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The tantrum strategy

Posted on February 12, 2015 by

There really isn’t very much of a news story in this morning’s Sun “exclusive” that some Labour MPs say they’d quit the party rather than work with the SNP should the electorate deliver such a result in May. One told the paper:

“I would quit the party — there’s no way I would sit alongside them.

We’ve just spent three years knocking lumps out of each other in the independence referendum, how could we then share power?”

Those of us who remember the parade of furious Scottish Labour figures going on TV and openly threatening to scupper any “rainbow coalition” involving the Nats in 2010, thereby ensuring that David Cameron and George Osborne came to power, won’t be the least bit surprised at the sheer depth of hatred and jealous rage that consumes Labour’s branch office in North Britain when the SNP are mentioned.

And there’s nothing eyebrow-raisingly new in Scottish Labour’s spiteful determination that if Scots vote against the Conservatives – but not for Labour – they should be punished with Tory governments. It’s the standard policy of electoral blackmail that the party has deployed against the rise of rivals from the left for years, and which it’s now also turning against the Greens south of the border.

But there is a telling phrase in that short quote.

We don’t think it’s too controversial to suggest that most Labour voters back the party in the hope that it will “knock lumps out of” the Tories, whether as government or opposition. Yet even though it’s been ostensibly doing that for decades, Labour had no compunction about working hand-in-glove with the Tories to prevent independence.

We were told endlessly, by Alistair Darling in particular, that independence was a more important issue than everyday politics, because it was “forever” whereas election results can be reversed every few years.

So it seems quite strange that a mere three years of being on different sides over the referendum should be an impassable barrier to one term of loose co-operation with the SNP, when a century of opposition to the Tories didn’t stop Labour from teaming up enthusiastically with them on a much more serious matter.

We’re not sure that Scottish Labour have even yet, in the face of every opinion poll, realised that their own voters don’t want them to stand aside in a massive sulk when a degree of basic adult compromise could prevent another five years of brutal Tory rule. We suspect that if it happens again this time, the party will have managed to pull off the impressive trick of hammering the last nail into its own coffin.

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119 to “The tantrum strategy”

  1. mary vasey says:

    Brilliant Stu thanks
    AYE liebour out vote SNP

  2. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    they would not quit, expense accounts mean more than principles to scot labour, just more lies

  3. Murray McCallum says:

    The Labour Party are surely completely incompetent of knocking any lumps out of anyone or thing?

    We seem to be on the verge of a another Tory-led government as Labour has been completely unable to offer any alternative, consistent or well thought out vision for anything different.

    Labour have completely failed to motivate English voters for change. These are the very voters that determine the UK government.

  4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I was absolutely astounded in some conversations with Labour activists to understand that the animosity from them towards the SNP was visceral. It was like the two hate minutes in 1984 against the Emmanuel Goldstein. They just vented their spleen against AS and the SNP.

    Just brainwashed and totally illogical because of it.

    Fuck ’em.

  5. aitchbee says:

    ‘Sno fair, we’re takin’ oor ball back and no’ playin’ At which point another ball is procured and the game proceeds without them. They need to think very carefully about this one.

  6. Sandra says:

    Exactly who are these alleged “Labour MPs”? Wouldn’t surprise me if The Sun made the whole thing up, and even if it’s true their words aren’t worth the paper they aren’t written on if they aren’t owning up to them.

  7. Doug Daniel says:

    Urgh, look at the people in that picture. Imagine being that happy that your own country just declared to the entire world that it thinks it’s uniquely incapable of running its own affairs. What horrible people.

  8. Heidstaethefire says:

    It strikes me that the electorate are going to quit them long before they join the national trend and quit Labour

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Exactly who are these alleged “Labour MPs”?”

    I suspect it could have been just about any of the party’s Scottish ones.

  10. No no no...Yes says:

    There is no such entity as Scottish Labour!

    Even as recent as yesterday, UK Labour’s Harriet Harman was on about One Nation Labour when trying to explain the Pink bus tour fiasco. I dare her, I really dare her to come to Scotland in that contraption.

    There will be a UK Labour Miliband manifesto and that’s the one that people will be voting for. Mad Murphy will come up with some tartanised glossy brochure to try and delude our fellow Scots. Murph will continue self destruct and we need to get MIliband’s name everywhere.There is still lots of work to do.

  11. Auld Rock says:

    Why doesn’t the Sun name them, I’m sure their electorate would like to know.

    Auld Rock

  12. Heidstaethefire says:

    I they quit labour, that will be the first thing they’ve done that accords with the Scottish electorate, but I fear they are too late – the voters are going to quit them long before they(M.Ps) quit labour.

  13. stonefree says:

    I wish that the SNP never make any comments of any pact with the trash, sorry Labour.I remember feeling physically ill prior to the SNP getting a second majority term.
    I’d prefer to wait till after the GE and go from there, to do it from a solid basis as opposed to speculation.And a cheer of “get it up you” as the trash is deleted.
    Including Katy Clark
    That’s not too bitter,is it??

  14. Training Day says:

    Doug beat me to it, but just look at those people in the picture, cock a hoop that they have played a part in denying self-determination to their country.

    Awful wankers indeed.

  15. moujick says:

    Think we can take it for granted that these MPs will be Scottish ones. Milliband has a real strategic call to make here. Does he plough money and effort into the target seats in England that he has to win to get a plurality or does he try to fight the SNP in Scotland (with their high poll ratings, trusted leadership, huge membership and large motivated activist base), knowing that he can draw on SNP support to get into 10 Downing Street. Can’t wait to see & hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from SLab when Milliband takes the “no brainer” option and leaves his Scottish MPs to fight their own (losing) battles.

  16. MochaChoca says:

    I suppose the irony is that there may not be many of the Scottish variety left to quit anyway.

    The visceral hatred of the SNP seems to be a primarily Scottish Labour obsession. A fair few the English ones would (indy question excepted) I’m sure broadly agree with the SNP stance on just about everything.

  17. Ron Burgundy says:

    The views of a few Branch office dinosaurs will be ignored by London Labour HQ. If they have a whif of power.

    Imagine Milliband explaining to the Labour base voter in Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and east London. Sorry guys no deal with the SNP – Tories now running a minority admin with UKIP support because Ian Davidson and Jim Hood do not like the SNP, sure you’ll understand when Super Austerity wipes you out.

  18. MajorBloodnok says:

    Labour couldn’t knock the skin off a Tory rice pudding.

  19. Grizzle McPuss says:


    You don’t really need to know who any of these “alleged” MP’s are for this particular rags article.

    Let me remind you of the vitriol of just one towards his fellow country-folk which I’m sure is indicative of the sentiment held within the Labour North British office…

    “MP Jim Hood sparked fury after he insisted he would still vote NO even if Scotland would be better off economically under independence”

    Now take that mentality and apply it to a proposed working relationship with the SNP at WM.

  20. David McKeen says:

    The story that interested me more was the comments from Prof Ronald McDonald, of Glasgow University, where he stated that “The Vow” had no affect on the outcome of the referendum and that the more people looked online for information the more unlikely they were to vote Yes. Is he having a laugh? That is the exact opposite to my (and probably a few other’s) experience of last year’s referendum.

  21. gordoz says:

    Scary to read into it further and understand the mindset that’s emerging. McWhirter mentioned this as a real possiblity ipso -facto.

    British National Govt > Coalition with the Tories on the horizon ? Sounds like what is not being said openly is more important to the RED Tories.

    Remeber Labour Hame > Were Labour first; then we’re Scottish ??

    Labour = Anything to thwart Scots emancipation –

  22. Marcia says:

    The Labour people just come over as a lot of moaners. Nothing but maoning, it them well in 2011.Maybe Murphy has sensed he is getting nowhere with this moaning strategy and has now gone a bit quiet in the past two days. Still waiting for the slogan, ‘A vote for the SNP is a vote for the LibDems’.

  23. Marcia says:

    I missed out a ‘did in line 2. 🙁

  24. bookie from hell says:

    The Duke of York has been promoted to the rank of vice-admiral, according to the latest Royal Navy appointments published in the London Gazette.

    The notice stated: “Her Majesty The Queen has graciously agreed that: Rear Admiral His Royal Highness The Duke of York KG GCVO ADC be promoted Vice Admiral with effect from 19 February 2015.”

    bfh– previous form–last scandal he was in,also got promotion within weeks

    not exactly suttle

  25. Desimond says:

    Has anyone told Kezia “I’d work with the SNP!” Dugdale about this?

    Surely as a Deputy Leader she would be right on the phone saying “Haud yir wheesht ya clown!”..or at least sending a very very very stern letter care of the Labour Executive.

    ‘Governments should be all about the people‘….a wise woman said something on that very very recently, and no it wasnt a Labour MP!

  26. Macart says:

    If they want to quit I’m not seeing a problem frankly.

    The world in general and our politics in particular could do with a lot less small minded hate fueled individuals.

    I hope they don’t let the door hit them on the arse as they exit. Can leave a nasty mark don’tchaknow.

  27. Clarinda says:

    Just thinking about the so-called Seven Deadly Sins in relation to the northern accounting unit –

    Wrath – SNP/Independence continued momentum
    Greed – expenses
    Sloth – little effort to generate good ideas of their own
    Pride – ‘proud Scot’ guff
    Lust – expenses, again
    Envy – soaring SNP members
    Gluttony – Irn Bru, teacakes and certain ice creams

    perhaps an eighth?

    Lying and Self-Deception – fill in your own explanation if you have enough time – or just quote WoS.

  28. Macart says:

    Oh and as for the folk in that picture?

    Well done them on everything from EVEL to the Smith Commission fudge.

    No really, I can’t imagine anyone forgetting such an achievement in Scotland for a long time.

  29. muttley79 says:

    @Doug Daniel

    I reckon it is a form of thinking they take in from an early age. Britain and Westminster are portrayed as much more important than Scotland. They get to the stage where they view Scottish independence as abnormal, whereas in the rest of Europe there is a fairly high number of small states. It is actually the position they support, the Union basically, that is now abnormal in Europe and beyond.

  30. john king says:

    Frankenstein coalition Horror team-ups that could rule after the General Election

    A MONSTER scenario is facing us — Ed Miliband running Britain in a “Frankenstein” coalition with the SNP, as Ukip cost the Tories the election, a new poll claims.

    Wow, now we’re Frankenstein’s monster
    Oh, it was the SUN btw
    And we thought they liked us (pout)

  31. stonefree says:

    “has now gone a bit quiet in the past two days” ..Not quite enough,as far as I’m concerned
    O/T I bet Murphy bought the 1.3 million flat in Newton Mearns,on Westminster expenses

  32. galamcennalath says:

    I’m confused. Are these Scottish Labour MPs? Do they honestly think they will be around after the election, should the SNP be strong enough hold the balance of power?

    And, if Labour MPs quite their party, where are they going? Left or right – Greens or Tory?

  33. Athor_Al says:

    Imagine someone in Buck Pal thinking ‘Duke Of York’ and ‘Vice’ would be two fitting words to go together.

  34. manandboy says:

    Scotland has decided to be Independent – of the Labour Party.

    Labour’s empire in Scotland is almost finished.

    For Labour politicians, and those who aspire to be,
    their career path to the House of Lords is about to disappear.

    Loss, grief, anger etc to follow.

    To add insult to their injury, Scotland won’t miss them
    one little bit.

    The truth is, there can be no place in an
    Independent Scotland for politics which is based
    almost entirely on corruption.

    Nor for a Labour party which since Blair
    has become Unionist and anti-Scottish to it’s core.

    Quit the party? No big deal.
    Do they think they are important?
    How deluded can you get.

  35. wee sandy says:

    “We’ve just spent three years knocking lumps out of each other in the independence referendum, how can we then share power?”
    If they are NOT prepared to work with the SNP for that reason, it does suggest that they ARE prepared to work with the Torys, just as they did during the referendum.
    How totally unprincipled can they be!?
    O/T After watching Nicola’s speech at UCL, the comparison between her obvious sincerity and the shameless insincerity of Any Slab spokesperson is astonishing!

  36. Ross says:

    Does noone else think it’s plainly obvious the SNP don’t want to have a coalition either?

    Confidence and Supply at most is what is being played for here. I have serious doubts if the SNP were in power at Westminster that it would actually be to anyone’s benefit -party or country. Labour would still be the dominating power, they’d continue to bring about austerity and the SNP would get the blame a la Lib Dems. SNP saying they won’t do anything unless austerity and Trident are gone is a clear attempt to put principle before power – and protect themselves. Labour won’t budge on it, will refuse. All makes for an informal, at best, deal here.

  37. chalks says:

    That picture.

    Jesus, I want to smash them in the puss.

    Psuedo-socialists, indoctrinated in the union and no doubt all relations of labourites, clinging onto power.

    The only thing that makes me smile is the fact that they are all celebrating thinking it’s over.

  38. Tamson says:

    I’ve been trying to push the point about hatred for the SNP being a Scottish-Labour-only thing on the Guardian boards for a while now. Muliband isn’t going to care much about the opinion of a group of bitter losers to whom he owes nothing.

  39. gillie says:


    Author: Emily Randall, Published on Nov 16, 2012

    Donor of the Week: Sir David Garrard

    Our Donor of the Week series aims to shed some light on the people, companies and organisations who are funding our political parties. Each week, we’ll look at the chosen donor’s political involvement, their donation history and any controversy associated with their actions, and question whether this really is the best system for financing our politics.

    Who he is:

    Sir David Garrad was born in 1939 and enjoyed a successful career advising international banks and Governments

    He co-founded the property and developer firm Minerva plc, and was Chairman until his retirement in 2005

    In 2003 he was knighted for his services to charity, and is an Honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
    His nomination for peerage in 2006 embroiled the Labour Party in the “cash-for-honours” scandal that saw Tony Blair questioned by police

    Business and Philanthropy:

    He supports education and children charities personally and through the Garrard Education Trust

    Through his education trust he has contributed £2.4million to the Bexley Business Academy, Labour’s flagship school of its academy policy


    Sir Garrard secretly loaned the Labour Party £2.3million before the 2005 election – it being a loan, it did not have to be declared

    In 2008 at the request of the Labour Party, as they struggled to pay back debts, £300,000 of Garrard’s £2.3million loan was turned into a donation

    He has donated a total of £552,278 to the Labour party

    His most recent donation was in 2012 when he gave 1750 to Jim Murphy MP


    In 2003, a few months after Sir Garrard donated £200,000 to the Labour Party, Minervia Plc received governmental approval for plans to build the tallest skyscraper in the City of London
    Plans for the skyscraper were later dropped by Minerva, but Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott had decided at the time not to call in the application for detailed scrutiny despite widespread opposition

    Minerva also received the Deputy Prime Minister’s backing on a £500million retail centre in Croydon, south London, months after Sir Garrard had loaned Labour £2.3million

    Sir Garrard was nominated for a life peerage by Tony Blair, but the nomination was blocked by the Lords Appointments Committee when it found out that he had secretly loaned Labour £2.3million prior to the 2005 election

    Jack Dromey, Labour Party Treasurer (2004-2010) claimed knowledge of the undeclared loan was also kept from him and then-chairman of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee, Lord Jeremy Beecham

  40. badgerboydarling says:

    Picture above just sums North British Labour up for the abnormal venal scum they really are. Imagine being happy at voting NO to independence. Disgusting cretins.

    The sooner these anti-Scottish unionist parasites are removed from the body politic of Scotland and consigned to the dustbin of history the better.

  41. donald anderson says:

    Good! Let them eat cake.

  42. John Sellars says:

    Your articles are generally very good Stuart but this one is brilliant.

    Nail in coffin? Nail on head!

  43. manandboy says:

    “Her Majesty The Queen has graciously agreed that: Rear Admiral His Royal Highness The Duke of York KG GCVO ADC be promoted Vice Admiral with effect from 19 February 2015.”

    Isn’t it cute how The Establishment
    solve their little embarrassing problems.
    Put a military uniform on him,
    and give him another whack of taxpayers money.

    He was unfulfilled, you see,
    and had far too much time on his hands.


  44. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    If the Scottish result mirrors the current polls, the Labour Scottish MP’s will be out, and therefore their views will not be relevant.

  45. Helena Brown says:

    That picture of the NO’s rejoicing at giving their country away says much about the mentality.
    The SNP is not going into coalition with anyone, this is the line being punted a, in England so that the, ahem, patriotic English who really do not care for the Scots running their country, so they will not vote Labour, and up here to concentrate the erse’s who vote for Labour will go out in huge amounts to prevent their beloved party being run by the hated SNP. What the SNP has said the will assist Labour with their majority on a bill by bill capacity and that is all.
    Some how I doubt Nicola will even need to do that, Miliband is not going to get elected if the Establishment have any say in the matter. I doubt he wants to be elected.

  46. Desimond says:

    Okay, now questions from the floor…you Ma’am..

    Can I ask the Labour candidate to clarify his position!

    No problem, you see that SNP there, see what they say next, its the opposite of that!

    But what about you?

    U?, there is no U in Labour!

  47. Karmanaut says:

    Labour: “Labour First, Scotland Second.”
    SNP: “Scotland First.”

    It’s a no brainer.

  48. frankieboy says:

    The only principle that Labour have stuck to rigidly is their undying determination to shit in their own nest. It must be up round their ears by now.

  49. ronnie anderson says:


  50. badgerboydarling says:

    Smiling and grinning at their phyrric victory.
    Completely ignorant of the fact that they have started off the complete demise of there party in Scotland. Talk about Sh1tting in your own bed and not realising it. PS the old gimp with the red t shirt on looks familar? Another failed ex liebour cooncillor perhaps?

  51. Fred says:

    “Vice Admiral” sounds bang on the money! 🙂

    A suggestion for election campaign, how about the billboards being plastered with a montage of the Labour peers in their scarlet & ermine flummery, baron Cardowan, the baron Springburn, lord McConnell, baroness Coatdyke, lord Ffoulkes, etc’, etc’. Needs a suitable slogan though?

  52. Ricky says:

    What a disgusting bunch.

    The fun we are going to have when the GE gives us real representation will be spectacular. Can’t wait to see the look on their faces.

    Labour won’t win the election. When push comes to shove the English will vote in Cameron again. Milliband has no chance, a complete non entity .

    SNP will have our backs and if it is the Landslide the polls predict then we can use the Scottish elections to push for Home rule or FFA .

    I have to say that my hatered for the labour party now exceeds that of the tory’s. The lies and scares on a daily basis only makes me more determined to wipe the fuckers out of Scotland for good.

    They won the referendum with fear tactics and look to try and win an election with the same. YES campaigners are fighters and will not give up on Scotland so easy.

    Don’t care who wins the election as long as the SNP trounce labour .

    Canny wait. 🙂

  53. alan frame says:

    ‘Knocking lumps out of each other’! According to Murphy we just had a ‘wee disagreement last year’. Who to believe ???

  54. De Valera says:

    @ Doug Daniel

    Well put sir, my sentiments exactly

    I remember seeing the footage of braying No voters on tne news on the 19th and felt a profound sadness rather than anger or bitterness ( that seems to be the reserve of the No side oddly enough ).

  55. Lollysmum says:

    Can ayone honestly think of a single Labour MP (Scots, English or Welsh) who would resign from the party because I can’t. Their futures are tied up with Labour & not a single one is going to risk their £65k a year income + £200k expenses for this.

    The MP’s were spouting off soundbites on condition the Sun didn’t name them & so avoid being called out on it. They are only interested in frightening enough people to vote for them in May so that their privileged life continues unabated.

    To hell with the lot of them.

  56. ronnie anderson says:

    @ No no no Yes 11.31 this bliddy campains starting tae get expensive ah trip tae the Joke Shoppee ah doz fried eggs an tube of superclue,s no cheap.

    naw keep they,re wee Peppa pig bus doon sooth.

  57. Croompenstein says:

    Remember that mad arse Kelly saying that if Yes won the ref then Labour would fight against currency union and consequently against Scotland.

    Labour… Party first, Scotland a distant afterthought

  58. Mealer says:

    Scot Goes Pop has news of another opinion poll.

  59. Sinky says:

    Who can forget the day Miliband, (“A Labour government will never agree to Scotland sharing the pound”) Balls, Brown and Murphy lined up with Cameron, Clegg and Osborne to wage economic war on the rebellious Scots if we democratically voted for self determination and a Currency Union?

    The Labour leader said he would seek a formal mandate from other voters in the UK to reject a deal to share sterling, by putting that veto in the 2015 general election manifesto if there was a yes vote in September’s referendum.

    Labour are paying the price for getting into bed with the Tories to defend the archaic Westminster establishment rather than having a modern social democratic Scotland. Then they vote for the Tory austerity plans to shave billions of the Scottish government budget (13 January 2015) whilst rejecting SNP calls to scrap Trident renewal which will save £100 billions. (19 January 2015)

  60. Stephen says:

    Labour are on the darkside path their hate has consumed them they are twisted an evel

  61. ronnie anderson says:

    The Sun. Murdoch must be desperate to keep in the public arena a Labour / Snp coalation, again & again stories appear with no names or packdrill,such is the great british bullshitting media.

    reverse physiology me thinks.

  62. Mac Tomas says:

    I suspect these Labour “quitters” are as much a fiction as the proposed parade of YES voters who have had a fit of conscience & now intend to vote Labour.
    Now hammering nails into your own coffin! I’d pay money to watch that, especially if it was performed by the Irn Bru patriot himself….:)

  63. Luigi says:

    For me, the most disgusting images from the referendum campaign was the sight of Labour politicians sharing “Better Together” platforms with the Tories (and even worse); and young Tory activists prowling the streets of our towns and cities, wearing their (Labour) red and yellow “No Thanks” sweaters.

    The SLABs really should have known better. Now as they feel confused after their great “victory” in September, and view the oncoming disaster about to befall them, perhaps they should think about how tainted they became during the referendum campaign. Best expressed in paraphrase:

    “The voters looked from Labour to Tory, and from Tory to Labour, and from Labour to Tory again, but already it was impossible to say which was which”.

    Red Tories, enjoy your last few weeks at the trough. The end can’t come quickly enough.

  64. Valerie says:

    Folks,the SNP and Nicola in particular, know exactly what they are doing. When NS took up position, much was made of ‘working with anyone’. It forces people out into the open.

    Of course the Brains Trust that is Labour fall for it, and come out snarling.

  65. ronnie anderson says:

    C mon noo dont slag of the people in the photo lets share in they,re choobselation & remind them at every turn who won the referendem lol.

  66. karmanaut says:

    @Fred says: “A suggestion for election campaign, how about the billboards being plastered with a montage of the Labour peers in their scarlet & ermine flummery, baron Cardowan, the baron Springburn, lord McConnell, baroness Coatdyke, lord Ffoulkes, etc’, etc’. Needs a suitable slogan though?”

    How about the montage of Labour Lords in their ermine, with the slogan:

    “Vote Labour.
    All That Champagne Won’t Drink Itself.”

  67. ronnie anderson says:

    @ manandboy duck of pork Vice Admirational ( tae his toe licking x wife ) if he,s as good as his brother we better hide the feking Bridges.

  68. Jock Scot says:

    Oh, the irony, on the day that I found out that I had been blocked from posting on the Labour List page …this,..has the world gone mad !

  69. Lollysmum says:

    O/T but makes good reading. Cumbernauld Media on Labour

  70. chalks says:

    Indeed, the only thing Labour AND the Tories aren’t saying, is that they would also be quite happy to work together to get through their austerity policies/trident etc.

    Perhaps the media should ask this question to them:

    When the SNP/Plaid/Green parties are not in agreement on austerity policies who will support the minority labour government to implement the legislation?

    The tories.


    The Tories.

    What else?

  71. Bob Mack says:

    It seems to me that the hatred comes as a response to the realisation that they had locked themselves into an act of self destruction during the referendum.They have comprehensively destroyed themselves and are looking for something to blame for that act of self harm.The S.N.P. would appear to be the logical target to offload the shame and guilt of that folly. It will last a long time.

  72. When the dust settles all this screaming and hyperbole from the Labour MP’s in Scotland’s accounting unit may well be for naught as they will be in receipt of their P45’s from the Scottish Electorate.

    Westminster politics is now so skewed by the corporate lobby and the corrupt party funding systems that Miliband will simply do what he is told to do by his main financial backers whether it reflects the electorates’ wishes or not.

    Westminster elections are now about legitimising the political power held in the hands of the few, for the benefit of the few while the cost is bourne by the disproportionately poorest of the UK electorate.

    The difference between the goings on in the Chinese Communist Government and the UK Westminster Parliament, in the 21st Century are now minimal. To be leader / a minster in either system requires the ability to offer fiscal and political bribes, patrimony, brown nosing and gain support from the ‘right’ people, who will offer you nice juicy directorships (back handers) for doing their bidding, no matter if the policy being put forward may lead to mini-earthquakes, sink holes, polluted water tables, increased radon release and the physical and environmental destruction of peoples’ homes and the UK’s National Parks by fracking, for example.

    If we wish to change the direction of this overweening Westminster supertanker of corporate corruption then we need to stay calm and work our socks off to ensure as many Labour MP’s in Scotland are removed from office as possible in May 2015.

    Getting angry is a waste of effort – getting even; that is worth committing to.

  73. Arabs for Independence says:

    Vice Admiral and Seaman Staines

  74. Effijy says:

    For me, the biggest flaw in this statement is that the North British Labour MPs who threaten to resign, if Westminster Labour are willing to work with SNP, are going to be signing on the dole after the election anyway.

    Are they saying that if they have been found out for being parasite politicians, who put themselves first, Westminster Labour Second, and the UK third, as opposed to doing anything for the people of Scotland, they will withdraw the labour from which they just been unelected?

    Sounds just about right for me. Goodbye!

  75. I have no problem with Slab throwing in the towel alas if they thought anything of the electorate they would do so before the election. Nicola did suggest during the referendum that it was time for the people to reclaim the Labour party perhaps they will soon get their chance.

  76. Marie clark says:

    I reckon that the visceral hatred of the SNP is really what will destroy Labour North Britain branch.It certainly is a sight to behold.

    How any adult could behave in the way that these red tories do amazes me . Grow up the lot of you. You need to get out more and talk to people, not just your we sycophantic buddies.

    You are scum of the earth, the sooner you disappear from Scottish politics the better it will be for our country.

  77. Taranaich says:

    @Doug Daniel: Urgh, look at the people in that picture. Imagine being that happy that your own country just declared to the entire world that it thinks it’s uniquely incapable of running its own affairs. What horrible people.

    On the contrary, Doug, these people clearly don’t believe Scotland is a country at all. At best it’s a historical curiosity like the Kingdom of Wessex or the Danelaw: a fantasy land that’s alright for romance and fluff, but it certainly isn’t anything politically relevant in this time.

    Rather than celebrating their incapability to run their own affairs, they are celebrating the prevention of a new country’s birth. Isn’t that so much more positive and affirming, to strangle a new democracy in the crib because you’d rather be British?

  78. Effijy says:

    Labour- We work with the Tories and Lib Dems as a coalition when we are lying to the people of Scotland.
    Must keep our joint UK Gravy Train Rolling. As a Party, Labour decided England didn’t want a left of Centre Government, and so moved to the Right to join the Tories. To hell with Communities, Society, and Social justice, if there is more money in being a red Tory.

    If elected in May, they will maintain the current austerity cuts imposed by the Tories and Lib Dems, and adopt the next round of Tory austerity cuts worth £30 Billion. Labour will also maintain the Tory Bedroom Tax, where 81% of those losing out are disabled. They will spend the same £100Billion on Trident and base it in Scotland.

    We, made the Scots pay toward the McCrone Report, and hid it from them to ensure they never realise that they could become the world’s 3rd richest country with its oil revenues. We altered the political map to minimise any prospect of SNP coming to power, we redrew the Scottish Maritime map to give away 6,000 square miles of waters to England, along with a few Scottish Oil Riggs.

    Of course they can have nothing to do with duly elected representatives of the SNP! These guys are standing up for ordinary working people, listening to them, acting on their behalf, not looking for expenses scams and taking cash for questions. Not a dodgy Swiss HBC Bank account
    between them, not taking up seats in the House of Lords.

    We can have people like this ruining, sorry, running the country. It just isn’t fair on us Fat Cats and Monkeys with Red Rosettes!

    Although I have never voted Tory in my life, I would rather see a Blue Tory in government, as they make it quite clear that they have no support in Scotland and don’t expect any. As such they couldn’t give a damn about us and their actions repeatedly back that up.

    Red Tory Labour are exactly the same, only they take the trouble to lie to you before doing nothing whatsoever that might benefit Scotland.

  79. ScottieDog says:

    So it’s very simple, labour would work with the Tories before they would work with the SNP as commons votes have shown.
    Should be a warning to labour supporters out there.

  80. Joemcg says:

    Probably the most vile photograph ever in world history above.

  81. Valerie says:

    @Lollysmum, 1.11, that’s my local! Cumbernauld media is on FB, and anytime Gregg is mentioned, it’s not pleasant. The most recent piece on him abstaining on the fracking vote did nothing to endear him. Cumbernauld voted Yes, and the SNP branch has tripled in size, pounding the streets for some weeks now!

    I’m quite surprised at Greggs educational attainment, as it does not come over in his correspondence.

  82. Mark Rowantree says:

    I don’t believe I’ve actually heard anyone official from the SNP confirming they’re aim is a coalition with Labour? It seems to be the Westminster establishment who can’t quite conceive of anyone not having a Westminster-centric approach to politics. Further, I would doubt it would be logical for the SNP to form part of a ruling elite they claim to want to dismantle. Of course, this is completely different from withholding or lending support on confidence and supply motions.

    Unfortunately, I can see no way in which a generation of Scots Labour politicians, brought up to equate membership of the SNP with eating babies would ever consensually consent to work with the SNP on any matter or at any level.

    Fortunately for the British Labour Party’s sake, if the opinion polls prove to be accurate their won’t be too many of these tribalist dinosaurs around come the summer.

    However, as any long standing SNP supporter will caution it is not wise to count your chickens, until they are hatched. Therefore I’ll continue to treat all this media speculation of Nicola Sturgeon being a potential king maker, as fanciful speculation and idle gossip.

  83. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Valerie It does say he got a Phd at Oxford examiniation was held in the toilets wie a red line drawn on the wall,pishin higher dipsdick.

  84. jackson says:

    Can’t stop looking at that pic of no supporting muppets cheering, and I can’t remember a more spineless opposition than the current crop of labour nut jobs, truth is labour mp’s have been brain dead for years now so hopefully good riddance to the lot of them come may, several decades of neo-liberal brainwashing have paid off in the sense that the majority of no voters see no problem with privatization, low paid work, austerity, attacks on the poor and sick, and actually, they demand more of the same!

  85. BigAl says:

    Bookie from hell,

    I have been trying to verify the D.O.Y. appointment, but am unable to locate the article you mention.
    Can you supply a link, please?
    Or if anyone else can assist?

  86. The Man in the Jar says:

    My suggestion for an election poster for the GE. Four words.

    “Vote Labour”

    Aye Right!

  87. Tamson says:

    O/T a bit…

    Regarding Labour MPs at the trough, is it possible that some among their Scottish number are looking to throw this election for personal gain? If I recall correctly, this is the last GE that generous “resettlement” payoffs will be available for MPs who lose their seats.

    From this article:

    “Scrapping “resettlement payments”, which were worth up to £64,766 for long-serving MPs still of working age, the first £30,000 of which was tax-free. and introducing “more modest” redundancy packages, available only to those who contest their seat and lose”

  88. a2 says:

    I’m now lost as to how quitting the party fits in with labour first strategy.

    Unless they have actually realised that they are a liability to the party which will do better without them? (It seems unlikely that they have that much self awareness)

  89. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Just a thought, but if the SNP wipe out most of Labour’s Scottish MPs then they won’t have to co-operate with the SNP, although they may have to co-operate with the DWP of course when they sign on.

  90. Bob Mack says:

    @The Man In The Jar.
    Surely Vote Labour
    Naw Wrong !

  91. KennyG says:

    A wave of satisfaction washes over me when I think about all those SLab politicians sitting in their ‘seats for life’ knowing that their cushy little world is about to come crashing down. I’d imagine it may be more of a Tsunami come may. I bloody hope so.

    What gets me the most though are these snide little two faced bastards. They act all professional, Mr nice guy, man of the people, taking the moral high ground and champions of democracy. That’s all it is though, an act. The second things start going against them their only plan is to spit the dummy out, lie, cheat, fuck democracy, ban SNP MPs etc.

    Under pressure they have shown their true colours. Nasty, spiteful, hateful people whose only interests are money, prestige and self preservation.

  92. JLT says:

    I’ll make no bones about it …I’ll never, ever vote Labour. Ever!

    The Tories however, get a smidgen of respect from me. Why? Because when they say they are going to kick your head. They do it. For basically, telling me the truth, I have that small bit of respect.

    Labour however …gets nothing but my sheer contempt.

    This party has generally failed to help the poorest of the poor in Scotland. It has placed party before people. This is a party that climbed into bed with the Tory bully-boys and were key in deceiving a nation, if not the entire UK. This is a party that stole hope from a young generation. This is the party that tried to destroy one of the dreams in my life.

    Now …I hate the Labour party. I cannot abide it. But I do want to see an SNP-Labour coalition. Not for what is best for the nation, though I do hope that Labour with the SNP help other parts of the UK. But primarily, it is to have the books opened. If the SNP ever step into the corridors of power within Westminster and Whitehall, I hope they find the truth of what has been done to Scotland for decades …even centuries.

    And then I hope that the rest of my countrymen who voted ‘No’, will finally awaken to the truth, and thus move this nation towards to a new horizon, and a much better future.

  93. David S. says:

    I find it deplorable that some Labour MP’s stated that even if it was the will of the people, they wouldn’t do it. Why are they in office then? Surely, it was the will of the people that’s given them their job in the first place?

    It confirms what I’ve felt for a while now, there are MP’s out there that are not fit for office.

    I hope the people of Scotland give Labour the boot at the next GE.

  94. seoc says:

    The only plainly visible solution to the contrived UK is to ditch Westminster and all who sail in it, finally and completely.

  95. Craig P says:

    JLT that’s a good point about SNP being in a position to see the books in Whitehall – tbh it makes an SNP coalition with anyone more unlikely. Not that I think it likely anyway as the Tories are surely certain to have the largest number of MPs, no matter how well Labour do in Scotland, due to the ‘can you imagine Ed Milliband as PM?’ effect.

  96. Soda says:

    As i dont plan on running for public office anytime soon i would just like to take this opportunity to say…

    I’d love to stick the nut in everyone of those twonks in the above pic!

  97. Alan McHarg says:

    As has been said before, seeing the photograph of these servile, ignorant arseholes celebrating the surrender of their Nation, makes me feel sick yet more so, enraged. We must rid ourselves of this abomination, cutting out this cancer once and for all. We will have to “break a few eggs before finishing this omelet”! We can only hope that this time democracy is allowed to prevail.

    Regarding Labour, their whole campaign is once again built on lying, threats and the stealing of SNP policy. They have nothing to offer the people of Scotland, nor the rUK.

  98. drawdeaddave says:

    The report says.. Labour Mp’s “SAY” they will quit, now if they had made a “VOW” to quit, then we would know for sure it was a con & just more Labour lies…

  99. IAB says:

    They’ll do as they’re telt

  100. Alan McHarg says:

    Soda…I couldn’t agree more!!!

  101. Dal Riata says:

    That picture above is physically repulsive.

    All those good people out there in various regions of the world who have to fight every day just to survive on the worst bits of their own land ‘given’ to them by their oppressors, who have been willing to die for their right to self-determination, who are tyrannized by others at the point of a gun, who are refused democracy, who dream the dream of freedom.

    And yet…

    Scotland was given the chance on 19 September 2014 to do that which so many are so forcefully denied – to vote for its independence… and said no…

    The only ‘country’ to refuse its own independence… For shame.

    What will those people in that picture say to their grandchildren in the future if asked, ‘Why were you so happy that day, grandpa/grandma?’

  102. velofello says:

    The Sun really is a tease. Page 3 girls, will they or wont they bare their uppers, now its saying that Scot Labour MPs – won’t say how many or who of their driftwood MPs will quit – if there is a working agreement with the SNP.

    Bare uppers vs bare faced chancers. The Sun teases.

  103. jimnarlene says:

    They’ll not need to quit, they’ll be voted out before they get the chance.

  104. michael diamond says:

    Agree with stonefree.

  105. The Man in the Jar says:

    @Bob Mack

    @The Man In The Jar.

    Surely Vote Labour
    Naw Wrong !”

    I am using the Glasgow “Aye Right!” here also because the Labour party are “Always (to the) right”.

    I guess it may not work in some places. 🙁

  106. Faltdubh says:

    That photo is awful. I remember it well too from the time.

    It’s a great incentive though. We NEED to get out there and vote SNP on the 15th. I’m sorry Greenie and SSP pals, I have a few myself, but next year is the time for the smaller pro-indy parties and I will definitely be giving both a vote for Holyrood.

    Let’s get going. And any new members of the SNP – whatever you can do, if it’s just 20mins a week you can spare. Let’s do it and get involved.

    Just think, we could have the satisifcation of Davidson, Sarwar, Curran, Alexander Bros, heck even Carmichael! Well maybe not that far, but yes, it won’t be indy and it won’t make up for that awful few days in mid-late September, but we’ll have vanished 2014 forever and given Westminister an all mighty headache.

  107. Roll_On_2015 says:

    ronnie anderson: at 12:17 pm


    ronnie I cannot make your link work. The only one that surfaced was the following:

    Jonathan Portes on SNP demands on austerity changes

    Was this the one you meant?

  108. Shuggy says:

    When I look at that photo I see a group of people from five months ago who, in that snapshot moment, really believed they’d just won something.

    I wonder how they’re feeling today. What do they think of their “victory” now? How do they feel about what’s happened since? What do they think of their politicians’ behaviour? The continued austerity? The fracking? The Better Togetherness?

    Did they really think the outcome would lead to better things? Do they still believe what they believed back then? Or would they vote differently now?

    If any of us had been pictured that night, would our mood back then have been the same as it is now? The blow could have been fatal but we’re recovering and pressing on. Maybe they’re the ones who are not so positive now.

    I think we’ve all met, or at least heard of, people who now regret voting no. They’re more to be pitied than scolded. I’d like to think some of these guys are among them.

    And that they’ll be a little more discerning with their votes in May.

  109. Lollysmum says:

    If you go to vote on the 15th you’ll have missed the election altogether. May 7th is voting day 🙂

  110. Lollysmum says:

    Faltdubh-sorry I misread your name

  111. Robert Peffers says:

    Yeah! I can just see it now. A Labour seat polisher resigning the London Labour in Scotland Party and continuing as an independent to represent the constituency he/she was elected to represent as a London Labour in Scotland MP.

    Convesley resigning from the London Labour in Scotland Party and joining another party and continuing to represent the voters who elected them. Which party, though, would have them?

    So their only other option is to leave the party and stand down as an MP and lose their salary & expenses. End up on the dole and find themselves sanctioned. I’ve been chuckling at these thought since I read Rev Stu’s article.

    Mind you I had to go out and got some very strange looks from passers by as I hobbled along with the aid of a stick and with my neck in a surgical collar and laughing to myself.

  112. Robert Peffers says:

    @stonefree says:12 February, 2015 at 11:36 am:

    <"“I wish that the SNP never make any comments of any pact with the trash,”

    Now I’ll tell you something,stonefree, I’ve a very good memory and I cannot remember the SNP actually saying they would enter a coalition with Labour. I do remember them saying they would NOT enter coalition with the Tories.

    Perhaps you could quote me a cite for the SNP saying they would make a pact with Labour.

  113. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helena Brown says:12 February, 2015 at 12:12 pm:

    ” …The SNP is not going into coalition with anyone,”

    That has been my view as being the very best thing from a Scottish viewpoint, Helena.

    An English coalition of Tories and others large enough to form a government and large enough to outvote Labour. Not though large enough outvote Labour if the SNP, remaining free, vote with Labour only if it is best for Scotland. It also means Labour have to make concessions for the good of Scotland on other matters or the SNP just abstain to spite them. So no formal coalition with anyone. I note Farage has just said he will not go into coalition with anyone.

  114. Patrician says:

    Who cares, it is like me saying after I have been sacked, I am not going to work for that company now.

  115. Shuggy says:

    British Labour Party: Nat Scum! We’ll never vote with you!

    SNP: But we have ideas that could really help the people of Scotland…


    SNP: Hear us out. We’ll introduce a Bill to…


    SNP: To NOT hold another referendum in the next five years…

    BLP: NEV – oh, hang on, WAIT –


  116. Sandra says:

    @Grizzle McPuss
    I don’t doubt there’s bad blood and vitriol, I’m just leery about giving too much credence to unattributed remarks in a Sun article. Remember they just want to sell papers and a bit of shit stirring never goes amiss.

  117. Grizzle McPuss says:


    “Remember they just want to sell papers and a bit of shit stirring never goes amiss”

    Hence why I refer to the Sun as a “rag”. It’s not worthy of the title newspaper.

    Izal, Cushelle, Andrex are perhaps more appropriate descriptions.

  118. stonefree says:

    @Robert Peffers 11:20 pm
    @stonefree says:12 February, 2015 at 11:36 am:

    <"“I wish that the SNP never make any comments of any pact with the trash,”
    Now I’ll tell you something,stonefree, I’ve a very good memory and I cannot remember the SNP actually saying they would enter a coalition with Labour. I do remember them saying they would NOT enter coalition with the Tories.
    Perhaps you could quote me a cite for the SNP saying they would make a pact with Labour.
    I said pact,never coalition,as the quote shows
    That said this is the type of stuff I object to the Telegraph a couple of days ago quoting

    Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Mrs Sturgeon said Labour would have to “moderate its position” on deficit reduction if it wanted to form a government with the help of the SNP.
    She went on: "I am not going to support governments that plough ahead with austerity, that damage the poorest in society.
    "I would certain hope if there was a Labour government dependent on SNP support, which actually is the most popular preferred outcome of people in Scotland, then we could persuade and influence a Labour government to take a more moderate approach to deficit reduction.
    “A Labour government that looked to the SNP for support would have to moderate its position in that regard.
    “That would be popular not just with SNP supporters but I’m sure with a lot of traditional Labour supporters in Scotland and across the rest of the UK as well."

    That's the stuff I object to ,and there is loads of it.When taken distortedly by the media it leads on to MSM reporting Labour-SNP coalition,which in turn gets up rUK's nose
    Note she did say "if" and "Labour government dependent on SNP support" and Telegraph calls her Mrs
    To be clear I did say pact ,did in not say coalition

  119. Murto says:

    Scotland was robbed (again), (Six Nations v.. Wales in Dún Éadan/Edinburgh)

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