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A case of mistaken identity

Posted on March 22, 2021 by

Every Yes supporter in Scotland dreamed of having our own Mandela to lead us to freedom. Unfortunately, we wanted Nelson but we got Winnie instead.

And now our country is no longer a safe place.

News emerged today that Craig Murray has been found guilty of practicing journalism. Despite having done nothing that wasn’t also done by a whole string of Scottish newspaper journalists, none of whom were prosecuted for it – and considerably LESS than one in particular – Murray now faces up to two years in prison for simply truthfully reporting some aspects of Alex Salmond’s trial.

The Crown Office has steadfastly refused to bring charges against anyone with regard to the Salmond trial unless they were known to be supporters of Alex Salmond.

James Doleman literally tweeted one of the complainers’ names to tens of thousands of followers, but was merely banned from reporting on the rest of the trial, yet a man who did the exact same thing to so few followers that nobody we know has even seen any of the tweets in question is currently in prison serving a six-month sentence.

The BBC’s Philip Sim made two tweets that we can’t even show you redacted versions of because they so clearly enable the identification of another one of the complainers, but the tweets are still on his Twitter feed today and nothing has happened to him.

Neil Mackay escaped any action over a truly shocking Herald On Sunday piece on the eve of the trial, which was so astonishingly prejudicial against Salmond that the paper pulled it within hours, yet no action was taken against him, while Murray was charged with allegedly prejudicing the trial IN FAVOUR of a defendant – something which as far as we’re aware is completely without precedent in Scottish legal history.

(Traditionally in contempt matters the Crown is regarded as being big enough and tough enough to resist any prejudice in favour of the accused.)

This website and The Spectator have both been threatened in blood-curdling terms by the Crown Office, although so far not actually charged, for publishing material that made no sort of reference whatsoever to anyone being a complainer in the case, yet 10 Scottish journalists who all printed facts easily enabling the direct identification of at least one of the women haven’t even been quietly spoken to.

And when a few days ago the Scottish Government’s puppet organisation Rape Crisis Scotland, who have conducted a relentless smear campaign against Salmond since the day of his acquittal on all charges (and indeed before) directly identified one of the complainers in an email sent to every political journalist in Scotland, nobody raised an eyebrow.

Alex Salmond has been repeatedly threatened with prosecution by the Crown Office if he gives truthful evidence to the Holyrood inquiry, yet absolutely nobody has been investigated for perjury in either the trial or the inquiry despite numerous witnesses – including the First Minister herself – giving false statements under oath which have subsequently had to be “clarified” or “corrected” and there being clear evidence of attempted interference with the police investigation.

And when brave people whistleblow to reveal the truth about these and other potential serious criminal acts, the Crown Office and police investigate NOT their allegations, but the people who leaked the truth to them.

Meanwhile the First Minister – who swore to uphold both the letter and the spirit of the Ministerial Code – is expected to flatly refuse to resign no matter whether either or both inquiries into her conduct find that she broke it repeatedly and knowingly.

(But if you protest against SNP policy, even in chalk, expect the police at your door.)

The harsh fact is that truth and journalism are crimes in Nicola Sturgeon’s Scotland. As journalists who tell the truth, readers, we’re pretty scared. And we definitely won’t be accepting any invitations to a quick kickabout.

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243 to “A case of mistaken identity”

  1. Breeks says:

    When Holyrood Devolution isn’t fit for purpose,
    When the SNP isn’t fit for purpose,
    When the Civil Service isn’t fit for purpose,
    When the Scottish Law isn’t fit for purpose,
    When the Scottish Media isn’t fit for purpose,
    When the COPFS isn’t fit for purpose,
    When Police Scotland isn’t fit for purpose,

    Maybe the problem is that you’re misunderstanding their purpose.

    Their purpose ISN’T justice. That is an illusion.

    Their purpose is the subjugation of Scotland.

  2. David Lyon says:


  3. Tommy Box says:

    Scotland where the truth goes to die

  4. holymacmoses says:

    It can’t last.

  5. Ian says:


    By the way, you have the paragraph about Philip Sim in twice.

  6. susanXX says:

    NS has presided over the complete corruption of Scottish life. She is a disgusting individual.

  7. Grey Gull says:

    I could greet. I can’t believe we’ve gone from the hope and positive outlook of the Yes campaign to this corrupt state when it could all have been so different. There isn’t a word to describe the anger and despair I’m feeling.

  8. Michael B says:

    Mike Russell: We can believe Nicola Sturgeon because ‘she answered questions under oath.’

    Er, so did Woman H.

  9. McLaurin says:

    I want my country back.

    I reckon we’re heading for a judge-led inquiry but it’ll be too late by then. And I’ve lost any faith in a judiciary untethered from a jury after Craig Murray’s conviction.

    Even if Hamilton finds against Sturgeon, and she actually resigns (I know), she’ll hop back in after the election and claim The People have spoken.

    I could boak.

  10. Pete Roberts says:

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse they find new depths to plumb. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if even the tories, who I have hated all my life, could be any worse than this.

  11. Calum Macmillan says:

    Totally and utterly disgusted by the deep rot within the institution of Scotland.

    I have spent years upon years arguing that nationalism doesn’t necessarily give space and cover to this kind of corruption. Because of Sturgeon, Murrell and their empire of greed and deceit I feel like I’ve wasted my time.

    How the hell did we let it get so bad? How did it come to be that we let this nasty, vindictive, grubby and profiteering clique spread its rot through our institutions?

    SNP membership canceled. All subs and donations now diverted to Craig Murray’s blog.

  12. Kenny says:

    I see a lot of parallels with the “Chechnya model”.

    A “colony” inside another country where the rule of law does not apply.

    Why? Because the local ruler is so important to the centre (Putin). The local ruler once fought against the centre, but is now very happy with the role of satrap (tin-pot dictator). The centre is also happy, because the satrap keeps the colony firmly in control.

  13. Liz says:

    We are living in a nightmare.
    When will it end.

    SM is full of sanctimonious wee areseholes pronouncing the guilt of AS.
    Surely that is contempt of court, literally.
    Also some folk who I thought were sensible, agreeing.

    If I was younger, I’d leave Scotland.
    We have lost our way, and I can’t see it being fixed soon.

    Alex S should be treated as a respected elder statesman. Instead he’s got a bunch of pygmies, not fit to tie his shoes, despite what the gossiping alphabets say, ruining his life.
    I don’t hate anyone but I’m coming very close to hating NS

  14. Tommo says:

    Winnie Mandela indeed-and her husband Peter Mugabe

  15. 1971Thistle says:

    “Pour encourager les autres”

    The whole debacle has smelt of a power play, of “you cannot hold us to account” since the beginning. To do this, so selectively, reinforces (is designed to reinforce?) that impression.

  16. Captain Yossarian says:

    When James Wwolffe appeared before the Fabiani Committee he was smiling “you lot cannot do anything to me but my law officers can do anything they like to you.”

    Another ludicrous claim was that his law officers were always honest. Was that accepted by everyone?….I don’t know if it was. Anyway, tell that to the Directors of Duff and Phelps who spent 6-days and nights locked in a basement cell in Govan Police Station. As a consequence, their career was ruined and that balls-up looks set to cost us all many millions to put right.

    When he reluctantly appeared again before Holyrood at the MSP from Dumbaton’s request, he was considerably more circumspect. But, he still reminded MSP of the powers of his position and he reminded them that he could use them if he so wanted.

    Perhaps it is time to put this old fool back in his box and dispense with all Scotgov and Scotgov funded lawyers (which is just about all of the) for a week or two. Things get sorted-out and the lawyers move-in only at the end to agree who is accountable and who pays.

    Nowadays in Scotland, the sole purpose of our legal profession is to prevent us from ever getting to that point. We treat the legal profession like Gods as if only they have a fully functioning brain. Believe me, they are very far from that.

    Does anyone believe in the Scottish legal profession at the moment because I certainly don’t.

  17. Career Politician says:

    Malicious Prosecution please meet your new colleague, Malicious Conviction.

  18. Cuilean says:

    “I’m not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am, may be lost”.

    Winnie The Pooh

  19. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “I reckon we’re heading for a judge-led inquiry but it’ll be too late by then.”
    To get that inquiry you’d need the rotten to the core NS cabal to agree to an inquiry against themselves..!

    Times running out Scotland, a political Cullodon nears and I’m desperate for a whistle blower or an uprising (NON violent).

  20. Republicofscotland says:

    I had an idea that once Craig Murray revealed that he was standing as a candidate for AFI that this would happen, I’m totally disgusted with the SNP now and will not vote for them at all, Sturgeon and her vile clique have turned Scotland into a a tinpot banana, dictatorship with Sturgeon acting like Robert Mugabe.

    The Crown Office needs held to account somehow it is out of control under Wolffe’s leadership.

  21. katherine hamilton says:

    It’s been scary indeed these last few months. Mr. Murray’s apparent conviction puts the tin lid on it. The week-end debate about what to do next re Sturgeon and Co is now moot. Independence can wait.

    Vote them out. They must be gone. They are f*****g dangerous.

  22. Mark Boyle says:

    Calm down! It’s the last frantic lashings out of a regime that knows it’s on its way out.

    The reckoning is coming for them, and sooner than they think.

    Keep the faith and keep the heid!

  23. Peter Brunskill says:

    This current administration does not deserve to lead an Independent Scotland. I for one wont be devastated if Indy 2 is taken off the table until we can show our ability to uphold the rule of law and separation of powers. This bunch are too corrupt to lead a Country.

  24. ahundredthidiot says:

    Anyone thinking things are about to get better any time soon, needs to look at what is going on around us.

    Freedom, personal liberty and the rule of Law have all been perverted. Scotland is, of course, particularly bad, but it is all over the West.

    We are all going down a very dark road from which there is no return. The delusional are easy to spot – they’re the ones saying things like ‘it cant happen here’ or ‘we wouldn’t put up with that’.

    Well, it is and we are.
    By the time people realise what’s going on it’ll be too late.

    AUOB? – you can forget about that. They’ve marched their last march.

  25. Kiwilassie says:

    As a woman I really hate her, not just as a politician , but as a fellow woman. She is really screwed up. Is she a man or a woman in her thinking & preference to sex? She does come across as unhinged.

  26. katherine hamilton says:

    Mark Boyle.
    Fair enough. Maybe’s Aye maybe’s Naw.
    “last frantic lashings out of a regime”!! We’re talking about the potential imprisonment of an innocent man. (again).
    For f**k sake. You calm down if you want to. I’m raging mad. Hope you’re not next, pal.

  27. Hatuey says:

    As I was saying before, it doesn’t matter what the inquiries conclude, the direction of travel is clear and inevitable; with a growing number of people coming to see them for the scum that they are.

    By the end of this week, the debate about second votes will be forgotten, the debate about first votes will be almost over, and the new debate, about the best way to destroy the SNP, abstain or vote against them, will be in full swing.

    I’ve been advocating voting against them for some weeks. I regard it as a moral responsibility to put independence on the back burner in May.

    With considerable regret, I also believe anyone who stands for election under the SNP banner is an enemy of independence and justice.

  28. Paul says:

    What has Scotland become? Still can’t believe this is happening…

    Everytime Sturgeon and her acolytes open their mouths or do something the only message I receive now is ‘Don’t vote SNP’.

    If Hamilton fails to deliver a just conclusion there needs to be a concerted effort to remove Sturgeon and her followers from HR in May.

    Anyone who’s been up close and personal with a narcissist of this magnitude knows you can never reason with them – they, along with the sycophants, need removed from our lives.

  29. Stuart Muir says:

    Stinkin to the high heaveans (shakes his head)..

  30. robertknight says:

    So, on the first business day after he has uploaded this…

    …and slams another three torpedoes into the side of the already badly listing SS Queen Nicola, the Judge decides to find Craig Murray guilty.


    Well, I too have just made a decision – I’ll be holding my nose and voting Tory in May.


    Because it is now more important to me to get the corrupt bastards in the SNP out of office than to see an Independent Scotland created, (no laughing at the back) with them in charge of it. And where I am, the Tories are best placed to block the SNP.

    I can no longer come here and elsewhere and claim to want to be rid of the cancer that is the SNP without being prepared to undergo the surgery.

    Voting Tory is the only form of surgery I can undertake, and like any surgery, it will be painful and the recovery may take some time.

    But the cancer that is the SNP is slowly but surely killing the body politic in Scotland, and as the saying goes in respect to a fish, the rot has already started at the head… our Government, Parliament, Civil Service, Judiciary, Press is already rotten and the rest of the country and it’s institutions will follow. The quangos will be next; RCS for example has already been turned. Our local authorities? Education? Health? The list goes on…

    What then? What sort of Scotland will there be left to fight for when the rot reaches from the head to the tail? And don’t try to tell me it’s just Nicola and we can be rid of her and her acolytes – the silence from the rest of the SNP is deafening!

    You, should you feel inclined, can call me all the insults you wish. You do that from the luxury of the freedom that ‘our’ SNP Government and its corrupt Judiciary is actively seeking to curtail.

    Who among you will be the next Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst or Craig Murray? Perhaps the Rev himself? Tommy Sheridan, again? Who knows. But It’ll be one of you – you just don’t know it yet!

  31. Alf Baird says:

    Kenny @ 11:55 am

    “A “colony” inside another country where the rule of law does not apply.”

    An astute analogy Kenny, and a finding all too common in postcolonial studies generally where the dominant National Party elite tends to make its own “accommodation with colonialism” stopping well short of independence.

    Devolution is merely a further layer of colonial oppression; Scotland is still aye run by British crown and civil servants and a subservient daeless political elite, as we can now see.

  32. PhilM says:

    I don’t see the end of a regime, perhaps the beginning of the end.
    It still requires to be acknowledged that corruption of the rule of law is rife in Scotland. That being said, it would be amazing for the latter to be true without a sizeable accompanying level of financial corruption.
    That will be much harder to change when the political will is not there to challenge it. Sturgeon going will alter much but not enough for me and those I care about.

  33. blackhack says:

    For once in my life I’m ashamed to be Scottish

  34. Sharny Dubs says:

    The security services have done their job. To protect the state from enemies either international or domestic.

    Holyrood is a sham, Sturgeon a vassal of the state.

    Where do we go from here? Wait until the deport us to some banana republic as they have done in the past?

    Is it really time to leave and seek some refuge where the rule of law actually applies?

  35. Colin Alexander says:

    It was Alex Salmond who moved the court to have the Alphabet Women’s identities protected by a court order.

    It was Alex Salmond who also backed Nicola Sturgeon after he walked away from his failed indyref.

    Peter Murrell was Alex Salmond’s constituency office manager.

    It was Alex Salmond who abandoned plebiscite elections and embraced the colonial / devolution s30 road to failure.

    Aye, Alex Salmond was innocent of the trumped up charges. Aye, he genuinely wants Scottish independence but, along the way, he’s made some terrible decisions.

    So has the indy movement, including me, by going along with it and voting for the Salmond / Swinney /Sturgeon colonial administrator SNP.

  36. holymacmoses says:

    All this is digging and they’re getting further and further into the hole. It will end

  37. Lost says:

    As a wise man once said, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

    The don’t want Cassandra’s or the public pointing out that the Emperor doesn’t have new clothes or any clothes for that matter.

    They just want you to shut up and sit down. Anyone one questioning risks poking holes in a crumbling facade, then everyone will see.

  38. The Dissident says:

    The optics of the Craig Murray decision and court appearance are not good. If you wanted to avoid accusations of conspiracy, this week, of all weeks, would be one to avoid doing this.

    If Craig has been found guilty and is imprisoned, I suspect we will see the law of unintended consequences kick in.

    Making a martyr is never clever politics. It is therefore highly likely that that is exactly what will happen under this farcical administration.

    Then they will blame every one else for the consequences as usual.

  39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “By the way, you have the paragraph about Philip Sim in twice.”


  40. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Right up to the point of reading this article I was going to vote for Jenni Minto (SNP) in the constituency vote. I don’t know how I can now if Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell and several others remain in place.

    Well Jenni and the other SNP candidates for Holyrood please explain why I should vote for you.

  41. Lulu Bells says:

    How absolutely awful.

  42. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    Relax, WE are SOVERIEGN, and the people will speak. Just please don’t vote for the yoons and especially the brit tories. It is bad enough having to think about voting tartan tory aka SNP. I wish we had an alternative. Unless someone pulls a rabbit out, it’s looking like spoiled ballot and one of the Indy list parties, never the greens. They talk about “unsustainable”, surely this level of corruption and state control is just that. We WILL overcome, and we will be free. One day soon, it will be Nicla who?

  43. So within 7 years Sturgeon has managed to turn a solid, unified movement into completely separate factions that have absolutely no common ground with each other? Some going you have to admit. She was handed it all on a plate and she blew it.

    I’d say history won’t be kind to her, but she’ll probably be the one writing it.

  44. holymacmoses says:

    I am going to ask SNP members if they’re confident enough to insist that Mr Murrell opens the books to all the members BEFORE the election.
    Also if they think they should know how much Mr Murrell is receiving as a salary.
    Insist on accurate membership numbers , so they know where they stand with independence?
    Ask if ALL papers relevant to the inquiry be put on line with or without the redactions they think are necessary (it might be useful for some people to see just what redactions can do to evidence)
    Show them the new harassments and complaints procedure in the light of the earlier failure of Government

  45. John Cleary says:

    Honi soit qui Mal y pense


    Go fuck yourself if you don’t like it

    Order of the Garter motto.

  46. holymacmoses says:

    David Beveridge
    I’d say history won’t be kind to her, but she’ll probably be the one writing it.

    No she won’t:-)

  47. Anna says:

    Our people cannot allow this corruption to continue.

  48. Sylvia says:


    WHAT could this be about????

    “There will be no live daily coronavirus briefing today. The latest figures will be release on the Scottish Government website around 2pm this afternoon”.

  49. cirsium says:

    @Colin Alexander, 12:21

    Alex Salmond’s lawyers obtained anonymity for the two complainers in the civil case. The anonymity in the criminal case was a court order. It was Lady Dorian who extended it beyond the criminal trial.

  50. James Doleman says:

    I thought I’d dealt with this, but Mr Campbell seems to have forgotten.
    I made a mistake, but this came before the court order was passed, so there was never any question of me being prosecuted for breaching an order that didn’t yet exist.

    Interestingly Mr Campbell responded to my email on this saying he knew thi but had published his previous tweet because I was being an “Ar*sole on twitter” (I had made a joke about him)

    So there you have it

  51. Mark Boyle says:

    @katherine hamilton says:
    22 March, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    “last frantic lashings out of a regime”!! We’re talking about the potential imprisonment of an innocent man. (again).
    For f**k sake. You calm down if you want to. I’m raging mad. Hope you’re not next, pal.”

    Calm down.

    Seem to remember the last time they jailed someone on trumped up charges, it was a certain Tommy Sheridan.

    We all know what happened next – first person to be elected to a position in a tier of government since Bobby Sands as I remember. Complete meltdown on the Scottish news when it happened, acting like it was Derek Beackon’s fluke result for the BNP all over again, rather than the peasants openly revolting.

    Didn’t do Nelson Mandela any harm either.

    As a certain famous cartoon on the day he was released had it:

    No one outside of a micro-bubble has heard of Craig Murray.

    They bloody well will now!

    And now is the time for everyone to do their bit to make sure their friends and neighbours know who this man is, why he’s been jailed, and why it matters.

  52. Kiwilassie says:

    Nicola. This person who should have been debarred, if she hadn’t left the legal profession, when she did, She clearly was in breach of the legal profession, & would have been bared.
    You have her head of your government.
    You’re complete idiots if you vote her back her in, in 2021.
    my god she is the devil incardinate.
    She’s worse than Margaret Thatcher.

  53. Cenchos says:

    Hamilton Inquiry later today. Could the CM news reveal be a grotesque squirrel?

  54. colin lees says:

    may i remind all,not to hold your breath with regards the hamilton enquiry.his remit given by the deputy firt minister is quite narrow.(alex salmond expressed his concerns to hamilton when asked for an interview.)the question is,will hamilton go beyond his remit.

  55. Robert Graham says:

    o/t maybe

    As I said in the last thread

    I really wonder what to do , what to say or advise friends and family in my opinion is the best way to cast their vote because I haven’t a scooby .

    I can’t in all honesty support this version of the the SNP because it’s not the version I recognise , take away the carrot of indyref2 and what are you left with , a secretive lying manipulative bunch of crooks who are experts in the art of deception and beyond control it’s like a juggernaut that has no driver and the brakes don’t work they are pushing things through that the public if they really found out the scale of and the probable result of these measures that are unheard of in the western world would and cause a bloody riot but it’s all being done in secret

    Trust me I am Nicola and I am your friend , aye that will be right sweetie you are a fkn liar who has deceived the voting public into believing your main objective is a independent country , no dear your main objective is protect Nicola, make sure Nicola is free from any damage.

  56. John Moss says:

    Well, it looks like we have a bit of house cleaning to do. But then it’s Spring and we may as well get started. Don’t want my country ruined by the corrupt.

  57. Socrates MacSporran says:

    All the Sturgeon Gang’s corruption and failings are piling-up, this will, in time, give the UK Government all the evidence they will need to close down Holyrood and restore direct rule from London.

    Baw Jaws will, without a hint of irony, declare devolved Scotland as a failed state, which has to be returned to Westminster control, to save the Union and Scotland from Rebellious Scots.

  58. Tamson says:

    Where are we on the three members of the SNP Finance & Aidit Committee who resigned? There was a clumsy attempt at deflection over the weekend with more “what about the poor victims” bollocks, but we can’t let the SNP finances issue slip out of sight. After all, corruption nearly always comes down to money. Follow the money.

    There has to be a lot more to that, surely?

  59. Al Dente says:

    Given the state of South Africa after the Mandela period, you would want neither Nelson nor Winnie.

  60. 100%Yes says:

    This morning on Sky News Sturgeon came out of her house looking like she already knew this Hamilton report had went in her favour.

  61. Sylvia says:

    Does an order exist to prevent the naming of the Celebrity who had dinner in Bute House?

  62. Lothianlad says:

    UTTERLY SHOCKING. I cannot even beging to out into words how much I despise the sturgeon careerist SNP.

    Craig murray, you are a brave man. Take Nelson Mandela as your inspiration. Take William wallace who also faced a biased corruption foreign court.

    You will be held In the highest esteem. Freedom will be yours as , you sought freedom and justice for the oppressed.

    Be of braveheart Craig. Let me know how I can help.

    Auob need to mobilise against this corrupt SNP government.

    Stu… I cannot thank you enough for your bravery.

  63. Clavie Cheil says:

    Got a leaflet from R.Lochhead today. It mentions the word Independent once and Independence not at all. The last leaflet I got from Red Card Ross/ Tories spat the word Independence at me several times. Something is rotten in the State of Scotland. Something is rotten in the SNP.

  64. Ruby says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    22 March, 2021 at 12:49 pm
    All the Sturgeon Gang’s corruption and failings are piling-up, this will, in time, give the UK Government all the evidence they will need to close down Holyrood and restore direct rule from London.

    Baw Jaws will, without a hint of irony, declare devolved Scotland as a failed state, which has to be returned to Westminster control, to save the Union and Scotland from Rebellious Scots.


    Will that depend on who wins the election?

  65. JGedd says:

    (Sorry, posted on the wrong thread by mistake.)

    Simply shocked by this news about Craig Murray’s conviction. ( I hadn’t become quite as cynical as I thought after all, with all the many shocks to the system induced by the unscrupulous behaviour of the SNP and the Crown Office.)

    The conviction and trial of Craig Murray does show that the Scottish legal establishment is, after all, an integral part of the UK establishment and in fact, the Lord Advocate is not acting as a rogue lone wolf after all. ( Pun intended.) If we were in any doubt, his seeming overreach in issuing warnings of prosecution to news outlets in England were not actually overreach at all. His actions seem now to indicate a law officer who is extremely confident of the basis of his power.

    With this conviction, the Scottish legal establishment has locked the gates, with us inside and no democracy. Who would have thought, in those heady days of 2014, that it would come to this?

    (My thoughts go to Craig Murray and his family. The worst news possible with his fragile health and a new baby in the family.)

  66. fraser reid says:

    O/T but any chance of passing a few fundraised € to this ?

    is that allowed ? Would it be wanted ?

    Can’t tweet this cos in jail cos I quoted a line from “taken”.

  67. Ruby says:

    James Doleman says:

    I made a mistake, but this came before the court order was passed, so there was never any question of me being prosecuted for breaching an order that didn’t yet exist.


    This is confusing. When was the order passed & how come one of the complainers had a plan that meant they could be anonymous?

  68. Socrates MacSporran says:


    To answer your question, I honestly don’t know.

    If the SNP wins an outright majority – going back to London rule might well be the Tories only card they can play.

    If it’s a hung Holyrood – definitely direct rule.

    SNP the biggest party, and perhaps needing the support of the Greens – other pro-Indy parties on the List; it will perhaps be a controversial option.

    If Sturgeon loses her seat to Sarwar but gets back via the List, and refuses to resign/does not get endorsed as FM – again, Direct Rule a possibility.

  69. McDuff says:

    This is my dilemma, I do not want to vote for a woman I loathe and a party that has betrayed our movement but I want independence. What do I do? I am not a poltical strategist.
    I am inclined to not vote on the constituency and vote for AFI or ISP on the list.
    As i have said ,its dilemma, one I sure is shared by many.

  70. Effigy says:

    Firstly, my thanks and congratulations on your journalistic skills Rev.
    Your drive, determination and resilience are greatly to be commended.

    I am absolutely outraged at the blatant corruption in this SNP controlled
    parliament and indeed within their party ranks.

    There are many who should be facing a custodial sentence and none of
    them should be accusing an honest man such as Craig Murray.

    Criminals are running Holyrood and attacking the innocent, truth and justice.

    Scotland has become a Tim pot banana republic a task I thought impossible.

    Just like in North Korea you can find yourself imprisoned for no justifiable reason
    other than you held the ruling body accountable to the truth.

    I’ll be sending a like to this horrific tale to both my MP, MSP and local councillor
    to ask specifically why no one has faced the consequences of total mismanagement
    and how they can explain why only independence supporting journalists face imprisonment
    for writing the same story as multiple Unionist rags.

    I will not stand for this and will fight these people until my dying day.

  71. Ruby says:

    If there was no court order until half way through the trial how come the Scottish press didn’t publish the names of the complainers before the trial?

  72. James Doleman says:

    Hi Ruby, the order was passed at the beginning of the afternoon session on day 2 of the trial.

  73. Lynn says:

    “The signs are clear:shutting down opposition media, quashing dissident voices , and jailing journalists who dare to report something other than the prevailing party line.” Quoted on a book about Frankl a psychiatrist imprisoned in a concentration camp ! He implored the need for civic classes to identify disinformation and how to spot it .

    As a floating voter I can not identify any of them so I suggest you have to be part of the system to actually do that ! Does his punishment stay the same if he actually now names them ?

  74. Ian Mac says:

    All I can say is that this action, along with the others, exposes how serious the the collusion and corruption at the heart of our institutions is. No government who have nothing to fear from an investigation into their actions would behave like this. Only one who knows they are sitting on a major scandal which would cost them all their jobs would mount such punitive and silencing action. No matter how insignificant the comment (Mark Hirst), or one laid out in protected speech (Davis), they will hound and harass you, threatening jail or public opprobation. If, of course, there is nothing to fear from the truth, then let it out. All of it, the texts, emails and personal testimony. And Craig would have nothing to defend.

    They might as well put up a big sign at Holyrood saying ‘Corruption and perversion of justice this way – but you aren’t allowed to talk, write or publish about it’.

  75. McDuff says:


  76. Stuart MacKay says:

    It’s worth taking a step back or at least try to given these events:

    Is the rot in the SNP (despotism of the leadership), Holyrood (the total failure in accountability), Scottish institutions (due to political capture), Westminster (for letting this whole charade play out).

    Ultimately selectively jailing journalists because the oppose the party in power is only going to set fire to everything. It’s a very tiny step down the path to what Hong Kong is experiencing. I don’t mean to be melodramatic but it’s worth at least considering that possibility, if only to see where we stand and what to do next.

    I can’t decide whether Westminster will let this continue because it’s only going to get worse when the Hate Crime Bill etc. starts to bite. If they don’t step in because this is the way they want things to pan out then that’s only going to harden opinions. If they do step in then we know that Holyrood is finished. Either way if Scots are going to have to decide sooner or later just how much they want independence because it’s not going to be delivered on a velvet cushion.

  77. Ruby says:

    James Doleman says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:04 pm
    Hi Ruby, the order was passed at the beginning of the afternoon session on day 2 of the trial.


  78. Skip_NC says:

    James Doleman, I may be wrong but isn’t the issue with Craig Murray a satirical piece he wrote well before the trial? So your argument that you revealed the name of a complainer before the order went into force should also apply to Craig Murray. Do you agree?

    Furthermore, I should have thought Stu’s point was obvious. It is a commentary on the partial actions of the Scottish Establishment, not an attack on any individual. At least, that’s how it reads to me.

  79. Ian Mac says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this action against Craig is a result of his honest video, alerting us all to the facts of the Salmond case. They deeply fear him standing as a candidate and pointing all of this publicly on the record information. Such is the level of their paranoia and fear of truth, that they will try to give him a custodial sentence of a year in order to prevent him standing. After all they were willing for Salmond to be jailed on trumped up charges to get him out of the way. When will the Scottish media wake up?

  80. Colin Alexander says:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

    After the Glasgow Council SNP (controlled by Sturgeon cronies) had Manny Singh prosecuted for marching for independence…they are now trying to deny him his livelihood.

  81. Brunswickian says:

    Poor old Edinburgh, henceforth the Minsk of the North.

  82. BLMac says:

    The iceberg didn’t get out of the way of the Titanic and the band played on…

    In this case the iceberg is the Truth and the SNP Titanic will share the same fate. The SPAD band will, per tradition, play on until they’re underwater…

  83. Ruby says:

    If there was no court order until 2 days after the start of the trial how come the Scottish press didn’t publish the names of the complainers before the trial?

    What was the plan one of the complainers had that would allow them to be anonymous?

    How many people in Scotland do you reckon know the names of the complainers?

  84. McDuff says:

    Can Craig Murray appeal?
    I’m sure a crowdfund would be popular.
    I can’t believe that almost the entire Scottish establishment approve of what is happening as confirmed by their silence.

  85. John Jones says:

    There was concern in the 50s and 60s about the brain drain and on how it would affect the future of the Nation.
    The concern seems to be comming true with the number of morons we have in government.
    The bigger question is, where did all the brains go to? There seems to be very little evidence of them popping up anywhere else.
    One of the previous comments talks about making martyrs, this is a extremely dangerous road for any government to go down.
    Just look at all the revolutions and how they started throughout history.
    I just don’t believe it will happen here as it seems that most are only interested in Corrie, Strictly etc.
    Our anger is not being spread because the media is complicit in holding it down,very similar to our politicians.
    But as my old granny used to say
    If you fly with the craws ye get shot with the craws.

  86. MaggieC says:

    I see that’s there’s no daily covid briefing from Mrs Murrell today , I thought she wanted to be front and centre in leading the country in dealing with the outbreak . I presume she’s in hiding from the journalists .

    Time for her to go and go now .

  87. James Doleman says:

    Hi Skip, that was indeed part of Craig’s defence argument during the last hearing

    I’d be careful in predicting what the verdict will be, we know there is going to be a hearing on Thursday, rather than the judgment just being handed down in writing, but while that’s a clue to what might happen, it’s not definitive

  88. NeilyBoy says:

    Equality before the law is not a principle that the Crown Office, the Courts, Police Scotland or the Scottish Government recognise.

  89. Frozone says:

    Anybody else expecting some interesting redactions in Hamilton’s report?

  90. Christian Schmidt says:

    I don’t think this is fair on Winnie Mandela. There can be no doubt that the she was a genuine freedom fighter, that South African Apartheid state came after her big time and that she suffered.

    There are lots of thinks where I feel she didn’t do the right think, but I would hope that I would never be put into the position that she was in.

    In contrast to that what Nicola Sturgeon did was entirely self-inflicted

  91. Frazerio says:

    Craig Murray isn’t just an independence supporter. He is also a man!!!!! At least now this dangerous individual won’t be out roaming the streets after 6pm looking for a female victim to murder.

    For what its worth Mr Murray, your blog, particularly your reporting of the trials of the innocent Assange & Salmond and the stance you take are more than appreciated. Please stay strong. You are not alone.

    Finally, in Edinburgh over the weekend, there was a story about 3 young girls being viciously attacked by a gang of around 10 other girls in The Meadows. The mother of one of the victims reported the assault was only halted when a passer by, a “man”, intervened. Sort of jars with the narrative of the ‘male curfew mob’. Best wishes to the victims.

  92. Lost says:

    Frazerio @ 1:26

    Exactly. Keep all the good guys off the street and who’s going to stop the bad ones?

  93. Socrates MacSporran says:


    The first thing you learn, when you enter journalism in Scotland – the biggest no-no: Never, ever, reveal the identity of a complainer in a Rape case.

    You simply do not do it.

  94. Wally Jumblatt says:

    Wee Krankie thinks she’s going to stare them down, double-dare them.
    Who in the Party is going to tell her the game’s up.
    Not Petey baby, not Swinney, not Fabidozi, not anyone in the coven
    Should be an interesting week.

  95. Annie 621 says:

    “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just,
    And that his justice cannot sleep forever.”
    Thomas Jefferson.

  96. Ruby says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    The first thing you learn, when you enter journalism in Scotland – the biggest no-no: Never, ever, reveal the identity of a complainer in a Rape case.

    You simply do not do it.


    Oh dear! Will James Doleman be chucked out of the NUJ & shunned by fellow Scottish journalists?

  97. Athanasius says:

    Do people actually understand what’s happening here? Do they not get that it’s EXACTLY the same thing that happened for seventy years in the Soviet Union? It’s not a function of the personal corruption of individuals within the Scottish government or the Crown Office. It’s the entirely foreseeable result of the long march through the institutions. It will ALWAYS happen where the left becomes the establishment because leftists always assume that history ends with them. They don’t see any need to abide by rules like natural justice because they are themselves the standard of good, so when utter outrages like those described above occur, they honestly don’t understand what’s wrong. It can’t be wrong because it’s us doing it. The system is there to advance our politics and protect our ideology.

    Unless people start wising up fast and moving to the social and political centre and right, one of two things is going to happen. Either the social conservatives in Scotland are going to definitively and indefinitely support the union and block independence, or — and this is by far the worse possibility — Scotland will become independent under the kind of leftist corruption we’re seeing here and another socialist paradise, complete with struggle sessions and re-education camps will appear in the world.

    It doesn’t have to happen either way. There is nothing inherent in social conservatism which is anathema to nationalism. There is no reason why the entire nationalist movement cannot go to the right. I put it out there that it must and it should as conservatives (small c) generally have regard for the idea of due process and natural justice. It’s becoming increasing obvious they’re the only ones in Scotland who do.

  98. Lorna Campbell says:

    I had hoped that sense would prevail and Craig Murray would be found not guilty of the charge. I should have known better. Sense is non-existent now in Scotland’s institutions of governance. The FM has brought Scotland to the very edge of a civil war of words and actions. A great party is on the brink of totalitarianism. Science denial is the new national mantra. And still she clings on. Maybe just maybe, this will sort the sheep from the goats. maybe we always had to come to a point when we could no longer tolerate what is happening in the name of the SNP. Independence has never been so far away, and the party is in power. We are going to be offered another dose of ‘jam tomorrow’ in May. Meanwhile, more nuclear warheads trundle north, 500 civil service jobs complete with incumbents come to Scotland. Queen Lizzie House is up and running. Nicola Sturgeon has done well to keep us all busy fighting amongst ourselves while the UKG completes its plans for our total absorption in a Greater England.

  99. Republicofscotland says:


    In my opinion the SNP are anything but lefties, one example is that they kowtow to the gentry in Scotland, and Sturgeon even has the Benny Higgins on board.

  100. Michael says:

    Wings quotes a Stephen Daisley article and doesn’t criticise it – WTF?

    Could it be that both recognise the devastation the SNP have caused to Scotlands political and judicial system and that Scotland – in or out of the Union – is being trashed by these people.

    The ‘no matter what’ Sturgeon supporters don’t get it. With no controls over the government of the day Scotlands parliament is pointess.

  101. Patrick says:

    A question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. The woman who accused AS of attempted rape, who it turned out, wasn’t even in the building that night. Why hasn’t she been charged with either perjury or wasting police time ?

  102. James Kerins says:

    Despite what I’ve said all my life I don’t think I can support the SNP in its current form. Looks like a spoiled paper from me, lets face it who the ef else would I vote for.
    Sad days indeed.

  103. MaggieC says:

    I wonder if Alex Salmond receives a copy of the James Hamilton report at the same time as the Scottish Government receives their copy ? .

  104. solarflare says:

    Interesting timing.

    “Scottish independence: Draft bill for indyref2 published”

  105. Cudneycareless says:

    James Doleman says:
    22 March, 2021 at 12:42 pm
    I thought I’d dealt with this, but Mr Campbell seems to have forgotten.
    I made a mistake

    OK but is there anything other than that wrong with the details in Mr.Campbell’s posting?
    If this is true then why are you not using your position in the free press to publicise the TRUTH?

  106. Simon Rooke says:

    Where’s the internal opposition within the SNP? Surely it’s natural within a political party for factions to emerge to oppose or gainsay the leadership. Where are the future leaders of the party?

  107. Stuart MacKay says:

    Christian Schmidt

    Winnie Mandela was a monster: “With our boxes of matches, and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country”

  108. SilverDarling says:

    Craig Murray and the draft independence legislation, in one day. A plague of squirrels appears to have been deployed in Scotland. You would almost think there was something that the SG wanted to avoid discussing.

  109. Nally Anders says:

    The vote SNP 1 & 2 mob are noticeably absent today.
    We all wanted shot of Westminster to be free of sleaze and corruption, why on earth would we vote for the home grown variety?

  110. Robert says:

    As to the Craig Murray case, first of all remember that we’ve not actually heard the judgement yet. Secondly, any complaint of “tainted by apparent bias” should be laid with the Crown Office, not the court. The court just decides on what they are asked to rule on. Here the bias arises from other journalists not being prosecuted – which is a Crown Office decision.

  111. Ruby says:

    Frazerio says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:26 pm
    Craig Murray isn’t just an independence supporter. He is also a man!!!!! At least now this dangerous individual won’t be out roaming the streets after 6pm looking for a female victim to murder.

    I’m a bit worried about this male curfew after 6pm.

    Are there enough female:

    police officers
    supermarket workers
    ambulance drivers
    Taxi drivers
    RAC/AA officers
    night watchpersons
    emergency plumbers/tradesmen
    hgv delivery persons
    etc etc etc

    What about ‘booty calls’?
    Did Hannah Bardell think of that?

  112. Grouse Beater says:

    Stuart, the first extract in your article, where is that from? Thanks.

  113. katsoft says:

    Rev campbell
    Is it not about time the truth came out.
    Stop hiding and display your butcher’s apron proudly

  114. ScotsRenewables says:

    100%Yes says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:51 pm
    Here’s the draft referendum bill

    Is that it?

    Fuck sake.

  115. PhilM says:

    Would everyone now join with me in a minute of applause for Richard Leonard whose name posterity has made memorable as the last person who actually RESIGNED when he knew the game was up.
    The phrase now falls naturally from parched lips as the downtrodden of Scotland beseech their corrupt elite betters…’be more like Richard Leonard!’

  116. Mr Blue Sky says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    22 March, 2021 at 2:10 pm
    100%Yes says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:51 pm
    Here’s the draft referendum bill

    “Is that it?

    Fuck sake.”

    What did you expect? A coherent, though-out plan and timetable?

  117. Eric McCue says:

    Skip_NC cand James Doleman

    Yes, Murray repeated his conspiracy that Sturgeon used her allies to make false complaints against Salmond as part of his defence. He may as well have painted an RAF style bullseye in the centre of his forehead.

    Not the first time he’s been a danger to himself.

  118. Ruby says:

    I’m saying NO to curfew for men after 6pm.

    “I’ve joined an Old Time Dance Club. The trouble is that there
    Are too many ladies over, and no gentlemen to spare.
    It seems a shame; it’s not the same, but still it has to be:
    Some ladies have to dance together. One of them is me.

    So stately as a galleon I sail across the floor,
    Doing the Military Two-step as in the days of yore.
    I dance with Mrs Tiverton. She’s light on her feet, in spite of
    Turning the scale at fourteen stone, and being of medium height.

    So gay the band, so giddy the sight, full evening dress is a must.
    But the zest goes out of a beautiful waltz
    When you dance it bust to bust.”

  119. unsigned says:

    From the National article:

    It is now understood that a session for judgement to be delivered will be held at the High Court before Lady Dorrian, Lord Turnbull and Lord Menzies on Thursday – exactly eight weeks after the initial 90-minute hearing.
    Sources close to Murray, 62, indicated that he was advised by court staff and his legal team that if he won the case, the judgement would simply be published.
    However, if he lost, and particularly if a custodial sentence was probable, there would be a new hearing of the court – which has now been called.

    So, at the moment, AFAICT no judgement has actually been issued?

    Is it impossible that it will be a finding of “not guilty”?

  120. Sylvia says:

    Nicola Sturgeon likely to face no-confidence vote at Holyrood on Tuesday

  121. Hatuey says:

    James Doleman says:
    22 March, 2021 at 12:42 pm
    I thought I’d dealt with this, but Mr Campbell seems to have forgotten.
    I made a mistake, but this came before the court order was passed


    This isn’t about you. It’s about how your contravention was handled as compared to Murray’s.

    And it rather goes without saying that you need to be ultra careful in cases of that nature. Claiming it was a mistake wouldn’t necessarily stop you being prosecuted, if they were minded to do so.

    In England you don’t even need a specific court order to protect witness identities as I understand it — the protection is in statute.

    If you are claiming no court order was in place and that you didn’t therefore commit contempt, why then call it a mistake and apologise?

  122. ahundredthidiot says:


    The Worst Wee Corrupt Country in the World

  123. george wood says:

    Looking at the National article that the Rev linked and down the side there is another National story about the SNP wanting a coalition with the Greens whether they win an outright majority or not.

    It looks like that is the price for the Greens to back NS in a no confidence motion.

  124. Bob Mack says:

    That bloody stupid draft Referendum Bill,is like describing the Apollo moon rocket but without instructions on how to actually launch it.

    Another fudge.

  125. Astonished says:

    Nothing the sturrells do anymore surprises me.

    When it comes time to sell the shoes and topple their statues – you can be certain I’ll be there.

  126. Willie says:

    Lorna Campbell – not a civil war of words as you suggest but something far more sinister.

    The rule of law, justice and fairness is now gone. Political persecution by the government and the apparatus of state is now the norm. Jailing is now the norm.

    Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, Manny Singh, Clive Thompson are examples. Two in jail, one awaiting sentence and possibly jail, two exonerated. And it doesn’t stop there.

    Out of favour MP Margaret Ferrier charged with reckless and culpable behaviour by Police Scotland four months after she’d travelled home from a London after receiving a text saying she was positive. Or MP Kenny MacAskill under investigation by Police Scotland’s Alex Salmond Team. Or even David Davis now being investigated by the Crown Office post his commons speech in the House of Commons about collusion and corruption in the Scottish Government and the Scottish Legal system.

    But as one of the SNP Glasgow City Councillors crowed on social media after the jailing of Manny Singh……’ he’ll know to listen to us in future ‘ And that is I am afraid how governance in Scotland is operated. It’s chilling stuff. A rotten police force, prosecution service and judiciary in a rotten statelet of Scotland.

    And all too reminiscent of the Courts and the Royal Ulster Constabulary of the 1969s, 70’s and 80s where political dissent was treated with the utmost state severity. But the partisan state is now doing the exact same thing here.

    Pity help any who decide in future to organise and participate in another AOOB independence March. Young or old the state will suppress them, pick out individuals for jailing. The lock down suppression, like the Guarda Civil in Catalonia or the RUC in Ulster or the apartheid South African Police Department know what to do.

    Goodness, concentration camps to hold political opponents was well practised in South Africa, and of course internment of political opponents was big in Northern Ireland forty years ago and where nationalist politicians for those who can remember were banned from speaking on the radio or the TV ( ergo this is the voice of an actor!! )

    And so we should fear for democracy itself. What has been going on has been an outrage. This is coordinated systematic, systemic persecution. We fail to resist it at our peril.

  127. Breastplate says:

    John jones @1:17,
    I think all politicians should have to undergo a Voight Kampff test.
    That should certainly stem the flow of the undesirable politicians masquerading as humans.

    People shouldn’t vote SNP in any order, they are broken and we quite simply need a new party.

    The appeal of a new party for me is that all the power hungry and scum of the earth sociopaths will already be in politics so we have good chance of getting a bunch of decent people in a new set up.

  128. Lulu Bells says:


    It is possible the complainer who had a plan to get the maximum effect whilst remaining anonymous had discovered she could use the SG processes to her advantage. One of those could be the ‘yellow card process’. This is run by the SG HR team where 2 women from SG HR run sessions in work areas on ‘behaviours. After the ‘training’ staff are invited to anonymously raise any issues they wish. Action is taken against any persons identified as behaving inappropriately. The accused is not allowed to know who complained against them and in many cases not even allowed to know what they are accused of as that would identify the accuser. This process has resulted in staff disciplinary actions and even loss of jobs.

    You can see why the same team who dreamt this up could put in place the process that was used against Alex Salmond.

    As at the point that the WhatsApp message was sent there was no court case and no anonymity order it is possible that this woman had spoken to SG HR and discovered she could raise issues and have action taken without ever being identified.

  129. Jontoscots20 says:

    Simon Rooke says:
    22 March, 2021 at 1:51 pm
    Where’s the internal opposition within the SNP? Surely it’s natural within a political party for factions to emerge to oppose or gainsay the leadership. Where are the future leaders of the party?

    Simon For that to happen politicians have to have minds of their own. With a sprinkling of exceptions, I have used shopping trolleys with more autonomy than the average SNP MSP. If they got an opposition group together they need a channel to direct their concerns. That was the constituency which has been completely eviscerated and the NEC which as been has been stitched up by Nicola Stal8n and her mediocre enablers like Oswald primarily through “affiliates”. So the only hope is high profile defectors like McAskill, Cherry and McAlpine. Will they now act?

  130. James Barr Gardner says:

    “All empires fall, eventually.”

    “But why? It’s not for lack of power. In fact, it seems to be the opposite. Their power lulls them into comfort. They become undisciplined.

    Those who had to earn power are replaced by those who have known nothing else. Who have no comprehension of the need to rise above base desires.”

    ? Max Barry, Lexicon

  131. cynicalHighlander says:


    Piffle Sturgeon adisors are all right wingers each and everyone of them and the only thing left about her is a shoe.

  132. Shocked says:

    Was just wanting to check if anyone is till going to be voting SNP? I’ve taken a fair bit of flak for pointing out just how stupid that would be.

    A few of you might want to apologise now.

  133. Sylvia says:

    Yellow Card!? Is this really true?

  134. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Has anyone noticed any helicopters over Bute house today? Sturgeon better hope her aids booked an Apache helicopter for the job if she wants to save all those shoes and the 600k +

  135. elewis says:

    Nothing makes us look more like the cultists the yoonstream loved calling us in 2013-15 than responding “Daisley?!?! Daisley?!?!” to his criticisms. We show strength when we own valid criticism from those we generally disagree with.

  136. Big Jock says:

    Salmond is making a statement on Wednesday.

    I suspect he has some more evidence to disclose. Could it be the moment! Lets hope so.

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    George Wood @2.33pm.

    Yes George, I think the plan is a coalition with the Greens so that there’s a majority at every turn for them and the SNP, and they can dictate over Scots ad infinitum.

    Of course both parties can then deploy their woowoogender policies until the cows come home, and there wouldn’t be very much we could do about until the next Scottish elections.

  138. Captain Yossarian says:

    Yesterday I reported on these pages that a school I was working on in 2014 was possibly unsafe. A mistake was made whilst building the school; it was reported at the time and it could have been corrected, but nothing was done and work continued.

    The school was finished in 2015 and has been occupied ever since.

    I received another 2No promises from Scotgov to respond to me this morning. That’s 4No promises I’ve had off Scotgov in the past 3No days and so presumably something is happening.

    What’s vexing about this case is that it was reported at the time to Scotgov’s lawyers who said “we’ve asked everyone who needs to know about this and no-one agrees with you.” I accepted that, but it turns out not to have been true. It appears that they lied.

    What I have been complaining about has been reviewed by many, many experts including a Professor of Engineering, numerous academics and consultants and what I have claimed will happen to this building will happen. It’s just a matter of time.

    The government’s lawyers stopped communicating with me over a year ago. Presumably Scottish government lawyers can just do that. But, you would think they must be communicating with someone? Has a lawyer personally decided that this school is safe? Without asking anyone?….surely not.

    It is now in the hands of the teachers at the school. Presumably they are aware that something isn’t quite right with that building. The same problems appear winter after winter and no-one can seem to solve them.

    I understand that it is being inspected again, officially this time and by an authority which is non-political and which will get to the cause of the problem professionally.

    What happens to the chap who made the complaint seven years ago and who has been frozen-out of the industry ever since? I presume the Scottish Government will be hoping that he can be proven wrong, but what if he cannot be proven wrong? What, in fact, if he is proven to have been right all-along?

    Sounds like a real mess, doesn’t it. A needless mess caused entirely by lawyers who think they know everything but who actually know next to nothing. I wish they would just listen.

    I understand the case is being dealt with by the forensic MSP from Dumbarton and so that is grounds for some optimism, isn’t it.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    The vile war criminal Alistair Campbell coming to the defence of his close friend Robert Mugabe aka Nicola Sturgeon, by claiming that Alex Salmond was a candidate for deputy PM of the UK, well according to his diaries he was.

  140. Ornith says:

    James Doleman,

    It is as plain to me as the nose on my face that you named that woman to provoke the implementation of the court order so don’t play the innocent round here. P#ss off you lackey.

  141. Cenchos says:

    Alistair Campbell’s mental health issues are well documented.

  142. Michael B says:

    Why has no-one resigned or been disciplined?

    Scottish Government response: “This is not about blaming individuals.”

    Why ever not?

    OK, then. Accept collective responsibility and all resign or all accept being disciplined.

  143. Unwokey Blokey says:

    Surprise Surprise draft referendum legislation has been released by Sturgeon and her cronies. You would have to be a fool or a Sturgeonite to believe that the article on here confirming 3 members of the finance and audit committee had resigned had nothing to do with it.

    Yes Voters: Where’s our ring fenced referendum money?
    Sturgeons Inner Circle: Never mind the referendum money, look over here draft legislation!

    The Rev must get fed up walking round going i warned yous this would happen.

  144. Lochside says:

    The ongoing targeting of real Nationalists like Craig Murray is an affront to Democracy and justice in Scotland. The Anglocentric ascendancy of COPFS and Scottish Legal system, hollowed out Unionist husks, like the Holyrood puppet show, are the true face of a colonised and compromised wee colony.

    Salmond now collaborating with Westminster’s ‘hero’ Davies to tighten the death grip on the odious Sturgeon, demonstrates his egocentric and catastrophic judgement in nominating her as his chosen successor. These two with their unbridled personal vanity have bought into and been bought out by the Brit Deep State.

    Operation Annihilate Scotland is almost complete: Its strategy to divide the Nats in the face of the enemy i.e. all the Unionist political hegemony red, blue, yellow and green; the unionist msm including the corrupt BBC; unionist institutions of church and state all mobilised against us on the cusp of what should have been the final push for Independence; and ready to jail and terrify all civil opposition. Please note The Police, crime and Sentencing Bill being pushed through Westminster will prevent peaceful assemblies will only apply in England and Wales at the moment.

    But…Davies intervention about modifying the Scotland Act to allow division of powers is a con trick. It is the softening up for the real aim to take back Westminster Rule and they will certainly impose similar legislation…with less resistance than in England.

    They can then plunder our water, energy and resources unrestrained by any judicial or legislative boundaries. Free to dump hundreds of nuclear warheads and ‘settle’ thousands more white flight middle class refugees from RUK fleeing congested cities for cheap housing and the ‘new ways of working’ remotely. Our young and talented excluded from the best jobs and forced into exile.

    But then again, the ordinary Scottish folk stood and fought the invader time and time again…while the aristocratic charlatans, the politicians of their day, swapped sides as often as they swapped horses. That spirit, that strength has shone light a beacon throughout the gloom of the centuries of oppression. It cannot be allowed to be snuffed out by these political pygmies and their British puppet masters. We cannot let ourselves be suborned by our oldest foe.

  145. Breeks says:

    If Sturgeon isn’t banking on wrecking Scottish Independence, if that isn’t the plan, in all sincerity, I really cannot see anything which might pass for a plausible up side from her catastrophic misadventures.

    She hasn’t just alienated much of the core SNP vote, she has betrayed us, and she has made sworn enemies of us. I repeat, unless wrecking the SNP wasn’t the plan all along, then surely the only conclusion you can draw is that she has really fkd up big time.

    Even if she stays out of jail, slimes her way through both inquiries, stays First Minister and somehow has a ‘successful’ election and stays in power, she must realise she’ll be in for a torrid time from a resurgent YES Movement manufacturing a ‘real’ Scottish Independence Party which will blow the corrupt SNP out the water.

    Is it credible that a feature of Sturgeons dismal strategic thinking is an inability to think ahead, and she is literally ‘winging it’ from day to day, and hour to hour? Can it be she is just a pure grifter riding her luck for as long as it lasts? Is that really all the depth of her?

    What a total scunner, and a disappointment of biblical proportions.

  146. Lulu Bells says:

    Sylvia at 2:57…absolutely true, I have seen it in action.

  147. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @318pm.

    The plan is to kill independence stone dead, but to remain in government with the help of the Greens.

  148. true scot says:

    When people start getting selectively banged up for speaking against the goverment – time to pack a bag and leave it near the back door just in case. Sturgeon never wanted independence – like the Joker’s line in thr Dark Knight about being a dog chasing cars, “I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it..” – to me that sums up Sturgeon and independence. Getting a Yes vote in a referendum – that would have been the legacy and then ‘with heavy heart, but knowing that Scotland will triumph’ she would have been off to a bigger better job in the UN. She’s not smart enough to deliver independence, but I think she’s smart enough to know that.

  149. Jim F. McIntosh says:

    I agree Willie things are getting a bit like it was in Ireland but maybe thats all part of the plan. As we see the rioting start south of the border so the powers that be may be hoping it will start and spread in Scotland so that emergency powers can be implemented and Holirood can be ( temporarily) closed down and the posting of a small lot of troops to assist the police in keeping order.Sturgeon I think more and more is working for Westminster, there is just no other conclusion to this shambles that makes sense.

  150. John Martini says:

    Best wee corrupt colony of england in the world. Sturgeon is Lord Haw Haw’s reincarnation.

  151. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 1:43

    “In my opinion the SNP are anything but lefties, one example is that they kowtow to the gentry in Scotland”

    The bourgeoisie dominated National Party has made its own “accommodation with colonialism” (Fanon). Colonialism is a bourgeoisie construct oppressing the people, an elite merging of like minds out of rhythm with the mass of the people.

  152. Big Jock says:

    Jim – I actually think it’s much simpler than that.

    I think Sturgeon is pathologically stupid tactically. She has taken more wrong turns than Mr Magoo. Utterly clueless.

    I think it all started when Theresa May said no to the Section 30. She had no plan B to counter this. Since then she has been on the same tunnel vision path that leads to blind alley after blind alley.

    She thought the Stop Brexit years would eventually lead to an independence referendum. The rest of Scotland thought how…as we all scratched our heads. To this day I don’t have a clue how she thought pretending to stop Brexit would lead to independence.

    She is just a lame duck tin pot dictator.

  153. John H. says:

    You’ve shown a lot of courage over the last few years Stuart. Standing up against corruption and wrongdoing. Now it has come to this. If your scared,then I’m scared. The worst thing is that it’s the people who are supposedly leading our side who are doing it. Welcome to 1984.

  154. James Barr Gardner says:

    Gutted !

    SNP Peers going into the House of the Dead any day soon !

    Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation.

  155. gus1940 says:


    RE the idiotic Defence Review – Why would the Russians want to invade The UK/West other than if they were being threatened by The UK/West?

    They have all the lebensraum they need, massive reserves of Oil, Gas and other mineral resources and most of their export earnings come from exports of Oil and Gas to W. Europe.

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    What a corrupt wee country from the top down Scotland has become under Nicola Ceausescu Sturgeon. fitting up an ex-FM, withholding vital evidence, allowing complainants to perjure themselves without retribution, redactions galore, lies upon lies spouted, the jailing or attempting to those who support Alex Salmond, who told the truth of the matter whilst allowing others who named complainants to walk free with impunity.

    AUOB are holding a demo in May for indy, no doubt if Nicola Ceausescu Sturgeon squirms her way out of this, the coming demo will be kettled by the police and its organiser arrested on trumped up charges.

  157. FrankM says:

    @Robertknight 12.15.
    Your analogy of surgery for a cancer defines the situation well, Robert.

  158. Paul McRae says:

    It pains me to agree with Daisley, but we are where we are, folks

  159. Cenchos says:

    The thing about mistaken identity is that sometimes it occurs as the result of the whispered lies of snakes.

  160. Al says:

    gus1940 says:
    I feel that Russia has been re arming due to the threat posed by the EU and their European Army plans. There was talk of the EU Army not being constrained by Sovereignty.
    The Russians, I suspect, don’t want an Operation Barbarossa the sequel.
    A European Army has existed before:

  161. JonBoy says:

    It is the money that will bring her down. It always is. Not the enquiries

  162. Elmac says:

    Awful news re CM but not entirely unexpected. As pointed out above his decision to stand as an AFI candidate may well have have precipitated this. First the corruption of COPFS and now it would appear the Judiciary are getting in on the act. I expected better of them. There has been a total disregard of blatant contempt by media journalists and they have picked on CM in order to silence him and others who called out against the lies. What more evidence do you need of the corruption and sheer evil emanating from this Government? If nothing is done to correct this we must be fast approaching a time when mass demonstrations and public disobedience are likely. You can not expect people to tolerate this for much longer. Perhaps this is what Sturgeon wants so that she can complete the transformation of Scotland into a police state.

    I live in hope Sturgeon will be forced from office in the next few days and the clean up can start but it will be too late to save the SNP. Anyone still contemplating voting for them whilst the dregs of Dreghorn is running the show are idiots or troughers. They must be voted out of office, so don’t just spoil your ballot paper – vote against them. I don’t care who it is, just make sure it is the party most likely to beat them. This woman has done immense damage to everyone of us in the country, unionists included, with her mad twisted policies. Worse than that she has killed off any immediate prospects of independence for many years due to her actions or rather inaction. If there is a God I pray she will suffer in this world and the next for what she has done.

    I see COPFS are trying to mess with David Davis. How stupid can you get. I hope this will prompt him to reveal more of what he knows. A sad state of affairs when we need help from Westminster unionists to expose what our Scottish Government is doing to its people.

  163. Hatuey says:

    You think you’ve seen SNP dirty tricks?

    By nightfall you’ll have a whole new definition of dirty tricks.

    No covid briefing, high level meetings in government offices, snp officials being pulled from tv studios…

    I think it’s fair to say the report isn’t what she hoped for.

  164. John Martini says:

    The one thing they hate is being ignored. Let’s send them to coventry.

  165. Mist001 says:

    “AUOB are holding a demo in May for indy”

    This’ll be good for a laugh.

  166. John H. says:

    I had hoped that by this stage of my life I would be relaxing in an independent Scotland, watching our country and it’s people grow in confidence as it made it’s way in the world, free at last from the death grip of Westminster. Instead, I, along with many others am going to have to find a way of resisting and overcoming Sturgeon and her cronies who have betrayed us and all of our countrymen and women.

    We cannot allow them to win. Already real independence groups are forming, but they will have to find common ground and unite to have the best chance of success. We must rebuild and quickly, before any more damage is done by this fraud and her gang.

    I will never forgive them for their betrayal of Scotland and her people.

  167. Al says:

    If this crowd get back in in May(never under esimate the power of stupid people in large numbers) having Rev. Stu kill me with hammers is somewhat appealing compared to a lingering death over the next five years.

  168. Josef Ó Luain says:


    You display a rather obvious agenda; an agenda that most of us will recognise and have long-since rejected.

  169. John Martini says:

    The indyref dead cat has now been thrown into the ring. This woman is the pied piper.

  170. SilverDarling says:

    It is really quite alarming how the supporters of NS seem united in their desire to see their opponents locked up for spurious reasons.

    If for some reason the full might of the legal process cannot be summoned to lock you up well then you are guilty of being ‘immoral’ where morality is decided by whose side you are on.

    It all sounds a bit like the Spanish Inquisition where anyone could make denunciations anonymously and by the time you went to trial, the inquisitors had invested so much they had to find you guilty of something.

    That is where we are now, in Scotland, in the 21st century.

  171. Skip_NC says:

    No breach!

  172. SilverDarling says:

    Oh well, are we surprised?

  173. cynicalHighlander says:

    No Breach of Code!

  174. Famous15 says:

    Call the midwife. No breach.

  175. Republicofscotland says:

    “Mr Hamilton was asked to investigate whether there had been any breach of the Ministerial Code by the First Minister, the nature of any such breach and, if a breach had occurred, to advise on the appropriate remedy or sanction. The completed report shows that Mr Hamilton has found no breach of the Ministerial Code.”

    Why am I not surprised by this, Andy Wightman better watch his back, he might get Willie MacRae’d in the Highlands.

  176. maureen says:

    Sky news just now, says FM did not break the ministerial code

  177. Hatuey says:

    Something stinks here. They’ve had this report since this morning.

    Like I said, dirty tricks.

    Rule nothing out with this lot.

  178. Big Jock says:

    Sorry this is just a whitewash. I hope Salmond has something up his sleeve.

  179. Moone says:

    I loathe and despise the FM and her coven of witches who’ve
    busily schemed and connived for at least the past three
    years, just like everyone else does.

    What they got up to and what they believed they were able to
    pull off were and are acts of incredible hubris.

    But the clock is ticking and in the absence of another big
    gun party to vote for with the first vote, isn’t it really the case
    that we’re fcucked if we DO vote SNP, and we indy
    supporters, the Scottish Government, the Parliament and our
    country are even more FCUCKED if we don’t?

    I mean this is becoming like ‘better than the best shag ever’
    for Westminster. With all their wishes coming true at once.

    I refuse to do WM’s bidding for it, and so with peg on nose
    and FM’s gun at back of my head, I and many others will have
    to vote for the b’stards.

    If we don’t then the alternatives in charge of our Parliament
    are all far, far worse. Second vote is up for grabs however.

  180. holymacmoses says:

    Well I think it’s time to pack the bags

  181. holymacmoses says:

    There is no law in scotland and the people here get everything they deserve. No wonder we’ve been enthralled to the Inglish for so long.

  182. INDEPENDENT says:

    Sturgeon did notbreak the code according to Hamilton!

    Quell surprise?

  183. holymacmoses says:

    Not looking good for Craig now.
    I think the other Inquiry might change its mind too

  184. Skip_NC says:

    I find pages 7 and 8 of the report very interesting. Look closely.

  185. Hatuey says:

    I could count about 5 clear-cut breaches of the Ministerial Code off the top of my head.

    Does Hamilton really believe she forgot about that meeting on the 29th of March?

    We are officially the most corrupt country in the western world. If you agree with that take care, you could end up in prison.

  186. holymacmoses says:

    It’s down to the money now. Somebody has to insist on seeing it before the election

  187. JonBoy says:

    Well, if you dictate the terms of the enquiry, what do you expect?

  188. EdinScot says:

    She’s been cleared on all counts is what i heard on Sky News. She and they knew from this morning. No wonder she was smiling.

    Rotten and totally corrupt. How on earth can James Hamilton clear her when he had Geoff Aberdein’s evidence i’ll never know. Farce all round us. Disgusted and disillusioned.

  189. dropthevipers says:

    move on, nothing to see here. All is well.

  190. Liz says:

    I decided to come here to read the outcome. I will be keeping well away from twitter.
    The triumphalism will be unbearable

  191. Mark Boyle says:

    @Josef Ó Luain says: 22 March, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    “@Athanasius: You display a rather obvious agenda; an agenda that most of us will recognise and have long-since rejected.”

    Oh, do go get yourself a big pint of Shut The Fuck Up Already (I think it’s by Brewdog, or maybe Innis & Gunn?).

    It takes all of ten seconds to type into any search engine “Wings Over Scotland” followed by any poster’s moniker to see a range of their back posts, in order for anyone to see if someone has an “agenda” or is trolling, or as in 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of the time is simply venting their opinion, however wacky you, I or anyone else may think it is.

    Just because he happens to be saying opinions YOU don’t like (ie. his banging on about the left) doesn’t make him part of some Baldrick Cunning Plan. Apart from the AFI/ISP “vote for us” pluggers, everyone on here’s just sticking in their tuppenceworth – which as we’re all only human can change over time – and if you find contrary opinions to your own so threatening, maybe time to have a wee word with yourself instead of accusing others of “agendas”.

    [Okay people, sorry, rant over, will be quiet now]

  192. Mia says:

    Re the Hamilton report:

    This cannot be right. Did I have just entered a parallel dimension?

    Well that is me. I have now lost all trust and confidence in the Scottish government, the Scottish parliament, the COPFS, Scottish justice system and in the police. Scotland is now officially so corrupt that it is a banana republic inside what looks like a failed state. The rule of law in Sturgeon’s Scotland has been officially thrown in the bin.

    If there is something I cannot stand is to be taken for a fool or to be seen as a fool. I have felt like a fool for 5 years every time Sturgeon or one of her cronies open their mouths. But that whitewash issued by Hamilton together with the whitewash that will sure emerge from the guts of Fabiani’s Farce comes across as as an even bigger insult to the intelligence of the electorate and a dishonest attempt to take us all as fools and force us to look the other way.

    I now wonder why they actually bothered at all wasting our time and incurring on the taxpayers such bill when they clearly never had any intention to actually deliver anything worthwhile reading or holding this corrupt to the core individual and the forces keeping her in power to account.

    Mr Hamilton may be a QC but, like the Fabiani’s Farce and Lady Dorrian, they have now lost all credibility in my eyes.

  193. Carol Neill says:

    Omg what a surprise ……
    rather than moving hoose I think I want to move country

  194. And James Hamilton has said, “she didn’t break the ministerial code” …? no wonder she was so confident about the outcome of his enquiry.

  195. Michael B says:

    ‘I accept the First Minister’s evidence that at the time the Procedure was adopted she was not aware of any complaints or impending complaints against Mr Salmond.’ – James Hamilton QC.

    Recollections may vary, as someone remarked recently.

  196. Elizabeth Hagan says:

    How anyone can vote for this odious SNP is beyond me. You are right to be afraid Rev.

  197. rob says:

    Confused… How can James Hamilton be independent, if he is employed by the Scottish Government. Surely his job depends on the good grace of NS.

  198. Big Jock says:

    Don’t forget. Hamilton’s remit was just about the technicality of the code.

    All of the other stuff. The campaign against Salmond, Murrells pressure on the police, the fishing for claimants, the treatment of Jo Cherry and Sturgeons lies about not knowing the claimant’s or forgetting meetings, losing minutes, redacting evidence. This wasn’t in Mr Hamilton’s remit.

    But in actual fact all of that matters more than breaking a code or not. We are angry at Sturgeon for the skullduggery. We can’t let her away with this.

  199. Alf Baird says:

    Lochside @ 3:15 pm

    “the true face of a colonised and compromised wee colony”

    Thon’s aboot the size o hit, Lochside. The penny haes tae drap awfu suin or Scotlan an oor fowk wull be nae mair.

    Scots really need to appreciate what we are dealing with here as the mair mankit naitur of the colonial power increasingly raises its heid above our usually raither douce bourgeois Anglophone institutions. Its been hiding there for a good while but now we see it awakening, like a muckle sleekit baistie.

    There is no union in our case, just “the disease of colonialism” (Memmi) which inflicts both colonised and colonizer, the only remedy for which is independence. That’s the only choice facing us – colonialism or independence.

  200. Mark Boyle says:

    Okay, just one last thing today.

    We’ve heard the verdict. Don’t despair. Don’t get mad.

    Just get ready to get even.

  201. dropthevipers says:

    In which case, the last throw of the dice (and it will have to be this, since no one inside the SNP laager will break ranks) will have to be something truly cataclysmic from either David Davis or AS.

  202. Bartleby64 says:

    I can’t say I am entirely surprised but I still find myself extremely upset. I may be a unionist but I am saddened for the good people here, those (and there are many) who have an obvious decency, honesty and love of Scotland. How can our beautiful country harbour this verminous administration, and what on earth can we do about it?

  203. Benny Nevis Hill says:

    What a time to feel ashamed to be Scottish.

    Now QC Jimmy Hamilton has cleared Kim Jong SturgeUn of breaking the ministerial code, i wonder how much she or SNP gave him as a backhander to look the other way or write the report in favour of SturgeUn?

    There is a lot for wanting Scottish independence, but what about those who don’t want it ?

    One finance person is saying Scots could expect a 46% tax hike if independence happens!

    They should change those signs at the English border from Welcome To Scotland to Welcome To North Korea.

  204. susanXX says:

    There is no justice in Scotland.

  205. akenaton says:

    We must not vote SNP. These people are criminals and have no real interest in Independence, other than to reinforce their their “untouchable” aura. We must work hard to have the whole gang removed from office though it will be a vicious fight; arraigned against us there are several layers of govt, the Home Office and presumably the police, but if our freedom is to be protected for future generations they have to go and go quickly.

  206. There is an enormous amount redacted. It also concludes that Aberdein was given the name of a complainant, something that the first Minister has denied.

  207. Andy Ellis says:

    I honestly despair for Scotland’s future. The SNP has taken the the butterfly of the joyful, inclusive, rumbunctious civic nationalist movement and pulled its wings off.

    If I’d known what was in store in 2017 I think I would have just moved to Ireland instead and tried to qualify for citizenship there after 5 years instead of living in a banana republic without the benefit of the weather.

    Much as I love my home city, Edinburgh seems less like the Athens of the North and more like the Minsk of the West. 🙁

  208. John Martini says:

    The right understanding of any matter and a misunderstanding of the same matter do not wholly exclude each other.

  209. Carol Neill says:

    Anyone any idea of the climate in North Korea , it’s there or Russia but I’m not that keen on the cold and I don’t like vlads recent photo shoot . I’m being flippant because I really really don’t want to get banned/arrested/jailed for what I really want to say
    I could greet

  210. Ruby says:

    OK so that’s that out of the way.

    Time to focus on the other stuff.

    The ‘ministerial code’ has been a bit of a distraction.

  211. holymacmoses says:

    Follow the money and it needs to be a very quick paper chase. I reckon that the Cons will encourage Sturgeon to get a majority in Scotland (even help dare I say) and even hint towards a referendum and then ‘reveal’ all the Sturgeon shit and break the hearts of all these soft-brained idiots OR keep Sturgeon there as a martinet if she complies to all their wishes. They must have a bundle of stuff on her by now.

  212. Anna says:

    . Independence up the Swannie. Sturgeon procrastinating. . Its life long Jobs for her cronies not hope for the future of the population of Scotland.

    . How can any Scot have faith in either government or leader now? One as bad as the other, if not one and the same. .

  213. MacLam says:

    The idea that NS is a WM plant doesn’t really stand up, nor that of a WM conspiracy itself.
    Cockup is usually a better answer.

    It was only yesterday that I discovered why I had not recieved a Census form (not been paying attention, I know).
    Apparently, because we now live in the Fabled Land of Scottishy Differentness we get to do it next year.
    Yesterday I was in Scotland; if next year I’m not then I will not have been counted.
    Someone not now in Scotland but who is next year will be counted twice.

    This is a concerted effort to create chaos, dismay and dislocation.

    To what end?

  214. Effigy says:

    I see the U.K. Covid death figure reported at 17 in the last 24 hours.
    I’d expect Scotland had 2 or 3 deaths as the numbers continue to fall.

    If we can have our referendum when Covid is under control I’d say the job will be done
    before the 6th May, so announce it and enough Tory Jam tomorrow statements.

    There will be some new Covid cases every day forever but few needing ICU and very few dying.

    SNP need challenged on whether they mean if there is a single new Covid case on the planet then
    you can’t have your referendum or freedom.

    They don’t seem to count in Martin’s case of proving we are and always have been a sovereign nation nor the fact that the treaty of the Union is broken with N Ireland having better trading rights.
    We are not in any way equal.

    Why won’t they mention these vital issues?

  215. kapelmeister says:

    So it’s a whitewash. Or is it an orangewash? Aye, appoint an establishment Ulsterman to conduct your inquiry and the crypto-unionist FM gets exonerated.

  216. Clavie Cheil says:

    ” Carol Neill says:
    22 March, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Anyone any idea of the climate in North Korea , it’s there or Russia but I’m not that keen on the cold and I don’t like vlads recent photo shoot . I’m being flippant because I really really don’t want to get banned/arrested/jailed for what I really want to say
    I could greet”


    Your chances at a fairer trial in Russia are greater than here.

  217. Skip_NC says:

    Kapelmeister, I believe Mr Hamilton is the former DPP in the Republic.

  218. Heaver says:

    Returning Officers, vote counters, polling station monitors: You are about to get leaned on, very heavily, by a government that has established with complete clarity that it need pay no heed to any law.

    Just a heads up.

  219. Kiwilassie says:

    I haven’t read all posts, but given what I’ve heard Craig Murray has been served a sentence, I hope people will stand up against this.
    My god! If you don’t, shame on you. This man did nothing wrong, The Scots people “Men & women” should get some balls & make sure he doesn’t serve time. Where will this stop?
    Come on guys are you mice or men?

    The more I read post on Face Book here & else where. the more I think men in Scotland are really quite weak.

  220. Meg merrilees says:

    I gave up trying to read the document because that OLD chestnut – Redacted – keeps appearing.

    Seems she has been cleared of misleading Parliament because Hamilton was asked to judge her about the meeting on March 29th which he truly believes that she genuinely forgot about it, reasoning, she could not have denied it took place because Geoff Aberdein was there.

    The committee report tomorrow is supposed to be dealing with the S Gov handling of complaints against AS.
    These are TWO SEPARATE events, or if you like, two different scrutineers looking at two separate examples of when she may have broken the code.

    BBC and S Gov trying to make it sound like the two occasions are the same thing and so the Committee result has to be partisan, because it is different from the respected Lawyer’s findings..

    Jean Freeman already saying that some members of the Committee have ‘self-evidently’ followed their own partisan agenda, for gain to their own political parties.

    Jean Freeman going on about the 8 hour session again and polishing Nicola’s Halo.

    Harvie saying it is good to finally have a credible judgement and doing a demolition job on the Committee some of whom have behaved in Contempt of Parliament. Harvie also pointing out that the WM gov regularly breaching the Code.
    Move on, nothing to see here.

  221. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stuart, the first extract in your article, where is that from? Thanks.”


  222. kapelmeister says:

    Skip_NC @5:11

    Never heard of the West Britons Skip?

  223. Meg merrilees says:

    Craig Murray to attend Court on Thursday before two judges and may be jailed for Contempt of court. He has launched an appeal.

  224. Ruby says:

    The fate of Nicola Sturgeon is now in the hands of the people in the Southside of Glasgow.

    Tricky decision for them unless a ‘BPB’ shows up!

  225. laukat says:

    Just finished reading the report. Large sections featuring Liz Lloyd have clearly been redacted.

    A lot of the ways in which Hamilton finds Sturgeon not to have broke the code look to me based on what Liz Lloyd told her. In refernce to the name of the complainant being released Hamilton basically says Lloyd provided a convuluted reason, Aberdein’s much more straight forward but Hamilton’s job isn’t to assess Lloyd.

    Hamilton has offered Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt regarding the 29th meeting. Says Aberdein’s evidence is more convincing but doesn’t say Sturgeon lied on the ground that he can’t see why should would lie. That is an interesting way of dancing on a pin head!

    So Sturgeon on my reading survives. The committee report will now have the job of deciding the future of Lloyd, Murrell, Evans and others.

  226. John Martini says:

    The only thing left is revenge. Vote sturgeon out as a start. Voting labour in govanhill is your only option and a fairly minor task.

  227. Ayemachrihanish says:

    Of course, the rev is on this …!

    James Hamilton on the First Minister’s self-referral

    I am deeply frustrated that applicable court orders will have the effect of preventing the full publication of a report which fulfils my remit

    I have reluctantly accepted that a redacted report should be published in order to bring this process to a close, and

    I have had no responsibility for deciding what to redact.

    I request that any publication should include this note as a supporting document.

    I also ask that any redactions be presented in such a way as to show precisely where and how much text has been removed, so that those reading the report may understand the extent to which the information they are provided with has been limited by legal constraints.

    James Hamilton…..’not’ a happy man..

  228. Ayemachrihanish says:

    That is just a few extracts…

  229. Ruby says:

    I’m going to change my earlier post and write:

    The fate of Nicola Sturgeon is now in the hands of the people of Scotland.

    Tricky decision unless an Independence supporting candidate shows up in every constituency.

    I got my polling card today. I feel tempted to rip it up and have a ‘duvet day’ on the 6th May. Sorry Emmeline!

    I predict a very, very low turnout!

  230. Skip_NC says:

    Ruby, why not just vote on the list and not in the constituency? A large enough undervote in the constituencies will surely send a message, won’t it?

  231. Carol Neill says:

    Apologies if I’ve missed it but is there a fundraiser for mr m ?

  232. Ruby says:

    Skip_NC says:
    22 March, 2021 at 5:44 pm
    Ruby, why not just vote on the list and not in the constituency? A large enough undervote in the constituencies will surely send a message, won’t it?

    Actually I’ve got BPB that I could vote for but it’s less stressful to let others make the decisions.

    Que Será, Será!

  233. John Martini says:

    Franz Kafka’s famous parable “Before the Law” serves as an allegory for the corruption of bureaucracy and the ways in which authority wields symbolic power over its citizens. More broadly, the story can also be read as a critique of the idea of justice and the law itself, which Kafka portrays as an unobtainable ideal.

  234. Reading the report it provides the getout that the failure to record the meeting of April 2nd was because the provisions of the Ministerial code only apply to meetings with external individuals or organisations. Hamilton is claiming that because Salmond had been a government minister in the past, interaction with him was not interaction with an external individual.
    This seems to be bending the stick. In other circumstances he was being considered a private citizen, so much so that special provision was being made in the rules to deal with former ministers as ‘external’. The proposed disciplinary procedure was to pass information about the decision of the investigator to the head of a political party. If political parties and non government members of parties are external, then this was a meeting with an external individual.

  235. Ruby says:

    Carol Neill says:
    22 March, 2021 at 5:54 pm
    Apologies if I’ve missed it but is there a fundraiser for mr m ?

    You can donate here:

    Scroll down to the bottom of page for one off Paypal payments.

  236. John Martini says:

    There is the law and the interpretation of the law.

  237. Carol Neill says:

    Thank you , donation away

  238. Robert Louis says:

    I think I am now coming round to the view that neither the SNP nor the Scottishy parliament will ever deliver independence.

    AS Breeks has often suggested, if London and the anti-independence SNP insists that the Scottish parliament cannot act – as it is merely ‘devolved’ from London (with its powers controlled from there), then the solution is clear, it needs bypassed.

    Their is nothing, absolutely nothing stopping Scots from re-opening the old Scots parliament as a sovereign voice of Scots. As it wouldn’t be ‘devolved’ from London, so London would have no control over it. If a majority was elected that wish to end the union treaty, then they can. It would quite literally have NOTHING to do with England. London and its ‘scottishy’ puppets (Labour, Tories and SNP) in Holyrood, could, as they say, go swivel.

  239. james says:

    snp appear a tool of the british empire at this point.. the last one in the drawer maybe… either way, please do make a donation to craig murray as i have done today…

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