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If we could turn back time

Posted on June 08, 2015 by

The Daily Record’s conscience is evidently still bothering it.


Having sold Scotland a pup back in September, the paper has spent much of the time since then frantically trying to present itself as the doughty and fearless champion of home rule. But it’s hard to see what it’s getting itself so worked up about.

The Record seemed to get nervous almost immediately after the No vote, with not one but two front covers demanding that the thing the paper had told us was a solemn and binding commitment from all three UK party leaders not be abandoned.



Today’s edition has a front cover and a whole eight-page supplement once again demanding that “The Vow” be upheld. Which is weird in itself, as the paper told us more than six months ago that it had already been delivered.


Indeed, the Record back in November last year insisted that it had been delivered in quite spectacular fashion, with not only major tax and welfare powers but also Holyrood’s budget being “nearly doubled”.


Of course, after a complaint to the press watchdog by this site, that claim was acknowledged to be a lie, and several months later the Record quietly printed a microscopic “correction” on page 2 (accompanied, quite coincidentally, by several pages of vicious smears against this site over several days).


It then tried frantically to build up Gordon Brown’s desperate face-saving attempt “Vow Plus” when it realised Scots actually expected something worthwhile to arrive:


And now we’re back to demands for The Vow to be upheld again. In a confused lead article by Torcuil Crichton liberally strewn with Nat-bashing (alert readers may feel those last four words are superfluous), the Record notes:

Labour and SNP issue government stealth warning amid fears sneaky Tories will renege on Smith Commission powers

The Scottish Government sent a warning to Westminster last night: Do not dare renege on The Vow.

The Nationalists and Labour will form a common front when the Scotland Bill comes before MPs tomorrow.

Both parties have submitted amendments to the Tory legislation to give more control of welfare benefits to the Scottish parliament.

They say that David Cameron’s interpretation does not go far enough to fulfil the pre-referendum Vow or the recommendations of the Smith Commission.”

We’re not entirely sure how this alarming potential state of affairs can have come about, because last year the Record told us The Vow was “water-tight”.


But assuming it’s a real danger, what might Mr Cameron actually be “reneging” on? Clearly we need to look closely at the text of the solemn and binding agreement:

“The people of Scotland want to know that all three main parties will deliver change for Scotland.

We are agreed that:

The Scottish Parliament is permanent and extensive new powers for the Parliament will be delivered by the process and to the timetable agreed and announced by our three parties, starting on 19th September.”

We already know, from none other than Lord Smith, that the pledge of permanence is meaningless, because no UK government can bind the hands of its successor, but as the Scottish Parliament hasn’t actually BEEN disbanded we’ll let that one slide.


And “extensive new powers” is a vague phrase open to pretty much infinite degrees of interpretation, so nobody can really contest that one.

“And it is our hope that the people of Scotland will be engaged directly as each party works to improve the way we are governed in the UK in the years ahead.

We agree that the UK exists to ensure opportunity and security for all by sharing our resources equitably across all four nations to secure the defence, prosperity and welfare of every citizen.”

No actual promises there that anyone could renege on.

“And because of the continuation of the Barnett allocation for resources, and the powers of the Scottish Parliament to raise revenue, we can state categorically that the final say on how much is spent on the NHS will be a matter for the Scottish Parliament.”

As the Scottish NHS has always been independent and health spending is devolved, that’ll always be true for as long as the Scottish Parliament exists, so it can’t be reneged on either.

“We believe that the arguments that so powerfully make the case for staying together in the UK should underpin our future as a country. We will honour those principles and values not only before the referendum but after.”

That doesn’t mean anything, so you can’t renege on it.

“People want to see change. A No vote will deliver faster, safer and better change than separation.”

Well, we suppose “faster, safer and better” depends on your perspective. Faster, safer and better for who? More to the point, since independence hasn’t happened, there’s no way of measuring how fast, safe or good its changes would have been, and therefore it can never be disproved that the Scotland Bill will be faster, safer or better. So again, Mr Cameron can’t ever be held to have “reneged” on his words.

We hope we’ve helped set the Daily Record’s mind at rest. There is no danger of “The Vow” being reneged upon, because – as we pointed out extensively at the time – it was a completely meaningless piece of empty puffery in the first place.

It might be helpful, though, if the Record could make up its mind once and for all about whether it’s been delivered or not.

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    284 to “If we could turn back time”

    1. Auld Rock says:

      Really – does that load of shite have a conscience?

      Hope you had a pleasant day paddling at the seaside.

      Auld Rock

    2. frankieboy says:

      The Daily Record tells lies to Scots. Always has, always will and I claim today’s ‘No shit, Sherlock’ award.

    3. One_Scot says:

      The Daily Record sold Scotland out, they will never be forgiven.

    4. Anagach says:

      “extensive new powers” – is open to subjective interpretation. In the absence of a pre-defined set of new powers then every voter will ask themselves – are these powers what I would call “extensive” ?, I cannot imagine many coming the affirmative answer when looking at the dogs breakfast of Smith and the Scotland Bill.

    5. Helena Brown says:

      So true Stuart, this was a load of utter rubbish, trouble is it apparently worked at the time. I am sure there are a lot of people who will regret voting NO but then that seems to be the Scots way.
      The Daily Record is a joke calling itself a Newspaper, along with the Hootsman is not fit for the New Scotland.

    6. Stoker says:

      Who flung dung? OH Broony, where for art thou?

    7. Paul says:

      Just lol. Anybody else notice they’ve quietly dropped the spurious claim to being “Scotland’s champion” lately?

    8. Kennedy says:

      can they really not see that they are part of the problem?

      or are they changing their tune due to falling sales?

    9. Kennedy says:

      Dear Daily Record,

      we are onto you. we,ve always been onto you. we are onto the rest as well.

      Scotland has changed and you,ve been left behind. goodbye. have a nice retirement.


    10. Macart says:

      We’ll go with Ooft!

      Neatly dissected Rev. 🙂

    11. Ian Brotherhood says:

      We all know common household cleaning products and/or foodstuffs which have been ‘new’ and ‘improved’ on an annual basis for decades – funny how they smell and taste just the same as they did forty years ago, eh?

    12. Tackety Beets says:

      GMS circa 7.15AM , Ian Murray the only Labour MP in Scotland today trying to redeam a situation.
      I’m sure even he ,IM , said the current legislation does not go far enough.

      Pardon me ,Labour , the party that offerred the least to the SMITH Commision says “The current version offerred does not go far enough”

      I need to listen again on the AYE Player.

      Maybe someone can post a link , I’m at work so only got a few mins

    13. Cranachan says:

      The Record is being buried in a hole it dug itself. The recent job losses are partly the result of the paper’s refusal to admit the Vow was a worthless stunt. It misled its own readers during and after the referendum. A two faced anti-Scottish rag.

      If you think the behaviour of the Record was bad then you should read George Ponsonby’s book ‘London Calling’ about the conduct of the BBC during the referendum. Ironically I read about the book in Joan McAlpine’s column in the Record. Be warned though, you’ll need anger management classes when you read what the state broadcaster got up to.

    14. Luigi says:

      Dear Daily Record Editor, Scotland does not need you to guarantee delivery of “The Vow” (whatever that means). Scotland wants FFA and has elected 53 SNP MPs to ensure that we get it. One way or another, we will get it. It may take years of blood sweat and tears, but we will get it, or we are off. If you truly want to help Scotland, kindly piss off and stop trying to muddy the waters. We don’t need you. We don’t want your “help”.

    15. bob sinclair says:

      Interesting morning what with Murray Foote on Twitter still defending the ‘Vow’. Do these people bother talking to each other before they print this rubbish.

    16. Kenny says:

      Very good analysis! I always feel the way this site dissects the appallingly awful standards of the unionist press is like the Pope schooling a parish priest getting mixed up in his quotations “the lord is my… um…. goatherd…??….”

      “Too poor, too wee, too stupid” — are these lines about everything connected to unionism in Scotland. Think about it:

      Patronising BT lady…. The Vow…. 100 Labour MPs coming to Scotland and being met with Empire Strikes Back Music…. Daily Record…. Kezia Dugdale….. Willie Rennie…. Jackie Bird….

      Contrast this with Lesley Riddoch, Tommy Sheridan, Derek Bateman, Cat Boyd, Wings Over Scotland, Common Weal, Women for Indy, Carol Fox, Scottish Greens, Lindsay Jarrett, Jeannie Freeman……………….

    17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Hope you had a pleasant day paddling at the seaside.”

      The train was so late it wouldn’t have been worth going, so I had a walk along the river to Lidl instead. Might go this week if the sun stays out.

    18. Lollysmum says:

      Who exactly authorised Torquil to announce that Labour & SNP will work together?

      a)it should be SNP & Labour as it’s SNP that has the largest representation in Scotland & WM (in all respects Murray is tory whilst sitting in a tory govt post)
      b) Labour refuses to have anything to do with SNP in WM because they are sulking like the ‘big jessies’ they are.

      In any case, it is supposition on the author’s part.

      SNP MP’s are tweeting their offers to join forces but they are ignored so that shows us labour still are putting party interests before people.

      The labour mouthpiece & troll Torquil cannot commit SNP to doing anything in WM. He does not speak for them or its members.

      This is just another puff piece to make out that labour is doing its bit in Scotland & WM. Nothing could be further from the truth & the record knows it!

      This is the start of trying to rehabilitate labour in the eyes of the public before SE2016 as is the manipulating of the list to replace MSP’s with ex-MP’s the electorate so soundly rejected last month.

    19. chris kilby says:

      They’ve got some nerve.

      “Failure to fully deliver ALL the new powers promised to Scotland will seriously damage our circulation,” more like. Wankers.

      (Surely if “The Vow” had been delivered The Record wouldn’t have to trumpet it so loudly/desperately. It would be self-evident. Protesting too much or trying too hard? Like I said, wankers.)

    20. Wulls says:

      Torquill Chriton will go down in history as the most deluded, dithering, dipshit of an editor in the history of newspapers.
      Why people still buy it is completely beyond me.

    21. Doug Daniel says:

      “More to the point, since independence hasn’t happened, there’s no way of measuring how fast, safe or good its changes would have been, and therefore it can never be disproved that the Scotland Bill will be faster, safer or better. So again, Mr Cameron can’t ever be held to have “reneged” on his words.”

      Well, I suppose they can probably say that if the powers aren’t devolved by the 24th March 2016 – the date independence was going to happen – then the “faster” part will certainly have been reneged on. But since it’s generally recognised that the Tories want to be able to let Ruth Davidson offer tax cuts in the 2016 manifesto, it seems a pretty good bet that they’ll get the bill pushed through in time for that.

      This bill is going to be a big test for Labour, and especially Ian Murray. I’m fairly confident they’ll fail emphatically.

    22. Dr Jim says:

      I’m astonished…Johann Lamont
      The Vow HAS been delivered it truly truly has…Kezia Dugdale
      These are new and exciting powers…Willie Rennie
      Bwahahahaha…..Ruth Davidson
      The SNP should stop talking and get on with it…Annabel Goldie
      We must examine every thing and then accept it…Ian Gray
      We canny burn the fossil fuels captain…Patrick Harvie

      Sound Familiar….

    23. chris kilby says:

      What’s Gordon “The Man Who Saved The Union/Tories” Brown got to say about this? Oh, sorry. I forgot. He’s retired. Again.

    24. Dan Huil says:

      The Daily Record is a disgrace to Scotland. It is a disgusting rag on a par with the Daily Mail.

    25. Barontorc says:

      Lying through your teeth, AGAIN, Torquil. Have you no shame whatsoever?

    26. Dr Jim says:

      Independence is cheaper than FFA

      FFA is loaded with traps from Westminster

    27. Lanarkist says:

      They have changed, honest, give them another chance…art, arf!

      They have changed from Scotland’s Champion to Newspaper of the Year!

      Both lies. They were awarded the spurious title on the basis of The Vow by the self appointed committee of the Newspaper Industry themselves.

      Liars voting for best, biggest liar award!

      Who here thinks that by the end of this week Scotland will be ‘given’ any useful powers to effect a difference?

      Not a snowballs…

      Good to see broadcast media in Scotland focussing on the important issues happening this week, Clowns!

    28. chris kilby says:

      Good auld Daily Record. Still thinkin’ oor heids zip up the back. Still pishin’ oan us aw fae a great height an’ tellin’ us it’s rainin’. Still strugglin’ against the tide ae history. What a bunch ae Canutes!

    29. Tamson says:

      The paper’s political editor is a Clegg. Appropriately, the Clegg family coat of arms features two lions facing in opposite directions. Two-faced, even.

    30. chris kilby says:

      Um… I have a simple, if rather blunt question. Please forgive the crude language, but… WHO THE FUCK DOES THE DAILY RECORD THINK IT IS!?!

      (And, more to the point, who do they think they are kidding?)

    31. Calgacus says:

      Nice one Rev.Stu,

      I hope that the No voters who were duped by Brown and the Daily Record now realise the error of their ways.

      The Unionist parties only want us for our oil and tax revenues, everthing else they say is a lie.

      A Tory mp, a woman, called for Scots to be enslaved and sent abroad.That is an insight into their racist elitist.

      Vote S.N.P.The only party that puts Scotland first.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      Torquill Chrichton will go down in history as the most deluded dipshit of an editor in the history of newspapers.

      That award is already earmarked for Michael White.

      I wonder what unimaginative spin the Record will put on the next element of its ‘unstinting’ campaign in support of more gobbledygook for Scotland.

    33. G H Graham says:

      The Daily Record, suffering from a chronic collapse in print copy sales, is desperately now trying to catch on to the coat tails of the mood of the Scottish electorate.

      Between 2010 & 2015, it’s print copy sales have fallen from 324k per day to 204k per day, a massive drop of 37%.


      It’s awareness of it’s own vulnerability is as obvious as the lies printed on its front pages.

      But making up stuff it knows to be untrue is only one feature of this 3rd rate tabloid. It even has a track record of allegedly stealing other journalists work.


      The Daily Record then is a legend in its own mind. But for the pitiful staff who have to grind they way through M8 traffic to man the phones there, I would smugly rejoice if it announced its closure tomorrow.

    34. No no no...Yes says:

      The people of Scotland have been taken for granted by the Daily Record for years and years, and the referendum finally exposed them as Labour Party ultra unionists capable of great deceit. The Record wanted us to vote NO and then vote for rUK Labour for ever and ever. They really did!

      The Record was hoist on its own petard and is struggling to stem the further decline in sales. I know folk that buy it for the horses and football and laugh at their political coverage.

      It is staggeringly obvious that the Scotland Bill is deliberately lacking in many areas. It is so serious that the Record is worried about the future of the Union with a front page splash.For once, they are right, but it is too late.

      Cameron is trying to suffocate further devolution, contain the SNP surge and go against the desire of NO voters. Fluffy Mundell is being controlled remotely from No.10 and Ruth Davidson is seeking UK level Tory “Maggie-fication” so Cameron has two very vocal puppets, but they will fail.

      Cameron doesn’t care about Scotland or our concerns for our fellow citizens and already has one hand on the exit door. When things get tough on Europe and the economy, he has a ready made excuse to leave under the guise of getting a new leader embedded for GE2020.

      In the meantime Scotland will suffer and the desire for a final indyref will be unstoppable, including sufficient numbers from the 55% NO voters.

      One final point, how the heck will BBCScotland News be able to skip the key debating points about the content of the Scotland Bill?

    35. Stoker says:

      The best response to the DR and Tory Quill is well within our capabilities – demonise and expose them at every opportunity.

      No more LibLabCons – vote them out.

    36. Mosstrooper says:

      OT Can any of you computer folks download Nicola’s appearance on the Jon Stewart Daily Show and post it so it can be accessed by Dinosaurs like me? Please. If you can thank you in advance.

    37. gordon cuthbertson says:

      With you all the way right up till you mentioned the record having a conscience

    38. galamcennalath says:

      While The Vow itself was always wooly and largely meaningless language, it was part of a wider campaign across all elements of Unionism. Collectively, they gave a clear indication about the scale and nature of the further devolution they were promising.

      Most Yes voters, and many No voters, could not have been impressed with Smith. Only hardcore BritNats, who for the most part aren’t particularly keen on devolution at all, could have believed it represented the pre vote Unionist promises!

      The current Tory proposal are even watered down Smith!

      Too damned right the Record should ashamed of their roll in all this.

    39. Macca73 says:

      What gets me about this paper is that people are still reading it!


    40. Training Day says:

      ‘Labour and the SNP issue government stealth warning..’

      Unless I’m much mistaken, Labour has one MP in Scotland, right?

      He is an uber-Britnat.

      Yet the Record presumes this clod will speak for Scotland?


    41. yesindyref2 says:

      At least the Record has an article about it, the Herald didn’t even bother, the newspaper that came out for a NO a few days before the Referendum because for 50 years it had been the voice of Home Rule for Scotland and would push vigorously for that to be delivered, but for some strange reason has gone back on that “pledge”.

      The only relevant story it has is “Tory MSP: Sturgeon should sort out mess SNP’s making of Scotland instead of eyeing up Daily Show appearance”. Well, it does have an article from David Torrance for the masochists.

      It used to be my favourite newspaper, even got it for the kids for close reading practice. Wow. Nowadays if they were that age I’d get them the Beano, it’s more valuable. More seriously I’d get them the National, it does cover today’s Westminster session with 3 articles. You seem to have to have a Facebook account to comment there though, even though I registered with the National directly 🙁

    42. rongorongo says:

      On the subject of The Daily Record, I was interested to see James Kelly’s article on a question in a Yougov poll that asked about the percentage of various newspaper readership’s that voted SNP. The big caveat here is that the data is UK-wide rather than just Scottish. Something to note is that readers of The Record/Mirror were more likely to vote SNP than the readers of any other paper.

      I’d be really interested to see a Scotland only survey of this. It would answer 3 interesting questions:
      1. The extent to which the readership of various newspapers were voting against the title’s editorial stance.
      2. Those papers which were most aligned with SNP voters.
      3. The extent to which the SNP vote was made up of people who don’t read any regular newspaper.

    43. The Rough Bounds says:

      @Stoker 12 midday.

      Torquil: Tory Quill. Clever.

    44. Graeme Doig says:


      Continued thanks. Our opponents have no come back on your quality analysis.

      Lang may yer keyboard be a weapon against the establishment.

      And cheers to all the warriors on Wings.

    45. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Dr Jim at 11.44


      FFA is a trap. SFA in fact because we would never get it despite arguing about it for a decade.
      More people are beginning to understand that independence is the simple, uncomplicated and only logical way forward

    46. Marie clark says:

      Who the hell cares what the Daily Record has to say. The infamous VOW was absolute pish at the time it was mooted. Most of us knew this, but some switherers were conned. But, The Record proclaimed that the VOW was delivered.

      Now they seem to be keeching their breeks that it does not go far enough. Well boo feckin hoo Record. You tried to con the Scots and it is now coming back to bite you on the bum. Hell mend you.

      This is all to do with their falling sales and a number of staff having to be paid off. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that most of us see through all of this garbage. The sooner the Record goes the same way as the Labour party in Scotland the better.

      Good riddence.

    47. farrochie says:

      “extensive new powers”

      In the Scotland Act 1998 there are about 16 pages of “reserved matters”.

      So a reasonable person might ask “How many reserved matters are to be transferred from Westminster to Holyrood”?

      On that bases we can make a judgement on whether Scotland has received powers that are both “extensive” and “new”.

      At the moment any reasonable person can see that the Vow has not been and will not be delivered by the Scotland Bill 2015.

    48. Luigi says:

      Doug Daniel says:

      8 June, 2015 at 11:39 am

      This bill is going to be a big test for Labour, and especially Ian Murray. I’m fairly confident they’ll fail emphatically.

      Yep, unfortunately, it’s one of the few things that you can actually rely on Labour for. They wont let us down!

    49. Rob James says:

      Lollysmum @ 11:36

      As you say, it is at the most supposition re SNP/Lab fighting the issue together. Ian Murray in the National today, came out with the usual spiel ‘the most devolved parliament in the world’, before going on to the tried and trusted SNP bad. They are not listening.

      Willie Rennie’s response was predictable and I was unable to finish reading it, otherwise I may have been inclined to attack his photograph with a pair of scissors, despite my normally relaxed, laid back temperament.

      Ian Brotherhood @ 11:25

      When you were sniffing and tasting cleaning products some years ago, you didn’t perchance hang around with spud Murphy?

    50. Grouse Beater says:

      Can any of you computer folks download Nicola’s appearance on the Jon Stewart Daily Show?

      I used to watch it regularly but on returning to Scotland discovered recent shows ‘unavailable’ outside USA. There must be a way of access. I hope Wings can find the key.

    51. heedtracker says:

      Torquill Chrichton will go down in history as the most deluded dipshit of an editor in the history of newspapers.

      Which may explain why Torquill’s now on BBC politics show live, in front of Westminster, a very heavy weight not bettertogether propagandist, y’see. No sound problems either.

      He’s saying f all anyway.

    52. Stoker says:

      @ G H Graham (11.55pm).
      Two points:

      Firstly, i notice that you never archive direct links to Unionist rags within your posts. Is there a reason why you do this? Not archiving those links is helping those rags to survive and pull in advertising revenue. You are basically helping them to promote and write their anti Scotland messages. Also, by using the archive facility you capture the original article which nobody can alter at a later date.
      Please consider archiving your links.

      Secondly, is this you?
      If so, i have to say, that is among some of the best Scottish landscape photography i’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.
      Absolutely stunning.

    53. call me dave says:

      A ‘tour de force’ there excellent work revealing the objectionable nature of the ‘Champion of Scotland’

      Sturgeons’s going to the USA but will still find the time to comment on the media and the future of Scottish broadcasting.

    54. One_Scot says:

      Is it possible to get a paper more scummier than the Daily Record.

    55. gus1940 says:

      Let us not forget the part our pals at PQ played in selling The Vow to the more gullible in the electorate when Jackie Bird explicitly stated that The Vow amounted to Devo Max – no ifs, no buts and she had, if I recall correctly, Flipper Darling leader of BT sitting beside her nodding in agreement.

      For some reason both politicians and media have abandoned the term Devo Max and replaced it by FFA and to a lesser extent FFR.

      However, one thing remains true and agreed by all parties and thst is that whatever of the three terms is used they all mean exactly the same namely ‘100% of Scottish Taxes raised and retained by Holyrood except for an agreed sum remitted to WM to cover Foreign Affairs and Defence’.

    56. paul gerard mccormack says:

      journalism and the stuff it is printed on –

      Anyone for chips!?

      Oh, you’ve have had yer chips then?

    57. Petra says:

      Torcuil, the Daily Records Man at Westminster, political mouthpiece of the Daily Liar is at Westminster right now and being interviewed by Jo Coburn – Daily Politics. I missed the first part of the interview so don’t know what guff he was spouting. The Vow? The last part related to discussing the Tories and the EU.

      What was very interesting and *brilliant* (for a much needed change) was that the person at his side Beth something or other was praising the SNP Westminster MPs to high heaven … organised .. not just representing Scots but the UK in general on immigration, EU and so on … the real opposition party to the Tories. Torcuil actually nodded his head in agreement!!

      Michelle Thomson is on the programme now and I’m sure Stewart Hosie was on earlier. Are they beginning to take us seriously?

    58. Cactus says:

      “The Daily Record ~ Scotland’s Champignon”


    59. yesindyref2 says:

      @Rob James
      Ian Murray “the most devolved parliament in the world”, those are the eaxct same words Cameron used back in January. Labour really are still Tories, quoting their leader Cameron.

    60. Effijy says:

      Got to Laugh at the Daily Rancid:
      The Nasty Nationalist 56, Oh and that one wee Labour guy who got in with a smear campaign backed up with false promise have formed a “team”?

      He will vote for Trident and anything else that Westminster
      Labour tell him to, or his gravy train joins the rest of their lot in the scrap yard.

      They Vow adopted the UK manufacturers who often boast about not having a price increase, but fail to mention that a large part of the product has been removed from the package.

      “Your new improved package”
      It’s easier to carry now that they have taken out half the contents.
      The last accurate report I ever read in the Rancid came from their Angus Ogg cartoon in the 70’s.

      Mr Foot should start using his Full name: Mr Foot N Mouth.

    61. awizgonny says:

      With all but one of the UK party leaders involved in the No campaign gone – the Libdems and Labour don’t even have a leader as such – plus Lament, Skeletor, Broon, and Dourling signally absent from the debate, there remains only Cameron answerable for the bullshit that they all promised.

      If the Vow meant nothing then, it means even less than nothing now.

    62. Bob Mack says:

      The Daily Record used go be a great paper.
      Combined with firelighters, it could ignite your log burner first time !

    63. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m looking forward to the amendment stage of this bill. Then we will see just how happy Mundell is to have his feet held to the fire. There are people amongst the Tories and Labour that are making noises that sound like they might be amenable to additional powers particularly in relation to welfare but we shall see. Mundell and Rennie I am not so sure want to see as much as is being offered by the bill much less enhance it.

    64. sandycraig says:

      @ macca73 at12.16
      A lot of people I know buy the Record for the sports coverage and nothing else, and then they complain that it is always a lot of crap as well. Stupid or what!

    65. Robert Kerr says:

      I no longer need the DR.

      The Gordon Setter I bought after the referendum is now house trained!

    66. Alastair says:

      For those who like blood sports.
      Mundell faces the 65 this afternoon from 2.30.
      Sir David Amess then put the adjournment – Inward Investment in Scotland. Thats right who?
      I hope the 56 walk out rather than give the Tory toffee his meddling say.

      And another thing – pissed off with so many from all sides saying our MP’s are from the Scottish Nationalist Party.
      I suggest until it stops the 56 call the Hon Members of the Labourist Party, Liberalist Party and Consrevitivist Party. Small point but its a matter of respect.
      And rather than the pomposity of the implied ‘French” Mun- dell.
      Like Rid-dell to a Scotsman is Riddell as in Jimmy Riddell as fiddle piddle.
      So Mun-dell is Mundell as in bundle .
      It could be a great wind up.

    67. Patrick Roden says:

      Remember folks, the Daily Redcoat is lying to its own readers and that is never a good idea.

      They are reduced to constantly giving away free copies or cheap copies to keep their sales up, but the figures quoted in an earlier comment shows this isn’t working.

      They know full well that as Labour in Scotland’s brand of smear and lie politics, have made them toxic, and so the Daily Redcoats support of Labour has meant they have also become toxic.

      FAO Toxic Chrighton,

      your smear and lie brand of journalism isn’t welcome in Scotland…Go Away!!!

    68. tartanarse says:

      Wulls at 11.37

      It has pictures. And is still talking of Rangers in “big team” terms.
      And horse stuff. And free stuff.

      Pile of shit. Dwindling sales. Can’t wait till it goes under.

    69. John says:

      Dear Editor of the National

      If I want to read Ian Murray’s absolute pish, I have the BBC:

    70. galamcennalath says:

      Alastair says:
      “And another thing – pissed off with so many from all sides saying our MP’s are from the Scottish Nationalist Party”

      It’s a disgrace, but as always it can be quite difficult to know whether it’s ignorance, arrogance, stupidity or malicious. Or, indeed any combination thereof,

      It is a technique intentionally deployed, usually by posh folks. Belittle someone or something by intentionally misnaming. The idea is to give the impression that what something/someone is called doesn’t need to be accurately remembered because it doesn’t matter.

      I have no doubt, this is the pathetic antic many Unionists lower themselves to.

    71. Tinto Chiel says:

      These Australian chappies have just summed up your forensic dismantling of The Record’s chicanery, Rev.


    72. karmanaut says:

      The Daily Record is to Unionists what one of those plastic ball pits is to little kids. It’s amusing to watch them play in it, but it doesn’t really have any serious grown up purpose.

    73. G H Graham says:


      The website & every images on it, is indeed all my own work.

      So, thank you for the compliment.

      I’ve been battling Lyme disease since Oct/Nov 2013 when I was bitten by a deer tick in Tennessee. Consequently, this cyclist, mountaineer & photographer is effectively disabled.

      The pathogens from the primary & co-infections have attacked my central nervous system, so perhaps you’ll forgive me when sometimes, I just can’t be arsed, posting links using

      I’m grateful for the energy to even read & write but I’ll try harder next time.


    74. Dal Riata says:

      On the 20th of January, 2015 George Osborne said:

      “There is going to be a lot of hard negotiation on things like the fiscal framework and I think it would be very unfair to the whole UK if we had a chancellor of the exchequer who was beholden on Scottish nationalist votes in the next parliament.

      “I’m sure we’re going to have to take further steps in the budget, but we can only do because we’re a United Kingdom and we pool our risks.

      Of course we wouldn’t allow Scotland to go bust, but in order for that situation not to arise we would have to agree fiscal rules, independently verified, to make sure that doesn’t happen.” (all bolds mine)

      “unfair [to be] beholden on Scottish nationalist votes”

      Aww, come on now George, you and your Better Together mobsters said we Scots should lead the way and that we were really, really, really better together… Tsk! I’m disappointed in you George.

      “We’re a United Kingdom and we pool our risks.”

      And you strip Scotland of its resources and taxes to fund your London-based ‘world-leading’ financial institutions, don’t you George?! What’s that? Sorry, I can’t hear you…?

      “Of course we wouldn’t allow Scotland to go bust”

      “we”, George? As in England, is it? Come, come, better together and all that, George. And you promised it would be so…

    75. gillie says:

      “HoC Library says entrenchment clauses in Scot Bill “declaratory, and could be reversed by a future Parliament”. Smith less than promised, ” – George Kerevan, SNP MP.

    76. call me dave says:

      @G H Graham

      Great talent to produce work like that. I enjoyed the gallery very much. All the best for the future.

    77. Jack Murphy says:

      Scotland Bill we’re talking about will have it’s Second Reading on this link from the Westminster Commons following Oral Questions[2:30pm].
      I’m guessing oor very own Secretary of State for Scotland,David Mundle will begin proceedings,followed by the solitary Labour MP in Scotland,Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Mr Murray.

    78. Stoker says:

      @ G H Graham.
      Sorry to hear that, sincerely wishing you all the very best.

    79. call me dave says:

      I think the Scotland Bill comes up at 16:15hrs

      Try this if you wish for live coverage now.
      Defence questions.

    80. Paula Rose says:

      @ G H Graham – Another fan of your lovely photos xx

    81. Fred says:

      Superb pic’s GHG, hingin wi atmosphere. Ticks are an increasing problem apparently exacerbated by taking sheep off the hills as these mop the ticks up and are cleared at dipping time. Folk going to the hills should be aware of the dangers, carry appropriate kit & wear sensible gear. Deer keds also seem to be on the increase but unsure of any side-effects from ked bites. Thanks for the pic’s.

    82. Paula Rose says:

      (link to lovely pics at 12:38)

    83. heedtracker says:

      There is no danger of “The Vow” being reneged upon, because – as we pointed out extensively at the time – it was a completely meaningless piece of empty puffery in the first place.

      Try watching BBC daily politics show today with the nice BBC lady doing her sneering best to say the exact opposite to Stewart Hosie.

      She did her usual sneery colonial English governer act with silly native types and on Hosie’s left sat a slow eyed Tory boy who just kept saying, ” now SNP have to show us what they’ll actually do with THE VOW delivered” over and over.

      Their big thing is why dont you want FFA now, when you wanted FFA within 18 months of YES win.

      Meanwhile, in Scotland’s neighbour that’s not run by tory boy England, another 500+million quid North Sea oil contract kicks off.

    84. TheItalianJob says:


      Sorry to hear about your Lymes disease. My daughter was also bitten by a deer tick in the U.S. when she was twelve. My wife knew about the consequences and we had her treated quickly and thank goodness no infection.

      Thanks for your posts I enjoy them very much.

      I also had the pleasure in viewing your photo website posted by Stoker. Very beautiful.

      I hope you recover from your illness.

    85. Fred says:

      If the Secretary of State for Scotland is a joke, surely the Shadow SSFS is a ludicrous title and held, as it is, by a party with one Scottish MP.

      “The Shadda” was on the wirleless this morning spouting about Scottish education going backwards for eight years and ditto for public sector house building.

    86. Jack Murphy says:

      Thanks call me dave at 2:37pm correcting me re the timing of the Scotland Bill Debate.
      I didn’t know Questions lasted so long. 🙁

    87. dakk says:

      North Britain’s champion is just trying jump on the bandwagon and trying to create a story for itself that it is at the helm of fighting for Scotland’s interests.

      Thanks to Wings,increasing numbers of people will see them for what they are,and their treachery exposed.

      Desperate wee Torchuil and co have a rapidly diminishing influence so have to shout louder and evermore garishly to feel relevant.

    88. call me dave says:

      Defence questions all very civilised, nothing much to worry the country about so far…Oh wait! the boss has taken over.

      Surely someone will bowl a Chinaman now?

    89. Petra says:

      The UK Labour Party’s Scottish Branch Office theme tune.

      ‘1984’ should read as ‘2014 / 15’.

      @ G H Graham – thanks so much for the beautiful images G H and so sorry to hear that you are suffering from ill health. All of my best wishes for the future.

    90. Desimond says:

      This is a disgrace!

      Thats 2 weeks in a row that poor Kezia Dugdale has made a speech and its been totally kicked into the gutter come the morning papers. Poor wee lamb.

      Is big Blair and wee JohnTer still employed by Skittish Labour Leaders HQ and making those Tuckering calls to Record HQ…lets hope her little flame isnt dying in the post Murphy wind.

    91. galamcennalath says:

      Dal Riata says:
      On the 20th of January, 2015 George Osborne said:
      “….. I think it would be very unfair to the whole UK if we had a chancellor of the exchequer who was beholden on Scottish nationalist votes in the next parliament.”

      And here we are with a chancellor totally beholden on the English nationalist votes of Osborne and his Tory chums.

      Yes, George, you were right, it is “very unfair”!

      Of course they would never see it in those terms. The GE election proved that if you are looking for raw nationalism in these isles, the Tory party is a good place to begin!

    92. Graeme Doig says:

      G H Graham

      Superb work. Hope you make a few bob from todays links 😉

      All the best.

    93. jackie g says:


      After a meeting wih George Osbourne on Friday last week,John Swinney has managed to get the budget cut for Scotland down from £176.8m to £107m.

      Its still bad but much better than what was estimated last week.

    94. tombee says:

      The so called VOW was never ever anything but a concoction of Gordon Brown ‘ corrupt imagination, promoted by this rag of an editorial, where the three leaders were provided with a mirage to entice the weak willed to vote without damage to their consciouns, against their very own country becoming independent.
      It worked and now we see exactly what was on offer. Absolutely as little as they could possible get away from delivering, that which Brown said would be delivered,
      “Full fiscal autonomy or Home Rule”. As he put it repeatedly when asked on interview. He was duped, by the three ‘amigos’. The 55% were duped and the entire Scottish people were deceived and lied to.
      Whatever is delivered now, will be because the electorate in Scotland sent 56 MPS to Westminster. To fight for the best deal that can possibly be achieved. They have a hard task, but no doubt will do their level best.
      How different it could have all been, if this abomination of a news paper, had supported without prejudice, the best possible argument without bias to either side. It didn’t it has blame to shoulder.
      To see those smug Tories slaver all their tosh about deliverance of the VOW. Serves only to strengthen the cause to get them off our backs.

    95. Luigi says:

      jackie g says:

      8 June, 2015 at 3:26 pm


      After a meeting wih George Osbourne on Friday last week,John Swinney has managed to get the budget cut for Scotland down from £176.8m to £107m.

      Its still bad but much better than what was estimated last week.

      Indeed – if Swinney has achieved this, then it should be publicised. Not great but a hell of a lot better than it could have been without 56 SNP MPs. Will the DR highlight it? Yes, I know, so we have to do it ourselves- spread the word.

      Can you imagine if the red tories had held 30-40 HoC seats last month? Osbourne would have increased the budget cut for Scotland to £300m! No joke – people need to realise this, that the SNP are making the most of a crap hand (thanks to Labour failing utterly to inspire voters by providing a real alternative to the tories).

    96. Andy-B says:

      The London owned Daily Record is as insignificant as the hollow “Vow” it promoted.

      Surely the sales of the Record must be at a all time low.

      I know many folk who’ll never buy it again.

    97. Robert Kerr says:

      The easy solution to the Nationalist mis-calling is a point of order.

      Get it right or we stall the debate!

      Come on SNP you know you want to!

    98. cearc says:

      GH Graham,

      Beautiful photos.

    99. dakk says:

      GHGraham. 1.58

      Lovely images,thanks for sharing.

      Hope you’re coping with what sounds a terrible illness.

    100. heedtracker says:

      Regular BetterTogether Hootsman letter sender Dr (not a Doctor) Scott Arthur says Labour can be trusted, just blank out stuff like their historic THE VOW fraud Brown and Milliband shysted Scotland with and sure they’ll be trusted.

      “Regaining trust is the challenge Scottish Labour faces. This can only be done by focusing on its core values, not rewriting its constitution in the hope that it will silence its most intransigent critics.”

      Dr Scott and his NOT SLabour Labour chums should carry one of these

    101. BrianW says:

      When is a Vow not a Vow?

      When it’s a Daily Record “Scotland’s Champion” Vow – soon to be paper bed for some freshly fried chips.

    102. Edward says:

      I see first the Daily Heil attempt at making things up by a story about Nicola Sturgeon appearing on John Stewarts the Daily Show, in which the Daily Heil appears to have photo shopped the word Comedian under a picture of Nicola Sturgeon and making out that the Americans don’t know who she is.

      But this idiotic story has been carried over to the Herald

      Strangely when you actually go to the Daily Show’s website, it clearly states ‘Politician’ and has a small bio

      In the Herald article Alex Johnstone has a pop at Nicola for having the gall of appearing and promoting Scotland in the US

    103. Luigi says:

      Edward: 8 June, 2015 at 3:53 pm

      Aye, they certainly don’t like it at all when the FM of Scotland appears statesman-like, on the international scene. Can you imagine of our Nicola ever appeared with Angela Merkel or Hilary Clinton? The unionists and their MSM biddies would be apoplectic.

    104. Jammach says:

      I have a VPN subscription that lets me pretend I’m in America for Netflix and Logo TV. If I can ‘grab’ the Nicola Sturgeon interview then, I’ll let you know !


    105. Valerie says:

      Alex Salmond telling Fluffy that the Record contains an excellent 8 page supplement saying that the Bill does not meet the Vow. Happening on Parliament channel now at 16.14

    106. Nicol J Craig says:

      Very good article rev. I read an independent polling article the other day that said many yes voters thought the ‘vow’ had a significant impact/swing on the result, and when asked the same question to no voters, most thought the impact was negligible.

      But that’s not the narrative that’s trying to be sold. By either side.

      But yes you’re correct, the whole affair was a piece of theatre.

    107. Robert Peffers says:

      Here’s a thought, what if the Record, Scotsman and Daily Mail got together as a single paper named, “The Daily Mail of the Record Scotsman”,. Then they could be, “Better Together”, together.

    108. galamcennalath says:

      Just notice the DR use the words “your Union” in their government warning.

      I know it’s just a play on words, but that implies a degree of dis ownership of the Union!

      ‘Proper’ DR speak would be “the Union” or even a stronger “our Union”, no …. it’s “your”, not the DR’s but the WM government’s.

      I’m probably reading too much into the rag’s language!

    109. Kevin Evans says:

      These morons at the DR and the morons at the BBC and the crooks in Westminster still don’t get. Lies, conspiring, smear and misdirection doesn’t work any longer and the more they try there dirty tricks the more people walk away from there crap.

      Daily record sales down. BBC licence fee down. Unionist MPs in Westminster down.

      Insanity is continuing to make the same mistakes expecting a different outcome.

    110. galamcennalath says:

      @Robert Peffers


      Or perhaps the Parcel of Rogues Gazette?

    111. gillie says:

      Mundell mumbling and stumbling in the HoC.

    112. Thepnr says:

      Rethe appearance of Nicola on The Daily Show, you will be able to watch it live here (or record if you have the means):

      Note that the program starts at 04:00 tomorrow morning so get up early or go to bed late 🙂

    113. Fred says:

      Disappointing article by Carolyn Leckie in the National, she refused to sign the online petition anent sectarian demo’s in George Square and informs us that “The Ludge” are reaching out to end this curse. This “Woman” should have been at the Green last week where shoppers at the Barras (including Fred) were routinely called Fenian Bastards by the passing inebriated brethren.
      She fails to mention the disruption and loss of business to restaurants adjoining the square but then the “Real World” is not really Carolyn’s forte.
      Time to send sectarian demonstrations out to Strathclyde Park where they can march round the loch & guard old Derry’s Walls till the cows come home & gie’s aw peace. Good motorway access and nae pubs, so ideal really.

      Todays letters page in the National has a large photo of a post-box bearing the English crown & ER II thereon. You might think that this throbbing organ could send the office junior down to Sauchiehall Street and take a pic’ of the real thing with their mobile phone?

    114. gillie says:

      Shambolic performance from Mundell, way past his pay grade.

    115. heedtracker says:

      Quick recap on why we should all trust Labour not SLabour again,

      The trustworthy Labour campaign double whammy style

      Neo fascist teamGB

      We’ll put guards on Scottish border: Ed Miliband reveals incendiary plan as Yes camp leads for first time in shock new poll

      and not so neo fascist

      Gordon Brown is right: federalism is on its way if the Scots shun independence
      Martin Kettle

      If Scotland votes no, there will be even more of that. As Brown himself wrote, verblessly, in the Guardian this week: “Westminster’s claim to undivided authority over the country? Dead and buried.” It’s a striking admission. The upshot, after a no vote, he argued, could be “a system of government as close to federalism as you can have in a nation where one part forms 85% of the population.”

      Maybe Dr Scott Thinks could write one his letters explainerising why anyone could trust Labour again, on the Doc’s good paper too.

      Or, why red and blue tory unionists are such similar fraudsters.

      by Dr Scott Thinks

    116. gillie says:

      Waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle,waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle.

    117. Edward says:

      Watching ‘Scotland Bill’ debate on BBC Parliament channel
      Fluffy trying to justify his existence and failing big time

      Why oh why with 56 MP’s cant the SNP ramp up the pressure

      Also a Tory MP stands up and asks why Scot’s don’t show some trust
      You really couldn’t make this shit up

    118. Bob Mack says:

      Loved the “newbie” Tory lady who feels there should be more trust.—-Idiot.

    119. call me dave says:

      She’s new to politics…naive… 🙂

      Mundell struggling on though…insisting three times now that a veto is not a veto. He’s not naive.

      Oh dear Air passenger duty in Northern England.

    120. Alistair says:

      Carmichael in the HOC . Looks like he won’t be resigning..

    121. Petra says:

      Westminster: Alex Salmond mentions the Daily Record vow etc. The speaker then refers to Alex Salmond as a person with ‘a cheeky, chappy countenance’ and Mundell responds with ”Mr Speaker I’m afraid there’s a lot of cheek to come”.

      CHEEK! The Scotland Bill being debated. God give me strength and people like Mundell enlightenment.

    122. msean says:

      Why are MPs for English seats getting all the questions here? English constituents don’t have ferries to islands etc to pay for. Perilous under Unionist administration. Thanks NO voters.

    123. Ken500 says:

      Tax revenues raised in Scotland £54Billion (plus corp tax etc paid through London HQ’s) Total spent in Scotland, £54Billion. £35Billion Block Grant, £15Billion (UK) Pensions/Benefits, £4Billion Defence.

      Total taxes raised in the UK £466Billion.

      Total taxes raised in the rest of the UK £412Billion plus £90Billion borrowed and spent

      Scotland could raise £10Billion more a year by cutting Trident/illegal wars, a tax on ‘loss leading’ drink, tax evasion and banking fraud. Investing in Oil on the West coast, building turbines, supply boats, frigates and liners on the Clyde.

      Westminster has been (secretly) taking £10Billion a year out of Scotland. Thatcher (secretly) took all the Oil revenues and Labour kept the McCrone Report secret for thirty years. Westminster is a farce.

      In five years the demographics will change. A new generation is born every minute. Scotland will vote for Independence.

      Mundell is a disgrace.

    124. Ken500 says:

      Ian Murray, Mundell. Curran – puke

    125. call me dave says:

      SoS Mundell given faint praise as the correct man for the job by the Shadow SoS Edinburgh MP I Murray, in relation both being lone rangers in their respective Scottish party. 🙂

      He does waffle on a bit though. 🙁

    126. msean says:

      Greivance & blame,we voted no for a generation, SNPbad ,same old story. Seems nothing has been learned.

    127. Edward says:

      Ian Murray just stated that Holyrood would be the most powerful devolved parliament on Earth
      Parroting Fluffy’s most powerful parliament in the World

      Its strange that they keep coming out with this guff

      Its about time the SNP started providing comparisons with Canadian Provinces and German Lande and show that Scotland would not be the ‘most powerful’ in anything!

      Take Canadian provinces as an example, they have overall power over all their resources including Oil and gas.

      Giving Scotland only HALF of VAT revenue is idiotic, as is the excuse for just giving Scotland only HALF. According to Fluffy its because VAT rates cannot be varied within a EU member state. (that is the reason the idiot came out with)

    128. call me dave says:

      Little support for Mundell from the tory MPs darn sarf, where are they all?

      Salmond asking Murray for any new labour policy(s) relating to the Smith proposals.

    129. Ken500 says:

      Ian Murray is a disgrace. A liar.

      Unionists Party are just a disgrace. Another wipe out.

    130. John says:

      Currently watching Establishment flunky Ian Murray on Steam coming out of my ears…

    131. msean says:

      Lot of chuntering here,more ‘ye canny dae it ‘ type stuff.

    132. Valerie says:

      Pretty clear the English Labour MPs have been primed to be attack dogs when Ian Murray is on his feet.

      Can’t imagine there will ever be an alliance with Labour going by the vitriol.

      Good plain speaking intervention by Tommy Sheppard, he is a real asset.

      How many times will Murray say ‘chunter’?

      At fred, agree with you about the Leckie article in the National in support of Orangeism. We need to be more welcoming to sectarian groups.

      What about a Klanfest in the Square?

      Very disappointing she has written a justification.

    133. Ken500 says:

      Chuntering Murray. Chunt

    134. ronnie anderson says:

      There,s a Chanty Rassler at the Dispatch Box, gonny wear oot Chunterer, the meaning of whitch might get lost in Translation.

    135. Ken500 says:

      Bernard Jenkin Con Harwich and North Essex Liar

      Scottish Deficit £10Billion? (lie) Half Scottish Healthcare budget. Scottish Healthcare budget £12Billion. He doesn’t even what the Scottish Healthcare budget is. ‘Playing with words’ People don’t like, i.e. Lying politician. Trust a Tory politician. Never.

      The lie now circling Westminster. SNP doesn’t want fiscal autonomy. Keep it coming. Another Referendum soon.

    136. Edward says:

      The SNP should push for Full Fiscal Autonomy , meaning complete and total control of ALL of Scotland’s revenues including the revenues form all onshore and offshore resources.

      To include 100% VAT revenues and in return Scotland can make a contribution towards foreign affairs and defence

      It should be noted that the claim being made on the IFS’s so called black hole was an error by the IFS as it did not include any VAT revenues

    137. Ken500 says:

      Who’s the bored guy in fancy dress?

    138. John H. says:

      It appears that the O/O have had their day in the sun after all. A friend who lives in Glasgow city centre has told me that between 1pm. and 4pm. yesterday the city centre was stiff with O/O bands and their supporters from all over Britain.

      In High Street they blocked all movement of traffic for part of the afternoon because they had bands marching on both sides of the street simultaneously. Motorists complained to the police who were present, but it seems that they were powerless to do anything about it. The pavements were clogged with followers, many of them drunk.

      Whenever local shopkeepers have warning of an O/O march through the area, they close for the afternoon to avoid trouble. One local shopkeeper for example, has had drunken O/O followers come in to his shop and steal eggs to throw at people outside.

      This has happened for years now and will probably continue every weekend until the marching season is over. The loss of income to local shops must be enormous, and I cannot understand why GCC don’t stop it.

    139. call me dave says:


      Bored Guy!

      I believe he may be the Sergeant at Arms seat 25. See a couple of threads back.

      Angus doing well!

    140. bookie from hell says:

      Why are SNP scared of FFA?

      getting roasted H.O.C

    141. Roll_On_2016 says:

      OT – WTF

      5 hours ago:

      212 Jobs created at Jabil in Livingston

      The world’s third biggest electronics manufacturing services provider has 147 jobs in Livingston.

      The £12.5m expansion, with extra 212 jobs, was announced following a visit by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to the company’s headquarters in New York.

      Ms Sturgeon said this fitted with recent successes in attracting inward investment to Scotland from the USA.

      1 hour ago:

      UK government revises Scottish budget cut from £176.8m to £107m

      Treasury sources said last week that the Scottish government could lose £176.8m but the most up-to-date figures show the reduction will be £107m.

      Scotland’s Finance Minister John Swinney welcomed the news but said there was “more work to do”.

      The updated figures were released ahead of a meeting between Mr Swinney and Mr Osborne in London on Monday.

      The Treasury said the cut to the 2015/16 Scottish budget was the consequence of £3bn savings being made to UK departmental budgets.

      Mr Osborne believed the move was necessary to tackle UK debt “as quickly as possible”.

      Considering that Georgie Boy hasn’t met any of his economic targets in the last 5 years of government is there any chance he will meet them in the next 5 years. But it does appear the 56 have had a marked affect on this sh*t government.

    142. scotspine says:

      Just listened to some BBC reporter (female – didn’t catch her name) on the wireless having a go at Mr Swinney over the meeting he had with Mundell.

      Mundell was interviewed just before and pretty much said tuff, like it or lump it.

      Mr Swinney was then asserting that 50% of Scots voted for less austerity and the BBC reporter said sneeringly “Scotland isn’t independent though, we are still part of the UK”.

      So essentially, what she meant was, it doesn’t matter what you or I vote for in Scotland, Westminster will always run roughshod over us.

      Still Proud there No voters?

      I can’t believe a Scots person can have an attitude like that. (I can really, like the rest of you, this kind of shit just doesn’t cease to wind me up and make me sad at the same time)

      As an addendum, the reporter also suggested that the reduction in cuts to the Scottish Budget from 170 million to 107 million was good news…… Just like it would be good news to just lose your right hand instead of your whole arm, eh?

    143. woosie says:

      I assume that the admirable Crichton caught wind of his name up for Daily Reword redundancies and is now trying to increase sales to yessers.

      Right to Buy killed that rag off; when we rented our house, we got it every day, but since we moved on to the property ladder, Mrs Woosie absolutely insists on Andrex!

      Back to the bleeding obvious, I, and many others, posted on WOS that the vow couldn’t be broken, as it didn’t say anything quantifiable. The only real aspect to the vow was the parchment it was written on.

      Wasn’t it?

    144. Dal Riata says:

      From today’s Daily Record 8-page special:

      Record View:

      “We – the people of Scotland – cannot allow Westminster to wriggle out of their obligation to deliver the Smith Commission proposals in word and spirit.”

      You, The Daily Record, are not “the people of Scotland”, anything but indeed. You, The Daily Record, are the people of the Union. You were a very willing participant of Better Together and their Project Fear manifesto. You and your fake “Vow” are guilty of lies and deception. You and your Better Together mobster friends cheated us Scots out of our rightful independence. May your end come quickly but painfully. A pox on your house of ill repute.

    145. Brian S says:

      Angus Robertson is playing a blinder!!

    146. call me dave says:

      Well done Angus Robertson!

      Now that’s what we want to hear. Loved the part when he rplaced the name Scotland for England. That didn’t sound so good if you were a citizen in England. Mundell wasn’t too pleased by the look on his face.

    147. Craig says:

      I really am beyond disgusted and angry, I can’t even bring myself to cry in frustration

      I simply have no words except to say, I really those who voted NO on the basis of this Daily Rags “VOW” and remember all those fuckin headlines proclaiming “It’s Delivered” and now seeing that this shite of a rag is DEMANDING that this VOW is delivered

      My heart is breaking for this country, fuckin Scottish cringe indeed, I am so ashamed after seeing these headlines today.

      It will be interesting if this will be reported on Scotland Tonight and see if John MacKay asks the idiots in charge of the Daily Rag

      “Why are you doing a national campaign demanding that David Cameron delivers exstentive powers to teh Scottish Parliament when you already said that the VOW was delivered?”.

      If they reply with waffle, I would then say “So you lied to your readers then?”.

      I want to see those bastards squirm

    148. Thepnr says:

      Watching the entire reading of the Scotland Bill is fascinating stuff.

      The ignorance of many in both the Labour and Tory benches is a sight to behold. Who’d every have thought that you would see Labour back benchers heckling the SNP in support of a Tory intervention!

      Roll on 2016.

    149. call me dave says:

      Seems Georgie boy has reduced the cuts he wished to make in Scotland by £70m according to Telegraph.

    150. Flower of Scotland says:

      @bookie from hell

      Why are SNP scared of FFA

      I’m getting facebook posts from mostly English LibCons that we haven’t answered that question. I’m getting irritated!

      Robert Peffers! If you are around, kind sir, could I have a wee explanation? You are so knowledgable!

    151. Ken500 says:

      David Mowat another rambling Tory. A bunch of complete liars.

    152. msean says:

      English votes for English laws,I’m watching all these MPs for English constituencies debating The Scotland Bill 2015. BetterTogether,eh?

    153. call me dave says:

      @Flower of Scotland

      According to Angus Robertson who rebuked a few labour and tory MPs during his speech the powers for this are in the SNP amendment!

      Who do I believe…er! Robertson
      (will labour vote for the amendments ..wait and see, that’s the politics bit)

    154. Ken500 says:

      ‘Land fill Tax”

      Waste? Are they still dumping nuclear waste and weapons in Scotland. Kevan Jones Lab, North Durham is a liar.

      Alberto Costa Con

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      It was bad enough hearing the sheer ignorance of the Government Ministers and their shadows but the sheer and complete total ignorance of the back-benchers is breath taking, (and these numpties are running the UK!


    156. ian m says:

      Just a comment on Canada, here in Alberta we have the Nationwide GST at 5% but no provincial sales tax (Oil rich) whereas other provinces do.
      The other Provinces set their own rates from 5% in Sask (recent Oil) up to 10% in Nova Scotia.Some provinces have Harmonised Tax rateswhere they save money by having one collection agency and they are mostly at 5% plus 8% i.e. 13%
      We also have no problem with using our own currency, exchange rates are posted and it is problem free.In Scotland we already look out our English money if we are going South.How often do we use “real” money these days anyway.The banks and credit card companies “look after” us that way
      When the Canadian dollar is down against the US dollar it actually drives more sales activity from outside the country.
      I hope for the next referendum we go with our own currency, I think it was too big a pill to swallow at the last one.

    157. Onwards says:

      Edward says:
      8 June, 2015 at 5:22 pm

      Ian Murray just stated that Holyrood would be the most powerful devolved parliament on Earth
      Parroting Fluffy’s most powerful parliament in the World

      Its strange that they keep coming out with this guff

      Its about time the SNP started providing comparisons with Canadian Provinces and German Lande and show that Scotland would not be the ‘most powerful’ in anything!

      Take Canadian provinces as an example, they have overall power over all their resources including Oil and gas.

      Giving Scotland only HALF of VAT revenue is idiotic, as is the excuse for just giving Scotland only HALF. According to Fluffy its because VAT rates cannot be varied within a EU member state..

      There is also no good reason why National Insurance can’t be devolved, seeing as it is effectively just another tax paid into the general pot.

      And if Northern Ireland is getting corporation tax, it would be ridiculous to deny that to Scotland.

    158. call me dave says:

      Alastair Carmichael speaks in the house.

      Surely there will be pearls of wisdom on the impact of the Scotland Bill.

    159. Onwards says:

      Flower of Scotland says:
      8 June, 2015 at 6:30 pm

      @bookie from hell

      Why are SNP scared of FFA

      I’m getting facebook posts from mostly English LibCons that we haven’t answered that question. I’m getting irritated!

      They haven’t abandoned it. They want to do it in STAGES.

      Also, in reality, the Tories will never deliver FFA.
      They know that Scotland is a long term contributor to the UK, despite the current oil price.

      By only aiming for a few beneficial economic powers up front, it removes any excuses that the Tories are trying to protect Scotland from FFA.

    160. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Looks like we’re beyond FFA/FFR now,and they’re only traps anyway

      so that just leaves INDEPENDENCE!

    161. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Flower of Scotland at 6.30

      Laying aside the huge financial traps that lie in what Westminster will describe as FFA (and others can describe these much better than I)

      …..the only real FFA is independence. What is being (loosely)described as FFA is not FFA. As we will have no choice as to whether we pay for Trident, UK’s armed forces and foreign adventures and other stuff it cannot be described as FFA.
      As Scottish oil revenues are in a parcel which removes them from Scottish waters into some other description we wont get them either.
      And of course we will be able to argue about FFA and what it actually means for many years – which of course would be the plan.

      Independence is the simple, uncomplicated,immediate, logical and sensible way to take full control of Scotland’s finances.

      Everthing else is a trap and an impediment

    162. Allyballybee says:

      Never mind EVEL. It’s time we started talking about STEP: Scottish Taxes for English Projects

    163. Wuffing Dug says:

      G H Graham,

      Beautiful pictures. Absolutely superb.

      Hope you get well soon, didn’t know lyme disease could be so serious or that antidote kits exist.

      A lot of people in the hills just now, myself included, maybe we should be more aware.

      Sounds like it’s not just live stock that is the problem though.

      Anyway, the DR – the political leg holding up the unionist shit stool has been wiped out. Now for leg 2 – DR. Leg 3 bbc cringeland rim jobs.

      If the DR goes down bbc Scotland sycophants will really be keeching themselves.

      Happy days!

    164. Ken500 says:

      The SNP do want fiscal autonomy. It’s another Unionist lie. Notice Murray getting in the lie about Holyrood not spending £1/2Billion. The recycled lies from the Referendum.

      NI pop 1.8million. Raises £14Billion in tax gets £8Billion = £22Billion. Most subsidised part of UK. Unionism pays.

    165. ArtyHetty says:

      ‘As an addendum, the reporter also suggested that the reduction in cuts to the Scottish Budget from 170 million to 107 million was good news…… Just like it would be good news to just lose your right hand instead of your whole arm, eh?’

      In fact Scotspine, given the myth touted day in day out down sowf that Scotland is their subsidy junkie, I suspect most will be only too happy to hear that the budget (pocket money) is being chopped away at by osbourne.

      I do wonder what the unionists in Scotland think of the cuts to essential services, on their way as a result of this attack on Scotland’s economy, long as they are alright jack, but they won’t be.

    166. Dr Jim says:

      I’ve only got one thing to say at the moment

      Angus Robertson’s a giant “Wow”

    167. heedtracker says:

      So what have they given their Scotland region? Did Fluffy impress with his leadership and oratory talent?

      Other news

      Alistair Campbell wants cybernats to be reined in

      Campbell says he’s an ex drunkard but his preparation/release of that dodgy dossier for Bomber Bliar/Crash Gordon and the loss of life and the suffering caused by their Gulf wars, is way beyond endless horror.

      Yet here he is, attacking people he knows cant be shut up, by anyone let alone Nicola Sturgeon, with the untimely death of wealthy ex MP who drank himself to death in the Highlands, because life is so very hard and booze is cheap.

      Role on independence Alistair.

    168. ArtyHetty says:

      Ah, lighbulb moment, in fact snobsbourne ‘cutting’ back the cuts to the Scottish budget is completely planned. They do that to make people think, oh well that’s ok then, oldest trick in the book. When in reality they are ripping Scotland off massively, so this makes it seem more palatable. Lying, caniving, self seeking immoral gits.

    169. Fred says:

      @ Wuffing Dug, I don’t think there are any antidote kits for ticks, there are kits available at vets & chemists for removing ticks. Despite hillwalkers being mostly from urban areas, my local chemist for example, wasn’t at all clued up on the tick problem, I think the lassie thought I was after credit! 🙂

    170. Chic McGregor says:

      STV – Aberdeen, particularly biased tonight.

    171. Roland Smith says:

      On the subject of media Bella’s crowd fund to support it for the next year is up to 75% funded with only four days to go.

      If you have a spare pound or two please donate.

    172. Terry says:

      Wow indeed for Angus. And ha ha to the MSM saying the SNP would dump him for salmond. Just like they unsuccessfully have tried to drive a wedge between nicola and alex – pointless it would seem – as The SNP is a great team. Mind you there was never a better sight to see than Alex back in the house. Let’s hope it’s for the last time as we want the 56 marching out of that place ASAP and heading home to an Indy Scotland. What a roar there will be when that moment comes.

    173. Petra says:

      In this article Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp highlights that the UK is running a deficit of £75 billion and a debt of £1.5 trillion. He goes on to say that ‘’as black holes go, Westminster has what’s known as a “super massive”.

      Taking it that the Scots account for 9 / 10% of the UK population a 7.5 billion ‘black hole’ sounds about right and if it’s not a problem for the UK why should it be a problem for us?

    174. G H Graham says:

      Thanks to all who wrote compliments & words of encouragement.

      If not treated quickly, Lyme & the co-infections from a tick bite can quickly cause you to be physically & mentally disabled. And that is not a casual exaggeration.

      It’s worth thinking about & indeed checking for, next time you may be among the bracken, sheep & deer on the hills in Scotland.

      Meanwhile, I didn’t watch the debate in the Chambers today but having reviewed the comments above, apart from the sneering cringe from our British cousins, nothing much more of value was missed. Apart from perhaps another moment to enjoy Angus Robertson’s firm grasp of his own brief.

    175. Lollysmum says:

      You were asking recently about individual maiden speeches. It looks as though they are being posted on individual MP’s Facebook pages.

    176. Dorothy Devine says:

      G.H.Graham , what a treat your photograph gallery is and thank you stoker for leading me to it.

      I frequent many deer ridden places so I will heed your advise and check for the nasty wee beasties.

      What is the time scale for Lymes disease ? or is that a
      ” how long is a piece of string” type question?

    177. heedtracker says:

      Taking it that the Scots account for 9 / 10% of the UK population a 7.5 billion ‘black hole’ sounds about right and if it’s not a problem for the UK why should it be a problem for us?

      Britnats, unionists etc are trolling Scots with their FFA black hole for Scotland, so we’ll bottle it.

      But, for every £15 taxes and spends, £1 goes on their debt. That was on BBC r4 PM show with Eddie Maire, as they like to soft soap their hard core right wing listenership types. But even so…

      £1 goes on debt, for every £15 spent by

      They do this a lot on BBC PM show, mainly boosting tory boy world but they’re googleable academic statisticians that seem legit, not the kind of fraud the Pacific Quay creep show wheels out.


      Farage monstered HIV health tourism when he national TV debated with other party leaders just before last election. Statistician on PM show said it just doesn’t happen.

      Farage said 7000 HIV diagnosis’s in UK with 70% foreigners so kick them out, sort of neo fascist Daily Heil reprobates lap up.

      None of it was true.

    178. Croompenstein says:

      My missus said to me earlier ‘Yer no richt in the heid’. I was sitting shouting and swearing at the laptop as I watched the Red and Blue tories totally disrespect our elected MP’s.
      Two years ago I would have been happily sitting watching The Chase and not giving a monkeys about politics but here I am now watching bloody parliament TV!

      And to hear another English Tory MP with Scottish accent talking down Scotland was too much to take..

      @GH Graham – Wonderful pictures, where is that boathouse in the pic if you don’t mind me asking?

    179. Dorothy Devine says:

      Mr graham , my apologies for the crass comment my only excuse being I am watching the TT as I write.

      Having just googled Lyme disease , I am horrified by the affect such a wee beastie can have.

      I hope your recovery gathers speed and you can once again enjoy mountain climbing , cycling and life in general.

    180. K1 says:

      Lollysmum, just had a quick look through Facebook for some of the MP’s who have already given speeches, again there is a problem with some that are on you tube, when you click on them they are still ‘private’. Others are direct from the parliament tv broadcast.

      I have only found 3 or 4 so far that are not blocked, I’m trying to get a folder together with them all, you tube clips would be best for quick dissemination.

      I also note that people are aware of this in general, my partner was out and about the other day and met a neighbour who mentioned not being able to get a hold of any of the speeches too.

      Thanks for that though, all will be available through the parliament links, but it’s a drag having to troll through a hoc session to find some. I don’t know how to ‘clip’ clips from broadcast, no savvy or techie enough for that.

      I just can’t understand why those that were initially available have all become ‘private’. It’s being noticed though and not just by people on Wings. Cheers again 🙂

    181. Rock says:

      Patrick Roden,

      “They are reduced to constantly giving away free copies or cheap copies to keep their sales up”

      Their copies are bought in mass by Labour councils to be given out free.

      Council tax payers in Labour run councils are financing the Record.

    182. Robert Peffers says:

      @Flower of Scotland says: 8 June, 2015 at 6:30 pm:

      “I’m getting facebook posts from mostly English LibCons that we haven’t answered that question. I’m getting irritated!

      Robert Peffers! If you are around, kind sir, could I have a wee explanation? You are so knowledgable!”

      I think both Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson have answered that question. The SNP are not frightened of FFA or FFR. Angus & Alex both pointed out that right at the end of the paper they published it said the SNP wanted FFA. So It’s the usual Britnat deflection who seem to think if they say something often enough it will be true.

      In fact if they say it often enough it is true – but only in their own tiny addled minds.

    183. G4jeepers says:

      Emily Thornberry – picking the bill apart – bravo!

    184. Phronesis says:

      Over the past few years there has been a mass education process in Scotland- we know how economically viable a socially democratic and independent Scotland can be. The electorate in England will need to spend a bit of time catching up, but meanwhile they should reflect on voting in a government that has been elected to wreck the welfare state not reform it.

      In the name of austerity UKOK is continuing to shrink the state and social protection services causing rising numbers of citizens to turn to charitable help for the most basic of needs- very Dickensian. Trussell Trust estimates the number of citizens requiring food parcels has increased by 400% to approx 120000 in Scotland (30000 of those for children).

      In this golden age of neoliberalism and the 1%, in the UK 1 in 10 children lack essential clothing (shoes/ coats) & 1 in 20 houses can’t afford to feed their families. Many charities are now reflecting these dismal statistics in their assessment of the UK’s dreadful child poverty stats which are roughly double those of Iceland, Norway and Denmark.

      Of course if successive UKOK governments over decades had engaged in intelligent economic policies the UK might have had a sovereign wealth fund (approx. 340 billion at least) that might have given the UK financial security that all its citizens could have benefited from.

      The control of financial levers (taxation),growing the labour market, a living wage, investment in well paid jobs, strengthening universalism (health & education with less stigma and greater uptake of services) and social inclusion and cohesion,well developed anti-poverty strategies and encouraging participation of poorer communities to address their democratic deficit are key. Countries that promote social protection and active labour market policies particularly during difficult economic times have better health outcomes and have managed to close the gap and flatten the gradient of health and economic inequalities.

      These are not the aims of the government of the UKOK- but it is the message the 56. Isn’t the UKOK a mess-I do hope the SNP can sort it.

    185. Robert Peffers says:

      @msean says: 8 June, 2015 at 6:33 pm:

      “English votes for English laws,I’m watching all these MPs for English constituencies debating The Scotland Bill 2015. BetterTogether,eh?”

      Another matter of total English idiocy among Westminster numpties. The Westminster Parliament is without doubt the de facto parliament of the country of England and there are 533 members in that parliament elected as United Kingdom Parliament members but who are also unelected as such country of England Members.

      They sit in Westminster and are opposed by 117 other United Kingdom members of parliament – 59 from Scotland, 40 from Wales and 18 from N.I. That is 533-117=416, a clear majority of 416 English members that can always outvote every other country when it comes to votes on English only matters yet they are squealing like stuck pigs for English votes for English matters.

      There can be no democracy in the United Kingdom as long as Westminster remains the Parliament of England. However, it is now far too late to set up a devolved Parliament of England outwith the Establishment.

      Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!Tick! Tock!


    186. G H Graham says:


      The boat house stands on Loch Dunmore, Faskally Wood near Pitlochry.


      If you suspect you have been bitten by a tick, I suggest sending it, if possible, to IGeneX in California for a Lyme test ( as quickly as possible.

    187. Dr Jim says:

      You’ve got to laugh at Alistair Campbell with his rein in the cybernat nonsense
      A few bambots (on both sides) say a few unpleasant things to or about politicians

      When a few million were marching the streets and shouting “We would like very much if you didn’t start an illegal war please” they paid no attention to that whatsoever
      And yet when the evil forces of Nicola Sturgeon type something they don’t like their wee sensitivities are abused

      Aah Bless, there there now Mummy kiss it better

    188. Bob Mack says:

      @G H Graham,
      Fabulous pictures, and I have been to several of the sites.I live only a few miles from Pitlochry.
      Sorry to hear about your misfortune in getting lyme disease.I have had many ticks whilst walking in the hills,but guess I have just been fortunate.Still,it makes you think how you sometimes take things for granted.Hope you recover.

    189. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dorothy Devine says: 8 June, 2015 at 8:56 pm:

      “Having just googled Lyme disease , I am horrified by the affect such a wee beastie can have.”

      Just a wee word of warning, Dorothy. Those ticks are now common throughout Scotland and not just among the heather areas. Even in Lowland and Border areas and even in such as Loch Ore Country Park. Also, please do check our canine pals as they are even more in danger than we humans who at least wear footware.

      “I hope your recovery gathers speed and you can once again enjoy mountain climbing , cycling and life in general.”

      I’ll add my best wishes as well and here is a link to some information on this very nasty disease.

    190. Lollysmum says:

      Moridura (Peter Curran ) has a copuple on his YouTube channel & I know he’s been recording the debate this evening as I’ve just been watching Part 1 & now waiting for Part 2 to be posted. Angus Robertson looked to be enjoying himself greatly whilst winding up the opposition. Good stuff 🙂

      If they’ve been made private it may mean that it’s a copyright issue but could be temporary. The LSE made their film private after Nicola’s speech but then was opened up for viewing 2-3 days later. I’m assuming that formal permission has to be obtained from WM to show content filmed there.

    191. Chic McGregor says:

      @Dr Jim
      “You’ve got to laugh at Alistair Campbell with his rein in the cybernat nonsense”

      Characters like Campbell have to think shallow, because if they ever dug deep into the moral cesspit that forms their subconscious they would be straight back on the bottle.

    192. Dal Riata says:

      More from the Daily Record’s 8-page special Record View:

      “The Daily Record’s iconic Vow front page on September 16 has been the guarantor of change.”

      Really? That’s nice. So, whoever wrote it must be more than willing to come forward to take the acclaim, surely. Yet no-one has since its composition… How odd!

      “It led to the setting up of the Smith Commission and was an ever present threat to the participants that they must come up with a workable solution.”

      What “ever present threat”?

      And a Daily Record pro-Unionist speil wouldn’t be complete without…

      “But the SNP’s immediate response to the Smith process left a bad taste in the mouth.”

      What mouth would that be, your one that spouts lies and smears regularly? No wonder your mouth has got a bad taste in it.

      “The ink on John Swinney’s signature on the document was barely dry before he was condemning it as a betrayal of the Vow. It wasn’t.”

      “It wasn’t.” Really? Okay, you tell us why it wasn’t…

      “The Smith Commission report represents a substantive package of powers that would make Holyrood one of the strongest devolved parliaments in the world.”

      Is that it? A load of waffle ‘proves’ it wasn’t a betrayal of the Vow? Riiight….

    193. Grendel says:

      Todays National has a piece by ultra Unionist MP Ian Murray (WHY???) where he states at the beginning of the 4th paragraph “The Vow was delivered, but I want to go further.”
      I’m not buying the National so that Labour’s last MP in Scotland, elected by his local Conservative association, can pass off porkies to me. The National was supposed to be about ensuring that unionist porkies were challenged, not given more unchallenged publicity.

    194. Tackety Beets says:

      GH Graham , thank you for the fab pics . Really sorry to hear of your situation . I was unaware it is a global thing . Stupidly I assumed it was a UK thing.

      Morag may have more acurate info on the subject of ” Ticks”

      My understanding is that many ticks are not carriers of Lyme disease. They lie in the undergrowth awaiting CO2 sensor to be triggered to attach to a donor.
      There is a map soon to be published showing the Tick hotspots and indicating the Lyme disease % locations etc .
      I also understand that should you find one ” burrowing” on your body and if unsure how to deal with it ……
      May I suggest covering with Vaseline this makes the tick release and try to get out for air.

      I picked this tip up years ago . I appreciate there are loads o wee gadgets available these days but are they on hand when needed.

      I never wander around in shorts in these outdoor type areas , maybe cowardly.
      Any info on an antidote ?

    195. shiregirl says:

      Bob Mack says:
      8 June, 2015 at 4:49 pm
      Loved the “newbie” Tory lady who feels there should be more trust.—-Idiot.

      My thoughts exactly. Sat watching Parliament tv this evening and couldn’t believe what I was watching. What a laugh.

      What with the poor dear Bob noted above nearly greeetin’ asking for mutual trust in the house, ‘chuntering’ above Murray’s left shoulder (he said that how many times?….), Posh tory newbie number 2 giving her ‘I’m new and a single mum, so I understand’ speech and Mundell making a total ‘erse of his speech (‘ee….oh….uhm…err….’)

      And playing spot the poshest tory. Mr filibusterer himself, Rees-Mogg soon spotted.

      Great fun. Angus was a legend. Is filibusterer even a proper word or am I making it up?

    196. Daisy Walker says:

      From Daisy Walker
      Re Lymes Disease – worth watching award winning film on you tube re subject called – ‘Under Our Skins’ it not only explains the disease, and how serious it can be, but gives a clear history of how the American Health System, Patenting, lobbying, and the influence of Health Insurance Companies, etc have corrupted their system.

      Its widely accepted that Pharma companies would rather sell a product that reduces the symptoms, but does not cure – in that way you have a lifetime customer, but think about it from a Health Insurance Companies point of view – if you can lobby the lead Medical agency and prevent a new disease being acknowledged, and downgrade an existing Disease to a ‘condition’, you don’t have to pay out nearly as much, if any, in Health Care.

      Possibly our UK GP’s are aware of this, but in my experience, they tend to google like the rest of us and get linked to the ‘main’ source of info, which is…. American.

      Not that we have anything to worry about here with our NHS, and TTIP on the way… oh, wait…

    197. heedtracker says:

      If this spiv could turn back time, would he do it all again?

      Carmichael’s got more front than Selfridges lecturing SNP on caution n shit in this great family of ours.

      Just don’t even think about changing the who owns and runs it and you’ll get fat and wealthy, seats at the Lords trough for life optional, noone knows how to become a Lord Foulkes type trougher but keep your noses clean and they’ll see you alright.

    198. Luigi says:

      If anyone gets bitten by a tick, the important thing is to get it off asap. The chances of transmission of Lyme disease from an infected tick increases greatly the longer it is attached. If you get bitten by a tick and are worried about it, there is a simple blood test and the bacterial agent can be quickly dealt with by a course of antibiotics. Not all people infected go on to have problems associated with infection, but a significant number of people are vulnerable to severe chronic symptoms – apparently it can screw up your immune system if you are one of those unlucky people.

    199. FairFerfochen says:



      OR parliament TV for short

    200. davidb says:


      Parliament TV

      Margaret Ferrier 18:41:35 Patricia Gibson 19:26:37 Calum McCaig 19:40:31 Hannah Bardell 20:08:12 Kirsten Oswald 20:25:03

      Good Guys all.

    201. Effijy says:

      My wife had the BBC One Show on TV.
      Melvin Bragg spoke about the Poppy Art work that was installed around the Tower of London to represent those who gave their lives in the First World War.

      Old Melvin was moved by the number of English Lives lost???
      Great news if none of the Scots, who never came home, just got better jobs and houses over in mainland Europe.

      The wee welsh lassie never said a word as she knows her £1,000,000
      contract demands that Englandshire is the centre of the world,
      indeed everything worthwhile in the world. NOT!

    202. Dorothy Devine says:

      Mr Graham and Mr Peffers, I will save the website for future reference and will be more observant no matter where we are walking, I have only discovered one tic on my bod in my lifetime but I am aware that my dogs and now my daughters dogs have had many over the years.

      Must admit cremating them in the old Raeburn was the favoured method of revenge now I will think of preserving the biter for analysis.

      I really had no idea of the damage they could do and had completely forgotten that my other half was tested for Lymes disease about 20 years ago – some Doctor in the Royal thought that his symptoms could indicate it , happily with negative results judging by what you both have to say.

    203. Grouse Beater says:

      Is Mundell a tick on the body politic of Scotland?

      (That’s two ticks in one sentence.)

    204. Dal Riata says:

      I do try to give the misReporting Scotland ‘team’ the benefit of tge doubt, but tonight… dearie me.

      The reporter, Campbell I think it was, commenting on Sturgeon’s trip to the States: the onus being on how education and stuff was now soooo BAD in Scotland, which must be the SNP’s fault because they’ve been in power in Scotland for, like, ever and ever, so Sturgeon was going to find out how to do it right in the good ol’ US of A.

      Oh, and she’s going to be on a famous and well-known USA TV show… but although the likes of Cameron and Brown were guests in the past, Sturgeon – uniquely – would have to be careful, or something like that. What the hell was Campbell trying to insinuate?

      Then we got the right-wing, racist (allegedly), billionaire blowhard Donald Trump getting the full interview treatment. And predictably it was, the Scottish government ie SNP BAD!, Alex Salmond VERY, VERY BAD!, windfarms BAD,! Trump’s money and ‘influence’ GOOD!… FFS!

      On to sport: leading story, Sevco Rangers blah, blah, blah. The Scottish national team’s build up to Saturday’s important game? No, that comes after *the* most important Scottish sports news, Sevco Rangers blah, blah, bloody blah.

      Paranoid? Qui, moi? Mibbees aye, mibbees naw! But watching BBC Scotland’s news output certainly brings about questions of impartiality, fairness, balance and non-bias that’s for sure!

    205. Thepnr says:


      Totally agree with you, however I will always believe that the best way to build a more prosperous Scotland for the majority is to encourage the rebirth of manufacturing and production in this country.

      The dismantling of Scotland’s industry for ideological reasons in the 1980’s has proven to be a disaster for the ordinary man and woman and as a result we have higher levels of poverty and foodbanks in every town.

      An absolute disgrace, only with Independence do we have a hope of ever reversing the
      is continual decline.

    206. Fred says:

      I’m more familiar with Deer Keds than Ticks, they’re much biger and crawl up your back & bite the back of your neck, just checked online and they’re apparently blamed for myocardites & sudden death amongst orienteers in Scandinavia. How many GP’s outside the Highlands have even heard of them? I usually apply Dettol Tick & Ked bites, dunno if this works though? You have to make sure that the Tick’s head is removed from under the skin, doesn’t apply to Keds which just leave a lump.

    207. Grouse Beater says:

      Ugly sociopath littering Aberdeenshire coast with unwanted gale-blown golf courses and fat cat housing to make himself richer from bank investment says local elected representative despoiling Scotland with wind farms and only wind machine manufacturers make profits.

    208. BJ says:

      Just heard Alex Johnstone sounding like a fool talking about N. Sturgeons US visit.

      Just a fat jealous Tory trougher. He couldn’t say anything positive about her visit. Must really stick in his Tory craw that he will never be in her position or be as popular.

    209. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Edward at 5.51

      So Scotland should pay a share of Trident and illegal foreign invasions?

      That’s what you just said

    210. Like your pics GH Graham.

      It is the female, smaller than the male, tick that carries Lymes disease and even then only a few are actual carriers of the infection.

    211. neil bruce says:

      I got bitten by a tick about 4 or 5 years ago.
      Got Lymes disease which fortunately has not
      caused major problems, so far.

      Got bitten again about 2 years ago, and the
      Doctor said no problem, seems to be very random.

      Hope you get better GHG and your pics are superb
      by the way.

    212. K1 says:

      Cheers for that info re copyright etc Lollysmum, yes the Peter Curran vid’s are the one’s I have already. And I’m about to go watch the shenanigans from today, was gonnae go on parliament tv, but think I will now go on Peter’s you tube instead. Looking forward to seeing Angus’s performance, by all accounts on Wings it’s gonnae be a scorcher 🙂

    213. Chic McGregor says:

      “Totally agree with you, however I will always believe that the best way to build a more prosperous Scotland for the majority is to encourage the rebirth of manufacturing and production in this country.”

      Absolutely. Genuine wealth creation is the only moral and ultimately sensible aim.

      The Chinese takeover of the financial service ‘industry’ will be very swift and brutal when it comes – shortly.

      BTW ‘beleaguered’ Ireland has paid back its loans from the IMF, has twice the British annual growth rate and is in the top 5 for GDP per capita.

    214. Big Jock says:

      I got a tick bite just 2 weeks ago in Skye. First of my life. Felt the itch on my leg went to scratch and there was a wee black dot. I thought it was dirt but was stuck on.

      I realised it was alive and thought Jesus! I doused it in aftershave to make it dosy and pulled it out with tweezers. It left a wee mark which is gone now. I understand Lyme disease can have a 2 week incubation. However usually the wound will be infected which mine isn’t so I think I’m OK!

    215. G H Graham says:

      Tackety Beets,

      There is no single antidote to Lyme because everyone reacts differently to an infection. And not all ticks carry the pathogen but of course, it’s impossible to say just by looking at the bite.

      To put my life before the infection into perspective, I was frequently cycling >60 miles/day, climbing mountains, traveling across the world & generally staying busy creating & selling my photographic images across the USA.

      Within 2 months of coming back home to Scotland, I couldn’t walk to the toilet unaided & was only able to make medical visits from a wheelchair.

      Since the NHS in Scotland has given up on me, I’ll be traveling to Washington DC next month to meet an MD who has a history of fixing people whose lives have been trashed by this dangerous pathogen.

      I urge anyone who finds a tick on them to get it off immediately & monitor your response very closely indeed.

    216. arranc says:

      As \ person in 1959 I joined the Scottish National Party not Nationalist find the difference

    217. Cadogan Enright says:

      Sky News newspaper review just repeated First Minister Lie as if it was a fact

    218. Still Positive. says:

      Stunningly beautiful photographs GHGraham. We live in such a beautiful country – have you photographed in Portnadoran just outside Arisaig?

      We took lots of pics of sunsets there and my youngest son, a teenager at the time, had one blown up to poster size on his bedroom wall and is now framed in his marital home.

      I wish you well in your recovery from Lyme disease.

    219. heedtracker says:

      Cripes! The creeps that brought us Carmicheal’s memo fraud know what the price of oil will be in 2020. I know, its the IFS. Quite miss UKOK saviour Jim Naughty going “widely respected IFS” every time he laid into Scottish democracy. Haven’t heard that bloater doing it for a while though.

      Impartial economists at the Institute for Fiscal Studies have previously calculated it would create a £7.6 billion additional shortfall in Scotland’s finances, increasing to £9.8 billion by the end of the decade, partly thanks to the collapse in the oil price.

    220. Dr Jim says:

      As some of you will know I lived in Spain for around 15 years
      and because I had two big dogs who required a lot of exercise
      I would take them for their run three and even four times a day in what you call “The Campo” that’s like natural areas that are left where no cultivation is allowed and they can be very large to the point of miles in all directions

      Ticks are commonplace and after just one hour I have removed up to half a dozen of the horrible creatures in summer and dogs must be inoculated against that and quite a few other bad diseases from bugs there
      Point is people are often latched onto by ticks when you go to these places but there are one or two things you can do to help yourself

      Local chemists will sell you various potions to rub on that Ticks don’t like the smell of and they have some success but the best way is thick boots thick socks avoid low hanging tree branches and carry some Vodka with you (not for the dogs)
      If you get a Tick put a little Vodka in the bottle cap and press it over the Beastie it very often withdraws and falls off which is preferable to using the gadget which can still sometimes leave the nasty parts still in

      For anyone thinking of living in Spain I have to advise you it is a very bad place for dogs 35% of dogs around the Med area die every year due to one or two very unpleasant things so be aware it’s not the Paradise people think it is
      Holidays great living there is a bit different

      Be prepared to spend quite a bit of money to protect your dogs if you go
      The Vets there are great but expensive
      Doctors are cheaper although they’re good too

      Hope this helps anyone who was thinking about going with a dog or even a cat
      I’m open for consultations all week..boom boom!!

    221. Flower of Scotland says:

      Petra@ 8.11

      Thanks for that from business Scotland about FFA. I needed some ammunition when laughed at about FFA,s black hole by LibLabCons.

      I would also like to thank G Graham for his amazing photos and add my good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    222. yesindyref2 says:

      Still watching recorded Parliament Live. Mundell is fluffy definitely but has good humour and managed the SNP whose interjections weren’t too clever. They’ll need to up the act – the new MPs were OK though, the 6 originals need indeed to remember they’re the 56, not fighting off a totally hostile Commons 6-handed. They’re the thrid biggest party, and a force to be reckoned with.

      Murray started well for 15 minutes but first he got thrown by one of the SNP’s interruotions and got his dander up, and then he moved to the longer anti-SNP and FFA part of his speech, and chuntered on and on and …

      Angus Robertson proved why he is leader of the Commons group, no interjections which is good, but his speech and handling of the interruptions was world class. Interesting bit the replace England by Scotland bit for Evel, I somehow think this was more than a casual jibe. Perhaps this can grow into a theme, imagine a Scotland Act voted for only by Scottish MPs? Makes the e’es water.

      Almost felt sorry for Carmichael, sitting and then standing amongst SNP MPs because there was nowhere else for him to sit, apart perhaps from next to the Sergeant at Arms. I did say almost, the fund is up to £58,669 now – any news on whether he’s going to defend it? And the LibDems pay? Like they did their police bill of £800,000? Anyway, he was very plainly shaky, and got very few ummmaaahhhearhears. Perhaps two.

      Fun four days to come for anoraks.

      Sir Edward Leigh was good for the Tories, and him and a couple of others should be cultivated by the SNP in the bars.

    223. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh dear, are they still peddling that lie? Well, it is the Telegraph which used to be quite a good rag in the 80s. I think it mutated, it’s certainly got mutant jeans. Or Alans. Ah, Simon Johnson, lost at an evolutionary dead end.

      The SNP haven’t made much of that IFS report, I wonder if they’re biding their time? There seem to be more and more Labour and Conservative types pushing for FFA based on a haha going nowhere, perhaps it’ll catch on!

    224. Capella says:

      I quite often get tick bites and remove them asap witn tweezers then wipe wound with surgical spirit. I once found a red circle grow round the bite and had to get strong antibiotucs as that is the symptom if Lyme disease. Cured it luckily.

      Hope you recover soon GH. Love the photos.

      Spent the evening watching the Commons debate. Some cracking maiden speeches. Emily Thornberry demolished the Bill handily. A Conservative, sorry didn’t catch his name, made an excellent speech urging genuine action unlike what they did with Ireland. Can’t believe I actually watched this all with interest! Mundell gas no idea what a veto is, apparently.

    225. Thepnr says:

      O/T Let’s not let those accused of being pedophiles get off without trial. Lord Janner facing further scrutiny. Good.

    226. heedtracker says:

      @ yesindyref2 Average barrel price last 10 years roughly $90. So if IFS are forecasting $60 or less by 2020, they not using statistics. But the main thing is, they can attack today a giant energy resource that the UK want to keep control of. Maybe sweet crude supplies are NOT at peak oil yet.

    227. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, I’m watching the maiden speeches too. It strikes me how together the SNP are, and refreshing as well. They seem to have a strong purpose and direction, within such a short space of time. Makes me feel good, and to be honest, wishing I’d gone into politics and was there with them.

      The conservative was probably Edward Leigh, a great speech.

    228. Midgehunter says:

      To all Wingers:

      G2 Graham is not only a damm good photographer and long time contributor to WOS, he has a very serious health problem.

      To understand what G2 Graham is going through, go on to his website:

      Click on announcements (left side) and then News.

      He has a very good, up to date explanation with photos of what is going on.

      And he also has a fundraiser for reasons which are explained on his site. [at] btinternet [dot] com


      Because some consultants in the Scottish NHS are not doing their job and refusing further help and treatment.

      Not everyone gets ill after being bitten by a tick, but you can get FSME or Lyme-Borreliose.

      You can prevent FSME by having a course of three inoculations, two about a month apart and the third about a year later. After that you’re relatively safe. There are no medicines available otherwise, AFAIK, to treat FSME.

      Lyme-Borreliose can be treated with antibiotics, is however very time consuming – G2 Graham explains it better.

      We Wingers need to make sure this case is more widely known, in particular the SG.

      I think it’s a scandal what’s happening here and before the unionists stick their knife in we should take the initiative.

      I’ll be writing to NS, SR and AS tomorrow and asking for their help.

    229. Cadogan Enright says:

      Cruella de Villiers Secretary of State for Ni has blocked Westmonster Peadofile enquiry being extended to Ni

      Allegations here include

      children being shipped to London for abuse by politicians, generals and the like

      Children being disappeared off the Larne ferry to prevent them being available to give evidence

      Children in the Kincora home being farmed for abuse by loyalist killers and unionist politicians so as to give so-called intelligence services a hold over them

      Clearly no point in having Westmonster enquiry here then ?

    230. Iain More says:

      Now that I have caught up with the reading I am pretty disgusted with the National giving space to Murray and Rennie to have a spout. Any more of that from the National and I will be taking that off my buy list as well.

      There are enough forums for Brit Nationalists to spout their lies as it is without having them pollute a paper that claims to be pro Indy.

      I just about settled down from STV giving air time to big mouth Trump as well and then I open up the National to be greeted by Ian Murrays mug. Grrrrrrrrrr!

    231. sunniva says:

      I think we can read for ourselves what Murray’s agenda is. The National is not giving him a platform so much as a rope to hang himself by.

    232. Thepnr says:

      @Cadogan Enright

      I’m absolutely certain that everyone that supports Wings also supports there being no cover up into any pedophilia by Westminster.

      I’m certain that this will in the future be raised in parliament at sometime (soon I hope) by the SNP. Your own elected officials of all parties must do the same.

      I hope they will or explain their reasons to the Northern Irish for their refusal if that is what they choose.

    233. Valerie says:

      At GH Graham, your work is gorgeous! I’m so sorry about your health, having dogs, I have read about Lyme disease, and its awful effects. I wish you lots of luck for things to improve.

      Anyone out walking might want to try neat lavender or tea tree essential oil. I put it on the dogs collars, and dot it around my clothes. I walk every day in deer country, and we do quite well using the oils as a deterrent, and I am the sort of person that biting beasts love – horseflies make a mess of me later in the summer!

      The National have picked up on Angus Robertsons performance I think, and the farce of the Bill, as he is on the front cover.

      I caught Edward Leigh for the Tories, and had to look up at the TV to see who was talking such sense! Cant believe a Tory made an impassioned plea to deal with Scotland with respect, and as a valued member of the Union, and he wasn’t hollow or patronising – I really was quite stunned.

    234. Thepnr says:


      What? The Duke of Windsor discussed with his family in Germany that the best way to bring peace would be for the Germans to bomb England?

      Nah, your kidding me on. Only certain parts of England say like the East end of London or Coventry but not Buckingham Palace, Windsor or the Houses of Parliament.

      OUR king wouldn’t do that, surely not, would he?

    235. yesindyref2 says:

      @Iain More – I agree with sunniva, having read the article early yesterday morning. There was another article from Swinney to give the balance in the National and another one which “did the balance”. Anyway, The National is best being as balanced as it is, no point in selling to the converted, it needs to encourage the “don’t knows” to buy it – or read it.

      @heedtracker – there are some who forecast oil at $200 by 2020, who can tell? Seems to me the recession is starting to be over, that means growth, that means demand for oil traditionally, that means higher prices.

      Ticks – on the increase year on year. And getting more common in the Central Belt as well (as are deer). Not sure if I’ve been bitten by a tick, getting bit regularly by clegs (and midgies of course) I’m far too casual, a bit scratch, a bit gouge, it’ll get better in time probably leaving a hole then a scar.

      Well, three years ago I was confused for 3-4 months, put it down to stress and tiredness wasn’t till the lower leg and foot swoll up to twice its size, very red (very very red), I went to the doc, antibiotics for 3 months once they checked me out for DVT (negative). I had cellulitis, which can and does recur, though exercise helps while standing still doing an hours long job (west sound radio + dance – seriously).

      The lesson is don’t be casual, some bites are OK, some aren’t. All the best to G H Graham, incredible photographs, such depth and 3D in them.

    236. Petra says:

      I’ve just read a couple of posts re. BBC news tonight and yes blatant bias as usual. Trump allowed to trumpet on and on about Alex Salmond (bad for Scotland), wind farms and the companies that are making money from them (and I’m sure they are) ….. from Mr Billionaire rip off Scotland himself. This was ‘balanced’ by mentioning an Alex Salmond tweet.

      Then we had Iain Gray get the boot in about falling standards in Scottish education under 7 years of SNP rule and making a mockery of Nicola having to go to the U.S. to get ideas as to how to deal with this. Followed by Nicola, in the U.S. stating that the levels had dipped. No mention of the fact that the SNP are between a rock and a hard place having had to deal with Tory austerity cuts over the last five years (something Labour didn’t have to deal with in their overspend years) and that many of the children in question live in areas controlled by Labour Party councillors.

      Mr Gray and cronies should listen to Phillipa Whitfords Maiden Speech where she says that there’s no point on focusing on education when you are dealing with children living in cold homes and being inadequately fed before heading off to school (or words to that effect). Anyone with a shred of ken would know that this (overcrowding, unhappy, anxious parents, not sleeping properly due to cold and hunger, lack of nutrients from food bank food, feelings of inadequacy etc etc) impacts greatly on concentration levels and educational attainment. It’s well seeing that Keir Hardie type Labour politicians no longer exist in Scotland with people like Gray and Dugdale using these children to play the SNP BAD card ….. so vote for us. I wish they would just shut up and actually do something constructive to help the poor children. Supporting the SNP fight against austerity measures and have the power to raise wages would be a start.

      Westminster: I noticed a Tory MP mention that Scotland’s oil had more than made up for the Barnett differential. Good for him but I would like to see our MPs hit them all with some hard facts too as I’m scunnered listening to the ‘over Hadrians Wall’ fallacy.

      Flower of Scotland: I’m pleased that the link I posted earlier has helped. So many enlightening articles on that site. Did you notice that there are 14 FFA articles in total?

    237. yesindyref2 says:

      Good grief, the Herald is competing with the DM for poor stories, Headline “MP scolded by Speaker for reading paper in Commons Chamber”.

      No prize for guessing the nationailty and party of the MP. What a rag. Oh another one: “UK Government makes clear full fiscal autonomy for Scotland won’t happen this side of 2020”

      with the tagline “The SNP have been accused of reneging on a key election pledge as Whitehall insiders insisted the party’s primary aim of ensuring Holyrood gains full powers over tax and spending will not happen in this parliament.”

      Ummmmmmmm, did they not notice that this is kind of self-contradictory, cake and eat it, horseless carriage, brainless brainfart kind of thang?

      What else have we got. Oh, a very thoughtful and deep analysis of yesterday’s proceedings in the House of Commons in perhaps the most important Bill since the Section 30 order and the Devolution bills, and a highlight of Angus Robertson’s masterful speech. Oh wait, I must have imagined it, no such article, in fact – nothing, zilch, diddly squit, zero, null points.

      Thanks God I’ve given up posting there, though I might keep going with the SH.

    238. yesindyref2 says:

      Some good points near the end of the long debate, by Emily Thornberry and Kate Green. I know it’s customary for all these party jibes like “crushing defeat of the Labour party in Scotland”, but I presume the SNP and Labour will work together in a spirit of harmony. Well, work together anyway!

    239. Kevin Evans says:

      I like this new site “Ticks over Scotland”

    240. Wp says:

      yesindyref2, sorry to hear you won’t be posting in the Herald. I agree its got very pro union lately but I always looked forward to your knowledgeable contributions. I got barred before the referendum as I couldn’t respond in the required manner to the imbecile from Woking, the BNP fascist and now the oo sectarian promoter, but you managed to do it very eloquently. Hope you have a rethink.

    241. John H. says:

      Effijy 10.40pm.

      Melvin Bragg probably neither knows nor cares that 1 in 4 Scots who fought in the First World War never came home. Approx. 26% compared to around 11% for the rest of the “home nations”.

      The story I read was that the British high command needed something to counter the German storm troops, and the highland regiments fitted the bill.

      Others will no doubt know more about this than I do.

    242. izzie says:

      O/T Can anyone answer this for me. If a certain person is accused of a crime but does not face prosecution due to dementia yet strongly denies any wrong doing how can they remember whether they did or did not do the crime?

    243. Macart says:


      Heh, those Whitehall insiders are testing the waters.

      I suspect they want to see what punters are willing to wear in terms of narrative. Would it be the SNPs fault if they are perceived not to have won FFR? OR will people see through the bullshit and understand that Westminster is completely unwilling to negotiate the release of those powers, that infact the most popular wish of the Scottish electorate, the one which was mercilessly and quite misleadingly sold via the media during the referendum is not and never was there for the asking?

      I’d say the jig is up completely now on ‘the vow’ and any interpretation thereof, yes? For those left in any doubt out there, devolution is what Westminster says it is, and THIS is the crystal clear message being sent and it is also what the 56 are there to highlight and bring home to their electorate. Is Westminster willing to negotiate on the result of the referendum and the electorate’s desire for significant change? The resounding answer to date is NO. Who knew?

      Job 2 for the 56 is the mitigation of austerity measures and if that means digging their heels in as part of any and all commissions they can force a presence in, or how they are seen to vote in commons, using Westminster’s own archaic procedures to make their day bloody miserable and delay legislation, then that exactly is what they will do.

      I’d say after yesterday’s performance in commons Westminster has made their message perfectly clear. There never was a ‘near federal’ solution. There never was a devo max option and there never really was a ‘vow’. Westminster and the media had a field day selling fresh air in a can.

      Folks just have to remember, that ain’t necessarily the last word and that they can still have a final say. 😉

    244. john king says:

      I agree izzie
      I also heard them say on the news the reason the dpp wont proceed with a prosecution is due to his ilness he “cant defend himself”, I thought that was the defence lawers job?

    245. Petra says:

      @ Lollysmum says ”Some of Nicola Sturgeon’s interview in the US via Bloomberg.”


      The Daily Records take on it.

      ”Nicola Sturgeon lives up to her billing as a ‘comedian’ while appearing on American chat show.”

    246. galamcennalath says:

      Macart says:
      “There never was a ‘near federal’ solution. There never was a devo max option and there never really was a ‘vow’. Westminster and the media had a field day selling fresh air in a can.”

      WM’s is now making that crystal clear, at last. Once it becomes accepted by everyone that there never was, never will be, significant devolution on offer …. we can seriously start to work on that chunk of powers seeking No voters who need to realise they were dubbed. They need to be persuaded that guaranteed power transfer can only be achieved through independence.

      WM is providing the ammunition, we need to fire it!

    247. Lollysmum says:

      Just shows you that US TV can be refreshingly honest compared to the record’s pish

      I’d archive that record link for you but I don’t want to soil my laptop by going to their site 🙂

      Think Murray Foote & co are smarting about Team 56 using their paper in WM yesterday to criticise the union & say even your staunchest supporter in Scotland says Smith not delivered LOL.

      Catch the speech on Peter Curran’s youtube channel. Enjoy!

    248. Petra says:

      @Macart ”I’d say after yesterday’s performance in commons Westminster has made their message perfectly clear. There never was a ‘near federal’ solution. There never was a devo max option and there never really was a ‘vow’. Westminster and the media had a field day selling fresh air in a can.”

      I was just thinking too that when the Daily Liar published their Vow ‘update’ yesterday it would be the first time that some people actually realised that they had been duped.

      On buying their newspaper yesterday surely some of them would be saying …

      ”Is that no tae dae wae the thing .. that Vow thing …. thit med us vote naw Jimmy?”

      ”Aye Maggie the Recart said Westminger wid gee us mare of oor ain money if we votit naw. Noo thiv changed thir minds”.

      ”Can we change oors noo too Jimmy and vote aye?”.

      ”Naw Maggie wi cannie. Wir stuck wae the liars noo. Westminger an the Recart.”

    249. jackie g says:


      Morning all,

      A little quote from one of our American friends on Nicola’s performance on The Daily show last night.

      Sturgeon is on top of her game as usual.
      Insightful, delightful and charming

      Skylar Baker-Jordan, US journalist.

      nae wonder the Unionists are beeling 🙂

    250. dramfineday says:

      Izzie @ 7.39

      Some may have forgotten about this “miracle” from Scotland’s business past

      Quite a cause célèbre of its day and not forgotten by elephants like me.

      You may wish to reflect on it vis a vis the instance you are quoting in case there are parallels.

    251. Clootie says:

      Has anyone found out yet who we are being compared with as “….one of the most powerful devolved governments in the World”

      Is this just another empty sound bite without source or background?

    252. scott says:

      Sorry O/T
      Taste of Grampian,The wife wanted to go down and have a look at this,very good day out plenty of good food to taste but my point is that while going around I met and spoke to 3 SNP MSPs all with northeast connections,not a sight of Tory,Lab or Lib anywhere,maybe this kind of show is below them and they don’t like to mix with us the ordinary people.I may be wrong but I did not see any and I thought the likes of Alex Johnstone (North East Scotland) (Con)could have shown face always ready enough on the TV spouting anti SNP,maybe some of you living in his part should drop him an email was he was not present supporting the Northeast.

    253. cliff mccabe says:


      are you aware that the Herald is deleting any references to this website. I tested it yesterday, I don’t mean links I mean any mention at all. If you put Wings over Scotland in your comment it is auto referred to the moderators and is then deleted.
      I presume you have done something to annoy them, something more than existing I mean?

    254. Flower of Scotland says:

      Sky news just showed a fantastic clip of Nicola on the American ” comedy ” show!

      She did so well that the news team think that after politics Nicola could do stand up comedy!

    255. Famous15 says:

      Most powerful devolved state in the world?

      Any US state,Canadian province,any European “region” !Australian and NewZealand territories in fact almost anywhere on earth with devolution has greater powers. Even the Isle of Man has greater powers.

      What game are they playing?

    256. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Clootie I have it on good authority that we will be compared with Deigo Garcia,as per NATO.

    257. Petra says:

      Lollysmum, I think that they, Murray, Dugdale, Baillie (and Murphy) et al, must have been positively cracking up yesterday with the Daily Liar. It got the Scottish Bill off to a ‘novel’ start, eh! Interesting don’t you think that now that the DL is going down the stank their first priority is all about self-preservation. Initially it was to hell with the Scots in general and now, and they knew what they were doing, to hell with the Labour Party (failures). Moving on of course they’ll take the credit for anything that we (the 56) do get and promote their old pals once again.

      @ Clootie says ”Has anyone found out yet who we are being compared with as “….one of the most powerful devolved governments in the World.”

      Yeah Clootie I would like to hear one of the 56 put that to Mundell. Just ask him to name some of the Governments that we would be comparable with …. mutter, puff, blow and stutter. I would like to hear them ask about devolved broadcasting too. How can you be one of the most or the most devolved Government in the world (on earth) and have to contend with propaganda broadcasting from elsewhere? Now the Westminster numpties probably don’t think that we are being subjected to mind control so should have no objection to this.

      Charles Kennedy: ‘Crocodile tears for Charles Kennedy from same politicians who brutally kicked him out (including Alistair Carmichael).’

      How galling and stressful must that have been for Charles Kennedy, in the last few weeks of his life, witness Carmichael lie through his teeth and bring his party, which was on its last legs, to its veritable knees (or flat out)?

      ‘’Last week Nick Clegg led tributes saying Mr Kennedy had “more political talent in his little finger than the rest of us put together”.

      Mr Opik added: “There’s an even bigger irony: in 2015 Clegg claimed to put mental health at the centre of Liberal Democrat policy for the General Election. How on earth does that square with a stark, public and uncompromising statement such as that published in January 2006?

    258. Capella says:

      @ Lollysmum
      You don’t have to go to a site to archive the link in someone’s comment. Just right click the link, copy it, then go to archive today.
      For those who haven’t yet bookmarked it:

      Also handy for reading newspaper article links without going to the site.

    259. Edward says:

      Famous15 @ 9:26am

      Yes this ‘Most powerful devolved country/state in the world’ or ‘earth’ as Ian Murray stated is a much used mantra of late from the unionists.

      They think that repeated often, people will begin to believe it.

      But as you point out, even with full Smith Commission powers, it would still lag way behind much of the worlds (well all of the worlds) devolved parliaments

      Wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when fluffy Mundell exclaimed that Scotland would increase its revenue intake from 20% to 50%, of course taking on 100% of spending.

      The Isle of Man has far more powers, including a lucrative civil air registry and Maritime vessel registry. A but the unionist argue that its not actually part of the UK its a ‘crown dependency’, which isn’t actually dependent on the crown and still has far more powers than Scotland.

      Take the Canadian province of Newfoundland & Labrador, which has a very healthy Oil resource. But as its the provinces resource, then it gets to keep 100% of all revenues. In fact all the provinces get to keep all revenues from their own resources. They then in turn contribute proportionally towards the Federal Government in Ottawa, for matters such as defence.

      But no doubt we will be told repeatedly that Scotland is getting a good deal, the best in the world or earth and Scot’s should be greatful

    260. Capella says:

      For example, Petra’s link to the Express artice on charlesKennedy

      Still sad about CK dying so young. For some reason, the Charlie Rich song “Feel like Going Home” resonates for me.

    261. Petra says:

      Janner: ‘’Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders provoked fury earlier this year when she said Janner’s dementia meant he should not face court. It later emerged he signed his name to a letter to the Lords in May – and voted 203 times after granting power of attorney to his children because of his dementia.’’

    262. fletch49er says:

      It angers me every time I see someone blindly purchasing a copy of the DR, I’m very tempted now to shout at them to; “Wake up!” “Take the ‘red’ pill’!”

      This is the kind of people the DR has been set up to control and influence. “The walking dead!”

    263. Grouse Beater says:

      Mundell could not admit openly, “We are giving Scotland an eclectic group of mismatched powers that you might pick up in a junk shop bundled into one box, sold at a discount.”

    264. Robert Peffers says:

      @Grouse Beater says: 8 June, 2015 at 10:44 pm:

      “Is Mundell a tick on the body politic of Scotland?

      (That’s two ticks in one sentence.)

      Give me a tick and I’ll answer you, Grouse Beater.

      Mundell is more like Carmichael as they are both carbuncles on the face of the body politic but their time is nearly up now.
      Tick! Tock!

    265. Luigi says:

      Petra says:

      9 June, 2015 at 9:51 am

      Janner: ‘’Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders provoked fury earlier this year when she said Janner’s dementia meant he should not face court. It later emerged he signed his name to a letter to the Lords in May – and voted 203 times after granting power of attorney to his children because of his dementia.’’

      If he has dementia, and was deemed unfit to stand trial, what on earth was he doing in the House of Lords?

    266. Brian Powell says:


      On that Bloomberg interview; could anybody here imagine Kezia Dugdale carrying it the way Nicola Sturgeon did. In fact I couldn’t think of any politicians in Scotland, from the other parties, who would stand up for Scotland in that way.

    267. Robert Peffers says:

      @BJ says: 8 June, 2015 at 10:57 pm:

      “Just heard Alex Johnstone sounding like a fool talking about N. Sturgeons US visit.”

      Alex Johnstone – if it looks like a fool, talks like a fool, sounds like a fool and walks like a fool it is odds on that it is a fool.

    268. crazycat says:

      @ Capella

      Whenever I’ve tried to archive articles in the Herald, which operates a paywall, the archive version is accompanied by the demand for registration/payment, and thus unreadable.

      Something similar happens with the Record and various local papers, which force readers to answer trivia questions before letting them into the article.

      Is there a way round this?

    269. Capella says:

      @ Crazycat
      I haven’t found a solution. Firefox browser has a button to clear cookies so you can read Herald articles without the paywall a few times before it kicks in. But haven’t yet tried archive with Firefox. Will give it a go, though I’ve noticed some other posters manage it. If they’re reading this maybe they’ll enlighten us!

    270. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      heedtracker at 12.01

      I don’t know what purpose there is in quoting parts of a statement from IFS without quoting all of it(and it wasn’t a “shortfall”. It was a “deficit”)
      If I remember that IFS statement also suggested that increased revenues by 2020 would have significantly lessened the effect of the deficit

    271. galamcennalath says:

      Just watching Nicola and a couple of maiden speeches. Thanks to those who have been posting links.

      The bottom line is the SNP speak for me. They say (usually) what I would like to say. There is a far greater overlap on policies between the SNP and myself, by far, that with any other party.

      It’s not some sort of blind adoration or raw nationalism, like the MSM often attempt to portray. It’s just commonality of purpose. It’s shared values and aspirations.

      Now here’s my question. Do the supporters of other parties feel the same way about their chosen representatives?

      My guess is … Tories, Greens and UKIP (forgive the mix) actually do represent the views of their voters. However, Labour and the LibDems no longer present a clear vision of what their traditional voters want.

      I think both LibDems and Labour have lost the plot. They haven’t listened to their voters. They represent no strong thread, they have no obvious set of goals. Parties need voters who will entrust them to be their voices. LibDems and Labour now seem to think voters need them. In their dreams!

    272. Capella says:

      @ Crazycar
      I’ve just archived a Herald article using Firefox, which bypasses the paywall as it hasn’t stored the cookie. The archive is fine on my PC so here is is to see if it works when posted as a link.

    273. Lanarkist says:

      Works great, thanks Capella!

    274. Macart says:

      They are indeed providing the ammunition, as expected. What they cannot be allowed to do is dictate the narrative or set the presentation of these facts.

      Most folks on here were fully expecting this turn of events long before the referendum vote as indeed were the Better Together campaign leadership and your average union right or wrong voter. The people who need to be talked to and informed are the swing voters. Those who were independence, but not yet, or independence but how will we manage, get our pensions, pay our mortgages etc. Those who conflated political union with social union or who believed that we’re going through a ‘bad patch’ but it will work out all right in the end. Those who voted for continued Westminster governance because it was all they had known, but were to cautious or cynical to imagine better was possible.

      These are all votes that are still winnable and by the day Westminster politics is bringing that second vote closer with their actions and entrenched attitudes.

      What we need to do IMO is keep those channels of friendly communication open. Keep offering that hand and reassuring people they have the power to change this and set the record straight. That they have it within their power to change their form of governance at any time of their choosing and that they are capable and necessary to make an independent Scotland a success. They need to know they have a stake in this future and that its one worth having.

    275. Fred says:

      Anent Melvyn Bragg, he comes from just below the Border and knows Scotland well so I’m sure he’s aware of Scotland’s losses, he was however at the Tower and talking of England’s losses.

      When Buckingham Palace was bombed by a plane flying at treetop height up the Mall, George VI said “This was someone who knows us!”. How right he was, the pilot was a German cousin who was put up to it by the Duke of Windsor. The Royal family wiped out, peace with Hitler & Windsor gets the boat home.

      An excellent book on this inadequate Nazi Prince who should have been shot after the war, “Hidden Agenda” by Martin Allen, pub’ MacMillan.

    276. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes they are getting more rabidly anti-SNP, though I see they did post a good but small article about Sturgeon in the US on ths show, and one that says that SNP 60% constituency and 50% regional list, according to Yougov survey.

      Two problems though for me, one is that I feel somehow that posting there means I give the paper credence, and the second is their deleting postings that don’t break any rules. That can mean you’re totally misrepresented and that’s bad for a poster’s credibility.

      For instance if I were to post: “They’re so thick they think that £7.6 billion is the deficit for Scotland, whereas the latest deficit is actually £14.2 billion, and then they say there’s a £7.6 billion black hole rather than saying that Scotland would need to borrow the money. With the same logic they could call it a £13.2 billion black hole”

      and then post “That’s a £14.2 billion black hole not a £13.2 billion black hole!” to correct the posting.

      Then they delete the first posting it looks like I’m saying there’s a £14.2 billion “black hole”. Complete misrepresentation in other words.

      Anyway, ref over, GE over, not much to try to achieve there at the moment. I’ll be back for Ref 2!

    277. yesindyref2 says:

      The SNP came across as a well tight and disciplined group. I didn’t like the conference resolution about MP discipline in general terms, but it is essential for some stages at Westminster, and this is one of them. I’m guessing the group is well strategied up.

      Not too convinced there’s a Westminster strategy against them, at least in terms of the indiviudal backbenchers. They have their own agenda, and the SNP can use that to their advantage.

      What the SNP group really do need to do is circulate and blether, I think they’ll find a lot of surprising allies. I kind of wish I was there, during the Ref and GE I enjoyed people with a NO view and an anti-SNP view, at times I could empathise with them. I hope some of the group are as good empathising with the opposing view, it’ll open a lot of doors and minds.

    278. yesindyref2 says:

      TNS Holyrood poll, not Yougov! To correct my posting.

    279. Macart says:


      Agreed, its essential they circulate and blether, but with a disciplined strategy in mind. They need to open doors and make connections win a few friends in the right places.

      With the front bench team they have? I’d say its a safe bet they’re probably way ahead in that thinking already. 🙂

    280. John H. says:

      Fred 12.51pm.

      I think we’ll give Melvyn Bragg the benefit of the doubt then Fred. 🙂

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