NI when working with the Civil Service I can assure you that the threat of full blown violence is ever-present. On the mainland we hear little about the continuing violence there, it has NOT ceased, it has merely slowed down. And, if the current crop of NI political leaders has anything to do with it, they will resurface again with a vengeance.

      But still, I have to agree that the general thrust of your article is spot-on. The media, ITV, BBC and newspapers simultaneously FAIL to print news items which would damage the unionist view and promulgate fictitious propaganda which is not JUST ‘inaccurate’ but are lies, knowing lies.

      We are cursed with a spineless media which is bought and paid for by Westminster. I am reminded of Jon Snow’s (Channel 4) admitting that he had been approached and offered and monthly stipend by security services to insert/slant stories. He refused on principal (and it shows) It seems that there are many who took the thirty pieces of silver, many more than those who didn’t…

    200. Petra says:

      @ Ghillie says at 10:13 pm … ”Petra – Thank you for the link to the Scottish Independence Campaign questionnaire. Enjoyed filling it out. Hope it adds something to the thoughts on how we best plan our new campaign for Independence. Getting exciting ?.”

      It is exciting Ghillie, especially as it won’t be long now.

      Just posting it again in case anyone missed it. Ideal for getting your ideas across. Closes on December 9th.


      ‘Mission to Mars: How Scotland-based scientists are aiding Nasa’s trip.’


      ‘Theresa May ‘running feart’ as she bans The National from press conference.’


      ‘Shock poll result reveals surge in Scottish opposition to Brexit.’

    201. Petra says:

      ‘BBC Scotland shames the fat and shames the truth with morbid titillation and distortion of the facts.’


      ‘Second study reveals obesity in decline in Scotland (40% in boys) with government policies credited.’


      ‘English Health Secretary goes for pointless populist shaming as evidence-based Scottish national alcohol strategy is further strengthened.’

    202. Petra says:

      ‘Brexit: Trump ‘speaking the truth’ when he warns Theresa May’s deal will wreck US trade agreement, expert says.’


      ‘Unpaid carers will be asked to repay up to £50,000 in benefit overpayments, government says.’


      ‘Most marginalised ‘hardest hit’ by government policies, report suggests.’

    203. Robert Louis says:

      The most important story today, is that the Tory government are refusing to comply with a vote of the house of commons that it should hand over in full all the legal advice the Government have received on Theresa’s brexit deal.

      This is actually very important. The speaker of the HoC made it very clear at the time the vote was taken, that their is an absolute expectation of the government to comply, in full (he turned and spoke directly to the Government front bench directly). It was interesting to note just how emphatic he was on this matter.

      This is no trivial matter, since both Tories and Labour (and others) asked for it.

      What happens, when the executive branch of a democratic parliament (the government) refuses to comply with such requests? Do we still pretend it is a democracy? This is a most serious issue, since we would be in new territory, whereby the government were now just ignoring parliament in its entirety (both Labour and Tory). I think this will become much more significant, because of the nature of the vote held (Tories want the info as well) and the mechanism used.

    204. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Petra –

      Cheers for the links on the obesity scaremongering.

      If any of us found a stranger berating our children, calling them fat and hopeless and doomed, we’d most of us set about the fekkers and chase them.

      But we allow it to pour straight into our homes via ‘the box’.

      It really is mental when ye think about it, eh?


    205. Petra says:

      @ Robert Louis at 7:14am …..

      It just gives you some idea of what living under the Tories would be like in future, RL. Thank god we’re getting out.


      @ Ian at 7:21am

      We’re too wee, poor and stupid, Ian. Don’t you know? Add fat to that and of course sick and drunk. No wonder many Scots have a low self-esteem. Think that they’re inferior. And don’t worry we’ll be setting about the fekkers and chasing them off soon enough. And then replace the extremely debilitating propaganda with our very own “truth” folks and box.

    206. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Petra –

      It’s relentless, isn’t it!

      The crisis du jour is ‘the drugs’…

    207. wull2 says:

      Last night downtime question A50 what next.

      My answer this morning.

      Although A50 was delved,it was a group request, individual countries can reverse it if they want.

      Does the people of Scotland want to reverse it YES

    208. Breeks says:

      Petra says:
      28 November, 2018 at 6:48 am
      ‘Brexit: Trump ‘speaking the truth’ when he warns Theresa May’s deal will wreck US trade agreement, expert says.’

      Trump requires deregulation for a US Trade Deal to work. Europe sets the bar to high. Theresa May would deregulate those standards in a heartbeat to accommodate him.

      Luckily, for now at least, we have the EU to safeguard our standards and regulations to make sure we don’t have to eat chlorinated chicken, beef laced with steroids and growth hormone, cultivated from animals raised in appalling conditions because they aren’t even recognised as sentient beings.

      If the only thing between us and those circumstances is the EU, then staying in the EU is EVERYTHING. Do you see it yet? Do you see???

      EFTA or mealy mouthed access to the Single Market is missing the point. Why let Europe do the heavy lifting and benefit from their strength while we look on, detached and at the perifory? Let us get in to the EU and become a productive and interactive Sovereign Nation which can be relied upon to be amongst the first to put it’s its shoulder to the wheel. Let our gratitude for Europe’s protection be reciprocated by a Europe which is delighted to have us aboard.

      Listen to our flesh and blood kindred in Ireland, and think hard about the bulwark the EU was been for them. and leverage against Westminster tyranny which the EU has provided.

      Run up the Battle Saltire Nicola. Scotland stays in Europe, or you must break our Sovereign backs to remove us. There is no third way.

      Sovereignty is Scotland’s backstop, and the sovereign will of Scotland is to stay in the EU.

    209. Nana says:

      The BBC pleaded with Nicola Sturgeon to reverse her decision to pull out of a media conference after she learned that former Trump strategist, Steve Bannon, had been invited to speak.

      “Should I stay or should I go?”

      ‘Norway-plus’ Brexit option gaining ground, says Nicola Sturgeon

    210. Nana says:

      We’ve all been focussing on the crisis that would ensue if – as expected – the PM loses the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal ?on 11 December.
      But just for a moment think about the implications if she wins, because they too would be momentous.
      Read on

      Explosive news from parliament today. Colins reveals Facebook knew in 2014 that Russia hacked users’ data. Mueller’s indictments show this was exactly when the Kremlin set up troll factory to target US voters. Why wasn’t this disclosed to congress?? What else isn’t it telling us?

    211. Nana says:

      Nestle warns of ‘very severe’ no-deal Brexit

      With regard to the WTO announcement an expert says

      Institution after institution warns of the dangers of UC, but the Tories just keep rolling it out

      French whisky!

    212. Nana says:

      Word at Westminster is that the Attorney General is as reluctant and doubtful about Mrs May’s Brexit deal as was Lord Goldsmith about the Iraq War – & this is why Mrs May won’t publish the full legal advice

      Brexit: let me count the ways …

    213. Breeks says:

      Lifted straight from Jack D on Rev’s Twitter…

      “By leading the team that cracked enigma, Alan Turing is estimated to have helped shorten WW2 by 2 years, saving over 14 million lives. Our country later chemically castrated him simply for being Gay. It took until 2013 for him to be pardoned.

      That, right there, is your £50 note.”

      Spot on Jack D. I absolutely couldn’t agree more. Turing didn’t just beat enigma, but pretty much invented the digital age of computing to do it.

      I would heartily recommend folks to watch The Imitation Game movie about Turing.

    214. Robert Peffers says:

      @Meg merrilees says: 28 November, 2018 at 12:30 am:

      ” … WM is refusing to reveal the legal advice given re the proposed deal.”

      Governments, including the SG, do not reveal legal advice they have been given, Meg,

      This was what was behind the incident that led to the infamous incident when the yoonatics, and their propaganda wing, accused Alex Salmond of having lied about having legal advice during the indyref1 campaign. Alex made no such claim but that did not stop the yoonatics from claiming he had.

      Government protocol demands that governments do not reveal any legal advice they are given. They would be in severe trouble if they did.

      In the above incident Salmond clearly stated that the legal advice the SG had was not in relation to what the Yoons claimed and the BBC’s own transcript of what Salmond claimed proved the point. Yet to this day they still claim Salmond claimed he had legal advice.

      It played a big part in the loss of indyref1 for every broadcaster and publication ran with the story that Salmond had lied but the lie was theirs not his.

    215. Nana says:

      Not something he should be smiling about

      May pledges ‘greater opportunity’ as FM warns of chaos

      Excl: Cabinet ministers weigh up whether to urge PM to abandon meaningful vote on Brexit deal to avoid massive defeat by 200;

    216. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana –

      That Counterpunch article you linked to at 8.20 is a real eye-opener and provides another reason – as if we didn’t already have enough – to despise and be profoundly suspicious of yon Brillo-heided nob fae Paisely.


    217. Nana says:

      Morning Ian, thanks I needed a chuckle

      ” yon brillo-heided nob” excellent 🙂

      Going back in time, rehashing old promises

      For any new readers, the real reason May says ‘precious union’

      Jim Rodgers spilling the beans

      Hiding the truth

    218. Luigi says:

      Shug says:

      27 November, 2018 at 10:38 pm

      Well bbc are now on war footing

      No doubt. I wish we were. 🙁

    219. Sinky says:

      Does BBC Radio Scotland not know that there are Scottish Chess Grand Masters?

    220. Breeks says:

      I just saw the BBC footage from Nana’s links.

      What an absolute disgrace. Scotland’s “news” coverage, whether its BBC or ITV is a national disgrace.

      Even if they touted it as a comedy series, it would soon be pulled for its humourless script.

      If that’s what it means to be “British” Mr Brian Taylor, you really need some time to yourself to think what you’re actually doing with your life.

      Maybe speculate a little, use your imagination if you still have one, turn the clock back and place yourself on one of Scotland’s greatest days.. It’s early morning, 24th June 1314, and the smaller army of Scotland’s King Robert is just about to turn the odds on their head and rout the indomitable Invasion forces of Edward 11 and set the stage for Scotland’s permanent emancipation from colonial English tyranny. Where do you see yourself Brian Taylor? Are you a Pikeman in the ranks? A Cavalry man or an archer maybe? Or a knife man stabbing out at unhorsed knights? Maybe you’re a Clansman charging in for the coup de grace? Where do you see yourself Mr Taylor? Just for fun, there’s nobody judging, how do you see yourself in your mind’s eye?

      I’ll tell you where I see you Mr Taylor. You are just a useful idiot payed by Edward 11 handing out propaganda leaflets whining drivel about our “murderer King” to the anxious Scottish troops marching past you on their way to Bannockburn.

      My passing hope, Scot to Scot, is that you find a stone that is large enough for you and yours to crawl under.

      Be gone now. Scotland has work to do.

    221. Macart says:


      Anyone who saw the FM’s speech and Q&A session yesterday would be forgiven for some understandable anger toward the media silence on broadcast. Anyone who heard and understood that speech will also know why it was kept on the downlow.

      The narrative is a choice between Brexits. A choice between the worst possible Brexits. Limiting Brexit or reversing it? Any such suggestion won’t be given airtime. Same deal goes for this supposed debate between May and Corbyn. No others need apply, even though near half the UK would like to hear their corner given a shout and certainly over 62% of the nation that rejected it out of hand.

      We’re all pretty much onside with what the political class are about on this omnishambles. Their ideologies, their greed, their need for self advancement or political self preservation. It’s what they are. It’s the nature of the system of government and politics they created for themselves. What the media have done over the past two years and most especially now is, for me, equally unforgivable.

    222. Breeks says:

      Luigi says:
      28 November, 2018 at 8:56 am
      Shug says:

      27 November, 2018 at 10:38 pm

      Well bbc are now on war footing

      No doubt. I wish we were…

      Great shout Luigi. Me too.

    223. manandboy says:

      Things take time.

      Theresa’s Tour has everyone shaking their head. Not for the first time.
      Enter Vladislav Surkov. He is the political architect of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
      Surkov’s political theories are known as Sovereign Democracy, the overall aim of which is to remain in power.
      Surkov is the reason why Putin has been at the top in Russia for so long.
      Theresa May is a disciple of Surkov because the British Ruling Class have decided to retain power in the UK through successive and ongoing Conservative governments.
      Sovereign Democracy is founded on controlling the minds of the national population. Specifically, by denying them any real information so as to confound and confuse them.
      Here in the UK under May, no one but no one knows what exactly is going on or where the UK is headed precisely. Uncertainty is a key ingredient in Surkov’s political strategies. Hence why we have it now in the UK. May is applying Surkov’s ideas here.
      Anyone waiting for information from May’s Government, will wait a long time.

      The goal of Surkov’s political strategy is to remain in power. For this group of Tories that means power at Westminster, but also Colonial power, hence preserving the Union is one of May’s top priorities.

      Understanding Surkov is to understand May.

    224. brewsed says:

      A bumper crop of Anna’s links – many thanks. Just the thing for a dark, gloomy, wet and windy November day.

      Meanwhile, today, the maybot (which autotext fills in as maggot:) is having a charm offensive in Scotland. Since the maybot (or maggot 🙂 lacks charm, it will probably be just offensive.

    225. brewsed says:

      Argh! Autocorrect – Nana’s links.

    226. Les Wilson says:

      Well EBCs this morning,saying that “Theresa is visiting a business on the outskirts of Glasgow”, later report says ” Theresa is visiting a business in Scotland”
      Note the Glasgow connection was dropped.
      I think she is very wary of where she goes in Scotland.

      Also this morning we hear of the resurrection of carbon capture at Peterhead,a big UK announcement will be made today.It was reported that this should be up and running in the mid 2020’s.

      Well I think we all know whow desceptive the Tory’s can be.
      The word “should” in their statements feels to me like the word “normally” Every word a Tory says needs minutely examined for it’s real definition.

    227. Nana says:

      Morning Macart

      Media in the UK is without doubt our enemy and especially the Scottish media.
      Paid to lie to us and relishing doing so is unforgivable.

      It’s really hard to control my rage at these b_______

      What a brass neck that May woman has, wonder which factory near Glasgow is she’s hiding in. Likely out in the middle of nowhere in case someone other than the tame media ask her a question. Geez sometimes I feel I’m living in a comedy sketch only I ain’t laughing.

    228. Nana says:

      Harry Leslie Smith, vocal critic of austerity, dies aged 95

    229. Macart says:


      A factory visit is it? Huh! Controlled area and easily stage managed. In – photo op – soundbite – out. Said this elsewhere last night but –

      There must be a woodshed hidden in Glasgow green we’ve all missed hearing about.

      No, I don’t think she’ll like what most Scots have to say about Brexit, deal or no deal. But then, if there’s one thing we should have learned over the past four years? It’s that neither she, her party, or indeed the vast bulk of Westminster MPs give a monkey’s what the population of Scotland thinks.

      Her stopover in Scotland is purely for show. It’s a pointless nonsense. It’s lip service. It’s marketing. It’s typically Tory.

      She wants a debate with ooohhhhh Jeremy Corbyn on telly t’boot. A debate between Brexiteers on whose Brexit is bestest. Both are too damn cowardly to involve anyone else or any other view in this debate, which should speak volumes on its own really. This is their idea of listening, of choice. This is their idea of partnership and family. This is their pooling and sharing. This is the reality of better togetherness.

      People want a real choice on their future? Want to have their opinion actually matter? Then you know what to do by this point.

    230. mike cassidy says:

      Breeks 8.22

      Always worth checking the ‘history v hollywood’ site.

      The Imitation Game

      Outlaw King rates more highly in the accuracy stakes.

    231. Petra says:

      Thanks for the excellent links Nana, in particular the following:

      I’m just thinking of the Tory politicians / BBC reports that “inform” everyone of how the Tory government has got millions of people back into work. Unemployment at its lowest level in decades. Yada, yada. And yet we know now that unemployment figures are being massaged by the fact that the DWP includes people who work for one hour only in a fortnight.

      The UK, considered to be one of the richest countries in the world, with the lowest wage growth rate of the G20 countries, one of the lowest State pensions in the world as per the OECD, millions living in poverty due to socio-engineering, including those in work, and hundreds of thousands dying every year of cold and malnutrition.

      What an advert for remaining part of this Union. And that’s just work related issues. Then there’s the corruption etc, etc, etc.


      @ Breeks at 9:05am …. “I just saw the BBC footage from Nana’s links. What an absolute disgrace.”…

      A similar scenario was used on Brewer’s programme recently, Breeks. Deliberate ploys, propaganda techniques, being used to totally undermine the serious issue in question and the SNP politicians involved …. from the pretendy wee Parliament.

      I’ve been trying to figure out who’s behind this? Is it being “thought up” in London or Glasgow? And who sits round the table “brainstorming” what to do / say next? Is Donalda MacKinnon a key player or just London’s wee stooge .. paper tiger?

      And yes it is an absolute disgrace but many people, including non-political, will see right through this. See it for what it is. The BBC’s days are numbered in Scotland now and I’m looking forward to someone, Prof Robertson, Lesley Riddoch or whoever, “outing” the Toodleoothenoo’s. Name and shame them. Get their names and actions outlined on documentaries and into the history books.

    232. Nana says:

      Morning brewsed
      Have a few more links as it’s a dark dreich day. Hopefully raining on Theresa’s parade 🙂

      “Don’t call it a bribe” says Arlene, lol

      What a government eh? working hard to make us all poorer

      Will not archive

      Morning Petra 🙂

    233. manandboy says:

      This Tory Government, supposedly ‘led’ by Theresa May, the Maybotic PM who recites carefully scripted meaningless phrases and sayings, is doing everything it can to stop the public from getting answers to their questions, and also to deny the public any useful and factual information of almost any kind, but particularly about the Government’s plans or intentions.

      The refusal by Theresa May to take any action in response to proven illegal activity by people like Aaron Banks in the EURef ‘Vote Leave’ campaign, is adjudged as being ‘astounding’.

      It has been clear for some time that the Ruling Class have their own agenda re Europe, and are not going to tolerate any opposition whatsoever. The crisis for the electorate is that no one can stop them. Apparently.

      We are seeing now the embryonic stage of the very different UK of the future. A UK with even more drastic changes to the wealth gap,to public health, to law & order, democracy, the further loss of human rights, and many others to boot, loss of freedom of speech and movement – where will it all stop, under fascist-style Tories.
      Got to, got to, got to get Independence!

    234. Footsoldier says:

      As I have said before but no one is listening, the BBC is NOT on our side. It is their job to maintain the Union and have been told to do so. They could actually undermine us more than they are currently doing.

      Expect nothing from them.

    235. Luigi says:

      Macart says:

      28 November, 2018 at 9:46 am

      It’s that neither she, her party, or indeed the vast bulk of Westminster MPs give a monkey’s what the population of Scotland thinks.

      Aye, they may indeed not care at all what Scotland thinks, but they are absolutely scared shitless about what Scotland can and will do.

      The ordinary people of Scotland have in their hands the power to bring an end to their precious union. Flubber and his BritNat media pals are still trying very hard to hold back the tide, but as each day passes, more and more people suddenly “get it”.

      Tick tock. 🙂

    236. Nana says:

      The Opinion of the Advocate General in the Wightman case will be published at 9am on 4 December 2018.

      Article written in 2017 by Harry Leslie Smith

      That’s all for now

    237. Dr Jim says:

      Sky news Adam Boulton confidently and belligerently misquoting EU rules on a daily basis now, can Adam Boulton be this stupid?

      I don’t think so (sarcasm)

    238. galamcennalath says:

      An Express headline … “Brexit news: Jon Snow SHUTS DOWN ‘delusional’ Brexit minister defending Theresa May “

      Let that sink in. They claim the news host SHUT DOWN a guest. A government minister. Their world view is so twisted.

      For comic relief nothing beats the outrageous headlines dreamt up in the Daily Express. The swivel eyed propaganda sheet for swivel eyed far right loonies!

      My view of Express readers ….People who burst balls before throwing them out of their garden, lament the end of apartheid, don’t believe in man made climate change, mistrust foreigners, think the British Empire was a good thing, believe poverty is self inflicted, still use Fahrenheit, miss the time when everyone locally was white, worship Thatcher’s memory, and enjoy having boundary disputes with neighbours.

      Am I being unfair?

    239. Terence callachan says:

      To footsoldier…

      Well said , the BBC is not on our side, not should we expect it to be, the BBC is tasked with presenting news and information that the Westminster government allow and it will be presented in a way that shows westminsters opinion.
      I’m amazed by how many people in Scotland believe that the BBC acts in the interests of Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland, it never has, it never will.
      Once Scotland is independent the BBC will still call itself the BBC and it will still broadcast far and wide including Scotland .
      So many people are frightened to stop paying the BBC license fee when the reality is that it is simple to do so, it’s your money, you don’t have to pay any of it to the BBC if you don’t want to.

    240. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says:

      The Opinion of the Advocate General in the Wightman case will be published at 9am on 4 December 2018.

      A week before May’s vote!

    241. A Bruce says:

      For info in the Andy Wightman and others’ case.

      Opinion of Advocate General, EU Court of Justice, is due at 9 am on 4 December. The full Court Judgement will follow later – ? before Christmas ?

      Apparently, the Court Judgment usually agrees with the A.G.’s Opinion.

    242. A Bruce says:

      Sorry for my duplicate post re EU court – info wasn’t showing when I was typing my comment up.

    243. ronnie anderson says:

      The Scottish Gov should take the fight to the Bbc & ban all reporting from Holyrood Parliament & Broadcast all Parliamentary buisness on the web .


    244. starlaw says:

      After watching BBC’s Brian Taylor’s disgraceful report on Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP statement yesterday, I sincerely hope that neither be invited back to any other meetings with the First Minister of Scotland.

      This piece of tomfoolery did not happen yesterday, BBC have had the footage for a while and have been waiting on the chance to use it, there will be more of the same to come so outside would be the best place for them.

    245. Breeks says:

      mike cassidy says:
      28 November, 2018 at 9:46 am
      Breeks 8.22

      Always worth checking the ‘history v hollywood’ site.

      The Imitation Game…

      Yes I know Mike. Believe it or not I almost put in a big caveat about accuracy, but it’s still a decent film.

      I actually read more about Bletchley in a couple of books I read years ago… The Codebreakers(???) Author no idea now…

      It was riveting, though my memory fails me.

      I seem to remember a tale of Bletchley being confused because they were picking up military code mixed up with merchant communications, and this was a puzzle put down as an error to be rechecked a number of times. With a few more pieces of the puzzle, they came so very close to rumbling the German invasion of Norway, and with adequate time they could have seen the British Fleet at Scapa Flow intercepting the invasion. The Military code use wasn’t an error at all, but made perfect sense because it was actually the invading force being taken to Norway on merchant ships.

      I seem to remember an Engineer from the GPO being another unsung hero in the inspired construction of the codebreaking equipment.

      I’ll need to find those books and read them again… and check out that website. Thank you.

    246. Bill McLean says:

      Dr Jim at 0203 – “British Nationalist cowards” – ultimately all bullies reveal themselves as cowards!

    247. Sinky says:

      Scottish questions on now at Westminster. Tory Questions to Mundell no more than attack on SNP rather than searching questions on behalf of their constituents or Scotland.

    248. Daisy Walker says:

      Thanks for the links Nana.

      From one of the twitter links….

      ‘EU legislation giving European Central Bank authority to regulate clearing in the UK post-Brexit nearly agreed:
      Text as nearly agreed:
      Must still be agreed with European Parliament.’

      From memory I think that’s about £11 billion the City of London makes each year by having the currency passport rights, just about to go, go, gone.

      As someone said earlier, Brexit is here, now, the jobs and businesses have stopped waiting for clarity and are moving. They won’t be back any time soon.

      Really got a lot from Business For Scotland Link above. Very good tactics, and why they work. Particularly re-assuring for anyone who is concerned that using Brexshit in our own form of ‘project fear’ in some way diminishes the positive campaign of 2014, its not the same and Gordon MK explains why very clearly.

      Here’s a thought, just putting it out there.

      Since a ‘soft’ Brexshit will cut GPD by 2%, same as the 2007 Bankers Crash, can we have one of those Brexit boards up that people have been doing at public events, and this time, ask them to chose, which Public Service they want totally scrapped/destroyed first. And just to keep the Tories involved, lets ask them, which ones they think they can make the biggest buck out of by privatising.

      Probably not one of my best ideas, but hey, if it drives the message home.

    249. Ghillie says:

      Just finished listening to Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Russel speaking on Teresa May’s latest ‘brexit deal’ and ANSWERING questions. (on RT,thank you =) )

      These are two people who are ACTUALLY doing their job in politics!

      This should not be stunning or awesome or in any way unusual… BUT it is!!

      Thank you Nicola Sturgeon, Michael Russel, the SNP and all their supporters. Job well done.

      The rest. You are pants.

      And frauds. And should have to refund your salaries in full. Not fit for purpose.

    250. Dr Jim says:

      Are we going to be *poorer* post Brexit or *less well off*

      If you’re against Brexit then you’re definitely going to be much poorer but if you’re for Brexit you’re only going to be much less well off, but with the Theresa May’s shiny plan you do get a choice depending on your existing financial income bracket

      For example if you are already *poor* you will be a breadline case but if you’re less well off you’ll then be reduced to poor status

      In a world of pythonesque politics from England now we’re being seriously sold the idea of these options as a choice in one of the richest countries in the world, and asked, nay told to join one or other of these queues as if waiting for either an arm or a leg to be lopped off by a smiling bureaucrat who’s only doing their job because these are the new accepted norms for this great country and r precious union

      All of Britains news outlets and *journalists* are gleefully going along with and reporting all of this as a must follow instruction from the state and there’s no choice for anyone in this matter so get with the programme get in the queue and await your dismemberment like good loyal citizens

      In Scotland there is a political party led by a woman who says it doesn’t have to be this way we can do something else but the big state power and people who stand to gain from our compliance insist that woman shouldn’t be listened to because she want’s to remove Scotland from the family of nations governed by the people who are offering the choice of which limb you’d like amputated today

      Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland is completely wrong and misguided in all of this, Scotland must surrender itself to the will of everybody else who doesn’t live in Scotland and hand over control of the little she does control to those people so they can get on with doing the right thing for them, because they love us, and we know they love us because every time we look like leaving the precious they get very angry with us like parents do when their children are about to make a terrible mistake

      So Scotland, we should do as we’re told by these others, they’ve told us time and again no good can come of our leaving them and if we try, like the good parents they are they’ll punish us for our own good, and in the past that tactic worked, but this time they want to cut off our legs and we didn’t do anything and I think that makes them bad Mums and Dads

    251. Cubby says:

      Nigel Adams Tory MP for Yorkshire – SCOTTISH OFFICE MINISTER – answering questions in HoCommons during Scottish questions. An English MP. Not one of the new 13 Scot Tories.

      Mundell stands up and says time after time he is only interested in what’s best for the UK.

      Scotland is a colony.

    252. Robert Louis says:

      Wow. Thanks to the links above, I have just watched – with true disbelief- the utterly ridiculous reporting of the First Minister’s speech yesterday by BBC and their so-called ‘journalist’ Brian Taylor’.

      Firstly, Brian Taylor should no longer be invited or allowed into ANY briefings from the Scottish Government. The SNP NEED to bite the bullet, because people like Brian Taylor, who claims to be a ‘journalist’ is quite literally taking the absolute p*ss out of the office of First Minister and the government.

      Secondly, it is now abundantly clear, that the entire state controlled blatantly propagandist BBC, are in FULL – on propaganda mode.

      The BBC is an utter disgrace, and the Scottish Government and the First Minister should have nothing to do with the BBC, but especially the so-called ‘journalist’ Brian Taylor of the BBC.

      Mr. Taylor has made a good living from mis -reporting Scottish politics for way too long and is past his sell-by date, with his cheery ‘toodle oo the noo’ to hide what appears to be his true mendacious, anti Scotland behaviour. He is no friend of Scotland and an insult to the term ‘journalism’.

      No other government would tolerate this, but I expect the SNP and Scottish government to do nothing about this whatsoever. AS USUAL. Which is why the likes of Brian Taylor do what they do, day after day.

      The BBC will carry on, until such time as the SNP get a grip of how they deal with the media ( and they really, really NEED to). Indy/SNP supporters have raised this over and over and over again.

    253. Macart says:

      ‘Chancellor says UK will be worse of under all Brexit scenarios’

      Who knew?

    254. geeo says:

      Mundell at Scottish Questions just now.


      “I believe the biggest threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom, are on those (SNP) benches, and by people who are seeking to bring about a No Deal Brexit, and a No Deal Brexit is the most certain way to see Scotland leave the United Kingdom”

      Thought that No Deal was better than a bad Deal ?




    255. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Disaster for Scotland.

      The Linesman is now apparently the Tory Party’s Useful Scottish Idiot – to ask a tame question to make the PM look good.

      How will Ross Thompson ever recover from missing out on this plum job? Puir wee soul.

    256. Daisy Walker says:

      Re the Imitation Game/Bletchley Park, someone was asking who the other pioneering inventor was – who was not mentioned in the Film.

      It was Thomas Harold Flowers a working class lad from London and an employee of the GPO, where he got his training.

      He’s worth looking up. Don’t think they’ll be putting his face on any banknotes soon though, far too working class don’t you know.

    257. Breeks says:

      starlaw says:
      28 November, 2018 at 11:32 am

      ……. BBC have had the footage for a while and have been waiting on the chance to use it, there will be more of the same to come so outside would be the best place for them.

      Correct, but isn’t quite extraordinary that a “news” bulletin would consider such contrived material fit to be used in a news broadcast at all? Take a minute and let it sink in. Where else on the planet would that pass muster??? Even when Far Eastern news programs feature cgi animations, they still contribute to the story.

      It’s just like their “error” showing a picture of a gorilla instead on Nicola Sturgeon. You would have to go out of your way and considerably far off the beaten track just to make such an “error” possible. Error my arse.

      Somebody quoted earlier that the BBC is on a war footing, and it’s high time we were too. The front line trench is our TV screen.

      But you know what? I have a strange calmness washing over me. Let them propagandise to their hearts content. Let them lie, let them cheat. We don’t have to beat the BBC, or the Tory lies, because with Independence, we will defeat all of them wholesale.

    258. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert Louis says: 28 November, 2018 at 12:01 pm:

      ” … Firstly, Brian Taylor should no longer be invited or allowed into ANY briefings from the Scottish Government.”

      Don’t be silly, Robert Louis, Taylor is absolutely one of the very best recruiters the SNP has at getting switherers to cpme over to the YES movement. Just, for example look at your own reaction to him right here on Wings. Others will, without doubt, be influenced by Taylors very obvious wnti0Scotland bias.

      ” … Secondly, it is now abundantly clear, that the entire state controlled blatantly propagandist BBC, are in FULL – on propaganda mode.”

      Are you really as daft as you sound? If it is as you claim, “the entire state controlled blatantly propagandist BBC, are in FULL – on propaganda mode,”, what makes you so sure that you are alone in Scotland to notice it?

      ” … No other government would tolerate this, but I expect the SNP and Scottish government to do nothing about this whatsoever. AS USUAL.”

      Yep! And they will de nothing about such as anti-SNP/SG/Nicola Sturgeon you who so consistently run them down for exactly the same reason they do nothing about Brian Taylor and his ilk. You are all great recruiters for the YES movement and probably convert more voters to the cause of independence than those of us who have spent a lifetime working to advance the cause of independence.

      Here’s a wee question for you if not Nicola Sturgeon, the SG and the SNP, who is it you expect will gain Scotland’s independence?

      Your anti – Nicola/SG/SNP mantras so often expressed never have any alternative paths that could ever lead to Scotland’s independence. If not Nicola/the SG/SNP Who is it you imagine will lead us out of this evil United Kingdom?

    259. Bob Mack says:

      Chairperson of the EU Court just announced they will give a verdict on 4th Dec, one week before Mrs May has the meaningful vote. Fair play to them.

    260. Dr Jim says:

      Scottish Tories jumping up and down to please Theresa May like they all want jobs as milk monitors

    261. gus1940 says:

      Presumably those media outlets which have received invitations to May’s propaganda meeting today in a Scottish Factory will have been told the location.

      They have obviously been told told to keep the location secret or they would have told us hence the reason for The National being excluded.

      It would never do to have thousands of protesters present.

      I bet it will be not a million miles from Glasgow Airport to facilitate a quick in and out.

    262. Dr Jim says:

      The National has been refused access to the location by the prime minister

      Listen to Scotlands *journalists* roar with anger at fellow journos being sidelined by a political party, can’t hear it?

      Me neither

    263. call me dave says:

      Yip! In and out and the toodle-oo-the-noo will fake it all about.

      May’s meeting. Maybe it’s in a secret factory that makes a certain kind of agricultural machine that ploughs a unionist tract. 🙁

    264. Dorothy Devine says:

      Dr Jim , are they fighting for that ‘free speech ‘ thing that got them going over Leveson? No? Colour me surprised!

      “Freedom of the Press to suppress , depress , repress and oppress”

    265. Cubby says:

      The Maybots answers at PMQ’s were full of non stop lies. There was one moment of truth when she told another Tory MP not to believe everything you read in the newspapers. In Scotland you can’t believe anything you read in the Britnat controlled media.

    266. Dr Jim says:

      Even the Borders Tories are rebelling in their tea shops over their Earl Grey and cream scones

    267. galamcennalath says:

      Dr Jim says:

      Scottish Tories jumping up and down to please Theresa May like they all want jobs as milk monitors

      Well, someone has to take charge of food rationing if it all goes tits up!

    268. Dr Jim says:

      Because of the massive drop in recruitment for the UKs armed services mumblings are going on in Whitehall to reintroduce


      Which will also serve to mitigate the sudden unemployment soon to happen

      Two birds eh

      Now I can already hear people screaming Naw! it’ll never happen!……..really! really! ya think!

    269. The Prime minister visits Scotland has to keep the location secret why exactly is that?

      It is of course she is fearful of being asked some difficult questions.

      What a shitbag of a PM, what a shitbag of a party, what a shitbag of a Regime they operate in Westminster.

      What’s that smell, it the PM trying to avoid the proles.

      Common theme with the Tories, shit.

    270. Nana says:

      Big T’s location

      Chivas factory, 111 Renfrew rd, paisley, pa3 4dy

    271. galamcennalath says:

      “Brexit will make ordinary folks poorer and provoke an economic recession but we must have it, for … because … reasons and stuff you don’t understand.”

      When, in the 300+ years of the UKnotsoOK has any government ever followed a policy like this?

      It’s like a scorched earth defence against a non existent enemy!

      The best solution is for Scotland to turn its back on it all.

      However, I do sympathise with Nicola’s point that we don’t want a failed state on our borders.

    272. Nana says:

      Very fine question from Douglas Chapman mp 🙂

    273. galamcennalath says:

      “ How the right’s Brexit dream died

      Free marketeers believed that EU withdrawal could be used as a Trojan Horse to impose a new economic model on the UK. But in misreading Britain’s true nature, they sought to govern a country that does not exist “

    274. Petra says:

      @ Socrates MacSporran at 12:06pm ……. “Ross Thompson – Tory Party’s Useful Scottish Idiot.”

      Did you hear the “useless” idiot, Uriah Heep, get his PRECIOUS Union bit in? A total embarrassment for Scotland. Sooking up the backside of someone who’s treated Scotland with utter contempt. And didn’t his constituents vote to stay in the EU? Is he suffering from memory loss or what?


      @ Nana at 2:06pm …….. “Paisley Chivas closure.”

      Let’s hope that she goes there. Half of the workforce have already moved to Dumbarton and the half that’s left, in the main, can’t stand her.

    275. Breeks says:

      galamcennalath says:
      28 November, 2018 at 2:35 pm
      “Brexit will make ordinary folks poorer and provoke an economic recession but we must have it, for … because … reasons and stuff you don’t understand.”

      When, in the 300+ years of the UKnotsoOK has any government ever followed a policy like this?….

      There was terrific article a few days ago which summed up Brexit brilliantly, but sadly I didn’t bookmark it.

      It described the UK as the first country ever to impose international sanctions upon itself. 😉

    276. Cubby says:


      Good point about England turning into a failed state. Sturgeon is probably worried about all the English refugees turning up at the border wanting asylum. English babies drowning on boats coming up the Firth of Forth. A very caring person is our FM.

    277. Nana says:

      Lovely wet weather to welcome the liar May. Tory donors at the
      Bridge of Weir Leather Company

    278. Benhope says:

      Is Scotland the most supine country in the world? Despite the continuous insults, expressions of contempt and general doing down of anything Scottish we feel helpless to respond.
      Yesterday`s treatment of the first minister`s statement on Brexit has reached an all time low point by the BBC and Toodoloothenoo.

      On this site we have failed to come up with an effective response to combat the TV and MSM avalanche of lies, negativity and omission.

      Is it now time to get personal? When we meet these journalists/presenters in public should we confront them and question them about their lies and failure to perform their duties in a professional manner?

      Should tractors be able to enjoy a comfortable social life in the pubs and restaurants in the West End of Glasgow for example?

      It`s nothing to do with me, Gov, I was only carrying out editorial policy!

      Confrontation or turn the other cheek? What do Wingers think?

    279. Sandy at 27 November, 2018 at 2:11 am
      ‘Gona get nasty here.
      Once asked HYFUD what the Scots word FUD meant. Got no reply.
      To enlighten him, a FUD is a fanny, a vagina & we know what is usually excreted from that.’

      Sandy, misogynist claptrap is (or ought to be) unwelcome here.. and you ought to know better. Shame on you.

      As to what is excreted (wrong word) from a vagina..
      well, that could be: menstrual blood (as a necessary part of healthy fertility); normal internal lubricating secretions; intensified secretions during love-making; pre-birth, amniotic waters; a baby; a placenta.

      I presume you may have had something else in mind, but if so, suggest you brush up on your knowledge of anatomy and normal bodily processes.

      No offence intended.

      But, if you will bandy unpleasantmesses (a typo I’ve deliberately left) of your own imagination, especially ones that appear to be derogatory of the female sex – who have more than enough to put up with, deserve better respect, and additionally constitute vital members of the Independence movement – you should expect to get called out on it.

      Please think on!

    280. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 11:34,

      Tommy Flowers. A lad from the East End of London, if I recall correctly. His GPO team built Colossus, the pioneering codebreaking electronic computer. But due to a very strict secrecy ban he couldn’t say a word about it, so the public-at-large knew nothing about the massive achievement until relatively recently.

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