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Through the vortex

Posted on March 08, 2015 by

If you picked up a copy of The Sun On Sunday in Scotland today, it’s possible you may have missed this article from the English edition, which hasn’t made it across the border due to print gremlins at Carlisle or something.


We feel sure that just months ago Scots were being begged to stay in the UK and exercise their strong voice in the UK parliament”, but perhaps we’re mistaken.

(Scottish readers are also deprived of this column from former Tory MP Louise Mensch.)


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    165 to “Through the vortex”

    1. Mosstrooper says:

      Meanwhile in a secret Westminster bunker;

      “You said to say we loved them and they would go away, now they’re coming,” AArgghh! they’re coming and this time they’re angry.

    2. Craig Wilson says:

      I didn’t read past “Tartans’ taste for power”… 🙁

    3. george johnstone says:

      Feel the love!

    4. caledonia says:

      Vote SNP get Scotland

    5. JPJ2 says:

      Who would have guessed that Scots are only acceptable if the buy into the old Brit Nat imperial mindset?

    6. HandandShrimp says:

      They lied when they said they loved us

      The bastards!

    7. heedtracker says:

      “Tartans’ taste for power” is pretty cute. So from their truly terrifying UKOK Project Fear via BBC etc, to red and blue tory boys like Cameron begging Scotland to stay because he really weally loves us, now this ferocious racism. I’ve never been called a “tartan” before. Cant think why its not on sale in Scotland:D

    8. Chic McGregor says:

      “Double Squeak”?

    9. Mr Brown says:

      Whenever the shit hits the fan over the next 5 years it will be the fault of the Jocks. Guess we’d better get used to it.

    10. brendan cairns says:

      It would be very interesting to hear the views from no voters in the referendum. They were told we’re all one united kingdom and that we are valued. We are an important part of the uk. But when we exercise our democratic right to vote for a party who we believe in. It’s wrong! We now have to listen to a political and mainstream media belittle the Scottish people with remarks that are patronizing to down right racist. It’s not just the SNP they are attacking. It’s the people who support them.

    11. Clootie says:

      …Sun hasn’t quite grasped this internet thingy has it!
      I suppose the fact is none of them have.

      National Newspapers are like the main Westminster Political Parties – you say one thing in England and another in Scotland.

      As Bruce Forsyth would say “…you’re my favourite”

    12. Albaman says:

      We all knew this would happen, democracy my arse!.
      (Will post further, once I get over my anger!.)

    13. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      But they told us we would be Better Together!

      What went wrong?

    14. bipod says:

      You can almost taste the animosity now radiating from the English unionist establishment.

    15. auldmcintosh says:

      I know that I have always said that “Scotch on the rocks” could turn out to be a prediction rather than just a novel.
      The fact that it was written by a Tory Government minister makes the times we live in even more interesting. your thoughts Rev?

    16. ErinT says:

      Very carefully trodden borderline racism throughout.

    17. heraldnomore says:

      Still waiting on the defence of democracy from Vot Nob Orders, Hands Across the Border, Please Stay, Eddie Izzard, Dan Snow et al. Maybe we should go and finish Rory’s piles.

    18. Marcia says:

      I don’t think there is much chance of the SNP being side-lined in this General Election compared with elections past where we were lucky to get a mention on the news.

    19. john ferguson says:

      Such racist bile from the wee 17 pints a day man. It seem only those who vote Tory count, so that’s democracy for you. I have never been so sure of who I will be voting for . Thanks willie.

    20. HandandShrimp says:

      It is Hague though…he might be back on 14 pints a day and a bit addled.

      or he might still just be talking bollocks.

    21. TheMadMurph says:

      during discussions with unionists in the run up to the referendum, they would happily say that it was democracy that even though Scotland didn’t vote Tory we got them in government.

      They begged us to stay, even threatening, love bombing and lying.

      It seems they’re not so keen on democracy now!

    22. galamcennalath says:

      They tried sooo hard to get us to stay, and now they don’t like what that inevitably will mean.

      I say ‘inevitably’ because I find it very odd that all this comes as a surprise to the London Bubble.

      The SNP surge happened four years ago in 2011. It began in 2007 and adding the LibDem collapse gave ~45% in 2011. Support is still at this level. The ‘surge’ was a slow trend over the first three governments in the Scottish Parliament.

      We should see WM 2010 as an anomaly where many lent their vote to Labour to try to defeat Tories. Given all the events since 2010, that loaning was never going to be repeated.

      The Unionists should have been aware of the current situation as the expected consequence of their referendum win. Why the surprise?

    23. JLT says:

      The screeching is getting louder!

      By God …it makes you wonder as to what will come

      1. More shrieking that will become all-out screams
      2. Promises to Scots if they do not vote SNP
      3. Promises to English Electorate in saying that promises have not been made to the Scots

      or maybe these for a giggle…

      4. A change to the rules to stop SNP ever sitting in Westminster
      5. Turn Scotland into one giant region and thus only have 1 MP
      6. Promises to disembowel Murphy if it will stop Scots voting for SNP
      7. Proclaim a flaw in the Act of Union and thus Scots can’t vote in the GE
      8. Just don’t have a GE, and keep Tories in power until 2027

      Makes you wonder as it is beginning to dawn on them that they have created a trap of their own making, and that nothing …absolutely nothing …can stop Scotland from affecting the GE outcome …not even a Grand Coalition which is as toxic to the rest of the UK as it is to Scotland.

    24. caz-m says:

      If we can all agree that the English Establishment want us to “stay”, then what is it that they want us to do after that.

      Do they agree that we have a vote. If they agree with that, then who are we allowed to vote for. Is their certain Parties that we are NOT allowed to vote for?

      Do they want to outlaw certain Parties (SNP). Have we just to vote for Parties that will please our masters.

      And here was me thinking we were in a democracy.

    25. daodao says:

      A party that does not support a state can’t expect to form part of the government of that state, and EM needs to rule out that possibility if he is to have any chance south of the border. The Sun is merely pointing this out, albeit in an inappropriately derogatory manner.

      If the only possible party combinations for a stable UK government are from 2 of Lab/Con/SNP, a Lab-Con grand coalition would be preferable from an English perspective.

      If the SNP do as well in 2015 as SF did in 1918, then there is no future for the UK as currently constituted, whatever the results south of the border.

    26. Training Day says:

      Racism against Scots has always been inbuilt in the English establishment. It’s just that they now feel free to express it openly. They despise what they see as a revolt of their ‘slaves’.

      I return to the pithy summary of heedtracker: thanks again, proud Scots but..

    27. Wired of Hermiston says:

      It hasn’t “made it across the border” because 99% of The Scottish Sun is a different paper, produced in Glasgow.

    28. Lollysmum says:

      The Sun on either side of the border has never been known to print the truth just the ‘truth according to Murdoch’ & we have all seen how that works out.

      Here in England we are being bombarded with ‘hate the Scots’ rubbish & have been for some time because the Scots are daring to say we don’t want your different shades of toryism, sleaze, corrupt practices, enabling tax evasion to prosper, punishment of the vulnerable & poor just because they are.

      The Sun writers write for readers with an average reading age of 7 & always have. It caters for the sport mad element of society & that is the only thing which has kept them in business for years now.

      When it ventures into political opinion, it’s aim is purely to inflame & nothing more than an attempt to feed division. The people of Liverpool got it right when they boycotted the rag after the lies it printed about Hillsborough when it openly blamed the supporters for the deaths.Of course, we now know all this was a huge lie from beginning to end designed to hide the failures of the police.

      Anything printed in the Sun needs to be accompanied not by a pinch but a pound of salt.

      As you all say, it’s a load of pish I do like that saying so I now use it regularly 🙂 So emotive!

    29. Donald MacKenzie says:

      I’m still reading to try and get the relevance of the lady with the bare shoulders! I’ve long understood that Labour has no relevance to or in Scotland in 2015.

    30. Gary45% says:

      O/T Is the Glasgow march to the Pacific Quay a definite for next Sunday?
      We have a 360 mile round trip to join in with the fun.

    31. Albaman says:

      So, the Sun says “our taxes fund the Barnett formula”, Stew, your going to have a ball with all this.
      Two faced Sun, if only it was available throughout Scotland, so that people could compare the two and then see what our “wonderful self regulating press”, are up to.

    32. msean says:

      See when you plead for someone to stay and say e**in’ in public to prove how sincere you are,then turn on them,that Is not not being polite, that is. The PM spoke about getting rid of the Tories,being a valued member etc.

      Should have campaigned for YES and they wouldn’t be in this situation,Labour might even have been higher in the polls in the lead up to independence.

    33. john ferguson says:

      O/T Had a look at the add for What Car and who is sitting in the 2nd millionth Mini off the line , David Cameron no less. Could have been a freeby?

    34. DeilTakTheHindmaist says:

      The Tories are (from their perspective) playing a dangerous game here. Let’s say they’re successful in whipping up English nationalist grievance to an extent that it delivers them a majority based on English seats. What then? The union’s even more fucked, the end even closer. They wouldn’t even have the fig leaf of a smattering of Scottish Lib Dem MPs on-board next time round.

      To some extent, we’re in a win-win here. We either have the scenario I’ve outlined above (which would be horribly painful in the short term but would certainly deliver independence sooner or later) or the SNP prop up a weak Miliband government, which enables the Tories and their allies in the right wing press to whip up English nationalist grievance, leading back to scenario one anyway.

      At least in the second scenario, we’ll have (I hope) managed to lever some more powers out of Westminster to mitigate the worst excesses of ultra-Thatcherism that would result from an unfettered Tory government.

    35. Lollysmum says:

      Louise Mensch the former Tory MP who now lives in good ol’ US of A. ‘Our taxes’- what our taxes? She left UK by choice & even her own side were glad to see her go. Bitchy to the end she was-must have been a huge embarrassment & then huge sigh of relief for her constituency

      A ton of salt for this pish 🙂

    36. Richard Hunter says:

      Caledonia says: “Vote SNP get Scotland”

      Good slogan that, the SNP should use it!

    37. bjsalba says:

      Out of curiosity, what did the Scottish edition consist of on those pages?

      Could anyone put up archive access or give a quick summary? As a matter of principle I don’t go to their on-line sites.

    38. donald anderson says:

      auldmcintosh says:
      8 March, 2015 at 11:06 am
      I know that I have always said that “Scotch on the rocks” could turn out to be a prediction rather than just a novel.
      The fact that it was written by a Tory Government minister makes the times we live in even more interesting. your thoughts Rev?

      Hurdy Gurdy’s ‘Scotch on the Rocks was based on spies info from his stint in the Home Office.

      Incidentally if the SE of Engerland is the “Home Counties” Wot does thaty make rest of Englanders? Foreigners?

    39. Alastair Wright says:

      Project Fear strikes again! What’s delicious is it’s of unionists own making and they’re doing it to themselves deliberately.

    40. Chic McGregor says:

      Very good questions (improved only by adding question marks. :))

    41. Chic McGregor says:

      Westminster to Scotland:
      “You have the right to remain silent.
      You have NO other rights.”

    42. galamcennalath says:

      caz-m says:

      “And here was me thinking we were in a democracy.”

      Way too much sarcasm for a Sunday morning 😉

    43. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wonder when the SNP will be proscribed and interviews with NS dubbed over? 🙂

    44. Cag-does-thinking says:

      It’s just like the referendum all over again. The proper UK media and chattering classes in London have woken up to the implications of a whiolesale wipe out of unionist parties north of the border. Being neutered by 40 or 50 of the main party or oppostiion in the past all of a sudden you have a balance of power situation. Imagine the SNP vetoing the London budget? Or the one for the house of lords? Stopping a war supported by lots of generals called Sir Mike or Sir John? Actually holding the parliament to financial account? They might have turned a funny colour. I have too, from all the laughter. We love you so much we’re all coming down to run the country.

    45. John Walsh says:

      So, the Sun says “Just as “OUR” ( English edition) taxes fund the Barnett formula that pays for Scottish expenditure ”, re-inforcing scrounging Jock syndrome. No wonder it is not in the Scottish edition. Where does all my Tax go then ???

    46. Brian Powell says:

      Of course it was ‘exercise their strong Labour voice”, they meant. Nothing else was occurred to them.

    47. Joemcg says:

      Maybe we should refuse to pay Tax as our dear friends in the south keep us and pay for everything according to them. They are so really very generous to us.

    48. Grouse Beater says:

      I need to take a long walk for some fresh air.

      Here’s my take on the topic’s theme, enjoy:

    49. Helena Brown says:

      Oh dear, not going the way they thought it would is it? They really thought that once the referendum was held and fixed for the Union that would be the last of it. Well kind of like George Robertson and the Scottish Parliament electoral system would “Fix the Nats”, there are unintended consequences and this is one of them. Maybe they should have let us go, not interfered, said nothing. We could have parted friends, but Westminster and the Elite Establishment here have never known how not to sit on a pressure valve, they have done so throughout their empire. As for Racism, take a look a Mr Hogarth’s paintings, he was a Rabid English Nationalist who often portrayed the Scots as drunkards in his pictures, so you could say it is bred in the bones of many.

    50. Nana Smith says:

      I posted this on the previous thread…

      We cannot let the Scottish people have any say in how the country is run.

      Just think about those words again. These were not off-the-cuff comments. These were carefully scripted in advance of the election. These were specifically designed to inflame anti-Scottish feeling among the English for electoral gain.

      and this from tax research uk…

    51. R-type Grunt says:

      I think – and I’ve said it before – the Grand Coalition idea is all part of a bigger plan to adopt the exact same type of politics they have in the USA. Two parties & the illusion of choice. That way, no matter the outcome of any election, it’s the same ruling class with their snouts at the trough.

      Another thing – if the SNP were to win enough seats to allow a confidence & supply arrangement with Labour, would that mean the SNP would get to see the books, as it were? I genuinely don’t know the answer to that but if it is the case then it might perhaps explain why they’re falling over each other to prevent such a thing happening. I wonder if they’re running around deleting files as we speak?

    52. Training Day says:

      Top tip for producers of Sunday Politics Scotland. Save yourselves much hassle and effort and get away from Pacific Quay early by simply planting a sign with ‘Don’t vote SNP’ on our screens for 45 minutes.

    53. Chic McGregor says:

      “Maybe we should refuse to pay Tax as our dear friends in the south keep us and pay for everything according to them. They are so really very generous to us.”

      They’ve thought of that. They’ll just add it on to the new BBC Poll Tax.

    54. Dr Jim says:

      We love you, they said, don’t go they said, we’re a family of Nations they said
      Well, get the spare room ready we’re coming for a visit

    55. HandandShrimp says:

      The anti-Scottish rhetoric is beginning to get quite xenophobic. I have heard some pretty irritated comments about the “we get to say who you vote for” attitude.

      It does not sell the Unionist message at all.

    56. Karmanaut says:

      How many times will we hear, “I like the Scots, but…”?

      Years after they’ve taken down the old “No Irish Need Apply” signs, they’re now calling for “No Scots Need Apply” signs to be plastered over the Houses of Parliament.

    57. Davy says:

      With all this love, I wonder why they are not complaining about the financing of all the scottish teenagers with a bribe of £1600 when they leave school.

      Or maybe they expect Jim Murphy to pay for it out of his expenses.

      One thing for sure they are fair shiteing themselves about Scotland having a proper voice at Westminster, instead of the usual unionist trougher’s.

    58. Clootie says:

      “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
      ? Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

    59. James Caldwell says:

      Conservative politicians have been very insistent recently that Labour should state that they will rule out an alliance of any kind with the SNP.

      Should someone ask the Conservatives if they will rule out an an alliance with Labour after the election?

    60. caz-m says:


      Ian Murray Labour MP on the Sunday Politics show, sporting his big Red Tory tie.

      Scottish Labour trying to go back to the good old days of the seventies.

      The only reason they were big in the seventies was because their was no internet about.

      Changed days.

    61. Alba says:

      I notice that the 1st article is using figures (bottom right) from May2015 that are clearly marked as incorrect (they were run on 1 poll by accident, rather than an average of 2 weeks polling).
      The correct May 2015 numbers are actually
      Con (276) Lab (271) LDem (23) UKIP (3) SNP (55) Grn (1) Others (21).

      Also Séin Fein don’t take their seats at Westminster. Unless I’ve missed it, Iv’e never heard of that changing.

      All of the current projections show that a majority is only possible with SNP participation. The Tories have no workable majority.

      It’s also worth remembering that because of fixed term parliaments, any minority government is effectively handing the opposition the ability to call the next election at a time of their choosing.

    62. Shuggy says:

      Has anyone sent this round the BLP North British Branch supporters yet?

      After all, they’re promising more powers for Scotland too.

      So it might be good for them to know just how little Westminster thinks of their intentions as well.

    63. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Training Day says:
      8 March, 2015 at 11:18 am

      “Racism against Scots has always been inbuilt in the English establishment. It’s just that they now feel free to express it openly. They despise what they see as a revolt of their ‘slaves’.

      I think it not just against us TD

      I think it against anyone who doesn’t want to be “English.”

      Their racism is layered and depends on the political and social situation.

      I honestly believe that deep down there is a strong racist element running through “English” culture which is kept bottled up but can bubble up to the surface when the context is right and they are whipped up to let their true feelings rip.

      The printed press use this to sell copy but remain just the right side of the prosecution line. Remember that according to an English High Court decision we Scots are not a distinct ethnic minority and so the Race Act doesn’t apply to us.

      Just think about QT and the braying of the audience in middle England against Scotland, Salmond and the SNP. I give you Baroness Deech, the erstwhile head of St Anne’s College in Oxford and former head of the Fertilty Agency. Being Jewish and quarter Scotch she felt empowered to spit bile at us.

      As is said ,if you fit into the English cultural mindset you are suffered. If not, you are a threat to their very existence.

      Would the newspapers be saying these things against the Irish, NO!

      The Irish are big and grown up now. The Queen has confirmed it, so there.

    64. Cag-does-thinking says:

      OMG an astroturf roots movement called Forward Together. Who’d have thought the referendum is over. I wonder who funds them?

    65. Defo says:

      Nice ‘Othering’ from Mensch.

      Doesn’t the budget run to subs, or even proof readers in these post hacking days ?

      Following on from her stating that NS isn’t up for us housing the national penis extension,this paragraph of her pish seems to be constructed from two completely unrelated sentences.
      “But Trident provides security for England, Wales and Northern Ireland too (She forgets umpteen Nato members too, but never mind) – just as our taxes fund the Barnett formula that pays for Scottish expenditure.”
      WTF would Freud make of that? She really believes PM Ed would be allowed to cancel the next generation? Ma baws she does, her pals back home might have a problem with that, and thick as she is…

      Mensch; Imperialist trougher, elitist, and none too bright.
      One of the army of useful idiots.

    66. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      Interesting the only the English, Welsh and Northern Irish pay for the Block Grant in the Barnett Formula, and the Scots don’t need to send their taxes down south…

    67. Scott Borthwick says:

      The execrable Ian Murray has just been eaten alive by Gordon Brewer on the Sunday Politics. Is every interview with a Labour candidate from now until May going to involve them being savaged whilst stonewalling about ruling out a deal with the SNP? It’s getting boring and it leads to the question ‘why would the SNP really want to prop up such a bunch of useless, ungrateful, spiteful troughers?’

      Maybe the SNP should think about ruling out any deal themselves and let Westminster stew in their self-inflicted constitutional crisis.

      I’m sure there are more than a few ‘British’ politicians that are wishing they hadn’t pushed quite so hard for a No vote.

    68. Robert Louis says:

      In September 2014, the BBC, Davey boy, Ed, Clegg, the Queen and even David Bowie(!), were begging Scots to stay. ‘We are a family of nations’ they said, ‘Scotland can play its part’ they said, ‘we’re better together’ they said.

      Now, just a few months later, having taken them at their word, we are going to Westminster, and to a man, they are peeing themselves. After over 300 freaking years of English MP’s telling Scotland what to do and how our taxes are spent, they get nauseous at the very notion of Scotland having a wee shot.

      It seems, democracy, according to Westminster, only applies if you vote red tory or blue Tory – oh and you are NOT Scottish.

      Then to top it all, the Labour party Scottish branch office, puts forward that intellectual collosus, Ian Murray for interview.


    69. Midgehunter says:

      @ Gary45%

      “O/T Is the Glasgow march to the Pacific Quay a definite for next Sunday?”

      Oh dear me, another braying mob in the making… 🙂

      “… and a nationalist mob braying outside the BBC in Glasgow.”

    70. Joemcg says:

      What happens if there is no grand coalition deal and no deal with the SNP by either side? Never ending general elections until we find a winner out of the big two?

    71. desimond says:

      Bbc newsroom

      Boss..boss..just got a scoop on a slamming down of democracy

      Go on

      Mad scared rulers are refusing to recognise perfectly valid votes from 70% of the country!

      Wow..get the visas obtained..where is it China?, Burma, Syria?


      Your fired.

    72. Murray McCallum says:

      Reading all this stuff that basically dismisses the vote of almost 50% of the Scottish electorate, it makes you wonder why the UK does not declare independence from Scotland.

      I guess the downside of this is it would lead to a shrinking in the size of England once Scotland (Greater England) were removed from its territories.

      I guess they can’t have it all!

    73. Robert Louis says:

      You know, very few political commentators in the MSM have actually given real thought to the implications of this so-called coalition between Labour and Tory, to keep the SNP out of influence. It sounds like a great idea, wizard wheeze, and all that, old chap, but think of the consequences, Labour jumping into bed with the Tories yet again, would do two things;

      1. Kill the Labour party Scottish branch office dead, forever.

      2. Guarantee the Scottish Parliamentary elections in 2016, would be SNP/Green/Socialist.

      Another referendum would then be called, and in those circumstances, where the connivance of Labour and Tories was obvious to all, the vote would be a resounding YES.

      As I and others keep saying, the die is set, the union is over, it’s just a case of when. One way or another, it’s going to happen soon.

    74. Macart says:

      This one really, really needs to be shown to every person who voted no in the belief that a better devolution deal was to be had.

      They want your resources, your taxes and a place to park their big boys toys, end of. Anything else was, I’m afraid, simply a lie. Once that has been digested, just what are you going to do about it?

    75. caz-m says:

      Chic McGregor (Punctuation!)lol

      I know Chic, you are correct, but there are just so many questions I want to put to our masters, like, will Scots still have a vote after these elections?

    76. Brian Powell says:

      The Allan Massie rant in the Mail; I wonder if that constitutes hate speech? I’m fairly sure the EU documents on Hate Speech includes written material as one type of HS.

    77. scott says:

      Wow,just heard Pauline McNiel ex Lab MSPs say that she first entered Parliament by tactical voting and Tories must have voted for her,I’m sure this would make a good story Rev,also I thought Brewer gave Murray a hard time today,a change.

    78. boris says:

      Brown and Darling, conspired to divert blame away from the Labour government and had the audacity to blame the Royal Bank of Scotland for the financial disaster that befell the UK when it was clear the mismanagement of the economy was entirely the fault of a Labour Party leadership who had been warned in 2004 of an impending financial wipeout.

      At a time the UK should have been introducing measures taking the heat out of the economy Brown and Darling instead played fast and loose with the electorate pushing on with a wilful expansion of the financial market, approving bank mergers funded by borrowing, looking forward only to the next General Election.

    79. Harry McAye says:

      “Separatist mob”. Not feeling the love.

      Who is the woman pictured? If that’s Mensch she hasn’t half had a lot of work done.

    80. r esquierdo says:

      Their waste expulsion pipes are starting to squeak

    81. Mark P-I says:

      Ex Tory MP Louise Mensch appealing to the lowest common denominator to turn a journalistic penny. These sort of people peddling lies and half truths should be forced to live in the deprived areas of Scotland for a time on the paltry so called living wage or less. As an Englishman living in Scotland (for 43 years) I can only apologies for the crass mentality of some people south of the boarder. IT MAKES ME SO BLOODY ANGRY!

    82. desimond says:

      Labour is now committed to “work for the patriotic interest of the people of Scotland.

      What does that even mean?

    83. Stephen says:

      Wow – how much of a Labour party political broadcast was Sunday Politics Scotland if ever anyone needed to see how bias the BBC are they just need watch that.

    84. Scott Borthwick says:

      If there is a grand coalition would the next biggest party become the Opposition? If that’s the SNP, would that not be even more inconvenient to Westminster and unacceptable to the non-Scottish electorate?

    85. BrianW says:

      A McMess.. hahahahah.. Haven’t seen one of them since I was last in McDonalds and that was in the naugties..

      But hang on.. I thought after the Vow, all the proclamations of love, we’re Better Together and with the ‘definitive’ No vote we were all one happy family. We stand shoulder to shoulder together with each other. All equals in one united nation..

      Surly the headline should be

      McHappy Families.

      Oh hang on.. that’s right, that was a load of McShite..

    86. galamcennalath says:

      We are probably approaching the last chance make-your-mind-up situation for Unionists and the London Establishment.

      They can either include Scots, as represented my SNP MPs, in the running of the UK … Or, they can exclude us. Do they actually want to maintain their Union, or not? If they choose the former it may survive, the latter and it’s doomed.

      They might believe there is a third option where they rule and we dutifully comply. That is probably what many in the Establish want. TOUGH! That won’t be happening.

    87. BJ says:

      Not sure how it’s all going to turn out in May but the sheer panic and fear from “them” is fantastic to behold.

    88. Effijy says:


      What are the details of a March Against the Bias Bile Corruption, BBC?

      Propaganda against then the people for an annual fee.

    89. Marcia says:

      On Youtube an interview with the present MP for Edinburgh South just a wee while ago that the Rev said was a car-crash;

    90. Helena Brown says:

      Sorry to go O/T, just noticed whilst on the Peat Worrier that Tom Gordon has centred his blog on Wings over Scotland being investigated along with Labour for Independence for not sending in the returns on spending for the Referendum. Maybe Stuart might like to have a look?

    91. Robert Peffers says:

      @daodao says:8 March, 2015 at 11:18 am:

      ” … a Lab-Con grand coalition would be preferable from an English perspective.”

      You do realise, don’t you, that there is only a nominal United Kingdom Parliament now? That, “English Perspective”, encompasses an Establishment Parliament that became the de facto Parliament of the, COUNTRY of England when it changed the bipartite United KINGDOM parliament into a quadratic union of, <COUNTRIES while retaining the nominal Westminster Parliament as the de facto Parliament of the country of England under the guise that it was still the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

      The simple fact is that there is no actual legal Parliament of the Country of England. Yet the 533 members elected as United Kingdom representatives are also, unelected as such, representing the Country of England.

      In effect the set-up is now the Parliament of the Country of England devolving English powers to the other three countries.Note that they resent the other member countries interfering in what they regard as English only matters. Can you explain therefore how any matter can be English only when only England is funded as, “The United Kingdom”, directly from the United Kingdom Treasury and Westminster legislates for England using English law and then tags wee bits to those English bills to accommodate the other United Kingdom countries?

      Thus the idiotic claims of all the unionist parties that a vote for the SNP is a vote for whatever unionist party they claimant doesn’t belong to? The very obvious truth is that no matter if Scotland returned all 59 members as one of the unionist parties it will still be England that chooses the government at Westminster.

      533 English constituencies minus the total others is :-
      59+40+18=117 gives an English majority of :-
      So unless England votes on an almost 50/50 basis the Scots, Welsh and Irish citizens of the United Kingdom get exactly which UK government that England chooses for them.

      The United Kingdom ceased to be united when The Union became one of countries and not of kingdoms.

    92. Meindevon says:

      Sorry OT but editor of The Daily Record was on Murnughan on sky news a wee while ago (just stopped laughing hence delay in post) and the said Murnughan could not introduce him as he didn’t have his name on his paperwork and had no idea what his name was. He actually asked him to introduce himself and all he said was ‘Torcuil’ …and he still couldn’t put a surname to it.

      Poor, poor Torcuil. Top sky news readers have absolutely no idea who he is. So funny.

    93. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Marcia.

      You typed,
      “I don’t think there is much chance of the SNP being side-lined in this General Election compared with elections past where we were lucky to get a mention on the news.”

      I was having a blether with my son yesterday, about this.

      The ‘establishment'(London-centric) media have finally realised that something seismic has happened in Scotland, witnessed by all the opinion polls since the referendum.

      The result is that the SNP is now getting a lot more free publicity in the news reports than it ever got in the past. This is making the SNP appear as a serious player to the general public – in England as well as Scotland, a public that doesn’t necessarily follow the usual political shenanigans.

      I believe the SNP support percentages have now gone past the tipping point; 45% in 2011, 45% in the referendum, in the mid 40’s leading up to this GE.

      The Scottish electorate has woken up…

    94. BigRik says:

      its unthinkable… it would be as mad as if the Tory party were to control Scotland while hardly anyone voted for them.

    95. Macnme says:

      Isn’t it funny how much they squealed when it was proposed to change the first-past-the-post voting system to something more representative.
      Now, the prospect of a vote not going their way is suddenly a “Nightmare”, “Chaos” and “Unthinkable”?!

      Hypocrites, to a man.

    96. alexicon says:

      Massie is putting his anti nationalist bile to an article in the daily heil today also.

      “We have already seen vile behaviour in the course of the Scottish referendum campaign, with insults flying, open hostility in the streets, and a nationalist mob braying outside the BBC in Glasgow.”

      He claims he’s a Scot too.

      Be prepared for more vile online abuse from those who begged us to stay in the coming months and I await a last minute vow type thingy from the red tory branch here in Scotland.
      Get the homemade truthful leaflets (not the safe type) ready folks.

    97. Joemcg says:

      Meindevon- surely some mistake by Dermot? Oor Torcuil was the saviour of the Union with his Vow. He should be world famous, no?

    98. Chic McGregor says:


      I would say it is already at the point where the only thing that might save the union would be moving the UK Parliament to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

    99. caz-m says:

      On the Sky News paper review last night, an ex Tory advisor actually said that,

      “…the Scots got all those extra powers offered to them after the Referendum, what more do they want?”

      So out of touch with what is going on in Scotland.

    100. Kevin1 says:

      Its the media that is going to destroy the Union with articles like this
      Do they realise they are just annoying people
      with articles like this?

    101. Sinky says:

      The Politics Show was a complete Unionist love in.

      The only way Cameron gets the keys to Downing Street on May 8th is if Labour let them….just as they did in 2010 when Labour refused to enter into a progressive alliance with Lib Dems and SNP which would have been the largest grouping.

      Got another large “Scottish” Labour leaflet again, printed in Essex, delivered by Royal Mail along with the UK Coalition propaganda booklet on more powers for Scotland …. still working together.

    102. Chitterinlich says:

      “I love you. Please don’t go.”
      “Ok I will stay”
      “Right shut up and back in your box”

      Eh no.

      Any sensible rUK chums pointing this undemocratic abuse out?

      I saw a tweet from Hugo Rifkind that did. No one else though


    103. No no no...Yes says:

      Marcia- Ian Murray video.

      Watched it unfold live and my ribs are sore laughing. Murray put his head in the noose with the no Tory deal comment and Brewer filleted him and took great delight in the process, priceless!

    104. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      I look forward to the Sun’s coverage of the Andy Coulson perjury trial in scotland in a few weeks.

      That would be the Andy Coulson who is the former Editor of the News of the World and Sun journo as well as being David Cameron’s spindoctor and close friend.

      What a McMess indeed! 😀

    105. gillie says:

      Mad Mental Scots Rule OK!

    106. Take Independence says:

      These Westminster parties gave up caring about their citizens Fifty years ago, Well SNP in Eighty years have never given up on Scotland and the citizens shouldn’t give on them.

    107. Take Independence says:

      These Westminster parties gave up caring about their citizens Fifty years ago, Well SNP in Eighty years have never given up on Scotland and the citizens shouldn’t give up on them.

    108. Cadogan enright says:

      Article on curran page 8 of national worth a chuckle

    109. Taranaich says:

      OK, can someone explain this to me?

      SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon removed the biggest obstacle to a deal by ditching her demand for the Trident nuclear deterrent to be scrapped in return for her party’s support

      I’m sorry, when did Nicola Sturgeon go back one one of the causes she has been fighting for all her adult life – since before she even joined the SNP – and why hasn’t the SNP erupted in chaos as a result? Because I think I would’ve remembered something as profound as the FM ditching her demand for Trident to be scrapped.

      Yet Louise Mensch says:

      SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is saying she does not want to keep Trident in Scotland.

      Can these idiots not even stick to the same story ON THE SAME DAY!?!

      Don’t answer that.

    110. Karmanaut says:

      There must be some back room negotiations going on.

      If, as all polls are showing, the election results in a hung parliament, Ed Miliband can easily say: “any deal with the SNP must be conditional on them not breaking up the Union.”

      Problem solved. Danger averted. Woo hoo. Labour can look all pro-democracy, progressive and righteous (“we believe the Scots must have a voice too”), while keeping the UK together, and look good. While the Tories will look like evil racists for wanting to exclude part of the UK.

      So Nicola Sturgeon simply promises not to break up the UK during the term in government. No biggie. It’s not as if it was going to happen anyway.

      However, in such a position she might be able to secure Home Rule for Scotland. Real Home Rule, which is what the majority of Scots want. Even a Home Rule referendum. Landslide for Yes. Project Fear II (“Home Rule will kill your babies”) just won’t work.

      And all those sneering “we subsidise the Scots” people in the rUK will scoff and say “let them have it”, “see if they can survive without us”. Westminster’s own lies would come back to bite them, when those same people say, “Hang on, what’s this shortfall in funds for the London Sewer system? And HS2. And so on.”

      Scotland would be (mostly) free of Westminster. Woo hoo.

      But Ed can’t say “we will back the SNP if they promise not to break up the UK”. Not at the moment, because then he risks losing the few remaining Scottish Labour voters to the SNP.

      Could he rule out a deal with the SNP before the election? Surely that would be far more harmful for Labour? If Labour are seen to be denying Scots a voice at Westminster, well… which Scot is going to vote for them? I mean, seriously. It might harm them south of the border, too. I wonder what their secret polling says about that?

      The SNP can then say, “well if they won’t respect Scotland’s democratic right to a voice in the union, stuff them. Let’s take it.”

      The only thing worse for Labour would be a grand coalition.

      Can you imagine?

      “Give us your vote to stop the Tories.”

      “Uh, OK, thanks for your votes, folks, now we’re going to use them to put the Tories into government.”

      So long Labour.

      Whatever happens, we live in interesting times.

    111. Mark says:

      dGotta love this quote from a Tory:

      “Tory Charlie Elphicke said: “Alex Salmond is already measuring up the tartan curtains for 10 Downing Street. “The prospect of Ed Miliband as Prime Minister is bad enough. But a minority government propped up by Alex Salmond and possibly Gerry Adams too would be an absolute disaster. It would be a doomsday alliance.”

      Gerry Adams is a TD (Teachta Dála) in Dáil Eireann, i.e. an elected member of the lower house of the Irish parliament.

      Ireland is an independent republic, a foreign state, in case the Tories have forgotten.

      He is therefore legally prohibited from becoming an MP in the UK parliament and is not running as a candidate in any Westminster constituency.

      The 5 Sinn Féin MPs for Northern Ireland constituencies do not take their seats at Westminster because they refuse to take the oath to the Queen.

      There is as much chance of Gerry Adams or SF supporting a UK Labour government as there is of the Tories winning a majority in Scotland.

    112. Dal Riata says:

      [pure beelin] Absolutely breathtaking! Where to start deconstructing that barely concealed xenophobic/racist diatribe from “the UK’s top-selling newspaper [sic]” the Sun “Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes.”

      Will have to wait awhile to calm down. [exhales]

      Meanwhile, I’m definitely not a conspiracy theorist, but that referendum result last September… Was it legitimate? Possibly. I’ll move on to ‘probably’ if we get to the truth of how and why the unionists were so confident of the result going their way after the polling booths had barely closed, and, of course the Ruth Davidson postal vote “tallies” breach of electoral law.

      The more we hear of illegalities such as the ‘impartial’ UK civil service’s support for the Better Together campaign and a No vote, and, now, the way in which the English Establishment is working itself up into a state of apoplexy at the mere idea of the SNP actually having a voice in ‘their’ parliament after May’s General Election, the harder it becomes for me to dismiss theories of the British state and its actors ‘interfering’ in the democratic process of 18 September 2015.

      The hardcore proudScotbuts didn’t do Scotland any favours either, right enough.

    113. Muscleguy says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      As Kiwis in London we were also subject to English bigotry. The effrontery when on that mid ’90s test series our cricket team with Chris Cairns rampant daring to embarrass England. Then there was the barman at our local (we were regulars once a week) we wore our AB shirts as the RWC was on, but it was just after the opening game when Jonah Lomu ran over Mike Catt and he threatened to bar us for the effrontery (probably of not living in Shepherd’s Bush).

      Antipodeans and other ‘Colonials’ are only welcome with a lot if we remember our place.

    114. Robert Peffers says:

      @bipod says:8 March, 2015 at 11:06 am:

      “You can almost taste the animosity now radiating from the English unionist establishment.

      Personally, bipod, I not only taste it but I feel it, smell it, hear it and see it far closer to home from the Unionist, “Proud Scot, buts”, right here in Fife.

      Let’s face it, as nationalists we should be able to understand the feelings of the true English nationalists. We should also understand the feelings of those who genuinely,but wrongly, believe the United Kingdom is one big country and is their country. What I cannot, will not and don’t even want to try is to understand the, “Proud Scots”, Buts who obviously do not believe the United Kingdom is just one big country but still support a United KINGDOM, that has morphed itself into the de facto Parliament of the COUNTRY of England and is now, under the guise of still being the bipartite United Kingdom, dictating and ruling over the other three United Kingdom countries as if England were our master.

    115. chris kilby says:

      But… aren’t we Better Together? Isn’t this the best of both worlds? Deputy PM Alex Salmond? Be careful what you wish for, eh guys…?

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!

      (I don’t know if I’ll be able stand another nine weeks of this. My sides are aching already.)

    116. chris kilby says:

      Get it RIGHT up yez!

    117. chris kilby says:

      Bet the feckers wish they’d lost the referendum now!

      Hell mend them.

    118. ronnie anderson says:

      Oh deary me weil awe be fund oot noo, an hiv tae declare oor Off Shore accounts in Rockall,they Englanders will go menthel,when they fund oot we Scots hivna been payin oor taxis,an an getting subsidized intae the bargain. nae good will come o it ah telt yeas.

    119. chris kilby says:

      @ Cadogan enright:

      “Article on Curran page 8 of national worth a chuckle”

      The Sunday Herald, you mean? A “Scottish Labour source” saying:

      “It will be a blow to Labour if we lose our Scottish Secretary but we can take comfort in the knowledge that the IQ of the Westminster group will rise when Margaret goes”?



    120. Nana Smith says:

      Chunkymark angry and no bloody wonder.

      BBC giving Cameron his own GE2015 tv show

    121. chris kilby says:

      @ Jamur:

      “Strap yersels in. Das Mail on the rampage.”


    122. Mad Jock McMad says:

      London has not seen such panic since the Jaocobite’s were at Derbyshire.

    123. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “It hasn’t “made it across the border” because 99% of The Scottish Sun is a different paper, produced in Glasgow.”

      Um, I have both of them here, and I think it’d be fair to say that “99%” is an extremely inaccurate assessment.

    124. John H. says:

      Many years ago my wife and I were walking along a beach in Portugal. We had obviously just arrived, and were milk white.

      As we passed a section of beach which belonged to a five star hotel, an English woman lounging in the sun looked up at us.”English?” she asked. When I protested that we were Scottish she looked at me as if I was mad. “Same thing” she snorted.

      Some of them just don’t want to hear it.

    125. Robert Peffers says:

      @Albaman says:8 March, 2015 at 11:22 am:

      ” … So, the Sun says “our taxes fund the Barnett formula … ”.

      Aye! Albaman, but as everyone knows the The Sun prints a great deal of very obvious lies and that one is a real whopper.

      For anyone who needs the truth to use on the doorsteps of Scotland here is the truth :-

      “Scotland’s gross domestic product (GDP) per head, including a geographic share of UK oil, is about £23,300 – some £2,300 higher than the UK figure, the SNP said. This would make Scotland the 14th richest country in the OECD, the party added.

      Scotland’s GDP per head is about £1,600 higher than France, £2,500 higher than Japan and £3,200 higher than Italy, the SNP said”.

      Note :- The definition of, “Per capita GDP”, is the total revenues earned from any particular given area divided by the total population of that given area.

      The cite for that info is :-

      The per capita GDP may be a little less just now due to the oil prices dropping and the date of the quoted figures.

      However another truth is that Scotland’s economy is not just from oil & gas . In fact the food & drink industry is rapidly overtaking the oil industry for revenues earned and Scotland has many other commodities and services as exports.

    126. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon can’t promise not to break up the Union she doesn’t have the power to do that The SNP is a party of Independence it’s in their constitution
      In order to make a promise like that the SNP would have to change their own rules and that wont happen
      The offer of Independence is always there it’s just up to the people of Scotland if they choose it or not
      If the SNP once again win a substantial majority in the Holyrood Elections that offer will be in the next manifesto
      That’s proper democracy something never offered by any Unionist Party
      Isn’t it great to have a political party who tell you what they’re going to do and then actually do it and moreover you can get to vote on it too
      Join the SNP you get lovely wee emails from the First Minister regularly, nice wee videos from her, wee messages from everybodys favourite money man John Swinney, it’s a regular wee club keeping you up to date on what’s going on in our country
      What other political party Leader will stop and speak to folk in the street let alone even walk up a street, Nicola Sturgeon does
      Just a couple of weeks ago now we were in Kirkintilloch opening a new SNP shop after photographs with everybody their family and the dog out she came sat down in a bus shelter and had a natter with a couple of very surprised women with their messages then walked into another shop doorway to chat with another couple of women with prams
      All i should say unscheduled and unscripted while Peter stood and waited patiently holding the flowers she’d been given
      I don’t know about you but that’s the kind of people i want running things coz you know who they are and we know where they are and it’s not surrounded by big black cars and big dangerous looking minders
      The first thing Nicola Sturgeon is likely to say to you is
      “Hi ya how you doin”
      Party political broadcast over

      Did i sound like a fan there?

    127. Capella says:

      @ Jamur
      here is an archive version of the dailymail url

      To archive, copy the url you want to archive, go to archive today, paste in the dailymail url and press submit button. You will then get an archived version of the website. It preserves it for posterity and stops the paper getting many clicks for ad money.
      Then post the archive url for our guilt free enlightenment.

    128. Robert Peffers says:

      @Lollysmum says:8 March, 2015 at 11:29 am:

      “Louise Mensch the former Tory MP who now lives in good ol’ US of A. ‘Our taxes’- what our taxes?”

      Indeed, Lollysmum, that is the correct question to ask. The answer is that this totally evil and very, very thick woman is hoist by her own petard.

      In the first place the tax revenues she speaks of are those of the, “United Kingdom”, Treasury and last time I looked Scotland was, (unfortunately), still part of that United Kingdom. Secondly, as I point out upthread : –

      “Scotland’s gross domestic product (GDP) per head, including a geographic share of UK oil, is about £23,300 – some £2,300 higher than the UK figure, the SNP said. This would make Scotland the 14th richest country in the OECD, the party added.

      Scotland’s GDP per head is about £1,600 higher than France, £2,500 higher than Japan and £3,200 higher than Italy, the SNP said.”

      Cite for that :-

      So each Scot more than pays there way. i.e. we each subsidise all other citizens of the United Kingdom.

    129. ronnie anderson says:

      As if we need reminding.

    130. Kevin Evans says:

      If this keeps up towards the GE in May the westminster loyal Union parties will have no choice left but to just blatantly insult the whole scottish nation. I think 2 weeks before the GE in May the media and the union pro parties will even alienate the most loyal of scottish no voters.

    131. Lesley-Anne says:

      To the producers of Downfall, no NOT the full length movie about Hitler, to the producers of the oft re-scripted mini versions that keep appearing.

      Remember, the next time that you produce a mini Downfall that Hitler MUST have an evil sidekick to take over when he feels faint, hopefully with some birds**** on his hair purely for authenticity you understand, at the thought of those nasty S.N.P. M.P.’s marching on his beloved Berlin Westminster. 😀

    132. Jamur says:


      Cheers for the heads up.

    133. west_lothian_questioner says:

      I love the smell of westminster’s fear in the morning….

    134. Robert Peffers says:

      @:R-type Grunt says:8 March, 2015 at 11:45 am:

      ” … Another thing – if the SNP were to win enough seats to allow a confidence & supply arrangement with Labour, would that mean the SNP would get to see the books, as it were?”

      Very good point R-Type, but I believe the Politically, (SIC), Correct Term is, “Would they get to find out where the bodies are buried”.

    135. george says:

      Mr Brown says:
      8 March, 2015 at 11:00 am
      “Whenever the shit hits the fan over the next 5 years it will be the fault of the Jocks. Guess we’d better get used to it.”

      – absolutely not. getting used to it would be uncle tom thinking. if it’s deserved criticism fair enough, if not it’s “racism”

    136. Gary says:

      But didn’t the Jocks just agree to bend over and keep taking it?

    137. It was the same gnashing of teeth as there was when the Palestinians voted for a party that they shouldn’t have voted for. Democracy is always fine until the people wake up and vote the wrong way.

    138. Calum Craig says:

      Funnily enough that Max Hastings article in the Daily Mail the other day didn’t make it into the Scottish edition either. Strange that.

    139. Robert Peffers says:

      @HandandShrimp says:8 March, 2015 at 11:51 am:

      “The anti-Scottish rhetoric is beginning to get quite xenophobic.”

      This present situation is the perfect answer to all the insulting actions Scots have suffered for at the English Establishment’s hands. They began by attempting to regionalism the United Kingdom but treating their fully equally sovereign partner, The Kingdom of Scotland, as if it were but a region, (ostensibly of the United Kingdom but in their minds a region of mother England). Our Northern English brethren saw that one off.

      Then they seemed determined to break-up the United Kingdom, not in a manner rather like a divorce of the bipartite United Kingdom but by splitting the Union into four countries instead of the agreed legal terms of a bipartite Union of Kingdoms. Remember too that the Kingdom of England was entering the Union of 1706/7 accompanied with some baggage in the shape of the two countries, Wales and Ireland, the English Kingdom had annexed in 1284 and 1542 respectively. Rather like a previously divorced wife with already grown children getting remarried to a single partner.

      Then they made it quite obvious what their true thinking was by, instead of all four countries getting equally treated and the United Kingdom becoming a Federal Union, they retained Westminster for themselves and, even more blatantly, continued the Establishment as the United Kingdom instead of the Parliament of England. It would have probably been acceptable to all if they had treated England as a full quadratic partner in a federal government.

      Is it any wonder then that David Mundell let the Establishment thinking into the public domain by announcing to the World, “The Treaty of Union, Extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed The Kingdom of England as The United Kingdom”. Mundell was only repeating the gist of a Civil Service researched and written paper paid for with our tax money.

      This document was indeed published by the Establishment during the pre-referendum period. There is little doubt such claims also led to their claims for the Scots MPs to be treated as second class members who would be barred from interference in what they considered Westminster’s English Only Matters in their de facto parliament of England.

      The whole sorry episode has all the outward signs of the Establishment attempting to do, by stealth, what Robert Bruce, William Wallace and the other Scottish patriots prevented them from doing in the several Wars of Independence between the two Kingdoms.

    140. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bugger (the Panda) says:8 March, 2015 at 11:58 am:

      “I think it not just against us TD. I think it against anyone who doesn’t want to be “English.”

      Many nails have been hit upon their heads today, BtP, and that one has just been driven right home. Is there any other country on the planet that has quite so many derogatory, insulting, scurrilous, vituperative and offensive names for the citizens of other countries than the English?

      Jock, Sweaty Sock, Paddy, Mick, Bog Hoppers, Taffy, WOG, WOP, Greaser, Frog, Hun Yank, Digger, Rag Head, Toe Rag – the list of offensive terms applied by them towards other nationals seems endless. Consider this though, what are the pejorative terms that are applied by Scots to the English? Remember that the English imagine that, “Sasanach”, is pejorative but simply means, “Anglo Saxon speaker”.

      Now why do you imagine they need to be so insulting to others?, (or is that a silly question)?

    141. Alistair says:

      Could someone put the canteen order in now for Scotch pies and deep fried Mars bars…..

    142. Alistair says:

      Oh – and we won’t be needing those extra Irn Bru after all…

    143. Jamie Arriere says:

      You don’t often see this – a Labour Councillor getting telt by the BBC. Mark this in your diaries

      (courtesy of Mark Coburn)

    144. Robert Peffers says:

      @Peter Mirtitsch says:8 March, 2015 at 12:00 pm:

      “Interesting the only the English, Welsh and Northern Irish pay for the Block Grant in the Barnett Formula, and the Scots don’t need to send their taxes down south…”

      As I’ve often pointed out the Barnett Formula’s main job it to calculate the sum that is over and above the average allocated on a per capita basis throughout the entire United Kingdom plus the costs born in other countries directly by Westminster for services devolved to only Scotland. That is it calculates the extra costs of providing the devolved functions that only Scotland has to provide as these functions are provided by Westminster departments in the other United Kingdom Countries.

      So the truth is that the extra given to Scotland is provided in lieu of Westminster Services elsewhere in the other United Kingdom countries.

      Furthermore, we Scots have a higher per Capita GDP, (that is the revenue we raise on a per capita basis is highest of any country in the United Kingdom.

      Thus anyone claiming they are subsidising the Scots is a total idiot who has no real idea of how the United Kingdom is actually funded. Either that or they are a liar or they cannot count.

      In as simple language as I can manage that boils down to this – The Scottish Government gets from Westminster the same per person sum as every part of the United Kingdom plus the cost born elsewhere in the UK by services provided directly by Westminster. Yet we pay into the treasury a higher sum per person than any other UK country.
      Ergo – we subsidise everyone else.

    145. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scott Borthwick says:8 March, 2015 at 12:02 pm:

      … Maybe the SNP should think about ruling out any deal themselves and let Westminster stew in their self-inflicted constitutional crisis …

      Now I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, (and some might even correct me if I’m right),but I don’t think the SNP have actually said they will enter a formally agreed coalition with anyone as yet.

      Unless I missed it, they have only made a definite promise NOT to enter a coalition with the Tory Party under any circumstance. I understood it as being that they would co-operate on a loose, matter by matter basis, with any party at Westminster if doing so would benefit Scotland.

    146. JB says:

      Oh dear! Suddenly we are too big, too rich and too smart for Wasteminster.

      That’s fine by me.

      Roll on Independence day.

    147. Dave the Squirrel says:

      Look, in all truthfulness I don’t think this qualifies as racism.
      I think it’s a bunch of plutocrats making an absolute tit of themselves, reinforcing how terribly awful and underworked their brains are largely due to being ushered into the good life at an early age.
      I delight in it. They’re suffering badly from an immense runaway reaction that THEY created. Lmao!
      Seriously though. We’re all too grown up to be “offended” by this playground name-calling.
      Let them seal their fate.

    148. Dal Riata says:

      William Hague:

      He [Ed Miliband] is grasping at straws but has found a willing wee helper to keep his dream alive. Enter Alex Salmond…

      “a willing wee helper” You pathetic little prick, Hague.

      Ha-ha-ha! Alex Salmond, still the unionist’s bogey man. And not one of them even near good enough to lace his boots.

      The SNP lost the referendum but they haven’t given up. If they can’t persuade Scotland to leave the UK then they will break up Britain from the inside.

      The Yes Scotland campaign lost the referendum, but you just keep on deliberately expounding the lie that it is/was ‘all about the SNP’.

      “but they [the SNP] haven’t given up.” The bastards, eh! And you thought they would just go away after the referendum, too. Instead, their membership shot up to almost 95,000! And there’ll be loads of SNP MPs coming to Westminster’s den of vipers to shake things up a bit. GIRFUY Hague!

      The UK and Britain equalling the same entity in one sentence. Come now Hague, is it the UK, or is it Britain? Or is it just England? The English Establishment mindset: UK = Britain = England.

      “They will break up Britain [sic] from the inside.” What, you mean like infiltrators, the enemy within, separatists or, even [Gulp!] terrorists…? So, then, you’re suggesting that the SNP should not have any representation at all on “the inside”, is that it? Even if elected through democratic means? Wouldn’t that be contrary to the oft-quoted ‘Westminster is the [democratic] mother of all parliaments’? Well, well. Just what is it you unionists are so afraid of?

      Just imagine what else he [Ed Miliband] would surrender.

      You mean giving Scotland back anything at all of which your government and all others previous in Westminster have stolen for your own ends would be deemed as “surrender”? Interesting terminology.

      It’s time he [Ed Miliband] said no to the separatists.

      Ah, “the separatists”… That term so beloved by the corrupt Westminster, British Establishment, UK MSM triumvirate to strike fear into the heart of the English civilians. Equate people from a country who desire only self-determination,and wish to do so through democratic means as ‘separatists’ – giving rise to equalling ‘terrorists’ in people’s minds – is beyond disingenuous. Deliberate ‘othering’, dirty black propaganda, no more, no less.

      A Britain held hostage by the SNP.

      Is that UK = Britain = England again? Don’t you think “hostage” is a bit strong there, Hague, you little shit?

      … scrapping the nuclear deterrent that keeps Britain safe in a dangerous world.

      You take them then, Hague, Scotland doesn’t want them, especially when they’re just one nuclear accident away from annihilating Glasgow and its inhabitants. Then you and Britain [sic] can be “safe in a dangerous world”. Enjoy!

      William Hague lied to parliament about the Ukrainian constitution.

      William Hague stated Russia as creating a new Cold War.

      William Hague said that Britain [sic] must bomb Damascus at all costs.

      William Hague: Warmonger. Despicable human being.

    149. Douglas says:

      “The top aim in the SNP constitution is “Independence for Scotland”. Everything else is secondary. The clue is in the name”. I thought it is SNP not SIP!!!

    150. Calum says:

      If this is uber-menschers great political insight then…….hahhahhahhhaha….no, sorry….. Hahhahahaahaha.

    151. Read the Sun articles and looking at the photo of Louise Mensch – wasn’t she in Fifty Shades of Gray?

      Just sayin’

    152. Stephen Armstrong says:

      The British:

      A swinish multitude worthy only of contempt!

    153. Ruth Ogg says:

      The Telegraph printed pretty much the same stuff by John Major.

    154. Ghillie says:

      Msj for miss Mensch: You reap what you sow.

    155. Ken500 says:

      Is that Mensch? She’s been having plastic surgery, on that big fat Murdoch salary. She’s a barbi girl, living in a barbi world. Speaking of ‘loyalty’, she ditched her ‘boring’ Tory seat, (so memorable it’s forgotten), to scarper off to live it up in New York. Ditched the constituency, and gave up the fight, to go off on the flight. Another trougher hit the dust. It’s all rock n’ roll for Madame.

      Tories/Unionists don’t do democracy. Just like crooked, corrupt newspaper moguls who bribe public officials, and should be in jail, along with the rest of them. The witch’s best friend.

    156. Ken500 says:

      Hague covered up the Westminster abuse scandal. Lost the dossier. While parading with Joli against abuse. The hypocrite. Jumping ship before the facts surface? Hague will be a wanted man. Thatcher’s right hand man.

    157. We have heard one pledge after another and none of them are actioned. The British Media fail to broadcast the failure of the Government to adhere to what they say and really what they’re saying is nothing was written down. The pledges are as good as the paper they were written on. Well Scotland doesn’t need to listen to this any more. And if the English didn’t want the Scots to have a say, they shouldn’t have been so keen to keep Scotland in the Union. But soon the SNP party will have the Westminster Government by the short and curlies and point the way to recipe of government that doesn’t depend on how much money is being “donated” by political well wishers who would otherwise have got there donation paid back in full.

    158. billyballistic says:

      Please be careful with your vote. Make sure it is a genuine ballot paper and has a mark of the electoral council from the area you vote in. We do not want any repeats of blanks, lost, fakes, misrepresentation, ballot boxes opened to “sample”, chaos at counting halls, laptop issues at main counting offices, lorries crashing on the A9 carrying the ballot boxes, observers kept too far away to see the count, incorrect papers on incorrect tables. Be wary!

    159. Craig says:

      “Scotalnd is effectively turning into a one party state” writes a Tory

      Funny how it wasn’t a problem during the 90’s and till 2010 when Labour were the main party in Scotland.

      I hope all those that voted NO will wake up realise that England actually hates Scotland and will do anything to prevent Scotland from having a voice in Westminster

      Better Together my arse, Scotland is the battered partner in a domestic violence relationship

    160. jim says:

      So during the referendum it was stated many times by tories, labour and the lib-dems that they want Scotland to stay and maintain the union. But now they want Scotland to just sit quiet and take what’s given. As has been the case for many years. So the better together bolloks is only if the scots shut up and do what they are told. Well guess what Westminster!!!. You have wakened up a nation who has a new voice and meaning. We’re coming to get you and your scared and you can’t stop us. Vote SNP get Scotland.

    161. HeehawBaws says:

      I love the bit that says we don’t want to keep Trident in Scotland but it provides security for England, Wales and NI too.

      Just think about that and let it sink in.

      What selfish bastards we are really, if you think about it.

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