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Why Ed Balls is an idiot

Posted on August 24, 2014 by

Labour’s shadow Chancellor quoted in today’s Observer:

“Alex Salmond doesn’t want to admit it now, but joining the euro would likely be his only realistic plan B.”

This won’t take very long at all.

An independent Scotland would not be eligible to join the Euro. It doesn’t meet the EU’s five “convergence criteria”, most particularly the fifth and final one:

“Exchange-rate stability, through participation in the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM II) for at least two years without strong deviations from the ERM II central rate.”

You can’t join ERM2 if you don’t already have your own currency. The only way for Scotland to meet the convergence criteria would be to have its own brand-new currency, sign up to ERM2, and prove that the new currency was stable.

And of course, if it had done that, it would by definition have its own stable currency already and therefore no NEED to join the Euro.


Ed Balls wants to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, yet evidently doesn’t have even the most basic grasp of the workings of the European Union. It seems safest to discount anything else he might say on the subject of currency as the witterings of an incompetent buffoon who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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113 to “Why Ed Balls is an idiot”

  1. Joe says:

    I couldn’t care less what our currency is, to be honest. I already bank in USD, EUR and GBP – my Citibank UK account makes that a dream (multiple sub-accounts in different currencies, one debit card that can be set to one of the three currencies).

    This is just a huge distraction from the real question: “Do you want Scotland to be governed by Scotland or the UK”. That is all. All the other side debates are meaningless until we’re independent. Which WILL happen.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Anybody living with the surname ‘Balls’ without changing it to something less risible is indeed an idiot.

  3. Barry Blust says:

    I am amazed by the ceaseless parade of ill informed, incapable MPs. Now I know the pay is a pittance compared to their private market value (don’t ask me) but how/why could so many stupid people converge in the name of any country?

  4. DanGoodlad says:

    Headline should read: Why Ed Balls Talks Baws

  5. gordoz says:

    Guys a plonker; ‘nough said

  6. Tackety Beets says:

    But we all know he is a 24 Ct Gold Plonker Rodney !

  7. mogabee says:

    This list of idiots in Westminster is increasing daily…

    Amazingly since this referendum was called!

  8. Kozmas left peg says:

    Anyone informed in the debate knows that it’s nonsense. Yet the papers peddle this crap in the hope of continuing to frighten those not fully engaged. The media are the ones with most to answer once the dust settles. Any self respecting journalist would have refused to put there name to such a big pile of crap.

  9. Of course, Ed Balls isn’t an idiot. But like Scottish Labour, he thinks he can carry on treating the Scottish electorate as if we were idiots.

  10. Iain Hamilton says:

    If a plan b were to be ascertained, I’m sure it would be the Scottish pound. I was delighted to see a trader in Hong Kong this week offering 11.5 HK Dollars to the Scottish pound and only 11.3 to the BoE pound. Fair gave me a giggle over my coffee, especially when my wife pointed out the Record had covered the story.

  11. Albert Herring says:


  12. Andy smith says:

    Fuckwits like him get involved in politics because they’re unemployable elsewhere !

  13. uilleam_beag says:

    I thought this baseless yarn had been put to bed long ago. Either Ed Balls wasn’t paying attention, or he’s trying to deceive voters who are similarly ill-informed.

  14. frankieboy says:

    Inveterate liars. they can’t help it.

  15. Allan Gow says:

    What’s the gold price today? Wait until it falls a bit more, then we can sell the reserves.

  16. Malcolm says:

    Oh, Lordy.
    In words of a single syllable:
    It’s the pound, it’s the pound it’s the pound……….
    And Lord Darling (designate) and Load of Balls can’t do a thing about it.

  17. The ordinary voter isn’t listening to this rubbish any longer. Salmond simply needs to keep it simple tomorrow night.

  18. galamcennalath says:

    Sounds like he is well qualified to be a Labour Chancellor at Westminster. Clearly he’s in the same league as previous ones, Messrs Darling and Brown.

  19. Calgacus says:

    Mr. Bollox knows exactly what he is doing. Poisoning the debate with yet another scare story. Do go away you horrible little man.

  20. crazycat says:

    I haven’t read the rest of the Observer article, but surely this is a concession by Balls that an independent Scotland would be in the EU?

    (I do know it is possible to use the euro outwith the EU, but that would be an even more bizarre suggestion on his part.)

  21. JimnArlene says:

    Another towering intellect, no not really. Balls it up, again.

  22. kendomacaroonbar says:

    He gives us a competitive advantage… leave the boy alone, he’s doing just fine as he is 🙂

  23. Kenny Campbell says:

    Balls is no idiot, just following the script on sowing seeds of fear.

    If Euro is so bad why is GBP still weaker against EUR than at EUR inception ?

  24. Andy-B says:

    Oh! I think Ed balls knew exactly what he was doing, he was scaremongering.

  25. msean says:

    Why would anyone in the south elect put in charge of the economy someone who seems not to know these simple facts that the Scottish Electorate have learned over the last few years? We are not stupid,and can use computers/can read.

  26. jim watson says:

    I am sorry but I know many incompetent buffoons who will be upset by the comparison – please find a new way of describing Mr Balls.

  27. Blair paterson says:

    Sorry to go of topic so soon but the Sunday post is on about pensions again they say that72 per cent of pensioners fear for pensions if the split I wonder how long it took them to ask 72per cent of all the pensioners in Scotland that you see they do not tell you how many they asked that is their ploy they maybe only asked 50 or a100 at most but they try to imply this is the opinion of all the pensioners in Scotland ,they also claim that just 12 per cnt trust a.s. On pensions while 24 per cnt trust darling i mean who the hell do ask these questions of ? They really must think we are stupid enough to keep on believing the same old con., trick polls and lies. Vote yes

  28. macart763m says:

    Or he’s hoping we’re idiots.

    Either way he’s beating his head off a wall. I suspect its more likely he’s playing to the crowds though. He’s letting the faithful hear exactly what they want to hear in London. In event of a no win the UK public won’t lift a finger against a Westminster agenda dead set on punishing the uppity Scots.

    That the Guardian/Observer slavishly prints and promotes these lies without challenge says it all really. They have their own financial experts who are just as aware of the mechanics as we are, yet not a whisper from them, not a peep, not one hand raised to question. From left wing social conscience to establishment propaganda rag in the space of a campaign.

    Who knew?

  29. Dan Huil says:

    I remember Balls and Miliband coming up to Scotland prior to the last Holyrood election and crowing how Scots would vote Labour to give the tories a bloody nose.

  30. Lockie says:

    Balls exposed (ohh steady Mrs) wonder if that’ll stop flipper quoting him on the debate tomorrow night ?

  31. wingman 2020 says:

    Guardian: The paper that transformed along with New Labour to an establishment supporting propaganda machine.

  32. heedtracker says:

    Balls still can’t top this from Crash though. Watch it again, its actually demonic in its intent to deceive Scotland.

  33. Brian Mchugh says:

    Nice one to the person who did this…
    Cheered up my walk back home 🙂

  34. David S Briggs says:

    He hopes to be the third in a line of recent Labour Chancellors, all apparently ignorant about almost anything you could name. Or is it all devious lies with them all? For their peace of mind I hope it’s just stupidity.

  35. Dr Jim says:

    I’m 65,but fortunately for me have the ability to read and avail myself of what is required to ascertain any information i might require, many people my age and older don’t have the inclination, or even a computor, or the ability to do these things, and the MSM and UKGOV know it and that’s why there is now outright barefaced lying of the first order.
    I fear now the real dirty entrenched attrition to come from these ‘I hate to call them people’
    Today’s vile scare stories on front page, so called ‘newspapers’ aimed at the most vulnerable in our society are the acts of the most evil type and can only hope the First Minister and his team can find public ways to combat them.

  36. wingman 2020 says:

    @Dan Huil
    I remember Balls and Miliband coming up to Scotland prior to the last Holyrood election and crowing how Scots would vote Labour

    They must be panicking right about now… YES or NO… Labour is severely damaged in Scotland. Perhaps not a write off… Maybe they will get back on the road as a ‘ringer’*

    “Something nobody wants to own or drive.

  37. Tom Foyle says:

    Jim Watson

    Thanks, mate. I needed a good laugh to cheer me up and you supplied it admirably!

  38. Dan Huil says:

    @ Dr Jim. Exactly right. I hope AS takes the opportunity tomorrow night to expose the lies about pensions in an independent Scotland.

    @ wingman 2020. Labour doesn’t have the brains to realise independence is the best chance for them to re-establish themselves as a credible party in Scotland.

  39. fred blogger says:

    luckily for us, ed balls being an idiot will very shortly not be scotlands concern.

  40. Sinky says:

    Speaking in May 2013, nine years after the Czech Republic joined the E.U., European Council president Herman Van Rompuy stated:
    “The prime minister added in his statement that it is even an obligation to join the euro, so that is nothing new. But you have to meet all the criteria. At this stage the Czech Republic is not meeting all the criteria, so the problem is not a problem today.

    But even if you meet the criteria, then of course the Czech Republic has to make its own decision in its own constitutional order. So I will not interfere in this internal debate; it’s up to the Czech Republic to make up its mind.“

  41. Sinky says:

    From Private Eye 14 Feb 2011

    NEW shadow chancellor Ed Balls wasted no time painting his Tory opponents as the bankers’ friends.

    On the absence of any deal obliging banks to lend more to small business, Balls claimed it was “typical of a Conservative party which has not been on the case with the banks since it took office and opposed tougher regulation throughout the last decade before the global financial crisis hit”.

    Could this be the same Ed Balls whose speeches to the bankers before the crash could only be listened to with sickbag to hand? To the City of London Corporation in October 2006, he boasted of “our light-touch and risk-based regulatory approach combined with the great pool of talent gathered from across the planet that underpins London’s success as a modern international financial centre”.

    In the same month he also abased himself before the British Bankers’ Association, admitting that “my starting point, as a Treasury minister. is this: what more can I do can we do together -to support and enhance the critical role that the banking industry plays in our economy?”

    The toadying continued: “It is your success and the strength of our economy that enables you to fulfil your wider social responsibilities.”
    In his first speech as a Treasury minister a few months earlier, Balls had stressed: “It is important that the financial Services Authority continues to deliver a Iight-touch and risk-based regulatory approach. It was he claimed, “a huge competitive advantage” -betraying his view of the role of regulation.
    It was such a huge advantage, in fact, that in the words of the National Audit Office in the wake of Northern Rock, it amounted to a “systemic failure of duty”

  42. iain taylor (not that one) says:

    I disagree. He’s smart. He knows the prospect of the € as Scotland’s currency will scare off a few voters.

    He’s a liar of course.

  43. heedtracker says:

    Keep in mind conmen like Brown, Darling and Balls, No vote means Scotland continues paying it’s surplus to Westminster TeamGB but keeps cutting Barnet handout, austerity bites harder, Lamont, Davidson, Rennie, BBC etc demand SNP raise Scottish taxes with it’s new new powers they were “given” to make up the Barnett cuts. Same SNP can’t hike taxes but get relentlessly savaged by BBC/all media.

    Life is tough, you voted for it, suck it up Scotland, as Lady Lamont takes the oath as Scotland region first minister. Scotland’s decline in this farce union accelerates. Job done.

  44. David Anderson says:

    @Dr Jim 3:58pm

    I hear your fears and that is why it is important we all get round to those we know in the target categories for these fear stories, I urge everyone to speak to any pensioners they know and try and put across the other side of the story. This is really important and if you are a trsuted or valued friend then that may be the deciding factor for those less informed or more prone to believing the scare stories.

    O/T spoke to someone I have just met re the referendum, they told me they are registered homeless and the council stated they could not vote (PErth & Kinross). THIS IS NOT TRUE, you can make a declaration of local connection and nominate and address to collect correspondence from or state you will pick it up at the local regsitration office. I haev now offered my address to this person as somewhere they can get referendum related mail so if anyone knows of someone in this predicament please let them know they can still vote and potentially you can offer to help. voices must be heard.

  45. Gary says:

    Is EVERYTHING they say a lie? I now say this every day. Everything they say IS a lie..

  46. Capella says:

    He does know something about economics. He’s another “flipper”.
    But he is also another Bilderburger so probably just chucking in his tuppence worth to stir up trouble for Scotland in the run up to the vote. Nice guy.

  47. Edward says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Balls, he is from the same clique as Milliband and all the useless ‘straight out of university’ types that haven’t had a proper job. Like our chum Murphy.

    Also like Murphy’s young interns , who are travelling with him around Scotland (seen on all the vids).
    Like the bright young thing that is Anna Yearley, Milliband’s senior aide, who recently called all northerners ‘backward’

    They really are the crap of the crap that Blair enabled, when he corrupted the Labour party to create his ‘new labour project’

  48. les Wilson says:

    Alex Salmond + Nicola water challenge

  49. joe kane says:

    The British Labour Party school of economics.

    What happened when Labour were last in charge of the British economy, does anybody know?

    I bet Ed has a brilliant economic alternative to the Tory/Lib Dem austerity programme all worked out which has been specifically designed to win Labour the next General Election.

  50. Jim Marshall says:

    Just as the British media have conducted a tirade against Scottish independence they have similarly campaigned against the euro since its inception.

    When the euro was floated in 2002 ( it had existed as cyber currency for 2 years before) it traded at 60p to the £. It now trades at 80p to the £, fully 33% up from its start point.

    If I had a few millions in the bank I would ensure it was in euros as it has proved to be a stronger currency than the volatile pound.

    Having said that, I believe the Scottish Government policy of adopting the £ with or without a currency union is the right line to take for establishing our economy and other options e.g. euro,Scottish pound can be considered a few years further on. I have no reservations about selling this to the voters when canvassing.

  51. JWil says:

    I think Salmond’s problem in the debate tomorrow will be that he will not be allowed to spell out the pros of Independence. Darling will talk over him and the BBC man will cut short discussions at the appropriate time, either to take another question or to change the subject. We have seen this tactic being applied time after time on the BBC.

    We have to remember that the BBC is not on the side of independence. It’s not even on the side of unbiased reporting.

  52. Andrew Morton says:

    We were over at my brother’s this afternoon. Not sure about him but I had my sister in law pegged as a No. Rock solid Lib Dem voter. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said that the success of the Commonwealth Games boded well for the Referendum!

    Slight downer on the way home when I saw my first car with a UKOK sticker, somewhat offset by another with a big, blue Yes.

  53. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT as well. These feathers are causing a bit of a problem today. 🙂

    But the weight of evidence supports the case that future oil revenues from the North Sea will be sufficient to support the SNP’s spending plans.

  54. Paula Rose says:

    @ Andrew Morton

    Maybe it was a sticker for this –

  55. Benjamin Rae says:

    Strange thing for Balls to say. I suspect they’ve looked at what the Conservatives have got away with , and tried the same tactic.
    That being, if you can convince people of falsehoods, the truth doesn’t matter. The Tories have the media and state broadcaster to help them with that.
    Balls maybe has the New Statesman and Daily Mirror. So his bullshit is even less convincing than Osborne’s.
    Balls does have an understanding of economics. He has a brain, but also complete contempt for the Scottish electorate.

  56. Muscleguy says:

    Sadly it is worse than Ed Balls being an idiot. He knows what he says is not true but he has such a low and paternalistic view of the people of Scotland (or maybe just No voters) that he thinks we are idiots who will A swallow this and B recoil in horror at using a major world currency.

    That we will not be in a position for some time to join the Euro is something of a disappointment to me.

  57. Proud Cybernat says:

    Now that is a fine example of what you would call a solid kicking of the Balls.

  58. Harry McAye says:

    My current car sticker tally in and around Hamilton – Yes 85 No 11

    My current Yes/No Window tally – 33-4

    However, there has been a sudden increase in visible No supporters. One house I passed today had a huge “Scotland Says No To Seperation” poster in the window. Bit presumptious!

  59. kendomacaroonbar says:


    It’s time we all started to show more saltire stickers and flags.

  60. highseastim says:

    Even his wife won’t take his surname, as she probably talks as much of it!!

  61. Clem Fitzgerald says:

    Of course Balls is talking nonsense. And I have never thought he was that clever. That said he is not an idiot either. He knows he is factually wrong.

    He is in fact fishing for English votes in the Southern marginals with these kinds of utterances (and possibly trying to outdo Miliband in the process). It’s the typical (and increasingly deluded) Labour complacency re Scottish votes.

    Get used to increasingly shrill Scots-bashing from the main parties in case of a “no” vote. The mechanics of FPTP and constituency boundaries at Westminster will mean fuelling resentment towards Scotland will be a vote winner.

    We can’t say we won’t have been warned.

  62. heedtracker says: The bizarre thing about the Obsevor editor interviewing Balls is he doesnt see fit to point out to his readers the how and why Balls is lying like this.

    This is a top teamGB hack in full propaganda mode, unless he really hasn’t a clue what qualifies countries to use the Euro, Either or is just as likely, really crap Britnat journalism from Graun, shock.

  63. Clarinda says:

    Andrew Morton re ukok

    saw a car in Perth today with what I thought was a ukok sticker but on inspection the imaginative driver had recomposed it as –

    UK? no
    UK is brOKe
    Vote YES

    Might confuse some but a decent effort.

  64. North chiel says:

    Currency,( a means of exchange) is somewhat less important than Scotland’s balance sheet ie. Assets ( oil, renewables etc etc)
    And liabilities ( principally the Westminster treasury )
    We could significantly strengthen the balance sheet by
    Voting YES ?

  65. Robert Peffers says:

    There you go. Told you so – Cameron has crapped it.
    AS nominated him for the drookin and he declined to take the challange and instead will just make a donation.

    What else could we expect – after all like Blair he is the brave guy to order UK troops to war but what’s all right as he will decline to lead them and make a visit to the troops after it is sake to do so.

    It’s the Bullindon Boys way – School bully boys as long as someone else takes the risks.

  66. John H. says:

    I never pay any attention to anything Ed Balls says. I did laugh though, when I heard him say once that his sister Ophelia was very popular at school. 😉

  67. muttley79 says:

    In regards to the debate tomorrow, it will likely be like the last one. Salmond will be constantly interrupted by Darling and the BBC presenter. The audience will be similar to the STV debate, with No supporters outnumbering Yes ones. Expect to see the a good section of the audience abuse Salmond with the usual personal stuff. The idea that the British state is not going to deploy its usual tricks is laughable. Salmond has to perform better though.

  68. heedtracker says:

    This is quite funny, don’t know how they rank them though.

    2 (45) Laura Kuenssberg Chief Political Correspondent, BBC News, up from 45! Last time I watched this sneering delight, she interviewed Alex Salmond as if she’d just kecked herself. What a line up of UKOK liggers. Paxo does standup now and it’s rated very high by his chums in the media, so it’s probably a load of crap too.

    Next year Embro festival, when they might be permitted to even discuss Scottish democracy, the Jim Naughty comedy show or Alex Salmond, My part in his downfall.

  69. horseboy says:

    SUNDAY HERALD free ICONIC windows stickers today, for ‘YES WINDOWS DAY’ on 1st Sept.

    The Sunday Herald are giving away these free Window Stickers inside todays Sunday Herald.

    Get along to your local shop and grab yours before they all sell out.

    I got last one in my local, phew!

  70. Brian Mchugh says:

    Watch Undecided about the Referendum live now on…

  71. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

    As suggested above, Ball’s ridiculous ‘intervention’ is probably a setup for the debate tomorrow so that they waste loads of time talking about plan B.

    I’m looking at the TV schedule and tomorrow STV are also broadcasting a debate. What?! Are they broadcasting the first STV debate in order to catch out the unwary by trying to pass it off as the most current debate, which happens to be on earlier on BBC tomorrow.

    Dubious UK broadcasters.

  72. Robert Louis says:

    Mutley 79,

    I agree. The debate tomorrow will likely be filled with anti Salmond stuff, instead of discussing the REAL details of independence. Lots of jingoistic finger pointing from Darling in place of any coherent arguments.

    I regard it as a pointless exercise. Nothing will be learned, Salmond will be abused, and regardless of how well he does, he will be portrayed as a loser.

    What I would really like to see, would be 2 full two hour interviews, with both parties (done separately), with a highly competent, neutral presenter doing a forensic examination of each sides arguments. We all know that will not happen however, for 2 reasons;

    1. The BBC doe not possess such a competent impartial presenter. They do have good political presenters, but sadly they are all biased London subservient unionists.

    2. The BBC and their London Government masters, know full well the unionist case is a pack of lies, and would be exposed as such when exposed to even the mildest scrutiny.

  73. wingman 2020 says:

    Check out the BTL comments who claim the Wee Blue Book is biased and false despite not actually looking at it. 🙂

  74. Willie Galbraith says:

    Why is the media not challenging crap like this ???????
    Balls is an easy target,,,,,
    Oh wait….. That would mean impartiality

  75. Johnny says:

    wingman 2020 @ 6:52

    Interesting thing in that article in some phrasing, where Libby Brooks writes that Salmond will be trying to win over “the 15% or so of Scottish voters who pollsters estimate have yet to be convinced by the case for leaving the union”. I realise that she means undecideds, but the way it reads is as if the other 85% have already been convinced by the case!

  76. Saintee says:

    Do all the people worrying about currency stay awake all night before heading off abroad worrying about how they will pay for anything where pounds are not the accepted medium of payment?

  77. Croompenstein says:

    Anyone who votes no because of fear of what the currency is a f*in thicko, sorry but they are. This man is a disgrace and his attempt to undermine Scottish self determination will not be forgotten.

  78. Alastair Wright says:

    Well, well, Balls talks balls!

  79. fred blogger says:

    ot i expect some will have seen this short clip.

  80. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I am frying fish.

  81. mr thms says:


    It looks so well made, I think they just wanted to take it home.

    It’s snapped off where it is nailed to the post

    A vandal would have smashed it all up…

  82. Marcia says:

    mr thms

    To fit with this thread – balls!

  83. Sinky says:

    A newly independent Scotland would have a better Human Development Index (HDI) than the rest of the UK, even without oil, a leading international finance company has said.

  84. davidb says:

    @ Harry McAye

    I have seen a handful of the “Scotland Says No To ….” posters in windows. I was struck how they reminded me of the Ulster ones at the time of the Anglo Irish Agreement. I assumed they were something produced by the Orange Lodge.

    I have seen precious few other No posters but am seeing more and more Yes windows and especially badges appearing.

  85. This vid is from the Yes Caithness facebook page. It’s the brother of Ian Smart.

    Good watch

  86. Tattie-bogle says:

    o/t the new thread has only two comments so on here it goes never have i seen such bullshit in my life also this states that England is 1 of the 34 countries in the EU if anything it should either make you laugh or cry

  87. just more confusion and obfuscation. I can’t believe he’s as daft as the words he utters, but he’s only adding to the pile of negative headlines and scare stories for the hard of thinking. I don’t mean to be unkind but when you hear people don’t know the NHS in Scotland is independent, you know who his target is.

  88. P.R.D. says:

    Studies indicate that banknotes might even serve as a vector of disease.

  89. G H Graham says:

    At least Osborne can fall back on towel folding when he leaves politics; a singularly unique preparatory skill for a Chancellor.

    Like other’s I travel a lot and find that many places accept multiple currencies simultaneously & I’ve never heard a complain by any of them that because Greece defaulted on its sovereign debts that the Euros I presented couldn’t be accepted.

    I use Paypal a lot to handle international payments from anyone who has the equivalent currency but I don;t care which currency it is.

    I care no more about which currency an independent Scotland might use either because that’s not why we are having the referendum.

    The referendum is asking us a much more important and fundamental questions, admittedly in shorthand.

    Do you accept that the current undemocratic bicameral Westminster system that resides in another country, has been repeatedly proven to be wholly corrupt & self serving?

    or ….

    Do you believe that your wealth, your country’s wealth & the decisions made on your behalf would be better managed by the very people who live & work in your own country?

    London or Edinburgh? It’s really simple.

  90. HandandShrimp says:

    I gave this short shrift on the Guardian last night with a couple of the BT regulars suggesting I misunderstood and that Balls didn’t mean immediately. As I pointed out, what use is a plan B that you can’t use for years?

    A shockingly poor piece of nonsense from Balls. I wonder if Darling will run with it tomorrow or whether he will blank it

  91. Roberto Esquierdo says:


  92. Roberto Esquierdo says:


  93. Roberto Esquierdo says:

    So sorry should have added annie

  94. Sandra Wilson says:

    First we ignore them, then we laughs at them, then we fight them and then we win. Let’s just put our energy into winning.

  95. Brian Mchugh says:

    What an absolutely brilliant Livestream that was tonight. Well done to the Independence Live guys and the fantastic panel.

  96. highseastim says:

    James Caithness, thanks for the YouTube clip, hilarious to watch the two Labour folk getting their knickers in a twist, trying to wriggle their way out of mis- information!,

  97. highseastim says:

    Brian, I’m offshore and the stream was being blocked, did I miss any new info?.

  98. Clootie says:

    If the proposal is that Ed Balls is an idiot (which I fully agree with)
    What does that say about Ed Millibands judgement in keeping him in place?

  99. David Coulter says:

    Once we’ve all got over the hangover and we realise what we’ve just done; amidst all the optimism, excitement and energy, I hope we make sure that all those who mis-informed, all those who mis-led and all those who downright lied will be remembered and brought to task. I’m not normally one for holding grudges, but some of those journalists and politicians who tried to hold our country down need to face the consequences……make them squirm.

  100. Brian Mchugh says:

    highseastim, there was a question on the oil. The whole vid will be on Youtube soon im told. Highly recommended and well worth watching.

  101. Jon D says:

    effete balls…

    No wait, that’s his missus

  102. Grouse Beater says:

    all those who misled and all those who downright lied will be … brought to task.

    There’s certainly a strong case for them to be confronted and made to explain their regressive actions.

  103. highseastim says:

    Thanks for that Brian

  104. Thepnr says:

    @James Caithness

    Loved your Arbroath video link. Haha these peeps make it too easy.

  105. BB says:

    Is Ed Balls an idiot, unfit for his job or is he a deliberate liar who will say anything just to get people to do what he wants them to do? Hard to pick just the one option of the two, maybe…

  106. Craig MacKenzie says:

    Yes indeed Ed Balls is an idiot. And we collectively gave him and his pals the mandate to govern us. Think on Scotland.

    MP’s, You Can’t Live With Them AND.. They’re Everywhere.

  107. Haggis Hunter says:

    If the No campaign had fought their campaign on open honest debate, without threats, then there is a fair chance they could have won it. That is not possible now.

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