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Your enemy’s friends

Posted on February 17, 2023 by

When assessing who might be the best choice for the next leader of the SNP, and by extension of the independence movement, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb to beware of anyone being bigged up by the Unionist media.

(Not only because they don’t have the SNP or Yes movement’s best interests at heart, but also because these are the people who thought Jim Murphy would take Scottish Labour surging to triumph in 2015 and Kezia Dugdale would win the 2021 election.)

So let’s take a quick look at the runners and riders.

The Scottish press have been basically selling the contest as a race between Angus Robertson and Kate Forbes, for no particularly obvious reasons. Robertson was out of politics for four years between losing his Westminster seat in 2017 and the 2021 election and is a well-kent, but not especially well-liked, face with the public, to whom he often comes across as rather smug, pompous and condescending.

As Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture he’s been pretty invisible, despite that job seeming to encompass an awful lot of stuff. Despite his status as bookies’ front-runner, Wings remains unconvinced that he’ll even stand.

The methodical purging of the SNP’s talent pool under Sturgeon means that the betting companies aren’t even really sure who the contenders in the race might be, and have resorted to filling out their charts with names plucked more or less at random from Wikipedia. Compare the list above (from Betfair) with this one we found on, compiling tables from several sites:

The Betfair list includes six names that don’t make the BettingOdds list, while the combination chart features five names that don’t appear on Betfair’s. The next two down on the second table are Mhairi Black and… Anas Sarwar.

(And neither one can even be bothered to get Joanna Cherry’s first name right. Indeed, Betting Odds think Joanne and Joanna are two different people, with odds of 14/1 and 28/1 respectively.)

But both have Forbes – who hasn’t yet declared herself a candidate – in second place, streets ahead of any of the other possibles, and she’s the interesting one.

Within 24 hours of Sturgeon’s resignation the Times gave her a huge profile, oddly calling her “the favourite” despite her odds being a comparatively long 3/1 against roughly evens for Robertson. And it went on to list lots of the reasons that God-fearing, Oxbridge-attending, Tory-voting Times readers might like her.

(While it devoted a lot of column inches to her religion, the paper omitted to mention the surely-noteworthy trivia detail that Forbes’ faith prevents her from working on the Sabbath, so if she becomes FM we better all cross our fingers and hope there are no national emergencies on Sundays.)

Alert readers may have realised that these are not attributes traditionally beloved of SNP voters. Her opposition to abortion may find favour with Scotland’s Catholic minority, but opposing single-sex marriage was a somewhat awkward fit with the SNP’s “progressive” values even before Nicola Sturgeon’s incarnation of the party soured that word for many.

It’s likely that a considerable section of the party’s vote would be uncomfortable being led by someone espousing such views, even if neither is ultimately likely to be relevant in terms of any legislation. But when a controversial topic WAS being debated in the chamber, Forbes ducked out of the fight.

Forbes could have voted remotely on the GRR but chose not to sacrifice her ministerial role for her principles. Her vote would have meant the passing of Michelle Thomson’s amendment prohibiting sex offenders from applying for a GRC, which was instead defeated on the Presiding Officer’s status-quo casting vote.

That’s unlikely to endear Forbes to the gender-critical elements of the SNP support which might otherwise have been keen to vote for her almost by default, because all of the other candidates listed by the betting sites are all firmly on the trans-activist wing of the party.

So why would the Times be going to so much trouble to promote her? (The other SNP figure beloved of the paper, Stewart McDonald, has made no noises about standing.) To try to answer that we have to thin the field.

Joanna Cherry and John Swinney have already ruled themselves out. In the former instance – as would be the case with Stewart McDonald, Mhairi Black and Stewart Hosie – it was because having a Westminster MP as leader of the party, but unable to be First Minister, is just too much extra complication at this difficult stage.

Others are clearly no-chancers who even we’ve barely heard of. Quite what Mairi McAllan (a 30-year-old who’s only been an MSP for two years) is even doing on the lists is anyone’s guess. Maybe her granny bet 20 quid on her or something. And we assume whoever added Shirley-Anne Somerville was just having a laugh.

Only two people have so far been reported as definitely likely to stand.

Yousaf has attracted a stream of terrible headlines both as Justice Secretary (particularly over the Hate Crime Bill) and Health Secretary. With the SNP having recently lost the support of the Muslim Council (having been repeatedly attacked previously by the Indian Council specifically over Yousaf), he would be a very, as the saying goes, “brave” choice for party members, and unlikely to win.

Regan, though, while little-known (she appears on none of the betting markets we can find, not even the ones that include Derek Mackay and Jackson Carlaw), won plaudits and respect for her principled stance over the GRR. She has no personal scandals or conspicuous departmental failures attached to her. She’s young and female and would be seen as more dynamic and modern than the “male, pale and stale” Robertson.

If the SNP has as rumoured been haemorrhaging members and support over gender reform, particularly since the Isla Bryson case, she might be better placed to turn that around than Forbes, whose commitment to women’s rights appeared to take second place to her career.

So it’s perhaps not that difficult after all to see why Scotland’s almost uniformly Unionist media might be keen to champion Forbes over Regan, just in case the apparent continuity-Sturgeon candidate, Angus Robertson, should shy from the fray.

At the very least, Forbes also standing would split the gender-critical vote, improving the prospects of any other contenders who the media probably feel would keep the SNP on the toxically unpopular gender track and therefore present less of a threat to the UK’s continued existence.

(A view it seems to share with the SNP itself, which seems indecently keen to conduct the election in a headlong rush designed to favour better-recognised mainstream candidates over outsiders like Regan who would represent change.)

We suppose that only time will tell.

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0 to “Your enemy’s friends”

  1. Ted says:

    But isn’t the big news the poll published in The Telegraph today with the headline stating that the SNP could be overtaken by Labour “as support for independence plunges”? As I said on the Rev’s previous post, many Scots see the important task now as the wish to defeat the Tories. And Labour gives them that possibility without needing to remain a moment longer with the appalling SNP. I say this with foreboding since I favour the Conservatives.

  2. Livionian says:

    I’m for Ash Regan. Government experience and a good moral compass. I do however think the party environment would make it nigh on impossible for her to lead without considerable rebellion

  3. Pete says:

    I’ll be voting, and encouraging as many members that I know, to vote for Regan. I genuinely think she has a shot at pulling off a victory and I think she’s legit. She’ll inherit a scrapheap courtesy of her predecessor, but I’d rather have somebody at least try to fix it as opposed to making it even worse.

    But this really is last chance saloon territory right here. This may be the one, last chance we have to actually fix the SNP. Here’s hoping the membership think very carefully and put both sensible politics and independence at the heart of their decision.

  4. Confused says:

    As for the Nikki situation, that’s all very interesting but you have to realise she is just an agent who has done her job, and now the focus is to replace her with another agent, to do another job, i.e. wank us all around for another 5 years, getting nowhere.

    – trust no one who has media support.

    Unless the new SNP leader is demonised by a hysterical media as a “far right extremist” and “Orban clone” (transphobic put-in sympathiser), it’s all going to be “more of the same”.

    In politics, if you get a “gift horse”, you need to get its teeth checked by 20 independent vets.

  5. MWS says:

    Regan is on the 2nd betting list you published. She’s there under her previous name Ash Denham.

  6. Vestas says:

    If Robertson has the brass neck to stand then the truth about “Mr Marmalade” and his wife has to come out. Clearly after what happened to Craig Murray it’ll have to be published by someone outside the UK but it WILL have to happen.

    It’d be an offence to natural justice (even Scots justice, tenuous as that is) for Robertson to be allowed anywhere near the FM post!

  7. Mac says:

    This is funny as i was on oddschecker looking under the next SNP leader just a few hours ago and they only had one candidate listed under one bookie and that was John Swinney.

    None of them have a clue who most of these folk are.

    Joanne Cherry sounds awesome but. Is she American?

  8. John Main says:

    I guess any suggestion that a principled government would call an HR election is so outlandish it doesn’t even get a mention.

    Yet NS is far and away more of a president than FM to many Scots. For many Scots, when they voted, they were voting for NS.

    Once she goes, a substantial chunk of the SNP’s legitimacy at HR goes with her.

  9. Jim Tadgercock says:

    If I were still a member of the SNP I would give Ash Regan my vote. The other candidates/runners seem a bit 2nd rate/no righters.

  10. Geoff Anderson says:

    An excellent summary.

    I would welcome Ash Regan. Any other and I will help pull the SNP House down.
    Without significant change Independence will never be achieved.

  11. sheena macinnes says:

    Is Forbes Free Presbyterian??
    How the hell can they go from a twaw FM to a wee free FM??

  12. robertkknight says:

    The SNP is a busted flush, regardless of whoever wants to be sworn to secrecy by the outgoing Leader as to where the bodies are buried.

    The movement needs to move on – the SNP pay lip service to Indy to harvest votes, cash and careers. Genuine supporters of Indy should wake up to the fact.

    Still SNP out, regardless of leader.

  13. ScottieDog says:

    Anyone remotely progressive would face the arduous task of trying to drain the swamp.

  14. Mac says:

    Still the same. Swinney as the only candidate is listed as 7 to 1. Sounds about right even if he was the only person running.

  15. Chic Murrays's Chiropodist says:

    Can someone who has knowledge of Forbes please tell me just what her commitment to independence was before she realised there may be £££ in this politics lark?

    Katie needs to answer some very hard questions and provide proof of real commitment. Just a shame that Shawlands and Eastwood constituencies, to name but two, failed so abysmally to examine the credentials of Oswald and McDonald.

    BTW why is the Hon member for Kiev Shawlands not fighting heroically at the front? Especially when he could be meeting all those strong muscled chaps of the Azov battalion?

  16. Lenny Hartley says:

    Does anybody know if Forbes has any track record as an SNP activist prior to taking on a job as an MSP’s assistant?

  17. sarah says:

    Why is no-one mentioning Michelle Thompson as a possibility? She has at least got some intelligence and personality.

  18. Chic Murrays's Chiropodist says:

    Can someone detail how much campaigning work Ash Denham/Regan has put in during the years before politics became an earner for her?

    This should be the first question asked of any candidate for ANY elected position. Years ago we could say with some justification that anyone standing for the SNP HAD to be honest because there was no money in it for them – well that changed and now we need to ask much more searching questions.

    We should also demand that any aspiring politician in the nationalist ranks should only accept a skilled workers wage and anything on top of that should go to party funds or charity. Likewise 90% of any outside earnings, media fees, directorships whatever gained as a result of being an elected rep of a nationalist party should go to party funds.
    Our elected reps should be there to serve us not to profit from us.

  19. Liz says:

    Best yet on Ladbrokes –
    Stuart Campbell @ 500 – 1
    Willie Rennie 100-1
    Alex Salmond 50 -1

  20. Merganser says:

    John Main @7.15.

    Any guesses about who the next President of the SNP could be?

    A long-standing Party member, holder of previous senior post(s).
    Someone who agrees with Russell about the Trans legislation being a legacy. Aaaaaargh!

  21. KT Lorimer says:

    I really don’t think we can wait a decade to build ALBA (I’m a member) we have to get the SNP to do what it was made for – now we should be getting those we know who are still members to vote for the candidate who will deliver the approach outlined by Robert MacAlpine – competence and collegiate.

  22. gregor says:



    “Very unpleasant or unacceptable.”

    “Causing you a lot of harm and unhappiness over a long period of time.”

    “A toxic relationship.”

  23. Mac says:

    I honestly have not a memory of seeing Katie Forbes saying anything ever.

    Ash Regan I do however. I saw he speaking out on the GRRB and liked her. But that is all I can remember.

    With the shower of shit on offer above, Shirley Ann Somerville FFS…. Ash Regan looks like the better choice if wings is giving her the nod.

    I don’t really care, but if the SNP is to survive, they need to find someone who is neutral and not an utter cunt like Angus Robertson and his loathsome wife.

  24. laukat says:

    Alex Salmond seems to pushing both so perhaps Forbes is not as much of a Sturgeonite?

    Whilst its entirely possible Forbes is a Sturgeonite she might just be smart enough to have realised that pretending to be one might be the way to the top seat and once there you can then start to show your true colours. Also worth considering that perhaps the timetable has been forced through to stop Forbes running as she’s not back from Mat leave and would be with a longer campaign?

    Denham deserves a lot of respects for her stance on the GRR but with her colours nailed to the mast she’s unlikely to win a vote.

    Personally I think the next FM is on a hiding to nothing. They will be perceived by the general public as the ‘David Moyes’ appointment. Perhaps it may be better if a numpty like Humza does get in so the SNP bottom out faster?

    My own money is on Keith Brown being put forward as ‘unity’/ ‘safe pair’ of hands candidate with Forbes as a Deputy FM and present it in a similar way as the Salmond/Sturgeon dream ticket. That way the Murrell’s have a FM they control and the chance to monitor Forbes to ensure she is someone they can trust.

    If Forbes doesn’t play ball with that I still they will push Keith Brown but have Mairi McAllan as the deputy.

  25. stuart mctavish says:

    Bit surprising in age of social media that ordinary members dont seem to be making the list yet

  26. Big Jock says:

    Lenny. Kate was in young Scots for independence. Her father was in the SNP. She has been in the party since her late teens.

  27. barelybare says:

    Any potential candidate with sense would sit this one out, then possibly wade in after the bloodbath is over. Forbes especially. 32 years old, she could have a career ahead of her, why destroy it now? Young kid and all, does she need the SNP leadership burning tyre around her neck?

  28. Shug says:

    If the SNP vote for Regan or Forbes the first job must be to take a filting knife to the NEC and the countless unionist plants.
    It should be easy to identify them, check their WhatsApp groups

  29. P Beth says:

    Part of me wishes for Robertson to win via a rigged election so that more SNP members realise the party is fucked from the top down. Independence will not happen in the next couple of years, so may as well see the SNP disintegrate further so that whatever is left can be salvaged to push for a new case for indy when we have a more viable political class. Because the one cultivated by Sturgeon is taking us nowhere and needs cleared out.

  30. John Main says:

    @Merganser 7:34

    Just about every day, I drive through the suspension-breaking potholes that infest most Scottish roads, and at night I struggle to see the worn-away road markings, broken cats-eyes and moss-covered road signs.

    Just about every day, I see the clear evidence that Scotland is heading for third-world country status, and in much of our infrastructure, is already there.

    As I type this, thousands of Scots are facing a night without electricity, because a wee bit gale blew up. Imagine. A country replete with surplus energy resources, but unable to get them to its own people! Yet here we are, posting about which specific talent-free nonentity is best suited to order the rearrangement of the deckchairs.

    I honestly hope Hamza Yusuf gets it. He will make just as much difference to my life as any of the others, excepting that Regan is perhaps the one I would most want to see pictures of every day for the next decade. But even she won’t fill even one of those damned potholes. And Yusuf will perhaps serve as the necessary wake up call us Scots need: What is wrong with us that we can’t get it together to run our own country?

    But I know that none of them will be able to keep the lights on the next time a wee gale blows in.

  31. Big Jock says:

    If Salmond is backing Forbes. That’s good enough for me. I know he backed Sturgeon, but she turned out to be sub human and stabbed him in the back. In 2014 none of us saw that coming.

  32. Morag chaimbeul says:

    Really like Katie Forbes. (and I dod not got up a wee free) Let’s have someone normal. Of course she won’t be liked because she’s an intelligent Gaelic speaking Highlander. I prefer her than any of the other vanilla middle class ‘professional’ politicians. How are any of these people supposedly ‘in touch’ with most Scottish people? She’s a ‘wee free’ – so what? At least we know what she believes. I campaigned for independence but I vote NO to these ideological campaigns to overturn basic biology and interfere with individual freedom. I prefer NO to Scottish independence than letting dangerous ideologues like Mhairi Black control our education system. (Jeremy hunts? How embarrassing for our country)

    I will not vote SNP if we do not have Katie Forbes. If the NU-SNP had even thought about the ferries, the destruction of businesses, Air B NB, over-tourism, the Housing Crisis and land reform with the creation of new crofts I would have voted for them – instead they want to control my thoughts but not address all of the appalling problems which are destroying the Highlands of Scotland. Instead they say they are ‘rejuvenating’ the Gaelic language by replacing us with middle class wokies from Edinburgh who will lecture to the people of the Highlands who they should be.

  33. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    If Ash Regan wins, she’ll be faced with the same situation Jeremy Corbyn met when he was elect leader of Labour. Regan will have to learn from Corbyn’s mistakes and act decisively. Escort the entire staff from party HQ forcibly oot the building and change the locks. Worry about employment tribunals later.

  34. Neil in Glasgow says:

    If the rumour of Robertson being tangled up in the 600k issue turns out to be right enough, you’d expect him not to stand (given the smart money could be on that being the reason Herself stood down). But that of course doesn’t account for Lady MacBeth’s influence. She clearly has no shame. So given what’s written above, Angus is going to be the man it would seem.


  35. gregor says:

    The Aliens (2010): The Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath Remix):

    ( “This psychedelic tromp features a battle between the people of a happy, paint-splotched world and denizens of the dark. One can imagine who wins…”:)

  36. George Ferguson says:

    @John Main 8:18pm
    When I left the SNP in 2015 saying Nicola was a wrong un, I gave up the right to vote in an SNP leadership contest. I have sympathy for the eventual winner. Whomever that is, I am confidant they won’t be leader for long. Some weeks ago I wrote about Labour being 1 to 3 to win the most seats in a GE. Now they are 1 to 6. The pathway of a GE victory is clear and there is so much destructive news about the SNP to come. An open goal for Labour. The thin landing strip of Salmond being invited back into the SNP has gone and so has Independence for the next 20 years.

  37. robbo says:

    Ash Regan is 14/1 on Betfair.

  38. Merganser says:

    Big Jock @ 8.32.

    It could be the kiss of death for anyone who Alex supports. If he really wanted her he would have been better keeping stum. I can only think that he doesn’t want her, or he’s playing some sort of double bluff which is beyond my comprehension (very likely) to ensure she gets the job.

    Ain’t it surprising he’s not rooting for his old mate Angus? They have a lot in common. Well possibly one thing in particular. Nuff said.

  39. 100%Yes says:

    Religion has caused enough problems in the world and in Scotland for me I’ve had enough of religion, I pray to god its Ash Regan.

  40. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Just slightly off topic, re Kev R’s twitter post earlier (posting here as I don’t do twitter as it’s a cesspit), as a fellow shareholder I’m extremely happy with the current direction of Wings’ travel. Keep up the great work Ed.

    I still read twitter of course. I’m only human (here all week too. Try the steak. Preferable to the sturgeon).

  41. Big Jock says:

    If Robertson gets the gig. Then all hope is gone. I haven’t met one person that actually likes him. I don’t think even he likes him.

  42. Big Jock says:

    Ash Regan has PR background. Always useful for a First Minister. Nicola was obsessed with PR, it’s just that she didn’t have a clue how to deliver it.

  43. Mark Boyle says:

    Certainly there’s a lot of wishful thinking amongst the Times and Dreadnought writers that being Wee Free means “closet Tory”, but the reason The Times and the Dreadnought have jumped on the Forbes bandwagon (with very loud caveats about her religion) is simple – she’s likeable.

    That’s it.

    It’s the Taylor Swift or Bob Mortimer effect: being lethally inoffensive personality wise to the extent anyone who does pick fault with them automatically earmarks themselves as an arsehole of the highest order to the rest of the world.

    There’s plenty even amongst the anti-SNP who concede it would be for the good of the country if the First Ministership passed to a “smaller than life” but highly competent bureaucrat – something in very short supply in Holyrood.

    Also, the FCS bottled it with Blackford doing things against their remit (he’s “Wee Free” … at least in theory …) – so it’s pretty clear since the Lord Mackay of Clashfern affair in 1989 that no Scottish denomination will dare again risk a public stushie over a politician’s actions going against the Kirk Elders’ wishes. If Forbes has to agree to things against her religious beliefs because Holyrood says so, it’s pretty clear she’ll suck it up – and likewise the FCS will grumble but that’s about it.

    The Guardian seem determined to make an issue about her becoming the next First Minister, and that alone could make her very attractive to those wanting to take the last remaining wind out of the Scottish Tory sales, and who would be willing to put up with another “Nat” Scottish government if it mean “wokery” was consigned decisively to the bin.

  44. robbo says:


    Bet365 actually not betfair

  45. Alf Baird says:

    Nae maitter wha becomes SNP leader isn’t the main priority NOT to elect them as FM of the colonial administration and to dissolve the wee pretendy pairlament and call an indyref-election?

  46. MrRocknRoll says:

    Think I might just have a flutter at bookies. £20 on Ash Regan. And since it’s Friday evening I was wondering what cartoon Mr Cairns will be doing for tomorrow… I think it might be along the lines of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide.. Sturgeon waving and saying, “So long, and thanks for all the carrot munching”.

  47. Merganser says:


    I hope the subtlety of your post is recognised.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    Vivian O’Blivion.

    The millionaire knight of realm had this to say about Corbyn recently. Under Starmer’s leadership the Labour party is in a terrible state, socialism is dirty word.

    “Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer this week banned long-time Parliament member and leftist Jeremy Corbyn from ever running again as a Labour Party candidate.

    Corbyn argued that Starmer’s move is an attack on democracy, stating, “it is up to [voters]—not party leaders—to decide who their candidate should be.”

    In a Feb. 15 speech announcing Corbyn’s ban from the party, Starmer said, “the Labour Party is unrecognizable from 2019 and it will never go back.”

    Starmer is referring to the year that Corbyn ran for prime minister as a Labour Party candidate. “If you don’t like that, if you don’t like the changes we’ve made, I say the door is open and you can leave,” Starmer told anyone who would be critical of the move.”

  49. ClanDonald says:

    If anyone has a spare quid, put it on Ash Regan, the more bets she gets, the lower her odds will be. Then she’ll look like a popular choice. She’s currently 20 to 1 over on Paddy Power.

  50. Gregory Beekman says:

    Given there’s no outright favourite, does that mean either

    (a) whoever stands first will probably get it


    (b) if there is a competition, the winner will win by < 10%

    Imagine becoming FM with a majority within the SNP no thicker than a fag paper – exciting times…

  51. Mac says:

    Maybe the best recruitment driver for ALBA would be if the SNP did elect Angus Robertson and his loathsome wife.

    The reality, which will take some time for many to sink in, is that Alex Salmond is now by several orders of magnitude the only real Scottish leader left standing.

    There is just nothing even close to him left. Sturgeon the imposter’s fall brings it into crystal focus.

    Mark my words… the only thing impeding his return and our independence is for the truth to come out about the Salmond stitch-up.

    Just like it did for Corbyn it also must also for Salmond.

    The truth must come out.

    All of it.

  52. smitty says:

    Here is a question. Why did a right wing Cambridge graduate who never voted in Indy Ref, or had any SNP role join the party. She put in her papers for vetting 8 weeks after Indy ref. She never campaigned for it. Zero Yes or Indy History. Nothing. She appeared from nowhere and was not known by anyone within the party. She should have failed vetting due to her lack of campaigning experience.

    Well, I have been informed by 2 sources that there is a lot of suspicion at the higher level of the party that when she was in Cambridge she got a tap on the shoulder. Intelligent, Gaelic speaking Highlander who had a summer job doing admin for a MSP.

    She will not win Indy. Deliberately.

  53. 100%Yes says:

    Alf Baird, if there was an election would anyone expect the NUSNP to do it fairly. I have know doubt they’ll make an arse of it just like they have with everything else.

  54. Daisy Walker says:

    Freeports FFS. What kind of Independent supporter, doesn’t fight that tooth and nail. On that alone Forbes is a bad un.

    The Gender Recognition issue was one where you had to turn up and take a stand. I’m a terrible cynic when it comes to ‘religious’ types. I find many of them can do the worst things ever, then square it away with their gods on the Sabbath. Strangely many of the worst things ever, often align with their career developement.

    My money is still on Swinney letting the others fight it out, then step in as the elder statesman (British) to steady the ship.

  55. President Xiden says:

    Kate Forbes claims to be a Christian. Yet disappeared when the trans issue raised its head. Sorry but I do not respect people with no real active conviction nor courage.

  56. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Is Forbes Free Presbyterian??’

    No. Free Church of Scotland. It’s all VERY confusing.

  57. Alex Stone says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 February, 2023 at 10:16 pm
    “Is Forbes Free Presbyterian??’

    No. Free Church of Scotland. It’s all VERY confusing.

    Oh good. Another cult to fend off.

  58. George Ferguson says:

    @Smitty 9:34pm
    There ye go doxing Kate Forbes again. Right wing is she? A lassie from Dingwall I don’t think so. You are expending a lot of resource on stopping Kate from becoming leader. Why?. The new leader won’t survive the year. Sensible people wouldn’t want the job. I suppose that’s why Humza has put himself forward. It’s a side show, the SNP are in rapid decline. I won’t see Independence.

  59. Garavelli Princip says:

    I really do not think that that nice Mr Marmalade would subject his lovely, kind, traumatised Mrs Marmalade what would surely be the horrible ordeal of, not just re-visiting Bute House, but actually living there!

    Oh no! He’s just too decent to do that and trigger her PTSD.

    So it won’t happen.

  60. David Hannah says:

    Ash Regan, a feminist freedom fighter. Fighting to lead Scotland to her Independence.

    A red red rose. That’s sweetly sprung in June.

    Yes mam.

  61. robertkknight says:

    Rev Stu says…

    “No. Free Church of Scotland. It’s all VERY confusing”

    Is that the lot that forbid members of the congregation from having sex whilst standing in an upright position, incase it should lead to dancing?

  62. The mountain hare says:

    I’m born and bred Free Church of Scotland and for most of my life (until recently) an SNP supporter, and a socialist.
    I like Kate Forbes as a person but my biggest worry is she is cut from right wing economic cloth. The Spectator was frothing over her last budget

  63. Cenchos says:

    What’s the betting that the SNP can’t manage to run their own leadership election without it ending up in court?

  64. gregor says:


    “The fact of officially being found to be guilty of a particular crime, or the act of officially finding someone guilty.”

    “Since it was her first conviction for stealing, she was given a less severe sentence.”

    “A strong opinion or belief.”

    “Religious/moral convictions.”

    “A deep/strong/lifelong conviction.”

  65. Dan says:

    Sod it. Jist for the craic, howz aboot Emma Roddick for leader and Fatima Joji as deputy.
    That pair running Scotland would at least produce more lols than Susie McCabe…

  66. Kenneth says:

    Your wrong in regard to her working on a Sunday. Works of necessities are perfectly fine, which being a leader of a government will surely be required on any day of the week.

  67. Lenny Hartley says:

    Big jock, thanks a few have been suggesting otherwise, thats why I was asking.

  68. ronald says:

    Garavelli Princip 10.33

    You never know she might like to attend ah dinner pairty ah don’t think she gets invited to attend that many nooadays

  69. Confused says:

    will there be postal voting in the leadership election?

    and does or has, peter murrell ever owned a colour printer?

  70. Confused says:

    Protestants now have 40000 sects to choose from worldwide, very positive about diversity.

    – I think Forbes gang is the one who – handles snakes and speaks in tongues when seized by the spirit of the lawd

  71. Big Jock says:

    Gir the avoidance of doubt. Kate Forbes spent her childhood in India. Her parents moved there to assist poor people with health care (right wing?).

    Her father was a long term SNP member. She moved back to Scotland age 15. She then joined young Scots for independence. She joined the party in her late teens.

    She has an independence background. I don’t know where she was living in 2014. I know she worked for Barclays.

    I think we need to give people a chance instead of inventing false narratives about their history. Ash Regan only came out for indy in 2014. She lived mostly down south. But no-one is questioning her background.

  72. ronald says:

    Rev please remove that nuisance (gregor 10.55 ) & check previous threads he’s doing the same as Cameron B Brody did .

  73. gregor says:

    Grouse Beater (17/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Peter Murrell not blocked me

    I penned a skin-peeling critique of his unethical role as chief executive of the SNP, how he controlled events in protection of his wife when first minister, a situation an elderly woman on my 27 bus felt stinks to high heaven.”:

  74. gregor says:

    Kev (17/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Anyone else wondered if #SNP are as massive as they keep implying in #Scotland & have a Mandate for #Independence Why have they no party funds ? £600,000 ring fenced for indy missing @PoliceScotland investigating fraud £107,000 loan from Party chair Peter Murrell Puzzling !”:

  75. Shug says:

    You should remember that the free church is the organisation that rebelled against the established order. It is much more radical than the church of Scotland or the Catholic church.
    If your going to criticise Forbes you guys at brigade really must read your history. This little point highlights the 77 brigade elements in here.

  76. Shug says:

    I do hope the threat of e mail publication that caused Nicola to resign has not excluded the publication of e mails about Murrell.

    I still have popcorn ready but have already eaten some. I do hope they publish soon.

  77. Big Jock says:

    Jeggit commented. That you can be gay and First Minister, Black, White, male, female. But not someone who goes to church on a Sunday. There is an intolerant side to atheism and secularism. Will Humzas religion get the same scrutiny, or Cherry’s Catholic faith?

    The supposed liberation from Christianity, has unleashed this. Surely we don’t interfere in people’s personal beliefs. I couldn’t give two hoots, as long as the leader frees Scotland. (Pun intended).

  78. Mark Boyle says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 February, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    “Is Forbes Free Presbyterian??’

    No. Free Church of Scotland. It’s all VERY confusing.

    ***Sigh!*** Alright, eyes front, pay attention …

    The Free Church aka the Wee Free told the Church of Scotland aka the Auld Kirk where to go in 1843 because they objected to having ministers imposed on them by Westminster or by rich benefactors.

    Think of the clerical puppet on a string William Collins and his obnoxious patron Lady Catherine de Bourgh in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for a brilliant snapshot of the state of the Christian church in 19th century Britain (both the Anglicans and the Presbyterians) and why they were so ripe for splits as a result.

    Eventually the majority reunited with the Church of Scotland (when it “won” … see below), but some refused to on two separate occasions, convinced the CofS is doomed forever to be Establishment lackies, this resulted in today’s Free Church (since 1900), and the ironically named United Free Church of Scotland (since 1929 – the original ‘happy clappy’ church, whose congregation numbers get artificially boosted by local Protestants and Catholics bored with their “own” faith).

    The Free Presbyterians aka the Bawbee Kirk split from the Free Church ostensibly because they feared it was plotting to “sell out” to unite with the United Presbyterians in order to become the biggest single Christian denomination in Scotland. The counter claim is that they just wanted a more Catholic bashing Kirk – even though it was Catholics allowing them the use of their church halls during the initial break with the CofS that helped them initially survive and thrive.

    (Hence the old ditty “The Wee Kirk’s the Free Kirk, the kirk without a steeple – the Auld Kirk’s the cauld kirk, the kirk without the people!”)

    The papist-baiting “Protestant View” column of the FPS magazine is still regarded as an utter embarrassment to most Presbyterians, let alone other Protestant groups. Ironically, Orange Order membership is an expulsion offence, due to their swearing of “ungodly oaths”. They used to be mocked for not allowing entrance to services until after you’d made your weekly donation to the collection plate, hence the Bawbee Kirk jibe – it remains one of the wealthiest Christian groups in the UK today.

    The FPs split in 1989 over the Lord Mackay affair. The fact the funeral he attended just happened to be that of one of the judges who found Rangers guilty of criminal negligence for the 1971 Ibrox disaster I’m sure was just a coincidence and in no way influenced the Kirk Session in its judgement against Mackay, but it remains a mystery to this day why Mackay attended a Catholic funeral two years earlier without comment …

    Some lowland Catholics claim the Wee Free are anti-Catholic, but this is codswallop more to do with ancient late 19th century rivalries when the starving coming down from the Highlands were competing with the starving from Ireland for jobs and housing.

  79. Ian+Murray says:

    Whatever happened to the super injunctions filed by Nicola ?
    Do they have a time limit?

  80. Iain More says:

    Since I am now a member of Alba and a founder member at that I find I no longder really care about who is leader of the SNP. I just think they are now beyond salvage.

    I think they are beyond salvage as I was raised in the Free Church of “Scotland”. Kate Forbes bottling it over the Transgender Nazis Bill as I will refer to it was too much for me to stomach.

  81. Brogan says:

    On the subject of gay marriage.

    Can anybody explain to me why the progressive movement opposes marriage as an “outdated” concept, then pushes for and celebrates when same sex couples etc. can marry?

    Progressives (for want of a better term) slander marriage as outdated, patriarchal (wife is given away, takes surname, etc). Progressives are by and large non-religious and have nothing good to say about Christianity (but curiously, only Christianity) or the churches in which marriages take place. Marriage in their language is an archaic, oppressive ‘patriarchal’ (that word again! I swear I’d never even heard that word before 10 years ago!) structure, to be smashed and we’ll all live happily in a polyamorous, polygenderous global ashram with no doors and men in the women’s toilets, etc. etc. etc.

    Yet opposing same sex / ‘non-hetero/binary’ (phew, keeling up with this lexicon is mind-numbing) marriage is the kiss of death for a politician. Despite marriage being evil. Bit of a u turn, is it not? Surely you either oppose the idea of marriage or you don’t, you don’t just pivot every time it suits your argument.

    Of course, in a way it is a consistent viewpoint, because end of the day what both opposing hetero marriage and supporting homo marriage does is undermine social norms at every turn. Which is hard to draw any other conclusion that that is the aim, at least in this instance.

    For the record I personally am not bothered about who does what with who, but I can’t abide inconsistency and hypocrisy.

  82. Stoker says:

    KT Lorimer says on 17 February 2023 at 7:40 pm:
    “I really don’t think we can wait a decade to build ALBA (I’m a member) we have to get the SNP to do what it was made for..”

    Unless you have a masterplan on how to launch a successful rebellion from within the SNP then you’re talking at least 10 years to get the SNP to do what it was made for. The Wokerati have it all sewn up.

    The rot has well-and-truly set in and the damage is done. And i don’t derive any pleasure from stating any of this, it’s beyond heart-breaking. The Murrell’s have absolutely destroyed in 8-years what took decades to build. Only a fool would think they will not interfere in the appointment of her successor.

    Even if Ash Regan (my preferred choice) got the job, as someone wisely said in the comments, life would be made almost impossible for her to do her job effectively.

    Conniving spineless conspirators such as Mike Russell and Alyn Smith would be among the main Wokerati protagonists. And then there are several female Wokerati protagonists, at both Westminster & Holyrood, who would conspire against Ash and everything she tried to achieve.

    And the chief puppeteer, Peter Murrell, has stated he’s staying put. Poor Ash doesn’t even stand a chance. That lot are never going to allow *anyone* anywhere near a position that may put an end to their gravy-train existence. Because the first thing any leader does is clear out all their opposition and appoint those they consider to be allies.

    For the SNP to get anywhere near indy there needs to be a major clear-out starting with the Murrell’s, Mike Russell and Alyn Smith. And i don’t see that happening any time soon. And as Rev stated in his article, beware of anyone being promoted by the Unionist media. Talking of which, ‘Hoozat Useless’ seems to be gaining traction with the bbc in Scotland. Says it all really. LOL!

  83. Cynicus says:

    “. Forbes’ faith prevents her from working on the Sabbath, so if she becomes FM we better all cross our fingers and hope there are no national emergencies on Sundays”
    Not so. There is a theological exemption for deeds of necessity or mercy. The Church derives its authority on this from the stories in the Synoptic Gospels around Christ’s healing on the Sabbath.

    A greater threat to Kate Forbes would come from similar secular voices who took down LibDem leader Tim Farron whose theological perspectives on personal morality are very similar to those of Ms Forbes.

  84. SusanAHF says:

    I agree with you Stoker

  85. Auld Nickum says:

    I don’t think it is humanly possible to polish a turd, but ash is not only a caustic cleaning agent but the end product of a conflagration, so lets get the lady into the limelight.
    It’s a good pointer that Ash comes with a Cherry of an endorsement and I celebrate the oppertunity for change, but is the party going to embrace a complete overhaul or maintain the cosy lucrative nepotism and the Frankenstein social engineering policies that lead to the invasion of womens safe spaces, what a supturating sore, what a legacy.
    Messianic believers may return their attention to reality or stubbornly adhere to the cult, it’s of no matter now for the times they are a changin’

  86. Cynicus says:

    If Robin McAlpine is correct, all of our blathers here are irrelevant. The election is being rigged to ensure Old Marmalade steps in to Sturgeon’s stilettos.

    “Stop Murrell’s corruption NOW

    by Robin McAlpine | 17 Feb 2023
    The election for a new leader of the SNP is being rigged in front of your eyes as a small cabal overturn the party’s constitution. It must be stopped with urgency.”

  87. Breeks says:


    Wow. Speechless.

    100k Anti-radiation pills distributed to 3 English ports just in case a nuclear sub goes into meltdown.

    Faslane or the hulks in Rosyth? Fk all…

  88. Robert Louis says:

    Funny, I was just saying to some folk the other day, that the next leader should definitely NOT be whoever the English media are bigging up.

    It does seem, however, that there is undue haste within certain SNP elements to get the leader chosen extremely quickly. The method of election also needs some scrutiny, otherwise, as Joanna Cherry pointed out just a few days ago, the result may face legal challenge.

    I don’t know enough about Ashton Regan, to know for sure if I would choose her (if I were still in the SNP), but she does seem to have real personal integrity by resigning her cabinet post over the gender rubbish. To me, that is a big plus for her.

    As for Angus Robertson, we all know why he won’t stand anyway – unless they want even more turmoil in the SNP. None of the rest are up to the job, especially Humza (LOL!), half of Scotland despise the man.

  89. Geoff Anderson says:

    The key point is that no matter who wins the Cult will still run the SNP. Sturgeon poisoned the well with careful planning. Can you imagine Ash Regan taking her first NEC meeting with all the affiliates and Nicophants already plotting her downfall.

    The timing of the resignation was no accident. The NEC leadership contest timescale was pre-planned.

    In the meantime Murrell is hiring more shredders and has a team building an accounts maze to buy some time.

    The SNP are finished and I consider that a positive. They were never going to deliver Independence.

    A few leaked emails, The Policeenquirer and the truth of the Alex Salmond stitch up should finish them off.

    Now we need a way forward to get out of this Union.

  90. Robert Louis says:

    Mark Boyle at 1219am,

    Thanks for that potted history of the kirks of Scotland. I had always remembered hearing that ‘auld kirk is the cauld kirk, and the free kirk is the wee kirk’ ditty when I was young.

    In my book, folk can believe whatever they like – if they think their is am gaci man in the sky, good luck to them, but Kate’s background in Cambridge and her views on things like anti abortion and anti homosexuality are a complete non-starter for me, and I dare say, most Scots. Oh, and she is far too cosy with members of the English colonial administration like that malformed wee sleekit, slithy tove, Gove.

  91. Frank Gillougley says:

    Just like ‘democracy’ I fear this is all just smoke and mirrors. Why would the SNP be any different from any other political party, in that first and foremost they are a self-serving bureaucracy? However, my cynicism aside, Ash Regan would be my choice.

  92. Big Jock says:

    Robert. I am anti abortion. It doesn’t make me a krank or a bad person. I just value human life. There are certain circumstances it is acceptable. But in general for day to day pregnancies, I believe it’s the destruction of a human life. And all the explanations in the world cannot deny that.

  93. Fifer says:

    Regan is 14/1 on Sky; they just have her as Ash Denham.

  94. David Hannah says:

    I want to know what Kenny MacAskill thinks about Kate Forbes and his immediate dealings and questions to her in Government. Is she any good?

    And Ash Regan, who would he pick out of the two?

  95. gregor says:

    Guardian (18/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon’s memoirs attract fevered speculation from publishers:

    “The departing Scottish first minister has already said she plans to write about her time in office, and publishers are showing keen interest…

    Laura Jones at Scottish publisher 404 Ink said Sturgeon’s memoirs would be “one of the most sought after titles in coming years and for good reason – as one of the few senior politicians of unwavering competency, authenticity and, crucially, an actual sense of humour and self-awareness, I have no doubt whatever she might choose to publish will be truly insightful, inspirational and hugely popular across the UK market and beyond”…”:

  96. gregor says:

    Amazon (2023): Books: Professor Devi Sridhar: Preventable: How a Pandemic Changed the World & How to Stop the Next One:


    “Professor Devi Sridhar has risen to prominence for her vital roles in communicating science to the public and speaking truth to power… Sridhar exposes the varied realities of those affected…

    Sridhar vibrantly conveys the twists and turns of a plot that saw: deadlier variants emerge (contrary to the predictions of social media… Combining science, politics, ethics and economics, this definitive book dissects the global structures that determine our fate…”:


    ‘Excellent . . . Fair, clear and compelling’ NICOLA STURGEON:

  97. Joe McSoap says:

    Personally I’m quite happy for the SNP exec to restrict voting to the Butler Youth and the other hopeless tosser who haven’t left the party yet. The quicker they elect an obvious turkey, the quicker the Scottish public can get on with voting for adults.

  98. Joe McSoap says:

    Completely disagree, sorry. Indy needs rebuilt from the ground up, however long that takes. Until the Scottish public can vote for an Indy party that isn’t gender-a-day mince or nae nukes/ recognise Palestine student politics then we haven’t a hope in hell of getting our country back.

  99. Martin says:

    I honestly don’t know much about any of these folk anymore. With regards Kate Forbes… Who knows? There’s talk she may have been tapped up at Cambridge. Maybe. But I don’t think she’s going to stand anyway. She’s 32 and has just had a wean.. If she’s smart (and she seems to be very smart) she will realise timing is bad for her. Let someone else take the backlash that’s coming while she gets quality time with her newborn. Then in a couple of years she can come in as saviour. If I were a young ambitious politician that’s what I’d do…

  100. Joe McSoap says:

    And the anti-semitism, we just take that as read, do we?

  101. gregor says:

    J.K. Rowling (17/02/2023): Twitter:

    (‘The Running Grave’):

  102. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    For those of you asking about Ash Regan (Denham), paste this next line into Google and fuhl yer baits.

    independence “ash regan”

    Some examples…
    “Returning to Scotland Regan returned to Scotland around 2012, and would later join Women for Independence and become active during the 2014 independence referendum campaign. She would also take on the role of head of campaigns and advocacy and pro-Yes think tank Common Weal Scotland.”

    An interview from April 2022.,the-independent-thinker-an-interview-with-ash-regan
    “We were having a dinner party in 2012 and the independence thing came up – someone said ‘there’s going to be a referendum, what are you going to do?’,” she says.

    “My husband, who is English, said ‘I think we will be voting no’. I went off and did some research and realised I was a yes voter. He said, ‘this will be a really big thing politically, you should get involved’, so I did but perhaps not how he had thought.”

    A podcast interview.

  103. ScottieDog says:

    I know ash Reagan was involved with common weal (plus)
    but was also criticised for sending her kids to private school.

  104. Joe McSoap says:

    Starmer has moved Labour seamlessly from anti-semitic racism to transgenderist misogyny.
    Corbyn was a hopeless, dim, Trot who damaged Labour irretrievably, to the point where we all just laugh at them now.

  105. gregor says:

    DailyRecord (18/02/2023): Scotland’s female politicians open up on toxic online abuse in wake of Sturgeon resignation:

    “Top Scots politicians have opened up about the toxic levels of sexist abuse that women in public office face in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation.

    Female MPs and MSPs across the political spectrum told the Daily Record the misogynistic vitriol from trolls on social media is worse than it’s ever been…”:

  106. Joe McSoap says:

    Ta much, as a wine grape I found this very illuminating

  107. Joe McSoap says:

    I’d prefer a grown up FM who doesn’t treat the opposition like demons

  108. gregor says:

    Jan Schulz (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Think ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ in respect of Sturgeon and Murrell is a stretch. An alliance of convenience is all it is. Set up to deflect from politically damaging details about their personal lives? However I do agree-no reaction is suspicious.”:

  109. Antoine Roquentin says:

    About those southern journos and their ignorance regarding the history and politics of the northern colony: Krishnan Guru-Murthy, it seems, knows about as little as Kieron Jenkins does, judging by the latter’s utterly pointless appearance and commentary from Edinburgh on Channel 4 News last week.

    100% agree Ed: the “bigging-up” of Kate Forbes by the metropolitan media must be treated with grave-suspicion.

  110. Robert McAllan says:

    Glad to note people have been paying attention to the anonymous Kate Forbes. Forbes in recent times has become mother to a daughter and stepmother to daughters through marriage.
    With this in mind it is interesting to note that her firm Christian belief ensured she took the cowards exit during the recent GRR(Bill) at HOLYROOD abandoning women to the whim of the biology deniers within her government partners.

    Forbes DOES NOT in her electoral material mention Independence far less promote it! If the unionist press are pushing her then she is no threat other than to the INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT!!

  111. Alibi says:

    Before Sturgeon even resigned, I said that Ash Regan should be the next party leader. I didn’t realise at the time, but I’ve seen online polls where she is getting in excess of 60% support. there’s the answer to the GRA clusterfuck – let it wither on the vine while at the same time arresting any further loss of support. it would never have passed without whips being applied, so revisit it after indy.

  112. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Fate loves irony, but hates hypocrisy”:

  113. gregor says:


    “A situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result.”:

    “The irony was that conservatives and liberals both believed that public opinion was on the other side.”

  114. PB says:

    Just as well Oxbridge is not known for being a hotbed for secret service recruitment nor having a habit of producing future leaders/actors…

    A master of ‘science’ in Diaspora and Migration, that’s interesting and timely if you look at Europe right now.

    If Forbes has to rest during the sabbath then who will be her Renfield?

    Will a battle between Forbes vs. Yousef in the finale result in a messianic Sturgeon returning?

    All of the past week’s events have had a carefully staged vibe to them. It’s a joke. S’all a joke.

  115. gregor says:

    Save Us From Politicians (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The clown may have left. But unfortunately the circus is still in town.”:

  116. gregor says:

    Save Us From Politicians (2022): Twitter:

    “Get up early plonkers. I don’t think @elonmusk
    would be sending little old me a follow request on Instagram.”:

  117. gregor says:


    “A situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time.”

    “Why can’t politicians just be honest with themselves and stop all this hypocrisy?”

  118. gregor says:

    Scotsman (18/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon a role model for women? Scotland’s ‘real’ feminists saw through her:

    “…an authentic women’s movement, funded not by government grants, but by raffles and women donating what they can afford. It is as diverse as Scotland, with women in their 70s marching alongside political science students. It has its own artists, poets, policy wonks and legal experts. It has connections across the UK and beyond, women working together across borders to protect and extend women’s rights. And of course, it has its own ‘first feminist’, author JK Rowling, who risked her legacy by the simple – but in Sturgeon’s Scotland, courageous – act of standing up for women’s sex-based rights.

    As the First Minister starts to empty her Bute House wardrobe of its power suits and heels, her closest advisers are busy trying to shape her legacy as a staunch defender of women’s rights and an inspirational figure in the history of international feminism. The truth is far more interesting. In the end, the ‘real’ feminists of Scotland saw through Sturgeon…”:

  119. gregor says:

    IndyScotNews (18/02/2023): Did You Know?

    (re. Yoursforscotlandcom: The Union on Trial initiative):

    “…will be shown both internationally and domestically at locations throughout Scotland and abroad where the audience can hear and see the evidence being proposed, and opposed… At the end of each screening the audience will form the jury and pass judgement on the evidence presented.

    There will be much more on this in the weeks ahead , including the opportunity to add evidence to the film using local examples and it will form a core part of our efforts to internationalise Scotland’s case abroad, while educating our people and providing the awareness of the fraud and robbery being perpetrated on our nation…”:


  120. Heaver says:

    Rev, please kill Gregor with hammers. Or at least stop him from posting links, or restrict him to one post an hour. He just obscures every debate.

  121. Skip_NC says:

    I find it interesting that Kate Forbes is described as a chartered accountant. Perhaps someone with knowledge and understanding of ICAS rules could look at her history, do some math and get back to us.

  122. gregor says:


    …You’re public communication function is working fine.

    Why don’t you show some integrity and kill/stop/limit your gregor object (if that is your aim).

  123. gregor says:


    “To cause someone or something to die.”

    “To stop or destroy a relationship, activity, or experience.”

    “Lack of romance can kill a marriage.”

  124. gregor says:


    “Serious discussion of a subject in which many people take part.”

    “How we proceed from here is a matter for debate.”

  125. gregor says:

    re. You’re (“your”)

    @I’m only human…

  126. gregor says:


    “Making very little noise.”

    “It’s so quiet without the kids here.”

    “The stadium fell silent after the goal was scored.”

  127. gregor says:

    Guardian (18/02/2023): Elon Musk has put every lost young man on Twitter in the crosshairs of the far right:

    “…The reinstatements appear to be part of Musk’s commitment to free speech. But if he knew anything at all… A win for fascism…”:

  128. gregor says:


    “A political system based on a very powerful leader, state control, and being extremely proud of country and race, and in which political opposition is not allowed.”

    “This year’s history syllabus covers the rise of Fascism in Europe.”

    “Fascism develops from right-wing extremism, supported traditionally by the middle classes, in contrast to Communism.”

  129. gregor says:

    Free speech:

    “The right to express your opinions publicly.”

  130. gregor says:


    Elon Musk (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Fate loves irony, but hates hypocrisy”:

  131. Andouilette says:

    Skip_NC @2.08
    She is not a chartered accountant. She spent 2 years learning accounting at Barclay’s apparently. 2 years training does not an ICAS certified chartered accountant make! There’s exams, more exams, even more exams and logbooks to complete. It is very, very hard.
    Source; my youngest child, who has done it.

  132. gregor says:

    greg (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The only thing that would’ve made this morning even better is if I didn’t burn my waffles”:

  133. gregor says:

    BBC (18/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon, Jeremy Corbyn, NI Protocol: A week that changed UK politics?

    “…The first minister’s presence in UK politics, Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow over Keir Starmer’s leadership and the Conservatives’ fraught conversations over Northern Ireland have been fixtures of our politics for years.

    The combined effect of removing those three factors could (will) be immense…”:

  134. Skip_NC says:

    Andouilette @ 3:31, yet that is what The Times article says. I notice Kate Forbes’ Wikipedia entry no longer describes her as a CA, which I remember noticing some time ago. The math didn’t add up. I have been in the USA for over twenty years but my recollection is that qualifying takes three years unless one has an accounting, or similar, degree that acts as the first year of training.

    It’s a small issue but if Kate Forbes enters the contest and the media keeps referring to her as such, it is incumbent on her to correct the record. Indeed, doing do may even do her some good.

  135. gregor says:

    Mercurius (08/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “And now on BBC 1, a documentary exploring the political legacy and achievements of ex First Minister of Scotland, @NicolaSturgeon”:

  136. gregor says:

    Scottish Football Away Days (18/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Rangers fans hit out at the departing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Livingston today Years of lies and corruption. Most drug deaths in Europe. NHS crippled ThankYouNicola’”:

  137. gregor says:

    The Glinner Update (18/02/2023): How ‘gender’ made a muppet of Nicola Sturgeon (It only took seven weeks):

    “…Sturgeon quickly became a laughing stock all over the world…

    Nicola Sturgeon’s humiliation and downfall is, or at least, should be, a warning to all politicians…”:

  138. Curtain-twitcher General says:

    I realize my first post on “Wings” may have been deleted for not taking the rules regarding the “Enter” key fully into account (for which I apologise), so I would to again request that some degree of restraint be applied to “gregor”, for submitting no less than 29 posts out of the 133 currently showing, none of which seem relevant to the matter being discussed. I am sure the readers at home are fully capable of researching dictionary definitions should they need to, or to peruse the genius of Elon Musk in their own free time.
    That is all – thank you, Rev Stu.

  139. Alastair says:

    If, as Robin McAlpine wished, along with dropping a de-facto referendum, the leadership election should go the whole 4 months there would also be uproar.

  140. Jm says:

    Are you ok gregor? Are you ill? Do you need help? Very strange behaviour

  141. Corporatedictatorwatch says:

    Was the Gender war really weaponised by saddos with coloured hair…and the quid pro quo pressure groups alone?

    Or has the corporate dictator empire been undermining
    Scotland, even the 2014 vote? To control our resources people and base for other offensives?

  142. Ted says:

    Minor point. It isn’t an issue that Forbes is Free Church. I have family from that church. Essential Sunday work is allowed. Feeding livestock, nursing, etc. So while FM Forbes would not be ploughing through routine work on a Sunday a crisis would be dealt with.

    One of Sturgeon,s many weaknesses IMO was an inability to delegate. And burnout will be less likely if our next FM, whoever it is has a day a week off even if they have no religion.

  143. Corporatedictatorwatch says:

    None of the above
    Total clear out needed
    Nobody being run by America

  144. gregor says:

    @Jm re. “Are you ok gregor? Are you ill? Do you need help? Very strange behaviour”

    …Thanks for showing us (losers)…

  145. gregor says:


    “To make it possible or easier for someone to do something, by doing part of the work yourself or by providing advice, money, support, etc.”

    “It’s kind of you to offer to help.”

    “It was awful, but I couldn’t help laughing.”:

    “If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

  146. gregor says:


    “A boy or girl from the time of birth until he or she is an adult, or a son or daughter of any age.”

    “An adult who behaves badly, like a badly behaved child.”

    “Don’t be so silly – you’re acting like a child!”

  147. gregor says:

    Chad Hurley (18/02/2023): Twitter: re. Reality@Fascists(losers):

    “It always seems a little weird to me that people complain about Twitter on Twitter.”:

  148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Does “Gregor” not come over as a programmed BOT to the rest of us humans?

  149. gregor says:


    “Being, relating to, or belonging to a person or to people as opposed to animals.”

    “Of course I make mistakes, I’m only human.”

    “He’s a despicable human being!”

    “Every human being has the right to freedom from oppression.”

  150. Curtain-twitcher General says:

    Please do something about “gregor”. Please.

  151. gregor says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Are you sure you’re not conflating official dictionary definitions/external public information posted here – with actual living humans (e.g. those who are directly speaking to you on this forum – in real time ???).

    Will let you know ASAP, should I come across any ‘programmed human-gregor-BOTS’ (WTF)…

  152. gregor says:

    Telegraph (18/02/2023): Favourite to replace Nicola Sturgeon must ‘defeat the wokerati’ to lead SNP:

    “…Scotland’s next First Minister will have to defeat Nicola Sturgeon’s “wokerati” to claim the Scottish National Party leadership, party insiders believe…”:

  153. gregor says:

    Sandra N. (19/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “The Duran guys have a good segment on the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland. Could be the “Z(redacted)y curse.””:

  154. tom kane says:

    Yeah… it’s a sorry stitch up by the horrific affront to democratic political membership parties that is the SNP National Executive Committee. Dear SNP members, they are sheeping you.

    And, for SNP members there’s to be no debate between candidates, and certainly none of our very able Westminster MPs in the list of candidates… There is to be no debate about the past, present or future – just a quick pick and a handshake.

    And SNP members are to have no strategy conference in March, all stolen by an errant FM and her errant NEC, again, no say, no debate, no contribution…

    Whether any leader of merit emerges is secondary now to the fact that the recently resigned FM held nothing by malice in her heart for SNP’s proud history of membership participation…

    This week’s cartoon by Chris misses the malicious intent as she wandered into the dark woods.

  155. Achnababan says:

    The Rev does not like Forbes despite her obvious talent because she is religious and speaks Gaelic. I am afraid the Rev is sadly bigoted. Live and let live please.

  156. akenaton says:

    George Ferguson says:
    17 February, 2023 at 10:29 pm
    @Smitty 9:34pm
    There ye go doxing Kate Forbes again. Right wing is she? A lassie from Dingwall I don’t think so. You are expending a lot of resource on stopping Kate from becoming leader. Why?. The new leader won’t survive the year. Sensible people wouldn’t want the job. I suppose that’s why Humza has put himself forward. It’s a side show, the SNP are in rapid decline. I won’t see Independence

    Nailed it George! I ‘m Sorry to say that even on this site, Identity Politics trump Real Politics. I think we both know why Forbes is frowned upon by the majority of commentators, her stance on abortion, homosexual marriage and her commitment to family values, make her beyond the pale; this on a forum which prides itself on free speech and freedom of thought?

    Have we all become infected by the Sturgeon years, when our sensitivities were blunted by the quest for media power?
    Let us go forward looking to create a genuinely better country where women are appreciated, children are loved and nurtured and men are given a role which does not emasculate them.

  157. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    None of the above
    Total clear out needed
    Nobody being run by America”

    Since someone has to lead the party, “none of the above” is not an option.

  158. gregor says:

    Keith Brown (19/02/2023): Twit:

    “Over recent days I have been delighted to receive many calls from SNP Members, parliamentary colleagues and Senior Office Bearers to stand for the position of Party Leader, following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of her resignation. 1/4”:

  159. gregor says:


    “Not many people have heard of him.”

    “Many people would disagree with your ideas.”

    “How many years have you worked here?”

    “We use many to refer to a large number of something countable. We most commonly use it in questions and in negative sentences.”

  160. gregor says:

    SunScot (19/02/2023): YES WHO? Struggle for Nicola Sturgeon’s FM successor as voters can’t put names to faces – you’re in top 3% if you know them all:

    “…out of 30 members of the public we quizzed, only one could name all six of the runners and riders — with 19 out of 30 unable to name a single Nats big-hitter…”:

  161. gregor says:

    NationalScot (19/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon’s exit mourned from France:

    “For some reason, timing is never on my side when big political events happen…

    For many in France, Sturgeon is not only the face of…”:

  162. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Emmanuel Macron: President of France, Office of the President of the Republic of France:

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