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Wrestling in the mudhole

Posted on September 01, 2018 by

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103 to “Wrestling in the mudhole”

  1. Sharny Dubs says:

    Right on the money as usual, good Sunday morning chuckle

  2. Breeks says:

    Careful Hamish. That isn’t mud.

  3. Sharny Dubs says:

    Sorry make that Strurday morning chuckle

  4. Malky says:

    A perfect graphical representation of unionist ‘logic’. Nice one.

  5. Cactus says:

    John Bull is the Golgothan (shit demon):

    Knee deep in the hoopla oil like.

    Looking good Hamish. 🙂

  6. Puzzled Puss says:

    Absolutely brilliant pictorial summing-up!

  7. sassenach says:

    Pity the Britnats don’t understand the cold logic of giving up Indy because of a possible smear – takes a simple cartoon to illustrate.
    Well done, Chris.

  8. Ian says:

    Good interview with a tory that exposes their ‘do as I say not what I do’ attitude. People voted for this halfwit?

  9. sassenach says:

    …and with the ‘civil war hashtag’ trending – and many incredibly funny tweets – it’s making the weekend feel so much better.

    Britnats must be sick as parrots!

  10. Auld Rock says:

    Guys that is not mud it’s SHITE – straight from the Westminster ‘Super-Sewer’.

    Did you all notice yesterday the report slipped in by the Brain-Washing Corporation about Cross Rail, a YEAR LATE and £600+ OVER BUDGET but NO hard questions or anything to suggest ‘TORY BAAAAD’. Just imagine if it had been Glasgow Cross Rail it would have occupied most of the news and pointing to you know who is to blame. Honest news, I don’t think so.

    Oh, almost forgot brilliant again Chris and like my Wingers brought a smile to my face on a dank Saturday morning

  11. Ken500 says:

    A guy has been accused of nothing. Rubbish and heresay by the lying Press. Without a shred of evidence.

    Tommy Sheridan’s ‘mates’ trying to reinvent themselves. Liars. More rubbish from the Press.

    Alex Salmond will sue the lot of them. Yes. They will regret starting on him. Bastards.

  12. Terry says:

    Brill chris

  13. Collie says:

    The Westminster Swamp.

  14. manandboy says:

    Like it, Chris. Well done!

    The Tory tactic is clear – divide public opinion over a minor detail, then channel that division into the most important matter of Independence.

    Like leaving a wedding reception because you didnae like the bride’s mother’s hat.

  15. Andrew Davidson says:

    Every time I think you’ve outdone yourself and possibly can’t top yourself… you do something like. Outstanding Chris, outstanding.

  16. mumsyhugs says:

    Aye – shit happens! 🙂

  17. starlaw says:

    Well done Chris. You brighten up my Saturday mornings.

  18. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I am starting to worry about this Independence thing. The Tories are, to my mind, trying too hard to piss us off – between the total erse they are making of Brexit, this ludicrous smear of Wee Eck, now we have the walking cadavar, JR-M telling us we cannot have a referendum before 2040.

    It’s almost as if they want us to leave, yet they know, they cannot afford to let us go.

    What’s coming round the corner that they know about and we don’t?

    Beware of Tories bearing gifts, and, right now, they are gifting a Yes vote to us.

  19. Luigi says:

    sassenach says:
    1 September, 2018 at 7:40 am
    …and with the ‘civil war hashtag’ trending – and many incredibly funny tweets – it’s making the weekend feel so much better.
    Britnats must be sick as parrots!

    According to many propaganda communications experts, the best way to deal with fake news is NOT with facts.

    You fight fake news effectively with RIDICULE.

    (and the Cybernats and McBots are doing a fine job). 🙂

  20. Ken500 says:

    UK broadcasting can’t even show the tennis. They can broadcast any freaking other rubbish. BBC £3.7Billion. More than enough to erase poverty. Along with the rest. Westminster lies.

  21. carjamtic says:

    Nicely Done Chris


    (I see a little silhouetto of a man….)

  22. Old Pete says:

    Well drawn that man.
    Sure I heard a fighter jet flying over Prestwick, might have been more than one. We are in for it today, must be the civil war ?
    Independence referendum next year please, time to leave this stinking union. Onwards and upwards.

  23. galamcennalath says:

    Ah, clarity on what the Bull in John Bull stands for, and by the truck load.

  24. Calum McKay says:


    A government has launched illegal wars, sold weapons to vile regimes and are dragging Scotland out of the EU.

    And you stil believe that Scotland should have this government it did not vote for?

  25. Morgatron says:

    Chris, it is so good, I felt really sad when i looked at the cartoon this morning. It sums up perfectly & more than all the smears written about AS and the yes movement. This is all the yoons have left- this isn’t politics its just mud slinging, ethnic and religious division. Davidson tweeting the Times article about Govanhill (no comment)

  26. Luigi says:

    Folks, a massive smear operation (and I mean massive) by the BritNat establishment was kick-started. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were to be taken out and the SNP hopelessly split in the ensuing mayhem (or so they thought). Considerable resources were utilised in this and the timing was carefully set. However, Alex has spiked their guns, and the weakness of such a massive operation has been brutally exposed.

    The problem with such a big, well-coordinated (ahem) operation is that it is like a gigantic ship – once set in motion it ain’t going to stop in a hurry – as a result, we now have the hilarious situation of the MSM hacks still harping on about SNP civil war (in spite of a powerful show of unity and solidarity). Difficult to ignore, but they don’t know what to do. This “civil war” story was what they were instructed to “report” and they are faithfully going to plan. Unfortunately for them (and the establishment). 🙂

    HMS Britannia has just hit a gigantic berg, but the dumb MSM hacks are still slaving away in the engine room, stoking the boilers as fast as they can. Noone told them (until it was too late). They will now go down with the ship.

  27. Macart says:

    Ayup! That about sums it all up perfectly. 🙂

  28. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Exactly, Chris.
    They don’t understand us.

    What AS has or hasn’t done has no constitutional consequence. The case for independence is not affected and this is not the middle England electorate they are dealing with.

    Well done JR-M. You just drove more to us with you infantile and condescending comments. You have no authority in the matter whatsoever but you obviously think we are all daft.

    Just approaching £100,000 now.

  29. Alex Smith says:

    Sad but true.

  30. galamcennalath says:

    I previously posted this on one of Chris’s John Bull cartoons. Worth repeating, I believe….

    John Bull’s creator Dr John Arbuthnot was clear about John’s identity as an English yeoman. He also created the character of Peg, his sister, who personified Scotland.

    CHAPTER II. The Character of John Bull’s Sister Peg,* with the Quarrels that happened between Master and Miss in their Childhood.

    * The nation and Church of Scotland.

    John had a sister, a poor girl that had been starved at nurse. Anybody would have guessed Miss to have been bred up under the influence of a cruel stepdame, and John to be the fondling of a tender mother. John looked ruddy and plump, with a pair of cheeks like a trumpeter; Miss looked pale and wan, as if she had the green sickness; and no wonder, for John was the darling: he had all the good bits, was crammed with good pullet, chicken, pig, goose, and capon; while Miss had only a little oatmeal and water, or a dry crust without butter.

    A Family of Equals? Nah, Master and Miss.

    Times have changed, now the pompous and inept Bull has Oor Hamish to contend with. 🙂

  31. Marcia says:


    Theresa May’s reaction to the fall-out of the smear not working as hoped for.

  32. Les Wilson says:

    Spot on as always Chris, top man at this stuff.

    Really enjoying Stu’s twitter feed this morning,SNPCivilWar hashtag is hilarious. Yoon editors will be furious, they can’t handle this kind of sarcastic Scottish humour, they do not know how to. Great.

  33. galamcennalath says:


    I agree with you. This has all the hallmarks of a pre planned operation. If it had been left at the attack on Salmond then it might not have been so obvious. However, launching a deluge of fake news about a split and civil war, from nowhere and based on nothing, is distinctly suspicious!

    My best guess is dark forces believed the smear would provoke a split and so had the news ready to go.

    They just don’t understand us, do they?

  34. Collie says:

    Nice one

  35. Capella says:

    The SNP Civil War corresponents have sobered up after a week long binge. Now picking up the debris and stacking the dishwasher before the parents return. Good Morning Viet… oops, Scotland

    Hamish in his natty SNP colours observes the pitiful sight of John Bull, stuck in a quagmire of his own making.
    Keep calm and carry on Hamish.

  36. Clootie says:

    In summary we are unthinking morons in a cult and brainwashed to follow strict guidelines which make us appear as bots on social media.
    ….at the same time…”the unthinking”….have divided into two camps and are engaged in a civil war?

    It appears too poor, too stupid and too wee has been upgraded.

    It has been interesting watching the media frenzy surrounding the independence movement. They know what we think. They can detect division that we are unaware off. When the FM or a SNP person speaks they know what they really intended to say.

    I’m enjoying the serene atmosphere in the wider YES movement as we ignore the ranting unionist rhetoric surrounding us.
    However we must remember that we are not the target. As always the message targets Scots who are undecided on Independence. It is another opportunity to distort in order to deceive. On the plus side it proves the are worried and losing ground.

    What do we do – we simply talk to our friends, families, work colleagues etc. We highlight the bias and propaganda in a calm logical manner. We do not get into the gutter as our media have done ( I use the term OUR media in a geographical context only). The unionist organisation has the most experienced dirty tricks skills in the World developed from Empire building. Do not left them chose the battlefield. Smile and keep winning hearts and minds…see you all in Edinburgh 🙂

  37. Bob Mack says:

    Stars of the day must go to twitter wars,as well as Chris.

    Never laughed so much. Our troops in the trenches are falling from well aimed sniper chips and shrapnel from Arbroath smokies. Arise and follow into battle.

    Now where is my trusty loofah. That will inflict untold damage to skin.

    I just love Scotland.

  38. Jules says:


    Unionist/MSM logic is so bizarre and frustrating. They really, really don’t get it, do they? I can’t help thinking we should be able to use that to our advantage, somehow…

  39. mike cassidy says:

    Times unintentionally unearths picture of opening blow in Scottish Civil War.

  40. Danny says:

    Too true

  41. HandandShrimp says:

    Nicely highlights the banal thinking of so called political commentators in our apology for a press.

    Hamish stands unsullied.

  42. It`s like the British Nationalist parties have paid for one big PR firm to coordinate a constant attack on anything to do with Scotland,SNP,Independence,

    they will supply the politicians with speeches and soundbites,

    they will supply the papers,BBC,STV,twitter accounts,facebook accounts with `this weeks` coordinated attacks on Scotland,

    they will even write the columns for the `journalists`,

    you pay a PR firm for 500 words on why baby boxes are evil,the same person the next day will happily write 500 words on why baby boxes are one of the greatest expressions of an inclusive social country,

    this is the domain of the parent company of Cambridge Analytica,SCL Group,

    `After an initial commercial success, SCL expanded into military and political arenas. It became known for alleged involvement “in military disinformation campaigns to social media branding and voter targeting”,

    this is where the dark money goes and why nobody representing British Nationalists is willing to expose.

  43. jfngw says:

    The relentless Tom Gordon, when the rest of the media has sussed the civil war line is not working he has moved onto equating the demise of the SSP with the current SNP position. There desperation is almost tangible.

    I wonder if they are aware more people are laughing at them than taking them seriously. Their spiral into insignificance continues, but they will not be allowed to die, the UK government needs them and will divert money to keep them alive.

    We need to remember most national papers are receiving funding in the form of journalists from the government via the BBC, very like the Russian model.

  44. Fred says:

    @ Twitterfeed, this Lord Charles Bruce, (central-casting for a clapped-out aristocrat), is not a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce, whose daughter married Walter Stewart hence the House of Stewart. Lord Charles is probably off a nephew of Bruce but doesn’t look the heroic type. In-breeding has done its work!

  45. galamcennalath says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the biggest, most wide spread FAKE NEWS attempt I have ever seen

  46. PictAtRandom says:

    “mike cassidy says:
    1 September, 2018 at 9:58 am

    Times unintentionally unearths picture of opening blow in Scottish Civil War.

    Latest from the Civil War:

    – The Black Mhairi and her cohorts scale the north face of Salmond (Castle) Eck
    – The brave wee Countess of Dreghorn is imprisoned in a journalistic cage
    – The Salmondite Chicken Pasanda Rampant is spotted flying over Muckle Flugga
    – Someone tweeted “Oh look, there’s a spider!”

    My Great Historic Moment generator has gone haywire. That’s it, I’m voting Balliol.

  47. Dr Jim says:

    Apparently “nobody knows” who writes the Daily Record

  48. jfngw says:


    You could almost believe there is some co-ordinated campaign in progress, but that would make us conspiracy theorists and the press would then out us as such. They see it as a win-win story, whatever route we take will be used against us.

    The only thing they can’t abide or deal with is the ridicule which seems much more effective than direct confrontation (staying on their civil war theme there), they know how to deal with that line of attack.

  49. starlaw says:

    There is an office under Westminsters control working on this right now spreading black propaganda against anyone supporting an Independent Scotland. Don’t know whats its called now but used to be known as the Ministry of Mis-Information.

  50. Breeks says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    1 September, 2018 at 8:23 am

    I am starting to worry about this Independence thing. The Tories are, to my mind, trying too hard to piss us off – between the total erse they are making of Brexit, this ludicrous smear of Wee Eck, now we have the walking cadavar, JR-M telling us we cannot have a referendum before 2040.

    It’s almost as if they want us to leave, yet they know, they cannot afford to let us go.

    What’s coming round the corner that they know about and we don’t?

    Beware of Tories bearing gifts, and, right now, they are gifting a Yes vote to us.

    I think it’s a feature of Tory/BritNat strategy that IF Scotland can be provoked into losing its rag, it will polarise opinion, both sides will dig in, and the resulting entrenchment will see Independence percentages pickled in amber.

    With Independence angry, deadlocked and polarised, we will be Brexited against our will, and left alone to face the eternal winter of BritNat Tory fascism and Union Jackery…and chorinated chicken.

    Whether it’s Yessers unhinged though exasperation, or agitated OO Sectarian BritNats lighting bonfires, or more than likely a combination of both, the UK Establishment wants a Scotland divided, and an end brought to the slow migration of No voters to YES.

    The BritNat Establishment needs there to be tension here, division and polarised opinion. I don’t want to use the word Ulsterisation, because believe it or not, I think Scotland is too politically sophisticated for crass Ulsterisation to work here, but I am afraid we are in for something more subtle, – a kind of “Ulsterisation-Lite”.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, the “muted” disposition of the Scottish Government is actually assisting the tension build up, leaving Indy supporters exasperated and frustrated, when they should be relaxed, smiling, and confident. Try as I might I cannot get a handle on why the SNP are fostering these frustrations amongst our own side.

    We will all miss Alex Salmond if the BritNats can keep him down and out of the game when it really matters, but to be blunt about it, I think we’ve been badly missing Mr Salmond’s strategic intuition since 2014.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    Someone who claims to be a direct descendant of a historical person who makes a statement on what a country should or shouldn’t do based on his historical blood line claims must then surely be a *Blood and soil Nationalist* and he believes in British rule

    Which makes him emphatically NOT a democratic Scot who believes in equality for all and just another obvious blood and soil Tory British Nationalist attempting to sell many owner used historical blood (runs well)

  52. Fred says:

    Shite journalism by shite journalists who write for shite journals!

  53. Chick McGregor says:

    Is there a single word for blind hypocrisy? If not there should be. Of course that might be considered somewhat tautological unless you accept there is also such a thing as knowing hypocrisy, which I do.

    BTW, on my space travels, I came across this rather ironic factoid.

    “August’s full moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon. Credit: NASA/Jack Fischer/Twitter. The August full moon is often called the Sturgeon Moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, because sturgeon (a type of fish) are more easily caught in August and early September”

  54. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The press have lost the plot even the wasp chewers dont believe this rubbish.

    Some really old folk will be taken in but that’s about it, what a waste of the Regime’s money WM pay the press to do a hatchet job and this is the best they can do.

    Someone should tell them.

    Anyway off to the shops to move a mountain of unsold pretend newspapers till I find my crumpled National.

  55. mumsyhugs says:

    £100,007 🙂

  56. Ken500 says:

    There is no point in having an IndyRef until it can be won. Waiting to see some kind of Brexit outcome. A disaster all around or just staying in the EU. It would not be great to have an IndyRef during a GE which will come soon to get the Tories out of their mess. The absolute unionist Parties shambles. Unbelievable.

    It needs a central bank for Independence. Taking 18 months. Why?

    Alex Salmond could stand as an Independent and still win.

    Why the hysteria when it can be held within a couple of years and won. Scotland is still changing and going in the right direction. Patience is a virtue.

    May going to Africa to get them to bail her out. Deporting people. What an ignorant fool.

  57. Dorothy Devine says:

    Just clicked on the fundraiser and it has hit 100,oo7 quid!

    Chris , love the cartoon !
    Question , do men ever mud wrestle ? or is that a sexist question?

  58. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw says:

    …but that would make us conspiracy theorists and the press would then out us as such

    I know. I’ve seen them dismiss WoS as ‘full’ of conspiracy theories.

    However, the essence of a conspiracy theory is that there is little evidence for it.

    When the evidence starts to stack up, it ceases to be theoretical and begins to become a conspiracy.

    Still, evidence isn’t a concept the media appear to understand. A bit like truth and reality – alien concepts.

    ” A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy — generally one involving an illegal or harmful act supposedly carried out by government or other powerful actors — without credible evidence. “ Wikipedia

  59. Nana says:

    Feel sorry for Hamish having to wade into the muck.
    John Bull loves it, the muckier the better.

    For anyone interested Links on previous thread including this one

  60. Ken500 says:

    T. Gordon did not mention Tommy Sheridan committed no crime. He won every court case was refused to appeal to ECHR by the Scottish legal system. An injustice. Tommy Sheridan would not have been convicted if Coulson had not committed perjury. Coulson was jailed. Coulson went in to work for Cameron. Murdoch should have been jailed for bribing public officials. A crime in the US, where he is based, anywhere in the world. Murdoch had to shut down NoW and pay out £Millions to the victims who had been illegally hacked and surveilled. The Leveson verdict has still not been introduced. Journalists and their accomplices went to jail for breaking the Law.

    The Press liars. Hope Alex Salmond sues them. Including malicious complaints.

    Tommy Sheridan should be admonished and given compensation. He stopped warrant sales and fought the Poll Tax.

    Others trying to reinvent themselves. Sold out for Murdoch cash.

  61. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Rubbish,Breeks. Rubbish.
    Lots and lots of words don’t lend credibility and the complete opposite of what you suggest is obvious to all with any understanding.

    The crowdfunder (now passed £100,000) is actually an expression of support of the solidity of this party more than it is anything else.

    I suggest we all desist from expressing uninformed opinions about what Alex has or has not done.
    A bit of perspective is useful. With an endless list of political figures accused of such and much worse the public have largely become inured to this sort of stuff and it is no longer the weapon the political media thinks it is.

    And the independence movement continues, perversely strengthened by what is obviously an orchestrated attempt to damage it using the wrong weapons.

    They just blew their feet off.

    I was talking to a union jack waving, bluenose Tory voting chap (but a nice chap nonetheless)yesterday who said to me “What they are doing to Alex Salmond is f*cking pathetic. Which one of us hasn’t tried it on when we’ve had a few bevvies.”
    That,guys, is the general public reaction. Right or wrong.

    So let’s leave the issue to go through the process, stop talking about it and go forward entirely united in the cause of independence.

  62. susan says:

    Great cartoon Chris, captures the Britnats perfectly.

  63. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Crowdfunder closed at £1000,007.

  64. I do not know the legal side of things but if A.S. Has been named in the interest of fairness should the two complainants not be named also so they can suffer the same as A.S.???

  65. Meg merrilees says:


    the only strategy the tories know is divide and rule.

    They try it every which way they can. It worked in Wales with, the late, Carl Sergeant and Carwyn Jones.

    They would struggle to create a sexual harassment case around Nicola ( and Theresa May) so they go for the ex FM, hoping that it will create the phoney Civil War.
    The Tory party Labour party and the H o C are all paralysed and malfunctioning. This and the Labour anti-semitism story is classic distraction technique.

    We have to ignore all this distracting crap and focus on the way forward.

    Dunfermline is happening as I type and Edinburgh is fast approaching.

    A.U.O.B. is the way to squash WM – keep our eyes on the prize.

  66. call me dave says:

    Love the Hamish cartoons. Another good one there!

    My Hamish tucked in the corner of my windscreen goes everywhere.

    Crowd fund closed at £100,007 and an acknowledgement from AS.
    Well done all. 🙂

  67. Valerie says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill 11.28

    Good sensible post as always. I don’t like speculation or trying to second guess what happened in any complaint with Salmond, but that doesn’t stop me supporting his judicial review. As we know, Alex isn’t stupid, and pays a LOT of attention, and sets store by process, so he must feel justified, as well as feeling he has a good shot.

    That’s good enough for me.

    Your story regarding the Unionist you met, is becoming familiar. Early in week, I was speaking to a very conflicted Unionist, (fellow dogwalker) who is thinking of moving down south, that’s how British she is (born Central Belt).

    She said to me, completely unprompted “What’s all this Salmond nonsense?” I mumbled non commitedly, “yeah, but procedures”

    Her response, “I think it’s a load of nonsense, very hard to believe”

    Came as a slight shock, as 20 mins before she had described herself as Scottish and British. I’m trying to keep her chatting about politics, as she is giving me the classic misconceptions the media punt.

  68. Welsh Sion says:

    Spot the difference.

    An inexperienced political candidate for the highest office in *his* land is recorded as saying that in order to show his mastery of women, he grabs them by the genitals. He is subsequently elected President. He is proven to be a misogynist, a liar and a dangerous individual who consorts with “strong men” politicians and White supremacist racists. No criminal charges are brought – for any of these offences.


    An experienced politician at the highest level in *his* country is hounded for allegedly sexually harassing a couple of women, some years ago. He is not made aware of the charges made against him, nor who his accusers are. He has not been enabled to defend himself in the Press against the howling mob. He is presumed guilty before any court case is heard.

  69. Golfnut says:

    @ Welsh sion,

    Let’s not forget the Prime Minister of England holding Trumps hand and of course meeting the Queen.

  70. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    AUOB, just the broad umbrella that Hamish needs now the excrement has started to fly 😉

  71. Dr Jim says:

    A very British *dodgy* thing:

    In the creation of this law it was deemed a priority to protect the identity of the accuser from retribution or bias but the civil service is not the law and by conducting an investigation then engineering its findings to be released into the public domain it violated the protections of the accused making the law a bad flawed law (Cliff Richard)

    Alex Salmond is only doing the same as Cliff Richard but he’s a politician therefore must be guilty as opposed to if he were a famous much loved pop singer reasonable doubt would be applied by the public in the hope of exoneration because most people in their heart of hearts don’t want the establishment to win stuff because most people don’t like the establishment but see a politician or ex politician as the establishment

    The civil service and the newspapers have used this fact of human nature to assist their case and in the particular case of Alex Salmond because he is simply an enemy of the British state so those who would support the cause of the British state would readily believe such an accusation because it suits them politically

    None of this case is about whether the accused did or did not commit an offence it’s about clear and simple politicking or they would never have *leaked* information to the press to make it public in the first place

    The British state and the BBC wanted to nail Cliff Richard and bring him down either for a distraction from something else or because someone was offended by him or whatever reason, it’s the British way of doing things, they used to just kill people on the quiet now they destroy their name to get the same result

    Public discreditation a very British thing, to show the public that even whether you did a thing or not your character must and will be suspect for all to see and remember for all time

  72. Dr Jim says:

    God not all this efta stuff again *pay but no say*

  73. Maria F says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    1 September, 2018 at 8:23 am
    “It’s almost as if they want us to leave, yet they know, they cannot afford to let us go”

    Breeks says:
    1 September, 2018 at 10:46 am

    “I think it’s a feature of Tory/BritNat strategy that IF Scotland can be provoked into losing its rag, it will polarise opinion, both sides will dig in, and the resulting entrenchment will see Independence percentages pickled in amber”

    I however have a different theory, Breeks. While I believe you are right and they are desperately trying to divide us, remember what their focus of attention always is: mother England. And now there are massive, painful divisions right across the middle of England due to Brexit. They cannot handle it: support for tories and support for labour is falling. A lot of labour voters are now disenfranchised due to Labour’s support for brexit. The entire bipartite system of one party in power another in opposition that has ensured an easy control of England (and by default the entire UK) by the powers that be is collapsing: The SNP has more members than the LibDems and quite possibly even Tories. Even the crooks are now attacking the Greens and smearing them in desperation.

    So my take on this is that they are desperately trying to unite England against something to distract them from the mother of all economic disasters that brexit is going to be. For 2 years they have attempted unsuccessfully to unite England against the EU and failed. Plan B, which was attempting to unite England against Russia with the bogus nerve gas thingy didn’t quite work either. So what is the next best target, that has already been used reliably and successfully in the past? Scotland.

    But the only way the ordinary people of England (particularly those who support remaining in the EU and look quite jealous who the Scottish government is fighting brexit every step of the way and even cheering from the sidelines) will see Scotland as such bogeyman is if it is angry, very angry and really wanting and threatening to leave. That is what I believe these crooks are doing. They see the writing on the wall. They know the union will not last long so they are trying to use Scotland one more time: by deliberately provoking us and making us angry so England can see just how nasty we are and forget for a little while the mess they are walking in thanks to both, Tories and Labour. At the same time, they will use that opportunity to ransack Scotland even more and seize its assets. The crooks are already doing it.

  74. Robert Peffers says:

    @starlaw says: 1 September, 2018 at 10:42 am:

    … Don’t know whats its called now but used to be known as the Ministry of Mis-Information.”

    Is that what the MI stands for in MI5 & MI6?

    I had a rather bad night last night and couldn’t sleep. So this AM I awoke late and, as usual, my first move while attending to making my breakfast was to turn on the Radio which was tuned to Radio Jockland.

    The utter anti-indy shit spewing from Shereen and co, was turning my stomach and I had to turn the radio off. Some of the views being expressed were legally actionable.

    Then while I ate breakfast I realised that tripe pouring from the loudspeakers was, without doubt, doing much more harm to the English/British Nationalist cause than to the desire for Scottish independence. I can honestly say I have not detected a single known Yesser who is other than more certain of Scottish independence and there is most certainly no signs of new splits in the indy movement.

    Other, that is, than from the ever present so called, Scottish Socialist extreme left wing who cannot even agree with each other.

  75. 10/30 says:

    Wells and co. may have been hoping to restrict/strangle any future crowd funding for AS with their brass neck comments….I’ll be doubling my initial contribution if any future funds are required to contest these allegations. Job done Wells (well not).

  76. maf7 says:

    Where can I donate to Alex’s crowdfund: URL please?

  77. Foonurt says:

    Unionists = glaur.

  78. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Couldn’t find my National despite trying at my local Tesco.

    I did find they do a nice range of Aberdeen Angus Sausages with a Union Jack on them.

    Does that mean the Aberdeen angus is sourced from all over the UK or have they stolen Aberdeen?

    Hope they haven’t stolen our oil as well,…….doh! they did that already.

  79. Robert Peffers says:

    @Socrates MacSporran says: 1 September, 2018 at 8:23 am:

    ” … I am starting to worry about this Independence thing. The Tories are, to my mind, trying too hard to piss us off – between the total erse they are making of Brexit, this ludicrous smear of Wee Eck, now we have the walking cadavar, JR-M telling us we cannot have a referendum before 2040.
    It’s almost as if they want us to leave, yet they know, they cannot afford to let us go.”

    Ah! Yes! Socrates, I believe Mr Gordon Ross, of IndyCar fame, may have already hit that particular nail a smack on its head.

    Have a wee watch at this:-

    It very much smacks of the truth in my opinion.

  80. Dr Jim says:

    Having a theory is a good thing to be proved or disproved without theories there is no advancement of knowledge
    We know there are conspiracies, books are written about them films are made of them even governments subscribe to them on foreign intervention yet when Scottish Nationalists have both opinions they’re MOCKED as conspiracy theorists which instantly then becomes something fictional that doesn’t exist

    So you can only be a legitimate conspiracy theorist if you’re the British state anybody else is a nut job

  81. defo says:

    I am wee Eckticus

  82. Jack Murphy says:

    Fundraiser now closed.

    Alex Salmond says he is no longer seeking donations after the campaign collected twice the original £50,000 target,saying “Many thanks to the thousands of people who have come forward with support.

    We will now press on with the challenge to the lawfulness of the procedure.

    All funds will be used exclusively to support the judicial review.

    If we are successful in the Court of Session then there are likely to be substantial surplus funds and, as I have pledged, every penny will then go to good causes in Scotland and beyond.”

  83. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Where can I donate to Alex’s crowdfund: URL please?”

    You can’t. It’s now been closed down, having reached £100,000.

  84. HYUFD says:

    It is the Attorney General of the Scottish Government who is looking to bring charges against Salmond, not Westminster

  85. HYUFD says:

    It was the Lord Advocate of Scotland in Sturgeon’s Cabinet who sent the Salmond case to police and it will be the Procurator Fiscal, also part of the Scottish Government, who will decide if Salmond is charged. Nothing to do with Westminster at all

  86. Foonurt says:

    Procurator-fiscal decides in Scotland, whether tae proceed urr drapit.

  87. Fred says:

    Scotland’s so-called Attorney General is a Tory appointed lawyer who works for the Tories. The Procurators Fiscal are an independent body, not an arm of the Scottish Government.

  88. defo says:

    Well, that didn’t take long HY did it?
    Shot down in minutes.
    Save it for the Hootsmon comment freaks mate. They love a bit of it

  89. Fred says:

    Well! when I say arm of the Scottish Government, that’s who pays their wages!

  90. Grouse Beater says:

    Aye, Chris, the opponents of democracy won’t like hearing that they waited too long to drag Salmond through the mud. He’s playing the active retiree. Just try stopping him.

    Your essential weekend reading:

    ‘The Sins of Salmond’
    ‘The Irish Famine” – a review.

  91. Cactus says:

    Evening Grouse Beater, thanks for ‘The Irish Famine’ link but ah canna get the link thru to your ‘The Sins of Salmond’ one…

    Have an excellent weekend.


  92. Thepnr says:

    @Grouse Beater

    You posted the same link twice, link to ‘The Sins of Salmond’
    is missing needs replacing.

  93. HYUFD says:

    Fred Yes it is the Scottish Government who pays the Procurator Fiscal so both the Lord Advocate who sent the case to the police and the Procurator Fiscal who will decide whether to prosecute effectively work for the government

  94. Jason Smoothpiece says:


    Not quite how it works old bean.

    The Police investigate if the decision is to charge, if a crime is established of course, the report is sent to the Procurator fiscal.

    Only petition cases i.e pleas of the crown,:murder, r**e, robbery etc go to the lord advocate having been sent by the fiscal.

  95. Grouse Beater says:

    Oops! Many thanks Thepnr. Proper link here:

    ‘The Sins of Salmond’

  96. Thepnr says:

    @Jason Smoothpiece

    Yes exactly and that is the whole point of the police investigation. They have to first of all establish that a crime has been committed before they will charge anyone with a crime.

    Even then they will only send this to the Procurator Fiscal if they believe that they have enough evidence to make a case both for a crime to have happened and for a suspect to be identified.

    The decision to take a case to court

    The police will report the crime to the procurator fiscal if:

    1. the suspect is found
    2. there’s enough evidence

  97. Iain mhor says:

    Anent who is bringing charges and the delusion the Fiscal in Scotland will perch his pince-nez studiously and take pains to decide the merit of a case.
    I’ve said it before.
    Its ‘rubber stamped’ it will proceed and the first interest the Fiscal will take is the opening proceedings.
    If there is zero merit, zero evidence, it will still proceed. Then and only then, will the particulars be presented.
    If you believe the above is a fallacy… Wait til it’s your turn in the wringer (heaven forfend) you will be rapidly disabused of any notions you have about the processes of justice and the courts.

  98. Thepnr says:

    @Iain mhor

    If what you say is the case then why was Michelle Thomson never charged with a crime never mind reported to the Fiscal?

    What is it you mean by “rubber stamped”? Who does the stamping?

  99. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Iain mhor

    Iain I can assure you that the Procurator fiscal does not rubber stamp all police reports very often fairly solid cases are “red penned” by the PF sometimes wrongly, they are understaffed and overworked to be fair.

    The PF will often ask for further enquiries to be made prior to taking a case to court.

    They certainly dont rubber stamp all cases given to them by the Police.

  100. Iain mhor says:

    @Thepnr : I dont know the particulars of that case, but as you say if it wasn’t ‘prosecuted’ then it wouldn’t get to the PF

    @Jason Smoothpiece : I take your point, my contention is that it is precisely the workload which gives rise to ‘rubber stamping’. By this I mean the office of the PF cannot scrutinize the merit of every case. Therefore, anything brought by Government, Local authority etc. is presumed to automatically have merit, based on the assumption those authorities completed their own due diligence.

    That’s not to say if particular attention is brought to a case it wouldn’t be scrutinized beforehand but the odds are vanishingly small.
    As a corollary, I have experience of a case, found to have ‘no merit’ at court and dispensed with. But, additional cases for that diet (some dozens) from the same authority on similar prosecution, were also thrown out en-masse without being called; on the basis that one was wrong all were suspect. Saved the Court valuable time.

    So, pretty much, unless from external interference instructing (*advising) the PF to take a peculiar interest in a case. Or from it being particularly drawn to their attention, It will proceed to court.
    How many cases would that encompass? Vanishingly few.
    Certainly any concerning ye or me will in all probability fail the criteria.
    Another weighting to take into consideration is the benefit to the court. By that I mean, would a particular case (whether meritous or not) benefit the the court, fiscals, solicitors et-al. If it is of such public interest and everyones profile is raised, then it will proceed. Further reducing odds of stalling, halting, or having a case rejected before it reaches court.

    Yes my post was a generalisation and I should be upbraided for that. However, my gist is, that any notions of due process, scrutiny “fairness” and merits of a case, is pretty much trampled under workload, ‘rubber stamping’ high level interference, personal gain.
    The greatest troll in any court is to have you stand beneath an icon of “Blind Justice” and contemplate the imagery as you are taking it up the sheugh.

  101. Andy-B says:

    An absolute belter Chris,it brought a big smile to my face, thanks.

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