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Brit Nat Down

Posted on May 18, 2013 by

Thanks to the alert reader who pointed us at a Plymouth Herald story today about lovable UKIP candidate and teacher of British children, the charming Ron Northcott.

Plymouth UKIP man quits after calling Scots ‘workshy addicts’ in Twitter rant

A UKIP politician has “fallen on his sword”, after abusing Scots people on the social media site Twitter. Ron Northcott, a former election candidate in Plymouth for the UK Independence Party, resigned from the party yesterday. David Salmon, UKIP’s Plymouth chairman, said:

“Ron is not talking to any member of the press. I can say that following the appalling behaviour of some Scots against Nigel Farage, Ron was involved in what he describes as banter with a Scot living in London.

His out-of-character remark was unacceptable and he has stood down with immediate effect as a potential candidate for next years elections. We in no way condone his language and the sentiments expressed. He has stepped down and will be leaving UKIP.”

Northcott’s “banter” came to light because this site highlighted it and posted it on Twitter, where at the time of writing it had been seen by over 8,000 people. You can read the now-deleted badinage below.


Mr Northcott’s merry quippery wasn’t quite as “out of character” as Mr Salmon is attempting to make out, though. There’s some rather familiar-sounding rhetoric, stretching back to 2011, on Ron’s old Twitter account (closed down last summer) too:




Classy stuff. Wings Over Scotland – cleaning up British politics, one nutter at a time.

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    84 to “Brit Nat Down”

    1. Graeme Purves says:

      Professor Richard Wyn-Jones of  Cardiff University has summed it up very perceptively: “UKIP is surfing a wave of existential angst about England’s place in world.”
      Poor Mr. Northcott’s comments (some perhaps alcohol fueled?) illustrate the point well.

    2. Tony Little [aka Aplinal] says:

      And something you WON’T hear from Labour about their paramour Ian (not so) Smart
      “His out-of-character remark was unacceptable and he has stood down with immediate effect as an on-line supporter of Labour. We in no way condone his language and the sentiments expressed. He has stepped down and will be leaving UK Labour forthwith.”

    3. Max says:

      ……..and Northcott is considered to be a moderate????????

    4. Max Solanis says:

      And I HATE being referred to as a “Jock”, A parochial English slur towards us Scots. >:(

    5. Archibald Berwick Melrose [aka Archie] says:

      You beat me to it Graeme especially with the ob about alcohol fuelled. Just wondering if he missed when ‘falling on his sword’. I am somewhat bemused at this extreme reaction and personally I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Fullness of time etc etc.

    6. Max says:

      …… and where is Labour? Aren’t they supposed to be the arch slayers of racists!
      It seems Labour is too scared to fart now in case it upsets British racists.

    7. sneddon says:

      Did he jump or…..
      What a buffon.  What did Scotland do to deserve his rancour?  Co’mon which one of you stole his toys 🙂

    8. les calthorps says:

      Can I just point out to our insular friends in the South– Blairs father was the bastard son of two English parents who just happened to be in Glasgow at the time of his birth.
      Blair senior was, I understand, very proud of the fact that he was a true blue Englishman with no blood connection to the land he was born in.
      If a rat be born in a stable that does not make it a horse.

    9. DMyers says:

      I’m more concerned about his being a teacher.  That sort of nasty language ought to lose him his job as far as I’m concerned.

    10. AnneDon says:

      A tweeter has screen snatched loads of his deleted comments. He’s a typical UKIP misanthrope who hates everyone.
      To describe his Scottish remarks as uncharacteristic is to redefine what that word means.

    11. john king says:

      Your joking?
      that nasty peice of work is a teacher?
      I kid you not, if that nasty little racist was teaching my kids I would demand his immediate dismissal

      just scrolled back to the top and sure as eggs is eggs the clown is a teacher, you couldn’t make it up

    12. Tasmanian says:

      No no no! You can’t describe Mr Northcott as drunk. That’s libelous.

      He’s merely tired and emotional.

    13. Gary says:

      As you can see at, this wasn’t an isolated incident, nor was it banter. This guy has an anti-Scottish stance going back years.
      He isn’t just anti-Scot, either. He’s homophobic and loves to make jokes about Catholic Priests and children, despite apparently working in a Roman Catholic school…

    14. Craig M says:

      Actually his comments about Jocks out of Westminster and an English Parliament do have a point. Let’s face it; there is a democratic deficit in Westminster where Scots MPs can vote on purely English matters. That’s not cricket and the English absolutely deserve their own Parliament. This view should in fact be encouraged. OK, so he’s a UKIP member and no doubt holds many unsavoury beliefs, but a desire for an English Parliament isn’t one of them. And if he blames Scots politicians at Westminster for some of Englands woes, well he’s correct; think Darling and Brown. Putting his inaccuracies on Barnett to one side for the moment, I share his sentiment about an English Parliament and by extension a Parliament for the English implies one for the Scots with greatly enhance powers. If this type of thinking can be encouraged across England then it helps with Scots Independence, Non?

    15. Jim Mitchell says:

      Given this and all the anti-SNP derogatory remarks the have been posted on the sites of the Scotsman, the Herald, the Mail and the Telegraph, etc. I do hope that someone has pointed them all out to a certain Mr Alexander and friends who sought to lecture  everybody and in particular YES supporters on debate behaviour!

    16. Archibald Berwick Melrose [aka Archie] says:

      Did this one slip under the radar. Reported on Yahoo News within a link about Niggle Forage. It seems like UKIP have a deathwish.
      A UK Independence Party councillor has resigned after admitting sharing offensive material about Muslims on Facebook.

      Eric Kitson has quit Worcestershire County Council just two weeks after winning his post in the local elections, which saw a national UKIP surge.

    17. HandandShrimp says:

      UKipper imprudent on Twitter? Who would have thunk it?
      To be fair to the chap his comments are no different from thousands on the Mail, Torygraph or even the Guardian (although I don’t recognise a lot of the latter peeps and I have been there a long time). Surprised he had to commit Hari Kari.

    18. scottish_skier says:

      Not sure if it has been mentioned, but UKIP took a seat from Labour in Rotherham last night.

      Aye, Ed’s share is falling….and to UKIP.

    19. Malcolm says:

      He has said a lot more than just last night’s outburst!

    20. kininvie says:

      Mildly O/T: If you haven’t yet read Steve Byrne’s ballad commemorating Mr Farage’s Edinburgh visit, then you have a treat in store:

    21. Marian says:

      It appears that the anti UKIP demo was organised by an Englishman called Mike Shaw, president of the Edinburgh Uni’s Student Association Socialist Society.
      Also present was Max Crema a Labour Sabbatical Officer at Edinburgh Uni and full time student union official supported by the Labour Party.
      He’s also a member of the LRC – the Youth wing of the Labour Representative Committee.
      Does that mean that Ed Milliband will be asked by the Scotsman to make an apology on behalf of the Labour Party?

    22. stephen says:

      i emailed Plymouth council complaining about his tone and asked if he is a teacher,,,

    23. Stevie says:

      Having myself invented the term BritNat and the general definition of BritNat – I am always pleased to see its use becoming ever more prevalent around the net. 
      They are a nasty, arrogant bunch who have no place in the modern world and cannot stop invading other countries and causing bloody mayhem and catastrophe wherever they go.
      The arrogance of their mentality is typically summed up in this RN UKIPper – he’s simply opening his mouth and saying any old received tosh that sounds about right.  I doubt this fellow had had an original thought of his own in his entire life.  His rantings are just the same garbage we’ve read for years – well before the referendum was announced.

      He’ll be back in a wee while, after the EU elections N.B. he chose to leave rather than apologise for his gibberish.  Entrenched and inelastic — sounds exactly like a British nationalist.  BritNat through and through.

    24. Hetty says:

      Great Ballad, love the typeface!  I have posted to facebook for all the 34 ‘friends’ on my page, most of whom ignore my political or Independence posts! Argggg…

    25. Shinty says:

      Absolutely brilliant!

    26. john king says:

      “”UKIP deplores racism or religious intolerance in any form, ”
      what they really mean is UKIP deplores leaving any evidence behind that can tie them to the crime,  
      thought I would burst when I read his excuse,
      I was disgusted by the materiel and was passing it on to show how terrible it is (or words to that effect) 

    27. Malcolm says:

      @ stephen
      you can find him, his employer (it isn’t Plymouth council) and his current workplace very easily with 5 minutes of googling, should you wish to make a complaint.

    28. Ron says:

      Genuine question: the guy is obviously an unpleasant idiot, but why would anyone want to try and get him sacked from his job?

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      Good point. I don’t think there is any value in being vindictive. What is important is that what he said is out there and for all to see.

    30. scotty says:

      mibbe alittle O/T but googling ukip i see the describe themselves as non racist in the first sentence,would you really need to tell people if it were really so?

    31. annie says:

      I think the fact that he is a teacher, in a position to influence young people is cause for concern.

    32. HeatherMcLean says:

      Genuine question: the guy is obviously an unpleasant idiot, but why would anyone want to try and get him sacked from his job?

      Precisely because he is in a position of responsibility, as a teacher he is supposed to set a good example to the pupils in his charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was indoctrinating them with his obnoxious, racist, misogynist views. I wouldn’t be very happy if my child was being taught by a person of his dubious character! Would you want your son or daughter taught by a man like that?? Young children are very impressionable and most of them look up to their teachers , taking what they say as gospel ( I know this as I am a teacher). Would you want any child of yours exposed to the views of a fascist??  I think not!

    33. Max says:
      Max Crema: Why I joined the Labour Party
      “Currently, the Labour Party is a lumbering mess, incapable of offering serious opposition to a government with the smallest shred of a mandate in 100 years, and undemocratic to the point of farce. The party leadership is loathsome, poor at public speaking, and so desperate to drag the party to the right, in the search of an elusive ‘middle ground’”
      ” The largely labour funded Better Together Campaign has descended into a confused and unsightly morass of jingoism and scaremongering showing that this party calling itself socialist and progressive is actually the exact opposite”
      I suspect that Max Crema will have his membership revoked.

    34. SCED300 says:

      Labour, in Scotland, thinking if we can get rid of Independence and the SNP then we will be in power. I wonder if it is beginning to comprehend what is coming; reading the UK press and the tsunami of fear, loathing and plain hatred in the comments columns especially concerning any slight to UKIP, do their strategists really believe they have a chance of power.
      The low capabilities of the Labour politicians in Scotland leaves the impression that they are clinging to the hope the UK Labour have a real plan.
      Cameron is still well ahead of Milliband in the ratings. This is still a big factor.

    35. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Genuine question: the guy is obviously an unpleasant idiot, but why would anyone want to try and get him sacked from his job?”

      I’m very very wary about that, but I think just about the only field where it’s legitimate is if someone’s teaching children. Who knows what he’s subtly, or not so subtly, putting in their minds? Much of the stuff he’s tweeted (more the stuff about Muslims than Scots) is criminal under hate-speech laws, it’s not just a difference of opinion. I wouldn’t want to take the chance of that bleeding out at any children of mine.

    36. ewen says:

      As an ex-teacher, I have to say that this guy shouldn’t be in the profession if he is going to publicly air the views he has. A teacher has to be an example to pupils and avoid leading them one way or the other. What is even worse is he seems to be teaching in a faith school yet maligns that faith. Hypocrite and unprofessional, like ukip really.

    37. Dcanmore says:

      None of my business but I hate to think what he teaches to his own four children!

    38. scottish_skier says:

      Hmm. Out of interest, I just plotted up UKGE VI Labour vs Tory UKIP and Lib. Same for Tory vs…

      Labour are being affected by the UKIP just as much as the Tories are. Both show the same levels of fall as UKIP share rises.

      Explains why Labour have been falling the polls too recently, but Tories not gaining. Labour are loosing to UKIP.

      Aye, English nationalism on the rise.

    39. ianbrotherhood says:

      re: calls for Northcott to be sacked.
      Dodgy territory.
      It’s up to individual schools to ensure that the staff they recruit are suitable for the job. This guy is unusual only insofar as he’s broadcast his views (how ‘offensive’ they are is a separate issue) and exposed himself to legitimate criticism.
      We know how hated we ‘cybernats’ are by some – if they react likewise, and start demanding that each and every teacher with ‘nationalist’ leanings be revealed lest they contaminate the weans, we’re into real witch-hunt mode.
      If this belter loses his job it should be because his employer is diligent and responsible – not because anyone sees an opportunity to give UKIP-types a kicking.
      These people are more than capable of generating enough ‘Calmanbaws’ (cheers Betsy) scenarios off their own bat – let’s not help them in any way.

    40. scottish_skier says:

      Anyhoo, Ed needs to start chasing the UKIP vote if he’s to have a hope in 2015.
      Not that it will work though.

    41. ewen says:

      ianbrotherhood – thing is, how many of us are fomenting racism and sectarianism online?

    42. ianbrotherhood says:

      Where does it stop?
      It’s a minefield. I’m not at all sure about any of it. Come to think of it, the education system is so dodgy, where would one begin teasing apart the propaganda the weans have forced down their necks via any number of ‘subjects’. 
      Off the top of my napper I can’t think of one subject (apart from, maybe, tech and PE?) which doesn’t have all sorts of controversies that individual teachers may have strong opinions on, but have to suppress due to whatever the curriculum demands.
      Our secondary schools are trying to get to grips with Curriculum for Excellence – the aim is to produce well-rounded individuals who are ready for adult life. Fair enough. But they cannot discuss politics as part of that process? And we wonder where the apathy comes from?
      Aye, a minefield right enough…

    43. scottish_skier says:

      If Labour are loosing to UKIP, then they are less likely to take Tory seats as they’re not taking Tory votes. These will stay Tory or go to UKIP.

      Some Tory loses, some Labour loses. Big UKIP gains. Lib Dem wipe-out.

      UKIP-Tory coalition with 45% of the vote.

      Increasingly probably scenario.


    44. Iain says:


      Another record for UKIP in tonight’s Comres, 19%
      (the Canon’s Gait surge?)
      Lab 35%
      Cons 29%
      LDs 8%

    45. scottish_skier says:

      Aye, that’s in close agreement with the rest. Labour losing rapidly to UKIP.
      Opinium for the Observer next.

    46. annie says:

      I remember at the English council elections a couple of weeks back watching the news and an elderly grey hair lady when asked who she voted for said ” I wanted to vote UKIP but when I got into the ballot station I just couldn’t do it ” and I thought then common decency still exists.

    47. cynicalHighlander says:

      scottish_skier from a pedantic dyslexic.
      Loose = Slacken 
      Lose = Lost
      Losing against Loosening.
      It’s like fingernails on a blackboard whereas your polling insight is impecable.

    48. Wee folding bike says:

      cynical, we all have these bugaboos. 
      The toothed bit on the back wheel of a bike is NOT a cog. If it’s driven by a chain then it’s a sprocket. 

    49. scottish_skier says:



      See next post where fingers hit keys properly.


      @Wee folding bike.

      Water does not freeze at 0 C, it melts. Also, it does not boil at 100 C, it condenses.

    50. annie says:

      Wee folding bike : does that mean the difference between a cog and a sproket is one turns freely and the other is chain driven – this is very educational.

    51. Dorothy Devine says:

      Anyone read this ordure^editors_choice
      and the ignorant comments!
      I do wonder whether some folk just missed out education altogether .
      Wish we had a pound for every ” re-build Hadrians wall” we can see in print – the coffers for YesScotland would swell!
      P.S Cynical,” loose “for “lose “definitely chalk & blackboard to me ! I have a thing about “invite” too as I consider it a verb whereas “invitation”  is the noun.
      I rely on the Skier for every poll too!

    52. Dcanmore says:

      @Scottish Skier …
      Yeah tighten up there 🙂
      This is the rot that Blair and Broon instigated into the Labour Party, going after the soft Tory vot to gain power. Now that soft Tory vote no longer believes in Labour and is heading back to Tory or UKIP in droves. Ed Milibot is unelectable and Labour will continue to drop percentage share, probably not that much but enough for Tory/UKIP to gain a majority in 2015. A big worry for Ed is mobilising the support to turn out to vote for him but he doesn’t come across as being that kind of leader, or even a leader of any sort. UKIP have one big advantage in England, they come across as an embodiment of all things English (arguably) which in essence provides a platform for disgruntled English voters who fear that England has been taken over and in Farage they see a guy who is affable, normal and ‘harmless’.

    53. HighlandMartin says:

      That explains why someone is called clever clogs. Or is a Dutch thing.
      Lightening doesn’t strike anything by the way, it travels upwards.

    54. cynicalHighlander says:

      Smiley thing.  I see that Comres poll has SNP 35% and Labour on 19% for Westminster showing a serious flux in UK politics.
      Wee folding bike.
      A door is not a jar 

    55. Cyborg-nat says:

      Wee folding bike and Annie.
      Cog or sprocket  is just a matter of a pinion to me!

    56. Patrick Roden says:

      @ Scottish Skier,
      I was probably one of the few people who was ‘slightly’ dissapointed about the demonstration against Nigel farage,
      My reasoning was that I felt that Ukip would take as many votes from Labour as it has from the Tories.
      The only thing Labour can do to fight back against this is to lurch to the right.
      This would prove to be another shot in the arm for Labour for Independence and the yes campaign.
      The main player in the No campaign is Labour, but they are having to attempt to face two ways at once.
      The MSM in Scotland is covering the Labour Parties back as they say one thing in England and another in Scotland, but how long can they keep this up before the Scots click?
      I simply cannot see the Labour Party lurch any further to the right and still maintain the ‘traditional’ support they have (especialy in Glasgow and the surounding areas)
      However if they fail to do this, but the Tories do lurch to the right, then Labour will be left behind in Englands march Rightwards and it will be clear that the Labour Party will have no chance in winning the next UK general Election.
      So for the Yes Campiagn Ukip is a masive Win Win for us, and we need only sit back crack open our popcorn and watch the Labour Party chase it’s own tail and eventualy bite it off.

    57. Gary says:

      If he was a bus driver, I wouldn’t expect calls to have him sacked, but I certainly wouldn’t want him teaching my daughter.
      The appropriate authorities should at least be made aware of the things he says. He’s not just anti-Scottish, he’s racist, homophobic and an all-round bigot.
      I wouldn’t expect someone to be politically neutral just because they’re a teacher, but there’s a difference between having an opinion, and hate speech.

    58. ianbrotherhood says:

      @Gary (9.22)
      ‘I wouldn’t expect someone to be politically neutral just because they’re a teacher, but there’s a difference between having an opinion, and hate speech.’
      Anyone who claims to be ‘politically neutral’ is either acting, or willfully ignorant – neither is a sustainable position for anyone in a healthy ‘democracy’. And yes, of course, ‘there’s a difference between having an opinion, and hate speech‘. But who makes that judgement? 
      I was fortunate enough to have some great teachers at Holyrood Sec in Glasgow, and they were (for the most part) patient when some of us asked very awkward questions. A decade later, after some friends had completed their teacher-training and taken up jobs, I realised what a tough job it is – they found themselves agreeing with the ‘awkward’ pupils, but couldn’t express basic solidarity with folk who were only ten, a dozen years younger.
      The ‘line’, in RC or non-denom schools, may vary slightly, but there’s an underlying orthodoxy which must be observed. Anyone who deviates from it is quickly identified and (if not removed) made well-aware that they’re doing themselves no favours career-wise.
      The ‘education system’ is, IMO,  essentially a massive game of ‘Call My Bluff’, the players being the pupils and teachers. Very few on either ‘side’ ever call one another out – their common decency is exploited by ‘Nicholas Parsons’ AKA The State.
      Result? Obedient workers produced by other obedient workers – the critical/creative thinkers who annoy everyone with their awkward questions are nothing more than mavericks who have to be tolerated. 
      The Scottish Government has been brave enough to attempt this Curriculum for Excellence – it may be a serious effort to break new ground.
      Here’s hoping they get it right.
      (Sorry – a bit jumbled, but I’m sure you get what I’m on about.)

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      UKIP are an irrelevance in terms of Scottish votes. However, what you say is true. UKIP won a Labour council seat in a by election on Thursday in England  so it is an issue for Milliband and if Labour do lurch further to the right and we will see the way the wind is blowing and it will have a bearing on the vote. Offending Farage is unlikely to lessen UKIP voting intentions in England though..if the ranting on the press is anything to go by.

    60. Jeannie says:

      Wih respect to the situation regarding teachers’ political beliefs, etc., if this particular bloke was employed by a Scottish local authority as a teacher and was found to be tweeting the sort of stuff this one has, I think he’d definitely be in trouble…….because he would almost certainly have breached his own local authority’s IT policy, even though it was personal tweets and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t subject to disciplinary action on account of it.  Apart from that, if you’re employed by local government, there’s no problem belonging to a political party per se, but if you use IT in such a way as to be deemed to be bringing your employer into disrepute, perhaps by tweeting or blogging racist comments, etc., then again, disciplinary action would be likely.
      But with respect to the bloke down south, it’s impossible to comment on his position as the school system is quite different down there and I wouldn’t know who his employer actually is.
      I’d caution any teacher in Scotland employed by a local authority, though, to be careful about breaching the IT policy.  Ask to see it – it might be an eye-opener for you.

    61. Linda's back says:

      Just spoted this
      Unlikely that MSM or BBC will report that the leading organiser of the anti Falange protest was an English Harrow public school educated Labour activist Max Crema.
      Why I joined the Labour Party: Max CremaMax Crema, Vice President Services of Edinburgh University Students’ Association explains why he joined the Labour Party and the LRC, and why you should too.——Currently, the Labour Party is a lumbering mess, incapable of offering serious opposition to a government with the smallest shred of a mandate in 100 years, and undemocratic to the point of farce. The party leadership is loathsome, poor at public speaking, and so desperate to drag the party to the right, in the search of an elusive ‘middle ground’, that they run the risk of needing only a new coat of paint to look identical to the Conservatives. Whilst it membership numbers continue to nose-dive, the ranks of its leadership are constantly being swelled by young and bright future administrators, fresh out of some of the best universities in the country, who have chosen to attempt to climb the ranks of this faction within our country’s political classes only because it offers the small moral comfort of in the past having been slightly kinder to the working class than the others.Years of rhetoric from labour politicians cynically couched to show that they were getting ‘tough on welfare’, or ‘tough on healthcare’, or ‘tough on education’ for small electoral gains have in reality been an outright capitulation to the dismal discourses first introduced to the British public by Thatcher. As a result, the recent attacks on the welfare state haven’t been resisted so much as wilfully aided by The Labour Party. In Scotland, the party leader herself is leading the baying pack of right wing pigs as they slobber over the idea of discarding aspects of the welfare state won for us by previous generations of the working class by the wayside. The largely labour funded Better Together Campaign has descended into a confused and unsightly morass of jingoism and scaremongering showing that this party calling itself socialist and progressive is actually the exact opposite.

    62. Silverytay says:

      Jeannie     It is not just I.T ‘ any member of staff bringing a council into disrepute in Scotland is likely to face disciplinary action even if it is out with working hours .

    63. Jeannie says:

      O/T – I was at the rally on opposing BBC bias, in Glasgow, today.  The speakers were very good, especially Robin McAlpine, the bloke from the NUJ and, it has to be said, Tommy Sheridan.  Love him or hate him, he knows how to deliver a rousing speech.  Unfortunately, there was monsoon-type rain pouring from the sky during most of the rally and I emerged thoroughly drookit.  There was also a speech from Auld Acquaintance, one from Lynda Williamson of Newsnet and one from the bloke, Gray, from National Collective.  Despite the rain and the low turnout – I think somewhere between 100 and 120, maybe 150, it was good.  Some great singing from Citzen Smart as well.
      I’ll tell you what though – the Scottish Socialists seem to work their wee socks off.
      The NUJ man was scathing about BBC management.  Robin McAlpine made some very interesting points.  He was saying that it’s a mistake to assume that Scottish journalists are necessarily mostly pro-union and mentioned that the Sunday Herald had contacted him 2 weeks ago actively seeking an indy story from him, so he gave them the Common Weal, which they duly published.  He was saying it’s up to us to do our best to try to provide them with news they can publish as they’re not as unwilling as we tend to think.  He was trying to encourage us to work to come up with the goods so they have more to work with.  Must say, it got me thinking.
      On the whole, I’m glad I went.  Citzen Smart will be putting his new songs on Youtube.  I’d really recommend you attend onw of these rallies which might well be coming to a town near you in the near future.
      our best to try to provide them with stories they can print.  They’re not as unwilling as we think.  Must say, it got me thinking.

    64. Jeannie says:

      Yup – that’s about the size if it.  Most employees are blissfully unaware of it, though.  Teachers have an additional problem, though.  They also need to ensure they don’t violate the General Teaching Council’s Code of Conduct otherwise they can face disciplinary action from that body, too.

    65. cynicalHighlander says:

      Thanks for update  on rally and to all those who attended congratulations in putting yourselves on the line.

    66. HandandShrimp says:

      Max’s assessment of where New Labour is at…well he has fired and he hasn’t missed the target.

    67. Linda's back says:

      I agree with Max’s assessment of my father’s beloved Labour Party  in the 21st Century but the fact that Labour activist was leading protester against UKIP doesn’t suit the Unionist media’s and unionist politicians agenda, aided by the BBC,   to attack the SNP over anti UKIP protest shows what the YES campaign is up against.

    68. Thistle says:

      was also at the march today with family and the weather was awful which certainly played big part in numbers. next time we get some better weather and more people.
      speeches and music great

    69. Etrigan says:

      Was also at the march today. Got the train from Edinburgh, walked with the march in the pouring rain, totally soaked. Stood listening to the speeches, again in the pouring rain. I think I would have been dryer sitting in my bath! I kept thinking that even with the weather so bad, this is the right thing to do. All the banners about the BBC and the shutting down of their blogs, great leaflets with good clear info on them. At least some people that saw us might just think about things a little differently.
      Then two old Glasgow women with their brolly’s up, and a bit curious at what was going on, walked past. One said to her pal, “I think they are against same sex marriage”  
      Sometimes you just have to laugh 🙂

    70. Quinie frae Angus says:

      You’re thinking has got me thinking….w

    71. Quinie frae Angus says:

      The “w” was a late night mistake…I will be back at a daylight hour with something more sensible. But Jeannie’s post has given me inspiration. 

    72. clochoderic says:

      Ian Brotherhood – agreed pal. As an ex-teacher your conclusions are absolutely spot-on.
        If you want a local scandal have a close look at the work that ” spark of genius” do in the Ayrshire education system …

    73. john king says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      18 May, 2013 at 8:28 pm

      “Anyone read this ordure”
      Sadly I did and all the while I was on that disgusting site I could not get rid of the sneer on my face as much as I tried it was fixed there and several minutes after wiping my feet on the way out I still feel defiled,
      all the while reciting the mantra
      first they ignore you
      then they laugh at you
       then they come to figt you 
      then you win (great man gandhi)
        now they’ve come to fight us were only a step away from victory
      sorry dont want to make that sound like braveheart, but I’m sick of pussyfooting around these people in case we give them the excuse of accusing us of breaking out the woad at the drop  of a hat

    74. john king says:

      HeatherMcLean says:
      18 May, 2013 at 5:52 pm

      “Genuine question: the guy is obviously an unpleasant idiot, but why would anyone want to try and get him sacked from his job?”

      Could not agree more heather
      the anti pc attitude as swung too far in the direction of not reporting idiocy like his, when it is the children who stand to be hurt by this vile creature he shouldn’t be in the job,
      not reporting him would be just as bad as the people who looked the other way when Jimmy Saville was up to no good 

    75. Linda's Back says:
      Sunday Post front page headline
      Former Labour chancellor admits Oil Revenues cover up

    76. Macart says:

      An absolute cracker Rev.
      Those jolly chaps with their jolly TV and online banter eh? The camera fair loves yer caring, sharing UKIPPER. Never have I seen so much racist, intolerant bile incited by so little media evidence as I have in the past few days. Mr Farage has uncovered some racism all right and most of it kicked off by his own remarks. Northcott as we’re all perfectly aware by now, is just a tiny example of what’s been aimed at Scots in general and the YES campaign in particular, since oor boy was heckled by a group of students from a number of political backgrounds.
      Certain elements of the public were only too willing to believe Farage and a press, who for some reason didn’t feel the need to find out who organised or indeed attended the demo. Any of these prize human beings out there who may still have a shred of human decency should be taking a hard look in the mirror and asking , just what the **** was I thinking?

    77. scottish_skier says:

      UKIP on 20% in the latest opinium for the observer.
      New record.

    78. Patrick Roden says:

      @ handshrimp, I agree that Ukip are an irelevance in Scotland at this time, but a recent survey found that a large percentage of labour voters in Scotland, said that they agreed that the unemployed scivers etc should get their benefits cut.!
      Johans Cuts Commision was the labour Parties attempt to move further to the right.
      This serves to Help Ed tap into the ‘South and Middle England’ voters and Johhan can be confident that this move to the right in Scotland will have a lot of support.
      What Johhan and Ed did not reckon with, was how Ukip have been able to jump straight on to this ground and hoover up these voters in spectacular fasion (in England).
      I hoped that as Nigel farage began to share his ‘policies’ in Scotland, it would begin to ‘chime’ with these Right wing Labour voters, who don’t understand that they are ‘right wing Labour voters and that Ukips leader would maybe cause these people to stop and think:
      ‘Wait a minute, This man who BT won’t even let join the BT campaign, is speaking a lot of sense and he isn’t pussyfooting around like Johhan lamont with commisions and debates, he is talking hard on scivers and immigrants Now’.
      Failing this these Labour voters might even start to think that since Nigel has a lot of good policies on Immigration and benefit scroungers and also want’s to abolish the Scottish Parliament, they might begin to put some pressure on Johann to addopt a similar viewpoint in ‘Scottish Labour’ 
      One thing that interests me though, is that although a large percent of these Labour Voters who were polled, supported Labours new move to the right,  I wonder how the percentage who did not agree with these statements, feel about the direction the Labour Party is taking, especialy in Scotland.
      The question is: just how far to the right can Ukip take the Labour Party, before this percentage of Labour Voters just can’t remain in Labour any more?
      I was hoping that Nigels visit would open up these cans of worms, but like you say ukip is making great gains in England so the message will get out, in spite of the MSM in Scotland helping the Labour Party face two ways ot once.

    79. Jeannie says:

      Then two old Glasgow women with their brolly’s up, and a bit curious at what was going on, walked past. One said to her pal, “I think they are against same sex marriage” 
      I saw those two old ladies!  I was wondering what they were saying.  Interestingly, my husband overheard an elderly couple just inside the St. Enoch Centre discussing the rally outside.  The wife said to the husband – ” I think it’s something to do with timetables”.  My husband mentioned to them it was to do with biased reporting.  The husband replied, ” Every one of thae channels is against independence.  It’s a disgrace”. 
      So even though they weren’t standing outside in the rain with the rest of us, they got the message.

    80. Jeannie says:

      Also, just noted a tweet from the Political Editor of the Sunday Post saying that there’s an article in today’s edition, based on a leaked tweet or e-mail, can’t remember which, indicating that a staff survey shows that morale within the BBC Scotland politcal unit is at rock bottom

    81. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ‘Also, just noted a tweet from the Political Editor of the Sunday Post saying that there’s an article in today’s edition, based on a leaked tweet or e-mail, can’t remember which, indicating that a staff survey shows that morale within the BBC Scotland politcal unit is at rock bottom”

      Yep, just tracked that piece down, will have something on it later today. Cheers for the tip-off.

    82. john king says:

      also read a good one in the sunday post about Farage,
      must be a world first an Englishman getting thrown into a pub in Scotland har har 

    83. les calthorps says:

      My post above was in response to Northcotts direct lie that the Blairs were Scottish.
      Blair senior could not help the fact of his birth, what he could help was his attitude to the country in which he was born, which was one of complete rejection—was this a result of the levels of deprevation in Scotland, especially in Glasgow which to this day, under at least 70yrs. of Labour rule, has some of the highest rates of child deprivation in Europe.
      All mention of the Blairs being Scottish should be immediately rebutted, no matter  from which source they eminate.  

    84. Jen Broadhurst says:

      He may have stepped down as a UKIP candidate, but I am more concerned about his racist beliefs being passed onto the children he teaches. Surely he has flouted code of conduct rules for teaching??

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