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Far From The Maddie Crowds

Posted on April 06, 2024 by

Holiday Boy is at the golfing again, so instead of a cartoon here’s something real that’s far bleaker than even he could come up with.

Because that insipid collection of about four dozen wee baldy white men is, upsettingly, the real government of Scotland.

Wings of course is a site edited by a wee baldy white man, so that’s not a hate crime, just an observation of how spectacularly un-diverse the Scottish Greens Conference – of which the above, happening this morning in Edinburgh, is a picture – is.

As far as we can observe from watching the live stream there isn’t a single non-white face among the pitiful handful gathered in the mostly-empty Riady Lecture Theatre (it has 16 rows of seats, so you’re seeing most of it in that pic). There are also precious few women, almost nobody under 40 and, interestingly, not even one person with blue or pink or purple hair.

That’s because they’re probably all in the city centre screaming at feminists.

There is in fact NO “counter protest” happening on the Mound, because the event the masked Scarecrow Stormtroopers are attempting to intimidate and disrupt isn’t a protest against anything. It’s just some women getting together to speak about stuff in public, but we know how intolerable the transgender movement finds that as a concept so they’re trying to drown it out again, using every last ounce of intellectual might and “trans joy” at their disposal.

Wings readers may be familiar with “Cabaret Against The Hate Speech”, seen in that clip, from the previous Let Women Speak event in Glasgow. A viciously misogynistic gay stripper and drag queen called Tom Harlow, he also inhabits an “entirely separate character” called Merman Tom who is very keen to talk to your children, ideally while half-dressed as a Disney character or a My Little Pony.

Tom’s absolute favourite hobby is heckling rape survivors.

His abuse of women gathering at a Filia conference in Glasgow last year earned him the condemnation of the First Minister himself.

But even that doesn’t stop SNP and Green politicians alike promoting this walking, talking assemblage of paedophilia red flags.

And the reason for that is that Yousaf, just like Nicola Sturgeon before him, is so pathetically weak and paranoid that they’ve both put the SNP under the command of the eight Scottish Green MSPs, who now effectively run the Scottish Government because the SNP are irrationally terrified of a vote of no confidence, despite having run minority governments from 2007-11 and 2016-21.

Fortunately, as we write this post it appears that Harlow and his malodorous masked micro-mob of woman-hating, lesbophobic shriekthugs may be losing their appeal, with Edinburgh police shrinking the area initially set aside for the “counter-protest” after just a handful of mostly-male malcontents with megaphones showed up.

Bullies never can bear being outnumbered, or laughed at.

We still wouldn’t entirely rule out a sudden late influx of taxis from the Craiglockhart Building to boost their ranks. The Scottish Parliament doesn’t sit on Saturdays. But by the looks of things, even if they added the entire attendance of the Scottish Greens conference they’d still be getting an absolute thrashing.

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0 to “Far From The Maddie Crowds”

  1. Mark Beggan

    The counter culture has countersunk.

  2. David Hannah

    What a repulsive little obnoxious man. I hope Posie Parker speaks freely. Carabet against hate crime. Who the hell is he kidding? He is the hate crime!

  3. David Hannah

    Excellent work as ever. Wings Over Scotland. Outstanding. Delighted to continue funding your defence of Scotland’s freedoms and liberties. We will never be silenced. God bless you and long live Scotland and her freedom.

    The irony is that the SNP is now the party that hates freedom. We must resist.

    Good luck to the women having conversations in public today! I support them and everything they are standing for!


    Does being quite indifferent as to what «queers» get up constitute bigotry?
    Infantile exhibitionism would seem part of that «brand».
    An act as trite as the gayspeak.

  5. Ruby

    Thanks so much for the photos Stu.

    I really want to be there but I’m tied up.

    Inspired by Gussie Grips women are making Hate Monster Merkins!

    Brilliant. Any chance of photos? 🙂

  6. Mark Beggan

    The Police are in attendance at this meeting. Taking DNA sample for the Database.

  7. David Hannah

    BTW the hate monster costume is brilliant. Police Scotland are a laughing stock. They really are. Dorothy Bain won’t have enough space in the female jail to lock up all of those free speaking women.

    I’m proud to call myself Scottish today. Proud to say. I stand with my sisters. Hold you head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark.

    You’ll never walk alone!

  8. Ruby

    Hoorah! The sun in shining in Edinburgh!

  9. Mark Beggan

    Correction Rev:

    Half a dozen of these blokes thought they were at Easter Road.

  10. Ruby

    David Hannah
    6 April, 2024 at 1:31 pm

    BTW the hate monster costume is brilliant.

    Did you see the the hate monster on his scooter doon at Holyrood looking to see if Humza could come oot to play?

    Totally brilliant!

  11. Boudleaux Merkin

    Please keep shining a light on these disgusting creatures,Rev.
    I notice most of them wear masks:is that legal? I think they should be made to show their faces.I suspect a lot of them would not like that at all.

  12. dearieme

    I have recently learnt that potatoes are ambisextrous. Presumably “Greens” know all about that sort of stuff.

  13. Stuart MacKay

    So Humza. You still think you can control them?

  14. ABruce

    Is the “Yer teas oot Humza” tune posted yesterday by Dave Lukewarm, being played. It deserves to be blaring out at every event. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  15. John C

    As an elected official should Allys Mumford really be whipping up hate against women and LGB people? A decade or so ago this would have been a sackable offence, and certainly they’d be out the next election. Now it’s a badge of pride. It’s insane.

    As for Tom Harlow, he’s one of the many, many people who is a clear and outright misogynist but has managed to worm his way into some position of power in Scotland instead of being run out of public life. Like many of these people they can’t see their own prejudices or bigotry thinking that they’re above all of that. They seriously think they’re antifascists but in reality they’re the fascists.

    As for the Greens, ever since the Aimee Challenor case they’ve been riddled with Trans activists who have pushed the party further and further away from eco-socialism towards this new type of capitalist politics dressed in supposed progressivism not to mention an authoritarianism that would make Thatcher baulk.

    I’m glad LWS has went well today & especially glad to see Harlow’s band of freaks and bigots being drowned out by huge crowds of decent, normal people discussing women’s issues with other women not to mention all those men and LGB people who come to support LWS. I also wish the police would start acting when groups of angry masked men turn up threatening and shouting at women. As some have said, if this was a football crowd half of them would be in the cells faster than you could breathe. It’s within the law for the police to act but they never do.

  16. Anton Decadent

    ANTIFA not really covering themselves in glory via providing muscle for misogynists across the globe.

    Which takes us to the Greens who also seem to be middle class radicals using environmentalism as a front. If you read up on the Frankfurt School what you find is a group of Marxist Zionists who, in the case of Willi Munzenberg, went around Western countries buying up cinemas, galleries, theatres and youth clubs to use as front operations and who said “we will make the West so corrupt that it will stink.”

    That scooter footage was superb 🙂

  17. John C

    Also, today is ‘International Asexuality Day’ which is both hilarious and pathetic at the same time. They genuinely see themselves as a minority that’s oppressed, instead of being narcissists looking for oppression points to make themselves feel special. At least the Straight Edge scene in Punk had music to back it up.

  18. Mark Beggan

    Yer teas oot Humza!!

  19. silverfox

    Where can I buy a Wings flag

  20. David Hannah

    Listening to Posie Parker on youtube. She says that Dave who tucks his penis into his mother’s nickers is not a minority. Hahaha.

    Get it up them. No chicks with dicks in our female only spaces!

    “A woman doesn’t have a penis. A man doesn’t have a vagina. Non binary doesn’t exist. And transitioning children is child abuse.”

    Well said Hen. What a brilliant straight talking woman she is. She said the cops were very protective of her to be fair. Well done to Edinburgh police officers. It’s your leaders in Holyrood that have failed you!

  21. David Hannah

    “You can say a man is not a woman in North Korea.

    You can say its wrong to cut off the breasts of children in Iran.

    And you can even know what a woman is if you’re in Afghanistan. Unfortunately she’s probably dead. Because up until that point, she isn’t really a human being.”

    How terribly sad. You can’t say these things in Scotland. Otherwise the thought police will inform your employer. They will charge you with Hate Crime.

    Sturgeon’s Blasphemy laws. Really sick. Really twisted. Aunt Lydia Sturgeon and Humza’s hate crime blasphemy law. Scotland has hit rock bottom under this SNP Freedom hating Government. They are on their way out with the Tories.

  22. JB

    One thing which really stood out about those pictures:

    Is that one group freely associated, whereas the other group decided they (largely) had to be masked.

    The masked folks appear to be young men, say under 30. So they gave they gave the impression of being a bunch of thugs set on intimidation. That result being defeated by the low numbers, in the end just looking like thugish fools.

    The sun is still shining in my part of Edinburgh, but the wind is howling…

  23. Henry Wood

    What has happened, just what has happened to Scotland?
    Not too long ago, certainly in my lifetime, such behaviour would have been ruled out of order by the local Police Force and arrests on charges of breach of the peace, lewd behaviour etc., would have taken place and then charges would have been laid by the Procurator Fiscal in the local Sheriff Court.

    Today, it is apparently “celebrated” throughout the land, with celebrations being led by the “High Heid Yins”.

    Enlightenment was never about being permissive about perversions. The present “Endarkenment” as some have named it seems rather apt as some of the norms of today’s society seem to be rapidly descending to dark places. Is it too late to turn back the tide, a rather filthy tide which is leaving unmentionable detritus all over Scotland and not just on the foreshore.

  24. Republicofscotland

    Bang with the analysis as to why the SNP allow the Greens to do what they want, and it will cost the SNP big time at the polls for doing so.

    Harvie was on the news saying that the Greens will stand as many candidates as possible at the next GE, like the SNP we need to make sure that they win SFA.

    Thinking of the SNP and Daddy Bear aka Alyn Smith for a moment, its been revealed that the murdering Zionists have been using AI to kill Palestinian civilians more efficiently, they named their AI killing progammes “Where’s Daddy” and “Lavender” the Zionists found it acceptable that between 25 and 100 civilian deaths can occur if there’s a possibility that ONE Hamas fighter is killed in the process.

  25. Sven

    John C @ 14.55.

    Never mind, John, it’s also Declaration of Arbroath day; and Tartan Day.
    I know which two of the three commerative days I’m celebrating in this house.

  26. David Hannah


    Is the “Yer teas oot Humza” tune posted yesterday by Dave Lukewarm, being played. It deserves to be blaring out at every event. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

    Hahah. Oh can’t stop laughing at that. At least in all the darkness. He canny tell who’s white!

    Check out “A tribute To Humza’s Hate Mate” by Melody Mockery. It’s hilarous.

    That’s how we’ll defeat this hate crime act. Through humour. It’s in tatters. Imagine creating a Hate Crime Act that doesn’t protect women. It’s shocking.

    The Old Firm match tomorrow should be the nail in its coffin. We will not be silenced. We want our freedom back!

  27. Breeks

    Humza Yousaf tells JK Rowling and other hate crime critics to stop ‘peddling misinformation’

    That’s rich coming from the head charlatan of SNP, who’ve been masquerading as a Scottish Independence Party these past ten years.

  28. Republicofscotland

    The SNP government are holding out on our GP surgeries on funding.

    “GPs across Scotland have had the “rug pulled from under them” by the Scottish Government after sustainability loans were suspended

    The interest-free GP sustainability loan scheme was designed to help surgery owners in local communities continue to offer services.

    But a letter dated March 21 said: “The Scottish Government is temporarily unable to process any further tranche one GP sustainability loans.”

    “GPs across Scotland are already at breaking point, and now they have had the rug pulled from under them by the SNP

    “The SNP is tearing up its commitments to general practice and undermining the GP contract that they negotiated.

    “This damaging move will fan the flames of the GP crisis and make recruitment more difficult.”

    “These loans must be delivered along with a real plan to deliver the 800 extra GPs the SNP promised.”

  29. Scot Finlayson

    Was at the Mound this afternoon,
    the whole transcult were a bizzare bunch,lot of obese and many of them seemed to have walking disabilities (puberty blockers ?)
    yon fella Harlow looked like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and his singing jeezo i felt sorry for the microphone.

  30. Mark Beggan

    Hooded thugs intimidating women. Where’s the meat wagon, where’s the batons and handcuffs. Where’s the protection?

    Police Scotland Shame on you.

  31. Confused

    batshitter evergreen would be a good name for a drag act

    while distracted by the hate monster, brent is now 91 bucks a barrel

  32. Mark Beggan

    Branchform is taking so long because they can’t decide wether to charge Sturgeon under the Treason Act or section her under the Mental Health Act.

  33. Campbell Clansman

    The head of the Scottish Police Federation (SPF), David Threadgold, warned that the Hate Crime Act will strain police resources so much that actual crimes will go unpunished.

    The SPF chairman told “The Scotsman”: “At some point in the next financial year, the police service will not do something because of the demand that it’s being placed under now … That will have an impact later on in the year, there’s no doubt about it.”

    This was so easily predictable….. Blame rests on the political parties that voted for the HCA.

  34. Henry Wood

    Scot Finlayson
    6 April, 2024 at 4:12 pm

    “Was at the Mound this afternoon,
    the whole transcult were a bizzare bunch,lot of obese and many of them seemed to have walking disabilities (puberty blockers ?)
    yon fella Harlow looked like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and his singing jeezo i felt sorry for the microphone.”

    I have often wondered why so many – too many? – claiming trans-rights are really so plug ugly? Do they really believe that slapping on some lippy, a bad wig, an ugly dress – *OR* disgusting pink leggings (boak!) – makes them look attractive?

  35. Anton Decadent

    Information on “unofficial collaborators” with the Stasi. How smear would be used to ruin the employment prospects of anyone deemed politically unsound.

  36. James Che

    I found it interesting from a legal point of view that Tom Harlow had not decided what he was, and in this instance he applies the word male to himself claiming He was a mermen, the ” male version” of a “mermaid” , and by default names only two sex catagories,
    At the same time he can be seen visually Heckling women for having been abused and raped by the male version of those two sex species.
    Whilst He was admitting that he considers himself male, in fact one of the male mermen.

    This legally would be a “male” heckling female rape VICTIMS.
    Shame follows you tom harlow,

  37. Dave Hansell

    ” Mark Beggan
    6 April, 2024 at 4:15 pm

    Hooded thugs intimidating women. Where’s the meat wagon, where’s the batons and handcuffs. Where’s the protection?

    Police Scotland Shame on you.”

    Unfortunately, it is not only in Scotland that women (as well as the aged) have no Protected Characteristic status against so called “Hate Crime”. The UK Westminster level system is, arguably worse that that in Scotland in this regard. At least the Scottish Hate Crime Bill Protected Characteristics includes Beliefs other than Religious Belief.

    Someone in the past few days posted a couple of links to the UK Government web sites covering this and as a result I emailed the unit responsible with a number of queries relating to both the lack of protection against hate crime for women and the aged along with clarification as to whether non-religious belief was or was not protected in UK law against hate crime.

    These are the responses I have received:

    Firstly, protection for non-religious beliefs:

    Quote 1:

    “You are correct that in England and Wales, religious hate crime laws only relate to religious belief (including lack of religious belief) and not to other philosophical beliefs. The relevant legislation is the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, section 28, and the Public Order Act 1986, section 29A.

    You point to the case of Alison Bailey. This was a civil case brought under the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act uses a broader category of “religion or belief”. Non-religious beliefs, including gender critical beliefs, are a protected characteristic for the purposes of civil law, but not for the purposes of hate crime laws.

    We considered whether hate crime protections should be extended to non-religious beliefs in our Final Report on Hate Crime Laws (, see paragraphs 7.201-7.277).

    We concluded although there was some evidence of crimes targeted towards individuals on the basis of their philosophical beliefs, this evidence is often sporadic and anecdotal. There was evidence of people being harassed and abused over political beliefs. We identified several issues with the suitability of non-religious beliefs for inclusion in hate crime laws. First, the inclusion of philosophical beliefs could raise issues of freedom of expression, especially in relation to public order and communications offences. Second, “philosophical beliefs” is an evolving concept. It would not be possible either to list exhaustively which beliefs would be covered, or to assess suitability on a case-by-case basis. For instance, there were concerns any such definition would have to cover, for instance, veganism and naturism”

    Secondly, in regard to women and the aged:

    Quote 2:

    “We also considered the inclusion of age and sex in hate crime laws (see Chapter 6). We recognised that both younger people and older people experience criminal targeting. However, consultees were of the view that this can rarely be linked to hostility towards the victim’s age. In particular, crimes against older people tended to be motivated by opportunism relating to the victim’s actual or perceived vulnerability.

    In relation to sex, we concluded hate crime laws should not be extended to cover hostility relating to sex or gender. We thought that requiring additional proof that the defendant was motivated by or demonstrated hostility towards women would be unhelpful and counterproductive in cases of sexual offences and domestic abuse. It would potentially make these prosecutions more difficult and create unnecessary hierarchies between victims. Given that these are two of the most harmful contexts for women, retaining the use of hate crime laws in other contexts would be somewhat tokenistic. We also thought that many instances of conduct raised by campaigners for reform, including public sexual harassment, would not be caught by the hostility test used in hate crime.

    We did, however, conclude that there was a case for extending the “stirring up hatred” offences to cover hatred on grounds of sex/gender. We considered that there was some material – in particular misogynistic “incel” material – which would meet the very high threshold for criminalisation under stirring up hatred laws.”

    To sum up the position being taken.

    It is apparently possible to prosecute Hate Crime on the basis of individually and subjectively defined “sexual orientation” but would be “unhelpful” and create “unnecessary hierarchies between victims” to extend such protection against hate crimes to sex. Which also seems to be incongruously defined as the same as gender.

    This is nonsensical as the exclusion of sex but the inclusion of sexual orientation as a Protected Characteristic by definition creates an unnecessary hierarchy.

    The position outlined is a contradiction in terms. It drives a coach and horses through the basic legal principle of equality before the law. Creating second class citizens out of millions of people and effectively giving immunity from hate crime to a smaller group based not on the objective based criteria of sex but on subjectively defined sexual orientation.

    Moreover, the deliberate lack of protection for age and sex categories means that the only route open to victims of hate crime from these majority non-protected groups is civil law. A route which the vast majority of people do not have the necessary resources to pursue.

    In regards to philosophical beliefs other than religious belief, once again the Official Westminster position is oxymoronic.

    What exactly is someone’s sexual orientation if it is not a philosophical belief defined individually and subjectively?

    Apparently, philosophical beliefs are a protected characteristic if that philosophical belief relates to sexual orientation as defined by the individual only. However, no other philosophical belief gets the same equal treatment in law across the UK.

    Once again driving a coach and horses through the basic principle of English Law – equality before the law.

    Creating the very hierarchies that it is claimed to be attempting to avoid.sive or hateful by

    Meanwhile, in France there is uproar over a similar hate crime proposed law which wants to make it illegal – with fines and jail time – to utter something which might be considered offensive by someone even in the privacy of your own home. And where France goes Belgium tends to follow.

    Existing law in Norway, is also, apparently somewhat draconian in this regard. Seems that the paid political stooges of the Oligarch class across the Collective West have decided to declare total war on the citizenry to maintain total control. Pretty soon it will be a “hate crime” to criticise any and all Official Narratives and elite policies.

    The trans issue merely being the thin end of a much, much larger wedge which is likely to outlaw anything other than total loyalty to the Western elite class.

  38. Hatey McHateface

    @RepublicOfScotland 4:08

    That’s a disappointing post from you. No mention of the Zionists.

    And the subject matter is a shoe in for some kind of “doctor’s plot” connection too.

    I hope you will be back to your usual self soon.

  39. robertkknight

    Society won’t warm to the lifestyle choices of certain individuals not because of what those choices may be, (in reality, nobody cares what consenting adults do behind closed doors so long as it doesn’t involve children or animals), but because they’re narcissist arseholes who have a need to feed off their own persecution complexes and petty vendettas in public.

  40. James

    Awwww…Has wee Johnny nae-mates Main had to invent alter ego Shitey McShiteface so that someone would at last back him up btl?

    Hi-larious, lolz.

  41. Robert Hughes

    Dave Hansell @ 7.05

    ” Seems that the paid political stooges of the Oligarch class across the Collective West have decided to declare total war on the citizenry to maintain total control. ” Exactly right .

    It’s the Globalist mindset approaching extremis ; * they * know their lunatic intentions are becoming apparent to more people and are reinforcing the bunker with heavy Lawfare weaponry , HCBs , attacks on ” Alternative ” sources of information , compliant Big Tech restricting/shadow banning the reach of ” populist ” , ie Not Owned broadcasters & bloggers eg Chris Hedges , Grayzone , Craig Murray et al .

    We can be sure WOS doesn’t escape ” interference ” either : check the never-ending procession of ” Names ” , all spouting the same NeoLib/Con script that’s causing so much havoc in the World .

    This is why I’m so hostile to the E.U – at least in it’s current manifestation . As an entity it is completely in lockstep with the Globalist agenda , inc the * Gender * lunacy – which , I agree , is a wedge being driven into the cohesion of our Societies to further other aims . Maybe it could yet be salvaged n reformed , but , like with SNP , the cancer may be too advanced .

    The idiots in the SNP are being played like penny whistles by forces they are incapable of understanding ; though no doubt some of them know exactly what their part of , and will play their role till the curtain comes down .

    The pursuit and desired achievement of Scottish Independence can’t be separated from all of this .

  42. Republicofscotland

    Hatey McHateface.

    Here ya go.

    Israel has withdrawn its ambassadors and evacuated embassies in about 28 countries amid a high alert that had been sounded by the Israeli foreign ministry in coordination with Israel’s so-called internal security service, Shin Bet. Meanwhile the Israeli Shekel has taken a nose dive, to add to evil Zionists woes several countries which unbelievably includes Canada have suspended weapons sales to the illegal apartheid occupying force known as Israel. However the genocide enabling parliament at Westminster hasn’t taken this step, as ex-PM Boris Johnson says suspending weapons sales to Israel would be insane.

    A bit more on the Zionists use of AI to murder civilians in Gaza, and some other names of their AI systems also used to murder the oppressed people of Palestine.

    “Artificial intelligence (AI) systems currently being used by the Israeli armed forces: The Gospel, Fire Factory, Depth Of Wisdom, Alchemist, Lavender, and Where’s Daddy.”

  43. Republicofscotland


    “A TRANS scout leader suspended for allegedly sharing hardcore porn online has been booted out of a primary school club – and banned from a Cubs’ Easter camp.
    Gavin Horstead, who identifies as Gabby Smith, was employed by The Big Space at Melrose Primary School in Roxburghshire as a carer for kids aged four to 13.”

  44. Spartan 117

    The EcoNazis proving as popular and relevant as ever, it seems. I.e. about as popular, welcome and useful as a catastrophic shart in the middle of a packed train. A bit like the other bizarre characters referenced in this article.

  45. Old Jim

    J.K. Rowling posted online a list of men who choose to describe themselves as “trans women” and in her post she insists that they really are men, not women. In response, Police Scotland explicitly stated that she has not broken the new law. Two questions:

    1. Is that correct so far? Is that what happened, or am I missing something?

    2. Has J.K. Rowling set a legal precedent? In other words, can we now take it for granted that anybody can do what she just did, posting online “So-and-so says he is a woman but in fact he isn’t, he’s a man”? Or do lesser mortals still need to be on their guard?

  46. Agent x

    “Ms Slater said:”I don’t want to live in a country like that. I want to live in a country where everybody can feel safe.”

    Canada is calling.

  47. GM

    Agent x
    6 April, 2024 at 9:36 pm

    “Ms Slater said:”I don’t want to live in a country like that. I want to live in a country where everybody can feel safe.”

    Canada is calling.

    In my opinion that would be a small step forward for the Scottish nation. Hopefully it is true.

  48. David Hannah

    “Gavin Horstead, who identifies as Gabby Smith, was employed by The Big Space at Melrose Primary School in Roxburghshire as a carer for kids aged four to 13.”

    Republic of Scotland. It’s always the ones you most suspect. I wouldn’t go near the Scouts. They really are a creepy organisation. I’d hire females only for the scouts. Scout leaders scare the shit out of me. Red flag instantly.

  49. David Hannah

    She should be deported Agent X. Along with her politics. Send her back to Canada. She’s poisoned the Scottish well. And now big bird risks being sued by industry looking to reclaim upwards of £80 million for the DRS bottle recycling scheme. And the Scottish tax payer pays for it.

    You’ve got to wonder what we pay our taxes for. They’ve destroyed our country. And it’s time we took it back. SNP OUT NOW!

  50. David Hannah

    On the 75th anniversary of NATO, Germany’s defence minister Boris Pistorius hinted at compulsory military service for the nation, citing the ongoing Russia-yookraine war. This is a growing trend in Europe; many countries such as Norway, Denmark and others have either implemented conscription or considering it.

    Latvia has brought back conscription. My fear would be that all the healthy males are sent to fight fellow Christians in the Yookraine. And the migrants move in to take care of your wives and children.

    We need a war on people traffickers and corrupt politicians and not Russians.

  51. David Hannah

    “Sorry darling. Once you go black. You never come back.”

    While you’re frostbitten fingernails hold a sniper rifle in Kharkiv waiting for your face to melt off from a hypersonic missile.

    You’ll say to yourself. Why did I let that happen? The real war is already here on these islands. And that’s the people traffickers.

  52. David Hannah

    Your appendage will never have felt smaller. Holding that sniper rifile in Mariopol. When you hear your wife speaking jive and saying.

    “Oh my days. And you take care. BRUV.” Via Starlink. You’ll know you’ve lost the battle! And might as well step on a landmine and end it all there and then! Because you’ll have lost your country to the illegals Humza wants to give preferential treatment to.

    Time to take our country back. Good to see wings beating the freedom of speech ban. We will not be silenced.

  53. Mark Beggan

    @ Dave Hansel

    With respect you don’t honestly think that I’m going to read this.

    If you could whittle it down to about two sentences please.

  54. Benhope

    Tonight our football highlights will be on BBC at 5 to 12 after match of the day.

    Last night STV ( is that Scottish Television ) from after 7pm to after 10pm showed the ENGLISH women`s football match against Sweden.Earlier the Scottish womens team played Serbia, but there was was no sign of that match on cooncil telly.

    Could there be any more evidence that we live in a colony. Thank you Alf Baird for opening our eyes to what a colony looks like.

  55. Benhope

    Can anyone report if there was a good turnout at the cairn of Willie McRae on th39th anniversary of his murder by the British secret services ?

  56. David Hannah

    “Mohammed’s been very handy around the house. Sweetie. And he’s been very good at delivering pizza and helping with the cost of living crisis.

    And we’ve been able to go on free day trips with his free bus pass and friend. While he awaits being granted asylum residency status – after the war!”

    As you clutch your rosary beads. Your heart sinks into a crumpled heap. Beneath your bloodsoaked Nato Beret. And EU Army uniform.

    Amongst the shrapnel. You’ll say to yourself. May god have mercy on our souls.

    After you say. I wish I’d backed Alex Salmond and the Alba Party plans. For an Independent Scotland, outside of NATO and the EU!

    As you quiver in Kiev. Like a chicken! While your wife is at home enjoying Chicken Kiev in the oven! Halal meat of course!

  57. JockMcT

    Is Transjoy a Hate Crime? Is it even a word ?

  58. Geri

    PMSL at the hate monster costume.

    Good turn out for Posie.

    As for conscription. It’ll not work. People would simply leave the country. 404 can’t even entice their own people back even under threat.

    The EU is the American colonies. They do as they’re telt by uncle Beelzebub. From genocide tae gender fantasy. They reckon upto 1 million 404s need replaced & the EU better stock up on weapons which they just happen to be selling.

    Whits the chances eh? That’s a stroke of luck LOL!

    Listen up people, Beelzebub needs cannon fodder to continue a pointless war & they can’t possibly use theirs. So I nominate cabaret against hate & the Furries. What China needs is a good belt out of “Two Ladies” to scare the bejesus out of it & intae submission tae be just like us. The yoof pampers bridge can do a rendition of “Tomorrow Belongs tae me”

    Everyone is home by teatime.

  59. Geri

    I dunno where the Joy comes from.

    They’re always very angry individuals with a permanent cob on. They don’t exactly ooze joy.
    Maybe it’s code for something entirely different. They’ve an uncanny knack of changing what words mean.

  60. The Flying Iron of Doom

    JockMct says:
    7 April, 2024 at 12:26 am

    Is Transjoy a Hate Crime? Is it even a word ?

    Sounds like a TV series about a crossdressing antique dealer?

  61. Breeks

    Ignored says:
    7 April, 2024 at 12:36 am

    Listen up people, Beelzebub needs cannon fodder to continue a pointless war & they can’t possibly use theirs…

    The “Conscription” thing is curious, because until there are effective countermeasures against drones and Ru$$ian dominance on the battlefield, then Conscription is will simply feed more of your youth, faster, into the same meat grinder. Other than fostering some quasi-Spirit-of-the-Blitz unity through adversity, I’m at a loss to see any strategic objective which conscription would serve.

    I rather suspect conscription is less about actual conscription, and more about causing alarm and fear in the population, and using that to ratchet up the spending on the military. A frightened population will ask fewer questions and swallow paying more tax.

    I’m not even sure it’s related to the battlefield directly. Nevermind any actual war, NATO countries look like they’ll need a degree of mobilisation just to replenish the all the reserves of ordinance and equipment chewed up in Eastern Europe. If that doesn’t come from additional defence spending, then there’s suddenly a big hole in the annual budgets and empty tummies for the warmongers.

    It’s a rod for your own back to go to war but pretend you haven’t, just to fool and deceive your own taxpayers. Such is the contempt NATO governments typically have for their own people. You wonder whether NATO strategists have adopted a “Leucochloridium paradoxum” doctrine for defence, and all NATO nations’ antennae now pulsate in apparent madness to attract their own predation.

    Here’s a thought to scare NATO’s Top Brass; just imagine it’s 1991 again, and the people of Europe express and mobilise their desire to normalise relations with Ru$$ia, and welcome our staunchest Ally through two World Wars as our friends and European cousins with friendship and respect.

    Ru$$ia is NOT the natural enemy of Scotland. Never has been.

    China is NOT the natural enemy of Scotland. I was lucky enough to actually visit China, and found the people tremendously kind and friendly, with Scotland well thought of, or at least capable of redemption, through Eric Liddell’s selfless conducti in WW2.

    Islam is not the natural enemy of Scotland.

    That accolade goes to somebody else. I’ll leave it to you to work it out.

    I ache in my bones to see Scotland stepping out of this dark 300 year long shadow, where we are routinely subjugated and suborned to the do the bidding of Western Warmongers, War criminals, and those complicit in genocide and murderous colonialism.

    Scotland needs to put its own house in order first. And we should start by evicting our obnoxious lodger who acts like he owns the place. Let the Sovereign people of Scotland start determining Scotland’s foreign policy.

    Impeach our Vichy Holyrood, and tear up the colonial Scotland Act which dares to usurp Scotland’s constitutional sovereignty. Scotland has no “First Minister”. No fop on a string, where Westminster holds both ends, but free, and in command of our own decisions.

    Fk Humza, fk Sturgeon, and fk all the other wannabe Gauleiters who’ve destroyed everything the SNP ever stood for.

  62. Spartan 117

    The warmongers are banging the conscription drum for a number of reasons; stuck in the Western Politik of “F**k Around, Find Out”, they’ve got involved in stuff yet again that has f**k all to do with us, all while deliberately depleting their militaries from their Cold War peaks. As breeks says above, its a way of putting the shiters up the population to hand over yet more tax to “bolster” spending (which of course, will merely see said tax funnelled into the pockets of arms dealers, aided by the colosally incompetent MoD.

    Any form of “conscription” would be pointless; there aren’t the arms to supply said conscripts, any deployment would be likely in Eastern Europe resulting in mass refusal as the educated population who value their lives and detest a Government and State that clearly detests them also tell said Government and State to get stuffed.

    The other more worrying reason is that they are genuinely gearing up to send millions of innocent people into a meat grinder for a very convenient depopulation exercise. After seeing their Climate lies and what they did to us during Covid I wouldn’t put anything past these b’stards.

  63. Rab Clark

    Our latest contains contact details for Levy & McRae, the Glasgow legal firm working with the Free Speech Union to defend anyone falling foul of the HCA.

  64. Stoker

    Republicofscotland says on 6 April 2024 at 8:20 pm: “A TRANS scout leader suspended for allegedly sharing hardcore porn online has been booted out of a primary school club – and banned from a Cubs’ Easter camp. Gavin Horstead, who identifies as Gabby Smith, was employed by The Big Space at Melrose Primary School in Roxburghshire as a carer for kids aged four to 13.”

    WTF is it about Melrose and serious dangers to children? Is that not where that “Trans” butcher had his shop? I’ve no idea how true this is but a few years ago i was informed, by a Borderer, that the Scottish Borders has one of the highest concentrations in Scotland (if not the highest) of sex-offenders registered as living here.

  65. Hatey McHateface

    The penny hasn’t dropped BTL, but colour me surprised, it seldom does.

    It’s not you lot that’s going to be doing the fighting. I’ll take a wild guess and claim that few of the regulars posting on here could make it to the bus stop without being out of breath.

    It’ll be the immigrants, incomers and mercenaries, just as it’s them doing much of the useful work right now. And when it’s all over, it’ll be them calling the shots.

    And that will be simple natural justice. People who won’t fight for things of value must naturally give them up to the people that will. It’s the people with little or nothing that are prepared to take the big gambles – sure, they may get killed, but they may also make a success of their life. And it’s that gamble that drove them to leave their third-world shithole in the first place.

    The lessons of history are as crystal clear on this as they are on what happens when a megalomaniac starts picking off neighbouring countries, one by one, whilst banging on about “destiny”, “historical inevitability”, etc.

    One other historical lesson that will repay study. Scotland before WW1 was a very different country to Scotland after. The same holds for WW2. This war will be no different.

    Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

  66. Johnlm

    Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai explains the system pretty well I think in this vid.

    YouTube –
    Dr.SHIVA™: SHATTER THE SWARM. How The Few Control the Many.

  67. Hatey McHateface

    @RepublicOfScotland 8:14

    “Alchemist, Lavender, Big Daddy”

    I’m thinking you’ve got your magazine stashes mixed up.


    People Make Glasgow.
    People Make Scotland or rather some self selecting people make Scotland…might that account for the current state of affairs?
    «if its broke, shrug» how’s that for an election platform?
    Lebanon minus heat, sun and dust?

  69. Stoker

    Agent x posts on 6 April, 2024 at 9:36 pm: “Ms Slater said:”I don’t want to live in a country like that. I want to live in a country where everybody can feel safe.”

    Well, Ms Slater, we don’t want you living here either. So the feeling is very mutual. Bye bye! Oh! BTW! Safe, you say? Can you tell us how many serial killers Canada has compared to Scotland? How many annual murders take place in Canada compared to Scotland? How many rapes take place in Canada compared to Scotland? How many violent assaults take place in Canada compared to Scotland.How many Biker-wars take place in Canada compared to Scotland? How’s Canada’s downtown “skid-row” these days? FFS! I better stop in case i encourage her to stay.

    Ms Slater, please save your bullshit for the idiots who vote for you. Because most of us can see straight through you, from one ear to the other.

  70. Ruby

    Hatey McHateface is well named.

    He hates you but probably hates himself more.

    I’m wonder why the poster formerly known as John Main has chosen Mc & not Mac.

    He hates all things Scottish.

    Fuck him it’s a lovely sunny day here in Edinburgh and everything apart from maybe the prospect of ‘national service’
    all is as normal.

  71. Hatey McHateface

    @Breeks 7:45

    I’m thinking a massive re-armaments programme will be good for jobs, wages, and our local economies.

    It will also focus minds on our dangerous, perhaps suicidal, energy policy, and postpone, maybe even cancel, the drive to net zero. Again, good for jobs, wages and our local economies.

    The “down side”, from your perspective, is that this would be popular with Scots. Good jobs and take home pay, what’s not to like?

    The RF has gone onto a war footing, and the RF people working every hour God gives for good money can’t get enough of it. You’re a great RF admirer, so you’ll have to admit that in every war, some people end up loving it to bits.

    Where you go wrong is in believing, or at least claiming, that it’s only the fat cats who can’t wait to fill their boots. That and your belief that by some miracle of racial development, Scots are somehow different to every other variant of the human race.

    We’re not. We Scots are as bloodthirsty, genocidal, murderous, aggressive, colonialist, treacherous and hypocritical as everybody else. We willingly did it all for ourselves, for hundreds of years, and after the Union, we happily did it for the butcher’s apron. Once again, it’s all there in the historical record.

  72. Hatey McHateface

    @Ruby 10:06

    Google is your friend, but you have to want to find out and learn.

    As for your borderline hatey accusation of hatred, nobody in Scotland hates, thanks to the enlightened FM your decades-long support for the Indy movement has gifted us.

    There are some aspects of Scottishness I certainly feel negatively about though; wilful ignorance, woeful stupidity, and chip-on-the-shoulder denial of facts and reality. As long as Rev Stu is prepared to tolerate attempts to set the record straight on here, I may persist with my efforts.

    You enjoy the Edinburgh sunshine and don’t worry about being conscripted today. I’m off to do the same. You never know though – if you will forgive me assuming your pronouns, national service could make a woman of you!

  73. Ruby

    Mornin’ Stoker!

    More research needed into why there are so many ‘maps’ in Melrose.

    I wonder if any of them have changed their name to Mel Rose?

    I wonder what the thinking is when the ‘trans’ change their name. Why Amy George? Why Heather Herbert? Why MrIdul?

    Has there got to be a clue there that they are men? I’ve no clue if the name MrIdul is masculine or feminine but every time I see it I read Mr. Idul.

    Mel would work that could be short for Melvyn.

    Could also be short for Melaika. I’ve no idea if Melaika is male or female name but it’s a beautiful song originally sung by Miriam Makeba and currently by Angelique Kidjo

    Miriam Makeba

    Angelique Kidjo

    I like both versions. What about you?

  74. Hatuey

    We have dust, Turdabin, try doing some research.

    As for the coming war and conscription talk I see on here… the west is so politically and economically fucked that it probably makes sense. My guess is they are trying to send some sort of signal to Grandmaster Vlad, something along the lines of “we really underestimated you but are willing to double-down on stupid unless you come to the negotiating table…”

    I doubt if they are willing to double-down on stupid though. Everybody knows western democracy is a sham and the whole rotten edifice is run by perverted rich people — they aren’t going to be give up their yachts, caviar, and orgies for a stretch of damp land in the middle of anywhere.

    Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and there’s some lofty principle on the line. Lol. (I didn’t come here intending to be funny but that is quite funny…)

    Anyway, go back to your genetically modified cornflakes. Peace in our time. You won the war and saved democracy. Tell your grandkids what you lived through. Tell them you were brave and played your part (rather than a cowardly cunt who sat and watched as the politicians fucked everything up, including your grandchildren’s chances in this world).

  75. Ruby

    I know I am always rambling way off topic it’s just how my mind works.
    (Hang on! What is the topic?)

    Stoker has got me thinking about the origins of the name Melrose.

    I find the origin of words, names and phrases very interesting. I just learned the origin of the terms ‘piss poor’ and ‘not having a pot to piss in’ this morning.

    Fascinating! I learn something new everyday just by logging into Wings.

    Yesterday I learned about The ‘Compagnons du Devoir’ from Breeks, this morning I learning more about Melrose from Stoker and the origin of these ‘piss’ phrases from Wings Twitter.

  76. Hatey McHateface


    Many people know that you can’t generate wisdom and long term strategy by harnessing millions of daft viewpoints via voting every 4 or 5 years.

    Many people have twigged that the millions of numbskulls who would struggle to wire a three-pin plug can’t be expected to comprehend what it takes to run a first-world country. But give them internet and a smartphone and they’ll happily vent their views all day long.

    As for the sham of western democracy, what word describes the RF equivalent? Do they have parties like Alba in the RF? I might vote Alba this year. Nothing and nobody will be stopping me and that is true of every Scottish voter.

    So how is that a sham?

  77. Ruby

    Are ‘women’ going to be called up?

    There is no law that precludes immigrants from ‘identifying’

    Who says there is no hate in Scotland.

    I hate the fuckers & the cunts!

    Excuse my French.

  78. Robert Hughes

    @ Slava Shiteface

    ” This war will be no different.

    Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride. ”

    That’s right , it will be no different in that cunts like you , who cheerlead the horrible deaths of other people’s family members will enjoy the ” wild ride ” from the ” principled position ” of your comfy armchair 1000s of miles from any ACTUAL battlefield .

    The only ” wild ride ” you would risk is participating in a donkey race on Saltcoats beach . As one of the beasts of burden . ” Stop children , what’s that sound ? ” …….. growl, grunt, squeal, whuffle ,snort , bray …. ach it’s only daft Mainy the Cuddy looking for attention , again .

    You really are a despicable creep ; salivating obscenely at the prospect of a war that will be no more than a video game to you , or so you think .

    Here’s the thing though , Slavering Slava , this war you so long for – if it comes to pass , if the Yankee Psychos & their Euro Vassals really are that unhinged – WILL be ” different ” ; it could turn-out be the actual ” War to end all wars ” , ie after it there will be no more countries to wage them . Get this into your propaganda-addled brainlet …..Rusha will never allow itself to be defeated by the * West * – or any other aggressor- particularly one as flabby , corrupted and morally bankrupt as NATO . War truly is hell ; a hell like the Yanks have never experienced on their own territory awaits if they open that box , the one in which not even Hope will remain .

    I doubt very much the U.S public has the stomach for such a hell

    I have no doubt the Russhin people , with centuries of unimaginable hardship behind them – do .

    Now , isn’t it time you went and ate your neeps , you have a ” wild ride ” through the war-torn streets of Nerston , Calderwood & St Leonards before you reach the DMZ of Mossneuk .


  79. Anton Decadent

    Upthread I posted a link to how the Stasi operated informers and it included transferring people to pose as journalists in other countries and having pet journalists already in place to plant stories.

    Here are two articles on the HCB, one from the Herald and the other the Guardian.

  80. Ruby

    That ‘The Flying Iron of Doom’ is very witty however he needs to tell us more about what happened the night he was chucked out the window of suite 69 of the Balmoral Hotel.

    Just incase you don’t watch TV or read books by Jonathan Gash here’s a video

    I’ve no idea what language the subtitles are in. Perhaps someone could tell me so that I can add it to the things I’ve learned today just by logging into Wings. Are the subtitles a hate crime? How can we know?

    Could be a lot of hate crimes in ‘Lovejoy’ just heard them use the term ‘Bible Joe’.

    OMG my mind has just rambled off to thinking about ‘Bible John’. Had the Hate Crime been in operation back in the 70’s could you have been charged with a hate crime for using that name.

    It gets worse I’ve just heard them say ‘Tink’ on Lovejoy.

    ‘Lovejoy’ has got to go along with Roald Dahl,Rabbie Burns, Father Ted, Enid Blyton, Val MacDairmid & Ploughman’s Lunch.

  81. Hatuey

    So, Alba somehow proves democracy isn’t a sham is is going to save the West? You’re actually funnier than me. Maybe…

    The problem with Alba is that it really represents nothing other than some niche protest vote. I couldn’t tell you one Alba policy.

    They could have jumped on the Palestinian bandwagon a few weeks or months ago — when I was arguing for them to do so — and they could have made something of that, just as the SNP made something of Iraq, but for one reason or another they sat more or less quietly and watched the genocide unfold.

    A few people in here sat quietly and watched too, now that I think about it, and a few of them have changed their tunes in the last few weeks. Some of the even chastised me for suggesting that we should care more about Palestinians being massacred than the Claim of Right (you know who you are). Some in here even supported the genocide and defended it.

    Anyway, opportunity lost.

    As for Western Democracy being a sham and your attempt to delve into comparative politics, Mr McHateface, you seemed to have missed the point. The point is that the west is run by a bunch of rich people who have a lot more to lose than people like you and me — they aren’t going to put all that they have on the line, especially when it looks like they/we could very well lose.

    And if Alba ever crosses the threshold of relevance in this world, you can bet it won’t be long before those same rich people make sure Alba stands for even less than it stands for now. That’s democracy; it’s about making sure politics and politicians leave government and decision-making to the rich, and making sure the rest of us can do fuck all about it.

  82. Dorothy Devine

    Stoker , how about the ice hockey brawlers – they wreck the place even when they win in Canada.

  83. Ruby

    I need a reminder of the ‘Hinge and Bracket’ wild ride to Eaglesham.

    Any chance of a re-up?

    Where is Evadne these days?

    Is she sharing the ‘Hatey’ moniker with Hilda?

    Hateful Hilda hates you!

    ‘Hateful Hilda’ was that not a character from ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?

    ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is full of hate.’ That has to go too and so has Johnny Depp.

  84. willie

    Just watched a video of thousand of Celtic fans assembled to see their team off to play the Rangers.

    I undernote a link to a video of the crowd. What however is of interest is how thousands of fans chant …” if you hate the f****ing Rangers, clap your hands ”

    I thought the HCA was supposed to stop such behaviour. But not a policeman in sight. No doubt today there will be police tracking down all who made the hate chant.

    Or is it the case that Plod doesn’t enforce the law seeking only to pick and choose.

    Ah well, one suspects they’ll be chants today about being up to one’s knees in Fenian blood – which again one suspects Plod will just ignore.

  85. Dan

    @ Stoker

    If Ms Slater truly wants to live in a country where everyone (which one presumes includes her) perceives less hate, she may consider her own actions in “government”; The fall out of which continues to significantly cost everyone that lives in this country.
    Jist maybe being a bit more competent and less of an arse may reduce the dissatisfaction many feel towards individuals who spaff away millions of quid of taxpayers’ money foisting bad and unwanted policies onto us.

  86. Republicofscotland

    “It’s a rod for your own back to go to war but pretend you haven’t, just to fool and deceive your own taxpayers. Such is the contempt NATO governments typically have for their own people. You wonder whether NATO strategists have adopted a “Leucochloridium paradoxum” doctrine for defence, and all NATO nations’ antennae now pulsate in apparent madness to attract their own predation.”

    Spot on Breeks, and lets not forget Operation Gladio where European citizens were murdered, assassinated and kidnapped to put the fear into EU citizens that the Soviet Union was the bogeyman.

    Nato then adapted the format in the 1990’s to produce Gladio (B) to put the fear of God into European citizens that all Muslims were terrorists, staged bombings and fake kidnap and murder video’s were produced, though some folk did die in staged bombings to turn European citizens against anyone with brown skin.

    Also Nato have no qualms about using Depleted Uranium shells.

    Scots MUST NOT go to war Rushia isn’t our enemy, its not Rushia or China that’s stealing our assets and lying to us about the benefits of the union, newsflash there are no benefits.

  87. James Che

    Who is going to be convinced to fight for their country,

    A Country that attacks it people with new dictatorship laws
    a country that gives no protection to its Women,
    A country that gives no protection for its children
    A Country that has Ulez fining all its people
    A country that does not protect its older generation.
    A country that does not protect its veterans.
    A country that is in Continuous Austerity,
    A country that attacks its farmers and food sources,
    A country that is creating fuel poverty on its own people
    A country stopping equal rights of free speech to all its citizens
    A country that homes and feeds immigrants in their thousands while passing laws to make it illegal to be homeless for the rest of british people.
    A country that has different laws for the rich.
    A country that has different taxation levels for the people compared to the already wealthy.
    A country that has a ( unelected) prime ministers in Charge
    A country that charges and taxes you for the air that you breathe and the water you drink.Essentials to life, that should be free.
    A country that has councils on the brink of bankruptcy
    A Country that cannot look after its infrastructure of roads, bridges and railways.
    A country and empire on a speedily downward spiral
    A Country that never sends its politicians or elite to the front line as ordinary Soldiers.
    A country that will create conscription for those people and citizens they have already targeted with all the above contentious laws.
    A country that has no love for its citizens its people, its men women or children.
    A Country that looks for wars to send its people too by conscription is preplanned and murderous towards its people.
    A country that intentionally lays aside every effort at deplomacy to replace it with incitement speech,

    We all know dictatorship governments sacrifice their people like pawns to war,
    To come back home with legs and arms missing, mentally ill, and medical problems for the rest of their lives if they are fortunate enough to return home at all,
    They will not come home to a NHS medical team,

    a pacifist and a realists ramblings maybe,
    Wondering if our lives and families are worth throwing away to live and try to survive under those horrendous conditions and failings that our politicians have set forth for a (non- human rights) new Build back better Britain.
    As someone mentioned above Perhaps that will be forced on the male immigrants first as they all seem to be young men of fighting age that have been allowed to enter Britain.
    To get a throwaway Army for conscription.
    If you want to be a British citizen you must fight for your Country.

  88. Ruby

    Cheers for links

    Can’t read much more about the ‘Hate Crime Madness’ at the moment. I was however interested in these Neo Nazis.

    Posts in the channel instruct members to log cases of supposed “anti-white” hate, which they say includes a statement on the police force’s website that “young men aged 18-30 are most likely to commit hate crime”.
    “This public targeting of a group deeply offended us and thus we will report it as a racially motivated hate crime,” the channel administrator wrote.

    Did they make no mention of the ‘white, white, white’ racist speeches made by the leader of Labour in Scotland and Humza Yousaf or did the Guardian not want to mention that.

    With regard to Humza & his grievance about ‘vexatious complaints’ people are asking how he knows they are ‘vexatious’ and also suggestions that he ain’t seen nothing yet. They were alluding to the idea of ‘juryless trials’ for rape’.

    Being that juryless trials’ for rape’ is primarily a men’s issue do you think we’ll see ‘Let Men Speak’ meetings on the Mound.

    Would be interesting to see who would turn up to protest.

  89. Republicofscotland

    An interesting thread.

    “What Mr Yousaf said in the interview was slipped in almost as an afterthought, but it sounds very much like our threat of legal action has pressured Police Scotland into doing the right thing, and respecting the free speech rights of Scottish citizens. That means we can allocate the money we’ve raised so far to pay for the defence of any of our members who are contacted by the police in connection with a speech-related ‘hate crime’.”

  90. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    Do you know what else happened in Scotland on April 1st 2024. That went under the radar due to the Hate Crime bill coming into force the same day,

    EU to set up Military base at Cambuslang Glasgow (UK defence) to help Scottish Government.

    Heres the dodgy false flag

    To help with……Brexit? You need to set up a military base in the Field?

    If you Google, EU to set up military base in UK to help Scottish Government-UK defence.
    You all will find the info.

    This is what the wee pretendy Scottish devolved Government committed itself to, in the name of The Country of Scotland, that is still under UK legislation and Statues.

  91. wullie

    James Che @ 12 52says:
    Well said James.I was going to get in touch with the first minister and ask him if he would do a
    STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS and tell us how wonderful it is, but I think you have beaten him to it

  92. Ruby

    ‘Yer teas oot Humza’

    It’s a catchy wee number!

  93. James Che

    We have to remember that under the Scotland Act, Defence is a Reserved matter. That would include military bases, to the uk parliament,
    We also have to remember officially the UK has already Brexited from the EU.

    The devolved scottish government would have no Authority to be involved in any way,in defence or peace keeping miltarily.
    This is back door UK

    Are they expecting Scots to riot because of the 2016 Brexit Exit,

  94. Geri


    Re conscription/women

    EU is pushing EVERYONE. There’ll be no discrimination.
    The only way out for women is if they’re pregnant.

    Shiteyface doesn’t get it. While the yanks insisted everyone in the West deindustrialise & insisted blood sucking foreign owners, only interested in sucking out a countries wealth for it’s shareholders, was a good thing – guess who didn’t? That’s right, the guys under the bed, China & Russia. They got busy thanks to sanctions, sanctions , sanctions & thought “fck this – we’ll just make them ourselves” – now they’re self sufficient. They can make weapons every day 24/7. Far bigger & better than the pish the yanks have.

    Dumb yanks didn’t think of that. They thought it’d be a breeze cause like shiteyface, they’re stuck in WW2 & conveniently like to forget who actually won us that war.

    Germany – “We can make weapons but it’ll be 5yrs + to set up manufacture)

    America – ‘You’re making fck all, B*tch. We’ll go to Congress for £100 billion for 404. We’ll keep £80 billion for a job creation scheme here. Z can have £20 Billion for another yacht, coke, designer handbags & Nazi memorabilia & statues). EU will be forced to buy from us & our colonies.”

    EU – “so that’s Gas 4 times the price & now weapons too? What the fuuu…”

    Yanks – “Aye. Shut it or I’ll keep yer reserves & threaten you with NATO. Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.

    NATO – *tumbleweed*

    Shiteyface – unless you know where there is a stash of weapons for conscription (Nah, wooden spoons aren’t weapons – neither is a big gob) then shut it with yer propaganda & war hawking. NATO is deid. R has won.

    Now they’re off to pick another fight with China & Iran.

    The only reason conscription is being banded about is cause Biden wants everyone to wait until after his election.

    The yanks don’t care much. 1. They’re not losing anyone to a body bag. 2. They don’t much know or care for the next state far less across an ocean.

    This war is about the threat to their hegemony & BRICS too aswell as all the spoils they’ve hee-haw chance of getting their mitts on.

    History, ya eejit – I suggest you take a good look at Lebanon the last time someone threatened their $ warfare. Reduced to rubble with emails providing they didn’t give a fck about civilians, democracy or terrorists they created & funded to destabilise.

    Their gig is up. Warhawks need new material. Civilians can do well without the grim reaper (yanks) showing up as 1 million Iraqis & a fake media can testify. Even yrs later when they admit they lied – there’s still eejits like Main whole believe the next pile of shite they spew.

    Did he ever answer what 404 is getting out of all this or did he drop off for an afternoon nap? LOL…

  95. James Che

    This false flag Devolved Government to Scotland from Westminster is becoming a problem when it pretends to be a real Scottish Sovereign government representing Scots and signing agreements with foreign Countries that Scottish people know nothing about,

    It is going to get us in future trouble, never mind stopping Scots having “the right to self-determination,”

  96. Republicofscotland

    “EU is pushing EVERYONE. There’ll be no discrimination.
    The only way out for women is if they’re pregnant.”


    Already in the Kneo-Natzi regime known as YouCraine men of fighting age cannot receive medical treatment at a hospital unless they can prove that they are in the military.

    Why Scots would want to be Anglo/American cannon fodder for THEIR illegal wars around the globe I don’t know, I think the English MoD still sends recruiting officers into schools poor areas in Scotland to try and recruit young men and women to fight for them.

    The Highlanders of Scotland cottoned on after their families were removed and replaced with sheep, they told the English government that they should send the sheep to fight for them.

    Scots ARE NOT at war with any country, so why oh why should Scots sign up to be cannon fodder for the foreign country of England.

    Our enemies are closer to home Westminster, the English security services, the House Jocks etc, these are the ones holding Scotland back from progressing not foreign countries such as Rushia, China, Venezuela, Iran etc.

  97. JockMcT

    The Flying Iron of Doom, “Sounds like a TV series about a crossdressing antique dealer?” You are thinking of Hatejoy?

  98. Republicofscotland

    I’ll try and update on attacks on the (ZNPP) because if its badly hit, it could affect Europe and of course Scotland.

    Early this morning the YouCrainians launched a drone strike on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, thankfully they were no breaches.

    IAEA specialists had been working at the ZNPP and left around twenty-minutes before the attack.

    The Kneo-Natzi’s are determined to breach the (ZNNP) and cause a large scale disaster.

  99. James Che


    State of Union Address…… ha haa ha, you are funny. Made me smile,

    Scotland has not had a Scottish parliament for over three hundred years since it came under Dissolution, and although many thought it was not worth speaking about, it is now becoming a priority to recognise that Scotland does not have a Scottish parliament, but a sub- division parliament of the UK parliament, under their Statues,

    It is becoming a massive issue with the Uk government already stating hate crime laws since 1980s it was inevitable that they would level up and send to Scotland colonial Scottish governance that Would carry out it orders,
    Blaming Scotland and the Scots., sly to say the least.

    Yet again here we have a military base being set up at Cambuslang for in the field coorporation to help the Scottish government with Brexit…..the red herrings stench is wafting across scotland.

    This is the new UK defence propaganda that a wee pretendy Scottish parliament can sign of on matters of defence and peace keeping as if it was Sovereign and a separate legal entity from the UK parliament

    We need to talk more about the controlling Position, that this Scottish Colonial devolved from UK government while is acting in duel rolls over Scotland.
    All the countries of Great-Britain except the Country of England have this duplicate two tier sets of laws of administration.

    The UK Westminster parliament has taken on a legal situation of being the parliament of England as its legal roll and status,
    What happened to the treaty of Union?

    The devolved parliaments are now under the auspices the UK Westminster parliament of England, sole legislator to and for the Country of England,

    Well the best scenario for Scotland is to recognise that the parliament of Scotland did not join in parliamentary union with the parliament of England in 1707 but its parliament came under Dissolution. Therein having not jioned, but Instantly relieved from all obligations to uphold their side of the treaty of union for three hundred years,

    The 1707 Scottish parliament was never reinstated by Scotland in Scotland,

    Once Scottish people understand that a non existent Scottish parliament under DISSOLUTION has not sat the past 300 years nor has not sent any of its parliament members to represent its constituents to Westminster parliament in those presiding years,
    then Scotland recognises it position as a Sovereign nation.

    Here in lies the problem for the Scottish people,
    They never understood the politics, or do not want to understand how they have never worked that out before and therefore it can’t be true,
    the Westminster parliament never deceive Scotland on such a major event like it did with the McCrone report. Or why Scotland needed a devolved government in the first instance if it was in the treaty of union as a equal partner.
    Westminster parliament would never Deceive Scotland that it had never dissolved the English parliaments ” upper house, The House of lords, that now reign in the Great- Britain parliament of Westminster.

    Scotland and its people are naive, trusting and totally years behind in political wisdom compared to the nasty politics of Westminster parliament and it manoeuvres..

  100. dasBlimp

    James Che
    Ignored says:
    7 April, 2024 at 3:21 pm
    Yet again here we have a military base being set up at Cambuslang for in the field coorporation to help the Scottish government with Brexit…..the red herrings stench is wafting across scotland.

    This is the new UK defence propaganda that a wee pretendy Scottish parliament can sign of on matters of defence and peace keeping as if it was Sovereign and a separate legal entity from the UK parliament

    You do know that was an April fool’s joke, don’t you? it says so at the foot of the article.

  101. dasBlimp

    James Che

    This is what it says at the foot of the article…

    Congratulations, and thank you for reading the whole article; this is just an April Fools Day joke. The article above is not true, and if anyone is sharing it after April 1st, please remind them of that fact.

    The purpose of this article, aside from our usual April Fool’s Day joke, is to make the point that reading beyond the headline should be the norm every day, not just on the 1st of April. There’s a large volume of misinformation online. Make sure you don’t add to it by sharing articles without reading them. Finally, be careful of the person sharing this article after the 1st of April as they very clearly don’t read what they share.

    You numpty!

  102. Hatey McHateface

    Is there a prize for the most inchoate, rambling, irrelevant rant?

    Must be, I mean, why else would posters be competing to out-do each other in these categories?

  103. James Che

    The wait and see policy to see if it becomes a reality further down the line would not go amiss,
    For every political truth often starts with dis-arming joke or a conspiracy theory until fact intervenes.

    That of course does no distract from the other points made, the fact that Scotland has not had a Scottish parliament for over Three hundred years and has no Scottish parliament members to send down to take a seat in Westminster to represent its constituents for over that presiding time period, since 1707, which I see you choose to ignore in your response,

    Nor does it answer what happened to the protection of treaty of union articles of equal partners between Scotland and England that has been breached many time

    Neither does it answer why Scotland should need a devolved parliament when Westminster does not have a fully devolved parliament for England.

    Nor does it answer answer why Westminster old parliament of England upper House, the House of Lords was never dissolved.

    Neither does it answer why Westminster parliament finds it necessary to lie and keep it hidden to Scotland about the McCrone report,

    It is noted You are selective in the comments you respond to.
    Is that due to a lack of knowledge on the other topics that were also partbof my comments,
    Or just nit picking the ones you can verify for now as a April fools day joke.
    Like I said wait and see for the Hate crime bill may become the second April fools joke, it certainly is not well thought out as it cuts across the the right to privacy and the Data protection Acts.
    Plus it minces through that little article in the treaty of union regarding Scotlands private rights. Compared to public rights. Mmmmm.

  104. Willie

    Das Blimp @ 3.35.

    Thanks for putting the spoof right. James Che probably wasn’t the own one taken in but he was one who ignorance got on ran off at the mouth about.

    There was on April Fools Day a similar spoof about BAE shipbuilding on the Clyde being anexed as a bit of Britain.

    Some just someone having a joke at the gullible’s expense.

  105. Geri

    James Che

    “Neither does it answer why Scotland should need a devolved parliament when Westminster does not have a fully devolved parliament for England.”

    That needs shouted from the rooftops – especially in Westminster.

    England should have a devolved parliament & should produce it’s annual accounts the same as everyone else.

    No one made them superior & the MPs that are in Westminster either need to keep reminding the waffle crew of that daily or go to the library & discover exactly where it states we handed our Sovereignty over to England.

    I think I know it’ll be the Royal pish. They need to go. Consent removed.

    Ruby asked yesterday why the French don’t put up with shit. It’s because they had a revolution & they’ve never forgotten it. They got rid of the Royals/higherarcy & now the Yellow vests make sure no other fecker will take that position over them ever again. Whether it’s a President or a religion.

    Dum Brits should’ve did the exact same. They’ve zero purpose but plaster over a failed Union.

    Holyrood should be closed, imo. It’s westminster on Scottish soil which does not work in Scotlands interests but serves as nothing more than a thorn in our side.

    It is stuffed full of Westminster appointed/Unionist civil servants & unelected Unionist parties who are registered to the wrong “kingdom” trying to impose their imperial masters pish here. A man cannot serve two masters.

    The “devolved” myth is pish too because there are now six unionist parties pushing unionist policies no one voted for in devolved matters.

    It serves zero purpose. It was never intended to. The Scotland Act should be thrown in the bin. A sovereign nation makes it’s own Acts. Not some fckr fae another country writing up a fake rule book.

  106. James Che

    Geri .

    It is true that occasionally news is a joke, actually more than occasionally with MSM,
    And it is easy to believe in the wrong info, thats why I usually prefer to stick to events that have already happened such records, recorded legislation, laws and statues, especially Having learnt that most modern news is crap and a big joke,

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