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Far below the gutters

Posted on September 11, 2016 by

Daily Express hack Siobhan McFadyen had a quite extraordinary meltdown on Twitter last night and this morning after we highlighted an appalling article that she’d written for Saturday’s paper.

After angrily attacking other users for a few hours, by the end she’d declared a full-on DefCon One, sending out a desperate plea for hauners from entities as diverse as the Times, the New York Times, the Telegraph, the NUJ, the Washington Post, Guardian Scotland, BBC Radio 4, the Drudge Report, the CEO of Twitter and JK Rowling.


At the time of writing, none had replied.

She also announced she’d be reporting this site and another user to the police.



The apparently criminal tweets were the one pictured above where she was called “an utter disgrace” (which we’re reasonably sure is still a thing you’re allowed to say) and the shocking pair of messages below from an England-based CND supporter, which McFadyen bewilderingly held to constitute a “threat”:




She threatened another user with lawyers for suggesting she was a bit loopy:


In amongst all this lashing out, McFadyen attempted to justify Saturday’s article by referencing another one that she’d written for the Express back in 2015, as evidence for her claim that the independence referendum had turned Scotland into something more akin to Bosnia in the early 1990s or Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s.


The 2015 piece was, ironically, another extraordinary confection of wildly hyperbolic innuendo with no discernible content. It reported that Police Scotland had monitored crime levels during the last couple of months of the independence campaign in case they suggested any possibility of organised disturbances related to the vote.

wheeler1 wheeler2

In the event, nothing transpired except for the night of 19 September when hundreds of Loyalists attacked innocent Yes supporters and police officers in Glasgow’s George Square (which McFadyen described as a “violent confrontation between No and Yes”), resulting in a handful of arrests and a few convictions, all of them Unionists.

(Even the Daily Record had felt compelled to point out that the police were searching exclusively for Unionist thugs, and that the “isolated incident” had marred a “largely trouble-free referendum campaign”, quoting Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie as calling it “one of the greatest democratic experiences in our history”.)


Police Scotland had added that even the minor crimes which had been recorded under the initiative, such as cars with campaign stickers on them being damaged, couldn’t necessarily be put down to the referendum rather than normal everyday vandalism.


Bizarrely, McFadyen’s article had concluded that this near-total absence of incident “undermines claims about the ‘peaceful’ nature of the independence campaign”.

The only source she’d been able to find for a quote backing up that assertion was the notoriously halfwitted Labour peer George Foulkes – who was at least experienced in the field, having his own conviction for drunkenly assaulting a police officer – who was duly given four paragraphs to fire off some mad paranoid ramblings only passingly connected to the story, before the article closed on something of a killer line.


So despite a dedicated team being set up to identify and police crime related to the referendum, only a “very small amount” was found, almost all of it minor incidents of theft or damage which may or may not have had any political motivation at all.

Siobhan McFadyen and the Daily Express managed to translate that into “widespread outbreaks of violence, threats and public disorder for months before and after the referendum”, featuring the oxymoronic “scenes that have not been witnessed in living memory” andrage and disorder that plagued the streets of [a] once peaceful country”, while accusing Nicola Sturgeon of being “ready to unleash yet more violence”.

When challenged on social media, with what was some quite admirable restraint in the circumstances, McFadyen reacted by calling people asking for evidence in support of her claims a “hate mob” and screaming for emergency assistance from pretty much everyone short of Captain America, Secret Squirrel and the A-Team.

Tomorrow, the BBC will solemnly report the headlines in the Daily Express as if it were a respectable organ of news and comment, as it does every day. Readers could be forgiven a weary sigh.

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    230 to “Far below the gutters”

    1. Richardinho says:

      ‘See my timeline for talking points’ LOL! Is this the new international code phrase for journalists in distress?

    2. chris kilby says:

      It isn’t easy being a (Glenda) Slagg:

      # She’s so rone-ree,
      So very rone-ree… #

    3. chris kilby says:

      And she means it this time!

    4. chris kilby says:

      Really, she does.

    5. Stoker says:

      FUD’s led by McFudyen & Co!

    6. Grouse Beater says:

      How different is Mcfadyen’s over-wrought reaction to her integrity questioned from that of so many MSM hacks?

      Some print lies assuming them to be truth, some print half-truths to hide information and to mislead, others print lies because they have no fear of challenge.

    7. harry mcaye says:

      Surprised she didn’t ask for Brian Spanner’s assistance.

    8. MJack says:

      I had a good laugh at her trying to troll for a Im a victim story. She came accross as very childish.

    9. chris kilby says:

      Help her, Obi-Wan. You’re her only hope!

    10. Richardinho says:

      A bit disappointed Rowling hasn’t responded yet. Wonder how she feels being associated alongside the Drudge Report?

    11. chris kilby says:

      Has she been drinking with George Foulkes?

    12. Ken500 says:

      Why do disreputed ‘journalists’/MSM commentators just apologise when they insult and dishonour millions of people for financial gain. Instead of being total hypocrites trying to destroy innocent people’s lives. Rank dishonesty and hypocrisy. Breaking the Law.

      The Leveson Verdict should have been implemented by the corrupt Westminster Unionists. Dishonourable. Bailing the wealthy tax evading privileged criminals out again, for political favour. Recycled corruption.

    13. Richardinho says:

      I wonder if you can bet on newspaper headlines at the bookies?
      ‘My Twitter hell’ by Siobhan McFadyen seems a got bet for next weeks Daily Express.

    14. chris kilby says:

      Who she gonna call next? Ghostbusters?

    15. Ken500 says:

      Scotland is an extremely Law abiding society, with proportionately minimum rates crime.

      SNP/SNP May 2017. To support communities and improve societies. Hold the Westminster/Unionist criminals and privileged seeking multimillionaires, to account. They support killing and maiming vulnerable, innocent people. Britain is the most unequal, unfair place in the world, MSM buy into the privilege.

    16. galamcennalath says:

      Some Unionist hacks believe what they write, I have little doubt. It is therefore unsurprising they support each other when their views are challenged.

      This is something different. It appears to be a made up story, fiction. Problem is, most people must find it offensive suggesting our democratic process is laced with violence. And that should offend NOs just as much as YESs.

      This hack has gone beyond any acceptable standard. I hope very few offer support.

    17. ClanDonald says:

      McFadyen claimed on twitter that she had personally witnessed acts of referendum related violence in Glasgow.

      When challenged to produce evidence she was unable to give any details, dates or times of these so called acts of violence that she said she witnessed.

      Nor did she write any articles at the time reporting these incidents which she described as ‘rife.’

      Can anyone seriously believe that an anti-independent tabloid hack personally witnessed acts of violence then somehow forgot to report them or write an article about it at the time, instead waiting two years to claim she personally saw violence?

      No, me neither.

    18. Dan Huil says:

      She’s obviously way out of her depth, even for a typical britnat hack who reeks of arrogance and ignorance.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      Is Captain America actually coming though, I love that guy!
      Justice League get them they’re really good…Thor! Iron Man!
      Has she really got all those contacts, that’s brilliant

      She’s so lucky!

      Are you just Spoofing Rev? See that’s just mean man!
      No wonder she doesn’t like you

    20. Gordon Taggart says:

      Having been one of the “hate mob” (IE someone who thought #jesuissiobhan might appreciate some correction of her inadvertent misreporting), I can confirm that “you cannot see my timeline” was stated.

      Therefore, no one can verify any “abuse” or otherwise.

      She called me “dear”, I was chuffed!

    21. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Katie Hopkins syndrome

      aka petty Agent Provocateur

      aka wanna-be’Andy Warhol – 15 minutes of fame [seeking there-of]

      Journalistic equivalence of a blue-bottle [but more irritating]

      *nuff said*

    22. heedtracker says:

      That a “very small amount” was found needs to be buried, ed.

      They are a beyond ridiculous bunch now. Remember the great Ian Murray MP’s YES sticker on his office tragedy

      Look at the little wee YES 2014 sticker, that became Daily Heil’s, “The savage racism turning Scotland into a no-go zone for the English” stuff

    23. defo says:

      Maybe not too clever getting plod involved. They might actually look into this, and come to the obvious conclusion.

    24. HandandShrimp says:

      Has she written anything about the appalling violence and murder the Brexit campaign has wrought on England?

      If so, given the extremely unpleasant nature of the incidents, the hyperbole must be off the scale. I might be tempted to read that.

      Or is she avoiding that because the Express is pro-Brexit? Is she a real journalist or an integrity free zone?

    25. Onwards says:

      The Daily Express is an absolute disgrace of a hate rag. I’m surprised the supermarkets don’t wrap it in plastic.

      It must be totally embarrassing for its readers to take it up to the till and look like a crazed bigot. I suppose they use the self service area.

    26. Artyhetty says:

      It is quite sad really that these people are intent on actually creating divide, where non really exists.
      No doubt she is looking for some kind of promotion. This kind of behaviour usually means that the person playing victim, has something else going on in their lives that they should be dealing with. We can’t help her with that, and looks like people have in fact been very restrained, even kind, in their responses.

      As a much more interesting, poignant and grown up aside, see this;

      A link to a documentary about the 1974 coup in Chili, and how Scottish workers refused to do repairs to weapons used by UKok.

      Sorry O/T, but looks well worth a watch, and poss donation if anyone is so inclined. Scottish Documentary Institute, didn’t know it existed!

    27. Artyhetty says:

      Arghh, that link is useless, this is the link to the short film about Chile coup, 1974.

    28. ScottishPsyche says:

      This is truly awful stuff from McFadyen who has no journalistic integrity whatsoever. How can this person even be a journalist – she uses her own poorly researched material as evidence to back up her claims?

      To be honest I only gave the article a cursory glance the first time as it comes across as garbled and breathlessly histrionic. Is she actually accusing the FM of inciting the violence that was perpetrated by the Unionists?

      Her defence is bizarre and to be honest she comes across as quite fragile. As is usual with these snowflake journos when they write horrible inflammatory and provocative copy they cannot take any criticism at all.

    29. Arbroath1320 says:

      I think the most hilarious outcome of this whole “affair” would be for the police to investigate and arrest HER for incitement to violence! 😀

      On a more serious note however has anyone considered sending in a complaint to the IPSO mob about her articles?

      I’m sure her articles break IPSO rules on morality, ethics or plain simple truth. ( yes I know morals, ethics and truth are all ideas that are foreign to most in the London centric media 🙂 ) There again IPSO is run to investigate the print media and is run by the …erm … print media so I guess nothing much would come of a complaint to IPSO after all.

    30. Giving Goose says:

      I think I’m going to go back up the river Orrin and touch base again with that sheep turd. It’s got more journalistic integrity than those employed by the Express.
      Probably smells better to!

    31. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Giving Goose –

      You may be interested to know that, in Scots, a ‘boucht-curd’ is a sheep’s dropping that has somehow found its way into the milk bucket.

      True dat!


    32. Greannach says:

      I’m going to stamp my feet and scweam and scweam and scweam. And I mean it this time. I really do.

    33. David Mills says:

      And the award in the category of creative fiction/ fictionaliion of history hoes to….. Siobhan McFadyen for her “comments on Scottish political landscape”

    34. Another Union Dividend says:

      Arbroath1320 says: IPSO is worse than useless but here is the link

      Newspaper falsehoods are NEVER corrected at the same degree of prominence as the original felony.

      When Indy or SNP supporters complain that is portrayed as curtailing the “freedom of the press” which in many cases is just giving rich right wing owners a platform to promote their prejudices and influence broadcasters like BBC who also fail to give suitable prominence to correcting their lies.


      However I am sure that Private Eye and other “fearless” investigators will take Ms McFadyen to task in the same manner as they defended Stephen Daisley against the SNP One Party State apparatus that is intimidating and cowering all the press in Scotland.

    35. galamcennalath says:

      ScottishPsyche says:

      ” Is she actually accusing the FM of inciting the violence that was perpetrated by the Unionists?”

      There seems to be a line of thinking among some the more extreme Unionists that the current constitutional crisis in Scotland is all the fault of the SNP. They believe the UK is wonderful, the best that ever there was, and therefore leaving is totally beyond their comprehension. If there had been no referendum, they believe, there would be no ongoing threat to their amazing Union.

      Their bitterness, anger, upset at what is happening to their world cannot be underestimated.

      So where does the talk of violence come in? I suspect it’s goes with the right wing blood and soil nationalism. We abhor violence. Right wing BritNats have proven they are more at ease with it. They think and talk in a violent way. If they write made up stories to pass as news, it probably follows that violence in the fiction is not out of bounds.

      I’m certainly not talking about the NO side, I’m not even talking about British Nationalists in general – I am talking about the minority hard right xenophobic isolationist nutters and the Express has proven it is their mouth piece.

    36. KennyH says:

      I would steer well clear of this troll on Twitter. It looks like a deliberate ploy to generate a backlash so the Express can write more stories about the evil cybernats on Twitter.

      It’s a classic bully tactic: pick on someone you don’t like then when they fight back scream that you’re being bullied.

      I really think it would be better if indy supporters steered clear of Twitter. There is little to gain as most people there have their minds made up anyway and a lot to lose. Let idiots like this reporter say what they want on Twitter as it is of little consequence in the real world (although reporting it on this site is useful). All they really care about is getting a reaction – any reaction, which they can then report negatively. Don’t give them what they want.

    37. Valerie says:

      I intend to make a complaint about inaccurate reporting, and incitement.

      Express are covered by IPSO.

      Here is the link

    38. Stoker says:

      Arbroath1320 wrote:
      “I think the most hilarious outcome of this whole “affair” would be for the police to investigate and arrest HER for incitement to violence!”

      Right, listen here Abby, that’s ma new pet name furr ye, LA sounds too exotic, so stoap confusing us all, it’s easy done. Seriously, good call, she should also be charged and billed for wasting police time. Soon wipe the pish aff her dish! ?

      You also wrote:
      “On a more serious note however has anyone considered sending in a complaint to the IPSO mob about her articles?”

      Yip, i agree with that also, i made a similar suggestion yesterday but i think it would have to be done by someone who’s good with words and at writing for it to be taken seriously.

      Goodness knows, there’s enough material been supplied on here over the last few days if anyone wants to take up the challenge.

    39. Iain More says:

      Why isn’t she in a padded cell? Yeah I know SNP is BAAHD on mental health this last week.

      In all seriousness she is one very seriously disturbed individual even for a Yoon and that is saying something.

      Dont the Police have extra special powers to detain such indefinitely under the Mental Health Acts? Well would you want to run into that nutter in a public place? Well there is no telling what she might accuse somebody of????

    40. Another Union Dividend says:

      I am available for commission for print, digital, broadcast and social media projects.

    41. Nigel says:

      Happy to dish it out in that hack rag of hers but when properly challenged – can’t take it, can’t stand the heat.

      Now, how long before we see the Siobhan McFadyen Twitter account closed with all the screaming, shouting and much gnashing of teeth that seems to go with it these days? All because vile cybernats chased her off! With horrible abuse and threats too awful to contemplate and all that. How long before it is a headline? I am willing to bet it’s being written at this very minute along with the sub-head and copy. Oh you nasty man Rev!! LOL.

      The desperation of the Unionists is palpable. The scare stories have been discredited (debunked?) and seen as the lies they always were – unlikely to work anything as well as they did first time round – there’s little left in the Unionist armoury and they know it. A second IndyRef is the last thing they want – they know that they are on course to loose. So ramping up the hype and lies to try and head off IndyRef2 by conning folk into thinking it’s a really bad thing…to be expected, I suppose. Brace ourselves for more.

    42. David says:

      See that great defender of free speech and children’s author was dragged in.

    43. Stoker says:

      Gaun yersel Valerie! Although we can probably pre-empt the outcome i still wait in excited anticipation that your efforts will be rewarded and some form of justice will be meted out to all involved.

    44. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sorry for O/T so early folks but apparently in a newspaper somewhere, (don’t know which one only seen picture of article on Twitter 😉 ), our glorious warmonger ex leader has called all those supporting independence … erm … insurgents! 😀

      I guess that makes me and possibly 😉 one or two on here insurgenistas or even #insturgeonistas 😀

    45. Nigel says:

      Oh I forgot: Weary sigh alert!

      **Weary sigh**

    46. Macart says:

      Just wow!

      Wonder which metro set type is next? They seem determined to partake in the most appalling trolling spree then play the victim card. A crude an offensive strategy, but so long as folk don’t respond recklessly, a strategy which leaves enormous amounts of egg on face for the instigator.

      What is it thone penguin says in the Madagascar movies?

      Just smile an wave boys, smile and wave. 🙂

    47. ScottishPsyche says:


      This is what underpins the the Yoon case. Do not upset unthinking violent people because if you do it is your own fault. The underlying threat of violence and menace is always there with people like Historywoman and Effie Deans.

      Do not dare to want something different because you will unleash the ugly forces of Unionism and they will take no responsibility for their actions.

    48. Arbroath1320 says:

      Right, listen here Abby, that’s ma new pet name furr ye, LA sounds too exotic, so stoap confusing us all, it’s easy done. Seriously, good call, she should also be charged and billed for wasting police time. Soon wipe the pish aff her dish! ?

      Thanks for that Stoker … I think. 😉 Oh love your “pish aff her dish” comment. 😀

      Iain there is one very good reason she is not already in a padded cell … they are all full up … SIMPLES! 🙂

    49. maureen says:

      This article is worth a read as it covers the depth of research express journalists go to before printing a story

    50. Petra says:

      Ms McFadyen has a problem on her hands and that is that the people of Scotland, Yes AND No voters, know that she’s out and out lying. We know because we live here. I wonder if a belated realisation of this little oversight is contributing to her hissy fit?

      She’s calling for hauners from around the World to suppress freedom of speech; relating to benign comments being tweeted as far as I can see. Maybe we should do likewise in relation to her toxic, divisive, hate-filled rhetoric?

      I wonder what she’d have to say if pro-Independence supporters had tried to burn down the Express offices, as happened to the Sunday Herald office on the 19th / 20th September 2014 by Unionists. More than anything I wonder what she would have done? Call for a coalition airstrike?

      The lady in question sounds as though she’s more than a little ‘overwrought’ (choosing my words carefully). Taking a wee break from spouting verbal diarrhoea may help. Giving up her day job altogether could lead to a full recovery of her senses: Ours too.


      The Sunday Herald is reporting that ‘George Galloway plans to ride to Scottish Labour rescue’. Galloway hopes if Corbyn is re-elected as Labour Leader he’ll be reinstated as a Labour Party member following being expelled from the party, over a decade ago, in relation to comments he made about Iraq. If this comes to pass he would like to return to Scotland and take up a campaigning role for Scottish Labour. And then? Watch your back Kezia!

    51. Andy-B says:

      Sigh this petition, if you don’t want our politicians to swear an oath to the queen, but to the people of Scotland.

    52. Tinto Chiel says:

      Good to see our side not giving her any ammunition for her pathetically childish, threatening bluster.

      Ooh Rev, she means it this time: she’s coming for you. Cue dangly wrists and fingers from chin.

      I’m sure that link provided by AUD mentioned her “career”. Surely shome mishtake.

      There’s kids in Primary 1 with more maturity and common sense. Whit a red neck.

    53. Arbroath1320 says:

      Right folks I’ve got the link (from Twitter) for the item about the warmonger calling us insurgents. It is in the *ahem* …*cough* … *splutter* Sun … *spit* … *spit* … *spit.*

    54. heedtracker says:

      The underlying threat of violence and menace is always there with people like Historywoman and Effie Deans.

      Politics and violence are not exactly strangers. So its no surprise that UK hacks are trying to stir some up here in their Scotland region. It comes down to policing issues in Scotland today which is also and obviously really bugging yoon culture.

      George Square 2014 was bad but look at what went on with the student fees riots for example. And were the mass riots and near total breakdown of civil order in many English cities 2011, starting in Tottenham after one fatal police shooting, political?

    55. Gary45% says:

      What’s a Soggy McFagend?
      Another nobody, time to move on, life’s too short.
      I don’t do twatter or face plook, hence never encountering these non entities. I find staring at woodchip wallpaper a more worthwhile use of my shortening lifespan.

    56. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Siobhan McFadyen
      Thank you for drawing our attention to “scenes that have not been witnessed in living memory”. Vile!

      Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting (noiseshaper remix)

    57. Kevin says:

      Crivens; little more than a journo-thug .

      Incredible to think that type of personality disorder is actually employable – or maybe that’s conditional for certain racist, inward-looking tabloids? Something amiss in someone’s life, perhaps early-childhood, often manifests itself in such hateful rants.
      Encouraging that no support has been offered from those she patched-in – 12 Angry Men, all jurors leave their seats, turning their backs on the bigot – that type of response.

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      “She’s calling for hauners from around the World”

      Wouldn’t it be funny if she provoked a different style of article from some of the foreign press?

      They already know ‘the Brits’ are as mad as a box of frogs for voting Leave the EU. Many will now be aware Scotland is having none of that.

      Drawing attention to the wild rankings of the extreme BritNat anti Scottish faction might not be such a good idea!

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      I see someone has mentioned that she was ex News of the World…the paper that died of shame. It probably explains a lot.

    60. Petra says:

      Seems that following the Brexit result and the stirring up of racial hatred in England the Express newspapers objectives have been fulfilled. Next aim … all systems go to create division, bad feeling and incitement to harassment in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon is their key target right now. Migrants in Scotland no doubt next in line or in conjunction with. Time for us all to ‘out’ this newspaper at every turn as this type of reporting will no doubt exacerbate until we get our Independence: That is if we don’t quash it as Stu is trying to do. So big thanks to Stu for putting the time and effort into dealing with / highlighting this critical issue.

      @ Valerie at 2:29pm …. ‘Report to IPSO’

      Will do Valerie and I hope others will join us.

      @ClanDonald at 1:46pm ….

      Spot on ClanDonald.

    61. jdman says:

      My response to her was
      “I wont be putting you on my Christmas card list, you should try to keep it real”
      not exactly vicious abuse.

    62. Cloggins says:

      Looks like a medical problem to me – or rather a number of problems. I believe treatment and medication for these conditions do exist. Just not sure if this applies to the senior editor as well.

    63. paulTgeist says:

      Andy-B says: “Sigh this petition,”

      I wouldn’t touch 38 Degrees if you paid me and i’m certainly not interested in concerning my self with insignificant issues that are designed to deliberately create arguments within the Yes vote.

      That issue is one of many to be dealt with under independence and will achieve nothing but anger and hostility in some quarters if we concern ourselves with it before hand.

      No thanks!

    64. Petra says:

      @Andy-B at 3:09pm …. Petition.

      This is the type of petition I’d gladly sign after we get our Independence Andy. Better still dump the parasites altogether. However I reckon this is the last thing we need right now as it just creates another division … Royalists versus Republicans …. and imo a potential loss of support for Independence.

    65. Iain says:

      The Daily express stoops to a new low, it’s remaining readers must be all bottom feeders. It is surprising that publishing such a hate filled rag is apparently legal.

    66. Robert Louis says:

      I think the lady concerned maybe needs a holiday. Her employers should be concerned.

    67. jdman says:

      Her antics (amusing as they are) remind me of Jim Carrey knocking 6 bells out of …well himself to get out of representing his client while he’s under the spell of being forced to tell the truth,
      although she’s the opposite but running around screaming about vicious (invisible)abuse, I think maybe she could do with reading about “the boy who cried wolf”
      Its kinda embarresing watching her having her faux panic attack,
      maybe if we all took a look at that scene on airplane?
      no, never mind! 🙂

    68. heedtracker says:

      The other end of the UKOK media spectrum and probably equally as harmful to fledgling Scottish democracy.

      Or in rancid The Graun terms, anything teamGB must almost always exclude you know who. If you don’t even mention the SNP, or even Scotland, they wont exist right.

      The Observer
      How Britain’s new political tribes hinder Labour’s bid for a winning coalition

    69. Robert Urquhart says:

      Let’s be kind and just say she was a little tired and emotional.

    70. BrianAdams says:

      Is it at all possible that Siohban McFadyen learnt her ‘craft’ with either the Kangura newspaper or
      Radio-Television Libre des Mille Collines (RTLMC) ? It really wouldn’t excuse her provocative tirade but it would at least explain it.

    71. Joemcg says:

      Stating the obvious and fellow wingers can confirm as well I helped out at stalls for months and the abuse and aggression we received and I witnessed was horrific from no voters. The only really minor incidents i saw at BT stalls was the odd heated argument. That’s the nature of the angry Brit Nat. Why is that? I also witnessed the assault on a yes campaigner outside Tynecastle stadium. The same day as an OO march was taking place.

    72. Valerie says:

      The complaints form that I’ve linked above is pretty straightforward, and the issues are all there in Revs article.

      It won’t take you any more than 10 mins.

      I’m bloody sick of being maligned for the way I choose to vote. I would suggest peaceful No voters should feel the same.

      I would hope all right minded people condemned the filthy unionist, violent displays following their winning in 2014, but we can acknowledge it was a minority.

      It’s a disgrace that we are being trolled by this so called journalist and paper for any hint of exercising our democratic rights.

    73. gus1940 says:


      Tonight on BBC2 at 20.00 a documentary presented by Andrew Marr entitled ‘Scotland And The Battle For Britain Part 1/2’

      I find the title very interesting insofar as it unconciously illustrates the metropolitan mindset regarding Scotland and our fight to free ourselves from WM’s colonial jackboot.

    74. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Siobhan McFadyen
      This might put your mind at rest and calm any urge to employ violence, symbolic or otherwise.

      Hannah Arendt’s Reflections on Violence and Power
      Richard J. Bernstein


      Focusing on her essay “On Violence”, I explain and defend the sharp distinction that Hannah Arendt draws between power and violence. Although fully aware of how power and violence are frequently combined, she argues that they are conceptually distinct – even antithetical. I show how these concepts are related to many other themes in her thinking including politics, action, speech, persuasion, and judgment. I also explore the wider context of the role of violence in her philosophic and political thinking. She challenges not only contemporary and traditional ways of understanding power and violence but provides an important critical perspective for understanding power and violence in the contemporary world.

    75. Peter says:

      It’s only a matter of time before some hack sets up a few bogus ‘yes’ accounts to attack themselves and justify another ‘evil cybernat’ tale
      Unless of course they already have

    76. Gaelstorm says:

      Actually her comments seem to bear hallmarks of imbalance. Wouldn’t want her to have MY address. ..

    77. Craig P says:

      I have always thought that if Till Death Do Us Part was remade, they’d have to recast the role of Alf Garnett from being a racist to being a Scottish Unionist.

      He’d still read the same newspaper though.

    78. Ken MacColl says:

      @Siobhan McFadyen

      It seems that such a sensitive soul has not quite succeeded in making the quantum leap from working for the NoW to the much more sophisticated Express.
      Thank goodness the Rev reads this bile on our behalf.

    79. Free Scotland says:

      Just when we thought Severin Carrell and David Twit Torrance had well and truly scraped the bottom of the barrel of pseudo-journalism, along comes the talent-less Siobhan McFadyen.

    80. Mark Robertson says:

      She was called out on the stupidity and is now feeling rather foolish

    81. Petra says:

      @ galamcennalath says: at 3:33 pm ……

      Petra says: “She’s calling for hauners from around the World”

      ”Wouldn’t it be funny if she provoked a different style of article from some of the foreign press? They already know ‘the Brits’ are as mad as a box of frogs for voting Leave the EU. Many will now be aware Scotland is having none of that. Drawing attention to the wild rankings of the extreme BritNat anti Scottish faction might not be such a good idea!”

      The fact that she called for ‘hauners’ from as far afield as New York just gives you some insight into her mindset …. petty and deluded or just a real vindictive chancer. Unstable?

      I mentioned earlier that she can’t con the Scots because we, yes and no voters, all lived through the Referendum and other than a few incidents it was totally ‘civilised’. A fact reported by a number of foreign newspapers at the time.

      She must be suffering from a long and short term memory issue, is just plain thick or blinded by hatred to think that journalists and politicians abroad don’t know what’s going on here. They probably know more about what’s going on than many ‘unenlightened’ Scots in fact. They probably know more about McFadyen herself, than she realises.

      Many journalists too, such as Pilger types, will have no time for Ms McFadyen’s type of ‘journalism’, the Express newspaper or Ms McFadyen as a person. How many returned her tweets, I wonder? Did JFK? I doubt it.

      Yeah so she should watch her back galamcennalath. Better still shut her mouth because someone, out there, may turn the tables on her.

      I see that the Sunday Herald is giving Craig (Murray) some well-deserved publicity re. a book he has written: ‘Sex, spies and masonic secrets: wild life of Burns’ swashbuckling relative uncovered.’

      Robert Burns, would have been proud of his ancestor, he (Craig Murray) added:”His warm humanity, complete lack of racism, and Scottish enlightenment attitudes, including his contributions to geology, archaeology and palaeontology, showed Alexander’s intellectual range.”

      Looks like a book worth buying.

    82. Grouse Beater says:

      Ian Brotherhood: “in Scots, a ‘boucht-curd’ is a sheep’s dropping that has somehow found its way into the milk bucket.”

      Neat. One for the journal.

      Had a pleasant two hours on Bruntsfield Links with the foot soldiers – welcoming, organised, good speakers and turnout considering the blustery day.

      Wore cap, shades and high collar but got recognised three times. Sheesh.

    83. Scott says:

      Re Craig Murray I see that having no criminal record no convictions against him he is not being allowed into America I only heard a little bit on RT would like to know more,Craig can you enlighten us?

    84. Thistlekitten says:

      Can we please stop “diagnosing” her with mental health problems? It’s possible to be an unreasonable weirdo without being deranged.

    85. galamcennalath says:

      When you are on a stall promoting the Indy/SNP cause, you get approached by some Yoons (usually Tories in my experience) who rant almost incoherently at you as if you were disciples of the Anti Christ! They live in a different world and have some very strange views of what the Indy movement are all about. A permanently angry countenance is an outward sign of ‘the type’.

      I’m not talking about lively logical discussion. That’s what you should expect.

      Nothing violent, so far.

      Considering the reverse. When you see a pro Union stall, they seem to be getting ignored! Do Indy supporters go up to the opposition and call them names and fling insults? Perhaps, but I’ve never noticed. And I personally certainly wouldn’t. I might engage, but politely.

      It sometimes all seems like two contrasting sides of human

    86. Grouse Beater says:

      Thistlekitten: “It’s possible to be an unreasonable weirdo without being deranged.”

      On the evidence of a sustained violent reaction chronic paranoia can’t be ruled out.

    87. Petra says:

      The BBC. Another bunch of manipulative liars. All in it together it would seem.

      Craig Murray: ‘BBC Quietly Owns Up to Blatant Propaganda Lies’

      ”The BBC response goes on further and get increasingly mealy-mouthed, the essence of the excuses being “the other media were all doing it and we just joined in.” They also say they did eventually report – across a much more limited spread of news platforms – a more accurate version of events. But they then go on to admit that, even after this, Nick Robinson went on to repeat all the original lies in an aggressive high profile headline news interview with John McDonnell.” ……

      ”That the BBC took 18 months to admit to its lies is astonishing, because the information was immediately available, and indeed reported by me at the time.” ….

    88. Effijy says:

      She is just a stupid wee lassie with a big pay check for jotting down the anti-independence drivel from fantasy land that her owners require to scaremonger our Grannies.

      She would be out of her depth in a school newspaper!

      The Rev, on democracy’s behalf, does need to highlight the
      depths the gutter media continues to plummet, but they will maintain these pathetic attacks until they are closed down

    89. Smallaxe says:

      I did my best to help Siobhan with music therapy at 6:58am but
      to no avail.pity.Post shown below.

      Their coming to take me away Ha Ha to the funny farm,where life is beautiful all the time and those nice young men in
      in their clean white coats…waaiit a minute I’ve just had a
      thought Siobhan,you could come with me,it will be great we can
      practice our singing together.

      That would be great if you came,the funny farm will even give
      us stage outfits,there a wee bit tight and the sleeves tie at
      the back but it would be a great look for our first gig!

      Practice Session,sing up Siobhan 1..2..1234 Paperback writer
      It’s the dirty story of a dirty man
      And his clinging wife doesn’t understand
      His girl is working for the Daily Mail
      It’s a steady job but she wants to be a paperback writer…

      Whit dae ye’ mean,you work for the EX-Press,its only a song
      Siobhan,we’ve goat poetic licence.Och please yersel’ have
      another wee dram o’ Largactil and then we’ll have a go at
      Weird Al Yankvic’s,Headline News,thats mibbie mer’ yer style.

      Peace Always

    90. Petra says:

      A comment taken from Craig Murrays BBC article.

      ‘Republicofscotland September 11, 2016 at 15:34’

      ”I recall the BBC allowing Better Together during the Scottish independence referendum to use its propaganda warehouse in Glasgow, to create a cinema advert extolling the wonders of remaining in the union. Which surely must’ve contravened editorial guidelines?

      Also according to the Scotsman newspaper (a die-hard unionist rag) the BBC appointed Kezia Dugdale (another die-hard unionist) to presenter of a BBC Scotland political programme called “Crossfire” which, discussed Scottish independence, needless to say it was biased, surely that appointment also breached the BBC’s guidelines?

      A report by the Audience Council Scotland, the BBC Trust’s advisory body in Scotland, questioned the impartiality of BBC Scotland in covering the independence referendum in July 2014.

      A Sunday Times article, also in July 2014, queried the BBC’s approach to the independence referendum, and stated that emails by a senior member of a production company, organising debates for the corporation gave advance notice to the No campaign.

      I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture by now, the machinations of the BBC knows no bounds, to think its World Services broadcasts its propaganda, in 31 languages all over the world, should be a cause for concern.”

    91. Smallaxe says:

      Thistlekitten: “It’s possible to be an unreasonable weirdo without being deranged.”

      Ya thaank!

      Peace Always

    92. TheItalianJob says:

      Good couple of hours spent today at the Edinburgh in Europe event at Brunstfield. Didn’t get there until 1pm so missed some of the main speakers.

      However did visit the Wings stall and met Ronnie and FireproofJim. Apologies for mistaking Ronnie for BDTT. Oh dear. Couldn’t see Grouse Beater but according to his post above he was incognito.

      Did catch Joanna Cherry’s speech though which was very inspiring. Good MP for her Edinburgh SW constituency.

    93. Gary45% says:

      Looking from the touchline its comes across as someone who thinks they are an opera singer (delusional) who tries karaoke in the local pub and gets shirty when everybody laughs.( “the everybody listen to me “syndrome.)
      It sounds more like a distressed cry for help, because the delusion is starting to fall all around her, thinking there is social credibility working for a shit newspaper is coming home to roost.
      Get yourself a real job and move on, the world does not need another Nutter Hopkins hasbeen.
      If she wants to get real credibility in journalism, I suggest she visits Palestine and reports honestly (mm honest UK journo??)on what the Israeli Jews are doing to the Palestinians, then again I don’t think she has passed the joindy-up writing stage yet.

    94. Artyhetty says:


      You are quite right, mental health problems affect many people and of course the majority are not
      nasty, scheming, or self seeking. In fact many, probably most with mental health problems, have a hard time getting to grips with the darker side of their fellow humans.

      I too managed up to the links Edinburgh in the EU event, enjoyed an hour or so, good stalls, a couple of speakers and good food and weather and, I bought some nice badges, but was much later than planned as my son was ill in the night, so late start. I no doubt missed most wings folks. Hopefully there will be another one soon.

    95. galamcennalath says:

      OT It’s Scotland’s oil! Perhaps not if Trump wins …..

    96. HandandShrimp says:


      I agree. It is perfectly feasible that she is just unpleasant.

    97. robertknight says:

      A Yoon fantasist and Brit-Nat-Rabble-Rouser.

      Just the ticket for the Scottish Excess!

      I could say more, but chidren may be reading…

    98. Dr Jim says:

      When we had the big march in Glasgow a few weeks ago there were two cops either side of this guy who was dressed up in all his Rangers kit and the cops were walking him arms linked backwards towards a van which was a few yards away and the whole time this guy was yelping “Ahm a Prodisint” “Ahm a Prodisint”
      Of course onlookers were unashamedly creasing up at this including me but at the same time there’s a serious side to this there are folk out there, (obviously this guy) who actually still believe it’s all a big sectarian conspiracy and people like Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser are fuelling it

      We’ll never convince the folk like that guy who probably couldn’t even spell “Prodisint” let alone teach them to pronounce the word and we’ll never convince the same people at the opposite end of the income scale who just happen to have their golf clubs in the back of the Range Rover (In British Racing Green of course )but there’s the funny thing both these sets of people can’t stand one another yet they believe the same thing

      It’s like the American redneck rich and poor white trash
      Except in Scotland how can you be poor football supporting white trash if you can afford all the football kit loyal tatoos and Nike trainers and season tickets to stadiums

      I’m not coming up with a solution here because I can’t figure out how sections of society who would never mix on pain of death want the same thing, is it a OO lodge thing? is it masters and servants? one lot protecting their money and the other lot hoping to get more? surely it can’t be just about the Queen

      Ruth Davidson thinks she’s better than “ordinary” folk we’ve seen that and Kezia doesn’t think she’s quite good enough to mix with the posh folk…I’ve got it!!

      Nicola Sturgeon is Goldilocks “Just right”

      Now she needs to convince the rest of “The Bears”

    99. Smallaxe says:

      Artyhetty says:
      11 September, 2016 at 6:38 pm

      “You are quite right, mental health problems affect many people and of course the majority are not
      nasty, scheming, or self seeking. In fact many, probably most with mental health problems, have a hard time getting to grips with the darker side of their fellow humans.”

      I speak with personal experience of mental health problems,
      privacy prevents me from elucidating on this. I have great
      sympathy with Anyone who has been stricken with this mostly
      invisible and greatly misunderstood illness.Most people who have read my sometimes off the wall comments,will I hope
      realise that I think humour helps in dark times.

      As the Character “Frasier” Player by Kelsey Grammer says!

      Peace,Love and Good Mental Health to all

    100. Petra says:


      Informed US politicians? Informed US voters?

      ”A lot of people at home are going to say I don’t know what Aleppo is either.”

      Scary or what?

    101. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Tomorrow, the BBC will solemnly report the headlines in the Daily Express as if it were a respectable organ of news and comment, as it does every day. Readers could be forgiven a weary sigh.”

      Which is why you must watch this:

      BBC Misreporting Scotland

      And then subscribe to this (if you can):

      (Thanks to all those who have contributed to the Peep the Beeb campaign thus far. We’re two-thirds there.).

    102. Proud Cybernat says:

      Hopefully this link will work:

      BBC Misreporting Scotland:

    103. Petra says:

      Andrew Marr – Scotland a Battle for Britain BBC2 8pm: … a quiet political revolution … not understood by those south of the border.

    104. Proud Cybernat says:

      Hmmm – third time’s a charm…

    105. Let’s accelerate the attack on the Express by whatever means come to hand. If we can get people laughing at it people will stop buying it. It is the weakest of our media enemies and only bought by the middle aged and elderly and particularly elderly immigrants from dansouth

    106. Proud Cybernat says:

      Okay – I officially give up pasting youtube links.

    107. Dorothy Devine says:

      Proud Cybernat, not working and I was dead keen to see it too.

    108. Tam Jardine says:

      Can I suggest it may be worthwhile alerting the companies that advertise on the Daily Express website. They will be familiar with the Express but it would be interesting to hear how Virgin East Coast for example can justify advertising and thus being associated with a company which prints such blatant lies, distortions and smears.

      How can they justify advertising with a newspaper where “journalists” like Siobhan McFadyen write articles inciting xenophobic racism and hatred, where a constant violent narrative is sustained using the headlines with emphasis on aggressive, violent words and where the btl comments frequently wish death on our democratically elected First Minister. Fire off an email or face page or whatever. (Now TV REALLY don’t want to anyone to email them it seems so try FB) (ditto)

    109. Tam Jardine says:

      Can I suggest it may be worthwhile alerting the companies that advertise on the Daily Express website. They will be familiar with the Express but it would be interesting to hear how Virgin East Coast for example can justify advertising and thus being associated with a company which prints such blatant lies, distortions and smears.

      How can they justify advertising with a newspaper where “journalists” like Siobhan McFadyen write articles inciting xenophobic racism and hatred, where a constant violent narrative is sustained using the headlines with emphasis on aggressive, violent words and where the btl comments frequently wish death on our democratically elected First Minister. Fire off an email or face page or whatever.
      (1 of 2)

    110. Proud Cybernat says:

      Okay – final attempt:

      BBC Misreporting Scotland

    111. Robert Peffers says:

      @harry mcaye says: 11 September, 2016 at 1:30 pm:

      “Surprised she didn’t ask for Brian Spanner’s assistance.”

      Eh! I read the article above and after doing so assumed that was exactly what the hysterical woman had done.

      Unless, of course, the true identity of Spanner has been properly investigated and he/her/it is reliably known.

      Mind you it is only my own opinion that, “Brian Spanner”, is not an individual but is a actually a clique of potty British Nationalist crazies.

    112. Dorothy Devine says:

      Proud Cybernat – hooray!

    113. mealer says:

      Robert peffer 7.45pm
      I think you’re right Robert.”Brian Spanner” is most likely a collection of people on the lunatic fringe of British nationalism.

    114. Dan Huil says:

      Daily Express indulging in political pornography. Britnat boobs and asses.

    115. call me dave says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      Enjoyed the wait… 🙂

    116. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cloggins says: 11 September, 2016 at 3:58 pm:

      “Looks like a medical problem to me – or rather a number of problems.”

      Ah! Yes!

      Female in mid-life – could it be the Menopause?

      Here’s a cite for the poor woman.

    117. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Glasgow airport today. As I approached passport controls. I noticed two lanes. EU passports with the e passport machines and all others in the slow much larger Q. Said to one of the officials. That’s where the English will be Q ing soon. Got a smile.

    118. Fred says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood & GB, sheep buchts were fanks where sheep were milked, yowe-milkin, as in the flooers o the forest!

      True Dat!

    119. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dan Huil @ 19:57,

      Yes Dan, that’s exactly my thought too.

      The Daily Slug may pander to a few salivating BritNats but it’s so gloriously OTT that it’s likely damaging the Unionist cause far more than it’s helping.

      Another case of the gods first making mad…

    120. Dr Jim says:

      The Battle for Britain show

      Andrew Marr pretending unbiased view whilst presenting biased views in a completely pretendy biased “Journalistc” way

      Tories no matter how bad are legitimate
      Labour no matter how bad are legitimate

      But the SNP are still insurgents and there must be a way to stop them (What can it be Hmn?) (How can it be done?)but nicely

      If you never saw it you missed nothing you haven’t seen before “Keich” on a stick

    121. Smallaxe says:

      Proud Cybernat:

      Thoroughly enjoyed your production,you should have a news
      programme of your own,ProudScot productions.Thanks for that.

      Peace,Love and Proud Cybernat News

    122. HandandShrimp says:

      Had an interesting evening out last night. A sort of reunion and battle plan rolled into one on the last independence referendum and the forthcoming one.

      Jason has been busy beavering away on the National Yes Registry and there will be a free to download app that will link it all together and provide resources. Chatting with Jason he said that non-geographical, resource rich bodies like Wings will be able to participate too. The launch date for the app is the 18th.

      I don’t have a link…yet

      I also had a couple of beers in the over the evening too 🙂

    123. galamcennalath says:

      Watched Marr’s programme. He says that developments in Scotland aren’t understood in England. Well, I think you could say the same about the researchers and makers of the programme!

      Totally failed to appreciate that it is a clash of two nationalism, and two different takes on nationalism.

      It was all about nationalism versus the Labour Party. Eh? And there was Brian Wilson, the perfect example of the Labour BritNat.

    124. Sunniva says:

      Marr show a big disappointment. No fresh insights, got lots wrong. Didn’t grasp that when the Conservatives had a majority in 1955 not only were they Conservatives with a small ‘c’ they were also nationalists with a small ‘n’. The vote was high because they opposed Labour nationalisation which they quite rightly saw as central control of Scottish assets by London.

    125. Cadogan Enright says:

      If any one does watch the so-called newspaper news reviews, do let us know if Revs prediction that the ENC would solemnly repeats McFadyan’s rubbish without pointing out it is another load of tosh actually comes true

      I always feel acutely embarrassed every time I see yet another person with what would be an an Irish Nationalist name here is a total Yoony-loon nutter in Scotland

      What happened to this poor woman to lose her heritage and history and end up in such a warped state of unreality ?

    126. Macart says:

      No, can’t say as I was the least bit interested in Mr Marr’s potted history as researched by folk who still haven’t a Scooby.

      I’ve seen how the BBC and the rest of the media presents political ‘history’ of any kind.

      They still don’t speak for me… ever!

    127. Richardinho says:

      Almost sorry I’m not watching this Marr show. Hopefully can count on the Rev pulling it apart tomorrow.

    128. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sunniva: that’s a very interesting interpretation. I’ve always wondered about the Tory high-water mark in 1955.

      This isn’t a smart-arse question: do you have any sources at the time to support this? My sad impression from this time in Lanarkshire was that the Tories were predominantly Protestant and Labour Catholic.

      This is what the Ruthtastic Party have as their last-ditch defence of the Union next year, after all.

    129. Sunniva says:

      John MacCormack’s Covenant petition in the 1950s entirely ignored by Marr. It gained 2 million signatures for a Scottish Parliament. Winnie Ewing’s victory in 1967 didn’t come out of nowhere. Marr forgets too that for a long time home rule was a key Labour pledge.

    130. RogueCoder says:

      Pleasure to meet many fellow Wingers at Edinburgh In Europe today! Big shout out to the legend that is Ronnie – looking forward to Glasgow next week!!

    131. Free Scotland says:

      Just when we thought that Severin Carrell and David my-twitter-hell Torrance had scraped all that could be scraped from the bottom of the barrel, along comes Siobhan McFadyen, another pseudo-journalist aiming to insult the Scottish electorate and join in the orgy of putting Scotland down.

    132. Smallaxe says:


      How went the Commemoration at Springburn today?
      Well I hope.

      Peace Always

    133. Luigi says:

      RE: Battle for Scotland.

      TBF Andrew Marr seems to be at least trying to understand what has been going on north of the border in the past 20 years. He ain’t quite there yet, but he is a lot nearer to revelation than some of his proud, blinkered Scottish colleagues in the BBC.

      However, people like Tony Blair, Brian Wilson, Helen Liddel and Michael Forsyth probably know even less than Andrew Marr about Scotland, so marks off for interviewing those chancers.

      I almost forgot what an awful, hectoring voice Donald Dewar had. Boy, he was dire.

    134. Juteman says:

      Just completed a Panelbase poll, so maybe the result will be published soon. Unless it was a private internal poll.

    135. Proud Cybernat says:

      Marr conveniently forgets that the 1980s & 1990s was serious political learning curve for the people of Scotland. Here we learned that our Scottish Labour MPs were impotent and could never protect us from the worst excesses of the worst right-wing Tory governments. But not only that–they weren’t actually interested in doing that.

      Just put your X in the Labour box and go and eat your cereal. Aye–they were happy when we didn’t think too much about our politics. No need for them to do any real work in the Palace of Westminster and still line their pockets anyway. Getting paid for hee-haw courtesy of the people of Scotland dontcha know.

      Until we awoke…

    136. Sunniva says:

      Tinto: it’s not an interpretation, it’s a fact. Scottishness was not always seen in opposition to Britishness. The British state was not always so controlling of home affairs, for most of its history it was more interested in foreign policy. Marr is seeing things through the lens of Britishness only. So you could be a Scottish patriot and a Conservative voter in the 1950s. The Rev found a speech by Churchill in Scotland, at Ibrox I think it was, in the 1950s appealing strongly to that Scottish independent sentiment. But the nature of the British state changed under Labour, became more centralised, leached away local control and local power due to nationalisation. Scottish train companies, Scottish hospitals, locally paid for, all brought under London control. That was why the 1955 vote was so high. A protest against London control.

      Another thing Marr gets wrong is that political culture was once the same. It was not. In the 19th century Scotland voted Liberal whilst England voted Tory. If we go back further, to the 16th and 17th century, we find Scotland wanted a Presbyterian system not an Episcopalian one, the Presbyterian system being far more democratic.

    137. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sunniva: good points. The Covenant, of course, has been largely written out of our history. I think even my Tory parents signed it. Are we surprised it has been ignored in historical accounts?

      Home Rule and Labour? Seems like a sick joke now. I have heard even hardened Unionists in Larkhall speak of Winnie Ewing with reverence, as they told me quite irrationally to feck off with my Yes badges.

      And so we go on to the inevitable…..

    138. The Pelican Brief meets A Clockwork Orange; Well done McFadyen !

    139. Smallaxe says:

      Croompenstein says:
      11 September, 2016 at 7:42 pm
      Irish National Famine Day:

      Thank you for the reminder above,for people who are not aware
      of the full circumstances of this Genocide perpetrated on the
      Irish people,British soldiers guarded the docks with fixed
      bayonets,to hold starving people back from ships exporting.

      1845 – 3,251,907 quarters (8 bushels=1 quarter) of corn exported from Ireland to England
      1845 – 257,257 sheep exported to Britain
      1846 – 480,827 swine exported to Britain
      1846 – 186,383 Oxen exported to England
      1847 – 4,000 ships carrying peas, beans, rabbits, salmon, honey and potatoes left Ireland for English ports
      1847 – 9,992 Irish cattle sent to England
      1847 – 4,000 Horses and Ponies sent to England
      1847 – Approximately 1,000,000 gallons of butter sent to England
      1847 – Approximately 1,700,000 gallons of grain derived alcohol sent to England
      1847 – 400,000 Irish people died due to starvation

      The Irish population did not starve because there were no potatoes,they starved because of the above Obscenity.

      Peace Always

    140. K1 says:

      Marr also told the outright lie about the SNP’s ‘siding’ with the Toires as some sort of punishment for the 40% rule that Labour imposed during the referendum the previous year, thereby defeating the Labour gov. at the time. The reality is the votes of Labour MP’s themselves caused the confidence vote to be lost, if more of those backbenchers had voted for their own government the no confidence vote would have failed. Even without the SNP going through the division halls with the Tories, they still would have failed and the Tories would have succeeded anyway.

      But hey don’t let the truth or facts get in the way of an old myth perpetrated by the UK establishment for 40 odd years…pish and wind sailing in a sea of truthy post truth politics Londonium style.

    141. Indigo says:

      Watching Marr’s programme I couldn’t help but think the problem was he was focussing on party politics, whereas the changing party allegiances in Scotland are down to governance.

      The SNP have proven that they govern well and from a starting position that always puts Scotland first. That’s why the SNP vote has been larger than the independence vote – people trust them because they have earned our trust. No other party can claim this.

      The independence tipping point surely comes when non political people realise just how effective our government is compared to the omnishambles of the Westminster elite.

    142. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sunniva: sorry, missed your 9:52.

      Not going to dispute your historical view in general.

      We have to remember that Marr is a private-school Scot who has all the weaknesses of his sort. They have a pathetic desire to assimilate and to fawn over the ruling class, in the hope of further advancement, and screw the rest of us.

      I have to say, despite the geographical term British being valid in that regard, I’d rather stick my gonads in a blender than be so described now.

      It’s a funny old game, Saint.

    143. Grouse Beater says:

      Sunniva: “Scottishness was not always seen in opposition to Britishness. The British state was not always so controlling of home affairs, for most of its history it was more interested in foreign policy.”

      Excellent contribution. (At 9.52)

      Once a journalist gets established on television he begins to sense he’s a celebrity; soon he plays to that role. Historical accuracy looses its attraction, he can’t tell his personal opinion from facts because he’s too busy protecting his image. He is unable to stand back from the debate and see things impartially.

      The political change in attitude towards Scotland coincided with the discovery of oil in our waters. Since then it’s been a matter of how to control the growing sentiment for self-determination that could lessen Westminster’s grip.

    144. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah think that Twatteratysphere should consider vetting its Churnalists clientele,that McFadyen would gie Lanlic drinkers ah bad name

    145. Sunniva says:

      K1 yes the SNP stab in the back in 1979 is a Labour myth. Peddled uncritically by Marr. Callaghan stood no chance of re-election. Many Labour voters were disgusted at the Winter of Discontent, rats on the streets, mounds of rubbish, the dead not being buried, morgues overflowing. Labour’s failures were what brought in Thatcher.

    146. Alastair Wright says:

      MSM seem to be frothing about the ‘British’ tradition of Christmas being lost because of immigrants. Wasn’t that a German tradition brought here by Albert and adopted by Victoria?

    147. Ms McMadyin” works for a paper that does not subscribe to the voluntary Press Complaints Association, or whatever invisible organisation it now calls itself.

    148. Big Jock says:

      Where in Scotland is the local dialect Surrey. Answer wherever the hell Marr grew up.

    149. ahundredthidiot says:


      Sunday Mail today, national disgrace that it is, dedicated no less than 13 pages to the old firm football match.

      free copy going at work….before anyone judges me…

    150. The Rough Bounds says:

      That Andrew Marr programme had mair holes in it than the auld pair o drawers I yaised tae polish the car wi’.

    151. Chic McGregor says:

      “Didn’t grasp that when the Conservatives had a majority in 1955 not only were they Conservatives with a small ‘c’ they were also nationalists with a small ‘n’. The vote was high because they opposed Labour nationalisation which they quite rightly saw as central control of Scottish assets by London.”

      As I keep pointing out and TBF the Rev has as well, it was NOT a Conservative Party victory in Scotland in 1955.

      It was a combined Scottish Unionist Party (30 seats) and a National Liberal & Conservative Party (6 seats) which won.

      The Scottish Unionist Party were self funded, not from London and had their own manifesto. They were a different party from the Conservatives. Quite autonomous in reality, unlike Kezia’s pretendy autonomy.

      You are right that they played the small ‘n’ card by arguing that nationalisation was a means of London wresting industrial autonomy away from Scotland but they went even further than that, further than would be acceptable today, by criticizing those MP candidates in Scotland who were English. That could even be described as large ‘N’.

      There was also the backdrop that the Atlee Government had refused to honour Labour’s long held Home Rule policy for Scotland. Atlee, despite several resignations, refused even to meet with leaders of the petition for modest Home Rule signed by
      2 million people in Scotland.

      When their true colours became apparent with merger with the Tories in the 60s, voting record shows a significant portion probably switched to SNP.

      But in 1955 they were NOT the Conservative party and played the nationalist card mightily.

    152. Fred says:

      Smallaxe, what the commemoration lacked in numbers it made up for with enthusiasm. The 1820 stalwarts are getting auld & young blood is urgently needed. Good to see Donald Anderson.

    153. Fred says:

      @ Rough Bounds, wid that be Anabell Goldie’s tartan drawers perchance?

    154. Fabulous

    155. The Rough Bounds says:


      Naw Fred, her’s were gey roch and scarted the paint.

    156. The Rough Bounds says:

      Naw Fred, her’s were gey roch and scarted the paint.

    157. Tinto Chiel says:

      Chic McG: thanks for that. Explains a lot.

      Could never understand my parents.

      Why am I an insturgeont?

      As if I didn’t know.

    158. Aaron Cheviot says:

      The Herald
      Celebrity shortage spells cheerio for magazine

      24 Jan 2000

      SCOTLAND’S ill-fated Hiya! magazine, designed to lift the lid on the lives of celebrities north of the Border, is to say goodbye in its current form after just one issue.

      Seen by its publishers as Scotland’s answer to the successful Hello! magazine, the quarterly glossy failed to reach expected sales figures.

      After discovering there were simply not enough celebrities to fill a second issue, publishers have opted for a revamp.

      Editor Siobhan McFadyen, 22, said: ”It was a disaster, and I put my hands up to that. Scotland will always have celebrities, but it is simply not viable to have a Scottish version of Hello! and everyone now knows that.”

      The first edition of Hiya!, launched in December, featured interviews with actress and comedienne Elaine C Smith, relaxing at home in true Hello! style, former Glasgow Lord Provost Pat Lally and TV presenter Carol Smillie.

      The 70-page magazine was shredded by critics, who attacked its content, writing and ”excruciating design”.

      Miss McFadyen said yesterday: ”Obviously we would have loved to sit down with big Scottish names like Ewan MacGregor and Sean Connery but to be frank we don’t really have that many big Scottish stars to go around so we can’t be too blinkered.

      ”I joined two weeks before the launch and knew I was in a position where I’d be damned if I published and damned if I didn’t.”

      She added: ”Now we have to try and move away from our down-market image and start all over again.

      ”I need to make people realise the magazine is a serious product rather than a joke.”

      Miss McFadyen said the new magazine, out in March, will feature ”new talent who are still untarnished by fame”, and a Face of 2000 competition.

    159. Smallaxe says:

      Fred Says:Smallaxe

      The 1820 stalwarts are getting auld & young blood is urgently needed. Good to see Donald Anderson.

      Old age must make a difference of course,but personally I think it has went out of public memory through lack of education in our schools,as has many of these struggles against our oppressors.Good to hear of Donald Anderson,for some reason I expected him to be in Paisley.

      Thanks for letting me know Fred.

      Peace and Love to Scottish Martyrs r.i.p.

    160. Valerie says:

      Reposting this link for folks that want to do their bit about the Express, which has another revolting headline tomorrow about migrants affecting Xmas

      Express is covered by IPSO, you can check on the site which papers are covered.

      Complaints form is simple.

    161. Cactus says:

      Hey@gus1940 @ 4:46pm

      “Tonight on BBC2 at 20.00 a documentary presented by Andrew Marr entitled ‘Scotland And The Battle For Britain Part 1/2

      I find the title very interesting insofar as it unconciously illustrates the metropolitan mindset regarding Scotland and our fight to free ourselves from WM’s colonial jackboot.”

      Yeah, like you mentioned earlier, the title would read better as..
      Scotland And The Battle From Britain Part 3/4

      Final episode coming soon.. stay forever-ready tuned!

    162. Tinto Chiel says:

      Smallaxe: you should take a trip out to Strathaven and see the Wilson memorial. Some good coffee shops in Strathaven.

      English law of oyer and terminer was used to execute him and those august practitioners of Scots Law let it happen.

      Same old shit, my friend.

    163. Sunniva says:

      Thanks Chic. We both agree that nationalism with a small and large ‘N’ was thriving in Scotland, it just didn’t find an outlet electorally in the SNP in the 1950s. The parties then were totally different. It is erroneous to confuse the Scottish Unionists of the 1950s and the National Liberals with the modern Tory party. Marr is totally wrong to think that this is a new phenomenon. Even Labour was nationalist in Scotland with a small ‘n’ in the 1950s. Labour candidates often put support for Scottish home rule on their election material but it was in the late 1950s that candidates began to be told they were no longer to mention home rule as Labour continued its centralising policies.

      Marr is most off beam when he interviews Tony Blair who opines that the rise of the SNP is all about identity politics! It is about democracy! Jeez-o, how can they be so dim as to not see what is staring them in the face? Liberal democracy is about autonomy and self determination and it is axiomatic that for there to be self-determination there needs to be a self which wishes to determine itself but to call self-determination identity politics is like calling the right to life and liberty a fascist perversion!

    164. Fireproofjim says:

      Good to meet Ronnie and TheItalianJob at “Scotland in Europe” this afternoon. Agree with the ItalianJob that Joanna Cherry’s speech was inspiring.
      She mentioned that she was in Brussels with Alex Salmond last week and had a great reception.
      Quote ” we have many friends who want us to stay”.
      She also pointed out, as a lawyer, that there is no legal mechanism to remove EU citizenship from an existing citizen who wishes to remain an EU citizen.
      The Brexiteers are going to have a hard time. Our representatives will run rings around them.

    165. Smallaxe says:

      Tinto Chiel:
      Thanks,thats another one for my”Bucket list””Perley Wilson”

      I bet that some in W/Minster would like to be able to repeat
      these events,with some of us Nats.

      Peace Always my Friend

    166. Cactus says:

      As discussed many times previously, “Britain” is the geographical description for these lands of ours and that doesn’t change either-way (keep me right if I’m wrong RP)

      But yeah, the metropolitan mindset tries to make the land, one and the same thing politically, as well, SO actually..

      Scotland And The Battle From Britain Part 3/4 ~ is incorrect.

      Scotland And The Battle From WM Part 3/4 ~ is correct.

      I’ve only ever been Scottish, that’s for keeps.

    167. Still Positive. says:

      Cannae believe there are no comments on here for more than an hour. Where are you all?

    168. call me dave says:

      Scots losing out on £400m of unclaimed tax credits
      ‘Westminster not shelling out’


      Questions over government planner’s link with Prince Charles

      £5bn suddenly becomes £27K but I’m easily confused 🙂

      Mr Rennie said: “Although there is no financial gain involved there are some questions about the adherence to the government rules in this case. If the rules are not being adhered to in this case what confidence can we have that they are being adhered to in other cases?

    169. James Barr Gardner says:

      Marr has the look of a hunted felon and he can hear the blood hounds howling on his trail. He’s not far wrong, the sands of time are running out fast for the unionist cause, there’re tea is oot!

      Next weekend is the opportunity to drive in more than a few nails into this coffin of placemen, paedos and liars.
      Get down to the Square and to the Green, do both!

    170. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Still Positive –

      Hey, Brother/Sister,

      Sometimes there’s not much to say, eh?

      We’re well on the way.

      That’s how it feels right now, but who dares say it?

      Next Sunday, Glasgow Green.

      We have to be there, big-time.

      Nothing less than a massive turnout will even register on UK msm.

      They know it.

      We know it.

      The only people who don’t are the usual fekkin couch-tatties who aren’t aware of anything unless they get a sharp jab in the arse.

      Let’s give them a prober ‘jab’ next week.

      A workmate in the slaughterhouse told me he’d been in the ‘other end’ (where I never worked) and saw a major bull being taken in for the kill. The ‘beast’ knew what was happening and kicked-up fuck, wouldn’t settle to get his ‘shot’ (i.e. the stun-gun). The workers gathered, watched, knew it was something special. It took four shots to get him ‘out’. Then, he was carted up, had his throat slit, and was ‘processed’ just like the rest.

      (Not sure what ‘point’ I’m trying to make here as I’m a bit pished.)

      Glasgow Green, Sunday 18th September, from approx 2-8 p.m.


    171. Cactus says:

      Mixing it up a bit, try these two alternatives..

      Westminster And The Battle For Scotland (Now showing)

      Westminster And The Battle From Scotland (Now showing)

      See what happens.

      If you love words, check this out 🙂

    172. Still Positive. says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 12.53.

      Hoping to be there next week. We need to show the world we mean business.

      PS Love your crosswords in ‘The National’ on a Monday.

    173. Petra says:

      @ Smallaxe at 9:58pm …. ‘Irish Famine and exports of food’

      Thanks for the reminder Smallaxe. Amazing don’t you think how Westminster lackeys have tried to rewrite the history of Scotland and Ireland, over and over again, in an attempt to cover up their dirty deeds. Still at it of course as per the Andrew Marr programme last night.

      The famine in Ireland was a concerted policy of genocide and depopulation, carried out by Westminster and Queen Vicky, with the potato blight being used as an excuse for the horrendous death of over a million people (with 1.5 million emigrating during the 5 years, followed by millions more thereafter).

      The potato blight originated in North Carolina USA and spread throughout the northern hemisphere with no one else seemingly dying of starvation. Why was that? As you point out Smallaxe huge quantities of food were being exported, enough it’s been said to feed 18 million people rather than the 9 million living there at the time. Monthly exports of food worth £100,000 to the Treasury. Over 3 million live animals, alone, were exported between 1846 – 1850. Figures show in fact that Ireland was a net exporter of food throughout the 5 year famine.

      Victoria visited Ireland in 1849. The streets were cleared of the poor individuals who were clearly dying, dying a slow horrendous death, and she and her entourage had a ball. Spent £5000 on one banquet alone. Not seeing the dead or dying didn’t mean that she wasn’t aware of what was going on. She was well aware of what was going on. Knew too that other countries were trying to help the Irish, such as Turkey’s attempts to outrun British ships to deliver food.

      Some say that her hatred of the Irish led to the genocide. Hatred having been created by her loathing of Sir John Conroy: Comptroller of the Kent household following her father’s death. Conroy who may have been her mother’s lover and in fact Victoria’s father. A wee reminder that she shouldn’t have been sitting on the throne at all?

      Others say that the money being made from Irish exports was the overriding factor. Whatever the case Westminster and the Royal family have a great deal to answer for and you wonder why they just can’t seem to quite ‘get it’. Get it meaning that they are detested the World over, especially in countries where they have created division, mayhem and misery and there’s any number of them.

    174. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Still Positive –

      Hoots mon!

      Mibbe see you at the WOS stall, eh?


    175. Smallaxe says:


      When Victoria visited Ireland her security men went on her route about an hour before her cavalcade and cleared the sick
      and dying from view,as you said.

      They H.M.Goverment did this on many occasions and in many other countries,I’m sure that they would do this again if not
      for the fact that communications,internet,tv,etc.

      They are trying to do the same to us only in a for now,non violent way.

      This time we shall write the History,so that our future generations will know the truth.

      Peace Always

    176. Smallaxe says:

      Ian Brotherhood:”The ‘beast’ knew what was happening and kicked-up fuck, wouldn’t settle to get his ‘shot’ (i.e. the stun-gun).”

      We will not stand and wait for that final shot Ian.
      Was this your meaning?

      Peace Always

    177. John O says:

      Whats happened to the WOS twitter account, it says susppended .

    178. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi John O.

      Saw that suspension just before 2 (see ‘off-topic’).

      I wonder if Express interests have anything to do with it?

    179. Cherry says:

      Smallaxe I think Ian meant that the bull knew it was going to die but it’s nature was to fight to survive and take as many as he could with him. However, the bull died, just took longer and put itself thru needless pain it could’ve avoided if it had just accepted death would be the only outcome.

      Westminster just needs to accept that Scotland is on a long awaited journey to being a Nation again.

    180. The Man in the Jar says:

      Same here regarding WoS Twitter account suspended.

      The Yoons will be loving this.

      I`m going to start saving my pennies for the crowdfunded lawyers if needed.

    181. David says:

      I’m also seeing on Twitter that the @WingsScotland account is suspended.

      Stuart also has another, more personal, Twitter account, @RevStu . Worth checking that out for now.

      He may need to use it more frequently from now on for regular Wings business, at least until the main account is back up and running.

      Nasty business from the MSM, WM, unionist, dirty tricks brigade. But they cannot silence us all. This will backfire on them.

    182. John O says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon If it has got something to do with the express, then it’s nothing short of bloody childishness on their part, seem’s they can stoop even lower, what ever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

      Brian Doonthetoon says:
      12 September, 2016 at 2:18 am
      Hi John O.

      Saw that suspension just before 2 (see ‘off-topic’).

      I wonder if Express interests have anything to do with it?

    183. Smallaxe says:

      The Man in the Jar says:”I`m going to start saving my pennies for the crowdfunded lawyers if needed.”

      Seconded jar Man

      Peace Always

    184. Mark says:

      Hopefully this excuse for a journalist hasn’t caused Wings twitter account to be suspended.

    185. Smallaxe says:

      My last post to you has vanished but basically I think we are on the same page.

      Peace Always

    186. James says:

      Seems that Twitter has suspended Stu’s account.

      Can’t be a coincidence.

    187. Kennedy says:

      is Siobhan MacFadyen in Spanners gang?

    188. Luigi says:

      Ah well. It finally happened. The good Rev has been silenced on Twitter. He has been getting too close to the truth IMO. They don’t like it up em. 🙂

    189. shiregirl says:

      Where’s the twitter account gone?

      Unbelievable and unjust if this is anything to do with this recent nonsense.


    190. Ken500 says:

      Poor Cow

    191. scotspine says:

      If Rev’s Twitter account has been stopped because of a complaint from a MSM journo or Newspaper employing her, this is a blow against freedom of speech.

      Newspapers being allowed to print inflamatory lies, but folks holding them to account silenced.

      That is a BAD move on the part if MSM and establishment.

    192. Ken500 says:

      What on earth has happened? Has a foul mouth, insulting ‘journalist’ and a corrupting MSM had the Twitter account suspended. That is against the Right of freedom of speech. Will the offending ‘journalists?’ and the Law breaking owner be arrested for insulting millions of hard working honest, law abiding people.

      Wait with baited breathe. They certainly don’t like getting called out, for their criminal behaviour. Wait for the protests.

    193. Geoff Huijer says:

      So Wings’ Twitter A/C gets suspended (for what?), but Spanner can be as abusive and mysoginistic as he/she likes and nothing.

    194. Ken500 says:

      Davidson is getting herself in trouble, indulging in criminal behaviour.. To cover up criminal behaviour on behalf of her members. Multimillionaires indulging in ‘not declaring an interest’, awarded local gov contracts. Allegedly overcharging? Public money.They only reason they are in politics for personal financial gain.

      The Staff are trying to cover it up. The firm is a shambles. Davidson is acting criminally again. Try to cover up criminal behaviour. Censored again? Or one rule for others another for everyone else. Lying Tory/Unionists.

    195. Almannysbunnet says:

      If you have a twitter account I urge you to get over there and contact @twitter and ask for an explanation as to why Wings has been suspended. When you see some of the bile that’s peddled there, 24 hours a day, by some seriously deluded people it is inconceivable this is anything more than an attempt to stifle free speech.
      We shall not be silenced!

    196. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT but watching the streets of Catalonia full of people demanding independence – covered by RT not the BBBC.

    197. Dorothy Devine says:

      getting a duplicate comment message – prior to publication.

      Now I see my comment – save me from the hammers someone as I’m sure it’s going to turn up at least once more!

      Is someone playing silly buggers with Wings?

    198. Truth says:

      If she has reported any of this to police I genuinely hope she is charged with wasting their time.

      Resources are stretched at the best if times without malicious false reports deflecting from real crime.

    199. Ken500 says:

      The minority Tories are trying to take the majority out of the EU against their will. That will never do. A dictatorship. They committed electoral fraud in 29 seats, with a majority of 12. 27% of the vote. They are trying to destroy the world economy. Illegally killing people and sanctioning and starving them to death. Criminal activity.

      They have put a ‘D’ notice on the Chilcot Report. To conceal the damaging failure of the Military leadership. So it can’t get reported or commented on. The total failure of the corrupt UK Gov. Damaging society and people’s lives. A corrupt failure. Britain is the most inequal, unjust place in the world.

    200. schrodingers cat says:

      um rev

      do you want to borrow my yesnef account for a few days? ill send you the login details…. i could do with a few more follows 🙂

    201. Almannysbunnet says:

      @Dorothy Devine says:
      12 September, 2016 at 7:40 am
      OT but watching the streets of Catalonia full of people demanding independence

      Aye but remember what George Robertson said about the Catelonians, more importantly what he thinks of Scotland

    202. Camz says:

      Suspension will do nothing but highlight the MSM’s inability to deal with being challenged on its lies.

    203. Macart says:

      I’m not into the whole twitter bag and just heard over on WGD aboot this. What’s this whole suspension thing then?

    204. Fred says:

      @ Smallaxe & Tinto, well Keemo Sabi! it would be easier to tell you who was absent at Sighthill. Glasgow City Council, the Labour Party (as if?), the Trades Unions, the SNP at any level apart from a couple of members. The Scottish Government (a wee wreath would have been nice if they’re too busy!), Springburn SNP Branch, in fact, anybody from Springburn.

      A magnificent rowan tree stands beside the monument, covered with red berries at this time, its roots obviously well nourished in the graves below. This is our history, nobody else is going to celebrate it for us & the 1820 was part of a wider movement in Europe at the time. Apart from Wilson these were young guys who thought that trades unions, the vote & a Scottish Government were what was needed then, who would disagree now? but they were conned into rebellion by government agents & the “Decapitator” did his work.

      Membership of the 1820 Society is £10 (£5 unwaged) a small price. Info’ at the end of this link.


    205. Grouse Beater says:

      Should anyone have missed it…

      Wings’ Twitter account is suspended.

      But, as one alert reader notes, Spanner is free to as abusive and mysoginistic as he/she likes.

      A ‘respectable’ female journalist versus a ‘low grade propagandist’ (Mick White) stands no chance when it comes to the machinations of the British establishment.

      The attack on Scottish civil rights continues.

    206. Capella says:

      Hundreds of thousands rally to push for Catalonia’s independence from Spain (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

    207. sinky says:

      Re Wings twitter account suspended after Daily Express complaint, it seems that “freedom of the press” only works one way and that tabloid editors / owners can lie slander and abuse with impunity without any effective redress for those on the receiving end.

      Hootsman letters page full of mad Yoons on about the SNP curbing our impartial BBC.

    208. Fred says:

      Folks, that link to the 1820 Society disnae work,

    209. Breeks says:

      Crowd funded lawyers are needed – to prosecute McFadyen and the Express for incitement to hate, and spread the cost across so many of us that none of us feels the loss.

      The bigger problem is access to justice which is typically the preserve of the establishment; a dirty business routinely carried out behind closed doors.

      I had a rather sinking feeling reading Nana’s link about Al Megrahi’s son. Describing Tripoli, “Its just not safe. Crime is everywhere. The Banks don’t have money, police don’t work, and the court system doesn’t work”.

      I wouldn’t for a moment compare life in Scotland to life in battle scarred Lybia, but Megrahi’s faith that the court system in Scotland does work might be misplaced.

      It will be interesting to see whether the establishment now rallies round this McFadyen creature, or whether justice will prevail and allow Rev Stu the platform to slate the Express for its failed insurrection attempt… if indeed it is McFadyen who has engineered the suspension of his Twitter account.

      Whether it is from my own direct but thankfully limited experience, they Orkney trial of Carmichael, the conviction of Al-Megrahi, our even the dubious dispisition towards Scottish sovereignty and its 300 years protecting little else besides the cosseted jurisdiction of Ye Olde Worlde Scots law, when it comes to my own personal confidence in the Law in Scotland, sadly I am almost as cynical as I am about the BBC.

      Don’t take justice for granted. The Law in Scotland recognises the unholy trinity of the “Establishment”, expediency, and expense as superior factors over justice, and to such an extent that most of us would find very uncomfortable.

      Oh that it wasn’t so.

    210. Grouse Beater says:

      The rerun of Have I Got Weak Jokes For You, showing the public school team baiting Alex Salmond in front of an English audience to make him say Andy Murray is British was repugnant.

      Ah, public schoolboy humour, don’tcha just love it.

      He didn’t say it, of course, but it was noteworthy to see wee right-winger Ian Hislop hit falsetto notes as his nervousness to score got the better of him.

    211. Ken500 says:

      Catalonia is totally different. Public holiday. Publically funded. Broadcasting autonomy, The majority did not vote for a Referedum, 2.2 million out of 7.5million. Non democratic. EU citizens resident in Spain are not allowed to vote in Regional or National Elections/Referendums. Only in local and EU elections.

    212. Dorothy Devine says:

      Almannysbunnet , I had forgotten that we scots were “uncultured” thanks for the reminder.

      Grouse Beater , glad I didn’t watch – they have been past their sell by date for a while in my humble if erudite opinion.

    213. Tam Jardine says:

      Hang on a minute folks- the brave defenders of free speech at the the Scotsman, the BBC and in particular David Leask, Paul Hutcheon and David Torrance at the Herald will be along any minute to express outrage at this attack on freedom of speech. Any minute.

      David Torrance would do well to understand how a real journalist acts- Stu exposes the appalling and highly offensive lies being peddled by Siobhan MacFadyen and the Express and is silenced for it. He doesn’t flounce off twitter in a huff- the powers that be attempt to silence him because he is challenging their deception.

      I am sure Richard Desmond, UKIP supporter and owner of the Express has called in a favour to make this happen. If he thinks giving Stuart Campbell less time to tweet and more time to investigate and write articles exposing the rotten UK state is a good strategy then hell mend him.

    214. gus1940 says:

      There seems to have been a major rally for Catalonian Independence and a slightly lesser event in Edinburgh yesterday but perusing our wonderful media both events appear to have escaped their notice.

      Quelle Surprise!!!!!!

    215. Leon Carter says:

      Like the Police have not got enough to deal with under the Cuts than to deal with her pettiness

    216. Nana says:

      Brexit implications in Scotland – initial report out today. Please RT

    217. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks Fred @ 8.42 for the address.

      I still have my copy of The Scottish Insurrection of 1820. When I showed it to a teaching colleague (history teacher!) he said it was unbalanced and biased.

      Nothing so shut as a closed mind, eh?

    218. Petra says:

      Thanks for the links Nana. The Brexit Report will go into my archives.

      Gordon McIntyre Kemp clearly sums up the situation that May finds herself in and it’s not looking good, for her, of course……’been handed a poisoned chalice’.

      GMK: ….”Like I say, everyone is going to be disappointed, and to keep that fact under wraps for as long as possible May won’t detail what she thinks will happen, justifying it as not showing her hand too soon. The trouble is, her hand is empty……………

      ”The importance of the emerging single market dynamic to the debate cannot be overstated. It helps define the huge difference between leaving a political union and leaving a trading union. If you leave a political union you lose clout in what remains of the political union (understandable and acceptable to most) but get more say over your own affairs. If you leave a trading union you lose trade and your economy suffers. This is the difference between leaving the EU (a trading union) and leaving the UK (a political union).

      In both cases, if you manage to maintain access to the existing single market your economy will not suffer. As Nicola Sturgeon has figured out, if the UK leaves the EU but maintains a free trade deal, then Scotland can leave the UK, maintain its membership of the EU and by virtue of that maintain its free trade deal with the UK, thus proving independence would not hurt trade with the rest of the UK.
      This is where the fudged deal becomes even more important. May needs some form of immigration control or she is in trouble and she can’t get that without some sort of trade penalty, most likely the loss of financial passporting. That could mean 50,000 well-paid jobs leaving the city of London, and if Scotland were an independent member of the EU then many, if not most, of those jobs could come here, forming part of the enlarging independence dividend. Independence supporters have to campaign as if a referendum has been called and help get support for Yes to 55 per cent before the new referendum bill is published next year. Then things will get interesting……”

    219. My niece works for Desmond. He is a total arse, though probably the only arse that hasn’t been displayed on his porn TV channel.

      I’ve revised some opinions. Tom Gordon is not a Labour hack. He is a unionist establishment hack. McTernon is not a labour media functionary. Hr is a unionist establishment functionary. We will find that many operators we believed to be Labour hacks are in fact merely establishment servants. They will seamlessly become Ruth Davidson hacks

    220. woosie says:

      This Siobhan creature ( never heard of her, as I wouldn’t donate to the sort of “papers” which pay her ) seems a bit unhinged to me. We’ll all be vile cybernats, sexist, anti-semites soon. I wonder that anyone so fragile got into journalism; surely they learn quickly that lying to project your employers’ viewpoint attracts criticism?

      Excellent comparison with the crazed violence of vile nats who, with malice aforethought, and scant regard for the safety of the great british public, stuck a “yes” sticker on his office window.

    221. Charles P. Kearney says:

      Dear Rev,

      I have just tried to Post this article to Face Book and they have Blocked it!

      I have submitted a request for an an explanation.

      Thought you should know as you appear to be under Concerted Attack! I’ll keep Trying!


    222. Hamish100 says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      Agree with the view of the obnoxious McTernan. Mind you Tom Gordon was quick of the mark recently defending one of his mates. Look around at the pro union journalists- silence. They can’t all be spanner?
      I think the inevitable indy2 ref will be even more dirty tricks from the unionists with the support of the news media.

      How do these guy’s sleep at night?

      I think the tory boys I include the Mcternan types in this already have their dirty trick plans in situ already.

    223. Fred says:

      Cheers Tinto, a good view of Tinto itself can be seen from the top of Sighthill. 🙂

    224. DebzoHighland says:

      Da-da, dumb dumb dumb, another yoon bites the dust!

      Apologies for line space, but it needed emphasis. Cracking exposure Stu, keep them coming.

      The times….they are a changing! 😉

    225. DebzoHighland says:

      Thanks for the link Nana. It has been facebooked with the statement “Still waiting for Our (imposed) UK Gov’s Plan A, thank goodness our own Gov is on the ball!”

    226. Mhari wright says:

      I too have been called an abuser, for daring to call out a total hypocrite in my local paper , despite not being in the SNP , letter terned SNP abuse on twitter by martin McCluskey labour big noise and Jackie Baillie , have decided to go to a lawyer’ someone must stand up to these folk

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