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Yellow on yellow

Posted on March 11, 2023 by

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  1. Antoine Bisset says:

    You had your chance.

  2. Sydthesnake says:

    Good one Chris

    Terrible state of affairs when the infighting might hand Labour the gig in Scotland very scary

  3. Muscleguy says:

    Excellent Chris.

    @Antoine Bisset

    I note La Belle France is allowing the Kanaks in Kanaky/New Caledonia to have a series of indyrefs.

    Why is it good enough for them but not us Antoine?

  4. Geoff Anderson says:

    Sturgeon did what they could not do…..Sadly, that was protect the Union.

  5. akenaton says:

    Look on the positive side, if M&Co had survived Scotland would have perished.

  6. Ottomanboi says:


    Le temps est souvent limité et le moment juste dépendra de vos intentions à long terme.

    (Timing is often crucial, and the right moment will depend on your long-term intentions)

  7. Breeks says:

    What % share of the vote does “the last 100 of us left alive” command?

  8. Antoine Bisset says:


    Je vous remercie de vos réponses. La plupart de mes commentaires sont pour rigoler, mais, au fond, aussi très sérieux. (Je suis né à Newhaven, un village de pêcheurs.)

    Thank you for your replies. Most of my comments are for fun, but, deep down, also very serious.
    (I was born in Newhaven, a fishing village.)

  9. Astonished says:

    Great Cartoon. Accurate.

    See where “Wheesht for Indy” got us ?

    Can’t disagree with a single word of Geoff Anderson @ 7.52am. Sadly.

  10. SusanAHF says:

    Maybe a period of unionists control at Holyrood is what’s required to sharpen our focus. It pains me to say it but there it is.

  11. robertkknight says:

    Never was Sturgeon’s rancid SNP more in need of an enema.

  12. Republicofscotland says:

    Ha, Chris, and excellent physical representation of Alex (I love Beth) Cole-Hamilton.

    Meanwhile you have to ask yourself if independence is the be all and end all for the SNP (the reason they were founded) then why are some of the membership voting for Forbes or Yousaf, even the thickest SNP member knows by now that they two have no viable plan to free Scotland from this union, its only Ash Regan that has a workable plan.

    I can only suggest that some of the membership are more interested in continuity that independence, I say to the membership if you don’t vote for Regan to be the next leader, then you are against Scottish independence and are no better than a Britnat.

  13. John Thomson says:

    RIP Scotland at least until we have removed all opposition to Indy

  14. Lorna Campbell says:

    If the SNP is not cleansed, we might just as well have the Unionists in power at Holyrood because the end result will be the same. Actually, no, it will be far, far worse because the ‘trans’ lobby will do their utmost to dispel and destroy any lingering hopes of independence. It is quite simply not part of the plan of destruction of civil society. In truth, they see the UK as one entity, Europe as absorbing that entity into its own mass and, from there, the entire West/Anglo-sphere being the all-encompassing whole. China, Russia, the Middle East, the Far East: once the West succumbs, if it does, the rest then become the ultimate goal. These people are cultural Marxists and Queer Theorists. Leave them to continue to grow in the SNP/Greens, and we will face this fight all over again long before we ever even get a sniff of independence.

    They are, in reality, a far greater threat than the Unionists, and also to the Unionists because they are a threat to all of the parties whose leaders seem to be oblivious to what this infection actually is. Did none of them study Politics? Queer Theory within Philosophy? The Denton’s Document? None of them? None of the SPADS and researchers? Believe me, if this is left within the SNP/Greens, independence is off the agenda for decades and decades, if it ever manages to rise again, because they just cannot afford for independence not to be contained. Either that, or it will all come to a nasty head like a beating boil, and burst, creating fertile conditions for a Scotland to become like Ireland from 1916 onwards.

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    Its no wonder this site and social media is crawling with SNP bots and Whitehall bots. Sturgeon and Murrell must thinking to themselves we must make sure Ash Regan loses.

    “Ash Regan said she would get to the “bottom” of claims ring-fenced indyref2 was diverted elsewhere, if she is elected party leader.”

  16. Lorna Campbell says:

    SusanAHF: if the Unionists regain control at Holyrood, the GRRB, in some form, will pass, and the future will be set, just as it will be if either Humza or Kate is elected leader because neither has the strength to fight this, and it is an existential fight for both independistas and women, equally. It is such a pity that so many cannot see that or do not want to see it in the vain hope of regaining our independence based on nothing but dangly carrots. We have to get our heads away from the idea of ‘puir wee sowels’ for what they really are, and, also, see the people behind them for what they really are. American billionaires do not fund anything unless it benefits them directly or indirectly. We have to fight it at the grass roots or the infection will spread and our independence, if they allow us to get that far, will be worth nothing.

  17. Gordon Gekko says:

    To liberals EVERYTHING if fascist.

    Trump, Brexit, BBC, the list gets longer every day.

    However, you know what isn’t fascist – German tanks rolling over neo Nazi Ukraine to attack Russia supplied by Italy.


    Banning and censorship in the media that provides an alternative view.

    Liberals are completely bonkers !

  18. Alf Baird says:

    Excellent cartoon which illustrates clearly that all parties in Holyrood are pro-colonial with little of substance to distinguish between them. Colonialism ‘is always a co-operative venture with native elites’ resulting in a ‘mediocre meritocracy’, now admitted as such. The SNP colonial administration has become its own critic because it can no longer hide behind its deceit and contempt for anti-colonial voters.

  19. SusanAHF says:

    I can assure you Lorna Campbell that I do not see them as puir wee sowels. I despise them and what they are trying to do. As for “trans” children: more fool the parents for putting up with it. Since when have children been considered mature enough to make any but the most minor decisions? Consult them about a mortgage, why don’t we? Parents need to take back control. Get interested in their children’s education. Withdraw them from inappropriate lessons. Complain if single sex laws are broached and withdraw their children. Stop unmonitored Internet access. Get children outdoors exercising.

  20. Beauvais says:

    Both Regan and Forbes saying that they’ve noticed the same faces among the Yousaf supporters at disparate hustings events, from the Lowlands to the Highlands.

    Aye, Yousaf & Murrell, the men who put tour in the word entourage.

  21. sarah says:

    What a portraitist you are, Chris – the inner character revealed. Particularly admire your ACH – the smallest of the three in every sense of the word.

  22. Geoff Anderson says:

    Alf @ 11:05am


    History is our teacher as you say. Many of the Nations who escaped the Empire had to overcome the last play of Whitehall by defeating the “placemen”- The Colonial Party which is a mini Westminster is never the Party which achieves Independence.

    Sadly, the other trait of the Empire in being denied it’s plunder is to create a divisive legacy. The Middle East, India/Pakistan, Ireland etc. “If we cannot Rule you then we will ensure your future progress is difficult”. The want to show what a mistake it was to leave the benevolent Empire……except no one knocked the door and begged to get back in!

  23. Effijy says:

    The support Lineker petition just reached 150,000 signatures!

    No presenters willing to front BBC Match of the Day.

    Daily Hail outraged at protesting duly elected fascist government.

  24. John Main says:

    In like Flynn!

    Flynn backing Yousaf. Reported in the Guardian.

    Could still be true though.

  25. robertkknight says:

    Signed! No fan, but anything that says F-U to the Tories and the BritNat Brainwashing Channel I’ll happily sign.

  26. jockmcx says:

    They’re back are’nt they

    And they’re trying to lock all the doors!

  27. Oneliner says:

    In the same week as it celebrates its 100th anniversary in Scotland, our state broadcaster is outed as a propaganda vehicle for the UK (Tory) government.

    It wasn’t a politician or the political commentariat wotdunnit – it was a fitba’ heid.

    Funny old game

  28. John Main says:

    @Effigy 11:53

    Redline the revs of your swivelling eyes, deepen the puce of your contorted face to beetroot, and pump up the veins on your forehead even closer to bursting by calling it the “Daily Heil”.

  29. Big Jock says:

    So Flynn now backs Humza. The most hated candidate in the wider Scottish populace.

    What the SNP are doing. Is exactly what Scottish Labour did. They are doubling down on bad policies and bad leaders. Remember when we thought SLAB had a fatalistic attitude to their popularity. We thought they were mental,almost a death wish.

    If Humza gets the job the SNP are over. But the leaders don’t seem to care.

  30. jockmcx says:

    Remember those wee creeps that used to suck up to the bully,you
    know,like when you were at school.

    The whole school has to come together and get them to F**k.YES!

    If your an snp msp or mp start speaking up now,independence 1st 2nd
    3rd and last…

    Or be a creep and lose BIG TIME!

  31. Ottomanboi says:

    Oh the irony…Yousaf will get the support of those his faith would consider «haram».
    Nice one Hamza.
    See you in «an nâr» maybe?
    Feel a «fatwa» coming on….

  32. Kitbee says:

    @ John Main Grow up would you!!

  33. jockmcx says:

    The UK is F***ed, we told you so in 2014 (archie)!
    Why are, (who) are the people in the snp trying to protect it!

  34. Mia says:

    “If Humza gets the job the SNP are over. But the leaders don’t seem to care”

    Isn’t that the ultimate goal Sturgeon’s labour-as-the-SNP has been pursuing for the last 8 years, so labour can get in?

    Isn’t that why they disembowelled the democratic structures of the SNP so any leadership or MSP/MP candidate election could be rigged to ensure the “right” candidates would always get selected?

    Isn’t that why they have now actively moved from seeking independence to claim independence is just a dream, despite having held absolute majorities of our seats for 8 fucking years?

    Isn’t that why they have been carefully aligning their policies to labour ones?

    Isn’t that why embarked in this toxic GRR nonsense, to make the party unelectable and give Labour a chance to resurrect in Scotland?

    FFA is only a valid tool to thwart independence for as long as enough people are still see it as an alternative to independence. Since 2014 that number has decreased.

    If you have over 50% of the voters demanding independence then FFA/home rule or whatever you wish to call this devolution bullshit, becomes inefficient to stop independence.

    I am of the opinion there has been a long standing agreement between the political fraud STurgeon and the powers that be since that first SNP majority was sent to Westminster – when Labour gets in n10, something akin to FFA (I believe Sturgeon called it “full fiscal responsibility” in the 2015 manifesto) will be delivered.

    I am of the opinion this is precisely the reason the political fraud and her labour-as-the-SNP cabal have been procrastinating independence for the last 8 years, why they have been viciously attacking any attempts to haste progress (Martin Keatings’ case), why they stitched Mr Salmond up, why they have not embarked in any meaningful campaigning for independence, why they have attacked pro-indy bloggers and why some of her apparatchicks have been going against the AUOB demonstrations.

    As a matter of fact, I am even of the opinion that some of those lockdowns during covid had the additional purpose of stopping pro-independence demonstrations, as they were just getting far too large and embarrasing for the political fraud.

    The political fraud has been carefully managing the yes movement, alright. But not to make it larger, though. It was to contain it, to bring its momentum to a halt and to slim it down so the yes vote never went over 50% for any meaningful length of time.

    Once the demands for independence officially raise and are sustained over 50%, FFA can no longer be used to preserve the union. As the REv has published in beautifully backed up articles, this political fraud has not let the yes vote progress beyond 47% for any significant lenght of time. In my view this was deliberate.

    The bullshit coming from individuals like Chris Law or Alyn Smith about having to convert No voters while no meanignful campaign was ever started, while no official date was ever given and when we have a continuous influx of no voters from down south and we are constantly haemorrhaging yes voters in the form of our young, was just that, appeasing, distracting and deceiving bullshit. Just like their 60% yes goal peddled every time a poll with a momentaneous over 50% for yes vote was published.

    Looking retrospectively, it becomes obvious these betrayers never had any intention to make the yes vote grow. I honestly do not know how they can still look at their voters in the face and continue to peddle the same bullshit. They are in my view, the worse of the worse. They make the betrayers sitting in Scotland’s parliament in 1706 look like individuals with at least some ounce of integrity by comparison.

    This is of course my own opinion. But if it is anywhere near the truth, and Sturgeon and her troughers never had any intention to deliver that referendum, then it makes the disappearance and actually the asking for the ring fenced cash for the referendum in the first place even a more disgusting and bigger crime.

    One thing is to comete fraud by spending money that you asked for something else at a time you honestly thought you would use it for its original purpose. But the concept of fraud would enter a completely different league if you already know you would never use the money for the cause yet you still started asking for it. The difference is intent. In the first case you did not intent to deceive. In the second case you were determined to deceive.

    So, will we ever find out when Sturgeon and Murrell decided their version of the SNP would never seek a referendum? Was it before or after they asked for the funds?

    We have in front of us a farcical scenario where, despite having held absolute majorities of Scotland’s seats in Westminter for over 8 fucking years, we have now TWO out of three leadership candidates now actively and openly backing devolution instead of independence. If this is not irrefutable proof the SNP is now a version of labour and the whole concept of democracy in Scotland is a fucking joke, what is.

    Humza will “win”. Murrell and MI5 will make sure of it. Because if disaster on legs Humza does not win, the “plan” to resurrect labour in Scotland and deliver the FFA might not work.

    Kate may not pursue indpendence and will be a “safe pair of hands” for the union. But, from the perspective of the Scottish voter, she would be preferred to that closet-tory Starmer.

    With her at the helm, the SNP vote may actually increase as some borderline tories may actually be more inclined to vote for her rather than Sunak, never mind Douglas Ross. Also, she may attract some of the labour voters disgusted at watching how Slabour supported the GRR bill.

    So with Kate there is a high risk the SNP seats may not fall enough to make the delivery of that FFA as a labour gift, credible.

    Let’s not forget that a majority of SNP MPs being seen as officially siding with labour to surrend the prospects of independence and instead grabbing with both hands FFA when there is still a mandate for indyref on the table, will forever finish the party off.

    That is why I think there is a collusion between labour and the political fraud’s version of the SNP to decimate the number of SNP seats at the next GE. The delivery of FFA has to be seen as being a “gift” form Labour, not an agreement between SNP and labour.

    There is only one solution in front of us and that is to effect a complete clear out of all those devolutionist MPs. Let’s hit the betraying bastards where it hurts: their pockets.

    But we cannot substitute them with members from the colonial parties. We need to vote in the other pro-indy parties.

    If there is any suspicion the powers that be will rig the election (as I am sure they will do if they become desperate) to force the decrease in representation of anti-union MPs from Scotland, then we will have to spoil our ballots writing on them our choice for independence instead.

  35. Effijy says:

    John Main

    Are you aware that it’s the same family who own the newspaper since the 1930’s?

    They fully supported Hitler, Fascism and the soon to abdicate King who was also a fan.

    Today they have nondom status to let them live here but not pay any taxes.

    On a Saturday I need to buy the paper for my elderly Mum who doesn’t read it but thinks their weekly TV guide is the best available.

    EVERY pretend journalist must support the owners cause or you don’t work there.

    I have a look at it to held the enemy a bit closer.
    They really are beyond pathetic.
    My favourite bits- SNP ready to cheat by having a Piper at each Polling Station.
    1000 Trains Cancelled in Scotland- that turned out to be 1.5% over year while Liverpools number was higher.

    Heil Boris eh John

  36. Doug says:

    Party before country continues to be the atrocious attitude of the SNP hierarchy. As such they are just as much tractors to Scotland as the repulsive threesome in Chris’ cartoon.

  37. Fireproofjim says:

    John Main at 12.18
    The “Daily Heil” is completely appropriate as it has always been extremely right wing. Supported Hitler and Moseley in the Thirties and printed the shameful headline “Hooray for the Blackshirts” when Morley’s fascists attacked the Jews in London. Look it up on line and also see “The Battle of Cable Street”.

  38. Lorna Campbell says:

    No, Susan, I did not mean to suggest any such thing. I know perfectly well where you stand, and I agree with your analysis, too. Children and youth are naturally totalitarian: they have to be to survive the early years, but, in recent decades, we have all – or many of us, at any rate – abandoned parenthood. I was merely pointing out that this infection is within all of the parties, and all are susceptible to the bullying, control and blackmail of this insidious and invidious movement. The politicians seem to have caved, most of them.

  39. akenaton says:

    Mr Campbell has made a mistake in supporting Reagan.
    Yousaf will certainly win unless one of the female candidates step out of the race. Forbes is more likely to come second, so Reagan’s votes should go to her if we are serious about a change of leader.
    Surely no one thinks that an early referendum is winnable after the carnage of the M&Co years, Forbes and time are the only two things which can deliver Independence in the medium term after reinvigorating the Yes movement AND persuading the floating voters that Independence does not mean social and economic suicide.

  40. Mia says:

    “Mr Campbell has made a mistake in supporting Reagan”

    Why? Because he has just oppened a channel for her to directly communicate with all the frustrated yes voters Sturgeon and co have been desperately trying to silence for the last 8 years?

    The Rev is a very smart man and I am sure he is a dozen steps ahead of you on this thing.

    “Yousaf will certainly win unless one of the female candidates…”

    If Yousaf wins is because the whole thing has been rigged. All the troughers have been given a script and put on a conveyor belt to endorse him.

    On top of this, we have seen some of them breaking party rules to give him advantage. We have been told GCHQ has been invited to stick its finger in and we know the untrustworthy Murrell is still, despite all, holding the control levers.

    If all that was not enough to render the context a farce, the official number of physical (no MI5 ghosts), active and alive members with a valid membership card has not been released and will not be released. That is rather convenient when you want to rig the result and need to “add in” a few votes.

    “Surely no one thinks that an early referendum is winnable”
    The referendum unicorn has finally bolted after Nicola Sturgeon and her lady advocate took a chainsaw to the stable door and spooked the poor thing out.

  41. akenaton says:

    Mia, the independence vote is split, while the Murrell vote remains steady. Forbes wants to work on persuasion of the don’t knows, while Reagan apparently wishes to lead a latter day Highland Suicide Charge,
    The charge may be full of glory and will make many on these pages feel good for a short time, but if it leads to the defeat of the anti Murrell faction and the return of Nic & Pete we and the rest of the nation will suffer and will never be allowed to forget our stupidity. We were horrified by the GRR, but much worse is in the pipeline regarding children’s safety.

  42. akenaton says:

    I would just add that I concur absolutely with your point regarding the abdication of parenthood and the subsequent social damage. In fact your reply to Susan, who is a clear thinker, was excellent and informative.

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