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Alan Cochrane is a liar

Posted on September 14, 2015 by

Comedy buffoon Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph:


Actual donations received: No campaign £4.3 million, Yes campaign £2.8 million.


The Union side, in other words, actually had a whopping 54% more money available to spend than the Yes side. (And was, incidentally, also responsible for significantly more “vilification”, whether on social media, in real-life violence or in the press.)

Then again, what would you expect from a non-journalist who’s already admitted in his own book that he did whatever the No campaign asked him to do?


Hey ho. We don’t mind embarrassing, worn-out old hacks spouting total falsehoods so much, but it’d be nice if they at least put slightly more effort into it than just saying 2+2=19 as if nobody was going to notice.

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    Alan Cochrane is a liar | Speymouth

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  1. jimnarlene says:

    Cochrane and the truth, never the twa, shall meet.

  2. JLT says:

    Are we in the least bit surprised. After all, Rev, as you pointed out yesterday in another article, half of the major political journalists in the UK predicted Corbyn to be slaughtered. Not a peep of ‘Ooops! Sorry folks. Got that wrong!’

    The ‘No’ camp lied through their teeth. They did everything possible to sow doubt and feed the lies. Crocodile tears from Cameron on the last day, a vow not worth the paper it was written on and the vast majority of political journalists broke with their own integrity in seeking the truth, by instead pissing on it.

    Cochrane can spout any drivel that he wants …but deep down in the darkest part of his soul, he can hear that wee voice continually saying to him ‘you deceived a nation for no gain at all, except for the piss-poor wages that they give you each month’. What does that make you? You still believe that you are a professional journalist? Come onnnn….go and look in the mirror and try to convince yourself of that’

  3. Luigi says:

    Ach, to adapt a phrase from some obscure wee LibDem man:

    “If we kicked out every unionist journalist that lied, there would not be any left”

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  4. Macart says:

    Why yes, yes he is.

    A living example of the difference between a propagandist and a journalist.

  5. Scott Borthwick says:

    The second part of that sentence is also a lie.

  6. Dorothy Devine says:

    D’you know , that piece of information from the horses arse as it were , has made me feel slightly squeamish.

    This fool is telling the world that he and LORD Darling lied ,cheated ,twisted and generally ignored truth.

    May he and his wife find life in Scotland very uncomfortable.

  7. Koonzie says:

    Cochrane is a plant. He HAS to be in someones pocket. Hidden in plain sight…. Either a plant or a vegetable. Take your pick.

  8. Truth says:

    Since he hasn’t sued you for defamation, I can only conclude that what you say is true and he is indeed a liar.

    Makes you wonder then if he was telling the truth when he denied being in line for a £20,000 bonus if No won the referendum.

  9. Tackety Beets says:

    The link to the ” Actual Donations” is not working , but I have faith and believe you REV.

    Apart from the occasional National & S Herald as advised yesterday , I have not invested in a newspaper since late 60’s .

    Reason : Printed press has lots of untruths !

    The audacity as illustrated by AC , it’s my party & I’ll lie if I want to !

    They have become so “cockey ” they no longer even pretend or for that matter try to be factual or accurate. How can they expect us to pay to read their FICTION ?

    The BBC responded last week to a WOS posters complaint that their inaccurate report was OK as others had reported it same.

    What ” They did it so it’s Ok for us “

  10. Ghillie says:

    And so the ‘Love Bombing’ continues.

  11. Graham says:

    This is the “free” press. “Free” to lie, cheat, dissemble, innuendo, character assassinate, do what they damn well like (phone-hack – has it finished?) and with no come back.

  12. Alex says:

    ‘What the hell does journalism matter?’ Mr Cochrane muses in his fulminating, unpleasant sort of way.
    For they are unpleasant sorts, these dyed-in-the-wool unionists. The worst excesses of trolling can be laid firmly at their door. And how a journalist can set aside his (I nearly said principles) journalistic *ahem* integrity to spike a story must be beyond most people.
    It says little for the health of the Press in Scotland. These latest lies do, however, say it all about the campaign run, and continuing to be run, by the unionists
    Another good spot, Stuart

  13. Sinky says:

    BBC GMS on now still not asking Ian Murray if he stands by his remarks that a a pensioner Corbyn is unfit to lead the Labour Party.

  14. Capella says:

    Add on the value of the MSM, BBC and civil service promoting the Unionists and it looks more like state propaganda won the vote, but not the argument.

  15. robertknight says:

    ‘Alan Cochrane’ is an anagram for ‘Anal Encroach’

    How fitting!

  16. Seasick Dave says:


    Ironically, Ian Davidson got very upset at the SNP candidate who said mildly derogatory things about pensioners.

  17. Dorothy Devine says:

    Another unpleasant mis-informer has popped up in the Independent .

    Ncontent with the Monday slot of” anti SNP on the feeblest excuse” ,ladies and gentlemen the preppy ,serial anti SNPer , writer of biographies with scant knowledge of the subject – David Torrance.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    Craig Harrow

    Lib Dem Organiser on Radio Scotland moments ago

    “The Badge Wearing Rabble”

    Same old You’ll have had your vote it’s done, nonsense

    BBC have got project fear underway before the politicians this time, although I had to laugh at Edinburgh’s lone Murray who just focussed on the end of the interview with Gary Marshall and rammed through without taking breath or answering a question to justify a complete about face on policy and finished with SNP bad Kezia Dugdale good

    Nothing to add about old Alan (Where’s the bar) Cochrane
    that even his fellow drunks don’t say about him and especially some of who he thinks are his pals in the Tories

    I thing George Galloway likes him though… Oops

  19. Grouse Beater says:

    Very telling – Cochrane did as he was told because the end justifies the means.

    What a whore.

  20. Davy says:

    Alan Cochrane was just a lapdog for the NO campaign, he must be realy pissed that Michelle Mone got a peerage for fuckall and he didn’t.

    As for being a “lying bastard” those words were invented for Cochrane.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    @ Dorothy Devine

    I’ve said the same before, that Twits wife must have friends who know what her husband is, It’s embarrassing,

    Mrs Dr Jim would do a number on me me if I behaved like him
    That woman’s got to go down the shops for god sake

  22. Molly says:

    I listened to Gordon Brewer interview Lesley Riddoch . The impression I got ( and I might be wrong) but the impression I was left with was G Brewer didn’t actually attend any Yes meetings .

    He did not seem to understand why as it turned out just under half the country were voting for change, how important those meetings, debates , stalls were, ordinary people talking to each other. Yet was conceited enough to sit night after night commenting . I wish Lesley had asked him?

    Alan Cochrane I’d put in the same bracket. A ne’er do well , who would like recognition only to know deep down that no matter the drivel he writes or how sycophantic will never be part of the establishment.

    I probably need help but when I try to read anything written by Alan Cochrane I can’t help but picture him in one of those Laird outfits with the big fancy feathers in a glengarry with Jenny telling him to get the dishes done !

    He carries on like an expat , who has the outfit, defends ‘ Bonny Scotland’ against the evil – em Scots and writes about a Scotland where we all live in Brigadoon ( or at least use our Waitrose loyalty card regularly ) .

    If anyone’s seen ‘ So I Married an Axe Murderer ‘ Mike Myers plays the Scottish Dad – you’ll get my drift .

  23. Training Day says:

    Cochrane’s words stand as the epitaph for the entirety of the ‘Scottish’ MSM.

    ‘What the hell does journalism matter?’

  24. Ken500 says:

    The Unionists have destroyed the Union and their own Parties. The excess funds came from out with Scotland. Illegal donations.

  25. Helena Brown says:

    He and his wife must be about the most disgusting specimens Scotland has to own up to. What is it about some Scots that they must do their own country and for that matter countrymen and women down.

  26. G H Graham says:

    You might want to also take note of “Scottish Field”, a staunchly royalist & unionist periodical which appeals to middle & upper income socialites who lust for Wellington boots with adjustable buckles, furniture grade clothing, limited edition gloss paint & silver coloured lease vehicles from Germany.

    It generously provides the Lord Protector Alan “Proud Jockster” Cochrane, a monthly opportunity to froth at anyone who even thinks of questioning the British Establishment. But mostly, it’s repetitive & heart dropping justifications for the highland deserts, created for the grouse beating benefit of seasonal adventurers from London & Lichtenstein.

    You will be relieved to learn though, that this cultural champion of Scotland is rarely short of eco friendly activities to muse about …

    1st January – Kill rainbow trout (everywhere) & rabbit
    15th January – Kill salmon (Tay)
    1st February – Kill salmon (Dee& Tweed)
    11th February – Kill salmon (Spey)
    15th March – Kill brown trout (everywhere)
    1st April – Kill roe deer buck
    1st July – Kill red deer stag & sika deer stags
    1st August – Kill mountain hare & fallow deer bucks
    12th August – Kill red grouse, ptarmigan & common snipe
    20th August – Kill blackgame
    1st September – Kill partridge, woodcock, duck & goose (inland)
    1st October – Kill pheasant & brown hare
    21st October – Kill red deer hinds, sika deer hind, roe deer doe & fallow deer doe

    “What was that you shot, darling?”

    “I don’t know. But it moved!”


  27. louis.b.argyll says:

    this proves that Ref #1 was..
    Propaganda vs hope,
    what chance, when the elderly (who had the wool pulled over their eyes) still trust these “news”papers.

  28. One_Scot says:

    I think calling him a liar is probably being too kind, the fact of the matter is, in terms of any meaningful value or contribution to society, he is probably ranked lower than an A-hole.

  29. Ken500 says:

    Cameron on the latest PR exercise.

  30. Capella says:

    Craig Murray’s latest post is “The BBC is Irredeemable”. Much the same story, focusing on Laura Keunsberg’s hopelessly anti-Corbyn bias.

    They parrot the views of corporations.

    One good thing about JC leadership is that many people in the UK can observe the propaganda machine in action. We had 2 years of it during the referendum. People down south will be seeing it up close and personal for the first time.

  31. FiferJP says:

    Poor wee Cochwomble, having to fight against all those squillions and win the referendum by himself.

    Did you notice Willie Rennie taking a limp-wristed swing against Better Together?

  32. Grouse Beater says:

    Graham: created for the grouse beating

    Recognition at last.

  33. Jimbo says:

    Cochrane can’t help bragging about how pleased he was to be part of, and propagandise on behalf of, the scaremongering BT campaign.

    Still, Cochrane admitting that he was asked to lie by Alistair Darling, and that he willfully complied, will be useful ammunition for the next indyref.

  34. bjsalba says:

    Cochrane? Cockroach is more like it.

  35. One_Scot says:

    ‘One good thing about JC leadership is that many people in the UK can observe the propaganda machine in action. We had 2 years of it during the referendum. People down south will be seeing it up close and personal for the first time’

    Good call. How that will play out has been bouncing around my head for a few days now.

  36. call me dave says:


    The archived version

  37. galamcennalath says:

    The astonishing thing about Cochrane is he is proud of what he has done. No remorse whatsoever. No recognition that his behaviour was immoral. He sold his soul.

  38. Ken500 says:

    May 2016. Wipe the liars out. Good riddance

  39. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dr Jim, perhaps they get Waitrose to deliver negating the need for actual shopping.

    Or perhaps they eat mostly in their London home or perhaps in France – the auld alliance which the Cochrane chappie rubbished in one of the last articles I ever read penned by the offensive bearded one.

  40. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Cochers aka Ole Brown Lips.

  41. galamcennalath says:

    FiferJP says:

    Did you notice Willie Rennie taking a limp-wristed swing against Better Together?

    Yes, and found it very interesting. He doesn’t reveal anything we couldn’t have guessed. However it is an open admission of how BT fought the battle for their Union.

    The significant thing I took from it was – it seems very unlikely that they will be able to repeat it for IndyRef2.

  42. Gordon cuthbertson says:

    Take the money and lie Allan

  43. msean says:

    £4,327,677. How much is that in knighthoods and ermine?

  44. Embradon says:

    Is he still around? Assumed he had retired on the proceeds of his book.
    I agree with Alex Salmond – “I didn’t read it, it would have eaten into my sudoku time”

  45. ronnie anderson says:

    The separatists had squillions more money.

    Cochers gonna stop, or ah,ll squeeem n squeeem till am blue
    in the face.

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    I don’t know whether it’s because the 1 year anniversary of the Ref is coming up, or because of the 2 polls that showed YES excluding don’t knows and NOT taking nto account remembered vote in the ref at 55% YES, 45% NO, but it seems the misinformation campaign is starting again, or at least stepping up.

    I’ve noticed Unionist posters absent for a long time popping up, with the usual false assertions dressed up as assumed matter of fact.

  47. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Anent Cochrane – why don’t we on the Yes side simply ignore the scrote. He writes only in the Torygraph and Scottish Field – two publications whose core readership is, in terms of any future referendum, irredeemable.

    Even if the SNP was to prove that, in an independent Scotland, everyone would have a tax-free income of one million pounds Scots per year – the SF and Torygraph readership in Scotland would still vote no.

    Deny him the oxygen of publicity outwith the organs he writes for.

    Slightly off-topic. I had a quick look at the Daily Heil webstie (I was going to change that mis-type, but, webstie kind of sums-up the Heil site) this morning.

    No less than nine hatchet jobs on Corbyn and Labour. Wee Eck and the Nippy Sweety must be bealing this morning, they never got that level of abuse.

    You can see the London bubble mindset. The Sweaties are the Barbarians at the border, the Corbynistas are the enemy within.

  48. Haggis Hunter says:

    Cochrane is a rotten crook. After Independence Darling, Cochrane and Gordon Brown should all be tried for corruption.

  49. annie says:

    Ben Riley Smith of the Telegraph also getting called out by a Labour donor for printing outright lies stating that he wouldn’t be donating again with JC as leader.

  50. Anagach says:

    I would not take him seriously, he clearly does not take journalism seriously, and is incompetent or a liar.

    Not worth the effort of emotion.

  51. Karmanaut says:

    It’s the Telegraph. The same paper that runs smears, but doesn’t even ask those it smears for a response. Any rag that abandons the most basic journalistic standards just so that it doesn’t have to dilute its lies deserves the reputation it gets.

    Personally, I would be embarrassed to be seen reading it.

  52. yesindyref2 says:

    The Sunday Herald did us proud anyway on, well, Sunday, with its 1 year anniversary edition, getting in early over the pro-Union ones.

    I daresay we’ll see the Herald on Friday with its 1 year anniversary edition “we came out for a NO on the basis of the extensive new powers promised by the Unionist parties: they haven’t delivered so we’re now supporting Independence”.

    That reminds me, must check my lottery ticket.

  53. Marie Clark says:

    Well blow me! Alan Cochrane a liar. Who knew? Well all of us yessers for a start.

    Says it all really ” it’s not good journalism, but what does journalism matter”.

    Hey ho, hopefully we may have heard the last from this ersewipe.

  54. handclapping says:

    A Barclay brother ‘Jump’
    Alan ‘How high?’
    Good dog!

  55. bookie from hell says:

    British media,TV,journalists off a leash stalking Corbyn

    only want the one bit of footage where he loses his rag,to play it over & over again

  56. cearc says:

    Davy, 8.50,

    Ah, so that’s what it was for. I knew it couldn’t be just her business failures.

  57. Wired of Hermiston says:

    IN the words of David St Hubbins, “what a wanker”

  58. ronnie anderson says:

    Another lier stand up .Kezia, Jeremy Corbyn will visit Scotland within days ( Sky news interview Saterday),Bbc hiv made a correction Corbyn will visit Scotland within weeks,

    Ah who tae believe, ah hing oan every word Kezia says & Kezia will choke on every lying word she says.

  59. Dorothy Devine says:

    Karmanaut, because of you I visited that disgusting newspaper and read the ” article” on Ms Sturgeon and the frothing windae lickers below the line – I hadn’t realised that it had sunk so low as to rival the Daily Mail.

    Shocking stuff – the bearded one can keep it.

    And to think it used to be a ” good” paper, but there again so did the Herald and Scotsman.

    Wonder how the circulation figures are doing?

  60. Alan Mackenzie says:

    Hello, Stu.

    What about the donations below £500? A few hundred thousand people donating £50, or even just £10 might make a difference somewhere.

  61. louis.b.argyll says:

    @Wired…nice one..

    Also from David St Hubbinds’ manager, in same movie..Spinal Tap..


  62. Flower of Scotland says:


    Simon Pia criticising Radio Scotland about their comments about J Corbyn!

    Kaye( with an e) having to defend herself and them!

    Having a good day so far. Next on the phone in, is about social media and its effect on the Referendum and J Corbyn!

    Early for popcorn but got it out anyway!

  63. Luigi says:

    I wonder what Cochrane thinks of Miss Weather Vane, Kezia Dugdale, now that her boss is anti- just about everything she believes in (or used to believe in). He probably thinks she is a real heroine for blowing about in the wind, just to save the union.

  64. Colin Church says:

    Simon Pia on air bemoaning biased MSM and BBC coverage of Corbyn and citing Stiglitz to back up Corbynomics.

    Unionsists entering a parallel universe.

  65. louis.b.argyll says:

    Apparently O/T, but..

    2nd.Ref date is brinkmanship..

    Tories want to second guess our proposed date, before they commit to Euro Ref’s date/campaign length.

    Keep powder dry Nicola, as the swines will edge out our options to delay or rush our needs.

  66. donald anderson says:

    There must be more hidden donations and media/State support at all levels. Considering all the odds the Yes Campaign did really well and must have put the wind up the “fairminded/decent” Brit Nat establishment. Nothing like fear to bring out the worst in people.

  67. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tackety Beets says: 14 September, 2015 at 7:56 am:

    ” … What ” They did it so it’s Ok for us “

    This is a variation of the Scottish Schoolyard defence of wrongdoing, “It wisna me it wis him anaw”.

  68. heedtracker says:

    Its a free country, bullshitting for UKOK isn’t a crime, good for business in their Scotland region no doubt. The other end of this mountain of British bull is a BBC creep show routinely wheeling out Cockers, Carrell, MacTenbellies etc on Newsnight or worse, as if they have some kind of gravitas and dignity, on everyone’s licence money. And its not nice.

    Usual nasty UKOK propaganda today from Great British liars of the Graun, injecting JC into their Scotland region political bullshit narrative

    “There is anecdotal evidence that he is re-engaging former Labour voters who voted yes in last year’s independence referendum.”

    Sliding in “anecdotal” is far creepier than mad old Cockers style bullshit, anecdotally.

  69. Thepnr says:

    I like auld cochers!

    He writes so much guff that you just have to laugh. Ronnie Anderson got it right and he (Cochers not ronnie) actually gets paid for this.

    Squillions FFS 🙂

  70. Dan Huil says:

    Cochrane, like many unionist Scots, will say and do anything if he thinks it will please his unionist establishment masters. Uriah Heep is nothing compared to Uriah Neep.

  71. Robert Peffers says:

    @Graham says: 14 September, 2015 at 8:04 am:

    “This is the “free” press. “Free” to lie, cheat, dissemble, innuendo, character assassinate, do what they damn well like (phone-hack – has it finished?) and with no come back”

    No different from the broadcasters then, Graham.

    I read this, (on-line), BBC news item this morning : –

    Scott Brash won showjumping’s biggest individual prize of 1m Euros(£735,000) by becoming the first rider to win the sport’s Grand Slam.

    The 29-year old Briton had already made history with back-to-back Grand Prix successes in Geneva and Aachen.

    He added to those by claiming the Calgary Grand Prix in Canada on Sunday riding Hello Sanctos.

    “Words can’t describe it. It is the best feeling I’ve ever had,” said Scots-born Brash.

    Mind you, if he was to be known to have voted YES in the referendum, he would immediately become a vile Scottish Separatist.

  72. Oscar Taime says:

    I may be miscalculating but if we extract the reported spend from the reported raised as detailed on the link we find:
    a. YES spent just over 200K more BUT
    b. NO under-spent by £1.8 million (Total NO donations £4,327,677 – Totals NO spend of 2,511,275)

    So what happened tot heir extra cash? Does this leave them with a war-chest or has someone on the NO side become(even) richer?

  73. heedtracker says:

    Another UKOK bullshitter found out but bright career ahead back home in England at the Torygraph or BBC

    Rancid The Graun says

    “The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, is in danger of losing the top job after two years in office after a former Liberal party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, declared on Monday that he would challenge for the position.”

    Same UKOK BBC led outfits gave Australia’s English PM full reign to slander YES voters last year

    “Tony Abbott weighed into the debate. Mr Abbott said separatists who back the ‘break-up’ of the UK ‘are not the friends of justice or freedom’.”

    Well done OZ, for putting up with hard core toryboy from London for 2 whole years.

  74. ArtyHetty says:

    It’s the taking orders bit that speaks volumes. These people disgust me, they may well take orders in any situation without a thought for the consequnces, or for who it may adversely affect.

    Self serving, insincere creeps.

  75. Luigi says:

    louis.b.argyll says:

    14 September, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Apparently O/T, but..

    2nd.Ref date is brinkmanship..

    Tories want to second guess our proposed date, before they commit to Euro Ref’s date/campaign length.

    Keep powder dry Nicola, as the swines will edge out our options to delay or rush our needs.

    I think I know who is going to blink first. 🙂

  76. Luigi says:

    I’m not surprised that old Cochers talks writes so much guff. He has done for years. I am amazed, however, that someone actually pays him to do so.

    Someone’s useful idiot?

  77. Bob Mack says:

    “Bought and sold for English gold” as someone once said.
    Rabbie knew people well enough.especially the Cochranes of this world

  78. Cadogan Enright says:

    Bannock burn drops to 33% from 36 this morning

    More importantly IScot struggling to get above £25k

    Can Wingers please post Rev’s appeal in the last post to other sites? I have done a few……..

  79. r.esquierdo says:

    cockroach is another unionist who speaks out of his waste expulsion unit

  80. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Don’t forget the Battle poll:

    Bannockburn hit a high of 37% but has been slipping, is now at 33%

  81. Dr Jim says:

    I know as many Wingers as can make it will be turning up on Saturday and we all know how important this particular “Gathering” will be for us but if I can urge as many casual readers as possible,

    If you can afford the petrol money or bus fare or train fare to try and make it this Saturday so the First Minister can gauge the mood and let’s show the Media and Telly we mean business coz if we don’t they’ll talk us down like we don’t want Independence

    We’ve all heard it, Poor Turnout, No Appetite, A few Hundred Protesters

    I’m proud to be part of the “Badge Wearing Rabble” as the Lib Dems referred to us this morning
    Unlike Willie Rennie who’s ashamed of being “Dark and Secretive”

  82. Finlay says:

    SNP(SNP)=4 [SNP=BAD]
    YES=2 [YES=SNP]

    Unionist maths checks out. Referendum 2 confirmed. (Gamers will understand!) 😉

  83. manandboy says:

    Alan Cochrane of The Telegraph

    No code, no ethics, no principles, no decency, no courtesy, no balance, no insight, no good.

    Just bile.

    Why bother.

  84. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 14 September, 2015 at 10:30 am:

    ” … ah,ll squeeem n squeeem till am blue in the face.”

    That’ll save ye a bomb, Ronnie, when ye pent yer face wi a saltire.

  85. Cameron can execute a citizen of the UK/EU by RAF drone strike without trial by jury based on a perceived future threat to UK/EU that might or might not happen.

    Better Together Unionist UK Nationalist Journalists can spew misinformation,UK propaganda,lying by omission of the truth,without any fear of recrimination from any press regulator,with the excuse that they are protecting the Glorious Union.

  86. manandboy says:

    Indy 2 really ought not to to provoke such a nasty reaction among the Unionists. Evidence, I would suggest, that their conscience isn’t clear on Indy14 and that they continue to dread losing the Scottish golden goose.

    A reminder too that the Unionist near monopoly of television and the Press remains the biggest single obstacle to Independence. What is also clear however, is that in the Westminster Unionist Establishment we have a regime which ranks with the very worst in terms of corruption and extreme nastiness. In fact, the current generation of Tories appear much more suited to a totalitarian state that a democratic one. I just wish they’d drop the pretence.

  87. Socrates MacSporran says:

    So Dippity Dug is in charge in Scotland and will decide on policies.

    Aye right! No sooner had Corbyn won the vote than she was jumping to the left – without even having to be told.

    Corbyn and the Labour Party secretariat will not be long in reminding her, she’s in-charge of the North British Branch, but, the big decisions are still made in Westminster.

    She will dae whit she is telt – or else.

  88. arthur thomson says:

    Cochrane is clearly deranged.

  89. louis.b.argyll says:

    Sry, ‘Socratese’ Macsporran n having a bad ‘spell’…

  90. Iain More says:

    Now he is someone who deserves to be vilified. He has earned the synonym Quizzer.

  91. peekay says:

    You can’t help but wonder on what planet these roasters think nonsense like this isn’t going to be noticed. The figures for the respective campaign funds were fairly widely reported both at the time and then again a few months ago when the final numbers had been tallied.

    In fact, so much so the Loyalists had great fun pointing out ‘how much more support their campaign had from business leaders’ compared to our ‘two fat lottery winners from Ayrshire’

  92. rongorongo says:

    I thought about Cochrane’s condescending take on the people of Scotland – in common with that of much of the rest of the unionist media – when I saw Bonnie Greer’s article on “You People Syndrome” – the idea that the poor old mischievous electorate have absolutely no idea of the special truths that are obvious to the commentator.

  93. Andy-B says:

    “So what the hell does journalism matter” I hope Mr Cochrane remembers those words, when he expects people to take him seriously.

    To the people who actually buy the Telegraph, you heard it from the horses mouth journalism doesn’t matter, unless of course it’s the right kind of journalism.

  94. yesindyref2 says:

    @ Socrates MacSporran:” Aye right! No sooner had Corbyn won the vote than she was jumping to the left – without even having to be told.”

    It’s just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    With your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
    Let’s do the Time Warp again!

  95. Dorothy Devine says:

    What time are we expected on Saturday ?

  96. Ian Brotherhood says:

    They’re fighting back…

    Britain – up one, 24%
    Hastings – up one, 22%
    Bannockburn – down one, 28%

  97. sandrapangus says:

    Nice to see that one man in Scotland still does what his wife tells him. Even though she’s as big a numpty as him. Having read some of the drivel Mrs Cochrane writes there is no way she can not be called a journalist either.

  98. Kevin Evans says:

    He’s not just a liar – he sounds like a right brown nose wanker also.

  99. HandandShrimp says:

    Some trolls are paid others do it for pleasure. I think Alan has a foot in both camps.

  100. Alistair Hutton says:

    I still don’t understand the current thought line that paints Yes as the overwhelming favourite to win and was only scuppered by questions over currency and the EU.

    Or at least that’s what they mean by implication when they say the Yes campaign was a abject failure.

  101. Sandy Henderson says:

    Of course BT don’t want another referendum for at least a generation. They’ve simply run out of lies. They’ll be hoping by that time Scots will have forgotten & spin them out again. Then again, they may need another generation to think up more!!

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