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All out of words

Posted on December 23, 2022 by

I’ll be honest, readers, I’m so exhausted from despising the sickening nonce-panderers of the SNP this week that I can’t summon the energy to write any more about them. So I’m going to hand over to some other people.

All pics are links so that you can read full threads, see context and access any linked articles, and all these people are worth following.

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127 to “All out of words”

  1. Garrion says:

    Self care is really important. Go for a walk and know that you’re doing the decent work that needs to be done, and if you haven’t heard this enough, thank you for having a conscience and doing something with it. Hopefully this has pushed the limit of acceptance and we may get some actual movement that ends in whatever weird cabal the Murrells are to exit.

  2. Kenny says:

    Time for a wee white, pink and blue book?

  3. Haud says:

    Snp for 50 years…fuk that, never again.

    I know it’s been said time and again but where has all this insanity come from ?

  4. Ottomanboi says:

    Whatever ones view on abortion it does seem Scotland and Ireland ride the tandem en route to dissidencefree Hades.
    The restatement of the patently obvious may land you in special «re-education».

    «No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious and charitable institutions have become, the music will still be wonderful»
    Kurt Vonnegut

  5. Patsy Millar says:

    Important that you have a good rest over the festive season and come back refreshed as and when you feel fit to do so. All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  6. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Wise words from Johann Lamont. The majority of those who voted for the unammended bill knew exactly what they were doing. They made a choice. Female rights and safety were expendable to be sacrificed by pandering to the narcissistic demands of mentally ill men.
    Anas Sarwar was inducted into the British American Project in 2018.
    Identity politics is the Anglo-American Security State’s preferred instrument of Distraction, Diversion & Division.
    In Germany, Die Grünen are transformed into cheerleaders for the military industrial complex and Atlanticist geopolitical hegemony. Environmentalism is long forgotten.
    In England & Wales NuNu Labour are lockstep with fundamentalist, expansionist, Jewish supremacist, Zionism. Class struggle and Socialism are long forgotten.
    In Scotland NuSNP are devolutionist, NATO worshiping, colonial apparatchiks. Scottish independence is long forgotten.
    This is all the work (decades in the planning) of the weaponisation of Identity Politics by the Security State.
    Distraction, Diversion & Division ensures that Power remains perpetually in the grip of the permanent managerial caste. A managerial caste comprising middle class, politics graduates destined to spend a lifetime in comfortable sinecures leaching off the State.

  7. Allium says:

    You are mentioned in Philip Patrick’s article in the Spectator today.

    I’d love to know how many of the SNP gutless wing are actually true believers, how many are compromised, and how many just fancy a ministerial post in the near future, and will happily endorse sex offenders to secure it.

  8. Gregory Beekman says:

    “Oh, you’ve got a broken leg? Well, here’s a certificate, that’ll cure you!”

    “Oh, you’ve got cancer? Well, here’s a certificate, that’ll cure you!”

    “Oh, you’re trapped in a car after an accident, your legs are crushed, you’ve got a head injury and the flames are all around you? Well, here’s a certificate, that’ll cure you!”

  9. Gregory Beekman says:

    “Oh, you phoned 999 and asked for a fire engine because there was a fire, but now we’re here and there’s no fire, well guess what? Here’s a certificate to say there was a fire!”

  10. Daisy Walker says:

    Dear Rev, said it before and I’ll say it again – thank you for what you do.

    Understand completely where you’re coming from when you say you can’t face writing about this anymore. No wonder.

    Even though we kind of saw this coming, the repercussions of it – for women, children, credible governance and for Indy, are indeed Seismic.

    I have kept returning to this over the last few days, each time I think, let the dust settle and look at it tomorrow… each day I think, ‘nope, that is it. I will NEVER, EVER VOTE SNP again. Not even for Alex. Done.

    I go to my local Hub, and have been as diplomatic as possible with the SNP sheeple there. Don’t know if I can do that anymore.

    Fuck em. Stupid, bad, bastards – every one of them.


  11. Mark Boyle says:

    Don’t be sad. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

    We knew this was coming, nothing was going to stop this batshit insanity. Now all we can do is allow events to take their inevitable course.

    Sometimes the only way humanity learns is by making godawful mistakes – and Scotland is a country long overdue being brought sharply back to its senses. If this is what it takes, so be it. Lord knows it took them long enough to bin Labour as bad for their health, wealth and sanity.

    Oh, and by the way, Hell will freeze over before I start voting “tactically Scottish Tory” when under direction from Signals Ruth they’ve added the colours orange and purple to their leaflets and posters ever since as a wee wink and nod to the Orc elements of society.

  12. Robert Louis says:

    I am a gay man. That is, same sex attracted. I am not, nor ever will be ‘lgbtqqia++’ or whatever the f*ck letters the loonies create. This legislation is homophobic. Let’s be very, very clear, this legislation is homophobic.

    The SNP, ‘greens’ and British Labour, can go **** themselves.

    But as I have said before, WHY? WHY has Nicola Sturgeon expended soooo much effort into a vote losing piece of legislation? Why has she pursued legislation that will damage the independence movement, leading to any SANE REAL woman never to vote for independence. I think the answer is self evident. Sturgeon has from day one set out to destroy both the SNP and independence movement, whilst forever promising indy ‘some time in the future’. Slow handclap for Sturgeon, the tractor within. Let’s now watch to see what her reward will be.

  13. Stuart MacKay says:

    That Cole-Hamilton quote on “dynamic risk assessment” is really interesting. At first I thought he was trying to sugar-coat what he knew was a bad decision but then I realised he was buck-passing. If someone gets assaulted in the changing rooms it won’t be the likes of Cole-Hamilton that get the blame but the swimming pool staff. Yet if they take action to bar access they can be charged with a hate crime and no doubt the politicians will be quick to condemn them. It’s remarkable to see such a group disconnected from any semblance of reality, or morality for that matter.

  14. Ian says:

    I didn’t see anything in the SNP 2021 manifesto about GRA. I also read that a typical PR company spends 75% of it’s time trying to make sure that news that their master doesn’t want to see the light of day remains hidden. It begs the question about what a manifesto is – a commitment (the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc) or just rhetoric (language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content). If largely the latter then it is literally worthless other than being a method of fooling people into thinking that they are voting for something that they have no intention (commitment) of doing. So much for democracy.

    The SNP like to go on about democracy, when it suits them, but if GRA was either missing or deeply hidden within their most recent manifesto, then pushing it through now is clearly undemocratic. Anything that wasn’t in a manifesto but is then subsequently pushed for, should in order to maintain public democracy (rather than a very different beast – political democracy), maybe be subject to a referendum. Switzerland manages to do this on key subjects annually.

    The SNP manifesto is also heavy on taking the credit for something achieved or at least initiated by someone else. Yet there is not one mention of Alex Salmond. So deceitful can be added to rhetoric as the main thrust of Sturgeon’s last manifesto. Time for some light to be shone on it.

  15. Blackhack says:

    Just lost for words…..Where do I go from here….I’ll never vote again for the SNP as long as it’s being run as a private clique.

    I cant/wont vote for the greens, or the libs or labour….and under no circumstances could I vote for the tories…..For the first time in my life (I’m now 70) I’m going to abstain.

    George Orwell…..Welcome to 1984 one more time.

  16. Gregory Beekman says:

    If diagnosing gender dysphoria is ‘degrading,’ is diagnosing all mental health disorders also ‘degrading’?

  17. SusanAHF says:

    As with a commenter on the previous post, I am concerned that the parasites will move to colonise Alba if it becomes more popular. Just as happened to the SNP.ISP might be a safer bet if they stand in my area.

  18. Boro Boy says:

    Could I self identify as an EU citizen and get a certificate? Then, when I get thrown out of the EU passport holders queue and told to join the naughty step queue, I can claim that my human rights have been violated.

  19. Margaret L says:

    Although my life was much easier before you opened my eyes on all the ramifications of this, I really can’t thank you enough for doing so. You’re a top man Stu, Scotland should salute you…I do.
    Now, we all have to hit the whole lot of these dick pandering msps where it hurt…their careers. For an independent Scotland where women live in fear to satisfy male fetishists feelings, isn’t worth it. We need to sack them all.

  20. frank gillougley says:

    Wow! Just read all those tweets.
    Looking at the images in Graham Linehan’s article and reading as much text as I could stomach, I have a very very useful and simple ethical, moral and biological test by John Keats to apply to what I am being asked to believe. It is this:
    ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty,- that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’
    And those men were all as ugly as sin and the whole GRC bill is predicated on a lie.

  21. Shug says:

    Don’t over think their stupidity.

  22. DaveL says:

    Alex Cole-Hamilton is ‘Confident in the monitoring that we have built into this’.

    How do you monitor:

    Self doubt
    Sleepless nights
    Suicidal thoughts

    I’m sure amongst those of you who proudly voted for this madness and your proud supporters there will be someone proud enough and confident enough to answer.

    You make me sick. All of you.

  23. Wee Chid says:

    Blackhack says:
    23 December, 2022 at 2:40 pm
    “Just lost for words…..Where do I go from here….I’ll never vote again for the SNP”

    I know how you feel. I spoiled my constituency ballot at the last Scottish election and was completely disenfranchised in the local council elections. I spoil the ballot rather than just staying away though because the number of spoils are recorded.

  24. Wee Chid says:

    Robert Louis says:
    23 December, 2022 at 2:29 pm
    “I am a gay man. That is, same sex attracted. I am not, nor ever will be ‘lgbtqqia++’ or whatever the f*ck letters the loonies create. This legislation is homophobic. Let’s be very, very clear, this legislation is homophobic.”

    Totally agree and I fail to see how it is that many of my theatrical gay friends cannot see this.

    As far as they are concerned – I’m the bigoted one.

  25. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The machinery of government is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.” Frank Herbert

    The personal qualities of the ‘iron lady’ and the rest of the MSPs who voted this legislation through leave a lot to be desired.

    Do we still have the right of Salvo, seeing as the Scottish Parliament was allegedly reconvened?

    From 1592 to 1707, the Scottish Parliament acknowledged the sovereignty of the people by offering ‘salvo’ at the end of every session: any person who wished to do so was invited to challenge any legislation that prejudiced their civil rights or freedoms.

    If so it needs used!!

  26. Robert McAllan says:

    Where is Kate Forbes? She will be forever known as the COWARD of the county (Ross & Cromarty). Being on maternity leave is a pish poor excuse for not speaking out against this abhorrent piece of legislation. Is this yet another of example her ‘tiptoeing around her faith’ in order to curry favour with the iniquitous Sturgeon dynasty?
    It is all the more despicable she has chosen silence particularly the fact she is stepmother to three daughters and a mother of one.
    By not speaking out, Forbes abstention in this debate has brought disgrace on herself and whether she likes it or not has aligned with the promoters of this vile legislation.

  27. SusanAHF says:

    Yes this legislation is homophobic, it delegitimizes same SEX attraction. My local group states that gender critical view holders are not welcome.

  28. Ebok says:

    The latest polls showing that ALBA is at last being considered as an alternative for disenfranchised voters is great news, but the projected wipe-out of any party at HR is premature.

    It could of course lead to a ‘supermajority’ but that would mean an uncomfortable pact and ALBA working with SNP, no matter which was the largest party.
    The hard facts are that if every single SNP2 vote had gone to ALBA last year, i.e. SNP1/ALBA2, then those 1.1M votes would have returned just 24 ALBA regional MSPs, 62 SNP constituency MSPs, and 5 Greens (who would be side-lined).
    But it’s hardly credible that that would happen. In the real world of D’Hondt, where SNP will continue to attract a sizeable vote, losing seats on the constituency simply means winning more seats on the regional vote, and SNP 1&2 isn’t such a killer for them.

    As an example, if we presume that labours ½ million supporters mostly voted Lab 1 & 2, the ½ million constituency votes gained 2 seats, but because there was no divisor, the ½ million regional votes got them a further 20 seats. SNP2 returned 2 from the region for 1.1M votes.

    D’Hondt is not designed to deliver a one-party state, it’s the exact opposite in fact, the establishment want to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Alex Salmond found the way pre-HR to circumvent the system and crush the unionists, but Sturgeon had her own – now clear – agenda and wouldn’t co-operate, but if ALBA should replace SNP, then I’m sure that ALBA will have more comfortable bedfellows by then.

    SNP – and Slab – has badly miscalculated on the effect of the GRRB, at a time when more and more families become embroiled in fuel, energy, and cost of living poverty, ALBA has been handed a real opportunity to seize the initiative.

    With 3½ years to go before HR26, today’s momentum can accelerate and put ALBA is a position to contest both constituency and regional votes. The message IS getting out that this administration has been disastrous for women and Scotland: we can only hope that the electorate don’t conclude SNP bad/Indy bad and realise that ALBA is the only alternative for Scotland.

    I hope that this is reflected in a surge in support and membership – as suggested by AE on the previous thread – and that next month’s National Assembly meeting, on Jan 14 in Edinburgh, is packed and overflowing.
    Women can be assured that the YES movement is solidly behind them and should attend in big numbers when they, and the Independence groups, can unite and say loudly and clearly that ‘enough is enough’.
    Let’s come together and issue an irresistible call for Independence and sanity.
    If you can attend this meeting, book as soon as possible after details become available.

  29. stuart mctavish says:

    @Gregory Beekman

    Must admit i wonder about the significance of those certificates too.

    Of particular interest is whether one might be available in exchange for living for a predetermined period as a self declared sovereign national (an exchange which, depending on type preferred, might prove to be far more enthusiastically agreed as being within the gift of the judiciary than sex, irrespective of any risk to ones mental or physical wellbeing arising)

  30. PacMan says:

    It would be ironic if some male GRR supporter was accused of being of being a beast if they had accidentally entered a mixed space changing room when a woman was already in it.

  31. Stoker says:

    The UKGov has announced that “it is perfectly reasonable” for them to look at Sturgeon’s new gender law changes because it poses a risk to women and children. The SNP say it will fight any attempts to stop it.

  32. Ruby says:

    I’m so glad there are over 5k in the UK who agree with me.

    No Sex changes.

    Still wondering what a ‘genuine trans person’ is?

    Is the following correct:

    Genuine Transwoman are women. No problem allowing them into women’s spaces & all the rest

    Non genuine Transwoman are men. Big problem allowing them into women’s spaces.

    It’s all pretty mental the only solution I can see is absolutely no sex changes.

    I can understand why they might want to ditch the gender dysphoria diagnosis ‘cos that too is mental.

    Born in the wrong body????

    Will be interesting to hear the SOS and Kami arguing for the GRA 2004.

  33. Jim McIntosh says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    23 December, 2022 at 2:34 pm
    Your comment about Cole-Hamilton passing the blame is spot on. It’s no coincidence the ‘hate crime’ bill was enacted first. No organisation will allow their staff to challenge inappropriate behaviour by anyone saying they hold a GRC for fear of being sued under that legislation.

  34. Chas says:

    When one of these brave new ‘women’ decides to follow their urges and abuses/damages/hurts/rapes a real woman or girl will we ever get to hear about it?

    The police and judiciary now seem to dance to Sturgeon’s and the SNP/Greens tune. The bulk of the MSM in Scotland also seem to be very subservient to the Supreme Leader and her acolytes.

    Common sense tells you this will not end well.

  35. Gregory Beekman says:

    Gender dysphoria is a complex issue, poorly understood. Issuing a certificate to say your body is something that it isn’t is not going to help the individual deal with their problems.

    I’m gay and no one ever gave me the opportunity to get a certificate. Now, maybe if I did get a gay certificate as a young man, I would have pushed it into people’s faces to make them shut their homophobic gobs because it ‘proved’ I was gay. I don’t know.

    But a gender certificate achieved through Self-ID proves nothing. It’s like a piece of paper you printed out yourself. So what’s the point?

    I think we have to move beyond this concept that ‘trans need special treatment’. They don’t. No other group gets a certificate. Trans should just be trans. You don’t need a legal gender. Dress and behave as you wish but if you don’t like your body, then join the club – we all hate aspects of our physical being, such as being fat or short or too tall or our ears or our nose or whatever. If you must, get surgery. But you don’t need a legal gender – you just need to accept yourself, trans and all.

    (I put that as comment to Joanna Cherry’s article in The National.)

  36. Stoker says:

    Skank Sturgeon self-ID’s as Chancer Christmas

  37. PacMan says:

    Stuart MacKay says: 23 December, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    That Cole-Hamilton quote on “dynamic risk assessment” is really interesting. At first I thought he was trying to sugar-coat what he knew was a bad decision but then I realised he was buck-passing.

    As well as buck-passing, how much will this be blamed on collective failure of all MSP’s as well as failure of parliamentary processes when the abuses of this bill comes to light?

    When this happens, there will no doubt be MSP’s coming out and apologising to victims, inquiries held and institutional failings highlighted but no individual will be held accountable.

  38. And Spouse says:

    Sent this to my SNP MP in Westminster

    it is a sad time for Scottish Women.
    As my representative of Scotland in Westminster, can I please ask you, on my behalf, to ensure a section 35 is brought in to force on this appalling bill.
    I look forward to your response.

  39. PacMan says:

    Chas says: 23 December, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    When one of these brave new ‘women’ decides to follow their urges and abuses/damages/hurts/rapes a real woman or girl will we ever get to hear about it?

    Considering how lacklustre the MSM have been in reporting this for fear of being branded transphobic, will any attacks ever make it to the news?

  40. Stoker says:

    This is Sturgeon’s idea of “spreading equality”:

  41. Hugh Jarse says:

    Vivian Oblivion hits the net with the answer to the ‘Why is this ridiculous carry on happening?’ question.
    Division is the tool du jour of the Corporate class, enabled by their political and media ‘useful idiots’.
    It really is that simple.

  42. PacMan says:

    Robert Louis says: 23 December, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    I am not, nor ever will be ‘lgbtqqia++’ or whatever the f*ck letters the loonies create.

    I have seen a few signs in shops and banks with an a and a plus on it and wondered what it was.

    A quick internet search shows that a can stand for ally.

    It sounds like the ‘allies’ are fighting a war. Of course this will suit the vanity of these peacocks pluming up their feathers highlighting their virtue signalling but all it does is show how much an immature and lack of awareness they are.

  43. Andy Ellis says:

    Given what I’m hearing about the increase in Alba membership over the past few weeks, perhaps we’re beginning to see folk wake up to the failings of the SNP?

    Reportedly Edinburgh Central Alba branch membership has increased by 100. I wonder how many of them are former SNP members and supporters? 🙂

  44. Anonymoose says:

    Twitter is a shocking place when it comes to applying their own rules selectively and differently on what is essentially the same content.

    Regarding one of the linked tweets in the article above which contains two photo’s of TIMs (Trans Identifying Men) in the public gallery of the Scottish Parliament debating chamber, another well known Scottish female twitter account (who I won’t name as she’s already suffered torrents of abuse on Twitter from TRA/MRAs) shared the same photographs, to which a friend simply replied with what they saw in the photos as “They are men with mental health issues” – importantly my friend said to me that their comment was not out of any hate or any malice but that it was out of concern for their mental health and future wellbeing.

    Within a few hours of them posting that comment my friends Twitter account is now restricted for “Hateful Conduct” for simply describing what they saw in the photograph, to which I’ll paraphrase as: men with mental health problems in need of mental health help – as gender disphoria is a recognised mental health issue.

    They contacted Twitter support to state their case and recieved a response within minutes stating that Twitter would not unrestrict their account until they delete the post (and by adhering to that instruction it in-effect being an admission that they broke Twitter rules), something which they believe that they have not done – they will not be deleting the post as they simply stated the reality they saw before them in the photos given the context of the situation in the Scottish Parliament.

    They have sent in another support request following the reply they recieved, this time asking that it be escalated to a manager above the support team, it has almost been 12 hours now and they have not heard back – I think their request will remain on Twitter’s backburner and my friend wont recieve a response for months/years as is common practise on that platform and their account will remain locked in perpituity.

    If we are not free to describe the simple reality which we see infront of us on social media platforms, then I’m afraid that these platforms themselves have a lot of people working for them who are fully indoctrinated by the dangerous parasitic beliefs of gender indentity ideology which is, very sadly, set to cause irreparable irreversable harm children and youths in Scotland for the forseeable future if this outright dangerous GRR bill recieves royal assent.

  45. Geri says:

    I can hardly bear reading it never mind having to try write it.

    I was going to say a few weeks ago that it’d probably not be long until you were fkn scunnered again by the NuSNP but I rubbed it out.

    Now women are prisoners in their own home unless they want the joys of boys & auld men mass debating over the sanny bin in Sainsbury’s FFS!

    This will cost the SNP but I doubt they care. They’ve another 5 years to do untold damage all thanks to the SNP 1&2 fucking zoomers!

  46. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes she did.

    We must now snub the SNP no more votes for these rapist and paedo enablers, we must now give our vote to the Alba party, who will protect our women and children from the rapist enablers (Greens/SNP/LibDems/BLiS) and unlike the rapist paedo enabling SNP, Alba actually want to see an independent Scotland.

  47. David Holden. says:

    You may not have typed many words but that post underlines the value of this site and what you do. Collating various posts and links so that us idle sods can find them is valuable. The blue book was lots of facts presented in an easy to access format and this post is much the same. Have a great Christmas Rev and good new year.

  48. Stoker says:

    Andy Ellis says on 23 December 2022 at 5:24 pm:
    “Given what I’m hearing about the increase in Alba membership over the past few weeks, perhaps we’re beginning to see folk wake up to the failings of the SNP?”

    Every cloud, silver lining etc. 😉

    BTW, some food for thought to the fuckwits trying to relate this to our right of self-determination. Your Unionist system protected Jimmy Savile for decades, even rewarded him with a gong etc, and all the while they knew what he was doing.

    Your beloved Westminster has been a medieval cesspit and safe haven for numerous paedophiles, rapists and other sex offenders for hundreds of years.

    So take your ‘I would rather stay with Westminster’ schtick and ram it up yer Kyber Pass. This crap is materialising all around the world, not just in Scotland. Do you think Westminsters intervention will come to anything? Do you think Westminsters intervention is honestly borne out of true concern and nothing to do with political point-scoring opportunism? If your answer is yes to those 2 questions i’ve got the ideal Christmas gift to sell you: a chocolate tea pot with matching cups & saucers.

    Nor will i ever fricken give my vote to *ANY* Unionist party, *EVER*. Tactically or not! We need to vote for ALBA or spoil our ballot papers if ALBA have nobody standing in our areas. Sorry to all the other small parties but there needs to be a single focus, for now, on one party with a realistic chance of making a major dent all over Scotland not just in Glasgow. The only one with that ability, realistically, is ALBA.

  49. Andy Ellis says:

    Here’s a thought: the #GRRBill discussion may prove to be the straw that breaks the SNP’s back. If so….good. It’s interesting that many of those of us in the independence movement who are opposed to the SNP and in particular their regressive and misogynistic stance on women’s rights and gender-woo are finding common cause with folk we wouldn’t normally have though of as allies.

    If you look at the twitter outputs of some outright opponents of indy like J K Rowling, Johann Lamont and from some who are – at least publicly – neutral like Roddy Dunlop, it seems there is a significant and probably growing group of like minded people whose views on this issue align, even if they disagree on others.

    Perhaps we should think about a non-party interest group to represent mainstream, gender critical views and have them issue a prospectus which they will expect any candidates for office to sign up to? Alternatively, perhaps one of the already established groups could be “keepers of the flame” for the naughty list of TRA extremist enablers and Aunt Lydia’s?

  50. Tinto Chiel says:

    Cole-Hamilton is so thick he doesn’t realise the “prolonged and intrusive” medical intervention he doesn’t like and which was formerly required for a certificate was, of course, some kind of guarantee of genuine need. Removing such a “hurdle” of course gives the repellent predatory chancers carte blanche to self-ID with absolutely no consequences for themselves. Pretty obvious, even for the low-grade troughers who inhabit Holyrood, you would think.

    And of course most people would gladly receive prolonged and intrusive medical care if it cured them of cancer or a host of other diseases, since they would think the benefits outweigh the discomfort because they too have a real need.

    @Vivian O’Blivion 2.13: excellent summary of the even bigger picture and how the establishment control us by introducing division and reality-denying crapola to “capture” political movements.

    Looks like I’ll need to get into pensioner training to defend my wife, daughters and grand-daughters in the coming years, such is the state of our corrupt, sleazy and spineless MSPs.

    No wonder The Rev. is lost for words for once.

  51. Dave Hansell says:

    This Scottish Parliament legislation is not the only case in which the Official Narrative is being forced through this week.

    The Welsh Government have just won a case against the parents of children over the indoctrination of their children into this Officially sanctioned ideology:

    The party of Government in Wales is the Labour Party. Just about every political party across these islands, including some significant decision makers within the Tory party, are now pushing this Official Narrative Agenda in every aspect of peoples lives, even to the extent of exploiting toddlers.

    The reality is that in practical terms hoping to tackle this via rational discourse and the ballot box is a lost cause. The time is now rapidly approaching in which the only means to restore sanity will be robust direct action which makes life as uncomfortable as possible for those grifters and chancer’s at political, media and NGO levels who are pushing this anti-social, anti-society, anti-rational and misogynistic cultural nihilism which has more in common with the lunatic ravings of extreme individualists like Ayan Rand and Margaret ‘no such thing as society only the individual’ Thatcher.

    This faux philosophy and its approach is not only doing damage to the social fabric it is also exploiting the very groups on whose behalf it claims to be working. It is the very antithesis of progressive politics and if any kind of civilised collective society is to survive it needs to be completely expunged in its present form.

  52. Gregory Beekman says:

    Anonymoose @5:26

    Note what the NHS says:

    Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria.


  53. SusanAHF says:

    I hope all trans do not see next Xmas. Harsh? Nothing more than has been said to women opposing gender ideology. Gloves off

  54. Jamie says:

    Does this mean victims of sexual assault in women’s spaces can sue the government for compensation because they will be to blame?

  55. Wally Jumblatt says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of mostly women got organised and put up rival candidates in all constituencies where the MSP supported the Leadership on this issue.
    Maybe Nicola doesn’t want re-elected.
    (that’s a thought, maybe she wants to re-group when she purposefully fails to get the plebiscite she claims she is after).

  56. Andy Ellis says:

    Interesting 18 tweet thread on twitter from Jonathan Brown, Advocate on the Equality Act implications of the #GRRBill, ending with:

    It might have been helpful if there had been any acknowledgment at all by those in favour of the bill that this stuff remains to be sorted out and that Holyrood can’t do that.

  57. Liz says:

    Gregory Beekman says:
    23 December, 2022 at 6:43 pm
    Anonymoose @5:26

    ‘Note what the NHS says:

    Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria.


    The NHS has been brainwashed into the cult.

  58. John Main says:

    The midwife carefully cradled the new born baby in her arms, and turned, smiling, to the exhausted mother.

    “Congratulations, Ms Broon!” she exclaimed.

    “It’s a beautiful and healthy baby something.”

    “In only a few year’s time, it will be old enough to tell you just what it is.”

    Overcome with exhaustion and the primal emotion of the moment, Ms Broon broke down in tears. At least, when telling the story in later years, Ms Broon always claimed the tears were a post-natal, medical phenomena, and in the nScotland, nobody dared to question her further about that.

  59. John Main says:

    “Great result, the lab has pulled out all the stops! No doubt about it, the bones show signs of a sustained assault with a heavy, edged implement. We’re looking at a murder victim all right.”

    The rooky constable was first to ask the question, “But is it the missing woman?”

    DI Broon sighed theatrically, but decided to make an exception for his inexperience and explained carefully, “Look son, the body was buried in acidic peat for the best part of a year. All we have are the bones of an adult human. No way could a gender certificate survive for that length of time in that kind of hostile environment.”

    He blew a smoke ring and shrugged ruefully, “This is nScotland. Unless we get a break, we can never know if the deceased was a man or a woman.”

  60. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Gregory Beekman (6.43) –

    ‘Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria.’

    I don’t know if that qualifies as an example of ‘circular reasoning’ but here’s an amended version which holds just as ‘true’ –

    ‘Awareness of being alive is not a mental illness but some people may develop mental health problems because of their awareness of being alive.’

    In well-educated layman’s terms, this is what’s previously been known as ‘existential angst’.

  61. Andy Ellis says:

    Another interesting take on the unexpected consequences of #GRRBill on important effects on women’s pay discrimination claims & female-only intimate care for disabled women too: was it just that MSPs DID expect them but didn’t give a flying fuck?

    Note one of the tweets in reply from @PeakedAs

    I’ve been told this morning by the husband of a woman with advanced MS that
    @GCHSCP carers have told her this week they can no longer guarantee single sex carers for intimate care. This is a disgrace. Disabled women thrown under a bus for the sake of men’s feels.

  62. Slim Jim says:

    Why would anyone want Scottish independence with these arseholes in charge?

  63. Ruby says:

    Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria.

    People with mental health problems may develop gender dysphoria.

    Keep signing

  64. Mac says:

    From a tweet above in the article…

    “When Alex Salmond was FM (the best time in Scottish politics) a major child abuse ring was taken down. After Brexit, he was stitched up on false charges by a load of people adjacent to the key org in that ring. Now that org is driving changes that benefit sex offenders.”


    I’d really like to know more about that child abuse ring, which org was key, and which individuals adjacent to it were then involved in the attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond.

    What the fuck country are we living in here folks.

  65. smitty says:

    So I hear the Greens are now briefing against Ash Regan to the Press and determined to smear her and trying to describe her as a transphobe to undermine her arguments with a fabricated lie. However they have been rumbled as with them being a bit stupid their plan has been leaked. Looks like one of them may be in hot bother! Honestly, they won: why behave like this? Arseholes.

  66. Republicofscotland says:

    This is what Lorna Slater of the Greens thinks on passing the unamended GRRB, which allows convicted rapists and paedos into women and children’s safe spaces.

    The Greens are totally unelectable.

    “Yesterday our Parliament voted to do a great thing.”

  67. Shug says:

    Herald headline. The SNP may have unwittingly fallen into a trap.

    Only thing incorrect is unwittingly

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    No Saltires or purple, white and green scarves allowed in Holyrood, but the LGBT+ flag is fine.

    “MSPs Ross Greer, Patrick Harvie, Mark Ruskell, Maggie Chapman, Gillian Mackay and Lorna Slater hold an LGBT+ flag after the result of the vote.”

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    Hopefully they win many more seats (there’s plenty of time to do so) and oust the SNP/Green rapist/paedo enablers, who’ve also wasted the the last eight years pretending they want to see an indy Scotland, they don’t.

    What decent person would vote for the SNP/Greens now.

    “The new poll conducted by Panelbase shows that Alba Party could be on course to win over 20 seats at the next Scottish Parliament election.”

  70. David Hannah says:

    Dear Nicola,

    P.S. In the passing of time, I hope it’s cold in big Eck’s shaddow. You are nothing. You’ve always been nothing. You always will be nothing. Worse than Thatcher. Lady Covid. I’ll tell my kids and grandkids in the passing of time. You were the worst politician I have ever, and could ever possibly know.

    Thanks for nothing. Under his eye. God Save the King.

  71. Republicofscotland says:

    Christ only knows what perverse agenda this man has up his sleeve, the Greens and the SNP are a real danger to our women and children. We must make sure this is the SNPs and Greens last term in office. Voting for the Alba party will help ensure that.

    “The Gender Recognition Bill is long overdue, but it’s just the start of the work Scottish Greens are doing in government to improve LGBT+ rights.”

  72. They (trans lawyers/lobyists Dentons) hoped to get this passed without any one noticing,
    like they have done in Canada,Australia,New Zealand and Ireland.
    But the woman of Scotland are not so easily duped,
    yes the perverts of Dentons got their bill through but they also showed themselves.
    Dentons first priority was to get legislation quietly on the sly.

  73. Shug says:

    I do hope Westminster block it

    It will make an interesting topic on question time

  74. christine says:

    “ Trans” is an illusion, a lie. Gay people have nothing to do with this. The “T” was added to LGB in 2004 in America. Billions of dollars are behind the “trans gender” agenda, a marketing campaign by pharmaceutical corporations and industries selling drugs and surgery. The fetishism, paraphilia and misogyny of men who believe they can change sex has morphed into an industry, a corporate cult in sexual identity. Women are being erased in language and law and reproductive sex is under attack.

    You are born in a body, not a “wrong” body. “Transwomen” are men, whether or not they undergo mutilating surgery on their genitalia. We don’t amputate the limbs of people with body integrity disorder, who believe their limbs don’t belong to them. We don’t perform liposuction on people with anorexia who believe they are fat.

    The scumbags in our Parliament have made a conscious choice to embrace evil and the stench is overwhelming. They knew what they were doing, what the risks are and the harm they will cause. Totalitarian regimes target young people and children.Queer theory breaks down children and destroys relationships with their families. Just like they did in the Third Reich, actively encouraging children to snitch on their parents.The sexual politics behind the glitter, sequins and heels of Drag Queen Story Hour in primary schools is macabre and insane. Parents have an instinctual distrust of adult men in womens’ loathing.

    We must continue to actively campaign against this horror inflicted by the state. We do have agency. Should any “trans woman “ ,I,e, man come anywhere near me or my loved ones in women only spaces, I will risk bruising my foot when I kick him so hard in his testicles.

  75. And Spouse says:

    John Main 7.30
    That’s next, the birth certificate! They are empowered now. FFS

  76. Una says:

    Thanks for being angry, for caring enough in a world when it’s easier to be a middle class virtue signalling prick. Don’t stop.

  77. Cath says:



    I’d really like to know more about that child abuse ring, which org was key, and which individuals adjacent to it were then involved in the attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond

    Have a read of this.

  78. Withheld says:

    The MSPs who supported this madness should be made to attend the funeral of every victim of the misuse of self id, medical complications and suicide.

    How many little white coffins need to be carried to graves before people notice that their Government is not interested in governing, only in unchallenged power without responsibility.

  79. Cat-Sith says:

    On the topic of the NHS no longer identifying Gender-Dysphoria as a mental health issue.
    This comes as no surprise because 3 years ago the World Health Organisation, in International Classification of Diseases 11, moved it from the mental health section to a new section titled “Conditions related to sexual health.”

    Their reasoning for doing this was “This reflects current knowledge that trans-related and gender diverse identities are not conditions of mental ill-health, and that classifying them as such can cause enormous stigma.”

    Meanwhile in the “Mental, behavioural or neurodevelpmental disorders” we still have, “Feeding or eating disorders” such as anorexia and bulimia and “Disorders of bodily distress or bodily experience” which includes Body integrity dysphoria, “intense and persistent desire to become physically disabled,” including things like wishing to have a limb removed either due to a general wanting to be disabled or because of a belief the limb is wrong/shouldn’t be there.

    They are aware enough to notice that classing anything as mental ill-health can create “enormous stigma” yet Gender Dysphoria, now called “Gender incongruence”, is the only one special enough to get moved over to it’s own section among physical sexual health issues.

    Also the definition rewords it to focus only on the physical.
    Gender incongruence is characterised by a marked and persistent incongruence between an individual’s experienced gender and the assigned sex. Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnoses in this group.”

    I just noticed that this uses the term “assigned sex” which is a bit of a tell when it comes to where the people creating this new definition were starting from with opinions on this subject.

  80. Wilson McBride says:

    How many of the SNP/Green Ministers pushing this through the parliament actually have children.


    And many more are without children, which kinda stops them relating to the concerns that worried parents have for the safety of their young ones.

  81. Cat-Sith says:

    Sorry for the double post, I hit submit after finishing that screed forgetting I wanted to quickly mention a couple of other topics brought up.

    Not only does this destroy the definition of Homosexual but also Heterosexual for the exact same reasons and to the exact same degree.

    And while the main objection is safeguarding issues for women and children and this should be the main focus, men are also losing the ability to request someone of a specific sex in medical circumstances, men and women suffering from mental issues prior or post transition will be less likely to be directed towards care if the entire process is de-medicalised and you would assume it would be much more difficult for a Doctor to suggest alternatives to physical treatments if the patient wanting them is already legally the opposite sex right down to their birth certificate.

  82. twathater says:

    @ Cath 12.14am the description of the assaults these scumbags carried out on babies is horrifying yet the judge ONLY sentenced them to 16 and 17 years a supposed life sentence, no doubt that will be reduced by good behaviour , our country and judicial system is fu++ed , just like this GRR aberration there are too many do gooders and fake progressives, I wonder if they would be so forgiving if it were their kids

  83. twathater says:

    @ Cat-Sith 2.41 I posted a lengthy comment such as yours weeks ago in relation to the Body integrity dysphoria determination of a patient, where it is considered a mental condition against gender dysphoria or as you wrote gender incongruence , it is clear that the pharmaceutical companies have the ability to change the literal diagnosis of ailments to terms that suits their ability to profit more , which means the medical profession are working to their demands

  84. Kevin Cargill says:

    We were told by the Yoons we were too wee, too poor and too stupid to be Independent. We’re not too wee, we’re not too poor, but this week we proved we are too stupid. I turned 60 this year and I’ve been a life long supporter for Independence. I can no longer, in all conscience vote to be governed by stupid wee woke, self centred, science denying, homophobic, misogynistic, immature cult following thick wankers. It’s going to take decades to repair the damage they are doing and for Scots to shake off this apathy and ignorance we now have in abundance. Until that day comes I fear i have to vote for the protection of my daughter, grandkids and all of my female family and friends.

  85. Wilson McBride says:

    Sturgeon is playing us all like an old fiddle.

    Just look at how far off course we are regards fighting for Scottish Independence.

    She has not only took the Indy debate off the agenda,,,she is now going to get into more time consuming court battles with Westminster over a totally non sensical gender identity disagreement.

    This suits the careerists within the ranks of the SNP down to a tee. Because Scottish Independence is once again the poor bridesmaid here.

    Forever on the back burner.

    Forever in the long grass.

  86. Roger says:

    Anonymoose @5:26

    Note what the NHS says:

    Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria.


    Having ginger hair is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of having ginger hair


    Being short is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of being short.

    Logic twisting horse shit, the lot of it….

  87. Roger says:

    @Cat-Sith – I like what you wrote. Yes, this collapses the categories of woman, man, homosexual, heterosexual – and even of ‘trans’ itself (because if there are no real sexes, there is nothing to trans from or to).

    The origin of all this is Queer Theory – what they fundamentally want to do is abolish the concept of ‘pervert’. Their next and final stage is to normalise paedophillia (Noncery)and zoophillia (f”cking dogs and other animals).

    After all, the distinction between ‘adult’ and ‘child’ is not a binary, it’s a socially constructed spectrum. And aren’t there many primitive tribes and indigenous peoples where there is no age of consent? (so the idea of an age of consent is a ‘white, colonialist construct’). And look at the high numbers of nonces – sorry, I meant ‘minor attracted people (‘MAPs’) who have mental illnesses and commit suicide because of society’s refusal to accept their noncery – sorry, I mean their ‘sexual orientation’. And having sex with adults does no harm to children – it’s societies stigmatisation of it that does the damage….

    See? They will use the same playbook to argue next that nonces and dog f”ckers are the Most Oppressed People Ever (MOPEs).
    But even that is not what really gets to me, it’s the reality denying BS that a cock in a frock is a woman that really grinds my gears. These scum are tearing holes in people’s sense of reality…But 2+2=4 and always will

  88. Haud says:

    Hmm. The Greens.

    Twas a time they were all about trees and planet and stuff, rather than a vehicle for fukking fruitcakes. Sad times

  89. stuart mctavish says:


    re fuckwits trying to relate this to our right of self determination

    Its worth noting that of Holyroods two main decisions to hit the headlines at year end, one could easily have gone to referendum without SC court interference and one could easily have been pushed through parliament in advance of same.

    Hopefully, given last weeks circus, it goes without saying which way around would have avoided lashings of cringe – cringe which, if Neil Hanvey is correct, may well have been orchestrated not so much by naive sex maniacs or lords advocates seeking clarification but by cynical witfuckers hijacking their requests and manipulating them to put boots to balls and stomp in the heads of giants for eternity.

    Personally I suspect I tolerate far too much but for all the prejudice I learned in my youth, I cannot imagine ever thinking that the quintessential english gentleman would deliberately gaslight women and teenage girls the way Scot parliament did last week so during the next few months in which I hope to be able to identify, without cringe, as an Englishman, I’ll be looking for answers* as to how the fillibuster failed, the rôle of each colluding party in ensuring it failed (after having stoked hysteria to optimum of course), and full disclosure of why gay men supported a bill which, other than the grooming, bullying or bizarre administrative aspects many have complained about, can have had no interest to them whatsoever (empathy being logically excluded in view of the apparent determination to aggravate the concerns of women and parents in the matter)

    *Or maybe not since I’ll be identifying as english and might even take sadistic pleasure at the idea of Scots being mired in permanent state of ridicule by then 🙂

  90. Mac says:

    Cath says:
    Have a read of this.

    Bloody hell Cath that is shocking. That guy Rennie especially needs seeing to.

    Is it just a coincidence that this was published yesterday…

    Looks like the SNPG have been funding a child grooming operation for decades and long after its boss, Rennie, was exposed as truly shocking child abuser.

    That should have been a wake up call you’d think but no, these boys are talking being groomed by the same nonce organization years later…

    I guess Police Scotland were too busy stitching up innocent people or studiously looking the other way to notice.

  91. Breeks says:

    Roger says:
    24 December, 2022 at 6:26 am

    But even that is not what really gets to me, it’s the reality denying BS that a cock in a frock is a woman that really grinds my gears. These scum are tearing holes in people’s sense of reality…But 2+2=4 and always will….

    Thing is… I’m of an age that I grew up witnessing a world where society had pretty much broken down, law and order was out of control, crime and drug use was off the scale, the Justiciary had abandoned jury trials and dispensed arbitrary justice themselves, and sexual ambivalence was just another ingredient in the general madness.

    I’ve seen all of “this” before. The only difference is the dystopian world I witnessed growing up was a fiction however, and Judge Dredd wasn’t a real person.

    What I’m currently struggling with however, is whether 2000ad actually still counts as fiction, or just a farsighted prediction of the future which is actually coming true before my eyes. It’s all getting very much less fictional.

    Just look at Maggie Chapman and Karen Adam, and imagine them drawn in pen and ink by Carlos Ezquerra with a jarring dystopian plot written by John Wagner, and the lines between fiction and reality are already blurring… I mean it’s literally quite scary.

    Crazy bastards elsewhere seem to be working on the Nuclear War, though Sturgeon probably wants to press the button in the style of Liz Truss, and of course corrupt Judge Haldane and Judge Dorrian are taking lessons on how to ride grotesque Harley Davidson motorcycles through the streets of Scotland taking out random wrongdoers with a Mk1 Lawgiver and Kafkaesque evidence.

    It’s pretty much all there already… parts of the planet are becoming a wasteland, and those “Aliens” style auto machine guns trained on Palestinians in Gaza are about as obscene and dystopian as it gets. They are real, just as some people can now 3d print their own machine guns. Not fiction. That’s real too, and they work… until the plastic melts anyway.

    We’re all doomed to a premature death, or unnaturally prolonged but wretched existence depending on how our bodies mutate following our compulsory “vaccination” and radioactive trace marker implant. If the jabs don’t get ya, the GM crops will…

    WARNING: To those with a sensible disposition.
    Never, under any circumstances, never, ever, watch the 1995 film version Judge Dredd featuring Sylvester Stallone. You will learn NOTHING and several hundred brain cells will die needlessly..

    The 2012 movie, DREDD staring Karl Urban however, is, (to coin a phrase), a pass.

  92. Ruby says:

    How the Scots Invented the Modern World

    Who formed the first literate society? Who invented our modern ideas of democracy and free market capitalism? The Scots. As historian and author Arthur Herman reveals, in the 18th and 19th centuries Scotland made crucial contributions to science, philosophy, literature, education, medicine, commerce, and politics – contributions that have formed and nurtured the modern West ever since. This book is not just about Scotland: it is an exciting account of the origins of the modern world. No one who takes this incredible historical trek will ever view the Scots – or the modern West – in the same way again.

    It’ now time for Scotland to save the Modern World that we invented.

    We could start by signing this:

    Lets see if we can’t make crucial contributions to science & medicine by finding a decent cure for gender dysphoria.

    It must be absolutely terrible to believe you were born in the wrong body.

    C’mon Scotland help these people.

  93. Chas says:

    Some random thoughts this morning.

    The prospect of Independence is dead for at least 10 years.

    Too wee-No
    Too poor-Maybe. Convince the electorate that we are not, or at least try.
    Too stupid-Undoubtedly

    Perverts charter just passed by the SG and they are actually pleased with their ‘success’!

    What sane educated Scot will ever vote for the SNP again? It is not just Sturgeon. She is ably backed up by her sycophants, her incompetents and her weirdos and ‘friends’ in the Greens.

    How do the Green Party, who nobody votes for, actually win seats in the SG. Even worse, there are Green Government Ministers pursuing their own personal agendas which have nothing to do with nature or the planet!

    Ferries for Scotland now being built in Turkey. Scotland was once a world leader in shipbuilding.

    I was going to write a lot more but simply find it too depressing to continue.

    Yuletide felicitations to one and all.

  94. Stoker says:

    stuart mctavish says on 24 December, 2022 at 7:57 am:

    “Its worth noting that of Holyroods two main decisions to hit the headlines at year end, one could easily have gone to referendum without SC court interference and one could easily have been pushed through parliament in advance of same.”

    Oh there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind, Stuart, had Salmond been still in charge we’d, at the very least, be well on our way to having full self-determination back. There’s no way he would have let the golden opportunity of Brexit pass without taking full advantage of it.

    There’s no way he would have put us in a position where a decision on *our* future was made by a Court in the country who’s grip we’re trying to escape. And there’s absolutely no way he would *ever* have prioritised *any* issue before indy let alone an extremely divisive extreme minority issue as the gender one.

    Stuart Campbell has been educating us on Sturgeon’s intentions for a few years now but it’s only with hindsight we can look back and piece it all together to see for ourselves just *exactly* what Sturgeon is all about. All the evidence shows Campbell to be 100% spot-on whilst also verifying Sturgeon was never interested in indy. Indy was the popular gig she would hijack and use to manipulate her perverts permit into practice.

    Sturgeon must never be forgiven for the damage she has done to our cause because it *will* be used as a stick to beat us with despite all the world-wide facts. We only need to look at how they (Unionists) weaponised a popular throw-away remark (Once in a generation etc) against us. And they *still* do.

    If Sturgeon was truly interested in indy more than gender issues she would have went for indy first then introduced her gender issues. But she didn’t, and as far as i’m concerned that was a very deliberate ploy.

  95. Ruby says:

    For sure Nicola Sturgeon & the supporters of GRRB have not helped people suffering from gender dysphoria.

    My suggestion to ‘genuine trans women’ (whatever that is) is to put on your trouser and go to the doctor and ask to de-transition ‘cos as a result of all the demands for trans rights & Sturgeon’s GRR Bill people are no longer willing to be kind.

    You will be met with a wall of silence. I don’t think you can get arrested for being silent, well not yet anyway.

    Sorry but you need to get better activists & politicians.

  96. Ruby says:

    Stoker says:

    Stuart Campbell has been educating us on Sturgeon’s intentions for a few years now

    Were there not a lot of complaints about Stuart writing about trans issues.
    Was that not one of the reason Stuart retired?

    I’ve noticed even over the last year Wings contributors haven’t been very interested in trans issues preferring to write about covid, the franchise & UK-raine.
    I got the impression it was considered a problem for women only.

  97. Robert Hughes says:

    As tis the season of goodwill n’all … add to Mac n Breek’s message of optimism & faith in the our fantastic , deeply humane Politicians n associated Philanthropists’ intent to – at all times – serve only the interests of ra peepul ( aka the Vote Fodder ) I recommend checking out Ivor Cummins – ” Catastrophic Contagion ” video on YTube .

    Therein you’ll learn ( if you don’t already know ) that in Oct 2019 there was one of those * Simulation * thingies – in this case , a Pandemic Simulation ; funded & organised by everyone’s fave Kermit The Frog soundalike n general nice chap Wee Willie Gates n the non-musical WHO .

    With jaw-dropping prescience ( naw , really ) a mere 6 moon later the world was in the grip of mass hysteria – fck ! I mean an Apocalyptic Mass Extinction Event – that went viral .

    Well kids , listen-up …..that was just the warm-up , the opening act , the main event is due on the stage in or around 2025 , and , luckily , the same benefactors just held ANOTHER * Simulation * in October this year : this time they’ll be taking no chances .

    No siree , this time the WAR ON MISINFORMATION will brook even less resistance from those irksome Flat Earthing / Anti Vaxxing / Quite Valuing Freedom Ant-Sciencing Loonballs .

    Of course , like every such POSSIBLE future scenario , it may not come to pass ; enough people may think ” wait , have we not been here before , like just a few years ago ” and decide to say ” FUCK RIGHT OFF ” . But after what has just transpired in Holyrood Babylon , for example , I fear , if the * predicted * Pandemoniumdemic does * arise * , people will be just as bludgeoned into mental submission as they were in the last one .

  98. Andy Ellis says:


    I’ve noticed even over the last year Wings contributors haven’t been very interested in trans issues preferring to write about covid, the franchise & UK-raine.
    I got the impression it was considered a problem for women only.

    The reason lots of folk haven’t been engaged is without doubt that the vast majority posting BTL here already agree with the Rev’s take on gender woo, and are horrified (variously) by the Scottish Government’s actions, the othering of those opposed to gender woo, and in the case of many of the men a vague sense that they should “stay in their lane” while supporting gender critical women to the extent they feel comfortable with. hty/yw

  99. Stoker says:

    smitty says on 23 December 2022 at 8:43 pm:
    “So I hear the Greens are now briefing against Ash Regan to the Press and determined to smear her and trying to describe her as a transphobe to undermine her arguments with a fabricated lie.”

    Aye! And i don’t see any Unionist rags exposing this as front-page headlines. But just look at the so-called indy supporters on here recently posting direct links (unarchived) to Unionist media outlets, helping them to rake in much needed advertising and subscription revenues.

    Even one regular poster on here changing from their usual “username” to another username they’ve been operating for years just to post those unarchived direct links. It would have been a lot easier to just archive the link. And that same “username” has been one of the more vociferous on here when it comes to these gender issues. Talk about hypocrisy? Beware, they do indeed walk among us, folks. 😉

  100. Susan Smith says:

    Thanks Stu for being there from the start. You were one of the first voices to speak up when groups like ours had little traction or audience.

    I promise that we will not give up.

    If Sturgeon had set out to prove that the Scottish Parliament was incapable of governing, she could not have done it better. A crumb of comfort is the knowledge that we do have some brave, principled MSPs (current and former) and MPs – many of whom spoke with such passion at our rally on Wednesday.

  101. Ross says:

    What’s the deal with sport? A lot of talk about crises centres quite rightly.

    However is it now much more difficult to justify turning transwomen away from playing against women say down the local football league?

  102. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Thanks Stu for being there from the start. You were one of the first voices to speak up when groups like ours had little traction or audience.

    I promise that we will not give up.”

    Cheers Susan. I appreciate this has been something of a busy week for you but I’ve contacted you a couple of times (by DM and email) with regard to something you tweeted and if someone could get back to me in the nearish future it’d be appreciated.

  103. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    24 December, 2022 at 10:10 am


    I’ve noticed even over the last year Wings contributors haven’t been very interested in trans issues preferring to write about covid, the franchise & UK-raine.
    I got the impression it was considered a problem for women only.

    The reason lots of folk haven’t been engaged is without doubt that the vast majority posting BTL here already agree with the Rev’s take on gender woo, and are horrified (variously) by the Scottish Government’s actions, the othering of those opposed to gender woo, and in the case of many of the men a vague sense that they should “stay in their lane” while supporting gender critical women to the extent they feel comfortable with. hty/yw

    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Merry Christmas Andy.

    I hope you will continue to ignore me in 2023.

    I’ve gotta go now.
    I’ll cee you next Tuesday.

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  104. stuart mctavish says:

    Ruby@ 9:49

    arrested for being silent?

    Oh yes you can – even in countries outside Scotland*

    *Fortunately i discovered this whilst still Scottish else my new, and otherwise quite liberating, English identity may have been inclined to excuse it as black propaganda (rather than the quite believable assault on all that was once holy in our green and pleasant land that it portrays).

  105. Ruby says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    24 December, 2022 at 10:48 am

    Ruby@ 9:49

    arrested for being silent?

    Oh yes you can – even in countries outside Scotland*


    Careful where you are silent.

    Did the police officer not say she had the right to remain silent?

    Why did the ‘male’ police officer not do the search?

  106. Mia says:


    “What sane educated Scot will ever vote for the SNP again? It is not just Sturgeon. She is ably backed up by her sycophants, her incompetents and her weirdos and ‘friends’ in the Greens”

    Please don’t forget Labour nor the libdems. They are far from innocent on this and should be treated with the exact same level of contempt and disgust as the SNP and the Greens will for making a complete mockery of women and treating us as second rate citizens who don’t matter.

    Labour and libdems also voted to deconstruct the concept of women, to enable rapists, paedophiles and perverts in female’s only spaces and to crush women’s sport, as if women were second rate citizens and disposable to the needs of sick perverts or mediocre males who can never win a male competition on their own means so they push themselves into a female one where they can play with advantage.

    Labour and libdems listened to that ignorant individual whose name I cannot even bring myself to mention, abuse a parliamentary seat to dish demeaning insults against women like “Terfs” or “cis”. I find that incredibly offensive, a form of state sponsored psychological blackmailing and abhorrent abuse of power and a parliamentary seat. Yet, labour and libdems sat on their hands and either looked the other way or agreed with this individual.

    Labour and libdems have proven with their vote and their actions in parliament that they are as guilty of deliberately undermining and endangering women and children as the spineless, betraying empty vessels in Sturgeon’s SNP and the opportunistic freaks in the Greens.

    So to Rome what is Rome’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

  107. Susan Smith says:

    Stu, have emailed.

  108. Liz says:

    Re James Rennie, he’s out but the law has lost track of over 300 released sex offenders- believe that and you’ll believe anything.

    This now means JR and his ilk can self ID as women, get a GRC and it’s access all areas.

    Scotland at its elite core is corrupt.
    We have, unfortunately, too many paedos.
    How deep does it go?

    Think Einstein island, all those prominant nutters have been named, not a single arrest.

    Sturgeon, IMO, has been groomed by H Clinton.
    What has she been offered?
    Whatever it is, it will not fill the hole in her soul

  109. President Xiden says:

    No one should vote for any of these dumb stupid cowardly jackasses ever again. Not a single one of them. Utter lunacy.

  110. President Xiden says:

    For those unaware of what is really going on, I suggest you research ‘transhumanism’. Suddenly everything will be come clear, though I suspect the useful idiots in Holyrood haven’t a Scooby about this either. They just do what they are told.

  111. radgie gadgie says:

    This issue is not about male power over women. Many of the tweets listed by Stu take that view and they are missing the point.

    Nor is this issue about Nicola Sturgeon destroying the SNP and the indy movement. She undoubtedly is doing that but this issue is international and has a global agenda behind it.

    We, the ordinary citizens of the world, are being systematically gaslighted, befuddled, trained to accept escalatingly preposterous ideas. Even those of us who don’t accept them HAVE TO accept that many do, therefore it becomes a matter of opinion whether black is white. This process of destroying certainty multiplies the power of propaganda to control us.

  112. Dave Hansell says:

    Meanwhile, what Sturgeon and Harvie have done by stealth under the direction of Denton’s the Westminster second eleven, in their reality denying delusion, believe they can do openly:

    Just read those pledges from 2020 that Starmer openly committed to at the time. The right wing media across the UK are currently spinning this on the back of the Scottish Parliament passing of the GRA.

    Despite the dire state of the venal UK Tory Government with its breathtaking level of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence the Loyal (to who and what?) Opposition will be accurately portrayed as not being interested in the votes of 51% of the voting populace.

    Increasing the chances of permanent numpty government until someone from somewhere enforces some common sense into these islands.

    Quite where that somewhere happens to be is an open question. it is becoming increasingly difficult to envisage it being generated internally, such is the cultural rot which exists in this Rotten and Rotting Kingdom. Which logically suggests any improvement will be externally generated.

  113. Cat-Sith says:

    59 MSPs voted for the amendment to prevent registered sex offenders from being able to self ID.

    39 voted against the final passing of the bill, so give or take 20 MSPs decided aye fair enough we lost the amendment vote but it’s fine without.

  114. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Great Reset:

    “…World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative…


    …Future state of global relations…

    …Direction of national economies…

    …Priorities of societies…

    …Nature of business models…

    …Management of a global commons…

    …New social contract…”:

  115. Confused says:

    where all this shite comes from –

    Bad ideas – takeover the unis – poison the minds of a generation – wreck society – call it progress – bypass democracy via bureaucratic capture and via the force of law, enforce a dictatorship of a minority … this is “the long march through the institutions”

    this guy does a proper write-up (still think he pulls his punches, but its not bad)

    the “moneyshot” for “what is happening in society” is paras 12-13 (capitalisation mine)

    But my critics and I both missed something that might not have been obvious 30 years ago. By the late 1990s the rapid expansion of the universities came to a halt, especially in the humanities. Faculty openings slowed or stopped in many fields. Graduate enrollment cratered. In my own department in 10 years we went from accepting over a hundred students for graduate study to under 20 for a simple reason. We could not place our students. THE HORDES WHO TOOK COURSES IN CRITICAL PEDAGOGY, INSURGENT SOCIOLOGY, GENDER STUDIES, RADICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, MARXIST CINEMA THEORY, AND POSTMODERNISM COULD NO LONGER HOPE FOR UNIVERSITY CAREERS.

    What became of them? No single answer is possible. THEY JOINED THE WORK FORCE. Some became baristas, tech supporters, Amazon staffers and real estate agents. Others with intellectual ambitions found positions with the remaining newspapers and online periodicals, but most often they landed jobs as writers or researchers with liberal government agencies, foundations, or NGOs. IN ALL THESE CAPACITIES THEY BROUGHT ALONG THE SENSIBILITIES AND JARGON THEY LEARNED ON CAMPUS.

  116. Tommo says:

    Haud says:
    24 December, 2022 at 7:25 am
    ‘Hmm. The Greens.

    Twas a time they were all about trees and planet and stuff, rather than a vehicle for fukking fruitcakes.’

    I have to confess that is yet another sexual proclivity I hadn’t heard of.

  117. Gordon Hastie says:

    Indy movement fractured courtesy of the leader of the SNP and her cult followers. Westminster and other interested parties such as Big Pharma must be pleased. But who would have thought we may have to shout to WM for help?

  118. Kevin Cargill says:

    So glad you’re back Stu. If you achieve nothing else at least you have shown so called MSM journalists how it should be done. All power to your elbow.

  119. Alan says:

    Scotland the land of the brave. Now governed by the Scottish nonce perverts.

  120. Derek says:


    Dredd has been edging himself to the fore in some of the policing that’s been going on – particularly in the USA, where “shoot first/ask questions later” is more tolerated. They don’t have his sense of fair play though (Chopper, for example).

    I haven’t seen either film. I’d love to see a film of Halo Jones, but it’d have to be so 2001-like in scale and vast in detail that there’s no way it’d make any money.

  121. Grouser says:

    Open letter to Humza Yusaf:

    You say that there is no more money for SNHS staff. Yet you sat through the whole GRA process which cost a huge amount of money and parliamentary time. The Scottish Government listened to nobody who disagreed with them over this issue. They ignored the findings of many opinion polls which expressed the opposition of the Scottish public to GRA. They passed an Act which endangers women.

    My husband is in hospital at the moment and he is receiving superlative care from all involved – from the GP to the hospital.
    However, the hospital staff have to work in appalling conditions: my husband was admitted to a receiving ward which was one big room full of very sick people. He had to sit in a chair for several hours before a trolley was procured for him. The staff had no way of separating infectious patients from non-infectious. They were full of care for their patients, but the facilities meant they had to endanger these patients. It was a few more hours before a bed was found for him in a ward. The staff were heroic but they were in a desperate situation.

    And the Scottish Government saw fit to waste money on GRA when there is a desperate need in the SNHS. Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal and subservient troughers made GRA the top priority when the SNHS was and is on its knees, held together by the determination, care, blood, sweat and tears of the staff.

    The SNP, the Greens and the majority of MSPs are despicable. I am heartsick.

  122. Geri says:

    Please send my best wishes to Grouse X

    I hope everything goes okay & he’s back home soon.

    I recently spent 4 weeks in hospital. Shocking shortages, from porters to nursing staff & pharmacy. If SNP hadn’t folded to Brexit so easy it may have turned out very different. If she’d have put as much effort into this as she has with the Gender Reform Religion.

    It’s shocking the money wasted on this. It’s a cult & would be branded a terrorist organisation by any other sane government. The hate, death threats & face coverings, dressed up like an eejit by the *poor wee souls* have walked away with hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank & a shiny new pass law.

  123. Dee says:

    I’m English and my wife is Scottish.
    We disagree on almost everything to do with politics, but have now found something we are together on, 100%.
    What in gods name has the scottish parliament done?
    Shame on you, Sturgeon.

  124. Lee M. says:

    What gets me is that several MSP’s are actively giving themselves a Pat on the back after voting down Michelle Thomson and Russell Findlay common sense amendments.

    Would I be correct Rev in saying this may be the first time in the history of Holyrood that our MSPs have voted against the majority of the public in a major policy? That to me is a major red flag moment and required further investigation. I’m convinced Sturgeon must have got Gilruth to make sure Kezia D. Penned a supportive article. Couldn’t believe she said people could actually change sex. What a time to be alive.

    For the political and moral purpose…Sunak needs to intervene. It would win him plaudits because so many SNP MP’s (Carol Monaghan etc.) are against it and two thirds (at least) of the public. He’s only going to divide the snp further with it which is all good to me.

  125. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Would I be correct Rev in saying this may be the first time in the history of Holyrood that our MSPs have voted against the majority of the public in a major policy?”

    No, a majority of them did it over the Offensive Behaviour At Football Act.

  126. AntonDecadent says:

    Go and have a look at who showed up for Clement Freuds funeral.

    “We will make the West so corrupt that it will stink.” Willi Munzenberg.

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