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Posted on January 02, 1968 by

For off-topic chat. Duh.

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    1. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: my wee pal Ted Hughes told me all about pike ages ago πŸ™‚

      Betcha the French do something interesting with it. Can’t find SWMBO’s French Provincial Cookery book at the mo.

      The chanterelle is a lovely wee mushroom right enough. Mind you, they do say my seven-times married Gran’s Destroying Angel Goulash (or ghoulash) was unforgettable.

    2. JGedd says:


      Of course you wouldn’t torment a poor trapped invalid with lovingly described detail of a visit to licenced premises, would you, you…?!!*

      Love the Vaughan Williams Fantasia. I have been bingeing music since my accident and it tends to be unintentionally by country. Last month it was the Great Russians and then due to Radio3 bringing back Tippett, it’s going to be English composers – Tippett of course, Britten, Vaughan Williams, Finzi, Tallis, Purcell…

      So with two of my favourite pieces you offered, I’ve aleady embarked. Where to after that? Well, I also listen to African music and gamelan ( Balinese & Javanese).

      Dan intimidates me. My foraging is confined to the freezer and the fridge. When the apocalypse comes, I’ll starve.

      This is the Vaughan Williams Fantasia recorded in Lincoln Cathedral. I remember when it was put out on TV, It’s a marvellous space and the setting shows the two string orchestras effectively with the smaller at the other end of the cathedral space, echoing the larger orchestra. It produces an other-wordly effect.

      I was going to start the last series of Dark but I’ll leave it until tomorrow. My life is packed with incident & excitement.

    3. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Seeing as we’re on a classical vibe, can I just type that this is up there in my top 10 of classical faves…

    4. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      And keeping to a “themes from TV current affairs progs” agenda, I offer this.

    5. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Finally, staying with the whaling theme, I’ll stick this in, although I have linked to it previously. Back to Dundee…

    6. Tinto Chiel says:

      JGedd: I’m glad I didn’t mention Thursday’s light and crispy tempura batter gently embracing the perfectly cooked translucent flakes of plump haddock resting on a golden bed of the airiest slivers of pommes frites, nestling aside a chaste ramekin of caper-bejewelled sauce tartare de la maison πŸ˜‰ .

      I supposed you’ve heard the Peter Mandelson joke and urban myth about his first visit to a chippy in workaday Hartlepool (the WM seat he had been parachuted into). He ordered cod and chips and “some of that lovely guacamole” which turned out to be the inevitable mushy peas.

      That was a really beautiful film of the VW. Sometimes these things can be better than the mental pictures you paint while listening. I don’t think they do them much now because the BBC can’t really be Goved.

      @BDTT: death to Kevin Turvey and all his works! Thought for a moment Krazy Kat was a reference to a high-volume M/T contributor who sometimes enters the cat-flap here……………..

    7. Clapper57 says:

      Hey Tinto Chiel & JGedd

      Hope you are both well……

      There’s too much news going on in the world just now …hard to keep up….no sooner do we start moaning about something another things comes up….Lol

      I watched a video the other night on an Indy twitter account of Manky shirt with sideburns…sideburns were on him not me Lol….that guy is not right….he was playing..and I quote.. ‘British rock music” in the background and quoting the words of the track…” Defender…of the…faith”…

      Reminded me of those serial Killers who quote the bible as justification for them killing people….

      Proves Care in the Community does NOT work…..I have to assume he is off his meds…….if not, then the ones he is on are NOT working…..

      Mad Mad world is it not…….

    8. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi Clapper: I’m as well as can be expected thanxfraskin.

      Poor Manky Shirt Man, he is indeed deluded: I can’t remember on which march, but as we passed him he was telling us The Union was the Greatest Union in The World and had been around for 2,000 years. He is indeed a rocket of the first class.

      Mind you, there are a lot of rockets about πŸ˜‰ .

      The M/T is a bit of a trial at the mo, innit?

    9. JGedd says:


      Fish & chips! You are bad, so ye ur. Your talents would be better employed writing the blurb on one of those upscale (or up themselves) eating establishments like Heston Blumenthal’s where you could write rapturous prose about three squiggles of liquorice, beetroot & minced jellyfish on a plate/slate being culinary joy for which they should pay a fortune.

      I enjoyed the joke about Mandelson. Fits that character perfectly. Oily git. Blair could pick ’em.

      Though not about a slimy politician, it reminded me of one of my sons telling me about being in a bunch of students ordering fish suppers when one asked tentatively,”Do you do monkfish?

      That was a beautiful film of the VW Fantasia where everything came together – filming, setting, music – to create something close to perfection. By the way, I got the location wrong. It was Gloucester Cathedral which I should have remembered since that was where it was first performed.


      That’s stirring stuff from Sibelius. He was an enthusiastic Finnish nationalist & supporter of Finland’s independence from Tsarist Russia. (Interestingly, though Finland had been granted autonomous rights, Nicholas II issued a manifesto declaring that he could revoke Finnish autonomy if it clashed with Russian interests. Sound familiar?

      By the way, you are doing sterling work on Quarantine. Are you going to do all of the constituencies eventually? I am particularly interested in the South of Scotland since I am pondering on what to do with my vote/s. We have two really good SNP list MSPs, one being Joan Mcalpine.

    10. Dan says:


      Don’t feel intimidated by my foraging, I’m just training to get my A game ready for Armageddon “Brexit” Days.
      If you’re struggling come the apocalypse, make yer way to mine with a bottle of brown sauce. I’ve 60 tattie plants and an air fryer so at least we can have tasty chips as we watch the final scenes of life as we knew it play out.


      Here’s an interesting alternative version of Mad World by Vintage Vaudville.

    11. JGedd says:


      Hi, Clapper. Hirpling along here thanks.

      Are you taking refuge from the MT too? Such total certainty is a real killer of debate isn’t it? Pure tribalism.

      Hope you are well & keeping cheerful, despite everything.

    12. JGedd says:

      @ Clapper57

      Sent a reply which disappeared ???

      All’s well here apart from a gammy leg. Take it you are escaping the MT too? The tribalism is getting to me. I’ve never invested such trust in any politician as some people do. It baffles me. Politicians should have to prove that they are trustworthy. It should not be granted unconditionally.

      As for Manky, he hails from down our way and went to school here. All I can say is that his modus vivendi seems to be to provoke in order to get a result. So far, I’m glad to say, he hasn’t succeeded with indy spporters

    13. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 10.18pm

      Indeed the MT is a bit of a trial….I keep saying to myself right that’s it no more comments on MT just stay on OT….indeed any time you manage to interact with someone your response ends up sandwiched between peeps arguments and name calling….I give up …..again….till the next time…Lol

      Yes there are lots of Rockets about….and some of them end up on the MT…

      Glad you are well….

      @ JGedd

      Yes Refuge from the storm on MT…another one…

      Sorry about your leg….what happened ?…If you don’t mind me asking ?….apologies if you have already mentioned on OT…I don’t always keep up with the comments on here…but then I start to miss the friendly bunch on here and always come back for a wee chinwag and to listen to some of the songs you all add via links….

      Yes you are right…some can get a wee bit tribal….they haven’t learnt that one can have a different opinion without insulting those who hold an opposing one……I tend to ignore the more mad ones who constantly insult others as you cannae argue with ignorant…..

      Yes I am keeping well thank you….

      @ Dan @ 10.45pm

      Hi Dan, hope you are well.

      That WAS an interesting alternative version indeed….really liked the girl’s voice…..kept thinking of ‘IT’ when I was looking at the clown singing….mind you I get the same feeling looking at another clown when he gives… sporadically… the Daily Updates….i.e. Boris Johnson…Lol

      Hope you all three have a lovely day tomorrow…..

    14. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: retired early for my beauty sleep *stares bleakly into mirror* so missed your comment.

      This is just for you:

      Re the M/T: keep on keeping on in your inimitable fashion πŸ™‚ .

      @JGedd: was going to post Rear Window but thought that a bit undiplomatic given your present condition. I never liked Grace Kelly, too glacial with a simpering way of speaking. I always found my attention straying to the expensive camera equipment Stewart employs.

      Saw some bluebells (wot they call harebells Ablaw The Dyke) while out walking with my carer yesterday. Fair cheered me up. Does anyone remember Bluebell butter, which had the flowers as their trade mark? Or am I imagining it all?

      Ahoo, etc.

    15. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel.

      “Rear Window”.

      Have you seen this?

    16. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.12am

      Lol..Rockets Galore….man the launch pad for blast off…


    17. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      I first came across the Intermezzo from The Karelia Suite as the signature tune for the 1960s current affairs programme “This Week”.

      The first track I heard by The Nice was their version of “America” from West Side Story. I still have the single I rushed out to buy.

      I then bought their album “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” and on that, was a version of “Intermezzo From The Karelia Suite”. Here’s a live version.

      In the early 70s, I bought an LP which featured the music of Grieg (of Scots descent!) and Sibelius, including The Karelia Suite.

      So when Rik Mayall, as Kevin Turvey in “A Kick Up The 80s”, used Alle Marcia as his signature tune, I recognised it.


      Quarantine calculations.

      I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks carrying out ‘spring cleaning’ on my two Macs.

      My intention is still to do Glasgow, Lothian and West Scotland. I wasn’t going to bother with South Scotland and Highlands and Islands, as ISP have said they won’t stand in those two regions because the SNP have a list MSP in H&I and three in South Scotland.

      However, it may be interesting to see what effect a hypothetical ‘pro-indy’ party would have had in those two regions, if they had stood in 2016.

      As I get the remaining regions done, I’ll post here with a link to ‘Quarantine’.

    18. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel & JGedd

      Me bad…me added two comments on MT today on The Great Reverse…this posting is addictive….no worries I am starting up a Posters Anonymous….obvs you register under a pseudonym (fits in with anonymous part Lol)…and you get weaned off ranting on blogs…win win…for me anyway…. one of my comments was the last one on the Great Reverse thread Yeh…celebration as an honour….an unread rant lost in the wilderness of cyberspace Lol…..mind you I am never quick enough to be the FIRST comment on a thread….do you get a prize if you are ?….Lol

      So enough of MY rubbish… is everybody …..well I hope…here in Edinburgh weather sunny for now….and here’s me on t’internet typing AGAIN and wasting a guid day when I should be outside enjoying the weather…..mind you at least on OT you can interact without being telt to shut up..or words to that affect….by some of the right charmers that grace MT pages…Lol

      Have a nice day everyone….

    19. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: have never seen that before and it’s a brilliant compilation. Safely pouched in my faves, so fanx. Inspiration for anti-Christ Microsoft’s Windows?

      I’ll bet if the Not So Amazing Grace Kelly had been replaced by, say, Kim Novak, James Stewart wouldn’t have spent his time staring out his window…….

      Clapper57: you’ve got to push through the regret/shame barrier when posting on Wings to achieve true contentment πŸ™‚ .

    20. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel.

      Grace Kelly.

      This has always been one of my favourite singles. Interesting thing is that when she comes in on harmony, she sings the lower part, while Bing sings the higher part. You’d think it would be the other way round…

    21. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: God, she’s not another of your favourite blondes, is she? πŸ™‚

      Not even Grace in whatever-the-name-of-that-garment-she-was almost-wearing could float my boat (geddit?).

      See wot you mean about that sentimental old song but I prefer The Prodigy’s version πŸ˜‰ .

      I’m beginning to think you’re just a big softy…………

    22. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 5.25pm

      Indeed Tinto….but it is probably quite selfish and rude of me to post a comment and interrupt other people’s arguments on MT…Lol

      I’m thinking it might be better talking to a wall…Lol…though probably same response as your comments get on MT….Nowt…Lol

      I remember a time on MT when we all used to interact….now it’s like a protest site where everyone is their enemy….same people funny enough…one liner comments meant to be funny but oh so NOT…..

      I see an intuitive poster commented today that he was gonna stop reading BTL and just read the Rev’s new post….though he did sympathise with those of us who were at least trying to write relevant comments…..maybe I should find a nice wee wifie’s blog somewhere on T’internet and talk about make up and wummin things…Lol

      Not seen Sarah comment for a while….hope she is okay.

      Anyway ya know the drill…have an nice evening…

    23. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: “I remember a time on MT when we all used to interact.”

      Yes, but now we seem to get turbo-charged Duracell Bunnies on speed simply thrawing and disrupting.

      Re Sarah: everyone needs a rest. Capella’s been MIA for a while and, although I don’t always agree with her on SNP matters, she’s spot on on GRA.

      But then I’m only a non-uterus bearer who cares very much about four uterus-bearers in my family.

      Big Reveal: did you pure ken there is a hill above EK where you can see Goat Fell to the west and the Forth Railway bridge and Hillend Ski Centre from the same spot, deo volente?

      #The Wonders of Scotland.

    24. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel.

      Grace Kelly.

      Not one of my favourite blondes this time. I’ve always liked the song, since I was a nipper. Here’s another three of my fave blondes…
      Specially in the 60s.
      Jilly Johnson, on the right in the clip, was my fave Page 3 of the 70s. Nina Carter, on the left, married Rick Wakeman.

      This clip features my fave Page 3 of the 80s, Corinne Russell. She’s in a white jergee at the start of the clip and on the bucking bronco further on.

    25. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: what was that saying about knowing Doris Day before she was a virgin?

      I try to concentrate on a good book and a milky drink at bedtime now….

    26. Dan says:

      Clapper57 says: at 11:59 pm

      Hope you all three have a lovely day tomorrow…..

      Cheers, t’was “lovely”…
      If you think lovely is yet another day up and down the scaffolding and ladder repairing this bloody chimney which has now escalated to repairing gable wall head! πŸ™
      FFS, this is turning into an epic… I removed a blown stone then dressed the first of the replacement stones to size by 10.30am, then proceeded to carry out remedial work around the area inside the chimney accessing by sticking my arm in all directions through the hole… finally fitted the first replacement stone at 8.30pm!
      It’s all happed up now as rain forecast so day off tomorrow. The scunner is I am not even going to use this bloody chimney but it’s a listed building in a conservation area so have to rebuild it.

      Too tired to play a song…

    27. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.48pm

      “Big Reveal: did you pure ken there is a hill above EK where you can see Goat Fell to the west and the Forth Railway bridge and Hillend Ski Centre from the same spot, deo volente?”

      Hi Tinto…no I did not …but living in Scotland I know chances are God is never usually willing….

      Re Sarah fair enough we all need time away from MT…hence my writing this on OT….and did notice Capella too was not posting….

      Have a nice day tomorrow Tinto

      @ Dan @ 1107pm

      Lol…so a wee chore then….a man’s work is never done for sure…..

      Rest well tonight….hard work repairing a Chimney…have a good Sweep…sorry mean Sleep….

      What the Hell is a gable wall head when it’s at home ?

      I had a hard day too… I washed some dishes in the sink…which sounds comparitive to the work you did today…Lol

      Have a restful day tomorrow…hope in saying this I have not jinxed you again…Lol

    28. Chic McGregor says:


      I take it you caught the Games Britannia prog on BBC4 tonight?

      Has there ever been a clearer example of English delusionalism and ownership claim or a more blatant diminution of Scottish creativity in the field of gaming?

    29. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper57: “…but living in Scotland I know chances are God is never usually willing….”

      Reminds me of the old story about Saint Peter complaining to God that he has been too generous to the Scots at The Creation.

      “You have made their men brave and hardy and their women intelligent and beautiful, given them woods and moors full of game, rivers abundant in fish and majestic mountains where the eagles soar. Don’t you think you have been over-generous?”

      “Maybe,” says God, “but just wait and see who I give them for neighbours.”

      It’s the way He tells them πŸ™‚ .

    30. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: could your gable end do with a trellis? I’m quite good at them πŸ˜‰ .

    31. JGedd says:


      Am I the only one who (almost) envies you going up and down scaffolding? Going up and down stairs is like the ascent and descent of Everest to me at the moment. But hey, I’m down to using just one stick now. Progress.

      By the way, don’t let Tinto lure you into the dark arts of trellis wrestling. ( Whisper it: I think he picked it up in a Turkish prison? But keep that under your hat.)

      When you go a-foraging, do you have a hat with a big brim and bobbing corks suspended from it? And do you knit your own jumpers from wool gathered from barbed wire fences? You see, I still feel intimidated.

      Come the Brexitapocalypse, I am going to have to take tips from you on how to survive. I might have to eat my gammy leg – though you kindly offered air-dried chips to go with it.

    32. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I’ll have you know our prison won the National Prison/Detention Centre Rose Garden Award for three years running and my trellis work was legendary.

      Tha answer lies in the night soil πŸ˜‰ .

    33. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel.

      Nina Carter/Corinne Russell

      I’ve just been browsing YouTube and came across the link below. Somebody’s put together a short bio of the pair and, no, I am not Funky Moped!
      If you watch it, pause on the text, because the uploader hasn’t allowed enough time to read the text before it disappears.

    34. Dan says:


      Pfft! Are you suggesting my building repair work is so bad I need to hide it with a trellis? The mere suggestion…
      The gable forms one side of a narrow access alley hence having to fire up the angle grinder to make the scaffolding tubes fit! Plus is doesn’t get any sun.
      I have a portable homemade trellis I move around the different veg beds that the runner beans grow up.


      Envious you may be of my monkeying around, but my own chassis is getting on these days and after a long physical shift it definitely lets me know it ain’t happy.
      Two days last week I was so knackered I didn’t even have a beer, and on the third day I wanted one I had to use a bloomin teaspoon to pry up the ring pull on the can as my fingers were so weak and sore working with the dry limey dust and mortar.
      If I was an dog in that sort of condition I’d be put down!

      I’ve rested from the hard graft today because of the constant rain, but ventured out earlier and picked a big pan full of beetroot that has just finished being boiled and jarred up as pickle. That’s half a dozen large jars in the bank, with probably another dozen or so jar’s worth still to be picked and processed.
      Corjettes and runner beans have been going well this year and having to hand them out to neighbours as I can’t eat them as quck as they’re growing.
      I’ve never grown pumpkins / squashes before but jeez, they don’t half grow like billyo once they get going. There were loads of fruits on the plants that obviously weren’t going to come to anything (maybe not pollinated?) but there are now several big uns in the making with one not far off the size of football.

      There’s no corks on my hat as use them all for making fishing floats with used kebab sticks. Spin them in a pillar drill to shape them with course sandpaper then whack a bit of bright paint on the top. Don’t need to be anything fancy or expensive as the bloody pike go for the floats when trying to catch perch so end up losing quite a few.

    35. JGedd says:


      Seriously though, we don’t know what lies ahead after Brexit and the pandemic. I have a feeling that many of us urban numpties will have to learn from resourceful folk like you & yes, the work ethic of having to source food other than from supermarkets is quite daunting, as well as doing our own repairs.

      I admit to not having many of the skills required. Down our way we had a commune of hippies who had formed in the spirit of the 60s & 70s but frankly, though inoffensive folk who helped the locals out with some wacky baccy, they weren’t really serious and most of them drifted away back to middle-class homes in the south. It was fun while it lasted.

      In the future though, perhaps the need for pooling of skills in some kind of communal enterprise might happen again and this time out of necessity and not just as a lifestyle choice. Who knows?

    36. Clapper57 says:

      Hello everyone….I see the MT is still suffering from Repetitive Straining to get their point over again and again and again Syndrome…….Cannae remember what current thread is entitled…Oh I know it’s ‘The Arguments’…..Lol

      @ Tinto Chiel….Hi Tinto…I made a wee error re Manky Shirt in a post above…it wisnae BRITISH Rock Music he said he was listening to…it was BRITISH Heavy Metal…..which is probably why he is the way he is…..cause obious at some point in his life he has been hit on the Heid with a piece of BRITISH Heavy Metal…Lol

      It’s obviously left an IMPRINT on him…..and as he was bashed he is now bashing us…..

      I see their saying Douglas Ross may be announced today as leader as no one else put their name forward….closes today at 12…have you EVER seen a faster leadership contest…almost seems as if his wee leadership launch campaign event last Saturday was a sham…a shoo in indeed….I mean how fast was he off the mark…no sooner had Jackson said Cheerio…up pops Ross with Hello what about me ?

      Ruth D interviewed the other night trying to treat the public , as per, as idiots in expecting them to believe this was all spontaneous …Carlaw resigning…Ross putting his name forward…her being interim leader….oh aye so credible..but only if you have been hit on the heid with a piece of BRITISH Heavy Metal it is….Lol

      George Galloway’s new found fans will be in a quandary….after offering their allegiance to George when Carlaw was Tory leader…now they will be going against Ruth and Douglas….aye right….can see George is gonna be dumped….like a Hot brick…or a Hot piece of BRITISH Heavy Metal….Lol

      Whit the hell will History woman and Effie Deans do now…..stick with Catman….or switch back over to the British Bulldog and his Bitch…woof woof….

      As I have said before The Tories are not a political party but a Soap Opera….a bad one….Lol

      Have a good day.


    37. Tinto Chiel says:

      Morning, Clapper57. Yes, the Turbo-charged Duracell Bunnies were out again last night so I went to bed early with my Trollope.

      Re Manky Shirt man and Heavy Metal, I give you a Tommy Cooper Joke Experience No.103:

      “A man walked into a bar.


      It was an iron bar.”

      @BDTT: I remember Carter and Russell now. NALOPKT they played up front for Montrose in the late 60s before the lure of the bright lights took them to ply their trade down in Lunnon. Even the Arbroath supporters were disappointed.

    38. Tinto Chiel says:

      Some people enjoyed Bonnie Prince Bob’s Jim Murphy take-down.

      Others enjoyed his recent attack on the current SNP leadership.

      And, now, I bring you his trenchant apercus on the Embra Festival, which I always refer to as the Establishment’s scent marking of its Scotland Region (shades of he*dtracker of immortal memory, hence asterisk to avoid The Rev’s famous filter).

      Warning: douce maiden aunts of Crieff should not click on this:

    39. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 9.33am

      “β€œA man walked into a bar.


      It was an iron bar.”

      Lol Tinto…..Loved Tommy Cooper though Benny Hill was my favourite…his face…the expressions…so funny.

      Hope you are well….I’m gonna take a wee break from posting on WOS…recharge me batteries…non Duracell you see…I operate on the short life ones…Lol

      Have a nice evening….

    40. JGedd says:

      BDTT’s choice of Sibelius in stirring nationalist mode reminds me that we don’t have current Scottish composers in that frame of mind. Scotland’s most notable composer, James MacMillan, even seems to hate Scotland with a passion.

      Perhaps we live in a less innocent age when people view nationalism with a jaundiced eye unless it’s the American or British sort which escapes any kind of dark connotations – apparently – or even escapes being called ‘nationalism.’ It seems to be Scotland’s curse that we went for independence too late.

      However, a composer who wasn’t born here but lived here, in Orkney, was the late Peter Maxwell Davies. He supported Scottish independence and here are two pieces of music he composed that demonstrate his affection for Scotland (particularly Orkney) – the gentle ‘Farewll to Stromness’ and the more rowdy ‘Orkney Wedding & Sunrise’.

      (We’ve all been to weddings like that. Except for Tinto, that is, who probably retires to a quiet corner with his Trollope.)

    41. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Except for Tinto, that is, who probably retires to a quiet corner with his Trollope.)”

      Guilty as charged, me old haricot πŸ˜‰ . I’m a great lover of humanity, it’s just most folk I can’t be bothered with, chiefly the amateur drinkers.

      Truly, The Cringe is strong in Mr MacMillan, which is probably why he got his CBE. The Scottish Reformation had its faults and I am no fan of Glowering John Knox for so many reasons but to compare it to the Cambodian Year Zero really got on my nazzums. Scotland became the most literate country in Europe as a result of the SR (just so we could all read our Bibles, of course) and encouraged a lot of independent thought: heaven forfend!

      To my shame, I used to confuse Tippett with PMD but he was a strong supporter of independence. Wasn’t his partner one of The Orkney Four, who petitioned against Alistair Asbestos Pants Carmichael? Just my paranoia probably but he doesn’t seem to get much airplay on Radio 3, innit?

    42. JGedd says:


      ‘I’m a great lover of humanity, it’s just most folk I can’t be bothered with’

      I’m in total agreement with that sentiment!

      Yes, Mr MacMillan appears to have unresolved issues methinks. I remember he got a 2-page spread in The Guardian about 15 years ago(?) in which he delivered an incendiary, contentious diatribe against Scotland. However, it was clear that his focus was on Protestantism.

      Religion seems to be the origin of what can only be described as loathing of the society from which he came. He comes from Kilwinning, which could be called a centre of Orangeism I think, which might be the origin of his extreme attitudes. Intolerance creates intolerance. For him, it’s pay back time.

      He doesn’t recognise that he has become the mirror image of what he detests. Since he is educated and articulate he can be given a platform by the likes of The Guardian, unlike the unthinking oafs of the Orange Order. (It’s an irony that he and the Orangemen of Kilwinning are on the same side when it comes to Scottish independence though.)

      No one at The Guardian would correct nonsense such as equating the Scottish Reformation to Cambodian Year Zero. They see everything through the prism of their own historical perspectives and their Reformation was bloody. Clearly those savage people to the north were likely to be worse.

      As you say, the unintended consequence of educating the laity by the reformers, in order that they could read their bibles and question what they had been taught by often illiterate priests, led almost inevitably over time, to the Enlightenment. Once the genie is out of the bottle etc…

    43. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Intolerance creates intolerance. For him, it’s pay back time.”

      I couldn’t disagree with anything you said there but that jumped out at me in particular. Ironically as you say, the extremes meet in their opposition to normality, which some call independence.

      I could equally give Old Knoxy a veritable doing for his anti-women diatribes and his dangerous cosying up to England just to bolster Protestantism but I’m kinda busy just now creating a Paella Experience for my carer πŸ˜‰ .

      Arriba Escocia, ya bass!

    44. Dan says:

      Day off from building work as too fuckin scorchio to be on a roof and any nearer the sun than needs be!

      Sarah, where art thou? Hope all is ok with you and yours and yer jist taking a break and busy in the garden.

      JGedd, further larder stocking today as harvested 4.5lbs of blackcurrants from my 6 bushes and have made jam. Wowser it packs some flavour!
      I’m building up stocks of so much tasty stuff that I may have to start taking advance bookings for folk wanting to come stay when the apocalypse kicks in.
      TBH, there’s so much work to do around here folk can rock up now and pitch in.
      The local farm needs an egg farmer so if anyone fancies saying to heck with city life and taking on the excitement of country life and keeping a hunner chickens safe from marauding predators then the options there. Could be a busy job as the last 50 chickens got reduced to a dozen in short time. Free Range certainly ain’t all it’s cracked up to be the chickens round these parts!

    45. Dorothy Devine says:

      Can folk be banned for mentioning a prickly plant on here?

      I have twice posted links , one to a wonderful Russian opera singer and one to Crisis of Confidence speech by Jimmy Carter from way back which I considered revealing and apposite – I tried twice, on the last one removing the http as I thought that might be the sticking point but nothing.

    46. Dan says:


      Mentioning the prickly desert plant word will get your posts held in moderation.
      Stu obviously adds certain words into the word filter to catch and moderate stuff.
      In my experience the posts will most likely show up when he gets a chance to look over the site.

    47. Tinto Chiel says:

      Confession time: when I was young and well ‘ard, running with the MFC casuals as assistant Buckfast mule and reading The (unexpurgated) Bunty, this was a guilty pleasure:

      Looking back, I think it was the wonderful, swirling strings at the start, the clever Chinese phrase to reflect the setting and the very polished lyrics wot done it for me, since I don’t think I harboured many Impure Thotts for Nancy at the time, though she hits the low notes perfectly in those pre auto-tune digital days.

      I feel better now: thanks for letting me share…..

      Oh, God! Will she become one of BDTT’s Blonde Selection?

      @Dorothy: are you sure you removed everything west of www in the YouTube address?. If so, it is probably a lurking banned word in some combination. Even the fruit of the vine can do it because of r*pe.

    48. JGedd says:


      I feel tired out just reading about your daily labours. I might have to lie down.

      My mother would have loved you. Every summer for about two days out of our hols, we kids were trailed with her to her own secret spot in our countryside hinterland to pick raspberries then later, brambles. We always emerged stained like assassins with more berries inside us than in her baskets.

      (She had remembered that hidden spot from before the war when it had been an allotment which had been abandoned. The rasberry canes kept going.) Blackcurrants had to be sourced with a visit to the Clyde Valley fruit farms but I didn’t mind that since you simply bought the punnets from the side of the road – no picking involved and no moaning about prickles in your fingers then.)

      We forgave her those treks to pick fruit which always seemed to happen on hot days, since, on coming home from school, you could smell the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen where the big jampot sat bubbling and anticipate the first tasting of that year’s harvest of jam. There’s nothing like homemade.

    49. JGedd says:


      ‘I don’t think I harboured many Impure Thotts for Nancy’

      Not many but some? Nah, that’s intrusive. I’d rather not know.


      I got moderated the other day. (Think it was the 4th?) It did appear the next day but I can’t for the life of me see what caused it being temporarily sinbinned. Perhaps it went down a wormhole into a parallel universe but there was a blink in the matrix and it resurfaced? T’internet is mysterious and strange, don’t y’know.

    50. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thanks everyone , I will be more careful with the links next time!

      But I happen to like the prickly plant – singularly unprickly in real life.

    51. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yes, Tinto, Nancy was one of my fave blondes back in the day, because of these two tracks…

      (Clever lyrics in the second one.)

    52. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Aha! I was looking for the third single that turned me on to Nancy and here it is…

      However, the uploader has used video from this next link and the lip-syncing in the first clip (above) is atrocious!

      Onnyhoo, more news on boots…

    53. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: *shakes head ruefully* I thought you might say that.

      In “These Boots…” I noticed, apart from the girl nearest the camera, the rest ain’t natural movers but the out of tune guitar still makes this a great track.

      I tried playing the second track but my Acme Mk. III Double Entendre Detector blew a fuse and when I ran it past my Auntie Effie in Crieff she had a fit of the vapours, so thanks a bunch, Tiger.

      @JGedd: “Not many but some? Nah, that’s intrusive. I’d rather not know.”

      My main pash at the time was Claudia Cardinale, tbh, although our politics were hardly consonant. Also, she only spoke Sicilian and Arabic (true, dat), and my faltering Italian was therefore of little use.

      Our semaphore was pretty smokin’, however πŸ˜‰ .

      As Archie (Massey Ferguson) MacPherson would say: Ooooooooooft!

    54. Tinto Chiel says:

      I’m actually warming to Nancy’s voice now, BDTT, and Honor Blackman was always pure klass btw.

      Have to say this young woman’s voice is an absolute belter, her lyrics pure peotry and the whole experience so inventive: a symphony of voice, off beats, great drumming and back-up vocals, and all bang up to date and almost ten years old:

      Off to bed: too much excitement for an old dude.

    55. Tinto Chiel says:

      Except, some Ovaltine for BDTT:

      Laters, haters!

    56. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Never mind Claudia. Think, Gina Lollobrigida.

      I enjoyed this fillum in the picture hoose, back in the day. Stars Gina Lollobrigida, Telly Savalas and ‘big stars’.

      Gina Lollobrigida looks a treat in director Melvin Frank’s rather tasteless comedy drama about an Italian single mother whose promiscuous wartime past comes back to haunt her.

      There’s earnest support from Phil Silvers, Telly Savalas and suave Peter Lawford as the three American airmen who each believe they fathered Lollobrigida’s child 20 years ago, and who have been paying child support ever since.

      If you’re a fan of 1960s farces and find comedy of the opening-and-shutting-door variety funny, this glossy romp may well pass muster. It’ll Be Alright on the Night’s Denis Norden had a hand in the script.”.

      BTW: Mrs Campbell was named after a soup brand.

    57. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yeah, Adele’s got a fine voice.

      So has this wummin…

    58. Tinto Chiel says:

      Lovely morning here, so it’s a good day for it, JGedd:

      I like peoms.

    59. JGedd says:

      Beautiful poem, Tinto, and one of my favourite poets too.

    60. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: And Lo The Grate Man speaks!

      He was pretty tight with Sorley MacLean too, in both senses of the phrase. Those must have been some ceilidhs πŸ˜‰ .

      I saw the latter standing outside the butcher’s in Portee once in the 80s, I think, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to speak to him.

      Imagine a peot eating sossages! Weird…

    61. JGedd says:

      Thanks for that link, Tinto. A poet always knows how to speak his own words eloquently with just the right shading and the right colouration. He loves his own words because he understands how each ‘just right’ phrase was brought into being.

      I remember hearing a radio recording from many years ago, of Robert Graves talking of wrestling with elusive ideas lurking in his subconscious, just beyond reach. He was walking late at night on the strand (in Ireland, too, I think I recall) hoping those shadowy ideas would emerge.

      He saw fishermen in a boat in the moonlight out in the bay when suddenly into his mind came the recollection of a recent incident, reported locally, of fishermen pulling in their nets and finding they had pulled in a dead man instead of fish.

      Almost at once, the word ‘caul’ came to mind (the name of the nets) together with tne name given to the membrane which occasionally would still shroud an infant when it was born. So everything came together and he had his associations, his metaphors, born fully fledged and he rushed home to complete his poem. The poem was (I think) ‘A Time of Waiting.’

      Ted Hughes captures perfectly that moment of sudden materialization of ideas in the creation of a poem in ‘The Thought Fox’.

    62. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I quite agree that Heaney, Graves and Ted Hughes were all great reciters of their work (and Eliot, imo) but I’ve heard some absolute stinkers too, where they reduce their work to “chopped up prose” as Hugh MacDiarmid used to say.

      To save their blushes, I won’t elaborate but Norman MacCaig wasn’t one of them. He was a proper rogue, as all peot’s should be. When asked how long it took for him to write a peom, he joked, “One of these (holds up a fag) and one of these (holds up a half)”. All bravado, of course, but he had a sense of rhythm, meaning and humour sadly lacking in others when he recited.

      There’s an infamous early one of Tennyson where he sounds as if he’s caught a part of his anatomy in his flies and a lot of groovy young poets on the likes of Poetry Please (Pravdasound 4) who have a flat, declamatory style that really gets on my nads and makes me want to read a NHS pamphlet on haemorrhoids instead.

      That Graves antidote ? was a zinger and reminded me of a quotation by the remarkable Frederick Douglass, who was much too busy to get around to poetry but said something very profound which any aspiring writer should remember:

      “There is a prophet within us, forever whispering that behind the seen lies the immeasurable unseen.”

      Sorry, got to go: just seen my team lost again so I’m off to beat my head against a wooden post for a few minutes and then read a sonnet.

      Ahoo, werewolves etc.

    63. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      The doos flee in and oot
      And roond aboot
      The Edinburgh Institute.

      The coo is in the meadow,
      All forlorner.
      Standin’ there
      Wie a leg at each corner.

      As I was walkin’
      Doon the road,
      I saw a coo –
      A buhll beh goad!

      My mither’s cousin Billy,
      He went to play for Killie.
      He started playing rugger
      And they called him “Silly Billy”.

      Big, fat, muckle bridie.
      ?Sittin’ there, yi look richt tidy.?
      Bough’ oot o’ Davey Wahlusses,
      ?Fit tae be eaten beh keengs in palaces.
      ?No half sae dear as yon caviar,
      ?Eaten wie a pint, in onny bar.

      I thank yeeoo.

    64. JGedd says:


      Hahaha! Brilliant, Brian! When’s the poetry reading? From here in Pseuds’ Korner, a tip of the hat to you. Brilliant demolition. Pretentious moi? You won. Exocet! (Is that going back too far?)

      Have a good night.(Still laughing here!)

    65. Tinto Chiel says:

      If I’d known this was Pseuds’ Corner I would have worn my beret:

    66. Dorothy Devine says:

      Just thought a wee bit of my favourite most beautiful man should be allowed to combat the blondes!

    67. Dorothy Devine says:

      And I’ve probably got it wrong again!

    68. Tinto Chiel says:

      Is this what you wanted, Dorothy?

    69. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thank you Tinto Chiel!

      Wasn’t he at his very best then? A beautiful man.

      I have a wee list of beautiful men but he is the very top of that list.

      Others include Sidney Poitier and Gregory Peck – it has a deal to do with my age!

    70. Tinto Chiel says:

      Beautiful men? I couldn’t possibly comment…..

      *Gazes at mirror admiringly*

      Seriously, Elvis was definitely at his best then before his sad decline. Mrs Chiel is also an admirer of Big Sid and Yul Brynner, for some reason, although it’s obvious I’ve got the better cheekbones.

      The Laydees, eh? πŸ˜‰

    71. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ve just completed the wurky-out for the Glasgow region.


      Quick summary…
      2016 actual result in the regional vote:-
      Labour 4 MSPs
      Tories 2 MSPs
      Greens 1 MSP

      2016, if 25% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Labour – 4 (n/c)
      Greens -1 (n/c)
      Tories – 1 (-1)
      Pro-Indy – 1 (+1)
      And we’ve lost one Tory.

      2016, if 40% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Labour – 3 (-1)
      Pro-Indy – 2 (+2)
      Greens -1 (n/c)
      Tories – 1 (-1)
      And we’ve lost one Tory and 1 Labour.

    72. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      What’s the minimum transfer of votes from SNP to Pro-Indy that would have been required in Glasgow to guarantee 1 Pro-indy seat?
      Well, from my figures for 25% transfer, Pro-Indy would have to have garnered around 14% of the SNP vote (rough working) to gain 1 seat – but it would be a close-run thing.

    73. Dorothy Devine says:

      Obviously your lady wife has great taste!

    74. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dorothy: until it came to me, hee hee!

      Horrible day Where I Am so I’ll just play a part of one of the greatest fillum scores ever, imho:

      (It’s too early for the intense melancholy of the “scene d’amour” music: perhaps after my boiled egg and sodgers).

    75. Tinto Chiel says:

      For coffin-dodgers everywhere, a John Schlesinger classic from before he was famous for us to muse over:

      “Reserved for The Home Office Party” made me laugh.

      Wonder what Master Perry is doing now?

    76. JGedd says:


      Thanks for your wurky oots.

      That’s the second time I’ve had the D’Hondt system explained to me and I think it might have gone in this time. Can’t be certain though, since my memory system is like the murky depths of a vault in there and things can get mislaid or eaten by mice.

      Your info about the South of Scotland was also very helpful.

    77. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      Suggested by Juteman, I’ve done a further wurky-out for Glasgow region.

      Here’s how the regional seats were actually allocated.

      Labour, with a total of 59,151, take the first regional seat. Their regional vote then becomes 59,151 divided by 1+1 (2), giving them 29,576 (29,575.5).

      Labour, with a total of 29,576, take the second regional seat. Their regional vote then becomes 59,151 divided by 2+1 (3), giving them 19,717.

      The third regional seat goes to the Tories with their 29,533. Their regional vote then becomes 29,533 divided by 1+1 (2), giving them 14,767 (14,766.5).

      Greens, with a total of 23,398, take the fourth regional seat. Their regional vote then becomes 23,398 divided by 1+1 (2), giving them 11,699.

      Labour, with a total of 19,717, take the fifth regional seat. Their regional vote then becomes 59,151 divided by 3+1 (4), giving them 14,788 (14,787.75).

      Labour, with a total of 14,788, take the sixth regional seat. Their regional vote then becomes 59,151 divided by 4+1 (5), giving them 11,830.

      The seventh (and last) regional seat goes to theTories with their 14,767.

      A Pro-Indy party would have to have taken 14,768 votes from the SNP to have won the last regional seat, replacing the Tory. That is 13.3% of the SNP vote or 6.7% of the total regional vote.

    78. Tinto Chiel says:

      Right, since the sun is almost over the yardarm, it’s time for this:

      Those of you who can read the musical tadpoles and understand the analysis are welcome.

    79. Dan says:

      You saw sun today Tinto? I dressed the final stone for the gable repair last night but no way I was going up the scaffolding to fit it today in the pishing rain accompanied by thunder and lightning! Maybe it’ll be a job for manyana if the weather clears…


      I’ve been sharing your calcs as and where appropriate so appreciate your effort.
      Also ordered up the terminals to complete the inverter wiring to power the projector.

      So with the nights drawing in the light will soon be dark enough to venture out and do some gorilla projecting.
      So folks, it’s time to apply yourselves and think up some short snappy slogans and things you want to say that may awaken and inspire the masses.
      I’m feeling kinda whacked out both physically and mentally with work and watching events unfolding so rather struggling to come up with much positive inspiration.
      Smallaxe’s simple but effective suggestion:

      Scotland The Brave or Scotland The Slave
      Are you YES Yet?

      is a file image I’ve made already, and of course some of Colin Dunn’s work is always going to be useful.

      So come on all you lovers of fine poetry and literature, move the Furniture in your Brilliant Minds and see what you can come up with to assist.

    80. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: very nice here eventually. It’s no surprise you’re cheesed off (I was saying the same thing to another two Wingers today myself) but Smallaxe’s Maxim has never been truer.

      Haven’t heard Furniture for ages but re snappy slogans, the only mental furniture I can offer is a chanky old commode with a shoogly seat.

    81. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan.

      Have you tried out the projector for distance/size/brightness?

    82. Dorothy Devine says:

      Tinto , we are all allowed one aberration!

    83. Dan says:


      I huv indeed Brian. I was rather surprised with what it could do.
      That said, there’s not much light pollution where I stay and tested it so that could well be a limiting factor in urban street lit areas. Once the kit is proven to work a better projector could be procured if required.
      Identifying decent locations will be key where there is room to park without hassle and a decent “canvas” to aim at. Industrial estates with big blank building sides may be ideal if situated near roads and railway lines.

      Short concise bit of text in big fonts on highly contrasting background that can be quickly read as folks pass by seemed to work well.
      For optimum results I expect to need two folders of images, one folder for projecting onto light coloured walls which would have image files with a light background and dark text, and another for dark coloured walls which would have the opposite or negative images of the first folder.

      If campaigning face to face is going to frowned upon because of covid then then the projection method may come into its own.
      I can also mind back in t’day activists used to drive around in cars with someone broadcasting what they wanted to say into a PA set. Not sure why that method seems less used now but as proven by the rickshaw highlighting our Imperial Masters visiting Glasgow it certainly can be effective.

    84. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dorothy: “aberration”? My carer has called me a lot worse, although you got most of the letters right πŸ˜‰ !

      Had terrific sheet lightning Where I Am last night, which is unusual: it’s usually forked. It was so distant at first that I couldn’t hear any thunder but then we got a huge downpour.

    85. JGedd says:


      Aargh. Don’t talk of furniture it makes me wince. Moving heavy furniture caused my recent accident.

      As for Furniture of the Mind, well, inside my head is a dim and mysterious place where thing go missing and the furniture turns up in unexpected corners with bits missing. Asking for a brilliant slogan would be like asking the junk in there to reorganize itself into something sleek, functional and minimalist. No use sending my ancient retainer to go rummaging

    86. JGedd says:

      And aargh again. My laptop decided to send that last comment unfinished. Never mind, sometimes the laptop knows better than I do. No mistake is ever really unintentional as old Freud would have said.

      Enjoy the weather today everyone. We had a very nice day yesterday down here with only some thunder overnight which was like one volley of heavy ordnance in the middle of the night. There might have been lightning but the curtains were drawn. Went back to sleep. It might have been the start of the revolution for all I knew – or Faslane going up. Still couldn’t stay awake for it.

    87. Dan says:


      C’mon, you must have something, the bar is set very low as there have been no suggestions as yet.
      I’ve reached the point watching this bollox play out that I’m struggling to think of anything to project that wouldn’t read like the work of a tourettes sufferer on amphetamine…

      …Yet I’m even more knackered now than I was yesterday as barely got any sleep due to monsoon rain and the thunder a lightening through the night, with my energy levels now depleted further as just finished a shift in the melting temps up the scaffolding to finally mortar in the last stone at the top of the gable.
      All this work and I’m back to the point of actually being able to build the new fuckin chimney, which won’t even be used… πŸ™

    88. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan.

      Good to read. Those projectors were used in lecture theatres, as I told you.


      OK, I’ve now completed the hypothesis for LOTHIAN. What would have happened in 2016 if a SINGLE Pro-Indy party had stood for election in the region.


      Quick summary…
      2016 actual result in the regional vote:-
      Tories 3 MSPs
      Labour 2 MSPs
      Green 2 MSP
      Lib-Dem – 0

      2016, if 25% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Tories – 3
      Labour – 2
      Green – 1
      Pro-Indy – 1
      Lib-Dem – 0
      Lost 1 Green.

      2016, if 40% of SNP regional votes had gone to a Pro-Indy party:-
      Tories – 2
      Pro-Indy – 2
      Labour – 2
      Greens -1
      Lib-Dem – 0
      And we’ve lost 1 Tory and, probably Andy Wightman (Green).

      A Pro-Indy party would have to have taken 17,277 votes from the SNP to have won the last regional seat, replacing the Green. That is 14.57% of the SNP vote or 5.8% of the total regional vote.

    89. Tinto Chiel says:

      Something for the weekend:

      Rosamund John is a bit of a Limp Biscuit but it’s fun seeing Mason acting against his actual “Bad Girl” wife.

      The Shockingly Cynical Doctor in the closing stages is quite a stammygaster.

      Always loved the way JM delivered the line in North by Northwest, “So-o-o-o-o, Mr Kaplan…….”

      Such a distinctive, smooth-as-silk voice. Late in life, he appeared in a film of Spring and Port Wine (set in Bolton), where he was allowed to come out as a native of Huddersfield in the voice department.

    90. JGedd says:


      Your link recently to Bernard Hermann’s score for Vertigo was a reminder of what a distinguished career he had as a film composer. His music was always integral to the plot of the film as he insisted on working with the director as a collaborator. He created several memorable scores for Hitchcock films like this one.

      Just like Vertigo, the music for Taxi Driver is so much a part of the whole that it’s hard to imagine the film without that score. Those crashing, annihilating chords at the beginning – The City as monster – and that wandering lonely sax, just as doom-laden as the opening of Vertigo. Brilliant.

    91. JGedd says:

      Um, slipshod typing there. Herrmann did compose for several films of Hitchcock like Vertigo, but Taxi Driver is directed by Scorsese.

      I need to get to bed.

    92. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      Your comment about drawing the curtains and sleeping through the storm reminded me of a thought – how many French citizens/families never ever heard anything about ‘revolution’ and, even in Paris itself, just went about their daily lives completely uninterested/unaffected?

      I suppose, in theory, there could be families living all across France who still haven’t been told about it and could care less.

      Not even sure why I’m thinking about this but it’s vaguely worrying all the same.


    93. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian B, I kind of doubt that as most were quite literally starving which would have concentrated the minds and indicated those to blame for that situation.

      I see what your saying but mostly we are not starving , mostly we are relatively comfortable and that is what I think makes folk complacently ignorant.

    94. Dorothy Devine says:


    95. Tinto Chiel says:

      Morning, groovers/soffisticates.

      Yes, Hermann’s music has a lot to do in Vertigo, like in that very long sequence where Scottie follows Madeleine in his car. The music there has a queasy melancholy which is sad but unsettling at the same time.

      I keep hoping to see my uncle in some of the San Francisco street shots. He was the black sheep of the family and had a considerable lifelong interest in other men’s wives but when he also began owing rather a lot of money to some Glasgow heavies, my grandfather fired him off to California on a one way ticket, although he came back to visit a couple of times in the late 90s. I found his old American business card in my dad’s stuff and he had “Scottie” (with the inverted commas) as his middle name on it, strangely enough.

      A few months ago I came across this analysis of the scene where James Stewart’s character meets Elster for the first time:

      Get your berets and espadrilles on, film buffs.

    96. Dorothy Devine says:

      I am going to bring down the tone by inserting my effort at a poem or ‘pome’ for the Scottish press.

      I apologise to all and especially Mr William Topaz McGonagall whose efforts far surpass mine!

      There once was a great Scottish Press
      Who gave honest coverage, no less
      With journos numbering some of the best
      Sadly these days are over
      They’re no longer in clover
      To which circulation figures attest.

      They’re dying they write
      β€˜Subscribe to our shite
      To keep us afloat’
      They keep pleading
      But the public ain’t buying
      They find them real trying
      Detesting where journos are leading.

      Dishonesty ain’t selling
      We can all sniff it smelling
      And care not a whit how they cope
      Those folk who decry
      And rely on a lie
      To damage our ambition and hope.

      Are there countries with media
      So willing to feed ya
      Bad news and just how awful you are
      From drinking to drugs
      To fighting and thugs
      And the smear of a deep fried mars bar

      Now I’m Scottish and proud
      With no β€˜buts’ allowed
      And I’m sick of the drivel and spite
      It’s time to confront
      That unholy great lump
      Let them know that we are up for the fight.

      Just work at the scanning – if you can be bothered!

    97. JGedd says:

      Hi Ian

      (I reminded you of the unthinking in the population who sleep through everything? Well…. thank you.)

      Seriously, though, you have a point. As to the French Revolution, most of Paris was caught up in the turmoil of events. I don’t think it was possible to carry on everyday life, though some people must have tried.

      One of the reasons that the mob were eventually persuaded to turn on Danton, Robespierre, Desmoulins etc., was that people were tired of that very turbulence. The ghastly ‘street theatre’ of Mme Guillotine and all those chaotic trials had a runaway momentum which virtually destroyed many of the main actors – ‘the revolution eating its own children.’ In the end people wanted fed and the chaos had disrupted the food supply,

      As Kropotkin observed in his critique of the French Revolution, the revolutionaries had made the major mistake of not organizing the food supply and fair distribution as their first acts rather than become consumed by the violence of retribution and at the same time, obsessed by process which in the end had little to do with justice. (Well, they were mainly lawyers.)

      However, outside Paris, there was resistance to the revolution – partly why Paris was short of food. In the NW of France, for example, in Brittany, they were staunchly royalist throughout.

      So you are right, the revolution did not not reach everywhere. Gore Vidal made the observation regarding the American Revolution, as an example, that at the beginning of a revolution, the population could be broken down roughly into thirds – one consisting of wholly committed supporters, one largely uninterested and unengaged & one supportive entirely of the status quo. What made the difference in a successful revolution rather than a failed one was how quickly that uncommitted third could be won over.

      Embarking on violent revolution is a bad idea generally though it can be driven by desperation, as Dorothy points out. People don’t take to the streets, even simply to protest, if too many feel nervous of any change whatsoever – the hunker doon mentality.

      Anyway the revolution cannot be rehearsed and therefore it is subject to the vagaries of events. Tolstoy was very irritated by the praise heaped on Napoleon as the great military genius and having been a soldier himself, maintained that Napoleon’s victories relied very much on his soldiers and how they reacted to events on the field. His view was that once a battle started, no one could actually control the inchoate situation of a battle. (The Russian general, Kutuzov, was more to Tolstoy’s taste – a realist who was willing to yield Moscow and territory to Napoleon & employ the tactics of guerrilla warfare & ‘General Winter’ to wear down the French.)

      In short(!) violent revolutions are usually a bad idea since apart from the likely loss of life, the very lack of control can have terrible consequences for the very aims of the revolutionaries. Also out of the chaos can emerge the ‘strong leader’ who does impose control and we all know where that leads. So people’s instincts in the end are justified. Change has to be consensual and be seen by most as better than the status quo.

      Bet you wish I hadn’t wakened up now Ian.

    98. JGedd says:


      He certainly sounds like a film school graduate. Although a superb filmaker, I’m not sure that Hitchcock chose every single aspect of camera work & positioning as he suggests in that scene. He would have been happy though to go along with the retrospective reasoning here as being every bit what he intended.

      I’m not persuaded by Vertigo. In fact that’s a film which I think is carried almost entirely by Herrmann’s score. The music created an atmosphere which gave emotional depth and unfathomable mystery to what is essentially a ludicrous plot with innumerable holes. When Elster outlines his story we are asked to suspend our disbelief but it’s so transparently spurious I lost all belief not just in the story but in the character of Scottie.

      After that we are asked to believe that everything that happens has already been faultlessy plotted in exact detail by Elster & Scottie is wholly taken in by it because of this beautiful, mysterious woman. Kim Novak’s character was also wholly unconvincing – so obviously posed & mannered, staring into middle distance in what was supposed to be enigmatic & well, just so.. mysterious.

      By the time we got to this stage in the film the first time I saw it, I gave up. Later, under pressure from those who declared it a masterpiece I had another go & saw the whole thing but I was no more persuaded.

      We are asked to believe that Madeleine is so besotted by Scottie that she risks discovery & worse when he actually accidentally finds her again(!) (Huge, unconvincing plot device!) She actually passively allows herself to be remade by him as Madeleine. She has to understand the danger but goes along with it because she is so much in love. ( James Stewart? Really?)

      One of the most over-rated of Hitchcock’s films IMO, lent some psychological depth by Herrmann’s music. The music transcends the film. Maybe it was just that so many men fell in love with Kim Novak in the film that it gained such praise. She does play, after all, a character who is in every sense a malleable doll who submits to being invented & even dressed by men. The perfect male daydream.

      Scottie doesn’t even suffer from vertigo but acrophobia!

    99. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      Fascinating stuff, thanks indeed. History is not a strong point of mine, there’s just too much of it. I prefer it quiet and human-free, e.g. fossilised fish. I admire anyone who can get a grasp of it, make comparisons, see parallels, identify the same stuff being repeated etc.

      That Gore Vidal observation is new to me. If it does apply to Scottish society then it makes you wonder where the ‘largely uninterested and unengaged’ citizens are and what efforts are being made to reach them. I’m sure the SNP will make more of an effort to be seen clamouring for their attention as election time draws nearer.

    100. Tinto Chiel says:

      “In fact that’s a film which I think is carried almost entirely by Herrmann’s score.”

      Yes, the plot is complete bunkum and only a few scenes work for me. There is so much artificiality in H’s work, as here and in The Birds (another loopy story) and Marnie, and all of those lack the humour of North by Northwest, for example. Of course, some say his artificiality is the point but I’ve never been fully convinced.

      Knowing Hitchcock was a blonde-obsessed creep who destroyed Tippi Hedren’s career because she wouldn’t succumb to his attempts at sexual coercion makes you see Scottie’s obsessive control of Madeleine in a different light too, as the director’s wish-fulfilment.

      Thankfully, the film’s music makes many of its minutes worthwhile.

      @DD: on the button about our gutter press and the stenographers for the state as represented by The Herald and |The Scotsman, who used to be real newspapers. If it’s any consolation, the dead tree scrolls will be gone soon, despite their money from the BBC and “other sources” for “regional newspapers”.

      That There Ian Brotherhood’s description of our press as employers of presstitutes and churnalists sums it up, really. Oh, to be in Scandinavia, where they have some real journalists, at least as far as the surveys on The Press show.

      As far as the French Revolution is concerned, I’ll take the Ho Chi Minh defence and say it’s too soon to know its full effects πŸ™‚ .

      I mistyped late 90s for 70s as the years my uncle returned. Unfortunately for all Californians, he discovered Hector Nicol and took back several cassettes of his inimitable “adult” performances.

    101. JGedd says:


      ‘History….there’s just too much of it.’ That’s brilliant, Ian. Worthy of quoting!

      History is just the history of opinions of the past after all.

      Here are some quotations:

      ‘Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn from history.’ George Bernard Shaw.

      ‘History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.’ Napoleon Buonaparte.

      ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.’ Winston Churchill

      I find human beings unlovely but fascinating. We could say the same about your fossils. (Well, fossils are not necessarily unlovely & they are harmless.)

    102. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      I have bored Tinto with this stuff before but you, sah, are fresh meat…

      I wanted to find and study fossilised fish. That was my ‘thing’ when I was 13,14. I was really quite determined. But the Maths scuppered me. I went all-out to get the Maths O Level because I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to even try for the Higher unless I did well. And I needed that Higher to even have a chance of being admitted to study Geology at Uni. So I neglected pretty much everything else to get a good O Level and – to the great surprise of all, including meself – got an A.

      But the Higher was a bridge too far. After the prelim and Christmas break I was prevented from taking my seat in the class and told to go elsewhere. Apparently my score was one of the lowest ever seen (23%) and the teacher (a properly cool dude, his son was a friend) just couldn’t afford to have me in his class any longer. So I had to physically leave the class. The dream was dead! I was then tackled in the corridor by the Deputy Head (forget his name now) who sympathised greatly with my predicament but said I couldn’t just wander about the place so I was directed to the Art Dept and stayed there, ending up in the Glasgow School of Art with four of my pals two years later.

      That’s how my own ‘history’ changed, in the blink of an eye.

      So it goes!


    103. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: never heard that story before actually but it gives me the excuse to lower the tone immediately…..

      I stayed in a hotel room in Fife which was the scene of the famous groupies-and-chocolate-fountain incident involving these chappies.

      As Frankie Howard used to say, “You’ve got to admire their sauce.”

    104. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Haven’t heard that for ages. Good stuff.

      In the debating society at Holyrood we once had a motion: ‘Should punk rock be banned?’ It was by far the biggest-ever attendance at a debate (these were held after normal school hours) and the place was packed. The local press even covered it. I spoke against the motion but my argument was that banning it would just encourage it. One of the other speakers against was yer man Bobby Gillespie. He’d never attended a debate before and no-one knew who he was. His presence was also notable because he was wearing a white 3-piece suit. He wasn’t impressed by my speech and told me so.


    105. Tinto Chiel says:

      Ha ha! Bobby never seems backward at expressing his opinions. I think he told Bojo to go and raffle himself a few years back and he has attacked the Tories more recently about anti-trade union measures.

      I think he was extracting the urine from the likes of Mick Jagger and other limp-wristed front men in that video. He seems more of a bite-the-heads off-pigeons kinda guy normally.

      Have given myself 100 lines for spelling Frankie’s name wrongly:


      In the mid-60s I listened to his comedy programme on Sunday evening after my bath (I had one every weekend whether I needed one or not) and I would lie in the dark in the glow from the dials on my old Pye radio with stations like Hilversum and Stavanger on it. I found it most amusing at the time but it was probably utter mince.

      The radio also came in handy when I was pretending to be the radio operator in a Lancaster bomber.

      Doesn’t affect me, affect me…..

    106. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I know you’re all desperate to find out more about fossil fish but are just scared to ask.

      This is the best place in the world to find them –

    107. JGedd says:


      Your own history does illustrate what can happen in the public sphere in which an event happens which can seem like a turning point where everything changes ‘in the blink of the eye.’

      Just like the public record of events, with personal experience it’s often only in retrospect that something can be seen as life changing. So it is in the history of countries or empires. The end of the Roman Empire, for instance, was a slow crumbling over several centuries with no single event pointing to its decline whereas the Romans themselves brought the Carthaginian Empire to a definitive conclusion with the actual destruction of Carthage.

      I can empathise with you because of a single event in my own history which happened when I was twenty & caused a cascade of events thereafter from that single cause. However, it was only in retrospect that I realised how life changing the original event had been. It might be the reason why I am so keen on examining history for those moments when life-changing events occurred, even if those living through them might not understand how profound those changes would prove to be.

      It often leads to the desperate & frustrating consequence of trying to second guess the future. My past experince makes me a lot less certain than some of those on the MT who seem to pronounce with absolute conviction,

      Anyway, Ian, I hope you got back to your original ambition and got to study your fossils. You probably would learn more from your beloved fossils than my vain scrabbling through the entrails of history trying to guess the future.

      I’ll leave you boys to your reminiscences!

    108. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: you don’t have to go that far away.

      Unfortunately this area of Lanarkshire has been badly affected by fossil thieves who rip them out with no concern for the consequences.

    109. JGedd says:


      Sent my last comment before seeing your link! Thanks for that & it kind of answers my question.


      Apropos Vertigo, Radio3 played Herrmann’s Vertigo Suite this morning. Uncanny. Talk about the absence of Bax & Tippett and their music suddenly appears.

      Wonder if it would work with the djinns of the BBC archives if I mentioned gamelan music? They have a world music series but so far, no gamelan. Unless I missed it.

    110. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: re Radio 3, maybe gamelan isn’t part of their game(p)lan.

      I’ll get my coat…..

      Of course, given the Hermann, Bax and Tippett phenomenon we have noticed, maybe the security services’ full spectrum surveillance is picking up our comments on Radio 3 and kindly passing them on to the controller, so you may be in luck.

      @Ian B: bought a geological hammer recently but Smallaxe advised me it’s really just a brick hammer but they can charge more if they change its name. I used to take the odd Devil’s Toenail when I was in Skye if they had fallen out of the surrounding rock.

    111. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Yeah, Lesmahagow is great for sea scorpions (eurypterids). Found a cracker there when I was with my Dad and uncle. A nice wee slimonia acuminata, gave it to the Hunterian museum. They must’ve been quite fearsome in real life and they could grow really big but I find them beautiful.

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Found this while reading about eurypterids…

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      ‘The Iapetus Ocean disappeared by the end of the Silurian period. The great continent of Laurentia collided with another continent called Baltica. What is now England was on the northern coast of Baltica. The closure of this ocean brought England and Scotland together for the first time during Silurian times.’

    113. Tinto Chiel says:

      Eurypterids are really beautiful and it was great of you to donate to the Hunterian.

      The first time I saw a really big dragonfly with its claspers was in a wet ditch in one of the wee glens near Whiting Bay and I was mesmerised by it because it looked so prehistoric. It made quite a Norman se as it flew up and down.

      Silurian times, eh? πŸ˜‰ .

    114. Tinto Chiel says:

      That should have been noise: can’t explain that.

    115. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      ….maybe gamelan isn’t part of their game(p)lan.

      Your coat, sir?

      ‘…maybe the security services’ full spectrum surveillance is picking up our comments on Radio 3 and kindly passing them on to the controller…’

      Now that’s an intriguing idea. Perhaps there is some Deep Throat hiding within their surveillance network signalling to us secretly by these means that we are surveilled? A basis for a story maybe….No, the mention of Radio3 would kill interest stone dead. ‘It’s not cool bro’.

    116. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      I wonder if historians of the future will identify any ‘blink of an eye’ moments in the indy campaign. We’re maybe too close to it all to see them. Can’t think of any off the top of me heid. Events, aye, but actual instances where change can be nailed down to a specific moment?


    117. JGedd says:


      No,can’t see anything emerging from the fog of events yet either. Often the future is suddenly with us without our preparing, so let’s hope that either that future is not as bad as we suspect or else there is time for remedy. It’s like trying to nail proverbial raindrops right enough.

      Didn’t know that Lesmahagow was that interesting. Marginally less remote than the Burgess Shale though. Burgess Shale. Sounds like an American senator. Come to
      think of it, so does Lesmahagow.

      That lump which was to be Scotland, was it not once part of what was to be the American continent before it was washed up by what was to be England? Well, there was no one around then to imagine what the future of that collision would be.

      Have a good night everyone. (God, that reminds me of the Waltons.)

    118. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Night JGedd!!!


    119. Nana says:

      I have some very sad news today, Smallaxe passed away this morning.
      I am privilaged to have know him and he will be sorely missed.

    120. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och SHOOT!

      He was one of the ‘good guys’. Thanks for letting us know, Nana.

    121. Ruglonian says:

      Smallaxe was a gentleman.
      I am pleased to have had the opportunity to meet him.

    122. Marie Clark says:

      Aw no Nana, that is really sad news. I’m so sorry to hear that. My condolences to Mrs Smallaxe and all the family.

    123. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana –

      Thanks for letting us know.

      The man will be remembered by many for a long long time. Remarkable character.

    124. Tinto Chiel says:

      Not just one of the cleverest men I’ve ever met, but the funniest and bravest too. Proud to have known Smallaxe and his lovely family.

    125. Macart says:

      @ Nana

      So very sorry to hear this news. Deepest sympathies and condolences to Mrs Smallaxe. A true gentleman. RIP.

    126. Clapper57 says:

      So sad to hear this news about Smallaxe.

      The too few times I had the pleasure of interacting with him on Wings O/T I always found him to be such a lovely, friendly and good humoured person.

      My condolences to his family and I hope they know how special he was to many people on here as I am sure he was to all others who had the good fortune to meet him in person.

    127. JGedd says:

      I didn’t know him at all, only through the contributions he made on this site and he certainly appeared to be exactly as people here have described. Obviously he will be missed & it is a tribute to him that his humanity & good humour could be communicated to someone who had never met him.

    128. Dorothy Devine says:

      Nana, thank you for letting us all know, I shall miss his wise and gentle words.

      Heartfelt sympathy to Sybil.

    129. Liz g says:

      Thanks for letting us know Nana

      So sorry to hear of Smallax passing ..

      To a beautiful life has come a sad end
      He died as he lived
      A wonderful friend

      My condolences to Mrs Smallaxe and the family xxx

    130. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dorothy Devine –



      Soo-perb word choices, and a great combination to find in any person.


    131. ronnie anderson says:

      My 1st words to Billy when he 1st appeared at the Wings stall ( who have you come as Dapper Dan ) and a quick retort ( i always knew you were ah cheeky C ) LoL . He enjoyed being on the stall meeting Wingers face to face we have lost a good friend in Billy , my heart goes out to Sybil & Family .

      RiP Billy.

    132. William Wallace says:

      Deeply saddened to hear of Billy’s passing. He was a lovely human being and I was glad to get the opportunity to meet him and his family. I shared a few drunken lyrical battles with him on here in the wee small hours and exchanged a few emails with him about setting the world to rights on occasion.

      He humoured my more outlandish suggestions that I shared privately with him about taking direct action against those that sought to harm our country and it’s people and he always knew what to say and when to say it, to bring the best out in others.

      His message was one of love and peace, with a little bit of mischief thrown in for good measure. Humanity could do with many more like him and will be the poorer for his passing.

      I found one my old poems that I shared here when he was seriously ill and had largely stopped posting to spend what time he had left with those he loved. I thought I would share it again and say goodbye one last time.

      Ode tae Sma.

      Recently I received the saddest news
      O a man held in high esteem
      Ehm sure it’s gave wi ah the blues
      To lose the captain o this great team

      When first eh came upon aff topic
      he wiz the first tae welcome me
      the polar opposite o misanthropic
      who conversed in love and poetry

      And may I take the chance to say that
      in the short time to me was he known
      He endeared himself tae me through chat
      and the seeds of love were sown

      You could tell by the posts he made
      that a great beauty lay deep within
      Profound wisdom in the words he said
      and peace and laughter did he bring

      A selfish pert o me wants to deny it
      and insist that he comes back tae post
      but of course eh understand sma axe
      you need to be wi them that you love the most

      And thus it pain’s meh heart sae dearly
      to ken that you’ll never post again
      Let me state this most sincerely
      You’ll be missed, peace always sma axe – mah friend

      The rebel in you touched the rebel in me. Goodnight Sma. Rest in peace brother.

    133. Liz g says:

      Beautiful William xxx the Yes Movement will miss him and his wisdom dreadfully

    134. Hackalumpoff says:

      RIP Smallaxe, he was some guy, we only met in person a few times but he was just like his online persona in real life.

      There were many long phone calls between Billy and Nana over the years, (I had my suspicions about them, as did Sybil LOL). I wasn’t privy to what was being said but I could hear the laughter every time and she always came off the phone with a new yarn. Throughout his illness we never heard him complain and he always thought of others first.

      A big character with a big heart, we will miss him.

    135. Dorothy Devine says:

      Hackalumpoff, for some strange reason I have Ae Fond Kiss running through my head and not the marvellous Marley.

      Ian B, wise and gentle he was , a complete humanitarian and you are right one doesn’t meet many with such a pedigree.

    136. Tinto Chiel says:

      A wee reminder why Smallaxe made O/T such a fun place to be when he was in his pomp. This poem appeared in April 2017 after I said I was taking SWMBO for a vernal picnic outing to Loch Lubnaig and had joked it was a penance for a night of alcoholic excess on my part, following which conjugal rights had been withdrawn:

      “Our Tinto never one to slouch
      Arose afore dawn from his lonely couch
      With broken heart and throbbing head
      The head and heart that lacked a bed
      His outing from the other day
      Had annoyed Le seul Γ  qui il aimait
      But faint heart ner’ a maid had won
      So he planned a picnic in the sun
      Loch Lubnaig a stunning place
      Would put a smile a smile upon her face
      So with beret strategically on his napper
      And dressed of course impeccably dapper
      Our braveheart ventured to his garage
      To fire up his stately carriage
      A carriage cared for and ridden gently
      A most wonderous Continental Bentley
      This he filled like the horn of plenty
      All from Aldi for six pounds twenty
      And then he asked his Lady fair
      For a run in the country would You Care
      A feast for you I will prepare
      I will she said but NO romance
      This my lad is your last chance
      Our hero sadly accepted this
      Hoping at least for a small sweet kiss
      A delightful drive he gave his lass
      While glens and streams they glided past
      Up ahead there lay Ben Ledi
      And Tinto had his muse all ready
      Sweet words to whisper in her ear
      As soon as he could draw her near
      They stopped and Tinto helped his beau
      To step into this braw tableau
      A blanket he laid upon the ground
      And then he smiled and turned around
      His smile soon dropped when mouth ajar
      He saw her sit back in the car
      Like Garbo alone a movie star
      I warned you Tinto it’s your last chance
      So don’t perform your mating dance
      Get that blanket off the ground
      And get this bloody car turned round
      And Tinto finding his muse bereft
      Got back into the car and left
      Whilst driving back his muse returned
      Although his attention had been spurned
      Two lines only crept through his pain
      I swear I’ll never
      Drink again!
      !until next time?
      Some way to go yet, I fear…..”

      Peace Always
      This ditty was written by Billy the Rhymer
      Last of the Hippies 1969r
      If lost and found
      Return to me please
      If you like it
      Please take it
      And keep it
      In Peace.

    137. Cactus says:

      Fare ye well and beyond Earthman.

      I wish you could have seen and been in our Indy Scotland.

      Peace always now Smallaxe x.

    138. Marie Clark says:

      Aye Tinto oor smallaxe was quite a character. I never got to meet him in person. I had hoped too at the Dumfries march, but I just missed him at the Wings tent according to Ronnie. I had to settle for a blether wi. Ronnie and I also met BDTT and Lolysmum. Nice to put a face to the names.

      Later however, he was standing right in front of me when we were listening to Craig Murray, but I didn’t know who the dude was in the fancy blue suit, hat and crocodile shoes. It was your good self who put me right on OT, when you were having a bit of fun with him about the shoes. I had been busy looking out for you, who had announced that you would be a vision of loveliness in your aubergine outfit. I missed you as well cause you wore something else that day. Oh woe is me richt enough.

      Smallaxe was always good fun, and offered wise council at time. The place has never been the same without him. I heard this on the radio this morning and thought of him, I’ll raise a wee glass to him later.

      Smallaxe you were a one of. My thoughts are with your wife and family. RIP sir.

    139. Hackalumpoff says:

      @ Tinto, he was a great judge of character and new you so well, right down to the Bentley and Chauffer’s Kep.

      Friday nights used to be fun in here, maybe we should arrange a wee Wingers cheerio for Billy when things improve.

    140. Marie Clark says:

      It would help if I’d put the link in sigh.

    141. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Marie: great choice of music. I think it was when Billy heard you had been standing close to him but had not recognised him that he famously said, “How could she miss me? I was standing out like a pimp in a nunnery!”

      @Hacka: a good idea but God knows when we’ll be “allowed” to socialise.

    142. Hackalumpoff says:

      @ Tinto, you give up too easily have you never tried the 2 Metres of ale or 2 a fingers dram to the SNP.

    143. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Hacka: yes, if definition of two fingers dram =”fold middle two fingers under thumb and fill glass level with index finger”.

      I think this constututes what Fred used to call a Hoose Hauf.

      When I was wee, this always cheered me up, so giving it a plug tonight in hope:

    144. Hackalumpoff says:

      @Tinto it was also known as a good Christian drink in the Bohans.

      Here’s one for trolls old and new, they don’t know what they’ve missed in here.

    145. Tinto Chiel says:

      Well, it’s been troll-lite here, Hacka, mainly because traffic is usually low. Sadly, Mr White seems to have passed on.

      Tbh, it was a toss -up between Chuck Berry and this:

      Night, all.

    146. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just caught up.

      Fuckin *class*

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    147. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Here’s some rousing ‘Scottish’ music to awaken your head this Sunday morning.

    148. David says:

      RIP Smallaxe.
      Another good guy gone to the indy nation in the sky.

    149. Tinto Chiel says:

      Somethings burning and it ain’t rubber:

      Essence of The Sixties in a bottle.

    150. Tinto Chiel says:

      Apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe!

    151. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Socrates: you were indeed blessed to talk to The Great Man. I was a little too young to have seen him play myself, but the old codgers who sit around me still remember his hair-raising dribbles out of his own 18-yard box, usually against The Teds, for some reason, just to annoy them.

      Did you ever discuss his famous refusal to shake hands with opponents after games? I heard it stemmed from a time when an Aberdeen player banjoed him at the end of a match.

      PS: Don’t tell The Rev.

    152. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Tinto Chiel

      I have unfortunately lost my copy of my interview with Andy; and, the old memory is letting me down.

      He spent his final years in Fife and enjoyed telling the locals how superior Ayrshire was. He certainly enjoyed playing against the Old Firm and had fond memories of playing with Willie Kilmarnock, an Irvine man of course, and “Baldie” Shaw.

      On a tangent, a sub-editor with whom I worked was a Motherwell boy and a staunch fan. He told me, when he was at Dalziel High School, “Baldie” Shaw was a big hero, because he apparently got two Central SMT conductresses pregnant in the same month.

    153. Song42 says:

      Dearest Smallaxe.
      A visionary at heart, a man of deeper words.
      A true Scot in his heart-land, having kindness for all…a snappy dresser.
      Deep respect for you brother, your life and your words.

      Let your spirit fly high for the beauty that you were.

      Deepest condolences to your family…
      Rest in…Peace Always…dear Smallaxe.

    154. Clapper57 says:

      @ Song42 @ 10.28pm

      Lovely tribute….he was indeed a kind man and a man with a good sense of humour.

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Hi Tinto…well my break from WOS lasted all of ….two weeks…oh my God how quick do I recharge my batteries…super bl**dy sonic….with a slight delay…courtesy of the human part….namely….ME…

      Hope you and yours are well …..have you ever read the book ‘The House with the Green Shutters’ by George Douglas is one of my favourite books….I believe there was a TV adaption but I never saw it… fact I may just start reading it again….currently I am reading a book written by Ambrose Parry ( a pseudonym for a collaboration between Chris Brookmyre and Marissa Haetzman) called ‘The Way of the Flesh’ which is set in Edinburgh in 1847…just started it…it is a murder story where prostitutes are being murdered….and a medical student and a housemaid collaborate to investigate murders….a bit of light reading……me brain needs a break….

      So sad about Smallaxe he was a sweetie…I wish I had spoken to him at the Wings stall the day that I saw him…I did not know it was him at the time until later on when I was on O/T on Wings and I had a wee chat with him and established it was indeed he who was dressed in a very dapper fashion….if I had not been so shy I would have spoken to him and others on that day….big regret.

      Anyway have a nice day tomorrow….

    155. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Socrates: thank your those gems. Amazed to hear of Baldy Shaw’s altruistic attempts to repopulate Scotland after the war. He wasn’t exactly a looker or even “ruggedly handsome” so perhaps he had some good chat-up lines. I think his style (footballing, that is) could be euphemistically termed “uncompromising”.

      @Song42: you caught Billy perfectly there.

      @Clapper57: good to see you back. We could do with some of your NRG (geddit?).

      Yes, I read THWTGS many years ago and really enjoyed it. It is set in Ochiltree, Ayrshire, although Brown changed the name of the village in the book to avoid “complications” i.e. a lynch mob. You may also like “Gillespie” by J. MacDougall Hay, another small-town book with almost cosmic element: quite a shocker too in places.

      I saw that Brookmyre collaboration book advertised somewhere. Marissa is is wife, I believe. I was discussing him with another Winger recently and told him I had attended a talk by CB on his work four years ago (followed up by a Q&A session) and never heard a single mention of independence from him, which I thought very strange considering most writers in Scotland are “out”. Maybe he thinks it might affect his sales if he declared himself a vile sep or maybe I’ve just missed one of his public utterances on the topic.

      One thing’s for sure, Clapper, if you had met Smallaxe you would have gone away feeling better about things having met him: he was that kind of guy.

    156. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 9.17am

      Hi Tinto….NRG ?…..not sure… far only got Nutcase Rants Garbage….Lol…. πŸ™‚

      Re THWTGS I did not know name of village changed…interesting.

      As to Chris Brookmyre not sure of his politics…not checked his Twitter account…though he may be one of the few who desists from commentating about politics…..unlike certain other writers and pseudo Historians….Oh and comedians ( term used loosely) like Al Murray & Matt Forde…New Labour kind of ‘alternative’ comedians….in as much as I prefer any alternative to those two where humour (or lack of) is concerned Lol…..

      Then we have the rantings of Frances Barber….Gin is a sin you know it destroys your mind and looks….mind you some actresses when they age find it very difficult and I suspect in her case she projects her anger , at losing her looks, onto others…like say projecting her inner wrath upon Indy supporters who frankly care not a flying you know what in respect to her opinion on Indy ….as we know only too well it comes from a dark and deranged place…and a bottle…Lol

      Yes I do regret not speaking to Smallaxe on that day….and I am sure I would have, had I done so, been all the better for it….as when you meet good people it restores your faith in mankind…..

      Have a nice evening lovely man….here in Edinburgh it is raining Cats and Dogs….though tis pedigree ones in Morningside…Lol

    157. Tinto Chiel says:

      Please keep ranting, I’m sure it cheers many folk up in these dark times, including me. You still have plenty of air in your souffle whereas at the moment my inner tube (no jokes, please) is quite flat.

      I agree Frances is a bad advert for the effects of Mother’s Ruin like wot you done say or could even call her a sad, gin-sodden old fruit-loop tottering on the edge of madness but that would be very ungentlemanly of me and I hope never to stoop so low.

      Ahoo, werewolves of London und so weiter……. πŸ™‚

    158. Song42 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 9.17am
      @Song42: you caught Billy perfectly there.

      Hi Tino – Just came back in to say.

      I wouldn’t want for anyone to assume i knew or had met Smallaxe. I never met Billy personally at the rally.
      I can see that what i have written some maybe assume that i did.

      I had a good few conversations with him here on wings. I watched his post closely (as i did with some others)
      I was aware of his predicament.

      No matter the subject, discussion or arguments folks were having, he continued to be a respectful (fun) gentleman to everyone.
      It’s very easy to see, hear and know he was a very humane, decent and wise human being with a very good mind…and spoke to everyone like you were in his community which is why i called him brother.

      There in itself is your visionary, wise-man.

      Something many on wings could maybe learn from.

    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Typing of werewolves – BTW: are there no arewolves? Or willbewolves?

      Thought this was well put together when I first heard it, on Radio 2 I believe.

    160. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 6.12pm

      NRG…Energy… it ?

      Yes me souffle is still risen and yet to fall flat…..I also have an inner Tube…sometimes I present it when I rant on MT..Lol….but usually succeed in suppressing it and pretend it does not exist….Lol

      There is an inner Tube in all of us….and when you check twitter out you can see many people have indeed released their inner Tubes via their tweets…..thus they are filed under TUBE.

      Und so weiter …indeed


    161. Tinto Chiel says:

      @song42: as you say, Smallaxe reached so many with his words on here. You didn’t need to have met him to know how wise and experienced he was in the issues we in the movement hold so dear. His wit and spirit shone through in his contributions.

      @Clapper: yes, energy, in which I am deficient at the mo. Think “Gillespie” would boil your pasta. I’m off to make my kale and potato soup.

      @ BDTT: hope you are well. It’s strange that Celtic societies don’t seem to have much mention of werewolves but there are kelpies Γ  gogo. I will meditate on this while removing the hard rib from my kale leaves.

    162. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Onyybuddy spent any time on Freeview Channel 8 – That’s TV Scotland?

      While channel surfing tonight, I stopped there for aural wallpaper, as they were playing 70s music. After I’d finished my two games of Mr Do!, I googled.

      This makes interesting reading and explains where the STV2 stations went.

    163. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      More info on That’s TV Scotland, from The Herald.

    164. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Here’s a reggae classic with thoughtful lyrics, from 1977, that you never hear on the radio.

    165. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hypothesis for West Scotland. What would have happened in 2016 if a SINGLE Pro-Indy party had stood for election in the region? See the numbers here:-

    166. William Wallace says:

      Tinto making a point of addressing everyone in the thread bar me πŸ™‚ It’s alright, I get the picture Tinto and crew. I don’t want to be a part of your exclusive wee club anyway and I know when I am not welcome.

      Smallaxe was the glue that held this place together and now that he is gone and most of the people I enjoyed interacting with have left the building, there is little point in me sticking around either. I’ll leave the wee cosy club in peace and won’t bother posting any more.

      Thanks to those that were nice and welcoming to me over the last couple of years even though I could be a bit loud and obnoxious at times (IanB, LizG, Sma, The desert plant and Hacka etc). It was great to meet some of you at the rallies. I hope to see you again when they recommence after this Covid nonsense is over and done with.

      It’s been a good laugh (most of the time anyway) and I learned a bit from my time on off-topic. I’ve enjoyed the links that have been shared to some excellent tunes that I might never have heard otherwise and I wish you all (even the cliquey crew) the very best of health and good fortune. In the words of the man himself.

      Peace always.

    167. Dorothy Devine says:

      William Wallace, love your tribute to Smallaxe but can’t understand the slightly huffy vanishing – I don’t expect responses from anyone unless I ask a question.

      I am rarely here to comment , I come to escape the main thread sometimes as I get a tad fed up with repetitive trolling that goes on not to mention the constant name calling. Have fallen out of love with the comment section and I used to enjoy being informed and educated by those who knew much more than me.

    168. Tinto Chiel says:

      @William Wallace: you may not remember but we’ve actually met face to face. We had a nice chat near the Wings stall at the Dumfries march so I’m afraid you’re barking up the wrong tree with your clique theory.

      You had a right go at BDTT a while ago because of another perceived slight. On a forum like this you simply can’t respond to everyone who doesn’t address you personally.

    169. William Wallace says:

      @ Dorothy.

      It’s not a “huffy vanishing”. It’s an acceptance that my contributions here are not really acknowledged or particularly welcomed by select individuals.

      I’m a big boy, I can deal with that. I’d prefer it if those folk were more direct about it though. The undertones are subtle but, I’m aware of how they have acted toward others they are not particularly fond of and I have seen a similar pattern employed with regard to myself. Hint well and truly taken in that respect.

      @ TC

      I had forgotten about meeting you tbh but, yes you are right, we did meet and you came across as a really nice person. Perhaps I am just not cut out to be part of the “sophisticates” crew. Cut from the wrong cloth perhaps. I’ve seen cliquey behaviour before in many activist groups I have been involved with over the years so I am not oblivious to it’s subtleties.

      With regard to “having a go” at BDTT I had actually responded to him personally and he simply ignored my contribution. I’d already noticed a similar pattern beforehand with some of you and I did make a heartfelt apology to BDTT subsequently for the “away and fuck yourself” comment. I accept that it was unwarranted.

      I understand that my previous drunken shenanigans have not exactly come across well and I accept that. It’s not the whole measure of the man though but, I suppose I can’t change the impressions that have been formed by others as a result of my own behaviour on here. I hold my hands up to that and accept full responsibility for it.

      As I said I am aware of the subtle nature of formed cliques and have witnessed it often enough (not necessarily directed at me) to recognise when it is happening and who is part of the “in crowd” and who is not. I’m not one to sit back and say nothing but, perhaps that would have been the more graceful and diplomatic way to leave.

      That said, I prefer to deal with things out in the open and challenge them in an overt manner rather than leaving them to fester and cause resentment or ill feeling by not speaking out. I can only say what I feel to be true. Clearly, you think that I am wrong about that and I accept that and also respect your opinion. I’m just relaying how I personally feel about it and those feelings are based on observations made over a fairly lengthy period.

      Am I being oversensitive? Perhaps. Am I reading too much into things? Possibly. I can only go with my gut feeling about things though and that’s why I made my previous post. I might play the fool from time to time but, that does not mean I am blind to the subtle nature of the behaviour of others. Obviously, it can be easy to misread things on a medium such as this as it’s devoid of the nuances that are evident in any real world interactions but, I am only saying it as I see it.

      If I am wrong about that then I apologise for that but, that’s how I feel reading between the lines and have done for quite some time.

      Anyway, I’ve waffled enough and got that off my chest. As I said, I prefer to call it out into the open for what I believe it be rather than leaving it to fester. I’ve done that and will say no more about it.

      I wish all of you all the best for the future and if I see you out and about at indy events, please feel free to come and say hello. I’m not all that bad in reality despite how I might have come across on here in my wilder moments. Take care all.

    170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi William Wallace.

      My comment from 5 March, 2020 at 2:55 pm

      Hi William Wallace.

      Apology accepted.

      I think I did address the compression thingy…

      β€œAs I mentioned, I was told about the 70%/100% during my training. You’ve mentioned compression and the authors at the link have mentioned it. Obviously, there’s more to it than the 70%/100% simplification. Maybe that was the final effect of compression, described by my instructor in a more easily understood format.”

      You never got back to me on that. Did I take the huff with your ignoring my observation?

      No. I just got on with life and assumed you were spending your time productively elsewhere.

    171. Tinto Chiel says:

      @William Wallace: I think BDTT and I must vie for the crown for the most “unacknowledged” posts on here in recent years, not that we expect any replies for our “contributions”. As Dorothy D said, we only vent on here to get away from the loonier stuff on the main thread.

      You have to understand this really is the internet’s compost corner and no-one should be surprised if their comments are ignored. Most folk, as on the M/T, read but don’t respond to btl replies but the footfall here will be correspondingly tiny.

      My wife would certainly be surprised that I am a “sophisticate” but I’ll pass on your remark tomorrow: that will give her a laugh at breakfast.

    172. Cactus says:

      Stick around William Wallace… the best has yet to come dude.

      A good nod to ye fine Wingers, one and all.

      Be well.

    173. Tinto Chiel says:

      Exclusive footage of me in my new brown suit dancing with Ma Burd. Note the two-tones:

    174. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @WW –

      FWIW, I wouldn’t even bother reading here never mind commenting if I thought it was a clique.

      Hope you’ll reconsider.


    175. Tinto Chiel says:

      Something for the weekend insomniacs:

      Grace Kelly does her usual Walking Iceberg/Chaste-Kissing act and I wish I were Ray Milland, frankly. Robert Cummings is a big woose imho.

      Meanwhile, CI Hubbard wears a rare Lord’s hat (hybrid fedora/rolled brim homburg).

      NB: I am not George Galloway…..

    176. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Last night, watched ‘The Tingler’. Had vague childhood memories of it but didn’t realise Vincent Price was the lead.

      Something very unusual about it. Can anyone remember, without checking? (Clue: it’s a 1959 b&w film)

      Also finished watching ‘Rollerball’ with James Caan. Really interesting stuff.

    177. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: remember Caan in what I think was a sci-fi dystopian fillum but the only Price movie I remember well is Laura, with the beautifully crystalline Gene Tierney.

      Do you ever sport a hat πŸ˜‰ ?

    178. Lizg says:

      Hope you’ll reconsider William I’d miss your contributions, and we’ve all had drunken ramblings on here … ( which reminds me HI Cactus πŸ™‚ where ye been hiding ) … and the main thread too!
      Either way don’t stray too far even if it’s just to let us know how your keeping, and stay well my friend xxx

    179. Dorothy Devine says:

      A wave to my prickly friend! How’s the boat???

    180. JGedd says:


      I have a vague childhood memory of that film too. Is ‘The Tingler’ a sort of jumping spine? Poor old Vincent Price, a witty man who had no pretensions about the way his career had turned out as the king of low budget features.

      I think these films were what used to be called a second feature or a B film meaning they would be shown before ‘the big film’. Another one I vaguely remember – and wish I didn’t – was ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’. As usual I think some kind of radiation accident was involved. The plots of these things were as crazy as you might imagine.

    181. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      RE: B films.

      Around 1968, I saw a B pic called “Targets”. I can’t even remember what the “big picture” was. Targets stuck in my brain. It was Peter Bogdanovich’s directorial debut. It also featured Boris Karloff. I don’t believe I have seen it on TV since I saw it ‘at the pictures’.

      Targets is a 1968 American crime thriller film directed, co-written and co-produced by Peter Bogdanovich, with cinematography by LΓ‘szlΓ³ KovΓ‘cs.[2]

      In one of two parallel story lines that eventually converge during the film’s climax, a seemingly wholesome and normal young man played by Tim O’Kelly suddenly goes on a killing spree. In the other, Boris Karloff, in his last straight dramatic role, plays a semi-autobiographical character. The film also features the first film appearance of producer Frank Marshall, who played as a ticket boy.

      Targets received generally positive reviews. It was included in the 2003 book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

      If you must, you can download it here:-

    182. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      The quote was from Wikipedia. Forgot the link…

    183. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      You can watch the trailer here:-

    184. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      I remember ‘Targets’ well, really enjoyed it. Didn’t realise Bogdanovitch was involved.

      @JGedd –

      Yeah, The Tingler was about the scientist trying to capture the creature that appears on our spine when we’re terrified. A good scream makes it disappear. So the script exploited that fully, had a ‘tingler’ on the loose in a cinema at the end, abody panicking and screaming to make it go away. But the really unusual part was when one of the main characters (a deaf mute woman) sees the water filling her bath is blood red. This is in a black and white film. Must’ve been quite shocking for the audience.

    185. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Hi Ian, I know you are on Twitter …..Wordamentalist Twitter has retweeted a video of a new Twitter account called The Scottish Pinup who is dressed up as Freddy Mercury….you may have already seen it….it’s hilarious…I could not stop watching it…it’s quite short but so so funny…..

    186. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ian.

      I’ve found another, better, link to watch or download “Targets”.
      The original one I gave above (rarelust) had its (free) download speed strangled so that download would take 25 hours and there was a two hour wait before download commenced.

    187. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ian.

      I’ve found another, better, link to watch or download “Targets”.
      The original one I gave above had its (free) download speed strangled so that download would take 25 hours and there was a two hour wait before download commenced.

      (Did I submit this comment?)

    188. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Apologies for doubling up. Comment hadn’t appeared.

    189. Cactus says:

      Hey Liz, I’m excellent thanks, just been movin’ an groovin’ around in the shadows (like Abe the Mudokon) quietly contemplating the calm before the imminent political storm, taking stock and making soup.

      Hey Dorothy, aye aye we’re still lochworthy, took on some water ingress during the heavy weather but all sorted, been in dry dock due to the beastie, next season calling.

      Hope ye’s are all keeping yer spirits up, yersel busy and getting up to plenty of mischief and shenanigans, as the endgame approaches.

      Also been thinking about what costumes people will be wearing for Halloween this year… imagine many of the dedicated followers will be going out fashioning a mask of some description, how hip and trendy.

      Heading out on a walkabout to catch and capture some of Glasgow’s afternoon shine, have an awesome Scottish Saturday y’all.

    190. Jill Sharpe says:

      I’ve just been watching the documentary about Bob Marley and thought yes there is something you need to know.
      I spent an incredible evening with Billy (Smallaxe) his wife, Arbroath 1320 and her partner, Cactus and cearc.
      Billy was the manager of the Coleherne in West London – it is known as the home of leather queens – Freddie Mercury was a regular – on Sundays it was a family pub for the West Indian community.
      Billy was instrumental in getting disparate communities together – the Rasta world honours him we all should.

    191. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper 57 –

      Thanks, will check that out.

      @BDTT –

      Surprised it’s hard to get. I’ll check my ‘stick’ later to see if it’s got it.

      Have found loads of old films lately. ‘Blow-up’? Often seen it cited as an important film and thought I’d seen it but turns out I hadn’t. (Which leaves me wondering what film I was remembering to begin with!)

      (WW, if you’e reading this, please pop in and say hiya, eh? Please? If you would do it at an actual gathering, why not do it here? Ask yersel this man – what would Smallaxe want you to do?)

    192. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian B @ 11.23pm

      Ian it’s the one where she has had a package delivered and she is dressed a Freddy Mercury….she is pro Indy apparently and it’s a new account so obvs needs new followers…she just joined Twitter this month

      Have a good day tomorrow

    193. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper 57 –


      I saw it! Very good. Sent the link to my boy’s GF, who is a make-up artist, she’ll enjoy that. And the number of views?! Remarkable.

    194. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian B

      Yeh I noticed you had retweeted it on your Twitter account…good man….your Twitter is one of Indy Twitter accounts I check every day…also check FOW Twitter….

      Yes a good number of views she got…and well deserved….it’s one of those ones you have to watch a few times as so enjoyable.

      Take care

    195. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper57 –

      Forgive me if I should know this already, but who are you on The Twitter?

    196. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      I am not on Twitter…hence I can venture onto any Twitter account as no one can block me…..if I do decide to eventually go on Twitter then I will be the ‘New Kid on the Block”…not meaning that will be what my Twitter account will be called…obvs …Lol

    197. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper57 –


      Say no more!


    198. William Wallace says:

      @IanB. I am still reading and I suppose Sma would want me to be at peace with folk here and not be getting myself upset about these things. Anyway, hello πŸ™‚

      Thank you also for the kind words folks. Maybe it’s just me being over sensitive I don’t know. My health has been a bit messed up of late and I suppose that might be making me more emotionally sensitive than I would be otherwise.

      What with everything else going on in the world too, maybe my mental health has taken a bit more of a hit than I have realised too. Normally, things like this wouldn’t affect me at all. I seem to have so much anxieties and worries these days. Maybe drinking was more of a mask than I realised at the time.

      Sorry about bringing negativity to off-topic. I know it’s a bit of a sanctuary for you all.

      Peace folks.

    199. Lizg says:

      Hey William πŸ™‚
      So glad to hear from you xxx
      Bring yer troubles here any time ye like my friend and don’t ever feel ye have to leave.
      Smallaxe knew what he was saying when he advocated for “peace always ” he meant peace of mind too.
      I’m sorry to have to inform ye…. yer a Winger and ye are no permitted tae ever really leave us πŸ™‚
      Ye can go dark if ye need to … of course ye can ( although N****s night vision goggles will hunt ye down anyway ) but there’s always going to be a part of ye that belongs here xxx
      Stay well William and give my best to Mrs Wallace πŸ™‚

    200. JGedd says:

      @William Wallace

      Only just caought up on the post you made the other day.

      Commiserations on your health problems & understand your own analysis about how illness can give you tunnel vision. I’m a bit like that myself, stuck at home while recuperating, but recovery is progressing and I can now walk (not very well) without crutches. Go me.

      Commenting on forums is difficult, since you are without the usual cues you get in face to face conversations. Body language, facial expression, even vocal cues are all absent so written comments might convey a different meaning from what is intended. It’s possible to feel you are being left out of a conversation when all that’s happened is people have been missing from the site for a time & just catch up with the latest comments.

      I’m very aware that I am not part of the zeitgeist & never have been. The trick is not to care. I am not knowledgeable about rock music for instance & I know perfectly well that my links to classical music are not – how can I put it? – universally very popular. It’s all about personal taste. In that case the polite thing to do is to politely ignore it as most do. (To be honest, I mostly do the same with links to rock & pop music.)

      People on this site are very relaxed and tolerant and none more so than Tinto so no one would want you to feel ignored. Keep tuned in William.

    201. JGedd says:


      Obviously didn’t remember ‘The Tingler’ very well. All I remember is the image of a brain with attached spinal column leaping on people? Would that be the creature? Either I baled on it early on or banished it from memory. What a crazy plot.

      Re ‘Blow Up’, have you ever seen ‘The Conversation’. It’s a mystery thriller from the 70s with Gene Hackman as a freelance surveillance expert. The writer and director was Francis Ford Copolla.

      There’s more depth to it than a mere thriller & some of the issues are relevant today. Hackman, as usual, is excellent as the detached loner who is undone by his reliance on his obsessive tech wizardy which causes him to fatally misread a situation leading to his complete paranoid disintegration…Well, enough of that. Like ‘Blow Up’, a film largely forgotten nowadays but deserves to be watched. It’s got a good score as well.

    202. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @WW –


      Good to have ye back mister.

      Talk about anything you like, anytime. That’s what this place is for.


    203. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      I do know that one with Hackman, have seen it a couple of times, and I do believe I know where the listening device was hidden!

      ‘Blow Up’ was really interesting. I know a lot of folk dismissed it as pretentious rubbish but I really liked it. The allusions to the JFK assassination were pretty obvious but not overwrought – given the time it takes to produce and release a film I suppose it must’ve been written soon after the event. I thought I had seen it before but the actor I had in mind was Hywel Bennett (just checked on IMDb there and it looks like the film I was thinking of was probably ‘Endless Night’, with Bennett and Hayley Mills)

      The Tingler is worth a watch, but I suppose Vincent Price isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Tingler itself didn’t have a brain it just looked like a very big earwig and Price did a good job of making it appear to be alive by some good old fashioned acting i.e. making it wobble a wee bit while he grimaced and sweated.

      There’s just too much good stuff out there!


    204. Dan says:

      It’s been a busy week so not caught up with OT for a while.
      Sad to hear of Smallaxe’s passing. He was obviously a well liked and respected individual among many of the Wingers.
      As a long time lurker and relatively new poster on here I was aware he had been ill for a while.
      I don’t think I ever knowingly met him in person at the Wings stall as I was always busy and rushing on the AUOB march days with bus marshaling duties, but I did have a couple of interactions on here.
      His “Scotland the Brave or Scotland the Slave” term has been made into an image file to be projected so that will be seen by many folk at some point in the future.
      On that score, I made up cables to supply the power inverter from my car, but the projector doesn’t seem to like the 240 AC modified sine wave form output so need to try running it on a full sine wave inverter next…

      Film wise I watched Good Night, and Good Luck last week which was pretty good.

    205. Tinto Chiel says:

      @IB and JG: I was too young to understand “Blow Up” when I saw it. All I remember is David Hemmings and scantily-clad girls romping about, which is fair enough as far as it goes.

      The Conversation was far ahead of its time, like Five Days of The Condor, and was a forerunner of the likes of Enemy of The State.

      Who among us ever thought we would be designated as such just for wanting some democracy?

      *Bites carpet*

      P.S. Warren Commission scoffers, like any sentient being, would really enjoy Executive Action, with Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan, though you’ll find it expensive to get a copy.

      “How, so, Niles?” I hear you ask.

      Sayin’ nuffin.

    206. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dan –

      You’ll have caught up with some of the excellent tributes to Smallaxe. I’m sure any of us would be as proud as punch to know we were held in anywhere near as high regard by so many.

      I only met the man a couple of times but one was a truly memorable visit to his home. What a host and hostess. Soo-perb hospitality, dinner, proper quality ciders (I only ever buy cheaper stuff) and a beautiful fried breakfast (with venison sausages FFS, only time I’ve ever had dem fellas!) as well. We stayed up until about four, maybe five in the morning, blethering about all sorts and he showed me his scars from various encounters with agents of the British state. A precious night I’ll never forget, and to top it all off, before we left for the train station the next day he gave me one of his jackets. His illness had diminished him physically and it no longer fitted him. I’ve never worn it anywhere and am keeping it for a very special occasion – no prizes for guessing what day that will be!

      (PS WW, if you see this, Smallaxe showed me the two bottles you’d sent him – he was astonished and very flattered given that you’d never even met at that point!)

      Hoots mon, and hope you’ll comment more often.


    207. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Tried to get Executive Action on the magic stick. No joy. There was a YT copy of the trailer and that looked really interesting. What a great cast! But no streams of the film itself. Did manage to get Three Days of The Condor though, watched the first hour before crashing last night. Great stuff, don’t remember ever seeing it before. (What an opening!)


    208. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –


      Well done that man. Cheers aplenty, will check it out later. Friend in Japan just watched it, loved it. He’s a bit of a conspiracy buff and couldn’t believe he’d never even heard of it.


    209. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: yes, I eventually had to get an (expensive) DVD of Executive Action because I found it hard to find elsewhere a few years ago. I think its content is the main reason πŸ˜‰ .

      Condor was quite an eye-opener when I watched it with my dear old dad on TV many moons ago. It was quite far-seeing, envisaging a fight for resources like food and water and of course it prepared us for the ruthless surveillance society we’re experiencing just now.

      As you say, what a shocking start……

    210. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sorry I got my numbers wrong: I keep calling Seven Days in May Five Days in May too.

      SDiM is another cracker and worryingly reminiscent of something………..

    211. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      Sorry, but the link you gave me just went straight to a page with a very long list of banned sites (UK). A lot of them look like they’re probably live-sports stuff but films are in there too.



    212. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ian.

      I was able to download and save using Firefox, with the ‘Video DownloadHelper’ add-on.

    213. JGedd says:


      Sent a thank you comment to you on MT but unfortunately the thread had moved on to a new article by the Rev. I’m always too late to the feast!

      Anyway, it has re-ignited my interest in Orwell. Lost my copy of the Crick biography but heard that there might be an updated version? If so I’ll try to acquire that. It appears that there is a willingness – more than 70 years after his death – to open up the case again.

      When I was at school, the attitude to Orwell was very reverential but when it came to my own reading, I kept coming across details – like his involvement with BBC propaganda unit during the war & that list – which were revealing of a more complicated picture. Doesn’t detract from his reputation as a writer.

      Anyway, I’m more interested in discussing & reading about Orwell just now than what’s going on with the independence movement. We seem to be going round in ever more acrimonious circles at the moment.

      @IB & BDDT

      I tried that link to EA with the same result. Firefox wouldn’t let me through so I might try Brian’s solution later.

    214. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: sorry, am only just catching up ‘cos it’s one of our days for our granchild.

      Crick brought out a revised version of his biography in 2018 I think and the paperback is about Β£11.50. I haven’t read it myself but you may want to reinvest in a copy. Given the lack of any progress on Indy it may be a good idea to just focus on a good book.

      During house arrest I did quite a lot of reading on the SCW and the information I referred to re POUM was in Paul Preston’s The Spanish Holocaust, a brilliant but harrowing account. I could certainly recommend that although it is not a general history of the conflict, it mainly concentrates on the atrocities and the qualitative and quantitative difference between the two sides’ behaviour. One for the winter nights, perhaps.

    215. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ian and JGedd.

      Just checked. I’m still able to get to the page ok with Firefox. No list of banned sites.


      Here’s some Schumann for the sophistocats.

    216. CameronB Brodie says:

      If only Scotland’s constitutional future wasn’t being determined by right-wing and populist English nationalism. And those who would help men to colonise the legal realm of womanhood, of course.

      Dead Kennedys -“Soup is Good Food”

    217. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: I’m both impressed and delighted that you are such a fan of Schumann’s piano music, you big aficionado πŸ˜‰ .

      @JGedd: meant to say that when Orwell was in Hairmyres hospital, EK, the regime included patients being rolled out onto glass-covered verandahs in winter and exposed to the snowy climate of that notoriously exposed spot. It was essentially a cut-price Davos with a full-on black pudding option.

      I pure ken, being brunged up there πŸ™‚ .

    218. JGedd says:


      Your time was better spent with the grandwean. Hope you had a great time. Haven’t seen mine since the lockdown.

      Thanks for the info. Those books should keep me going for the duration of the current blog wars. Or not.

    219. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: amen to all that.

      Am I the only one a little worried by BDTT’s Schumann obsession? Are his enthusiasms of the purest motives?

      Hope you meet the grandwean soon. In a week mine has graduated from Gamps to Gramps. They grow up so quickly these days……..

    220. JGedd says:


      Only one of the great piano concertos but you knew that didn’t you? Didn’t know it was going to be a breastfest. Fell for that one. Very..amusing. Do boys ever grow up?


      I knew Hairmyres quite well. I visited there during my father’s last illness. I remember that wintry fastness with its snell winds. Always seemed colder than down in the valley of the Clyde.

      I remembered something about Orwell when he was a patient there & shows the difference in an English mindset & acute sense of class. Despite himself, Orwell couldn’t escape his upbringing in the English establishment, while not quite of it.

      He had remarked to a friend that he was quite surprised to find that even the doctors, being educated, spoke with a Scottish accent. That remark was so revealing I thought.

      Yet I also remember the episode from The Road to Wigan Pier when he describes looking out of the window of his stopped train into a slum backyard in the pouring rain. He saw a young woman, soaked to the skin, down on her knees in the dirty, broken flags, trying to clear a drain. She looked up through the rain at the train and he saw in her face misery and defeat.

      He described the scene with great compassion and anger and stated that no smug member of the upper classes could pretend that the lower classes were inured to their impoverished living conditions, as he said that when he looked into that young woman’s ravished face, he knew that she understood only too well how wretched it was to be condemned to kneel in a dirty, wet yard in the rain, trying in vain to clean filth from a choked drain.

      I can’t read that passage of his without tears & find that together with his clear-sighted ‘1984’, I can forgive his blindspots for his genuine pity for the poor and forgotten.. Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that he might have become a cold warrior of the 50s. Perhaps.

      ( Sorry, I never mean to write long posts.)

    221. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I don’t doubt he felt genuine compassion but I noticed: “He had remarked to a friend that he was quite surprised to find that even the doctors, being educated, spoke with a Scottish accent. That remark was so revealing I thought.”

      Too true, Blue. I had a friend who achieved quite a high rank in the armed forces. Obviously I have changed the details to protect the innocent πŸ™‚ but he was a Lanarkshire boy who made his way up on merit. Anyway, his school record showed he attended (let us say) Govan Public School (Board) (you often see the last three words on school buildings in the Glasgow area).

      Consequently, the English army officers couldn’t really “place” him by accent and he seemed to have attended some kind of public school, so what the hell? He made progress up the ranks and served in the Balkans. There he encountered a famous English cavalry regiment (NNNPD) whose officers received hampers from home and had Brideshead-style teddies at bedtime.

      As you might expect, he could only shake his head ruefully and wonder how the British Empire had been so successful. I resisted the temptation to say it was probably accomplished by people like him.

      *Chews carpet bitterly*

    222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      My tastes are catholic, I like this disconcerto.

    223. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In the same vein, I also forked out for this…

    224. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Last one in this wee sequence.

      I first heard this on a visit to Kaleidoscope Disco in Dunfermline in 1976, through a pair of Electrovoice Eliminators.
      The shop used it to demonstrate the bass-handling capabilities of the speakers. The sound was tremendous. Couldn’t afford them though. They were either Β£750 for one or a pair – can’t remember which.

    225. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och, this turned up as “next video” whilst I was typing the last comment.
      One of my favourite brunettes.

    226. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      Thanks for the heads-up about that Firefox thingummy. I will have one of my staff look into it presently.

      @JGedd/TC –

      I remember some Orwell buff attesting that the ‘woman trying to clear blocked drain’ vignette was not witnessed from a passing train but that TRT Wigan Pier gave him the perfect opportunity to use it. Remember the scene in ‘1984’ where Winston helps a female neighbour unblock a sink? Well, wherever he first saw it, it clearly left a deep impression on him.

    227. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Typing of the Seekers…

      Came across this last year. It’s quite emotional. Kinda sums up the pride in an independent country.

    228. JGedd says:


      I know what you mean. I had a comment which has drifted into limbo, the graveyard of unread posts at the end of a thread. Obviously unnoticed by the other commenters who are so fixated on the endless carousel of repetitive argument. (Not part of the zeitgeist again, me.)

      Anyway the gist of it was about relatives of mine that I never actually met, who became part of the British Empire’s ‘willing hands’. Earned them a better lifestyle with servants and social status that they could not have achieved at home.

      In this way, the Empire co-opted a whole layer of administration who owed a lot to the colonial masters. They could be relied on to be completely loyal to those who had enabled their elevation & there was little incentive for them to empathise with those who are colonised.

      So I agree with you, as in the Empire, so it is in the UK itself. When you look at those at the top of society you have to wonder why these clowns are in charge. But just like the Empire it is the ranks of the co-opted, those who they allow to step up the ladder who actually sustain them in power.

      Anyway, have a good night, Gramps.

      (Come away from that internet, BDTT. You’ll go blind.)

    229. Clapper57 says:

      Hello everybody…Private Clapper checking in….

      Hope everyone well…..

      I’ve been checking out various Indy sites….my God when did it get so tribal….it’s all so Frankie goes to Hollywood…”when two tribes go to war” etc etc…..Lol

      Meanwhile I’ll just keep sporadically posting on the MT my mental mental chicken oriental comments….while coming for a wee chinwag/browse onto the calmer and more rational side of WOS i.e. O/T…oh and obviously the more intellectual discussions (hence my lack of recent comments here Lol)……it’s great being Scottish….apparently…Lol

      Have a good day tomorrow everyone…..

      ps @ William Wallace….Hi William I hope you are well…if my memory is correct you added a nice comment onto my son’s football video on YouTube……really nice of you and not forgotten. So I will always be willing to have chinwag with you as I know others on here are are too…..Take Care.

    230. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Can’t remember if I’ve stuck this link in ‘off-topic’ previously. I was reminded of it by my link at 10:06 pm above.

      Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony – Team Scotland Entrance

    231. JGedd says:

      Hi, Clapper.

      Just a wee wave in the passing. Got the jammies on and cocoa in hand. Off to bed soon.Have a good day tomorrow.

      (BDTT. Turn off that laptop. You’ll stunt your growth.)

    232. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd @ 10.56pm


      Hi Hope you are well…I commended a post on MT you added the other day in response to Ian B’s well written post…ur post was braw……cannot remember what thread it was on …not the latest one….

      Hope u have a good night’s sleep and a fabby day tomorrow….


    233. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      How did you type that without some sort of electromagic device, same as me? You have betrayed yourself as an alien with powers beyond our comprehension.

      I will type carefully in future…

      Onnyhoo, I’m off to prepare supper. Steak, chips, onions and mushrooms, with a side dish of sweet vermouth.

      Enjoy your cocoa!


    234. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Who was it mentioned the souvenir sellers at the Pyramids?

      Seriously, we discussed this years ago. Someone (it wasn’t me guv) explained that the traders in the Giza market always knew who the ‘British’ tourists were because they couldn’t resist stopping at the fez-seller’s stall. One of them would pick up a fez, stick it on his head, then put his hands out, palms down, fingers spread apart, stick his chin out, look around as if bewildered and feign a gruff, gravelly guffaw before saying something like ‘Justlikthat!’, then his friends/family would laugh heartily before they all moved on.

      That scenario pops into my head from time to time and cheers me up no end. I like to to think of the trader explaining this peculiar behaviour to his son and heir, citing a legendary character called ‘Tommy Cooper’, a giant of a man who performs before the Queen and does wonderful feats of magic as well as tell jokes, many of which are ripped-off from Chic Murray.

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    235. Tinto Chiel says:

      Ian B: I’m glad someone else thought Tommy “borrowed” some of Chic’s stuff. Of course, he was so daft and harmless that no-one could take offence. I only found out the other week that he was Welsh, which might explain his surreal word play, which I often think is quite a Celtic thing and unlike the usual “Take my mother-in-law” style stuff of many English comedians.

      Your mention of pyramids brought this song into my mind. It was a favourite of my old chilhood pal who died unexpectedly a while ago, to the great loss of all who knew him. His dad used to sing it to him at bath time when he was wee. I used to holiday with them in a caravan on Arran: happy times and a long way from today.

      It’s an unusual, folksy treatment and a long way from most versions.

    236. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Another artist I’d never heard of. Great stuff. Cheers.


    237. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: some English folk don’t like her “Northern Vowels” apparently but these and the drone at the start contribute to a melancholy mood which suit my own at the moment.

      And now for something completely different…….

      The arch lyrics, cabaret-style song delivery and a completely bonkers video all contribute to a clever classic:

    238. Tinto Chiel says:

      Since I’ll be out soon this evening tree-hugging and performing seasonal goat-nadgering, I’ll leave you all this amazing, early score by Bernard Herrmann which far outshone the film, imo, (although it was graced by Gene Tierney’s fragile beauty):

    239. JGedd says:

      To the absent Tinto:

      Never heard of Divine Comedy – well, except for Dante’s original.
      That was a revelation – wit, dash & style. Brilliant.

      Loved The Ghost & Mrs Muir as a kid but never knew that the score was yet another by Bernard Herrmann.

    240. Tinto Chiel says:

      Jeezo! What a night….

      Those rams just get friskier but at least I got to achieve conjunction with a yew and then some more *wipes hands theatrically on apron*.

      @JGedd: glad you enjoyed the Herrmann, me old haricot.

      One of my musical heiresses selected this for me more than ten years ago.

      Think it might blow your socks off:

      Venus and Mars are big in September’s night sky so going for a nap before I explore their splendour.

      Ooh! Matron! Night, night.

    241. Tinto Chiel says:

      My blameless comment to JG has been placed in moderation so you’ll have to wait to access my grate consciousness πŸ™‚ .

    242. Cactus says:

      Here’s that notion of an idea I thought I’d share with ye all. I was gonna hold it back a bit until our next ‘official’ independence campaign began, but being within this political Planet Purg-a-tory, I guess there is no time, as ever, like the present, so here’s a gift.

      Picture it, look back and return to all of our excellent marches for independence throughout Scotland, the massive gatherings of the Peoples of Scotland (we are one and many) and all of the assorted flags that we have flown, so far that is… Go on, take a look at some of the amazing aerial pictures and what a bonnie sight tae see.

      Among the people there, we hold many different and varied flags in support and for the re-establishing of our country’s political freedom from a foreign political force, examples can be seen and as follows:

      – Saltire flags
      – Lion Rampant flags
      – Yes flags
      – Wings Over Scotland flags
      – (Insert your group) For Independence flags
      – European Union-Saltire flags
      – Catalonia flags

      Now for a question: Are there any obvious flags missing?


      ‘ S C O T L A N D ‘ flags (the flag with 8 alphabetical letters)

      I was interested to read Kenny MacAskill’s recent article on Wings with regards to symbolism being important, thanks Kenny, because to most of us it is, but to others, sometimes, not. Take our saltire flag for example, I love and believe ours is the best flag in this whole wide world… but to some former Scottish no voters, they appear to have been coerced into visually disregarding our country’s HOME flag (saltire flag) our very symbolism, in preference of a.n.other foreign entities flag. Maybe many have now changed their stance since ’14.

      And that’s how and why we try to help and counter this symbolic coercion on our vulnerable and susceptible citizens, by mass producing ‘SCOTLAND’ flags. Remind our people simply of who and where they are. Two tone colour, blue on white or white on blue, or do both.

      SO, one Saturday, I put it to the acid-test and carried out some experiments at the start of this year when I put my ‘SCOTLAND’ billed cap prominently on, then walked the start of Paisley Road West (from the Opry onwards) on the pavements near to the bars, purposefully looking, smiling and just saying hello to the dressed fitba punters smoking outside the bars, then walking on by. Some said hello back, some smiled too, some stared, some said nothing, but nobody challenged or threw back an insult.

      Now imagine if I had approached the same persons waving a saltire flag as I passed by saying hello, hello… could you predict and see what the difference might be? Some Scottish people can be triggered negatively and aggressively by their country’s own flag in preference to the symbolism of an outdated ceremonial one (aka the Union flag) – but not so by just ‘the word’ of Scotland are they triggered, so Yes, the ‘word of Scotland’ as a flag.

      (Note: to see from both sides of the debate, could you imagine someone walking towards you wearing a plain ‘ U N I T E D K I N G D O M ‘ billed cap with none of that flaggery/design/symbolism on it… that hat would look a weeeee bit stupid now, wouldn’t it?! What would it say to you? It’s embarrassing to be associated with this entity that is known for now as the United Kingdom.)

      Scotland the brand, you say… you better believe it. X marks the spot, aye and our unique identity/NAME is already and always has been on the top of the tin, all we got to do now is use it by showing it and show it by using it.

      Revisit the opening ceremony (of the full-length video footage) of Glasgow’s XX Commonwealth Games 2014 and watch Team Scotland as we enter the arena… in addition to holding aloft our beautiful saltire flag, we are led out by one of the event-staff ladies carrying a ‘SCOTLAND’ branded umbrella who is placed front and centre of our team. This SCOTLAND umbrella (lady) should also be made into a massive SCOTLAND banner/flag to fly alongside all of our saltires, so let’s see lots and lots of ‘SCOTLAND (the alphabetical word) flags’ soaring high.

      Don’t stop there, SCOTLAND flags are just the beginning of the continuation. What I’m suggesting is to be ever-aware and always be a tourist in your own country, city, town, village, suburb and so on… Yes, wear your Scotland football/rugby tops or other sporting attire when you’re out and about in physically distanced public spaces. Let’s see SCOTLAND everywhere. Get the word ‘SCOTLAND’ embossed on your brolly, beanie, bag or even emblazoned on the back of yer bunnet!

      For every saltire flag we proudly and passionately fly, we should be flying our ‘SCOTLAND’ flags to the same ratio on a 1:1 basis at the very least. Let’s make our brand and our banner into a new flag, to be flown freely (for when we next get a chance to and now.)

      It is written so much so that “a picture paints a thousand words…” that is true, so then consider ye this… one eight-letter word can paint 10,000 pictures (read that as 10,000 ‘SCOTLAND’ flags.)

      Keep it simple, SCOTLAND.

    243. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Cactus.

      You typed,
      “Revisit the opening ceremony (of the full-length video footage) of Glasgow’s XX Commonwealth Games 2014 and watch Team Scotland as we enter the arena…”

      What’s even better is the short (35secs) video I linked to three days ago, showing the Scotland team in the tunnel, just before going out into the stadium.

    244. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Prickly One [edit].

      You typed,
      “Revisit the opening ceremony (of the full-length video footage) of Glasgow’s XX Commonwealth Games 2014 and watch Team Scotland as we enter the arena…”

      What’s even better is the short (35secs) video I linked to three days ago, showing the Scotland team in the tunnel, just before going out into the stadium.

    245. JGedd says:


      (What an exciting night life you enjoy & in what company!)

      Yes, Rameau is yet another favourite of mine. I like the French Baroque composers generally – Rameau, Lully, Couperin, Marin Marais.

      This is Couperin & I think you might already have heard this. It’s been transcribed for many instruments – usually keyboard & was composed originally for the harpsichord. I like this because it’s played on one of my favourite instruments, the theorbo.

      Just in passing, Thomas Beecham hated the sound of the harpsichord & said it reminded him of two skeletons copulating on a tin roof. I don’t know what he would have made of the electric guitar.

    246. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: I’ve never heard that before but it is so calm and peaceful and that’s something I need at the mo, and beautifully played, so thanks very much.

      Even the titles Rameau and Couperin chose for their works seem quirky and interesting, like Satie. I’m off to buy one o thae big banjo hings πŸ™‚ .

      @Prickly One (just to clear The Rev’s mad filter): hope you are well and you’re probably right about using Scotland rather than/as well our beautiful, ancient saltire to attract troubled Noes, because…….

      Some unionists are just mad. We fell out completely with a non-blood relative who saw my Yes pin in 2014 and started to spout the most incredible mince. She’s Scottish born and bred, puts the boor into bourgeois and told us that she and her husband had gone down for the Last Night of The Proms with their Union Jackstikas.

      She was outraged because she spotted another Scottish couple who were holding two wee saltires each in a monstrous sea of RW&B. When we asked her what was wrong with that, she said they were “aggressive and inappropriate”. I’ve always remembered those words and thought folk like her were beyond any reaching. She finished off by saying she would emigrate to England if Scotland said Yes (another reason for Indy, ya bass!).

    247. Tinto Chiel says:

      They only do it for the loot:

      Geddit πŸ™‚ ?

    248. JGedd says:


      That was a perfect transcription of the Bach. Brilliant & sparkling like champagne.

      By the way, it’s uncanny but it has happened again. Yesterday we had Rameau & Couperin on here & today on Radio 3 there was a concert of Rameau & Couperin. Oooh, spooky.

    249. JGedd says:


      You’ll be away to bed by now – or whatever it is you do at night – but here is more French Baroque from the golden age of French music & I’m absolutely sure you will have heard this before. Have this with your croissants in the morning.

    250. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Did somebody mention Bach?

    251. Tinto Chiel says:

      JGedd: you know my theory on these “coincidences”. I’m sure the woman in Number 5 across the road is sending messages to them when she hangs out her washing and I’m think my weigela moved when I went out to the bin last night.

      I’m old enough to remember that they played the Charpentier piece (and light as air it was too) before every Eurovision Pong Contest.

      @BDTT: I’m getting my own back with this:

      Oh, God, don’t tell me Cherry Wainer is on your Brunettes List…….

    252. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Excellent stuff TC!

      Here’s lookin’ at yi…

    253. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: where do you get all these rare morsels? Do you have a giant vault somewhere in Chateau Briand (geddit?). Btw, did you say you were drinking sweet vermouth with steak the other night? That’s enough to get you drummed out the Auchentibber Wine Club.

      @JGedd: “Or whatever it is you do at night”. That’s for me to know and you to guess but I would respectfully draw your attention to the price of scrap lead at the mo. Money to be made if you’ve a head for heights, my boy. Bring your own shears.

      I see Daisy W has now christened O/T The Music Channel. Perhaps, but surely so much more πŸ™‚ .

    254. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      My entire hovelhold is a vault TC.

      The greatest entertainer to come out of the Whitley Bay Social Club….

    255. Tinto Chiel says:

      *Music-lover goes straight to pannelled library with bottle of malt whisky and Webley service revolver*

      My main memories of WB are excellent chish and fips, crazy golf and bottles of Newky Broon but that was 1979. Thank God I didn’t stumble into yon hell-hole πŸ˜‰ .

    256. CameronB Brodie says:

      The one thing that unites trans-activists who privilege the expansion of men’s rights over equality in law, with those who oppose genderwoowoo’s colonisation of the law, is we tend to all have had a mother at some point in time. Motherhood is part of womanhood, but Scots law is being forced to support a denial of this, as men can’t be mothers, in the biological sens anyway.


    257. Tinto Chiel says:

      I don’t normally prefer orchestrated versions of Debussy’s piano music but this “Throw the kitchen sink at it” one by Stokowsky works for me:

      It’s based on the old Breton legend of the lost Land of Ys, when a cathedral rises occasionally from under the waves, ringing bells and all, before slowly sinking back under the waves.

      The famous Big Tune appears at about 3.00.

      One for the headphones, groovers πŸ˜‰ .

    258. Tinto Chiel says:

      Before I go out prospecting for lead, I ask you to consider Granville Bantock. Doesn’t sound Scottish and indeed he was born in That There Lunnon but his father was an eminent Scottish doctor.

      GB produced some great stuff but, like Bax, seems to have been marginalised, perhaps because he liked Celtic/Scottish themes.

      I would have liked to have blown your socks off with his Celtic Symphony but no good version exists on YT and I haven’t a clue how to upload the version by Vernon Handley, so dip your toe into his Hebridean Symphony:

    259. JGedd says:


      Stokowsky didn’t hold back with his orchestral transcriptions but this big technicolour treatment works for me too. The delicate mystery of the piano version is given a whole other dimension, an epic quality.

      Hope you are enjoying your nocturnal excursions. No 5’s curtains will be twitching dementedly.

    260. JGedd says:


      @Didn’t know anything about Granville Bantock. He has been given occasional outings on Radio 3 (usually with British orchestras) & I’m sorry to say I have tended to find something else to do when he is on the concert programme. Thanks for that link. I’m going to give his music more attention in future.

    261. Tinto Chiel says:

      Back in after a disappointing haul: damn these modern roofers!

      Number 5 are Nawbags, as were a good few in my street. Their twitching lace-curtains are of poor quality. I have them itemised on my master file for a re-education programme post-Indy involving manure recycling and a strict regime of bending exercises.

      As I said, old Granville’s greatest work imho was his Celtic Symphony but wot do I pure ken, Poindexters? This entry is better than the Wiki one, I think:

      Might switch to copper: have you seen the prices πŸ˜‰ ?

    262. Cactus says:

      Mornin’, Brian aye oor Scotland HOME video entry is the bestest one aye, guid shot dude Tinto we are awesome and I ken what yer sayin about the Last Night of ‘ra Proms… kents they are. Hey bonnie lass Daisy Walker, merci for you and for your sharing, you are correct… WE can do SO much better then Boris… and as you say… NOW we must.

      I’m back east coast on a summer holiday in that place that rhythms with Braille.

      Things to say and share with ye SCOTLAND…

      See ye Saturday X.

    263. Clapper57 says:

      Hello all lovely off Topicers…I’m back to lower the tone…you will have to come down to my level ( just above the gutter…Lol) to interact with me….

      So I just finished watched the series on DVD of the TV production of ‘State of Play’….well acted and good plot….if you compare what is happening today it seemed an accurate reflection on how Unionist Governments operate and the influence and pressure large corporations have over them…….of course now we get to see that first hand with the current Tory government…blatant they are….and they are doing it deliberately too…mind you some would say the SNP are currently sailing close to the wind too…with current Salmond inquiry…

      So hope everyone is well….see there are some Nicola Sturgeon fans not fans on MT….a broken record is being played out by some….Hello caller what’s your point…ahh it’s the same one you mentioned the last 20 times before….Duh !

      I mean I like to get my point across but a little diversity does show that you have more than just ONE thing to say….obsession much…..if I were cynical I would almost think they were plants….as in poisonous ones…Lol

      Anyway hope you are all well… must be…. knowing Douglas Ross is fighting a losing battle when HQ seem determined to undermine ( or other words to that effect) his credibility as a TORY party leader (bleeder) in Scotland…..dinnae let him near a treaty….unless it’s a Scottish one like a Fried Mars Bar treaty….mind you a Scottish treaty in UK will soon be an international one…not that his wee branch manager signature will be on it….he’s just a stooge…a disposable one….he only stood out as leader because of his big Jugs ( ears that is….in case I get accused of being a transphobe or something else that rhymes with Serf).

      Right will sign off now …..don’t mention the word SIGN Pike…it’s a bit of a delicate subject just now with Tory HQ…


      Have a nice day….keep enjoying Tories in Scotland squirming as HQ screw them over again and again and again….

    264. Cactus says:

      Well, you wake up in the morning, you hear the work bell ring

    265. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 12.29am

      “So I just finished watched”….watched should be watching…

      I’m dead ignorant I am….me grammar is like me granMa….both terrible… am I….

      Sorry I just had to correct myself….I’m a pedantic romantic verging on frantic….

      I’ll get my coat…it’s the vegetarian fur one …with knickers … I am not from Morningside…but I am from Edinburgh…

      ps. you need to know that quote to understand it..i.e. fur coat..nae knickers…..Lol

    266. Tinto Chiel says:

      “I’m back east coast on a summer holiday in that place that rhythms with Braille.”

      I’m envious, C-Man. Enjoy your stay in Anstruther πŸ˜‰ .

      @Clapper 57: thanks for your report, Special Agent 1707. Remember I can see you in Embra if I climb into the forestry fire watchtower near Ardochrig.

      Exclusive security services footage of me and JGedd discussing your fair city:

      Bright and breezy Where I AM but I don’t think it will last.

    267. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.27am

      Lol….aye the banter indeed… both looked and sounded grand in that video….Lol

      “rhythms with Braille.”…….are you inside a Whale ?

      Are you Far from the Madding crowd ?

      Please note this post is not just going to be a succession of questions fired at you…Lol….as I’m off duty at the moment as in Off Topic…mind you if you venture onto MT certain individuals are never ON Topic…..more on repeat…as same comment time and time again…..

      As a special agent ….nay correction…VERY special agent…I have decided that going underground in OT is more in at least you get interaction as opposed to exposing oneself ( ooo missus) on MT….where you find yourself either piss*ng in the wind (ignored no debate) or subjected to a barrage of insults….I have a great come back for certain people on MT who relish putting others down…very basic but works for me…it’s simply to say….Shut up You…..short and sweet..not sweet.

      Anyway signing off now ….am busy writing a biography on Ruth Davidson called ‘Tanks for the memory’……..just finished writing one on Ross Thomson called ‘Feelings’…was going to be called ‘Out of Touch’ but FELT that the new title GRASPED the meaning of his life more…have to honest I was GROPING around desperately trying to think of a title…got there in the end so just GRABBED onto it…as did Ross…apparently… have to FEEL for him……though rumour has it if you don’t he will….i.e. feel for you…apparently.

      Have a nice day….

      ps. Cannae wait to see your next video with JGedd….

    268. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper 57: “You both looked and sounded grand in that video.” You’re very kind but did you notice JG’s crow’s feet? Old age doesn’t come itself, as they say……

      You are in fine form at the moment, m’lady, but please stay away from those tactile Tories, or they’ll want you to do this:

    269. CameronB Brodie says:

      Most extraction industries are appreciating, in a marketplace characterised by diminishing resources and increasing demands.

      A political party that is prepared to legally deny motherhood is part of womanhood, is simply not legally competent to protect Scotland from authoritarian English/British nationalism. Which is hooked on the political scope that Scottish oil allows it. And even more desperate for our water.

      The Boss Baby – Where Babies Come From

    270. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      How very dare you. I refuse to be the wee chubby one. My crow’s feet belong alongside an elegant, aquiline nose in an imposing countenance even though it’s sagging a bit.

      Anyway, I’m getting strange paranoid feelings. Another weird coincidence – the other night I was watching Chewing the Fat & of course, ‘The banter’. I don’t think it is the wummin at No 5 or some dark presence in the depths of Radio 3.

      No, the all-seeing entity at the centre of the universe is YOU.

      Brilliant deflection there, DEVS but then that’s easy when you can see the past & the future. I won’t be able to sleep soundly now or do that secret thing I do with my cereal, now that I know you can see ALL. ( Those nocturnal wanderings of yours now make sense. Wanderings to far galaxies more like.)

    271. JGedd says:


      Don’t you be led astray by Tinto. ( Well, that’s what we have to call him, but he has many names. His name is Legion, the Great Dissembler, the Lord of Lies.) As if I was in that video. I would never say anything against the Windy City, that little bit of Scotland that is forever England. (And I wouldn’t be seen dead in those jumpers – or those quiffs.)

      You keep on doing your stuff on MT. I think you’re wearing them down. There do seem to be quite a few commenters on there now, some of them new, who represent the side of light. They are more interesting than the studio flat, frat boys who, as you say, have trouble with new variations on the same old themes.

    272. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: I am vortex, I am matrix, I am legend, or I would be if I could work out what DEVS means.

      Re galactic wanderings, I was fined for non- return of Norton’s Star Atlas to EK library in 1973. They gave up after three consecutive fines of 7/6d. So I’m still quids in.

      Off to commune with the Great Spirit. Let me know of any ideas for our next video. Clapper seems keen.

      Gone shearing.

    273. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 5.58pm & 10.04pm

      Lol…Chuck Berry….too easy….I’d rather chuck another fruit…like a pineapple…Lol

      Yes another video would be entertaining….Mr Gedd willing…not sure he is…….mind you I never dreamed this was a true picture of how you both are…..indeed the opposite obvs….

      @ JGedd @ 10.03pm

      Lol….fear not that I shall be led astray…Tinto Chiel is an honourable gentleman and like yourself would never lie to me …as if I thought that was REALLY the two of you in that video…….but he has, as you do, a fabby sense of humour…… to some newbies on MT ….well the task of wearing them down is not a problem indeed trying to wind them up would be quite easy too…..cause some of them are so intense you can imagine their keyboards must need replaced frequently as they hammer the keys in anger……calm down dears….

      I mean we are all raging at the current ( and past) situation in UKnotOK but sometimes we need to take a chill pill and step back….when I got mad on MT I tended to emphasise it via using uppercase a lot….LIKE I AM SO SO MAD I NEED YOU ALL TO KNOW…LOOK I AM SO MAD I AM IN UPPERCASE….ARE YOU WATCHING MY UPPERCASE…AND NO I AM NOT A HEADCASE FROM OUTER SPACE JUST A HEADCASE FROM THE HUMAN RACE……..Ahh that was good…like old times on the MT…Lol

      Now…well now I am getting to the point of just occasionally writing a comment on MT and try humour cause it works for me…as a release.

      Anyways 360 degrees change of topic….I have just watched French Connection 1 & 2….Gene Hackman class act….not a cheery theme but entertaining film….oh and I remember Tinto C not that long ago writing on here about James Mason in the film Spring and Port Wine….I LOVE JAMES MASON…the voice , the high cheekbones….hubba hubba…be still my beating heart….you know I read he registered as a a conscientious objector in the war and because of that his family fell out with him…..I mean what a guy….could he BE any more wow chicka wow wow….I think NOT….BUT…he also loved animals…so sorry we are talking the REAL DEAL here ( note uppercase NOT done in anger but purely for emphasis)……..

      Have a fabby day tomorrow both of you…and anyone else on OT too….


    274. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Tinto Chiel is an honourable gentleman….”

      That gave me my first laugh of the day, VSA Clapper. I’m more a Caledonian Harry Lime but w/o the altruism and rigid principles πŸ™‚ .

      Re your dream-boat James Mason, Spring and Port Wine was one of his last and a wee picture by his standards. He was reluctant to do it apparently since he didn’t like being reminded of his Huddersfield origins (the film is actually set in Bolton). Maybe Susan George changed his mind about all that, of course.

      Always loved his smooth as silk “So-o-o-o-o-o-o, Mr Kaplan” baddy in North by Northwest.

    275. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to say, VSA, that you may like him in The Man Between. It was a sort of Berlin version of The Third Man but not quite as good. The scene in the snow with the car is very well done.

      I’m sure BDTT can stream it for free using that infernal machine he keeps in his vaults but it’s not free on YT.

      Dreich and dowie here, and it’s not just me.

      I’m sure I’ve said all this about Mason on here before so apologies, or was it in my columns for the New York Times and Rutherglen Reformer?

    276. JGedd says:

      I’ve been trying to post this link for the past two days. Maybe this time? It’s a clip from a film I saw some years ago Tous Les Matins du Monde. It’s a film about Marin Marais (Depardieu) but the music is Lully’s.

    277. JGedd says:

      The scene with the musicians on the stage was amusing because of the incongruity – to our eyes – of rough-looking blokes in frills and wigs. (The roughest of them all being Depardieu.) But in those days, men were men who wore silk bloomers with bows & stockings & wouldn’t leave the house without make-up or elaborately curled wig (no matter how insanitary.)

      (It reminded me of the film, ‘The Favourite’ where Sarah Churchill is bidding farewell to her husband, the Duke of Marlborough, as he rides off with his commanders to go to war with the French, all of them resplendent in full-bottomed wigs & frills & ruffles. Couldn’t imagine John Wayne…)

      It got me thinking as to how it happened that within three centuries the convention would change so radically that male dress would become a virtual uniform based on the suit, modified only a little by the more relaxed form of jeans & sweater/ t-shirt which is still keeping to a restricted form of dress based on trousers & jacket.

      We never question how that came about. Who set the rule for male dress that it should be so restricted, avoiding any flamboyance?
      (I know, the 70s & New Romantics but it didn’t last, did it?) It seems a frivolous subject, the trend in male fashion to eschew the extravagance & ostentatiousness of the past for the sober, virtual uniform of modern dress but when you consider it, it is often a barometer of what is happening within society. It also demonstrates the subtle ways in which the hive mind of society operates in both frivolous & even sinister ways.

      It is as if males have escaped the chore of maintaining the elaborate dress of the past with its impractical ornamentation while women still have not escaped the convention of having to maintain an expensive & time consuming regime of following fashion no matter how impractical & uncomfortable. Let’s face it, male grooming is simpler to achieve whereas women are expected to spend more time & money on cosmetics & clothes and face criticism for either doing too much or too little.

      (I wonder how Tinto bedecks himself for his secret night-time prowling? Any guesses?)

    278. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: looks and sounds a handsome film but my French isn’t up to it.

      What you say about male fashion in the past is borne out in nature, I suppose: it’s usually the male bird which is eye-catching and the hens pretty dull.

      I think it’s great that to dress formally I just have to put on a suit because I could’t really be Goved spending hours getting ready like many women do.

      For some reason, whenever I see scenes from the past on film my mind wanders to the hygiene standards of the past rather than fashion. Were they really as dreadful as we presume? I believe even the Palace of Versailles had no toilets and there were often nasty surprises behind curtains and movable items of furniture. What things were like in the thousands of hovels in Paris I shudder to think.

      And all that night soil piling up with all that gardylooing in Old Town Embra…….

      I suppose you smelt cities in those days long before you reached them.

    279. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      “I suppose you smelt cities in those days long before you reached them.”

      And there was always the tangle o’ the isles…

    280. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.05am

      Hi TC, Re James Mason I too think Susan George may have swung it for him….wouldnae have been Diane Coupland…Lol….as a Port wine she may have been too vintage for him…Lol….did he not know the auld yins are the best….at least that is what auld yins say…Lol….re his smooth voice he was wonderful in Salem’s Lot…very ominous as Mr Straker….” You’ll enjoy Mr Barlow and he’ll enjoy you”…..

      Not seen many of his older films…loved him in Georgy girl…leching over Lynn Redgrave’s character Georgy….I preferred him in films when he was in his 50’s onwards….best time for a man…they age gracefully …well some do….some also never grow up and are DISgraceful at any age….Lol

      Glad you got a laugh at me calling you honourable…..and a gentleman….but on here you are both….as are other males who frequent OT….on MT it’s sometimes a wee bit Macho Macho man I wanna be a Macho man…..well they think that is how they come over where as others just think ar*eh*le alert ..where as I myself could not possibly comment….I just have my ” shut up you” on standby….ready to deploy at opportune moment….

      Anyway you know the drill have a good day tomorrow and all others on OT too….

      @ JGedd

      Hope you are well… to women spending a lot on clothes, cosmetics…..we try…I await with trepidation when I am in my 60’s and become a pensioner….but less is always more…and you always need to remember you cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear…..and never be mutton dressed up as lamb….in other words make the most of what you are not who you wish you were and if you are not who you wish you were then be who you are…and there endeth the beauty lesson for today from Mrs Sow Ewe…..Lol


    281. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Mutton’s great for soup manufacture. But have you actually tried to buy ‘a pund o’ mutton’ in the past few years?

      In Dundee, I’ve found it impossible.

    282. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: also reminds me that Robert E Lee’s confederate forces were in such a state towards the end of the Civil War that one of his divisions could actually be smelt before they arrived if the wind were in the wrong direction.

      Whatever happened to Gaberlunzie?

      @VSA Clapper: “I preferred him in films when he was in his 50’s onwards….best time for a man…they age gracefully.” And even truer if you add another fifteen years, imho……..

      *Twirls luxuriant moustaches roguishly*

      Must watch Salem’s Lot: never seen it.

      Ascending Wood Hill to Bedfordshire, compadres!

    283. Clapper57 says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon @ 10.31

      Buy Mutton ?…..Never…I don’t eat meat but when I did I was very very bad as I ate…LAMB….how could I !!!

      Taking of Dundee ….George Galloway’s from Dundee he’s more Muttley than Mutton and how he dresses is more like a BAM than a Lamb….IMO

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Twirling moustache…Lol…

      Salem’s Lot good….but warning has David Soul in it….and talking of pigs in my previous post he’s a bit hammy….but other than that it is quite good….Mr Barlow scary…also James Mason’s second wife is in it Clarissa Kaye….WTF did he see in her…..I mean I really was born too young as the song says if she caught his eye….wish he hadnae let it fall oot…Boom Tish….

    284. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: David Soul?

      *A shadow passes across sun*

      Did you know he was actually born David Haddie πŸ˜‰ ?

      @BDTT: the Carmichael Estate farm shop near Biggar used to do lovely mutton in season, along with their excellent local venison and Scotch beef. Hardly handy for you but they could probably drone you up some in a vacuum pack. After all, The Soup must go on!

      Btw, I was talking to a shopkeeper in Dunkeld a few years ago and he told me Dundee had two exclusively pork butchers when he was pure brung up there. Do you know anything about that?

      Mind you, it might have been one of his rasher claims………..

    285. JGedd says:

      I see we have a farmyard theme today with lots of cheesy puns. I’m looking at you Clapper57. You started it & set the boys off.

      Also, tut, tut, young person, you seem to be channelling the patriarchy with those comments about James Mason & supporting females in that film. Don’t know the film & don’t know Susan George but I’m guessing she was younger than him.

      Why should it be assumed that a man in his 50s is still in the game whereas a woman of the same age is considered past it? It’s all about… oooh….the hive mind.

      Ok, I was being facetious in talking about the patriarchy but it is the case that, quite often, the perceptions we assume are our own are actually social attitudes which have been internalised as part of our upbringing.

      We are such suggestible social creatures, hard-wired to receive
      all the subtle messaging from those around us that often we don’t question. There are after all, social pressures which reinforce it with social penalties for those who don’t conform to what is considered to be the norm.

      Sex in men’s minds is not so acutely connected to procreation, the dears. Basic biological instincts are often superimposed by the conditioning of a social animal responding to other considerations.

      Social status has a lot to do with it. An older man of higher social standing – which usually means wealthy – has, over the generations, been able to secure a desirable sexual partner & a younger woman is something of a trophy. Therefore, for most men youth has a high premium in social terms as well as biological terms.

      Society’s prejudice has therefore decreed that women past a certain age are not desirable. We have been so conditioned by this prejudice that women, as well as men, see it as natural that a very young woman should be the partner of a much older, usually richer, man. This happens with gay couples too. There are a number of high status gay men in the public eye, who have partners considerably younger than them.

      Can I say gently to Clapper that men do not always grow older gracefully and are therefore more attractive. There are plenty examples to the contrary. There are individuals of both sexes who because of genetic inheritance, do not age as much as the rest of us it; is not exclusive to males. The prejudice that it pertains to all males but never to women is exactly that – a prejudice – and has a lot to do with the generally lower social status of women through the centuries.

      Now line up with arguments against? (Feeling a bit mischievous today & desperate to defer chores.)

    286. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd @ 3.01pm

      ” Now line up with arguments against”?

      Ah I see you have mistaken me for someone with intelligence… and young…not too old but not young either…..Lol

      My generalisations and assumptions can be taken with a pinch of salt….and I say things on OT for humour/banter …….me bad…again….a recurring theme with me…..Lol

      Yeh everything you said above was correct and well written…..but I am slave to the banter which I appreciate can be misinterpreted or offend some peeps…not my intention and my flippancy can go too far .

      Hope you got your chores done…have a nice evening

    287. JGedd says:


      I was being tongue-in-cheek as well, Clapper. My trouble is, I am bored & restless just now, going a bit stir crazy. So I was teasing you a bit.

      It’s not a good idea to be stuck with a laptop for long periods of time but I confess it’s often displacement behaviour & a perfect excuse. When I’ve got stuff I should be doing, I lie to myself that I’m actually very busy.

      I should get out more often! If this pandemic would just end I could step away from the laptop.

      Memo to self: The internet is not your friend!

      (I’m going to turn into that woman in the shop in Chewing the Fat, alone with her individual fruit trifle. Except I’m not alone – just missing the outside world.)

      Have a good weekend out there, Clapper.

    288. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @JGedd –

      Chewing The Fat woman…

      One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen was in Adsa or suchlike, in the frozen foods aisle, a Christmas Dinner For One.

      Ho ho ho…


    289. Tinto Chiel says:

      I have decided to torment JGedd in his extremity with this medley of famously “cheap music” as old Noel would say:

      I was trying to get our grandchild to go to sleep for her lunchtime nap yesterday. I confess that, having run out of the usual suitably wholesome wee songs, I ended up singing Paper Doll to her twice, followed by a stirring rendition of The (unexpurgated, with actions) Song of The ‘Well, my variant of The Song of The Clyde.

      At least I can brush up my Teddy Bears’ Picnic now.

      @Ian B: don’t you know Christmas has been cancelled? πŸ™‚

    290. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Don’t know anything about the two pork butchers…

    291. Cactus says:

      Aye aye, joining the identifying dots, Yes one was inside a whale on a trail within the Holy Grail, I met Marlin & Dory there too. Our former No voters need to ‘let go’ like them two did in the movie.

      SO polling suggests and indicates that support for Scotland returning to being an independent country (as we originally were,) is growing and appears to be holding hat about 55 to fifty-six percent in favour of Yes, take ye a brief observ’ed moment to acknowledge that… Independence is good and the majority of Scottish People now believe in Scotland, excellent. It will also be interesting to see if the polls continue to rise for Yes, as people are now learning and understand that the Tory UKgov are complicit in breaking several international treaties already with more to come, they are indeed sailing through very dark waters.

      Yes lots of talk about 60%. How does that equate to numbers? To add on an additional 5% of guid Scottish men and women, what are we talking here… 10,000 / 25,000 / 200,000 / ‘the greater population of Glasgow’, which would give a resulting safety net thereafter of 10%.

      That would mean (in addition to already eligible voters deciding to vote for the 1st time and voting Yes for the first time,) it would take just 2.5% of former No voters to ‘change their stance’ on indy, to reach the next TARGET. It can only help, a target to achieve, something to work towards and keep our movement engaged and motivated. Saying that, how do we go about pushing for a new indy referendum (or action by other means) in the first place the way things are with the current politicians in power of place.

      Anyway, wear SCOTLAND wherever ye go… go out in public ‘wearing Scotland’ – like the equivalent of Dana Carvey (Garth) from Wayne’s World, in the scene where he wears the Reebok – SO again, let’s see SCOTLAND everywhere!

      As suggested recently by many… now would be a really really good time to start stocking up your cupboards with basic essentials, nae fear an awe that, but we’ve had the dress rehearsal recently SO make sure you’re at the very very least ‘hauf ready’ this time.

      Have a cracking weekend adventurers πŸ™‚

    292. JGedd says:


      Perhaps you should stop singing at the poor wee soul, then she could get some sleep.

      I used to try singing this to mine when they were babies. Obviously I didn’t have the voice for it so I eventually had to resort to playing the track from the LP I had bought years before they were even thought of, though that was awkward too, having to keep moving the pick-up back when it finished. (Particularly irksome with the middle one who gave up having naps during the day when he was only a few weeks old. You could play it over & over & still the little ****** would be wide awake & start wailing until it started again. Maybe he just liked it?)

      I bought the LP when I was at school, having heard it recommended on Radio 3 & though these songs have been recorded several times by notable singers, this version is still easily the best. The pure, unforced simplicity of her voice, without vibrato, is perfect for what were essentially peasant songs. The big, operatic voice is not really suitable for this IMO.

      This is actually my favourite. A sad subject, but the weans seemed to like it. (They didn’t speak the language!)

    293. JGedd says:

      @linto Tinto? Typo?

    294. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Perhaps you should stop singing at the poor wee soul, then she could get some sleep.”


      Beautiful songs, those, and she has the perfect voice for them. Even the pictures of the landscape cheered me up.

      Re “linto”: I’m sure you know some psychiatrists say there are no such “mistakes” in language. Since lint is the useless dross off the yarn, I’d suggest you’ve got me spot on, and all right-thinking rate-payers will agree.

      @C-Man: ready as always for the campaign. Am relaxing as I TYPE (pace BDTT) in my Scotland-themed satin lounging pyjamas.

    295. JGedd says:


      Lint is also the fluff you find at the bottom of your pockets when they’re empty. Make of that what you will. (I am having to scrub an involuntary image from my inner eye of you in lounging pyjamas.)

      This is another link which works very well as a lullaby. Posted this some time ago which was the original piano version by Peter Maxwell Davies but this is a very nice guitar transcription. (Unfortunately, there is a bit of applause at the end which might wake a bairn up.)

      Anyway, there are no words so you can always just learn the tune and hum in your silk pyjamas.

      God, I wish I could just get out for a long walk like I used to. Really missing that. There is plenty of woodland & nice countryside around here. There is even a nice wee lochan just up the hill with the remains of a crannog. I can just about get to the end of the road without a crutch & then it begins to hurt. Ochone, ochone.

    296. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: “Ochone, ochone.” You’re sounding a bit like Angus Og there, me old haricot. Perhaps you are still pining for Olivia Newtonmore (this fantastic joke won’t work unless you read the Daily Record [grues] in the 70/80s).

      “You can always just learn the tune and hum in your silk pyjamas.” I’ll have you know I shower at least once a day but I did enjoy the guitar quartet.

      It has a gentle melody that seems quite at odds with the obscenity of exploiting a uranium mine in Shetland. PMD could have done perhaps with more Sturm and Drang but maybe they were busy that day πŸ˜‰ but then it wouldn’t have worked as a lullaby, innit?

      Your lochan-and-crannog surroundings sound really nice. If you could add a Pictish stone and a sacred grove where I could perform my secret rites then it would be ideal for me on a spiritual level.

      Seriously, I hope you can recover quickly since I feel much better after a few hours in the natural world. After my old climbing partner was retired by his new partner, chiz, chiz, I joined a new tramping trio but that didn’t last very long after a spittle-flecked political fall-out on top of Ben Ledi of The Two Cairns.

      An awkward journey home ensued but I’m sure they all now think the FM’s keeping them nice and safe.

      *Heavy-handed political point unworthy of O/T*

    297. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 6.06pm

      ” An awkward journey home”

      We all seem to be on an awkward journey…..and if a certain political party has their way it may be a never ending journey…”We’re on a road to nowhere”….Talking Heads indeed.

      Hope you are well Tinto….have a nice evening.

    298. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, VSA Clapper: “well”? Not sure: went to the Ayrshire coast today to inhale the balmy zephyrs and commune with the Great Spirit.

      Mood not improved by a giant UJ on a matching flagpole outside a big seaside villa and fruit shop labels with local damsons and plums described as “UK” produce. Is “Scottish” a dirty word now?

      *Gnaws carpet*

    299. Tinto Chiel says:

      Actually, this really is the road to nowhere:

    300. JGedd says:


      After my long moan, I felt I was channelling my inner Angus Og, hence out came his favourite lament. I’d forgotten about Olivia Newtonmore! That made me laugh again. You have an excellent memory, Obi Wan.

      (Stromness is in Orkney?)

      You caught me out for a sec, with the initials PMD and I was thinking, pre-menstrual depression? Of course, I got it immediately after but well, Sturm und Drang would still fit.

      As to sacred spaces, well there is a grove of trees crowning the opposite hill & according to a neighbour, he had found stones there with cup & ring markings. Can’t say I ever found them & the trees in the grove are hardly that ancient, of course. Most of them aren’t even as old as me.

      Still an old Druid like yourself can still imagine. You can do those secret things you do in the privacy of your own garden communing with the oracles & the wummin at No 5.

    301. JGedd says:

      Feeling sentimental after trawling through the dusty archives of my memory about the weans & lullabies & the sleepless hours etc.

      My eldest son was mad on his train sets, so we made him a mix tape. (Remember those?)

      These are just two he loved to listen to while lying down at eye-level watching his trains.

      (I know, Beeching was pretty savage with Scottish routes. I live in an area in which the rail links between the ports in the far end of the Mull and Dumfries in the east of the region were cut completely with devastating effects. You can still see where the railways ran if you know where to look. One of the effects was to make connections across the border with England easier from Dumfries than those between Dumfries & the rest of the region and the rest of Scotland.)

      A more exotic location for this train but a brilliant evocation of what is most definitely a steam train & not one of those new-fangled things in some of the pictures. I love the way his orchestration conjures the sounds of an old steam train labouring through the jungle & especially when at the end of the journey, the steam is vented. Brilliant.

    302. Tinto Chiel says:

      Apologies for my Shetland comment: I have thrashed myself with birch twigs and sat on the cutty stool of repentance.

      Actually, there is a moot hill quite near me. It has an ancient omphalos-type stone at the top with spirals or circles on it (it’s been a while since I was there). In later feudal times the lord dispensed “justice” there, which usually meant hanging a few peasants. I can’t get any archaeology dept to take a look at it: probably too busy filling out grant application forms.

      I must point out No.5 wummin is ideologically opposed to me and plays no part in my goings on. She used to scowl at my Yes posters and on 20/9/14 she asked me when I was taking them down (could have phrased that better). They stayed up until it was time for the Christmas decorations. Petty, moi? Perhaps but just think of the mental torment she suffered.

      I remember that Flanders and Swann record. Beeching and that wee crook Marples had a lot to answer for. Didn’t he do a runner to Monte Carlo or somewhere, innit? Typical Tory, really.

      People forget the UK got even more Marshall Plan money after the war than Germany. The Germans spent a lot of money on infrastructure like railways but I’m at a loss where our money was spent. Never mind, I’m sure WM spent the money wisely. And then they took an axe to our rail network………

      Thanks for the Villa-Lobos. I am now on pills for me noives. Did your son never have nightmares about runaway trains or carriages plunging into ravines?

    303. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      ” Is β€œScottish” a dirty word now ”

      Only if your a “Tory” “Tory” “Tory”….or a major supermarket chain…..or t’other one that boasts about it’s food while the female population give a wide berth tae their auntie beanie clothing… know the one that adverises ” This is not just a pudding it’s a Union jack adorned * & * pudding…you fill in the letters…..gnaws the dug’s bone as carpet needs hoovering.

      Well Tinto today I have gone laldy with a multitude of posts on MT….desperate for a usual suspect to attack me so that I can deploy my secret weapon in the form of a concise put down as in stating ‘Shut up you’….alas to no avail… one took the bait….not too late….worth the wait…leave it to fate…I’m a poet and I know it.

      @ JGedd on 11 September @ 9.06

      No problem….ironic though that I always complain about lack of debate on MT and when you give me the opportunity to debate I fail to do so…..Lol…I adhere to the ‘These are my principles if you do not like them I have others’…however in my defence I believe that in every principled person there lies a hypocrite dying to get out…or is that just me…bad again …Lol

    304. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper: I’m not sure who you were expecting to fall into your baited trap but if you are patient you may still able to wield your unforgettable put-down. The readiness is all πŸ˜‰ .

      Reminded me of this old sketch:

    305. Clapper57 says:

      Re clip…LOl πŸ˜‰

      The ” baited trap” would be for any idiot who cares to fall into it….one particular one who has ‘idiot’ in his name accused me once of ” virtue signalling” and advised me to ” shove it up my a*se”…..this was pre my formulating my concise put down….but now I have my concise put down in reserve I wait in anticipation to release it…..mind you….once you diss them they tend to target you in further comments….like a vendetta…..but ultimately they end up destroying themselves with their hatred in taking it to a level beyond which they should take it…..they just cannot help themselves….while their keyboard put downs portray them as (fake)fierce warriors their egos show them as fragile should you expose them or dare to contradict/offend them.

      As a rule I think if one has an opposing opinion to another poster’s comment you can make an argument against it without resorting to abusing the other person or belittling their argument…unfortunately some prefer to use cheap shots and make it very personal…..thus exposing themselves as the Trolls they truly are…..on the MT we have some who intermittently enter the thread to disrupt and disrespect people who post opinions with the ultimate aim of ridiculing them…..not nice and not smart and way too obvious….so ” shut up you” seems the best put down IMHO……I am ready to brace myself for the incoming of which I am sure will happen……if nothing else they are so so predictable….

      Have a nice day

    306. Clapper57 says:

      @ Me @ 12.28pm

      Obvs my response was to you Tinto via your comment at 9.26am.


    307. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper 57: lay on Macduff!

      Of course, some entities appear under a new name quite soon after The Rev has fired their ejector seat but you can usually spot them from their style or even the number of commas they employ.

      It probably drives our host crazy.

    308. Tinto Chiel says:

      Oi, Gedders! Look what fell into my YT ganderbag ‘cos I clicked on yer Villa-Lobos…..

      Hope you’re happy now.

    309. JGedd says:


      Aw, did you not like it? Honegger was on the mix tape too. Pacific 231 is better known here as a 4-6-2. My son had several 4-6-2 locomotives.

      It’s exciting, for goodness sake. How could you not like it? That building up of momentum, the pent-up energy building to a climax …Oh, forget it.

      How about this to calm you down? Another of the Bachianos but one that has often been misappropriated for selling things or to lend prestige or depth of mood to some undeserving drama. (Drink it down with something long & cool, just like the music, & imagine you’re somewhere steamy & exotic. Just don’t look down the ravines.)

    310. Tinto Chiel says:

      I know many think Visconti’s The Damned is pretty depraved but nothing beats the English when it comes to that kind of stuff, imo:

      Don’t watch alone.

    311. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: just noticed your 1.07.

      I was only joshing, I do like the Honegger and have a CD of it in the vast, rambling library at Tinto Towers.

      Recognise that Bachiano of course from being pressed into service by The Usual Suspects to flog their various stuff over the years or as incidental music. Flogging’s too good for ’em *harrumphs* .

      It has a haunting quality which reminds me of the music to The Scarf by Francis Durbridge. The BBC pure done a series of it (early 60s) and the theme music frightened me each time I heard it. Plot concerned a mad strangler, as I recall: very gripping, obvs. πŸ˜‰ .

    312. Clapper57 says:

      Hi Tinto C

      Not sure if you noticed this morning on previous thread on MT at about 7.45am a most obnoxious post was posted by an obnoxious poster towards lizG….I reported him to the Rev….now his style does seem uncannily reminiscent of another poster…now banned I think for abuse…long gone…and who went under another name…and targeted LizG in EXACTLY the same way…so yes they do return…..and as you said above are easy to spot…..

      I have not seen a post since by him i.e. the abuser from this morning on MT…hopefully he is having his subsequent posts put under moderation or banned completely….agree this must indeed be very trying for the owner of this site…..the downside of having a blog….one of many I am sure.

      I refrained from using ‘Shut up you’ as he was not targeting me directly but another….so chose to use rules of this site and reported him for abuse…..

      I guess that is what one has to expect on a popular site such as this….the selfish agenda driven T*ts come to play….but thankfully we can either ignore or report them dependent on how far they go……..

      Have a nice evening

    313. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: yes, saw that.

      Deplorable and abusive stuff but Liz had the good sense to ignore the bait. He sounds like the same type who got banned for directing his spittle at me a wee while ago (“Surgeonista”, moi? πŸ™‚ ) but you can never be sure without seeing their e-mail addresses and only The Rev can do that.

      He also seems obsessed with Buckfast consumption but it’s probably just classic projection.

    314. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I thought this would have been one of yooz’s railway videos…

    315. Tinto Chiel says:

      Ah, makes me nostalgic for Uncle Mac on the Light Programme, nanny toasting my marshmallows for tea, reassuring GPs driving around in Rover 90s, PC49 kindly directing dotty little old ladies safely across the road, The Suez Crisis, The Profumo Affair, Ronan Point, the “E” in Concorde is for England (he Benned), The Chagos Islands scandal……..

      Maybe not, then. Living in the UK has probably always been crapola under one of the most corrupt political set-ups in Europe where a supposedly equal partner in a union is simply outvoted 12-1 in what is effectively an England-only parliament.

      And somewhere in the multiverse, cosmic theory suggests there will be a punk, drug-addled Uncle Mac swigging chilled voddie from a bottle and playing this:

      Supplemental: given all that, it’s really quite amazing Harold Wilson kept us out of Vietnam.

    316. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Railway theme, Light Programme, Uncle Mac…

    317. Tinto Chiel says:

      You’re on the right track there, BDTT.

    318. Dan says:

      A couple of 2 min clips from an episode of Firing Line with Bernadette Devlin. (The whole hour long episode is on Youtube)
      Listening to what she says in these two clips I can’t help but feel there’s similarities in the behaviour of those in power today.

    319. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: thanks for reminding me why I admired Bernadette Devlin from when she began to appear on the BBC in the late 60s/early 70s. Such an articulate, intelligent woman, speaking with absolute conviction against Brit Power. If only we had such a leader.

      I suppose the first clip reminds us of the importance of having your own currency and the second that The Law is what WM (and now the SG) says it is.

      I am also reminded what an arrogant, condecending Gove William Buckley was. Thank God Bernadette ploughed on and wasn’t deflected, unlike any SNP spokesman/woman.

      I was en route to the Tweed today to commune with the Great Spirit. I passed a Rover 3.5 Coupe on the M74 and remembered the wonderful sound of it just idling when one was ahead of me queuing for the Corran ferry in the 80s. I wondered if you had ever worked on one? I can’t imagine the mpg was great but what a wonderful burble…….

    320. Lizg says:

      Clapper 57 @ 5.43
      Hey Flapper I hope you are well πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your kind comments the other day and for reporting the fool.
      I’d got caught up with stuff and had forgotten to respond to you then… bad πŸ™‚
      It has been such a long time since we had a chat…..we’ll need to try and coordinate our visits here better….

      Tinto Chiel @ 7.18
      I agree it’s very much the same guy,he’s had various names but hasn’t the brains to change his style.
      His obsession stems from the time he called Capella and I west end and morningside snobs, he got a spanking from us over it as we found it hilarious, and then he seemed to notice I come from North Lanarkshire .
      He then decided that buckfast was the go to response for me ( like I said no very bright ) …..
      I leave his comments to stand alone for others to judge, and then posters can and do leave him conversing with his support identity who always shows up with him.
      As you say the Revs valuable time would be all used up dealing with those idiots if they got their way,and they always get themselves into a position where any of us can report them to the Rev at any time anyway while readers learn to recognise who to ignore.
      No a perfect system by any means and too hot to handle for some but probably as good as it gets in our particular circumstances .
      Hey Ho whit can ye dae πŸ™‚

    321. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Liz g: “His support identity who always shows up with him.”

      I spilled some of my Buckie chortling at that. I always chill mine.

      Well, it is breakfast time and I live in The Other Lanarkshire.

      This reheated kebab with cheesy chips from last night is stoatin’….

    322. JGedd says:

      Just a little salute to Liz g & Capella who fight the good fight on the main thread, despite the nasty interventions of a certain ‘personality’ – trying to be polite here – who has many identities but all with the same private obsessions which unfortunately, he makes public.

      A little tribute to you both in this music. If you have ever seen ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ then you’ll like this – even in the darkest reaches of North Lanarkshire.

    323. Clapper57 says:

      Hi Lizg,

      O/T THE place to be….a safe haven far away from the too many ‘idiots’ to mention who think they are being smart but are merely showing their ignorance by the bucket load..a bit trashy IMO so fits with ‘bucket load’ Lol…..indeed.

      Yes we DO need to co-ordinate visits / comments….I’m considering just commenting on OT only as growing weary of MT…..people like yirsel and Tinto Chiel up for a wee chinwag and laugh…God we so need a laugh….it’s either that or we are all one step away from a straight jacket… that we ask to wear too Lol…..

      You are fabby on MT and hold your own against the onslaught of certain individuals…..they do not like a woman giving their opinion….mind you they are not so good with the men either…perhaps they are just not social animals….maybe they should just get a personal diary and give us all peace….their use of ‘social’ media seems to be a contradiction given they seem to be the least ‘sociable’ beings on this particular social media site (sure same for any other sites they frequent too)…Lol

      All the best Liz and take care…have a fabby evening ( and what is left of the daytime).


    324. JGedd says:

      Sorry, I meant Clapper57. No offence to Capella but she seems to have struck camp & moved on to another site. Pity because we had a lot in common but the recent troubles within the SNP have caused an unfortunate rift.

      So my salute was for Liz g & Clapper.

    325. Dan says:


      Soz for not replying last night. Had an early night as I’m rather worn out with house repairs and the added bonus of toothache and a dentist that won’t respond to calls…
      Plus watching all this political shit play out on top of covid has fair scunnered me if I am honest.

      The housework has escalated to replacing sarking boards around the chimney and of course the resulting slate work.
      Where are all the social justice warriors highlighting that it is outrageous that in times of austerity some twat should whack a listed building and conservation area on a house which means I’ve to repair and replace Scottish slates that measure a tiny 4inches square up near the ridge… πŸ™
      Of course one old slate slipped and took out the skylight window pane so that then needed removed for repair…
      The glass was horrid anyway so the job was always on the cards. Remove old glass and putty, clean up cast iron frame and the prime then paint, cut “new” recycled old glass and putty the panes in, I’m waiting on putty curing before I paint again and refit.
      Good news is I’ve sourced 150 used bricks so the new chimney won’t look too new… once it’s built. That’ll need 150 bricks plus mortar lifting up the ladder… sigh

      Yes, you pick up my thoughts with regard to what Bernadette Devlin was saying and the parallels we see today.

      Engine wise I’ve owned several Rover V8s, including an early P5B with 10.5:1 compression ratio fitted to an old classic Range Rover I rebuilt from ground up but have since sold on.
      If you are into engine sounds then there is a whole world of stimulation out there.
      Here’s a couple of 1 min clips to start you off. They even cut to give you 30seconds of exhaust note!
      Gardner 6 cylinder.

      Here’s a Dorman 3 cylinder with added Samba tones once you hear the exhaust!

    326. Cactus says:

      Thought(s) of the week:

      – Scotland is an ancient and unique international country, the United Kingdom is not. The United Kingdom is an outdated ceremonial union between two voluntary kingdoms. That be all.

    327. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: your building experiences always leave me exhausted. I’d like to help with the bricks but at my age you’ll have to hod your own πŸ™‚ . *Gets coat*.

      That There Gardner looks a beautiful engine but I found domething on YT that pretty much replicates my Corran Ferry Experience:

      I reckon I could go to sleep listening to that on a loop
      recording. Would about 18 mpg on the urban cycle be about right for such a burbling beauty?

    328. Dan says:

      I think you’ll need to get two coats on for that “hod yer own” line. πŸ˜‰
      I’m trying to contact either of these lads for getting the bricks up the ladder. They haz da skillz.

      Nice V8 burble there but you might have warned us about the Union Flag content!
      A wee car with a big engine will actually get into the 20s of MPG if it was geared and setup right. The last Rover V8 I ran was the mid era 3.9 EFI which got into the 20s in a Range Rover.
      Of course it could be be run on LPG so you will be marginally more green… at least for an individual that runs a V8.

    329. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: apologies for the lack of UF warning: I noticed it at first viewing but I was so transported by The Burble that I forgot to remember to warn you.

      Those brickies were very impressive. I noticed the first guy made an angle at alternate levels until he just threw them on. Impressive technique!

      Thanks for the facts about mpg. Sadly, I will never own such a machine but can always dream.

      My dear old dad had a Wolseley 4/44 for a while but it had a sewing machine for an engine by comparison, as the numbers suggest. The only fun he got was people ahead of him thought he was a police car occasionally and behaved accordingly πŸ™‚ .

    330. Clapper57 says:

      There’s been a tweet from George Foulkes where he goes all cockney….he disnae say shut me up prefers “shat me up”.

      Here’s his tweet :

      “Some people will do anything to shat me up! But it’s all in a good cause.”

      Was he down at the old Bull and Bush….Shat it you slag….up the apple and pears you slag….darn in london tarn you slag….am a cockney rhyming geezer you slag….me plates of meat are killing me you slag….would you adam and eve it you slag….wee Jimmy is getting ‘er Alan Whickers in a twist again you slag…..’ave been at the old Nose and Chin again you slag… am off for a Jimmy Riddle ( on my trousers again) you slag…..

      Richard Lennon should grab him by the airs and graces (needs these as belt not an option for his big belly) and ask him if he’s Elephant’s Trunk again….if so …Richard Lennon should tell him to …shat it you slag…..or he WILL find himself darn at the old Bull and Bush with Richard Lennon giving him the old final push…..

      Headline : Pish gets the push with a right old kick in the Tush cause he couldn’t keep shush …shame when the job he had was so cush…..

    331. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper57: thank you for your worrying Special Report re latent Cockney tendencies in George “Pussy, Pussy” Galloway and Richmal Who? Leotard.

      At first I dismissed it as an MSM scare story but unfortunately I have discovered this disquieting footage which seems to confirm your exclusive:

      I was Down Your Way in Embra today: I waved but you didn’t see me, so I repaired to a low drinking den round the corner from Harvey Nick’s with a fellow malcontent πŸ˜‰ .

      Have a lovely evening……

    332. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 7.00pm

      Ahh was not George pussy pussy but George Pissy Pissy aka Lordy George Foulkes….you see as you and JGedd raise the tone of OT I lower it… Richard Lennon….Lennon is Angela Rayner’s pet name for him apparently…as video proof on Twitter where she introduced him as such……though her accent is strong I suspect she may have actually called him a Lemon…..what a dip.

      Anyway I missed your wave in Edinburgh..but will await the second wave….don’t tell Prof Hugh Pennington as he has maintained there would be no second wave…speaking of old Hugh no relation to blind Pugh (Pew)…has he been put out to pasture yet or is he just locked in the stables…..not seen his skeletal mug on telly fir wee while…..phew we missed a bullet with him not appointed as CMO for Scottish Govt during Covid…….the Grim Reaper daily updates…shiver…me timber…..I heard he was last seen playing with his Scotland in Union action figures….playing war games …The War of the Big Noses…of which he has one and t’other action figures are a bit nosey too.

      …Harvey Nicks…I did not know that he did that…. I always thought Harvey was a law abiding citizen….one lives and learns…daily…correction minute by minute a la UKnotOK political scene….I say scene but obscene seems more apt.

      A low drinking den…did you go into the North British Hotel then Lol….La Dee Da….the low part being the title of said hotel…..

      All kicking off on MT today…..I’m too thick to comment on grown up stuff like that….so I prefer to play the child in the room on OT while t’other adults like yourself and JGedd can keep me in check…sort of…though prefer tartan to check…..

      Anyway VSA Clapper over and out…back on civvy street…just time to say….have a good day tomorrow as tonight is fair drawing in… so it is it is….

    333. Clapper57 says:

      BTW just read the following :

      “Forty Tory MPs refusing to attend unconscious bias training intended to tackle racism in the Commons”

      ” UNCONSCIOUS bias training”…..I think they would have went if only the person trying to persuade them hadn’t told them he thought it was going to be a KNOCK OUT…Ba Dum Tish.

      Plus bias is part of the Tory DNA….and is a CONSCIOUS part too …..cut away the bias and all you have left is a new slant…Ba Dum Tish

      Not all Tories are racists but wager all racists are Tories….and they’re doing it deliberately ( consciously) too.

      I’ll get my coat…it’s cut on the bias… that’s seamstress street lingo when down at the bingo with Ringo the gringo while listening to Placido Domingo ….me bad…again.

    334. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: your stream-of-consciousness/free association is in fine fettle, Clapper57, and in welcome contrast to the grimness all around (and more to come tomorrow, I hear).

      While the train was pulling into Waverley yesterday I was reminded of the apocryphal (OR WAS IT?) joke about the American tourist who asked why they built the castle so close to the railway. I smiled mentally and then thrashed myself with metaphorical birch branches for enjoying myself for a few nano-seconds.

      Ahoo, werewolves, etc.

    335. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 9.54am

      Yeh thon American tourist many an urban myth via stories told to promote their gullibility…’s a bridge you can buy or what about this castle…..

      Mind you times are hard we all may need to resort to desperate measures…

      Why just today I said to my hubby if the going gets tough I may have to sell my body….to which he replied ” Which part”..

      Nah just joking as if my husband would be brave enough to say that…..and still think he would be in possession of ALL parts of his body if he made such a remark to me…..after me offering the ultimate sacrifice to boost our fortunes….by a few pennies…Lol

      Yes…allowing humour when all is so tense and serious….how very dare you…..hence my reticence to enter the MT…..I mean I know sh*t is going down in all directions but I personally feel I have said enough and would just be regurgitating same old same old………..I would hazard a guess that on MT if you attempt humour or a vain attempt at humour it would not be welcome (by a few) or would just be ignored (by many)……..Hey Hen this is MAN’s TALK GTF wae yir funnies it’s Testosterone that’s needed in this debate no oestrogen funny business…..mak yir man’s tea and we’ll sort oot what needs to be said and done here okay dokey……

      Obvs my pathetic attempt above at MAN talk clearly shows I am not an expert in how HE MEN talk …but reading between the lines….which on MT is sometimes a mercy Lol….I think some interventions are unwelcome……maybe I should change my mantle to Bob the Builder….and write posts like..Can we fix it…Yes we can…..that should rally the troops…speaking of troops heard Boris was threatening to send them in for non compliance of rules he asked peeps to break no that long ago…work…don’t work…go to the pub and for a half price meal…don’t go to the pub or restaurants after 10pm just stay in….Go on holiday bring back Covid….don’t go on holiday unless you bring back Covid….

      10pm is the new witching hour….day what ya like t’in pub as lang as afore 10pm or Coronavirus the witch will git yae….apparently the new Covid rules can be found on the Confused dot com website…..but you can only look before 10pm if you look after that time Soldier Blue will come intae your hoose and make you do 100 press ups and dig a trench around your property …to stop you going to the pub, work, restaurants and to places abroad where, unlike Britland,peeps abroad apparently do not like freedom according to Boris today in HOC….who knew..nobody…as he just made it up…like everything else he does…..makes it up as he goes along…..

      Land of Dope and Gory….etc etc….Tinto me bad…again…

      Have a nice evening…if you recover from this rant…or rather rantess as from a female of the species….Lol


    336. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: I’m listening πŸ˜‰ ……….

      I must say Mr Clapper’s remark was quite pert in the circs but please tell him there is a man-cave in my extensive policies here at The Towers which he can use if things get a bit frosty at home. It has a stove, a small but selective cache of malt whiskies and the collected works of Nigel Molesworth should things get tough.

      The M/T needs female contributors as you know and K1 has never shied away from expressing her opinions, so just boogie on down to The Clapper Sound and may The Force be with you.

    337. Dan says:

      Neither Tinto or either of those brick juggling lads in the vids turned up at mine this afternoon to assist with carrying bricks up to the roof. πŸ™
      That being the case I only managed to get a couple of courses laid, after carrying dozens of bricks up the ladder and sorting out the issue with using metric bricks on an imperial chimney… FFS that pesky Euro metric system whilst working on old foot and inch houses has almost turned me into a “Brexiteer”!
      On the bright side my jazz freestyle building skillz are making the lum look rustic as fuck, so with that and my use of lime in the mortar, it should keep the listed building and conservation authorities off my back.

    338. Tinto Chiel says:

      I would have tried if asked but what with my bad back and all………

      Lang may yet lum reek.

    339. Dan says:

      Nae bother Tints. Pure totes unerstan havin’ a bad back.
      (Tryin’ tae type mair Scotslike)
      That said cycling really helped strengthen my core and has all but eliminated the bouts of back pain I used to get.
      All that repetitive lifting means ye get strong, but it actually can create a muscular imbalance that can tilt the pelvis leading to back issues.

      Today I tried Self IDing as an expert bricklayer but still only managed to lay a couple of courses. This raises the question that just because you say you are something it doesn’t necessarily mean you are…

    340. Tinto Chiel says:

      “This raises the question that just because you say you are something it doesn’t necessarily mean you are…”

      If things go as we fear, that kinda talk will get you banged up sooner than you can say: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

      I’m very disappointed: I had you down as a James Bond sort of guy but now it appears you’re not even a Flemish Bond sort of guy.

      I’ll get my coat, gloves, hat and cane…….

      “Tints”: πŸ™‚ .

    341. Dan says:

      lol @ yer brick building terminology, but I think Brooke Bond is more appropriate for me as I finish yet another cup of tea to delay having to go back up on the roof…

      I can manage 6 bricks up the ladder at a time. The actual laying is taking a while though as I’m trying to keep it rustic looking by mixing up the various colours of bricks so it doesn’t look to uniform and modern, plus knapping down bricks to deal with the great imperial / metric issue…

      Grand, the sun has just come out so better nip out and get high! πŸ™‚

    342. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Or, possibly, this “Bond”…

    343. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: yes it looks a fine day for it even where I am. Watch yourself up there, there’s few enough folk comment on here as it is……..

      @BDTT: those sketches looked live, so lines had to be delivered right at the first take, so quite a lot of pressure on the “actors”.

      It would be nice to think that Rikki was in the know and this was prophetic but unfortunately it was just because the guy was the face of a British Rail advert at the time:

    344. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I liked the way Les Dennis tried to suppress his laughter.

      “Live” was probably correct.

    345. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      BTW: this video came up after your Rikki one.

      Just shows how corrupt the BBC “was” back in the day.

    346. Tinto Chiel says:

      It doesn’t half. Thank God that institution has put its years of corruption and manipulation behind it πŸ™‚ .

      Poor John had a terrible childhood: although he was taught to read by his mum before school his childhood meningitis had lasting effects, erased much of his memory and gave him his mad, glassy-eyed look. His parents had to teach him to read all over again and I remember an interview when he spoke very warmly of them, for all the problems they had.

      To think how he was reviled while Savile received most of the accolades the UK could bestow: says it all really about the state we’re in (geddit?).

    347. Dan says:

      Euphoric high achieved…

      …as now over halfway up the lum.

      An extra bonus today as whilst up on the heights of the roof surveying the world I noticed a neighbour clearing old bricks out of his garden, so quickly tanned doon the ladder and negotiated acquiring them as they were smooth on the sides and ends which I need for corners.
      Swapped him some carrots, beetroots, and a cut to size slate for his roof. πŸ™‚

      This full time working on the house malarkey has really highlighted the lack of time I have to keep and eye on political shiz. It’s no wonder the general public lack proper insight into all that is going on.
      Good to see some quality posts from several folk on MTs who are watching various events with hawk eyes though. Your efforts are much appreciated.

    348. Dan says:

      Quiet in here…

      Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future..

      I want to fly like an eagle… just not over North Perthshire…

    349. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT –

      Cheers for the J Rotten link. Makes you wonder how many of the gang he referred to are still working or remembered with fondness as national treasures.

    350. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan 6.22: I think that’s why I was so angry at photos of The Dunkeld Incident, with J. Swinney and Wishy-Washy whooping it up with their landowner and Tory friends on 31/1/20. The butchery of our wildlife is a disgrace.

      The last time I saw a male hen harrier was on Islay in 1985, a silver ghost quartering the ground (peotry) near Gruinart. We spotted a female on a hill above Loch Muick a few years ago, a day marred only by an unexpected meeting with Camilla herself (we did not genuflect). I’ve heard Charlie does not approve of killing raptors on the Balmoral estate, which, if true, is something.

      For some reason, golden eagles seem safer in places like Skye. Perhaps the landowners there are more benign, I don’t know.

      Land reform seems increasingly unlikely now that we have the Duke of Buccleuch’s man advising the SG about “country matters”. In any case, that sort of big change will have to wait for independence but that seems further off to me than ever, so little hope there.

    351. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to give you soffisticates on here Something for The Weekend in the shape of a film which was not a huge box-office success at the time but has been favourably re-assessed in recent years:

      A searing expose (accute missing) of corporate capitalism, he Normaned, and why not?

      What is being truly “worshipped” in the opening scenes, groovers?

      Mammon, ya bass!

    352. JGedd says:

      Thanks for that link Tinto. Will watch it later, but just looking at the impressive opening titles, it promises to be an interesting watch. Going to get the popcorn for later. Ta ra ra noo.

    353. Cactus says:

      Thought(s) of the week:

      – Would we be correct in now understanding that the PM to NS, is what DC is to BJ.

      – The contemptuous composorette of the original and infamous ‘Garapara’ resembles a notorious and still alive (male) ‘rock-star’ of the 20th century, but without the long glam-rock hairdo… jigsaws for sale, two to the pound, oh my Gadd!

      – Deck the halls with boughs of tumbleweed, tra la l… that’ll be the first unnamed toon image I’ve seen on Wings. ps, I watched the Patterns movie Tinto Chiel, thanks for that, guid flick. Hope the above is okay.

      – Enjoy and make the most of your September holiday weekends.

    354. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: hope you are getting better and will soon be able to bestride manfully/personfully the sunlit uplands Where You Are.

      I noticed your musings on Marx a few threads ago and was relieved by your comments because my Big Boy’s Bumper Book of Marxist-Leninism includes none of the post-modernist wokerama crapola ideas normally attributed to Marxist Thought and I was aware, like you, that he held that women were pretty much the first victims of capitalism. It’s a pure puzzler right enough……

      @C-Man (ain’t risking moderation, me old haricot): glad you liked the fillum. Some things look better in b&w, innit?

      “By Gadd”: gotcha now πŸ˜‰ . To think a dose of the skitters used to be called The Garries on a rhyming slang basis. How right we were w/o knowing it.

      Hope you are well and still guitaring away. Don’t fret πŸ™‚ !

    355. Ian Brotherhood says:

      All hail C*****!

      Hoots bro, hope all well with you.


    356. Clapper57 says:

      I see Boris is making a remake of the Sidney James/Kenneth Connor film ‘What a Carve Up’………

      Apparently Boris wants Paul Dacre to be appointed Head of Ofcom and Charles Moore (now, thanks to Boris, Baron Moore) as chairman of the BBC.

      Have a nice day everyone……

    357. Clapper57 says:

      Just a little observation but the letter ‘R’ seems to be the go to popular letter with which to start the name of your political party…especially if you are a Bobby Dancer…….

      Galloway – former party – RESPECT

      Farage – registered new party – REFORM

      New right wing kid on the block Laurence Fox – new party – RECLAIM

      Anagrams of party names

      Respect – Spectre (obvs George G is Blofeld plus strong pussy connection).

      Reform – Former ( Former as in was but really still is Brexit Party).

      Reclaim – Claimer ( This guy Fox will claim anything to prove he is right……wing).

    358. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper 57: Retreads? Reheats?

      Cauld kale hett again, as Grannie said before gutting the rabbit and pressing the tongue with a 10lb weight πŸ˜‰ .

    359. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 6.51pm

      Lol….Granny wise….your examples perfect too.

      Und….Rekindle…Rerun…Regurgitate…Rehash….the ‘R’s’ have it………….the ‘R’s’ have it……….

      You know I have just realised that Politics just now is just an amalgamation of different game show titles….you can fill in the blanks after game show title….the lists would be endless…..done two examples after last two games shows I listed below but I could have chosen much more examples after other game show titles listed……Lol

      Blankety Blank….Catchphrase…Pointless…Deal or No Deal….Give us a Clue…Opportunity Knocks….Winner Takes All…Mastermind…Tipping Point …The Weakest Link…Call My Bluff….Would I Lie To You….Have I Got News For You…University Challenge ( students self isolating )…Countdown ( to Brexit)…..etc etc

      Simples….you do not need to study politics at Uni you just need a comprehensive list of game show titles to guide you through the dirty maze to achieve and sustain power…..Bob’s your Uncle…..F*nny’s your Aunt….other relatives can be called whenever/whatever you like…..

      You are welcome to attend my next lecture ……in the not too distant future….. on the platform known as WOS OT…..this lecture was Politics for Dummies, Mummies and Strummies (i.e. guitarists who strum as cannot fingerpick)…..

      Your welcome…..Prof VSA Clapper57


    360. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper57 –


      You’re definitely on to something there – you’ll make a total Supermarket Sweep of any opposition!

      But what would your party be called?

      (For maximum Rev Stu support get Bullseye in there somewhere!)


    361. Dan says:

      Is Bullseye the show where Spears get thrown against a wall… πŸ˜‰

      Frosty last night and woke up (don’t worry not that woke) to wilted leaves on my squash plants, so harvested the crop. 3 x 20 inch 7lb marrows and five types of pumpkins now safely stored for sustenance over winter and potential no-deal catastrofuck.
      Autumn rasps bushes still providing more late fruit to jam up and store alongside the rhubarb, strawberry, and blackcurrant jam stocks.

      Tattie harvest has been poor, not quite Irish famine level but disappointing all the same. Suspect a late frost in spring stunted the shaw growth and set the plants back.
      Later spud experiments in containers mixed with seaweed and dung plus soil did better and produced my biggest Edzell Blues yet.
      No brickwork on Fri and Sat as too windy and frosts could damage mortar curing, managed a couple of courses this afternoon but it’s getting tricky as the height increases.

      Howz the leg healing up JGedd? Unfortunately my Mum took a fall recently and broke her arm just below shoulder which is a proper shite situation and a longish recovery too. πŸ™

    362. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood @ 8.39pm on 27 Sept

      Hi Ian, re your question “But what would your party be called”?

      Well it would NOT begin with letter ‘R’ for sure…..

      Galloway (former) party – Respect
      Farage (new) party – Reform
      Laurence Fox (new) party – Reclaim
      Mike Small (former fan of) – Rise party

      However reality is as follows :

      NO Respect, NO Reform and NO Reclaim….NO(one did)Rise…up.

      So Respect…Reform…Reclaim…Rise…’parties’…..yada yada.

      I think my party would have to be along the lines of the ‘The Official raving Looney party’ as to choose a similar title for a political party today would definitely reflect the mood of many in this f**ked up world we currently are having to endure especially in UKnotOK….as in Scotland we have no RESPECT shown, are desperate to RECLAIM our country back and independence is the best way we can, as a country, REFORM and to do this we desperately need, as a nation, to RISE up and be a nation again……mind you it seems by having the letter ‘S’ at start of your political party name is preventing this very thing from happening…….have I hit a ‘Bullseye’ with that observation πŸ˜‰

      Have a nice day

    363. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper57 –

      ‘One hundred and EEEIIIIIIIGHTTEEEEEEEEE!’


    364. Clapper57 says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood @ 1.41pm

      Super, smashing, great….you can’t beat a bit of bully….

    365. Tinto Chiel says:

      The English teachers’ song:

      “Love, love is a verb/ Love is a doing word….”

      Except it can also be a noun, obvs, but they couldn’t get it to scan properly πŸ™‚ .

    366. JGedd says:

      @Tinto & @Dan

      Doing quite well thanks. Now that I’ve got my leg back (it was down the back of the sofa) I’ve been trying to catch up on stuff. Walking a bit further afield every day but haven’t made it up the hill yet.

      If I get too gallus though, I suffer for it later as the muscles start screaming. The longer the period of inactivity caused by a break, the greater the deterioration in the muscles. However, despite complaining muscles, the pain is gain. There might be pain one day but the following day, the muscles are stronger. Funny fellas, muscles.

      Dan doesn’t have to bother about idle muscles. When I read about your daily work schedule, Dan, it makes me reach for the sal volatile. Not forgetting Tinto with his trellis wrestling. There must be some impressive muscle sculpting going on there. No wonder the woman from No 5 twitches her curtains.

      Sorry to hear about your Mum, Dan, but you really will have to stop having your mother up on the roof hod carrying.

    367. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: glad you are slowly improving in the muscle department.

      This covers not quite the same situation but the general principles apply:

      I assure you I could never have sexual congress with the woman at No.5, since we are not politically aligned. The same thing happened with me and Claudia Cardinale and besides, her casarecce were disappointing.

      Life’s like that.

    368. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Perhaps the missus at No 5 is twitching because you make her nervous?

    369. Tinto Chiel says:

      @IanB: indubitably, as any right-minded, Daily Mail-reading ratepayer should be, although some of the curtain twitching could be Dahlia Envy but I don’t really want to go into that just now.

    370. Clapper57 says:

      I saw last week that The Man in a Hat who once pretended to be a Cat to try to disguise the fact that he was actually a Rat….responded to a tweet from Andrew Neil who tweeted that his new ‘News’ channel GB News was forthcoming…

      The Man in a Hat tweeted his congratulations in response to Andrew’s tweet….but those of us who can read inbetween the lines knew it was The Man in The Hat actually asking for an invite onto said new ‘News’ channel….as The Man in a Hat sees this as a perfect platform for his new ‘project’ in the shape of a fake alliance party to promote…. himself.

      I guess wherever this particular Man can lay his Hat then that’s his HOME……left…right…any wing….there is desperate and then there is George Galloway…..and we all know where The Man in A Hat’s NATURAL HOME is……sadly for The Man in a Hat it will not be at Holyrood as that will eventually be a DETACHED HOOSE…currently it is SEMI DETACHED from The Man in a Hat’s preferred political RESIDENCE aka his desired first choice the HOUSE-Of-Commons .

      What will the Man in a Hat do, when next year, those in Scotland send him HOME to think again…..well actually he will go back darn sarf and focus on his other new ‘REAL’ party the ‘Workers of Britain Party’ and become the pound shop politician he truly deserves to be…and is… opposed to the fat Cat he longs to be..I thought it was only Americans who put Hats on their Cats…yes me claws are out and I’m being catty …Meow…..Hiss and Spit.

      Hope everyone is well on here…..obvs wish you all a good day ……and evening……purr purr.


    371. Tinto Chiel says:

      Clapper57: highly suggestive of this……..

    372. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 3.10pm

      Indeed it is…the very one.

      If you want to get ahead…get a HAT….however if you deviate, via say appearing on a minor Zzzzzzzzzzz celebrity prog for those Zzzzzzzz ‘listers’ in desperate need of money, and then unwisely on said prog. decide to become a CAT well then you can say goodbye to THAT….getting ahead I mean….mind you I do believe in order to wear a HAT you do need a HEAD….in George’s case I think the wearing of the HAT is more a tactical cover up…also known as baldness… than a sign he has indeed got ahead in life……

      And…and… to top it all of you are also seen wearing a Red Leotard on same prog. while performing a compulsory humiliation ritual dance to confirm your minor Zzzzzzzzzzz celeb status even more…. well there are some things that cannot be unseen…… or undone……but money talks for George….so seems wherever he lays his leotard… is indeed where he will dance….if the price is right ( another game show title)…Lol

      There is no going back for George…or forward…but I do believe some Cats can move to the side….with or without wearing a red leotard…..

      George thinks he is going to be the Cat that gets the cream…he just does not realise yet that it will, more than likely, be curdled….a bit like George….past his sell by date…..BTW the red leotard was silky and tight….also a bit like George…..Lol

      Tinto hope all well with you…..have to say I am not a fan of Paul Young BUT that song could be George’s anthem….for OOR side….Lol


    373. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Dahlia Envy?

      Is she in No. 7?

    374. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: nay, nay and thrice nay, me old haricot.

      No. 5 covets my tuber preparation and winter formula. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before she gets her hands on my protocols.

    375. Tinto Chiel says:

      The wrong time and the wrong season for this, really, but thrawnness runs in the family (my granny was a sniper in the Peace Corps):

    376. Michael McCabe says:

      Morning Tinto hope you and yours are well just Ben catching up on some excellent pieces by the rev on the MT.
      Just thought I would drop in here and wish you and the off topic posse all the best and hopefully meet up when we are back to some sort of normal.
      Take care everyone. ??

    377. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MMcC –

      Hoots mon!

      Hope all well with you.


    378. Tinto Chiel says:

      Greetings, Michael: good to hear you are fine. AOK @ The Towers.

      Hope to see you at a meeting sooner than later, if we’re allowed πŸ˜‰ .

    379. Tinto Chiel says:

      Quite a fillum and quite a score:

      You’re welcome!

      *Blubs like a big gurlie*

    380. Clapper57 says:

      Hello how is everyone…..

      It was so so so cold in Edinburgh today……fur knickers will have to come out…..fake fur obvs…..

      Well…now winter is drawing in my husband and I have decided now is a good time to watch the Hitchcock box set….win win for me as North by Northwest has my smooth talking s*xy beast Mr Mason in it…..never seen it but hubby said it’s good.

      My faves are Rear Window, Dial M for Murdo…oops mean Murder, The Birds…do not like Psycho, Marnie or Vertigo so he can watch them all on his lonesome….

      Now is the Time for boxsets…mind you I also have a Laurel & Hardy box set so will watch them too….Oliver the Eighth is great….as is the one with the Gorilla called ‘The Chimp’….

      Have a good day tomorrow everyone…..Take Care


    381. Macart says:

      @ Clapper57

      Finished reading some chums comments and caught yours as I was just about to shut down. Ta for the shout. πŸ™‚

      Not doing a lot of net surfing these days, but it’s always nice to drop in when I can and see some friendly names.

      *waves* Be safe all. πŸ™‚

    382. Clapper57 says:

      @ Macart

      Waves back… take care too….come into OT occasionally whenever you can for a wee chat and….a laugh (hopefully Lol)…..a true Indy person like yourself is always welcome……you were (are still) always very civil and friendly…..

      There is more that unites us all than divides us…I hope πŸ˜‰

      Have a lovely day tomorrow


    383. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, Macart: hope things are getting better with you.

      Clapper: not Hitchcock I know but you may like to scare yourself with “Sorry, Wrong Number” starring Barbara Stanwyck. Not my favourite actress, though my Dear Old Dad had a pash for her.

      I would have bunged it on here but I couldn’t get it for free, though BDTT probs has a website where you can find it beamed back off the moons of Mars or something.

      Btw, Mars comes close to the moon (line of sight only, of course) this evening.

      Lovely morning Where I Am: from my bedroom window in the east wing, the lambent, limpid light is pure stoating aff the floodlights of Fir Park.

      Earth hath not anything to show more fair, innit?

    384. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 7.53am

      ” β€œSorry, Wrong Number” starring Barbara Stanwyck”….will watch out for it…as channel 81 may show this as they show many auld films do they not .

      The sun is shining in Edinburgh today….not been out yet but hubby and I are going to go for a wee walk around Holyrood Park…you know we once walked around Holyrood park and guess who we bumped into pushing her buggy up a hill….Ruth Davidson…..this was while she was still on maternity leave and still leader of Tories in Jockland…..not a smile or acknowledgement from her…..her heid was doon….push push push the buggy…..that was when she was REALLY taking time off to be with her family πŸ˜‰

      Anyway…’s all kicking off…expect The Man in a Hat will have come close to self combusting….and like the Tories will be over egging the pudding on a certain shock/scandal….you see to over egg a point in politics ….I mean really really really over egg…when sitting in a glass house… a flawed strategy because the real message gets lost and then playing party politics replaces it for the audience you target….win win for those you oppose though…..I believe Tank Commander’s keyboard is on fire….call 999 she’s getting mugged on Twitter ….Lol…happy days…..Tories cannae help themselves….do as we say not as WE do….Lol

      Have fabby day Tinto ( and everyone else)….

    385. JGedd says:


      Agree with you about Marnie, Pyscho & Vertigo. I don’t know, perhaps for the same reason, could I venture? Those films are notable for their disturbing attitude towards women.

      I agree about North by Northwest – that scene out in the prairie with Cary Grant trapped in the open is quite brilliant. It cleverly overturns the expectations of the audience who normally think of being safe in the open & might be thought to relax & not expect any danger. In fact, the danger is actually present virtually from the moment that Grant steps out beside that road but we, the audience, do not notice it. Hitchcock did admit to having a sadistic streak but only ( he said ) towards the audience(?) & liked toying with their expectations & assumptions.

      I could go on & on about that scene & what makes it so brilliant but won’t. Unfortunately there is a lot about Hitchcock often displayed in some of his films which cause queasiness. As a director, he isn’t alone in that.

      By the way, those knickers, since you are from Embra I thought it was fur coats but no ….?( Ouch, sorry. I would kick myself, but I might fall down.)

      @ Tinto

      ‘Earth hath not anything to show more fair’ That was London, innit though?

    386. JGedd says:

      @ Macart

      A bit late, but I hope your circumstances are getting better. I only know you by your contributions online & used to enjoy the occasional articles you did for WGD.

      Best wishes for the future.

    387. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC et al.

      Usual caveats – if told it’s a deceptive page, accept the risk. If you get any pop-up windows when you click play, close them.
      You may be told your Flash needs updated or viruses have been detected or your download is ready and so on. Ignore and close.

      I got it to play fine.

    388. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: “That was London, innit though?”

      It pure was. I went there once but it was full of people and buildings, so I just came home again. Do you have an estimated date when all will be well with you? Thought we could try the Matterhorn in the spring…..

      @BDTT: thanks for that link. I may test my McAfee A-V by clicking on it. I’ve got a DVD of SWN but may browse for some urra stuff.

      @VSA Clapper: I’ve been out and about today so seem to have missed something. Has Gorgeous George had an INTERVENTION and is Buffalo Gal being whacked mightily for hypocrisy on Twitter?

      If so, knock three times and ask for Samantha πŸ˜‰ .

    389. Macart says:

      @ TC, J Gedd, Clapper57

      Thanks folks. Slow but sure for now. πŸ™‚

    390. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd @ 1.20pm

      Hope you are well….yes and I believe Hitchcock had a ‘thing’ for blondes…and Tippi Hedren even accused him of s*xually assaulting her……so these films you mentioned are a tad disturbing from a female perspective….as perhaps was he…

      Not seen North by Northwest yet…..preparing to drool over James smooth talking Mason… still my beating heart…to H*ll with the plot….Lol

      Yes it is Fur coat nae Knickers wae the Morningside ladies who lunch…..I however buck the trend and wear fake fur knickers and prefer NOT to lunch while wearing them in or out of Morningside…..with or without a coat …non fur one obvs.

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 4.09pm

      I was speculating about George…though I would bet my fake fur knickers he’s tweeted…with glee…something on these events..perhaps even added it onto his list via his petition online for #SturgeonToResign…….opportunity knocks for many today… to Tank Commander I believe she is attempting a Guinness book of records in the most tweets on same subject within a short timescale which when compared to her non tweeting over Dominic C has finally exposed her as THE Queen of Hypocrites….before she was only the Princess of Hypocrites though perhaps her new title should be Baroness Hypo (Hippo) of Crite leader of all Buffalos and other creatures one can sit astride to strike a pose…with token Tanks…as a gesture…of ill will.

      I believe a lot of Tory MP’s of all BritNat nationalities have been joining in via tweets today however the exemption to the pile on has been No 10…I wonder why….does Boris know something his colleagues are ignoring….and they’re doing it deliberately too….speaking of which if George pissy pissy has not tweeted on this today also (Margaret Ferrier) then I will eat my fake fur KNICKERS and wash them down with the blood drained from defrocked VICARS….little party trick of mine..Lol

      @ Macart @ 4.19pm

      Take care…and haste ye back… πŸ™‚

      Enjoy your evening everyone…….

      #FurKnickersRock……no jokes please…. πŸ˜‰

    391. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper57: you haven’t seen NbNW yet? Surely not (and don’t call me Shirley).

      You’re in for a treat. I prophesy that late or soon, James Mason will have you in a swoon (apologies to The White Rose of Alloway).

      Repeat after me: “So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, Mr Kaplan……”

      Controversial Statement: I have gradually gone off Cary Grant during my inevitable, mortal journey to The Great Unknown. I liked him in those early screwball comedies but I’ve decided there’s something highly mannered and prissy about his later performances which really gets on my (scumball, I freely admit) Lanarkshire nazzums. I’ll go further: he drinks his martinis like Audrey Hepburn.

      Sorry, it had to be said.

      I feel better now.

    392. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      As you know, Pauline Kael wrote about Cary Grant’s appeal & pointed out his ambiguity, which he often played up in those early films. She famously said that in those films, in which he seemed to undermine the masculine image of the traditional male lead in Hollywood films, he was often taking the woman’s role & this passive, self-mocking role-playing in films such as ‘Bringing Up Baby’ made for crackling on screen chemistry with the female lead, in this case Katherine Hepburn. It was role reversal, all the more intriguing because of his obvious physical advantages.

      In later films in his more mature years this

    393. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ JGedd: you were saying?

      Who Pauline Kael?

      I no nuffink!

    394. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      (This is a new laptop & sometimes it is annoyingly over-sensitive. You just need to breathe on it & (aargh) it’s posted.)


      In later films, in his more mature years, this ambiguous persona seemed to make Hollywood uneasy. After the war years, Hollywood wanted to return to the traditional roles of males & females. The male being the object of the mating dance did not sit well in this new post-war macho world where the male was expected to be the seducer, not the other way round.

      Women were now expected to be the glamorous foils to the male leads & Grant had to be more assertively masculine. (Perhaps why you found his performances more mannered, more self-conscious?) He was naturally witty himself & subverting the usual presentation of male sexuality as in those earlier films seems to have been more natural to him.

      (By the way, I’m getting along well now & in answer to your challenge, by spring I’ll be able to sprint up the Matterhorn in ma gutties, young man. See you at the top.)

    395. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I remember a really intense argument in the school playground, we were in P7, so that would’ve been, err, let me think, aye, about 1974, over whether or not the voice of Captain Scarlett really was Cary Grant.

      He appeared in the credits as ‘Cy Grant’. For some, that was enough to ‘prove’ that it wasn’t THE Cary.

      Thinking back on it now, we did have some decent conversations when we were left to our own devices and they didn’t always end-up with some of us sporting Oor Wullie-style shiners.


    396. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: amen to all that and of course, he was from Bristol originally, which explains a lot πŸ™‚ .

      Delighted to hear you will be limber by the spring. Actually, ditch the Matterhorn: if we climb Vesuvius we can cook our porridge off a side-vent.

      “Gutties”: haven’t heard that word for a long time. A new boy came into our class at primary and referred to them as “sand shoes”. His first day didn’t end well…….

      At Ian B: gives me the excuse to post this

      CS appears about 6.10. I see (or hear) exactly what you mean about the voice but I’m sadly old enough to remember Cy Grant on the likes of Tonight because he was one of the few black men on TV at the time. It didn’t register when I was a nipper that it was the same man.

      Of course, to complicate matters further, he could have been impersonating Cary Grant for a laugh.

      Verily, the universe is deep and I wouldn’t want to paint it.

    397. Tinto Chiel says:

      Forgot to append this as one of my most vivid memories of primary school, apart from fighting The Alamo with the other kids on a flight of steps at the side of the assembly hall every day (weather permitting):

      These caused much pearl-clutching from adults of all sexes at the time because of the bloodily graphic content and so we loved them. I never managed the full set but such a thing can command high prices today (Β£150-ish).

      Sadly, the cards didn’t tell you how to pronounce Appomattox or Antietam properly……..

    398. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      ‘amen to all that’ Duly dismissed graciously. A bit like old Victoria’s (perhaps apocryphal?) comment to a child playing an instrument badly. “You have delighted us long enough.”

      You remind me of an old English teacher of mine who was the past master in damning with faint praise or the back-handed compliment. Sometimes it only dawned belatedly on the recipient of one of his subtle put-downs ( always delivered with a kindly smile) & there would be the sudden double take, usually on the way out of the classroom, followed by the indignant comment, “What did he mean by that? Cheeky *******”

      I had forgotten Cy Grant until IB’s comment then a light in the dim reaches of my memory flashed on & I remembered that there was an actor of that name, so Googled him.

      {An interesting guy. Explains also why, when I read the name in Ian’s comment, I also heard in my head, a calypso.

    399. Clapper57 says:

      In MAY of this year it was reported ( minus major fuss) that Peter Gibson Darlington Tory MP had travelled on a public train while suffering suspected Coronavirus …this is what he said:

      “When it was SUSPECTED that I had covid I was advised to TRAVEL HOME and isolate in my HOME, undertaking a 250 MILE JOURNEY from LONDON”

      BTW it was In MARCH 2020 he admitted to making a train journey while suffering suspected Coronavirus….He first had symptoms on MARCH 18th….he attended in HOC a Women’s and equalities meeting on that date i.e. MARCH 18….

      However the Telegraph, Daily Mail et al only REPORTED story on 28 MAY 2020…..I mention this as seems ‘timescale’ in reporting events in Ferrier’s case is a major problem with Douglas Ross, Ian Murray , Ruth Davidson and other Tories…..I however could not see any trace of BBC reporting this….however they did mention his name on a story on 25 May 2020 (3 DAYS BEFORE NEWSPAPERS BROKE STORY ON HIS TRAIN JOURNEY WITH SUSPECTED CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS) relating to Dominic Cummings breach of rules during lockdown on their website which stated :

      “There were also calls for an investigation into Mr Cummings’ actions from Conservative MPs Rob Roberts and PETER GIBSON, while Tory MP Lee Anderson suggested a decision on whether or not Mr Cummings’ should stay in his job should be made once the full facts are clear”.

      Just sayin…..that is I am just sayin that there is timescales and then there IS timescales…..there is also BBC omission of some stories and their promotion of other stories….currently on BBC Scotland website there are SEVEN Margaret Ferrier related stories…..SEVEN….lucky for some…as in you know who it is lucky for….THE OPPORTUNIST UNIONIST PARTIES AND COMPLICIT MEDIA FRIENDS…and other POND life that dwell on Twitter.

      Not justifying or condoning Ms Ferrier but the above re Peter Gibson does seem to warrant a tad more exposure in comparison….irrespective of who did/did not actually have confirmed positive case …as initially Mr Gibson suspected he had, via displaying symptoms, Covid but stated he was ADVISED to travel HOME by PUBLIC TRANSPORT….mind you he WAS following the Rubic cube advice heavily disguised as rules (to be broken) of the UK GOVT Covid rules….you know the ones that allow you to travel during lockdown to test your eyes while DRIVING a la Cummings…..the name Ruth D dare not mention in relation to all things Covid…

      Rant over and out….almost…Lol…I am not going to judge or defend Ms Ferrier’s actions as sure she knows only too well what she did and what it means………she also now fully understand the powerful microscope with which she is being studied and her actions magnified to an extreme proportion and the forensic details of her pre/post diagnosis being promoted 24/7 ……outrage is indeed selective in UKnotOK is it not.

      BTW it is rain mighty hard in Edinburgh the noo….have a dry indoor day and evening everyone….you know you want to….

    400. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JG: no, I was simply nodding along and had nothing to add to your comments.

    401. Cactus says:

      Hey Tinto Chiel, aye still pickin’ an strummin’ away on the banjo, nothing new, just personal pleasure aye. Yeah b&w works well, to imagine… we just apply our own colours, Hal did, now-be-days it’s all CGAye technology. Hoots to ye too Ian Brotherhood, I was thinking back recently to a comment and story you previously shared, about being in a greenhouse with a curious spider with the bestest of survival instincts… remembers that one well, always mindstore the good ones, good one. And here a hey and how’s it going fine William Wallace, ye braw man? πŸ™‚

      Thought(s) of the week:

      – The next time you watch the uk’s chancellor Sunak on the television, try closing your eyes and listen to who he sounds like when he speaks and you will find that his voice and delivery sounds like none other and exactly the same as warmongerer Tony Blair.

      – Thinking that I can only refer to certain members of the SNP family by their initials now…

      – Pending the opportunities to regain and reclaim Scotland’s natural freedom(s) from the Tories, I too also think it’s a good idea to get Yes consistently polling over 60 per-centum. Let’s blow the doors off the bloody polls! It gives us something positive and engaging to work to, outwith the current inactivity due to the continuable inactions of the present led ScotGov.

      – How ironic to think, “whoever has the power, has the control” – that famous line has now came full-circle eh and we’re not talking about biscuits.

      – SO would it be the PM that writes all of NS’s speeches, or does NS like to be independent that way.

      – Think, whenever the next SNP conference does eventually happen, there are going to be several loud shouty challenges coming from the audience of sat members – due to the position that they and we have been unnecessarily put in – they may even stand (unless of course it’s all staged online.)

      – Another description for ‘independence’ is simply… the changing of a country’s ‘status’.

      – SO I hear Spitting Image is coming back to the screens on that ‘BritBox’ thing. Sure, it’ll all be a laugh – if you subscribe to that sort of thing – but no doubt that medium will also be being used to subliminally promote the ukGov’s political agenda via Johnson and his team of terrible Tories. They did it before, so what’s to stop them doing it all over once again, how convenient and timely.

      – With regards to radio (repetitive adverts)… can we get rid of them meerkats already. With regards to television (repetitive adverts) on a certain channel… what’s the script and score with that Will Smith and a larger lady wearing a white wedding dress all the time, oh my Gok!

      Good day to ye, good day to ye all.

    402. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Blinkin blimeyness, those civil war cards are a bit gruesome. Just what the lads want right enough. Haven’t seen anything as grim on swappable cards, except perhaps the Scotland 1974 World Cup squad.

      JGedd, I have to fess up here, I was one of those who believed that Cy Grant WAS Cary Grant, but I did the wiki-checking and it gets curiouser and curiouser – what’re the chances that the producer hired one actor to do Scarlet’s voice because he was good at imitating Cary Grant and had hired another actor (to do Lieutenant Green) whose real name actually was Cy Grant? That’s some kind of synchronicity thing going on there, god wiggling his toes at the foot of the stage curtain…

      (I’m going to have some fun tormenting friends with this.)

    403. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: yes, Bloody Combat and Painful Death were much sought after, for obvious reasons. My mother binned my cards along with all my brother’s Eagle annuals during one of her mad clear-outs. Good job she didn’t find my cache of The Bunty πŸ˜‰ .

      Re 1974: the likes of Jim Holton and Joe Jordan looked as if they’d fought in the Civil War. And then there was the butter-wouldn’t-melt Silent Assassin wot was David Hay…….

      I’m sure Vlad The Impaler would have approved of their uncompromising attitude.

    404. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      The one I would’ve been after is the dude on fire falling as his balloon has just gone up in flames. Now THAT’S what ye call a proper ‘die’.

    405. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: do you think they’ll be a meaningful conference this year? It would be nice to think dissenters could make their case but if it goes ahead I’m expecting it will be tightly “managed”.

      I must listen to Sunak next time for the Blair Effect. I find just listening to Tom Cleverly (oh, the irony) has me fooled into thinking it’s Boris Johnson.

      @IanB: yes, simply gwoosome but they did little permanent damage, those cards, those cards, those cards…..

    406. Cactus says:

      Yeah, good point TC, as we are seeing now, SNP annual conference to take place on-line, the preferred way for most things to occur these days. And what comes thereafter of auld-school physical voting, instead of going postal, by using our own two feet to go out and go vote – or by wheels, should ye be.

      Polling stations should remain open and they should conduct each vote with-the-likes of something like national lottery style machines in each venue, but designed for voting… where the voter marks their X in a box on the voting slip, pops it in the machine, the machine makes a noise, you get a pop-up ticket confirming your vote which has a unique reference, which you can then check online, should you choose to do so.

      Yeah, I reckon the electronic “triple-A” passes will now be distributed accordingly to suit for St Andrew’s week.

      Awa for a walk in the late Sunday sun, have an excellent week.

    407. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      Watched NBNW today…..I may have to chill out in a freezer for the next few days….hubba hubba James Mason……I have come over all peculiar…even MORE peculiar than I am normally……. πŸ˜‰

      Have a nice evening….. πŸ™‚

    408. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA Clapper57: Yes, Mr Mason is the original Super Smoothie, innit? Pure suave wot like I am πŸ™‚ .

      Glad you enjoyed the experience but aye remember he’s but from Huddersfield.

      While making Mrs Chiel’s extensive brekker this morning, I heard this:

      According to the Radio3 chiel, Ravel began composing this en route to Paddington, so I thott JGedd would like it.

    409. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel on 4 October @ 8.31pm

      “Pure suave wot like I am”….why of course Tinto.

      So I came out of the freezer long enough to see that channel 81 Talking pictures were showing ANOTHER James Mason film ‘Age of consent’ last night……watched it until 2.40pm t’in morning…now that is dedication is it not.

      BTW he came from a well to do family his father was a wealthy textile merchant and James was educated at Marlborough college an independent boarding school and he earned a First in Architecture at Peterhouse at Cambridge University (thanks Wikipedia) … he might have come from Huddersfield but he wisnae one to say “What be you doin”?…..hence his refined speech… πŸ˜‰ …..Lol

      @VSA Clapper57 over and out…..reporting for freezer duty…chilling out exercise…..

      You know the drill….have a good day (and evening)… πŸ™‚

    410. Clapper57 says:

      @ me @ 12.16pm

      “2.40pm t’in morning”…..Lol…..make that 2.40am t’in morning.

      Obvs nothing suave about me or refined…..or clever….brain freeze obvs with being t’in freezer…..

    411. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: never heard of Age of Consent. I see a very young Helen Mirren is in it.

      Watch you don’t get frostbite with all this enforced chilling after exposure to Mason πŸ™‚ .

    412. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 3.53pm

      Yes Tinto…22 she was at the time I think….topless and bottom showing the wee madam…JM character is a painter…not as in decorator Lol…but as in artist …..and he paints her in the nude….that is she is in the nude not him Lol….if it had been him in the nude then I would have been unable to come on here today and type a comment as I would have been overcome with….emulsion…opps sorry thinking of painter ‘n decorator as opposed to…artist…meant emotion…obvs… πŸ˜‰

      The only over exposure I am experiencing is probably an over exposure to James Mason films….how much more can I take…well actually an endless amount it seems…and there is another one next Sunday on same channel called Bloodline made in 1979…oh and SKY Arts on Freeview has a Documentary this week called Discovering James Mason….like I needed an excuse….are they trying to drive me over the edge..and have me freeze myself to death..Lol

      Who needs politics when you can watch James Mason films….mind you if he was a politician I bet he would have been a bloody Tory…..

      Wee bit of incidental trivia about him….he was on Desert Island Discs once and his luxury item was Bagpipes….what a strange thing to call a woman……me bad…again. πŸ˜‰

      @VSA Clapper57 (Well) over and out…..

    413. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: hope you don’t get a nasty shock at the end of Bloodline on Sunday *spoiler alert* πŸ˜‰ .

      I’m sure I’m in a very small constituency of males who find that Helen Mirren doesn’t float my amorous boat but that’s just my opinion and, as Brian Clough* used to say, “It’s my opinion that counts”.

      I saw DJM a long while ago and it was an excellent episode, so you’ve a treat in store.

      *charismatic but flawed football manager of Derby County and Nottingham Forest, mainly. Don’t mention Leeds United πŸ™‚ .

    414. JGedd says:


      Thanks for that link. Love that concerto, its cool but also fiery !st movement & the 2nd movement is music to swoon to ( much the same as James Mason seems to do to Clapper at the moment!)

      You can hear jazz influences but also gamelan in that piece & others. Composers, such as Debussy & Ravel, were bowled over by hearing Indonesian gamelan at the Paris Exposition of 1889 & no wonder, gamelan is like that music, both sensuous & rarefied at the same time.

      Composed on the way to Paddington….? Never heard that one before. You have to be careful what presenters on Radio 3 say nowadays. I’m often tutting like an old git & grumbling to myself about “these presenters nowadays”.

      One of them, often on in the morning, seems to be under the impression that Debussy’s L’*pr*s-Midi d’Un Faune is a Disney style scenario of a young deer in a woodland. She compounded her mistake by saying it twice, once presenting on TV & then on the radio. Nobody in BBC ever thought to correct her.

      In fact it’s based on Mallarme’s poem of the same name about a r*ndy faun from Roman mythology waking up from what is basically a s*x dream about his favourite nymph. (Aargh, we’re back in Clapper country again. Ooer, Missus.)

      (Asterisks applied to save comment from that strangely prudish filter on this site. Oh well.)

    415. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd @ 7.00pm

      “2nd movement is music to swoon to ( much the same as James Mason seems to do to Clapper at the moment!)”

      Indeed…indeed πŸ˜‰

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 6.26pm

      ” Helen Mirren doesn’t float my amorous boat”

      Well Tinto I am sure you know WHO floats MY amorous boat πŸ˜‰

      BTW for anyone dropping in onto OT and who may have not read my previous comments….it’s James Mason… avoid any confusion re my above comment to Tinto…..Lol

    416. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Well Tinto I am sure you know WHO floats MY amorous boat ?

      BTW for anyone dropping in onto OT and who may have not read my previous comments….it’s James Mason… avoid any confusion re my above comment to Tinto…..Lol”

      Don’t worry, Clapper, you wouldn’t be the first to be attracted to my strange, unnatural beauty and you’re only human when it comes down to it but I can exclusively confirm carnal knowledge has not occurred beween us.

      @JGedd: yes, there’s a doctorate to be written on the gamelan and its influence on French music and there’s no doubt Radio3 has succumbed to the dread influence of RATINGS, with air-heads a kimbo at times, but this was just the other day. I admit I listen to it often because there are only two news/lies broadcasts a day and music is preferable to propaganda.

      Fortunately, I’ve got French in my fambly and can offer different perspectives πŸ˜‰ .

    417. JGedd says:


      Two examples showing the influence of gamelan on Debussy & Ravel.


      Considering the subject matter of this piece, I don’t know whether it will cool your jets or otherwise, since you are already quite (ahem) warmed up already.

      (I’m sitting in jammies with my mug of cocoa. ( Any minute now, that will trigger BDTT who will be on here to scoff & tell me that he eats red meat at midnight washed down with quarts of red wine. Oh what it is to be young & from Dundee. Lesser mortals with the gout can only marvel.)

    418. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Pork steak, green beans and chips, with sweet vermouth, while watching the 2006 Christmas episode of “My Family”.


      Any luck with the Barbara Stanwick fillum, TC?

    419. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 8.26pm

      Lol…you are so funny…you make me laugh…. πŸ™‚

      @ JGedd @ 9.31pm

      Temperature rising….hence self imposed freezer duty…..intermittent obvs…as not typing this comment in the freezer Lol….jets not cooled yet unfortunately …even AFTER listening to your music link….. πŸ™‚

      Ice Station Diva…..

    420. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: what did you mean to link to for Clapper? You repeated Pagodes.

      @BDTT: my McAfee blocked the “risky connection” so I gave up but I don’t suppose your Mac will require such crude devices.

    421. JGedd says:


      Yes, you’re right. I can’t multi-task. I was trying to do several things at once yesterday evening and didn’t notice until you pointed it out that I had posted that link twice. I’m an idiot.

      Should have been this:

      So for @Clapper, you can either look on this as a cute Bambi episode which might cool your over-heated state at the moment or as referred to in a comment to Tinto, a faun of Roman mythology often given to episodes of nymph chasing having a ‘sticky’ awakening from an erotic dream. The original poem makes clear which it is. ( I think the music does, too.)

      It might be advised to steer towards baby-deer-in-a-woodland-glade kind of thing as described by a Radio3 airhead.

      Otherwise, Clapper, it might be back in the freezer for you.

    422. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: makes perfect sense now. Fwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      Incidentally, just encountered a Radio 4 “airhead” on Women’s Hour while making the coffee (shouldn’t move that dial from The Third Programme πŸ˜‰ . The discussion was about renewable energy and great care was taken to not mention the word SCOTLAND at any point in the “conversation”. Nice-but-dim lady then comes away with the immortal line: “Our nation has lots of weather” which is wrong on several levels.

      Reminds me of Oliver Hardy’s feeble chat-up line with a vamp in the back of a taxi,”What a lot of weather we’ve been having lately!”

    423. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd @ 10.04am & Tinto Chiel @ 9.25am & 10.39am

      See how accepting I am ….I just assumed there was a message which I was unable to fathom via your original links on your comment on 5 Oct at 9.31pm….so I cobbled together a comment back to you at 11.53pm on the same date….Lol

      However via your subsequent comment it now makes more sense and I can now channel my inner Bambi (Lol) and can continue to sporadically chill out….and romp through the woodland with gay abandon……please note gay abandon is not my code name for JM and romp is as in movement not as in you know what….oh my God I feel a freezer beckons……again…..

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 10.39am

      ” β€œOur nation has lots of weather” ……

      Tinto did she say whether she thought this was due to the political CLIMATE and that with that abundance of WEATHER we could still WEATHER the STORM or was she just making a FORECAST and creating a fake ATMOSPHERE in heralding another Tory false DAWN….or perhaps her comment was an indirect comment on the SUNNY uplands of Brexit… opposed to the COLD WINDS that will be blowing come an enforced Scexit…..the same Scottish COLD WINDS that will greatly enable her ‘Nation’ ,via mostly Scottish WIND turbines, to operate fully…… spiffingly electrifying …….L-0-bloody-L

      Mind you , just the other day , I was thinking ****’My God Scotland has a lot of weather’****….then thought… should I say that out loud or just keep it in my head…..who knew someone else on radio would choose the former option….glad I kept it in my head now….so I didn’t give it OXYGEN unlike a certain AIRhead..Lol

      **** note worth me stating that I did NOT actually think that as I do not want to be SNOWED under with attacks that I am a Bimbo or “AIRhead”…****I am BTW Lol…end of (sort of) WEATHER related references…..for now anyway…me tired…


      Have a good day everyone…..and evening.

    424. Clapper57 says:

      @ me @ 12.12pm

      “.I just assumed there was a message”…..should be HIDDEN message….see I am dumb de dumb dumb DUUUUUUUUUUUMMMB….Lol

    425. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Clapper: of course, the “hidden message” on Pravdasound 4 is that SCOTLAND does not exist.

      The other day they were talking to two lockdown students at St Andrews Yooni. Both were English as it happened and there was no explicit mention of S______d, just a comment about how cold it was “up here”.

      Since you are a L&H fan, may I attempt to cheer you up with this inspired piece of daftness which Macart and I had a good laugh at one night on WGD?

      *Phone rings*

      Stan: Hello.

      Telephonist: It’s a long distance from Atlanta, Georgia.

      Stan: It certainly is!

      *Replaces receiver and returns to seat*

      I hate slapstick humour (e.g. The Three Stooges) but I always thought Stan and Ollie brought surreal and absurd qualities to their performance which were very clever. There was also a gentleness and innocence to their act which was an antidote to the snide and nasty humour which is often the norm today, he Normaned.

      Bob Monkhouse slagged them off by saying he couldn’t be bothered watching two men doing stupid things slowly while I thought, “Why should I listen to a smarmy fake-tanned creep like you who induces Savile-like levels of revulsion in me?”

      I feel better now.

      Ahoo, werewolves!

    426. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 1.27pm

      Lol…That was funny……the long distance joke……and very much Laurel and Hardy(ish) type of humour….Bob Monkhouse…cheesy.. way too cheesy for me and had a cheesy Wotsit shade colour of skin…. tangoed complexion…..staple diet of orange Tango and cheesy Wotsits…other side effect is cheesy comedy routine…

      Smarmy yes….not funny…..I mean Bob Monkhouse dissing L & H’s comedy….come on…..The Kings (of comedy)and the pauper (of cheese)….for sure…for sure….

      Wonder if Trump eats cheesy Wotsits in abundance…..and drinks orange Tango……cause his routine is cheesy too….though he more Gorgonzola than cheddar…..Lol..actually is that not what they call Gordon Brown with minor adjustment…GordonZola….he smelly too….

      Yes, for some Scotland does not exist… in… cannot be named…. in as much as actually conceding it exists at all or God forbid it contributes any value to the “Nation that has a lot of weather”…..I believe Scotland is on another Tory infamous Excel spreadsheet under their (the Tories) ‘official’ public line as value ‘Diddly squat’ …where as the Dark Tory Excel spreadsheet has it under ‘Hidden value’…very well hidden….now that’s a message…..hidden for some but not for others…. πŸ˜‰

      Which brings me nicely to this wot I read today :

      “Questions have been asked after Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove met with a Vote Leave-linked PR form to discuss β€œthe Union and devolution”.

      The Cabinet Office is refusing to disclose any documents under the Freedom of Information Act that would explain what was discussed at the official meeting between Gove and PR firm Hanbury Strategy in February.

      The Cabinet Office hired Hanbury on 16 March, just before the lockdown, to carry out polling to gauge public opinion during the pandemic. The work ended in July.

      Hanbury Strategy was co-founded by Paul Stephenson, who worked alongside Dominic Cummings as the director of communications during the 2016 Vote Leave campaign.

      The UK Government decided to award a contract to the firm without a competitive tender, a move which is now the subject of a legal challenge.

      The contract only came to light last month through a freedom of information request by the Guardian”…..

      And some think it’s Johnson in charge with Cummings Lol….GOVE orchestrates it ALL……so he does…so he does……I heard though that he shares the wearing of his his house…with the wife…as in she who MUST be obeyed…..she has a plan too…on her own Excel spreadsheet under AMBITION…..stick with the plan….there’s always a PLAN….I believe though sometimes it does FAIL…no matter how much you prepare…best laid plans and all that…..Lol

      Me bad….again !!!

      BTW ordered Georgy Girl on Amazon….could not resist…for obvs reasons…..

    427. JGedd says:


      I always thought that Woman’s Hour was just a ‘lady’s magazine’ type programme & it probably started out that way, to entertain the little lady at home with mainly domestic affairs, recipes & child care etc.

      Apparently though, so I’m told, in the 90s it began to broaden their focus on women’s issues so became quite political which might be why, if they carried on in that vein, they eventually found themselves the subject of attack from the woke sisterhood recently. Their longstanding host, Jenni Murray, it seems, committed the cardinal sin of challenging the trans lobby & had to leave the BBC.

      I liked Oliver Hardy more than Laurel which it appears was a common perception. Hardy always appeared like an overgrown child, loveable for his air of pomposity & ill-founded confidence, despite his airy ineptitude. In real life, people also seemed to prefer Oliver Hardy. He was gregarious & popular but a bit feckless _ a gambler & a drinker – which actually caused strains between him & Stan Laurel who was a pessimistic worrier.

      Steve Coogan did a sympathetic film aiming to rehabilitate Stan Laurel & explain their ill-assorted but very successful partnership . Don’t know if you have seen it? Steve Coogan managed to look uncannily like Laurel as did the actor who played Hardy.

      Here is a clip from it which replicates the dance they broke into in one of their films which was very funny as well as being peculiarly graceful. Hardy was remarkably light on his feet for someone of his build & he played up this daintiness as it was so incongruous & just funny. Innocent humour as you say Tinto, but never naive.

      As for Monkhouse – one word. Oleaginous.

    428. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel at 9:25 am

      You typed,
      “@BDTT: my McAfee blocked the β€œrisky connection” so I gave up but I don’t suppose your Mac will require such crude devices.”

      I have McAfee installed (provided by the Uni) but it was Firefox that flagged up
      as a potential risk. I accepted the risk and got around 4 pop-up windows, 3 of which Firefox closed automatically. (I have Firefox set to block pop-up windows.)
      As I typed in my original comment, they were all to do with trying to get me to click on a link. That is where the danger lies. Only click on the play button – don’t click on any links in pop-up windows. Close them, if your browser doesn’t.
      Eventually, you can watch the fillum. Just tried it again, successfully.

    429. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: I have no doubt Mr Gove is spawn of Beelzebub. Ironically, he was a member of the CP while at Yooni but has gone on the normal journey of many such types to the extreme right-wing.

      @Clapper and JGedd: I remember this joke from my childhood. The line, “Excuse me, my ear is full of milk!” always makes me laugh because it’s so unlikely:

      I did see that film in the cinema (remember them?) with my carer, who normally allowed me to have a hotdog and an Orangina. I don’t normally like Steve Coogan but thought he was quite brilliant. And John C Reilly was so convincing as Ollie I thought he was a computer animation.

      Stan could put it away too and was a bit of a philanderer but does seem to have been a bit pessimistic, possibly because he spent time in Scotland πŸ˜‰ .

      Although from Cumbria, he attended Rutherglen Academy for a while while his father ran a theatre in Glasgow.

    430. Dan says:

      Is anyone else noticing or having Wings webpage occasionally auto-refreshing but never completing the task?
      Not sure why this would occur but started recently and only seems to be happening with Wings site and not other sites.

      If in middle of typing a comment when it starts refreshes it won’t submit comment, so now having to copy comment, open page again in a new tab, paste comment, then submit.
      I’ve tried the Basic IT Support technique of switching my laptop off and on again but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

      No building work updates due to crap weather.

    431. Tinto Chiel says:

      No, no IT probs here, Dan, apart from just about everything elsewhere.

    432. JGedd says:


      Not having those problems either with Wings. Turning it off & on again is the extent of my tech expertise I’m afraid. BDTT is your man, I think, when it comes to computer problems.

      How is your mother doing Dan.? That kind of break near the joint is awkward. Hope she is keeping well.

    433. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: just saw your 6.23, which seems to have been delayed because I don’t think it was there last night.

      I may summon up the courage to try again although in the case of that particular fillum, I have the DVD onnywise, which my heiressess regard as Stone Age technology.

    434. Dan says:

      @ JGedd

      It sounded like good news last time I spoke with my Mum a few days back. It’s around a month since the break and she is beginning to be able to get some movement in the arm and slightly reduced pain.
      She’d been in muchos pain and unable to move around much at all for a couple of weeks, and the frustration of that on top of being in agony every time she moved was definitely getting her down.
      Fingers crossed things keep improving and she can continue to keep at the rehab exercises to increase strength and range of movement.

      Hope you too are keeping well and on the mend.

      Decent weather for a change today so busy in garden with cutting firewood and lifting spuds to store for winter.
      Currently waiting on a homemade apple and blackcurrant pie coming out the oven which will be drowned in custard.

      TC has eluded he likes the odd tree, so will add this 5 minute vid from a trail cam capturing wildlife on a log in Pennsylvania which was quite a nice watch.
      I spent a few summers in Pennsylvania and Up-State New York at the kid’s summer camps so presumably all these animals were around but keeping out of human sight.

    435. JGedd says:


      That sounds better for your mum. It’s a vicious circle kind of situation because it’s essential to get movement going since the muscles deteriorate very quickly but at the same time, you are hampered by the pain – and then you get weakened muscles causing pain in their turn when you try to get back to normal usage. It sounds as if she is past the worst though. She’ll soon be back hodding bricks for you!

      That was a great video. Watched it twice. What a variety of wild life using that bridge.

      Lifting potatoes – it seems not long ago you were talking about putting them in. Where did the year go?

    436. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: thanks, I really enjoyed that. As a self-confessed tree-hugger et al that was really interesting. Since we retired my carer and I have travelled a bit to the USA and western Canada and been lucky enough to see a few of those animals. Even common ones like the blue heron, cardinal bird, Steller’s jay and bald eagle look exotic to Scottish eyes, since we have blasted most of our wildlife to buggery on our sterile moorlands *heavy-handed political point*

      My favourite is still the sasquatch, obvs. πŸ˜‰ .

      @JGedd: your Prague antidote was a classic on the M/T but probably too cerebral for that knife-fight. At the start I thought you were going to mention The Prague Golem. Prague was another of our frantic pre-death city breaks and it is all the more exotic because Czech is rather difficult for a western European more familiar with a Romance or Germanic language.

      I think the Jewish cemetery there was the saddest place I have ever seen. The pebbles placed on the packed headstones reminded me of the old Gaelic saying, “I’ll place a stone on your cairn.”

      I felt chilled for the rest of the day.

    437. Tinto Chiel says:

      I meant “chilled to the bone”, not relaxed.

    438. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dan –

      That video is brilliant.

      Kept expecting the big bear to take a header right into the drink – the suspense was so much I had to crack open another can!



    439. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yeah, good video that.

      BTW: TC – I’m a Mac man. I know next to nothing about that strange environment “Windoze”. Your suggestion is the one, with which I would concur – “Turning it off & on again”.

    440. Tinto Chiel says:

      @BDTT: I agree re the turn off and on technique but think it was JGedd wot suggested it.

      Once I have sold my family into slavery I hope to be the proud owner of a Mac.

      “Was it for this the clay grew tall?”

      Ya bass!

    441. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      Precedes JGedd…

    442. Dan says:

      Glad y’all enjoyed the vid. It did look like the bear may have been making their way back from the pub with that stumble.

      Watching those animals going about their seemingly simple everyday lives is pretty relaxing compared to observing the utter maelstrom of madness some humans seem so eager to involve themselves in…
      For us humans having such supposedly advanced brains, some of our “brightest and best” don’t half make a complete fuckin’ arse of things. πŸ™

    443. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: the longer you spend with animals, the more you despair of humans.

      @BDTT: loved that. In return, I send you footage of a young lady I am sure you will have cryogenically stored for your return to Earth in 2994.

    444. JGedd says:


      I often get the impression that comments I make on the main thread go past many on there but I thinks it’s more my fault than theirs TBH! A lot of comments there have a lot more info to convey on our current local difficulties than I have which is the reason I read it. Their contributions – well most of them – have more to contribute than I have. My rambling reflections don’t really have relevance.

      For myself I don’t read as avidly about Scottish politics as I did up to 2014. All the foreground noise has less interest for me now & nothing is as straightforward as before. The penalty of growing old – enforced introspection.

      We went to Prague quite a lot in the past, as well as the rest of Bohemia & Moravia. I know what you mean about the Jewish cemetery. We went there specifically to see the grave of Rabbi Loew, the originator of the golem stories. (I left a pebble on his gravestone.) There was a large presentation outside as we entered with villages and small towns which we had visited marked there, with the family names (where possible) & numbers of Jews who had been taken from each to concentration camps. It was a very hot day but I know what you mean about a chill descending.

      The Nazis had plans to create a museum out of all the Jewish artefacts they had looted, the museum to be located in the old Jewish quarter & once they had exterminated all the Jews in Europe, it was to be A Museum of An Extinct Race. I don’t know how you deal with horror like that in the midst of the everyday, especially when the sun is shining in a blameless blue sky.

      I love Czech music & my particular favourite is Janacek ( can’t put in the diacritics ). It was disappointing to hear young Czechs say politely that they couldn’t understand Janacek. His music is especially influenced by the cadences & rhythms of spoken Czech. It seemed peculiar that I had loved his music from the time I was at school, long before they were born & yet they hadn’t listened to any of it.

    445. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      Yeah, Sonia Christina was one of my faves. As was this lady…

      I also liked Billie Davis as a singer – didnae fancy ‘ur.
      Her version of a song that I don’t believe was a hit in the UK, although it was featured in an advert earlier this year. Covered by loads, including Joe Cocker.

      Joe Cocker…


      And the original, as far as I’m aware…

    446. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: the story that most affected me was the teacher who got the children in Theresienstadt to draw pictures to distract them from the inevitable. She managed to gather the bits of paper together and place them in a suitcase which she buried somewhere before she was killed. Those kids’ drawings on display were heartbreaking. The whole experience stayed with me for days and I often think of it again when I see children in a playground or drawing with crayons.

      The depth of that evil you mentioned is chilling, hence my comment to Dan in another context.

      Yes, Janacek is wonderful. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to the likes of “On an overgrown path”. His music is of the kind you’ve never heard before but feel you recognise straight away, if that makes any sense.

      @BDTT: thanks for cheering me up a bit with those. I know there were no Good Old Days but at least we can pretend. That news about Wee Annie you posted on the M/T shows the state the SNP are in. She is a one-woman independence movement and a complete inspiration, the opposite of the party’s leadership at the moment.

      I don’t often agree with Billy Connolly (bet he’s devastated) but his “Anyone who wants to be a politician should be instantly disqualified” (or words to that effect) rings particularly true now.

    447. JGedd says:

      @ Tinto

      Sometimes I think we find it hard to comprehend the totality of the horror, so that ‘six million’ is incomprehensible to us but anecdotal accounts affect us because we can imagine & empathise with those individual experiences.

      I can think of several accounts like that which make you want to lie down & cry at the pity of it all. But I can’t recount them because disinterring the memory would release it & I would be swamped by it. Avoidance is all we have to save ourselves from the psychic pain of revisiting those events. But the memory, though quarantined, is still there like a splinter on the brain.

      I suppose we are all unknowingly walking over some ancient atrocity or other but this was a concentration of all that evil of many thousands of years, in the heart of Europe in the 20th century. Doesn’t it seem that as you grow older these terrible events are harder to bear?

    448. JGedd says:


      Thanks, liked that clip from the IT Crowd. You always know how to distract us Brian! (At least it wasn’t a breastfest this time.)

      We don’t see any new work by Graham Linehan on tele any more. I wonder what happened to him?

      This is a clip from my favourite episode of IT Crowd.

      Moss speaks for me!

    449. Dan says:

      Didn’t see this Scottish Handmaids clip posted previously.

    450. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd:”Doesn’t it seem that as you grow older these terrible events are harder to bear?”

      I agree with that. Anything involving children seems even worse now at my age. When you see footage of the wee kids who were saved by the Soviets at Auschwitz rolling up their sleeves to show their tattooed numbers, I can barely look any more and yet that’s nothing compared with the Nazi footage of female and child arrivals at death camps: they were usually dead within a couple of hours maximum.

      I worked with a man who had lied about his age and joined up in WW II. He had a terrible time in Normandy and ended up liberating Belsen. The British troops were totally unprepared for what they saw. He is haunted to this day knowing that he had unwittingly killed survivors because the troops, trying to be kind, fed them without medical supervision and their systems could not cope with it.

      @Dan: thanks for that. The heiress of ours who loves those books will (I hope) laugh at that clip, otherwise you will be the Lumpen Tool of the Patriarchy Perpetuating Sexist Female Stereotypes (ya bass!).

      Mind you, she laughs at Janey Godley, so you should be ok.

    451. Dan says:

      @ Tinto

      Is there a verdict yet? Am I safe from repercussions or is my reputation tarnished by posting a link to that tweet?

      I’ve various defences lined up that may work in modern Scotland should the need arise.
      Primarily I’ll be going with the premise that I acted with diminished responsibility, in that I am a decent minded person that was born and am therefore trapped in the body of an arsehole!
      As such the actions of my mind and body are separate and I cannot therefore be accused and treated as a wholly singular entity.

      As per MT discussions of when Nicola first knew of allegations.
      Am I missing the point in that this specific question is in relation to official complaints, rather than the historic complaints that Ian McCann the party’s compliance officer sat on hoping never to have to use them as mentioned in this post?

    452. Tinto Chiel says:

      Don’t worry, Dan, she laughed, so you’re off the hook.In any case, she would have been impressed by your ability to curry a pike if I had had to defend your character.

      I’ve been following Daisy Walker’s admirable efforts re timeline but my mind now resembles a Klein bottle and I’ve never been able to work out who the Alphabet Sisters are either. I’ve always thought the CO’s remark pretty damning. I wonder if he is being called to the inquiry? Everyone seems to be saying, “I don’t quite recall…..” onnywise.

      The significance and importance of the date the FM knew can’t be fully known yet (apart from it seems she didn’t tell the truth about when she knew) because, I presume, neither The Rev nor CM can give it the context of other important statements/events because they are constrained from disclosing these.

      See, I told you I was confused.

      I’ve been out in the fresh air until about an hour ago and feel much the better for it, though. Meant to ask you: have you noticed a scarcity of kestrels in your area? They seem to have declined Where I Am while buzzard numbers seem up, although there may be no link.

    453. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi TC.

      At 3.29 you typed that you couldn’t work something out.

      Neither could Ian B from the clues I was giving him so, eventually, I posted the comment at the link below, on 7th October.

    454. Tinto Chiel says:

      Yes, I saw that at the time, Brian, but I am a slow learner in these matters and not being able to work things out has been a theme in my life.

      Frustrating that so much could be easily conveyed over a pint with a few knowledgeable Wingers.

      *Strokes chin meditatively*

      Mmmmmm, I think I’m on to something…..

      P.S. Am I the only one to think it’s strange London is not affected by these new local lockdowns? Londoners’ hygiene and observance of the rules must be truly epic, wot with all thoe yoonis down there. Impressive!

    455. Michael McCabe says:

      Tinto is the Alphabet Sisters
      not Bea Dee and Fi

      Just Surmising like ?

    456. Tinto Chiel says:

      Huvnyaclue, Michael. Isn’t there a G and an H as well?

      Off for a game of 3-D chess with Mr Spock πŸ™‚ .

    457. Cactus says:

      Thought(s) of the week:

      – Woooft and what a week it was.

      – As this current coronavirus remains, I’m gonna start to apply my own labels for things and rename it to the present, as, Covid 20. The same will apply next year when it is seen to become, Covid 21… and that time is not now far away.

      – It’s gonna be a ‘Long Cold Winter’ for the love of a Princess, nevermind her ugly alphabetical sisters, or as they could also be collectively known… Sisters’ Act! (name that cryptic rock tune.).

      – Congrats to football’s Team Scotland on winning an international game recently. We wont begin to start winning games convincingly until we re-acquire ‘independent country status’. The People of Scotland need the spark of independence to assume and resume normal service… and to think our very own Scottish pioneers were the very ones who first sparked and originally created all of this modern world with their inventions of science etcetera. The same applies to Scotland’s musically creative people and industry, sparks required.

      – 21 days to go till Halloween 2020… Will it be ‘Twick or Tweet’ for the Govs’?

      – There is a distinct difference between former no voters and unionists and only they can now choose.

      – Imagine if history had painted an alternative picture… where the geographical island of Britain was made up of, let’s say 28 individual independent countries, each with our own agreed borders and laws. One of these independent countries is called Scotland, the other twenty-seven countries are situated to the south of the border (i.e. the country of England has never existed.). There would be no need nor want for a werstminster. Imagine now these collective 28 countries were in some kind of voluntary union and the country of Scotland decided to withdraw from this voluntary union… the small country of London would still want to dominate and decide this and the twenty-six other countries proceedings.

      – Choose life by choosing independence.

    458. Tinto Chiel says:

      “We wont begin to start winning games convincingly until we re-acquire β€˜independent country status’.”

      I have had the same thought myself, C-man (your post seem to get delayed so I’m playing safe in the name stakes). Too many of our most famous football internationalists aligned themselves with No in 2014 (and in Rugby too) and I felt that deep down they weren’t really true believers who would fight till they drop for “their country”.

      I misread your “pioneer” comment to apply to football initially. It reminded me of that Prague holiday I mentioned when I met a Scotland-obsessed guide called Tomas whose English was as good as mine, incredibly fluent and idiomatic. He was obsessed with Slavia Prague and loved Scotland because their greatest period as a football team was when they were managed by Jake Mallen from Dumbarton for about twenty-five years at the start of the 20th century. John Dick,another Scot, managed Sparta Prague team at the time which of course added to the rivalry.

      He also had a high regard for Begbie from Trainspotting and Alex Ferguson (no accounting for taste). He had a great knowledge of our history too and lectured the party on the Stone of Destiny when we reached Prague Castle.

      Quite a day on the M/T, eh?

      Quo vadis?

    459. Tinto Chiel says:

      Meant so say “whose English was as good as mine, incredibly fluent and idiomatic for a foreigner.”

      Everyone here knows the score where I am concerned πŸ˜‰ .

    460. JGedd says:


      Of course your English is incredibly fluent & idiomatic – for a foreigner.

      After I had posted the link to Debussy’s music with its impressionistic sensuality, I remembered that there is only one piece of music (I think) that actually depicts The Deed itself.

      It’s from one of my favourite operas ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ by Richard Strauss. There is always traditionally an overture while the audience settles, waiting for the curtain to go up.

      Strauss has instead, a musical introduction which is very much part of the action(!) which is supposed to be taking place before the curtain rises.

      The music makes clear what is supposed to be happening. The orgasmic strings & whooping horns leave no doubt. When the curtain does open it reveals the Marschallin & her teenage lover, Octavian, on the rumpled bed, enjoying a cuddle in the afterglow.(Aaww….)

      (Here, Clapper isn’t about, is she? If she’s in the midst of her JM fillumfest, I wouldn’t want to get her over-heated.)
      I don’t know where this registers on your ‘Fwoarrrr’ meter.

      (Hope you had a good day with the family.)

    461. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Of course your English is incredibly fluent & idiomatic – for a foreigner.”

      Wot? You bastard πŸ™‚ !

      I’ll have you no I have my Karajan 1957 Rosenkavalier in my hand as I speak.

      “Rumpled bed…cuddle…afterglow”: don’t get Clapper started in Masonic mode, please!

      Famblytime was great: recently my grandchild has learned to indicate her nether regions and say, “Poo!” which neither of our heiresses could do, so obvious evidence of human advancement.

      We start contract bridge next week……

    462. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Apocryphal perhaps, but Noel Coward’s first words, according to himself –

      ‘Would you mind passing the salt?’


    463. Tinto Chiel says:

      And I expect he wouldn’t have sprinkled his chips indiscriminately with salt but made a little cone of it at the side of his plate and seasoned each chip as required.

      I knew a girl who did that: brung up proper, obvs.

    464. Clapper57 says:

      @ JGedd & Tinto Chiel

      Well since you both choose to bring up JM….again….cause I very rarely mention him on here…Lol….

      I am cooling down…gradually….but remain in ‘masonic mode’…read an interesting thing about him….when he was 57 he had a ….24 year old Japanese girlfriend…..24…OMG….a touch of the Lolita’s….just a touch….und I saw a picture of him when he was in Berlin….lovely….he looked so bohemian…well that overheated me….Lol…

      ps. Never put salt on chips….

      VSA Clapper57 over and out

      Have a good day both of you

    465. Tinto Chiel says:

      Have a nice day too, VSA. If you had stood at the top of Hillend ski centre in a dayglow jacket I could have spotted you from Ardochrig but the visibility is poor today (or, as Stan Laurel would say, “We could have ham and eggs if we had any eggs”).

      Remember to try blowing away the cobwebs on top of Cairnpapple near Bathgate one day: fantastic views in sunny weather and the Korean War garden is worth a visit but beware New Age hippies in the area sensing Earth rhythms.

    466. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood 11October 11:06pm
      Obviousy he was having his first bowl of Porridge. ?

    467. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 11.49am

      ” beware New Age hippies”… age…old age…any age.

      Hippies you say…love em…love men with long hair…still think some older guys can pull it off… JM would have his in a ponytail….for sure…for sure…now you and JGedd MADE me bring him up again….to be sure …to be sure…ya did.

      Turn on Tune in and drop out….

      Here’s a wee joke I read on Munchbunch twitter (nowt to do with hippies mind you…but I do love to digress…have you read me comments… πŸ˜‰ )

      “Loved the guy on TV last night who said he got kicked out of his weightwatchers meeting for mucking around, which he accepted with huge Grace ………because she got kicked out as well”!

      Yes I am infantile I know….but laughter just now is in short supply…..and yet the demand is so so so high……I will blow away the day… fear not as one day I will venture onto top of Cairnpapple near Bathgate….and prepare to be free of all cobwebs via wind power….and will be renewed like energy…..Green Clapper57….combat duty…Lol

      VSA Clapper57 will be on manoeuvres in that area at some point in the not too distant future……currently…very much at ease…due to standing down from MT participation…..this is NOT a drill……Lol


    468. Tinto Chiel says:

      @VSA: at the start of lockdown my hair was long and L’Oreal luxuriant and I was considering either an Atilla The Hun vibe look or a ponytail with velvet bow but Marie Clark told me they were both naff so I wish You Laydees would get your story straight. At the moment I have a Papillon-style No. 2 and look like a psycho.

      Drilling, you say? Like this?

      If the SG pushes ahead with their Hate Crime Bill against all the odds that should get me banged up by Christmas……..

    469. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Clapper57.

      You cited,
      “Turn on Tune in and drop out….”

      For you…

    470. Clapper57 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel @ 2.58pm

      A ponytail with a velvet bow you say…well that WOULD get you on a ‘camp’ drill…..looks like I would join you in being banged up via SG Hate crime…..

      “Papillon-style No. 2 and look like a psycho”… least you had a choice …some men have a Papillon style No. 2 via NO choice as in genes dictating…..also better to just look like a psycho than to actually be one…. πŸ˜‰

      Talking of Psycho…hubby currently watching that very film…with his Papillon style No. 2 haircut….he had long hair when we met….but alas no more…..

      I see UK Govt stating ballet dancers could retrain in Cyber…I think it must have been a Nut(cracker) who came up with that daft campaign….perhaps ballet dancers could use a dance related response and tell UK Govt. to go and FOXTROT Oscar…

      Who knew the Tories would try and BREAK dance …….and replace it with Cyber CULTURE…well VIRTUALLY everybody….it’s like they are on a mission to Control-Alt-Delete all things good and replace them with perfuncTORY non solutions just so that they can WALTZ away from their own mess…..

      Taxi for DRoss…..he’ll soon be LINE dancing as a full time Linesman the way things are going… the computer says…NO…to DRoss being the next FM…….thanks to HQ….oh and him being a grade 1 d*ck obvs…..Lol

      VSA Clapper57 over and out…but NOT down…yet.

    471. Clapper57 says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon @ 3.19pm

      I did indeed….

      Thanks Brian….. πŸ™‚

      Have a lovely evening…..

    472. Clapper57 says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon @ 3.19pm

      So sorry for my previous brief and abrupt response to you in my just saying thank you to your musical link..however in my defence and limited musical knowledge I did not fully realise the reference/connection.

      BUT….just got my husband to explain significance of track you played….got it now.

      My hubby has a somewhat unique taste in some of the music he likes to the extent I sometimes Turn off, Tune out and drop off when he plays them….Lol

      I do love Captain Beefheart though…an artist my husband introduced me too….not personally Lol…I mean his music…

      The world is a sadder place without him…and also without Zappa….though did see Zappa’s son’s band in Edinburgh doing his dad’s music…was really good gig…..and have also seen Beefheart tribute bands….some were good musically but obvs not the same without THE Man…..

      VSA Clapper57…. Diiiiismissed….Lol


    473. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @MMcC –

      Boom! Boom!

      Cue some crusty auld Ronnie Barker gags.


      (We could try posting replies to the following comment!)

    474. Clapper57 says:

      I See BBC Scotland promoted Douglas Ross again today via Breakfast TV …i.e. News where you are…..highlighting the fact he voted against Govt on the Lords amendment to maintain Food standards which raises questions :

      If only highlight fact that HE rebelled against Tory Govt then obvious other Scottish Tories must have voted WITH the government and against Lords amendments to maintain food standards ?

      There was three Lords amendments voted on last night so why not include the fact that he voted WITH the government and against Lords amendments on the other two ?

      Also as it is so contentious an issue especially with farming community in his area and has been highlighted to him the fact he voted WITH the government on lowering food standards in the original bill (via many Indy peeps) and grudgingly put to him sparingly via certain MSM where he stated wrongly that his position/original vote was endorsed by the policy Director of the National Farmers Union in Scotland who was, to say the least, fuming at this misrepresentation by Ross …pre going to the HOL….does it not now seem a tad contrived he should suddenly change his mind (only allowed to do if Unionist) and now go against his original vote where he supported the Govt lowering food standards ?….

      So who was right on last night’s vote in HOC….Douglas Ross to vote against govt on lowering food standards ( via this change of vote re his previous vote pre HOL amendment where he voted with Govt. to lower food standards) or other Scottish Tories who voted (consistently again) WITH the Tory govt to lower food standards ?

      Finally WHY are the BBC the so called impartial broadcaster promoting on breakfast TV what a Scottish Tory newly ‘elected’ leader voting for/against in HOC and yet when he originally voted WITH the Govt ..pre him becoming leader of Scottish Tories…they, the BBC, failed to highlight in a televised broadcast that both he and other Scottish Tories voted to lower food standards in the original vote earlier this year pre these Lords amendments ?….

      Below is actual votes yesterday via Lords amendments and Douglas Ross’s votes which I got from parliament votes website re HOC :

      Lords amendment 11

      Lords Amendment 11, which sought to limit the use of pesticides to protect the public, was voted down by 347 votes to 212.

      Douglas voted WITH government and against this amendment

      Lords amendment 16

      Lords Amendment 16, which aimed to maintain British food standards in trade deals, was voted down by 332 votes to 279.

      Douglas voted AGAINST government and with this amendment

      Lords amendment 17

      Lords Amendment 17, which sought to improve environmental protections, was voted down by 344 votes to 206.

      Douglas voted WITH government and against this amendment

      So Douglas Ross only voted against the Govt in one Lords amendment i.e. Lords Amendment 16 to maintain British food standards in trade deals….previously he voted to lower food standards like his other Scottish Tory colleagues….who at least stayed consistent in undermining the public but then I suppose they are off the BBC radar in how they act/vote against Scots voters wishes/best interests.

      However he voted AGAINST Lords amendments 11 & 17 to limit the use of pesticides to protect the public and improve environmental protections…….

      Perhaps George Foulkes would like to intervene as obvious the BBC bias is blatantly political pro Tory and pro Douglas Ross…and they are doing it deliberately too………..

      This is what we can expect in the months to follow where the BBC Douglas Ross PR machine ( und other media outlets) will promote the faux positives on behalf of the Scottish Tory Douglas ‘incumbent saviour of the Union’ Ross now that Ruth ‘abdicated saviour of the Union’ Davidson has achieved the Unionist political ultimate goal of elevation to the HOL unelected gravy train.

      If they, the BBC, think Scots, via a majority , cannot see through them and indeed see through the duplicitous manoeuvres being deployed by linesman first and foremost Ross then they must truly think we are all as thick as pig sheeite…..they need to remember over exposure can be so very obvious to the extent that people , who are fair and decent, begin to question the coverage and air time given to one individual basically just amounts to pure and adulterated propaganda…….most of us on WOS and other pro Indy sites and social media outlets have been aware of this for many years pre and post 2014………the BBC and other media outlets are doing their best to show others this fact too……long may they continue to do so…..because to deny that fact it is to deny truth and down that road we will be dragged to be made to live (exist) in a corrupt Tory led Brexit dystopia and one that they,the Tory Brexit party, hope will be aligned with a Trump America first New world order aka Dark days for all.

      No Thanks.

      Apologies to all for OT political rant…..

    475. Clapper57 says:

      Nice weather we had tomorrow……

    476. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Clapper et al –

      Here’s the original Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch.

      Amazing the pair of them managed to keep it together.


    477. Dan says:

      26 seconds of leaked Plan B footage as Ian Blackford and Pete Wishart step up and take back Scotland’s powers from the southern cheeters.

      This tune seems appropriate with the dubious claims of whether meetings took place or not.

      Yazoo – Nobody’s Diary

      If I wait for just a second more
      I know, I’ll forget what I came here for…

    478. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dan –

      Blinkin blimeyness!

      Never seen anything like that before!

      Brave lads to be sure, esp with having no strides or Doc Martens on them.


    479. Dan says:

      Aye Ian, it was certainly a bawsy move, especially with their ppe which appeared to amount to a fig leaf! lol

      Put’s “Scotland the Brave” in a rather lesser impressive league. πŸ™

      Good to see some cracking comments and work from y’all on the MT over last week.
      Things heating up a bit and maybe a sign the pressure that has been applied by the strongbow soaked AUOB radical malcontents is beginning to find purchase.
      I’m on the subs bench the noo as still scunnered with toothache and no sign of getting it properly addressed as covid continues… πŸ™
      A road trip to town and several shops failed to produce any temporary tooth filling material, so my adventures into the realm of DIY dentistry continue as I battle to beat toothache…
      Armed with google and a Chemistry O Grade certificate (B pass) I am concocting various lotions, potions, slurries, and poultices with various degrees of success.
      Results for those interested are as follows.
      Lager – meh
      Merlot – meh
      Harviestoun Brewery Old Engine Oil 9% dark beer – Phew, kinda numbed my whole body!
      Wodge of toothpaste for sensitive teeth – meh
      Antiseptic Mouthwash – meh
      Drip of clove oil – meh and tastes rank! πŸ™
      Tamnavulin whisky (sherry cask edition) – meh but michty tasty! πŸ™‚

      The issue appears to be the chipped tooth making the depth of cover the nerve has is reduced and topical treatments ain’t doing jack, so a dressing to provide protection needed to be made…
      If I survive the pain and my alchemy I’ll update…

    480. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dan –

      Try the CBD oil.


      The stuff in likes of Holland & Barret, Boots etc is okay, but the real McCoy – allegedly – is ‘Rick Simpson Oil’, still technically illegal here, but loads of folk make it to the same recipe, or very similar.

      If you ask anyone who enjoys a puff then they’ll know someone who can get it.

      But you never heard that from me!


    481. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I mentioned this on the main page yesterday so I’ve just re-read it for the third time, what with all the revelations coming out over the past couple of weeks.

      It’s worth having another read of it, to get moorov “more of” an understanding of what can go on in the upper echelons of power.

      Remember, this was written in January, by an insightful individual, well before an infamous trial.

    482. JGedd says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      Yes, reading that again you can – together with CM’s accounts of the evidence at the trial – understand why the jury came to the verdicts that they did.

      In fact, since CM’s blog actually presented us with the prosecution & defence evidence then the verdicts made perfect sense. However, for members of the public, only getting the MSM’s presentation giving the prosecution side, they might well have been puzzled as to why the jury decided the way they did.

      Still, when you stand back from everything that has happened you know that there must have been cold-blooded planning & malicious intent behind it.

      It reveals how lawyers & politicians think & very chilling it is too. I understand why loyal supporters would not want to even contemplate it in order to preserve the dream. It has certainly shattered my naive belief that Scotland was at least partially preserved from the cess-pit of corruption & cynicism that is Westminster politics. It has been seeping into our establishment for decades – or longer.

      The question arises though; behind all that ambition to achieve a particular end, did no one’s conscience ever prick them?

    483. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: sorry to hear of your dental troubles. I’ve heard some patients are being offered extraction-plus-implant treatment instead of a simple filling (banned because of skooshy watter hingy)!

      Hope this cheers you up:

      @JGedd: when I first read of the “trials” of the likes of Muir, Baird and Wilson, I used to ask myself, “How did the Establishment get away with such outrageous behaviour?” and yet it’s still happening today. This is what happens when we don’t have a free press in 21st century Scotland.

      I think the “fantasy” article by Craig Murray which Brian posted was too near the knuckle for the authorities and CM was a marked man after that. I remember being shocked by it when I read it.

    484. JGedd says:


      Yes, I know what you mean but then those trials & the utterly unscrupulous means used by the ruling class to trap & convict those it wished to destroy, took place at a time when there was no real democracy.

      Now, when there is universal suffrage it is outrageous that the same ruthlessness works so well. All that the media does is the same as is done in the playground or the local community. It is very difficult to pin down a lie once it becomes the accepted narrative.

      At the root of it all, unfortunately, is human behaviour. There is always a transmitter & willing receiver. There are gullible receivers of the lie & then there are gleeful collaborators who for a variety of reasons receive & amplify the lie, knowing that it is a lie.

      I agree that ruling elites have always needed propagators to augment the idea of their power because actually it is nearly always an illusion of power that is being created. The governed always outnumber the elite but it is a stunning reality that those who rule can still manipulate the ruled – even in a democracy. In the past it was the church who reinforced & leant their authority to the narrative that validated rule by by an elite. Now it’s the media.

      I’ve often thought that human social understanding is not equipped for living in huge societies. We fool ourselves, with the cunning of the media, to believe that we understand the motives of people that we have never met when the playground analogy can show us that even in small scale situations we are unable to deal with group machinations against an individual.

      William Golding – whose novels often had as their subject matter how group psychology can work against the maverick ( and who chooses who is to be the maverick anyway?) – stated that you could understand much of human behaviour by studying what goes on in the average playground. (Sorry for that clumsy sentence, I’m doing this in a hurry.)

      The problem is that human beings are essentially rule-seekers. What is the right thing to do is the constant drive of the human brain. All you need are rule makers with the dominance to impose their ideas of what is right on more anxious individuals. (Think of Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’).

    485. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: delayed by rehearsing my “Nellie The Elephant” and “If you go down in the woods today” delivery at lullaby time with our grandchild.

      Yes, and what makes the legal shenanigans (re Salmond to some extent, Murray, Assange) we are witnessing so bad is that they are as blatant as those examples from earlier, more brutal times times and, of course, our democratic rights are being circumscribed more and more now, with Covid as a great excuse. Your point about the media replacing the waning church as a control mechanism for the “elite” (how I hate that word) is a good one.

      Well seen Golding was a school teacher. Probably only such a one could have written LoTF with such feeling and shrewdness re playground behaviour: the child is father to the man and all that. Most people seem to want to do as they are told, which is not healthy.

      Question everything (Euripides).

      Sod them all (Me).

    486. JGedd says:


      You had another family day with your grandchild then? Lucky you. From what you said in a comment a few days ago, your wee lass is already way ahead of a substantial part of the adult electorate since she knows where the poo is coming from. She’ll soon be beating you & Mr.Spock at three-dimensional chess.

      (Sod ’em all. You could get that on a t-shirt.)

    487. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd *embarrassed look*: she’s beaten me already in the 3-D chess stakes.

      “Most folk are honest: the rest are politicians.” πŸ˜‰

      Still up for Matterhorn/Vesuvius in the spring? Hope is a wonderful thing.

      Organic oatflakes?

    488. JGedd says:


      I don’t know how far out in the wilds you are but if you are in pain, you can get your dentist to do an urgent referral in which case you can be seen at a nearby dental hospital or treatment centre, if you have one nearby that is.

      However, as Tinto said, they are still limited in the services they can supply but they are not limited simply to extractions.

      Down our way, you can have all of the normal dental treatments and procedures you want as long as you go private. NHS treatments are more limited. The reason (excuse?) given is PPE.

      Apparently they are able to suit up as if for bio-hazard with full length gowns & respirator masks for private patients but they say that with NHS patients, they are only funded for basic PPE which they maintain is unsuitable for certain treatments which might involve ‘aerosol’ dispersal – the scooshy thing Tinto was talking about, with fillings. So they are prepared to yank your tooth out & do (very) expensive implants.

      Don’t know if that would apply to putting in a crown. My tooth is a bit like yours with an edge chipped off & I was lined up for a crown replacement in April but Covid intervened. I’m not suffering from toothache though – yet. I’ll have to go back but unfortunately they’ll have to make up a new treatment programme for me as my dentist left the practice during lockdown.. (The best dentist I ever had, too.)

      I don’t like the feeling I’m being coerced into having treatment privately.

    489. Dan says:

      Scientific ponderings… How can it be ok for a dentist to put on a temporary filling, or even pull a tooth out, but not ok to put on a proper filling…
      My recollection of the dentist preparing the tooth surface for a filling involved a low speed electrical die grinder to carefully key the area to be filled, and not a high speed drill more likely to create “aerosol”.
      Surely the patient’s breath is far more likely to carry the deadly virus further than a bit of low speed grinding. Opinion backed up by decades of using cutting and grinding equipment, and die grinders for intricately porting cylinder heads.

      Managed to go into ra bigger toon yesterday and buy some temporary filling material. Have applied some and it has eased pain a fair bit, but not as much as my homemade dressing of melting together some candle wax, clove oil, and sunflower oil into a putty. This concoction probably sealed the chip better but would only last for 12 hours or the first hot drink before coming off.

      Dedicated to the gradualists.

      Lou Reed – There is No Time

    490. crazycat says:

      @ Dan

      I lost a filling recently and phoned my dentist hoping for a temporary replacement, which he agreed to provide. When I arrived, he explained that if he carried out certain procedures the surgery would have to be closed for a couple of hours afterwards while they did a deep-clean (he seemed to have the requisite PPE).

      As it turned out, he was able to give me a permanent filling, but had to use a different bonding agent to avoid the need for a high speed drill.

      I’ve seen comments elsewhere about people being asked to have private treatment because of what’s covered by the practice’s insurance policies varies between NHS and private.

    491. Tinto Chiel says:

      This film has just resurfaced on YT: usually you have to shell out for a DVD to see it.

      Bleak as ferk at the start, reminding you how poor post-war Britain was, but the scavenger at the start becomes important.

      I was going to post “Jigsaw”, a 60s classic, but I got cold feet…

    492. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TC –

      Cheers for that link, looks braw.


    493. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: I’d never heard of the area of London called Shad Thames. It’s a strange wee fillum but at least you can play Spot The Humber πŸ˜‰ .

    494. Tinto Chiel says:

      This is a bit Brighton Rockish and has Peter Lorre in it, though the cast comprises just about every Quota Quickie actor/actress (can I say that?) in the UK at the time, apart from Googie Withers:

      And now the perfect excuse to recycle this……

      “How to become an actress: stand in front of the fire until your googie withers.”

      And whilst I’m here……

      “How to become a poet: stand in front of the fire until your rabbie burns.”

      I’m sorry it’s the strain of lockdown.

    495. crazycat says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      I’d never heard of Shad Thames either – and I spent 3 years working less than a mile away from it!!

      Shadwell is familiar, but that’s on the other side of the river.

    496. Tinto Chiel says:

      That’s interesting information because some of the explanations for “shad” don’t seem very convincing:

      It seems to have gone all hipstery/boho, a bit like Finnieston and Duke Street in Ra Toon.

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