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A criminal state

Posted on February 01, 2021 by

Evidently the SNP didn’t think they looked bad enough already today.

Or more likely, they just wanted to try to bury all of their skeletons at once in a single giant avalanche of crookedness. But either way, enough is enough. Criminals accused of perjury don’t get to decide if they’ll answer for their lies or not.

The Fabiani committee has the power to compel witnesses to attend. They must now use that power without further delay, or they must call on the police to arrest the SNP’s chief executive immediately and drag him into an interview room by his ears if need be with a solicitor in attendance. (Doubtless also paid for by SNP members.)

Scotland is not GoodFellas. Nobody is above the law. Stop this damn rot now.

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184 to “A criminal state”

  1. Highland Bill says:

    They could always ask Joanna Cherry to represent him pro bono

  2. Ian Mac says:

    Evidently the hierarchy of the SNP consider themselves above the law. I believe it is called despotism. No-one shall dare hold them to account, on pain of being purged, exiled or reputationally destroyed.

  3. Geoff Anderson says:

    I’m sure it is just a misunderstanding.
    A few phone calls will resolve it

  4. Republicofscotland says:

    Well, well, well, Murrell is showing his guilt, I hope the b*stards shitting himself.

    Fabiani better not bottle it.

  5. Sam says:

    Left the snp today. Joanna Cherry treatment was the final straw. State of the party is almost beyond belief

  6. Donny says:

    Highland Bill

    Wouldn’t that be something to see!

  7. Annie 621 says:

    “…you’re a funny guy” Rev..
    Feel like we’ve been living through the last twenty minutes of Good fellas for months now.

  8. Scott says:

    The extent of the corruption is shocking.

  9. Eileen Carson says:

    Alex Salmond warned them [I believe 2010] about them both holding high office within the party. Well HELL MEND THEM!

  10. lumilumi says:

    @ Highland Bill 6:55pm

    Thanks, now I have tea all over my keyboard. 😀 😀

  11. Kenny says:

    According to Tommy Sheridan, a judge-led inquiry is in the hands of the Scottish Parliament, they can set this up.

    I’ve never known anything like it in my life. It’s time we stopped pussy-footing and tippy-toeing around this gross criminal act – either they’re guilty or they’re innocent and the people need to know the truth of this corrupt government and its tainted, shameless leader. Let’s get this ball rolling.

  12. Robert Hughes says:

    Lol , what , does he think he’s being invited to little cheese and wine soiree ?

    ” thank you kindly for the invitation , sadly I am unable to accept at this time due to pressure of work – those tweets won’t delete themselves , haw haw haw
    Yours Peter Pecker Murrell .”

    Maybe Maw Mennie could write him a wee sick-note

  13. lumilumi says:

    On a more serious note, after reading about the NEC shananigans (was that only yesterday?) I was thinking of writing something about the flaws of the list system as it exists in Scotland but since then things just keep coming and coming like an avalance.

    I feel like Scotland is in great peril, and it is all on the head of Nicola Sturgeon.

  14. BLMac says:

    The stench of merde increases.

    When will the party faithful stop believing it when they’re told it’s recycled food?

  15. Heaver says:

    Thanks to the Murrells, the SNP is likely to be wiped out in May.

    There needs to be a sudden realigning of loyalties amongst the bench-warmers, it’s the only way they will survive.

  16. Morag Frame says:

    I don’t think I have ever commented on your site before Stu, but am an avid reader.
    Absolutely disgusted with this murky tale and resigned my membership last month over the Salmond affair – not that they care about me. Murrell has to be accountable, in orchestrating this shambles and loosing so many. The cause of Independence will continue and as soon as we achieve our goal, a fresh government must be voted in.

  17. cynicalHighlander says:

    Is this the neverendum?

  18. Meg merrilees says:

    This is just astonishing and it gets worse and worse!

    Imagine if Howard Shipman couldn’t be bothered appearing in Court tomorrow or if Donald trump can’t be bothered getting impeached.

    No one should be afraid to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  19. Ian McCubbin says:

    It just gets more rediculous by the hour. A couple of Facebook SNP Indy groups have been redacted by administrator because folk like me telling them facts which some don’t like.
    This is all going to go viral, Murrells on Alex Salmond case, Joanna Cherry witch hunt.
    Will watch and see the fall out.

  20. Cath says:

    If anyone has cat, make sure you hide it well for the next couple of weeks. There can’t be enough cats in Scotland for all the dead ones being chucked on tables right now.

  21. Liz says:

    Since I ‘ve left the SNP, I can say what I like. Sturgeon is a damaged deranged nutter. She needs to go but will she?
    Today she has wrecked the SNP beyond repair.

    Even previous loyal fans are, WTF.

    I believe she is (tractor), for what reason, I don’t know.

    Previously on here, people have said, the Sturrels would burn the house down before they went. I didn’t think they would but there you go.

  22. Highland Bill says:

    lumilumi says:
    1 February, 2021 at 7:06 pm
    @ Highland Bill 6:55pm

    Thanks, now I have tea all over my keyboard. ? ?‘
    You could always ask the SNP for the money I donated to the ring fenced cash to be given to you, although I fear it has already been spent so you will have to accept my apologies.

    Donny says:
    1 February, 2021 at 7:04 pm
    Highland Bill

    Wouldn’t that be something to see”

    Why would be even better to see was a Prosecutor called Joanna Cherry presiding over a court case with the defendants called Mr Sturgeon, and Ms Murrell, and the Alphabettys as a booby prize

  23. Craig Sheridan says:

    It was a certainty he wouldn’t attend as he would likely incriminate himself and others.

    It’s the opposite of Alex Salmond’s non-attendance. One because he demands the full evidence and truth and the other because he wants to supress it.

  24. David says:

    He must have a headache.

  25. Beaker says:

    Anything to knock Joanna Cherry off the Twitter Number 1 spot.

  26. DMT says:

    Might Jackie Baillie or Murdo Fraser request the use of the power to compel? After all, Ms Baillie was the one who formally requested Mr Murrell be investigated by the Crown Office (under siege for their own ‘wrongful prosecutions’)for alleged perjury? Could the press the issue?

  27. cynicalHighlander says:

    He’ll be washing his hair.

  28. Astonished says:

    The woke wont be able to save you. I wonder how long you’ll get.
    Fabiani, Allan, Watt and McMillan better not bottle this.
    New (just as woke as the old) NEC don’t bother – I assume you’ll do nothing.

  29. kapelmeister says:

    He wants to be weft alone so he can get the party accounts in order. Weave him alone.

  30. Artur sweet says:

    What would happen if every non-SNP member of the committee walked away, stating the whole thing was a complete waste of time?

  31. Captain Yossarian says:

    I read earlier that David Moorcroft, the Duff and Phelps Director maliciously prosecuted by the Scottish Crown Offiuce was held for 6 days and nights in a concrete cell withou a bed.

    It’s now time for Baillie and Fabiani to show this parliament means business. If they fail, it’s goodnight Vienna.

    Am I right in saying the last time this happened was with the Murdoch father and son who refused to attend a Westminster hearing. They attended in the end.

    Things are looking brighter for Salmond by the hour at the moment, aren’t they.

  32. laukat says:

    Is Murrell self-identfying as an innocent person? Perhaps he has a diablity in telling the truth and will be on the regional list?

  33. Daisy Walker says:

    I think I may have been wrong. My guess was Boris told Nicla, burn the house down a wee bit, so that the SNP is the major party at Holyrood, but doesnt get an outright majority. And we’ll protect you.

    This however, is scorched earth.

    So, guess number 2, is bring Holyrood, Police Scotland, the Fiscal Service and the Inquiry into such a state of ill repute that Westminster will ride to the rescue, close it down (as it did with Stormont) and ride out the demand for Indy for the next 10 years, as they asset strip to their hearts content.

    No wonder the likes of Nigel Farage have been spouting confidently in the passing that there will be no May HE election.

    So, what’s our plan folks if/when they do that, cause we’d better have one, and by we, I mean us, the common people, because this is one time when the people have to lead and the parties catch up.

  34. Captain Yossarian says:

    I wonder what the Lord Asvocate, James Wolffe QC, advised him to do……any ideas?

  35. Sharny Dubs says:

    Let’s lookin the bright side. What lessons have we learnt?
    In our independent Scotland what mechanisms do we put in place to reign in a rogue FM?
    What procedures do we put in place to stop related people being put in positions of power and public office?
    What mechanisms do we put in place to stop foreign powers wielding power and influence in our democracy?
    What needs to be done now to clear out this nest of vipers with the least damage to our cause or our people?

  36. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m going to suggest that the plan is, decent folk step away from the SNP, acknowledge the concerns and the HE becomes a method for the electorate to ensure a clear out, in addition to PEH.

    If ISP go for the list seat on PEH only.

    And the former SNP Indies – ‘I’m too honest for the SNP’ Candidates stand for the Constituency vote on a mandate of Pleb + Confirmation Indy Ref in 2 years, plus big clean up of corruption, we can get there.

    Lets keep in sight that the people of Scotland overwhelmingly support having a devolved parliament.

  37. Garry says:

    Clearly they are above the law. He isn’t going to appear and absolutely nothing is going to happen about it.

  38. John Jones says:

    Is that the picture of him saying bye,bye Nicola?

  39. A Person says:


    In the past few weeks, senior Tories and their associates have changed their tune regarding Holyrood. Their patience has run out. Perhaps the insane woke shit has fucked them off, who knows? Still, reading between the lines it looks like they have decided to get rid of Holyrood.

    If Sturgeon continues along this path, a unionist majority at Holyrood is entirely plausible: it would just take a shift of a few seats, and as has been pointed out a few posts back, her polling is significantly poorer than it was at this stage in the 2016 cycle.

    But if that doesn’t happen, I honestly think they have just decided enough’s enough, and they’ll use this scandal to their advantage. Scorched earth as you say. Like Thatcher and the miners. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had steered vulnerable, insecure narcissist Sturgeon into half these errors.

    No doubt all those who call Wingers crazy and vile will have fantastically witty hashtags to post when this takes place. One of the worst mistakes the left makes is to mock the Tories and treat them as laughably off-fashioned: they are as hard as nails when they need to be.

  40. Captain Yossarian says:

    That’s the problem when the Fabiani Inquiry only sits on Tuesdays. On Monday evening, Peter Murrell tells them he isn’t going to attend; that’s the program fecked for another whole week.

    Mind-you, there is all of that legal information which was submitted on Friday. That will have been checked-in by the Holyrood form-fillers by now. Can that be made public?

  41. Daisy Walker says:

    Kapelmaster – I find your sense of humour warped… and threadbare… once I’d cotton’d onto it.

    No more spinning now.

  42. Effijy says:

    Mr Murrell is looking for a stay of execution.

    Just another few days worth of a six figure SNP salary,
    A redundancy pay from Westminster and the wife
    can hang on to her £150K per annum a wee while longer.

    The Chair in the Big House awaits Mr Murrell.

  43. Highland Bill says:

    So that’s Joanna Cherry received more threats to her safety, am sure the FM will issue a video tonight supporting her MP at this time…………ok maybe I am going a bit to far regarding the video……………. and maybe also by mentioning a tweet………. wheesht for the transcult

  44. Pete says:

    Any response to the letter sent to the SNP Treasurer regarding the so- called ring-fenced funds?

  45. Daisy Walker says:

    And the worst of it is… what the hell is Chris Cairns supposed to draw a picture of this week.

    If ever there was a good week to go on a golfing holiday this would be it. Bloody Covid lockdown.

  46. Iain More says:

    What is the bet that the committee wont compel Mr Sturgeon to appear. The carcass is now rank rotten.

  47. Lynne says:

    @ Daisy Walker 7.58

    what the hell is Chris Cairns supposed to draw a picture of this week.

    A burning house with some appropriately-attired rats running out should just about do it.

  48. Lochside says:

    I’ve been saying on here for a long time that the SNP were compromised at the top and all the way down to its rotten bottom.This latest craven act by the ‘invisible man’ or should it be the ‘Manchurian candidate’ Murrell demonstrates it further.
    Sturgeon’s own latest spiteful act confirms…as if it was needed… that she is vicious, stupid and narcissistic to the point of dangerous delusion.

    Unfortunately, I attended her headline act at the SECC back in 2015(?). I walked out in disgust and attended the RIC ‘do’ across from it. It was earnest, but honest in it’s navel gazing desire to really come up with a new vibrant template for Scotland. I saw the two ends of the spectrum that day. The hero worship display at Sturgeon’s rally unsettled and worried me.

    I commented on here also about Sturgeon and her cohort’s reluctance to attend AUOB marches. All those in the rat race choir of Sturgeonistas have either disappeared or run to the WGD site where their cognitive dissonance stinks up what was once a fine site.

    I have long believed that the whole Westminster and Holyrood parties were compromised ( with obvious exception) by UK state bribery and coercion along with cowardice on an industrial scale. Mass abstention from voting for the SNP must occur to squeeze the life out of the most dangerous Unionist party in Scotland. We must not let this Trojan Horse organisation go any further down the road to degradation of our cause

  49. Sylvia says:

    How predictable was this “Action & inaction have consequences. Tonight I’ve received a vicious threat from a man to my personal safety. The matter has been reported to Police Scotland & I’m somewhere safe. Thank you for all the lovely messages of support”.

  50. Skip_NC says:

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in the USA for almost twenty years, but I am not surprised that Peter Murrell would not attend. Nobody who has been referred to a prosecutor would attend a Congressional hearing and, if they did, they would exercise their rights under Article 5 of the Bill of Rights.

    Now, you might say that all this American stuff is of no relevance. However, I observe that the SP inquiry was put on hold until Alex Salmond’s criminal trial was over. Do I wish it were different? A thousand times yes. However, I suspect Peter Murrell will be able to hold off until it no longer matters.

  51. Desimond says:


    Hahaha… it really is one rule for Jock Bloggs and another for the Establishment Political class.

    A man who deems himself above Public scrutiny… if only there was a word for such people..

    Least we know our Media will be all over this like a dog on a bone down Irvine Beach

  52. Saffron Robe says:

    You’re absolutely right Stuart. It’s either one or the other; there can be no hiding place in a civilised society for those who make a mockery of the law.

  53. The friendly Sassenach says:

    Looks like the dam is beginning to crack.
    Here is The Guardian tonight…

  54. greyskies says:

    Just joined the ISP.

    When Paypal directed me back to the ‘merchant page’, it seemed to have crashed. I sincerely hope that it’s due to unprecedented traffic.

  55. John H. says:

    It certainly looks to me as if Westminster/MI5 have organised all this to close down Holyrood. Boris Johnson has been going on for quite a while about the mess the SNP have made of running Scotland.

    It seems to have been a long term plan, but after Johnson became PM it was decided to activate Sturgeon. Create chaos to make devolution look unworkable, then Westminster reluctantly steps in to take over.

  56. Bob Mack says:

    Sturgeon will be making a video very soon to support Ms Cherry. Nah. I dont think so either.

  57. John H. says:

    I should add that no one down south will object, because they have all been told that we can’t run ourselves, and many seem to believe it.

  58. Joan Savage says:

    Just heard that Joanna Cherry has had to access police protection tonight. Will Ms Sturgeon release a ‘reaching out’ video to reassure her and all those tearing up their membership cards today? Will she condemn misogyny and threats of violence in the strongest terms?

  59. The Isolator says:

    Greyskies @ 8.09

    Same happened to me,also hoping that’s the case.

  60. Carol Neill says:

    It’s not a bloody tea party
    I’m not hugely politically minded but I’m absolutely disgusted with what’s going on and what’s being allowed to go on

  61. Skip_NC says:

    The Friendly Sassenach @ 8:08pm, I read your link – thank you. I thought it was a neutral, even-handed piece. Then I looked at who had written it. Severin Carrell. The writing really is on the wall now.

  62. Ian Mac says:

    So they are going to stonewall and obstruct the enquiry, refusing to hand over the documents, forgetting every conversation they ever had, and brazening it out until May. And rest assured, they have made it clear to those on the committee and elsewhere in Scotland that if you question them too much and demand accountability, then your job and public profile will be at threat. The very definition of one party autocracy. Clearly in an independent Scotland they expect to be the monarchy, for which they are rehearsing and accustoming the populace. They have got their courtiers in place. Absolute power rules.

  63. Effijy says:

    Alex and Joanna are a perfect match to lead the March to independence
    and clear the dross blocking our path.

    We stand with you Joanne, whatever you need!

  64. Mist001 says:

    He turned it down because he knows damned well that he could and if he did, nothing would be done about it. He was safe as houses.

    Sheer arrogance and proof that the outcome of the enquiry has already been decided.

  65. Betsy says:

    Looks like the committee aren’t too pleased…

  66. It`s like Patrick Harvie is in charge not Nicola Sturgeon,

    what deal has been made to guarantee Green Party support,

    without Green Party the SNP can`t form a Government,

    if no Government formed in Holyrood then Westminster would take over,

    like they did at Stormont,

    basically `let the misogynists in or let the Tory Gov in`,

    that`s what those advocating voting Green in the regional vote has brought us.

    We so need another pro indy party not just to take unionist seats but to halt the Woke ideology of the Green fanatics.

  67. PhilM says:

    Anyone know if there’s a helipad on the roof of Bute House?

  68. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Lynne says:
    1 February, 2021 at 8:04 pm

    @ Daisy Walker 7.58

    what the hell is Chris Cairns supposed to draw a picture of this week.

    A burning house with some appropriately-attired rats running out should just about do it.

    Nah an invasion of Yellow rat snakes into Bute House will do the trick.

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    Hopefully soon, Murrell will be doing time in Barlinnie.

  70. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Any response to the letter sent to the SNP Treasurer regarding the so- called ring-fenced funds?”


  71. Derek says:

    The inquiry has no legal compulsion to fall back on, sadly, so they have to accept his non-attendance. I’m not sure whether they have any other levers available to them.

  72. Lothianlad says:

    Really a sad reflection of what the SNP has become under the murrels.

    The highly driven, power hungry, limelight loving, wee lassie fae Ayrshire who was fast tracked to the top of the SNP, has done more damage to independence than the entire No campaign in 2014.

    What a legacy, that future generations will class her like james stewart of mentieth

  73. Harry mcaye says:

    Greyskies – I also joined the ISP today, didn’t want to pay by PayPal so paid by debit card, then it went to a weird screen, something about cookies needing to be enabled. Checked email and it has gone through as a PayPal payment, even though it definitely wasn’t. I presume the party will be in touch.

  74. Lothianlad says:

    The fabiani led inquiry is window dressing. They really fear AS.
    NS is a shit leader who works for the brit state.

  75. Career: Politician says:

    Totally agree – enough is enough.

  76. Tannadice Boy says:

    The SNP and there elected members have chosen their path. What about our Scottish Institutions, COPFS and Police Scotland? Are they going to allow themselves to be pulled into this ever decreasing vortex?. There is enough Prima Facie evidence already for them to investigate and take action especially against Peter Murrell.

  77. Lenny Hartley says:

    Can we report him and others to the polis as we suspect that there has been a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice or defeat the ends of justice?
    I remember back in 2014 i reported brown to the Chief Constable of Fife for overspending on his election expenses, however I got a nice letter back from the CC stating that his appearances on telly did not amount to x amount of advertising as I claimed.
    Would it be best to wait until the trial is over and see what transpires, ?

  78. Elmac says:

    Armageddon awaits for Sturgeon and is imminent. Did AS foresee this? It would not surprise me if that was the reason for the long silence. I hope he gives the whole stinking shit show both barrels when he appears before the committee and finishes this rotten drag queen and her entourage off. There will be concerns about the legal reach of Wolffe the woffler if Alec crosses their line on exposure of sensitive data, which conveniently includes damning evidence of criminality and collusion on his part and that of the SG and police and is already largely in the public domain, but, if Alec goes for it, there will be such a public outcry that they will not dare try for another malicious prosecution.

    Craig Murray has very bravely put his head over the parapet. Back him up and go for it Alec. There is a whole nation waiting to unite behind you when the Sturgeon cabal have been exposed for all to see.

  79. Sarah says:

    @ Derek: the committee does have powers to compel a witness to attend. See Murdo Fraser’s twitter.

    I suggest we all email Linda Fabiani at least and urge her to do so. My email will be to the whole committee.

  80. Garrion says:

    What wit and guile. In response to being called in the answer is “no thanks”.

    This is either the last days of Saigon or, they have a plan of such subtlety and brilliance that mere mortals cannot comprehend.

    My money is on one, Bob.

  81. PacMan says:

    The big game plan from the pro Nicola Sturgeon camp is to wheesht for Indy. Nothing about it has to be talked about, no discussion on currency or anything. Don’t worry, everything will be all right and the independence referendum will be won.

    By rightly openly criticising this and asking for alternatives for a reasonable chance of winning a future referendum, there will be the charge that in doing so, will derail the chance of winning the referendum by keeping with the status quo.

    If there was a referendum in the next year or two and it is lost, there will be a most likely chance that those who opposed the ‘wheesht for indy’ strategy. Also in doing so, we would never know if this strategy would ever have worked.

    If that did happen, there would be a good chance that Nicola Sturgeon and her merry band of people who leave the referendum with their reputations intact as it will be spinned by outside observers as the defeat being caused by infighting.

    If that did occur, Sturgeon and co will win either way.

    In no way am I saying that current events are being engineered for this outcome. That gives too much credit to the current SNP leadership but it is a depressing thought that it could well happen as an unintentional outcome.

  82. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mist001 – as I understand it, Holyrood can force him to attend and they can also call for a judge-led inquiry.

  83. Jm says:

    Yet again another really really stupid strategic political move from Murrell and his advisors/handlers.

    It makes Murrell look guilty as sin and forces the committee to either look completely toothless or forces them to call him.

    Fucking amateur hour again from these clowns.

    They cant even do corruption competently,

  84. Mist001 says:

    @ Captain Yossarian

    They can but my guess is that Mr. Murrell already knows that they won’t.

    The outcome of the enquiry was pre-determined and what we’re seeing is just for appearances sake.

  85. Alf Baird says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I see still only the Solidarity Party are proposing to include May’s election as a plebiscite on independence in its manifesto.

    The independence movement only needs one such option for the Constituencies and another for the List.

    Is it beyond two indy parties tae sort that oot?

  86. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mist001 – In that case, Alex Salmonds testimony takes-on even more significance. I have only been contributing here for 3-weeks or so; when I started, Alex Salmond was seen as yesterday’s man and no-one wanted him back. That’s not the case any longer, is it?

    The way I see it, Salmond is the only hope the SNP, and Holyrood, have. Without Salmond, both could be goners soon.

    Momentum is everything and it is clearly with Salmond just now. Good luck to him. He and his team that backed him deserve it.

  87. The Isolator says:

    Harry mcaye

    Just received membership confirmation from ISP.

  88. Mia says:

    Well, If I was in charge of that committee I would certainly give this coward 24 hours to change his mind and show face at the inquiry. Should he chose not to, then I would inform him bluntly that I would be exercising my right as convener to use the channels at my disposal to request from the COPFS ALL the whatsapp messages, not just the ones Murrell did not write or received.

    Depending of the content of those messages, the committee under my guidance would be considering sending those messages to the judge that presided over Mr Salmond’s criminal case to determine if such evidence should have been released at the time and not releasing it was therefore contempt of court.

    In addition, I would advise him that upon reading the messages and concluding with them for the inquiry, they would be published with the rest of the evidence in the inquiry website so the electorate in Scotland could know just what kind of people has been in charge of the SNP. The committee of course would reserve their right to report him to the police if they saw something untoward on those messages.

    I would give this coward two choices: either he drags his arse to give evidence to the committee voluntarily, or the committee would use the channels at its disposal to obtain the evidence by themselves.

    That the committee is allowing this coward, his wife and her puppets to dictate the pace of the inquiry is completely unacceptable.

    Time for the committee to take the silk gloves off, put the marigold ones on and let Ms Fabiani know that if she is not up for it, she can leave the post to somebody else that is prepared to get their hands dirty and do what needs to be done to unearth the evidence that is required for them to do their job.

    Enough with this farce.

  89. AwakeNotWoke says:

    I cannot believe the radio silence from them re threat to Joanna Cherry. Bastards.

  90. Bob Mack says:

    Hearing the amendments to the GRA Bill have been withdrawn till a new definition is created. Girls you are going to be sold down the river.

  91. Saffron Robe says:

    I agree Captain Yossarian, let’s hope the tide is turning and Alex can ride the wave.

  92. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Total defeat is always preceded by a series of relatively minor defeats, fought with nothing more substantial than sheer desperation on the part of the loser(s). The war is almost over, but the enemy remains hubristically intoxicated thus dangerously erratic, in the way of a cornered rat.

  93. Mist001 says:

    I believe Salmond to be yesterdays man. Expecting him to return like some shining knight on a white unicorn to save the day is just wishful thinking. He’s resigned the leadership twice, has just come out a very dangerous court case and has already been neutered with the threat of contempt of court or some other spurious charges if he discloses certain bits of evidence which is essential to the enquiry.

    Will he risk another potential jail sentence? I don’t think so and I don’t think the puppeteers who are orchestrating this enquiry think so either, hence my opinion that the outcome of the enquiry has already been decided and what us minions get are platitudes and piecemeal after which, everything is forgotten about.

    On the other hand, if Salmond did make a come back, that would raise my suspicions that someone is manoeuvring people like pawns on a chessboard, kind of like the Gods do at the start of the movie ‘Clash Of The Titans’ and any appearance of Scottish devolution/autonomy/Scottish parliament and the rest is just an illusion.

  94. Limey says:

    I’m rooting for Murdo Fraser here, we’re in the upside down now.

  95. TNS2019 says:

    I never liked Salmond because I was very ambivalent about independence back then.
    But I respected him.
    I respect him more now for the way he has played his hand and for the omni-shambles that the SNP has become.
    He was a leader.
    What we have in his place is managerialism at its worst.
    The SNP needs people at the top who can connect with the people rather than just reciting the independence mantra.
    Independence will come but it must not come with this shower in power.
    That is the one issue I have with Wings.
    I cannot countenance independence until we have a government that can command respect. Any transition will take time.
    If today does herald a collapse in the current regime, that will make the whole process a lot easier. Out with Sturgeon, Swinney, and the whole cabal.
    In with the new.
    Now that would be attractive.

  96. TNS2019 says:

    Remember that Salmond has been through this before when Swinney was forced to quit.
    He turned things around.

  97. Samuel says:

    I don’t know what the majority of you think of this suggestion, but I’d be more than happy to put the May Holyrood election on hold until Spring next year.

    Because whether we like it or not, Covid is fucking everything up.

    It is stopping us campaigning the way we would like to.

    It is stopping the media going after Sturgeon the way they would like to, because Covid has to be seen as the number one story.

    It is giving Sturgeon an excuse to hide behind.

    Hopefully by the end of the Year Covid will be receeding, it will give us time to get out and about and expose Sturgeon, and more importantly, Sturgeon will have to break cover and come out and fight.

    By having an election this May is playing right into the Murrell’s hands.

  98. Mountain shadow says:

    Murrell may be compelled to attend the useless inquiry but he doesn’t have to answer any questions.

  99. Robert Louis says:

    Refusing to testify. The husband of the First Minister of Scotland, refusing to testify. Hmmmm… what does that suggest??? All quite surreal.

    Seriously what are people like Nicola Sturgeon or Iain blackford thinking, with all that has happened today. I am now genuinely at a loss as to where they go from here. It does seem like the end, doesn’t it?

    Meanwhile Joanna Cherry has recieved a serious threat to her personal safety – and NOT for the first time. As she herself has put it, ‘actions and inaction have consequences’.

  100. Andy Ellis says:

    @AwakeNotWoke 9.13pm

    You won’t hear or see any of the SNP sheep condemning the threats to Joanna now, any more than we did when it happened before. Similarly we didn’t and won’t see any videos lamenting the vastly larger number of members (men, women, young, old, long standing and recent) who have left the party due to their shameful pandering to the Woko Haram.

    There is a hierarchy of worth in the current SNP leadership. A few dozen sophomoric crybullies leaving the party causes Sturgeon and her coterie to have a melt down: it’s seen as an existential matter. Losing their fawning foot soldiers, the ones who campaign for them, provide low level staffing jobs, who validate their sense of self importance.

    It’s a co-dependant, destructive and manipulative set up, and not a bit creepy. Think of how many weren’t afraid to talk about Daddy Bear Smith: think seriously about the power differentials involved in that kind of relationship in a work place and political party, where keen youngsters want approval, references, sinecures, jobs, advice and support climbing up the party hierarchy. Look at the quality of some of these individuals: I wouldn’t trust most of them to run a bath, never mind run a country.

    MPs, MSPs and members who remain silent on this: we see you. We won’t forget your role in harming the movement and in actions which are kicking independence in to the long grass.

  101. Mc Duff says:

    Absolutely agree rev.
    The arrogance of these people is quite outstanding but it is time this whole affair became a police matter.
    The behaviour of certain individuals merits prison.

  102. Mia says:

    “Perhaps the insane woke shit has fucked them off”

    I doubt it. The disgusting silence and cynicism of Sturgeon with regards to Cherry is very telling. From where I am standing, it very much looks like the gender woowoo aka “wokes” are nothing but Sturgeon’s and Murrell’s borrowed political arm and they are being used to remove the political “obstacles” in their way so they names are kept at distance and untarnished.

    That the tail is wagging the dog is just an illusion. It is the dog who is very much wagging the tail. The tail being the genderwoowoo. The question is who is the dog. Is it Sturgeon and Murrell or is it the British state?

    There is only one reason that would explain Murrell getting away with not appearing in the inquiry and his whatsapp messages not even being requested: either he is MI5 or has been working for the British State all along.

    It is clear as day that the British state wants to catapult the insipid Robertson to lead the SNP so they can retain control of it before Sturgeon is rushed out of the picture. All what we are seeing, particularly the way they have blocked Joanna, points precisely in that direction.

    The SNP is dead and it would be wise to bury it as soon as possible: the stench coming from it indicates it is already at an advanced stage of decomposition.

  103. Graf Midgehunter says:

    kapelmeister says:


    “Anyone guess on which week Sturgeon will resign.”

    Will she stay on ’til the Ides of March?

    I’m looking forard to the “Saint Valentines Day Massacre” 🙂

  104. Kate says:

    The cowardly lying weasel, when are the good (If any left) in the SNP, going to step up, start talking & make this slimy wee rat face the consequences. He was quite happy to watch an innocent man spend the rest of his life in a cell. HE lied to that committee, everyone knows it, saw it, heard it..A little nasty LIAR. Who has been a plant for the start to destroy Scotlands Indy Party..

  105. Mia says:

    “but I’d be more than happy to put the May Holyrood election on hold until Spring next year”

    I would not be. That would give plenty of time to the puppet Robertson to find a seat somewhere, get in, and continue this farce.

    No. It has to be May. If they are so desperate for the British state puppet to get in, let them do so harshly, so they have to expose themselves for the unprincipled and undemocratic scum they are and so we all can see their intentions without them being able to disguise it.

  106. David R says:

    Was wondering if delays in vaccinations are to help smooth the way for a postponed election to allow this to all blow over.

  107. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Sam the bam @ 9.35pm


    Why am I not surprised you’d say that . Lol

  108. Neil in Glasgow says:

    What’re the chances Ms cherry resigns from the party and stands as an indpendent in Edinburgh Central. She said earlier that her current role at Westminster is pretty much irrelevant today. She might fancy a punt but safe in the knowledge that she won’t have to immediately give up her UKP seat if she’s not elected. But even a couple of thousand votes might be difference between the SNP’s Angus Robertson winning and not. What to do, what to do?

  109. @greyskies @TheIsolator

    Issues with ISP Website

    Yes, there has indeed been “unprecedented traffic” and a couple of glitches in sending out acknowledgements for new memberships and donations.
    Rest assured that your payments have all been processed OK – even if PayPal may have given you a different impression – and that you should all receive emailed confirmations within 24 hours.
    We are working through the issues with PayPal and our hosting company – who have been most co-operative and expect to have this sorted very soon.

    Thank you all for your support and generosity

    ISP tech

  110. Hugh Jarse says:

    You can mark this as the day that wheesht deflated to ffffsht.

    Something about the initials JC. Hmmm

    She’s not the messiah, but will do nicely for me.
    Step up.

  111. Harry McAye at 8.39

    I know you did not ask to pay via PayPal itself. What happened was Pay Pal used your credit card to pay the ISP and did not attempt to use any credit you may have had on PayPal.
    Sounds complicated but it IS legit.

    You should receive email confirmation tomorrow if you have not had it already.

  112. Samuel says:

    AYRSHIRE ROB 9.49pm

    Probably because you are a thick illiterate ex english army prick.

  113. Captain Yossarian says:

    Wwhen criminal activity has been going-on for this long and the Scottish Crown Office have been complicit, then Holyrood cannot be allowed to continue.

    Is the semi-retired and semi-interested Ruth Davidson a help or a hindrance?…is Jackie Baillie a help or a hindrance?

    Personally speaking, I think there are grounds for closing Holyrood. Stormont was closed for less.

  114. Cath says:

    She might fancy a punt but safe in the knowledge that she won’t have to immediately give up her UKP seat if she’s not elected

    Plus she’s an eminent and well known QC. It’s not as if she wouldn’t easily find another, probably better paid role than an MP, and one certainly more useful than being a silenced backbencher in an ignored WM SNP group. So yeah, doesn’t seem that much to lose for her. The loss is entirely to the SNP.

  115. Elmac says:

    This could be a momentous couple of weeks. The final implosion of the SNP seems likely as they have passed the point of no return for many of their supporters with their attack on Joanna Cherry. I had hoped that if Sturgeon were to be ousted now there would be hope of a recovery before May but that is clearly a pipedream. The SNP are so riddled with fruitcakes, wokism and people on the gravy train that there can be no redemption. They are effectively a Norwegian parrot.

    The party is dead, killed by Sturgeon, her weirdo “husband” and the tangle of deceit and corruption they wove. The decent ones left such as JC, Kenny Macaskill and others must jump ship. God knows how they will feel after so many years of sacrifice for the party. To have it taken over by such a mendacious, criminal shower of idiots must be devastating. For the sake of their own self respect they need to go now. Their reputation and talents would be welcomed by the ISP no doubt but they may prefer to start from scratch. Whatever they decide I would implore them not to give in. Their country needs them now more then ever.

    Either a new party or to bolster the ISP. such corruption in their heirarchy

  116. Elmac says:

    Last post 10.09

    Ignore last para its gibberish!

  117. Samuel says:


    Doesn’t want his beloved leader Sturgeon to have to answer too many questions, so he wants a quick election, where as little pressure is put on as as possible.

    The NOB from AYRSHIRE would rather talk about Covid and Donald Trump the the poison dwarf fae Dreghorn.

  118. Alison Brown says:

    40,000 left the SNP membership (I am one). Not one word to thank us for all the work and the donations for decades. A few OFI activists get Nicola to kick Joanna Cherry off the front benches. Where do we go from here? What is Alex thinking? How he must hate what has happened to the SNP party he loved so much. I despair.

  119. Catherine says:

    I really want to say drain the swamp. It’s a shame that expression has been ruined by the orange one.

  120. Daisy Walker says:

    I’d suggest Mr Chapman has had long enough now to reply.

    I never donated any money to that particular fund, but for those who did, you have every right to contact the Police and make a complaint.

    If you are not too sure how to do it, or what to say, the language I would suggest you might want to use is as follows (you fill in the blanks). It would be better if you do it in person, not on line, or by phone, then you will be able to verify exactly what documentary evidence you provide them with (keep a copy). If you ask them to look up a Wings story, they will ‘pretend’ to accidentally look up the wrong one and not find any evidence.
    For obvious reasons they are going to try, with Covid, not to attend in person, and that is understandable. But have them also understand, that we’re talking about almost blatant corruption of the current governing party, so absolutely not a ‘minor’ issue.
    It’s not a well known fact, but it is worth mentioning, when it comes to investigating crimes of corruption by elected representatives, Police Constables are not allowed to do the investigation, it has to be investigated by Inspectors, or those of higher rank. (In the first instance it would be OK if a Constable noted it). If they persist in putting it off, and days pass, it would be worth then making it subject to a complaint (hence the reason for saying all of the above before hand, so you don’t get fobbed off):

    On — date, The Scottish National Party commenced a Crowdfunder asking for donations to set up a fund to raise moneys in preperation for a Second Independence Referendum fund.

    I contributed £xx amount. One of the clearly stated terms and conditions of the fund raiser was, that the moneys raised were to be ‘ring fenced’ and not to be used for day to day, or indeed election to election expences for the SNP purposes.

    The fund was wound up on — date, having raised an amount of £—–.

    I have with me and am submitting to you the screenshots and dates, records of this, as collated by Wings Over Scotland. I confirm that the screenshots of the crowdfunder were as I read and understood at the time of the crowdfunder, when I dontated, and have not been altered or changed.

    When I donated money to this fund, I was fully aware of what it was for, and the conditions advertised, including that it it was not for use in day to day running of the SNP.

    In late 2020, the SNP published, as required to do so under the Electorial Commission rules, their accounts, and in doing so, it appears that the ‘ring fenced’ money, some of which is mine, has indeed been used by the SNP for everything but another independence referendum campaign, and the bulk of it is no longer there.

    Indeed their Treasurer at the time made comment about it being inter woven through the accounts and reference to the SNP wasting large amounts of money paying off its overdraft, raising suspicions that the money was used to pay off the overdraft.

    For this reason I have reasonable cause to suspect a crime of Theft by Embezzlement to have taken place and suspect that the executive officers of the SNP to be the only persons who have would have the opportunity and ability to misapproriated this money.

    (Be sure to provide them with a print off of the Wings essay about it, since he has collated nearly all the evidence they require.)

    It would be worth also making Police aware that you will be sharing the result of the enquiry with the public, as there is a clear public interest.

    I hope that the above might be of some assistance for those who have lost out and were not sure about how to approach making a formal complaint about the theft by embezzlement of your money.

    Be sure also to get a Crime Reference Number and the name of the officer dealing.

  121. Christian Schmidt says:

    Surely if he doesn’t turn up, then one of the opposition parties will call for a no-confidence vote. And Sturgeon will lose it. But what happens next, realistically? Anyone has any idea?

  122. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    You’re delusional Samuel delusional.

    You’re more fixed on Ms Sturgeon than I ever could be. I haven’t a care in the world what she does.

    She falls she falls.

    An English army prick.No such organisation exists Lmao

    Aye the Trump is a fud.

  123. Bob Mack says:

    Right. Has anyone given any thought as to how we could game the system to maximise Indy supporters in Holyrood.

    By that I mean maximise ISP and SELECTED SNP to form a majority. One that would prevent the SNP from acting uninhibited. Has anyone any analysis of potential ISP potential gains.

    We cant complain and then do nothing. We have to take charge.

  124. Dan says:

    Alf Baird says: at 8:59 pm

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I see still only the Solidarity Party are proposing to include May’s election as a plebiscite on independence in its manifesto.

    The independence movement only needs one such option for the Constituencies and another for the List.

    Is it beyond two indy parties tae sort that oot?

    Indeed Alf. Obviously there’s been a great deal of attention grabbing stuff happening of late.
    There’s a lot of emotion welling up in folk. This energy really needs harnessed so it can be focused in a positive way for the Indy cause before it dissipates and any impetus is lost.
    The following bolded text is taken from ISP’s Policies page. It was formulated prior to a lot of recent highly significant occurrences.


    Once elected, the first action taken by the ISP in the Scottish parliament will be to call a vote on proceeding with an independence referendum. Our instruction to the Scottish government will be to hold a referendum on the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent Country?’ at the earliest date possible and within the life of the new Parliament.

    The ground has altered since it was written, the opportunity to seize the moment, adapt, and pick up the batten and run with it is here.

    We knew the SNP in its current form would never run with the Wings suggested SNP Manifesto 2021.

    Obviously some tweaking would be required, but it is surely not beyond the wit of our brightest and best to formulate an amended plan.

    The late Smallaxe stated our choices:

    Scotland the Brave
    Scotland the Slave

  125. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Catherine says:
    1 February, 2021 at 10:20 pm
    I really want to say drain the swamp. It’s a shame that expression has been ruined by the orange one.

    Drain the midge ridden bog ?

  126. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Alison Brown 10:18pm
    Membership pre 2014 ref was in the low 20 thousands. Up to 120000 by 2015. Strangely enough I headed in the opposite direction leaving the party in 2015. I seen what was coming. Sturgeon will leave the party as you were on low 20 thousands. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  127. DMT says:

    Can we, as a society in Scotland, no longer cope with a nuanced debate concerning the issue of competing rights? Why does one side need to be not merely wrong, but actively demonised, assumed to be motivated by the most base of motives? It goes beyond independence vs sceptical, this ‘transphobe’ vs ‘misogynist’ idiocy needs to end. What happened to this country? Seriously? I came back from China, where I spent five years lecturing on Anglo-American Society & Culture’ & my main thrust was that our society; especially those of us in Scotland; were culturally founded upon principles of rational debate, respect for diverse opinion & aversion for ‘group think’. Now depressed: I returned home to this?

    To this? Postmodern critical theories such as (intersectionality theory for example, read up on the clown show of that ‘theory’s’ original texts and the lack of rigorous academic peer reviewing) the Foucault cult? That French theorist is responsible for toxifying and destroying a perfectly reasonable Scottish public discourse surrounding independence vs union notions of competing sovereignties. No dear woke friends, the most important thing about you isn’t your innate characteristics. For example, I’m gay. But who gives a fuck, what is more interesting about me (I think) is my love of great socialist political literature such as News From Nowhere or George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Major Barbara’. Am I a ‘socialist’? No, but I am a mixed economist! Isn’t that more interesting that who I happen to biologically need to get a leg over with?! No? What about my love of surrealist art by Leonora Carrington? I think that is more interesting than me being a ‘white’ ‘queer'(?) ‘gay’ Scottish male. If you don’t know her, read up on her, Leonora was a founding member of the women’s liberation movement, and ran with Max Earnst!!!!

    Now for fairness & full disclosure sakes, I am sceptical of independence, I voted against it in 2014; but my mind is open (I’m an academic, it’s always open) & I voted remain in the EU question…but apparently first principles and philosophical questions demanding deep questions are verboten now in this Scotland. I have voted SNP in my time, but also Labour and others. I just want competency. And as for constitutional questions – let the people vote damn it – I can live with whatever outcome (have many times). But this? Joanna Cherry is a good MP, a fine politician and an outstanding champion for women’s rights. She doesn’t deserve this treatment. And now I learn Mr Sturgeon (Peter Murrell) is ‘declining’ to return to the inquiry now that he might actually need to tell the damn truth?

    I can live with independence, or even the perpetuation of the union (for however long it lasts); but Scotland cannot survive this shite show. I lived in the Peoples Republic of China for more than five years, and I came home to this? I read the Rev’s blog, not because I agree with most of what he types (I’m sure he wouldn’t agree with most of mine often) but he tells his truth and can back it up. There was once a time when journalists securing proper scoops where envied (such as perhaps revealing the machinations of the NEC). I don’t need echo chambers, but I do need credible facts. So thank you Rev. Stu Campbell, I don’t know you, have never met you, and don’t agree with much of your politics but thank you for what it’s all worth.

  128. Derick fae Yell says:

    DMT says:
    1 February, 2021 at 10:33 pm


  129. @ Catherine at 10.20pm: Flush the cludgie!

  130. David R says:

    DMT says:
    1 February, 2021 at 10:33 pm

    Well said, unfortunately I think this nonsense has a ways to go yet.

  131. X_Sticks says:

    National poll “Was the SNP right to demote Joanna cherry?”

    Yes 20%
    No 75%
    Don’t know 5%

    This from the National where you’d expect considerable support for the Sturrells, but it’s not happening.

    How long can they hold it together?

    The £400,000 question.

  132. greyskies says:

    I’ve just been blocked/barred/kicked out/whatever on FB from Hands Around Scotland because I had the effrontery to disagree with someone called Brian something’s post saying ‘Hold the Line, Troops, Hold …”

    Amongst other things, I referred to it as a Braveheart Kodak moment and that although I wanted the same thing as him – independence – it wasn’t going to be at any cost.

    D’you know what? I am now galvanised again.

  133. Daisy Walker says:

    @Bob Mack

    There is no point in voting ISP unless Plebiscite Indy Election is on their manifesto.

    Hope you are listening ISP. You damned well have been as much as advertising that is what you are all about, but its not on your website, not in you manifesto. If all we’re being offered is more fucking carrots, well, other parties are better endowed.

    Wont be fooled again. Get it sorted, and get those within your organisation currently arguing for a more cautious approach branded and ousted now, or you can be the new, new SNP, but right from the get go.

    And the reason for it being on the manifesto, has many aspects
    1/ if every voter in Scotland gets to vote for it in May, even if only on the list, it makes it a very real option for the voters come the GE. There is no better advertising and voter awareness for it.

    2/ You win a huge chunk of yes votes and get a sizable number of list seats overnight… it forces the rump SNP / or Indy Indy’s to also make Pleb Indy an voting option.

    3/ it will scare the bejesus out of the Britnats and possibly stay their hand, just a little bit with regards the hollowing out of Holyrood and Scotland. And that, to be blunt about it, will save lives.

    We are not going to win a Plebiscite Election in May, we dont have time, but we must make it possible and stake the claim for it to happen at the next GE. Thats the game plan.

    With regards the Constituence votes, it’s now got to be that the honest SNPers step away from the party and stand as Indy/Indy’s on a mandate for Pleb + Confirm Ref within 2 years.

    If we do not achieve any of this, holyrood will be a hollow ruse in 4 years time and Scotland robbed blind and under the cosh.

    That’s the game plan folks, and the powers that be will do everything and anything to prevent it.

    And last but not least. I don’t want JC as the leader. She’s a rottweiller (no offence JC). I want DR Philipa Whitford as leader and JC as deputy, AS as advisor, CM as Negotiator. Anyone thinks St Nicla is a good communcator, well so is DR PW, but with the added reality of being someone who actually saves lives. None of this acted out ‘from the heart’ pish.

  134. Dan says:

    @ X_Sticks

    That poll is yet further confirmation that the SNP’s ability to “read the room” with their actions returns a D minus on their report card.

    It’s grim times when living in an actual Banana Republic would be a considerable upgrade to Scotland’s current status.
    At least with the corruption we’d have sunshine, fruit, and no monarchy sponging off the people!

  135. Neil Forbes says:

    DMT, thank you for your post. I never comment on here (since I never really have anything to add – Wings regulars are already saying what I’m thinking!) but if I may ask about this bit in particular (and apologies to others for going slightly off-topic):

    “Postmodern critical theories such as (intersectionality theory for example, read up on the clown show of that ‘theory’s’ original texts and the lack of rigorous academic peer reviewing)”

    My studying days are postponed, but I have long suspected that ‘intersectionality’ is a big problem. It is a mantra for the people who are attacking J Cherry. Like you mention, the issue of conflicting rights is hardly a new one – I have books in storage which I could use in a refresher course. But does any book or author or school come to mind for you when you think of criticism of intersectionality? I ask because I have done cursory Google searches but nothing interesting comes up.

  136. Heaver says:


    all anyone wants is good governance. Aint coming from London, so we have to do it for ourselves.

  137. the friendly sassenach says:

    John H. says:
    “I should add that no one down south will object, because they have all been told that we can’t run ourselves, and many seem to believe it.”

    Down here in The smoke I object very greatly. I support the right of the Scots to decide their own future, But you need to take careful note of the Tories’ conspiracies against Transport for London, and, by extension, a powerful elected Mayor. (I dont know whether this reached the Scottish press)
    Have no doubt at all that they will be coming for Holyrood next.

  138. Beaker says:

    @Daisy Walker says:
    1 February, 2021 at 10:52 pm
    “There is no point in voting ISP unless Plebiscite Indy Election is on their manifesto.”

    The way things are going, I’m having serious doubts that the SNP will still be in one piece at the end of this week, let alone May. At least, going by the activity on Twitter which is getting out of hand, especially with threats being made.

    All of it entirely avoidable.

  139. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Looks like their is a reward out for Peter Murrell

  140. Bob Mack says:

    @Daisy Walker,

    How can they declare a plebiscite when the maximum seats they could even win would be 56 out of 129. It would be a lie right from the off. Nobody in Holyrood in other party’s would support them and they know it.

    It would put down a large marker though.

  141. Ian Mac says:

    Well said, DMT. What a low bar we aspire to – competency – but that would be a major leap forward at the moment.

  142. Derek says:

    Sarah says:
    1 February, 2021 at 8:48 pm
    @ Derek: the committee does have powers to compel a witness to attend. See Murdo Fraser’s twitter.

    Two things; I have a Scottish pal that works for the BBC that raised the non-legal point (I’ve known him all my life and was his best man).

    I don’t do twitter, not least because I can’t react quickly – phones off at work.

  143. Alf Baird says:

    Daisy Walker @ 10:52 pm

    “There is no point in voting ISP unless Plebiscite Indy Election is on their manifesto”

    Correct, if any supposed indy parties wants my vote(s) they better make this May’s election a plebiscite on independence and have that promise set oot in big print on the front page of their manifesto.

    Nae mair muckin aboot! Lets get independence done.

  144. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Alan Mackintosh says:
    1 February, 2021 at 11:13 pm
    Looks like their is a reward out for Peter Murrell


    Brilliant 🙂

  145. Dan says:

    Supplying periodic meter readings for any new readers perusing the site.

    Scroll to right and check out the pinned gauges for leccy coming from France and Belgium (NEMO), which are respectively 9.8% and 3.2% of GB Grid demand.
    The Dutch interconnect was due back online today after a fault a but not live yet.

    And while we’re here let’s take a look at what “us northern subsidy junkies” are supplying to our southern neighbours.
    Oh! we’re exporting 3.5Gw to them. (13% of GB Grid demand)

  146. Samuel says:

    Daisy Walker 10.52

    “There is no point in voting ISP unless Plebiscite Indy Election is on their manifesto.”

    I brought that very point up in the other thread Daisy and was met with “They are a small Party and will only win a small amount of List seats, so it’s not really worth their while”.

    I find that staggering, at the very least, a Plebiscite should be front and centre of their Manifesto.

  147. Davie Oga says:

    It’s almost surreal to watch Wings call for the arrest of Peter Murrell. Of course it’s entirely justified. And in any normal, functioning western democracy, one would think that the likes of Mr Murrell would have been questioned long before now.
    Perhaps it’s the enormity of the corruption, and the complete lack of morals, honour or human decency of the principals that make it difficult to accept what has occured. It challenges multiple belief systems at once. At first you can write it off as just a political party issue, but once you grasp what these
    bastards did to Alex Salmond, it appears to be a profound abuse of power and completely undemocratic. Shockingly low behaviour that makes one wonder how these fucking scumbags have the nerve to show their faces in public, let alone preach to us and legislate over peoples lives. Seriously, who the fuck do these chimps think they are?

    These are the types of actions that have caused civil wars or military coups in some countries.

    The law must apply equally to everybody or it isn’t law it’s tyranny. If there is evidence of crimes having been committed then those crimes should be investigated without regard to the rank or status of the offender. I would also suggest that the personal wealth of the Murrells’s, from the time of the plots inception until their inevitable conviction, be regarded as proceeds of crime and be fully recuperable by the taxpayer.

  148. Sarah says:

    @ Derek: I have emailed the whole Fabiani Committee asking them to use their legal power to enforce Murrell’s attendance. Or to use their other power of setting up a judge-led inquiry as the latter would have powers of perjury charges.

    I’m not on twitter either but one can look at many people’s tweets. And Murdo Fraser’s one about the committee’s powers under s23 were linked by someone btl on this Wings article.

  149. McHaggis69 says:

    I made this to celebrate all thats going on –

  150. The Oui Coupar says:

    David R @9.47

    I thought that too.
    By allowing the vaccine program to drift, Scot Gov creates a pile-on from both WM and Scots generally, which then creates a justification for delaying HR election, as both Governments can then agree that priority has to be to get Scots vaccinated, and Nicola avoids a total lampooning from voters for taking the delaying decision.

    I noted that the vaccination centres locally had shut up shop this past weekend, having run steadily through the previous one. Which I felt was looking like lost opportunity. Or Scot Gov deliberately steering into controversy by withholding vaccine to create a situation you would have thought they would be most keen to avoid.

  151. Samuel says:

    Sturgeon and Murrell.

    Scotland’s very own “Bonnie & Clyde”.

    Shot down in a hail of bullets outside their plush, taxpayer funded Edinburgh townhouse.

    Will they be missed?

  152. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Chapeau Sir, that was fantastic, especially the last phrase…

  153. Davie Oga says:

    There’s video of Murrell commiting a crime, in full public view, recorded for posterity. Very easy for Police Scotland to atone for the previous actions of a bad apple or two by showing their complete lack of bias in dealing with offenders. It could be PR coup. Bute House 5am, Peter Murrell, in handcuffs heavily restrained for his own protection of course. It’s a good time for Sky News if Matthews can get
    out of bed on time. They can probably destroy the Murrells’s by midnight if they could be arsed devoting the coverage to it.

    Can’t be easy for Murrell to sleep at night. It isn’t easy to go day after day knowing the knock could come at any time.
    Probably taking meds for nerves and shut eye just like the queer wee Austrian as well.

  154. Daisy Walker says:

    Re ISP not being able to win on a PEH…

    You can’t ‘win’ anything if all you stand on is the list seats. But that is one of the main selling points of the ISP, that they are not trying to oust the SNP. They need to hold onto that principle, or else, they will achieve what they have been falsely accused of and split the yes vote.

    But you can stand ‘for’ something. And when you do that, every single vote counts.

    The ISP vote has the potential to be the defacto Indy Ref that everyone has been calling for, but with the inbuilt advantage, that it cannot win, so its also the Devo Max vote. Its the maxiest protest vote ever, but with the added advantage of actually winning seats, and not taking away indy seats on the Constituency vote.

    Remember, this is Scotland, our country is ‘c’onservative with a very small ‘c’.

    They narrowly voted NO, after, at the last minute, being promised Devo Max, but they hedged their bets in the forthcoming GE, and sent 56 SNP MP’s to WM.

    The Holyrood election FUCKS Westminster because we get 2 votes. The first says ‘almost there, careful as you go’, and the second says, ‘but if you fuck with us… ‘

    Everything just now, everything from Britnat central, everything! is to prevent the people of Scotland actually having an opportunity to Vote for Self Determination.

    Because if its not on the ballot box, if its never on the ballot box, then all resourse are tied up in arguing that it should be.

    ISP, you are the new SNP in the bud.

    Give every person in Scotland the chance to vote a candidate to represent their area for their own self government, at the moment, nothing else matters. and build it into your constitution, so that the fuckers cannot do a take over like they did with the snp.

    If you cannot sort that out now, Scotland is truely screwed and you are no better than the SNP are now.

    And I am seriously pissed off at you for leading me up the garden path re this. Petition my arse.

  155. Alf Baird says:

    Samuel @ 11:27

    “a Plebiscite should be front and centre of their Manifesto”

    A plebiscite election must be front and centre of every indy parties manifesto, and if it is not then it means they are not interested in independence.

  156. Samuel says:

    McHaggis. 11.34pm


  157. Samuel says:

    Alf Baird

    If an Independence Party doesn’t commit in writing to Independence, then you have to ask, why?

    It surely can’t be that difficult to put in writing that this Party is committed to Scotland becoming an independent nation if you vote for us, bla, bla, bla…

  158. Alf Baird says:

    Samuel @ 12:02

    “If an Independence Party doesn’t commit in writing to Independence, then you have to ask, why?”

    You are right, but I wouldn’t even bother asking them. They’re not worth asking. They’re not real independence parties. They’re chancers.

    A plebiscite election on independence in large type on a party manifesto front page is the only thing I’m interested in voting for. Anything else is pie in the sky.

  159. Daisy Walker says:

    McHaggis69 that was brilliant.

    Particularly liked the hug, ‘just keep calling yourself ‘she”.

    That and Stu, ‘keeps writing the fucking TRUTH’.

    Sir I salute you.

    Please, please keep posting this, no matter how many times its taken down.

  160. Stuart Swanston says:

    Well said DMT.

    Meanwhile I see the bookies offering odds for the next First Minister, in declining order of favourites:- Robertson, Forbes, Swinney and Cherry followed by Yousaf, Brown, Somerville and Russell. (After them comes Lady Davidson !)

  161. Naetime says:

    What a shite show! Joined the ISP today.

    Thanks for all your hard work Rev, we need to know the truth even if we don’t like it.

    McHaggis69 that wee film is spot on, needed a laugh 🙂

  162. Saffron Robe says:

    I wonder what a palmist would make of that manky hand?

    Perhaps someone in the background asked, “Could the guilty person please raise their right hand?”

  163. Person of no interest says:

    He can’t accept the invitation. They have run out of funding to coach him on his answers….

  164. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    Ach. And I was looking forward to JB asking in that disconcerting straight-faced deadpan tone, “Are you wearing the FM’s underwear today?” There’s wan fir the polygraph.

    Murray Footnote: It’s juist a joke FFS.

  165. Daisy Walker says:

    Right I’m going to bed,

    But before I do. I got pelters 4 years ago from Peffers n Petra and their merry band, for pointing out how the BritNats had spiked the Labour party and how they would do it to the SNP.

    I highlighted then, what to look for and how to bipass it.

    I was trolled big time. But I was right.

    You have to look at what your country needs, what ground needs covered to achieve it and then go fot it.

    What happened with the SNP, is right just now, happeneing with the ISP, they’re just using different carrots. here’s what they’re doing.

    1 – Petition (we are realy serious and we are doing something),

    2/ public announcements – ‘we really need, we really want – Plebiscite Indy Election.

    Manifesto – fuck all.


    I’ve donated, I want to vote for you on the second vote. I’m fully aware that you need to mop up the list vote, and therefore cannot stand on the Constituencey vote too and so, cannot ‘win’ outright.

    But now I hear, ‘oh we’re only getting started, we need to build up support, we couldn’t win anyway’

    Yir Bawz burst, WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN. To the decent, honest Indy members of the ISP – GET THIS SORTED NOW.

    May election, you want my vote, you are only getting it on \ \plebiscite Indy manifesto – and if its not on it, promises of soon, wont cut the mustard.

    In case I’m being diplomatic – you have until the end of the week… manifesto, then I’m decrying you as chancers of the same ilk. And I will not hit and miss.

  166. Person of no interest says:

    Well done pal!

  167. Daisy Walker says:

    I have one last voting option.

    If on 1 and 2 me, and 2 million other voters fail to turn up for a no choice, no change vote…. as much as its not ideal – it damned well is a message.

    # want to vote for ISP plebiscite Indy, but its not actually on their manifesto.


  168. greyskies says:

    Hands Around Scotland: So it turns out I wasn’t kicked out/ whatever. It turns out that the original poster, Brian Adams, deleted his ‘Hold …’ post but didn’t tell me. Doesn’t merit going into. Suffice it to say I’ll be removing myself from that useless group of lemmings.

  169. Daisy Walker says:

    And another thing, since I’m now warmed up.

    ISP = LIST VOTE ONLY. That is currently on their manifesto, and so it should remain.


    Dear ISP are you getting this – your strength lies in hoovering up the list vote, which means standing on the list vote ONLY.

    Any one of your current management/mebership currently going, ooh our funds/mebership is rising ‘we should stand for the Constituency vote too’ is either too stupid for words, or a BritNat chancing sabator.

    You’ve now got credibility because credible members of your party have put forward the need for a mandate for folk to vote for a Plebiscite Indy Election in May and that your party is the one to tattoo that one to its heart.

    You’ve got zero crediblility unless its in your manifesto. Why is it not in your manifesto?.. don’t answer that, ask rather, who in your party is canvassing against, and then move on and just get it in your manifesto.



  170. Mark Young says:
    Pretty sure you’ll like this Stu probably not far off the mark

  171. twathater says:

    Daisy I along with others asked for ANY ISP office bearer especially MUSCLEGUY why the PLEBICITE was NOT stated categorically on their manifesto , I ask again as there is NO excuse , I want to vote ISP on the list as I will NOT BE voting SNP, if ISP don’t have the plebicite front and centre in their manifesto I am stuffed

    BTW Alf Baird again I ask is Solidarity standing in the constituencys with a plebicite manifesto

  172. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Well, here’s an “interesting” spin on the JC story – from The Courier.

  173. wull says:

    Sturgeon slipped, on her banana
    When she thought to oust Joanna!
    Careful, Nic, at whom you toss ’em:
    You’ve cut her loose … Let Cherry blossom!

    And that she will; just wait and see!
    From Blackheart now you’ve set her free
    And from ‘You Too’ … and all imposters
    Whose pretendy-Indy ‘Me Too’ fostered.

    And Yes! It’s you I’m thinking of
    And ‘Me-First Murrell’, your hubby-boss
    And all your gang of fake-news Misses …
    Good-bye tae a’ that – an’ nae fond kisses …

    Tosser Sturgeon, OUT she tossed ’em –
    But went too far wi’ Cherry Blossom.
    You cannae stop her now, … you cannae:
    Neither you, nor your fake manny …

    You’ve put the cat amang the pigeons,
    An’ feeneshed aff yer ain wee minions
    Wha’ staun’, as chancers, on yer List
    Tae testify tae chances missed

    Throughout yer ower-lang six-year reign
    When you poured Indy doon the drain!

    Alang, like buses, mandates came
    As Indy-voters gie’d you fame,
    Yet never aince anticipated
    That mandates a’ be dissipated

    By you! Wha’ thocht you’d been mandated
    Tae oust the indy-fowk ye hated –
    Tae impose imposter-rule
    An’ use wir movement as your tool

    For gainin’ other, stranger ends –
    As if oor minds, tae yours, would bend!
    But we’ll no’ hae it – never ever!
    An’ nae fond kiss, as aye we sever!

    For Sturgeon’s oot! Then in comes Cherry!
    Th’imposter’s boot e’en maks us merry
    For now there is no hidin’ place:
    The Party split’s richt in wir face!

    This heralds Nic’la’s-woke-demise
    Real Independence fowk arise:
    The Thistle’s Cherry’s – run the race:
    Let all imposters be disgraced!

    But wait a minute – let’s look back,
    Now that Joanna’s got the sack …
    How did it ever come to that?
    What are Nic and Blackheart at?

    These two, how did we ever let them
    Destroy the Party that had set them –
    The Unionists – a-shiver in their beds at night
    All wet and clammy at the sight

    Of Scotland’s onward, heady march
    Tae freedom, justice – mind an’ heart
    At last regained, set free
    With hope revived, with SNP?

    But enter Nic’la: ‘That’s ME! That’s ME!’
    Aye, you – Nic’la! How they played you, let you be –
    The deep yoon state, I mean, so clever:
    They’ll let you be … FM for ever!

    Or just as long as you might like
    So long as Indy’s out of sight.
    ‘Dumb it down, but let them sing …
    An’ for yersel, there’ll be great things

    ‘O’er the rainbow, at end of day:
    When you bow out, you’ll get your pay
    For a job well done! Even if you didn’t mean to
    You’ll have served us well, though you didn’t seem to.

    ‘All unseen, we’ll guard your cover:
    At least while you’re useful – till it’s all over!
    ‘You think you’re clever, but you’re easy meat, Miss!
    Take more care. We’re very good at this!

    ‘Of course, you thought we’d play it fair:
    They always do, till they’re ensnared.
    Thank you for being such a ‘good sort’ chap!
    But now’s the time … to smash … YOU … apart!

    ‘Of course, we won’t do it – we’re ‘good sorts’, too!
    Instead, we’ll leave it all to you!
    Won’t lift a finger, as you self-implode.
    We read you just right; and your Scots over-rode.

    ‘They’ll ne’er recover – you have done them in.
    But that’s a virtue – not a sin!
    We get what we want, and we use who we will:
    What a nice plant you were. On our window sill.

    ‘Unbeknown to yourself, perhaps. Not your intention!
    So don’t beat your breast about it, or even mention
    The way we got you, which would be your shame –
    Forget it: keep what’s left of your tarnished name.’

    How they outplayed you, Nic’la dear!
    You outplayed yersel’, like silly King Lear!
    The best-laid plans can aa gang awry
    An’ yours went flat, as you fell frae the sky

    Where you’d dreamed them up, in a fantasy land,
    Of a Scotland you hoped for, complete unmanned!
    Which you thought would be perfect … and so utterly nice!
    But what a mess i’ the nest, o’ yon wee mice.

    Your vanities on fire, you now seem undone:
    The Party’s over, England’s won.
    Maybe you meant that: no disaster for you?
    But how will you bow out? What will you do?

    I hear your mind stir? Imagine you’re Samson!
    Big, muscled-up – so strong, an’ so handsome.
    Like him, you once ruled, with a glorious crown:
    Like him you will lose it, be locked up (or locked down)!

    You and him both, you went wrong in yer head,
    Got captured, and so – a’ yer pow’r went dead.
    Yet, like him, why not go for a glorious end?
    One final message, to the world you could send.

    Remember how many, once-wonderful, friends
    Under a bus met their political ends!
    You were good at that. Well, the last bus is running
    And nearer and nearer – to YOU – it keeps coming.

    ‘Before it arrives’, Nic said, ‘I’ll show my might:
    Never go down without a good fight.’
    So, Samson Sturgeon, what will you do?
    ‘If “Me-too” must go, then “So-too” must YOU!’

    She’ll bring the house down, saying ‘Watch ye my strength!’
    Oh the weakness of will of that terrible wench!’
    For weakness it is to kill off the cause
    That aince was yer ain, still is oors, and yer maw’s!

    The pillars, her arms, she held all around!
    With a grunt like A. Murray she made a great sound!
    And with the strength from her hair, she lifted them up
    And down crashed her Party! It turned into pulp!

    The house, it was ruined; piles of SNP dust.
    Brought low by her pride, her ambition and lust
    For power, yet a leader so weak, so yellow and serious:
    Without humour she asserted herself, aloof and imperious,

    O’er Party and people, the entire Scottish nation,
    Her imposter complex sought her compensation.
    Yet, insatiable, none could ever assuage it
    Since all who oppose her, further enrage it.

    So, must we now leave it, so simply, at that?
    Survey this sad scene, where hope had once sat?
    And sit like a Job, among the SNP rubble,
    Accept our defeat, weep our bursted bubble … ?

    But wait – what is that? – all hope’s not dashed
    The Phoenix is rising from out of the ash!
    The Sturgeon has gone! I hear Psalm Salmon’ singing
    Up the stream flying, fast, forward flip-flinging …

    New birth, an’ new life … An’ here is the YES
    The Sovereign Folk are not gone, they can’t be suppressed:
    The air is so clear … so fresh, purified
    What’s been’s been an’ gone … And the Dream is Alive!

    The stench has been quenched. And the split has occurred:
    The time has now come for true YESSERS to purr.
    Not in revenge, but riding so high
    For freedom’s much stronger than piles of The Lie.

    Look! Over there! Do I see an Angus? I do! It’s MacNeil!
    While Robertson, yon has-been, has been brought to heel.
    He’s vanished, gone! Alang wi’ those like him, the rascal.
    An’ wha’s that, ower bye? In his place? It’s MacCaskill!

    Thae three, wham Sturgeon an’ Blackheart had scunnered
    Will quick multiply, by hunners an’ hunners
    An’ fill a’ the air, an’ Holyrood too
    An a’ Cooncil chambers wi’ the good an’the true:

    It’s Scots fowk oorsel’s will set Scotlan’ free
    Whit we dinnae need is a fake SNP:
    With or without it, it’s up tae us
    Tae win the day, wi’ guid common sense, an’ nae muckle fuss.

    Imposters are oot; they cannae dae it.
    An’ liars be gone; ye’ll nae wrest us frae it.
    It’s honest fowk maun, i’ the end, win the day:
    So here we come, yessers – Aye, we’re here tae stay!

    Independence now sure. Wha’ thinks he can stop it?
    It micht cam sae fast, like wan big scooshin’ rocket,
    Or, more slowly, but still, well sure juggernaut it
    But naebody noo – nae wan at a’ – can noo ever stoap it.

    For neither the yoons, nor yon loony lobbyists
    Can ever succeed tae rob us a’ o’ ae it.
    An’ as for lyin’ so-called politicians,
    Of the kind that spin an’ sow divisions

    They’ll soon be spotted, seen through, ejected:
    Wi’ a’ sic liars, fun’ oot, rejected.
    Whate’er tricks they use tae cheat us
    Will be exposed, ne’er mair defeat us.

    An’ perverters o’ the course o’ justice
    Will no’ gang free tae injure us
    Or ony innocent, but dearly pay their crime:
    For courtroom lyin’, do their time.

    They’ll rue the day they paved the way
    To put their erstwhile friend away.

    MacCaskill, Cherry and MacNeil,
    Don’t let the liars Scotlan’ steal.
    It’s oors, no’ theirs! Come quick the day
    When sovereign Scots bear full their sway,
    As aince and always, aye, they did;
    Let Truth win through, of Lies be rid.

    And from this mess, we’ll learn the lessons
    Tae staun’ up weel, in Independence.

  174. wull says:

    With thanks to a poster, on another article here, who invented the wonderful line ‘An’ nae fond kiss’. I am sorry, but I can’t remember who posted it. My apologies for using it without permission; if you do not want me to use it, please say so and I will remove it and try to put something else. It really is a great line, which ought to be properly acknowledged. Thank you.

  175. PacMan says:

    Reading some of the comments here, people are placing a bit too much importance in Nicola Sturgeon.

    I doubt very much she is in thrall with MI5. It’s more likely she is in thrall to Zuckerberg and Dorsey in order to heighten her social media profile both at home and abroad.

    It seems to be working as Jennifer Anniston thinks Sturgeon is the bee’s knees.

  176. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    How long before the cries of “witch hunt” ring through social media? 48 hours max.

  177. Alf Baird says:

    Daisy Walker says:

    “May election, you want my vote, you are only getting it on \ \plebiscite Indy manifesto – and if its not on it, promises of soon, wont cut the mustard.”

    Hear hear. ISP and any other indy party need to have it stated in their manifesto that May’s election is a plebiscite on indy, nothing else matters. People are not interested in any more ‘hope’ of a referendum at some date in the future.


    “BTW Alf Baird again I ask is Solidarity standing in the constituencys with a plebicite manifesto”

    Solidarity on 24th January called for this May’s election to be made a plebiscite on independence and for the SNP to put this in its manifesto. That seems unlikely, for now at least. I assume for the moment that Solidarity are only standing on the List, and perhaps in a couple of constituencies. Here is the most recent statement on Solidarity’s website

    “The people of Scotland don’t want a Road Map to a Referendum, they want a Road Map to Independence! “Over half the population of Scotland now wants the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections to be a plebiscite for independence. “If the SNP hierarchy is serious about independence, they can simply recognise that, include it in their Election Manifesto, and if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!

    As you imply, ideally what is needed is one party standing in the constituencies and another on the list, both using the election as a plebiscite on independence – Plebiscite Party 1 and Plebiscite Party 2! Its not exactly rocket science and should be do-able, with the will to do it. At least Solidarity are saying what should be done and I agree with that.

  178. Liz says:

    @briandoonthetoon For MPs crying read Kirsty Blackman.
    A total waste of space woke

  179. Shug says:

    ISP now has my list vote

    To replace a QC with a drama graduate is beyond stupid. She may be a good mp and be good in a debate but replacing a QC!!
    The only risk to Boris or reesmogg is they might pull a muscle laughing.
    I will vote for joanna in any guise

  180. Shug says:

    Brian doonthetoon
    Where was the team game when it came to salmond.
    No team playing there

  181. Voice of reason says:

    We hear that CrownOffice corruptly attempted to lock up several innocent men:
    the RangersCase administrators and AlexSalmond.. thankfully both attempts failed.

    But question must now be asked:
    are there innocent men (and women) in prison the CrownOffice did corruptly put there?

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