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Posted on January 02, 1968 by

For off-topic chat. Duh.

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    1. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Tinto, watched your selections of old filums for our delectation yesterday. They don’t make them like that anymore. As you say the first one the landscape was bleak, but that was how it was after the war and into the early fifties. I can remember when rationing was stopped, I was just a wee lassie then, but it meant that I got some sweeties that you didn’t often get before,

      Anyway how are you and Mrs TC and the chielettes. All well at Tinto Towers I hope. Whit hiv ye din wi Harvey, he hisnae hud a mention fur a while.

      Like everyone else, I’m getting weary of all this staying in and nowhere to go anyway. The highlight of our social life this days is a trip to Aldi’s for the messages. A trip out for Mr C and myself. I’ve been having a rest from posting for a while, I find that I can’t be bothered arguing the toss with some of the folk and the trolls theses days.

      I walk a lot with the dug these days, and the hoose has never been so clean. All the furniture shifted and cleaned behind. One of the granweans asked the other day, what are we going to do at Christmas, you’ll have all the cleaning done several times over. We usually have a big clean then get the decorations up. I find the darker nights to be a bit of a trial. I’m not used to being in the house as much. Usually out at my dance classes, oh well, back to the jigsaws.

      Take care folks. Dan I hope your toothache gets attended to soon, as Rabbie said, “it’s the hell o a’ diseases”.

    2. Cactus says:

      Thought(s) of the week:

      Week 42

      – It would be curiously interesting to hear what the folks from the European Union think (or know about already) the present situation within the present led Scottish Government. It also makes me now wonder what things did NS actually discuss with the continental Peoples of Mainland Europe. How much could or do they know?

      – Scotland’s independence… the one thing Unionists can’t stop talkin’ about. SO what about us?!

      – Only now 2% remaining to get to over 60% Yes (whatever that might achieve or stimulate.).

      – This Year 2020 is known in the Chinese calendar as Year 4717.

      – The SNP Manifesto 2021: Perfect, say this document has been leaked by the SNP and that this IS indeed their 2021 manifesto – Get them to declare it is NOT their manifesto – Make them state their reasons for not agreeing to the wording (and which parts do they agree with), make them deny it, let them publicly disown this democratic manifesto, make the People of Scotland wonder… “Why doesn’t the leadership agree with it, the Scottish National Party leadership actively support independence, don’t they, right?” Make our electorate expect it. Yes, the other leaders of our international community should look upon this process and proposed manifesto favourably, checkmate genius. Could 2014’s Cassetteboy (or some other skilled cutter) do an edit of all the words, spoken by NS and put together in a manifesto speech VOW (as originally composed below by Rev):

      “We believe that the Scottish people are sovereign, and we hereby announce our intention to declare Scotland independent and submit that intention to the will of the people in this election for their approval.

      Accordingly, if the Scottish National Party should secure more than 50% of the constituency votes in this election, we will consider that a clear mandate to withdraw from the Treaty Of Union, declare Scotland to once more be an independent state, and seek recognition from the international community on the basis of Chapter 1, Article 1 of the UN Charter, the right of all peoples to self-determination, that self-determination having been expressed by this vote.

      Should the UK Government wish, we are willing to confirm that mandate via a referendum, to be held no later than three months from the date of the election, on the same question as that used in 2014. If no such referendum is requested or conducted, the declaration of independence based on the election result will automatically be considered to stand.

      Upon the secure establishment of independence, a new general election will be called immediately.

      With regard to other policies, our current positions on all issues remain unchanged, and all future legislation will be brought before the Parliament, debated and voted on in the normal manner.”

      Signed on behalf of Scotland,
      Wings Over Scotland.

      Share the draft Manifesto for Independence 2021 further online via social media and other inventive ways. Once again, make the SNP leadership publicly disown it. That action alone should speak volumes to people who are listening. Let the pressure build further upon the incumbents. SO to be sneeky, it’s like making the SNP leadership make a ‘VOW’ to their own manifesto hehe, all it would need is an autograph at the bottom. A crowdfunded postcard mailshot yeah, how much for 1,000,000 postcards? (x4 postcards per sheet of A4, that’s 250,000 sheets of paper/card) Pending the next Wee Book… could it be worth considering an interim project of something like: The ‘Wee Blue Manifesto’. The best thing is, you can then post the postcard on again to the next 1M Scottish people. It could also work well as a calling card. Yes, times juan sheet of A4 paper/card divided into 4 quarters, you then have your 1 million manifesto postcards. We had our Declaration of Arbroath back in 1320, so this would be a very timely contribution and reintroduction for 2020. Ah, “to be from these evils…” I’m in.

      All every reader needs to do is: Press and P… then press .

      – Come 1st January 2021 does anyone believe that whoever is Prime Minister of the UK, is NOT going to announce some kind of EVELesque speech that very Friday morning. It’s at that point, previous European protections are no longer available to Scotland… what happens then?

      – I do believe in the power of Wings.

      – Is there an election / referendum / vote imminent or something… it’s seven long months to May ’21 and I’m already receiving PPB bumph thru the post and also as seen on a guest tv.

      – Quality flick again and thx TC for sharing “The Long Memory”, that was a really good movie with some devilishly distinguished characters and excellent acting, Eva Eva-baby like. Especially “The Long Shot” from yon Clint Eastwood dude with the rifle at the end of the movie… “whistle whistle”. Hi Marie Clark, wishing ye well x.

    3. Marie Clark says:

      Hi prickly one, how are doing, hope you’re well. Take care and keep safe.

    4. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, Marie. Glad you are still dropping in here and monitoring quality, or in my case, pure kwality.

      AOK at The Towers but we missed The Wee One terribly during total house arrest. Fortunately she remembered us and my grate jokes. She beat me at three-card brag two weeks ago so things going swimmingly in the education dept.

      Harvey is a bit fragile at the mo because he thinks the goldfinches are laughing at him but he’s looking forward to Christmas and the chestnut stuffing. Have a Kool Yule yourself with all the fambly.

      @C-Man: loved The Rev’s Declaration of Bath too but I wouldn’t place much hope in the EU post-31/12/20. We’ve chosen not to be independent and the Europeans will just negotiate the best deal they can get with Bojo for assets like our fishing.

      That “long shot” Flint Yeastfood fillum: I’ve been trying to remember its title. It’s the one where he kills the baddy on a rock with a shot from incredibly long range in an arid landscape, innit? Any ideas what it’s called?

    5. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: loved that scene. That whole desperate, precarious bit of juggling for balance on the edge of disaster fair summed up my professional “career” 🙂 .

      That wasn’t actually the film I think I remember: Clint shoots the guy on the rock in the head from an impossible range with a time delay for added dramatic tension. Or does my mind deceive me?

      Still recovering from that foatie on the M/T with our leader grinning beside that creepy dork in a dress.

      Was it for this the clay grew tall?

      “Weasels, rip my flesh!” he Zappa’d.

    6. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Nah, you’ve got me there.

      Still haven’t had peace to see The Long Memory but it’s top of the list.

    7. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      This Eastwood film – could it the The Eiger Sanction?

    8. Tinto Chiel says:

      Don’t think so, Ian. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve imagined it, since I’ve checked his list of fillums and none seems to fit. Might have been a non-Yeastfood fillum with the same scene with the distant shot.

      Yon chiel wot played creepy Miles Mellow in TES was father of teen heart-throb David Cassidy:NALOPKT!

    9. Clapper57 says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon

      Brian , I no longer comment on MT but felt compelled to congratulate you for calling out a particular odious individual on MT last night…..he drags this site down and when he attacks people like you then it is obvious what his real motive is….anybody who criticizes him is deemed a Sturgeon fanatic.

      Though he has ONE friend on MT who supports him and who thinks he is funny……

      I also see that if anyone deflects from what he sees as is the only relevant topic i.e. anti Sturgeon…. then he shoots them down… someone made a comment about Trump and was accused of posting crap about Trump and apparently according to him ” This was posted to try to and deviate attention away from the core topic “….as in the ONLY topic he EVER wants to talk about constantly….as self imposed site moderator.

      As an ex SNP member who is critical of Ms Sturgeon’s leadership, where in previous threads I have said my piece, I do not feel compelled to repeat same thing over and over again. At least others on MT are adding new issues to this topic and not rehashing same old tired sheeite and constantly judging others contributions and condemning them also resorting to insulting them personally and categorising them as…….. Sturgeon fanatics….unfairly.

      Since when , after an appropriate time , can one NOT be able to add a comment that one wants without another contributor stating not allowed…..I used to enjoy adding comments…. now I just cannot do it…still read what Rev posts and support him.

      It is quite depressing…as if not depressed enough I have no energy or inclination to comment….and I for one am not confident enough to comment and be berated and belittled…I think my type of comments are no longer welcome on this site. and I am not a strong enough person to try….glad you are.

      Best wishes to you, Tinto , JGedd, IanB and all others on OT.

      Hope everyone on here is well and have a good day/evening

    10. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Aye, Clapper57, he’s becoming rather tedious.

    11. Marie Clark says:

      Clapper 57, I know just how you feel. I’ve been taking time out from most of it. Like yourself I read it, but quite honestly more times than not, I just can’t be bothered.

      This long year with the virus is taking it’s toll on a lot of people’s mental health. I’m a glass half full gal, but even I feel it at times. Don’t comment much anywhere now, sometimes on WGD. I’ll come back to the fight when I can muster some energy for it.

      While I’ve mentioned WGD Paul has a crowdfunder going, canne dae the linky thing. Have a look on his sight and see if you have a spare bawbee to give to it.

      Take care Clapper 57 and stay here and rest among your friends.

    12. Clapper57 says:

      @ Marie Clark @ 12.23pm


    13. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper and Marie Clarke: cheer up, Laydees! My autumn collection previews next Monday: a riot of aubergine, russet and heliotrope erupting over the wacky world of Torrance-tribute tank-tops, male hot pants, culottes and plus-fours.

      Tried to post some exclusive shots but my digital skills are sadly lacking.

      And this is for JGedd: hope you are improving by the day. Heard this on The Third Programme (timewarp still active in Auld Cadzow area) today and thought you might like it, being a soffisticate:

      First encountered his piano work in “Rope”.

    14. Marie Clark says:

      Tinto, oh be still my beating heart. I cannae wait for the new collection. Wonder what oor ain smallaxe would have made of that.

      Careful noo, remember, one day your cock o’ the walk, next your a feather duster.

    15. Marie Clark says:

      Tinto, just read that again, the last remark was meant to be humorous, sorry if it reads as kind of sharp. Not meant that way.

    16. Lizg says:

      Marie Clarke @ 9.09
      While it was good of you to make sure, I thought you’d like to know, I thought you were being funny too.
      And if I know Brian …when he turns up he’ll tell ye the same thing and reassure ye that he did not think ye sharp.

      I only turned up here ( funnily enough) because Smallaxe was on my mind too.

      A wee dig at Paul WGD on the main thread earlier , that , might/might no have got nasty had me just about to post … the humanity and “Peace Always” ethos taught by oor Smallaxe runs far too strong BTL with far too many on this site to buy the shit yer selling pal… So don’t even go there …

      Of course then the news about Ginger came in and that put the kibosh on their stupid…

      But all that sent me lookin at old conversations….. my that man was a Gem Marie wasn’t he !!!
      And Cearc ??? 🙂 whit a wummin….. I’m now resolved to try even harder to suppress my natural Bitch ( not a whole lot I can do about my resting Bitch face 🙂 but still come to the Wings stall I’ve never bitten anyone …yet… ) and be mindful of Smallax and how he accepted every bit of the Yes movement for what it was and for what it can be…. as best I can….
      Peace Always my off topic friends xxxx

      AND ….. Just on the off chance that ye ever look in…. My very Best as Always to you and yours Mrs Smallaxe xxx I think of ye often 🙂

    17. Tinto Chiel says:

      Morning, Marie: don’t give it a thott. I was laughing anyway and you should hear what my carer calls me. Almost split my eau de Nil culottes.

      Sad to hear about Spencer Davis. Think he was a Plaid Cymru supporter, like yon mad-haired Michael Sheen.

      Stevie Winwood’s still on the go, though:

    18. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      Typing of things Welsh…

      During my time as DJ in Jaspers Rock Club at the Tay Hotel in Dundee (!989-1995), every two years, a large flock of Welsh rugby fans booked in for the weekend of the Scotland v Wales game at Murrayfield.
      It made sense for them to get cheaper accommodation in Dundee and travel down to and back from Edinburgh after the gemme.

      Onnyhoo, I always made a point of playing this track on the Friday and Saturday nights of the rugger weekend. Went down well with the Welsh peeps.

      It’s from Argent’s live album “Encore”. The middle 8 was the bit that went down more than well.

    19. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      For TC and Ronnie…

      Volume on the first one needs turned up but get the volume back down before the second!

    20. Tinto Chiel says:

      Ah, I see what you mean about “We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside”. Coincidentally, MRD was Welsh, did you pure ken?

      Not much of a singer but she stuck the fingers up to all the hypocrisy of the time and did well for herself eventually. That whole Stephen Ward thing was very murky and there must have been lots going on below the surface with the security services.

      I’ve enrolled her in my “Did you know they were Welsh?” club along with Tommy Cooper and Ian (State Licensed Jester) Hislop, although the little squirt seems to hate being reminded he was born in Mumbles. Was there not a programme where he was also embarrassed by having a Gaelic-speaking relative in the Hebrides?

    21. Tinto Chiel says:

      Something for the weekend, campers: lots of Scottish interest, from the original Scottish author (Shettleston’s finest) to the wonderful location shots:

      You’re welcome!

    22. Marie Clark says:

      Morning folks, and a very wet and windy one it is too here in the south west.

      Mr C has taken himself off for a day or two and I have the weekend to myself. Oh my, I dinnae ken how I’ll manage withoot his instruction to keep me right. Aye right, I’m planning to do nothing for a wee change. I don’t even have the wee dug to walk as she is away with her other human. I’ll think about what I’ll do later, I’m kinda busy doing nothing just now.

      Hope everyone is well and managing to avoid the dreaded virus. We seem to have an outbreak in the local care home which is a bit worrying. One poor soul has died, very sad for all concerned.

      I see the WGD is slowly improving, and he’s being moved away from the charming wee bigot in the next bed. Can I just give a wee mention to his crowdfunder, details on Paul’s sight. It started away well but has slowed somewhat. I know times are not easy cash wise for a lot of us, but if you can give a wee bit for one of the stalwarts of the indy campaign, I’m sure it’ll be very welcome.

      Have a good day everyone, I know I’m going to enjoy mine. Take care.

    23. Dan says:

      @ Tints (your cool weekend sunglasses wearing handle)

      Up ^^^ somewhere you asked about birds. (The feathered kind rather than the ones that used to be on the side of Tennents Lager tinnies)*

      I spoke with an acquaintance today who is up the curve on such things and he mentioned the kestrel population has been in decline for years. Possibly due to reduced margins at the edges of fields reducing their prey’s habitat, and also competition from the likes of buzzards.
      He has ringed young buzzards on a nest and found they had been feeding on a Kestrel.
      We set up a trail cam last winter like the one in the wildlife crossing stream vid I posted previously, and captured footage of various owls, buzzards, rats, and even a red squirrel feeding on and investigating the carcass of a deer. I was hoping we may have seen a wildcat but it was a mild winter so they would be less likely to opportunistically take advantage of a deer carcass to feed on as they would still be able to feed on their normal meals of mice and the like.

      Crazy wet weather this weekend so no chimney work undertaken, instead spent some time in the woods digging channels to drain the flooded tracks that through years of neglect make them a muddy quagmire and pretty much impassable in wet weather.
      Folk go on about land reform but with that it will mean taking on the responsibility of managing the land. It is actually pretty enjoyable doing the graft and seeing the improvement it brings.
      While I was wet and mucky I also spent an hour clearing an area of overgrown pavement which had become blocked by weeds and brambles again rendering it impassable. I’m sure the local council will acknowledge my effort and reduce my council tax by the appropriate amount…

      *My bro-inlaw worked at Tennents back in the day, and they once had a printing error on a run of the lager tins which resulted in one the ladies having what looks like a manly appendage showing through their lace dress.
      Those “limited edition” tins were known as The Tadger Cans.

    24. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan The Man: thanks for the informed ornithological info. We never saw buzzards Where I Am until roughly the late 90s but now they are common feeding on roadkill on the M74. We used to get excited spending holidays in Ardgour and Ardnamurchan because when we saw them there we felt we were in the wilds and had truly arrived.

      Coincidentally, around that time the red squirrels and green woodpeckers disappeared from our neighbourhood. I’m a bit perturbed by your carnivorous squirrel: what has happened to cute ickle wickle squirrel nutkin?

      “I’m sure the local council will acknowledge my effort and reduce my council tax by the appropriate amount…” Now that WAS funny!

      “They once had a printing error on a run of the lager tins which resulted in one the ladies having what looks like a manly appendage showing through their lace dress.”

      Tennent’s was just ahead of its GRA time, surely, or mebbe Daddy Bear worked there in an executive capacity in those days 😉 .

    25. Cactus says:

      Evening y’all, thought(s) for Week 43 of 53, now in the past tense:

      – Nothing new of note to share, just wondering if anyone is getting dressed up for Halloween ’20 this year… cause in lieu of these current sociable standings, I’m considering getting out and putting on my Batman costume this Saturday, Boof!

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Cactus –

      Have been doing a Batman impersonation here for months, climbing the walls…


    27. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @C***** –

      Ach, FFS, forgot again…

      I was just saying that loads of us have been doing Batman impersonations for months, climbing the walls…


    28. Cactus says:

      You’re right there with the climbing of the wa’s Ian Brotherhood.

      Some of us climb and some of us just hang around.

      This Halloween could be known as… H20.

      Ye feeling thirsty. 🙂

    29. JGedd says:

      Posted this link at the bum end of a thread on MT. Should have posted it here where people might be more given to reflection, being the soffisticates they are. ( Is that enough basting with butter then?)

      Our own local difficulties called to mind this novella, ‘Flatland’, published in the Victorian age & recalled how effective it was as a satire in any age, including our own. For those who haven’t read it, the Wikipedia link is pretty explanatory.

    30. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I laughed seeing you post that on the main thread. What have I told you about posting such stuff there?

      That book seems so clever my bwain certainly couldn’t cope with it. Coincidentally, I’m having a 2D compass bearing problem in the real 3D world which involves allowing for the difference between magnetic north and grid north. I can see this small eminence on the distant horizon but it’s off the OS sheet WIA and so it’s hard to follow a bearing on the next one, if you get my meaning. I believe MN and GN will be almost the same in the Glasgow area in a few months’ time but it’s still driving me mad carrying over the angle onto another sheet.

      Vasco da Gama, ya bass!

      This butter’s lovely…….

    31. David says:

      Warning – Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
      To be honest this is also Not Safe For Play, and frankly Not Safe For Any Time…

      Video from 1995, showing a US group performing one of their club hits on a Brazilian tv programme “Xuxa”.
      Just one thing – the show is for kids, and the song is for adults…
      20 Fingers feat. Sandra Gillette, singing ‘Short Dick Man”. It might be Richard Leonard’s theme song but I doubt it.

      Watch, and take your chin off the floor! 🙂

    32. Dan says:

      @ Tinto (back to boring weekday nomenclature)

      I was concerned my wording might give the impression of crazed meat eating squirrels. Maybe a comma would have helped separate those doing the eating from those doing the investigating.
      In mitigation I failed my English O grade, but passed my French somehow, possibly because I was more attentive dans le class Francaise due to the rather attractive French assistant…

      JGedd, a quick read of the wiki page and Flatland sounds ace! I’m picking up a hint of the Plato’s Cave Allegory, but more in wonderment of how an actual film would be made to capture the various differing dimensions.

      Dark at 5 o’ clock, and shitty wet weather to boot for the foreseeable, at this rate Santa won’t have a bloody chimney to get doon on ma hoose… 🙁
      Did manage to prepare the last course of a dozen bricks so they are ready to lay if I get a few dry daylight hours. Then it’ll be building a wooden frame and mold around the top layer of bricks so I can pour concrete and cast the first part of the lum’s crown.

    33. JGedd says:

      ‘What have I told you about posting such stuff there?’

      I know, I know but I got into a muddle through getting called away twice in the middle of typing the comment, thought I had changed over to O/T & posted in haste without checking. I is a idiot.

      (What problem are you trying to solve with your compass? How to get to Middle Earth?)

      The interesting thing about ‘Flatland’ is that as well as a social satire, Abbot was having fun with mathematics. Square, for example, in a 2-dimensional world, can be confined in a prison which is merely a rectangle. The emissary from the 3-dimensional world – Sphere – can only be perceived by Square as an expanding or shrinking circle as he arrives & departs.

      It was also a time when mathematics was being shaken up by new ideas. Towards the end of the 19th century, mathematicians were embarking on intriguing new concepts – such as imaginary numbers – which departed from traditional mathematics. In fact, these new concepts would eventually attract the attention of physicists who later, from these innovative ideas would develop quantum theory.

      However, all of this pushing the boundaries of mathematics would also inspire the creation of another work of literature (Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll) because as Charles Dodgson, he was a mathematician at Christ Church who abhorred the new mathematics, being a traditional Euclidian.

      It used to be thought that ‘Alice etc.’, was about the Freudian subconscious but now, it seems, Dodgson was being satirical about the new mathematics.

      ‘You must train yourself to believe six impossible things before breakfast.’

      Politics just seems so obvious and boring but at the same time, as bizarre as the world through the Looking Glass. Which is why when everyone is avidly discussing the present condition of Scottish politics, I find my mind wandering off to recalling ‘Flatland’, Lewis Carroll and…..

      The time has come to talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax – Of cabbages and kings – And why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings.

    34. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: so the squirrel may only have been investigating? Understood! Lang may yer lum, etc.

      @David: I suppose the easiest explanation is that Portuguese speakers wouldn’t understand it. Otherwise, FFS!

    35. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: “(What problem are you trying to solve with your compass? How to get to Middle Earth?)”

      No, it’s somewhere near Caldercruix, NL.

      Dodgson did spring to mind, since my old Penguin edition of “Alice” did stress the mathematical background. Love the beauty of Maths, but can’t understand it.

    36. Dorothy Devine says:

      I only got as far as the incredible beauty of the 9X table – after that I was lost.

    37. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thing was, Dorothy, I was ok but not great at algebra, calculus and doing chemical equations but things like trig and geometry were difficult for me, which probably explains why I find using a compass for taking a bearing rather demanding. I blame the teachers masel’.

      This has reappeared on YT: a very under-rated film noir which has an amazing shot at the start through a windae worthy of Hitchcock, although it was the last film of R.W. Neill wot done all the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films.

      Peter Lorre lorries magnificently.

    38. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve not posted an oldie for a while, so here’s one about embodiment and emotional cognition. Especially for all those who would deny an individual’s legal rights are grounded in their biology and the universality of the Natural law.

      Ronnie Cook – Super Fine Girl

    39. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here’s another early Halloween ditty that I think suitably describes the cult of British nationalism. Which our legal Establishment have pledge allegiance to, so they are not interested in defending Scotland’s democracy from Expansionist English nationalism.

      Charlie Barnet Orchestra v. Mary Ann McCall – You’ve Got Me Voodoo’d

    40. Dan says:


      Bastardin’ toothache and 50mph winds and lashing rain just isn’t a conducive environment to be working on a roof! 🙁

    41. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Lord Advocate is no doubt aware that democracy, human rights, and public health, are interconnected and mutually supportive. So his legal practice simply suggests he allows his ideological outlook to undermine the moral probity of his office.

      Given both ‘our’ parliaments appear determined to turn the clock back on social progress and public morality, I think Scots need to do more to defend their biological integrity, a.k.a. our health.

      The Premier Quartet – That Syncopated Boogie-Boo

    42. Marie Clark says:

      Sorry to hear that the toothache is still plaguing you Dan, cannae dae much aboot the wind and rain. It’s been a heluva day weather wise.

      Seeing it’s halloween, but nae guising, here’s a wee song., or if a wee bit more sophistication is for you

    43. Dan says:

      Aye Marie, the second temporary dressing has failed to settle the nerve pain so it looks like root canal treatment for me on Tuesday…Yay!
      I understand this is now possible due to a return to normal dental treatments… well just as long as more restrictions don’t kick back in over next couple of days.

      More chronic weather forecast for tomorrow as well. 🙁

      For any eager for a lumwatch update. I did manage to build a wooden mould for casting a concrete plinth on the chimney this afternoon.
      It will be cast in place as it’s easier to carry multiple buckets of concrete up a ladder than lifting what would effectively be two 3′ x 2’s.
      I mean ma abs are fab, but no for liftin’ twa slabs. #McGonagall

      Going to toon wi’ it n’ aw, as have profiled the outer edges of the mould so the overhanging plinth edge is angled downwards so it sheds drips awa’ fae the stack better.
      Plus planed down some 10mm square wooden beads that I will panel pin around the perimeter so that when the mould is removed the concrete will also have a drip recess to further reduce water running down the stack.
      Apparently back in t’day fish oil was used to coat shuttering / moulds when concrete pouring so it releases better and lessens the chances of shiz sticking and breaking chunks aff.
      Nae danger I’ll be using fancy expensive cod liver oil for that so will improvise with the sunflower oil poured aff a tin tuna! A mean, that’s fish oil tae int it? 🙂

    44. William Wallace says:

      Stu is on the rampage 🙂 I have to agree with him. MT was getting super tedious.

      Hope you are all well and thank you for the previous kind words. Sorry I did not respond earlier. I was taking some time away from OT.


      Keep me updated on the camp if you could please. I’ve a fair bit of experience (before I became a father obviously) at different protest camps and would be happy to lend my knowledge, presence and experience if it is of any benefit.

      Here’s a wee link to a protest we did down at the historical centre of sherwood forest back in 2004 in Mansfield Woodhouse.

      There were 3 of us from Scotland in the tunnel team. I’m the guy with all the beige clobber on (from about 4:45 onwards) (I’ve changed a bit obviously since then) with the other two being Kev and Andy who some of you will maybe recognise from Bilston Glen or Faslane. It was a rare laugh although we did spent most of our time pished (especially over winter).

      Still got a good few old contacts from back in the day who would probably be more than willing to help with a more direct approach to digging in should the need arise. 😉

    45. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B, Al Stuart & others

      I wish all of you the best going forward. Hard to disagree with some earlier comments that there seems little point getting dragged into arguments on here due to certain individuals being unable to contain their spamming habits: no doubt after a period of quiet after Stu’s warning it will just start all over again.

      I’ll miss interacting with some of the guid folk on here, but since it appears SFA is going to happen politically any time soon (I’m afraid I think the gradualists have probably won), no doubt some other forum will present itself in due course. None of the twitter alternatives seem to have taken off

      Hopefully I’ll get the chance to interact then or even meet some of you in person: I honestly suspect a new party is the only option. In the meantime hopefully connections can be made and meetings arranged when the time is right after Holyrood 2021?

    46. Marie Clark says:

      Wow I see Stu is on the warpath on the MT. I have to agree with him, it was getting out of hand. I very seldom bother to comment over there anymore, it’s hardly worth the effort. Oh well if he opens a new thread everyone better be on their best behaviour, or else the hammer is oot.

      Dan, I think if todays forecast is right, lumwatch will have to be postponed for a day or two. Be careful, we dinnae want ye blawn aff the roof. I enjoyed your comment on the MT aboot the supermarket, I could just picture your moonwalk. Well done sir.

    47. Achnababan says:

      BBC going with a story about patriots and the ‘spirit of Dunkirk’ when its actually a bunch of right wing racists wanting to drown migrants on boats

    48. Cactus says:

      Thought(s) from Week 44 – Yes, I’m up and in for a regular Edinburgh presence with y’all Ian Brotherhood. It would be good to be there at least every Friday to begin with, then mark it by ‘doing something’ at 6pm… singing/chanting/protesting is popular (just as the Scottish news begins on your televisual screens.) Establish a base, set up a ceremonial totem like pole and have some tiki torches for into the evening. Let’s give journalists something to write about, and all for the right reasons. Put it into the hands of the LIVE tv broadcast media at 6pm. Be unavoidable. If they’re there, we’re there. Bring along a chair, stand or be seated, make yourself comfortable, then rise up by standing up at 6pm FOR the news, BE the news. (NB Normally when people sit at a venue, they are waiting for and expecting some kind of performance!) All we need is a constancy to continue. Once it’s been started in Edinburgh, other people may be keen and the template could and would be used by other towns and cities. ps Daisy Walker has some excellent ideas for the protest camp on The Sitter article from the early morn of the 31st.

      – Another excellent piece of quality art and title name for Saturday’s toon yesterday, cheers. Looking at Scotland’s present situations, I sometimes wonder if Chris ever feels like recrafting any of his previous creations to present day, meaning like, for example, remember back to the toon of Hamish one festive beside the Jesus Christmas tree with a large gift-wrapped Number 2 awaiting opening underneath… could you imagine said Jesus Christmas tree being placed under a big locked metal cage with NS standing alongside akimbo. You could call it “Nicola’s Cage” or “Nicola’s Caged 2”.

      – Today is a day (and the first day) for many people in the so-called UK, who will no longer be payed furlough monies. This is bad and that change will have its own natural consequences.

      – SO there goes Halloween’s H20, how was yours? It could also be known as, ‘Holyrood H20+’, in relation to the just over 20 years now of a political horror and abandonment of devolution to Scotland and the Scottish people, let alone our restored independence status.

      – With regardings to the latest chosen political word, which seems to be… ‘tier’. This word appears to be getting introduced into other areas too. Take for example the popular games of Candy Crush, there are new game features where instead of previously using the word ‘levels’, it’s been altered to use complete “tiers (1 of 5)”. It’s all intended do not you know. Our bestest tier to achieve is minus zero (if you’re a believer that is) eitherway it’ll always be cold to the touch. Coronavirus Sirus aside… it’s now two months to go. Seasons Greetings.

      – And now… to finish on a happy note… I give you… C major.

    49. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @William Wallace –

      Great to hear from you – I had no idea you were experienced in that type of thing or I would’ve sought you out before now.

      Early days, and I don’t know if anyone has been discussing anything similar elsewhere but we’ve got to start somewhere.

      Just about to have a swatch at the link you sent. More later.


    50. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Cactus – Knew you’d like it;)

    51. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @C****** –

      Hoots mon, really interesting thoughts on ‘the camp’, it’s becoming more ‘real’ the more we discuss it.


    52. Just a wee suggestion, but I wonder if a LiveJournal blog might work better than Twitter for spreading the word and keeping people in touch? LJ has been around for a long time (I set up my first account there in 2003), but it’s not much used these days. However, it’s by far the best blogging and social-networking site I know of. In format, it’s similar to blogs like WOS, but it has some useful additional features. For example, it allows people to comment directly on previous individual comments in discrete threads, so that it’s clear who is replying to whom with no need to identify the intended recipient. It is also effective as a networking site, as users can follow each other’s accounts and see all of their posts in chronological order on a single ‘friends’ page. It’s free, doesn’t use algorithms, doesn’t censor posts or comments (this is obviously a major advantage in view of Twitter’s blocking of accounts), and it allows for annoying spammers to be simply blocked. You know who I mean. What’s not to like? The account set-up page is here: All that’s required is a willing blogger to set up a ‘Scottish Independence Now’ blog and start the ball rolling.

    53. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MichaelLaing –

      Thanks for that link.

      Have just created an account. Not sure how I’ll use it but good to know it’s there.



    54. Hi Ian, that’s excellent. I’ve just returned here because it’s occurred to me that LiveJournal also has communities, which allow any member of the community to make blog posts in them. If I or you were to set up a community, we wouldn’t necessarily have to post regularly on it ourselves. What would be necessary though would be to persuade others of like mind to set up accounts on LiveJournal and to join the community.

    55. Andy Ellis says:

      @Michael Laing

      I hadn’t heard of LiveJournal, but could be a good resource: I just set up an account:

      Any like minded Wings folk requests are welcome (apart from Spameron Brodie obvs: there are some limits…!).

    56. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Andy, have just commented, using ‘Tester’ as title. I’m using ianbhood.

      Michael, what name are you on LJ?

    57. @Andy: If necessary, you can easily block Spameron on LJ.

      @Ian: I’m rock_dinosaur, “Dinosaurs of rock” being the abuse hurled by the audience at a band I once played in way back in the day. I’m quite happy to be a dinosaur of rock! Actually, it looks as if my name on here links to my LJ account.

    58. Another wee morsel which may be useful to those of you who have mobile phones: there’s an LJ app for them:

    59. Dan says:

      @ Marie

      Huv been nervous aw day, shittin masel t’was ma post to Ian B which was the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to Stu’s thread lock.
      In my defense and mitigation I was up late mildly buzzin on 30mgs of codiene for the gnasher pain.

      Nae rest the day though, even if weather is shite.
      Lumwatch update follows:
      Created the crown mould utlising recycled wood from an old pallet and sections of old laminate flooring, plus the 3/8″ square tongues and grooves cut off another piece of recycled flooring, which were then carefully planed into trapezoidal shapes and drilled then panel pinned to the base where they will form secondary drip channels once the concrete is poured.
      The wooden rectangular frame is turning into a majestic piece of work and wouldn’t look out of place around the perimeter of an oil painting masterpiece.
      Plus it’s eco credentials blow yon “green” Patrick Harvie geezer outta sight.

    60. Dan says:

      Aw noes, comment in held moderation which compounds concerns. 🙁

    61. Andy Ellis says:


      Good to know WRT blocking undesirables! 🙂

      I’ll give it a whirl and see how it goes: could be a useful resource for twitter exiles and Wingers exasperated with the Spameronians?

    62. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @William Wallace –

      Enjoyed that video. You’re a braver man than me, no way could I ever get into a small underground space like that. (Remember Charles Bronson in whatever film? That’d be me…)

      Anyway, hope you’ll consider joining

      It could come in very handy down the line.


    63. @Andy Ellis: That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t wanted to get involved in personal bitching in the comments on WOS as I think it’s unedifying and off-putting for all concerned when we’re at a crucial stage where there’s desperate need for focus and action on the matter in hand, but I’m as fed-up as anyone with scrolling past the avalanche of impenetrable, irrelevant comments and links to arcane academic papers. How many people have even heard of ‘epistemology’, let alone know what it means? The person concerned seems to have a complete lack of awareness of other people. It’s not even interaction, it’s just a continual one-way barrage. It’s unfortunate that there’s no way on WOS to block folk you’d prefer to ignore.

      If it looks like the LiveJournal idea could take off, I think it would be an idea for a specific pro-independence community to be set up on there as a focus for posts and comments. I could do that, but I’m not a member of any group or party and I only know as much as your average punter about what’s going on. I think it would be best if a keen blogger or someone with some insider knowledge were to set up a community. I don’t know if that applies to you or Ian or anyone you know?

    64. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Daisy Walker.

      I think your comment at around 15.10 is in moderation, because you mentioned ‘the prickly one’ with his username.

      Dan – maybe you did the same?

    65. Andy Ellis says:

      @Michael Laing

      I’ll have a ferret about and see; setting up specific “Communities” there looks like it might fit the bill, whether for Ian B’s proposed protest camp, or more general one for “indy fundies” dismayed at the lack of progress on #indyref2 and/or Plan B.

      At least having such “invitation only” groups prevents some of the negative issues you describe? I’m increasingly of the opinion that a new party is needed: I’m not convinced the ISP is really up to the job, but if (as I fear) the gradualists remain in control for the foreseeable future, the foundations have to be prepared first. I like the look and feel of the Republic party in the Faroe Islands.

      The positive aspect of LiveJournal is that it isn’t open to spammers or to high jacking and expulsions like twitter?

      Time will tell….

    66. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andy & Michael –

      Well, it seems to be going fine so far!

      I suppose we’ll have to get a good few comments in one place before we all get used to how the ‘nesting’ format works, what notifications are like etc, but it’s certainly easy on the eye.

      Nice shout Michael Laing!

      Slainte all!


    67. @Andy Ellis: With regard to new parties and how we break the present log-jam, I’m not ruling anything out other than voting for the SNP for as long as the present leadership remains in place. I’ve been hoping that Alex Salmond will deliver the blow which will end the reign of Sturgeon and Murrell, and if that should happen it’s likely that I’ll rejoin and resume my support for the SNP. We do need concrete action now though, and if Sturgeon and Murrell can’t be shifted, then I think we need a new single-issue party standing for constituency as well as list seats.

      As for LiveJournal communities, I’ve been using LJ for many years and have set up several communities of my own, so if you need any help with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of that, I may be able to assist.

    68. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @William Wallace –

      Before I forget, your video reminded me of the camps/protests when the M77 was going through the back end of Pollok Estate – were you involved with that too?

    69. Dan says:

      @ BDtt

      No, I’m savvy of using the prickly desert plant word.
      The post appears now but still can’t see why it was held up.

      You’ve been quiet of late, hope all is good with you.
      With Dundee going to Tier 3 and also heard of a few wards in Ninewells being affected wi’ the bug, will that impact your work?

    70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan.

      I’m back to work tomorrow. I don’t work near the wards so shouldn’t affect me.

      Don’t know what my duties will be. Meeting with ‘the management’ tomorrow at 9am. Should be well asleep by now for a 6.12am rise. My early to bed plan didn’t work out.

      Nighty night.

    71. William Wallace says:

      @IanB. Not as brave as those that spent winter in the treehouses. I spent a few nights on different sites in them and in high winds they gave you the fear. A friend of mine (Rob) fell out of the one you can see in that video (drunk obviously and did not use his harness). He spent a bit of time in hospital as a result.

      We were all basically functioning alcoholics in the tunnel team and we had a great laugh down there. We had a great bond with each other and a level of drunken madness bordering on downright insanity that kept us very much together. At no time was it ever scary even if it was a little claustrophobic.

      With regards to the M77 I wasn’t involved with that one but I think Andy (the guy in the chamber) may well have been. I did pass through some others from time to time too. (Newbury, Nine Ladies, Bilston Glen and Faslane etc). I was involved with several other direct actions too that I cannot go into too much detail about unless we are speaking person to person.

      We had also been putting on a lot of fairly large scale raves back then too but when my son was due (early 2005) I had to give everything up and focus on becoming a father. Although our crew kept them going for many years afterwards, I faded very much into the background and focused on working for my families business as well as establishing a business of my own to support my family.

      I still keep in touch with everyone from time to time and will occasionally go and DJ or live engineer an event for old times sake although I obviously don’t touch any substances these days or enjoy myself in quite the same way that I used to. 😉 Life seems rather boring in contrast these days.

      With regards to the livejournal thing I have signed up and will drop you a message on there when I find my way about.

      I hope everyone from off-topic is keeping well and sane in the current circumstances and I wish you all the best of health.

    72. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @William Wallace –


      Great read, thanks. Look forward to finding you over there.

      I’m posting this to see if it’ll open the page I’m currently on i.e. Michael Laing’s latest. So this is a test of sorts…

    73. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Yeah, that worked fine.

      Good thing about it too is that you get e-mail notification of new stuff from friends, same as WOS.

    74. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B, Michael Laing & “others interested”

      I’ve created a “Scots Republic” Community on LiveJournal for like minded “fundies”: it’s not an open group, so we can exclude heid the ba’s and concentrate on matters at hand.

      I’m still a learner on there, so be patient, but no doubt others will be able to advise and contribute!

    75. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andy Ellis –

      Still haven’t found it, searching the place…

      I see William Wallace has joined too.

    76. @Ian Brotherhood: I’ve posted a link to the community on your LJ post.

    77. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @ML –

      Got it, thanks.


    78. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B & ML

      Happy for folk to publicise and link to the Community on LiveJournal. At present joining is moderated, ie it is not an open group. I’m happy for others to share moderation going forward, but it’s probably worth screening who can join IMO?

    79. Cactus says:

      Evening, interim thought of Week 45:

      Treble twenty / Double top

      – At the imminent protest camp at Edinburgh’s Holyrood… to begin with, we all need to bring along a chair to make a full square. We need 100 CHAIRS to remain in place there, to be physically spaced outside our parliament building facing forwards or EVEN backwards now wow! (this will one day come to pass and be known and one day be also set in stone… hopefully facing forwards.)

      NB1 ~ Said seats for sitting on would work on a one-on one-off basis for any true Scot and if you can’t get a seat to sit on, just make sure you stand.

      NB2 ~ There’s gonna be fireworks tonight and regularly for everyone very soon.

      NB3 ~ Go America!

    80. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andy –

      As and when word spreads and we start using it, it’s bound to happen – an undesirable will come in. It’s inevitable.

      FWIW, I reckon we take a leaf out of Rev Stu’s book and have whoever’s ‘room’ it is make those decisions. Otherwise we’re into committee-style stuff and there’s really no need for it. Not all exclusions/expulsions are ever agreed unanimously.

      Your room, your rules!


    81. @Ian Brotherhood: I agree with you. I’ll just add an extra wee morsel of info, which is that individual users on LJ can block other users whose posts they don’t want to see or with whom they don’t want to engage. It doesn’t necessarily require the moderator’s intervention.

    82. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B & Michael Laing

      If you build it, they will come…..? 🙂

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andy Ellis —

      Good stuff.

      Word is getting out there.


    84. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Many moons since I posted any music link but this one seems very apt today.

      Gil Scott-Heron, ‘B’ Movie (1981)

    85. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B 5.53pm

      Good to hear. Hopefully we can get a few more folk joining in!

    86. Dan says:

      @ Ian B

      Interesting to see other notable folks discussing this subject.
      (Contains a midge reference making me feel guilty for squishing them!)

    87. Cactus says:

      Week 45:

      – Dearest Lordy-Lord, good evening, the results are in, Biden got the WIN. How will that work for Scotland now with ‘Celtic Joseph’ being in the American hotseat with all of em levers and all of that control. What’s yer craic Joe?

      – Trident, yeah lease it out per annum with increasing penalties (due to H&S issues etcetera ad infinitum.) Having that immediate injection of HARD CASH into an independent Scottish economy. Think about where that hard cash could be used to bring Scotland up to the at least the same standards as our European and international neighbours. Levers. Yes, we need levers. Only all levers will do. Like the Cairnstoon where Hamish is sitting with one lever next to John Bull on the aeroplane. Why have one lever when Scotland can have them all. Certain powers are something but true independence and direction can only come with the many levers of control. As part of Scotland leasing out our facilities to the English Government du jour, we would insist that as part of a negotiation, they would have to immediately begin the preparations and start building their own WofNMD base(s), in order to gain permission and approval from a forward-thinking and leverfully powerful ScotGov.

      – Have noticed when out and about the streets in Glasgow outside the city that everything’s so quiet. I imagine people would be tending to stay indoors but there’s not a sound coming out from the homes. In this living world we are still allowed to laugh, cry and try to have some kinda being, so keep playing your music, play it loud and especially at the weekends. Mark it.

      – Another observation is all of the rainbows and other political window posters appear to be coming down from peoples windows. Just normal looking windows with no statement now.

      – Yes, make a point of marking each weekend. Keep check on time, or each day will just intertwingle into the next.

      – Festive greetings y’all, less than 22 sleeps to go till Saint Andrew’s day. 😉

      Next up… Week 46.

    88. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andy –

      Like yer new avatar sah!

      Good to see you back on MT too.


      @Dan –

      Interesting stuff, thanks. Good to see another African proverb too – I posted one just t’other day, can’t remember where now… ‘Unity chops elephants!’


    89. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B

      Thanks bud: it may be an aberration just for a topic that’s of interest…probably not going to be a regular thing. Good to see a decent discussion without wading thru’ screeds of Spameron Brodies extraneous bilge tho! Long may it continue.

      I will probably concentrate more on LiveJournal going forward. Easier to screen out the roasters that way!

    90. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’d really like to enjoy human rights and the benefits of democracy before I pop my clogs. Unfortunately, that’s highly unlikely given the low-flying authoritarians who control ‘our’ government and ‘our’ judicial system. As they are clearly hostile towards liberal science, so are unable to support democracy and public health.

      Remember, covid-19 isn’t interested in genderwoowoo, as it threatens the sexes differently. So Scotland’s hard covid-Brexit will be all the nastier if we can’t force our legal officers to respect universal principles of legal doctrine. Such as the Natural law. Though the latter directly challenges Westminster’s unsubstantial claim to authority over Scots. So ‘our’ legal Establishment are unlikely to respect it, as they have pledged allegiance to the Crown in Parliament, rather than the Scottish public.

      DJ Cummerbund – Before I Pop

    91. Tinto Chiel says:

      I’ve been very impressed by Ruglonian’s recent posting of a WHOLE PEOM on the M/T (wot, no hammers?) and since I have always enjoyed this rendition of a song about kinky sex on a secluded island, I’m leaving it here for you soffisticates:

      To the pure in heart all things are pure, ya bass!

    92. Dan says:

      Aye, t’was indeed a bold and brave move to press the submit comment button with a text box so full of an amalgamation of letters forming verses of rhyme in dare I say a rhythmic structure.

      There’s nowt worse than sufferin’ “the clench of woe” as one of your comments gets caught in moderation and kennin’ the gaffer is gonna huv tae read it afore it ever sees the licht o’ day.

      Thankfully had the painful tooth nerves oot so huge relief not enduring toothache any more.

      Lumwatch update while I’m here. Rain finally eased and braw mild temps so installed the wooden mould on the lum brickwork and mixed up a muckle load of concrete.
      Then proceeded to carry a ream o’ buckets o’ it up the ladder and fill the mould. Added pigment to dye the finished colour to better match the existing stonework. Think I should have added more though as it could’ve done with being darker than the chocolate Angel Delight shade it looks to have ended up with.
      Just hoping the mould section release ok in the next day or so without damaging the cast lump…

    93. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: glad your dental affliction is no more, although I have to warn you that after a similar procedure I got a cyst, which was excruciating, and I lost the whole tooth. You’re welcome!

      Lumwatch, is it? How about the original, full of cheapo special effects, casual sexism, preposterous storylines and the old professor character who always said, “You baaaaaaaaaaaastard!” whenever he got annoyed:

    94. JGedd says:

      @Tinto 10th November 6.47pm

      I see what you mean about those naughty lyrics. How like men to have taken the pet name of a dear little furry thing, make it indelicate & turn innocent children into potty-mouths. Tut, tut, lads.

      Reminds me of trying to keep a straight face when our sons were watching children’s TV. Does anyone remember the series ‘Rainbow’? The double entendres were on the same level as a Carry On film. I have to say, it made me uncomfortable that adults were kind of subverting a children’s TV programme & having a giggle over the heads of the children.

    95. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I was referring originally to the steamy inter-species animal husbandry but I hear wot you mean, me old haricot. Hope you are simply gliding along on your pins now.

      I still think the best Carry On joke was an entirely clean one:
      “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got in in for me!”

      Rainbow? I’m old enough to remember Rubovia and it was pure as the driven snow. I still have a soft spot for this one, though:

    96. Cactus says:

      Wiki-Wiki Wednesday night lovers…

      An off topical interim interdictation as follows:

      The only thing to do, was to drive up to “Observatory Crest”.

      Follow the moonbeams whilst you’re wearing your blue jeans.


    97. Cactus says:

      Whatever happened to our known and natural freedoms, to the love of and for Scotland? Scotland remains.

      Will NS make a speech within the early hours of ’21? (if she’s still there.).

      Aye aye Captain C, yer on the money.

      Cheers Rev.

    98. Tinto Chiel says:

      Fraternal greetings, C-Man.

      Whenever I get cheesed off by the slurry pit that is Scottish politics, I find this just about restores my faith in humanity:

    99. JGedd says:


      That’s just – wonderful. I’ve watched it several times already. Oh to be that age again & feel such unalloyed delight.

      Thanks for that. I was feeling pretty grumpy today.

      This music always seems to capture that same innocent joy & wonder – for me, anyway.

      (Thanks for reminding me of Parsley the Lion. I’d forgotten ‘The Herbs’.)

    100. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: thanks for your comments and lovely music. That wee girl is about a year older than our wee grand-daughter but looks quite like her and the wee Tennessee girl is quite delightful.

      No-one could be grumpier than me at the moment, me old haricot, because our movement has been subverted by various Judas goats but I’ll keep going for the wee ones, despite all we’re up against.

      Fighting a battle on two fronts isn’t recommended but what else can we do?

      See you at Philippi.

      Parsley, ya bass!

    101. Tinto Chiel says:

      In view of last night’s events in Belgrade:

    102. JGedd says:


      Wow, that is mesmerising & beautiful. Scandinavian choirs are something else. Transcendent religious music like that almost makes you believe.

      Thanks for that, & thanks Scotland – at last.

    103. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: as A____n would say, you might also like this of the same name by Poulenc:

      I got a freebie Christmas CD 20 years ago with a music mag that had about twenty pieces of music from mediaeval to modern on it and I usually put it on in December if I feel I’m coming down with Scroogeitis or Grinchosis. Both the Lauridsen and Poulenc were on it, along with Britten’s “There is no rose” and the traditional Coventry Carol. The very old Spanish “Riu, Riu Chiu” was also very good.

      Lovely cold weather today Where I Am so maybe Dan has been mounting his chimney again and repointing it in suitable colours.

    104. JGedd says:


      Funny how familyChristmas traditions start isn’t it? I don’t know how this one came about in our household; we would listen to this music after frenzied present wrapping while the kids were supposed to be in bed. ( The middle one, the livewire who wouldn’t sleep, would constantly sneak down the stairs & his dad would have to hold the door shut while I frantically tried to hide the presents.)

      We were given a CD of Vejvanovsky by a Czech friend on one of our visits & now I can’t hear this without seeing Christmas lights in a darkened room & smell the fumes of mulled wine while we relaxed after the fraught present wrapping. It will always mean Christmas Eve to me. (Perhaps we should have given our restless child some of the mulled wine?)

    105. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: I confess I had to look Vejvanovsky up but the sound of the natural trumpet is great. His music sounds very stately, like Hummel and Charpentier and I can see why it suits a Christmas atmosphere. God knows how they played those valveless things: they must have got some bad headaches.

      I’d like to go back to the Czech Republic: I thought Prague was very atmospheric, even when there in October for just a few days, and I’m sure in December it will be very snowy and pictureskew, as Granny used to say. But those days are probably gone now and in the past they will probably remain, he Corried.

      Yes, forgot to agree that Lauridsen choir was very special. I have no faith myself but some music does reach the parts other things don’t, like peotry wot The Rev hates.

    106. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just a quick one for Andy and Michael and WW –

      The lack of correspondence on the LiveJournal should not be viewed as a negative.

      We’ve put the pieces in place for dialogue as and when required – if this place suddenly ‘vanishes’ for no obvious reason, we have somewhere else to regroup.

      Hoots all.


    107. Tinto Chiel says:

      For all those who are utterly pissed off just now, I give you this to show you things could be a lot worse:

      It’s a bit like an Existential Rising Damp esipode.

    108. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian B

      No worries: agreed, I think the LiveJournal thing is a back up. I haven’t had much time to devote to it recently, but I think its time will come. Like you, I see it more as a resource for like minded folk from here and elsewhere to come together and discuss things and organise when and where required.

      I don’t think twitter, FB or WoS BTL comments can provide that, particularly for those who have abandoned them or been turfed out. Time will tell: in lieu of any real movement or action after Holyrood 2021, I suspect more will be required.

      In the meantime, put your trust in the Scots people, but keep your metaphorical powder dry! 🙂

    109. Cactus says:

      Week Single 14 / Double 16:

      – Aye, the highlight of the week of course being Team Scotland securing a victory through to football’s European Games, planned for sometime next year we understand and hope. Space was cleverly made available, our scorer then eyed up their corner post, made his quick turn, chose his spot and delivered through. Decisive. The challengers goalie looked static and was too slow to get down to it. Classic goal. The challengers returned for a well placed and unmarked lob to equalising goal in the closing seconds. Thereafter followed nine excellently performed penalties and one ultimate save by Scotland to WIN.

      – All we need now to complete 2020 is an extreme weather event.

      – Aweright Tinto Chiel, yeah that was a funny video of the young lassie’s reaction on seeing the train approach. It’s pretty much the way I still react too – although I also jump up and down – whenever I see an aeroplane, boat or spaceship (K & K Johnson visit regularly.) It’s all in the living see, hope yer going groovy dude. 🙂

      – There be some other midnightish musings I came up with somewhere out there in the political wilderness this week, if of any interest to ye and you can find em. Keep yer spirits high and topped up before the inevitable levee breaks.

      – Jesus, Christmas is coming… but no before Saint Andrew does first.

      High fives and knuckle knocks to all in the house.

    110. Tinto Chiel says:

      “It’s all in the living see, hope yer going groovy dude. ?”

      Absolument, C-Man. That wee girl gladdens the heart.

      K&K Johnson: talcum powder?

      Please continue with your bulletins from afar and hope to meet you in a vernal interface situation, C____d permitting in the NY.

    111. I have made a couple of ‘Independence NOW!’ images which I thought would make excellent user-icons for commenters on WOS and other social-networking sites. They are here: and here:

      If anybody can tell me how I can apply a user-icon to my own comments on WOS, that would be much appreciated!

    112. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ML: you can do it this way

      I managed it so it must be easy. You could use either of those images as your (g)ravatar if you wanted.

    113. @ Tinto Chiel: Thanks for your help. I’ve got it, as you can see!

    114. Tinto Chiel says:

      Excellent! Looks great.

    115. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I said I would ‘eat my hat’ if Scotland got through to the Euro ‘finals’. So, this is a way of doing it virtually I suppose!

      Plus, it communicates more positivity than my grimacing coupon.



    116. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B:

      You could double or quits with, “I’ll eat my hat if Johnson gives us a Section 30.”


    117. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      If Johnson gives us an S30 I’ll eat my thermals.

    118. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Ian B: “You’ve taken that too far…..” 🙂 .

    119. Cactus says:

      Jesus jings, where do we go from here?

      It’s not even 10 oh clock!

      Sunday comes…

    120. Jill Sharpe says:

      Just testing if this works

    121. Jill Sharpe says:


    122. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Jill Sharpe –

      Yes, it works.


    123. Cactus says:

      “Let’s make this the best Christmas ever!”

      Ah ha ha, haha ha ha he ha.

      Cue adverts.

    124. Cactus says:

      Outer Bull / Double 11:

      – ‘Waiting for independence’. Maybe that could be used as a clever and hard hitting idea for a time-lapse video-shocker montage collage. A person stands holding and flying a Yes flag with a big smile upon their face. A familiar background is used to familiarise the viewers. The date is the 18th of September 2014. This is the first picture frame taken. Frame 2 is of the same person, Yes flag, background but ONE YEAR LATER. Continue this pattern on through the years of this 21st century up to Year 20XX, then begin to change and transition the appearance of the person, the Yes flag and the background with how things will have changed.

      Example: The person could be a 16 year old Scottish citizen, who voted for their first ever time and they voted Yes. The following years, the Yes flag remains, as their smile continues to transition and change. The background begins to deteriorate, with fires, buildings knocked down and ukunion flags & bunting everywhere. The candidate would now be 22 years old as of this year (they could even be standing in Freedom Square for Frame 6, with their Yes flag and a face covering on.) Smile for the camera sure – A ‘Sliding Doors’ type alternative scenario could also play out along side it too – Maybe Cairnstoon or somebody else with excellent graphical skills would like a shot at it. Hey Phantom Power. Howsabout a 10 page flick-book for starters. What do and did you envisage for Scotland four years from now and ten years from ’14?

      – I remember back to when we were all protesting outside at Plantation Quay in Glasgow, (at the bee-bee-zzzzz) suggesting why don’t we get ‘saltire marked’ sticky-tape made, to put over our mouths to indicate that the BBC were gagging the many voices of Scotland… strange how that has came to be now, with visual designs of the many excellent saltire-print face coverings, or masks if you will please. Now available and in store, thank you.

      – Glasgow, Edinburgh and other areas are now tierfully categorised and labelled as “Level 4” for at least a further 3-weeks (till 11/12/20) from Friday past. If we’re wanting and planning to have a rally camp based presence at Holyrood, we really need to be there throughout the remaindeer of December (that is if the ‘levels’ permit!)

      – SO this upping to current Level 4 status for many of us means, that like happened back on the 6th April 2020 (700th DOA anniversary), once again we are unable to publicly mark our Saint Andrew’s Day this year. Anyone got plans to celebrate our national day? I may take a journey to ‘Saint Andrew’s Bridge’ – which spans over the River Clyde upon Glasgow Green – to fly my saltire. This bridge has history.

      – The 24th of March is a date that should also be noted. Specifically 2016. Come next year, that would have been the five year marker.

      – Afternoon Tinto Chiel, Yes, our very distant cousins Kang & Kodos Johnson from beyond and from America’s original tv family cartoon. That pm Johnson could do with some TP powdered over his stench, then wrapped up and flushed away by using the other type of TP. Credits to Beavis and Butt-head. Yeah, roll on to the New Year of ’21 for our reacquaintances. There will be an outpouring of many emotions at midnight upon The Bells, when Auld Lang Syne is sung in echoing chorus across The World.

    125. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: glad you’re now branching out into film directing. Some great ideas there for Citizen MacCain.

      These lockdowns do come in handy for stifling debate/resistance, though, whether it’s Boris and Brexit and WM’s handling of Covid or the many worries folk here have over GRA, the Hate Crime Bill and the conduct of our quest for independence.

      Maybe the film I really have in mind is The Great Dictator?

    126. Tinto Chiel says:

      Compare and contrast, groovers:

      My Lagan Love – Mary Black – Phil Coulter – YouTube

      The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood – Sandy Denny – YouTube

    127. Tinto Chiel says:

      That went well….NOT.

      Damn Word documents and all their works.

      Can’t be bothered now.

    128. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –


      ‘Can’t Be Bothered Now’ could/should be SNP slogan for the upcoming conference.

      A veritable blues song title if ever there was one…


    129. Dramfineday says:

      How’s Paula Rose, Ronnie Anderson and the gang getting on these days? Hope they are keeping well. Cheers from Dram

    130. Cactus says:

      Double 16 / Double 8:

      – Seasons greetings, the idea of getting people stimulated and motivated (to consider voting Yes) has now also been successfully accomplished by both the UK and present led Scottish Government. Take a bow and make another vow. Yous have now got the People of Scotland angry and more politically engaged than ever before and we will find a way to protect our sovereign beings… and this is all down to your own doings… or non-doings.

      – If 2014 was an actual 45% vote for Yes and current polling is running at around and inbetween 53 to 58 percent for Yes, that’s a big big big swing to normality. Then you add in the six years of new eligible first time voters, add in current ‘dont knows’ (who you would think would vote more for Yes than no when the time comes) add also previous non-voters who recognise that they must now vote and vote Yes to retain and restore control of their country Scotland, TO Scotland. Of course, it might not even come down to an initial vote if certain treaties and international law have anything to do with it and the precedent is challenged by persons willing and able.

      – We occasionally hear mentioned on the news wee hints from various EU representatives saying there would be no reason why Scotland couldn’t quickly rejoin the EU as a member, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them ponder and pose the question, post 31/01/20, “Why hasn’t the Scottish Government given their people the choice and option of an independence referendum to settle the UK’s constitutional crisis?” Maybe they know something we don’t know, but then we probably already do.

      – The country and Kingdom of Scotland has always been under represented in seat numbers in the House of Commons. As there are about 650 seats in Westminster – and only the Kingdom of Scotland forms this union of the UK with the kingdom of England. Half of these seats should be in the name of Scotland and the other half should be shared between England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But then that would be a democratic arrangement. 325 Scottish seats to the left of ye, 325 rUK seats to the right, here we are stuck in the middle with EU.

      – It can be good to condense.

      – Convenient how an actual English Parliament/Government does not exist in any physical and independent form. Or if it were, would that be named… the ‘English Executive’, building?

      – Congrats and thanks for nine awesome years. Indeed, was eagerly expecting and pleased to see Wings has had almost 900,000 visitations in October alone this year. Makes you wonder which will come first next… 1,000,000 reader visitations or 1,000,000 reader comments – Note – reader comments currently rocking up at 977,2xx contributions. It’s the final straight and into the last quarter. X is a round number, of years.

      – Instead of LGB(T), it should revert to the already written original…
      LGBG – “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls”.

      – Evening Tinto Chiel, fellow Level 4ourian. How’s life on the outside with ye all? I’m mostly in and if I’m not in I’m probably out, and yes you’re right, many dictators from many countries of history but ye wouldnae of thought it could of happened to Scotland and a devolved Scottish Parliament. Imagine that the positions were switched, where NS was FM for indyref1 and Scotland’s Alex Salmond is First Minister of Scotland the now… Scotland would already be an independent European country once again, sharing in the current situation of this present ‘pandemic’ with the rest of The World. Hey, have a great day!

    131. ronnie anderson says:

      Dramfineday Um still hinging in there um to stubborn tae dey otherwise . Hope your in good spirits .

    132. ronnie anderson says:

      Hi hi Cactus long time ra Toon wanderer lol

    133. Masslass says:

      Hi I’m trying to Donate to Stuart’s Bank Acct using the routing Number and acct. Number he has posted.

      Seems I still need an email address. Trying to avoid using Paypal.

      Could someone advise Thank you

    134. Daisy Walker says:

      I’m busy tomorrow (1/12/20) but the following day Wed 2/12/20 I was thinking of taking a reccie to Holyrood regarding how and where, and in what way some form of peaceful protest, presence could be set up.

      I’ll be leaving from Perth – sometime civilised – in the morning. And I can provide a lift to 2 medium sized adults.

      Would anyone like to join me? As I say this day would be a reccie only, and a chance to plan.

      My feeling is – ‘if we build it, they will come’….

      One good thing about Covid, is – with the 2 meter spacing – every protester takes up a lot more room;)

      Equipment wise, I have one of those large Fishing brollies, and some foldable chairs, and a flask (for coffee).

      I have a disused Postie wheelie hand held trailer that would be ideal for a portable Billboard (one each side). (needs a bit of work to get it up and running). It is also collapsable so is easy to get in a car.

      Another gut feeling is, if this is going to take off in any way, meetings will need to be held, and they might as well be held on site, so to speak as a way of maximising efforts. It also becomes a Hub for all to visit.

      Any thoughts.

    135. Dramfineday says:

      Hello Ronnie, saw your post today, good man. Can’t say I’m in the best of spirits Ronnie so much shit going on in the snp that it’s driving me bonkers with grief at the wasted opportunities.

      Keep well and if you still meet the other guys give them my regards

    136. Daisy Walker says:

      Hello Dramfineday,

      I was ill this last few months, and felt very much as you describe just now. Know exactly where your coming from.

      Physically I’m getting a bit better, which always helps, and so 2 things I promised myself back in 2014.

      I would do all that I could, as best I could, and leave nothing on the shelf. If it worked, fine, and if not I could hold my head up high.

      And some advice I once read – if you think there’s just one more mile to go, tell yourself its 5, that way you won’t get caught out.

      We’ve got 10 more miles to go man. Heads up. As best you can, in the kindest way you can. And the fact that you care so very much means a lot. Never under value that.

      Best wishes. Aye.

    137. ronnie anderson says:

      Masslass you can pay direct with credit card to his account or Bacs transfer

    138. Masslass says:

      Thanks Ronnie, not sure what Bacs is ? Trying to avoid Paypal. I looked at the Donate site where the bank account number and routing number is, and it looked like the paypal site.

      I’ll check it out, Im in the USA so want to get it right.

      Thanks again Ronnie

    139. Dan says:

      @ masslass

      “Donate” is slap bang at the top middle of most Wings pages.
      Scroll down a bit and you’ll see sort code and account number.

    140. Cactus says:

      Aweright ronnie anderson, hope yer doing good dude, I still wander about the toon most days. All missions mindstored for retrospective-reporting.

      Hey Daisy Walker, Yes, count me in for tomorrow at Holyrood, I’ll see if I can bring along some song and fellow folk with me. Will aim to be there for lunchtime between 12pm and 1pm. (Update: X2 more guests confirmed for tomorrow’s road-trip and counting…).

      In light of last night’s positive vote result, maybe it will motivate and inspire others to join us. There’s got to be some local people in Edinburgh like… bring a chair with ye.

    141. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Daisy/C****S –

      Great to hear the rustling of restless natives.

      Mind how ye’s go there!


      PS Might be an idea to find out where that previous long-term camp was sited – remember the wee intrepid band who believed Jesus was coming back to become FM or something? I know they got hoofed eventually but they were there a fair while.

    142. Masslass says:

      Thanks Dan, Yes Got it Just trying to avoid Paypal taking a cut by donating directly. Thanks

    143. Ruglonian says:

      99 of us here at Holyrood Daisy – waiting for you to make up the numbers 😉

    144. Daisy Walker says:

      Hello folks,

      I checked this site last night and there were no takers at that time, so apologies.

      I did go to Holyrood today – at just after 4 pm.

      First and foremost it is extremely COLD.

      I just missed getting in to the building to speak to anyone – as it was closed… however, the kindly Police in the area have advised me to e-mail Police Scotland with regards liaison between the Holyrood and any peaceful presence. There is a Police Inspector sighted within Holyrood with officers, and liaison is part of the remit.

      With regards the layout – most of you will be aware the forecourt area is a mix of concrete, paddling pools and grassy ‘arenas’, with the fixtured concrete bollards and seats scattered about in a suitably decorative manner (but also there to prevent or hinder any vehicle with bomb getting close to the building).

      There is an area (on the Holyrood forecourt) of hard standing between the bollards and the road, which I think the authorities would have difficulty rejecting us from using. It leaves a sterile area within the bollards and entrances clear of our activities.

      The area can be seen from the road, and from the concourse. Holyrood Palace car park is opposite. As is Holyrood park nearby, should younger party types want to go on to revel in the fresh air.

      Obviously – unless there are incidents – pedestrian and cycle traffic can pass as normal on all areas of the hard standing, including the ‘peaceful presence’ stall.

      Incidentally I was liaising with a vintage Yesser – this idea is not a new one. A Caravan took up residence outside St Andrews House, occupied 24/7 in the lead up to the 1997 Devolution Referendum. Another idea they had (hi viz is a theme) was a blue light to signify support for Scotland’s right to self determination. Since the nights have fair drawn in – how nice would that be.

      Did I mention how COLD it was. I mentioned earlier about a presence 24/7… but now I’m going to be a bit more practical and a bit more realistic.

      A hub of this kind serves 2 purposes – it is a High Profile Presence and a source of info/ and other lawful activities can emit from there.

      If this gets up and running – realistically, people are going to have to do shifts (if only for toilet, meal and heat breaks).

      During the hours of darkness, they are NOT going to get many, or any useful visitors. It would be a very, very hard shift for very little effect.

      So realistically this would mean that the bulk of the ‘presence’ takes place during daylight between 9am – 4pm.

      If there is the staffing, organisation, talent and will to turn the ‘presence’ into more of an event/evening do – then I would suggest these are scheduled for weekends of Frid 11th, Sat 12th and Sun 13th and the following weekend Frid 18th, Sat 19th and Sun 20th become informal Concert / Speech / Sing Song nights.

      And with regards this aspect – we need to play cannae – if people spontaneously want to break out into singing On The Banks of Loch Lomond, For Auld Lang Syne, Flower of Scotland, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow (that ones for Alex), ‘We’ll meet again’ that ones for EU – there’s not a problem and no-one can really stop that. After all, I’m sure it is written – you’ve got to fight, for your right to ceilidh’ – that ones for Cactus.

      If however you want to give wee Isa McShoogle her big break and ship in a stage, a loud band with amplifiers – you’re getting into a whole new ball park, licenses, insurance, toilets, and different Policing arrangements are required. I don’t have the energy, experience or inclination to do that, particularly in this short time frame.

      And we need to be Covid Safe for those staffing it, and for those coming to it. Its outside, the seating available is all hard standing, plus folk can bring their own, and they won’t be there for too long.

      Any wee concert/speechifying should be planned to be no longer than an hour, and finish 9 – 9.30 ish. We want this family friendly, and safe. We also want the Polis on side, not pissed off because its become the unofficial town shabeen for every drunken trouble maker in town.

      By keeping it to this tight time frame, the need for portaloos will not be necessary. As soon as they become needed by visiting groups – we will be closed down for Covid reasons.

      And lastly, for now, Hogmanay – I’m going to suggest that this is a long, and special one, and our unofficial big ceilidh dooo, complete with candles and Blue Lights, goes on ‘officially’ until the dizzy late hour of 1.30 am.

      And if we can get some good speakers – and yes Alex I do mean you – and all you good Facebook users can get it ‘out there’ – I do not see any reason why this night cannot be repeated by a ‘peaceful presence’ in every town and village and city centre, if only for a 1/2 hour at the bells. With a Blue Light of course.

      Now, it might be there are already plans afoot re some of the above. And I’m absolutely not out to step on anyones toes or steal anyone’s thunder – so speak up and we shall come to an arrangement.

      What I’m thinking of proposing to the Polis in the first instance, is a small canvass pagoda for shelter, with table for leaflets, poster, etc – staffed up with 4 – 6 people. They (i’m saying they, but it might just be me) bring their own meals, and do a couple of hours shifts before taking a break in town for all the usual necessities. I don’t know if it will be possible to get permission to use Holyrood toilets, I will of course ask.

      I’m away for the next 2 days, but back on Saturday when I shall look back in to see what folk think and suggest.

      Oh, one last thought – no presence on Christmas day – it would just look sad, plus its my turn to do the cooking.

    145. Lizg says:

      Daisy Walker
      Hi Daisy, firstly well done to you and “the crew” for taking the first steps with this, and I’m so gutted I couldn’t join you ….
      Anyhoo….. these are just thoughts and things I’m mulling over and most importantly only “how”I’ve picked things up over time… everything would need checked as best we could
      If you look to use the space from the old camp you will be turfed out and fast …that battle has already been won and the precedent set in court .
      As I understand it , it was the *Estate of the Scottish Parliament *that asked for the judgment , so mibbi look at a space that’s NOT within the boundaries of the Scottish Parliamentary Estate and the old judgment won’t apply::::Directly::::: mibbi indirectly….I really don’t know!

      Which brings us to the “Royal” side of things
      There is a boundary in the park between the Parliament and the Palace of Holyrood .
      The Royal estate is HES managed and obviously security rules will be Westminster controlled.
      Rules and Rights for Royals are different in Scotland and that might, (very long shot more public awareness stuff ) just might really involve the Sovereign Scot argument.
      HES manage the estate on behalf of the Scottish Government and it’s the relevant Holyrood minister that set the rules HES have to work too.
      Therefore HES are in this instance the face of the Scottish Government ( this matters because last time the Scottish Government hid behind the Parliamentary Estate and inferred it to be a separate group.
      HES is the ” management team ” for the Scottish Government .
      The Royal Estate may form part of the Crown Estate to which control of was handed to Holyrood a few years ago so Westminster and the Windsors should in theory have no actual say.
      And while the Royals are not in Scotland or dead, the Status of the Palace and a security override (the rules for the public access to the park and palace change if they show up to use it )should not come into play either. So if that area is being considered it’s worth looking at when any of that lot are due and not having a “diary clash ”

      Then there’s the museum thing ( forgot the name ) that will be Edinburgh City Council land I expect, and they too will have different things they can and cannot enforce.

      So I guess it boils down to finding out who you would actually be facing in court and which of them would take the longest to remove you and if there are any exploitable loop holes with any of them that may mean they can’t touch you…..
      While we are on the subject of courts,the lead names ( the representation called to court ) shouldn’t be a homeowner and preferably have no income to loose either i.e. benefits can be taken but pensions cannot. Obviously we won’t want anyone to loose their job…

      That’s about the limits of what I would discuss here….everything else should really be face to face planning…..otherwise we’d get too many Chiefs and no enough Clan

      Hope that helps 🙂

    146. Daisy Walker says:

      Hello Lizg, thank you for that.

      Just to let folks know – I’m getting significant gaps in posts, and the timings that they appear on this OS site, which varies between which computer I use. Some posts not showing at all on my iPad…

      For the folks that posted they would be at Holyrood – I checked the night before and your posts were not showing up on my computer. So I never saw them until too late.

      Very sorry about that.

      With regards your comments Lizg – if its a daytime, peaceful presence on the Forecourt of Holyrood Parliament, and it is being done in a Covid safe manner – I’m planning that it will be legal and have no justification in going to court. Our EU Human Rights allow for peaceful assembly for political and religious reasons.

      As I understand it the previous undertaking involved the setting up of a protest camp… which is different and kicks in different laws.

      If there is something visible, a point of contact, a rallying point, and it leads up to attention being on Holyrood on 31/12/20, with a view to inspiring a national, hi vis course of action – like the blue light 1 minute after the Bells in every town centre in Scotland, and every Yessers window…. Then I see it as just as positive a course of action as the marches AUOB.

      Plus Hogmanay’s ours, and while big fancy public showcase do’s are fantastic, traditionally, we also used to, and still know how to make it, a few members of the family and the neighbours. In view of Covid, lets play to our strengths.

      I think I still have your e-mail, would you be Ok if I contacted you for further info in the near future. If we get the run around, knowing who is who, and who has jurisdiction will be important.

      I won’t be able to update further until Saturday, but will look in to read any suggestions.

      Best wishes to all, and as I said before, I’m not looking to step on toes here. if someone is already down the road of setting this up, let me know, and I’ll help all I can.

    147. ronnie anderson says:

      The land that Indycamp occupied is the fenced of area opposite the car park at holyrood house , the reason it was chosen is that it was once a sanctuary for debtor’s ( Moria Williamson / Martin Keatings ) could give you more info as Moira started the camp & and Martin represented the camp in the court & and it was no fault of Martin that the case was lost but the clowns who had lead the case before hand Doms Faro .

    148. Clapper57 says:

      @ Lizg

      Hi Liz…flapper here….a wee wave and a hello if you pop back into OT today.

      Hope you are well…

      Also hello to Daisy…..been reading your excellent comments on MT…..

      If Tinto Chiel, Ian B, JGedd and others pop into OT too….big hello to you also and hope you are all well…..

      Have a great day everybody…..

    149. Just a thought, but I wonder if it would be possible or useful to get flags made, similar to the ‘Yes’ ones with large white text on a blue background that were produced for the 2014 referendum? I suppose ‘Yes’ is redundant now and I thought ‘Independence Now’, as in my user-pic, might be more appropriate. Would something like that be useful to mark your presence where you’re protesting, or for people to hang from their windows, put in their gardens, etc.?

    150. Daisy Walker says:

      As Lizg said the land which was camped on – went to court and lost.

      Its too cold, to little time and dark too early for full on ‘occupation’ of the site. Plus it kicks in different legislation.

      If however there is ‘peaceful presence’ during daylight hours, with some evening smallish events at the weekend – leading up to Hogmanay – this should/possibly become a source of positive publicity, a hub, and a marked event on 31/12/20.

      By keeping it primarily during daylight hours, it will be easier to staff, and avoid (hopefully any type of legal action- never mind a protracted court case).

      No disrespect to ‘occupation’ type protests but there’s no time for that in the lead up to 31/12/20.

      Legal, fleet of foot, and effective is the only way I can see it. The KISS principle seems a good one too.

      What do people think about the Blue Light idea?

    151. Daisy Walker says:

      PS hello Clapper57 too – hope your keeping well. Best wishes.

    152. Sarah says:

      @ Daisy Walker: well done, Daisy, for the effort and commitment you are putting in. Re using Holyrood loos, we were allowed to do so at the October 2019 Yes march so I am sure they must be available to the public all the time. There is a gift shop in Holyrood which argues the public are allowed access to the building.

    153. Daisy Walker says:

      Re Peaceful Presence at Holyrood.

      I’m just checking the legalities with regards Edinburgh being in Tier 3 – Travel Ban.

      Which I’ve printed below.

      People living in level three or level four local authorities will be breaking the law from Friday if they make non-essential journeys outside their own council area.
      Since last month the guidance has been that people should not leave their own area unless it is for essential purposes, such as work or caring for a vulnerable person.

      People living in level three or level four must not travel outside their own council area, except for certain essential purposes.
      People living elsewhere in Scotland must not travel to level three or level four areas, except for essential purposes.

      She added that she expects people will be punished only where there is a “clear and flagrant breach”.

      Assistant Chief Constable Alan Speirs encouraged people to take personal responsibility and “do the right thing” to prevent the virus from spreading.
      He added: “We will use enforcement as a last resort where there is a clear breach of the legislation.

      “Officers may in the course of their duties come across people who are travelling from one local authority area to another. In areas where travel restrictions apply, officers will continue to use the common sense, discretion and excellent judgement that they have applied since the crisis began.”

      What travel is deemed ‘essential’?
      A number of exceptions are currently listed on the Scottish government website under the following appeal: “Please do not see these as loopholes. It is important for everyone’s safety that we all minimise such travel as much as possible.”
      They include travel for healthcare, social care, childcare and other essential services – including recycling – but only if they are not available in your local area.
      Journeys to school, college or university are permitted where teaching is not provided remotely.
      Travel for work, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, falls into this category but “only where that cannot be done from your home”.
      Also included is travel for essential shopping “only where it is not possible in your local authority area”.
      So too is travel for shared parenting or between the two parts of an extended household.
      Other exceptions include travel to meet a legal obligation, to move house, for essential animal welfare reasons and for “life events” such as weddings or funerals.
      People are permitted to transit through level three or four areas if the journey begins and ends outside such areas.

      Can people cast a ken speckled eye over the above with regards legal obligation/essential/ voluntary work.

      With regards recent MST – re the name YES NOW – I have 1000 meters of barrier tape with the words BRITAIN ISN’T WORKING – YES NOW in the middle and BROKEN VOW / BREXIT CHAOS written in smaller letters as header and footer.

      One way or another its getting used.

      If a Peaceful Presence is not possible, in view of the dark nights – what are folks thoughts on the Blue Light in every window idea.

    154. Liz g says:

      Hi Flapper 🙂 being all caught up with the Twitter thing means lm very rarely here.. but it does give me such a lift to see your good self always so cheery.
      I am well and I hope that you and yours are too xxx
      I hope it’s not going to be too long before we can meet up and catch up 🙂
      Take care of you my friend xxx

    155. Liz g says:

      Daisy Walker
      It’s most definitely ok to email me Daisy 🙂
      Looking forwards to hearing from ye 🙂

    156. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Daisy Walker (11.29) –

      FWIW, I don’t feel the ‘blue light in every window’ idea would work because, at this time of year, a lot of window spaces are showing blue Christmas-tree lights and the light from tellies tends to be blueish anyway.

    157. Cactus says:

      Treble 11 / Double 8:

      – The next thing to happen following the political present I guess would be called the ‘Breaking Point’. It’s at that point that all of the (available) money is down and the table plays in with the fifth card. How’s your hand looking Scotland? Outwith and after breaking point there are subsequent consequences.

      – Another idea for a peaceful presence at Holyrood (instead of bringing a seat/chair with ye) would be to hire-out and have a low-loader van drop off x100 chairs each day for sovereign Scottish citizens to sit upon. These one-hundred seats could then be placed accordingly in front of our parliament building (leaving space at the front for the promenade walkway / emergency services etcetera) and can then be collected at the end of the day for return the following. If the Scottish Government (Scotland) is operated and managed by politicians sitting on seats from the inside… these persons will be held accountable by (at least) the 100 sovereign Scotspersons on the outside.

      – What’s all this talk about a vaccine for the current ‘coronavirus20’ when there has always been a 100% percent effective drug all along (when administered daily between 7am and 8am, that is.) Yes now, this antidote is commonly known as ‘ZOMBREX’. Not only does ZOMBREX control the virus, it also makes people oblivious to being taken out of the EU against their country’s wishes. Terror Is Reality. Hey it’s two for the price of one these days.

      That’s right neebors, “ZomBrex-It Better” and save yerselves from the deadly rising.

      Here’s an insight into life 10 years from now (LIVE from Braehead Shopping Centre): (9 mins)

      “Katy will need Zombrex”: (26 mins)

      The story… so far: (46 mins)

      ZOMBREX-IT extended care is available…

    158. Dan says:

      Test post.
      Soz for double post on MT, site seems very slow for me today with pages timing out and occasional gateway errors.
      Have switched all my IT shiz off and on again so fingers crossed that should sort things.

    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “The National Committee has elected well-known activists Gillian Mair and former SNP MP for East Lothian George Kerevan as co-convenors of the new body.”

    160. Cactus says:


      – Welcome back to Level 3 Central Scotland and surrounds.

      – It could be time to revise and add a new letter to the start of the line, due to this latest 21st century positive discrimination. LGB(T) now becomes HLGB(T). The letter H is straight-forward enough to work out, Yes.

      – Now, similar to like they do for sport (with Tennis names like ‘Henman Hill’ and ‘Murray Mound’,) they should get a big massive screen and speakers fitted to the front of our Scottish Parliament building and rename it as ‘Hotel Caliphornia Holyrood’, for watching and scrutinising on screen, the daily government businesses from our external holdings. You know, the x100 sovereign seats placed and spaced daily outside the front of Holyrood when in session. Imagine watching LIVE footage of fmq’s from the outside… in addition to being able to stand, applaud and cheer on good government, you’d also be able to shout your displeasure with any poor policies tendered and could throw rotten vegetables and stuff for bad government at the ‘Ring (Heras) Fenced’ screen.

      – England be led by donkeys, whereas Scotland is (currently) run by roasters.

      – Central Glasgow was really busy last night. Lot’s of Glaswegians shopping and enjoying the lights and communal company within Freedom Square (as was the G.O.M.A.) Oor City Chambers is all lit up and looks excellent. Go take a walk later and see, neebors.

      – Ye’s wonder now – in comparison to times past – why the ScotGov was so effective and in control with preventing persons fracking on our land, via the implementation of an ongoing moratorium. Compare that to now and how no return challenges have been made and all of our other powers are being systematically stripped away from Scotland. Why were they so protective about the fracking, but no single big moves have been made towards restoring our iScotland since ’14?

      – Regarding the two important recent vote outcomes – the NEC election and JL amendment – many thanks once again goes to the unrivaled power of Wings and everyone else who were motivated to contact their local politicians for some action on it. Cheers on behalf of all of us similar H persons (both female women and manly men). What will be the next motion for challenging…

      – Yeah, one day we will move towards “Level 0” and then beyond ‘Almost Normal’. No areas of Scotland will go beyond “Level 0” until all areas have arrived at “Level 0” first. Thereafter then, this will remove the coronavirus levelling system… until the next time it needs to be redeployed re-introduced for similar or other.

      – This Brexit20 transition phase from 31/01/20* to 01/01/21** resembles and is like… “buy now*, pay later**” (aye buy it then and pay for it later). Thereafter the 1st Jan 2021, their Brexit will be done. No deal will be done. They got their no deal done. Case closed. Get the bunting out. Brexit complete. Whatever other actions happen after that will be known as non-member negotiations. What you gonna do about that, future Scotland?

      – I would like to submit the following title track for consideration and agreement to be a new annual Christmas Song starting now. It really really hits the bullseye and sustains all of the correct seasonal notes. This song is dedicated to this crazy year of 2020 and to all of ye bonnie beings:

      BJ’s & MB’s:

    161. Betty Boop says:

      On the point of the recent Johanna Lamont amendment to define women, the fight goes on in the courts to stop Scot gov & Scottish Trans Alliance attempting redefining “women” to include men.

      If you don’t already know about this, the crowdfunder for the case brought by For Women Scotland is about £6000 short and has only today !5/12/20 to make its target.

      The court costs have apparently increased because Equality Scotland (which is funded by Scot Gov) has intervened. Please think about donating if you can and share the link:

    162. Betty Boop says:

      Regarding my previous post, 1:01am.
      The crowdfunder is now extended for 30 days.

    163. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: a rare catch with your Captain Beefheart track. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything melodic from him before and it is a pretty seasonal effort.

      Since I won’t be sad to see the death of this miserable year I’m precribing some of this:

      Rank Badjin, me.

      Have as great a Christmas as you’re allowed, and beyond 😉 .

    164. Andy Ellis says:

      Just a farewell note to a’ the sound BTL folk @ WoS I’ve interacted with over the years, and hope that we get to interact elsewhere and possibly meet up as circumstances and pandemics permit in future months. I’ve had enough of threads full of Spameron Brodie and similar and Stu’s (lack of) response to all of those like me who are beyond tired of every single thread turning in to his personal idiot pulpit.

      I’ll drop in for a read now and then to see what’s going on, but with not very much going on vis à vis #indyref2 or setting up any alternative, and a new job in the New Year I just don’t see the point of being that involved at present. I’ll concentrate on Live Journal if anyone wants a change of scene or relief from wall to wall spamming. Stay safe everyone and have a great festive season when it comes!

    165. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Andy Ellis: just keep posting your stuff and avoid pointless distractions. We don’t have to all agree on here but we’re probably all travelling in the same direction.

      Incidentally, I saw this recently and thought of you and Frederick Douglass:

      You can combine it with a simple £10 Wilko black frame to amaze and impress your friends 🙂 .

      Meant to say, C-Man, that a famous Scot has already summed up my thoughts on 2020 and 2021:

      “But, Och! I backward cast my e’e/ On prospects drear!/ An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,/ I guess an’ fear!”

      Bongs, ya tass!

    166. Cactus says:

      Hey Tinto Chiel, well chosen classic there and a cracking quote above.

      Yes stick around now Andy Ellis, try interacting here.

      The weather is lovely here.

      Taps aff. 🙂

    167. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Tinto and prickly one, I was beginning to get worried everyone seems to have deserted the place.

      All is well at Tinto Towers I hope. Managing to avoid the dreaded Corona virus, it seems to have been bad up your way. We moved down to tier 1 last week, but to be honest, I haven’t noticed much difference. Folks around my neck of the woods are still staying at home.

      It’s been a michty strange year so far, hope 2021 will be better.

      Look after yourselves and your loved ones good people and stay safe.

    168. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: AOK here, supposedly at Covid Central.

      Actually, I may have been lucky but hardly know anyone hospitalised for Covid at all over the last nine months here, although family members who are teachers in both sectors report lots of “cases” in schools amongst the kids, fortunately without hospitalisation.

      Find it strange that the SG goes on and on about spikes in cases meaning Christmas Is Cancelled and yet will not close schools, staffed with all those ageing and vulnerable teachers with little PPE or social distancing before classes of 20-30, typically: collateral damage, presumably, while it’s very difficult to actually have a face to face with your GP on a one to one basis.

      Had a look at the latest Scottish stats tonight. More folk died here last October than this one (all deaths) and this January than this November just past, so colour me sceptical.

      I’ve had my ‘flu jab recently but am astonished that a Covid vaccine under development for about six months can possibly be regarded as safe in the medium and long term without a normal period of scrutiny (4-10 years). Suppose it’s best to trust Boris and Big Pharma: they’ll know what’s best 😉 .

      Hope you have a great family Christmas Down Your Way, Marie. Look after yourself.

    169. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hoots all, just a swift hello…

      Have been watching this tonight, thinking about our friend Smallaxe.

      Bob Marley & The Wailers in Boston, 1979. Great intro by Dick Gregory.


    170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ach weel, Eh’ll say “CONGRATS” Ruglonian!

      C-a-c-t-u-s – for you. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’.

    171. Tinto Chiel says:

      Re my statistical link of yesterday @ 8.47 above:

      If there’s anybody there, could someone please check that I’m reading these data correctly, namely that there were 138 fewer deaths from respiratory diseases this November in Scotland compared to November 2019 and that this year’s total is the lowest in at least the last twenty years?

    172. Tinto Chiel says:

      Shoulda said to avoid doubt, “That this year’s November total is the lowest in at least the last twenty years?”

    173. Ayeright says:

      This years November total of deaths in Scotland is the highest for 37 years according to the link you posted.

      There were 5544 deaths in Nov 2020 compared with 4917 in 2019.

    174. Ayeright says:

      As for deaths due to “Diseases of the respiratory system” then you are correct in saying that these are the lowest in 20 years.

      You missed though the fact that deaths due to “Other Causes” in 2020 were 2,622 which is the highest in 20 years.

      In fact “other causes” deaths are more than 800 greater than last year and more than 1000 greater than the average for November in the past 20 years.

      I wonder if Covid-19 deaths are categorised as “Other Causes”?

    175. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ayeright: thanks for your comments and an interesting point about classification. Yes, I noticed the “other causes” increase but it’s not clear what these deaths are caused by. It could be things like suicide or a range of illnesses/conditions which were not treated because of the concentration on Covid. I just thought that a death from Covid would most obviously we classified as a respiratory death but maybe I’m wrong.

      It’s true November’s overall figure is high but this January’s was even higher, as a good many January figures (i.e. pre-Covid) have been over the years and long before Covid appeared, obviously.

    176. Andy Ellis says:

      @Cactus & Tinto Chiel

      Thanks for the invitation: it seems things are pleasanter here, yes. I may dip in now and then. For the present I’m fairly scunnered with the whole scene to be honest.

      Recent developments in the SNP like the St Andrew’s Day Massacre of the Woko Haram in the NEC, the flight of TRA roasters like Mridhul Wadhwa and Jordon (and hopefully many more?) to the deeply regressive misogynistic Scottish Greens, and Andy Wightman’s (belated) growth of a spine are a fine start of course.

      In general though, I’m pessimistic anything of consequence is going to be achieved by the movement in the short to medium term. The gradualists and their woke outriders may have suffered a few setbacks, but they are still deeply entrenched. I have little faith the SNP grass-roots has the power or the stomach to root the poison out, or to achieve substantive results even if they somehow did manage to do so.

      For the present, I have other stuff to do. The main threads here are a bin fire most of the time, so the game really isn’t worth the candle any more.

    177. Cactus says:

      Single 17 / Double 17:

      – In one sense, we are only a throw away from the perfect shanghai, but why should we allow the trading off of Scotland’s sovereignty – for further poverty – when we already have the special prize to hand of an independence out.

      – Recently, I’ve been wondering if the internal dialogue of both Bo. Johnson & NS goes something like: “Excellent, everything is going to plan” (in the voice of Mr Burns.). It comes to the point where they believe they are untouchable with their agendas. Johnson intentionally playing the fool and nobody can take or challenge him seriously (and that’s a gamed physcological distraction) and he’s been a long time in the planning by his handlers. He’s been ‘cele-brit-ified’. NS appears to be completely content with Scotlands (lessening) ‘devolution’ with no immediate urgency, need or safeguard in selling off of iScotlands sovereignty. Of course, the corporate mainstream-medias are muted on their misgivings, until necessary and required.

      – We may be in a political union of kingdoms with England, but Scotland reserves and maintains the natural claim of right to the right of independence unreservedly.

      – “Time to grasp the thistle”: If only someone would pick up that ‘ceremonial mace’, turn it upside down and play it air-guitar style, then turn it round again and sing in to the bulbous and spikey end of it, then just drop the mic mace and walk off stage. The moral of the story… once taken, never put the mace back in place.

      – To the People of Scotland: Get yer winter supplies in for and by Boxing Day NOW for the big hiber-nation, but do still go outside if you want to.

      – What 20th treat did you find in your Adventurous Calendar Box this year?

      – SO this is Christmas and what have they done to us?! Yes Jesus Christmas will be 2,020 years old this coming Friday morning at dawn. Well somebody said he/she/they/something undefined, was/were going to be coming back like someday. Therefore, that’s excellent. And should ye choose to believe in and follow, that’s cool and all the more the merriment to ye for the reason of the season. Enjoy yerselves, afterall, this is the whole purpose of your being.

      If I chose to believe in a known spiritual following, I’d have been partying-it-up already since the start of the end of November there. Do you remember iScotland’s Spiritual Season yeah, from that date thru to the 25th of January every year yeah?

      – Good shout for Smallaxe Ian Brotherhood, jah man.

      – Cool tunes Brian Doonthetoon. Whilst watching your second video dare, it was like watching Woodstock ’69 all over again. Quality sound and camera work of the band and audience. All in all I raise thee a further song frae the same band – complete with organ solo.

      Back to you B… then on to YOU next for a seasonal song request… Hackalumpoff, Andy Ellis, Tinto Chiel, Ayeright, Ian Brotherhood, Marie Clark, Betty Boop, Dan, Liz g, Daisy Walker, Sarah, Michael Laing, Clapper57, ronnie anderson, Masslass, Dramfineday and Ruglonian.

      Yes iS now.

    178. Marie Clark says:

      Hi folks, no hivin a very good day the day. Feckin politicians ruined Christmas for a lot of people. The big mistake was saying in the first place that there would be five days over Christmas to mix with family and friends. That was never going to end well.

      Oh well, it is what it is so we’ll have to get on with it. Stay safe everybody and do your best with the Christmas you have. I’ll leave you a we Christmas carol, may it bring you #a wee bit of peace. It’s helped me today I know that.

    179. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Marie Clark.

      I’ve liked this version of a Christmas carol since I first heard it in the 70s.

      Always puts me in that festive mood for – DRINK!

    180. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Andy Ellis, re ‘The main threads here are a bin fire most of the time, so the game really isn’t worth the candle any more.’

      The problem is, you, me, n aw the others – we will always care. With every single heart beat.


      It is looking increasingly likely that all the ducks, lined up, will not be enough for even our true SNP ‘ers’ to shout ‘go’. Be delighted to be wrong on this by the way.

      I do not know what leverage is on them, or what intelligence they have that indicates that this is a wise course of action. I’d like to think they cannot all have been bought, incriminated, or induced.

      But – Since we will not stop caring, and the injustices will pile on.

      We need (once again) to reposition the point of victory.

      We need to recognise, this is not a fight for Scotland’s Self Determination. This is a fight by the world’s tax dodging billionaire bastards, to keep control of massive assets. And the bams in London speak their language and line their pockets.

      We need to recognise, 2 things at once – the threat that Covid potentially is, and the fact that information relating to dealing with it, is being weaponised against us, and any other key election worldwide… and when we’ve done that, we need to be the adults in the room, the conscientious ones, the kind ones, the neighbours they can rely on, and not to put too fine a point on it, we need to pull that particular rug from under their feet and make it ours.

      We can give up, and god knows it feels like we should. Or we can play the very long game, and get a lot smarter at it, and smarter with our tactics.

      We have some big problems at the moment.

      A Knobbled leadership of the SNP – with every intention of failing to deliver at our greatest hour of criss.

      A Potential ‘real’ SNP only just a little bit keener to act than the official version – when there’s no fucking time left.

      And a lack of credible others to vote for.

      And the excuse of Covid preventing public gatherings, and outrage being displayed.

      It is a democratic bottleneck… with 2 vital dates in mind – 31/12/20 (Brexit) and May 2021 Holyrood Election).

      But it does not mean the dam will hold.

      Regroup, revise, re-plan. As best you can, you are Scotland, and you will always care.

      Up until now this ‘game’ has been played according to the logical rules and eticit.

      It is time to introduce the powers that be, to THRAWN.

      Andy – reposition the point of victory – there’s nothing else for it.

    181. Marie Clark says:

      BDTT aye that Bill Barclay song is hilarious. Played it for the teenage granweans and the three lassies fell about laughing.

      It was a rotten day yesterday, felt worse than I did on Saturday night when the announcements were made. Music always works for me and lifts my spirits. Alison Kraus has a beautiful voice such a clear quality, I just found that carol so uplifting.

      Doing better today mind, I’m aye a glass half full person, but even I struggle some days. Feel for the poor souls that have really bad depression, if it’s hard for us, it must be a thousand times worse for them.

    182. Tinto Chiel says:

      Best Christmas wishes to all the regulars here before Johnson switches off the internet along with food supplies north of Carlisle.

      The good news is that the ornamental gardens at Tinto Towers have been uprooted long since to make way for my oat and kale crop, nourished by our own night-soil for added organic goodness. Am taking orders now so get in early to avoid disappointment.

    183. Andy Ellis says:

      @Daisy Walker

      I fear you are right, and have thought and said much the same over many months. I’d be happy to proven wrong, but it behooves those of us who aren’t buying the gradualist snake oil to be thinking about alternatives. Much as it will be fun saying “We fucking told you so!” it’s clear that the dyed in the wool Sturgeonites and Wokus Dei outriders aren’t going anywhere. With luck many of the latter will be following Jordon and Mridul in the flight to the Scottish Greens, but the SNP still has to show that it can be transformed or indeed wants to. Personally I have my doubts it does want to.

      So: onwards and upwards. There needs to be an alternative, and heart rending as it is, the gradualist prospectus means we probably have several years to make it happen.

      In the event the dam doesn’t break either over Brexit on 31/12/20 or as a result of the Holyrood elections in May 2021, we need a better answer for disillusioned Yessers than 4 or 5 more years of Wishartesque wishful thinking. I mean, I wish the new NEC and folk like Denise Finlay et al well, but unless they’re going to stage the kind of palace revolution that sees a thorough going clear out of the gradualist dead wood and those who have tolerated and even egged on TRA entryism and extremism, the SNP are a lost cause in my view.

      If they censure and preferably expel misogynists like Kirsty Blackman and Graham Campbell along with all the roasters who backed them up in their attack on Mandy Rhodes there might be hope for the party, but do you honestly see that happening? I don’t. Folk who are happy to share a party with odious pieces of work like that need to ask themselves some hard questions.

      In the meantime, those who actually want a party and a government with some fire in its belly need to help ensure the SNP is rendered fit for purpose and/or help construct an alternative and push for a radical re-assessment of how we react to the outcome of the Keatings Case. Whether the result of that is positive or negative from our point of view, we’ve probably already lost any opportunity to do anything meaningful before the end of the decade.

    184. Al-Stuart says:

      Hi Andy,

      Well this wee corner of Wings Over Scotland is a brilliant find. Pleasant folk and decent conversation.

      Andy, I fear you have hit the nail on the head…

      “For the present, I have other stuff to do. The main threads here are a bin fire most of the time, so the game really isn’t worth the candle any more.”

      I feel for and fear for Stu., Campbell. The current situation in Scottish politics is dire. His latest article on Keir Starmer and federalism appears to be from the pen of a clever and thoughtful person who is utterly scunnered. The bin fire on Stuart’s BTL threads make this feel like Wings Over CamSpam and really don’t help the tone, flow, level or quality of debate.

      We really should be raising our game. Discussing ways to get out of this mess.

      Many years ago I cottoned on to what the political party that controlled their fiefdom of Scotland were up to. The following quote was true a decade ago and I would offer up a paraphrased quote that says how many of us feel…

      “I didn’t leave the SNP. The SNP left me”

      Scottish Independence seems so far away now.

      How did this happen? The answer is a question to a question…

      How many of those 5,500 UK Government security service employees at the doughnut shaped building in Benhall, Cheltenham are tasked with preserving the UK union?

      How many of the 4,400 UK Government security service employees at M*5 and 2,594 at M*6 are tasked with protecting the integrity of the UK?

      Let alone the further thousands of staffers in departments at special branch police services, army, navy etc.

      I believe Scotland is so vital to the UK Government that at least 400 professionals are directly tasked with work dealing at SNP level and around a dozen take more than a passing interest with the Scottish resident who lives in Bath. Remember when the WoS computers were seized? I guarantee EVERY email on Stu’s system now has a matching buff coloured file on a dedicated security officer’s desk.

      Those Union preserving professionals deserve a medal. They did their job. Heavens above they did their job very, very well.

      What job? To fuck-up Scottish Independence for at least 20 years.

      A bonus would be to bugger up the SNP at the same time.

      So here we are. The people in those government buildings did their jobs and with great thought, like a grand master playing world class championship chess, Scotland got gubbed.

      We lost.

      Andy, I worry for Stuart and Alex Salmond, along with Craig Murray et al.

      There is little that can be achieved here now. Stuart Campbell clearly needs a holiday.

      One glimmer of hope is if Alex Salmond or Johanna Cherry form an “IndyRef2 Guaranteed List Party”.

      After what the Dreghorn Sleeper turncoat orchestrated for Alex Salmond and how close he came to being imprisoned, it is a big ask for Wee Eck to come back.

      Meanwhile the transgender lot have scunnered Johanna Cherry to her limits. Fair play if she calls it a day and goes back to the more lucrative and less stressful day job as a top flight lawyer.

      Does any of this matter?

      I and several friends I persuaded to vote SNP are point blank refusing to vote for a party that is attempting to enact Orwellian laws and McWokeist Gender Toxic legislation.

      Pretty much mission accomplished by the employees in that big doughnut office complex at Benhall in Cheltenham.

      This is so very sad and utterly depressing. No wonder the very recent words that drip off the end of that fountain pen used by our chief scribe, the Rev Stuart Campbell have the aroma of utter scunner.

    185. Andy Ellis says:

      @ Al-Stuart

      Preach brother!

      In the meantime, as a starter for 10….

      “Act Anent the Fundamental Rights and Prerogatives of the Scottish People.
      The text below is closely modelled on the text of the Quebec Mirror Act of 2018: ACT RESPECTING THE EXERCISE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND PREROGATIVES OF THE QUÉBEC PEOPLE AND THE QUÉBEC STATE.

      Given recent discussions about the possible outcomes of the on-going Keatings Case on whether Holyrood has the competence to hold a referendum without Westminster’s permission, I took a stab at trying to “mirror” the claims of our Quebecois friends.

      This is very much a starter for ten, predicated on others more knowledgeable than I am contributing, correcting and “fettling” such a declaration for wider discussion, use and with luck adoption as the basis for asserting our right to tell Westminster what happens, not ask for their gracious permission!”

    186. Cactus says:

      Just ordered fast food.

      Total price including delivery is £17.45.

      I’m taking this:

    187. Cactus says:

      Seasonal salutations Tinto Chiel and all, that video you posted of Robert Frost there… before I saw the words of the poem, I first thought that the image of the person was Bo. Johnson – aged 5 years later.

      Politics is tough on them political skins.

      Yes Santa iS coming.

    188. Andy Ellis says:

      @Daisy Walker et al

      I’ve just listened to Andy Wightman’s interview on the Holyrood Magazine podcast and agree with your assessment in the MT. I find the “mea culpa” unconvincing I’m afraid. It’s obvious he is emotionally drained and has been put through the wringer to some extent, but I think he doth protest too much.

      It must have been pretty obvious to him for some time the way the Scottish Green party was going WRT TRA extremism and the “there is no debate” mantra. Even before he was monstered for attending the Edinburgh University event, the party had specifically said that anyone guilty of wrong-think was not welcome in the party.

      Is Andy honestly saying he was unaware of this? If so he must have been asleep at the wheel, and if not why wasn’t he arguing the case and making it clear that cancel culture was not an acceptable policy? Surely he could have stood as the champion for common sense and scientific reality within the party, and protected those who disagreed with the leadership and the woke Stasi in the party?

      It was obvious to many of us when he was forced to issue the grovelling apology for attending the event and his tweet afterwards that it was done under duress. He then goes on to say that after that incident, he got himself in a situation last week where (again….?) he felt forced to act against his conscience, blaming lack of time and not having thought through the consequences of voting against the party line.


      I’m not buying it, sorry. Andy Wightman needed to make a stand before the Edinburgh University event, but he certainly should have been fighting his (and our) corner since. Instead he allowed the TRA extremists free rein in his party, then compounded his error by voting for something he knew deep inside was wrong.

      I actually agree he’d be a loss to the parliament and to Scottish politics, but I don’t think we should characterise him as a victim or give him a free pass for failing to do the right thing over the course of many, many months.

    189. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: I see what you mean about the Bojo likeness, a sort of Dorian Gray effect for lying, unprincipled politicians.

      Meanwhile, in other news, a seasonal tale for the dark nights:

      The director seems to delight in portraying the emotional constipation of the English professional classes.

      *Advertising feature*

      My organic kale and oats are still available. Get your orders in early for the festive season.

    190. Al-Stuart says:

      Hi Andy,

      Peace to you Brother too.

      Had an effort at reading the BTL on Stuart’s latest article. In past years there have been some incredibly good pearls of wisdom within the BTL community that can be utilised in the outside world: back in the days we were all on the same side and making best efforts to persuade friends and family to join us and vote SNP.

      Andy, I kid he not, CamSpam was at 30% thread content. Proof if it were needed in “Recent Comments”…

      CamSpam has 5 posts out of 15. The apologists come out about free speech. One Amadan actually said BTL didn’t exist for reading and everyone should be ignored.

      For the life of me I don’t understand Stuart’s dissonant policy. He had the infamous “block list” on Twitter, yet he lets one rogue poster highjack every thread on his main website and cause a measurable loss of regular readers. No blocking, no moderation on the main WoS blog.

      It is Stuart’s site and we all have a choice. Mine is to leave. But that logic ends up with a rump of roasters from the bottom of the barrel.

      Andy, your eloquent summary a while back studied the problem and came to the right conclusion.

      Mea Culpa. One last plea to the Big Man. It is a difficult one because censorship is a bad idea. I had my fingers crossed for just a bit of pre-moderation, but nope.

      I need to read about real-world ways we can make a difference as we got rid of a LibDem MSP by 400 votes in favour of an SNP MSP in 2007 that way. One SNP MSP meant a Scottish National Party Government under the great Alex Salmond. A Forrest Gump moment. In other words mere mortals such as us can make a difference and get democracy nudged in the right direction. 400 changed votes got rid of Scottish Labour.

      But instead of constructive ideas and intelligent debate on the main Wings site, there is rampant CamSpam at 30%.

      I loathe the idiot argument “just ignore him”. Aye right. If I said “don’t think of a zebra shitting bananas” it can be difficult to keep that image out of your mind.

      It’s worse than that. Think of the most painful tooth ache and that is CamSpam. Distracting and ruins the free flow of ideas.

      Anyways Andy, thanks for calling CamSpam out. There has been a steady haemorrhage of folk leaving Wings. I worry a wee bit about Stuart as he has been a phenomenal writer and there maybe legal bills still lurking. Sadly I haven’t the time to keep popping in here to see if he is launching a fundraiser.

      Also I now have no political party to vote for as Humza’s Hate Law (sic) will kill off free speech and 99% certain the WOS main site will go the same way as Wings twitter account.

      So fare thee well Andy.

      The past 6 years have been interesting. But politics is utterly fucked in Scotland and the U.K. I’m leaving to concentrate on work. It’s far more productive and no CamSpam.p to pollute every day.

      Cheers, Al.

    191. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Sad to see Rev Stu banning Ronnie Anderson from BTL comment.

      Like myself, Ronnie has known CamBB for years. Ronnie would not have commented unless he felt it necessary.

      Lately, I’ve been reading CBB’s preambles but have not followed the links.

      “Ronald Fraser” is a more disruptive contributor to BTL than Ronnie’s ever been.

      I emailed the Rev about “Ronald Fraser”, who only seems to comment to provoke, but “he’s” still there, polluting BTL.

      How do the “Friends Of WOS” feel about what is happening BTL?

    192. Clapper57 says:

      Dropped in to wish all peeps in O/T a Happy Xmas….

    193. SilverDarling says:

      Hi Clapper

      I’ve missed your posts so I’m glad to catch you. I hope everything is OK with you and yours in this most strange of times. Best wishes to you Clapper and everyone on the site. Thank goodness for those who keeps the spirits up here. I come here to calm down and browse after a fraught time over there! Some great music links.

      A big year ahead for us all but lets get through Christmas first.

      Right, I’m off to bed after a day of cleaning my manky hoose!

      Peace and love to all x

    194. Liz g says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 12.00 am
      Bloody Awful truth be told Brian….. I’ve been a bit out of the loop this past wee while with family stuff going on and checked in tonight for a bit of sanity ( of the kind only BTL Wingers know how to generate) to find this had happened.
      Not a good situation at all……

      Hopefully Cameron will step up and do the right thing here…. I guess we’ll see in the next day or two.
      In the meantime , I’ll keep my own council as I’d rather not create more heat than light.

      Looks like Brexit and Covid are not the only things that will pan out in the next few weeks….. trust us bloody Wingers to be having our own stooshie too…. I’m not a happy bunny tonight let me tell ya Brian…

    195. Andy Ellis says:

      @ Al-Stuart

      I think your experience mirrors that of many. Like you I’ve more or less decided to give up on “things political” for the foreseeable future: there seems little point. I understand and share the frustration with “Wings Over Cameron”, but having tried in vain to reason with him or with Stu, decided the game wasn’t worth the candle. It’s a shame it has come to this point, but sadly there isn’t any immediately available online alternative (or at least none that seem to have taken off and reached escape velocity!).

      Like you, I have other stuff to be doing: a new job for the New Year, a new bike thanks to Cycle2Work and turbo trainer in a vain attempt to game attempt to regain some fitness, carrying on with Duolingo Scots Gaelic with a view to participating in a “proper” class when Covid allows.

      I will miss the interactions no doubt, and probably dip in and out now and then to see what’s going on. However with Brexit drawing nigh and no real appetite for supporting or voting for the SNP as currently constituted, I’ll leave it for others to who are more invested in rendering them fit for purpose to take things forward. I wish them success, but I don’t envy them or fancy their chances.

      Hopefully 2021 will be a better year. I have to keep believing that one of these New Year’s the desire for an independent Scotland will be realised, and that DOES give me hope. Sadly, I don’t think it’s likely to be next year or any year in the immediate future, but when the campaign starts I’ll be ready.

      Best wishes for the Festive Season and a Guid New Year tae yin and ‘a!

    196. Tinto Chiel says:

      What BDTT, Andy Ellis, Al_Stuart said.

      I’d like to thank Ronnie, BDTT , Betty Boop and all the others whose names I never knew behind the Wings stall for all their amazing efforts over the years. They were the visible presence of Wings and brought thousands to support the site.

      Over and out.

    197. Clapper57 says:

      @ SilverDarling @ 12.46am on 24 December

      Hi SilverDarling ….doing fine….son unable to come home from Dublin for Xmas but fortunately he will be with his girlfriend on Xmas day so will not be alone.

      MT is kinda infested with disrupters who have jumped onto a bandwagon for the sake of it…..

      Do miss coming onto OT especially the wee chats with Tinto Chiel who was both entertaining and informative…..have a lovely Xmas Tinto…..and yes I still think James Mason rocks….Lol

      Also SilverDarling for people like you who helped maintain some sanity onto threads….and Tinto, BDDT, JGedd for musical links.

      Sad to hear about Ronnie A as he was clearly a true winger and by all accounts well respected ……how times change….

      Anyway we have a referendum to win…..eventually…..

      Hope you and yours are well and that you have a lovely day tomorrow and beyond….

      @ lizg

      Hi Liz hope you are well have a fabby Xmas

      I’m away to listen to some ACDC as neighbours away so …Let There Be Rock…

    198. May I take this opportunity to give another punt to It may be a useful means by which those who are fed-up with battling their way past the spammers and disruptive, off-topic posters on Wings Over Scotland to keep in touch.

      Latest post: The interloper in our midst:

      To set up a LiveJournal account, go here: For those using mobile phones, LiveJournal apps for iOS and Android are here:

    199. Andy Ellis says:

      @ Michale Laing

      Good shout Michael. Left a comment on your post there:

      “It’s difficult to free fools from chains they revere…

      It struck me when the Scottish Office was re-named as the UK Government in Scotland that almost anywhere else in the world there would have been an uproar about such neo-colonialism.

      But in Scotland….? Nary a peep.

      Perhaps Scots genuinely are just so scunnered after 300 years of unionism that they lack the self respect to even react to such a crass appellation. It could scarcely have been more offensive if they’d called it the “Generalgouvernement”.

      I honestly despair at the placidity of the Scots people in general and their political leaders, media and professional bodies at times.”

    200. Liz g says:

      Hey Flapper, a very merry Christmas to you and yours too , my friend xxxx
      And a merry Christmas to all you lovely crazy Wingers xxx

    201. Marie Clark says:

      Merry Christmas folks. I’m a bit dismayed at what some folks have been telling us about the MT. Not surprised though, it’s been heading that way for a while. Says it all really when the likes of Ronnie A is banned. As for CamB, well quite a few of us, me included have tried over the years to politely make the point that maybe he should post a we bit less cause it gets overwhelming at times. To no avail, and you end up getting attacked yourself.

      Oh well, the MT I try and avoid now, pop in here now and again to see what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s been this strange year, but the fun has gone out of life at the moment.

      Onywho, everyone, enjoy whatever kind of Christmas that you manage to have. Stay safe and well, next year we might be required to be busier, hopefully because of Indy. Wish the FM would just decide on a plebiscite election, and if the tories want to boycott that, well so be it.

    202. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Merry Christmas abdee!

    203. Andy Ellis says:

      I notice that my prospective candidate for Holyrood 2021 constituency is asking for my support, and offering personal zoom chats or telephone calls to discuss issues with prospective voters:

      As a former party member for his branch, I’m tempted to take him up on his offer to decide whether I hold my nose and give him my constituency vote, or simply abstain or spoil my constituency ballot (I’ve already decided I’ll vote ISP on the list).

      Anyone got any questions they’d like answers to? I was thinking of quizzing him in particular on:

      1) what happens when the Britnats refuse S30 oder for #indyref2 after the election, and what is your/ the SNP’s Plan B and timescale for securing independence?

      2) do you condemn, and what steps will you take if elected to help tackle, abuse of party members and supporters as transphobes, TERFS and bigots by party activists and office holders who hold different views on self-ID, the GRA, Hate Crimes Bill? Will you ensure that such behaviour is made a disciplinary matter?

      3) will you support moves to have the party issue a formal apology to Gareth Wardell (of the Grousebeater blog) for his shameful treatment at the hands of the former NEC?

    204. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      My two favourite ‘Carry On’ have been on/still on tonight.

      Carry On Screaming and Carry On Cleo. It’s all down to the leading ladies. Although I have a penchant for petite blondes, Fenella Fielding in Screaming and Amanda Barrie in Cleo are epitomes of the feminale Gothic stylode I so had a likeymost for in the 80s and 90s.

      Ah, them were the days…

      Might as well stick in a petite blonde…

    205. Liz g says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 10.56
      Carry on movies….. really???
      Now Im judging you Brian and not in a good way.
      Words will be had at the next stall let me tell ya 🙂 🙂 🙂

    206. Clapper57 says:

      @ Liz g @ 11.07am

      Hi Liz, hope you had a fab Xmas….

      I loved the carry on films….sorry Lol….time for more to be made….surely.

      Carry on Brexit…Carry on Union…Carry on Knighthoods….(wonder if Farage will get one in New Year honours list…now that would be a right carry on….).

      Think of all the current political and public life peeps who could be characters in new Carry on films to take over from those who acted in original films…..I mean who could replace Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Syd James, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims, Barbara Windsor…..

      I mean currently we just have Ian Blackford wanting to just ‘Carry on’ talking using the same worn out script…..a tired old repetitive script with words that have no meaning or depth when no ‘action’ follows them……what a bloody carry on indeed….

      Stay well and have a good day….and….carry on doing what you do so well….


    207. Cactus says:

      Treble 8 / Double 14:

      Hello dare. Continuative Festive Felicitations. Oh Yes it is!

      – The English Westminster Government always professed that “no trade deal was better than a bad trade deal”. I wonder if we’ll hear them eating their own words again, nah, the Tories don’t recognise or do shame. It’s worse then a bad trade deal and most especially for the sovereign international kingdom, country and People of Scotland.

      – Hah, so, Bo. Johnston (‘Bodge’ – see Wiki) went soft on the fash afterall, no surprises there then. Maybe in-between that 5 year spell, Scotland will be able to reassert our own independent sovereignty (whatever method is used to regain it) and begin negotiations for restoring some kind of economic European relationship with our international neighbours, outwith the political madness and control of the rUK.

      – NS of the SNP states that all SNP politicians will vote against the Tories bad trade deal. Like that’s really going to scare them or make any effective difference to the overall held majority English Tory vote. Hopefully some of the diehard SNP’ers will now realise that NS is powerless (because none of Scotland’s available political powers have been publicly exercised) and a poor Foist Minister.

      – Yes Now Scotland is superlative to the Scottish National Party.

      – Most of mainland Scotland is now back into Level 4 measures until 16/01/21. Stand by for the seventeenth of January, where schools and further educationalists are also sent and told to ‘stay at home’ indefinitely, with new and further restrictions imposed amongst others. Let’s call it Level 5.

      Have ye all a ‘spiritual’ Hogmanay – That’s the real event of each and every Scottish December – Anyone got any nouveau positive ideas or New Year’s Resolutions for this coming Saturday’s new dawn?

      The Tories are rolling back:

    208. Cactus says:

      “Have ye all a ‘spiritual’ Hogmanay – That’s the real event of each and every Scottish December – Anyone got any nouveau positive ideas or New Year’s Resolutions for this coming Saturday’s new dawn?”

      Oops, make that this coming Friday the 1st’s new dawn.

      Was a day ahead of myself there, almost missed The Bells. Hogmanay ’20 is on a Thursday this year, must be something in the air, doh.


    209. Andy Ellis says:

      A guid New Year tae yin an a’
      An monie may ye see,
      An during a’ the years tae come,
      O happy may ye be.
      An may ye ne’er hae cause tae greet,
      Tae sigh or shed a tear,
      Tae yin an a’, baith great an sma’,
      A hertie guid New Year!

      All the best to the good folk of Wings Over Scotland.

      May 2021 prove to be better than 2020! Stay safe and have a great Hogmanay1

    210. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Andy,awe the best tae you and yours when it comes.

      We will be having a very quiet Hogmany, it just doesn’t feel right this year, and we have only recently lost a dear friend so no exactly feeling like there’s much tae celebrate.

      Onywho, tae yin an awe on OT a guid New Year to all of you when it comes, let’s hope 2021 will be a better one.

    211. Andy Ellis says:


      Aye, it’s bin a sare fecht this year! I’m sure many of us will be glad to see the back of it. One of my daughter’s close friends died during the first wave: 25 years old with no resistance due to cancer treatment. Luckily none of our family have been badly affected so far. I think many of us will be hunkering down and seeing what 2021 throws at us?

      Let us hope our worst fears aren’t realised and our best hopes come to pass!

    212. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In the days when I was a regular “jobbing DJ”, whenever I had a gig across Hogmanay/New Year, this is how I did it. In the TRADITIONAL way.

      Around 11.50, I played this track from 1976, which kinda alerted the audience to what was coming.

      I then invited all the peeps to get up on the floor, in a big circle.

      I digress, for explanation…
      A number of years ago, I started to digitise vinyl and shellac (78RPM). Recorded them into the leedle Mac, then went through the file, eliminating all the scratch/clicks that had been picked up over the years. Took ages. A 20 track Dave Edmunds album took me around 3 months, at a couple of hours per evening.

      Then I discovered an App called “Click Repair”, developed by an Australian guy. He had developed an algorithm that did what I had been doing manually. Worked a treat (now discontinued). Did in 2 minutes what had taken me 2 hours. Well worth the £25 I paid for it.

      Onnyhoo, one of the 78s I digitised and ‘click-repaired’ was a Jimmy Shand 78 from the 1950s. I did it, because it reminded me of Hogmanays when I was a bairn.

      (The following 2 Google links – you may have to elect to “Open” or “Save”, then play with your preferred audio player. Either is safe; no malware- from my Mac.)

      After abdee was up on the floor, I played this Jimmy Shand track –

      I had it timed so that I was able to fade in Big Ben (recorded) and get the first bong at midnight. As the bongs got to 11/12, I brought this in –

      That’s a Scottish New Year!

      If you save them, you can have them all cued up for Midnight…

    213. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Best wishes to you all, as aye.



    214. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ve just posted this on the current main page…

      I’ve been asked to post this by the former ‘Friends of WOS stall’ organiser, Ronnie Anderson.

      “To all the Genuine Wingers have a Guid New Year hopefully we’ll have a get together in a few month’s time Stay safe & look after your selves & your Families ??
      To Rev Stuart Campbell
      May Auld Acquaintances be Forgot ?”

    215. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Why do emoticons appear in the text box and the preview but are replaced by “?” in the posted comment?

      The “??” was a love heart and the “?” was a smiley.

    216. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      Thanks for passing on Ronnie’s traditional ‘guid new year’ tae all real Wingers.

      That’s just over a week since he was hoofed and he didn’t get a solitary mention on any of the MTs, just here.

      So, more power to you all for acknowledging his absence. Hopefully it won’t be permanent.


    217. David says:

      Happy new year to everyone, and to be honest 2020 was so rubbish it’s pretty likely 2021 will be better!
      Question for Brian Doonthetoon – do/did you play many tv theme tunes at discos?
      I’ve been watching ‘Hawaii 5-0’ and it struck me that the theme tune is full of energy, you can do daft surfing moves to it, plus everyone must know it by now!
      And to round off a tv trio I’d pick the themes to ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Roobarb and Custard’. 🙂

    218. Dan says:

      @ David

      Well I am still awake, albeit bored senseless. Hard to think being stuck on an oil rig for New Year was more fun than this home alone shite! 🙁
      Music wise I’ve defo been in a pub in Aberdeen that played the Hawaii Five O theme tune.
      T’was a work’s do and we’d all had a few, we were just getting ready to leave as the tune came on, and for some reason we all dropped onto our knees in a line and proceeded to canoe paddle congo our way across the floor and out the pub.

      And Rhoobarb and Custard was remixed into a 90s club classic for the ravers by Shaft. Loved the piano loop and “got to make it better” lyric, which seems rather fitting for the moment we find ourselves in… 🙂

      Anyways, aw the best to the Off Topic crew, and Ronnie if he’s reading in. Bad craic the way that “situation” played oot.
      It’s been noticeably quiet recently with a few not posting as much. Hopefully just folk busy with crimbo shiz and nowt more untoward.

    219. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi David.

      3 TV themes I used to play, ‘back in the day’.

      This one is stretching the ‘TV theme’ genre a wee bit but Mark Knopfler liked the concept enough to actually play on this recording.It’s from the fillum “VHF”.

      Och, let’s make it 4…

    220. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och, here’s a bonus for you David.

      And another I used to play…

    221. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      BTW: I was never into ‘Northern Soul’ but, apparently, “Hawaii 5-0” was one of the staples of the dance floor in them northern parts of ‘dan sarf’.

    222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Seeing as I’m on a roll…

      I’ve always like the output from “The John Dummer Band”, since I saw them live at Dundee Uni back in the late 60s.

      I’ve always liked the aesthetic appearance of Linda Carter. (It’s in the eyes.)

      So combine the two of them… (with Slade)…

    223. JGedd says:

      Hoping for a better new year than 2020 has been, with best wishes for all on Wings, including the redoubtable Ronnie.

      Perhaps we can dream of the other side of the river….one day.

    224. Dan says:

      @ BDtt

      I noticed your comment in response to an interesting post.
      Guess as the thread was old some may have missed it.
      Posting link here so possibly more folk will pick it up.

    225. Clapper57 says:

      I truly hope we all have a better New year ahead than the one we have all left behind…..

      Sadly I fear that unless certain people get off their current too comfortable collective arses and really start to get into Indy gear mode then 2021 will be, as per, sheeite for Scots….so plus ca change.

      So it’s either going to be a Happy or a Crappy New Year…..unfortunately it looks as if it will not be us mere Scot mortals who get to decide…..when or which will will be the case…..but left to the so called ‘powers’ that be……so plus ca change.

      On a lighter note here’s some crap jokes :

      1.I really wanted to shout at the man who stole my gate but my wife stopped me…

      She said he might take a fence!

      2. My workmate has invited me to a nudist party next week.

      Its seems strange but to be honest… I might go if I have nothing on!

      3. Had a fire evacuation training meeting this week. My boss asked “what steps would you take in the event of a fire?”

      Apparently, fucking fast ones wasn’t the answer he was looking for !

      4. I just got a new job as a street cleaner!

      Turns out there’s not much training involved, you just pick stuff up as you go along.

      5. I was at a restaurant and said to the waitress ”Excuse me, can I ask you something about the menu please?”

      She kicked me out and said “The men I please are none of your business!”.

      6. (last one…thankfully Lol) I started a new job as a security guard last night. Before he left my boss told me I had to make sure I watched the office all night.

      I am on season 2 already but I don’t know what it has to do with security.

      Have a good day everyone…..

    226. DaveL says:

      Hi Rev I hope you don’t mind me posting this here because it’s specifically for Grouse Beater. I wrote out the below request and when posting found that I’d first to log in via a wordpress goo face or twit account none of which I have. So thought to post here in the hope that he sees it or someone points the way. This is what I wrote:

      Hi Grouse Beater

      I’ve long enjoyed reading your blog, politics movies and also the car entries. I’m not going to mention anything about the character above* this is more to do with what I would like to read your thoughts on.

      Movies, in particular what is it about Hollywood that keeps them churning out movies with the first word of the title ‘American…’. The word following could be anything, just think of a word any word, precede it with the word American and hey presto you have a movie tile. American this American that American anything it doesn’t seem to matter. There are literally hundreds of them.

      Also there’s a movie currently showing on Netflix entitled ‘Sand Castle’ (they probably ran out of letters to prefix it with Ameri…) the attached blurb reads as follows:

      ‘After the invasion of Iraq in 2003 a reluctant soldiers platoon is dispatched on a dangerous mission to repair a hostile villages water system’

      Where do you start with that? Are there divisions of Americans trained in combat plumbing? Maybe special ops painters and decorators as well? Is this what they intend when the future water wars begin? Do they soften up the locals with a protracted bombing campaign? Maybe it’s to more efficiently waterboard the villagers and in greater numbers? It could be that this is just a sideline while they await something catastrophic happening to the Russian president whereby they can heroically rescue him. I just don’t know any more. Please help.

      Anyway that’s me said my piece so take care take it easy and have the best new year you can.

      Well that was that but placing it here has given me the opportunity to add a PS, therefore,

      PS Keeping with movies, when and how did the ‘whispery’ school of acting begin? and how did it manage to take hold? I’m sure you know what I mean, the absolute prime example showing just now is Michael Burnham the Star Trek character. It doesn’t seem to matter what she’s saying, it’s said with full on shakey emotion in whispers. “Can I have some chips please” ahh the emotion “Look out! there’s a lorry coming!” Ahh the pain. I’m not kidding when I say I need to put the subtitles on to have any idea of what’s going on. It’s infecting all sorts of movies and does nothing for this viewer except promote a severe case of exasperation and curses.

      So Mr Grouse Beater if you can untangle my thoughts with some of your thoughts I’d be glad to read it. Cheers.

      *I attempted to post this to you’re ‘Time to retire’ peice.

    227. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Interesting interview with the late Gil Scott Heron –

    228. Saffron Robe says:

      Many thanks for the link Ian. Gil Scott-Heron is one of my heroes. I saw him live at the Glasgow Garage touring his “Spirits” album and it was one of the best concerts I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

      I’m also a big fan of the Last Poets. I didn’t realise until recently they are still going strong. “Understand What Black Is” is every bit a masterpiece as their earlier work.

    229. Andy Ellis says:

      Sad to see the state of the MT, despite the valiant efforts of a few adults left in the room. I honestly don’t get it: first the blind spot for nutters like Brodie turning every thread into Wings Over Cameron, now moon howling anti-vaxxers slugging it out with those insisting anyone with doubts is the anti-Christ, and ranters hoping for the FM to die of Covid.

      I wish I could say I’m surprised, but there’s a cost to being so open minded in your treatment of BTL moderation that it becomes a fucking zoo.

    230. David says:

      Hello Dan, that’s a good story! And Brian DTT, thanks for the vids – kicking myself though for not thinking of the ‘Banana Splits’. 🙂
      P.S. Sorry it took me A WHOLE YEAR to reply…
      🙂 🙂

    231. William Wallace says:

      Just popped by to wish all the Aff-Topic crew all the best for 2021 and to offer my apologies (particularly to TC and BDTT) for being a bit of a grumpy bastard in 2020. Hope you all have a great year and wishing you all the best of health. Sláinte

    232. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Happy New Year to abdee here!

    233. Cactus says:

      Welcome and come all ye’s faithful to a new year, double-haufs all round:

      – So that’s us temporarily and officially lost our European citizenship all thanks to the dedicated efforts of both the Westminster and Holyrood Govs – with no immediate or direct action taken by Scotland’s First Minister to rectify since. That’s two things on the to-do-list now for Scotland… restoring both our independent and European statuses. The only ‘status’ that requires to be updated and removed is that of Scotland within the UK.

      – In addition to ‘PM / First Minister’s Questions’, they should introduce a similar event at the HOC asking just one singular question over and over again as follows: “You promised the People of Scotland would not be dragged out of the EU, therefore, why did you lie to the electorate?” The event would be called ‘Ian Blackford’s Question’.

      – You sometimes wonder if Scotland had voted Yes for independence way back in 2014, if the coronavirus would have still came about in these recent times… oh I reckon it would’ve alright… but it would have been called ‘Covid15’ (have a think about that).

      – A political generation of seven years has now elapsed since 2014 – ask Ireland.

      Have a braw week and let’s hope Scotland isn’t left out in the cold for too long.

    234. Clapper57 says:

      @ Andy Ellis on 1 January @ 10pm

      Hi Andy….listen to the END bit of Limmy’s ‘song for #Brexit day’ on his Twitter account…’ll find it applicable to use for most things happening now and t’in future…..

      It goes ” Kill me Kill me…hear we f**king go”…on repeat

      I share your despair…….I’ve lost count of amount of times I have said ….I’m done…….but now might just use the above wee ditty courtesy of Limmy…..especially when confronted by idiots of all persuasions…..

      Have a nice day……..


    235. Clapper57 says:

      @ Andy Ellis @ Me @ 2.25pm

      BTW Andy….Don’t let people tell you ( or your own ears) that Limmy is singing ‘Here we… Here we… Here we f**king go’……cause I think ‘Kill me Kill me HEAR we f**king go’ is really the best and most therapeutic version …….Lol


    236. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK, I’ll explain.

      Earlier tonight, I had a phone blether with Dundee Annie, then put on some music, to have a lie-down on the settee for an hour or so.

      Woke up 6 hours later at 3.15am, out of a dream where, for some reason, I was trying to get back to my job in London, which involved walking across the Tay at low tide, because the London bus was leaving from Tayport. (?)

      I finally woke up when I was being interrogated as an illegal immigrant to Tayport, as, once in Fife, I had walked along the shore and entered a camp for immigrants. The dream was becoming silly and illogical and that’s when my brain usually gives up and sounds the wake alarm.

      Have caught up with WOS pages and the Twitter pages I dip into.

      Onnyhoo, I digress.

      Many years ago, days after wife#1 left me to be with her karate instructor, her brother introduced me to a new (to me) drink, in The Highwayman, on Hilltown. It was called a “Roostie Nail” and was made up of 2 Glenfiddichs and a Drambuie, with an optional lump of ice. Was good. Over the years, I have discovered that it works with whatever your favourite whisky is. At the moment, mine is 2 Bells and 1 Drambuie. I only recently discovered, by taste test, (in the past 3 years or so) that Bells is about the only blend that has a hint of peatiness about it.

      However, prior to blethering with Annie, I poured myself a whisky and diet Iron Brew (Lidl) then took a notion to have a drop of Drambuie in it. Worked oot bra’!

      So I have named this cocktail a “Roostie Preen” – not as effective as a “Roostie Nail” but still with a pleasant kick.

      While I’ve been up just now, I have experimented. I’ve found that 2x whisky, 1x Drambuie and 1x Iron Brew is fine.

      Feel free to experiment with your own variants.

      Message ends.

    237. Dan says:

      ‘Sup OTers?
      Well, that’s one week of this new year gone by without significant incident*, or anything significant stimulation wise at aw come tae think of it… 🙁

      Minus 6 wi’ me at the moment coz I appear to live in a frost pocket. On the plus side, spending half the year frozen fookin stiff has held me in a kinda poundshop cryogenic suspension program so I haven’t aged as quick as some wrinkled auld sundried tomato types living on the Costa Del Sol.
      Trying to mimic BDtt’s drink recipe so imbibing a whisky that was meant to be drunk at a wedding I couldn’t attend coz o’ the bug, wi’ a coke. No need for ice though, coz if I cool things anymore I’ll suffer that brain freeze you get wi’ over ambitious mouthfuls of ice cream consumption.

      Tinto, you’ve been quiet of late, hibernating per chance?
      JGedd, hope yer mobility is improving. I scored a load of copiced wood limbs so needing it split wi an axe if yer up for it. Payment will be a bowl of homegrown pumpkin soup which tastes braw, and an air-fried chip butty.

      8th day by Hazel O’Connor

    238. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: hibernation of a kind, me old haricot. Pissed off with a lot of things just now, including Ronnie’s ban. Looking at the M/T today I’m thinking a total lockdown will be on the way. That should see the Covid Queen through to the May election, unless she decides to postpone it altogether, with this “new strain” the excuse. The FM seems to take advice from SAGE unquestioningly in any case, as she did with the security services over Salisbury and Novichok.

      @William Wallace: no apology necessary. Amongst friends, “Peace Always” is an excellent mantra.

    239. Andy Ellis says:

      Greetings OTers!

      I thought folk might be interested to know that following his welcome cyber defenestration from BTL commenting on Wings last week, Spameron Brodie turned his attention to the comment section of Grouse Beater’s blog, where he attempted to use the same MO.

      Gareth soon saw through Spameron’s attempt to hijack a new blog having been excluded from this one.

      I note from recent threads here a huge improvement in the quality and flow of discussions. It’s almost as if we were right all along about wreckers, isn’t it? 🙂

    240. JGedd says:


      Thanks for enquiring. Mobility is perfectly adequate for walking but not running. When called upon to make more effort, there is no response. The spring has gone. Might have something to do with the muscles being cut for the op.

      Don’t think I would be up to coppicing but Covid permitting, Tinto and I have arranged to have a race to the top of some mountain or other later this year (K2 or Olympus Mons, can’t remember which.) You’re welcome to come along with that delicious-sounding pumpkin soup for a picnic on the summit!

    241. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: HNY, thought you had forsaken O/T for your stream of consciousness novel.

      If Dan can’t make it with his pumpkin soup, my kale and potato isn’t so shabby. Now we only have to find a suitable hill. I somehow think the Inaccessible Pinnacle is out this year but will be led by you in these matters.

      P.S. Olympus Mons is so-o-o-o last decade. The Cydonian Pyramids are the Next Big Thing.

    242. Cactus says:

      How do and how was week one for you.

      – Due to ongoing inquiries (including confirmed serious breaches of Scotland’s ministerial code) and now that the Rt Hon Alex Salmond has spoken up – NS should be required to surrender her passport, pending outcome of these inquiries (as should do Do. Trump.)

      – Glasgow’s City Chambers building was looking excellent with the effect lighting over the festive… but that has now all been taken down… why take it down? Leave them up all year round I say, same goes for the Royal Exchange Square overhead illuminations.

      – Many people did ‘wheesht for indy’ previously. Many of these same people thereafter came to realise the situation on the 31st January 2020 and then their wheesht became a whesht – past tense. Everybody has their ‘whesht point’.

      – Hopefully, Douglas Chapman will come good with the requested information. They will have all of this information already to hand.

      – Was playing cards recently and as a result of that am now playing a new online computer game called ‘Elvenar’ and building multiple independent cities in places of Winyandor, Arendyll and Felyndral. Anyways, must dash… there are things we need to upgrade and negotiate upon.

      This has been a busy week in Scottish politics.

    243. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: for no apparent reason this track came into my head when I read your comments but I always find it wakes me up in the morning anyway:

      Maybe I thought you’d be impressed by the drummer (Mrs Santana, I believe). Apparently the song’s about Jesus Christ.

      Btw, does Elvenar have a “Build an Independent Scotland” option?


    244. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to say that my Spirit Guide assures me that this music accompanied the Big Bang start of the present universe and subsequent the Music of the Spheres:

      Enjoy, Earthlings!

    245. Clapper57 says:

      Some more terrible jokes to add to ones I added onto OT further up.

      1. A man goes to the doctors for a check-up, the doctor says “You need to stop m*sturbating!”

      “Why?” Asks the man.

      The doctor replies “Because I am trying to examine you!”


      2. My grandpa started walking five miles a day when he was 60.

      Now he’s 97 years old and we have no idea where he is.


      3. I just downloaded the Bohemian Rhapsody movie.

      I think it was filmed in a cinema though, I see a little silhouetto of a man.


      4. My boss has just appointed me as his sexual adviser.

      He said, “When I want your f*cking advice, I’ll ask for it.”


      5. My wife thinks I don’t give her enough privacy.

      At least that’s what she said in her diary.


      6. I was having sex the other night and to my surprise my wife started punching me in the face.

      I have no idea who let her into my office.


      7. The other day my Dad beat me at dominos.

      He usually waits till we get home, but I dropped the pizza.


      8. Last night my wife and I watched three movies back to back.

      Luckily I was the one facing the TV.


      9. The police just knocked at my house to tell me my dog was chasing a kid on a bike.

      I just closed the door because my dog doesn’t even have a bike.


      10. I got a lift to the eleventh floor, and as I got out, the operator said “Have a good day, son.”

      “Don’t call me son,” I said. “You’re not my dad.”

      “No, but I brought you up, didn’t I?”

      Well that’s enough for you OT peeps…cannae spoil you now can I…… 😉

    246. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      How did you know about my stream of consciousness novel? I’ve reached chapter XLV, almost half way there.

      Well you Elon Musk types might be sniffy about Olympus Mons but I’ve heard that off-piste Olympus Mons is still considered a happening scene.

      Of course, Bach’s music was there at the beginning of the universe because Bach is God.

    247. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: that’s all very interesting about your novel but I fear it will not aee the light of day w/o the correct use of Woke personal pronouns and a pronounced vegan vibe, in a caring and inclusive Weltanschauung going forward.

      If by “happening scene” you mean its got a Chipolata BBQ and brioche buns, I’m in.

      I’m afraid Clapper’s latest shows the terrible effect of lockdown, although I did laugh at No. 2.

      Ahoo, werewolves, etc.

    248. Dorothy Devine says:

      Clapper57 just caught up with those – particularly like number 4!

      Thanks for the daft cheer up – I am definitely in need of such!

      p.s couldn’t put those in Christmas crackers could you?!

    249. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel on 12 Jan @ 11.04pm

      Yep I am stir crazy…..crap jokes….so No 2 you liked ….some a wee bit risque a la number 1…however in my defence I added onto list as I know we are all so very open minded on here….that is… on OT……hence why added here and NOT MT….too many self appoint themselves as Wings moderator police…I mean there is PC then there is the actual PC’s and then Wings PC’s…..if you know what I mean…. 😉 ….plus some people have nae sense of humour….in these troubled times…Jokes is it ?….I’ll gie you jokes….

      Hope you are well Tinto….miss oor wee chinwags….I went AWOL for wee while as was one step beyond….demented..if truth be told I still am…..Lol

      @ Dorothy Devine on 13 Jan @ 11.30am

      Glad you got a wee laugh….number 5 was my favourite….daft but funny……good to have a laugh on OT and leave MT to the big boys and girls….and the sporadic but consistent dementors who butt in to drive people demented….Lol

      Have a good day both of you ( might spoil you with MORE wee classic ( in my head only) terrible jokes t’in future….that’s a promise not a threat….


    250. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Special Agent Clapper: stir crazy @Tinto Towers too but AOK here, including Harvey, who is making raffia baskets as nesting boxes for long-tailed tits.

      I was MIA also for various reasons too but thank God we have a grandchild to look after regularly, at least until we get lockdowned till Easter by our corrupt and useless government(s).

      I append this as a wonderfully weird clip from when childhood was childhood, although you’ll be too young to remember it 😉

      *Twirls moustaches roguishly*

    251. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      This clip was ‘related’ on your Bagpuss vid-eh-oh.

      It’s a standard catchphrase me and my Boss utilise – ‘Throw it in the curry!’

      BTW: my literal pro-nunchyeon of ‘vid-eh-oh’ took me to this, where ‘vid-eh-oh’ is mentioned.

      Hail the Yetts of Muckart!

    252. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: “related” you say? This what I got:

      BTW: did you pure ken Emperor Claudius’s wife was Etruscan and he himself produced a (lost) multi-volumed work on the Etruscans and their language?

    253. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 6.33pm

      Lol…..watched the video….Oh my God what have I just watched…what in the name o the wee man was that…..were they friends of yon Andy pandy or before his time…Lol

      I never watched Bagpuss….I knew my life was incomplete somehow….was James Mason ever a guest on it….Lol

      Aye still pining for Mr Mason….bought three of his films..Georgy Girl, Spring & Port Wine and Stranger in the House…..thinking of buying Lolita as he did look hubba hubba in it…..

      Locked up in lockdown…a feel a song coming on….Lock me up for I Go Go…..gagga…..Lol

      Clapper57 Over and out

      ps. Wish I could have had the opportunity to Twirl James Mason’s moustache roguishly…..I write moustache and use adjective roguishly…. but perhaps mean something else….Oooooh Matron… 😉

      Stay safe and well Tinto…. 🙂

    254. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: I knew you were too young for Bagpuss but this James Mason thing…..

      If it gets you through the Covid Crisis then that’s fine but afterwards I feel you need a few sessions with Dr Friedhoffer of Vienna (my own shrink).

      He has helped me work through my issues with Motherwell FC and I feel better now:

      Ahoo, werewolves, etc.

    255. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      Your link above…
      I found it, mostly, as decipherable as a mixture of Braille and Greek – until I finally reached…
      In my opinion the discovery that Etruscan and Hurro-Urartean are related should have positive consequences when it comes to understanding the language and disentangling its vocabulary and morphology. I hope to have contributed with this paper to an improved decipherment of Etruscan.”

      It all fell into place! Ure Nutz!

      Onnyhoo, I wouldn’t worry about werewolves. It’s the arewolves and willbewolves that would concern me.

      Can’t remember if I’ve linked to this in the past. It’s rather well put together.

    256. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel on 13 Jan @ 9.16pm

      You mean I was too OLD for Bagpuss……Lol

      As to ” If it gets you through the Covid Crisis then that’s fine but afterwards I feel you need a few sessions with Dr FRIEDhoffer of Vienna (my own SHRINK)”.

      I would prefer a session with a FRIED Mars Bar…..which would help me to GROW as opposed to SHRINK…..Lol

      Us women and our fantasies….not restricted to lockdown BTW…it’s a lifetime occupation for some of us…..or rather a preoccupation….Lol

      Motherwell FC issues you say….aah I understand…..and he came all the way from Vienna ……what a guy….I assume many sessions must have been needed ….Lol (Just joking as I know nowt about Motherwell FC or football…’s where you respond that …….your issues were exactly that…Motherwell FC know nowt about football…Lol).

      Sorry comrade but I will never ever be seeking help for my James Mason adoration…….cause he is so damn fine… no help needed 😉 …..the song “Born to late” comes to mind….sigh.

      Special Agent Clapper…over and out.

      Have a good day

    257. Tinto Chiel says:

      Morning, BDTT? Not a fan of Etruscan? You should try some Hittite.

      Great to wake up to yon most excellent mashup wot you linked to ‘cos the snow is heavy Where I Am this morning and the sledge will be coming out.

      Clapper57: “Motherwell FC know nowt about football.” Harsh, but fair.

      *Wipes away a silent tear*

      Oh, look! Here’s James Mason just arrived in his sleigh to whisk you off for a gluhwein and sachertorte session at his remote chalet with optional backgammon opportunities under the moonlight……

      Just messin’ with your head, me old haricot 😉 .

    258. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.23am

      “Just messin’ with your head”

      Me head is messed up enough Lol…..nice scenario though….you say BACKGAMMON under the moonlight….oh behave….more likely we would SCRABBLE around and I am sure he would soon know it was not a TRIVIAL PURSUIT after he rolled the DICE ……and it would all end in checkmate (for who I am not sure) 😉 …be still my beating heart…..Lol

      Clapper57 over and out

      Have a good day

    259. Tinto Chiel says:

      *Reads S. A. Clapper’s latest*

      “Dr Friedhoffer, are you busy? A woman suffering from Recurring Masonophilia needs you. Pick you up at the airport!”

    260. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 5.27pm

      Lol……that so made me laugh….


    261. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: the wee guy with the paper hat is me most days, Special Agent 🙂 .

    262. Ian Brotherhood says:

      TC, Clapper et al –

      Please accept my application to join the WOS/OT James Mason fan club – watched ‘5 Fingers’ last night, hadn’t even heard of it before. Great stuff.


    263. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: darn tootin’!

      Some Turkish Delight for Clapper57:

    264. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Hi Ian….come on in…..the JM O/T fan club ( I am the chairperson) is not exclusive…once peeps have seen him in action then they know…oh yes they know…tis impossible to be in any other fan club…….your membership is now endorsed….

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Oh how lovely was he in that film….thank you that was a unexpected but welcome treat….he was 43 years old in that film and a finer figure of a man there never was ……that voice too how smooth and eloquent…..wait a minute…I have just swooned and need to unswoon…..back in the room….as I was saying damn fine man…in his 40’s, 50’s and indeed his 60’s….the dark brown eyes, the facial bone structure , the full lips and the voice…..wait a minute….I have swooned again… I have unswooned….back in the room….on repeat…..Lol

      Have a fabby days guys…you are the best of the best…..

    265. Clapper57 says:

      BTW….if anyone knows someone creative and funny on Twitter…can they do a video of someone interviewing some fish….to check if they are really happy being British or even if they were aware they had a nationality…..or just happy to swim and be free…..maybe ask the Codfather….. 😉

    266. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Friedhoffer! Friedhoffer! For God’s sake hurry up, man!”

      “The screens, nurse! The screens!”

    267. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Lol….perhaps Dr Frankenstein would be better….”She’s alive”…Lol

      And now for another one of my terrible jokes…

      Just out this joke…

      Tony Blair makes swipe at Scottish Labour saying Ruth Davidson was the SNP’s only opposition…..boom boom….was this before or after she interviewed him on her LBC radio stint…..urban legend resurfaces…..the old Britnat alliance……..BTW believe he said that out loud….another one for the file on the things some chancers want the gullible to believe is true….. maybe some will think true while experiencing warped logic or in desperation but some sheeite should never ever ever be spoken out loud in public…..see Labour is on fire…..literally burning doon…solution….Tony Blair has some gasoline…..does he need some MORE help to fan the flames……Lol

    268. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK, James Mason fans.

      Here are four for you. They’re all B/W.
      Usual caveats – close any pop-up windows – and DON’T click on any links in them, specially the ones that tell you to update your Flashplayer. (Flash is no longer supported by Adobe.)

      Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 clicks on the “Play” button before the video plays.

    269. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK, James Mason fans again.

      Here’s a colour one from 1969.

      Director: Michael Powell

      Actors: Andonia Katsaros, Harold Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Jack MacGowran, James Mason, Neva Carr-Glynn, Peggy Cass

      Duration: 108

    270. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: well, Thatcher did say Blair was her greatest achievement, innit? A creepier, more sanctimonious article you couldn’t meet and with a murky past long before the Iraq war and his money-making portfolios.

      @BDTT: that late colour one from Powell is the Lolita-type one with Helen Mirren, I believe. A gentleman like JM would never take advantage, of course.

    271. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper57 –

      Saw a photo of Blair today on a tweet. Don’t know if it had been ‘shopped’ in some way but he looks like he’s got one foot in the grave.

      Goes around, comes around an aw that jazz…

    272. Tinto Chiel says:

      Incidentally, I always liked The Man Between, a sort of Third Man type of film set in Cold War Berlin but without the zither music and Orson Welles. The abduction scene in the snow is excellent but poor Clapper will not be able to cope with the last five minutes, I fear.

    273. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC at 7:29 pm.

      You typed,
      “@BDTT: that late colour one from Powell is the Lolita-type one with Helen Mirren, I believe. A gentleman like JM would never take advantage, of course.”

      Yes… I saw, at a usually reliable source, that Helen Mirren, in the early days of her career, was not averse to the practice of “gittin’ ‘er kit aff”.

      Onnyhoo, a wee musical interlude for tonight. Two versions of “Where The Gentle Avon Flows”, which I have on one of my ‘snooze’ playlists.

      The second one raises a question. It is credited to ‘Boris Gardiner’ on Trojan Records but the 7″ single I have is this second one, credited to ‘Byron Lee’, on Duke Records. (See notes below them both.) Boris gets a mention at the second also.

      Jamaican tax dodge?

    274. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      One foot in the grave you say…..needs a foot up the a*se…a BIGFOOT….yeti yeti ( signifies Himalayan laughter)….

      @ Tinto Chiel & BDTT

      Boys you spoil me….are you encouraging me in my obsession…I am now past the point of delirious and almost over the edge…of insanity….I watched Lord Jim tonight on telly….a 3 hour piggin film…JM second billing in credits….he never came on screen till past 2 hours 5 minutes….and lucky if he was on 15 piggin minutes ( and I have probably overestimated the time more like 10 minutes)…..was gorgeous but his appearance was way too fleeting……I am underwhelmed…..I most certainly did not get what was on the tin….i.e. top credits giving him second billing suggested a larger part….did not quite float me boat….or shiver me timbers….tad deflated and sunk as he seemed without a trace…roll on next film…

      @ BDTT…thanks for the above attachments will melt over them at my leisure……at this rate I will be certifiable and need Tinto’s Dr friend who I believe will have me fried and shrunk..or something….Lol

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Blair thinks it be a winning strategy to secure the votes of current Labour voters and win new ones by lauding …..a Tory leader…..mind you yon war criminals tend to have a skewed and perverted sense of logic, morality and decency…’s all about the money money money……watch out for the next Blair Witch Project….( Ruth being the current one…Lol)

      Thank you guys you are the best….


    275. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: you’re welcome.

      I believe Dr Friedhoffer takes Green Shield stamps and Luncheon Vouchers, so don’t be a stranger!

      @BDTT: “in the early days of her career….” I think you might be underestimating things, me old haricot 😉 .

    276. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 9.58pm

      Will he take an IOU ?……and does he do No win No fee….Warning..there is no cure/vaccine for Masonphilia..once you have caught it… stays with you for the rest of your life…and most people who get it… not want to cured…so No win as there IS No cure…. 😉

      Last night I watched on Sky Arts Freeview a documentary on David Crosby called Remember my name…very good and quite insightful…Loved CSNY….and CSN pre Neil Young…..quite sad actually…..said none of those musicians he worked with will talk to him anymore…..though many tried to help him when he was on drugs……he had a beautiful voice….but was a tortured soul….think he still is.

      Have a good day everyone

    277. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Typing about voices…

      One of my big regrets when Karen Carpenter died was that there could never then be a Karen Carpenter/Greg Lake duet. When Greg Lake died, that really hammered home the last nail in the coffin of my forlorn hope.
      I think their voices would have complemented each other beautifully. I haven’t got round to surmising what their choice of song would have been though.

    278. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: yep, the music business can really chew you up if you are a sensitive soul.

      Meanwhile, I’m sending you a one-way ticket to Swoonsville, although I’m not sure I should be doing this………..

    279. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      “Meanwhile, I’m sending you a one-way ticket to Swoonsville, although I’m not sure I should be doing this”

      Oh no Tinto….please do… know in your heart that you have done the right thing….how suave he is….in first interview he had chain on with a pendant…not sure what it was…..hope it was not him pandering to his ‘feminine side’……you know this is bad but how much does he sound like a Tory MP….me bad….can see him in HOC making a speech….oh no I feel another fantasy coming on…..Lol

      Many many thanks for doing that…you and others feel free to post ANYTHING related to my dream man…still to wade through what BDTT added further up the thread…..I am the Cat that has got the cream…for sure…Purr…BTW James Mason LOVED cats…God could he BE more perfect !!!!!!

      Not sure if my hubby knows about my fixation with JM…hoping he thinks it’s just a coincidence that every time he walks in the room I am watching a film that just happens to have JM in it! …..mind you pushed my luck today watching Desert Fox on channel 51…..he asked me why are you watching that ?……..I babbled a lot of gobbly gook….which I think he accepted as that is my usual response to anything he asks me…Lol

      The JM interviews …especially first and second one will be revisited …..for sure….he looks and sounds so damn fine..sigh.

      Now imagine this :

      He says : The name is Mason…James Mason…

      Then I say : Do you expect me to swoon ….

      Then He says : No Ms Clapper57 (Lol) I expect you to ……… ……

      No…no…no… I cannot finish that sentence….me bad….obvs.

      ps. What’s the number of that Dr you keep mentioning ?… 😉

      Have a wonderful evening Tinto ( and everyone else).. 🙂

    280. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: watching The Desert Fox? Why would you watch a war film with James Mason in a long leather military coat and tight knee-length officer’s boots?

      Ah, 😉 !

      Have a dreamy evening too….

    281. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK, a joke.
      (Apologies for the Stanley Unwin references but I can’f help myself, when I’m partaking of my second ‘Roostie Nail’ of the evening.)
      This is one of my two jokes which I tell in company. The other is my favourite and I’ll keep it for whenever. It involves an ex-pat Scot coming home, after emigrating to the US when he was 6 years old and never revisiting, until he retires. It is ’suggestive’, if I may use that term. Wait and hear, wait and hear…

      I’ve never written the first one down, nor typed it. I have updated it. (It originally featured Elvis Presley but he’s well past it now.) This version is set just before lockdown in 2020.

      Boab and Eck are in the habit of attending the shenanigans at an infamous central Scotland ballroom/dancehall/disco of a Saturday night, whenever they ain’t got nobody and they’ve just been paid.

      This particular night, after imbibing at their local cocktail bar, they make their way to the venue. Whilst mingling with the crowd, Boab’s eye cottoned on to, in his mind, a most attractive feminale of the specie, dancing with her pal.

      “Wha’s the burd wie the purple hair an’ the aff-the-shudder dungarees? An’ the wee hint of chin hair? Eh’m enamoured.”, he pined to Eck.

      “Och”, says Eck, “Yi dinnae stand a chance wie ‘er, she’s Senga fae Stirling an’ a’ she sees is the light shining’ out o’ Nicola Sturgeon’s a®$€.”
      “But, shiz lovely.”, says Boab.
      “Well”, says Eck, “Iffin yi wahnt ti git aff wie ‘er, tell ‘er yir bra’ pals wie Nicola Sturgeon.”

      Bob had a wee snifter from his concealed hip flask of Buckie and summoned up what courage he had. At the start of the next number, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, he approached Senga, tapped her on her, surprisingly, muscular shoulder, and begrail, “Hi, eh’m Boab, a big fan o’ Nicola, fancy a dance?”
      ”Yi like Nicola?”, Senga asked, in a surprisingly deep voice.
      ”Aye”, says Boab, wilting under Senga’s charisma. So they danced. And danced. After the last smoochie, “Bright Eyes”, Boab chanced his mitt and invited Senga out for a meal, the following week. She agreed.

      The following week found the pair meeting under the town clock, from where, they went to the local Chinese buffet. They were enjoying their starter when Senga announced, “Ken Whuh?” Nicola’s just come in wie ‘er entourage! Shiz sitting’ ower there!”
      “Oh eh”, muttered Boab.
      “Says Senga, “Go an’ git ‘er ti say hello, Boab.” ”Och, ah dinnae wahnt ti disturb ‘er.”, says Boab.
      “If yi dinnae git ‘er ti come over an’ say ‘hello’, that’s me an’ you feenished.”, announces Senga.

      So Boab wanders over to Nicola’s table. “Excuse me, Nicola, meh nimms Boab”, he says. “Meh burd, Senga is a big fan of yours an’ shid really appreciate you comin’ ower an’ sayin’ ‘hello’ an’ thah.”
      “Aye”, says Nicola, “Nae Bathir. Ah’ll be ower when I finish mah ice cream.”

      Bob goes back to Senga. “Shiz gonna come ower ti say ‘hello’ after ‘er ice cream.”
      “Bra’!”, says Senga.

      Half an hour later, Nicola comes over to Boab and Senga’s table. “Hi Boab!”, she says.

      Says Boab, “Fur füks sake Nicola, fük off – ahm wie mah burd!”

    282. Marie Clark says:

      Hi everyone, how are ye all doing? It’s a bit quiet round here these days, nae postings for days, then quite a few all at once.

      I hope Clapper57 is all right, she seems to be away in a wee world wi yon James Mason. Ah weel whitever gets us through this rotten time, good on ye hen.

      Just thought I’d check in and see what was going on,keep well and stay safe folks. I’ll leave you this wee tune.

    283. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel on 16 January @ 8.46pm

      “James Mason in a long leather military coat and tight knee-length officer’s boots”.

      Hey Tinto…..any more of that and I’ll end up in Casualty…Lol


      @ Marie Clark @ 11.41am

      Hi Marie hope you are well.

      Aye in a wee world of my oan indeed….however if I am honest was in that same world before lockdown and will still be in it post lockdown…. 😉 …..Lol

      Fortunately for me Tinto has a Dr friend from Vienna who he thinks can cure me……like I want to be cured….as if…Lol

      You take care…. 🙂

      @ BDTT on 16 Jan @ 11.04pm

      Senga and Boab…..a match made in…..Hell.

      Have a good day everyone….

    284. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Clapper57, it was Steve McQueen that used to do it for me. Those gorgeous blue eyes, stoap it, I’ll be at the swoonin next.

      Take care.

    285. Clapper57 says:

      Another instalment of terrible jokes :

      1. I asked the librarian if the library had any books about paranoia.

      She whispered, “They’re right behind you…”


      2. When ordering food at a restaurant, I asked the waiter how they prepare their chicken.

      “Nothing special”, he explained. “We just tell them they’re going to die.”


      3. I was so excited when the hosepipe ban was lifted

      I wet my plants.


      4. Q) Why do scuba divers always fall backwards out of the boat?

      A) Because if they fell forwards, they’d still be in the boat.


      5. Some guy just said he was gonna attack me with the neck of a guitar

      I said “Is that a fret?”


      6. Don’t you hate it when people
      answer their own questions?

      I do.


      7. I arrived early to the restaurant. The manager said do you mind waiting a bit?

      I said no.

      Good, he said. Take these drinks to table nine.


      8. I found out my girlfriend is really a ghost.

      I had my suspicions the moment she walked through the door.


      9. At the parole hearing, the officer asked, “Tell me, why should you be released early?”

      The inmate responded, “It’s bec…”

      Officer: Yes?

      Inmate: I think I have..

      Officer: Go on.

      Inmate: Can I Please finish my sentence?

      Officer: Sure. Parole denied.


      10. My wife’s mad at me because she said I never buy her flowers.

      I honestly didn’t even know she sold flowers.


      Am I spoiling you all or what…..see I CAN post on OT without mentioning James Mason…..oops. 😉

    286. Clapper57 says:

      Three weeks after Brexit…Douglas Carswell…ex Tory MP who defected to UKIP….has emigrated to the USA and has a new job……get a new job in 3 weeks…seems a tad implausible to me….almost as if Douglas knew there’s a shit show acomin’ so Douglas planned …in advance…his getaway…..he believed in Brexit so very very much that he chose to leave the UK once the UK…..checks f*cking notes… finally left the EU…….and Brexited……so WTF was he campaigning for pre 2016 ?

      Gone to the deep South apparently to be among his own kind…..the I believe there is a f**ing swamp that needs filling….

      BTW this is NOT a joke but it is f**ing laughable….

      ps. anyone got their Brexit Bingo card for who else has left old Blighty post Brexit in the uber Brexit tribe and who will be next…..full house guaranteed.

    287. Cactus says:

      The first sabbathical seventeenth of the year, be hold, the winner takes it all.

      – January ’21 greetings Tinto Chiel, aye, I’ve named one of me creations iScotland – it’s a beautiful and friendly place, with very independent minded and hard working citizens – Am currently exploring and scouting new provinces beyond iScotland and investing in various industries to provide for my people in Elvenar. Check it out on-line if you’re interested… all you need is patience (unless you gotta lotta blue diamonds to play with.)

      Good call 2 with the Leonard Kravitz song… always a winner on the dancefloor.

      – 2020: The year that never was.

      – Yes hold a plebiscite election for indy – which is different to a referendum, where a plebiscite Yes result would be WON at that time (a declaration) compared to a Yes referendum result, where that would be made official (Independence Day) at a later date – IF people vote for the incumbent Scottish Government by majority and via a plebiscite indy election… in this current climate, they could then immediately SUSPEND independence until the coronavirus situation is ‘dealt with’ (acquire country Status 1 – Yes – before we go to country Status 2 – Independence) Independent Scotland can then be reactivated (following closure of this first 21st century crisis) and the paperwork / negotiations can all be sorted out in-the-meantime. The precedent of ‘transition periods’ has already and most recently and realistically been set. Everybody’s boxes ticked and happy with that?

      – Whom will be sitting as Scotland’s First Minister come… what, May?

      – SO they spent £55,000 coaching / training all of the Alphabet Wummin ‘Sisters’ Act Conspirettes’ in the now named NS & friends enquiry into their inquiry and professional conduct. The attached article (cheers Al) and music video explain how that 55 was spent on coaching this new and un be coming chain-gang. Watch out for them arrows of the inside ladies… to be… In (and until) The Year 2055:

    288. Cactus says:

      One more thing:

      – A new positive and catchy slogan for trending…

      “Get Garavelli Done”

      (in a political sense)

    289. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Picked this up from Twitter just now.

      It’s a 1 minute video about public hospitals in Norway. What piqued my interest was mention of capsules in a “tunnel system”.

      They have that system in Ninewells Hospital. When you’re down on (service) Level 4, under the Lab Block, you can hear the capsules travelling through the tubes. Like the vacuum system that used to be in department stores, e.g. DM Brown’s in Dundee.

      Don’t know if there are similar systems in other Scottish hospitals.

    290. Clapper57 says:

      @ BDTT on 17 Jan @ 8.11pm

      Yes Dick Winchester on his Twitter a/c often shows/explains what Scotland COULD have if only it were NOT tied to you know who….the advances/initiatives of some European countries, who are comparable to Scotland in population, destroys the Unionist argument about how small ( in population) means weak….and also shows how Scotland is held back by being tied to a fake Union as opposed to free to advance and progress…..

      I see Ed Davey of the supposed once ‘Most Remainer party in the UK’ has finally conceded they are NOT the most Remainer party indeed they are not for rejoining the EU now…and thus it was, as we all knew, merely a political ruse their faux uber Remainer stance just to get more votes (gullible mugs) in 2019 GE ………be funny to see how their MP’s and MSP’s will spin this….think we know ….if nothing else they are so predictable…..if you read English political Twitter, especially Remainer peeps, the Lib Dems are now being crucified …as is Labour’s Sir Keir…..

      Lib Dems are truly the scavenger party…..desperate to mop up those voters disenchanted with Labour and Tory via false promises/policies…..quick to change their policies/tactics at the drop of a hat….to be in with the ‘wrong crowd’…..though once things go even more tits up with Brexit they will revert back to their pretend allegiance to rejoining the EU……which way is the wind blowing….Lol

      The English Remainers have run out of political parties to vote for…apart from the Greens….

      Meanwhile in Scotland…..? ? ?

      Have a good day everyone….


    291. Dan says:

      Test post as comment not submitting properly on MT

      Can someone post this link on MT as I appear locked in a duplicate comment submission status.

    292. Dan says:

      Cheers BDtt for posting link on MT earlier.
      Need to get my laptop to my mate for a “service” but lockdown has curtailed meeting up with him.
      It’s been getting slower and slower over past couple of months and the issue I mentioned previously up ^^^ of Wings pages trying to reload by themselves or not properly loading often catches me out when creating or submitting comments, even though I take measures not to double post.
      Looks like James Che suffers similar but they don’t take as many precautionary measures as me hence their regular double posts appearing.
      I got a duplicate post detected message with that barrheadboy link but there is no sign of the initial one appearing on the MT.

      Fookin Windaes with its constant “updates” that slow my machine down… The updates keep auto-installing Edge too which I never use.

    293. Tinto Chiel says:

      My heart’s not really in it at the moment, but I’ll try this anyway:

      May The Force be with you.

    294. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.52am

      Hey Tinto…..sending virtual hug… always cheer me up on OT with your wonderful and unique turn of phrases and yes not many reasons to be cheerful at the moment…….BUT….someone said once that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”….

      Take care and have a good day chillin…..May the force also be with you……


    295. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57; all virtual hugs accepted, me old haricot, and the same to you with cyberknobs on (can I say that kind of thing nowadays?).

      I think whoever did the visuals for that YouTube version of RTBC did an excellent job: most amusing in its literal way.

      Whenever I feel a bit fed up, I read this peom by someone who really had problems, ground down by rural poverty and the destruction of much of the natural world he loved by the Enclosure Acts:

    296. JGedd says:

      Thanks for that poem. Years since I first read it, when he was described as a ‘minor poet’. I responded to John Clare’s poetry then and now. While loving nature, his life brought him pain and ended miserably.

      I will be taking a long sabbatical.

      Life’s thin gruel, innit tho’?

    297. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: haste ye back. Hope you are getting stronger.

      The worst thing about the governments’ (note apostrophe) strategy is that there is no exit strategy/hope and failed attempts like lockdown are repeated nonsensically, so it’s no wonder folk’s mental health suffers.

      I’ve considered doing the X_Sticks’ option of giving up on independence and pursuing my own interests but I’m too close to the exit door to emigrate or devote a decade or so to some other enterprise. Looks like I’ll be banging my head off a brick wall until I depart this vale of tears.

      In the meantime could I pencil you in for an ascent of Etna in 2023? We could cook organic porridge off a side vent and bestride the sun-gilt uplands in an inclusive and mutually supportive environment going forward in terms of an ecological response.

      Ach, bugger it! We’re Goved, aren’t we?

      See you at Philippi.

    298. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel 21 Jan @ 1.53pm

      What a poem….I had never heard of this guy….but will make a point of doing some research on him…..thank you….that poem is a keeper.

      Have a lovely day Tinto….we are all in this together…through the good and bad times…..currently we are going through the bad times….ever hopeful we will eventually see some good times….of that I AM sure….hope spring eternal…


    299. Tinto Chiel says:

      Afternoon Special Agent C57 (Embra Branch). Just back in from a big walk with my carer. Saw a tree-creeper and I noticed the great tits are sprucing up their songs for the spring so all is well today. Just going for a bowl of my kail and potato soup before my strict regime of bending exercises and spring water. Will drone any spare soup across to you. Leave a light on in the top landing window.

      Glad you liked the peom. Clare’s nature poetry is interesting but his life reads like one sad episode after another.

    300. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to mention: every time I hear of Keith Brown I think of his non-functioning Rebuttal Unit and am inevitably reminded of this:

    301. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 2.34pm

      ” I noticed the great tits are sprucing up their songs for the spring so all is well today”

      Aye….I just had a election (put an ‘r’ where ‘l’ is) bit of bumf fae another great TIT …the potential ‘list’ leader of the Tory party in Scotland……DRoss

      Funny how we are told there is NO border in UK between Scotland and England..we apparently are ONE country i.e. the UK..if that is the case why do the Tories need to make the distinction in Scotland that they are the ‘Scottish’ Conservative party….surely if no border as they say then they would just be the Conservative party….as they are a UK party…No ?….same goes for Welsh Tories…..after all a Tory is a Tory irrespective of what parliament they sit in….no matter how much they try to spruce up their image to appear more Welsh or Scottish……we all know they all sit at the altar of their masters in England HQ….. ….Blue Tits indeed ….(blue) birds of a feather that stick together….Lol

      Special agent Clapper57 Over but NOT Out…..light been left on…..bowl at the ready…..spoon in hand..windae open….now on the lookout for Soup Drone…..

      Keep on keeping on Tinto……. 😉

    302. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Keep on keeping on Tinto.”

      Worry ye not, S.A. Clapper, I shall endeavour to persevere in that regard:

      Quite spookily, I also got an electoral communication from DRoss today but it lasted only about a minute in Tinto Towers before Treacle the butler was asked to have it grace the interior of my blue paper bin. Already the Tories are spending big bucks in Darkest Lanarkshire and it’s four months to the elections: I got a similar one from Buffalo Girl about a fortnight ago.

      Sorry about my soup delivery: my drone hit a wind turbine near Forth and took a jundie in the direction of Addiewell before I lost the signal. It was a one-gallon drum so maybe someone got lucky in West Lothian in a non-sexual but nonetheless satisfying person-centred outcome.

      Ahoo, werewolves, etc.

    303. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      “A one gallon drum”…..what size did you think me bowl was ?

      Don’t answer that….Lol

      Have a fabby day….

      SA Clapper57 Over…….. but not out…..yet.


    304. Clapper57 says:

      And now for MORE terrible jokes…spoiling you all…Lol


      1. I tried to sign up to a website the other day.

      I put my password as “BeefStew” but it said password wasn’t stroganoff.


      2. Someone told me when you turn 100 you get a letter from the Queen and when you turn 13 you get a text from Prince Andrew!


      3. My missus asked me to put brown sauce on the shopping list…

      Now she can’t read any of it!


      4. My email password got hacked again…

      That’s the third time I’ve had to rename the cat!


      5. My girlfriend has started using a pencil for her eyebrows…

      Looks pretty ridiculous. Plus, it keeps falling off her forehead!


      6. I went the doctors the other day complaining about my sore feet.

      He said, “Gout!”

      I said, “But I’ve only just walked in!”


      7. Just went into a shop and said, “Can I pay by card?”

      The cashier said, “No problem, what card do you have?”

      I said, “The six of spades!”


      8. I hate it when I’m singing to a song on the radio and the artist gets the lyrics wrong!


      9. My wife keeps dropping hints about a sexy gift she wants.

      “It begins with ‘D’, ends in ‘O’, and it fits snugly in there,” she winked as she pointed suggestively at her crotch.

      I thought, “Where the f*ck am I gonna find a didgeridoo?”


      10. “Right class,” said the teacher. “Who can make a sentence with the word ‘contagious’?”

      Little Johnny threw up his hand excitedly.

      “Yes, Johnny?”

      “My dad saw our neighbour painting his fence with a little brush, and said it’ll take the contageous!”


      Have a good day everyone………once you all pick yourselves up of the floor from laughing at above ‘jokes’….. 😉

    305. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In my former life as a DJ, I was often, around 1978/79, playing music at Labour Party functions in the home of a couple of Labour activists.

      For some reason, these three went down well.

      Check out the intro to this! Creepy…

      It seems that Dave Cousins of The Strawbs was a tad tory and that song was put together as a pi$$take. It backfired.

      This one needs no explanation.

      Lastly, this track from an album. You can get the background on it here:-

      So this is the track. It rang bells with me, and still does, even although I’m just slightly left of centre. There’s a plaque in The Howff in Dundee, commemorating the Dundee guys who died in the Spanish Civil War. One of them was a pal’s uncle, by the name of Tadden.

    306. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I must also point out that The Laggan’s album introduced me to this song, which still brings lubrication to my optics, on occasion.

    307. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      For those who like to save historical documents, here’s a version by the writer, Eric Bogle from Peebles, latterly an Ozzie.

    308. Dorothy Devine says:

      Haven’t dropped in for a while so a big wave to Cactus and Brian.

      Clapper , I have snorted coffee all over my keyboard – ta!

      By the way , I see your James Mason and raise you a Gregory Peck!
      (Tinto Chiel has already insisted I put down Justin Hayward – it’s a struggle!)

    309. Tinto Chiel says:

      An excellent selection, BDTT. I first knew the tune for Jarama in this pop version:

      As you will know, The Laggan’s album also includes a version of this song, here sung in my favourite style by The Great Man himself:

      The Dardanelles was yet another Churchill cock-up and Eric’s song pretty much says it all.

      Rosy-fingered dawn has pure broke Where I Am so I’m off to poach an egg and embed (ooh, matron!) it on my smoked haddock risotto.

    310. Dorothy Devine says:

      Bloody hell! Do you still get stuck in moderation for mentioning an object with prickles?

      Surely not , surely that is past its sell by??

      Still waving at a prickly plant!

    311. Tinto Chiel says:

      @DD: it can still happen, I think. I normally address our friend as C-Man just to be on the safe side.

      Your comment can also disappear if you fail to delete everything to the left of www in a link.

    312. Cactus says:

      Burns Days Eve ~

      – Yes an iPlebiscitary oven-ready election to indy. It’s SECURING and acquiring a majority voted choice of Scotland’s people FIRST that is key (iPleb Yes majority = Status 1) – then onto the SECOND stage (Independence Day = Status 2) – achieve Status 1 and Status 2 will follow. Indy referendums appear to be no longer the preferred route of action (unless the S30 challenge goes through and is won.)

      The length of time in between Scotland Status 1 and Scotland Status 2 can be determined, but the most important part is carrying out and securing Scotland Status 1 (by a majority vote of the people.)

      – Tom Arthur may be deputy whip, but he is definitely NOT a cool-whip. He has desserted Scotland.

      – Announce our iPlebiscite election sometime in March 21 – then human gestative seasons later – set Scotland’s Independence Day for Friday 31st December 21, then celebrate on and into the early hours of the twenty-second for ever-after and beyond…

      – Yeah, NS must be removed as First Minister… change must come.

      – Who’d of thought that the top table of the SNP would’ve been the shady characters all along that we would be fighting back against. They are not now up for negotiation with even their own people. They have hexagonally hexed themselves on the political battlefield.

      To tomorrow:

    313. Clapper57 says:

      @ Dorothy Devine @ 8.50am

      “I see your James Mason and raise you a Gregory Peck” !

      Gregory Peck …Hmm…yes I can see the attraction…talk,dark and handsome……but still think JM trumps him…..if you pardon the use of the word TRUMPS….which I believe currently, for many, has negative connotations ….Lol

      Anyway glad you enjoyed my..’jokes’….not mine actually…but poached from elsewhere…obvs.

      Have a nice evening….

    314. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy, all groovy on this side of the ranch, hope yer braw x

      Here’s a cheers to the Rt Hon Robert Burns and y’all.

      A man of the People.

    315. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I origially uploaded this to my Dropbox, exactly a year ago, for Smallaxe.

      Dropbox has flucked up they way you can share files so I’ve had to do something else.

      If you click on the link below, it will offer you an mp3 file. It’s safe! You should be able to play it in your browser, or music player, or download it, then play it in your music player.

      “Burns Night Fever”…

    316. Tinto Chiel says:

      Greetings, Earthlings: a tune to wake you all up:

      Why would these nice Americans play a tune about leaving a Glasgow curry house? Bizarre, eh C-Man 😉 ?

    317. Dan says:

      Morning Tints. That’s a crazy Mad Max style set of pipes made from broom handles, chains, and plumbing valves.
      Gonnae huv to ask my bagpipe making pal if they are legit.

      A couple of tunes for Bute House, which could be come an ongoing playlist should folk feel like adding suggestions.

      Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man

      The Primitives – Crash

    318. Tinto Chiel says:

      Afternoon, Dan.

      Strangely enough this came into my mind this morning before I saw your comments:

      Here’s hoping……

      Yes, those pipes look like something Shagrat the Orc might have put together in a spare five minutes.

      Miss Espie doesn’t the kinda girl you could say, ” BTW, doll,I took a tenner oot ma wage packet for a wee drink in The Tappit Hen on the way hame….” to, without risking a severe gralloching.

      Ah, The Laydees…..

    319. Tinto Chiel says:

      Mind you, there’s always this too:

      Omitted “look” by mistake after “doesn’t” but hardly anyone reads the stuff on here anyway.

    320. Marie Clark says:

      Tinto Chiel ” but hardly anyone reads the stuff on here anyway”.
      Aye that’s about right, so very sad.

      I’m kinda like you, not posting much these days. I’ve been like quite a few indy folk, trying to get my head around all the bilge flying around about the SNP and their dear leaderine. I just found it so hard to believe to start with. I like lots of others new Alex had been stitched up, but the actual depth that has been plumbed to jail an innocent man is horrific. Then came Craig Murray’s bombshell yesterday, wow just wow. Then Nicola’s wee suicide note on twitter last night. Big squirrel to take your eyes off of Craig’s revelations. It would appear that it has back fired on her big time. I don’t know how your laydees feel about this GRA, Trans nonsense, but this laydee is no a happy bunny, and it doesn’t look as if it going to get better as long as she is in position.

      It’s all so depressing, don’t know who to vote for now in May. I feel that we can kiss indy goodbye for a few years now.

      On a more poitive note, how is everyone at Tinto Towers. Whit hiv ye dun wi Harvey, has he left home now or left in a marked manner. I think I’m tempted to join him if he has. And another reason to be cheerful we’re now a CBB free zone, poor old Cam, I worried for him at times, seemed to live in his own wee world.

      Oh weel, let’s have this for Smallaxe, boy I miss him and his sense of humour.

    321. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: yes, your second paragraph sums it all up. We’ve been played for fools and all the footslogging, fund-raising and (false) hope of the last six years have been for very little and it leaves you really bitter. And on top we have Brexit and Covid to deal with. Curse the Chinese and their, “May you live in interesting times!” 🙂 .

      Smallaxe would have cheered us all up, I have no doubt, but I can’t imagine what he would be saying about it all. I miss his stories, music and positivity.

      I’ve never seen that cartoon before: rather cute. Talking of cute, Harvey has found the strain of lockdown a bit much. He did say he was leaving home (spotted hankie on a stick and everything) for Watership Down and headed offf one night but he was turned back at the border by a Chief Constable. He’s glumshing in the greenhouse at the moment.

      I miss hill-walking the most with all these restrictions. It’s a great way to clear your head and get things into perspective. There’s a spot near me where I can see all the Arrochar Alps, Ben Lomond, Ben More and Stob Binnein when it’s clear but they’re all forbidden fruit now.

      @Marie: yes, your second paragraph sums it all up. We’ve been played for fools and all the footslogging, fund-raising and (false) hope of the last six years have been for very little and it leaves you really bitter. And on top we have Brexit and Covid to deal with. Curse the Chinese and their, “May you live in interesting times!” 🙂 .

      Smallaxe would have cheered us all up, I have no doubt, but I can’t imagine what he would be saying about it all. I miss his stories, music and positivity a lot.

      I’ve never seen that cartoon before: rather cute. Talking of cute, Harvey has found the strain of lockdown a bit much. He did say he was leaving home (spotted hankie on a stick and everything) for Watership Down and headed offf one night but he was turned back at the border by a Chief Constable. He’s glumshing in the greenhouse at the moment.

      I miss hill-walking the most in all these restrictions. It’s a great way to clear your head and get things into perspective. There’s a spot near me where I can see all the Arrochar Alps, Ben Lomond, Ben More and Stob Binnein if the weather is clear but they’re all forbidden fruit now.

      On such occasions this song comes into my mind:

      “O, my homeland” indeed…..

      I’m hoping for a “Scottish Spring” and a revolution in our dire situation. See you at the barricades (please bring the sandwiches) 😉 .

    322. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Tinto, what a beautiful song, and as always beautifully sung by Karen Matheson, thank you. I hadn’t heard it before.

      I know how Harvey feels, but he’ll have to do what the rest of us are, one day at a time.

      Mr C and I used to do a lot of hillwalking for a lot of years, but he’s not so fit for doing it these days. I think it’s what they call getting auld. I still walk a lot with the wee dug,I’m lucky where I stay woods and things, and you’re quite right, it fairly clears your head and makes you feel a bit better. I’ve also been spending time playing music, it can be very uplifting in these dreich times.

      Onywho, take care and keep well. I’m scunnert of the SNP pantomime, but I’ll not give up on the indy fight. See you at the barricades right enough, Any special preference for the sandwiches?

    323. Tinto Chiel says:

      Apologies for doubled-up post.

      Apparently fish finger sandwiches are all the rage now but I’m partial to a simple salad sandwich, tomatoes sprinkled with salt and a smearing of mayonnaise on wholemeal (or a tattie scone and black pudding roll if no-one is looking).

      Your mention of Karen eminded me of a former colleague who had a real pash for her and ended up sitting beside her on a train one day. He was so star-struck he couldn’t pluck up the courage to speak to her and him a grown man tae, and he regretted it very much afterwards.

      I say it was Karma because I lent him my LP of Sorley MacLean reciting his peoms once and he never gave me it back, the rascal. I’ve been trying to track a replacement down for ages but wih no luck. I think Claddagh records released it, an Irish label. Of course, I don’t even have a record player any more so I don’t know why I bother.

      See you and JGedd at Philippi.

    324. Tinto Chiel says:

      This dropped into my YT ganderbag last night. At the other end of the scale from Capercaillie in style and kitsch as Freuchie but strangely affecting and worth it alone for the crowd reactions:

      Meanwhile, in other news, saw five bullfinches yesterday in a wee wood and five goosanders on the Clyde.It’s a sign, a sign, ah tell ye!

      Over and out/Bongs ya Tass.

    325. Marie Clark says:

      Tinto, whit are ye daen man. A dinnae even like Andre Rieu, but wow that was guid. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen a laydee in a ball gown playing the bagpipes. Strange something is making my eyes water, must be that cauld win this mornin.

    326. Tinto Chiel says:

      Yes, what is particularly infuriating is that we are now cut off politically from the rest of a continent which is sympathetic to us. I can’t believe all the folk who were getting emotional in Maastricht were Scots on holiday.

      Off to hug a tree and commune with The Great Spirit.

    327. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A good comment under that video:-

      John Paul Lusk
      1 year ago (edited)
      Here you have a Dutch conductor, with a multinational orchestra and a Scottish pipe band playing a piece of music written by two Germans in order to evoke Scotland for a German Highland games and then adopted by Scotland as her own anthem. This is what you create when we come together

    328. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Watching a recording of ‘Tipping Point’ from the other day.

      In the final, the guy’s last question was, under the subject ‘Astronomy’,
      ‘What was the name of the British space rocket programme that was abandoned in 1972?’

      He had to choose from,
      Blue Streak
      Green Goddess
      Red Dwarf.

      He didn’t know the answer. He suggested that ‘Green Goddess’ “didn’t sound quite serious enough for a space rocket programme and for the same reason, ‘Blue Streak’ doesn’t sound right…”

      He then went on to proclaim, “But Red Dwarf, potentially, sounds something slightly more, you know, serious…”

      He chose ‘Red Dwarf’. Now this was a guy in whose lifetime ‘Red Dwarf had 7,8,9 (?) series on TV. He didn’t know that a Green Goddess was an auxiliary fire engine. He’d never heard of ‘Blue Streak’.

      Sometimes you see peeps on TV and are left wondering, “How is this character able to biologically exist?”

    329. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I just phoned my son, who is 30 this year – ages with the guy on ‘Tipping Point’.

      Put the question to him and gave him the choice of answers. He said it must be ‘Blue Streak’, because ‘Green Goddess’ is a fire engine and ‘Red Dwarf’ is a TV programme.

      Restored my faith in the ability of humans to function.

    330. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: yes, that btl quotation says it all, and what we have now lost.

      Your Blue Streak reference reminded me of my elder brother’s comments on BS. He was what I called a Festival of Britain Jock, moved by residual Churchillism and misplaced war pride. He was convinced that evil Bolshevik Harold Wilson had cancelled Blue Streak to permit a Soviet take-over of the UK. Of course, he wasn’t alone: Prince Charles’ deeply dodgy uncle, Mountbatten, seemed to agree and tried to plan a coup to remove the rather dull, pipe-smoking academic.

    331. Cactus says:

      The end of the first month and whatta one it was.
      (now only 9 months left till Halloween!)

      – Hey Tinto Chiel, rockin’ it out there with the lady pipers, aye bonnie 🙂

      – It’s one year today since Scotland was forcibly removed from the international European Union by England (on paperwork that is… the physical effects came into effect the day after Hogmanay there.)

      – What platform will the Scottish Unionist parties be campaigning on for this next term in Holyrood… they will be saying exactly the same as they said last time that “A vote for the [insert Unionist] party is a vote to stop Scotland becoming an independent country once again”. Of course they will also go on and on about not holding a vote for something during a virus outbreak! (see next paragraph and how ironic is that eh.)

      Rather than the position of First Minister campaigning “Stronger For Scotland Sturgeon”, any normal Scottish indy supporting FM would be countering-campaigning the Unionist narrative naturally and easily with, “A vote for the Scottish National Party is a vote for Scotland to become an independent country once again – via an immediate plebiscite indy election” and if a majority pro-indy vote is returned, independence will be affirmed (on paper first and foremost), so recognised and can then be re-activated following the ‘closure’ (or vast improvement) of the present day pandemic with negotiations of the rUK to be carried out during this period. What’s not to like… a double-whammy of a celebration for both outcomes when the time comes. The crucial part is to SECURE the majority iP1 vote FIRST. These are Scotland’s terms.

      – Nevermind indyref2, let’s concentrate and focus on indypleb1.

      – The English press getting on their high-horse again, with regards to the EU vaccine movements. At first it was “The EU are backing down…” to ” The EU have done a U-turn…” to the most recent “The EU have now dropped plans…”. This is just basic 2D chessplay, as the Westminster tory bloc are reneging on their own contractual agreements to supply to Europe.

      – Less than 3,000 reader comments to go now till the 1,000,000 figure is hit!

      – Present day iScotland has never experienced NOT being in a political union with some other entity. People from across the rest of the world can take this for-granted and not realise how fortunate and lucky they are to be in control of their country’s own function and being. Yes, many European countries are in the European (economic) Union, but what they retain and maintain is their country’s independent status. That’s the difference.

      – Shan’t be long now till we hear the verdict of the S30 court challenge.

      – When this current coronavirus COVID-21(22) situation passes in the main – with new mutations occurring periodically – I would imagine a massive increase in public processions / rallies. These will become the new norm until and thereafter Indy Scotland is achieved.

      – The next Glasgow indy march will be massive! Good health and safety practice would see all the marchers physically spaced out, marching forward in rows and columns of ten. Remember the marching hammers, teacher, and that where there is no wall, there are no bricks.

      Scotland doesn’t need another run of Sturrell…
      Scotland needs the Son of Jor-El.
      Now is the time to call Kal.

    332. Cactus says:

      One more thing

      – That leeze28.jpg did seem familiar from a previous sighting, giggidy…

      Allow me to introduce to you, Leeze ‘Ida’ Lawrence:

      NB: See also S6/E14 & S18/E2 (below) for further and full reference.

    333. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Prickly One.


      Well remembered! Spitting image!

    334. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: crivvens, that Ida chiel is spookily similar to Leeza Lane, as I call her, right enough.

      Was waiting for your name to come up in the Superman credits 🙂 .

      I was surprised Christopher Reeve’s name was not above the title but I suppose Brando was the biggest paid of all.

      Not hopeful of our ability to meet and march because these restrictions suit the party leadership.


    335. Dorothy Devine says:

      Brian, I had an uncle who worked on Blue Streak which ended up as an unsuccessful project.

      There are times when watching quiz programmes , especially ‘celebrity’ ones when I truly think ‘dumbing down’ has been a major success.

    336. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      Worth noting that altho’ the UK government cancelled the Blue Streak programme, mucky of the work on it contributed to the development of the Europa launcher by the European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO) which used the first stage of the Blue Streak missile, with France building the second stage and Germany the third stage. The Europa missile programme failed (tho the first stage rocket worked the other stages didn’t).

      The work done on Europa was however instrumental in the development of the Ariane programme and the establishment of the European Space Agency. As is often the case, failure of the UK government to invest left the field open to others to capitalise on resources spent.

    337. Dan says:

      Noticed Republicofscotland’s post to a Peter Cherbi blog on MT which I have recently been reading a few articles on.
      I’m no Scottish legal anorak but had been doing a bit of superficial hunting around re. Scottish legal stuff as there seems to be a long history of contention and fuck ups, regardless of who was running Holyrood.

      I’ll just drop this 7 min vid of Christine Grahame and the late Paul McBride discussing Lockerbie / Megrahi.
      Feisty discussion!
      In light of what we see playing out now, I just found it interesting to see how certain and sure McBride appeared to be in the legal processes being right and proper.
      I was busy living my life when all this was going on so didn’t have much time to follow it all, but I’d be interested to hear thoughts and views from folk that have been watching this stuff over the longer term.

    338. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan The Man: I didn’t think McBride came off well there at all. His dismissive “nothing to see here” tone grated and he was eventually reduced to a baseless insult. I thought CG stood her ground well and wasn’t intimidated by his QC aura.

      What we know nowadays about our legal system makes his bluff certainties even more unconvincing.

      @Daisy: my opinion of Big banana Feet is mixed but he sure can pluck a banjo and it looks quite a fast and tricky piece. He was right of course when he said, “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from becoming one.”

      I used to think our lot were different but how naive was I.

      Wasters and thowless stumers, most of them!

    339. David says:

      Darts commentary: “One hundred and eighty!”
      Wings commentary: “One million and eighty!”
      The people have spoken, and will continue to speak. People power, not political parties, will win us our independence.

    340. Tinto Chiel says:

      While I was out cruising in my Bullnose Morris this morning, this came over on my crystal set:

      Kind of End of Days vibe (well, it was for poor old Schubert) but I’m hoping for something similar for our corrupt and compromised Scottish Government, not that they would appreciate its truth, profundity or beauty.

      Hoping to introduce them to my German friend, Gert T. Foek 😉 .

    341. JGedd says:


      I was listening to that, too, this afternoon. (United by the airwaves?) Sublime music. Often described as the most perfect music ever.

      (Considering my mood, it seemed very fitting. Though I also kind of think that the political situation we are in is actually more farce than tragedy? Murrell’s appearance is going to be a hoot. All that’s left is laughter after all.)

    342. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: gosh, that was weird. Are we united in grief, perhaps, or maybe I have mental powers over Radio 3 and have been bending your brain waves in its direction?

      Strangely enough, I was speculating with an old Winger today (on the illicit internet, soon to be closed down by Humza or by Bojo’s approaching Online Harms legislation) that Wee Chrome Dome might magically catch Covid over the weekend and so would be unable to attend next week (and therefore his “wife” the following one) but now I think the baldy dweeb will appear, knowing the SNP sock puppets in the inquiry will ask him questions like, “What’s your favourite colour?”, etc.

      Please feel free to expatiate after your sabbatical 😉 .

      In your own time…..

    343. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto.

      You mentioned,
      “SNP sock puppets”.

      I was always a fan of this pair…

    344. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: hee! hee! It’s all coming back to me now……

      I think this is the original idea:

      My elder heiress could recite all the words to the song at one time but after that relapsed into the English……

      ‘Twas a sad day I left the croft indeed.

    345. Michael McCabe says:

      Not been in here for a while now
      But hope to catch up with you all when things return to normal.
      Anyway all the best for the year ahead.

    346. Tinto Chiel says:

      You too, Michael. Missing your musical picks.

      This is seriously weird but I’m blaming Daisy Walker. If I hadn’t clicked on her Cripple Creek link, this wouldn’t have fallen into my YT gander-bag:

      It’s had a lot of views for such a recent post…..

    347. Marie Clark says:

      Blimey Tinto, spooky or whit, that kinda gave me the heebie jeebies, eeergh.

      Onywho, how is a’body getting on. See J Gedd and Michael McCabe have popped in again to say hello. Hi guys, nice to hear from you again, hope all is well with you both.

      I feel I’m slowly going nuts, all this crap with the SG. I never thought that I’d see the day, the frustrating bit is, we’re on the sidelines looking in and can’t do much about it. The ordinary SNP members are even shut out. Ochone, ochone right enough.

      Anyway, I’m playing this cause I’m fed up, nae drink taken I assure you, but moff tae boogie. Join me if you like.
      Bet you BDTT can tell us a wee story about this when he was DJing somewhere.


    348. Daisy Walker says:

      Well Tinto, talk about unintended consequences…

      I never intended to link anyone to big bannana feet, like yourself I have mixed views of the man…

      It was Matt McGuinn to whom I was referring and his song… ‘there’s a one eyed woman, on a one eyed horse…’ which if you search you tube with that, should take you right to it.

      Anyway, it sort of fitted with the mood a few nights ago… isn’t that the way of it.

      Just remember the line, ‘they were only winking’. Cheerie the noo.

    349. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: don’t worry, we’re all going off our nuts slowly with everything just now. I can’t even go to the football and shout rude things at Douglas Ross the perpetual linesman (but never the referee).

      Ah, Primal Scream, of the notorious chocolate fountain and groupies incident in the Balbirnie House Hotel! Mrs Chiel and I were given that suite as an upgrade a few years ago. No chocolate left, though.

      Daisy, I don’t know what was creepier, my bluegrass skellington or your own effort:

      Doesn’t affect me, affect me, affect me…..

      I’m only 😉 ing of course!

    350. Tinto Chiel says:

      Comment in moderation: musta forgottten to take off everything west of www.

      Sorry, Rev!

    351. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Sorry, Marie Clark, no stories…


      However, I will offer this classic. I think there’s been a decent enough interval since its last appearance here. Goes well with today’s victory!

    352. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Some of the comments are worth reading, if you have “The French”. Particularly, the “bawbags” one. ( you have to click on “view 6 replies” to see it.)

    353. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      This turned up as the next video, after the last one finished.
      Never seen it before…

    354. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ll finish with this.

      It was on one of my Mum & Dad’s LPs.

    355. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Nah, got to add this, claimed to be from Berlin… although it’s actually Rotterdam again.

    356. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Well there’s a wee puzzle for the sleuths among you.

      Was it Rotterdam or Berlin?

    357. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och, I’m really gonna make this one my last for tonight.

      I first saw it around a year or so ago. It reminded me of the apré march party at the Argyll Arms in Campbelltown, 2019.

      The local band did “Mull of Kintyre” and I said to my son, “If this was any place else in Scotland, that would be cheesy but here, it works.”

      When I first watched this, my eyes were over-lubricating.

    358. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Just rewatched that whole video. Once again, my eyes were over-lubricating at the last part.

      What is it about humans and music?

    359. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Meant the third part…

    360. Clapper57 says:

      I did not know it was 38 years since Scotland beat England at Twickenham….

      I do now…

      Thanks to the news on Channel 4, Sky, BBC & ITV….

      Indeed ITV added it was 38 LONG years….

      Scotland beat England at rugby you say…

      Fluke though….as has been 38 years or rather not since 1983 which is another alternate way it was expressed……i.e. since Scotland beat England at Twickenham at rugby….so obvs a fluke.

      Scotland beat England at rugby you say….well EXCUSE ME…..a correction….it’s been 38 years since Scotland beat England at Twickenham….Thank you….get it right purleeaase……


    361. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: you need to get something for yon hay fever. Or is it rhinitis?

      @Clapper57: did you catch the score at all? Is it not about 38 since we beat them down there? Heard someone say that recently, I’m sure.

      A snell wind here Where I Am. A sparrowhook jouked into my garden yesterday and caused havoc amongst the birds on my feeders.

      May The Force be with you…

    362. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.39am

      “did you catch the score at all”

      No…but I do KNOW the score….if you get my drift…Lol

      ” Is it not about 38 since we beat them down there? Heard someone say that recently, I’m sure”.

      Hmm well I think I HEARD that too… must be true….not just “someone” said it…but MANY…I believe…..Lol

      Scotland beat England at Rugby ?…..Rugby ?…..who watches Rugby ?…….who cares about Rugby ?……anyway wasn’t a REAL game as no one there so does not count….see ?

      I mean what with Brexit, Covid and Da lockdown why the hell are people talking about a bloody rugby game…..and not a PROPER rugby game BTW… siree bob……move on….we got Brexit done so all is well with the world….twas just a bad day at the office for England yesterday…..albeit one of many I believe…will no one think of Andrew Bowie and how he must be feeling…..have some compassion….his team were beaten yesterday at rugby …..and to add salt to the wound…twas not even a REAL rugby game…..and I believe the BRITISH army helped the Scots team win the game anyway…the result ?……England 6 Scotland 11…….so actually England were first…..obvs.

      Clapper57 Over and out……

      Have a good day Tinto

    363. Marie Clark says:

      BDTT, awe nae wee story, that’s sad. Your usual good for a few wee anecdotes and bon mots.

      Onywho, never mind that, when the pipers play, aye, tends tae mak the een watter a bit. But the Hundred Pipers always make me smile.
      When I used to teach country dancing to the school weans, and my good friend Jessie used to help me, we had this wee guy who would play the piano for us. Well his wife volunteered him really.. He didn’t want to do it, cause truth be told, he wisnae awfy guid. His repertoire was very limited too. Jessie and I used to have a bet when we were going into the class about when we would get the hunner pipers. Every time he played it, we looked across the weans and had a wee smile.

      Tinto it’s a snell wind here as well, in fact it’s blooming Baltic. Must be that that’s causing the wattery een I think.
      Aye when the sparrowhawk appears the wee birds are no long in disappearing well into the hedge or somewhere till it goes away again. Nasty wummin that I am, if I see it, I chase the bugger away. I know he has to eat, but just no the wee birds in oor gairden thank you very much.

      Mr C is good form today. I think the rugby score fair cheered him up.

    364. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: Scotland won 11-6? Well, fan my brow, as Oliver Hardy used to say. Mind you, so many Rugby “Scots” openly campaigned for No in 2014 that I became totally scunnered with them and stopped watching the games.

      Of course, football “celebrities” were no better: Willie Miller, Alex McLeish, Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, Bertie Auld und so weiter really got on my nazzums. Don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.

      Shoo away, Marie, shoo away: I’ve watched twice while a sparrowhawk has eaten a collared dove alive on the steps at the top of my garden. It plucked the breast feathers and then went for the heart. My half-hearted (no pun intended) attempts to wave my arms at it proved useless and then I thought to myself it was Nature’s way and that I should just let it take its course. Both sexes are beautiful birds and they’re only doing wot comes naturally, I s’pose.

      Two pairs of song thrushes have been attracted to the garden by wild bird seeds over the winter so I’m hoping to see their chicks in the spring.

      Heard this today and, though I’m mainly a Peter Green Fleetwood Mac fan, Christine Perfect’s words here still hit the spot:

      Must be getting sentimental in my decrepitude.

    365. Marie Clark says:

      Err. emm, eh. Tinto there seems to be something amiss in that there photie with Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. I think the fella might perhaps need to see a doctor, to put, eh, how shall I put this delicately, things back in order. Pair sowell so he his.

    366. Cactus says:

      Good February evenings’

      – Congrats on 7 digit numbers of comments and it’s aye a good ever-ready nod to the current fundraiser. I wonder how long it will take to get to reader comment number 2,000,000 🙂

      – If you’ve been out walking in Glasgow City Centre you may have noticed that many of the red n white bollards placed on the roads have now been removed – with just the thin double-yellowed lines remaining on the outside of the inside lane. These bollards appear to have all been moved to and are currently being housed at Freedom Square (on the closed-off road outside The Counting House – West side.) There are also brand new bollards being stored here with em, all wrapped up with the industrial cling film. I wonder what GCC’s next plans are for Glasgow? It’s a new tax year.

      – Also in the city centre of Glasgow, there are no pigeons or sea-gulls visible anymore, the birds appear to be off because there is no junk food (or disposed food in general) to forage and live upon. I reckon that would be the same in other towns and cities across Scotland. The foxes are still out and about in the same numbers though and they cool.

      – Yes, I too would understand a pro-indy-plebiscite-election-majority-vote to be an immediate declaration and claim of independent right of and for Scotland, to then be recognised at both European and most especially international level. Such a vote would merit meaning.

      – So does the judge of the Keating case – as per the cover page – only ever give out ‘Opinions’ on matters. I wonder amongst the many other options available to judges and could a judge ever give out a Verdict, Decision or Answer instead of just, an opinion. Still, that funky stuff has yet to occur within the dreams, hopes and wishes of ’21.

      – Excellent to hear Scotland beating England at the rugby again, especially the ‘total’ score line.

      Cheers to ye all, the future is coming…

    367. Cactus says:

      One more thing:

      – Jeeze leeze, I’ve chanced upon some footage of a Manny (no not the mammoth from the Ice Age movies – the present day type ‘transistor-radio’) whilsht listening to the delightful sounds of the stars…

      Taxi for Lawrence:

      Bonus round (of the past:)

      And here’s the future Manny-Mennies:

      If you so choose, traveller.

    368. Tinto Chiel says:

      Mmmmm: see what you mean regarding those tights, Marie. This is where the kilt comes in handy, of course. No such problems with that garment.

      Never worn one myself. When I was young and lovely, Where I Was only Young Farmers and Tories wore them at their various functions, usually on Burns Night (oh, the irony) and so I was put off them for life.

      Believe it or not, when I was a member of one of the most famous and ancient Burns clubs, I was told by several members in 2014 that The Great Man would have voted NO.

      This is what we are up against, me dearie-o.

      *Gnaws carpet in despair*

    369. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Manny-Mennies” :).

      Limmy has always been rather creepy and funny at the same time.

    370. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel on 7 Feb @ 7.02pm

      Yep Tinto…..certain sporting types representing Scotland on the pitch….but not so much off the pitch……enigma or par for the course….

      Reported today in the Guardian that Eddie Jones said ” I accept responsibility for Scotland defeat”……..begs question does he accept responsibility for England’s defeat ?………twas a sweaty sock wot done it……said Eddie ‘Tasmanian devil’ Jones.

      Words matter…as does the construct of words in a sentence….

      Tomato…ToMAYto….potato….PoTAYto……etc etc

      Anyway……in Edinburgh the wind is fair blawin and the snow here is being activated by an on and off switch….it’s snowing…it’s stopped…it’s snowing again….now it’s stopped…etc etc

      Have a good day

    371. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Words matter” indeed, Special Agent C57:

      Hope I’ve made myself clear!

      Same weather here, just half an hour later from the East.

      Eddie Jones? *Grues*

    372. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 1.56pm

      Ah….now I know where Boris learnt how to use the technique of doublespeak……an art which he has clearly mastered but adding his own unique twist of injecting numerous …Umms…inbetween umm words and umm catchy phrases….

      You have NO authority here Boris…. Weaver…of tales.

      Talking of Jackie Weaver from the infamous Handforth Parish council recent meeting seems to me that WM is but another version of a parish council meeting where Tories fail to READ THE STANDING ORDERS (uppercase signifies shouting)…especially Rees Mogg aka Lord Snooty of Snootyville town….think his Nanny should have given him a spoonfull of sugar to help the arsenic go down….i.e. the arsenic that she should have given him as medicine thus saving us all from having to listen to his posh sheeite at the dispatch box…..if only someone would dispatch him…in or out of a box….

      Meanwhile George Foulkes is terribly au fait with and obvs never fails to read the SLEEPING ORDERS in the HOL….and follows them to the Tee…..Hee……and he does it deliberately too…how many sleeps till he gets his next 300 quid.

      Eddie Jones…funny how he equates England losing on Saturday to a bad day at the OFFICE……cause I hear some think he should get his JOTTERS……reporters have their PENS and NOTEPADS at the ready…and that’s a FAX…sorry meant fact….Does he come from a land down UNDER where men who coach the England rugby team BLUNDER….(Little) Men at Work indeed…Small men Tall stories…..twas ever thus….that’s what you get for tying Kangaroos down…..SCRUMptious.

      No worries mate… can always TRY again next year…..Lol

      End of ramblings….it’s all I have left…to practise the art of rambling and thus channelling me inner Boris impersonation.

      Sad but inevitable considering current political state…state being operative word….obvs… 😉

    373. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Clapper57.

      This is the sort of “cooncil” to which we should be aspiring.

      Och, I’ll throw this in as an addendum…

    374. Tinto Chiel says:

      Unfortunately, I have seen Foulkes close up. He used to sit often with the Hearts official party when his team played my lot at The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, as I call our stadium 😉 .

      Onnyhoo, his whisky hooter was so red my pal in the next seat speculated one day that “you could wring a hauf oot it.” He can be a trifle coarse at times but he was spot on on that occasion.

      Since Ann Budge took over Jingling Geordie is now a memory, thankfully.

    375. Clapper57 says:

      @ BDTT

      Twas more professional than Handforth parish council for sure…..

      You know some Scottish comedy shows are quite funny I love the Burnistoun sketch set in the elevator….where they are trying to get to the eleventh floor and the American voice recognition in the elevator cannot decipher their words because of their Scottish accent…….classic…Eeeeleven.

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Aye the red bulbous nose aka pishy pants frequently displays his lack of communication skills via his snidey tweets which are more than likely the result of intoxication….

      #FailureInDiplomacy…..tis a skill the Unionist politicians are adept at…..though to call him a politician is a tad ironic as clearly he was and still is but another chancer feeding off the public purse……clearly his nappy does not get changed enough which would account for his disagreeable manner while in public…..same school as Brian Wilson, George Robertson, John Reid and clearly Ian Murray from same mould……the nasty side of politics a skill Labour has mastered and tis a skill that unites them with their pals the Tories…..meanwhile in SNP land…..well read the room guys you are catching up with your Unionists pals… it just a natural progression in politics ?………Now is the time for…..Power to the people.

      Kinder gentler politics…….an oxymoron for sure.

      Have a good days guys


    376. Tinto Chiel says:

      Lots of snow flurries WIA.

      @SA C57: now you’ve mentioned two other horrors wot I done got a close-up of from my seat just ablaw the visiting directors, namely “Dr Death” Reid and Brian Wilson, who used to be part of the Celtic party. They seemed to see no contradiction in belting out Irish republican songs at various functions while at the same time espousing Britnat policies when it came to Scotland.

      A friend of mine who was an SNP councillor in the 70s told me Brian’s hatred of the SNP was because his application to join the party had been refused for some reason. Both Wilson and Robertson also attended Dunoon High School so I don’t know what was going on in that establishment. There was some other Unionist politician there too but I can’t remember who at the mo.

      Sadly, I’ve come to realise most of our politicians seem just as useless and self-interested as the blue, red and yellow Tories. Remember during the Yes campaign when we thought we all believed in the same thing?

      I have to say a lot of the strange behaviour I witnessed in the SNP since 2014 is now beginning to make sense, and not in a good way.

      Have to go: Mrs Chiel is reading Michael Fry’s latest bilge in The Sturrell Times aka The National and is now shouting rudies at her iPad.

      “Screens, nurse, the screens!”

    377. Tinto Chiel says:

      How could I forget? The sainted John Smith also went to DHS and was part of the Monklands Labour ‘Ndrangheta with Rupert Maxwell’s bag-carrier Helen Liddell and Dr John Reid.

      Sometimes it pays to talk to yourself 🙂 .

      Ahoo, werewolves, etc.

    378. Dan says:

      Test to see if posting gremlins are resolved…

    379. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Brian Wilson….SNP….yeh….watched a documentary once about him on BBC Alba…..was going through a mas*chistic period…..( added asterik to avoid moderation….just incase)….Lol

      Yep once rejected he went full savage……and has not stopped…..Revenge Radge on steroids( hope that passes without being confined to moderation)……never go full savage….it’s so obvious that people start to think….Has he got an agenda?…or has the Harris Tweed rubbed him up the wrong way…in the wrong place….at the wrong time…..hence why he is always so……..wrong.

      When I see him I imagine poisonous pus projecting from his mouth…..If I ever see him laugh I will at least be assured that Hell has indeed frozen over…..

      Frankly he is like an alternative alternative comedian….one where you really need to take a long long time to see if there is a joke in what he is saying….anywhere…. or whether the Joke is actually him….I know what my money is going on….Lol

      If you look for words to describe him then vile if high up the list…..then spiteful…..obsessed is another….angry too..actually very very angry verging on manic….basically any description that portrays the worst traits anyone could have as a human being you could easily associate with him…..frankly you could fill many a bingo card with negative traits linked to Brian Wilson’s personality flaws.

      To be honest he gives me the boak… oxygen thief for sure.


      Special Agent Clapper57 Over and out…..

      Have a good evening


    380. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 7.22pm

      Nor sure why my above comment shows BBC Ceasar should be BBC A*ba… A*ba a forbidden word…..must be….Lol

    381. Tinto Chiel says:

      Yes, Stu has a scunner for the Gaelic word for Scotland when it is used as a sign-off slogan, so the filter hammer will be employed.

      Och, Wilson is just another Massey Ferguson/Bamber Gascoigne who is beyond redemption, like most of the SNP leadership.

      *Lets above statement sink in*

      Meanwhile, in other news: have been hearing (wot with all this snow) of a place called the KANEgomms and a town called AVIEmoa on Radio Scotland. Seems they are in the Highlands, near ski resorts.

      Not locating them on any map: anyone got a clue where they are?

    382. Tinto Chiel says:

      Btw my legal advisers Dewey, Cheetham and Howe have advised me to say that Mr Gascoigne was an intelligent and charming University Challenge host and has simply been caught up innocently in The Rev’s Euphemism Machine as a “quizmaster”.

      And, for the avoidance of doubt, I’m more of a Fordson man myself 🙂 .

    383. Tinto Chiel says:

      This song even survived being the title music for Machair:

      If you click on “Show More” under the YT caption you get the Gaelic and an English translation. Too much synth for me but it was the style at the time.

      Karen’s voice shines through comme d’habitude.

    384. Daisy Walker says:

      Very good input to WM y/d re GRA, if you go to her twitter account you will see it.

      And below, some of what she’s talking about.

      A hospital system of the U.K.’s National Health Service has adopted terms like “chestfeeding” and “human milk” during perinatal services in order to be more inclusive of trans and non-binary “birthing people.”
      “Our approach has been carefully considered to be inclusive of trans & non-binary birthing people without excluding the language of women or motherhood,” the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust tweeted Monday.
      The trust linked to a document on its website that lists new terms such as “chestfeeding,” “human milk,” and “chest milk” as suitable gender-neutral replacements for birthing parents who don’t identify as women.
      The trust’s guidance states that the word replacements only pertain to the production of documents, protocols, and communications at “a population level” such as in education, and not during one-on-one doctor and patient care, unless the circumstance calls for it.
      “Please note that these language changes do not apply when discussing or caring for individuals in a one-on-one capacity where language and documentation should reflect the gender identity of the individual,” the trust states. “When caring for cis women it is good practice to use terminology that is meaningful and appropriate to the individual; this may include terms such as woman, mother or breastfeeding.”
      The trust clarified in a statement that it is taking “a gender-additive approach to the language used to describe our services” and is not erasing womanhood like some critics have claimed.
      “A gender-additive approach means using gender-neutral language alongside the language of womanhood, in order to ensure that everyone is represented and included,” the statement said, the BBC reported.
      Carolyn Morrice, chief nurse at the Brighton trust, told the BBC: “Changing the language we use in this way is something people who use our services have been asking for, for some time.

      I can never remember what cis means, but instinctively I don’t like it.

      And if you look at nearly everything about the above, from cluttering up educational documents with unneccessary bullshit, and medically inaccurate terms. All of it is geared up to making woman make the sacrifice, all of it is geared up to pandering to males who think they are females.

      “A gender-additive approach means using gender-neutral language alongside the language of womanhood, in order to ensure that everyone is represented and included,”

      If that isn’t called sex discrimination I don’t know what is.

      I believe in accurate communication, and the importance of the meanings of words, in the evidence of science, and that all those things build into the foundations of good laws.

      On that basis, first and foremost, this GRA insanity has got to stop.

    385. Daisy Walker says:

      So I looked up what cis means, and from Pink News found this,

      According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a slur is “an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo” that has “a shaming or degrading effect”.

      Cisgender is not insulting or disparaging. So another answer to ‘what is cisgender?’ is that it is an accepted and important way to explain gender identities that align with the sex assigned at birth.

      Sometimes, a cis person might have their gender identity brought up in an effort to remind them that they hold significant privileges in society as a cis person — but this does not make it a slur.

      If referring to a person as “cis” is a slur, then we would also have to claim that calling someone “straight” is a slur.

      These words are adjectives that help us to describe the spectrum of gender and sexual identity — while some people might not like them, that doesn’t mean they are offensive’

      And its this last line that boils my pish, talk about double standards.

      ‘while some people might not like them, that doesn’t mean they are offensive’

      So, thousands of pounds are being spent to ‘re-educate’ medical professionals from using biologically accurate terms such as ‘breast feeding’ because 0.001% of the population have a medical ‘transgender’ condition and might not like these terms.

      I wonder if being born in a male body, but wanting/feeling like you are a woman, means there’s an excess of complete bollocks in the system that needs to get out somehow.

    386. Clapper57 says:

      @ Daisy walker

      Hi Daisy hope you are well…..

      Apparently though Chestfeeding is the new ‘kid on the block’ to replace breastfeeding which is apparently now to be put on the ‘chopping block’ ……..are breasts , as a source of feeding babies, now an endangered species… Am I offended that no longer the female “breast is best” because chest is apparently better ?……..well suddenly I am confused or rather demented with the insane rewriting of biology to justify the rights of the few while undermining the rights of the many…..but what’s best for baby ?…..or is baby incidental in this argument.

      Why I’m sure my son would have thrived as a baby had he only my husbands chest as his only source of food ….i.e. only if my husband attached a BOTTLE to his CHEST……..that being the only ‘formula’ that would work in practising this new kid on the block ……Chestfeeding.

      You know I have seen a few pictures of some of these self ID women and I fail to see real women in the pictures but I do see a male interpretation of how they think a woman looks….it is very much concentrated on the physical appearance (due obvs to them being men as opposed to being actual women) while the emotional side is sadly very much lacking and apparent……lipstick, ostentatious necklaces and earrings doth not maketh a woman….trust me I’m a woman and we are way more complex….and biologically we are very much distinctive from men…..and checks f**king notes….have breasts that can produce milk for babies as opposed to just having chests that need to rely on using rubber FAKE breasts stuffed into a bra… play pretend….at being a woman…..though why use fake breasts when chests are best….apparently.

      Yes some women wear jewellery and also use make up but we prefer not to be defined solely by that…..only a certain type of MAN solely defines us as such…..clueless springs to mind.

      Chest..breast….Tomato…Tomayto…etc etc

      So what’s next….what other biological part of a woman will be cancelled or redefined to satisfy the self interest agenda mob…..I mean is it toxic to be a biological woman now….am I a second class citizen aka a non recognised person….Men being first while feMALES aka men who self ID as women next…..while biological women are at the bottom of the pecking order… really men have both the first and second position in the pecking order……be still my beating breast….or rather to be PC….chest.

      I think someone has to press the reset button before we all self combust with the absolute shittery that is going down just now…….will no one think of the wains….L…O…F..king…L.

      I need to be able to scream on the outside because my screaming on the inside must be rupturing my organs…..perhaps even my breasts may explode with rage…….which would then make the chestfeeders happy…..the feMALE ones that is….. 😉

      Yes ….I am tipped over the edge………again.

      Have a good evening Daisy.

    387. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 4.52pm

      “as opposed to just having chests that need to rely on using rubber FAKE breasts stuffed into a bra… play pretend….at being a woman…..”

      Having written this I realise some women who have had mastectomies may need to use breast prosthesis and thus may be offended by my writing this …..however I truly hope people got the point I was trying to make in how these fake woMEN only rely on a fake image to try and pretend they are something they are not…………..I truly hope no one is offended by my above comment as I would be quite upset if I caused anyone any discomfort or offence ……and I sincerely apologise if I have….not intended , when written, to be offensive to any woman who has had a mastectomy…. but admittedly the above was very badly phrased by me.

      Sincere apology.

    388. Clapper57 says:

      I’m going to stop digging…as the hole is big enough….

      Note to self….never try to clarify especially if obvs clarification is in bad taste.

      #Aware…..might have been better to have been #MoreSelfAware

      Will NOW stop digging.

      Have a good day everyone

    389. Cactus says:

      Love, love, love day.

      – Good to see both reader comments and reader visits to Wings (per month) has now surpassed the 1,000,000 mark. I can imagine it will only continue to go higher.

      – It’s our present led Gov’s endless Scottish independence Spire of Eternity carrot (maybe that should be Conspire to Eternity!) It’s the promises, promises, promises and then they all disappear again for achwhile. It’s the where is the reward for the ongoing fights for freedom, to enable us, to take us all to new levels… maybe the opportunity and offer will be back with us before we know it. Can we at the very least venture further in, towards a more diplomatic approach and negotiations with our many international neighbours.

      Big cats are cool, here’s a story from the fastest one:

      – Enjoying the excellent articles, the personal accounts and feelings both above and below the line. It makes for such a much more engaging debate, brillz.

      – Do ye ever wonder, ponder (but never pander) the veracity of the 6-days-a-week COVID-21 (many new varieties) daily statistics, which we are all furnished with by the Governments? It gets to the point where if you can’t trust them on one thing, how can we believe any of them on anything else that they try to stell us.

      – Belated Merry Chinese New Year, it’s the Year of the bull Ox.
      Je suis chen noir.

      This thawing Winter is almost over again… next up… Spring.

    390. Cactus says:

      – One more thing:

      Howde Clapper57, I found a digging song. This one’s for ye:

      And to all ye fine others (played it before, sounds like above:)


    391. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: “It gets to the point where if you can’t trust them on one thing, how can we believe any of them on anything else that they try to tell us.”

      You said it, bruv. Boy who cried “Wolf” syndrome.

    392. Cactus says:

      Evening TC-Man, indeed, the wokes who cried wolf. Hope yous are all doing groovy in wildest Lanarkshire. I went to find and saw them rare trees you once mentioned here, up by the Ranza Bar in Glasgow. They looked bonnie. We have a cats & canines thing a-going-on here aye aye: 🙂

      Bonus supercats (learning new senses:)

      In the beginning:

      All cats are cool.

    393. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: was that the tulip trees a few of us were discussing years back? I think Fred may have mentioned the ones near that establishment at one time.

      Loved the impressions in that cartoon: for all sorts of reasons it would be banned from TV now, like Tom & Jerry.

      And so, I am reminded of this:

    394. Cactus says:

      Aye TC-Man, it was some kind of international fir or pine I think, there was a tall row of them, I will go back to check and take pictures, up by the Molendinar near auld Arthur’s auld haunts, Glasgow bongs ya tass aye. Hey to ye too Fred-Man.

      Here is a video if any-bodies have no been out in a while, go take a drive, this is what normal life looks like, look at all of the random people and activity and watch out for that Biker… it’s Glasgow’s West-End:

      Do ye remember?

    395. Cactus says:

      Hey Fred-Man and how do ye do Ruglonian-Woman… in this movie, Eric Roberts played your name. His name is Fred Wook, but he is not woke:

      Do ye remember… The Stools.

    396. Tinto Chiel says:

      Can’t see us returning easily to that kind of freedom now the government has the Coronavirus Act and its draconian powers.

      That biker at the lights seemed to be enjoying his music. That kind of thing needs to be stamped out, obvs.

    397. Dorothy Devine says:

      Prickly one , I have walked that route many times and the bikers’ ‘friendly wave ‘to the van driver is merely emulating the same wave made by Barry Sheene as he passed another road racer!

      You are obviously fine and glad I am to know that!

    398. Cactus says:

      Guid mornin’ Dorothy Devine-Woman, how do ye do fine lady, I had to look up Barry Sheene and saw a video of him on a television show called, Magpie, and wasn’t it just so very suggestive. Heck, here’s the video (it came up as the promoted lead link) listen to the languages:

      Aye TC-Man, that Howlin’ Wolf track ye played was a belter, ye cannae beat a bit o the true blues, Rock it ON man!

      There is a whole lot a going on from within Scottish politics.

      Have a great day Scotland, have a great night.

      Day becomes night, night becomes day:

    399. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: Glad you liked ol’ Howling Wolf.

      Your last link was so relaxing. Sitting there for real, perhaps sipping a large malt, hearing the shore birds and smelling the sweet air would be a huge tonic for so many people.

      Reminded me of this piece of music:

      One day we shall all be free……..

    400. Dorothy Devine says:

      Prickly one ,he was fast and cute and worth watching.

      There was one race where he passed someone and made the gesture and the commentator said , ‘Barry gave his friend a cheerful wave’ or some such awkward cover up so not to offend pearl clutchers everywhere!

      I am well but like the rest of the world fed up! looking forward to the day we can all hit the road again with flags flying!

    401. Tinto Chiel says:

      It’s my birthday aujourd’hui, although Mrs Smallaxe used to make the point that I should really just say that it’s the anniversary of my birth, since you can only have one birthday 😉 . As she is a Wise Wumman, I of course happily defer to her.

      Onnyhoo, my heiresses bought me this groovy T today and I am looking forward to a spring day when I can model this in a public park:

      Of course, I can also use this an excuse to play this quite shamelessly (BDTT, cover your eyes and ears):

      Sorry, I can’t help it……

    402. Tinto Chiel says:

      To be clear (he Sturgeoned) my T was the second right, top row, with the olive and republican triangle.

      Go on, I know you all want to…….

    403. Cactus says:

      All the best TC-Man, have a cracking birthday / weekend.

    404. Marie Clark says:

      Happy birthday Tinto, hope you’re having a good one. Nice T by the way. Hope you’re full of birthday cake baked by Mrs TC, have a dram and chill.

      I might disappear soon under a hail of hammers as I forgot to remove the nonsense before the www. Sorry rev I didnae mean it I just forgot.

    405. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: shucks, you guys! I’m overcame wid emulsion.

      Unfortunately, am out of my Christmas supply of malt now and Mrs Chiel has a new breadmaker too so cake is pure aff the menu.

      Och, don’t bother about Old Grumpy Breeks and his hammers. Please don’t tell anyone but Ronnie A used to refer to him as Auld Wrinkly Arse.

      It’s the way he told them 😉 .

    406. JGedd says:


      Belated birthday greetings to you.

    407. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: that gave me a rare laugh today after the events on the M/T, so thanks me old haricot.

      All I can muster in these dire times is to observe that I wish yon Stravinsky would stop copying John Williams 😉 :

      E.T. ya bass!

    408. JGedd says:


      Och, and because I was late to the party, there’s one more. Here’s to more birthdays, without lockdowns.

    409. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: thanks, old pal. Your comments often appear late and out of sequence. Are you sometimes oot ayont the Muirend Triangle/Giffnock Cocktail Belt?

      @JGedd: lockdowns here to stay, I fear. Once vaccine passports are imposed, it will be perpetual boosters or else. Mrs C and I missed our chance to go to Havana and stay at the Nacional before the Yanks started rearriving (he Joyced).

      Thank God we have daughters and grand-daughters to keep us going.

    410. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Belated birthday greetings, TC.

      This is self-explanatory.

    411. Cactus says:

      Hey folks, it’s been a good night, I’m in with friends, are you?

      What’s yer hopes n dreams for tomorrow?

      Scotland endures.

    412. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: inthenameotheweeman, that really woke me up. Good job I’m already on pills for me noives, as yon Alexei Sayle character used to say. Thought you might have Simoned me instead:

      And so I bring you calm: eternal peace at the still centre of the turning world (peotry).

      I heard a blackbird trying out his song yesterday so spring is around the corner, I hope.

    413. Cactus says:


      – I had a thought for this upcoming election – or next event. The idea for consideration was something like producing a Wee Virtual Book handy-guide, which could be presented in real time (in the run up to the planned May election, running in tandem to what materials other political parties will be putting through letterboxes.)

      A Wee Virtual Book could trend and be linked to everywhere by everyone (take note SNP members) – with the bonus of zero postage.

      – The question to SNP members is… “How long are YOU prepared to wait for independence?”, before the next distraction takes over priority again. And an additional question for previous Scottish maybe no and non voters… “if not now, when?”

      I’ll leave it there. Have a good week and listen in on Wednesday.

    414. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      Thanks for the Bach from one of the most sensitive interpreters of his keyboard music. I remember Argerich when she had wild black hair, now grey. (Pats own hair which is not anything like as red as it was either.)

      I often resort to retiring to my sensory deprivation tank to listen to Bach and hope to escape the present insanity. ( How did he manage to reach that still centre when he had 20 kids?)

      Don’t think this will be heard at a Burns Supper. Especially with the unusual combination of a counter tenor and an organ. ( A counter tenor at a Burns Supper? Can you imagine the looks?)

      It is ideal for my sensory deprivation tank if I want to drift out of this world. Not a Victorian parlour song in this version. Eerie and unearthly though. Not so much haunting as being haunted by an unfathomable longing. (Not right for O/T though? Thought not, oh well.)

      Back to my think tank then…

    415. Tinto Chiel says:

      Gosh! Loved la Grande Bellezza (got a blu ray as a present) but couldn’t identify the music so thanks very much. Seriously ethereal…..

      Most Burns clubs give me the stammy-gasters, full of smug, No-voting professional classes who confide that “Burns would have voted NO.” Can’t say much more w/o incriminating myself as to future vengeful action. Wish I could sing well eneuch to embarrass them with this:

      Admire Martha for not dyeing her locks. She’s still got her technique though and that’s all that matters. If it’s any constellation, they say red hair is the least prone to greying. My beautiful chestnut tresses are now silvered o’er with platinum hues.

      My exquisite cheekbones still carry the day though 😉 .

    416. Tinto Chiel says:

      Just about sums up today’s farcical events:

      Ocone, ochone, ochone…

    417. Marie Clark says:

      Aye Tinto just about sums it up right enough. Hells bells how did we get here. We all in the indy movement were such a happy crowd I enjoyed the marches and meeting like minded people.

      I never new that the dear leaderine was such a vindictive, arrogant we besom. Seeing the true colours now and they ain’t pretty.

      What a stinking bourach of corruption she leads. Shakes heid sadly.

    418. Tinto Chiel says:

      Exactly my thoughts, Marie, but so may strange events and lost opportunities over the past six years or so fall in to place now. When I think of the simple hope and enthusiasm of the Yes campaign and how it has been betrayed, I am totally scunnered (and raging).

      When The Person You Refer To visited our Hub before the referendum, she struck me as strange: contrary to her carefully-honed media persona, she was devoid of smalltalk and sat awkwardly with a frozen expression while waiting to be taken to a meeting. I was puzzled but when I eventually got my foatie taken with her at the end of a queue I sensed a frozen void of a personality who obviously felt such activity was beneath her.

      The MSM will have a field day when she is eventually thrown to the wolves. I used to believe we would be independent in my lifetime. I’ve given up on that: maybe my grandchildren’s, if there is anything meaningful left of Scotland.

      Off to The Great Wood of Caledon to keep bees.

    419. Cactus says:

      I love Open Letters. Until tomorrow… keep the music coming.

    420. Tinto Chiel says:

      OK, C-Man:

      Shred/redact/shred/redact/shred/redact und so weiter……

    421. Tinto Chiel says:

      Futher advice, SG crudbuckets, more in hope than anything:

    422. JGedd says:


      I was on the receiving end of that shrivelling laser glare once while attending a rally in oor wee toon. We were leaving when our paths were about to cross that of Herself and I was frozen in my tracks by that icy, aloof stare as she strode past in those ridiculous stilettos. My husband close behind me remarked, ‘My, you would think we were the enemy.’ We were wearing prominent Yes badges too. At the time I thought she had just tired her face out with all those smiley selfies but that flinty gaze stayed with me.

      We referred to it from time to time afterwards as our encounter with the Ice Midden. Little did we know …. as they say in books.

      By now you might have thought that a deputation of her MSPs would have visited her office with the proverbial pistol and asked her to do the honourable thing. She would probably shoot the leaders with it and take the rest hostage.

    423. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: an interesting antidote 🙂 indeed. What makes someone so charmless, aloof and arrogant? From the relatively short time I was in the party I sensed many were almost scared of her. Nothing they said exactly, just a feeling.

      When I said to a local MP that the WM walkout had been a great success and the leadership should use the tactic more often, I got a rather flustered, panicky, dismissive reply about people “on the doorstep” not liking gesture politics. “But membership went up by thousands after we did that,” I replied, after which there was a tumbleweed moment and an awkward silence. Obviously Someone had decided it must not happen again.

      Her “leadership” of the Yes campaign with Blair Jenkins (ex-BBC) was pretty lamentable. It was the proles in the Yes movement and the Rev’s WBB which got us so close to victory, not them. Perhaps she didn’t like us because she couldn’t control or bully us.

      Her behaviour at the Hydro rally in Glasgow in October 2014 really should have been a warning. Cult of personality politics is not for me but there we are.

      Where are we again exactly?

      *Ten thousand yard stare*

    424. JGedd says:

      Yes, exactly. ‘Where are we again?‘ Like that.

      I have only seen her in person twice before, from a distance though. Once was at the 2013 march in Edinburgh and to be honest I wasn’t really that much aware of her then.

      The other was at that infamous Hydro rally. I knew beforehand that it wouldn’t be my kind of thing but I was dragged along to it by a friend. When I was there my misgivings were fully realised. It was as awful as I suspected and then some. It was like the Americanisation of our politics. After another round of the obligatory standing ovations ( I mean for Stuart Hosie, too, crivvens jings) I saw a few people get up and leave. I was envious because I was stuck there, unable to walk out on my friend. It did seem to be more Nicola’s kind of thing though, doing her Hillary up on the stage.

      I remember being out on the day of the 2015 election, detailed to get the vote out and finding myself in an area of the town we had helped canvass before the referendum. (That canvass had not been very encouraging so I had been pessimistic about the result then, though relatives in other parts of Scotland had had an entirely different experience.) Instead in 2015 we were met with enthusiastic people saying things like ‘We are going to do it this time aren’t we?’ As they say in books, I made my excuses and left. Why? Because I had a cold presentiment that they were going to be let down.

      I’m not claiming clairvoyance, I just think it was all of those subconscious impressions from before just materialising as foreboding. Subsequently I have become fully aware of exactly why I lost faith in the SNP.

      (By the way, for the avoidance of doubt, just in case there’s a bored minion of SNP or the LA trawling the backwaters of indy blogs, my observation about Sturgeon’s MSPs visiting her was metaphorical, you understand? In no way was I advocating any kind of gun usage, you naughty mischief makers you. Ok?)

      Talking into the ether there.

    425. Tinto Chiel says:

      No-one was more astonished than me at the scale of the 2015 victory because I got lots of snash “on the doorstep” as the cliche goes and even contacted The Rev privately to express my surprise at the optimistic projections. Unlike you, I still naively thought we would do something about the landslide. As Eric Morcambe almost used to say,”This boy was a fool.”

      I think it was the redoubtable Lochside of M/T fame who said he walked out of the Hydro in disgust. I think she had been studying Hillary too much. Say what you like about The Man-Child Orange Mussolini but the Middle East would be ablaze now had Clinton got in. She’s heartless, devious and an endlessly corrupt hawk, of course, so quite a resemblance with SWMBO.

      Wokelings are devoid of irony and a knowledge of metaphor so for various reasons I’m sure many of us will be on a rainbow-and-unicorn list somewhere. How will we all sleep at night? 🙂

      Spotted a mistle thrush, goldeneye, sparrowhawk, jay, goosander, a flock of 20+ lapwings and a roe deer down the bird reserve so I feel better now.

      Weren’t they George IV’s last words?

    426. Marie Clark says:

      Ho Tinto, did you know that thon MacAskill fella has used your photie on the M/T LOL.

      Good article from Kenny MacAskill, whish it would hurry up and start happening, cause I’m fair scunnert o’ the hhalle thing.

    427. Tinto Chiel says:

      Things are so bad now I’m taking refuge in schmaltzy nostalgia.

      This song was played at the start of Billy Liar, with dear old Godfrey Winn playing the housewives’ requests and various old dears reacting to their favourite records being played. The point is that the unreliable Billy had never posted his mum’s post card request and it all adds eventually to his tidal wave of self-inflicted trouble.

      Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t seem to be on YT so you’ll have to make do with this. The subtitles are truly execrable.

      Supporters of Clyde and Motherwell FC had their own “adapted” versions, hem, hem.

    428. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: just noticed that. Hope I get commission. I’ve always thought of myself as ruggedly handsome tbh 🙂 .

    429. JGedd says:

      ‘I’ve always thought of myself as ruggedly handsome tbh.’

      And, apparently, ‘with just the one eye when the popular prejudice was for two?’

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting Dickens writing about his fictional villain, Wackford Squeers. Thomas Muir was, however, a real life hero.

      As, I’m sure, you are too, TC.

    430. JGedd says:

      Marie Clark

      I have to stop reading about it from time to time and retire to my sensory deprivation tank for escape or else I would be simmering all the time. O/T for some light relief helps too. If only something would happen…..any meteors coming our way by any chance?

    431. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: “hero”, you say? At times Mrs Chiel employs different nomenclature for me, although one does rhyme with that word.

      And, “to be clear”, it’s not a Roman emperor…….

      Ah, the Laydees, bless ’em 😉 .

    432. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: “hero”, you say? At times Mrs Chiel employs different nomenclature for me, although one name does rhyme with that word.

      And, “to be clear”, it’s not a Roman emperor…….

      The Laydees, bless ’em 😉 .

    433. Marie Clark says:

      J. Gedd. I’m with you all the way about the M/T. Sometimes I have to take solace in my music, other times lie down in a darkened room.

      I think it might take more than meteors to sort this bourach out.

      Take care.

    434. Dan says:

      Bird reports:
      A water rail and a kingfisher have now been spotted where a neighbour and I cleared a section of weed choked burn and built a wee rustic bridge over it.
      Many buzzards soaring and squawking over field and forest to the back of my house.
      Also, my mother in the borders has spotted a load of red wings.

      Hope all the OTers are keeping well. So much happening at the moment and Stu has been putting in a serious shift to keep Wings flying of late.

      Very chuffed the days are getting longer and temps are rising. Winter and lockdown has curtailed so many plans which is a totes scunner.
      Feeling surprisingly motivated though and cracking on with the house renovation, although yesterday was spent in the garden chainsawing a heavy cut off my beech hedge before the nesting season starts, then pruned blackcurrant and rasp bushes, and took a dozen blackcurrant cuttings to propagate.
      This morning was clearing the strawberry patch of old plants and replacing with fresh plants taken from runners, then this afternoon finally lifted the last muckle floor joist into place and lime mortar pointed around it.
      Time to chill and watch a film…

    435. Tinto Chiel says:

      Quite an achievement to spot a water rail, me old haricot. Very secretive and usually hiding amongst these:

      Both bird and plant are really beautiful.

      Take a breath, Dan. Will need you for Bastille storming later in the year 🙂 .

    436. Cactus says:

      Thanks Alex and here’s to yerself, that was necessary.

      A statement (following any question) that did NOT NEED to be asked of Alex today but which I fully EXPECT to be frequently reminded to the Laird Advocate and politician Nicola Sturgeon – this coming Monday and Wednesday, unrespectively – is as follows:

      Q) “… and can I remind you that you are giving evidence under oath.”

      Maybe the inquiry committee could get one of them Polygraph machines hooked-up, to seek and have both the lies and truth out by the end of lunchtime.

      That was some photograph from ‘inside the house’ and would that be the Lordable Laird with his back to us facing the screen with NS and othered colleagues, all viewing inquiry proceedings in close-company?

      It is evident NS and her knuckleheads choose to sail close to the wind.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Wings has had over 2,000,000 visits this month, lest alone 2,000,000 reader visits today. Time for another refreshment, enjoy yourselves and chat on into the early hours of the morning, nite-nite.

      All in all, today has been a good day. 🙂

    437. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: re possible visits……

      It’s the man with the impossibly rubber ankles.

    438. Tinto Chiel says:

      And over 40 years old but bang up to date with our currently corrupt MSM and the impossibly compromised Scottish Government:

      Crystal ball or wot?

      All hail, Elvis C.

    439. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Well, TC, seeing as it’s Saturday evening and your posting music, I thought I’d join in.

      I don’t *think* I’ve posted this here previously. Probably the earliest example of Holst’s music being shoehorned into a “pop” song.

      “Sands” evolved into “Sun Dragon” who, in 1968, released a cover of The Lemon Pipers’ “Green Tambourine” (You can find it on YouTube) but I still prefer the original.

      Lemon Pipers were a strange band. The one album I have is a mixture of rather good pop songs and weird “underground” stuff, ideal for accompanying the intake of Eastern herbs. Like this…

      Last one…

      Caught a bit of Captain Tom’s funeral at lunchtime today; particularly the reading from Ecclesiastes which jumped out at me, because that was read at my Mum’s funeral in 1999.

      So I think I’ll have this at my send-off…

    440. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      your = you’re.

      Slappy-wrist time.

    441. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: Green Tambourine and Turn, Turn were tops, me old haricot but Lemon Pipers were obvs fruit loop nutters not wanted in a pure-woke Scoddish media going forward 😉 .

      “your = you’re”. You said it, bruv. I have torn off your Proud Pedant badge and ground it utterly under my Cuban heels.

      *More in sorrow than in anger*

    442. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      You know what gets my goat?

      When I was a bairn, they were called “railway stations”.

      I still refer to them as “railway stations”.

      In the past couple of decades, they have been turned into “train stations”.


      This has to be sorted out, once we are independent. It’s not good enough.

    443. Tinto Chiel says:

      Quite so. As in France, there should be banned linguistic abominations for which keelhauling should be introduced post-independence here (understand your impatience but we must walk before we can run).

      Anyone uttering any of the following would be in for a hard time under my dictatorship, I can tell you:

      “I’m incredibly proud/excited.”


      “In terms of…”

      “Issues around”

      “He literally split his sides laughing.”

      “I got aggravated by his behaviour.”

      “We need to install some pride in the jersey.”

      Shooting’s too good fer ’em.

      *End of harumph*

    444. JGedd says:

      Oh yes, Tinto, agree with you on that. My family thinks I am the Torquemada of grammar and linguistic usage. The constant and incorrect usage of ‘literally’ knots ma puddins (not literally, of course, just makes me a wee bit irritated.)

      I would add to your list:

      1)’nauseous’ instead of ‘nauseated’.

      2)The constant use of ‘so’ in answer to a question (So, I would recommend blah blah…’) The various experts and politicians on the airwaves do it all the time until I feel like screeching.

      3)New Years ( an idiotic American usage which leads you to say in reply, ‘New Year’s what? New year’s Day or New Year’s Eve?’) I always wondered why the Americans did this. Was it because they ran out of puff before they could pant their way to the end of the phrase? However, it has caught on here which is a pathetic example of colonial cringe, considering we have in Scotland perfect ways of making yourself understood since we can say Hogmanay and New Year’s Day.

      4)This is another American usage which so far hasn’t actually caught on here – the ubiquitous generic collective noun ‘bunch’ which can be used with anything as in ‘bunch of results’, ‘bunch of votes’, ‘bunch of cattle’ etc. Learning all those wonderful collective nouns from Holmes Comprehensive was all for nothing. ( A murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a murmuration of starlings, a charm of goldfinches) No, a ‘bunch of’ will do for anything.

      5) Another American usage which I have heard used in this country a couple of times I’m afraid ( which means it has migrated) and that is the wrong use of ‘momentarily’ as in ‘I will be with you momentarily’. Always sounds as if they are going to alight briefly like a butterfly before flying away.

      6) ‘Careened’ instead of ‘careered’. ‘Careened’, of course, is what was done to the bottom of wooden ships to clean them of ship worm, barnacles etc. Whereas ‘careered’ means an uncontrolled rush usually downhill. Of course, you can find the use of ‘careened’ for the latter in American literature and dictionaries but no, children, that will simply not do as an excuse. The Americans were simply WRONG. (That feels so good).

      Time to emit the despairing wail of the departing pedant, ‘I could go on and on…’ However, thanks for the chance to expatiate and witter away harmlessly because due to Friday’s events and the aftermath I feel like I might experience a thermonuclear event in my head..

      Time to get back in my flotation tank. I feel better now…( like George IV).

    445. Cactus says:

      Hey TC-Man, aye Costello sure had the loose legs and v much his own style based on his musical influences. Like the original Elvis, everyone is taking care of business. 🙂

      Was thinking and comparing what both Alex Salmond and NS had achieved towards Scotland’s rightful return to independence during their times in office. Alex actually provided the People of Scotland with a genuine vote for indy, unlike NS who has been more interested in promoting she/hers gender politics than doing… wait… there’s a new slogan right there…

      To counter and de-press the previous “I’m With Nicola” slogan, this could be replaced for trending on Facebook & Twitter with: “UNLIKE Nicola Sturgeon”.


      The future is just a click away.

    446. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I pure kenned you would be a woman on my wavelength.

      Your No. 2, which I have classified as “Non Sequitur So”, is to be found every day on Women’s Hour along with Australian High Rising Terminal (aka “upspeak”) as snowflakes moan about having to look after their children or feeling offended because someone said they had spots and is the bane of my ironing as I shout obscenities at my wee Roberts radio. And if I hear one more person talking about someone “flaunting” the Covid rules I will crush a grape or do a Billy Liar:

      *Takes a deep breath*

      Sorry, I’ve taken that too far…..

    447. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Collective nouns…

      One evening, in the early 80s, I was driving home up the M90 and, in the Glenfarg area, I invented a collective noun.

      Coming down the hill heading south, were around 50-100 motorcycles and I thought to myself, “That’s some throb of bikers…”

    448. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: that’s as good as any here. There are many highly contrived ones on this list:

    449. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to append this, just ‘cos it’s funny. I made the same mistake at King’s Cross on one of my rare visits ablaw the dyke and got some strange reactions:

      Of course, the opposite is true at the mythical Glasgow bus stop. Withing two minutes the wee wummin has told you the details of her bowel operation, her man’s gambling habit and the family out in Australia, all nine of them.

      Wish that No. 59 would hurry up…..

    450. JGedd says:

      I like that BDTT. We usually have ‘throbs of bikers’ throbbing along our country roads down here – at least we did, in the time before coronavirus. In the summer, in their leather gear, there must be parts of their anatomy also throbbing.

    451. Tinto Chiel says:

      Number 31 in my occasional series “Strange Effects of Lockdown”:

      Moanly jealous ‘cos he has all the wee tools and sprayguns I couldn’t afford as a boy…..

    452. David says:

      Anent a possible (likely?) Vote Of No Confidence in Nicola Sturgeon, some points come to mind.
      (1) If the vote is tied, does the Presiding Officer have the casting vote?
      (2) If so, is he required to vote in favour of the government/Nicola Sturgeon?
      (3) Would all MSPs need to attend Holyrood to vote in a VONC, or would they be able to vote from home? I’m thinking that some might not wish to travel to Holyrood if they’re in Covid ‘at-risk’ categories.
      (4) SNP only have 61 MSPs, with Derek Mackay and Mark McDonald now being independents. That’s not enough on its own, so they will need support from somewhere.
      (5) 14 of the SNP 61 are stepping down in May – they may thus be less inclined to support/ vote for Sturgeon. Less pressure could be put on them to vote for the party.
      (6) I expect all the unionist parties to whip their MSPs to vote against Sturgeon. Are there any likely to defy this and vote *for* her? I really don’t think so. That would mean 30 Tory, 23 Lab, 5 Lib, and 1 Reform (Michelle Ballantyne, ex Tory), a total of 59, all voting ‘No’.
      (7) That gives SNP on 61 ‘Yes’ votes, some of them very marginal, and unionists on 59 ‘No’ votes. Add the two ex-SNP, for I cannot see them voting to save the woman who hung them out to dry, and the vote is tied at 61 apiece.
      (8) It may all come down to how the Greens and ex-Green will vote. I believe Andy Wightman will vote ‘No’, and this close to a scheduled election, I think the five Greens will also vote against Sturgeon. Too much bad news has recently been released – the Greens would be damaged themselves if they helped the ‘damaged goods’ that is Nicola Sturgeon cling on to office.

    453. Cactus says:

      Evening. A few BIG points I picked up on from today’s inquiry and previous:

      – The intro schpiel by Fabiani at the beginning of the inquiry was identical to Nicola Sturgeon as it was to Alex Salmond, BUT, they were each asked to give two different oaths.

      1) Alex Salmond was asked to SWEAR his oath.
      2) Nicola Sturgeon was asked to DECLARE her oath.


      Today’s inquiry is invalid, Sturgeon must answer again under the same oath as Alex. Only a sworn oath is lawful and legal. Go check the footage… it’s right there in BIG AUDIBLE WORDS.

      – Speaking of ‘words’, why was Alex’s inquiry automatically subtitled at the bottom of the screen, but Sturgeon’s inquiry wasn’t? (via online ScotParltv version).

      – Notice how Sturgeon so self-assuredly taps her positioned folder twice at the start, which looks like she was tapping her tabletop name-title. AKA self obsession.

      Run strabbit, run strabbit, run run run… (ye can keep yer carrots.)

    454. Cactus says:

      Important ps:

      From the footage of Alex’s appearance, the subtitles have since been synchronised to appear in realtime with the proceedings.


      The subtitles pause upon Alex SWEARING his oath to the committee and the word ‘swear’ doesn’t appear in the text. Instead, the subtitler states the following:

      “Alex Salmond took the oath” then returns to the subtitles.

    455. Cactus says:

      One more thing.

      I checked the inquiry footages of both J. Wolffe and D. Harvie.

      1. Re “The Oath”, Fabiani didn’t ask Wolffe or Harvie to “repeat after me”.
      2. Wolffe DECLARED and affirmed his oath (solemn affirmation.)
      3. Harvie SWORE his oath (to Almighty God.)

      I also checked the inquiry footage of P. Murrell (08/02/21)

      1. Re “The Oath”, Fabiani did ask Murrell to “repeat after me”.
      2. Murrell repeated Fabiani’s SWORN oath (to Almighty God.)

      Why are there so many variations in what should be a standard oath?

      Wolfie Wolffe is off his mark and gets beat in the end:

      Tight lines.

    456. Cactus says:

      It’s nearing the end of Week 09 this year 2021 so far.

      – The sound and smell of rockets fireworks going-off all around in the air of Glasgow tonight, must be the end of football league season, the city breathes again.

      – Latest Glasgow update from recent random wanderings… They are gathering up even more of them Divoc-91 road bollards from the city and storing to the side of the toon Square, before being shipped out to a destination unknown as we pull in for some gas. Same so too way-out-west. That’s the Kelvin Way now been cleared of the Divoc street furniture AND that’s where all and every freedom march begins… the streets are opening back up and that there is where always is the ever-ready gathering point!

      – Yeah ‘the sensational new Scottish National Party membership’ following, hahaha that was quite entertainingly funny. Like many are saying, what and where would be the motivation and incentive for persons to do so. What have they done to the foundations and very meaning of their political party, the still-suffering diehards and most especially, Scotland. Dunno about The Quickening tish-now but The Reckoning can not come fast enough and yes it will.

      – Aye, we are definitely now into Holyrood ’21 campaign period.

      Yeah, sometimes it is important to believe just a little bit in the magic. The house calls it every time. It can take you to many places. Maintain alertivity:

      Try this one before that one above, if any fancy?:
      (starring Richard Pryor)

      Cheers to all of us Yes people, of Scotland.

    457. Tinto Chiel says:

      Arming a Sunderland flying boat?

      Piece of cake, old chap.

    458. Tinto Chiel says:

      It seems we have to thank The Grand Hall, Kilmarnock for the original incident which was immortalised here by this camp-for-a-laugh glam rock band:

      The stick-twirling drummer, Mick Tucker, is actually rather good.

      Mr Connolly was reputedly half-brother to Taggart himself.

      I hae ma doots…

    459. Marie Clark says:

      Hi folks, there’s naebudy aboot these days. Where is everyone hiding. Probably away from the complete bourach that is the SNP theses day. I shudder to think what will happen come May if nothing changes meantime.

      I’ll leave you a couple of wee tunes.Here’s another Gaelic singer of note. Nice and peaceful to calm us a’ doon

      This ones for Tinto as he quotes this phrase now and again Ya Bass,

    460. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, Marie.

      Yes it’s the sound of one hand clapping here so I just stopped.

      I’ve never heard that duet before and it truly was very “sweet”, so thanks. I think the younger woman (can I say that?) is American.

      You might like this in return, written by that one-woman force of nature, Màiri Mhòr nan Oran, on leaving Skye to go down to Glasgow:

      I used to pass those Clanadonia chiels often in Buchanan Street in Glasgow before house arrest. Hope the rascals are all well and practising for a new season.

    461. Marie Clark says:

      Ah Tinto, the wonderful Ishbel MacAskill, what a loss that lady is.
      That was beautiful, thank you.

    462. Tinto Chiel says:

      Yes, Marie, she had a lovely mature voice and is a great loss.

      A long time ago an old SNP hand who warned me about Willie MacRae’s strange death and the machinations of the security services and also taught me a lot about music, birds and Gaelic, gave me a hand-recorded tape of Ishbel and others, many of whom are on this:

      It’s one of my favourites and wonder what all these blood and flesh women would make of recent events?

      Beam me up, Scotty!

      *Bites carpet*

    463. Tinto Chiel says:

      Here’s a whole choir of flesh and blood women on a track from the above CD, with a modern song for a change:

      O, to be on those hills…..

    464. Cactus says:

      Hi all, a very Merry Mama’s Day to all true biological human females.

      Women of Scotland:

      (ps, there are a couple of persons / images that don’t belong in the above collection of true Scottish Women, due to their intentional disregard and respect for natural female biology – self evident.)

      Lovely ladies laments there TC-man, cheers n aura best.

    465. Hackalumpoff says:

      I’ll raise you one for the Pot Still Tinto!

    466. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Hacka: what a voice! No accompaniment needed, of course.

      My two Christmas bottles of Angels’ Share seem to have evaporated (I blame it on the altitude Where I Am) so a bi-partite symposium some time would be welcome.

      Arrividerci, Erchie 🙂 !

    467. Marie Clark says:

      Tinto and Hacka, what beautiful music gentlemen, (can I still say that now). Thank you so much, fair enjoyed it.

      Nice to hear from Hackalumpoff again. Hope you and Nana are both well. You’re both missed you know.

      Also thank you to the prickly one for your contribution as well. We laydees being spoiled yesterday, it was very nice though.

    468. JGedd says:


      Have you been indulging in doing dangerous occult jigsaws again or running a clown school over here on O/T? Someone on MT is havering about it. Helpmagoad, ‘there’s a man going round taking names.’ Apparently.

    469. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: your comments seem to disappear down the back of the internet at times and arrive late ‘cos it wasn’t there this morning. I must get BDTT to look at yon space-time continuum and make adjustments.

      Yes, I think I know the two you mean and there are others there who also have no wish to see an independent Scotland but wotchagonnado?

      @Marie: “gentlemen”. You’ve taken that too far 🙂 .

    470. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd 6.21: I had to look at the M/T to understand your comment. I only look in occasionally now btl: lots of new names of doubtful provenance. All bile and bear-pit, innit?

    471. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Was watching STV News at 6 on channel 34 and right at the end, was a story about the wee girl who wrote a sea shanty.

      Reminded me of this…

      Back in the 1978?, a band called “Krazy Kat” performed at the Bell Street Tech Students’ Union – The Bowlin’ Alley – where I was resident DJ. When I knew in advance what bands were gonna be on, I toddled down to Chalmers & Joy to see what they had.

      In the case of Krazy Kat, they had an album called “China Seas”, which I purchased, mainly because there was a track on it called “Dundee Calling”.

      I didn’t get a chance to speak to the band about their Dundee connection. In the past few years I have used t’interweb to research but still haven’t discovered how the band knew about Dundee’s whaling history.

      Krazy Kat’s history is also interesting.


      “Basically the extension of the marvelous Capability Brown – with a brief excursion of members in Christie somewhere in time – Krazy Kat, not to be confused with the indie ’50’s/’60’s revivalists Krazy Kats, was a quintet of polished Brit popsters along the lines of Little River Band, Byzantium, Barnaby Bye, Argent, The Association, and others, their name taken of course from George Herriman’s monumental comic strip.

      The gentz definitely knew their way around pop/dance/quasi-disco/rockin’ tunesmithing and boasted superb harmony vocals. China Seas, the debut, was a sparkling nonet of toe-tapping, hummable, seat dancin’, mirror ball cuts designed for pop airwaves, succeeding brilliantly. “

      Onnyhoo, here’s “Dundee Calling”, which I have linked to in ‘off-topic’ in the past.

      You can listen to the whole album here:-

    472. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      And I think I have linked to this family (whaling) history in the past, in ‘off-topic’.

    473. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Onnyhoo, seeing as how my brain is in music mode, have a listen to these two. The first was so quirky, I had to buy the 7″ single.
      My paternal Grandad had a harmonium, along with a piano, in his ‘living room’, which measured around 20′ by 12′. All my uncles played musical instruments – their stage was in front of the large bay window.

      Inspired by harmonium?

    474. Cactus says:

      Springtime greetings, quite the eventful political week for Scotland.

      In the beginning there was The Arrival, followed by Evolving then onto Ascending Magic. We now need to venture on and into the many Wisdoms and Wonders of 21st century Scotland.

      – The ‘acting’ First Minister in Scotland. The present post-holder is (an) alien to me.

      – The New SNP could become – The NSNP – which could then become the Nicola Sturgeon Nothing Party. On a positive future note, it may be a good idea to observe and look to Scotland and Scottish politics in a post-Sturgeon period… after the smoke clears and it’s time for you and I, like when the sun appears and there’s nothing left but goodbye. Sturgeon should just turn and walk away… SO let’s now look to get Scotland to get to… ‘BeyondSturgeon’.

      Remember ‘The Nothing’ from a different galaxy, hope you’ve all got your indy luck-dragon with you, so the Story goes:

      – Oh my lolly gosh, more WofNMD warheids planned to be evilly built, driven up through and housed in Scotland. Are not we so fortuitous. To be sent with compliments and love from Westminster.

      – That’s the street furniture changing again in Scotland’s Glasgow. The ‘armadillo type’ bollards are back on Kelvin Way, but they’ve now been adapted into plant pots lining the way into the Kelvingrove Museum access lane – all good like. At George Square the road markings have also been removed east and west of the Square.

      These observations suggest that the Kelvin Way and both sides of George Square are about to become fully and permanently pedestrianised. All in all, I believe fully pedestrianising these areas would be a good thing – with light (pollution free) vehicles encouraged. The only other immediate location that’s on the road to becoming the same in Glasgow City Centre, is the length and full breadth of Sauchiehall Street from Charing X all the way to Rose Street. Get it done and sorted and then we can move on to Hope Street.

      – There are still long daily queues of our hungry people waiting to get hydrated and fed in Freedom Square.

      – The approaching Holyrood Election ’21 could set a new record… and that new record could be to produce a record-breaking number of votes spoiled when gathered and recorded and then read out by each returning officer at the count, of Scotland.

      – When our parliament imminently closes for the duration, as sovereign citizens of Scotland, we reserve the right to recall our Scottish Government to emergency session – prior to the Holyrood Elections ’21 – should material circumstances or needs must.

      – Maybe Murrell and Company will need to call in the administrators if there is no money left in the NSNP’s coffers. This is the kind of thing that can happen when the ‘misappropriation of funds’ thing happens… George knew all too well about the loss of a mere $8,000 by comparison:

      NSNP contributors say: “Give us back our £600,000+ ring-fenced indyref2 money?”

      – Top tunage there on the harmonium BDTT-man, thx dude, good call.

      – Hopefully the best idea and method of how to proceed and vote on the 6th May (to get to indy soonest) will crystallise and take form for the vote.

    475. Cactus says:

      – One more thing.

      Hi Mark Boyle, if you’re lookin’ in again, come on in, join us and say hello. Tell us all a bit about yer guid self… share with us 5 things about you … here’s an ice-breaker, what is your favourite colour Marc?

    476. Dorothy Devine says:

      Prickly One , just popped in to give you a wave and hope all is well with you.

      Getting rapidly depressed by rabid ‘feminists’ and those who wish to be so.
      Absolutely detest the dishonest and am totally averse to vote for those I consider have done the dirty on another.

      Really quite lost for now – hoping for a ray of sunshine to spotlight our direction but it sure is a long time coming.

    477. Tinto Chiel says:

      A song to get you arrested:

    478. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy Devine & Tinto Chiel ~

      How do ye feel today? What a great day for our Alba Scotland!

      Might I suggest that if anyone has access to a HOME computer and a colour printer… updates and prints-off a Scottish Saltire and the word A L B A (above and below – onto two individual pieces of A4 paper) and get them placed front and centre of and on your living room windows – as I have just now done. Should you have access to a photocopier you could also enlarge these onto a bigger A3 size paper, for party promotion. At last, we have something to believe in. Get the word out.

      Now IS the time.

      The Quickening is happening…

      Today is a happy day, so let’s get the jukebox fired up again!:

      Cheers till later and all Hail Caesar! 🙂

    479. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, C-Man.

      The Quickening, indeed, I hope, me old haricot.

      Re the extra vowel in Alba for those who may be interested (all three of us):,and%20means%20%22loyal%20vowel%22.&text=In%20other%20words%2C%20we%27re,words%20like%20gorm%20and%20dearg.

      Most Scots would do it anyway in a word like “worm” so it’s not confined to Gaelic.

      Start of the week was not so good but TGIF, innit?

    480. JGedd says:

      Emerged from the sensory deprivation tank to some unexpected good news. Some people are very good at keeping secrets though. Bet it spoiled some other people’s weekend.

      Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    481. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Well, this afternoon I have resigned from the SNP and joined Alba, “Confirmation # 3071”.

    482. Dan says:

      Hey Brian,

      I’m thinking the ALBA logo and a simple slogan / voting message would work well beamed out through that projector.
      Covid friendly campaigning!
      I’ve already managed to get it projecting images from my laptop, and have made the heavy duty cabling from car battery to interior to power the inverter.
      I did buy a decent power inverter, but unfortunately it seems the projector wants a full sine wave supply…
      I need to get my hands on another suitable inverter but that is all I’d need to get in car mobile projecting working.
      Can anyone with graphic design skills put together a decent image or two with slogan?
      Be handy to have one image with blue background white flag / logo, and the negative colour reversed image so best option can be selected depending on surface colour the image is to be projected onto.

    483. Dorothy Devine says:

      Hey Prickly One , I do feel a spring in the old steps !

      Though I have to say the SNP comments about this momentous event have left me wondering just who they are and are they indeed the folk I want to lead our beloved country.

      It really is so fish wifie ( apologies to all fish wives!)so stupidly spiteful and they don’t seem to realise so self harming.

    484. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

      Indeed. Heard my first chiffchaff yesterday and the coltsfoot, celandine and weird butterbur are in flower.

      Hope springs eternal 😉 .

    485. Cactus says:

      Another whopper of a week within Scottish Politics… what’s for dessert?

      – Could always start a new party called the NSP, the National Scottish Party (to claim some votes off of the Mr & Mrs Magoo’s of Scotland). Strike that/Update: Now no longer necessary… for The Alba Party has arrived and is alive! Loving all the articles.

      – Sturgeon is living out her alienistic biological fantasies in a human world. She’s a Styborg. I wonder at what point the sovereign people of Scotland would be able to insist and apply The Alien Act 2021 accordingly. What has become of she?!

      – Standard paper-posters in Glasgow Southside (conveying an important simple message) could read:

      YES to Independence
      No to Nicola Sturgeon

      It would be rather fitting if she were to be Swinsonnified on the primary vote.

      – This coming HE’21, people who consider themselves to be a Unionist will more than likely turn out to vote (or go postal) in the same numbers and vote for one of their respective Unionist parties (whatever party they are these days!)

      The reason their voters do this is because their main standard policy – repeated over numberous times – is that “a vote for them is a vote to stop any ‘blahblahblah’s’ party holding another divisive referendum” and so on. Yeah yeah, we know the routine. This squirrel message of theirs is consistent and repeated by adding such much nauseum and hominem.

      Jesus Halleluiah Christ or King Billiam of L’orange could be the First Minister of an actual proactive independence seeking party of Scotland and the Unionists would still take the same line of stance as indicated above.

      – Q. What do The Fabiani Inquiry and The Smith Commission have in common? A. They were both formed as paper exercises to create diversions from true justice to no avail or vow.

      – I initially understood this ‘bonnie prince bob’ candidate for Edinburgh Central to be of general political savvy and awareness, but as shared and noted by a few others, he discredits and lets himself down by his personal comments on this fine place – I must be more alert. Beyondbob, it would be good for ‘Anybody but Angus R.’ (he’s a pirate arrrgh) getting in there. People are strange but can people change.

      To be able to fly, every Aviator needs their Wings of Rock:

      Thanks for keeping our dreams alive Alex Salmond and Team Alba.

    486. Cactus says:

      – One more things.

      As we approach our Holyrood Elections 2021, it would be useful and informative if there were to be a guest article featured on behalf of The Alba Party on Wings.

      All the best to all having a look in.

    487. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I had a pleasant experience in Lidl, Dura Street, Dundee, this afternoon.

      I was bagging my purchases when a lady approached me and said, “Were you at Campbelltown?”

      Turns out my son and I were walking beside her and her man on the Campbelltown march in 2019.

      So we had a 15 minute blether about the state of the Pro-Indy movement. They weren’t really up to speed with what has been going on in the upper echelons of the SNP – genderwoowoo, hate crime, the AS stitch up.

      One thing I pointed out about the AS criminal trial was that the MSM only reported the prosecution case – they disappeared when the defence case started, leaving Craig Murray to fly the flag.

      So most of Joe and Senga public were left with the impression that AS had sinned – even although he was exonerated, or found innocent of, all the charges against the complainants, who, it turned out, were not “victims”.

    488. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan.

      I was thinking about getting an inverter to run a fridge in my car, for holidays.

      Turns out that fridges also need a pure sine wave voltage. The difference in cost is substantial. Bog standard “modified sine wave” inverter – around £40. Pure sine wave? Well into three figures!

    489. JGedd says:


      I remember when reading CM’s account of the defence evidence in Alex Salmond’s trial – it was the only source – that it was immediately obvious why the jury had found as they did.

      Craig Murray did comment after the verdicts were in, that the ordinary members of the public, only accessing the MSM accounts exclusively of the prosecution case, would be extremely perplexed at the verdicts.

      Now, of course, Craig has had to take that down and I rather suspect that that was the real purpose of taking him to court under the supposed intention of ‘protecting the women’. They did not wish the evidence to be available to the public. If only what has been going on in Scotland could be published abroad.

    490. Tinto Chiel says:

      Lady’s smock, few-flowered leek, the song of the greenfinch:

      Celebrating what the Gaels called the madness of spring.

      Very vernal here.

    491. David says:

      Well, my 3rd of March thoughts on the VONC in Sturgeon didn’t turn out to be very accurate, sadly.
      I underestimated how much the Greens are backing Sturgeon, which is because she’s the route by which they hope to get their dangerous genderwoowoo policies turned into law.
      I hope ALBA gets enough seats to both stop these plans, and also to force the SNP to focus on independence. After all that is, or should be, their main purpose!

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