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Another one of our blackouts

Posted on June 01, 2014 by

We’ve been toasting in the sun with the Wings Emergency Kitten most of today, readers, celebrating the fact that Wings Over Scotland now has more unique readers per month than the sales of any Scottish newspaper.

(As of May we’re reaching 253,000 people monthly, whereas the best-selling paper, the Scottish Sun, shifts 248,000 copies. It is, of course, a ridiculously unfair comparison for all sorts of reasons, but it’s still nice as a purely symbolic milestone.)

Even so, when an alert reader sent us a picture of today’s Scottish Sunday Express we wondered if we might have baked our brains a bit too much, because it carried a feature about something that we didn’t remember doing at all.


It took us a couple of minutes before we realised they were talking about this. It’s an informal reader survey on a variety of topics that we published almost a year ago, and which a tiny proportion of readers have completed.

It’s just a bit of fun, completely self-selecting and therefore psephologically totally worthless, so it’s fascinating that the Express has seen fit to dredge it up to try to build some sort of shock-horror story out of it.

The survey also lets readers answer only the questions they feel like – not all the questions were added at the same time – so there’s no way of knowing how many of the people who responded on the monarchy question are the same people who revealed how they voted in the last elections.

The notion that the survey represents a “growing divide within the Nationalist camp” is also nonsensical, because as well as the Wings survey being basically meaningless, there’s no remotely similar poll to compare it with and say whether the “divide” is indeed “growing”, or getting smaller or staying the same.

It’s a funny old business, the Scottish media.

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    142 to “Another one of our blackouts”

    1. Adrian B says:

      Its also very simple to vote several times giving either the same or completely contradictory answers. As you say “it’s a bit of fun”.

      Ben Boreland must have been needing a few extra column inches to fill his quota.

    2. David says:

      Vive la République.

    3. TJenny says:

      Stu – surely in the interests of fairness, The Sunday Express should allow the printing of your article’s qualification of their assumptions. Have you contacted them? Either way, their article may, inadvertently, result in raising the Wings profile. 🙂

    4. cath says:

      Even if it was worthwhile, how on earth do they get 9 in 10 from those percentages?

    5. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      End the monarchy after the present incumbent passes on?

      I’m cool with that.

    6. Andy Borland says:

      He always was the blacksheep of the family!

    7. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      I was having Ben Borland’s credentials as “a pretty straight guy” punted at me in a different context a few weeks ago. I begged to differ and had a wee falling out with someone as a result.

      This is the second totally dishonest piece of lying journalism he’s pulled since then. And that’s just what I know about, because I wouldn’t read his bloody paper if you did a Clockwork Orange on me. In fact, the two matters in question are the only occasions I’ve encountered his name since then.

    8. HandandShrimp says:

      They are scamps are they not?

    9. Gregor says:

      Diverging slightly from the point of this post, what is actually so ‘SHOCKING’ about this anyway? How has this shocked them?


    10. Hugh Wallace says:

      You lot are so good at being sneaky cybernats you have secret polls so secret even you don’t know about them! Vote No and save us from the Cybermen! Where is Doctor Who when you need him?

    11. jim watson says:

      Who are the leading members of the SNP and Yes SCotland who want to hold a referendum on the monarchy? How dare these upstarts offer a democracatic process to decide the future of the unelected head of state…the world has finally gone mad I tell ye…

    12. Pat Norval says:

      Voting for independence is vastly different from voting to become a republic. He is obviously banking on this piece of “news” causing some Yes voters to think again.

    13. Bob Duncan says:

      O/T Forgive me for butting in to the thread like this, but there is a new website which I would like to ask Wingers to share. It is called “Solidarity with Scotland” and it was created to encourage Indy supporters abroad to write to their local British embassy or consulate in support of Scottish independence.

      This is an attempt to counter the dirty tricks campaign being promoted by Embassy and FO staff in support of a No vote. It would be particularly helpful if you could share the site with friends in countries outwith the UK and encourage them to take part.


      The URL is

    14. Famous15 says:

      The Scottish meeja will shoehorn the YES campaign into any unpopular position. Personally I will stick with Alex Salmond,the monarchy,the pound,the EU,NATO and sustain the SOCIAL Union with our fellow islanders .I only wish our own policies on Defence,Foreign Affairs,Taxation,welfare and any other thing normal countries have!

      Our monarchy is also shared with Canada,Australia etc etc .

    15. Jim Marshall says:

      Being a republican is shocking ? There are billions of us all over the world and we are far less shocking than monarchists.

    16. Brian Powell says:

      But many English commentators say we cannot keep their Queen anyway, not even a bit of her, the odd nail clipping, not even that.

    17. Democracy Reborn says:

      It is indeed a funny old business, Stu.

      If the objective facts don’t actually exist, well….why don’t we just make them up!

      Another one to be filed under “Scottish Referendum: Journalistic Integrity at its Finest”.

    18. Clootie says:

      I think the clue to the articles intent comes in the phrase

      “…immediately after separation”

      I can’t see that having been part of a Wings poll of any type or quality.

    19. G Walker says:

      I hate to say it Rev. but hoisted by your own petard! You can’t go running polls as a bit of fun, and then complain if some hack picks up on it.

      You’ve become too popular, the eye of the union is upon you!

      The retaining of the monarchy was always a populist move by the SNP, and I’m happy to go along with it if it increases the yes vote. Keep them out of our politics though!

    20. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

      You don’t need that paper for publicity. Nobody with a brain reads it. 🙂 zing

    21. Andy-B says:

      To the Sunday Express, its not the fact that it was just a bit of fun, to them its something they can latch on to and use, to portray yes voters as divided, and at each others throats over whether, an independent Scotland should or shouldn’t retain the monarchy.

      Of course the Express newspaper’s insinuations are completely and utterly wrong, and amount to nothing more than mischief making, in the hope to turn anyone away from voting yes, thankfully due to your brobdingnagian readership, most will be aware of ploy by the Express, and see it for what it really is, nonsense.

    22. Jim Marshall says:


      “Brobdingnagian” I had to look this up, not being a Jonathan Swift reader since aged 8 or so.

    23. Grouse Beater says:

      The other ruse out today is the one about food producers losing out unable to stick a Union Jack on their produce as a selling point.

      I was pretty young back in the day but I remember the disasterous campaign to “Buy British” – in fact, I think there was a second attempt, also aborted – every other food had a Union Jack on it to kindle patriotic pride … until we discovered a lot of vegetables and tomatoes came from Israel… oranges came from Spain … and the Scots got alienated by folk assuming salmon and raspberries grew on trees in Kent.

    24. alexicon says:

      Sorry for the O/T. Many congrats for the wonderful stats Rev.

      Seems that the unionists’ are lying to us again about our oil wealth.
      This should be share far and wide. It’s from the YES Carfin and Newarthill FB page.

      “The biggest oil-field in the world lies to the west of Lewis “

      I am about to show you proof that the Scottish people are again being lied to about the oil and gas reserves we have in our waters. The latest estimate from the Scottish Parliament was £1.5 trillion. Westminster laughed at this. No wonder, they know the actual value is significantly higher.


    25. Nana Smith says:

      According to bitter together the majority of scots want to share the oil proceeds with other regions

    26. Jim Marshall says:

      grouse Beater 5.06

      This is really a non issue. Made in Scotland or Produce of Scotland will sell better then goods with a union flag stamped on. There is also the CE mark to show that the goods are of European Standard.

    27. joe kane says:

      Regarding Ben Borland’s credentials as “a pretty straight guy”. I just looked up some of his journalism. Certain examples are straight out of the Goebbels school of newspaper truth whilst most of the titles of the rest read like they’ve been created by a spoof internet Daily Mail headline generator.

      Articles by Ben Borland

    28. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      O/T (but maybe still on a newspapers/newsagents theme):-

      Me and Mrs Calgacus popped into Graham Muir’s shop in the High Street in Edinburgh this afternoon, to give him our best wishes.

      (Graham is the “I smell shite” BT spoof poster man : )

      Photo of his shop window here :

      If you want to print off copies of his excellent “You Yes Yet?” poster, there is an A4-sized image here :

      Graham now has a Wings Over Scotland car sticker, and Mrs Calgacus has a free pair of tartan tights (it’s a grass-roots thing).

      We also saw a draft of Graham’s next BT shite-theme poster.

      I commend anyone who finds themselves in the area to call in and let Graham know that his efforts are appreciated.

    29. Tam Jardine says:

      If you were to take the poll at face value, it simply suggests that the hardcore Yes vote favour a Republic. Shock horror! It’s hardly news. I don’t believe it is mentioned in the question being posed in September.

      Funny thing about independence – it means that subsequent decisions are made by the people. If at some point in the future the Scottish people vote for a party with a referendum on forming a republic as part of their manifesto: great.

      There are a million and one other things to sort out. I favour a Republic but support the SNP’s position.

      Seems like a common sense, pragmatic approach to avoid placing obstacles in the way of a Yes. There will be no one who votes No because they want an indy Scotland free of the Windsors.

    30. Proud Cybernat says:


      Just found out about the protest today outside BBC Scotland. Wish I’d known sooner as I most certaunly would have given it my support with my copy of the Sunday Herald. Did anyone go along? How did it turn out? And erm… did the BBC report the protest right outside their Scottish HQ? Thought not.

    31. Andy-B says:

      Speaking of Old Lizzie, or to give her, her proper title. Elizabeth II by the Grace of God,of the United Kingdom and Great Britain,and Northern Ireland, and of her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith. Phew! try that on one breath.

      Anyway HRH, will announce in a infrastructure bill on Wednesday, that will change the trespassing laws, it will allow fracking companies to drill on private land without the need of permission of the owner.

      Good old HRH, I’m pretty sure, she must somehow have found a way to earn a right few bob out of fracking, outwith the seabed.

    32. Jim Marshall says:

      Tam Jardine 5.29

      Fair enough Tam. We republicans will keep schtum for now. Is it ok for me to peruse colours for our tricolour flag, just in case ?

    33. gordoz says:

      The journalists at the Express and the Daily Mail are the biggest piles of crap that have partially evolved on planet earth.

      Any pish for publication will do, fact’s dont matter; only blue rinses, fascists & bigoted Ukip/Tories read it any way.

      No doubt the ‘Arch Loyalist/Unionist’ Scottish political editor will have sanctioned its accuracy and inclusion.

    34. BuckieBraes says:

      Whom are they trying to shock anyway? Anybody who spends more than five minutes among ‘ordinary’ Scots will learn that the majority of us couldn’t give two hoots about the monarchy…whether in the ‘Nationalist camp’ or elsewhere.

      There’s a wee Freudian slip in the article, too:

      ‘…Alex Salmond’s desire to keep the Queen as head of state will not survive the break-up of Britain.’

      Mr Borland seems to be admitting the so-called ‘break-up of Britain’ is going to happen.

    35. heedtracker says:

      So you held this specific poll on the 14th of June 2013 but Daily Express creep says “The poll has been conducted over the last 12 months.”

      Neat example of a professional vote no liar in action though.

    36. heedtracker says:

      Express had a great week last week too.

      Ben Borland @chorleycake2 · May 26
      Congratulations to @DavidCoburnUKip on winning Ukip’s first Scottish seat. Perhaps we aren’t so different from England after all

    37. Jeannie says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      I was at the BBC demo today. Same thing happened as the last time in St. Enoch Square in Glasgow – the rain came on! But it was a reasonable turn-out given the short notice, a wee bit chanting of “Shame on You” and, I think, “You’re shite and you know you are”, some good banners, flags and posters and a lot of good-natured banter. Particularly loved it when the Glasgow tour open-top bus appeared and saw a site they weren’t expecting :-). I wasn’t counting, but I’d estimate a crowd of a couple of hundred. I enjoyed it at any rate and I’d recommend it if there’s another one.

    38. Dinnatouch says:

      Oh dear, I appear to have added my vote for a republic. What will the Express think of me?

    39. Stoops says:

      What beggars belief is that every day, sites such as this uncover blatant lies told by journalists, campaigners, MPs, and high profile business people which are allowed to be presented to the general public as fact. And we, as a nation, have become desensitised to the point where we either accept it or don’t consider it a big deal.

      My father in law waved a BT “Fact” pamphlet in my face the other day and asked if I had seen it (I hadn’t). He said I should, as it highlighted the true horrors of independence. I told him it was doubtless full of lies, and bet him I could debunk every “fact” therein. He gave me a look of utter disgust, as if I’d had carnal relations with his daughter (which I suppose I have really). The thing was, he thought I was taking HIM for a fool, by saying that some government sponsored pamphlet could contain anything but gospel.

      It is the greatest coup of any government if it’s citizens believe the state would never lie to them.

    40. colin young says:

      Should we not refer to Scottish newspapers as comics ?

      I’m sure the staff would be agree !

    41. YESGUY says:

      Many things will change after a YES vote and many things will stay the same . If it’s important to some to keep the queen as head of state , fine, Most i spoke to couldn’t care less. Whats the big deal.

      Queen Elizabeth managed to hold on to the throne lately but cant see there being much hope for the rest of her family when she goes.

      Scotland an independent nation . That’s all that counts.

    42. HandandShrimp says:

      I take it the BBC haven’t covered the protest at Pacific Quay? From what I can see of the photos it was a good turnout on a wet day. The BBC are quite happy to cover a protest of 50 SDL types but not a couple of hundred right outside their own office.

    43. colin young says:

      Sorry should not be a *be* in previous post.

      Went to a YES meeting in Ardrossan civic centre unfortunately the two main speakers were held up in traffic due to a large traffic accident, i just found out a bunch of ORANGE LODGE turned up but they were confronted by two elderly ladies threatened to phone police so they left in a hurry.


    44. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Morag Graham Kerr – Just wondered if on your extensive travels you have popped up Manor Valley [turn left at Neidpeith Castle, Peebles]. Lots of fond memories up there swapping houses during holiday times with family friends.

    45. MD says:

      A shocking poll has found that 9 out of 10 stories in the Scottish Sunday Express has no basis in reality.

    46. Seasick Dave says:

      How many times do they have to be told?

      Britain is not breaking up.

      Britain is an island, made up of England, Scotland and Wales.

      We aren’t going anywhere.

      The United Kingdom though, as a political construct, will take on a different form.

    47. donald anderson says:

      As a Scottish Republican Socialist I am shocked to the core that the Daily Suppress could do such a thing.

      Beaverboork propaganda does not belong to the voluntary council of the Press Association and unless you can afford lawyers they can and do print any lie they like about you with no chance of a retraction.

      They are only one of the daily Brit Nat papers on our newsstand that screams every day about Alex Salmond eating their hamsters.

    48. donald anderson says:

      Some people do not have an English Queen, or a Royalist Labour Party

    49. fergie35 says:

      Ah, divide and conquer, I couldnae care for the monarchy, as long as we are free of British rule. We all know its one step at a time; in the future there may be pro and anti monarchist parties.
      I would rather see Lesley Riddoch as president

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @colin young –

      SSP were supposed to be leafleting outside that meeting today, but we’re running very low on promo material for the Tuesday Vineburgh CC meeting (Colin Fox & Jim Sillars).

      I’m very glad now we didn’t make it – disturbing news.

    51. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      i remember vividly watching a video where a vibrant young man in a lovely white England soccer top told us how important the queen is to all of us in this country. For all those who may have missed this extremely informative footage i would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the queen brings in 20 million quid a year, stick yer independence up yer arse, rool Britannia.

    52. BuckieBraes says:

      @Seasick Dave
      No, you’re wrong. Haven’t you heard that, in the event of a Yes vote, seismic activity will occur resulting in Scotland being detached from the rest of Britain and set adrift in the North Atlantic?

      ‘An academic warns’.

    53. Flower of Scotland says:

      @Bob Duncan

      Thanks for that . My daughter and her family live near San Francisco, so I’ve e mailed her with your Solidarity Scotland information and asked her to do the business!

      @calgacus Macandrews

      I’ve got a You Yes Yet A4 stuck in my window and one in my car! Printed out a few and some are in windows in Glenrothes I hear! Will certainly visit his shop the next time I’m in Edinburgh!

    54. Cyril Mitchell says:

      I sometimes wonder how Alex Salmond is still upright, because front page after front page in the “Scottish” Express is often about another blow for Salmond because of this or that. They must have a template.

    55. Lesley-Anne says:

      Can I just say I think we have reached phase 3 ( out of 4 ) with regards to winning, and this garbage from the *cough* Scottish Sunday Express proves it. I present as my evidence:

      “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.” (M.K. Gandhi)

      I rest my case for the defence m’lud! 😛

    56. thomas says:

      The English monarch? Who`s that then? Was that no the one that had his eye taken out in some battle somewhere and led to England being ruled for centuries by foreign french monarchs as well as scots and germans?

      As a scottish republican i do not support the monarchy , but i will bend a knee tae auld lizzie and phil the greek if it means being free of that westminster mob.

      Same old divide and conquer.

    57. Democracy Reborn says:

      @Grouse Beater 5.06pm

      There was the “I’m Backing Britain” campaign in ’68. The t-shirts were made in, err, Portugal.

      During that campaign Clive Jenkins, of the ASTMS trade union, said “when the British ruling class is in trouble, it wraps itself in the Union Jack”. No narrow nationalism there, then…

    58. handclapping says:

      So on these results, are the SNP Tartan Tories or not? Answer JoLa now, with evidence.

      And how many people read the Scottish Sunday Excess and of those how many read articles by whatshisname?

      Quarter of a million, Stu! Read that whatsyourname and weep.

    59. Fairliered says:

      I know of no “leading members of the SNP and Yes Scotland” who want to hold a referendum on the monarchy.


    60. handclapping says:

      PS Any more of this cavorting with the emergency kitten and your cyberrat task force will go on strike or start eating your cables again

    61. heraldnomore says:

      Oi Rev, you’ll be interested in a fine advert, half page spread, in The Juniors paper – dished out free at the cup final this afternoon, where I’m sure Gerry Hassan was present (though nothing to do with said ad of course).

      ‘Who do you think you are kidding Mr Salmond’ – all it needs is that Saltire from our old chums at The Scotsman. The eejits behind it are Save The Union, of which I know nowt, and care less.

      Might be able to get a scan to you sometime.

    62. Adam Jeal says:

      I want to see the end of the monarchy and every last bit of the venal British establishment. Sooner we kick the BBC, the Heil, the Express and their ilk out of Scotland, the better. There needs to be a massive purge of the (fake) Scottish media.

      I understand why the SNP are taking this position though.

    63. Adam Jeal says:

      Btw, does anyone know what happened with the protest at Pacific Quay today?

    64. Alan of Neilston says:

      Attended the Demonstration outside the B.B.C today with 3 others. Around 200 were there and it was a pity there was’nt more. No M.S.M presence so it will not be recorded for the general Scottish Public. It clashed with the Ayetalks Event held in closeby Govan at the Pearce Institute which we also attended and which was excellent. Another Demostration against the B.B.C. would be a good thing but it will require more careful planning and publicised well in advance. A really big crowd demonstration would be required to get the media attention we seek.

    65. Clootie says:

      Don’t let them deflect us from the goal that unites us – Independence.Ignore the baiting. They are looking for a soundbite for the next edition.

      I trust my fellow Scots to make a sound judgement on a whole raft of issues over the next few years. However we will never get the oportunity if we don’t focus on the 18th. September.

    66. ronnie anderson says:

      There were a few people with vidio cams at the BBC demo today

      so we just need to see if they post the footage on Yes

      Scotland Facebook page.

    67. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Alan of Neilston says:
      Another Demostration against the B.B.C. would be a good thing but it will require more careful planning and publicised well in advance.

      It would be a good idea too if RT or Al Jazeera could be persuaded to cover the next demo.

      Just sayin’

    68. Oneironaut says:

      You have sun where you are?!
      We had it yesterday and we hadn’t finished with it yet! Give it back!

      As for the monarchy, I honestly couldn’t care less. I mean what do they really do, apart from occupy large, very expensive buildings that international tourists come over to gawk at and photograph for reasons I can’t quite fathom?

      For reasons I can fathom even less than that, there are still a lot of Scottish folks who apparently still want to be ruled over by the London-based monarchy… (Perhaps someone can enlighten me on why that is, because I really don’t get it!)

      So I suspect this is a ploy aimed at securing those people firmly in the “definite no” camp. And possibly intended to drag the name of Wings over Scotland through the mud a bit as well.

      (Maybe those viewing figures in the last article caused a bit of jealousy?) 😉

    69. Thepnr says:


      Loved your earlier link and think it worth posting again, pure genius!

    70. donald anderson says:

      The Loch Ness Monster brings in more money direct to Scotland it does not charge us a penny.

      Good Auld Queen Nessie.

    71. Thepnr says:

      This referendum will be a very close run thing purely due to the duplicity of our media, this so called UNITED media.

      It is though a very hard slog doing the face to face thing, take my wife for example, a lovely person pure in soul who absolutely supports Independence for all the reasons we value.

      I stuggle to get her to read an article on Wings never mind having her handing out leaflets or canvassing. Her work environment (large accountancy firm) she tells me is definitely NO and so are most of their clients.

      She may talk of farmers for example and I explain how farmers will be better off in an Indy scotland and show her the evidence. So she gets that much.

      We had a wee disagreement earlier when I said “listen when there is less than 2 months to go, you need to read everything as avidly as me, else you won’t be able to answer the questions or point out the positives”

      “We need all the help we can get”. She understands now I’m sure, it’s quite easy one engaged to persuade someone to vote for a Yes. It’s something else altogether to hope they will be as committed as yourself.

    72. Roboscot says:

      O/T but this is an interesting quote from Nigel Farage in the Mail on Sunday:

      ‘Mr Farage refused to reveal which seat he will choose to fight – but said there was a ‘distinct possibility’ that it would be Thanet South in Kent. He did however rule out challenging Nick Clegg in Sheffield.

      He said: ‘I’m going to stand in the South East of England because that’s where I am from.’

    73. seanair says:

      Rev Stu,
      Thanks for providing a link to Kevin McKenna’s blogsite. He and Johan Lamont are getting absolute pelters following his article about how she is well-placed whatever the result of the referendum.. Some people being very rude about well as Johan!

    74. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Calgacus MacAndrews at 8.04

      The only demonstration against the BBC that would have any effect would be one in the streets of London with the world’s eyes on it.

      They certainly won’t report one outside their Glasgow HQ and neither will the rest of the Scottish media

    75. Roboscot says:

      Meant to say that Farage’s quote is interesting considering where Scotland’s UKIP MEP lives and comes from.

    76. donald anderson says:

      Is there anyone in the EBC empty shed in Govan to report anything that is not handed down from their masters in London?

    77. Red Squirrel says:

      Another attempt to discredit the Yes campaign and scare the masses into a No vote. Like it or not, some folk seem to enjoy having old Queenie – can’t understand it myself but it can wait for our newly elected independent Scottish Parliament to consider.

      Of far greater importance, where are the emergency kitten photos we were promised?

    78. Paula Rose says:

      ( @ Thepnr darling, just cook the burgers the way she says )

    79. Stuart Black says:

      Caught the last part of Aye Talks in Govan this afternoon, I was late to the day but I managed to hear the excellent Cat Boyd, Tommy Sheppard, and Ivan McKee amongst others, and the icing on the cake came at the end with Liz Lochhead doing a wee monologue or two, a great afternoon all round.

      Can I also say hello to George Brown, who I met and had a chat with? Good luck with the bet George! 😉

    80. Paula Rose says:

      Good point Red Squirrel.

    81. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      RE: the monarchy.
      I haven’t thought about it a great deal so I guess I could be described as “ambivalent”.

      However, we have to remember that our UK forces swear allegiance to the monarch, not to a transient parliament or government.

      Presumably, the Scottish Defence Force would also swear allegiance to the monarch, at least initially? As I believe, in an independent Scotland, the idea is to return sovereignty to “the people” of Scotland, who would our forces swear allegiance to – the monarch or “the people”?

      Some “dead man’s handle” would have to be in place in the event of it being “the people”, otherwise an elected government could argue that it is “the voice of the people” and turn out the Scottish Defence Force in support of the government and against “insurgent” Scottish citizens, who happened to disagree with a government’s actions.

    82. natfisher says:

      I’m a old battleship.

      I’ve given STV a broadside, a slavo across their bow.
      STV better change course or its heavier salvo’s, till STV sink.

      I’ve started noticing STV not doing their job.
      In Scotland as licenced broadcasters, its essential STV cover everthing Scottish.

      To broadcast in Scotland, STV must broadcast fully all news stories in Scotland.

      Scots may suspect censorship/bias, and thats a bad thing in a democracy.

      STV have to be careful, 250,000 Winger readers/month and 800,000 unique Wingers/year are online watching outcomes every second every day, all over Scotland.

      I’ve just been on STV website, nothing of Pacific Quay BBC demo.
      Is STV doing their job, NOT.

      Who is STV News Director, who is STV commercial director.

      Credit to KILTR, they put up a link about BBC demo, but not STV.
      Are KILTR Scotland’s new live online news outlet.

      Go figure, Wingers vote with your feet.

      Its essential at this time, all Wingers must scrutinize STV and STV News daily.

      If its not balanced and topics not covered, you know to do.

      Email and boycott STV advertisers. Only we can call off the dogs.

      ps. Morrison Supermarket must stop promoting the Union with the Union Flag on produce, in Scotland.

      We know what we must do, vote with your wallet.

      I will be emailing, and calling Morrisons tomorrow.

      Morrisions the ball is in your court.

      pps. STV have begun to irk.
      STV must be totally fair and impartial.
      Today tried to call STV, to see if they’re covering BBC Pacific Quay demo.
      No answer!

      STV is off the Ball.

    83. JWil says:

      From this example it’s obvious that, “a bit of fun”, is not always applicable in the climate we have. It’s a mistake to give the enemy (for that is what they are) any information which can be turned around and used as ammunition by them.

      The unionist media are practicing this dark art every turn. As someone pointed out, once a story is printed and later it is shown to be wrong, it is never reported as such, so that the message retained in peoples minds is always the wrong one.

    84. Marcia says:

      o/t I see that the LD Maitland Mackie of Mackie’s Ice Cream won’t be voting at the referendum now due to his death today after a short illness. Condolences to his family.

    85. Jamie Arriere says:

      It is quite something to note that the 3,267 respondents to the survey now represent barely 1.28% of the number of people viewing this site each month.

    86. geeo says:

      donald anderson says:

      1 June, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      The Loch Ness Monster brings in more money direct to Scotland it does not charge us a penny.

      Good Auld Queen Nessie.


      I recall some english science expert stating that nessie could not survive in loch ness due to very low fish stocks within the loch.

      My first thought was, duh! Nessie eats the fish you idiot !!

      Royal family?
      Meh! Not fussed personally.

      When will BT be forced to talk about the issue they are so keen to avoid?
      Trident !

    87. Paula Rose says:

      Apart from insightful analysis I also expect pics of kittens…

    88. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson, it was a pleasure meeting you today sir at the BBC Scotland protest at Pacific Quay.

      There were a few hundred there, very good day, at least it’s a start.

      Next time we should make our protests when the eyes of the world are on us, during the Commonwealth Games. Then tell the world what is going on in Scotland regarding media bias and lies.

      Look forward to meeting you sometime soon Ronnie.

    89. BuckieBraes says:

      The Wings Emergency Kitten must be knocking on a bit by now!

    90. Nana Smith says:

      One of the best reasons for iundependence stop paying for House of lords scum.

      Cash for honours scandal

    91. Marcia says:

      Paula Rose

      While you wait…

    92. lumilumi says:

      Rev Stu, I’m glad you’ve been away from your cybernat computer, enjoying the sun and the company of the Wings Emergency Kitten – I forget her name but she must be a full-grown cat by now? And I hope the “kitten” isn’t doing anything bad to the separats!

      WoS is something to be reckoned with if a newspaper journalist will trawl through the hundreds, nay, thousands of posts to get a story.

      Congrats, Rev Stu, your wee blog has become a phenomenon. May’s stats kinda proved that.

    93. Paula Rose says:

      Marcia honey xx

    94. ronnie anderson says:

      @caz_m nice to meet you to remember you dont need to drink to attend a Wings nite out, I,ll punt up fur a bottle of watter ( whit flavour ), the radio FS is no broadcasting ah wiz looking forward to listening to the Interviews, an you gave a good Interview.

    95. StevieMcB says:

      OT Blair Jenkins Radio 4 after news.

    96. lumilumi says:

      As to the Sunday Express’s frightening scarey story of “nats” wanting to ditch the queen (or not).

      Ha ha, most Wossers want a referendum after the death of the current Queen. I think she’s universally liked and respected even if the institution isn’t.

      But when Charles III ascends to the throne… And then William V and George VII…

      I think monarchy, even a constitutional one, is anachronistic and slightly silly but I acknowlwdge the PR value. Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria is very popular in Finland and a great ambassador for her country.

      However, the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish monarchies are different from the British monarchy in that there’s less pomp and circumstance and less of a class society.

      It’s up to any and every Commonwealth country to decide if they want to have the British monarch as their Head of State. Lizzie or Charlie aren’t going to say no to being overseas monarchs but they’d abide with the will of the people, i.e. if there was a referendum to ditch the British monarch and have a Head of State elected by the people.

      I’m probably the worst person to debate monarchy, having lived most of my life in republics. 😀

    97. X_Sticks says:

      ON Monarchy – what Morag said. Yes.

      Whew, just caught up but had to flash past lots of good comments. There’s no doubt the royal card is now being played. Problem is the referendum paper will only have one question on it and it’s not; Brenda – Yes or No?

      Totally agree with your sentiments there.

      Yeah, that Trident thing, eh?

      I think a referendum (assuming we get a Yes vote) after Elizabeth I is the way to go.

    98. Thepnr says:

      Most Scots in my view are ambivalent about the monarchy whether under the UK or in an Independent Scotland.

      The biased view of the media on this subject is targeted at a certain section of our society. Fortunately, I believe the majority of the targeted group will see it for what it is.

      Just more bullshit establishment propaganda.

      They are hanging on barely now I can hear their fingernails scraping down the blackboard making that horrible screechy sound that makes peoples teeth grind, can’t be too long before they explode not implode.

    99. ronnie anderson says:

      We’re to smart fur the regurgitated rubbish, keeping our eyes on the bouncing ball or we miss the chorus FREEDOM.

    100. tartanarse says:

      Where’s my post gone?

    101. chipmonkey says:

      I’ve very much enjoyed reading this discussion (especially watching Marty McFly):-) Thing is…have we been distracted from our mission? The monarchy question isn’t being asked (yet).

    102. caz-m says:

      Cheers Ronnie,

      I think the radio interviews are broadcast every Tuesday.

    103. lumilumi says:

      More on monarchy (sorry to go on about it, and sorry for long posts).

      I lived in Australia during the Keating years, when Australia was at its most liberal and progressive (i.e. early/mid 1990s).

      The republican (nothing to do with U.S. politics but republic/monarchy) feeling was growing very strong. The idea of having an Australian, elected Head of State (President).

      Australia finally had a referendum in 1999 on the thing but it was spiked by the conservatives (confusingly called the Liberal Party in Australia) so it was a question of keeping the Queen or having a President elected by federal MPs, not people in a direct election.


      Most republicans didn’t want an MP-elected President. They wanted a President elected by the people!

      Divide and rule, mission accomplished for the conservative monarchists, the conservative powers that were and are.

      I once saw Prince Charlie get shot. It was the Australia Day celebrations in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, I and my friends were about 200 metres away and trying to move away in the throng when the heir to the throne came on the stage, then the sound system bombed and there was some confusion but we just laughed, who’d want to hear what Charlie said anyway?

      It was only about an hour later in the pub when we saw the news we realised that somebody had actually fired a gun (a starting pistol) near his royal personage, that’s why the commotion, confusion and PA failure.

      People in the pub cheered when they heard the news. Cheered that somebody had taken a pop at the heir to the throne, not the fact that he was safe.

      So don’t believe the BBC’s Nicholas Whichel’s sycophantic reports of royal tours in NZ or Australia or even Scotland. The British monarchy isn’t universally loved.

    104. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This is o/t, but I don’t want to put it in off-topic.

      Here’s Colin Young’s comment from 6.37, earlier:

      ‘Went to a YES meeting in Ardrossan civic centre unfortunately the two main speakers were held up in traffic due to a large traffic accident, i just found out a bunch of ORANGE LODGE turned up but they were confronted by two elderly ladies threatened to phone police so they left in a hurry.


      Saturday before last, an Orange parade went down Irvine’s Main Street. Fifteen ‘bands’ in all. (It was a march to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Newtown Defenders branch – proper permission had been secured from North Ayrshire Council.) They made a point of stopping outside the recently opened Yes shop and giving it laldy for precisely one minute before moving on.

      Doing streetwork in Irvine to promote next Tuesday’s meeting in the Vineburgh CC, we (i.e. SSP) spoke to dozens of locals. A worrying ‘rumour’ is doing the rounds – a notorious high-profile loyalist, resident in Ayrshire for years, has been ‘recruiting’ youngsters in the Irvine/Kilwinning area. If anyone knows precisely why? they’re not saying.

      Last week I spoke to a North Ayrshire councillor who is aware of what happened outside the Irvine Yes shop. It seems that NAC has already discussed extending the current prohibition on ‘religious’ parades indulging in provocative behaviour (e.g. stopping outside churches) to include political ‘shops’. I don’t know what that involves legally i.e. in terms of bye-laws, or how long that might take to enact etc, but it’s encouraging to know they’re on the case.

      The point of this comment is to give a heads-up to any activists, from whatever pro-Indy party or lobby group – something is afoot here. If it hadn’t been pouring today, (and if we’d had enough material to distribute) we’d have been outside Argyle Community Centre in Saltcoats this afternoon. It would have been me and one other branch member (who you all know, and is a regular here!). Lean, mean fighting machines as we are, we wouldn’t have had much chance against a squad of guys looking for trouble.

      So, be prepared folks. I’ve never owned a mobile phone, and resent having to master the art of pushing toty wee buttons, but the thing has a video app in it, and I’ll have it with me for all streetwork from now on.

      The ‘then they come to fight you’ section of that Gandhi quote is, it would seem, upon us. Be careful out there!

    105. Horseboy says:

      Found this retweeted by oor Tommy:

      Its todays Pacific Quay BBC demo filmed by RT’s Ruptly TV.

      KILTR has a great full front photo, also from RT.

      Where is STV!

    106. rab_the_doubter says:

      Ian, what would be useful would be one of those wee helmet cameras that cyclists are using these days.

    107. Lesley-Anne says:

      Excellent wee video there Horseboy. I wonder what those Muppets inside UKIP Channel H.Q. thought about everyone standing outside with their hands across their mouths. 😉

      Great result that someone was able to get RT’s attention on the protest, just a pity it is only 50 odd seconds. Might have been useful to have had an R.T. reporter doing some background speil on why the protest was taking place etc, still at least someone paid attention. 🙂

    108. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I know for one that your not surprised, I remembering asking you about “bouncers” you laughed and rightly so. This is a development we all could have predicted.

      However note the comment from Colin Young

      “they were confronted by two elderly ladies threatened to phone police so they left in a hurry.”

      I we should be on our guard but not frightened by their tactics. This is only Project Fear stepping up a gear…we knew that was coming.

    109. Thepnr says:

      Spelling is attrroaciaous. Auto correct lol.

    110. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well my ability to control my hidden urges has failed again. *YAWN!* 😛

      Now I’ve a link to a video about today’s protest I just felt the need the need to ask why UKIP Channel, sorry BBC, didn’t report this news today, as well as asking STV news, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News and SKY News. Well in for a penny in for a pound is what I say. 😉

    111. Thepnr says:


      “Now I’ve a link to a video about today’s protest”

      Not gonna share it then 🙁

    112. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry Thepnr it’s the link Horseboy put up. My post didn’t really come out the way I thought it might. Oops! 😉

    113. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr –


      We should never ever be afraid of these people. That’s what they thrive on. But, being realistic – if there are only two of ‘us’ (representing whoever’s on the Yes platform) and we’re suddenly confronted by half a dozen lads who’ve already necked a few and are in the mood for some ‘fun’, what’s the wisest course of action? Try to engage them in meaningful debate?

      No doubt, there are enough dafties around who would happily spend an afternoon baiting pro-Indy supporters, on the street, at meetings, targeting cars, windows displaying Yes stickers etc IF they know they’ll get some beer tokens and a pat on the back from someone they regard as a hero. You know the kind of ‘heroes’ I’m on about, and those guys know where the best hunting grounds are.

      Their best hunting grounds, recruiting patches (outside of Glasgow) are the schemes closest to where I live. That’s why I’m concerned, and why we need everyone in Ayrshire who’s serious about winning this thing to get active NOW – it needn’t involve joining a political party. All it means is showing support for the people who are out there doing stuff on a day to day basis – neds and thugs, however much they’re being paid, will always back off if they’re faced with more than a handful of folk prepared to stand their ground.

      Please, please, let’s not wait for a pro-Indy activist to be hurt (and the consequent belittling of the incident by MSM) to enrage us into action – let’s be smart, anticipate their clunky tactics, and make ourselves more prominent, active and numerous, on the ground, every day, everywhere. It might involve just wearing a badge, or standing close to Yes activists as they do their work. It’s all about basic solidarity, and we have to do it now.

    114. Lesley-Anne says:

      Good news folks, the Financial Times is leading on it’s front page with a story that Scotland will be allowed by the Tories to control all our own income tax.

      The Conservatives will on Monday offer Scotland control of income tax in a rethink of decades of party policy that it hopes will persuade swing voters to reject independence in September’s referendum.

      Whilst discussing this story on SKY News the Muppet P.R. guy stated quite openly that this would work O.K. if Scotland was a net CONTRIBUTOR to the U.K. finances but in fact Scotland is not but is in fact a net RECIPIENT! Where the hell do they get these MUPPETS from? 😉

      It’s all right folks the last question was only a rhetorical one no need to actually answer it. 😛

    115. Thepnr says:

      Amazing, Russian TV and not a peep from ours.

      No, I don’t give up, nor will I give in. Come on then you establishment, throw all you’ve got and the Rev and us Wingers will bat it out for six.

      Your losers, we’re winners and best of all is for me that you know it. Hiding a poll because it tells the truth does you no favours. Just exposes your duplicity. Twats that you are will not grind me down.

      I’m not a Nationalist but know what side of the fence I’m on, you are all failures and will continue to fail us unless we vote on the side of right! Yes.

    116. Jamesk says:

      Have a gander at sky news what the papers say today.Tories will give us the power to control income tax.Have a look at what the London bubble folk say .
      Cannot wait for independence ,this uninformed mob will get a a hell of a shock when there’s no more income from North sea oil going to Londome.

    117. Lesley-Anne says:

      Anyone who missed the ignorant MUPPET on SKY news can re-live the exciting times again at 12:30! 😛

    118. Thepnr says:

      Hear what the man is saying, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the badges on, the posters in the windaes, the face to face conversations.

      Don’t take this lying down this is OUR DEMOCRACY they want to mess with.

      Please, please, let’s not wait for a pro-Indy activist to be hurt (and the consequent belittling of the incident by MSM) to enrage us into action – let’s be smart, anticipate their clunky tactics, and make ourselves more prominent, active and numerous

    119. Grouse Beater says:

      Democracy Reborn says: During that campaign Clive Jenkins, of the ASTMS trade union, said “when the British ruling class is in trouble, it wraps itself in the Union Jack”. No narrow nationalism there, then…

      Superb quotation! It’s in the journal for later use.

    120. Ian Brotherhood says:

      After reading the comments from Paxman and Neil Oliver, and having had a few hours to digest them, does anyone else get a sense that the so-called Scottish ‘cringe’ is now backfiring on the folk who engineered it?

      These people are scared.

    121. Jamesk says:

      Aye Lesley-Anne ,just picked my bottom jaw up from the floor after hearing that guys nonsense along wae the sniggering presenter.

    122. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thing is James that was not a one off tonight, it happens every time there are paper reviewers on *ahem* discussing a story in the papers about Scotland. NONE of these *cough* intellectuals have the where for all to figure out that there might not be something right with their pathetic claims. Never mind on 19th September we can all stand up, well those of us still in a slightly less celebratory drunken state, and tell SKY News and the rest to sod off once and for all! 😛

    123. Lesley-Anne says:

      O.K. folks, for those wanting more video of Sunday’s protest outside UKIP Channel H.Q. here is another one that has just appeared on Twitter. Enjoy. 🙂

    124. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr –

      Hear, hear, 100%

      We’re only just into the ‘official’ campaigning period?

      How much ‘campaigning’ have the BTUKOKERS done?

      It’s all been documented here. Day by day, week by week…

      They have no-one on the ground.

      (Thistle – if you see this, please take a few minutes to write down what you saw t’other day, the gig involving McDougall? Please, please, do it – it’s important stuff, even if there’s no footage.)

      FWIW, my Mum is now swithering, and she’s going to the SSP public meeting in Vineburgh Community Centre on Tuesday night (Colin Fox & Jim Sillars) and she’s only doing so because the penny has finally dropped that a ‘No’ vote is, in effect, a vote for Tory.

      No-one here can know what this means. It is seismic. If my Mum is even considering voting Yes? We’re looking at a landslide – 75%+, easy.

      (Unfortunately, Ladbrokes still won’t offer odds on anything greater than 55%+ Yes…bummer.)

    125. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Thistle could you do a live stream at the place BT staged their canvasing, & ask people if they had any conversations with anyone from BT on Frid.

    126. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Thistle I,m sure we could orginize some bodies to help chappin the doors.

    127. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Ronnie Anderson –

      Just watched you and all the other heroes who did the BBC PQ gig – fantastic stuff.

      ‘They’ cannot match this.

      We’re winning.

      God bless ye big man.

    128. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood every little helps when your part of a group of awesome people it gives you a lift in spirits.

      Another great nite CH3 thanks Ian.

    129. Thepnr says:

      This is the end for Blether Tegether

    130. deewal says:

      Don’t get to bloody complacent. The bloody British Army is coming up to Stirling at the end of the month with troops, tanks, Apache helicopter’s and Para’s and a few Jets.
      They may just decide to stay a little longer.

      The General Officer Commanding Scotland, Major General Nick Eeles, said:
      “I hope and trust that communities in Scotland and across the United Kingdom will demonstrate their support and appreciation of the Army, Royal Navy and RAF by supporting Armed Forces Day events wherever they are held, but especially at the national event in Stirling.”

      What happens if the communities in Scotland don’t support it ?

    131. Ken500 says:

      Army visit could back fire.

      Remind people of illegal wars, Trident and the £40Billion overspend.

    132. Grouse Beater says:

      The General Officer Commanding Scotland, Major General Nick Eeles, said: “I hope and trust that communities in Scotland and across the United Kingdom will demonstrate their support and appreciation of the Army, Royal Navy and RAF by supporting Armed Forces Day events … especially at the national event in Stirling.”

      This will be the ‘event’ organised by the cringeworthy, unbelievably petty Stirling Council designed to spoil the Bannockburn commemoration and its new visitor centre held same day.

    133. Liquid Lenny says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Re your Mum, My best mate who told me last year that he would cut off his balls with a rusty razor blade if there was a YES vote, is now reported to be reading Lesley Riddoch’s Blossom, I tell you, if he comes over to YES there is no need for a referendum 🙂

      He would not tell me he is reading it, as we had a pact about 30 years ago not to discuss politics as it was detrimental to our friendship, so I have had to rely on intelligence for that information 🙂

    134. What’s your opinion on Gary Robertson being shown the door at P.Q Rev?

    135. Flower of Scotland says:


      I saw that on Sky last night! I had to have a wee drink before I went to bed because I was so hopping MAD!

      I really enjoyed the video of the demo at PQ. In fact I felt so proud of everyone! In other countries people throw petrol bombs etc but in Scotland we laugh at them! Fantastic! I hope BT notes the humour and camaraderie of the YES side. It made me feel so emmotional! BEST IS YES!

    136. faolie says:

      Just saw this. Shocking indeed! That our secret is out!!

      So I suppose we may as well just declare our republic in March 2016 at the same time. Sort of get it over and done wi’.

    137. donald anderson says:

      Grouse beater,re you comment on the Stirling Unionist Coalition MOD Rally.

      Annual Bannockburn Rally
      Saturday June 21
      1.15pm Mayfield Centre (row of wee shops) Bannockburn village, facing Borestone Bar,
      where Bruce is reputed to have camped. March from roundabout to Glasgow Road to field facing 1320 Inn for speakers.
      Scoriach. 1314 Inn. Fiery Jack and others. Tickets £5, Children Free.
      Bus 10.45 am from North Frederick St, George Square, Glasgow. £10 Children Free.
      Separate bus pick up at Alexandria Station Car Park. 11.20 am
      Leave 1314 Inn at 7-ish.

      There is a ceilidh in the Tartan Arms in the village of Bannockburn afterwards with Fiery Jack and others. £5 children free. Those wishing to attend will have to make their own transport arrangements as it would be too costly hiring the coach to come back. Buses leave 7pm.
      Contact. donald [dot] scotrepublic [at] ntlworld [dot] com

    138. Grendel says:

      Calgacus, the I smell shite poster was created by me and posted on my Facebook page. I had a wee chuckle when I saw the stramash it had caused, so I popped in to say thanks. It looks much better poster sized!

    139. Derek M says:

      Dont believe a word that piece of trash that calls itself a Scottish paper says ,its journalism and journalists are pathetic,i read it every Sunday at me old ma`s(she gets it because it has one good quality the crossword),have a look at the readers page if you can bring yourself to do so there is more people from England get posted than Scots and certainly none that are pro-independence ,it has a complete hatred for wee eck and anything to do with Scottish independence ,in fact recently it has jumped on the UKIP bandwagon because its old tory masters are not right wing enough anymore to please them.
      Not fit to be used as toilet paper!

    140. Votadini Jeannie says:

      On the subject of the Queen being retained after Independence, there are a few factors about this which really bother me.

      Alex Salmond has repeatedly said that she’d be head of state just as she is in Australia, Canada etc. But we’re not the same as Australia or Canada, because Scotland is a kingdom in its own right, not just a Commonwealth realm. I think it was Mad Jock McMad (or someone else who knows more than me) who said that after independence, the monarchy would again revert to two separate kingdoms, which would require a separate coronation in Scotland for our future monarchs.

      I would agree with this, however I don’t see the point of us having a monarchy if we don’t have a monarch who acts in our interests, and ours alone. I think the Scandinavian-style monarchies would work perfectly for Scotland, but that would depend upon Elizabeth or Charlie Boy giving up their luxurious trappings of the south for a hard-working career up here, with no civil list payments for the hangers-on. But we know this is never going to happen, so a republic seems the most sensible option.

      Then again, we are one of the oldest kingdoms in the world and I feel it would be a shame to lose that. As the Scottish monarchy was popular rather than constitutional, my preference would be that after the Queen dies, the throne remains empty. We’ve had interregna in the past, and it gives us the option, should the people want, to either leave it that way for good or appoint a monarch who will act solely in our interests.

      You can tell I’m clutching at straws here – I don’t want us to be a republic, but I don’t want to retain the Windsors and their patronising “tartan” visits either. A permanent interregnum would make me a happy bunny!

    141. donald anderson says:

      Bad day when the “Currant Bun” is more intellectual than the “Hootsmon”.

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