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Is that your final answer?

Posted on October 21, 2014 by

Here’s Nick Clegg in many of today’s papers:

“Alex Salmond reminds me of a Japanese soldier found in the jungle 20 years after the war had finished, still ducking at every shadow, thinking the war was still on. At some point, you have to call it a day and accept that the people have spoken.

After a ferociously contested referendum that has dominated debate north of the border for years, not just months, there was a pretty emphatic result.

Except here’s the Lib Dem 2015 election “pre-manifesto”, published just this month:

“We lost out to the Establishment in some of our attempts to reform politics. From big constitutional changes like reforming the House of Lords and giving citizens a stronger voice with fair votes, to everyday freedoms like a stronger Right to Roam: our proposals were blocked. We still believe these are essential changes and will work towards them in the next Parliament.

There’s something not quite right here, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it.

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    123 to “Is that your final answer?”

    1. JPFife says:

      Nick Clegg reminds me of the concept album made about the Japanese soldier still fighting WWII: Nude. (By Camel) There’s a great track on it called ‘Lies’ which fits Clegg nicely.

      That’s enough prog rock for this topic.

    2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I suppose Nick Clegg is just carrying on, where he left off, yesterday.

      Cant and faux sincerity, with a dash outright lies.

      I saw some front pages of newspapers with photographs of him and, I presume his wife. Never seen him with such a spin before. I suppose he must be campaigning already. I don’t know why or for what but the LibDems are the Lost Legion of the UK political world. I hope that the in Scotland they will, along the LondonLabour, join the Tories and Scottish Museum of Natural History (lost imported species) display.

    3. naebd says:

      “we can’t seem to put our finger on it.” – clue’s in the post tags.

    4. David McCann says:

      Well spotted!
      BTW I thought you might like John McGurk’s take on Big Fist Gordy’s exchange with Downing Street

    5. Brotyboy says:

      Nick Clegg, in common with every football player and manager with an IQ not exceeding 99, thinks that the use of the reflexive pronoun avoids the issue of whether to use ‘I’ or ‘me’; either that or he thinks it makes him seem more sophisticated or knowledgeable than he actually is.

      No it doesn’t, Nick. It just makes you an ignorant cunt as well as a lying cunt.

    6. Dr Ew says:

      Cleggy, Compo and Foggy – drinking the last of the summer wine.

      Going faster than they think.

    7. heedtracker says: They say they want a federal teamGB but bloaters like Carmicheal vote NO every single Devo move in Westminster. Cleggster’s AV got kicked into touch and to be fair/realistic, 55% Scotland say teamGB rules no matter what. Proud Scot buts say they do not want Scotland to run Scotland. It’s that simple. Same proud Scot buts that ponce and posture in kilts voted for teamGB and now have to pay teamGB taxes.

    8. Valerie says:

      Fib Dems referring to the “Establishment” now in their manifesto – so they accept defeat is on the horizon, or trying to distance themselves from the thing they are a part of currently?

      Again, with the attack on Salmond. I swither between anger at the continued digs and put-downs about him, and a smug smile that Scotland has such a fierce politician, that the Cleggs of this world are obsessed with him.

    9. Juteman says:


    10. Mat Lewis says:

      This site is a covert intelligence-led collection agency for Westminster. Think about it; a campbell, living in England, setting-up the gullable Scots for info’ extraction.

      Also, there’s lots of stooges on this site too; Ian Brotherhood, Morag, Alex clark; only to name a few tratorous scotch!

    11. Swami Backverandah says:

      Clegg’s an irrelevance.
      His answer to any loss, in particular his principles is to bend over.

    12. AnneDon says:

      It’s called a political principle, Mr Clegg. Somehow, I’m not surprised you don’t understand it.

    13. John Russell says:

      Mr Clegg,

      If the referendum had been fairly won then Alex Salmond would be quiet I am sure. The reason why he is not quiet is because of the arrival in Scotland of the Marx Brothers for the Vow and also the lies which were told by Carmichael, Darling and others

    14. handclapping says:

      Of course you can be democratic and say I dont like the result of the referendum so we’ll keep the House of Lords and your equality of votes jerrymander will have to wait.

      But that is nothing to do with the War being over, its a battle lost, except in the case of the LibDems, where it is their existence that’s at stake. An even high plane.

    15. handclapping says:

      higher 🙁

    16. TD says:

      As usual, unionist politicians are being totally disingenuous. To put it simply, there is no logical problem in saying that you accept the democratic outcome of the referendum, but that you continue to support independence. In other words, the 45% (including Alex Salmond, the SNP, Wingers etc.) disagree with the 55%. The 45% are going to try to persuade the 55%. There is nothing undemocratic about that and to suggest, as some unionists seem to have done, that by some magical process the 45% should change their minds because they lost the referendum is just stupid.

      True democrats would support the free expression of opinion, including the opinions of those who disagree with them. To suggest that Alex Salmond or anyone else should stop campaigning for what they believe in is itself extremely anti-democratic.

      But then who said that unionists really believed in democracy?

    17. Dan Huil says:

      Following on from Rev’s last post and Robert Smith of The Cure…

      Clegg’s stupidity is enough to give anyone The Vapors!

      # Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so…#

    18. pete says:

      Like his name sake, the ” cleg” a biting Scottish insect, a horrible irritating nasty little creepy crawly beastie. A good swat normally will do the trick………

    19. HandandShrimp says:


      We fight for what we believe…I appreciate this is an alien concept to you so slack duly cut.

    20. Grendel says:

      The many faces of Nick Clegg. I’m sure someone, somewhere agrees with him.

    21. CameronB Brodie says:

      Emphatic? There was certainly a lot of bile projected by Project Fear, but I would have thought Pyrrhic would be a more accurate description of the Unionist victory.

      Then again, Mr Clegg probably considers himself a partner in government.

    22. kininvie says:

      Just how long have the Liberals and the LibDems after them been fighting for federalism? And when have they ever had anywhere near 45% backing them? But that hasn’t stopped them – and quite right too.

      You can see what happened here. Some Spad has come up with the Japanese soldier image and everyone has jumped around saying the news outlets will love that…

      Clegg should take a step back and reflect before he starts allowing his advisory team to start pontificating in newspapers.

    23. HandandShrimp says:

      I wonder how emphatic the booting the Lib Dems are going to get will be.

    24. desimond says:

      Be interesting to see what happens if Nick ( or new leader) has to call wee Nicola to discuss a pact to help form a Government in May 2015.

      The SNP should by now have the same “craiglang” style attitude to all Unionist parties as they did to suggestions about forming a government with the Tories

      “Get it right up you!” ( subject to meeting SNP demands of course 🙂 )

    25. Davy says:

      Clegg and his party are as much use as a chocolate ashtray, they are the nowhere party, soon to disappear out of mainstream politics. Forget him.

    26. AuldA says:

      “Do as I say, don’t do as I do” (French saying)

    27. fred blogger says:

      “i pledge to not do as i say”, now that is believable.
      meanwhile almost live, from our dear capital.
      Police clear Occupy protesters from Parliament Square

    28. Roberto Esquierdo says:

      Clegg was never a democrat. He sold the manifesto on no tuition fees for university student to sit beside Camoron in
      the commons.Career politician and troughist

    29. Kenlike says:

      Nick Clegg! Is he still around. What’s he been doing with himself. I bet he’s a demon at counting those paperclips now.

    30. donald anderson says:

      Auld Nick is like a Kamikaze pilot for the Toly Party.

    31. Fred says:

      Private Pike, stupid boy!

    32. Neil says:

      Look out for this in the letters page of The Herald tomorrow:

      Dear Sir / Madam

      I was unsurprised to read your report of Monday 20th October stating that “Mr Clegg also said he had some “considerable sympathy” with… Gordon Brown”. Both have played the role of party leaders selling their supporters short for a desperate grab at power, and an even more desperate attempt to hang on to it at all costs. Both were directly responsible for the Independence referendum occurring in the first place, owing to their lamentable and widely discredited performances at Westminster. And both belong to parties facing total political oblivion come May 2015.

      It was also highly entertaining to read Nick Clegg advise Alex Salmond that “At some point, you have to call it a day and (accept) that the people have spoken.” This makes me wonder whether Mr Clegg has spoken to any people at all since 2010?

      Yours faithfully etc

    33. galamcennalath says:

      The LibDems are toast, everywhere. Basically, they can be trusted even less than other WM politicians, and that’s saying something.

      As I posted on the other thread….

      Clegg thinks it’s all analogous to the Japanese soldier fighting from the jungle long after the war is over?

      Well, for a Pacific War analogy, perhaps the U.S. withdrawal from the Philippines might be better with Douglas MacArthur declaring “I shall return”. We lost a battle not a war!

    34. Macart says:

      Hypocrite and liar does spring to mind. Unlike Clegg some folks might actually believe that firstly you don’t simply abandon core ideals and beliefs just because somebody tells you to and secondly Clegg and the other two of the three amigos have yet to deliver on their campaign pledge.

      As and when they fail to deliver (and they will fail), then I see absolutely no reason why we can’t call the referendum result fraudulently bought, chuck it in the bin and start again. It ain’t a done deal till we say it is.

    35. Dennis Nicholson says:

      I seriously wonder if any of these politicians ever actually listen to what they’re saying. Look at Pa Broon – barely coherent half the time…

    36. galamcennalath says:

      HandandShrimp says:
      “I wonder how emphatic the booting the Lib Dems are going to get will be.”

      First Scotland rejected the Tories. The LibDems got a kicking in Holyrood 2011 and in WM 2015 few MPs will remain. Two down, one to go! SLab deserve a kicking in WM 2015 & Holyrood 2016 too!

      A consistent message to Unionists?

    37. Kenlike says:

      Dear Nick Clegg. Your party hasn’t won a general election since 1910. What the fuck are you trying to prove?

    38. Luigi says:

      I see old Nick and his LibDems are still trying to stifle democracy before they dsappear without trace into the dustbin of history.

      Well, they never wanted a referendum in the first place, in fact they fought tooth and nail to prevent there ever being one. I suppose, then, that they ain’t ever gonna want another one. Are we concerned? Not in the slightest. As NS said, it is not for politicians to decide. The people of Scotland will decide if and when there will be another referendum.

      Trust the people.

    39. Andy-B says:

      And here is Clegg along with Cameron trying to get the TTIP, Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, in through the back door, which could lead to many sectors of the NHS falling into private hands.

    40. bookie from hell says:

      Gordon Brown book amazon

      My Scotland,Our Britain

      £20 to £4.97

      2p when lord smith proposals come out

    41. Pentland Firth says:

      Clegg and others are almost hysterical in their insistence that the independistas should now shut up because they know that the Union had a near death experience in September, and fear that the grim reaper may return with deadly intent in the not too distant future. If they were sure that their victory was as convincing and final as they claim, they would ignore Salmond and the wider continuing Yes campaign. They don’t, because they are afraid that their victory is pyrrhic and may prove short lived.

    42. steveasaneilean says:

      What utter nonsense. You have political ideals. You fight on the basis of those ideals. You narrowly lose a vote so you just ditch the ideals and slunk off to lock yourself in your bedroom? What is moral or democratic about that Mr Clegg?
      And if you are so proud of being a democrat how does that square with your ditching of an election manifesto commitment that your supporters voted for?!

    43. Marcia says:

      Mr Clegg will very disappointed after the General Election next year and I don’t expect him to be leader within a couple of months after it. I joined the SNP before Alex Salmond was prominent and I will be campaigning for independence until we get it. The referendum is over but the campaigning for independence still continues.

      I am sure Mr Salmond being released from the office of First Minister soon will be a worry for our opponents as he is still hugely popular and they will be keeping an eye over their shoulder to see what he is up to.

    44. Craig P says:

      Nick Clegg reminds me of the coyote in road runner. He ran off the cliff after going back on the tuition fees pledge and is still running, but gravity is going to get him in 2015…

    45. tombee says:

      Nick Cleggs’ duplicity knows no bounds. He reminds me of the character ‘Tom Pepper’ who was, apparently, kicked out of hell for telling lies.
      His VOW to the students, in blood mind you, was a lie of enormous proportions and will never be forgiven by them or forgotten by us.

      Noone should ever expect a cheque to be in the post from him, Why?, because he’s a lying two faced mercenary twatt.

      He sold out for ministerial status and a ride in a ministerial limo.

      If he lives to be 100 years old, he will never be worthy of liking Alex Salmond’s boots.

    46. muttley79 says:


      Do you think Salmond will stand at the general election next year?

    47. Robert Louis says:

      This pish from unionists about, ‘oh well you lost, give up on independence’, really is guff of the highest order.

      Imagine if the demand for votes for women, has stopped the minute Westminster said no, or union rights, or how about the abolition or reform of the house of Lords? the libdems AND Labour have both been wittering on about it for at least 100 years.

      All things which people seek to change, often are not achieved at the first attempt. Remember King Robert the Bruce and the spider (ah ken its no true)’if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’. It’s called principle politics – something unheard of at Westmidden.

      Independence supporters lost the first battle by a margin of 5%, we’ll win the next time.

      Nick Clegg and the other members of the pathetic, lying, Westminster unionist cabal, need to understand that Scottish independence supporters have not gone away, indeed we are now in my opinion stronger, determined, more organised and more politically aware than ever.

      May 2015 is indy campaign number 2. Seconds out, ding ding.

      (incidentally, I do think the very last person on planet earth that Alex Salmond will take political advice from, is the two faced lying second rate toerag loser, Nick Clegg).

    48. Defo says:

      Evidence in favour of the Multiverse theory ?

    49. Golfnut says:

      The right to self determination is fundemental principal recognised and supported, at least on paper, by both the UN and the EU.
      Now we know Cleggy dumped his principals (not sure he actually had any), but apparently does’nt get the fundemental bit at all.

    50. Robert Louis says:

      The Liberal Democrats – they’ll say and do anything for a ministerial mondeo. 🙂

      Prostitution politics I think it is called.

    51. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Does anyone know when Alex Salmond is releasing his memoirs? I’m sure I heard mention of a book being scribed by the man.

    52. saporian says:

      Is the recent surge in SNP in the polls for the GE real?
      Interesting reading. We definitely need a Scotland only poll from the Rev.

    53. galamcennalath says:

      Pentland Firth says:
      “…. they know that the Union had a near death experience in September, and fear that the grim reaper may return with deadly intent in the not too distant future.”

      Very well put! Yes, many of them know it’s actually Only just begun!

      I do suspect there are some so entrenched in the group think of the WM bubble that the reality hasn’t quite sunk in yet. There are even some who seem unaware independence is inevitable, sooner or later!

    54. Training Day says:

      To be fair, Clegg admitted he was beaten and should shut up on tuition fees pretty quickly.

    55. muttley79 says:

      @Grizzle McPuss

      Does anyone know when Alex Salmond is releasing his memoirs? I’m sure I heard mention of a book being scribed by the man.

      I think it is being released before Christmas.

    56. Thornywood says:

      Like private Pike of old England’s home guard, Clegg looks like a dick in everything situation.

    57. Dorothy Devine says:

      Mr Clegg is a ridiculous man and has obviously bought into the “Alecsamman” referendum promoted in the media – which is pretty stupid but hey ho did one expect anything else?

      I love the way he is ignoring 1.6 million voters standing beside Mr Salmond – does he have anywhere near that standing in range ?

    58. Marcia says:


      No, I don’t think he will.

    59. Brian Powell says:

      I believe Alex Salmond’s book is called 100 Days.

    60. Kenny says:

      The electorate has convincingly rejected the Lib Dems at every election since their formation. Why have they not yet “accepted the result” and disbanded?

    61. Brian Powell says:

      The unionists are keen to get everybody to ‘move on’ because they know how much they needed to cheat and manipulate to get that narrow win.

    62. Grizzle McPuss says:


      Thanks for that. Guess what St Nicholas is bringing me this year?

      The reason I ask is that I’m sure ‘that book’ is going to provide even more ammunition for the next few important months, and confirmation on many a point of obfuscation over the past two years.

      Hopefully there’ll be many more examples from Mr Salmond of the sheer myopic twaddle that emanates from the likes of “here today, gone tomorrow” Clegg.

    63. chalks says:

      It’s not just the NHS at risk from TTIP.

      In short, if the Scottish Government are found to be entirely right with their minimum alcohol pricings, then due to TTIP, said alcohol companies could take them to court for damaging their business.

    64. Jimbo says:

      Did Clegg name the soldier that Alex Salmond reminded him of?

    65. Clootie says:

      “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”
      ? Ralph Waldo Emerson

    66. Giggy says:

      The irony is that all of the Japanese who continued to fight after the war knew that their government had capitulated.
      They refused to recognise the legitimacy of the terms of surrender to the Americans.
      A useful analogy is if Britain capitulated (and officially surrendered) to the Nazis but our forces kept fighting from bases in territorial possessions overseas.
      Eventually the Japanese ran out of resources and resorted to stealing or begging food and clothes from the locals.
      They gave up one by one (Hiroo Onoda being the most famous)
      mostly through pressure from friends and family who would visit them in their jungle hideouts.
      There is a message in there somewhere but I’m not sure what.
      Will think of it when I’m over my flu.

    67. manandboy says:

      Accepting a Loss in the Referendum.

      Clegg, Cameron & Milliband currently don’t give a fig. They each have a watertight deal with their masters. They are going to be safe and secure no matter what happens in GE15.
      Scotland, the Goose that lays the golden eggs, has been secured in the Westminster hen house and all is well. Sure, the natives are restless, but no one in the City of Greed cares.

      The media is unusually quiet for two reasons. It’s quiet and because McTernan hasn’t given out any new instructions.

      But one story has been allowed to fade into invisibility. It is The British Establishment’s conduct of the Referendum. In particular, the way in which the No Campaign
      could seemingly break every rule – and a few laws, like Purdah,- but nothing was done about it.
      The story is that the UK Gov is now above the Law. Further, there is no branch of the Law which will lift a finger against The Unionist Establishment.

      So while we note the absence of media activity and the nonsense of Mr Clegg, we also note a milestone in British history. Not only, because we have just past the point in time when an entire layer of society is now above the law,
      but also because our entire society, has just sunk another few inches into the mud.
      Anyway, what’s on telly tonight then..?

    68. Doug McG says:

      Can he be reminded of the UNprincipled stand he made against Hol reform to maintain the constituency boundaries as they are. He is the snake that produces the oil that the salesman sells!

    69. McBoxheid says:

      More drivel from an insignificant (and becoming less so by the minute)unionist. The Yes MPs standing in 2015 should form the “Where is the vow now?” coalition and stand as one. If EVEL becomes a reality, then they don’t need any other agenda but Indy2. They’ll have no say anyway. Just disrupt WM as best as possible and oppose anything that gets proposed that they are allowed to debate.

    70. Ken500 says:

      Lost the battle but will win the war. The LibDems will be wiped out. The LibDem Home rulers. Another broken promise.

      Clegg the most detested politician in the UK should keep his insults to himself.

    71. msean says:

      Its the same thing, except some are allowed to change their beliefs to suit whatever policy they selling out/,or whatever party you are enabling that day. Some never deserted their beliefs,neither should they.

    72. Viking Girl says:

      Do you want me to tell you what it is that’s wrong with what Nick Clegg said? Nick hasn’t realised that he’ll be calling it a day next May. He’s so deluded he’s making plans for government!

    73. Will Podmore says:

      golfnut writes, “The right to self determination is a fundamental principal recognised and supported, at least on paper, by both the UN and the EU.” Quite amusing, the EU supporting the right of self-determination, when its whole purpose is to destroy its member nations’ sovereignty. Its proposed TTIP would prevent every nation involved having any say in deciding how to run its own agriculture, financial services, health, education, energy, food, health and safety standards, communications, culture, public utilities, and local government services. These rules would subject all our services, including the NHS, to private corporate rule.

    74. Stoker says:

      pete says:
      21 October, 2014 at 1:48 pm
      Like his name sake, the ” cleg” a biting Scottish insect, a horrible irritating nasty little creepy crawly beastie. A good swat normally will do the trick………

      I find that post utterly offensive and a disgrace.
      The glaringly obvious ignorance contained in that post
      should be condemned at every opportunity.
      How dare you categorise both ‘Clegs’ together.

      There is a major difference between the two, ie:

      The Cleg (aka – common horse-fly) was designed by mother
      nature to serve a very useful purpose in our environment.
      On the other hand, Nick Clegg is a total waste of oxygen
      and does nothing but pollute our environment with lies.

      I’ve a good mind to report you and that post.
      Just as well the common horse-fly can’t read.
      You could have created untold irreversible psychological damage.

    75. a2 says:

      Still a threat then, if you think your opponents are defeated and demoralized, there’s no need to waste your time belittling them.

    76. Joe Kinnear says:

      Casuistry – noun, plural casuistries.

      1. specious, deceptive, or oversubtle reasoning, especially in questions of morality; fallacious or dishonest application of general principles; sophistry.

      Specious argument – the stock and trade of the Lib Dummies.

      There are not some much Janus faced as nth dimensional hyperspace faced

    77. chalks says:

      ‘John worked as a researcher for the Labour Party for a year leading up to the first election (1999) of the new Scottish Parliament, being subsequently appointed as a Special Adviser by Donald Dewar, and then by Henry McLeish, for the period up to 2001. John was a member of the Labour Party from 2000 to 2005. In 2006 John was hired by the Labour Party on a consultancy basis to undertake work leading up to the 2007 election.’

    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve been banning on about on about the Trans Pacific Partnership, which has similar effect as the TTIP. IMO, these open the door to the gloomy prospect of blanket totalitarian capitalism.

      I do wish we had a written constitution. 🙁

      How the left lost the argument.

      It now seems that the primary political effect of the economic crisis was not the rise of the radical left, but of racist populism, more wars, more poverty in the poorest Third World countries, and widening divisions between rich and poor. For all that crises shatter people out of their complacency and make them question the fundamentals of their lives, the first spontaneous reaction is not revolution but panic, which leads to a return to basics: food and shelter. The core premises of the ruling ideology are not put into doubt. They are even more violently asserted.

    79. rabknight says:

      Whenever Clegg is mentioned I’m reminded of the line attributed to Henry Cate VII:

      “The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”

    80. Natasha says:

      @Will Plodmore

      How many times have you been to Scotland?

    81. ronnie anderson says:

      Right to Roam ha ha noo who,s goat that Harry Lauder 78,aye Nick Gleggs Roamin on the darkside.

    82. fred blogger says:

      Will Podmore
      it is because every institution is infected by neoliberalism.
      TTIP is a natural ascension to the 2012 health and social care act, it effectively replaces it.
      brought in by thathcher, the tories, labour, and the coalition.
      the uk govt that weren’t elected, have not exempted the nhs from TTIP.
      see the work of dr lucy reynolds selling health care causes poor health.

    83. ronnie anderson says:

      Mat Lewis 1.31pm (three stoogies ) Alex Clark ,Morag, Ian Brotherhood. Noo whit ah want tae know is, whitch wan o you,s plays the Double Bass.Cmon noo nae secrets between friends LoL.

    84. CameronB Brodie says:

      You’ve turned out to be a bit of a sweetie, but I’m with Will on this one. Sorry.

    85. Neil Anderson says:

      Presumably after nobody votes Lib Dem at the General Election Nick & his party will pack up & go home and prepare for permanent retirement.

    86. ronnie anderson says:

      The only thing left for Nick Glegg is dishounerable SUPPUKA, question is will they serve Sushi at the wake.

    87. schrodingers cat says:

      the UK supporting the right of self-determination, when its whole purpose is to destroy its member nations’ sovereignty

    88. Franariod says:

      They still attack Alex Salmond because they are afraid, they know its only the start, they have seen the rise in memberships of the independence parties. But still its not dawned on them that Alex is no longer the leader of the main independence party and the simple fact that there are more than one political party who stand on an independence platform. Not a clue about the politics in this country and more importantly, not a clue about the people who inhabit this country.

    89. manandboy says:

      There’s rather a lot of political and economic commentators in the US are all saying the same thing.

      They remind me of this film,
      in which a very large ship dismasts a yacht at Cowes.

      If what they say is going to happen, happens, things could get a little tricky.

    90. Ledj says:

      Does anyone seriously listen to clegg anymore?

    91. This backs up posts from Robert Peffers.

      Scotland can still be independent.

    92. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT, but on the subject of totalitarian capitalism. Apparently Karl Polyani thought this was an inevitable outcome of a neo-liberal system.

    93. Mat Lewis says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      ‘Mat Lewis 1.31pm (three stoogies ) Alex Clark ,Morag, Ian Brotherhood. Noo whit ah want tae know is, whitch wan o you,s plays the Double Bass.Cmon noo nae secrets between friends LoL.’

      A Pope, Moses & The Monk.

      An Essay on Criticism;
      If you’re going to ‘criticise’ anyone, make sure it’s learned. “A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.” (A Pope).

      if Socially constructed values of worth are the justification of ‘good’, then neither is your worth, nor value, justified.
      Holy History of Mankind (1837); Moses Hess.

      A, convoluted and scandalous plot. The Monk-: (Mat Lewis).

      “A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.” (Matthew 13:57).

    94. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Using Nick Clegg’s logic you would think that the Lib-Dems would have given up on Federalism and electroal reform after 100 years.

      I wrote to Charlie Kennedy and was at a Lib-Dem meeting with Ming the merciless and they were both banging on about Federalism.

      So we can use their logic and have Indy as SNP and Yes Alliance policy for the next 100 years – however I think it will come a lot sooner than that!

      Hopefully, Nick Clegg will lose his seat and also resign from the Lib-Dem leadership once his party are humiliated at the GE.

    95. Alex Clark says:

      @Mat Lewis

      You talk very intelligently. So why does your link through your name to “your” website link to Yahoo News?

      What the fuck are you talking about anyway? Doesn’t sound like Scottish politics to me.

      Are you a dreamer?

    96. Capella says:

      Sounds like Nick Clegg is channeling the tyrant Judge Braxfield:
      “the British constitution is the best that ever was since the creation of the world, and it is not possible to make it better”.
      I suppose since people elected him and David Cameron to office in 2010 there is no need to go through the palaver of having another election. The people have decided.

    97. Bob Mack says:

      Mr Clegg,( name of an insect is it not), should consider that there are 1.6 million of us still in the jungle along with Mr Salmond, and that the 55 percent contains around 400,000 conditional voters who had voted no on a promise.We are far from defeated Mr Clegg, but I think we can say “Sayonara” to any chance your party may have had

    98. Ken Mair says:

      To say the referendum result showed a 10% margin between the YES and NO votes is to forget that the choice was between two options. Presumably if the voters did not vote for on option they would be voting for the other. So although the results show 10% more voted NO the margin that made the difference is only 6% because a swing of 6% from YES to NO was enough to produce the result . This is the real margin.

    99. Eric says:

      It would appear tha ol’ Cleggy has never heard of the old Scottish tale involving Rob Roy and the spider, watching it try, try and try again. That’s the Scottish resolve and we will never, ever give up on independence. He (Clegg) is quite a sad wee character and will be consigned to the history books just like his sell-out party. A political party with no ethics or scruples and they derserve no forgiveness for what they have done.Let’s vote them out into the big hole and make sure they never come back.

    100. gerry parker says:

      @ Eric.
      Was it not Bruce and the spider?

    101. mj says:

      They are still having their strings pulled by a BT shadow figure. all coming out with the same lines and statements about giving up on the principle of self governence. anti democratic anti Scottish just like the telegraph who printed this guf today!

    102. Natasha says:

      @CameronB Brodie 5.12pm
      You’re what??

      Re the spider business; I’ve been wearing one in a pendant round my neck since the 19th, in defiance of my line manager who insisted that I couldn’t wear any ‘political’ symbols at work.

      @the Plod
      Still want to know how many times you’ve been to Scotland, Plod. And you still haven’t answered my question about how it’s acceptable for mentally disabled people to be reduced to starvation by the UK government in the 21st century. 5 stone 8 lb, Plod, when he died. Alone in fear and misery, too confused and frightened to ask for help. But of course, as long as it’s not one of your family, that’s okay. Mark of a true coward that you refuse to answer my questions, but then we all know that’s what you are.

    103. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Come to think of it – why are the Lib-Dems not proposing full Federalism to the Smith Commission?

      Surely this is the ideal opportunity to implement their favoured policy. Is this not what they have been waiting 100 years for such a chance?

    104. Wee Jimmy says:

      Nick who?

    105. yesindyref2 says:

      Nick Clegg, Wiki Footnote (2030):
      After his undistinguished career as an MEP, and his unfortunate appointment as Leader of the LibDem Party, which led after the infamous Coalition to the LibDems returning just 12 MPs to Westminster in 2015 on a sympathy vote, and losing 512 deposits, hence bankrupting the LibDem Party, he applied for membership of UKIP. Our long-serving PM Nigel Farage “Call me Nige” was presented with his application and said: “Who? Is that the barman? Tell him to have one himself when you get my next pint.”.

      Nick Clegg then joined Punch magazine and became world-famous with his self-caricatures, which were later incorporated into a best-seller titled: “The Second Book of Nonsense” by an Unknown United English politician.

    106. Chris says:

      Johann Lamont compared the FM to that Japanese soldier before during FMQT

    107. Does that runt Willie Rennie not owe us £8oo,ooo quid.
      “The Liberal Democrats made a great play of standing up for local policing but now we know the reality is that they are responsible for a £800,000 hole in the Scottish police budget – and expect Scottish taxpayers to pick up the tab for their costs.

      Pay up ya wee ##### or go to jail.

    108. CameronB Brodie says:

      Do you not remember the first time that we chatted? You entered the room with a couple of trolls, and I wondered if you would be naughty or nice.

      With regards my support of Will, I think he has a point. Also, I feel that the EU did little to assist the prospect of democracy in Scotland. I was wary of the EU before, but now it seems clear they only support democratic process when it suites their neo-liberal agenda. Remember, the EU is an American project.

    109. Natasha says:

      Hi Cameron

      Yes, I remember you. I can understand why you were suspicious of this newcomer, especially one who has been lording it a bit, as Flower of Scotland pointed out recently. I appreciated your ‘bit of a sweetie’ comment, though! 🙂

      I have a particular bone to pick with Will the Plod, but he hasn’t got the moral courage to stand up to me (something I’ve come across with people since I was knee high to a grasshopper – not that I’ve grown that much since then. Biting kneecaps is a speciality of mine).

      I’m afraid I have no time for any of his arguments, as I know exactly what his background is and he’s a total hypocrite. When it comes to people like him I don’t take prisoners, and I was brought up to tell the truth and shame the devil, so Plod can look forward to a great deal more of the same.

    110. donald anderson says:

      Was there a Lib Dem more despicable that the Snooty Tavish Scott who tried to play the Ulsterisation of the Shetlands?

    111. Husker says:

      Another way of looking at the comments made by this individual is this isn’t about Alex Salmond but the at the resurgent SNP who has just got 80k members.

      IMHO, it’s naked politicking dressed up as righteous piety. Then again, the MSM is only interesting in proper analysis of political comment when it suits their agenda.

    112. Barbara McKenzie says:

      Clegg is still relying on one of their biggest ploys, a favourite of Wstminster going back hundreds of years, i.e. personalising the debate and then demonising the person. However, Cleggy hasn’t realised that clever, clever Alex Salmond is no longer leading the SNP so all his catty remarks make him look ridiculous.

    113. ghillie mackay says:

      Nickerless sweetheart, you are the Establishment. Perhaps your wife could explain that to you over a wee bowl of cereal.

    114. Davy says:

      Is Nick Clegg, Mat Lewis in disguise. He certainly speaks the same shit.

    115. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bugger (the Panda) says:21 October, 2014 at 1:12 pm:

      “I hope that the in Scotland they will, along the LondonLabour, join the Tories and Scottish Museum of Natural History (lost imported species) display.”

      The last thing the Rev Stu wrote above was, “There’s something not quite right here, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it.” Which statement rather reminds me of the St. Trinian-esque Monica, (played by Beryl Reid in the 1940/50s), whose catch phrase was, “as the art-mistress said to the gardener in the potting shed after dark”. I wonder why?

      Perhaps it’s because it’s a bit of a rather old hackned comedy show.

    116. Robert Peffers says:

      @handclapping says: 21 October, 2014 at 1:38 pm:

      “Of course you can be democratic and say I don’t like the result of the referendum so we’ll keep the House of Lords and your equality of votes gerrymander will have to wait.”

      Ah! Yes! The Westminster, “Establishment”, That long, “established”, set-up that most folks have never understood what the term, “ment.”.

      It encompasses much, much more than just the United Kingdom Government, “House of Commons”, of the day. It includes also the Whitehall Civil Service. The Church of England, The Royalty & Aristocracy, The Arts, The MOD with such anachronisms as more Admirals than capital ships and, of course, the unelected, “House of Lords”.

      We have in the United Kingdom far more appointed legislators than we have elected legislators. Of which the Sovereign People Of Scotland elect only 4 per cent of the Westminster parliamentarians who hold powers over our economy, welfare, defence, our voice in Europe, and many more vital areas of policy. These unelected peers have just voted to their number another four new colleagues – with the pre-requisite that they already hold a hereditary title.

      Then we have, “The Lords Spiritual” described as, “of the United Kingdom”, but in fact they are 26 bishops of, “The Established Church of England”. The Presbyterian, Church of Scotland is not represented nor are The Anglican churches in Wales and Northern Ireland, (which, being no longer, “established churches”), are therefore not represented.

      So who chooses these, “Lords Spiritual? Believe it or not, The Prime Minister, who chooses from a set of nominees proposed by, “The Crown Nominations Commission”, then the Queen, as sovereign of The English Kingdom, instructs the college of canons to elect the nominated individual as a bishop or archbishop. As the people of Scotland are sovereign we have no say here either.

      As for Lords Temporal, these are a rag-bag of former MPs and political appointees over which no one outside, “The Establishment”, has a say. And they tell us we live in a democracy!


    117. mogabee says:

      Mat Lewis (2 T’s though love)

      AKA Neville Longbottom. Nice one considering how much yes folk regard it’s creator!

    118. Robert Peffers says:

      Another bit of The Establishment I forgot to mention is the Law Lords : – The Law Lords are the most senior members of the judiciary in, “The United Kingdom”. Law Lords are appointed by, “The serving Prime Minister, ( (formally appointed by the monarch). They serve until they are 70 years old but this term can be extended by the government to 75 , even although Law Lords of this age, or above ,cannot participate in legal cases. The number of Law Lords who adjudicate on judicial matters is 12.

      Law Lords do not participate in political discussions, being,”supposedly” independent of political bias. Under the 2005, Constitutional Reform Act , the Law Lords sit as judges on a Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Yet Scottish Law is legally independent of English Law.

      No member of the House of Lords needs a specific qualification with the exception of the Law Lords. To become a, “Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, an individual needs to have held a “high judicial office” for two years or to have been a practising barrister for fifteen years. The term “high judicial office” refers to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      The work of the, “Law Lords”, is supervised by the, “Senior Lord of Appeal in Ordinary”, or his/her, “Second Senior Lord of Appeal in Ordinary.”. The Senior Law Lord appoints who sits on what, “Appellate Committee panel”. The judgement made by an Appellate Committee is made in the Lords itself.

    119. Robert Peffers says:

      @Alex Clark says: 21 October, 2014 at 7:39 pm:

      “You talk very intelligently.”

      Well! Alex, no he does not, “talk intelligently”.

      He actually speaks, “Rectally sphinctered male bovine waste matter”. This is a rather slightly more intelligent version of what can only be described in Scotland as, “Bletherskite”, and is normally associated with the speech of many pseudo-intellectual members of the Westminster Establishment’s, Bullongdon Club.

      Or, tae owerset yon intil, “Wir ain guid Lallans leid, “The gadgie’s spakin ae richt muckle laid o mingin Inglis keech”.

    120. Robert Peffers says:

      The entire history of the British archipelago since ever the Roman legions left these shores has been in the same direction as now. Ever since the southern Britons, after centuries without experience of either defending or running their own affairs, invited the Germanic tribes to protect them with promises of free land, those Germanic Tribes have attempted to become the dominant force in the British Isles.

      It was they who first gave south Britain the title, “Angle Land”, and genetic tests prove they never really were absorbed into the British gene pool. These were to become the statr of a long line of elite rulers who bred among themselves and kept the original Ancient Britons in subjugation.

      There was little genetic input by the Romans as their legionaries took vows of celibacy. Little from the Angles, Jutes and Saxons nor from the Vikings, Norsemen or Normans. All becoming Lords of the Manor and keeping the aboriginal Britons as serfs or, “villeins, – (in medieval England, a feudal tenant entirely subject to a lord or manor to whom he paid dues and services in return for land.).

      Then that Kingdom of England annexed Wales in 1284 & Ireland in 1542 but always failed to conquer Scotland, even after the Scottish James VI inherited the English Crown. This only put two independent crowns on one person’s head. They kept trying to take over Scotland by force but only succeeded to form a legally equally sovereign Treaty of Union with the Scots in 1706/7.

      Since then they have consistently eroded that treaty at Westminster until they now have a de facto parliament of the country of England unelected as such but running England as, “The United Kingdom”, financing England as, “The United Kingdom”, and legislating for England as, “The United Kingdom”, with wee bits added to Bills for England to accommodate the different laws of Scotland, Wales and N.I.

      So just why would real Scots give up their birthright of being legally,”The Sovereign People of Scotland”? Those plastic patriots who voted for the Union are either fools or followers of the Establishment of Westminster that is still, today, dominated by those elite aristocracy descendants of the several South Britain invaders. That, fellow Scots and Scottish immigrants who absorb our ways, is democracy in action. Anyone who deems otherwise is either a fool or supports the corrupt Establishment of Westminster and the same old historic aristocracy.

      Tak tent – wi still maun ca, “The Establishment”, A KINGDOM. And have Unionist parties all headed by the products of the same system – rich – private prep school – Eton/Harrow, – Cambridge – Politics.

    121. Tom Platt says:

      I haven’t been a member of the LibDems for a few years now…after providing about half a century of support if the more honourable “Liberal” days are included. The likes of Nick Clegg has let them down badly. Why anyone in Scotland should vote for them, or any of the other Westminster based parties after the contemptuous shenanigans with “The Vow”, has yet to be understood by me. The cynical, hypocritical Westminster parties need to be wiped off the electoral map of Scotland IMO. Holyrood and Holyrood-centric parties are all the we need.

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