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Three choices

Posted on March 22, 2021 by

James Hamilton is either a crook, a coward or an idiot.

There is no other viable explanation for this:

There is NO DOUBT OR DISPUTE WHATSOEVER that the Scottish Parliament was misled when Nicola Sturgeon told it that the first she knew of allegations against Alex Salmond was on 2 April 2018. That is a material fact accepted by all sides, because everyone including the First Minister herself now accepts she was told on 29 March.

The question of whether Parliament was misled deliberately, or merely as the result of a vastly implausible slip of Nicola Sturgeon’s memory, is another matter entirely. But that it was misled – told something that was untrue – is not up for debate.

The Fabiani inquiry, which is stuffed with SNP stooges and has been starved of most key evidence, nevertheless still managed to observe that Parliament had been misled, although it made no judgement on whether it happened knowingly or inadvertently.

For James Hamilton, armed with far more evidence, to conclude not merely that the misleading had been accidental but that it didn’t happen at all, is a lie so barefaced as to be breathtaking, and so farcical as to defy any possibility of honest belief.

Especially as we’re not allowed to know how he arrived at that decision:

Much else in his report is bizarre. But that one paragraph alone destroys its credibility utterly and forever. And unfortunately that means that Scotland is lost. Independence is over. All is destroyed.

We had feared, as the very worst case, a fudge in which Hamilton would find, like the Holyrood committee, that Parliament had been misled but would bottle out of saying whether it had been deliberate or not. This conclusion is so utterly mad and ludicrous that it honestly never even entered our consideration as a possibility.

Readers can choose which of the three causes they find most believable, but at the end of the day it just doesn’t matter. Our country is a banana republic, a nation that North Koreans point at and laugh. To be honest, readers, if we were you we’d get out while we still could.

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454 to “Three choices”

  1. Rose Ford says:


  2. Rose Ford says:

    Those were sad faces, not questions marks

  3. John Mc says:

    Judge Joseph Cantley memorial report…

  4. Never thought I’d say this but, I hope the SNP lose in the May elections.

  5. Grey Gull says:

    I’m trying to read the report but there is so much redaction it isn’t easy. Also, in some parts they haven’t the courtesy to spell Alex’s name correctly. Alec this and Alec that….. FFS

  6. David R says:

    And yet our glorious leader’s acolytes will see this as proof that she has done no wrong and anyone that questions the “both votes SNP” mantra as [redacted] to the cause, although doubt any could say what that cause was.

  7. Truly amazed at Hamilton’s conclusions. I’m highly suspicious of Sturgeon’s motives regarding indy now that the Union -BBC,Guardian & co – have all protected her.

  8. Molly's Mum says:

    Hamilton says himself the redactions make it difficult for the reader to make sense of his report, particularly the run-up to the meeting on 29th March. Given that this was the absolute key part of “whether the FM misled Parliament” isn’t it totally pointless publishing it then ?

  9. AwakeNotWoke says:

    Scotland is clearly now a dictatorship where all power has been suborned to The SNP. It’s fucking terrifying, and if you’re celebrating this, by all means enjoy your victory, but you should know that accountability and justice in Scotland is now whatever Nicola Sturgeon says it is. So you know what to expect if you should ever step out of line.
    There’s no difference at all all between The SNP and The Tories now in terms of morality. The Tories are, for now, doing more to protect women and resist the Woke agenda, so you might want to think about which cunts you vote for in May.

  10. Eileen Carson says:

    I hope she loses big time in May. I’ll never vote SNP again.

  11. Dorothy Devine says:

    Well ,there’s a reputation and credibility shot to pieces.

  12. Sarah says:

    Totally confused. Very depressed. What will become of Scotland…

  13. tartanfever says:

    You keep letting people off, they’ll keep taking, and this current First Minister is the prime example.

    Choice is simple,

    No votes SNP on May 6th. Nothing else will stop this cancer

  14. Ingwe says:

    Why can’t all three options apply?

    Did anyone REALLY believe that Hamilton’s report, with its absurdly narrow remit, would find anything else? What do you think Sturgeon appointed him? For his forensic skills? Hahahahah

  15. Budgie says:

    What a state Scotland is now in under this shower of lying incompetents. I wouldn’t trust this lot under Sturgeon to lead us to the local park let alone to lead us to independence. To be honest I’m not sure I woudl want to launch an independent Scotland whose direction and institutions woudl almost certainly be massively controlled and designed by this shower of liars. There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell now that I’ll give the SNP or their Green enablers a vote at this election. The whole lot need cleared out I’m sorry to say. What a complete mess Sturgeon and Murrell have made.

  16. Big Chris says:

    I utterly despair. This report is a complete whitewash and absurd. A judge led inquiry is now an absolute must and I hope the opposition parties push for it. Hamilton is clearly in her pocket.

  17. Terry says:

    So the colonial administrator continues in situ? Well we all knew there’s no chance of Indy in next five years anyway with her and the gang in charge. So we have five years to regroup and then do it properly?

    What’s five years out of 300? Just so fucking annoying that we were so close and stabbed in the back by one of our own. Heh. Was she and her hubby ever one of our own in the first place?

    Council elections next. Now Scotland off to a promising start. And what else could be occurring? Hmmm

  18. AwakeNotWoke says:

    I’m just gobsmacked…

  19. Ian says:

    I would now love to see NS beaten on the constituency vote and then ruled out of a list position due to the silly rules that have been implemented that mean she isn’t position 1 on the list.

  20. Heaver says:

    Returning Officers, vote counters, polling station monitors: You are about to get leaned on, very heavily, by a government that has established with complete clarity that it need pay no heed to any law.

    Just a heads up.

  21. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Where is the justification for redaction of such an important report?

    What was the point of the whole thing if someone can just take a big fat black permanent marker to the result?

  22. kapelmeister says:

    Didn’t realise Hamilton was appointed an advisor on the ministerial code to the SNP govt in 2013. Re-appointed by Sturgeon in 2015. And then appointed by her to conduct this inquiry. His findings ain’t worth chicken shit.

  23. Kathryn Reid says:

    This announcement on top of what is happening to Craig Murray is just the absolute pits. I have supported the SNP for over 40 years – no more! Craig Murray and his young family will gain financially. In tears 🙁

  24. Tony Hay says:

    Alas it will take the term of the next parliament for the lap dogs of the SNP to finally get it when no referendum is delivered.
    Only the people can deliver now.
    My list vote was already planned ISP but you can rest assured these bastards of the SNP have seen the last of my vote in the constituency too.

  25. Cath says:

    There is another possibility: that the evidence shows the fault lies elsewhere, eg with a special advisor. It’s not hard to imagine how a scenario might come about where the FM and FFM were meeting to discuss ancient and daft claims of sexual harassment and at that meeting were people they both fully trusted as they talked about how to deal with them. If one of those people later turned out to be not trustworthy, to perhaps have recorded the meeting for the purposes of later implicating Sturgeon in the cover up of “Scotland’s Harvey Weinstein” then suddenly that meeting would become a massive issue and Sturgeon would be utterly compromised. That scenario might explain a lot about what happened afterwards.

    If this was a plot intended to take down both Salmond and Sturgeon, that is not impossible. I will await Alex’s statement. At this point I trust him way more than Sturgeon so my trust in her lies with what he says.

  26. Andy Ellis says:

    I suspect like many others I’m so scunnered by today’s events that the only rational response is to step back. I’ll always support and vote for independence, but I’ll never – under any circumstances – vote for the SNP.

    Anyone who now does so is complicit in the party’s role destroying our chances of independence and demolishing the foundations of our civil society.

    I no longer recognise Scotland and have lost my faith that we are working as if we live in the early days of a better nation.

    I now hope the SNP lose in May.

    If enough of those who are horrified at their behaviour withhold their support we can make it happen.

  27. John Jones says:

    For the first time in my 70 years of being on this earth I am embarrassed and ashamed to be Scottish. I will never vote again. We (citizens and the once proud country) deserve all that we will now get. Independence, honesty and integrity are now dead in Scotland.

  28. Donald Birnie says:

    As an Irish Tory I think it’s fair to say that he’s all three.

    Given the information that, thankfully, made its way in to the public domain we can only conclude that this is the whitewash that Nixon would’ve given his right arm for.

    Scotland truly has regressed in to a very dark period, I can only but hope that this is addressed at the election in May but I fear that the spine of my fellow Scots is made of marshmallow.

  29. Artur sweet says:

    Hamilton stated that Sturgeon gave “an incomplete narrative of events”, but this was down to a “genuine failure of recollection”. How the hell can you make a judgement whether someone deliberately lied or forgot!

  30. Cynicus says:

    Wait for her fan base to claim, “Sturgeon cleared.”

    They are of course quite right.

    She has been, Cleared“ in the same way that, on Iraq, Tony Blair was, “cleared“, three or four times in Mickey Mouse inquiries with rigged remits, before Chilcott came around and told us the truth.

    While Sturgeon supporters are dancing in the streets of Raith, they should bear in mind that somewhere down the line there is a Scottish Chilcott ( possibly a judge) waiting to skewer them with a full and truthful account of this corrupt and rotten regime.

  31. X_Sticks says:

    Looks like the dictatorship in Holyrood have done a deal with the dictatorship in London. It’s the only answer that makes sense of all of this.

    I don’t think I’ll bother voting at all now.

  32. Los says:

    Let’s see wait to see what Alex Salmond has up his sleeve on Wednesday, and what Craig Murray reveals in his Appeal to the Supreme Court should Thursday go against him.

  33. highseastim says:

    Oh dry your eyes, you whingeing faced, greeting eejits, away and have a hug wi yer tory pals!! ?

  34. Russell says:

    The intriguing question is why you didn’t see this coming. Most of what you wrote is not in question, but the obvious issues were not even considered – by this website, committee or any other commentator. You cannot reconcile these events until you understand what lies behind it all – and any attempt will have a deleterious effect on what most of these parties profess to uphold.

    On the plus side, the squirrels are back from hibernation and hungry as ever. Chill, take a few weeks off and keep your head down. There’s a much bigger dog just around the corner and that’s something we really need you for.

  35. kapelmeister says:

    Now that it’s official that Sturgeon is plagued by chronic memory loss, she must do the decent thing and resign her post.

  36. PhilM says:

    The Rule of Law era is over in Scotland.
    Welcome to the Rule of Lawyers.

  37. TNS2019 says:

    Having been the subject of a so-called ‘independent’ review, I know excatly how AS feels just now.
    There are three key things when trying to obscure malpractice:
    1. Set the remit so narrow that it prevents scrutiny
    2. Ignore anything that might constitute misfeasance even if it should be central to the review
    3. Make sure that evidence contradicting your desired outcome is disputed (“he said, she said”).
    It is gut-wrenching to read a whitewash not just because it will come at a personal costs to reputation etc, but because it undermines your faith in the country.

    We are still fighting.

  38. meg says:

    Think its back to a period of disengagement with politics for a while for me.

  39. JSC says:

    Right, that does it, under no circumstances am I now voting for the SNP, or supporting them in any way. I am actually voting anti-SNP forever more, Tory, Labour, it doesn’t matter (not the greens though), just whoever will keep this bunch of criminals, fuckwits, and wokesters out of power

  40. Liz says:

    Sad day, Rev.
    Bet your glad you’re in Bath.
    I know you will probably go back to gaming but I would miss your articles.

    Still no point in banging your head off a brick wall.

    That’s me done with politics, I will never vote SNP.
    I can’t see anything improving anytime soon.

    We’re stuck with devo and a giant parish cooncil

  41. Ian Mac says:

    So the criminals get away with it, having compromised every route to the truth and justice. Beyond deplorable and a very dark day for Scotland. One party rule, dissidents arrested and silenced.

  42. Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon seemed very confident this report would find in her favour. Against all logical evidence. So that tells you all you need to know.

    Freeman has just been on the radio rubbishing the Holyrood enquiry. The journalist asked her if she didn’t like the committee because it went against them. She said no I just believe it was political decision. So we have an enquiry of Holyrood with 9 people on it 4 SNP msp’s and one independent plus 3 unionists. That sounds a lot more balanced than one man who technically works for the government. Who wouldn’t see an airoplane if it was heading for his windscreen.

  43. Hoonose says:

    I am devastated on more than one count. For Scotland, for Alex, who continues to be smeared daily and unjustly, for his wife Moira who is also mired in this unsavoury business and lastly but not less importantly for myself.
    I have lived outside Scotland for more than 50 years and wished to relocate with the firm intention to give a hand wherever I could to help our new, inspiring, independent Scotland to find its feet and to set us on a path to success. This incomprehensible new outcome has rung the death knell of that idea. I will heed Stuart’s advice and stay put. La mort dans l’âme. Only an honest, ethical forward- looking Scotland merits fighting for.

  44. Big Jock says:

    We are relying on Salmond coming up with something now. Maybe this farce will push him to go nuclear on Sturgeon.

  45. ALANM says:

    This is just further proof – if further proof were needed – that once you’ve got your grubby hands on the levers of power anything is possible. Tony Blair knew this too.

  46. Richard M says:

    All is indeed lost. At the end of this week nobody has been forced to resign or as looks increasingly likely even appologise. Scotland can not hope to become independent under this SNP. We will instead be heading into a police state. The actions of the crown office have failed any test of independence, their supression of evidence and persecution of innocent people alone without any sign of any one taking responsibility demonstrate that this country is not capable of being independent.

  47. Bob Mack says:

    She was always very confident Hamilton would exonerate her. Now we know why.

    This need a a judicial review.

  48. In the last couple of weeks Sturgeon kept referring to waiting for the independent enquiry by James Hamilton etc etc etc.

    To my thinking Sturgeon knew this was going to be the corrupt whitewash it is.

  49. Bob Mack says:


    Three comments today in moderation. Unclear why.

  50. 100%Yes says:

    Sturgeon come out of her house this morning with the biggest smile on her face to the media I knew then what the Hamilton report was going to say.

  51. Kevin Cargill says:

    I told you so. I’ve been saying for months that the Unionist establishment are assisting Sturgeon to go no further than the status quo, devolution. And to that end all they had to do was undermine our institutions to the extent where we’re seen as unable to sort out our own problems without recourse to WM and the UK Supreme Court. Once that’s ingrained in the New Scots’ brain in between Love Island and Instagram then the seed of doubt that Scotland can ever go it alone has been sown. We’ll never see Indy in our lifetimes now. And it’s all down to one wee lassie who I used to defend to the hilt. The childish Jimmy Jrankie and wee Nippy memes now pale in comparison to what I’d call her. I think I may now be finished with politics, Twitter, the news etc and concentrate on my model railway and caravanning.

  52. NellG says:

    Well this was no surprise and reclaiming the SNP before the election is now an impossibility. It’s clear to me this outcome was pre-determined with the findings delayed to coincide with the news of Craig Murray. Nicola is sending us all a message: “Do not rebel, I own the courts, the judges, the police and the media”.

    At least now there is no excuse to not forming a peoples Independence Party with the next election in mind, the SNP cannot be saved now.

    Over the next 5 years we can all look forward to Scotland becoming the trans capital of the universe. I for one welcome the arrival our strong jawed high-heeled slave masters and the statues of Nicola of Dreghhorn on every town square.

  53. Cath says:

    I would add one more thing to my last post. We are, many of us, just beginning to wake up to the reality of a seriously colonial Scotland, one where the threat of independence has suddenly become existential and imminent rather than theoretical as it was up until 2011 and even 2014. We are seeing it and only now starting to feel terrified by it. Imagine for a moment what it must be like being the First Minister – and an SNP, pro independence FM – of this place right now.

    We may be being too hard on Sturgeon. Again, I don’t know, I’ll wait and see what Alex says. But it’s not beyond possible Sturgeon has been in a truly hellish place the past few years as well, or had to take offers too good to turn down when compared to the alternative. It may be that Hamilton is being as fair as he can be and other processes need to come into play to take it further.

    All I know is justice needs to be done, and I never had high hopes this committee or Hamilton would do that. It’s going to need a judge led review and I can’t see either Scotland or the U.K. being able to deliver a fair one.

  54. highseastim says:

    Here’s hoping the liars of the “unionist cabal” pay the price at the ballot box.

  55. AWhiteLife says:

    So what’s the scoop, rent boys?, hoors? Weans?. They all have a very unsavoury Achilles heel. Photo/video evidence in abundance no doubt of him cutting about with gimp mask & leather hot pants on. More hundreds of thousands of our £s pissed up the wall.

  56. JSC says:

    All is not lost. Persons within & outwith SNP/Scotgov could still be reported to the police for perjury I believe. For a house of cards to fall, weakening or removing any card could be the first step

  57. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    we are awash, the world has turned white…nevertheless, a reckoning awaits…tick tock…

  58. DundeeDancer says:

    Maybe Alex Salmond will announce he is to run as a Real Independent on the consistency vote on Nicola’s home turf of Glasgow Southside. That would be entertaining!

  59. John RL says:

    Didn’t you say on 26/02 that “the real meat” would be delivered by James Hamilton’s inquiry!!? I had my whole family waiting for this day, now they won’t speak to me!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. oneliner says:

    So, dictatorship it is.

    Do you vote for a Holyrood one or a Westminster one?

  61. Patrick says:

    At least the Union is safe. That’s independence off the table for a proper generation now.

  62. Sarissa says:

    Para 5.2 is dubious and self-serving – NS saying her suspicions were aroused by AS being worried that one accusation made public would lead to a flood of similar. All attributed to her (amazingly clear) recollection of AS’s shifty or guilty sounding comments, presented without any corroboration as fact.

  63. Artur sweet says:

    One crumb of comfort – Hamilton believes that the name of one of the complainer was leaked to Geoff Aberdein – look at 4.21

  64. Clavie Cheil says:

    So what does Sturgeons Stasi have on him. They obviously have something.

  65. Famous15 says:

    Quo vadis?

    I want Scotland to be independent,preferably in my lifetime.

    So I will vote SNP 1 and ISP 2.. I have lost my sense of smell,cough,cough!

  66. Craig Sheridan says:

    Let’s face it, this outcome is not unexpected. The relationship between politicians, civil servants and the prosecution service we now know is toxic. My support of an independent country however was never predicated on the efficiency and honesty of the Scottish Government of the day.

    Independence is certainly not over until we have it. Either this leadership deliver or they will be out. Let’s turn Now Scotland into the real fighting force of our movement, one not dragged down by the constant division the SNP leadership have caused.

  67. Ian Rubie says:

    I find myself echoing a recent comment of Ms Sturgeon. She may have been cleared, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  68. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Three comments today in moderation. Unclear why.”

    Because all Hotmail accounts are for now under pre-moderation because of the endless flood of reappearances from “Ronald Fraser”. Don’t use Hotmail. It’s not 1996.

  69. Confused says:

    Heard the verdict on the car radio and just started laughing …

    ah ha ha …
    turned out nice again
    nothing to see here, move along
    Im shocked, shocked! (-casablanca meme)
    yawn, its so tedious

    Scotland – another world first – a country that became a banana republic, before it even became a republic, and all without bananas

    I wonder what Sturgeon’s next innovation in regressive government will be – a reversion to BIGMAN-WARLORDISM, the african favourite – where she will keep body parts of political opponents in her fridge, serving them cooked at banquets

    – and in another development of absolutely no surprise, for the ambassador, a begbie meme
    … totally fuckin obvious that cunt was gonnae fuck some cunt …

    “incomplete narrative of events” – like the time I went to the bank to make a withdrawal … (wearing a ski mask and shooting the manager who was “messin me abaht” with a sawnoff …)

    Poor Nikki – she’s only the most successful politician of her generation – but SHE DISNAE KNOW WHITS GOIN OAN – she is only in charge; such a scatterbrain, and her acolytes – whit ur they like – they cannot keep a diary or notes of meetings either. Oh how we laffed.

    – given the keystone cops nature of it all, it makes you wonder how this identity politics cabal managed to infiltrate, climb the ladder, hold the door open for their pals, then kick the ladder over once at top – all without having a clue what was going on. Just a series of cockups, but not a conspiracy.

  70. Al says:

    Clavie Cheil says:
    As an advisersince 2013, I would expect he has been well paid and maybe got to comfortable with the FM.

  71. Tom Kelly says:

    “And unfortunately that means that Scotland is lost, Independence is over. All is destroyed.”

    Sorry Stu, you are making the unforgivable mistake of equating Scotland’s right to independence with the behaviour of a small number of people. It may take a little more time, but like Alec Salmond, I believe that “The dream will never die”. We Scots are far more determined than you think.

  72. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Didn’t you say on 26/02 that “the real meat” would be delivered by James Hamilton’s inquiry!!?”

    Stinking rancid rotten meat is still meat.

  73. RouterAl says:

    It’s always simple you redact something because it’s criminal , you are hiding the truth , or it negates your lies.

  74. John Digsby says:

    As I predicted a few weeks ago BTL – whitewash.

    If you agree, I don’t know how any of you can vote SNP in May.

  75. Mia says:

    What is the actual point of Hamilton being paid to write this whitewash if the public cannot even read it in full due to the ridiculous number of redactions that have been applied to it?

    Who applied the redactions? Was that Hamilton himself or was some crown agent?

    Who was this whitewash actually written for? Because it certainly is not for the taxpayers who paid for it if we can’t even fckng read it.

    Has this Hamilton been taking us for complete fools? Because quite frankly it ?looks that way, doesn’t it?

    What kind of collusion can be there among all these people to completely destroy in the eyes of the electorate the credibility of the SNP, of our parliament, our body of law, our government, our prosecution service, our police, or any expectation of justice, ethics, fairness and democracy? Who is pulling the strings of all these people including Hamilton and the crown agent?

    Are they trying to force this clear miscarriage of justice on us so we let go of our parliament and body of law to be more willing to accept direct rule from London? Is this what these people are working towards?

    For goodness sake, is there not a single lawyer, QC or judge in Scotland with some integrity and some balls left?

  76. Natal XX and proud says:

    Cath says:
    22 March, 2021 at 5:19 pm
    There is another possibility: that the evidence shows the fault lies elsewhere, eg with a special advisor.

    Especially when that special adviser later comes up with allegations of her own which she did not disclose during the meeting.

  77. oor Steve says:

    It seems you only had some of the information, while James Hamilton had all of it. The conspiracy theory is dead and buried. You cannot hang on to trivia and make it believable. Maybe you could break the news to your new pal.

  78. Louise Hogg says:

    Clear from her smugness last week that she knew this was coming.

    However, what is the current price of a length of rope from the Luckenbooths? Asking for a friend.

    (For the avoidance of doubt I do not support capital punishment.)

  79. shiregirl says:

    Could literally cry with anger. Where do we go from here?
    Have lived in Scotland all my life but thinking of looking for jobs elswhere. Difficult to see a positive future for us women (especially) in Scotland under the current regime.

    Cheer me up, somebody.

  80. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Acht well that just about does it for me.

    Espana here I come.

    This country will be no country for young men, far less old men very soon.

    Woke hell will be unleashed very soon.Well not in my name or with my vote.

    Good luck everyone!

  81. colin lees says:

    it should come as no surprise,the remit given to hamilton was so narrow he could come to no other conclusion.the voters have a big say on all of this on the 6th may.if they by majority vote for nicola then it has to be accepted.(democratic vote).thats how it works.

  82. John Moss says:

    Now let’s not be nasty James Hamilton is just like Daz, he washes things whiter than white and he’s done a great job.

    You need him on washdays if you want whites so bright they’ll dazzle.

    Be the envy of your neighbours and get James to do your laundry now!

  83. JSC says:

    Whoever had the plan “so that we can remain anonymous but have maximum effect” is clearly aware how biased and spineless the Scottish political-legal (for they are the same) apparatus is

  84. 100%Yes says:

    Sturgeon still has to get a majority In May and lets see if she holds a referendum, because if she does get a majority and doesn’t hold a referendum and makes all the excuses under the sun why it can’t be held she be toast for sure.

  85. Robert Dickson says:

    In the spirit of the age I will say:

    ‘Just because she’s been found not guilty….it doesn’t mean she’s innocent’

  86. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    Fancy Espana. Sunbathing by day and drinking cocktails by night singing a bit of karaoke? Lol

  87. Clavie Cheil says:

    What is the latest rules in relation to collecting oor Pensions? I think it is Catalonia, the Basque-lands or NZ for me now.

  88. Lulu Bells says:

    It has taken me years to convince my family to vote SNP, now I am left trying to explain to them what to do in May…once someone tells me what to do. It won’t be SNP as I cannot in all honesty vote for this shower knowing what I now know. Not unless there is a miracle between now and then.

    I have always wanted to live in France.

  89. Mosstrooper says:

    I can do little more than quote Mr Bumble the Beadle in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist ” If the law says that sir, the law is a ass….a idiot.

  90. Captain Yossarian says:

    @PhilM – “The Rule of Law era is over in Scotland. Welcome to the Rule of Lawyers.”

    Quite true Phil. Never trust a Scottish lawyer to sort-out anything for you. They will shovel bank notes into the back of their Mercedes-Benz, they will not help you-out.

    Another way of looking at it is: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. In Scotland, most of our lawyers are bent and so why should James Hamilton be any different. It just makes life difficult.

  91. Andrew gordon says:

    As many have already said, utterly lost for words, my country has been betrayed by a bunch of self serving lying bastards, who should at the very least be prosecuted.
    They now want this decision to be final with no questioning of its varsity, that worked well for Mr Salmond who continues to be treated as guilty even though he was found innocent of all criminal charges.
    Country is a fucking mess and an embarrassment, my fellow citizens who want nothing more than a free and fair nation with laws and institutions that reflect our real values have been disgustingly let down, shame on the whole fucking lot of them !

  92. Wee Willie says:

    Did anyone really believe that this report wouldn’t exonerate the Queen of Scotland?

  93. John Jones says:

    John Jones says @5.20
    How many of us John Joneses are out there?
    I am embarrassed to be Scottish, but I have never been ashamed, too much to be proud of.
    We will rise above all this wee stramash and it will eventually be over when enough of us rise up and clear out the midden.
    I might not be an Einstein but I certainly know the smell of shite when I smell it.

  94. Colin Alexander says:

    Independence was never going to be achieved by a Holyrood indyref anyway. That was just Alex Salmond / SNP bullshit.

  95. Sarissa says:

    Even more than Sturgeon, the real winner out of all this is [REDACTED] all their misdeeds omitted or anonymised.

  96. Mia says:

    “There is another possibility: that the evidence shows the fault lies elsewhere, eg with a special advisor”

    The buck always stops with the boss. The boss is Nicola Sturgeon.

    If she broke the code, she broke the code and this must be acknowledged, which I have no doubt she did. For instance, I still remember in a FMQ session how she denied categorically and using quite a rude and patronising tone, actually, that Aberdein had been given the name of a complainant by a Holyrood staff. This has now been confirmed to be the case by 3 witnesses. Besides of this, how could she possibly know this revelation did not take place if she was not even present at the meeting where this breach of confidentiality allegedly took place?

    That day she misled parliament. The only reason why she stop lying about it is because Willy Rennie put her between a rock and a hard place by demanding from her to say then if she was stating that Alex Salmond and Aberdein were lying when they said that the name of the complainant was disclosed to Aberdein.

    Like the untrustworthy and dishonest snake oil salesperson she is, she deflected like a coward out of answering the question. And that is just one example. There are quite a few when she has been attempting if not misleading parliament in a number of occasions. So frankly, this Hamilton report is nothing but an awful lot of whitewashing bllcs.

  97. Lothianlad says:

    Just like the yoons no campaigners were under confident of a no victory at 10pm on 18/09/2014, so sturgeon was uber confident of protection today from the brit state!

    To those who wish to call me a flat rather, tin hat conspiracy theorist, it whatever, let me say a massive FUCK YOU!!!

    let me explain why. The british secret service own murrel, sturgeon the influential civil servants and a take of other silent catterrist politicians I the SNP.

    Being the biggest threat to the union, the SNP had to be neutralised. So salmond was set up. The conspirator liars were given protection and independence was wrecked. Even stu says independence is over.

    So how could it come to this??

    The brit secret service are hard at work on and in the snp. Blackmail, threats, coercion, psychological warfare by their media are all weapons.

    You have to be a fucking niece ifiot to dismiss this as fanciful.
    In Ireland they infiltrated the highest levels of the IRA.

    Theve been doing the same ti the snp for years.

    How can it be that such blatant infringements of free speech can be ignored by the media. How can a judicial system remain silent and brave journalists like stu and craig be persecuted?

    Wake the fuck up!! The brit state establishment is all over this and their goal is reached. Sturgeon in power and indy sidelined.

    I’m too fucking angry to even speak about this to anyone!!

    The yes movement needs to get re organised and fast!!

  98. cynicalHighlander says:

    I think I’ll change name to Redacted Voter.

  99. Lothianlad says:

    Meant uber confident in last post! Still in moderation though

  100. Bob Johnston says:

    This, or some fudge like it, was inevitable. But don’t lose heart. The world has seen how the SNP ‘runs’ Scotland and it is a truly horrible picture.

  101. Edward MacD says:

    Scotland has just become the laughing stock of the World. We’ve got to get new Independence Parties off the ground. Wipe the smirk off Sturgeon’s face. She deceived the public quite clearly on many matters, and her Party is a total failure on too many fronts.

  102. SilverDarling says:

    No one kept notes except AS. No one kept a diary except AS. The lack of attention to detail should mean she resigns. To reach that level in public office and not be aware of how important detail is, reeks of incompetence.

    NS reaction to being under scrutiny is illuminating. The defensive, it wisnae me, I canny remember, I wis shocked ah tell ye, shocked!

    It just does not add up to be so incompetent. For Mr Hamilton to buy that nonsense. I was expecting to see, a la Mary Archer, “Remember Ms Sturgeon facing the committee. Your vision of her probably will never disappear. Has she elegance? Has she fragrance?”

    Aye, there’s a smell all right.

  103. Gary Dollard says:

    Written more like a defence lawyer than an “independent” inquiry head.

    How can someone employed by the SNP to write their ministerial code be paid to investigate a potential breach on a remit given by Sturgeon be classed as independent?

  104. dakk says:


    Win for Scotland and the Scottish party.

    Epic fail for you yoons, turncoats, and the english parties.

    All those man hours of he said she said, oh and somebody dangerfield said blah blah blah.

    What a pile of pish from start to finish.

    Fly bastards alright, but quite not fly enough to carry it off.

  105. Socrates MacSporran says:

    The UK Establishment has a long and murky history of being able, at times of crisis, to call upon useful idiots to do their bidding.

    The UK Establishment needs to if not stop, at least delay for as long as possible, the break-up of the UK via Scottish INdependence.

    Given that Nicola Sturgeon has shown no desire to advance that cause, and that, at this time, there is no alternative within the devolved Holyrood Parliament to an SNP government, with or without a majority – Sturgeon had to be kept in situ, for the time being.

    Expect James Hamilton QC to get his knighthood in one of the next two Honours Lists – for services rendered.

  106. Rev

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand this part of your article:

    to conclude not merely that the misleading had been accidental but that it didn’t happen at all

    given he states in 7:10:

    her explanation for why she did not recall this meeting

    i.e. he says she never mentioned the meeting.

  107. Nally Anders says:

    All we’ve got left is our vote and I’ll never vote SNP again.
    The corruption is root to branch.

  108. Derek Lucas says:

    So, Sturgeon’s selective dementia is her ‘get out of jail free’ card?

    How can anyone have confidence in a politician with such a faulty memory, particularly if they don’t see the point of keeping a diary or minuting meetings?

    In the long run, this may prove to be more damaging for Sturgeon as it makes her weak.

  109. Mist001 says:

    There are actually significant parallels between 1930s Germany and the National Socialists who are running Scotland right now. Make no mistake, that’s EXACTLY what the SNP are.


    Given that Scotland has been used as a guinea pig/test bed for unpopular policies introduced by the Tories/Westminster in the past, doesn’t anyone think that Scotland today might be another test bed. In short, is Scotland an experiment?

    Either way, I’m glad that I no longer live in Scotland and I have no intention of ever returning to live there. I am above corruption.

    I won’t be voting for any party in May and I suggest that nobody votes for any of them either. Vote SNP and you’re condoning the corruption. That’s your choice. I’m better than that.

  110. Helen Yates says:

    Until this morning I thought James Hamilton would more or less give the same result as the Fabiani inquiry, that she broke the code but not knowingly, then I watched her being questioned outside her home this morning where she was even more buoyant than usual, laughing and confident and I knew then she was going to be cleared.

    Of course it has to be remembered that she put herself forward to James Hamilton to hold this independent inquiry.
    I do hope Alex doesn’t do this statement on Wednesday now, all it will do is give her and the media another excuse to vilify him.
    As you say it is over, she’s won and she now has the parliament and all our institutions sewn up.
    Between SNP and the Greens with their coalition the new independence parties won’t get a look in.
    For the first time in my adult life I wont be going to vote at all in the upcoming election, I had intended to only vote on the list but even that is pointless in my opinion now.

    Maybe in 5 yrs there will be something worth voting for again but hopefully I’ll be settled in another country by then.

  111. gullaneno4 says:

    Great result, now let all of us who truly support Independence get the show on the road.

    This was a load of ‘He said she said’ bollox from day one.

    Hope Salmond now has the grace to find his level on the Russian TV show with 10’s of viewers.

  112. BLMac says:

    All the Sturgeonista cultists are going to be furious at the findings of this report. They will be so disappointed with Nicola.

    That she has been cleared obviously means she is guilty as hell.

    (I’m assuming they will apply the same logic as they did to Salmond, who was also cleared, and therefore in their eyes guilty)

  113. Mr Bonobo says:

    Without the benefit of a QC’s sharp mind, I can think of at least two reasons Nicola would pretend to parliament she knew nothing before 2 April, forgetting the 29th.

    Firstly it justified that she could treat it informally, not take any notes and subsequently forget as many details as convenient.

    Secondly, she had knowledge well before the 29th, just that evidence has not been provided.

  114. Big Jock says:

    Socrates. The SNP aren’t publishing their independence bill until after May. Yet more proof that another con is being carried out on the gullible.

    Vote SNP and then we will put a bill through. Now where have I heard that before.

    I usually pay for something when I have the goods.

    Sturgeon is most useful idiot Westminster could ever have wished for.

  115. Sarissa says:

    16. The Ministerial Code: Special Advisers

    16.1. Paragraphs 4.15 to 4.19 of the Ministerial Code deal with special advisers. Much of these provisions deal with appointment, distribution of posts, salaries and terms and conditions of appointment. Special Advisers are subject to a code of conduct which was last revised in March 2017. This may need some further revision in the light of the implementation of the Procedure. If the First Minister is to remain excluded from any involvement in the Procedure consideration might be given to whether this should also apply to the Chief of Staff and other special advisers. Consideration might also be given to whether some of the provisions of the Ministerial Code which apply to Ministers should also apply with appropriate modifications to special advisers, for example, the requirement to record external contacts.

    We all know who this refers to…

  116. ahundredthidiot says:

    My view is that the governments that are in place have been briefed and are not going anywhere – that includes NS.

    Remember dominic raab nearly greetin on telly? – my guess is he had the initial brief while BJ went for the full debrief under the cover of having covid – which would explain the dismissal of one Doctor for refusing to sign the official secrets act)

    Anyone still thinking this is about a virus is wired to the moon.

  117. tridentitycrisis says:

    I still think the beneath-the-line comments on this site are being infested by false independistas. Some of the language mirrors that found on Rangers/Unionist twitter accounts and blogs(e.g. Billy 1690 Albertz). I never thought I’d see the day when Stu’s hammers didn’t come out to pummel comments openly calling for voting for the Tories and/or Labour. I thought the whole criticism against Sturgeon was to prevent delay to moving towards a referendum or other means of achieving independence. If a Unionist majority emerges in May, then it is likely the case that at least five years (probably a lot more) will elapse before we get another go.
    Surely the end is more important than the means. Please let’s not forget our ultimate goal. Sometimes you need to tolerate unpalatable bedfellows to get what you want. Many of us think that the cause of independence is greater than the desire to exact retribution.

  118. sarah says:

    @ Helen Yates: “it’s over. She’s won.”

    She hasn’t won the election yet.

    And it would be wrong for Alex not to pursue the truth being exposed. If he can bear it [and I wouldn’t blame him if he couldn’t] I want him publicly involved with the election and bringing votes to decent Independent or similar candidates.

    We cannot abandon our fellows to an unscrupulous bunch of self-seeking, very nasty and corrupt people.

  119. Mr Bonobo says:

    Very odd that Hamilton said he though Salmond was complaining that the case should have been dropped if there was less than a 50/50 chance of winning.

    The advise was excoriating over behaviour of the process and the failures of disclosure.

  120. Ross says:

    I don’t think she’s been entirely truthful but feel like now snp is only game in town.

    Did she mislead on when she knew? Can’t see how how didn’t.

    Was there any evidence of maliciousness? None Ive seen.

    We seemed to be hanging this on a fairly innocuous breach that wouldn’t have merited the long term consequences.

    Solidarity with Craig murray. A disgrace.

  121. ahundredthidiot says:


    I am sure the good folks around the table thought the end justified the means when they were considering their final solution.

  122. Frank Gillougley says:

    Just in from work so catching up.

    1. I feel for Craig Murray. My reading of it is that the state considered him a threat to them and so found him guilty. The likes of Wark and Garavelli pose no threat to the state and so they are at liberty to do as they please. I will gladly donate to his appeal. What an honourable man.

    2. I remember in the immediate aftermath of 2014, I thought Scotland was a cadaver. A corpse on a table. Nothing has changed since 6 years ago. Except that we are all a good deal more cynical about politics given the non pursuance of independence by the SNP, to the valid point of spoiling ballot papers. Here we are.

  123. Ross says:

    Big jock egg or chick though. They’re won’t be a bill unless people back and and greens to majority.

    The other parties have left it all too late.

  124. Republicofscotland says:

    I’d say Hamilton is corrupt, radio news earlier said that he worked or had done work for the Scottish government and that he knows Nicola Ceausescu Sturgeon, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s a stooge, a independent inquiry my arse.

    So we have five years of terror against free speech ahead of us, with a utterly corrupt Crown Office using their enforcers Police Scotland to shut up anyone who speaks out about injustice.

    Meanwhile Craig Murray awaits his appearance in front of Roland Freisler for sentencing, his crime telling the truth.

  125. Robert Graham says:

    Aye well very interesting

    The topic being three choices

    I have only one choice when I come to put my wee X and that’s do I trust these fkrs and do I approve of what they have done ,

    NO fkn way carry on without me .

    End of Discussion

  126. Argentocoxos says:

    A battle lost but still a war to win, I don’t hear an overweight lady singing, it’s a long road without a bend in it.

  127. John Martini says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Everything is subject to interpretation.

    3.14159.. or 22/7?

  128. Ross says:

    Mislead is a verb that implies someone has deliberately hid something for a particular gain.

    It hasn’t been proven she did it deliberately

    It wasn’t proven what reason for knowing a few days earlier really made to the grand scheme.

    Ergo mislead was difficult to prove. Saying something false is not the same as misleading

  129. Republicofscotland says:

    The champagne glasses will be clinking in the Murrell household tonight, laughter will be abound, with fist pumping and the joyous words of, we got away with it uttered throughout the house.

    The vile Sturgeon clique will sleep easy tonight, knowing that they now won’t be sacrificed on the altar of Sturgeon to save their dear leader.

    The losers in all of this are the people of Scotland.

  130. Bob Johnston says:

    Looked at positively it now points to clear incompetence. Up till now we have had two choices to debate – criminality or incompetence. Hamilton (due largely to the limitations of his brief) has disposed of the first, but the second should be thrown into the spotlight now. Does the Scottish electorate want a government run by such bumbling idiots?

  131. Anonymous Person says:

    Despite being what some people on here would call a “yoon” (and therefore not within the Reverend’s target market) I have been following this for quite a while and have been left shocked by what’s happened.

    If there is a fundraiser to pursue a judicial review, I would seriously consider donating to it.

  132. Cath says:

    If she broke the code, she broke the code and this must be acknowledged, which I have no doubt she did. For instance, I still remember in a FMQ session how she denied categorically and using quite a rude and patronising tone, actually, that Aberdein had been given the name of a complainant by a Holyrood staff.

    Aye, true. I remember that FMQs as well. We really do need justice to be done and I have no idea where that’s coming from now. I can only hope Alex Salmond’s lawyers have more of an idea.

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    WGD himself, laughing his socks off at us as are acolytes over on WGD.

    Little do they know that along with us and the rest of Scotland they too are the losers, ignorance is truly blissful.

  134. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Spoiled constituency vote, ISP on the list. I don’t vote for known crooks and liars.

  135. Tired for 40 years says:

    Never again will I cross an X next to the SNP, nor support an independent Scotland under the divisive nature of the SNP. I am not surprised though with the report. I am saddened about Craig Murray.

    Scots who don’t normally vote should get their backside into a polling station in May and vote for a better Scotland. I am supporting the union now after being a yes voter and a party member.

    Scotland will need jobs and investment, not another referendum to feed her ego!

  136. Nally Anders says:

    Held on to my membership, hope against hope, I’d be voting for a new leader.
    Membership now cancelled.
    The SNP left me.
    Now looking for a new Indy home. The fight
    for Independence isn’t over yet. It is just gonny take a few more years than I’d imagined.

  137. Mr Bonobo says:

    Have another 10,000 joined the SNP yet, or is that not needed with the media swinging behind her?

  138. The Dissident says:

    Seems to me that the credibility of this report is falling apart quicker than a perfectly cooked fillet of fish.

    Let’s remember folks that nobody ever expected this report to nail Sturgeon.

    But, at one point, the report says ‘it is for parliament to decide whether it was misled’. Well, guess what? Tomorrow’s report will confirm that it has decided it was.

    So even Hamilton’s whitewash confirms Sturgeon has misled Parliament.

  139. Al-Stuart says:

    For anyone thinking Scottish Independence was going to be easy, it was and is a fight of Empire proportions. Underestimate the British Establishment at your peril.

    The lying bag of deceit that is Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon and the AUDITABLE TRAIL of criminality that is, or will be available to the entire nation of Scotland and international community is an object lesson in what will be summated and written on the tombstone of the disreputable law officer…

    “Crook, Coward or an Idiot”.

    I am scunnered with Scottish politicians. They will face justice, of that I am sure. My own life is now time-limited so it would be feckless to continue litigation when the clock will be run down as myself as a persuer. I want to spend the time remaining with my grandchildren.

    But IF there is anyone out there who really wants some justice, I leave with them two items…

    1/. Follow the money. The £600,000 that Murrell left his fat, greedy fingerprints all over has, in turn caused him and her to infract at least three pieces of criminal legislation. If someone on Wings is prepared to put in the legwork and ensure Murrell is rightfully questioned by the police, probably a force outside Scotland, this is the most efficient way of dealing with the liar Sturgeon. He goes, she goes. The McTitanic.

    2/. Nicola Sturgeon made a politically lethal failure of hubris. She left EIGHT HOURS of incriminating evidence in the public domain. Forever.

    The Hamilton crook/liar/idiot was able to let Sturgeon off Scot free because he is right. There is not a shred of evidence (unless you hire a private detective or are a former police officer).

    Ignore Police Scotland: their leadership is either too corrupt or the lower ranks too cowed to do their duty. Much like the SNP politicians.

    In Hamilton’s prosecutorial legacy (which he just trashed), he is technically correct: there is not a shred of evidence because Sturgeon and her cabal SHREDDED all of it.

    IF anyone out there really wants to solve this mess, the solution is here…

    Sorting out this mess and PROVING sufficient in order that the Met Police MUST investigate Police Scotland’s gross and chronic NEGLECT OF DUTY, you need to engage people of this calibre and this skill set…

    This video is NOT referenced in relation to the Royal Family. These are CIA trained analysts in body language, Sturgeon twitched, blinked, smirked, fidgeted and micro messaged EIGHT hours of it for proper analysis. A competent middle ranking Met police anti corruption officer will glean sufficient leads in the Sturgeon interview to make a police inquiry effect fair justice.

    Stuart Campbell, Craig Murray, Iain Lawson and Barrhead Boy et al., have made valiant and miraculous efforts.

    But there are 8,000 VERY intelligent and highly motivated folk working out of Gloucestershire who far outrank anything Scotland’s TRUE INDY supporters have.

    Alex Salmond is the real deal, but what happened to him SO FAR is just a warning.

    In 2003 Dr David Kelly died in highly controversial circumstances. Whether it was the Coproxamol that killed him or exsanguination; whether it was “self-inflicted” or Establishment statecraft. Lord Hutton’s inquiry was another Hamilton job. Draw a blood red line. End of story.


    Occam’s razor. When Sturgeon and the Establishment state Wings et al., are conspiracy theorists why do they employ and deploy at least 22,800 “security service” personnel in the UK?

    What do these 22,800 British Establishment people do at work every day? Yes many manage vital security operations to protect against attorcities. But what are the two biggest political issues facing the British Wstablishment today? Easy answer:-

    A/. Northern Ireland.

    B/. Scottish Independence.

    The British Empire will not let it’s Scottish Colony go. In 2014 London got a huge fright when Alex Salmond propelled a 21% YES vote to 45% YES. This will NOT happen again without a fight, the likes Scotland has never seen before. Our country is valued more highly (for its assets and resources) than the six counties across the water, bless them.

    What you are watching now is a VERY expensive and incredible sophisticated exsanguination of the SNP.

    The metaphors are almost medieval. The Scottish Independence movement is being disembowelled before everyone’s eyes.

    The Cheltenham set will read this so one message to you please…

    I and hope, indeed pray you have gamed through the outcomes so that there is NO risk of the Belfasting of Scotland. Some of us will be gone soon enough. My worry is what sort of turgid defacated legacy your euthanising of the SNP and Holyrood and thereby my nation of birth will be left for my grandkids to live in?

  140. P says:

    Lesley Riddoch has updated her piece in the Herald after the Hamilton decision.
    Riddoch tweeted,

    “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Nicola Sturgeon has proven the worth of that old adage. Not only was talk of her political demise exaggerated, the FM’s credentials as a “bonnie fechter” have been greatly enhanced. Today’s Herald column updated.”

  141. Charlie Farlington says:

    “Crook, coward or idiot” James Hamilton was appointed by Alex Salmond in 2013.

  142. Los says:

    Perhaps Alex Salmond might bring his Press Conference forward, ahead of the Vote of No Confidence, so that MSP’s can vote having taken note of what he might have to say?

  143. Garrion says:

    Achievements happen when good people get their back into the right fight. This fuckin sucks, but it’s not a surprise, really. Is it?

    You can’t expect a country that has been colonized for 300 years not have the gears of the four estates filled with, as Alf Baird says, those who have made an accomodation with the colonizer.

    What did we learn from this?

    That as soon as a single independence supporting party reaches mainstream status, they will be compromised and assimilated. (pro tip; now we have to reconceptualise independence NOT as a party political issue, but a cross party civic one. As soon as it became SNP versus the rest, we were in trouble)

    That we can’t rely (much as we love to as Scots) on some glorious leader to take us to independence. They will either fall or they will be pushed. It’s down to us. We are all Spartacus now.

    We need to continue the work of internal decolonization. This is what the British establishment cannot fight. If we stop being our own worst enemy. If we create a general clear eyed view of the injustices, the economic oppression, the lack of respect and agency, the wrongs that have caused us as a nation for centuries to have poorer poor, worse health, more self destructive violence, more substance abuse than we should ever have had, with many of the best and brightest of us having to leave, then we will create a context where regardless of the dead hand of the colonizer, unstoppable change will come.

    The British colonial genius has always been to identify the inherent characteristics of a people, turn strengths into weaknesses, and create a means of making these leverage points, and of course to create a commissar class to maintain status quo. So on the upside, we are all a lot more open eyed.

  144. Nally Anders says:

    Grateful thanks to you Stu. Whatever lies ahead, your forensic reporting has been awesome.
    I hope you can continue but don’t blame you if you need a break.
    Hope Alex has something big up his sleeve.
    The guy must be shattered.

  145. Gary Dollard says:

    Do the SNP think if they say “independent” enough times, people will believe it?

  146. Carol Neill says:

    O well North Korea it is then ( Cowdenbeath really but same place without the haircut )

  147. Skip_NC says:

    It seems to me that the person who has come out best in this report is Geoff Aberdein. His testimony seems to have been honest and straightforward.

  148. Skip_NC says:

    Two things jump out at me.

    Firstly, Geoff Aberdein comes out of this rather well – honest.

    Secondly, I always thought it was Liz Lloyd who met with Geoff Aberdein on March 29th. Note from page 7 of the report that the name of the person is redacted. Yet Liz Lloyd is named on page 8. So one of the complainers must have met Geoff Aberdein on March 29th. Either that or there has been a redaction failure.

  149. Arch Stanton says:

    According to James Hamilton QC, Nicola Sturgeon had a “failure of recollection” on no less than seventeen occasions.

    One can only conclude he is a crook, a coward and an idiot!

  150. Cath says:

    The plus side is watching the Tories implode and Sarah Smith looking like she’s sucking a lemon on reporting this. I’m taking that as a a win.

  151. Morgatron says:

    There are still some in the SNP who are good people , unfortunately they appear to be in the minority. I’m just scunnered with what my party has become. I feel its time to cash in my chips.

  152. Big Jock says:

    Los – Please make that so. Just heard Talking Heads ” Slippery people” on a tv show. Sturgeon is slippier than an eel. We need a big Salmond to catch her.

  153. Tommo says:

    A steaming pile of bat guano
    I am for the Union but no-one and no country should be tucked up like this
    Does anyone know WHO ‘Redacted’ the report? From what I have seen it makes it utterly pointless to ‘Publish’ it. Surely a man of the former Irish DPPs presumed calibre could present a comprehensible narrative in the sort of terms ‘as a result of evidence I heard from a witness I am unable to name/ in relation to a meeting the date and attendees of which I cannot set out for legal reasons I am persuaded etc’ (Or as the case may be)
    OR did he -as I suspect- submit it to the Lord Advocate’s office in case-irony of ironies-he finished up getting prosecuted himself? Anything seems possible in the world the SNP create

  154. Robert Graham says:

    I guess it’s party time over in La La Land

    The Princess is saved hip hip Hooray

    Have fun Ladies

    All the Perfume and lipstick on the planet wouldn’t cover this shit it stinks and if you’re honest you know it too ,So keep telling yourselves this Princess is the real deal she’s honest and truthful ,

  155. Al says:

    Alot of Sturgeonistas posting on Twitter, a new form of Sectarianism is born.

  156. Big Jock says:

    Arch . Yep. He is a lawyer and he thought forgetting things 17 times was normal. Maybe Sturgeon has early onset Alzheimer’s.

  157. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Am the same as you Robert Graham. Am done with voting until a new party is established. Thing is I’ll probably be in Spain so if I have to come back to vote there better be a country left worth salvaging.

    If you’re reading ‘Old Pete’ ,no doubt you are.
    Naw I’ll no be voting SNP in Ayrshire on may 6th so get it roon yi.

  158. Cath says:

    There are some fairly interesting bits in the report as well. For example:

    2.14. As already referred to above Mr Salmond has made a number of very serious allegations about the manner in which the complaints were investigated and dealt with including accusations of serious impropriety. I make no findings about the truth of any of these allegations which are the subject of enquiries by the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Com- plaints of the Scottish Parliament. I accept the evidence of the First Minister that she had no involvement in these matters. I do not consider that at present the First Minister has any responsibility under the Ministerial Code for any shortcomings or wrongdoing in the behaviour of other persons, if there were any such shortcomings or wrongdoing, in relation to matters from which she has properly excluded herself from any involvement. Later in this report I raise the question whether Ministers should bear responsibility for the activities of their special advisers.

  159. Redacted says:

    His report was into NS only, and it is silly, but the included “Note on the publication of a redacted report” does seem to suggest, in lawyer speak, something along the lines of:

    “What [redacted] did prior to 29th March should really be public knowledge but the court order prevents this.”

  160. commenter says:

    Nae luck, prick 🙂

  161. Alan McHarg says:

    The gloating has begun. There is a complete unwillingness to acknowledge any evidence or facts. It is very worrying. Scotland is being run by a corrupt colonial arm of the British State. Jeggit of Random Public Journal suggested that Nicola Sturgeon has been working hand in hand with “the unholy trinity” of the British State in Scotland – the CROWN, the British Civil Service and the British media in order to imprison independence supporters or threaten bloggers who dare to question her leadership on independence. That should worry not just “independestas” but every dissenting voice in Scotland. This stinks of fascism not democracy.

  162. Dr Peter ISP says:

    So Salmond’s submission to Hamilton detailing where he knows there were breaches of either the ministerial or civil service code has been utterly ignored by Hamilton.

    So he has deliberately blinded himself after being made aware of manifest malfeasance. He has refused to even look there.

    Hell mend the man.

  163. highseastim says:

    The pain on here is absolutely delicious to see!! Almost as much hurt as DRoss’s mob.

  164. tolkein says:

    James Hamilton is either a crook, a coward or an idiot.

    Embrace the power of “and”

  165. Yasmin says:

    He’s all three. Frightening that he keeps being instructed on matters of such importance.
    Hope she loses in the election, perhaps the Scottish peopke can deliver justice where others paid by us cannot.

  166. John Martini says:

    You got to fight for your right to party..

  167. beflox says:

    “Our country is a banana republic, a nation that North Koreans point at and laugh. To be honest, readers, if we were you we’d get out while we still could.”

    Yeah I think someone needs to go and educate themselves on North Korea, then maybe have a wee lie down.

  168. Robert says:

    My take is different from most. I’ve read the report, and with the remit he was given, I can see where his conclusions come from. It’s a narrow tremit – he’s not answering whether there was a conspiracy. He’s carefully critical of the Lord Advocate and of SPADs. If he’s been running the Fabiani enquiry, I’d be happier.

    Id does seem to me that teh Lord Advocate’s office is a root of many of the things which went wrong. Both on the advice to Government, and on the prosecution side.

  169. Annie 621 says:

    Charlie Carrington..
    Alex appointed Sturgeon,the worst thing to ever happen in Scotland,
    No-one is infallible.

    Btw, Hamilton was REappointed by Sturgeon in 2015.

  170. Ken Haylock says:

    I think the refusal to say the Scottish Parliament was misled is a lawyer thing. You cannot say somebody was murdered, without there being a murderer, & you cannot be misled without a misleader. But if NS was telling the truth as she remembered it, she is technically not guilty of misleading, she was just wrong. Without a misleader you can’t have anybody misled, you just have people ending up without the correct facts.

    So he’s not mad, or bent, he’s just a lawyer.

    As for the determination as to whether she was lying when she said she forgot… he’s right that it makes no sense to lie about that then tell the truth about everything else. What would the purpose been of such a lie? It strikes me as well that Aberdein is far more likely to remember approaching the FM on a mission from AS, than she is to remember somebody coming into her office when she’s thinking about the weekend & telling her a short angry retired scotsman she knows wants to talk to her about her about something.

  171. PeakMullett says:

    Rival independence party, go for list seats first, it’s the only way, Nicola is still comparatively young, she could run the party for 20 years more.

  172. Dr Peter ISP says:

    Millions of pounds of public funds have been spent on two abortive attempts to Get Salmond. Both of which failed utterly.

    Now even more money has been wasted on two whitewashes.

    Nobody has been held to account for this wast of public funds. Nobody has displayed sufficient integrity in public office to resign.

    This means politics and public office in Scotland are utterly corrupt. When corruption and malfeasance are allowed to happen without sanction then all is corrupt and we are indeed living in a tyranny.

  173. Tim42 says:

    Came here to see how butt-hurt the Tories on this site are and it’s surpassed by expectations.

    Will be raising a wee dram to Nicola tonight.

  174. Shocked says:

    I suspected this was coming the way Sturgeon behaved on Friday when she was doorstepped by Sky. To answer the revs question I’d say he was a coward and crook.

    We will have to see what Alex Salmond says on Wednesday, I suspect it will be a lot. One thing for certain is that Sturgeon will not be resigning and thanks to that little rat Patrick Harvie she will survive any vote of no confidence. To be honest, her remaining and continual drip drip of more and more scandal may seriously backfire, though the problem is your average voter only reads the headlines and the headlines tomorrow will say she did nothing wrong.

    The victorious glaring if th sturgeonites on Twitter is vomit inducing, no doubt we all be standing with Nicola tonight and there will he thousands of new members.

    I hope these bastards get their comeuppance.

  175. true scot says:

    Nicola has shown us time and time again how best to respect a not guilty verdict. Especially when it doesn’t suit your narrative.

    So we’ve taken another step closer to a minority SNP government propped up by Patrick Harvie. Am I the only one who thinks he dresses more and more like a character in a WWII movie? “You can’t stay in London while the bombs are dropping children, you have to go and live with your uncle Pat” “Aw Mum no, he smells of cabbage..”

  176. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    So you think it’s delicious do you?
    So in 6 years she’s managed to split a United independence movement down the middle and introduced woke hell on our country and you think that’s great?

    Fucking clown. Away back to your rat infested shit life .

  177. Michael says:

    Who ever heard of a report being sent to the accused for redaction before publication.

    From Hamiltons accompanying letter:

    In particular, I have been advised by my own independent legal adviser that nothing may be published which could identify certain particular individuals, some of whom had a significant role in certain events. A redacted report that effectively erases the role of any such individual in the matters investigated in the report cannot be properly understood by those reading it, and presents an incomplete and even at times misleading version of what happened. In earlier drafts of the report I attempted to anonymise certain individuals in such cases but these attempts were not successful.
    It is therefore impossible to give an accurate description of some of the relevant events dealt with in the report while at the same time complying with the court orders.
    I am deeply frustrated that applicable court orders will have the effect of preventing the full publication of a report which fulfils my remit and which I believe it would be in the public interest to publish.

  178. Tim42 says:

    Campbell is pure RAGING. ?

  179. Allium says:

    Surprised to see so much open gloating online. Does that kind of thing play well at elections? Maybe it does. They’ve gone full on New Labour now. Alyn Smith has become Foulkes, or maybe he always was. Sad.

  180. Big Jock says:

    Stu- I think this Hamilton chap needs your investigation skills.

    Tweet from Dean M (@DeanMThomson)
    Dean M Thomson (@DeanMThomson) Tweeted:
    @Grouse_Beater I notice on his linked in page (I checked it on Saturday) it stated he was an ex-member of the SNP. Checking again today, the reference is gone. So…make of that what you will.

  181. Tim42 says:

    Tories utterly punch-drunk and comparing Scotland to North Korea. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  182. Breeks says:

    gullaneno4 says:
    22 March, 2021 at 6:16 pm
    Great result, now let all of us who truly support Independence get the show on the road.

    This was a load of ‘He said she said’ bollox from day one.


  183. Bob Johnston says:

    The reason I don’t believe a word about all this ‘forgetting’ is that I have a shocking memory. I can’t remember who I was chatting with 15 minutes ago. But I have had several jobs that demand accurate recall so, guess what, I take detailed notes AND I KEEP THEM.

  184. holymacmoses says:

    Robert says:
    22 March, 2021 at 7:00 pm
    My take is different from most. I’ve read the report, and with the remit he was given

    he was told that he could broaden his remit as much as he wanted.

  185. Edward MacD says:

    To those talking of voting Tory or Labour, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Look at the broader picture here. Rise up, oppose, band together. Have faith in yourselves, support or begin a Party to make the difference you want to see.

  186. Tim42 says:

    Tonight… we are ALL Nicola Sturgeon. Raise a glass to that beautiful woman for she has sent them homewards to think again.

    Vote SNP 1,2, vote Independence

  187. AndyH says:

    I knew this was going to happen and so did Sturgeon

    You can tell by the way she was referring to the outcome of this ‘Hamilton inquiry’ when she was in front of the committee a couple of weeks ago. She was struggling to keep the smile of her coupon.

    This change the SNP from within crap is never going to happen anytime soon. We need an alternative Indy part and we need it now.

    It is the ONLY way to hold their feet to the fire.


  188. Breeks says:

    highseastim says:
    22 March, 2021 at 6:56 pm
    The pain on here is absolutely delicious to see!! Almost as much hurt as DRoss’s mob.

    Another idiot.

  189. Willie says:

    Well this report, I will not call it a judgement has redoubled my effort to resist this rotten SNP and find another mechanism to secure independence.

    This report by Hamilton in truth does not change my support for independence. The SNP are just another unionist party in the orbit of Westminster. Bought and paid for they will not deliver independence, and in many ways this utterly bewildering report will only resolve support for independence.

    Sturgeon is still finished as are her coterie of control and with direct rule looming and the removal of power from the Parliament, the struggle re-engages..

  190. Breeks says:

    Tim42 says:
    22 March, 2021 at 7:14 pm
    Tonight… we are ALL Nicola Sturgeon. Raise a glass to that beautiful woman for she has sent them homewards to think again.

    Vote SNP 1,2, vote Independence

    Idiot No. 3

  191. Cath says:

    Michael 19:10

    That’s a very interesting cover letter, especially if you know who/what he’s referring to. Hopefully this report does very much leave the door open (or even unlock it) for whatever legal action comes next. The very best outcome for the independence movement would be if Alex gets justice and is fully vindicated (he has been legally but not in the public mind yet), the corrupt U.K. arms in Scotland are shown up for what and where they are, and Sturgeon and the SNP are held to account but not too damaged in the process. Let’s not be too despondent yet.

  192. true scot says:

    @ Tim42 – which of her successes as First Minister would you point to help us understand the high regard that many hold her in?

  193. Frequency Modulation says:

    So Mr Hamilton has decided that Ms Sturgeon suffers from serious memory lapses. My heart goes out to her friends and family, as I can imagine the distress they must be feeling. I myself spent several years caring for a relative with dementia. I am sure her nearest and dearest will rally round and look after her in her declining years; let us hope they can afford carers to give them some respite.

  194. Lothianlad says:

    See the midlothian careerist cultists mp has been tweeting organically about innocent sturgeon.

    These careerists are wrecking scotland whilst lining their pockets.

    Sturgeon is a fraud!

    Alex salmond, I salute you sir and stand by you. You are a true gentleman and hero of scotland.

  195. Lothianlad says:

    I take it every single post I do is now in moderation???
    Whatever. I must be getting to someone

  196. beflox says:

    It’s a sad night for the unionists who’ve been trying the damnedest to take advantage of this situation.

    Reminds me of the nights we used to all come onto Wings to celebrate the nights we’d get one over on the Tories etc down in Westminster, but … well … that seems like a long time ago now.

  197. Tim42 says:

    @true scot

    Not being a Tory mate. Unlike most on here.

    To side with D. Ross is simply unforgivable. The Tartan Tories should hang their heads in shame.

  198. holymacmoses says:

    We have to ask why Nicola Sturgeon is asking Mike Russell to write up the SNP manifesto, given that he doesn’t have to be responsible for any of it does he

  199. Betsy says:


    1. She’s never shat herself or fallen over in public.
    2. The worse she gets, the more her fan club rim her arse.
    3. Baby boxes
    4. She’s read a book
    5. She’s managed to keep a straight face when claiming to be feminist.

  200. Lynn says:

    Floating voters opinion. Unconvinced! One man does not get to do my thinking for me .

  201. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    There has been much discussion here, btl, over the past weeks, about the possibility of NS losing her seat to whoever.

    It has been suggested that if she loses her seat and the SNP gain one regional seat to compensate, she will get in “on the list”, because #1 on the Glasgow SNP list is a BAME candidate and she will find compelling reasons not to take her seat, allowing NS in as #2 on the list.

    I had a telephonic blether with ‘Dundee Annie’ last night and we were talking about this. Annie doesn’t see that scenario panning out – because she knows more than I do about what’s been going on, SNP-wise.

    She inspired me to go a-Googling today.

    #1 on the SNP’s Glasgow list is Roza Salih. She’s got an amazing history and, tbh, I can’t see her just rolling over for NS if she is elected for the region. Check out these links:-

    A quote from that last link:

    “Roza’s shift from activism to politics occurred when she realised that, despite all the good work by charities and activists, “we don’t get to make decisions, we’re not where power is. And I thought: I could be that person. I want to represent my community in Parliament.””

  202. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    tim42 @7.08 pm

    Did paul Kavanagh tell you to come and say that? He would know that term of speak I suppose in his world.

  203. beflox says:

    So far, scouting around the internet, the unhappy brigade seems to consist of Unionist parties and Wings readers/contributors.

    Says it all.

  204. holymacmoses says:

    Breeks says:
    22 March, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    highseastim says:

    Is it good to enjoy people’s pain jollyjacktar? Is that the sort of Scotland you wish for? Have a care and be aware of what you wish for. And I doubt it will happen anyway and if I’m right – I won’t be gloating because I was right I’ll be as heartbroken as I am now but this it will be because you are wrong. Wait and see .

  205. tridentitycrisis says:

    Don’t despair, independence really is closer than it has ever been, even if you hate Sturgeon. The polls have turned around again. It’s people who never look at this or other pro-independence blogs who are crucial. If they vote for the SNP, then they are voting for independence not for Sturgeon. I really believe that if the SNP win in May, then they know that this is their last chance to deliver, or else they will be deserted by more than just Wings followers.
    Who else will give us the chance if the Unionists come out on top in May? Johnson will gleefully walk all over us, strip our Parliament of powers and treat us even more like a colony. Are you OK thinking of George Galloway oozing triumph? Or Michael Gove gloating in his superior manner? Or Jacob Rees-Mogg smirking and telling us we’re back in our box where we belong? Is Sturgeon really more evil that those swaggering shits?

  206. true scot says:

    Thanks Tim42. I was thinking more of succesful policies that have improved life in Scotland. She’s an extremely popular leader – and I understand that she has been a reassuring face to the Covid response – but beyond that, what accomplishments would you point to as the basis for voting her in again?

  207. Juan says:

    Where are awe the roasters who were getting tore into anybody who suggested they vote against Sturgeon in her Constituency, as in, vote for the candidate who has a credible chance of taking the Sturgeon seat.

    Would you agree you made an utter arse of yourself?

    Would you agree these guys were correct all along?

  208. Billy Russell says:

    I read all your articles Stu and I want to thank you for doing the right thing and seeking the facts.

    My vote now goes to whoever keeps the SNP out of my constituency and I live in Aberdeenshire which probably means that will be a hellish self destructive vote to cast.

    If we don’t have a lawful society, we can never have equality, justice, nor independence. I don’t know how we gain independence now but I do know the first step has to be removing the North British SNP from power.

  209. Billy says:

    Did we really believe this inquiry would end up any other way. I’m hitting 70 so I probably will not have to put up with them for long, really pity our youth who will have to pay the price of this bunch of us crooks running the country. Any chance of a new party with AS and JS at the helm because no way will I vote for the Snp again. I will use the next few weeks deciding how I can damage them most at the ballot box. God help Scotland.

  210. Andybhoy says:

    Patrick Harvey with all the class of a two bob nobody is busy telling the world what he thinks tonight. Aye Patrick. I saw that disgraceful video with your thoughts on Alex Salmond. Not only is SNP not getting number 1 vote, the Greens ain`t getting number 2 vote.

  211. robertknight says:

    The enemy of Indy and of Scotland is Sturgeon’s SNP.

    Any enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    I’ll be tactically voting to defeat the SNP.

    Indy for Scotland!

    Jail for Sturgeon!

    Smash the SNP!

  212. dropthevipers says:

    AS has been extremely measured in how he has played his cards. My only hope to see NS get the beginning of her come uppance is a thermo nuclear bomb chucked into the mix about two or three days before the election. Otherwise, she gets away home free.

  213. Juan says:

    Scotland is Rubber Ducked.

  214. N MacMillan says:

    My voting plans have changed. I will spoil my constituency vote (despite good SNP candidate) and vote ISP on the list.

    I cannot bring myself to vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP. I cherish independence but I cherish my integrity higher.

    If the SNP lose the election then she will I hope go and we can turn the Westminster election into a plebiscite for Independence

  215. John Digsby says:

    So, RevStu – what happens now? Do you carry on fighting the good fight, or are you hanging up your hat and calling it a day?

  216. Allium says:

    I don’t hate NS, I’m just puzzled by her and those who admire her, and why they think she’s going to deliver independence. I’m aghast at her cult of personality electioneering, I find it creepy and Trumpist and frankly odd, since as I said she’s of low appeal to me personally, and she has little charisma. She has made no secret that her priorities lie elsewhere. She isn’t interested in another referendum. The SNP is an identity politics collective now.

  217. Carol Neill says:

    Tim42 , we’re not tories ya tool , away an boil yer pish
    Goats getting up am away to watch ru Paul ….

  218. Annie 621 says:

    The Democratic Republic of Scotland..
    only not a republic, nor a democracy.

  219. Mitchell says:

    You think the SNP can’t get any lower, and before you know it, they are hitting new depths.

  220. Alf Baird says:

    Terry @ 5:14

    “What’s five years out of 300?”

    The census tells us that Scotland’s demographics are rapidly changing with an inflow of approx. 50,000 mainly ‘No’ voters from rest-UK annually. That’s a quarter of a million ‘new’ voters in the next 5 years potentially adding 10% to the No vote.

    We need to aim for independence this year, and the only opportunity likely is May’s ‘independence’ election and this commitment from AFI:

    “AFI shall also campaign for a simple majority of the popular vote for pro-indy parties across both the constituencies and the regional lists, at the “Independence” election, and for such a majority to be understood to be a mandate for independence itself.”

  221. Littleladylotte says:

    It’s what I expected. Its ridiculous thinking that there’s anyone that SNP will account to. How can an esteemed law person have the full shebang laid out in front of him and come to the conclusion that he did. Well fk the snp, spoiled ballot from me

  222. McRobbie says:

    So it is clear from the number of redactions and the frequent memory lapses of Sturgeon that actually nothing happened at all during this saga … obviously we just dreamt it all.

  223. John Brown says:

    I’m not convinced that independence is now dead in the water.

    I’m quite certain that this will not have damaged Ms. Sturgeon’s popularity with independence voters but rather have strengthened their resolve to run an independence referendum with or without the approval of the UK government.

    They simply won’t care if Scotland looks like a banana republic as long as it’s an independent republic.

    And the SNP will gain further votes from those who believe her divisive and adversarial style is the best way for Scotland to screw further benefits from the UK government even if they would not vote for independence.

  224. Andybhoy says:


    Sadly that is a policy that I have resigned myself too as well.

  225. Big Jock says:

    In 5 years time. All these blowhard Sturgeon cultists. Will be back on here telling us all to vote SNP in 2026. Because it really is the independence election this time.

    Stupid does,what stupid does.

  226. Elmac says:

    You know what Stu, you are correct. Time to get out. I came back to my home country in the 1980s after many years abroad, partly through nostalgia and partly because I wanted to be involved in a new vibrant Scotland. Now I have 3 kids and lots of grandkids outside Scotland and I can see absolutely no reason to want to stay here in this cesspit. Despite my advancing years I will probably up sticks and go elsewhere if Sturgeons survives. I will take my income and assets with me. Up yours Sturgeon.

  227. Mr Bonobo says:

    At least Nicola has matched her hero Hilary Clinton who illegally conspired by email through servers installed in her bedroom and bashed all the Blackberries she was demanded to hand over into pieces with hammers, but was determined it would not be appropriate to charge her with anything, all the while the little people were jailed any meagre security infraction.

  228. Andybhoy says:

    Big Jock

    The latest BoJo can call a Westminster GE is December 2024. I am putting good money on the SNP leading with, vote SNP and get your freedom. Independence is just around the corner.

  229. CMack says:

    “Ms Sturgeon told reporters she was “delighted and relieved” to be cleared by the report, acknowledging “some pretty grim allegations have been levelled at me over the past months”.”

    A mere bagatelle compared to the smears/allegations she has made against the former FM in that period!

  230. Tim42 says:

    @carol Neill

    Yeah, yeah. Sure you’re not.

    A Tory friend referred to Wings as a group of “useful idiots”. Says it all really. He’s started donating to Stuart. Says it all really. Enjoy your Brexit.

  231. Chris Downie says:

    The American rock band Living Color had a great song “Cult of Personality” that sums up the insidious Murrell Mafia perfectly.

  232. Elmac says:

    John Brown @ 7.47 pm

    Absolute codswallop. Are you totally bereft of a single brain cell? Listen very carefully…. Sturgeon has no intention of ever securing a second referendum – she loves the kudos and the money too much to risk losing them. Either grow up and pay attention or go back to your equally delusional pals on WGD.

  233. Republicofscotland says:

    Tim42 @7.08pm.

    You don’t even realise that you too have lost, for if you think Sturgeon will bring independence to Scots, you’re in for a very big shock.

  234. robertknight says:

    Tim 42.5

    “A Tory friend”

    ‘Nuff said.

  235. Baxter1967 says:

    To really understand this we need to realise both sides are being played. Those coalescing behind Salmond ( for a variety of motives) are banging their heads against an institutional brick wall. Keep the flame of injustice burning in their bellies. Those from the Sturgeon sycophantic fan club are so impressionable they buy her Independence scam. Keep them obsessing on transgender rights.
    An understanding of Scottish history and a working knowledge of Machiavellian politics and you stand back and laugh as you divide and rule.

  236. beflox says:

    John Digsby says:
    22 March, 2021 at 7:42 pm
    So, RevStu – what happens now? Do you carry on fighting the good fight, or are you hanging up your hat and calling it a day?

    Probably time to keep the momentum going … whip the knuckle-draggers up into an ever-increasing frenzy then hit them with the crowdfunders. Seems like a good plan. You with us John?

  237. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Heavens almighty

    Tim42 @ 7.42pm

    If you haven’t realised ya clown we’re not in Europe – we’re out. What did your golden queen do?

    Fuck all.

  238. Tim42 says:


    Grow up… I’ll break bread with mostly anyone. No prejudices here.

  239. Andy Ellis says:

    @tridentitycrisis 7.29pm

    Utter folly. The Sturgeonistas ARE as bad: in fact they are worse. We expect no better from British nationalists. You’re delusional if you think independence is close under the current SNP.

    Anyone voting SNP now is complicit in their corruption.

  240. Tim42 says:


    A big angry man, a Rangers man, a staunch Unionist. Mon ra peeple. Sad.

  241. robertknight says:


    “No prejudices here”

    No intelligence either…

  242. Carol Neill says:

    @ Tim 42 o piss off , apologies mr c

  243. Mike says:

    Surely there’s more to come out in the wash here? No chance that someone may leak something closer to the election? It feels like there’s been way too much wrongdoing for this to all just disappear based on one man’s opinion; the neutrality of which is highly dubious. What may Salmond have up his sleeve left? Perhaps his gloves may come off now!

    Sturgeon and her clique had no interest in resigning or trying to be open and transparent. However, let’s see how they fair at the ballot in May and what else may surface in the coming weeks. A week is a long time in politics as they say.

  244. Juan says:

    How many of us are drifting aimlessly through the stench of Scottish Politics.

    Sturgeon has got a lot to answer for.

  245. Tim42 says:


    Oh please. I once got 2 answers correct in a University Challenge semi-final.

  246. Morayloon says:

    I think once the issues surrounding Murrel and the SNP finances come out, along with the continuing slide in Scottish education, industry and society’s poorest losing out, that there will be another election soon after the next one. I see SNP MSPs finally realising that they too will go down with Sturgeon unless they show some guts and courage on behalf of Scotland not their expense accounts and those of their multiple staff/researchers etc. I would hope for a Vote of No Confidence which is supported by ALL parties. I would also hope that people realise just how we have come to this.

  247. JimuckMac says:

    Everyday now the shots are hitting its target. She is badly wounded, and plenty more coming her way. Keep the faith. She will fall.

  248. StevieO says:

    The baying mob still a baying.

    Get in queue behind Davidson, Ross, Fraser, Baillie, and the entire shyteshow of their bittery britnat media.

  249. “Wilford (Sturgeon) is shown to be ruthless and relentless, with little regard to the lives of others[1]; from what has been seen, he values the ideology of power above all else and was willing to leave Snowpiercer and its population to die when he could not get his way. He sees himself as a ruler of men; a champion of the apocalypse, and deems all those that disagree with him as disloyal, ungrateful, and ("Tractor" - Ed)ous.

    He is not without his charms though; his natural charisma and almost-intoxicatingly-suave personality allow him to win-over and influence many people. The crew of Big Alice seems to be entirely under his spell, and regard him in an almost evangelic fashion; as less man and more a god-like savior”

    Close enough.

  250. Mitchell says:

    The ISP and other new Indy Parties look very low level.

    A new Indy Party with names haz to step forward.

  251. Patrick says:

    Just how thick do you really need to be to vote snp ?

  252. James says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has always had really terrible hairstyles.

  253. Ian Mac says:

    I guarantee you that the SNP will announce tomorrow that ‘thousands’ of people have signed up. There will be zero evidence of it. Lying and media manipulation is now in their DNA. After all there is nobody to hold them to account, and evidence is a disposable, irrelevant item.

  254. Liz g says:

    John Digsby says:
    22 March, 2021 at 7:42 pm
    So, RevStu – what happens now? Do you carry on fighting the good fight, or are you hanging up your hat and calling it a day?

    Ye canny dae that Rev…
    The Poor Still Have No “Ring Fenced Indy Fund ” !

  255. Graeme Borthwick says:

    What you are looking at is 1707 when a handful of people were bribed to sell out Scotland.
    After the election, with Scotland still firmly in the Union, the Murrells will retreat to one of their properties to enjoy a well earned rest and contemplate their next career move.p

  256. MacLam says:

    How was this all redacted so quickly?
    Presumably someone else has had sight of this with time enough to scribble out the naughty bits.
    Some already saw this coming, but as always when your worst fears are realised, it’s a bit stunning.

  257. Ian Mac says:

    Sturgeon was gifted a social democratic party, broadly to the left, which mirrored a majority of Scottish society. She has transformed it into an alt-right Trumpian leader-worshipping cult, with complete disdain for democratic process and a ruthless way of dispatching any likely opposition, or truth-telling.

    The only answer, which is inevitably long term, is for a new independence movement to rise from the ashes, one which is never again tied to one monolithic party which can be easily subverted and diverted from its core remit. There is absolutely no way the SNP is fit for purpose, or democratic governance. They do not speak for us.

  258. Ian Mac says:

    MacLam: yes, Sturgeon and her acolytes must have gone through Hamilton’s report to redact all the bits which implicated them in the great collusion and cover up. The pretence that it is about anonymity is a flimsy and not credible excuse. But we all know why.

  259. Davy says:

    Aye theirs fairly a plague of “SOOR PLUMS” on this site today. Ah your conspiracy theories have been blown out of the water, so what is next ?

    Is it going to be fighting for Scottish independence or sulking and whining.

    I know what I will do.
    It will be both votes SNP in May, because without a SNP majority it will be a Westminster Scotland.

    Take your choice – Scotland or Tory.

  260. PhilM says:

    @Alf Baird
    Can you put up the exact link for your 50,000 a year extrapolation please?
    I’m not disputing it but I would like to check for myself.

  261. Wally Jumblatt says:

    So, it is the fragrant Nicola after all.

    For those not old enough to remember,when very very naughty boy Geoffrey Archer was hauled before the court, he dragged his wife in to say what an honourable man he was and she knew nothing, nothing.
    The judge, almost swooning at her, called her the fragrant Mary.

  262. Famous15 says:

    Act1 Scene2

    Exit stage left pursued by a bear.

    Sorry could not resist it. Now what I think will happen. NS appointed to UN post on say climate change,in autumn. Murrel ousted and leaves SNP playing flute to have his rats leave with him.

    An as yet modest member of SNP steps out of the desert and leads the honest tribe of yessers to an advisory (but unassailable) referendum in early 2022.

    Free by 23!

    Yes! A dream but

  263. Heaver says:

    Independence only needs to get lucky once.

  264. Ian Mac says:

    Davy, it will be a WM government whatever the result. The SNP have tarnished their own brand so much, they may lose their majority. Why do you think they have been so busy bribing the useless Greens so much? Anyhow, there will no real change, just more of the same despotic nonsense and poor governance, with vast amounts of money squandered.

  265. Stoker says:

    Not surprised in the slightest. Today’s been a shit day all in. Craig Murray guilty, apparently, and this other total fudge of justice. They say bad things come in threes.

    And to be honest i’m now more concerned about WOS. Is this the end of the road? I really sincerely hope not. If we lose this beyond valuable resource then we truly are fucked. The only source to be informing us of events and facts from day one.

    WOS still has a key role to play in keeping us all informed.

    The corrupt Murrell’s may have shat all over our dreams with the help of corrupt friends but i’ll have my own say come May. The SNP whilst under The Murrell’s are getting eff-all from me. I don’t want them anywhere near the setting up of an indy Scotland and i don’t believe for a single minute they will deliver indy.

    I refuse to keep them in power for another 5 years of Woke policies. Todays other blatant lie from Sturgeons Nasty Party is their bullshit of holding a referendum in the first half of the next parliament. They mention absolutely nothing about her favoured S30. I think her London handlers might have something to say about that eh?

  266. Wally Jumblatt says:

    We are so far down the rabbit hole now, it’s a fair question who is going to count the votes in May.

  267. James says:

    Glad I’m still out of the country. Its hardly believable.Was planning to visit the rellys in June. Not now,Christ, Englands a much better looking retirement spot now.Any longing I had to return has dissolved.God help you all.Hey looking on the bright side, refugees are welcome in the Eu.Get your dingys oot,and start rowing. lolz,

  268. Big Jock says:

    There are literally hundreds of Sturgeon trolls gloating on here.

    A reminder that a week is a long time in politics. Indeed a day is. Hubris beware of it, it’s got a hell of a bite.

    We are not trying to burst your bubble. We are trying to get you to see what we all see. Sturgeon is conning the lit of you, and the public.

    The Hamilton enquiry is simply a side show. That’s really not what any of this is about.

    You will see eventually.

  269. Carol Neill says:

    I used to enjoy this site but the number of twats invading it spoil it for me now

  270. Elmac says:

    Wally Jumblatt @ 8.18

    The fragrant Sturgeon reeks of fetid flesh. She will be ousted at some point and when that comes there will be a full revelation of what she and her corrupt minions have done. I have every confidence that will lead to a clear out of the SNP, SG, Civil Service, COPFs and Police Scotland followed by a judge led inquiry into what has gone on. The main players will be jailed and Scotland will resume its place as a respected democratic nation. Until then keep the faith. The truth will out and Sturgeon et al will be inside bars for a long time to come. We have right on our side.

  271. Kevin Kennedy says:


  272. John Martini says:

    I came back from living in france because it was over regulated and corrupt. Big mistake. It looks benign in retrospect.

    Costa Rica is looking very attractive.

  273. MacLam says:

    North Korea is looking very attractive.

  274. beflox says:

    John Martini says:
    22 March, 2021 at 8:32 pm
    I came back from living in france because it was over regulated and corrupt. Big mistake. It looks benign in retrospect.

    You clearly weren’t paying attention.

  275. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Michael (7.10) –

    That’s very interesting.

    I still haven’t seen an answer to this and feel a bit embarrassed asking but does anyone know who did the redacting?

  276. Josef Ó Luain says:

    You can vote SNP for as long as you live, but it aint ever going to bring Scottish independence. And that’s exactly why you’ll be allowed to do it again in May.

  277. Carol Neill says:

    Mac!am , I’ll see you on the flight

  278. Alf Baird says:

    Garrion @ 6:43 pm

    “So on the upside, we are all a lot more open eyed.”

    I think you are right. Scots are more aware of what national consciousness means, which is not nationalism, and of Scotland’s ongoing plight. The state persecution of leading independence campaigners, the SNP’s ‘accommodation with colonialism’, our enforced EU exit, and continued domination by Westminster, reflects a colonial reality. This is clearly not a union.

    People are more aware of what independence and sovereignty means, and why it is essential for the survival of any nation and its people.

  279. Lost says:

    OK so…..

    We have a First Minister who(se):

    1. Can’t remember, recall or is sure what was said
    2. Staff didn’t diarise meetings
    3. Staff didn’t take notes or minutes of meetings
    4. Doesn’t know what her staff were doing
    5. Staff leaked information to newspapers
    6. Agreed to a rushed retrospective HR policy which targets certain people and private citizens
    7. Didn’t read legal advice or instruct staff to follow legal advice from their own lawyers until the lawyers were ready to walk off the job.
    8. Supposedly didn’t discuss allegations against Alex Salmond with her husband, the man who is Chief Executive of the organisation all 3 are members of.
    9. Supposedly didn’t know her husband’s thoughts on the allegations even though it could potentially damage the SNP and Scottish Government organisations they’re both head of
    10. Deputy has instructed a QC to investigate her with a narrow remit and he’s came up with a report found in his boss’ favour and produced a report that the public can barely read as it’s been redacted to the point of being unreadable.
    11. Gave limited information to a Committee made up of representatives of the Scottish people, then had to be recalled to clarify points, and then publicly disagreed and ignored the findings of the representatives of the Scottish people
    12. Promised Independence referendums multiple times over past 7 years and hasn’t delivered.
    13. Made criminals out of innocent people expressing opinions
    14. Insinuates that a man found innocent of crimes in a court of law is somehow still guilty because the women that accused him should be listened to and believed.

    Nicola, see when you add all this up you’re just not good enough. You’ve presided over all of this. Being ‘cleared’ on reports that you’ve instructed isn’t enough to restore the faith. Please GTF.

  280. John Digsby says:


    If it’ll work, I’m in.

  281. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stuart,

    We lost a very small battle from an embarrassingly inadequate second year law student grade essay by a tiny man from Ireland who has trashed his prized legal reputation.

    For Scotland to be rid of Sturgeon we only need to win ONE of the battles.

    Newsflash: Sturgeon will NOT be given her jotters by you, me, nor anyone else on Wings, nor indeed anywhere where good people who genuinely supports decency and an Independent Scotland cry from.


    Because forces far more resourced than anything we can do and that are based south of The Border have already decided that Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon has outlived her usefulness.

    The wheels on the bus go round and round.

    Under the Goodyear tyres, Nicola’s career is soon to be found.

    She actually knows this. She watched the entire box set of Borgen. Life does imitate art: especially in Stalker Sturgeon’s fully photographed and evidenced (emails and witness testimony) of her unrequited love of Sidse Babett Knudsen.

    Nicola knows she WILL either go the way of Salmond, or possibly be promoted sideways. Reliable sources advise that behind the scenes requests FROM Bute House have already been instigated on pathway protocols for positions such as this to wrest Nicola Sturgeon far, far away…

    United Nations High Commissiner for Human Rights

    This seems plausible…

    Her Excellency, Dr Michelle Bachelet will be retiring on her 70th birthday (29 Sept 2021).

    In an announcement reminiscent of UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s unexpected resignation whilst actually in office as PM, Nicola Sturgeon has, with some irony offered to leave Bute House voluntarily in a similar unexpected resignation around September 2021.

    None of this is within the direct gift of the British State. Craig Murray is best suited for insight but he is engaged in an interesting Taoist philosophical battle elsewhere and otherwise engaged.

    As for losing small battles, but winning big ones?



    That is a similar law as the Moorov Doctrine which several of us warned about when the Alex Salmond stitch-up started.

    Murrell the Beard has been ALLEGEDLY caught in flagrante delicto with a bunch of 120,000 £5 notes. Allegedly rolling his naked fat arse and baldy heid around a king sized leather clad bed in Madam M&S’s house of fun (down in the dirty dungeon fiver fetish foreplay area for the nappy clad Marks and Spencer brigade).

    For the Murrells to leave the ruined political institutions they took a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to, to then be booted out of office themselves…


    But the caveat must be declared. Pick the battles with care.

  282. Finnz says:

    Yet another article full of errors, opinionated nonsense and bilious comments from a blogger and a deluded following who used to actually care about accuracy.

  283. Liz says:

    Just been reading through the report. Is it just me but I feel totally uncomfortable about the chunks fom Nicola Sturgeon’s interview with him (James Hamilton) being included verbatim. It just doesn’t seem right. Here she is again making insinuations in a document published for all to see but with no right to reply?

  284. Big Jock says:

    Liz -What about the noted 17 lapses of memory! Surely that would ring alarm bells to an objective lawyer.

  285. Alf Baird says:

    PhilM @ 8:18 pm

    “Can you put up the exact link for your 50,000 a year extrapolation please?”

    Suggest you search here:

    This info also shows that historically and today, since records began well over a century ago, the largest ethnic migrant group coming to Scotland has been people from England, and predominantly across the professional classes (i.e. not migration for ‘economic survival’).

    Over the same period Scotland’s loss/displacement of 3-4 million people, mostly working class Scots with many indentured (i.e. mainly leaving for ‘economic survival’ due to unemployment, poverty etc), was one of the largest outflows of people in Western Europe for a country of Scotland’s size.

  286. Unwokey Bloke says:

    Sturgeon gets cleared by a Mickey mouse inquiry despite the fact a blind man could see that which is blatantly obvious to everybody that has read any the evidence put in the public domain but ignored by the MSM. Her ego will only get worse now, and she will see every vote for the SNP in May as supporting her actions.

    The only hope Indy Supporters that don’t buy into Sturgeons Corrupt Woke agenda have of getting Sturgeon & Murrell out of the SNP now is the slim possibility David Davis is sat on more explosive material he intends to release under parlimentary privelage.

    Whilst it appears a lying bullshitter like Sturgeon will get away with this relatively unscathed despite repeatedly lying, Craig Murray whos only crime was reporting the truth could be facing a jail sentence, anybody that sees nothing wrong with that situation needs their head examined. I may not have a lot of money but if Craig Murray launches a crowdfunder to fight this bullshit I’ll happily chuck in a few quid as the corruption coming out of Holyrood seems to have poisoned all the institutions that should be protecting us from government corruption.

  287. Finnz says:

    Difficult to tell whether this site is ‘Labour Hame’, the haunt of Dunky Hotdog Stall, or possibly ‘Tory Hoose’, oft frequented by the Baroness.

    Or has everyone now been converted to the Jim Sillars school of thought. only ‘I’ am the chosen one.

  288. Saffron Robe says:

    As you clearly point out Stuart, the report is simply not credible.

  289. Lynn says:

    Interesting strategy from SNP . Openly spiteful and gloating towards other concerned people who seek independence. I would honestly have though they would be seeking to regain their vote . The real threat to them is surely Labour . A credible Labour Party and SNP could find themselves in difficulty. So why shoot yourselves in the foot ! As a floating voter I am unconvinced by recent behaviour but see the people here want independence but with integrity in politics ! Why would you not want that !
    Won the battle but lost the war springs to mind !

  290. cirsium says:

    Bravo Garrion (6:43) – good description of the terrain in which we are currently deployed.

  291. Big Jock says:

    Finnz…off you toddle.

  292. MacLam says:

    “Can you put up the exact link for your 50,000 a year extrapolation please?”

    Certainly the opposite is true. The Northern English industrial areas and other coalfields are full of folk with Scottish ancestry. Maybe some of them are coming home?

    I wonder how they feel to be told that they are not Scottish enough?

  293. Big Jock says:

    What this really is about, is justice. When injustice is allowed to flourish, then a society crumbles.

  294. Jon Musgrave says:

    Hard to accept the decision? He’s a highly qualified lawyer from a foreign country so fewer exes to grind.
    I accept the decision and move on, I suggest that others do too.

  295. Lost says:

    cynicalhighlander @ 6:01pm

    You’ve gave me an idea. Probably now going to spoil my constituency vote, think I’ll put in beside the SNP candidate ‘redacted voter’

  296. holymacmoses says:

    I like this logic from this tweeter but I’m not sure that the greens will be able to follow the logic, even if they want to.

    Gavin Hamilton
    I think Hamilton has just said this in effect:

    She did not break ministerial code.

    Unless she misled parliament.

    And it is for parliament to decide if they were misled.

    And the Harrassment enquiry – with an independent casting vote – has already said she misled parliament.

  297. SilverDarling says:

    For everyone who has arrived in order to crow. You are celebrating what?

    All today has demonstrated is that under Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland is as badly run and corrupt as Westminster and you are happy for that to continue. You believe she has been vindicated but you know deep down that she is corrupt at worst and at best, incompetent. You are willing to pretend for your own comfort and the idea she might, just might, deliver this time.

    She won’t and your faith will not be rewarded now or at any time as long as she is in charge. Rev, you can only show people but you cannot make them see.

  298. crisiscult says:

    I have faith in one thing: that as long as true Scots want independence, and as our hatred of the UK stews, that we’ll be out on the streets and there will be no hiding place for an SNP that betrays Scotland. We can be like the Catalans if we choose. I don’t believe there’s anything innately weak about the Scots, although it hasn’t helped that much like the Soviet Union under Stalin, the Brits over 300 years have moved out (via stick or carrot) the tough, the clever, and generally anyone who promotes nationalism and is a threat to the UK. Maybe the gene pool of those left is weak. Time will tell.

  299. McDuff says:

    Sturgeon knew this was going to happen. I have to say again that I find it both sinister and peculiar that almost the entire establishment are totally silent at the destruction of democracy.
    This is not all Sturgeon as she is not a bright woman, i believe its Westminster and possibly Murrell on the inside that is behind this. The planning and timing reek of MI5. What has all this done? Its a baseball bat on the head of independence and who wants that more than anyone. Westminster.
    Salmond, Murray, Hirst, Singh….. The delay in Murray`s verdict timed to coincide with Sturgeon`s “innocence” ????. And the perfect time to strike is during covid which keeps mass protests off the streets.
    I believe that if there was a referendum tomorrow it would be fiddled, such is the level of corruption at all levels of the establishment.

  300. Terry says:

    I wished I lived in Edinburgh central. Then I’d be happily vote for bonnie Prince Bob on constituency and AFI Craig Murray on list. Elsewhere it’ll be spoiled constituency and either AFI or ISP on list – depending who is doing best at the time.

  301. PhilM says:

    I don’t wish to be associated with the tenor of your comment in any way.
    To quote part of my comment, a simple request for the source of what appeared to be statistical information, and then add your own misleading nonsense, is a pretty bad breach of basic etiquette.
    If you’ve misunderstood then that’s OK but you should apologise because I would never question anyone’s right to identify themselves as Scottish if that’s what they want to do.

  302. Russell says:

    So where does it end? Where is the high-water mark where the tide turned and headed in the other direction? What’s next?

    In the parallel universe, a blogger from Bath is killed; bitten by a squirrel with a novichok nut or battered by a hammer wielding transvestite. A former diplomat is jailed and perishes after a week as he can’t say ‘porridge’ correctly.

    An emboldened and furious wee lassie captures half an island’s hearts (and a few sissy’s more) – and does a high-five James – and most likely necessarily so. And ‘independence’ north of the Tweed and Solway will be a notion no more. Her reach will permeate much further than York.

    Or Bath.

    And the third party? The greatest politician Scotland has ever produced? The most wronged in this whole affair?

    I guess, like most other in history, enjoying what’s left in life with the knowledge and satisfaction of having done the very best – and as the same or beyond of every other man – a wry and knowing smile.

    Highly unsatisfactory affair. We’d do best to put it to rest. There is a much bigger dog in the fight..

  303. David Holden says:

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was today. I have been thinking of leaving the SNP for a while but listened to those saying stay in and work for change so hung in there to do my bit to oppose unsuitable candidates getting selected for Argyll and Bute, nominating candidates for the NEC and voting for nominations to the list for Highlands and Islands. The Hamilton report today and the behaviour of some SNP MPs and MSPs was the final straw. I took the advice of my current MSP to move on and so have left the party. The e mail from Nicola bragging about the Hamilton enquiry and a call to arms was as crass as the poor photoshop effort by Alyn Smith . Even if I decide to hold my nose and vote SNP 1 I will not vote SNP 2 and am buggered if I am going to fund this shower. I doubt I will be missed with all those 12,000 new members and am sure one of them will put up the posters and signs and turn up at ungodly hours to seal ballot boxes. Very sad that the enthusiasim and hope prior to Indyref has been squandered by a self serving bunch of chancers but that is where we are so time for a new Indy party.

  304. Hatuey says:

    Jon Musgrave says:
    22 March, 2021 at 9:09 pm
    “I accept the decision and move on, I suggest that others do too.”

    And I suggest you fuck off.

  305. Contrary says:

    I’m officially furious.

    We’ve still to see how the campaigning pans out for the May election, but turnout will be low. A hung parliament – if it’s possible – is likely the best outcome. Any kind of Chaos will be good – no predictable outcome – any rebellious candidates (not the SNP, ever, obviously) that can be voted in would be good. If we can have the Holyrood election delayed by a few months – with no government in power – we can effect change without the interference of SNP power.

    Q: why are all the people that support the SNP & Sturgeon so unpleasant?

    How can anyone hope to change minds by insulting and bullying people? How can anyone consider themselves to be on the ‘right’ side when they are encouraged to be, and are being, cruel and unpleasant?

    I look forward to the irony of when Nicola Sturgeon is the first person to be prosecuted under the new Hate Crime laws for continued vilification and victimisation of Alex Salmond. And may the rest that all copy her example follow.

    Anyone supporting Sturgeon is supporting the demise of independence, of Scottish culture, of our future. She’s poison, as poisonous as Thatcher, and has as much care of Scotland as Thatcher did.

    So we need a bigger crowbar to remove her? Fine. If it means the whole SNP is kicked back into the dark ages in the process? Fine. May they reap what they’ve sowed.

  306. Alec Lomax says:

    It would take a heart of stone not have a good laugh.

  307. Mr Bonobo says:

    All it needs now is for tomorrow’s report to clear the civil serpents and spads and it will be a clean sweep of banana republic judgements.

  308. dropthevipers says:

    leaving aside the Kool aid gang who are beyond help, to cut through to the casual voter who probably has not much idea about all this, will need an absolute bombshell (or several) from either AS or David Davis.

  309. sarah says:

    @ David Holden: well done for hanging in so long and trying to make a difference. It is a thankless task. A friend of mine has resigned this evening too.

    I am sure you will both be feeling as if a weight is off your shoulders. Yessers are cheerful, enthusiastic, pleasant people whereas the SNP is a horrible place to be now. Perhaps you have joined Now Scotland and can do some good there.

  310. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Jon Musgrave @ 9.09pm and other trolls from Wgd.

    Did NS ever accept the verdict of the courts and our jury system that Alex Salmond is an innocent man of all charges ?

    No she did not! She has a fucking brass neck coming on telly and telling people that it should be incumbent to accept the verdict of Hamilton enquiry today.Cheeky cow.

    She has no honour, no shame, no integrity, deceitful and I will NOT vote SNP in May

    No wild horses will drag me to the booth and vote SNP – not a chance.

  311. Rikali says:

    Interesting edits taking place on James Hamilton's wikipedia page today.Some users seem intent on removing lines stating that the report author is a former SNP adviser and member of the party.Interesting given his report clears Sturgeon…— Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) March 22, 2021

  312. Rikali says:

    On second thoughts

    Simon Barrow
    · 4h
    Someone keeps trying to edit the Wiki page for James Hamilton QC, to suggest (entirely falsely) that he is a former SNP adviser. @Wikipedia

  313. Finnz says:

    Big Jock…

    Get a grip. Wee man…

  314. laukat says:

    Don’t agree with Hamilton’s decisions but I think that if Alex Salmond had fauth in him as an honest player then we have to accept the report.

    I can’t help but think the unionists over played their hand again. Alex Salmond already said in his evidence session that he didn’t think that he didn’t think Sturgeon was part of the conspiracy or should resign even if she breached the ministerial code. If the unionists had heeded his direction and focused their fire on Murrell and Lloyd they would have probably got their resignations and been able to more damage Sturgeon by association.

    I hope Alex Salmond will say that he is happy to accept Hamilton’f findings whilst making the point that others should also accept the courts findings on him.

    If Sturgeon is a smart political operator she would realise that this is the moment to make bridges with the Salmond supporters within the SNP and yes movement. She could do that by firing Lloyd, Murrell and Evans and offer Aberdein Lloyd’s job as well as bringing Pringle back in.

    I still hope Alex Salmond goes ahead with a list only party as I just can’t vote for the numpties the SNP is putting up as list candidates.

  315. Hatuey says:

    Well, on a positive note, our entertainment is sorted for the next 5 years. Little shifty-blink-blink will break heart after heart and unravel one way or another.

    The real victims of all this are those who will go out and vote for the little weirdo, thinking she will lead them to independence. You deserve her, you dumb fuckwits.

  316. CMack says:

    Edinburgh Airport Incident
    Why if a remark over “killer heels” was the extent of the incident did NS have lingering concerns over AS?
    Surely NS would have enquired further over the alleged incident before jumping to conclusions? If all AS did was made such a remark I wouldn’t like NS as my friend!

    The conversation about “me too” also covered a 13 November 2017 allegation on Sky News that female staff at Edinburgh airport had expressed concern to airport managers about what they regarded as “inappropriate behaviour” which was not specified in the Sky News report. Mr Salmond was reported as “strongly denying” any wrongdoing and nothing more was ever heard of this matter. The alleged Edinburgh Airport incident is further discussed in Chapter 5 below. [Redacted] also referred to “jungle drums” in the media about Mr Salmond ever since the “me too” movement became prominent in October 2017. A number of [Redacted ] had apparently been approached on a number of occasions by reporters to ask if there had ever been complaints about ministers in general and Mr Salmond in particular.

    NS “The First Minister says due to the nature of the information shared with her at the meeting of 2 April it was that meeting rather than the 29 March meeting with Mr Aberdein that has always been significant in her mind. She thinks that the assumption in her mind at the time of the 29 March discussion was that any issues of alleged sexual conduct against Mr Salmond would be related to the alleged incident at Edinburgh Airport which had been raised by Sky News in the query made to the SNP in early November 2017 and which concerned allegations of misconduct on the part of Alex Salmond and are discussed at paragraphs 4.9 and 5.1 above. She spoke to Mr Salmond about the allegations at the time. He denied them and, as it happened, Sky did not subsequently run a story about it. Since the identity of the individuals making the allegations was not made known to the SNP and they did not approach the SNP directly, there Page 28 of 61 was no further action that it would have been possible for the SNP to take. However, even though Mr Salmond assured her to the contrary, all of the circumstances surrounding this episode left the First Minister with a lingering concern that allegations about Mr Salmond could materialise at some stage.”

    “She has expanded upon these comments as follows. Firstly, by the time she met with Mr Aberdein, she already had what she described as a ‘lingering concern’ that allegations might emerge about Mr Salmond. This was as a result of the Sky media query in November 2017. In other words, the meeting was not the first time possible allegations about Mr Salmond had been raised with her.”

    The First Minister had been aware of the report on Sky News on 13 November 2017 referred to in paragraph 4.9 above. The report led to her having a “lingering concern” about Mr Salmond. She described it in an interview with me in the following terms: Round about the beginning of November 2017, just to put you in the picture, as you will recall this was at the time the whole world really was talking about the “me too” allegations, and, you know, organisations, governments, parliaments everywhere were trying to make sure they had the right processes in place. And this was around about the time we got a query from Sky News. By “we” I mean the SNP, not the Scottish Government, and that was about allegations that had been made by people at Edinburgh airport about conduct on the part of Alex Salmond. At that point I spoke to Mr Salmond about it. You know as far as I was aware at that point we were about to see a story appear on Sky News. I spoke to him the morning after we got the press query. He seemed pretty shaken by it at that point and said he had to get to the bottom of what it was. I spoke to him again later that day when he appeared much more bullish. But the following day the Permanent Secretary had indicated to me that he had been, or his lawyers, or a bit of both, I’m not sure, had been contacting people in the Scottish Government effectively asking people that he had worked with or that might have been with him going through Edinburgh Airport to back him up and that that has caused a bit of, some disquiet on the part of those people who had been contacted. And she asked me to ask him to stop that, which I did, and he said he already had all the information he needed. So I suppose the two things that just left me with a lingering concern was the fact that- and I struggle really to go beyond what I’m about to say to youthat his contacting people in the Scottish Government had appeared to almost stir something, a hornet’s nest had been stirred kind of thing. That was the impression I got. And then he said something to me about, you know, you can’t have stories like this running because you get one and the flood gates will open kind of thing, which he immediately qualified and said “oh no, that’s not to say that I think there is anything there”. But it was just the combination of things left me with a “is there something that is about to come forward about Mr Salmond’s behaviour?” It wasn’t something I thought about every day, or worried me everyday, but it was there in the back of my mind, and that I suppose is the back drop to what unfolded at a later stage. 5.2. Nothing more seems to have been reported about the Edinburgh Airport incident subsequently.

  317. Elmac says:

    Sturgeon must be very afraid of lifting the Covid embargo on demonstrations, but not for fear of the virus. She will be shitting herself when thousands take to the streets to demand the return of democracy and her prosecution. This bitch is destined for jail as are many of her ar**licking followers. She has lied, been involved in criminal conspiracy, and trashed our democracy.

    When next you are in the ballot box remember what her SNP has done and vote AGAINST them. They lie and manipulate our institutions, they are the essence of corruption. The only way to be rid of this cancer is to vote them out. VOTE ANYBODY EXCEPT SNP|

  318. Red says:

    A basic rule of government is never look into anything you don’t have to, and never set up an inquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be. – Sir Humphrey Appleby

    I’m a wee bit surprised that other people are surprised at James Hamilton’s [REDACTED].

    Tbh I hadn’t paid it much mind, because if we can’t trust the Lord Advocate to play it straight in criminal prosecutions anymore – and by his own admission we can’t – I dunno on what basis a lawyer handpicked by Nicola Sturgeon was going to be any different.

    I also think the focus on the Ministerial Code, as if that was something carved on stone tablets and brought down a holy mountain, had the air of bait and switch about it. Probably like most people, I don’t know what the Ministerial Code is, and I don’t particularly care.

    I do care that the Scottish Government went balls out* to destroy and imprison Alex Salmond over completely fictitious sexual assault charges. I do care that, after he was completely exonerated, they doubled and tripled down on lying and obfuscating and insinuating that he’s somehow guilty. I do care about the perversion of the criminal justice system into an organ of state censorship and harassment. I do care about the malicious plan to strip people of their rights to jury trials. I do care that not one single person in either the Scottish Government or the SNP has been sacked or resigned over this, and that nobody even had the decency to apologise to Alex Salmond.

    These things seem more important to me than whether or not Nicola technically broke rule 37B, subsection F, in the third volume of yadda yadda.

    I fear for the future of my nation under the SNP. It’s going to get worse with the Woke Crew coming through. Roza Salih is probably the best of them, and her mission in life seems to be defeating any attempt whatsoever to enforce immigration laws. She’s entitled to her opinion, which is more than the rest of us are under the Hate Crimes Bill. But it looks more like entryism from fringe activists with niche agendas to me than a genuine desire for Scottish self-determination. I get the feeling these people would be equally happy in the Green Party, or Labour, but they don’t offer the same career opportunities.

    No doubt we can look forward to more lectures and virtue signalling from, eh, “Scotland’s Party”. As a middle aged working class Scottish man I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more about my guilt in the heteropatriarchal cisgender privilege matrix of white supremacerist transphobic ableist oppression. Or something. Oh aye, and an Independence referendum. Some day. You’ll see.

    But on the question of emigration I take the sage advice of Michael Bolton from Office Space.

    Michael Bolton: Yeah, well at least your name isn’t Michael Bolton.

    Samir: You know there’s nothing wrong with that name.

    Michael Bolton: There was nothing wrong with it… until I was about 12 years old and that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys.

    Samir: Hmm… well why don’t you just go by Mike instead of Michael?

    Michael Bolton: No way. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks!

    *(not a GRA joke, don’t jail me Humza)

  319. Hatuey says:

    CMack, I’m not sure this is the right to to show us the first draft of your forthcoming book on a relatively trivial incident that nobody gives a fuck about after today’s news.

  320. Eric McCue says:

    “McDuff says:
    22 March, 2021 at 9:14 pm

    “This is not all Sturgeon as she is not a bright woman, i believe its Westminster and possibly Murrell on the inside that is behind this. The planning and timing reek of MI5”.

    Absolutely agree. Craig Murray says

    “Now, the fact you’ve got at the head of the Crown Office, taking the day-to-day operational decisions, an MI5 man is…worrying…”

  321. Elmac says:

    Ayrshire Rob @9.38 pm

    Does that mean you will vote for who has the best chance of beating them? Are we finally singing from the same song sheet?

  322. Skip_NC says:

    Liza @ 8:50pm, yes I saw that. However, she came across as inarticulate. Do you think the direct quotes did her any favours?

  323. sarah says:

    O/T: The decision in the case brought by For Women Scotland will be given tomorrow. The case is about, as the title of their crowdfunder says, “Stop the Scottish Government redefining “women” to include men”.

    The crowdjustice fundraiser is on £100,000 with a target of £150,000.

  324. Geoff Anderson says:

    I think they have underestimated the impact of these findings on people who had been still willing to give their contingency vote to the SNP candidates.

    Curtis on the 9 pretending a big vote is still on for the SNP.
    They will not be getting mine nor my Wife’s.

    You cannot reward this level of corruption with a vote. Sadly this is factored in to her planning. Money keeps coming in. The facts remain buried and Independence is kicked into the long grass.

  325. SOG says:

    I wonder about this. I seem to remember that airport security bods have long been sensitive about any sort of joke with regard to security. (And, briefly, I recall Bruce Schneier’s comments about ‘Security Theatre’).

    So was there some sort of fuss made which went up the management pyramid before being stepped on as irrelevant and probably leading to bad publicity? And did it get talked about out of school?

  326. Tim42 says:

    This site is peak Tory tonight. Angry Tories. Using swear words and everything. Guessing the average age on this site is now reaching mid 60s. Good Union men.

  327. Big Jock says:

    Just watching the news. Iceland 600 miles to our north. Now covid free and independent. How can anyone seriously suggest that Scotland can’t be independent. It just makes every argument look ridiculous.

  328. Mark Boyle says:

    Okay, we all need something to cheer ourselves up, so for the benefit of anyone who missed it, the night of Thursday 19th March saw the last electoral test in Scotland for George Galloway’s Workers Party Of Britain before his “impending Holyrood breakthrough”, in the Helensburgh and Lomond South ward of the Argyll & Bute unitary Council.

    They shoved their pretty colour leaflets through all the letterboxes, complete with their party logo – which heaven forbid anyone suggest looks identical to that of the old National Front Trade Union Group of the 70s except with a certain cojoined two letters erased – and toddled off home to wait for election night and their assured victory.

    Except they got 22 votes, a whopping 0.9% of the vote, 6th out of 6 (the 5th placed Greens got 123 votes, 5% – only 11 short of beating Labour]

    The Tory won with just over half the vote from the LibDems, who plunged to third behind the SNP.

    (Just to add insult to injury, the dopey LibDems listed them the WPB as the Socialist Workers Party candidate!)

    Even in a seat Labour had no chance of winning and should have easily have picked up disaffected leftie voters, they got only 22 votes on a surprisingly excellent turn out for a council by-election.

    Oh dear Tiddles, looks like that cat’s out of the bag for your election chances!

  329. kapelmeister says:

    Shirley-Ann Dumberville tweets that her boss has been “fully vindicated” and says Sturgeon’s going to lead us to indyref2. Anyone who seriously believes those two claims from SAS has to be categorised as a simpleton.

  330. Elmac says:

    Re Tim42 @ 9.53

    Nothing Tory about it – just anti corruption and lies which unfortunately means anti SNP!

    You cast aspersions on the older generation – could I hazard a guess you are under 12 – it sounds like it.

  331. Hatuey says:

    “She’s poison, as poisonous as Thatcher, and has as much care of Scotland as Thatcher did.”

    Well said, Contrary.

    A growing number of people see through her.

  332. Aunty Flo says:

    I heard from one of my inside contacts at Bute House that there’s been one helluva party goin’ on there tonight!

    The bill for all that champagne being quaffed will be HUGE, I imagine – somewhere in the region of £600,000?

  333. Republicofscotland says:

    So James Hamilton’s conclusion is that Alex Salmond, Geoff Aberdein, Kevin Pringle, Duncan Hamilton and Lorraine Kay are all lying but Nicola Sturgeon is not. Do you truly believe that as an adviser to the first minister of Scotland that James Hamilton QC is independent of the first minister of Scotland?

    James Hamilton QC was appointed an independent advisor by SNP in 2013 and reappointed by Nicola Sturgeon in 2015. Was he chosen to carry out the inquiry because of his relationship with the FM/SNP?

  334. Meg merrilees says:

    My Constituency ballot paper will contain one word –


  335. kapelmeister says:

    Aunty Flo @10:00

    Alas, the SNP has become one hell of a party.

  336. true scot says:

    Tim42 – would not want to see you fall foul of the hate crime legislation – age is a protected characteristic. A piece of legislation that makes migendering a bigger crime than mysogyny. Are you in favour of the bill? If you have reservations about it – join the club.

  337. Returnofthebodysnatchers says:

    I wonder if they arranged to have Craig Murray’s verdict delayed (he had to wait EIGHT WEEKS) until Hamilton’s verdict clearing Sturgeon was announced, just to make a sinister, vindictive point to anyone that might understand.

  338. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Naw Elmac , naw .

    Am no voting for anyone until this shit is sorted out. If fact I probably won’t ever vote again am so disgusted wae the whole mess.

    Also I maybe abroad living a life.

  339. Pixywine says:

    I’m still not voting for them ever again. The past year has shown that voting will not meet the people’s political needs.

  340. kapelmeister says:

    I was going to simply spoil my constituency ballot. Now I think I’m going to go full Jackson Pollock.

  341. Pixywine says:

    Is Hamilton on Epstein flight manifest?

  342. MacLam says:


    I’m sorry if you are upset by me reference to your comment.

    My comment was certainly not aimed at you, but my expecttion was that everyone would understand that this was a direct reference to Tricia Marwick’s public comments about Scottishness, and she clearly meant Fraser Nelson.

    So I apologise for not making this clear.

  343. Derek Black says:

    Can’t say the outcome was s surprise. Corruption and bias is everywhere, especially in law and governance.

    I’ve voted SNP in every council, U.K. and EU elections, then later for MSP’s, since I first could vote, which was in the mid 90’s. I’ve lost all faith in any positive future, never mind an independent Scotland. I may still post in a spoiled ballot, but that may be an optimistic projection of my future political participation.

    We deserve fully deserve vindictive Tory rule from London.

    I’m out.

  344. Ruby says:

    “To be honest, readers, if we were you we’d get out while we still could.”

    Fuck that!
    That sounds much too defeatist.

  345. Big Jock says:

    Tim – Quick question. At what age do your opinions no longer count or become invalid?

    I say that as a 51 year old, same age as Sturgeon. Been in the SNP since I was 18. Left 3 weeks ago due to Sturgeon and corruption. Do you not think people like me may know a thing or two.

    I will assume your naevity and downright gullibility is due to your youth.

    Here is some breaking news. Nicola is not the messiah. She is a snake oil salesman. She loves people who wheesht for Indy. Because she knows you will just keep on drinking her electric soup.

  346. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Try again. Fail again. Better again. Or better worse. Fail worse again. Still worse again. ”

    Oh well , try not to feel too sad
    ……it was just a dream some of us had
    It was just a dream
    It was just
    It was

  347. CMack says:

    Hatuey says:
    22 March, 2021 at 9:48 pm
    CMack, I’m not sure this is the right to to show us the first draft of your forthcoming book on a relatively trivial incident that nobody gives a fuck about after today’s news.

    Each to their own. Very possibly a trivial incident but if so very much overplayed, and had it concerned a close friend of mine of over 20 years standing I might have tried to find out more about the circumstances rather than having a “lingering suspicion.”

  348. Tim42 says:

    @big jock

    Every vote and opinion counts.

    Simply an observation, progressive policies are being favoured by the younger voters. The SNP have never been more popular in the under 40s. I surmise that Wings typical readership is in the over 50s or 60s demographic. Tonight they will celebrate.

    Some reflection is needed. I wouldn’t go doing anything rash like voting Labour or Tory on your postal vote just yet.

  349. Elmac says:

    I am not concerned by Hamilton’s whitewash, it was expected and he was bought early on in proceedings. What I am concerned about is that the Rev might lose heart. Of late, with one or two notable exceptions, he has been a lone voice in the wilderness telling us over the last few months what is likely to happen despite vitriol from some posters on here. To preach to the blind and obstinate cannot be easy. Imagine if Stu chucked it? Where would you go for the real facts? There are a few blogs which post intermittently but the only one with real clout is this one. The game is not yet up Stu. Do not underestimate the ability of canny scots to see beyond scammers when they go to the polls. There are a few weeks left to shape opinion and your articles are invaluable.

    Even if the corruption of Sturgeon triumphs and we are consigned to another 5 years of her nonsense, please keep at it. Hopefully your location in Bath will evade the clutches of Wolffe and his fellow criminals. There will come a reckoning and you have to believe that this bitch and her puppets will be put away for a long time.

    For all reading here please continue to express our gratitude for the existence of this essential blog for Scottish Independence and our absolute refusal to allow it to be contaminated or brought down. Any fundraiser will, as usual, be massively over subscribed.

  350. Kingu says:

    We need to cause maximum damage to the SNP in May. I will vote tactically to try and oust my MSP who quite frankly is a nodding dog cabinet minister who is useless, then again she was useless as a Councillor so no surprise. I will not vote for this shower of rogues any more. It stinks but I’m voting Tory for the first time in my entire life as it’s a clear two horse race in my area. I’ll probably be bedded for weeks after May 6th spewing ???

  351. Ruby says:

    Tim42 says:

    Simply an observation, progressive policies are being favoured by the younger voters

    Interesting! What are these progressive policies favoured by younger voters?

  352. Bradford Millar says:

    sadly Wings of Scotland has become Wings over the Union anyone who says they will not give their 1st vote for the SNP and their 2nd vote for another Indy party like the Scottish greens is not a true Nationalist …. you are nothing but unionist scum … away and way your union rag …. because soon the UK will be no more … no wonder the blog is full of bitter unionists …. not a single more penny from me and other true nationalists in donations you would be more as well campaigning for the Union at the end of this year ….. because you have burnt your bridges with the majority of Pro Yessers

  353. Big Jock says:

    Progressive policies Tim.

    What planet are you on. Have you read the Hate Crime Bill. Have you seen the gender politics that are ruining the party. Micro policies that are absolutely nothing to do with progression.

    The majority of people in Scotland are not Transgender. We didn’t vote for this. We didn’t vote to be spied on by Humza. You are inadvertently voting for entrapment, disguised as liberty.

    No thanks pal.

  354. Fraser MacKintosh says:

    It will be interesting to see the unionist press headlines tomorrow. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

  355. Mitchell says:

    What is the response from the ISP?

  356. Big Jock says:

    Corruption always fails in the end. Sturgeon hasn’t won anything. She got off on a technicality. The technicality is incidental. The crimes are still there to be seen. They won’t go away.

    In time she will pay for her duplicity.

  357. PhilM says:

    Apology accepted. No problem. There’s so much going on, I’d forgotten the Marwick comment. Anyway…bygones?

  358. Fergus says:

    Decisions decisions!!!

    What to do?

  359. Mr Bonobo says:

    How much per hour do you have to pay for a top QC to come to the judgement that he could not think of any possible motive the FM might have to lie about clandestine meetings?

    It’s hardly an advert for his services.

  360. Wee Chid says:

    Tim42 says:
    22 March, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    “This site is peak Tory tonight. Angry Tories. Using swear words and everything. Guessing the average age on this site is now reaching mid 60s. Good Union men.”

    Dont call me a Tory you supercillious wee nyaff. If you were old enough you’d realise just how insulting that is. Away and get yer homework done before heading back to school.

  361. LeggyPeggy says:

    The Snp have lost all my family’s votes in May and some of them have have been voting Snp for 40 years and the reason is very simple in that Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal tried to send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life .

    #IStandWithAlexSalmond .

  362. robertknight says:


    I share your pain.

    As I said on a previous thread…

    Sturgeon’s SNP is a cancer, slowly destroying the body politic and justiciary in Scotland, and I can no longer face putting off the surgery.

    It’ll be a long and painful process, but without that surgery there’s only one certain outcome.

    It’s time to stand up to Sturgeon.


  363. Ruby says:

    Bradford Millar says:

    because soon the UK will be no more


    Only if Boris says so!
    What you going to do if he says No?

    What’s the plan B?

  364. Cath says:

    The big problem the opposition have now, as I see it, is that if Sturgeon gets off on charges of breaking the ministerial code, and they can’t get her over covering for Salmond, they have only two routes left. Either they give up attacking her, or they have to go with the more truthful angle: that she stitched up Alex. They absolutely won’t want to do that, as they despise Salmond way more the Sturgeon. But if that becomes their last best hope before May, would they? There is so much the media has been hiding until now, which all the opposition politicians and their journalists know about. So do they switch to that attack line instead, in the hope that’s their last best chance to damage the SNP and independence vote? It’ll be interesting to see.

  365. Red says:

    Elmac – I’ve been reading Stuart’s writing since I was a spotty teenager in the 90’s.

    He reminds me of something Ian Hamilton QC once told me.

    Most universities, according to Ian, smooth down people’s rough edges. When they should really sharpen them, until they’re brilliant and incisive.

    I think Stuart is like that – sharp as glass, fearless and frank. In a world that’s full of bland, feart followers, he’s a natural born fighter and rabble rouser. He’s one of the best of us, and I’m grateful for everything he’s done.

    I’ll happily chip in if there’s a fundraiser. But maybe just as importantly, I hope he knows how much he’s appreciated.

  366. Juan says:

    Is Nicola Sturgeon a Nationalist?

    Because a lot of people seem to think she is.

  367. MaggieC says:

    Red @ 10.46 pm ,

    I agree 100% with what you said about Rev Stuart .

  368. Daisy Walker says:

    Well, what did we expect. These folk are always well chosen, think chilcot report, etc. Absolutely not their job to find the establishment guilty, its their job to wriggle them off the hook.

    I no longer read WGD – used to love it – but he’s changed and his writing is pap now. If its true he’s laughing his arse off about this (I would not be surprised anymore – sadly) – then hopefully he’ll find it funny next time he’s asking for money – quite a few times (including for his latest home) I’ve contributed. No more.

    And for all you other SNP Loyalists – in 2016 – due to a very lacklustre performance by Nicla on the Indy carrot dangling message – 500,000 Indy supporters stayed at home and did not vote.

    I’m now fully on board, with not just not voting for you, but voting for the opposition on 1, and a new Indy party on 2.

    Get it Right Fucking Up Ye. You corrupt shower of incompetent, thieving, pervie supporting, homophobic, woman hating – bams.

    And do you know what, me and all the others will be doing you a favour. Cleaning out your stable for you when you lot are too spineless, and ensuring you’re not – in position, but not in power – when the Unionist Brexshit damage goes into higher gear over the next 4 years.

    Anyway. Has Craig Murray put up a crowdfunder yet. I’m away to donate.

    My plan is this, SNP OUT in May, absolutely ROUT them.

    New Indy parties on vote 2.

    The Press can go hell for leather on the narrative ‘there’s no more support for Indy’ – let them fill their boots – what that will translate into in Boris mind – is that he can reduce funding to all things Operation Scotch Indy, and get on with asset striping Scotland full tilt while lining his pockets with a complete lack of circumspect.

    And that is in our favour.

    That gives us about 4 years to get Plebiscite Indy for the Next GE – which is when we must win. No ifs or buts – we have to win.

    Another plus is that Wales will be having the same ‘issues’… and I rather think quite a few folk in NI will be looking at Southern Ireland and thinking hard about a ‘federal united’ Ireland as an option they could live with. Its not just the English – sorry British – who can play divide and conquor.

  369. Bradford Millar says:

    @Ruby …. we don’t need Boris’s permission …. win a majority and he cannot stand in our way .. can you imagine Scottish courts blocking the will of the Scottish people ?? the Scottish people are Sovereign and not west minster that is the plan B … you haven’t been listening

  370. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Red 10.46


  371. Baxter says:

    Bradford Millar @ 10:33pm
    I will not be giving the SNP any vote while Sturgeon, Swinney or Robertson are anywhere near the SNP. If not voting for the SNP in May makes me in your mind unionist scum, so be it. I suspect I have been a Nationalist longer than you have been on this planet and the ramblings of a complete fool such as you appear to be doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
    My advice to anyone who can, is to GTF out of Scotland as soon as they possibly can,even to North Korea because Scotland in the next 10 years under Sturgeon is going to be a fecking nightmare.

  372. Ruby says:

    I think we should all vote for the SNP just for the fun of seeing Nicola Sturgeon trying to get a section 30 out of Boris Johnson and watching the faces of her supporters when they find out she cant!

  373. Ruby says:

    Baxter says:

    My advice to anyone who can, is to GTF out of Scotland as soon as they possibly can


    Fuck that! That sounds too defeatist.
    I’m staying here and planning all kinds of civil disobedience.

    It’ll be ribbons & stickers for starters!
    Pathetic I know but that seems to really get them going!

  374. Anna says:

    Another Draft Referendum bill. Another carrot for the disillusioned?

    No wonder the Sturgeonites feared Salmond returning. Whatever else they tried to accuse him of, shoddy work was not one.

    The 2014 Referendum was all to his credit. Sturgeon and Murrel endied up in high profile government jobs , thanks to him.

  375. Elmac says:

    Re AYRSHIRE ROB @ 10:04 pm

    Hi Rob. Good to hear from you again.

    We cannot give up, mess or no mess. Independence is well worth fighting for and we need to concentrate on what is the immediate threat to it. You recognise the mess we are in so you must also recognise Sturgeon’s refusal to act on the mandates she has been given. In short her SNP is our biggest block to independence and will continue to be as long as they are in power. The reasons for this have been explained many times over by our fellow posters.

    We need to concentrate on the main impediment to independence and that is Sturgeon’s SNP. Forget what was bred in to you. Like many I grew up in an Ayrshire mining area where to suggest voting for anything other than labour was a capital offence. I have moved on and intend to vote for what I see as best for my country. In my constituency the main rival to SNP is unfortunately a Tory but I will hold my nose and vote for him as the lesser of two evils. I look upon it as a vote against Sturgeon’s SNP rather than a vote for any other party.

    Please do not waste your vote. The further corruption revealed today by the Hamilton Inquiry decision should convince you that that the SNP are Public Enemy No 1. Vote them out!!

  376. Mac says:

    Not read the article or any comments but it was very obvious that Sturgeon knew the outcome when she was ‘goading’ Hamilton at the Inquiry.

    The timing with Craig Murray also cant be a co-incidence.

    You are in the belly of the snake and you still think you are going to get an even break. lol.

  377. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Well am for that Daisy Walker .

    You go girl.

  378. Hugh Jarse says:

    It’s Monday.
    A week is a long time in Politics.

  379. Bradford Millar says:

    @Ruby we will hold one from Holyrood we don’t need his permission he said he will take it to court … the only court he can take it to is the Scottish courts

    @Baxter Born in 1970 supported Independence when i was 5 years old when ever my dad gave me British soldiers as toys i beheaded them with side cutting pliers … voted SNP since leaving School in 1987 …. i don’t care who is in charge of the SNP my goal has always been Independence and the best vehicle for Independence is the SNP …. once we have Independence i will vote for which ever party i decide to vote for

  380. Ruby says:

    Bradford Millar says:
    22 March, 2021 at 10:52 pm
    @Ruby …. we don’t need Boris’s permission …. win a majority and he cannot stand in our way

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    You need a section 30. Nicola Sturgeon will not agree to any wildcat referendum!

    Boris will say ‘now is not the time’ ‘once in a generation’ or he may repeat Mike Russells words ‘not while anyone has covid’

    Was there not a majority already?

    Doesn’t look like there will be a majority this time and you ain’t helping by coming on here insulting people!

  381. Big Jock says:

    Mac from what I gather. The SNP got the report last night, and were allowed to make redactions. But they were probably briefed on it’s likely outcome before that.

    I just don’t get how a QC appointed by Sturgeon in 2015. Can be claimed to be independent. He is being paid by government.

  382. kapelmeister says:

    Bradford Millar

    You’re weird.

  383. Andy says:

    Sturgeon will need to be taken dragging and screaming all the way out of Bute House.

  384. Big Jock says:

    Ruby. He is correct that we don’t need Boris’s permission. However you and me know that already. But his hero has told him and Scotland that we do need Boris’s permission.

    So he doesn’t agree with his own leader, but continues to pander to her.

  385. bipod says:

    @Bradford Millar

    Well nicola strugeon is the currect leader of the SNP and that is unlikely to change anytime soon after the events of today.

    Maybe you haven’t been paying attention but NS on multiple occassions has slapped down the suggestion of holding a referendum without a section 30 order. She is totally against holding a catalan style referendum and as rev has explained at length for a long time now boris johnson is not likely to ever give her one, majority or not.

  386. Contrary says:

    Meg has suggested:

    “My Constituency ballot paper will contain one word –


    Brilliant! If I can’t find a rebellious soul to vote for in the constituency, that’s the one I’ll be using – though I’m sick of seeing the bl*dy word. I’m going to add square brackets to mine though to be posh. Superb idea, thanks.

  387. Bob Johnston says:

    We have to vote in May. And we may have to hold our noses while we do, but tactical voting is the only way to get rid of this corrupt lot. I will be voting Labour on the constituency vote and an independent on the list vote. It feels wrong but Nicola and her minions don’t seem to have much trouble doing wrong. Whatever happened to the moral high ground?

  388. cirsium says:

    Cracking post, Daisy Walker (10.51)

  389. Elmac says:

    Ayrshire Rob 10.04 pm

    Guess you are a bit younger than me Rob if you have the option of emigrating. At my age emigration is not an option but relocation south of the border is, as the bulk of my family live there. Never thought I would consider this but I can only tolerate so much corruption and at the moment Boris land looks a better bet. Will wait and see what happens over the next few months.

    Whatever happens we need to support the Rev otherwise it could be game over. No doubt Wolffe’s corrupt little minions will be trying to close Wings down but I hope his location will enable him to give them a much justified two finger salute a la David Davis.

    Keep the faith.

  390. Al says:

    If the SNP are still serious about independance, why is Martin Docherty-Hughes banging on about rebuilding the Royal Navy conventional warship fleets ?
    First thing WM will do on independace is move the existing orders from the Clyde to an English yard.

  391. Fergus says:

    So who in their right mind is going to vote SNP I now?

    Stand up and be counted, explaining you decision as you do.

    Be I will be fascinated to hear your answer, I really will.

  392. holymacmoses says:

    The Sturgeon supporters need to be watched if they come on any Indy marches : their behaviour is more like the Yoons

  393. TOMMY SHERIDAN says:

    The internal AFI ballots to decide the placings of AFI candidates in each of the 8 regional list areas have now been carried out and the results should be available tomorrow. I sincerely hope Craig Murray has secured top spot in the Lothians and will lead the AFI challenge. Are independence supporters and even SNP members going to waste their votes again by indulging in the reckless folly of Both Votes SNP or will they give their 2nd vote instead to Craig Murray and send a real, fearless and capable independence advocate to Holyrood?

    I confidently predict Craig Murray will be elected an AFI MSP on May 6th whether he is a civil prisoner at the time or not. In 1992 I was sent to prison for daring to rip up an interdict designed to prevent me interfering in a barbaric warrant sale of a lone parent’s TV, display cabinet and coffee table because she couldn’t afford to pay her poll tax. the woman was distressed and ashamed but she asked for our help. We answered the call and physically prevented Scotland’s first attempted poll tax warrant sale. I was jailed as a result. It was a harsh decision intended to send a warning to others not to interfere with sheriff officers carry out such shameful actions. The Daily Record headline the day after my imprisonment was ‘Downfall of the Dodger’. In April 1992 I contested the General Election for Scottish Militant Labour in the Pollok constituency and won a credible 20% of the vote and came 2nd. In May I stood as a council candidate in the Pollok ward and won convincingly. I was elected to Glasgow City Council while behind bars. Ordinary people stood by me in recognition of the injustice of my imprisonment. The same type of ordinary people will stand by Craig Murray in May and give their 2nd vote to him to defy the injustice which has been visited upon him.

    Craig is a courageous man who refuses to be bullied or silenced by the powerful desperate to hide their misdeeds and lack of transparency and accountability. He will be a fine MSP and independence warrior. I am proud of his decision to join AFI and seek to lead our challenge in Lothians. His mistreatment might just be the step too far that causes the people to revolt in the use of their vote, their 2nd vote in particular. Solidarity with Craig Murray. Don’t let him stand alone.

  394. Ian Mac says:

    My prediction for the future: Sturgeon and her cronies know they have got away scot free (sic) from perjury and the perversion of justice charges. Therefore, she will be unwilling to hang around and chance that further evidence will come to light, the others will retire on mega pensions and big payoffs, for keeping their mouths shut.

    She will either fail to get a majority or get a very narrow one. She may handover at that point, blaming Alex Salmond and Wings, or make a token effort at a referendum, confident that it will be turned down by Johnson. That will then be her signal to ride off into the sunset with a golden handshake and a cosy job at the UN or similar.

    She will hand over to a numpty like Robertson, and the whole cycle of the last five years will repeat – inept governance, collusion with rightwing landowners and industrialists who will do very nicely out of a compliant, corrupt government. Oh, and token references to independence while doing bugger all about it. Meanwhile, education, land rights and ecology will be neglected, with the squandering of money on hare-brained schemes and bail-outs. Figures will be manipulated and kept secret, social media will be awash with fake news and PR.

    And the whole, bent, useless show will roll on, enriching MSP’s and their advisers, who do next to nothing except what they are told, the Scottish population kept well out of the way.

    Yes, vote SNP, vote for nothing to change, vote tedium and lies for the next five years, with a sprinkling of anti-democratic policies you haven’t voted for and weren’t mentioned at the election. Oh brave future.

  395. Bob Johnston says:

    As for folks who want to spoil their ballot papers with meaningful condemnations of either individual candidates or the electoral process itself, I have counted votes many times. The only people, for the most part, who actually see the papers are the counters who couldn’t care less what you think. They are too busy trying to count papers as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have sighed many many times as some idiot has written a comment that only I will ever see. The fact I agree with the comment is neither here nor there. You have the right to vote, do it!

  396. Big Jock says:

    Holy- Yes I have noted that. They lash out at anyone who dares question their leader. It’s almost like football tribal behaviour. Yellow tinted spectacles.

    You can never get objectivity from Celtic or Rangers fans. Same with Sturgeon cultists.

  397. Mark Boyle says:

    @Bradford Millar says:
    22 March, 2021 at 10:33 pm

    “… not a single more penny from me and other true nationalists in donations you would be more as well campaigning for the Union at the end of this year ….. because you have burnt your bridges with the majority of Pro Yessers.”

    Oh, how will Stu live! Quite peacefully I imagine.

    Which is more than be said for you. In less than three years, wearing an SNP badge will be about as popular with the public as wearing a BUF one was at the end of the last war when the public discovered via the newsreels where their “policies” led.

    Except this won’t be over events in a far away land. These will be events that happened here – because your lunatic GRA will turn Scotland into every sicko in Britain and Ireland’s buffet as evil men exploit “self-identification” to invade “women only” spaces to satisfy their lusts.

    People are FAR less forgiving when they discover bad things happen to their own, rather than far off people in far off places. Especially Scotland. We are a bit more “tempremental” than those down south. Those Orange marches and the chaos from the Old Firm are symptoms of our proneness to irrational behaviour with the correct stimuli.

    You will set back the cause of independence fifty years. The SNP will become as abhorrent a term as Scottish Toryism was for decades – except they had the Orange and Rangers morons to give them an avenue back in. You will have nothing – not even the Gaelic community, because most of them are Free Church/Free Presbyterians, and guess what bozo they are not as easily sold out in their consciences as Kate Forbes.

    Winnie Ewing will not live to see an independent Scotland after all. And it will be all down to you putting the ego trip of social justice snowflakery ahead of your country and the ordinary Scots’ wishes.

  398. The Dissident says:

    I suspect it will do everyone some good to take a breath and assess where we are at the end of the week. It was always going to be a bit of a rollercoaster this week.

    The Hamilton report is far from an exoneration of Sturgeon and her cronies. Through sophistry and somersaults, Hamilton has managed to find a way to say she didn’t break the Ministerial Code but everyone knew that finding otherwise would not have made any difference to Sturgeon’s position anyway.

    Seriously, if Sturgeon is prepared to make such a hoo-hah about a report that says her story ‘is not impossible’ then that should tell us that she is weak.

    The immediate impact of this report will be as expected. The report tomorrow will be far more damning than most expected.

    The questions tomorrow night will be about why nobody has taken responsibility for the litany of mistakes that have been made and why any advice from anybody, be that Whitehall, Police Scotland or Counsel were ignored in order to pursue an unlawful investigation before informing the Crown, ignoring the wishes of the Complainants this time.

    All those questions lead to Sturgeon as the head of the Scottish Government. She has retrospectively voiced full confidence in EVERYONE taking these actions and has therefore taken the view that those actions were acceptable. They are not, never have been and never will be. She should be removed from power for that reason alone, leaving aside any suggestion of conspiracy by her or her inner circle.

    And, remember, the truth has still not been fully revealed.

    Hamilton might have got a sniff of some of it but his remit (as he pointed out in several places) requires he pass no comment on some allegations.

    And the Committee has been denied the evidence and witnesses it needs to fulfil its remit so has been prevented from taking a view on these allegations.

    Further, the Committee has been hampered by a pathological desire (on all sides) to ensure that, whatever happens, Salmond is not exonerated in the court of public opinion. This has made them look away where they really should have looked closer to find the truth.

    All these games are now over and I expect the big boys will shortly be coming out to play.

  399. Big Jock says:

    Ian ..and 5 years of regressive destructive policies. 7 years and all we have are baby boxes. Tragic.

  400. Famous15 says:

    BLind acceptance is as daft as blind opposition.

    Spoiled ballot papers provide light relief and amusement for the various party counting agents.

    If you are not on the pitch you cannot score.

    Mouthing a few more aphorisms and such boils no eggs.

    Folks try to see through the anger and decide what is best to fulfil your wishes.

    Me? SNP1 ISP2 gets me to the starting gate for my dream.

  401. Eugene Henderson says:

    Sturgeon knew this was going to be the outcome of the Hamilton inquiry.

    All she kept saying was, wait and see what the outcome of the Hamilton inquiry is before jumping to conclusions.

    Stitch up!!!

  402. Mac says:

    The way Sturgeon was goading Hamilton when giving evidence at the Fabiani Farce told you that she had him in her pocket. Quite a few folk on here picked up on it.

    I think she always did. It was only the Rev hoping / thinking Hamilton might be ok that kept my mind open.

    Democracy thwarted at every turn using non-democratic means is not democracy.

    I am starting to get the feeling of living in a political prison, or maybe a political zoo.

    Everywhere you go it is just walls, barriers.

    I am not relying on any saviours at this point, including Alex Salmond.

    False hope is worse than despair, as a man of the cloth Rev you know that. 😉

  403. ScotsRenewables says:

    holymacmoses says:
    22 March, 2021 at 11:22 pm
    The Sturgeon supporters need to be watched if they come on any Indy marches : their behaviour is more like the Yoons

    What on earth are you on about? You don’t sound as though you have been on any marches.

  404. Ruby says:

    I’m voting SNP 1/2 because I want Nicola Sturgeon to have to face the consequences of her actions.

    I don’t want her to be able to run away and retire quietly I want her up front & centre stage.

    I want her to deal with the fall out from Brexit, covid, self id, hate crime, financial discrepancies, etc etc

    I most certainly will not allow her to chase me out of Scotland. I’m hoping to see her and her husband chased out of Scotland.

  405. Ian Mac says:

    When you think where we could have been with an intelligent leader who possessed a vision, rhetorical powers and a smart strategy, who built bridges with other independence groups, harnessing all the available talents and laying out exactly how independence would work, what it would bring to us all, and winning over the waverers and doubters. With the gift of an appalling WM, not only would the election be in the bag by a landslide, the independence case would be unstoppable, such would be the momentum a true visionary leader would have created. People would accept that it was merely a matter of a short time.

    Instead we have had a paperclip counter, a secret bully and devious, corrupt manipulator, with zero drive for or commitment to independence. She has failed in every way to do any of the above, the job for which she was elected. Ever feel you have been had?

  406. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Am not that young noo Elmac – only in my heid.
    Yes I was brought up in Ayrshire mining village and remember vividly playing games under candle light and a roaring coal fire when there was power cuts etc. Remember the early miners strikes too.Labour was the only game in toon them days. Remember J Sillars posters all over the valley thon days.

    This clusterfuck and total destruction split of the indy movement has destroyed my hope. I never knew a lot or bothered much about politics when young as I left and joined the military at 19.Had good times and never voted for anyone in 17 years until I came back home injured and with a MD.
    Being voting SNP for 20 years, but that is a no no now.

    I’ll see how I feel on election morning if I can be bothered to vote for a list indy candidate. My voting centre is literally across the road.
    At the moment is no votes for anyone and certainly not on constituency.

    Emigrating is only a matter of couple of suitcases and a flight to the sun with a few quid in my pocket. If I get 20 years I’ll be happy.

  407. altr3go says:

    What’s the point of retracting the details of 1 person who was at the meeting of the 29th when that information is already in the public domain? If the reason for the redactions is to comply with the anonymity order, plonking a [Re-dacted] into the commentary identifies the person as a complainer.

    1.5. On 29 March 2018 there was a meeting between the First Minister,[Re-dacted]and Mr Aberdein, which took place in the First Minister’s office in the Scottish Parliament.

    I don’t get it. How can the Crown Service be the only people who are allowed to jigsaw identify the complainers?

  408. Mel says:

    Capone thought he was untouchable…

    and then they followed the money…….

  409. Trans gammon says:

    All throughout this saga the mainstream views coming from mainstream SNP (Sturgeon) accounts on social media, blogs and MSM have been uniformly like this: flatly refusing to engage with the possibility Salmond was framed, what the real evidence for and against the “conspiracy theory” was, or whether the censorious and illiberal mentality and actions of the ScotGov was defensible or hinted at conspiracy.

    Instead, what has mattered solely to these fools is whether the SNP leadership are winning the battle with the Other, the yoon media and political parties, and whether the Woke value system is winning over the supposed bigoted, reactionary, evil value system of the people who read websites like this. This dreadfully cynical, high handed attitude was all enabled and collectively enforced by the patronising and self serving rhetoric of “protecting vulnerable women.”

    The SNP – the controlling Sturgeonite wing being the only part that effectively remains – and the Greens, where this kind of behaviour is obligatory, have now pretty much fused into one party. For my part, although I see an independent socialist Scotland as an inevitability, I’m now honestly more than happy to give Yellow-Greenism and its bampot middle class identity politics a decade or so flush itself out of the Yes movement. Not only because I detest it, but because until it does, the mandate we’re going to get for independence is going to be so piss-weak that it’ll either fail in a second referendum or in a unilateral declaration struggle, and at that point we really will be looking at putting it on hold for a generation or more.

  410. ben madigan says:

    from Grousebeater, who says he’s “nearing the end of my life”

  411. Robert Graham says:

    The headlines are on every outlet , INDEPENDENT Inquiry .

    Aye Independent until you read the small print , as it’s said the Devil’s in the detail

    This SNP Government and the Civil Service who do their bidding should have been kept at arms length from both inquiries , they should never been allowed anywhere near either of them , they have been shown they can’t be trusted to comply with any request for information , and yet we are supposed to believe that the information the Independent inquiry needed has all of a sudden magically appeared and this SNP Government had a change of heart and suddenly were cooperating fully and not in any way interfering.

    Aye fkn right believe that and you will believe anything .

  412. Magnus Erlendsson says:

    Mac says:
    22 March, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    Democracy thwarted at every turn using non-democratic means is not democracy.

    I am starting to get the feeling of living in a political prison, or maybe a political zoo.

    Everywhere you go it is just walls, barriers.

    Yes and they’ve taken freedom of movement in the EU from us too. It’s absolutely hellish. All our institutions are illusions – all just hollowed out fronts for the British establishment. Might as well go both votes SNP just to try and cause Sturgeon stress as Ruby says – it makes no difference anyway.

  413. Kcor says:

    “James Hamilton is either a crook, a coward or an idiot.”

    Crook no doubt whatsoever.

    I had predicted his whitewash in advance:

    “I am 99.9% sure that Hamilton will whitewash the main culprit.”

    “When is Hamilton releasing his report?

    Is he still bargaining his fee for his whitewash?”

    “The likes of James Hamilton don’t worry one bit about their reputation with the plebs.

    Its their reputation with the Establishment which is their only concern.

    He has deliberately delayed his report to the eve of the election so anything he says can be easily swept aside.”

  414. Kcor says:

    “This conclusion is so utterly mad and ludicrous that it honestly never even entered our consideration as a possibility.”

    Compare it with the utterly mad and ludicrous judgement that Dugdale had defamed you but was not guilty of defamation.

  415. Kcor says:

    “To be honest, readers, if we were you we’d get out while we still could.”

    One thing must be done before the exodus begins:

    Anyone who can, campaign hard to get Sturgeon defeated in her Glasgow Southside constituency.

    No ifs, no buts.

  416. James Barr Gardner says:

    There is no way I can endorse an SNP claque which sought to have Alex Salmond sent to jail.

    Therefore, my votes such as they are will no longer be given to the SNP, this due to the fact that trust in them has now been irreparably broken by their ruling elite and by those who backed them !

    The Dream, however in regard the case for Scottish Independence that for me will never die. I joined the SNP in 2011 to support Alex Salmond, I still support him, I always will !

  417. Kcor says:

    The last and only chance to hold her accountable.

    Spoiling the ballot is no longer an option.

    Vote tactically for Sarwar to unseat her in her Glasgow Southside constituency.

    Those who don’t have a vote in Glasgow but have the time and money, actively campaign against her in the constituency.

  418. Kcor says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell, please now ban all Sturgeon-SNP apologists from Wings Over Scotland.

    As many of us have been saying, the SNP is beyond being reformed from the inside.

    Get rid of the bastards and bitches at the ballot box.

    Not by spoiling the ballot, but by voting tactically against every SNP candidate.

    Doesn’t matter who becomes First Minister.

    Form a new genuine Independence party right after the election with only one aim: fighting the next Westminster election on a plebiscite manifesto, which you have already written.

  419. Kcor says:

    Mia says,

    “The buck always stops with the boss. The boss is Nicola Sturgeon.”

    Good to know that even you have finally given up blaming the British state.

  420. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I have sighed many many times as some idiot has written a comment that only I will ever see.”

    If you haven’t shown that ballot paper to the candidates, you haven’t been doing your job. Indeed you’ve probably been committing a crime.

  421. Hatuey says:

    Let them have their fun, Kcor.

    The SNP will need to get by in the election without about 35% of its voter base.

    It’s possible that even an alliance with the Greens won’t be enough to give them a majority.

    I’ll be voting against that alliance of deviants.

  422. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I take it every single post I do is now in moderation???”

    Only Hotmail ones, for reasons already explained. Be more alert.

  423. Kcor says:

    N MacMillan says,

    “My voting plans have changed. I will spoil my constituency vote (despite good SNP candidate) and vote ISP on the list.

    I cannot bring myself to vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP. I cherish independence but I cherish my integrity higher.

    If the SNP lose the election then she will I hope go and we can turn the Westminster election into a plebiscite for Independence”

    IMHO, if you want the SNP to lose the election, don’t waste your vote – vote tactically against the SNP candidate.

    The SNP is now a bigger enemy to independence than the unionists.

    And the corrupt lying criminals absolutely need to be thrown out.

  424. Kcor says:

    AYRSHIRE ROB says,

    “Did NS ever accept the verdict of the courts and our jury system that Alex Salmond is an innocent man of all charges ?

    No she did not! She has a fucking brass neck coming on telly and telling people that it should be incumbent to accept the verdict of Hamilton enquiry today.Cheeky cow.

    She has no honour, no shame, no integrity, deceitful and I will NOT vote SNP in May

    No wild horses will drag me to the booth and vote SNP – not a chance.”

    AYRSHIRE ROB, I hope are you no longer dead against the idea of a tactical vote for Sarwar (Labour) to make Sturgeon lose her Glasgow Southside constituency seat.

  425. Kcor says:

    laukat says,

    “Don’t agree with Hamilton’s decisions but I think that if Alex Salmond had fauth in him as an honest player then we have to accept the report.”

    Alex Salmond once had faith in Sturgeon as an honest player.

    Should we now accept her crimes which only the blind (not in the physical sense) cannot see?

  426. Hatuey says:

    Check this out;

    108 nights on a ship, right around the world… 20 thousand dollars, more or less.

    I actually think that’s a good deal.

    Rev Stu, do a crowdfund and gtf for a bit… see the world.

    Politics is shit. Nobody ever wins at politics.

  427. Kcor says:

    Ruby says,

    “I think we should all vote for the SNP just for the fun of seeing Nicola Sturgeon trying to get a section 30 out of Boris Johnson and watching the faces of her supporters when they find out she cant!”

    Ultra diehard Sturgeonist showing her true Sturgeonist colours, again.

  428. Kcor says:

    Bradford Millar says,

    “the best vehicle for Independence is the SNP”

    You couldn’t me more wrong.

  429. Kcor says:

    Andy says,

    “Sturgeon will need to be taken dragging and screaming all the way out of Bute House.”

    Who will do the dragging?

    Can’t think of a single person in Scotland who would be up to it.

  430. boris says:

    The gist of Hamilton’s report accurately reflects the content of information provided to him by a number of persons closely involved with events pertaining to the conduct of the First Minister. Hamilton’s remit was tight and did not include any room for speculation although he was permitted to exercise judgement on any relevant matter where the evidence presented to him would be able to support his opinion. In the sequence of events where the government and/or the First Minister were most vulnerable there was sufficient “wriggle room” in the testimonies to justify the conclusions he reached.

    The weakness of the report is down to its scope. It was never in his power to make enquiry of civil servants as to the details of their participation in events from the beginning of November 2017 with result that he missed the opportunity to investigate matters relevant to his remit, namely:

    The two female civil servants who came forward on 8 November 2017 made it clear it was not their wish to register complaints against Alex Salmond. In their meetings with Barbara Allison and Somers they repeatedly asked only to be allowed to meet with the First Minister. But their pleas were dismissed. It is of note that the “new” procedure was not yet in place and had the First Minister met with the two women the need for the “new” procedure would have been nullified. But perhaps that was the intent behind the denial of the audience with the First Minister.

  431. Kcor says:

    Bob Johnston says,

    “We have to vote in May. And we may have to hold our noses while we do, but tactical voting is the only way to get rid of this corrupt lot. I will be voting Labour on the constituency vote and an independent on the list vote. It feels wrong but Nicola and her minions don’t seem to have much trouble doing wrong. Whatever happened to the moral high ground?”

    We need to get the corrupt lying criminal SNP out by tactically voting against them.

    Labour used to blackmail voters by promising to save them from the Tories, a promise which of course they had no intention of keeping.

    The SNP is blackmailing voters by promising to deliver an independence referendum, a promise which of course they have no intention of keeping.

  432. Carl R says:

    The draw of the independence carrot lured us all to nurture this monster. Little did we know the actual reality of it all. We all do now (thanks to the likes of yourself Stu and worthy others reporting the truth). You can’t talk about it, but have already read all about it all in the public domain. Shhhh, can’t talk about it.

    To be honest, I feel like I’ve been asleep for a few years and woken up in the film “Idiocracy”.

    We need to get rid of the gravy trough snorting, only interested in advancing their careers “Electoralytes” and go back to honest politics (if that still exists).

    My heart wants independence but my brain is weary of the only way being through Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP anymore. I have voted for that all my adult life. What she has clearly done to the party, to independence and to the people of Scotland cannot be forgiven. That now can never work for me (unless there is a major internal cleansing).

    Scotland needs a change.

  433. Kcor says:


    “I sincerely hope Craig Murray has secured top spot in the Lothians and will lead the AFI challenge.”

    “Are independence supporters and even SNP members going to waste their votes again by indulging in the reckless folly of Both Votes SNP or will they give their 2nd vote instead to Craig Murray and send a real, fearless and capable independence advocate to Holyrood?”

    What utter dishonesty and hypocrisy Tommy.

    The very Craig Murray you mention was barely two weeks ago publicly advocating BOTH VOTES SNP.

    And the likes of you are still advocating a constituency vote for the corrupt lying criminal SNP which wants to send Craig Murray to jail.

    I have never ever heard of someone advocating a vote for a corrupt lying criminal political party that wants to jail him.

    I am sorry to say but the likes of yourself, Craig Murray and Martin Keating are cowards trying to get into parliament through the backdoor.

    Where is that bravery you once had?

    You could have stood against Sturgeon in her Glasgow Southside constituency.

    Craig Murray could have stood against Robertson in Edinburgh.

    Martin Keating could have stood against Swinney.

    That would have been real fights, not the pretendy fights you are seeking.

  434. Kcor says:

    Ruby says,

    “I’m voting SNP 1/2 because I want Nicola Sturgeon to have to face the consequences of her actions.”

    Sturgeon is a liar and so are you.

    You are voting SNP 1/2 because you are a diehard woke Sturgeonist, IMHO.

  435. Carl R says:

    It’s all thanks to people like Rev Stu and the Rt Hon Craig Murray to steer us all through this mire and expose the real truth..

    Bravo all of you, and all the others who honestly contributed to the cause.

    Craig I wish you all the best. May the law be at least in some part worthy and just. I for one am not falling for the mantra anymore. I’m not buying this shit and I’m sharpening my pitchfork as we speak (just in case, metaphorically speaking).

    If they want to imprison the likes of Craig then this is definitely not the Scotland I voted for.

    Shame on each and every one of you that voted for this and still do (I was one of them).

  436. StuartM says:

    Is the report that is available to MSPs also redacted? If so how can the Parliament make an informed decision about the report or about Sturgeon’s actions? This looks like Wolffe’s dirty work again!

  437. Shocked says:


    You tell him, still can’t find the courage to speak out against the New SNP.

  438. Alf Baird says:

    TOMMY SHERIDAN @ 11:22 pm

    AFI is the only way to go on the list vote and I hope Craig Murray is elected an MSP, and you Tommy, and Mark Hirst, and I and my family will be voting AFI in my region for Dave Thompson.

    This offer is surely worth all the indy list votes in Scotland:

    “AFI shall also campaign for a simple majority of the popular vote for pro-indy parties across both the constituencies and the regional lists, at the “Independence” election, and for such a majority to be understood to be a mandate for independence itself.”

  439. Fiona says:

    To me the worst part of this report, the one which discredits it entirely is this
    “14.9. There are undoubtedly ways in which the handling of court proceedingscould involve illegality. Perjury is a serious offence, and the tendering of evi-dence known or believed to be perjured would be a grave matter, as would the use of forged documents in legal proceedings. Malicious prosecution is both a tort and a crime. Conspiracy to pervert the c ourse of justice is also a seriousoffence. It is also essential that judges can trust counsel and solicitors whoappear before them and therefore very high standards are expected in respectof their duty of candour and not to mislead the court. Instructions to act in breach of these duties would therefore be a serious matter. 14.10. I cannot see that any of these issues arose in this case. On severaloccasions counsel made clear their disagreement with decisions that were made but in each case accepted that the final say rested with the Law Officers.There is no doubt from the whole manner and tone of counsel’s advices thatthey would, quite properly, have declined to accept any instructions which wereimproper”

    The fact is that they did not know the instructions were improper because the information which showed that was witheld. It is in the passage quoted in black and white, at the end of 14.9. At the point it was first discovered some docs had been witheld we all knew that and so did Ms S. So at that point she did not take charge and the defence that she was properly excluded from the process falls. She was no longer “entitled to rely on law officers advice” for they were obviously not reliable.
    Yet Mr H sees nothing wrong

  440. Famous15 says:

    If you are not on the park you cannot score.

    A lifetime supporting SNP and even though I left over a year ago over land policy,I will still vote SNP1 and decide about the list when I see the situation nearer the election but favour ISP2.

    Having been a candidate and a counting agent many times ,I repeat,spoilt papers with all sorts of comments,decent and indecent, provide amusement or diversion on a tense day. Neither the Pope or King Billy or for that matter “your all Masons” got anyone of them elected.

    So many friends in the SNP cannot wait for the next SNP conference. Real desire to “take back control” from the woke and return to the middle ground and independence.

    None of that can happen if the Unionists win.

  441. wee monkey says:

    Famous15 says:
    23 March, 2021 at 9:09 am
    If you are not on the park you cannot score.

    A lifetime supporting SNP and even though I left over a year ago over land policy,I will still vote SNP1 and decide about the list when I see the situation nearer the election but favour ISP2.

    Having been a candidate and a counting agent many times ,I repeat,spoilt papers with all sorts of comments,decent and indecent, provide amusement or diversion on a tense day. Neither the Pope or King Billy or for that matter “your all Masons” got anyone of them elected.

    So many friends in the SNP cannot wait for the next SNP conference. Real desire to “take back control” from the woke and return to the middle ground and independence.

    None of that can happen if the Unionists win.

    You actually think “you” are going to have any way of usurping the murrels and Co?

    There will be no more conferences, no debates, no votes.

    Look at what’s going on with your NEC and wise up.

  442. JonBoy says:

    Upcoming election? ABN. Makes a change from ABE.

  443. wee monkey says:

    Meanwhile back in fucking reality..

    ..Third wave approaching from Europe, time now for mandatory inoculation?

  444. Bartleby64 says:

    Wee Monkey is right.
    I don’t understand this idea that if there is a unionist majority at HR all is lost. Realistically even if there is it will have to be a coalition of some description, quite possibly Lab/Tory. No single party can do it as things stand. Does anybody really think that’s going to be all sweetness and light, that there will be a united front? No way. At best they will get a few covid recovery type things agreed. Does anybody truly believe that they are going to dismantle HR in the nearly 4 years till the next Westminster election? Not a bloody chance, they would never be able to agree the parameters of it.
    In the meantime all those who are genuinely desiring of Independence (not Sturgeon and co) have a clear run at building something infinitely better than we have now. Something new, clean, untainted, democratic. How many political movements get that chance? Not many!

  445. ScotsRenewables says:

    There will be no more conferences, no debates, no votes.

    It could happen- but it won’t.

    Short of a miracle Sturgeon is going to get elected, and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe she is a witch, a nation is certainly in her thrall. Doesn’t matter, facts are chiels. She is getting elected, our bolts are shot.

    And the vast majority of SNP voters blindly accept the mainstream narrative, Alex bad, Nicola good, both enquiries an
    Evil Yoon plot against their Red Queen. But – and it’s an important but – these people are not politically active outside of their Facebook adoration spasms. If they are party members it is do they can adoringly fondle and stroke each others membership cards at parties. They do not go to branch meetings, they do not go to conference, they are not in any way involved in policy discussions because ‘Nicola knows best’

    There WILL be conferences and the party WILL be held accountable to the members because Wingers aren’t the only ones who have had enough. It has taken active members a long time to realise just how out of control the party has become, but they are on it now. The action on the NEC vote at the last conference was just the beginning of the awakening.

    I don’t know how long I will keep my membership, but probably as long as the next conference so I can vote.

    Blind hatred achieves nothing. New parties take many years to establish.

    Sturgeon is getting elected, we cannot stop it. She could eat a baby on live TV and the cultists would cheer.

    And only the SNP can fix the SNP.

    Like so much over the last few weeks, it’s horrible but true.

    Hate me if you must, I am a party member so am in some small measure responsible for this mess. But I don’t see that mass resignations leaving the groupies in charge is the answer.

    Maybe you should all join the SNP.

  446. JimuckMac says:

    I’m voting SNP 1 and AFI 2 for a strong Scottish independence alliance. The consequences of not doing this will leave us with Ruth Davidson as the FM of Scotland. Very few Scots could stomach that possibility.

  447. David Caledonia says:

    30 months that clown hamilton was on a good earner for that load of horses shit, no wonder the Dilly Dolly was confident, she and her twonkers paid for it

  448. David Caledonia says:

    I still have my SNP membership and I will be voting for Chris who is an SNP man who is standing against that nipple Stuart McMillan
    Chris called out the scottish government in last night’s Greenock Telegraph for not allowing the boxing clubs to open till whenever, he talked about the mental health of the boys in the clubs, and how it was all the lads had to keep them healthy, he talked about the suicides in this area.
    Stuart McMillan, he appears in the Greenock Telegraph every week as my MSP, what do I think of him, two words, an arse .

  449. Stoker says:


  450. John says:

    Stuart you don’t even live in Scotland. You aren’t even eligible to vote in Scottish Parliament elections. You wouldn’t have a vote in an independence referendum. Your mental state has went right off the deep end since the Dugdale fiasco. Go see a doctor.

  451. Lorna Campbell says:

    To be honest, I didn’t expect anything else, not after that performance in front of the Holyrood committee. She cannot go now, just before the election, but I hope she does the right thing and stands down afterwards. If she insists on hanging on, God knows what is going to happen because she might push through the referendum legislation, but we are headed for another loss, despite the polls and despite the naivety of so many in the Yes movement. Scotland will not recover from that, and we will either sink into a national depression and put up no opposition to the British State takeover which is on its way as we speak, or we will start to fight back. Whatever, seven years of inertia will either take its toll or drive the independence movement into real, hard-line opposition to Westminster and the British State it reflects.

  452. Lorna Campbell says:

    John: perhaps he sees better than we do, from not being here? Not having moved on to an independence footing with a different route to independence after 2014 has taken its toll of Scotland’s mental health. Being a colony of the England aka the UK, and soon to be absorbed, if we do nothing, most psychiatrists would say we are already a divided nation with mental health problems. Being under someone else’s control is not good for anyone’s mental health, John.

  453. Kiwilassie says:

    altr3go says: 12:03 AM

    1.5. On 29 March 2018 there was a meeting between the First Minister,[Re-dacted]and Mr Aberdein, which took place in the First Minister’s office in the Scottish Parliament.

    I don’t get it. How can the Crown Service be the only people who are allowed to jigsaw identify the complainers?

    You are right in what you say. I’m a Scot living in NZ & haven’t been back there for 50 years. Even I now know who the Alphabetty was in that meeting.
    I hope that wee hoor gets her comeuppence & does time for her part in this stitch up.

  454. niall dickson says:

    useful idiot turns out to be useless lol

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