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A betrayer of women and a disgrace

Posted on January 29, 2023 by

We’re not experts in the field, but we think this is what an actual feminist looks like.

Julie Bindel wasn’t the only authority who didn’t miss Sturgeon and hit the wall today.

But when the UN Special Rapporteur For Torture – that’s Torture, folks – is giving your country a public kicking, just weeks after her counterpart on Violence Against Women And Girls did the same, maybe there really is something wrong with your leader.

Of course, maybe they’re just transphobic, misogynist, homophobic racists too.

There’s simply no way of knowing.

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0 to “A betrayer of women and a disgrace”

  1. Mr Jones

    I support independence, but I would love J.K. Rowling to be our First Minister. She might not fight for independence, but neither does Nicola Sturgeon.

    Rowling has been doing so much good recently, including helping Afghan women and supporting the protesting women of Iran. Have you ever heard Sturgeon speak up on behalf of Iranian women?

    No, but she goes mental when anyone says a transwoman is not a woman. She calls anyone saying this “racist” (?!?). Why does she support men wearing wigs, but not real women in Iran?

    Our first minister is disgracing Scotland. We need someone to stand up in the Scottish Parliament and on Monday and say so.

  2. Garrion

    I do try not to swear, but fuck yeah.

  3. Andrew scott

    If the dreaded toooaries had a spine they should call for a vote of no confidence this week
    Flush out the doubters in the #snpeados if there are any

  4. Wee Chid

    Mr Jones says:
    29 January, 2023 at 8:13 pm
    “I support independence, but I would love J.K. Rowling to be our First Minister.”

    What? The woman who said that if we voted No it would be like living in the “honeymoon period”. Basically that we would be treated like a prodigal wife and showered with kidness and respect.
    Sorry, she may be right on women’s issues here but she doesn’t have a lot of foresight as far as Scottish politics goes.

  5. George Ferguson

    Stu I agree Bindel is a true feminist. Us mere males have been trying to protect our women and Julie Bindel nailed in 2 minutes. We should stick to supping beer and watching fitba. Real women have this covered.

  6. Big Jock

    The damage indeed vandalism Sturgeon has now done to Scotland and our movement. Is worthy of being deported to an uninhabited island.

    She has single handedly turned expected victory into abject failure. Scotland needs to rebuild its brand and credibility. We have gone from an inclusive beacon. To a dangerous regressive nation, on the precipice of political suicide.

  7. PB

    Transphobic, misogynist, homophobic and possibly racist…

    DARVO much… I think Sturgeon’s SNP could tick the box for each of those charges at some point during her tenure. Her ‘trans activism’ alone ticks the first 3 never mind Yousef’s rant at Scotland being ‘too white’ while he helped destroy the justice system…

    This is straight out of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders playbook – Sturgeon’s ‘best international practice’ idols, Trudeau and Ardern, both used this line of attack when they were on the back foot from the public calling out their dangerous stupidity.

    Let’s hope her career meets the same fate as Ardern’s and soon!

  8. Kcor

    The biggest betrayer in Scottish history – out and in prison now for plotting to jail an innocent man on false charges of rape.

    Because he would have brought independence which she is dead against.

  9. alan_b

    @Wee chid @8:28pm

    None of us thought in 2014 that today we would be quoting J K Rowling with approval, and calling for the toppling of an SNP First Minister. But here we are.

  10. Astonished

    Sturgeon cannot possibly recover from this.

    I have no sympathy at all.

    She betrayed us all for imaginary stonewall points.

  11. Lorna Campbell

    The Denton’s Document spells out precisely how to infiltrate and take over – stealth. Don’t engage with the media, don’t allow women to speak, capture the politicians and businesses, pretend that you are horribly oppressed and vulnerable, get the children at as young an age as possible… it’s all there. Now, why would they need to do it that way if they were just a misunderstood, tiny minority who just wanted to live their lives as best they can?

    Because it was never about ‘puir wee sowels’ and the ‘stunning and brave’ or the ‘most vulnerable and marginalised’. It was always about the deviant men. That is why Denton’s said it would be a hard sell. I’ve read Denton’s, hundreds of thousands have read Denton’s. Are they claiming that not one MSP or MP has read Denton’s? Because it’s all laid out for you there, in black and white, ladies and gentlemen of Holyrood. Not convinced?

    What about the Taliban activists with their death threats? Beheadings threats straight out of the Taliban/ISIS handbook? Still not convinced? What about the mutilated youngsters displaying their mutilations on-line? No? You didn’t think any of that made even the slightest dent in the ‘most vulnerable and marginalised’ narrative? So you just went ahead and had a double rapist housed with really vulnerable real women? Ach, what do they matter, eh?

    Now it turns out that, not only are there others in the female prison estate, and others coming down the line, but you lot have sanctioned self-ID for a number of years totally against the real law, not the Stonewall interpretations of the law. What are you? Idiots? Politically expedient? What? The same goes for that neep in a suit, Cole Hamilton, of the Lib Dems and his chums in that party, all the Labour MSPs who voted for this, several Tories and all the Greens. Are you all stark raving bonkers?

    Or are you all hiding paraphilias beneath your tax payer funded suits and dresses? There has to be some reason why you would do this – put real women and real children in danger. Well, some of us are giving you fair warning, and that goes for Westminster, too: repeal the 2004 GRA. Strengthen the 2010 EA and make sex in law biological only. Create third spaces, and not at the expense of disabled people. No men in women’s spaces. Stop the mutilation of our children.

    Or we take our votes away from you, and the comfort of those green benches at Westminster, and the wooden ones at Holyrood will be taken away with them. We knew, and you knew, that the GRRB would vastly increase the numbers of ‘trans’ looking to gain legal ‘womanhood’ because if, according to the English census (and that’s before the Scots are counted) around a quarter to half a million are willing to admit to being ‘trans’, there are probably several times that number lurking in the shadows, as yet not emboldened enough to come into the light.

    You knew, and we knew, that female spaces, rights, services, sports, et al would be overwhelmed if that GRRB passed into law because every ‘trans’ would have wanted one to become legally ‘women’ for all purposes. You utter disgraceful charlatans and chancers. You were willing to abandon 50% of your population to hell – for what? It certainly was not independence because the Greens are not in favour of independence, not when push comes to shove, and many of you in the SNP are devolutionists by instinct. You are like the larping men who ‘woman face’. You larp to ‘independence face’.

  12. Bob Costello

    Sturgeon and her close cabal are simply heterophobic. They have a hatred of normal people
    Because they will never be one

  13. Republicofscotland

    Sturgeon the Judas has embarrassed Scotland, she MUST resign, stand down, she has NO credibility left, she’s a laughing stock, and the people of Scotland want her gone now.

    Do the decent thing by Scots Sturgeon, and f*ck off.

  14. Tom Halliday

    Sturgeon has an iron in the fire in respect of Trans rights, what the connection is I don’t know, but there is something far more personal about this than trying to make life more bearable for a tiny majority.No politician exposes themselves to the ire of the electorate thinking that it will further their career or get them re-elected. I would love for the back story to be heard. Something stinks about all of this.

  15. PhilM

    Expect a “With deep humility I have listened to the concerns etc.” type of speech this week from Sturgeotti. This will be her last attempt at saving her job but there should be no mercy, no second chance. Unless the SNP want to go down with this serial failure then someone needs to grow a spine and prise her fingers from the door frame of Bute House. It’s all over Sturgeotti. You were never fit for the highest office and you’ve been found out.
    Now if you could take all your arse-licking minions with you, Scotland might actually be grateful…

  16. Ian+Brotherhood

    It’s all over for her isn’t it?

    Question now – does she resign or does she flounce?

  17. Wee Chid

    alan_b says:
    29 January, 2023 at 8:53 pm
    @Wee chid @8:28pm

    “None of us thought in 2014 that today we would be quoting J K Rowling with approval, and calling for the toppling of an SNP First Minister. But here we are.”

    If she and other “influencers” had been supportive of independence we may not have been in this position at all. No need for Alex to resign and no Sturgeon in charge.

  18. Neil Anderson

    Looks like Sturgeon’s dream of escaping into some cushy UN post is dead?

  19. Stoker

    Blast this article all over Sturgeon’s social media accounts and ask the skank if she thinks those folk are all closet transphobes etc.

    People in high places denouncing Sturgeon’s folly. And not before time. I’ve also seen some folk questioning why media journo’s weren’t pushing what Stuart Campbell’s been exposing for the past few years now.

    Simple, really, professional jealousy and arrogance. To them Campbell’s just a blogger but in their own minds they think they are the real deal when, in fact, they are churnalists doing what their third-rate bosses tell them. Churning out rehashed Unionist pish 24/7.

    Campbell is his own boss driven by a simple philosophy, the truth no matter how painful. Churnalists are driven by a desire to kiss-ass and keep their jobs.

  20. Big Jock

    Anyone want to take a punt on when Nicola will go. I expect just after the spring conference. I know that’s wishful thinking, but I genuinely can’t see her surviving this.

    Normal Scots don’t want any part of her plan to destroy their lives.

  21. Franck

    She’s still winning comfortably. An electorate will traditionally vote a government out on the economy or jobs, often both. An identity politics gaffe which is all we ever hear about, won’t be enough to topple them. It’s viewed as light entertainment to the majority. As long as the front pages are full of this shit and avoiding the economy, then she’ll still carry on until a time of her choosing.

  22. Stoker

    “Nicola Sturgeon is anything but a feminist…”

    Love it when folk call a spade a spade. 🙂

  23. Craig Macinnes

    @ Lorna Campbell 8:58pm ?????

  24. George Ferguson

    @Big Jock 9:33pm
    I expect this week or maybe tomorrow, how much evidence to the home based broadcasters need?. BBC Scotland and StV are looking more ridiculous by the minute. Invested too much in Nicola. Regime change..

  25. Linda McFarlane

    To paraphrase Willoughby:

    Julie Bindel is a heroine. (Note the feminine)

  26. Geoff Anderson

    I hope everyone is keeping a detailed list of all those who backed Sturgeon and put so many Women through this dreadful experience.
    She also destroyed the Independence Movement and enabled Unionists to gain so many seats at Holyrood with….”both Votes SNP”.
    She also gave the Greens access to damage our Nation so badly.

    Sturgeon may have driven the madness but so, so many MPs and MSPs enabled her to do so.

    The Internet has captured all their sycophantic praises championing the Sturgeon Madness.
    Holyrood recorded your speeches and votes.

    You watched thousands of long term activists leave and said nothing
    You watched the NEC neutered.
    You took part in Branches being sidelined.
    You enabled Confrences to become Sturgeon Rallies without meaningful debate.

    Out time will come when we vote you out.

    A handful may, those who spoke out when the rest of you sat silent or cheered her on.

  27. 100%Yes

    One thing is for sure Nicola Sturgeon will never walk out of that door she’ll need to be thrown out and before she chucked out on her ear, she’ll bring the SNP and Scotland down before she goes. The woman on the video, I hope it ends Nicola Sturgeon career I hoped that ever since she took over from Salmond, here was a man who put country and party before himself, I’m afraid Nicola Sturgeon is only bothered about one person and that herself.

    I really do hope that the MSM get rid of this unionist once and for all and I pray to God that the SNP does not elect another solicitor or KC.

    Here’s a video below of her here with spineless Swinney and still she couldn’t answer if Bryson was a woman or a man.

  28. robertkknight

    I sincerely hope the door of Bute House hits her squarely on the arse on her way out.

  29. craig murray

    Listen friends. I realise you are all extremely worried about trans rights affecting women#s rights. I realise most of you don#t have the same view as me, and some of you dislike me for it.

    I am delighted that at last some common sense is being forced into the SNP leadership. It is self-evidently madness to suggest that men with a history of sexual or other violence against women can self-identify into women’s prisons.

    Only daft ideologues like Sturgeon could ever have thought that had anything to do with the rights of trans people.

    But good people here – including Stu – are really becoming far too obsessed if they start to make a hero of Julie Bindel. This is nothing to do with her view on trans rights. She has been for decades one of the nastiest most hate filled people in British public life. You may have an identity of views with her on trans rights – I very much doubt you have an identity of views with her on anything else.

  30. outraged of Lanarkshire

    If she goes I think it will be sudden and she’ll move abroad [ without Peter]

  31. Stoker

    Ian+Brotherhood says on 29 January 2023 at 9:20 pm
    “It’s all over for her isn’t it? Question now – does she resign or does she flounce?”

    I’m not so sure she’ll give it all up so easily, Ian. We’ve seen demonstrated many times just how brassy her scrawny neck is. Even if she does go who will be the replacement? Another FUD masquerading as a “gradualist” most likely.

    For those not in the know. FUD is a term coined here on WOS several years ago meaning: Federalist, Unionist, Devolutionist.

    Sleep well, Troops, let Skanky Sturgeon have the nightmares. Goodnight! 🙂

  32. 100%Yes

    Trust me people on here thinking she’s going to do is for the bird. I wanted Independence but I really didn’t want NS to be our PM at any time its hard enough having this woman as FM.

  33. John Main

    Of course, maybe they’re just transphobic, misogynist, homophobic racists too.

    Always look on the bright side …

    NS has yet to accuse Scots trans sceptics of being fascists.

    Maybes its a new secret weapon in the exploitation of the Scottish Cringe. Call your voters transphobic, misogynistic, homophobic racists and they will secretly love it, respect you, and vote you back in forever.

    Maybes naw.

    Off topic? Anybody wondering about the medium to long term effects of the Covid vaccines on the human brain?

  34. Andrew scott

    Well on the basis of that interview when asked if the rapist was male or female
    She replied”im not getting into that -it sub judice” she must resign

    He is a CONVICTED RAPIST – not sub judice
    Resign now

  35. 100%Yes

    Has anyone heard from Patrick Harvie, one thing about the greens Sturgeon allowed them to screw the SNP over in every direction.

  36. George Ferguson

    @John Main 10:13pm
    We are seeing the collapse of the Scottish Government so no conflation with vaccines please. The issue of GRRB has to stand on its own. There will be plenty time for the latter later. I can give you plenty of evidence on the latter. But first things first, Nicola goes. Agreed?.

  37. Luigi

    NS is unlikely to go quietly (especially since a UN option is higly unlikely now), but I think she must realise that it’s all over. The Nicophants are probably still in the denial phase – the silence over on certain other sites tonight is deafening. I just hope all those cowards who continued to heap praise on her but a few days ago are called to account. When she does go, it would be worth compiling all those sickening quotes by her “former” supporters.

  38. Morgatron

    I don’t know what is the saddest, Sturgeons handling of this or Tom Verlaines passing.

  39. Jim+Bo

    Julie Bindel’s response there was such a thing of beauty I had to watch it twice. Brava to that lady and true feminist.

  40. Linda McFarlane

    Craig Murray @10.03

    Craig I have much respect for you but to quote JKR – citation needed.

  41. John Main

    I enjoyed reading AS’s online Hollyrood article and liked his comparison between Labour and the nSNP.

    The article immediately below that quickly brought me back to Earth though:

    Angus Robertson, in an exclusive interview with Holyrood, said there would be no need for a separate referendum, post-independence, on whether the apply to join the EU because the choice put to the electorate would be between independence within the EU or staying in the UK

    Oh well.

    Of the over 1 mill Scots who voted to leave, I guess I must be the last one to have not changed his mind. At least, that’s what Angus must be betting the farm on.

    They really do treat us voters with contempt.

    Unbelievable that after 300+ years of union, we won’t even be asked if we want to skip the Independent stage. Instead our betters will immediately sign us up for the next union and head off to better-paid pastures new.

  42. Alastair

    When will the Chief Executive step in to protect the party members from the Leader.

  43. John Main

    @ George Ferguson says:29 January, 2023 at 10:30 pm

    Sure George. I was writing tongue-in-cheek as contagious madness seems to be in the air.

  44. Purge the Sturge

    Craig Murray, I suggest you read up on the work Julie has done through her group Justice for Women and reconsider calling her one of the nastiest most hate filled people in British Public life.

    She advocates for some of the genuinely most marginalised and vulnerable women in society – that’s kind. Sure she’s abrasive, but actions > words. Julie really is a feminist right down to her fingertips.

  45. Bob Mack

    @Craig Murray,

    It matters not about the ladies views on anything else.

    It just so happens on this particular subject I ,and my whole family, agree with her.As for the SNP Msp’s who put their name to this nonsense, they may well find tjhemselves judged at the ballot box by very angry women and their families.

    Independence has been set back years by this debacle

  46. robbo

    craig murray says:
    29 January, 2023 at 10:03 pm
    Listen friends. I realise you are all extremely worried about trans rights affecting women#s rights. I realise most of you don#t have the same view as me, and some of you dislike me for it.

    Do you believe that women have penises Craig?

    Simple question.

    Stop with the whaterbooutery crap .

    You can identify as a headless chicken for awe I care. You know this nonsence will end in tears.

  47. Jacqueline

    Wee Chid says:
    29 January, 2023 at 9:27 pm
    alan_b says:
    29 January, 2023 at 8:53 pm
    @Wee chid @8:28pm

    “None of us thought in 2014 that today we would be quoting J K Rowling with approval, and calling for the toppling of an SNP First Minister. But here we are.”

    If she and other “influencers” had been supportive of independence we may not have been in this position at all. No need for Alex to resign and no Sturgeon in charge

    We’re in a hole not of our making. Sturgeon will hang on …unless I’m completely stupid.
    2 weeks?

  48. Daisy Walker

    Timing wise, the SNP March Conference looks perfect for a drip, drip campaign to get rid of Nicla and build up a replacement.

    This will keep the SNP sheeple happily occupied, and their minds off the Supreme Court decision that blocks Scotland having a Referendum.

    Likewise it stops all calls for Nicla to resign in order for Holyrood to be recalled and hold an emergency Plebiscite HE.

    Quite brilliant from the British Establishments point of view.

    Not sure where they will put Nicla, but they cannot hang her out to dry, she knows where a lot of very important bodies are buried. No doubt there are international ‘charities’ similar to, but bigger than, the John Smith think tank that will take her, wee hurls in private jets included.

    After all, Jim Murphy, Kezia ‘n Ruthie all got their rewards, didn’t they… and if they fail to protect and reward wee Nicla, the next batch won’t be so amenable.

  49. ben madigan

    George Ferguson says:
    29 January, 2023 at 10:30 pm

    “We are seeing the collapse of the Scottish Government”

    Through its stupidity and the cross-party stupidity in not thinking through the implications/loopholes of the GRR

    It’s curtains for FM Sturgeon

    I’ll stick my neck out and say – next week!

  50. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Robbo.

    Typing about “nonsence”. This is definitely worth another viewing by everyone.

  51. Geoff Anderson

    Craig Murray 10:03

    As Sun Tzu said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    Sturgeon has me thanking Tories for blocking the Bill.
    Have you paused to consider why people are finding common ground AGAINST her,when she should have worked to Unite an Independence Movement.

  52. Jan

    So, diet of carrots will be replaced by alphabetty spaghetti and marmalade.
    Hope the truth comes out soon !!

  53. Highland Wifie

    Who do we think has the well-being of women and girls most at heart – Craig Murray or Julie Bindel. Mmm let me think, such a difficult decision. Really, Craig?

    And for what it’s worth Stu has been stellar on this. He gets it. Understands this subject inside out. I suspect Craig has never managed to get beyond “be kind.”

  54. George Ferguson

    @Craig Murray 10:03pm
    When you were in prison I didn’t send you a book. I wanted to but the wife was worried about the children and grandchildren. I should have done it anyway, I am capable of Independent thought and Independent action. But the main woman in my life is important to me. It’s the same argument with GRRB. The women are raging. Sturgeon has to go. There is so much evidence of her malfeasance, misjudgement, incompetence and mismanagement.

  55. sarah

    I hope that the optimists are correct that this is the end for the current FM but surely she can’t step down because once she is no longer FM she is vulnerable – look what happened to Alex Salmond. And he was innocent of any wrongdoing whereas there is a charge sheet longer than my arm of her misdemeanours and incompetence in all kinds of matters.

    I can’t see her leaving voluntarily before the 2026 Holyrood election and even then only if she loses her seat – which is unlikely as she will head the list in her region.

    The only way to shift her would be a mass walk out by the MSPs i.e. renounce the whip leaving her exposed to a vote of no confidence.

    But have the SNP MSPs shown any sign of rebellion over the past 8 years of complete inaction on preparations for independence? Have they rebelled about the NEC manipulation? Or the unlawful list selection? Or the allowing Mridul Wadwha to stand for selection on the All Female list? If the latter didn’t bring the MSPs to their senses, followed by their craven willingness to vote against the Lamont amendment, and to pass the GRR Bill, I can’t see anything that will make them act like responsible people.

  56. George Ferguson

    A silver lining in the cloud of GRRB has been watching the women of this blog argue passionately against GRRB. A joy to see.

  57. Corrado Mella

    There comes a point where a narcissistic sociopath, after isolating itself from criticism into a secluded ivory tower, demanding blind loyalty and instigating a personality cult, comes to believe its own lies and to be invincible.

    That’s where everything unravels, everywhere, all at once.
    The snap back from the reality that the narcissistic sociopath tried to bend at its advantage is so devastating that there is no coming back.

    All control is lost, the mask slips and the really nasty, violent language against those that just put a mirror in front of the monster does the rest.

    The fall from glory is so abrupt that those that still were taken by the facade of deceit that this disturbed narcissistic sociopath kept up for years are deeply distraught and lost.

    I tried to warn many, for years.
    I won’t suffer when all implodes: I’m ready – in fact I’m eager.
    You can’t build better if you don’t demolish the crumbling old shack.

    Sleeves up, folks. We have a Scotland to rebuild.

  58. Big Jock

    Sarah. Sturgeon is no longer an asset to the Brits. She has divided the movement, delayed the referendum and stalled independence. Job done for the establishment.

    However now they will dispense with her. The gender reform bill is the perfect excuse to remove her, she is a liability to them now. I expect all the cover ups and interim-interdicts will spill into the media.

    She looks as though she knows what’s coming. Hell mend her.

  59. Antoine Roquentin

    If and when she goes, the whole party will go or be reduced to a rump, so closely have both she and it become entwined as one in the public consciousness. What will replace the SNP is impossible to say, but I don’t think Alec Salmond will be particularly unhappy about the direction things are moving in.

  60. craig murray

    George Ferguson,

    You are perfectly entitled to your view on trans rights. I agree entirely Sturgeon has to go, though not perhaps for precisely the same reasons.

    All I am saying to you and others is please don’t idolise people like Bindel because they happen to agree with you on a single subject.

    Same with the person above who wants J K Rowling for First Minister. Not just a died in the wool unionist but an absolute Blairite and Iraq war supporter.

    I think people need to regain a sense of wider perspective.

  61. Bob Mack

    Just a point.if anyone thinks that these folk can be purged from the party you better think again. It will take years.

    They will not easily give up the foot in the political door that allows the way to what they want to achieve. They will fight.

  62. Big Jock

    Corridor. I agree. We need a new leader , one we can trust. One that can inspire.The movement will coalesce around such a leader. As we did with Salmond.

    Remember when our reflex action used to be to defend the SNP. It wasn’t that long ago. Well we need to get back to that. Everyone in our movement must put independence first, and put personal agendas behind them. We didn’t create this mess, Nicola did. But unfortunately it’s our job to clean up her crap when she abandons ship.

    The movement isn’t divided, its confused, scunnered and downhearted. The division will be removed when the pretender is removed.

  63. Big Jock

    Craig ” my enemies enemy, is my friend” Strange bedfellows. I get your point. I think most only agree with Rowling on the gender issue, nothing else.

  64. George Ferguson

    @Craig Murray 12:11pm
    I idolise my wife and not a commentator saying a single comment. Bindel, Wings or otherwise but my wife has supported the family for decades. She is anti GRRB and so am I. You are on the wrong side of the argument Craig. I used to work for the last diplomatic Governor of Hong Kong Lord Wilson of Tillyorn. Remember him?. Another one that had dubious swimming parties.

  65. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “But good people here – including Stu – are really becoming far too obsessed if they start to make a hero of Julie Bindel.”

    As I do with pretty much everyone else, I judge people’s individual actions on their own merits. I have very profound disagreements with many people in the GC movement on various things on various subjects, definitely including Julie Bindel, but this isn’t about individual people. I couldn’t disagree with you any more strongly on this particular issue, for example, but it doesn’t lessen my admiration for you overall as a man willing to go to the wall for his principles.

    All my inclusion of this video says is that I agree wholeheartedly with what she says in those 60 seconds. I reserve the right to disagree with other things she says. As for feminists, I don’t have to be a thing myself to know one when I see one.

  66. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “When you were in prison I didn’t send you a book. I wanted to but the wife was worried about the children and grandchildren.”

    I am unsure of the connection between these two sentences.

  67. jockmcx

    This is a unionist point of view i came acrosss,

    How popular is Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland?

    (To quote my sister “I wouldn’t give her the steam off my piss”.
    Personally I think she is a human being so if I was too say see her being swept out to sea, despite hating her politics and considering her a danger to Scotland, I would still contact the coastguard. If I had one I might even use a first class stamp.)

    “maybe 5 or 6 years ago i would have found it offensive,
    but now i have to admit a chuckle…
    Time to go wee nic!”

    I’ll cheer myself up again with the cocteau twins,
    because…thier fucking brilliant!

  68. SusanAHF

    You didn’t answer the question Craig; do you believe that women have penises? Or, put another way, can men change sex or be born in the wrong body? Because that is what t”trans” rights come down to. Quasi religious beliefs without scientific basis.beliefs that if taken to their logical end impinge upon the dignity, safety and even reality of women.

  69. Kevin Cargill

    Ok Nicola. Now is the time. We all know you are a transman lesbian iron hurler. How about you stop the bullshit and admit what a fucking straight woman hating cunt you really are!

  70. Iain More

    Misogyny isn’t okay but Misandry is in the “modern SNP” and the modern Engerlish domained UK. It is bit like films and TV series that are now made for man hating “modern audiences”. It is time the man haters and the Scot haters were gone.

  71. jockmcx

    I remember the days when the ragman came around on his horse and
    cart blowing an old brass trumpet,you could bring him out an old
    tatty jumper or coat and exchange it for a big red balloon on a

    I wonder how much tatt you’d need to buy one of these balloons who think they’re fit represent the scottish electorate?

  72. twathater

    The utube link put up by 100%Yes @ 10pm should be viewed and spread widely for THAT is the true face of sturgeon, on coming out of the chamber reporters were firing questions at her, the apoplectic rage was on show like never before , and as usual her demonic hatred of anyone challenging her opinions or statements was palpable

  73. Wilson McBride

    Twathater 2.52am

    That video is priceless.

    The arrogant bastard can’t even give a couple of minutes of her time to explain her explanations.

    “Talk to the hand”.

    You can see the rage building up as every second she was captured passes.

    Horrible ignorant bastard.

    Rot in Hell ya bitch.

  74. jockmcx

    i,m back…pissed as a newt…but i don’t care!
    I have an exercise for for everyone!

    look at this video…every person in it is dead!…even the wee ones!

    It is your future!…now why would you not give your all to create
    a better country…and have at least a chaaaaance,to create a better
    world?………….rather than just be a CUNT!

    Here’s looking at you kid!

  75. craig murray

    Geroge Ferguson
    Sorry my comment addressed to you was to explain my earlier comment in the light of your kind observation. It wasn’t accusing you personally of idolising anyone (of courxe your wife excepted).

  76. craig murray


    I didn’t answer the question because I have covered these matters quite extensively on my own blog.

    No, I do not believe any of those things you enumerate. I think the pseudo-scientific debate on all sides is a load of daft nonsense.

    What I do believe is that people should live as they wish to live, and be treated as they wish to be treated, up until the point when they do something criminal, at which point their rights are of course circumscribed.

    But I don’t think you should treat individuals who have done nothing wrong as criminal.

  77. Breeks

    sarah says:
    29 January, 2023 at 11:42 pm

    I can’t see her leaving voluntarily before the 2026 Holyrood election and even then only if she loses her seat – which is unlikely as she will head the list in her region.

    I’m in agreement. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    Sturgeon has done far more heinous things than this. Is being happy to jail a rapist in a woman’s prison higher or lower in the depravity scale that trying to jail an innocent man as a rapist? The only difference is the nodding donkeys in the “media” were complicit in that.

    Sturgeon unforgivably threw away Scottish Independence and Scotland’s European Citizenship in 2016 when it was there to be taken. All Sturgeon had to do was pit England’s Brexit majority against Scotland’s Claim of Right and gravity would have done the rest. She waltzed away from that catastrophe when that should have been the end of her.

    Sturgeon is a sociopath incapable of guilt or remorse. She won’t stand down. We won’t be rid of her until she’s dragged out kicking and screaming.

    To paraphrase Johnny Armstrong the Reiver, those expecting Sturgeon to do the decent thing are “but fools to seek grace at a graceless face”.

  78. David Holden

    Silence of the Bams. Has anyone heard anything from those staunch defenders of trans rights Harvie, Greer, Slater and Chapman as I worry about them. A lot of people keeping their heads down now that the public is slowly wakening up to the dogs dinner of the gender bill and those that voted down amendments that would have gone some way to protect female prisoners. At least they have an axe wielding, violent male prostitute for emotional support .

  79. Dubh

    @Craig Murray

    When you were in prison I set up an account and we exchanged letters. You support independence. I admire your integrity and efforts to make things right in a world that is truly wrecked by…people.

    I vehemently disagree with Self ID and that women & girls and gay folk should bend without question to the insistent and horrific “Me,me,me” Trans trend.
    There’s a reason women HAD single sex spaces. It’s because men attack them. And for centuries.
    But, you support men over women, in everything. I get that.
    You’re on the wrong side of what will soon be history and I’ll never forget that.

    My theory on when NS will piss off: It’ll be BEFORE the ‘speshul conference’ This will so that the WM and Stonewall approved Angus Robertson can drink in the wave of applause he so desperately craves. A new brush. A new gradualist. A new gravy-boater. And so, we might suffer her for another month or so yet.

  80. Wee Chid

    craig murray says:
    30 January, 2023 at 5:08 am


    “What I do believe is that people should live as they wish to live, and be treated as they wish to be treated”

    So would you affirm the self perceived obesity of an anorexic and encourage them to starve to death because you feel you need to accept how they “feel” about themselves”

    I can’t see any difference between this type of body dysmporphia and any other.

    Everyonem at some point in their life, is unhappy about their body image. Most of us cope with it – others need psychiatric intervention. What they don’t need is genital mutilation – something that is condemned by most for other religious purposes but, for some reason, not for the trans religion.

    We need better mental health services and not one that simply affirms the patient’s belief in fantasy.

  81. Bob Mack

    @Craig Murray,

    How arrogant of you.i think everyone has stated that they support genuine trans. People who have undergone transition that protects their interest and that of the wider public who ultimately pay for this.

    What we do not support is men with all their bits being put in womens spaces.

    You will never know why wome.n are brougjt up and live and feel the way they do. Perhaps for a while in prison you knew that fear. Women can live with this every day from a very young age.

    Perhaps it is you who needs a wider perspective, because from where I stand you seem quite myopic and unconcerned by that

  82. Geoff Anderson

    The mutilation of young girls and putting kids on drugs for life is to justify the campaign of a few Men.
    The Men driving it merely change pronoun….no drugs or surgery for them.

  83. One_Scot

    OMG, I had read that she had said this using women’s rights statement but actually thought, no that cannot be true.

    Now I have seen it, WTAF.

    This is either a Deepfake or she has lost the F’ing plot.

  84. Effijy

    It’s quite incredible that a political leader cannot read the room and U turn to keep the majority of voters on their side.

    It’s political suicide.

    The Tories U turn like a full time stunt driver and no party ever stayed in power longer than they.

    If not a full U turn a Tory would say they tried to help these people but some evil people within their own ranks have torn up the Bill and the U.K. government have over ruled so it’s finished to be looked at in a generation when I’m gone into the rainbow with Dorothy.

    This stance is so stupid I just can’t believe it.

    100,000. SNP members gone and they look to see if they can lose even more.

  85. Mac

    That Salmond article was a superb read. Just to quote a couple of bits…

    “Since then, electoral support has largely remained but, particularly since Brexit, four successive UK prime ministers have been placed under zero political pressure to concede Scotland’s demands. As a result, we have moved backwards, from Scotland’s national rights being respected to being disrespected. Assuming that has not been deliberate, then it is an example of extraordinary political ineptitude.”

    Its been deliberate. She fooled us all.

    “But one thing I certainly did not foresee is that over the course of that epic quarter of a century, the transformation would be about more than the numerical balance between the parties; it now would be within the nature of the parties themselves. If I could paraphrase a passage from a famous moral tale about politics: the people outside looked from SNP to Labour, and from Labour to SNP, and from SNP to Labour again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    Awesome. That folks is how you make an Animal Farm comparison!

    Could not be truer.

  86. Breeks

    I feel we stand at a crossroads.

    “IF” Sturgeon goes, and “IF” whoever replaces her is NOT another waste of space clone, we need to somehow resurrect Holyrood as a mechanism of some potency, which won’t be easy after Sturgeon’s various capitulations to the superiority of Westminster rule and outright betrayal of the Claim of Right. Westminster will not relinquish thee very damaging precedents easily.

    The Scotland Act is the constitution of the Holyrood Assembly, not the Scottish Nation, but yet Scotland’s First Minister has fully capitulated to this outrageous colonial insurrection, and betrayed the Claim of Right in the Process. Controversial for some, but I’m inclined to believe a case could be made for calling that treason.

    The other road at this crossroads means we essentially abandon Holyrood, and choose to regard it as a Westminster friendly sub-committee set up to administer Devolution, which has no part to play in Scotland progressing Independence under International Law and Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty under the leadership of a Convention of the Estates.

    Given we have suffered 8, coming on 9 years of squandered time and opportunity, and suffered these massive unconstitutional forfeits, my feet are quite firmly in the latter option, which as we move forward places no dependency whatsoever on the SNP.

    Take time to think about it. What is the optimum result possible even if we woke up tomorrow to discover a complete change of guard at the SNP? The “reasonable” types in the SNP with a degree of integrity seem very small in number, and it would take so many by-elections to unseat all the dross and untrustworthy, and that process would occur at a time when Sturgeon has destroyed the SNP’s integrity. What a joyless prospect that is.

    Sturgeon has truly done a number on Scotland, on Holyrood, and in particular the SNP.

    I keep pedaling my Red and White Sovereignty narrative, which forces a binary distinction to be made between Scottish Red Sovereignty and UK Westminster White Sovereignty.

    When I put on my Red Sovereignty goggles and look around Holyrood and the SNP, and Scotland’s established / establishment place in UK Government, I am detecting very little resource that’s of use to us. It is all either compromised or expendable. All we need is the Sovereignty which so very few of Scotland’s SNP politicians know or even care about.

    Perhaps the one potency left with the SNP would be if the Westminster contingent of Scottish MP’s were to walk out of Westminster en masse, and put themselves at the disposal of our Convention of the Estates. However the chances of that happening seem very remote indeed.

  87. Ottomanboi

    The writer is called a «science writer» albeit she has no science qualification, her degree is in journalism. She is a popular influencer in the rationally fuzzy world US «liberals» seem to inhabit. She contributes to the likes of the NY Times, Washington Post, Scientific American and National Geographic mag. The journalistic thread is suggestive.
    Plainly, in American sentiment outweighs.
    Is Scotland on the same emotion-led, all about feelings, trajectory?

  88. Jacqueline

    Big Jock says:
    29 January, 2023 at 8:39 pm
    The damage indeed vandalism Sturgeon has now done to Scotland and our movement. Is worthy of being deported to an uninhabited island.

    She has single handedly turned expected victory into abject failure. Scotland needs to rebuild its brand and credibility. We have gone from an inclusive beacon. To a dangerous regressive nation, on the precipice of political suicide.

    Not single handedly

  89. Mac


    There is that word again… keeps cropping up.

    Betrayed her mentor.

    Betrayed her party.

    Betrayed her sex.

    Betrayed her Nation.

    And that is not even an exhaustive list, just the lowlights.

  90. Brian Doonthetoon

    Two articles from this morning’s Herald.

    “Ms Sturgeon could have said something similar about having second thoughts – and perhaps the government review announced at the weekend is a sign she has. She could have acknowledged that most of her critics are actually reasonable and rational rather than transphobic. She could also have said that she’s willing to go back and look at the legislation again, work with the UK Government, and come up with something better. This would have been the reasonable and, dare I say it, rational response.

    Instead, she has chosen to lay into the critics in a pretty lurid way. Some of those who oppose her law, she says, are apparently deeply misogynist, often homophobic, and possibly racist. But has she spoken to them? Has she invited some of the critics to talk to her face to face, and if not why not?”

    “Yet, rather than issue an apology for her dangerous arrogance and order an urgent review of her crumbling legislation, Ms Sturgeon chose to defame the overwhelming majority of Scots who harbour fears about the safeguarding of women’s spaces. She said: “There are people who have opposed this bill that cloak themselves in women’s rights to make it acceptable, but just as they’re transphobic you’ll also find that they’re deeply misogynist, often homophobic, possibly some of them racist as well.”
    Donald Trump would have been proud of her. It bore all the hallmarks of his evidence-free and increasingly crazed tirades against those who dared to oppose him. By the end of his presidency, Trump’s inner circle had contracted to include only those who had agreed never to tell him anything he didn’t want to hear. I fear that Ms Sturgeon has now tumbled head-long into that bleak rabbit-hole.”

  91. SusanAHF

    Thank you for your polite reply Craig Murray. Can I ask, should I have the right to live as I wish to live? With the safety and dignity single sex spaces formerly gave me, with the former right I had to have a female give me intimate care should I request it? Should women and girls be allowed to organise safe places for themselves without men barging in? Should women be allowed to have sports, educational activities to extend themselves without men barging in? Women are humans too.

  92. Patsy Millar

    Wee Chid @ 9.27pm, My thoughts exactly.

  93. Luigi

    Mac says:
    30 January, 2023 at 8:44 am

    “Its been deliberate. She fooled us all.”

    I think it’s a both of both, Mac – she is sneaky and inept. She certainly has a bag of survival skills, is able to fool enough people for a while, and can be ruthless when she chooses to be. However, in the big game, the realpolitik, she is way out of her depth, as the evidenced by the absolute shambles she has created. A sneaky, not-very-nice person, way out of her depth. That, for me sums up the FM.

  94. John Main

    @Breeks says:30 January, 2023 at 8:50 am

    The other road at this crossroads means we essentially abandon Holyrood, and choose to regard it as a Westminster friendly sub-committee set up to administer Devolution, which has no part to play in Scotland progressing Independence under International Law and Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty under the leadership of a Convention of the Estates

    What I truly don’t understand is how the well-documented fact, that Hollyrood was specifically set up to kill Scottish Indy stone dead, has eluded so many people for so many years.

    I was around at the time. Even I, in a state of little interest in politics, knew why Hollyrood had been established. It wasn’t exactly a secret.

    Hollyrood has done exactly what it says on the tin. If there is to be anger, it should be directed at those who lied by saying it could do something else, and maybes also at those who blindly believed and went on repeating the lie.

  95. Alf Baird

    Postcolonial theory reflects what we see – a colonial administration working ‘to protect the colonizer’s interest’ ‘deceives the independence movement’ and takes the people up successive ‘blind alleys’ to delay and prevent independence; it ‘behaves like a gang’ and inevitably turns to fascism at the root of colonialism in a last ditch effort to keep control. As Aime Cesaire wrote:

    “..a nation which colonizes, which justifies colonization and therefore force, is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.”

    Oppressive laws, deceit, persecution and worse – all of which are now on display in Scotland – is all we can expect from a colonial administration.

  96. Mac

    “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

    Stage One Lincoln – has been and gone – Sturgeon most definitely did fool all (or most of us for sure) for some of the time.

    To be fair to most of us, living in Salmond’s shadow for 99% of Sturgeon’s political life suited that deception. It was only when AS stepped aside and the political sunlight truly hit her for the first time as leader, that all the wisps of acrid green smoke started appearing from underneath her pantsuit.

    You know the tree by the fruit it bears but alas it takes time for that to happen and by then it was already too late…

    Stage Two Lincoln – safe to say we are now deep into stage two – the point where increasingly all that remains of Sturgeon’s support are those ‘some’ who will remained ‘fooled all of the time’.

    The same rabid element who have split the party and viciously attacked anyone who even remotely and respectfully disagreed with the direction the party was being taken. They are not used to what has been happening the last week or so. This is new ground for them and for the first time they can sense their own political mortality, and already they are starting to melt and crumble… like all (cry)bullies.

    However will the electorate now be smart enough to figure out Salmond was stitched-up… that ALBA is the quick way out… at least while the SNP is cleaned out and if possible salvaged… or will they just be annoyed at the SNP and go back to voting Labour or whatever…

    Sadly I have learned that despite 2014, and especially since 2014, that even now that most SNP voters are still led around by their nose by the mainstream media and the BBC. So my guess is it will be the latter not the former.

    Sturgeon’s job will have been achieved. In fact I would not be slightly surprised if they have even more bigger banana skins lined up for her to accidentally (wink wink) step in before she leaves office. In fact I’d bet on it but a lot depends on whether she is able to get her hand chosen successor in place or not first…

  97. stuart mctavish

    George Fergusson @10:30


    No one needed their birth certificate (ever) to get into a cinema or shake hands so I’d say the underlying principle of selfID (be yourself) is less of a fundamental concern than that of coughID (belong to bs).

    Accordingly this particular multiphobic racist immoral bigot* would prefer to see the results of judicious inquiry by incorruptibles outwith the legal, medical or trades union establishment into what the hell has been going on before casting too many stones at the ladies inadvertently caught up in it all

    *Just a flesh wound:

  98. President Xiden

    On another note. What’s the latest on Humza Yousaf’s threatened legal action against that Nursery he claimed to be racist?

  99. mike cassidy


    There is only one question

    Has this issue made Nicola Sturgeon a political liability that could reduce the number of SNP seats at Holyrood or Westminster?

    Enough to make sitting MPs and MSPs start worrying about their jobs

    I’m not convinced yet

  100. Geoff Anderson

    @ Craig Murray

    I note your line “people should be allowed to live the way they wish to live up until they do something criminal”
    It is a variation on the “Be Kind” charter

    However you ignore the impact caused without doing anything criminal. Walking into a room of Women at a rape crisis centre is not criminal. Demanding access to a female hospital ward is not criminal. A 30 year old man joining a girls football team is not criminal. An elderly Women being to it is a Woman bathing her is not criminal…..

    Nothing is criminal because you and others view the TransCult demands through their perspective. They are Women in your eyes.

    If I object to a drag act in a school room or a school asking 7 year olds about sex or my Government asking schoolchildren about anal sex I am Transphobic.

    When I object to language being changed such as Birthing Parent or chest feeding once again I am transphobic.

    A huge gulf exists between toleration and domination. 0.3% of the population should not be dictating the operation of society. This small group are dictating what is acceptable and LEGAL in society.

    I respect all religions but I would object to Shia Law being applied to me in Scotland. I would refuse to allow FGM in Scotland no matter the claim of the supporters. I am happy for people to live their live UNTIL they impose their values on society.
    Do you really support young girls having healthy breasts removed. Do you really support children being put on drugs for the rest of their life’s?

    “Up until they break the Law”

    We have seen this week who is writing those Laws. We have a SPS boasting of being ahead of the Law in applying rules for prisoners.

    They are not living their lives. They are imposing their lifestyle.

    We are speaking out now because we will soon not be able too. The Police already visit those who tie a ribbon, put up a poster or post an “unacceptable” tweet. Women have lost their jobs, careers ended, deplatformed. May people have just been put through years of pain by unfounded exaggerated claims. The TransCult developed a tactic to silence people “ The Process is the Punishment”

    Why are people wearing gender tags, why are people putting a gender tag on their business email……don’t you recognise control when you see it?

  101. robbo

    Can someone translate this in Ayrshire slang please? I huvnae a scooby do wit thon thing is sayin.

  102. Ruby

    Since Craig Murray has given us advice and suggested what we should and shouldn’t be doing perhaps I could return the favour.

    Being that you are a high profile member of Alba would it not be better for Alba and the country if you kept your views on ‘trans rights’ to yourself?

  103. Luigi

    I think the FM has until last week been protected, to a degree, by the British establishment (mainly the MSM). This could have continued, as they probably saw her as a “safe pair of hands” to dampen expectations of independence. This could have gone on happily for another 10 years, but she tried to be too clever and has fallen on her face. Her fall from grace, so to speak, was the GRR debacle IMO. The reason the MSM have turned on her big time now is because WM was forced to use Section 35 and the recent scandal is perfect cover. A perfect excuse for using Section 35, hence the media are all over it, and this will burn and on until she goes. It’s not that WM cares about women’s rights any more than her, it’s just that it’s a justification for them using Section 35. What a gift. Well done, Nicola.

  104. Anne Johnston

    “I’m for truth, no matter who says it,
    I’m for justice, no matter who it is for,
    or against”

    Malcolm X

  105. George Ferguson

    @Rev Stu 1:22pm
    OK I will try to explain. I have a fair bit of admiration for Craig Murray as well. I wanted to send a book or two and show him Solidarity. My wife persuaded me not to send him anything as she and some other family members were working in prominent public service roles. They have seen the SNP Scot Gov close up. So basically to avoid a stitch up. Paranoia? That’s their perception of their workplace.

  106. Geoff Anderson

    Perhaps they should ask the Women for their views when filling out the so calledRisk Assessment?

    What does the “MAN” want seems to be the key driver.

    Risk Assessment form ( Criminals are always honest answering these questions eh!)

  107. sarah

    @ Breeks at 7.17: “Johnnie Armstrong… a fool for seeking grace from a graceless face.”

    Have I mentioned btl that I am reading George Macdonald Fraser’s “The Steel Bonnets” at the moment? That episode is described – along with so much else. What a book this is – GMF makes a very long and complex subject human, understandable and very readable.

    If I had known about it at the time I would have sent it to Craig in Saughton instead of the trilogy of novels by P F Chisholm set in the 1590’s based on a Warden, Robert Carey.

    @ Craig – can you remember if you ever received that trilogy? I rather suspect that it got filtered out because it wasn’t a new copy from a retailer.

    Also, Craig, I take your point about not idolising anyone. We must never just leave things in some individual’s hands, not even Alex’s.

  108. fruitella the hun

    Geoff Anderson 10.33

    Excellent piece.

    I’m keen to keep mentioning that prominent Green Party TRAs are also associated with a tiny political sect currently manifesting as Democratic Left Scotland, a direct descendant of the Communist Party of Great Britain – which split into various factions. Adam Ramsay has described themselves as Eurocommunist. No doubt there are similar people in the SNP and Labour. Plenty Greens are not on board with the nonsense you describe so well. It would not surprise me at all if even DLS saw this issue as a tactical lever rather than a heartfelt cause.

  109. Muscleguy

    JKR called us Yes campaigners Death Eaters during Indyref1. I’m behind her on women’s rights but we part company when it comes to Indy. I doubt she has changed her mind.

  110. 100%Yes

    If your living in Scotland it feels worse. Nicola Story could be written into a fairy tale in Scottish history, but instead she become our worst nightmare. At the start she was presented as a President with all the glamour of full stadiums and bands playing as she walks on to stage and the vision was Independence, to being a woman who’s allowed it all to go to her head. She turned Westminster from being the enemy to being our saviour when it comes to women rights.

    Her achievement as a politician is zero, she all but destroyed the Yes movement, she and her party tried to destroy Alex Salmond, its time for her to go but go she will not.

    When Sturgeon took over as FM it look as if she would achieve more than Mr Salmond had ever done, the trouble was Mr Salmond is a true Scot and a decent human being and Sturgeon couldn’t help her nature and the only thing she could do was to discredit the former FM in order to make herself look as if she had achieved more when in fact she hasn’t achieved a single thing and she reversing on all the good things Mr Salmond has done.
    It looks as if the MSM want her gone and for me this would be good for the SNP, Scotland and the Independence movement, but she would rather destroy everything than walk away with what credibility she once had.

    Even Ruth Davidson knew when to walk away and with regards to both Ruth and Nicola its Nicola History won’t be kind to and there is no one else to blame than Nicola Sturgeon.

  111. Liz

    @craigmurray IMHO you have lost ALL credibilty.
    You can barely contain your hatred of strong women.

  112. Jane Doe

    Elizabeth Fry, whop campaigned for the humanitarian treatment of women prisoners and mental health inmates would be appalled. When visiting Newgate Prison in London in the early 19th century she found men, women and children together. The women and children were physically and sexually abused and exploited by male prisoners and guards. She lobbied for the segregation of prisoners by sex, with women only guards in women’s jails. The principles of the Gaols Act of 1823 was then adopted by many other countries and the UN. 200 years later we see women back to being incarcerated with men, women prison officers at risk from large strong men and women and children at risk in refugees.

  113. DaveL

    Hi Craig, in your recent blogpost ( ) you say you accept people as you find them and because of this you are often asked ” … do I believe that a man can actually become a woman? The answer to which is, that I neither know nor care.”

    With that statement you deny science, added to your comment above saying you don’t believe the pseudo science either what are people to think? Is it the opposite of what you also state in the above referenced blogpost that you do not seek a middle ground, because it appears to me that you’re very much sitting on the fence.

    I won’t speculate on why you might be taking the position you are but whatever your reasons get off the fence, get real.

  114. Athanasius

    I used to enjoy reading Julie Bindel when she was writing for UnHerd. It was always great fun seeing if she could get all the way to the end of one of her articles — on any subject — without taking a pop at men in general. I don’t remember her ever making it to the finish line.

  115. PacMan

    In the cold light of the day after the frenzy of activity over the weekend, it looks like Sturgeon is wounded by this but not terminally.

    The simpler explanation of why Sturgeon is getting an easy ride by the media is because she is female and due to MeToo, the media are afraid to ask hard questions for fear of being accused of misogyny.

    Sturgeon has also been clever where she has got her fellow politicians, mostly male to do her dirty work on the media.

    This time though, the events of male rapists being sent to woman’s prison is too serious a subject to let accusations of misogyny get in the way so the media have went after her this time.

    While the media go after her again on different subjects? It is hard to say but I doubt it.

    As to whether she can hang on? If she is smart enough, she stays away from controversial subjects so she can go back to the easy ride in the media that she has enjoyed up until now.

  116. Geoff Anderson

    Sturgeons “neutral” expert eh! victor madrigal – the man quoted and invited happens to have links he failed to mention.

    “Through a grant to the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program, Arcus will support the historic work of the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to define human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity…”

  117. Merganser

    Re: Craig Murray’s comments.

    I have previously stated on here that Craig Murray was my hero, as indeed he was for trying to show, within the restraints imposed, all the facts about the persecution (sic) of Alex Salmond.

    I sent him a postcard with a message of support every week. I have no regrets in doing that. As someone else posted on here ‘He walked the walk’.

    When I wrote that he had jumped of the pedestal I had put him on I was told that we should cut him a bit of slack over his views on trans issues.

    As Craig has decided to come on here and express his views, and thereby invite response, here is mine.

    I cannot believe that a man of Craig’s intellectual capacity can say that trans people should be left to live as they wish until the point when they do something criminal.

    Another poster has already given a long list of things which impact on women without being criminal and prevent women living as they wish.

    Why Craig chooses to ignore such an impact of a small proportion of trans people on half the population is beyond my comprehension, and why this small proportion should be allowed to live as they wish, but half the population are not allowed to live as they wish, defies rational belief.

    I will always be grateful to Craig, and retain my admiration for him, for what he did for Alex Salmond.

    But for the life of me I cannot understand his position on this issue and it seems to me he is in danger of digging a bigger hole by coming on here and showing he can’t see the woods for the trees, and telling people how they should look at things.

    I hope he throws the shovel away and recognises the justification of the position of women and girls in this debate – which has been so abysmally ignored by the people at Holyrood.

  118. Maureen

    Joanna Cherry says: Let’s listen to former prison governor
    speaking about life for vulnerable women accommodated with transgender prisoners in Scotland. This is lived experience not transphobia or any other phobia for that matter.

  119. Kevin Cargill

    There are an awful lot of high profile male politicians, journalists and others who continue to support the GRA unequivocally. Given the very high levels of prostitution amongst transwomen it is only natural that the public are coming to the conclusion (certainly amongst people I speak to about the subject) that their motives in giving such support are deeply questionable and sinister!

  120. James Che

    When we think of the purpose of a devolution government for Scotland all we have to remember is whose idea it was.

    And since then it has done what it was suppose to do, stop independence.
    In a sense Winnie Ewen’s speech was misleading for Scots when the proxy devolved parliament was opened.

    It was not possible to reconvened a Scottish parliament while under uk legislation Scotland Act, given it permission to have existence.
    The two positions are paradoxical to each other.
    Labours idea of devolution was indeed to blind independence from ever happening.
    And it remains to this day, that Scotland does not have a true Scottish parliament in the treaty of the union nor can it therefore have Members of the 1707 Scottish parliament in Westminster since 1707

  121. John H.

    I have been a bit suspicious of the timing of these violent rapist cases coming to light. Could it be that the British establishment (who will always let you down) have decided to do to Nicola Sturgeon what she did to Alex Salmond for them.

  122. James Che

    I can see why many labourites and tories want to see a change of political parties at the top in the devolved government in Scotland. It benifits the establishment no end.

    It is disheartening however to see so many Scots do not understand that even if we had that regime change,
    We still do not have a government in Scotland no matter which party is in play, that can go it alone for independence without seeking permission first from its colonial master under the the Scotland Act.

    Enslaved to Westminster’s legislation and command for as long as we have a proxy devolved government.

  123. PacMan

    John H. says: 30 January, 2023 at 1:13 pm

    I have been a bit suspicious of the timing of these violent rapist cases coming to light. Could it be that the British establishment (who will always let you down) have decided to do to Nicola Sturgeon what she did to Alex Salmond for them

    Possibly. However, as this has been going on for years, it could be simply that those in the prison service took the opportunity to highlight this issue in the media that would not gain any traction whatsoever at any other time?

    Even if it orchestrated by the British establishment, any fair-minded person would not object despite the damage caused to the independence campaign.

    Let’s look at it this way, it was Nicola Sturgeon who pursed this legislative agenda and know this would happen but she took the decision to go ahead with it anyway. If this issue does cause damage to the independence campaign, it is solely because of her.

  124. Maureen
    ‘Being male should exclude you from a woman’s prison, full stop.’

    Director of the Keep Prisons Single Sex campaign, Kate Coleman, condemns the transfer of transwomen from male prisons to female prisons.

  125. James Che

    One of the most idiotic claims of the UK parliament site has, is to State that Scotland’s parliament ceased to exist in 1707.
    By agreeing to the treaty of the union.

    This statement leaves only Englands Westminster in the treaty of the union.
    In a treaty with no Scottish parliament.

    If The Scottish parliament ceased to exist in England, due to the treaty, there simply is no treaty with Scotland.

  126. James Che

    So the Snp under the Scotland Act legislation from Westminster work for and are employees of ……Westminster.

  127. James Che

    I have been curious for a while, why AS, has not mentioned that the Scottish parliament was closed in 1707, and thus eliminates any members of the old Scottish parliament sitting or participating in Westminster parliament ever since, as this was is a conversation (we ) held a few years ago, and he was in total agreement with that position.

  128. dpg

    Liz and dave L
    re your comments about craig Murray, I think you are not understanding. I think he is saying he does not want to be drawn into the toxic issue of ‘gender’
    The reality is that it is a complex issue and regardless of the statistical Norm that sex is binary, there are many documented scientific observations and inferred scientific interptretations that deviate from that Normal Distribution.Statistics is a complex topic and unless you are qualified I think yiou should avoid comment. It may even be the case that the complexity of the issue and the social issues that are attached to it may mean that it is not possible to legislate on-which tends to create fixed positions that cannot fiot into some legislative framework except over a protracted process of accumulated knowledge and experience.
    Lets try this on for size.
    Reputedly the duke of Windsor was gay but at the time he lived homosexuality was illegal and deeply and widely disapproved of by a homophobic population. Mrs Simpson was reputedly a prostitute.She reputedly had a penis. As a prostitute in Shanghai she catered for a very exclusive clientele-namely gay men.
    Again reputedly Mrs simpson was endowed with a Penis or some anatomical analogue. This was a very happy accident for the duke of Windsor because he could silence the rumours about his gayness while actually having the benefit of a meaningful sexual relationship by being married to a woman.

  129. smitty

    One cabinet minister privately admits that this is the biggest crisis during Sturgeon’s reign. The cabinet is in turmoil with some now willing to openly challenge the decision to take the s35 to court. The know the public is deeply against the GRR and they will likely lose. They are in a massive hole they have dug for themselves. Those looking to further their careers or hold into what they have are pulling away from Sturgeon. No names being given to me as the gov is trying to find out the moles. To be honest it is now easier to find out who is not leaking.

    The gov is now ridden with paranoia with everyone trying to blame each other. Nobody is under any doubt though that this is the beginning of the end of this regime.

  130. Maureen

    Legally there must be comprehensive risk assessments including other inmates AND staff
    if this form is ALL there is a lot of people are in immense trouble! I hope that
    expedites that call for a public investigation

  131. Merganser

    dpg @1.58

    Your post makes no sense in relation to Craig Murray. By coming on here with several posts he is declaring that he is quite happy to be drawn into the issue and tell people what they should do, and what he says makes no sense to me or the vast majority of men and women.
    You don’t have to be any sort of expert to know the effect of a tiny minority of people being allowed to do what they want to the detriment of women and children. It’s not rocket science.

  132. Merganser


    In addition to my last post, what is the relevance of the Duke of Windsor? How did his relationship impact on 50% of the population- he wasn’t demanding to be called a woman and to be allowed to enter women’s spaces etc. His situation was completely different, and you know it – or should.

  133. Liz

    @dpg I’m a trained scientist, studied stats as part of my degree.
    I don’t need a patronising lecture from someone who has misunderstood the entire GRR debate.
    I could not care less about anyones private life.

    If Wallis S had a penis, who GAF, but if he/she did, then he/ she should have been sent to a prison matching his/ her sex if the situation had ever arisen

    It’s you who have failed to understand the GRR topic.
    Of a tiny % of those who have DSDs, a tiny % in itself, approximately 99.99% can be classed as male/ female and those stats are from a biological researcher who has published extensive info on the subject.

    Her observations were based on hormones, and gene variation.
    Of 65000 newborns she collated, only one of those was unexplained by current knowledge.

    BTW Craig Murray is a big boy, I’m sure he’s perfectly capable of fighting his own corner.

  134. Liz

    @smitty great news.
    The weak minded crawlers will not be forgiven if they change their minds to save their careers.

    They couldn’t have been listening to anyone as all of them received emails from 100s of constituents.

    Everyone who voted for the GRR, will never receive any support from me.

  135. DaveL


    You can statistical norm scientifically observe and infer all you like. What all this boils down to is a simple question:

    Can a man be a woman?

    The answer is also very simple:


    That’s all.

  136. panda paws


    “unless you are qualified I think yiou should avoid comment.”

    Back at you mate. Sex isn’t gender nor is it normally distributed.

    “inferred scientific interptretations that deviate from that Normal Distribution”

    Actually laughing now. Of course there are things that deviate from normal distribution. That’s because they aren’t normally distributed. And as for what inferred scientific interpretations is supposed to mean, I really don’t know.

  137. James Che

    It is interesting how Scottish independence conversation has been permanently hijacked by the Westminster legislated devolved government over the years since the NuSnp took their office, the topics have varied since 2014,

    However every topic has stymed the goal of Scottish independence. Diverted the chat away from Actual achievements and routes To fending of political attacks from every where & elsewhere.

    There is nothing like keeping the Scots occupied so they forget what they were doing. All these present problems would end, pretty quickly if Scottish people remembered what it was they were supposed to doing.

    The Snp had to register to become a party under UK legislation, the same way and method as any other uk party, they all have to swear an oath to the same monarch,
    Funding for the devolved government also come through uk legislation of the Barnett formula,

    But how different or special is the devolved Scottish government?

    Well it is no more special under the “levelling up Britain” than a County Council down south which many have also gained devolved powers under Boris Johnstone scheme.

    That is the power that Scotlands devolved government has. That of a County Council.

  138. Astonished

    It is very telling that a number of commentators on here and elsewhere are referring to this Scottish Government as a regime.

    When Sturgeon is gone, and that is now looking like sooner rather than later, we will have to unite the YES movement.

    The only way I can see that happening is if there is a ‘night of the long knives’ for all the transcult and their handmaidens.

    Do the nuSNP have enough decent members left to actually do this ? I just don’t think so.

    Sturgeon really did a number on us – Didn’t she.

  139. James Che

    How many here want regime change of the staff but are quite happy to keep a union boss?

    Changing the staff employment still leaves the same boss, the same head in the devolved county council,

    What dictates of the boss are, will not change.

    The whole lot has to go, the whole set up.

    How does Scotlands nation enjoy being a tiny bit devolved like the Counties of England and Wales?
    Equality Act, and levelling up Britain at its best.

  140. Chas

    How naïve am I?
    Previously I thought that people were sent to prison as a punishment. It now appears that some people!! are there to indulge their fetishes and fantasies. Ably assisted by our courageous MSP’s!
    There are a lot of people in Scotland, stuck at home, without much in the way of heating and food, especially the elderly. Our prisoners are well looked after in this respect.
    Scotland the brave? Scotland the mess is more apt.
    I wonder what next week’s disaster will be?

  141. James Che


    You describe what a snp party are doing then under the UK legislated Scotland Act.
    The concept that the devolved government was a Scottish idea, or that Scotland originally legislated the Scotland Act into existence is nonsical.

    Any and all political acting parties in Scotland at the moment are UK laws and legislation,
    It is hard to get your head around that scenario, but those are the facts.

    The Snp are employees of UK legislation and statues. That why Scotland always has to ask permission from the Bosses. Like any other devolved County Council.

    If the boss’s laws and legislation says “No” which they have done many times,
    Scotland is still under colonial management,

  142. Breeks

    Gotta admit, it’s one of the things you hear and dismiss with a big Naahhh!

    Maybe you folks all knew about it, (I certainly didn’t), that Julie Bindel describes back in 1980 once being followed by a man with a dark beard and wiry hair, at the height of the Yorkshire Ripper manhunt, and told the extremely sceptical Police he had a Yorkshire accent at the time the Police were deeply convinced by the infamous hoax tape that the Yorkshire Ripper was a Geordie.

    On the night in question, Ms Bindel made it into the safety of a Pub, but the next day, the body of Jacqueline Hill, Peter Sutcliffe’s last victim was discovered less than half a mile away from where Julie Bindel was followed.

    I’m guessing such a close encounter with a serial killer is a pretty darn spooky thing to be living with.

    It changes nothing I suppose, and maybe I shouldn’t be such a clype. I’m quite sure she’d prefer to known as Julie Blindel, Advocacy Journalist and Co-founder of Justice for Women, rather than be known for her near death experience at the hands of the Yorkshire Ripper, but what can I say? It just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

    There’s gossip and then there’s Fookin’el gossip… Now answer honestly… for a wee moment there you had goosebumps didn’t you?

  143. Shug

    When you read this

    You begin to understand why Douglas Ross never lays a hand on her during the Salmond case. She is precious to the unionists as they can see a basket case destroying the movement.

    She is being kept in place and protected from a charge of conspiracy because they see she is nuts and has been led up a path they chose.

    The MPs and MSPs must move on her and clear the spooks out if they are to retain their jobs.

    Only when that penny drops can the movement recover

  144. Jane Doe

    So, transwomen are women…EXCEPT when on some ad hoc political basis they are not. I can see legal challenges including Judicial Reviews on the horizon. You reap what you sow.

  145. Breeks

    James Che says:
    30 January, 2023 at 1:52 pm
    I have been curious for a while…

    I obviously can’t speak for Salmond, and his thinking is undoubtedly far removed from my own, but if you believe, truly believe in Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and the Claim of Right, then you “know” the Scotland Act doesn’t hold water, and that you hold the winning trump card.

    That is to say, no matter how big a guddle Holyrood might turn into, you can press the Constitutional plunger, and Scotland’s sovereignty squishes what ever nonsense the Scotland Act may have introduced. Our rules trump their rules.

    Thus the Scotland Act isn’t binding on the Scottish Nation, and arguably not even binding on Holyrood, but in spite of that, Holyrood might yet be an expedient method to further the interests of Scotland.

    For example, Alex Salmond knew that Scotland being well governed by a good SNP Government would build the Nation’s self confidence and encourage undecideds to move over to YES. So, use the Scotland Act phoney war to build support for YES, and don’t rock the Claim of Right boat until you’re ready.

    I believe Alex Salmond recognised Holyrood as a tool to be used, even when it meant indulging some Unionist myths and protocols, (such as Article 30), and exploiting the ambiguities of a Scotland Act constitution which didn’t make sense, or couldn’t be delivered.

    Sturgeon has no such ability. To her, the Scotland Act is her gospel. Whenever Westminster says she can or can’t do something, Sturgeon is flummoxed, predictably defeated, and out of alternatives because the Scotland Act doesn’t give her any.

  146. JGedd


    Re your quote from Craig Murray ‘do I believe that a man can actually become a woman? The answer to which is, that I neither know nor care.”

    I’m afraid that doesn’t seem like sitting on the fence to me. This is one of those cases where it is not possible to equivocate. Otherwise you run into the stumbling illogicality illustrated in Maureen’s link of Nicola Sturgeon trying to make some sense of her position on transwomen and prison policy and failing miserably when she has to find answers to pertinent questions.

    I don’t have political heroes but Craig Murray has come the closest to be seen as one by me. He is usually so clear-sighted in his analyses of many issues and his admirable stance on the Alex Salmond case was so crucial in demonstrating the pernicious process to destroy Salmond (even enduring imprisonment himself for telling the truth) that I find myself at a loss now to understand his position. This is the one issue on which I find myself in total disagreement but it is a fundamental one.

    In the grand scheme of things I’m just a commenter on someone else’s blog so my opinion is not as important as someone of Craig’s stature and that’s what is concerning, that someone who has been so enlightening in illuminating just how undemocratic the present establishment is, could take the stance he does on the trans issue which is, to say the least, disappointing and puzzling.

    ( It’s perhaps illustrative of the reason why I don’t have heroes. Doesn’t mean, though, that I will give up reading Craig Murray’s valuable insights on other issues. That’s the thing about not having heroes; it means you keep a sense of proportion. You can’t agree with someone on everything.)

  147. Shug

    Just saw an stv interview if Nicola trying to say trans man’s are women and sinking when dealing with the Jail issue

    What a mess and absolute mess and made by her. SNP MPs and msps have no chance of retaining their seats or winning a referendum of any sort once the BBC ramp up this nonsense

    I do hope they watch it and see the state she is in for what it is, and self induced. She is a f.,,,,, disgrace

  148. mark

    James Che – you are no constitutional lawyer but you are now outdoing yourself. Both Scotland and England ceased to exist as separate nation states after 1707. Both the Scottish and English Parliaments ceased to exist too. In their place: the nation state of GB and a single GB Parliament (subsequently GB became the UK).

    Scotland is not a nation state so does not have its own sovereign Parliament. No one maintains that the current Scottish Parliament is a sovereign Parliament – it is a devolved parliament (it does exactly what it says on the tin).

    As unpleasant as it is for you, the fact is that the UK Government is the government of the whole UK, including Scotland. The UK Parliament is the sovereign Parliament of the whole United Kingdom – which includes Scotland.

    Your supposed argument about the 1707 Treaty is a nonsense.

  149. JGedd

    Breeks @ 3.57pm

    Yes, I had forgotten that story! Or at least I recall the story but had forgotten it was Julie Bindel. I remember that documentary on the whole dreadful episode of the botched police investigation of the Yorkshire Ripper and the way the misogyny of the police at the time played a large part in enabling Sutcliffe to avoid apprehension before he murdered again.

    And yes, it did give me goosebumps when Julie Bindel recounted what had happened to her that night.

  150. Lorne

    Actually whilst it is less obvious in the UK as yet
    The Trans zealots ideaology is heavily bavked by Big Pharma and Social Media Platforms
    The experiemental genetically modified vaccines were heavily pushed by all governments, so you have a captured government already never mind the quid pro quo lobbying from the parachuted in people running Greens trans promoting groups.. who’s raison d’etre is identifying more trans kids…
    That is grooming to me…
    It ie a shame that commentators whoever insightful don’t know the landscape of Scotland and independence movement, of which most had long past supporting this SNP and this Scotgov and the tyrrant and her mirrors.
    We didnt make mistakes it is not us who subverted the agenda and sold all Scots out.

  151. sarah

    @ mark: if Scotland ceased to exist how do you explain that we have a separate and very different legal system? And that our territory is not owned by the UK government?

  152. twathater

    I have got to say that watching that clusterfuck by the betrayer trying to stop burstin oot greetin at smiths insistence on an answer was VERY enjoyable

    BUT I remembered the self same stv DELIBERATELY ignoring this perverted lunacy alongside the rest of the SCUM media, SO what has changed, are the media now deciding that the lunacy should be exposed or is the establishment sending orders that sturgeon has become persona non grata and she is being thrown to the wolves
    I sincerely hope it is the latter so that REAL independence supporters can get to work, her and her fellow scum will be prosecuted at a later date in our INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND

  153. James che

    Go do your research.

    The English parliament in 1707 was prorogued, and Queen Anne ended the prorogued parliament of members without elections or shifting parliament buildings into the newly named parliament of Great Britain, with the same members, the old parliament of England simply changed it name, but did not cease.
    It is on record in Hansard,

    So while the Scottish parliament ceased to exist in England because of the treaty promise by the commisioner’s English parliament did not cease but was simple prorogued.

    I provided the links to this information that is stored in Uk parliament,
    Perhaps thats more uncomfortable for you research and check even with the links I provided.

  154. Lorne

    @ Craig Murray,

    The position you have stated seems rather dated..
    Perhaps in the past we’d all have said live and let live
    as you did.
    Which makes me wonder if you have grasped that “Trans”
    the meaning of the word and people who use it has
    morphed quite violently in the past few years and has been subverted in itself. It’s now a weapon.
    We are not talking about respecting the rarity of intersex people who do not broadcast their status or demand protection.
    We are not talking about 6’4″ Drag Queens who can handle a crowd of drunks. We are not talking about Ladyboys who live in cultures where homosexuality is frowned upon and try to escape poverty by prostitution, where the more beautiful you look …to straight men the more you might escape poverty and prostitution.

    Not even if we were talking about Autogynophiliacs harmless or otherwise look at the statistics of their offending or types of offences. Or the identity of the baying mob at the moment…
    Cross dressing itself is nothing new, at best in panto a send up of woman at worst it is challenging and deeply offensive and misogynistic.
    If you meet a man outwith the adult world of cabaret, fully dolled up as some stereotype woman has never looked you never know what to expect if you are female, How will this MAN behave, what is his level of hatred towards women if any? His level of violence?

    We are not even talking about someone who occassionally dresses in womens’ clothes for their own private reasons without bothering anyone else in their own home alone.

    We are talking about a heavily backed movement for social disaster, who are mocking everybody whilst causing chaos.
    Who have swept along a generation.
    Who encourage children to question their entire being on a falsehood.
    To divide society at it’s core, to deprive children of safety and parents of their children .
    And already there is an industrial scale of targetting around the globe aimed at law makers, health services, education systems, governments and councils.
    But most of all at children and young people.
    No children should have to be introduced to sex.
    Nor defined by boxes or a spurious theory.
    It is not on their radar. Children like to dream their soak up information like sponges.
    Don’t forget the wolves skirting the fringes of this movement the paedophiles they are always motivated to be involved.
    Of course any women, gay or lesbians who try to challenge what is going on are called Transphobes.
    Because there is profit in fooling children and parents down a path that leads to the medical castration and sterilization and mutilation of a whole generation. Patients for life if those damaged youth manage to live with what has been done to them with their supposed consent.
    We are not talking about one rare occassional mature adult male who truly has gender dysmorphia and feels so much in opposition with themselves that they are content after years of consideration to do something to their bodies to reconcile.

    This creep that has become a wildfire of social contagion
    Is being driven by social media platforms, completely criminal introduction of the notion of gender dysphoria and trans – other being cool and normal to pre school, primary and pre pubescent children. They don’t know what gender is.

    When I was 14 I changed my hair drastically three times.
    I didnt have my body transformed to non female part male.

    One of the Trans organisations that is supposed to help children presumably in Scotland seems to have a raison d’etre written on their website to IDENTIFY MORE TRANS
    The more the merry it seems. Those identifying especially young girls has grown exponetially, mirroring social media platforms and even pandemic lockdowns, defying statistics for any body dysmorphia that would pass with age and support that is not puberty blockers or mutilation.
    There are massive multi nationals involved making a profit from this CULT or PROGRAMME.
    You could in the case of drug companies and the hyenas desperate to get their teeth into the NHS call them Trans-National companies.
    Then there are the foot soldiers…
    Why aren’t the minority of nouveauTrans who threaten extremes of violence against women who talk only of their hatred of their enemy like any terror group, not nipped in the bud? Misogyny is still not a crime and so we see Men and their might…but you have to call them SHE. or you are the criminal.
    Is it that they are the poster trans boys and girls for these Pimps who make puberty blockers (who incidently funded the now discredited study in the Netherlands?)

    The social media companies who have been shown to facilitate Trans as an ideology, not only provide an echo chamber and making billions with every click like share chat, as they feed off the repeating echo chamber so in the end young girls are shepherded each other towards the wrong conclusions about being a bit different…. maybe neuro atypical maybe just kids. Who is typical , not Ken and Barbie.
    In such dominant addictive screen culture they don’t get a chance to find out who they are before they labelled. Described for them. Just from how they dress or who they play with or even pre-realisation that they might grow up gay, if they were given the time and space to grow up in peace naturally without predation.
    This cult is using children as guinea pigs for profit.
    That ultimately leads to sterilization and damage to natural healthy bodies before they have even finished growing physically or mentally. You tell me that teenagers have common sense all the time??
    I didn’t all the time and children and young people have no perspective on the corrupt world of adults or rather MEN.

    This cult programme is harming children with threats that not allowing them to be harmed, will lead them to commit suicide.
    That is criminal blackmail to do that to parents.
    It is like a religious cult that says their followers are saved a d born again ffs and in America parents are having their children taken off them for trying to prevent them being put on a path to a destroyed body, or for trying to protect younf children from the groomingnliterature and the Rainbow After School Clubs. Young people who have detransitioned and warn against this cult are ignored and never consukted by ‘rational’ policy makers. Or de-platformed.
    Ask yourself Craig, why are governments getting or board with this? Are they ignorant, stupid or colluding with something that follows from this hand grenade to society?? A compliant divided world of broken automatons?
    By adhereing to the lie that dressing up as a woman or undergoing bodily destruction that people can change sex and that those choices can only be respected by viciously dehumanising women. By robbing women and girls who have to put up with the misogyny every day of their lives, told to when to speak and how, objectivied, criticised,oggled groped, chased, beaten,spiked, raped passed over for work, insulted, threatened, never safe, can’t make the same carefree decisions of men such as going on holiday without always considering their safety. Often can never be economically independent withnthe same options or choices.
    And those who are elderly cannot have safety and dignity in their last years from a destroyed NHS or sactity of their oen home, or the women who grow up in care and the worst poverty and violence in our country end up incarcerated and then find they are sharing a place they cannot escape with a male violent sex offender or any man.
    We are on the brink of disaster, America already has this problem, it has been seeded around the world it is no longer about protecting and respecting minorities and their choices that was long ago subverted.
    Women are facing violent shock troops just to be heard.
    It is about saving our society from what looks like deliberate terrorism.
    Anyone who questions any aspect of this is called a Transphobe and the trans cult have started piggy backing other words, other tactics, they use the notion of racism in a way we don’t get yet. (A skewed invented logic look it up)
    They use every manipulative disrupter in the book.
    A minority that has THIS much power, causes this much distress is not acting alone.
    Just look what ‘they’ have done to Scotland in a week.

  155. Al

    I am Scottish, and sympathise with your views on Sturgeon etc; she was poisonous all round. However, IMO, you are still dreaming of an independence which will not happen – witness the irrational (Braveheart) posts here. Scotland was never close to independence in 2014 or anytime.
    Salmond is not your saviour, Scotland could never be prosperous independently, given the paucity of talent in politics, economics on all sides -the huge talent we have are dedicated to law, medicine, education and don’t have time to devote to your fantasises

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