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True fear

Posted on August 16, 2014 by


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    1. 16 08 14 11:09

      True fear | Scottish Independence News

    78 to “True fear”

    1. RogueCoder says:

      Cairns nails it again!

    2. Indigo says:

      Perfect x

    3. goldenayr says:


      Wonder if that Hydra is sitting on a pile of it’s own waste?

    4. X_Sticks says:

      On the nail as usual Chris.

      Off to the Aberdeen Yes stall at Markies. Any Wingers about come and say hello.

      Here we, here we, here we ******* GO!

    5. paul mccormack says:

      The longer this denigrating and insulting political posturing goes on by the unionist orcs, the undecided and some no’s must begin to say to themselves, ‘they must think our heads zip up the back.’ surely?

    6. yerkitbreeks says:

      Three of the heads could have looked Chinese, American and Australian, the other Boris or Nigel or David or whatever.

    7. With a mirrored shield and a sword of Truth (CAIRNS) REFLECTS THEIR SLAB scab hyperbole back upon them.

      Myths – murdered.

    8. Jim Marshall says:


      I thought it was Jackie Baillie in a state of undress.

      Excellent cartoon Chris.

    9. Pam McMahon says:

      No, goldenayr, it’s sitting on a pile of OUR gold.

    10. handclapping says:

      It takes a great mind to come up with a great cartoon.

    11. geeo says:

      As usual, chris cairns says it all without needing words.

      We need an Australian head on that hydra…

    12. jaz says:

      Should be a unicorn!

      Bring back the unicorn!

    13. Joseph says:

      Id love to see more of this political art, and whether able to purchase these, as they are a sign of the times and perhaps a good investment in the future.

    14. todayinscotland says:

      New posts – The Killing Fields of Cumbernauld, We Hate the Tories (Mostly)
      Please share.

      todayinscotland | The Referendum Blues

    15. Michael says:

      These cartoons represent some of the cleverest commentary on the Referendum.

    16. Derrick says:

      Malcolm Chisolm & Drew Smith have been on twitter only this morning describing warnings from Dr. Philippa Whitford and others as ” the Big Lie “. Its as if they haven’t given a moment’s thought to life after the 18th of September.

    17. Ian Mackay says:

      Off topic, but a last shout out for The Galilean Society’s talk at Glasgow’s Albany Centre (in Woodlands) today @ 3pm.

      The founder of Academics for Yes, Dr. Stephen Watson, will be delivering a talk on Research and Innovation in an Independent Scotland.

      Could an independent Scotland benefit from a Research and Development windfall? All welcome.

      More here:

    18. Auld Rock says:

      I know Tony Abbott PM, Australia is ex-Oxford but is he another Bullingdon Old Boy or just another of Cameron’s ‘Arse Lickers’? Whatever seems to me that Australia has prospered since Independence!!! Well that’s Oz crossed off the must visit holiday destinations list.

      Auld Rock

    19. Tony Abbott was born in England. He was elected as Australia was in need of some comic relief at the time, he has not let us down.

    20. David S Briggs says:


      Malcolm Chisholm cut a rather pathetic figure at Holyrood in the past week. An old querulous man mouthing the nonsense that has been the trademark of the red Tories for the last few years.

      Drew Smith will prove a great disappointment to his Maw.

    21. McTim says:

      This will be my Facebook cover for the week. Marvellos job, Chris.

    22. David says:

      Assume these same Labour politicians will be saying that the NHS is safe with the Tories once the ref is over. Or will they have their tape changed and back to only Labour can protect from Tory privatisation.

    23. Staunch says:

      Long-time reader, first time posting.

      Well today I had an experience which, sadly, is becoming the norm. Whilst embarking on my usual Saturday morning workout session at a local gym, I brought with me some ‘Aye Right! Want to know more about an independent Scotland?’ fliers to hand out to known no voters (I included a hand written comment “If you look at none of these links at least check out “The Wee Blue Book” via Google”).

      I figured ‘hey, maybe they aren’t hard no’s; perhaps they haven’t had all the facts yet’. Boy was I wrong. I won’t use any names but a genuinely nice guy I typically see a couple of time a week at the gym was there with his partner (she works out the session right after ours). When offering the flier to her with an “I’ll give this to you” she unequivocally stated “Naw you’ll no!” When I inquired why she retorted with “Cause I work in the NHS”. “My friend works in the NHS and she is voting Yes” I say. “Well I work in a transplant ward and it [Independence] will be bad for us”. I of course attempted to explain the correlation between the privatisation of the English NHS and its corresponding effects on the funding of Scotland’s NHS but she was having none of it.

      More and more it becomes abundantly obvious to me that there is a streak of wilful ignorance and yes, even cowardice to have preconceptions challenged, running through the Scottish electorate.

      All I can say is a big THANK YOU to you lovely people and to Wings/Stu directly. My daily dose of sanity and a sanctuary from ignorance.

      Sorry if this seemed like a rant.

      Vote YES!

      P.S. I am happy to say there is now a Yes shop in Clydebank. For anyone that hasn’t seen it and lives locally it is located at the bottom of Kilbowie Road near the Shopping Centre.

    24. It would appear that any mention of ATOS is being blocked by GCHQ this AM.?

      Seven attempts – blocked.

    25. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      The Hyrda’s been reading Jackie Bird’s mail …

    26. macart763m says:

      Anybody feeling terrified of independence?

      The thought of all that choice, control, accountable government, self sufficiency, democracy, hope and positivity giving you nightmares?

      Me neither. 🙂

    27. Jim Marshall says:

      Dear Agony Aunt

      I have been driving on the right as I am practicing for independence. I have only had five collisions so I am doing rather well. Now Alistair has said it was just a joke. What should I do? Should I return to driving on the left or perhaps drive in the middle and wait to see what happens in the referendum?

      Yours truly, Puzzled, Scotland.

    28. thingy says:

      Need to be careful with the teeth. Don’t want chibbed-up Jim Murphys sprouting out of ginger crates in every derelict building.


    29. heedtracker says:

      That’s what Jacky Bird hit Salmond with over and over last week “NHS England’s NOT being privatised so just stop it now you horrible little man.”

      It’s a bit disorientating considering how hard BBC in Scotland attacks the NHS in Scotland and with stuff they make up too

    30. Juteman says:

      I read that as ‘The Hydra’s been eating Jackie Baillie’s meal’. 🙂

    31. Indigo says:

      Chris absolutely should pull all these together into a book, I’ve just been browsing through all his cartoons, as a collection they tell such an important story, looking forward to his contribution on 20th September

    32. Indigo says:

      Who just pushed the fundraiser over the £50k mark? Well done, 200% of goal raised!

    33. Thepnr says:

      Spring in my step today, the WBB appeal has just gone through the 50 grand mark.

    34. heedtracker says:

      I was really looking forward to seeing Flipper Darling getting a Jacky Bird BBC Salmondesque grilling but not to be, just oor Sally nice but dim Magnuson. J bird looks great though, hope I look like that good when I’m in my 70’s. There’s still life in old J. Bird though, she actually BBC outside broadcast Moses coming down from the mountain. She was one of the first BBC reporters they embedded in the army, the Roman army and so on.

      The mighty BBC vote NO propaganda machine just isn’t funny anymore.

    35. gerry parker says:

      @The PNR.
      From sunny Dunoon.
      This has got to be the best news story of the week.
      Hope all the MSM report it.

    36. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @juteman says:
      I read that as ‘The Hydra’s been eating Jackie Baillie’s meal’.

      Porky Pies?

    37. jacksloan2013 says:

      The many headed hydra of fear in the cartoon put me in mind of the actress Sofie Gråbøl, she of the Danish jumpers, playing Queen Margaret in the James III play last night. Her big speech at the end got a cheer on this first line, addressed to the audience as though to the Scottish parliament.

      “You know the trouble with you lot? You’ve got fuck all accept attitude. You scream and shout about how you want things done and how things ought to be done and when the chance comes look at you! What are you frightened of? Making things worse? According to you things couldn’t get worse for Scotland!”

      Indeed, but are we frightened?

    38. Graham says:

      Just remember that with Hydras you don’t cut off the heads. Stab it in the heart or cut oot its liver.

    39. Adam Rodger says:

      I received 2 emails (text copied below) from 38 degrees.

      Dear Adam,??Jeremy Hunt has changed the rules again. He’s bringing in funding cuts that could see some local GP surgeries closing their doors for good. 700,000 of us could lose our local GP. [1]??As Hunt tries to relax this weekend, let’s make sure he feels the heat. We can build a huge petition to leave him in no doubt that these cuts are not ok and we’ll always be here to protect our NHS:???Sign the petition???The clock is ticking: some surgeries say they could close within a year. The government won’t want bad news stories sticking around in the run up to the election. If Jeremy Hunt feels another big battle brewing over the NHS, it might be enough to persuade him to stop the cuts.??38 Degrees members have already taken on Jeremy Hunt and won before. We stopped his Hospital Closure Clause and we beat him in court twice when 38 Degrees members helped fund the legal case to save Lewisham hospital. [2]

      Dear Adam,??We’re really sorry.??The office team thought we’d made sure that the email about Jeremy Hunt’s cuts to GP services was only going to people who will be affected by the cuts. But we accidentally sent it to everyone.??This wave of cuts to GP services are only happening in England.??Apologies. It’s Friday afternoon and you’re probably looking forward to the weekend rather than thinking about cuts to the NHS in England!??Once again, we’re really sorry about this and hope you have a great weekend!???Thanks for being involved,??Nat & the 38 Degrees team

    40. galamcennalath says:


      Tea on September 19th. Pan fried hydra liver and onions.

    41. heedtracker says:

      Indeed, but are we frightened? Well we watched an elderly lady ask Jim Murohy on his soap box why Gordon Brown lied to Scotland that we will no longer exchange organs/tissue etc wirh England, if we vote Yes. Murphy became hysterical, the woman stood her ground, so No we are not frightened.

      You need ear plugs but keep in mind, this buffoon wants to spend £100+billion on Trident 2.0. No wonder the Yanks won’t let these guys have the Trident launch codes. Although to be fair, Murphy was sacked by Milliband from shadow defence and now we know why too.

    42. Daibach says:

      Awesome cartoon Chris, I would pay good money for a collection 🙂

    43. Tattie-bogle says:


    44. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @galamcennalath says:
      Tea on September 19th. Pan fried hydra liver and onions.

      … with a drizzle of Clair Ridge oil.

    45. Never forget – Jackie Bird is no Mary Marquis.

    46. macart763m says:

      @Socrates MacSporran

      She’s certainly no Issy Fraser, that’s for sure. 🙂

    47. mogabee says:

      Such a brave and resiliant lion…

      Certainly no fearties here! Thanks Chris.

    48. Josef O Luain says:

      Another wonderful, inspiring piece of work,Chris. Thank you

      By-the bye,frightened person: speak for your fecking self!

    49. Morag says:

      I had to use the English NHS yesterday, and to be fair I couldn’t fault it.

      Minicab to hospital with walk-in clinic, gave name, address and details of my own doctor in Scotland, and was seen promptly by a very nice, competent doctor. He called in a senior colleague to confirm that his (and my) diagnosis was correct, then wrote a prescription.

      I had the anti-viral medication I needed less than two hours after first noticing the symptoms of shingles. And not a penny to pay other than the minicab fare.

      I’m sitting in my hotel feeling a bit under the weather, but it looks as if prompt treatment has headed the worst of it off at the pass. Some of the system still works, obviously.

    50. velofello says:

      A few wee independent-minded lions found their way into the No Thanks/Better Together/UKOK meeting in the South Beach hotel Troon last night to hear the monologue presented by wee Ruthie.

      A fair number of untruths and uncertainties were presented to the elderly audience – the usual stuff – passports, borders, years and years to be re-admitted to the EU, imperative on adopting the Euro.Something about the Wizard of Oz and Alex Salmond likened to a wee bald man on a bicycle. Tiresome tripe really.

      One audience plea was that “we don’t have the facts to debate with the voter.”

      Comparison with the YesTroon meeting at the same venue – Yes Troon was cross-generation, majority in the 30 to 50 year bracket, many many late teens and twenties. The MC a teenager, his Grandad in the audience.

      One wee lion was unconcerned over UKOK followers door campaigning- “Och, they’ve all got walking sticks”.

    51. fred blogger says:

      how i see things atm is very simple.
      we are bonded into a compulsory union, and i/we no longer trust WM with our joint bank a/c.
      WM has held “power of attorney” for far too long now, as if, we are not capable of running and managing our own affairs.

      our assets/earnings are pouring into a, de-facto, joint bank a/c and we have scant control over how our money/assets are spent.
      as things stand scotland cannot grow nor devolve it’s own economy, nor therefore redistribute wealth through it’s own socialist economic/social framework’s.

      the time has come for us to take control of our own bank a/c. power of/over our own affairs is @ the core of this issue.
      no! to pocket money, yes! to an unopened paypacket. we are not children.
      no longer will we be controlled/cowered down by myth and scare stories,
      we will have a currency and it will be our currency.

    52. heedtracker says:

      Press and Journal vote no for the weekend, huge Bettertogether blast for Alistair Carmichael and “suggests” their flagship City deal scheme could be offered to Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles if they remain loyal to them.

      P&J “hails” 11 page pledge to, wait for it, Fozzies’ hereby pledging “to investigate offering the islands some of the same incentives given under the City Deal programme”

      So not to voteNO or else P&J project fearish today, but if they believe that carefully worded con, they deserve everything dudes like Fozzie will instantly forget on the 19th Sept. It’s all just word play but still.

      P&J also say the City Deal is worth £1.7 billion boost for economy and plug skills with better transport. Have to hand it to Press and Journal liggers, they can’t half tell major whoppers to their readership.

    53. bunter says:

      Spoke to a Yesser this morning who suggests there are a couple of decent polls coming this weekend for YES. Hope he is right, as would put the fear into project fear.

    54. heedtracker says:

      P&J also giving major coverage to usual John Reid’s vote Yes and Thatcher will arise from the dead but they all so give up a lot of space for and English dude in Shetland who’s started a Shetland independence campaign. Press and Journal must really like this guy as they keep on reporting thiis perennial, new, new, new Shetland Indy campaign by world famous pensioner Stuart Hill, who is not the local nutcase, at all.

      Google Stuart Hill and you’ll also wonder why on earth P&J is enabling him. He’s already taken to court three times because he’s decided the referendum is illegal. Three times in court challenging “the authority of the state and proof that Shetland is even part of the UK, let alone Scotland”

      It’s only worth noting because Press and Journal’s The Great Debate chief of No Cameron Brooks, reports that Shetland as part of Scotland “has never been tested in the courts” and that’s despite saying in same report it has, three times and by the village idiot too.

      Cameron Brooks is probably just mocking us but he also gives us the web address but watch out, Lord Reid says Thatcher’s coming back. They cremated her dear Press and. Journal, you bizarre creeps.

    55. Doug Daniel says:

      Stand your ground, Hamish!

    56. Jim Marshall says:

      Morag 12.28

      Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    57. Morag says:

      I’m slightly freaking out about being able to deliver the Wee Blue Books I promised to deal with. But the nice English doctor said I’ll probably be better in a week and I think getting prompt treatment has really helped take the edge off it.

      Shingles is triggered by stress of course. I have a nasty feeling it was the stress of the campaign, and in particular dealing with the media lies and negativity, that set it off.

    58. Tam Jardine says:

      Great cartoon Chris – you nailed it (again)

      After yesterday’s discovery that the oil burden is increasing, I was thinking:

      Too wee, too poor, too stupid… could it be that our hydrocarbons are too complex?

    59. john king says:

      Dear puzzled


      Heedtrackers eulogy
      “J bird looks great though, hope I look like that good when I’m in my 70?s.”

      Oooh! 🙂
      Oh btw Sally Magnussons’s got better legs!

      Calgacus says
      “Tea on September 19th. Pan fried hydra liver and onions.

      … with a drizzle of Clair Ridge oil.”

    60. Paul says:

      @Adam 11:49

      I had the same 2 emails sent also. Took the time to compose a response detailing exactly how NHS(UK) cutbacks DO indeed affect Scotland. Go on, you know you want to…

    61. Andy-B says:

      Nice one Chris, unfortunately when the you cut one of the heads off,belonging to a scaremongering Hydra, two more grow back in its place, such is the nature of Westminster, and Better together.

    62. john king says:

      “Too wee, too poor, too stupid… could it be that our hydrocarbons are too complex?”

      Dont be daft, how complex could a hydrocarbon be?
      Lets see.

      Crude oil is a mixture of compounds called hydrocarbons. Many useful materials can be produced from crude oil. It can be separated into different fractions using fractional distillation, and some of these can be used as fuels. Unfortunately, there are environmental consequences when fossil fuels such as crude oil and its products are used.
      Hydrocarbons and alkanes

      Most of the compounds in crude oil are hydrocarbons. This means that they only contain hydrogen and carbon atoms, joined together by chemical bonds. There are different types of hydrocarbon, but most of the ones in crude oil are alkanes.
      The alkanes are a family of hydrocarbons that share the same general formula. This is:
      The general formula means that the number of hydrogen atoms in an alkane is double the number of carbon atoms, plus two. For example, methane is CH4 and ethane is C2H6. Alkane molecules can be represented by displayed formulae in which each atom is shown as its symbol (C or H) and the chemical bonds between them by a straight line.


    63. Andy-B says:

      @Jim Marshal. 10.24am

      Re your comment of the Hydra resembling Jackie Baillie, I always equate the Hydra with Greek Mythology, so in my opinion Jackie Ballie, would resemble the Erymanthian Boar, not a pretty sight.

      When you consider, Hercules/Heracles, one of his labours was to slay the said boar, the words “Labour and Boar” (Bore) sum up perfectly, Jackie Baillie.

    64. Democracy Reborn says:


      I was thinking more of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. Google the image : an absolute ringer.

    65. Fireproofjim says:

      Re Tony Abbott’s insulting remarks. I have emailed the letters page at the Sydney Morning Herald to inform the Aussies of our disgust at his foolish remarks .
      If anyone wishes to follow suit the address is letters [at] smh [dot] com [dot] au

    66. msean says:

      Just heard the First Minister respond to Mr Abbott’s remarks. Didn’t realise that he is of the Australian version of the Tories.

    67. Andy-B says:

      @Democracy Reborn.

      Re your comment.

      I know of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, and as I visually picture the image in my head, I must say, that you are spot on, the resemblance facially, anyway, is quite remarkable.

    68. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Morag,sorry to hear about your shingles.

      been there and i’m sure you’ll get over it quickly :).

      all the best hen.

    69. Robert Peffers says:

      Juteman says: 16 August, 2014 at 11:15 am:

      “I read that as ‘The Hydra’s been eating Jackie Baillie’s meal’.”

      I read it as, ‘The Hydra was eaten as Jackie Baillie’s last meal’.

    70. Robert Peffers says:

      Daibach says: 16 August, 2014 at 11:54 am:

      “Awesome cartoon Chris, I would pay good money for a collection”,

      I’ll second that, (but let’s wait until we get the whole set).

    71. Robert Peffers says:

      Morag says: 16 August, 2014 at 12:28 pm:

      “I had to use the English NHS yesterday, and to be fair I couldn’t fault it.”

      Ah! Morag, Please get well soon. The reason you couldn’t fault the English NHS is because they get better paid for attending an out of practice patients. When my late wife was alive she took ill while in Beadnell. I drove her to the Local Cottage Hospital that is manned by local GPs.

      The GP we saw was a well loved local Doctor, Dr Guy, and he was really down to Earth and he and I had many chats in the next week or so as it turned out we were camped quite near his own surgery. He explained the system and why the local doctors welcome the chance to treat non-signed up to the local practices. They get paid well over the odds for doing so. If memory serves they charge the out of town patient’s NHS as if the patient is a private patient and treat them accordingly.

    72. Patrician says:

      Monstrously good cartoon again Chris

    73. Malcolm says:

      Just emailed Mr Abbott on his Contact the PM page to enquire if it is his policy to return Australia to colonial status under Westminster if it is such a good thing? Don’t expect a reply but will keep you posted.

    74. Katie Morary says:

      It is hard to understand why the many of those in Scotland don’t realise they practically have their own country – if only they had accepted tax varying powers instead of a parliament in 1999 the country would have want it wants without upsetting so many people living in Scotland as well as so many people living around the globe.

    75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “It is hard to understand why the many of those in Scotland don’t realise they practically have their own country – if only they had accepted tax varying powers instead of a parliament in 1999”

      Er, they did. There were two questions on the 1999 ballot paper – do you want a Parliament, and do you want it to have tax-varying powers. Both options won a resounding Yes vote.

    76. Eric Wilson says:

      Such a confusing picture. I am a simple man, and as such I see simple images. Is the Hydra YES or NO? Is the lion rampant? To whom does the ‘SAVE THE NHS’ refer as saviour? I fear that the SNAKE may be an image aligned to the YES vote and hence counterproductive to a YES result. Use with caution…..

    77. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Night on the sherry, Eric?

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