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Ducking and diving

Posted on March 31, 2015 by

Credit is due to those of the Scottish media who have taken up this site’s challenge to ask Labour the key question of the 2015 election debate in Scotland – “Are Labour prepared to form a government if they’re not the largest party in a hung parliament?”

(Because if the answer is yes then Labour’s entire Scottish election strategy – “Vote SNP get Tories!” – crumbles to dust, and if it’s no then Labour is saying that it’d be prepared to abandon not just Scotland but the whole UK to another five years of Conservative government purely out of spite against the SNP.)

Three of the party’s elected representatives have now been asked the question on air – James Kelly MSP by John Mackay of Scotland Tonight a week ago, branch office leader Jim Murphy by BBC Scotland’s Gary Robertson yesterday, and the shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran last night (below), again by STV’s John Mackay.

As you can see, Scotland’s voters still await an answer. But on this page we’ll keep track of all the swerves, evasions and dodges until we get one, if we ever do.

John Mackay to James Kelly, 23 March:

Gary Robertson to Jim Murphy, 29 March:

(Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 30 March 2015)

More as we get them.

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    152 to “Ducking and diving”

    1. scunner says:

      My wife came through telling me to stop shouting “answer the damn Question” at the TV last night, as I might wake up the kids. Magrit got me into trouble!

    2. Betty Boop says:

      Watched Mag Curran being asked this last night. Oh, the twists and the turns and shouting over (“Derek” – Ed) Mackay SNP as he sat, amused, in the studio.

      Nope, you’ll never get a straight answer 🙂

    3. Stoker says:

      Video = Septic Meg does doolally.

      ((((( TAXI AND P45 FOR SEPTIC MEG )))))

    4. CyberNiall says:

      I’m sure Jim will let his constituents know before anybody else.

      The YouTube video could be titled “2 girls 1 cup reactions” going by the look on Curran’s face.

    5. Richardinho says:

      Well the answer is: Yes, of course Miliband would attempt to form a government if Labour were not the largest party.

    6. scotsbob says:

      Sums up Labour, unable to tell the truth.

    7. Quentin Quale says:

      So, given the opportunity to state their intentions of forming the next government, with voters trusting them with their vote, they deflect, dissemble and lie. How will that help convince voters of their trustworthiness? For Labour in Scotland, their days are coming to an end. From standing side by side with the Tories and the contempt shown to Scots during the referendum and now this constant ‘biggest party’ lying and evasion, Scotland will soon deliver a verdict of no longer wanted.

    8. Jascot says:

      I remember a song from when I was a kid about eating worms. Opening line is ‘Nobody loves me, everybody hates me’, and another line is ‘See how they wriggle and squirm’ Now what does that remind me of?

    9. rongorongo says:

      “Let’s move on; that’s all we’ve got time for”.
      That sentence encapsulates the difference between broadcast and online political debate more concisely than any other I’ve seen. But it does not have to be that way. Viewers will complain bitterly if coverage of tennis or football matches is cut short before the many minutes of extra time or penalty shoot outs are over – but political programs apparently cant over-run by a few seconds. This means that politicians know they need only bluster their way through the last question on the list (why always the last?) for a few seconds and they will be off the hook.

    10. Brussels MacGallah says:

      Three strikes and you’re out!

    11. Truth says:

      Sigh. They never learn.

      Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing for Scotland.

    12. Lollysmum says:

      You’re just like a terrier that won’t let go 🙂 Keep it up man! ‘They don’t like it up em’ don’t you know & they absolutely hate being asked this question. Me I’m luvvin it especially when they start to look uncomfortable & the voice/intonation changes

      You can see their brains working as their thoughts flit between the few brain cells ‘oh hell, here we go again, must not say we’re going to be happy on the opposition benches propping up tories in the lobbies’.

    13. call me dave says:

      This thread and the last are just the shot in the arm we need this week. You are hitting them for six and demolishing their weak arguments.

      Margrit…FGS! Surely she’ll have to go you voters in Glasgow.

    14. Desimond says:

      Real Politik…what league are they in?

    15. orri says:

      We aren’t playing games and we don’t want a Labour majority government. We will, however support a Labour minority government on an issue by issue basis. We’re not fucking stupid.

    16. heedtracker says:

      And they all exude that Slabour job for life entitlement but as Scotland slips out of their sweaty grasp, the panic hand flapping and sweating really starts.

    17. Edward says:

      ‘Realpolitik’ stated four times by Curran, who clearly has heard this phrase and thought it clever to use it (FOUR TIMES in that clip) but doesn’t know what it actually means

      Most likely she doesn’t actually understand what it means

      So for the benefit of all including Curran ‘a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations’ 🙂

      So one can say that it is the realpolitik for Scots to vote SNP to ensure that there are MP’s in Westminster that will actually work for Scotland

    18. One_Scot says:

      If anyone still votes Labour after watching that rambling idiot, they need their head looked at.

    19. Chitterinlicht says:

      Good work and thanks

      Oh and ha ha

    20. ErinT says:

      Curran is awful. Hopefully she won’t be around much longer.

    21. orri says:

      Real Politik, doesn’t that take place in Germany? They seem to have no objection to coalitions or the idea that it’s not always the largest party that gets to lead.

    22. Macart says:

      The Reeaaal Politik…

      … Didn’t they play Reeaal Madrid last week?

      The Reeeeeeaaaal Politik of course is that any party, any leader worth their salt will form a government any bloody way they can and that’s real politics.

      Magrit Curran living down to expectations.

    23. Cuilean says:

      1951 General Election Results: ~

      Labour 295 MPs
      Conservatives 293 MPs

      BUT Churchill’s Tories formed an alliance with the following separate parties to govern:

      9 Ulster Unionists Party MPs
      2 Conservative & National Liberal Party MPs
      7 National Liberal & Conservative Party MPs
      2 Conservative & Liberal Party MPs
      7 Liberal & Conservative Party MPs
      1 National Liberal party MP

      Would someone please tell Jim Murphy et al that in 1951 Labour was the biggest party but the smaller party (Tories) formed the UK Government! So we do not need to go back to the 20s for the last time this happened!

    24. jimnarlene says:

      They’ll never answer in the affirmative. If they’d do a deal with the SNP, there is absolutely no reason to vote Labour in Scotland, not that there is one in any case.

    25. JLT says:

      LOL …you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind!

      Labour are literally caught in a trap of their own making.
      Scotland is watching Labour with such an intensity that the Party is literally bricking it …big time! It knows that there is no hiding place.
      All those false dawns; all those broken promises; and worst of all, getting into bed with the Tories only to see the Tories shaft Scotland with EVEL.

      So …this is the conundrum for Labour.

      If they swallow their pride and jump into bed with the SNP, then England goes ballistic as it will be perceived that the SNP are about to rule England (while also believing that Scotland will be getting all those perceived new perks, freebies, and god knows what else all of the back of the English taxpayer …oh, how those myths are coming back to bite LOL).

      If they hold their nerve and decide to say ‘No’ to the SNP, then just pass them a gun and a bottle of whisky, for at that point, they know they’ll be finished in Scotland, the North of England and Wales.

      Oh, what to do? …what to do???

    26. Proud Cybernat says:

      Margaret Curran is a liar.

      It is NOT automatic that the single largest party will form the government in a hung parliament:

    27. Rob James says:

      Sorry O/T Has Murphy actually registered yet for East Renfrewshire? It’s just that his campaign literature fails to mention the Labour party. He now seems to be plugging “Vote Jim for Scotland.” Could be hedging his options. “I did everything I could for Scotland etc.”

    28. Dumb Unicorn says:

      Just for the sake of badness, here’s an alternative question someone could ask Labour:

      “What would Labour do if they were the biggest party but the SNP decided to do a u-turn and go into coalition with the Tories?”

    29. Karen Marshall says:

      Magrit was practically rabid last night and Malcolm ‘belligerent’ Bruce was no better. What a stooshie! The Tory was as thick as mince but Derek MacKay stayed cool, calm, on point and bemused. It was a frenzy of fear from the Unionists. He who shouts loudest betraying their fear most. OH! That would be all of them then – except Derek.

    30. Rigmac7 says:

      Macart @ 1.40pm

      I Think they’re in the same league as Dukla Pumpherston Sawmill and Tannery, Auchenshoogle Rovers and Prinnie Brae Wanderers.

      Labour Auld Boys Of Unhinged Reality were recently expelled from the league for fielding an ineligible player who was registered in Westminster but wanted to be captain. They also lost all their matches he played in and as a result, their season ticket sales dropped into single figures, and they hardly filled any seats.

    31. fletch49er says:

      Realpolitik my arse!

    32. Caledonius says:

      Hmm, she seemed extremely angry and distressed. Whats wrong SLabour? The big lie crumbling into dust? … Hahahahaha!

      love the “it’s just not true” calmly added in as she’s spitting out the tired soundbites.

    33. paul gerard mccormack says:

      The only thing i hear is tumbleweed

    34. JLT says:

      LOL …that picture above of Curran

      The look of sheer abject horror as she realises that her new, and future bedfellows, will be none other than the SNP.

      Suck it up, Margaret! Suck. It. Up!!!

      (Though if she is very bloody lucky, then she will never need to work with the SNP ….for if God wills it, she will have lost her seat LOL)

    35. Mark Russell says:

      Repugnant reptiles. There’s a believable rumour that Murphy once tried it on with Curran and a Conference – but she knocked him back. Must have been a sobering disappointment at the time but at least it might help him prepare for May.

    36. Pam McMahon says:

      Scottish Labour MPs will continue to toe the Westminster Labour party line until it eventually dawns on them that the Eds have abandoned them as a lost cause, which they surely have.

      Edward@1.34pm Yes, but I’m sure I heard “It’s no fair” from her at least 9 times in her unintelligible interjections. New Slab party election policy?

    37. Gary45% says:

      I have sussed it.
      The Labour party come from the Planet Stupid, I don’t think they understand basic English, or are they really that THICK?

    38. Dorothy Devine says:

      Surely Ms Curran is part ” Unreal Politiks”?
      The make it up as we go along brand.

    39. gerry parker says:

      @ Rob James at 1:52

      Nomination papers have to be with the Returning officer by 4:00pm on 9th April.

      He has until then.

    40. Labour seems more focussed on flogging cheap tat to their supporters …

    41. Luigi says:

      I’m so looking forward to big Jim’s “Just answer the damn question” moment during the Scottish leaders’ debate!

    42. Marcia says:

      Far too many unanswered questions given to Labour. The broadcasters should demand an answer from the first one before moving on to the second.

    43. Macart says:


      Thought ah recognised the team. Dirty reputation right enough, fond of diving, greetin’ at the ref and leg breaking.

      Sooner they’re relegated, the better.

    44. chossy says:


      Anyone going to pick up on that little nugget?…..

    45. Luigi says:

      How many folk watch Labour politicians on tv and shout:

      “Answer the damn question” ?

      How many folk watch BBC/ITV reporters interviewing Labour politicians and shout:

      “Ask the damn question” ?

    46. jake says:

      Ok, Ok so Labour are campaigning for a win, an outright majority….so what’s PLAN B?

    47. Ross McKenzie says:

      A couple points i’d like to see made to those who continue pushing this line/lie:

      1. Since 1923/4 (a useful reference point because Labour keep mentioning it but also because it marks the beginning of the Labour/Tory 2-party system) the largest party in a hung parliament has always been able to form a government with some kind of Liberal support.

      2. The 2010 election saw the largest party fall 21 seats short of a majority. Almost all polling suggests the largest party in the next parliament will fall at least 40 seats short.

      Conclusion: we are on new ground here. The largest party will be smaller than ever before, and the Liberals will be too small to prop it up.

      What i’d like to hear a journalist say to Murphy is this:

      “By continuing to claim that the largest party forms the government, you are ignoring reality. Polls and previous election results tell us that the 2-party system is weakening and that the largest party may not be able to form a government. Why are you unable to engage with this?”

    48. chossy says:

      Ignore me, 😀 loads of posts loaded after I posted : /

    49. Luigi says:

      Mark Russell says:

      31 March, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      Repugnant reptiles. There’s a believable rumour that Murphy once tried it on with Curran and a Conference – but she knocked him back.

      Good grief!

    50. chris kilby says:

      Jaysus! Is Magrit Curran auditioning to play Emperor Palpatine in the new Star Wars Trilogy…?

      Caption Time:

      “If you will not vote Labour, you will be DESTROYED!”

    51. Kenny says:

      Am I right that the returning officers actually say the words “Scottish Labour Party” for the Red Tory candidate? Is this legally correct? I know they say “Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party” for the Tories?

      Can you “register” under a slightly different name? Or is this committing deliberate fraud? Would be nice if Stu could find this out (and, if so, spend a couple of quid on stamps for letters to every presiding officer in Scotland!).

    52. Brian says:

      The truth is that biggest party gets first shot, yes?

    53. chris kilby says:

      @ Luigi:

      “There’s a believable rumour that Murphy once tried it on with Curran and a Conference – but she knocked him back.

      Good grief!”

      Phew! We dodged a bullet there, I think. If that pair had met up and bred we’d all be fecked!

      (Could you imagine what their kids would look like? Be afraid. Be very afraid…)

    54. almannysbunnet says:

      The next time Murphy waffles on about 1924 lalalala 1924 just say but Jim in 1924 labour didn’t have 40-50 SNP MP’s breathing down their brass necks. So, back to 2015….

    55. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Macart 1.40 GRRRR you,ve left me withoot ah punch line,we,ve f a w e d oot lol.

    56. Famous15 says:

      Curran is quite correct to say that realpolitik would apply to this situation,unfortunately since she does not understand its meaning,the consequence would be the opposite of what she is espousing.

      In simple terms any party which can gather enough votes of whatever flavour to survive a vote of confidence , it forms the government .If one party has an overall majority then they form the government. If there is no overall majority the incumbent gets first try to garner a majority and if they fail it falls to the next big party to gather support and if they do they form the government. The only point is they need enough support to survive a vote of confidence.

      However she does know she is telling lies because she saw Murphy discuss this with Gordon Brown after the last election. Because he was in deep depression at being rejected by his dearly beloved South Britain he walked away and left us to the Tories and their toadies,the Lib Dems.

    57. Milady de Winter says:

      In answer to the East Ren question I live there and have had one leaflet posted to me headed “Re-elect Jim Murphy”. This is the now notorious leaflet that doesn’t mention Labour once but has a number of supporting voter all of whom have now been outed as either Labour members or direct relatives of a Labour Councillor.

      Have also had canvasser at door who stated she was canvassing on behalf of Jim Murphy. He confirmed to Andrew Neil he was standing but would not reveal if he was only standing for a year or would serve in both parliaments if elected for Holyrood. If the latter of course he would also be acting as leader too! I have written letter to local paper this week saying as a constituent this is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs..we might have 2 kitchens Miliband and ‘3 jobs’ Murphy!

    58. Macart says:


      I’ll buy you pint on CH night t’make up. 😀

    59. muttley79 says:

      If the results go as planned next month, the Glasgow count would certainly be a lively place you would imagine. All you would need to do would be do walk around pointing at certain SLAB representatives and laugh out loud. There would certainly be no shortage of candidates. Of course that would be a most mischievous and wrong thing to do…. 😀 😀

    60. Dr Benway says:

      Whooooo big shiny red thing from Labour Scotlandshire through letterbox today!

      I so wanted to read about all the lovely things they’re promising to do but having been personally brainwashed by our beloved and illustrious King Alicsammin I just couldn’t help myself gravitating towards the window and tearing it up before chucking it out. (There’s littering and there’s littering)

      btw who pays for all this crap? SLAB itself or are they being funded by some hedge fund, bank or other parasitical organization?

    61. heedtracker says:

      There is a lot of bonkers rule Britannia going on now, as in top civil servant of the millennium and saver of tory boy union, Gus ODonnell on BBC R4 lunchtime news today explaining hung parliament Westminster rules, Cameron could stay PM if it is and noone minds.

      It was very weird listening to top UK civil servant Gus explain civil service “rules” after they turned the UK civil service into an enormous tax paid for attack machine, on Scottish democracy.

      UKOK civil service impartial and objective but only when it suits red and blue tory Westminster, then we can all go get fcuked, and pay them for the privilege.

    62. orri says:

      Might I suggest that these SLabers might be best to fall back on a “not if I have anything to do with it” line. Which is probably correct given,

      “In none of the seats currently held by Labour does the party’s share of the overall vote drop by any less than 10 points, and in only six of the 14 does the vote drop by less than 20 points. In Glasgow East, Labour are polling 25 points under their 2010 result.”

      So I kind of doubt Margaret Curran will have any say in the matter.

    63. John Sharp says:

      No doubt it’s worth continuing to put the question to the likes of James Kelly, Margaret Curran, and James Murphy, if only to demonstrate that they will go to whatever length of obfuscation is needed to avoid giving a straight answer.

      Assuming that we are talking about any scenarios where Labour + SNP have more than 323 MPs (with whatever sub-flavour of Labour being marginally higher or lower than Tories in elected MPs, or popular vote) do these Scottish Labour MPs even know what is Ed’s current thinking on the matter? I would guess that, apart from Jim Murphy, all they have is a secure email from Labour HQ telling them what they should say, or not say. I’d assume that Jim Murphy would have to be more involved, if only to feed back the views of the rump of SLab MPs expected to survive on 8th May so that Ed knows the numbers that he’ll have lined up behind his decision.

      It’s tempting to suggest that in a confrontation such as last night’s Scotland Tonight, rather than trying to support John Mackay’s effort to get any sense out of Margaret Curran, it would have been reasonable for Derek Mackay to say och let’s not bother Margaret any more because she obviously has not been told yet.

    64. Flower of Scotland says:

      There is definitely something wrong with Labourites these days. They have a manic look in their eyes when they being interviewed because they know that if they lie they will end up on Wings with the Rev analysing them. Videos DO NOT lie

    65. hamish says:

      Maybe he should say “Vote Jim Murphy for Jim Murphy’s sake. He needs the Job !”

    66. ferryman says:

      Realpolitik is sometimes used pejoratively to imply politics that are coercive, amoral, or Machiavellian. – Wikipedia definition

      There you have it! You heard it form Maigret first!

    67. Macart says:

      ‘A mischievous and wrong thing…’

      Why yes, yes it would. I may need to take an oxygen tank with me in case my lungs give out. 🙂

    68. JLT says:

      chris kilby says:

      Jaysus! Is Magrit Curran auditioning to play Emperor Palpatine in the new Star Wars Trilogy…?


      So many things she could say

      ‘Turn to the dark side, young Padawan’
      ‘If you only knew the power of the Dark Side’
      ‘In time, you will learn to call me …master
      ‘Order 66’ …as in the Orange Branch somewhere in deepest Larkhall.

    69. ronnie anderson says:

      @ JLT pass them a gun and a bottle of whisky,

      NAW pass them a full loaded gun nae whisky Fully automatic wie the finger tied tae the trigger.

      BTW that last thread (History written by losers)
      is the exception to the Rule LoL.

    70. Nana Smith says:

      Tuesday, March 31, 2015

      Cracking ComRes poll of all Labour-held seats in Scotland shows gigantic 19% swing to the SNP

      details to follow over at scotgoespop

    71. muttley79 says:

      I see the Willie McRae petition has been signed by over 5000 people. I know some folk on here will not sign it because it is on the 38 degrees website. For those that are open to signing it here is the link:

    72. thomaspotter2014 says:

      I read something in last friday’s National(page 3 I think) about how Gordon Brown had introduced some debatable legislation that would give ‘the largest party’ some credibility to have 1st go at forming a government.2010 .could you please check if this is where it all comes from Rev.Stu.cheers

    73. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Brian

      The truth is that biggest party gets first shot, yes?

      No. In a hung parliament, it is the incumbent Prime Minister who has first crack at forming a government.

    74. Gary45% says:

      The look on Currans face could either be,
      FUD is doing the tortoise mating dance just off camera,
      She has just followed through.

    75. JLT says:

      Hi Ronnie

      By the way, it was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday night at the Yes Bar. Hopefully catch up again soon!

      And oh aye …it was Sir Tom Devine that I was trying to remember! Came back to me 2 minutes after I first spoke with you LOL

      Cheers again

    76. Stoker says:

      chris kilby wrote:
      “There’s a believable rumour that Murphy once tried it on with Curran at a conference but she knocked him back.
      Good grief…If that pair had met up and bred we’d all be fecked!
      Could you imagine what their kids would look like?”

      Funny you should say that – i heard on the jungle drums there was a love-child stoating around at one point, as a product of an illicit affair and they even named him, James Sa Vile Murphy.

      Doing a wee bit of investigative digging i was handed this photograph of said child by a confidential source:

      So now you know!

    77. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Meanwhile on board SS Cataclysmic…

      “Icebergs ahead Captain”

      “Steady as she goes Coxswain…keep the line”

    78. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Macart bliddy cheapskate wan o the nights I,ll be on the Bru,wid you like tae try for ah third upset LoL.

    79. muttley79 says:

      Rev Stu, are you planning a visit up to Scotland to cover the general election results? I could see your appearance at the Glasgow count being of the incendiary nature, given the appearance of Curran, Davidson etc (and potentially excellent for comedy purposes as well). 😀 😀

    80. Caledonius says:

      Nana Smith, you have just made my afternoon during a very boring day at work. Brilliant news. 🙂

    81. HandandShrimp says:

      The STV ComRes poll for the 6.30 news tonight looks like it should get a few Labour MPs knees knocking.

    82. Fred says:

      @ Mark Russell, grotesque, mebbes Murphy mistook Slabber for Slapper? 🙂

      Is Magrit a natural blonde or just a dumb blonde? she’s certainly got some memory, she can remember being born, quite young, in Shettleston, only the truth is not in the wummin.

    83. JPJ2 says:

      Don’t forget. Labour send all their best people to Westminster.

      Yes, it is actually true-but how incredible is that when you see the likes of Curran?

    84. Macca73 says:

      chris kilby says:

      31 March, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      Jaysus! Is Magrit Curran auditioning to play Emperor Palpatine in the new Star Wars Trilogy…?

      Caption Time:

      “If you will not vote Labour, you will be DESTROYED!”

      I prefer, Scottish Labour “Wipe them out …all of them”

    85. Jim McIntosh says:

      As we all shout it anyway wouldn’t an election poster with


      be a good idea. Covers every interview they’re involved in. 🙂

    86. Famous15 says:

      Remember hard work and humility. At the count ,if we are favoured,show respect to other human beings even if they are misguided. We have a campaign not a self indulgent playground hissing contest.

      Sorry for the tone folks but the latest good news poll reminds me that we should never take the voters for granted or we will once again see victory snatched away. Solid respectful endeavour will get us there.

    87. Macart says:


      Two’s ma limit in any one day. 😀

    88. Caledonius says:

      Darth Curran sits up smugly on her throne, leans over to the SNP voter and quips:

      “Oh, I’m afraid you will find our rigged postal ballots quite operational when your election day arrives.”

    89. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Bean an Tighe I got that E mail for the T shirt, I thought it was a spoof E mail, who,s got the link for ICO.

    90. Mealer says:

      Famous 15,
      Well said.I’ve seen people back slapping and high fiveing before the count is even over.Not good.

    91. Robert Kerr says:

      perhaps with a hung parliament some scrutiny shall be made regarding postal votes.

      or perhaps not!

    92. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Macart.
      Pity Slab ur looking fur a Star Striker, but if you canny dey ah Hat Trick your oota the running lol.

    93. MarkAustin says:

      Brian says:
      31 March, 2015 at 2:35 pm
      The truth is that biggest party gets first shot, yes?

      No. Assuming no party has a majority, the pre-existing government stays in power.

      They are restricted in what they can do, however. Basically, they can manage the day-to-day affairs of the Government, but can’t make commitments beyond the Queen’s Speech.

      They have first crack at forming a government, and basically have two choices. They either try to form a coalition (or other arrangement) or tough it out until the Queen’s Speech (about a month after the election) and dare the other parties to vote it down.

      If the current PM isn’t able to form an agreement, or loses the vote on the Queen’s Speech (an automatic confidence issue) the government resigns, and the Queen calls on the leader of the next largest party to see if they can form a Government.

      There is one further consideration. The PM could say to the Queen that he cannot form an agreement (perhaps, as in 2010, when the Lib Dems said they wouldn’t serve under the current PM but would under someone else) but another member of his party could, in which case, the PM would resign, and the Queen would ask this other person to have a go at it.

    94. Stoker says:

      BBC: Blatant Liars On Behalf Of The Labour Party (31.01.2013):

    95. Grouse Beater says:

      Said it before, happy to repeat:

      Curren reminds me of Janey Buchan, another loud mouthed, shout ’em down, Labour machine politician, never off the telly. Also Glaswegian. Shame on her.

      Look back at her record on behalf of her constituents and whoosh! Little or no achievement you can call a legacy.

    96. SquareHaggis says:


      Blue Tories out leafletting in Gordon this cauld, dreary morning.

      Neighbours got together and gathered up as many leaflets as we could and tried to give them back but unfortunately they saw us and scarpered.

      Luckily it’s recycling day so we were spoilt for choice as to who’s bin to dump them in. Number 7, the ONE local Tory 😀

      Great team effort.

    97. EphemeralDeception says:

      That initial image of Maggie Curran should come with a health warning but besides that if the answer is not ‘No’, then it only leaves YES as a possibility.

      The questioner should now move on to the next logical one.
      “We are now aware that Ed will try to form the Government if there is a Hung parliament. Which parties does he exclude negotiating with to pass the HoC vote and form the Government?”

    98. heedtracker says:

      Like the super SLabour hero he truly is, will Crash Gordon slam in at the very end and save all those SLab slots at the trough, maybe THE VOW 2.0, Son of THE VOW, THE VOW that time forgot, THE VOW+, THE VOW++, THE VOW, this time its personal. Some much fraud from a son of the manse. It wasn’t like that in my day Crash.

      Tonight on ITV News: An exclusive Comres poll of all Labour seats in Scotland suggests the scale of the problems Ed Miliband faces is huge.

      Romilly Weeks explains:

    99. ronnie anderson says:

      @ JLT nice to meet you to, Sir Tom Devine, ah struggle tae remember Sidney Devine,memory loss has its advantages lol.
      Hopefully you can make it to the CH on the 1st May & meet a lot more Wingers.

    100. Chic McGregor says:

      She reaaally avoided the reaaaal question from the reaaaal Mackays.

    101. Rigmac7 says:

      Regarding campaign posters, very simply in large letters at the top;


      Then underneath bullet points of all the lies told in the run up to the election.

      On second thoughts, a poster won’t be big enough, we’re going to need an absofuckinglutely huge billboard.

    102. tartanarse says:

      Proud Cybernat at 1.50

      “Margaret Curran is a liar.”

      She could just be a fuckwit. Or a fuckwit and a liar. Or we could all be fuckwits and she’s right.

      So many possibilities. Perhaps we’ll find out some day. Maybe in May.

      It would sure help to have some clarity on the issue, although I do have a sneaking suspicion as to the answer but I’m no expert.

    103. geeo says:

      The most pitiful part of Curran on Scotland Tonight was her trying to claim she was being ‘bullied’ !!

      I almost choked to death on my coffee as i laughed !!

      She is mental.
      I bet lamont is secretly enjoying this omnishambles.

    104. manandboy says:

      When in conversation with the very old and the very young,
      it is commonplace to simplify ones language
      as a concession to the limitations of age, old or young.

      In other words, we tend to even oversimplify what we are saying,
      if we find the listener is failing to grasp our meaning.

      Could it be that the Labour Party’s remaining support
      is so politically and intellectually challenged,
      as in ‘genetically unsuited to make political decisions’
      (J. Lamont)
      that the Labour message has to be reduced to one line of simple words,
      and repeated over and over endlessly.

      It may appear stupid to us, but if you are on the slow side of life,
      it’s just what you need.

      Then again, that’s pretty straightforward –
      and Labour don’t do that – ever.

    105. Wee Alex says:

      was talking to Labour supporter friend from Stirling today and jokingly remarked that he would be happy to see Tories win at Westminster. He went off and the deep end and after a few expletives demanded to know why I could even think that.

      I reminded him that Labour and Tories are in cahoots on his Council. His reply “well if it keeps the SNP out of power its a good thing”

      Boy they really hate the SNP.

    106. Les Wilson says:

      A friend called Curran an old dog in the past, if the clip is anything to go by,I have to agree, she is looking a bit wuff!

      Pressure is telling now.

    107. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ronnie ,are you casting aspersions at Uncle Sid?

    108. BuckieBraes says:

      If you want a laugh, play all three clips above at the same time and listen to the resulting babel of bullshit. It makes about as much sense as listening to them individually.

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Dorothy Devine

      Awe dont faw oot wie me Dorothy, it wiz only wan joke , ah huv plenty mair that am huddin in reserve LoL.

    110. Caledonius says:

      Oh Mags, now I understand that fear and hate in you eyes:

      From The Herald, 8th March:

      When Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls visited Scotland earlier this month, his location was Walker Precision Engineering in Curran’s constituency.

      A party insider said: “Margaret is getting a terrible reception on the doorstep, and the more hostility she gets, the more resources she wants for a seat nobody thinks we are going to hold.”

      Another Scottish Labour source said: “Margaret has always been out for herself and Jim needs to have a word with her. It will be a blow to Labour if we lose our Scottish Secretary but we can take comfort in the knowledge that the IQ of the Westminster group will rise when Margaret goes.”

    111. Mealer says:

      Current polls are showing Labour with about half of the unionist vote in Scotland.They should be pleased with that,considering their lack of talent.Its a good news story for Labour and I’m surprised they aren’t shouting it from the rooftops.

    112. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Lollysmum
      He,ll no starve he,s just on a faster Gravy Train wie mair money.

    113. manandboy says:

      More great stuff from you, Stu.
      Demonstrating that you are still the best at what you do best,
      while showing you’re just human like the rest of us.
      And that’s what the great are made of.

      Contrast Magritt Curran with John McKay SNP in the video above.

      John is relaxed, smiling and in obvious good humour.

      Magritt is loaded with stress and strain, and appears close to a panic attack or a breakdown.

      As for real-politik – has she forgotten she’s talkin’ to Labour voters,
      to Glasgow’s dimmest, or as Johanne famously described them
      in the words she’ll take to her grave ,
      ‘not genetically programmed to make political decisions’ –
      like voting.

      Like many other former MP’s in Labour’s Scottish Branch,
      Margaret’s P45 has already been filled out.
      Yet she’s still arguing to get her job back
      while unable to believe getting the sack is really happening.

      Ps. Technically, all MP’s are suspended.
      Do they still get expenses?
      Or is that the reason they all stay at home so much,
      given that if they go out anywhere ,
      they have to pay for it themselves.

    114. Tony Little says:

      OT. Rev not sure if this is of interest or not

      Just completed Panelbase survey. Usual questions, but some odd ones as well. First the normal ones

      Who do you want to govern Lab/Con
      On key SNP demands: Trident; Austerity; 50% tax; more devolution (to Wales, NI, and Scotland)
      How strongly do you Support them or not AND in event of hung Parli which would be considered “negotiable”

      Scenario question: in event of hung Parli with Cons most seats what should happen: Con continue; Lab/SNP govt.; New Election

      Leaders 7-man debate. will you watch (I said yes, not sure if it would have changed the next questions)
      Who will win?
      Who is most charismatic
      Who is strongest
      Who is most annoying
      Who has best sense of humour (Whit!?!)
      Who most believes in equal society

      Couple of wild ones in there I think.

      New tack? Voters think Nicola is not [fill in descriptor as required] enough to win? What is that about?


    115. carjamtic says:

      This confusing question seems to illicit a number of responses from Stabbers,like somebody prodded their festering and infected boil.

      Emit involuntary sounds akin to a car alarm off in their head.

      Make like a rabid hyena,scare everyone away.

      Machine gun it with some rapid verbal jalapeño diarrhoea.

      Very amusing to capture all of the responses in one 30 second clip,made my day,the interviewers could have a lot of fun with this……what’s the chances they’ll all catch on ?

    116. Richardinho says:

      In general I’m not a big fan of insisting that Labour politicians answer this question. Quite simply I KNOW the answer, and that is that of course Labour will attempt to form a minority government if they get less seats than the Tories but no party has an overall majority.

      Anyone who doesn’t think this is either very ignorant or simply a fool and personally I don’t like to expend too much energy trying to persuade fools.

    117. Chic McGregor says:

      OT Today was the deadline for countries to join the AIIB and retain founder status and rights.

      A lot of dominoes have fallen in the last few days. The UK was the first in Europe. The last biggie, Russia lodged its application a couple of days ago.

      Even the IMF and World Bank have felt it necessary to give it support despite American opposition.

      This really feels like the beginning of the end of dollar dominance. i.e. just a wee bit important in the World order of things.

    118. SquareHaggis says:


      How about


      And a picture of a big fat purple pig with a head on each end?

      Troughs optional.

    119. boris says:

      Gaff’s by Scottish Labour MPs: When Tony Blair first asked Jim Murphy to be Europe Minister, Murphy told friends that his first thought was “at least it’s not Scotland.” And yet Jim is now demoted and out to pasture in Scotland as Scottish Labour leader, despite not anticipating this until nearer retirement age around 2030.

    120. Sinky says:

      @5.24 boris says:

      It would be helpful if you had a source for this quote.

    121. JLT says:

      Hi Ronnie

      Yes, it is my intention to get to the Counting House that Friday Evening. Catch you there LOL

    122. Grouse Beater says:

      This is the kind of headline I like:

      “The Podemos Revolution” – How a small group of radical academics changed European politics. Tens of thousands on the march in Spain.”

      Note the word ‘revolution’ not evolution or resolution.

    123. Grouse Beater says:

      What is it with the ecumenical thing and Labour in Scotland?

      Douglas Alexander, son of a minister.
      Gordon Brown, son of a minister.
      Jim Murphy, son of a minister.
      Ian Davidson, son of a Munster.

    124. call me dave says:

      Here is a wee read for the interested until the new poll comes out after 18:30hrs.

      Magrit, what is she like?… read on 🙂

    125. crazycat says:

      @ Milady de Winter at 2.44

      I hope you spot this and can give me an answer.

      Jim Murphy’s leaflet was one of several discussed a few days ago on UK Polling Report, for not mentioning the party of the candidate.

      A Labour activist stated (about one of the others) that it was probably not an election leaflet, but a sitting MP’s report of his/her constituency activities, which is apparently not supposed to mention the party.

      The leaflet concerned was issued by a candidate other than the MP, so the activist agreed that party should have been specified. Later, however, when it was the Murphy missive that was being discussed, she again came up with the suggestion that it was a list of his achievements, not an election leaflet.

      Since there seem to be a lot of “ordinary people” featured in it, all describing why they are backing Jim, this seems unlikely, but since I don’t have a copy of the thing, and you do, could you please comment?


    126. Robert Peffers says:


      scunner says:

      31 March, 2015 at 1:07 pm

      My wife came through telling me to stop shouting “answer the damn Question” at the TV last night, as I might wake up the kids. Magrit got me into trouble!

      Ach! Scunner, As long as YOU are not getting, “Magrit, “Into Trouble”, yer wife has nothing to worry about.

      Mind you I thought Magrit was long past being able to get, “Into Trouble”. at her age.
      Oooh! that’s far too much information!

    127. Robert Peffers says:

      @orri says: 31 March, 2015 at 1:38 pm:

      “Real Politik, doesn’t that take place in Germany? They seem to have no objection to coalitions or the idea that it’s not always the largest party that gets to lead.”

      Well, Orri, I know two related definitions of, “Realpolitik”, and they are : –

      “political realism or practical politics, especially policy based on power rather than on ideals.”

      or : –

      “Realpolitik (German: real (“realistic”, “practical” or “actual”) and politik (“politics”)) refers to politics or diplomacy based primarily on practical considerations.

      I’d say the first best describes what most people would consider the meaning. I could be wrong, though.

    128. Patrick Roden says:

      It was funny that when John tried to interrupt he was angrily told by both Curran and Bruce that it was rude to interrupt, and stop bullying etc,

      Yet whenever he tried to make a point, within seconds both Curran and Bruce interrupted him.

      You could feel the fear and loathing from both of them, and it spilled over whenever he made a point about how their parties had let Scotland down.

    129. msean says:

      In the event of possible SNP gains from all,it could be that Mr Miliband could have nearly ALL of the Scots MPs in an anti Tory line up,with The Tory and the Liberal Democrat seats turned to anti Conservative, not just some as usual.

    130. Robert Peffers says:

      @Luigi says:31 March, 2015 at 2:31 pm

      ” … Mark Russell says: 31 March, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      Repugnant reptiles. There’s a believable rumour that Murphy once tried it on with Curran and a Conference – but she knocked him back.

      Good grief!

      Good Grief – indeed, Luigi, for that was the last time the old bat made the correct decision.

    131. vambomarbeleye says:

      Curran looks like she has just caught some one having a shite in her hand bag.
      Be glad to see the back o her.

    132. Robert Peffers says:

      @Famous15 says: 31 March, 2015 at 2:42 pm:

      “Curran is quite correct to say that realpolitik would apply to this situation,unfortunately since she does not understand its meaning,the consequence would be the opposite of what she is espousing.”

      I have told you the real truth of the matter several times in a different context but that’s no matter as it is still correct.

      Westminster does, NOT officially recognize political parties. The original idea was to divide up the whole UK into, more or less, equal constituent parts, (constituencies), and for have each one to elect one member to represent everyone in that constituency. It was only later the elected members formed into parties, for their good – not for the good of their electors.

      Now here’s the proof. If an elected member decides to jump ship and join another party the parliament does not throw them out as not representing a party. The now partyless member can remain as an independent representing their constituents. They may also join another party or even form a new party.

      This is why the leader of the former sitting party Government gets first whack at forming the next government irrespective of whether he/she now lead the largest party Group, but this option is time limited and failing to gather support sees Her Majesty, (acting on advice), summons normally the leader of the largest party or group of parties, to form Her Majesty’s Government.

      This too has it’s limits for no matter who gets the invite must gain the approval of a vote of confidence by the whole parliament. Furthermore, at any time a vote by the house of, “No Confidence”, sees the calling of a new election.

      That’s the legal facts – parliamentary rules do not officially recognize party politics.

    133. Stoker says:

      Grouse Beater wrote:
      “What is it with the ecumenical thing and Labour in Scotland?
      Douglas Alexander, son of a minister.
      Gordon Brown, son of a minister.
      Jim Murphy, son of a minister.
      Ian Davidson, son of a Munster.”

      Explanation required, Murphy? Son of a minister?
      I thought Murphy, the pathological liar and lover of wars, was supposed to be a good wee practising catholic?

    134. shibboleth says:

      Watching Curran, Murphy, Brown and Millipede during the referendum reminded me of the hotel lounge lizards in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you didn’t need to be on acid to appreciate the grotesqueness..

    135. katie says:

      Looks like wee mags curran was getting her knickers in a twist there!

    136. Robert Peffers says:

      @Flower of Scotland says: 31 March, 2015 at 3:00 pm:

      ” … if they lie they will end up on Wings with the Rev analysing them. Videos DO NOT lie”

      Are you sure about that, “videos don’t lie”, bit, Flower of Scotland”? I do a bit of video editing, (when I can find some time), and I sure as hell can make certain videos tell porkies.

      Here is a very simple one that’s been on the go since ever there were movies. Set up a camera on a tripod. Run it showing a room with no one in it. Stop the camera and have someone or some live thing move into shot. roll the camera. Then stop the shot. Move the live thing out of shot and run the camera again.

      Now play the whole shot. The live thing suddenly appears, as if from nowhere only to suddenly disappear again into thin air. There are far more complex things and, of course, complex digital effects too.

    137. Broch Landers says:

      Magrit’s angry pointy finger – Fingerboab – speaks to viewers at home:

      Quit yer Naa-shun-alist whinin an just vote Labour.

      Why? Cus ah’m fuckin TELLIN ye.

      An eat yer cereal.

    138. Robert Peffers says:

      @Proud Cybernat says:31 March, 2015 at 3:13 pm:

      “No. In a hung parliament, it is the incumbent Prime Minister who has first crack at forming a government”.

      Correct and the reason is that Parliament does not officially recognize political parties. Only members and each member represents everyone in the constituency that elects them. It is the elected member who chooses to join any particular party and that member can be independent, leave a party, join another party or form a new party and still remain the member who represents the constituency that elected them.

      The Prime Minister is legally chosen by Her Majesty but if you want the way it works read this : –

      Convention gives the incumbent PM the right to attempt to form the new government but it need not be the biggest party or indeed his own party as the legal position is the office of Prime Minister’s full title is, “Her Majesty’s Prime Minister”, and that is, “Of Her Majesty’s Government”.

      In fact the chance to form the new government is time limited and, as parliament does not officially recognize parties, any group that can command the confidence of the majority of the entire elected membership forms the next government. Hence coalition governments and members changing party but remaining representatives of the constituency that chose them.

    139. gerry parker says:

      @ Stoker at 7:57.

      Jim will be anything you want him to be.


    140. Robert Peffers says:

      @MarkAustin says: 31 March, 2015 at 4:06 pm:

      “There is one further consideration. The PM could say to the Queen that he cannot form an agreement (perhaps, as in 2010, when the Lib Dems said they wouldn’t serve under the current PM but would under someone else) but another member of his party could, in which case, the PM would resign, and the Queen would ask this other person to have a go at it.”

      Addendum to the above : –

      While Her Maj does the asking the choice is actually made by Her Majesty’s Privy Council and Her Majesty’s Privy Council is : –

      Privy Counsellors are members of the Queen’s own Council: the ‘Privy Council’. There are about 500 members who have reached high public office. Membership includes all members of the Cabinet, past and present, the Speaker, the leaders of all major political parties, Archbishops and various senior judges as well as other senior public figures. Their role is to advise the Queen in carrying out her duties as Monarch. In the past Privy Counsellors were the chief governing body and fulfilled the role that the Cabinet performs today.

      BTW: The Privy Council also includes some members from the Commonwealth.

    141. Robert Peffers says:

      @manandboy says: 31 March, 2015 at 4:30 pm:

      “When in conversation with the very old and the very young, it is commonplace to simplify ones language
      as a concession to the limitations of age, old or young.

      Manandboy : –

      I’m jist a puckle short of being an octogenarian. Care to debate any matter with me while attempting to simplify your language?

      That is in either wir ain Lallans leid, Scottish Standard English or standard English.

    142. Robert Peffers says:

      @Grouse Beater says: 31 March, 2015 at 5:50 pm:

      “What is it with the ecumenical thing and Labour in Scotland?

      Douglas Alexander, son of a minister.
      Gordon Brown, son of a minister.
      Jim Murphy, son of a minister.
      Ian Davidson, son of a Munster.”

      Ah! Got it now! Scottish Ministers make really, really stupid bairns.

    143. gerry parker says:

      @ Kenny at 2:35

      “Scottish Labour Party”

      No such beast.

    144. Broch Landers says:

      Their desperation is highly entertaining.

      Keep at them.

    145. Stoker says:

      @ gerry parker (10.32pm).

      Aye, and then there was this also:

      How much more proof does one need.

    146. Grouse Beater says:

      Peffers: Scottish Ministers make really, really stupid bairns.

      But they appear to foster children who grow up to dislike their fellow Scot sufficiently that they do all they can to deny them free will.

    147. maxi kerr says:

      Remember on here we are preaching and baying to the converted.It is the loyal and ignorant braindead old labour indoctrinated lemmings we have to convince.
      This lot won’t notice in the run up to May 7th that the main stream media will be denying our people opportunities to be heard in a positive light.

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