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What you can’t say

Posted on September 12, 2016 by

As several alert readers have already spotted, our Twitter account was suspended at some point in the early hours of this morning. We’ve had no email from Twitter offering any sort of explanation, but it seems most likely to have been at the behest of a Daily Express hack called Siobhan McFadyen who’s been huffily bleating to the company’s executives over the weekend about this tweet:


The reason we tweeted that comment is detailed here and here. But apparently it’s an opinion that you’re no longer allowed to have.

As far as we can tell – it’s hard to search for anything relating to a suspended account – we’ve never sent a single tweet directly to Siobhan McFadyen, and we’ve only ever mentioned her Twitter ID in three. But all weekend she’s been howling at Twitter that lots of people have been mentioning her in tweets as a result of the two articles.


In Twitter terminology, a “notification” is almost any sort of activity relating to your account, including someone merely retweeting a tweet that your ID tag is mentioned in. (You can filter out various different types to reduce the number dramatically or even completely.) For perspective on the 600 figure, Scottish MP Natalie McGarry got over 75,000 in a single day when she had an argument with JK Rowling.

There’s no sign that anyone threatened or abused McFadyen, and we certainly didn’t encourage anyone to. If she’s had any offensive messages she hasn’t retweeted or quoted them. But she’s repeatedly complained simply that anyone’s had the temerity to contact or discuss her on the open social-media platform at all.


The tweet above is directed at Twitter support and its “General Counsel” (we have no idea what that actually means) Vijaya Gadde. It notes that McFadyen’s account has had 227,000 “impressions” in a day, which is a basically meaningless term relating to how many times anyone has simply looked at your tweets.

(No context is offered showing to suggest whether that’s an atypically high or low figure for the account, but as McFadyen isn’t very popular – just 1,705 followers – it’s probably a fair bit more than usual.)

The rest of the tweet implies that Twitter’s failure to impose sanctions against, um, people looking at her tweets is responsible for the poor performance of its share price – NYSE: TWTR is the company’s code on the New York Stock Exchange. McFadyen linked the two things in this tweet to Vijaya Gadde:


So that’s about all we know at the moment. Twitter, bizarrely, has no actual specific procedure for challenging an account suspension. You have to dig through its support pages and get in touch with them to tell them they’ve suspended you, and ask what’s going on.


The auto-response says they’ll try to get back to you “within a few days”, so goodness knows how long we’ll continue to be gagged for the crime of saying that an appalling newspaper article full of lies is a “disgrace”.


(We’re sure, of course, that Scotland’s political journalists will rally to our cause in the name of free speech, just like they did when absolutely nothing happened to Stephen Daisley and David Torrance recently.)

In the meantime, readers can follow my personal account for updates, and anyone who feels that Twitter’s actions have been unjust can tweet them – politely, obviously – at @Twitter and @Support to request the @WingsScotland account be reinstated.

We apologise for the small interruption to our normal service and hope it’ll all be sorted out soon. In the meantime, we understand if any readers feel alarm at how easily a mainstream media outlet can silence a major voice on one of the biggest social-media platforms in the world simply for pointing out when a newspaper has been telling lies.

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  1. 13 09 16 12:49

    Scottish news website’s Twitter account suspended amid row with Daily Express journalist – Press Gazette

292 to “What you can’t say”

  1. Conan the Librarian™ says:

    Absolute disgrace indeed Stu.

  2. mark johnston says:

    Unbelievable. Let’s all get busy.

  3. steviescosmic says:

    Twitter is a disgrace.

    And no doubt, this will be a feeding frenzy for Scottish hacks.

    Mission accomplished.

  4. Bugger (le Panda) says:

    I have retweeted this in the presumption it will be and will bring people more here.

  5. gordoz says:

    Wont have anything to do with the Santa dig?

    Clocks ticking on media response to this Scandal.

  6. Stoviesplz says:

    Labour had me suspended over a vine last year, took some real digging to find appeal process as you say. First response said I was barred for life before another person took over and said I was fine. Got the impression 2nd person was in UK nae US.

  7. gordoz says:

    Alternatives to twitter ?

  8. John Walsh says:

    Hi Stu
    Can we have a suggested # so as to get it trending . Yoons already mocking FreeWings as they dance deliriously up and down UNiON ST. so something witty plz. Ta
    Oh and the blockity fuckn block finger is fit today.

  9. gordoz says:

    Twitter against freedom of speech ??

  10. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Rev Stu.

    No doubt balanced reporting of this unwarranted suspension will follow across the MSM and the words ‘vile’ and ‘cybernat’ will not be used at all.

    This appears to be a ramping up of the propaganda war.

    The MSM don’t like Wings as has been pointed out previously because you tear their crude attempts at political journalism to shreds daily.

    So if they can’t argue against the message then they will discredit the messenger.

    It will be to put new readers off coming here and the give ammunition to the ‘headline believers’ that Wings is vile, and inhabited by insurgent (copyright Tony Bliar), separitists.

    To steal a phrase from the knuckle draggers “No Surrender” to this censorship attempt Rev.

  11. Jeannie says:

    I hope she saw the message I left on her web site, telling her that I was lodging a complaint against her on the grounds her irresponsible brand of ‘journalism’ had the potential to incite hatred and violence and was dangerous. I also mentioned that I could not find the words to express the level of contempt that I held her in. Sent an email to IPSO regarding same. We’ll see if anything happens. Doubt it.

  12. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Drew_Peacock”. LOL. Rather doubt Ms McFadyen got that one. Right behind you Stu. McFadyen is what happens when people actually believe their own lies.

  13. Camz says:

    3rd party support services responding on Twitter. 🙂

  14. Disappointed to see this and without wanting to be overly dramatic, I think @wingsscotland suspension will come to be seen as a seminal moment in independence campaign. Suppression of freedom of speech tends to lead to that.

  15. Ken500 says:

    All the comments have been deleted. An attack on freedom of speech which is protected by Law. This is a disgrace. For a foreign correspondent to carry on like that is illegal and out of the question. Get Wings back.

  16. Clootie says:


    Don’t you know the rule?
    The unionists are permitted to attack unchallenged.
    How dare you question the integrity of an Imperial drone.

  17. Jim says:

    Looks like she has won the first battle of your twitter proxy war, yet the spanner account continues it’s filth unabated.

    Where do you go from here; are you allowed the freedom to express your opinions now without fear that your other twitter account will be suspended?

    This is an attack on freedom of speech and a very dangerous precedent to set!

  18. Macart says:

    Oh good grief!

    At this point the media have well and truly thrown the whole bath out the window. And they justify the continued existence of truly abusive accounts such as that spanner fella how precisely?


  19. Stoker says:

    Well, i for one will now be playing my part and bombarding IPSO with complaints regarding the so-called journalism of the Express.
    I don’t do twatter but i do follow the WOS account for the facts and the laughs, as well as the liars exposed there in.

    Anyone wanting to pursue the lying amateur journalism of the rag concerned please feel free to do so via this link:

  20. Peter. Edinburgh says:

    You didn’t tweet the article was a disgrace, if the tweet you post is the actual tweet. You tweeted that she was a disgrace. You made it personal. No time for her or her paper, but no time for rewriting history either.

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Sigh. I posted my tweet in full right at the top of the article so everyone could see exactly what it said.

  22. Janet says:

    Watch out for the KGB, folks!

  23. Ken500 says:

    Get the foreign correspondent the sack for insulting millions of hardworking, innocent lawful people. Bias and victimisation. This will not do the Unionists any good. A complete and utter disgrace. An outrage, of free speech and an opportunity to exchange views. The Scottish Gov could step in.

  24. Kenny says:

    I know this isn’t really your style Rev, but could you raise a grievance with the NUJ? You’re being victimised by a fellow journalist just for doing your job, and now it’s having an effect on your ability to actually do your job. If they won’t fight for your right to free speech then who will?

  25. Mark Robertson says:

    whats the personal account so we can keep up stu

  26. Dorothy Devine says:

    Racial hatred has been defined for legal purposes as ‘hatred against a group of persons defined by reference to colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origins’.

    “The Public Order Act 1986 made it an offence to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to stir up racial hatred in the street or in a public speech. The Act also made it an offence to display, publish or distribute written material that is threatening, abusive or insulting with intent to stir up racial hatred. In both cases, it remains an offence without such intent if hatred is likely to be stirred up regardless. ”


  27. Alicia Murray says:

    This cannot be allowed to continue, though it does illustrate
    what a frightened nasty country Britain is. Chin up Rev we’ll do what we can.

  28. gordoz says:

    Gobsmacking that a so called journo from the Daily Exhale instigates any level of gagging of good old British freedom of speech.

    Its gonna be even more ironic when MSM & TV ignore this.
    Unless of course a famous female children’s writer from The North comments ?? … Ahemmm.

  29. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Whenever I read the ravings of this wee harridan, I am ashamed of my profession.

    The trouble is, there is really nothing that can be done – other than to IGNORE THE BITCH.

    The Express is owned and run by a pornographer, therefore, the normal rules of decency do not apply to him.

    He is a billionaire, therefore, he can afford to either buy-off, or hire lawyers to silence, those who oppose him.

    IPSO is a joke. The government, who are scared of the right-wing press barons, refuse to implement regulations which could curb the excesses of the press, and back these regulatins with the power of the law.

    But, sadly, this one is one evil bitch, who will probably go far in the organisation which gives her a platform.

    This is England – 2016. And Scotland is suffering.

  30. Meindevon says:

    Rev, you didn’t just say her article was full of lies did you? Are you mad? She will come after you with a pack of lawyers, she might even get the use of Ms Rowlings ones, you never know.

    However no one else that you have called out has ever gone to their lawyers so I doubt it’ll start now. For obvious reasons.

    I’m sure ‘they’ are looking for any excuse to silence you. It’s pathetic. It just gives us a glimpse of how bad things could get when we have Tory governments without the EU reigning them in.

    If this escalates, ‘they’ will be taking a risk of even more people finding Wings and learning the truth of our political system and the propoganda of our press against us.

    Will ‘they’ risk it? Just in case, be careful out there Rev!

  31. Black Joan says:

    How difficult is it to get #TWITTER IS A DISGRACE trending?

  32. gordoz says:

    Now hearing leaks that Revs real name is David Webb ????

  33. bobajock says:

    Ahhh yesss.

    She has a daddy with a bigger stick than everyone and can wield it … or, twitters processes are lamentable – I suspect its actually an express legal poking twitter.

    Whats worrying is that it takes nothing to get suspended, and a voice on the side of indy needs all the ‘net presence’ it can get.

    Still, we know how to deal with this, and its already turning into their PR nightmare.

  34. louis.b.argyll says:

    Free freedom!
    Lock up liars!
    Ignore ignorance!
    Save Scotland!

  35. Jules says:

    While agreeing with the general sentiment of the tweet, we all know us cybernats are held to standards that simply don’t apply to everyone else. Personally I think we all have to be firm, clear but polite in how we communicate. So I don’t think this tweet was well-judged. And we all know where it goes next – a fully blown MSM hoohah about how evil cybernats are… Which is frustrating, and unfair, and generally inaccurate ….but it doesn’t help our cause.

  36. Fiona says:

    Ironically, I can’t follow your personal acct. Rev. You have blocked me, for no reason I can fathom

  37. Scotsnat says:

    This infuriates me, the same Yoon trolls get away with non stop trolling yet they susspend you for little to no reason. Twitter has the most nonsensical way of running policy i have ever seen. Haste ye back brother.

  38. scotspine says:

    Tweeted @support (twitter) for an explanation of their willingness to support attacks on the freedom of speech by MSM journos exposed for lying. Mentioned @WingsScotland as the victim here.

    If we dont stand up to this, whats next?

  39. One_Scot says:

    Well if there is a legal case against twitter and anyone is up for crowd funding a legal challenge, count me in.

  40. heedtracker says:

    How the fcuk can you suspend an account with near 50k followers on “disgrace” is maybe down to multiple complaints. Its the how and why you get kicked off comment sections like that of the Graun. You might use a word like disgrace normally but if even just a few yoons complain to the mods, you’re out. That’s what they say anyway.

  41. Stoker says:

    “IPSO is a joke.”

    I think every dog and its fleas are aware of that. The point is to clogg their complaints system just like we did with the BBC previously.

    Dorothy Devine (@8:58am)

    The Public Order Act 1986?

    You might just have something there Dorothy, a very good point.

    Anyone wanting to know the details just scroll upstream and read Dorothy’s post, certainly food for thought.

    The filth that is the ‘Spanner’ account gets to thrive as WOS gets suspended? If i did twatter i’d close my account in protest.

  42. Scott Borthwick says:

    Shocking state of affairs. I’m not on Twitter, but I check in on the Wings notifications regularly.

    As for Ms McFadyen, I note that, apart from retweeting some old Mail articles about cybernats, her busy day today has included following David Coburn MEP.

    Enough said.

  43. carjamtic says:

    Glad to report Freedom Square webcam,is still ‘live’ and online….that’s one less thing to worry about ;-/


  44. Nick hobson says:

    Expecting express headline “heroic Express crusade brings vile SNP cybernat to justice”

  45. Tam Jardine says:

    reposted from last thread (more appropriate here)

    Hang on a minute folks- the brave defenders of free speech at the the Scotsman, the BBC and in particular David Leask, Paul Hutcheon and David Torrance at the Herald will be along any minute to express outrage at this attack on freedom of speech. Any minute now… hello?

    David Torrance would do well to understand how a real journalist acts- Stu exposes the appalling and highly offensive lies being peddled by Siobhan MacFadyen and the Express and is silenced for it. He doesn’t flounce off twitter in a huff- the powers that be attempt to silence him because he is challenging their deception.

    I am sure Richard Desmond, UKIP supporter and owner of the Express has called in a favour to make this happen. If he thinks giving Stuart Campbell less time to tweet and more time to investigate and write articles exposing the rotten UK state is a good strategy then hell mend him.

  46. Karmanaut says:

    The Daily Express calling Corbyn “a national disgrace” on Twitter.

  47. iain macgillivray says:

    Freedom Of Tweets, eh Stuart, ah well, personally I think of Twitter as Brain Farts, and I’d say – no big loss…..let it slide off the agenda, like the sweat of your brow, and liars will have their pants on fire one day….can you say that, can I? er, I just did…keep up the good work…

  48. Colin Galbraith says:

    Those who lash out at others in the press are the first to rush out and claim foul when their own shortcomings are pointed out.

    Bullies don’t like being identified, an operator at office politics level has been exposed and they don’t like it.

    The law needs to recognise the difference between freedom of speech versus freedom to lie and misrepresent. If the Scottish Government has done something wrong, the press should expose it, don’t invent it.

    Scotland deserves better, come independence where will journalists and papers that have been actively running down Scotland be? Not even fish and chip wrapping, they won’t be in business!

    Up until May elections this year it appeared to be the labour party in Scotland driving the SNP bad stories, ominously it now appears to be the tories!

  49. liz says:

    What a cow.

    As everyone said, she is allowed to tell a pack of lies and get away with it.

    This is a true freedom issue, hope your account gets re-instated but twitter have no justification as Spanner is still allowed free reign.

  50. Stoker says:

    steviescosmic wrote:

    “no doubt, this will be a feeding frenzy for Scottish hacks.”

    As a certain “news” outlet (BBC) used to proclaim;
    Making and breaking the news 24/7….

  51. Robert Louis says:

    Seriously Twitter???? Freedom of speech??????

    Account suspended for pointing out a unionist so-called ‘journalist’ is an utter disgrace. I Didn’t realise FACTUAL statements could be banned.

    Let me get this right, so-called ‘journalists’ at the Express can write inflammatory articles and tweets freely for so long as they wish. Anybody who dares to highlight the odious, aggressive and wholly false nature of such articles is gagged.

    What an utter disgrace, that it is now forbidden to say that somebody who peddles misleading inflammatory and genuinely offensive ‘news’ paper articles, is an utter disgrace.

    I do not doubt your twitter account will be restored, once an actual human being gets involved at twitter, but it shows the craven desperation of a unionist so-called ‘journalist’, to avoid their lies lies being pointed out that they resort to such tactics.

    Either the account will be restored, or we truly have entered a very bad place in the world. What next? book burnings??

    They can no longer win the argument, so it seems like the craven unionists are afraid. Very, very afraid.

  52. Proud Cybernat says:

    I don’t do Twitter – too many twatters – so I am not entirely sure of their rules. Perhaps Rev (‘perhaps’ mind) they see your tweet as playing the man and not the ball? “What an utter disgrace @siobhanyc is” might be construed as such. “What an utter disgrace @siobhanyc comments are” might have been better?

    But as I say – I don’t know their Code of Conduct or Rules of Engagement, what’s allowed, what’s not so I could be talking utter keech and Twitter are just nervous that some precious, shrieking valkyrie is being ‘abused’ and ‘bullied’. Perhaps this was her ploy all along.

  53. Nana says:

    Shocked and frankly scared at how easily twitter can be manipulated by the powers that be. What’s next for this great democracy of ours.

    Another hashtag trying to get twitter to see sense

  54. orri says:

    Let’s examine the alleged scenes of violence she’s talking about.

    From outside Scotland that does look like a series of violent outbreaks from mainly Yes supporters given the article leads with those.

    However if you know what you’re looking at their’s only one picture of a serious public disturbance perpetrated by unionists including a large influx from Ulster and other places outwith Scotland.

    Now anyone who posts a message that clearly includes a reminder of the violence those opposed to independence are capable of with the message “do you want more of this” might be seen as making a threat if not an outright incitement to said violence.

    In other words not only is this “journalist” defaming the peaceful nature of the majority of scots on either side of the independence issue but she’s also perilously close to stepping over the line as far as the legality of what she’s doing.

  55. Jim Thomson says:

    The twitter account for the daily disgrace is @dailyexpressuk

    To copy your tweet to all their 9k (yes, THAT low) followers, just stick a full stop immediately in front of the @ symbol at the start of their account address.

    Of course it would be extremely annoying for all their followers to have their timelines swamped with links to two recent wings articles. So, don’t do that. OK? It might lead to several of them stopping following their account.

    We don’t want that to happen do we?

  56. carjamtic says:

    Angus Anderson @ 8:47

    Also ‘big’ moment for Twitter….Not just ‘locally’ but ‘globally’…..again not wishing to be too dramatic…the worlds online media……#itself

  57. galamcennalath says:

    Entitlement and exceptionalism – rules are for others, not them.

    This episode is becoming a metaphor of why Scotland needs independence from the Union and all that it stands for.

  58. Jim says:

    Going by some of the tweets, twitter owners seems to be threatened surreptitiously, with a spread of bad publicity articles in the MSN. Shareholders are their number one priority.

  59. Robert Louis says:

    I am guessing that given the time of suspension, it was an automated response by a computer, deluged by complaints regarding this matter. Although Twitter have offices around the world, it may not be restored until San Francisco opens up much later today.

    Considering some of the things on twitter all over the world, I do think this is a computer prog at twitter HQ doing the block.

    Nothing wrong with Rev’s comment. All that has triggered it has been the pathetic repeated OTT bleatings of a so-called ‘journalist’, who writes for a nasty xenophobic, neo-fascist propaganda sheet. There is probably a ‘bleating threshold’, built into Twitter which exploded over the weekend.

  60. DavidDavidsonXX says:

    First they came for Milo, but I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Breaitbart fan….

    Etc etc etc, this has been happening to young right wing journos too, and a thing called shadowbanning, where your account is still there, but you don’t appear in people’s stream. Twitter is being abused by some special intrest groups to silence people, it’s a shame…

  61. Capella says:

    One good thing about the WoS Twitter banning is that it forces you to go to the RevStu account which, in turn, leads you to check out Mrs McMarple, which, in turn, leads to a great Frankie Boyle tweet which I might have missed if WoS hadn’t been banned:

  62. Nigel says:

    **Weary sigh**

    It’s SO counter productive to play the games that Siobhan McFadyen is engaged in. It’s truly making her look bad.

    She’s clearly hoping for a really violent negative reaction from us so she can turn it round, report it and make something of it. It’s ever more imperative, as Stu always says, not to feed the MSM trolls. Give them no grist to grind in their gutter rags.

    That Twitter can be so easily manipulated by the corporate media is another matter though…but then Twitter is a corporate with advertising, other corporate clients etc., so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The days of it being some pioneering, radical, cool place to be has been taken over by the usual corporate realities and greed.

  63. Stoker says:

    Just think, folks, and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone, but up until 9th September 2016 i had absolutely no idea who Silobarn McFudyin was, i had never heard of this nonentity.

    I suppose she should really be kneeling before the Rev and kissing his arse (or licking his boots) in appreciation of getting noticed.

    Silobarn McFudyin, another nonentity gaining her notoriety off the back of the success of WOS because her professional skills are utterly incompetent and mostly non existent.

    Thanks, Rev! GRRrrr

  64. Kevin says:

    This suspension is sorry news. Police state right-enough. I’m flabbergasted.

  65. Free Scotland says:

    More and more people need to be made aware that the EXPRESS is owned and run by a pornographer. Imagine how many old ladies would stop buying it if this was made more public.

    A mass rally against the foul rag might work, or a leaflet drop, or a campaign involving the insertion of leaflets into copies of the rag in your local supermarket, stickies etc. etc.

  66. heedtracker says:

    Robert Louis says:
    12 September, 2016 at 9:59 am
    I am guessing that given the time of suspension, it was an automated response by a computer

    They probably went for the “online abuse of women” card. Her views are a “disgrace” is probably the only way to go now.

  67. Robert Louis says:

    As others pointed out over the weekend, as well as ipso complaints, it may prove useful to contact large organisations who choose to place advertising in the utter disgrace to journalism, called the Daily Express.

    The real problem for the person involved, is this, at some point the Rev’s account will be re-instated. At that time, the person involved generally ends up looking more foolish than they did at the beginning, since it is now definitive that nothing offensive was said about them.

    Her getting Rev’s twitter account blocked is indeed, the ultimate definition of a pyrrhic victory. She is starting to look a bit like an amateur at all of this.

  68. Ian Brotherhood says:

    And so it begins…

    Truly pathetic.

    Last night I did a few daft ‘Viz’-style tweets with #iamanutterdisgrace

    Let’s just laugh at them – they don’t even merit that much attention but we should probably do something in response…

    In any event, Rev Stu will probably appreciate getting a break from The Twitter!

  69. One_Scot says:

    I’m not an expert as I don’t do twitter, but it looks to me like you can lie, say what you want and be abusive to other people and that’s okay if you’re a Yoon, but if they don’t like you, then they can get you banned.

    Man, don’t you just love living in the UK. I don’t think there is any other country in the world I would want my children to grow up in. Yeah, I’m taking the piss.

  70. Sunniva says:

    Isn’t Twitter obliged to give a reason?

  71. dcanmore says:

    utterly deranged in Yoonsville, obviously hasn’t got a life outside her increasingly mad job and no doubt trying to earn brownie points with her employer and allies.

  72. Stoker says:

    Jim Thomson (@9:52am)

    Ooooh, you are awful but ah do like yah!

    Am away furr a shower laughin’ ma heed aff!

  73. One_Scot says:

    If this on its own is not reason enough for Scotland being Independent, I don’t know what is.

  74. dandy dons 1903 says:

    What is it with these unionists and crying wolf all the time over the slightest bit of criticism? Having a mentality like that is not going to do them any good in the long run.

  75. Capella says:

    which, in turn, leads to great science twitterer:

    with embedded youtube video of Yasmin Levy, Algerian singer:

    and link to science blog of Elsa Panciroli, a PhD Palaeobiologist with the University of Edinburgh and National Museum of Scotland:

    What a great morning’s surf!
    Still, looking forward to reinstatement of Wings Twitter with profuse apologies from Twitter HQ and MSM outrage at this appalling attack on free speech.

  76. ScottishPsyche says:

    I suppose that is why the Yoons were not vocalising their support on Twitter itself. Probably too busy messaging her private support and fixing up a Twitter Hell story for the usual suspects.

    If the suspension is for followers ‘piling in’ surely Rowling must be next?

  77. Valerie says:

    Wings is trending using #FreeWings.

    I’ve seen Tweets from Loki and Hothersall, both saying its not on, need free speech.

    You don’t need to tweet, just retweet the tweets with a hashing.

    It beggars belief that objecting to fabricated lies about a positive referendum gets you this.

    Please make your complaint to IPSO, even though we have little faith.

  78. Bob Mack says:

    Pretty sure it is an automated algorithm programme which initiates an automated response to a number of complaints Rev. In this case to shut down the account involved.
    I do not think it will be maintained.

  79. Dr Jim says:

    There are Twitter accounts all over the place full of the worst human beings on the planet spouting the most crazy vile mental batshit nonsense including newspaper “Journalists”
    but it would seem that your crime Stu is mostly the use of “Freedom of sarcasm” and the last time I looked nobody ever got found guilty or was sentenced to solitary confinement for that
    It seems funny that on this particular occasion you didn’t even employ any vile cybernatic sarcasm but straightforward honest open criticism containing zero abuse of any description

    My conclusion is you’ve been ganged up on as in life with all things a bigger or more “respected” entity and what that proves emphatically is that when it comes to the so called establishment

    Innocence is no defence

    I would suggest however to all newspapers and their people that when you go down this road of stifling the very free speech you purport to defend, like governments and establishments the world over you will fall hard, and if you check history will see that’s true and the behaviour you accuse others of is always seen as a smokescreen for your own

    Establishment tactics 101 = Failure rate 100%

  80. X_Sticks says:

    Tinfoil hat on here, but I wonder if this staged attack is part of a bigger black op to denigrate supporters of independence? The thing that makes me wonder is the timing of this along with the article from Tony Blair calling the “Nat army” “revolting” and claiming they (we) are insurgents. Stay vigilant folks.

  81. HandandShrimp says:

    Bizarre behaviour by Twitter. Not really a surprise from the Express though. Silencing criticism is what nasty wee fascists do.

  82. Proud Cybernat says:

    If WoS account is not reinstated (as any sensible person can see that it should), then we truly will have reached a very, very dark place indeed. On that basis, I simply cannot envisage the WoS account being permanently suspended. Sensible heads will preail. One would think.

  83. Tinto Chiel says:

    God, they must be scared of the Rev.

    As Ian Brotherhood says, “And so it begins”. I often think what we would do without Wings? “First they came for the communists…..” Is this the long-expected thin end of the wedge against the Rev? And us?

    This is an attack on free speech but I hope this will backfire on Twitter.

    The lady herself is beneath contempt but has clearly been schooled in stropping by David Torrance.

  84. Breeks says:

    I seem to recollect the spoof Alistair Darling account had experience getting re-instated. Be worth a polite enquiry…

    Gloves off time for the pish these faux journalists print and get away with, lies in one hand, hypocrisy in the other, and Twitter in the middle without any backbone.

    Make ’em pay Rev Stu… And SNP Sit up and pay attention.

    Never mind getting a Twitter account suspended, I’d like to see her incitement to hate, and the rag of a newspaper she uses to do it both suspended permanently. Can’t we at least seek an interdict or injunction to suspend any more of this hate fuelling garage being printed? I mean, we have the “Law” or our side don’t we?

  85. galamcennalath says:

    This may have escalated above the pseudo-journalist at the centre of it. The Express has a big and powerful media empire behind it.

  86. Robert Louis says:

    x-sticks at 1028am,

    I agree. There really does seem to be a ramping up of nasty stories purporting to be about independence supporters, but not having any facts to back them up. The unionist establishment in England have realised that at the next referendum, they will lose. They have no convincing arguments to counter the need for Scottish independence ,so smearing and the use of agents provocateur are the name of the game.

    We should not rise to their nonsense. We are winning, that is all that matters.

  87. G H Graham says:

    I’m only surprised at the length of time it took for your account to be suspended.

    The London Establishment & its sycophantic media find your viewpoints & brutally accurate analysis of them deeply disturbing. You unveil their duplicity, hypocrisy & bare faced lies with speed & wit which embarrasses them.

    And we appear to be reaching a zenith of pro BritNat frothing & loony toon hyperbole.

    This suggests two things:

    1. Independence is more likely in the foreseeable future than not
    2. The number of traditional print newspaper titles will soon collapse to maybe just three or four but all still desperately promoting right of centre, neocon viewpoints. By then of course, half wits like Siobhan McFadyen will be stacking biscuits at the supermarket just to make ends meet.

  88. Legerwood says:

    “” Nana says:
    12 September, 2016 at 9:49 am
    Shocked and frankly scared at how easily twitter can be manipulated by the powers that be. What’s next for this great democracy of ours.

    Another hashtag trying to get twitter to see sense“”

    There is also the outcry over Facebook removing the famous photograph from the 1960s of the little girl in Vietnam fleeing from a napalm attack. An attack that had burned off all her clothes if I have remembered the details of that incident correctly.

    There has been huge criticism of Facebook over the last few days about their censorship of the photo and I think it has now been re-instated.

    Some of the mobile who own social media sites are acting like press barons of old – and not so old.

  89. Grouse Beater says:

    I sent three separate tweets with single sentence remarks, but as is my practice, written in the third person.

    It was clear enough McFadyen is outraged anyone dare challenge her fabrications. Her responses were almost all over-the-top, frenzied.

    She’s likely manipulated the system to appear the victim.

    Once you place your opinion in the public domain, backed by evidence or not, you’re open to challenge. McFadyen disliked told the quality of her journalism is piss-poor.

    Her only defence? “I’m Scottish.”

  90. GrahamB says:

    carjamtic says:
    12 September, 2016 at 9:31 am
    Glad to report Freedom Square webcam,is still ‘live’ and online….that’s one less thing to worry about ;-/

    … but there is a WASPI demonstration this Friday in Freedom Square so chances are that it will coincide with some ‘routine maintenance’ on the webcam!

  91. One_Scot says:

    When the Yoon media has the power to silence and smoother free speech, what chance have you got.#CorruptUnion.

  92. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    If it was the use of “disgrace” that Ms McFadyen found so repellent, it would appear that she suffers from selective memory syndrome, or is simply a hypocrite.

    Siobhan McFadyen

    That Royal horse and cart procession at Ascot is an absolute disgrace a day after an MP was murdered on the streets of UK. Lacking decorum.

    6:07 am – 17 Jun 2016

  93. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


  94. Proud Cybernat says:


    Incase you missed it:

    Share it far ‘n’ wide, folks. The battle with the BBC begins. And don’t forget to help fund the campaign here (if you can afford to):

    Two-thirds of the way there. Thanks to everyone who has thus far contributed.

  95. John Jones says:

    I have just tweeted twitter support “Wings over Scotland blocked is an utter disgrace. Reinstate now please” I expect to now be blocked on their recent performance.

  96. defo says:

    Time to let the monkeys fly !

  97. Stoker says:

    A message for the Twitterati –
    They are in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 – Article 10:

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers….”

    Twitters actions are illegal.

  98. One_Scot says:

    It must be great being a Yoon knowing that you have the whole of the British media behind you that can crush anyone they don’t agree with.#ProudToBeBritishNot.

  99. the Penman says:

    You’ve made it onto Buzzfeed:

    (I can here the cash till sound effects in Jamie Ross’ head just now…)

  100. call me dave says:

    Tea break time:

    Surprised at this news. Don’t twitter myself but drop into the Wings page to see what’s trending. The Daily Express eh! 🙁

    Here’s two more from them on Brexit.

    Who is Guy Verhofstadt? Farage’s ‘worst enemy’ appointed EU Parliament’s Brexit negotiator. REISS SMITH

    We do not have to listen to Brussels fanatics any more? asks LEO MCKINSTRY

  101. TheItalianJob says:

    Although I don’t do Twitter, I do get to see what’s going on through the Links the Rev has on his Twitter account and also through other Wingers links.

    This in my opinion is a dangerous precedent and hopefully as some commentators are alluding to the Rev will be re-instated today. Would like to know who has instigated this Twiiter block. It may come out in the wash.

    I agree with X_Sticks @ 10.28 we are entering a new phase with the “British Establishment” in disarray over Brexit. Daily attacts on the Independence movement is now very prominent from all UK unionist parties and the MSM. The can spout all the drivel they want and get away with it all.

    We are stronger than them and we know the truth(s) of an Independent Scotland.

  102. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Rags such as the Daily Express exist only because of their advertising revenues.

    All as previously pointed out the Daily Express is the weakest link in the printed propaganda assault on Scotland.

    Hitting them in the pocket is the only way to defeat them.

    Adverse publicity can hurt this advertising revenue.

    Time to contact this rags advertisers and tell them you won’t be buying their products and/or services if they continue to support a publication published by a pornographer which censors freedom of speech.

  103. bilptoe says:

    Maybe it’s got something to do with you nightly commentary on Bullseye 😀

  104. David Martin says:

    #utterdisgrace would be a good hashtag perhaps.

  105. Marie Clark says:

    It’s all getting a bit surreal now intit.

    I don’t do twitter myself, as I don’t wish to get involved with some of the madness and some folk just spoiling for a fight. Best ignored I think.

    Anyway I’ve been watching this unfold over the weekend and I’m quite gobsmacked at the bile and hatred spewing out of this individual. I’ve not noticed the abuse that she claims to have been getting. Some of these clowns masquerading as journalist just don’t think anyone has the right to call them out on their lies. It even seems to be a crime if you disagree with them. Well boo feckin hoo, that’s just tough. We can and will do this as and when necessary, and, as you’ve found out we do have the ability to do that.

    I think this person is going to make an even bigger fool of herself than she already has. When even Loki and Hothersall are saying it’s not on getting WOS twitter account suspended. I get the feeling that this could backfire bigtime on this sorry individual.

    Personally, I find folk like her are best ignored. It annoys them more.

  106. Arbroath1320 says:

    Right … along with everyone else I am truly disgusted by the actions of Twitter this morning.

    In response I have:

    1) tweeted @twitter my anger
    2) tweeted @support my anger
    3) tweeted a link to this page to inform everyone about this disgraceful behaviour.
    4) tweeted a warning to peeps on Twitter
    5) tweeted using #FreeWings
    6) tweeted using #reinstatewingsoverscotland
    7) linked this page on Facebook with a wee *cough* descriptive explanation

    Right think I need a lie down … Darkened Room here I come! 😀

  107. One_Scot says:

    It does say something when even the Yoons are saying this is a step too far.

    They clearly think that the weight and power of the British State crushing Scotland is beginning to look a little too obvious now.

  108. should anyone be surprised by this?
    And it will only get worse as indyref2

  109. Chic McGregor says:

    Haven’t posted on twitter for years but I do occasionally pop in through the wings link to read comments.

    However I did not follow this on twitter, can only go by the snippets presented here.

    The journalist, who I had never heard of until the Wings article, does seem to have published an account regarding the level of violence during indyref1 which is at odds with just about every other assessment as far as I can see, and certainly was not my perception.

    Have we really reached the stage where that can no longer be voiced as an opinion?

  110. Barbara Watson says:

    I’m completely lost for words this morning. What a fucking liberty twitter have taken!

  111. call me dave says:

    Scottish Brexit minister demands talks start immediately

    This will be ignored completely by WM of course but it’s all necessary stuff.

    Scottish workers better off inside United Kingdom than in an independent Scotland, union leaders suggest

    Anyhoo! Maybe wages and conditions will be better in an independent Scotland not the other way round. 🙁

    Back to work! 🙂

  112. Stoker says:

    From Twitter’s own rules and guidelines:

    “Graphic content: You may not use pornographic or excessively violent media in your profile image or header image.”

    Naw, but you’ll accept the lying incompetent shit stirring of a pornographers employee and that pornographers publications, eh!

  113. call me dave says:

    Ooops! Just caught this.

    Nicola Sturgeon to unveil tidal farm’s first turbine.

    Huh! back to the day job then.

  114. ahundredthidiot says:

    what did you expect Rev?… are an enemy of the state

    we all are

  115. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Dorothy,

    Thanks for reminding folk of the Public Order Act 1986. I may just be an old, tired and retired cop, but having read the published material written by Siobhan McFadyen my professional view on the evidence is that Ms McFadyen has allegedly infracted this legislation.

    If Siobhan McFadyen reads this, please be advised that I am going to see my former colleagues at Police Scotland with a view to reporting her in terms of an alleged breach of…

    On her Twitter account: – Siobhan McFadyen has threatened to make all and sundry reports to the police for the use of a word “disgrace”. That may be construed as wasting police time.

    For now, this failed journalist ( ) may like to reflect on her ill advised incitement of racial hatred via the pornographer Richard Desmond’s organ – the Daily Express…

    Lastly, Siobhan McFadyen, please do NOT delete your Twitter account as there is evidence on your timeline that the authorities may wish to examine. Thank you.


    Al Stuart

    September, 2016 at 8:58 am – Dorothy Devine says:

    “Racial hatred has been defined for legal purposes as ‘hatred against a group of persons defined by reference to colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origins’.

    “The Public Order Act 1986 made it an offence to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to stir up racial hatred in the street or in a public speech. The Act also made it an offence to display, publish or distribute written material that is threatening, abusive or insulting with intent to stir up racial hatred. In both cases, it remains an offence without such intent if hatred is likely to be stirred up regardless.”

  116. Flower of Scotland says:

    #FreeWings and #reinstatewingsoverscotland are trending now. Please join.

    I agree with Wings. Siobhan McFadyen IS a disgrace!

  117. Arbroath1320 says:

    Thanks for the information regarding the Human Rights act Stoker.

    You know what I’ve gone and done with this information … right folks? 😉

  118. Aye,
    It’s terrible when an abuse of power happens, you know, like distributing a block-list and declaring it to be full of, what was it? Something like; stupid, abusive ranty, sweary? And you include names of people you’ve simply fallen out with – like me.

  119. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Also try email message to:

    LondonBureau (at) rttv (dot) ru

    Along the lines of:

    Please investigate

    “Twitter censors Veulio Blog Awards 2016 Political Blog Finalist.”

    “The Scottish Independence blogger has apparently been censored for challenging the outright lies in a Daily Express article written by Siobhan McFadyen and published on Saturday the 10th of September 2016”

    Put the appropriate Wings articles links in the email.

    Twitter users could try tagging RT into the #FreeWings, #JeSuisWings tweets (I don’t do twitter).

    You never know they might run with it.

  120. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This’ll help sway those dithering about going to Glasgow Green next Sunday.

    ‘Every cloud’ an’ aw that…


  121. Stoker says:

    I have been following all of this quite closely since 09.09.16, both on WOS and WOS Twitter. I’ve just been looking through Twitters own rules and guidelines and for the life of me i cannot see anything which would warrant this suspension.

    I set myself a wee challenge and pretended i was the Rev’s worst nightmare, in the interests of fairness and avoidance of bias you understand, but nope, still nothing. The closest i came to seeing anything she could be squealing (oink! oink!) about, and you’d have to have one helluva imagination to arrive at this, was possibly harassment.

    Here’s their rules under “Abusive Behavior”:

    Violent threats (direct or indirect): Not one single example exists.

    Hateful conduct: Not one single example exists (the same cannot be said for SM’ tweeted contents).

    Multiple account abuse: N/A.

    Private information: N/A and not one single example exists.

    Self-harm: N/A (well, not in the sense meant here – as for the damage SM’ doing to herself, well, that’s another matter entirely).

    Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others: Not one single example exists and referring to something or someone as a “disgrace” cannot ever be classed as targeted abuse or harassment. It is an opinion which anyone and everyone are allowed to express.

    Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:

    if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others; Nope, WOS exists to expose liars and lies and to educate the public with the truth.

    if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats; Nope, no threats made whatsoever and the exchanges were far from one-sided.

    if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; Nope, not one single example exists.

    if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts. Nope, not one single example exists.

    SO, c’mon Twitter, get the WOS account back up and running and we’ll graciously accept your groveling apology, turdmeisters!

  122. Luigi says:

    Ach, ease off the pressure on the poor lass, folks. She is doing a great job for us. What a marvellous Indy agent she is. 🙂

    Our woman at the Express.

  123. Marcia says:

    The freedom of speech seems to only apply to the Express also known as Völkischer Beobachter and like minded papers.

    You can read the tone of ‘how dare you critise me’ in her tweets.

  124. Moonlight says:

    Denied a fair hearing in the MSM, the internet has become the main communications tool for spreading the truth for independence. Denied the internet the voice gets quieter until another way is found.
    Not that I am a conspiracy theorist.

  125. galamcennalath says:

    If the Rev’s words were libellous or defamatory you can bet lawyers would be banging on his door.

    That never seems to happen. Draw the obvious conclusion.

  126. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Just noticed Online P&J reporting:

    Wings Over Scotland suspended from Twitter amid allegations of ‘hate mob’ against journalist.

    “The influential pro-Scottish independence blogger Wings Over Scotland has been suspended by Twitter amid claims he orchestrated a “hate mob” against a journalist.

    Stuart Campbell, who runs the site, confirmed that social media giant Twitter had suspended his account but had yet to offer an explanation for the move.

    In a post written on the Wings Over Scotland blog, Campbell said: “We’ve had no email from Twitter offering any sort of explanation, but it seems most likely to have been at the behest of a Daily Express hack called Siobhan McFadyen who’s been huffily bleating to the company’s executives over the weekend.”

    Campbell, who has amassed around 50,000 Twitter followers, had earlier commented on a Daily Express article written by McFadyen in which the London-based journalist suggested First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was “teeing up the population for more outbreaks of violence and misery” as she launched a fresh drive for Scottish independence.

    The article went on to make a number of claims from threats and violence from pro-independence campaigners to key members of the Yes campaign being involved in a “Ryder cup tickets scandal”.

    Campbell posted a lengthy rebuttal to the article on his Wings site yesterday and later took to Twitter to call out McFadyen directly, saying “What an utter disgrace @siobhanyc [McFadyen] is.

    Social media users, a number of whom appeared to be Wings followers, then began sending tweets to the journalist.
    McFadyen said on Twitter that she had received over 600 messages from supporters of Campbell, including insults and alleged death threats that she had reported to the police.

    She also stated that she had received abusive messages from independence supporters during the referendum campaign in 2014.

    Campbell, who is based in Bath, has previously attracted controversy for his interactions on social media after he labelled a Conservative MSP a “fat, troughing scum” and blasted Liverpool fans for their actions during the Hillsborough disaster.

    A spokesperson for Twitter said: “We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.””

    Usual use of ‘ ‘ to cover arse from litigation.

    So that’ll be STV and BBC “News where we are” sorted for a story tonight

    Definitely going for the messenger as the message is sound and doesn’t open itself to attack.

    Trying to paint supporters of Independence and Wingers as ‘hate mob cybernats’ and put folk off coming here.

  127. louis.b.argyll says:

    Algorithms.. Another Scottish invention?
    Or was that logarithms?

  128. heedtracker says:

    Ah the lovely face of UKOK planet toryboy. Freedom of speech and all that.

    Euan McSpanner and his lovely red and blue tory followers demonstrating how freedom of etc works.

  129. Effijy says:

    Siobhan McFadyen’s name would suggest some Irish roots.

    I wonder if she has ever heard of the Easter Rising or Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    Ordinary people lost their lives because Westminster and their corrupt media outlets all called their cause, an Irish Republic, a disgrace, banded their comments, and then shot those who wanted to stop the rape and pillage of their lands.

    Seems like she is happy with the consequences when the masses do not have the right to reply or disagree.

  130. One_Scot says:

    Ha Ha, I think McSpanner has just dropped one out on his keyboard. What a low life stain of a man he is.

  131. heedtracker says:

    Life goes on. As usual, another day of, SNP airbrushed out of teamGB politics, from “One year on, Jeremy Corbyn has transformed British politics.”


    “As we mark Jeremy Corbyn’s first year in office, and enter the final weeks of this year’s campaign, we should do so in the spirit of optimism, determination and, above all, unity.”

    Last week Kez said SLab is an autonomous thing from Lab now. Unity!

  132. Flower of Scotland says:

    Seems to me there has been a wee plan hatched between some “Unionist” journalists to bring down Wings.

    First David Torrance, then Stephen Daisley flounce off Twitter in the huff and now this from Siobhan McFadyen in the Express.

    You are a huge threat to their misreporting and all out lies.

    Keep on showing them up for what they are, Rev!

  133. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’ve just seen a post on Facebook saying they can’t post on Wings Facebook page either.

    Are the Unionists scared shiteless or what? 😀

  134. Onwards says:

    I would imagine the twitter account would be reinstated today once someone actually looks at the case.
    Wasn’t there an image going around showing a collection of Daily Express front pages regarding migrants and immigration?

    That would show twitter support the type of hate inciting ‘newspaper’ this journalist is working for.

  135. Big jock says:

    The same Twitter that allows Follow Follow and the Orange Order! Oh the irony ma lord!

  136. One_Scot says:

    So the story so far,

    Daily Express: “Well.”
    Lobotomised Employee: “”
    Daily Express: “And.”
    Lobotomised Employee: “”

    No shit Einstein.

  137. galamcennalath says:

    Flower of Scotland says:

    “a wee plan hatched”

    Indeed. Does all make you wonder if that abysmal article about violence was a set up to attract attention in the hope that criticism got out of hand and became abuse.

    That abuse doesn’t seem to have occurred. However, the situation where large numbers of offended people respond may still be used as yooneratsi fodder.

    This is only happening because there is no positive case for their Union. They have no ‘good news’ about it to tell. And with Brexit the case becomes even more negative. For three years all the naysayers have offered is propaganda and negativity. Their Union has absolutely nothing to offer Scotland now.

  138. Another Union Dividend says:

    I well remember Margo MacDonald saying that you don’t realise the magnitude of the task to win independence when taking on the complete might of the entire British Establishment and its various branches and hangers on as Britannia will waive the rules when required.

    In the meantime complaints about Ms MacFaden’s original article should be sent to

  139. carjamtic says:

    Amy Goodman @….warrant issued for arrest….crazy times…your’e in good company Rev.

  140. One_Scot says:

    ‘Six hours on, still no explanation from Twitter of why my account was suspended’

    They’re probably hiding in a cupboard somewhere cacking their pants to make a call.

  141. I offered to give this poor soul a wee ‘there. there’ cuddle over on WGD.
    A Freudian might argue that she didn’t get enough cuddles when she was growing up.
    Will I be getting charged with sexual harassment?

    Meanwhile in other news, in the real world, Amber Rudd made a bloody fool of herself on Marr’s Sunday Unionist show.
    On immigration, don’t know yet.
    Brits will have to pay for visas to holiday on the Costas, or for aday trip to Calais to pick up cheap booze and fags? Don’t know yet, maybe, possibly.
    Soft Brexit, or Boris full erection Brexit?
    Theresa May is apparently going to decide every aspect of Brexit, and her Cabinet will meekly follow orders. Nonsense, piffle and balderdash.
    NHS England. 94% of hospital trusts have missed operations targets, and 80% are in deficit.
    Great work, Ruth Davidson, Queen of the Tories. Why do I credit her? Well, we’re all in it Tofuckingether, aren’t we?
    That’s why they peddle anti Scottish hate pieces like this.
    The Unionist news could not be badder. UK BAD.

  142. Al-Stuart says:

    Further to my earlier post on this thread.

    I managed to discuss the alleged misconduct of Siobhan McFadyen with my police colleagues.

    Ms McFadyen, I am now restricted in what can be said. Though I shall venture…

    Nemo me impune lacessit

    Ms McFadyen was very quick to use the police as a tool for threatening Wings Over Scotland. When you play with sharp tools – metaphorically speaking, you need to be careful you don’t cut your own finger when jabbing at others.

    Methinks the police may well be knocking at the door of Ms McFadyen sooner rather than later.

    As for her employer, the pornographer Richard Desmond? Well it is not beyond the bounds of possibility he may find himself under caution.

    Meanwhile, if anyone wishes to see what a FAILURE IN COURT the Express owner Richard Desmond is when he “lawyers up” as is the current want of his cub reporter Siobhan McFadyen, just check out:


    Al Stuart

  143. K1 says:

    Looks like the phony war is over…this does seem ‘orchestrated’. 50k followers on the UK’s leading political blog can and will reach intae our pockets and crowdfund legal representation to ‘fight’ this gagging suspension if need be.

    The gloves are off Rev. They have seriously misjudged who and what they believe they are ‘fighting’ here. And are themselves about to be exposed as the vile propagandists’ and liars that they are.

    In their stupidity they have repeated the same error and have misjudged the people of Scotland yet again. They are fighting monsters conjured by their own collective imagination.

    We are fighting a political construct that is no longer fit for purpose, if it ever was. They are making it personal and we have to keep it political.

    We will not be held to account by corrupt and hateful journalist’s who are being used as proxy’s by their bosses, to disseminate lies and write contorted opinion pieces bereft of veracity masquerading as ‘fact’ and ‘news’.

    We will not be silenced by those who have lost all perspective and any capacity for reasoned political discourse.

    If these people behind this mini ‘coup’ believe they have accomplished anything by having Rev’s twitter acc suspended, they do not understand the nature of the movement they are up against. They never will.

    They ‘wrang’ the bell and scweamed ‘panic’…but that bell is the sound of another Independence supporter being born.

  144. heedtracker says:

    It gets weirder by the hour. From an extremely abusive chap, who says he’s a leftie but trousered five grand from billionaire author of grot JK Rowling, or just maybe doesn’t know what karma actually means.

    Loki ?@lokiscottishrap 3h3 hours ago
    There is an element of digital karma at play here too – for everyone. Important to reflect on that. We all reap what we sow in cyber-space.

  145. Proud Cybernat says:


    Share it far n wide.

  146. Juteman says:

    I hope the Rev has a screen shot of Spanner saying he has blown some of the crowdfunding on the same agency Vaz used. His lawyer may take a dim view of Spanner accusing the Rev of corruption.

  147. Col says:

    Twitter come out of this looking really quite bad also!
    This is the kind of thing I can see happening a lot in a post brexit UK.
    Scotland will feel the brunt of curbs on our freedoms.

  148. Petra says:

    It’s getting more and more like a Nazi state in the UK. More so Scotland.

    However this action may actually backfire on McFadyen. Every nasty little tweet or comment following her articles about individuals such as Nicola Sturgeon will be pounced on. She’ll have to spend most of her time erasing them or be accused of ”instigating a hate mob against Nicola Sturgeon.”

    More than anything she’ll have to watch what she says about Nicola Sturgeon from now on, especially as her articles reach more than 600 individuals on Twitter. If it wasn’t so serious it would be bl**dy laughable.

    So what we should all do now is follow her articles and copy any abusive comments made against Nicola Sturgeon and report McFadyen to the Police for ”instigating a hate mob against Nicola Sturgeon.” Others may want to report her for ”instigating a hate mob against Corbyn” and so on.


    Buzzfeed: From what I can see such as in the buzzfeed article (Penman at 11:17) she’s stating that the complaint isn’t so much about Stu tweeting ”What an utter disgrace (she) is”. It’s to do with Stu instigating a ”hate mob against her.” She’s received over ”600 messages from supporters of Campbell, including insults and alleged death threats that she said she had reported to the police.”

    How can she tell who the tweets are from? Why hasn’t she highlighted the death threats on-line? More than anything why hasn’t she reported individuals who threaten Nicola Sturgeon (on her article comments section) to the Police?


    On Nana’s link we see that ”high profile figures, most notably Nicola Sturgeon. have received widespread abuse under the byline of previous Siobhan McFadyen articles.

    Police Scotland was forced to set up a special task force to deal with online abuse, a phenomenon which spikes after most articles published in the Express. Many have linked the anti-immigration hysteria drummed up by articles in the Express to the recent rise in hate crime and the brutal murder of pro-immigration MP Jo Cox.”

    McFadyens response to complaints about her articles is as follows: ‘’To ensure that all options are open to us, this journalist makes clear that I will continue to produce my poorly researched inflammatory bile, so that it is ready for immediate publication for people who conclude that right wing reactionary low brow arse gravy is the only thing they have the ability to read.”

  149. Arbroath1320 says:


    That is amazing Al. I wonder if the BBC will get a wee heads up about your colleagues visiting oor wee Siobhan and Mr Desmond. After all getting heads up on police raids does seem to be a BBC thing these days. 😉

    I did sort of ask in a previous thread if this sort of action might actually end up being the case. I can’t wait to read about this on the front page of the … erm … Daily Express soon. 😀

    Top journalist arrested over crimes to intelligent and investigative journalism.

    Newspaper owner arrested over employing journalist under false pretences.

  150. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC Misreporting Scotland in on the act…

  151. Meindevon says:

    I have recently been in Scotland travelling all over the Highlands and down to Edinburgh and Glasgow. It was the best experience. I met so many people of different nationalities both as tourists and working in the tourism industry. Many of them were English. All the ones I asked were very happy to be in Scotland. Not one story of unrest or violence.

    My point being that articles like these as in the Express do nothing for this massive industry that brings in millions of pounds to Scotland’s revenues.

    Perhaps it’s about time the Scottish Tourist Board stood up for themselves and for Scotland and shouted down the lies…maybe a few adverts showing up the twaddle they write.

  152. Scott says:

    Wings Over Scotland suspended from Twitter amid allegations of ‘hate mob’ against journalist

    12 September 2016 by Derek Healey

    The influential pro-Scottish independence blogger Wings Over Scotland has been suspended by Twitter amid claims he orchestrated a “hate mob” against a journalist. Stuart Campbell, who runs the site, confirmed that social media giant Twitter had suspended his account but had yet to offer an explanation for the move. In a post written on the Wings Over… Read Full Story

    Hi Rev you have even made it onto the North Brit Tory P&J
    Instead of us being called cybernats will we now be referred to the hate mob by the Yoons.

  153. David S. Briggs says:

    More wiil log in here to see what all the fuss is about and they will stay. It’s been a foolish move by the forces of darkness.

  154. Valerie says:


    Well done.

    This whole episode beggars belief. But then, Max Keisers wife, Stacey Herbert tweeted that the Hillary Clinton sickness episode had been blocked from trending on Twitter.

    There is so much manipulation goes on.

  155. K1 says:

    Loki, I address you personally, which I rarely do. Show us the evidence of your assertion regarding ‘Karma’ at play here?

    If, as I suspect you have a very ‘shallow’ understanding of the true meaning and intricacies of what Karma constitutes you will of course know that your comment barely disguises itself as nothing more than holier than thou smugness.

    So why don’t you just stop giving yourself a showing up by displaying such smugness at the discomfort of another human being being unjustly attacked by a large corporate newspaper on the grounds that he pointed out the verifiable lies that the journalist in question printed in said newspaper?

    Shsssssh for decency Loki.

  156. One_Scot says:

    Really can’t help from feeling that the Yoons should have thought this through more thoroughly. They would have done well to have taken some advice from someone of a higher authority,

    ‘If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.’

    Just saying like.

  157. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “First they came for Milo, but I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Breaitbart fan….”

    I actually did speak up at length for Milo when all that stuff happened, because while I find him absolutely loathsome and Twitter is a nicer place without him, I couldn’t see that he’d done anything to breach their terms and conditions. So at least it’s nice to not be a hypocrite.

  158. Stu – when you get back you should start using the “Sword of Truth” symbol. I am sure the Daily Suppress people would really appreciate it. In the meantime, keep yer heid up.

  159. Stoker says:

    They’ll never silence us, you can’t control over 2 million lone wolves.

  160. Stoker says:

    They’ll never silence us, you can’t control over 2 million lone wolves.

    PS: Get intae them Abby!

  161. Breeks says:

    I’m getting a kinda loose deja vu about all this.

    Remember National Collective being threatened about an article they wrote about Ian Smart?

    Head’s a bit rusty. Didn’t they claim Ian Smart, oil man and Better Together donor also gave money to the Serb war criminal,or something? Then they were threatened with an ultimatum to apologise or be sued for defamation, but they stuck to their guns because it was true?

    It’ll come back to me…

    Bottom line is the Unionists tried to bully National Collective into backing down, but it backfired pretty badly…

    So it’s not really deja vu, but it’s kinda in the same part of town.

  162. One_Scot says:

    ‘You’re gonna need a bigger server.’

  163. Proud Cybernat says:

    Sock it to ’em…

  164. Richardinho says:

    At least Stu, you can look forward to being hailed as a martyr to free speech by the mainstream media. Supportive articles should start appearing any minute now.

  165. Petra says:

    @ Al-Stuart says at 11:48 am …. ”If Siobhan McFadyen reads this, please be advised that I am going to see my former colleagues at Police Scotland with a view to reporting her in terms of an alleged breach of…

    And at 1:13pm…. ”Further to my earlier post on this thread. I managed to discuss the alleged misconduct of Siobhan McFadyen with my police colleagues…..

    Ms McFadyen was very quick to use the police as a tool for threatening Wings Over Scotland. When you play with sharp tools – metaphorically speaking, you need to be careful you don’t cut your own finger when jabbing at others.


    WELL DONE Al-Stuart. Let’s hope that your intervention will put her gas on a peep from now on in. The newspaper? that she works for has caused untold damage in England and now that their objectives have been achieved (Brexit and stirring up racial hatred) they’re upping the ante in Scotland. Well let’s just say that we can’t allow that to happen here.

    No matter the outcome in relation to Al’s action we should all be following every Express article (and others) from now on and reporting any ‘breaches’ of The Public Order Act 1986 to the Police.

  166. chasanderson200 says:

    Siobhan Macfagend
    Model journalist (presstitute) – “MODEL” – A non-working imitation of the real thing.

    There are of course other types of “MODEL” but I won’t go there at the moment.

  167. Artyhetty says:

    This has nothing to do with Rev’s tweet, which was completely harmless and dare I say restrained. No, it is about making sure that WoS gets a message, we can silence you on social media. It is about this random, unknown person stoking up hatred for her jobs sake and a very large ego.

    Keep up the good work Stuart, WoS is keeping the vestiges of democracy in UKOK alive.

    It is about Scottish independence. There is much at stake for UKOK.

    O/T I see that Korea are planning on spending 10billion on a nuke power plant in the ‘UK’. In cumbria. Nice.

  168. Richardinho says:

    Twitter of course as a private company are entitled to ban whoever they like. It doesn’t look good for them though if they want to be seen as a champion of free speech.

  169. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What a lot of Calmanballs.

    Did she ever produce the ‘death threats’ she was on about?

  170. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just in case anyone is rather tired of the Twitter denying Free spreech on … erm … Twitter then you may like to know oor wee Ruthie held a news conference this morning … apparently. 😉

    News from the front line (Twitter 🙂 ) is that a journalist asked her if she was going to apologise for her party’s xenophobic attack on Christian Allard … she refused to answer. Well who’d have thunk it … oh aye WE DID! 🙂

    So just to confirm that this was in deed the case I have asked oor wee Ruthie a few questions (polite ones of course 😉 ) about when she will apologise to the chamber and Christian Allard. I am currently awaiting, patiently 😀 , her reply. 😛

  171. The Rough Bounds says:

    I’m afraid I really don’t get this obsession with Twitter. To me it’s like some kind of cess pool with every metaphorical contagion floating in it ranging from Smallpox to Bilharzia.

    If you so much as put your toe into it the chances are fairly high that when you take your toe back out it will have some kind of disease attached to it.

    I manage fine without it. I don’t need it and its poison in my life. Twitter adds nothing to the sum total of useful information. It certainly adds nothing to the independence cause. Ignore it folks and it will wither.

  172. David says:

    I don’t always agree with WOS but you are absolutely outstanding at those very painful and sometimes tedious but very necessary dissections of the MSM. We all know that they are frequently manipulative and frequently dishonest but you go that important stage further and publish the very necessary evidence. I am grateful for this and if there is any way I can help you with your twitter status please let me know. I’ll keep checking your website regularly.

  173. Peter, LL.B says:

    Deactivated my twitter account, now just post on blogs.A Tory tweeter developed a peculiar fascination with my moderate left of centre public sector supportive tweets; called me a few names from time to time such as “cretin” “sad little old chap”. Ironically, claimed online that he has reported me to local cops for alleged harassment; sought advice from my local cops and a retd cop pal, who advised deactivate because this tweeter would just continue making a nuisance of himself. Never abused or threatened the guy, just a bit of occasional “banter”. Never thought of reporting him to twitter just regarded him as a bit of a “nuisance”. Your “suspension” extraordinary reaction to a seemingly innocuous comment.

  174. heedtracker says:

    Loki, I address you personally, which I rarely do. Show us the evidence of your assertion regarding ‘Karma’ at play here?

    Just another chancer what’s scoped the lovely tory money going for anyone who wants to attack Scottish democracy. He could have just gone out and got a job but that means getting up and going out to work in the morn. Instead, gratefully take the rich lady’s money, pat on the head, now get stuck in to the vile sepratists of her Scotland region.

    All that’s even remotely interesting, is the creep’s UKOK “karma” stuff, which is everywhere UKOK tory online today. Disagree with toryboy world, don;t vote who toryboys tell you, have the temerity to even talk back at the toryboys, and if an outfit like twitter shuts you down, its not wrong, its karma.

  175. Cuilean says:

    Appalled. Lodged complaints to Twitter & IPSOS. I urge everyone on here to do likewise unless you are happy for the British Yoon MSM to close down our independent sources which expose all their lies.

    This is extremely serious.

    Will the MSM now try and bring down Stu’s Facebook account in their attempt to go back to ‘the good old days’ when they could lie and lie (willingly aided by Tories & labour alike when it suited them) and nobody in Scotland was any the wiser?

  176. Artyhetty says:

    Re;Rough Bounds@2.01pm

    Know what you mean, RB, but I am afraid social media, like Twitter is a thing of the times and is useful in sharing info that would otherwise not be available in the usual often state run media.
    Only thing is like facebook it seems more and more under the control of those who want to stifle and stop the facts from getting out, but still useful for the present.

    I follow it for some local and world news, keeping up with what the Scotgov are doing, for environmental news, good and bad, and of course following the people who are working for a positive future, for Scottish independence.

    It has it’s uses when you don’t watch TV, ie, propaganda piped into folks’ living rooms, though I do hear my neighbours tv’s on at times and it drives me crazy hearing the inane voices telling people what to think and how to act, no thanks.

  177. Ian Brotherhood says:

    JK Rowling is a member of Scottish PEN.

    They have signalled their own concern over this ludicrous ban.

    Does she support them, or will she be too busy trimming her hedge for the next few days?

  178. Jim Thomson says:

    OK, in my 9:52am posting I got the twitter account for the daily disgrace wrong.

    *grovels a LOT*

    The real address is @Daily_Express. [thanks go to @devoforindy on twitter]

    If you don’t want to upset their 500k+ followers, just make sure you don’t put a wee full stop immediately before the @ symbol in the address.

    You don’t want it to look like this

    .@Daily_Express because that would annoy the timelines of over 500k followers. That would be a bad thing.

    Apologies for the previous enthusiastic (and woefully inadequate) research.

  179. donnywho says:

    They are Idiots, all this will do is give more publicity to Wings… Rev please show us the Unique Visitors stats for this coming week. I for one want to see the effect of the Unionists firmly but fairly shooting themselves in the foot.

  180. Thomas Valentine says:

    Sorry Rev but I just find this whole thing hysterical.
    Its like that LA Times story about the crazy lawyers planting drugs in the teaching assistant’s car.
    This could blow up to be McFadyan’s worst mess ever. Mind you if Liam Fox can avoid prison and banishment while thinking himself abused ??
    Maybe years from now we’ll be watching a sit com about this period of history.

  181. Robert Graham says:

    Well I don’t know about anyone else but I am f/kd if I can make any kind of sense trying to read these Twitter thingys, Texts I can read e/mail no problem but this junk where the address @ whatever is bigger than the bloody message and who is sending what to who f/kid if I know.
    Looks like a set up from the start did this person from a paper you wouldn’t wipe yer arse with expect no reaction no comment, that wasn’t the point was it , as in the BBC sending people north to cover the expected riots at the old firm game they are pushing an agenda, and guess what it ain’t support for a independent Scotland, over the last few weeks the media have been gathering as much ammunition in the form of shite as they can full battle mode has been declared, prepare for more of the same its just started, next will be this site will suffer denial of service attacks .

  182. dramfineday says:

    Ain’t democracy wonderful – providing, of course, it’s the establishments version off it. Whereby you are allowed to print the most vile guff but heaven forfend if the same vile guff is challenged. On no, that wont do at all. Close it all down everyone “peasants are revolting klaxton”, don’t want to hear from them, they know nothing and are entitled to know nothing….. other than what we tell them that is.

    Aye Right!

  183. HandandShrimp says:

    A miss-step by Twitter I think, but do they even pretend they are apolitical?

    Politically motivated censorship is alive and well in the UK. It may yet come to haunt the Siobhan’s of this world too because once you go down this road precedents are set.

  184. Jack Murphy says:

    Re the Main Article.
    I haven’t a clue who Siobhan McFadyen is but thankyou Wings for telling me who she works with.
    I’ll be passing this info on,and tonight with the lads.

  185. Kevin Evans says:

    Lots of things annoy me about this but the one that grates me the most is the idea of some coven of unionist hacks including the aformentioned journalist all gloating with glee at there achievement.

    Twitter has taken this too far. As a recently new Twitter member (due mainly to try and find any information on what’s going to happen since brexit) I was under the impression you blocked someone rather than report and suspend accounts.

    It’s like she is punching herself repeatedly in the face but complaining at her fist.

  186. Macart says:


    Ayup, this has the potential to backfire mahoosively in their faces. 😉

  187. Petra says:

    The following was released by the Scottish Police Federation to the media on September 1st 2014. It points out that there had been NO trouble in Scotland to speak of, that the ”Independence debate had been …. overwhelmingly good natured” in fact, and warned politicians and supporters to cut out using language that had the potential to incite trouble.

    If my memory serves me well it was released in relation to a Daily Record article instigated by Jim Murphy.

    It also highlights of course that McFadyen has been lying to Express readers and that Stuart Campbell has been doing no more than attempting to set the record straight.


    Alan SPF Media Release – Independence Referendum

    5 Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QF


    The Scottish Police Federation represents all police officers in the ranks of constable, sergeant, inspector and chief inspector, police cadets and special constables, over 18,500 people, 98% of all police officers in Scotland.

    To: News Editor
    Date: 1 September 2014
    Subject: Independence Referendum

    In response to the suggestion of absolute carnage in and around polling stations on the 18th Sept Brian Docherty, Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation said;

    “The independence debate has been robust but overwhelmingly good natured and it would prove a disservice to those who have participated in it thus far to suggest that with 17 days to go, Scotland is about to disintegrate into absolute carnage on the back of making the most important decision in the country’s history

    Politicians and supporters of whichever point of view need to be mindful of the potential impact of intemperate, inflammatory and exaggerated language, lest they be seen to seek to create a self fulfilling prophecy”

  188. Robert Peffers says:

    Maybe we should start a petition, “Free the WoS one”, or, “Ungag the Rev Stu”.

    Wait up – What about, “Stop the Twitter disgrace”? The problem with that last one is no one would know which particular Twitter disgrace we were talking about.

  189. Dan Huil says:

    Daily Express pimps taking threats to Twitter?

  190. Andy-B says:

    It’s of great concern that Twitter, can suspend someone, without giving a good reason for doing so.

    As for the Express, a pathetic excuse for a newspaper, I’ll be recommending to all I know, not to buy the bloody thing, it’s a disgrace to journalism.

  191. Juteman says:

    This is probably seen as just a wee parochial spat, but every blogger in the UK should be on to what is happening here.
    This is a direct attack on free and independent reporting.

  192. Dr Jim says:

    Because folk know me as the SNP guy

    I’ve just had a rather nasty tirade ranted at me and basically and attack on all things Nicola Sturgeon and how she’s caused the whole problem over the EU and her constant banging on about Independence and how we’d have to use the Euro and how everybody’s sick of the sight of her and the sound of her voice and it’s time for her to shut up nobody wants to be in the EU

    And that was from a previous YES voting woman

    I didn’t even get a chance to reply it was horrible and nasty and then she apologised for being nasty but still was in no doubt she’d rather have the Tories than Independence

    “Coz at least you know where you are”.. Her words

    How do you answer somebody who wont let you speak? I walked away but will never speak to the woman again or indeed answer her ever

  193. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Mandy Rhodes (Holyrood Magazine) has stated on Twitter that, in her 30 yrs as a journalist she’s never heard of Siobhan McFadyen.


    WTF is going on here?

    It stinks, big-time.

  194. Haggishunter says:

    The problem here is not Miss MacFadyen (if she even exists), she is merely a Sycophant for the Establishment / Brit Government that is so corrupt that it can run the media for its own agenda.

    Other countries, like Germany for example, tend to have a more wise population, because their government’s are not allowed to use the media and the media is not allowed to fabricate lies.

    Levison was ignored.

  195. clipper says:

    Re this Twitter thing, it’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few hours or so.


    Thinking that the BBC Misreporting Scotland fundraiser needs plugged a bit more aggressively, just a few days to go and it’s barely scraped over a measly grand!

  196. Proud Cybernat says:

    “…her 30 yrs as a journalist she’s never heard of Siobhan McFadyen.”

    Isn’t that because Mandy Rhodes is like an actual journalist writing for reputable outlets whilst Sobbin McFudyin is just out of playing with crayons?

  197. Famous15 says:

    The Express clearly wish a violent reaction and some are daft enough to play into their hands.

    They would just love like the Eagle /Corbyn episode for a brick to go through a window.

    The history of the Brittish Raj shows how effective they were at ruling by creating division.

    To me this stushy is evidence that independence is getting very close.


  198. Proud Cybernat says:

    ** Breaking **

    Cameron to stand down as MP. By-election to come. Hope they effing lose.

  199. call me dave says:


    Cameron standing down as MP and resigns…Hmm!

  200. Graeme Doig says:

    Al Stuart

    Great work sir.

    I honestly thought this woman would have woken from her weekend bender and felt thoroughly ashamed of herself. Guess that only happens in the real world.

  201. gordoz says:


    Please take a look at Davidsons honk on BBC Scot web page

    Ruths shaddow commission for Brexit utlises er umm Tories one and all.

    Now that’s news what a scoop.

  202. Petra says:

    I’ve just been having a look at the comments section of the McFadyen article ‘You want this AGAIN Nicola? Sturgeon urged to stop multi-million pound referendum crusade.’

    The comments section is full of nasty posts about Nicola Sturgeon, her appearance and so on. It encourages division of Scots but more than anything a division between the Scots and English.

    Lots of posts have been deleted of course but I came across this one: ‘StuArt …. ”It’s time Sturgeon stepped down, or stepped in front of a 44 tonne lorry!”

  203. HandandShrimp says:

    I suppose no great surprise on Cameron. Ex PMs frequently step down. I wonder if Gideon will follow suit or whether he will wait to pick up the pieces of the inevitable car crash.

  204. Capella says:

    Cameron probably resigned to shirk responsibility for the Twitter attack on democracy and BREXIT and to knock #FreeWings down the trending table.

  205. Haggishunter says:

    The UK government, is try to create divisions in Scottish society, probably with the help of their M15, which always has been very active in Scotland.
    They cannot afford to loose Scotland.

  206. One_Scot says:

    I would not be surprised if none of the Express Yoon hacks were real, that way they could wear a Spanner type mask and print whatever lies and shit they want without feeling any inhibitions.

  207. Iain More says:

    It is nothing more or less than British Nationalist censorship. Twitter is now nothing more than a lickspittle for Totalitarian British Nationalists who don’t like it up them.

    It isn’t just the stench of violence they reek of but the whiff of hypocrisy from them would attract swarms of flies and maggots to them like a weel deid carcasses.

    What is next in the Team GB UKOK isolationist State? Thumps on the door in the night? They are turning the screw.

  208. TJenny says:

    Hmm – now that HamCam the pigf**ker has resigned, what are the chances of Rooth The Mooth, tank and bison straddler extraordinaire, being parachuted in to stand in his constituency? After all, we haven’t seen her do a parachute jump yet, must be next on the photo op list. And she’s only a constituency MSP so the yoons would still be able to yoonite to get her successor elected. And she did soooo well increasing the STory vote too. 😉

  209. jdman says:

    circling the wagons?
    count me in!

  210. Tinto Chiel says:

    TJenny: wait till you see her phizog when they dish the sweaty sock that she is for a nice Tory Boy.

    I think she’ll find that for all her fawning and grovelling she’s just not to be trusted by the Establishment as “one of us”.

    That ultimately is the usual fate of Proud Scotbuts but they just don’t get it.

  211. Broch Landers says:

    How high can this go?

    I’m seeking a UN resolution outlawing Wings Over Scotland for crimes against hegemony.

  212. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    I have retweeted this, but I can’t copy it to my Facebook timeline, as there appears to be a problem with the content. ? Shurely shome mishtake?

  213. One_Scot says:

    Not sure if the Yoon support against the twitter ban is genuine, or is just a reaction to them feeling uncomfortable being on a side that is now so openly corrupt.

  214. sinky says:

    Jim Thomson says: at 2:32 pm

    If you don’t want to upset Daily Express 500k+ followers on twitter don’t put a full stop at start,like this:

    .@Daily_Express because that would annoy the timelines of over 500k followers. That would be a bad thing. LoL

  215. Iain More says:

    The Brit Nats and the Brit State and its various agencies will always hate any medium that they cant control as it shows them all up collectively for the corrupt sleazy twa faced thugs that they are. I have never used Twitter and the likelihood is that I never will. I haven’t used PayPal from the time they blocked me giving a donation to WikiLeaks.

    To quote the Wee Ginger Dug

    “Stu Campbell is rude, opinionated, loud mouthed, and often insulting, but’s he’s right about the Express.”

    I am equally rude, opinionated, loudmouthed and usually insulting when it comes to British Nationalists and I can say without fear of contradiction that the Brit Nats have always lived up to my very low opinion of them without fail.

    This suspension from Twitter just reaffirms my already low opinion of them and their tendencies towards totalitarianism and despotism. Well I told you I was opinionated but if anybody tells me I am wrong in my estimation of any British Nationalist and the British State flunkies collectively, I will tell them to remove their heads from their arses. I did say I was insulting.


  216. liz g says:

    Rev Stu
    As I understand it the suspension thing is an automated process, but if you get a so called Verified Account by that I mean the Wee Blue Tick thing,its apparently a lot harder to trigger the system.
    Now that could be complete mince,or something you already know but also could (if true) help if they try this again.

  217. Robert Louis says:

    Well, well, well, Cameron resigns with immediate effect. More to this than meets the eye.

    Methinks the tories are in an internal meltdown over brexit. Any clown can see it is very bad for the UK, yet the brexiteers in the Tory party seem determined that it will happen no matter how damaging it is.

    Soon, the only party with a coherent leader and set of policies left at Westminster will be the SNP. How times change.

  218. Proud Cybernat says:

    If Twitter do not unlock Wings Twitter account then we should really be worried. And when I see “we” I mean ScotNat and BritNat alike. But I rather suspect that most of the BritNats will be too dumb to care what has just happened. They do not see the danger because it presently suits their UKOK ends.

    However, it won’t always be so. Sometimes the shoe doth go on the other foot. Will they care then? Will it be too late for them then? They need to open their eyes. This isn’t just an attack on ScotNat freedom–it’s an attack on their freedom too. If only they could open their eyes.

  219. One_Scot says:

    How awesome would it be if everyone who uses twitter who believes that twitter is now merely a corporate mouthpiece using its weight to silence free speech, changed their profile picture to the WOS emblem in a show of support.

  220. Meindevon says:

    Not sure who suggested that Ruth Davidson would be parachuted into Cameron’s seat but don’t you know she has said time and again that she would never, never, ever leave Scotland….

    Right, so she’ll be packing her bags as we speak.

  221. msean says:

    Mr Cameron resigns,but his seat will stay Tory though,or he wouldn’t resign yet.

  222. galamcennalath says:

    This is such a total front to free speech. Anyone with any decency, Yes or No voter, has to come out against this ban.

    Unionists need to follow the noble advice of Evelyn Beatrice Hall ….

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

    … and anyone who sides with the pseudo-journalist and her rag should be considered beyond the Pale.

    Although the Express is an agent for the Union, its wider activities are so disgusting, surely this is not representative of the UK most Unionists want?

  223. geeo says:

    Is it me, or would this be an opportunity moment for a crowdfunder ?

    WoS legal fund ?

    Unlock the twitter one !!

  224. ScottishPsyche says:

    Ms McFadyen has made some fairly outrageous claims regarding the Rev’s influence on Twitter. I wonder if challenged by say, a lawyer’s letter, she could back them up?

    The muted yoon support is interesting. Perhaps they are aware that they are as culpable of any misdemeanour as the Rev? More likely they realise that, without him, Twitter and the blogosphere is a far less interesting place as he says the things so called Indy supporting MSM would never allow.

    Where else would they get a decent counter argument? Bella Caledonia zzz…

  225. Luigi says:


    Would make a fine T-shirt. 🙂

  226. TJenny says:

    From Twitter ‘.@LadPolitics offer odds of 16/1 on @RuthDavidsonMSP being selected as Tory candidate for Witney by-election.’

    Roothie replies ‘Save your money’, so that’ll be journey doon sarf booked then. 🙂

  227. Onwards says:

    The Rough Bounds says:
    12 September, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    I’m afraid I really don’t get this obsession with Twitter. To me it’s like some kind of cess pool with every metaphorical contagion floating in it ranging from Smallpox to Bilharzia.

    If you so much as put your toe into it the chances are fairly high that when you take your toe back out it will have some kind of disease attached to it.

    I manage fine without it. I don’t need it and its poison in my life. Twitter adds nothing to the sum total of useful information. It certainly adds nothing to the independence cause. Ignore it folks and it will wither.

    I think you are wrong there.
    Social media is important and has helped independence supporters get their voice out. It’s no coincidence that SNP support increased alongside cheap and easy internet access.

    Traditional media is dying, with an aging readership, and within the next 10-20 years I expect that the surviving newspapers will be given away for free.. subsidised by wealthy owners purely to promote their personal political viewpoints.

  228. gus1940 says:

    Predictably The Herald and Scotsman have leapt with glee on the news that the Wings Twitter account has been suspended but have upgraded it to ‘Banned’.

    The Herald have followed their usual practice of not allowing Comments whereas The Scotsman and its band of swivel eyed loonies who comment is working itself up to orgasm with the news.

    In fact Stu might be in with a chance of relieving JP of some more of their funds.

  229. Luigi says:

    Surely the Buffalo Rider won’t just abandon her beloved Scotland at the drop of a hat? She has to stay in place to defend the union. To just drop it all and pack her bags at the first opportunity would be a right slap in the face to all those old yoons who supported her. Those who were depending on her to save the union. That would take some brass neck. Oh, wait……..

  230. chris kilby says:

    Dreadful woman. She’s a disgrace alright. Like her awful rag.

  231. Phronesis says:

    The European Broadcasting Union on media freedom;

    ‘Informed citizenship and the fundamental right to freedom of expression and information can only be guaranteed in any democratic society through media freedom and pluralism. Media freedom implies editorial independence, the protection of journalists and unrestricted public access to information sources.

    Media pluralism means that citizens have access to a range of sources, views and opinions and that no single media player has an overwhelming influence over the political agenda.

    The written press, TV, radio, social networks, blogs and other online media are all an integral part of a diverse, pluralistic and rich media environment. Any threat to the independence and availability of these media – whether via governmental interference, the intimidation of journalists, a lack of transparency in ownership structures and concentration, overriding commercial interests, or deliberate attempts to block access to content – upsets the overall state of media freedom and pluralism in any country’

    demos+ethnos= Scotland’s autonomy = ethos, pathos,logos

    Consensus ad idem

  232. Wulls says:

    absolutely fuckin hilarious.
    Journalist prints utter pish, gets called Luton it, bleats to anyone who will listen then Clypes to Twitter.
    So much for the belief in free speech
    Woman is an idiot.

  233. JLT says:

    There is no doubt about it, the media are definitely trying to turn the screw on not just the SNP, but on the whole concept of Scottish Nationalism.

    No doubt that Siobhan McFadyen will be getting plaudits from other hacks and BritNats for her little ‘victory’ in shutting down the Wings Twitter site for a wee while.

    But surely this plays both ways. After all, we have newspaper journalists using all sort of inflammatory language against nationalists! What happens if we flood the Twitter Support desk with quotes that are derogatory to half of the Scottish nation? I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long before they get hacked off with having to contact the Support desk on a regular basis to be re-activated again.

    So, in my book …what goes around …comes around…

  234. Scott says:

    These 3 stories have never appeared on the BBc wonder why.

    In a letter to Ruth Davidson, the SNP leader said the remarks attributed to an unnamed member of the Tory communications team were “completely unacceptable” and called on her to publicly withdraw them on behalf of her party.

    North-east Alexander Burnett MSP accused of failing to declare office spendings during election campaign

    Furious dispute breaks out over Donald Cameron MSP investment at US

  235. They need educated says:

    Rev you will always be the man

  236. ben madigan says:

    very sorry indeed to hear of the twitter block -let’s hope it is only an automatic mechanism and soon sorted. I imagine we’ll know one way or the other tomorrow and then the rev will take whatever steps are appropriate

    well done al stuart and dorothy devine – let’s hope their initiative is very successful, no matter what happens with twitter

    @ Louis who wrote “Any clown can see it(brexit) is very bad for the UK”,This was very clearly explained in the expert evidence to the Scottish committee chaired by mr wishart. The link was posted here (maybe by nana?) a few days ago but i can’t find it. The hearing is well worth listening to

    I would appreciate it very much if the link poster could put it up again. Thanks

  237. gus1940 says:

    When Cameron stood down as PM he said that he would carry on as an MP.

    However, given the slap in the face administered by Maggie May when she sacked half his cabinet and her actions since I am surprised that it has taken so long for him to resign his seat.

    If you thought that Thatcher was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    And May was said to be a remain supporter during the ref campaign. If she was she is putting on a bloody good act.

  238. gus1940 says:


    I commented earlier on the fact that if one depended on our wonderful media for news nobody would have known that there was a massive independence demo in Catalonia at the weekend and a slightly smaller event on Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh.

    On further perusal of the media neither The National or The EEN mention the Edinburgh event which comes as a depressing surprise.

  239. louis.b.argyll says:

    What’s twitter for knobbled?

  240. Gary45% says:

    I think that’s an insult to idiots everywhere.

  241. Robert Peffers says:

    @Cuilean says: 12 September, 2016 at 2:15 pm:

    “Appalled. Lodged complaints to Twitter & IPSOS. I urge everyone on here to do likewise unless you are happy for the British Yoon MSM to close down our independent sources which expose all their lies”.

    It’s like this, Cuilean, the Twitter ban upon the Rev Stu is akin to the USA government bringing in prohibition of alcohol. That prohibition kicked off the age of the gangster in the USA with a police/criminal war on the streets of the USA.

    It is even a bit like the ban on smoking tobacco for those people under the arbitrary age limit in the UK. Most young smokers when I was a youth became smokers because of the ban.

    This Twitter ban will have exactly the same effect for such bans have always been shown to have exactly the opposite effect that the banners intend.

    Then we have the present brainless killing sprees in the USA where there is currently a Gun Lobby determined to retain the USAsian’ right to carry a loaded weapon and to use it. Thus there is a faction who will carry a weapon just to cock a snoot at authority. It is after all basically, human nature to cock such snoots at authority.

  242. John Dawson says:

    Human rights activist Fuad Alakbarov made valid point about this:

    “I don’t always agree with Wings Over Scotland but if his ban is ok by Twitter, then it’s time to suspend Katie Hopkins’ account as well.”

    If they’ve banned you, they better ban racists too

  243. Joe Swan says:

    It looks like the Rev has been re-instated. Hurray!

  244. David says:

    Twitter is a disgrace

  245. alexicon says:

    Ben, If its an automatic block, then I would think that her, as well as others, accounts being blocked for minor discrepancies.

    What’s to stop me from doing the same to that woman?

  246. peekay says:

    It’s back up again. Might be something to the ‘San Fran getting out of bed and seeing it was a pile of pish’ theory!

  247. thingy says:

    Joe @ 6:30

    And curiously, missing 12 thousand followers.

  248. One_Scot says:

    A victory for common sense and a defeat for idiots.

  249. One_Scot says:

    Where have all the followers went?

  250. heedtracker says:

    Neo fascist Voice of the North piles in, shock.

    Dont think that crew of toryboy creeps has ever mentioned WoS before, in their daily blend of monstering/ignoring everything Holyrood.

    Even their headline’s their usual sleazy creep out, could be meaningless, could be that WoS has organised a hate mob, but didn’t, what ever a hate mob is online. What a bunch. Is there a sleazier profession outside the City?

    Wings Over Scotland suspended from Twitter amid allegations of ‘hate mob’ against journalist

  251. Nana says:

    I think @wings is back

  252. Joe Swan says:

    thingy @ 6 35

    10k and rising. Get in there!

  253. Black Joan says:

    Missing 37,000 followers . . .

  254. One_Scot says:

    ‘And curiously, missing 12 thousand followers’

    I make it 37K missing

  255. Linda McFarlane says:

    And it’s back.

    Interested to find out why.

  256. asklair says:

    “Good – he was an embarrassment to the independence movement.”
    this type of comment really pisses me off, I know people have a right to their personal opinions, but no way has he been an embarrassment. Shame on that person and greater shame on tribal monoculture party supporters.

  257. Macart says:

    Wings up and running?

    Some meeja types are gonnae be awfy disappointed. 🙂

  258. thingy says:


    Back to full compliment. 🙂

  259. mumsyhugs says:

    Hi Rev – welcome back! 🙂

  260. One_Scot says:

    Daily Express: “Well.”
    Twitter Employee: “Well according to the rules, apparently we can’t ban him indefinitely.”
    Daily Express: “Darn.”
    Twitter Employee: “But we can delete all his followers”
    Daily Express: “Well I suppose that will need to do”

  261. Breeks says:

    I hear the pitter patter of furious little fingers on a keyboard….

    Hmmm. I rather suspect the Express has delved a little too deep and woken a Balrog…

  262. Petra says:

    Well I think we should all thank Ms McFadyen now. It’s resulted in a great deal more interest being shown in Wings.

    It also means that we’ll be keeping a beady eye on anything she and her ilk have to say from now on, especially relating to ”instigating a hate mob against Nicola Sturgeon.” That applies to migrants living in Scotland too as that seems to be quite an obsession with them …. stirring up racial hatred. And if she (they) does we’ll be taking a leaf out of her book and report her to the Police.

  263. Robert Louis says:

    Glad to see the twitter account of Rev stu has been re-started. It is clear, therefore, that the so-called ‘journalist’ from the Daily Express hate rag who caused all this, was talking rubbish, otherwise he would have had a continued suspension.

    I see the blatantly propagandist BBC’s Andrew Neil was gloating. Clown.

    I do assume Rev Stu will now be undertaking more excellent dissections of the lies printed by the Daily Express hate rag. Just to make the point, like.

    Meanwhile, why would any decent minded company with a public reputation choose to advertise in that rag? A lot of these companies need to give it some thought.

  264. Dan Huil says:

    Oh no! The bbc has lost the broadcasting rights for the great british cake show off thingy. Hope it’s going to be on RT.

  265. Orri says:

    For a moment there I thought Twitter had caved in to blackmail. Given that shortly, if I read it right, after a mention of their declining share price Wings was blocked. An obvious source of income for them is advertising and one might assume the more followers someone has the more they might be worth. So any implied, or blatant in an email, threat that the Daily Express might close their account might be taken seriously by an unerling until someone higher up in the food chain decides to call the bluff.

    In addition a permanent banning in these circumstances would by implication mean that rather than supplying a politically neutral advertising supported platform Twitter had fallen into a trap where far worse than the Rev was being accused of was allowed to pass on a regular basis. Hence it may be concluded that the approved of such rather than kept a Hans off approach.

  266. heedtracker says:

    Two defenderisers of planet toryboy pile in. Couple of thugs in nice suits and I much prefer the Ligger’s “you’re the Scum of Scotland” abuse. Oh Scum of Scotland, when will we see, your like again…

    Right now:D


    Andrew NeilVerified account
    ?@afneil Andrew Neil Retweeted Brian Wilson
    Wow! What a loss to civilised and informed discourse. ;-)Andrew Neil added,

    Brian Wilson @BrianWilson1967
    Scores of Nationalist MPs/MSPs who follow this hate-monger must be bereft.
    Wings Over Scotland banned from Twitter

  267. maureen says:

    Sorry Nana for duplication same link to canary news.

  268. Cactus says:

    Welcome to all you new readers and a nod to all the regular lurkers. Take a look around and see what you think.. make up your own mind.

    If you feel compelled to comment, do it.
    Freedom of speech is permitted and encouraged here.

    Should you have any questions.. ask away!

    You’re welcome.

  269. Bill Hume says:

    I don’t ‘tweet’, but on this occasion I did #freewings. Welcome back Stu.

  270. Robert Graham says:

    This Twitter spat looks like something out of the Twilight Zone
    Do not adjust your set
    We control the horizontal
    We control the vertical
    It is a crude warning and a reminder of who is in charge when you take on the British establishment be prepared for incoming shit , well its here .
    Its good to see its featured on the cannery but dont expect any assistance from down south for people who in their eyes want to break up their country namely people on here just a thought .

  271. Nana says:


    Nothing to be sorry for, the more folks that post links the better. I’m not usually here in the afternoons so there is sure to be plenty stuff I miss.

  272. Dr Jim says:

    Congratulations on normal service being resumed and the very predictable extra followers it will no doubt bring
    Not a Twitterer myself, more of a lurker, but I do enjoy the comedic sarcasm and Unionist ripping comments from most of the folks who endanger their lives by taking part in Stuart Campbells version of the Great Scottish Boak Off the Anti Cringe recipe

  273. stonefaction says:

    I wonder if this is the first in a ‘no smoke without fire’ attack on Wings. They get the suspension and the gleeful headlines. A few weeks later, they go for it again – cue headlines again. Then again, and again. Either resulting eventually in Twitter taking unnecessary action against the account, or more likely they ramp up the provocation and the hyperbole in the headlines. Those who have heard the usual fabricated crap about the site, then steer clear even more than they did before, just as some of them may have been getting curious. No point in playing the ball when you can play the man. It’s the Yoon way.

  274. ben madigan says:

    glad to hear Wings twitter’s back up again –

    just want to thank Nana for re-posting that link I asked for. As Nana said at the time she originally posted it, it’s really worth listening to. Apart from the implications for Scotland, the experts clearly set out the predicament the UK finds itself in. It’s doomed if it brexits and up the creek with no paddle if it doesn’t.

    I’ve remembered to bookmark it this time

  275. Valerie says:

    Weird about the missing followers.

    I was aware about an hour after the Twitter account came on line, and there was WoS replying to ligger Neil. Haha.

    Steve Topple of The Canary wrote a piece, WGD, Mr Malky, that I saw, and I’m sure there were loads more.

    A good days tweeting everyone!

  276. K1 says:

    Nana, Ben, yes that is such a good watch and listen to…did you notice Christopher Chope suggests that the witnesses are being blinded by their political views in the first part of the discussion near the end (the three professors)…really quite shameless behaviour toward the witnesses.

    I highly recommend that people watch this and the other sessions on that day, it is the nearest we will get to any understanding from the ‘horse’s’ mouth about Brexit and how it affects Scotland. We will not get this reported in the msm, that’s for sure. Neither will we get informed and nuanced debate about these issues that will affect our live’s and future generations to come by any other means.

  277. Effijy says:

    This is the distorted news from the EBC.

    We have decided to drop the Great British Bake-off
    and replace it with the Great British-SNP F***-off.

    UK Journalist will be given a series of truths as to why Scotland would be far better off as an Independent Nation, and asked to produce the most mutated scaremongering stories possible before the presses start rolling.

    The winner will be presented with their trophy, a Bronze tribute to the Brillo Pad on top of Andrew Neil’s head, by the UK’s own Lackie Bird, and get full access to Fat Boab’s Chieftain Tank.
    (The winner was to get use of the 13 Navy Frigates Promised for the Clyde by the Tories, and Fat Boab in particular, but at least the tank did exist at one point)

    Toodloo Thenoo reporting
    Non Specific Quay,
    North Britain,
    Not in Europe.

  278. Chic McGregor says:

    @Robert Louis
    “Well, well, well, Cameron resigns with immediate effect. More to this than meets the eye.”

    Told you Cameron was the secret good guy. He tried to stop the hive taking over but failed.

  279. SOG says:

    Well, that’s good news. I wonder if anyone had reminded S Ex of the Streisand Effect (see wiki), which I was going to suggest on here.

    As to the MSM attacks on bloggers, I hope people remember The Times’ actions about NightJack and the Escort Lady. I wondered if they saw them as competition in some form: interesting reading outside of the dead tree press. The Rev Stu shows how reporting should be: accurate and with details.

  280. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Rev can you get a hold of the complaint to Twitter ie false alligations & take it from there, might take a few pounds out of Desmonds pockets.

  281. heedtracker says:

    Twitter is free to use so they reacted pretty well. Its been a long day that certainly made a lot of yoons look really awful though. Its not just the usual red and blue tory in Scotland awful but freedom of speech awful. Or just another step forward for Scottish democracy and that’s what its all about. Well done WoS, again!

  282. Philip Maughan says:

    Re. Andrew Neill’s tweet – something about pots and kettles there I think. Also, as a BBC apparatchik, isn’t he bound by the rules of impartiality? I see he’s tweeting under his own name, not the Beeb’s but it does taint him for when he has his BBC hat on. Bit like Stephen Daisley, you can’t inhabit two separate worlds and continue to claim impartiality.

  283. Jack Murphy says:

    A Blogger 6 years ago wasn’t too pleased with Siobhan McFadyen.

    ‘The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness.’

    So, I’ve just been notified that an article in News of the World was published yesterday, ostensibly about my personal life (the title of which contained an incredibly volatile and insensitive slur against homeless individuals).

    I was contacted by the writer, Siobhan McFadyen, quite some time ago and declined an interview with her. Looks like she just went ahead and wrote one regardless.
    The article is laughable at best, containing numerous inaccuracies and flat-out lies………………………………………………..”

  284. Scott McNaughton says:

    I was suspended ten times by twitter for a factual statement on Tony Blair at court.

  285. Neil Anderson says:

    Imagine a journalist getting upset at people actually looking at their pages. Presumably she rejects all chances of byline accreditation. Working hard to make herself as dispensible as possible. Watch next round of redundancies carefully.

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