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Round the mulberry bush

Posted on January 30, 2023 by

We’re very busy today, but there’s always time for a chuckle.

She’s going to need to buy a ticket to get back into the stadium after that.

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0 to “Round the mulberry bush”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    I can only think of an old saying when already in a hole don’t keep digging.
    She either doesn’t get that 90% of Scotland knows she has got it wrong or she is deluded in expecting we will take this trans agenda lying down.
    Nicola time to go and quickly please. In fact dissolve Holyrood and call an election.

  2. Stephen says:

    My goodness what a pathetic person she is caught double speak. So I guess Nicola should now be convicted of being a transphobe? Surely a transwoman is a woman always 🙂

  3. Giesabrek says:

    Finally, a news reporter asking the Glorious Leader proper questions! I guess STV/ITV didn’t receive any funding from Scotgov!

  4. Calum says:

    It’s almost like “transwomen” aren’t really women and are something else. It’s on the tip of my tongue…

  5. Andrew says:

    ooft. That’s all I have to say there.

  6. Andrew scott says:

    We need a damn sight more of searching questions of the chief mammy
    This was a decent start -she/he/they was/were all over the place
    More more

  7. robertkknight says:


    Car-crash TV at its best.

  8. Dai4Scotland says:

    Good grief, they’ve had years to practice this…. completely useless ?

  9. Owen Mullions says:

    Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat

  10. barelybare says:

    There needs to be much more light shed on what discussions / influencing / coercing / grooming have been going on between Scotgov funded trans lobby groups and the SPS. What communications have there been between Scotgov and SPS on the matter. Never going to happen though…

  11. Lenny Hartley says:

    Now an object of ridicule, cmon Ash get that proverbial dagger out ??

  12. DaveL says:

    Looks like it could be time to deploy a big shiny super carrot, which could be confusing since there’d be a load of transphobic mysogynist racists claiming it’s a squirrel. FS what a time to be alive!

  13. Eddie Munster says:

    I remember Peter Smith, he was shown up when his boss kicked in before he was signed out of the covid briefing with, “Really got her there mate” or something. Looks like he was after blood there and got more than just a pint.

  14. barelybare says:

    I think I’ve got it now. All transwomen are women. But some transwomen are more woman than others.

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    Incoherent pish from Sturgeon the Judas, its sound to me like she’s not in the slightest bit repentant on sending violent rapists (men) into women’s prisons.

    If she had any morals or respectability she’d resign with immediate effect, but she hasn’t and she won’t.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the rapist enabling SNP/Greens out.

  16. Linda McFarlane says:

    OMFG The definition of losing the plot.

  17. Gregory Beekman says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Thanks for that laugh, hilarious!

    Interviewer asked a great question – will women born as women ever be housed in a male prison? Classic gotcha!

  18. Graf Midgehunter says:

    This fits in with the whole subject of whether Nicola the mad really is from this planet.. 🙂 🙂

    Enjoy the laugh:

  19. Ottomanboi says:

    Here is a «drag queen» ScotGov might legitimately send into schools.
    Curious how child abuse may be measured on a relativistic spectrum.
    Are there maggots in the figs or not?

  20. Geoff Anderson says:

    Did I just witness Sturgeon being Transphobic. I’ve played it five times already and it gets funnier each time.

  21. Alastair says:

    She is going to be “as lonely as long distanced scunner”

  22. Saorsacat says:

    Aww that’s brilliant! I actually had a laugh there, needs sharing far and wide! Shes a disgrace. A laughing stock. Pity she’ll still have cult members who defend her.

  23. Mike says:

    You see what it is eh is that 1 + 1 = 2 but in the context of what I’m taking about here, it equals 3. So what I’m saying is that it can be whatever I say it is.

    Hmm, you’ve been caught out Sturgeon. Please do the right thing and resign!

  24. Garrie says:

    This might be the first time in my adult life that I’ve seen a Scottish journalist interview a Scottish politician and actually do their job properly.

    Pushing the awkward questions. Asking questions with a logical flow that eventually lead the politician into their own fallacies. Demanding a direct answer and refusing to move on until it’s been had. Rediverting immediately when the politician goes for a strawman or an alternative fantasy question.

    Sturgeon has escaped this type of scrutiny for her ridiculously long tenure because her own camp in the media are unedifyingly loyal and just repeat the party line no matter how bonkers, and the unionist media camp are happy to have her in power and just have a sideways chuckle at the party line because they know she’s a failure for independence.

  25. Purge the Sturge says:

    That noise in the background is the sound of her pathetic career collapsing.

    What an absolute balloon.

  26. One_Scot says:

    To be fair I have over the last few years intentionally distanced myself from Scottish politics and the UK unionist media, so I am no expert on the current Scottish political scene, but I have always given Nicola Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt and believed that some day she would deliver.

    But now I genuinely feel she has to move on and let someone else take Scotland forward, for the sake of Scotland’s best interest and future.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    Its well worth noting that Keith Brown is trying his best to defend the SNP/Greens rapist charter aka the unamended GRRB.

    Hopefully Scots are done taking him and his boss at “face Value”

    Get them out of office.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba and protect our women and children from this lot.

    “Challenged whether double rapist Isla Bryson and stalker Tiffany Scott were trans women or predatory males, Keith Brown, her justice secretary, said: “If somebody presents as a trans person, then we accept that at face value.” ”

  28. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Antihero_Kate explaining why transwomen will never come even close to being women.

  29. Bugger le Panda says:

    The tipping point is coming.

  30. Luigi says:

    What a gift. No wonder the MSM are taking her to the cleaners. She’s been a great asset to the union IMO, but this opportunity cannot be missed – it provides perfect cover for WM using Section 35. How convenient. They just couldn’t help themselves. She probably thought she was safe, but she pushed too far and didn’t understand how her protectors would quickly turn on her when it suited them. Get ready folks, for the biggest independence whopper yet at the SNP conference (if she lasts that long). A major deflection operation will be in full flow by then. She will promise anything and everything. The big question is will SNP voters believe her (yet again) or is it “Bye Nicola” this time?

  31. Jim Hawkins says:

    Sturgeon is fast becoming a laughing stock and her Party too. I suspect the next General Election will see Labour make big gains at the expense of the SNP. I’m afraid independence is now a forlorn Hope.

  32. Muscleguy says:

    After Alba decided women’s rights weren’t important enough to have a go at Westminster for S35 I say a thread by the ISP being sensible about it. So having regained my trust in the judgement of the leadership I have rejoined the ISP.

    Anyone thinking Alba is a pro women’s rights party has been rudely disabused of the notion. Your rights will be thrown under the bus so long as it is Westminster defending them.

  33. Maureen says:

    Flayling and floundering. Never seen that with her before. Knows she’s sunk and no amount of debate is going to change that. Pandora is truly out of the box.

  34. Mark Young says:

    Fuck me that was a car crash of an interview??????????

  35. EdinScot says:

    In the name of the wee man …stop embarrassing Scotland Nicola and for crying out loud just GO. She’s finished surely .

  36. Maureen says:

    Trans prisoner fiasco is down to Sturgeon — there’s no one else to blame

  37. Dan says:

    Currently heard playing in Bute Hoose…

    Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man


  38. David Holden says:

    I hope the leader of the Scottish Libdems and Maggie Chapman are able to go round and comfort Beth now that the first minister no longer thinks he is a woman.

  39. Geoff Anderson says:

    Muscleguy 5:32pm

    You can’t just makeup stories!

  40. desimond says:

    Amazing to think this is the reason for and exit stage left… surely no-one saw this coming?

    This is one of the pitfalls of needing to be seen to be The One.

    Why isnt the Justice or Equality Minster people leading this defence. Where are the Green reps who are usually eager to get coverage?

    No, Nicola has always liked playing the Champion a little too much…like the other week when declaring Press Conferences about the Scottish NHS..placing Humzah firmly on the shadows.

    Me thinks she has positioned herself front and centre once too often and it might just have came to bite her on her behind.

  41. Mia says:

    This would all be so wonderfully simple if the idiots who pass for government in Scotland, were presented with a biology book explaining them the unbeatable, reliable simplicity of basics: classification by sex to separate inmates. Something nature has invented long time ago and which has stood and will stand the test of time.

    It would have saved us 8 years of regressive intellect-insulting nonsense and would have saved us a considerable amount of funds, which should have been put to much better use elsewhere.

    If you are a male, you remain a male no matter how many women you have raped, no matter the colour or length of your wig and no matter if you have chosen to invert your penis to make it look like a vagina. You remain a male. You are born a male and will die a male. When archaeologists from the future dig your skeleton out, they will identify you as a male.

    Classification by sex is clear, reliable and divides the population of inmates into two, distinctive categories. You can scientifically identify those categories by looking at the Karyotype. You do not need to take the huge risk of relying on the words of somebody who may be determined to fool you to get access to potential victims or to get an easy ride on a prison. Nature’s classification does not need them to open their mouths. Their chromosomes will tell you exactly what they are. And guess what? By not having males in a female prison the risk of rape decreases enormously.

    Yet, presented with such simplicity, the negligent idiots in government and Holyrood proceed to swim against the current, waste our resources and time trying to re-invent the wheel, to create a “faster” square one, and hire the services of dodgy quangos to make us believe the giant turd that is this self-ID nonsense, can go smoothly through the eye of the tiniest needle.

    Somehow, they are flying the kyte that it is not an active and deliberate discrimination of females when only those males and the way they want to be seen, never mind what a mirror reflects back at them, is worthy of consideration.

    What about the rights of the females who consider an assault to their human rights being forced to expose themselves to a male when they are in what is called a women’s prison?

    Why don’t those count?

    Who the hell gets to decide here that the rights, feelings (and wants) of any male prisoner are more important or more worth of consideration, than those of all females housed in that prison and who are the ones having to put up with the presence of that male?

    If a politician reaches the ridiculous situation where to gain public support they have to force authoritarian rule to stop the public thinking, you know they are forcing you to believe what they do not believe themselves.

    The sound of Sturgeon’s voice has now become as irritating as the sound of an annoying mosquito droning around your ear and keeping you awake in the middle of the night. Watching that video above showing her tying herself in knots suggests she does not believe a single word of the crap she is peddling.

    It is my view this GRR nonsense is an imposition from the powers that be. She is just the useful idiot implementing it. Those questions were predictable. If it was her party’s policy and she really believed what she preaches, she would have known how to answer those questions without making a complete fool of herself.

  42. akenaton says:

    Sturgeon is going, but the whole disgusting apparatus of Holy rood still exists, are you prepared to present these insects with another leader to keep them in a job?
    The whole grubby history of the SNP since Salmond needs to be exposed and the guilty people punished; every one of them who supported the attack on AS should be barred from standing in any future devolved assembly election, Same applies to all who supported the trans madness. Removing Sturgeon will not cauterise the wound, while the disease still lives in the body politic, the job must be restarted from scratch.

  43. PacMan says:

    I had posted a comment on the previous thread earlier on about how I thought this would damage Sturgeon but not terminally.

    Looking at this car crash of an interview I think it is more likely she will step down soon but only for health reasons. There is simply no way that she can go on continually defending this without serious damage to her mental health.

    Setting aside her total betrayal on independence but it has to be acknowledged to that she is a competent political operator to better herself.

    Give she isn’t that stupid, why on earth would see choose to champion an issue that is clear to anyone is going to the political poison chalice and most likely political death sentence if she is going to see it to it’s conclusion?

    The only logical answer can be that she is compromised in some way.

  44. James Che says:


    I Provided an answer to your theory that Scotland was subsumed by the treaty of union,

    Scotland was prevented from taken part in the treaty of the union by the commissioner’s pre- treaty agreement of canceling the Scottish 1707 parliament out beforehand.

    This you can also find as a statement on UK parliament site 2023.

  45. PhilM says:

    So far you’ve all missed it…
    The interviewer did well by probing her about this nonsense…but her only goal at this point of the interview was to get to the safety of ‘there is a risk assessment process done…’ and at that point the Scottish Govt gets to go ‘nothing to do wi’ us’, ‘it would not be appropriate for the Scottish Govt to intervene…’, ‘these are matters that are best left to…’, ‘there are no grounds for…’ and ‘if there are areas of concern, you need to contact…(i.e. any other organisation but it will be one that tries to wear you down and make you give up in utter despair).
    It may not exist as an actual artefact but somewhere out there, there exists a Scottish Govt playbook…

  46. alan_b says:

    Channel four news started with a brief clip from an interview with NS, in which she appears to double down on the “You’re all bigots and racists” defence.

  47. Merganser says:

    PacMan @ 6.43

    I think the state of her mental health health has been questionable for quite some time – at least from 2014.

    That brings into question how many of her her fellow MSP’s have seen this and let her plough on regardless.

    I can see some of them trying to claim they gave her all this leeway so she would self destruct. Charlatans the lot of them, and all the other parties who supported this bonkers legislation from the outset.

  48. James Che says:


    Referring to previous thread,

    Why use a Westminster devolved parliament as a tool for indy, when all the workings and tools favours those whom made the legislation.

    Constantly swimming against the tide causes exhaustion of the yes movement that has turned into years that have seen many people passing away to never see their independence,

    Using the devolved government to stymie independence has never been more obvious since 2014,
    Labour has done what the label on their tin said it would.

    When A awful lot of people in Scotland know we have other tools in the toolbox to our advantage.
    And I have to wonder why the records, are not looked at more closely, especially when combined with history records provided by Westminster themselves, that places the treaty of the union of parliaments on such shakey ground, never mind the Colonial Stock and land grab in Scotland of Crofts under Agriculture and fishing Colonial Scotland Acts,

    Who is choosing to ignore all the tools that are available to the Scottish people, and maintaining tunnel vision.

  49. Ottomanboi says:

    Get real Ms Sturgeon, this is what it’s really all about.
    (CAUTION: Graphic images)

    Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain Britain. So conform to it, or don’t come here.”
    ? Tony Blair

  50. Alf Baird says:

    The SNP elite are unable to define either ‘independence’, or ‘woman’, it seems, hence the massive failure on both counts. If you can’t properly define something you will be unable to develop any sensible policy on it, much as we see.

  51. If British Labour were in power at Westminster there would have been no block by them on Scottish GRR bill.

    Keir Starmer will take UK into full no regulated Self Id the day after he becomes PM,

    the first thing Biden and Harris did the day they were elected was sign Executive Order 13988 officially titled Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,

    Lauren Adams, legal director for the Women’s Liberation Front said “both executive orders send a heartbreaking message to women and girls that their government does not view them as worthy of consideration and is not willing to recognize female people as a discrete class.”

  52. Big Jock says:

    So roughly translated. A Trans woman is a man who self IDs as a woman. Not a woman who is Trans. In simple terms. You are born a man , and you can’t ever stop being a man. So Trans women are actually men. Fixed it for you Nicola.

    Don’t let the door slam on tye way out.

  53. 100%Yes says:

    It doesn’t matter what we think or what Sturgeon does, she said it all at the last SNP conference “I’ll be first Minster for a long time to come” she will destroy everything just to hold on to money and the power.

    She has made such a mess of this GRR and after all the press coverage on it, I feel sure she’ll set out to protect her own position and agree to alter the gender Bill, she will not allow it to be taken to court it will be a disaster for her and the SG and the SNP. Now she feels at risk of losing her JOB and her paypacket and has zero chance of ever being offered a job at the UN. Sturgeon is only in this game for Sturgeon and now Sturgeon is at risk she’ll do whatever it takes to protect Sturgeon.

  54. stuart mctavish says:

    Good questions

    Others might include:

    1. If trans that have been violent towards women cannot be imprisoned with women, what plans are in place for imprisonment of women who have been violent towards women

    2. Question 1 but, all thing being equal, for men

    3. What law or other authority did the judge rely upon when instructing the court to prejudice the accused by referring to him as a woman

    4. Presumably any judiciary caught enforcing foreign laws in a Scots court for local common law offence(s) constitutes a fundamental breach of the union, what actions will parliaments in London and Edinburgh be taking to discipline those responsible/ follow the deception through to its natural conclusion of a full and formal annulment of the treaty..

  55. Breeks says:

    My only note of caution in all of this is to remember your sources; we’re talking GBNews, Daily Mail and Daily Express. There’s a link to Alex Massie in The Times… These people are no friends of Scotland.

    And in the blue corner, there’s the Sturgeon Fanzine, the Nationals

    Ordinarily these sources are right up there with the Sunday Sport as “serious newspapers”, given their visceral and irrational hatred for Scotland and Scottish Independence.

    So while I can’t really enjoy seeing Scotland so publicly humiliated in these Unionist rags, on this occasion, most assuredly the buck stops with Sturgeon for creating this wholly unnecessary dumpster fire, and presenting the enemies of Scotland with such an gaping open goal. It would seem that’s the only thing she’s good at. Must be all the practice.

    The next unpleasant task is to quantify the impact of all this shit on Independence. Not that the SNP give a flying fk about that.

  56. SusanAHF says:

    She just hasn’t got a clue. Stupid but unfortunately making Scotland also look stupid in the process.

  57. sarah says:

    @ Merganser at 7.10 p.m.: “I think the state of her mental health has been questionable for quite some time..”

    I actually said this in an email to Mike Russell two or three years ago – I think I said that she had a personality disorder. He replied in a very polite manner saying that he didn’t agree! I wonder what he really thinks. Or has he a psychiatric disorder as well?

  58. PacMan says:

    Merganser says: 30 January, 2023 at 7:10 pm

    PacMan @ 6.43

    I think the state of her mental health health has been questionable for quite some time – at least from 2014.

    That brings into question how many of her her fellow MSP’s have seen this and let her plough on regardless.

    I can see some of them trying to claim they gave her all this leeway so she would self destruct. Charlatans the lot of them, and all the other parties who supported this bonkers legislation from the outset.

    Nicola Strugeon’s mental state as witnessed with the infamous stairheid rammy with Johann Lamont in the run-up to the referendum was one of the main attractions she had. After the dark days of losing the referendum, she would be out there fighting our corner.

    Going back to the present, I don’t buy the argument made by PhilM @ 7:02 about government handoff in this issue. If that is true then why did HR intervene to get the male rapist Graham moved?

    The media is going to all over this like a rash and in the days, weeks and months to come, even if there is just a slight altercation involving a Trans person in a woman’s prison, it will be splashed all over the news?

    Can Sturgeon be able to handle all this pressure on a continual basis without cracking up?

  59. Mr Jones says:

    Oh, my! I wonder if she ran home with her tail between her legs to urgently film another video from her cupboard, apologising to all the little trans fascists and promising to do better next time?

  60. PacMan says:

    Breeks says: 30 January, 2023 at 7:45 pm

    The next unpleasant task is to quantify the impact of all this shit on Independence.

    When the dust settles, it may not be that bad as all the deadwood will be cleared.

    I have been lurking over at WGD and guess what? Some of the posters are blaming the lack of movement in independence towards the Scottish people, not Sturgeon or the SNP. It’s the classic excuse to use when they can’t admit they were wrong all along.

    Once Sturgeon is gone, they will be gone then we can take it from there. Hopefully it will be much sooner rather than later.

  61. David Hannah says:

    Well done to Celtic FC for opening ap an indoor soup kitchen for the homeless.

    An indoor soup kitchen has been beyond Alison Thewlis. She’s obviously missed all of the closed down shops within Glasgow City Centre for the hundreds of people queuing up under Central train station. Directly below am empty multistory former music store. Glasgow’s hockey stick mother doesn’t have eyes on the back of her head mind you.

  62. Merganser says:

    Sarah @ 7.56. What does Mike Russell really think.

    He’s never been allowed to say – until now, possibly, depending on events.

    He may have been in a state of feigned denial when he replied to you. But all politicians suffer from that. Do any of them ever tell the truth?

  63. Bob Mack says:

    The only person I know whose twisted opinion could take the cork out of a wine bottle.

    She has really lost it.

  64. David Hannah says:

    *Alison thewlis. Glasgow City Council. Susan Aitken. The destroyers of Glasgow City Centre. Too busy stirring up hatred against gender critical women.

    No doubt they’ll be standing with the furries next weekend.

  65. Viscount Ennui says:

    The Ceau?escus once dominated Romania and were thought to be untouchable.
    I wonder what happened to them?
    Anyway, Romania seems to be doing very well without them.

  66. SusanAHF says:

    Lurking on WGD PacMan? You’re brave, I can’t bear the site now and once upon a time I counted Paul as a friend

  67. Effijy says:

    Great WhatsApp with Nicola on the Millionaire Quiz Show with 4 Options

    Are all Trans Women Women?

    A. That’s not the point

    B. Depends on the crime they commit.

    C. Not when inside prison.

    D. Yes but…if, when, sometimes..

  68. SusanAHF says:

    I think the SNP is beyond repair, it has been deliberately filled with absolutely inappropriate, incompetent yes men. Take Emma Roddick for example, she shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of power. The SNP are going to take a long time cleaning up.

  69. John says:

    Posting that interview on Mastodon gets you labelled as transphobic. Some of you know I got kicked of mastodon dot scot for posting this link Using another Mastodon server now but Mastodon appears to have an issue with adult human females.

  70. Colin+McKenna says:

    I should laugh at her ridiculous and dangerous double standards but I can’t help but feel anger at the utter contempt she has towards the people of Scotland and insulting our intelligence with those pathetic “answers”

  71. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Transwomen are woo-men.

    They are all saying that the GRR doesn’t matter cos the self ID’d woo-men are going to women’s prisons anyway. Yes they are, and that’s a problem that needs to be fixed BUT if the GRR was in force, all the woo-men rapists would automatically go to female prison and it would be impossible to get them out or to send them to male prisons.
    So yeah, the situation is shit already, but the GRR would make it worse.

  72. PacMan says:

    SusanAHF says:30 January, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    Lurking on WGD PacMan? You’re brave, I can’t bear the site now and once upon a time I counted Paul as a friend

    WGD used to be a good resource BTL for what was happening both in Scottish and British politics but now it is just went full anti-tory with no solutions apart from blind obedience to Sturgeon. I only go there now to gauge the mood of the other side.

    It’ll be interesting to see how long that site continues after Sturgeon is gone, particularly as it’s main purpose is a source of income for Mr Kavanagh.

  73. Mr Jones says:

    There’s a Channel 4 interview with she/her and, if anything, I think it is even more appalling and humiliating (for her).

    She has been in so many car-crash interviews lately, Andy Warhol will be needing to create a new series just for her.

  74. Craig+P says:

    One self-ID rapist prisoner could be survived, two in short succession is trouble. If the SPS finds another one in the next day or two – who knows if this has just been waiting to come out now – that is surely it for Sturgeon. Then we’ll see just how committed the rest of the SNP are to trans rights.

  75. Ron Clark says:

    The Murrells are approaching their very own “Adolf and Eva” moment.

    “You go first”.

    “No, you go first”.

    It’s ok, there’s a queue a mile long outside Bute House who will gladly do it for the two of you.

    The Murrells, destroyers of everything relating to Scottish Independence.

    Rot in Hell.


  76. Pete short says:

    If a pathway to independence can emerge from the disaster that is genderism then there has to be a credible commitment to independent scrutiny and accountability of government. As a minimum that requires a parliamentary system that scrutinises policy and legislation and a truly independent judiciary and police that can investigate and ensure government adheres to the law.

  77. Wilson McBride says:

    Perfect scenario:-

    Sturgeon resigns,,,promising to leave Scottish politics for good.

    The SNP call a Plebiscite election on Scottish Independence.

    Kate Forbes (Only name I could think of), takes over as leader of the SNP.

    Alba, the Greens and ISP all standing on a single issue ticket of Scottish Independence.

    Winner takes all election.

    If 50% plus 1 of elected members are pro Indy, then we declare Scotland an independent nation and let our legal eagles do their stuff at Westminster and the UN and EU.

    We are all waiting on one woman making her move to resign as First Minister,,,then we can put the Indy machine into gear and let’s get the Yes movement out there doing what they does best,,, campaigning for Scottish independence.

  78. Lorna Campbell says:

    Vicky Sturgeon Pollard: [Vicky, is a ‘trans’ woman a woman?] Yer but… no, but…it were that Keith and he put brown sauce all over my tie and Shona Robison is a big fat liar and them politicians in front of the signs, they’re just bonkers, and that woman with the red hair is a man, miss, because he showed me and Patrick Harvie behind the bike sheds, miss, and he’s a big fat liar as well and that Lorna Slater fought with Karen Adam because she just wants Patrick all to herself but Alex Cole Hamilton he said, no, you’ve got to share, and that’s what happened, miss. [What did you do with the GRRB, Vicky?] Well, yer, but, no, but… I sold it to the Greens for another term in office, and that’s what happened, miss.

  79. When did Kate Forbes maternity leave end? I have just received an automatic message telling me that she is still on maternity leave. I was hoping that she might have enough Christian spirit to make a stand tomorrow. Very disappointed

  80. Old fashioned Straight for Yes says:

    Memo to the Scottish Prison Service:

    If it’s got a cock and balls its a man.

    If it’s a man it goes to a male prison.

    Cancel all of my previous instructions.

    Nicolas Sturgeon

  81. willie says:

    What a pathetic mess she is in.

    The office of First Minister is now in absolute disarray. It’s clear for all the world to see. A pitiful sorry mess its time she was put out of her misery and was gone.

  82. Breastplate says:

    Kavanagh and the ginger nuts are still waiting for Boris Johnson to grant a Section 30, they were absolutely adamant that he couldn’t refuse it.

    I wouldn’t put any money on him disappearing any time soon, with his ability to convince imbeciles to part with their cash, he’ll be around for some time.

  83. PacMan says:

    Elsewhere in the world, the horny lags are resigned to be gay for the stay when they go inside. In Sturgeon’s Scotland, the horny lags make plans to be trans.

  84. Big Jock says:

    Mckenna in the Herald is calling Sturgeon ” a poundland Trump”. Quite accurate.

  85. Kevin Cargill says:

    Isn’t it time she took the capsule from her hollowed out tooth and bit down hard on it!

  86. Antoine Roquentin says:

    She may well survive, but only as a very lame-duck that nobody, including her MSPs and MPS, will ever again, pay any attention to. Still here, but politically:gone!

  87. Maureen says:

    Wait until the reality of the ‘robust risk assessment’ becomes known. Sturgeon has nothing to hide behind then.

  88. twathater says:

    Posted this on last thread by mistake

    I have got to say that watching that clusterfuck by the betrayer trying to stop burstin oot greetin at smiths insistence on an answer was VERY enjoyable

    BUT I remembered the self same stv DELIBERATELY ignoring this perverted lunacy alongside the rest of the SCUM media, SO what has changed, are the media now deciding that the lunacy should be exposed or is the establishment sending orders that sturgeon has become persona non grata and she is being thrown to the wolves
    I sincerely hope it is the latter so that REAL independence supporters can get to work, her and her fellow scum will be prosecuted at a later date in our INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND

  89. Effijy says:

    But the Tories promised..

    The International Monetary Fund says the country’s growth is being held back by more miserly government spending and the effects of high energy prices – and that the economy will even lag behind Russia’s in 2023.

    Ed Conway Sky News

  90. Effijy says:

    Very interest update on Boris’s new high speed rail network linking up
    Leeds in the North with London Euston.

    The original proposed cost was £32 Billion.
    Scottish Tax payers will do their bit to contribute of course as we fool and share.

    Latest cost projection Is £160 Billion but that’s with the line not reaching Leeds or anywhere near it and finally it looks like it won’t reach Euston either.

    They now propose a terminal out the outskirts of London where can hang around and wait for the next train into Central London that uses and old rail network at another ticket cost providing the staff are still not on strike and they manage to force home workers back on trains to make them viable.

    The people evicted from their homes near Euston to make way for the link up are not best pleased.

    Anyone seen the 40 new hospitals Bojo promised?
    It seems that adding a wing or refurbishing parts constitutes a new hospital.
    I wonder if painting a ward makes it a new ward?

    Many thanks to Mr Orwell for the warnings on Double Speak.

  91. Effijy says:

    Wonderful – Tory Gov spokesperson says the IMF sometimes get it wrong
    The U.K. will not shrink its economy to be bottom of the league below sanctioned Russia.

    I don’t know who to believe? PMLOL.

  92. Breeks says:

    These nine dramatic graphs reveal Brexit’s negative impacts on Scotland…

    Labour and Tories’ ‘conspiracy of silence’ over Brexit impacts condemned….

    François Alfonsi MEP: We will be Scotland’s ally in European Parliament….

    Scotland’s message to Europe: Leave a light on…

    Four of today’s headlines from Nicola’s Fanzine. The National clearly on deflect mode, trying to change the subject away from Sturgeon’s ahem, embarrassment. Save the Great Leader!

    Kinda prompts the awkward question how the SNP accommodating Scotland’s “Green Free Ports” squares with Brexit deregulation, and Scotland now set on a trajectory that is far removed from EU convergence and compliance.

    Without competent resistance, Scotland will take decades to reverse the freefall in standards and haul our Nation back up to EU standards. The longer we are out and ruled by Westminster, the harder it will be for Scotland to simply slot back in to Europe.

    When Sturgeon capitulated to Brexit, now three years to the day, it looks like it was a total unconditional surrender.

    Somebody is bullshitting us and milking Europe for effect and appearances sake. I wonder who it could be…

  93. Towbar Sullivan says:

    We shouldn’t talk about ‘real trans’ as if there’s a real difference between them and chancers like these trans rapists when it comes to whether they are women or not.

    I mean we should reject out of hand the idea that a man who ‘feels’ or ‘believes’ himself to be a woman EVER is a woman. The idea that what somebody ‘feels’ changes what they ARE is unreality. It’s like believing in magic – Abracadabra now I’m a woman (and so is my cock)!

    This BS comes from the social ‘sciences’ – from Post Modernism which denies that there is any objective reality and from its spinoffs such as gender studies and queer studies.

    2+2=4 and anybody who tries to debate that or argue that it isn’t s either a gullible fool who has been taken in by some ideology or a rogue who has some ulterior motive.

    Men are men and women are women – and nothing going on in somebody’s heads can ever change that.

  94. fruitella the hun says:

    Just in case any busy journalists or politicians missed this posted on an older thread here this morning.

  95. Ottomanboi says:

    When citizens are remiss in the 24/7 oversight of democracy they end up with the crisis of «democratic deficit», i.e. lack of transparency and accountability, technocratic decision making, inadequate participation of citizens in policy making etc. government in the West is currently experiencing.
    Biden, Macron, Sunak, Sturgeon etc stand on bubbles likely to burst, and politics abhors the vacuum.

  96. christine says:

    Sturgeon is waging a war against the Scottish people, playing the blame game with her name calling, like a playground bully, of the majority of those who oppose her deeply unpopular GRRB. Victory for her will be to survive this latest shitstorm.

    Sturgeon is a narcissistic sociopath who needs the love, attention and admiration of others to survive. It’s a nagging horror that you are, deep down, unloveable. She always looks happy as a pig in mud whenever she is surrounded by her “trans” fan boys with their selfie sticks.

    She and her network of deluded cowardly cretins have all got the evidence on each other. She’s bought and brought all the charities under her control so they will support her. She would have been powerless without them, including the anonymous civil servants and spades who sit behind their computers and give her bureaucratic legitimacy.

    We see you Sturgeon as you launch into your damage limitation media rounds putting another sticking plaster over the wound, trying and failing to control the narrative. You are “ dire beyond belief” in everything you have done.

    I was at the “ Sturgeon Out “ demo at Bute House last week, a low turnout of 50 or so of us. As one commentator said, Indy supporters are scunnered and downhearted. We all have agency and need to harness the people power we have. Look at what Stuart has achieved- “ the power of one” as our “ god of truth”. The freaks and deviants and morally corrupt public servants are all under one roof at Holyrood. Let them know we are coming for them.

  97. Luigi says:

    I don’t know about other’s thoughts on this, but I am not convinced that the British establishment (MSM) want to get rid of the FM just yet. She is still a valuable asset. For sure, they want to damage her (as they have done so ruthlessly this week), but the smart ones will realise the benefits of maintaining a badly damaged, lame duck FM at Holyrood. It don’t get any better than that, folks – what’s not to like? She will be well aware that she cannot afford to step out of line again (forget independence, not with her “in charge”). It’s a unionist dream come true. However (and it’s a big one), it’s a dangerous game that the establishment is playing. Push too far and she will be gone, and whatever happens with the independence movement as the dust settles, it’s then out of their control. The biggest worry the establishment have IMO is for Alba to gain traction with the public and take off (and a certain former FM makes a comeback). That is the real danger that the smart ones recognise (or should). IMO, the main reasons for attacking the current FM are twofold – damage her (just enough to stop her misbehaving) and justification for interfering with Holyrood (Section 35).

  98. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:31 January, 2023 at 8:20 am

    the harder it will be for Scotland to simply slot back in to Europe

    Oh get real, Breeks.

    For anybody interested, there is a good article on Unherd, outlining the real world issues around the UK returning to the EU.

    Looked at from Starmer’s perspective, as de facto WM PM in waiting.

    The UK, a major European economy, is not going back into the EU for the reasons the article outlines. Despite all of the angst supposedly being experienced by those who voted for Brexit, the harsh reality is that the advantageous terms and conditions the UK enjoyed are off the table for ever.

    That completely changes the attractiveness of the rejoin proposition.

    An Indy Scotland could join from first principles, but only as a vassal state to be stripped of its resources, and as a provider of Lebensraum for the EU’s ballooning migrant population.

    And as a nett contributor to the war escalating across the EU from the East.

    Try to sell Scotland in the EU as it really will be, Breeks, not as it was in 2014. We are not all gullible fools.

  99. Republicofscotland says:

    Daddy Bear is pretty vocal on many subjects including grandstanding at the EU parliament, but here he has nothing to say on his bosses vile unamended GRRB and its consequences so far.

    We must vote out SNP troughers at Westminster who’ve done nothing to further the indy cause, but they have lined their own pockets.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    More waffling pish from Sturgeon the Judas, she just can’t bring herself to say in this interview that rapist shouldn’t be sent to women’s prisons, instead she prattles on about the SPS and the onus it has on the matter.

    Sturgeon MUST resign immediately.

    ” I asked
    about Katie Dolatowski – a transgender woman with a record of sexual offences against girls who was sent to a women’s prison last year:”

  101. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If anyone can be bothered doing transcripts of these interviews then they’ll serve as a useful example of how characters like Sturgeon really view the people they are supposed to ‘serve’.

    Non-sequiturs, circular reasoning, snide innuendo, evasion and outright lying packed into a minute. Add some condescension, feigned incredulity and barely-suppressed rage.

    This is what the ‘average’ target voter (in Sturgeon’s mind) will be satisfied with. Just as she emerged unscathed from her disgraceful performance before the Harassment Committee – ‘I’ve been here for eight hours!’ – she expects the same reception for this disingenuous pish.

    Oh aye, and the facial ticks are back, big-time.

    Rev has been panned for highlighting how ‘tired’ she looks. But when a lying liar looks as if the lies are taking their toll, that’s not a cheap shot, it’s straightforward reporting of an easily observable fact.

  102. willie says:

    What a pathetic mess she is in.

    The office of First Minister is now in absolute disarray. It’s clear for all the world to see. A pitiful sorry mess, faffing and flailing in interview, her gender policies exposed as a shambles.

    It’s time she was gone. And she will be gone. Her time is up and she and her party know it.

  103. stuart mctavish says:

    Couple of additional questions to test the new (insert noun) logic might be:

    5. If, as reported in the Clydebank ripper case, consensual sex can degenerate into rape upon discovery by parents/ (of) other partners/ if it goes too far/ not far enough, etc. should work begin now to ensure all extra marital hair ruffles, knee squeezes, bottom smacks etc get amalgamated into the genre

    6. If we manage to resolve the prison issue, should all rapist become trans (ie, have their bollocks off)

    7. If collective responsibility protocols for coughid are pardoned and become the norm, in parallel with a bottoms down-tops up net zero family planning agenda, should homosexual men have their bits chopped on basis they’ll not be needed for breeding/ benefit of kind women and you can never be too careful

  104. Republicofscotland says:

    How the SNP came after Neale Hanvey, and SAS was put on the job.

    “I warned the party about Dolatowski in 2019. I was instructed to be silent by Somerville, as GRR/SelfID was the FM’s priority.

    I wouldn’t, so the TRAs & leadership came after me. They’ve known all along but refused to listen.”

    And here is SAS on the job again telling YOU like it is.

    Get the SNP/Greens out.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba defend our women and children.

  105. robertkknight says:

    Main & Breeks

    Given the pros and cons of iScotland applying to join EU, what are your objections, if any, to iScotland joining EEA, EFTA and the Council of Europe?

  106. Ebok says:

    Luigi @ 10.02am

    ‘The biggest worry the establishment have IMO is for Alba to gain traction with the public and take off (and a certain former FM makes a comeback)’

    Well Luigi, the fascinating council by election in three weeks will give us a clue as to how things are shaping. Even though it’s ‘only’ a local election, folks tend to vote in these things as they would in the real deal.
    Given the fan spray permeating the air over the GRRB, then the public verdict should be seen as an accurate guide on whether the docile electorate is paying attention.

    Looking at the FPP figures from last May (see below), and factoring in events over the last 2/3 months at HR and WM, you’d expect Labour to make gains at the expense of Cons, and perhaps SNP too … unless, as we hope, the electorate finally wakens up to the fact that new kids on the block, ALBA, is the answer.

    ALBA is certainly having a go a this one, with AS playing an active role in campaigning, and given that everyone now knows that Sturgeon has lost the plot, this is a big one if we are going to make a breakthrough anytime soon.

    (May 2022)

    SNP 41.3%
    CON 26.2%
    LAB 17.8%
    LIB 8.8%
    GREEN 4.5%

  107. Geoff Anderson says:

    I support EFTA over EU membership.

    However above all else I believe it is for the People of Scotland to decide. Angus Robertson stating that a vote for the SNP is a vote for EU membership sums up all that is wrong with Murrell Enterprises. Last time we voted for Independence they took that as a Green light for bringing in the Greens and pushing the demands of the TransCult.

    I thought the People were Sovereign in our Nation. Holyrood appears Sovereign not the People. Winning votes on Independence is NOT permission to shape our Nation.

  108. Breeks says:

    robertkknight says:
    31 January, 2023 at 10:42 am

    Main & Breeks

    Given the pros and cons of iScotland applying to join EU, what are your objections, if any, to iScotland joining EEA, EFTA and the Council of Europe?

    I’ve no objections as such, but qualifications.

    Irrespective of the pros and cons about Europe, for Scotland to have gone to the line over Brexit and defended our EU membership, we would have brought the weight of the EU to assist Scotland the way it lent it’s weight to Ireland over the NI Backstop. Without that commitment from us, why would EU care about Scotland?

    We can’t know of course, but had Scotland constructed a Scottish Constitutional Backstop with the Claim of Right being violated by our Brexit subjugation, Westminster would have known that dissolution of the UK’s Treaty of Union would readily secure International Recognition for an Independent Scotland from 26 countries straight away with minimal process. What could London have done to stop it?

    Now out of Europe, Scotland has a fraction of the negotiating leverage we might have had. We would still be in an OK position, but much, much, less advantageous.

    The pros and cons of EU membership itself is a big subject I don’t want to start talking about here, save to say Scotland never experienced EU Membership which wasn’t first filtered through Westminster. We thought well enough of Europe as a proxy member, but full Scottish membership would have been even better.

    You may or may not be aware of Alf Baird’s proposals for Scapa Flow, but with Scotland liaising directly with Europe and circumventing London altogether, Europe could have been of tremendous assistance developing Scotland’s infrastructure and transport to a level we have never seen before.

    My own ideas have evolved on that. It might still be viable with EFTA membership, but I think EU investment on any kind of scale would be conditional upon EU Membership. EFTA seems insular and less inclusive. It likely means less investment, and more risk for Scotland if we’re not in Europe, but I’m flexible. Maybe there’s potential for that to be a good thing.

    The other issue I have over Europe is Peace. When you look at the Brexiteers and their visceral hatred for Europe, and at the other end of Europe, see the bitterness and resentment still festering from WW2 and souring into conflict, we can get a taste of post war Europe might have been like without EEc / EU redesigning Europe. We have the EU as a peaceful and cooperative trading block, where acrimonious and bitter enemies became the closest of friends enjoying mutual prosperity and cultural exchange. War in Western Europe instigated and embraced two World Wars, yet, within living memory, war is close to unthinkable.

    Isn’t it a pity the same cannot be said about Eastern Europe? Or the cringe worthy, bellicose little Englanders who at the drop of a hat, were threatening war with France and Spain over Brexit, and are currently spoiling for a war with Ruskia…

    I believe Scotland’s immediate and determined commitment to Europe would be a shot in the arm for European confidence in the EU project, and as Scotland found her feet after Independence, our wee Nation would be the darling of Europe, and an influential peace-monger / intermediary who might have steered Europe down another path than current trajectory.

    With Scapa Flow on the front burner, and the opportunities for global trade and bulk super carriers, Scotland could have been an extraordinary catalyst for some seismic changes to Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic… and I mean good, progressive changes far more creative than NATO spreading it’s influence in the East.

    Europe isn’t a Utopia. It has some big problems. I deplore Neo liberalism, and Europe’s effective subordination to NATO feels tremendously regressive, not to mention dangerous.

    Beware the NeoLiberal war mongers. They don’t come in peace.

  109. Merganser says:

    Geoff Anderson @ 11.44.

    Absolutely right. These are two completely separate issues and should not be conflated.

    How typical of the disingenuous approach of the SNP. They have failed to properly make the case for independence, and are trying to use the Brexit issue as a means of bolstering support. It’s another carrot dangled before us, with no chance of coming to fruition for at least ten years, if ever, and we would be swapping one yoke for another by going back into Europe. EFTA is a much more sensible idea.

    I hope people see through this a you do. I’m not convinced they will though.

  110. Bob Mack says:

    Interesting to see Craig Murray pushing the same line as Alyn Smith about putting this topic of trans into some sense of perspective.

    Considering he (Alyn) is the “Daddy bear” to this cabal of numpties. I tend to question Craigs judgement on the issue.

    Too similar to Mr Smiths.

  111. SusanAHF says:

    Yes merganser, 2 completely separate issues. I’ve rather gone off full EU membership, it smacks too much of a superstate now. EFTA would be the route for me initially.

  112. James Che says:

    It is pleasant reading to see at least two people awake to the wider world.

    Scot Finlayson.
    It is accurate to say that then gender laws are being passed in America by biden and harris, , and Labour & green party in britain.
    Something similar is going on down under. And many other Countries, it is not a snp policy, it is a global policy introduced by big funders.
    Well noticed by

    The other comment of wisdom today whom also observed that getting rid of Sturgoen alone will not fix independence problem or the woes of management holding back Scotland,

    Intelligence seems to be in short supply for others if you can only what fodder is put before you, but cannot see the same fodder is being fed to other Countries,, and just regime changing the leader has also been done time and again around the world, not just Scotland.
    It is bog standard political history by establishments.

    Tunnel vision ain’t gonna change Scotland for the better, the people whom can see world politics are the ones that will make a difference to Scotland and independence.

    There are plenty of sheep to follow each other and enough sheep dogs to round to round you up into small corral penned thought.

    Sheep will never lead or be successful. They are to easily directed into one pen.

  113. Geoff Anderson says:

    I must have missed a number of SNP debates!

    I was at the SNP Conference when the top table were panic struck by the debate on NATO. That was in those far off days when debate was allowed and awkward topics were not filtered out.

    nuclear power/ tidal,wind,hydrogen,hydro
    Woman’s Rights/ Trans Rights / further debate
    NATO/ Independent/ other alliance
    Elected upper chamber/ A People’s forum / something else
    Recovery support for our Culture or let it fade away.
    Closer to America/ No Thanks
    Referendums on key topics/ Holyrood decides

    The list is endless and each will have a view. I would be surprised if we all agreed although I suspect we have a great deal of common ground on key issues.

    Given the events of the last few days I have seen clear evidence that Sturgeon and her carefully selected cabal will not permit the peasants to have a say.
    This is NOT the Independence I campaigned for.

    Independence was to be the START of the journey NOT the enabler of a version of a mini UK model.

    We voted for Independence and ONE Person decided that this was the surrendering of OUR Sovereignty to her.

    Take a long hard look at how she drives through HER vision instead of OURS.

  114. SusanAHF says:

    Well said Geoff Anderson. Amongst all that I’m for referendums on key topics, Swiss style. We’re a small enough country for it to work.

  115. James Che says:

    In a democratic independent Scotland the people would be asked again to confirm or not as the case may be, if they want to join the EU,
    It would ( not ) be wise to rail road through that decision without public opinion akin to the gender bill,

  116. John Main says:

    @robertkknight says:31 January, 2023 at 10:42 am

    Main & Breeks

    Given the pros and cons of iScotland applying to join EU, what are your objections, if any, to iScotland joining EEA, EFTA and the Council of Europe?

    I don’t have any objections in principle. I think professional politicians and civil servants, with the input of knowledgeable authorities, have to negotiate the best deal(s) available for an Independent Scotland and then openly and honestly communicate the pros and cons to the Scottish people, and ask us what we want to do.

    Some of the benefits of Scotland being in EFTA are obvious, some of the downsides too. I am amenable to persuasion to vote either way, once I know what I am voting for.

    What grinds my gears is politicians, cheered on by BTL commentators, treating the subject as a done deal. And all because of lived experiences a decade old, when the EU was a very different creature.

    The EU is changing fast, in response to what is happening in the east, and in the wider world. It may just be possible for Scotland to stay out of the war by leaving the UK. It does not look like it will be possible for Scotland to stay out of it if in the EU. For many EU countries; Poland, Germany, Lithunia, Latvia, Estonia, and others, an existential threat is gathering strength, and that inevitably affects the rest of the EU, as it pivots (like the UK), to a wartime footing.

    Whilst I believe the existential threat from the east needs to be dealt with, and maybes from within the EU would be the best place for Scotland to lend a hand, as a believer in democratic ideals, I don’t think Scots should sleepwalk, or be led by the nose, into that involvement.

    If that is what we choose to do, it has to be an informed choice, democratically voted for, by us Scots.

    An EU (or EFTA, etc.) referendum, held in an independent Scotland when the best deal(s) are on the table, is the obvious way to settle it.

  117. Gorse says:

    Crocodiles pretend to be floating logs…

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