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Song For Peter And Nicola

Posted on February 01, 2021 by

You’re gonna fall.

Yeah, you’re gonna fall.

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46 to “Song For Peter And Nicola”

  1. Grouse Beater says:

    Noramally, I leave essays to the weekend, published after weeks of collecting thoughts together, checking facts, refining. This just flowed in the last hour – after years of boosting the policies and place of Nicola Sturgeon, the betrayal of trust is complete.

    ‘A Shakespearean Tragedy”

  2. holymacmoses says:

    Scotland will be a great Ark once the Rainy Days are by with.
    It’s far too beautiful a song to waste on those two

  3. JB says:

    As someone mention deep in the JC sacking thread, it looks like the storm is being used as a good day to hide bad news.

    “Humza Yousaf

    Have spoken to Opposition members & we have all agreed not to move our amendments in relation to *Freedom of Expression (Hate Crime). By not moving, will hopefully achieve concensus on a broad FoE clause for Stage 3 that covers all characteristics, so no group feels targetted

    5:53 PM · Feb 1, 2021”

    “Humza Yousaf

    We all want to ensure freedom of speech, including the freedom to disagree robustly with any policy, is protected. We also agree that this is not mutually exclusive to protecting the rights of people to be free from hatred.

    I apologise for any hurt caused – was not my intention

    5:53 PM · Feb 1, 2021”

    “Humza Yousaf

    *With agreement of the Opposition the only FoE clause I will move will be in relation to religion. This provision has broad consensus, not just in Parliamentary terms but also from various stakeholders, from faith groups to secularists.

    5:53 PM · Feb 1, 2021”

    So does a “broad FoE clause” in his view simply mean a clause covering FoE in relation to religion?

  4. Confused says:

    back atcha rev
    “all things must pass”

  5. Astonished says:

    Hopefully humza useless will be among the expelled. I am in no mood to be tolerant or forgiving as the wokeratti will never yield a cultish point.
    I wonder how many will end up in jail ?
    We’ll also discover their favoured churnalists.

  6. Samuel says:

    Very appropriate song Rev.

  7. Bob Mack says:


    Really enjoyed reading that. It helps confirm I am not shouting at the moon in isolation. What really worries me is how far she and her followers would go to preserve or even expand that grip on power .

    Power is a heady brew that very few can control. I thaught Nicola was of that ilk. I was wrong.

    Now we are in a battle for the very soul of our nation against one who proclaimed we would be liberated under her stewardship. Instead she bound us by false promises to servitude under her party as well as to another nation.

    A cell within a cell

  8. MaggieC says:

    I take by this cryptic clue with the song lyrics that the Sturrels are definitely going and as far as I’m concerned it won’t be a moment too soon .
    Grouse Beater @ 12.14 am

    Once again thanks for the link to another excellent blog post from you .

  9. Samuel says:

    Lyrics above

    Nine million rainy days

  10. David Ferguson says:

    There once was a wokey wee clique
    It was run by a piggy-faced freak
    As the final result
    Of his lies and his cult
    He’ll be standing in front of the beak

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Lyrics above”

    Sam! Stop posting lyrics! (Although at least you’ve got the right song now.) We can hear them!

  12. holymacmoses says:

    on Christian Wrights site – you’ll love it:-) put the http bit in front or go to Christian Wright on twitter

  13. holymacmoses says:


    Great piece – thanks yet again for all your insight

  14. Hatuey says:

    I just submitted a comment and it completely disappeared. As luck would have it, it was probably one of my best ever comments… honestly, it would have changed lives. If only you guys had read it.

    Oh well. You’ll just need to carry on as if it never happened.

  15. MrMilkshake says:

    Rollins band-Liar.

    The lyrics say it all.

  16. Hatuey says:

    Come on. The storm started and you aren’t playing this;

    As I was saying in my best comment ever, I saw these guys play at the barrowlands… I’m pretty sure the singer collapsed and the concert was over after like 2 songs.

    I choked on someone else’s vomit at Night Moves afterwards, it’s all a bit fuzzy…

  17. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi MrMilkshake.

    In the same vein…

    (From their debut album.)

  18. twathater says:

    SORRY O/T so soon , in response to JB’s post at 12.28am re Humza Useless’s back tracking on amendmends PASSED by the SP

    Are we all stupid or disinterested , we have witnessed on many occasions sometimes by the very factions we are up against, the efficacy of organised pileons or mass engagement.

    The proposed HCB is being supported in various ways by all the parties in the SP to some degree , yet there is a vast number of the electorate who object to the necessity to have ANY part of the bill , the bill is NOT required in ANY form as we have been told often enough that current laws and legislation exist and can be used in the prosecution of offenders for crimes committed within the new bill

    Why do we constantly sit back and allow politicians to presume they know best what we want and need , and yet we DON’T want what they are FORCING on us the GRA,HCB,Unit price of alcohol and other nanny state interference

    We NEED some way to FORCE these people to recognise that they WILL NOT dictate or ignore the electorate or their wishes

    We should be engaging in a mass email protest to ALL the politicians of ALL parties , tory ,liebour , libdums and SNP to TELL them that we do not want the GRA or HCB in any shape or form and we DEMAND that the bills are ditched

  19. Mar Vickers says:

    You seem oddly confident on this. Given the lack of media interest and the lack of committee teeth, and the fact her clique appear to have the police and prosecution services in their pocket, I sadly don’t share that confidence. Am I missing something?

  20. Scozzie says:

    Anyone else seeing comments online saying it’s just a cabinet reshuffle???? FFS words fail me with some of these sturgeon fanboys / girls. Their delusion is jaw dropping! Oooft what a crazy few days irs been. Surely sturgeon can’t survive all this. I just hope when she does eventually go that she doesn’t have a hope in hell in landing a top international job – her corruption is Scotland’s shame.

  21. Ananurhing says:

    So it was Blackford alone who decided to sack Cherry. Aye right!

    “SNP MPs have been left in tears and party members have resigned as a result of her actions.”

    I wonder how membership numbers are doing today.
    In freefall I would imagine.

  22. Willie says:


    How many people wanted the provisions of the Nacht und Nabel decree. Or the policy determined by the Wannsee Protocol of 20th January 1942.

    Such policies, as we know were utterly repugnant and evil – with the first allowing for the authorities to clandestinely remove political and ethnic people deemed the enemy of the regime, whilst the latter made provision for their destruction.

    And are there parallels with the Villa am Groben 55- 56, Wannsee and the Reichstag Building and the current administration in Bute House and Hollyrood?

    You bet there are no as the actions against Salmond, Hirst, Murray now show. The parallel with 1930s Germany are only too clear.

    But we’ve seen these pogrom before – with the Clearances in Scotland, the Holocaust in Germany, am Gorta Mor in Ireland. Do it once,mteice, thrice and you will do it again. Where does it stop – – and next Joanna Cherry, Kenny MacAskill, who?

    You ?

    That is why every concerned citizen must strive to remove Gauleiter Sturgeon and her ilk before they cannot be stopped.

  23. Robert Louis says:

    In my opinion, the problem is this, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell (her husband) cannot give it all up right now, because in their positions they have a bit of control over events.

    No, they will need to be forced out, and it is high time that good men and women with the power within the SNP had them removed. That also is what the Joanna cherry nonsense is about – the ‘trans’ issue is just a timely and convenient smokescreen. Nicola Sturgeon will have seen the writing on the wall, and will want a replacement who will NOT dig up the dirt. So, Joanna, who is the most competent successor to Nicola (and who might do some digging) must be thwarted and demonised.

    The trans cultists, probably have no idea how they are being played by NS. They just can’t see further than bashing Joanna Cherry. It seems to make them very, very happy, doing a bit of gay-bashing.

    So, the NS needs a safe replacement at the helm. To my understanding that ‘safe’, competent replacement might be Angus Robertson – but NS needs to hang on until May, so he can be elected to Scot parliament first.

    And there, folks, we have the situation we are in. In my opinion, Nicola Sturgeon will not go anywhere, until after the election in May – unless literally forced out. It is also incidentally why she won’t call it as a vote on independence.

    As for why in my opinion I think Angus might possibly be considered ‘safe’, perhaps the safest and most appropriate thing I could do is quote the machiavellian politician Francis Urquhart, as played by the late Ian Richardson, “You might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”

    Honestly, the SNP need to get this dealt with and sorted as a matter of urgency. It simply cannot go on. As for independence, the indy movement needs to divorce itself from the current SNP. Independence is what we want, the SNP was merely a convenient vehicle to that goal.

  24. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Willie – This has been going-on at Holyrood since its inception 20-years ago. I was reminded recently of the Shirley McKie case which is similar to what we have been going through with Sturgeon and Murrell.

    Jack McConnell was in charge then and he is now Lord McConnell so no lasting harm came to him.

    McConnell got away with it then because everyone thought that Holyrood would improve, it’s only got much worse.

    Look-up what was said of Holyrood at the time; it will shock you.

    Now, they have really taken people to the edge of despair – Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, the Administrators of Rangers FC and probably Craig Murray too.

    Hence, people now are very, vary angry and will do all they can to have her, Murrell, Swinney and Wolffe removed.

    She is finished and cannot survive this. She could not even walk down the street now, her legacy is so divisive and toxic.

    What disappoints me is opposition at Holyrood who have done nothing and let it all get this bad.

  25. Captain Yossarian says:

    Texts and WhatsApp messages from the ‘Vietnam Group’ have been released to the Holyrood Inquiry by the Crown Office.

    From this morning’s Scotsman.

    It’s going to be another busy few days on WoS.

    I presume that the legal profession are now alarmed at the constant association with criminality and malicious prosecutions and with ‘the Murrells’ that they want to draw a line under it all and let events take down the Murrells.

    By the way, I noticed that Cherry hasn’t been given a single job to do by the Westminster group of SNP MP’s. The only other person in that category is Steven Bonar, who’s there because he is painfully thick and finds signing his name complex.


    What is so dispiriting about all of this is just how few elected SNP people are willing to speak out.
    Sturgeon has driven all the various suspensions since 2015, the idea that Ian Blackford, or indeed anyone else, does anything of significance without her instruction is ludicrous.

    I sincerely hope enough people do not vote for them in May. it is so toxic but has been that way since at least 2014 AND elected people are very well aware of that.

    It is commonplace for everyione to attack the Tories for being toadys to retain their positions, that’s their way, that the SNP is absolutely no different is very telling.

    That people like Humza Yousaf and Anne McLaughlin can attain postions of relative influence, utterly risible.

    And here, below, the horror show that is the SNP in Dundee from May 2019 and nothing has changed, and yes Humza Yousaf, the MSP for Glasgow Pollok lives there and Chris Law MP, representing Lochee, one of Scotland’s most disadvantaged, as part of his Dundee West constituency, lives in an Angus castle, bought 2016, and is the owner of other properties.

    How anyone believes this is not exactly the same as the Tories at their worst, is beyond me, yet appears no one cares.

  27. Graham King says:

    “Robert Louis says:
    2 February, 2021 at 7:29 am

    .. Independence is what we want, the SNP was merely a convenient vehicle to that goal.”

    Yes indeed! (And with emphasis on ‘was’.)

  28. Alex says:

    Grouse Beater says:
    2 February, 2021 at 12:14 am
    Noramally, I leave essays to the weekend, published after weeks of collecting thoughts together, checking facts, refining. This just flowed in the last hour – after years of boosting the policies and place of Nicola Sturgeon, the betrayal of trust is complete.

    ‘A Shakespearean Tragedy”

    The cunning plan, going awry….

  29. Captain Yossarian says:

    The weapon of choice for the Murrells and Swinney over the years has been to remove an enemy’s means to make a living.

    Much easier to defeat them that way and it works almost every time.

    A few people who are contributing to WoS recently have been, or are in, that position.

    It’s been going-on in Scotland for years and it has to stop. If Holyrood cannot do that, then close Holyrood.

  30. David says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    2 February, 2021 at 2:21 am
    “Lyrics above”

    Sam! Stop posting lyrics! (Although at least you’ve got the right song now.) We can hear them!

    What… What if you identify as deaf???

  31. lumilumi says:

    It was nearly ten years ago I found Wings over Scotland – links from the BBC’s(!!!) “Blether with Brian” blog! – I think it was the Alex Salmond/dictator bingo post.

    I knew I’d come home. In my country, I was a total weirdo for liking an obscure Scottish band. Jesus and Mary… what?

    Apropå dictator bingo. Back in 2012 (or thereabouts) it was a goodhearted joke. In 2021, it’s all too real.

  32. Jacqueline McMillan says:


    Remove the scales from your eyes followers of Auld Nic.

  33. Yasmin says:

    Removing cherry in the reshuffle was a silly move. And threats to her life are unacceptable. However, I don’t get why people think she’s right for leader. She was elected in 2015 and yes says she wants independence but then so did sturgeon. During brexit cherry spent most of her timing fighting brexit when she should have been focussing on independence. Angus McNeil and Kenny MacAskill were one of the few who tried to keep the focus on the goal of independence. If people want independence we need Salmond back. It’s not going to happen without characters like Salmond and MackAskill.

  34. AdamH says:


    Why is there no appetite for a VONC in JW (Lord Advocate)? There are enough reasons without even delving into inquiries.

    If there was one, would NS have to sack him? And if she did how much would this weaken her position? I know she can appoint another stooge, but still its another chip out of the wall isn’t it?

  35. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You seem oddly confident on this. Given the lack of media interest and the lack of committee teeth, and the fact her clique appear to have the police and prosecution services in their pocket, I sadly don’t share that confidence. Am I missing something?”

    I am assured by those in the know that James Hamilton QC is an honest man. If that is true, I cannot for the life of me see any way he could fail to find, on the basis of uncontested facts, that Nicola Sturgeon misled Parliament. And if he does, then she must go.

    It could be that my sources overestimate Mr Hamilton. I don’t discount that possibility (and nor do they). But if so then Scotland is lost, and I’d rather cling to hope for a few more weeks, and more pertinently to the ostensibly rational and reasonable belief that someone, somewhere in the whole damn country isn’t completely crooked.

  36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Why is there no appetite for a VONC in JW (Lord Advocate)? There are enough reasons without even delving into inquiries.”

    This is a question that puzzles me too. I also don’t know why the opposition hasn’t brought one against John Swinney for continually refusing Parliament’s demands to release the legal advice, as it had previously threatened to do.

    My understanding is that such a vote would NOT be legally binding, and that neither man would strictly technically have to resign, but it would be an extraordinary indignity for any officer to carry on with the Parliament having expressed its lack of confidence in him.

    My only explanation for the absence of such votes – and this is pure speculation on my part based on things that have happened so far – is that the Greens wouldn’t be on board, and without the Greens the opposition don’t have enough votes, so they wouldn’t want to look weak by calling a VoNC and losing it.

    For me it’d be worth doing anyway just to flush the Greens out in public, but as I’m not Jackie Baillie or Willie Rennie or Ruth Davidson it’s not my call.

  37. Breeks says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    2 February, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    For me it’d be worth doing anyway just to flush the Greens out in public, but as I’m not Jackie Baillie or Willie Rennie or Ruth Davidson it’s not my call….

    I think, for the first time in such a long time, that they have the initiative. They could bring all of this to a head, but given the damage is almost 100% hurting the SNP, who can blame the opposition for sitting back and toasting marshmallows from the heat?

    I’ve gotta admit, I have never been convinced this an MI5 plot at work. I managed to convince myself that the Occam’s Razor principle put Sturgeon’s gross ineptitude and patent inability to thin strategically

  38. Breeks says:

    Sorry typo correction, but fingers are cold and hit the submit button…

    I was about to say Sturgeons inability to think strategically, was adequate in itself to create this total mess.

    As this goes on however, what I find curious now, is the reaction. There is virtually no pleading of innocence, and certainly no contrition. There is a uniform disposition towards treating this conspiracy as ‘nonsense’, but that’s a completely different reaction to declaring one’s innocence.

    It just doesn’t ‘sound’.

    A long time ago, I was interviewed by the police. I hadn’t done anything, I was just in the proximity of a crime, and interviewed because I was there, and might have done it. Initially, because you of course know you’re innocent, you can be quite blasé and answer their questions freely, and dismiss accusations against you as nonsense, because you know it IS nonsense, but the cops don’t…. yet.

    But then, once the penny drops that the cops are quite serious in suspecting you, and present apparent evidence giving cause for suspicion, you’re whole demeanour changes. You immediately shit yourself, drop the notion of the accusations being nonsense, and start co-operating 100% in an attempt to clear yourself and convince the cops you weren’t involved. You want my fingerprints? Have them. You want my phone? Take it. You want my shoes and clothes for fibres? Take the lot…

    When you’re innocent, you KNOW you’ve nothing to hide, so you WANT them to check your stuff.

    And that brings me to the Sturgeon and her denials. Ok, she went through the ‘stage 1’ dismiss this as nonsense response. But when that clearly wasn’t going to wash, but then, instead of the stage 2 ‘fill your breeks’ oh shit, here, look through all my stuff response,… instead we get the coverup. We get the evasion, the lack of communication, all the secrecy and redaction, and we literally get the “I want to speak to a lawyer” routine…

    This , in my inexpert opinion, is NOT how innocent people react.

  39. Breeks says:

    Bloody hell. Tablet has a hair trigger today…

    I meant to say last… When you have something to hide, you become preoccupied with hiding it rather than proving your innocence.

  40. twathater says:

    I agree totally with your dissection Breeks which makes the whole situation so rank and fetid , that the whole of Scotland is being misrepresented and failed by ALL these AMORAL creatures

    The opposition parties and the MSM have access to mountains of evidence to PROVE what has and is going on yet they still bide their time in releasing it and allow these scum to carry on . The question then becomes out of the whole pile of corruption who is the worse , Sturgeon and her cowardly cabal or the opposition who are using it for their benefit , it is ONLY the people of Scotland who are the losers

  41. Arrkay says: this one seems pretty appropriate too.

  42. wee monkey says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    2 February, 2021 at 7:53 am

    “What disappoints me is opposition at Holyrood who have done nothing and let it all get this bad.”

    Oh really. Your memory seems to be a bit selective there. People have learnt, both in Holyrood and outside, the error of transgressing and crossing the SNP. All this is most definitely
    “oan use”.

  43. greyskies says:

    Such a lovely song I came back to this page to listen to it, only to find the lyrics deleted and an exhortation to someone called Sam to stop posting lyrics. Why? Is it copyright matters or something? I’ve had to access the lyrics elsewhere. But thanks for this song.

  44. greyskies says:

    Noise pop. I didn’t realise that was a genre. But I learn something new on here every day.

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