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Nigel’s Nightmare

Posted on October 30, 2019 by

As we steel ourselves for the wretched purgatorial misery of (at least) the next six weeks, we’ve been sitting up late trying to think of a positive aspect of the coming election campaign, and the best we’ve come up with is this: if it’s awful for most human beings in the country, just imagine how terrible it is for Nigel Farage.

Because as has been increasingly obvious from the Brexit Party leader’s comments this month, Farage knows only too well the truth that the rest of the country is going to realise quite soon, if it hasn’t already: he’s now the only thing that might stop the UK leaving the European Union.

The Tories’ average opinion poll lead at the moment is around 12 points, which would normally be enough to secure a crushing victory under Britain’s antiquated electoral system, especially as Labour and the Lib Dems hate each other too much to form any sort of meaningful tactical Remain alliance.

Jeremy Corbyn wants Brexit to happen so that he can pick up the pieces – he just doesn’t want to be responsible for it, hence the extraordinary reluctance with which the official Opposition had to be bounced into having an election. It knows there isn’t a hope in hell of anyone with Corbyn’s personal ratings ever being elected Prime Minister with a majority unless there’s been some sort of apocalypse first.

(Corbyn himself is so hopelessly deluded we suspect he still thinks he can get through this campaign talking about austerity and stuff, rather than Brexit.)

Labour’s official policy is a shambles of months more negotiating and voting, somehow leading to a magically “good” Brexit. The Lib Dems, meanwhile, keep flapping around between a People’s Vote and instant revocation of Article 50, but also have no chance of winning the election so it doesn’t really matter what they want – the only significance of their position is that it’s so far from Labour’s it’s almost impossible for voters to vote tactically, because it won’t be at all clear what they’re voting tactically for.

The SNP, on the other hand, are such a hot mess they abstained on their own vote last night, and having voted to block a 12 December election on Monday they crowed that it was their intervention that had, um, brought about a 12 December election on Tuesday. Even though they left it to the MPs of other parties to actually do it.

But they have the advantage of the clearest position of any party in the next six weeks (faint praise indeed). For supporters of independence, it’s an absolute no-brainer to vote SNP in this election. No other vote can bring a Yes vote closer in an FPTP election, and even for the many voters alienated by aspects of the party’s domestic agenda there’s no real downside to electing SNP MPs at Westminster, where they can do very little harm in terms of giving rapists access to vulnerable women and whatnot.

(We have no criticism of anyone SO alienated they can’t bring themselves to hold their nose and do it anyway. It’s an understandable view. Bath will be getting another vote for the Rabid Wolves Party. But it remains the case that only SNP seats offer any chance of getting us anywhere on this occasion.)

The Brexit Party, however, are in the trickiest position of all, and they know it. It’s all but a given that the Tories are going to lose seats to the Lib Dems and SNP, and it’s not easy to see where they’ll pick up many from elsewhere to compensate.

If those losses are exacerbated by Farage’s team splitting the Brexit vote in Tory/Lib Dem marginals, there’s a (slim) chance that a coalition between two or all three of the other parties might be able to form a viable government that would stop Brexit altogether, either directly or via (God have mercy on us all) another referendum.

From a Brexit point of view, there are two obvious solutions. One is a pact where TBP only stands in northern Leave seats that might shy away from voting Tory but would be willing to go for someone else to get Brexit done, and that the Tories give them a clear run, while the Brexit Party leaves the Tories to fight the Con/LD marginals. Farage has repeatedly suggested this idea but been unequivocally rebuffed.

The other option is that TBP simply stands aside. Johnson still has the confidence of Brexiters, who overwhelmingly feel that he’s doing everything possible to deliver Brexit but being frustrated by Parliament. He’s achieved the unlikely feat of getting the EU to sort-of renegotiate the deal, albeit only by caving in on nearly everything and going back to the deal the EU wanted in the first place.

In the absence of a pact, the Brexit Party can now only harm the prospects of Brexit. Farage is staring at the possibility of having won a referendum on his life’s ambition, only to then see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by his own ego. You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh, frankly, except that his failure would also be ours.

To be honest, readers, we’re expecting Wings to be pretty quiet during this election. We didn’t set this site up as an opinion blog – we’re fact-checkers, and there are going to be precious few facts to check between now and Christmas, just an endless parade of people shamelessly lying to you about what they’re trying to do.

Our advice, frankly, is to switch off the news and just sit tight until polling day. We can’t imagine anything that happens between now and then is going to change your vote, so why bother putting yourself through it?

So far as is humanly possible, we’re not going to either. There’s simply no point. For most of us, they might as well have the election tomorrow and get it over with. The only person with a difficult dilemma to wrestle with over the coming weeks is Mr Farage. And for that, and so many other reasons, we don’t envy him.

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177 to “Nigel’s Nightmare”

  1. desimond says:

    Will Farage get to go on a Leaders Debate…least it will seem as if his Xmas has come early.

    Use the next 6 weeks to try and identify how many different accents Te Swinsonator uses as she does her UK media.

  2. starlaw says:

    Mr Farage seems to have gone missing from MSM news items recently, perhaps they are trying to kill of the monster that they the MSM created.

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    Agreed. Ignore it all is the best philosophy.

  4. Robert J. Sutherland says:


    there are going to be […] an endless parade of people shamelessly lying to you about what they’re trying to do.

    All the more reason then to have someone looking to expose them and their ever-ready media helpmates, and there’s the Christmas break thereafter to unwind in, but it does all seem to be grinding you down right now, so please take care. We need you in good shape for what’s yet to come!

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes even though a possible 50+ SNP MPs at Westminster won’t really lead to independence, it does send some sort of message to Westminster that the people of Scotland expect independence in the near future, and that domestically the SNP are doing a fairly good job in government.

  6. Joe says:

    Ill be pissing myself laughing if there is ever another (unlikely) successful pro indy referendum and the pro indy remain types get the exact same treatment as Brexit voters have got in England for their result. I wont be laughing at the difficulties of achieving independence for Scotland. It will be sheer pleasure and amusement watching hypocrites v karma

  7. gus1940 says:

    Am I right in thinking that once the new parliament returns after
    the GE we shall be subjected to yet another Queen’s Speech and all its associated frippery and cost.

  8. Street Andrew says:

    I’m thankful to be voting in Scotland for a party which knows what it wants in the future (even if conflicted about the best means of achieving it) and how to run the country as well as possible under crippling Westminster financial constraints.

    Many voters in England and Wales will be sticking a pin in the ballot paper and hoping for the best. With little expectation of seeing their hopes realised.

    Whatever the GE result in rUK the case for Scottish Independence is rock solid. It’s just that some people are not seeing that yet. I think they will soon.

  9. Mike Lothian says:

    Since you’re a fact checker, can you look at the countries that have already implemented SelfID and see if any of the scare stories we’ve been promised have materialised

  10. dadsarmy says:

    We’re always making plans for Nigel. Nigel just needs a helping hand.

  11. Street Andrew says:

    gus1940 says:

    Am I right in thinking […] we shall be subjected to yet another Queen’s Speech and all its associated frippery and cost.

    ‘Fraid so. If we make the old dear keep coming out (and in winter too !) maybe she’ll abdicate and shut down ‘The Firm’ 🙂

  12. Iain Hamilton says:

    Mike Lothian says:
    30 October, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    Since you’re a fact checker, can you look at the countries that have already implemented SelfID and see if any of the scare stories we’ve been promised have materialised

    He is, I have, they have.

  13. KathyT says:

    *30 October, 2019 at 12:22 pm
    Since you’re a fact checker, can you look at the countries that have already implemented SelfID and see if any of the scare stories we’ve been promised have materialised*

    Google the word “Yaniv”.

  14. heraldnomore says:

    How apt that Herr Farage is the proverbial thingy in the woodpile.

  15. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Mike Lothian @ 12:22,

    There’s far bigger fish to fry right now.

    Maybe you managed to miss that, but somehow I doubt it.

  16. Ahundredthidiot says:

    Mike Lothian

    Canada mess

    now, take your celebration of peoples mental illness and away sit in a corner and rock for four or 5 hours

  17. Cubby says:

    PMQs today

    Johnston says. “If this goes on the SNP will forfeit all right to manage the NHS in Scotland.”

    Vote SNP vote YES

  18. Stuart MacKay says:

    @Mike Lothian

    After you commented in another post about countries in Europe which passed selfId legislation, I asked around here in Lisbon and nobody had heard of selfId but they were aware of mixed changing rooms in sports centres. Here they are primarily used by families, particularly fathers with daughters who don’t want to take them into the mens’ changing rooms.

    Portugal has a significant domestic violence problem (mainly men against women) but it does not spill over into public spaces very often. The situation in the UK seems much more politicised so you can’t directly compare the experience with different countries as the culture can be quite different.

    Incidentally the Portuguese approach seems to be eminently practical. Mixed changing rooms would seem to satisfy the needs of all parties without having too much of a fanfare about it. However it’s an expensive solution and would take time to implement.

  19. Muscleguy says:

    Never have I been more glad not to have a TV any more. If England win the RWC no media will be safe to consume for months let alone the torment of an election campaign.

    I will not be voting SNP. My vote will be a personal one for our SNP MP. That is how I am squaring the circle. May the universe have mercy on my poor mind.

  20. Garrion says:

    During the shelling, how about you run an occasional WOS lifestyle blog series? What the fashion forward independence seeker is wearing these days, what kind of sandwiches to bring to AUOB marches, how to jauntily tie a saltire headscarf. There’s a market for it.

  21. dadsarmy says:

    Anyways. From the article:

    For supporters of independence, it’s an absolute no-brainer to vote SNP in this election.

    Hold your nose, think of Scotland and put an X in the SNP Box!

  22. Mist001 says:

    All we’re going to do for the next 6 weeks is laugh at the English and become apoplectic when the SNP are slagged off.

    Personally, I swore blind that I’d never vote SNP again but you know, what choice does anyone have? So assuming there aren’t any postal disputes, then I’ll receive my voters form, put the X next to SNP and return it.

    Every Scot should vote SNP this time, no questions asked.

  23. dadsarmy says:

    To be honest, readers, we’re expecting Wings to be pretty quiet during this election.

    I’d suggest not. Even if it’s to highlight every time the BBC or some of the MSM attack the ScotGov for education, NHS – any devolved issue – to point out that it’s a General Election and the BBC is trying to spread FUD by talking about devolved issues that have NOTHING to do with a General Election.

    We’ve already seen some on these threads doing that, with attacks on the SNP for welfare WHICH IS DEVOLVED, Jeane Freeman for the SNHS, and another one above about GRA.

    These agitators will try to misinform, disinform and misdirect in their attempts to kill off Indy by attacking the only party in a General Election that can help to deliver it in any way at all – even just by being elected and doing nothing if neccessary.

    Better a nodding SNP dog on Westminster’s benches than a BBC-crowed Unionist MP “We’re past peak SNP”.

  24. dadsarmy says:

    If the SNP don’t give us Indy Ref 2 in 2020 – #indyref2020 – plenty of time to kick their arses out of Holyrood, from top to bottom, in 2021 in revenge for still being trapped in the Union.

    Meanwhile for those who can’t stand the SNP, can I recommend for use after putting an X in the SNP box:

  25. Cubby says:


    “I’ll be pissing myself laughing………..”

    As distinct from your normal talking piss.

  26. Dan Yell says:

    Kathy T says:
    Google the word “Yaniv”.

    So your example of the perils of self-ID is a litigious trans person failing spectacularly at a civil suit?

    One if the downsides of living in any legal system that has roots in English common law is that just about anyone with the funds can sue other people, at the expense of time and resources of defenders and the judiciary, even if the litigation will predictably fail. Just ask the owner of this site.

  27. mumsyhugs says:

    Wee Ginger Dug’s back with his first post since coming back from seeing his hubbie in America and is giving his take on the upcoming election – lots of wise words from the man who’ll be speaking in George Square on Saturday!

  28. dadsarmy says:

    See how easy it is for someone to totally derail a thread with an off-topic comment within the first 10 postings – number 9 to be precise, and the perp has already done a runner pissing himself with laughter at the disruption.

  29. HandandShrimp says:

    Thought the SNP voted for their own motion on the 9th date and abstained on the 12th date (there were a couple of hundred abstentions).

    The purpose of the 9th was to ensure that Boris could not sneak through his WDA without scrutiny in the remaining days by the necessity of dissolving parliament this week to meet the 9th date. However, it doesn’t look like he intends to try that so it is perhaps moot. Students are, however, going to have to make sure they are registered at home in order to vote…or hang back a day or two to vote at their college residence.

    Farage has been surprisingly quiet. I didn’t think he was physically capable of such discipline. I’m sure he hates Boris’ WDA. It will be exquisite torture indeed if he has hold his peace for fear of letting Jeremy in knowing the alternative may well be a deal he will subsequently rant about.

  30. cirsium says:

    I’d like to second dad’s army’s comment at 1.36pm. Keep reporting Rev. There is going to be a flood of disinformation/misinformation. Your analysis matters.

  31. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    dadsarmy @ 13:26,

    Yup, we’re even seeing the diversionists on this thread. Anything to distract from the crucial issue: without decent SNP gains in this election, independence will go nowhere. And for gains, they need votes.

    Which includes YOUR vote, peeps. It’s really that simple.

  32. callmedave says:

    Oh why! Oh why! Can that nice Mr Blackford, when asking PMQ’s, not preface his question by stating a few facts about the SNHS and things that are being mitigated by the SGov comparing them to England before getting to his question.

    At the moment Boris, and Theresa before him, ignore the question and have a free rant and lie about …..anything Scottish which BBC Auntie wie a kilt are delighted to play in the news up North.

    Hmmm! 🙁

  33. Bob Mack says:

    Surely the biggest gift of the day is Boris talking about the possible takeover of the SNHS ?

    We could do real damage with that given everybody and their dug knows how badly the rest of the UK are doing in Health care.

    That may concentrate a few elderly voters in addition to Brexit.

  34. Effijy says:

    SNP Must hammer home that Boris the Fascist is about to become Scotland’s Prime Minister with a term likely to be 10 years minimum.

    A PM that hates Scots, who in his own printed words would put Scots in a Ghetto and Eliminate us.

    He would always to prefer to see money invested in England before Scotland.

    A proven serial liar and adulterer.

    A Clown who doesn’t know how to use a comb or what size he takes in a suit.

    England is going to put this mad man in power and a Scottish Vote for any of the Westminster parties is an acceptance for Scotland to be battered into recession by Bojo.

    England comes First in all things, next it’s Northern Ireland who are special and who get what they want with bribes on top.

    Last and least in the equation is Scotland the Ghetto.

    FFS Who with any pride in themselves or their country would accept this man, this government and these lunatic economic measures?

  35. Dundee Duffer says:

    Meh hert says Scotland – meh vote wull be SNP.

  36. euan0709 says:

    Re cirsium !
    I agree with his comments completely. Do what you are fantastic at —Analysis Analysis Analysis !!!
    Aw ra best .
    Now lets get intae they peepel !!!

  37. Scott says:

    What the hell is Brewer up to Dugdale his guest on Politics Scotland.
    Boris Scotland the highest taxed the bloody lying barsteward.

  38. Gary says:

    Two things, first, I don’t think ANY major party has ever entered into an arrangement such as Farage has offered the Tories. It would be picked up on by their opposition as a sign of desperation and used as an electioneering tool. So definitely a no go.

    Secondly on your current position on deciding to have a ‘quiet’ election. Maybe you should reconsider? Wings is not ONLY for dyed in the wool Indy folks. Part of what the ‘fact checking’ you do does is to finally convince those who were wavering. It’s hard to argue with facts when you always show your sources etc. They can always disagree with your opinion but not your figures.

    I am appealing to you to carry on and produce, publish and show figures to debunk the ‘facts’ that will be thrown at the Scottish public during the coming shitstorm. A few people persuauded in a few marginal seats can make the difference between 35 and 40 seats for example.

    By the sounds of Blackford’s recent comments the SNP leadership idea is to use the GE result as a mandate for IndyRef2 next year, it may need only a relatively small amount of additional votes to give SNP a massive boost in the number of seats. Anything that could promote Indy has to be worth it, right?

  39. Liz g says:

    Rev .. While I’m sure if you find anything that you think we need to know,you’ll write an article.
    And I totally understand why you don’t want to get into the dross of all the nonsense that’s about to come out way,that we should by now be able to evaluate for ourselves.

    But can I suggest that you think about regularly putting up new threads even if the title is only one line (hopefully dripping with sarcasm 🙂 ).
    Mainly because when threads get over long they tend to become a harder to keep a conversation current!
    That way when we’re dipping in and out we’re more likely to find talk of what is happening that day?

  40. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi HandandShrimp at 1:53 pm.

    You typed,
    “Thought the SNP voted for their own motion on the 9th date and abstained on the 12th date (there were a couple of hundred abstentions).”

    I recall from what I caught on the news, that the two amendments relating to the 9th December and 16/17 yo’s and EU citizens voting were not selected for debate by The Speaker.

  41. Stuart MacKay says:

    With the list of Conservatives who are standing down it would seem to be in the Brexit Party’s best interest to see that pro-Brexit replacements are found. After all this is the Brexit party’s last election – god forbid.

  42. Capella says:

    I agree that Stu is going to be essential reading in the next few weeks. We will need somewhere to go every day so that the tsunami of lies and smears streaming from the media can be debunked immediately. Some of them anyway.

    We also need comments from all the people who have stopped posting recently.

    I will vote SNP in spite of my reservations about their policy on Self ID. The only party to have withdrawn the idea is the Tories and I will never vote Tory. The bill is due to be published in November and consultation will then take place. That would be the time for everyone with a point of view to make their feelings known.

    Meantime, the long awaited campaign has started. Wonderful news!

  43. Colin Alexander says:

    This was the chance for an “indyref” election, a plebiscite election. It seems the SNP have spurned the opportunity.

    I believe the SNP policy on s30 indyref will put at risk Scotland’s chance at freedom from the Empire, because yet again the SNP have put the SNP first, and so I cannot give them my support.

    To the Wingers: enjoy giving legitimacy to the subjugation of Scotland with your British Empire election and s30 begging bowl.

    I can tell you the result already: Scotland won’t win. Scotland will always be the loser even if the SNP got 59/650 MPs every time.

  44. Liz g says:

    Just caught up on PMQs ( well skipping through to Scottish parts of it )
    Anyhoo, Johnston said at least twice there was the potential for Two referendums and explicitly that one of them was our Indy Ref….. That,it seems to me, is completely at odds with the “no permission” narrative. It could mean anything of course,but I just thought it was curious!
    Even when later Aungus B McNeil asked directly about a section 30,Johnston only spouted “the Scots were promised once in a Generation”trope…. Of course totally failing to realise we were also promised “Dead in a Ditch” …

  45. manandboy says:


    As protests in #Chile against Piñera’s neoliberal regime continue, a Chilean orchestra gives a breathtaking open air performance of “The people united will never be defeated” in Santiago. #ChileProtests

    Among the obstacles to Scotland’s independence is Westminster’s historic policy of ‘divide & conquer’ in Scotland. To that end, the presence of a Loyalist Orange sub-culture and a ‘planted’ population of English-born British Nationalists, are also influential. Then there is the 24/7 lying.

    However, these obstacles can be overcome – by a united Independence Movement. Surely that is not too much to ask for over the next six weeks.

  46. winifred mccartney says:

    I too am very unhappy about self ID but will give the snp benefit of the doubt since nothing has changed yet. Johnston was probably referring to labour in coalition with snp that they would give a section 30. I think we will have to take it through our own parliamentary processes. Once in a generation should be replied to constantly with ‘dead in a ditch’. The problem is we have the worst opposition and opposition leader ever against the worst charleton/liar/philanderer in power and we have to wonder just how did we get here but I certainly cannot put any hope in labour to solve any problem – there best hope would have been a peoples vote afterall mp’s have had umpteen votes and we have only had one.

  47. dadsarmy says:

    From Iain MacWhirter in the Herald:

    About the only thing that could go wrong for Ms Sturgeon is if the election started to look like a ballot on another independence referendum.

    His articles have been getting increasingly out of touch with reality – that should be completely the other way around. If the SNP were mad enough to turn their back on Indy Ref 2 this election, they’d be out on their arses, back to 11 or even 7 MPs.

    I think maybe Carlaw Jackson has been selling MacWhirter one of his leftover cars – a cut and shut BL Maxi!

  48. galamcennalath says:

    “Approving PM Johnson’s Brexit deal would be top priority of Conservative govt – spokesman “

    The ‘real’ Brexiteers dream of a ‘real’ Brexit for Christmas. Johnson’s plans fall short of that.

    While the rest of us think Johnson’s plans are bad enough with a hard Brexit of deregulation and eroded rights, those to the right of him want to go even further with their ‘clean break’. I think Farage will hang in there campaigning for a ‘no deal’ walk away. He will fear creeping softness.

    Farage’s ego is massive. That’s another driving factor.

    So, IMO, Farage and TBP with stand against the Tories and cause Johnson problems.

  49. manandboy says:

    Cambridge Analytica, now Public First. It’s what the Tories do.


    “There is no suggestion Wolf is breaking any rules by writing the Conservative manifesto while running a lobbying company representing major businesses, given her company makes regular declarations of its clients to the public lobbying registrar in line with current legal requirements.

    However, Francis Ingham, of the Public Relations and Communications Association, which represents many leading PR and lobbying agencies, but not Public First, said: “Communications professionals have a duty to avoid conflicts of interests. There is never an excuse. The PRCA code – to which all members are bound – is explicit in this regard.”

    Jon Trickett, the shadow cabinet minister with responsibility for the lobbying industry, said it was an “outrage to democracy that the frackers, the tax avoiders and the zero-hour exploiters will have the biggest say when it comes to Tory policy”. He pledged that a Labour government would strengthen lobbying regulations if it won the next general election.”

  50. Dan Yell says:

    Jock Tamson says: Ok then how about this example from the liberal Guardian:

    It’s a horrific instance of a prison failing to follow codified protocol that isn’t actually relevant to the issue raised, which was about the consequences of the right to self-ID in countries where this has been enshrined in law.

  51. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    galamcennalath @ 15:45:

    So, IMO, Farage and TBP with stand against the Tories and cause Johnson problems.

    I concur. And in a FPTP election, that could hurt the Tories significantly. (Maybe Labour also, of course, which is maybe what Prof Curtice is anticipating.)

    I’m not at all sure therefore that Tory gains in England are guaranteed. And it’s virtually certain to suffer (well-deserved) losses in Scotland to the SNP.

    Back in 2014, a local Labour councillor doing the rounds for BT dismissed my concern for a future Tory+UKIP coalition, but a Tory+BP coalition doesn’t seem an utterly unlikely prospect in the days to come. Sticking with the Union is in no way a safe bet now.

  52. dadsarmy says:

    @Dan Yell
    This is actually relevant to the issue being raised:

    For supporters of independence, it’s an absolute no-brainer to vote SNP in this election.

    as I’m sure you will agree, this being a General Election which isn’t about reserved matters or Holyrood no matter how much the unionist media will try to make it so.

  53. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dan Yell @ 15:53,

    What dadsarmy @ 16:15 said.

    (Except I would have said it less politely.)

  54. Dan Yell says:

    @dadsarmy, Yes, I agree with that. If posters here are trying to discourage BTL exchanges that digress from the article content then I’ll shut up.

  55. If the Brexit Party doesn’t stand in the GE, you would think that none of their party members should get on the TV in any panels or debates.

    But will the be the case/

  56. Clapper57 says:

    Give me this self indulgent rant below..please…no coherence in it but once I get it off my chest…will get SOME peace…for a little while anyway….Lol

    The real fun will start when the Lib Dems try to convince people that in certain Scottish seats the SNP should stand aside…cause like they’re, the Lib Dems, the most of the ‘mostiest’..even the mega most of all mosts remain party in whole of UKOK don’t ya know….I mean Lib Dem translated is literally ‘remain’ in another Universe…i.e. in a parallel universe called ‘Chancers’…a dimension frequented by C***s.

    Predict the sash wearers will vote for Nigel’s party cause like ya know the Union been ‘betrayed’ FFS by the Conservative and UNIONIST party via Bojo’s ‘new’ deal which, like the sash wearing DUP, the other sash wearers , do not likey …cause NI….and ‘tings’….

    Yon Sammy Wilson and Ian paisley Jnr are like bestys with Brexit party Aaron Banks who is besty with Nigel but publicly as the DUP in HOC they collaborated with the Tories so like hey…confused…you really should not be…obvious that the web weaved by this lot is so dense that I fear only in the future when this is ‘all’ history will it ‘all’ be exposed in ‘all’ it’s seedy glory…and then become oh so transparent….like ‘ALL’ of it…Lol

    For us Scots it seems a clear and rational choice now…you MUST vote SNP…und you MUST fight for Scottish Independence…..simples.

    Meanwhile in La La Land those prominent ‘liberal’ remainers are still clinging on to the hope that UKOK maybe, still, perhaps,could be,chances still that tactically UKOK could still get to REMAIN in EU…unfortunately they are relying on…Tee Hee…the Lib Dems as their potential saviours…..are they on drugs ?…the ones that make you hallucinate and lose all sense of reality ? heard people’s vote organisers in turmoil Lol…wow we dodged a bullet there peeps not endorsing fully that heap of hokum…like we Scots needed convincing to remain…huh

    GE you say…wait for the slogans…the ‘meaningful’ messages concocted by the Unionists PR machine….sucker talk…who will buy (into) me lovely slogan…me soundbytes…me empty meaningless and soon to be broken promises….

    I heard Sir Ian Wood is on BBC Debate night tonight….and so it begins…..

  57. Cod says:

    The one thing you’ve missed from that Stu, is this:

    Make sure you vote. If you don’t vote then whatever comes next is your fault, at least partially. So, it may be December, you may have nicer things to do, it may be freezing, icy, and blowing a gale of icicles (although it’s more likely just to be cold and wet), but: GET. OUT. AND. VOTE.

    And vote SNP. Obviously.

  58. Frank Waring says:

    Don’t you think that Nigel Farage would settle quite gladly for continuing to draw his generous, pensionable reward as an MEP? All he has to do in return is to turn up for a few minutes every so often, and do his best to wreck the joint.

  59. Doug Bryce says:

    BoJo, Corbyn and Farage are foreign politicians being imposed on Scotland and beamed into our homes by BBC. We didn’t elect any of them,

    Get out on December 12th and vote SNP! If we dont then Scotland is f–ked.

  60. Izzie says:

    Question time 7th November coming from Glasgow. Will orange t shirt man make an appearance? Will there be a representative from the SNP? Will Ruthie be on the panel? Will we hear a Scottish voice in the audience? My guess Yes. No. Yes. No.

  61. Cubby says:

    Nigel’s Nightmare

    I agree with the main point of the post about Farage and his dilemma. I don’t agree that stopping Johnson getting a majority and stopping Johnson then going for a hard Brexit is a bad thing for Scottish independence or Scotland.

    “The SNP are such a hot mess they abstained on their own vote last night……” Did they really?

    “We didn’t set this site up as an opinion blog, we’re fact checkers…….” glad to hear that. That is what I always thought was the case until some of the posts in recent weeks which have been big on opinion and short on evidence. Your dislike of the SNP has been clouding your judgement. It would be a great loss to Scottish independence if you gave up on your original role of fact checking

    ” We have no criticism of anyone SO alienated that they can’t bring themselves to hold their nose and do it anyway…..”. Sorry but I disagree if you want independence hold your bloody nose and vote SNP. Even Mist001 is holding his nose. Buckaroo.

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face is not a good look best just to hold it and……

    Vote SNP Vote Yes

  62. Liz g says:
    30 October, 2019 at 3:03 pm
    Just caught up on PMQs ( well skipping through to Scottish parts of it )
    Anyhoo, Johnston said at least twice there was the potential for Two referendums and explicitly that one of them was our Indy Ref…..

    Do you have a link to this, Liz? If that’s the case it’s pretty significant.

    Very impressed by the SNP’s no-messing-around emphasis today on securing a commitment to an S30 for any post-election deals. Plus it’s encouraging to see Labour once again not discounting an S30 after their (highly hypothetical) first year in power. They are after all campaigning themselves on a second EU referendum.

    Good solid start from the SNP leadership, then. They can talk about blocking Brexit all they need to, as long as this emphasis on the S30 is maintained.

  63. schrodingers cat says:

    the tactical voting wheel for unionists has already begun…

    Stu, I remember an article you did from 2015 where you had picked up on a tweet by one of the unionists, saying, “forget the tactical voting wheel, it has been doctored by the nats and redistributed right across social media” or at least words to that effect.

    does anyone have a copy of the fake wheels or the ability to make up 6 or 7 new fake wheels? we should do this again

  64. galamcennalath says:

    Johnson wants a single issue election. This isn’t surprising because the Tories’ record on everything else is a shambles … well, a shambles for ordinary folk, fine for the well off.

    In England, the more non-Brexit issues come to the fore, the worse for Johnson. NHS could be a biggie. Privatisation and an election when the NHS is most under strain. This, and other issues, will remind voters that there IS more to government than Brexit. His cult English Nationalism following is his main hope, and he might have to share that with Farage.

    I hope in Scotland it does become a single issue election – independence. If the SNP get it right then Johnson has 13 vulnerable seats in Scotland.

    Scotland, competition from TBP/Farage, and the electorate beginning to look beyond Brexit….. I did think Johnson could get a majority, I’m far from so sure now.

  65. Gary45% says:

    If the Farige party are standing in the GE, then no more Farige on LBC, Purdah etc. A small silver lining.

  66. twathater says:

    Watched daily politics earlier , blue tory red tory and lib dumb on panel in studio, Pete wishart was on outside broadcast ( of course ) can’t have nasty SNP rep in studio in case they steal things .

    Obviously INDY is brought up and wishart is asked about coalition with liebour with possible s30 benefit , wishart is dancing about and slavering like ricket leotard on speed , wishart then talks about PERMISSION to hold indyref 2 and the s30 order , the red tory guy Mc Donald says he is not against Scotland getting PERMISSION from liebour for a indyref but he would prefer Scotland remain in the union

    I always vote SNP and I will vote SNP at the upcoming GE but I am getting HEARTILY SICK at the FAILURE of our reps to stop these twats in their tracks and TELL them FORCIBLY that Scotland doesn’t need anyone’s PERMISSION to hold a referendum all we are doing is seeking agreement that the outcome of said referendum will be legally binding

    Any rep interviewed MUST hammer home this point continuously


  67. schrodingers cat says:

    a few calls for people not to be complacent, it is a no brainer that the only gig in town is the snp. so vote snp

    but we need to realise that national voting % as reported do not correlate directly with seats won predictions. and certainly, online polls like those in the herald are worthless, dont retweet them, they are designed to instill complacency into the activists and voters alike

    the slogan everywhere for this election is………

    nae paseran

    please feel free to suggest others

  68. Shug says:

    I thing as many of us as possibly go and wear orange jackets

  69. vlad (not that one) says:

    @ Capella, 14:50
    Seconded, word for word.

  70. Clapper57 says:

    Boris helpfully just started SNP’s GE campaign in his response to John lamont’s usual bag of sick and riddled with lies warped Tory observation about Scottish NHS under SNP government in HOC by responding as below :

    “The lamentable failures of the SNP government if this goes on the SNP will forfeit all right to manage the NHS in Scotland…”

    Oh ya bloody think so….do you Boris…the best performing NHS in UKOK to be controlled by one of the worst not THE worst but one of the worst…okay then…got ya…see what you’re doing there…..or not….???????

    Actually thanks very much Boris…there’s another good reason to vote SNP… AND indeed vote for independence….who knew Boris could help us in our cause……..well like……EVERYBODY knew ….from the moment he was elected leader of the Tories…Lol

    Siri… can a Scottish Tory MP get Boris Johnson to F**k the Tory GE campaign in Scotland AND simultaneously help the SNP’s GE campaign in Scotland AND also boost the support for Independence in Scotland by responding to his question in HOC?

    Is Bojo TRYING to lose the Scottish Tories their seats in Scotland ?….well if not, he is doing a bloody good job…what…hear hear

    ps. Video on twitter….watch David Duguid’s face….he knows…oh yes…he knows…this is a clusterfuck of a statement Bojo has just made….oh my…Lamont thought he was acting in a triumphant manner but yon wee wally did not forsee Bojo making such a destructive ( for dem Scottish Tories) statement in response to his sycophantic Bojo fanboy #SNPBAD lie or rather now to be known as a major clusterfuck misjudgment uttered in a statement by a UKOK PM against a devolved government…Lol

    This ties in with Michael Gove stating recently he is considering in future , post Brexit, that money will bypass Scottish government and be paid directly to councils in Scotland….Scottish NHS too….anyone for private Healthcare post Brexit…anyone?…..or is independence actually now the best and safest path that ALL we Scots really really need to consider going down…..bearing in mind Bojo and the Tories plans for us Scots….in Brexit UKOK land.

    This below from Business for Scotland ( 4 months ago)

    “The percentage of patients seen within four hours at A&E in Scotland in 2017-18 was 91 per cent, while in England it was 82.4 per cent, Wales 77 per cent and Northern Ireland 68.7 per cent”.

    ” Scotland’s NHS outperforms the rest of the UK”

    “Due to the way in which public spending is distributed across the UK, a budget is set for England and then that sets the budget for the devolved nations. Austerity from Westminster therefore reduces the available public spending to devolved governments. This negatively impacts on the public finances available for the Scottish Government”.

    “The evidence available for comparison suggests that the Scottish Government’s approach to health service management – having a greater ratio of healthcare spending and resources to demand and overall population, as well as providing better GP access to lesson the pressure on hospitals – has made the Scottish health service more effective than that of the rest of the UK”.

    So Boris and John Lamont…..maybe it’s time the rest of the UKOK forfeited THEIR right to manage THEIR NHS…eh ?

  71. mike cassidy says:

    Twathater 5.43

    That we’ve got to the end of October 2019

    And SNP people are still about as media savvy as a dead badger

    Is a matter of serious concern

    Think about it.

    Someone that senior using the word ‘permission’

    That’s beyond WTF going in to a General Election campaign.

  72. galamcennalath says:

    twathater says:

    wishart then talks about PERMISSION to hold indyref 2

    Some people are good at thinking through exactly what they are going to say before they open their mouths. They chose exactly the right words for their message. And maybe just as importantly avoid using the wrong words which might give the wrong message, if even subliminal.

    Wishart just isn’t one of the better communicators. Blackford is better. Cherry is a star.

    Nicola is pretty careful and usually gets it right. I notice even she can have a slip of the tongue and use the word ‘country’ when meaning the UK. I’ve heard her do that several times.

    It’s difficult to always get it right, but SNP people in interviews need to better at it than others because with the inherently biased media, they will always be at disadvantage.

  73. Mist001 says:

    I’ve been reading a few things about this tactical voting, but I don’t understand how that affects Scotland. If the point is to return as many SNP seats as possible, then all we have to do is vote SNP, right? We don’t have to think ‘Well, if I vote for Lib Dems, that’ll allow the SNP to gain a seat’ or any of that stuff, do we?

    If I have it right, then we don’t have to concern ourselves with tactical voting in Scotland. That’s purely an English/Remainer strategy.

    All we have to do is vote SNP.

  74. SilverDarling says:

    @schrodingers cat 5.23 pm

    This is the newest Yoon tactical voting scheme/scam which AFAIK is ‘genuine’. If someone else can do something with it…

    I don’t think we can be in any way complacent and although there are a few Westminster SNP MPS I have my doubts about, it is imperative we get out the vote this time to maximise the SNP presence as a bloc and to retain that 3rd party status.

  75. schrodingers cat says:

    Johnson wants a single issue election.

    he will get one. brexit is the only one on the minds of everyone

    no matter how much corbyn wants to talk about something else, no one will listen

    for us, i think the snp tactic is sound

    the people of scotland deserve to be given the choice about brexit and a vote for independence is the only way to avoid it

    why is it a sound tactic?… cos it is true

  76. carjamtic says:

    I do not watch ‘political’ shows on the BBC, but as I remember, they mainly focused on opinion that was focused ‘in the moment’ (that is their imagined ‘romantic’ viewpoint of Scotland either as a Brigadoon Theme Park, where’s there’s whisky galore or as A Tartan Scream, you can take that one anyway you like) but only rarely on the complex issues facing modern Scotland.

    Whatever their true worth, it is intellectual entertainment of the lowest order with a complete absence of rational analysis, from their ‘celebrity’ panellists or their audience’s, who seem to have led or are leading a life that is ‘absurdly normal ‘ ………by the way.

    And it sounds like they are reassembling their old BT team in a ‘All Hands on Deck’ kinda alarmist fashion and they mean to ‘convince’ Spartacus there’s no need to defend his wee bit hill and glen, as we are all, still Better Together, but only in a much nicer way.

    You Stay Classy San Diego

  77. schrodingers cat says:

    SilverDarling says:


    i saw that, it was what prompted my post. ill continue to chase it up

    it is imperative we get out the vote this time to maximise the SNP presence as a bloc and to retain that 3rd party status.


    i couldnt agree more, please everyone, post this comment everywhere

  78. schrodingers cat says:

    Mist001 says:
    30 October, 2019 at 6:24 pm
    I’ve been reading a few things about this tactical voting, but I don’t understand how that affects Scotland.

    it doesnt….. vote SNP

    it might be an issue in england but that is for them to deal with

    the tactical voting by unionists in scotland was only in running a disinformation campaign, like we did in 2015, to confuse unionists

  79. Dan says:

    Voter registration closes on Nov 25th, with postal vote registration deadline the day after on the 26th, so chase up friends and acquaintances so they have the ability to vote.
    Postal or proxy vote applications can be made for those already registered to vote that are too busy to attend or will be away on the 12th Dec.

    Stephen Gethins for NE Fife won by 2 votes, and Pete Wishart for Perth & Perthshire North won by 21 votes which are small margins.
    It’s therefore imperative that Indy-minded folk turnout to vote.
    Even if you despise politicians, vote for the least shit option!

  80. mike cassidy says:

    That tactical voting spreadsheet.

    If the Tories end up with those 22 seats based on that tactical voting advice

    I’ll eat the world’s biggest sombrero!

  81. vlad (not that one) says:

    @schrodingers cat 18:52
    It is not about how you vote, but about your knowing what you are up against as a canvasser.

  82. dadsarmy says:

    Re the “country” thing, it’s a peculiarly Wings thing to restrict the use, from the same pedantic source as the “rUK” aversion.

    In terms of use of language it’s incorrect to disallow “country” for the UK as a whole; language is a living thing and if people consider the UK to be their, or a, country, then it is.

    If we asked the Dutch is the UK a country they’d wonder if English was our native language.

    Definition of country:

    “a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory”, with nation being replaceable by state, sovereign state etc.

    Clearly the UK qualifies – as does Scotland. So both are countries.

    Doesn’t really worry me; if we question it amongst ourselves there’s no damage, but if someone jumps in on an undecided or soft NO and gives them a hard time if they say “our country” about the UK, that’s an undecided or soft NO lost to YES – plus anyone looking on wondering what on earth is going on.

  83. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “please feel free to suggest others” you say @ schrodingers cat says at 5:45 pm

    I’d suggest:

    “Only the SNP can Save the Scottish NHS from sneaky sell off”

    Maybe Colin Dunn can do some memes, A5s to highlight C4 dispatches on Tory plan to let Trump and American Pharma fuck the NHS and BoJos threat to take control of the SNHS.

  84. auld highlander says:

    dan at 6.57

    those two very marginal seats will be targeted by the opposition and they will throw everything at it to unseat the two present snp mp’s just like they did to alex salmond and angus robertson.

  85. Dan says:

    @dadsarmy at 7.02pm

    re. using the word country

    By using it to describe the UK State it can be used against Indy supporters as us trying to break up a “country” which can infer negative or disruptive connotations.
    By pointing out the UK State is a union of two supposedly equal Kingdoms it opens up the possibilities of educating people to what the UK State actually is and the democratic deficit the Kingdom of Scotland suffers from by being in that Union.
    Hat tip to Bob Peffers if he’s lurking.

  86. Dan says:

    @Jockanese Wind Talker at 7:02 pm

    Alternatively we could produce parody versions such as:

    “Vote Conservative to ruin and sell off your free at point of need Scottish National Health Service”

    “Vote Conservative to restrict you abilities to travel, live, work, and love across Europe”

    Etc, feel free to critique and add more.

    Folk like a bit of humour so these simple parody slogans might work well, plus they are short and snappy enough to be projected in a led by donkeys stylée.

  87. dadsarmy says:

    They’re going to do that anyway, they do it all the time. Just as “bad” as break-up is dissolution – changing something that exists to nothing. Separation sounds like divorce, and secession sounds like guns and violence.

    It’s a case of choosing audiences. Too much is “to the choir” or echo-chamber, such as dissolution which sounds great but is actually the least likely of the 3 main ways of Scotland becoming Independent, as it would revert Scotland and England to pre-1707 states! It would more probably be done by negotiation.

    But certainly point out that the Union was supposed to be the union of two equal countries rather than a takeover.

  88. dadsarmy says:

    Just my op9inion of course.

  89. Bob Mack says:

    Conservatives. We care.

    Not necessarily about you.

  90. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    If anyone tells you “the UK is a country” answer that “The UK is a Unitary State”

    If anyone tells you “Britain is a country” tell them “Britain is a geographical landmass”

    If anyone tells you “Scotland Shite ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaad” tell them “Look South and imagine it 100 x worse, because this is the future of Scotland under 10 years of Tory control post Brexit”

    Then ask them why they have no belief in themselves or their fellow countrymen and women to run their own country.

  91. Daisy Walker says:

    Hello Dan re the below,

    ‘Dan says:
    30 October, 2019 at 7:21 pm
    @Jockanese Wind Talker at 7:02 pm

    Alternatively we could produce parody versions such as:

    “Vote Conservative to ruin and sell off your free at point of need Scottish National Health Service”’

    Alex Salmond said when he was a young politician just starting out – he did a parody poster of his main rival and used their own canvassing poster – it back fired big time – the public saw the face, the name, and the name of the party and didn’t really register the ‘irony’ of the message. They voted for them and not him. He said it was a lesson well learnt.

    If/where we do posters that ‘show up’ the opposition for the shysters they are – I’d suggest a ratio of 2:1 positive for ‘our guys and gals’ nearby. And if its not possible to cover the ground in that ratio – go for the positive for our team.

    Just a wee thought.

    What do other people think – there are some really knowledgable folks here who know about this kind of stuff. Any thoughts.

    One thing though – every car is a billboard, and if you have a printer at home – go to IndyPosterBoy’s site and print off your favourite.

    And on that note – I will just go and do the same.

    Re the tactical voting – I’d suggest that is going to be aimed very much at the Unionists again, in Scotland. Tories voting for Labour or LibDems, or vice versa, to beat the SNP.

    We have to win.

  92. Roland Smith says:

    Unless we get a high turnout with a strong focus on voting SNP there has to be the possibility that the SNP actually loses seats. Many are pretty marginal especially if turnout is lower than last time.
    The SNP if they had any sense would campaign on only two issues, getting a NI Deal for Scotland and Independence. Hopefully they will not bang on about keeping the Uk in the EU or indeed Scotland. That is a battle for England. Equally hopefully they stay away from being hooked on who they would work with in WM.
    Having made the serious mistake of backing Boris’s election they need to box clever and we all need to pray that the Tories lose. If they don’t and if the SNP end up with the same or less seats I am afraid we have had our Quebec moment and Indy is dead. So concentrate on attacking the Tories, they are the real threat, leave Labour and the Lib Dems alone we need them to do ok in England.
    Finally Wings please post from time to time, your forensic demolition of fake facts is probably more important in the next few weeks than it has been since 2014. The SNP are frankly useless when it comes to debunking unionist claims so we need someone who actually feeds us the information to distribute.

  93. James says:

    Vote Corbyn if you English and SNP if you Scottish. Simple really

  94. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    galamcennalath @ 18:23,

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes the whole lot of them were sent on some course dedicated to deploying framing in a Scottish context. Not to teach them to mislead or fudge à la BoJo, but simply to put things effectively to make the real issues stand out.

    dadsarmy @ 19:02,

    We should all try for obvious reasons to avoid the term (unless clearly referring-to Scotland alone), but of course it’s totally counter-productive to petifoggingly correct potential converts who haven’t yet managed to slough-off their whole UK background. The last thing we want is to give them the impression they might end up in indy-pc thought-control hell.

  95. Daisy Walker says:

    Some slogans:



    Scotland exports 4 times as much to England as it does to the EU. Aye and a big chunk of that is electricity – what are they going to do? sit round a candle.

    Where’s my Devo Max… they promised… Lead us Scotland, don’t leave us.

    Strong and Stable – haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa

    Trump, US trade deal, ‘everything’s on the table including the NHS’.

    Short and punchy, and right to the point.

    Why demand Independence just to give it away to Europe? – you mean for things like, holidays with pay, clean water, high food standards, equal opportunities, working time directive, health and safety ‘red tape’ – and put it in the hands of the party that made Grenfell possible and then blamed the Firefighters.

  96. Dan says:

    @dadsarmy at 7.21pm

    Aye and no. It is a simple conversation starter that can have potential to open up further discussions with less well informed people.
    I like to utilise these opporchancities as and when they arise if it is appropriate.
    It can lead to making points such as informing folk of the substantially differing rates of population growth between the two supposedly “equal” Kingdoms during the 300 year union… and those economic knock on effects that benefited our larger southern “partner”.

    Elected and legal folks using the makey up word “Brexit” also boils my kettle of worms…

    @Daisy. Backfire potential duly noted.

  97. Clapper57 says:

    Willie Rennie said ” a vote for the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming general election is a vote to stop Brexit and build a brighter future for Scotland in the United Kingdom”……

    If England….once again vote Tory…..with enough seats won by them to still be the UKOK government post Dec 12th GE….and some…just a few…peeps in Scotland/England/Wales vote Lib Dems…not enough for Lib Dems to be in government in UKOK ….then pray tell me Willie how will that “voting for the Lib Dems build a brighter future for Scotland in the UK”…and…”stop Brexit” ?

    Expand….explain….”brighter future”….”stopping Brexit”…..or just shut the F**k up…..purlease….

    Yours Sincerely but not faithfully …signed :

    A very very concerned
    Not THAT thick
    Eyes wide open
    Ears open too for you to elaborate on this statement for a….
    Scottish person…one of the many….tired of your same old same meaningless , shite, inane, electioneering statements wrapped up in a Unionist flag, which because of said flag, actually does the exact OPPOSITE of what you state to be the case in your above statement….

    Willie Rennie on the election trail ……should be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back in that it will surely drive undecided ‘No’ voters over to the Yes side….and Unionists over to the SNP….if there was ANY justice and collective enlightenment within Scotland as a ‘whole’….talking of whole’s but with a different spelling….perhaps ‘Hole’ preceded by the word ‘Shite’ will be what Scotland will be if we all, within Scotland , take Willie’s advice….

    I think I may go on a sustained deep transcendental meditation trip….for say 6 weeks….be about right time to surface and do the right thing….that is ignore Willie and his Unionist BT pals and vote SNP on 12 December….now that will at least give us a chance to have a ” brighter future” and “stop Brexit” when we can then vote for Independence….and to remain in the EU….Willie can stay where he sees his future is brighter and leave the EU with his pals…. in HIS Union…..which will be minus one country..Lol

  98. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Roland Smith @ 19:58:

    .Hopefully they will not bang on about keeping the Uk in the EU or indeed Scotland.

    I flatly don’t agree, at least about the Scotland part. There is a vast number of former-noes who have been “unlocked” over Brexit, both in regard to the economic damage it will certainly cause us all, and also because this clown circus in London has demonstrated, in the full glare of the media, just how broken and hollowed-out the Union truly is.

    As has already been well said, this election isn’t about “preaching to the choir”, no matter how restless some of it has evidently become. It’s about bringing over converts to demonstrate to everyone that we’re very definitely on our way. And that way is clearly to make an offer that the most effective method of dumping the decades of England-First Brexit yet to come is through Scotland becoming fully-sovereign again.

    Or maybe you would prefer that these potential converts all vote for Jo Swansong instead…?

  99. dadsarmy says:

    Totally agree. I do avoid calling the UK “a country” some of the time, and certainly don’t call it “my country”. In fact I don’t regard the UK Government as “my government”, or even as one of my governments.

    It’s history, it just hasn’t happened yet.

  100. Daisy Walker says:


    They (the Tories) did away with the ‘red tape’ that safeguarded people, and made the tragedy possible, to make a quick buck.

    They sold off the Fire Stations to make a quick buck, and after the Firefighters risked their lives, now they blame them.

    Utterly disgusting.

  101. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Clapper57 @ 20:13,

    In my previous post, I had quite forgot Wee Willie Rennie. (How easy!) What a dud.

    I reckon that the real battle in Scotland this time will actually be between the SNP and the FibDems, though, the latter trying to smooch and smarm the hesitant Remain waverers just one more time into buying into their dreamland fantasy of having the best of all possible UKOK worlds. A fantasy doomed to curdle irretrievably in very short order.

    But we’ve been here before, have we not? The FibDems now have form in the shape of that miserable ConFib coalition. More of the same, but now with a tangy Leave-Remain sauce on top?

    I don’t think so.

  102. Geordie says:

    If you want Scottish Independence vote SNP. IF YOU WANT SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE VOTE SNP. SNP. Vote for them. If you want Scottish Independence. Want Scottish Independence? Vote SNP. If. You. Want. Independence. For. Scotland. Vote. SNP.

  103. Bob Mack says:


    “Healthcare is free____for now”

  104. callmedave says:

    Glasgow Lord Provost Eva Bolander to resign over expenses row

  105. Phronesis says:

    From the great Thomas Piketty

    ‘The idea of the circular economy frequently brings to mind issues of recycling waste and materials and making moderate use of natural resources. But if a new system is to emerge which is sustainable and equitable the whole economic model will have to be re-thought. With the differences in wealth which exist at the moment, no ecological ambition is possible. Energy saving can only come from economic and social restraint and not from excessive fortunes and life-syles. We will have to construct new norms of social, educational, fiscal and climate justice through democratic discussion. These norms will have to say no to the present hyper concentration of economic power. On the contrary, the economy of the 21st century must be based on the permanent circulation of power, wealth and knowledge’

    A handy guide to the privatisation of NHS England, which will be an epitaph for WM and its deluded imperious proclamations

    And the public response which understands the meaning of society;

    ‘84% of the public say the NHS should be run in the public sector. Only 13% of Conservative voters say the NHS should be run privately’

    Even the UN agrees;

    ‘We, Heads of State and Government and representatives of States and Governments, assembled at the United Nations on 23 September 2019 with a dedicated focus for the first time on universal health coverage, reaffirm that health is a precondition for and an outcome and indicator of all three dimensions of sustainable development and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and strongly recommit to achieve universal health coverage by 2030, with a view to scaling up the global effort to build a healthier world for all’

    fortis Fortuna adiuvat- Fortune favours the brave. Time for Scotland the Brave to vote to take back control and restore Scotland’s nation status as a small independent country, with human rights and ecological justice at the centre of its democratic discussion. Bypass the old orders of centralised control and power which are flailing and soon to die in a ditch, vote SNP.

  106. Colin Alexander says:

    If you want woke politics vote SNP.

    If you want to confirm Scotland’s colonial status vote SNP.

    If you believe in jam the morra vote SNP.

    If you believe the British Empire will grant a s30 because Nicola Sturgeon demands one vote SNP.

    If you are stupid enough to believe voting SNP will change anything vote SNP.

    If it makes you think you did something useful, even though you are wasting your time, vote SNP.

    Voting SNP or not voting SNP will make no difference to the Empire, so enjoy yersels.

  107. Clapper57 says:

    @ Robert J Sutherland @ 8.28pm

    Yes Robert….and I foresee, like many, both a Unionist and a Remain campaign being fought by the Lib Dems in this GE….but that will be to their disadvantage…since it would appear in Brexit UKOK one cannot have both….if polls are to believed….where as the SNP at least have a more credible option…become a new EU member via becoming an independent country….simples.

    There is no chance of Lib Dems being next UKOK government so no chance of revoking Article 50…..People’s vote ?…well this organisation is currently in disarray with infighting and feel irrespective of that there seems to be no majority support in HOC pre GE and I imagine definitely NOT post GE.

    So let’s see what the Lib Dems fight for most here in Scotland…biggest threat ?….well their beloved Union obvs.

  108. Gary45% says:

    Colin A@8.45
    Its past your bedtime son. Time to fire up the Gold top and try again tomorrow.

  109. ScotsRenewables says:

    Who are you going to vote for, Colin?

    Even Stu says there is no point in voting for anyone other than the SNP, so who are you voting for?

    If you are not going to vote SNP in the forthcoming Westminster general election then I respectfully suggest you fuck all the way off.

  110. Graeme says:

    Colin Alexander says:
    30 October, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    If you want woke politics vote SNP.

    If you want to confirm Scotland’s colonial status vote SNP.

    If you believe in jam the morra vote SNP.

    If you believe the British Empire will grant a s30 because Nicola Sturgeon demands one vote SNP.

    If you are stupid enough to believe voting SNP will change anything vote SNP.

    If it makes you think you did something useful, even though you are wasting your time, vote SNP.

    Voting SNP or not voting SNP will make no difference to the Empire, so enjoy yersels.


    If you believe Colin (vote labour) Alexander supports Scottish independence vote Monster Raving Looney Party

  111. Colin Alexander says:

    “East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson under fire for refusing to back bid to protect NHS”

  112. Colin Alexander says:


    I’m gonnae abstain / spoil ballot paper.

    Scotland’s MPs belong in Scotland swearing allegiance to the people of Scotland, instead of in the Empire Parliament swearing allegiance to Empress Elizabeth.

  113. schrodingers cat says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    30 October, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    Some slogans:



    Im nicking that daisy

  114. Colin Alexander says:


    I’ve given up the idea of voting Labour since my faither nearly fell off his seat in horror at my mention of it.

    I’ll abstain / spoil the ballot paper.

  115. Capella says:

    When someone refers to “the country” my first thought is “which country?”.

  116. Dan says:

    @CA at 8.45pm

    Ooh, it’s The Specials – Man at C&A
    Boom Shakalaka boom
    Warning, warning, incoming attack…

    Big Chewin the Fat fan aye?
    That sketch “You’ve taken that too far” or the “Gonnae no do that, just gonnae no” comes to mind.

    Anyway, thought last week you were pushing this GE vote to be an effective vote for Indy with SNP getting 50% + 1 of vote (albeit in a gerrymandered Westminster franchise) being enough of a mandate.

    So last week you were all vote for SNP, this week don’t bother.
    Hmm, think it’s less ska for you and more Bucks Fizz…
    But soon you will find that there comes a time
    For making your mind up.

  117. Daisy Walker says:


    Re ‘the idea of a circular economy’.

    Sadly a circular economy already exists – in the USA. And they are very keen to export it.

    You lower the food standards and people get ill, and part of the illness makes them buy more of the crap food.

    You own the health care service and big pharma.

    When the ill people look for help to get better you charge them.

    You lobby the Government Health licensing agencies – and ensure effective meds/knowledge (and healthy food) take a very long time to reach the patients – while the ineffective ‘cures’ are making big pharma bigger.

    You own the Insurance companies which provide the health insurance – with their money you lobby the Government Health Departments and downgrade an ‘illnesss/disease’ to a ‘condition’ – suddenly the health insurance cover you thought you had – doesn’t cover you very much at all.

    You own the banks which provide the loans to cover the health bills… and you lend out to other unsustainable business models – like for example Fracking…

    Which pollutes the environment and makes people ill, and sends them to hospital and big pharma … which makes you money.

    And eventually the people in that area, demand the Fracking company cleans up its mess, but it was all built on dodgy loans and those companies go bust, leaving the local governments and tax payers to clean up the mess… and for that they need specialised industrial machines and know how… which you can supply… for a price.

    And so it goes, round and round. But this only gets you so much money…

    What you really need is a war, or just as lucrative, fear of a big bad enemy…. Reds under the Bed. That works. Or the war on terror, or foreigners. The voters don’t look too closely at the bank balance during times of ‘national emergency.’

  118. Daisy Walker says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    30 October, 2019 at 9:04 pm
    Daisy Walker says:
    30 October, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    Some slogans:



    Im nicking that daisy

    Very welcome… I already borrowed it from Thatchers 1979 campaign. Satchi and Satchi ta very much.

  119. dadsarmy says:

    Feel like voting Tory? Prescriptions are free in Scotland with the SNP.

  120. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Colin Alexander @ 21:03,

    Well, there’s a surprise, Lord Hee Haw. Though only to the extent that I had you down for the Greens this time. But voter disengagement is so du jour, isn’t it?

    (For a certain kind of actor anyway.)

    You have become so transparent now you’re virtually invisible.

  121. velofello says:

    Jooks up please Rev. We need your analysis and debunking talents during the lead up to this undemocratic (as ever) election.

    Just what really is the intended role of the Speaker at PM Question Time? Johnson can stand up and state the most outrageous lie unchallenged; or simply avoid answering the question presented to him. Shouldn’t the role of Speaker, Chair (?), be to require that the question is properly addressed and answered?

    SNP is the only “game in town” for independence. So vote SNP.

  122. Dan says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland at 9:47 pm

    Voter disengagement you say. Was that not a tactic used by a certain group called Cambridge Analytica.
    Same initials, just sayin…

  123. Colin Alexander says:

    It’s a case of: SNP win every seat in Scotland. That’s nice, so what?

    or SNP bomb, losing seats. Oh dear, but so what? Either result means NOTHING in the real world.
    Labour or Tory Govt: There will be no indyref before 2021.

    That suits the SNP fine, so they can re-use the indyref mandate for re-election in 2021 and play the Westminster blame game for not holding one.

    So, chill out and don’t worry. Learn to accept what you say and do counts for nothing at GE 2019.
    England will decide your UK Government for you.

    If it gives meaning to your life to spout the SNP’s rhetoric, that’s nice for you. Ach well, at least it’s no Tory rhetoric.

  124. Bobp says:

    Capella 9.24pm .England.

  125. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dan @ 21:59,

    Curious. I’m fairly sure anyway the name is no genuine one. And there’s definitely a play afoot on that score from some body. (They have little else left.)

    We all know that not everything is perfect in our fair country (and ye ken fine whit country that would be =grin=), but these last few years such issues great and small have already been weaponised, nit-picked and mitigate-whined into the dust, so maybe even that cynical ploy no longer has sufficient juice to be capable of being pumped-up into anything significant, no matter how much dark money these number-crunching devils try to throw at it.

    One day we’ll be able to turn our undivided, honest attention back to the real improvements that will need doing, but now is not that time. Now is the time for sticking together and seeing-off some of these political parasites who have already plagued us for far too long.

    Another domino about to fall, another obstacle about to be flanked. Can’t be bad!

  126. Some bloody good comments,some are funny.there are some statements without facts, “Better Together” for WHOM!!?? Scotland in “CORRUPT UNION” “Broad Shoulders” is that with or without shoulder pads??? I will be an old man before I get any facts,I am only 76 at the moment,Why does Michael Gove get to look after the Duchy of Lancaster??? Boris Johnson a Dictator or Despot,will he be a hero for saving his pals offshore accounts from investigation. Are they saving Scotland,s resources for London Vanity Projects,being in so much debt what next??

  127. robbo says:

    That Bill Bowman tory on debate night there- what a useless waste of space. Can’t believe we have to pay that eegit 60-70 k a year for being a Muppet.

  128. Clapper57 says:

    Checked out WOS Twitter…

    Video of Catherine West , Labour, chastising Jonathan Bartley Co Leader of the Greens on Sky….apparently according to her Jonathan was ‘Mansplaining’…..however in this instance, this was very much a crime Jonathan committed only within HER ‘femalesplaining’ head….her ‘femalesplaining’ head that was obviously only tuned into allowing WOMAN to speak…. MAN NO SPEAK….WOMAN SPEAK….

    The viewers meanwhile were, I am sure, of the opinion…WTAF is she going on about….she accused him of this ‘crime’ more than once in the discussion….

    Obviously she had adopted the Labour position that this discussion was for the FEW (Women) and not for the MANNY….or in sheep terms For the Ewe and not for the Ram(y).

  129. manandboy says:

    GE19 will be six week Guided Tour of the Conservative Party’s Biggest Brexit Lies.

    Your Tour Guide will be PMJohnson.

    The Campaign for the 2019 General Election has begun, so what are we to expect?

    Metaphorically, the next six weeks of the campaign will be like setting off to play a round of golf with a compulsive cheat. Someone who, at every opportunity, will attempt, by stealth, to improve his score, using all the tricks he has learned throughout a long career of cheating. Such is PMJohnson – and his associates in the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    Unlike golf, politics does not depend on personal integrity and a rigorous application of the rules. It depends instead on close supervision, and on holding the participants to account, every step of the way.
    But with the Tories, and Boris Johnson in particular, such supervision is neither comprehensive, rigorous or adequate. Johnson is a maverick, as can be seen in his relationship with the law, with Parliament, with the electorate, and, not least in his relationships per se.

    The next six weeks are guaranteed to be filled with everything that is the opposite of truth, honesty, honour, integrity and decency. And most of it will come from the Tory Government and be proclaimed by the BBC, STV, ITV, SKY, BBC Radio, and 95% of the Newspapers. Cheating the UK electorate of the truth. Just like a cheating golfer.

    The Duke of Westminster is one of the richest people in the UK. Just as Scotland is one of the richest countries in the world per capita. But the cheating UK media and government is not ever going to tell the British public that.

    But it doesn’t really matter any more, because few people have not sussed out that PMJohnson is a liar and a cheat.

    People across the UK are sick of Brexit, so they say, except that the truth never makes anyone sick, quite the opposite. What people are sick of is the incessant lies from this Tory Government and its compliant media.

    GE19 – bring it on!

  130. call me dave says:


    Ha ha! Not a Baa..d pun. 🙂

    Just got offered a draw on my chess computer…. Happy! 2hrs 🙁

    So to bed as Sammy P. oft said.

  131. manandboy says:

    Twitter stops political advertising.

    This is big.

    Now Facebook – the biggie. Too big?

  132. Craig Murray says:

    Colin Alexander

    No. We all have to vote for and work for the SNP. Any other action sets Independence backwards. For the next six weeks I shall firmly and truly believe that the SNP are right about everything and Nicola Sturgeon is the best leader the country can possibly have, and I shall say so loudly and repeatedly.
    January of course will be a New Year.

  133. Robert Louis says:

    So now we have an electon campaign, will ANYBODT, in the media actually start pointing out the lies of the Tory party. In pareticular, will ANY so-called ‘journalist actuaslly get past the jokey clown act of Brosi Johnson for once, and actually ask some proper hard questions?

    Will any so-called ‘journalist’ actually call out the lies of Labour or the utter deceit behind every word from Jo Swinson’s Libdem mouth??

    In Scotland, the people have a choice, vote red tory or blue tory, or for the lying Libdems, and achieve nothing. OR vote SNP and send a clear message to theEurope, the world AND Westminster, that Scotland still does not want brexit, and instead wants to run its own affairs. Scotland NEEDS independence more than ever, to be free from the corrupt cesspit called Westminster.

    It’s a bit of a no-brainer, really. In Scotland, vote SNP.

  134. RM says:

    The SNP have to get their politicians to go round every door in Scotland, plenty of them well paid get going do your job, get the stickers out, meetings in all the rural halls we won’t get any advertising from the BBC or itv it’s going to be a hard slog this’ll let you see what their worth.

  135. Robert Louis says:

    Daisy Walker, and others,

    The slogan, ‘Britain isn’t working’, is excellent.

    Let’s hope the SNP use it.

    What is interesting, is that right now, the slogan ‘Britiain isn’t working’ is actually true. The UK is day by day becoming what is often called a ‘failed state’. Year by year, infrastructure is underfunded, trains don’t work, roads falling apart, services that were once designed to help people are now the enemies of the people. Mainstream shops closing (other EU cities still have thriving high streets), and schools underfunded, Students riddled with debt (talking about England). Slowly, ever so slowly, the UK is falling apart.

    Their is nothing good about ‘Britian’ anymore, and no amount of union jackery will cover the failings. No, on any analysis, Britain really isn’t working anymore.

    Luckily Scotland has a way out, independence, and freedom from London mis-rule. Scotland can do so much better. Vote SNP at the forthcoming election.

  136. Dorothy Devine says:

    Aye! The union jackery is everywhere.

    Wanted spuds and went to my local Co-op and there were Perthshire spuds bedecked in red white and blue – we did without spuds.

    I wonder if Wales has the same problem ,which would be a waste of one of the best flags in the world imho.

  137. Heart of Galloway says:

    Went over and above the call of duty last night to watch Debate Night beyond the maximum survivable dosage of 15 minutes.

    Maureen Watt did fine and generated most applause for championing Scotland as a welcoming European nation state in the making.

    Best contribution came from an erudite Asian consultant surgeon who had been a Labour voter but has now switched to the SNP and become an enthusiastic advocate of an independent Scotland in the EU.

    Classic of the night came from the truly woeful Lewis MacDonald: “Politicians are only as good as the people who elect them,” he said without irony as a list Labour in Scotland list MSP.

    The audience was pure creasin’ themselves.

    But even MacDonald was outdone in thickness by Bill Bowman, whose anonymity hitherto meant I had to consult Wikipedia to discover he is a Tory list MSP for NE Scotland, who rose without trace to Holyrood after Alex Johnstone died.

    He appeared as a gruesome throwback from a bow-tied Tory fundraising dinner circa 1970, a mumbling idiot who pulled a face every time the audience jeered or laughed at his ramblings.

    Which was often.

    It was both hideous and hilarious – but the joke’s on us for paying this clown £63,000 smackeroonis a year.

  138. Sinky says:

    Dorothy Devine

    It’s the same in all the supermarkets. I remove the packaging then take the loose veg in other non branded bags to the self check out.
    I have sent photos of the offending packaging to Hq but they never address the problem

  139. Jock McDonnell says:

    Lets hope that the SNP are more canny than last time & don’t get drawn into GE debates on devolved matters. And where they do debate, they need to ensure they are well briefed, devolved or not.
    On Pensions.
    On Scotland’s economy.
    On Law n Order.
    On Education.
    On the EU, Spanish veto & Scotland’s strengths, size & resources.
    And finally- never fear to point out the failings of the union. Never.

    If nothing else, learn these topics, inside out.

  140. Kenny J says:

    Well Stuart,
    Congratulations and thanks on the 8th anniversary of this institution. I was’nt here at the start, only since 2013, but I’ve looked in every day since then, apart from a big break after the 2017 thing when I got depressed after watching the Labourites dancing wee jigs as the results came in. At the Emirates Arena.
    I’ll be in Geo. Sq. on Saturday, after walking, marching ?, from Kelvin Way with the Scottish Independence Movement at 11.30, because I’m not one of the Pure.
    I don’t give a flyin fuck who you are, OOH that Tommy Sheridan, if you support Independence, your a freen o mine.
    Well, I’m away out now to deliver leaflets in the days before Westminster rises and they become illegal.
    Lang may yr lum reek, Stu.

  141. Old Pete says:

    The only party you can vote for if you truly want Independence is the SNP. A no vote or a vote for any other party at this election only harms the cause of Independence. So get out and vote for the SNP.

  142. stuart mctavish says:

    Depending on what gets promised during the campaign, even I can see the downside in 59 rabid wolves standing at this particular GE.

    In keeping with the analogies in the article though, one lone wolf standing for the “Je Suis Alex Party” would do little harm, whilst making a necessary statement, so its intriguing to see only 58 candidates on SNP list… and if they happen to be standing on a Je Suis Alex manifesto too, that could make for a great weekend – whoever wins the rugby!

  143. Colin Alexander says:

    Craig Murray

    “For the next six weeks I shall firmly and truly believe that the SNP are right about everything”

    Wow. Your diplomatic skills are admirable, Craig.

  144. jfngw says:

    If you don’t get out and vote SNP then you can’t complain they are doing nothing, no vote, no mandate. You will get what you deserve from Westminster, Boris Johnson has already set his stall out, he intends to strip Holyrood of its powers. Although I think he will leave it with roads signs and speed limits to keep the unionists onboard.

    The press have their SNP scalp, the same press that had no worries about the expensive suites bought by previous incumbents to the job, but are horrified at the cost of a pair of knickers. Reeks of misogyny, men will not be questioned but the press will happily get their noses into a woman’s knicker drawer.

  145. ScotsRenewables says:

    Pity you can’t man up and do the sanme, Colin

  146. Bobp says:

    Absolutely no two ways about it, Scotland if you dont want to see your SNHS privatised….vote SNP on the 12th December.

  147. Craig Murray says:

    This “woke” identity politics nonsense is getting out of hand. The notable thing about the National’s extensive speaker line-up for Saturday is that it contains not one single heterosexual male.
    And not one person from outwith Strathclyde.

  148. Terry callachan says:

    This is interesting

    The defamation case going through Scottish court against Andy Wightman Green Party

    A company registered in Cornwall selling plots of land in Scotland to people saying it helps protect Scottish wild cats
    You buy a plot of land but don’t own it ?
    You get to call yourself lord or lady glencoe but you’re not really lord or lady glencoe ?

  149. Golfnut says:

    @ Jock McDonnell.

    The SNP should campaign only on Holyrood issues.
    A Section 30 order will be a one off only demand.
    An Independent Scotland will increase pensions to £18k a year as per conference vote.
    Waspi reversed.
    Trident gone in 2yrs.
    8 Type 31 Frigates.
    Nationalisation of strategic assets.
    SNHS and befits enshrined in Constitution.
    Renegotiation on Fishing and farming.

    None of these things will happen if we remain in the union with England, use them to attack Westminsters record and defend Holyroods.

  150. Andrew Morton says:

    Had an argument with ‘some arsehole’ on Twitter yesterday who opined that we should all abstain from voting SNP this time as it would give them a ‘boot up the behind’.

    I prefer the view of a close (Labour voting) relative who said to me, “There’s only one option in this election and that’s to vote SNP”.

  151. Andrew Morton says:

    ‘Craig Murray says:
    31 October, 2019 at 9:17 am
    This “woke” identity politics nonsense is getting out of hand. The notable thing about the National’s extensive speaker line-up for Saturday is that it contains not one single heterosexual male.
    And not one person from outwith Strathclyde.’

    And not one Craig Murray.

  152. Colin Alexander says:

    The reality is that under colonial devolution UK Parliament retains the right to directly legislate for Scotland anytime it wants to.

    The EU Withdrawal Bill / Continuity Bill legal cases confirmed this.

    That includes legislating to privatise the Scottish NHS.

    The only way the people of Scotland can protect the Scottish NHS is for Scotland to become independent.

  153. Cubby says:

    The UK is divided. Scotland is divided.

    It is divided into people who don’t care if their politicians tell blatant lies and those who do care.

    It is divided into people who don’t care that their politicians have questionable moral standards and those who do care.

    It is divided into people who don’t care that their politicians primary motivation is self advancement and those who do care.

    It is divided into people who don’t care if their politicians represent other interests rather than their constituents and those who do care.

    It is divided into people who don’t care if their politicians are democrats and those who do care.

    If you care vote SNP and then vote YES

  154. Colin Alexander says:


    At least I’ve dropped the idea about voting Labour; that’s progress.

  155. Willie says:

    Meanwhile, and this comes from Boris Johnson, he’s warning Scots that independence will create a border at Berwick.

    Obviously thinks that that will scare the stupid bastards up here.

    Otherwise, if we’re not listening he’s also said that he’ll step in and remove responsibility for the NHS to Westminster so as to look after us better and protect us from the SNP.

    So fuck-wits, do you think taking the NHS into Westminster control under an Uber right wing Conservative Government is a good thing.

    Sing up folks cause if you don’t your going to be fucked.

  156. Willie says:

    And sorry for the swearing but Boris Johnson must think of us all as diddies up here. And he may be right.

    And how we’ll all benefit from a privatised NHS set up by Johnson and the American medical corporations.

    Sing up folks, sing up, especially the elderly and the sick. Sing loud!

  157. Cubby says:

    A Tory pratt on TV asked about whether the Conservatives will do a pact with the Brexit party replies that the Conservative party is the oldest and best party and we have always had candidates in all parts of the country and that won’t change.

    Now you would have thought as a Unionist party you would think he was referring to the UK but of course conservatives do not stand candidates in N.Ireland. In his mind he thinks England when he says country. In his mind he sees Scotland/Wales/N.Ireland as insignificant colonies/possessions.

    So as usual a Tory who talks mince.

  158. HandandShrimp says:


    It is a council of despair to advocate voting for no one. I shall vote SNP because whatever failings they may have they are still by far the better option on all fronts be that advocating independence or simple governance of Holyrood.

    We would all like the perfect option in every sphere of life but ultimately we either lose our minds in anger that our dreams are unobtainable or we roll our sleeves up and work with the best tools available. Also every seat the SNP take off the Tories makes Boris’ task that bit harder. If that isn’t an incentive to vote I don’t know what is.

  159. Willie says:

    And has anyone mentioned the concept of a universal health care allowance.

    Allocating a maximum allowance to folk to allow them to buy healthcare from privatised providers. It’s a wizard idea a bit like universal credit.

    Free to select any private provider they want what better a scheme. And for the elderly if the allowance isn’t enough, or if they have a debilitating illness, well they can top up their care from their savings. This is exactly what the old folks voted for in 2014. What not to like – the Americans love their private health care system.

    And before anyone says it won’t happen, the NHS already, even in Scotland has the mechanism set up to deny care to those deemed not entitled to receive it.

    Enjoy folks, enjoy !

  160. Cubby says:

    Corbyn has just said that ” this election is a once in a generation chance to transform our country.”

    Does that mean that The Labour Party will not participate in any future General Elections – of course not – all this once in a generation crap is just that – a lot of crap. No promise, no guarantee, no nothing. Just total nonsense from politicians. No politician can promise there will NEVER be a future referendum or election on anything.

    If there is a hung parliament after 12/12 election and a new General election next year will Labour/Corbyn turn round and say we have had our once in a generation chance of transforming the country. Of course not.

    If all the Britnats have got is “you promised not to have an indyref again for a generation” then they are finished.

  161. Craig Murray says:

    Andrew Morton at 10.03am indeed. I shall however still be there supporting Independence. And there are plenty of other good orators who are heterosexual males, and indeed people from outwith Strathclyde, they could have invited who are not me.

    It is, I think, rather foolish to deny that there is a very clique aspect to the core of the movement approved by the SNP leadership, (and I have no doubt Nicola is dictating who is on the platform with her, National paper event or not) and a definite over-concentration on identity politics.

  162. Colin Alexander says:


    In other words:

    Every SNP MP elected = one less Tory, LibDem or Labour MP to undermine independence and the Scottish Parliament.

    Okay. I admit that in itself IS a good reason for voting SNP.

    (See what happens when people make reasoned arguments rather than just slagging people).

  163. Republicofscotland says:

    Our only pro-indy newspaper the National telling folk to get registered to vote at

    However this what populates when entered.

  164. sassenach says:

    Coco says:- “See what happens when people make reasoned arguments rather than just slagging people”.

    Sorry , Coco but that really made me spill my coffee.

    How long’s your shift today?

  165. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above commment page populating correctly now, please register to vote it only takes five minutes.

    Thank you.

  166. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Cubby @ 11:29,

    Yeah, I had picked up on that one as well. Hostage to fortune, tin ear for the Scots, sheer hypocrisy, or what? =grin=

  167. Effijy says:

    The National is running a story where some jumped up Scottish Tory MP ask his leader, Bojo the Clown what he can do if Scotland’s NHS
    continues to miss its targets?

    Bojo replies that he may take the power to manage our NHS away from Holyrood if this continues?

    Now to be fair, he is looking at taking away the power of the English Parliament to run their NHS.
    With around 12% of the English NHS already in private hands the rest will be there for Trumpland to control and squeeze the financial life out our tax payers.

    One of my favourite moments in politics was when Wee Ruth tried to shame our SNHS with a document showing only 2 hospitals hitting their main targets.

    SNP – MSP Clare Haughey stood to advise Ruthie that of the 91 hospitals in her report only 2 of them were Scottish and they were the only 2 hitting their targets.

    Back under the stone from which she fled! lol

    There is absolutely no doubt that our NHS performs better than Tory England’s, Labour’s Welsh NHS and last in the league the Dinosaur deniers in the DUP for N Ireland.

    These chancers feed these lines to the gullible and all too often their blatant lies fall on fertile soil.

    Can you imagine taking our NHS away to give it the inferior English version before selling it of to the Yanks?

    Next time any SNP official is on TV or Radio, don’t follow the interviewer’s script, demand to put the above story to rights here and now.

    We need to tackle the media on live TV and never be guided or interrupted by them. Get the facts out there!

    Start calling the liars Liars ad sod English nicety protocol
    as people are dying, people are starving, people are not being given their basic human rights.

  168. Bobp says:

    Willie 11.24am. Yes, and if they have a pre existing medical condition, they can go lie down in a ditch. Welcome to a tory uk future Scotland unless you get out before its too late.

  169. Clapper57 says:

    @ Cubby @ 11.29am

    Well said Cubby.

  170. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Willie @ 11:24,
    Effijy @ 12:30,

    Yes, a mechanism introduced by the late-unlamented “Executive” following London orders during the Bliar/Broon Empire. The proposed ID card (and underlying database) that the LibLab coalition called an “entitlement card”, justified at the time – among other things – as a gateway to NHS services.

    (And still there. Got a free bus pass? You’re on it!)

    Now just imagine that in the hands of BoJo and private healthcare pals…

  171. Cubby says:

    Clapper 57 @12.38pm

    Well thank you very much. I also enjoy reading your posts. I wish that a lot of other posters who I used to enjoy reading who were much better posters than me would reconsider and start posting again – (unless of course you are banned and it is not your decision.).

  172. Effijy says:

    Tory Scotland under Bojo in 2025.

    Emergency Services-
    You-I’ve just come across an elderly lady unconscious on the ground. Can you send an ambulance?

    Operator-Can you check the lady over to see if there is any vital sign of a Credit Card.

    You-No there isn’t one on her but she may be dying.

    Operator-Can you give me your Credit Card details?

    You- No my credit card is maxed out since Brexit lost me my job,my house and my family.

    Operator-You have come through to the wrong number.
    Please Disconnect from our Bangladeshi call centre and try someone else who cares.

    Vote Tory, work until you drop and die!
    It’s the Future- Unless-

  173. Clapper57 says:

    According to the Times editor :

    “Revealed: Labour and Tories plan to ‘sit back’ to let the Lib Dems oust SNP Commons leader Blackford”.

    Well, says Jo…thanks very much Labour…will NEVER work with Corbyn in any alliance and would not ALLOW Corbyn to be interim leader in remain alliance….but as this suits us of course then fair enough…seems like Labour are once again the willing handmaidens in a pact that ultimately will see THEM further damaged and unelectable in Scotland as a whole….

    Lib Dems most remain party apparently in whole of UK doing a pact, in Scotland, with two Brexit parties…Tories and Labour….will there be more pacts ?

    Meanwhile in England they pursue the gullible desperate votes of remainers as they present themselves as virtuous fighters who will stop Brexit and align only with those who want to remain in EU…….not you SNP or YOU Scotland….same as it ever was and ever will be…..

  174. Cubby says:


    What a horrible future that would be. Anyone who knows anything about healthcare in USA realises just how fortunate we are in Scotland to have our NHS.

    Vote SNP and then YES for an even better future.

  175. Bob Mack says:

    I cut my toe in Arizona. Cost £1800 for three stitches znd Tetanus jab.

  176. mike cassidy says:


    Its even worse than you think.

    Coming to a hospital near you soon

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