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Yeah, that’ll work

Posted on September 30, 2014 by

Because nothing scares Etonian Tory Prime Ministers like a poster on a van.


Your time is over, Daily Record. Tick tock.

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  1. MekQuarrie says:

    Did the ‘Record’ do this at the Labour conference too? Can’t see them piling the pressure on Brown in the same way (if they can find him)…

  2. Fireproofjim says:

    Please take a day off. We will miss you but you deserve it.

  3. bunter says:

    Never mind, in a couple of months London’s Daily Rancid will have their Labour pals running to the rescue with the usual ”only Labour can stop the Tories” G E campaign.

    Like Labour, London’s Rancid don’t mind Tory governments when faced with the shock horror of Scottish indy.

    Everyone should do their utmost to expose this rag and if its circulation plummets, so does it and SLab’s hold over Scotland.

  4. Luigi says:

    Nice to see the DR reverting to GE mode:

    “Keep the Tories oot”

    What about the red ones?

  5. Dr Ew says:

    More and more people are getting the idea – if you don’t read, don’t purchase and don’t subscribe to mendacious state broadcasters streaming fear and misinformation straight into your brain then they’re stuffed.

    The print media is a broken business model and licence fee TV is on the way out. Instead of giving money to the enemy use your consumer power to support new media like Wings here, plus Bella, Newsnet and other niche outlets for international perspectives.

    Create a new economic dynamic. The future is ours – spread the word.

  6. Fairliered says:

    I don’t remember seeing the van outside the BLAB conference.

  7. One_Scot says:

    Having seen the Daily Record front page, when the unionists said we are ‘Better Together’, I now realise they meant ‘Better Together’ for the selected privileged few, and not for everyone.

    Oh well, you live and learn I suppose, maybe next time. Surely they can’t fool us three times.

  8. Jack Murphy says:

    “Scotland’s Champion”:–The Daily Record.
    THE FRONT PAGE that kept Scotland Bettertogether.
    The Tory/Labour/LibDem Vow written and signed on parchment.
    Fooled once,fooled twice,fooled…………………?

  9. No no no...Yes says:


  10. bookie from hell says:

    When do daily record release sales figures?

    Boris talking shate

  11. Murray McCallum says:

    The Daily Record editorial staff must have a bloody good laugh at how gullible their loyal readers are.

    Making a living out of the perceived difference of LabCon is admirable in a sick kind of way.

  12. No no no...Yes says:


    The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) has circulated this across the country:

    “Dear colleagues,

    I am writing to encourage you to contribute to the further development of devolution in Scotland.

    Lord Smith has asked SCVO to gather initial third sector views and proposals on the future powers of the Scottish Parliament. What priorities do we have and which powers are needed to address them?

    We have been given a very short window in which to respond. Our deadline is 8 October, so I very much hope that you are able to spend some time setting out your views.

    But we also think it’s important that this is not the beginning and end of the matter. At SCVO, we believe that the people and communities which we all serve need to have a more central role in these discussions and in the governance of Scotland more generally. More of the same won’t do.

    So we will not be bound by the timetable set out by politicians in the run-up to the referendum. We intend to work with our members and with trade unions, students, faith groups and others on how to renew and reinvigorate our democracy.

    I very much hope that you will want to be part of this work.

    To contribute your views to the Smith Commission, please email by 6 October.”


  13. schrodingers cat says:

    put your address and date at the top
    but do not put your name or sign it, do not eneter into personal correspondance, please share

    BBC Complaints
    PO Box 1922
    DL3 0UR

    TO: All agents acting for and behalf of:
    TV Licensing, Bristol BS98 1TL, Capita plc, 71 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0XA

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We are writing to inform you that we have removed your Implied Right of Access to the above property. If we find that you, or any other representative of the companies named above, have entered onto this property without our prior written permission, you will have committed a criminal offence of Aggravated Trespass and we can take your statement under caution in accordance with Sections 68 and 69 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

    We are taking this step because:

    The Communications Act 2003 does not require us to purchase a TV Licence at the present time. •Under Section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, it is a criminal offence of harassment to make demands for money in such a manner that it causes alarm, distress or intimidation. This is the case no matter what method you use to make contact – whether by telephone, email, letter or in person. Punishment on conviction is six months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine of up to £5,000, plus legal costs.

    The removal of your Implied Right of Access is the first step in our action to seek prosecution. Please be aware that should you or any other representative of your company set foot on the above property at any time, your statement can be used as evidence, along with any video and audio evidence obtained.

    Aggravated Trespass is a summary offence that is heard in the magistrate’s courts and carries a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment. A charge of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass also carries a maximum six-month sentence, but it is an indictable offence, which means the case will be heard in front of a jury in the crown courts.

    We strongly advise that you act now to stop representatives of your company from entering onto the above property, as failure to do so may result in a criminal prosecution against your company and the individuals involved. You can avoid this easily by updating your records to show that a TV Licence is not required at the above address, and kindly informing your staff that they will be subject to criminal prosecution if they intrude onto the above property
    Yours faithfully,

    The Legal Occupier

  14. One_Scot says:

    ‘Vow’ what vow.

    Oh that pretendy jokey vowie thingy from the Unionists, that the Daily Record used to get people to vote against their country. Oh that vow, like when Andy burnham said we would be driving on the right of the road in an independent Scotland, that Alistair Darling said was a joke.

    Surely the Daily Record knew it was a joke, because if they didn’t, they have misled quite a lot of people.

    Looks like a taxi may be required for the DR.

  15. fred blogger says:

    people please get it.
    the UKWMOK no longer requires the labour of the masses, as it can get what the south east of england, city of london desires from anywhere in the world.
    it switches capital as and when required, and @ the same time sucking every last drop from UK subjects.
    it has done so for the last 35yrs @ an accelerated pace seeing productivity fall by 35%.

  16. Scotspine says:

    The original vow front page has Milliband of Labour front and centre. Ed Balls of Labour has stated his commitment to continue Osborne s austerity. Have the Record any comment on that? ……..No, didn’t think so.

  17. kevin murray says:

    Unbelievable that paper is a disgrace….why don’t they print the truth?….how about a week after the referendum all that oil that was meant to be running out has now been saved due to new technology that will allow much more to be pumped out……how about Cameron defending our nation by bombing all they bad men in Iraq and syria( i feel safer already )to stop them sneaking in and blowing shit up in London!……do you think the no voters are starting to think they made a little mistake???…..oh well i,ll worry about that while i decide who to leave my pension pot to that i,ve not got!

  18. Tattie-bogle says:

    After watching that bbc 2014 thingy between that and the daily shitecord can anyone remind me who is currently in scotland at the moment you would think it was labour the amount of time their idiots get

  19. breastplate says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that the labour supporters who read this rag fail to recognise that their beloved party is more right wing than Thatcher’s government. The very person they held up as the devil incarnate.
    Ignorance surely is bliss.

  20. desimond says:

    Hey come on, we have a war on terror and now a war on national debt to take care of first. Those silly Jocks with a sense up self importanance can wait.

    Danny Alexander and Chums

    BTW…anyone who says “The World would be a safer place with women in charge” clearly didnt forsee Theresa “We must destroy ISIS” May

  21. Helena Brown says:

    The paper of choice by the ignorant. Not a lot to say about it. Never bought it in my life.
    We need to destroy the MSM but how?

  22. Barontorc says:

    The ‘despicables’ – spinmeisters and apologists – lying toads and Simon Pia-s – the DR shit-rakers – the well-n-truly rubbished Herald Gardham-s and their playmatey Torrance-s are already at it, with the mad-Maddox-s and the terminal Scotsman-yuks feverishly trying now to water down their loyal leaders’ VOW commitments.

    Well it ain’t gonna work – yer rumbled! There’s a price and a cost for a’things and it’ll hit the back of the NO heads like a ton of bricks, if the VOW ain’t delivered.

  23. HandandShrimp says:

    It would seem that Greg McClymont is touted as Labour’s second place on the Smith Commission. I know nothing about the latter or his views on devolution/Holyrood. Gray/McCylmont…not sure where Labour are going with this.

    I see that Lord Smith also wants to hear views from new participants in the democratic process and I guess that means bodies like RIC, The Common Weal and….ourselves 🙂

    I know you are holiday Stu but do we get to make representations? The deadline according to the thing I saw is the 31st Oct so a wee bit of time.

  24. @schrodingers cat.

    All very impressive, I fear, however, you are quoting English Law.

    In Scotland, it is Scots Law which applies – different act altogether.

    I don’t know exactly which law applies, but, as always with Scots Law – you can call the polis and make a complaint of Breach of the Peace.

  25. Chris Baxter says:

    After the Conference season, the Tories have come off far better than Labour. Miliband has blown it.

    “Forgetting” to mention the deficit? Either you’re a liar, or you’re an idiot.

    A Tory/UKIP coalition, followed by the EU referendum in 2017, and an Out vote, followed by another Scottish referendum in 2019, and a Yes vote.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    Apologies for the O/T but can we help out kenmacaroonbar here with his fundraiser for a new voice in the media. All monies raised will be used wisely. From small acorns?

    The first link below is a small taster on The Bruce, the second the link to the fundraiser. We can only do what we can.

  27. AuldA says:

    @Jack Murphy:

    Remember that old Russian saying:

    “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

  28. BrianW says:

    No. I’m wrong. It’s the 30th September not April the 1st.

    You’d think if anyone, the media would realise that we have good memories in Scotland and don’t take kindly to getting f**ked over.. Hence why there are more Panda’s in Scotland than Tories, and how the mere mention of That**er still gets the heckles up on the back of folks necks..

    And the Record thinks we’ll just roll over and forget the Pro-Unionist Propaganda they printed in the run up to the Referendum to fool/scare folk into voting No.

    Oh hang on, it’s ok Folks.. They’ve got a van and poster.. Stand down.. Everything’s going to fine.. The Masters of Media Print have spoken..

    A van and a poster always does the trick.. Just like the “Go home, or Face Arrest” ones did for immigration.


  29. No no no...Yes says:

    HandandShrimp 12:58

    see my entry at 12:25pm

  30. handclapping says:

    You’ll miss out; Smiffy boy has to report by then. He needs our input to ignore by the 8th

    What do we want?
    The balls of the Beeb; One cannot do anything about Stv Sky DM DR etc they are PRIVATE ENTERPRISE but 45% of Scots do not share their views so we should control the Beeb to make for a balanced self reflection of the views of all Scots, not just the 55%
    An English Parliament; So that an equal scrutiny is made of English expenditure as is made of Scots’
    Welfare; The Scots live 3 years less than UKanians saving the UK £16000 per pensioner but our young and unemployed get their benefits cut just as any UKanian. This is unfair
    IMO these are the important 3

  31. George Campbell says:

    As well as boycotting the print media, we should also refuse goods or services provided by these firms who advertise therein. This could find the press with less income from sales and advertising and hopefully cause them to fail, as we perceive them failing us, the consumers.

  32. goulashman says:

    The Tory Conference is truly scary and hideous. To think Labour joins the Tories in the worst of their policies and worked to ensure the domination of a far right Westminster government over Scotland. We are in a very dangerous place – and 55% of us voted for it – swallowing the vicious lies of NO.

  33. msean says:

    What happens when a local branch of a bigger company becomes unprofitable? Downsizing? Closure? Consolidation into a bigger paper from the same group so that,despite vows,the local name vanishes through time?

  34. Chris Baxter says:

    20/1 for a Tory/UKIP Coalition.

  35. MajorBloodnok says:

    @schrodingers cat

    I didn’t realize we had magistrate’s courts in Scotland…

  36. Nana Smith says:

    Speaking of labour, email received this morning…

    Nana Smith,

    91 year old Harry Leslie Smith gave one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard at conference last week.

    His story about his sister is just heartbreaking. This is something everyone should hear.

    You can read his words below or watch his full speech here:
    As Harry says, we must ensure that his past never becomes our future. Help us make sure the NHS is protected for you, your family and generations to come — join the party now to help us win the next election.

    Thank you. Let’s make sure that Harry’s history never becomes our future.


    Andy Burnham
    Shadow Secretary of State for Health

  37. Dcanmore says:

    Attempted deflection by the Daily Record. Cameron is not hiding, he’s laughing his face off. ‘It’s the big Tories fault they made me do it mister!’ Snivelling shite from the DR looking for some absolution. Always remember, this is the newspaper that explicitly wanted Scots under Tory rule rather than an independent Scottish Government.

    And yet this wretched unionist bog paper will trumpet the invisible man Miliband for the next eight months as some saviour, as they did with Brown in the run up to the referendum. Keep boycotting this rag and use your money as a donation for the creation of an independent Scottish media.

  38. Luigi says:

    “We’ve had a lot from Scotland but the tail cannot go on wagging the dog any longer.”

    Nigel Farage, 19th September, 2014

  39. Dcanmore says:

    Oh and always remember Labour and their media hacks sounding off for two weeks before the referendum that NHS privatisation and possible consequences in Scotland were an SNP lie. Daily Record gave Brown acres of space in their pages to trumpet that attack on the truth, and now that is quietly forgotten as we’re supposed to get behind Labour as they save the NHS from privitisation. These Labour conferences kinda makes you feel a bit sick.

  40. fred blogger says:
    something is stirring in the dark star.

  41. There are 923,000 Pensioners in Scotland.
    (not incl 60/62 to 65 year old women).

    People who voted to protect PENSIONS less than a fortnight ago, are hardly likely to vote versus themselves in May –Unless we get them on the interweb and onto WoS – BEFORE – May 2015.

    Using State Benefits as the funder for tablets or laptops.?

    Since 1964 (1st voted in 1970) I have witnessed a few highs as an SNP Voter and many lows. Today we are hurting – AGAIN.

    We are seeing the best brains on WoS doubting their sanity or ability and questioning their intelligence – but given a short break in the campaign – they will realise that Voting SNP is sometimes an act of masochism.
    Beat oneself up – after hurts.

    LOOK at the BLAB Conf.for ammo.
    LOOK at the Tory Conf. for ammo.
    “Jackanory” Conf. next week from fibdems.

    SNP Conf is last in the Conf cycle.
    Altruists – gather here.
    “Refreshers” – next month.

  42. skozra says:

    I have every faith that the Daily Record will see us alright – it is “Scotland’s Champion” after all – looooooool

    The sooner it and others like it vanish down the plughole the better – an absolute disgrace of a paper, one of many.

  43. Wasn’t in nice that Scotland didn’t break Cameron’s heart, although I suspect many will have their hearts broken with the next government when they are lets down. Hopefully a full set of Scottish independence minded politicians can hold the line for us.

  44. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Schroedinger’s Cat


    The most commonly perpetuated myth claims that there are no trespass laws in Scotland. Even before the recent Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994,[1] trespass had long been a delict (a civil wrong) remediable by the remedies of interdict and damages. However, The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 [2] amends the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 [3] and establishes a statutory right of access.

    Certain types of trespass have been criminal since the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 was passed, a legal instrument which few will be aware of. Section 3 of the Act makes it an offence for any person to lodge in any premises, or occupy or encamp on any land, being private property, without the consent of the owner or legal occupier. While the the use of the words lodge, occupy and encamp could be taken to imply a degree of permanency on the part of the trespasser, their scope could possibly be construed to apply to loitering by a determined lawyer if one did anything other than access, or cross over such property for example.

    So it is the Land Reform Act of 2003 (Scotland)which the operative one in Scotland?

    I am not a lawyer or is the man with hand up my arse making me type this.

  45. MajorBloodnok says:

    Next UK Govt is a straight choice between Blue Tories and Red Tories, perhaps with some Purple Tories thrown in.

    A Labour/Tory coalition Government of Unity can’t be far off. Unless something happens in Scotland next May…

  46. geeo says:

    If the “new powers”(try not laugh),are not delivered by the GE 2015 can we(SG)not simply declare ourselves as independent based on the broken “vow” and the fact it was simply a cynical load of pish (well after the purdah period) to con a No vote ?

    How can a No vote based on lies and illegal offers possibly stand when it is proven to be bollocks considering there is a time scale laid out ?

    Once that time scale has been broken, the validity of the No vote goes with it.

    Could this legally be done ?

  47. MajorBloodnok says:

    @Bugger (the panda)

    I understand that s68 of the Public Order Act 1994 applies amended by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 with regard to the specifics around what ‘aggravated trespass’ actually comprises.

    I’m not a lawyer either, note, but would charge lawyer’s rates if I could get away with it.

  48. Red Squirrel says:

    “Scotland’s champion”? Really?

    Apparently Dave thinks the Blue Tories can change their WM MP numbers as a result of indyref – hope we can help blue, red and yellow Tories along with Scottish print press on the path to extinction in May 2015.

  49. Dorothy Devine says:

    Same deflection as the Herald and the Guardian ?
    Just a couple of days later eh?

    I remain disgusted beyond rage with the MSM of Scotland and I look forward to the Ex First Minister of Scotland ripping their throats out in the near future. Not to mention suing the arse off the three ” C”s.

  50. Capella says:

    Once Stu gets back from holiday (!) I would like to see a media tab set up where video and podcasts, radio casts etc can be archived. I know he has a youtube channel – is that enough? Topics such as currency, oil, environment, history, democracy,war, corporations, banking etc have all been linked to over the months but finding the links for new readers would be a major task.
    Here’s another excellent video which explains peak oil, the impossibility of growth and human inability to understand the exponential function!
    Since we’re no longer watching TV, listening to the radio and reading newspapers, here’s some alternative media to be getting on with. File under education.

  51. yesindyref2 says:

    Just looking at the SCVO email above, and something that occurs to me is this.

    Who needs the Scottish Government to declare UDI, when 4.2 million of us could without them?

    Just a thought.

  52. TD says:

    Helena Brown

    You ask how do we destroy the MSM. I’m not sure that is the right question. I think we need to change the MSM into media that serve the people of Scotland well. That could mean the destruction of some elements of the MSM – e.g. those financially dodgy publications like the Scotsman. But what we really need is for the media to be what they should always have been – i.e. accurate, fair, reasonably balanced (although they are entitled to have a point of view), contributing to debate (as opposed to just running a party line).

    So how to achieve it? I think it is a long game. Think of how public opinion has changed on a number of topics over recent years – sexism, homophobia, drink driving to name just three. All are now socially unacceptable in mainstream thinking. But all were accepted and acceptable in mainstream thinking within my lifetime. And I’m not that old. How did they change? Campaigners just kept chipping away at it. Changes in the law played a part, but only once mainstream thinking had started to shift. We need to keep saying to everyone at every opportunity that the MSM (especially the BBC) are biassed. We need to keep saying that the MSM cannot be trusted – take what they say with a pinch (or rather a large spoonful) of salt. Deny them their facade of respectability – they are liars and cheats. Expose them at every opportunity. They are manipulative – literally – and they have succeeded in this with large numbers of our fellow Scots. We need to make it socially acceptable across the whole population to state that the MSM are not to be trusted and that they are best avoided. If we can establish this as the mainstream view – and not just with Wingers – then the MSM will either change their ways or they will fail commercially.

    Of course it goes without saying that we should avoid buying their publications and its great if we can deny the BBC their licence revenue. And it’s also to be welcomed if alternative media – e.g. Bateman and Newsnet – can get something going. But the BBC is not going anywhere any time soon. We need to force it to change rather than try to destroy it. We need to establish as a generally accepted truth the fact that the MSM are on a par with Pravda as a voice of the establishment. The only way I can think of to do this is for those of us who already get it to speak with one voice and say it loud and clear at every opportunity.

  53. yesindyref2 says:

    schrodingers cat
    Nice idea, but trespass lawas are different in Scotland as in, bsically, there aren’t any. What you do have is the right to ask people to leave your property, and if they refuse, use reasonable force, e.g. a hand on the elbow, to eject them.

    The BBC or its representatives have no more right of access to our property than anyone passing in the street asking if they can use your toilet, unless they have a Court Order.

  54. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ MajorBloodnock

    Ah, gotcher now, the Scots amendement you quote applies to the English and Welsh law.

    We are on the same hymn page.

    Of course, the Scottish Parliamnet could set the cat amongst the pigeons, and why not, by decriminalising non payment of the broadcasting tax.

    In my humble view, something much more in their face.

  55. schrodingers cat says:

    I doubt the good folks in bristol will know that major

    the Rev didnt appear to either, Feel free to print the correct scottish version referencing the correct scottish equivalent

    “3. If you own your home you may withdraw the “implied right of access” to your home by writing to TV Licensing doing so. TVL operatives then may not even approach your property.”

  56. Muscleguy says:

    I just noticed the byline on the DR piece linked to by the picture up top: Torcuil Crichton himself being utterly hypocritical again.

    If idiots like you had not voted No on the 18th all this would utterly, totally and completely unnecessary.

    By pretending to care now you show yourselves up as utter opportunists who do not actually care about anyone but yourselves.

    Sadly I have never bought a DR in my life so cannot effectively boycott the rag.

  57. Robert Peffers says:

    @schrodingers cat says: 30 September, 2014 at 12:34 pm:

    “put your address and date at the top
    but do not put your name or sign it, do not eneter into personal correspondance, please share”

    Great idea and effort … but –

    “… Aggravated Trespass is a summary offence that is heard in the magistrate’s courts and carries a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment.”, suggests that the whole thing is based upon the laws pertaining to the three countries of the Kingdom of England. We do not have magestrate courts or magistrates under Scots law. I’m no lawyer but would imagine the charges would only apply to properties in England, Wales and N.I.

  58. Jim Mitchell says:

    O/T I see that Scottish Labour are still touting themselves as the largest party in Scotland!

  59. yesindyref2 says:

    Greg McClymont is I believe shadow pensions minister, so quite appropriate from that point of view. He alsop took part in a lot / most / all of Ian Davidson’s chaired Scottish Affairs comiittees. Unionist, but not too bad a lad compared with some of the people who know exactly what they are and it’s very rude.

  60. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    See this from the same Wikipedia article I quoted above

    ” A number of widely circulated myths regarding trespass law in Scotland are perpetuated, mostly based on (possibly selective) ignorance, and liable to cause problems if considered to be anything other than urban myths.

    The most commonly perpetuated myth claims that there are no trespass laws in Scotland.

    Even before the recent Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994,[1] trespass had long been a delict (a civil wrong) remediable by the remedies of interdict and damages. However, The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 [2] amends the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 [3] and establishes a statutory right of access.

    Certain types of trespass have been criminal since the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 was passed, a legal instrument which few will be aware of. Section 3 of the Act makes it an offence for any person to lodge in any premises, or occupy or encamp on any land, being private property, without the consent of the owner or legal occupier. While the the use of the words lodge, occupy and encamp could be taken to imply a degree of permanency on the part of the trespasser, their scope could possibly be construed to apply to loitering by a determined lawyer if one did anything other than access, or cross over such property for example. “

    So you can withdraw any implied right of access and possibly to break that could by implication be an agressed tresspass (if such a thing exists in Scotland)

  61. heraldnomore says:

    Hmm, postal vote procedures to be tightened up. Wonder why? And why not before now?

  62. Luigi says:

    What we are observing today is a cynical attempt by the DR to condition YES voters to tactically vote Labour again in 2015. Keep the tories out. Will it work? It all depends on how badly the people want more powers.

    The only way to have any chance of securing more powers for Holyrood is to stop voting for unionist MPs, at every election. Simple. The people know that – it all depends on how badly they now want it.

  63. Les Wilson says:

    The DR deserves what is coming to it oblivion!
    ( as do all the rest, inc BBC )

  64. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Schroedingers Cat

    Yes that archived Dail Heil piece was wrt E & W.

    There appears to be no such thing as Aggravated Tresspass in Scotland just as there is no such charge as burglary.

    There is always a Breach of the Peace though to go on top of Tresspass.

  65. Les Wilson says:

    heraldnomore says:

    Yeah, they will be covering up what has already been done against us. Have they detailed the changes? If they have, that is where we need to be looking for our answers!

  66. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    It has been scheduled to be changed for some time, but could not be applied for the Referendum.

    AS agreed to the old rules.

  67. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Just received and e-mail from the SNP saying my membership is effective and that they are only 23% though the paperwork of the new 50,000 members.

    So we now have 75,000 members of the SNP, so far.

    They further say that my local branch is aware of my membership.

    I didn’t know they had a Chapter in Shanghai Zoo?

  68. handclapping says:

    We do have magistrates, and magistrates’ courts, in Scotland.

    How much can I charge for this advice? Do I get more as it is in writing? What does an engraved brass plate cost?

  69. M4rkyboy says:

    The whole lot of them have been deleted from my bookmarks.

  70. handclapping says:

    Shanghai Zoo? You jest. The last time I wrote to you it was c/o Changi Jail

  71. Brian Powell says:

    Alistair Darling was the official head of the Together campaign, and he agreed with a reporter in BBC interview there would be devo-max.

    Ruth Davidson, leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, in the schools debate, did to dispute at the time or later, George Galloway’s promise of devo-max. He was designated by Labour to represent them.

    Gordon Brown was speaking, with he acceptance of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband.

    There are other instances of legitimate authority figures highlighting devo-max.

    it should be possible to take this before a court to establish as a legal promise of a power to be given. The EU courts if need be.

  72. Valerie says:

    Ho ho, Nissan boss says if UK leaves the EU, then Nissan will move its factory out! Govt. says Nissan are scaremongering! I’m not making this shit up!!!

  73. MajorBloodnok says:


    Damn, hoist by my own magisterial petard (that is if we have petards in Scotland, right?).

  74. MajorBloodnok says:

    @Brian Powell

    Are you implying that Jackie Bird is a “legitimate authority figure”?

  75. Graham says:

    With reference to the law on cancelling your tv licence you could start at

    Good sound information and they reference Scottish law as well as English.

  76. Salmond played Cameron, Cameron played Milliband, Milliband played Brown. Brown played Cameron. Farage played with EU, Clegg played with himself. Isn’t politics interesting.

  77. handclapping says:

    @Major B
    Och aye, you can also mak them yirsel as long as you keep away from any sewers the Government is watching.

    Now there’s a worthwhile job, Chief Turd Inspector to HM Government and Sewer Sniffer Pursuivant. Got to be worth at least as much as an MP ‘cos you’ld actually be doing something.

  78. Macart says:

    ‘Scotland’s Champion’ can go taking a flying fuck to itself.

    Pardon the language, but those lying, two faced pieces of ordure have just spent the past three years completely following the Labour/Westminster narrative. They willingly spread fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst the population without any hesitation whatsoever.

    THAT WILL NOT EVER BE FORGOTTEN and no amount of bullshit van stunts or rewriting of editorial history will ever cover up their part in the media bombardment during the referendum.

    Fuck em and the horse they rode in on.

  79. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    handclapping, that is now an airport.

    You were on NS there?

  80. schrodingers cat says:

    maybe nicola should ask Nisssan to relocate to scotland?

  81. AuldA says:

    @BtP: Got the same mail.
    I’d be interested to know where the Paris’ SNP local branch is located. Might be a nice place to get in touch with whisky smugglers. 🙂

  82. schrodingers cat says:

    I noticed how the entire planet just dumped on me but no one said anything when the Rev posted it…….cowards

    anyone want to make themselves useful and rewrite it in Scots Legalese?

    this would be useful


  83. Luigi says:

    Ho ho, Nissan boss says if UK leaves the EU, then Nissan will move its factory out! Govt. says Nissan are scaremongering! I’m not making this shit up!!!

    The Scottish referendum almost tore the UK apart. The Euro referendum will finish the job.

    I expect the BT campaign anti-Scottish campaign was used as a dry run for the coming Euro referendum in 2017. The usual big hitters will be wheeled out to say how bad it will be for the UK to leave Europe.

    However, they will be up against a much meaner, nastier, better funded opponent than the nice YES folk of Scotland.

    Even if Farage loses, how long before UKIP regroup and start demanding another referendum?

  84. schrodingers cat says:

    Graham says:
    30 September, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    With reference to the law on cancelling your tv licence you could start at

    no chance……….once bitten…

  85. Linda McFarlane says:

    We do not have Magistrates in Scotland. We have JP’s (Justice of the Peace) and Sherrif Courts.

  86. A stupifying piece of doublethink which nicely defines the Orwellian landscape we now inhabit.

    War is Peace: it has been interesting to watch/read how this war scenario has been ‘sold’ to one and all. Flexing military muscle gives all good Brits (incl BritScots) a hard-on. Commitment very obviously put on hold until the awkward referendum was taken care of. A state of war increases sense of ‘us and them’ (constructs the Other), thereby bolstering and binding Brit nationalism – military past evoked: our boys, desert storm, axis of evil, coalition of the willing, task force, counting them all out and back in again, Belgrano sunk, Battle of Britain, the Glorious Dead, Wars to End all Wars, Crusades of all kinds, never-ending fields of poppies, war poems to learn by heart.

    Ignorance is Strength – the current WM regime is maintained through ignorance. Truth is shaped by the Inner Party (despite appearances they have become One party) and disseminated via the hegemonic levers of the Media. The Media, fused and intermingled with ‘entertainment’, is transmitted as the matrix of truth. A new form of opium. All of this we have just witnessed over the last few weeks.

    Freedom is Slavery – the subliminal, repeating loop inside every No voters head when they interface with the Brit matrix?

  87. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    schrodingers cat

    missed that thread by the Rev

    Not dumping on you, just a slow day at the office.

  88. Mosstrooper says:

    @ thedogphilosopher

    Yep, especially if the enemy are brown and far away.

  89. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Liugi

    If there is a referendum to quit the EU, could we not all register in Newcastle, Carlisle, Manchester and Hull and get postal votes so we could vote No and really shaft Cameribandlegg?

  90. Luigi says:

    Bugger (the Panda) says:

    30 September, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    @ Liugi

    If there is a referendum to quit the EU, could we not all register in Newcastle, Carlisle, Manchester and Hull and get postal votes so we could vote No and really shaft Cameribandlegg?

    I’m just waiting for someone to shout out loudly that “foreigners” living in the UK should not be allowed to vote in the Euro referendum in 2017. One million Europeans living in England? Ho Hum. Jeez this could get nasty.

    It’s only a matter of time.

  91. Cuilean says:

    Bookie From Hell

    All papers sales are collated by the industry owned ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) either monthly (nationals papers) or six monthly (regional papers). Ironically both the Herald & Scotsman chose to go regional, the former sometime ago and the Hootsman just this year. That’s due to their falling sales. The info only stays up for that month on the website so download it if you want to keep a record of their (falling) sales. e.g DR last average sales 192,942 which is 192,942 too many. Who buys this crap? Probably just do so out of habit (cos dad,gran bought it). But hey my 18 year old would sooner think of flying to moon as buying ANY paper. Their days are numbered. Mene, menem tekel, upharsum.

  92. handclapping says:

    @Linda McFarlane
    Splitting hairs
    Within the Scottish legal system justices of the peace are lay magistrates who currently sit in the justice of the peace courts.

    The one in Kirkcaldy, opposite the Polis, was still plated “Magistrates Court” last Friday. I’ll now have to go an see where they put the apostrophy

  93. Golfnut says: yes
    If anyone responds to that, they should simply state Full devomax/Homerule as per Gordon Brown,A Darling, the bbc and just about every media outlet in the last week of the referendum.
    All this tax powers stuff is an attempt to back track on the wall to wall promises made in the final week. Our side need to keep hammering away at this.
    No homerule = renageing on referendum pledges.

  94. chalks says:

    Surely every European should get a say whether we get to leave the EU?

  95. Linda McFarlane says:

    Access to a home or protected curtiledge is permitted for Statutory providers, Power, gas etc. Access by others requires a warrant issued by a sherrif or I think a JP. The police can demand access if they believe a criminal offence has been committed. The issue is one of criminality not civil offence. Tv licensing are required to state under which legislation they are acting. Human rights legislation do not forget, confers rights on home and family life etc.

  96. handclapping says:

    No there’s still a jail at Changi and it does lashings and hangings even now.

    They wouldn’t take me, eyesight too poor

  97. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Whisky is cheaper in France than Scotland but, beware, as the branded bottles often declare no age so they could contain whisky at 3 years of age or even be all that, if a single malt.

  98. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Lsshings of irn bru?

  99. Linda McFarlane says:

    @ handclapping
    Is Magistrates not overtaken by JP’s / Sheriffs ?

  100. Capella says:

    A better quality version of the Peak Oil Exponential Function video is this one. It’s in short chunks so easier to watch.

  101. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Is the Magistrates Court not a well basso’ed auld plate?

  102. A.N.Surgent says:

    Shouldn`t the scary van say ” keep the vow cameron, clegg and milliband.” Maybe we should hire a scary van and draw attention to the daily rag lies, by contrasting their headlines from a few weeks ago to their most recent ones.

  103. Linda McFarlane says:

    @ handclapping

    OK you right me wrong

  104. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Did you bump into Max Moseley at Changi last time?

  105. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    This is part of what we are fighting for folks.

    People thinking English legislation is Scots legislation too.

    Because England is the UK, innit?

    Think the RSPCA adverts, worthy as they are, being beamed into Scotland by Channel Five.

    Animal welfare in Scotland is, of course, handled by the SSPCA, yet because of them not bothering to differentiate, even more of Scotland’s money goes to England…

  106. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Don’t I know that too well.

  107. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, for a historical reason I know about that one. It’s not implied right of access, it’s encampment which is covered. A for instance told me by a solicitor was that someone can pitch a tent in your garden, and you can ask them to go away, no offence committed. But if they started putting down foundations or drainage for a permamenet encampment, that’s an offence.

    Almost incidentally, I believe squatting is illegal in Scotland, whereas it isn’t in the rest of the UK.

  108. faolie says:

    Nissan and others, EU etc

    Not that far from Tyneside to Linwood. Not beyond the capabilities of Nissan to do that one. Elsewhere in England, hmmm, sounds like Nissan’s making contingency plans – what’s ours? And how far is it to Scotland?

  109. G H Graham says:



    The Scottish Sun…………….319,864………283,865……….-11%
    Daily Record…………………264,737………242,012………..-9%
    Scottish Daily Mail…………..109,933………103,611………..-6%
    Daily Star of Scotland………..61,932………..52,069………-16%
    Scottish Daily Express……….60,986………..55,436………..-9%
    The Scotsman………………..38,844…………32,035………-18%
    Daily Mirror……………………22,609…………20,710……….-8%
    Daily Telegraph………………19,446…………18,587……….-4%
    The Times…………………….18,842…………18,618……….-1%
    I………………………………..14,177…………18,418……… 30%
    The Guardian…………………12,477…………11,066………-11%
    Financial Times………………..3,292…………..2,718………-17%


  110. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ yesindyref2

    It is called “breaking and entering” even if nothing is broken.

    Bit like “breach of the peace” even though nothing is spoken.

  111. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @GH Grahame

    The ONLY newspaper to buck that trend is the Sunday Herald which has doubled sales since backing YES.

    I buy an electronic copy at €0.89 every Sunday.

  112. yesindyref2 says:

    schrodingers cat
    As the Queen would say, purrrrrrrrrrrr

  113. AuldA says:

    I confess that Scotland in the EU and rUK out would be a very satisfactory solution to me!

    @BtP: there is a certain whiff of paradox in saying that whisky is cheaper in France than in Scotland. I stopped drinking booze about ten years ago, so my question was more bantering than a real concern. But think about the huge advantage it’d be if rUK was ousting itself from the EU: we’d get free shops back for any flight to/from England, meaning one could by whisky bottles with incredible rebates… Talisker galore! 🙂

  114. liz says:

    All this backtracking – we have a poll by Lord Ashcroft – doesn’t sound like an anarchist – stating that 25% voted no for more powers.

    We have GB live on the BBC giving it laldy about near as damn it federalism.

    They cannot be allowed to get out of this – European court of human rights?? possible before we are removed from it

  115. Nana Smith says:

    Good grief, have I wandered into a S&M club.

    Lashings, Max Mosley…is he in uniform [shudders]

  116. Nana Smith says:


    EU court sounds like the place to go and quickly before the clowns in Westminster and ukip drag us out.

  117. JimnArlene says:

    The quicker that rag disappears, from Scotland’s newsagents, the better.

  118. Andy Dundee says:

    here schroedinger that’s all fine but there,s no law of trespass in scotland

  119. John says:

    They’re right about one thing though, the truck is in Birmingham. It’s on Broad Street, near the canal and just outside the Brasshouse. The Tory conference is along the road, to the far right.

  120. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    I am in a drying out pase.

    I was due to go to Tls to celebrate with some French friend the week-end after the Referendum.

    I did pluck up the courage and they did their best to keep my spirits up.

    I eventually opened a bottle of Bordeaux, 2008, maybe by Michel Pauillac.

    I enjoyed it so well,as I sat in the dark on a veranda at 2 am that I decided that life is too short for bad wine and I needed to start saving to buy selectively.

    I will not be drinking until Scotland makes a significant gain in Full Fiscal Autonomy at the very least.

  121. Schrödinger's cat says:


    Someone should have told ruthie that it is written into the snp’s constitution, “we Dina sup wi’ the deil, even we a lang spoon”

  122. bookie from hell says:

    Cameron speech CPC tomorrow

    apparently going to take the p*ss out of salmond

  123. dawn in nl says:

    Ironic aint it? A Hungarian colleague told me Hungarians in Scotland were voting No because they were worried about Scotland being kicked out of the EU. (Shakes head wearily.)

  124. muttley79 says:

    Macavity Brown has disappeared again, the bugger has gone to ground. Does this guy have any moral fibre at all, does he any principles?

  125. Cuilean says:

    GH Graham these figures seem exaggerated. Your figures say DR sales for August 2014 as 242,012, BUT DR weekly sales on the industry’s own ABC site for August 2014 are DR weekly sales 198,955 in Scotland alone, multiple copy (i.e. given away free in hotels etc) 4,986 and weekly sales in Eng, Wales, N Ireland 7,681. The most up to date ABS Cert for the Hootsman (June 2014) is 23,884 with 2,479 multiple copy (ie given away free in hotels etc) whereas your figures state 32,035 for August 2014. I think your figs have been massaged by the MSM as Scotsman sales are declining more than any other paper thanks to their toxic one-sided unionist reputation. I’d be interested to know where you obtained these figures?

  126. Schrödinger's cat says:

    cheval blanc, 2005

  127. Albaman says:

    Hey, lads and lassies,
    Have you all seen G Browns latest plan to stitch us up?, wants 100,000 signatures for presumably his plan for, for well us I suppose. He wants to present it to Parliment as I understand it.
    Have a look Rev, and all out there.

  128. Training Day says:

    Ah, Scotland’s Champion. You’ve presided over the de-industrialisation of Scotland over the past 30 years; lionised indolent Labour poltroons as the ‘fighting fifty’; told us that ‘battling’ Scottish Secretaries like Dewar and Clarke would somehow improve our lot; pleaded with us to elect dolts like ‘Lucky Jack’ who handed back a huge chunk of Scotland’s Budget to Westminster; wrapped up decades of failure, cowardice and inaction on the part of Labour as the fault of the SNP; and connived in no small measure in the erosion of Scots’ self-confidence and sense of worth to the extent that a majority reject the normality of self-determination.

    And for what? A poster begging the Tories to honour their – and your – latest lie.

    Time to die with Labour, Scotland’s Champion.

  129. muttley79 says:


    I will not be drinking until Scotland makes a significant gain in Full Fiscal Autonomy at the very least.

    Is that wise?

  130. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    @ BtP

    Good beer is much cheaper, and doesn’t have the snob value written in…

    Unless you are a hipster.

  131. Nana Smith says:


    Can you provide a link please?

  132. Helena Brown says:

    TD says: With regard to the destruction of the MSM, Reform would be good, but lets face it these papers belong to people who are hand in glove with the Establishment of this country. If they are removed then this space can be filled with something,a new brand, one which is more fair and then those who require to read the paper copy can be assured they are getting proper information and not government propaganda. I think their days are numbered any way, as the elderly who lets face it have no interest in either computers or mobile phones pass on. Otherwise people get their information on the internet. The Newspapers and their employees were a disgrace in this campaign, if they get their just deserts so be it.

  133. Schrödinger's cat says:

    @ BtP

    Good beer is much cheaper, and doesn’t have the snob value written in…

    Unless you are a hipster.

    Yup a cheeky little Neufchâteau brun with crackers et un Bressy bleu rounds of the evening nicely

  134. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    muttley79 says:

    My liver says yes.

    Conan, I am a lush and do like wine, good wine.

  135. Jeannie says:


    I’m pretty sure that EU nationals will not be allowed to vote in the EU referendum. This came up before and I think Scottish Skier linked me to the relevant page, but essentially the franchise will be restricted to those eligible to vote in a UK General Election. I could be wrong, but I think those are the already-agreed terms.

  136. Luigi says:

    dawn in nl says:

    30 September, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Ironic aint it? A Hungarian colleague told me Hungarians in Scotland were voting No because they were worried about Scotland being kicked out of the EU. (Shakes head wearily.)

    Wait until UKIP realise that all those nasty foreigners will be voting (against them) in the Euro referendum. All hell is going to break loose.

    I kid you not.

  137. Anne says:

    Albaman, is there a link to Gordon Brown’s petition. Not that I’m going to sign, just want a look.

  138. Luigi says:


    Many EU nationals are eligible to vote in a UK GE.

    Oh Dear. Trouble ahead!

  139. MajorBloodnok says:

    Conan_the_Librarian says: Good beer is much cheaper, and doesn’t have the snob value written in… Unless you are a hipster.

    I met someone on-line recently, called himself Adolf Hipster. Partner in crime of a certain Napoleon Blownapart. I frequent strange places…

  140. liz says:

    Schrödinger’s cat – archived version of guardian article.

  141. liz says:

    BTW – is Ruthie not banged up yet.

  142. galamcennalath says:

    On the face of it, everyone on the Smith commission should be there supporting DevoMax – the real deal, Home Rule, FFA – not some small selection of extra powers and income tax to pay for them!

    The Indy reps should there to compromise down from full Indy having sadly lost the vote. The Unionst should have all signed up to The Vow and the promises which won it for them.

    It should all go ticky boo. No room for disagreement. Three main Unionst parties all signed up. Indy parties in acceptance. Rubber stamped. All in place before the next WM election.

    All pigs fed, watered and ready to fly.

    Already the Unionists are talking of something less than they promised. Everyone of them, it seems to me.

    Well Hell mend them! We should ensure there is Hell to pay in the WM election next year! Milliband can stop thinking Scotland is a source of carpet bagging do-as-their-told scumbags. LibDems are dead in the water. And, lets get that last Tory removed.

  143. Alex Clark says:

    I had my very first conversation today with a No voter, He was jubilant and told me he was on holiday during the referendum but kept checking the results on BBC world.

    I just smiled, then mentioned that it was amazing how on Friday the government to start bombing Iraq again and that in Monday they announced a benefit freeze for the next two years.

    I told him that pensions were next for the freeze and that was the price to pay for remaining in the Union.

    I saw surprise and doubt on his face. Hell mend them.

  144. muttley79 says:

    Quotes from Ruth Davidson today:

    Attempts by Ruth Davidson to limit the powers that can be discussed by the Smith Commission have been branded as showing ‘an extraordinary degree of bad-faith’.

    In a speech at her party’s conference today (Tuesday), Ruth Davidson stated “that means ruling out so-called Devo Max. Such a plan – which would devolve everything bar foreign affairs and the Armed Forces – is a complete non-starter.”

    Meanwhile Gordon Brown today released a statement making clear that “a vow, once written, cannot be casually re-written or revised.”

    During the referendum campaign, Gordon Brown made clear in a speech in Loanhead that “the plan for a stronger Scottish Parliament we seek agreement on is for nothing else than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule within the United Kingdom” and also wrote in a New York Times article that “the United Kingdom is moving as close to a federal state as is possible.

  145. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Cheeky barsteward, hipster.

    Have you taste French beer?

  146. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Jenlain is “……ok.

  147. The Flamster says:

    Bookie from Hell

    Just heard a clip on the radio with Boris taking the p*ss out of Salmond – oh how they laughed!

  148. yesindyref2 says:

    Herald article about Brown’s petition “Brown calls on Scots to sign petition demanding Westminster keeps devolution promise”

    It’s not devo-max he’s talking about, but, it needs studying.

    To be honest devo-max won’t last long before Independence is inevitable, this might be in the same ball park. If not delivered, referendum in 2 years, if delivered though. we’re talking about perhaps 2020. Because signficant more powers won’t work either. The status quo is stable in my opinion, but significant more powers creates UK-wide instability.

    Brown’s an odd one, and I’m not too sure that he’s perhaps running rings around Westminster, and was before the referendum. Weird. It could be he has a grudge because he was treated like shite by his own party, and the media. Or not.

  149. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ yesindyref2

    Brown hates Cameron
    Cameron hates Brown
    and so on, ad infinitum.

  150. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Schroedinger cat

    Jenleain beer’s slog is

    Le goût de l’indépendance


  151. Famous15 says:

    BTW there are no Magistrates Courts in Scotland but in JP Courts in Glasgow and Strathkelvin you do have Stipendiary Magistrates ie solicitors or advocates who do the work of JP’s for a fee.

  152. scotspine says:


    re the BBC issue,

    I’m not sure that the letter you posted would cover Scotland.

    Magistrates Courts cover England – Scottish equivalent are Sheriff Courts and District Courts.

    Again, Crown Court is English whereas High Court is the Scottish equivalent.

    I’m not sure whether Aggravated Trespass would be relevant in Scotland as Trespass is not illegal here.

    I’m not posting to be awkward. I also want to cancel my BBC License, but am a bit wary regards the legality of the points in your letter.


  153. Franariod says:

    The DR doesnt care if Westminster keeps its vows cos it lets them go on about the bad tories and the bad snp and the bad lib-dems so they wont need to write anything bad about their beloved labour no matter how bad they really are

  154. Tam Jardine says:

    From the BBC site: (archive not working)

    Brown outlines ‘best deal for Scotland’

    Gordon Brown has outlined a 14-point “practical plan” for new powers for the Scottish Parliament.The former prime minister claims the powers – which cover areas such as welfare, taxation and transport – would give Scotland “the best deal within the United Kingdom”.Mr Brown has also called on 100,000 Scots to sign a petition, to be presented to the House of Commons next month, demanding that Scotland gets further devolution “with no strings attached”.

    I read this whilst on the bus and started laughing. Now Gordo the Great is admitting that the promises he made in the name if Cameron, Miliband and Clegg, promises which swung the referendum after they were bigged up by the BBC, are worth fuck all and he wants us to sign a petition!

    How did the gullible multitude not see what was staring them in the face, that this multi millionaire ex politician (retired on full salary and £165k expenses) had the power to offer us nothing but empty, hollow words.

    How utterly decrepit this creature is to sell his former country down the river at his masters’ bidding then plead for his former country’s support to approach the masters’ table.

    I can’t say anymore- if i say what is on my mind right now i risk prosecution.

  155. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Scots pine, if it doesn’t hold up in court, no harm done
    If the folk in Bristol don’t , no harm done,
    If they spend 4months opening and filing the letters”…..good

    I’m just away to kill masel’

  156. Schrödinger's cat says:

    I don’t know what that tastes like

  157. Papadox says:

    Devo max home rule was offered and any of the NO mob who are not prepared to negotiate on this understanding should not be on the negotiating group.

    As Billy Connolly said if they follow through with their vows things should be ok. If they don’t there will be hell to pay. Prof Thomkins ? Ian Grey?

  158. heedtracker says:

    THE VOW won’t get through the Commons let alone the Lords. UKOK’s not governed by dicitat yet. So come on Nigel Farage!

    If UKPsters do get UK out of EU, I personally can’t wait to hear the weeping and a wailing coming from all those rich landowners and farmers that had gaint No thanks placards on their fields

  159. heedtracker says:

    My Slovene girlfriend from Better together Slovenia branch on the Lord Smith farce?! Good times.

  160. Ron says:

    TV licensing – I posted this on another topic but it’s maybe worth putting it here too. I haven’t had a tv licence for around five years now and in that time I’ve had a lot of harassment from the tv licensing people. Here are a few points to help out anyone who is new to this world of threats and intimidation:

    1) “TV Licensing” is a private company run by Capita on behalf of the TV Licensing Authority, which is another name for the BBC. They run it this way to keep the BBC at arms length from the whole thing. “TV Licensing” try to give the impression they are a government body empowered with carrying out criminal investigations. They are not and they have no special powers in law.

    2) They will send you a series of increasingly threatening and harassing letters. These letters always request that you should contact them to explain your situation if you believe you don’t need a tv licence, which seems reasonable. However, you are not legally obliged to contact them and if you do they will continue to send you letters after a while anyway “in case something has changed” and you now need a tv licence. Don’t bother contacting them by post, email or phone. They aren’t really interested and will just defer the letters for three months at the most. By contacting them you’re just letting them know they’ve got a bite. You might even go on their list for special attention.

    3) The standard letters come in a variety of styles in an attempt to look more ‘official’ and intimidating. Some will be written in red ink and will tell you that “an investigation has been authorised” or that “our enforcement officers will soon be visiting” or that “your case has been referred to our prosecutions team for legal action” or even that “you may wish to refer to this letter in court”. They are especially fond of quoting sections of legislation and talking about the Crown Prosecution Service (funnily enough they never refer to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service). This is all complete bullshit aimed at getting you worried enough to just stump up the cash. Ignore these letters as you would ignore any other unsolicited junk mail – they’ve got exactly the same legal weight as all the shite Reader’s Digest used to send my mum. After eight or nine letters you’ll just go back to the start of the cycle again.

    4) Their “enforcement officers” are employees of Capita – salesmen on minimum wage and big commission who go from door to door attempting to intimidate folk into buying a license. They are private citizens just like you and me, they have no special legal powers. They will say almost anything to bluff their way into your house or elicit a confession of evasion. /b> or even acknowledge their presence. They can only enter your property without your permission if they obtain a search warrant from a Sheriff and by all accounts this is undertaken vanishingly rarely. They have to have very strong evidence of actual evasion taking place to obtain a warrant and simply not having a tv licence is not evidence of anything in itself. If they knock at your door don’t speak to them, other than to tell them to FRO, and definitely don’t sign anything.

    5) There is dubiety over whether or not “TV Detector” vans exist. Personally I choose to believe that while the technology is theoretically possible, the practical application is not. To date evidence from a “TV Detector” has never been used in a prosecution, which tells you something. I used to live in the attic flat of a big tenement block with seven other flats; I’d like to see them detect who was all watching tv of an evening in that building. Don’t worry about hi tech “TV Detectors” – the most reliable way of detecting a tv in use is looking through a window or listening at the letterbox, then chapping the door and eliciting a doorstep confession from a startled householder.

    6) You only require to have a tv license if you watch tv programs live at the time they are broadcast. If you watch DVDs, Blu Rays, iplayer, stv player, netflix, youtube, etc.. you don’t require a licence. You don’t need to detune your tv or remove/unplug your aerial as the offence is using the equipment to watch live tv, not simply having the equipment installed and available to be used.

    Finally a quick summary of the above: Ignore the letters, don’t contact them, never speak to their salesmen and don’t worry about detector vans. The best way to deal with them is to avoid all contact. Don’t write to announce that you revole their right to knock on your door, that’s all just dodgy made up “Freeman on the Land” barrack room lawyer bollocks and won’t stand up in court. Just avoid all contact with them. You are not obliged to prove to anyone that you don’t need a tv licence any more than you’re obliged to prove that you don’t need a pilot’s licence, a fishing licence or an oil exploration licence. Incidentally although I’ve had hundreds of letters, I haven’t had a visit from TV Licensing in the five years I’ve been – legally – unlicensed.

  161. muttley79 says:

    The Devo max promises are predictably already being abandoned by the unionists.

  162. Les Wilson says:

    Blair Jenkins on STV saying he did not think BBC was deliberately bias! WTF! What planet is this guy on?
    I could say more but I won’t.

  163. John H. says:

    O/T sort of –

    I’ve just written a very long email to a relative in Australia, trying to explain as best I could what happened during the refrendum campaign and how we lost it.

    I’m just an ordinary man in the street, with no more knowledge of what really happened than anyone else. Even so, I was shocked when I read it back. It reads like the plot of a political thriller. The lies, deception, and the sheer ugliness of the whole Better Together campaign is unbelievable.

    Seeing it written down like that certainly brought it all home to me. I’ve been told that Alex Salmond is writing a book. If so, I look forward to reading it and the truths it will reveal.

  164. heedtracker says:

    Feel the fear. If you don’t get it all, it’s just comes harder.

  165. Robert Louis says:

    Re: Gordon Brown

    Somebody needs to remind this back bench MP, that We have a fully democratically elected Scottish Government to represent the wishes and best needs of Scotland.

    Gordon Brown is a failed political nobody, and nobody likes him – it seems his buddy David Cameron doesn’t like him anymore too.

  166. Capella says:

    Just cancel your licence and tell them they don’t have permission to enter your property (if you want to but that’s an optional extra). You won’t miss TV. You can watch things on iPlayer (not live broadcasts) without a licence. You can watch iPlayer on your computer if you get rid of your TV. But once you cure yourself of the addiction you will find there’s nothing worth watching. (Except possibly Scandinavian noir which you can get on iPlayer and probably elsewhere).
    Devo Max including broadcasting but no Trident.

  167. heedtracker says:

    UKOK liggers telling it like it is now. Well he did win so it’s a Graun style malicious slice of nose rubbing in the britnat doodoo for Yes readers.

    It’s much the same where I am, expect now it’s no longer patient listening to their who the hell do you Scots think you are anyway.

  168. Robert Peffers says:

    @MajorBloodnok says: 30 September, 2014 at 1:54 pm:

    “Next UK Govt is a straight choice between Blue Tories and Red Tories, perhaps with some Purple Tories thrown in.”

    No! No!, MajorBloodnok, Those you though were purple Tories are just ordinary Blue Scots Tories, like Wee Ruthie, who are just very, very angry blue Tories who have become red in the face with anger at being accused of being, “Toxic Tories”.

    She claims they are just very nice wee Scottish Blue Tories who think of themselves as, “Champions of the, (mythical), silent majority”, but I’ve news for Ms Davidson. She cannot tell us who speaks for the silent majority until she can stop the silent majority being silent and thus let them speak up for themselves. Her good friend, Ms May, is to make legal, “Banning Orders” & “Extreme Disruption Orders”, and guess who is to be the judge of who the people causing, “Extreme Disruption”, and to judge just what constitutes, “Extreme Disruption”? That’s right it’s Ms May.

  169. AlexMcI says:

    I think people worry too much about keeping legal on the issue of non payment of the TV tax. I stopped paying it three years ago, had lots of letters, and a few amusing visits. Thing is, in Scotland non payment is not a criminal offence. It is a civil matter, much like the parking tickets you get in Asda or the hospitals, when you were meant to pay for parking. Just ignore it, then when you get the visit, don’t even tell them your name, until you offer or confirm your name, you are not in camera with the law, they need you to confirm your name, to put on their bit of paper before proceedings can begin. I am always Mr Householder, if they visit don’t tell them you don’t watch live TV, tell them nothing. This is a useful thing to keep up your sleeve, if by some chance they launched civil proceedings against you. The live TV thing is your get out in any civil action, as there’s no way to prove if you did watch a sneaky live programme. Yo would need to admit it first. You would need to have the civil hearing, lose and be fined or compelled to pay the money. It only ever becomes a criminal act in Scotland when you fail to pay the fine. Bottom line, fuck em.

  170. Capella says:

    @ Les Wilson
    “Blair Jenkins OBE (born 1957 in Elgin) was Director of Broadcasting at STV, and Head of News and Current Affairs at both STV and BBC Scotland. He chaired the Scottish Broadcasting Commission in 2007-8 and the Scottish Digital Network Panel. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2010 he was made an OBE for services to broadcasting.”
    As a BBC employee he will probably have had to sign the official secrets act. That covers all of them except Grouse Beater. You can therefore dismiss anything they say about the BBC.

  171. muttley79 says:

    @Les Wilson

    I think the word deliberately might be significant.


    There seems to be quite a few posters on the Guardian website proud of the fact that Scotland voted No, they appear to be Scottish, or at least living here (maybe they are just lying and are based elsewhere). They must be Brit nats because there is nothing to be proud of in handing back power to the sociopathic Blue and Red Tories at Westminster. In fact, quite the reverse. Since the referendum result I think the atmosphere has been fairly flat in Scotland, at least as far as I can make out.

  172. liz says:

    @Robert Louis – it’s completely disrespectful – they have chucked democracy out of the window.

    GB has NO right to tell Scotland what can be done – they r getting more and more outrageous by the day

  173. yesindyref2 says:

    OK, nobody else is likely to do this, so I will. It doesn’t mean I support my own case, I’m just making it.

    Why should Independence supporters support Brown, his petition (which is probably on – the official website), and therefore Devo-Max or as close as possible?

    Well, it’s very simple. We are the 45%, to get a majority we need at least another 5%, more like 10%. Ashcroft has 25% of NOes wanting more powers – 14% of the Electorate. 45 + 14 = 59%, a majority YES for the next referendum.

    By supporting devo-max, we connect fully, for a time, with that 14% of the electorate, plus those who voted YES but only because they distrusted the UK Gov to deliver more powers, so went the whole hog. We keep them on-side.

    Onve we’ve connected to that 14%, we keep a hold of them!

  174. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

    Les Wilson says:
    30 September, 2014 at 6:11 pm
    Blair Jenkins on STV saying he did not think BBC was deliberately bias!

    Ha! No, no, of course they didn’t… it JUST CAME NATURALLY TO THEM!

  175. Robert Louis says:

    So, now after Scots voted NO, we are being told by the very same people who VOWED to give us home rule or devo max, that actually devo max is out of the question.

    Well, we here all knew they were lying in the first place.

    If devo max is not delivered on the timetable set, then it is time for referendum mark 2.

    The unionists need to understand, we haven’t gone away. There will quite literally be hell to pay, if Westminster does not deliver what it promised Scotland.

    It is time for the SNP to get hammering out the message loud and long, WE WILL ACCEPT NO HALF MEASURES, they need to stop being so freaking nice about all this. If they won’t, then maybe it will require all of US to start holding the SNP’s feet to the fire too.

    The fight will be coming sooner than most think.

  176. yesindyref2 says:

    Blair Jenkins had about a 27 month contract presumably, with YES Scotland at, apparently, £100,000 to £120,000 per year [1]. He consistently failed to blast the BBC. YES Scotland has apparently officially closed shop.

    Blair Jenkins is looking for another gig, probably at the BBC where he came from in the first place.

    [1] Source Herald, article “Revealed: Yes Scotland aimed for 65% of votes, £24m war chest, and backing from five papers”.

  177. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bugger (the Panda) says:30 September, 2014 at 1:52 pm:

    “The most commonly perpetuated myth claims that there are no trespass laws in Scotland.”

    Err! No! BtP – the claim is not that there is, “No Law of Trespass in Scotland”, it is, “There is no English Style Law of Trespass”, in Scotland.

    How can a sovereign person of Scotland trespass on a part of Scotland they are sovereign over? There must always be places where people must be kept away from, (often for their own good), like on Rail lines, explosives stores and other such like dangerous areas but also from places such as MOD property where public access could endanger the defence of the nation. “Private”, Property is quite a different matter as what the law protects is from damage to that private land and, of course to protect the privacy of the owners. We wouldn’t wish to encourage, “Peeping Toms”, now would we?

  178. Edward says:

    Slightly O/T
    Not sure if anyone is aware but Catalonia goes to the polls on November 9th

    Being promoted as 09NOV in Catalonia and has been featured on news broadcasts in Europe, but I cant see anything on UK based media

  179. Capella says:

    Bellacaledonia has a good analysis of the media problem and possible solution

  180. Paula Rose says:

    Blair Jenkins born in 1957 – no way darlings, he is far too grey to be that young.

  181. scotspine says:

    Completely OT, but amusing non the less.

    I sent an entirely civil email to Sammy Wilson (MP in Northern Ireland) regarding his comments about “despicable Tartan Terrorists behaviour during the Referendum”. This is his reply;

    Ref: SW/SL/L/14/Gen
    Dear Mr XXXXXXXX (redacted by me)

    Thank you for your moderate response to my comments on the tactics of the Tartan Terrorists who made a mockery of democracy during the referendum campaign in Scotland.

    As a member of the United Kingdom I think I am entitled to comment on issues that impact on my country and I suspect that only narrow minded bigoted nationalists, such as yourself, would hold the contrary anti-democratic view.

    It is at least good to see the majority of people in Scotland do not share your racists, bigoted and intolerant views and voted wisely in the referendum.

    Sammy Wilson MP MLA
    (Dictated by Mr Wilson and sent on his behalf)

    What chance do any of us have with MP’s like that eh?

  182. Flower of Scotland says:

    @John H

    Have you heard Blair Jenkins latest interview on STV? You wouldn’t think any of that happened listening to him!

    I’ve been in the SNP a while but was not happy with the performance of Blair Jenkins. Mealy mouthed and bland and where did all the money go that we sent to YES!

    I’m so angry after listening to his interview! He didn’t even seem to think that the BBBC and MSM was that biased!!

  183. scotspine says:

    I had to reply asking if he could comment on the Orangemen and friends throwing Nazi salutes in George Square.

    I also pointed out that Scotland is not his country as he resides in a region (NI)within of the State of the United Kingdom and that Scotland is a Country within the UK, one which he does not reside in.

    Waiting in a response.

  184. Robert Louis says:

    If Blair Jenkins said what has been reported above, then to hell with him. If he thinks the BBC were not biased then he has a screw loose. Did Blair Jenkins not notice the two academic studies by Prof. Robertson at the University of the West of Scotland??? FFS!!!!

    Getting really, really annoyed with these mealy mouthed sycophants from the YES camopaign, who seem to want to just pretend nothing happened and the referendum was jolly fair. It was an affront to democracy, on every level.

    Perhaps this might jog a few feeble memories;


    The BBC are the biggest bunch of propagandist liars on planet earth. They should be working for the North Korean leadership.

  185. Nana Smith says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    You are so correct re Jenkins. I sent an email to YES back in July regarding the elderly not having had any clear info regarding pensions. They didn’t even bother confirming my email let alone replying to my concern.

    I too wonder where all the money went because sure as hell it wasn’t used on leaflets.

  186. liz says:

    In retrospect we needed someone more dynamic than Blair Jenkins – they were given so much more money than WoS eg but didn’t spend it in the correct way.

    When they were talking about posters, I imagined something biting, like highlighting the lies we were fed.

    It’s too late to worry about that now.

  187. Nana Smith says:


    Well done for replying and let the ignorant sod have it with both barrels.

  188. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    scotspine see above

    Trespass does exist in Scotland.

  189. Paula Rose says:

    What is it with Blair Jenkins? Jolly hockey sticks or some such? I was campaigning for my people’s future not some bloody game.

  190. dougiekdy says:

    “Islamic State could get nuclear weapons, warns Theresa May”.

    Oh FFS, this auld shite again… Where is Islamic State going to find these WMDs? The same place that Saddam was hiding them?

    Do they seriously think anyone believes them anymore?

  191. Capella says:

    For people new to the site, you maybe missed this clip of a young Andrew Marr inteviewing Naom Chomsky. Marr is completely oblivious to his own pro establishment bias and doesn’t understand Chomsky’s argument.
    Similar is the clip of Bonnie Greer calling the Sky News reporters on their total anti Indyref bias and complete inability to understand what she is talking about. She descries the one-sided coverage as “shameful”. They are open-mouthed and baffled.

  192. Nigerian Pirate says:

    Fuck Gordon Brown and his package of lies.

    45% of the electorate never voted for devolution but now he wants 100k signatures to help chase up Westminster on The Vow.

    Fuck off Gordy Broon.

  193. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Robert Peffers

    I didn’t say that part obout the myth of trespass.

    That was a quotation from the wiki article.

    If you go elsewhere on the thread, probably further up because I mentioned the quotation several times, you will see I did attribute it initially although not necessarily in all my posts.

    So you are right, as am I.


  194. muttley79 says:

    On Blair Jenkins, there are people criticising him, but I would be very wary of making him a scapegoat. The SNP did not criticise the BBC either much. If Yes said the BBC were biased then that would have become a major issue, and would have hindered getting the wider message across. We did not lose because of Blair Jenkins, we lost because not enough people were persuaded to vote Yes. Some elderly voters were clearly targeted by No. I just think the referendum came too soon, before enough people were ready to vote Yes. As it is we have to use the experience in the future, but singling out people to blame and scapegoat, is really not the answer imo.

  195. Joe says:

    Alex Clark says:

    30 September, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    I had my very first conversation today with a No voter, He was jubilant and told me he was on holiday during the referendum but kept checking the results on BBC world

    Did you not want to spoil their day by telling them fracking will totally devalue their home , hell mend them right enough

  196. James123 says:

    So it turns out the back bench MP Gordon Brown had no power whatsoever to guarantee anything, well who would have thought that. As for Blair Jenkins go take a fucking jump but before you do give back any salary you earned over the last two years for doing absolutely fuck all.

  197. Paula Rose says:

    @ Muttley79 – I can understand people being careful about critisising the MSM during the campaign – but now?

  198. muttley79 says:

    @Alex Clark

    I do not understand the mentality of No voters who are jubilant because there was a No vote. Other than a tribal feeling or they are diehard Brit nats, I do not understand how people can be happy to give power back to the Tories of whatever hue at Westminster (we held power from 7am to 10pm). Why would you be jubilant at that?

  199. Natasha says:

    Dear Schrodingers Cat

    I still love you; please don’t kill yourself. (Although, as my husband pointed out, until we open the box we don’t actually know if you’re alive or dead!)

    How do you put the umlaut on your o?

  200. Juan P says:

    Just in and have seen Gordon Brown’s plea for 100,000 Scots to sign a petition begging Cameron to keep his promise.

    Honestly thought I was reading a BBC Scotlandshire article for a second.

  201. Nana Smith says:

    Dictating Smith commission terms shows ‘bad-faith’

    Tue, 30/09/2014 – 16:50

    Attempts by Ruth Davidson to limit the powers that can be discussed by the Smith Commission have been branded as showing ‘an extraordinary degree of bad-faith’.

    In a speech at her party’s conference today (Tuesday), Ruth Davidson stated “that means ruling out so-called Devo Max. Such a plan – which would devolve everything bar foreign affairs and the Armed Forces – is a complete non-starter.”

    Meanwhile Gordon Brown today released a statement making clear that “a vow, once written, cannot be casually re-written or revised.”

    During the referendum campaign, Gordon Brown made clear in a speech in Loanhead that “the plan for a stronger Scottish Parliament we seek agreement on is for nothing else than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule within the United Kingdom” and also wrote in a New York Times article that “the United Kingdom is moving as close to a federal state as is possible”.

    Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell said:

    “People in Scotland were clearly and unambiguously promised substantial additional powers by the Westminster parties and it is just not on for Ruth Davidson to attempt to row back on that vow.

    “In the run up to the referendum Gordon Brown promised home rule and to move ‘as close to a federal state as is possible’ – a position fully endorsed by the Westminster parties.

    “If Ruth Davidson is now determined to impose limits on the additional powers Scotland should gain, why did she not speak out at the time?

    “Gordon Brown has today made clear that the Westminster parties cannot casually re-write or revise their vow and those are words that Ruth Davidson and her Tory colleagues should pay close attention to.

    “It shows an extraordinary degree of bad faith for Ruth Davidson to now try and dictate the terms that the Smith Commission and people across Scotland must be free to discuss.”

    Gordon Brown’s promise of Home Rule can be viewed at

    Gordon Brown’s statement that “the United Kingdom is moving as close to a federal state as is possible” can be viewed at

    Ruth Davidson’s remarks can be viewed at

  202. Flower of Scotland says:


    Yeah that’s fine, I kept that all to myself until I heard the interview then was absolutely furious!

    I always said that throughout the years if there was anything that I didn’t agree with in the SNP I would come down on them like a ton of bricks! I’m going to tackle that tomorrow in an email to the SNP!

  203. Grouse Beater says:

    Okay, confederados – I’m usually adept at deciphering acronyms but two you keep using fox me: FPTP and one that sounds like a Mexican dish – WAPOS.

  204. liz says:

    Well said, Stuart Maxwell – we cannot give any ground.

    Re folk saying they r happy voting no – I’ve just enjoyed winding up a happy no-voter on twitter cos he is boiling angry and can barely contain it.

  205. Nigel says:

    Just watching a tv prog”churchills ("Tractor" - Ed)s.”

    Lord Sempil is described as a Scot who give military secrets to Japan prior ro Pearl Harbour. A second ("Tractor" - Ed) is simply described as ” son of a labourer.”

    Although he is english, the prog doesnt mention his nationality.

    Just another minor example folks, of the state controlled media demonising these “north britons.”

    And guess what, no Scot nor any of our political reps will say a dicky bird!

    What wimps we Scots have become!

  206. Capella says:

    FPTP = First Past the Post. No idea about WAPOS

  207. Flower of Scotland says:

    Just been on Facebook and Blair Jenkins is TOAST! I wasn’t the only one disgusted by his apparent love in with the MSM and BBC. What’s going on! Is he working out his next career move?

  208. Jim McIntosh says:

    I haven’t got a problem with GB getting 100,000 signatures, but they should all be NO voters. No one who voted YES should sign his petition.

    When they get shafted they should be disillusioned enough to come across to the light.

  209. Tam Jardine says:

    Not sure if I made myself clear early on but Brown can sing for my signature. I would not legitimise such a discredited fraud. He delivered the promises for his masters – he has some baws to expect Scotland to now exert pressure. The point is we had power then by his false promises that power was relinquished.

    He asks for 100,000 signatures – so what we’re the 2 million fucking X’s that voted No on a clear platform of substantial devolution!

    Scotland’s saviour! Brown riding in to the rescue! I might just move to Kirkcaldy in time for May

  210. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Maybe Blair Jenkins never left the BBC?

  211. yesindyref2 says:

    Interesting article from our favourite psephologist:

    It seems the case was very well mde for more powers, but not quite enough for Independence.

    If the referendum had been 4 weeks later, it wouldn’t have started getting interest until 4 weeks later either. What would have been ideal is a 2 week postponement followed by another 2 weeks postponement. Ther result would have been 60% YES I guess.

    YES Scotland total donations were £4.8 million.

  212. Midgehunter says:

    I mentioned some months ago that I thought Blair Jenkins and because of him, the nicey, nicey YES campaign was not what it should be. BBC aint biased etc.

    I got stinged, but I still think the same today.


  213. TYRAN says:

    100,000 signatures? Thought Brown had it all sorted? What’s that shit for?

  214. Ian Brotherhood says:


    With a pinch of salt?

  215. StevieMcB says:

    GB, WAPOS with a pinch of salt would be my guess.

  216. Paula Rose says:

    Dunkie Hothersall has signed G. Brown’s petition – leave it to the No voters.

  217. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Just wondering if Cameron his action Krankie, Ruth Davidson, is doing this to really piss us off, isolate the Labour Party and get Scotland to kill them off in Scotland in 2015?

    Labour’s numbers reduced and a Tory majority in the UK or a UKIP / Tory coalition with Scotland walking out of the UK.

    Not his fault you see, Labour feked it up.

    Byzantine doesn’t begin to describe this.

  218. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Maybe WAPOS is a Gallowayism –

    ‘What a pair of stilts.’

    Come to think of…it’s probably ‘What A Pile Of Shite’.

  219. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    £4.8 millions?

    FFS where did it go?

  220. Paula Rose says:

    @ BtP – or the SNP holding the balance of power – ha ha ha.

  221. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    If I were the Weirs, I’d be asking Blair Jenkins for my money back.

  222. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Jeez, if Blair Jenkins is battered down by the SNP, I may have to resign, having just joined 7 days ago?

  223. Rank Bajin says:

    Ron at 6:06 is pretty much bang on the money regarding TV licensing, especially in his rejection of any “Freeman of The Land” type pish.

    Absolutely throw their letters in the bin unopened.

    My experience of their door knockers has been if they are treated civilly, they are civil in return, though I’m sure there are arseholes too.

    State calmly that you don’t have a license because you do not watch live TV through any medium, and so, do not require one.

    Do not elaborate, do not be drawn, do not get angry or upset. Do not preach, politic or berate.

    Decline to give any personal information such as your name or phone number. Do not explain why beyond “Because I am not willing to give you that information”.

    They will ask to perform a warrantless search of your home, probably phrasing it something like “They ask us to have a look around, is that OK?”

    If you allow anyone, including the police, to perform a warrantless search of your home you’re a fucking idiot.

    Say no, if they keep at you after that, again calmly, tell them to leave.

    A recent FOI act request shows that there were zero applications for search warrants by Capita in Glasgow and Edinburgh in an recent 2 1/2 year period.

    15 years legally unlicensed. Trust me, they’re toothless.

  224. Paula Rose says:

    If I was Blair Jenkins I would retire from public view.

  225. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Paula Rose

    If he has any sense he would.

  226. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Tx, sob
    Living at the arse end of an un collapsed 11th dimensional probability wave isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
    Re- the aumlaut, if your using a full size key board with number pad to the right, press alt and 148 at the same time will give you a special character, here is a link to the complete list
    Alternatively, go to google and find a text with the character, I am using a laptop and iPad, and select copy and paste into the box.
    The site here has gremlins, attacks etc and doesn’t always remember your name, certainly my windows laptop doesn’t and I confess to being lazy when I need to enter my details each time. my iPad and Linux Ubuntu PC do remember my input name. Having been banned by the guardian a total of 18 times, I tend to vary the spelling each time I re invent my profile

  227. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Blair Jenkins is out of a job now and with the media being owned and operated completely by British state sympathisers presumably he is trying to get another gig with the fourth estate. Unfortunately he comes over as someone woefully under qualified to lead the campaign. The sight of the girl on TV on the night after the referendum saying “How can you put your case when nobody reports it?” is seared into my brain. I can’t be more charitable, I don’t think he was very good. Without Wings I don’t think we’d have got close. I can’t imagine seeing him in a leadership role again.

  228. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    isn’t battered down, feking predictive texts.

  229. AuldA says:

    Unexpected headline in French Le Monde newspaper tonight:

    “Au Royaume-Uni, la drogue et la prostitution ont contribué au PIB pour 11 milliards d’euros”

    “In the UK, drug dealing and prostitution contributed up to 11 billions to the GDP”
    I wonder if that was anticipated by the Tories.

  230. Training Day says:

    Brown’s petition is a bleedin obvious tactic to rally Labour voters to blame the Tories for failure to deliver pre GE. He probably had this planned in conjunction with his allies at the BBC well in advance of ‘the vow’.

  231. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    On a MAC, just hold down the appropriate key and a wee list of the linguistic variations of that letter pops up.

    ü ö œ ø etc ? ß š etc

  232. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Off to my den and some bamboo.


  233. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Brown knows he will carry the can if they fail to deliver, so will labour

    Is this a pet ion to set the vow in even hard stone?

  234. Nana Smith says:

    I don’t think the donations from the Weirs all went to YES Scotland. I recall someone on here said that most of it was given to the SNP.

    Anyone know what the truth is?

  235. liz says:

    Someone on twitter is suggesting we get a 100,000 signatures requesting ‘almost federalism delivered or Brown should resign’.

    I’m not surprised that eejit Horshall has signed it as this will be used to delay the proposals for ever – it’s a trap.

    Also £4 million +, never realised it was that much. They were still requesting money from the public right up to the end.

    I wouldn’t blame the SNP for this, they had to distance themselves so it wouldn’t be all about the SNP

  236. osakisushi says:

    I’m coming around to thinking the only solution is protest, regular, peaceful and in massive numbers.

    The NO people need to be made aware they were wronged but the media cannot be trusted to hammer home the message repeatedly.

    But if really large numbers of people gather at BBC, Daily Record, and the other culprits, the media people should get a signal and while they will try and spin it as intimidation initially, eventually the penny will drop that YES is not a political campaign but instead, a movement.

  237. manandboy says:

    We’ve been talking about it for a while

    and so tomorrow my family begin a new life.

    We are all now members of the SNP –

    and have got a few relatives to do likewise.

    We’ve cancelled the TV Licence.

    badges and stickers are restored

    flag’s up, ‘sa cracker!

    We’re ready to start again,

    but this time even more so.

    The next best thing to Independence

    is working for Independence.

  238. muttley79 says:

    I see I have not been very successful in defending Blair Jenkins! 😀 😀

  239. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    What a wizz of an idea for Gideon and Cameron.

    Make prisoners pay for toothpaste, doctor’s visits and toilet paper.

    In the US of A and coming to prisons and other public places soon?

  240. liz says:

    PS we cant be seen to fall out, we must concentrate our energy on moving on to get as much power as possible.

  241. AuldA says:

    I will not be drinking until Scotland makes a significant gain in Full Fiscal Autonomy at the very least.

    I am dithering here. On the one hand, I hope Scotland will gain full fiscal autonomy very quickly, but you wouldn’t have spared enough to buy a really good Bordeaux (Saint-Émilion 1996); on the other hand, I want you to be able to buy a great bottle, so I’m unsure for Scotland…

    Life is harsh sometimes.

    I shouldn’t admit this publicly, as this is really a disgrace for a Frog, but I don’t drink wine. I prefer beer, or grape juice.

  242. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Liz, agreed

    So, we all dislike Blair Jenkins?


  243. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Is your name Jacques Chirac?

    Do you like Enya?

  244. Stevie says:

    How cynical and sarcastic of you Stu, I’m certain beyond a doubt that the entire British cabinet is crapping its collective culotte in fear of the Tory Hate Vans… and btw, we do hate them, so why did people vote to keep them with a NO vote?

  245. fred blogger says: draw your own conclusions remember his save the union speech?

  246. Free Scotland says:

    Now that Gordon Brown has appointed himself Governor General of our country while the elected Scottish Government is ignored by Westminster (text stolen from Derek Bateman), we should openly mock Gordon Brown’s thoroughly stupid request for 100,000 signatures to support the back-of-a-fag-packet vow. If three desperate politicians make a vow, surely the people to whom the vow is made have the right to sit back and watch while the vow-makers do what they promised to do. By requesting 100,000 signatures, Gordon Clown is indicating his own not-so-secret lack of confidence in what was hastily botched together at the eleventh hour to trick gullible elements of the Scottish electorate into voting “no.”

  247. liz says:

    Here’s the petition for the Broon to resign if powers not delivered with No strings.

  248. bookie from hell says:

    gordo,s petition walofs

    why 100,000

    4 1/2 million voted

    He was scammed,duped,ponzied

  249. Cuilean says:

    I too could not believe me ears at Blair Jenkins saying he thought the BBC and other media were not biased! WTF! He was lacklustre and remote throughout the campaign. He certainly did not seem to engage with ‘the common man’. Far too corporate in his approach (he is ex BBC after all)! and I’d have liked to have seen some common gumption or spark of righteous anger or some fire in his belly occasionally instead of all his bland platitudes when he seemed simply to coast along. YES should have had someone rather more doughty (or at least memorable) at the helm, like Jeane Freeman, Tommy Sheridan or Stu, or anyone who did not put you to sleep with all his unrelenting ‘reasonableness.’ Was he a ‘NO’ double agent all along?

  250. AuldA says:

    Geez, I didn’t know about that Mac trick. Obviously, with an AZERTY keyboard, it is superfluous.

    If your last message was targeted at me, I’d say no, my name’s not Jacques, and I don’t thank you for wishing me being plagued with Alzheimer disease! 😉

    But I like Enya, yes, especially the instrumental tracks featuring Liam O’Flynn playing uilleann pipes (‘The Sun in the stream’, ‘smaointe’…). I’d love to learn playing bagpipes.

  251. Paula Rose says:

    Sorry if I missed it – do we have a link to wee Gordon’s pet thingy – just so’s I can watch it stalling.

  252. chalks says:

    I am going to go fkn nuts.

  253. Robert Peffers says:

    geeo says: 30 September, 2014 at 1:58 pm:

    “How can a No vote based on lies and illegal offers possibly stand when it is proven to be bollocks considering there is a time scale laid out ?”

    Well the present one, based upon lies, illegal offers, bribes, international spies and military might that got the Kingdom of Scotland into this shithole of a Union in 1706/7 has been standing now for 308 years and 4 months to date. What makes you think that the same kind of mysterious scum, self interested greedy barstewards and lying tamers now are not just as much, “siccna paircel o Rogues in a nation”, as the last, “siccna paircel o rogues”?

    The one and only difference these days is the internet community. You did read, hear or see what Theresa May pontificated at the Tory conference did you not? Just what did you imagine that little lot was all about? – “A future Conservative government would seek new powers to ban extremist groups and curb the activities of, ‘harmful’, individuals “, Ms May said. Banning Orders and, ‘Extreme Disruption’, Orders will feature in the party’s 2015 election manifesto, the Home Secretary told the party’s Birmingham conference. She got a standing ovation as she said, “British Values”, would prevail in the end in the battle against extremism.

    See there’s that United Kingdom Establishment’s false claims again to be, “The British” while everyone else in the British Isles cannot be British because the Westminster Establishment says they cannot be, without Westminster’s express permission.

    There are at least 45% of the Scottish voting population not being fooled this time and the immediate reactions and actions of the Tory Party in Birminghan this week will have sent shivers down the spines of a considerable number of those voters who werso frightened or stupid as to spoil the best chance of freedom Scotland has had to be a better place in almost 309 years.

  254. Paula Rose says:

    chalks honey do you want some dry roasted ones?

  255. Morag says:

    I was deeply worried about Blair Jenkins from a very early stage. I even expressed these worries on Wings at one point and people jumped down my throat (probably rightly).

    I’m listening to him right now on Referedum TV, and what strikes me is that he doesn’t care. Those of us here cared desperately about getting a Yes vote, and I think much of the reason we got behind Stuart (apart from his writing skill and his devious grasp of tactics) was that he so absolutely obviously cared about it with all his heart.

    I believed I had to trust Yes Scotland to provide me with the right materials and fire me in the right direction. But as the campaign wore on I became more and more dissatisfied with how my committment and energy was being used. My devious suspicions that Jenkins or perhaps someone else in Yes Scotland was there for the purpose of preventing advance, rather than facilitating it, became stronger.

    I hope I’m wrong about that, but the whole thing is extremely peculiar. We needed someone with fire in his belly heading up the troops. Someone with a real hunger for independence. Someone who would collapse into desperate sorrow if the vote went to No. That’s SO not what we got.

  256. David Stevenson says:

    Heard and saw Blair Jenkins at a public meeting in Rutherglen and was impressed by him. Ditto any time I saw him on TV. Official Yes campaign was a mixed bag of good and bland propaganda. I liked the broadcasts and some of the leaflets contained useful and persuasive info. And there was no shortage of posters, badges and stickers to help promote the cause. The “tabloid” was an opportunity wasted.

    The whole campaign comprised multiple strands with the official Yes more an enabler. As the campaign wore on, Labour seemed to raise their profile in a way that the SNP didn’t, and maybe they should have taken an attack role.

    We all know that the media was heavily biased even if he is in denial. No-one is perfect but I would have Jenkins rather than MacDougall any day.

  257. SquareHaggis says:

    If used in conjunction with Pa Broon?


  258. Morag says:

    I think this mantra that Yes had to be positive, because the minute we said anything negative we’d lose, as if it was some sort of law of nature, was misconceived. It’s not a law of nature.

    The downsides of the union needed to be explained and highlighted. People needed to realise what was in store with a No, which is unfolding faster than anyone ever imagined.

  259. chalks says:

    Paula, get me gordon browns nuts. And scottish labours, we will start there.

  260. Morag says:

    But mostly, we needed someone who cared as much as we do. Someone who would lie awake at night longing passionately for independence. Someone so committed to the vision of an independent Scotland that they could absolutely taste the desire for it.

    Stuart, taking rent and pot noodles for a 16-hour day? 100%. Blair Jenkins on his megabucks salary? Not that he ever convinced me.

  261. John H. says:

    I would like to know –
    Who gave Blair Jenkins the job? Who appointed him? Surely he must have been interviewed. Was his laid back attitude not noticed?

  262. Natasha says:

    @Schrödingers Cat 7.40pm – Thanks! Took me a while to work out you had to press NumLk first though.

    I haven’t managed to have a row with any No voters yet, as the No voters at my work are all too scared of me to bring the subject up . . . 🙂

  263. muttley79 says:


    I agree that Yes needed to be a lot more robust about the consequences of a No vote. That was a big, big error and mistake.

    Is anyone else posting comments and they are not appearing?

  264. Golfnut says:

    @Shrodeningers cat.
    ‘ Is this a petition to set it in stone’
    No, its to make it look as if labour are fighting for Scotland, the media,bbc etc will give labour plenty of airtime to tell everyone how its the SNP and tory’s to blame for WM not delivering devomx/homerule.
    We need to get in first, telling people this is how they work.
    Tory’s will not be worried, they won’t lose votes.

  265. Tam Jardine says:

    Tam Jardine

    You signed ‘Brown’s’ petition to hold Westminster to the ‘vow’ 9 days ago – you just got this mail from 36 degrees you moron!

    Dear Thomas,Over 80,000 Scots have signed the petition calling on Westminster to honour its promise of more power to Scotland. Thank you for being one of them.The bigger the petition, the more powerful it is. Please share the petition with your friends and family now and help get it past 100,000 signatures this week:

    So Brown is merely piggy packing on a petition that was started a week and a half ago by Yes voters who knew that Brown’s promises didn’t amount to shit.

    And now that it is clear, even to No voters that Cameron has no intention to keep his word and promise the devo-max promised by Better Together, Brown tries to attach himself like a sleazy old man in a nightclub to the people’s petition.

    Lower than a snake’s belly.

  266. fred blogger says:

    crash is looking for a teflon recoat.

  267. Natasha says:

    @Tam Jardine, 8.41pm

    That’s an insult to snakes! 🙂

  268. Tam Jardine says:

    He is really asking for 20,000 signatures on a petition calling him to book signed already by 80,000 people!

    Unbelievable. You could not make this up.

  269. Robert Louis says:


    I agree. We should not scapegoat Blair Jenkins. The vote was not lost because of him. I was just angry at his comment on the BBC.

    Fact is, when you give the campaign a bit of thought, and go right back to the beginning, you realise there was no template. It had to be created from scratch, in a background of a nasty hostile media. Indeed, I recall in the early days, that many were praising the fact that on the YES side we had a good, calm, sensible head (Blair Jenkins) in charge. My view in that regard has not changed. Just angry at the BBC comment tonight.

    Anyway, it is always way too easy with hindsight to point the finger at an individual or a statement or anything, but none of that is useful.

    I wouldn’t fault the YES campaign overall, or Blair Jenkins, so in that, Mutley, I do agree with you.

  270. Morag says:

    Let’s see how fast Stu’s petition accrues signatures.

  271. Morag says:

    Muttley, I was having problems the other day, but it’s OK at the moment.

  272. EphemeralDeception says:

    Blair Jenkins started OK but went downhill from there. If anybody should have been aware of the BBCs playbook it was him. Either he is a soft 5th column or he was got at after the hacking scandal that seems to have been buried deeper than the McCrone report.

    I actually think he was got at somehow but I may be too naive.

    The highest praise I can give to the central Yes campaign is: Lacklustre but a good insight from someone within to provide materials to all the affiliated groupings.

    The remnant if yes Scotland has some questions to answer but we are not getting any. At the very last there are lessons to be learned so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

  273. Graeme Doig says:


    Thought i was all petitioned out but this seems like such a good cause. Signed!

  274. Morag says:

    If I thought for a minute that Blair Jenkins longed for an independent Scotland the way I do, that he had a knot in his stomach when he thought about it, that the vision of his country as a real self-governing member of the international community was really important to him, I’d forgive him a lot.

    I just don’t get that sense from him at all.

    They should have appointed a certain Stuart Campbell.

  275. EphemeralDeception says:


    Seems we are not too far from each other. I live near Perpignan but work in Toulouse for a well known Aeronautic Group.

    How far are you from TLS?


  276. Morag says:

    OK, Ephemeral Deception, the “soft 5th column” thing is the worry that has been in the back of my mind for about two years.

  277. handclapping says:

    The mantra was can, should, must and I was told that the “must” was to be what we would get if we had a Not No campaign. “must” never got off the ground.

    That 4th paper should have been both barrels into No. If Scotland cant make it neither can UK, your pension is better protected in Scotland than the UK, remember Wilson’s “pound in your pocket” on currency, remember Home’s something better (Maggie Thatcher) on last minute promises of “devo-inaudible mumble”, Trident, foreign wars, etc.

    Yes shouldn’t have co-opted Jim Sillars, they should have asked him to head a Not No campaign plausibly deniable in the same way that they blanked Stu. Instant rebuttals always from Not No instead of Yes would worry the MSM because they couldn’t dismiss them as well Yes would say that wouldn’t they

    That way Yes would have had their “must” up and running instead of being overcome by the crescendo of the run-up to the vote

  278. Nigerian Pirate says:

    Paula Rose @ 8:38

    I’ll definitely put my name to that one

  279. John H. says:

    I know that raising personal matters here is generally, and rightly, frowned upon. I have to vent my anger somehow though.

    My wife returned to her work this morning after the holiday weekend only to be told that the English run company she works for has decided to make her and her colleagues redundant.

    It seems that the work is to be “centralised” to the south of England. This must have been planned some time ago, but they kept it quiet until after the referendum. They needn’t have bothered as most of the staff were voting yes anyway.

    Sorry for going on a bit.

  280. Piggy says:


    They have no Scottish identity after DESERTING THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND.

    Yet, they now try and cosy up to the people THEY BETRAYED so those people will buy their paper.


    Their words are WORTHLESS and STAGNANT.


  281. boris says:

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer this week, announced a marked increase and further extension of austerity measures designed to reduce public spending so that on-going budget deficits will be eliminated. Very many of those to suffer most will be the lower paid, unemployed, sick, disabled and elderly. But what of the multinationals and the richer members of society. Not a lot from the top earners. The troughs are open. The under noted report provides an explanation of difficulties, pertaining to an on-going disgraceful failure to recover tax due from Vodaphone, (just one of the multinationals). Introduction of a tax regime ensuring timeous recovery of tax due would eliminate any need to punish the poor for the greed and incompetence of the rich.

  282. Graeme Doig says:

    Paula Rose

    That’s an even better one. Got my petition mojo back.

  283. velofello says:

    Enough of comment on Blair Jenkins please. It’s the past.

    We need to maintain our local groups and support a national strategy when it is developed. Looks like the ball will be in the SNP’s court to bring together the various pro-Indy groups to develop a strategy.

    I don’t expect any worthwhile devolved proposals from Westminster, and certainly not by the …19th of September?? The Tory wordsmiths will right now be scribing smudge deliberations on how to forward worthless devolved proposals to Scotland.

  284. Balaaargh says:

    I’m sure that petition could have been worded differently.

    Gordon Brown. Just shut up and go back to sleep.


    Gordon Brown. You are a cretinous waste of public money and should just resign from the trough.


    Gordon Brown. Your continued abject failure to perform any positive political service for your country or the masses who inhabit it shows you to be nothing more than a greedy, self-loathing pile of vomit. Spare us from your clunking and bleating and make a real difference by taking what’s left of your dodgy charity takings to some offshore tax haven. Like Rockall. Or Attu island.

    Deep breath… and relax.

  285. Robert Louis says:

    Just seen the petition from wingsoverscotland;

    I like your style RevSTU. 🙂

  286. Paula Rose says:

    I know dear – but the Rev needs time to suck his rock.

  287. Golfnut says:

    The positive message on indy was the only one that could or would win the ref. Remember only a few weeks ago, bt were in melt down, only last minute vows, promises and the propaganda machine going into overdrive saved the day.
    It is also the only message that continues after the ref and into the foreseeable future. Its the benchmark to be used for what we could have had and could still have as against the now tangible reallity of what we actully have..
    We need tell people that there is a remedy, still a chance to put things right, still hope for a future.
    We just to get tough with the bbc,and lets not forget stv, whenever our guys are on, they need to put the interviewers on to the back foot by reminding them of.their complicity in the bt campaign. And always insist that interviews are live.

  288. AuldA says:


    I think BtP lives in Gers. Or Tarn. I can’t remember. That would be on the other side of TLS w/r to you.

    This site is infested by French residents, it seems.

  289. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Ephemeral Deception

    120 km NW in Gascony

  290. EphemeralDeception says:


    I prefer , “economic refugee”, but I am seriously thinking of becoming a French national. If UK leaves EU and/or Scotland does not get FFA at least, I certainly will. No taxation without representation!

  291. ronnie anderson says:

    how dare that Angela Constance MSP try to upstage oor Paula Rose by showing aff in a pair of clogs, she must hiv bought them on a away day to Amsterdam,keep on walking tall Paula Rose .

  292. Charles Edward says:

    The Vow is worthless now as it was then.

    Not worth the paper it’s written on, and that paper is good for nothing.

    If any of the 55 really believed the empty promise of Better together they should have their head examined and medication changed.

    I will not sign Brown’s begging letter, I would like to see him eat it.
    Expecting Westminster to throw a few coppers from the carriage.

    The Vow always was spin and nonsense.
    Now we all get to pay for another war and listen to all the gloating and sniggering at the Stupid Scots.

    What I hoped for was an end to Scotland inferiority complex and the referendum floored me with the idiocy of 55% who are quite happy to be ridiculed and exploited.

  293. EphemeralDeception says:

    @BTP seems near Agen then. We could meet up and chew the fat sometime. PM – dmacvicar2000 @ yahoo dot co dot uk if interested.

  294. Paula Rose says:

    Ronnie honey – I’ve got a pair of spurs!!!

  295. ronnie anderson says:

    Now that the referendums out the way,can some of our more knowledgable ferrets, weed out the accounts of all the government depts,before the ref & afterwards, they all must have spent a fair few millions in defending the Onion.2011,2012,2013,2014 accounts.

  296. Paula Rose says:

    Boys in France – last week in October any offers? (Off Topic if you’re serious)

  297. Capella says:

    @John H Sorry to hear about that. Some businesses just asset strip. Hope your wife finds work in a more socially responsible business.
    Re Blair Jenkins – I thought we didn’t do scapegoating here? He did what he thought was right. It isn’t his fault, or the rest of the Yes Scotland Team’s fault (I believe Elaine C Smith is on the Board and she worked her socks off). The blame for our situation lies squarely with Westmnster and its legions of demons. They won this round but they’ll lose in the end.
    Just signed Stu’s petition. He has imagination, well worth supporting.

  298. Robert Peffers says:

    @Robert Louis says:30 September, 2014 at 6:36 pm:

    “It is time for the SNP to get hammering out the message loud and long, WE WILL ACCEPT NO HALF MEASURES, they need to stop being so freaking nice about all this. If they won’t, then maybe it will require all of US to start holding the SNP’s feet to the fire too.”

    Where do you get the idea the SNP are NOT insisting upon the full VOW? Look at the first two tweets down the right hand column : –

    “Nicola Sturgeon Gordon Brown is asking folk to sign a petition demanding that he and his colleagues keep a promise they made! #youcouldntmakeitup”
    54 min 43 sec ago

    “Kevin Pringle Appetite for more devolution “extends much further” than anything proposed by the 3 unionist parties: @WhatScotsThink
    3 hours 1 min ago”

  299. yesindyref2 says:

    Golfnut’s right, the positive message is the only one that could have succeeded in getting the vote from 28% to 45%, and over at times. Next time could be different, harder-hitting.

    The 38degrees petition at nearly 90,000 signatures is crap, weak and watery allowing nearly any power like fishtank feeding licences to fulfill it. E.g. “the power to spend more on the NHS if Scotland wanted to” – We already have that “power” it’s the bloody money i.e. revenues we don’t have. Seems to me it’s a trap and therefore the one Broon is probably on about.

    best one is the epeitions one at only 373 signatures:

  300. call me dave says:

    John H.

    My sympathy to you and yours John.

    What now, Brown’s vow?

    Signed petition too.

  301. Lollysmum says:

    Rev Stu-succinct & to the point. No mpolitician’s double speak there. Like it & signed.

  302. Blackford Wheeler says:

    Just signed the 38degrees petition calling for Broon’s resignation. Left the comment:

    “Brown will go down in history as a Judas goat that cynically led Scotland’s people to a future of war and austerity without end”.

  303. Robert Peffers says:

    @Robert Louis says:
    30 September, 2014 at 6:44 pmIf Blair Jenkins said what has been reported above, then to hell with him. If he thinks the BBC were not biased then he has a screw loose. Did Blair Jenkins not notice the two academic studies by Prof. Robertson at the University of the West of Scotland??? FFS!!!!

    Getting really, really annoyed with these mealy mouthed sycophants from the YES camopaign, who seem to want to just pretend nothing happened and the referendum was jolly fair. It was an affront to democracy, on every level.

    Perhaps this might jog a few feeble memories;

    There is only one response to such as the BBC, both TV & Radio.

    BBC TV – Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
    Daily Record – Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
    Scotsman – Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
    London Labour in Scotland Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
    Tory & Unionist – Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
    De Facto Parliament of England – Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

    The time has come the Walrus said,
    To talk of many things
    Of Chewing Gum and Sealing Wax
    And getting rid of things.

  304. ronnie anderson says:

    Paula Rose ( I,ve got a pair of spurs ) an am no a Appalucian,ladies riding sidesaddle only have one spur no two.

  305. Robert Peffers says:

    @Natasha says:30 September, 2014 at 7:06 pm:

    “How do you put the umlaut on your o?

    The easy way is to use the Character Map.
    Go to start: then Programs: Then Accessories: then System Tools: click on Character Map.
    When it pops up you can select any font you have installed. Then select and copy any character in that font to and paste it into the document you are working on.
    Here’s some daft ones I just did
    ¥ ‡ t.

  306. Paula Rose says:

    Ronnie honey – I ride bareback xx

  307. Paula Rose says:

    Oops my nephew (who’s visiting) has just told me that has another meaning – eek.

  308. CRAIGthePICT says:

    With folk like Blair Jenkins on your side, who needs enemies, what a crap choice. Despite a mass of evidence on a daily fecking basis, Blairy boy does not think there was institutional bias.

    Watched his live stream tonight on the referendumTV and he is actually a toothless idiot patting himself on the back for a job of work well done and completely missing the point that we have just taking a fecking MASSIVE step towards independence and what has just passed is the beginning of the end.

    He will cost us votes in the future if allowed a prominent role. We need attack dogs and to play dirty where required.

  309. Alex Clark says:

    Boris Johnson is a fucking idiot. God help us.

  310. ronnie anderson says:

    Paula Rose ah wiz gonna lend you ma riding crop but not after your last comment qhere’s the Rev when we need a Moderator, ok I’ll do the moderation,paula take your smut into O/T lol, jist a wee query before you go, is that with the high heels on or off.

  311. osakisushi says:

    I’m developing a huge problem with the media. Can it really be as corrupt as it appears or, are we viewing utter incompetence and laziness.

    Wondering if Cochrane/Telegraph will be in the New Years Honours list. Hopefully as a Dame.

  312. Paula Rose says:

    For you Ronnie I’ll take every ting off xx

  313. John in Fife says:

    I still maintain that the Scottish Government should have nothing to do with the VOW and leave it for the Unionist Parties to make a mess of it. Remember if you voted NO Boris is coming soon.

  314. handclapping says:

    I never knew you used Colgate or was it the Jamaican pretty little ting?

  315. Robert Peffers says:

    @handclapping says: 1 October, 2014 at 12:09 am:

    “I never knew you used Colgate or was it the Jamaican pretty little ting?

    Mention of ting reminds me of the tale of the Oomatingy tribe in Old Africa. Their warriors would run naked into battle through the waist high undergrowth calling out their tribal fierce battle cry, “oomatingy! OOmatingy! oomatingy!

    I’m off to bed g’night.

  316. AuldA says:

    If the UK secedes from the EU, it seems a reasonable choice. Though you could opt for any other EU nationality. As you may have noticed, France’s still quite struggling to recover from the crisis and our politicians are in no way better than the UK ones… But at least, you get good food and the trains are cheap.

    @Paula Rose: end of October is not the greatest period, because kids are on vacation. But if you plan to make a stop in Paris before heading souther, I could at least manage to scrap out some time for a lunch, for example.

  317. chalks says:

    Blair Jenkins and half the yes team at the Glasgow office were a joke. Drinking champagne for getting 100,000 likes on their facebook page!?

    I know we shouldn’t get torn into them, but I hear stories and they aren’t good re him. He was far too placid and as others have said, he didn’t seem up for the fight.

    Wait and see what Salmond does and says when he isn’t first minister and you’ll see what having a strong cobative Chief Executive of Yes Scotland COULD have been like

  318. Muscleguy says:


    No apostrophe need be necessary. Providing it is a court where more than one magistrate might sit.

  319. Morag says:

    I’m prepared to believe Jenkins thought independence was quite a good idea. OK, at a stretch, and giving him the benefit of some quite serious doubts. I see absolutely no evidence that he longed for it with the passion we long for it. I see no evidence that he was gutted on the 19th. What age is he supposed to be, 57? (He looks older.) Anyone of that age had to have been thinking, that could be my chance of living in an independent Scotland gone, at best I’ll be an old man by the time it happens. Where was the distress? Even Generation Yes were in tears!

    OK some people are undemonstrative, but he showed none of the passion and ambition we’re used to here. I saw Stu’s twitter feed from when the results started to come through and it was obvious he was distraught. His 19th September post was desolate. The nawbags sneered and jeered and revelled in his grief.

    But it was REAL. It expressed something about how we were all feeling. I just can’t relate to Jenkins sitting laid-back on a couch looking quite pleased with himself after all and denying the existence of the one thing that shafted us more than anything else – BBC bias.

    And then Jenkins was reported to be on a 6-figure salary. What were we paying Stu, for all these 16-hour days and 7-day weeks? £19,500 or therebouts?

    Jenkins mentioned other Yes groups in his interview, including RIC. Never a suggestion that the official Yes campaign could have supported these people a bit more, especially in the get-out-the-vote exercise. He made no acknowledgement at all that I heard of either Wings or the Wee Blue Book. If it hadn’t been for the Wee Blue Book I doubt we’d be looking at 45% here.

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