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They don’t believe you exist

Posted on February 27, 2014 by

Our old pal Euan McColm of Scotland on Sunday and ThinkScotland (also a stalwart of BBC/STV punditry, and formerly of the disgraced News Of The World) thinks you’re all just a figment of our imagination, readers.


If you’re not following, the implication (also made by James Mackenzie of “Better Nation”) is that we’re taking the money out of the fundraiser as soon as it comes in, then paying it back in ourselves as a new donation to artificially inflate the total.

(Although we’re not quite sure WHY we’d be doing that, as it would only result in us losing a sizeable chunk of the money we already had in commission every time we “recycled” it, and it would dissuade people from donating because they saw we’d already hit our target, and finally it’d mean that we then had to fund all the things we promised to do without actually having the money to pay for them.)

We’ve offered to show Mr McColm the books, on the condition that he writes an article for Scotland on Sunday or the Scotsman, openly and directly accusing us of what he implies in the tweets above. Let’s see how that goes.

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191 to “They don’t believe you exist”

  1. Ooh, jealously really is an ugly trait.

    I can assure Euan that I exist.

  2. naebd says:

    The twist here is that tabloid villain McColm was the man inflating the figures from his own Visa debit card!


  3. Alexandra-M- says:

    What will they come up with next?!

  4. cearc says:

    I exist, therefore I donate.

    or maybe that should be the other way around.

  5. Steven Roy says:

    So there may actually only be £1 that keeps going through like it is a attached to a thread and pulled back out of the meter.

    I think it is great that our opponents under-estimate us. I hope it continues till September 19th.

  6. Harry says:

    My £30 just disappeared into the ether then.

  7. Jean says:

    Well…I thought I existed yesterday when I brought my credit card out to play, but perhaps on reflection, I should be astonished, nay astounded, to find that I am only a figment of McColm’s imagination.

    Doesn’t he and his kind realise that if their papers told the truth we would still be buying them and not paying Rev Stu to do the job for them.

  8. John Walsh says:

    We are either cybernats they are tracking down or putting in the Daily Mail or we are Donation fairies that use our tooth money to support wings. Can’t be both .I am Astonished .

  9. Annibale says:

    What? You expect a British journalist to deal with facts? Never gonna happen!

  10. Desimond says:

    “..and then they accuse you of money laundering..”

    If this is how desperate they are getting, its all rather sad isn’t it?

  11. heedtracker says:

    If you look at just how biased and corrupt the BBC in Scotland is, or UK media as whole, should we be surprised that characters like McColm assume everyone else is too?

  12. Susan says:

    Euan Mccolm ‘s condition “Hard of understanding” has not been diagnosed yet. 🙂

  13. Desimond says:

    @John Walsh

    We are Cyberdonats

  14. Training Day says:

    Are indiegogo aware of this slur on their reputation?

  15. HandandShrimp says:

    Just wait

    Stu will be accused of living off the good will of morons

    The polls commissioned biased

    The projects and support to get the message out twisted and warped

    The website an exercise in hate

    ….and it will all be done on the back of a baw bee and an old half crown someone threw into the mix.

    It is entertaining to see how jealous they are though. I know I exist and I know what I donated, you Euan don’t know.

  16. Iain says:

    I can confirm I am completely figmental.

  17. Jamie Arriere says:

    Yoohoo over here Euan!! It’s just me and my dog rattling around in this great aircraft hangar of a site. Say hello, Rover.

    Rover : “Woof!”

    Go and fetch that big pile of £100 notes, there’s a good boy!

  18. Ali says:

    People like McColm who come up with these schemes reveal far more about their own twisted dishonest mindset than anything else. It’s called projection in Psychology.

  19. Unsurprisingly out of his depth when talking politics or numbers. ‘Tis a pity the misanthropic News of the Screws hack didn’t die with his paper.

  20. Triangular Ears says:

    I was going to contribute when I got home, but Euan McColm’s comments annoyed me so I’ve done it now.

    You are an idiot Mr McColm.

  21. Marcia says:

    The moment the journalist saw the amount raised by 9pm last night.

    – folks just unfollow him and move on. We have work to do. Off to folding Yes papers with tea, cake and chat with fellow golden oldies.

  22. Smith says:

    They can’t believe it, because it wouldn’t happen for the No side.

  23. Smith says:

    And I’d be happy to speak with Mr McColm (as I’m sure 1000 others would be too).

  24. Steve B says:

    Apart from losing the commission every time a donation is made – I’m not quite sure how McColm thinks this could be done by one man?

    As there were at times several donations every minute or so, the Rev would have had to had his fingers typing at the speed of light to be able make these payments. Bearing in mind you’d have to re-enter all the credit card details – and bank verification details, etc, etc, etc.

    Added to this there were no gaps for toilet, meal breaks, or comments on twitter, etc. 🙂

    … but as a journalist of such an erstwhile publication I guess truth is a bit of hazy concept to McColm …

  25. Votadini Jeannie says:

    Stu, you do realise what an important figure you have become in this campaign, don’t you?

    I think what’s pissing them off is that Wings has become of more importance to a large chunk of the public than the politcal parties or commentators are, and they find that incredulous.

    But as Jean says above, if the parties and papers were straight an honest with us, we wouldn’t need to do this.

    Kinda glad it worked out this way though – can’t imagine life without Wings!

  26. Papadox says:

    What a waste of space these idiots are. It takes a twisted mind to think in the manner these clowns do, they are morally and spiritually bankrupt and devoid of all decency. Truly the common bond in the NO campaign, immoral !

  27. The Water Beastie says:

    There could be a lot of Denial Therapists doing a roaring trade in 204 days time…

    I predict a growth industry! 🙂

  28. Susan says:

    McColm just reminded me to make my donation, he should see the sum has just gone up. 🙂

  29. Fergus Green says:

    Mildly o/t. I was listening to John Beattie interviewing Danny Alexander on Standard Life around 1.15 and asking him some challenging questions. In the middle of the interview, Alexander’s line appeared to go dead, but there was some audible whispering in the background before it was announced that contact had been broken. The line was restored a couple of minutes later. All seemed a bit odd, even sinister to me.

    Did anyone else hear this? If so, I wonder if anyone has time or resources to listen on iPlayer and see if they can make out what the whispers were? Maybe nothing, but then again……..

  30. colin mccartney says:

    PLEASE – I will give you more money just so you don’t ask him to write another purile article – that an ever growing number of people wouldn’t be reading anyway.
    They give the “Hootsman” to carers now to read to the insane to boost figures, oh no, my mistake, thats just their pals.

  31. Embradon says:

    The fragrant Mr McColm quotes his mate “the actual fucking SNP couldn’t do that in a day”.
    In fact “Scottish Labour” didn’t come close in a year.

  32. gardennat says:

    They don’t believe it because they would be incapable of doing it.
    I was directed to this site just after last year’s fundraiser and it has helped keep me sane ever since.
    The Rev knows what he is doing. He had us all sitting with our hands on our wallets just waiting for him to so ‘GO’.
    I have no doubt that whatever he put his hand to he would make a success of it.
    Like everyone else here I think we are getting a bargain.

  33. Michael says:

    Just for the record Euan McColm was one of the reasons I donated to the appeal. I couldn’t have cared less if you’d taken the money and spent it all on popcorn. As I pressed the donate button I was thinking to myself, ‘this is for that smug, self-satisfied, foul mouthed creep, Euan McColm.’ Knowing how eaten up with anger and envy he’d be was worth the 30 quid. I’d do it again tomorrow.

  34. Boabyfett says:

    Surely Euan only has to look at his block list to see most wings readers and see how many there are?

  35. Appleby says:

    Pure jealousy from pathetic hacks that can see their time at the top is coming to an end. In their black little hearts they wish they weren’t the flops and phoneys they are and actually had the genuine support and trust given here.

    If the fundraising money was a lie and a multi million dollar USA company was in on the crackpot “conspiracy” then how do they think things are paid for in the end? Do they think other companies will accept the non-existant cycled money? Utterly barmy and total nonsense. Where’s the gain? There is only loss in that concept.

    No evidence, no motivation, no method…

  36. HandandShrimp says:

    If Euan had a soul what would eat into it is the thought that this site is popular and really does have more readers than whatever it is he writes about.

  37. Ken500 says:

    Jealous and spiteful. They joined the wrong team and can’t believe. A bunch of losers.

    ‘I don’t believe’ One foot in the grave. Unionist heading for oblivion.

    The final total of the Appeal will be enough to buy up the Scotsman. Go for it Stu. Make our day.

  38. HoraceSaysYes says:

    Okay, the games a bogey.

    I’ll admit, I don’t actually exist. It’ll save me a fortune in rent now that I’ve come clean about it, though!

  39. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    The only poster that might not exist is Lindsay.

    Lindsay’s posts sounded a bit like they had been generated by a Britnat “bot”.

    (Deliberate use of past tense.)

    Johann at FMQs today sounded like she was suffering from the same programming …

  40. Michael says:

    There is something about that photograph of his – it surely can’t be the best he has can it – that just shouts, well let’s be charitable, ‘unsavoury’. You kind of wonder what he’s doing with his hands.

  41. Brian Powell says:

    He can’t engender confidence or inspire anyone, so can’t understand how anyone else can.

    A very common problem among Unionist politicians and commentators.

  42. liz says:

    Just like Iain – I am a figment of my own imagination.

    It must be all those Philip K Dick stories I’ve read.

    PS Rev feel free to spend it on indy records if you like.

  43. Salt Ire says:

    Over on the BT FB page last night they were casting all sorts of aspersions including outright fraud and Rev stuffing a suitcase and doing a runner ala Lyle Lanley.

    Can we get a Wings song like he did one for the monorail?

  44. The Man in the Jar says:


    Cyberdonats do Greggs sell those? 🙂

  45. margaret mcneil says:

    You have inspired a nation, can McColm say that? Glad to donate and while we are on the subject I got my wages, paid all my bills, budgeted for food, toiletries and travel costs to work for the month and have a spare tenner, will get that off to you.

  46. Ally says:

    Ken500 says:

    27 February, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    Jealous and spiteful. They joined the wrong team and can’t believe. A bunch of losers.

    ‘I don’t believe’ One foot in the grave. Unionist heading for oblivion.

    The final total of the Appeal will be enough to buy up the Scotsman. Go for it Stu. Make our day.

    That’s perhaps not as daft as it may seem! With everyone on here willing to support a NEWScotsman on a daily basis, its circulation would soon magnify compared to what it is now.

    How much would it cost? Or, is it too far down the line in the campaign? (Just thinking out loud!)

  47. Proud Cybernat says:

    I think, therefor I am. Eh, I think.

  48. Steve Quinn says:

    I am particularly real. I used to be a figment of someone’s imagination but my mother and father did something about it. Anyway, the real figment in this debate between yes and no is that there seem to be very much fewer no voters than yes voters. That is why these no voters are having trouble believing the strength of support for the yes vote. They just need time to adjust to the enormity of the problem they have.

  49. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    this wee journalist guy is really exposing himself as a nasty wee bugger.

  50. We know you exist stu – i found you on wikipedia 😀 (thats not a joke btw, there really is a wikipedia page on the good reverend.)

  51. Desimond says:

    Am I the only one that can see whats happening here?

    We are all part of an episode of Torchwood starring the wonderful John Barrowman.

    Captain Jack and guest stars the Krankies investigate the strange phenomenon of The Phantom Separatists. One moment theres 1000s of them screaming loudly, next moment there’s just a wee smiling Daily Mail guy sitting in the Bath, or in Bath, of in a bath in Bath(well something like that anyhow). John investigates just what’s going on!

    WingsOverScotland : The Truth is in here..available now!

  52. Desimond says:


    Yum Yum 🙂

  53. troushers says:

    I exist, Mr McColm. Never donated to a political party, once joined the labour party at Uni for some free cheese and wine though. I pitched in what I could afford, because I value the work this blog does.

    Isn’t it interesting how so many people will pay good money with barely a second thought for quality writing on a subject they are passionate about? Meanwhile, newspaper sales are slumping. What is it that you’re doing so wrong?

  54. Graham Scott says:

    Twitter gold from someone I hadn’t heard of until 30 mins ago.

  55. HandandShrimp says:

    I have to say I am looking forward to the works planned but just to see their torn faces has been reward in itself for the donation.

  56. heedtracker says:

    O/T but it takes another blogger, Bateman this time to provide some semblance of balance longed ago ditched by the disgrace to journalism that is all BetterTogether UK media

    “Standard Life. You may remember that while Scots suffered austerity, the executives under David Nish, pocketed millions in pay and bonuses.

    Nish saw his pay packet almost double, just months after the firm announced 490 job losses. He received a basic salary of £720,000, a bonus of £1.05 million, pension contributions of £179,000 and a further ‘benefit’ of £17,000. Unite union official Paul Neilson said: ‘These pay levels are obscene.’

    Meanwhile, soup kitchens near Standard Life HQ run out of food and all of it unreported by the £3.3 billion per year tax funded BBC in Scotland. Nae happy.

  57. gorodz says:

    Its just a pity deranged individuals like Euan McColm exist.

    He really is a waste of space.

  58. scottish_skier says:

    ‘They don’t believe you exist’

    I’m used to this. I work in oil and gas so I’m not normally counted as existing in Scotland, although sometimes I’m included for comparative purposes.

  59. slackshoe says:

    Stu, the noises from these jealous, bitter cranks are not worth your time and energy. I’m sure addressing their flimsy accusations causes you little difficulty, but by dignifying them with a response, you’re letting them tarnish this incredible achievement. Just let them sulk among themselves.

  60. Desimond says:

    Latest scare story – RSI from changing your watch back and forth every time you cross the Border!!

  61. Cath says:

    Be fair, they have to believe the entire independence movement is non-existent really. It’s all a bunch of wild-eyed “cybernats”, co-ordinated by Dictator Eck himself. We all sit hunched over flickering and spittal-flecked computer screens waiting for the next Guardian link to be sent so we can go and howl at it.

    The idea that there are actually

    1. Quite a lot of us
    2. We’re quite diverse
    3. We’re not all SNP, and are in fact a much bigger and broader movement than the SNP
    4. We’re able to raise a fair bit of money very fast (as well as cover every train station with a day’s notice)

    does not compute. It may just be starting to dawn and they’re hitting the denial stage.

    Be gentle.

  62. Doug Daniel says:

    £6,300 an hour isn’t that much really. I gave £504, and I did it in a matter of seconds. 11 more folk like me and you’ve got £6,048. Doesn’t take an hour to do that. Chuck in £10,000 from someone in one go, and you’re well on your way.

    The early momentum helped, giving people an extra impetus to keep it going, as well as the fact you chose a good time to do it (some folk will have just been paid and there are no other major fundraisers going on at the same time.)

    As I write this, you’ve got 1,305 funders, which is a very small percentage of Wings readers. Some of the other causes trying to raise funds might be lucky to have 1,305 readers.

    Besides, the rate donations were coming in, I have no idea how you would even manage to do what McGollum is suggesting. You’d have to employ a team of folk just to do it for you.

  63. Appleby says:

    So one minute there is an ARMY OF ANGRY CYBERNATS and next minute we all don’t exist? Make up your mind, guys, your smears aren’t even making sense any more.

  64. Appleby says:


    I think their problem is that they are out of touch and out their depth with this. I’ve seen many fundraisers on Kick Starter and IGG do very well and very fast too. Seen some get multiples of what they asked for things like toys, games, etc. These people don’t “get” crowdfunding. That’s the problem.

  65. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fergus Green –

    I missed Danny Alexander being interviewed by Beattie, but The Great Food Bank Opener has form when it comes to suddenly losing contact while doing radio interviews.

    We picked up on one here before, I think Morag heard it too – he makes it noticeable because he’s really really bad at it. They really should send him on a course.

    ‘Oh we seem to have lost contact with Danny Alexander.’

    ‘Yes, I’m sorry, you have. I don’t know what’s happened.’

    ‘Oh, so you’re still there?’

    ‘No. I’m not.’

  66. Andy McIntyre says:

    I came, I read, I donated.

    Does this mean that I don’t really exist or according to James MacKenzie am I bigoted testicle?

    My introduction to politics was leafleting for Mike Watson back in the late ’80s (what can I say I was young and didn’t know any better) because i thought the Labour party genuinely was the people’s party. Now my allegiances lie elsewhere and vote Yes partly because I believe that independence will be good for Scottish Labour as it will hopefully force it to rid itself of petty, self serving muppets like Mr McColm.

  67. Tattie-bogle says:

    there is naebody called Spartacus

  68. Ken500 says:

    The Scotsman shares are rubbish. Seriously it is reported to be folding.

    Rev Stu could buy up the premises and equipment cheap. Just the Holyrood section (cheap). Keep on the operational staff, printing machinery etc. Only print for mainly Scotland, with website. People would buy it. Advertiser would support it. It could even be called ‘The Independent Scotsman’. Or ‘The Scottish Independent’ Print truthfully and honestly.

    Rev Stu could be the Chairman. Derek Bateman could be the Editor. People could invest in it. (shares). The Scottish gov could support it.

  69. Jimbo says:

    To paraphrase Christian Morgenstern: And thus in McColm’s considered view, what does not suit could be true.

  70. Breastplate says:

    Let me get this straight. All of us commenting and donating are not us but you rev, I mean me and you are talking to myself under various disguises. This is to make it look like more people sorry person.
    So we, I mean us, I mean you I think, are having conversations with ourselves, I mean yourself or is it myself or is it nobody else. Gosh!
    I did think I looked a bit like the rev, I mean me when I looked in the mirror.
    I’ve no idea who’s wife I’m shagging then. I’m going for a lie down my head hurts.
    Talk amongst yourself until I get back with another post.

  71. James Kay says:

    We have often guessed that many of the trolling comments are written by a single CyberBrit under different noms-de-guerre. Maybe this is true, and why they immediately jump to the conclusion that there must be an element of a ‘one-CyberNat-show’ about this story.

    How they explain it to themselves is their problem; we know how wrong they are. I would ask any swithering voter who reads this article: “Who do you believe?”

    Meanwhile, I donate, therefore I am. (I know I am not the first to make a similar comment, but it was my immediate thought as I read the story).

  72. ronnie anderson says:

    Am no a figment of my imagination, ah contribute oota desperation,tae bring aboot a separation long overdue.

  73. Richard says:

    Well, MR Mccolm encouraged me to overdraw so payment made on behalf of Euan McColm. GIRUY Euan.

  74. Clootie says:

    I think I now understand some of the comments of YES colleagues about the site.

    Bella Caledonia / Newsnet and other mainstream pro independence groups are still following the “gentlemans rules”. We have a BT/Whitehall/Westminster street fighter coming at us and they want to follow the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

    I for one don’t want to be lying in the gutter on the 19th. September feeling good about being a gentleman.

    They will know the money is real in a few months time and if you need more Rev then I’ll be willing to support.

    Every branch of the YES campaign should be supported by all others for the common aim of a better society.

    O/T Obviously the Kirk have forgotten their role in supporting the Act of Union vote 1707 and should get off the fence and see that the only way to get the values they came up with is a YES vote.

  75. bunter says:

    Kay Burley just stated that Merkel says ”Britain and Europe work better together”.

    Psychological warfare going on!

  76. Richard says:


    We can expect many more ‘visitations’ in the run up to the referendum. Particularly because this site is so significant in drawing the sting of the Bitters.

  77. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    im thinking bout growing a beard and shaving a wee baldy patch on the back of my napper,

  78. creag an tuirc says:

    I just saw this on the Revs fundraiser 🙂

    “On behalf of Euan Mccolm
    13 minutes ago £62 – Patrons”

  79. I G says:


    Please inform HMRC that I don’t exist. That’ll give me some breathing space and any monies saved can be ploughed into the Yes campaign. Hell, I’ll even give you 10% if our little ploy works. Anything to help, I’m sure work at the SOS must be drying up now.


    Iain (WOS Patron).

  80. Grahame says:

    With regard to the Hootsman :

    Just received a begging letter to the business aksing us to advertise in the Evening News.

    was my response too harsh?

    “Sorry, it’ll be a cold day in hell before we give money to Johnstone press. As yes voters in the independence debate unfortunately your editorial policy does not agree with our business policy “

  81. boglestone says:

    I’m not real. Nothing is real. Life is an illusion.

  82. Harry Shanks says:

    The scepticism from McBrush must be because he believes Wings readers are not generically programmed to donate

  83. Tim F-G says:

    I wish I could say Euan McColm was a figment of my imagination but alas, no.

  84. pic says:

    Cogito ergo sum….I am not entirely certain people exist, as they don’t seem to do the cogito bit, case in point documented in this article.

  85. Cwiffer says:

    Fairly sure I exist!

  86. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Appleby says:
    So one minute there is an ARMY OF ANGRY CYBERNATS and next minute we all don’t exist?

    Full truth here …

  87. patronsaintofcats says:

    To do list:

    1. Finish fundraiser – target £ millions

    2. Buy controlling shares in Scotsman

    3. P-45 for Euan McColm

    Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

  88. chicmac says:

    His brother St John works as a flame-proof underpants tester I believe. 🙂

  89. HoraceSaysYes says:

    As the late, great Bill Hicks said –

  90. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @ronnie anderson says:
    Am no a figment of my imagination, ah contribute oota desperation,tae bring aboot a separation long overdue.

    Is that you trying haiku now Ronnie?

    You’re just showin’ off.


  91. chicmac says:

    I think, therefore I am…

    … voting YES.

  92. X_Sticks says:

    Maybe we could get a Rev Stu mask done – a la Anonymous. We could all turn up in them at marches etc.

  93. Marker Post says:

    Maybe we’re all just figments of Rev Stu’s imagination.

    Maybe he has made up all these unique usernames and spends the day endlessly replying to his own posts.

    Maybe he even sends money to himself.

    I really would have to be the world’s biggest narcissist… oops, you caught me out…

  94. turnbull drier says:

    @ X_Sticks…

    It has to be the one with the “hair”, now THAT would be a mask 😛

  95. Mccolm has an extreme case of penis envy when it comes to the Rev and as for diddling the numbers, that says more about Mccolm than anything else.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  96. @PatronSaintofCats

    Corrected for you:

    To do list:

    1. Finish fundraiser – target tuppence

    2. Buy controlling shares in Scotsman

  97. Robert Louis says:

    WTF is wrong with these people??? I mean seriously, the idea that Rev put money in, than took it out, then put it in, then took it out, repeatedly over 10 hours clocking up huge fees, is just so f’in stupid. I mean, seriously WTF is wrong with these people??

    I do wonder if Mr McColm is prepared to put his money where his mouth is, and take up your offer?

    Seems to me, Scottish unionists are rather rapidly losing the plot, their grip on reality and the referendum.

  98. Midgehunter says:

    If we were all schitzophrenic we could double our numbers… 😉

  99. Stuart Black says:

    Yoohoo Euan! Over here, look!

    *waves credit card*

  100. bookie from hell says:

    euan thinks its tuppence nawbag

  101. David says:

    “You cannot hope to bribe or twist,
    Thank God! the British journalist.
    But, seeing what the man will do
    Unbribed, there’s no occasion to.”

    Humbert Wolfe (5 January 1885 – 5 January 1940

  102. Clootie says:

    Com’n Mr McColm. You have the offer to check the books. Oh! Silly me you don’t do any actual research you wait for the delivery of the BT briefing for the day. Cut and Paste is so much asier.

  103. onzebill says:

    O/T X-Sticks I only just got on the site at lunchtime, did you raise enough for Ronnies badge??

  104. Macart says:

    Too much of me exists.

    I really must start attending weighwatchers.

  105. Flower of Scotland says:

    This hack of a man Euan McColl couldn’t see honesty , integrity or loyalty if it hit him in the face !
    Forget this nasty piece of work and let’s get on with persuading folk to vote YES !
    He,s insanely jealous !

  106. Papadox says:

    Would a multi signature request to the EBC (Scottish office) and EBC (HQ) for them to “strive for fairness and balance” and some truth in their reporting of the Scottish referendum issue in their “news” programmes. Doubt if it would deflect them from their objective but at least they couldn’t deny the concerns that are afoot regarding their apparent bias for the NO side.

  107. Rubberbelly says:

    I sometimes think I don’t exist and then I run into that ergo sum stuff. Wonder if Mr. McColm can let me know how to do it without having to think?

  108. west_lothian_questioner says:

    “I’m the urban spaceman baby,
    here comes the twist,
    I don’t exist…..”

    Thanks to the Bonzo Dog DooDah Band

  109. liz says:

    @Grahame – well said.

  110. HandandShrimp says:

    To be fair Euran expressed a modicum of disbelief when he heard that our last poll was going to be discussed on TV and radio (or words to that effect). He doesn’t believe much when it comes to Wings. He is the ultimate athiest 🙂

  111. HandandShrimp says:

    Not sure where the stray r came from in Euan.

  112. BigeffinDavie says:

    I’ve not donated yet, so I still exist.
    I’m now worried that when I do donate I may vanish

    Damn unionists and their scare tactics have dissuaded me from doing the right thing again. They’re just so convincing in their negativity

  113. CameronB says:

    Of course we don’t exist, we all been eaten by implausible BritNat squirrels.

  114. Appleby says:

    The most important thing this shows is that they have totally underestimated us. This will have them scared. They’ll be knocked for six and discussing this behind closed doors for certain. This is a show of strength for the Yes campaign and for now their sneering has turned into desperation and disbelief.

  115. Murray McCallum says:

    Activism is a powerful thing. It upsets the status quo.

    I am liking what the RIC folks are doing with their targeted campaigns in areas of multiple deprivation, low voter registration and low voter turn-out. Results show a substantial majority in favour of independence.

    The Yes campaign is a wide alliance across all walks of life. I really admire all the people on the ground doing the graft.

  116. faolie says:

    Ha ha ha ha, we’re winning, you’re losing. What’s the view like from back there, loser?

  117. Flower of Scotland says:

    After enquiring about BBC Bias and what the SG was going to do about it , my MSP Rod Campbell , emailed me that there had been a public consultation about this and it closed at the end of 2013 . He said that LORD Chris Patten wrote to him assuring him that New Guidlines would be published in March , to Reporters , to ensure that future coverage of the Referendum should be IMPARTIAL and BALANCED !
    Waiting in anticipation for LORD Chris Pattens promise !

  118. Lee Paterson says:

    You are quite welcome to print my name, address, phone number if required and tell Euan to call me. I will confirm I donated a small sum and show him the bank transfer receipt if required. On second thoughts why should I confirm anything to that twat!!

  119. Steve Bowers says:

    Ok everyone just reeeeeeelax a bit, I’ve just had a look in a mirror and I definitely exist….. now, for the sake of all our sanity, I suggest ALL you many many people out there do the same.

  120. Sunshine on Crieff says:

    James Mackenzie: “…the guy’s a bigot…”

    What the f***?

  121. Grahame says:

    a wee reminder of the YES Edinburgh Super Saturday this weekend. in Gorgie – a strongly labour area.

    147 RSVPS so far.. can you make it ?

  122. Craig P says:

    Isn’t Euan McColm a figment of our imaginations, invented to give us someone to ridicule as they go down the rabbit hole?

  123. Michael says:

    Actually Gorgie is the only ward in the city with 2 SNP councillors but worth a super Saturday nonetheless.

  124. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Euan McColm gets more and more ridiculous by the day.

    Ignore. It’s less effort than laughing at him.

  125. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Speaking of McColm, look at the second comment;

    He never came… 🙁

  126. Lanarkist says:

    Well I guess that all those people I met last year at the Rally were figments of my imagination, the beer that Kendo bought me just fanciful imagination, does that mean I don’t have to buy you one back on 19th Sept 2014?

    The Rally was just a dream?


  127. muttley79 says:

    @Murray McCallum

    “Activism is a powerful thing. It upsets the status quo.

    I am liking what the RIC folks are doing with their targeted campaigns in areas of multiple deprivation, low voter registration and low voter turn-out. Results show a substantial majority in favour of independence.”

    Completely agree. They are doing great work. I just wish they would reply to the e-mails I have been sending them offering to contribute to their fundraising…

  128. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @BigeffinDavie says:
    I’ve not donated yet, so I still exist.
    I’m now worried that when I do donate I may vanish

    Maybes try donatng with Bitcoin then …


  129. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Calgacus MacAndrews 2.31, Haiku is that no whit they Australian rugby player do before a match.(ok blackoot curtains pulled.

  130. Bob W says:

    Euan McColon(SP), I thought I donated, checking my bank statement again, it would appear that I have. To my shame, I still contribute to the coffers of the MSM (not your rag, gave up on that years ago).

    The reasons for donating, in no particular order-

    Children,s future
    Grandchildren’s future- Ad infinitum
    The gold shiney
    It seems to annoy the hell out of you
    The information found on this site is pure gold compared to the piles of excremental misinformation povided by you and your ilk.

    That clear enough for you?

  131. tartanfever says:

    Can we not have a whip-round for McColm and buy him a membership at one of Edinburgh’s finer ‘massage’ parlours ?

    He could do with an outlet..

  132. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Robert Louis 2.41, money in money out,the Rev,s doing a money laundering operation,in out shake it all about Ooh hoky poky.

  133. Grahame says:


    i stand corrected !

  134. K Mackay says:

    I’m new to this whole not existing thing (i think) does this mean we’re exempt from law and tax and paying for stuff now?

    This might not be so bad 🙂

  135. Steve B says:

    @Lee Paterson

    It’s probably not the wisest thing you’ll ever do if you send McColm your bank account details. 🙂

  136. Murray McCallum says:


    You can contribute (if it’s funds rather than feet) to RIC’s fundraiser here:

    I find the search facility within indiegogo not that great.

  137. Captain Caveman says:

    …Shit, imagine if it was just me, Stu and about 250,000 of his sock puppets here, and I’m only arguing with various facets of his multiple personality disorder? Cripes. 😀

    Not sure which parallel universe Mr McColm is in; think I’ll leave it there. Stu, I sincerely hope you got utterly wasted last night – amazed for you, genuinely. 🙂

  138. proudscot says:

    Maybe McColm and Hothersall are two of the “wee things” referred to by Daphne Broon at FMQs?

  139. Paul Martin says:

    I’m sure you’re more ready for this kind of thing Stu, but don’t be surprised if gutter-press like The Scottish Daily Mail set out to target you specifically. Private-detectives, photographers stalking you, the works… They will want to take you down…

    “Stuart Campbell seen here splashing his donors money on luxury Cornish pasties from WAITROSE”

    You know how these monkeys operate…

  140. a2 says:

    It’s true… I’m getting fed up writing all these comments myself under loads of different names.

  141. fairiefromtheearth says:

    Havent donated yet will do on wed when i get my giro,I think everybody that says you should start a paper are right,i would pay 50p a day to a truly Scottish paper,i gave up on papers 3 years ago i am a person who read them from back to front,so when 2 days later i read a story that contradicted what they were saying 2 days before well mentally insane is what it did for me,but ive been told you average reader dosent take in whats being said and thats why they get away with it,wishfull thinking of course as their sales figures show. YeHa Mad As A Hatter 😉

  142. a2 says:

    This little gem seems appropriate for several reasons.

  143. joe kane says:

    I used to wonder where the hack went that wrote those stories for the Sunday Sport about double-decker buses being found on the moon.

    This is obviously McColm getting material ready for an updated CV for his next job at the Fortean Times now that the dying Hootsmon is a regional newspaper with a daily circulation below 30k, a figure it last achieved in the 1880s I believe.

    It won’t be long before McColm will be saying a tearful farewell yet again, this time to his devoted fans at Wet Nats Together –
    News of the World Declares: ‘Thank You & Goodbye’

  144. pmcrek says:

    Happy Tinfoil Hat day folks who dont exist.

  145. joe kane says:

    McColm’s last paper definitely doesn’t exist. It’s good to see he’s not letting failure get in his way at the Hootsmon either, soon to be available in historical archive format only –

  146. JPFife says:

    I made myself up. (I also made myself up on another thread, which probably means I faked making myself up.)

  147. Weedeochandorris says:

    Ahhhh Euan, Euan the green eyed monster is chomping away at your insides….your lies will hurt you for ever.

  148. EdinScot says:

    Just to p**s sad and jealous riddlen wee Euan further, im making my donation to the brilliant wings site tomorrow and its no figment of my imagination, let me tell you, as its my pay day!

    Can only concur with the others Rev in giving yourself a pay rise or a holiday plus a receptionist to take off some of the top heavy admin that must be so time consuming. Go for it as you deserve it all as we aim to win this fight for our countrys independence.

  149. You and my comb says:

    After my outburst on twitter, I have decided to contribute AND join you all here. Can some one point me to where the boobs are. All great publications have a page 3 but I’ll be buggered if I can find it on here.

  150. You and my comb says:

    Sorry Rev.,should have used asterisks

  151. Xander says:

    “… that effin’ Revfink – his Wings is like a shield of steel.” 🙂

  152. David Halliday says:

    A good, authoritative summary of the current law of defamation in Scotland can be found at “Broadly, the delict ( i.e. wrongdoing) of defamation occurs when a person makes a communication which contains a damaging and untrue imputation against the reputation of another person.”

  153. Kenlike says:

    Just donated. Keep up the good work.

  154. cav says:

    He’s a turd of the highest order. Sorry bout the language, but the man is a despicable human being…

  155. Sora Lochiel says:

    I do not exist, LOL. Quickest slimming program ever!

  156. Morag says:

    David Halliday – so the imputation doesn’t have to have actually damaged the person’s reputation, just to BE “damaging and untrue”?

    Of course McColm would like nothing better than to see Stu tied up in a legal action for the next year or two, but it does look as if Stu could have a case in law.

  157. Morag says:

    Come to think about it, since Stu is in England, it would be English libel law that would apply. That is one serious minefield, but a happy hunting ground for a plaintiff who has resources….

  158. Pin says:

    I love the fact it was so successful they can’t believe it. A cyberunionist on ‘WhatScotlandThinks’ comments said he knew we were a small group of people with lots of different user accounts. They think this whole independence movement is just Rev Stu and his four pals.

    In reality:
    – the donaters number in the thousands
    – the activists in the tens of thousands
    – the WoS readers in the hundreds of thousands
    – and the Yes voters at well over a million!

    And those numbers keep growing 😉

  159. Vincent McDee says:

    While I don’t use twitter at all, just visiting now and again to read and be awed, I’ve just right now suscribed to follow Mr McCalm if just to have the pleasure of blocking him.

    Fell good indeed.

  160. Edward says:

    I’ve been reading the tweets over on WOS Twitter page and read with fascination the sheer stupidity of McColm. Some one some where mentioned that he was once a News of the World journalist. So that explained a bit. He is now with Scotland on Sunday, a paper that is going down hill. So obviously not employing any hard hitting or memorable journalists.
    As for McColm, what can you say, he is just a sad sad person who thinks he has got something worth saying and in fact hasn’t
    For the record I also contributed, because I firmly believe we have a chance in making a change to the political landscape

  161. Gwiz says:

    I exist. Unlike the positive case for the union.

  162. X_Sticks says:

    onzebill says:

    “did you raise enough for Ronnies badge??”

    We did onzebill (I hope) Ronnie will be getting a Saviour badge from the Rev, though the Rev hasn’t said Yes yet 🙁

  163. Silverytay says:

    They can come and visit me in Chapelhall any time they feel like if they want to find out if I exist .

  164. G H Graham says:

    McColm is quite the loser; his influence is only detectable by the shallow, vitriolic invective that he incites on The Scotsman’s comical comments pages.

    Although I’d be happy to donate to his own fundraising exercise when he’s ready to start one, if only to tell him to use the money to get a face lift.

    After all, when he spends all his bitter life writing inches of dreary, uninspiring columns, its bound to leave a permanently miserable look on his face. One only has to look at his Twitter photo so see that.

  165. Dick Gaughan says:

    Grahame says:
    a wee reminder of the YES Edinburgh Super Saturday this weekend. in Gorgie – a strongly labour area.

    147 RSVPS so far.. can you make it ?

    Gorgie? Are you providing armed escorts for us Hibbies? Whit about the pies?

    I’d love to be there but am currently in English West Yorkshire and will be for the next two weeks.

    Except for a trip to Cambridge on the 11th to take part in a debate on Independence with Thomas Docherty MP, David Greig and Nicol Stephen MSP. Spot the missing Tory representative 🙂

  166. Paula Rose says:

    Exactly how much would the Scotsperson cost to buy?

  167. beachthistle says:

    I’d forgotten that Euan McC was the driving force behind me signing-up (and now donating) to Labour For Indy.

    I’d also forgotten (until reminded by James MacK’s and Euan’s tweets) my rule to always add an extra 50% to my original chip-in figure for all pro-Indy fundraisers, my ‘to p*ss-off Euan McColm/Will this do, Kenny?’ supplement’.

    Now rectified, have made a second donation, and named it “Euan McColm 50% supplement”.

  168. TJenny says:

    Dick Gaughan – Nicol Stephen is an ex-Scot Lib-Dem MSP (DFM in the Lab/Lib pact at Holyrood) who is now Lord Baron Stephen of Lower Deeside.

  169. Dal Riata says:


    I exist. Unlike the positive case for the union.

    That’s an absolute belter! Might have to steal that.

    And McColm, eh. Just an unpleasent individual. His contributions are as welcome as a fart in a crowded elevator.

  170. Cath says:

    A cyberunionist on ‘WhatScotlandThinks’ comments said he knew we were a small group of people with lots of different user accounts. ”

    Yeah, I had someone BTL claim they were sure WoS was a small number of people because they’d done some analysis and so many posters used the same verbal ticks. He then went on to point out a lot of very common Scottish words and phrases as proof.

  171. Cath says:

    Love the idea of buying the Hootsmon!

  172. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Ally at 1.52
    Just for imformation you can produce physically an eight page, four page in colour tabloid for somewhere between 7p and 10p per copy depending on volume. ie 100,000 newspapers could cost as little as £7,000

  173. Dal Riata says:

    @ Cath

    He then went on to point out a lot of very common Scottish words and phrases as proof.

    Absolutely LOL!

    Noooooo…. Not “Scottish words and phrases”… from people who are promoting and discussing Scottish independence, and of whom, the majority will be… [Gulp!]… Scottish??


    That’s it, then. The game’s a bogie. We’ve been busted. Might as well just give up now and go and eat worms or something.

    Honest to Christ. The Britnats and their witterings. Comedy gold!

  174. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Cath –

    It’s time to fess-up.

    I used to be CameronB, Alex Mci, Paula Rose, fairliered, Hen Broon, Twenty14 and Albalha. That was back in the day.

    Then I picked up a virus, was ‘off’ for a fortnight, and when I came back I was still CameronB, but all the others had been taken over meantime so I became Thepnr, Morag, Conan the Librarian and X Sticks, but that didn’t work out too well, I fell out with myself and had to lay low for a while.

    Now, I’m back, and have been restricted to posting as ‘Ian Brotherhood’, which is a total pain up the hole. (And a right stupid name into the bargain.)

    Trouble is, the place is just too busy these days – not enough names to go around. Hum-ho, so it do go…

  175. David Smith says:

    McColm. I exist. You on the other hand are a bitter, twisted, insignificant little thundertwunt.

    Sorry folks, that’s all the intellectual gravitas someone of his low calibre warrants.

  176. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Talking of believing in things that don’t exist, here’s a wee bit of Thursday night ‘fun’ – the link below is to the Wikipedia entry for ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.

    The ‘fun’ is to be had in identifying who, in contemporary MSM media, plays the various parts…

    The crafty swindlers? (Brian ‘Taylor’ is too obvious…)

    And there are obvious candidates for the role of the wee boy.

    But who deserves to be Emperor?'s_New_Clothes

  177. mutters says:

    Comical. Well we are all here to be counted, bank accounts and all, if that’s what it takes to convince these numpties that huge numbers of Scots demand better quality media and are prepared to pay for it.

    I guess the good news is that we’re now on to stage three of your Gandhi quote !!!

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.”

  178. Erchie says:

    re “bigot”

    it is an article of faith amongst the nastier BT folk and waspish wetnats (the nats/greens who want to be accepted by the political/journalistic establishment) that the Rev

    1) hates women. This is based on him treating female correspondents in exactly the same manner as he does male

    2) hates transgendered peoole. Based on a statement that the grnder you are biologically (chromosomes etc) is fixed. I have seen him state that how people view their own gender andwish to live us another matter and should be respected.

    it’s a smear based on wilful misinterpretation

  179. Morag says:

    Erchie, if there’s one thing drove me away from the Burd, it was this constant “female exceptionalism”. Everything was viewed through a prism of gender studies. Tedious, pretentious and really off-putting.

    Sometimes, lots of the time, people are people.

  180. HenBroon says:

    Hey Brotherhood…theres only one HenBroon

  181. Quinie frae Angus says:

    I still have to donate my £20 for Ronnie’s badge but won’t be able to do it till the weekend! It will be coming, though.

  182. Condemn Skelt and Beaker says:

    The MSM clones are talking themselves out of job and they are too scared, ill researched, ignorant and arrogant to notice.

    The down trodden Plebs have woken up. Good bye and good riddance deceitful MSM liars.

  183. Learn to count MSM losers says:

    Maths or accuracy is not the strong point of the deceitful, lying MSM.

    The Marching Rally of 30,000 reduced to 8,000 by the MSM and not reported.
    ‘I don’t believe it’. On foot in the Grave MSM losers. Losing money faster than a sieve loses water. They are becoming irrelevant and will disappear shortly. Always seeking attention and being ignored. Self harming.

  184. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @HenBroon –

    I know it mister. Nae offence. I should’ve plumped for Daphne.

  185. bookie from hell says:

    Bank of Scotland statement

    27 Feb 14 PAYPAL *EBAYJIMMY CD 6**1 DEB 10.00 671.28
    27 Feb 14 PAYPAL *RADICALIND CD 6**1. DEB 10.00 681.28

  186. an_obersver says:

    It’s surprising that there were so many donations so quickly, and now it’s static.


  187. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It’s surprising that there were so many donations so quickly, and now it’s static.

    No it’s not. That’s the standard pattern with fundraisers, and is exactly what happened with ours last year, as you’ll see if you go back and look. You get a huge start, then it dies off dramatically after the first 24-48 hours, trickles in for most of the campaign then jumps again in the last couple of days.

  188. an_obersver says:

    Then it seems odder still that your reaction was one of amazement when the target was reached so quickly.

  189. Sam says:

    Ha! Surely a sign you’re doing something right when they can only resort to cheap shots like this. You should publish the accounts if you can in any case, just to shut them up. Well done!

  190. Fairliered says:

    Hitler had Lord Haw Haw.
    Better Together have Euan McColm.

    (Not the Ian Brotherhood one)

  191. Kenny says:

    I’d just get in touch with a libel lawyer. These accusations could do material damage to your business and may already have harmed your reputation. I’m quite certain the man on the Clapham omnibus would be appalled.

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