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Let’s hit the streets

Posted on August 15, 2014 by

In March this year, Wings Over Scotland ran a breathtakingly successful fundraiser. We asked for £50,000 in a month and achieved it in eight hours, going on to raise over £110,000 in total, despite the bitterness and cynicism of the mainstream media.

The money has been used for various projects – we’ve already spent many thousands of pounds on site running costs, conducting opinion polls, taking out adverts and distributing hundreds of thousands of leaflets and posters and postcards and badges.


Click here to go to fundraising site.

But the main thing we wanted to fund was The Wee Blue Book – a pocket-sized guide to independence, fully-sourced and referenced and covering every important aspect of the debate, but which can be read in about an hour. We budgeted £15,000 for it, with the intention of producing perhaps 20,000 copies. But we’ve got four million voters to reach, and we need to scale that up a bit.

The digital edition of the book is already available, and it’s been an astonishingly big success – almost 250,000 copies have already been downloaded in just four days, and the critical response has been extremely positive.

But to really get the word out we have to print physical copies on paper for all the people who don’t use the internet or wouldn’t come to a politics website. Since the book came out we’ve been absolutely swamped by demand. So we want to make and distribute at least 10 times as many copies as our original plan – that’s 200,000.

Fortunately we’ve got a very good deal on printing costs, so that won’t cost 10 times as much money, but it’ll take more than we’ve got left in the kitty, so we’re asking you to dip into your pockets one last time to help us top up the coffers.

That’s about it, really. You’re busy people. You get the idea.

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    1. 15 08 14 21:49

      Scotland – YES or NO ? | the

    821 to “Let’s hit the streets”

    1. TJenny says:

      Robert Peffers – ‘ Darling, you know what a joke is, don’t you”?’ You just put your lips together and say No. 🙂

    2. TJenny says:

      thingy – welcome aboard. 🙂

    3. thingy says:




    4. Thepnr says:

      Just watched the Murphy performance on Independence Live. Hahaha, what a total dick, he really hates us. People who read Wings that is, apparently there is only 200 :).

      No wonder the stupid prick makes me smile. My Murphy yer teas oot and the sooner you realise it the better. Get back under the rock you came from and make way for a new beginning the like of which your teeny brain could fail to comprehend.

      Well done to Independence Live, you too should have reached the crowd funding target but you will not be forgotten.

      Cheers, my friends.

    5. thingy says:


      Thank you


    6. Nana Smith says:

      Hi there thingy. Welcome!

    7. Quentin Quale says:

      Oh for goodness sake, you lot. I take myself away for a walk in the hills only to come home and find this. Absolutely fantastic. Contribution in and now time for tea.

    8. Quentin Quale says:

      And Happy Birthday Leslie Anne!

    9. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hi thingy, welcome to the mad house! 😛

    10. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for your birthday wishes Quentin 😉

    11. Brian McHugh says:

      my vid again… since my post just jumped onto the last page…


    12. thingy says:

      My Nana was called Nana,Nana.


    13. CameronB Brodie says:

      On the subject of Darling and jokes, here is another GQ interview the MSM were all over. Not.

      Piers Morgan: Gordon Brown once told me that the trouble with being chancellor is you can’t crack any jokes as people take money terribly seriously. Do you feel the same shackles?

      Alistair Darling: There are constraints on you as chancellor and as an MP. You have to be careful because you’re holding public office. I choose my words carefully. One wrong word can have a disastrous effect.

    14. Jim Thomson says:


      TT has sent you birthday wishes in OT 🙂

    15. Thepnr says:

      Nana Nana Nana Hey eehhh Welcome thingy 🙂

    16. thingy says:


      Cheers, mate.

    17. thingy says:


      Thank you

    18. Hood says:

      Happy 22nd LA 🙂

      On the subject of the WBB, I printed out a few the last day and gave one away to a DK/No guy, not heard back from him but have had a few others of the same persuasion coming into the workshop today to ask if I have one for them to read 🙂 I also made a few CD’s, with the PDF on, and told them they can click on the links in the PDF if they want to verify.

      Have just printed out another 10 so hopefully I will get a few more asking for them. Been too busy the last day or so to actually seek out people to hand them to but may not have to if people are coming in to ask for one 😀

    19. schrodinger's cat says:

      heedtracker says:

      15 August, 2014 at 8:29 pm

      @ schrodinger’s cat, this is the first time your avatar completely matches your CiF.

      really? it could just be your browser heed, then again i post with a windows and a linux OS, and icons come and go depending on updates etc. i did wonder why every one here had a space invader icon though. also, im up to my 16th facebook login on cif (quantum cats have 18 lives apparently)this also may be the problem 🙂

    20. Hood says:

      and welcome thingy, I dont post here much myself but read almost every post, its going to be a big YES I think 🙂

    21. Col The Viking says:

      Great effort folks!

      This race is still to close to call but surely the momentum is with us!

      My wee donation in due course……

    22. Thepnr says:


      I will be down with 100 copies if you can handle them as soon as I get them. I’ve asked the Rev but also kenmacaroonbar so will have 1000.

    23. G H Graham says:

      Political campaigns can raise whatever they can or want. But it is not the amount collected that is limited by the Electoral Commission rules.

      It is the amount that is spent within a regulated time frame which is strictly limited.

      The regulated ‘referendum period’ began on 30th May 2014.

      YES & NO are limited to spending £1.5 million each but can deliver free campaign materials & make referendum broadcasts and have use of public rooms.

      Other limits are …

      Scottish National Party: £1,344,000
      Scottish Labour Party £831,000
      Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party £399,000
      Scottish Liberal Democrats £204,000
      Scottish Green Party £150,000

      Other registered campaigners £150,000 (eg. Wings Over Scotland)

      Threshold for registration with the Electoral Commission £10,000

      Here’s the Electoral Commission’s Referendum handbook:

    24. TJenny says:

      Hood – you’ve got a wee one man WBB hub going there. Well done. 🙂

    25. chipmonkey says:

      Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne.(*cough cough*) Apologies for hubby Quentin’s spelling!

    26. schrodinger's cat says:

      did we just go through a time slip or summat, i can only see a dozen or so posts on this thread now, im sure i was replying to a post by heedtracker only a few minutes ago??

      probably, wings is under attack, the oh no camp will be spitting feathers at the 40k raiser in a matter of a few hrs

    27. Sinky says:

      Why do you think BBC / STV/ Proud Scottish journalists / editors failed to report this news?

    28. YESGUY says:

      Milady de Winter

      Welcome to you both. Great to see your Nom de Plume. The more the merrier.

    29. thingy says:


      Just got the ‘nads to post myself, bud.

      Something is stirring in the shires, squire.

    30. Kenny says:

      If Wings is getting towards its spending limit, there’s always the possibility of people co-ordinating a bulk-buy independently of the site. You’d have to be careful about co-ordinated activity with Wings, but anyone can spend as an individual and individuals can co-ordinate amongst themselves. You know who the printer is, so you can go to them directly with your own bulk-buy. Obviously you’d want to move quickly so as the printer can just keep the presses rolling…

    31. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hood, chipmonkey and Tartan Tory thanks one and all for your birthday wishes. I can’t say anything but I’m blown away. You have all made me just so so so happy, it has brought a tear to my eye. To think you all cared so much about me that you made so many donations to my wee fund raiser. WHIT That WASN’T my fund raiser! Oh I see it was my favourite WEBSITE’s fund raiser. Oh that’s OK then. 😛

      Don’t worry about the name spelling chipmonkey, sometimes it’s easier to just type LA. 😉

    32. twenty14 says:

      @ Shrodingers cat _ think when we hit the 500 bar in comments it start’s afresh but older comments are at bottom. There’s just too many of us 🙂

    33. TJenny says:

      Schrodinger’s Cat – we’re onto the second page of the comments for this thread, starting at #501 at the top of this page.

    34. Thepnr says:

      Waste of time having a “goal” if the Wingers always shoot over the bar.

    35. tartanfever says:

      My goodness,

      the total is at £42,224. Thats incredible.

    36. schrodinger's cat says:

      i was out leafleting posting the last of the yes booklets
      i was informed that 4 oh no leafleters had been round leafleting the day before.
      however, the oh no leaflet was a glossy A5 sigle leaflet with the words
      “who do you think you are kidding Mr Salmond”

      unfortunatley, this leaflet was so flimsy they were unable to post it through the letter box completly and about half were stuck between the outer letter box opening and the inner draft excluder
      I’m keeping them for posterity and fire lighters

    37. Lesley-Anne says:

      Don’t you think though Thepnr that it is better to have a goal that we can break through rather than having an unreachable goal. Once we use an unreachable goal our *ahem* friends over the fence will start using this as proof we are failing. Much better I think to keep busting the targets and giving our *ahem* friends nightmares in my view. 😛

    38. macart763m says:

      @schrodinger’s cat

      There’s a wee green line at the bottom of the thread SC titled older comments. Click on that and it takes you back to the larger thread.

    39. @schrodinger’s cat says:

      did we just go through a time slip or summat,

      500 comments then next page.

    40. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      Triffic, simply triffic.

    41. G H Graham says:

      Donations arriving at just under £4,000 per hour !

      Woo hoo.

    42. Thepnr says:


      It was a compliment. Whoosh another right over the bar 🙂

    43. Mary Bruce says:

      Happy Birthday, Lesley-Anne, hope the next one is in an independent Scotland!

    44. Robert Peffers says:

      @David says: 15 August, 2014 at 2:20 pm:

      “Any chance of finding one of the old pope-mobiles painting it Blue and White and Stu could distribute the WBB from it”
      Dunno! Bit I went out today and told my local Fife Group they can have the use of my Camper Van as either a mobile stall or, as it has auxiliary batteries and enverters fitted for use with Tannoy and stickers.

    45. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye well you know me Thepnr stupid as stupid does. I’m not the wisest one on here to identify some styles of posts as compliments. 😉 😛

    46. schrodinger's cat says:

      AH HA
      fiendishly clever Macart
      tx for the heads up
      I was having a middle aged moment there

    47. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for that Mary Bruce. I’m sure it will be in a Scotland on the verge of independence. What a thought! 😛

    48. schrodinger's cat says:

      @Robert Peffers
      you are not in north fife perchance?

    49. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Lesley-Anne Posted something on off topic for you. Happy Birthday.

    50. Lesley-Anne says:

      Got thanks Michael. 😉 😛

    51. Lesley-Anne says:


      There should have been an “it” in there somewhere. 😛

    52. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry to go O/T folks but just seen a tweet from Nicola Sturgeon. She is in Kylsyth talking and doing a Q & A to OVER 500 people! 😛

      We are MOST definitely on our way folks. The winning line is getting close and WE are leaving BT for dead in the water! 😛

    53. Mrs Grimble says:

      This may be a bit early, but we Wingers (and Stu of course) should start thinking about what we do after the referendum. I for one would like to see WoS become a proper forum where we can debate ideas and strategies for how the new Scotland could be run and where we can take it.
      With everybody so fired up and enthused by this campaign, we should really carry on and use this energy for something lasting.
      What does everybody else think?

    54. Poppy says:

      turnip_ghost says:
      15 August, 2014 at 4:26 pm
      Is it ridiculous that I like to wait five minutes on the donation page then hit refresh to see how high it jumps up?

      I am refreshing it every couple of minutes and it is making me feel very happy indeed:) Not ridiculous at all!

    55. geeo says:


      Happy Birthday L.A.
      Happy Birthday L.A.
      Never got you a present,
      Just a YES vote for you……!

    56. thingy says:

      Just checked the indiegogo page – 500,000 hard copies out of the question?

    57. SquareHaggis says:

      A puckle or twa shillins drappit inna the tinnie.

      Anyone wanting LARGE YES BOARDS up here in Aiberdeenshire can collect from Ellon YES shoppie free of charge, including posts.

    58. Bob Sinclair says:

      Mrs Grimble

      Pretty sure that’s the plan. This site is a revelation to anyone who sees it.

      The MSM are terrified of it & I guarantee that anyone who is anyone in the indyref is reading every day even if they deny it.

      Wings is watching.

    59. msean says:

      £43,000 and still nine and a half days to go,well done. 🙂

    60. Mariaskid says:

      Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne, your posts fair cheer me up, I’m also down in the south – an elderly wheelchair user who knows a lot of no-ers.

    61. Ken Johnston says:

      Re Jim Murphy and the Livestream video.

      Have a close look at the wuman in the bottom left @ 2.22, she is in for about 2 secs, see if anyone recognises her. Check it and then compare to wuman on the “When is a pot not a pot” BT poster.

    62. TJenny says:

      Mrs Grimble – I agree, and also our political nous genie is well out of the lamp and wont be going back in. I’m sure that WOS will carry on as we will have to keep an eye on the negotiations up to indy in 2016. I really hope that Stuey keeps it going after that too. 🙂

    63. TJenny says:

      Although we’ll need to give him a holiday sometime after the ref.

    64. Robert Peffers says:

      @Lesley-Anne says: 15 August, 2014 at 9:07 pm:

      “That WASN’T my fund raiser! Oh I see it was my favourite WEBSITE’s fund raiser. Oh that’s OK then.”

      Grumble! Grumble! Grumble!

      Jings! Gan oot fir a wee puckle shoapin an fund raisers wheech richt past ye. Fowk hae birthdays an awthin. Ah feel afu left oot o a’thin.

      Happy Birthday, Lesley-Anne. Hope you have many, many, many more.

    65. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh you’re so sweet geeo. thank you so very much! XXXXX 😉

      Thanks so very much Mariaskid. When I’m out I’m usually found in a wheel chair myself. At least I have my partner/carer to push me. 😉 I’m glad you enjoy the *ahem* occasional post I put up from time time though. 😛

      If you’re anywhere in the Gretna to Dumfries area we should try and meet up at some point, have our own wee mini, mini, mini Wings *ahem* “do. 😀

    66. Scoobiedubh says:

      10pm and the total is £43,625!

    67. Lesley-Anne says:

      Many thanks for your birthday wishes Robert, gratefully received. Despite the groans from all corners of Scotland I can confirm that I fully intend to have loads more birthdays. Sorry folks you’ll have to put up with me and my extremely bad humour for quite a considerable time yet. 😛

    68. TJenny says:

      Hooray – Stu’s tweeted that he has another £4,052.00 in non paypal donations to be added to the current pp £43,755.00 total.

    69. X_Sticks says:

      Wow, it’s taken me age to catch up.

      Email to Jean’s account re WBB and the minute I lay hands on some I’ll let you know.

      Haha. “Reading WoS out to him every night” was that after you tucked him in, Lenny?

      Re WBB distribution, Rab was saying, as did handclapping @ 8:06, that we need to target the DKs using the canvassing ruturn from Yes. Rab suggested first distribution to 5+ on the canvass scale and then if we have any left target the 3 or 4s. That, plus hand distribution from the stalls should maximise the returns on effort.

    70. Clootie says:


      Is it still your birthday?
      Most of us only get a normal day 🙁

    71. craiging619 says:

      £43,655! Just threw a small amount in, great to see the target reached so quickly as the WBB is the best way of reaching Undecideds at this stage. I’ve seen many sharing it on Facebook and have told a few at work that they’ll hopefully get one through the door soon. Have tried to avoid discussing the referendum with my family so far, but the WBB is so good I might be tempted now…

    72. Clootie says:

      @ X- sticks

      Ta! – some day 😀

    73. Robert Peffers says:

      @schrodinger’s cat says: 15 August, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      “@Robert Peffers – you are not in north fife perchance?”

      No, Schrodinger’s Cat, I’m on the outskirts of Kelty. Right down on the Great North Road. Just near the Western Entrance to Loch Ore Country Park. That means, for my pains, I’ve got Gordon Brown as my MP.

    74. Elspeth says:

      @ Lesley-Anne
      Happy, happy birthday!

      We’re not very far from you as the crow flies, so hopefully can give you a real (albeit belated) birthday hug soon (as opposed to an electronic one)!

      Donation made, btw 🙂

    75. Lesley-Anne says:

      You forget Clootie, I am not ANY old Lesley-Anne I am THE Lesley-Anne! My birffday lasts as long as I want it to or I go to bed whichever comes first. 😉 😛

    76. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Peeps.

      Lesley-Anne – A great birthday for you, iye?

      Dipping into Wings at work today, I was dumfoonirt at how quickly the target was reached.

      By the time I got home and was able to make my own wee contribution, the total was just under £37,000.

      We MUST be on target to win on 18th September! It’s logical and desirable.

      Having been at the “Friends of WOS” get-togethers in Dundee (2), Glasgow (3) and Edinburgh (4), plus spending some time at the WOS stand at Arbroath Seafest at the weekend, I can say that I’m well chuffed to have got embroiled with such a great bunch of chaps and chapesses.

      If we don’t see each other in Airdire on 23rd August, maybe we’ll all be having a party around Dundee on the 13th September – eh Thepnr?

      The dark side just do not understand what is happening in Scotland. It has gone beyond Alex, the SNP and YES Scotland – it’s in OUR hands.

      So I’m just gonna leave you with an inspirational video. First broadcast on that BBC Scotland many moons ago, this is “The Dawning Of The Day” when we’ll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny.

    77. Lesley-Anne says:

      Many thanks for your birthday wishes Elspeth. It would be great to meet up at some point. This is the problem being sent down Suff for your sins we never get to be part of the BIG picture so to speak. 😉 At least if there are a few of us down Suff we can go and do our own thing whilst everyone else up Noff is doing their fing! 😛

    78. Lesley-Anne says:

      It has been, how shall we say … an EPIC birffday Brian. 😛

    79. Dcanmore says:

      OKAY! Just back from my holidays… what’s been happening? 🙂

    80. bookie from hell says:

      Gordon Brown say a Federal Union within 2 years at Edinburgh Book festival

      The problem is his idea of Federalism is making Scotland a region.

    81. Liquid Lenny says:


      I leave the tucking up Rab in his bed to you 🙂

      Thankfully Im over 200 miles away… 🙂

    82. Lesley-Anne says:

      I wouldn’t worry Dcanmore, you haven’t missed anything it’s been REAL quiet, not even the church mice hjave made a sound. It’s been eerily quiet, almost like everyone was waiting form something to happen or someone to arrive. Oh you’re back Dcanmore, welcome home now we can really get going now! 😛

    83. Auld Rock says:

      Can I just add that if any of you fancy a cruise to the Northern Isles you will be very welcome in Shetland. Did any of you see the little snippet of the ‘Thank You Scotland – Thank you Glasgow Victory Parade’? STV gave it reasonable coverage in the News at Six but Bittertogether Broadcasting Corpn barely covered it, probably because there wasn’t an ‘APRON’ in sight, Saltires everywhere. Funny though how the BBC showed the whole Olympic procession, they really hate Scotland the b*****ds but they’ll pay for this after the 18th.

      Auld Rock

    84. kininvie says:

      Good evening all,

      A few of us are working with Stu to try to sort the logistics for the big print run. It’s not easy.

      We’re currently lacking ‘hubs’ for Glasgow and for the Motherwell (or relatively nearby area) There needs to be:

      1) Space to store anything up to 400-450 A4 size printers boxes, or 5-6 shrink-wrapped pallets, depending how the printers deliver. That’s a fair amount of space, and it’s doubtful your garage will do 🙂

      2) Relatively convenient access from nearby motorway or trunk roads.

      3) Someone on hand most of the time prepared to take calls from eager Wingers and see the customers in and orders out

      4)Adequate turning and loading space for cars and vans.

      If anyone can offer something like this, (unused ground floor office or business storage space?) or knows someone who could, please get in touch at kininvie(at)gmail(dot) com, pref with phone number, as time is short.


    85. Hood says:


      Ill give it a go 🙂

      T Jenny,
      Just doing a very small bit, nothing like the rest of people here but as they say every little helps and my confidence must be growing. Have agreed to go along to the Scotlands Future Engagement Event in Arbroath with an undecided. Looking forward to it but at the same time nervous about being in a crowded room.


      It not so much nads, if I know a subject you cant stop me posting, 22,500 or so posts helping out on the Mach3 CNC software forum.

    86. Thepnr says:

      @Bob Sinclair

      I saw you on Independence Live at the Jim Murphy standing on a crate gig. LOl.

      O/T Mr Darling and Mr McDougal I can offer Panda sized disposable nappies at £4.40 for a pack of 12. Buy five packs (my advice) and get them for just £20 the five.

      This is a special offer and unlikely ever again to be available. Get in touch, ask GCHQ for my number to ensure you do not miss out on this unbeatable offer.

      NB Once in a lifetime offer, don’t miss it, you will not regret it.

    87. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T folks but for anyone who is interested this is what Tory Rory’s *ahem* cairn looks like.

      All I can say is if he thinks THAT is a cairn then I’m a Chinaman! 😛

    88. Free Scotland says:

      @Ken Johnston says: at 9:55 pm

      Re Jim Murphy and the Livestream video.

      Ken, I think she may be Jim Murphy’s girlfriend.

    89. Robert Peffers says:

      Careful tonight folks. I’m getting messages , “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors. Click here for options…”

      Thing is I’m getting the same from certain referenced Youtube cites on here and from Newsnet Scotland. Perhaps we should all say hello to our friendly United Kingdom Security Agents? — again.

      I’m off to take some counter action.
      Now where did I put that old, “Sam Spade”, program kind of thingy?

    90. thingy says:


      Just meant I have grown the ‘nads to post. lol

      Prefer a badger brush and some double blade steel to the Gillette nonsense to be honest.


    91. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sounds like we’ve reached the GCHQ shift change time period there Robert. 😛

      To all our lovely GCHQ personnel snooping on us wingers gathered here tonight in the presence of greatness … SOD OFF we’re having too much fun to bothered by you Muppets! 😛

    92. Mary Bruce says:

      Lesley-Anne: Rory’s wee cairn has nice wee dykes but the bit in the middle looks like land fill rubble?

    93. No no no...yes says:

      Been out all day and now back home getting my first Wings fix of the day.Truly inspiring efforts everyone. Added my contribution and having a small amber coloured liquid to celebrate the total getting over £45,000

    94. Elspeth says:

      In training for delivery duty (except ‘duty’ is the wrong word).

      It’ll be more like determination with the best possible goal in sight.

    95. Mariaskid says:

      Thanks Lesley-Anne, that’s a great idea. I’m not mobile at the moment,sick car, but I’ll bear it in mind. In the meantime I’ll keep reading Wings as it keeps me smiling. Didn’t we do well today.

    96. ronnie anderson says:

      @Lesley Anne nearly last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( did I spell that right ) all the BEST

    97. Lesley-Anne says:

      Funny I was thinking something similar Mary Bruce. Either way there is no way on earth anyone can call that monstrosity a cairn. It is just a pile of stanes put in a nice wee circle with some other not so nice stanes mixed in.

    98. James Sneddon says:

      Looking at the totals it must have reached 50k including the Paypal donations by now. What a day! Hello VoteNobbers this is what a real grassroots campaign looks like 🙂

    99. Hood says:

      ha ha I certainly dont need the Gillette crap, hair on head fell out years ago and I have a beard 😀

      This is what I am talking about when I say Mach3,,1.0.html

    100. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye any time Mariaskid. Hope your car gets better soon. 😉

      Many thanks ronnie, and yes you did. You know you could always use LA if you prefer. I do have the habit of answering to a lot of names 😉 but LA does if you can’t remember how best to spell my full name. 😛

    101. Bob Sinclair says:

      Ken Johnston,

      One of Jims ‘Grass-Roots’ Shawlands supporters.

    102. AndyC says:

      Also having problems with internet, since I searched for Plymouth + nukes.
      Big brother definately monitoring.
      Funny thing one time Plymouth couldn’t do nukes and now they can…amazing how things change in two years!
      Roll on the party on the 19th!

    103. James Sneddon says:

      fred blogger- KPMG is a professional services firm (parasites to be honest) which in practice owns itself although each countries KMPG is a legal entitiy by itself although all are members of KPMG International based in Switzerland. As far as I know the owner structure is based on Partnerships, like a law firm.

    104. Capella says:

      22.45 and the fund is £45,165! Quite a testament to the high regard this site commands.
      And happy birthday Lesley-Anne before it becomes tomorrow. A good day to celebrate kindness. Your posts are always fun and to the point.

    105. Bob Sinclair says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      I swung by your place on the way home at lunchtime today but you were out. LOVE the shed.

    106. Big Jock says:

      I was totally confused by one guy in Glasgow today.He had a kind of picket in Cadogan street.He was anti atos or something.What drew me to the thing was that he had some Saltires but then a Butchers apron on the lamppost.I knew the games route parade was passing here so I thought good god another Brit out making a point.I read two lines of the placard and I got as far as we don’t want independence?I never finished as he came over and I said you’ve got the wrong flag there pal.He said what do you mean.I said its team Scotland today not GB.I said why can’t you just be Scottish for one day!He then said that wasn’t the point.I never stayed around to hear his point I was just a bit annoid about the union jack.If anyone can explain I will gladly apologise but the guys flags didn’t make sense to me.

    107. Thepnr says:


      SOD OFF we’re having too much fun to bothered by you Muppets!

      Muppets can be fun too, like us Wingers. Never knock it.#

    108. thingy says:


      Ahhhh…. a bal…



    109. McTim says:

      Really good column, I thought, on Bella about the movement’s strategy for the last five weeks: “Salmond will not be allowed to “win” the next debate either, no matter what he does or says. No-one can stop Darling from repeating an unanswerable question or disingenuous scare story again and again, and as long as he has done that, our obsequious press will make it the only event of the evening. I cannot emphasise this strongly enough: the Yes campaign will not be allowed any wins in the press at any point in the whole campaign. Get used to it. Steel yourself for it.”

    110. call me dave says:

      @Bob Sinclair

      Good spot, she’s probably there to check up with Jim about her pension pot. An ordinary OAP without a doubt.

      Amazing sum being raised in such a short time.

    111. Grouse beater says:

      To think that J.K. Rowling, lover of all things Scottish except full democracy, could have sponsored the Wee Blue Book on the money she paid to get her 30 foot leylandi boundary hedge trimmed, traffic diverted and a giant cherry picker hire for the three day task, if only she didn’t prefer hidden from the world.

    112. Lesley-Anne says:

      Many thanks for your wishes Capella. 😉

      Oh don’t get me wrong Thepnr I would NEVER knock THE Muppets but these Muppets at GCHQ are certainly game for a wee bit of getting a knocking around! 😛

    113. Thepnr says:

      @Big Jock

      I can’t explain why the guy would have a Union flag on a day for celebrating the achievements of the Scottish team at the commonwealth games but I can guess.

      Don’t waste your breath on these people they are beyond redemption. Best to focus on those that genuinely just need more information.

      They are out there and you will find them if you go looking!

    114. Betty Boop says:

      @ Lesley-Anne, 9.44pm

      Re: Nicola Sturgeon doing Q&A in Kilsyth to 500+. I’ve just had the displeasure of listening to Ruth Davidson in Troon talking to a seated audience of her own, invited supporters, so no challenging questions (a few yessers took it upon themselves to attend). They did their best not to let the public know they were holding the meeting – no chance of seeing a film of that event in public.

      Earlier in the week, the local Yes group organised an open event at the same venue with Jim Sillars, Ivan McKee and Philippa Whitford, advertised to every household in the town and elsewhere, and had to ask committed Yes voters if they would give up their places. The audience were great and asked intelligent, pertinent questions so it was a really good meeting. Handed out my stock of WBB which we had printed plus leaflets telling folks how to download – very popular. Filmed too (another difference), so, hopefully, will soon feature on Youtube.

      The difference between the campaigns is palpable.

      After having felt the need to monitor tonight’s nonsense, it was good to come home and find that the crowdfund is still charging ahead. By the time the other half, Jim T, had told me earlier in the day that Stu had another crowdfund and we had just donated, it was already almost there. Looking forward to getting the stock of printed WBBs.

      BTW – understand it is your birthday L-A, so hope it has been a good one.

    115. Grouse beater says:

      McTim: “Salmond will not be allowed to “win” the next debate either, no matter what he does or says.

      No different from their attitude to Salmond’s terms as the First Minister. You don’t have to read tea leaves in a cup to know how they will handle Scottish success that is not first English endorsed as British.

      Strange to say, the humble Edinburgh Evening News has come out in favour of Yes. Even picked up on the bogus leaflets.

    116. Marcia says:

      I come back from Glasgow and see this. Wow.

      Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne.

    117. Hood says:

      think the phrase you were looking for was UpsideDoonHeid 😀

    118. Alistair Grapevine says:

      Happy birthday Lesley-Anne, Lang may your lum reek.
      love your posts keep up the good work

    119. Thepnr says:

      @Betty Boop

      Thanks for the report from the front.

      I have no idea why any poll can find Yes behind. For sure we are ahead in the visibility stakes.

    120. Macandroid says:

      To Lesley-Anne Happy Birthday.

      To all Wingers – we can do this. We are taking back democracy to where it properly belongs.

      Macandroid says YES for the future of Scotland.

    121. Lanarkist says:

      The fundraiser should be retitled “Taking the people to the Book”!

    122. Big Jock says:

      Thepnr.The strange bit was that they seemed to be a left wing protest group about welfare cuts.I just couldn’t get the point he was making with the union jack?

    123. Mary Bruce says:

      Lesley-Anne: We could help Rory improve the rubble by bringing some compost and seeds along, get a wee flower bed going. We have millions of dandelion and roseby willow herb seeds around here that I can start collecting.

    124. Lesley-Anne says:

      Great to hear that you have *ahem* experienced the good meetings and now the bad. Hope to see you’re videos of both as they will undoubtedly show the stark difference. Just like all over Scotland YES meetings are openly advertised and everyone is welcome, unionists hold practically secret meetings to whisper amongst themselves. I think that says all that needs to be said and points to who is not only winning the argument but WILL win on 19th September. 😛

      Many thanks for your best wishes Betty Boop, it has been a fantastic day. 😉

      WOW that is interesting news about the Edinburgh Evening News Grouse beater. 😀

      Many thanks Marcia and Alistair for your birfday wishes, it has been utterly unbelievable today. 😛

    125. thingy says:


      Nope. You’d only get an insult out of me if you were an onionist.

      BTW – One of the finest onion-slayers of all time is on this thread

    126. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thank you Macandroid for your birfday wishes they are gratefully received. 😉

      I like your thinking Mary Bruce. A woman after my own heart. Always willing to help those less affluent than ourselves. 😛

    127. Castle Rock says:

      Currently unemployed, living off a large overdraft, future income very questionable but managed to put through a small donation.

      Do this for the future of Scotland peeps and get the books delivered far and wide.

    128. Jon D says:

      Just back home after a bit of sorting at our Yes Office.

      Funnily enough we were taking about Rev’s last fundraiser mid afternoon, unaware of this new one.

      Can’t really put into words my feelings about the total.

      This is national teamwork writ large.

      PURE DEAD MENTAL; Feel so priviledged to be part of this.

      Thanks Guys. 🙂

    129. TJenny says:

      We’ve now cracked over £50k inc non paypal donation of £4,052.00. Total now £50,361.00. 🙂

    130. jules says:

      O/T but Rory Stewart cancelled his appearance at the Edinburgh book festival today.

      Suggested reasons, this time?

    131. TJenny says:

      jules – I think he’s in Iraq.

    132. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well folks, including the £4,000 Stu has that was not paid into the paypal account there is now £50,000 raised in one day. I know we have have been saying this all day but well done everyone! Give yourselves and everyone else a great big congratulatory pat on the back! We have achieved the unachievable in ONE day yet again! 😛

      Are we good or are we good?

      Are we VERY good or are we VERY good?

      Are we BRILLIANT or not?

      Are we not just simply the BEST? 😉 😛

    133. Betty Boop says:

      @ Lesley-Anne, 11.20pm

      Are we good or are we good?

      Are we VERY good or are we VERY good?

      Are we BRILLIANT or not?

      Are we not just simply the BEST? 😉 😛

      YES !!

    134. Thepnr says:

      @Castle Rock

      Must be hard for you mate, but you’ve done your bit. I’m lucky, working and in a good paying job. We all deserve that opportunity to earn a decent wage.

      I believe only an Independent Scotalnd can deliver that dream. I salute you Castle Rock, people like you make this country great.

    135. Lesley-Anne says:

      Whatever you do Marcia do NOT under any circumstances show either photograph to Johann Lamont, you’d just confuse her. 😛

    136. Brian Mchugh says:

      Kininvie… that sounds like one central hub to me… could it not be split up into a half dozen?

    137. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      Thank you Stuart and Wingers for the wonderful WBB.
      Donation on the way.

      Happy Birthday Lesley-Anne.

    138. TJenny says:

      For LA and all Wingers – Tina Turner and Simply the Best – enjoy and join in. 🙂

    139. Marcia says:

      Lesley-Anne – don’t give me ideas. 🙂

    140. IcySpark says:


      Tomorrow’s MSM front pages and BBC headline story no doubt.

      Australian PM wades into indyref in harshest rebuke yet by world leader.

    141. IcySpark says:

      “Scottish Independence would be a victory for the enemies of freedom and justice”

    142. G H Graham says:

      Fitch’s “A-” credit rating for Eire means 10yr bonds yield 1.99% vs UK at 2.44%.

      Eire Source:

      UK Source:

      That means that it is cheaper for Ireland to borrow money by nearly 0.5% than Britain.

      But if Ireland is bankrupt as “Flipper” Darling loves to boast about, how is it that they can borrow at cheaper rates than the UK?

      Odd isn’t it that “Flipper” Darling forgot to mention the difference in bond yields last week?

      Perhaps he didn’t mention it because it blows one of his many blatant lies, clean out the water?

    143. Bob Sinclair says:

      How many boxes would 300,000+ ‘WBB’s need. It would be interesting to replicate this by building a Cairn of boxes.

      Rory, this is Grass-Roots.

    144. McTim says:

      @GrouseBeater, I love the football analogy Davidson uses in his Bella piece. The Yes campaign as the defensive team, parking the bus and then some in front of our goal, soaking up the attacks of the No campaign like a sponge, wear them out and score the winning goal in the dying moments of the match. Let’s hope it plays out like that in real life.

    145. Democracy Reborn says:

      @Grouse Beater

      GB, what’s the circulation for the Edinburgh Evening News?

    146. Lesley-Anne says:

      Many thanks for your wishes Bevrijdingsdag. 😉

      Who? Me? What you saying Marcia? As if I’d even consider suggesting such a thing! 😛

      Thanks for that link TJ. There is absolutely NO doubt it, WE are simply the BEST! We know it, THEY know it and THEY are FEART! 😛

    147. Calgacus says:

      Why doesn’t Tony Abbot resign and let David Cameron rule Australia?

    148. Betty Boop says:

      @ Thepnr, 11.07pm

      Thanks for the report from the front.

      I have no idea why any poll can find Yes behind. For sure we are ahead in the visibility stakes.

      We sure were visible in Arbroath last week – nice to have the Yes stall just along the way too. I would have felt lonely if I was on the BT stall and looked just as miserable. BTW found another racist amongst the naws tonight – really must stop keeping bad company.

    149. cearc says:


      I do hope you will be delivering WBB to your high hedged neighbours. You never know???

    150. McTim says:

      Australia is too good for David Cameron. North Korea might take him.

    151. IcySpark says:

      George Robertson won’t be happy at the Aussie PM stealing his thunder tomorrow 🙂

    152. TJenny says:

      Grouse Beater – The Edinburgh Evening News has come out for Yes, really? Is it no a sister paper of the Hootsmon, and do you think they’re following in the ‘Sunday Herald’ steps?

    153. cearc says:

      Mary Bruce,

      I thought a nice stand of Japanese knotweed would look a treat.

      Of course, if it got a bit out of control you would have to clear all that rubble!

    154. Bob Sinclair says:


      I think the Sub Headline is a misprint. It should read:

      ‘Australian PM makes strangest claim of any World Leader’

    155. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ll bet they must be having fun and games inside the Hootsmon HQ TJ. Hootsmon sales continue to slide and suddenly Edinburgh /Evening News sales start rising! 😛

    156. Calgacus says:

      When the Australian government starts to treat the Aborigines with humanity then perhaps they can lecture others on freedom.

    157. TJenny says:

      L-A – I haven’t bought an Edinburgh Evening News for decades, but if they’ve come out for Yes, I’ll make sure I buy one every night. 🙂

    158. Lesley-Anne says:

      I wonder if the Australian Prime Minister beginning to feel the heat about resolving the situation concerning treatment of Aborigines so has decided to speak out about OUR independence as a way to deflect heat away from himself regarding the Aborigines. 😉

    159. msean says:

      Is this the view of other Australians as well?

    160. Lesley-Anne says:

      From comments earlier on it does appear that they may have *ahem* seen the light so to speak TJ. Someone in Hootsmon house has seen the light so at least ONE newspaper will survive there. 😛

    161. IcySpark says:

      The big story you will be hammered with from every angle for the coming future:

    162. Lesley-Anne says:


      Looks like Sky news will be discussing the Australian P.M.’s intervention in OUR referendum. I wonder what garbage they will find to spew out. I’m all a tingly waiting. 😛

    163. McTim says:

      So presumably the Edinburgh Evening News was the paper that the Sunday Herald editor was referring to in recent weeks as the next paper to declare for Yes? They must have figured that the Hootsmon has fallen so low in people’s estimations that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to try reverse its fortunes.

    164. Training Day says:

      Australian independence was a victory for the enemies of freedom and injustice, was it not? Certainly for the indigenous peoples it was.

      The hypocrisy of these goons like Obama and Abbott is mind-bleeding.

    165. fred blogger says:

      Training Day
      yeah their concern is severe wallet injury.

    166. TJenny says:

      Anyone know what the EE’s distribution figures are compared to The Hootsman? I agree the Hootsman’s sunk way too low to ever be redeemed. Maybe it was decided they could only afford to run one paper and now the Hootsmon will be run down. (No sniggering in the cheap seats.)

    167. Marcia says:

      I cannot see anything on the ‘net re EEN backing Yes, does anyone have a link?

    168. McTim says:

      Abbott and the Chinese PM did come off badly. Obama should have refused Cameron but at least he sounded genuinely uncomfortable and added a qualifier with “from the outside at least, things are looking okay” (paraphrasing from memory). Who is Cameron going to ask next? Angela Merkel?

    169. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh you tease TJ. I have no idea on sales figures but the last I remember about the Hootsmon was that it was wavering around 20,000 a day. I’m sure the EEN must be pretty well up there already I’d have thought. 😉

    170. Nana Smith says:

      Humza Yousaf on facebook….

      With 33days to go Mohammed Ramzan of United Wholesalers donates £33,000 to YES campaign!

    171. R-type Grunt says:

      Happy birthday Lesley-Anne. 🙂

    172. Training Day says:

      That should of course have been enemies of justice. That’s what colonial hypocrisy does to you.

    173. Liquid Lenny says:

      Heard there was an astonishing (Copywrite Johann Lamont) amount raised at the Business for Scotland dinner in Aberdeen last nigh. 🙂

    174. Lesley-Anne says:

      Many thank R-Type. 🙂 It has been one hell of a birfday. 😉

    175. Democracy Reborn says:

      Australian PM Tony Abbott’s remarks are a disgrace.

      His party are the Australian Tories. Former PM Paul Keating described Abbott as an “intellectual nobody” & “resident nutter” who associated himself with “right wing nutters”.

      Keating also made a famous parliamentary speech back in the 90s castigating Abbott’s party for their fawning deference to mother Britain & their cultural cringe. Sound familiar?….

    176. IcySpark says:

      Tony Abbott – the suppository of all wisdom. Perfect 🙂

    177. Marcia says:

      The WFI have a fundraiser going to spread the word:

    178. Faltdubh says:

      Hilarious that Australia’s leader is backing a No vote. WTF – the same Australia that broke free of the Empire, the same Australia that in 1999 were a bawhair from becoming a Republic?

      Same with Carl Bildt of Sweden when he spouted his shite too.

      Aye, fredom for everyone apart from Catalonia, Scotland, etc.

      Just on EEN and can’t see anythign about them coming out for Yes?
      Maybe the Herald journo wwas on about the Sun? They seem to be willing on us from their Editorial, although the last week has been more negativie and looking for answers from Salmond etc.

    179. cearc says:

      R-type grunt @11.59!

      now that’s what I call brinkmanship.

    180. Training Day says:

      Scotland, home of the Declaration of Arbroath, has been declared an enemy of freedom and justice by a jumped-up municipal clerk currently masquerading as Prime Minister of a nation which broke free from the ‘justice’ and ‘freedom’ of the British Empire.

      What next from this pack of rats? And how do they expect us to forget and forgive their hypocrisy once we vote Yes?

    181. Lesley-Anne says:

      That would be the Australian Prime Minister who was born in *ahem* London then would it TD? 😛

    182. X_Sticks says:

      Liquid Lenny says:
      “Heard there was an astonishing (Copywrite Johann Lamont) amount raised at the Business for Scotland”

      You been speaking to that Rab C again?

      After the dinner they announced proceeds from the raffle and auction as £17.5k.

      Ronnie (not Anderson) said yesterday that there was an article in the P&J saying final total including an anonymous £100k donation was £124k.

      I’m off to the horizontal folks. Day on the Aberdeen stall tomorrow and then the trailer at Markies on Sunday. It’s a sair fecht a’ this independence campaigning but it has to be done. To lose this is unthinkable.

    183. Haggis Hunter says:

      Most of the Aussies are ten £ poms. As far as I’m aware Scots and Irish are not considered poms

    184. M Mackintosh says:

      Just in from a women’s only meeting. Very positive but we have to target the undecideds and soft noes. Some woman saying she was scared to vote yes! What will be our future if we vote no?!! I’d printed off three copies of the WBB and they disappeared. Hope today’s fundraiser means I can pass some more out before the 18th.

    185. cearc says:

      I wonder which of these great national leaders will be first to offer congratulations on our Independence Day.

    186. Michael McCabe says:

      Evening news circulation February 2013 was 32,160 Cant see anything in Fridays news about them coming out for yes. Hope they do though.

    187. msean says:

      I guess one of them won’t be Mr Abbott,Mr Obama,Mr Bildt or Mr Cameron.

    188. CameronB Brodie says:

      Castro? 🙂

    189. cearc says:


      What you think those great nations won’t be clamouring to be best of friends with wee, wealthy Scotland with, probably, the biggest energy reserves in Europe.

      It would be nice, Cameron, if Castro pipped the great US of A to the post.

    190. steven Seagull says:

      @ Icy spark

      Tony Abbot is a londoner like flipper Darling.

      Inculcated with a hatred of Scotland and Scots.

      His auld man was called “Dick”.

      The Apple didnae fall far….

      He is hated in OZ.

    191. Chic McGregor says:

      As Alex Salmond said, follow the money (and the downloads).

      Duly donated.

      As an aside, if there are other auld numpties like me who need A6 booklets NOW but can’t get a good A6 booklet out of the available pdfs, they may be interested in trying two (huch spit!) Word documents of Jpeg captures I made which are perhaps more suited to older *ahem* (copyright Lesley) ‘equipment’ (I used PS CS6 to print them myself but I tested the Word version and it was not bad). I needed to get some run off because there are two big (relatively speaking) events in Kirrie this weekend, our Yestival combined with an annual commemoration/celebration of Bon Scott – Rock Legend from AC/DC who was a son of the Wee Red Toon.

      Don’t know the ETA for the real thing, but this might help oot some buddies meantime.

      It produces a double sided A6 (ish in Word) booklet.

    192. IcySpark says:

      A true Australian

      Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, an Arabunna elder from Lake Eyre in South Australia sends a message to support an independent, nuclear free Scotland. He apologizes to the people of Scotland because 42m litres of his sacred water is used daily to process uranium at Olympic dam and this uranium is shipped worldwide to be misused for war games. Uncle Kevin has been opposing uranium mining for decades. In 2001 he received the Nuclear Free Futures award in Ireland, for his resistance. He believes money allocated for Trident submarines should go to health, education, and housing in Scotland. He encourages people to keep resisting – to shut down the nuclear industry and support an independent Scotland.

    193. Hood says:

      Chic McGregor,
      I can get A6 books out of the Home print pdf. by using A4 paper. I have printers capable of double sided printing and I use Foxit Reader, so not sure if that makes a difference?

      Here is a pic of the settings I use and it automatically arranges the pages to suit as you will see in the preview window.

    194. Thepnr says:


      Late night with the wingers, oh dear. Pretty soon you’ll be calling in sick. I’ve got a dose oh the Wings 🙂

    195. Hood says:

      My boss is a barsteward and I would not dare call in sick 😉

    196. Chic McGregor says:

      Thanks Hood. I did try the printer friendly version a few times, but might have another go over the weekend. Nearest I got was a too small booklet and with the pages too far apart.

      I really wanted the full ink version though. But got what I needed under steam traction in the end.

      Don’t know if my inexpensive Brother laser printer (no duplex)is the issue.

    197. Thepnr says:


      I know your boss, he’s a good guy.

    198. Hood says:

      reckon you have been drinking 😀

      BTW the guy that asked for the WBB today was the son of the guy upstairs, I nearly dropped down when he asked for one, most unexpected.

      Chick McGregor
      I couldn’t get the others to print correctly in A6, only the HomePrint one.

    199. Thepnr says:


      I know the guy upstairs, he’s a baddie. Son and daughter alright through. What you sniffing:) LOL

    200. Thepnr says:


      just kidding you my friend, in a good mood. It’s infectious.

      Don’t be caught, I’m off to bed. See Ya.

    201. Chic McGregor says:

      I think I only tried Home print twice as I really wanted something that looked like the real deal.

      Initially, I think I captured at too high a res (I have a very high res monitor for art stuff) and was getting smudghe like artifacts, when I cut it down to a little above 300 dpi, they disappeared.

      Pretty good result now.

      BTW I used Foxit as well for my pdf attempts.

    202. Hood says:

      Actually the last time I talked to Harry I sensed a softening of his Unionist convictions, maybe I had just been sniffing too much that day 😀 He is on holiday at the moment, so I will see what happens when he gets back and gets presented with a WBB.

      His daughter however just about choked when a friend of mine asked her if she was voting Yes, so reckon she is a lost cause, then again the WBB may work wonders.

      That same day, and with Lynn (Harrys daughter) standing outside my workshop, I tied the Yes flag to an Alu pole and shoved it through the open office window. I was expecting a roar from Harry but there was nothing. Later on Harry came down and said he had been on the phone and had burst out laughing and had to explain why to the caller.
      He took it in good humour and there was a wee bit of banter.

    203. Thepnr says:

      Great, proves we are winning 🙂

    204. Hood says:

      I tried with the A5 version and it kind of worked but it didn’t fit properly and had a border, see image.

      My laser is an ex council freebie I got and is just BW, so the home print edition probably suits me better anyway.

    205. Calgacus says:


      Thank you for a very moving post.

      Uncle Kevin is worth a million Tony Abbots

    206. Ronnie says:

      Slogan for the Yes Aberdeen stall later today;

      “Please take note,

      Before you vote,

      Have a look,

      At the Wee Blue Book”.

    207. john king says:

      I have an idea,
      every book given out should have a window sticker saying “I’ve got the wee blue book”
      it’ll have the advantage of stopping them being wasted and pique interest in people who dont yet have it,

      I haven’t read all the posts so sorry if someone has already thought of this.

    208. BigRik says:

      So now we are getting advice from an extreme right wing racist from Australia? Now i KNOW i am on the right side of the debate 🙂

    209. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      £100 contributed on behalf of YES Cowal. Looking forward to getting our hands on the book.

      Interesting presence of Celtic Supporters for Independence at Celtic Park today.

    210. john king says:

      BBC news
      The Australian Pirme Minster has “warned against Scottish independence”
      Saying “its hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland”
      Tony Abbott said “those who want the breakup of the UK were not the friends of justice or freedom”

    211. Grouse Beater says:

      Tony Abbot, from the nation that voted to retain the Queen, (but only just) shows by his ignorant comments he thinks Scotland is North Britain.

      Any day now he will refer to indigenous ‘Scotties’ as he might refer to his indigenous ‘Abboes.’

    212. BigRik says:

      I am getting pretty p***ed off getting told to vote NO , from leaders of countries that have already done it. When these leaders enter discussions to be re-instated , then i might listen. Who am i kidding.. i still won’t listen. If Tony- i don’t like gays,blacks or abboes- Abbot wants nothing to do with us.. that’s fine… i can live with that.

    213. Ally McEwen says:

      This is the kind of numptie who thinks English is the original language of Australia.
      I didn’t tell him what socks to put on in the morning.

    214. caz-m says:

      Just catching up with the fundraiser. Another absolutely tremendous effort from the people of Wings. Nearly hitting the £50,000. Big pats on the back all round.

      I’m sure the Wee Blue Book will have all the information in it that those voters who are still unsure of Independence are looking for.

    215. Capella says:

      The Australian article on OZ finally becoming independent in 1986. Tony obviously hasn’t been told!

    216. Ken500 says:

      Large Scottish diaspora in Australia enough to swing the votes in an Aussie election?. Scotland has many friends and relatives in Australia. Abbot is extremely unpopular. Low approval ratings.

    217. Ken500 says:

      Scotland only had an element of Democracy in 2000.

      No taxation without representation. No free and fair Press/Media yet.

    218. caz-m says:

      Another massive oil field found in the North Sea, east of Shetland. Not a word BBC Scotland.

      Alex Salmond has to tell the people of Scotland about our oil wealth and what potential fields are out there.

      I explain to people who don’t know about how much oil is out there and the theme running through every reply is,

      “well why doesn’t the Scottish Government tell us that”.

      At the next TV debate with Alistair Darling, Alex Salmond has to get across to your average, not politically engaged voter, in idiot proof language, about these new oil finds and the potential oilfields down the west coast, including the Clyde Estuary.

    219. Ally McEwen says:

      Abbot’s comments getting the full blast in MSM.
      Bentley oil field announcement – nothing.
      It’s scandalous.

    220. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      What is more significant is that BBC didn’t balance the Abbot remark with a comment from the independence side.

      What we must guard against in the next few weeks is fatigue and demoralisation on our side in the face of what is now continuously abusive coverage in the media.
      Many people I talk to are reacting not to the debate of last week but the media description of it. They should understand that no matter what AS had done Darling was going to get the more generous coverage.

    221. galamcennalath says:


      Indeed. Taxation without representation wasn’t good enough for the Americans over 200 years ago – it’s not good enough for us now!

      And, state control exercised over almost all media outlets spouting coordinated propaganda. And, we are forced by law to pay ourselves for the broadcast part of it.

      Scotland needs a YES win.

    222. Vlad (not that one} says:

      Circulation of Edinburgh Evening News:

      According to it was 27,655, down 14% on 12 months previously.

      The Hootsmon figure was 29,452, also falling.

      Jolly good show on Indiegogo, what?

    223. I really could not care less what an Ausie Racist has to say about Independence for Scotland.

      I do not want to help the rest of the world.
      I want to help MY people long before I will ever volunteer to help this PM from oz who has to ingratiate himself to BamCAM and Clegg, those doyens of Trust in the past 4 years.

      AUSTRALIA TOOK iNDEPENDENCE IN 1906 from Westminster but Abbott is not volunteering to Annexe OZ and Rejoin UK AS A SUBSERVIENT STATE. FFS.

    224. Nana Smith says:

      Women with bone cancer told ‘no benefits’

    225. heedtracker says:

      Well at least Trident nukes might have Australian options now. England don’t want them close to London and Ozzies will love having WMD’s bobbing around Sydney for that punching above our weight Rule Britannia stuff.

    226. Giving Goose says:

      Regarding Tony Abbot I was trying to think of some witty comment involving the word “didgeridoo” or the phrase “hop off” but it’s to early in the morning to try to hard. So let’s keep it simple.

      Tony Abbot – Fuck right off!

    227. galamcennalath says:

      There’s the cliche that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however it’s a bit rich leaders from countries which already broken free of London rule suggesting we shouldn’t do the same!

      And, Aye, you can just see them all queuing up to get back under London’s claws!

    228. heedtracker says:

      Guardian’s got a noone really cares so vote no Ian Jack bore for the yewkay whinge, Daily Heil’s got one for the ladies

      “But his new aura of calm persuasion is not persuasive. As the campaign reaches its end stages, the SNP leader remains testy and sanctimonious, difficult for any of us to like. Even when he is trying to be nice, he fails to convince.
      During a TV interview this week with Jackie Bird of BBC Scotland, her eyes narrowed like a rattlesnake’s as she went in for the kill again and again. Like throwing knives at a dustbin, the interrogation made a lot of noise, but nothing stuck home.”

      So there. Much more vote No or else in a few mins.

    229. Sinky says:

      Tony Abbot? When I heard the remarks I thought it was Russ Abbot.

    230. OIL REVENUES and Mineral Deposits of Scotland :-


      Krash and Darkling are Silent
      BamCam and Clegg – Silent
      Lamontable,Jaggy,Lantern Jaw Jim – Silent
      MSM,BBC,STV – Silent.?

      In any other country on the planet this and the other massive oil field finds would be celebrated.
      Not here.?

      BTW – one barrel = 22 gallons of oil.

    231. Ken500 says:

      The Daily Record is more Liberal than the Guardian.

      Press garbage

    232. Sinky says:

      Dave Hill

      The media, including the BBC who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, will not allow Salmond to win the next debate

    233. Famous15 says:

      Australian Tony Abbot is a mirror image of Cameron.Both Tories and so why would they not help each other out?

      Abbot could even help with Trident. How about Sydney Harbour or Glenelg Marina?

    234. bookie from hell says:

      Sir Tam Dalyell

      Scrap Scottish Parliament

      bfh—I never realised he was still alive

    235. Les Wilson says:

      Abbot is an anglophile, says he has fondest memories of going to University in England, one of the posh ones, just caught the end of it on BBC.
      He is also trying to gain more importance for Australia, ref it’s place in the world’s elite institutions. So something that get him in the Papers and BBC et is all good for him.

      When a reporter in Australia was asked what public reaction there was, he said well, it was released at a quiet time and the expected reaction is that lots of Aussies will take this as interference in the politics of another country.

      I also suspect many of Scots origin will make their feelings known.

    236. john king says:

      Since I seem unable to post my comment on the Canberram Times,
      I’ll have to post it here and hope he sees it 🙂

      The breathtaking comments by Tony Abbott Prime minister of a country that USED to be a Britsh possesion has the audacity to tell Scots not to vote for independence as it “will not do anything for the world”?
      Let me tell you Mr Abbott, Scots are not voting for the worlds benefit but our own,
      Im looking forward to your rejoining the bosom of Wesminster any day now.

    237. heedtracker says:

      “I think that the people who would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom are not the friends of justice, not the friends of freedom, and that the countries that would cheer at the prospect of the break-up with the United Kingdom are not the countries whose company one would like to keep.”

      Says Australia PM and Guardian who also has a big ongoing stiffy for Oz for some reason.

      So which countries are they then nasty old Gruan? The fact is, if the UK hadn’t a giant military industrial complex, the world would probably be a much safer place and a lot more people would be alive today in the Middle East and maybe we wouldn’t be a jihad revenge target probably for decades to cone and then Westminster war mongering demands £100 billon Trident 2, stored as far away from them as possible in Argyll.

      TeamGB Loyalists are one thing but loyal to what is the question we all face. If Bliar had done everything he could to prevent Bush and co attacking Iraq, but where’s the profits in peacemaking?

    238. Robert Peffers says:

      Democracy Reborn says: 16 August, 2014 at 12:04 am

      “Australian PM Tony Abbott’s remarks are a disgrace.




    239. Mealer says:

      It might be a good idea to send copies of wbb to foreign journalists.

    240. HandandShrimp says:

      I think Stu is going to be rather busy organising the distribution of rather a lot of WBBs.

    241. NODROG says:

      BBC-GMS this morning wonderful article on MAGPIES not a tweet about 73 Billion Dollar oil field West of Shetland. Even the P&J had it on the front page.

    242. heedtracker says:

      It’s always very strange how we have UKOK tub thumpers like Darling, Brown and Murphy desperately trying to project fear Scotland into No, yet same liggers never ever mention their roll in Middle East wars, why they started them, what do they think of their war mongering now, the cost in human life and the yewkay national debt mountain. Did not even the prudence of Brown have any bearing on Labour’s wars in the Middle East, was there even an exit strategy and so on. All of which are ghastly media never ask and never will ask.

    243. ronnie anderson says:

      Alistair Darlings in a Hall in Jackson St Coatbridge on my way there.

    244. Will Podmore says:

      It looks like the separatists are already preparing their own ‘stab in the back’ myth, that the media lost it for us, just like some in the USA could never accept that they had been eaten fair and square by the Vietnamese people, but instead chose to blame their defeat on the US media. People are not stupid empty vessels, to be filled by the ‘correct’ propaganda. People make their own minds up, and we will have to respect that decision.

    245. cearc says:

      Chic, Hood and anybody exploring print options.

      Stu tweeted this

      A rather snazzy link for anyone who’d rather read the #WeeBlueBook as a website:

      Gives some more options.

    246. Stoops says:

      WantonWampum, one barrel = 42 US gallons or just under 35 UK gallons, so we’re even richer 😉

    247. Papadox says:

      Tony abbot to Alex Salmond: Don’t do as we do, DO AS WE SAY. He must be right

      HMG, EBC, MSM, SLAB, HOL etc etc

      All appear to be anti democratic and in favour of enslavement.

      Don’t run your own lives LET US RUN YOUR LIVES FOR YOU. A THE FREE WORLD , FROM THE MOTHER OF PARLIAMENTS. In your dreams.

    248. James123 says:

      Wow there’s a hell of a lot the BBC didn’t mention about Tony Abbott. If you do a Google search you will find that he’s a pretty loathsome character.

      His views on women:
      “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”

      His views on climate change:
      “Climate change is absolute crap”

      His views on homosexuality:
      “I probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality), as so many people do.”

      His views on Aborigines
      “There may not be a great job for them, if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done”

      There you go Glen Campbell, I done your job for you.

    249. To Stoops –

      Thanx for the Correction.
      Mine was a Typo. Sorry.

    250. X_Sticks says:

      @Ronnie Anderson

      Give him hell Ronnie. Look forward to your report later 😉

    251. bookie from hell says:

      The Australian PM has said it is “hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland”.

      A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: “Independence seems to be working well for Australia.”


    252. Robert Peffers says:

      Haggis Hunter says:16 August, 2014 at 12:29 am

      “Most of the Aussies are ten £ poms. As far as I’m aware Scots and Irish are not considered poms”

      And indeed this one was born in London with an English father and Australian mother. His Australian connections were indeed due to the assisted immigrant scheme. He is also Oxford Educated. He held office for a group that supports the monarchy. Seems a bit of the fruit cake, though.

    253. HandandShrimp says:

      Abbot is Sir Les Paterson

    254. Robert Peffers says:

      cearc says:16 August, 2014 at 12:31 am:

      “I wonder which of these great national leaders will be first to offer congratulations on our Independence Day.”

      Let us hope that, when we are independent, if they make any official approach whatsoever to the Scottish Government they are politely told to get to the back of the queue as we have more important and friendly nations to speak with.

    255. David Anderson says:

      Se Derek Bateman just chipped in his wee bit too. He is in good company :-). Just sent a complaint to the EBC regarding the lack of mention re oil west of Shetland, absolute disgrace that they choose to run with Abbot’s inane driblings. Suppose we just gotta tell peeps ourselves as per usual!

    256. thingy says:

      What’s that, Skippy? The Australian PM is a bawbag? Yeah, we know, mate.

    257. Brian Mchugh says:

      Tony Abbot is viewing the whole issue upside down.

    258. David Stevenson says:

      Bit of advice sought: is it worth the bother responding to London chauvinist communist Will Podmore here, or is he just best treated as some white noise and ignored?

    259. john king says:

      Given the obvious question which Im sure Mr Abbott has an answer to when he suggests a country should only consider independence it it has a benefit for the rest of the world, what Australia actully brought to the table when it claimed its independence,
      we’re all ears?

    260. heedtracker says:

      I was at college in merry olde London 2005 when the tube and bus suicide bombers blew themsleves up and it was really frightening. I was at UCL and a lot of people even heard the bus bomb go off in Tavistock square but to listen and watch angry Labour buffoons like Murphy from Westminster ranting away on Pollokshaws Road about teamGB safeness, strength, power, something bigger, better, punching above your weight etc is actually disgusting.

      This whole Labour in Scotland right to reign over the Scotland region, has got to end sooner rather than later

    261. Black Douglas says:

      @David Stevenson

      No just ignore the 👿 and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

    262. heedtracker says:

      @ David Stevenson, he’s just one more bitter arse looking to wind up WoS readers.

    263. john king says:

      Will podless says
      “USA could never accept that they had been eaten fair and square by the Vietnamese people,”

      like this you mean?

    264. galamcennalath says:

      @David Stevenson

      White noise? Perhaps brown noise? That was noise, not nose BTW.

    265. Big Jock says:

      BBC will not mention the oil nor the MSM.So what we have is not the facts released to the general public in order for an informed decision to be made.We have an anti Salmond crusade and no truth about the oil.That’s why the only way we can win this is by getting the stories out ourselves.We can help by printing the Aberdeen press and Journal story about oil and leaving it on trains,buses,cafes,bars,our offices,sports grounds.I intend to print and copy as many stories as I can.

    266. Breastplate says:

      £49,955 it stands at after my wee donation. Zoom zoom.

    267. Thepnr says:

      @David Stevenson

      Best ignored. Meanwhile the WBB appeal has just exceeded £50,000

    268. Stoops says:

      Just hit £50k in less than 24 hours! We’re amazing when we pull together.

    269. Colin says:

      Just hit £50,005. Yahoo

    270. Colin says:

      16 August, 2014 at 11:20 am
      Just hit £50k


    271. mogabee says:

      Those damned flesh eating Vietnamese eh!

    272. handclapping says:

      Thats 400,000 WBB to be produced in terms of the fund raiser. Question is can we distribute them effectively in the time remaining or are the extra funds wasted? Just posting them through letterboxes (not effective for something as detailed as the WBB) has gone to an extra 2000 man hours and man hours available get shorter and shorter as the 18th gets closer.

    273. Brian Mchugh says:

      £50,000 🙂

      …give us a number Stu and we’ll double it 😉

    274. Brian Mchugh says:

      Maybe some advertising of the wee blue book Handclapping? ie. How to get it online.

    275. kendomacaroonbar says:

      The Rev has a legal limit to the amount of money that can be spent during this electioneering cycle.

      It may be prudent therefore if the 200,000+ copies that are to be distributed be augmented by individuals own funding of batches directly from the printer, or through their own efforts. However, there may well be possibilities to leverage discounted volumes based upon the orders already placed. Just a thought ! 🙂

    276. kendomacaroonbar says:


      400,000 would around 75 grand in cost, excluding the logistics of shipping them over Scotland.

      High volume print runs allow us to secure 0.20p per copy.

    277. Daibach says:

      I have a bad foot, but I’m sure I can deliver a couple of hundred WBBs in Ayr, how do I get hold of some?

    278. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I don’t speak on behalf of the Rev, but I’d imagine that as soon as the books come of the production line in batches, there will be an announcement detailing how to get a hold of them.

      It makes sense that priority should be allocated to those areas which have the highest density of DK’s… seems pointless to carpet bomb a high YES area..although nice souvenirs to pass on to the grand weans. 🙂

    279. Brisbane says:

      100bucks for the wee blue book donated from Brisbane. Actually, 187.55 Australian bucks with the exchange rate.

      Tony Abbott is a muppet. I promise you that ALL of the Aussie people I know – about 100 people in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – love their independence, love Scotland and are FULLY in favour of a YES vote on 18 Sep!

      Go hard. And don’t look back until 19 Sep.

    280. BrianW says:

      1st in the trending list on Indiegogo.. Truly amazing stuff.

      Just a few places above Rory’s pile of stones funding

    281. kestral says:


      I have a spare garage and a son who is in the house all day

      I was also planning to send out small batches via ebay as it worked very well for the leaflets

      I live in the east end of glasgow

      Shettleston area

      I would also be happy to do a distribution run on a saturday if we can organise all people to be in to receive

      Let me know if you want me to do this

    282. BrianW says:

      Seeing a lot of posts re the HUGE oil filed finds.

      The P&J would cover the story. It’s an Aberdeen based newspaper. They’re serving their local readership. Aberdeen has been swimming in oil money for decades. The sad things is though there is just as much a HUGE gap between the oil wealth and the poorest in the city, as the HUGE oil field itself.

      It’s good to see the Labour party, who have been in some form of power for those same decades, putting that Oil wealth coming into the City to good use. Instead they sit back as Shell build a behemoth of a building overlooking the poorest part of the city like some kind of sentinel.

      The council bleat when services have to be cut, belts tightened and watch as charities close, voluntary organisations fold due to funding crises.

    283. Pam McMahon says:

      I see from the link that we have now surpassed the original total X 2, and there has been a 210% donation so far, in 24 hours. We are amazing people, and I am so proud of being part of this campaign. Let’s get out there and make sure everybody able or willing to vote on September 18 has this asset to their decision-making.

    284. Jim Thomson says:


      I’m not sure if Yes South Ayrshire have anyone set up to take delivery, but I’ll find out.

      Your best bet is to contact them and see if they have a list of “Don’t Knows” because that’s the best way to target deliveries for maximum benefit.

      Do you have a twitter account?

    285. Morag says:

      I don’t think there’s a better way to do it than shoving them through letterboxes, for uncanvassed rural areas known to be fairly high No. If people are able to get them out in these areas, I think we should just do it.

      I’ve held back a bit on my donation, because I’m not yet sure if it’ll be more effective to contribute to a locally-funded print run. I just don’t know how far Stuart is off his spending limit.

      We probably have to accept that some are going to be binned unread.

    286. RogueCoder says:

      He may be a fair bit off his spending limit. I checked the EC rules, and my read of it is the £150K limit only applies to the official campaign period that began 16 weeks out from the vote at the end of May. I would guess that Rev had already spent £40K of the March funds by then, and I don’t think his circa £20K salary counts. He could well spend £75K on Wee Blue Book and still easily be within the limits.

    287. Daibach says:

      Hi Jim,
      I know a lot of don’t knows, LOL
      Plus my 17 year old daughter knows many her age who are “confused” by the whole thing.
      I have a Twitter account but have not really used it,

    288. handclapping says:

      @Rogue Coder
      No Salaries don’t count. Thats why BTUKOKNT can offer £25 to youngsters as long as they don’t canvass. Being part of the “crowd” for Murphy’s soapbox derby is not reportable, except to Health and Safety! Surveys ie how do you intend to vote may be exempt but the cost of them leafletting should count against the cost of literature in the expenditure limits.

    289. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Wee Blue Book windae:

    290. Morag says:

      If Stu can handle a lot more, I’ll chip in with more cash. I put in a fairly small amount in case I found myself in the position of having to contribute to a local print run because Stu was getting close to overspending.

      Yes Borders is very keen to get a supply, because we have a relatively high percentage of Nos and don’t knows.

    291. kestral says:

      What is the situation with getting a hold of Yes groups canvassing results

      Is this just based on asking a local group to give you it

      Is it held centrally with yes scotland

      Does it break any rules of the election to share this info (is it attributed a cost to collect this data?

      Could the central hubs be used to distribute these results with the booklet – ie by postcode of where the person picking up books is going to target

      that would allow people to choose to target the don’t knows

    292. Jim Thomson says:


      just followed you on twitter.

      Follow me and I’ll pm you.


    293. Morag says:

      Kestral, this has NOTHING to do with Yes Scotland. Getting involved could mess up their spending entitlement. Autonomous local Yes groups are merely taking it upon themselves to deliver the material.

    294. Eddie says:

      A simple solution is to print out a few copies, and hand them round family and friends.

      I also printed out business cards with the direct link to the Wee Blue Book.

      I’ve been mentioning it on the comments of the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Express, etc.

      We’ve got a month or so to go, so let’s get going.

    295. Thepnr says:


      I think the point Kestral was making was mainly about getting canvassing results so as the Don’t Knows and soft No’s can be targetted.

      Information is free if you don’t have to pay for it so why should anyones limit on spending be compromised.

      Kestral’s suggestion makes sense to me and I understand via X-Sticks that this will be Yes Aberdeenshires stratagy.

    296. Kenny says:

      If this much has been raised already, why can’t that extra £25K go towards renting a space for a few weeks, paying for a flat for the Rev for a month and paying a temp to man the phones?

    297. kestral says:


      Thanks that was exactly what I was meaning

      If it didn’t cost anything to collect the data and yes group was willing and able to share (ie since it doesn’t involve the home owner signing anything I don’t believe there should be any data protection issues)

      then as far as I can see there is nothing stopping them sharing this data and no cross funding/working group issues

      It just seems to be that yes scotland groups run as individual groups – and I was wondering if it would be an idea to contact the main yes scotland one to ask them to issue advice to all groups

      otherwise you will probably have groups unsure if they could release this data if asked

    298. Bob Sinclair says:

      Useless fact #1

      based on the thickness of standard printing paper, if you built a tower by stacking the ‘WBB’s which can be bought with this fundraiser the tower wpuld be over 1km high, or 5/8 of a mile in old money.

    299. I would like to buy some for any waverers from NO . Is it possible to purchase them on Amazon , I don’t want to use up the ones we need for the ‘push’ ?

    300. kestral says:


      I will be putting them up on ebay as soon as I can get some

    301. Graeme Doig says:

      Everyone needs to get in touch with their local Yes coordinator and talk them into the merits of hitting (i mean informing) all those undecided/soft knows with this.
      I know mine and he seems keen so we just need a delivery and i’ll be out on the streets until it’s done 🙂
      And i might be out on the streets after it’s done when my long suffering wife gets completely fed up wi the amount of time i’m spending … but it’ll be worth it 🙂

    302. Thanks kestral, that will be great. D

    303. BobJay says:

      If anyone needs help in Ayrshire/South Glasgow I am available. As an OAP I am not able to do door to door stuff but I can offer help with finance,transport, storage, distribution, telephone manning that sort of stuff.

    304. Appleby says:

      If you want to print them off at home, this might be useful:

      Rev Stu mentioned it on Twitter, but not everyone uses Twitter, of course. 🙂

    305. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I paid a visit to the YES stall in Dundee’s Murraygate this afternoon and had a blether with the guy manning it.

      He didn’t know anything about the WBB fundraiser but was blown away when I told him that it had reached the £25,000 total in less than 2 hours and was now at £51,995.

      I then went round to the YES DUNDEE shop in St Andrew’s Street and had a blether with one of the guys there. He knew all about the WBB and said that someone had mentioned the fundraiser this morning. Similarly, he was amazed at how much had been contributed in so short a time.

      I pointed out that this is what a grass roots campaign is all about – nearly £52,000 from 1,022 contributors, not 6 figure donations from well-heeled businessmen.

      He said that they were hoping to be a distribution point for the WBB. “We could shift 1,000’s.”, he said. “RIC, Labour for Indy, the Greens, all the groups.”, he added.

      I left with one of the biggish YES saltires (£5), which will be flown in Dundee city centre from later in the week.

    306. gavin lessells says:

      Love the Inverness strategy of adding TO FREE PRESCRIPTION on lamp post underneath “NO THANKS” signs.


    307. steviecosmic says:

      It’s probably been said somewhere above in this monstrously long thread, but shouldn’t this article be pinned to the top of the main Wings page to keep the donations coming in?

    308. DrewSword says:

      I do not like this Abbott twit
      I do not like him, not one bit
      I do not like his marriage stance
      I do not like his 50’s views
      About a woman’s right to choose
      I do not like that he thinks strange
      science facts on climate change
      I do not like the way he speaks
      And fumbles talking on his feet
      I do not like his lies and tricks
      I do not like his head of bricks
      I think we need to vote again
      I do not want him as PM

    309. alexicon says:

      As promised that’s my £100 in.

    310. Will Podmore says:

      Whoops! Sorry about the typo, though I quite like the image. I meant to write, “just like some in the USA could never accept that they had been Beaten fair and square by the Vietnamese people, but instead chose to blame their defeat on the US media.”
      David Stevenson called me a London chauvinist communist. Well, 2 out of 3. Yes I plead guilty to living and working in London. Yes I am a communist. But a chauvinist? That is, an ‘exaggerated and aggressive patriot’? Aggressive? I have opposed every war that the British state has supported or waged since the war on Vietnam? But yes a passionate patriot of our country Britain.

    311. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Shouldn’t that be “my country Britain”.
      It is certainly not mine and never has been

    312. Will Podmore says:

      Dave, whether you like it or not, it’s your country just as much as it is mine – have you looked at your passport recently? Britain has been our country for more than 300 years.

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