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Every which way but loose

Posted on November 23, 2014 by

The talk of the steamie in this weekend’s Sunday papers is that Scottish Labour are set to backpedal on the devolution of 100% of income tax, a position previously described by Gordon Brown – the great architect of “The Vow” – as a “Tory trap” which was “not in Scotland’s interests”.

(Coincidentally, the papers also report that Brown, who said he would personally ensure the safe delivery of the new devolution settlement, will stand down at the 2015 election in order to devote more time to his “charity” work.)


It is, of course, a challenge to keep track of Labour’s position on the move from one day to the next. In 2013 it wanted to devolve all taxation, then in 2014 it decided as its final settled position that it wasn’t a good idea after all, and has flip-flopped on a more or less weekly basis ever since. Just this month the favourite for the Scottish branch office leadership, Jim Murphy, poured cold water on the notion, but now it seems yet another U-turn is on the cards.

We wouldn’t put a lot of money on it being the last one.

According to Scotland on Sunday’s report, the reason for the latest switch isn’t a considered rejection of the merits or otherwise of the plan, but a political defeat:

“A Labour insider said: ‘We have been forced to accept it. It’s an SNP/Tory stitch up. If we don’t accept it the Nats will say we are holding back Scotland and the Tories will say we are holding back devolution. That’s why we have got no choice.'”

So the inside Labour position is apparently that the party will back a policy it’s on record as saying will be disastrous for Scotland – rather than standing up for what it believes in – because it’s scared of being criticised by opposing parties. We’re sure Scots will be deeply impressed by such steadfast commitment to principle.

There’s a little more to the story, though.

“The Sunday Times understands that Scottish Labour MSPs have been reassured by public comments made by David Cameron, the prime minister, that Scotland will retain a form of the Barnett Formula on public spending to offset any potential shortfall in monies raised from income tax.”

The trouble is that we don’t recall the Prime Minister saying any such thing. He has of course said that he has no current plans to reform Barnett, but he has never, so far as this site is aware said anything about offsetting any potential shortfalls caused by the devolution of income tax.

As the only way to do so would be to actually INCREASE the proportion of money sent to Scotland – a move which would surely spark a massive revolt among English MPs who already want the Formula scrapped – it seems stupendously unlikely that any such assurance has been given, even in private.

It would, after all, destroy what has consistently been presented as the entire point of granting Holyrood more devolution – that of making it more responsible and accountable. It’s not “responsibility” if London will pick up the tab for any shortfall.

So to recap: if the story in today’s press is to be believed, Scottish Labour are about to endorse and pledge to implement a policy they firmly believe will damage Scotland, because they’re scared of being criticised by the Tories and the SNP, and the reason they’ve caved on their previous position is on the basis of alleged comments which David Cameron hasn’t actually made and which would go against every single public pronouncement from the Conservatives on the subject.

We’d order extra popcorn for Thursday if we were you, readers.

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83 to “Every which way but loose”

  1. Donald MacKenzie says:

    You’d laugh if it wasn’t our future and that of our children that they’re playing politics with.

  2. ScotFree@roorooyes4 says:

    I just want to cry

  3. “the entire entire point”?

  4. Truth says:

    Jesus. What is up with that photo?

    Has Sarah Brown had tracheotomy?

  5. donnywho says:

    Seemingly all the income tax paid offshore is allocated to central funds, so 200,000 ish highly paid workers in “Scotland” are not a Scottish asset. That would equate to about £4bn in revenue if the average offshore wage is £50,000 which may be conservative.

  6. MajorBloodnok says:

    ..devoting more time to ‘charity work’, the main beneficiary being G Broon himself…

  7. jimnarlene says:

    Spineless, absolutely spineless.
    The only Tory lead “stitch up”, was the one with the other unionist parties, to rob Scotland of it’s independence. Labour walked in to that trap, eyes wide open.

  8. bugsbunny says:

    That’s a face you would never tire of hitting, over and over again. For a sour puss he sure is laughing hard. Probably all the way to the bank, or it’s 19th September and he realises his lies have worked. Any which way but loose is apt. He looks more like the Orangotang than Clint Eastwood.


  9. caz-m says:

    To get the most up to date info on Scottish Labour Party policy, the three leadership contenders are on the BBC Scotland this morning.

    Sunday Politics show with Gordon Brewer after 11.30am this morning.

    Did BBC Scotland not have these three muppets on the other night.

    It looks as if BBC Scotland have a big Scottish Labour Party push on at the moment.

  10. Clydebuilt says:

    Don’t think Brown’s spineless, he just doesn’t give a fig for Scots. Look at the photo….. He’s larfing at us!…….all the way to the gravy train

  11. HandandShrimp says:

    I must confess to looking forward to the Smith Commission and the fall out from the conclusions. Rumours seem to suggest that Labour is moving on taxation and the Liberals on welfare. There might be a consensus within the commission for rather more than was originally anticipated.

    Of course while this is great for those of us would see Home Rule on the majority of domestic issues as a major step forward, I’m expecting some serious toy trowing in Westminster. Tories wanting EVEL, Labour MPs wanting to continue to justify their existence and various commentators like Heffer just angry about everything.

  12. Tackety Beets says:

    Federal Broon showed himself up as the complete ” div ” that he is .
    His Federal intervention was only one of a massive pile o bed decisions he has made in his political life .
    He clearly has very poor foresight otherwise he would have been able to see all the implications post Sept 19th
    Never has a Scot disgraced our Nation in such abundance .

    As footy fans sing ” cheerio , cheerio …. cheerio “

  13. John Walsh says:

    Do you think Gordon Brown will donate his Pension to Charity? Yes his charity for which he will use to continue will his millionaire lifestyle . Socialist Labour I think not.

  14. Les Wilson says:

    The whole of the Unionist cabale is under mounting pressure, we can expect many more irrational statements off the cuff.

    Labour are currently the worst, and Slab just has to be willingly dragged around to their whims.All in an attempt to keep their jobs, which they must know, are on a shoogly hook!

  15. handclapping says:

    IMO what we are seeing here is the death of Scottish Labour. It only had any reality in the presence of such personalities as Brown, Dewar, Smith, Cook where they could make their views heard inside the Labour party. Brown is the last of them. Who has heard of any of the others? When did you last hear of Dougie without an explanation of who he is? Or Magrit without SSoSfS?

    Which leaves Murphy, but he’s no answer to any question. Scottish Labour dies the day the General Election is called and Broon steps down as an MP.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    It is starting to look like all along the Tories had their eye on what they would call ‘the bigger picture’ ie winning at WM and keeping UKIP at bay. They knew they could win the Scottish referendum anytime by wheeling out a DevMax offer and as things got close that is exactly what they did. No, the real campaign during the referendum was to stitch up Labour well and truly!

    And Labour have … burnt their bridges, cut off the branch they are sitting on, and painted themselves into a corner!

    Hilarious. And, to Scotland’s inevitable medium term benefit.

  17. kevin murray says:

    Spud murphy branch office leader and man of unswerving principle……what a twat!

  18. msean says:

    I think most folk don’t listen to them anyway now. Thought they were pals with the Tories,what with all that champers gulping at the indyref?

  19. heedtracker says:

    Project Fear terrorised Scotland then they slammed in their last THE VOW devo -max/federal UK pledge via red and blue Tory Brown, Cameron, Milliband etc, just to make sure. It’s now really up to the Labour in Scotland voter whether or not THE VOW actually means anything, in particular our imperial Labour masters divine right to reign over Scotland for ever and ever.

  20. donald anderson says:

    Gordon Brewer has the three Labour Deputy Dawg candidates sitting on his knee just noo. No one ever puts a damper on them by mention their record in office.

  21. Murray McCallum says:

    A crowdfunder to get Gordon Brown a Geiger Counter, shovel and wheel barrow for his retirement would be good.

    Many a productive day around his former constituency, serving his local community.

  22. Carntyne says:

    I’ll get the popcorn when I go out for the Sunday Herald…

  23. onelessday says:

    Telling there When asked if you won would you want the other 2 in your team

    Murphy did not answer the other 2 said yes if somewhat hesitantly

  24. Grizzle McPuss says:

    I was at an event yesterday along with 12000 other enthusiastic supporters.

    We not only celebrated the promotion of our new leader and First Minister of Scotland, we gave the loudest and most sincere standing ovation to our previous leader and First Minister.

    Now here we have Gordon Brown. A Scottish politician of some 30+ years having reached the dizzying heights of having been the UK Prime Minister, having also filled many a respected role within both government and opposition.

    As a reflection of Brown’s worth to the Scottish nation, let alone the UK at large, and as a means of celebration, acknowledging his illustrious heights…

    ….could a 12 seat mini-bus be filled with adoring and/or appreciative supporters?

  25. Jack Murphy says:

    OT.A politician with principles and she’s sticking to them. Will never let the People in Scotland down for personal gain or anything else.
    Nicola Sturgeopn’s speech yesterday at the SSE Hydro,Glasgow.
    Capacity 12,000.

  26. Pam McMahon says:

    C’mon, he says he’s quitting while he is “on a high”. That would be the stake up his arse then, elevating him above the other Scottish Labour MPs currently rushing to the comfy benches of the House of Lords.
    Lang may ye’re lum reek, Gordon, with the craw’s nest of your Vow stuffed up your chimney.

  27. Brian Powell says:

    Presumably the new paper, the National, will have a different take and headline on this, than the rest of MSM.

  28. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The devolution of income tax raising powers is at best peripheral in terms of giving useful financial benefit to Scotland and at worst potentially dangerous.

    Our emphasis should be on the other 80% of taxation revenue that Scotland raises but has no control whatsover over.

    We must ensure that our people understand that an ability to collect a tax that is a very small part of the revenue picture and is already collected and then perhaps put it up is of little benefit
    It’s the 80% we need

  29. iclare says:

    How does he stand up with no spine?

  30. Croompenstein says:

    OT Looks like Trident renewal is a done deal….

  31. galamcennalath says:

    Tackety Beets says:

    Federal Broon

    He could be called a lot of things, given his record. But, I do like that nickname. We should try to make it stick for posterity. May he be remembered in history for the ultimate sin, selling out his own country and people.

  32. Wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:

    O/T (but only just)…tried to subscribe to the online version of The National and got an automated reply saying that “The service…is now closed” – anyone else having that trouble?

  33. Lollysmum says:

    We aren’t just seeing the demise of SLAB we are also watching the downfall of Labour in it’s entirety.

    In the last few days on both sides of the border there have been increasingly paranoid statements made by Labour MP’s. It isn’t just that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, it’s also the fact that they are broadcasting their weird & increasingly implausibleand paranoid claims of he said, she said…. to the whole electorate reinforcing in the voters’ minds that not one of the yellow, red or blue tories know what they are doing whilst ruining the economy & our lives in the process.

    Doesn’t it give you confidence in Westminster’s abilities? NOT

  34. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Why is he leaving now?
    I would have thought he would have hung about long enough to ensure his promises were delivered and his personal assurances that the devomax/near federal solution would be passed through WM.

    Is he not even going to stick around to oppose EVEL?

    The biggest rat is now deserting the SLAB sinking ship.

    Good riddance to him – the worst PM in recent history.

  35. Greannach says:

    Is Brown copying the jovial guffawing persona of Nigel Farage now? When all else fails…

  36. Douglas Macdonald says:

    My take on this rumour that Gordon Brown is not seeking re-election in May, 2015, is that he has recently received an offer of a peerage in the New Year’s honours list for “political services to Scotland”. He probably thought this would be his last chance before the Scottish Labour ceiling came crashing down about him.

  37. No no no...Yes says:

    After the dizzy heights of the Hydro yesterday and meeting the West Lothian crew in the YESbar, it is time for a quite day. The title of this post is of course designed to remind us of the stars of the film in question, and their resemblance to any of the potential outcomes of the new SLAB top team contests:

  38. Onwards says:

    If the Barnett formula has to be reformed, then so be it.

    The obvious solution is for the devolution of ALL taxes, including offshore.

    This is one step further towards independence, and we should be supporting it.

  39. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Murray McCallum

    Great idea ref Geiger counter etc

    Aye he could wander doon t’ the beach wi’ his bairns , they could teach him foo a spaad works . Has he ever deen a hans turn in his life ? I suspect not .

    Ref ” Federal Broon” , thanks , see a previous post a few days back I shortened it from another poster , sorry can’t recall the name but they posted ” Gordon Federal Brown and Alistair Devo Max Darling ”
    It all adds to the spice.

  40. Marcia says:

    Oh my word that laughing face.

    The highlights of his career can be summed up here;

  41. Proud Cybernat says:

    So, when UK PLC hits the debtberg and finally sinks beneath the waves, taking Scotland down with it, Scotland truly will then have become a charity case. Nice to know that Broon is standing by to aid us with some of his charity when it happens.

  42. Tackety Beets says:

    Just realised , he has put on the tie provided by his masters / partners in crime !

  43. caz-m says:

    Gordon Brown will have the cheek to say to the world, “look at how the Labour Party has fallen apart since my departure.” Nasty piece of shit.

    My advice to Broon is, keep on walkin and stay out of Scottish politics, you are not welcome here.

    And the new kids on the block for Scottish Labour must fill their current membership with utter dread and fear.

  44. Brian Powell says:

    I wonder if the fracking companies will be worried about the MOD radioactive material buried along the Fife coast and will turn up in their test drilling?

    He may week want to be out of the way when voters see this double disaster happening to them.

  45. Brian Powell says:

    Well not week! predictive text strikes again.

  46. Clootie says:

    The last figures I had seen for Gordon’s “Charity” was that it had taken in some £3million pounds and paid out less than half. The rest was expenses for…you guessed it!

    He can now swan around the world “fund raising” and the 1st class travel and top hotels are paid from this tax free charity funds.

    How many trips has he actually made to Africa?
    How many to North America?

  47. Grouse Beater says:

    Comfy love-in on BBC Scotlandshire this morning with Murphy and pals enjoying a good laugh with Brewster.

    You’d never believe Murphy preached to the same seven converts 100 times, or Labour are political outcasts since they soled Scotland short. As far as Murphy is concerned they’re the natural party of authority over Scotland … taking a wee break.

  48. fred blogger says:

    as passengers on the tory gravy train, they were always going to be thrown off, when they were of no further use.

  49. Helena Brown says:

    Aye Grouse Beater and that is the reason they will be hard put to get back into power unless they address their problems they are just doomed to continue repeating them, well hell mind them.
    Gordon will be out of Kirkcaldy never to return, not middle class enough for him, needed somewhere more conducive to his stature and I am sure being left with Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and all points around was never good enough for him. As for his Charity, I would dearly like to see that investigated, though I will confess along with the Glasgow Council, boy the polis would have a field day.

  50. caz-m says:

    No no no…Yes 12.44pm

    I called round to the YESBar last night about 7pm but couldn’t get in with my 15 yr old son. They said he had to be in before 5pm.

    Hope you all had a good night in dear old Glasgow town.

    Did Ronnie Anderson look after you?

  51. Helena Brown says:

    Brian Powell, that radioactive material came from the planes they destroyed by rolling them into the sand, much similar to the sort of thing in Timex watches that lit up in the dark, just more of them. I imagine that those who make the investments will care little about those who have to get down to the coal face(not literally)and do the work, sadly it has always been thus.

  52. liz says:

    Re Broon, glad to see the back of him.

    History will not be kind to him.

    He may have started off as a socialist idealist, who knows what happened but he quickly became a weird, inarticulate buffoon unable to make any coherent decisions.

    My lab supporting pals who did eventually vote Yes, wanted him as FM – My reaction – you have got to be joking.

    So he still retains respect amongst the Labour faithful – god only knows why.

  53. donald anderson says:

    Looks like he might get a well paid job in a charity organisation, like many a failed Labour MP before him.

  54. Valerie says:

    @Marcia, thanks for that great vid of Federal Broom.

    The MOD story is absolutely disgusting, and the folk of Argyll and further down are very worried.

    More disgusting is the work being done ahead of getting elected as the govt. In power! How can that bloody happen?

  55. fred blogger says:

    “history will not be kind to him”, no but his bank balance will!

  56. Dr Jim says:

    Wall to wall Nigel Farage this morning, at one point the presenter was even filming the photographers filming Farage, big news eh. Then we have Labour’s nominees, Curly Larry and Mo with their insights on Scottish politics and the outcome of the revenge of the “Sith Commission” which seemed to be a collective, Ah Um Mwell Eh dont know we’ll huv tae wait n see .The only thing they seemed sure about was they were’nt going to shout at the SNP bad anymore,which leads me to the biggest event in not only Scottish but UK history, The Hydro and 12000 people going nuts for politics,i was there and although the sound was awful and the entertainers were as lumpy as hell, it was a great and historical event but once again our dutifull media never noticed it, although they were all there sitting two rows behind me and with photographers running around taking enough pictures to fill a wedding album.
    The speeches from all were very good,about what we’ve come to expect, i thought that Nicola was about to go into full Boadicia mode at one point but held herself in check very well. If you have’nt been to one of these, definately to be recommended Great Fun. Oh! P.S. wee Willy Rennie was on the telly not saying anything

  57. Macart says:

    They really don’t know whether they’re punched, bored or countersunk. FFS

    To any Labour luvvies having a scan. Y’know that whole listening to people thing you keep banging on about? Ask them what that devo max, near federalism thing is. I’m sure the folk on the street will steer you right. That’ll give you a clue as to what devo proposals you SHOULD be endorsing.

    Oh wait, that would be the same ones the pro indy parties support.

    Never mind.

  58. Barontorc says:

    Re the Trident renewal guff – news obviously hasn’t reached the admiralty that Scotland is dead set against new nuclear weapons being based here. And without playing with weasel words and semantics – ‘new’ means replacement, so if their big boy toys need to have a base somewhere it sure ain’t gonna be in Scotland. Like other ground shattering projects planned against the wishes of the Scottish people they can frack right off.

    Scotland, thanks to many crazy decisions by Labour placemen with their noses in the Westminster gravy train has been left with a single oil refinery complex in Grangemouth – under continuous threat of closure, being used as a bargaining chip by Jim Radcliffe, the ‘British’ boss of INEOS who couldn’t give a rat’s shit for this country and we’re now totally exposed to his blackmail.

    Do we want any more strategic decisions put in the hands of such political cretins? No more Jose – the worm’s turned!

  59. HandandShrimp says:


    Labour are big on spelling consultation t. e. l. l.

    If they tried to listen their ears would bleed.

  60. Luigi says:

    Bottler Brown and Flipper Darling took one look at the latest opinion polls and decided to avoid the potential humiliation of being voted out in 2015. They know fine well what they have done to Scotland and the likely consequences next May.

    Good riddance to pair of despicable cowards, I say. They have done enough damage.

  61. X_Sticks says:

    @Donald Anderson

    He’s already got his own charity (very profitable for him and Sarah as other have noted) and I bet he was promised an early lordship for his intervention in the referendum.

    Once he’s lord brown of shitesville that’ll put his after dinner talk rates up to the max.


    I really can’t find the words to express my abhorrence of this scumbag.

  62. yesindyref2 says:

    In an ideal UK, the UK Government would indeed promise short-term to offset any reductions in overall revenue by devolving tax, through the Barnett formula, as it sought to set Scotland more on our own two feet, while using the “broad shoulders” of the UK to offset any risk for us.

    It would be looking to encourage us, nurture us, and send us off strong while keeping us within the overall UK structure and “family of nations”.

    Meanwhile on Planet Scotland, here’s that link again to where I scanned the flyer for The National, which you can print on A4, trim to A5, and hand to your newsagents with your details filled in to order up your copy:

  63. bugsbunny says:

    To X Sticks@2.19

    What about Traitor, Turncoat, Glass Eyed Cunt, Unionist Prick, Lying Bastard, Scarer of the Feeble Minded, Two Faced Labour Bastard, Referendum Snatcher, Money Grabbing Cocksucker, Friend of Dunblane Murderer, All Round Iffy Bastard?


  64. Tam Jardine says:

    Normally the resignation or retiral of a disgraced politician would be cause for celebration or relief.

    Gordon Brown’s exit, having guaranteed to hold Westminster to their vow is a an act of cowardice, and unbelievable duplicity. I struggle to even express myself coherently when I think of his gargantuan betrayal of our country. I just throw up my hands and ask ‘Why is a man like that alive?’

    Haste ye to the Lords Gordon, wrap yourself in ermine and enjoy all the perks that shameful “ennoblement” brings.

    The Deil looks after his ane, after all.

  65. onelessday says:


    Just read the following from The Herald

    Due to demand, the Aye text line to subscribe to The National closed at 2pm.

  66. Effijy says:

    This link can take you a site where you can send “Broon Gravy” a fond farewell.

    Flipper Darling, Dud Murphy, an Broon Gravy would have made a great 3 Stooges tribute act. Sorry to see the socialist millionaires leaving the act- with the Tax Payer’s money!

  67. X_Sticks says:


    “Due to demand, the Aye text line to subscribe to The National closed at 2pm.”

    They changed over to the website from 2pm apparently:

  68. mumsyhugs says:

    Perhaps the title should read “Every which way but LOSE” – perfect description for our flexible friends in labour!

  69. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    We’d order extra popcorn for Thursday if we were you, readers.
    More rather a huge supply of rat bait to rid ourselves of the Labour party, I am just sick to the back teeth of their power of principle routine. Prostitutes have more decency

  70. Innerleithen says:

    His greatest shame is the betrayal of Dr. David Kelly and his complicity in his death.

  71. ronnie anderson says:

    @Caz_m sorry to have missed yous BettyB & Jim were round the corner from Duary St talking to DelBoy, could,nt see anyone in the Yes bar went on to the Counting House for a meal> It was like herding cats last nite Jim & myself walked back to the Yes bar, then BriandoonTT & Son & Me walked round again in search of more bodies & again looking for Cactus ,BuggerTP,Thepnr. Next time lads n lasses it has to be a place we all know the (Counting House)Im sick of being accosted by the Coffee cup mob (organized coffee cup mob)I had to growl a few times last nite,& in the company of other Wingers,out to enjoy ourselves & being surrounded with people thusting coffee cups in our faces, thats not the face of Scots we want to be portaid as.

  72. tombee says:


    Only if the twelve on the bus were admiring YES supporters and they were taking him to the nearest tree to hang the lying bastard.

    His name is unworthy of being spoken in the same sentence as that of Alex Salmond.

  73. westie7 says:

    Income tax alone is just pish.
    I’m an offshore contractor, I pay next to feck all in income tax with the majority of my collective taxes being dividend tax and corporation tax.
    Not trying to blaw about my low tax bill just pointing out that for all those offshore workers paid off from staff jobs, coming back as contractors. The revenue from income tax is very diminished…

    That’s unless we get corp tax amongst others

  74. De Valera says:

    So THAT’S what they do all day in the House of Lords, “charity work”.

  75. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Was down with another few from Team InverYESs and had a fantastic day. Didnt manage to meet up as we had to catch train north in the evening. We were down the front, and was flying the saltire until I got told off by the steward, so I waited and flew it again at the end when Dougie Maclean was singing and Alex, Nicola and Stewart et al all came back out. It was quite funny, I was watching Alex and his eyes were following the flag as it was flying back and forth! Bloody steward came back and started moaning again…

  76. Pam McMahon says:
    23 November, 2014 at 12:03 pm
    C’mon, he says he’s quitting while he is “on a high”. That would be the stake up his arse then, elevating him above the other Scottish Labour MPs currently rushing to the comfy benches of the House of Lords.
    Lang may ye’re lum reek, Gordon, with the craw’s nest of your Vow stuffed up your chimney.

    Pam you do realise that ”lang may yer lum reek” means good health and long life?

    Though I don’t wish him harm ……..eeehhhh………..I certainly do not wish him well in fact I would like him to get some sort of comuppance.

  77. thomaspotter2014 says:

    That two-faced backstabbing double dealing lying slimy piss taking worm can find some charity work on the ever increasing foodbanks that him and his treacherous chums have made the shame of Scotland.

    Federal Broon Noser more like!

  78. Chic McGregor says:

    ‘Any which way but Lewis’ or anywhere else in Scotlandshire, North Britain.

  79. Dr Ew says:

    So when recommendations of Mr Smith (whatever
    they may be)
    Are put in bills before the House to be watered
    down like tea,
    To the bafflement of Scotland’s folk, and
    Labourites’ despair
    They’ll look in vain for the guarantor –
    Macavity’s not there!

  80. Sandra Wilson says:

    Feel confident he has been measured for the ermine trimmed robe. Son of the manse indeed. His behaviour and betrayal of the Scottish people is beyond contempt.

  81. Ken500 says:

    Laughing Clown

    £490Billion is raised in taxes in the UK.

    £53Billion is raised in Scotland. Plus Corp tax etc paid through UK HQ’s in City of London on commercial activities in Scotland.

    Scotland needs control of spending.

    No Trident/illegal wars etc. (£1.5Billion) A Tax on ‘loss leading’cheap alcohol. (£1.5Billion). Scotland has lost £4Billion+ in Oil tax revenues. (Increased 11% – £2Billion in 2011Budget).
    Scotland has to pay £4Billion in debt repayment on money it doesn’t borrow or spend.

  82. donald anderson says:

    My son received, unsolicited, voting papers for the Curly, Larry and Mo Deputy Dawg contest from his Tame Union.

    Gordon Brewer was not on the list of candidates.

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