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My civic duty

Posted on May 23, 2019 by

I’ve just been out to vote in the European elections, because as a rule I think people should vote in stuff. And while it was a very difficult choice, in the end I voted for the only sane option. (Click pic to view.)

I truly believe it’s the best choice for Britain.

Because readers, look at the options I had.

The narrowly self-interested pick, of course, would have been to vote for the Brexit Party, because the hardest and worst sort of Brexit is unarguably the best outcome for the independence movement. But even if I’d been willing to do that to all my English friends, ANN WIDDECOMBE? Come on. Some things are beyond the pale.

Conversely, the most obvious Remain choice is the Liberal Democrats. But I couldn’t risk having them pervert my vote into support for Scotland staying in the UK.

And if we’re talking about perverted stuff, I also probably couldn’t ever vote again for a party that had enthusiastically welcomed the truly loathsome horror Aimee Challenor into its ranks, and indeed into a party job.

Which also rules out the Greens.

That pretty much only left Change UK as a Remain option, which as well as being a totally wasted vote according to opinion polling would have meant trying to elect Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel (she’s their lead candidate in the region), and quite frankly the Johnson family get more than enough public money as it is.

So how about the tactical Leave vote? UKIP are standing the infamous Carl “Sargon Of Akkad” Benjamin in the southwest, so no.

Vote Labour just for the LOLZ? That’d likely mean electing Lord Andrew “stop Brexit by voting for a party committed to Brexit” Adonis, and that would just be a bit too much of a (self-inflicted) insult to the intelligence.

The Tories? Don’t be silly.

The English Democrats were quite a tempting possibility as a de facto vote for Scottish independence, but you’ve got to draw a line somewhere.

So now we’re down to the independents. Hoo boy.

It seemed irresponsible to vote someone who’s on sabbatical until Christmas into a job that’s only going to last until October, so reluctantly Larch Maxey went into the bin, out of which he can possibly forage himself later.

Then there was Mathiur Rahman.

Yeah, next please.

And that only left Neville Seed standing. But despite having a name that’s almost as excellent as Larch Maxey’s, it was hard to identify why even Neville wanted people to vote for him. His main policy platform appears to be “suggest some policies you might like me to campaign for”.

So in the end, readers, in the South West England And Gibraltar region there’s only one sensible thing to do. Vote for sanity – vote Rabid Wolves.

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  1. Bob Mack says:

    The quote “Twixt the Devil and the deep blue sea “, springs to mind. Poor you.

  2. Garrion says:

    I dunno what the ancient Greeks did with their dead, but if they buried them Cleisthenes is fkn spinning in his grave. Holy moly.

  3. mike cassidy says:

    That Mathiur Rahman.

    with his lawscapes and conceptual metaphors.

    That’s Cameron Brodie, that is!

  4. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Pity there wasn’t “None of the above”.

  5. Artyhetty says:

    I hate art pap speak, boak.

    Poor you, Stuart you might need to think about heading back to Scotland, but let’s see what happens by the end of today first.

    ‘Tartan taxes’ what the bloody hell rubbish will these southern subsidy junkies come out with next eh!

    The UK especially the south part has truly lost the freaking plot.

  6. THomas says:

    Thats a great idea for a political party !! “Rabid Fucking Wolves” We could set them on arseholes like Boris and other benefit blocking Tory’s. People would vote for that.

  7. Brian Powell says:

    Excellent choice.

    When we look at the simplicity of the choice for the vote in Scotland, it would be easy to think, no problem. But I passed a neighbour when we were coming out of the polling station, an intelligent guy, professor in University Dept, he said I haven’t made up my mind yet.

    Death or cake? Death please, no wait, cake. no wait death…

  8. desimond says:

    Any listeners to Athletico Mince podcast would concur that Neville Seed and Larch Maxey would be perfect for “I have a name for you Andrew” section from Bob Mortimer!

  9. Doug says:

    It’s about time and I do believe this that the SNP Launch a Party down south for these sort of events. If SLaB, SLibD etc can pretend to be a different party north of the border – but we know they aren’t, then SNP could have a bunch of candidates running as the ESNP or something. Promising that if you vote for them they will deliver Scottish Independence and be a protest vote for all of the UK.

    I dare say if done right the ESNP could pick up a considerable number of voters from UKIP and Brexit party almost to the point of getting a few seats in the likes of EU Elections. I dare say in a few places the SNP could even threaten to win a WM seat.

    It’s all a pipe dream but it’s a thought. I like the idea of WM suddenly having to factor in English votes for Scottish Independence and have to deliver it when they don’t want it to happen.

  10. Robert Peffers says:

    I just cannot believe that is a genuine list of MEP candidates, Rev Stu. To think I doubted some on the list I had to choose from here in Fife.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    You have to laugh at Cole Hamilton though *Don’t vote SNP because unprincipled them will use your vote to get Independence, vote Liberal Democrat because unprincipled us will use your vote to stop it*

    The Liberal Democrats who say the want to remain in Europe until the Tories tell them different then they’ll turn on Scotland like Stu’s *rabid f…..g wolves party*

    Even less principles than Ruth Davidson

    Can there *Beee* such people, yes there can and they’re Liberal Democrats

  12. heraldnomore says:

    Nae luck Stu, but right decision.

    Me, I’ve just voted SNP. At least we have another choice hereabouts.

  13. MochaChoca says:

    Did I hear the BBC this morning saying (more than once) that England elects 60 MEPs, and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland elect one each?

  14. Ken500 says:

    Thank goodness being able to vote SNP. Otherwise there would be a vacuum all over. The vacant coupon unionists and others, Nil points from Europe.

    Get out and vote SNP

  15. Robert Peffers says:

    @Artyhetty says: 23 May, 2019 at 1:21 pm:

    … ‘Tartan taxes’ what the bloody hell rubbish will these southern subsidy junkies come out with next eh!
    The UK especially the south part has truly lost the freaking plot.”

    Well, Artyhetty, I’ve been a political animal for many decades now and I cannot ever recall a time when, “The south part”, ever had the plot in order to lose it in the first place.

  16. MajorBloodnok says:

    Wolves? I thought you were an Aberdeen fan.

  17. Ken MacColl says:

    Old enough to remember when Vince Cable was a Glasgow Labour “coonciller” and the Liberal Party styled themselves as the party of Home Rule I would be cautious of the comments from Cole Hamilton, MSP.
    Worth recalling their more recent role in coalition with the Tories and the continuing austerity that they helped to impose.

  18. CameronB Brodie says:

    mike cassidy
    True, Mathiur appears to be a bit of a critical post-colonialist. 😉

    Critical Semiotics
    Theory, from Information to Affect

    Critical Semiotics provides long overdue answers to questions at the junction of information, meaning and ‘affect’. The affective turn in cultural studies has received much attention: a focus on the pre-individual bodily forces, linked to automatic responses, which augment or diminish the body’s capacity to act or engage with others. In a world dominated by information, how do things that seem to have diminished meaning or even no meaning still have so much power to affect us, or to carry on our ability to affect the world?

    Linguistics and semiotics have been accused of being adrift from the affective turn and not accounting for these visceral forces beneath or generally other from conscious knowing. In this book, Gary Genosko delivers a detailed refutation, with analyses of specific contributions to critical semiotic approaches to meaning and signification. People want to understand how other people are moved and to understand embodied social actions, feelings and passions at the same time as understanding how this takes place. Semiotics must make the affective turn.

  19. Frank Gillougley says:

    You ungrateful wretch.
    – Ye wur spoilt fur choice, ther.
    But ye made the right decision in the end.

    (Speaking of wolves, ‘The Grey’ is one of my favourite films, together with ‘The Thing’ – must be somethin’ to do with snow, then, I guess)

  20. Dan says:

    I bet that splendid array of candidates was deliberately fielded in your area to piss you off. LOL

    From his pic Larch Maxey definitely comes across as a fringe candidate!

    His root problem is that he needs to spruce himself up bit, branch out and turn over a new leaf if he wants his ideas to bear fruit. If he doesn’t twig soon he’s barking up the wrong tree thinking he’ll ever get elected.
    Just sayin.

  21. Morag says:

    I’m just popping out to the village hall to vote SNP. And do a spell in an SNP jacket smiling winningly at passing voters. Thank God I moved back home nearly 13 years ago or I’d have had the same dilemma as Wings. (Or would have, assuming that my 25-year ploy of leaving my vote registered at my family home in Scotland had come to an end, which it would have done on the death of my mother over severn years ago, if I hadn’t been rumbled before then.)

    As it is, I can keep my 40-year record of straight SNP votes intact. For now.

  22. Mcdenster says:

    That’s almost as inspired as, ‘To hell with every last one of these worthless sacks of parasitic filth. And their horses.’

    Still tickles me to this day!!

  23. Inky pic says:

    Vote for English party. I reckon best way for independence

  24. CameronB Brodie says:

    The thing is, legal theory has also been affected by the “affective turn”. I’m sure the Scottish Law Society will confirm this.

    The Turn to Affect and the Problem of Judgment

  25. Proud Cybernat says:

    Dan says with Wolves.

    Just sayin’.

  26. Proud Cybernat says:

    In 2016 EURef I had a proxy vote for my wife because she had suffered a major brain haemorrhage a couple of weeks before the vote. We both voted Remain.

    Today, thanks to our totally amazing Scottish NHS, we will be walking to the polling station together & casting our vote for the SNP to stay in EU.

  27. shiregirl says:

    And the rabid wolves have it.


  28. CameronB Brodie says:

    re. the “affective turn”. Fill your boots.

    Affect Studies and Literary Criticism

  29. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    CameronB Brodie @ 13:48,

    Keep a close eye on his vote, Cam.

    Will he top the ton, jist mibbes…?

  30. Capella says:

    A sad state of affairs right enough. These are the joke elections that weren’t meant to happen.

    Noticed the front page of an old i newspaper. “Meltdown” is the headline over a picture of May bawling across the dispatch box in the commons.

    Total collapse of discipline in Conservative Party: PMs authority bust
    Conservatives edging close to breakdown
    Constitutional crisis
    Tory Leavers panic

    Pages 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15

    The date? Thursday 14th March 2019.

  31. Camz says:

    To Rabid.

    Please stop fucking my wolves.


  32. David Smith says:

    I do truly, deeply, desperately want to come home, especially now.
    I have a few things to do to my house before it’s possible but just living in Wngland sucks the life and energy from you today.
    Guess I’m gonna have to dig deep and plough on when I have the good days…

  33. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert J. Sutherland
    “Will he top the ton, jist mibbes…?”

    I don’t know the local politics but I doubt it, if that is how he is selling himself. That would be unfortunate, as the “affective turn” could be described as a feminist critique of “intellectualism”, i.e. the belief that all knowledge is cognitive in origin.

    Politics and the Emotions
    The Affective Turn in Contemporary Political Studies

  34. Martin says:

    Wolves are a noble and social species who would do an excellent job running the affairs of humans. However, to ensure some high level intelligence I must insist that some octopus is put in charge.

  35. John Lowe says:

    Excellent choice Rev ?????

  36. galamcennalath says:

    Aye, how to protest is a problem. I think there should be a ‘disgruntled with the whole thing’ box. A lot of people feel that way and perhaps it should be registered properly.

    I have always voted SNP, even when it was a no hope vote against Willie Ross in Kilmarnock a long time ago.

    The sole exception was when I was in England for just over a year. There was obviously no SNP on the ballot paper. I crossed some local leftie who I later found got about 100 votes.

    Just back from polling station duty. No reps from other parties, unusually. Turnout is probably going to be typical for an EU election. Perhaps a little more. (2014 was 35.6% UK wide)

  37. Adam Bell says:

    In East England we have one independent candidate, Attila Csordas who is standing on a manifesto pledge of: “advancing healthy longevity for all.” 😉

  38. CameronB Brodie says:

    Aye, how to think is a problem.

    re. civic duty, time for some Educational Theory influenced the affective turn?

    Harnessing emotions to deliberative argumentation in classroom discussions on historical issues in multi-cultural contexts


    This theoretical paper is about the role of emotions in historical reasoning in the context of classroom discussions. Peer deliberations around texts have become important practices in history education according to progressive pedagogies. However, in the context of issues involving emotions, such approaches may result in an obstacle for historical clairvoyance.

    The expression of strong emotions may bias the use of sources, compromise historical reasoning, and impede argumentative dialogue. Coping with emotions in the history classrooms is a new challenge in history education. In this paper, we suggest that rather than attempting to foster positive emotion only or to avoid emotions all together, we should look at ways of engaging with emotion in history teaching. We present examples of peer deliberations on charged historical topics according to three pedagogical approaches that address emotions in different ways.

    The protocols we present open numerous questions: (a) whether facilitating engagement with own and the other’s emotions may lead to better processing of information and better deliberation of a historical question; (b) whether promoting national pride boosts reliance on collective narratives; and [c] whether adopting a critical teaching approach eliminates emotions and biases.

    Based on these examples and findings in social psychology, we bring forward working hypotheses according to which we suggest that instead of dodging emotional issues, teachers should harness emotions – not only positive but also negative ones, to critical and productive engagement in classroom activities.

    Keywords: teacher identity; knowledge building; inquiry learning; problem-centered pedagogy; technology

  39. Abulhaq says:

    South West and Gibraltar region….so England has annexed the territory? ¡Qué cara!

  40. Ken500 says:

    Buy an acres of land by a stream in Scotland £5,000. Put a hut on it. Nice wee holiday abode. Register to vote from there. Just one address registered. No fixed abode. Or postal vote. Sorted.

  41. mumsyhugs says:

    MochaChoca – you heard correctly!

    Hubbie and I been out to make sure our Scottish rep is SNP then! 🙂

  42. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry for the double link. You were going to get some critical philosophy but I thought the educational theory more accessible.

  43. Scott says:

    Just voted SNP one of many I hope.

    O/T Listening to BBC News on about HS2 and how it will be over budget and time,all the time the talk was about how it would cut time between Lon/Birham good for the country,Leeds,Manchester as well I just thought when saying country they all the time were meaning England we here in Scotland get nothing again.

  44. bittie45 says:

    Comedic politics brightened my day a couple of days ago when I heard the PM refer to the latest vote, ending with “…it is the law”. I laughed as she sounded just. exactly. like. a. D-A-L-E-K.

  45. Bobp says:

    Let’s also hope that oriol junqueras and the other Catalan prisoners get elected to the euro parliament. That’ll put the cat among the pigeons.

  46. Robert Louis says:

    In the absence of the SNP in Scotland, I might actually do the exact same (but without the sweary words).

    Shocked, totally shocked at the Libdem candidate you have, or the fact such a person is actually in ANY political party, anywhere.

    But overall it is a sign of just how much of a mess politics in England really is in. You either vote for racist right wing nutters, who verge on outright fascism, or you vote for the Labour party whose official policy is brexit, but keep pretending to people that they oppose brexit. After that, all that is left are nutters – although whilst a bit unusual, I don’t think the artsy candidate, who studies ‘lawscapes’ is a nutter, and is likely ‘mostly harmless’. Probably the most harmless of them all.

    Not surprised folk won’t vote Labour or Tory, not surprised at all. Vote Tory and they will say it is a vote for hard brexit and Theresa May, but vote Labour and they will say it is a vote for them to just get on with delivering brexit.

    It is nuts. Vote SNP*.

    * except for viewers in England, Wales, and N.Ireland.

  47. Alex says:

    ‘Rabid fucking wolves!’

    Dog’s bollocks, mate. Well done! And what a fucking choice you’ve got in the south west.

  48. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Rev – have you considereed the possibility, when going over the diallowed votes, the representative on earth of the Great God Nigel might try to argue, you have in fact voted for the Brexit Party?

  49. Sharny Dubs says:

    So sorry for you Stu, so glad to be voting in Scotland where there is only really one option.
    SNP without a moments hesitation.
    But took great care to ensure my “X” was dead center and not touching the sides! Don’t want to give the hidden forces any ammunition!

  50. Weechid says:

    You were lucky to get out of the polling station with that picture still on your ‘phone or camera. POs have instructions to tell people to delete any photographs they have taken of their ballot paper – under threat of arrest.

  51. Robert Louis says:

    Scott at 324pm,

    In almost ALL so-called ‘uk news broadcasts on BBC or SKY, when they say nation or country, they invariably just mean England. They know it isn’t correct. It is just English exceptionalism, in plain view.

    Just like the English football league is called just ‘the football league’ (despite the fact that it’s official title IS the English football league), like it is the only one. Their are so many examples in politics, for instance, they constantly refer to the English education secretary as just ‘the education secretary’ ,but Education in Scotland has always been separate, and is devolved in Wales and N.Ireland, all of whom have their own education ministers. The English education secretary at Westminster has no say whatsoever on education in Wales, N.Ireland or Scotland. The same is also true of the prison minister, who has zero input in Scotland and so on. Likewise the health secretary in Westminster, who has no remit in Scotland.

    The broadcast media have been told these things over and over again, but simply refuse to change their ways. Just another example of why the media cannot be trusted in relation to Scotland or Scottish politics.

    Yet another reason for voting SNP, and why I support the restoration of Scottish democracy and independence, free from English colonial rule.

  52. Steph says:

    I’m just glad we’ve got the SNP up here to vote for. Although polling station was a bit quiet this afternoon.

  53. geeo says:

    In a fun twist, the rabid fucking wolves party got one more vote than most others on that rather thin on talent (as generous as i could be there) list.

    Voted earlier, there was a single person outside, guess what rosette he was wearing….yup, SNP.

    Ask him where the other party reps are.

    Not seen one all day was the response.

  54. Al-Stuart says:


    Mr Campbell,


    I was genuinely swallowing a sip of coffee and clicked onto your polling picture.


    ‘mon the Rabid Wolverenes :-).

    Thankyou for making my day chief.

    If it is not a rude question, when are you moving back to Scotland?

    You are our RevStu and we need you up here 🙂



  55. Colin Alexander says:

    The Scottish Green Party are a completely different party from the Green Party in England.

    On the toss of a 10p, heads: SNP, tails Scottish Greens, I decided the SNP would get my vote.

    So, now I have voted SNP but, I hope the Scottish Greens can win a seat too, at the expense of the Unionists of course.

    My perfect result would be: SNP 3, Scottish Greens 3, Unionists sweet FA.

  56. Robert Louis says:

    A vote for the green party in Scotland for the EU elections is a wasted vote, as they do not have sufficient vote share. You might as well vote for some rabid f****** wolves.

    If you want to oppose unionists and brexiteers in Scotland, then vote SNP.

  57. Naina Tal says:

    Heard it aw noo! Dae’in my bit to get folk tae vote. An adult!! who refused to vote SNP because they closed the weans school for the polling station. Tried aw the “weans future” arguments and everything! Previous Yes voter tae.

    Ended up wi him agreeing no’ tae vote at aw! (Which wis the least worst option). Whit a choob!

  58. galamcennalath says:

    geeo says:

    single person outside, guess what rosette he was wearing….yup, SNP

    Indeed. I did my stint at the polling station alone. I have heard that it is the same at other stations, just SNP reps.

    Lots of smiles. Some scowlers. One guy who used to be a Labour activist and put Labour posters in all his windows told me he had voted SNP.

  59. finnz says:

    Why not stand for election yourself, a crowdfunder would have fixed the deposit.

    You could then hire a bus armed with the odd milkshake and some bonbons…

  60. Steph says:

    Heard about the EU nationals have been getting turned away from the polls and denied a vote.

    #DeniedMyVote is trending.

    This is disgusting. Wtf.

  61. Effijy says:

    The Lib Dems seem to be the party of sexual deviants.
    Thorpe tried stay in the closet my murdering his gay lover.
    Cyril Smith abused children regularly and people like Thatcher and David Steel know but did nothing.
    Lord Rennard was accused by female party officials but only a larger party donation managed to cover that one up.

    Tim Farron wanted to lock up gay people.

    Now they have a Aimee Challenor in with the Libs looking for her convicted paedo father to be her campaign manager?

    What a thoroughly disgusting party.

    I would provide wet wipes if these people are to appear on voting slips.

  62. Abulhaq says:

    There has been much head scratching recently over the issue of how to define ‘Islamophobia’.
    Here’s what ’Christophobia‘ looks like, perhaps that might help.
    As a member of the ancient Syriac community which has a rather long history of persecution in Iran, Turkey and the ME, I can give some useful pointers to expressions of ‘phobia’ and outright hatred.
    A new ‘holocaust’ is going on and the west and the UN look the other away.
    Some of the most overt state sponsored examples come from NATO member Turkey.
    The UK and the US have historic trade and diplomatic links with the genocidal Sa3udi régime, a flagrant ‘abuser’ of the UN charter on the right of freedom of worship.
    Christianity in the ME is pre-Islamic. It has a right to be there.
    Islamization is as reprehensible as Islamophobia and merits as much attention.

  63. galamcennalath says:

    For information seats are allocated by D’Hondt system. It’s actually straightforward, though difficult to predict. Six seats in Scotland.

    – the party with most votes gets a seat

    – then each party’s total vote is divided by one plus the number of seats allocated

    – the process loops until all seats allocated

    How many seats the SNP gets depends on a) their total, and b) how evenly votes are spread around other parties.

    Brexit party might actually help the SNP get three seats by sucking up BritNat votes. If Brexity get say 20% then the get the second seat allocated of the six. So then their 20% is divided in two for the next round. Hopefully not enough for a second seat.

    To get a third seat, the SNP need their total divided by 3 ( because they already have two, so 2+1 for division) to be greater than 5th party ( because the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parties will have had a seat each allocated). That assumes Brexit don’t have enough for two.

  64. Clootie says:

    How does Cole Hamilton claim they are for the UK and Europe?

    If Brexit goes through I still have no idea what the LibDems position is.

    The Brexit Party vote suggests England still wants Brexit. It is a pretty simple flow diagram. If you don’t stop Brexit the next split is Scottish Independece OR Remain in Brexit UK

    Why are the MSM not asking the LibDems that question (… The clue is that they are both Unionist )

  65. ronnie anderson says:

    Bill Glen & myself .

    Coffin Dodgers for Independence F/B page.

    Caravan sold for £100, donated to WoS crowd funder in memory of our wee pal never to be forgotten Mitch Kilbride.

  66. Nicola Sturgeon
    Verified account

    4m4 minutes ago

    If you are an EU national and can show you completed the UC1 form… contact your local authority by 9pm and ask to be added to the register. Contact details here: … #DeniedMyVote

  67. Colin Stuart says:

    Commiserations on the pageful of dead end or just plain disgusting choices. Perfect oxymoron, though, in “English Democrats”.

  68. Steph says:

    Apparently some EU nationals didn’t know today was the deadline. Or so it said on the comment section of the guardian.

  69. galamcennalath says:

    Clootie says:

    LibDems position

    They appear to be saying that if Scotland is dragged out of the EU against the will of the Scottish people then ….. tough, England gets to decide.

    When it comes to the inevitable choice of UK Union versus European Union, because they can’t have both, the LibDems will chose UK.

    That isn’t fair nor democratic. It is typical of the low moral standards we should expect of LibDems.

  70. fionan says:

    I voted at around 9.30am. I was the 3rd voter of the day. One voter per hour?!

  71. Tom says:

    At least you didn’t have the nonsense of a husting saying ‘Only Ruth Davidson’s team can prevent the SNP getting a majority of the seats’.

    If I hadn’t been going to vote SNP – you know what, it may just have swung it.

    And when I saw the list, I wondered why you didn’t vote Green but, then I saw the explanation. WTF!

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    @Proud Cybernat says: 23 May, 2019 at 2:11 pm:

    ” … a couple of weeks before the vote. We both voted Remain.
    Today, thanks to our totally amazing Scottish NHS, we will be walking to the polling station together & casting our vote for the SNP to stay in EU.”

    And may you and your wife have many, many happy years together, Proud Cybernat.

  73. Scottish Steve says:

    English Democrats – putting England first. Hilarious. That’s what the UK does already.

    So we’re all nasty anti-English nationalists but the English Democrats make posters like that and no one bats an eyelid? Aren’t they anti-Scottish?

    Had no idea shit came in so many flavours until I saw Stu’s ballot paper.

  74. Dan says:

    galamcennalath at 2:48 pm

    “Just back from polling station duty. No reps from other parties, unusually. Turnout is probably going to be typical for an EU election. Perhaps a little more. (2014 was 35.6% UK wide).”

    I’m going to vote not long before the polls close and get a chance to see what the turnout looks like in my rural area.

    In the meantime I’m calling round some acquaintances reminding them and chasing them up to vote. 2 extra for SNP so far.

    This denied the vote issue that some EU Nationals are experiencing has me wondering if it will affect those that chose to use postal votes at the verification stage.

  75. twathater says:

    Stu yer a durty ratttt, aw wis enjoying yer post then you posted a photie of Widdecombe then challenor , a nearly threw up in ma mooth , it was like a rocky horror show you should post warning signs

    Whit a quandary you had i’m glad you had the rabid f**kin wolves party to vote for

  76. Bobp says:

    With eu nationals slyly being denied a vote. I suggest that any eu nationals living in Scotland get themselves properly registered for an independence referendum. Because as sure as night follows day, the twisted corrupt establishment will try by hook or crook to steal it as in 2014.

  77. Proud Cybernat says:


    Jason Michael

    Follow Follow @Jeggit
    Irish civil service contact: “We’re reliably informed Mrs May will resign tomorrow morning.”

    He’s taking bets if anyone’s interested.

  78. Bob Mack says:

    Girl at polling station informed me that very few elderly voters turning up. They are the strong Unionists in my area.

    We will see.

  79. I was the lone party rep at my polling place and so were two friends at their polling places. I did say hello to a Labour councillor (Glasgow) who said he was going to staff a polling place in another part of the city. I just stopped myself asking why he was bothering since his party was as morally bankrupt as the Tories.
    Voting was slow, but it was first thing in the morning. More people indicated an SNP vote than not.

  80. yesindyref2 says:


    And if your polling station is just outside Lagg, and you’re the opposite side of where the stupid road is stupid closed, better leave at least an hour before to get there as you’ll have to detour via Brodick or fly there on your broomstick.

    Not my problem I don’t live there and have a postal vote anyway 🙂

  81. schrodingers cat says:

    low turnout, this will help the brexiteers and hinder us

  82. Luigi says:

    EU citizens being turned away. ??

    A test run for IndyRef2, methinks. They are seeing just what they can get away with. Never underestimate perfidious Albion.

  83. Giving Goose says:

    Tesco in Dingwall. Copies of the National with Saltire on front cover, hidden by some fascist idiot. Uncovered by me. C’mon Tesco, sort this out.

  84. Robert says:

    Was quiet at my polling station (mid-afternoon). Only one rosette-wearing person outside – a friendly and sensible Green.

  85. Confused says:

    on the web I notice LOADS of people are posting phone cam pics of their completed ballots

    – just make sure the ballot number is shown; this seems to have become the norm, tho strictly its against the rules

    this is very, very good – these pics will be getting shared on social media – all it needs is some useful geek to setup an OCR bot to automatically read the result – then we can get a realtime exit poll


    – and it shows up any dodgy happenings, you know “the silent majority” or the “late surge”
    – people can attempt to abuse this system, but they would not get far
    – duplicate ballots would be spotted

    personally I dont give a shit about anonymity of the ballot

    anomalous behaviour can be investigated, it shows, for example, what the postal vote is, as a separate count

    very hard for the authorities to stop this, and if they did – that itself looks suspicious

    in 2014 I took along a little camera to document the deed – to photo the big X, next to my hand and ID – why would anyone object to that

    maybe this is why the main unionist strategy seems to be to stop, at all costs, a new indyref

  86. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Posted the following on Twitter about half an hour ago…

    ‘Wee exit poll for the Scottish Twitterati!
    How did YOU vote today?
    (If you didn’t, or voted other than listed, please specify via RT)’

    260 votes cast so far.

    SNP 96%
    LibDem 2%
    Tory 2%
    Labour 0%

    If you haven’t done enough voting for one day, here’s the link –

  87. robert alexander harrison says:

    Thank goodness we in Scotland have the snp.

  88. Stravaiger says:

    Personally, if I was in your position I’d have voted for the Velociraptor Party.

  89. Robert Louis says:

    Giving goose,

    I see this nosnesne all the time, with idiots covering up the national, just because it doesn’t worship Englandshire.

    Had to laugh today though, as some chump had covered The National, with the new european. Clearly as thick as a banana and salted caramel milkshake.

  90. Sarah says:

    My polling station [small W Ross village] at around 11.00 this morning said they had been quite busy. We were 59% Yes in 2014 so I’m hoping [the right] people will turn out to vote.

  91. Balaaargh says:

    I quite liked the sound of Neville Seed, a politician whose agenda is to represent his constituents.

    Regardless, I’ve been out and done my bit. Heard great things about Margaret Ferrier but getting four SNP seats might be a bit much.

  92. call me dave says:

    Partner had word by e-mail of an exit poll this morning by ‘Populous’.

    About an hour ago it arrived and was duly answered.

    Just who you voted for….£2 to be paid into her account.

    She fills in oodles of ‘questionnaires’ every week on various.

    Me …nada …zilch… 🙂

  93. Lenny Hartley says:

    Took part in panelbase poll today asking how i voted today and how I would vote in a GE
    At my local Polling Booth only an SNP Rep. never saw a request from local branch looking for Volunteers , obviously there aremore thsn enpugh.

  94. ronnie anderson says:

    shrodringers cat low turn out at my polling station but the engagement with SNP rep positive

  95. Scott says:

    I don’t see this on the BBC.

    Britain should end its “colonial administration” of the Chagos Islands and return them to Mauritius within six months, the UN has demanded.

    The Empire is finished but will they hand them back.

    A lot of people voting SNP at my polling station.

  96. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    After work, I got off the bus in High Street and toddled down Crichton Street to vote in the ‘doon the toon’ polling station. Two placards outside; one Labour and one SNP.

    After marking my X with my SNP black and yellow pen and sticking it in the box, I had a quick blether with the two officials, as another voter went to the booth.

    They reckoned that voting had been steady but definitely busier than the 2014 Euro election. It’ll be interesting to see the turnout.

  97. Craig Murray says:

    I had a look round Edinburgh polling stations today and the interesting thing was that not even in Edinburgh Central or Morningside could I find any Tory tellers or even placards. Voting looked very quiet.

  98. Robert Peffers says:

    Looks very much like a major illegal Brexit scam to prevent EU citizens from other EU countries getting to vote.

    It is far too large a percentage to be just accidental. Now I’d venture a guess that the UK electoral authority will do nothing but should not all other EU member states intervene and have this election declared void and be re-run with international supervision?

  99. Bobp says:

    Scottish steve 5.22pm. They are racist leaflets and they wouldnt have the toy dolls to do it with muslims or asians. But hey its only the sweaties, Do yoons have any f****g pride in themselves at all after seeing sh*t like that? I know of no others in the world who are so gutless and craven.

  100. donnywho says:

    Yup just voted in leith… the lady said they were busy and there was a small queue for registration. Felt busier than the last election, on my page at least a third of the names were crossed off. that was at 7pm ish.

  101. Bobp says:

    Robert peffers 8.01. Yes i agree, this seems to widespread to be swept under the carpet. Defo election rigging.

  102. Terry says:

    Jogged past a few polling stations. And was last others earlier in the day. No placards no parties. Nothing. Zilch. Aberdeen. Hmm

  103. dakk says:

    I did not march with gusto before work this morning to cast my vote as promised.

    But cast it I did.

    Due to after effects of a general anaesthetic yesterday I cast my SNP vote in fairly sluggish manner.

    As a aside, I required attendence at the QE University Hospital yesterday and cannot commend the entire set up highly enough.

    The building itself is a stunning structure with the best parking facilities of any hospital I have had the displeasure of visiting.

    Health care assistants,nurses and doctors were all very professional and friendly.Morale and team spirit seemed very high or they are all great actors and/or scizophreonic.

    The weird thing was that I didn’t see a single pigeon,giant or otherwise either inside the building or in the general environs of the hospital.

    I have a feeling the anti Scottish media have missed a trick with an animal cruelty story somewhere along the line.

  104. Scottish Steve says:


    Exactly. Replace that poster with Jews, Muslims, black people or whoever and it automatically becomes racist. But if it’s about the Scots, they get a free pass. There is no way in hell the SNP would get away with a poster like that up here about the English. The screeching from the media and unionists would be deafening.

    I have often wondered myself why unionists are so desperate to stay in the UK when so many English people despise Scots and Scotland. It must be some kind of masochism.

  105. Dan says:

    Right, I’m off to do my bit for the Greenies…

    …by making the personal choice to cycle 2 miles (into a bloody headwind) to the polling station rather than drive the car.
    I will then vote SNP in the hope my vote might just increase the SNP vote share to the point we get Margaret Ferrier elected.
    Even if my solitary vote doesn’t make that happen, by stating that is my wish, my own little protest against certain individuals will have been made.

  106. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Wee update on the Twitter ‘exit’ poll described at 6.20 –

    1434 votes cast

    SNP 93%
    LibDem 3%
    Tory 2%
    Labour 2%

  107. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Dan.

    You’re typing a tad desperate there!

  108. Steph says:

    Sky news article is trying to downplay the #DeniedMyVote crisis. In their headline, saying EU nationals are “complaining.”

    The Local Government Association said: “The fact that these elections appear to mainly be going smoothly is credible to their (councils) hard work and expertise.”

  109. cynicalHighlander says:

    Screaming Lord Sutch died too early .

  110. keaton says:

    A vote for the green party in Scotland for the EU elections is a wasted vote, as they do not have sufficient vote share.

    A vote for any party is “wasted” if that vote isn’t a decisive factor in winning them a seat. That’s equally unlikely whoever you vote for.

  111. William Habib Steele says:

    Living in Wales There was only one possibility, Plaid Cymru. It’s rather a Mickey Mouse Party. I tried to get involved for the 2017 election, but after meeting with a local agent I went to a constituency meeting. One other person turned up. I heard nothing more from them about any other meetings.

    I’m still very caught up in Scottish politics and the YES movement, but I’m finding myself wondering if I may be more productive withdrawing from Scottish YES and joining the Welsh YES movement.

    I had hoped to be in Wales for a few years and then move back to Scotland. It looks, however, my family has settled here, and I want to be near my grandchildren. So, I’m thinking that I may be more effective getting involved with the politics of the country where I actually live.

  112. Dan says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon at 8:42 pm

    Haha, That’s no me. I’ve got a good pic of me sitting next to Oor Wullie in Dundee though.

    Well I’ve exercised both my body and vote.
    Turnout wise… Jeez, think I need a beer now to numb the crushing reality that Johann Lamont was actually correct when she said Scots weren’t genetically programmed to vote.

    Goes to watch Trainspotting clip on Rannoch Moor…

  113. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dan says:23 May, 2019 at 8:35 pm:

    ” … by making the personal choice to cycle 2 miles (into a bloody headwind) to the polling station rather than drive the car.”

    Yeah! Well I made a personal choice to cycle, at 7:45am and up a steep hill to the Kelty polling station to cast my vote.

    However I cast it for the SNP as voting Green in this particular election is just a wasted vote because the Greens don’t have enough vote share as to have reasonable hopes of an EU seat.

  114. Dan says:

    @ Robert Peffers at 9:49 pm

    Good on you Robert and glad to hear you were able to take the trike.
    You’re usually a stickler for detail so if you read my post again you’ll see I actually did vote SNP (always have).
    My mentioning green is because it is my belief that people can do more for the environment through their own personal choices.
    The fact that very few folk are willing to make any significant effort in their lives to reduce environmental impact is woeful. We live in a supposed advanced society that does not have the proper infrastructure to deal with the waste we generate. It’s fucking pathetic frankly.
    Aw cunt sits on their arses watching David Attenborough programs showing the decimation of wildlife and their habitats and think it’s horrendous what humans are doing, but they’ll barely make the smallest of adjustments in their lifestyles to even begin to make a difference.

    Maybe Doug Stanhope had it right.

  115. willie fae kilwinning says:

    Voted in kilwinning at 7 this evening. Was told by the snp rep at the door that so only 12% of the electorate had voted so far.

    Shocking but it is kilwinning i suppose.

  116. Meindevon says:

    So I was tempted to vote for the English Democrats down here in DDD. After all I want English Independence because I want Scottish Independence.

    However, like the Rev, I chickened out because they’re pretty distasteful really.

    So The Greens got my vote.

  117. Patrick Roden says:

    like Brian Doonthetoon, I toddled down to Crichton Street, but I was the only person in the voting center.

    Not a single poster or rep outside either.

    Goes without saying I voted SNP.

  118. Eddie Munster says:

    Quick note. I voted at 9pm and the ballot box wasn’t even a quarter full in Bellsmyre, Dumbarton. Polling agent said not many people have bothered.

  119. ben madigan says:

    have we got any news on turn-out figures?

  120. Dan says:

    @ ben madigan

    In my rural area approximately 66% of people…

    …couldn’t be arsed.

    It seems a few EU folk were also unable to vote but unsure at this point whether that was their own fault for not properly registering, or due to the UC1 form issue.

  121. Jock McDonnell says:

    @Ben Madigan
    from what I heard, maybe 35% – but it varies & some places may be lower

  122. Simon Curran says:

    Had to do what the Rev did, nightmare choice in England.

  123. Proud Cybernat says:

    Thank you, Mr Peffers.

    My wife was taught all about the Tudors and Norman Conquest in School. Thanks to your erudition of our own Scots history we have both learned so much. Your efforts are very much appreciated by us both.

    Thank you.

  124. Welsh Sion says:

    Someone asked about other possible defections from ‘Welsh’ Labour in a previous thread.

    Here’s another one tonight:

  125. James Westland says:

    Re: turnout.

    Just over 50% where I am (Tobermory) so not too bad. BTW We plastered the place in posters the other week.

    Which begs a question – does postering affect turnout? I’ve seen this asked before in a few places – more posters , higher turnout?

    Or is it more subtle than that?

  126. ben madigan says:

    @Jock mc Donnell and Dan – thanks for the info.

    from what you both said, it seems the Scottish turn-out is lower than NI which appears to be ranging from about 43%-53% (Average is probably 45-48%).
    Overall, turn-out seems better in nationalist areas in NI.
    Hope it’s the same in Scotland and SNP areas get a good vote in.
    All best wishes for a clear SNP victory.

  127. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Polling was evidently high where I cast my vote. I know because the ballot box was already well full when I put my ballot paper in. And that was just at tea time.

    Can’t say though that I would expect personal turnout would be high in elderly Tory-voting areas. They all use postal votes, and entirely legitimately despite what (I might wish and) Craig Murray has insinuated.

  128. Cubby says:

    Scottish Greens

    Just seen Maggie Chapman Greens co- conveyor on Scotland tonight for the second night in a row. IMO she is a very poor performer and does not come across well.

  129. Terry callachan says:

    I had a wee laugh this morning listening to LBC radio nick Ferrari , obnoxious doesn’t explain the half of it.
    Any way so many of his callers from across England were complaining that they had not received their voting cards.
    Mr Ferrari was advising them to take ID with them , there were discussions about passports driving licenses bank statements council tax bills etc etc.
    The thing is
    Voting cards have it printed on them that “ you do not need to take this card with you to vote “

    My wife took hers showed it and they kept it
    I took mine didn’t show it wasn’t asked for it and kept it

  130. Effijy says:

    Contacted a Polling Station manager in Glasgow who confirmed a turn out of over 40%.
    Let’s hope 80% were for SNP.

  131. ben madigan says:

    Thanks for the updates on turnout Effijy and Robert J. Sutherland. As you said Effijy – let’s hope it’s an 80% SNP vote!

  132. Dan says:

    I said at 8:35 pm

    “I will then vote SNP in the hope my vote might just increase the SNP vote share to the point we get Margaret Ferrier elected.
    Even if my solitary vote doesn’t make that happen, by stating that is my wish, my own little protest against certain individuals will have been made.”

    And the protest was justified…

  133. Liam says:

    Re Turnout:

    My mum was told at the polling station that she was their 100th voter of the day (she didn’t win a prize) and that was at 2:30 ish in the afternoon.

    When I went, a short while later, I asked the returning officer there what the turn out was like, she havered and said ‘steady’ but I could tell it was less than overwhelming.

    No one else was there voting while I was.

  134. Dan says:

    Link to Rev’s tweet thread re. my previous post for those that may miss it.

  135. Slow but steady trickle of people at the polling station today. SNP, Labour and Ruth Davidson’s posters visible outside but no reps.

    Didn’t think to ask about turnout till I was nearly home – doh!

    Fingers crossed for a solid result for the SNP.

    tomorrow could be the end of May?

  136. Still Positive says:

    We went to polling station just after 7 and it had been a bit mixed re turnout according to the polling clerk. But considering West Dunbartonshire voted Yes in 2014 I would expect a high vote for SNP MEPs.

  137. Gary says:

    That’s a shame, you went all the way to the polling station and spoiled your paper.

    You COULD have voted Green, after all, the revolting election agent was the one who committed the crime, not the Green Party. And for once it wasn’t a politician doing something vile.

    That said, this is the English Green Party, an entirely separate entity with different leadership and policies from the Scottish Party. Unlike Labour they really ARE different. I wonder what their position is on Scottish Independence??

    If any of us decided not to vote for a party that hadn’t had some vile creature somewhere involved in it then no one would vote at all. Politicians are generally loathesome creatures, aren’t they??

  138. JamesMac says:

    I’d have voted Green in England. Only English party to support a 2nd indyref.

  139. JamesMac says:

    Dan – what is the deal with this trans stuff that Wings and sections of SNP MSPs bang on about? I have literally never met anyone who gives much of a shit, or – indeed – know a single trans person. By all means have a debate, but 90% of the population don’t care. Sure, all this vitriol over something that affects a tiny proportion of the population will never be that big an issue outside of twitter.

  140. Ken500 says:

    The English Greens did not support more powers or Independence for Scotland. Voted against it in Westminster. Attacking the SNP will not help a fund raiser.

    Self identification affects 0.00000000000001 of the population. It is not such a massive problem and saves people’s lives. Why are so many people so hung up about it.

    There are not women being attacked in changing rooms or toilets etc. Just a load of nonsense. There have been mixed changing rooms in swimming pools and gyms for years without any problems. It helps the customers change as families or friend. There are separate cubicles or others. The carry on is just ridiculous and totally unnecessary. For goodness sake what is wrong with people. Have a bit of diversity. For people on the spectrum as well. Have a bit of compassion. All people are not born the same but need consideration.

    There have been shared (or disable) toilets for years. Even in restaurants, teas rooms, There are shared toilets in smaller (private) outlets. The main problem is men pee on the floor. Extra hygiene or cleaning is needed for some poor sod.

    Banning plastic straws etc, why not just ban plastic bottles unless for medical purposes. It is possible that now to buy water in cartons. The same price. People can just ask for a glass of water in a cafe, hotel etc (or use the toilet with discretion). They can get a drink of water in a plastic or china cup. People can just take refillables. Instead of all the plastic bottles. There are mental straws people can take with them.

    Good money back recycling project. That happened in the old days. Glass bottles taken back. It worked really well. Kids used to find them and take them back. People used to drink wearer or milk. Fizzy drinks were only a treat. Once a week. The ale lorry can. Sangs on a Saturday. People only drank once a week or in a special occasion. People could not afford it. Now drink as a portion of income is more accessible. People drink more, although it is falling in Scotland. MUP and youngsters going to the gym. They have been given more health advise.

  141. Skintybroko says:

    Voted SNP yesterday, not that busy but I was the youngest there out of 8 who all looked over 70 and knowing 2 of them my vote has been cancelled out already – hope it’s not a sign of voter apathy

  142. Terry callachan says:

    To Ken500…your post at 5.28am 24th may..

    Have a look at wings link to Aimee Challenor above, its just below the picture of Nicola sturgeon with a red jacket on.
    If you read that it puts you off voting for English Green Party and Lib Dem’s , anyone considering voting for either party would wonder why either party engaged a candidate with such a history and connections as described in the link.

    Don’t you agree !

  143. Redrock says:

    I was collecting the SNP boards from the polling station last night at 10. According to the staff turn out was estimated to be 40% but as we did not know how many postal votes had been cast this could be more.

    It had been quiet all day until around 5 when it got very busy. This was on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

    I normally lurk as I don’t often feel I have much to add to the discourse, however I am saddened by the bickering and backbiting. If you’re unhappy with the policies or the running of the SNP you can attend branch meetings, propose motions and either stand for office or make sure you nominate/vote for someone who best reflects your views.

  144. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Stephen Kerr MP on Shortbreid giving it big licks, “Ruth Davidson doesn’t take orders from London”
    and it appears that he has dusted off Murdo’s separate ‘Scottish’ Tory Party.

    Also reckons Michael Gove would be best next PM as he would be better for maintaining the Union

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Almost 2.5k votes cast overnight in the Twitter ‘exit’ poll, new numbers:

    Total votes cast, 3,876

    SNP 83%
    LibDem 9%
    Tory 3%
    Labour 5%

    (Someone complained that I didn’t list Greens as a choice but you can only have a maximum of four choices in Twitter polls.)

  146. Robert Louis says:

    When I voted yesterday in Edinburgh, the only person outside, was from the SNP. Interesting to note the wooden placards outside. All of them from the parties related to the EU except Davidson, which was all about the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland. Bizarre.

    As an aside, pretty disgusted at what I have just seen on Rev’s twitter feed, regarding vicious abuse towards a female SNP MSP from a person, which people have said is Alyn Smith’s partner? and an SNP member? Pretty shocked. I do hope that isn’t true. SNP do need to get a grip on that fast, if it is true. Abuse is abuse, no matter what you think, and a man continually verbally abusing a woman is not a vote winning concept. I do feel the SNP are getting ‘played’ to some extent regarding trans rights (which I do support), and an overly aggressive, and frankly twisted totalitarian ‘pseudo ‘trans’ ideology (which I do not support) that has hooked on to it.

  147. schrodingers cat says:

    well, low turn out about 38%

    this will damage us and help the brexiteers. the snp will do well to get 30% and retain the 2 seats

    on a brighter note i think lab and tories are gonna get humped in scotland.

    I’m not sure it matters a great deal whether we win 2 or 3 meps, better news is a potential legal challenge due to the fiasco of eu nationals not being able to vote.

    the threat of re running the election will inconvenience the new tory pm and serves to highlight their incompetence and duplicity

  148. Muscleguy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoun

    A few elections ago I got into a discussion with the electoral officer in the polling place about compulsory voting (I’m in favour, the Australians handle it) but with the proviso that there is indeed a None of the Above option and if NOTA wins the election has to be rerun with either none of the candidates allowed to stand or we just let the parties work that one out for themselves. The electoral officer agrees with me.

    Maybe we could introduce something like this for after Independence. It would solve the apathy problem.

    BTW the fine for not voting in Australia is something like Aus$5 which is about right. A slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket in effect.

    In NZ you can vote in advance of the official opening (to cut down on postal votes) and you can register to vote on the day in the polling place. Oh and you have long been able to vote in any polling place in the country.

    My first vote I was away at university and the line for Special Votes was long with students. They had big thick books of all the voting forms in al the constituencies and they would hand write a blank ballot for yours. Your eligibility was checked when your vote arrived in the correct place. Special Votes have decidided close elections.

    Going to be away on polling day? vote early or cast a Special Vote. They make it very easy to vote in NZ. 70% turnouts are still possible.

    There are lots of options for voting reform post Independence.

  149. Abulhaq says:

    May is going, so on cue, once again it’s all about the smug English establishment with its puerile junior common room mentality trying to re-arrange the deckchairs on the crippled SS Britannia.
    We can do so much better than this. These condescending anglosaxon twits make a mockery of our country….Enough of their exceptionalist hubris. Ditch these scary eccentrics, and at same time send the likes of Davidson, Gove, Fox, Fraser Nelson and the whole fawning, cringing Scotch Unionist parasitic breed packing.

  150. Baldeagle58 says:

    Turn out at the polling station I was working at yesterday in Falkirk was only 27% by the end of the day. It took us till around 4.30 to finish the first book of ballot papers!
    Factoring in the postal votes for our Station, put it up to 38%, but still a seriously poor turnout.

  151. R4 says:

    I predict that Big Teresa will resign next Friday. The newspaper headlines can then read The End Of May.

  152. Republicofscotland says:

    Its worse than I thought, as thousands of EU citizens were denied the right to vote yesterday, Tory incompetence? Or something more sinister?

  153. Dr Jim says:

    No politician in the EU ever says they want to bring their nation together. they recognise they have 27 nations each one with it’s own identity, and refer to the particular country they might be talking about

    Not so here in the Kingdom of England UK Britain where every bloody day the Scots the Welsh and the Irish are told constantly and insistantly by England we’re all one nation which belongs to them

    We’re not, and I’m not, and I’m sick to the back teeth of somebody in another country telling me what I am and that I should be damn greateful for it, and those who are telling me over and over that despite the politicians I might vote for in my own country, they don’t count, it’s damn insulting and obnoxious behaviour

    I’m doing the best for our country, or the whole country, or our nation, how many times a day do we hear this garbage emanating from Politicians representing England whether it be Tory Labour or Lib Dem

    We’ve just had what looks like a lowish turnout in this latest debacle of *our nation’s* democracy battered to death through making the population sick to death of voting for stuff and while they’re doing it insisting we don’t do it again for any reason whatsoever till the end of time

    Deliberate? I think so, because the more you sicken people of something it’s mighty difficult to get them to engage again so if you belong to the ruling class that deploys it’s methods through the power of the England parliament and Crown you just won again, because a low turnout is exactly what you want when it comes to big decisions to keep the power you have cemented right where you sit

    How does Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland ever get a chance to express themselves when the Kingdom of England continuously makes people sick of the sight of their version of democracy so that when it comes to our turn to speak people are turned off so badly they can’t be bothered

    Deliberate? I think so!

    I’m a tad angry today, Soz!

  154. Juteman says:

    Baldeagle58 says:

    24 May, 2019 at 9:07 am

    Turn out at the polling station I was working at yesterday in Falkirk was only 27% by the end of the day. It took us till around 4.30 to finish the first book of ballot papers!
    Factoring in the postal votes for our Station, put it up to 38%, but still a seriously poor turnout.

    That means nearly 30% of the total was postal voting. Not a good sign, I think, if that is country wide.

  155. Ghillie says:

    Wolves? Cool.

    So enjoyed stepping out to vote today =)

    It IS empowering.

    Steady stream of folk coming and going – promising.

    But even better – early this morning in the wee supermarket within a BP petrol station, the young staff, stacking the shelves, discussing passionately the disenfranisment of EU locals.

    So switched on! So engaged! And heaps of political knowledge.

    Scotland’s future is bright – and full of involved young folk 🙂

  156. Petra says:

    Big T will be making her “departure” announcement within the next 15/30 minutes.

  157. Nana says:

    Taking back control

    Theresa May is expected to make announce her departure date from Number 10. What happens if a Conservative Prime Minister resigns the leadership? Here’s our guide to Conservative Party leadership contests and how they work

    How might the Brexit Party hit the Conservative Party at a general election?
    Scottish mps included

  158. frogesque says:

    Why does tat PIC of the ballot paper remind me of

    (a) a ladies corset

    (b) a straight jacket

    All a bastirt problem to get out of!

  159. Clootie says:

    Bedrock @7:46

    I am a SNP voter and supporter. The problem does not lie with our high quality politicians or in our membership. The procedures and policies are sound in general.

    However HQ has a number of people who filter or promote certain issues.
    The old saying “who has the Emperors ear” remains true. A servant can have more influence than a cabinet. It is the duty of the Emperor to recognise this.

  160. Nana says:

    I’ve seen calls for the EU to step in and demand the elections are redone due to UKgov incompetence or deliberate action to deny EU citizens right to vote.

    Jo Maugham says
    Really upset by the torrent of reports of EU citizens resident here and UK citizens resident abroad being denied their votes. It was so foreseeable and so often foreseen. How can we decently pretend ourselves a democracy?
    The @GoodLawProject will ask, and will pay for, urgent legal advice, which we will publish, on what can be done to challenge the outcomes in light of these reports.

    Vast Far-Right Disinformation Networks Discovered Across Europe Ahead of EU Elections

    New EU Elections 2019 post – Key Battlegrounds, Part 1 With the count not getting underway until Sunday, here’s something to whet your appetite. 5 key battlegrounds in rural Scotland, which voted slightly more Leave than average.

    R/T Feorlean: RT R_Davidson1980: BallotBoxScot WingsScotland Something that’s gone unnoticed with the SundayTimesScot Panelbase poll is support for #Brexit-related #IndyRef2. Rounded figures are 50/50 but samples show support ahead with almost 1/2 of 201…

  161. Clootie says:

    Forgesque @9:59am

    From experience?
    At the same time?
    Tell us more.

  162. Nana says:

    Last comment in moderation so breaking it down as I have to go out

    I’ve seen calls for the EU to step in and demand the elections are redone due to UKgov incompetence or deliberate action to deny EU citizens right to vote.

    Jo Maugham says
    Really upset by the torrent of reports of EU citizens resident here and UK citizens resident abroad being denied their votes. It was so foreseeable and so often foreseen. How can we decently pretend ourselves a democracy?
    The @GoodLawProject will ask, and will pay for, urgent legal advice, which we will publish, on what can be done to challenge the outcomes in light of these reports.

  163. Petra says:

    Big T will pick up her P45 on the 7th June.

  164. Nana says:

    Vast Far-Right Disinformation Networks Discovered Across Europe Ahead of EU Elections

    New EU Elections 2019 post – Key Battlegrounds, Part 1 With the count not getting underway until Sunday, here’s something to whet your appetite. 5 key battlegrounds in rural Scotland, which voted slightly more Leave than average.

  165. Petra says:

    FGS, Big T’s totally deluded speech would make you sick. Ended with her greeting.

  166. Frank Gillougley says:

    Peter Bell raises an interesting point re the administration of any future Scottish referendum.
    Can the British State be trusted? Errrhhhh…

    UN? Anyone?

  167. Dr Jim says:

    Theresa May resigns then talks balderdash and lies then has a wee cry and we all know she was sacked

    So before she opened her mouth she lied

    Who thinks the next one we don’t vote for will be any different

  168. Republicofscotland says:

    Theresa May to stand down as PM on 7th of June.

  169. ronnie anderson says:

    AW break oot the tissues Tereza’s greeting . A lot of people in Britain have used a lot of Tissues for the loss of a loved one due to Tereza’s austerity policy’s .

    FUCK OFF and good riddance Tereza , what you’ve left in the choices of next PM wont fair much better .

    Bring on A General Election .

  170. Capella says:

    @ Clootie – you may have hit the nail on the head re HQ and people with agendas filtering information. That would certainly explain why some issues seem to grow arms and legs out of sight of the general discussions in the grass roots.

    @ Ken500 – the trans issue is being discussed on the 17th May thread.

    It appears that some trans activists have hijacked this issue for their own agenda. The SNP needs to distance itself from this IMO. Nobody wants to deny trans people their human rights. But women’s rights must be protected.

  171. Nana says:

    Big T crying, not for austerity deaths or Windrush or Grenfell. No crying for herself. Heinous woman.

    David Allen Green on twitter saying yesterday’s fiasco over EU voters turned away is merely a taste of what is to come under the fascists in Downing St, whoever they may be.

    Scotland Now is the time!

  172. Capella says:

    Did I just miss something?

  173. Cubby says:

    A British Nationalist Prime Minister makes a resignation speech containing lies.

    The favourite to replace her Boris Johnston was sacked as a journalist for making up stories.
    If editors took that approach in Scotland then all the MSM journalists working in Scotland would be on the dole.

    British Nationalists lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything.

  174. Frank Gillougley says:

    Truly Orwellian right to the end.

    Hilarious it was. Hilarious, if it wasn’t for all the victims of her policies. Now, there is far worse to come.

    Jimi comes to mind:

    “No reason to get excited”
    The thief, he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour is getting late”

  175. X_Sticks says:

    Well, they’ve finally forced her to walk the plank. Now the likelihood is that Boris the plank will be the next leader and we’re heading for a hard brexit that will probably happen quickly when it comes and that will be before October.

    I hope the SNP are ready and that they do actually have a plan.

    These are treacherous waters we are in now. UK Tory dictatorship is coming and they will do anything to prevent Scottish independence.

  176. stu mac says:

    @Baldeagle58 says:
    24 May, 2019 at 9:07 am

    Turn out at the polling station I was working at yesterday in Falkirk was only 27% by the end of the day. It took us till around 4.30 to finish the first book of ballot papers!
    Factoring in the postal votes for our Station, put it up to 38%, but still a seriously poor turnout.

    EU turnout has always been poor. Last one (2014) UK turnout was 35.6% which was 1% up on the previous one (2009). I’m assuming that wiki’s figures include postal votes as it doesn’t give separate figures for them. So not great and disappointing perhaps compared for the hoped for biggish turnout for an EU election, but decent enough for an EU election. You have to remember that while the likes of us here are motivated to go out and vote (as are Brexit types), a lot of folk will think it pointless since we’re on our way out of the EU anyway.

  177. Ken500 says:

    If a tiny, tiny group of people want to self identify. What is the problem. Everybody is born different. They do not conform to the norm. Most woman get on, especially well with gay people, and have compassion for many others. Woman are kind and caring of self identifying people,

    What a carry on about nothing. It is just beyond comprehension what is going on. Leading to mental health issues. People should live and let live. Accommodate a small number of people. Most of whom would not hurt a fly. A family member self identifies. It is not a problem. Androgynous. Just gets called a different name.

    Women’s rights are protected.

    More men than women are violently attacked assaulted. 4 times as many. It is a gender issue. It is mainly men attacking other people and committing crime. Nurture, nature or testosterone. Women internalise and get anxious. Men lash out and can self harm. Commit suicide.

  178. Ken500 says:

    Greeting face May gone. At last. Another one gone, another one down, another one hits the dust.

    They always greet about themselves but never care about others. Killing people off. The Tories are a total disgrace. Off into oblivion. Good riddance.

    Some folk declared May would never agree a S30. She never will now. Nicola still there. The SNP even stronger.

  179. robertknight says:

    At least the broadcast media did the decent thing and muted her last word as she turned from the lectern and scurried for the door…


  180. Jomry says:

    @Dr Jim 9.36
    I share your feeling that the response to the EU election has been generally lack-lustre and that this is, at least in part, down to people being “sick to death of voting for stuff”. (or maybe just being told that they are – “no more referendums!..” etc.) So is this a deliberate ploy?

    A film which impressed me greatly in the 1970s was the satire “The rise and rise of Michael Rimmer” which remains uncanny in its prediction of many of elements that have entered politics with a vengeance – the influence of PR and spin doctors, public manipulation through media and polling, the elision between conservative and labour etc. The film even presaged the surprise conservative Heath conservative victory in 1970 but the studio lost courage and delayed release until after the general election.

    The film ends with Rimmer (Peter Cook) as conservative PM running massive public consultation programmes and referenda on just about everything – so much so that the general public rebel against this and just want to get on with their daily lives and leave all political decisions to him.

    I think our political classes in Westminster have learned a lot from this film. Well worth a watch, despite being panned by critics for Peter Cook’s acting. There is an excellent summary here at which demonstrates how incredibly prophetic it is and thoroughly reinforces the cynical views you express in your post ( which I share).

  181. Republicofscotland says:

    Looking at the odds checker for the next Tory leader, with all the candidates being odious, BoJo is a hot favourite, which is good for the indy cause.

  182. Ken500 says:

    In EU counties other EU citizens from other countries do not get to vote.

    Eg in Spain EU citizens can vote in local and regional elections but they can’t vote in national or Referendums.

    In the Catalonia Ref (No) 1million people did not get to vote. EU citizens? Who probably would have voted No.

    7.5 million pop. 1 million children, 5.5 electorate. 1 million excluded. 2.2 million voted Yes.

    In many EU countries EU citizens from other countries do not get to vote. Unless they take citizenship. The ones allowed to vote in Scotland local elections etc are on the back of the poll form. They can’t vote in GE. If the majority of the EU citizens had vote YES IndyRef. YES could have won. They believed they would be out of the EU. They will vote YES next time.

  183. It is like Cinerella`s slipper,

    who will fit into Theresa`s size 13 leopard skin Jimmy Choos,

    always thought the Tory establishment would somehow squeeze Ruthie`s wee fat feet into them,

    but looks like another privileged Eton boy will be wearing them and probably not the first time ex Bullingdon club man has worn leopard skin high heels.

  184. Greannach says:

    Funny, but I didn’t feel like joining in with Theresa May’s weep-a-thon. In fact, just as I had a bloody good laugh when the tearful Margaret Thatcher was booted out of Downing Street, I enjoyed a good guffaw today. We’re going out to celebrate at lunchtime!

  185. Ken500 says:

    Boris Johnstone would not last a month as leader. The Tory MP’s will block him. He caused this mess and shambles. Brought up on EU privilege and monies. He is a total criminal charlatan. He wanted to start a conflict on the Russian border. A disaster as Foreign Secretary causing trouble around the world. Murdoch the liar sacked him for telling lies.

  186. Big Del says:

    Bloody hell just listened to that mince!!
    Did she not sound like Thatcher at the end???

  187. Dr Jim says:

    I’m 70 years old I’d very much like to self identify as 35 but it’s not going to happen because science says so
    Maybe I could self identify as Scarlett Johansson’s boyfriend but unfortunately for her (snigger) that’s not going to happen either

    When science tells us DNA has suddenly begun to self identify itself and insists on informing us of that I’m afraid I can’t go along with folk just wanting and demanding stuff just because, and making more noise than a nuclear bomb about it won’t change science

    But what do I know I’m 70 so i’ll never understand someone insisting louder than everyone else

    Live and let live as long as you don’t set out to offend and upset those around you I’ve always thought was a good way to try to be but there seems a huge element of deliberate offensiveness and faux indignation going on by a very small group of people in order to inflict a set of ever shifting sands belief on the rest of society

    Life has plenty of difficulties as it is but to demand and expect politicians, leave us not forget who are only people like the rest of us, to solve and resolve the complexity of this issue to everyone’s satisfaction is for the Birds, with a capital B

    Some folk won’t be happy, live with it, the rest of us have to because life’s just not perfect

  188. call me dave says:

    May almost gone! Something worse coming along!

    FGS! listening to some p#sh on radio 5 on the way home.

    Here we go again… all heard in a 5 minute drive

    Ah! but Boris will renegotiate the deal..

    Once we drop the backstop everything will be fine…

    The country …blah blah…bringing everyone together

    It’s déjà vu all over again. 🙁

    Please lets get to independence. 🙂

  189. Dr Jim says:


    It’s exactly the tactic that Ruth Davidson has been employing for years with her *no more divisive referendums* chant deliberately used over and over again to sicken the electorate of the idea even if no one else mentions it so that when the day comes when someone else does mention it the electorate in their minds believe what they think they heard from that person even though it’s not true

    How many times has a movie or a sitcom come on the TV for the umpteenth time and we all groan and say *Oh not again*
    yet every Christmas day TV will play the same movies but they’ve programmed the population to groan in amusement to expect that’s what’s going to happen, so we all get our sweeties in and watch it anyway

    People are a lot easier programmed than they think they are or there would be no need for clever advertising people who do it every day of our lives

    Politicians call them *spin doctors*, why use the term *doctor*

    They know what they’re doing when they set out to make sure the population doesn’t have the time so set out to remove the inclination to think for themselves

    There was a wee German fella in the 1930s who did it pretty successfully for a while in a very short space of time, the Brits have been at this for very much longer

  190. DerekM says:

    And another one bites the dust.

    Seems like the English people are not going to settle for a zip lined in tory as PM,there is a call for a GE going about.

    Boris might find himself needing to call a GE if only to stop himself being lame ducked from day one.

    Anyway sod all those idiots the UK is falling to bits lets finish this job we started Scotland now is a good time.

  191. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ken Clarke said on R4 this morning that Bojo is ‘far from a shoo-in’.

    Worth bearing in mind as jazzy Ken is long in tooth and claw and knows of what he speaketh.


  192. Abulhaq says:

    Scottish nationalism’s adversary is English/British nationalism. They are not identical. They are in total opposition. The former has very little delusional baggage, the latter is loaded with tendentious self-perceptions and myths of ‘ethnic’ exceptionalism which inform the British state’s relationship with the world.
    This is a burden we have carried too long. It has dragged us into wars and repressive colonialist adventurism. Soft politics modelled on ‘polished’ Westminster principles which marginalizes historic, cultural and psychological factors associated with that burden is not enough.
    Devolution and its infernal trappings are part of that.
    Saving the British state is not Scotland’s business.
    James Naughtie’s ‘Devolution Decade’ aired on R4 set the neo-imperialist tone to perfection. The man has Scotch cringe for a spine.

  193. Capella says:

    I’m amazed that I agree with Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine and even Ian Duncan Smith who said something sensible yesterday. Of course, the BBC are running the nothing but the Tories news service now. It’s going to be Tory this and Tory that for the forseeable future. Sigh.

  194. Jim Lynch says:

    Short and sweet – I voted SNP as have done for over 50 years.

  195. Welsh Sion says:

    In other news, the Deputy Leader of UKIP has resigned in order to contest the Leadership contest there. (Just in case you missed it ad just in case you’re interested … )

  196. Dan says:

    JamesMac says:
    24 May, 2019 at 2:38 am

    “Dan – what is the deal with this trans stuff that Wings and sections of SNP MSPs bang on about? I have literally never met anyone who gives much of a shit, or – indeed – know a single trans person. By all means have a debate, but 90% of the population don’t care. Sure, all this vitriol over something that affects a tiny proportion of the population will never be that big an issue outside of twitter.”

    Just noticing your post now. It was possibly held up in moderation or I missed it as I was snoozing at that time.
    Have a wee read of this article and comments for a bit more background info should you wish.

  197. Rick H Johnston says:

    Oh look, In England the Libs, Labs and Tories don’t feel the need to add English before their name.
    The Lib Dems call themselves a federal party with Welsh and Scottish party conferences with attendent TV coverage.
    Bit of a con when they don’t have a specific English party.
    Maybe the should challenge this.

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