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Practice over

Posted on January 01, 2014 by

Okay. We’re done warming up.


Time to go for it properly.

Those stats aren’t too shabby, folks. Over the course of 2013, over 700,000 unique readers visited Wings Over Scotland at least once, reading over 16 million articles between them. That’s a pretty serious reach. (Despite the festive slump, December alone was still comfortably in six figures.) But we need more.

The burden of providing the Scottish people with the truth about independence has largely fallen on websites and doorknockers. Almost no Scottish media of any kind is now owned in Scotland, and our press and broadcasters instead serve the vested interests of the Union, with varying degrees of zeal. We’re no less biased than they are, but there’s a vital difference – not only do we go and seek out the facts rather than relying on whatever we’re spoon-fed by party press offices, but when we find them we give you the links so you can check them for yourselves.

It’s no small task for the tiny handful of people manning a few websites to combat the massed ranks of the mainstream political media – hundreds strong, well-connected and well-funded, and spewing misinformation, distortion and smears right into people’s faces seven days a week. But we’ve got no intention of slacking off.

This year we’re going to redouble our efforts, because this is the year that really matters. 700,000 is far too big a number to be sneeringly dismissed as a bunch of internet bampots preaching to the converted. It’s more people than voted Labour in the last Holyrood election, for example. But it’s still not enough, and to grow it into the seven figures that’ll really make a difference we need your help.

You’ve done an amazing job of spreading the word. We’re going to need you to keep at it this year, with renewed vigour. We’ll also, let’s make no bones about it, be asking you to dig into your pockets in a few weeks’ time to help us with some serious projects aimed at getting beyond the internet and right into people’s homes.

Because this is it. We’re only going to get one chance. This referendum, 307 years in the waiting, was never supposed to happen, and you can be certain it won’t be allowed to happen again, certainly not in any of our lifetimes. If not now, it’s never.

The tricks we’ll face will be many and dirty. The No camp will plumb depths that’ll make the last two years look like a kitten fight. They’ll continue to come after us, and the others, for one reason and one alone – because they’re afraid.

They’re right to be. Now let’s really give them something to be scared of.

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    98 to “Practice over”

    1. sneddon says:

      Nar bother, I’ve been shot at, bombed and stabbeed, those bastards don’t scare me but I bet we scare them.

    2. 2014 has finally arrived. Very impressive figures. Amazing work you are doing.  I definitely rely on you and one or two other sites for analysis and information.

    3. Obewan says:

      Happy New Year, Rev!

      Spring is coming.

    4. Franariod says:

      Doin a good job Rev, keep it up, not long to go 

    5. alexicon says:

      Well done to WOS and a Happy New Year to all. I’m offshore so no celebrations for me.
      “The burden of providing the Scottish people with the truth about independence has largely fallen on websites and doorknockers. Almost no Scottish media of any kind is now owned in Scotland, and our press and broadcasters instead serve the vested interests of the Union”
      Agree and this is the year that we all have to double our efforts and get out there and inform the Scottish public of not only the positives of Scottish Independence, but the negative, sometimes fantasy, campaign run by the no campaign and our so called Scottish press cohorts.
      I’d be willing to deliver leaflets stating the fact that ‘our press’ is mainly based in England and they have a vested interest in Scotland remaining under Westminster rule.
      Of course I would also be willing to highlight WOS and other pro Indy websites.
      C’mon folks this is the year we will have to inform and persued our friends, work colleagues and even some of family to vote YES. We can do it.
      Happy New Year.

    6. Alba4Eva says:

      “We’re no less biased than they are, but there’s a vital difference – not only do we go and seek out the facts rather than relying on whatever we’re spoon-fed by party press offices, but when we find them we give you the links so you can check them for yourselves.”
      This to me is the most important aspect to WoS.  (Newsnet Scotland also lives by this).
      It is to your absolute credit stu… and is the single most important factor in this sites success.  Respect.

    7. AllyPally says:

      In the words of the Alexander sister (with whom I rarely agree), Bring It On!

    8. Those that don’t use social media have also read articles I’ve printed them off & sent emails to others & asked them to share.The message is getting out. 

    9. mogabee says:

      Happy New Year to all.
      This is when we stop holding back and push that truth out. I’m doing this for my daughter…I hope she’ll appreciates it!

    10. Training Day says:

      Yes, this is it. We absolutely must win this. No regrets, no might have beens, and no fear.

      Financial contribution on its way when the word comes.

    11. Calum Craig says:

      “Because this is it. We’re only going to get one chance. This referendum, 307 years in the waiting, was never supposed to happen, and you can be certain it won’t be allowed to happen again, certainly not in any of our lifetimes. If not now, it’s never.”
      Nail, head, yes, yes. We are on the cusp of history, we need to make this happen.

    12. cath says:

      “We’re no less biased than they are, but there’s a vital difference – not only do we go and seek out the facts rather than relying on whatever we’re spoon-fed by party press offices, but when we find them we give you the links so you can check them for yourselves.” 

      And,  crucially,  you don’t pretend to be. No pro-indy blog does.  It’s there in the description.  The media who form the most visible front of the no campaign and spout press releases from whatever Westminster party they back or the UK government do pretend to impartiality and bring non-biased. despite never giving links to their often extremely dubious assertions. 

    13. My Gawd man, dae yie never stop?

    14. cath says:

      Btw Rev please ignore that first attempt that went into moderation due to picking up that stuff you hate clearing up and always want to shoot people for putting in posts. Just pretend it never happened 😉 Damned smartphones….

    15. Calum Craig says:

      Oh, and I will happily contribute to the next Wings fundraiser. I wasn’t here last year when you crowdfunded yourself to go full time on the blog but I am now.
      Let’s just leave it til February though, can we? January is always a tough month….

    16. Mealer says:

      Great work,Stu.Many thanks for your efforts so far.I’ll be happy to put in a bit more cash.I see it as an investment in my grand children’s future.They haven’t even been born yet!If you do go down the leaflet/newsletter road,be sure to keep it short and punchy.Big up the wings over brand.Listen to smart folk when it comes to design.There is no point in delivering dreary political blurge.Our cause is much bigger and more exciting than politics.I guess you know all this.

    17. David Whannel says:

      Just invited every friend there to your “Pointless Facebook page.”, twitter could do with invites, created my list for 2014 for now

    18. gordoz says:

      Thomas Muir of Huntershill
      Lets do it for all the brave minds that have gone before !

    19. Illy says:

      “We’re no less biased than they are, but there’s a vital difference – not only do we go and seek out the facts rather than relying on whatever we’re spoon-fed by party press offices, but when we find them we give you the links so you can check them for yourselves.” 
      That’s generally called “integrity”.  And that’s also the major reason why I’m behind AS on this.  He may not be the smartest pea in the pod, and he may make mistakes, but, as far as I can tell, when he says he’s going to do something, he makes a damned good effort at it.  I can’t say the same for any of the Westminster parties except the Tories.

    20. Indy_Scot says:

      I remember playing football for my primary school many years ago. Our striker was the best player in the team, and when he played I believed we could beat anyone.
      I now have that feeling again.

    21. Silverytay says:

      Well done on these figures Rev and please keep up the good work .
      Can I ask you to make sure you please stay hale and hearty , as Scotland will need your services this year more than any other .
      While I don’t often post here these days I do post links to Wings , B.F.S , Newsnet and other pro independence web sites on to my F.B page much to the disgust of some of my friends and family although there are a few signs of wee green shoots taking root with some of them .

    22. Well done, Stuart and a happy new year to you and all fellow Wingers.

    23. JLT says:

      Happy New Year, Rev. All the best for 2014.
      Just let us know when you need new funds. We are right behind you and any of the other Yes blogs / websites.
      700,000 is roughly 1 in 7 of the nation. Seriously, that is bloody good, and as this ramps up, more people will pour to this website looking for answers.
      Stuart. Just a suggestion. Is it worth creating links with headings on your main page ie on one side, have as a list the things that folk will be interested in ie Currency, EU, Defence, etc.

      When the newbies or any folk come looking for answers, they can click on a heading that interests them, and thus taken to all the necessary postings that you have done these last two years. I know it is extra work, but there a lot of folk who really can’t be bothered trawling for info. You, me, and anyone who comes here knows this as a fact. I’ve had to put up with it for two years with folk grumbling with ‘no one is telling me anything!’

      Therefore, for those folk (or any newbies), it might be best to hand it to them on a silver platter. More work for yourself I know, but at the end of the day, this is about getting info to people as easily as possible.
      As you say …there are no second chances after this.

    24. Thepnr says:

      If your feeling at all like me this morning, you will be hungover but strangely feeling very optimistic about whats to come.
      How many of you last night got into conversation with someone about Independence? Most of you I’d bet, just need to keep that up for another 8 months.
      Heres to the the mother of all parties on 19th September.

    25. Macart says:

      We’re going to do this and do it right. Westminster and better together have nowhere to go except further into the cesspit of lies and fear they love so dearly. Look at the Rev’s marathon twelve posts on last year’s campaigning from the opposition and their good buds. Can anyone, anywhere point to a single pro UK headline which lays out the future for Scotland within the union?
      It doesn’t exist does it? There simply is no future for Scotland as part of the union other than what we have right now. There is no devolution journey. There are no significant powers in waiting only more governments we didn’t vote for. More austerity and the muzzling of our parliament. Don’t be in any doubt that Westminster will have had enough of a fright that they’d move mountains to ensure that Holyrood would become nothing better than a glorified Scottish office outpost.
      If you need further proof of this then the recent reclamation of powers pertaining to energy from Holyrood by Westminster should be a heads up.
      They can and will continue to exercise this power. We can change this with one vote on September 18th this year. No more ‘in the gift of’. No more wondering when those ‘gifts’ will be taken back on a whim. They are our powers, they have been on loan for three hundred years, used, abused, squandered and now we want them back. There is nothing Westminster or BT can say or do which will make me change my vote.  So let’s get it right.

    26. velofello says:

      Great figures and wise words Rev. just waiting on your call for funding.

    27. heraldnomore says:

      So it’s grit and determination on the faces now, but can you see the smiles on the same day next year?  Onwards.

    28. Helena Brown says:

      Well I am here because my Husband found you first. Will be happy to contribute, like others could you make it February, January is pretty tough. We need to make a difference and we need to change the No’s to YES because this is the one and only time  this century.

    29. Jock McDonnell says:

      llly:He may not be the smartest pea in the pod
      Get real 🙂
      He’s as sharp as a razor.

    30. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

      Lets make it a good one in 2014!

    31. redcliffe62 says:

      The failure of BBC Scotland to allow sole Scots commentary on political stories needs to be brought to a head. a timeline and threat not to pay the licence unless Scots are given the same rights as English Welsh and Northern Irish is required.
      Say amend in next 48 hours on all future stories in this referendum year. hard enough to debate with a PM who is hiding, let alone on the national broadcaster who ban comment for fear it is negative about them, and deservedly so.
      Not Salmond, but a senior minister should bring this up and then say do me for my licence; adding that when comments are enabled you are happy to pay that day. Win-win. No downside as puts pressure on BBC as everyone else will copy if a minister does it.

    32. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Will be happy to contribute, like others could you make it February,”

      The fundraiser will run from the end of February through March, so yes.

    33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just a suggestion. Is it worth creating links with headings on your main page ie on one side, have as a list the things that folk will be interested in ie Currency, EU, Defence, etc.”

      We’ll have something up in the next couple of days that you should find useful.

    34. sionnach says:

      Wings, my daily reality check! I don’t post much, but have been an avid reader for quite some time. It’s a sticky wicket, taking lots of spin. Wings – especially Wings, tho others also do their bit – is excellent at unpicking the half-truths, spun truths, and downright lies. I’m sure you’ll be kept very busy in the next 9 months, Stu, so please keep it up: the figures show you’re doing a fabulous job!
      I wasn’t around for last year’s crowdsourcefundraisingthingy, but count me in this time. Happy New Year to all!

    35. Ayes On The Prize says:

      Happy New Year Rev and to all of us who are working for democracy in our beloved Scotland.

      I know the leadership of YES are doing their level best,but how  I wish we had a more inspirational speaker in our ranks-one who can truly inspire ! I mean no disrespect to those who are doing their best,but I don’t feel the heather is even smoldering yet.

      I listened to Obama  speak after the Boston bombing,he spoke so powerfully of how that city would rise again and “finish the race”. Anyone listening could not fail to be moved by him.

    36. faolie says:

      Listen up WOS people. Here’s a free marketing tool which we can all use: Business Cards.
      Go to and choose 250 free business cards. Write your message, eg “Get the truth about what independence will mean”, or whatever, and the wings website address: and any other indy website you like. The only cost (@calum craig) is delivery, and you’ve got 250 cards that you can give to undecideds, or pin to supermarket notice boards or leave in a pub or do whatever you think will spread the word.
      If only even 1,000 of us do it then that’s a quarter of a million messages we can broadcast.

    37. big_al says:

      Just say the word. We’ll be there.

    38. tiderium says:

      just had wee look see at the numbers of followers on the yes and bitter websites yes is ahead by 15021 that’s a sizeable difference and appears to be growing since I last checked that in September but lost the figures. anyone here able to access the figures?

    39. Juteman says:

      Like many others, I stopped paying the BBC propaganda tax ages ago.

      I think someone mentioned before that the BBC had refused a FOI request on how many folk have stopped paying. The BBC don’t need to answer any FOI reguests.

      Does this freedom to ignore FOI’s apply to their collection agents? Would Centrica have to answer?

      It would be interesting to find out how many folk have stopped paying.

    40. Bill C says:

      Found that quite inspirational Stu. Will do all I can to help and once again thanks for all you do. I believe you have received ‘Scot of the Year’ over on Muguin’s Republic well done and thoroughly deserved. All the best to my fellow ‘Wingers’. Here’s to freedom!

    41. Roseanne says:

      Well done on all the hard work you have done. Definitely up for donating ????

    42. Jingly Jangly says:

      Happy new year Rev, just think, if a child is conceived in the next couple of weeks its possible that it could be born into a Free Scotland…

      When you think of it in that timescale is not long. I am finding that quite a few No’s/Undecided are very soft, when you explain to them about their particular issue, be it Europe, Pensions,Affordability etc they immediately become a YES, maybe a soft Yes but travelling in the right direction.

      Now and again there are the people that make you scratch your head , about 4am this morning, one girl, “Ive been poor all of my life and every country that has got independence has got richer but it takes thirty years and I will be deid by then so Im voting no”
      This for a single mum with a young girl, anyway I left it there and will have a word in the near future…

      Im really looking forward to this coming year, there will be ups and downs but the truth will prevail and the Nation will vote YES

    43. dadsarmy says:

      Happy New Year Rev and abody!
      I’ve been watching oddschecker and the odds against YES have been going down steadily. 3 at 4/1, 6 at 7/2 and Ladbrokes have suspended referendum betting.
      Not sure if there’s a history can be got of the odds, but if so it could be worth a mini-article …

    44. faolie, did posterboy or somebody naw come up a template we could aw use? It had aw the sites that would direct anybody that was undecided to.  

    45. Roseanne says:

      Don’t know where those question marks came from should have been ????

    46. Sue says:

      Choose a future over the past – vote YES in 2014.
      Happy New Year Stu and all good Wings folk everywhere.

    47. JnrTick says:

      All the very best to you and yours Rev.

      The return of a ‘NO’ in September as we’ll all agree is utterly unthinkable, that said, should we fail, as long as there is breath in my body this fight will not disappear, it will not be ‘Put to bed once and for all’ as we increasingly hear.

      Many who have voted SNP, new recruits becoming members, those who haven’t done so who hail from other political backgrounds but have nailed their independence for Scotland  colours to the mast will have a new mission and will be even more determined to ensure this ever growing movement takes Scotland to where it belongs, home rule.  

    48. PickledOnionSupper says:

      Happy New Year to everyone on Wings! Have really enjoyed reading WoS in 2013, and sure its going to get even better this year. My new year’s resolutions to give up (or at least cut down on!) a couple of vices will hopefully mean saving a few pennies, so I’ll put them in a jar till the fundraiser!  

    49. Richard says:

      happy new year.
      i am up for printing some cards if you are ok with that. If you provide the links on here to wee ginger dug, NewsnetScotland, Derek bateman, Bella etc it would only need a simple message
      ‘you have read the papers on Scottish Independence. Go to Wings for a balancing view’

    50. James123 says:

      These numbers are very impressive but please bear in mind folks that “unique visitors” in Analytics are so unreliable they are meaningless, 700,000 different people have not visited this site, would be great if it were true but it isn’t. Would also like to see the geographic breakdown, so we could see what percentage of visits come from Scotland, i.e. from people who are actually eligible to vote.
      What is certain is that the readership of sites like WOS is growing rapidly and they are going to be vital in the run up to the referendum.

    51. mksean says:

      Happy New Year to all.This year there is an event happening that i have been waiting for since i before i cast my first vote.Difference is, this time every single vote really will count.

    52. dadsarmy says:

      Cards is an exceedingly good idea. Best thing so far from either campaign is the train ticket from BT, destination unknown. It needs countering, though hopefully YES have something in mind for nearer the day.
      Message simple I think on the card, white space sells in marketing.

    53. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

      Great tool. Just got 500 ordered and posted for £8.49.
      Here was my effort

    54. msean says:

      Don’t know how,but a letter ‘k’ seems to keep inserting itself in the msean  username.I meant to say that the regional breakdown of the figures on that link show how important every vote is.

    55. Chic McGregor says:

      Happy New Year everybody.  
       Here’s hoping the next one will be even happier and the great work of Stuart and others on line in countering the unionist cabal and their compliant cronies in The MSM will play a very big part in whether that happens.

    56. msean says:

      Made a right mess of that post with the link,sorry.

    57. Derick Tulloch says:

      No bad
      ££ when you need it

    58. Boorach says:

      Congrats Rev Stuart… only another 50K to go and you’ll have 3 times the number of unique visitors on here than my van has miles on the clock! 🙂

    59. Papadocx says:

      Westminster is TERRIFIED OF LOSING SCOTLAND HENCE VENOM,  MONEY AND BILE being thrown into their NO campaign, and hence no devo max option, that would expose their hand as A BUSTED FLUSH. and build our self confidece.

    60. Jingly Jangly says:

      This might have been posted earlier, bit of a sleep in today!!!
      Anyway further info in the Herald  from SNP – Panelbase poll last month.

    61. Richard says:

      @Scott Minto (aka Sneekyboy)
      that is classy. Are you able to share the template?

    62. Ericmac says:

      Happy New Year one and all.
      The year of homecoming. 
      How to boost the WOS figures.
      1. The cards @faolie a brilliant idea to spread wings to the uninitiated. 
      2. A wings meeting or debate with decent press releases and special guests like McAlpine, Riddoch and others
      3. A big Wings poster on a billboard just off the motorway Into Glasgow and Edinburgh
      4. Everyone who posts or comments into other blogs, change theit avatar to a pair of wings
      5. Wings badges and membership. 
      6. template for a letter to 50 of our neighbours inviting them to Wings
      7. Wings monthly meeting in 8 major cities
      8. New wings poll
      9. Consider Rbutr to drive people to Wings rebuttals 
      10. An understanding of who the Wingers are… And what areas Of the country are covered.  Local groups set up and encouraging each other.
      11. Set up Wingspedia staffed by volunteers to take the Wings stories and ensure they are available by subject search or FAQ. 

    63. Ericmac says:

      my old grandfather used to say, ‘You can do anything you like, as long as you take the consequences’

    64. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “700,000 different people have not visited this site, would be great if it were true but it isn’t.”

      Says who?

    65. Midgehunter says:

      A very happy new year to all Wingers and of course the captain Rev Stu who stands on the bridge guiding WOS but working harder than any stoker!
      After the last game of 2013 it was 12 to nil for the Rev All-Stars team  🙂
      You need funds, you’ll get it and some more when a new Wings poll is ordered – can’t wait for that one …!

    66. tony o'neill says:

      God bless Scotland for her most important new year ever! and everyone here too who beleives and fights for freedom.

    67. alexicon says:

      Remember folks most of the population of Scotland are not connected to the internet.
      Print off articles, photo copy and leaflet homes also has to be done.
      Don’t just rely on the web.

    68. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “i am up for printing some cards if you are ok with that.”

      You don’t need my permission, man. Go for it.

    69. Andy-B says:

      Happy New Year to one and all.
      Well done Rev, I’m pretty sure you’ve inspired many visitors to your site, to take a stand,against Westminster, and a step towards independence.
      We shall delve into the fold, and emerge victorious, on the 19th of September.
      Will there emerge in the future a William Dunbar or a  Walter Bower, to write of the exploits of yourself and others who took a stand and told the truth.
      Which led to independence, and a better future for Scots, I sincerely hope so.
      I have a good feeling about the up and coming referendum, I feel the negativity of the BT camp and the MSM doesn’t match the mood of the Scottish public as a whole, and as such a YES vote will prevail.

    70. James123 says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      700,000 different people have not visited this site, would be great if it were true but it isn’t.
      Says who?
      Hi Rev, when someone visits your website Analytics simply places a cookie in that particular browser. So for example if someone clears cookies and visits again they will be counted as 2 unique visitors. Or if they use another browser on their comp they will be counted as another unique visitor. They could check your website on their laptop at home, on their phone and on their pc at work and be counted as 3 unique visitors. These are just some examples as why they cannot be relied on and there are many more.
      I’m not having a go Rev, you’ve done an amazing job and 3 million visits is an astonishing number, I’m just saying that unique visitor numbers are famously unreliable.

    71. Patrician says:

      @Jingly Jangly 1:27
      I agree about how easy it is to change some of the soft no voters to Yes.  It took so little effort I couldn’t really take any of the credit, they just needed to spend 30 seconds thinking about it to change to Yes.

    72. David Lyon says:

      Arguing over cookies is silly — most people do not clear them and are not aware of them. I would expect the variance would be less than 5% accounting for that.

      Two browsers similarly are not going to account for many users.

      For every user who checks the site on 3 devices, you could have an equal number of people checking it through a common gateway.

      In other words… all of this is within a reasonable margin of error. You’re not going to lose 100,000 unique visitors to these accounting errors.

    73. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Arguing over cookies is silly — most people do not clear them and are not aware of them. I would expect the variance would be less than 5% accounting for that.”

      Also, GA tends to undercount, not overcount. As I may have said before, a good friend of mine runs a very successful PC gaming site, with monthly uniques in seven figures. They used to get their data from Analytics, but now pay thousands of pounds a year to ABC (the same people used by newspapers) for officially accredited and verified stats, and the ABC numbers are almost 60% higher than those they still get from Analytics, for a variety of technical reasons.

      That sort of adjustment would put us well over 1.1m, but as I’ve said in the picture cap, I’m happy to stick with what we can actually show some sort of evidence for. Any loss to people logging in from multiple places is likely to be balanced by those who use blockers, anonymous browsers, etc etc.

    74. Les Wilson says:

      O/T Watching BBC news today ( world News ) I just caught something about a program on sometime on Saturday Morning, it is groups talking about how to further democracy, I think it is broad based and for wide consumption. Not about Indy but democracy in general. So perhaps those interested might want to keep an eye out for it. It will be interesting to see what they want the world to think, and compare with what they are actually allowing here. ( I was on kitchen freeview so could not rewind to get all the details, but I will look on Sky, if I find it I will post the time it is on ) 

    75. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

      Its one of the free templates… theres only a dozen or so… but with the text replaced as per my link

    76. Kipper says:

      Nothing frightens or excites me more than this. I was thinking some kind of business card sized fact sheet/leaflet and one point to a website like this might be a good idea? Something that can be kept on hand or be strategically left at appropriate moments.

      Edit: And I see Minto beat me to it!! Good man. I think the others are right in that it will take leaflets, cards and personal touch to win this as the internet only gets us a core and informs the activists. We need that huge number of “don’t knows” and try to win over the “no” voters too hopefully as no doubt some are only that by default and can be won over with facts, figures and perhaps even the hope it could provide.

      Is it maybe a good idea to make any cards pointing to here look more neutral rather than have it say “VOTE YES” slap bang on the front?

    77. Calum Craig says:

      Stuart, could you make some Wings logos available that people could use for cards/ posters/ avatars etc? A few PNGs/ JPGs in different dimensions would be pretty useful I think.
      @faolie. What’s with the dig man?

    78. Calum Craig says:

      Also Stuart, is there any way you could make the website a bit friendlier on phones? It takes a wee while to load pages and navigating around is a little clunky. I imagine this is because of the number of comments on most pages?
      Would it be possible for example to hide comments until a button is clicked if the site detects a mobile browser? Something like the Guardian mobile site if memory serves me correctly?
      Just a thought.

    79. Skotti says:

      One way to help publicize this website and other news sources would be for readers to set up a default eMail signature (i.e.on your eMail client Outlook, firebird etc.) which automatically appends info on to every eMail they send
      e.g. with text such as…
      For news, articles on Scotland and the referendum, check out…


    80. A2 says:

      Great stats but…

      Are unique visitors actually unique? I’ve accessed the site from at least 4 different locations on different machines and assume i’m counted a unique (blush) from each.
      sure I’m not the only one.

    81. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Gordoz at 12.12
      Muir of Huntershill’s story is amazing and almost unknown in today’s Scotland.
      My uncle had nearly finished a book bout him when he died. I ‘m not sure where it is now 

    82. Hetty says:

      A bit anyway. Just looking to see what is happening in Edinburgh today, came across The Edinburgh Reporter online, has a video of A Salmond’s New Year message, below that, the better together campaign video, (!) and below that the Yes Scotland latest vid. I posted a comment though as the proprietor’s comment was that we need ‘more debate from both sides’ in the New Year. They ‘hope to bring you more info about both sides’. No idea why they seem to be lacking in info from the YES campaign and what with er, the White Paper available at the touch of a button. Still I might visit again just to keep up with whats going on eh! I mentioned WOS in my comment, tho said comment not viewable yet. 

      Happy New Year to all, much to do in the coming months, thank god for sites like WOS. 

    83. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      “We have achieved a great duty in these critical times. After the destruction of so many years, we have been the first to revive the spirit of our country and give it a National Existence.”
      —Thomas Muir, 1798

      There is a pretty exhaustive account of Muir’s amazing life on Wikepedia and well worth the 15 minutes I have just spent on it. Burns is believed to have written “Scots Wha Hae” in honour of Muir after Muir’s death in France where he was a a national hero

    84. PRJ says:

      How about TV advertising it can address two issues one the bias and the other attracting new viewers. A joint effort maybe from others i.e. Newsnet.

      the cost could potentially be covered by crowd funding.

    85. David Halliday says:

      First and last time I’m going to presume to suggest anything for the site.
      I agree completely re cards and leaflets pointing to it but wonder if it would be an idea to have a specific, introductory or landing page for visitors from that source. They’re more likely to be more or less new to the debate and I can see how simply coming to the site might be overwhelming. An initial page with some key facts and then links by subject would maybe let them get the most from the site, most easily, at their pace?

    86. TootsCapoot says:

      Happy New Year All ….it’s going to be a great one!
      Thinking about ways to get both Wings and facts out there …. would it be possible to get the site advertised on the sides of buses/taxis and have posters up on bus shelters, with not only the website info but a series of snappy facts (such as how much money Scotland has overpaid into the union / how much of an oil fund Norway has / meeting our clean energy targets / how much we pay for the BBC etc.,) just a list of facts that really pop out.  Maybe accompanied by some great cartoon work to draw the eye.  People, with or without internet access, will stand at bus stops (often for ages!) and look at the posters simply as they’re unavoidable.  If the information is punchy and the artwork eye catching then it should linger in the memory. Maybe run a wee competition with the Arts Schools …. get them involved as well.
      I agree with Eric’s comment about having a series of local Wings support hubs …. after speaking to some chronic no voters, such a hub would be a very much needed tonic!
      Would a companion youtube channel help, as a focal point for all vids instead of being scattered throughout various threads? 
      What about organising a debate off the back of a poll result you run, say after the Euro elections?
      What about a poll taken specifically from those in the business sector?
      Adverts in the Metro / small local papers? 
      Get more articles in from groups like Labour/Con/Lib Dems for Indy …. to more heavily underline just how broadbased the yes campaign really is and to find out more about what they are about as new entities.
      I take the view that WoS hubs could be more dynamic and focused than the official yes campaign and that approach will be vital these coming months.  Not least because it could act as a co-ordinator for very localised groups (ie) churches will run activities for the elderly etc) and could provide info/a speaker.  
      Last but not least you should buy out the Scotsman.  By the end of the year it should be going for about £1.50 

    87. Chickenhawk 2 says:

      Thomas Muir of Huntershill.
      Compare his treatment by the Establishment with what is happening now. The only reason they are not meting out the same to prominent independence figures is that times, and the attendant publicity, have moved on and would not be stood for now. But oh how they would love to have the power.  Are you reading this, GCHQ, the next best thing, and the spies which are no doubt in place now.

    88. Jim Arnott says:

      Skotti, I’ve done an email signature as well which goes out with all the emails I send. I find I have to amend them slightly for my iPhone and my nexus tablet. It is really very easy to do.

      Ha e also used vista print cards – chose same free template.

      Like the ideas put forward by ericmac. 

      Would be good if everyone shared their ideas of how best to get the message over.

    89. faolie says:

      @calum craig, sorry, no dig  I only mentioned you because you said Jan was hard, which it is, but the biz cards only cost the price of delivery.  No offence meant  

    90. JLT says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      700,000 different people have not visited this site, would be great if it were true but it isn’t.
      Says who?
      If we were to reverse the nations, and say it was England. Well, it is close to 1 in 7 having looked at Wings. Do this to England with a population of around 50 million, and it would translate as roughly 7.5 million people would have looked at Wings. That is a helluva lot. 
      Even then, it is said that only 4 million people will vote in the referendum. That knocks it down to just under 1 in 6 (actually 1 in 5.71 adults).
      You have to remember, we are a smaller population up here, and it is a more rural society unlike England. Large gaps lie between the Central Belt, the Borders, the Highlands, the Islands and Grampian. Word of mouth is harder here as we are really relying on the Internet to get the message out. If the Government could somehow shut down the Internet (which BT would sell their souls for), then believe me …our campaign would end instantly. It would be ‘game over’. If that was to happen, how else do we get the message out, when we rely so heavily on people like Stuart and all the other websites.
      So personally …700,000 people is a bloody good at this point, and the numbers will go stratosphere once this really does ramp up.
      There is a shift. I think we can sense it.

    91. Calum Craig says:

      @Faolie, OK, no offence taken- for what it’s worth I have used Vistaprint in the past for family calendars and found their service pretty good.

    92. gordoz says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill & @Chickenhawk
      Scandal that the kids never here of such a hero; all we can do is keep his memeory alive.
      I only got interested after hearing Dick Gauaghan sing about him in this powerful song on a new year show some years ago. Never fogot it  and visited the memorial on way from Calton Hill after Colin fox (SSP) mentioned it during his speech. 

    93. Chickenhawk 2 says:

      Gordoz and Dave Hill.
      O/T and a bit of a diagonal. Re the Old Calton Cemetery. At the rally. I also went in, but to see the Lincoln memorial, since I always have had a thing about the Civil War. And also Davy Hume’s.  The unkept condition of the graveyard is terrible. I wondered what any Americans must think, and there must be lots, when they come in.

    94. ScottyC1314 says:

      Inspiring stuff Rev….maybe you could turn it into a speech and deliver it in an Al Pacino ‘Any Given Sunday’ style 😉

    95. Wee Jonny says:

      Said it before, Wings has been the best site I’ve found. The downside is my wife says she’ll divorce me as I’m on it as soon as I come home and have became far more sinynical about nearly everything that’s on t.v. Have just ordered her a Yes t.shirt, jacket and umbrella to go with mine. Should have my car covered in Yes signs by February.  Looking forward to attending a Yes event or two this year. Great work Rev. 

    96. Alan Simpson says:

      Hey guys, who is admin of this site?

      I own a print company in Paisley and I am happy to provide flyers/banners/Business cards etc. at drastically reduced prices to help you spread the word for this important resource.
      Need to contact me? alan [dot] simpson [at] minutemanpress [dot] com

    97. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Hi Alan. I may very well be calling on your services in the next few weeks, in that case…


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