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The prosecution of truth

Posted on January 27, 2021 by

We’ll mostly be watching the trial of Craig Murray today, so there may well not be any proper posts. (It currently looks like this, which is the most we’ll be able to show you.)

We’re EXTREMELY limited in how much we can report, and we’ll be erring on the side of caution. But those of you who aren’t journalists can legally listen into proceedings for yourselves by telephone (yes, we know) by dialling 0207 660 8149 and entering the access code 174 658 1827. Standard-rate call charges apply.

Please note the rules for anyone using this service.

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    85 to “The prosecution of truth”

    1. Ian Brotherhood says:


      Way things are going, persecuted indy activists will only be able to communicate using passenger pigeons and/or smoke signals.


    2. EL Cruden says:

      Having said that, on independence day, we’ve got to light the beacons.

    3. Hugh Jarse says:

      Lady D should be pinning a medal on Craig, for services to justice.

      Darien to Dorian. That could bookend our colonisation.

      Will there be highlights shown on the BBC?

    4. Captain Yossarian says:

      I wish him good luck.

      It’s Scottish law, which should serve the public interest, which is being tested today. Again.

      Why do we have no great Scottish lawyers today? They have become figures of fun. It survived the first 15-years of Holyrood, but the past 5-years with Sturgeon and Swinney in charge, have brought it to its knees.

    5. ScottieDog says:

      I’m assuming they’re not allowed to mention the other journalistic articles relating to the case?

    6. Robert graham says:

      I commented on this on the previous thread and it’s still bloody baffling
      What happened to
      Justice has to be done
      And Justice has to be seen to be done
      Check out the restrictions and dire warnings about commenting on anything regarding Craig’s kangaroo court appearance Craig published a link on his site , the Impression I had was you can listen but don’t even think of saying anything about it or hinting about what’s going on .
      All Lawyers and everyone involved with the legal fraternity should be buried in a deep pit and covered with as much concrete as we could manufacture topped off with their unfathomable legalese baffling bloody twisting of the English language.

    7. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Hoping justice prevails for Craig today and the Judge sees through this malicious attempt at a prosecution by COPFS.

    8. ScottieDog says:

      Listening in, this sounds farcical.

    9. Hugh Jarse says:

      I’m up at the Sheriff in Embra next week as a witness, and there doesn’t seem to be any special measures (the citation doesn’t detail any), just business as usual at the meat grinder.
      ‘Open’ court.

      I’m in the shielding group BTW.

    10. Ruglonian says:

      Leaving my message of best wishes for Craig here, in the hope that he’ll see it later.

      Ian – is there perhaps a market for semaphore training? 😉

    11. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Robert graham – It’s become a delinquent profession, Robert. Simple as that really.

    12. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Ruglonian –

      Dunno, but someone should flag it up as a possibility.


    13. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Banana republics around the world will be sending observers, looking to refine their tricks from the Scot legal system.

      Justice is on its last legs here.

    14. Stuart Macdonald says:

      No semaphore but …—… is perhaps a possibility?

    15. Andrew F says:

      Robert @ 10:51

      As a lawyer, I have to say there are a great many of us who take our professional duties and responsibilities extremely seriously.

      The proper functioning of the law is as vital to a society as a properly functioning media, parliament and government. It’s when these things become corrupted that we have big problems that always end in tears.

      Having said that, I’ve always copped the general criticism as a reminder that we as a profession must adhere to the highest standards and never tolerate those in our ranks who do not. So, no offense taken.

      PS: – How do you stop a lawyer drowning?
      – You take your foot off his head.

      PPS: – What do you call a busload of lawyers going off a cliff?
      – A start.

    16. Stuart Macdonald says:

      oh …- – – … spaces needed.

    17. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Andrew F – ‘The proper functioning of the law is as vital to a society as a properly functioning media, parliament and government. It’s when these things become corrupted that we have big problems that always end in tears’.

      Couldn’t agree more. Well said. We are very far away from that aren’t we. Perhaps more so now than at any time in our history.

      John Swinney will be hunting for ‘Andrew F’ right now. You do know that, don’t you?

    18. Sharny Dubs says:

      @andrew F.
      What’s the difference between your lawyer and your bank manager?
      When you die your bank manager will stop screwing you.

      Two lawyers walking down the street one indicates a beautiful young lady and remarks “I’d like to f*#k that”
      After a moments consideration his colleague asks “out of what?”

    19. Flower of Scotland says:

      James Doleman on twitter about the case. Piece by piece.

    20. Feliks says:

      Good to see that Rev has been acknowledged as a journalist. Was it the English courts in the Assange case, or the Scottish ones that denied Craig access as a journo?

    21. Andy Ellis says:

      O/T apologies but I’m sure many will be interested to see this:

      Doubtless much wailing and frothing will ensue from the Twitler Youth and the other usual unsavoury subjects in the wokosphere?

      Humza better batten down the hatches: he’ll be in the sights of Wokus Dei now. I wonder if he’ll get the same abuse that was doled out to women like Joanna and Joan McAlpine and have a red target put on his picture? Going by the woke modus operandi he’ll be monstered as anti Semitic next: that seems to be the next step in the zoomer play book?

    22. Annie 621 says:

      Thank you Stu, as always..

      Good man Craig, we’re all with you.

    23. Andrew F says:

      I’m in Australia and couldn’t care less what Swinney thinks or wants.

      Sharny – ha, ha.

      – A rich old man is about to die so he calls his three closest advisors to his bedside. His doctor, his lawyer and his priest.

      He says “I know they say you can’t take it with you, but I don’t want to leave this world without my money. I’m giving you each a suitcase with $1 million cash in it and you must promise me that after my coffin is lowered into the grave, and just before the garve is filled in with dirt, you will each put $1 million dollars in with me.”

      They all promise. The old man soon dies. At the funeral they each approach the grave before it is filled in and place their suitcases in.

      Later, at their private wake, the priest looks troubled. After a while he says to the others “I can’t keep this to myself, I didn’t put all the cash in the grave. I kept $500,000 for the children at the orphanage.”

      The doctor says “I have to admit that I gave $750,000 to the new children’s hospital despite making my promise.”

      The lawyer looks back and forth between the two and says “I can’t believe it. We are his most trusted advisors and we made a solemn promise to carry out his wishes, and you two cheated on that wish.”

      The other two look ashamed and ask the lawyer if he carried out the instructions.

      The lawyer says “Of course I did. I wrote that cheque myself and personally put it in the suitcase this morning.”

    24. David Caledonia says:

      I was speaking to a lawyer a few years ago at greenock sheriff court, he is a very friendly guy and we get along pretty well with each other, I have been involved in a couple of cases there that did not go the distance as they where just malicious fecking lies by stupid ignorant women.
      Anyway, one day I was speaking to him at the court and i said to him, see when lawyers stand up in court to speak, they should start their stories with once upon a time, and he bust out laughing cause he new its all a game they play

    25. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Surely it looks good for Craig Murray. Dorian seems sensible. As for Auld Nic??

    26. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      The trial is over, after just 90 minutes (same length as Mark Hirst’s). Unless he did so in the very first couple of minutes before I got logged in, Craig did not speak at all during it. Nor did Lords Menzies or Turnbull. Nothing in the way of evidence was presented publicly. Lady Dorrian will now consider the case and give her judgement at an unknown future date.

      I was quite impressed with her overall, seemed serious and fair. The Depute Advocate was a bit weak and Craig’s QC John Scott rather waffly. Goodness knows how it’ll go. We can but trust in justice.

    27. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Andrew F – John Swinney has his platoon of fusiliers stationed everywhere. All over the world. They’re on your case now. Plod Alba will visit you and confiscate all of your computer equipment. Be respectful and be afraid, Sir. Please.

    28. David Caledonia says:

      I was at ayr sheriff court a few years ago attending a case about police assault against two young lads, the lads had made a complaint against two police officers.
      Funny enough there where 3 police officers, they put up one that the lads had not complained about, and each one of them had their own QC and they tried their best to shit on the whole proceedings and actually made the whole thing into a farce
      Of course the three of them where found not guilty, yes even the one that no complaint had been made against, the lads lawyer never asked any of these three liars any questions as he new the whole thing was piece of shite, no jury , just a stupid fart acting and pretending to be a judge.
      After the case was over I had a few words with the lads lawyer who was a very nice guy btw.
      I said to him, is that what they call justice in this country, and he said with a wry smile, that’s how it goes and walked away, a decent man and lawyer being put through what can only be called a farce and an affront to justice

    29. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Andrew F 11.10am

      Well said sir, there are some good folk around but the head honchos don’t inspire any respect I’m afraid.

    30. Robert graham says:

      Oh fk me gently
      Anyone from the Legal world decipher the Twitter blow by blow account from Craig’s trial , plain English would be appreciated , shite dressed up as English with lipstick on is still shite .
      Anyone actually any the wiser of what has just transpired or are we forever forbidden to comment
      As for this bloody jigsaw pish it was the SNP Scottish Government that put these women in the position they are so making it more difficult for anyone in the future to come forward with a complaint , as for the restrictions in place personally it just looks stupid and farcical , yer free thought and speech has been strangled by the thought police aided and abetted by our trusted SNP Government.
      What the duck happened to the good honest party I once supported we were promised never to return to the way Labour operated by Christ how stupid most of us deceived by these Liars

    31. Breeks says:

      I’m just going by James Doleman’s Twitter commentary, and have the uncommon experience of feeling optimistic.

      It kinda reads like the prosecution’s heart wasn’t really in it, but don’t take that as gospel. It’s just my interpretation.

      The scary thing is what’s at stake. The fact there’s a trial at all means normal rules of logic and reason don’t necessarily apply.

    32. David Caledonia says:

      Greenock sheriff court one day

      A guy was called out, ha had been found in the west end of greenock with 6000 quids worth of heroin
      His lawyer stood up and said he bought it with a legacy from his mother and it was for his own use ( aye right ).
      The judge asked this lovely law abiding fellow to stand up, then the judge said, if you are going to spend your mothers legacy in this way I don’t want you in my court, get out
      Have you ever seen a crowd at a football match give a huge moan when a penalty is missed, that was the sound of all the people in the court that day when a heroin dealer was allowed to walk free, I wonder what he did to get a free pass from that clown on the bench with the silly wig and a face like a bag o plums

    33. `We can but trust in justice.`


      just spat my cappuccino all over my chrome book.

    34. Sylvia says:

      Breeks @12:26 – I am with you.

    35. Eileen Carson says:

      Yes I agree with you Rev. Lady D seems to be fair, knowledgeable and unbiased, the best of today’s showing on what I could see from this thread

    36. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Graf Midgehunter – Andrew F is commenting from Australia. I have no doubt that in Australia the government, judiciary and press all work well and reasonably independently. Not so here and that’s the problem.

    37. Robert graham says:

      Well said David Caledonia
      your comment raised a smile and oh how bloody true
      Ha Ha very good

    38. Lothianlad says:

      If there was any justice, the perjurers would be in the doc. Not innocent men.

      Innocent men who have been framed by liars and a corrupt establishment

    39. iain mhor says:

      I’ll just mention the Advocate General attempting to float the line that a ‘Publisher/Moderator of any social media is responsible for the comments on that media’.

      That may appear a throwaway in among the rest of the meat of tbe matter today, but I’d keep a weather eye on it.

      That principle has been tried elsewhere (globally) and what a stooshie that caused. It is a principle which now does stand in law in many countries – though usually and primarily it deals with ‘defamation’ (such as under s.1(2) of the Defamation Act 1996)

      Whether that principle will fly in Scotland, applied to other aspects of the law, such as this case (publishing material aiding jigsaw identification) remains to be seen.

      That is to say, it may not have to consider only whether the pubished article (and intent) itself was in breach, but whether any of the published comments were.

      I dare say that underpins the Revs cryptic article recently, about the ‘person who cannot be named’ – not merely in the accusatory sense, but literally the name not being published in any conetxt.

    40. Garavelli Princip says:

      Win or lose, the Crown’s aims have been accomplished: put an honest, public-spirited reporter through months of hell and expense through a vexatious prosecution.

      That’ll larn them!

      They tried it on with Mr Hirst – put him through months of hell and destroyed his livelihood

      They have already admitted “malicious prosecutions” in the Rangers case. They have form.

      This is a seriously corrupt, pernicious and oppressive organisation.

      I hope Stuart’s assessment is correct and that the judges at least retain some probity and honesty.

      Something will have to be done about COPFS.

    41. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Cursory reading of Garavelli. Why is she not in the dock? Rhetorical ?n

    42. Yasmin says:

      Most of the lawyers particularly the corporate and banking toffs are English or very pro English establishment. I know this from applying to such firms in the past. In fact my pro Scottish sentiments always resulted in some form of disapproval. It’s not just the media that needs an overhaul but these disloyal lawyers need packing of to London.

    43. Marie Clark says:

      Breek 12.26 Yes I agree with you cautiously optomistic for Craig, but you never know with that shower. Fingers crossed.

    44. Effijy says:

      I tried to research the phone number on Google
      as I think it’s a London number.

      I found this –

      Early Morning Prayer – Ipswich International Church
      Dial 0207 660 8149 (clicking on this link from a mobile will auto dial the access code); Access code: … Click Here for dial in numbers from abroad.

      We are praying for common sense and justice for Craig after all.

    45. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Effijy it is a london number. Why not an Edinburgh one I wonder. Obvs we don’t have the tech knowledge or the control to deal with it??

    46. Robert hughes says:

      The speed with which things have been concluded suggests – optomism- that there is no case to answer , or – pessimism – he’s already been found guilty .

      I’m leaning towards the former . Maybe the Crown Office , having not exactly covering itself with judicial glory of late , has decided a conviction would further add to the perception of something being seriously amiss with it’s functioning .

    47. T.C. Nu says:

      David Caledonia@11:58

      ‘I was speaking to a lawyer a few years ago at greenock sheriff court….they should start their stories with once upon a time…’

      Ah, the ‘Wisnae Castle’ (If you don’t know the building, google images…), where every working day it’s The Wonderful World of Wisnae….’Once upon a time, it wisnae me’.

      Wisnaeland: Disneyland, but Greenock style….

    48. Xaracen says:

      I suspect the speed was largely to do with the lack of witness giving testimony.

    49. Donibristle says:

      listened in until the end.
      It’s an affront that this has been allowed to get into court. We didnt hear the evidence that had been submitted, but the gist of the why seems to be based on very weak argument.Well over 300 on Webex and 100 or so by phone they said. More than they could have squeezed into a court normally. Craig was well supported, and can only hope that common sense and justice prevail.Fingers crossed !!

    50. Mountain shadow says:

      And how many tens of thousands of pounds did this cost for 1.5 hour appearance in court?

    51. Hugh Jarse says:

      Tens MS ?
      6 figures 4 sure.

    52. Flower of Scotland says:

      Oh, here we go. Targeting Kenny McAskill now? Get your helmet on Kenny! Can see Sturgeon animated about a BAD Kenny!

    53. Mac says:

      Speaking of Craig Murray I am quoting this from his recent article “An Incredible Omission”.

      “It is important to remember that right from the outset of the plot, the accusers were knowingly planning to exploit the court granted anonymity routinely accorded to alleged victims of sexual assault, in order to facilitate their plan. As evidenced by the text from the Woman who Wasn’t There to another accuser-to-be that read:

      “I have a plan and means we can be anonymous but see strong repercussions””

      I understand the point Craig is making about planning to exploit the anonymity rules but does that statement above not also strongly suggest that their accusations were also totally made-up.

      They clearly were not accusers at that point and why would one of them have to explain ‘her plan’ to the other if both had genuinely had they experiences they claimed they did in court.

      That reads to me that they manufactured accusations in order to achieve the anonymity they needed. One of them hatched the plan, explained it to the other, who then agreed and went along with it.

      These two in particular really look like they are guilty of perjury and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. I doubt they are alone.

    54. McDuff says:

      So the police and COPFS are standing in a street and to the right of them a crime is being committed.
      To the left of them the exact same crime is in progress.
      Now the police have the men to arrest both but decide to ignore one and arrest the other. Now realistically is that what would happen? Of course not, both would be arrested.
      So there is a reason why in this case only Craig Murray was arrested,that can only be because he supported AS and this can only have been done at the highest levels of the police and COPFS.

    55. Breeks says:

      iain mhor says:
      27 January, 2021 at 12:37 pm

      I’ll just mention the Advocate General attempting to float the line that a ‘Publisher/Moderator of any social media is responsible for the comments on that media’.

      That may appear a throwaway in among the rest of the meat of tbe matter today, but I’d keep a weather eye on it…

      If I recall corresctly, I seem to remember Craig Murray himself commenting on his blog that the Lord Advocate was trying to invent a charge to somehow make him responsible for what people said in their BTL comments… As in, it wasn’t enough to regulate the comments, you were still meant to be accountable for what the general public might say on the internet.

      Crystal ball territory….or alternatively, Scotland’s Lord Advocate vs The Internet.

      You don’t know whether to laugh, or scream Fascism.

    56. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      FlowerofScotland 1.24

      Macaskill. What’s this about??

      So quick?

    57. Kenny says:

      Lothianlad at 12:35 pm:

      If there was any justice, the perjurers would be in the doc. Not innocent men

      Having recently read Alistair Bonnington’s quite damning article on events surrounding the Scot Gov/Salmond proceedings, it strikes me that all of the Scottish legal profession are fully cognisant with the unsavoury nature of the whole Sturgeon/Wolffe kit and kaboodle – of course they are! – and that, over time, all will be brutally exposed.
      I would postulate that any distinguished member of that legal profession, if required to adjudicate, has decided – long ago – to have no truck with any pending or future prosecution of ordinary members of the public as, to be party to such prosecution would be to be tainted by it – the other side will soon be in the dock.
      Apart from that, the charges – as per usual – are ridiculous.

      My money’s on Murray walking, sending a further ‘shaky-peg’ reminder to the Sturgeon/Wolffe gang.

    58. Albert Herring says:

      “the Lord Advocate was trying to invent a charge to somehow make him responsible for what people said in their BTL comments”

      Actually he wants to hold him legally responsible for replies to his Twitter posts.

    59. Strathy says:

      So, 312 other ‘bona fide members of the media’ joined Stuart on Webex.

      Also, there will be some that didn’t register in time and had to telephone in instead.

      That is quite some media interest.

    60. Breeks says:

      Albert Herring says:
      27 January, 2021 at 1:45 pm

      Actually he wants to hold him legally responsible for replies to his Twitter posts…

      Aye, you’re right Albert, thank you. That rings a bell… It was the Lord Advocate vs Twitter right enough…

    61. Colin Alexander says:

      I listened in on the telephone.

      I found myself agreeing with issues raised by the court regarding the Crown’s case against Craig Murray.

      There are three strands to the Crown’s case against Mr Murray which are detailed on Craig Murray’s blog.

      It sounded to me like those strands of the Crown’s case were beginning to unravel under the court’s scrutiny.

      The court is in avizandum, which means they have already finished hearing evidence and arguments and will now consider their ruling.

      The court will issue a written judgment.

    62. Breeks says:

      Kenny says:
      27 January, 2021 at 1:42 pm

      Having recently read Alistair Bonnington’s quite damning article ….. over time, all will be brutally exposed.

      Yup, I agree Kenny.

      Reposting link to the Article itself…

    63. Daisy Walker says:

      Some very pointed and relevant questions from .lady Dorian… loved her use of the Scots word ‘scunnert’.

      Given that the internal market bill/let’s redraw the acts of union, including doing away with Scots law, has been ongoing since the trial of AS… one might ask if the Scots legal profession has also been keeping a weathered eye on the big picture.

      Wonder if Lady Dorian has a spider broach?

    64. Eileen Carson says:

      @Daisy Walker 1:58 yes she does! She’s on my list of heroines.

    65. James Horace says:

      It appears that Craig Murray has just pressed the nuclear button on Twitter

    66. Polly says:

      ‘I suspect the speed was largely to do with the lack of witness giving testimony.’

      Yes I think so and because the facts are really not disputed between the two sides, merely the intention behind the articles. Whether there will be a quick decision is more unlikely since there will be much for them to go over. The crown didn’t make a good case in answer to her question of why they didn’t take action before the trial but I wonder if their answer was in relation to something not public which they will consider behind closed doors. She may have seemed fair and no doubt will be but I’m more worried this time than for Hirst and fear if not the full offence then a partial upholding of it might occur. I wish Craig all the best and hope the duration he has to wait for an answer isn’t too long.


      The change to include freedom of expression in HCB by Humza, though good as Cherry says, still included cross dressers in with the trans identity which isn’t so good.

    67. Andrew F says:

      Captain @ 12:33

      I hope you’re being sarcastic.

      I’ve been following this site for a few years and am horrified at what the SNP is doing, but Australia isn’t any paragon either.

      The establishment media is stuffed across the western world – it’s only the alternative media that offers hope at present.

      In my opinion too many politicians are bad for the rare decent ones to outweigh – but I don’t totally abandon hope yet that better ones might get elected (see: properly functioning media/alternative media.

      In my area, law, I come across scoundrels but the majority of lawyers and judges are genuine in my experience.

    68. LaingB French says:

      Here’s a story concerning the police tricks. Sunday afternoon I’m playing some jazz through professional 7watt monitor speakers. no bass response as they are designed for vocals and tonality. anyway 3:10 pm two cops turn up. I answer the door and the female sergeant starts shouting to turn the music down. I ask why are you shouting in a normal voice. “you can hear it down the street”, (a slight exaggeration as the small living room window was open and you could here it as you approached my building).
      I invited her in and she became belligerent and kept shouting , I spoke in a normal voice back to her and she said she would report me to the council, to which I told her this is a privately owned flat. she couldn’t care less.
      I reported her to PIRC. during the chat with PIRC they said numerous complaints. So I checked with the neighbors and nobody complained or wasn’t in their house on that particular day. turns out NUMEROUS meant the 2 cops that turned up. its all about INTERPRETATION not the truth. she actually was answering a different complaint and fucked it up by heading to me instead. Remember cops aren’t super intelligent so don’t be a smart ass with them be calm and wait to see what damage you can cause afterwards legally.

    69. Cath says:

      Will there be highlights shown on the BBC?

      Kirsty Work is working on a documentary detailing his guilt as we speak.

    70. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Andrew F – I know a senior Glasgow lawyer who has been horrified at what the SNP have been doing for the past 6-years.

      What you are seeing now is that the tipping point has been reached.

      I agree with you about the media and this site has been exceptional – prize winning investigative journalism in my view and we are all fortunate it exists.

      Like you, I have travelled around a bit and this is the most delinquent government, civil-service and legal profession I have ever come across anywhere in the world. We have reached this point in stages, we have crept along gradually getting worse.

      I understand that Scotgov gagging orders are being thrown around like confetti at the moment, but when the right number of confirmed stories are available to the press, they will all publish. Gagging orders will not mean a thing.

      Unfortunately for us, it is the English press and not the Scottish press who will run with it.

      There was a similar situation with the Westminster expenses scandal a few years ago. Gagging orders one minute; next minute every newspaper in the country ran with the story. Some MP’s received jail sentences as a result of it.

      You’ll agree that this story eclipses Westminster expenses a hundred times over.

      I reckon if this were going-on in England, there would be calls for a General Election.

    71. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      Think this is what the Twat in the Hat was referring to?

    72. Boaby says:

      Maybe not so much off topic
      Wee glasgow guy went to see the pope at bellahouston park, the pope spoke to him and asked him how he was, i’m having trouble with my hearing the wee guy says, after laying his hands on him and saying a prayer, the pope says, how’s your hearing now? The wee fella replies, i dont know….its not till next wednesday.

    73. F. McRae says:

      Never before have I been so pleased to have donated money on numerous occasions, beyond my subscription, to Craig Murray’s blog, and his court case. There now is the information laid bare for the country to read, and no matter how badly NS comes out of this, the boil is lanced, there’s an awful amount of pus to be drained yet, but it’s open, and it shall be drained, then allowed to heal. Alex was stitched up, I think the fact he is so honest is what saved him. Alex didn’t have to back track on his evidence because it was the truth, it was the accusers and the staged version of “truth” which needed to be doubled back on…. What a complete Kirn.

    74. robertknight says:

      Most worthwhile and enlightening 25 minutes I’ve spent in a good while…

    75. Marie Clark says:

      WOW Craig Murray, that’s some read. Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach at what’s been going on. The soone all this hits the fann the better. The Stable is in sore need of a good muck out.

    76. James Che. says:

      Ot but interesting,
      If you wait 24 hours or so you soon find topic we discuss here becoming headlines in a few newspapers,
      They certainly trying to keep abreast of which way the independence moves next, and notable try to thawrt it before it grows, I note the Scotsman doing this on the right to self determination today. Having been discussed here first,
      While you supposed journalist are here perhaps you would like to print your own word and discussion, your own theory on how only two countries signed the 1707 treaty of the union, and point out which [article] says that the parliament of uk will become the sole successor of the treaty of the union for England. Which [ article] states that the treaty becomes null or void for the country of Scotland, only
      If Osborne believes the original treaty is to be the one that binds Scotland and England together, and can not be altered, then Scotland has the “ right” to end the treaty if it is altered by uk parliament beyond its recognised agreement.
      When universities in Scotland agreed to alter part of that treaty without question to the ramifications of the treaty regards religion with all the other alterations that may be added made by uk parliament alone and effecting trade and taxes.
      The treaty in its function has been made null, void and obsolete, it has not stood the test of time under the stewardship and care of the uk parliament. It has been mismanaged.
      The treaty has been shown to have suffered great abuse. And as The uk parliament has shown in the past, it has a familiar habit of breaking treaties,
      It is far to late in the day, for the uk parliament to retain its position that it has not stretched and abused the original 1707 treaty into an attempt to subsume the only other country that signed, Scotland.
      Every country in the world that has participated in any treaty can withdraw from that treaty if they find that the treaty has been seen to have abused by one of the party signatories.
      We observe time and again the uk media and the parliament of Great Britain attempting to be the sole owner of the 1707 treaty that most definitely belongs To two countries,
      Without Scotland’s agreement Great Britain’s Parliament does not And and cannot exist. The parliament of Great Britain is as a result of an agreed contract namely a treaty, if that has been altered or manipulated to favour one side more than the other over years after the agreed contract was signed, it simply can no longer legally be construed as a legal document in its original form. Perhaps England does not hold fast to Scotland, but Scotland holds fast to England if obligations of the 1707 treaty are to be adhered to.
      Perhaps we will see this play out as a discussion in the MSM soon, we usually have to wait a little while, so they can catch up,

    77. Daisy Walker says:

      Craig Murray is a very brave man, we are very lucky to have him.

      That is one hell of an article, and some outstanding investigative journalism.

      Hope it goes just today at court. Got your back in any event.

      To all the My Party Right or Wrong / We Luv Nicola brigade – sort yourselves out. This level of corruption is abhorrent, indecent, incompetent – and was aimed at the guy who has done more for the Indy movement than all of us put together.

      Awful and wicked. You fail to cry this out, and sit quietly on the sidelines, and you are complicit and just as dirty as the main players.

    78. Polly says:

      ‘I hope you’re being sarcastic.’

      No. That particular poster always slags off all Scottish institutions while lauding all those elsewhere, especially in England. And calls for full English takeover of Scottish processes.

      He has no belief of anything good here in the last 6 years, everything having deteriorated beyond the point of saving. Undoubtedly there are problems here, as elsewhere, as you are fair and unbiased enough to understand and state, but not everything here is bad either, any more than it is elsewhere.

    79. Graf Midgehunter says:

      For new visitors and probably a lot of regulars who are still wondering what’s going on at the so called “Salmond Inquiry”.

      Alistair Bonnington’s review of the situation in the Scottish Legal News, is a MUST READ to start to understand how the SNP/SG is corrupting the process of inquiry and quite simply taking all SNP members and the general public for idiots.

      It stinks worse than a blocked-up sewer and drips of skin saving desperation.

      Crossing my fingers for Craig M. 🙂

    80. Nally Anders says:

      Well said Daisy W.
      Wow just wow. Well done Craig Murray.

    81. robertknight says:

      “Independence Blogger and Former Diplomat Submits Papers to Scottish Court Claiming Conspiracy to Jail Salmond”

      Said no mainstream media outlet, anywhere, ever!

      The deafening silence tells you all you need to know about the SNP Leadership and the Establishment.

    82. Annie 621 says:

      Andrew F…Brilliant!

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