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The side of the thugs

Posted on May 04, 2015 by

Amazingly enough, the Scottish press today ISN’T wall-to-wall with stories about Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale, UK peer and lawmaker, endorsing the “f***ing booting” of Conservative supporters at the weekend, in a striking contrast to when a young SNP candidate said similar but less offensive things some months ago.

(Lord McConnell’s friends were talking in the future tense about something they would do. Mhairi Black was talking in the past tense, about things which she HADN’T done.)


As far as we’ve seen, the small piece above in the Scottish Sun is the only coverage. (The Daily Record, as well as not reporting the McConnell comments at all, actually has another go at Mhairi Black instead.)

But we were having trouble recalling any “hate-filled violent mobs” (McConnell’s actual full quote) on the Yes/SNP side. And so was an alert reader who had a dig through the papers from the last couple of years.

He did find these, though.

“Two teenagers have been charged after a man was assaulted outside a pro-Independence concert at the Usher Hall last night.”

“Yes campaigners attacked by mob outside Tynecastle”

“Party activist trapped as Glasgow SNP office is attacked by a gang of thugs”

“Scottish independence campaigner, 80, attacked”

“A video has emerged which appears to show a supporter of the United Kingdom kicking out at a female protestor.”

“Yes campaigner Dad’s fury as son narrowly avoids chair thrown from balcony by No supporter”

“Former Merseyside council leader Marie Rimmer charged over alleged assault at Scottish independence polling station”

“Glasgow’s George Square turns ugly as pro-union skinheads taunt defeated Scottish independence campaigners





And these (all separate stories).

“A crazed motorist chased Alex Salmond’s official car in a rage because he felt the First Minister snubbed him during a chance encounter.”

“A Twitter troll threatened to assassinate the First Minister because he ‘doesn’t really like the SNP’, a court heard today.”

“Jail for man who threatened to slit Alex Salmond’s throat”

“A man has appeared in court charged in connection with online threats against Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.”

The UK right-wing press has for weeks been filled with thinly-veiled threats of civil war should Scotland dare to vote for the SNP. Twitter lunatics from the “SNPout” movement – some of them openly lauded by The Times – frequently hint at violence.


Yet neither Lord McConnell, nor anyone else, when repeatedly challenged, was able to point to any remotely comparable news stories involving Yes or SNP supporters as the aggressors. What mercifully little politics-related violence there’s been in Scotland in the last three years has all come from one side.

The media has resorted to hysterical exaggeration of innocuous Twitter comments in its desperate search for outrage, and on occasion to completely inventing them. As a result, Unionist politicians like Jack McConnell are able to get away with massive distortions of reality, and with angrily dismissing anyone who catches them out in their hypocrisy, while perpetrating the smear again for good measure.

We’re just leaving the list above here for the record.

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124 to “The side of the thugs”

  1. Calgacus says:

    We will defeat them democratically at the ballot box on Thursday.

    We must all do our best to not respond to these outrageous attacks on our peaceful movement.

    The Rev. has shown us that the keyboard is mightier than the sword.

  2. Simon Curran says:

    Unfortunately there are idiots on both sides and in the age of social media they can spread their hatred far and wide. However I do get the impression that a lot more of the vitriol on the BritNat side comes from those close to the official No campaign (eg the likes of Smart, Marie Rimmer) whereas any nastiness on the ScotNat side comes from those who links with the Yes campaign or SNP are no where near as close. Not altogether surprising when the leaders of the Unionist parties regularly resort to inflammatory language.
    The other observation is that only one side of this ever gets reported in the mainstream media so thanks once again to Stuart for highlighting this.

  3. hoppinghaggis says:

    You may wish to double check the authenticity of the first image from

    At the time, it was rumoured to be from a London incident & if true this shouldn’t be allowed to detract from what is an essential message to get out

  4. Lanarkist says:

    The Print Media should be held responsible for promoting these view points.

    The language used encourages the idiots and passively condones such thoughts, words and deeds.

    They use their total hegemony to other the opposite side of the campaign and give tacit license to think of fellow citizens in these ways.

    Red line issues should incorporate devolution of broadcasting and enact proper Press Regulation.

  5. grahamlive says:

    Christ, when even that kevverage guy is telling you (Jill Stephenson) to pipe down, you know you’ve completely gone off the rails.

    As for the tooled up gun licence guy. I’d like to think police Scotland were alerted and his licence swiftly revoked.

  6. K1 says:

    Don’t leave them there for the record, they’ll never pick up on this! Oh I see…you mean for posterity…. 😉

  7. Greg says:

    Those vile cyberlords eh?!

  8. Kenny says:

    How fucking DARE Mhairi Black stand against an experienced politician?! 😮

  9. Jim Thomson says:

    Young Mr Gardham has been in Glasgow inciting riots this morning. Can’t find an easy way of putting his twitter feed here. Just check back on his twitter time line about 15 to 20 mins though.

  10. Jim Thomson says:

    Looking at Alex Thomson’s feed though gives a slightly different story.

  11. Fiona says:

    @ Simon Curran

    As ever, decent honest people try to present balanced and truthful accounts, and you have done so again. However do you actually have any evidence of people on the yes side spreading hate? It is plausible to presume there are idiots on both sides, but the thrust of this article is that there is no evidence for it at all.

    Unless you have some (and I accept you might) you have fallen into a very familiar trap. For the narrative thrust has been set, and the other side are not being as honest and fair as you seek to be.

    In trying to be reasonable, you confirm their narrative, and that is detrimental though for the best of reasons. It is an unfortunate truth that at least since Thatcher this has been a very very effective strategy for the hard right. In honest debate people try to find common ground and so the participants metaphorically move towards each other and “meet in the middle”. But that is not what neoliberals do. What they do is allow their opposition to take that step forward. Then they take a step back. Thus they shift the centre by using the decency of their opposition against them.

    It is not easy to counter this tactic, for truth is more nuanced and complex than lies. But we have to find a way or we end up reinforcing the very lies we seek to debunk

  12. scott says:

    The Daily Record, as well as not reporting the McConnell comments at all, actually has another go at Mhairi Black instead.)

    Check this out,there is a poll asking if you trust Murphy on what he says,get over and vote ,not good reading for Spud.

  13. Joemcg says:

    I can confirm that Tynecastle story because I was with my friend when he reported it to St Leonard’s police station.One of the victims was hurt quite badly. Don’t think anyone was ever caught though. Surprise surprise.

  14. Algernon Pondlife says:

    You’re surely forgetting that the torygraph (I think it was) published conclusive evidence of excessive violence in the form of a large photo of a large BT poster (not a person – a piece of paper) that had been defaced.

  15. manandboy says:

    McConnell’s in the right place at Westminster’s Old Folks Home where the air must reek of urine due to the constant leaks and dribbling.

  16. Joemcg says:

    Why are unionists so angry,hateful and aggressive anyway? Just look at that Nationalist scum clip.

  17. Marcia says:

    The videos on Alex Thomson’s twitter reminds me of the heckling that used to be common in elections far past. Far too many staged events for the television cameras in these elections that tell you nothing. Too sterile. Public meetings during past election campaigns used to be fun with witty comments from the audience.

  18. muttley79 says:

    Of course the Loyalists in George Square were mostly portrayed by the MSM as fighting with independence supporters, not what they actually did, which was to attack Yes supporters and give Nazi salutes.

  19. unchillfiltered says:

    No Scottish exit polling? Can anyone confirm this?

  20. BrianW says:

    I’m sure Jeremy Vine will be covering some of this on his show just starting with a topic of “SNP v’s Labour”

    Should be a laugh to see if his fingers on the pulse of current political going’s on in Scotland or if it’ll just be SNP bad..

  21. X_Sticks says:

    Anyone else thinking that Murphy was trying to whip up another egg-gate today with Eddie Izzard?

    All part of McTernan’s plan to denigrate the SNP and show them up as nasty nats.

    Don’t rise to the bait folks. It’s going to be a looong week.

  22. Marcia says:


    There will be exit polling. John Curtice has confirmed that there will be exit polling but of it’s accuracy he is not that sure.

  23. James123 says:

    Just watch the Scottish media go overboard about the Murphy/Izzard event this morning. James Cook is already talking about chaos on the streets of Glasgow on his twitter feed. Where was James on the night of September 19th?

  24. galamcennalath says:

    IMO there is a big difference between the excesses of the two sides.

    Anything from the Indy side seems to be from individuals getting carried away. Stupidly, but still acting independenly. I have yet to see anything significantly offensive from anyone close to the SNP. Frankly, I just don’t think the stuff the MSM comes up with (ie Mhairi Black) is neither here nor there.

    However, from the Unionist side, since negativity, vitriol and abuse are official tactics both off and on line, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between comments made by party representives, and individuals. And, both readily and frequently cross the line of acceptability and decency. Example – comments about Alec Salmond and a bus!

  25. Aceldo Atthis says:

    The same thing happens with so-called sectarianism and sectarian violence in Glasgow with one side largely to blame for about 98% of it — when the media discuss it, they pretend there are equally weighted problems on both sides.

    This is an issue that comes up in history and amongst historians. When it suits them they take what is called a “balanced view” which entails giving equal weight to both sides in a conflict. On the face of it, it appears like a fair approach.

    You see it in the news most blatantly when they talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict so that the conflict is defined in a way that suggests there are two equally armed and equally guilty sides in terms of violence, etc. The truth is one side is armed to the teeth and the other basically is throwing stones — with one sides committing wholesales violence and the other retail — and the politics is equally skewed with little emphasis given to the fact that one side is guilty of a most brutal and illegal occupation too.

    It’s as if an 85 year old lady gets mugged by a group of skinheads and as she falls to the ground she manages to hit one with her handbag before they all lay into her — this is defined as a fight rather than a savage attack, with both sides committing violence on each other, and the discussion that follows is equally rigged to make it sound like the skinheads were justified in their attack and the old lady deserves it.

    Media bias in Scotland is off the hinges in terms of bias and we all know that. It has shown up in research too and when that sort of thing shows up in research it usually follows that the problem is 100 times worse than it appears — in a similar way to racism, it’s very hard to measure because people cover it up and hide it.

  26. James123 says:

    Already top story on the BBC Scotland website.

  27. Midgehunter says:

    “Sigh” As long as the SNP are a threat to the very existence of the Establishment or their power to rule and make money, they’ll be attacked and smeared at every possible opportunity.

    It’s not just the political competence of the SNP which scares them but that the seeds of knowledge, awareness and desire for change have been planted in the minds of the Scottish folk.

    Even worse for them, through the magnificent strategy of the SNP after the Referendum, in taking the battle right to the heart of the English population by making appearances at various events (e.g. LSE lectures, debates etc), they’ve shown that they can make an impact nationally and started a chain of events in England that is causing havoc amongst the Establishment.

    There’s a mood for change and awareness growing in Englandshire and Nicolas showing the way.

    It’s not just about Scotland’s revenue but also suppressing a revolution in England.

  28. Fiona says:

    @ Midgehunter

    Broadly agree but I do not think it helpful to use hyperbole the way MSM do. We are not talking about “revolution”: merely about broadening the range of debate to give a voice to those who do not wish to live in a plutocracy. Might fell like revolution to the plutocrats: but it really isn’t.

  29. Joemcg says:

    “SNP were trying to disrupt the democratic process!” Gie us peace Fundilly.

  30. There’s another aspect to the Unionist campaign which is also ‘violent’ but in a pernicious, fearful and subtle way…. rarely reported, of course.

    My mother is a pensioner, who lives alone.

    Prior to the referendum she was advised by a NO campaigner to withdraw her savings and hide them in the house – to ‘protect’ her from the collapse of the banks if there was a YES vote.

    This morning she was advised on her doorstep, by a Labour campaigner to ‘stock up on food’ for Friday to ‘protect’ herself from the ‘chaos’ if people are ‘stupid’ enough to vote SNP.

    This loathsome scaremongering is a form of violence, perpetrated against the vulnerable.
    It won’t work, in my mother’s case, but to others of her generation it could cause real fear and anxiety.

    I brought both of these examples to the attention of Blair McDougall, but received no response .. he’s still clearly too ‘shaken’ from having the Muppet theme tune played at him.

  31. Marcia says:

    According to the Channel 4 guy there were just 4 shouty hecklers in Glasgow, yes just 4. I hope someone there can point them out and have them checked to see if they were genuine protesters and not agent provocateurs.

    Life goes on as normal everywhere else.

  32. fred blogger says:

    i found murphy & co shouting @ imaginary fiends and running away in a car @ speed, disturbing, as this IS that state of uk politics, in a nutshell.
    done explicitly for effect on the tv screens.
    proving though, m/t vessels make most noise.

  33. Midgehunter says:

    @ Fiona

    A revolution of thought and ideas/change – NOT violence.

  34. Fiona says:

    @ Donald Urquhart

    That is truly shocking. I continue to surprise myself with my own naivetee, but I genuinely did not think that anyone would stoop so low. That needs to be widely promulgated: folk should know that such things are being said

  35. call me dave says:

    Yahoo! Nicola in Glenrothes Kingdom centre this morning.

    I knew there was something up when all the SNP cars filled the car park. What’s up doc? I asked a few kent faces from the local branch. Nicola is coming in 20mins by helicopter from Fife Airport
    (don’t laugh at the back of the class we have one).

    Sure enough she duly appeared and she took 45 minutes to complete a short journey of about 100m. She was surrounded by loads of well wishers and very approachable. Met her again and shook hands along with lots of others. Not a polis man in sight either brilliant. Made my morning! 🙂 🙂

  36. Stoker says:

    And here’s another for the list:

  37. heedtracker says:

    They’ll use anything to stop Scottish democracy Mind Ian Davsidson threatened the SNP MP from Banff and Buchan with a doing on his committee ? Would he have threatened a male MP, probably not.

    Or creepy Morphy screaming fuck off over and over in Pete Wishart’s face in the Westminster lobby.

    TeamGB Westminster merely does nothing but look on. Democracy might change things on Thursday. Hope over fear, and unionist thugs like Murphy, Davidoson, McConnel….

  38. Fiona says:

    @ Midgehunter

    I agree that is the thrust of what you said: but remember that abuse of language and distortion are major tools of the MSM. They will not hesitate to paint us as violent revolutionaries on any basis they can find.

  39. simon curran says:

    Fiona I agree with you. I think that through the whole referendum campaign the No side deliberately sought to stir up hatred from supporters of independence and then looked to get their chums in the media to publicise it as it suited their agenda of nasty spite filled Nats in the hope that it would stop people voting Yes.

  40. Bob Mack says:

    What you sawin George Sq was the hardcore orange order supporters coming out tofeel superior.I am not sure many understand the links between this organisation and the Unionists in Ulster.They are very involved indeed.
    Many drugs supplies to finance their activities find their way to Glasgow and are distributed by their lieutenants throughout Scotland.
    Indeed many of the Ulster organisations like Uff etc have Scottish people who hold rank in their organisations,like commander.This is why the likes of Adair fled here when threatened in Ulster.
    This seems ludicrous but I have seen things you would not believe whilst working in the East end of Glasgow,and all to do with paramilitary organisations.They are an embedded scourge in our Society whether we like it or not,with financial incentives in addition to religious intolerance.

  41. James123 says:

    James Cook “absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow”

    This is the image James Cook showed on his twitter feed to portray the choas.

    On the BBC website he reports “There were scuffles involving Labour party supporters and their opponents.”

    On his twitter account he says “More pictures of the scuffles in Glasgow to come if possible. I couldn’t get any as I was watching cameraman”

    So, no pictures of actual chaos and no pictures of actual scuffles but being reported anyway.

  42. Another Union Dividend says:

    Labour In Edinburgh South putting out nasty vicious last minute leaflet telling ties about SNP candidate Neil Hay who has been demonised by Labour activists on the doorsteps.

    How can Ian Murray portray himself as Mr Nice Guy after this?

  43. BrianW says:

    @ James123 12:17pm re BBC story.

    ..from the story “However, demonstrators interviewed by the BBC denied they were there on behalf of the SNP.”

    I love how there has to be link to the SNP when ever someone protests against any of the Unionist Parties.

    I can only assume that James Cook doesn’t entertain the fact that they could be disillusioned Labour Supporters disgusted with the direction the party has taken. They could be hired help form Labour. Create the story then use that to attack those dastardly Nats in the media (I wouldn’t put it passed them).

    A Baldrick style plan me thinks.

  44. Holebender says:

    Fucking Scottish Sun can’t even get my name right. My surname is not Coyle! Nice to see my tweet cited though.

  45. Joemcg says:

    Bob Mack-so why do we tolerate this public disobedience and criminality. Why does the SNP for a start not outlaw every single orange order march in Scotland? Plenty of reasons to do it as they cause public disorder.

  46. Fiona says:

    “However, demonstrators interviewed by the BBC denied they were there on behalf of the SNP.”

    Thought that particular distortion had been abandoned long ago.

    “What would you do if we printed a story saying you had spent time in lunatic asylum?”

    “Of course I would sue”

    Headline: “I am not a loony, says candidate”

  47. Joemcg says:

    Anyway why shouldn’t Murphy and his sidekick get chased? He has been spouting out and out lies for months now. He’s the one trying to disrupt the democratic process.

  48. Lemon says:

    Rev, you forgot about Michael McCann assaulting to school boys handing out Yes leaflets.

  49. ronnie anderson says:

    Weil beat their arguments on the Streets,weil beat their arguments in the Fish Supper Shopee,s (deep fried Toblerone as a side order,I might be able tae break it then)the Onionists are weil Pickle’d, I,ll hiv twa o them tae.

    There,ll be ah lot of Red Faced Onionists come Friday.more so the BBC propaganda machine.

    Onwards N Upwards.

  50. Dinnatouch says:

    Maybe all those stories about bad Britnats is so one-sided because there hasn’t been enough public exposure of bad behaviour by Scottish nationalists?

    “There are already some unpleasant aspects of Scottish Nationalism in terms both of attempts to intimidate business and of attacks on English students at the Scottish Universities. These both need much more public exposure.”

  51. Fiona says:

    @ Dinnatouch

    Hadn’t thought of that: that must be the explanation, thanks

  52. Midgehunter says:

    @ Fiona

    Your quite right that the MSM will do anything to damage us. 🙁

    It doesn’t matter for them whether they have anything from us or not, most of their material is invented anyway.

    Murphy’s adoring (wee) crowds, OO, Twitter etc, etc.

    Even if we were all angels they’d still try to get us.

    Our time will come. 😉

  53. Fred says:

    Switched on Radio Scotland at 12 o clock expecting the news but instead got a party political broadcast by Magrit Curran. I know the wummin’s desperate and she’ll be pulling in favours owed by anybody but the news is supposed to be balanced. Phoned up, no answer.

  54. bookie from hell says:

    During Eddie Izzard last visit to Scotland Better Together campaign 2014

    Forthcoming independence referendum. The comedian, who has given voice to his future political ambitions, described his trip to Scotland as “intimidating.

    “I did street performing on Sauchiehall Street and I got heckled there. This guy walked past and said ‘bleep off you English bleep’, and you can put F and C words in there.


    James Cook ?@BBCJamesCook · 38m38 minutes ago

    Eddie Izzard condemns “violent” and “aggressive” protestors at Labour campaign event in Glasgow. #ge2015


  55. James123 says:

    On the other side of the Murphy/Izzard story, if these protestors hadn’t turned up it would have been yet another inconsequential stage managed event that no one would have cared about. They’re just giving Murphy and the media what they want.

  56. muttley79 says:

    This is all part of the same smear tactics that have been used right the way through the campaign, from the Telegraph smear on Sturgeon onwards. I wish people from our side would stop letting Murphy wind them up. This is what he wants and you are playing right into his hands.

    If James Cook really thinks that was chaos on the streets of Glasgow, then he should cancel going to LA because it makes Glasgow look like a playground.

  57. Aceldo Atthis says:

    Donald Urquhart, if that is true, it’s the most disgraceful case of lying and scare-mongering I have heard.

  58. Marcia says:

    It looks like a set up job with Labour alerting Clerkin and his anti-cuts protesters where Murphy would be so he could get the necessary heckling for the TV cameras. I hope there are one or two newspapers that will expose this charade for what it is.

  59. osakisushi says:

    I sometimes worry whether we have a chance. The Merseyside councilor charged with intimidating voters and assualt in Scotland during the ref had her trial delayed until AFTER the GE.
    She’s standing as a Labour candidate…

  60. Turnip_ghost says:

    Sorry to go O/T

    I was listening to Michael Greenwall’s Indy podcast and had tweeted to ask “how do you think the Uk GE will affect the 2016 Scottish Election?”

    My main reason for asking was because in the back of my mind I wonder if this is a slight strategy on the part of Labour. They knew they couldn’t win this election outright and were already recording high dissatisfaction with Labour. If the austerity continues then we’d want Indy more.

    So, let the SNP destroy Scottish Labour taking out some Blairites at the same time. When Labour don’t get a majority the “line” from all media and pundits will be that’s Scotlands fault for not voting Labour. Hopefully that puts us back in our box, destroys the SNP AND take down any chance of having to go through another Indy ref.

    My thinking behind this was what happened to the Lib Dems…different circumstances of course but that was one hell of a backlash the following year!

  61. Fiona says:

    Marcia says:
    4 May, 2015 at 1:10 pm
    It looks like a set up job with Labour alerting Clerkin and his anti-cuts protesters where Murphy would be so he could get the necessary heckling for the TV cameras. I hope there are one or two newspapers that will expose this charade for what it is.

    Agree. It is all nonsense, but to the extent it makes Mr Murphy look important it is counter productive.

    For myself, I stopped paying attention to what he says eons ago. Don’t think I am alone

  62. Midgehunter says:

    Agree with Marcia, this is a set-up.

    An example of the “dark” ways the establishment will be piling on the pressure – get the SNP vilified at any cost.

    Hold the line, keep steady.

  63. muttley79 says:

    What is the deal with this Sean Clerkin character? What is he trying to achieve?

  64. Craig Macinnes says:

    So…Murphy and his London rent boy appear on a street in Glasgow just as a BBC film crew happen to be there four (probably disillusioned ex-Labour) protesters get manhandled by Jim’s security detail…result! Chaos on the streets of Scotland caused by Nasty Nazi Nat terrorists scream the establishment!

    Gie me a break FFS!

  65. annie says:

    Jack McConnell,a jumped up councillor who never deserved to hold the post of Scotland’s FM. Only sorry he isn’t in the position where he could be voted out and back to obscurity.

  66. Connor McEwen says:

    Just watched video by Slipknot P. Harrington on schools and Purple Edd handing power to Dick Dastardly.{Cameron] He does rant on a bit.
    The Wheeshtminster books will have to be opened after the 8th of May, that is what the panic is about.
    To Donald Urquart;Complain to Age Concern

  67. Ian Brotherhood says:

    In other news, Jim Murphy has been awarded an Honorary Degree for Services to Neology. He delivered a short acceptance speech which no-one can understand.

  68. Joemcg says:

    Vote labour folks because Eddie Izzard has run 8 marathons with the saltire!

  69. Malcolm says:

    An allegation of threatening behavior will always result in a temporary removal of firearms, suspension of licence and a full investigation into the suitability of the individual to hold a shotgun/ firearm certificate.
    After earlier atrocities that is right and proper.
    Get that tweet forwarded to the authorities immediately.

  70. Fiona says:

    @ Muttley

    In any political movement there are always those who believe in achieving their goals through peaceful use of the democratic process: and those who believe that more direct (and sometimes aggressive) action is necessary.

    We see the tensions on this board sometimes, when some demand more direct confrontational action from SNP (adopting unionist nasty tactics) and some admire the way they remain positive all the time.

    Mr Clerkin seems to be in the more confrontational camp. It is really a question of your political analysis. In many cases people move from the democratic strategy to the confrontational one over time, because they despair or become impatient: some believe it is essential and start there,as well

    Nothing to be surprised at in this, at all. Within a broad movement those threads are both bound to be present. We just disagree about what will work, I think.

    In reality, I tend to think that nothing can be achieved unless both strands are present, but that is just my point of view. I don’t condemn Mr Clerkin’s tactics at all: though I think they are premature in this case.

  71. Craig P says:

    As Billy Connolly once said about Ian Paisley’s boasts (“I have five hundred men with firearms certificates!”), have you ever been assaulted with a firearms certificate? As for Jill Stevenson, she really needs to step away from Twitter, or forfeit what remains of her professional reputation.

  72. galamcennalath says:

    The best way to deal with Murphy in public is to completely ignore him. Any approach, even to put a sensible counter argument to him, is likely to be escalated and used as propaganda.

    Ignore them! Friday and most of them will be gone forever!

  73. says:

    Now you know why they call him Arsehole Jack…

  74. David Smith says:

    @Donald Urquhart; I think you’ll find that that kind of thing falls within the definition of ‘terrorism’. If I thought there was a reasonable chance of someone being gripped about it, I’d think about reporting it to the police. I don’t though…

  75. Valerie says:

    Why is James Cook trying to incite with that bullshit pic? People are holding up placards, so shame on Izzard for talking about violence. Is that his definition of violence?

    I’m quite sure if there is any violence, the Police will be all over it, as they know to be there if Murphy is around.

    It’s folks right to protest, but I wish they would just ignore him, he is not worth their efforts.

  76. Valerie says:

    I agree with comments from the nutter about boasting about his gun licence, the Police take a very dim view of this kind of crap, and they are duty bound to investigate, in case there is mental instability there.

  77. goth says:
    First hand account of running riots at St Enoch.

  78. Chitterinlicht says:

    Thing is though Murphy wants this- all he has left is sympathy vote and sadly MSM won’t report what Wings has collated a above

    On referendum day in middle class Linlithgow the Yes woman at polling station was spat on and called scum.

    Plenty of these unionist knuckle daggers about. Sad.

  79. Famous15 says:

    Its a set up.

    No SNP protesters were present.

    Let us try to identify who WAS there!

  80. Rob James says:

    The chair throwing incident took place the day after Murphy’s renowned egg injury. I live half a mile from the chair throwing venue and only found out about it when the case came to court ( a couple of months ago).

    Understandably the media were too busy at the time, sitting around the eggman’s hospital bed, waiting for him to regain consciousness and utter his first words – SNP fundimundily bad.

  81. Iain More says:

    Another day and another day of lies from London Calling.

  82. Joemcg says:

    goth-looks like this Thompson daftie is probably one of those nutters in the above pics going by his laughable tweets.

  83. Karmanaut says:

    “Do we want this kind of violent extremist nationalism in our government?”

    “Miliband must rule out ANY deal with violent seperatists.”

    “The only choice now is to vote Conservative.”

    I expect we’ll see these kind of headlines in the Tory press for the next 3 days. It might be enough to scare voters who are concerned about any possible Labour/SNP deal away from Labour.

    I understand four people were shouting at Murphy. Didn’t hear about any violence. But of course it doesn’t matter if any violence actually happened, because Murphy and Izzard are reporting violent mobs, and that’s a UK story, and it might just be enough to kill Labour.

  84. steveW says:

    The mistake Mhairi Black made was that she used the wrong ‘accent’. If she said ” …. I felt like giving that bounder a damn good biff on the chin” – everything would have been OK.

  85. Willie John says:

    Sorry Rev, o/t.

    Hows this for tactical voting!

  86. rongorongo says:

    James Cook “absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow”

    Rather less so than in the recent TV debate he was supposed to be chairing.

  87. Robert Peffers says:

    @muttley79 says: 4 May, 2015 at 1:05 pm:

    ” … I wish people from our side would stop letting Murphy wind them up. This is what he wants and you are playing right into his hands.

    What makes you think the, “Protesters”, were from, “Our Side”, or that, “Our Side”, were wound up by the incident?

    In the first place there are Labour, Tory, LibDem and UKIP leaders and their supporters on streets all over Scotland every day of the campaign yet the Murphy either seems particularly prone to being, “Attacked”, or perhaps makes a practice of setting up fake situations.

    Now why would people from different areas spontaneously attack Murphy? The only common factor in these attacks is — Ta! Da! The Murphy.

  88. Karmanaut says:

    For those who really want to make sure that Scotland is shut out of the UK government and that all the months of work we’ve done to create a fairer country comes to nothing, I’m sure the Mainstream Press would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT if you could give them a few “vile nationalists” headlines by posting online abuse against Eddie Izzard.

  89. muttley79 says:


    I wish some people would realise on the Yes side that their actions are counter productive. The MSM and unionists are determined to portray the SNP and independence supporters as thugs, Nazis, fascists etc. It does our cause no good whatsoever to keep letting Murphy wind us up. Reacting is what they want us to do.

  90. Dr Jim says:

    Good to see Eddie Izzard turning up again to save us from the threat of Independence which hasn’t even been proposed by the actual party that supports it

    Also good of Jim Murphy to lay on a few protesters to draw attention to what would have most likely have been another Jim Murphy non event

    Still, it gives the telly folk something to ask the First Minister to condemn even though they may not have been or ever would be supporters of the SNP but simply folk who may just not care for Jim Murphy or indeed Eddie Izzard

    I dare say in the next couple of days we’ll see more stunts for Nicola Sturgeon to have to not condone
    It shows how weak the Unionists argument is, is that all they have is the Independence Question which is not on offer in order to grub around for votes

    According to Willie Rennie “The Nationalists are itching for a Referendum” (direct quote from BBC news at 1.30)
    and in between ice creams Ruthie claims “Nicola wants to create Havoc” We don’t hear that word enough these days do we, very Shakespearian, I won’t do the quotes

    Its going to be a great few days
    We’re going to need the tranquilizers

    Oooh ma nerves

  91. KennyG says:

    @Bob Mack. 12.36pm

    “What you saw in George Sq was the hardcore Orange Order supporters coming out to feel superior”

    You’ve written that as fact. Do you have any evidence to back that up, or is it your own personal opinion?

    My feeling was that as Glasgow was a yes city, and people were coming from far and wide to be in Glasgow, from both sides, that the unionists in George Sq were just a normal mix of people, unionists from Glasgow and the rest of Scotland, with a few coming in from further afield, much like the yes side.

    I’ve never seen nor heard any evidence to suggest they were all hardcore Orange Order supporters.

    Have you?

  92. Fiona says:

    @ Muttley

    Sure: but they will label us like that no matter what we do. I am not clear why we believe these people are nationalists. Lot of angry socialists about: lot of angry tories as well. Lot of people really dislike Jim Murphy, for very good reason. I am not buying this at all. As was noted above, only seems to happen to Jim Murphy. Curioius. Perhaps he would get on better if he stopped annoying people?

  93. muttley79 says:

    @Robert Peffers

    So everyone on our side is good, and everyone on the unionist is bad now? It is like SLAB’s SNP Bad in reverse.

  94. proudscot says:

    I was discussing the somewhat skewed anti-SNP bias in the Unionist supporting papers with my NO voting brother. I cited in particular Murphy’s exaggerated claims about how he is regularly shouted down when he’s out campaigning. Instead of the “whataboutery” argument I was expecting from him, he instead surprised me by commenting matter of factly “Aye, they used to call that the hustings in the old days!”

    Final point, I notice that although many Unionists call the SNP fascists, I’ve yet to see press pictures of SNP supporters giving Nazi-style fascist stiff armed salutes, unlike those disgraceful examples in George Square for example.

  95. starlaw says:

    Oh for Gods sake ! Its just Murphy and rent a mob. The next egg will come along tomorrow.

  96. Marcia says:



  97. Cag-does-thinking says:

    To be fair Mr Clerkin has been described by the BBC amongst others as a “non aligned socialist” which sounds a bit like those guys who used to use loud hailers to tell of armaggedon on Argyle Street to a largely uncaring passing audience. he is “rent a rabble” and I suspect that in tipping him off the media knew full well what they hoped would happen.

  98. Famous15 says:

    Anyone who vilifies Izzard is either simple ,stupid or a false flag. Labour disgust me with their vile behaviour but that refers to their actings and policies.

  99. Joemcg says:

    Did Stu use his crystal ball earlier as he put this article up before the set up in Glasgow today? Uncanny.

  100. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Incidentally the same Sean Clerkin seems to be much loved by the Hootsmon and the Herald which should tell everyone what they need to know.

    I think the target here was Izzard who has a national profile and will doubtless go back and say that Scots are beligerently obstructing that bastion of democracy the Labour party to his fellow luvvies on the cocktail party circuit where largely the only Labour funders remain to organise his Fundily Mundilys.

  101. Robert Peffers says:

    Am I alone in finding it hilarious that Murphy has the sheer gall to complain about being shouted down?

    There’s miles of video footage of Murphy shouting down everyone within hearing range on studio panels, TV audiences up to and including TV and Radio Presenters.

    What’s more he toured Scotland and shouted them down through a megaphone.

  102. Croompenstein says:

    I thought that wee plook Cook was going to the USA? Please GTF Cook the sooner the better. I hope I don’t get a row 🙂

  103. Scunterbunnet says:

    Just to be clear, the 4 (four!) protestors in Glasgow today were anti-cuts, pro-disability-benefits campaigners… and have nothing to do with SNP afaik.

    That said, neither Jim Murphy nor Eddie Izzard own the pedestrianised thoroughfare of Buchanan St. I’m assuming that neither Jim’s cohort of about 15 hired hands, nor the anti-cuts ‘mob’ (hahahaha) had permission for a public demonstration from the cooncil – both sides are entitled to heckle the other.

    The only sign of a ‘scuffle’ I saw in the footage recently posted on the BBC website (shame on me for looking)… was a SLAB banner holder reversing into one of the peaceful disability activists to physically remove him from the environs of Murphy… which is basically assault, I’d say.

    Isn’t the disabilities guy the same one who gave Danny-TheBugFromMenInBlack-Alexander his character on a stick at a BT rally last year? If so, good for him.

  104. A MacRitchie says:

    Could someone please explain how Slabour think Eddie Izzard is an asset and vote winner in Scotland?

    What is the logic behind that?

    Smurphy the hard man from the ghettoes who’s no scared of any protester and wont be bullied will need to relax with some industrial strength glue to get him over his near death experience today.

    I have noted that someone left the door open to James Cook’s darkened cupboard at the BLBC again and let him loose in time to report the riot.

  105. Aceldo Atthis says:

    So, my prediction of last week — that Scottish Labour would declare itself independent of UK Labour before the election — was more or less correct…

    They seem to be suggesting that nothing will happen until after the election but at the same time they are declaring the plan now.

    It’s an interesting and important development, not least because it leaves open the possibility of Scottish Labour voting for indepndence for Scotland or at least more powers.

    It’s hard to make a case for Scottish Labour Party Indepdnence on one hand whilst voting against Scottish independence on the other — seems like a logical contradiction — but I’m sure they’ll manage it.

    Fundilymundily, of course, it won’t change a thing — same pigs, same snouts, same trough.

  106. Rmac says:

    I did see one “intimidating” nationalist, who probably used her bus pass to get into town, waving a couple of SNP signs and smiling broadly for the camera in one of the clips. Possibly she was passing and felt the need to show her disapproval of the proceedings.

    This is hardly unbiased reportage from Cook, Thomson et al.

    Once again our wonderfully “neutral” MSM display their remarkable set of double standards when it comes to reporting facts. But then again this violence and intimidation can be classed as Slab facts rather than actual facts.

    Roll on Thursday, I’m sure we will see more nonsense from the media but at least they can jumble the phrases they use in a slightly different order.

  107. bald eagle says:

    muttley79 says:
    4 May, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Of course the Loyalists in George Square were mostly portrayed by the MSM as fighting with independence supporters, not what they actually did, which was to attack Yes supporters and give Nazi salutes.

    muttley if i carry a butchers apron and shout sweary words does that make me a loyalist

    now dont jump in and say yes it does wait one moment and think about this

    i was in the square that night and me and my partner saw a few of that mob down one of the side streets putting on body cameras under their shirts and then phoning someone before going onto the square

    this same mob started looking for the reporters from the dailys before mingling with the crowed and not one photo of them exists the cameramen from the dailys where telling the body camera guys to move away out off shot my partner turned to me and said this is a setup and she was right because the copper standing yes just standing said to her keep your F%^&*(g mouth shut or she would be charged with breach of the peace

    now who wears body cameras apart from doormen on night club doors and who runs these doormen think about it

    loyalist marches need permission to march

    doormen need a security licence

    and where does that lead you yup favours being called in its amazing what you hear when other people think you are deaf or not listening

    pay attention to whats going on around you and blend into the background and its amazing what you will find out

  108. Fred says:

    @ Kenny G, I think Kenny is correct about who the Unionist mob were in George Square, there were instructions online for coming to a meeting behind the Bristol & the Louden pubs, where to get a train for George Square & where to assemble. The Orange mob know Glasgow like the back of their hands, they know where these pubs are and have been parading about the streets since they were knee-high. These were largely strangers to the city boosting the small group kettled by the polis against the City Chambers on the night previous.

  109. Alex Waugh says:

    Here’s a thought. Anyone who happens to get caught in the vicinity of another Murphy ‘rally’ should just quietly stand and turn their back on him. Don’t try to argue, you can’t argue with someone like him. Say nothing – just let him shout at people’s backs. He’ll probably go mental! Let’s see how the MSM twist that.

  110. Andy-B says:

    We really need broadcasting to be devolved,it’s a must.

  111. Colin Sinclair says:

    Find it funny how easy it seems to be to find MSM reporting of unionist misbehaviour, the very thing that seems to be at issue. The whataboutery displayed here is astonishing – plenty of SNP knuckle draggers to counter the unionist knucle draggers. Either way, knuckle are being dragged. Labour/SNP antipathy has done us no favours and may be our undoing, but you can blame each other, I guess, and this site’s valuable contribution to debate is undermined by the need to point out how bad the other lot are. Expected better.

  112. andy smith says:

    Murphy couldn’t find a female labour supporter due to the fact they’ve all defected to Nicola…so he thought if eddie izzard turned up in his dress no one would notice .

  113. Gary says:

    Isn’t Jill a good fiend of Mr & Mrs Darling?

  114. Macart says:

    Violence, intimidation, fear and lies and not a soul in the press highlights this?

    Just grim.

  115. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You may wish to double check the authenticity of the first image from

    At the time, it was rumoured to be from a London incident”

    You can clearly see “PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW” banners at the top right.

  116. Jake Cleland says:

    presumably Reynard the Fox no longer has a gun licence…

  117. Lochside says:

    Re.the Loyalist riot in George Square. I heard Cameron Buttle, BBC Scotland reporter on Radio Scotland, fearfully describing ‘Loyalists’ with Rangers regalia attacking from ‘three sides’ of George Square.

    The BBC cut his broadcast because of alleged ‘safety reasons’. Meanwhile I googled ‘Scottish Loyalists’ and found a website with 9000 likes and loads of messages encouraging the loyalist scum to give the ‘Jacobites’ and ‘Fenians’ a doing. I texted BBC Scotland ‘Drivetime’ and informed them of this site.

    I never heard from them and next heard Buttle back on describing the scenes now as a ‘stand-off’ between ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ supporters. An example of immediate State revision by the BBC of a concerted attack on ordinary Scottish citizens.

    This whole incident stinks to high heavens. Why did Police Scotland not know or predict this riot? The previous night a group of these cretins had showed up, but being outnumbered they kept their distance. Anyone with knowledge of Glasgow and its satellite towns know that the OO and the Rangers hard core can scrape up a mob very easily at the drop of a bowler hat.

    As I have mentioned before, as others have on here, there are senior Loyalist figures from N.I. living in Ayrshire apparently unhindered in their criminal activities despite several being known murderers and drug dealers. Why are these people here?

    More importantly how many people were arrested by Police Scotland? Why was no-one arrested for conspiracy, as it was obviously orchestrated.You may recall some sad youths were arrested during the riots in England a couple of years for incitement on twitter and facebook.

    Police Scotland is now dominated by senior police from England who have introduced draconian methods, when it suits them, and an inability to handle loyalist violence against Indy supporters when it doesn’t. The latest being OO thugs attacking an SNP shop staffed by a lone female worker in Partick only last week.

    We must face up to the fact that there exists a large lumpen prole segment, particularly in the West, but not exclusively, that is orange, loyalist and right wing in nature. Not only that, but is resolutely hostile to any form of Scottish freedom or even identity. Sadly these people are Scottish.

    They are also well organised and violent. I’m not convinced that our Police force is either ready or sympathetic to defend our civil rights. I give the ‘Forces Day’ at Ibrox last season…a celebration of Unionist triumphalism led on the pitch by Scottish squaddies and NCOs doing the ‘bouncy’ with the usual suspects. Despite this disgrace to their uniform and their service…no officer or men were disciplined.

    I wonder why the SG has not demanded Stephen House has not cracked down on these vermin. When insults such as ‘Nazis’ are cast at Scottish patriots, we should remember that the original ‘Billy Boy’…one William Fullerton, leader of the infamous gang named after him was imprisoned along with many of his acolytes during the war for being Mosleyite supporters and neo-Fascists.

    Nothing new there then.

  118. a2 says:

    I would have thought Reynard’s comment the quickest way to loose him his gun license he seems so proud of. I’d also have thought anyone who actually had a gun license would know that.

  119. WRH2 says:

    I suspect all the unionist candidates are up to dirty tricks. At the weekend, lots of clootie Corex signs up in Eyemouth. Our people went round and removed them. The signs were just a clootie without the SNP above it so not our signs.
    At the A1 turnoff towards Eyemouth two large Tory signs absolutely hacked to bits. I’m fairly sure this wasn’t SNP supporters.

  120. Stewart Maxwell says:

    Stewart Maxwell I will tell you how I know this is a set up. His body language says it all, if this was real, nobody in the world would be laughing if someone you didn’t know, or know it was going to happen would be laughing if a complete stranger was 6 inches from your face screaming at you, it is an automatic reaction to back off a bit in order to take back as much control of the situation as possible, by increasing your personal space, this man could have been a lunatic, you would not allow a complete stranger to get in your face like that. What ever happened to the guy with the wire that egged him during the indyref? anyone ever hear in he was charged and prosecuted over this? Murphy really thinks the electorate are morons.

  121. james cormack says:

    Does James Cook really know what chaos is? He should go to some demonstrations in the Middle East or Africa and see what it’s really like.

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