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Woodwork squeaks, out come freaks

Posted on August 30, 2018 by

Last night’s unexpected events caused a meltdown in the Unionist community on a scale we can’t remember seeing before. Alex Salmond doing the exact thing they’d all been calling on him to do for days provoked an absolute apocalypse of spluttering, incandescent fury in which more people made idiots of themselves at once than the last time “Rangers” had a share issue.

One man, of course, led from the front.


As we write this, Salmond’s fundraiser stands at £70,266 in a little under 14 hours. That’s a significant sum, especially considering every penny was donated freely and voluntarily, but it’s still only a small fraction of the million or so pounds Murdo Fraser has extorted out of unwilling taxpayers in two decades of being an MSP despite having lost every single election he’s ever stood in.

Fraser, though, wasn’t short of fellows in fuddery.

Objections to Salmond crowdfunding his judicial review – which concerns procedure, not the actual allegations – came thick and fast, with the emphasis on “thick”. Here, for example, is Labour’s notoriously imbecilic Rhoda Grant:

Alert readers will have noted the weasel words “ultimately linked to”, which Grant uses to cynically imply the falsehood that the money will be used to defend the allegations.

She then goes on to claim that if this were true – which it isn’t – it would amount to Salmond bullying the alleged victims. But this isn’t a lawsuit. If the police decide the claims merit prosecution, the alleged victims won’t have to foot the bill for the case, so how much money Salmond does or doesn’t have at his disposal is irrelevant.

Grant’s assertion about what “decent people” will feel ought perhaps to be tempered by recalling that the last time she appeared in the newspapers was for hiring an intern from a religious charity that promotes the idea of “curing” homosexuality – despite being Scottish Labour’s equalities spokeswoman.

Tiny-brained Tory MSP Annie Wells echoed Grant’s complaint closely:

It’s perhaps worth analysing what’s being said in both of these comments. What Grant and Wells are demanding is that having been the subject of what he feels is a grave injustice, Alex Salmond should be left tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket if he seeks redress, no matter what the actual eventual outcome.

(The corollary obviously being that justice would only be available to the rich.)

If Salmond – or anyone else – asks for donations from members of the public and gets them, the bottom line is that that’s absolutely none of anyone else’s business. Nobody’s forcing Annie Wells or Rhoda Grant to dig into their pockets if they don’t want to – unlike the members of the public who, with both of them as with Murdo Fraser, are FORCED indefinitely to pay the fat salaries of people they’ve explicitly said they DON’T want representing them in Parliament.

(As far as we can tell Grant hasn’t even given voters the option for over 15 years – she just keeps being handed a free Holyrood pass by Labour and there’s not a damn thing the electorate can do about it – while Wells of course holds the distinction of being the MSP with the tiniest number of votes in the entire chamber, having been backed by just 2,062 of the otherwise-good people of Glasgow Provan.)

That’s not just throwing stones from glass houses, that’s installing whacking great seige cannons in them.

(And let’s not get into the broader topic of either party attempting to occupy the moral high ground at all, given their lengthy recent catalogue of convicted sex offenders, paedophiles and sex pests whose identities are still being protected by current female MSPs like Kezia Dugdale and Monica Lennon.)

Wells and Grant set an early high bar of stupid, but Labour MSP Jenny Marra cleared it easily with an intervention that was not only moronic but probably libellous:

Lacking even the basic wit to cover herself with weasel words like Rhoda Grant had done, Marra just gallumphed in like a drunk elephant with learning difficulties on four pogo sticks, asserting – entirely wrongly – that Salmond was crowdfunding his defence against the allegations, rather than the entirely separate judicial review into the way the matter has been handled.

Remarkably, despite scores of people having schooled the brainless list member (who was overwhelmingly but ineffectually rejected by the people of Dundee West by more than 30 percentage points in 2016) in this basic fact of law almost immediately, the tweet remains live as we write.

Apparently seeking to join Marra in the defamation dock was notoriously demented D-list actress Frances Barber, who quite impressively managed to interpret Salmond’s temporary resignation as an admission of guilt despite his statement repeatedly and strongly emphasising the exact opposite.

Next up came a real rarity – a Unionist politician who actually WAS elected, in the form of Labour MP Dani Rowley, who had a powerful moral point to make:

Rather curiously, though, we can’t find any evidence of her making any similar suggestions about funding women’s aid centres when her father Alex Rowley – MSP and former acting Labour leader – was himself suspended over allegations of stalking and harassment against a woman last year.

The case against Rowley Sr collapsed when Labour – having done nothing for weeks about the complaint – made it too difficult for the woman to continue with it.

Still, it’s nice to see his daughter finally discovering her voice on the subject.

It should probably go without saying that there were a few critical voices on the hand-wringing bleeding-heart wing of the Yes movement too:

And sensing Gerry Hassan’s deep concern for these “real causes”, we officially gave him our permission to donate the ten quid that the snivelling penny-pinching welcher still hasn’t paid up from our 2016 wager with him to the one of his choice.

These of course are just a tiny selection of the highlights. Since we started writing this post Salmond’s fundraiser has taken in over £4000 more, and to end on a positive note we thought we’d share one aspect of it that brought a smile to nearly everyone’s face in the wee hours of this morning:

It’s an ill wind, eh readers?

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528 to “Woodwork squeaks, out come freaks”

  1. Peter says:

    Also worth noting the utter fuckwittery of the haters who have actually PAID to insult Salmond! As they cannot comment on the fundraiser page unless they donate , they are so consumed with hatred , they have done so.
    A special type of madness

  2. HandandShrimp says:

    They have made this an issue of political point scoring from the outset. For Murdo, Grant, Marra and Clegg this seems to be a compulsion so it is probably understandable but nonetheless they cannot complain about the SNP and Yes movement closing ranks when they have so obviously sought to use the investigation as a wedge not against Salmond, who is largely retired from politics, but us.

    This is not about the complainants, I don’t believe the individuals above give a toss about the complainants. This is political pure and simple and we fight back.

  3. Eecoul says:

    They are reaping a lot more than they thought to sow hee hee hee

  4. Muscleguy says:

    Do Yoons go to misleading the public school or are they all just so hard of thinking that plain facts elude their understanding? Answers on a postcard please.

    RE Ms Marra I recall the glowing testimonial the Courier gave her before the election in question bigging up the family aspect, supposed connection to the city etc. To see her trounced in the constituency was delightful, it’s just a pity her moral fibre was too weak to stop her refusing the List seat which came as a compensation so we are stuck with her despite the good voters of the other half of this city telling her to get lost.

    I’m not any sort of fan of the regional list system. Back in NZ the Lists are national which means the real bigwigs crowd the top of it, just in case. It’s a matter of pride in NZ that the leaders should take and hold constituencies. It’s only the minor party leaders who can’t (are you listening Ruth?).

    I think post a Yes vote we should bring in that small reform to our voting system. It would help to keep the likes of Murdo and Jenny in more constructive employment than sucking ineffectively off the public teat.

  5. Gizzit says:

    “If the police decide” – technically, and possibly pedantically, it’s the Procurator Fiscal that decides whether there is a case to answer.

    Apart from that, I’m hugely entertained by all the impotent, incandescent rage being vented by the Yoons.

    How dare people have the temerity to voluntarily donate to a crowdfunder?

  6. Spikethedee says:

    On the subject of unelected MSP’s, such as Murdo (BTW, top marks to the twitter reply from Newco Fenner!!), I’d like to see a law introduced whereby you can only be elected as a list MSP at a maximum of 2 consecutive elections. That way, you have to either win an election or sit out for a term. I think that the Holyrood system is good in its proportionality, but this one tweak would sort out a major bugbear…

  7. Jobs for the boys and girls.
    Truth is the Red Blue and Yellow Tory bums in seats up here are fourth rate gravy trainers.
    I still marvel that Magnus Brigss, a political nobody got to be second after Davidson on the Tory List; another unelected bumblefool.
    First thing come independence; scrap d’Honte and the LA councillor election enigma.
    FPTP seems to be ok for the Brit Nats at WM, where quite literally a minority political elite force their mad schemes on the majority.
    How no cry from the Brit Nats to introduce FPTP Up Here?
    Scotland never gets the Government it voted for.
    Surely there must be a bright young Blue Tory who is demanding that Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser, whose fan base may include the two hoodlums in Rangers scarves who allegedly smashed the front door of McDonalds in Crow Road last Thursday night after the Rangers Ufu game, well done, James fuck the OBFA Kelly by the way, thugs in Rangers gear who beat up a member of staff… allegedly.
    How many times are you allowed to fail in the Blue Tory Branch Office before someone takes you aside and whispers; ‘yer tea’s up.’?
    Rhoda Grant:- Scottish Labour Business Manager.
    Oh, please, it is getting too silly now.
    Great piece, Stu.
    If they want to talk sex scandals, there’s more where that came from.

  8. Kendhar says:

    Don’t know If anyone else saw newsnight, but they led with the story and had that Muppet from the record being interviewed. No one will be surprised, but it was one of the softest of interviews ever, with the record guy allowed to spin numerous bs stories unchallenged. Complete disgrace.

  9. Corrado Mella says:

    I’d put a few quid on Alex’s fundraiser just to boost Dunce’s bout of depression.

  10. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    When one remembers John Major, John Prescott, David Blunkett etc.,etc.,etc.,etc.,one understands that political reality and what the MSM think is political reality are two entirely different things.

    For better or worse the general public see this as an unscrupulous attempt to get Alex Salmond and what he has or hasn’t done is presently secondary.

    What we are looking at is an accusation of harassment, not assault and this distinction is very important because “harassment” is a largely subjective notion and very difficult to accurately describe.

    What is without doubt is that Alex Salmond has done exactly the right thing.
    Nicola Sturgeon has done exactly the right thing and if Alex has been a bad boy she will have no hesitation in facing up to that. She is a very strong woman and a very honest one.

    Let him without sin fling the first stone. I haven’t even been able to pick that stone up far less fling it.

    In the meantime the crowd funder approaches £75,000 and the unionists are making complete arses of themselves.
    What would Baldrick say?

  11. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    Whether or not AS needs the money for his case, (although it’s really the Indy movements case when it comes down to it), the fundraiser has provided a platform for people to show their support. What has struck me is the way a large number of people have contributed relatively small sums. By noon today the fund had topped £75K, that’s half as much again as was asked for, from over 3,000 contributors, so an average of about £25 per head. No more than a regular trip to the supermarket or a short visit to the pub. Take a look here:
    Also at the over 1,700 comments 🙂

  12. galamcennalath says:

    Without knowing any of these BritNat politicians personally, I find it very difficult to get the measure of them from their public utterances. Either, their hatred of Scotland moving to assert her basic rights is so abhorrent to their cultish allegiance to Greater England that they suspend all judgement and propriety …. or they are as thick as mince!

    The fundamental basic concept that Alex Salmond is seeking judicial review of a procedure which is clearly unfit for purpose seems beyond their comprehension. Or, they just see the whole episode as another opportunity for maliciousness. I believe the vast majority of crowdfunding donors fully understand what they are funding.

    I really really hope after Alex Salmond has his name fully cleared, we see the worst attacks resulting in defamation cases.

  13. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The corrupt Scottish non patriots are aware independence is coming they are lashing out like cornered animals.

    Everything they try has failed the Scots know whats going on it is nearing the end.

    Although many of the English Nationalist party members are clearly mad some are not so they will be aware that the likely outcome of this situation is the complaint will be withdrawn or in the event of a trial a not guilty verdict could be an inconvenient outcome.

    Where will they go after that what will they attack next?

  14. On the subject of a politician seeking crowd funding for a Court of Session related matter, the name Alistair Carmichael MP rings a bell with me.

  15. TD says:

    I am biased of course, but it does occur to me that in this whole episode and more generally, the people with whom I find myself in agreement almost all of the time – Salmond, Sturgeon, Rev Stu. – act with honesty and integrity and the people with whom I almost always disagree – McTernan, Grant, Wells etc. seem to act with a complete lack of integrity. Is this confirmation bias?

    After all, there is no logical reason why somebody who supports independence should inherently have greater integrity than someone who supports the union. But it does seem to be the case. If it is the case, can we conclude that there is a causal link between honesty and integrity and support for independence? In other words, if somebody is inherently honest and has integrity, they will be more likely to support Scottish independence? And if that is true, can we conclude the opposite – i.e. that someone who opposes Scottish independence lacks honesty and integrity?

    Just some thoughts on what I observe.

  16. HandandShrimp says:

    Looking at the tripe from the usual suspects in the press and politics generally you can smell the desperation for this matter to be a cause of dispute and dissent within the SNP. There is a building palpable rage that if anything we are coming closer together.

    This attempt to manufacture conflict within our ranks says far more about the third rate hacks in the press than it does about us. I haven’t talked to a single SNP member that isn’t prepared to do anything other than fight harder. This won’t delay Indyref2 one second.

  17. Iain says:

    Why is there no apparent investigation into the leak of the allegations to David Clegg, assistant editor of the Record?

    It may be unfair of me to presume, from his name and accent, that he is an Ulster Unionist, but he was certainly ready, w
    ithout any evidence, to pronounce the SNP to be “cleaved”.

  18. Doug_Bryce says:

    If Alex wins can he reclaim costs (from civil service / tax payer!) and donate to charity ?

  19. IZZIE says:

    Methinks that they are so very annoyed because Alex has now set a precedent for all those in high places who have allegations made against them. I can just hear Gary on GMS saying ‘but Alex Salmond immediately resigned in a similar situation’

  20. Iain says:

    Amongst the runners for ‘thickest’ Scottish politician, Rhoda Grant is worth a mention. She proposed that there should be a 9pm watershed for the Internet, just like television.

  21. Effijy says:

    Wow you just can’t beat the gold plated brass neck of the Westminster Parties and their Mickey Mouse Media servants.

    Annie Wells must have a shoe size equal to her I.Q. and she steals £36,240.00 per annum plus Expanses as a back door MSP.
    She gathered only 2,000 votes out of 24,000 votes cast in her constituency.
    SNP won with 13,000 votes because people want them.

    Over 3,000 ordinary working people in just a few hours have given to a cause with Alex Salmond’s name on it, but it is really about fighting back against the corruption of Westminster and all of their propaganda puppets working to steal and suppress Scotland.

  22. grafter says:

    What is link to crowdfund Alex ?

  23. Bob Mack says:

    It’s almost as if they have realised the full implications of someone revealing highly confidential information, and to who ,when,and why.
    Oh dear, .Better start fighting a rearguard action now, before it hits the fan..

  24. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What we are looking at is an accusation of harassment, not assault and this distinction is very important because “harassment” is a largely subjective notion and very difficult to accurately describe.”

    According to the esteemed P. Worrier, there is in fact no meaningful distinction at all between the two things in Scots law.

  25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What is link to crowdfund Alex ?”

    One possible idea would be to click the link marked “fundraiser” in paragraph 4…

  26. Jack Murphy says:

    grafter asked at 12:33 pm
    What is link to crowdfund Alex ?

    Here it is:

  27. Scotspatriot says:

    The Daily Record is no friend of the Indi Movement.I will dance like it’s 1999 when it goes bust!

  28. H F Jones says:

    Nice Was (Not) Was reference there. Cool as well as clever!

  29. galamcennalath says:

    Spikethedee says:

    only be elected as a list MSP at a maximum of 2 consecutive elections. That way, you have to either win an election or sit out for a term. I think that the Holyrood system is good in its proportionality, but this one tweak would sort out a major bugbear

    I agree with you that the Holyrood d’Hondt system gives good proportionality, but has the dreadful flaw of letting total rejects through on lists.

    Yes, limiting list terms would help.

    I also don’t like the idea of parties standing in lists only. And I don’t like two votes because I am convinced a small number of people think it’s first and second choice votes!

    My additional suggestion would be to have only one vote and make the list out of the best runners-up from each party in each region. That way, additional members would be the ones who came closest to actually winning and have the highest votes of also rans.

    My tweek means all parties need to contest seats to get votes. I consider that also an improvement to the system.

  30. Paul Miller says:

    Duncs like the young lad who never gets picked at football. Such a shame.

  31. Liz g says:

    Grafter @ 12.32
    Go to the comment time stamped @ 12.09 and click on the Blue writing

  32. Nova Scotia says:

    Just come back from the shops to find a complementary copy of the Herald posted through my door!! I actually didn’t find the content complimentary at all.

  33. Macart says:

    They truly are a shower of hypocrites. Not a single party out there has any right to a moral high ground. Not one.

    Given the actions of both the establishment parties and their media, your average anorak would be entirely forgiven for reaching the conclusion this purely about their politics and their tribalism. Y’know, head hunting because… reasons and Alicsammin.

    It certainly appears to have very little to do with fairness in procedure or presumption of innocence.

  34. Ken500 says:

    The D’Hondt system is not proportional. It has a quota. Once the quota is reached SNP votes are discounted. To let 3rd losers in. SNP should be able to carry on and pick up list seats. It is not fair. The unionists changed it to try to ensure the SNP could not have a majority. Council STV people can vote for 6 candidates cancelling out their own vote. It just confuses the voter.

    Marra is supposed to be NE rep. No one knows her. Just a joke of democracy.

    The D’Hondt in the US. Clinton got 3,000,000 more votes but Trump won. Electoral College. State by State.

  35. Scott says:

    For the attention of Rhoda Grant.

    I class myself as a decent person and very happy to donate to the crowd fund,I just wonder why the case was dropped against one of your MSP friends I did not hear you complain about that.

    Hypocrisy comes to mind about you all.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    Some fun on a serious day:

    Michel Barnier offers Theresa Mays government a Brexit deal for England and Wales but the price is Scotland and Northern Irelands continued full membership of the EU with Scotland as an Independent country and he’ll throw in some Scallops for the first year post Brexit to assist with Englands fight against hunger
    Mrs May rejected the deal insisting that Yams from Nigeria and goats from Kenya would fill the food trade gap

    Critics of Mrs May said the deal was a good one and that England would be rid of those steenkin Jocks and troublesome Paddies forever
    Boris Johnson said Britain should send a gunship up the M1 with troops loaded for bear to bring these people to heel

    Newly elected President Salmond of Scotland pointed out that Mr Johnson may have a gunship on wheels but Scotland has the fuel they need to power it

    Her Majesty the Queen of Scotland Nicola 1 said this was a political matter reserved to Scotlands parliament in which she could not interfere

    Leader of the exiled Scottish Conservative party Murdo Fraser from his new home in Venezuela said this was an abuse of power from Salmond the Honeymoon is over and the Gnats are on the run he stated from his presidential hut supported by his new wife Monica Lennon

    See, anybody can just make stuff up now and it’s a disgrace a BBC news source

    SKY news Kay Burley stated *I have a green dress on today with shoes to match aren’t I attractive*

  37. paul mccormack says:

    just listened to the media review on Radio shortbread. To hear the daily record journalist talk was like listening to an attack dog from hell. no kiddin. I hope to never hear anything like that again. her name was anna somebody …

    As is always the case, sight is lost of what this is all about. civil service procedures do not exist to establish the truth. They exist purely for the purposes of manufacturing a stitch-up in their paymasters favour. This is what AS is legally challenging with the financial assistance of 3,000 others.

    How dare he not just accept their procedures.

  38. Phronesis says:

    This event does not cleave the YES movement it galvanises its support.For Scotland can achieve so much more as an independent country for this and future generations – we know that and WM knows that.The ideological convergence around autonomous Scotland cannot be undermined. WM is too late in wakening up to the scale and depth of the YES movement- a reflection on its own political failings and a system that is propped up by dark money to remain in power.

    Expect a huge AUOB march in Edinburgh.

  39. Giving Goose says:

    I find Jenny Marra’s comments about “whipping up nationalism” and Alex Salmond interesting.

    She personalises the Yes movement with this statement as if many ordinary Scots voters can’t work out the benefits of Independence for themselves. She is either completely out of touch with what is going on within Scottish society or very patronising (or both).

    Of course her beloved UK never fixates on personalities to whip up Britishness. That’s definitely not what Farage is about and the Royal family is definitely not about whipping up Nationalism by personifying Britishness within the body of an individual, oh no! And the statue of Dewar, Victoria et al?

    Then all those dambuster references, Dunkirk and poppies, are they whipping up nationalism?

    Ah, but that’s British nationalism; you know the kind?

    Kills kids in Yemen, sets off xenophobia in England and that’s ok, isn’t it Jenny, because you can wrap yourself in the Union flag and feel cleansed of all that nasty stuff, the war crimes, the exploitation.

    Never mind the historical stuff such as the 3 million dead in the Indian famine in the 1940s and other crimes to numerous to mention. That kind of nationalism is ok because it’s British and that makes it acceptable.

    Do you know, I am so glad I’m a supporter of Scottish Nationalism, at least it’s morally clean. Not like Jenny Marra’s vile, nauseating British Nationalism, full of hate and latent murderous intent.

  40. Artyhetty says:

    Britnat troughers are terrified that support for Scottish independence is not going away at all. The Britnats don’t need to crowdfund when they are exposed for serious, even evidential abuses. They are protected by the Britnat state. Disgusting.

    In what way is Alex Salmond ‘powerful’? The rich and powerful Britnats, inhabiting the halls of Westminster, who are working to make themselves and their dodgy pals richer while making the poor destitute and the vulnerable suffer even more, without the tiniest smidgen of guilt, are a disgrace.

    Just had a shiney and huge leaflet through the door from the local Libdem councillor, all about bins and things. Where do they get the money, it can’t be cheap to get a poster size, full colour on 2 sides leaflet printed.

  41. Daisy Walker says:

    @ The Rev
    “What we are looking at is an accusation of harassment, not assault and this distinction is very important because “harassment” is a largely subjective notion and very difficult to accurately describe.”

    According to the esteemed P. Worrier, there is in fact no meaningful distinction at all between the two things in Scots law.’

    I am confused re the above.

    The definition in Scots Law of Assault is a crime at common law, committed when any person makes a criminal attack upon the person of another intended to take effect physically upon a person’. NB injury need not be intended or the result. Likewise if a punch is thrown, but misses and hits the person next to the intended target – assault is committed. There has to be criminal intent, a reckless act which injures someone is a different crime.

    I don’t have the full definition of criminal harassment – but it is statutory crime – and involves a course of conduct aimed at a person, with a minimum of 2 incidents required. In this way, conduct like repeatedly following a person, leaving unwanted gifts, etc can be legally proven harassment. No physical contact required.

    Employment ‘civil’ law will have different definitions of ‘sexual harassment’.

    I would never dare argue with the P Worrier though. Much respect.

  42. Clootie says:

    We all know what the unionists are doing! No matter what Alex, Niclola, The SNP, The YES movement or every single nationalist does or says they will spin it with venom.

    The impact? I feel moved to make another down nation.
    The fund is to challenge the procedural assault against fair treatment.

    Where did the Daily Record get their info?
    Why has the record of Labour and Conservatives been ignored ( Yes Ms Rowley I include you)

  43. Big Bill says:

    I’d crowdfund the defamation cases just to see them get their ar$e$ dragged throught the courts.

  44. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Ah the Edinburgh march I’m really looking forward to that now. I think it will be rather well attended.

    Hope to see you all there.

  45. Clootie says:

    It appears we are all brainwashed morons supporting a millionaire who is obviously guilty….what a surprise. I was expecting the unionists to be fair and balanced in approaching this…sarcasm in case the BBC quote me as a source.

  46. Cubby says:

    The Scottish parliament election system was designed by the Britnats to try to ensure that no party could get a majority. Designed to make it a weak Parliament. They call this democracy!!!!!!!!!!! Donald Dewer and Tony Bliar. I look forward to the day Dewars statue is removed from Buchanan st in Glasgow. We live in a FAUX democracy in Scotland. Independence is the only answer.

    The voting system reflects the union – corrupt and undemocratic. In my constituency the Labour Party candidate was rejected into THIRD place but was then given an MSP list position and then made Presiding officer in the Scottish parliament. Yes that’s you Ken. He retains his membership of the extreme Scotland in Union organisation. So much for the Presiding officer being objective. Rewarding failure and rejection by the voters – that’s the Britnat way in the Scottish parliament.

    Independence is on its way. More and more Scots are seeing through the Britnat propaganda. It’s only when not if.

  47. ScottishPsyche says:

    I too find the personalising of the Independence movement puzzling. Unionists have a collective nebulous fear floating around which has to have something to cling to. It was easy for them to attach it to AS when he was FM and leader of the SNP. It has been ramped up with the RT show Kremlin links and now as none of that seems to have worked we have these allegations. If this is supposed to give some sort of legitimacy to the Big Bad Wolf theory tainting the whole movement then they have yet again misjudged the mood.

    It is the usual lazy analysis whereby they have missed the point that the Independence movement is so much more than AS, NS or the SNP. Were they all to leave the political scene and the SNP implode, the Independence movement would live on because the people look to the SNP as somewhere to fulfil their Indy aspirations for the time being but the aspirations themselves are now so strong they will endure no matter what.

  48. William Wallace says:

    Slightly off topic (ish) here but, does anyone remember Kezia Dugdale stating in Holyrood that she had been subjected to misogynistic behaviour or sexual harassment from colleagues in her own party? I seem to remember watching events in Holyrood and her speaking on that very topic.

    I was wondering if my memory serves correctly (it’s not what it used to be) and if so, should she not be reporting her colleagues using the same procedures as those used against Alex Salmond?

  49. Big Bill says:

    I’d happily donate to a crowdfund to see all the defamers getting dragged through court

  50. Petra says:

    What I find deeply disturbing about this is that at least three female colleagues (Grant, Rowley and Marra) of Monica Lennon have pounced on this and are making a vitriolic meal of it. I thought the concept of being “innocent until proven guilty” was accepted by the Labour Party and Tories? Seems not. Not exactly what we’re looking for in a democratic Scotland.

    Monica Lennon has stated that she was groped at a social event when she approached a table of her male colleagues, and at least six of them witnessed this with one blaming her for her plight. So from that, if it’s correct, there’s at least seven despicable, immoral male Labour politicians plunking their backsides on Holyrood seats and getting paid big bucks for doing so. Monica Lennon didn’t make her accusation official because she was told that no one would believe her. That’s just horrendous too. Adds insult to injury and of course she has to continue to work alongside these people. Rhona Grant couldn’t wait to demand that Nicola Sturgeon kick Alex out of the SNP as she said it was out of order that women at Holyrood wouldn’t feel safe: they needed a “safe place”: In the process making a real fool of herself of course. No safe place for people like Monica Lennon then? The sheer hypocracy of these three women (and others) just beggars belief.

    Now of course they’re complaining about the crowdfunder. What’s that got to do with them? Alex is no longer a politician or even a member of the SNP. And if he’s innocent, and I’m sure he is, why should he spend his own money trying to combat their constant, ongoing, concerted smears?

    All I can say is that there seems to be a large cabal of extremely vindictive, unfair, unjust hypocritical Unionist politicians sitting in Holyrood. There are also a number of Labour, Tory and Libdem politicians who have been reported to Aamer Anwar and you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone knows who they are, but can’t speak out. They of course will be wishing that this would just go away. And who knows maybe some nutter will decide to accuse a totally innocent Unionist politician? Even someone who left politics years ago. So what then? Will they just turn their backs on him / her? Or will the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans, amend the Holyrood Harassment Policy to bring it into line with Westminster’s after Alex Salmond has been dragged through the mill? Watching and waiting.

  51. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

    This just shows the sooner Britain dies the better as this hypocrisy is rank in its stink tory and labour scandals not an outcry even with the victims coming forward or evidence found yet one accusation against a member of the snp instant wicth hunt never has the phrase death to brittania ever felt so justified as it is today by these bunch of British captain dickheads and there media lackeys.

  52. One_Scot says:

    That’s the thing, when you have the media in your pocket, the Yoons can get away with murder.

  53. Capella says:

    @ paul mccormack – The DR reporter who has a weekly berth in the Media Show is Ann Burnside. She detests Alex Salmond and doesn’t bother hiding it. She was furious that he went on RT with his show and she doesn’t like his suits either.

    Apart from that she comes across as relatively ignorant and inarticulate with much umming and ahhing and sniffing and lengthy pauses while she tries to think of the word which just escapes her.

    I missed it today. Stuart Cosgrove and Eamonn O’Neill are usually very sharp, and Stuart is by far the most honest about media failure in Scotland.

  54. Petra says:

    @ Dr Jim at 1:13pm….. “Some fun on a serious day…”

    Thanks for the laugh Dr Jim. I was needing it and hoping, even praying, that most of it comes true.

  55. frogesque says:

    So it seems it’s ok for a squealing mob to contest and overturn the OBFA that had almost universal public support but not ok for Eck to challenge a seemingly unsound process within the Civil Service.

    It’s a clarification that all Unionist and Indy employees need and that is my main reason for chucking in a few bobsies. That, and it will further wind up the pillars of truth and democracy of our so called journalistic fraternity.

    Go Alex, go Scotland, go Indy!

  56. Les Wilson says:

    I think we are seeing a much bigger and obvious split between THEM and US, we see our enemies more clearly by all this. We see how Westminster orchestrated devious minds work, and see it clearer with every passing day.

    That will make us even more determined to get shot of the lot of them. Please make it soon.

  57. ailsa craig says:

    Just heard Brain Box Wells on RS News declaring very confidently that Alec Salmond has just split the SNP/Independence cause.
    As hard a thing to do as split Ms Wells’s single brain cell.

  58. Dr Jim says:

    In the Daily Record Kezia Dugdale not content with us being told constantly that Scotland is not a country but a region now tells us that in her opinion Scotland is a Feckin village

    Maybe it’s a village in Kezia’s mind because when she’s out she disnae know where she is or thinks she’s only a mile from her house but in my world and pretty much most folks world Scotland is a pretty big country of around 32 thousand square miles with a lot of people who aren’t in the lobby at Holyrood with a frothy latte in their mitts talking to themselves or their pals in the media about how long they can keep hanging on to their cushy numbers for before us nasty Nats finally get rid of them, away and eat worms Kezia

    I’m a Scotsman get her outta here!

  59. Cubby says:

    The Britnats from N. Ireland not content with destroying N. Ireland are trying to do the same in Scotland. We will not let that happen. UK PM bribing the DUP to support it after failing to win a majority. UK is corrupt and anti democratic.

    Independence and proper democracy for Scotland is coming.

  60. frogesque says:

    From the time donated to looking at all the fantastic supporters the total raised jumped by over £100.

    Should break the £100k by about teatime at this rate.

  61. Capella says:

    Correction – It’s Anna Burnside.

    BBC are upping the ante with a new article on the case. Now quoting from a Times article written by the Head of the FDA Civil Service Trade Union, Dave Penman.

    Desperate effort to create the split in the SNP they clearly hoped this case would bring. Since they feared we might miss The Times article (not much circulation in Scotland) they reproduce the salient points, which I now obligingly copy for you:

    Conspiracy theories

    In an article in the Times newspaper, the head of the FDA civil service trade union criticised Mr Salmond for singling out the Scottish government’s most senior civil servant, Leslie Evans, for criticism.

    In his original statement about the allegations last week, Mr Salmond said the permanent secretary had, “for whatever reason” decided to “mount a process against me using an unlawful procedure which she herself introduced”.

    Ms Evans has since become the target of online abuse and conspiracy theories…
    “Mr Salmond’s decision to attack the integrity of Scotland’s most senior civil servant is no accident. He would be aware that his supporters would jump on this bandwagon.”

    Mr Penman also said that, as a former first minister, Mr Salmond “knows that Ms Evans is duty-bound to investigate complaints”.

    I think when they resort to the “conspiray theory” label they’ve lost the plot.

  62. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I see, according to the Rev’s twitter feed: Nationalists are split over whether David Clegg is a bigger fanny than Murdo Fraser.”

    Not really a proper argument; Clegg is a bawbag, WATP Murdo is a fanny.

    Hope that’s sorted to everyone’s satisfaction.

  63. Andy-B says:

    Covered in mud, these mutts are attempting to sling it from the sidelines.

  64. Liz g says:

    Cubby @ 2.17
    I’ve no doubt they will try Cubby… but I can’t see our young wanting any part of it..
    Hair cuts from the 1960s and brains from the 1690s are of nay interest tae most Scottish kids.
    And without them it will fade away in to history within a few years of independence.
    The trick I think is to involve our young actually building their new country.

  65. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Dr Jim @ 2.16pm

    If Scotland is, as Kezia D says: “A village,” then maybe Kezia is miffed that, although a consistent finalist, she has yet to win the Scottish branch of the British Labour Party’s nomination to contest the Village Idiot of the Year competition.

    Mind you, that’s a tough competition: Kez, Jackie Baliie, OBFA Kelly, Jenny Marra, Rachel Grant, Rowley and Daughter, Anas Sarwar, Subway Gray, Small Dick Leonard – that’s some long list.

  66. Marie Clark says:

    So it’s splits between the SNP and the indy movement.
    Aye richt, in yer dreams.

    It does not seem to enter their thick noddles, that the SNP is not the indy movement. That would be us, you, me Jock & Jeannie public, and I for one will not be deter
    red by their haverings. What usually happens in a family if one member is attacked, is that the rest of the family gather round them to help. That’s what is going on now.

    The fact that Alex Salmond crowdfund is rapidly going up, about £80,000 last I looked, seem to be driving some of them insane.
    Good. I’m fair scunneret o’ the lot of their bleating and whining. Gie’s peace.

    I’ll donate again should Alex require it, the man should not be treated this way. The Britnats just don’t get it do they. They’ve cried wolf too often, now folk don’t listen anymore. That appears in their warped minds to be our fault, us bad cybernats. Shame that intit.

  67. Cubby says:

    Whether or not Salmond has carried out any harassment I can not see how anyone can think the case against him has not been prejudiced by all the media and Britnat politicians basically saying he is guilty. Saying he is guilty with no evidence available – only the word of the lying Daily Record.

    Is this justice in Scotland good enough – no – vote for an independent Scotland with an independent Scottish civil service – not one controlled by London.

    The whole thing will probably be dropped.

    I think it was always about smearing him for political purposes. However more and more people in Scotland are now seeing through their tactics and in effect they are only smearing themselves. Be in no doubt the Britnats in politics, the media, public bodies and private companies are all now working in collusion to attack Scottish independence. Do you want your children and grandchildren to continue to live in this disgusting Union?

  68. frogesque says:

    A wee challenge for the esteemed dog food salesman.

    Any chance of a graph of Ek’s fundraiser?

  69. Merkin Scot says:

    I haven’t generally listened to Shortbread Radio since ma mither died many years ago. However, I made a point of switching over today to listen to all the fun. Disappointed majorly.
    Where do they dug up these incompetents for media comment?
    Certainly, AS and NS are running rings round them at the moment but could no-one get a decent team together from the Beeb to give them a game? Seems not.
    Wonder how Scottish charities will benefit from all the ‘out-of-Courts’ that are bound to follow this omnishambles for the Union.

  70. schrodingers cat says:

    the obvious solution to get rid of these unionist list msp chancers is for WOS/YES to stand list candidates.

    apart from the south of scotland where the snp got 3 list seats, in the other 7 areas, (56 seats) the snp only won one, Maree Todd.

    no brainer, we could get stu elected, and a few others, no problem.

    how about it ian brotherhood?

  71. Thepnr says:

    Look all around you, the Fury, the Angst, the total Despair!

    Don’t think this has all quite panned out as it was meant to.

    Hahahaha ye dafties 🙂

  72. r.esquierdo says:

    The unionist waste expulsion pipes are fully open and spewing pure tollie

  73. Croompenstein says:

    What I just don’t get is why the complaints weren’t brought forward at the height of the Me Too campaign or when Fallon and Green had to resign.. It’s too easy to say that they waited for a procedure change as how would they have known it would be changed??

  74. Luigi says:

    Gentle reminder:

    The union is dead, there is no union. Therefore there are, by reason, no unionists.

    By referring to them as unionists (even “yoons”), you are giving them a level of respect they do not deserve. No no no no no. The people we are dealing with here are not unionists. Let’s call them out for what they really are:

    Hard, faced, sour-pussed British Nationalists

    Get the habit. It will drive em (even more) crazy. 🙂

  75. Macart says:

    Split? Oh good grief! Are they back on that nonsense? Personally I’m not conflicted or confused in the slightest on any level.

    The SNP are still currently the best government for Scotland. Mr Salmond is naturally pursuing a course dictated by his rights, interests and procedure. FINALLY, my belief in and intention to vote for Scotland’s self determination isn’t conditional on a single personality or party. That’s my personal belief and it ain’t up for grabs.

    Mind you, when it comes to speculation…? We can do that too.

    For instance, we can speculate with some degree of accuracy, the motive behind the actions and soundbites of establishment political parties and their meeja. Personally, I know whose actions I consider to be less than proper at the moment.

  76. James Westland says:

    Just had another look at the crowdfunder.

    £80,690 at 3pm today (30th) At this rate it will be 100 grand by midnight.

    As a statement of solidarity, its a cracker! Go get them Eck!

  77. manandboy says:

    As many here and elsewhere recognise, what we are witnessing is not a slate blown off a roof here, or a chimney pot collapsing there, but an entire edifice shaking in an earthquake because of a shift in the tectonic plates which underpin the UK. Soon, the whole building will collapse and from the rubble will emerge an independent Scotland!

    So let the rumbling continue. What do we in Scotland care? It’s only the British Establishment shaking in their boots because they know their time will soon be up.

  78. jfngw says:

    I see Alex Cole-Hamilton is incandescent that poor people are funding rich people via a crowdfunder. He has no qualms with poor people funding his MSP salary but have no choice in not contributing.

    Also quite happy to spout this on the media that will send poor people to jail for non payment of a tax for receive radio waves that are freely available in the atmosphere, even if they are from another country. It is the ultimate form of extortion, licenced by the government.

  79. jfngw says:

    Surprised the Rev hasn’t had an twitter poll yet, allowing us to vote for who we think is the biggest unionist walloper. I can”t as I don’t have a twitter account and if I did with zero followers it would only be me voting

  80. Thepnr says:


    “My additional suggestion would be to have only one vote and make the list out of the best runners-up from each party in each region. That way, additional members would be the ones who came closest to actually winning and have the highest votes of also rans.

    My tweek means all parties need to contest seats to get votes. I consider that also an improvement to the system.”

    I think that your suggestion is by far the best I’ve read yet. Thing is though it wouldn’t be proportional.

  81. Cubby says:

    Luigi @2.57pm

    Spot on. They are the BRITISH NATIONALISTS. They say Britain is a country but they are unionists. They are thick as mince horrible creatures.

    They don’t know if they live in a country or a union. They are the BRITISH NATIONALISTS. They are the house Scots sucking up to their masters in the empire headquarters in London. Pathetic creatures – bit like gollum in Lord of the Rings – if they were not so vile you could almost feel sorry for them.

  82. Juan says:

    On this day in Glasgow 1820, James “Purley” Wilson was hanged to death. His crime was to carry his banner “Scotland Free or a Desert” and support better workers rights, a vote for all and a return of Scotland’s independence. He was tried under an English Law of High Treason, by a jury filled with colonialist enablers for an uprising instigated by the UK government through their spy network infiltrating “radical” groups.

    At his public execution, the crowd cried “Shame, shame. He died for his country”.
    2 others would also be hanged and beheaded for their part in the uprising. Others were banished to the colonies.

    It’s never been a Union. It’s an occupation.

    The media are under Westminster’s control but Scots law isn’t. It’s time the Scottish government introduced this:
    At least then EVERY newspaper lie would have to give the same prominence to EVERY correction. Otherwise there will be more of these scenarios where the media will destroy careers. They’ve taken the gloves aff, it’s time you stuck the boot in.

  83. sandy Henderson says:

    Grant & Wells would be out of their depth on a village community council.

  84. Andy Anderson says:

    I hate them all. They are as two faced as the come.

    It is sad to think that some of these chancers may be part of a future free Scottish Parliament. I hope that they have enough self respect and honour to resist such a temptation. Best they retire and do a job they are qualified for, maybe a shit shoveller in England.

  85. Daisy Walker says:

    Any update from the SNP re a sudden increase in membership?

    If confirmed please, please don’t waste the opportunity to shout if from the roof tops.

  86. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    r.esquierdo at 2.52

    Is that not “toalie”.

    My concern a the moment id fro Nicola and the very difficult and hurtful position she is in. Her honesty and strength shines strongly today.

    The significance of two complainants should not be overlooked. One complainant in this kind of case is not enough to initiate legal proceedings. Two complainants provides the justification even if they are talking about entirely different instances. In these sexual cases this is considered collaberation.

  87. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Cubby @ 14:45

    The whole thing will probably be dropped.

    I think it was always about smearing him for political purposes.

    This is my gut feeling also. Michelle Thomson revisited. It’s hard to see how the gutter press could have written what they already have without being given legal advice that they would likely get away with it because the issue will never go to court.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, it is very disturbing how readily the BritNat rabble have launched into attack mode over the issue, while keeping schtum about the various alleged misdeeds within their own ranks. Hypocrisy rarely comes so high.

    It’s also as if no-one gives a damn about the rights of the two women at the heart of this case. Willingly or not, they have now been made stooges in what is increasingly looking like a BritNat-orchestrated witchhunt upon a man who has done more for Scotland than the whole unsavoury pack of them put together.

    The fact that some BritNats are now punting the “indy split” line does appear to suggest that this was the plan all along. But by whom?

    It’s hard to see how those women, if they are indeed genuine, will ever get satisfaction now that the issue has become so thoroughly politically poisoned by the Unionists. And if there is ever even a whiff that their actions were motivated by other than honourable considerations, it could set back women’s rights for a very long time.

    (A small price, some might cynically think, if it could stop the indy movement in its tracks. Fat chance.)

  88. jfngw says:

    At this moment the MSM are praying that they can find more complaints against Salmond. In fact I suspect they would even finance anyone willing to join in, they are that corrupt.

  89. Cuilean says:

    When Carmichael started a crowd fund, no unionist politicians said that crowdfunding for legal fees was bringing Scots politics into the gutter. It’s always, ‘Don’t do as we do. Do as we tell you.’

    Carmichael managed to raise the princely sum of £14,000 over nearly 6 months, with more than half of that total coming from a few single donors, clearly with very deep pockets. Carmichael also obtained a huge sum to meet his legal costs from a UK charity, The Rowntree Foundation.

    Again, there were no howls of protest from Scottish Britnationalists, like Marra, Baillie etc. that Carmichael was abusing his powers or position and rich enough to pay out of his own pocket.

    It’s always ‘One rule for the SNP and one rule for Unionists’.

    If they can’t see how their visceral hatred and entitlement is turning voters off in droves, they are long past any help and I am long past caring.

  90. Cubby says:

    Alisa Craig @ 2.10 pm
    Brill comment. Wells is a perfect example of the folly of the list system in Scot parliament. A complete diddy overwhelmingly rejected by voters getting a job for life as long as she toes the party line.
    I suggest two changes to the voting system. 1. If you stand for election and lose you do not get on the list as a consolation. 2. If you are on the list it should only be for a maximum of two parliaments. This should stop total waste of spaces like Wells getting a well paid job for life.

    Dr Jim @2.16pm

    I’m Scottish get these Britnats out of here. It is Scotland.

    Lizg @2.33pm

    I agree. Most young Scots are to sensible to be drawn down that path.
    PS glad that the foul mouthed Danny is no longer with us.

  91. Clootie says:

    Quite amazing how “United” in effort the unionists are on this!
    Red,Yellow and Blue Tories fighting hard to have a hanging before the trial. A group who have all ignored or buried proven issues in their own parties.

    When I look at the big picture I.e. Foodbank use, Universal credit, Life expectancy, wealth gap, Brexit, Renewables, etc etc I just wish they would put the same United effort into protecting Scotland from Westminster.

  92. Phronesis says:

    This is where the real split is .Scotland did not vote for anarchic confusion about its political and economic status The irony of the Brexiteers guerilla warfare against the EU ( somehow JRM et al don’t quite have the kudos of Che or Fidel ) is that they will end two unions. A positive result for Scotland.

    ‘The Brexit notifications  are full of unconscious ironies. In the event of “no deal” the government apparently aspires to liberate the UK from the bureaucratic EU by imposing new swathes of red tape; it will emancipate itself from the tyranny of Brussels law-making by applying European rules and Brexit standards unilaterally; it will reaffirm British sovereignty in Northern Ireland by urging local firms concerned about Brexit to consult the government in Dublin; it will stockpile perishable medicines under the banner of ‘business as usual’ and a bacon sandwich in every pot. The inherently ludicrous nature of the Brexit project is never far from the surface.

    But these internal paradoxes and contradictions reflect a deeper and more troubling reality: the governing Conservative Party is irredeemably split on the form that Brexit should take. The notifications attempt to address two entirely different Conservative audiences, those who believe that leaving without an agreement is at worst a manageable inconvenience; and those who have considerable doubts about the whole Brexit project but need to be reassured that the government is aware of the particular danger of leaving the EU in an abrupt and chaotic fashion. In consequence, business and other economic interests have found very little new of use for their planning in the notifications. As always over the course of the Brexit negotiations, it is the disputatious conversation within the Conservative Party that has priority over any attempt to come to grips with external reality, in the UK or elsewhere…
    As far as European policy is concerned, the Conservatives have lost any sense of shared political identity that would lead either to self-discipline or central sanctions accepted as legitimate in defence of a common project…

    the UK will inevitably leave the European Union on 29th March 2019 in the most brutal and chaotic circumstances possible. Anarchy within the Conservative Party will have inflicted anarchic confusion on  the United Kingdom’s relations with its most important political and economic partners’

  93. Proud Cybernat says:

    2015 – SNP split over Nicola Sturgeon referendum strategy (Telegraph)

    2016 – SNP split on new powers for Holyrood (Express)

    2016 – Fresh SNP split over health services ahead of by-election (Herald)

    2017 – Business rates part 2: Alex Salmond hits back over SNP split claims (P&J)

    2017 – SNP split on whether to press on with independence referendum (Scotsman)

    2018 – Sturgeon opens SNP split over giving the vote to all criminals (Express)

    2018 – SNP split DEEPENS as deputy candidate backs call for independence (Express)

    2018 – SNP split on fishing (Daily Mail)

    2018 – SNP split on the timing of another referendum (Scot Mail on Sunday)

    2018 – SNP split over push for second Brexit vote (Scot Mail on Sunday)

    Enough to give any sensible thinking person a splitting headache. So much BritNat desperation on display there – it’s effing hilarious. Splitting ma sides here.

    Listen up, BritNats. No one in the YES Movement gives the cubed root of hee-haw how much you think the SNP is split. And that’s because the YES Movement is NOT the SNP. It’s ALL in your effing minds. Just saying there’s split here and a split there in the SNP WON’T MAKE IT REAL and it most certainly WON’T CHANGE MINDS.

    “Oh that Alex Salmond made a sexually provocative remark to that woman – that’s it! I’m not voting for Indy,” said ABSOLUTELY EFFING NO ONE EVER!!

    Has it sunk in to your hyper-dense craniums yet?

    PS – You’ll have an easier job splitting the effing atom!

  94. Alastair says:

    Candescent Money V Dark Money

  95. jfngw says:

    I did spot an interesting interview at the end of Newsnight by a someone described as a feminist. Her take that even if a person was not convicted of any offence their career should be over by just the accusations. She was referring to a Canadian comedian that I had never heard of.

    Seen the same type of comments on twitter, the accusers should automatically be believed or else they are being described as liars. No qualms then about the defendant then automatically being labelled a liar.

  96. stu mac says:

    @Cubby says:
    30 August, 2018 at 1:36 pm
    The Scottish parliament election system was designed by the Britnats to try to ensure that no party could get a majority. Designed to make it a weak Parliament. They call this democracy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually I don’t believe it’s as bad as some make out. Could be made better but the main problem isn’t the system but the parties. Or rather the unionist parties. The point of the system is that parties have to work together to make it work. Since the SNP came to power, with a few exceptions, their attitude has been completely tribal. There’s no doubt Labour policies (at least as they currently claim them to be) could easily match up with a lot that the SNP tries to do. But they’ll never admit that, it’s always got to be SNPBAAAD with never any constructive criticism or support. As I said the system could be improved but it wouldn’t change things – they can’t change until political attitudes change.

  97. Tinto Chiel says:

    A great article by our host, no target missed, no hypocrisy unskewered.

    Britnat desperation is almost palpable: despite having 95% of “Scottish” newspapers in their pocket and all of broadcasting, more than half of the population now seem in favour of independence and more and more people are rushing to join the SNP in the wake of this attack on AS, often people who would never normally join a political party.

    The longer the Britnats continue with this, the more damage they will do to themselves.

    Can’t wait to see their reaction when they see the numbers at the Edinburgh march (for Weegies, please join orderly cue at Coatbridge turn-off).

  98. mumsyhugs says:

    The only splitting going on is us splitting our sides laughing at the antics of the yoons as they twist themselves in knots. 🙂

  99. Gary45% says:

    paul mccormack@1.15
    I think the Churnalist’s name is Anna Burnside, She let the cat out of the bag with her totally biased reaction regarding the “Scoop” the Daily Rect*m managed to churn out regarding Mr Salmond.
    Hell FU*KING mend her, and her clueless nonentities. (Their time of shame will come)
    Indy 2 Tick Tock.

    The Daily Rect*m, chock full of Shi*e every day.
    A new low in GUTTER PRESS.

  100. Legerwood says:

    Cubby says:
    30 August, 2018 at 3:39 pm
    Alisa Craig @ 2.10 pm
    Brill comment. Wells is a perfect example of the folly of the list system in Scot parliament. A complete diddy overwhelmingly rejected by voters getting a job for life as long as she toes the party line.
    I suggest two changes to the voting system. 1. If you stand for election and lose you do not get on the list as a consolation. 2. If you are on the list it should only be for a maximum of two parliaments. This should stop total waste of spaces like Wells getting a well paid job for life.””

    Excellent suggestion.

  101. Tinto Chiel says:

    “queue”, obvs.

    100 lines.

    On reflection, make that Tollcross.

  102. Hamish100 says:

    Thanks to the britnat cultists for u iting independence supporters. You dont give a fig about the women or AS. This is about attacking the movement and the First Minister. Back into the sewer with you.

  103. Luigi says:

    Folks, this crowd-funder for AS has really rattled em. 🙂
    “How can his followersbe so stupid?”

    It’s only a matter of time until some prominent BritNat loses the plot, does a Clinton melt-down and spurts out what he/she really thinks:

    “All SNP/Yes voters are thick as shit”. 🙂

    And when that wonderful event happens, then you know it’s really over.

    Popcorn, ready – it’s coming, folks. The big eruption. You can feel the temp rising!. 🙂

  104. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Gary45% –

    Anna Burnside, aye.

    Shame on O’Neill and Cosgrove for giving her the freedom to laud Clegg and get a full half-minute’s free advertising for that rag – they’re both clued-up, they *know* the Record’s role in this whole farce is deeply suspect.

  105. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Cuilean @ 15:37,

    Oh for the nth time, get the facts right. Carmichael received damn all from the “Rowntree Foundation”, which is a respected non-political charity.

    How would you like it if you were incorrectly damaged by careless insinuations like this?

    He got some support from the unrelated “Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust” (JRRT for short) which is designedly not a charity, is avowedly political, and which has a record in backing the LibDems besides other more worthy causes.

    The fact that both organisations carry the name of the same person who founded them back in the day is entirely irrelevant. The occasional resurfacing of this elementary error on here does nothing for our own reputation for getting things straight.

  106. Patrick Roden says:

    The MSM are desperate for more allegations against Alex.

    Desperate people make big mistakes.

    They are ripe for falling into a ‘Honey-Trap’

    Any ladies out there who are short of a few bob, here’s your chance to make some big Mula.

    Make them pay big for your story.

    Bank it in a way that they can’t get their hands on it again,
    Then release a statement saying that you only wanted to do a bit of ‘research’ into if the MSM in Scotland were prepared to pay people to make unsubstantiated claims against SNP Politicians.

  107. Dr Jim says:

    The only split happening is us blowing them a Raspberry and splitting our sides at the incompetence of their timing on this
    Maybe they figured that by going after Eck on the anniversary of Sir William Wallace’s execution or the start of the new Independence campaign or to distract from the onrushing Brexit farce it would be lovely and ironic timing for them to nail another Titan of Scotlands journey towards Independence, but in this effort they have singularly failed
    Every newspaper every *journalist* every TV channel every opposition British politician screeching *Get Salmond* and it’s all had the opposite effect

    So what are the the Empire to do now because screeching isn’t working
    Like Obi Wan Knobi Alex Salmond is rising stronger than they could have ever imagined and that inevitably means the Rebel alliance that is the Independence movement will increase in strength right along with it

    Non of this means Eck is guilty or innocent what it means is the timing of the event has led everyone who has Scotlands interests at heart to have just seen an attack on us all, timed and engineered in the hope of smashing Scotlands aspirations and that was their mistake, not the guilt or innocence but the deliberate method with which this whole debacle was deployed

    Even people who might not agree with Scottish Independence should take a long hard look at what’s happened here because if you’re a powerful person or a famous person this methodology could be used on you without redress
    We all know any victims of crime should have protection that’s just common humanity but the accused must have the same protections when the only evidence in evidence is one persons word against another and this was always the problem with the Metoo campaign that sooner or later misuse occurs then the whole premise of the plan breaks down due to the dishonesty of one or two people

    Trying as they are to Harvey Weinstein Alex Salmonds name here they’ve blown it super big time with the former First Minister because he’s been working closely with women all his life and never a whiff of controversy has there ever been even though he’s probably kissed half the women in Scotland in the last five years alone, so how many’s that and not a complaint from any of them ever

    So you have to think yeah sure he’s defo guilty, Aye guilty of being the good guy!

  108. Bobp says:

    Cubby 3.17pm yes these proudscot bigot britnats are not the sort I would ever forgive or have any truck with. These ‘people’ are a stain on Scotland unlike soft no’s and people who didn’t realise they were being lied to. I would hold an olive branch out to the latter, but I’ll never ever forgive the former, and the quicker they f**k off out of Scotland the better. Only then will I come back home.

  109. Tinto Chiel says:

    Just noticed a retweet on the Rev’s twitter feed an hour ago which has the photo of an old friend of independence marchers this summer, namely Manky Union Jacket Man, standing in classic gormless pose.

    He and (There’s been a) Murdo Fraser make a great double act.

  110. Proud Cybernat says:

    “BritNats too busy chucking staines,
    cannot see their London chains.”

  111. Liz g says:

    Ledgerwood @ 4.21
    I agree too
    The list can be useful for bringing in new talent,but if they cannot convince the electorate to actually elect them within 8 years, they should make way for someone else.
    This could be introduced pretty quickly as it doesn’t change the voting system itself!
    I think it would be a very popular policy, question is though can Holyrood currently make that change?
    Or is even that simple improvement to our Parliament denied to us as a reserved to Westminster matter as well!!
    But that’s not to say that we should review our electoral system after Indy.
    This was a system designed for us and not by us and we need to be thinking if it is the best we can do!

  112. Shinty says:

    mumsyhugs says:
    30 August, 2018 at 4:15 pm
    The only splitting going on is us splitting our sides laughing at the antics of the yoons as they twist themselves in knots. ?

    Exactly mumsyhugs. Meanwhile Alex’s crowdfunder is now over £82,000 even although the target was made yesterday.

  113. Bobp says:

    I will add that now at 65 those bigoted unionist b******s drove me as a Catholic out of Scotland 45 yrs ago at 20yrs old, no job no prospects because of my religion, the question now is, are the Scottish people enlightened and big enough to rid Scotland of these sectarian unionist scum and grab the mantle of an independent country.i await with bated breath.

  114. I watched.the story of Ireland on tv how Parnell was brought down by having an affair with a married woman made public so the Brits. Managed to remove the main threat to their empire but Parnell was followed by another Irishman who succeeded in his quest for freedom he was Michael Collins could history be repeating itselfe ???

  115. Proud Cybernat says:

    The FM gave this a push earlier today. R*pe Crisis Scotland want to challenge the Tory R*pe Clause in court. They’re 75% towards their 20k target with 15 hours to go. If they don;t get all the funds in the fundraiser in time, all the money raised goes back and the case can’t go forward.

    Help us end a policy that harms abused women

    Every wee £ will help them.

  116. Thepnr says:

    This is what the good people of Dundee thought of Alex Salmond in September 2014. Doesn’t look to me that this is a man carrying a lot of troubles on his mind as he meets the people.

  117. Proud Cybernat says:

    * that should be R*pe Crisis England & Wales.

  118. HandandShrimp says:

    I see that Frank Field has quit Labour over its anti-Semitic racism.

    That will be a sign of how united they are compared to us in-fighting SNP types 🙂

    As a matter of interest has anyone had a spat within the SNP over Alex? I certainly have encountered nothing but support for him and a deep suspicion that these are trumped up charges.

  119. HandandShrimp says:

    Proud Cybernat

    The £20k is a stretch target. They met their target to take the case forward. However, a worthy cause nonetheless.

  120. haudonthenoo says:

    BBC going mental now.

    4 out of 5 Scotland stories all about Salmond.

  121. orri says:

    I think, and he’s probably thought of this himself, Alex should argue not just against the process as written down but also as it has been put into practice.

    Does it really take 8 months to do an initial investigation of this kind of allegation? Seems rather long to keep the accused in the dark about being accused.

    The process also requires that the accused is given the details of the accusation. If I was told I was being accused of “sexual harassment” I’d be confused as to what was meant. Perhaps some of my actions might be construed as being of a sexist nature. Who knows. I’m certainly not in charge of anyone who might take what I view as reasonable requests, perhaps of a secretary, as harassment. Nevertheless I might, foolishly, offer to apologise.

    The process also has details on what happens should the accused not co-operate.

    It might be worth mentioning the reason the guardianship legislation was dropped. Which means that the implication that if the Permanent Secretary doesn’t decide to progress a complaint then the subject doesn’t have to know is on dodgy ground. Just as any information gathered by a guardian would have been it becomes a Data Protection issue as now covered by the GDPR. And remember Salmond is an ex-Minister and no longer in public office.

  122. galamcennalath says:

    Thepnr says:

    I think that your suggestion is by far the best I’ve read yet. Thing is though it wouldn’t be proportional.

    It would be. I’m not suggesting any changes to the way seats are allocated. Same algorithms.

    My suggestion only really effects the way each party’s list for additional seats is generated.

    One vote, not two. Firstly the votes per constituency decide on the FPTP allocation. Then the overall totals per region would say how many extra seats each party is due. Same as a present, except from the one vote.

    Each party’s list would contain all their failed candidates in that region but in order of how many votes each received. If the constituencies are different sizes the it would need to be percentage. Their best near winner goes top, their worst failure goes bottom.

    If party X wins only one constituency in a region, but overall they did well, then D’Holdt might mean they are due two more. The top two also rans get elected.

    This means ALL MSPs elected from a list must have been reasonably popular. The losers, remain losers.

    STV is another proportional system. It won’t work in Scotland currently because the Unionists will put each other 2,3,4. This give Unionism an edge. Perhaps after Indy STV might work.

  123. Gary45% says:

    Ian Brotherhood@4.31
    I think I can speak for every “winger” when I describe the press as “gutter”, but I cannot believe the depths what was once a “no bad paper” has sunk.
    The quality of said churnalist’s is !?? I cannot find words to describe them.
    This witch hunt could be the final nail in the coffin for the msm in the UK, if it is? they only have themselves to blame.
    I remember about 20 years ago seeing what the then National press got up to trying to get a “Scoop”, hiding up trees, harassment etc trying to get a picture/ interview with a married Tory, who if memory serves me had just “come out”
    The witch hunt that went on trying to shame this guy was beyond belief. Me being an SNP voter even I felt sympathy for him and his family.
    Fast forward to the present day. Churnalist’s are !??nothing else, just !??.

  124. Thepnr says:

    The investigation conducted internally never took 8 months, it was 8 months between the complaints being received and the news of it being made public.

    The “investigation” such as it was, with there apparently being no input to this investigation from Alex Salmond himself, it would seem took two months as stated by Leslie Evans in her statement released last Thursday.

    “Following the conclusion of an internal investigation I can confirm that the Scottish Government received two complaints in January in relation to Alex Salmond. Mr Salmond was notified of the complaints in March and the details of the procedure under which the complaints would be addressed.”

    As far as I know it is the lack of input allowed by Alex Salmond that has resulted in his decision to challenge the process under which these investigations are completed that has prompted him to take the administrative arm(civil service) of the Scottish government to the Court of Session for a Judicial Review of it’s legality. Hence the fundraiser.

  125. ronnie anderson says:

    £215 in the space of 15mins to Alex’s crowd funder Hootherstall will be more than depressed he’ll be at the committal stage Bedlam make ah space fur him . lol

  126. Thepnr says:


    Got it now, so thanks. Sounds like a great system, the people effectively chose which candidates deserve to be on the list and not the parties.

    I’d go with that and sounds like something the SG should be exploring if changes are to be made. In fact I like it very much.

  127. IZZIE says:

    I was in Stirling when John Swinney was forced out as Leader in those days we fitted into a hotel. Winnie Ewing called it the crucifixtion of a good man. Those were troubled times and we won through just like we have done after every set back and I have been a member since the 60’s. The cause is bigger than any one of us. I hope Alex is exonerated but whatever the outcome we will survive.

  128. May I suggest that we stat a crowdfunder on behalf of Monica Lennon so that she can take out a private prosecution against the senior Labour official who allegedly sexually assaulted her?

  129. gus1940 says:

    According to The Grauniad SNP MPs are scandalously contributing to Eck’s Fundraiser.

    How dare they – They must be kicked out of the party and resign their seats.

    After all it’s what Britnat MPS/MSPs would do in similar circumstances – Aye Right.

  130. orri says:

    Sorry but the single vote idea is a non starter for me.

    Far better, if it’s a hybrid system, would be a form of STV.

    If not that then a single vote for a particular list candidate or, to keep things simple, an STV within a party.

    STV over the whole list might be a tad unwieldy.

    Don’t hold with the idea of failed FPTP candidates not being eligible for List posts either as that’s a recipe for unionist unionist voters to tactically vote against some of the best SNP candidates.

  131. HandandShrimp says:

    I see the Guardian has 8 stories on Salmond but no comment on any of them. It really has become a shadow of its former self. I can’t decide if it is because they can’t afford moderators or because it is a rapid onset of cowardice. Possibly a bit of both.

  132. Ken500 says:

    The complaints were received in January. It is now 8 months later. They have been leaked to the Press who published them. Totally unsatisfactory.

  133. Croompenstein says:

    May I suggest that we stat a crowdfunder on behalf of Monica

    Jack, if a crowdfunder could be meausured in the reek of one’s pish I still think she would struggle to get it started.. 🙂

  134. Petra says:

    STV News: God poor Nicola. At Prestwick Airport. She looks as though she’s under a LOT of stress. I’ve NEVER seen her like that before. Trying to stop herself from crying. Terrible.

  135. David R says:

    Most surprising bit was finding out that Hassan was part of the yes movement.

  136. William Habib Steele says:

    Two issues. First, I’m sticking my neck out by saying this. It seems as if the procedure for dealing with such complaints by the British Civil Service assigned to Holyrood, is that a female plaintiff is always to be believed. Hence what seems to be the need to prevent the accused from knowing who the plaintiff is and what the specifics of the complaint are in case he engages in further harassment. If a man were to complain about sexual harassment by a woman would the same restrictions apply? Certainly plaintiffs must be protected, but the rights of the accused to know who are the accusers and what the accusations is, in detail, must be observed! The procedure seems blatantly set up against the presumption of innocence.

    I have great respect for Alex Salmond. I made a small contribution to his crowd-funder as a token of my trust. I believe that he’s a man of integrity. Also, it looks as if this is a stitch-up. But he is human. So I suspend judgement as to the truth. I do hope that THE TRUTH will be revealed, and not someone’s MY TRUTH!

    Second, I don’t understand the disparagement of MSPs elected from the list. They are elected after all. I believe in PR. The d’Hondt system may not be the best, and I understand that it was skewed in its set-up to ensure that Labour would always have a majority, assuming that they would always have the majority of FPTP votes, but MSPs from the list are elected. Now, if the complaint is that candidates rejected by FPTP are elected by the list, then that’s a serious complaint. Candidates ought not to be able to stand in the constituencies and in the regions. It should be one or the other. Also, there’s a problem with parties putting up candidates in the regions and none in the constituencies. I don’t think that that should be permitted. Having said all that, an MSP has been chosen by the people, and should be treated with due respect. Our own Nicola Sturgeon was fist elected from the list. I don’t regret that!

  137. James Westland says:

    Regarding press witch hunts, there is another one which is absolutely shocking, but it has gone quiet for some time. A nurse at a hospital in Chester was arrested, but released on bail over the death of babies there. Apparently there was a spike in baby deaths that coincided with her employment there. That was a few weeks ago and the gutter press (and social media) went crazy. She has not been charged, but is described as a “baby killer” The Sun was particularly bad in her hounding.

    Innocent till proven guilty? Not if the press get their claws into you. Same thing happened with Christopher Jefferies over the Jo Yeates murder in Bristol a few years ago. But he went after them IIRC, and got substantial compensation.

    These rags are utter filth. Wouldnt use them to pick up dog poo. They’re not worthy of that role. Should be sold like porn from under the counter in a black wrapper

  138. Petra says:

    Alex show on RT right now (just started) and again at 11:30pm.

    Support, support.

  139. Ken500 says:

    Frank Field could have been deselected because of his Brexit stance. Constantly voting with the Tories. There is a campaign to deselect the Four. He voted with the Tories and supported austerity. Now complaining about it. Typical Labour. The anti Semitic nonsense is just unbelievable. Labour is a shambles. Corbyn is not a leader. Reneged on every supposed principle.

  140. Andy-B says:

    Well Alex Salmond leads (again) on STV news, then reporter Davy Cowan, has a go at the new Forth bridge crossing.

    To be quite honest there isn’t a news programme that represents Scotland, unless you’re into SNP bad stories.

  141. Ken500 says:

    Nicola Sturgeon would have come through the vote earlier in any case.

  142. Fred says:

    @ William Habib Steele, we don’t have “Plaintiffs” in Scotland!

  143. Liz g says:

    William Habib Steele @ 6.11
    The problem with the list William is that we are finding MSPs having a seat for term after term after term despite never having won an election..
    Thats a flaw in the system,a flaw that could be easily addressed by limiting an individual to two terms only.
    Its not about disparaging anyone (who didn’t need disparaging) for the list seat itself but rather that to keep a place in government you should need to be elected…

  144. sandy Henderson says:

    Just watched EBC Scotland news(?). Nicola at Prestwick, smartly dressed in skirt as usual. Cameras roll – from the feet upwards. Nice pair of legs BUT is this sexual harassment?

  145. Wee bud says:

    Who orchestrates these hacks to spin this split pish?? You can feel them willing it to be true.. I don’t think the British Nationalists are gonna let up which is fecking hilarious..

    Remember the bad old days before Wings where they weren’t held to account . Thanks Rev..

  146. Meg merrilees says:

    Thepnr, Galamcennalath

    re the people choosing their candidate

    just been driving home listening to Frank Field being interviewed on the Biased broadcasting organisation where amongst other topics he is refuting the idea that he has resigned before he was pushed because at a recent local meeting 30 constituents voted against him. The BBC interviewer was trying to describe that as ‘him being ousted’ but Field pointed out at the last count his majority was 25,000. He didn’t think it should come down to 30 people who bother to attend a meeting to have the choice – be careful what we wish for… although he mentioned Corbyn attracting anti-Semites because of his stance he was careful to say that this was not an attempt to undermine Jeremy.

    Mr Field was also discussing thuggery and bullying in his party and mentioned a woman who had brought a sexual harassment/abuse/misconduct/assault case ( choose your own verb) against a colleague who two weeks later committed suicide. Said female is now trying to stand as a Councillor…
    Interesting parallels with Alex in so much that both have resigned after 40 years or so.

    Doesn’t say much for the state of politics in the UK.

    According to the same news bulletin the former First Minister is coming under criticism for setting up a Crowdfunder – no information on how much has been raised and why, of course!

    Andy B
    Re the New Queensferry crossing- 1 year old this week –

    I wondered when the negative stories would start. There was an article on the bBC website yesterday pointing out that it had made the journey between Fife and the Lothians much easier; quoted the number of times the Forth Bridge had been closed through high winds and the Crossing remained open and praising the hard shoulder for allowing breakdowns to be quickly remedied. However they could;t resist pointing out that there are still roadworrks at night time … so it’s not really finished yet, a year later… boo, hiss, SNP BAAAAD

  147. GrahamB says:

    Do the Yoons not realise they are putting the whole harassment case under jeopardy as the Fiscal could rule that the case is now compromised by all these ‘leaks’, assuming the police produce evidence to the Fiscal to back the case.
    Perhaps they are cleverer than we think, although I don’t believe that, and they want the case to collapse so that there will always be doubt hanging over Alex. If the case goes ahead and he is cleared he will be back stronger than ever.
    This is Round 1 of the IndyRef2 Dirty Tricks after the past 4 years of Phoney War.

  148. schrodingers cat says:

    re holyrood electoral system

    some good discussions today, i remember salmond suggesting that the 8 areas should be ditched and a scotland wide list created. I think he also suggested just one vote as well.

    however, to change the system would require a manefesto commitment by the snp and another win at holyrood to actually change it. no doubt that the unionists would accuse nicola of gerrymandering where as, if we win in the next HE the unionists cant really complain since it was they who created the present system.

    personally, i believe we will see a GE and scotref before the next HE so, for the moment, I think the discussion will remain academic.
    If yes wins scotref, we should consider tactical voting to stop a unionist coalition reversing any yes vote (indyref3 etc)
    but that is also academic and a discussion for the future.

    but my point stands, part from scotland south region where the snp won 3 list msp, in the other 7 regions, the snp won only 1 out of the 56 available.

    thats why we see these no hoper unionist in parliament.

    it is also evident that the yes folk wont back the greens /rise/solidarity/ssp etc in an endevour to replace these unionists list msps. I was wrong about that.

    perhaps a yes alliance party would fair better

  149. Capella says:

    There must be a fatwa against mentioning the word “Scottish” on BBC Radio North Britain. I was catching up with the Media Show on Iplayer. After the discussion on Alex Salmond – a carefully worded affair, then John McCain etc, they turned to the Scallop War.

    Laura Maxwell described the vessels attacked as “English”. Stuart Cosgrove corrected her and said they should be called “British”. Therafter they mentioned either English or British boats.

    Now we’ve all seen the pictures of the Peterhead boat and the Inverness boat, flying saltires. No doubt there were English boats too. But why can’t they allow themselves to say Scottish and English? Bizarre.

    The did, of course, mention that the attackers were French and the incident happened in the English (not British) Channel.

    It’s at 1 hr 19 mins and 40 secs into the programme if you want to raise your blood pressure a bit more than it already is today:

  150. Orri says:

    The leak to the Record may be true, in that it is what one of the complaints was, but unless there’s enough supporting evidence it’s highly unlikely it’d reach a court of law.

    If it did then it might be dismissed out of hand but there’s a risk that it’d result in Salmond being cleared.

    Jeopardizing the trial might be the aim. Having the accusations hanging over Salmond’s head for the rest of his life might be just what they want.

    Also might be asking if there’s been an attempt at intimidating Salmond by not disclosing the details or asking for his cooperation as required by clause 11 of the procedure allegedly being followed.

    It should not take 8 months to do a preliminary investigation.

  151. starlaw says:

    Last I heard of the crowdfunder it was at £82,000. MSM appear to be under the illusion that all this is causing a split in the SNP, but presented no facts to back this up, Just the ravings of Annie and Rhoda about how unfair it all was, I doubt if a crowdfunder for the pair of them would produce their bus fares home.

  152. Cubby says:

    Patrick Roden @4.32pm

    The British Nationalists are clearly worried. Just like when they pulled the VOW rabbit out of the hat after the poll showing a majority for independence in 2014.

    They will do, say and promise anything to stop Independence. Lies deceit dirty tricks the full works – that is the Britnats – know them by their works. Patrick Roden – earlier advocating a honey trap – that is the Britnat approach. We are better than that.

    The end is near. Independence is on its way.

  153. Craig P says:

    See the electoral system.

    Pick your preferred drawback, all systems have one. And any proportional system will have a degree of disconnect between the voter and the individual member. Personally I’d like a ‘modified second vote’, where you select your party then rank the members accordingly to *your* preference, not what the party has chosen. That’s way too complicated though to be practical.

    James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop describes Holyrood’s d’Hondt system well:

    ‘use your first vote for your local MSP, use your second vote for who you want to see in government’.

    Basically the second vote is more important than the first to determine the amount of MSPs a party gets. This rule of thumb only doesn’t work if one party ‘breaks’ the system like in 2011 and gets elected to so many constituency seats they can govern via them alone.

    The German parliament fixes this by adding extra members on the list vote so that the amount of members always exactly matches the percentage on the list vote.

  154. Luigi says:

    Simple solution for those unelected MSPs:

    List MSPs only allowed to stand for one term. Only those constituency MSPs, voted in, can stand again. Long -term defaulting prohibited. If the blue and red tories want another MSP on the list, they select a replacement for the next election.

    Simple. 🙂

  155. Big Jock says:

    This whole Salmond smear campaign is being used for 3 things. To deflect from Brexit , to try and split our movement and to make Sturgeon blink over announcing indi ref 2. The first 2 will fail. The third I hope to God Nicola is not daft enough to allow this distraction to delay the announcement.

  156. Scotspatriot says:

    Got the splits ?
    Galvanise yourself !

  157. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 19:17:

    to change the system would require a manifesto commitment by the SNP and another win at Holyrood to actually change it

    That would indeed be the case in a sovereign parliament, but my recollection (though please correct me, someone, if I’m mistaken) is that even after the most-recent Scotland Act, Holyrood does not have the power to change the electoral system by which its own members are elected. That power, like so many other things, currently lies in another place.

    But another electoral system discussion, oh goody! =wince=

    The actual problems, as I see it, are twofold:

    + two votes in the same election really confuses people. Almost everyone, in fact, judging by the volume of discussion each time round.

    + having party lists will always produce Murdos and Annie Wellses, and other such placemen in parties with a serious dearth of talent. It’s built-in to the system. Primaries might help, but probably not enough.

    If you want to do something about the above, or don’t like the notion of people supposedly becoming MSPs “without being elected” (the standard jibe, which is factually false, as orri correctly points out @ 17:50, but resonates nonetheless), you have to totally jettison the Additional Member System (which is what it’s actually called, not “d’Hondt”). It’s a typical British bodge on olde-worlde FPTP, chosen simply because that’s all the old Labour Party stalwarts would accept at the time.

    You have to switch instead to a properly-implemented STV system as in local elections and in Ireland. Where the voters in effect draw up a virtual list by the way they vote.

    Even then, nothing’s perfect, and there are always idiots who will vote, despite all the evidence, for other idiots.

  158. Clapper57 says:

    What is strange is that some of these woodwork squeaks from the freaks were , not that long ago , stating that Salmond was “yesterday’s man “…..inferring he was no longer a person of any significance and therefore should be disregarded in the context of any comment he should make on either politics or the constitution.

    Now since this story has broken the same people who were crowing about his fall from power since losing his political seat are suddenly elevating his position to that of someone who has influence and is indeed a significant figure in the independence movement and the SNP.

    Strange indeed that these same detractors opinions can shift so significantly when they see the opportunity to smear not only him but all associated with the independence movement.It’s almost as if they tactically contrive to shift their position dependent on what they see as an advantage to them…as opposed to giving an honest assessment and adhering to that position irrespective of changing circumstances… opportunistic of them Doh !

    Watched Annie Wells on Channel 5 news accusing Mr Salmond of having a “Brass neck” re crowdfund…..yep I know….no comment required as bloody obvious what consensus of opinion on here is in relation to her…..perhaps she should find out the opinion of all those thousands and thousands of people who voted for her ……I mean she represents who again….oh yes she represent the Tories not actual constituents……Tory list MSP’s eh…make the biggest noise over fcuk all on behalf of no one but their own ego…which to be fair is probably damaged through failing miserably to gain trust of voters to elect them as chosen constituency MSP .

    As to Frances B….sorry I cannot comment on someone who is obviously inflicted………with so much hatred, irrationality and utterly devoid of any logic and who frankly is a rabid demented serial ranter on Twitter..she’s one of those ‘It’s my way or the fcuking highway’ non communicator New Labour types .

    Rhoda Grant…never heard of her and from what I have heard am not missing anything of any importance.

    To anyone I missed well same old same old …..getting embarrassing now how much they doth protest too much…so much in fact that even the gullible must be getting fed up and starting to see it for what it is…..aye there’s the rub….how do they stop themselves being seen as perpetual grievance merchants….personally I prefer SNP’s actions which serve the public as opposed to Unionist politicians petty and bitter words that only serve those who utter them.

    Actions not words , words are cheap especially when they come from opposition parties who pre and post 2014 have failed to implement the actions from the words they used to promise the people of Scotland that they would be better in the Union , both UK and EU , and the result is that they are now failing in their combined efforts to smear the very person whose words can actually be trusted but still they try because dirty opportunistic politics is the only way they think they can win.

    To borrow a BT phrase “NO THANKS” I would rather vote for and be a member of a party that plays fair and actually has the interests of the people it represents at it’s heart… could say ‘ a kinder politics for the many not the few’. …the many being those who live in Scotland and that is as it should be.

  159. schrodingers cat says:

    Craig P says:

    ‘use your first vote for your local MSP, use your second vote for who you want to see in government’.

    Basically the second vote is more important than the first to determine the amount of MSPs a party gets. This rule of thumb only doesn’t work if one party ‘breaks’ the system like in 2011 and gets elected to so many constituency seats they can govern via them alone.

    it didnt work in 2016, the snp got so many constituency msp that out of 56 list msps in 7 of the 8 regions they won only one. the snp didnt win a majority either.

    i believe james kelly is wrong when he says we cant game this system. we can. the numbers dont lie,

    but it would need agreement from all or it would only divide us

  160. Meg merrilees says:

    further to my post at 6.54

    Link to BBC article about the Queensferry crossing being a success.

  161. Orri says:

    The procedure has provision for what happens if the accused refused to cooperate with the investigation. Doesn’t mean they can refuse participation.

    At that point they are to be given the details of the allegation. Cooperation doesn’t generally mean admitting to everything. Nor is it credible that you can give your own version of an event if you don’t know what that event is. The first part of that procedure might, allegedly, only have taken two months but it sure as hell hasn’t advanced beyond it.

    And the whole point of that first stage is to protect the identity of the accuser. This has gone beyond that stage.

    Thinking about it though. A, reportedly, non drinker gets drunk and out of character. If I was paranoid I’d think his drunk had been spiked. The Kevin Spacey “can’t remember cause I was pissed” apology didn’t go down well did it?

  162. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Legerwood at 4.21
    To digress a little. There is no need for a list and abolishing it would remove the confusion that some people suffer thinking they have to vote for different party in the second vote.

    All candidates should stand FPTP. The seats can be organised into regions like they are now and the percentage votes cast for the parties in these seats added up can provide the MSPs just as readily as the present system.

    I would not allow the election of any candidate getting less than say 12.5% vote in their FPTP candidature to be an MSP which would readily get rid of such as Annie Wells.

    If we continue with the present system the SNP should not stand in the lists but an Independence Coalition (with agreed positioning suitable to the various regions)should be formed among all the parties supporting independence to contest under that single banner this preventing millions of SNP votes to be basically almost valueless on the list vote.

  163. fletch49er says:

    “gallumphed in like a drunk elephant with learning difficulties on four pogo sticks” PMSL 😀

  164. Footsoldier says:

    SFA exploring joint GB bid for 2030 World Cup. Clearly they are not expecting Scottish independence and still do not realise that a GB bid will be seen as England abroad.

    Coupled with the possibility of relocating to the home of rugby at Murrayfield, the SFA are not fit for purpose.

    Why do they not go the whole hog and get taken over by the FA and let them strut the UK stage, if they are allowed to do so.


  165. Petra says:

    @ Capella says at 7:35 pm …. ”There must be a fatwa against mentioning the word “Scottish” on BBC Radio North Britain. I was catching up with the Media Show on Iplayer. After the discussion on Alex Salmond – a carefully worded affair, then John McCain etc, they turned to the Scallop War. Laura Maxwell described the vessels attacked as “English”. Stuart Cosgrove corrected her and said they should be called “British”. Thereafter they mentioned either English or British boats. Now we’ve all seen the pictures of the Peterhead boat and the Inverness boat, flying saltires. No doubt there were English boats too. But why can’t they allow themselves to say Scottish and English? Bizarre.”….

    Trying to con everyone into thinking that the Scots don’t contribute much at all, no doubt. Your post also reminded me of the link of a map and statistics posted recently in relation to the MASSIVE amount of fish docked at Scottish ports versus English, NIrish and Welsh. I was gobsmacked when I saw it, but forgot to save it. Could the person who posted it previously please post it again or point me to the relevant thread.


    Nicola Sturgeon is looking really down right now and no wonder. Trying to run a country on a limited budget with a bunch of ignorant layabouts, so-called Holyrood politicians, in her face at every turn. Add to that death threats, Brexit, Alex etc, etc.

    We really need her to be strong, need to support her in any way that we can. A wee card from some of us could make a massive difference.

  166. ScottieDog says:

    Sounds like the establishment is keeping its options open regarding a GE. Villify Corbyn and the SNP to get a Tory majority. After all the disaster predictions, TM will get a shit brexit deal but it will be a well polished turd by MSM. Teresa saves the day. Vote for the Maybot.

  167. Mike B says:

    I see the BBC propaganda machine is still working overtime. On BBC News Channel’s Beyond 100 Days programme tonight at around 1909, they report that AS, the former leader of the Scottish Nationalist (sic) Party, has sparked fury in Scotland by launching a crowdfunder to cover his legal costs. The only evidence presented for this fury was the Rhoda Grant tweet. And then they discuss how crowdfunding is being used to cover legal costs by disgraced politicians such as Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. So that’s it, trial by media and guilty by association.

  168. Cairnallochy says:

    Like a contributor a few minutes ago, I also suspect that the MSM would be happy to have the proceedings unredeemably prejuduced by the publicity, political involvement and apparent breaches of data protection, so that they can then raise hell about a “fix” and accuse the SNP of interfering with due legal process. And of course treat this outcome as an admission of guilt to confirm their own presumptions.

    I also think that the two women involved in the case have simply been reduced to collateral damage in the political games. I certainly don’t think that Yoon politicians give a tinker’s curse about them and that if they do have to testify, the experience will be infinitely more daunting in the circumstances.

  169. Thepnr says:


    Think you were talking about this graphic in relation to fishing.

  170. Petra says:

    @ boris says at 8:18 pm …. ”MI5 and the BBC Scotland in cahoots????”

    Boris I just wanted to say that you’re doing an absolutely amazing job. Seem to work your butt off and never give up.

    Thanks a million X


    I’m becoming totally scunnered now and really angry. Have you ever known of the BBC and STV to keep a story (tall tale) going for so long? I’ve phoned both of them tonight and hope that others will do likewise. On the other hand maybe, when the bias is so blatant, they’re now actually scunnering prior no voters and fence sitters too. Let’s hope so.


    Alex crowdfunder: Close to £90,000 now. Please continue to donate.

  171. jfngw says:

    Has anyone calculated what the make up of Holyrood would be if there was a separate pro-indy party only sitting for list seats and the SNP list vote transferred to them. Would this produce a comfortable pro-indy majority. Sorry I could never vote for the Greens, they are not dependable and I could never agree with some of their policies.

  172. schrodingers cat says:

    agree with rjs, change to electoral system isnt what is needed at the moment, perhaps after indy

  173. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Approaching £88,000 now.

    How many new membership applications for the SNP today?

    The backfire intensifies.

    Regardless of the issue or the facts most people see this merely as an unscrupulous attack on the SNP.

    My reading of this is that Labour is the main driver. Laying aside the prominence of Rhoda Grant(whom I had imagined to be a decent sort) the fact that the Record was the recipient of the leak says it’s Labour.
    Of course Labour is at one with the Tories in Scotland so the distinction is probably irrelevant.

  174. schrodingers cat says:

    jfngw says:
    30 August, 2018 at 8:42 pm
    Has anyone calculated what the make up of Holyrood would be if there was a separate pro-indy party only sitting for list seats and the SNP list vote transferred to them.

    yes…. many times

    however, talk of tactical voting is divisive and unneccessary at the moment, since we have other fish to fry before we have another he (ie a ge and scotref)

    also, many people dont believe it can be done as the arithmatic doesnt add up and gathering support for an existing indy party eg greens/ssp etc is a non starter, too many folk dont trust them, probably with good cause

  175. Alastair says:

    Re List MSP’s. We need a Scottish Independence Party separate but allied with the SNP. This would give our movement a better representation of the Independence vote. 3 to one becomes 3 to 2.

  176. Nixon says:

    (for deletion)

    Siege, Stu, not seige

  177. Petra says:

    @ Thepnr says at 8:40 pm … ”Petra …. ”Think you were talking about this graphic in relation to fishing.”

    ”Ask and thou shall receive”, lol. Thanks for that, Thepnr (too bad about Leonard and Rhona Grant).

    That link clearly shows the difference but there is another out there showing figures in the thousands, however this will really help me out with a wee debate I’m involved in.

  178. Scott McCartney Hopper says:

    I thought the comments on this site were freely posted but after having two comments not appear i presume because i challenged rather than lathered fervent and agro praise on your opinions its painfully obvious that each and every opinion expressed in these comments is endorsed by you by the fact that they even appear. So much for the 1% of readers who comment not reflecting wings. You censored my post, twice. You actively curate the dirge of painful and cringe opinions that grace the bottom of your blog. Scotland deserves a factchecker and bias point outer who isnt a hypocrit, in fact there is no one to blame for this sites abysmal reputation outside the adherents except yourself because you curated it and them.

  179. schrodingers cat says:

    the snp couldnt be part of it and would still need to pursue an snp 1 and 2 vote

    any yes alliance party/wos candidates would need to resign their snp membership

    i believe that such a single issue yes type party would be able to stand, eg like the pensioners party, but scot goes pop thinks the EC would block it.

    without the support of high profile bloggers like james kelly and stu, it is probably a non starter

  180. jfngw says:

    @schrodingers cat

    I’ve never seen this as a seat calculation and I hang around the internet far too much for my own good nowadays. Also I was not suggesting anything it was a mere academic inquiry out of interest.

    I would hope to be independent by the next Holyrood election, but this election will be fairly soon in relative terms. I would always be wary of us voting for independence then returning too many unionist that won’t accept the result at the next Scottish Election, this could seriously hamper our negotiations. The 2017 election taught us one thing that the electorate can be fickle and may think the job is done and not turn out to vote.

  181. Capella says:

    @ Petra – the map of fish landings was tweeted by Hoss MacIntosh. Quite an eyeopener:

  182. Capella says:

    and another one specifying type of fish landed in Scotland:

  183. grafter says:

    Keep donating ! Whatever it takes. Let’s show them we mean business this time !

  184. grafter says:

    Keep donating ! Let’s show them we mean business this time !!

  185. Shug says:

    I cant say i have a lot of faith in the scottish judicial system but hope it works for alex
    It is interesting it was leaked to the Record the publisher of the vow that never really existed

  186. jfngw says:

    Looks like a lot of the London hacks are just back from the Edinburgh festival. They now declare themselves experts on the Scottish situation, I think that’s how colonialist mind thinks of the independence movement.

  187. Marga says:

    Sorry OT, but interested to see Sturgeon is reportedly being told to address “conspiracy theorists” in her party. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that there isn’t a conspiracy.

    Whatever, a kind of Shock and Awe effect undermining Scottish confidence, society, unity, reputation etc may start to gather pace. At least if the trauma of the Jordi Pujol affair in Catalonia, the felling of the local political icon, is anything to go by. There, the conspiracy theory definitely holds and deep state involvement was only too real.

    Hopefully unlike naive Catalan politicians, Sturgeon will keep a tight grip and not underestimate the effect of this bombshell.

  188. Bobp says:

    Wife just donated £30 .go get the msm scum alex.

  189. Petra says:

    Thanks folks; Thepnr and Capella.


    Wee, poor and stupid?!

  190. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I thought the comments on this site were freely posted but after having two comments not appear i presume because i challenged rather than lathered fervent and agro praise on your opinions its painfully obvious that each and every opinion expressed in these comments is endorsed by you by the fact that they even appear. So much for the 1% of readers who comment not reflecting wings. You censored my post, twice. You actively curate the dirge of painful and cringe opinions that grace the bottom of your blog. Scotland deserves a factchecker and bias point outer who isnt a hypocrit, in fact there is no one to blame for this sites abysmal reputation outside the adherents except yourself because you curated it and them.”

    Hey champ. See above the comments box, where it says “Click here to read the comment rules”?

    Try clicking on it, and reading the FIRST FUCKING SENTENCE under “Commenting”.

    When you’ve done that, get back to me and tell me what it says and we’ll move on from there, okay?

  191. BBC National news at Ten tonight Cracks are beginning to show in the SNP. Oh you think so!

  192. Capella says:

    @ Petra – it’s so much more striking as a good graphic than a table of figures. Good luck with your debate.

  193. Elspeth Hobson says:

    Was that donation (at 22.09) of £1 from “Murdo Fraser” from the Murdo Fraser? You would think that for all the money that he has had from tax-payers for not winning elections that he could have been a bit more generous. But still, monie a mickle……

  194. Big Del says:

    Right we all know it’s all about Scottish Gov. BAD, SNP BAAD and Oor Alex BAAD.

    But I just read something there from Orri @ 7.41 which made me think. For once….

    After the Procurator says “ No charges to be brought against Mr Salmond” how long UNTIL one of his accusers arrives on the front page of the DR, or equivalent, and gives her/his/their side of the STORY, which will still be a he said she/he/they said thing and the MUD is still meant to stick to Alex????
    Can see that coming, and after that with the blanked face/s in a hotel room interview from “ the victim that still can’t be named for legal reasons, front page & top shelf….. I can smell the stench of this a mile away..

    Contributed my wee tupence £Scottish worth to the crowd fund and any Brit Nats reading-I’m NOT an SNP MSP.

  195. Cubby says:

    I so enjoyed pissing off the Britnats last night by donating to the Salmond fund for a fair justice system that I am going to donate again just to see if it helps keep the stupid Britnats like Fraser, Grant(still counting the fish landed in Shetland), liar Marra, hypocrite Lennon, hypocrite Rowley and brain of Britain Wells frothing at the mouth.

    All we need is the Bampot Ross Thomson coming out the squeaky woodwork and we would have a full set of freaks.

  196. schrodingers cat says:

    fair doos
    if the constituency results stayed the same, all snp votes went to a yes alliance, and the green vote held up, the greens wouldnt lose any seats but the yes alliance would win 21 seats and become the opposition.

    Central presently 8 unionists
    yes 4
    Lab 3
    Lothian presently 7 unionists + 1 green
    Yes 3
    Lab 2
    Tory 2
    Green 1
    Glasgow presently 7 unionists + 1 green
    Yes 3
    Lab 3
    Tory 1
    Green 1
    H and I presently 6 unionists + 1 green + 1 snp
    Yes 3
    Lab 2
    Tory 2
    Green 1
    Mid scot/fife presently 7 unionists + 1 green
    Yes 3
    Lab 1
    Tory 3
    Green 1
    NE presently 8 unionists
    Yes 3
    Lab 1
    Tory 3
    lib 1

    West Scot presently 7 unionists + 1 green
    Yes 3
    Lab 2
    Tory 2
    green 1

  197. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says: 30 August, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    ” … Shame on O’Neill and Cosgrove for giving her the freedom to laud Clegg and get a full half-minute’s free advertising for that rag – they’re both clued-up, they *know* the Record’s role in this whole farce is deeply suspect.”

    Yep! And now so do most listeners to Radio Jockland.

    What’s more many, if not most of them can see and hear the truth – even it a portion of them would never own up to knowing it – and that’s what’s eating them up from the inside out.

    It really is a good phycological ploy to start them on one of two paths.

    If they can be honest with themselves they will begin the journey to YES. If they remain bitter and twisted outwardly while inwardly not accepting the truth they know they need to face they simply start to stumble down the road to madness.

    Let’s face it if they have doubts but fail to face up to them they are already well on their way to madness.

  198. schrodingers cat says:

    imagine stu leading the opposition and getting to ask nicola 3 questions each week 🙂

    unionists relegated to the back in the cheap seats

    bbc would have no choice but to interview stu lol

  199. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Alex Salmond on RT tonight at 11.30

  200. Corrinne Vallely says:

    Just clicked on the link for the crowdfunder, reading some of the comments left by some donators. Just read one from one from someone calling themselves “Murdo Fraser” lol
    Wanted to add that my 80 year old mum also donated to the crowdfunder earlier today then followed that up by immediately joining SNP!

  201. schrodingers cat says:

    south of scotland not included in the list as snp have 3 list msps there and standing alternatives there would undermine the snp in that region

    this was a point that tommy sheridan failed to address, i told him so

  202. OMG Scotland Tonight no hinging back. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  203. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Getting back (somewhat) on topic, what exactly is the supposed justification for the BritNat objection to the AS crowdfunder? All the BBC mention is “widespread opposition”, not revealing the heavily-partisan origins nor conversely (as someone already observed) how well his crowdfunder is doing.

    I don’t recall, for example, any outburst of similar indignation from them when Carmichael briefly ran his own ill-fared funder.

    So what’s their beef?

    I mean, beyond their usual “sit down and shut up” tactic, which in this case translates into “now we’ve publicly smeared Salmond, how dare he defend his right to due process and not meekly accept our mud-slinging guilty verdict?”.

  204. jfngw says:

    @schrodingers cat

    Thanks, in theory I should probably been able to work it out myself but I was not convinced I understood the system well enough to do it with any accuracy.

    I wasn’t expecting you to put in this amount of effort, I thought there may have been a web someone knew about, but thanks again for indulging me.

  205. Simon Curran says:

    BBC news at 10 referring to splits in SNP, I didn’t catch who said that but I think it shows what they’d like to happen. Only split I can think of is Hampden or Murrayfield?

  206. Cubby says:

    Absolutely appalling coverage by the Britnat Brainwashing channels special super brainwashing programme ” Reporting Scotland “. No more than we have come to expect.

    Toddle oh the nooh brings up The Michelle Thomson case and turns it into criticism of Sturgeon and the SNP. Does not mention that it was all made up, that the police did not investigate or charge her. She did nothing wrong but the BBC and the rest of the rat pack media in Scotland ruined her life and career. No apology from the disgusting corrupt BBC. Pacific Quay is just a modern version of the castles that Edward1 of England built throughout Wales to keep the colony under control.

    Grant from the Labour in Scotland Party says Salmond is dragging Scotland into the gutter. The Britnats own the gutter. They live their whole lives in the gutter.

  207. Rock says:

    Under the First Past The Post Westminster system, there would be no “unelected” MSPs in Scotland.

    Do you want such a system in Scotland?

    Would Scotland ever have had an SNP government without “unelected” SNP MSP’s?

    There must be other ways to attack absolute scum like Murdo Fraser and Jenny Marra than to indirectly attack a perfectly legal and democratic PR system of representation. The Tories and Labour get enough votes in Scotland for these scum to be in the Scottish parliament.

    As I have said before, Scotland would have been on the verge of independence now if Alex Salmond had been SNP leader at the time of the Brexit referendum instead of the cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola who spectacularly squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

    Mark my words – Nicola is not going to call an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed and Scotland is at the mercy of Westminster.

  208. schrodingers cat says:

    you are most welcome mon ami

  209. Orri says:

    Labour tried to field Coop candidates on the list with a free run in an attempt to far the system in an early election. Were told GTF from the Electoral Commission. Am easy call to make as you have to be a member of Labour to stand as Coop. Gordon Brown was actually Coop if I remember rightly.

    Any official alliance will be treated in the same manner. Should the SNP be daft enough not to stand anyone on the list they couldn’t recommend anyone to vote for. A particularly malicious Electoral Commission would wait till the votes were counted to decide to discount any seats won by those parties. Assuming there being more than one standing didn’t lose potential seats.

    Obviously the unionist parties could also field a union party, which once the dust settled would leap into bed with the Tories.

  210. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Salmond crowdfunder just about to pass £90,000.

    Syrian government and the Russians about to remove the last terrorist enclave from Syria.They are warning about a possible false flag operation to confuse this and believe that the fake White Helmets have captured 44 children for some use in this.

  211. Dave McEwan Hill says:


    I assume you last diatribe is explaining to us how latest polling shows independence support at 54% to 56% – or have I got that wrong?

  212. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Simon Curran @ 22:50,

    Yes, this is the clear BritNat party line. But it’s a total bust. A backfire. Just reinforces the growing impression – right or wrong – that the whole thing is an organised fix.

    After all, we anticipated dirty tactics from the BritNats, since they’ve run out of promises and ideas, it’s just come a little earlier maybe than expected.

    Cubby @ 22:54,

    That seems to be the NorthBritLab speciality. Bring everything down into the gutter where they’re in their comfort zone and convince just enough people that “they’re all the same, so why bother trying?”. With frenemies of democracy like this, outright enemies would be better. At least then people could see more clearly what their dirty game was.

  213. 10/30 says:

    BBC news night has just upgraded the allegations from sexual harassment to sexual assault.

  214. Cubby says:

    BBC2 newsnight. Another appalling programme about Salmond. The well known ex Labour adviser basically saying he is guilty. She actually used the words sexual assault. How does she know what happened as Salmond (the accused) has not been told any details. Oh sorry silly me she must have picked up a Daily Record as she flies about the country appearing on talk shows. The Record known for its lies. Trial by media. UK style justice.

    Oh in case you missed it on all the other Britnat programmes the SNP is now divided.

    Mcwhirter on the programme was pretty weak in his defence (another Heggarty in the making ).

    There is a major UK smear campaign taking place.

    The ex Labour adviser says not only is he guilty of all charges but he is bullying the women and he should not be allowed to have the fund raiser.

    In summary, she is of the opinion he is guilty, he has no right to hear what he is accused of, no right to know who his accusers are, no right to prepare a defence and no right to raise funds to pay lawyers to defend himself. I always thought Salmond was a wizard of a politician but I never thought he would be the center of a witch hunt. All we need is the famous Britnat expert (Jakey) on wizards to give her usual extreme Britnat opinions and the witch hunt will be complete.

    Disgusting disgusting Britnats.

  215. Effijy says:

    I hope that Alex and all independence supporters are bolstered by the Justice Fund Raiser reaching £90,000.00 of a £50,000.00 target

    Its only day 2 and who would bet against it going through £100,000.00 by lunchtime tomorrow?

    It brings me great please to see and hear the Unionist suppressers spouting manure across the nation in relation to this show of overwhelming support.

    Why they will just need to jolly well cut Scotland’s budget for the 10th time in a decade if these rough yins have money to spare. These funds could have been used to upgrade another English Rail network, or fund an Anti Scottish Documentary on the BEEB, or keep another propaganda paper going!

  216. Dr Jim says:

    A dark passage in Scotlands history:

    If the Queensferry crossing was a British nationalist bridge it would never again in the history of mankind ever need painted again, because like democracy in Britnat world once the bridge was built it would never be looked at again or spoken about or at any time be considered for renewing or changing unless they and they alone decided it so

    Come to think of it that’s exactly what they did say when the SNP proposed building a new bridge “We didn’t need one” because the old one was fine and if it did need fixing it was the SNPs fault for not fixing what didn’t need fixing unless the British Nationalists said so

    Alex Salmond is wrong to crowdfund his court case and wrong to defend himself because of hundreds and hundreds of silly reasons say the British Nationalists
    The Orkney 4 were wrong to crowdfund a prosecution said the British Nationalists but British Nationalist Alistair Carmichael was right to crowdfund his defence even when everybody agreed including the judges he was very guilty very big time

    British Nationalist Newspapers must keep trying to shove their agendas down the throats of Scotlands people even when they’re losing money doing it and even though the Scottish people have said *we don’t want this* But the National newspaper now has a Sunday edition and is selling more papers and more online content and more Scottish people are buying it, but that’s wrong because it’s the wrong kind of newspaper even though Scots are saying *we quite like this one*

    British Nationalist *journalists* like the Daily Records Anna Burnside yearns for the days when she earned lots of money and travelled far and wide and got to write whatever came into her British Nationalist head but now hates the Scottish people who are slowly but inexorably removing her and her ilk from Scottish newspapers because Scots are less and less likely to be attracted to her or her newspapers political views in favour of the new Scotland who are more educated and more enlightened than she is and like all British Nationalists she doesn’t know what to do about it so just gets angry

    The similarity in each of these stories is British Nationalists like dinosaurs don’t change until the world comes crashing in on them then it’s too late they’ll be wiped out like the earth will be if we can’t make the climate change deniers change

    We don’t need no education because we’re smarter than you and you will damn well listen they gasp with their last dying breath rattle

    Once Scotland is Independent we must keep video records of these people to show this dark passage of Scotlands history to our children in schools so they’ll know never to allow these people a voice in our society again

  217. manandboy says:

    The Guardian today took an extremely hostile stance against Alex today.

  218. Orri says:

    I wonder if Salmond actually knew what the procedure was meant to be? Is there any danger of losing his review on the technicality that his complaint should be that it wasn’t actually followed and he was, deliberately (?) , misinformed as to the fact that he should have been given the details of the complaints?

  219. crazycat says:

    @ Craig P at 7.44

    Personally I’d like a ‘modified second vote’, where you select your party then rank the members accordingly to *your* preference, not what the party has chosen. That’s way too complicated though to be practical.

    What you are describing there (I realize the discussion has moved on somewhat) is an Open List system, which works perfectly well in many places:

    It is of course absolutely true that every system has its drawbacks and it will never be possible to please everyone.

  220. Liz g says:

    10/30 @ 11.31
    Yesterday the BBC correct themselves for saying sexual assault and not sexual harassment..
    Wings has some comments today that in law there’s apparently no difference in law…
    Tonight the BBC are back to Sexual Assault… nae correction…

  221. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Dr Jim at 11.56

    Yes. I’m all for recording for posterity a Rogues Gallery or a 21st century Parcel of Rogues.

    The greatest shame is not the Tories. We know what they *now are and we expect nothing else from them. It is their collaborators in the Labour Party that are betraying Scotland and the people who voted for them.

    * The weren’t always all like that. The Scottish Party which merged with the National Party in 1934 to form the SNP were patriotic Scottish Tories.

  222. HandandShrimp says:

    I am bemused by the whole media circus. There are allegations and due process is taking place and part of that process is being challenged by the person who is subject to the allegations. Fairly straight forward but the utter media convulsion is quite unlike anything I have seen before.

    Supposed experts reading entrails and trying to extrapolate their own fantasies and desperate desire for a silver bullet to kill the beast of the Yes movement. This has led to wild claims that the Yes movement and the SNP are in melt down. Well I am in the SNP and it seems strangely calm from where I am. No one is throwing accusations about and all are quietly supportive of a well liked man whom is presumed innocent until found otherwise. I think therein is the answer to utterly bizarre number of articles being written. The Guardian now has 10 in its Scotland section alone none of which they will allow comments on … although CIF is something of a rarity these days on any topic unless it is arctic terns or otters or something utterly safe 😉

    In short the gist from journalists and opposition politicians seems to be “This is the end of the SNP, they are all doomed…what do you mean why? COS THEY FUCKING SHOULD BE – AAAAAARGGGGHHHHH BEEP BEEP SQUAWK!”

    There doesn’t seem to be any more sense to it than that. So I think we should continue to be of one accord if for no other reason than it seems to tipping our Yoonish friends over the edge of sanity. I don’t think I have seen so much low brow, self serving, hypocritical drivel from opposition MPS/MSPs and political commentators on one topic in a long time. They don’t care if the allegations are true or not. In fact I don’t think they care if Alex Salmond is found guilty or not. It is the wider political movement they are desperate to kill not a retired politician. Personally, I think they are on to plums on that one. A cursory glance at social media, Twitter, Facebook will see a closing of ranks behind both Nicola and the Yes movement whilst still supporting Alex. In their haste to chase the Yes ranks they have failed to note that we are not fleeing but standing our ground and the schiltrons are in place.

  223. HandandShrimp says:

    Is it just my paraffin powered computer or are the refresh times on the Board excruciatingly slow at the moment? Or are all our comments being diverted to GCHQ for logging and filing first before being allowed through the gate? (If so, get a finger out your lazy sods.)

  224. Robert Peffers says:

    I find many of the Britnat comments extremely ignorant and I use the term, “ignorant”, correctly. They just don’t know what they are commenting upon – but it won’t prevent them commenting.

    For example some seem to imagine Alex has resigned a seat in some parliament or other. They don’t realise all he has resigned from is from being only an ordinary member of his SNP Local Branch.

    Alex has no post in the party and is not a sitting elected member of local, devolved or United Kingdom Government and is not even a member of the HOL.

    Now, not including the, sudden, recent, rumoured influx of new members this persecution of Alex has brought about, the latest published figured by Westminster are:

    As of January 2018, Labour had 552,000 members:
    Conservatives have 124,000 members.

    As of April 2018, SNP had 118,000 members:

    Liberal Democrats 101,000 Members:

    Green Party 41,000:

    UKIP 21,000:

    Plaid Cymru 8,000 members.

    However – bear in mind the SNP and Plaid Cymru only stand candidates in Scotland & Wales respectively.

    So we are not comparing like for like. Furthermore, the Labour Figures are absolute rubbish for labour count social club members, Trade Union Members and goodness knows what else as well.

    So that is all Alex Salmond has resigned from – being just an ordinary SNP Local branch Member.

    Far as I know he isn’t even a local SNP branch official and, as several people have pointed out, the Independence movement is a great deal larger than the SNP and is drawn from every other party including at least the Conservatives and Labour as the many on-line clips from AUOB show.

    Whatever, the Establishment hoped to achieve it rather looks like a very hollow victory for the only perceptible effects so far is a great VOLUNTERY financial support for Alex and a big rise in SNP card Carrying membership.

    Not to mention that I’ve spoken to known anti-Indy campaigners who, although not quite convinced indy supporters yet, have expressed their disgust at the treatment of Alex by the Westminster paid Civil Servants at Holyrood and by the disgusting hate filled comments of Britnats on-line and in the dead tree press.

  225. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Big Jock @ 19:46,

    This was an insightful comment which I wanted to commend earlier and forgot till now.

    Namely, part of the intention of the privacy leak was surely to discomfit Nicola – as it clearly has done, putting her in a very difficult position personally – and in the process distract her from IR2.

    (Incidentally, that’s what I reckon is the underlying motive behind all these “split” stories, desperately hoping to see one open up between AS and his former understudy.)

    No-one will get out of this dirty business unscathed, I fear, absolutely no-one, with NorthBritLab and their faithful media pals in the end perhaps coming out of this worst of all, as more and more people begin to recognise their cynical wrecker strategy.

    However, due consideration to Nicola for having to deal with all this, plus get on with the usual FM day job, and – hopefully – still have time and energy left to keep IR2 on schedule. No small task.

  226. Clapper57 says:

    Been 7 days since story broke…my God but isn’t Newsnight busy just now ..what with Corbyn smears now Salmond smears …..agenda much ?

    Obvious the way the wind is blowing with them ….I mean it would seem allegations are now translated as proof of guilt…suppositions being bandied about by those guests whose impartiality is questionable yet whose opinions seem to be given a platform as if they are providing some kind of testimony under oath !

    I have to be honest I have absolutely no time for Corbyn and hate Labour but unless you are the dumbest ass it must be obvious that the sheer saturation of the Corbyn antisemitism saga is the epitome of overkill in terms of media coverage. They have dragged everyone and the kitchen fecken sink at this story, no stone left unturned , no angle left out in fact we are now at the desperation stage where we now have an MP leaving the party(an MP who probably would have got ousted out anyway and who recently voted with the Tories so is no real loss).

    His , Frank Field, leaving apparently only emphasises that the ‘problem’ that won’t go away…..won’t go away very much thanks to the people i.e. media and usual suspects ensuring that it bloody well does not go away…..that is until ultimate goal of Labour minus Corbyn is achieved then the story will sink quicker than the Titanic.

    This is what we will get with Salmond but more importantly the real target for many is SNP and independence….different cast will be used but they will deploy same tactics enabled by the media as per.

    I suspect that if they do the same coverage of Salmond as they have done with Corbyn then most people, minus dumbass mob, will eventually mentally switch off and will be resistant to the bombardment of negativity and propaganda….the media presenting the perspective of those in opposition to both Independence and the SNP are surely not going to be received as appropriate and non partisan honest views to be seen as credible and non agenda driven.

    How long must we, and more importantly Mr Salmond, endure the forensic dissection minus the actual evidence and proof being known that is currently being orchestrated by the media and opportunistic political opponents. The real stitch up here is trial by media where opposition parties are happy to comply with the media circus in the hope that mud sticks irrespective of the truth. And of course their ultimate goal is to sway public opinion into believing that this story somehow taints the SNP and our FM .Not for one minute is this contrived media furore about the alleged ‘victims’ they are mere pawns to be sacrificed in order for the ultimate prize…and we all know what that is.

    Welcome to post 2014 Better Together UKOK world, a world that we on here knew and rejected but unfortunately are still being subjected to but are still resisting and fighting to reject once again….I actually think that the time is coming where ” We will be in the heady position of the spouse who looked like walking out….and eventually DID” !!!

  227. Shinty says:

    HandandShrimp – yes, mine too seems to be ‘paraffin powered’ (lol), never had a problem before until a few days ago.

  228. Ken500 says:

    Bring back FPTP. Get rid of the liars. The most popular electoral system for good reason. Instead of the loser winning.

    Comparing Alex Salmond with Corbyn is not helpful. Alex Salmond is a genius. Corbyn is useless. A complete fool giving up on all the so called principles. The Tories are a disgrace, especially in Scotland. They could not make a bigger mess. The Brexit lies.

    The way Alex Salmond has been treated is appalling. Just despicable. He was telling the truth all along. An honourable man of great character who has done so much for Scotland. The debt cannot ever be repaid. He has respected and supported women. Promoted them and keeps his distance.These allegations are appalling. Any liar can say anything under the guise of anonymity. That is not right.

    The Press are appalling. Liars and cheats who can say anything about people and get away with it.The way Mark MacDonald was treated was wrong and illegal. The harassment by McKay was just disgraceful. He should get the sack or diversity training. Why anyone watches the nonsense is a mystery. Just giving them oxygen to go on deceiving people. Don’t watch it or listen to it. People feel much better not being contaminated by it. The Westminster crooks are beyond the pale, Most of them should be in jail. They have been robbing Scotland for years. People have had enough of it.

    Scotland is losing £20Billion a year to the mismanaging of Westminster policies. The so called ‘deficit’ created by Westminster. Westminster borrowing and spending in the rest of the UK. Giving Scotland the debt. False accounting. Scotland has to manage on what it raises in revenues. (£60Billion) Can borrow very little. The Oil and fishing sector ruined by Westminster mismanagement. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion have cost Scotland dear.

    It is reported if Scotland sold it’s excess fuel and energy. Instead of giving it away. It would be worth £30Billion a year, A bonanza.

    Just keep on voting SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Coming. Keep right on.

    Starting on Alex Salmond was wrong and will be regretted. He can stand up for himself with great support. Just as he has been standing up for Scotland and what is right all his life. In the meantime he will be missed greatly. His knowledge, sense of humour, compassion and just doing the right. thing. A political giant.

  229. Petra says:

    BBC News: No mention of Alex. Jacob Rees Mogg is in Scotland today to discuss the benefits of Brexit and to discourage the Scots from rushing into another Independence referendum.

    Great stuff. That should push up support for independence if they broadcast his speech tonight. Next up Boris Johnston. In fact a great big welcome to all Westminster Tory Brexiteer politicians planning to visit Scotland.

  230. Ken500 says:

    The idea that these non substantiated allegations will split the SNP or the Independence movement is just a fallacy. A miscalculation. It will just make it stronger in every way. Put up support. How can the ‘Press’ be so, so out of touch with public opinion. Like the monster that they have created has swung out of control. Controlled by Westminster abd trolling the British people, especially Scotland. Leading to the Press and Westminster demise.

    The Guardian now reporting Australian news. A total distortion, Ridiculous in every way. Begging for £ when it has £Billion in reserves. Totally lost it’s way. The only paper of any Independence of editorial. A Trust. Just blew it. Incomprehensible.

  231. Nana says:

    EU’s Barnier says must prepare for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit

    Brexit: drama rules the headlines

    Theresa May’s silence on Brexit success leads to one conclusion

  232. Gfaetheblock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @11.19

    You got a link t o the poll that has indi at 56%, as I missed that one?

  233. Ken509 says:

    The Scottish boats in French waters ramming French boats, Fishing in French waters where the French fishermen are not allowed to fish for certain months, for conservation reasons, The break down in agreements because of Brexit,

    The Scottish fishermen who complain so bitterly about foreign vessels allegedly fishing in Scottish waters, A fallacy. UK fishermen have been throwing dead fish back for years. Destroying their own industry. Instead of using bigger nets like Norway. Getting EU grants to change and funds for investment in bigger fish market facilities. The Scottish Gov was sorting it out with representation. Some fisherfolk went and voted Tory.

    The EU is the nearest, biggest market. The industry rely on migrant labour. Yet some support Brexit. How misguided is that. Under EU rules the home port has a 12 mile exclusive limit. It means other boats cannot land there. There are no foreign boats in the NE. 80% of UK fishing industry. There are poor employment condition and remuneration, apart from the £Millionaire owners. Including the fish processers. Dangerous conditions, People work in the Oil & Gas sector for better conditions and remuneration, from choice. There is low unemployment in the NE and always has been for fifty years. Brexit will lose Scotland £8Billion+ A year?

  234. manandboy says:

    If today’s Guardian online is anything to go by, the Alex Salmond story has suddenly disappeared into thin air.

  235. Ken500 says:

    The President of Kenya. ‘Boris the bicycle man’. Couldn’t even remember the surname. Says it all. Get on yer bike. Peddle into the sunset. Malicious liar. Murdoch sacked him for telling lies.

  236. manandboy says:

    Prepare to boke.

    The visit to Kenya by Theresa May is the first by a British prime minister to Kenya in 30 years – since Margaret Thatcher toured the country in 1988.

    Mrs May said Kenya has a “special place in the hearts of British people” because “it was here that our monarch learned she would become queen”.

  237. starlaw says:

    I remember when British Troops were killing Kenyans, bet so do they.

  238. manandboy says:

    In what is an obviously orchestrated propaganda bombing campaign, today’s front pages almost unanimously proclaim a split in the SNP over Alex.

    Looks like a split was the plan by Downing Street from the beginning, but since it backfired with a hugely successful crowd funder, no split in the Party and an increase in the SNP membership, the incandescent Scotland haters have rolled out the story they wanted anyway.

    The BritNats are losing it big time.

    Can’t see any way back for this imploding Union.

  239. Dorothy Devine says:

    starlaw , wasn’t there representation for compensation a couple of years ago.

    I did a quick search and the first page of articles tell us how wonderful the brits were the second page took me to the bits I remembered.

  240. manandboy says:

    Japanese giant Panasonic has announced it is moving its European HQ from London to Amsterdam – the key reason? Brexit!

    Since the referendum British trade has collapsed by 15% and there is “clear evidence” of a deterioration in the UK’s terms of trade.

    Theresa May continues to speak like an answering machine with the pre-recorded message : It won’t be the end of the world.

    Well it is for Panasonic London.

  241. haudonthenoo says:

    £91,356 hehe

  242. Baldeagle58 says:

    manandboy says:

    31 August, 2018 at 7:17 am

    If today’s Guardian online is anything to go by, the Alex Salmond story has suddenly disappeared into thin air.

    ….. But if you’re in Scotland, every BritNat Unionist so called ‘Scottish’ newspaper has ‘SNP Civil War’ or some variety thereof all over their front pages. Couldn’t say what their websites say, wouldn’t waste my time going there.

    Now, did they get that headline from Labour or the toxic Tories?

  243. Wullie B says:

    BBC getting in the game today over claims of SNP in civil war, who do they think we are? The Labour Party in Scotland and the UK

  244. IheartScotland says:

    I’m a huge ‘Dunc’ fan, I’ve followed Rock ‘m Roll bands all my life.Jesus, is he a mad ‘drummer’ or what?

  245. Macart says:


    A good crop Nana. Enjoyed the blog links especially this morning. The Sky linked article is probably the pick though.

    Much like Mr Corbyn’s reaction to exactly the same single yes/no question, Ms May could not and would not answer. The conclusion by the reporter isn’t far off the mark either:

    “In other words, the British prime minister – uniquely in history – is pursuing a cardinal policy in which not only does she not believe, but that she thinks could do her nation harm.”

    Okay it’s a ‘no shit Sherlock’ moment, but it’s nice to see the clouds part every now and again for the meeja. 🙂

  246. Davie Oga says:

    Nigerians remember what went down as well. Their main concern with Brexit is that they enjoy favourable, low or no tariff trade with the EU, it’s their largest export market. The EU also offers tariff free access to the single market for anything but arms to
    less developed African economies. May has nothing to offer but special, unique , best in the world, precious jam. Who discovered Mungo Park?

  247. Les Wilson says:

    Well EBCs this morning pushing the idea of Ruthie becoming the UK PM. Via R.Mogg, who calls Ruth the mooth as charismatic, wow.
    He also said ” of course Scotland should have another Indy ref, but not for twenty years.

    Also Gary Robertson bringing up the subject of reports on a SNP civil war. Absolute crap of course, but the UK agenda must be followed and the BBC will always follow that.

    I hope Alex Salmond, now with no ties, really lets loose on what the Union really does to Scotland.

  248. Wee bud says:

    I’ve just heard my first evidence of ” the split” on Radio Shiteland with some hack from the Record saying the First Minister is unhappy with the crowd funder while an SNP minister donated.. There you go folks the games up and independence is cancelled..

  249. Famous15 says:

    Splits is it?

    The only split I discern is my sides as I hear the Unionist take off to outer space.

    Independence must be in the lead in their focus groups.

  250. schrodingers cat says:

    Orri says:
    30 August, 2018 at 11:15 pm
    Labour tried to field Coop candidates on the list with a free run in an attempt to far the system in an early election. Were told GTF from the Electoral Commission. Am easy call to make as you have to be a member of Labour to stand as Coop. Gordon Brown was actually Coop if I remember rightly.

    Any official alliance will be treated in the same manner. Should the SNP be daft enough not to stand anyone on the list they couldn’t recommend anyone to vote for. A particularly malicious Electoral Commission would wait till the votes were counted to decide to discount any seats won by those parties. Assuming there being more than one standing didn’t lose potential seats.

    Obviously the unionist parties could also field a union party, which once the dust settled would leap into bed with the Tories.

    1. the snp would and could not support a YES alliance party, in any way. they would continue to run a snp 1 and 2 campaign.

    2. labour could run a lab 1 coop 2 campaign but if it worked and lab supporters did vote coop 2, it wouldnt increase the combined total they have now. a bit pointless.

    3. even if the unionist parties (lab/tory/lib) put no candidates forward in the lists and allowed a free run for a new Unionist party (a tory bed fellow party as you rightly point out) how many more list msp’s would it win? presently, in 7 of the 8 regions, the snp won only 1 msp the greens 5 and the unionists 50!!

    4. the ideas above assume a 100% take up of such ideas which will never happen, for either us or the unionists. however, we are starting from a such low number ie 1, it is difficult to see how we could lose.

    5. alternatively, if 7 independents stood in each of the 7 regions, eg stu, james kelly, wgd, kev from indylive etc, they would have a very good chance of winning 7 seats with little or no impact on the snp numbers, but at the expense of the unionists and it would be they who would be in coalition with the snp, not the greens

  251. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Approaching £92,000 now and surely passing £100,000 over the weekend.

    No sign whatsoever of any split in the SNP as the media makes absolute fools of themselves.
    Big increase in SNP membership reported does the job for us.
    So very important now that SNP Annual Conference is fully subscribed and the march in Edinburgh hits 100,00o.

    It is very very important however that the behaviour of Alex Salmond and the case for independence are completely separated.
    That statement has to be firmly made and if it is effectively done it removes the media’s advantage.

  252. Macart says:

    @Les Wilson

    Scotland has nothing to do with Mr Moog. Surprised he’s not aware of that really. And his opinion is an irrelevance to the actuality of our law and democracy, but that’s never stopped the arrogant and the ignorant having a say before tbh. Also never stopped them from trying to subvert or undermine both our law and democracy either.

    Coincidentally though, this is the chap who reckons that the UK won’t see the benefits of Brexit for some 50 years, which also coincidentally is the timeframe the ONS put on the extension of austerity measures. Given the complete omnishambles this government has made of the economy, society and politics in a mere 4 years, I’m not convinced Scotland’s population could stand 20 years of ‘strong and stable’ before another indyref.

    Ruthie as we’re all aware is nothing but a policy free vacuum. She responds only to Tory central edict. Much like Labour she can’t form Scotland specific policy because she’s not allowed by head office, or in her case headmistress. (shrugs)

    Folk can vote for puppets or they can get behind their government (the one in Holyrood).

  253. Dorothy Devine says:

    91,721 – eat your heart out media messers!

    The BBBC is good at giving any Tom ,Dave or Torquil the opportunity to spout their nonsense .

    The happy thought I have is that those south of the border are beginning to reach Corbyn attack saturation point and there may be a glimmer of what Scotland is facing and has faced.

    All BBBC news and political pontification/ smearing programmes are banned in this house – for some time now.

  254. Marcia says:

    “SNP spilts” must the British Establishment,MI5/6 instruction to the newspaper editors to print.

  255. Les Wilson says:

    If you do not want Google and others tracking everything you say or do, and even recording your location wherever you are. Items you buy etc.

    There is an alternative that is highly rated in stopping all that, inc the proliferation of adverts.
    Have a look at this.

  256. Footsoldier says:

    Fascinating to compare the BBC “papers” English and Scottish. Not a mention of Salmond on front pages England but all the Scottish ones have SNP split except the National which has the party fairly united.

    What they really mean is they want the party to split but these Unionists simply do not understand the independence cause. As to the press, it is fair to say their sales will take a further dive – how could it be otherwise with such spin and drivel.

    We are now in a flat out propaganda war and our cause is now being helped by all this anti SNP hate fest. I think the October conference will confirm the National as correct, that the party remains united. There may me a few who don’t asgree and they will be guaranteed headline exposure in the national media.

  257. Grendel says:

    The problem with people like Murdo Fraser is that we cannot get rid of them.
    I put a petition in to the Scottish Parliament, a long and laborious process, to stop political parties using the list system to ensure that certain individuals cannot be removed from parliament.
    The SNP’s opposition to this summed up the whole racket: that political parties have the right to protect themselves from the judgement of the electorate.
    The phrase concurrent activity was drilled into me in the military. Electoral reform is not a thing to be fixed after independence, but while we move to independence. Otherwise it will become embedded in the new system. Can anyone think of a more rotten start?

  258. Fred says:

    Hadn’t realised this Clegg is from Nornirn, now there’s a surprise. You might think that his talents would be more usefully employed back in Ireland.

  259. susan says:

    Truly sick of the mendacity of the Britnats, individuals, the Press, everyone. The Union is dead, let’s bury it.

  260. Footsoldier says:

    I do wish AUOB would take down or update this website as it gives a poor impression.Could someone in the know advise them?

    What is the date of the Edinburgh march?

  261. ronnie anderson says:

    SNP splits . Aye their enjoying the increase in membership wie enough money in the pot tae buy everybody at Conference ah Banana Split , watch oot Britnat Media fur aw they discarded Banana skins . Cmon the Alex no far tae the £ 100 grand .

  262. Macart says:

    @ronnie anderson

    Splits! They wish. 😀

    ‘Some arsehole sez’ quote from Tory source more like. Tick tock till the next ballot Ron and when that clock runs down folk know how to thank their meeja and their rentaquotes appropriately.

    Tick…. Tock!

  263. Capella says:

    @ Robet Peffers – in your comment on party membership you could add the 7,000 or more who joined the SNP after the Commons walkout. That would make the SNP the second largest party in the UK.

    Plus the additional members who are joining now on account of the Alex Salmond smear fest.

  264. Marcia says:

    Sad to say there has been a recent SNP split. Yesterday I was out with a couple of friends who support the SNP, I chose a fruit scone, they had a plain scone. Awful split of opinion on scones.

  265. galamcennalath says:


    The links focusing on Barnier’s apparently contradictory messages that the EU would make a wonderful future trade offer but also no breach of the single market redlines, were interesting. The point is, I think, they are only contradictory to anyone who believes the crap coming from the Tories and their loyal media!

    The EU’s a la carte menu is there for anyone to read … ‘Canada’ outside the single market, or ‘Norway’ inside it. The UK continually rejects ‘inside’, so that leave ‘Canada’.

    I have little doubt Barnier is referring to a ‘Canada-style’ offer. Canada’s trade agreement covers goods but not food and agri-products. The obvious enhancements would be to add food and agri. Onto this could be tacked special agreements for aviation oversight, drugs, and security.

    I predict that’s what the EU has in mind for the non binding statement on future trade which is to be tacked onto the Withdrawal Agreement.

    No customs arrangements, so what of the Irish Border? The UK will be expected to sign off an open border in the Withdrawal Agreement. This will bind NI close to the EU indefinitely. If the future trade agreement necessitates customs checks between Ireland and mainland UK, then that’s the UK’s problem, not the EU’s!

  266. jfngw says:

    The UK Gov did learn something from Catalonia, charges of rebellion or sedition don’t work, they just garner support, they are looking at other methods of destroying the SNP. The bad news, for them, is I don’t support independence because of the the SNP, but because it is what I want for Scotland. If the SNP ceased to exist I would still vote for independence and another party would emerge to accommodate these wishes.

  267. Les Wilson says:

    Footsoldier says:

    You are right about that, work needs done to bring the site up to date and be a bit more dynamic.I am sure we will have some with the ability to help them out.Other than this they do a great job.

  268. Colin Alexander says:

    What’s all the fuss about Alex Salmond – politically, I mean?

    Mr Salmond is a TV presenter; he is not an MP, MSP or even a councillor.

    He’s no longer even a member of the SNP.

    So, back to the bigger political issues:

    There is supposed to be an indyref announcement this autumn.

    Autumn officially begins on 23 September and ends on 21 December 2018.

    Will the FM and the SNP act honourably by keeping their manifesto promise of indyref?


    Have they deceived and betrayed the independence movement and Scottish democracy with a false manifesto commitment of indyref just to get another five years of administering the branch office of Westminster Govt for the UK state?

    No long to wait to find out the answer.

  269. gus1940 says:

    Scottish Dead Tree Scrolls latest news:-

    Only 13 Salmond stories in today’s on-line Herald.

    Scotsman circulation down to 13700 – how long till the plug is pulled and somebody takes it off JP’s hands and revives it as a newspaper.

  270. HandandShrimp says:

    There is a smell of desperation in the air over these “split” claims. Who is split? What words have been said? I haven’t seen anything but solidarity on line from all quarters.

    There seems to be increasing anger from the Unionists that we are not split … “how very dare we” but nothing from members, councillors, MPs and MSPs. What is more the opposition demanded that Alex leave the Party. He has, so Nicola is no longer answerable for someone who not only holds no office in the SNP but is now not even a member. They should have been more careful for what they wished for 🙂

    I appreciate that Nicola must be upset to see her mentor and friend in this position but to date they have both managed this by the book. The reason that the Unionists hate the crowdfunder but were unconcerned by Carmichael’s is not the money but rather that it shows an uncomfortable level of support and unity in the SNP ranks. It doesn’t fit the divide and conquer narrative.

    The more unity we show the angrier they are going to be because he shows the up for what they are … shallow liars.

  271. Fireproofjim says:

    The disgusting papers and the BBC all have “SNP split” as their headlines. I wonder whether they used the Tory party press release this time or the old faithful Labour Party lies.
    Another quote “fury over Salmond crowdfunder”. The only fury is from the Unionists who know that there is no one in their sordid gang who could raise a tenth of what Alex has done.

    On the subject of the Peterhead fishing boat caught up in the scallop wars with the French, I have little sympathy. This boat and it’s skipper have a history of illegal fishing and have been heavily fined several times. Fishermen in general and scalllop fisherman in particular have little notion of conservation, as was shown recently when a west coast sea loch was wrecked by a single dredger destroying hundred year old reefs of flame shells in a single day.
    The all voted to leave the EU and most voted against independence in the hope that they would get a free for all again. It was only the EU strict conservation measures which allowed the cod and herring shoals to recover.

  272. Dr Jim says:

    I really hope the BBC and STV put Jacob Rees Mogg on the telly tonight telling us all about the country we live in and what we’re entitled to by decree of the country he lives in

    The membership will soar

    C’mon telly get recruiting sergeant Mogg on at 6pm

    Luvvin it!

  273. galamcennalath says:

    @jfngw at 9:35am

    I agree with you. WM/BritNats/MSM don’t seem to be able to see beyond party politics. I would have thought 2014 would have taught them that YES goes far beyond just the SNP.

    Reminds me of Jeanne Freeman’s amazing 2014 interview with Andrew Neil where he tried to paint her with his SNP brush and she told him he was confusing her with someone else. At that point she wasn’t even and SNP member.

    For me, the SNP are a means to an end. They are a democratic necessity to reach our goal. And I am a member.

  274. jfngw says:

    These split headlines are not aimed at us but at those who are not that interested in politics but are soft SNP voters. The agenda is they will not vote for a party that is split on issues, hence the headlines are about the split. They don’t need to buy the paper, just see the headlines, it’s how propaganda works.

    This is the biggest indicator that they are expecting an election in the near future, they are poisoning the pool in preparation. Of course they may be trying to stymie a referendum announcement but I was never convinced that was on the immediate agenda (next few months) anyway.

  275. Croompenstein says:


    Awful split of opinion on scones

    Hope it didn’t end up like this Marcia.. 🙂

  276. Ken509 says:

    Freak show right enough. Rees Mog. Bigging up Davidson. A recipe for disaster. What an embarrassment. What’s it got to do with him. IndyRef.

    Alex Salmond has spoken about changing the list electoral system, while in office.

    Independence doesn’t mean a questionable electoral system being taken forward, in fact quite the opposite. Freedom to change. It just needs a majority.

    The problem with PR in Scotland. It gives the Unionist Parties three bites at the cherry. 3 more candidates, three more budgets. (Or more illegal). They are supposed to be separate Parties but come together (councils) to keep the Party with the most elected members out of administration. It is unfair without a rider that the Party with the most elected members forms the administration. Undemocractic. Apart from the system confuses the voters. Puts people off voting.

    Being leader can be stressful, anxious and exhausting, There is no shame or disgrace about standing down. Especially if there are so many capable talented people waiting in the wings.

  277. Macart says:

    The premise of Britnat strategy is very simple. Undermine and weaken the SNP and Scottish Government at ALL costs.

    In press. On air. Online. Whatever damages the Scottish Government and by extension the SNP and the far wider YES movement, is good for Westminster party political interests.

    With all due respects to the Green Party, there is only one pro independence vehicle in Scotland that can get the job done. What they face. What we face. No one should be in any doubt about its nature or the size of the task by this point.

  278. Mary O'Loan says:


  279. galamcennalath says:


    Sky … May

    Allegedly, Theresa May doesn’t likes to lie and find it very difficult to be dishonest. That should be heralded as something very positive in her character! A highly commendable trait!

    It does, however, seriously limit her ability to be a Tory in a position of responsibility and give interviews!

    I think that is what we actually see with the woman and would explain her ultra low profile during the 2017 election.

  280. jfngw says:


    We do need to change the list system so that the electorate chooses the people from the parties, not the parties themselves. The current system just allows the unelectable to sit in parliament no matter how unpopular they are. There are a few MSP’s that I can’t imagine anyone would ever vote for, not even a diehard party supporter. I won’t list them, I don’t think I need to.

  281. Cubby says:

    Britnats own the gutter. They spend their whole lives in the gutter.

  282. Cubby says:

    Colin Alexander = boring boring British Nationalist trolll. Please climb back into the gutter along with your fellow Britnats.

  283. jfngw says:

    Those attending the SNP conference in October get ready for the longest standing ovation ever when Nicola sturgeon takes to the stage. It will be broadcast live, they can’t stop this demonstration of unity and they can’t blank it out like the Yes marches.

  284. Capella says:

    Since we are all throwing money around this week – I’ve also donated to Tartan Pigsy’s IndyKits fund. It’s at £7,080 ATM but if it reaches £8,000 the Scottish Independence Foundation will match fund it boosting them hugely.

    Have a read of their plan to provide kits and leaflets for campaigning.
    6 days to go.

  285. schrodingers cat says:

    the unionists have succeeded in removing salmond from the equation.

    i still believe there will be a GE this autumn but alex will not be able to stand as a candidate, altho’ i’m unsure if he would have, he now definitely wont.

    as to the msm meme about a split in the snp/yes activistss, it is wishful thinking and lies but there is little we can do about it but get angry.

    the snp politicians will simply say they cant comment, what else can they do?

    however, it may effect support for the snp among voters in the coming GE, but not enough to stop a roll back in support for the snp and the coming downfall of many unionist MPs.

    the split narrative will be difficult to maintain.

    no deal mogg in scotland praising ruth, who doesnt support no deal. the media wont quizz ruth about it or the dark money

  286. HandandShrimp says:

    I believe the Mogg has been interviewed and his words were

    “Nanny says you lot are an awful shower and you can’t have another independence referendum until 2040.”

    Bless him. He is just what the doctor ordered and we can refocus back on on Indyref2. The Unionists hope that the current carry on will shelve another referendum. I’m inclined to think that it will hasten another one.

  287. Capella says:

    Correction – Tartan Pigsy tweeted the link, Lindsay Bruce set up the project.

  288. Macart says:

    Just clocked this on the Rev’s twitter thingy.

    Pretty much nail on head.


    May is a poor performer in front of camera at the best of times, but yes I’d agree she’s not fond of telling… outright… lies. She allows others to do that for her. She sticks to scripts and when interviews run away from said script, her repetition of the slogan du jour comes across as what it is. Evasion.

  289. Orri says:

    There’s a bit in some war films where the enemy tortures someone in the hopes their opponents will lose heart and retreat or capitulate if guerillas or will recklessly rush out to their defeat.

    The aim of the SNP split message might be to provoke an early rush to indyref2 as a way of reuniting the party. The same way that Brexit was meant to end division inside the Conservative.

  290. Thepnr says:


    The AUOB Edinburgh march starts from Princess Street gardens at 13:00 and finishes at Holyrood.

    Details of the route and other Indy events can be found here:

    If you click the “Events” tab you will see that another 10 different events are planned for all over Scotland between now and the AUOB march in Edinburgh. The site is a useful resource to keep up to date with what is happening Indy-wise.

  291. ahundredthidiot says:

    If I were an elected member of the SNP, I would be recording any ‘out of the ordinary’ meetings, because they are getting desparate.

    United We Conquer.

  292. Clapper57 says:

    @ Ken500 on 31 August @5.26am

    Hi Ken , good points in your comments.

    However my comparison of Corbyn and Salmond was in the context of the treatment they have received via the media and political opponents not in relation to their ability being comparable.

    Have a good day

  293. DorothyDevine says:

    Fireproofjim , must agree . My husband used to dive for scallops and has witnessed the wreckage of the sea bed made by the boats.It seems that some are just interested in short term money and by no means in the bigger picture.

    I’ve always liked the French for their passion and ability to take to the streets when the disapprove of something – I think they will be the winners in this.

  294. schrodingers cat says:

    after saying that, alex is no shrinking violet, nor is he niave, the unionists may live to regret what may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory

  295. ScottishPsyche says:

    My new pitch for the politics slot:’ASK THE PRESS’. Journalists and editors are invited on to justify their headlines and comment pieces by providing evidence in front of an audience of ordinary people. Journalese is not allowed. ‘Sources’ sit in shadow behind a screen and the audience are invited to identify them.

    There are no wnners. The losers get a job on the BBC.

  296. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s a conversation (paraphrased) you might be interested in

    I vote SNP but I won’t vote for Independence because there are people who are using the SNP to get Independence then they intend to install Socialism in Scotland and that’s worse than the Tories

    The idea that Scotland could become a socialist country is repellent to middle of the road voters just as the idea that becoming a Tory country would be exactly the same, now I don’t know whether there are any figures on this sort of thing but if this is a widely held belief and that SNP voters are mostly middle of the roaders then it points to the idea that in general Scotland doesn’t like extremes of politics it seems to prefer good management as opposed to ideology

    Are we missing a group of people who might want Independence but are afraid of the politics thereafter because they don’t want politics at all they want a management approach without the party rivalry

    Would that work? Interesting thought though

  297. schrodingers cat says:


    With all due respects to the Green Party, there is only one pro independence vehicle in Scotland that can get the job done.

    respect isnt given, it has to be earned which is something the greens/rise/ssp etc have failed to do.
    that is why they failed to win over yessers in any great number.

    but I agree, the snp is the only vehicule to indy, my comments above about gaming the holyrood electoral system are not about removing snp msps but unionist msps.

  298. Socrates MacSporran says:

    It has always been my belief: that Nicola was waiting for Theresa to agree, what we all knew would be a terrible deal for the UK, and for that deal to be presented to the other 27 governments for ratification, in October.

    Nicola could then go to the Scottish people and say: “Well, we tried, as 62% of you asked us to, to keep Scotland in Europe, but, Westminster has said no. I am therefore calling Indyref2, as the only means we have left, of keeping Scotland in Europe, as Scotland wishes.”

    Unfortunately, through their own sheer incompetence and stupidity, the Tory government now seems certain to miss the October date.

    I feel, the time has come for Nicola – perhaps for the best at her set-piece conference speech – to go for broke – make the Indyref2 call, so that, when we win it – she has time to go to Brussells and make sure we can retain EU membership after the rest of the UK departs in April, next year.

    We canot play at brinkmanship, we have to have our future sorted out. It isn’t her fault time is running out, but, it will be her fault, if we miss the boat.

    Now is the time for Brave rather than faint hearts.

  299. galamcennalath says:

    Macart says:

    Britnat strategy is very simple. Undermine and weaken the SNP and Scottish Government at ALL costs.

    Indeed, I also believe they are playing for time, delaying.

    Achieving Brexit is important, maintaining their UK intact is a much higher priority IMO. They know the two are intertwined. Nothing threatens the UK existentially more than a crap Brexit invoking IndyRef2 with a hard right English Nationalist Tory government… they know it full well.

    They are desperate to get to Holyrood2021 which will be one of the hardest fought elections in history. They hope to chip chip away at the SNP relentlessly with two objectives – make IndyRef2 less likely in the short term and cause all the damage they can in preparation of that Scottish election.

    I also believe their handling of Brexit will hide its hardness for as long as possible during the post Brexit transition period. The objects, again, to see them through to the point where they can emasculate Holyrood with a pro BritNat majority.

  300. scottieDog says:

    @schrodingers cat
    Regarding another GE, I made this point earlier although I don’t think it’s set on stone.
    It’s already being fought on two fronts..
    The continued press demonisation of corbyn in the south and the attack on SNP in the north. I would also predict a weak EU deal that is dressed up by the msm as a win for the maybot.

  301. gus1940 says:

    Given that the msm (with the exception of The National) both Scottish and metropolitan are shouting from the rooftops with one voice that Civil War has broken out in The SNP does anybody still have any doubts as to whether or not the UK media political agenda is under the strict control of Britnat dark forces at WM?

  302. schrodingers cat says:

    Dr Jim
    the council election does highlight very anomalous voting patterns where people seem to be happy to vote for joe stalin with one vote and attila the hun with the next. re- there’s nothing as queer as folk etc

    Socrates MacSporran
    Now is the time for Brave rather than faint hearts.

    alex got us to this position by having a wise and patient head. not a quality to dismiss lightly.

  303. Dr Jim says:

    If we know anything about Nicola Sturgeon by now it’s that she’s exremely cautious careful and patient which makes many of us exasperated at times because we aren’t in possesion of all the secret doings and shenanigans that go on within the system but another guess might be that she’ll say nothing at conference that’s in any way definite on anything because that would give the game away to the opposition

    If the FM waits till March when the whole debacle is over then it could be that her deal with the EU is to have Scotland flooded with EU ministers and bigwigs to come to Scotland (which they will be free to do then) and fill up the media with all the reasons to be Independent and offer Scotland 100.000 welcomes to the EU expounding the benefits of same

    We’re all hoping and guessing there’s a plan that works whatever that plan is, but if and or when it works boy will she be the biggest bestest wummin ever

    The other side of the coin doesn’t bear thinking about

  304. Luigi says:

    schrodingers cat says:

    31 August, 2018 at 10:17 am

    the unionists have succeeded in removing salmond from the equation.

    i still believe there will be a GE this autumn but alex will not be able to stand as a candidate, altho’ i’m unsure if he would have, he now definitely wont.

    Actually, IMO, Alex Salmond will now be far more effective NOT as an elected politician. The BritNats were terrified he would come back, but outside WM or Holyrood, he could be their worst nightmare.

    Careful what you wish for, Cheps. 🙂

  305. Dorothy Devine says:

    I have just visited the herald on-line and would beseech anyone tempted to comment on any article therein to stop themselves.

    Leave it to the green ink brigade so that they can eat themselves.

  306. David says:

    Ok one step back to before this issue became public.

    There were intelligent people who disagreed with Alex Salmond’s politics and there were many more, sadly stupid, people who had never been able to separate the visceral, unwarranted, hatred of Alex Salmond from his politics.

    If we didn’t know who they were before we do know now.

  307. Macart says:

    @schrodingers cat

    TBH I wasn’t actually commenting on your electoral chats above. Though the conversation is interesting. I really was merely being polite to our Green readers who may be paying a visit. 🙂


    I’d agree with that. Though TBF both Westminster and Holyrood need time in their strategies I’d reckon. It’s ALL about timing, process and legality. Westminster does however need the greater amount of time and it’s fast running out for them. I’d say that’s why the current flood of panicked SNP badness doing the rounds from the usual suspects.

    The pledge from the FM is that Scotland’s electorate would have a choice within the term of its current parliament. I suspect Ms May doesn’t have three years.

  308. galamcennalath says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:

    It has always been my belief: that Nicola was waiting for Theresa to agree, what we all knew would be a terrible deal for the UK, and for that deal to be presented to the other 27 governments for ratification, in October.

    Distinctly possible. However my worry has been for sometime that the Withdrawal Agreement and accompanying statement on future trade be woolly. Nicola herself is aware of this problem situation referring to it as a Blind Brexit.

    the time has come for Nicola – perhaps for the best at her set-piece conference speech – to go for broke – make the Indyref2 call

    I agree. We have more than enough ammunition to attack the barstards. However, absolute clarity on a shite Brexit might not be in our arsenal. Personally, I have always believed ANY Brexit against our will is reason enough.

  309. schrodingers cat says:

    If the FM waits till March

    there is a difference between when nicola launches the scotref campaign and when it actually happens

    for the moment, wrt timing, the ball is still in westminsters court, but the deadlines laid out in a50 will be binding on what they do in the near future. time is running out for them.

    why should nicola blink first?

  310. Gary45% says:

    If this is civil war in the SNP, then its a kind of
    biggy funky, biggy huggy, biggy mellow, biggy love-in sort of thingy.
    The Yoons/Establishment are SHI**ING themselves, because the simply have NO IDEA on anything that stands for moral decency or anything else for that matter.
    Tick Tock.

  311. PictAtRandom says:

    Just to continue the personality politics fest, the Daily Mule has a story that Ruthie could quit Scottish politics, accept a peerage in order to run a Whitehall department and then presumably ascend to The Ultimate Prize.

  312. Civvens says:

    “given their lengthy recent catalogue of convicted sex offenders, paedophiles”

    Care to elaborate on this?

    Or is this just the same as the oft-posted claim that Westminster is/has been stalked by innumerable Tory “paedos” (where the total of number of convictions remains at an unconvincing zero).

    If it’s convictions that you are looking, there’s always Bill Walker

  313. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Is this the Santa Claus moment for the Scottish media . You know, the suspension of belief that allowed us eight year olds to believe that a very fat man with a big satchel was going to come down the chimney when we weren’t watching.

    Any credibilty that remained in the Scottish media has now gone. They believe that somebody allegedly touching somebody’s tit means the case for independence is gone and that the Scots will abandon it.
    What an insult to our intelligences.

  314. Les Wilson says:

    Earlier I suggested an alternate browser that is recommended by various Internet savvy websites, Cnet for one example.

    Starting to use this myself, I went to wings, then I find 15 entities following me had been blocked, that is very satisfying.
    Going to spend more time on it, sometimes it also shows the names they blocked, which again is useful to know.

    Just passing this on, as some folks may not like the entities that follow them. This seems to stop all of that, also has a free VPN attached. Anyhoo, hope it helps if you are concerned.

  315. schrodingers cat says:


    nothing is set in stone

    it isnt the msm who is demonising corbyn, it is the remainers in his own party (see jim murphy)

    the msm cant help treeza, it isnt a question of selling whatever deal she comes back with to the voters, that they can do. what they cant do is sell the deal and con the brexiteers or remainer mps in treezas own party.

    mogg is the new “no deal” pm in waiting, the tory mps cant and wont vote for any tory mp candidate who supports staying in the sm/cu or abandoning ni.

    that is why mogg’s havers are being lapped up by msm

    a ge is almost certain in this out come. thats why the labour mps are desperate to ditch corbyn and replace him with a remainer.

    corbyns only rational and consistent position would be to support the no deal option.

    a new ge would also kill stone dead the calls for a Peoples Vote
    the remainer vote would either split between lab and lib or the northern english lab brexiteers would defect to the tories.

    upshot, mogg as a new no deal tory PM would probably win the election

    once the ge is out of the way, it will leave nicola free to launch scotref

  316. Les Wilson says:

    Dr Jim says:

    The only problem with that strategy, is that what exit will means will be known by then. Nothing to stop Westminster just cutting the cord with the EU. Then we would struggle to put an Indy vote together, and Westminster would declare Martial law.

    Then start stripping Scotland down, including our parliament.
    Perhaps even worse things, if you remember who we are dealing with. They will stop at nothing to prevent losing their Northern colony, the could not afford too. So waiting too long could mean no Indy vote.

    Anyhoo, that is how I see it

  317. Dr Jim says:

    Now here’s the weather from SKY news

    A warm start to the day throughout the WHOLE of the UK but a bit cooler with some frost in Scotland
    It’s all true England is the UK and Great Britain and the World the Universe the Galaxy and the Milky Way with every other chocolate bar in between

    Yaay! we’re independent and we didn’t know it

  318. schrodingers cat says:

    PictAtRandom says:
    31 August, 2018 at 11:22 am
    Just to continue the personality politics fest, the Daily Mule has a story that Ruthie could quit Scottish politics, accept a peerage in order to run a Whitehall department and then presumably ascend to The Ultimate Prize.

    how? ruth supports remaining in the sm/cu, if she stands as a candidate in a tory leadership contest in wm, how many tory mps would support her? bear in mind that the rank and file members of the tory party now support no deal and the existing tory mps were elected on a ticket only 10 months ago of leaving the sm/cu??

    she might well change her position an support a no deal option and win the contest instead of mogg, but it wont change the the outcome.

    a ge headed by a new No Deal tory PM

  319. schrodingers cat says:

    Les Wilson

    if wm is intent on declaring martial law, closing down holyrood, parking tanks on glasgow green etc, I cant see why whether we held scotref on the 28th of march or april fools day would change anything.

    the EU/UN wont lift a finger either way

  320. call me dave says:

    Aye I heard that rumour on shortbread news GMS early this morning.

    I was still half awake and I imagined at first she was getting elevated shoes but no…by passing a safe English seat at the GE and elevated straight into the HOL.

    Glad you have found a source it must be true. 🙂

  321. Jack Murphy says:

    Lead stories down south are different from their Scottish titles.
    Some of the Front Pages in England:

    “Field: Labour has just got racist, nasty”

    “Corbyn’s Labour has been a force for anti-Semitism in British politics””

    “Veteran MP resigns from Labour over antisemitism”.

  322. PictAtRandom says:

    Schrodinger:how about Gove using his weasel instincts to emerge as “Party Unity” leader with The Col. as Depute?

    Although I agree that with the current Westminster party structure we’re on track for a Chaotic Brexit.

  323. Clapper57 says:

    @ PictAtRandom @ 11.22am

    Yep PictAtRandom, just as we have all be saying on here and other Indy sites for many many months….this is not news to us savvy Indy peeps as we knew and predicated the blatant over exposure and mucho kudos being extolled upon Ruth D via media and WM political colleagues was to pave the way for an easy path into WM politics.

    Shouty McShouty in WM will soon be exposed for what she really is…oh and what she really really is not i.e. pretty much everything as presented by those false messengers who heap false praise upon this particular false prophet.

  324. Jack Murphy says:

    Lead stories down south are different from their Scottish titles.
    Some of the Front Pages in England:

    “Field: Labour has just got racist, nasty”

    “Corbyn’s Labour has been a force for anti-Semitism in British politics””

    “Veteran MP resigns from Labour over antisemitism”

  325. Liz g says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @ 11.22
    While that’s not quite the descriptor I would have used!
    ( mainly because I support Breastfeeding and Titfeeding doesn’t quite chime)
    I agree with the substance of what you’ve said.
    And would add….
    That woman as far as I can tell want a system/ process that’s robust ( bustfeeding ain’t too cool either) enough, not only to be fair, but to be seen to be fair.
    But naw… what we are getting is our issues used as Political leverage.
    I want this process in a Court, and I’d say we need this process in a Court, we have sons, brothers, fathers, friends and husbands in this.

    That this is being politically weaponised, and it’s so obvious that it is…
    Is, I think, the real reason behind the Support for Alex Salmond, and, that the support getting portrayed as hysterical hero worshipping….. That’s a tactic Women know,and know well… and sadly just like all the other “house Scots” some collude in.

    We all benefit by this being addressed in Court, and most rightminded people should be able to see that….. says she hopefully….

  326. Robert Peffers says:

    @Corrinne Vallely says: 30 August, 2018 at 10:34 pm:

    ” … Just read one from one from someone calling themselves “Murdo Fraser” lol”

    Ah! Yes! Corrinne, Murdo, A member of the Scottish Parliament who has never, repeat never, actually been elected as anything. He has only ever become a Scottish parliamentarian by way of the, “List System”, I won’t go into the details but the list comprises people chosen by their political party and they list them by their party’s order of preference. Although Murdo has stood as a candidate he has always failed to be chosen by the voters but then been chosen by the Tory Party to become an MSP.

    To add to the idiocy Murdo supports the Loyal Orange Order and Rangers football club which he has designated as, “The Queen of England’s Eleven”. That, Corrinne, is Murdo.

    ” … Wanted to add that my 80 year old mum also donated to the crowdfunder earlier today then followed that up by immediately joining SNP!”

    Aye! Corrinne, it is we octogenarians who have spent our lives supporting the SNP since the early days when we were openly treated by the Establishment as enemies of the state and most of the Scottish electorate believed we actually were.

    Tell your mum she is very welcome.

  327. Ken500 says:

    It’s the BBC and the Scottish Press who are proclaiming the non existent split. The rest are not so hysterical. Some comment has been vague, more realistic and rational.

    Labour leading the charge. Some are complaining about how Corbyn is treated. Total Hypocrites.

    The. Greens will muck up Independence. The most unpopular Party with the most unpopular policies. Wasting £Billions. 6 white, middle class males. It shows how they renege on their own policies.

  328. Marcia says:

    31 August, 2018 at 9:30 am
    “Sad to say there has been a recent SNP split. Yesterday I was out with a couple of friends who support the SNP, I chose a fruit scone, they had a plain scone. Awful split of opinion on scones.”

    Hence the old adage, Marcia:-
    ‘Here today, scone tomorrow.’

    It’s time we lightened up folks.
    The Salmond Pasting(there’s a pun in there somewhere) has backfired on the Fourth Estate Fifth Column big time.

    Brexit has been deferred until November.

    Indyref 2 must be announced in the autumn, when No Deal hits the fan.

    Every major broadcaster and Dead Tree Scroller are die hard Brit Nat propagandists.
    Our major institutions and public bodies are run by Brit Nats.

    We are a country occupied by a foreign power.

    There will be 12,000 English submariners and marines based at Faslane which will berth every nuclear powered and armed submarine.
    An army of occupation in all but name.

    Our only weapon is our voice.
    I demand that we take back our country from these insurgents.

    And the Robber Barons who have held on to vast tracts of Scottish land for 300 years as part of their sell out to England will be sent packing too.

    Young people of Scotland rise up!
    Take control.
    Drive the foreign invader from our shores!
    Of course I mean none of the above.

    We are a Velvet Revolution.

    We shall prevail at the ballot box.

    But oh how the Dead Tree Scrollers and BBC Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses at Pacific Quay Brit stockade would love us to lose it and incite violent rebellion.

    This has backfired disastrously for them.

    There is no way Salmond would get a fair hearing now.
    God help the poor souls who allegedly brought forward this complaint.

    I doubt that the David Cleggs of the Underworld give a fuck about justice and truth.
    Ranjurs and sellick won and Alex Salmond’s a perv.
    Watch the copies fly from the newsagents’ shelves.
    And fuck Scotland and the people of Scotland.

  329. Clapper57 says:

    @ PictAtRandom

    Re my previous response to your comment sorry I also meant to add:

    Have a good day

  330. schrodingers cat says:


    the tories have a habit of chosing complete unknowns as new leaders/pms etc. but i dont think who they chose is as important this time, they wont be elected on their “vision” of a future britain etc, but on what option regarding brexit they back.

    there is no more long grass to boot the issue into and actual options are very limited

  331. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

  332. Dr Jim says:

    Splits in the Scottish media as they tear themselves apart trying to fabricate splits stories in the SNP that don’t exist

    Trouble for the Scottish media continually reporting this drivel is they can’t understand that the SNP members and wider public can and will support both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon at the same time and try as they may the Scottish media rather than driving a wedge between people are actually cementing the parties resolve even stronger and when the membership figures are shown that’ll prove it

    I suppose that won’t stop the Scottish media trying to sew the seeds of division even though it’s a pretty stupid idea and the only reason they can have for it is to convince the wider audience that it’s true but I have a strong feeling just nobody’s buying this and when the SNP take to conference it’ll be even more obvious

    There are NO splits NONE ZERO NADA ZILCH but carry on media you’re even better at recruiting than Jacob Rees Mogg and the SNP thanks you for increasing our fighting fund

  333. Binalong says:

    If AS is successful with the judicial review, will that not be a tad embarrassing for Nicola, who endorsed the procedure.

  334. scunner says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    31 August, 2018 at 10:17 am

    i still believe there will be a GE this autumn but alex will not be able to stand as a candidate, altho’ i’m unsure if he would have, he now definitely wont.

    I happen to believe what he said just a few short weeks ago about being there when needed for an independence campaign but had no plans for political position.

    In any case, the Yoons, even without the allegations, would have poured all their money and effort against him wherever he stood.
    It would basically be a 2-candidate race with all the Yoons backing the anti-Salmond candidate. They have no political scruples at all.

    The Yoon parties are now all the same. The middle-class so-called Socialists (such as Bothersall and the doctor/prof or whatever Arthur) talk like they really care about the poor and inequality, but whoever gets in Westminster nothing much changes. it’s just different shades of shit.

  335. schrodingers cat says:

    Ex Blair spin doctor John Mcternan “Labour is turning into the Nazi Party”. On BBC Radio


    it isnt msm briefing against corbyn

  336. galamcennalath says:

    I am pleased to see there is a campaign to avoid a Blind Brexit.

    I fear it is exactly what the Tories are working towards.

    “Some voices, including key figures in the European commission, believe a vague and aspirational declaration, which does not rule out the UK’s demands for the future, despite Brussels’ complete opposition to many of them, would be the safest way to avoid a no-deal scenario.

    Under such a strategy, it would be during the 21-month transition period – after the UK has formally agreed in the withdrawal agreement to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, protect EU citizens’ rights and pay a £39bn divorce bill – that Brussels would formally reject the Chequers proposals.”

    Perhaps WM as a whole would reject a Blind Brexit, perhaps it wouldn’t if it felt only No Deal was the alternative.

    Blind Brexit does not suit the Indy cause.

  337. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Les Wilson @ 11:23,

    Fair enough, but I just install Ghostery in my usual browsers instead. It stops all the cr*p dead.

  338. Footsoldier says:

    Will this make headlines in the Scottish press?

    London Crossrail running 9 months late. Overspend of £600 million. Total cost £7.1 billion with £4.9 billion from taxpayer and probably the overspend too.

  339. schrodingers cat says:


    you are probably right about salmond and that altho the unionists havent formed a united party as yet, they are able to tactically vote in their respective constituencies to some extent and thereby win some seats.

    but a bigger problem for us is getting out our vote, this has a much bigger impact on us.

    but the manifestos of the unionists will have changed somewhat from 2017, a no deal tory manifesto (perhaps even a labour one) will be much more difficult sell to the voters in scotland next time round.

    that will lose them support up here, just how much remains to be seen

  340. Robert Peffers says:

    Just want to highlight a couple of recent Gordon Ross Broadcasts. Nana has posted at least one of them but they are both very relevant and the second could indeed be explosive:-

  341. Gary45% says:

    LBC radio now speaking about Mr Salmonds crowd funder.
    It a phone in.

  342. schrodingers cat says:

    mogg in scotland……
    “there wont be another indyref for at least 20 years…….if there is, i’ll eat my stove pipe”


  343. Thepnr says:

    Barnier and Raab give press conference after their latest talks today. Conference should start shortly as it’s alraedy running about 8 minutes late.

  344. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Robert Peffers @ 12:12,

    I’m not surprised that you didn’t want to go into the details of the list system (though you did have a half-try anyway), because what you wrote was incomplete enough to be misleading.

    To keep it suitably simple: Murdo was indeed chosen by the Tory Party to head up his region’s list. Then sufficient voters chose the Tory Party by their list votes. So Murdo, like it or not (mostly not!), was elected by the voters, who knew fine well who was top of the Tory list.

    If you don’t like the consequences of party lists, don’t blame Murdo, the Tories or the voters (who still don’t have a clue what the second vote is about anyway), get rid of the Additional Member System which benefits retreads like him and Annie Wells and use something more sensible instead.

  345. jfngw says:

    BBC reporting Crossrail nine months late, no hounding of government politicians, no opposition MP’s calling for government to be held to account. In fact the opposition seem to want the contractors held to account. How different things are at the BBC and parliament when the SNP are not involved.

  346. Hamish100 says:

    Tom Gordon of the once respected Herald. Is he unwell? on medication? Someone should tell him.

  347. gus1940 says:

    ‘Can The SNP survive the mess of Salmondgate?’ is the headline on an article by Ruth Wishart in today’s Grauniad.

    We have all heard discussions about misleading headlines stuck on stories on the premise that many people only read the headlines so job done.

    Today’s one is a classic as, on reading the actual text of the article, there is no suggestion whatsoever of a threat to The SNP’s survival.

  348. jfngw says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland

    Must disagree that voters know who is on the party lists, I’ve no idea who they are. In fact I suspect many don’t even know the name of the FPTP person they are voting for but merely look for the party name. If you removed the party from the form you may end up with some surprising results. I doubt if many people could tell you which were elected MSP’s or list ones.

    I’ve no real objection to the regional members, just they way they are chosen. I’m not sure if there is an easy solution to this though.

  349. gus1940 says:

    When Eck was FM it was no secret that he did not suffer fools gladly and was known to lose his temper with perceived incompetence shown by both fellow politicians and civil servants.

    Could that fact possibly be connected to the current alleged offences?

  350. Robert Peffers says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland says: 31 August, 2018 at 1:13 pm:

    ” … To keep it suitably simple: Murdo was indeed chosen by the Tory Party to head up his region’s list. Then sufficient voters chose the Tory Party by their list votes. So Murdo, like it or not (mostly not!), was elected by the voters, who knew fine well who was top of the Tory list.

    Are you absolutely sure about that last bit of your claim, Robert?

    You probably need to stand outside a polling station and speak with the voters, (best to speak with them as they come out unless your intent is to influence them).

    I believe you will, as I have, find a very large proportion of the electorate have absolutely no clear idea of how the list system works.

    Most actually believe it is simply their second choice of MSP – a sort of, “If I cannot have Himorher – I’ll have Herorhim instead”, choice.

    Others do not use the list choice under the belief that, “if A’h cann hae hae him a dinna want her”, and several other variations that are not the actual List System. The list system was chosen for a reason and it isn’t the reason that is claimed by its designers to be.

  351. Fred says:

    Iain Crichton Smith, “The Lightness of Scones!”

  352. Meg merrilees says:

    scrodingers cat

    funny how (t)Ruthless’ name has all but disappeared from the media just now…

    Suddenly up pops Rees Mogg ( I’m a great supporter of Treesa and I don’t want to be PM) saying that (t)Ruthless would make a great First Minister and PM .

    I believe he also said “On a democratic basis the decision [to leave the EU] is as valid for Scotland as it is for the rest of the UK,” Uh! how does he explain that democratically since we voted to Remain.

    This is a woman who’s partner is a Catholic, who’s party is kept in government by a bribe to the DUP, who’s party doesn’t care if, and Rees Mogg himself said it, a border between North and South Ireland could be re-instated like it was during ‘the troubles’ and he describes her a competent and a suitable next PM. Isn’t there a possible anomaly owing to English votes for English laws that it precludes a non- English PM ?

    If Ms. Davidson is considering heading south for a peerage then she only does that because she realise that she and the Tories have lost Scotland. Good riddance.

    Nicola beam me up! the sooner we get away from ‘this lot’ the better.

    Others mention the difference between Scots and English headlines – quite an interesting past time to see how the agendas are being manipulated around the UK and even more astonishing there had been an almost total blackout on Brexit in Scots newspaper
    headlines for a week now – wonder why?

  353. packhorse pete says:

    Robert Sutherland says 1.13

    “To keep it suitably simple: Murdo was indeed chosen by the Tory Party to head up his region’s list. Then sufficient voters chose the Tory Party by their list votes. So Murdo, like it or not (mostly not!), was elected by the voters, who knew fine well who was top of the Tory list.”

    Where is your evidence for the ridiculous assertion that voters knew fine well who was top of the Tory list?

  354. Luigi says:

    Red and blue tory parties in total meltdown over BREXIT…Hushhhhhhhhhhhh

    Then some Ahole says the SNP is split (cos they must be, right?)…HOLD THE PAGE!

  355. sometimesoon says:

    I’m a retired Head Teacher. 61 years of age. First joined the SNP when I was still at school. I think I was 17. I have always voted for what I believe in and that has always been for an independent Scotland. Needless to say, I won’t be resigning from the SNP nor will the nonsense in the MSM be convincing me that somehow, magically, I will see the light, come to my senses, abandon everything I believe in and vote for a British Nationalist Party. We have all seen this kind of hysteria in the MSM before and that is exactly what it is. In the words of an acquaintance of mine, “Why won’t you yessers just give up?”. I’ve never given up. Not about to start now!

  356. Liz g says:

    Sometimesoon @ 2.05
    Exactly…. Why would we give up trying to achieve something that we believe is right for something we hold to be wrong because the media are having one of their many hissy fits..

  357. galamcennalath says:

    sometimesoon says:

    acquaintance of mine, “Why won’t you yessers just give up?”. I’ve never given up. Not about to start now!

    Indeed. We’re here to stay. And stay until Indy is achieved.

    I think one of the things BritNats conveniently forget is that they have always been Scots who want independence.

    They didn’t hide McCrone for no reason!

    Sometimes it gets masked by FPTP. 1974 the SNP got 30.4% and won 11 seats. That was only 5.9% behind Labour which won 41. It was 5.7% ahead of the Tories who got 16! PR at Holyrood allowed the breakthrough.

    Another factor hiding support was many folks felt the big battle at WM is between Lab and Con, and voted accordingly, especially 80s and 90s. With the opening of Holyrood, the underlying support for SNP/Indy became apparent.

    My point is there has probably been around 30% Indy support for decades.

    And now it sits around 50% when there has been no YES campaigning for four years.

    “Give up?” ….. to quote the wumin doon sooth … “Now is not the time” … to give up!

  358. Cubby says:

    Robert J Sutherland @1.13pm

    I would suggest to you that of the very small amount of people who will know and have any interest in who is on the Tory list an even smaller amount will know who is at the top.

    In fact I would put it to you that the vast majority of the small amount who are familiar with the Tory list are in fact Tories. Robert you seem to know a lot about the Tory list. In fact you seem to be defending Murdo’s election via the list.

  359. Dr Jim says:

    The DUP bribe that isn’t, because it’s non existent

    Because if the government of NI is never re established then the British government don’t ever have to pay something they promised to pay if there was an assembly in NI which there isn’t

    No projects in NI can go ahead without consent of a governing body so it wouldn’t matter if the UK government had said we’ll give the DUP a million squillion billion pounds if they never get the chance to spend it and I think the DUP knew that fine well when they agreed to stooge for the Tories

    This was I think never about money for NI it was about support for making sure the Union could not fracture and direct government by the UK reimposed on each constituent part of the UK when the time comes, because *now is not the time*

    That means us too of course!

  360. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    jfngw @ 13:31,
    Robert Peffers @ 13:34,
    packhorse pete @ 13:51,

    Fair enough, you could be right about whom voters knew (or didn’t know) they were electing the last time round, since Ruthie did feature heavily that time on all the leaflets. But the voters did elect the winners anyway, which was my main point.

    And more worrying, if you were to ask Tory voters afterwards, I’m fairly sure that they would mostly be quite content that Murdo or Annie (as the case may be) was the consequence of their vote.

    You can always change the voting system, but it’s much harder to change the electorate!

  361. Cubby says:

    sometimesoon 2.05pm

    Well said. We never give up because independence is the norm throughout the world. Advocating dependence as per the British Nationalists is very very abnormal.

  362. Cubby says:

    Proud cybernat@12.26pm

    Brill. A banana split for her lunch.

  363. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Peter Brookes is undoubtedly a brilliant cartoonist but this is just lazy racist shite. I’ve reported it and hope others will do likewise.

  364. Fionan says:

    message for Cearc on OT

  365. galamcennalath says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    That cartoon is just crass and unpleasant.

    Allegations of sexual harassment is a serious subject and needs to be fully and properly investigated. Leaking of details which should have remained confidential, for political gain, is disgraceful. Trial by media goes against all common justice. A system which gives the accused no information is unjust, unfair, and not fit for purpose.

    And the best he can come up with is a cheap and nasty flasher cartoon!? FFS.

  366. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I have always had a lot of time and affection for Ruth Wishart, since those far-off days of the early 1980s, when we were colleagues on the late lamented Sunday Standard.

    But, her Guardian piece on Salmondgate today, is just about the biggest load of pish I have read in a while.

    Ruth, in writing it, is clearly doing a Kevin McKenna and writing exactly what her London paymasters wants her to. Such a shame, a great Scottish writing talent – bought and sold for English gold. You know the rest.

  367. Flower of Scotland says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 3.07pm

    I reported Brookes too! It’s a disgusting cartoon when Alex Salmond has not been found guilty of anything!

    There can’t possibly be a fair outcome when the Media have found him guilty without a trial!

  368. Dan Huil says:

    Great fun watching the rabid britnat media desperately trying to invent a split. Even better to see the fund doing so well.

  369. Cubby says:

    Ian Brotherhood@3.07pm

    Yep most definitely racist. 100% racist Britnats.

    When I lived in England for a few years when I was younger I would see this type of Scottish racism on a regular basis in the English version of the papers. They obviously never put it in the so called Scottish version. When I would relate what I had seen to older people back in Scotland they would say that’s because Scotland is still a colony. Nothing has changed.

    They wouldn’t print such racism now, for example, about Kenyans or Australians.

  370. haudonthenoo says:

    Just seen the “cartoon” …jeez talk about casual stereotyping. Should be reported.

  371. Thepnr says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    I so much despise the media throughout the UK, that “cartoon” is just crass and totally unfunny. There will be those though that find it hilarious, the same types that light up £20 notes and for their cigars in front of people sleeping rough.

    That’s who the cartoon is for, no ordinary person would find that pathetic “cartoon” funny. How about the press highlighting the issues facing the poorest using bloody foodbanks and the state of the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

    That wouldn’t do now, would it, absolute disgrace these people are to the great majority of ordinary people in the UK. There crap cartoons and banner headlines vilifying anything and everything that is not Tory are responsible for them getting away with what they do.

    What are they doing? Making EVERYBODY poorer but for a tiny minority who get even richer. They should be ashamed but they’re not, they revel in it the disgusting gutter rags.

  372. ailsa craig says:

    Pretty fair phone-in from Sheila Fogarty on LBC. She felt Alec was entitled to natural justice/know the facts of the allegations and that there should be enquiries into the leaks. The phoners put some good points quite strongly, again for and against. One BritNat and Paul Sweeney out for blood. Some full-blooded support [a couple from English accents who were not Salmond fans but believed the whole thing was badly and unfairly handled].

    Although Ms Fogarty knew a little about Rowley she was not so clued up to question the ‘this is my opinion and I’ll repeat it till I wear you down’ Sweeney about Look-at-me Lennon and her 7 witnesses [yet would not be believed]. or the Tories 36 sex pests and the Dark Money affair.

    So different from the ghastly Radio Scotland bias.

  373. Clapper57 says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 3.07pm & Thepnr @ 3.53pm on 31 August

    Well bloody said both of you.

    Predictable insensitive crap ……Murdoch really has assembled a vast amounts of top cnuts contributing to his stable of horseshit publications…..this guy has a CBE too….as in Cnut B’stard Erse…earned it today for sure.

  374. Clapper57 says:


    Sorry meant to add to both Thepnr & Ian Brotherhood

    Have a good day or rather evening Lol

  375. Meg merrilees says:

    some cartoon – did you all notice the reference to Jimmy Saville’s Glencoe cottage ‘Allt Na Reigh’ in the background – a more sinister connotation would be unimaginable.

    Guilty by media and guilty by dint of being a Scottish man who can be compared to Saville.

    This is utter sewage we are seeing now.

    How would said cartoonist feel if he were possibly wrongly accused of sexual ‘goings on’ when innocent – maybe some people in glasshouses ought to ponder that before throwing in their contribution.

  376. jfngw says:

    Rumours are that Ruthie is for the off, looking forward to pictures of Murdo astride a tank (or a white charger) declaring the Queens 11 are now top dogs.

  377. Legerwood says:

    Thepnr @ 3.53 pm

    I saw the cartoon and thought it was pretty awful, particularly in the context of what is alleged but not quite as bad, but close, as the one the Guardian’s cartoonist did during the referendum.

    It had Mr Salmond lifting his kilt but full frontal! It was in the on-line version but seemed to quickly disappear.
    Truly disgusting

  378. Meg merrilees says:

    Dr Jim
    re DUP bribe – thanks for the update..

    Sadly, I think WM saw their chance when Martin Mc Guiness stepped down – and died.
    That gave them the opportunity to ‘take back control’ of N.Ireland for their purposes.

    Then they put pressure on Carwyn Jones and he caved in.
    Remember the details …WM has used this tactic before, what short memories we all have…

    Carl Sergeant, a Welsh Minister was sacked after being accused of supposed ‘touching’ and committed suicide when unable to find out the details of the accusations against him

    (Maybe some SLAB members and ministers should be reminded of the sensitivity of this subject given that Carwyn Jones’ resignation will be taking effect in the coming weeks)

    A puppet was installed in Wales and suddenly the Welsh administration had capitulated over the power grab and WM could ‘take back control’ there too.

    They’ve just tried the same technique in Scotland but it has backfired – Nicola hasn’t sacked AS , nor expelled him from the party therefore no split, no calls for Nicola to stand down and hopefully no need for Alex to consider topping himself.

    The Daily Wrecker has spoiled it for them!

    How WM desperately wants to control Scotland and what a problem that is proving to them – the more they fight, the more it makes us stick together.

  379. Macart says:

    @Ian B

    FFS Ian! That’s appalling.

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. The press are going too far and they really don’t seem to give a shit about collateral damage. Next time some metrocentric halfwit from the press starts bawling about hating the English, you know which page to point them toward people.

    The biggest ethnic bigots live in their own backyard.

  380. Thepnr says:

    The BBC through Brian Taylor are now reporting that there is “No SNP civil war, but turmoil can be just as bad”

    This is different. This is turmoil, confusion, disquiet. One source described an ordinary SNP branch meeting this week. Folk were unsure, uncertain what to say or do. I suspect that is more typical than the zealous certainty one occasionally encounters on social media, which prompted the “civil war” description in the first place.

    Still, it matters little. Turmoil can be just as undermining, just as sapping of confidence as outright political conflict. Indeed, it can be worse. Uncertainty breeds disquiet and can demoralise, if unchecked.

    The last sentence is quite telling as the purpose of all the media hysteria over someone not yet found guilty of anything is precisely to cause disquiet and to demoralise supporters of the SNP and the Yes movement as a whole. We won’t let them, they’ll have to try a good deal harder before they’ll even start to demoralise me.

    Also, some other news is that Alex Salmond’s lawyers have now served papers naming Leslie Evans the Permanent Secretary as first respondent and the Scottish Government as second respondents in his petition for a Judicial reveiw.

    A statement from solicitors Levy & McRae said: “We can confirm at 10am this morning, a petition for judicial review in the Court of Session by Mr Alex Salmond was served on the legal representatives of the Scottish Government.

    “We can also confirm that first respondent is the Permanent Secretary, Ms Leslie Evans, who established the procedure which is the subject of challenge. The second respondent is the Scottish Government.

  381. Polscot says:

    Meg merrilees says:
    31 August, 2018 at 4:29 pm
    some cartoon – did you all notice the reference to Jimmy Saville’s Glencoe cottage ‘Allt Na Reigh’ in the background – a more sinister connotation would be unimaginable.

    Good spot Meg, I missed that when first viewing the cartoon. Casual racism with a nod to paedophilia, Brookes revealing the typical imperial mindset of the colonial masters. I wonder why he feels the need to use lazy stereotypes in his “cartoons”, maybe he lacks the wit to actually create something original, funny or satirical?

    I’ve tried to listen to LBC as an alternative to the R4 Toady or PM programmes, but can’t get past all the phone-in stuff. Al Jazeira and RT are OK, also CNN to some extent, but for a prime time radio news stream I am still missing a good station with real international news reports. Might have to try DW again. Any suggestions welcome.

  382. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Meg merrilees –

    I didn’t pick up on the Savile reference at all.

    Just makes it *so* much worse.


  383. Famous15 says:

    I do not know the truth in these matters but it matters not as my belief in Independence trascends it all.

    So this Sawney says “Up your kilt you racist. Your Times have passed”

    You know these cartoons are on the same level and with imagery that is reminiscent of the anti Hebrew cartoons of previous centuries. Disgusting and hard to forgive.

  384. galamcennalath says:

    Alyn Smith ….

    …. interesting, as always.

  385. Ian Brotherhood says:

    My Twitter has been going mental and I haven’t had time to go right back through it since reporting that Brookes cartoon but even a quick glance shows that a lot of folk are reporting it as racist.

    Cheers to everyone who’s taking the time to do so – probably won’t make any difference to the fools who laugh at such rubbish but it’ll maybe give that specific one pause for thought next time he opts for the cheap shot.

  386. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve tried looking at this a couple of different ways and I still don’t quite get the media’s point unless they’re convinced they’ll win, which I don’t believe they believe

    Whether former FM Salmond is guilty or innocent it makes no difference whatsoever to the cause of Independence and nobody’s saying they won’t still want Independence either way
    but if the alleged victims are lying and it’s proven that will make the most devastating difference, but it’ll make the difference to the UK and the media’s deficit, and that if found to be a tactic for gain by the powers that be Scotland might as well declare Independence without barely firing a vote at it because the stink of UK treachery will be all over it no matter how the media try to cover it up

    If I were Scotlands media I wouldn’t play poker with this hand because if they lose they lose lose all the way

    All of them

  387. AlbertaScot says:

    If the allegations against Eck prove to be bogus, made up and Fake News then there are going to be some really sick puppies in the Haggis MSM.

    The libel suits will come thick and fast.

    Salmond already has the legal warchest and hopefully he puts it to good use.

    Most vulnerable is the Scotsman, especially with Johnston Press undergoing a 200 pound loan restructuring once again.

    Wouldn`t it be ironic if he is able to suck enough blood money out of the Herald-Hootsman-Record-BBC etc to pry loose the Scotsman in the inevitable fire sale that`s about to take place and run it himself.

    Something he`s already floated.


  388. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Meg merrilees –

    I didn’t get the Savile reference so I looked up that cottage in images and yeah, you’re right, if Brookes isn’t actually referring to that cottage and that location then it’s a quite astonishing coincidence.

    What a disgusting thing to extrapolate from the paucity of facts. I hope AS, when things settle, finds the time to single Peter Brookes out for very special and costly attention.

  389. Socrates MacSporran says:


    I see, from the Guardian website, that Cross Rail, that massive “nationally-crucial” project which we are helping to pay for, just so people can get across London faster, will now open some nine or ten months late.

    Haven’t seen many Labour and Lib-Dem politicians calling for the head of whichever Westminster cabinet minister is supposed to be in-charge of this marvellous scheme.

    Now, had it been Cross Rail Glasgow or Edinburgh, and the same delay had been announced…..

  390. Eddiemac says:

    Not in any way trying to excuse the disgusting “cartoon” but the cottage is Black Rock Cottage owned by the Ladies Scottish Climbing club. Saville’s cottage is (was) several miles further along the road towards Glencoe.

  391. Phronesis says:

    Meanwhile the President is unchained propped up by centralising power and informed by intellectually diminished advisors. See the parallels – Britannia is also unchained – both institutions unhinged in equal measure.
    It will take the rise of China to reboot the political system in the US and the rise of an independent Scotland to reboot the British political system . It’s about time we had a new model of democracy.

    ‘In Congress, the combination of declining foreign policy expertise among members and increasing pqolitical polarization has reduced the ability of legislators to supervise the executive branch even if they had the appetite to do so. The bureaucracy, meanwhile, has lost its incentive to cultivate and wield expertise as decision-making has become centralized in the White House and congressional action and oversight on foreign policy have declined. And U.S. allies, for their part, have become less able to check the president’s foreign policies as the alliances have become ensnared in U.S. partisan politics. Similarly, the post–Cold War era has frequently seen presidents circumvent international institution such …

    Going forward, any attempts to stem the growth of presidential power will have to confront not just the damage done by Trump but also the deeper problem that damage has exposed: that the bodies charged with constraining presidential power have been steadily losing both their willingness and their capacity to rein in presidents. Many have written eloquently, particularly since 9/11, about the need for checks on presidential power. But the reality is that Congress is in no shape to reclaim its role in foreign policy—and neither are the other traditional sources of constraint on U.S. presidents. It may take a major shock, such as the rise of China, to reboot the system. .

    Short of that, Congress will likely continue to have little knowledge of or interest in foreign policy, the White House will still fail to take full advantage of the talent of the U.S. diplomatic corps, and presidents will go on ignoring the views of even close allies. This is now the unchained, unconstrained presidency. It didn’t start with Trump, but it has exploded since he took office, and Americans will be living with its consequences for a long time to come’

  392. James Westland says:

    Not sure if the cottage in the cartoon is meant to be Allt na Reigh. It looks very like Blackrock Cottage and Buachaille Etive Mor in the background. HOWEVER, maybe the cartoonist himself isnt aware of this – just a case of “Glencoe cottage = Jimmy Savile”?

    Wonder how Brookes would depict a Jew or an African?

    It gets very tiring this sort of stuff. Remember the Steve Bell cartoon?

  393. North chiel says:

    “ Meg Merrilees@ 0137 pm “ re Reece Mogg “ bigging up” RD for PM is entirely for “ Scottish consumption” to make her “ look good “ in the eyes of the Scottish voters. She is being “ played for a patsy” by the Westminster establishment ( and actually probably believes this drivel). However, the “ man on the moon” probably has a better chance of being PM than RD.

  394. Terry says:

    Ask yourself this – who would have thought that Jeremy Corbyn would ever have got to within a whiff of Downing Street and yet the state/MI5/journalists have a file going back years containing all the mud they can get on him. And it’s being released in a very orchestrated and timeous manner.

    Then take Alex Salmond. He has always been perceived as a much bigger threat to the state – the leader of a party that almost brought the loss of Scotland and her resources to the UK – not to mention tridents base. They must have been analysing his every move. And yet where was the muck on him in 2014? If there had been make no mistake. They’d have dished it out there and then.

    I’m not saying allegations are made up or that Alex is innocent or guilty – let’s face it he hasn’t even been charged. However the process adopted at the end of last year plus the timing of these revelations could be viewed as an attempt to drive a wedge through and damage the Snp and the widercIndy movement. I doubt it will work.

    Who knows the truth? But I was more than happy to make my own mind up and donate to the crowdfund.

  395. Dr Jim says:

    How about this for the cost of a life in the UK

    A man who THREATENED to kill Theresa May is sentenced to 30 years in jail but if the same man actually killed about 5 ordinary folk he’d likely do less time

    The lesson here appears to be kill poor and unknown folk they’re worth less

    I wonder what happened to the guy who threatened to kill Nicola Sturgeon or the guy who actually did try to kill Alex Salmond with a car

    Are they doing UK jail time?

  396. ScottieDog says:

    The press thought they were letting off a rocket but it’s turning into a damp squib.

  397. Sunniva says:

    Terry how true. If there was any dirt on Salmond it would have been deployed far earlier, during the indy campaign.

  398. Thepnr says:

    Well worth reading the Wee Ginger Dugs piece on the Salmond story if you haven’t yet already. This and the article he done for the National are the best I’ve read out of everything written about this whole thing.

    For starters we shouldn’t make assumptions on anything at all and for now just sit back and let the process run it’s course.

  399. Haggishunter says:

    Just seen the Herald, headlining the SNP in civil war.
    Bizarre, weird, warped!
    I think it’s having the opposite effect in that we want Indy, regardless of what any of us think of Alex Salmond and the case going on.
    I’m open minded, did he get pisht and do something inappropriate? Did Mi5 set a honey trap, is he really as daft for this to be true?
    We don’t know, but what we do know is Scotland is more important than what has happened and more important to us than the thieving plutocrats of Britain, using their media to lie, bully and make an erse of everyone in Scotland

  400. sandy says:


    Just been speaking to my local councillor, a member of Highland Regional council of which the governing body is/are the Independents. Independents, my backside, they are TORIES, dogmatic, dictatorial, selfish, you name it.
    Dare I say it, some are people you wouldn’t want to know, the “I’m alright, Jack” type.

    I did post warnings time & time again prior the local elections as to their political status. Unfortunately, this had not the best outcome many of us had hoped for but we did have some degree of success.

    Next time round ???

  401. Robert Peffers says:

    @sometimesoon says:31 August, 2018 at 2:05 pm:

    ” … Needless to say, I won’t be resigning from the SNP nor will the nonsense in the MSM be convincing me that somehow, magically, I will see the light, come to my senses, abandon everything I believe in and vote for a British Nationalist Party. “

    I know just how you feel. Though in my case I’m in my mid 80s and started supporting the SNP not long after I passed the 11plus. Back then we were, literally, treated as terrorists.

    Strange how so little, except in the great rise in SNP membership, has changed.

  402. Fred says:

    The cartoon shows the Scottish Ladies Climbing Club’s Blackrock Cottage, higher up the glen than Saville’s shite modern bungalow, which should never have been built. The Blackrock is a bit of an ikon & fav’ of calendars & PC’s. Does this cartoonist connect the two?

  403. Cubby says:

    I for one am happy that the Britnats are livid about the Fair justice fundraiser. It shows their true colours. Lynch mob – that’s what they are.

    Remember Michelle Thomson.

    I think I’ll donate again tonight for the third night in a row just piss them off even more. This is not about whether he is guilty or not but about the whole unjust system and the media acting like a lynch mob.

    Remember the Labour Minister in Wales who committed suicide after being treated in the same way. This process of keeping the accused in the dark for many many months is just not acceptable. Particularly when it is leaked to the press.

    If Salmond is the first and only person so far to go through this NEW process – what a coincidence.

    The Britnats seem to be good at using FOI (as per recent Wings posting) perhaps Wings and others may want to use FOI to find out more about this process.

    Only in an independent Scotland can we free ourselves from this corrupt and disgusting union.

  404. Gerry says:

    The Times cartoon contrasted with JR Mogg’s lauding of Ruth is as clear an example of how difficult it is for the UK establishment to lay to both sides in a digital age without exposing the clear double standard for all to clearly see.

    As far as the Ales Salmond allegations go, what has yet to be given an open airing is the fact that these allegations have been sat on by the civil servants concerned for so long, whilst if there had been even the slightest hint of a criminal offence attached to them, their wider duty of care woul dictate that regardless of the wishes of the accusers, they would have been duty bound to have contacted the police straight away.

    In this sense the distinction between harrassment and assault is very real and does indeed exist, despite the ill thought out opinions of some expressed in that regard, and the way that the narrative has develpoed in that respect reflects the extent to which this has backfired on the establishment.

    Ask yourself this. If you were in the position of a senior civil servant with direct responsibility, would you knowingly allow an alledged criminal to continue to pose a potential risk for 4 or 5 years and say nothing ?

  405. ScottieDog says:

    Aye WGD is spot on…

    “The reason that so many people in Scotland have contributed to his fundraiser is because they know that the media in this country is using the allegations against Alex Salmond as a proxy with which to attack the cause of independence. That’s unjust to Alex Salmond, it’s unjust to the wider independence movement, but most importantly of all it’s unjust to the women who made the complaints against him. They do not deserve to see their complaints being used as pawns in a wider political battle, and by doing so the Scottish media is not only denying Alex Salmond natural justice, they are also denying natural justice to those women whom they are claiming to speak up for.”

  406. packhore pete says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    31 August, 2018 at 2:58 pm
    jfngw @ 13:31,
    Robert Peffers @ 13:34,
    packhorse pete @ 13:51,

    “Fair enough, you could be right about whom voters knew (or didn’t know) they were electing the last time round, since Ruthie did feature heavily that time on all the leaflets. But the voters did elect the winners anyway, which was my main point.”


  407. Ken500 says:

    Alex Salmond is not involved in the split. He is not a member.

    Sorry anxious from Woolwich. Nae chance DR. Clegg will have to join to split.

  408. Ken500 says:

    People are contributing to the fund raiser because they love him, especially the women.

  409. HandandShrimp says:

    The concept of a free press is a wonderful and noble thing … so how come we ended up with the complete bag of shite that we have?

  410. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I wonder what I’ll be talking about on my Roundabout Show on the online Argyll Independent Radio at 7

  411. Calum McKay says:

    No one is above the law, equally everyone should expect due and fair process.

    The First Minister has handled this event as well as humanly possible in acutely difficult circumstances.

    This is in stark contrast to others seeking to capitalise upon it.

    I”m no pollster, but I wonder what those not in the independence fold think of the Frst Minister putting principal above friendship and party in the most difficult circumstances?

    I think this may be a defining moment, but not in the way empty unionist vessels shouting for blood think it may be.

  412. Famous15 says:

    2Ken500 @649 Always had my doubts about you as a troll and you just confirmed my guess.

  413. Dorothy Devine says:

    Handandshrimp,tsk tsk I always thought you were one of the polite posters , what is this bag of ordure of which you speak?

    I really have given up on the malevolent swine of the Scottish media and wish them nothing but bad cess.

    I look upon the media south of the border as ignorant , arrogant and typical of the british nationalist mindset.

  414. Albaman says:

    I am still convinced that the coming months will be nothing short of the political survival of Scotland as a sovereign nation, and of the S.N.P. as Scotland’s premier political party.
    The Westminster “establishment” has deployed this type of “divide an rule” tactic down through the centuries,throughout the world, and its own Empire, now it’s come full circle for them, so they are desperate to hold onto the earliest and closest political conquest, and to do so, ANY tactic will be deployed,
    Do I think Alex Salmond has been “set up” ?, you bet I do, they will have done it at arms length, but all traces, once found, I’m sure will lead back to London.

  415. Hamish100 says:

    support Scotland

    Anyone hoping to go to the parade in Largs for the Viking Festival?
    Looking for plenty of Saltires waving in the wind. Taking my grandkids. 1pm start. Celebrate a Scots battle. Check train times though as some probs.
    britnats hate the Saltire.

  416. Hamish100 says:


    stupid comment.

  417. James Barr Gardner says:

    O/T Wee a bit maybe. Just over 7 years ago 8 national newspapers were made to give public apologies to Christopher Jefferies for the libellous allegations, more than 40 articles, they were made against him after the Joanna Yeates murder.

    The newspapers who libeled him were The Sun, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Record, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Scotsman and Daily Express, no surprises there folks. In addition to their public apologies and we all know what that means but he did not let them off the hook, they had to pay him very substantial libel damages.

    Christopher Jefferies was a victim of a series of articles that were inaccurate and defamatory, a witch hunt and character assassination conducted by the worst elements of the British tabloid media, scum by any other name, the name gutter press is too elevated for them.

    Strange how all this was fired onto the front pages of these newspapers, do they not employ lawyers to vet edgy stuff ? Or were they simply over ruled as greed rules these corporate companies !

  418. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    ““given their lengthy recent catalogue of convicted sex offenders, paedophiles”

    Care to elaborate on this?”

    What, OTHER than all the links in the post?

  419. Famous15 says:

    @Barry Haniford. 6.08pm. That is explosive. Democracy under attack in Scotland by the people we pay taxes to employ. I begin to see what perhaps Alex Salmond is doing. Is he exposing this outrage in the bestway possible by proxy?

  420. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Fred –

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Below is link to image from first page of results if you google ‘scottish highlands cottage’ so that appears to have been his line of hinking rather than Savile.

    Looks like the actual image he worked from, shadows on cottage are identical – perhaps the photographer will be interested in a proper credit? (Or not?!)

  421. Cubby says:

    Scottie Dog @ 6.44pm

    Sorry have to take issue with the last sentence “they are also denying natural justice to those woman whom they are claiming to speak up for”

    1. The media does not give a monkeys about these women. It’s all SNP bad.
    2. The sentence implicitly assumes they are genuine in their complaint -that they have not just made it all up because they hate the SNP and hate Salmond even more. The Britnat media has managed to find Britnats in a whole range of workplaces to lie their faces off to smear the Scotgov/snp so this means that it is not impossible that these woman are more of the same. Why should the UK civil service be any different?
    3. The point is some people will know the truth but we don’t. If the whole thing is dropped without the facts being established I then think it would be reasonable to asssume it was all a despicable smear. I am suspicious because the leak to the Daily Record does not seem to have given the names of the women. Also, If the papers were being sent to the police why leak it at all and in such a one sided way – if justice is what was sought?

  422. HandandShrimp says:

    Hi Dorothy,

    Just a moment of cynicism. The realisation that we haven’t moved on from the Roman “bread and circuses”.

  423. Maria F says:

    @Barry Haniford says:
    31 August, 2018 at 6:08 pm
    “Have you seen this Stu? I think you should!”

    Oh my goodness, I am absolutely appalled by this. I feel sick.


    “The team was tasked with producing analysis in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum of how both, Scotland and the rest of the UK, benefit from being part of one country”

    So basically what they are saying is that the Civil Servants were tasked to look only favourably at one side of the coin and this was done “in the lead up to the referendum”. They were blatantly biasing the civil servants

    “He added: “As civil servants you don’t get involved in politics. For the first time in my life, suddenly we’re part of a political campaign. We were doing everything from the analysis, to the advertising, to the communications. I just felt a massive sense of being part of the operation. This being recognised [at the Civil Service Awards], makes me feel just incredibly proud.”

    These people are admitting openly and proudly that they were part of a political campaign and they were doing advertising while civil servants. How could that be even remotely acceptable within their code of political impartiality?

    And the cherry on the cake is the fact that the highest ranking Civil Servant in the Uk actually gave them a price for breaking political impartiality. By the way, the highest ranking Civil servant happens to be the one involved in writing the comment of the Queen when she came to Scotland during the campaign. That highest Civil Servant happens to be also the one that pointed the finger directly at Carmichael for memogate, while, by the look of what that article says, he oversaw Civil Servants in the run to indyref and gave them a price for what looks effectively as silently but actively campaigning for the union.

    I think this bit is very very telling:
    “In the Treasury, everyone hates you. We don’t get thanks for anything. This is one occasion where we’ve worked with the rest of Whitehall. We all had something in common, we’re trying to save the Union here”

    Clearly the entire Civil Service was put to work against Scotland’s independence from the top down. I think this is outrageous and an abuse of the Civil Service and the democratic process. How can they get away with this?

    “we’ve learned that it is possible for civil servants to work on things that are inherently political and quite difficult, and you’re very close to the line of what is appropriate”

    Really? I think they crossed the line of what is appropriate. How can it ever be considered appropriate for the Civil Servants to focus exclusively in one side of the political message as the positive one, doing the analysis, communications and advertising while presenting the other as negative? Is it just me that sees this as unionists abusing the Public Service and indirectly using it to work for their campaign? Isn’t this basically using UK funds for the union campaign? How was that accounted in the expenditure? How can those civil servants be so thick as to not see what was going on?

    I honestly do not see how this is acceptable in any way or form. I do not see how this could be ignored. This must not be allowed in the next indyref. Should we assume that the civil servants in Scotland’s office are doing precisely this?

  424. Capella says:

    I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube explaining Narcissists and Gaslighting. The parallels with the way the British Establishment and the media treat Scotland are striking.

    We are in an abusve relationship and must get out. The psychological damage is immense and certainly explains the “cringe”.
    I consider some of the politicians and journalists are psychopths who “get on” by bullying an threatening their way to the top without remorse. But many more are maybe just Narcissists. Grandiose, self-important and selfish, they don’t care whose life they destroy to earn their dosh.

    One deals with Gaslighting 10 mins:

    The other deals with the “Flying Monkeys” i.e other people the narcissist uses to undermine your confidence. In our instance the media.
    The Flying Monkeys – The Narcissists Tool for the Smear Campaign 15 mins:

    Maybe we all need therapy groups to detox from this appalling atmosphere of blame and shame that the media try to whip up.

  425. starlaw says:

    A friend of mine joined the civil service fifty years ago and they had plans for dealing with Scottish independence that far back. The game plan was to come back to Scotland and run the place until it can be brought back into the fold again.

    This will have to be guarded against.

  426. galamcennalath says:

    This bullshit about conflict, splits, turmoil, within the SNP is so widespread in the MSM … yet is complete and total fake news. Distinctly odd!

    A reasonable person might conclude ‘reporting’ stories about in-fighting within the SNP was in fact the objective of this ‘operation’ all along. Perhaps the more naive BritNat provocateurs even believed they could provoke it for real.

    Well, it’s gone totally arse over tit for them!

    Their oft repeated mistake is to believe Yessers are just like BritNats, we aren’t in any way!

  427. Highland Wifie says:

    Yes those of us paying attention know exactly what’s going on at HC. Those ‘independents’ are a bunch of shysters whose main aim seems to be frustrating the SNP members whatever the cost to the council and its tax payers. Bully boy tactics seem to be the weapon of choice with a large dose of incompetence and a smattering of disingenuousness.
    Getting these useless self serving ‘public servants’ out will be a bit of a job.

  428. ben madigan says:

    “How can it ever be considered appropriate for the Civil Servants to focus exclusively in one side of the political message as the positive one, doing the analysis, communications and advertising while presenting the other as negative?”

    It’s quite easy and appropriate once you enter the mindset that – the Scottish independence movement is “Insurgent”

    “Insurgents” have to be put down.
    Just as they were in Ireland and throughout the history of GB. Peterloo? Glasgow 1919, london riots 2011.

  429. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Anent Civil Service impartiality: a former school class-mate of mine, a career civil servant who reached quite high rank, once told me, when the Civil Service does its annual recruitment trawl round the universities, those high-flying Oxbridge graduates with top degrees, who are recruited are automatically sent to the Treasury. Then there is a descending order through the ministries, with the least-able recruits sent to the Home Office, which might explain a few things.

  430. Ken500 says:

    The stupid, idiots who tried to take on Salmond. He is fit for them. Hope he sues the pants off of them. The lot of them. Dirty liars.

    Take one for Mark MacDonald too.

    The non political correct women still in place. Insulting everyone. That’s all right.

  431. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Thepnr at 3:53 pm.

    You typed,
    “There will be those though that find it hilarious, the same types that light up £20 notes and for their cigars in front of people sleeping rough.”

    Have you seen that guy at the WOS stall at rallies – I think his name is Ronnie Sanderson? He sets light to Bank of England fivers in front of the customers!

  432. Ken500 says:

    A homeless, drifter ensnared by the security service plotting to kill May gets thirty years,

    May’s government sanctioning, starving people and causing the worst migration crisis since 11WW. Millions homeless.

  433. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

    Great to see the crowdfunding blasting past the 50k target.

    I was going to add some more if required from the £30 a month I have been putting by since Indyref1. The lot will be sent to IndyRef2 when it is announced!

    So if the BritNats are planning to financially drain us they haven’t succeeded with me – I hope there are more like me ready with (for me at any rate) a lot of money for the main event.

  434. Been out all day,

    seem to have missed a Civil War,

    everyone ok ?

  435. Robert Peffers says:

    @packhorse pete says:31 August, 2018 at 1:51 pm:

    ” …. Where is your evidence for the ridiculous assertion that voters knew fine well who was top of the Tory list?”

    There really is no evidence, packhorse pete, except what you have experienced and by speaking with people but there has been research done and it shows there is a lot of confusion among voters. In any case there should never be anyone elected unless the public votes for them personally. The actual numbers of votes some list members had collected through their careers was sometimes ridiculous and Murdo is a case in point.

    He has never won a personal vote in his whole career yet because the Tory party put him top of their list he gets elected by the choice of the party not by the choice of the voters he is supposed to represent.

    In any case Holyrood is somewhat of a joke when it comes to how it works. The point I’m making is that as long as we are treated as a subservient, (devolved part of Westminster), then the truth is there is no such thing as, “The United Kingdom”, because the Treaty of Union is an agreement made between ONLY two equally sovereign partner kingdoms.

    This beggars the first question:-

    Question 1:- “How do we prove they were/are two equally sovereign kingdom partners”?

    Answer 2:- To be legally empowered to sign a treaty you must be legally sovereign. There are only two legally sovereign Kingdom’s signatures on the Treaty of Union.

    So that beggars the second Question:-

    Question 2:- What is the resultant if you add two equally sovereign KINGDOMS Together?

    Answer 2:- A bipartite United Kingdom of two equally sovereign partner kingdoms.

    Question 3:- What do you NOT get when you unite two equally sovereign partner Kingdoms together?

    Answer 3:- You do not get a United Country composed of four countries with one country that has no parliament but is funded and governed as the United Kingdom that dictates to the other three countries.

    So Westminster calls itself The United Kingdom but no actual bipartite union of kingdoms exists and as there are three unionist/Westminster/English political parties Westminster is the English Nationalist Government Establishment and it dictates to not only the three Kingdom of England countries but unites as the Establishment against the Kingdom of Scotland that is legally an equally sovereign partner Kingdom with the three country Kingdom of England.

    So at Holyrood the actual set-up is an amalgamated three unionist parties vs the only two parties that actually represent the people of Scotland – who under Scots law are legally sovereign and as there is no actual United Kingdom as per the Treaty of Union then if the World, or even the European Powers, accept the Scottish Claim Of Right, then, on a majority vote, end the Treaty of Union.

    Thing is we need a clear majority and a party to govern. I believe we now have both but the only way to prove it is by a referendum and we need other country or countries permission to hold one. We just need to run it ourselves and need no one else’s permission to do so.

    And that is why the list system is totally wrong for without a doubt the unionist parties will collude to elect unionist MSPs and Labour, Tory and LibDem are all unionists together and will work together to keep Scotland as an English/Westminster Parliament colony.

  436. Gary says:

    Having read Craig Murray’s piece on how the Civil Service complaints procedure works I feel that Salmond is undoubtedly correct to challenge the procedure. Perhaps this will have the side-effect of seeing future cases being dealt with more equitably.

    Of the accusations themselves, I can’t say. I don’t WANT them to be true but hopefully justice will be swift AND obvious, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind as to guilt or innocence. If he is guilty them he should face the full weight of the law, rather than just a Civil Service complaint. If innocent then it should be proclaimed JUST as loudly.

    Of course I am suspicious of this, but I have to remember that politicians are different from the rest of us, and tend to have an extremely poor track record on these matters.

    Other than that there’s nothing to say except that I hope all becomes clear, and quickly, for all concerned…

  437. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Like many of us I regularly use the phrase ‘Dark Money’ but was asked t’other day what it means and really struggled to provide detail.

    The following link is to Jim Fitzpatrick’s Spotlight documentary which, apparently, is no longer viewable via BBC catch-up etc. (Big thanks to @Theunapooper on Twitter for the link)

    Even if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing the last five, ten minutes is enough to get a handle on it all. If, like me, you know lots of wee bits but can’t express the magnitude of it, this packages it all brilliantly and repeats the bits that really need emphasis. It’s a fucking scandal that the Scottish MSM has colluded in the obfuscation of this material, not least by shielding Ruth Davidson and her cronies from proper scrutiny.

    There is no other explanation for the Scottish MSM’s behaviour regarding the Tories –this is the stuff which made Ruth Davidson go to ground and may well be what finishes her, the Scottish Conservatives and the DUP once and for all.

  438. galamcennalath says:

    Scot Finlayson says:

    seem to have missed a Civil War,

    everyone ok ?

    Rather than the two factions meet on an open field for a massive bloody battle, wisely it was decided two champions would fight to the death and settle the matter. Last I heard they had retired to a boozer for a few jars and some craic. 🙂

  439. Bob Mack says:

    There is no such thing as a Scottish civil servant. They are employed by Westminster but based in Scotland.

    Remember too they have signed the Official secrets Act which compels them under pain of sanction, to keep anything quiet that the Civil service wishes kept quiet on behalf of Westminster. If they know of security service involvement in anything they could not mention it on pain of severe punishment.

    Nicola does not control the Civil Service ultimately,and that says it all. They advise her,but nothing more.

  440. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This appears to be the image Peter Brookes used in his offensive cartoon of Alex Salmond (Blackrock Cottage, as Fred identified earlier.)

    The photographer may be interested to know how her work is being used. If she didn’t know already, she will soon enough. It would be gratifying to know that the editor of The Times may have to invite Mr Brookes in for a quiet word about copyright, plagiarism, intellectual property rights and suchlike. Who knows? he may even end-up being sent on a course which also touches on racial stereotypes, post-colonialism and all that manner of bally bleeding-heart rubbish…

  441. Bobp says:

    Scottish civil servants should be made to take an oath of allegiance to holyrood and the Scottish people, not westminster. Failing this GTTF.

  442. Simon Curran says:

    Re. Robert Peffers remark about Murdo Fraser having never won a personal vote in his life. He was very high profile in Young Conservatives at Aberdeen Uni in mid 80s. Not sure whether he even got elected to the Student Council then. On the other hand I distinctly remember their views about Apartheid and Mandela, let’s just say they would be a bit embarrassing to Mrs May given her recent visit to Robben Island

  443. Thepnr says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Some great sleuthing! Haha caught bonny, even down to the skylights, the wee fence and the tree behind it.

    Well who’d a thunk it, I always thought these cartoons came straight from the cartoonists memory. Now I know better.

    Unlike the Rev being accused of copyright infringement over the BBC youtube videos he had the case of fair use. As you know there is no fair use in the case of photographs.

    It was a shit cartoon anyway and the picture is way way better.

  444. Thepnr says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Just noticed that it was @Fred who was the detective and tracked down the cottage. Well done Fred 🙂

  445. Fred says:

    @ Ian, Blackrock is for hire for about £10 a head per night, members of clubs a bit cheaper, like Wings Mountaineering Club!

  446. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    30 August, 2018 at 11:19 pm


    I assume you last diatribe is explaining to us how latest polling shows independence support at 54% to 56% – or have I got that wrong?”

    I have said it many times before and I can again say with 100% confidence that Nicola will NOT hold an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed.

    Do you have the guts to go on the record and state that there will definitely be an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed?

  447. There is an old saying, (Dolly Parton i think),

    “If you wait by the river long enough, the body of your enemy will float by.”

    British Nationalist hack David Clegg has got a long,long,long wait to see Alex floating by.

  448. TheItalianJob says:

    We are now facing the ultimate end game. We either get on with Indy2 and win it handsomely or we will be scuppered by the Establishment political and MSM machine.

    I thought that we would just lose Indyref 1 but did not expect by the 10% margin as it turned out. I thought it was a lot closer than that and we know the reasons why e.g. large postal vote and the tampering and fraud that entails.

    We are coming from a stronger position this time but we have to be careful and alert to all the dirty tricks being perpetuated by the Establishment as we have seen and are currently experiencing since post 2014 Indyref.

    But we are a strong body and will hopefully prevail.

  449. Liz g says:

    Maria F @ 7.42
    It is outrageous Maria and they did get away with it back then…
    But it’s the doing of it that teaches .
    We are right and have always been right.
    They are terrified that we leave.
    They cheated to win.
    And they cannot deny it now
    They might have had the power to do it…
    But the power to use the fact that they did is ours!!!

  450. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi “North chiel”.

    “This” is “specially” for “you”.

  451. Chick McGregor says:

    OT £97,995 with an hour and twenty minutes to midnight.

    Can the £100K, double the crowdfund, be reached in two days?

    It’ll be close.

  452. Proud Cybernat says:


    “It would be gratifying to know that the editor of The Times may have to invite Mr Brookes in for a quiet word about copyright, plagiarism, intellectual property rights eeand suchlike.”

    Unfortunately this won’t happen, Ian since no copyright has been breached. From what I see, Brookes has made an artistic ‘impression’ (i.e. a cartoon image) of a photographic image. In other words – Brookes has not breached copyright because he has reproduced an ‘impression’ of a photo and NOT the ACTUAL photo itself. Much as I hate to say it, there is no copyright infringement here.

  453. Fillofficer says:

    I spy a squirrel.
    Maybot in Africa.
    Where’s Boris
    Ruthy not being moothy
    Salmond in headlines.
    Nicola gettin heat from MSM
    Moggy in actual jocklandia
    WTAF is goin on
    I’m sure nobody knows
    Still… sure is entertaining
    Them civil servants are spending oor pennies wisely tho
    Ain’t they
    Mega LoL (yoofspeak)

  454. Capella says:

    Alex Salmond fundraiser now at £98,000. Grest show of support which will so annoy the Unionists. Good, well done everybody.

    I hear the Civil War descended into turmoil, then evolved into unrest and is currently business as usual. Have the champions emerged from the pub yet?

  455. Chick McGregor says:

    OT Great talk by Philippa Whitford in Kirrie tonight, never ducked a question and told it like it is.

    Particularly illuminating was her insight into why remainer Conservatives vote for the Brexit option in Westminster.
    Put simply, a combination of a vindictive and controlling Tory whip system which would remember and punish, plus the their knowledge that around 150 Labour MPs are likely to sit on their hands rather than vote agin because they are aware that their own leader is a closet Brexiteer.

    She was of the opinion, that if there were a truly free vote in Westminster the remainers would win easily, but there isn’t, the mad Brexiteer minority has control on both sides.

  456. mr thms says:

    #Robert Prefers @ 8:31pm

    I always like reading your posts about the constitution of the UK.

    I remember reading an article that the decision by the Supreme Court in October on the referral by the UK Government about the EU Continuity Act passed by the Scottish Parliament will also determine whether Scotland is in a union or a unitary state.

    The Scottish Referendum and the result, with hindsight appear to be part of a process for a crucial piece of legislation, the Scotland Act 2016. That Act introduced legislation that a future independent country would need to have in place. In fact it needs a full parliamentary term to complete. It also (Conveniently?) put the Sewel Convention into statute. The form of words used played an integral part in the Supreme Court’s decision with regard to the UK Government and consent motions by the Scottish Parliament.

    I have always thought the EU Referendum was linked to the Scottish Referendum, and the result of both referendums were a necessary part of a very convoluted process that ultimately will lead to the dissolution of the UK and the internal enlargement of the EU, with the newly independent countries of the ‘UK’ in an informal union and all of them in a new formal union with the EU.

  457. Chick McGregor says:

    I hear if Trump has his way, WTO rules will not even be available to a no deal Brexit UK, it will be WTF rules.

  458. stewartb says:

    Bob Mack @9:27 pm

    You write: “There is no such thing as a Scottish civil servant. They are employed by Westminster but based in Scotland.” and “Nicola does not control the Civil Service ultimately,and that says it all. They advise her, but nothing more.”

    On almost every issue that emerges here on Wings I find there is useful learning catalysed – I so often find out how many gaps there are in my detailed knowledge (and I thought I was pretty well read and informed!)

    The issue of the Civil Service and its status in the Scottish Government is a case in point. Prompted by your post I came across this description on Wikipedia that (once again) points up how in the UK state things are never as straightforward as they seem – or could/should be!

    With my emphasis: “The permanent secretary is the most senior Scottish civil servant, LEADS the strategic board, and SUPPORTS the first minister and cabinet. …

    The permanent secretary is a member of Her Majesty’s Civil Service, and therefore takes part in the permanent secretaries management group of the Civil Service and is ANSWERABLE TO the most senior civil servant in Britain, the Cabinet Secretary (not to be confused with Scottish Government cabinet secretaries), FOR his or her PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. He or she remains, however, AT THE DIRECTION of the Scottish ministers.”

    And also: “The CIVIL SERVICE IS A MATTER RESERVED to the British parliament at Westminster (rather than devolved to Holyrood): Scottish Government civil servants WORK WITHIN THE RULES AND CUSTOMS of Her Majesty’s Civil Service, BUT SERVE the devolved administration rather than British government.” So in the UK there appears to be just one Civil Service – THE Civil Service – variously deployed.

    The ‘strategic board’ of the Scottish Government is described in this Wikipedia entry in the following way: “The board is responsible for providing support to the government through the permanent secretary, and is the executive of the Scottish civil service.”

    But it also states, importantly: “Directorates are the ministries of the Scottish Government. They serve to execute government policy. UNLIKE in the British government, cabinet secretaries, the equivalent of British government secretaries of state, DO NOT LEAD THE DIRECTORATES, and HAVE NO DIRECT ROLE in their operation.” Now I am confused – so the operational role and leadership of the operational role is not devolved????

    Now this is from Wikipedia only of course and it would benefit from checking primary sources – or of course further comment on the significance of all this by an ‘expert’ here on Wings.

  459. ronnie anderson says:

    Briandoonthetoon Aye an any other denomination of english notes Crinkle for Christmas , lighters 3 fur ah pounda ( only works wie polymer notes ) .

  460. North chiel says:

    “ cheers Brian”

  461. Footsoldier says:

    @TheItalianJOb 10.18pm

    Indyref1 was not lost by 10% it was lost by 5% (only needed half to vote the other way).

    The precise figures – only another 191,969 had to vote Yes and we would have won by 1 vote, admittedly not ideal but we would have won.

  462. Big Jock says:

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the Salmond affair was cooked up by the media. Need to give themselves a good shake. They are treating him like Harvey Weinstein yet he has not even been tried yet. The whole thing is a diversion to derail Indy ref 2.

  463. TheItalianJob says:

    @Footsoldier at 11.20pm

    Thanks for the clarification. I meant we lost by a 10% margin i.e. 55% vs 45%. But as you correctly point out with a 5% swing to yes we would have won narrowly. No wonder the Establishment and the politicians were panicking with a couple of weeks before the vote.

    190,000 to 200,000 +++ votes the other way and we would have been Idependent by now and not having to still be subjected to this continuous onslaught and deriding of our country and it’s people.

    As I’ve stated we start from a much stronger position this time but time is running out and the dark forces of the Establishment are preparing themselves for the fight as we are witnessing.

    Let’s us also be well prepared for the fight to come.

  464. Meg merrilees says:

    Eddiemac and others thanks for correcting me on the Glencoe cottage. I’m relieved that it isn’t Saville’s – but was that the implication anyway?

    Shitty little cartoon either way.

  465. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Proud Cybernat –

    Damn and blast! I thought I’d nailed the bastard!

    ‘…and I would’ve gotten away with it too if it hadn’t have been for those pesky Wingers!’

    In any event, it’s instructive to see how these people construct their ‘witticisms’, eh?


  466. Morgatron says:

    I knew it wasnt Savilles cottage , Showaddywaddy aren’t at the window.

  467. Liz g says:

    mr thms @ 10.54
    I hope an informal union with Westminster is,not ,the way we are going .
    I did wonder in 2014 if that’s what Alex Salmond was after as a means to the gentilest separation possible.
    But as far as I can see Westminster doesn’t do Unions … if they can’t rule it they try to wreak it.
    Westminster have been in two Unions…. the UK and the EU, and look at what they did in them.. they are not good team players.

    We should never give Holyrood that kind of power, ever again anyway!
    It’s our Sovereignty, the last time Holyrood had care of it , look at what they did… a shit deal for most of us.

    After we take back the charge of our Sovereignty from the 1707 Treaty arrangement we should not be giving it to Holyrood… we should be keeping it enshrined in our Constution..
    All we should be giving Holyrood is our rules and IMHO, one of them should be nae mair bloody Unions with Westminster.
    I am arguing from the point of view that any Union that Scotland is signed up to by Holyrood is tightly controlled by our Constitution, a sunset Clause… the works..
    When yer Parliament has signed ye up to a Union that’s been enforced for 300 odd years and it cost us much time and treasure to leave…..
    Then we the people need to be setting the rules for any mair Unions…
    As for the informal Union ye mentioned… Well it would need to be “ political convention with no real meaning in statute “ we could call it a Sewell type Union.. LOL
    It would be nice if the two neighbors on this Island could work closely together but I don’t think England and her rulers are quite there yet.
    So let’s have a nice wee border till they are, just so they are clear how far north of London they can be punching…

  468. Big Phil says:

    Ian Brotherhood,
    Always keep digging Ian, cos sure as feck them bastards are.

  469. Big Phil says:

    Liz g, big smiley face Liz. 😉

  470. Iain mhor says:

    Christen Ager-Hanssen dodged a bullet eh? What an astute operator, or lucky, or well informed.
    Probably just lucky…

  471. Colin Alexander says:


    Time people realised there’s no such a thing as the Scottish Govt either. It’s Westminster Govt administered from Holyrood on behalf of the UK Govt by the SNP.

    A puppet govt dancing to the UK Govt’s tune in a vassal state.

  472. Capella says:

    Jennifer Hudson sings Amazing Grace at Aretha Franklin funeral.

  473. Patrick Roden says:

    HandandShrimp says:

    “The concept of a free press is a wonderful and noble thing … so how come we ended up with the complete bag of shite that we have?”

    It’s far more important than being a ‘wonderful and noble thing’ my friend, you see the press in all Western Democracies, were tasked with ‘holding the powerful to account’ as a vital part of our democracy.

    They were called the ‘Fourth Estate’ because along with the MP’s, Royalty and Church Bishops (Church of England) it was recognised that the three powerful estates MP’s Church Bishops and Royalty, tended to be from the the richer and more powerful families, so the press were given complete freedom to investigate the behaviour of the elites, on behalf of the ordinary person (or voter).

    This was an integral part of Western Democracy, and any powerful person trying to ‘interfere with the freedom of the press’ could expect immediate headlines informing the nation that an attempt to noble democracy was being attempted by the guilty party, with the inevitable outcome being, the certain resignation from any position of influence, by the guilty person.

    We still hear the cry from the MSM that people are trying to interfere with the freedom of the press, but this only happens now, when some ordinary punter is holding them to account for lying through their teeth.

    What happened to the press?

    For some reason the rich and powerful allowed our press to be bought by people like Rupert Murdoch, who has ripped up any idea of press integrity, replacing it with his own right wing political agenda.
    As soon as Murdoch and the like had the power of ‘King-Maker’, Tory and Labour Mp’s sold their souls to gain their newspapers approval. Tony Blair being the one who basically tore up the rule book in political integrity, to get Murdochs backing for New Labour.

    Of course there no longer is a genuine free press anywhere in the UK, with the Rich and powerful buying them, in order to promote their own political agendas.
    They still hold power to account, but only if that power is a threat to their own agenda.

    In Scotland, we do not even have the semblance of the kind of balance that exists in other countries, with Westminster refusing to let us have control of our media, so that we can begin to introduce some balance.

    We do not have a genuine democracy in Scotland,

  474. Capella says:

    Oops, that was a tablet link. Should be

  475. Cubby says:

    Seriously, is seriously Murdo “no surrender” Fraser’s favourite word.

  476. Hamish100 says:

    Colin Alexander
    An empty “vassel” known as a troll.

  477. jfngw says:

    It’s at times like these we miss The Corries, they would at this minute be penning a lament for the Civil War that last but a short time but took so many of our unionist friends to the edge of their sanity.

  478. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Colin Alexander @ 00:22,

    Oh, you have really jumped the shark this time, Nirvana believer. The mask has truly slipped.

    (Not that it’s any surprise to anyone here. You were spotted a long, long time ago.)

  479. jfngw says:

    Apparently the crowdfunder set up to help Ruth Davidson pack and move to London is breaking all records. A spokesperson for the hosting company declared the servers were on the brink of collapse due to the excessive load of those wanting to donate.

    A crowd were heard to be singing:

    Keep right on to the end of the road,
    Keep right on to the end,
    If the way be long, let your heart be strong,
    Keep right on round the bend.
    If you’re tired and weary still journey on,
    Till you come to your happy abode,
    Where all you love that you’re dreaming of
    Will be there at the end of the road.

    P.S. It’s isn’t real but in I believe it could be.

  480. Liz g says:

    Big Phil @ 12.02
    Right back at ye my friend…
    Haven’t seen ye post for a while
    Hope you and yours are well X

  481. K1 says:

    The shark ate him, noo he’s jist chopped liver.

  482. Petra says:

    Oh well back home again and I see that three posts today have gone absolutely no where. I’ll sit back for a few moments and see if this gets anywhere.

    My prior posts mostly related to, follow ups to, Nana’s Tory and Labour pervert / paedophile links. My posts (with additional related data) have just disappeared into the ether. Just like the Tory (30 plus members) and Labour (40 plus) ENGLISH dirty dossiers. And of course the age old Westminster paedophile ring files which have gone AWOL along with the NIrish Orange Order (and others) Kincora files. Surprise, surprise. Tip of the iceberg no doubt. Not named, shamed or forced out of their political party, unlike Alex Salmond, SNP SCOTLAND.

    And then there was Treeza May acting like an ar*ehole, an absolute bl**dy maniac dancing around Africa, in total desperation of getting trade deals whilst her comrades back home talk about selling naan bread to India as Panasonic clears off (along with the rest). So we can well see where Scotland fits into all of this this. Plays it’s part. England has nought to sell other than naan bread and weapons, as Scotland has manifold natural resources and assets to export. The cash cow. Scotland subsidizing England.

    Theresa May the Dancing Queen?

    The Dancing Queen (one of my favourite records).

    Theresa May moving around (dancing around) Africa. Africa the richest continent in the world totally destroyed, exploited by and robbed blind by Westminster.

    Her latest ‘twirley’ may make a difference or not. Let’s say not. More like the laughing stock, laughing queen, of the World.

    Get me out of here. Get Scotland out of this ASAP.

  483. Liz g says:

    K1 @ 2.08
    Dae ye mean he’s fish food?
    Cause that would explain why he’s so scared of Salmon and Sturgeon….??
    I’ll get ma coat…. Well ma pyjamas really!!

  484. Robert Peffers says:

    @Simon Curran says: 31 August, 2018 at 9:52 pm:

    ” … On the other hand I distinctly remember their views about Apartheid and Mandela, let’s just say they would be a bit embarrassing to Mrs May given her recent visit to Robben Island.”

    Aye! Murdo is rather extreme.

    Tell you this, if Murdo and his kind had to applying for a job as do journeyman, tradesmen or as a craftsman they would be excluded from interview never mind from the short list.

    Plumbers, joiners, cabinetmakers or electricians have to be able to show their credentials to prove they know the job. Yet MSPs and MPs need nothing more than the gift of the gab, or alternatively the capacity to be able to lie without embarrassment.

    Mind you any half decent judge of character can suss them out in less than a minute. People have an instinctive feeling about really genuine political figures. Look at how Nicola cam walk around in the crowd and everyone is drawn to her. Theresa on the other hand is kept well away from crowds but if she has to get near them there are armed heavies flanking her on all sides.

    Funny thing, I was watching an item on YouTube last evening about how it has been scientifically proven that dogs can tell a, “Bad person”, the experts think it is by smell.

    I’m not so sure about the smell part. My wee Papillon Bitch, that died recently, I had trained to be a Therapet, (befriender). She had an amazing sixth sense. She would stop and make a bee line towards most people in the street and befriend them. If she went into a group of people talking together you could put money on the fact that the person she chose to make a fuss of would be aged, ill or disabled and more often than not the disability or illness had no outward signs.

    I was walking her through Lochgelly one afternoon, (I had no need to keep her on a lead). She knew her road drill and wouldn’t even chase a cat. She never went more than a couple of yards from me.

    Anyway, I looked down and the wee dog had vanished. So I’m looking around for her when a young woman opened her window and said, “Have you just lost a wee dog”? I said yes and the woman said, “Come round the back – you need to see this”.

    I went round the back of the house and there was a long conservatory thing right along the back of the house but it had sliding doors that left the whole length of the conservatory open. Inside was a thing like a wheelchair but instead of a seat it was a flat bed. Lying on the bed was a young disable girl and the wee dog had jumped up beside her and was snuggled in with her head against the girl’s neck and the girl was cuddling her.

    Now the thing is – how did the dog know there was a disabled person round the back of the building? There was no way she could have seen her from the street? Furthermore, she was well trained and never left my side without permission. So why the break in her normal good behaviour of staying at heel?

    The wee dog just knew when someone needed a friend and had spent her whole life befriending people.

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